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Top Customer Reviews: CurlyKids Mixed ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Loree
My daughter of two years has the loose curls and has looked for something concealed would help partorisca define his curls and avert frizz. Has right hair as I am looking for to learn so as you can roughly curling hair partorisca cure of his hair properly. This neighbour are adds! So only it combs his hair with a conditioner in him. A conditioner is in a thin but utmost side! Some smell of products partorisca surprise! Here it is pictures of my hair of the daughters after just shampooing and conditioning and leaving the dry air:
5 / 5 Paulina
has used these products once in mine 2 year olds. I love a way defines some curls and looks partorisca take place very moisture in a hair.
5 / 5 Anton
Has used produced a lot a lot of of different hair in the hair of my daughter. It was excited like this partorisca see some descriptions add in Curly Boys and Finally find the product that could stick with, as I have thought. 1st use- (shampoo, conditioner, detangler...) It turns my hair of daughters to 1 big knot. I have used then the variac. Of Curly Girls prpducts while it takes some results required (less dry and less frizzy) in the number of days. It was the nightmare and has has had to that take using everything of his products. I see the plot of the descriptions adds and am expecting my experience is far and little go in. They are the bit there is disappointed.
5 / 5 Felisha
Ossia My product of favourite hair partorisca my little boy. It is the little on two and has been by means of several different frames of product of cure of the hair until we have solved is one. It leaves his soft hair, silky and bouncy. It does not think it is announced so that the free tear but we have has not had never a subject with him hurting his eyes. Some works of good conditioner take the all was or no too - - is not greasy at all - - which is in enormous prize with the strong-willed boy of 2 years that does not want to taking his hair has washed.
5 / 5 Maxie
Regularly Use a shampoo, conditioner and leave in cream. Experience this together because of a prize and has wanted to try a detangler spray. It does not like a detangler, does not have to that very a lot of slip and leaves the tacky/sticky feeling in a hair. I will continue to use some other three products to the equal that am happy with his results.
4 / 5 Rosario
Really love this line. Our edges is mixed and has mixed hair of texture. This produces the smells add and really tames his frizz. It is quite sweet for creatures but also takes a work done. A strangling the spray is the saver of life to take these hard knots was and prevents our little a to shout. Especially that a prize is surprising. We have touched like this money to another pricey frames that so only does not act.
4 / 5 Towanda
Has has wanted to really like this produced reasons a point of prize is very better one the majority of a competition, but can not take on that bad a shampoo is. My daughter there is moderately thin but a lot curly hair. When I Use a 'detangling shampoo' is likes to add glue to his hair, take sticky and swimming to detangle in fact does tangles very worse. A conditioner is a lot the to good sure detangle a cause of disorder for a shampoo easily but takes the tonne of conditioner to do a work. One leaves in the conditioner is the decent product does not take any a lot of and does the good work that maintains these crazy curls in control, is an only product in a band liked in fact. A detangling spray detangle well, but in the dry hair that takes to plot of spray and yes used in dry hair without another hair of product done frizzy, but yes used in the wet hair with one leaves looks a lot afterwards. I will say when all some products are used neighbouring his results of hair to look well but would not buy again been due to a shampoo.
5 / 5 Gregorio
Has wanted to like these produced with which reading all some positive critiques but his so only very cut he for my type of hair of the daughters ( is mixed and there is frizzy tight curls.) A shampoo and the conditioner have done absolutely at all besides the dry was, a curl incinerates has done well but has left his hair that feels greasy, but a detangling the spray was a main disappointment ... Somehow done his even more knotty hair and harder that brush. He any one anything for a frizz and has left his hair that feels dry and brittle.
5 / 5 Ping
Ossia An only thing that marvel of works in my hair of daughters! It is mixed, black and aim, has a lot of hair of course with losing the curls and he knots on So much and chair for levee detangling the until I have found this mark ! To the Work likes them the heaven in his hair took5 small to brush his long hair like opposed to 30+ with other products. My same husband uses it on his hair.
4 / 5 Faustino
There is wanted really love this product. This product has augmented a tangling more than reduced it. Very odd! His hair is curly, frizzy and much more of coarse likes mine. It is odora to add and is an option abordable but has done a much less manageable hair will not be that they use again. I think it in fact you cause breakage in planting to strengthen.

