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1 first Beelink T34 Mini Pc Quad Core Intel Celeron N3450 Processor, Windows 10 Pro Mini Desktop Computer, 8GB DDR3/128GB SSD, 2.4G/5G Dual WiFi, Gigabit Ethernet, 4K HD Dual HDMI Ports, BT4.0 Beelink T34 Mini Pc Quad Core Intel Celeron N3450 Processor, Windows 10 Pro Mini Desktop Computer, 8GB DDR3/128GB SSD, 2.4G/5G Dual WiFi, Gigabit Ethernet, 4K HD Dual HDMI Ports, BT4.0 Beelink
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2 Beelink U55 Mini PC Windows 10 Pro, Intel Core i3-5005U Processor 8GB RAM 128GB SSD, 4K HD Dual HDMI USB 3.0 Port, Dual Band WiFi Gigabit Ethernet BT 4.2 Support Auto Power On (Beelink U55 8GB/128GB) Beelink U55 Mini PC Windows 10 Pro, Intel Core i3-5005U Processor 8GB RAM 128GB SSD, 4K HD Dual HDMI USB 3.0 Port, Dual Band WiFi Gigabit Ethernet BT 4.2 Support Auto Power On (Beelink U55 8GB/128GB) Beelink
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3 best Beelink U55 Mini PC Windows10 Pro, Intel Core i3-5005U Processor 8GB/256GB M.2 SSD, Supports Extended RAM & SSD/4K@60Hz/Dual HDMI/Dual WiFi /BT4.0/ Fan (Beelink U55 8G/256GB) Beelink U55 Mini PC Windows10 Pro, Intel Core i3-5005U Processor 8GB/256GB M.2 SSD, Supports Extended RAM & SSD/4K@60Hz/Dual HDMI/Dual WiFi /BT4.0/ Fan (Beelink U55 8G/256GB) Beelink
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4 Mini PC, Beelink U57 Intel Core i5-5257U Processor (up to 3.10GHz) Windows 10 Pro Mini Desktop Computer, 8GB DDR3L/256GB M.2 SSD, Supports Extended HDD & SSD 2.5″/4K HD/Dual HDMI/Dual WiFi /BT4.0 Mini PC, Beelink U57 Intel Core i5-5257U Processor (up to 3.10GHz) Windows 10 Pro Mini Desktop Computer, 8GB DDR3L/256GB M.2 SSD, Supports Extended HDD & SSD 2.5″/4K HD/Dual HDMI/Dual WiFi /BT4.0 Beelink
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5 Beelink U57 Mini PC with Intel Core i5-5257u Processor(up to 3.10 GHz)&Windows 10 Pro,8G DDR3/256G SSD High Performance Business Mini Computer,2.4G/5G Dual WiFi,BT4.2,Dual HDMI Ports Beelink U57 Mini PC with Intel Core i5-5257u Processor(up to 3.10 GHz)&Windows 10 Pro,8G DDR3/256G SSD High Performance Business Mini Computer,2.4G/5G Dual WiFi,BT4.2,Dual HDMI Ports Beelink
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6 Mini PC, Beelink X45 Intel GEMINI LAKE J4105 Processor 8GB/128GB SSD Mini Computer, Supports 4K@60Hz/ 2.5'' HDD & SSD/Dual HDMI/Dual WiFi/Gigabit Ethernet, Mini Computer Support Auto Power On Mini PC, Beelink X45 Intel GEMINI LAKE J4105 Processor 8GB/128GB SSD Mini Computer, Supports 4K@60Hz/ 2.5'' HDD & SSD/Dual HDMI/Dual WiFi/Gigabit Ethernet, Mini Computer Support Auto Power On Beelink
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7 Beelink BT4 Mini PC Intel Atom Z8500 Windows 10 Mini Computer, 4GB DDR3L 64GB eMMC,Support 4K HD 30Hz,2.4/5G WiFi AC,Gigabit Ethernet, BT 4.0 (Beelink BT4 4GB/64GB) Beelink BT4 Mini PC Intel Atom Z8500 Windows 10 Mini Computer, 4GB DDR3L 64GB eMMC,Support 4K HD 30Hz,2.4/5G WiFi AC,Gigabit Ethernet, BT 4.0 (Beelink BT4 4GB/64GB) Beelink
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8 Mini PC, Windows 10 Pro Beelink X55 Intel Gemini Lake J5005 Processor 8GB/256GB Mini Computer, 4K@60hz/2.5'' HDD & SSD/4K@60hz/Dual HDMI/Dual WiFi/Gigabit Ethernet/Fan/BT4.0 Mini PC, Windows 10 Pro Beelink X55 Intel Gemini Lake J5005 Processor 8GB/256GB Mini Computer, 4K@60hz/2.5'' HDD & SSD/4K@60hz/Dual HDMI/Dual WiFi/Gigabit Ethernet/Fan/BT4.0 Beelink
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9 Mini PC, Intel Celeron Apollo Lake J3455 Processor, Beelink J34 Windows 10 (64-bit) 8GB/128GB SSD Mini Computer, 2.5''HDD & M.2 SSD/Dual HDMI/Dual WiFi/Gigabit Ethernet/Fan/4K Mini PC, Intel Celeron Apollo Lake J3455 Processor, Beelink J34 Windows 10 (64-bit) 8GB/128GB SSD Mini Computer, 2.5''HDD & M.2 SSD/Dual HDMI/Dual WiFi/Gigabit Ethernet/Fan/4K Beelink
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10 Mini PC Fanless, Windows 10 (64-bit) Intel x5-z8350 4G/64GB eMMC Mini Desktop Computer, Support Auto Power On/HDMI&VGA/ 1000M LAN/Dual WiFi/ 4K Mini PC Fanless, Windows 10 (64-bit) Intel x5-z8350 4G/64GB eMMC Mini Desktop Computer, Support Auto Power On/HDMI&VGA/ 1000M LAN/Dual WiFi/ 4K Beelink
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Top Customer Reviews: Beelink T34 Mini Pc ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 28 ratings
5 / 5 Akilah
With all that spends in a world-wide right now, has required the computer could use to do of house. I have not required anything elegant or big and has not wanted to interrupt my living space too much. This mini-the computer has two HDMI exited so many was able to easily connect my TV. I have had already the keyboard and wireless mouse that has connected his and has dipped now on my 'office of house' in mine living room. I am surprised in fact in as powerful this little box is. It is an option abordable and can go or apt anywhere. If I need to, it included it it can develop a storage until 1TB. A do one really well and can games of internets of same career without ice creams or hangups. A screen full clock 4K in clear iconography. Now it prejudices of film and so only find our on-line films and can see him directly in a screen in full resolution. There is 4 USB 3.0 put you for all some accessories or the hard walks outsides have required. The majority of computer these days a lot they was to comprise a ethernet port anymore and confidence on connecting you wirelessly. Sometimes that it can it to it create the lag to the equal that am appreciated for a port to have the connection of strong internet. In general, I am impressed really with an action of this mini-computer and happy has taken it casualidad on something concealed gave more than has expected. It fulfils some requirements for work and for the time familiarised has amused.
4 / 5 Malisa
Because of a sure plus for order to house that I am forced to do of house. It has looked for no upper computer but on a half computer that it is easy to spend around without occupying too much space. I have found this Mini PC that exactly return all a requirement has looked for. It is a lot light and easy to spend in and era. All precise is cord to be able to and HDMI boss, and is all has dipped. When Transfer in a computer, is quite fast entering the page of Windows and ready for me to explore an integer pc. This piece come with one 4 core CPU and processor and SSD that this computer the fastest plot compares to another beside using this unit for work, I also uses for my girls those who is forced also to remain house of colegiala is all has closed. A lot they teach now use on-line that buses that has to that look on-line pre-the video registered of his professor. This piece of mini-pc also touches the function adds for my boys. I do not love my boys to look a video in a tiny small pill which can hurt his vision in the period of , connect a minipc to a 55” HDTV. A resolution and the quality of image is both exceptional and has included my boys love it. The picture is a lot detailed and clear. Also it touches some on-line streaming video for them during his free time to relax. A creation of a work of the system of the cooling adds also, and a lot easily takes overheat the difference of a one has bought few years. It will be much better there is an additional space to install another SSD the walk yes loves more spatial that data. In general, this unit is returned perfectly my needs and master inside my estimativa.
4 / 5 Thomasine
My edges have used a HP 11 Chromebook for his far learning and he have begun to do up. After the tonne of investigation, has found that kicking Linux was the a lot of gone ( without work of entity arounds ).

This system kicked well on and was in a bios second of interior. I have not been big in using windows with his material of on-line learning, as we have installed Ubuntu of scratch. All fact to the equal that has to that and the boot of USB was utmost. It is now behind on and ready to go. I seat it is quell'has bitten big of point for of prize the plus under powered the device that is that has systems more powerful there in this row, but a factor of form was the enormous plus to the equal that have has wanted to something small to return his office. This thing is roughly like this big like a box of television of the Android and taken on almost any room. It is thin, lustrous, and has abundance of ports. It has attached the tonne of photo.

The quality of build feels solid / well . The time will say with durability. It is all solid state as I do not see it failing anytime punctual. I will update later it has any one subject :)
4 / 5 Edie
has bought this for our boy to answer some on-line classes and is been almost 3-4 weeks of then begin to use the. We use to connect it the TV via HDMI Port and has not faced never any one subject. This mini the computer comes with PreInstalled windows 10 YOU. When it Has come it was surprised really for this measure . Honradamente Before it has begun to explore in these products am not never conscious state that the computers have begun to come this small. Also a computer is a lot easy setup and is like this simple likes so only Plugging to HDMI Port , key to start with of the press and leave some windows kicks. First time when he setup of of the this, has not connected to WiFi the coverage likes mentioned in a Description of Product and was able the setup and use with any subjects. I never seen a computer that takes heated on closing after several hours of continuous use. I am not sure if an Action goes to remain one same likes to begin install more softwares to this mini computer but for now am happy with action of this mini computer.
4 / 5 Ned
We hooked this until our LG SMELL 65' screen and the HD webcam for meetings of zoom. Works like the field. The video sustains full 4k to a screen and a webcam/mic the work without any one subjects. Interfaces well with wireless keyboard, also. Any question with the updates and the interface of action wired is fast and solid.
4 / 5 Grady
Uses this product for the majority of tasks of computers. I upgraded Perspective and Office of Continuazione of Prize added. A car is a lot calm (fanless) and fast. It has fallen In of the seconds. It looks very stable. Any one has had any one subjects in some three weeks of heavy use. I still inadvertently has pressed a transmission to be able to so it has inserted the delicate USB and he rebooted without any @subject. All the connection of USB is 3.0 which is well. A lot solid all the construction of metal and highly portable (sees photo). I recommend this pc.
4 / 5 Kamala
Has bought this mini PC for the new small office of my woman. A PC was easy to dip-up with a pre-Windows installed 10 PRO version. I dipped it/ I dipped It up without the access of internet likes instructed and all has been well. With which has has downloaded browser of material and different internet of the office and all have done immediately. Exploring The fast works and is included possible to see maps of Google in 3D. Have in the first place used a built-in WiFi connection, but has changed now to Ethernet, which is included faster that do. I have verified all some components in some settings of the system and all were listed like this that. After a neighbour-on still roughly 100 GB the space is free for my own work. During doing weighed a temperature of this PC achieve max roughly 65 C, which is solid still 35 C drop a maximum recommended temperature thus CPU, as I do not expect any class of throttling. It looks a built-in defender, which grieve could listen, looks to maintain he in a temperature has wished. They are also able state to connect to the to all a crew likes him to him the printer, webcam, keyboard, smile, to this PC without any question. All has taken instantly has relieved. Almost I can not think that this can do in the chance, which is like this small that can dip it wherever master and my woman does not have to that spatial of waste in his small office. They are happy that loves it.
4 / 5 Iva
Are happy I sends for behind a Intel clave and has taken this one instead! Although the celeron, applications of launches promptly and renders put web with an acceptable step. Far I have connected his street Splashtop streamer and was able to run the video of Youtube in 1080p in full screen without lag or visual rasgando still while remotely seeing it.
His crew of support is always a lot of responsive ; usually inner 24h or faster.
Has 3 stars for gaming reasons is not the gaming car. You can touch games of Facebook 😀. A built in 128GB SSD a thing learns the breeze to do with.
Has bought this to use for the television to show ads in church. It is factor of compact and dual form(!) HDMI Was, was the good chooses. With this action, think it can do more 😅😇. It will be used in a nursery and the class of the girls like the streaming auricular and for work of room. If you want to give these writes come from that, will not squander your time. It agrees, calm is not buying a Alienware PC, is compact and has the celeron, this in spite of, is treating the better way that actuates has not thought never. In a point of prize and is compactness, does not have to that concern roughly requiring the office of computer or have stirs it of bosses everywhere. I mention has windows 10 Pro pre-installed in him? It wins it wins.
Which more can use stops? Your girls are struggling to locate your computer to do school work? Well, this would have to that relieve an ache. Hook he until the monitor or the television and apply discipline to take privileges, calm simply can unplug a device and place he in yours sure 😂😂😂 hahaha.
Probably will buy one on its own name and when that goes in the travesía, can use he in a hotel, in planting to Unpack my laptop.

Loves a bit some phases of real life have tried in the, to the left know me, would be happy to try them was and video an action of a device for you, the help the decision.

