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Top Customer Reviews: Belkin 12-Outlet ...

Rating: 1 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5 Roma
I bought it mostly while the band to be able to for his pivoting creation. That law amiably for my setup. But his protects is quite the curse that the blessing. Any I give the until it was likely overburdened today and the protect electrical very exited. I have imagined then out of that does not have any road in reset he or change any one fusible internal or anything of this character. As has the data of device now. In my quite a lot of socket of case of the mine to be able in, which have resettable protect, or a breaker in a line of power to provide protect and this device to be or also resettable (better) or, at least, has qualified to turn of a protect.

Only has routed the demand in that expects manufacturer for his response - then could update according to result.

Belkin asks refused of guarantee - has said that I have overburdened it and this is not coated by guarantee. You are funny if it does not look the corporate fraud. They same he on the way very fraudulent. After my initial demand, where declared this fails probably because of overburdening, answered with guaranteeing to resolve one subject and demands and collected all mine info - appoint, telephone, shipping allocution, copy of bill, picture of device. They have asked then: 'for one that device of road has been connected in that then' and after I have answered -'uch and such' - they at the end emailed - 'any one coated - ours excuses . Also very still they problem to ask real wattage of some devices.

No more Belkin - see a lot another writes that complains that it is not that it honours his Guarantee or Coverage of Harm.
1 / 5 Latoria
Any COMPRAVENTA THIS. A cross of storm and arises it has caused my modem and subject to fail. Has 4 of these. Belkin The support purportedly helps calm but is each fact so that they do not are due to paid was same although has a guarantee involved ( is each which announces , the good luck that takes anything). You will pay to ship for everything of your elements so that they can 'inspect' he and calm then give you the value of piece for him. That is a value of piece of my modem of 3 years and issue this has done only well? Practically at all bren Belkin, and then is was all of a surpass behind and advances, and bonded without squad. That my television has been frita by a storm so that one arises protective did not protect it? It is expected to ship the 55' television in them so it can inspect it?
The mine arose field of protectors of 3 month in 1 year.
Inverted In 150 dollars in these arise protectors, they any one his work. I have to buy new squad, and is out of luck.
1 / 5 Brandie
It does not buy the one of is this attentive Belkin to honour his 'Carried of Squad-in Lifetime Guaranteeed'. They very honour. Has 3 arises and my computer of desktop is died. I routed each some laws of paper as well as a piece to crap bought. They routed the backside and said ' failures very'. 'It does not aim any signs of arcing or failure' A lot of IF HE , STILL COMPUTER. Any one to ARISE IT.
1 / 5 Katelynn
I have purchased one arises protective for Belkin while it avenges with the $ 50,000 protects of guarantee of product. Desprs The few weeks my house there has been the can arises after the storm that resulted in a paste out of the television of screen of new floor, the blu-player of ray and box of cape. As, Demand, routed a protective in a company, in my cost, and has been said could not try that a protective was defective. These elements were plugged directly in a protective and other appliances in another arises the protectors was unharmed. I have been said that my recovery would not be honoured. It says BAD PRODUCT and the COMPANY THAT Any one HONOURS HIS GUARANTEES. Stay out of them.
1 / 5 Lory
I have bought this was amazon in June. Has can he outage in my edifice done 3 days. It fries My laptop that was plugged in. Belkin Has answered in my question on here asking me to call them to cure of him. I have been pleased with that and has done . Only to leave all the world knows...Of course, this has been the disappointment . It take a race around for a past 3 days with several representatives that soye can does not help'. You see my semi-detached picture of a laptop that says one takes-can not access the walk anymore. We take in in the place of reparation of the computer and to recover all the stray data - $ 1500, more the new laptop, more the walnut arises protective. Belkin Is not aiding me with any one of him. Has the data tries it has asked that had the power arises (the history was felizmente in an informative) and test of compraventa, etc... Any data. It does not purchase Belkin produced yes is looking in safeguard anything. Seriously I am considering taking together people to do the proceedings of action of the class against Belkin and his non-existent guarantees. There are too many descriptions that state some same info.

UPDATE - has been - in communication with Belkin daily even so that takes an around DAILY race. A later is is routing me another forms the crowd was and then has to subject he everything for them to look in. His guarantee the line of tlphonique has been off duty for a past three days so that it can not achieve any one, although you have tried. We have said the this and they still maintain to give us that ready to call. We take a response that recovery of the data is not to cover under a guarantee in this CHARACTER arises protective. That is to say or the majority of lovely part of the computer! They will substitute until $ 150K of the hardware wants to you direct crazy cradle through the hoops of millions, pressing behind, taking has shot up, asking supervisory, publishes in of the half comunicacionales social to take the response of the can not contact, etc... We EXPECT. Again, it go it at all agreed, still. But by everything means, they any one cover a cost to have the company recovers some lovely data that necessity for work. Period. Wow. It issues in really be by behind your products of quality that would not have to fail .
1 / 5 January
Any one has left usually descriptions like this but would like me each which as of current buyer and potential to learn my experience.
First of all, wants a product he and a creation of him. Even so, the lightning has attacked recently the clear pole quite 20 ft of my house and has caused to arise it which has tripped the few breakers in my house. Has my television, receiver of Theatre of the House, Raspberry PI 2, MagicJack, and the Wireless subject has connected in an arises protective. A television was an only powered was device at the same time and was affected no for a strike of lightning. Even so, all other devices was powered on and has not done after a strike of lightning. After a storm is spent, has turned all some breakers behind in only gives that everything of one above devices except a television any one when being pas able up. Having only has bought recently one arises protective (both lights done in an arises protective) and having all the documentation, has crossed a process of recovery. It was disappointed absolutely in Belkin the whey is returned my arisen protective that says that it have it not founding any sign of the arise and would not compensate me for my losses (that it was it down $ 1000 btw). It is it returned pictures of his 'come from' procedures that is trying of electronic basic (beginning of voltage of at least 1 outlet, has informed any sign of arcing, has said that some lights done in an arises protective and has aimed the picture of him) has denied then a recovery. The tan now has the devices broke that it was to suppose to be protected by the sake that looks but apparently the no functional product and the recovery declined of Belkin. Personally now I will begin to eschew Belkin produced after this ridiculous experience but I have wanted only leave other potential buyers and of the current owners of especially this product that his or his process to try of the recovery is not comprehensible Or a product is not designed well enough in esqu signs' of the arises. One arises protective that does not protect against arise... The electronic fraction, and included an outside of the clear pole is pending reparation ...
1 / 5 Dwain
I unplugged Of it is Aris Protective once and one educating the pin has broken.

Knows in some devices are designed to exit, he in case that have it only 2 prong outlets but this a broken without any force applied in him.
1 / 5 Roselia
It arises protective That does not protect to arise. I have bought this protective to protect for my electronic. But only it lose it my television of Flat screen, XBOX a console and Box of Cape since this could not protect he to be able arises. For a road all these lights in still on giving me dud hope to protect that the apparently maintained to give all to the long of. Bad product. May For another Belkin produced.
1 / 5 Kala
Arrived with covers he defective. It does not remain connected to the wall was. Almost shorted everything of my electronic. As I Have tried to turn the on, each which or sparked. One covers loose has maintained to come loose in bren. Any mine that anterior outlet Belkin has had any subject during 4+ years with connectivity of covers.
5 / 5 Lizette
I have purchased one 8-Outlet turn-limits after the recent thunderstorm cual has caused my theatre of house in totally reset.
Admits that I have purchased this rigidly for a creation and small impression and in these zones his A+. The hides was the better road that my last unit

taking fast in the little the mark of hours and the horrible relieve the storm has crossed NJ. I can testify in the each light and appliance in my townhouse taking varied to beat arise. Slope this times electronic person (comprising a modem and issue this reset in a slightest arises) has not been affected. Any sign of arisen (the lights that flashes or powering low) Any reset at all. I can not speak with some negative critics and knows would be to contact my lawyer be in his situation, even so, has had an opposite experience... So far.

