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Top Customer Reviews: Perky-Pet 312B Blue ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
I adore a look of this feeder. A perch is wide and some birds love it. This in spite of, has the defect of manufacture. A 'ceiling' and the base is done of metal. The this rigid base goes small, brittle plastic feet partorisca sustain a plastic organism.

A feeder of the prime minister arrived with one of these feet broken, probably partorisca be tossed around in the box roughly 10 big times. The amazon has sent the substitution, which have fill with seeds and hanged in the hook of the shepherd in a gram. It has to that the be be attack down for the squirrel or the big bird, has fallen in a herb, and one of an economic few plastic feet thingies has broken. Again. (A bit the bits broken are underlined in yellow in some photos.)

The costruttrici really would owe that use better quality plastic parts. Need of feeders of the bird partorisca be moderately sturdy to withstand a lot so only one alfresco, but a rough and tumble of birds and squirrels. As they are behind partorisca use my shabby feeder and plastic turn that it is 30 years , has fallen multiple time, and still resists near perfectly.
5 / 5
Very happy with east! It looks quite sturdy and well - substantial, but no too heavy. I have had some little chickadees visiting it interior 24 hours of the places up! ( It is easy to fill, hastens also so only a bit key in a half of a lid and a lid 'to the left goes of a boss and appeal up.)

Knows does not have all some bells and whistles of some of an elder/of heavy/squirrel-feeders of test, but for the enthusiast of new bird (or any in a record), is perfect! More, is quite light and quite small to do well with my new Sheppard pole of feeder of bird of hook and my hook of hanger of the plant.


happy Closing with east, BUT be conscious that a bit hole where some attractive of boss by means of in some leaves of cup moisture in when it rains. If has the tonne of birds that spends for to feed quickly, can not be a subject, but does not have like this very a lot and after the weeks of pair, had it moldy clump of birdseed inner. Alive to Portland this in spite of, as this can not be a subject in the dry climate plus.

Is not enough, but has added it wad of foil of aluminium around a boss in a the hole and this looks to be doing to maintain a moisture was. More, a wad of the slips of foil on a boss easily when I need the transmission.
5 / 5
Inner 3 days to dip this on, has had each bird in a neighbourhood that eats well out of my window of cookery. It is simple, durable, easy to fill and cleaned, and resist the good quantity of seeds.

An only downside is that it is not squirrel-try at all. Almost it took it pic of the squirrel that does gymnastics on that. I have finalised spraying a perch/of drives with canola oil and now some squirrels fall off; as I guess a small question has been solved.
5 / 5
The works add like this far, finches loves it and a creation is such that a morning doves is unable to take to a perch and the camp were. I have used to use the feeder of type of the bowl, but a morning doves so only would live in this thing, now they a cleanup in some subordinated and a finches is able to enjoy a feeder. A unit has ordered was all busted up in a base, but to the amazon has done to the transmission experiences it easier has not spent never stops; second unit in perfect working mandate. I need the hook or something to hang he of, has used the piece done bent of hanger of discharge.
5 / 5
Am not impressed easily but Ossia the really fresh little feeder!

A tube is very easy to fill and a short also can be attached a lot easily to a tube. I have it remarked has had it enough the few complaints in a be upper 'broken' or buyers a lot when being pas able to attach it to an organism of a feeder. The majority of these claims are not some. To be just, Perky to the pet has has not comprised instructions on like this to attach a cup, but c soyencima, is not science of rocket. One beats upper has attached for the situate in an organism and then depressing a small key while pulling UP in a hook of boss that hangs. Doing this will close a feeder in place and the leave to hang freely without tilting and spills it one took everything of 30 seconds to imagine this was.

Here is a Pros and Gilipollas of this product:

1) Easy to gather and hang.
2) Mostly squirrel-try while it is hanged correctly. Some squirrels of only way can access one feeds is for striking a boss to hang to cause one feeds to spill to an earth. But although they direct to do is, does not take any a lot of and included then so only when a feeder is mostly empty.
3) The birds absolutely LOVE this thing.
4) Resists on well a time. A short of the mine has aimed the little wear of some elements but is still very functional.

1) Some spillage will arrive. A more under a quantity of a lunch in a tube, one more prone is to tilting and in amazing. It is still quite minimum.
2) A feeder is really so only feigned for small birds like finches and cardinal. This has said, some blue jays in our zone still gravitate to this thing quite regularly. Unfortunately, reason some jays are moderately main (and messier) the birds will tend to tilt and scatter one feeds more than those smaller birds. Again, you can reduce a tilting considerably to maintain it full of seeds. It likes to take emptier, spillage will be pronounced more but still very bad.

Inferior line - BUY THIS FEEDER - is the shot adds for a money and will look ADDS in yours plus of yard will be the hero to birds everywhere.
4 / 5
All plastic but very built and to to him some birds like to of him while some squirrels are frustrated with him. A light the easy fact to hang. Good addition to a coverage railing and more the birds mean fewer bugs.
5 / 5
This looks the good creation for birds that is so only bit it too big for the feeder of tube with short perches, like some cardinals. Has blue jays in a side a small plus here the Head office of East Florida, and can use this feeder easily to the equal that can mockingbirds. It has taken the stock exchange of chips of sunflower for him, unsure if seeds w/hulls would flow well.

Came it a lot-protected in the bubble on, and have known of having the feeder looked before a trick is to rotate an upper piece so that when a boss is snugged against a cup, take the sure record. Included that follows some strong thunderstorms, has not had to clear out of seeds of a paving.

A blue is a lot enough among a greenery of a tree there is hanged he of, and some birds there is it remarked inner so only the few hours! I go to take the second a to try to deceive some birds plus very next like my main mamma can look him of the his recliner in his chamber.
4 / 5
Amur A feeder of bird but does not maintain some squirrels was unless has a ingenuity . But, some birds want to doves now is taking the look in him that tries to find the way to balance.
4 / 5
Ossia quell'Good feeder , and a feathered the friends in ours look of yard for the enjoy. A question is with an arrival. That was once the very quite arrived to bronze quickly resulted extremely weathered (of small bad time a lot of, could add), dulls, coffins arrived of metal. It is no longer smooth and difficult to clean, like rough texture 'grabs' bird poop and will not leave to go. Stains A lot easily, as any poop that the swipes will leave the stain. This is resulted in the a lot of splotchy, dulls, ugly arrival. They are so only while to a ceiling to start with to corrode.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. These are utmost feeders . So only it has taken 2 of them and they have arrived today. I have bought these to substitute the pair of feeders has bought of Lowe is. A Lowe the feeders were quite but some holes where some starts of lunch was too tiny. Some holes in these is a lot of sized and any starts of alimentary place easily and easily. While they are not sĆŗper artistic looking is very drawn, sturdy and well has done. They are also the good weight and really likes me a coated hanger/of boss of the metal. The birds have come to them immediately. I have ordered so only 2 more. Obviously I did not clean him still to the equal that are new mark , but looks will clean so only well. I am dipping seeds of sunflower of black oil in some 2 feeders have on dipped today but probably will fill one 2 I has ordered today with the mixes/of millet of the corn broken in an and of the pieces of die of the hazel in another. Highly recommend these.