(Perhaps these types would have to me pays for advertising ? Yes? No? Giggle).
A lot Seriously, is a lot of value he. It can do regular office, school, exploring and video playback. And you are developer , as they are, can deploy yours his own applications.
5 / 5 January
My old computer has decided to give on on me during this period of the quarantine and I have to that immediately find the new computer to do of house. I have found this mini pc which is reasonably priced and embodies all some essential functions that requires for office of house. They are happy to having purchased this mini pc because I am impressed really with this action .

First of all, this mini pc is quickly. With his 8ram of G, does not have any @@subject that the careers to any softwares likes them the office of Microsoft, perspective and photoshop. A speed is desirable and not being any retards in uploading some softwares. Compared to my old computer, would say them is 3 fast times. I have used also he for video streaming and does not have any question. It is smooth and any buffering.

For this connectivity , taste that this mini pc has 4 of ports of calm USB so much can spent in yours telephone to touch, connect your webcam and keyboard and mouse. Also it appreciates that a hdmi the port operates really well and can connect my mini pc my TV for video and television streaming, and a quality of image is glorious. Also it likes that this mini pc has a Bluetooth of the function and is wifi compatible. It would say that there is any question to connect this mini pc with yours other devices.

In spite of a fact that this mini pc so only has 128 GB, sustains the by heart external storage and can connect to mine 1TB disk with scrolling of fast data. There is not a lot of @@subject with storing your data and files of work with external storage like usb and disk by heart. This mini pc sustains to plot of softwares of the office and I have any question that use my software of office of far house resupplied for my company. He my more effective and productive work with this new mini pc.

Last of everything, am really happy that this mini pc is of small measure like this this the portable fact. It is convenient for me for the spend everywhere. His creation is a lot of stylish. Any one only is practical but also looks a lot good. A thing that can of this that has looked for to use he partorisca gaming once and an action is average with some lagging, but think that this mini pc is not meant for advanced gaming, as I do not have any complains in of the this.

In general, this mini pc is the good option for office of video and house far streaming. I am satisfied with his functionality and big caliber action with such the reasonable prize.
5 / 5 Lory
Ossia The nest little PC for house and use of office. It has taken this for a common room in a house for the light web that explores and streaming. A box is quite small and comes with boss to be able to and HDMI boss. I have not required to read some instructions but I skip a wifi connection setup to finalise an initial power besides quickly. A speed of wireless internet is a lot fast and was able to run Youtube/of Youtube without subject a lot of. In general, while it calms it is not quell'expecting do anything those imports and calm only browser of web of the use 90 of a time - this mini PC is for you. Also they have an annex that can jump the to your television to be the streaming device. The wise temperature, gives was some heat dates such the small measure but this is to expect, if has the defender of small laptop that the careers down would help.
5 / 5 Nakesha
I have not had big hopes partorisca this little computer, but was pleasantly surprised by his speed. It does not take Me bad, is at all like the $ 1000 desktop computer, but if it do not plan partorisca touch games in 4k, this would have to that be able to do so only roughly anything wants to. I plan on having this to control the mine that camps solar battery. It is quite small to return to a box and of careers on 12V, so only can take the regulator and have the working computer of some same batteries is controlling.

An only bad thing can say in this computer is that a version of Windows 10 comes with era something closes to a first emission. It has taken the few hours to download and install some updates. It would like to see the newest version pre-installed. Another that that, is the product adds and would recommend it !
5 / 5 Haywood
Has required the small desk unit that could to a backside of the monitor. Utilisation for purpose very general (the web that explores, applications of Office of the LADY, sometimes streaming film or music). Works perfectly and any @@subject at all. Starts quickly, windows of careers 10 easily.
5 / 5 Shanta
Has required the PC for on-line school for mine 11 old year because of a pandemic. Has the pills and he so only has not been practical as I have decided to go with this mini pc of then looked very compared my old tower up is the breeze ; highly you suggest dipped on wifi with to the hard line at the beginning like him some applications can update and that change to wireless or can skip wifi dipped up and he after neighbouring initial up; prenderá calm to take stuck during planting up. After the pair of the weeks that uses it , is quickly , of confidence, tonnes of options that follows the still learning and my boy loves it of then can ties in any TV ( included a big screen) and reason is like this small, is súper easy to do!
5 / 5 Pei
A manual of user this thing comes with could be a worse has not seen never. Still there is typos in him. So only it has the few pictures and no real instructions. It is like this easy the setup this in spite of, he no really @@subject. I plugged a cord of power in, then a HDMI boss and connected it my TV, then quell'USB of keyboard/of receiver of wireless mouse. An only thing that slightly has confused was a power on key. I have pressed a key and is not sure state anything is spent. So only be conscious has the small blue light in an opposite side of a key to be able to that comes on concealed indicates is running. He no any sound or to the to anything likes concealed. I have not known at the beginning that it had turned it that the on. I think that that I turned it on then it was again not seeing a little blue light in another side. Once it has fallen Microsoft Cortana will walk calm by means of a setup. It will try to take you it signup for the account of Microsoft but you can bypass that in a right accident lower in a start. I have been using it now for the week and is quite darn well! Utilisation for Netflix, Hulu, Prime of Amazon, Xfinity, Youtube and anything. Half comunicacionales social and that no. is fast and smooth and looks the very solid computer that can it you so only in record in a palmera or your hand. Enough that has surprised in fact.
5 / 5 Wilhemina
Has bought this for my boy to look his video in a cookery with the monitor of computer while they are busy cookery as I do not love my boy to be to small screens and ruin his eyes. My surprised that it is much smaller and thinner that had expected, and is gone in the a lot of sturdy and box of very present. A hookup is very easy and soften also, took it up and that careers in the pocolos small. We were also able to look informative in a morning with him while there is desayunar or lunch. It is the experience adds new .
5 / 5 Jule
Looked for the mini-computer that can be used like the entertainment centralised in mine living room for fine the purpose that use. A forward 4GB that has had was the little feeble for gaming. Like this new little device is instrumented with 8GB RAM Celeron processor. A start-on the time is roughly +/- 10 dry the Windows 10 page. My boy uses it to touch video of Youtube, touch even a Roblox. My family uses it the current Netflix/Video+/of Amazon of Disney. On that, it uses it to touch an Age of Empire for hooking he until the portable monitor. Such the together convenient-arrive that it can be moved around without a lot of endeavour. I can feel a speed of processor can be compared to a i3 cpu a, and am impressed with a small portable creation with partidário exhausting.
4 / 5 Yvette
If yours while you can he pc this is not for you. For my use is perfect. So only it is using like the server of download and the functionality is perfect. His small memory is expandable using a SD paper and consumption of low power. Partorisca To the basic material likes to explore an internet l, seeing the on-line video and included the word that accuses this little pc are adds.
5 / 5 Nieves
Is the add , but the SSD Walk I New walk and really was easy to dip up and use. And He‘s the small Small form very small, but easy the setup and the adjustments to settings was the breeze. Used like the server of means comunicacionales and utmost, calm, out of a way, exactly that has expected paralizaciones. More cleaned but starts of boxes. Unable to say that well a unit term along still but like this far like this good. Intel Took it Ideal right for the house entertanment in a chamber. Never know a thing is running.
4 / 5 Darcey
This mini PC is solution adds for my office of house.
Use to remote desk my car of work.
Am satisfied with an action of a CPU, Memory, and speed of Disk. A creation and the materials are a lot has done. There is benn turned on constantly for two weeks now and does not produce any heat. Has mechanism to cool add and is a lot quite also when in common process with big CPU utilisation. A two HDMI the ports are continents to the equal that has two monitors with HDMI port. They are happy with this product.
4 / 5 Misti
Really enjoyed this mini pc. I have bought he for a purpose for the install down the forest gaming the table has done with the TV in him. To use this can show a screen in a TV and have an additional monitor a time still fulfils this good work. Has has web pages of career and the few applications for roleplaying in the and he the without @@subject. It was so only he wants to looked for it. It would purchase again.
4 / 5 Pok
Beelink T34 Is more than has expected. It will do more than me I will not require never the computer partorisca do more a prize is well. 4k intertainment Is now possible and surfing has been done easy.
Has Had any need partorisca support of technology, covers it and the game creates is a term.
Thank you Beelink Partorisca The simple solution with report the compraventa of computer.
4 / 5 Shenna
Can not recommend concealed is a lot slow and use that so only partorisca web
4 / 5 Wendy
has bought this computer partorisca have an always on computer that can assistant of the house and this return a bill. With a small processor is a lot the effective energy as it does not import in that has it on all a time like the class of server of house. It is small Physical measure means it also hides well in the server of storm of house.
5 / 5 Marcell
Has on grown in one was where the desk PC was time very main and heaver that the laptop. Partorisca Have a now ossia like this small and light, that that can attach to a backside of the mine monitor, is surprising!

This Mini PC has abundance of USB3.0 put you, TWO HDMI ports (scarce!), giga-ethernet, And he 4K paper of video!

Is packed with the characteristic and want to it!
5 / 5 Gregorio
Can not take frame to upload spent on a pin. Volume to this point and freezings. Like this far it is more difficult that take support of technology.
5 / 5 Kandis
The product adds. I hooked he until my television and the use the current my gaming computer of a basement. A lot compact and any overheat.
4 / 5 Nellie
Easy to use... Work really fast and can conect with anything ..It likes him the printer webb cam
that surprised ossia computer like this small ...When I mandate thinks them the era really take impress
5 / 5 Jillian
Ossia exactly that looked for like the server of means comunicacionales. This car is a lot compresses a map of exposure is wonderful. It is material fact of quality and a lot easily dipped up. To good sure would recommend this pc.

Top Customer Reviews: Beelink U55 Mini PC ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 23 ratings
4 / 5 Allene
Power effective, so only eats roughly 8 watts or less when idling.
Usually around 12 - 17 low watts normal use while powering an outside control which takes roughly 5 watts for this a unit so only draws down 10 w! -- Tried with my metre partorisca be able to.

I use his USB 2.0 port to resupply has beaten to the 15.6 thumb 4k portable monitor with a short HDMI the boss has comprised of this mini PC and is the a lot of compact setup partorisca my mini-studio, see a loaded unboxing video.
Is not a computer a fast plus I own this in spite of to to the daily tasks like to them explore the web and the video streaming is well.
Can see when be used like the centre of means comunicacionales of the house for behind the 4k TV.
Am considering doing it the PC consecrated partorisca my Lives of Amazon streaming with two logitech webcam.

A defender comes on in any one classifies of load, and a noise is noticeable but acceptable.
In some initial windows 10 pro setup, a CPU the consumption is in 100, doing it slow to anything more, but after a setup is finalised with all the windows patches current, is behind the normal.
4 / 5 Tawanda
Is that it reads that right. This little sub $ 300 mini pc careers Mac. You will owe that a bit do for the take place on (any partorisca beginners) but can do it. There is drives on some German website that can use you, so only google the.

In all the chance, on to a mini PC he. Partorisca Something in this row of prize, is excellent. I have it hooked until mine 55” 4K television and have any @subject anything. It has taken the wireless keyboard with the trackpad and when remained with a mini PC, has a theatre of perfect house setup.

1080p+ Video of touch of Youtube smoothly and really have any complaint. You listened it can add the heatsink to a CPU if the temperature is a subject , but like this far has not had any subjects with heat. Obviously this is not the gaming car but partorisca the computer of theatre of the house or the PC of office partorisca light duty, really takes a do one well.
5 / 5 Tatum
Was pleasantly has surprised these few careers of boxes win 10 without the hitch. Partorisca Step of word and other local tasks, this computer is very sufficient. I streamed to 90 film of min. Of Youtube/of Youtube without @@subject.

A question was with investigation of internet. Investigations of investigation and general internet of Youtube/of Youtube was quite slow if by means of ethernet or Wi-Fi. I imagine that the container of internet of big speed that have probably would help a speed of internet of this computer. But, it is limited on speed, in general, besides fulfilled local. Another that a speed of connection, has done amiably!

Recommends this little computer needs something small for travesía or to save spatial and/or calm mostly use the computer for localized to the tasks likes him to him the step of word. I imagine it it could be the very good option when connected to the projector (e.g. For the venue PowerPoint presentation or presentation of local video.)

But has not been for me. I require something concealed leaves the fastest connection.
4 / 5 Diamond
This mini PC is quite a little marvel! It is súper compresses to weigh in in 9.2 ounces with Dimensions of x x thumbs. It can be returned in your hand! I have bought this for use of daily computer for house and work, no like this he gaming the computer and is doing that it surprises the paralizaciones are feigned purpose . They are not a lot of technology savvy but this is coming with Windows 10 Professionals preinstalled and with which hooking a mini pc until the portable monitor found it easy to install.

A ram is 8GB DDR3L
Hard Drive128 GB SSD
Processor: Intel core i3-5005Or
Operating system: Windows 10 Pro 64 bit pre-installed
the Expandable memory maintains

was pleased also for all some available ports in this mini pc. You can hook on until 2 monitors immediately want to .
2 HDMI Port
1 Type-C Port
2 USB 3.0 Port
2 USB 2.0 Port
1 RJ45 Port
1 Audio Jack (HP&MIC)
1 micro SD space of Paper

You also can locate this mini pc to a backside of your screen of the monitor or the TV so much is totally out of view.