Has connected....
70 television of inch
Box of Cape
Apple says subject
Xbox A
Hp Printer

Top Customer Reviews: Anker 3.5mm Premium ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Brock
Alas the no hard the year. You would expect that the cape of premium would be robust and last years to come but, like the quota of people has informed, some falls of connector eschew after some any intense use. The place Of the control has attached.

Update 1/26/2017:

Supremely pro service of active client of Anker (was sincerely surprised), has asked only a S/N and shipped me the unit of new mark HAS HAD apparently the cape of the bad batch. 5 stars for a service of client, will substitute my cape and maintain using he in the daily base, will update a description if anything more comes up.
5 / 5 Jeanmarie
A cape that had purchased in the principle had broken in three month, as distinguished in a picture, as it have written the negative critic in this product. Even so, Anker has achieved has been in me the few days after I have published a description that inform me that a one this took can have been defective and offered me the free substitution. This whole process was very softly and now has the nine an in my possession that the works add. Here it is to expect that this one will last me for the long time.
1 / 5 Evelyn
This cape is built well and when being robust but any one any access in or will not remain plugged in how the maximum of the things has tried.

A collar is so wide that prevent cover he in my Sony MDR-100 headphones that was a reason bought it. So that the mamma. If a stereo the jack is wishing to limit that is to say in any subjects recessed in an organism of a device would have to eschew this cape.

Has tried covers it he in my Lenovo T450s, Nextbit Robin, the Nexus 4, and my PC of desktop which all active flush mountain stereo jacks; a connector or would not remain plugged in or was so loosely has engaged that the pop was if you farted is direction .

IS how was so precisely fashioned with tolerances of zeros that if your stereo the jack is anything but perfect the no .
5 / 5 Niesha
It do not go to write the description but I have to share so is coming to buy SECOND one of these. An in the first place one has done perfectly, lived through enough the bit of hell with two dogs always goofing around in my cart where stays . Well, it was the night of crisp of evening when my dunce of the verge collie swallowed some ends of of the this, while still attached in my radio of carts. He included- The swallowed. The desire has known as and why a drink of hell he. But somehow it eats an end and edged his road in my forward of chair (still is the cord a lot adds and very time !) For a time has remarked, has in the foot in his which then has him semence down and attraction out of his stomach after park in a side of the road. Oh I wants this cord, but does not survive when being pulled of my stomach of dogs. The tan here am buying another where A lot of wait this does not spend never again. For one the majority of part, the perfect cord.
5 / 5 Bret
Read some of some recent descriptions of this cape, that declares that it is has done bad. Habladura Of my own experience, and has done the every day for a past 6 month, has found only an opposite.

Has been using he in the daily base with my Touch of iPod, as well as my iPad. It is been subject say conditions, while it has taken he of a device, and place he in another very time the week. Has Have any subject anything, and absolutely any sign that any portion of him can have it come averts.

A quality of his of so much my Touch of iPod and iPad is glorious, and never there is wavered. The to the ports perfectly, and exactly some same like the day has purchased the.

Anker Sustains of the client is glorious. There is a subject with another element that experience of them, and substituted it, any question has asked. Considering this cape, an inferior line is that he perfectly, and continues to do so in spite of the mine that subjects he in almost of daily abuse. 5 stars.
1 / 5 Nicholle
I have bought this cape concretely so that they have said that laws with Beaten headsets, which have the small beginning for a cape of audio, and absolutely any LAW with my Studio of Beaten headset. A chrome the thing in a cape is on age to return in an inaugural.
5 / 5 Erminia
AFTER 3 YEARS STILL DO SAKE That is to say the very built cord that has a necessity has extended arrived in of the apt telephones with big cases. I am using to to go of my LG television in my stereo system. A cheap cord has used has caused in fact the problem of thought of the latency was only of an old plus stereo has used. But it is a cheap cape . One Anker the cape is to sure big quality good and the only subject has is for them to offer the longest period. 4 feet are only quite yearn mine 1 television setup but no in my mountain of wall setup. This man in the cape viril can not be has beaten he in of the nicknames of quality. More only necessity options in addition to period that colour. It purchases and it enjoys his clear again.
5 / 5 Wilber
It has estimated initially this product 1 star but is updating in 5 stars. When being that I am not very wise in technology, capes, etc, failure to give can have the defective product. Anker Has read my description and routed an email that declares probably took the defective product and asks yes take to nine unit Well, was very impressed to say a less. Honestly I Can say that a cape has done only sake, at all was bad with except a tip has broken entered my laptop, like the cape was obviously defective. Also it have to mention that I possess a Anker speaker that limits in my laptop and use when film of current of an internet. Honestly I Can say that it is awesome, with abundance of low and triple to do me listen while it was in the theatre of film. Active To good sure that Anker takes pride in all his products and I certainly precaution to use the next time writes the description. Thank you, Anker, to ensure my satisfaction and a service of client adds.
Has given this a star so that a tip on the one hand inserts/inserts in your headphone the jack has broken entered my laptop. I have had to to issue my laptop in to repair to have take. A black colored the grooves apropen a tip where inserts/inserts a line, there is a indention which can spend thin and the pause was. It was not if other capes of audio are done some same but certainly will look for or concealed does not have some grooves in him. Perhaps some grooves are which controls a line in your device, any insurance, but I certainly a lot this again. It gives the thanks to a Gentleman my laptop was still down guaranteeed.
1 / 5 Delpha
Always it buys Anker electronic products so that always take good quality. Even so, this was a first lemon has taken of Anker. This to the the fund of cord was has not done properly. I plugged the and taken static, muted his, and screeches. I have tried to take my thought of case of the telephone does not have does good contact, any luck. I the multiple has tried then to the jacks and with multiple devices, any luck. This cord only has not done properly. To attach icing in a cake, is gone in my mandates to return and in a lot of my surprise this cord 'has not been eligible for turn'. Felizmente The amazon is legit and was the repayment had to me it money of mine. A cord has done his road in one beats of rubbish.

Will not sign enters Anker for the $ 8 cord, but careful the be does several descriptions of the people that has a same subject with this cord concretely. It was advance and has purchased the different mark to the cord to substitute easterly unit
5 / 5 Jackson
Anker Always produces material of big quality and this help of small audio the cape is any exception . A cape is material fact of premium, is lined with tissue to do it stronger, has the sake rubberized coating, and comes with 24K gold-plated ultra thin contacts that ensures is taking a sound a possible clean plus. I have bought this cape to adapt my Audiocast M5 () and a quality of the sound of both is point and averts. I am very happy with this compraventa and a Anker mark in general. It expects these helps!

Top Customer Reviews: Belkin AV20000-06 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
I have purchased these products partorisca use with my centre of entertainment of the computer (Logitech Z-5500 east). A do one like this expected and manages digital audio well.

While some functions of product well, the connectors of a boss in some finals are not correctly sized that they cause a cord partorisca be easily unplugged (how is accidently has tugged at all). This is due to some connectors that is slightly too small, leaving them to any esnap' to the to in order likes more than other optical cords in a phase.

If constantly you are regulating your wiring and doing change, would say this boss is not partorisca you like this easily can result unplugged while I do adjustments that causes the bit of the headache. If you are a type that once the things are setup, like to simply enjoy of things and not doing change, this product will do so only well partorisca you. Once in place and connected, if some bosses are not messed with this will remain in place further of applications.