Top Customer Reviews: VRZ Summer Wavy ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Alejandra
Colour: 8815-1B received it today. Dipped the on well out of a container. Toe styled he partorisca 10 minutes and I husband of look has loved that...:-)
4 / 5 Alonzo
Colour: 8815A-1B This wig is awesome!!!! This picture is obviously well out of a seal has attached still =-) but his soft and manageable. It is cut also really well and tapered professionally, the global money well is spent.
4 / 5 Lakia
Colour: 8815A-1B Loves this wig!! Very natural looking.
5 / 5 Dalia
Colour: 8815A-1B would have given this wig he 5 until today. It was beautiful partorisca a night so only. It has spent he partorisca a first time last night & the smell was like this terrible me it washing when it take home today is dry & loses some curls & because the human hair has said blend are fearful to dip his heat. As this was the waste of money partorisca me & will not buy never of this company the thumbs down partorisca does not squander your money.
5 / 5 Maye
Colour: 8815-1B loves a record and look of a wig, but this hair is not 100 human human blended. Synthic And human blend nettle my skin, and this wig that mine forhead and zone of nape.
4 / 5 Yen
Colour: 8815A-1B has not been very satisfied with this wig. I thought that it that it look a photo that has seen when I purchased it, and he the no. loves a photo, but that have received in a topmast was totally different. I have had to that take this wig and has done it on. It looks at all he likes in this picture. It was very unhappy with this compraventa. I will not buy never another on-line wig.
5 / 5 Vanita
Colour: 8815-1B was like this disappointed when I unboxed this wig. It IS hideous! It looks AT ALL like a picture! It does not buy this wig!
5 / 5 Alfreda
Colour: 8815A-1B Good wig, although has has had wigs of better quality partorisca the a lot of more economic price. The vendor has launched in to cover them of mesos. I need to manipulate it the bit partorisca give it the less wiggy look. Not to expect it partorisca look a legislation of picture out of a packaging. Attended some that loss, but no excessive.
5 / 5 Nicolasa
Colour: 8815A-1B Too the work has required partorisca do looks a pic
5 / 5 Gena
Colour: 8815A-1B This wig was a lot!!!
Has thinks that would try the wig of human hair, Reason am allergic to a synthetic some. This wig is absolutely good-looking. It IS thin reason has been aplanado. He s very good and soft. Has the light order as if any one was in a hairdresser is. It do not suggest calm washes it, Reason calms will be necessary to leave it partorisca dry and king-straighten a wig. It IS sper pleasant and short with tapered flanges everywhere. It looks real hair because of a perfect tapered flanges.
Cut it to a fashion there is wanted. I have been concerned at the beginning because it does not arrive in the dark colour or black to the equal that have expected. When I have read some details and of the instructions, has said to be able to no any colour with chemicals. This in spite of, was able to apply the black rinse that the utmost looks and has resisted on excellent. A long plus has and spend it a better taking. I have had to that resize the reason was really big for my boss of measure but again, no a subject. Not spilling or issueThis wig has all has wanted and more.