In general does not have any complaint in this mini PC! The law adds like a daily computer and I can also common netflix and video of amazon. To good sure pleased with this find!
5 / 5 Yan
Possesses previously he Beelink Celeron mini pc (this has finalised to give to the family in need), and although extracted really well in of the daily random tasks and consumption of means comunicacionales, there is still to plot to be wished for when it comes to some to the tasks concretise likes him to them encode clips of short video or exporting photo. Although a Intel i3 and Intel GPU can not be a better for these tasks, is the committed in of the terms of sides. Of these tasks are done in of the scarce occasions, this Beelink U55 is the good option to continuation these chances of use.

A container was the little big that has expected. It is two times a measure of a Celeron version. Apparently, a U55 is to bend a measure of a Celeron version to comprise the defender to cool, which felt like i3 cpu is more powerful that a Celeron. Inside a box comprises a mini pc, adapter to be able to, 1 longitude and 1 short HDMI bosses, VESA highland adapter, and manual of user. I have bought a 8GB/128GB variant. A PC look very solid. A chance is very a lot aired to the swipe was hot . It is very light and can be easily spent in the small stock exchange.

A setup is a lot quickly and easy. It comes pre-installed with Windows 10 House (a $ 100+ value for free). The connectivity of coverage has seen WiFi is very stable. I have downloaded LibreOffice (a continuazione of free office), and this thing is ready for daily productivity in just 15 minutes. But of course, downloading some updates of the windows later have taken around other 15 minutes. Although a Windows 10 House with the continuazione of free office are already adds, has loved the most robust operating system, as I have decided to install Mint of Linux.

Configuring a sequence of boot in a BIOS is sincere and was able to run a Mint of Linux installs of the USB flashes walk. Calm also can choose a device to kick to press F7. A system is quickly, and a Linux installs has been done in just the pocolos small. All a hardware has been relieved of a Linux installs. My peripherals and the accessories of PC have connected well (auricular, speakers, keyboard, smile, printer, external walks). It was impressed like this how was able to take this configured, on and that careers in the very small quantity of time. Ossia Prime minister of mine Intel i3 cpu, and was the little skeptical reason the majority of mine PCs any one has 6 or 8 cores with big CPU speeds, but this dual core/4 edge cpu is not bad at all, although it would not recommend this for PC gaming at all. For general productivity, this are adds.

In general, ossia the PC add and fast for a prize and factor of form. It has taken mine partorisca around $ 290. Please video of clock for mine setup. If you are looking for the Mini PC for your day the productivity of day, this PC is an excellent option .
4 / 5 Karine
Says like this punctual as so only am giving these 4 stars because of a difficulty have had with some initial setup. Some walks of calm unit by means of some premiers pocolos a lot, comprising wifi setup, preferences of keyboard, etc and then calm tip for your account of Microsoft login. Ossia Where my unit there is hanged repeatedly. Simply it could not take spent to to this step likes him to him the unit has churned was until the unplugged after more than 30 minutes. I have had the pair of the starts more fails with a subject same and finally decided to skip that leaves of a setup, that says that a do one off-line. This has done a trick and mine setup has been completed shortly after.

Once has taken past mine initial frustration with a sutup, has found the competent little car that all that one of mine portable main or desktops can do. Hooked The wifi, some speeds of fast of look of download and the big same resolution the video comes by means of with the minimum of subjects. I love a fact that has 2 HDMI ports, and comprises two bosses, and qualities of his of the east so only which expect of my TV.

Finally, a Beelink U55 is surprisingly tiny. He tucks in legislation under my television and calm would not know never is there. In general, I think that that ossia for the win.
4 / 5 Ebonie
Ossia The small computer adds ! Utilisation this like the computer/of work of the half comunicacionales hooked until my TV in my cochera. Ossia Quickly of abundance to kick and doing in general. It does not have any paper of elegant map like calm would not want to use this for gaming but do very good to look video or exploring on-line (I use he mostly to look Youtube tutorials eats to do projects in my cochera).

Ossia Easy to setup and comes with the yes calm mountain wants to locate on something. This does well with dual monitors also.
4 / 5 Glory
Has ordered this with an intention to create the Linux-canal of the emulation based with a car.

To start with, are a L technician and has been building computer for at least a past ten years now. They are a lot technically savvy with computer so that the wise hardware and the wise software.

TLDR: This computer is fantastic in all the considerations without committed.

To start with, has left habladuría in a packaging. A packaging was astonishingly clean quality and felt to open. After opening a box, has a PC (which is roughly in a measure of the box of square cloth) and in the, the big quantity of accesorias. This comprises a HDMI boss, a boss to be able to, and create the USB-C boss. Calm also take group and rays of trace under a PC (which have not used but Is handy to have in chance perhaps!)

One first what that has done when I turned it on was immediately install Batocera. Without accidents can say that this was incredibly easy and quickly. It covers so only in your clave of USB and install it.

There is remarked that a SSD was a lot of snappy. His to good sure very economic is gone in a SSD likes read and writes very fast.

Once all was setup, has tried several emulators inside Batocera.

Has run almost everything perfectly. There it is stuttering initially with Gamecube the games but ossia so only some hides of textures to build up. After, each game has launched has run to all the speed. Gamecube, PS1, PSP, And everything down that. For a paid of prize, is the no brainer. It is like this more powerful that any Raspberry Pi can buy you and to good sure has fallen a butt of any of a Celeron and Atom mini PCs available on Amazon.

While we are speaking roughly action, has left habladuría in a physical computer he. Has tonnes of ME, two USBs in a front, the key of big power (with the brilliant FOCUSED that it appreciates!), USB-C... A lot especially, there is two HDMIs in a backside, leaving walks multiple monitors. I am using so only one of them for mine 4k TV. To good sure will be the backup adds like the computer to do when necessary. A chance, while plastic, feels very first. Calm as soon as I can listen it, especially when you are touching something in yours monitors/TVs.

Without the doubt, yes purchase this mini PC, will be happy. A container, an action, an I, a physical device he, is all the very good fact and clearly has drawn attentively. Highly it recommends this Mini PC to Any with the interest of no.
4 / 5 Vernita
I small computers are able of big-accelerate streaming, giving you the best-in-class television experience with some-the-Quality of picture of the life, which can be used like the centre of means comunicacionales to enjoy TVs shows or games. Power to monitors, projectors, and mobile devices, HAS fresh way for a car.
5 / 5 Annita
The prime minister to the left say to think that is the quota nifty powerful little PC but, as he techie person, are the little concerned in an overheating of processor. Has the interior of partidário small can listen revving on slope of the sure processes but has no overheated or taken extremely hot. It is not fact partorisca to to the big processes like to them the video that modifies or that touches the map of big resource that eats games. You shoe quickly. There is an option in a BIOS for fast kick which is turned has gone by incumplimiento. I seat a system has fallen enough quickly without that has to that turn on.

With which first bounces/logging has run to the little question. One has begun it malicious scan which was odd and has informed 2 subjects. Solved a question but, after all has run a defender of windows and found any malware. I have built NUMEROUS PC is installed as well as it is. Have Never fulfilling or find one @subjects like this the first boot. I am not saying a manu/devs/technologies something. So only I am explaining my experience with this product. I reinstalled one YOU and has run to a subject of audio. The short long history partorisca east. If run to a question, looks for Beelink U55 engine of the audio and you would have to that find pocolos places. It has taken my engine of the Beelink forum. Read the small to find one links for a file of zip. With which I installed and has update everything, perfects. I have run my own small tests and like this far like this good. Any lag, hiccups or accidents.

In general thinks that ossia the PC well for any one looking for something simple and quickly concealed does not use the computer that often or using likes the player of entertainment. Petit And powerful little box. It is in a measure of a Roku Ultra and the chairs perfect in an office afterwards to a monitor. Only desire a headphone jack has been situated in a backside yes is so only able to have a headphone jack. This was the present for any and am impressed with him and for a prize. For i3 looked in the systems that cost on $ 430 which is odd for an older processor but anything until I have found this mini is. They are happy has done.
5 / 5 Lani
This computer paired with the 24' Viewsonic the monitor has substituted my mamma' 7 year all-in-a computer of Windows. Setup Was easy and careers Win10 well. My mamma has need of basic computer - surfing, email, compraventa, and an occasional Word doc. These works of good computer partorisca that and is the enormous improvement in an old system. It would owe that have quite a lot of resorted partorisca last another 6 or 7 years!
5 / 5 Jovita
- Has arrived quickly
- all
- fast mini the computer excepts the map is quell'has bitten slow
- careers of partidário often but is not too strong
- windows 10 pro pursues a lot of (but that the internet has to that be was partorisca initial setup partorisca do!)
- 512GB The version is now available (I probably would have bought that a there is had I known
partorisca have more spatial that expansion
4 / 5 Beatriz
This pc is the must has partorisca television partorisca big screen. Precise wireless mouse and wireless keyboard partorisca turn your mini pc the Big resolution 4k TV-moniter. Have steamed Little 4K video any question like this far. I so only that careers 1080p partorisca one the majority of time. I am taking fast internet speedwith ethernet the port has compared to the mine portable when joined for ethernet boss. Windows 10 pro boots less than 20 dry after your key of power of the press, thanks to 8gb ram and solid of state walk.

So only drawback that it thinks of this that some noise (kinda sound of partidário) time partorisca time. I guess it is his of the processor or the defender when poden of main past is required especially when you touch games.

In general, ossia my prime minister Mini PC (with which 2 desk and 8 laptops the) as far it fulfils my expectations.
5 / 5 Donita
So that far it has been it full stop partorisca the 'theatre of house' pc !, I can do all my work with the BT kb and tampon of clue , and , GAME with youtube, google music, film, etc with the mini pc stashed out of a way !, 5+ stars.
5 / 5 Benita
In spite of active expósito malware and register modified partorisca disable centre of security on first bounces/'cleaned install' is the quite good mini pc like this far lol. Highly it would recommend to install the legit windows of copies 10 although. There is the bios, thinks that is F2 or F12. Good regime
5 / 5 Lili
Obviously will not run Called to Owe in 200fps using this mini PC but ossia perfect for daily web-surfing and streaming. I have used this to explore an internet and common Netflix to the mine television and is honradamente a perfect device for him.
5 / 5 Jeanett
This processor of core is quality adds and the law adds! I want that it is intel. Also it comes with it stirs it of accessories.
5 / 5 Terry
Has bought this specifically reason said it would kick when connected to be able to. Any one only is that the option that loses in BIOS, looks in fact has uploaded this with a copy evaluadora of a BIOS program.
4 / 5 Violet
A factor of small form and an action of a device, this device was smaller, lighter, and faster that has expected. It was very surprised reason quickly an action was. An only thing has done really in a device is to download some updates and some webinars and calls of zoom. Some updates of windows were like this fast and the majority of a time is like this slow. Like this far love these devices, to good sure would buy more when it has required.
5 / 5 Karey
Wow, Quite fast! Quality of good picture, lustrous creation, the small measure packs the punch.
5 / 5 Laureen
Bought this partorisca substitute the laptop I repurposed partorisca use in of the general tasks (p. p.ej. Word, quell'internet that explores, etc) that some girls and the woman used and is state to add thus purpose. A lot compact, bounces water partorisca stairs.
4 / 5 Ludivina
Little has bitten expensive and does not have the good organism!
5 / 5 Val
Difficult to setup. The windows no records . SSD Has failed with which 2 months. It has to that reflash SSD.....

Top Customer Reviews: Beelink U55 Mini PC ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 42 ratings
5 / 5
The cost has verified Early Reviewer Rewards (That is this ? ) It has run I add partorisca of the money, I kings-imaged he with centos7 + openpbx partorisca the system of telephone of my office. Perhaps so only it take the uselessness, but when I have wanted to add another 7200 rpm 2.5' HDD does not recognise it , has tried several different walks, has taken a tape of a sata+pwr boss to see yes perhaps a subject was a boss he, nope, a port or the controller was bad, felizmente the amazon took it behind. If it plan on developing a storage later, sure mark to try it calm as soon as I take it like this calm is not stuck with the PC that has had so only 1 working M2 space.
4 / 5
The cost has verified Early Reviewer Rewards (That is this ? ) Has abundance of storage with the 256gb hard walk and 8gb RAM. Extracted well while it calms is not multitasking with the program of dozen partorisca run.
5 / 5
The cost has verified Early Reviewer Rewards (That is this ? ) A unit has been received in the timely way. Setup Was very simple and sincere same with the wireless Logitech keyboard with an integrated touchpad. So only be sure partorisca verify for updates of first Windows to try to install any software. I take almost an hour to install all some updates, but a unit has done without issuing of then. I am using this mini PC as the server of means comunicacionales and has treated perfectly.
4 / 5
The cost has verified Early Reviewer Rewards (That is this ? ) The law adds so that I need. Use in acting to run PowerPoint presentations in the television to resupply information of company.
4 / 5
The cost has verified Early Reviewer Rewards (That is this ? ) I love This Mini PC, He All Require it partorisca Do. Justo Of the that Expects it partorisca Touch Graphic Games Fini Grandi. This Mini PC Is Petit And Compact, A Built in the defender Is A lot Calm. OSSIA One Everywhere good Mini PC, am Very Satisfied.
5 / 5
The cost has verified Early Reviewer Rewards (That is this ? ) This PC extracted enough a lot considering is measure and cost . SSD The really done walk the difference, the selection adds of imputs also.
5 / 5
Laptop Very well without monitor or keyboard. Has room partorisca SATA the walk adds on.