In general, some works of product and is work but a record and the arrival is being missing of. I have expected more than Belkin and active shopped around partorisca the different boss be partorisca do it again.
4 / 5
I have bought two of these bosses and of the electronic splitter partorisca leave me partorisca run my box of boss and PS3 both to the mine Bravia surround (which has had so only a TOSlink port). I had it it has bought it previously the TOSlink boss in Walmart to hook a PS3 until one surrounds, but has not felt like overpaying partorisca two bosses more. Based in a prize here has been expecting these bosses partorisca look cheapo, but when they have arrived has been impressed! A packaging is very good retail packaging, and some look of bosses adds. A main complaint has read here is that his any one covers in closely, in my chance some bosses are quite sure ( has a plugged of a box of boss to a splitter and another of a splitter to a Bravia surround and some connections in the each piece of crew is snug). They are not like this tight to the access likes Walmart the boss has, but then again really has to that pull hard to take that an unplugged. These Belkin the look of bosses in legislations according to which installing & takes. So only I am running audio by means of these and can relieve any loss of quality of his in a boss an expensive plus has included with an addition of a splitter. In general these bosses are the value adds ! Please notes that buys multiple bosses that pay one uploads of nave in the each one one. While you know that that goes to a compraventa is still treat adds on that would pay in the local tent.
5 / 5
I have bought another optical boss reason require an additional one for a box of optical boss was to a receiver of audio. Already I have 1 boss that has bought of Better Buy in 2000 & I use that one for a player of DVD. These looks of boss to be better that an old more a have. A comparison of audio among some 2 bosses was noticeable. You look he thinks PTI in ESPN & has tried to change some bosses for behind & advances the pair of time. An audio, at least ossia mine that gaze , was stronger with this boss. It does not know they spend over time or something. I have listened that to to the optical bosses do not like to be has bent been due to of a fact that the light can not bend. But I have been quite careful with another boss. A nave was quite quickly & a prize was a lot. They are happy with cost of mine. You recommend this boss & Belkin is the good mark, calm can any gone bad.
5 / 5
Ossia A awesome Digital Optical boss. Belkin Is my preferred AV boss, and PUREAV is my more trusted component of this mark. The desire had not been interrupted. Some bosses are very robust, and work every time! Has read complaints that some connections are free, and any 'clicks' to plant for these particular bosses, but concealed has not been a chance for me.
5 / 5
They are always happy state with Belkin produced, and this boss is any exception . There is to plot less than expensive bosses there that probably it is appropriate perfectly. For me, a time and endeavour to undermine for behind my system of entertainment and substitute the boss is cost the little bucks more to buy the name I confidence. A boss is sturdy and resupplies his add. Like the smallest point, is also good to have ash, which the easiest fact to distinguish of so that other black bosses during installation. The the boss of Amazon has bought previously, which was also well except some cover protective tiny does not attach to a boss he, and therefore it would take lost. This boss is a better balance lateralmente and reliability.
5 / 5
I have bought this to go with a Gefen Digital Audio To Conversor of Analog Audio to take audio of my TV of Apple 2 to the DVI TV. A conversor is coming with the Toslink boss of patch, but does not act . It have ordered a Belkin a not knowing the boss has been comprised, and is the good thing . A Belkin law perfectly. Any reviewers (of of the this or another toslink bosses, forget) has mentioned that they have to that turn a way of volume until listening an audio when that uses this class of setup. It does not find that ossia a chance for me. It likes-me the a short period of this boss, of then simply is that it connects a TV of Apple and a Gefen conversor. Has has not loved run of boss cluttering a space.
5 / 5
The works add, the sound looks no different that another mark of first optical bosses that I or more can listen a difference goes in. I have bought one 1st a when adding additional componets to my theatre of house setup. The law adds/inclusa like this compared to my Monster my expensive more branded optical boss. I also liked likes some discharge of finals has been joined on vs. A boss of Monster that has not been & has lost 1 of his discharge already.

Well, has decided to buy the 2nd boss when I have decided to rig of hook of the mine of computer to my system. Ossia When there is @@give a fall of bosses out of súper easy without a lot of endeavour. Some finals did not snap in, neither feel snug. I have thought perhaps one of my finals was bad, but both are some same when that changing around. I have decided to read some other descriptions and there is @@give that other people have had a subject same. A first boss was well, so only poor QA in Belkin is and another, perhaps? IDK. Any no acceptable way when using in of the things can move around or access to need to. I swapped some bosses around for mine stationery componets, but would not owe that have has has had to that do east.

If yours looking to save the little bucks, there is stationery elements, and way & of drawing(looks) subject then I recommmend this boss.

Plans in of the moving things around for occasional dusting or is planning to use for rig he of computer that you fiddle around with then can not recommend this product based in my experiences with him.

Other Thoughts: If his skimped is gone in QA for some moldings of finals, then perhaps his QA is not that it adds when it comes to try a polishing for some finals of an edge. 5 Stars for one 1st boss, but 1 star for one 2nd boss.
5 / 5
A boss connects final to finalise and snaps to announce is closed to a component to joint. This in spite of, are in accordance with other descriptions that one -snap- is the little release and no like this solid like another optic bosses I own (Monster). Not To Take me bad, a connection is sure but confirmed by means of the soft snap in the place of a stronger pop am used also. It is sure this in spite of. In another hand, a coverage of semi-detached tip is an excellent invention to avert a technology has interested to insert a boss and taking not closing snaps at all with some coverages of the tiny discharges has shipped for more than costruttrici. Otherwise The good boss
4 / 5
When it take the new flat screen and surround the system of sound avenges without an optical boss. No never it have tried optical of edge and has loved to give it the shot, until it has seen that some the local tents asked it.

Like usual, to the amazon there has been he for a third a local prize. My ears are not really well enough to say a difference in a quality of his, but all some magazines say me that a sound is very better I so that the suppositions has to that be, huh.

In all the chance, is an economic upgrade to the system. And has some discharge, also could him use.
4 / 5
Audio-wise I active closing to discover, but the boss has built well. Good value for money. If it love a scrolling of better audio, pundits say you would have to that tram of use has sawed-axial reason an optical signal of a DVD/of BLUE/CD-Ray has been converted to electrical digitial then behind to optical digital for scrolling. Using a tram has has sawed run of axial digital bosses out of a last conversion in this canal, as it have to that reduce a risk of errors. Cela In that has been to say, need to use an optical boss ossia probably like this well likes to take unless you want to spend stupid money.

Top Customer Reviews: Belkin 7-Outlet ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Laine
Calm have that asks if some people those who are burning these was partorisca have them there is overburdened. For example the alone small room spatial heater... Well I will leave the reports of Consumer say you &62; Some the trams of spatial heaters have tried into use of Reports of the Consumer 1,500 watts to fully can. So much with one 1800 watt max outlet nude typical partorisca the 15 amp the unit means that podes so only covers the number limited of additional things, hopefully drawing a lot pocolos wattage he do.
Has been using a model slightly more economic that this version of Belkin concealed does not have quite so much in some joules that estimativa, and has done perfectly of Dec 2017.
Am mentioning this reason have been dipped behind for some photos of some holes have burned in them. It covers the plot of things the mine and there is not never the question, but of course ossia level it 46' TV, or mine 56', stereo crew etc. Etc. Etc. And work without the whisper. Has the few spatial heaters in a house for emergencies and usually covers so only his directly to a wall in the circuit has consecrated. The spatial heaters are economic and a threat of the spike of lightning is far but because of a prize is not the big risk. They are not an electrician, but ossia my two cents .
Has bought so only two of these paralizaciones so only the pair of dollars more than mine another to an only likes to of him. Has the little hundred more the joules in an indication likes them 4 thousand some in place of 3900. The works add. If something goes bad will be of tower to update my description.
4 / 5 Melvina
Ossia A third an of these that has purchased, and a level of manufacture has fallen in the big way. A prime minister two I has bought on done the year and was solid/sturdy. I have bought this a fact the week and arrives in the misshapen box. Misshapen Reason any one dipped it near decided that an on/was the transmission has not required to seat directly in a plastic casing, and then so only has tried the joints of ray in all the chance, bending a plásticoes casing and leaving a transmission orta' on there. They have shipped to like conceal. Obviously the has not been inspected by any one.

