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1 first Wahl Stainless Steel Lithium Ion+ Beard and Nose Trimmer for Men, Hair Clippers, Detail Shaver, Rechargeable, All in One Men's Grooming Kit - Model 9818 Wahl Stainless Steel Lithium Ion+ Beard and Nose Trimmer for Men, Hair Clippers, Detail Shaver, Rechargeable, All in One Men's Grooming Kit - Model 9818 By WAHL
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2 WAHL 79520-3401 Chrome Pro 22 Piece Complete Haircutting Kit WAHL 79520-3401 Chrome Pro 22 Piece Complete Haircutting Kit By WAHL
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3 best Wahl Professional 5-Star Unicord Combo #8242 - Magic Clip and Razor Edger Wahl Professional 5-Star Unicord Combo #8242 - Magic Clip and Razor Edger By Wahl Professional
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4 Wahl Clipper Self-Cut Personal Haircutting Kit - Compact Size for Clipping, Trimming & Grooming Kit - Model 79467 Wahl Clipper Self-Cut Personal Haircutting Kit - Compact Size for Clipping, Trimming & Grooming Kit - Model 79467 By WAHL
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5 Wahl Professional New Look 5-Star Legend Clipper #8147 - The Ultimate Wide-Range Fading Clipper with Crunch Blade Technology - Includes 8 Attachment Combs Wahl Professional New Look 5-Star Legend Clipper #8147 - The Ultimate Wide-Range Fading Clipper with Crunch Blade Technology - Includes 8 Attachment Combs By Wahl Professional
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6 Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting Kit, #79300-400T Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting Kit, #79300-400T By WAHL
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7 Wahl Premium Hair Clipper Blade Lubricating Oil for Clippers, Trimmers & Blade Corrosion for Rust Prevention - 4 Fluid Ounces - Model 3310-300 Wahl Premium Hair Clipper Blade Lubricating Oil for Clippers, Trimmers & Blade Corrosion for Rust Prevention - 4 Fluid Ounces - Model 3310-300 By WAHL
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8 Wahl Color Pro Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clipper & Trimmer - Easy Color-Coded Guide Combs - For Men, Women & Children - Model 9649 Wahl Color Pro Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clipper & Trimmer - Easy Color-Coded Guide Combs - For Men, Women & Children - Model 9649 By WAHL
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9 Wahl Professional 5-Star Cord/Cordless Magic Clip #8148 - Great for Barbers & Stylists - Precision Cordless Fade Clipper Loaded with Features - 90+ Minute Run Time Wahl Professional 5-Star Cord/Cordless Magic Clip #8148 - Great for Barbers & Stylists - Precision Cordless Fade Clipper Loaded with Features - 90+ Minute Run Time By Wahl Professional
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10 Wahl Professional Animal Stainless Steel Guide Combs #3390-100 with Bonus Clipper Oil Wahl Professional Animal Stainless Steel Guide Combs #3390-100 with Bonus Clipper Oil By Wahl Professional Animal
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Top Customer Reviews: Wahl Stainless ...

Rating: 2 out of 5 with 10 ratings
2 / 5 Charlesetta
It buys three of these. First two for my threads and I. Both have had to to touch subjects after several months. Bought another only the name that expects for different results while I liked him his of a form and facilitated to use so much, but after several months, same thing. It take it averts a premier an and expsito that is one issues a receptacle to touch in a trimmer is connected in a PCB (joint of electronics) inner a trimmer. Every time you limit in to touch, some tensions by force some pins of receptacle out of a PCB at the end in the hablador to fail. It opens, I am very soft in electronic, and know that past in a premier a, was very careful with a second a has had, but same results. Another that this, a trimmer looks for to be very built and has the add to listen in a hand. An in the first place one is to come bought with the better steel that trims leaders and an adjustable grooming the returns concealed was of 1 in the 9 this has done adds. A second two experience there has not been these, but the annexes the cheap plus. Because of touching subject, would not recommend this product. My threads has purchased a cheap plus Wahl 9867-300, and has has not had this subject.
1 / 5 Lelia
The May Spends a time to revise the product but this have to when the be has done. That begun has been that the product adds dulcemente gives in the element with the multiple has broken separates less inner that the year.

In the first place an elder of age/workhorse T-shaped the cover has broken. And when the dam has broken comes unglued separating some two moving childbirths. More this treats fhe hassle to contact wahl has bought only the cover of substitution and attrobuted the in of the bad luck.

Then a blue FOCUSED to ignite that it leaves to know if his fully touched, touching or in necessity touch that does prendido. Any problem, trimmer was still functional.

At the end, 6 month to possess a product a trimmer no longer would ignite . Any road to say if sound that resists the load bc a FOCUSED is broken.

Tl;dr The product adds during three month and has broken then. If it was the cheap trimmer then quite only. But for this prize, and his '5 guarantee of year' he shouldnt fallen eschews like the mine has done.
1 / 5 Kenisha
It possesses two of these maintaining. Both left afterwards the year. It do not see a 5 guarantee of year a first time and decided to try another since has not had a lot of options. I have called enough that takes a second a fixed down guaranteeed but in my opinion, a service of client takes has not been unhelpful. We expect me to us to pay to have road in them and he would take 3 in 4 weeks for the take behind. That is supposes to do? It goes purchase another while they fix this one? ( I have asked owe each way of the take by behind faster but the decrease of long history has been no. said ) Quan The law was a good trimmer but the mine has not lasted enough with a longitude to cost one focuses to price empinada and does not go to go the month with out of the trimmer while it take it fixed.
3 / 5 Gustavo
Has this in five stars so that he the merit, as it is the shame has the cheaply built power covers. He no unless it is angled the sure road after the year and the half and sometimes then does not remain so much and finishes not touching . Any one of my another can go devices with similr cover them has not exited never as well as why is mark a? Other critiques say a same thing also. I have had to to buy the second a just of the substitute so that they do not sell one covers only. It IS so very I reorder the Mays has to does not have to .
5 / 5 Chrystal
This groomer all say that it does. He trims wonderfully and consistently every time. Some covers and another insert/to insert taken each type of grooming situation, of mustaches and eyebrows in of the full beards. I enable me the trim different parts of my beard in different period, without or be a wise plus. And a fine micro-trimming the return enable you to them to achieve in of the small places in or is expensive and the clip of any one is troubling calm interior a moment. And although he the noise, is a calm plus of the each a trimmers has had.

Quan Has purchased easterly one, debated by the moment as if really required to pay more prender all a metal in place of a plastic. It was especially preoccupied when read had the plot of critiques that there was queixat to rust form in some leaders. I have decided obviously take this metal groomer, and is so happy has done. It runs very softly, and (almost) it has not had never the problem with him. Has now three years and of the pieces and still careers like new; it can not say that for any one of some plastic predecessors has had. And an oxide is not the problem -- a reason is mere: I have followed Wahl guidance and oil some parts of cutting once the month with him dab of oil each what what; taking quite 75 bren and that is to say everything does. No the sign to rust.

A 'almost'.
A course of a knife where apresamiento recharged is also the half to maintain a groomer to run unwittingly when trip, as you eschew a risk of inaugural yours marry and that discovers that your groomer has run out of load. Somehow, my sensor sometimes thinks that that a groomer is subjects of same trip when is not , which of course prevents or for the use. I found it workaround for jiggling a sensor. Desprs The mine that does it several times in a bit those that past month (some small thwarting), nicknamed Wahl, this has offered the road me it new groomer, included although this one east out of guarantee. Clearly they are by behind his product.
5 / 5 Aundrea
There is a model an old plus with a round those touches scrolling that at the end prendido to touch. I last several years before it dies so purchased another crude that would take other few years out of him. Quan Arrives has been surprised in sight has to update this model with the load of new way. In place of the level to round those looks DC the connector has covers it trapezoidal with 2 has separated prongs in a base. Supposing fixed a subject to the load would say that they have fixed an only problem never had with my old unit

While clean a trimmer with a paintbrush distributed and oil some covers each little of the uses remain acute and hard time very very time. 5 stars.
1 / 5 Hipolito
There is an old plus Wahl for years and has been ready for substitution. Some descriptions looked well. Sad to say that this product is useless. It does not line the load. Quan Use and return the few days later a clipper will not ignite . I have to limit he in and then begins. It looks he is bonded with the piece of rubbish. There is any option to contact a vendor. Amazon Of good work to sell junk.
1 / 5 Kasie
I usually any description of bad clave, this will be my premier 1 has an accident indication. It takes this for my husband like the present navideo (rid in 12/10). In in to to the My husband liked him his of a knife, but a piece of the metal has broken literally was while he trimmed his beard and do so, a knife has begun to tug in his facial hair (his beard is not even sper thick or anything). It have to this the star so that the no hard. Disappointed.
5 / 5 Tanya
That is to say BY FAR a better electrical shaver has not possessed never. I am a class to write that hours of marks in of the hours to research before buying basically anything, and sometimes takes some test-and-error.

Has purchased in the first place a Andis T-Outliner since has such inform of sound. It was the beast , but any cual looked for. If I have done in the tent of barber, then is sure would have has wanted his. But only I want the big quality electrical shaver for in-use to house to maintain my beard tamed.

So much, is returned a Andis an and has taken this one and I are so happy has done. This thing is very impressive. Quan First scratch he in your hand, immediately remarks a big quality. It IS only a right weight and an organism of stainless steel is very lustrous and robust. It comes with tonnes of guards of the clipper how is sure to trim yours beard in a perfect period, and the yes precise turn. Also it has the hair of nose trimmer and the prjimo raso annex for your stubble of collar. It can not be pleased more with this product and highly would recommend in any one.
1 / 5 Chris
It take this element yesterday (20 Apr) and and is supremely dissatisfaction with that and has.

Plugged The mine uploads in and a blue focused clear flickered on and was, and sometimes at all signifying was defective. It opens And usually it is comprising if a product had not been tried, even so had courses of hair in a casing and in some clippers they when and has opened in the first place a box. To read some instructions etc are advised that it can have material left wing of a factory before the routing was. Thats Each sake and well for the try, but surely fact and could have tried a unit to touch before routing the another side of a world in me? I am further disappointed in a lack of service and quality for WAHL and and the MAY will purchase another product of his and strongly recommends another no in also. It is going directly behind in them maintaining and and probably, unlikely taken the on duty credit, so that probably it blame to ship or me.