Top Customer Reviews: Kaytee Finch Feeder ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
I have bought this one and he Kaytee Canal of Diet 2 with which this a constantly was has devoured seeds.

Has taken the stock exchange of Seeds of Sunflower of Black Oil and plants him by means of my blender.

A more economic seed partorisca buy, hard longer that and a Seed of Niger and a Finches the eat up!!
5 / 5
Has not been sure if this would cost of the money, when compared to so only purchasing some socks of thistle like this usually do. My thought was; ' really I need a plastic dome?' A thing I like better in this feeder is while easier ossia partorisca fill that some socks without some domes but the profit that has not anticipated was that a dome maintains some squirrels partorisca hang in some average and chewing holes in an average.
5 / 5
Like this almost all the majority of world-wide said, some birds want to these. A thing I amour in these is the one who easy full. If it calms it has not tried never to fill the finch half with seeds before it knows does always a potential for the disorder. There is any filling of disorder these. A fast transfer to release a latch and then slide a coverage on a boss ( place of rests), fill an average and an upper funnel for the bit of extra, slide a coverage has retreated down, movement the latch, fact. Any seed spilt.
4 / 5
Has taken this and has fill he with wagner nyjer seed. It substitutes the only simple finch mediates that has fill with walmart has sold nyjer seed.

Are very pleased with him, was also very pleased when I have seen a an I has taken was yellow. It have found some information that calms alleged can attract more goldfinches with a yellow colour.

Has seen the mine looks a picture except a yellow colour in place of green.

I also like a fact that the difference of the feeders of simple average is has the hopper in a cup, in this way can fill a hopper and some socks remain full like the birds eat. When I took It in the first place I have remarked some feed done his way out of a hopper and I have assumed was been due to me using it bad, but to the majority of next inspection sees does 4 clips that control a clear part of a hopper in tight, 1 of some 4 looks broken, as I will buy another of these (I needs another feeder in all the chance) and return an old one finds a new a does not have the 4th clip broken. With a number of finches take a hopper goes of plenary to roughly 1/5 the alone day, as I have to fill daily. A hopper resists enough the plot to feed, how is to good sure populate with a finches.

Has dipped the clear longitude finch feeder a lot afterwards to the east an and so only use it if there is not any room for more finches is a (or has an aggressive finch this thinks that precise more room). Perhaps it has to that arrived to take the 2nd an of these, but taste give my variety of birds.

Modification: it has not been but perhaps 1 or 2 days have written of a description and already some birds have emptied a hopper and roughly 1/4 of one of some socks the alone day. I have bought one 10 lb stock exchange of nyjer feed when I have bought a feeder, and I so only emptied this stock exchange. It is roughly be 8.5 days (.5 it Is reason are writing this in a morning and I took it shipped in an evening) and has used already on an integer 10 lb stock exchange to feed. Has another type of finch feed that I have not used a stock exchange discovers of closing. The supposition will take to see is one feeds or a feeder that mark a band of birds to this thing. I have used a last of my old stock exchange to feed which has fill perhaps 1/4-1/3 of a hopper, fill then a rest of a way with another type to feed, shipping in my new stock exchange to feed is expected for 2.5 days of now, as I imagine will take roughly 2 value of days to try in 2nd feeds type. Probably I will update this description again once that the test is done. It looks to take more finches that other people speak roughly or video of pictures/of the estaca of, perhaps his alive reason in the city of small agriculture while the majority of some another probably alive in of the half urban means. I am debating taking the camera and taking pictures of some feeders in action to upload here, if probably I will not be sĆŗper pictures of big quality reason am not quite rich to take the camera of big final.

To the final Modifies: I am quite sure to touch a feeder and any one feed concealed attracts some birds because I included with me using mine 2nd type of finch feed (which is not 100 nyjer like a prime minister a) still has taken the tonne of finches. This time I in fact taken MORE finches, but think that is reason have had so only the snowstorm spends of longitude. After a snowstorm a finches emptied a hopper and emptied roughly 2/3 of the each feeder of average that leaves so many socks on 1/3 plenaries lol. Mina 2nd less feeder populate has taken the plot more action today too much.

According to which my diet to experience finches looks that prefers feeders that is a lot of neighbour the trees. When I have moved my pole of the most next feeder to the tree a number of finches in mine feeders have augmented. Also they like him go in the big groups, as you want to finches need the plot of places for them the perch and eat, if only calm the small finch the feeder then will spend your house on and go to somewhere more. As the one who feed look to prefer nyjer or the mix of nyjer and hearts of sunflower. Also they look to like a yellow colour. So only I am giving these tips for people that would like me the finch diet because I took at least the averages the year before I have begun to take number big of finches reasons I almost each one which of these bad tips :p has read also likes him coneflowers of east has gone to seed. I am debating that it grows some coneflowers in my house this year. Coneflowers Also apparently decoy hummingbirds (and pollenating bees) before they go to seed.
4 / 5
Like this unhappy with east! A day! Not even one the whole day and some squirrels rasgaron entirely an average. I am going back to use some feeders of tube. At least poden does not touch everything in an earth.
4 / 5
Has possessed this for two years and attracts big groups of finches. I have been using thistle/nyjer seed of a tent of discount and has not experienced any subjects with the loss of excessive seed likes some reviewers has mentioned. My feeder is hanged of the hook of coverage that clamps to a coverage railing. Unfortunately this does an easily accessible feeder the curious squirrels and of the occasional raccoon. They have chewed by means of some average but this can be easily mended with the bond of zip or bond of transfer of the loaf of bread or anything inserted by means of a point. Some socks can be washes in a washer with the load of towel when they litter . There are two socks comprised and took on the year of a prime minister a forward to require a transmission. The extra socks are sold here on Amazon also. In my experience and speak to another hobbyists has found that finches is a lot of picky in a seed and will avert take stale or too old. I have found it is useful to express an average each pair of days and especially after the rain to maintain a free seed and prevent clumping. This usually maintains some birds around and has interested. They are in accordance with another reviewer that a hanger of boss is too long this in spite of this is remedied easily to join he in the knot or using the bond of zip. One the smallest complaint is that a short can be difficult sometimes to marry until some notches to close when closing up after filing. In general I have a lot of state pleased with this feeder.
5 / 5
This simple finch the feeder is easy to dip up and a lot so only do now a lot finches love the, like this do chickadees and house finches. A gold finches likes to hang in an average and eat leisurely so that it takes the plot to see of bird. I have bought another mark of nyjer seed and at the beginning when full on an average, some seeds look to slip by means of some holes. I have called Kaytee and has said his nyjer the seed is slightly main. Any so much. I have compared my nyjer seed with his mark and looks to be a same measure. More there is @@give late that when I fill an average on half full or more, a pressure of a seed presses him against an average and do not fall era. I advise to fill an average inside a stock exchange of seeds, or in the container like the something to take a seed that goes to the failure some holes like six by train of the fill up. I hang of the mine gutter reason apparently Kaytee the consultor maintains the out of other feeders. As I hooked the small canal that is coming with the suet feeder to a flange of the mine gutter and has then slipped a loop of a feeder is hanging cord to an end of the clip of a canal.
4 / 5
A lot the seed has squandered little with this feeder and some birds want to - especially a finches. Has another feeder that is the plastic tube that has perches and holes for some birds to stick his bosses to. With this feeder some spill of the seeds were the earth in enormous battery - so much is squandered! With a feeder of average some birds consume the majority of that take and a lot little is spilt in an earth.
5 / 5
Has been using esocks of thistle' to feed a finches in my yard for the long time now. One some have been using is disposable ocks' fill with seeds of thistle that is available in grocery tents partorisca around $ 4-$ 5. Some birds love.

