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1 first HD Mini Digital Cameras for Kids Teens Beginners,Point and Shoot Digital Video Cameras for Birthday Christmas (Black) HD Mini Digital Cameras for Kids Teens Beginners,Point and Shoot Digital Video Cameras for Birthday Christmas (Black) By Suntak
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2 Canon Cameras US 1084C001 Canon PowerShot ELPH 190 Digital Camera w/ 10x Optical Zoom and Image Stabilization - Wi-Fi & NFC Enabled (Black) Canon Cameras US 1084C001 Canon PowerShot ELPH 190 Digital Camera w/ 10x Optical Zoom and Image Stabilization - Wi-Fi & NFC Enabled (Black) By Canon
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3 best Sony DSCW800/B 20.1 MP Digital Camera (Black) Sony DSCW800/B 20.1 MP Digital Camera (Black) By Sony
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4 Canon PowerShot SX730 HS Digital Camera (Black) + 64GB Memory Card + Point & Shoot Case + Flexible Tripod + USB Card Reader + Lens Cleaning Pen + Cleaning Kit + Accessory Bundle Canon PowerShot SX730 HS Digital Camera (Black) + 64GB Memory Card + Point & Shoot Case + Flexible Tripod + USB Card Reader + Lens Cleaning Pen + Cleaning Kit + Accessory Bundle By Canon
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5 Nikon W300 Waterproof Underwater Digital Camera with TFT LCD, 3", Black (26523) Nikon W300 Waterproof Underwater Digital Camera with TFT LCD, 3", Black (26523) By Nikon
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6 Nikon COOLPIX P900 Point & Shoot 83x Zoom Digital Camera (Black) 26499 Bundle with 2X 32GB Memory Card + Spare Battery and Travel Charger Nikon COOLPIX P900 Point & Shoot 83x Zoom Digital Camera (Black) 26499 Bundle with 2X 32GB Memory Card + Spare Battery and Travel Charger By Nikon
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7 Sony DSCW830 20.1 MP Digital Camera with 2.7-Inch LCD (Silver) Sony DSCW830 20.1 MP Digital Camera with 2.7-Inch LCD (Silver) By Sony
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8 Sony DSCHX80/B High Zoom Point & Shoot Camera (Black) Sony DSCHX80/B High Zoom Point & Shoot Camera (Black) By Sony
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9 Mini Digital Camera,Vmotal 2.8 inch TFT LCD HD Digital Camera Kids Childrens Point and Shoot Digital Cameras Students Cameras,Indoor Outdoor for Beginner/Seniors/Kids (Black) Mini Digital Camera,Vmotal 2.8 inch TFT LCD HD Digital Camera Kids Childrens Point and Shoot Digital Cameras Students Cameras,Indoor Outdoor for Beginner/Seniors/Kids (Black) By Vmotal
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10 Canon PowerShot ELPH 180 Digital Camera (Silver) + Transcend 16GB Memory Card + Point & Shoot Camera Case + USB Card Reader + LCD Screen Protectors + Memory Card Wallet + Cleaning Pen + Accessory Kit Canon PowerShot ELPH 180 Digital Camera (Silver) + Transcend 16GB Memory Card + Point & Shoot Camera Case + USB Card Reader + LCD Screen Protectors + Memory Card Wallet + Cleaning Pen + Accessory Kit By PHOTO4LESS
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Top Customer Reviews: HD Mini Digital ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Vita
I have found this Digital camera while it look for the present partorisca my little daughter. Of then it maintain partorisca use my iPhone partorisca take pictures. Has thinks that that it want to have his own camera. It is súper happy to have his new camera how is easy to use and his measure is so only perfect for his. It takes video of quality very good and digital photos that marks he no only excellent partorisca boys but partorisca his parents also😅 Personally, now when it is them exited with my friends the take he with me partorisca take of the special and memorables moments. It comes with PhoTags Express installation of software CD, boss of USB, the manual of the user, Correa, stock exchange of Cameras, Read-battery of ion, and upload. It is a better present , strongly recommend it!
4 / 5 By Hillary
Is the good camera partorisca girls and beginners to to those who likes them take the pictures. It is very easy to use even partorisca young boys. A quality of picture is big, clear, brilliant, and colour. A picture has not changed an original colour and there are several models can change a fashion of some pictures. A red colour is good-looking and a surface is smooth. Also, it is not weighed like this, and a measure is very partorisca girls partorisca resist. It is value partorisca save of money. And some pictures are easy to upload to a laptop or computer.
5 / 5 By Tameka
Has bought this Camera partorisca my mamma the one who is at all technology savvy. A functional, still simple and light HD the camera is perfect partorisca sound.
5 / 5 By Angelia
My boys love this digital camera his small and has taken clear photos. His battery is rechargeable. My childern is having entertainment when they he outsid taking photo want them the too the use sometime when the the precise . To to his good quality no like them to them these sheap one or finds in of another web of places
4 / 5 By Johnson
In the July has bought the very pleasant camera to a niece, the brother of the niece defended with has the camera, but no pleasant type. I see this camera, ideal partorisca adolescent, no the small boy. The camera compresses A prize is not expensive, is suitable partorisca boys around 10 years. If you are broken, calm will not feel bad. Recently, when I have seen a blind man, always take this camera and has taken photo of his own newspaper. To the left know me that I bought it well. !
4 / 5 By Tammy
My boy want to use my cellphone taking pictures but is too young to have the cellphone. This digital camera is so only perfect for his with the “no-kiddo” fashion of look and the quite red colour. And a quality of picture is better that attended. I add compraventa!
5 / 5 By Alexa
Ossia A perfect judge of the camera exited for any boy or adult. It is like this easy to use and a quality of picture is well. My edges wants to use his new camera and I want to see his new amour for photograph. The present adds for any boy.
4 / 5 By David
A screen to see on is like this down king that looks each photo that is taken is terrible. The Bondadoso to discourage my edges to take photos with him so that at all it looks well.
And a flashes does not act. I go to buy so only another camera for our travesía. You save of the money and take something more.
5 / 5 By Geoffrey
Has loved the most economic camera small to maintain in my car of the mine telephone my old plus does not take of the good pictures. Has some descriptions add to having believed so it would take the casualidad. I have received a camera a day of my granddaughters 1st anniversary. Some pictures were all blurry and some colours were not even close to a real colour of some elements has taken pictures of. They were a lot of muted. They are by train of the turn.
5 / 5 By Marget
'This camera is fantastic for any boy that wants to take photo, is the measures adds for easy boys to resist and easy instructions on like this to use, has said my boy roughly to the equal that to do and was to take abundance of photo with him,
has dipped one of the mine own sd papers in so many save to this with eases!
A colour are to add
Also likes that it comes with the clip to attach Like my boy can spend it while it was and in
photo A lot clear for a digital part and some sums of look of the photos once goring
is also very easy to go to some settings if anything needs changed that they are add'