Top Customer Reviews: WAHL 79520-3401 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Lynsey
I have had the in old Wahl Chrome that it has them behind bought in 1995 that there is wanted. A leaf has broken has decided like this to substitute with the new version with which 20 years of solid action. Ossia The poor substitution . The desire has had has substituted so only a leaf broken. Both a clipper and a beard trimmer fight to cut. He bogs down when that tries to cut this in spite of hair (And my hair is thinning). You owe that advance some clippers súper lens. Also, any short all of a hair, has to king-cut a same zone long. I have been the short my own hair each few weeks have bought of some old one in 1995 and has not had never this @@subject until I have purchased a new a. I will not buy his product again as it looks his quality has declined on some years.
5 / 5 Nanci
A big trimmer are adds with abundance to be able to.
A small trimmer is not to value he this in spite of and would recommend to take the different one loves the portable small beard trimmer.

A small one is so only to down powered and has the enormous quantity of vibration.

A big trimmer is smooth and short adds.
Also has the enormous number of measures that is clearly labeled that the frames repeat run to peel the breeze. Abundance to be able to even in wiry hair also.

Also the genuine product.
Any one the Chineese knockoff which is has appreciated also.
5 / 5 Linette
Has to that cleaned and oil this unit previously to use it every time, included this in spite of I grandson and the oil have dipped it before it go. To Some leaves so only likes him estaca and not moving.
4 / 5 Hannah
Use mostly for a dog. It avenges with the smallest pair of clippers that will be good to trim hair of people with. Work a lot well. It is the product of quality .
4 / 5 Carline
A main clipper has looked has used. My husband has not used a big clipper today. With which quotes of the turn is spent. A noise this does is deafening !! The worse clipper has has not bought never. It loves it return but 2 weeks too late!!😩
4 / 5 Ester
Some clippers are utmost! A trimmers feels likes there is coming from/come from the tent of dollar and still with which oiling his the multiple time entirely rasgó on my with the one of husbands when it was trimming his beard! No shabby so only reason comes with both for the economic prize!
5 / 5 Willene
The nave was fast and the description of products matched
4 / 5 Oralia
the work adds, An only negative is trying to take a trimmers and all some accessories behind in a chance and it closing.
5 / 5 Aleisha
The family has said that they are of the best
has Ordered the second set
4 / 5 Bill
Waste of the money no especially a trimmer.

Top Customer Reviews: Wahl Professional ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Beryl
Utmost clippers. Required the substitution because I have broken mine another some partorisca trip in a cord. They are the professional and alive stylist with my clippers in my hands. These are the pocolos heavy but has not taken long partorisca take use to them. They ARE not WIRELESS. So only required partorisca dip that it was reason there is not reading throughly and has thinks that was wireless. You will require partorisca buy another cord unless not to impose you changing behind and chamber. Value each penny. More economic That buying of my tent of supply of local beauty or by means of my work.
5 / 5 Maxima
Awesome Amur Touches well any to strong
4 / 5 Richard
A big car is very strong,
is impossible to partorisca use he with clients.
A small plus is quell'has bitten less.
Very functional. But his way the strong to do with.
Will be partorisca ask the repayment.
5 / 5 Layla
A week, has sent the description of a Wahl the clipper has bought. I estimated it 3 stars because clipper of mine has not cut a way would owe that be and do the odd strong noise. A product is a lot now and is doing perfect, a subject has been solved reason he so only required more adjustments. After revising some information and follow instructions of guarantee, has indicated likes some needs of clipper partorisca be regulated. In a start, when you try to regulate some leaves, a noise has begun strong to augment but has been instructed partorisca maintain that it goes that the direction until a noise goes was and the leaves begin to cut. As I have written in my leading message, has trusted always in Wahl and that @@subject with clipper of mine was sure has had to that be the particular chance any one the subject of costruttore. Today I am changing my indication of 3 to 5 STARS. Excuso For a confusion this could have caused but I also tried of my part to find the solution and improve an indication in my leading description.

Thank you
4 / 5 Rikki
A main reason for compraventa is for personal use. Ossia Mine only caveat. They are not the professional and one that heats on likes some suggest is any subject for 20 minutes of use in the each device. A corded the characteristic is not it drawback for me so that I like him know my source will not fail . The batteries no properly in a slow term less than actively touched and drained, for this these together returns my needs. The function of some leaves is all that can expect. I have cut in the 1,2 & 3 and clean on my upper using a comb resupplied in a together. Like this far my results have been he at all courts of professionals in look. All the world speaks with in cutting some the own hair is in disbelief. I trust they are not talented, but patient. For a 40ish small not comprising the clean minors up are able the ways of form in the weekly base for down 70 bucks. Ossia 3 course of worlds to comprise tip in my zone. So much, alive in an expensive city or suburb and want consolation of shaping on weekly this will do so only well. The substitutions are $ 15 bucks and an oil is 5. So much, for a foreseeable the future will have the substantial product and save $ $ $ . That more can ask?
4 / 5 Tyra
Has decided finally to take the pair of pro clippers.
Some engines are powerful and smooth.
A cord for both for the easy storage that & change.
Drives included is a lot enough for turn.
Solid, hefty construction that feels well in a hand.

Is a better quality , works of me. Tools of qualities, resulted of quality!!!
4 / 5 Ela
Has come with rusting in some leaves, extremely disappointed to the equal that am spent of the days that do investigation to choose the clipper to go with. I have arrived once I have planned to open and try them was so only to find them covered in rusting! This is not the economic product and like the professional authorised will not solve for frames he look new of rusty trimmers! Waiting for the together new at present in of the hopes that will be in new workinv condition.
4 / 5 Rosalba
Love this together but a vibration in some clippers can be the small to a lot in time. Really it have to that coming with two cords. When being the professional hairstylist this helped gives was some courses to peel well and has had also my clients that comment in the acute his hair looked using these products.
4 / 5 Regena
Very Built and really powerful. I have been concerned with some of a reviewes the saying is to come used or the fraction but the mine was new mark and in of the perfect conditions. I already cut the on duty pair and tapers and is honradamente súper precise. Be careful zero gaping a edger how is súper acute but value an adjustment yes knows that yours doing. I am considering the T wide leaf for a edger but the time will say
5 / 5 Ofelia
has RECEIVED SO ONLY these today, as I did not use him still. It is quell'has authorised cosmetologist & resemble returned a bill. Has thinks that that they were wireless, but is not , action the agreement. And has has had to that realign some leaves before it can use him, but ossia one first what does with any volume of together new! It has Had his be wireless there would be it given 5 stars!

Top Customer Reviews: Wahl Clipper ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Loria
I am the lady with low hair and taken patient to be upcharged in a living room so that a type after in me has taken only fact so that it is the 'women' cut' as I have bought these clippers. It was quite nervous, in that has it never clipped my own hair, but with the mirror was slow (especially with my no dominant hand) and had with a yard to peel still has paid very bucks decrees. Some guards take a mystery of some measures because of a mm and measures of the inch posed in both sides. It IS very good to learn that this product has parts to order, so that I think that that I am converts it. A lot it is calm, also, which was that it has been ready it to be startled for when turned he on.
5 / 5 Tommy
Well trimmer, bought so I wouldnt has to spend money in the yard of peel anymore. Used the first time with trimmer 5 and was pleasantly has surprised that very all has resulted. It IS to use it a second time and has had a small crowbar in a front of him in a wrong gesture, buzzed my cape and says hmmm the looks have required the yard of peel because of a quantity of hair that is fallen in a fund,,,buzzed again then looked in a mirror and I have said what ----. He buzzed my almost bald cape,,,like needless to say has had to the end and only buzzed my cape totally,,,ahhhh grows by behind lol
5 / 5 Darcey
COAST My barber of a lot of years has taking , begun to cut my own hair, has used the cheap basic cutter has taken now well in him and more dare. Updated in this system of cutting system , adds with the world of difference, took the plot of greetings in my turn, highly recommends.
5 / 5 Angeline
The better clippers have purchased. I shave my leader once the week in a parameter a low plus and a piece are very smooth without nicks. Some clippers are sper calm and smooth, a cape contoured ergonomically. Easy to clean and tent, only take in oil each uses of pair. He also the very cut work my beard with some annexes. It produces very good.
5 / 5 Nikia
I have bought this to trim my beard. I tired me of wireless trimmers some years that at the end a stack does not line the load or a power only take feeble. Amur A measure and when being of the same trimmer and highly recommends it!
1 / 5 Carola
A clipper buzzed more vociferously this has expected. Had the 'rattle' when streaky in of the sure angles - so something was loose (the casing perhaps?). Quan Has actuated, maintains to actuate a breaker of security in a socket of wall - tram subject? A case was quite flimsy and had any interior of organiser - was like the big case, cheap that any one always approaches firmly. I want to Wahl produced but this one was the ENORMOUS disappointment in me.
4 / 5 Cheryll
The at the end taken husband around to use them and was thoroughly excited and content with a road these clippers have done. It was able to cut his hair in less than 10 minutes and he have wanted to as it has not been crazy strong. They have not taken cut what next in a hair while has the habit of but still was happy with some results, a speed and a trace of grip some clippers. Some annexes were also the enormous plus for since was able in also trim his beard and mustache without leaving the drop concealed has feigned so that it would spend with his last together. Read alot of to the descriptions likes them pause to do on less than the year and while they do not find he so the do a description to update the year, so far for his first use of time knows to say that it recommends
5 / 5 Elwanda
The utmost clippers. It has Had the marks the cheap plus in some pasts and can see a difference in quality with Wahl. Characteristic better, one 1/2 guide. It wanted to have something concealed goes lower that one 1 without going in bare covers.
1 / 5 Dillon
It averts at all side. The worse clippers never used in a bit those that spent last years. An hour to finish my yard of peel of the boys. It launches hair during a place, then some marks of cape take to do with. The threads tugged in cape of clipper when has been to cut his hair of a table of the end in of the falls of room in a fund of forest of 2 1/2 feet and a adjuster broken and ultamitly cracked, seated in a chair after in him. It can not take the period of small fall. And of course the accidents . His very void flimsy adjuster plastic coverage. A worse thing of everything is everything is all a noise like the snake rattling. A lot of problem. Has a model an old plus poses this model this new plus in shame. It produces very feeble of defective drawing wahl has posed only has been.
1 / 5 Cherri
That?! Seriously. Unpacked This and has had the feeling can have it been returned or something. Smudges In the or something...Fat Perhaps? Surely the amazon would not have sold the product that has been returned.