Like this when I have seen a KAYTEE FINCH CANAL 2, has decided to give comes from it. It is considerably main that a disposable the socks have been buying, and imagined it would save me time and money in a long career.

A feeder is easy to dip on -- all has gone back a thing to the rovescio, asks some elastic cup of a two ocks' on some coverages in a canal to fill, and then hang a feeder. The seed of thistle is touched easily to a feeder once is hanged, and some two socks fill on quickly. A reservoir in a cup of a canal resists seed of additional thistle, which falls to some socks like this of the birds feed.

Has had is in slope of my coverage for two weeks now. A finches comes, but no in some numbers his first . I go it to give more time, but some look of birds bit it postponed for an appearance of a feeder (those looks to the bit likes a bit class of creature of alien!). Certainly I have not seen some numbers of finches pictured in a box!

An another negative -- like this aimed has gone by some another reviewers, a weave of a cloth to signal used for some socks is quell'has bitten too open, so that the seed of thistle tends to the fall was like the feeder is fill and like this birds hop around in some socks. It do not say a thistle 'the games was,' and does not think enough is lost to denied the good points of a feeder. But also they are asking if an open weave of a cloth has been deterring a finches. They have looked really to like a disposable the better socks.

In general, this is not the bad feeder, and a prize here in the amazon is very attractive ( has seen a feeder still for sale in the tent of local hardware for $ 17). It comes with two extra ocks,' that would have to go in it handy.

UPDATE: A finches looks for having taken used to a feeder -- take the week or like this, but now have abundance of birds. I can not it say has not seen never to to anything likes them to them one steps aimed in a picture in a box -- in fact, am not sure that a lot of birds could really returned in this thing. A esocks' is quite thin and long, and more than four or five birds would be fill enough. But those that are not able to find the abonos perching the something will expect his turn in a coverage railing. As has abundance to paint finches for entertainment of mine!

2nd UPDATE (9/10/2011): WELL, now it thinks ALL a finches in a state of Maryland is in mine backyard! I see 20 or more than his filled to this feeder the majority of a time, with more in some trees while to the casualidad to grab the something. As they are upping some stars to four ( is five, but for a too-big weave of a point).
5 / 5
Mina goldfinches really loves this canal of diet of the average, but unfortunately, so that some squirrels. If I have had JUST birds, would say that tolerance on really well, but no for socks in the each few days bec4the the tear of the squirrels by means of some subordinated seam & there it is bitten was one of a plastic prongs that control on an average. When they Chew in a seams, I just knot on on the one hand inferior & this'll fix it until rasgan pierce it more on an average. Felizmente, has chewed so only was a prong in a cup & still it resists an average on enough well. Also, so only I fill an average with seeds of thistle, which to to the squirrels apparently do not like , but the supposition of his curiosity takes a better of them.
I really do like this feeder - is preferred by mine finches in the feeder of traditional bird, but has taken was some stars been due to my question of squirrel & the desire was done out of metal as they could not chew went in. If I have not had any question of naughty squirrel, would give it 5-stars.

Top Customer Reviews: Lixit Glass Water ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 40 ratings
5 / 5
It takes this for my guinea pigs so that it is very similar in a glass Kaytee can have them used in some pasts and has liked him. The calm can not say in a picture in a listing but he have the flat back and the level of water of afloat indicator of wry. If it is it is familiar with a Kaytee the waters bounced of the glass, probably know that a nozzels in those very always varies properly (once screwed on can signal to be has been in a side in place of a front, will know that I bad has had one of these) this boat deletes that problem that is the enormous reason prefers these. It opens So that it has had the filter can be so that it is by train to fill you some few pots to water each one way up. Some instructions say to do that, EVEN SO so that has has used the water bounced of the glass for years knows that there it require it when being quite 1-2 inches of air in in an upper to create the pertinent vaccuum focus to prevent drips and water of leaves to dispense properly. So much, it LEAVES An EMPTY INCH also once plants a boat in a cage, paste a wheel quite 10 times with your toe for the take that they go and would not have to have any problem.
4 / 5
A lot it prefers some bounced of glass, so that to to any one like him to him his one contrives of plastic molecules sloughing has been in a water. As That read, this spends hurriedly, esp. In alone, waters so included to change every day any one prevents plastic to enter a water. An another big plus for an option of glass is that the glass does not degrade over time, beat like plastic (and has, with breakings and accident of my bounced for my birds). Another positive characteristic of this product is a hardware to attach. Which are very robust and functional, with the a lot of strong, snug wetted for an upper annex. Also it likes him his in of me that a bit floater signifying the level of water is has comprised.

All bounced them water cause me to us a daily anxiety that it could he prender dispense water, because of the balloon bonded, I supposition. So so that I am the doting caregiver, controls every day for poking in a beak, as my marks of the bird when drunk. So far, any problem anything with this product

My only complaint is that this vendor does not offer to bounce it smaller. Since I want to change a water quite regularly for my lovebird, a lot very precise to have the 16 oz boot, which are more weighed to treat and to locate in a cage that the smallest boot would be--8 or 12 oz would be well.
5 / 5
I like this boat of glass, but is fiddly. Absolutely it has to it marks you you sure that a rim and covers he of rubber is totally dry before posing them together. And a cup of the rays of the metal have to when being on absolutely directly, which can take the small test. That is to say a trick , otherwise will find the big puddle in your cage of guinea pig in an hour. But, if calm take it together properly, one bounces does not filter and is quality very big . They recommend in any one concealed wants glass in place of plastic. Almost I have not bought this boat because of some of one 'leak' descriptions, but once learns regarding the together pose properly, concealed is not the problem.
5 / 5
I have purchased this element that prepares for the 8 early walk in the pair of my daughter. I have tried to use the no filled bowl more then 1/2 road, but a water still slosh throughout. I am taking my two cats since plan to visit a zone where lives for 7 days. Has no really tried for the use still. But he Feral the cat has taken in a house for two anterior days in taking in the local shelter, has taken in him immediately. As I want that a boat is done of glass. Well In clean. A tube is metal , as not chewing in the harm of cause, debugging easier. One covers of ray of the metal that connects a tube in a boat is an only feeble zone. It perfects, but very thin. Warp Of May in time. A turtle of small green is comprised, fleet in a water like podes moniter a level of water. The cute tan! I am very pleased with this compraventa. Hope to use this element repeatedly.
2 / 5
I have not had any subjects with leaks, even so this simply prender to leave water out of completly although the boat is full. That is to say supremely dangerous has rabbits. Every time I fill a boot has to attach it and then manually go a balloon to do the sure water is flowing and an only road to say yes is properly is to see the bubbles to air to locate of a spout through a glass of waters cual will spend in the each 2 bren doing properly.
4 / 5
Amur That is to say chews test, the necessity for gerbils. It prefers this class of covers. It takes some work to take it properly, but can signal in any direction. Has the plan behind, as I have used industrial velcro to attach he in a tank. So far not filtering and is very pardoning in a level of crowd. I think that that a glass maintains a fresher water also.
5 / 5
I have bought this like our cat could have his own water in a tree of cat, out of some dogs. Fact brilliantly! All has required was roughly adhesive Velcro for the maintain on and list! It has not filtered at all.
5 / 5
These are measures adds , hangs out of a cage, and can any one when being pas chewed up. A bit floaty inner of things to aim the level of water is the ache while the fall was every time waters of change. It has Had 2 falls my drain so far. It opens Only launcher to era and does not use the. Otherwise, These are awesome and does not filter at all if one covers is posed in properly. Produced of quality. It recommends!
1 / 5
We buy this to use with our bird, is has used always bounce it water of the glass. We have used that they hang them 3 years now. I have purchased recently this one and a wheel take clogged and bonded. I do not know why, it has not spent never with you bounced them of the anterior glass has used. Our bird has not had drinking waters it and take us the few days to remark.