Top Customer Reviews: Canon Cameras US ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Marceline
Like this the a lot of camera. Has the few subjects with the zoom that directs but is a lot very in general, especially partorisca low $ 200. Some photos taken was without flashing (museum), of 20 in the feet were. Good detail in the majority of some photos.
5 / 5 By Ileana
A camera is adds. Work really well, is simple to use, compact and has taken some utmost pictures in my recent holidays. Where Some 3 star goes in is a wifi characteristic. This was one of some reasons have selected this particular camera, thinking easily could connect and upload some pictures directly to my computer. That I not having @@give, was has had to that register for the service of photo of the cannon, which did not send me one the verification of the email has required to in fact the use until a lot of test later. The users are required also to download software of Cannon to connect a camera and with which a lot of looking for a coverage in a camera, could any never connect. A name of my same computer looked in a screen of camera, but always say a connection has been lost. This was so that it frustrates that finally I am entrance so only on-line and has purchased a connector of USB thus camera (that thinks would have to that it has been comprised). A whole process so only looked so more complicated that it was necessary has been. In general, some laws of camera exactly to the equal that have expected, but go for him, mark of the compraventa takes a boss to connect and upload your pics!
4 / 5 By Yajaira
For a prize, ossia a camera that has surprised . He exactly that declares and has not had any questions on that. There is taken on 600 photo and of the video the multiple days and my battery have not died. You recommend this to the freind.
5 / 5 By Olive
Bought for both holidays of week. It has taken around 1800 photo. For one the majority of part, all a pix are adds. A refresh the cycle is quite fast. It retards like drains of battery. But lame five days or 500 pictures for cariche. I have not dipped on any of a wifi characteristic so that it can not comment in that.
4 / 5 By Jimmie
So only returned of the travesía and some pictures are utmost. Included down pictures and the scenes read of the emotional bus am resulted utmost. In fact I have not used a flashes option in the low light and has resulted better, so only used flashes for scenes of time of the night. The battery is lasted a whole 10 travesía of day there is taken on 140 pictures.
4 / 5 By Nestor
Slickest Little camera with excellent characteristics and 10x zoom of optical power, picture of quality that takes with 20 megapixel CCD sensor and built in capacity of Wi-Fi in the compact container.
5 / 5 By Miki
A purse of the pocket of/value adds camera for action of a lot of GOOD POINT & 'basic' of SHOOT in the stunning prize. Well Surpassing action of camera of the mobile phone in the fraction of a prize.