Has taken 5 bren in the yard of the peel and a machine have begun to the turn was at random. Has to any idea likes him CRAPPY this product is?! On go it. On go it. The control of quality would have to has seen this has turned a thing on during 15 bren. There is the wahl for years but now question his quality. That is to say absolute rubbishes .

Top Customer Reviews: Wahl Professional ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Donita
I leave to preface this description with the bit of backstory. A lot my woman is dismay, has been the short my hair I partorisca 4 years or so many. While it prefers that I go to the professional, is the only side easier and more effective that the I. I am unfazed for his plus of the lack of respect is the quite simple turn cut and cut quell'each one that 2 weeks for the maintain tight. As I have improved in a yard, there is remarked that it use disparaging words less frequently. To illustrate, in a past 'jacked-arrive' was the favourite sentence of his so much revises my handiwork. Today, this in spite of, she so only stares in my yard of peel with the look that perceives to be surprised. While it is true that his spatial be could be interpreted the pair of ways, taking likes the transmissions of gaze of awe and marvel. ' They are A MAN , HONEY!', Cry triumphantly the conclusion, ' are the man .'

Sadly, is not never able state to assist to the look of emotion that eye of explosions of his with which I proudly model my later yard. Besides, it is not never once it ask it a date of me (I knows, well?). I have analysed my technicians and honed my skills to look countless hours of instructional video of Youtube but the a lot of avail. That can be resist me behind his smile of approval? I have begun to suspect that a failure can lie in a quality of clipper I use. Cela, after all, was an only factor that remain in mine self-equation of cut successful. Now, I can listen your commentaries already: 'But, Ant, could any one be it that the skills was missing have required to achieve them self-cut?' My response is the hearty 'Pshaa, well. I trust, it is a clipper .'

Emboldened For my flawless logic, has decided spent the clipper of movement and professional model on a one has has selected years out of a closeout cube in a tent of discount. It go to the amazon has been!

Further of a Carpal clave of Tunnel up in my hand of mouse, a untold the hours researches it spent to 2 frames: Wahl and Andis and, after speaking with professionals, has chosen a Wahl Legend of Professional of New Look of 5 Clipper of Incident 8147. A characteristic lineup is exactly that has required: (8) combs of annex, oil, cleaning paintbrush, instructions, and guards of red leaf. One more 8' cord and legendary Wahl quality. BOOSH! Hardly it can contain my emotion! TAKE MY MONEY, WAHL! Of course, this name is mouthful to say, as I have decided to abridge the to 'WPNL-5SLC-8147' when announcing spent of mine to my friends, family and random strangers in a bus like this typically prefer brief interactions.

Knowing a backstory, concealed me ameno my description.

Has used these clippers 5 times of cost of mine and I love! Seriously. It was easily able to empty zero the ( was like this proud) and a crowbar has done perfectly. As mentioned by another reviewers, a crowbar is plastic but work well. The mine has not been free returning and there is the ray for presionar himself has required.

A leaf is acute and short arrival really well. It is very better that clipper of mine now takes was. Some movements of crowbar well and a clipper is sturdy but quite light to control easily. When I am cutting a hair in a backside of my boss, easily can resist a mirror with a delivery and a clipper with another.
Is quell'has bitten strong but ossia probably so only something there is remarked reason have has used so only it low quality clipper up to now. I mean, it is not esweet Moses elegant I discharge for the listened of need!' Strong, but a lot probably be spending in the conversation with any while using it.

Some things am remarked, which another reviewers active has mentioned also: Every time I have used one 1/16' and 3/32' guard (is white and ash) my hair takes pulled. I do not know reason this raisin but he to good sure fact. It is quite uncomfortable of prenderme of not using never these 2 guards. As I have mentioned, I have cut my hair each one that 2 weeks, as I am not trying to cut hair along here. My feeling is that a hair somehow is taking pinched among a guard and a leaf and when being pulled to the equal that moves a clipper. It is possible that these guards do not return perfectly (sees picture of one 3/32' guard). Thinking it was the subject to heat related, has tried using these guards before a clipper had covered but concealed has not changed anything. They pull my hair every time.

Has cut of my hair in a tank, I any precise a 8' cord. This in spite of, the cord that the period would be handy if a has not had a outlet prójimo for and was well for the professional tent also, would say, but are not the professional (sees on).

Finally, has vary it rattle when a clipper is running. To somewhere inside a house is the small piece of plastic this am free and bouncing around. I have listened that rattle some very first time have turned a clipper on but there is not remarked any subject of action to this point. The appearance was the question later on but he so only done a noisy clipper(er) for now. I do not want to open a house to see that it is reason this'll probably void a guarantee. I will update this description if anything changes.

I hope this description is useful! If you have read this whole thing, is the trooper! :)
5 / 5 Beatriz
Has possessed a lot Wahl clippers like this on its own name and pets of mine for decades. I have it not having never to disappoint me. Mina the personal clippers forwards were in better the $ 20 neighbours of Walmart on done the decade. Still in clips and strong current equally. I have loved so only to 5 version of Star with a V9000 engine. I owe that say, a short engine very smooth and to a yard of clippers likes to butter. I have had to dip a leaf to receive a unit. If it calms not having never this knows has to that presionar each ray of fixation dulcemente while it ensures a leaf to a point in wish it of the dipped. That can be booger to say a less like each side loves offset. But slow and easy wins a race. Utilisation clippers of mine to do he trim around some ears and until a crown never slightly then change to the 3mm to shave a rest of my boss. My yard is the simple military fashion cut like the taste to him the short hair. As I can not comment like this to fading and blending so that has the longest hair but to shave cutting, these am very was and work like the pro. I have read it revises some engines are strong and bothersome...….Any sure the one who the people expect of the clipper that is to approach a lot of yours ears!!!!! Will have his of course and these folks neither received perhaps so only perhaps he faulty the unit or is so only not using to clippers. If you are looking for the together of clippers that has the reputation adds and loves a upgraded V9000 the engine then looks to the 5 unit of Star like a Legend or Senior to the equal that come to import also. They are the very long time user of Wahl and will remain with them unless his quality goes to pot. BTW- My economic $ 20 near is still with me on stand for him required in the emergency. It have given these the 4.5 to the equal that seat is warranted...…..Almost it does not give never 5 stars on anything but these would be near.
5 / 5 Pandora
Amazing on duty clippers! Strictly I use him to turn so that it is to say the one who a leaf is fact partorisca. They are the military barber and a lot of course to peel the day and the good number of his turn like this this he easier and faster for a perfect turn. Appearance use these clippers for the long time.
4 / 5 Lakeisha
Has bought these to cut the hair of my edges and does not disappoint . Has a 5 star balding the clippers and is awesome for some weekly cleanup of the mine baldness of model viril. An only reason has not given five star is that a cutting leaf hanged way in an on call inferior legislation out of a undamaged container. As I have had to spend a time that regulates them so that they would not cut a disorder out of mine 7 old year. I have not expected to see that on that it turn clippers. But they have cut like butta after clippers and highly recommended.
4 / 5 Ladonna
Has expected to use these clippers until a haste of rear to the school has been done in an emotion for quotas of new clippers after a more occupied time of year. These clippers directly of a box to first yard of peel is pulling in the each hair of boys I yard. I have it that has not had never the question with any of another wahls Ive has used. To This sound likes him is raking by means of in of place of cleanly smoothly in cutting. Have oiled His, cleaned him and gone slower of usual to try to help with a pulling but still is doing. They are a lot disappointed and never will squander of the money in these again.
4 / 5 Miranda
After the first use of time, a second time has loved to use this clipper, has had to rush to the tent to take another clipper reason this one has accrued to rust in spite of being lubricated after a first use. I initially this in spite of have forgotten perhaps to add oil after a first use, but has found a one-the part rusted of a leaf was still greasy and has had drop of oil in a box that resists it. I will be to return the. Any one some leaves am not very done or an oil of the lubrication is not a lot enough.
A forward Wahl the products was lasted in fact a lot of years and love stay in a same line of product. Somehow it says not doing this time.
5 / 5 Terrence
Been using these for the few months now and honradamente can say this cut a more turn of all some clippers have possessed like this far. Strong engine , calm. Acute yard , cleaned. It recommends 'in.
5 / 5 Saran
My husband loves this shear.
5 / 5 Jennifer
Has bought these for 50ish bucks and come instrumented with a V9000 engine that well that a lot so only. Some leaves are fantastic and this clipper has been the data the reception to upgrade for the tent of @Barbero of the House of my Dad. Any snagging, so only softens to flow the yard of peel and some on duty frames of easy adjustable crowbar.
4 / 5 Nannette
Has purchased two of this element for my edges those who is the Master Barber and now also the Monitor of Barber. Said, “Mamma, thank you for my presents of anniversaries”. It uses him in work and really likes them to of him. Thank you! Lady P.C. Aim

Top Customer Reviews: Wahl Color Pro ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 30 ratings
5 / 5
So much error of user 1 descriptions to star on here that it is easily fixable. It can take these clippers averts, aforados, and necessity to be oiled. While you that, each which how 1 description of the star on here is bad. He been trimming my hair adapted during 20 years, and can ensure you, for use of house, these clippers will last me a rest of my life. There is the plot of guards, but only trace in 1 inch, which for me is not the problem. Wahl IS the upper name in clippers of use of the house and these are upper quality Wahl clippers. If precise clippers of professional quality, perhaps spends more concealed $ 30. If never there is clipped hair before, perhaps is not the jerk and lacking some clippers for your 1 descriptions of star.
P.D. I am revising this product 1 year after I bought it and gave me atleast 1 yard to peel the month. These clippers are MARK STILL NEW. It is not the tool and abuses your tools. Thank you.
4 / 5
My husband has wanted to me to buy this mostly so much can use he for soyanscaping' purpose and for me to touch in his collar among courses to peel real, but now this has this and sees that a lot of laws and what easy is to use, is considering the trying that I cut my hair of same boys although it does not have any hair of cutting of the experience Anything! Some clippers come with all precise do courses of peel of house, that comprises the full colour, any one to any guide of instruction with tips and of the technicians etc. For cutting hair, trimming brows, goes around some verges, blending etc. In general is pleased really with this box and a real clipper he!