Top Customer Reviews: Curly Hair Products ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Malka
I have very tried, many produced have prendido of then straighten my well, curly the hair done 15 years. I have used very big-produced of finals, as well as some mark partorisca appoint more economic, but the Real locks is a clear winner . My locks are now the silvery rooms and shadow of pepper, and prone the frizz. A Cream partorisca Sleep Pro curl combo the together work the spent each edge, leaving my soft hair, shiny, and some curls are clear-cut more. Any crunchy, sticky, or with this 'weighed-down', greasy feeling. I recommend to use some products simultaneously, layering his to achieve a maximum profit. And a prize partorisca a quantity of product is very reasonable as compared to other frames have used (Kerastase, Kevin Murphy, Spear, etc.). (According to a porosity and period of your hair, 1 or 2 bombs of the each product would owe that be adapted. My hair there is down porosity, and is of period of half. Utilisation '2'.)
4 / 5 Lorenzo
Up until the pair in fact years, has not had any idea has had the natural wave to my hair. I have used to take perms all some time for all leave institute and to mine 20 east. I have then begun crimp my hair every day; this has been in for years. My hair has begun to the fall was been due to all a harm caused it. A pair in fact the years have begun to spend my natural hair with the bit of gel; I have had roughly it crimps - the one who has known?! Then the few months have discovered for behind this product. Have So more crimps now, absolutely want it! Mina any-the mamma does not believe me , thinks that maintains to take perms. Nope, So only the hair really adds produced!!
5 / 5 Kelsi
Has taken this together to try out of some products. Like this far love these products for my curly hair. So like this, that has ordered a main version of the each one. I have left my dry hair of course and some curls were wonderful and a frizz was mostly under control with a spray. And yes he no lather on shampoos like this traditional but ossia that is stiller curly hair and curly produced of hair.
5 / 5 Georgiann
Can not say quite a lot of things of sound in these products!! I am not been born with curly hair but with each of mine two boys my hair has taken curlier. When being the stay in mamma to house so only would pull he until the collected and be fact with him. I am returned recently to a working world and required to begin to do my hair again. I have tried EVERYTHING of a living room produced with good hair like the result. It can no lame anymore and Googled produced of hair partorisca curly hair and Cure found of Hair of products of Real Locks and decided to try everything of them, and OMG can not believe like that SURPRISES these products are!!!!! My hair felt like this soft and AMAZING!! Some waves are resulted curls and that alive in Iowa owes humility of fight. These produced that says!!!!! I have run recently out of a shampoo, conditioner, leaves in conditioner and a cream of Sleep and grieve the volume has paid again will be to order all again!!!! I can not believe the one who different my hair is without my products of Real Locks!!!! If you are looking for produced partorisca curly the hair looks no further!!!! Really for real it creates come from these once calms will not go back !!!!!! Amur, Amur, LOVES HIM!!!!
4 / 5 Robena
Can not say quite a lot of things of sound in these products!! I am not been born with curly hair but with each of mine two boys my hair has taken curlier. When being the stay in mamma to house so only would pull he until the collected and be fact with him. I am returned recently to a working world and required to begin to do my hair again. I have tried EVERYTHING of a living room produced with good hair like the result. It can no lame anymore and Googled produced of hair partorisca curly hair and Cure found of Hair of products of Real Locks and decided to try everything of them, and OMG can not believe like that SURPRISES these products are!!!!! My hair felt like this soft and AMAZING!! Some waves are resulted curls and that alive in Iowa owes humility of fight. These produced that says!!!!! I have run recently out of a shampoo, conditioner, leaves in conditioner and a cream of Sleep and grieve the volume has paid again will be to order all again!!!! I can not believe the one who different my hair is without my products of Real Locks!!!! If you are looking for produced partorisca curly the hair looks no further!!!! Really for real it creates come from these once calms will not go back !!!!!! Amur, Amur, LOVES HIM!!!!
5 / 5 Sherryl
Has bought this in the whim reason likes a lot of curly of daughters, the products add for the moment and the only no. have bought some measures to try so only to verify them was. I used him each one that like this of some products, in fact and wants to him! My hair already is beginning to recover of a straw-and the disorder is recently state. Highly recommended!
5 / 5 Bob
There is wavy The hair & has been looking for the product that beats to scrunch my hair & does not seat crunchy, rigid, or take frizzy.

Has been using Real Locks for the pocola the week & I absolutely loves that. These products have the scent cleaned , fresco well my hair looks like this well in an evening as when I leave in a morning.

To do it included better I amour a Party Gitl spray of cocktail & a scent is surprising!!
4 / 5 Syble
Has used a styling produced in my hair and my hair of daughters. Our curls have not looked these abonos for like this long. It is the value adds to buy a together integer. A spray of crimps has done my curls look utmost a next day, has does not have to that the washed. I have been looking for produced that it will help me to continuation well of the mine curly hair, and these are in a cup of my cast right now.
5 / 5 Randy
My daughters and the already use a shampoo, conditioner and incinerates gel of real locks and WANTS TO HIM. Our curls always look same and frizz free. We will be to go the Hawaii and is not sure state that aliamos spend our products of hair in ours spend on stock exchange, this together of travesía is perfect! I have bought one and will be to buy 2 more for my daughters.
4 / 5 Morris
Liked to of the principle but a scent is very strong and can not use he because of this like this some scents break me was and ossia one of them unfortunately. It was well for my curls but that scent. If they have had a unscented that would be awesome reason like him to him another concealed.