Adds for SELFIE shots or far surer that ridding your mobile phone on to the stranger for the shot of you on holidays.

The battery uploads is a type that has a self-has contained outlet incorporated to his organism so that has any cords/of bosses to hassle with.

This takes the solid 5-stars to estimate for needs of basic photograph, build of quality and reputation of Cannon.
4 / 5 By Treva
Has been the enormous defender of a Cannon PowerShot serious. My woman and I have travelled everything of some thousands of world-wide shooting of photo with a PowerShot camera. Wanting to upgrade to one beats PowerShot the camera has bought two of a ELPH 190, one for my woman and one for me. It take the blue one for me and some photos were blurry. To the amazon has substituted he for me. Now it finds a red one has bought for my woman is doing a same thing. Calm perhaps owe shy out of purchasing this camera until them some bugs out of him.
5 / 5 By Agustin
A camera of excellent pocket when I do not want to spend my Cannon DSLR. The characteristic is very alike, some are identical. Can spend it every day. Some days spend both reasons a Powershot ELPH has the built in flashing.
5 / 5 By Ashleigh
Does not import writing descriptions especially when something is a lot of reason want to express my joy. Really I hate to write negative critiques reasons likes them-sew me to do and does not like me squandering of my money. My woman has one of these cameras the few years behind and has had subjects with him like this launcher in the drawer of average and did not use it never and any still was where is today. I have decided to give this type of second of the camera has shot. The majority of a time I use some cameras in my mobile phone that has the Samsung commentaries of Galaxy 8 interior a moment and has the camera adds.. But I bought it and I tried it and it did not like. And it is not so only the personal preference has the hard time that takes it to remain house. And mine @mine @subject the big plus is there is any class of light in a picture done the rainbow by means of a screen and this big aim the horrible brilliant semence full on a screen and calm can not see an image! Like this basically it shoots any pictures Alfresco are unusable and yes shoots interior with any class of light in a way this stain come up during a screen and is so only horrible. A picture results unrecognizable and all taking is the big prism of light. Because of this I could not recommend this to any family of friends or other users of Amazon. So only appearance all the world-wide more has better regime that I .