Does not buy this mark.
1 / 5
It does not buy it is waters of boot . A first time has tried use the, the BAD filter! And, the calm can not return a product. I will be to contact Service of Client of the Amazon in of the this. For one focuses of the prize the big plus, would think that this at least the guarantee.

Top Customer Reviews: Vehomy Chicken ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 39 ratings
4 / 5
A ā€˜window' to returned this ENCLOSED, as I am stuck with him maintaining. It does not buy this, like the picture is deceiving! It is TINY! There is no darn way that is taking the boss of cabbage & anything more in this wry plus! Perhaps that is to aim is the tomato of tiny cherry & the big Brussel sprout? Any value a prize has against loaded everything.
4 / 5
Like other descriptions have said, a die of inferior wing is too small to resist fruits, vegetal, or another extracted in a little cane. I suggest any one buying these go advance and take the die of the main wing. My chickens have directed partorisca slip the poised extracted twisted out of a cane inside an hour. Besides, a die of small wing has been missing, like this somehow, has directed partorisca take it was, also.
Otherwise, Are a lot happy with a compraventa. I have bought a band of 4 reason were such the good prize .
To a costruttore: please, see these descriptions and changes it to a measure of a die of wing to the equal that can fulfil some needs of a consumer and take the 5-stars partorisca estimate. šŸ˜ƒ
5 / 5
A picture aims the cabbage and the tomato in a cane, but can a lot included accomodate the cabbage without undermining out of a cup of a cabbage. There is any point/of spike in a cane like this dipping something like the tomato on can be messy. I will use the grinder partorisca dip the small point in that that would not owe that effect some edges. Rod can be cleaned easily, a canal very so much. One 2 thickness partorisca star the indication is based so only in a lack of the point partorisca press a cane thru elements. This element still do fault his purpose but is not like this as well as it had expected.
5 / 5
A concept are adds. An economic canal is not . A course a wrier is very partorisca the light fruit and I have joined serious his and can use it that way so only well. If it expect that ossia that is paying paralizaciĆ³n all is well. IF it thinks that that a canal is the part of a working shot will be disappointed. It would not buy it again in this prize, but taste like this maintains of fruit of an earth and entertains some hens, and , while his peck was.
4 / 5
Wants to one extracted trees. My chickens want to treat it tree. They drive mad on him. As I have ordered it is while the would enjoy. Work, this in spite of really wishes was bit it longer as it could dip more on that. A die of the wing in an end is quell'has bitten delicate with sticky toes.... Some chickens have taken was the little time also but somehow found that always. I am not sure that could be it an improvement there.
4 / 5
Has ordered on 9/28 and has arrived on 10/1. Marge Of excellent time and before it has expected! I have received so only a two I has ordered today so that it did not try him still. I not having prendido attention to a period of a bar, and bought for the squash. If it has had the big plus one has done a same way that would resist the squash probably would try it. It can not expect dipped he in still my daughters. A lot happy with compraventa! And it would buy again.
4 / 5
Has bought this for my chicken. My chickens were so only fearful of him so that it is in the box at night and during a time of winter. No really they eat a cabbage. It is the subject of product to draw something different or so only something that so only does not operate. With my chicken?

Is the sĆŗper clave/of thin flat iron. Mina, any value a prize..

- I will not recommend it ...
5 / 5
Ossia The product adds . Easy to use. My only complaint is after 1 use, a die of wing is to go. I have used this product with the boss of lettuce. When A boss of lettuce has been gone, which has not taken long, has 9 chickens, a die of the wing in a fund has been gone. It can not find he in a muck in a chicken run so that it expects the chicken did not eat it.
5 / 5
Ossia The product adds and my chickens love it! I have done the pocolos his transmissions. A die of inferior wing is too small and is fallen off and has been lost after the pocolos use. It has dipped the cork of the wine in him is place and better same work! I also dipped the small clip carabiner in a place of a one this is coming with him, which is faster and more convenient. Value and produces utmost of the money!
4 / 5
These things are of sound for some chickens and fabulous entertainment for us!!!! Our chickens were like this pleasant in his excite that it use a wry plus for fruits and veggies!!! Have So only 4 chickens and they have eaten a whole cabbage and two apples in roughly 4 hours! I have said my grandson roughly the and has ordered some also!!!!

Top Customer Reviews: Perky-Pet 399 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 18 ratings
4 / 5
Has the leading version of this Perky-feeder of Pet and a difference (i.et. Cut-that cut) is startling. One covers in an older feeder is metal and attached in two points to a boss partorisca hang. One covers in a new feeder is plastic and attached to at all. Some perches in an old feeder are metal and some perches in a new feeder are plastic empty. Some the new perches bend when it looks for to insert them to a diet tubes which, for a way, looks partorisca be plastic thinner of an older feeder.
An only reason in fact could fill this feeder with thistle and hang is a fact that to the squirrels any likes him to them the thistle. Of course his probably any bite by means of a first economic plastic or take of the discharges was partorisca discover that it was in there. NO, it does not think it it is cost a prize partorisca ask.
5 / 5
I have bought this Feeder of Thistle in Jan. 2015 partorisca attract gold finches to the mine backyard and discourage main birds partorisca eat some seeds of thistle. Initially, have hanged this feeder of the pole of shepherd for him and expected partorisca the week but there is not remarked any gold finches. My backyard is afterwards to a wilderness parco to the equal that have known has had a lot of gold finches in a zone. Have hanged then some socks of Thistle afterwards to a feeder in a pole of same shepherd partorisca attract these birds. A gold finches has found some Socks of Thistle immediately. Periodically, I have seen some gold finches perching in a feeder of Thistle that looks for some holes partorisca eat some seeds. Partorisca Some reason, could not find some pocolos pierce. It has given up in a feeder and has begun partorisca feed socks of Thistle. In an end of a second week that possesses this feeder, a fund is fallen off and a seed of whole Thistle has fallen in an earth. We do not have any squirrel in ours backyard and is not attracted the seeds of Thistle anyways likes some squirrels have had at all partorisca do with east.