Top Customer Reviews: OGX Moroccan ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5 Maggie
They would have to list all the ingredients. You direct tea to think is argan oil, but has the most insoluble silicones that argan oil. That way is coating what plastic in your leaves of hair that any lava has been without shampoo of strong sulfate. That dry out of your hair. It IS so thwart to find good products. Why it can the very only use that says that it marks. Cairo On in a zone of comparison...Ingredients to list what only argan oil. It looks this marks this consistently with his products.
5 / 5 Berniece
The left wing is for earnest be. My hair is SO BLEH! It IS curly? It IS directly? Why it is my waves so funky? And whats with each a FRIZZ!? It enters this cream to crimp INCREDIBLE that marks my hair looks the sleep ! That Fashion? EVEN SO! Sometimes I scrunch and diffuse. Usually it washes my hair at night, combs some of this lovely cream through him, the sleep on place, and then touch in an upper cloak, curling with the flat dish in a morning. Taken 5 minutes or less. I am the minimalist when comes to time of products and of the hair is spent to instrument. This cream is resulted my secret in effortless hair! It take more greetings of that use this cream in a past 2 month that has entered a past 2 years! It IS that well. It takes it daughter!
1 / 5 Shanti
First three ingredients are: cyclopentasiloxane, cyclotetrasiloxane, and dimethiconol; also it contain it perfume, Red 17 and Yellow 11.
5 / 5 Frances
Out of all a argan produced of the oil a lot appreciates this mark. Has very very time blond hair that in a sun likes him dry was. Quan Uses this oil any my greasy and greasy hair the look leaves it soft with the resplandor light and clean look. Only I have to use the small quantity. I am very happy with this product
5 / 5 Kizzie
Has curly hair that takes frizzy. I have posed some in my yolks and race although my hair once is been the towel has dried . I do not blow dry and some curls remain well and does not take frizzy. I prefer minimum work to maintain my hair up. My hair does not look greasy after.
5 / 5 Deadra
Mina 4c the hair is sper dry, but this material gives it life. It smells to surprise.
5 / 5 Tawanna
Recommended in me for my dresser of hair. Work also for me, and this is coming from any one that supremely has broken hair to bleach. My hair is almost behind in normal now to use this (and the few other products.) It recommends in any one and all the world.
5 / 5 Elvina
Has very dry the fat hair has crimped. This oil has asked question moisturizing my hair. Still although there is alot of hair, does not have to use alot of of the one of the east to achieve soft hair. Highly it recommends.
5 / 5 Henry
It saves your money I amour this Product of Moroccan oil. There have it only 2 ingredients that breaking of one $ 44 expensive 1. It compares both of some prizes and some profits of both of can not say the difference among my hair that is that very that is to say and this attaches 1/10 of a prize. Has very very crimped the hair and he are more very dry bleach my hair each pair of month my hair that is so much better a last month and he 1/2 from the be using
5 / 5 Jeromy
Calm absolutely wants to this material! It IS a a product of the hair has to have. I rotate shampoos and conditioners but has not founding never anything to pose in humid hair that like me as much as of east. It says that it is for curls, but the laws add in right hair, also. It has had sper directly in insanely curling some years and has has wanted to this on all the fashions of hair.

Top Customer Reviews: Cantu Men's Hair ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
4 / 5 Sade
The cost has verified the Only desires have had More than a wash of organism because they are so that it adds. Amur Cantu Produced.
4 / 5 Meredith
The cost verified has given 4-stars because 2 of some 3 produced are surprising. A pomade did not give me a control has been expecting, mainly reason is the cream pomade. It have to that it has read it a better description.
5 / 5 Anastacia
The spent the work has checked adds in my husbands dry hair
5 / 5 Rae
The cost has verified partorisca like me these products, and a cream really odora very good and some products are specialitys partorisca curly hair
4 / 5 Lillian
The cost has checked One of some products do not have odorato like this good
4 / 5 Felecia
The cost has verified My container has arrived all busted up.
4 / 5 Paris
The cost checked has Spent this partorisca the father of my offer of the fianc of day took it so only and looks this partorisca some reason has been issued the repayment like this the supposition all is a lot was reordering once of the money is of tower in my paper
4 / 5 Coletta
Hair of Leaves partorisca Purchase checked moisturized and soft.

Top Customer Reviews: It's a 10 Haircare ...