Top Customer Reviews: Sony DSCW800/B 20.1 ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Mariko
I tired me to take photos with my telephone , and has wanted the real camera , this there has been the real zoom . Has the number of very expensive SLR east but is weighed to spend around all a time . That is to say a perfect mix of convenient and effective . To look in of the copies of your photos , all owe the mark is simply takes a card out of a camera and place he in your computer , and has the ready to transfer in your walk takes . More want to can use it to the cape that do with the telephone . It IS the cheap camera , but takes expensive photos . He no a same like mine $ 3000.oo NIKON is , and some revises here look for the thinks has to . But to take utmost accidents the photos have shot is also like any camera of mobile phone , and the very small easy to spend like this go to take more photos that you very another wise , included with the camera of mobile phone . For the this is designed by , takes 5 stars of gold
5 / 5 By Zana
I have wanted the small camera to take daily pictures with that would return he in my stock exchange. I have not been happy with my iPhone low quality 5 beaks - that is to say the photo of the quality adds for a prize. I will comprise two beaks - some taken with a camera and a taken with my iPhone. Included lighting
1 / 5 By Marco
It can not think. I have tried to download some photos in my computer and I could any one unless I have downloaded the Sony program of Cloud. Have Then of a program has tried to take on all my photos in a dossier in my PC. I have prendido a program and routed a camera behind in Amazon. They do not say anthing quite this in an on-line description - is B.S.
2 / 5 By Clementina
It has had 4 or 5 Sony digital cameras some years and has been utmost. Quan Has broken a screen in a last model (totally my failure) was sure that Sony was a road to go. A quickly google the investigation has listed to to the this model likes him 2018 of pushes that's that better down $ 100 and has been sold. Even so, you are soundly disappointed when arrives. Honestly I any preoccupy me too him it the camera has 8MP or 20MP (seldom develop photos). That Preoccupy enough is how long takes to take a picture. I hate to try to take the picture and for a time a house of camera and push some subjects (usually boys or animal) has lost already patience. This camera is issue too slow; after each picture there was in 3-4 according to delaying when a screen was spatial. The majority of the pictures is start blurry. Included changing the roads does not help. For the who preoccupies , this felt of camera flimsy, my another Sony was to ignite but has had the solid metal casing. It can have the lemon but I are guessing Sony has taken loafer with so of small point and of cameras to shoot this is used these days . As I am returning this camera, has not decided in the substitution still, but this is not to estimate $ 80.
4 / 5 By Hyacinth
Delivery on when being the big definition, easy to use point-and-camera of click. His road of Exposure has Programmed is perfect for scenery and warm photos while his Cart that Clue the road is more to take shots of clear crisp of movement. It was able to take shots of the carts that speeds to the long of a road with zero blurs.
3 / 5 By Lanelle
I have bought this camera 2 years ago, and is VAL ONLY. It has to it the conclusive line and still then a shutter the looks to accelerate also dulcemente as has the plot of blurred beaks. There is a small thing that there is very very necessity for and that a cape of USB is not the level and I have had of the of just leftovers to connect in the PC or load; he so has to use you his cape and no a same one would use for your tlphonique or Echo, Etc. If have had to throughout would have selected another camera, and would recommend to try to take something better so that the misty photos can be it very disappoints.
5 / 5 By Ebony
It looks that point and the cameras of shoot are going a road of a dinosaur thanks to ready telephones, but still like me the products have consecrated. I have bought this small jewel concretely to enter the holidays in a very next future. Except apresamiento and tears in my ready telephone. Some images of camera are ACUTE and there is very little know the curve has involved. It IS compact and easy in sleeve. I have purchased one 3 protects of plan of year in the very cheap prize. For $ 102 (comprising tax and plan to protect) out of a door, that is to say the fire sure wins. Compraventa Or or two in this prize!
5 / 5 By Lynelle
My digital compact camera old has not had the USB those touches the cord and was in our road in the once-in-a-lifetime visit of Scotland, as I have ordered this in a last hour. I attach little camera takes wonderful accidents . Mountain in upper pocket of my group through trains, plans, buses, taxis, etc. And never the hiccup. Very mere to operate. Only that has required!
5 / 5 By Shani
I am a photographer interested and own three DSLR cameras with the selection of lenses. Even so it conceal the collection does not delete a necessity for the handy element for just newspaper necessities. I maintain this an especially in the box of glove of my cart like the reservation for occasions that requires something better that my camera of mobile phone. For this purpose satisfied my expectations and he still surpasses it. Still, that is to say still the accident has shot of device with the prize relatively down focus and therefore he DSLR quality of level (like the backdrop that blurs, speed of big shutter, big level of drop of clear action etc.) does not have to when the be has expected.