For judges of start, the uses is enough tries of idiot, which a lot appreciates (supposing you can follow directions with photograph and knows your colours). Also it is very calm when is on! Some clippers have had in a past is SPER strong when is on. My threads is autistic and yes has any hope to cut his hair I, a volume of some vain clippers to be the big factor. I think that that these are a calm plus has listened. Some annexes of guide are really easy to break on and take was and again is test of idiot. I WANT a bit few different colours and as it do not have to the rifle through some whole boxes concealed looks for a right ones. It IS also very handy this has a guide of the form by heart in an organism of some clippers so that it does not have to put a manual every time once knows so to use them. Just reference a cape, takes a right colour and was to go! If you are blind colour , any necessity to dread, some numbers are also imprinted in the each guide. :)

Besides, a case that the all enter is very handy and can confirm that the all the access amiably behind in there once opened all a packaging! My only quibble with this box is that in some instructions aim the 1/8' burgundy the guide but that is not comprised. Some instructions say that some boxes very all some guides. I think that that it is the small odd/volume , but anything. There is certainly abundance that is coming he with to choose of. Also, I wish a cord was the small longer for more facilitated of use, but again these are things smaller .

Very is very pleased with a quality and function of this product, especially for a low prize! It uses a box the small time now and everything does REALLY well! I seat like the professional! In general that is to say the product adds of Wahl and highly recommends it, especially for in to the the beginners like them to them the in them! It expects these helps more!

Has not taken this free element or in the discount
5 / 5
has ORDERED The.





IS AT ALL SAD BOUGHT THIS BOX. The calm will not BE , Or!
3 / 5
UPDATE Wahl the representative contacted me based in this description, as I emailed the. They routed the unit of substitution and the prepaid adhesive to the road retreated a defective unit. It was punctual and a change was very civil. It uses a unit once. So far so good. It operates so it has to it. It gives an extra star for service of client.

So it has had this trimmer during 6 month now, uses it to give my husband the yard to peel usually each which how 3-4 weeks. We use it to us quite 8 times. I Liked him very his of this trimmer, was lustrous, very built, the parts return closely and was the add trimmer. It was initially sper calm also. A second use of time he in a half of a piece the headed buzzing vociferously... I bad like strong madman as it sees to the shake averts. Turned has been he, has turned he on and operate usually. Perhaps the fluke, well? Consulted a manual and can pose the ray of tension to turn an engine 'low' if your house has electrical wiring that it pode not being able to distribute a pertinent amperage in a trimmer. Unlikely in our case, but salvation, come from the. As we Continue the use, a buzzing abruptly would begin during a yard of peel, would turn it was, the turn retreated on, and a then strong buzz would begin again the little bren or minutes afterwards. It opens to Know that it can be it has thought ... And yes, we maintain some clean covers, very lubricated with an oil has distributed, and tent he in his case in the drawer like his not seating in the humid bath among uses. It looks and when being so it adds it trimmer. Work wonderfully... Quan Work. We are very spent some dates to turn he so that it is to bond. Sincerely I expect our unit is directly in defective and that this is not the common problem. Has data this indication a star so that really it wants people to have this info and not crossing a same thing, and affronts of leaves he... The people usually look in some 1 indications of star and some 5 indications of star. Calm like you can imagine, when is trimming someones returns it and of a mark of unit he startling the strong noise apropa an ear... Your hand-the slips have streaky, and his cape jerks was in surprised. He buzzes the piece is.
1 / 5
Terrible. Justo terrible. It takes these to trim my beard, trims my neckline, and trims my hair of cofre. Afterwards -A- the uses are exited of alignment. Battled and battled for a change-the Mays maintained to pull in my hair. Still it take in my partner of barber to see yes can adjust the. Taken near, but any cigarette. $ 20 it Goes in one beats of rubbish. I have ordered Oster Hurriedly Power. East total, comes with some guides to comb. Everything in a period probably would want to anyways. It saves your money. Any compraventa these.
1 / 5
Opened has crossed it 3 of these and will not buy never the Wahl produced again.

A premier two only died after 18 or as be month because of shorting was.

A an only has bought recently had a power that down in and was while it shave it my face, which has directed in repeatedly tug in my beard. My face now listens likes him is to shoot after the use.

After 3 bad ones are of an opinion that Wahl owe low quality quite be.
5 / 5
If you are looking for a abordable and easy-in-place of use of clippers, this product is an excellent election . As Any electronic, has the curve to learn in properly using such the device, but with some perseverance and familiar members with unshakable self esteem, also can rid courses to peel to house that is to say sure to impress (at the end).

Sure read a instructional pamphlet and look As '' images, and control, double control, and which guard of the triple control posed in some clippers before one tentativa in a backside of your go to want to one is cape .

A box comes with everything would require to do the 'yard of peel of clipper.' Still it comes with combs he and scissors yes very wants to put was! Some tills also come with oil for some covers, several guards for different levels of cut and to do around some ears, and another is still for case entender.un is the small flimsy, but lines each which still a same.

Like this far, has used the to shave or headlines down in at all (sportin' a bald look), fixed the yard of peel of the horrible house gone very wrong (does elsewhere in the first place), and maintain up with summertime under hairdos.

IS the boxes add for a prize and quality.
5 / 5
Izquierdo er creature of tear. Yes, you can see descriptions that this is not a by force industrial clipper that the pro doing the pieces all day very the time could not appreciate but to cry out of strong that mark the people expect: it conceal this mow a gram? LoL. I am iffy in Wahl products; there is some sake without also with them. It takes this cual the recommendation and for me, the laws ADD! Quan Measures that takes so that paid, does not think you can do very better. It uses this for my hair and has the type of different/mark for mustache-beard and a combo is unbeatable. Taken the sense of weight and quality with easterly and some measures of some annexes would owe layer only in any way/of period is looking to handle with in this way of trimmer. A fun/impressive part/cute is that when changes this on, can arrive- I bad shoots up. Has the engine! It recommends.
1 / 5
It does not have any idea where this product has taken so many good descriptions . Suspect, apresamiento loaned he of some place and then swindle in this product.
That is to say the piece of rubbish, cheap fact, very heavy. It pinches Hair, any subject that tried to adjust a tension. Some comb is cheaply done, is soft and does not line a period equally. Some clippers leave leaves without cutting of the hair and some time still blocks the lowest zones that has expected. Always it uses 1' combs of extension and has not had never the problems that hack my own hair with other clippers.
Is not some clippers of premiers I own, and has cut always my own hair. So much, I am not the bad dancer that blame a fund. These clippers are the piece of rubbish. A cape will look the piece of bad gram, with patches of something and hair with a longitude of almost bald zones. It combs it is launched of cheap soft plastic, ones 'teeth' of 1' the comb was each raven after a first use.
IS the worse experience has had, and repeats, has possessed several clippers and I have cut always my own hair.
Would return this element behind, if it was not contaminated with my hair. Also, some revise mentioned that this company has police of terrible tower.
Down, if you preoccupy you quite that looks he self-yard of peel, spends this element!!!!
Terrible, terrible, rubbish.
4 / 5
For a prize that is to say the decent knife . State shaving my leader during 15 years. Cross abundance of knives. It buys this one again.

Used it to shave my whole organism. I have crossed the period where has not shaved at all during month. There is the big beard. The full leader of hair. Out of control nether regions. I have decided that that has wanted only take drawee of everything of him.

Handles my cape and beard more which are that it can expect of the moment that it is that it is has designed prendi. It gives the quite a lot of approximation rasa.

But the be cautious that uses he elsewhere. Can use it, but the ache will be incurred.

Has shaved also my cofre, pubic hair, groin, and plums of mine have sacked. He nicked and has cut the just roads, especially that takes a rind in scrotum of mine. Ouch. A lot of irritation and burn of knife.

But that is not one the fault of knives. It IS very any one meaning to be used that subjects. Still, it takes a work has done.

Takes the warm bit but that is to say to expect. It is not strong, which are something look of people to be preoccupied quite that the can not imagine was why.

A tiny problem was that some teeth were the small rough so that it has lined one acuesta only through regulating shaving. Even Breakings of my cape and the collar have taken court. For the this will take or stars.

Still, am to add so that during yes has some hair only can not expect left.
4 / 5
First use adds. It was able to change measure easily and my yard of peel is exited adds. According to use of time, my hair has maintained partorisca take stuck partorisca some reason and each buzz felt partorisca like it pulled my hair. Partorisca Look more after, some leaves were misaligned (the picture am pressing a brota a smaller interior like midline like possible. Calm still can see like this is misaligned). I have used my Conair buzzers partorisca 6 years and taste felt finally has deserved a upgrade. Bad movement for my part. It averts these are looking for leaves that in fact last and work.
5 / 5
Partorisca A prize ossia the decent knife . I have been it shaves it my boss partorisca 15 years. I am gone through abundance of knives. Shopping this one again.

Used it partorisca shave my whole organism. I am gone through the period where there is not shaved at all partorisca month. Had the big beard. The full boss of hair. Out of control nether regions. I have decided that that there is wanted to so only take touched of of everything of him.

Manage my boss and beard more which is which can expect of then concealed is that it is has drawn stops. It gives the quite near shave.

But be cautious using elsewhere. It calms that can use, but the ache will be incurred.

There is shaved also my @@@cofre, pubic hair, groin, and the mine has sacked plums. He nicked and the cut treats it so only, especially grabbing a skin in scrotum of mine. Ouch. A lot of irritation and burn of knife.