A fund of this feeder of the tube can not be securely attached to this feeder. Last week (Feb. 2015) a temperature in California was in a mid 70s. I ask if a heat and the direct sun have caused a thin plastic tube partorisca develop that it results in a fund of this feeder that fallen in an earth. Some do any a work and is more environmentally friendly. They do not develop when a temperature is in 70s. I am returning this feeder of Thistle that expects that Perky-the pet finds the way to direct a defect of inferior drawing and uses the plus sturdy plastic partorisca a feeder partorisca tube to withstand a heat also.
4 / 5
Has one in slope out of my window of office, and every day volume partorisca look beautiful goldfinches eating to the rovescio. It is glorious view when you take 8 or more on there the time.
That really is amused to the clock is very other small birds that tries desperately partorisca learn to eat to the rovescio. Really it is the hoot!

A part adds in this feeder is some birds some big plus can no any bully a finches around.

In a downside, a unit is done of plastic very economic. A fund, this resists some seeds in, is A class of the 'You shaped (cone) piece of plastic ossia at all sturdy. Some reviewers has mentioned partorisca add the cane under a subordinated partorisca prevent it rom falling was. Ossia The good idea , but am believing the glue could do also.

Another downside is alive in the to to the a lot warm climate likes , is to of scarce could break of a sun. This has said, ossia one of but the pocolos feeders like this, the years of then prevents my goldfinches partorisca be has annoyed gave it the big indication. It lose the point on quality.

Felizmente, partorisca $ 10, are not out of the plot of money when he finally pauses (he ). So much, it loves to enjoy to the rovescio finches, and is has owed to bear recognise a downside of this feeder and can treat him, (I compraventa two the time), enjoys!

This in spite of, if these things will do you crazy, find another feeder. There is the quota of triple tube finch the feeder has bought on here also. Work a lot well, but spend for thistle very fast. Also, it is crack of discharge after the summer in a sun also, and is much more expensive. It has amused!!
If my description helped, please click on 'Useful' (or 'he') down. Thank you! :)
4 / 5
This feeder is specifically partorisca feed thistle the goldfinches. They are some only birds that will hang to the rovescio of some perches partorisca access a seed. There is the pocolas other frames that marks to the rovescio feeders, but is much more expensive and does not have to that the removable funds (partorisca clean) -- at least, ossia which has found partorisca be true, like this far.

This feeder is economic, maintains other birds partorisca fly seed, and can be cleaned relatively easily.

Has had a partorisca roughly 10 years, until I found it destroyed in an earth. Highly it suspects that the squirrel has jumped in the, in the amazing down and breaking a plastic tube. Any a lot of can do in the also aggressive squirrel big that tries to jump his.

My only suggestion (and reason partorisca deducting a star) is that a yellow cup simply has the slip of embrague-in record. I have found an upper attacked of diverse time -- probably been due to squirrels. It was better a cup there has been the better annex. If a cup is was, some water of rain can take inside a tube and ruin a seed.
4 / 5
Ive Has Had this first, after the few years in a sun take brittle and then yes attacks against something during refilling shatters. Still, they are excellent value and there isnt the plot of alimentary waste, and a view of a yellow brilliant canary looking birds this feeder attracts a cold north time is like this allegro I has any word! Some other birds that like this the feeder is a friendly chickadees (seat A lot STILL under a feeder established with feeding in your hand will eat out of him )!!! HabladurĆ­a In your economic entertainment!
5 / 5
I love this feeder, and more importantly a gold finches loves it! There is hardly the time that the external look and does not see 1-4 finches in slope in this feeder. It is much more durable that some feeders of type of the average, and maintains a seed partorisca take drenched and finally moldy in the storm of rain.

Has the pair of downsides to a feeder, but not treating breakers partorisca me.

First, fill can be delicate. It is very big and tightened, as it wants to touch on if you are not careful. A seed of thistle I use among the cube, which is not conducive partorisca touch to the big tube, tightened. I have won this partorisca take the big funnel in the tent of supply of the tractor and trimming a spout of a funnel partorisca take the big 1' inaugural. With a feeder in an earth and a funnel in a cup, easily can touch a legislation of seeds in.

Some seed 'leak' out of a subordinated until the enough in a feeder that a seed resists in place, but calm I any free any a lot of fill a feeder quickly.
4 / 5
You plan to substitute the quite a lot of feeder of thistle 'tired' with this element. This in spite of, have had ANY finches feed of of the this! I suppose that have less ready goldfinches, but his perch and then look for a port of diet. With which 2 weeks partorisca look this behaviour, has painted the aim, any-toxic, painting around one , swimming, any one finding an inaugural. It returns it but it has changed an appearance. So much, it is it was to a local feeds tent partorisca purchase the feeder of thistle with some appropriately have situated perches afterwards to one feeds port.
4 / 5
Yeah, Take which pays stops. Like this here it is that stops of has paid . Initially, you have to shove a foot pegs by means of some holes, a law that feels partorisca like will break of an economic plastic. Fact. The first cleaner, was delicate to take a V-shaped bases behind partorisca plant; it takes felizmente with which two minutes, and a lot sure can reproduce a law.

With which four weeks, begins to the fall averts. The majority of a foot pegs has broken was. They have not been chewed, so only sheared was. And here it is something has not seen never in the feeder of bird (and have eight that careers a time): the squirrels have chewed the hole entirely a side of the tube. Not beginning in a hole partorisca exist or the upper-flange, but beginning legislation in a half of a tube. The squirrels can do the plot of harm ,but has not seen never plastic quite soft that the squirrels begin the sound that undermines in a surface of centre. The suspect is a squirrles hanged that has broken a foot pegs was also, or perhaps some ravens. In spite of, ossia plastic quite economic .

In a positive side, an immediately attracted unit goldfinches, with which years of me a lot when being pas able to take any one. The suspect is a yellow upper - as my bird feeds claims of owner of the tent does not import , but this experience suggests otherwise.

But with any feed but thistle, a goldfinches has on data. A question with this feeder and each one finch that the feeder has seen is a measure of small hole. The a lot of tents sell 'finch feed' that is the combination of thistle and small aim oblong seeds. These will not return by means of some holes. Any I still thinks finch the start of feeder is quite big to eat thistle. Partorisca This feeder as well as the $ 38 a recently bought, I --attentively-- initiate wider drilled. Wala - finches Goes the city.

So much, while this feeder promised initially partorisca do a work, is so only too economic to survive to plot of traffic. A foot has broken pegs is bewildering. It prepares partorisca buy the new an each one that two month...
4 / 5
I produce it adds, and the support adds.
Prime minister of mine shipment has been missing some perches partorisca a feeder, and after an email has had a question solved with the new feeder in a way.

Him the the has not ordered never one To the rovescio feeder of thistle of the Feeder partorisca Gold Finches, has to, and would have to that take the hard look is one . It is an amazing view partorisca see 6 or 8 of these good-looking birds in a feeder, with more flying around while to his time.