-Claro slender and stylish creation: it can return in look and small rooms and listen like the element of the big quality.

-USB That capacity of load: That is to say one of some points for to sell me. I maintain in my cart and does not want race out of powering any time or crosses a hassle to take a stack and it touching separately ,which require to spend an adapter to touch all a time and also a capacity to limit in this adapter. Instead. Everything is to connect he in mine 12V car USB load and the quite hurriedly accrues good quantity of level of load... It comes with the adapter of wall (5V 0.5a) which connect in the cape of detachable USB (how can use you a cape and attach he in any USB upload). But careful be in a cape of USB. An USB regulate-micro B cape these devices of loads more mobile no for this type. If I need the substitution or an extra necessity to buy the USB-UC E6 cape.

-Subjects of easy card: Practicality would have to be a main house in the snapshot device and included my grandfather could take through this card. One of one the majority of user-the cosy interfaces have so seen far.

-Described like panoramic shoot: This was the surprise for me. Has there was not reading a description of the product in detail before the purchase and this was such the handy function . I have used to to take panoramic photos to take tens of photos with mine DSLR and stiching the with the software that was so difficult and the time that consumes. This function he instantly and photos of products of comparable quality.

-5X optic zoom: Quan goes in zooming, in of the photographic terms, a less is often more. Some better lenses included come without zoom at all. Even so for the practical element like this, the the zoom is essential and 5X is the good field for one optic zoom (is also critiques this compares some capacities of optic zoom of devices and anybody digital zoom before doing the test.)

-Quality of image: As I have said on, it does not match a quality of the DSLR and any one preoccupy me in a measure of big pixel or. For cameras with measures of small sensor like snapshots, is in fact better to take the low MP device for the most acute images, but this a very bad at all especially in daylight. HD The quality of video is also good but again depends in a light...

-Estimativa: One $ 78 focuses to price which of Augustan 2014 mark one of one the majority of abordable snapshot cameras in a piece. You can improve roads from time to time but that is to say quite appealing too much.


-Drop of Clear action: Again, I want to stress that I am not while professional quality of this device, but found a drop of clear action moderates in better. A noise a bit airado same with flashing.

-Speed of slow shutter: has the road of continual that shoots that is supposition to take multiple frames the low time while one shutter the button is depressed. Even so this device has the longitude of refractory period very time among shoots that is not even values of problem with this road. I need to reduce a quality of image 3 any one to be able to remark some effect of the multiple shooting and concealed is not to estimate he. So that he the desire takes the photo of the bird of flight or the person to run or the cart to go for, does not have any a lot of election to take multiple photos and decide later.

-Buttons of zoom: it likes me to him his a zoom to be of the way of grandson below one shutter the button but this are how it plus and minus in a backside that is not very convenient.

-No optic viewfinder: This is not the problem for this model only. The majority of sacrifice of recent cameras of one optician viewfinder and all apresamiento is the digital image in a screen the help adjusts your photo before the take. First of all the does not give a sense to take the photo but more importantly digital screen viewfinder stack of drains and also does bad in brilliant light.

-The video that sounds of house: the moment that video of records of the closely localised object (where has the constant necessity in re-adjust autofocusing) and if one surrounds is silent, can listen a sound of adjustments of house in your register. But while I have said that that it is only obvious in full silence and for registers of low distance.