The amazon was fresh and sent immediately the substitution, but a substitution is of a same generation and is quite cheaply has manufactured. Work like an on/was transmission, but would not trust it to do anything more. And I can a lot without accidents open it to verify an integrity of his inner components reasons some use of rays is so only-use.

So much, yeah, pay attention to that is buying here. A prize is more economic that it was the year , and a quality the manufacture there is also decreased.
5 / 5 Heather
Had the travesía of breaker after moron ex fiancé plugged in the cord of external shabby extension. My big final gaming PC, gathered by my hand and raisin adds, was the goner. Mobo And proc has fried. No an expert but would think that 3390 joules would have it that has protected.
4 / 5 Onie
Piece of JUNK!

I alive in the suuuper old house, likes predating an old Civil War, as I have bought these games of power for a Belkin name and a fact that the side more than your course of a mill $ 8 some choose up in a tent and better just power with my old faulty installed.

Would think for double of the money was right better ?

INJUSTICE! With which so only three month I so only found this thing with the hole melted in a backside and the something big black in my wall where explodes.

Has has had games of power of 1988 concealed' sees has on resisted besides long!
5 / 5 Mui
The mine has come with a angled discharges that is visible in a but a lot everything of some photos of product. This means that podes discharges he to a cup of the traditional two outlet receptacle and not blocking a subordinated outlet.
4 / 5 Gary
It takes on fire and burned my carpet, but does not burn a whole house down of then has seated his next legislation.
5 / 5 Eden
They are not the writer of enormous description, but this product and a support resupplied for Belkin warrants some commentaries.

I originally has purchased this around February 2012. An inner product has failed some premiers 30 days while when being hooked until my computer and the TV. It do not have any smoke or arise - the simply has closed was and never turned on again. Any fuse there is tripped inside my house... Something apparently so only shorted was inside a unit.

I the simple transmission with amazon and unit has received 2. This a fact until this week when a same thing is spent. Power down and does not resupply never can again. I know the amazon no longer will be able to help in a process but I know does also the guarantee of manufacture.

I recognition and find a page of guarantee. Has the process resembled Amazon which leaves him to ship you a new product, calm then returns a defective one to them once some new an east has received. I am thinking this is adds... Well and easy likes amazon. As I write in a number of model (BE-112234-10), selects produced defective, and click afterwards. To arrive to this point loves my nave and billing information. It comprise it it will want to billing details to the equal that require to have any to touch in a chance does not return a product.. Well, any question.

So much has had far any one mentions roughly like this shipping the cariche are spent (both nave of turn and nave of new product). Ossia Obviously the enormous part of an equation for the $ that produces and assume it will be covered finally once resupply some figures of the real dollar in that I will be touched if no gone back a bad a. It likes I click afterwards after fill in my nave that/details of bills... And... Surprised! You have been touched $ + imposed for the total of $ . I leave to print the nave labels how is basically so only his allocution and at all is prepaid. Like this now I am annoyed. We touch me $ 70 dollars and I have to that pay to ship an element behind. They could not underline Any of these two first points to touch me?

To the equal that check my email for some numbers to order so that it can contact him to take east straightened was. Any email. Fantastic. Any record of the his transaction excepts to say follow me taking has touched.

To the equal that contacts Citibank (my paper crediticia) to notify of the likely dispute to arrive to this point... And we say me to knots one real load was $ . As he not having so only he Belkin deceptively touch my paper crediticia but has touched he for more than a quantity has declared. I am assuming an extra is for a nave to send me a new a. As we love me to knots to pay $ 10 dollars to ship a product to them, $ 10 dollars to ship me the new a... Attended... A mathematics is beginning to fail here. These diverse products of $ 18 to $ 25 here on Amazon.

In all the chance, short version: the product has failed two times (that mine warrants one a description of alone star), Belkin service of the client then resupplies a trifecta of failure. Shopping the new one of amazon but to arrive to this point a lot really wants to give Belkin included the dollar.

Update of description 1 month later -
After my subject initial, I emailed Belkin support to notify them of a @@subject and ask an order there is annulled. Five days more have received late the response that looked for to be writing by a real person (versus a response automated) this has declared

'Thank you to contact Belkin Technical Support.

In reply your surgery, comprises that it experience issue while I fill a form of substitution, has been touched $ for a substitution and $ 20 for a shipment.

Excusar For an inconvenience has caused. Certainly I will help calm with east.

Looks that has been has touched $ for shipment and has not received in a state of your order. I comprise like this it feels of your end. Please call our department of support of the pending client of the business hours'

So that it was adds. I try to call his service of client. The excessive control times killed my lunchtime so it gives up and instead notify UPS that am refusing delivery of a container. As his reroute a shipment retreated the Belkin. I assume everything is a lot of - until today... The month later.. We touch me to knots again. Any word. I have not received Never anything and in the following shows were returned to his almost the facts jumps the month, this in spite of touch. How it is this the company of entity.
5 / 5 Ginette
Disappointed that this offers little of more is 8 outlets in the transmission. A a has them the leaves cover numerous to melt his without closing was....
4 / 5 Marylou
DEFECTIVE & UNSAFE For Business Use.
Plastic outlet the coverages are fallen off with first use. This prevents a unused outlets to be has covered.

Reason some coverages are part of a UL Approval this deserts VOIDS a UL Approval. (UL voids All the listings where an element is changed in any way)

This defect could be acceptable for use of house, but in the subject with public access ALL The electrical ELEMENTS HAVE TO THAT be UL or ETL has Listed/Agreed.
The use of the known defective element can result in process.

Unit of the UPDATE of substitution has received. Same question, some parts of COCKROACH of PLASTIC SECURITY fall off with a slightest touch.
A reason has tried again, are has a same unit in service for more than 5 years without question, but there is remarked a cord has suffered harm. Some the NEW units have not DONE with a same big quality of some products some old plus.
I companies to wish so only would create a prize in planting to fall a quality.

Will be to substitute this with the Tripp-Lite. They do not look like this good and cost more but is all the metal and in mine 30 experience of year like the technician, has has not had never the question with only that any Tripp-Lite unit to be able to.
4 / 5 Robbin
We have had the majority of our electronics of entity plugged to this esimpulso' protective when we have had the strike of lightning. At all. We have lost our 50' TV, the Transmission of Nintendo, and ours surround his stereo system. An electrician the one who is coming to fix another harm caused for a lightning has said that this touches to be able to arise protectors is useless. Apparently it is well. We have read in a Belkin $ 300,000 guarantee, but that has read it, Belkin the very difficult fact to file the claim, and have decided like this to just file with our homeowner sure instead.

If so only are looking for some extra outlets, would suggest to buy touches it to be able of more economic. If you are looking for something to protect against some strikes of lightning, can forget these games to be able to and probably a lot another. Our electrician has suggested that that buys the whole house arises protective, which costs in $ 350, and so that probably it was ours solution with which we a little investigation in the mark of confidence.. Certainly we will not be buying anymore expensive arises protective games to be able to. This one at least was worthless.