I highly recommend this product. The majority of everything, a vendor been for his product.
5 / 5
Mina hubby has said has dipped on the feeder of thistle that a Goldfinches ( ours state bird) would come. Still while to a birdies partorisca look. . It has to that have something does not know roughly fill, this in spite of as I have lost to plot of the seeds that the plenaries. There is not class and a lot of instructions of looks of light. Imagined was like this partorisca ā€œgatherā€ he partorisca look in a picture of him in a box. The good thing there was the picture coz honradamente has known no which is trace up.

Top Customer Reviews: Lixit Wide Mouth ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 33 ratings
4 / 5
We follow some directions that do sure partorisca the fill fully and presionar a lid snuggly. He still emptied his whole contents multiple time in the cage of a rabbit that causes a bedding partorisca be drenched.
4 / 5
Has had the really old water boot partorisca my chinchilla so only likes that, excepts without a polka points. It has begun partorisca filter after years of use, as I have bought partorisca bounce it different partorisca my chinchilla. This in spite of, any of his laws - bounce he of the glass and a concealed calm to leave you the transmission of a cup. Both of them have filtered even more that of the old a, more expensive also. Besides, my chinchilla did not like him reason a spout was of too fat and has not drunk of him at all. I finally found this on Amazon and my chinchilla was happy again and does not filter . An only thing is a boss resupplied that control a boat in the place is not very easy to use, as I have used a cradle clamp of another bounce partorisca resist this one in place, and is much easier. Totally recommend this product.
5 / 5
Pleasant colours, decent boot. A mouth is the pocola main that expected and my guinea pigs of creature have had some question at the beginning. It is also very a lot sturdy partorisca his cage, he constantly click again some bars while they are drinking. And any one imports that it has done it, he occasionally leak. In general, it kicks well partorisca a prize. I have ordered so only the second an as there will be a partorisca each piggie. They maintain partorisca attack each one another out of a way to take to a water.
4 / 5
Our oversized the rabbit has destroyed his old boat, as we have given this shot it...

Is resisted on partorisca month and does not filter the plot at all! And it is violent with a poor ossia probably one of a better some have not had never partorisca the critter.
4 / 5
Wants this boat. The creation adds, less prone still dribble that another has tried and love a width that ploughed reasons can exchange some bounced much faster. Creations and pleasant colours - wish all my bounced was this pleasant. So only downside is a plastic is quite rigid to the equal that has the hard and calm paving makes a mistake of the fall, there is casualidad the well will break open and quickly spill his contents. Some another bounced to resemble so only bit it better that this a when it comes to fall, but still prefers this one in general.
5 / 5
Has followed some very good instructions and he STILL leaks!! I have had attended thus boat. I am tired to buy my guinea pigs bottles this says does not filter but then his no same water last the hours of pair
5 / 5
Ugh. This in spite of another boat that leaks. It is the very slow leak but still the leak. I have been trying for years to find bounce he of test of REAL leak. Enough sure it is impossible. Well, I will cross this one of my cast.
4 / 5
This boat is coming recommended reason has not been supposed to filter. I can it does not take to take filtering, as there is disappointed.
5 / 5
Is the boot really is test of leak. So like this, that was difficult for my piggies to drink water. I have behind changed to a boat waters economic and could not take enough. They were certainly not taking quite a lot of waters with east boot. It does not recommend .
4 / 5
Filters dulcemente but is not quite be is unusable.

Top Customer Reviews: QBLEEV Bird Food ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 53 ratings
5 / 5
It is been sometimes difficult to give my parrot of fresh eaten Amazon reason do not want to him eat alimentary dishes or of the plan anymore. Lame is while it accept it in this way and do! It is eating his vegetables again thanks to this simple artilugio.

Will say that, although I am satisfied with him, he that is to suppose to, and is easy to clean, taking the vegetables the sure hard plus his can be defies it . A picture aims the piece of the cob of corn in a bar. They are skeptical could direct the ram this thing by means of a rough cob of the corn. Control of volume when they are skewering brussel sprouts. So much with this said, highly suggest you always stab vegetal harder Out of calm he so that has less casualidad of harm.
4 / 5
Perfecto partorisca my sun of creature conure. Still it is taking used partorisca eat the main portions of fresh fruit and veggies. With this does not have to that concern roughly falling it! You love it... The cranberries and the cherries are his preferred !
5 / 5
Easy way partorisca hang fresh fruit and veggies on partorisca some birds and maintains him busy taking to a wry plus. The happy birds are sĆ£os, less screamy birds. šŸ˜
4 / 5
Has dip fruits and of the claves of small cinnamon is and my GCC has been the city. It is a fruit and shredded some claves of cinnamon.
4 / 5
These add! Has uses him with the row of the different lunches and they resist sure. They are perfect partorisca our conure to the to the one who likes to eat of an earth. Also it is amusing partorisca look try eat a lunch when it moves around.
4 / 5
Liked a prime minister like this of well that has ordered another. His much easier to offer fresh lunch that a bird can bite was.
5 / 5
My AG that the parrot loves it.. Well and strong partorisca his favourite apple extracted.
4 / 5
Perfecto partorisca feed my finches fruit and veggie pieces!!!
4 / 5
measures Perfecta partorisca my Sulphur Crested Cockatoos
5 / 5
Perfecto partorisca my sun of creature conure. Still it is taking used partorisca eat the main portions of fresh fruit and veggies. With this does not have to that concern roughly falling it! It loves it... The cranberries and the cherries are his preferred !

Top Customer Reviews: Lixit Top Fill No ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 40 ratings
4 / 5
I have bought this because it has had informs of sound, was the big measure, and promised 'any drips' like all some another bounced. It has dipped he in my cage of rabbits and,inside the day, has begun partorisca undermine in his box of discharge, kicking spent everywhere, which was @to @give felizmente previously is that when they are out of water. I have verified this boat partorisca touch a ball, and was dry. After touching a ball roughly 10 times, waters is start ... Thought perhaps has them has had to that the so only prepare or something, and some rabbits have come partorisca drink. In a course of a next day, has had to that repeat this at least 3 times... So only it looks you likes has to that press a ball in too much far to dispense water, and my rabbits so only cant he. Perhaps it is the subject of tolerance of the manufacture , reason a lot of look of people to want to these... As I so only precaution you partorisca look your pets closely buy this reason does not like the feeder of normal boat and, yes take a pleasure the , your pets can not be able to drink of him.
4 / 5
First of all, a boot has come so only with 3 of some 4 clips to attach it to a cage, as my husband has attached one 4th loop with the paperclip to the equal that looked to do well....

But then remark some Guinea pigs were chomping and yanking in a piece of the mouth and he have not looked a water was any lower.

Is result, a piece that is supposition to break a focuses to leave water by means of is not even long enough to do is, like mine piggies is at night be without accessing to water.

Modification: I have received the substitution and... It has begun immediately filter.
To the equal that have thought to change out of some nozzles while changing some pieces in an interior of a nozzle, and a reason a prime minister a has not fed was waters is reason has been missing one of some balls.