Own partorisca produced of Office or partorisca use like the player of means comunicacionales. Fast kicking and programs it that it uploads. Abundance of action partorisca the web that explores. No own partorisca maps of intense games.

Will be partorisca substitute an older desktop computer . They are after one spatial and saving of energy. It does not touch of the video games, how is well. Also he remotely, Windows like this needs Pro.

Is all plastic, but apt and the arrival is excellent. I appreciate that it comes with the short and the longitude HDMI boss. Nizza Calms trace in a backside of the monitor.

I suspect some business travellers will burst in the chance and discharges he to the TV of hotel. It is very light and has spatial partorisca the second walk needs a storage. I have installed the 2 TB walk in the pocolos small. Calm so only need the small Phillips screwdriver.

Looks partorisca have the microphone partorisca Curtain, but has turned was during setup.

A version of the precise windows the plot of updates. It has taken more than an hour partorisca download and install them. It has taken several reboots, and the diverse manual restarts of Update of Windows. This is in fact state faster of some desktop computers has built.
5 / 5
So only dipped this on and like this far am very impressed. I will be partorisca use the mainly partorisca videoconferencing has connected to the TV of big screen.

A unit is extremely compact but has abundance of ports partorisca USB, Ethernet, video, etc. WiFi has built also in. I am using with the Logitech smiled and wireless keyboard.

Setup Was smooth and easy. It wins 10 Pro has very shot up and any subject with config. First what was partorisca install bitdefender and run the full scanner. Any subject has found.

Has taken the moment partorisca download and install everything of some updates of Windows. More than entity, has applied without subjects.

Thinks a big plus 512gb has done and 8gb the memory is a lot of value a small additional cost.

I doubt ossia the gaming car and has not tried. Partorisca Internet, office, etc is ideal. My testing limited with Squads, Skype and the zoom has all run perfectly. I can not speak the longevity but will update this description has to that find any questions.

Again, very impressed. A flash the available price has included better. Then again, my PC of the prime minister there has been the flexible walk so only, 128k of RAM, any hdd, and side around $ 2 glorious without the monitor. For real we live in an age where the magic is resulted a norm .
5 / 5
Has chosen this until Assistant partorisca House run and is very partorisca that once is dipped up. This in spite of, running anything another those some Windows have comprised installs is the bit of the ache initially: a HDMI has something the funky that goes in with incumplimiento VGA engine that the cause partorisca cut was - I has has had to that manually specify VGA to way likes kernel option of boot partorisca Debian partorisca avert that short sides until it has taken X installed. (Tried 2 different monitors and the TV, has given finally on and so only prefixed has run start by means of are to prefix spaces until ssh has done.)

Suspicious use an adapter of HDMI the DVI could leave it to do, but has not had an at the same time.

A Port of the exposure has not been outputting at all with basic VGA, but has not tried partorisca the debug he so that it could have been the subject of configuration in my final. I have looked in a BIOS the options but has been cut was :P

But with which is everything dips up is the good headless amd64 alternative to the Raspberry Pi; it does not take warm with minimum load (there is not stressed the he so that it could take warm down uploads). And it can be powered for the PoE splitter of then there is down use to be able to.

Does not expect a emmc flashes partorisca survive for too much long, but hopefully will take the few years out of him. Behind on often and avert the big to write load.

Likes gives 5 stars but a HDMI the thing so only quite nettled when remained with emmc storage.
5 / 5
Use for streaming services, video of Amazon, Netflix, adds. Any complaint.

Has had for just the year now and still is running adds.
4 / 5
Orders this unit to substitute old Point of sale in my restaurant. Of then we are in common software of base of the cloud. Everything requires is google chrome. This unit has more than enough can and save spatial. We will order more it has required it . Recommended.
5 / 5
All the computer regulates can do without an enormous tower. I have included taken he to do home easily when I need to.
4 / 5
Has bought a lot mini PCs, ossia the fast a, there is HDMI USB and connection of Ethernet that is enough for use familiarised. Also a storage and the measure by heart is enough for Windows 10 if it do not touch very big 3D games. A mini PC is more flexible that the box of television especially when has some knowledges of computers.
5 / 5
Am using this to do fine mesos comunicacionales and video streaming with the 12 old year HDMI television that the still work adds. He that does well, but has some subjects. He a lot always bounces or has closed down cleanly. Also sometimes it freezes in startup. The law adds, while I do not close it down. Somehow, it does not think that it is a response . Still doing on that. More later yes and when I imagine it era.
5 / 5
A unit has been received in the timely way. Setup Was very simple and sincere same with the wireless Logitech keyboard with an integrated touchpad. So only be sure to verify for updates of first Windows to try to install any software. I took almost an hour to install all some updates, but a unit has done without issuing of then. I am using this mini PC as the server of means comunicacionales and has treated perfectly.
4 / 5
This Beelink mini PC am extracted well for the $ 100 low profile mini PC. But this Beelink mini PC of my experience failed on a second day to use with which 20 minutes of use. For only the total of 40 minutes of use entirely. After trying a PC on day an and beginning use on day two. A mini PC has the questions of one take-go, freezing and that clash with only 15 seconds of use. Finally closing he and his cycle of boot and not accessing Windows 10 anymore. Sadly A window of turn has closed. When be busy distracted me daily to return mine beelink mini PC. It looks he taste am stuck now simply with the paperweight. It classifies of stings to think roughly that. If so only my experience could have been better with mine Beelink mini PC and with a Beelink frames. It could feel more comfortable recommending this mini PC as the very mini PC to be economic with the treat well on hardware and components.
4 / 5
This Beelink mini PC am extracted well partorisca the $ 100 low profile mini PC. But this Beelink mini PC of my experience failed on a second day to use with which 20 minutes of use. For only the total of 40 minutes of use entirely. After trying a PC on day an and beginning use on day two. A mini PC has the questions of one take-go, freezing and that clash with only 15 seconds of use. Finally closing he and his cycle of boot and not accessing Windows 10 anymore. Sadly A window of turn has closed. When be busy distracted me daily to return mine beelink mini PC. It looks he taste am stuck now simply with the paperweight. It classifies of stings to think roughly that. If so only my experience could have been better with mine Beelink mini PC and with a Beelink frames. It could feel more comfortable recommending this mini PC as the very mini PC to be economic with the treat well on hardware and components.
5 / 5
A lot can in the little box. Windows 10 Pro too much.
4 / 5
Want This Mini PC, He All Require it to Do. So only Of the that Expects it to Touch Graphic Games Fini Grandi. This Mini PC Is Petit And Compact, A Built in the defender Is Very Calm. OSSIA One Everywhere good Mini PC, am Very Satisfied.
4 / 5
HAS abundance of storage with the 256gb hard walk and 8gb RAM. Extracted well while it calms is not multitasking with the program of dozen to run.
5 / 5
The work adds so that I need. Use in acting to run PowerPoint presentations in the television to resupply information of company.
5 / 5
Ossia The like this a lot of pc ,short win10 a lot well. I connect it to the mine television to look the on-line shows,the speed is quickly.
4 / 5
For incumplimiento looks for to go to sleep with which 10 minutes, but there looks to be the question of software to the equal that in firm down entirely instead.

Priority 1 with which shabby: Tour of some function of Windows of automatic Sleep totally. Now that I that, the mine is to be doing perfectly for weeks.
5 / 5
1. The window say to create the pin, but never left to.
2. The computer can not kick the window with which 1 day and prejudices while, stay in 'so only the moment', and multiple reboot.
3. Manuel is useless.
4. Any support.
5 / 5
Is very small,he workmanship is a lot well, a material is well, requires a lot the few lines, easily can spends to several places,taste of a lot.
4 / 5
Produced excellent, any noise, fast and a consolation of 2 HDMI ports for 2 monitors.
4 / 5
With which so only 6 month partorisca run a defender now is doing a lot of noise. Any support of a costruttore partorisca substitute a defender. A lot disappointed.
5 / 5
Loves this unit. I upgraded a memory and installed the 2tb HD together with a 128g SSD. Still with a upgrades still much more economic that the big plus systen
is running like the charm. Amur A compact measure. Using he for pupil with all the classes that is on-line.
4 / 5
Excellent silent car - rival to accelerate more mini turns - robust streaming etc
5 / 5
Utmost few pc for work or web to house that explores. With windows 10 pro has bought 6 for my work and any question still. You pursue dual monitors with 2 HDMI is exited.
5 / 5
A lot well agrande the memory with a hard Box of a laptop
4 / 5
This PC extracted enough a lot considering is measure and cost . SSD The really done walk the difference, the selection adds of imputs also.
4 / 5
Adds the HHD 1T bite.... To spare storage for a half user.
4 / 5
The only question has had has taken to a bios. Has found video on Youtube this has solved a subject. ESC=setup. F7=BootMenu.
5 / 5
It has not fallen on when entrance 259g ssd is semi-detached
5 / 5
Beelink U55 Mini PC Windows10 Pro, Intel Core i3-5005Or Processor 8GB/256GB M.2 SSD. A product has done well partorisca the few days and he then result faulty. It would not kick anymore. I have done already the question partorisca substitution of Services of Client of the Amazon and now are while.
Salim Ahmad
12 Jan 2020
5 / 5
the cars have come with Spyware / Malware precargados.
The cars have seated partorisca 72 hours in some isolated means (of a coverage) doing updates of only windows. Both have gone back with subjects. 1st car there has been two different questions. 2nd car clashed in bios. It has not annoyed with one 3rd and 4th.

Has Very bought these mini computers before and a challenge is that it manufactures transmission of week the week.
This particular mark there is really be a lot of specs. 256 SSD, dual HDMI Monitors, etc. have bought like this FOUR of them And in the have the system partorisca dip them up. Partorisca 72 hours, rests partorisca run and so only do updates of windows. We do not dip him on a coverage or install software. Updates of just windows.

Before it processes quite right.

With which 72 hours, a car has gone back with two serious malware and spyware threats. Another car clashed and is not exited never of a screen of logo. This, with which at all more updates of windows in some isolated means where an only source partorisca east was that it has come with a car.
Not annoying with another two reason, frankly, can not resupply a rescue ware the attack imagines was afterwards.
4 / 5
Has purchased to 128 action ssd/8 memory of version of action of a U55 the month or like this behind. I originally feigned to use a unit like the BOSSES-X controllers of knot for the Yaesu irradiate of ham -- as thus purpose a U55 returns a bill. A question comes when trying upgrade a unit M.2 walk to the main capacity. I have tried an aforesaid reason has thought that that it could use a U55 for the others to things likes them to them the program of light computer. I have purchased to 500 Crucial action MX500 M.2 SATA Stroll how was cloned felizmente and installed to a system. But to try to kick on a U55 with a new walk he so only closed up. Not even it could access a BIOS in a car. I have tried disconnecting a CMOS battery in a unit to reset a BIOS -- concealed has not done also. To the mine dismays there is little or any support in a BEELINK put in of the terms to direct one @subjects that was having with a unit. Finally a BIOS is enclosed leaving calm with a lot of few options for transmissions of configuration. It would suggest that you are looking for the mini sized PC of factor of the form for serious work with some good options to upgrade -- look elsewhere.
4 / 5
@Subject That writes found this after 6 month of use. SSD Storage (512GB) finally broken and result Read So only. They are almost he has spent a week to find it was, of then initially was preformed eats Windows 10 @@subject with which Update of November. Some files of result of system ReadOnly and during the windows update these files have not been substituted. Like Blue Dead person that takes resulted with which 10-15 minutes of working and Windows that tries to finalise update each kicking and restore all the old settings and files. Included it could a lot of king-install a system of scratch. It looks SSD the paper has been bought of economic/bad vendor. I have not used this PC intensively, likes 6 month to be broken is period very short for HD.
5 / 5
Has run adds for a money, I king-imaged he with centos7 + openpbx for the system of telephone of my office. Perhaps so only it has taken to uselessness, but when I have loved to add another 7200 rpm 2.5' HDD did not recognise it, has tried several different walks, has taken a tape of a sata+pwr boss to see yes perhaps a subject was a boss he, nope, a port or the controller was bad, felizmente to the amazon took it behind. If it plan on developing a storage later, sure mark to try it calm as soon as I take it like this calm is not stuck with the PC that has had so only 1 working M2 space.
4 / 5
Looked in the mini pc to substitute a PC of old clave. Shopped For the month, looking in specs, measure, name, cost. Solved in a U55 i3 with the 512g ssd. A bit pricy but has had a lot of specs. It has not taken never the screen of windows. So only he beelink screen of logo and the circle to turn deep down. 4 hours later, what same, to the left has run at night, finally the different screen, to the reset has required, reparation of window, free personal files (had any). WELL Reset, behind to turn circle other 2 hours. Two days- has turned the element was returned.
4 / 5
Love his compact measure. It was absolutely the question solver for my old computer! Easy to install.

Top Customer Reviews: Mini PC, Beelink ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5 Ona
First day of the use and I like already. Near easy on and running in pocolos small. Any @@subject at all. It could listen a defender has blown air in big speed occasionally but the noise of defender is insignificant. It is packed in the small chance. I am surprised that my old bulky CPU looks gigantic monster. I built it 10 years ago and his hard walk so only is almost a same measure to this U57.
5 / 5 Nina
Exceptional little computer. Not even have it approached to take has heated on. Utilisation likes him the centre of means comunicacionales to touch .mkv HD The files and is flawless. A software I own games Dolby Atmos and another HD formed of audio. This device has an action to treat amiably for my use.