But concealed is not one the fault of knives. It is really any one meaning to be used that way. Still, it take a work done.

Taking bit it warm but this is to expect. It is not strong, which is something look of people to be concerned roughly that the can not imagine was reason.

One tiny drawback was that some teeth were the pocolos rough so that there is lined a skin so only by means of regulating shaving. Included Split of my boss and the with the have taken court. Partorisca East will take some stars.

Still, are to add so that the cost has some the only calm hair can not expect leave.
5 / 5
Literally has taken so only some clippers out of a box, (the product has received today), and any look of clippers has used. Any look of clippers to have fragments of hair in some teeth & there is smuge/to to the muck likes him the zone in a lower portion of some clippers. Finally, some scissors have looked dirty/has used. So only my regime ossia a calm element can not return. They are like this disappointed.
4 / 5
When New, these have done awesome! A first time, and SO ONLY a first time, this in spite of.
Was calm, a lot of cutty and there is not pulled at all. Utilisation Wahl trimmer oil on the before and after shaving my boss. I dipped him it averts for two weeks, and tried to use them for second time today and has begun SÚPER STRONG. Quite strong to do my coverage of ears! Well, somethings bad, but now have the band of the hair shaved for a sinister part of my boss as well as a kinda-half way down a half of my boss, like this precise maintains that it goes. It has dipped in the pair of propiciado by ear of the foam to take by means of an insane, angry touching noise and maintain that it goes and hot and no more the hair that cut. According to use, doubts! Now I take an entertainment to start with was to Walmart in 9 PM to buy something concealed in fact laws and OH, for a way, has the almost-the boss shaved. Now I have the bath that stinks of burned trams, the partially shaved boss and he súper travesía amused to the tent that looks he toddler the one who has found the pair of scissors. Yay Wahl.
Does not buy this thing. It is really terrible.
4 / 5
Finally has taken clippers of mine in a topmast done an hour. I have purchased these to cut my edges of 6 years with the hair of the autism. It does not agree buying this used. I admit that it times when I purchase the sure things have used perhaps like CD is or the films concealed is probably roughly that. When I have received these was like this happy until I opened him opened in has seen the hair dipped him then until a light and invernadero likes some materials of the hair stuck among some leaves. I am not trying to give me bugs of edges. To good sure any one the happy camp.
5 / 5
This thing is two times , whose short hair often like this for 2nd use, his not doing at all, of course I cant the turn does very first time neither, hair of appeal to PLOT, regulated it each one which that way, used it to trim on my hair of husbands and quell'pulled roughly all was, has had another pair of Wahl to to that liked, but has taken of old to the equal that have decided to buy is one, of the that he, does not buy these economic things, is terrible, honradamente, waste of money.
4 / 5
The engine or something have spent was after several uses. It begins to pull in my hair and is resulted the ache to use. Really it have to that it has invested it in something better to begin with. I have finalised so only taking the plant it plus of confidence Wahl Deluxe Chrome Pro 25 pc 79524-5201 of CostCo, as I can return he in any point. Quite unhappy with east. The scissors were bad quality also.
4 / 5
When Mina Conair the clippers have the data finally has been after the years of use, has bought Remington has dipped that has used once because it pull in my hair and was to cry it to clip my hair. You look on Amazon and totally had forgotten an a lot of-respected Wahl Line of clippers. I have decided to go with this mark and a next step was to order by means of all some models have listed. I have read all some descriptions and of the comparisons and still take to confuse. I require to go big final or a down $ 20 hover to be well?

After reading so to the equal that could, has decided in this Pro Complete model. I have cut to my short hair likes I no really cured on some drive of the different colour but they are the good touch. This model has been listed as 'heavyduty' and this looked correctly stops. I have used so only some clippers for a first time and could not be pleased more. Some clippers are not to light like other frames another more economic is. It feels good and sturdy--no too heavy but any light. I have not used any one drive and some clippers easily trimmed my hair. I also trimmed of my beard without pulling or tugging of a hair. Really, I am thrilled totally with this together and was down $ 20!!!! Among the plastic chance (nothing special in a chance but he a work).

Highly would recommend this Wahl Colour Pro the model is looking for the clipper of hair of the quality in the súper the prize adds. I seat these clippers will do a work for years!
5 / 5
I generally like Wahl produced. This a this in spite of is not lasted. Some courses of engine was so that never reason. Perhaps , I have received the defective unit. Short decently when it remains on. Unfortunately, has have to that the turn. I am giving these 3 stars because the short good hair when working and comes with a resupplied on call of cutting period.
5 / 5
Usually have any subject with Whal the clippers but this chance was the little odd. The nave was perfect. The product has done well. A subject only has had was that when I have been to oil some leaves, the hair there was on he already. Can see it when being well to resell the sure elements but ossia kinda in this fine line. I am seating here thinking, “was this used to shave the dog? It has been used to trim arrive some hair of doubt? Gals Boss? Doubts Behind? Doubts nether Regions?” I do not go to send this backside. If these doubts of rooms has had some balls to send them mine, the one who more sends them to?
5 / 5
Ossia My description of a Wahl Colour Pro Complete Hair Cutting Box. I have paid FULL PRIZE partorisca this product. I have not been Given Discount it of any bondadoso
These take the plot of action in my house. I have used my last a (this mark but no this model) until it die, almost 5 years. I have possessed Wahl clippers of mark for on 20 years now. I am workhorses and a lot well has done. That I never possessed or has known even existed is this version of code of the colour.
No more struggling to find a period of a comb of drives want to (1/4 thumb, 3/8 thumb, 1/2 thumb, etc...) To use. With Wahl Colour Pro Complete Hair Cutting Box, is fast and easy to find an exactly a period loves. Just look in a colour-diagram of code in a boss. Calm aim you exactly that the colour goes with that comb of drive of the period. If it love left or right ears, is a black , 1/8 thumb is Red, 1/4 thumb is Lived, 3/8 thumb is Blue, 1/2 thumb is Now well , etc.. On until 1' that is Light Blue. This the easy fact to agree some use of period. It is like this easy to agree an Inhabited to paint that 1/4 thumb, and is really much easier to find a lived or blue, ascended, etc.. That is to find among all the combs of drive black. This hair the cutting box the fact so much, like this easy.

Another that a colour coded drives for period of hair, ossia your basic Wahl Hair Cutting Box. It is weighty, solidly has built, has a ergonomically the boss has drawn. This concrete box comes with nine colour-coded combs of drive and two drive black combs partorisca in an ear. You take hair very acute -cutting scissors, two combs, oil of leaf, the coverage of the leaf and that I think is the goatee drives comb which have not used. Ossia The a lot of hair box a lot cutting that all the accesses inside his chance that has the good boss for travelling if need be.
Has used this already for the half the time of dozen and work perfectly. Very happy with cost of mine.
5 / 5
Dangerously bad. Some leaves have prisoner to move a first time that uses them. As I have thought perhaps some rays that bow some leaves were too lake. I loosened him. This looked to do a trick. But no for longitude. The same subject has arrived. If it was to loosen some rays much more there some leaves would fall off. I oiled his, gave him the good cleaner and take all the hair. My conclusion is this : My boy requires the hair cut with sure clippers , of confidence and this produces so only is not cuttin' he (pun feigned).

Pros: A reason bought them: A consolation of having a coding to paint
Gilipollas: Besides a fact there is prendido to cut in a half of a first use, is strong and vibrate Many. He also the desires have had the 360 rotating cord with more than period.
4 / 5
Has had these clippers for the little on three years now, and used him partorisca in the courses of peel of dozen (-15). So much, light use, and used for side trims to prep for scissor details of yard.

Brief description:

- Economic; saved much more the money that is cost
- the together Complete do lacking basic needs
- Simple to use
- the classical uses Wahl leaf that is acute and durable

- Bad built
- Inconsistent the favour to plastic force the failures in alignment
- parts/of the organism is not durable

Long Description:

are a type to maintain my tools, and the supplies of hair are any exception . These clippers are/ was frequently oiled, stored in his box, and is not never state fallen/has attacked on.

So much, surprised a lot when they have failed to choose on more than 1/20th a hair with a last yard, and take easily 6 slower times in clip down some sides. With which more than 20 steps of multiple corners, has had to give up and appeal to scissors for some sides. A hair that had cut has been also grossly uneven--I has used to 5 drives, has had the still period that diverse of 1/2' to 1', and any normalised visible to a madness.

With which repeatedly trying realign some leaves, has @to @give some separates that maintains a stable leaf in the place has not been able to maintain his setting. So much, when an emotional leaf vibrates, some turns of fixed leaf. Any realignment and to fixed calibration this--the degradation of a piece of drive plastic is visible to an eye in of the skins.

Considering a low use and level big to concern this is to go to this together of clipper, so only can be disappointed that is to fail to last five same years or the uses of dozen of the pair. Not to expect it the last decades or of the hundreds of courses, but this level of the poor craftsmanship is not reasonable.

@In rodeo, does not think will be to buy another together of Wahl clippers. While home I cut of the hair to help saves money, does not want to spend money in bad fact junk this is to build to finalise in the landfill inside the few years. Some the economic parts can not survive light use, and am disappointed in a product. I recommend to look the frames that is known for better durability, especially plans on using these regularly and love your courses to look same and very done.
5 / 5
Ordered these for a second time, which has taken here less than 24 hours (Amazon of thank you).

A first pair lasted for 10+ years and this was with the enormous family, my woman that all some courses of peel. These are, for far, some the better clippers have not bought never, and has purchased at least 6 other frames--all duquel any last more than the year.

Wahl I clippers are hard, easy to resist and while you maintain a leaf regularly oiled and free of stray hair, will last the family with 13 boys. Among and our 4 boys that requires biweekly run of peel, this is saying to plot. Oh, then launch in Grandpa, the one who takes his yard of peel of my woman or granddaughters twice the month also.

Was Like this happy when these are gone in a topmast am ready for the yard to peel decent again!