Rating: 2 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5 Otis
It buys this product very time before in a supply of beauty, and a product in a boot is not an original product or he are expired. It does not smell a same and does not have a same texture. Any refilled is to bounce with another product. I am so unbalanced that it can not returning . It does not have any tone why any one would sell the product and has posed something more in a boat.
1 / 5 Cierra
Used this product of a tent and has wanted to it. Bought he through vendor here in the amazon and the product are much fatter and does not smell a same. In planting to do the hair of my silky and manageable daughter, faiths his sticky hair, dulls, and unmanageable.
1 / 5 Darryl
Very Disappointed. 1 - A boot has not gone included full, more so half full when open it in the first place to verify. 2, SINCE it is the Very GONE BACK element , imagined would use it since is bonded with him in all the case - is used this product ahead of time a lot the tent has bought, does not know that it is is - is the fattest road and leaves my hair that listens to litter and does not smell a same. I am supremely disappointed it that I recieved the element USED and now, can very still of the return! The desire had known before, so usually will not buy something concealed can any one when being pas returned out of here because of the only risks have taken. Also, it is more expensive was here then is in my venue Wallgreens... I have imagined it is only easy to order out of Amazon but results, in this case, paid by something has not taken and any option to return or change. Buyer beware.
5 / 5 Sharell
The better element to use for the hair broke. Mark sure spray in your hands and then posed in hair, when spraying a boat in hair results the sticky bit
1 / 5 Julianna
If it can not choose any star I .. My element was has the pound cracked and with the fraction was bomb and there is any option to return or substitute an element. That is to say only bad
1 / 5 Kimber
It IS fatter like the conditioner, still when being very but in at all likes him that a be of real product. If I no in that the roughly has left in that has to my stylist has not remarked a difference. That is to say something certainly the value that expects for a ULTA coupon or go in Nordstrom Storm/TJmaxx/Ross/Marshall is.
5 / 5 Blossom
Three words to describe this product. It IS Some jumps ! It IS the 10 products is some absolute more. Has shampoos and conditioners and the whole myriad of products. Has very dry, brittle hair after it uses heat for the moment or dye it. This stuffs a lot of hydrates he of a root in some finals. I very which is the 10 Leaves of Miracle in with Keratin in him, also. They both left my hair that listens very soft and shiny! 10 10 10!
2 / 5 Waneta
As I have decided to try this in mine 2 daughters with the very tangled hair (right hair). I have applied 5 sprays in the hair put in an of some daughters and 10 in another to experience. Some smells of spray like resumas chemical that applies in perm hair. One in the morning that follows has seen the very small difference in a daughter that is hair sprayed 10 times and Any difference in one another unit So that it is to say to well sure any one he 10, unless the amazon is selling the product of fake. You are not that they buy again.
5 / 5 Alethia
Mina 10 yr the old daughter is knot ' take so bad as has the plot of final, of course curling, hair very very time. At all several days the week and he are always to struggle to comb through his hair. A partner recommended this product and he are the miracle! It can not think! We have tried each product there. And any calm included use needs the plot. His tangles exit much easier. It continues to buy. Highly it recommends.
5 / 5 Lashaun
I have found this bad boy when was in necessity to take hydratation behind in my hair after the die the small time - has not had never dyed my hair until mid-last year. It was of dark brunette in the copper/auburn in blond and behind in my copper/auburn. All the year would say. Obviously my hair has required some TLC and after reading some descriptions in this product, decided to verify it was. The amazon has a cheap plus so far as it has found - Walmart, Aim, CVS, RiteAid etc. - The amazon is one a (unless takings CVS 40% was an element lol) I only taken some new shampoo and conditioner, ArtNaturals Argan (AMAZING!) And I spray this in detangle and hydrate my hair and only the small quantity of Chi Infusion of Silk and mine oh mine my returns of hair to look mark when was virgin hair . I RECOMMEND this element. That is to say it splits of my routine of cure of the hair and uses it almost every day. It is not heavy, no your greasy hair, change his texture another concealed to do your soft hair, and smells lovely but any too so much. It recommends this product in the friends and has been hooked.

A small cute thing - was in my dog groomer and has seen this in his counter - the use of suppositions for dogs also (control w/ the vet before the test pleases - I saw it only a counter!).

Top Customer Reviews: Garnier Hair Care ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Sena
If you have curly hair, highly recommends this line. Still for a shampoo of prime minister and conditioning, could see more definition in mine curls when I am exited of a shower. One leaves in the conditioner are adds. Always I will use this line when I want to spend my natural hair. Really it maintains my hair partorisca take frizzy and done my curls look like this moisturized and has defined.
4 / 5 Holly
Decent moisturizer. Any curly the friendly daughter ( contains silicones).
5 / 5 Mari
Mina very active 2 year there is súper touch it and the tight curls take tangled very easily. These leaves has been the saver of life. Súper Easy to comb by means of his tangles after using this product. Shoots his hair with the little control, but still soft and bouncy curls.
5 / 5 Dionna
Has used a lot of oils and of the creams partorisca my curly the hair and ossia my preferred. Any only is abordable but softens my hair without adding hanged. I can spend my hair curly or straighten it. Usually it uses so much the cream and an oil in my hair but these works of product well in his own.
5 / 5 Dino
Perfecto partorisca kinky curly hair. It is not fearful to give this product tries it. Also odora adds!
4 / 5 Millicent
This is surprising partorisca curly hair. Of big curls to kinky curls! Work partorisca all some daughters in a house! He moisturizes softens some curls and defrizzes without giving a wet look. It can maintain your bouncy curls! You love it!
5 / 5 Leroy
There is a lot curly hair, and this material are adds!! It maintains my curls hydrated, and in control. Not weighing down, or leave me frizzy. Included it can use so only this like the product afterwards. Odora Very Too much.
4 / 5 Sammy
Want this material partorisca the hair of my edges. Has the plot of hair ossia curly and has the bad habit of tangling really bad in a backside, has dipped this in his hair after his bath and comb he by means of. The law adds and the smells adds also.
4 / 5 Barbar
These are my products of priest of favourite hair . They are the black woman and these utmost products partorisca my routine of natural hair. It conceal it leaves the conditioner is surprising partorisca me. This prize is very too much. Abordable!
4 / 5 Camelia
One of the products of favourite hair of my adolescent daughter. There is curly kinky the hair and this help of product maintains it moisturized and less frizzy.