Top Customer Reviews: Beelink U57 Mini PC ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
4 / 5 Amee
The averages he the year, has purchased a Beelink Gemini X55 partorisca use like the mini do fault partorisca a room familiarised after active valued the handful of Mini PCs of costruttrici different, comprising Awow (AK34), AcePC, Minix, and Lenovo. His purpose was partorisca have the relatively economic computer partorisca video of television conferencing, the web that explores, and some rudimentary work of a couch. Little we know that so only the months of pair later, a COVID-19 pandemic there is spoilt a World, and our family has been forced partorisca do and studio of house. A Mini PC is result very lovely to remain touch with friends, family, professors, and occasionally, coworkers. Early it is clear result that although a Gemini X55 Intel Pentium J5005 the brain there was do fault my original aims exactly like this feigned, was the bit dulcemente partorisca simultaneous video conferencing and level of server workloads. Three weeks ago, there is remarked that Beelink has released a U57 model, an update his Intel Core i3 (5005Or) has based U55, but this time, houses a quickly more Intel Core i5 (5257Or).

In this description, will compare both Beelink models, resupply the point underlined in rodeo of differences among Windows 10 Pro and editions of House, and share my experience that installs Server of Windows 2016 Level.

A Beelink U57 Mini PC with his dual core, Intel Core i5 5257Or processor (CPU) is the good improvement in a Beelink X55. Although a U57 CPU has been released three first years of a quad core, Pentium J5005 that a X55 is based on, has seen the roughly 36 global speed improvement for an extra $ 50. Both computers have a same quantity (but any one some same speeds) by heart and SSD storage (plus 2 ways to develop), dual-band WiFi, Gigabit Ethernet, and dual HDMI start. This in spite of, although a X55 supports 4K TV, a U57 only trace to 2560×1600 (WQXGA).

A new plus U57 is touted like the computer of patronato, and in fact, appropriately is coming with Windows 10 Pro installed (X55 Windows of hosts 10 House). There are differences of entities among both versions of Windows, and that to use will depend in that yours needs is. Beelink Also offers instructions on like this to upload Ubuntu Linux in any diagram, helping to further develop some stages like this mini PCs could be has used stops. Physically, both models look professional and is virtually identical except a U57 is added USB-C port in a front.

Server of Windows 2016 Level has course a lot well in a U57, leaving my familiar and I to use a computer for each of ours has feigned purpose, this in spite of with some limitations of entities and caveats on consumer and professional experiences. For my purposes, security and fines-user multitasking (running multiple applications a same time) was quite of entity the forego some of some abonos, consumer-characteristic friendly that Windows 10 offered instead.

In general, an inclusion of the pricier Windows 10 Pro, 36 global CPU increase of speed, step of better map, and the quickly more SSD hard walk, marks a U57 a lot of value an extra $ 50 commission in a X55. For far, leaves my prime minister mini PC, Awow AK34, in a powder, and done a Beelink U57 my new, preferred mini computer partorisca low $ 400.

A brain of this Mini PC is a Intel Core i5 5257Or the processor based in a Broadwell creation (probably an inspiration for a product is 'U57' appointing).

A CPU, a 'brain' of the computer, is a piece of entity the gauge action. It is responsible to accuse all some instructions and general calculations to spend was all an electronic device can do. A fast plus can he 'think', some things some fast plus will take done. Intel Celeron Mark always had been associated with computer of low end, Pentium likes the main action, and Atom for low-can, down-cost devices like this of the pills. A serious of the core is considered an upper-of-the-line and figure of a i3, i5, i7, and i9 models, respectively going besides down to the main action.

In my description of a Beelink Gemini X55, has been surprised to find that a X55 Pentium J5005 CPU in fact treated roughly more 10 fast that the Core i3-based Mini PC had looked in. This in spite of, was happy to find that a Beelink U57 is roughly more 36 fast by means of a neighbour when compared to a X55.

A X55 J5005 CPU, released in 2018, costs $ 161, on means a prize of a U57 5257Or this is to be do available three early years more. For this reason, a new more U57 PC so only sustains an old plus DDR3 writes by heart (the X55 uses a speedier DDR4), but frames up for him for of support Hyper-Threading — a Intel technology that leaves to the processor so only to the law likes two has separated some — to reduce accusing time by means of simultaneous calculations. It thinks two brains that the together law in place of one.

Where A new U57 outshines a X55 is his Intel Iris 6100 maps that accuses unit (GPU). A GPU is responsible to accuse that it is showed to a screen, comprising 3D games. Beelink U57, Although older, can touch play and exposure 3D maps like this like this almost more 300 fast that some last Intel UHD 605 GPU. In a chance, has achieved included 400 improvement! Power of crew 2 (2017) has treated the little on 2x quickly that a UHD 605.

So much, that all this bad? A Beelink U57, although it uses the oldest technology, is faster in almost each way partorisca fine-tasking and gaming. One would have to that remark that one 13' MacBook Pro (2015, Model: soyacBookPro12,1') uses a same Core i5 processor.

- CPU: Intel Core i5 5257Or (until 3.1 GHz), 3 hide of MB
-- action of Excellent computing with the good action-to-value of prize
--- Dual core and Hyper-Threading enables better fine-tasking (capacity to run multiple applications immediately)
--- Roughly more 36 fast that Beelink X55 global
-- Fully able to explore an internet, Office of Microsoft of the use, film of clock, some the light photo that modifies, and games to touch older
--- VM: you Pursue the 3GB RAM, dual core, Windows 10 Pro inner VMware Workstation Pro 15.5 very a lot
--- Plex Server of Half comunicacionales able with full transcoding
--- Netflix, Youtube, Google Chrome the web that explores all has run a same time and has treated perfectly
-- to to processor Still likes 13' MacBook Pro (2015)
- of prize VERY A lot of ($ 370 at the same time of this writing) for the low-profile Mini PC whose CPU costs $ 315
- Storage: Generic 256GB M.2 2280 SSD Walk, faster that X55 mSATA (Sees section of TIPS for more than info in SSD walks)
-- Supports until 1TB
- options of expansion of the Storage
-- 2.5' SATA (until 2TB). The boss has comprised inside a Mini the frame of PC
-- microSD paper (until 128 GB)
--- Remark that microSD is a lot slow and no like this of confidence like SSD walks
--- I strongly recommend Sandisk or Kingston Papers for better reliability
- RAM: 8 GB of DDR3L memory (8 GB max)
- GPU: Intel Iris Grafica 6100 offered excellent action for the oldest games
-- At least 2x quickly that Beelink X55 Intel UHD 605 GPU
- Compact and portable the in 4.9' x 4.4' x 1.7' (X55 is 4.5' x 4' x 1.7')
-- VESA the mountain and the rays are comprised like this PC CAN BE ATTACHED for behind the monitor
-- the Excellent option for television video has based conferencing when used with the webcam, comprising Skype, Squads, Zoom, WebEx, GotoMeeting, Messenger of Facebook
- Networking
-- WiFi: Dual-sell (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz), a/b/g/n/ac
--- 2.4 GHz is older, but is more compatible and can operate in general distance
--- 5 GHz is newer and faster, but has the most limited coverage zone
--- Chipset: Intel AC3165
-- Wired: Gigabit Ethernet for a lot quickly, the scrolling of coverage wired
--- Chipset: Realtek
- Bluetooth 4.2, leaving an use of Bluetooth keyboards, smiles, and auricular (X55 uses BT 4.0)
- 5x ports of USB
-- Front: 1x USB-C, 2x USB 3.0
-- Rear: 2x USB 2.0
-- Connect printers, the exposure of USB, keyboard, scanner, external hard walk (so as 8 TB)
- 2x HDMI 1.4 put you, leaving 2 exposures to be used (ossia 2 monitors)
-- “3K” video (2560×1600 WQXGA) has touched perfectly with just the breaking like this of initial startup delay
-- 2x HDMI the bosses comprised (40' and 8')
-- Can be connected in any HDMI device, like the television or projector
--- If a TV does not sustain HDMI but there is VGA, could purchase the HDMI-to-VGA boss
- operation Quite calm ( can listen one transfers of defender on time in when, this in spite of)
- Windows 10 Pro x64 is pre-installed and has actuated. It sees TIPS for more than info
-- did not close down: you can install an operating system of your election, likes Server of Windows 2016 or Linux same
-- No bloatware pre-installed
- the quality of Build is excellent
- TPM 2.0 (Form to Program Trusted) is comprised to leave for encryption and better security
- A lot quickly startup of power of state
- Headphone audio jack
- MASTERS BIOS/UEFI has a lot customizable the options have seen his Aptio setup utility
- the costruttore was responsive in my questions/of surgeries in a product while I have looked for to install Server of Windows 2016
- has guaranteeed: 1 Year

- the stops to that likes the tinker with of his computers, any Window YOU image of the recovery and the engine are available partorisca download in Beelink put web
-- Beelink the support has resupplied the copy when contacted. It sees section of TIPS for more than info
-- Tip: Windows 10 has a built-in capacity the reset of factory in chance your taken corrupt
- does not sustain all the forms of mice of wireless/keyboards well out of a box, and ossia normal for any new Windows 10 configuration, if it is the laptop , pill, or desk PC. It sees section of TIPS for more than info
- RAM (memory) is not upgradeable like this comprised 8 GB is already in max
- Any instruction in one drives has printed on like this to install the 2.5' SSD SATA walk
-- Tip: it Takes some 4 rays in a fund of a frame to develop a mountain for a SATA walk. A boss is attached already and ready to use
- Built-in 256GB M.2 SSD The walk is not of the very known mark. The windows sees likes the generic SSD
- Upper of the frame is not glassy like a Beelink X55, but prefers that it is not

- Battery: the battery of coin is required and already installed to maintain BIOS the alive data


the Wireless keyboards/have smiled
A Mini PC does not sustain all the forms of mice of wireless/keyboards well out of a box, and ossia normal for any new Windows 10 configuration
- Him him the Logitech or smiled of Microsoft of wireless/keyboard, the windows already can know like this to speak to them. Simply it covers in an USB dongle and see if both work. It has relieved my Logitech Bluetooth keyboard without any additional configuration
- He wireless is not relieved, will have to spent in the mouse wired and keyboard to complete an installation of Windows and THEN add the Bluetooth or smiled of USB of wireless/keyboard by means of an application of Settings

Video Conferencing
has dipped on this Mini PC with the Logitech web of USB cam like my family could Skype (or Messenger of Facebook) conference of video with another in the TV of big screen
- Ossia the SWIPE with some young boys and of the grandparents!
- Sure uses the web cam that it can have his enclosed lentil partorisca to daunt reason


SATA SSD Installation
installing an additional 2.5' SATA SSD was hassle-free.
- Pop of some 4 rays found in a fund. Taken of a coverage, ray in a SSD walk to a dish, and connect a comprised SATA boss that is attached already the motherboard
- the windows have recognised my Samsung 256GB SSD (PM841) immediately

Walks of Hard disk (HDD) is devices maquinales whose action was based in mainly a RPM (revolutions by minute) indication. They were generally 5400 or 7200 RPM (and further) — of the big more a number, a fast more the usually would treat. As with anything maquinal, to the pause down over time likes them the age of components.

Flash-The memory has has based Solids of State Walks (SSD) has been presented in @1990s and was VERY EXPENSIVE. SSD The control has promised to physical accident, the fastest action, start to heat lower, and operation more silent. Still to this day, SSDs still cost more than similarly-sized HDDs.

SSD And HDD connects to your computer saws multiple interfaces. Regarding this Mini PC, is concerned so only with a SATA and PCIe some. SATA Can connect two types of walk:

- 2.5' SATA SSD (today used besides portable and desk PCs and is physically main)
- mSATA and M.2 SSD (Typically used in Mini PCs and portable), each one that like this with his own connection that writes

Mini-SATA (mSATA) is older and slower of M.2, And a last also can connect to a new plus, significantly faster PCIe interface (these walks are known like NVMe M.2 SSD). This Mini PC comprises the Sr.2 SSD 2280 walk with the SATA interface.

M.2 SSD 2230, 2242, 2260, 2280? THE BAD ?
- Some premiers two figures correspond to a width of a walk
- Some last two are a period

A M.2 SSD 2280 This 22mm wide and 80mm long. Ossia Of entity to know, especially with Mini PCs where spatial is scarce. If you buy the 2280 walk and a computer so only has room for 2230, calm would not be able to use a forward.

wants to turn a Mini PC to the Coverage Semi-detached Storage, a Beelink the forums there is roughly a lot-for-instructions of any to install Synology DSM. I have not tried this like this already possesses (and recommend) a Netgear ReadyNAS 314.