Buy them. The prizes add, the products inclusos better!!
5 / 5
Has not expected all this is coming with this trimmer for a prize. I have imagined so only it trimmer and the guards have launched in the box and was them well with that for a prize. But when it received it to them, has been them surprised. Among the chance, has all some guard in the stock exchange, has scissors, 2 combs and oil with the paintbrush. Mina, ossia an excellent shot for the together economic of trimmers. Some people that complains that his didnt function well, probably didnt oil his leaves or didnt maintains up with interview.

Ive The people sweat those who has bought the expensive clippers have alleged to take doing for them with which the courts while. When I have asked if his oiled his has not had any one the idea has been supposed to. Or when say, can and sometimes has to that, regulate a speed, has not had any one the ideas could... So much, the ones of those who think to the plot of people knows quite roughly hair trimmers the really be by train to use them. Also idk that the time will last the plan uses him each one alone day, but in this point could wants to invest in the most expensive pair, anyways, for this class of use, daily. These treat so only very compared to another trimmers has used them and has on been supported by the interview and the random use am sure will last so only well. & Honradamente Himself Have had to so only the few years, a prize was like this down that the wouldnt included be that crazy roughly that. The shot adds, and perfect for any the one who doesnt use trimmers that a lot to does not want to spend to plot of money for the pair.
5 / 5
Has been the short my hair suitable for roughly 20 years, using several clippers. My last near has begun having questions with which roughly 8 or 9 years of use, and has decided to upgrade.

Has bought these in June 2018, and used him roughly once each one that 3 weeks of then. Solid celery, some guards am returned well, some leaves are acute, and an engine is strong.

Unfortunately some last times have cut my hair so only the few days , an on/was the transmission has aimed byline of failure. I plugged some clippers in and has tried a time of diverse transmission, but at all is spent. There is remarked finally when I turned him on and then has moved dulcemente a transmission behind to an out of place, an engine would begin in brief. I am spent several minutes that reads with a transmission and was finally able of the take to remain in quite slow in trim my hair.

Are sure is something simple like the free connection or the pocola corrosion in some contacts in a transmission. It can try take averts him and seeing can the fix. But I can not help but be the little there is disappointed that has failed after only the probably so only the week or two after a guarantee there is expired.

Three stars because they were like this well while I am lasted. It have been five stars if a transmission has not had the prisoner that does like this punctual.
5 / 5
Am writing this description after using this trimmer for years. With which one of mine roommates taught me partorisca cut my own hair with the trimmer, as well as another' hair, has had to have one of these. Still the utilisation to this day, and did not fail me still. It is quite intuitive to operate, and a cord is long enough to leave for some distance of a outlet. (I often has to that use a cord of the extension yes am cutting more hair, this in spite of.)

This can not be one the majority of expensive or big-quality trimmer there, but is well in that does. He trims quite equally and has a full selection of annexes/of measure of the period, colour coded for your consolation. I have run in fact out of an oil has comprised enough the fact for the moment, and although I have not been oiling a brota of then, looks close to do a lot well. (To good sure maintain oiling a leaf after each use yes can, this in spite of - I follows sure is better that leaving it dry.)

One a flu has with this trimmer is that it can take quite noisy, especially of some rays so only under a leaf come free to plot. These results in the species that grinds his that so only can be toned down for presionar some rays behind up. Still with some rays have presionado, this thing does not go to win any prizes for calm operation.

In spite of a subject of noise, am very happy with this product. I have taken my money cost out of him and then some. For the estimativa trimmer that you do fault well for years to come, looks no further.
5 / 5
Love this element so much, bought it specifically for a colour coded focus. Like other products, some guards have numbers to say you that period, but this a calm say you a period on call and he the fact so easier that choose was with colour. I can not agree the guard of number has used before but can agree the colour has used before and honradamente he like this faster.

Uses this in my dad and brother, am able to give them the yard of peel in roughly 30 minutes. Also I use it on I that is in plot the hardest that asking a lot to use on me but is that I want to. Inside youtube and video of yard of peel of the clock to learn roughly like this to cut and technicians to use.

This saves to plot of money in of the courses of peel, for example leaves to say the yard of peel was $ 10, ossia really 'economic' go to like a asian tent of @barbero but yes go to somewhere professional, his $ 20+ but for sake of leaves of simplicities to go with $ 10. If has 3 in joining it to him familiarised likes , of east is $ 30 and then perhaps $ 2 tip for each boss, ossia the total of $ 36 for each an or two month. (A yard to peel more expensive would touch to plot more) One $ 36 coverages a cost of this shaver and then some. It excepts to plot more reason my sides and behind growing was quite fast and the flavour maintains him short. A box comes with two combs, several guards, and scissors that help with cutting a cup.
4 / 5
Does not trust of the people with my hair; I have had the few bad experiences. I have been literally years without the yard to peel when an only person has trusted to cut my hair has moved in Thailandia. As such, has had long hair for enough some time. It take the first long time to find to somewhere has trusted more in.
When My woman convinced to do something different, has opted for the upper and short knot in some sides. A subject only was that I have not loved to take the hair cut each month or like this when some sides have grown was; this looked excessive and expensive. As I have bought these and has had my woman tries his hand.
A first aghast time. 'Oh Any one!' It is not something wants to listen when any one is cutting your hair. Ever. But finally all has been imagined was. Has instructions so that they do not have any idea that is doing. They are happy has done a compraventa.
Has used these perhaps 5 times like this far, as has more than paid for them, and with satisfactory results. They are easy to use and look to be a lot has built. Appearance these to last in fact a lot of years to come.
5 / 5
The depression battled and so only felt lazy as never. I 't loves exited of the bed and my hair have grown in an alarming tax. Even People in acting begun to do entertainment of me and my long hair. I sent so only to the plus depressive state. I so only felt like the plague of the human being, like a compraventa of old type for wine in the tent that spends of the hours in that to do with the boring life.

Has found this Wahl Colour Pro the hair Complete the Cutting box and was 'll he. Finally I will try to take feeling like that loves it comma cupcakes and beer to drink all day and will give me the yard of peel. I annoy to like the daughter the one who testas also or like the dog that so only wont to stop that barks.

I he, has cut my own hair and he looks awesome! It takes complete and begun to feel new again.
Gives the graces to fix 1 of my depression, Wahl!

Top Customer Reviews: Wahl Premium Hair ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Christena
Has the Wahl pair of clippers and he Conair beard trimmer. Both were to direct in a cube to recycle when imagined I the oil arrives the and see that spent. It have crossed a boat of oil that they both are come with years of marks, and has thinks that was only a natural life of the set of clippers.

After applying this oil, immediately both sets of the clippers have jumped behind in life, and is much more effective in cutting hair. I have been impressed what better some clippers have done after being properly oiled. It say that they so much now works as well as new. A course where some covers of clipper move each which so another is now shines brilliantly. This say me that it take it quite rid of any oxidation or incongruences of surface, leaving more energy to go in cutting hair.

Has old clippers, the oil arrives the and look cut them what new.
5 / 5 Laree
It uses this product in a past for everything of my electronic knives and some other uses around a house. An oil is very thin and ignites and does not cause tez-on residue. Work in the variety of elements what RC MODEL, adherents of computer and other electronic engines and moving parts. I want this oil.

Has had a emits which has not been one the fault of Wahl excepts Amazon. Quan Taking an oil, has not been bundled but only launched in a box to ship with other elements bundled. An oil has not been sealed and an upper dispensing carried have been cut was and one covers the red has been missing. It can have been the turn or perhaps the amazon has used he for his department to ship and erroneously has planted his boat in my sending. This has not affected my opinion of Wahl or Amazon while they were has to substitute in any load. I have called even so Wahl that it was it very happy to substitute one covers red that excepts them has discovered later that one covers to dispense has been cut and one covers red any ray on properly. It opens it IS routing the boot to me new free of load.

IS very happy with a product and a support of so Wahl and Amazon.
1 / 5 Stefania
I have posed he in a bit as it has directed covers, and left the at night.
A next day, when trimmed my hair was still very greasy. I have tried it dry it was some with the rag, but was quite still to take during my rind while he trimmed.
Law to take my clippers that law again, but an oil that is trace my rind me the pause was terribly.
Weeks later, has still the plot of oil in some covers. The desire has finished to take some oil of beard or oil of hair. Probably he a same, without nettling my rind.
5 / 5 Jay
I have required oil for the electrical knife of my dog, and this was a better prize . I actuate Only the used the time that, but looks to do a work to help to clean a hair out of a knife. It have to when being very useful to maintain a knife, likes him take longer.

A boat is main that gives, as it has to last the long time. It Likes him that of a bit of it cover it red is carried he of ray like hopefully if some falls of the bounce on does not filter . Some pots of tiny oil that is coming with a knife filtered during a place... Desprs Used it once. But these looks to bounce quality very better that that or, as it do not have to be a subject.
5 / 5 Brenna
Has two sets of clippers - a to cut my own hair and or to cut my dog is. Quan A beginning of clippers to do bad, could be it has tried to think some need of covers to stress. That is to say probably very roughly - the hair is issue too soft to dull your covers of steel. It IS mostly probably so that has no oiled the. If you any oil roughly clog of covers above hurriedly and it beginning these low delays, snagging your hair and that causes unnecessary ache, besides sake very cutting. You maintain some covers oiled and will take to like-new action out of yours clippers every time.
4 / 5 Owen
An oil is that it expect of the lubricador, perhaps could be only the tad the fattest viscosity but in no way is subpar. The mine does not filter when in his side and one covers the red has not lost likes him a bit people that'the voice left the negative critics have declared. Even so, a boat comes around half full as it has been very if a boat was smaller just to conserve spatial. Also, a hole of a beak could be the small plus bit so that you were able to apply an oil the small more with accuracy so that sometimes you could pose also if you do not use the clear touch. That is to say only me nitpicking even so. I am happy with purchase of mine.
5 / 5 Onita
It was surprised really in just like big the 4 boat of ounce of oil of the cover of the clipper this. It IS probably two or more so oil of time of cover of the clipper while I have used in my whole life. Look was not requiring the compraventa more prendi...Perhaps never. It IS easy to use and maintains my clippers that movement softly and any snagging my hairs.
5 / 5 Margret
Has my my Norelco for in three years and here and there begin to cut me .
Looked , reads, cleaned and the look requires it a bit oil and apparently maintains it acute also.
Expects this oil in durable me few years . Probably I will use this for my bicycle and anything more than requires oil.
5 / 5 Velvet
I use this in my disposable the knives afterwards shave in a shower - the drop or two in the each final and one in a half then shakes it behind and advance (with a vibration on yes has concealed) and down pose the cloak of good oil for prender some of a corrosion to/rust. I shave daily and my Fusion disposables last 3+ months. Only I have to take drawee of them when some parts of consolation of the rubber come loose (that suspect an oil has something to do with). I add, and very economic!
4 / 5 Laurie
The works add. I Like him his of a ray in limits to reduce leaks.