In general like you or does not depend in your expectations. For me it is the handy device and adequately doing with characteristic quite useful. I am happy with this compraventa
1 / 5 By Angelique
If and it can give this camera 0 or negative stars, and ..
Any COMPRAVENTA!!!!!!!!!
Does not adjust down igniting well, some pictures are exited blurry, takes the moment for him to take an image, as you can imagine that it was difficult to try to take good pictures of our twins of boy.. We are by train of the return And looking for something better.

IS also SUPREMELY clear, in a point to listen caseous.. A screen is supremely small of entrance, only a global terrible camera.

Top Customer Reviews: Canon PowerShot ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Rashida
I have purchased this camera because I thought that it would be easy to use and quite light to spend around my travesías. But they are by train of the give and the cannon stars it reason the so only spent on 5 hours with service of client (the 1st rep apparently disconnected out of frustration) to imagine was like this to download photo to mine portable! In the first place it was, it does not come with the boss to download photo in mine mac, as I have had to download a Door of Image of the Cannon and required it WIFI connection to download images. Some photos neither download directly to my application of photo (like the oldest mine Powershot camera - that was it much easier and user-friendly) - download it so only to an Utility of the map and he then would require to transfer some photos on to an application of photo to modify. And, I can very included begin to say anything well in a manual of user, which is useless - some needs the terracing of Cannon to imagine the things was. Has the number of professional cameras (mostly Nikon) and has has not had NEVER such subjects in a past. A manual of user that is resupplied with a camera is the together very basic -on manual (with a lot of tongues and so only the few pages there is poured in English) and requires that a buyer goes to line to download the manual detailed (as again it is almost useless). Cannon (As well as another need of companies of the technology to learn like this to direct on doing the simple things! I am tried almost to return this camera because I refuse to spend of the hours and of the hours that looks for to imagine like all of a work of main characteristics!!!! This probably will be my last product of Cannon!!! I had it! If podes any user of products-friendly, then he no the fact at all pleases!
5 / 5 By Libby
Some images and the optical is well. I have thought that that a fold was the screen would be an advantage but really he so only done a heavier camera, harder that resist, and was balance.

My big flu this in spite of is a shutter speed in way of car. I have seen the click of shoot and toads has died in the fastest succession that this camera operates.

Frankly, if you go to remain in business against an optics improved of the mobile phone, calm can not go back in quality. A logic that control this camera is not like this spry and agile likes the substitutes of camera. It is sluggish.

Are sure could touch with walking arounds without-of settings of car but here is a thing, has not had this complaint with my camera of leading Cannon with some settings was.