Top Customer Reviews: Belkin 1-Mini 2-RCA ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
5 / 5 Ada
The Works likes them announced, can listen them to of music of my telephone in my car.
4 / 5 Seymour
Good product and as it has described the good apt
5 / 5 Charolette
Works likes them expected, and in of the prize adds.
4 / 5 Tomoko
The fact adds to connect my TV to the small subwoofer has has had to that my old PC.
5 / 5 Jake
4 / 5 Dulcie
bosses add
4 / 5 Eugenie
My originals a there is broken and has been buying the substitutions and these are so only like my original!
4 / 5 Willard
A Good shot!!!
5 / 5 Bobbi
Good shot

Top Customer Reviews: APC 12-Outlet Surge ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Alvin
Many these descriptions are outdated partorisca arrive to this point.

He, an application has time in him.

If they are taste, of calm am likely to look in this specifically because has covers him ready has built in that interface with Alexa. His well, setup is easy, calm will not complain it .

Setup Starts with you downloading a APC application of House in your telephone (ignores one write the one who can not comprise reasons the different frames have different applications. Ossia So only how is, takes 10 seconds to setup) has turned in some arisen protective, which has the built in wifi coverage in him. Leagues to a wifi in an arise, plugin yours coverage info, and is connected. Ossia.

Of there that I can appoint some discharge (which is where alexa pulls his name of), he his control of your telephone, setup planning, etc.

love the connect Alexa, add a APC skill of House in Alexa, discover devices, and ossia. Súper Easy setup.

With which conceal, is basically the arise protective, with 3 casts of discharge, and 2 ready USB ports that can actuate you/deactivate like desires.
5 / 5 Ashlea
I so only bought and place up. I have found this partorisca be Wi-Fi solider has instrumented touch partorisca be able to. Tried the remotely. The twist has planned also on and era. He all has done.
Has been impacted partorisca see description that does not have planning. They are happy that has bought this prime to read these descriptions.
5 / 5 America
One of some the majority of the reasons of entities have spent this product, was partorisca a escheduling' element, apparently available by means of a NO EXSIST!!!!!! The application is there, but there is any capacity to program timers like this CLEARLY showed in a description of product. They are the defender of this company, but ossia the bum steer. REY WRITES The DESCRIPTION of PRODUCT YESTERDAY.
5 / 5 Yung
I have bought this partorisca substitute two propiciada point has had. It likes reason give of so many options partorisca the widths vareity of chances of use. Now I am using he partorisca my lights of tree navideño, light of living room, air freshner and iphone load. When I Leave a house, has gone back him all was instantly has seen Alexa.
5 / 5 Joe
This thing said it could be controlled using Alexa. Calm a lot has to that install a APC application and create a first account. They are like this tired that it has to create accounts during a place so only partorisca use some things have bought. This is going back!
4 / 5 Lyndsey
Utilisation this with alexa in my fourth partorisca be able to two bedside lights, two telephone chargers, and the monitor of creature. Hated That my telephone and monitor of creature chargers run all day like this created the task to turn was all the devices could say in a morning. And the simple 'goodnight' the mandate will turn was all the lights and chargers on. Works a lot well. Application of telephone has the timers can use for him on/was function. The prize adds so that it takes partorisca consider that 5 casts of discharge would cost
5 / 5 Avril
touched my iPad new in the games partorisca be able to that has had also the light and air purifier has attached. I have required partorisca move one touches partorisca be able to as my pill would have the sure space when any into use. A TV the stand there is more be spatial to the equal that have decided shabby arises it protective partorisca a TV and iPad. This looked in my investigation of Amazon. It was more than I have wanted to spend but have enjoyed using it. I synced the like this now can use commanded of voices of Alexa to turn a TV and light on or era. It is the novelty , No, I think that that I am convinced finally to explore other options to create the ready house. It is very easy to dip up.
4 / 5 Yi
No extracted according to a description. The application does not have any option to plan time for different outlets to turn on and era. The pictures aim that the application has the icon of schedule, the real application does not have this option. The product is returned the Amazon .
4 / 5 Isreal
It was kinda of wary because of bad descriptions, but has thought will risk the phase of worse chance will return it. But setup was simple, well at least is for me. It connects with the cellphone, spend for the wizard, name your outlets. Then Alexa open, and add APC Skill of House. Taking roughly 5-10 mins. But like this far doing w/or he hitch! Say Alexa, 'Gone back was Monitor' and the turns was/on. An application has the characteristic to the turn was DIRECTED for when you are in the dark room, an only has the small directed ossia on, but no main covered it up with some tape the black was. Anyways Happy with some products.
Planning is there, but did not try it still.
5 / 5 Easter
The product can look bit it expensive to begin; this in spite of, shopping the only ready-cover he easily cost $ 24 and this calm give you 3 spent and 3 ready USB that comprises a lot of-ready all arise it protective. Very convenient and calm give you application of smartphone. It has purchased also an aim an and are posting same description there.

Top Customer Reviews: iXCC RCA Cable, 3ft ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Fae
I very seldom write descriptions in mine compraventa, but this produced motivated partorisca do an exception. When being the longitude-time audiophile this has been long dissatisfaction with a quality of build of audio more commercial interconnects, has finalised edifice the majority of the mine own big-the action interconnects, using big-components of finals (boss, connectors, has saldado, etc.) And manufacture the material and the technicians have learnt a lot of decades of implication in a creation and manufacture of the instrumentation of R&D advanced, as well as modifying and building my crew of own audio. So only a lot of infrequently finds an interconnect that it does not find some appearance of his creation or construction that has believed could benefit of mine 'tweaking'. This boss is an example of an exception to this principle. The component and the quality of build is both excellent and flawless, respectively, and comprise to the good functional enhancements likes him to him a bit bands of identification of solid canal in a RCA spent. The wise action, is sonically neutral, absolutely calm, and free of any noise or intermittent connectivity. In short, there was literally at all in this interconnect/adapter that would change, and partorisca me, this is saying extracted adds.
4 / 5 Carmine
The experience done some time and has connected a RCA connectors to the mine stereo amplifier, and has tried plugging a connector to several devices (telephones, reproductor of Mp3 etc). With some work, some he no, some have had a canal a lot another. Today again I have required the to RCA boss like excavations was, and again no with my mobile phone of Motorcycle later. It seats it likes of the discharges was so only not going far enough to some telephone jack to do all three connections - sinister audio, right audio, and earth. Curious, has researched a dimensional specs for one covers viril, has then measured one covers in mine IXCC boss - sure enough a estep' machined to a section of earth of a barrel of discharge (this does not control a depth of insertion in a socket) has measured .050 To .060 thumbs that was some sinister and right connections in a barrel everything in this far is gone in a female socket, and therefore not doing connection with some contacts in a female socket in a telephone. I expect that they have corrected this question in a product a late plus.
5 / 5 Tawnya
The boss adds for a prize, using he for an old plus BOSE Wave Radio and is doing marvels. reccommend
5 / 5 Noreen
This was better way in the each category that my last rca for my automobile stereo. Has less noise (the sound comes by means of with more than clarity, any sprain), the tomb is better, mids is not like this of a @@subject to the tune was (with my leading boss I always to to sense likes has had of the frequency could not exit of a mix), and highs is better also.

Looks to be an extremely big quality boss, likes the boss is fat as there is shielding, ossia to prize .

Has bought this with my own flippin money. And recommend it to any one.
5 / 5 Echo
Quality of excellent build, quickly shipping. Some delay of a USPS, but can not blame Amazon or iXCC for that.