The only complaint is that it buy bounce it smaller, cheaper if the unit had take to arrive less room in my cofre of medicine and this 4 oz the boot will last 20 years in an use to record the.

Top Customer Reviews: Wahl Color Pro ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Latonya
Happy has taken east a . There is the Wahl corded model this has been going strong for at least 10 if any one 12 years. At the end bite it a powder, and has been to substitute he with an exact same model, but has seen then this wireless model. My worries were that it can any one when being any quite powerful or last quite very the times but these fears have been averted after a maiden career.

Does fantastically. It IS the small less noisy, and was certainly easier to use that it is corded predecessor. Also, a front of beginnings of knife for easy debugging. It wants that also.

Comes with the stock exchange and of the loads of accesorias. I can not say the time to touch so that a red light is on when touching and when the loaded night against red era still in a morning, as it does not think the signify when has touched fully.
5 / 5 Darcel
Fallen some clippers in a countertop that short my hair a day and has broken the piece out of a cutting leader. I have contacted Wahl the service of client saws email, is returned my clave a next day and has said the part of substitution would be in a clave.
In fact was, for Colleen free the wonderful work instilling faith in Wahl products and service.
5 / 5 Yer
It likes him maintain my hair in the 0 harvest, thanks to the entrance in the front and bald something that is running to achieve a half of my cape. These clippers do well: they are clear, effective and lines the load. Thank you, Wahl, to help maintain me my dignity.
5 / 5 Shameka
Enough it does so described, and easily can recommend at most of people ( ALWAYS will have some so that anything that 'technical' as this will be also take to comprise - Investigation to join some descriptions of star).

1) Beginning to look the video of Youtube or two.
2) Read some instructions

After 1 and 2 on, only take a big plus hield' and yours any integer. Cairo In a mirror.
Change in some bass of next measure, and cut of some subordinated up, but pause in a side of a cup of your cape. Cairo In a mirror.
Change in some bass of next measure, and cut of some subordinated in halfway in an anterior piece. Cairo In a mirror.
Change in a Left wing and of the shields of Right ear. Cut to the long of a verge of an ear of the the reverse. Cairo In a mirror.

For now the good idea that plus to do, if anything.

Wants a bit changes to adapt you and your cape, but this will take you has gazed.

In the each - very well, and better that some barbers have done.

A smaller point - A real yard CAN ATTACK the course has BEEN. Cairo In him carefully to see that it has to be broken behind in. A road will do, The ANOTHER BREAKS IT To him.

To help the to break in, after varying it properly begins an engine. This was an only road that took it to break in easily.

If everything of these too many technical sounds, goes or the tent of barber or living room.
1 / 5 Natalia
Desprs Touching during 15 hours for some recommendations in a manual of the instructions has comprised, an action of clippers is woefully under powered. His almost as if an engine is not quite strong. The fight in hair has cut fully in spite of being has touched fully. Wahl HAS the utmost products but I are terribly unhappy with this compraventa.
4 / 5 Winifred
We buy this to cut our boys' hair - has two boys and he are too expensive to take them in the barber all a time! A clipper is relatively calm for the $ 30 a, and although ours almost in in to to the 3 year does not like him to take of his yard of peel, any complaint quite he when being too strong. We want that there is so period to choose of. Also we buy one 1.25 and 1.5 guides of inch separately also, and the law with this clipper adds.
Has cut also the hair of my husband with this clipper, and the laws add! Any complaint. I docked of the star so that our clipper of premier was defective, and some interior of small parts has broken was and would not maintain some advances of clipper properly. Even so, we call a company and issues the substitution.
3 / 5 Catherin
Wahl IS the mark of good house. It IS the quite good model , no quite so powerful or acute likes corded the versions have had. If you are a barber experimented , some covers are not quite quite acute to take the very clean turn. In a plus, is calm and is wireless cual an a lot of easier experience. To well sure it recommends that it changes in wireless, but perhaps the model the strong plus.
5 / 5 Nguyet
The clipper Adds. I use this to cut my own hair. In the principle thought it only would use it his to do the small adjustments to help extend a period among going in a stylist of hair. With a discovery of one 1.5' wahl the combs of the guide is able to cut a hair in a cup of my cape, very easy to do with a wireless. Cutting some sides require the small crudes that yes concealed has 1/2' in some sides and behind. Desprs Looking them for on-line videos on that to cut the hair with clippers gives what necessities to be has done.

While I go in a stylist of the hair always takes left down with a piece. A last time was a point to break , looks all has been asked was launched only was and my hair has been cut his road . Very thwart to say a less. Has think that in a worse case could do very worse. That was to take a last piece of hair after I have purchased this clipper. Look very closely that it was fact , any also near of in in to to the some parts did not like them the. Any road, has been house and has posed combs he of guide in a clipper and with a clipper was, has pressed he through my hair. It was able to find which to comb of the guide has been used in my cape and what far envelope some sides. Has 1/2' in some sides and behind and 1.5' in a cup. Wahl One 1.5' the combs of guide cual he very done some roads. I have posed one 1.5' combs in a clipper and turned it on has run then he in my cape, only ask some the stray hairs but I was able to see only that it was easy to use, could line it at all some angles have required to run over a cup of my cape. Invading some sides and behind was any subject since is lower. I have posed then in a clipper for some sides and ran it around. A zone where some sides/behind conform some upper necessity to be blended gradually which are very easy using a technician in a Wahl website and aimed in a book of instruction, nicknamed blend. A blend is using a motion of mecer in an end of cut, a photo in some instructions and a mark of the clear video. Technician still my stylist of the hair has used also.

So much has done far 3 course of peel, down more often so that it does not have any load and imagined if I messed in a problem would be small. A result was surprisingly well and has taken almost any art. A course a harder is squaring of a backside, class to take to look in the mirror and sample while moving a clipper. I have done only several dry careers, with a clipper was boxes has listened had a technician corrects has turned then he on and piece. Perfect results. Opened has Cut it my hair in a morning before taking the shower, any time has lost these chairs in the tent of piece of the hair that expects to have the less than yard of average of peel.

Took 12 comb of annexes of guide with a clipper. I think had more than a basic together. Very happy with a quality of some combs. A sake to be of the clipper and is not too heavy. Any cord a lot of help to cut your own hair. A case is the case of soft zip , lines each which in him. It IS it fences in quality. There is has no the run still the change has entered a clipper, taken longer that possibly could use. Perhaps for the diverse hair measures it any he but for a person any subject. A rechargeable the stack is a toneless point , some instructions say it only last 3-5 years. It looks down but some instructions also say can use a clipper with a cord plugged in. So that it was a backside for a day when at the end leaves.

This very changed my alcohol in cutting my own hair. It IS more take that trimming the beard, really easy for me to choose up. If the calm has not thought never in that short your own hair gives it the flavour, can be surprised what beats easy when being. Only it take it it has cut it a time of plus in a stylist of the hair then goes contains and runs a clipper with some semi-detached combs, any one can and voice cual has been cut in that point. It conceals very the helps teach you that to cut.

UPDATE: I have been using this clipper to cut my hair adapted by in 1 year. It improves the hair of cutting tin bit it. I have cut my hair of plus often these days so that it is any load and like me maintain a same look of general. I am surprised in so easy is to cut my own hair, would have to has tried these years. It is resulted like easy to cut my own hair hardly thinks quite he more. Better result to cut my typical hair of road these looks in a road likes him. And can repeat it easily. In in to to my woman likes him his of some looks of road also.
4 / 5 Lois
I am not sure like some clippers do only still. They are probably well.

This description reflects a fact that my whole container was smeared with oil of cover (hopefully visible in the light place has reflected, in the first place). Examining further, my stock exchange of the combs of the clipper has been opened - no rasgados, but piece (picture of second). Legitimately Suspicious, decided to examine some comb closely - has CABELL CALM BONDED In them (picture of third).

Has the hair to reason a lot of-dressers sanitize his tools - that is to say similar to take shabby underpants with the stain.

VERY unhappy. That is to say soiled.

Update: This piece very bad, requires around ten raisins in a zone to take all the hairs in a same period. Massive disappointment.

Second update: This description, whilst accurate, is for used it strongly posed of clippers that was routed has been for Amazon after the turn, and is not orientative of Wahl clippers in general. It was emitted the substitution , which are fantastic, but the different model. This description has been adjusted in a half indication for this product. It deletes this description, but is to well sure the value that note a quality of service of client of Wahl, and leaving folks knows that disappoints it, the experience of the product has used is not orientative of any one is failure excepts Amazon.
5 / 5 Santiago
Purchased this for grooming my Cockapoo. Other buzzers usually take taken in his fluff and can take me hours in fianc lucido. This piece through his curls without any control, and when listened that has begun to lose his verge only applied more the oil and is returned to be fierce again. No more the hours wasted on grooming this chewbacca of the dog.

Top Customer Reviews: Wahl Professional ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5 Dani
That is to say fraud , a right clipper is my anterior a moment voice in a backside in a picture has the code and information a left one has ordered last the week based in some descriptions of the good fake and I suggest to research more in some elements to feign before it buys
has Disappointed
1 / 5 Lino
Totally prndalo to do after the few months of supremely clear use, and when contacted a vendor in the substitution, has been said, 'does not sell this model besides clipper.'

Still, here is...

While it can see you, is the buyer checked of these clippers.