Windows 10 Pro (64-has bitten) is pre-installed with this Mini PC. For the professional of computer with need more demanding, this are ADDS. This in spite of, more the consumers probably so only would require some less expensive Windows 10 edition of House. That is some differences ? A Professional version:
- Can encrypt half comunicacionales of storage (hard walks) the stops daunt and the better security has seen Windows BitLocker
-- Without encryption, loses or have your Mini PC FLOWN, your data potentially could be compromised
- Can be controlled remotely with Microsoft is built-in Far Desk Protocol (RDP)
-- Windows 10 House still can be controlled with third software of party, like a free TeamViewer or VNC
- does not require the account of Microsoft to finalise Windows setup
-- Windows 10 House has used to easily leave users the skip creation of the Local Account
--- has no obvious way to do like this now, but the windows declares that you could delete an account of Microsoft of a computer after all has been dipped up. It is an additional step has not loved to be forced to take like the professional computer
--- Workaround: disconnect a Mini PC of a coverage during setup, and the windows will not require you to sign in with the account of Microsoft

Like this previously had mentioned, has purchased a Beelink U57 to direct a subject has spent to light for working and schooling of house. Any so only was the action affected for the multiple of members familiarised that use a Mini PC, has required also the sign was any one was at present logged in the Windows. Of then it has used a Mini PC to do some work, has not appreciated a lot when being able to remain connected while my edges have done his Taekwondo virtual classes. Server of Windows 2016, drawn for business use, directs that limitation:
- Leaves 2 competitors of sessions for incumplimientos
-- Windows 10 only leaves for an user to having connected
-- A more the sessions there are, of the slow more the action of a computer will be
--- Beelink U57 better action that a X55 bosses these better
- Better security

Reason the server of Windows are meant for subjects, fault of consumer-characteristic friendly that Windows 10 resupplied, eats:
- Tent of Application of the Microsoft for consumers
- signing in with Earls of Microsoft, which offers account and additional functionality the no available security with the standalone installation of Server of the Windows
- Consumer-has directed-programs and experience of graphic user
- the Better compatibility been due to less than restrictions of security

With cybersecurity the attacks when being the worry , has loved to dry out of some Windows to exist the installation and the place in the fresh copy has configured a way has loved. Ossia A process advanced and NO for an user of random Windows. So many, be careful like the image of the recovery is not available in the web of place of a costruttore at the same time of this writing.

- Note: Windows 10 Pro x64 (Version 1809, Build ) is coming pre-installed
- Right out of a box, the fresh Windows 10 Pro installed perfectly. It has relieved each device and has configured all well after treating the Windows Update
- For the increase of improvements and small action of stability, goes the Intel put web and run his 'Intel that has taken & of Support of the Engine' (DSA)
-- would relieve It a lot outdated engine and offers the upgrade him. Some updates are painless and the reboot can be required
-- With Intel DSA installed, will control for has engine of update and calm of aim for the installation likes has required

- Server of Windows 2016, for incumplimientos, installs like the 'Core' edition without the interface of graphic user. I have opted for one AM YACIDO
-- is installing the edition of Server of Windows, some the following steps will assume that calm already know that it is doing
- the Generic engine has been found for each device, excepts three:
-- 'Controller of Coverage'
-- ''
-- 'device Ignored'
- running 'Intel that has taken & of Support of the Engine' (DSA) of Intel' put web to locate some the missing engine has failed
-- This can be due to Server of Windows 2016 is enhanced security. A fast investigation in a web is not resulted in any solutions
- Missing Engine
-- 'Controller of Coverage'
--- Install 'AC 3165' engine of Intel' put web
--- will remark You that WiFi still no . For incumplimiento, Server 2016 has a 'Wireless LAN Service' any installed
---- Install he by means of the manager of Server >Adds >Functions and Wizard of Characteristic >Characteristics. There are other ways to do is, comprising PowerShell
---- Reboot a Mini PC, then go to Services and enable a 'WLAN AutoConfig' service to dip it to 'Automatic'
---- to the manager of Device would owe that aim 'Intel the Wireless Dual band-AC 3165' working
-- '': Obtained esaltek USB 2.0 Reader of Engine of Paper of Beelink support
-- 'device Ignored'
--- At the same time of this writing, was unable to find an engine for him. Beelink The support had resupplied the container of engine that has not contained the doing a
--- I remarked that Directs of Device that is partorisca 'Intel Wireless Bluetooth'. If you have found a right engine, please left to know in some Commentaries!
- Has Engine of update
-- soyicrosoft Adapter of Basic Exposure': it installs 'Intel Iris Grafica 6100' engine of Intel' put web
-- Bluetooth: it has Obtained engine of Beelink supports that skill 'Intel Wireless Bluetooth' and another Bluetooth devices
- Because Server of Windows 2016 is meant for subjects, has had to modify some Policemen grupal local () to do one EAT user-friendly like possible, comprising:
-- taking rid of Ctrl-Alt-Of the requirement partorisca login
-- leaving any user to close down or reboot a PC
-- take complexity of signal. Of the perspective of security, this would have to that remain only
-- showing images like thumbnails in place of icons
-- Tip: An option of the user of the Transmission has been moved to a Screen of Lock in planting to be available of a Paper to start with
- Ubuntu Linux
-- A Beelink the forums there is roughly a lot-for-instructions of any, but did not try them

A Beelink U57 Mini PC underscored which I originally liked in a Gemini X55: the creation adds, quality of build, and compact measure for significantly less cost that that it could try some parts partorisca for my account. A faster processor, paper of map abler, and speedier SSD the walk combines for the relatively smooth computer that that can be hid inside the drawer or for behind the monitor. Add the Bluetooth smiled and keyboard, and can turn he to the computer familiarised for use in the TV of big screen for video conferencing, work of office, the random web that explores, and included gaming.

Equally like this of entity, was able to turn a U57 to the compact, server of patronato that careers the Windows 10 Pro virtual car, while still leaving a familiar to the the same time of register in the stops scolare. This mini PC Intel Core i5 processor — one same one this is to be use for one 13' MacBook Pro (2015) — is still pertinent side , effective, and the plus-that-adequately good interpreter.

Are very happy with this new model of Beelink in action, prize, and aesthetic, and reason is compact, also can go used with the TV of hotel HDMI port for work of big screen while travelling.
4 / 5 Sylvester
Are an amateur astrophotographer that aversions so much frostbite in a winter and mosquitoes in a summer. Like taste run of my telescopes remotely of inside my house. Taking really complicated to try to control several cameras, mountains, focusers, etc, by means of the bosses that career by means of my gram to the mine portable inside a house. This was the perfect solution . They are trace a mini-pc directly to my main telescope and the use is built in wifi to control he with the Far windows. Works perfectly. Very fast and also could be there with a car (and mosquitoes..). ANY LAG. A built in the storage is more than pertinent to store some pictures am taking and these bad does not have to that time to squander that downloads him by means of the boss along while a system is operating. They take touched directly to a onboard hard walk!
Now that has seen the one who this one can do, will buy at least one or two more for mine other telescopes. I have researched this car and he really is a better that could find so that I have paid for him. Respecto Slightly roughly the when being waterproof and can direct this question I and build some class of the enclosure but ossia a smaller observation so only that would require to direct in this quota little pc! It enjoys!
5 / 5 Tory
+Well has done. A plastic shell is very light, but surprisingly sturdy feeling. I can very really vouch for as internals passage, but to some looks of shell likes them would be of able to resist up against some drops of reasonable distances.

+Fast For the mini PC. I possess diverse mini PC is and ossia, for far, a fast plus of one stirs. Ossia Thanks to a Intel i5 processor, which can achieve speeds of until GHz with a disturb characteristic of impulse. It is much more powerful that a Intel Celeron Apollo Lake, Intel Gemini Lake, and Intel Atom x5 processors.

+Powerful for the mini PC. I outrage a Intel i5 CPU, this mini PC instruments with 8 GB of RAM and he 256 GB M.2 SATA SSD. Reason a Sr.2 paper is SATA based, does not have an impulse of action that would take you was NVMe has based. Still, SSDs in general is a lot, much faster that HDDs.

+Space of expansion of multiple storage. A big difference among this mini PC and another some that possesses, is that a U57 has two space of expansion, while some another diverse of only one to any space of expansion at all. This is due to a Sr.2 SSD When being removable like opposed to be soldato to a motherboard, which is a chance with all of the mine another mini PCs. Calm also can attach the 2.5” SATA HDD/SSD, which aim you like this to do in a video has comprised.

+Any fact partorisca gaming, but is still able to touch the few titles. A Intel Iris Grafica 6100 that this PC is instrumented with, is at present one of an upper Intel-the papers of map have based. This be has said, when calm compare it to all GPU frames, finds in an inferior third of benchmarks. Still, it is able to touch the few popular titles in of the minimum settings like Fortnite, Joins of Legends, Minecraft, and the little another.

+Very portable. This PC is roughly a measure of one of these boxes of small cloth calm cut that for the half. You can pack he in your stock exchange of travesía and take he with you on travesías, or calms that can attach to a backside of your TV has seen a mountain has comprised.

+ Has had some critiques in this PC, would be that it does not instrument with a later axe compatible WiFi paper. Instead it has a forward ac version, which is still a lot quickly, but a paper of axe would have done this PC the pocola tries more future.
5 / 5 Inga
Likes uses it to touch some old games with my friends. They are very fond, and can take the súper experience of good game with a boss. It is very happy, and his rendering the effect is mine very satisfactory .

Top Customer Reviews: Mini PC, Beelink ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 24 ratings
5 / 5 Michell
I have purchased this mini PC as the substitution partorisca the much bigger desk partorisca save spatial. These products to good sure except spatial. It is in a measure of the Roku device. The work adds like this far and is quickly enough to manage quite everything of my needs of basic computing. Mainly it uses to explore an internet and work, which comprises a lot of Excel, Word, and documents of PDF. I have not experienced a lot noticeable lag, included when that has more than 30 Chrome the tabs plough immediately.

One of a bit those that @@subject would be some very minimum instructions that is coming with a product, but this was still question very enormous. A micro SD the space was the small confusing. It has had no visual markings to say you that way a paper would owe that be insert and among the little lateralmente, how was hesitant to continue to press a micro SD paper besides far. I finally imagined out of a correct orientation without causing harm to a mini PC or a micro SD paper. FYI, At least for my mini PC, a micro SD the paper go in to the rovescio with some few metallic lines in a micro SD paper facing a cup of a mini PC.

A so only another thing there is remarked was that a headphone jack looks to require the plot to force to do sure is has inserted fully. Again, this has not been the enormous shot for me neither reason a Bluetooth has done correctly.

Are not any one a lot the gamer, but has tried to touch diverse race the car games and he have touched those perfectly.

In general, would say that ossia to good sure value of the money. Maintaining I just hope hard for the long time.
5 / 5 Tarah
Has taken one 8 gb ram, 128gb storage. It has taken hours to update windows. Ossia Much faster that boxes with eMMC memory. A Msata is reasonably quickly, am taking on 100MBs the work adds for the web that explores, or looking Youtube. A 128gb is quite big to update windows. They are not really the gamer, but a 3d probably very cut he for any current game.

HAS the defender, but does not listen it at all. So only I can have too much background noise in a room.

Has taken another Msata walk, swapped some walks, and Linux has dipped in a box. The law adds to explore and modifying code.
5 / 5 Rodger
Plugged He to the 4K monitor, hooked on the keyboard and trackball. Kicked well Until Windows 10. You him them legislations add out of a box. Have take a M2 Sata SSD and place in the regulate SATA SSD in that I Linux has uploaded. It concealed too much the works add. It has taken this second computer to learn Linux without risking corrupting the operating system of Windows. Sometimes one or another disorder on some sectors of boot. It would recommend this to any that loves the good computer for normal work. There is abundance of RAM and the decent 4 processor of core to do all does. Also a 4K exited of the exposure is the big plus . It does not touch of the games in a computer as I do not have any idea like this could do.
4 / 5 Lucia
Has bought this little computer for my woman, but taste so probably will buy one in of proper name. You shoe on a lot of fast and has has run without questions at all. Windows 10 had installed already and has actuated. It does not leave a measure fool you, are adds for roughly anything excepts 3D gaming. Probably it will buy at least a plus.
5 / 5 Corrina
Running two canal of the times together with all a software have involved, and the scanner feeds broadcast, and the server of web! The works add. Bosses he without trying anything. Added a map of independent time also. Absolutely flawless. Never chokes, or burps at all! Impressed with like this boss all have dipped on that!
5 / 5 Ezequiel
Has update: the amazon has take my update like this here is mine according to tentativa to write it. I have augmented some stars to 4 reasons the subject has had has been solved. They are happy now.

— Original description —

This compact unit has a lot of characteristics have packed in the factor of small form. I have purchased several PCs and Chrome devices with factor of alike form. This Beelink the unit is for far a better value. It has not been just indication to give this unit 3 stars for gaming of then has not been purchased thus purpose. It is probably any suitable for gaming. Has not running any one play but more probably would owe that be satisfactory for Minecraft and the candy Runs over type of any one-CPU/GPU intense games. Like this far the has not required to contact the technology Sustains like this in that gives him a profit of a doubt and 5 stars for that.
Was my forget for not verifying a description attentively that this unit shipped with edition of House of the Windows. Some characteristics there is spoilt in edition of the house will not be acceptable for the majority of use of office of the house and I would not recommend this unit for such use. Like this 3 stars to ship with Winning House. There is newer skus nave with winner pro partorisca in a same prize. It recommends those in place of east a.

There is always any quite a lot of ports of USB — although these ships of units with 4 USB 3 Type A (blue) would have done this much more attractive unit has shipped with Type-C likes portable newer and factor of big form desktops. Finally, it is uncomfortable and require taking used the pugging in a Type A connector to the rovescio compared to Write more regulate An orientation.
5 / 5 Keena
Has has had so only a unit for the few days. Like this far, excellent results. A computer was easy to configure using level of Windows 10. I am using he for one has specialised Irradiates Interested (Irradiates of Ham) purpose. I have downloaded a software and engine to a new computer and work perfectly.