To THE EQUAL THAT has added one of a new some to an old nozzle and... It has filtered also.
Am giving up and that buys the different class of boat.
5 / 5
Is boot totally drips!
Has taken for our 2 guinea pigs because of a measure and one announcing of any to the slime and he have not done to like the expect . And reason filters like this bad and piggies likes to poop next legislation to where eat a drink, is the terrible disorder now inside a day of refilling a boat. Complete waste of money.
An only reason that takes some stars are been due to a cup of toe and an ease of refilling the. Another that that, recommend a mark to clash one. It is more expensive but like this far ossia some waters of boat so only that has found concealed no drip.
4 / 5
Last week, has purchased a version of dog of this Lixit and my dog could not take a water of falls out of him. I have taken it averts and everything looked to look WELL. Still it would not dispense a water of falls.

Has purchased also a one for this description for our big rabbit. @@Subject Still, no a tomb of the water would exit. This poor rabbit tried and tried but at all. I have taken a rabbit Lixit averts to see the one who a question was. My deception has taken averts in a tank of cookery. Some two balls of metal are starts and is now logged in my disposal of rubbish. I am spent 30 minutes that tries to take some balls were without regime. Some balls owe that be no-magnetic reasons my powerful telescopic magnet any one recovers some two balls. Needless To say, are like this pissed was now and need to take my disposal of rubbish to take a Lixit Balls.

Are like this pissed was, goes to send not even these worthless Lixit behind for the repayment. In fact, they are both in some rubbishes. After taking my disposal of rubbish to take some balls was, will dip this Lixit Nightmare behind me. Has the ranch and on some years have purchased a lot Lixit produced. Needless To say, will not purchase never he Lixit produced never again.

A dog and a rabbit so that has heavyweight bowls to water now.
4 / 5
Has purchased a LIXIT the Full cup Any Drip 32oz. It bounces water for guinea pigs of mine. I love him to have accesses the multiple water bounced (up in his loft + in a paving of earth of his C&C). Really impressed with this fashion of waters of boat for the number of reasons; one 'bungee cradle' attaches easily to a cage with some clips of the metal & in fact resists a boot securely where the places. It is like this good to be able the transmission a water for simply that explosions on a lid/ of discharges in a cup of a boot (reason is not all the water bounced has done in this way?!) It is sĆŗper easy to take + clean, does not filter . Highly it recommends that it is the boot waters it & would buy it again.
5 / 5
Like this far, like this good. Easy to clean; easy the transmission. Cela The easy fact for my edges, those who has 3 guinea pigs, to cure of him. It is too big for an old headline, but a cradle is really sturdy, as he hooks to a cage a lot in all the chance. A piggies does not have any one subjects that uses it, and is main, as we do not owe that exchange like this often.
5 / 5
ETA: Have take these waters of boat of a hutch reason have thought has not been has used. I have had to that separate the rabbit of a group, as I have dipped in the dog crate with of the this boot waters. I have seen ā€œusing ā€ has imagined like this was all well. I have verified in lucido roughly 12 hours later and has not looked any water there was the state has eaten. I have touched a ball and waters is starts . When I this has on run and has begun to try to drink of him vigorously. It was clear has taken at all was. I swapped this one for other waters of boat (also lixit mark but another type) and has seated there drinking and obviously taking waters was for several minutes. Apparently in spite of trying, was unable to take water out of the this boot. Changing description to a star.

Original (two star) description
has Bought this to use like the backside arrive waters of boat for my rabbits. There is hanged in a cage roughly 3 weeks and some rabbits did not use it never. Any when it has been hanged afterwards to an another bounces water, any when it was in an opposite side of a hutch, any when it was some waters of the boat so only available for the few hours. The rabbits were conscious of him and that has had water in him.

Pros: Never filtered, easy to fill
Gilipollas: Any of some rabbits would use it
4 / 5
Terrible product!! Has has had rabbits for 25 years with a lot of the boats of the different water so much am very a lot of versed in as the works of waters of boat of rabbit and this one east of the hands down of the worst!! You can also so only touch a water in a fund of a cage because ossia all this boat will do. I have tried each trick to try to do to focus better to take a constant drip and at all fixed the. Mina 10lb to to the also looked rabbit likes has had of the hard time that drunk out of him. It would lick it And shake it then go back shortly after that and beginning again. It would spend the bowl of the water and he would drink like crazy. These leaks to bounce everywhere and also the looks does not dispense water neither. A cage has wetted especially wet feet, hay, the lunch can be deadly for the rabbit. In my opinion this product is downright unsafe.
5 / 5
UPDATE 12/09/2020
With which roughly 6-9 month this boot waters it has begun filtering. In general, a quality of a boat has felt/asestada utmost and am surprised the filter headed to this quickly. I have taken it averts a spout and cleaned it but concealed not having prendido a slime. It would not recommend it is boot to any, especially after reading those that people and his animals have had the hard time with him. Taking 2 stars because I seat to bounce waters it would have to that last at least the animals of the people + of year are struggling with east bounce according to other descriptions.

Does not filter but also can be hard for some animals to use so that has the cradle in a valve to maintain a ball in situating to prevent leaks. It has taken my rabbit the day to imagine it was but does not have one @subject anymore. Convenient the transmission!
4 / 5
Wants this boot waters! It comes with the bungee clip to attach to a frame of the ours hutch concealed the easy fact to move need to. I love a fact that that can be fill for inaugural of the discharges in a cup more than that has to that take a whole thing was and unscrew some supervises quite a lot of waters to feed both of buns of mine for the day or happy with cost of mine!

Top Customer Reviews: JW Pet Company ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
5 / 5
Excellent product! I am impacted by some negative critics, while it sound likes him more the critiques only has not comprised regarding the use.

Quan refilling This water silo, can take an integer trough with a silo for aixecar- until taking he of some grooves that it controls in place. It acts more in of the vertical bars. If has bars of only horizontal, will have to take a title of whole when wants to clean a trough. Also it can take only a silo, for aixecar- he up, out of a silo, but the small water could spill.

Takes a trough and silo in a tank, lining it totality. If calm game the other way around, goes to spill. The wash needs a trough regularly so that that is to say where the bacteria is going a more when being probably to build up. You would have to be rinse /cleaning a trough and silo at least each which as another day to prevents bacteria and buildup of seaweeds. Clean using it the paintbrush and warm water with blue dawns, or another soft cleaner has adapted. Rinse Well.

Filled a silo with clean water. I besiege a trough in a silo before the game on. This in a tank. There. Any one spills. It substitutes a trough in a headline for sliding a trough among some bars and then down in some grooves of a headline for the tight access.

Is substituting Only a silo, steps fully and hurriedly gone back he on, in a tank. One covers would have to engage immediately, but some water can spill. It sounds like the plot of people was in a cage and has touched a silo on while they have planted he in a trough, which go to cause of more water of spill of plot.

For a person that has thinks that to take the back product (photos of visas of client), all have to was arrest to unscrew it. It IS the nuts and the ray, which are two individual pieces . It can be planted any road.

If your product suffers harm in arrival, would consider to contact a company. I have bought two of these and is perfect, but has contacted the different companies when has broken the products and asked me in email the photo of a harm and then only routed the nine a without doing me subject a fraction or behind. The coast tries it.

A trough is 1/4' wide. (An inch of neighbourhood.) It IS very only adapted for the birds the small plus, but if the conure can in fact drunk of him, then go for him.

If in in to to the the bird does not like him a trough, concealed is not of the reflection of a product, while it is only your preference of bird.