Have the pair of vintage stereo receiver that has loved to use for audio of touch of my telephone. Of a start of a headphone jack in the ready telephone or the computer is quite one same likes the line Was signal of the coverage of tape or CD PLAYER, this boss has done exactly like this planned. In a receiver has used one To the PORT,. Another there has not been To the, as I have used a Tape Playback port. In both do both perfectly. A lot of pocolos if any sprain. Note that with all some devices have tried he with (Samsung Galaxy 5 and the pair of the different models besides old iPods) has had to turn a volume all a way until matching a volume of some other components in a stereo system.

Also would owe that the signal was that this probably no plugged to a PHONO jack in the typical stereo auricular. Levels of the cartridge of the phonograph is typically much lower that level of line, and stereo use it auricular a build- pre-amp to convert a signal to a level to line required by an amplifier. Plugging The line-device of level like the telephone or computer headphone jack to the Phono gone in overdrive a pre-amp, that causes sprain.
5 / 5 Roderick
A boss is a lot has built. Utilisation this with an iPhone 8+ with the lightning port adapter and 2015 Macbook Pro. A quality of his glorious east. A gold plated the connectors are excellent in deleting his static. A cord is almost free tangle. If it love quality of sound. Spent this. If it love static free, Spent this. If it love the service of client adds, spent this.

Remarce: I have not taken paid to write this description neither receives an element for free. I have bought an element and use it. The ones of the that writes descriptions often, if I , some produced is really awesome and big quality. Highly it recommends this by all the world any his of quality of a RCA to telephone jack. It maintains on a quality adds and service of exceptional client.
5 / 5 Laquanda
They are terribly disappointed in this 'big final' ixcc bosses. Of a moment I have begun to use his, turn LIKE THIS of the TIGHT to some female receptors of mine PA box that not even could say was all a way has connected. IMO, Has the 'well, snug returns', then there is concealed tight is hard to use' apt - and ossia the one who these bosses are. They were like this of the tight in fact, concealed to try to pull them was after the use, one returning around a PA the receptacle has broken was, rendering that port useless.
Can not testify to a difference of quality of the sound these could do reason was mortified like this and all-eaten to treat an access in these things. It has given up in these quickly and has gone back at least expensive cord that better record.
Will not buy never ixcc again been due to this subject. BUYER BEWARE!!!
5 / 5 Bernita
They are the DJ and has required the cord of discharges of new connection he in of the mobile devices to the mine mixer. I have found this while scrolling by means of Amazon and there is remarked that the looks well & has had well reviews so that it has ordered one. I have used he in the hour of cocktail of the pair and I connected it to the powered speaker. I have used my telephone to touch the songlist that had prepared and has left the career. A cord was a lot of-quality spent done and had in both ends. A quality of sound was awesome and a 6ft the period gave abundance of slack to situate my device in the sure location. They are very happy with a compraventa and would recommend this product to any one looking for the cord of quality to connect his devices to a source of audio.
4 / 5 Carly
Like the mobile DJ, uses the plot of different bosses. They are always in a lookout for bosses that is not so only does well, but some concealed is supple enough to be easily coiled and has tent. A lot of the new bosses are rigid and there is soyemory' that his difficult fact to wind, but these no! They are súper very done but pliable and easy to coil. A quality of his this like this well like any one another boss and I appreciate some tips of gold. It choose this in any othe RCA has used.

Has found this useful description pleases the like this useful mark :)
4 / 5 Pilar
Very produced well. I have bought these to connect the small office stereo box, to the Mp3 docking canal, and no attended spent he these in and was all this a lot-- a docking the cures of canal of this little cry.

Has combined this boss with the pair of right-corner (gold plated, purportedly) covers him and is the together very good. This look to be fact a lot well, an external plastic jacket has the satin a lot of chair (any shiny). It feels of the main quality that the jacket of your typical boss (which is typically PVC or polyethylene of low density). These look for to be facts of the sturdier material.

An accident and right RCA spent each one has the red or white coverage, how has been rule for decades in of the components of audio. A colored the coverages are subdued, but easily identifiable in of the dark spaces (how is often a chance when you are poking for behind the stereo box). Had any relief of tension in any of these, this in spite of-- I asks that this will affect a longevity. No a subject for me, as no appearance to change these very thick.

One 1/8' stereo spent there has been the black coverage (resembled a RCA the coverages of discharges he, so only black) and looked to be a lot has done. Again, there is remarked that has had any relief of tension among the organism of one covers and a boss he. It can affect longevity, if used for rough service. I do not expect it concealed to be a subject with my situation, this in spite of.

Some measures of all am matched my crew perfectly, as it boasts is until level of industry. There is remarked that a RCA jacks' the look of external connectors to be especially sturdy; any simply 4 layer-tabs of metal how is like this common with RCA spent of type, but look to be the machined coverage of the heaviest metal. This gives each canal the better connection, so that has more the pressure among one covers and a jack.

Is now a lot -colored, purportedly gold plated, but with a prize of this boss, and a prize of gold, has my doubts the one who the real gold has been used-- this in spite of, if calm any discharges and of the-discharges the boss frequently, does not have to that be a @subject @ in all the chance.

Has done enough well with my cradle of Mp3, and with the small Bluetooth adapter (that deports the level 1/8' stereo jack). It can not relieve any subject with a force of signal of the audio with any device.

He, would buy these again, if I have required the conjoint second.

Final observation: These compare a lot of favorably with a Microsoft original Zune conjoint of boss--that was it the element of prize that had been comprised with one prepares Zune docking canal. An only difference, of course, was that a CROWN the boss there has been 3 starts: accident (white), right (red) and video (yellow). And, of course, one 1/8' discharges there has been 4 managers to accommodate an extra signal. These bosses looked to be of the very alike quality and feel.

The time will say if a lack of relief of tension among an organism of some discharge, and a boss, will result a subject. No the appearance to be, as this will not be rough service.

Top Customer Reviews: Belkin ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Antonina
Used partorisca connect my lightning of Beaten headphone to the mine iPad New Pro with USB-C.
So only four stars because it find it partorisca be too expensive partorisca the compraventa of alone purpose.
5 / 5 Tula
He Love an ear of iPhone buds but can do not to use them in yours Android this will solve your question.
4 / 5 Alanna
This adapter is very limited in functions. It looks the only work in MacBooks and any MacBook Pros still although his both have USB-C jacks. Probably because of a be of chip of the security in a Pro but am not totally sure? Everything knows is that has thinks that that this would do in the MacBook Pro but he no.

He , this in spite of, the work likes feigned in an iPad Pro. He no, this in spite of, the work when has regulate it EarPod has attached to the Lightning to 3.5 mm headphone jack the adapter has attached to this adapter.

Basically, an only two uses to spend so the money is so only so that it calms that can use on the MacBook (any Pro) and iPad Pro with EarPods. Ossia Ridiculous. So only it can go to buy an USB of Apple-C to 3.5 mm Adapter for the fraction of the like this cost and use any headphones, comprising of the old EarPods with one 3.5 mm jacks.

Update 12/1/19:
Like this, looks that this adapter is supposition to do with MacBook Pros also but for some reason, he a lot on mine. I will require the troubleshoot with Belkin as to reason. I will update later with which listens behind them.