Can return this for my money behind, would like me the.
5 / 5 By Kandra
Ossia A first Cannon that has bought, arrives sooner that has said that that I am quite happy roughly to the equal that are leaving in our travesía to Europe in a prójimo few days. That can say and a bit those that the pictures have taken, a do one a lot well, good speed, a lot of wifi and well Bluetooth the scrolling of car to the mine portable. I expect that everything will go well in our travesía. Like this far like this good.
5 / 5 By Vernon
In the first place of, an element is the little expensive so that it is. Prpers Having said that, has bought this element for my woman to be used in the safari in South Africa. A camera is friendly user , takes photo with quality of good image and has life of decent battery. Any 4K video in this model but taking well quite 1080p video. It is light (lighter although mine small plus Sony RX100 V). It averts of a prize to ask, mine 2 another gilipollas is that so only has 1 tether point as so only can attach the strap of wrist and no the strap of with the, and another is that a ray of tripod is too close up of a door of battery so it decides use the tripod with this then need take a first tripod before it can change a battery.
5 / 5 By Elvin
Very happy! Has has wanted the substitute a elph with another point of Cannon and shoot . These offers of cameras so as my husband is much more expensive Leica!
Easy to use way of car but also a lot of options yes want to more. That The zoom are adds!
The camera is quite small for purse. This container has the good table upper tripod more he mini one to take to the long of. A material of more cleaned always good to have and to 64 paper of men also. A manual is minimum but can look on-line for Cannon Info. Correctly for travesía!
4 / 5 By Alane
Has believed to be the little sketchy to buy this thus prize, and of some descriptions that says no among an original box and everything; this in spite of, everything for me was perfect! Ordered the Sunday & has received on Tuesday. That The camera was in boxes of original Cannon with the manuals and all have on wrapped as you have bought so only he of Compraventa Better. Also all this is coming with east amazing! The container Of quality adds thus prize(: I am obsessed! A thing tho is that a cup in a tripod is the little release like his no very stable up.
5 / 5 By Stefanie
A chance resupplied with this neighbour is junk, is not black as aimed neither turn inclusa a camera avenges with one more than some zips busted of some first time have tried closing it.
4 / 5 By Nadia
Takes utmost and easy pictures to use. To the lentil of zoom is to spend one @@subjects near without losing any clarity. Well value a cost.
4 / 5 By Miriam
Has ordered this camera because one of my friends possesses one and apresamiento incredible pics and video with him, especially in of the concerts and of the sportive chances. A camera, container to add ons comprised, the service has resupplied/offered and prize of this total container CAN not BE TOPPED! Tent around, can has not beaten the! Amazon, Like this always and Look for A Peek (provider) rid and deserve this 5 Indication of Estrella! If it wants to I add it, compact digital camera w/ WIFI this has all some bells and whistles to comprise an incredible zoom that the exceptional products pic is, calms the the expósito!
4 / 5 By Ismael
Has moved until a SX730 of a SX260. A new camera has an extra key in a sinister side that has shouted a flashes. This confused for the moment, and has thought another flashes the key no .
Some first time have used a camera with mine has polarised sunglasses on, an exposure was entirely BLACK. I have thought it has had something wrong reason an exposure has aimed at all until I have taken my glasses was, and then all was a lot. This is not a lot because volume to PLOT of the external pictures with mine sunglasses on. A SX260 has not had this question. I will be to call a Cannon sustains technical the Monday. Another that that, a camera are ADDS!

Top Customer Reviews: Nikon W300 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Alan
I have bought this Nikon Coolpix W300 in my tent of local camera partorisca substitute a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX30 that has bought he on done ten years. Rings the camera compresses with GPS that would spend constantly in my pocket. (It does not possess the smartphone.) Among all some camera that has tried that apt these requirements, this model impressed more been due to a quality of his frame and comfortable access in my hand, his monitor of upper exposure, sweats 24–120mm row of equivalent focal period (the súper-the wide corner attracted especially), his excellent prójimo-on/macro action, and an impressive speed, smoothness, and silence of the his zoom. A fact that this camera is waterproof to the depth of 30m/100ft is interesting, but does not plan to try for the underwater use (although I can use he in the kayak without dreading to destroy a camera goes in ). If, I like him, you are looking for of the camera compresses with GPS, has the pocolos other cameras to compete with slightly characteristic different, as I advise any the one who is considering this camera to attentively compare his characteristics with a competition in places of web to the equal that informs of Digital Photograph.

A toneless point of this camera is quality of image, because of a small 1/2.3' measured of sensor. Snobs Of photograph scoff in this camera for his measure of small sensor. But a cold hard fact is that the person at present factory the camera compresses with GPS and with the measure of the main sensor. Like this yes, I like him, you are looking for of the camera compresses with GPS today, is stuck with this level of quality of image, any @@subject that the camera chooses. If it love quality of the better image in the camera compresses today, precise forget GPS and spend the little more money for something that a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX10 . They are not that it goes the lie, would have preferred the sensor he big plus—in fact, a sensor in a W300 is so only marginally main that a sensor in a DMC-FX30 that has bought the decade—but again, there is not any camera compresses with GPS and with the measure of the main sensor at present in a phase. It likes quality of the image of this camera is like this as well as it has expected can be given his measure of sensor.