Expects your clippers do not die for in him the to any reason likes him his of the mine , so that probably the calm will not take any support of this vendor and calm the $ 100 paperweights.
5 / 5 Latrina
A fact that is wireless is surprising but goes further concealed. A stack is very powerful and last around 2 hours in an only load. A thing adds is can he corded yes dies in calm (which only spends yes never touches he among pieces) and touches while into use. Has a designer also and whats better in some magic clips are that a cord in load is fatter and longer (8ft) which are perfect and solids. Also other updates is a cover of tower of staggered tooth that it is to perfect the blend. A fact that these covers can be zero gapped is incredible especially to take that first line out of bald gone back etc. Without that has to spend out of your trimmers. CAREFUL BE concealed or desert to line the to form that is supremely treble and does not want to be acute people up. These are perfect as I give them the full 5 stars. A packaging am to add and what the majority of come with one 1/2 and 1 1/2 saves together with some another to execute that perfect turn. I want these clippers and they only first to look and is very very done, and when being adds in your hands.
5 / 5 Renita
I am the military barber and the bombs was quite 30+ course the day. State using this in a tent for a last week. They are light in a hand, calm, maintains his load (in in mine 20 piece and has to recharge) and creates the turn of good rind. I am very please with a versatility ... I want these clippers!
3 / 5 Vernetta
The works add. I have cut my better own hair that any barber. It opens, without a cord, is so easier. A sper the acute covers have cut totally my fat hair. A lot of greetings in my yard of peel has posed since this to use. Almost take it the star was so that I think a plastic casing could be the better and no lustrous quality small and does not have any case has comprised.

has had he for less than two month, has used only the the small time. The power is sensibly less in stack that when plugged in, included has touched fully.
-2 stars
1 / 5 Melissa
At the beginning you are the clipper adds but after the pair of tone of moths when limits an interior of cord has died only was and could not use more is the ripoff
5 / 5 Leopoldo
I guess it take lucky and has taken a premium wahl the guards that comprises one 1/2 guard and one 1 1/2 guard. Cela Saved me only quite $ 40. I have to 0 desert the but is the weight he really fire and strong looks. I recommend this sure
5 / 5 Georgette
I am the barber of full time and once and has taken these resulted my main tool . A clear creation leaves cut for hours without any tiredness. A load takes quite 1.5-2hores but can maintain cutting while charge. Some marks of crunch of the cover that mixes really easy and smooth. They have cut so afterwards and mix all the subjects down too many in the 0000 like the turn of knife is the breeze. They whose apresamiento hot and is not noisy compared in some other clippers there. In general the product adds.
1 / 5 Inez
I have bought these cual the present navideo for my brother and the month has prendido to do. Literally only it gives you are while it was in a half of acute any one is hair . I have tried to take the repayment or in a much less the substitution and has been said the has not been possible. Such good clippers but bad product and same service of worse client.
5 / 5 Glen
As I have bought these to compare with my wireless designers and has taken my first piece today down issues it smoother, a crunch the technology is so it goes back has exited better better and faster, any same has to zero deserts the the normal period is perfect. It does not know why a type in youtube has said some designers where better that these lol happy has not listened.

Top Customer Reviews: Wahl Professional ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Philip
These grooming the combs have been mine recommended for the breeder the one who has been grooming partorisca 40 some years. Has has wanted to trim down my level poodle puppies layer but no partorisca the shave down entirely. Some combs come like the together good in the box and is colour coded with a legislation of measure in a comb. They are stainless steel and to the equal that can be sterilized and will last the lifetime - very better the compraventa that a plastic combs which can bend and pause. These also stay in magnetically like this once slip them on your leaf, remains on. Ossia The together of quality . I have been that uses a comb of half thumb partorisca my puppy and he slides by means of a good discharge and when used with to 30 leaf, which is recommended, work seamlessly and gives one throughout, cleaned trim of a discharge. These together offers the big variety in the measures and I do not think any one would be disappointed. If it find this description was useful yours, please paste one 'he' key in an end of a description.
4 / 5 Bernetta
These were some combs of the premiers have taken when it has begun grooming professionally. Honradamente Thinks that that they are some better and took him on a recommendation of mine grooming professor of academy. They are very easy to dip on and has not had some explosions was still which is well. I will say that a hinge can take the little release calm dipped the on too hard but lasted the long time and still is that it goes. A tip is the any to use them never in the 40 brota like estrago and pause some combs. Also they are much more it was then plastic combs and a little box that goes in is perfect partorisca storage. Your precise dog partorisca be brushed was as they will take in any matts so the calm mark sure that before rings to use the comb partorisca the yard of the longest hair but these are an essential element partorisca any groomer
5 / 5 Denyse
Ossia the little cross-posted description of Andis UltraEdge AGC Súper 2-Accelerate Clipper of Detachable Leaf, Professional Animal Grooming, Burgundy, AGC2 (22685), modified partorisca situate emphasis in a Wahl conjoint of comb.

Uses this first time today in the -he-calm wash of dog. An useful owner, the one who knows the PLOT in dogs, dog grooming and tools, fully be in consonance of these combs, together with some compatible Andis the clipper compraventa. Really It likes Him a quality of these combs of stainless steel and has thought partorisca take the prize adds partorisca they. It say that these were better that magnetic combs reasons his clip on and any detach when they achieve an obstacle like the foreigner. It is you are it -day-a-professional of week.

Our dog is the curly-coated labradoodle, no an easy plus to fiancé. We use one 1 (1/2') combs attached to a clipper in his organism and of the legs, a 10 leaf that is coming with a clipper in his private part, underside of his ears and feet, and pro-scissors of qualities in his along-haired expensive and row. A variety of combs is good to have.

This has been the curve partorisca learn , but it fulfilling a. We have had to that learn a difference in of the leaves and combs. Calm already could know this, but a leaf comes like this splits of a clipper (in ours, 10 very short and also detachable), and some combs are attached to a leaf for period of different discharge. A brota of the clipper has taken hot, but some combs have maintained to run quite fresh for the along grooming session.
5 / 5 Jamey
Has a Andis AGC Súper clippers of 2 Speed. These combs am awesome!! Has the gooldendoodle and these combs to do like this well in lucido. In fact it falls slept when the knots have promised lucido. In fact they are that it orders the second set in chance some pauses. It likes- one the way attaches with an action of cradle.
4 / 5 Jana
Has been grooming dogs for 30 years and has trusted always in Laube snap in combs. I have been frustrated with my together old, reason have maintained sliding of a leaf has used. As I have bought the together new of Laube combs last year. Some lateralmente new tabs (drawn to ensure a comb) on those would break was and once again some combs were was sliding . As I have begun to compare some different frames and solved in this Wahl insiemi, based in descriptions. They are happy I - I desire had taken done these years. His clip in solid and is built to last. Some clips lateralmente are not the little tab that will break. They snap In securely of all 4 sides. Some tips of these is also blunt like any worry in poking your dog or cat. I have used to have grinds it down some points in a Laube combs, which left whenever it asks reason on earth that has not been done before they have sold a product. They are very happy with a Wahl combs.
5 / 5 Keturah
For a prize I really expected better! I will begin to say is not terrible and take a curve of combs of the work and also some jumps the explosion was quite easily! I prefer to use mostly it combs on call in my dogs of fiancé so that it takes to plot of use out of these and does not love a way is resisting up. One 1/8th red comb also looks to leave to plot of the lines and I always owe reverse with which. A main thing that drive crazy in these combs this in spite of is that they collect hair like crazy and has to that maintain unclipping and brushing a hair out of one that dipping behind in mine clippers! It is a lot frustrating and adds to plot to time to mine promised.
5 / 5 Luanna
Has spoken to several breeders (creating golden doodle puppies and self grooming a poodle mamma) and groomers, and has been finally with that has suggested takes clippers and place to comb to fiancé my golden doodle. It is two years old , and I have been his only groomer, maintaining his covers long and beautiful. After our Wahl the clippers have died, has decided to try some clippers that was raved roughly, and some recommended combs. I have purchased these combs /save and a Ultra Bordos 2 Súper clippers for Andis and could not be happier. A stay of combs in a 10 brota amiably, and there is not pulling in his discharge. When I have taken to the foreigner for behind his ear, easily spends for him without question. Two of mine combs have not had the good row of motion, as I have had to that contact Wahl. They are by train to send me Some combs of substitution immediately. Of the combs would not extend far enough to clip on, another combs a side has extended far enough, while another side any, doing them unusable. I am impressed with Wahl service of client and look forward to a lot of years of grooming use with this neighbour up!
5 / 5 Jon
Has bought these to give our Goldendoodle the plus along 'winter trim'. I have purchased also a 30 leaf that is recommended like ideal for use with these combs. These am very easy to install and closely ensure to a 30 leaf. After several uses, some combs actuate never unintentionally dislodged of a leaf. A time of thin metal in these slips of combs by means of our doodle skin fantastically. They do like this well, in fact trimming entertainment (while your creature cooperates)! I have tried these after using the different mark of plastic combs. This look to slip by means of his skin much more smoothly because of any thinness of a tines or one because of them when being metal in place of plásticoes. Highly I recommend him!
5 / 5 Nubia
These guards of comb are 100 better then plastic. I have been the part time groomer for 17 years and has used always plastic guard. Never again I that. I have used the 30 brota down the and has used the 10 also and his both are the fabulous yard. Usually I take the little line in a skin in my model Lenox in a photo, but has not taken any and has had a lot little in disposal in same places so only for the take to correct period. It was quite long here and his skin is fat, and in a photo can see that well it spends for in one raisin. I have not had the question with a skin that takes clogged in some guards neither which does not spend any stop in a plastic some.
5 / 5 Mika
Has been it groomer partorisca almost new years, and after using a Wahl combs on call of Stainless Steel, has not gone back never to use some diverse plastic comb the available annexes there. These am sturdy, rests in a leaf and does not take pulled of some clippers yes have paste to tangle like this easily like the plastic combs do. They have cut by means of just in the each type of hair with the ease and he do not leave annoying and unsightly frames of clue. An only thing will warn likely buyers of: it does not use the 40 brotar under these - will destroy it a leaf. One 10, 15 or 30 (that use) is a way to go.

Is looking for The together of confidence of combs on call, spent these. Calm will not be disappointed.