Update 12/11/19:
after speaking the Belkin lean of technology/of service of client partorisca in an hour and jumping by means of the little hoops, his finally agreed to send the substitution. Before it have received a substitution, this in spite of, has imagined out of a subject with an adapter not doing in mine MacBook Pro. I do not know reason Belkin the support has not known this but any any one uses this in his MacBooks will require to do east: you will require to change some settings of start in some preferences of system. It goes to start with of the his =>of Preferences =>of the system =>Exited of Adapter of Audio of Lightning. Cela Will do . I go to augment my indications the bit of this adapter that says it will do, specifically, leave you to use your lightning EarPods to do on iPad Pros and MacBooks. This in spite of, as I have declared sooner in my description, a lot enough buys the USB-C to 3.5 mm adapter for the fraction of a prize of Apple and be able to use any level 3.5 mm auricular in these devices. Any only that, he 3.5 mm headphone jack is built to all MacBooks so that it is not that it loses the port.
4 / 5 Dia
Is drawn to do the done and that does a lot well. There is not adapter a lot a lot like this concealed has sinister accessories of use of iPhone in an USB-C port in an iPad Pro. My only flu is that the thickness is... Probably it has to that be to house an electronics but has an iPad Pro wife that has an oval yard-was has taken an USB-C jack, guarantees a hole of the chance will not be quite big. I carved open a hole in a chance for my iPad Pro with an Exact knife to accommodate covers it quite fat in the boss, but this Belkin adapter any included approached to return. If has the chance that exposes the part of the centre of an inferior flange, or does not use the chance at all, any question, law.
5 / 5 Elois
This adapter is leaves the together of earbuds with discharges he of lightning to be used with the Windows 10 laptop and the Mac Mini. Still although an information impresa in a box declares a device is done for iPad Pro and MacBook Pro the hips act with Windows 10 is built-in USB headphone sustain.

One same is true of a Mac Mini using macOS Catalina. I have connected to two Windows different 10 laptops the together with a Mac Mini and a sound is like this as well as it is when using an iPhone. Like this now I can use a same pair of earbuds with the wide row of crew. Surpass my expectations.
4 / 5 Roni
Am using this Belkin adapter to leave me to use my Lightning earphones in mine Acer Chromebook, and work instantly without any setup or the engine has required. The same leave me use a microphone in a earphones like an entrance of audio my Chromebook. Work perfectly for me like this to good sure would recommend it! I am guessing the connections of Lightning will be obsolete the year or two, like this the adapter will leave volume more life out of Lightning your earphones.
4 / 5 Joslyn
Transmissions Needs your port of Lightning in your product of Apple to the USB-C fashionable connector this will take a work done. It is compact, light and hard.

An adapter is very small as no among a way. I have not had any subject with him at all.

Belkin The material adds, need an adapter, take a Belkin.
5 / 5 Kasi
I use bluetooth headphones these days, but this adapter is good to have manually for when a battery in some other short was and I needs to use my wire fence some while a bluetooth some touch. To good sure recommend this to any one looking for the use!
5 / 5 Annita
Ossia The way adds to use these bundled auricular of Lightning of the Apple with the USB more rule-C discharges. An organism is quell'has bitten big that the micro-USB to write of Apple of the Lightning of still adapter reference.
5 / 5 Allene
Ciao I has purchased this Anker usb-c to adapter of audio of the lightning he 17 September. An end of lightning was too big. It looks the usb-c port. I want to order a Belkin mfi-certified rockstar audio of lightning to usb-c adapter. But I do not want to squander another $ 30. I am using the iPad of Apple Pro with usb-c the port has connected to the lightning DJ controller. It is a fine female (final of lightning) the for real compatible connection. Thank you Floyd

Top Customer Reviews: AmazonBasics 3.5 mm ...

Rating: 2 out of 5 with 10 ratings
2 / 5 Tania
The tan varied other descriptions a coating of money that says 'Amazon basics' unglued and slide behind but now that is been only in six month everything of a wiring is come exposed... Perhaps it was only the defective element that took but for a bit the uses gave it would have expected lasted it much more. In a side besides, before it begins to come the waste has done the add !!
1 / 5 Nia
Usually the does not like me to give 1 of star, but sound a security of this cape is in question. And when his that could admit it your real health for the product, merit very only or stars.

Has bought this cape for some headphones of big final. An old cape was only the tad too down. An audio has been very so of the few days to write, BUT a rest of an experience was painful to say a less.

Some finals of a cord is not properly protected, and can spend an electrical load. Anything in prjimo the proximity will be impacted. This comprises objects closely of metal (obviously), as well as anything concealed can take an electrical load. In my case, this meaning if an end was anywhere afterwards in rind of mine, has taken the accident in of the llamas . That is to say the multiple time spent , so much in my ear and of the zones of collar. To be clear, a sense of the load like the hair was yanked was. Only after several minutes at the end conclude that a cord literally impacted me. I have used some change electrical tape to isolate a final, and this looked to do, but is not taking any casualidad with this product. A moment I can take another cord, is by train to purchase it.

First time that amazon of uses basics, and has taken literally burned. No the road adds to start with the relation.
2 / 5 Leon
Some descriptions for this cape any one really does it justice, AmazonBasics provided me already the reliable election for capes. This cape was exactly that purchase, he 3.5 mm cape that is not meant to be used for purpose where the the audio is crossing more concealed 1 source. For my house setup is running through two devices of audio, which usually do not cause a Feedback of Audio 'Hum' in my headphones, but with these marks of cape. You have to buy the earth to have sees was, or change in your beginning of entrances/of the audio to isolate and the fix.

Calm only necessity this cape for speakers, car radio, etc. 100% but the, if it is for anything concealed is complicated more than concealed, purchases the expensive plus, cape of big quality and saves a problem.
4 / 5 Jenae
I have bought this to the cape to use with my Galaxy of Samsung S9 and my aftermarket cart stereo.

Afterwards initial, careful opened of a box of goleada, spent a the neatly locate back cape in the circle with two slightly embroiled bonds of transfer inside a unsealed plastic stock exchange. Some looks of good cord enough, but immediately could say is material very economic , which are well, take this cape was $ 5.00. Some connectors looked and listened very well for the this was and would have to take a work to have that clear fact for me. Some access of connectors appropriately well in my devices.

Thinks that a quality of his east well and has not had to turn some connectors around while the musician is game . Admitted, is not the quality of his well declare how speakers a musician is touching through these 18 years. Still kicking!
5 / 5 Venetta
This six cape of feet has done perfectly and is very done, but was too down, and in planting to do a right thing and exchanging he for the long plus an I strung among a computer and a television, leaving hangs the few feet above a fund. It opens HAS the ten cape of feet these lies in a fund, only am that it copies a party of a description of this cape that cat in that past when tripped strongly in an also-small a:

'A AmazonBasics the cape is very robust, but directed to break a premier a bought so that in 6 feet was also down in lie in a fund, he doing unavoidable that at the end would trip in the. Frankly it was happy that a displayport carried he in a 6 cape of feet has broken has been in planting to attack a computer in a fund. Felizmente A 10 cape of lies of feet in a fund, and now is the happy little camp. I actuate A lot another AmazonBasics capes that does not have data me never any problem, as I am sure that that is to say a last cape will require.'

While it can see calm consider it the characteristic, no the insect, that a mini displayport covers it has broken has been in planting to clash my computer in a fund after I blundered strongly in him. You can prefer that your capes survive your squad, but that it is until you...
4 / 5 Aracelis
I have purchased this cape 3 month ago.
Has looked for the cheap cape for my woman to connect his telephone in the one of the west.

- Any interference, any hissing (still when twisting a cape)
- Robust
- does not look cheap

- A barrel of money of a terminal to cover casing when being so plastic.

- The cape regulates of 3 powder (3-pole = 2 black bars; the cape of 4 powder 3 black bars). In this way that has the canal for a Right audio, the audio Left, and an earth. Any one another can transmit the data (and.G: microphone).
- Has purchased some 2 feet (0.6 metres). It thinks two times before ordering this period; that is to say down!