Top Customer Reviews: It's a 10 Haircare ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5
State using Sound he 10 for years now. It IS an amazing product that marks my shiny and soft hair. This is not The the 10!! It take this produces the few weeks. Desprs Has begun to use this, my hair was dry, dulls, and unmanageable. Has thinks that that it was a humidity of a summer. Yesterday at the end do a connection that perhaps was the swipe was produced . Has the small left wing of some Seats the 10 bought to Aim and used it this morning. My immediately returned hair in his soft and shiny self. It buys Sound he 10, only no of this vendor.
1 / 5
This element is fake . State that uses some real roads for years and a smell and the quality of the same is not comparable. He the good but a real material is surprising. I have known a prize was also good to be true! It have to it knew it to it when avenges with to him focus of tape of the fake in the.
5 / 5
You are the designer of hair during 15 years quite a lot of marks 30 years and has used and tried A lot of products then and now! ... It has crimped still frizzy hair and lives in Florida... Test sooo a lot of products to calm my frizz the humid hot time and this totally was a better never!..
Highly recommends want to tame your hair and taken one the majority of crimps out of him.. I WANT TO It&62; thank you for such products adds.
5 / 5
Probably one of some products of leaves of the plus of the hair concealed has tried. For reference, my hair is period of half , thickness, slightly coarse with the small wave.
Honestly can not say if a product each what 10 things that alleges in my hair BUT I can say that he my very manageable hair that the leaves soften and silky in a touch and prevent frizzing. One kicks lasted me 2+ years with me using it 2x the week when washed my hair. I also usually any one spray a product directly in my hair (except when those uses like the heat protectant) so that I think that that this takes too produced in some wrong places and done my hair the small greasy. Instead I spray 3-5 bombs in palm of mine and he then applies in a mid-axial and finals of my hair.

REMARCE: I think that that a product that took was genuine, even so with this be says still would warn buyers to exert precaution so that has multiple vendors that sells of this listing.
2 / 5
Ive Has used this product every time washes my hair. I am not sure that I am so that it adds enough it. Has thinks that that it is supposes to strengthen a hair, detangler, resplandor of mark and all this jazz. Has long hair so detangler is something researches. This produces any really detangle. Any a lot attaches resplandor. Sometimes my fake to be of the hair of him.
2 / 5
I have used to to WANT this product. It surprises in my sake, colour-treaty wavy hair, the still protective light and feed. At the end run out of my last bounce and has bought the substitution... This material is RUBBISHES . Has the nauseating fragrance flowery and is only like each which as another product of rubbish in a piece now, extends my hair in this sticky cloak, weighed. My looks of the soiled hair when is clean and is heavy and lanky in place of bulky and is. I am sper turbulent quite the. Clearly any one has wanted to to cut costs and now your clients are taking shafted. He booes, booooooo!
5 / 5
These works of materials to soften and calm frizz. They use for years and now my daughter is succeeding with him also. Has fat hair, coarse , right with curly frizz. It does not use the mass or yours look of greasy hair. Sometimes I spray he in my first hand, mixes the the small and then the pose a hair for the same plus and concrete application.
5 / 5
Has hair very well and has used very left in conditioners. These products is the bit pricey has compared in that usually buy, but my stylist of the hair has used he and has wanted to some results. Also Florida live where the majority of days of summer, is almost impossible to tame frizzies because of a humidity.
This product is very fire and does not leave the heavy or greasy feeling. Taming frizziness well, Especially apply it to him before it blows to dry or flat spending (also the heat protectant which are the plus !!). So that it is so clear, also the volume of sake takes after the paste he that dry. To well sure buy it again!
In Joining it to him to only thing does not like him in of this product is that it is to take the spray and uncomfortable to handle yes has to rids he of small creature like his I.
1 / 5
These products is not a same like Ulta. It IS so fat the not even spray. I am spent the tonne to take a big boat. It does not do or it is a right consistency .
3 / 5
I want this product! Usually it buys in living room, but orderly on-line this times instead. I have ordered the 10 oz. Boot, but take five - 2 oz. You bounced. Each which so it has had the $ 9.99 adhesive planted on 'Free Sample- No for the focus of Resale bounces. Little odd......Probably the will not order again....