That is to say the very designed product and will take two more when takes the second bird . A lot the help to maintain a clean water, especially yes is planted in big or out of any perches on. A bird will require the perch in front of a trough.
5 / 5
Like this I water silo trace afterwards in my feeder
main this has expected that it is very cuz scratches more water
has the pictures comprised of a water silo with the bill of dollar for comparison of measure
comprised the better picture of some cual the instructions would owe the help clears up some of some problems another active critic there was
highly would recommend this water silo
5 / 5
Quan Has used properly, this water silo beat it when being a better thing never posed in your cage of creatures. I have crossed each 127 of some descriptions of this product, and after purchasing two for my two cockatiels (Agull and Pray) I chuckled in some problems that some have had.

Has already the wonderful description that it is in a cup of one the majority of useful with the pictures that describes the subjects can be he has and what is doing bad, and also recommends to find that it revises, while it was a reason why decided to give this product the shot

1 has been. This silo only would have to when being used in of the VERTICAL bars. Calm can jerry-the squad to do with horizontal bars, but will not be able to take a trough together with a silo, which are why people takes only a silo is taking water during his house. A valve of the plastic decree has not been designed to immediately of flow of water of the decree when apresamiento of a trough, but to fill a trough with water. If you have posed this silo in of the vertical bars (my cage has 3/spacing 4 and is almost in a max wide this product will do with, so almost the accidents on in some bars before bands he down) then is easily able to take a trough together with a silo, leaving calm in easily touch an old water in your tank for flipping a silo, then take of one the other way around trough, then emptying a silo. It IS so easier that a step-for-the sounds of any, but some people any seeem has imagined out of a product still so listened has to this for some numbers.

2. Filling these products could not be easier. Desprs Has taken a trough, control a silo the other way around like the valve of decree is hanging and there is a beginning to water to flow through. Personally it uses my water of the fridge has filtered to give cold water , fresco in my tiels. Once a silo is almost full. Taking of a fridge, then RE-ATTACHES a trough while it is THE OTHER WAY AROUND. These other users that is trying in toe he in a trough and that spill them waters it everywhere is missing the mere but no of entity to maintain this cleaner of whole process.

3 And probably more importantly. Calm give you birds some time to imagine this has been... Take my birds quite 1 week after his parents has prendido to be able to them, and finishing to imagine was that bowls of water and work of alimentary bowls. It takes the almost 2 days to imagine was so to find Farmyard of his Seed (another product adds) and was in 4 day where at the end has witnessed a bird these drinks of a trough. The slope this time poses the small bowl of seeds and the bowl of water in a fund of his cage out of his normal perching points to eschew droppings, and when has taken hungry would begin to look for out of feeding. Natural cockatiel the instinct has directed the in a fund of his cage in perforacin, but after exploring his new house for the little of the days access found at all his others resources. Only it takes a helper sustenance while you assist to the finding his others sources of alimentary and water.

Finally, expects some of these tips aided with users that has wanted to to launch this product against a wall. Yes it is done of plastic and is not one the majority of robust thing in a world, but what JW announces is quite well quite hand. It expects this aided the little of the the been, and happy birding! :)
5 / 5
I have purchased the pair of these to use in the cage of big flight for my parakeets. Prevue Products of pet Wrought Cage of Flight of the Dish with Being F040 Cage of Black Bird, 31-Inch for 20-1/2-Inch for 53-Inch

Quan in the first place looked in a small measure of one drinking trough was very sceptical. Even so, I have decided to give an element he casualidad and installed one of them. Inside the few days my 'keets' had imagined was, and a level to water begun to reflect his regular use. These are now some sources of only water for my birds, and law fantastically. That with any water or alimentary dispenser, always suggests uses more than or in case that something goes wrong ( has the valve of small balloon, and any source of water can take littered). That is to say especially some go to exit of city for the pair of days. But, for small birds, with excites can recommend these waterers. And it is so convenient to be able to maintain them of outside a cage - no more spill of maneuvering through a door of cage and around perches.

Considering a revise cual was so critical of this element, is by train to ask me has given some birds he casualidad for the discover? The birds are cautious of new things, and at least in a case of my birds, does not use anything until it go it around quite long to be considered afe' for them. A quality of this element is adapted, and enough typical of accessories of bird more plastic of cage. It does not consider he to be 'very cheaply ' - just yours half of plastic manufacture in my book.

My a caveat with this element is that I do not create a trough is adapted by anything another concealed in in to to the small birds like them to them the 'keets' and canaries, but while it is what a description of product says also, as any surprise there.
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I have used to him it has one of these for my cockatiel, and so that it was likes him take to clean thoroughly has thought would not take never or again. Bowls Of stainless steel, or water bounced of the glass (similar bounced of hamster), is always a better road to go when possible for containers of water of the bird. Recently my parakeet has broken his leg, and suddenly has required the container to water concealed has not been to risk to fall in. I have it did not want the take some waters it bounced has mentioned on so that there is not never experimented or before, and when being wounded and stressed, has not been a time in carefully present him in unit This water silo has finished to be an option to designate better drop. It IS the small bit of the ache to take of a cage, but any too horrible. A lot it is one debugging that it is a worse. There have it only any road to take thoroughly at all some cracks and crevices same with the (clean, unused) toothbrush. The containers of plastic water are more porous that glass or stainless steel and therefore bacteria to transfer and promote growth besides bacteria. Also, my parakeet is not very a lot the chewer, but my cockatiel chewed down a spout in sounding bit it. The May HAS POSED this in the cage for the bird the big plus that the cockatielnot even could be able to take his beaks in him, and his more powerful beaks would do the low work of a plastic has decided chews in the.
5 / 5
This waterer is designed very well so that has no unnecessary spillage and a vain water to rack and sea in his own when drunk of. I have bought this for my parakeet of creature has bought more has discovered late that she quite drunk of the bowl in a fund of his cage since is not comfortable climbing up and down in his own. Like this, that is to say it can bemore adapted for birds of the adult but I still will maintain it around while it takes more comfortable with him a day since is so more cleansing and easier that using the bowl. In spite of of the this, is the element of quality adds for a prize and I recommend it
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Very like this waterer! Has the cage with bars of only horizontal. All owe the mark is expresses a spout together the bit and he easily continue in and of a headline. Has my doubts quite he at the beginning, but read some directions.... That seldom marks....lol ;)
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Lunch and water my finches with bowls in a fund of a cage, but they constantly bath in his bowl of water. This Silo Waterer easily attaches in a side of a cage and I have peaces to import this has clean to drink the available water raisin in splash all a water out of his bowl.

IS installed state by the few days now and a drink of birds of him and I have not remarked any leaks. Purchased another for a 2 cage.
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This water silo accesses perfectly in some 1 stops of inch .5 grille Of inch of my cage of glider of the sugar and my gliders want to it. I wash and fill it every day and is the breeze . The duke was, washes it, fill he with the filter of water, and the turn behind the other way around as it covers resolves in a tank and I take any one spills while I walk it behind in a cage. My gliders that anteriorly has had the dish of water, appreciates an access to clean water, and appreciates that they no poop in him one issues a bowl. If has gliders, takes this in bouncing it water or the bowl any day now.
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It water it it has provided it perfectly for my cockatiels, only that has required.