Donat A prize, would recommend this cape in any one looking for the basic product, still of well manufacture.'
4 / 5 Ji
Nice that cape of looks but mine ruptured in a barrel to contact after 4 month. It sees photo for details. Perhaps they are not of the meanings for heat of Florida?

In his service of client of Amazon to regulate immediately overnighted me another cape without the questions has asked. I will use of it is an interior .
5 / 5 Dominque
I add AmazonBasics cape 3.5mm of two feet for five bucks. I took this to connect of a earphone jack in my iphone in a to the jack in my cart. That is well in some cover for this cape is that they each which so it can return in a hole in a bumper/of case that goes in snuggly insert all a road in a earphone jack in my iphone. Mina ANOTHER old 3.5mm the cape hardly does in and like the result loses connection once while. But some covers by so new perfect AmazonBasics access 3.5mm of cape amiably in a hole in a bumper/of case that goes in a jack in mine iphone. Highly recommended taking this cape 3.5mm.
1 / 5 Toccara
To be fair, alloy in a tlphonique and in a stereo. It transmits audio among devices. A quality of his terrible east. It IS calm, crack and explosions, and looks to fall. Further, a fittings the defective or irregular looks. Has another to the cape that use regularly. Has at least 10 years. I actuate Still to experience any subjects. I have bought this cape of Amazon like the substitution, anticipating failure in some point. Amazon Basics The products are usually very very done and function fantastically. I think that this to the the cape is an exception in a rule.
1 / 5 Tomi
I have tried only unplug this, probably for a first time, and a connector of the gold decoupled of an accommodation of money in an end of a cape--fell it basically averts in my hands. The amazon says it only has to 1 guarantee of year so also bad. It IS only the $ 5 cape, but very does not have to is fallen eschew after two years with zero wear and tear ( is been plugged in a backside of the stereo, intact). I am sure yes it has the plastic accommodation has adapted cheap in place of an elegant silvery metal a the would not have broken . It finds the cape to buy that it looks mere, any one this.

Top Customer Reviews: Tripp Lite 12 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Suzie
Way: 7 Outlet + Outlet the control IS arises protective was so only 4 month when it fail our TV of old year. Inside the minutes of a power arises odorati the smell of electrical bosses in of the llamas and there is give come from our TV. A TV was no longer operable together with our bar of sound. I have jumped by means of an along hoops dips has gone by Tripp Lite and has had to that spend $ 12 to send the mine arises protective to them to try. Surprised! They have tried some arisen protective and has said his any one honour his guarantee because one arises protective has has not aimed signs of the arises. THE documentation had included of our electrical company that verifies had had a outage and subsequent arises first just minutes of a smell of bosses in of the llamas. Tripp Lite Does not try one arises protective with an aim 3rd party. A testing has been done 'house-' to the equal that go to find of course that one arises protective has not failed. I have wanted to share my experience with this company so that another can do a decision has informed. Everything of one arises protectors in our house was Tripp Lite reason thought that it could trust him. Now I will have a cost added to substitute them everything. I have not been for behind his product and are was almost $ 800. A fast google the investigation aims that this is to spend to another. The experience of the each person with a process/of the claim of the guarantee was exactly like mine. A client has sent some arisen protective (likes request for Tripp Lite) and any 'question' has been found and for this any guarantee was honored.
5 / 5 Bobby
Way: 7 Outlet + Outlet Controls This has begun on fire. We take in April and is now December 12th. One arises protective has not done and only dulcemente maintain to burn until we could imagine was where a smell has catered. My familiar and the house was in the risk been due to is the fault to do.
4 / 5 Carma
Way: 1 Outlet Covers Direct-has contacted Tripp Lite considering of the east A Tripp Lite 1 Outlet Portable IS ARISEN Launches of Protective Power, because of a number of descriptions posted the Amazon that overheating of report and that the burns have associated with this product. Tripp Lite Has not been able to resupply any documentation to specify that A Tripp Lite 1 Outlet Portable IS ARISEN the launches of Protective Power interrupt has beaten to one has has connected devices and/or resupply a lot another sure way to fail when one arises the protective element has been eaten. In another hand, a Tripp Lite Isobar 2 Tripp Lite Isobar 2 Outlet Arises Protective Games to Be able to, the discharges Direct In, Metal, Lifetime has Limited has guaranteeed & $ 10,000 INSURANCE (ISOBLOK2-0) incorporates the thermal sure failure that melts and will cut was can to all the receptacles when it is no longer able to treat can arises exclusion. I am returned to Amazon a a Tripp Lite 1 Outlet Portable IS ARISEN Bidding of Protective Power and has purchased instead a Tripp Lite Isobar 2. I create a Tripp Lite Tripp Lite Isobar 2 is a lot of value an extra cost.
5 / 5 Renaldo
Way: 7 Outlet Poor construction. Serious fire Hazard.
So only some connections in a joint of small circuit has been soldered, and a neutral boss has been lost entirely.
All of some remaining connections are something only welded and no very well.
IS my opinion that everything of these would have to that be take to be the serious fire hazard.
5 / 5 Tanesha
Way: 1 Outlet Covers Direct-in this work of things! Had can arise it or somesort. Anything any in these were toasted . Anything plugged to these is fully operational.
4 / 5 Gaylord
Way: 6 Rotatable Outlet Covers Direct-in this thing will burn your house down after using for awhile !!!! After the mine of year has taken hot and has melted !!!!
5 / 5 Corinna
Way: 3 Outlet Covers Direct-in Partorisca these thar is curious, is quell'has bitten big like need to go in the upper socket or he will block a second outlet. Also it means that partorisca use a precise inferior socket does sure of the discharges is small, alternate the option is partorisca take another outlet/discharges that converts 1 discharges of more ossia shorter and will vary with the remote these some estacas was.
4 / 5 Milo
Way: 7 Outlet + Outlet Controls Ossia a first time that has found arises it protective the nude power concealed to leave me transmission very only of a whole band but I also leave me choose transmission of only sure outlets.

Finds this a lot of gain in diverse something around a house, for example, in an of the mine tvs, has the Fire, the Chromecast and the Roku dongle (the redundant bit knows ;) ) and it does not wish partorisca have any of them on unless into use. Really it likes that easily I can turn of a power on and has gone to a one that am using without unplugging it. Also it appreciates having a always on' outlet.

Has has ordered so only another partorisca use mainly like the canal partorisca touch. They like him leave spent of the adapters in a game so that so only owe that attach devices. Respecto On a possibility of the free boss any attached to the device that takes an attention of the pet. When being able to change adapters partorisca touch no in the use will give me additional peace of alcohol.

A six cord of feet is a lot of sturdy and this Tripp Lite arises protective the band has a UL to the focus has certified in a fund.
5 / 5 Roseanna
Way: 6 Rotatable Outlet Covers Direct-in With which the little the year and half and paralizaciones partorisca do and is filtering something out of him.

Can not take a tripp lite company partorisca answer to an email has seen his web of place.

The Neither likes partorisca remain in one covers main when take other discharges of a unit.

DOES not RECOMMEND this element.
4 / 5 Beverlee
Way: 3 Outlet Covers Direct-in the d quite speak to his service of client, but can not find link he anywhere. Bought this specifically because it is guaranteed to do and has esure', but he so only done 2 weeks have had an electrical storm and my telephone and roku was any strikes of lightning close at all. A green light is still on, like this are them by train to ask me : A) like this spent and B) that explodes them a esure' to substitute my electronic has fried?