Top Customer Reviews: Design Essentials ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Minda
I have been presented in this product for has sawed he-the worker and I he very wants to know where has been the all my life!! Has 3c/4a/4b the texture and he separate my curls PERFECTLY. Before this mousse my wash and goes did not go never really the wash and go. I actuate At least 5 no. This has cut my time to fix down the half (only 15 in 20 mins) and my hair takes for at least 3 in 4 days. Quan Need in refresh I re-has put my hair and attaches more produced.

Also like me that it is free cruelty . It does not leave my dry hair and has the control adds. Amazing incredible product.
3 / 5 Dante
Well - But no that looked for - any one 'enhance' natural curl....

Has of course wavy hair that, with a right product, can result good CURLS , durable, loose very time.

ABBA Has used for years the Finn of crimps Pure. This product has been sold and a new formula - ABBA Arrived of Frisia - is at all like an original, but he still kinda work.

Has been looking for the product that law similarly in some Arrival of ABBA of the originals of Frisia Pure. Quan Has used use ABBA Arrive of Frisia Pure in humid hair, or could blow=dry with diffuser Or scrunch dry for curls. It take still use a product of ABBA newer, but only is not to add he in an original.

Has tried only this product. I have used in humid hair and scrunched And diffuse dry. It look it adds at the beginning, but in 30 minutes some curls are fallen was. I will not purchase again.

Smells well, And my hair listens soft, but one that announces that it say it, 'enhancement to crimp' is not the definition relates in in a context these results of product. Certainly I have not had 'defined the curls'. That this the product was to give a good that way of looks (any too much volume with this product, or) and any one crimps at all in the pair of hours.

Will maintain to look for!
3 / 5 Alissa
Has converts natural hair. Among date of hair I flexi-cane my dry hair and decided to use this mousse. It IS very sticky and to dense insurance well my hair. My flexi-rodded curls (dry or at night or house the late Sunday) is exited a lot tight. Again, it is sticky and my hair has the tacky/sticky touch. It adjust a quantity has used, and while yes a More i uses a sticky and tight plus curled, but is not that it likes him a stickiness and of him frizz in bit it to to him like him to him the tensions of tentativa some curls averts. I can see this product these laws add for each natural wash and go is with the master to crimp clear-cut or zig zag. I will save it to try perhaps several months under a road when a rest of my relaxer the hair grows era. For now, I think that I bond in Nairobi cual my uses of stylist crimps of flexible cane.
5 / 5 Imelda
Amur This material! I have done in the canes posed and start well and very soft. I have used these uses to with organic unrefined coconut oil. My curls were luscious. I am type of crimps of African American 3c/4a, low density, texture of Half, Regulates hair of porosity.
5 / 5 Jenni
Usually it does not leave of the descriptions, but these warrants of product the description. Active alot Of thin curly hair that takes kinky in humid time. An only product this has done in a past was Frizz facilitated, but leave my rigid hair. State using Creation Essentials during two weeks now and is now an only product will not use never again. It maintains a curl in day two, is sper soft (More crunchy curls), and smells to surprise. Thank you For this amazing product.
4 / 5 Rena
I think that that I have taken. Has very very used the his only, even so. It has used he with leaving-in conditioners down. The beginning has listened very moisturizing and smooth, but then after my dry hair, there has any a lot of resplandor or definition to crimp, but my hair is down-porosity, wavy/the curling hair of mixed race and resists humidity. I will maintain to use the reason am trying to find a mix of right cocktail to do this work so that I have seen so description of radish enough the.
5 / 5 Titus
The works add in my natural hair. I spend the TWA and colour he frequently. This produces the curls and the humidity provided that it is not rigid and take. It has remarked that a product with an almond and the lawyer are only available on-line in Amazon. It sees OF curling mousse in the tents but he are not some same like east unit I probably normal up in this so that it can not be able to find in a future.
4 / 5 Coleman
First impressions... I very cual a quota almost melony citrusy smell. Has the sensitive hair and he was very happy an oil did not cause me any itching or irritation. I have purchased also a mist of resplandor. A small suggestion in a packaging - some bounced would have to has to focus of paper to prevents evasions. An outside of my boat was sticky and greasy.
5 / 5 Soo
These products is a better. Good smell and very clear in natural hair. That is to say my second bounce .
5 / 5 Williemae
Wonderful product for curly hair. I require at all more to maintain my very clear-cut curls, shiny, and frizz free!