A computer is a lot quickly. The shoe up is quickly. Still although a Bios does not sustain can on with which fails to be able to, a computer is was/in stays to change on (mechanically)in a chance of the fault to be able to. As some powers of the unit on afterwards blames to be able to. This was of entity of the mine of then loves a computer on 24/7.
4 / 5 Rosanna
I really like a X45, and has written reason in this description. SKIP TO THE BOTTOM to READ LIKE THIS to AVERT The DISORDER has DONE.

Ossia My prime minister mini-pc of Beelink, but have a lot of mini-pc is of another plus mainstream manufacturers, comprising Zotac, Gigabyte, and Intel. Beelink The quality of build is in this level, in fact better that my old plus Zotacs.

Recently, has purchased the pair AWOW mini-pc is, both of some same J4105 Celeron to to program likes X45. A X45 is the better element, mainly reason comes with 8GB of DDR4 soldato to the his motherboard, and does not come with eMMC onboard. A 8GB RAM is not upgradeable, but is a maximum that a J4105 can direct in all the chance. An action is so only better with 8GB of RAM in of the Windows 10, like this included so only exploring a web (with the modern browser that looks in current of multimedia rich pages) in fact uses the plot more memory that calms would expect. In entredicho of AWOW, has paid in $ 100 more for a X45, included like both in deals of Amazon, like modest plus AWOW the builds are awesome in his pricepoint also, especially yes love the totally silent pc ( is fanless). A X45 is a lot, a lot calm below full load, but appreciate that has a solution of active cooling. I have considered a Chuwi Herobox, but has been concerned on some a lot of people and the pro informs or two that aimed out of a inadequacy of a passive cooling in a unit. A J4105 is the very effective processor of 4 cores, but, in a constellation of another heat that elements of products (storage, WLAN, etc.), A CPU is a an element that informs well the BIOS and dynamically can actuate cooling. A BIOS, for a way, is full has looked.

Has purchased a 512GB SSD option, mainly reason have not loved to go lower and has to that upgrade this mSATA SSD--ossia well, is a real mSATA, which are expensive availability and has limited now. Has thinks that that it is class of odd, likes M.2 quell'killed quell'quite mSATA, but a SSD looks to be a lot and extracted well. A 512GB is a big plus has offered, and will resupply life and the better action longer vs. A small plus SSDs (ossia so only the one who SSD works). Under a SSD, has the second mSATA looking port, but the suspect is the mini PCI-and without the SATA the controller has attached. I have looked for to install the second mSATA SSD (one has has had to that one builds older), but a X45 has not recognised a SSD like storage. I have added the 2.5' SSD, has connected well to an inner group and boss. BTW, Looked in BMAX alike mini-pc, and while it leaves the 2.5' SSD expansion, has any data/to be able to sata the boss has comprised! These bosses have the connector done of commission for a onboard fines, as I am happy Beelink has cured of that. A BIOS has to that it dips that it can locate so only a last kicked SSD device, but for my system, disabled that (to the equal that can choose of both SSDs on bounces).

Some dimensions of a X45 is smaller that an impression of mine older NUCs, which is a lot when VESA mountain in a backside of the mine LG the monitors is class of prójimos to some connections of boss--comprised him Beelink VESA the groups is well, and a X45 access a lot well in a backside of mine 4K exposure, which drives so only well in full resolution. A Intel HD 600 map of series is decent, and to good sure can touch the plot of games that is not FPS frame by second workouts, but really the plot of games of a RPG and genders of Strategy. But the desire has had more time to touch... A X45 video of currents of Amazon and Netflix a lot well, in of the main resolutions in wireless. A wireless controller is a Intel AC3165, which well.

Mina X45 Linux of careers a lot well, and dual boots the Windows 10 House (has been comprised).

When have in the first place received mine X45, has connected he until everything, that comprises the connection wired the Internet for initial setup. I took it distracted like the windows have spent of his place on motions, and he finally finalising and rebooted while it was in another room. When I Have gone back, it has found that some incumplimientos the account of user had been created, and could a lot of login with him. Any question--I distrust initial builds in all the chance, and Microsoft the easy fact the quota installs a later yard of Windows 10, so that it was my immediate reaction . After installing it, has discovered that a tone of limit of the Windows is not in a BIOS of a X45, and any one Windows have done to dip on has not comprised limit. OUCH. Felizmente, installed my Windows in a SSD has added. UNLUCKILY, has had already formatted a 512GB SSD this is coming with Windows on that. By means of painful file and has risked the recovery that Linux of uses, was able to reconstruct some original Windows 10 partition of system and directory, enough to pull a tone of the limit out of some files that shipped with a X45. Using that key, was able to actuate Windows so only well. THIS FELT to ADD WHEN it WAS ON.

HERE Is THAT it would HAVE TO THAT it has DONE:
A vendor has bought a X45 of (Areel) politely dipped the recommendation to not connecting a X45 to an internet on first bounces. I have seen this AFTER my question. Ossia Exactly well. Microsoft Calm expect you to use the accounts of LADY when you have dipped on Windows 10 House now, like this calm basically register in the Microsoft when I register you in the yours Windows of car 10. Yeah, Any one thank you. An only way around the this, included when installing of means comunicacionales of Microsoft, is to be disconnected of an internet when Windows 10 tentativas to do the account of Microsoft for you. Although I have loved to reconstruct a Windows 10 this is coming with a X45, would have to has obtained a tone of a local walk before I have done like this, would have saved me to plot of time. MI JOINT: BE DISCONNECTED OF THE INTERNET WHEN CALM In the first place CAN UNTIL AVERTING QUESTIONS of WINDOWS. This is not Beelink failure at all.

Has contacted Beelink support of technology, which was a lot of responsive and helped to comprise a question. Also, they have resupplied it links it to all some engine of Windows would require to dip on a X45 of scratch. It is not fearful to go with Beelink-- is the solid company that cars of builds of upper quality, with real support (and yes, good English). For a prize of storage, memory, and Windows 10 licence, a X45 is the shot--and take a big 512GB storage. Thumbs UP!!
5 / 5 Danika
One wireless so only some of a time. I know it is not my @subject reason all more work well. It would not install of the updates of windows. I reinstalled windows in the and a hard walk there has been several unnecessary partitions on that. I think that that this comes with software that spies on you. Still after the quota installs the windows is not of confidence. His wold any to accept likes the turn. Encircled Of money and sketchy. It would not recommend this product. I have lost $ 300 in this useless thing is the total fraud .
5 / 5 Bambi
Has bought this PC for general use like the web that explores, video streaming, and light gaming. This in spite of, after being powered on legislation out of a box, a PC there is showed the blue screen of death. I have not thought to verify the one who a message of the error said reason he all is spent like this quickly. Then, after dipping on a PC, multiple BSoDs occured while it has looked for to touch a game. A game is not graphic-intense or to the to anything likes concealed. Friends that touches this same game in his PC has there is not founding never he BSoD while touching. We convinced me to knots that be more to return a PC, so that it is which am doing the next day the receive. Needless To say, am disappointed. So only it is estimating 2 stars because when a computer has not been having critical errors, has run smoothly and quickly.
4 / 5 Nikki
This mini PC is awesome!!
With the solid of abundance and state walk of RAM, is the súper fast little device. Bluetooth Does amiably, This has 4 big speed USB 3.0 put you that it is a lot well , 2 in a front and 2 in a backside. A mini PC simply is in amazing. It runs really fast and taken on a lot little spatial that included has situated the backside a monitor am using partorisca he. It is also very calm and no hot taking
4 / 5 Gracie
liked really of a small form, light factor of this mini PC. It was súper easy the setup and has found my wireless keyboard and wireless mouse automatically. A CPU is in fact the Celeron which took was the guard but he there is enough can the common all the applications of video that has tried. Beware He Tries use this for Facebook Gameroom, so that it has not had quite horsepower to touch a lot of some games. It has aimed 95 until 100 CPU use. Another that that, is really useful and calm, perfectly adapted like the PC of centre of the means comunicacionales for a physical measure and a prize of @@subject.
4 / 5 Shirl
Updatef The windows and he have clashed. It maintains that it has to that reloading windows. Work for the day, or until updates of windows, and clashes again. Try the different model.
4 / 5 Tanesha
Laws so that I need he partorisca (4k 60fps streaming Youtube, Netflix, Disney More, and video of server of the house), but so only so only ail.

For 4k 60fps video streaming on Youtube, Chrome is the necessity. The work is inefficient with his step of video, and Firefox is too bulky for a low memory. And of course, because of a character of Chrome, is faster with fewer open tabs, leaving less wiggle room for multitasking.

Like the secondary PC in the middle of small work, work a lot enough. For another situation, calm would be likely to take the Much better (albeit main) PC.
4 / 5 Porsche
Solid 4K in 60 hz. Windows 10 preinstalled. Good prize and small impression.
4 / 5 Glendora
Factor of form very small. Windows 10 version is true. Bought for my daughter to run gimp and illustrative with the exposure to draw and short those so only well.
4 / 5 Imogene
Ossia The very small computer that they are adds for the office of house/of small office setup. Fast little car, has fallen quickly and has exposed dual for the good prize. Using like the rear office pc for the web that explores and material of documentation of the office. Works well with multitasking and there is wifi qualified.
4 / 5 Elodia
When In the first place beginning by on a computer there is prendido in a register in page with a 'defaultuser0' login subject. I do not have any way the reset or take raisin this. One was of only way that has had to reinstall Windows 10 I, which spend to have the copy with me. I assume to run to the respect can try contact a support but the doubt will be useful.

But once I reinstalled Windows 10, everything runs smooth and well.
5 / 5 Tyesha
Short stored and streaming half comunicacionales a lot well. A capacity to add the interior according to SSD the mark to store the library of big music together with shows of television and films. It is very calm and does not produce any very hot.
4 / 5 Edna
With 1 week of a window of turn (1 month) this PC has died on me. Any one can on or kicking available, included to bios.
Complete waste of money.
4 / 5 Assunta
I have loved the min PC for hosting Zoom and that touches Jackbox the on-line games. This concealed and is adds for web surfing and looking Youtube. I recommend.
5 / 5 Anitra
Has taken this after the laptop of my woman has given on a ghost and could not be happier. It had died easy the setup, is súper quickly compared to a laptop, minimum and silent impression. The most spent mine this year for far.
5 / 5 Kacy
Been using for the light web that explores and touching my half comunicacionales street PLEX mainly. Any @@subject like this far streaming throughout all my devices.
5 / 5 Deloras
Has tried EVERYTHING to take my HP envies 5530 printer to do with this unit. Some works of printer with all more in a house but no this computer. Also it has the USB glitch. Any sure that is going in when raisin but a wireless mouse and the lame keyboard so only to do randomly. Sometimes it takes the reboot to take it that read again. Both questions can be associated with Windows 10 . It has come uploaded with 10.
Update: the question of printer was a Windows 10 cortafuego! Reason in a Microsoft world-wide has dipped a cortafuego to block a port right printer out of a box! Sad, has forgotten am treating the LADY has produced! A question/of keyboard of the smiles does not have any solution another that spends more time and money to install the keyboard wired and mouse. Beelinks The support of technology is minimum in better. Other things to remark, in shoes, calm will not see a BIOS splash the screen that of the some few tones of the option yes is using the HDMI to VGA adapter. Support of the technology has not known the one who a tone was for BIOS access. It has had to that imagine out of a thing to control my self. When it has taken that it has imagined it to it to him was, a BIOS the tone is 'delete'. Next question, a BIOS does not have the loaded engine for a mouse of keyboard of/wireless USB. I have had to that use the keyboard wired to take to a BIOS. I delete all a LADY BS and apresamiento Wins 10 down the coffins bone and a keyboard any prison anymore, but a mouse is still the question. A final word of support of technology in Beelink was 'contact a vendor. Not going to spend, will upload Ubuntu in the and 'BEelink' done with him!!! Buyer be ware!!!!!