Top Customer Reviews: Aunt Jackie's Curl ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Salome
This material is surprising! The coverage the small boot in my venue of Familiar Dollar once but could not find again. My curls of hair in his own when put but takes the small frizzy in a back and in some sides for my expensive when dry.

For better results, a hair would have to when being put (drenched but any slime, likes him only exited of a shower put). It uses the generous quantity of a product. Also it applies the handful of some class of oil (prefers to Better Africa) to close in a humidity.

My types of hair are 4A/4B and is very porous; my hair drenches for above waters (and produced of hair) like the sponge. Your mileage can vary, but the laws add for me!
5 / 5 Vince
These products is surprising! I use everything for my hair... Mousses, galls, ointments, custards... Calm appoint it! He gone of economic in outrageously expensive. These products to take a Cake and is the economic TAN! I have taken the shower, combed out of my hair, poses the generous quantity in, flipped my cape on and scrunched the, and dry in soft bouncy curls that is not sticky or tacky and is light (any heavy low). To well sure it will be to purchase again!
5 / 5 Annika
A lot I can see a difference in the curls of my daughter.
Has tried a lot, a lot, Many The DIFFERENT PRODUCTS and this are ours 1 election.
Suau Has defined moisturized curls & it smells well.
Prefers to wash and go.
1 / 5 Damian
Disapointed With product. Any subject what little use, finished with these few particles of solid aim during my hair. His soiled
5 / 5 Shamika
I left me only it begin it it has been it to say this product is surprising! It maintains my hair frizz free, hydrated and shiny literally a whole day. Also, it smells it adds.
5 / 5 Dorthy
There it is grinded aided my curly hair! Texture very soft, likes him lotion for your hair. And a smell is surprising and always take me complimented. It IS the fat bit even so, and would have to when being applied densely according to a product, so sometimes yes uses for several days, when washed my hair is all this product and tez in guck! As it recommend it the cleansing shampoo very very when lavas after using east.
5 / 5 Farah
I want..Amur..Aunt Of the crimps of amour Jackie He He!! Has long hair, thickness with the torsion perm. My hair is so long heavy and .. I require the help that maintains my curls because of a weight of my hair! Each what so otber the product has used has left my sticky hair, crunchy or greasy! This material is awesome!!! With east... Has well, has crimped the curls and my hair are soft but any crunchy or greasy! Perfecto every time can use in my wet or dry hair and give me perfect, has defined curls every time! And I want a small quota, subtle fragrance! THANKS TO amazon of Jackie and of the aunt! You have done my life so much easier! And hailing of people my hair all a time! Highly it recommends this product. And a vendor, also!!
5 / 5 Faith
My hair achieves on like 5 different textures (2b-3c), as it is to take to find the good product that well quite law and one ones concealed is sper expensive. Sometimes the products are also clear or also heavy or the sure parts will want to, while others anger. The more can take very fizzy when any properly material moisturized.This the one work. My hair the flight. Literally drench it up. That is to say now one of some tools in my box of tool of priest of hair. AMUR!
5 / 5 Claudette
I LOVEEEEEEEEEE this product. It smells to surprise! It is not also heavy and doesnt leaves white flakes. I use with lotta lotion to pose of the organism and Garnier lustrous and the covers of resplandor-in the conditioner and my curls be bursting! It order it already another boat :)
2 / 5 Noble
This description is not the light crimps Jackie of Aunt The L product while I used it before and truly wants a product. If taken a true product will be more concealed thrilled with him. But an element that took of the amazon has not entered pair with a quality of this element although has when purchasing he in a supply of tent or available real beauty to the by commercial minor like CVS.

Has purchased this element in Amazon like the substitution for a product still that has forgotten to take of my raisin-on and has been thank you to launch entered an airport while trip. The boy has been disappointed when took the and honestly would have to there is routed behind. Having Any one to products of road behind, but I recently begun to do so so that the companies/of the only people can escape with those leaves the to escape with and is diplomado to take that it pays for while it is any one more.

A product smelt a same and looked a same, but was SOOO much thinner that a product that bought in a tent of supply of the beauty directly. It does not rid a same level of the control and I have to use considerably more than him that has had before.

This very sadly researches to be the recurrent tendency with of the so produced in Amazon. It looks that the elements are being diluted and then repackaged/sealed and sold in of the consumers that is totally unconscious of these deceptive practices. Desprs The little of the incidents where have had to to return elements, honestly would suggest not purchasing the elements tried and some outsides of on-line retailers have trusted. This shady on-line resellers is giving the bad name in of the products of the quality and that is not well.