Top Customer Reviews: Beelink BT4 Mini PC ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 19 ratings
4 / 5 Rosalia
Before what will spend for of the this a global creation of a computer. Flavour the one who this small . He literally in a measure of the 1st generation roku box or WD player of means comunicacionales. Has the good rough when finalising upper which is good to avert taking these impressions of unnecessary toe on that. He also the easy fact the grip while also that reduces a quantity of scratches can take. A next thing in of the this is that there is the few grills in a computer partorisca the easy to download a device and the maintain fresco. This be has said a device is quite calm and remains quite fresh for the majority of some things I stops of use. I have pressed a capacity of the devices and he can take the bit animates when you are pressing a CPU and ram. You can feel a heat of a device. There is four USB 3.0. There is two in the each side that the fact of easy access. The desire was in a backside because it is easier to the boss directs but some ports of law of USB well. The plugged in several different devices and has relieved and powered the any question. This comprises 2.5 hard walks. So only it requires a port to power a hard walk. A tax of scrolling is in a same like any one another 3.0 if any faster. It would have preferred at least a port of USB in a front but be any one. A front does not have any port of any bondadoso and everything is dipped to a side or behind. When Have all my devices plugged in a whole computer looks the little odd to the equal that has bosses exiting of the each side except a front. Again this has bitten hard the management of boss but no impossible. An USB 3.0 scrolling quite quickly according to quell'device there is plugged his. They are spaced relatively he was calm so that abundance of the ones of wiggle room to do with. There is one 3.0 port of USB is also all lateralmente. This pc uses a brick of power to be able to on. A brick to be able to beat it taking on more than one covers in a outlet when being the big measure. A key to be able to is in a backside and with a flash the memory has fallen on enough quickly. A device so only has 64 GB memory that is perfect for just that careers an operating system and the little application. Ossia In no way meant to be the mini gaming PC and the more is unlikely to manage a game any way. When being the small computer with only a processor of atom, does not have any a lot of can of processor. So only on stand for only already read in 80 cpu use. You take the noticeable lag when ploughing on a browser and that tries to upload the page; this in spite of, calm once has uploaded is relatively smooth. Has the hard time with multitasking but honradamente this computer is really so only meant to do common or do a basics. You are able to dual screen with this device but be conscious the significantly will augment a lag and tension in a computer. Has a HDMI ports and a VGA port as I can dual screen with this mini PC BE conscious this in spite of that will have it the bit of the hard time that come from the multitask on two screens. Calm also will owe that have the monitor that has the vga port that a lot does not come with anymore. Also it has the built in wifi that can connect to 2.4 or 5 Ghz. In general, this PC that it is supposes to do. It can not be one the majority of POWERFUL PC in a phase but is an excellent PC to have for your television or boys. It can look video, files of scrolling, and anything calms more can wants to dip your TV. Has a capacity of the dual monitor but a processor to good sure is in a lower end. To good sure would recommend this to substitute your roku or another means comunicacionales streaming device. Really of the more control and accessibility to places and such.
5 / 5 Roselia
Has had this for just down 2 weeks. I used it mostly for surfing a web, verifying email, and looking video of Youtube. It answers perfectly in every aspect , and accesses in a palmera of your hand.
Pros: 4 put you of USB, VGA and HDMI starts of video(HDMI the bosses comprised), level headphone start of audio, Wire fence and wireless networking, and groups he highland.
Gilipollas: So only 4GB RAM and down 30GB free space on C, but have known that when I purchased it so it can not resist that against that. More spatial is easy with an outside flashes walk.
This does not go to be the powerhouse PC for you, but partorisca around $ 160 you would not owe it never expect be. It fulfils my needs perfectly.
4 / 5 Azucena
Has bought this to substitute my bulky on duty work pc. Has the action adds and sustains an outside harddrive to extend his flash memory wich is the plus and is perfect of a flash the memory so only resupplies roughly 64gb for one you and personal files. Calm to good sure will require slowly more spatial use he for literally anything. It is not the gaming pc for any piece of an imagination especially with this 4GB of ram (sad my doubt any fortnite) but basic daily computing and doing in the pocolos fulfilled of daily work this the transmission adds of the big old clunker turn. I have called a service of client hotline reason have remarked a pc has taken partorisca to to him always likes almost of the full hour to update a pc, well ensure me this was normal like the computer had not been updated of the factory installs windows (to the equal that could does not agree this honradamente has work with the computers of then was the boy has forgotten something like this basic) a support/of the technology of the client was educated enough and attentive in listening to as it has described a @@subject and asking the basic questions in that car have done on and giving me idea. In general the think is the general purpose adds or included the judge of the computer exited but no gaming and use it to him is ready to extend a memory with an external walk(I any hard at all)
5 / 5 Brandie
has the things add in this computer. A better is a consumption of tiny power.
Uses in mesos roughly 4 watts to be able to, compared to some of the mine desktops that use 125 watts.
Have the computers of pair in an out of system of grille of solar energy, a Intel NUK is pulling roughly 25 watts in mesos.
This computer give power of utmost computing, with consumption of low power, adds for out grille.
This computer that I require it to do, and is on 24/7, so only doing is work . This all that the PC of full measure , but some processor the functions have weighed so only take the little more time to take that it goes. This is not the heavy load gaming computer, but he material rule so only well, Youtube/of Youtube of games so only well, exploring is well, etc. Runs programs of office of the LADY, etc. If calm worry you roughly consumption to be able to, and is not running Photoshop, or alike, this computer is for you.
5 / 5 Mack
Looked for SBC to substitute my Atomic pi has required of then more usb ports. Of then it is one same Intel CPU the family has chosen Beelink. This SBC contains the fastest processor that Atomic and 4 usb 3.0 put you. It has been it has surprised also that supply to be able to resupplied is so only , but there is no bios restrictions for CPU also is running faster that Atomic Pi same although it has contained 5A supply to be able to. This SBC is coming preinstalled with Windows 10 House, but would recommend to install Windows LTSC to have the smoothest experience. In general I am very happy and am using Beelink like my main entertaining centre for television. 64GB Inner flashes is enough for this application and I always have an occasion to insert my usb flash storage that was impossible while using Atomic Pi. The whole device is a lot compact and is almost like this wireless touching tampon. Very happy
5 / 5 Kala
has bought this to use with my TCL Roku TV to the equal that can common some programs of him that would not be able the current usually of a TV he. Have paired The good wireless mouse and keyboard with him and a setup was painless! Windows 10 Actuated without the hitch and kicked to one YOU faster that has expected. After taking a bit bloat has done sure to verify a specs to do sure all was announced like this and is.

Goes to use this thing the current some TV or explore a grandson that is perfect. It was also able to run Microsoft 365 continuazione without questions. It does not suggest that it uses this thing for any gaming unless you are touching the flash game or two. This car has not been built for that. But you know that it is by train to buy you probably has known of then. Very happy with my little pocket 'puter!
4 / 5 Kassandra
Touch the small computer adds that it takes a work done.
The subject only dipped it up. The service of client has had to has cleared on top of any time.
With initial setup does not connect to the internet or calm can take phase of pin of past setting.
Has bought he for my boys, so only could purchase the second to video of current with.
5 / 5 Dwain
So much has has wanted to do the consecrated plex server for the long times but I do not want to have my main PC that he the short all a time. I have taken one submerges and has bought this mini PC and boy are the I happy with some results I so only plugged in an old USB the hard walk and the knots were was the some races. A quality of a video that this little PC dips was is excellent. An inner walk is is very small to the equal that will require an external walk wants to run the server.

This PC is also well to run functions of basic computer i.et. The basic web that explores to look Netflix perhaps the document of word. Any big-finalise gaming material.

In general, am pleased really with an absolute bang for a buck of this tiny PC.
4 / 5 Newton
A system arrived inside the week, a prime minister an I has ordered has had questions installing, I emailed a company and I have received the interior of response 24 hours, has decided this in spite of takes the substitution. A substitution has arrived interior 3 days, has been surprised that it received it to them like this quickly date a COVID-19 crises, this in spite of era very pleased. An installation was very smooth, quite a lot of discharges and game. Like this far any complaint
4 / 5 Lizette
has planned to dip on the computer for my boy that no precise big action for activity escoles, learning of video and on-line education of Youtube/of Youtube. As it has taken this one and has been the using the moment, is doing well with these specifications. It is the good measure , small to spend around this returned my requirements, easy to setup, comes with Windows 10 installed, 4 put you of USB, VGA more HDMI that reads well with speaker of mine builded-in monitor. A storage the hard walk can any one to plot but if you are not to plan use for graphic program, so only verifying your email, internet, looking video ossia the a lot of one for your election!
4 / 5 Arleen
Because of COVID-19 I has has had to that recently begin working remotely there is like this required to dip on my workspace for me to be able to verify emails and write documents. Because of limited spatial this has done for me a lot well of then does not have to that spend around the big CPU to do my work. It is it adds for work of the office but I would not recommend for gaming the space of storage is limited unless you want to develop.
4 / 5 Sang
Comprises is the mini pc. It is low profile . It is supposition to be less powerful. So only to explore internet and some streaming video. I have looked Hulu in the and has maintained lagging. I think that that it has to do with a wifi adapter. It has been side dipped for side with my laptop and both were in wifi. My test of the speed of the laptop has taken likes 120 mbps and a mini pc has taken likes 30 mbps. I then hooked until a ethernet boss my TV, was better.
5 / 5 Nydia
Excellent mini pc, full to be able to. Really like a compact measure and the one who easy is to spend everywhere. Highly recommended to any compatibility concealed of estimativas and portability.

Modification: I love a creative packaging outside. More another goes in to bore envelopes or generic boxes, a infographics does this one of a better mini pc is has had :)
5 / 5 Sacha
has purchased so only a T4 mini PC of Amazon. His measure and the functionality are perfect for my needs. It is Windows 10 house setup, this in spite of, was the nightmare. It was finally able to install windows like local user in my coverage of house. It has fallen On final but will close up after emotional cursor and then reboots afterwards.
Has changed different wireless mice and of the keyboards and ports of USB. @@Subject Same. Have Also reinstalled windows with same results. It was unable to locate any pertinent help thus subject in your Forum. A lot disappointed with device and his lack of support of product.
5 / 5 Tasia
This has not done for me. It has maintained so only upload in the sure part of an installation.
5 / 5 Shaquita
Does better that has expected them. Even has run the little of my games of steam. Any fact formthat but has done. Utilisation this for browser and streaming services. The works add.
5 / 5 Arline
Has been looking for an extra PC for a house. Has in our cookery where need some work in my subject. An only complaint has in this PC is that although it comes with Windows 10, does not come with any of some applications of office of the Microsoft. You will require to buy this separate.
5 / 5 Ricarda
Has been trying setup this device for 24 hrs and his still setting up. Been in decline So only the moment for 17 hrs! Smh
5 / 5 Rosetta
A neighbour on has not been like this well, has had to that have my undertaken dipped that up for me. Had the glitch in a number of pin. Works a lot now.

Top Customer Reviews: Mini PC, Intel ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
5 / 5 Lean
Nizza Little car. Calm. Works well out of a box. We use it to us it likes him the conjoint upper box with HDMI has connected to the ours television and like the server of file of centrical house. He the fine work with these things.

Is not the racehorse, this in spite of, no attended partorisca touch the newest games. For example, we can Minecraft on there so only well without a map all the place partorisca like, but a game of the new dungeons so only take roughly 9 fps with some place plus a lot low.
4 / 5 Marion
ANY EMOTIONAL PART. A lot calm. It can film of current a lot easily
4 / 5 Gennie
has taken this for my dad. It is older and does not need any a lot of tin to compute. Quickly little car. It would be the perfect setup for working of house for any need concealed an out of a box setup this sustains dual monitors.
5 / 5 Sommer
The work adds, would give 5 stars but a micro SD the space no
4 / 5 Ching
has been slow to use Windows 10 and am taking fast speed when they are in an internet

Top Customer Reviews: Mini PC Fanless, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 11 ratings
5 / 5 Renaldo
It is very delicate, is small, is like the book, comes with rays that goes directly to a backside of a monitor, does not take on upper of spatial, has four put you of USB, two put you of monitor, can spent in the walk of USB partorisca develop storage, any question in office of house. With win10 system, bounces automatic installation, very simple. Work really well.
4 / 5 Tequila
Has purchased this X55 partorisca substitute one of our old tower PCs this is to use partorisca internet surfing. In spite of this small height has everything requires. A prime minister one of this fracasado well out of a box. It is coming on, but there is showed a 'Windows has Failed partorisca Upload Correctly' error and has had to that be returned. Amazon, Like this usual easy to send a unit has failed behind and this one is coming quickly and works without work. Has four USB and two HMDI ports and a capacity to upgrade the walks owe that require to. Hooked On the Vipex bar of his that found an installed Bluetooth and resupplies his really excellent. A lot quite and fast! It will update with which has been in service for the moment. Considerations
5 / 5 Mariam
in this prize , is expected that a cpu is not a lot powerful. This in spite of, a low power that eats the creation is arrests a lot well IN THE CONTROLLER. Utilisation this to connect an outside harddisk and enable DLNA function in of the Windows. Like this mini pc operates like the server of current. Now all some devices down some same wifi can access my media library :p
4 / 5 Alfredo
A system is stable, the looks is the new version of Windows 10 like any one precise of the so many updates. Any accident of application is spent. The use smiled of wireless/keyboard me easy to operate during looking on-line video. Any one noisy and so only the little warm after being announces the long time. 4memory of Games of G of Youtube of the frames smoothly without any question.
5 / 5 Ward
Initial setup was the ache but has learnt was the question of Microsoft , otherwise extracted a lot well. Be sure to NOT BEING internet CONNECTED during initial setup, with which that will be you well.
5 / 5 Nakia
Adds out of a box!!! Easy setup, is trace easily partorisca back of monitor, the work adds like the workstation, slowly to order more. Like this far ithey is doing better that has expected.
5 / 5 Corina
Was able to use this in place of a PC of the tower used for my HTPC. The law adds for the internet that explores and streaming.
5 / 5 Chuck
This computer will turn on but calm can not actuate windows, which leaves calm with a lot of limitations in an operating system.
Has had diverse PCs on some years, but has not had never this a lot of question with one.
5 / 5 Vincenza
Laws a lot in general. In timing a wireless keyboard there is lag (new Logitech KB/SMILED)
5 / 5 Annett
Works very in general. In timing a wireless keyboard there is lag (new Logitech KB/SMILED)
4 / 5 Dominga
Very a lot of J5005 is the must, the desire has had faster Pentium the chip but does not want to go the the-3 phase, but is so only the subject of time until mini PC is to regulate.

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