Of then was the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX30 user for a past decade, has some appearances of a Panasonic interface that loses. In playback way, a W300 does not show quite a lot of information in the each photo; to the information likes them ISO, shutter speed, opening, and that the histogram is showed in playback way in of ten years Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX30 but no in this mark-new Nikon Coolpix W300. (This in spite of, a shutter the speed and the inaugural is showed to shoot way when pressing a shutter-key of emission halfway. For a way, as my old DMC-FX30 and like more other cameras in this class, shutter the speed and it opening can not be manually dipped in a W300, but can be manipulated indirectly to some terracing to change ISO, zooming, or to change to the way of different scene or to macro way. Ossia Abundance of control for me—still when I have had the occasion to use (more is) cameras of big final, hardly ever manually plant shutter speed and opening.) A W300 direction of clock of compass, altitude, and pressure of surface for each photo in playback way, which is fresh, but concealed does not justify ignoring the basic information of an exposure likes ISO, shutter speed, and opening that it is registered already in the each photo metadata in all the chance. Also I lose Panasonic is put of colour 'vivid'. So much, after changing of ten years Panasonic to these new Nikon chair that has obtained some characteristic but also lost some characteristic.

I so only wants to do digital photos every day using the camera compresses with GPS, and this camera is that it has chosen from among a very limited row of the available alternatives today this returns these requirements. In general, this camera is an improvement in a camera that has bought ten years ago, although I lose some characteristic of a Panasonic.

UPDATE, July 25, 2017: I have said in that has lost Panasonic is put of colour 'vivid'. Any anymore. I have found today one 'vividness' slider setting inside a paper of exposure in way of car in a W300; it is so only like a place of colour 'vivid' in mine old DMC-FX30 but better, reason offers more control. I have it that there is ENJOYED REALLY use a W300 in a past few days. It is like the honeymoon of camera. This evening I have been to an external concert and has used a W300 to shoot any only photo but also 1920x1080p video in 60p (60 frames by second, two times a tax of frame of a common plus 30p) with stereo sound. They are any connoisseur of video , but mine some video are almost like this very like this when being there. It is an amazing improvement has compared to a monaural 848x480p video in mine old DMC-FX30.

UPDATE, July 30, 2017: after taking photo with a W300 daily for the week, estimate that felt a need to apply manual exposure (brightness) risarcimento to around 50 of some shots. ( It has actuated also Nikon add 'Active D-lighting' characteristic, which applies some magic of exposure.) In you contrast, I estimativa that felt it a need to apply manual exposure (brightness) risarcimento to around 5 of some shots that has used to take with my old DMC-FX30. That is going in here? One the odd possibility is that of ten years Panasonic was much better in light metering that this mark-new Nikon. Another, more probably, the possibility is that an exposure of monitor in this W300 is so much better that a one in mine old DMC-FX30 that it is now much easier for me partorisca remark when an adjustment of need of the exposure. Of course, some combination of some two possibilities can be spend: Perhaps a W300 is not I so that it adds in light metering, but an excellent monitor leave partorisca remark a question and the corrected. (Update to an update: more has decided late that this has not been a subject with a light metering, simply took habituado to a new monitor in a W300; with which more experience using a camera has developed the best 'feel' so that the settings are required in the situation dates.)

With which less than the week of use, mine W300 has begun partorisca show a direction of compass wrongly; the only directions go in North and West has been showed, although a camera has signalled to go in East and Of the sud. I have tried utilisations one 'correction of compass' function several times, but has received a message that a compass could not be corrected. After trying to use one 'correction of compass' function roughly ten times or more, a compass was has corrected finally. As any freak was if you can not correct a compass immediately; probably it corrects finally you are persistent with a function of correction of the compass.

UPDATE, December 18, 2017: it is now winter where alive, and has been taking a lot of photo alfresco in a cold with a W300. This camera really tip his forces in of the conditions of winter: it is quite easy to use all some functions of a camera while spending gloves of fat winter; it does not possess the smartphone but am guessing is impossible to take photo with more smartphone while spending gloves of fat winter. A camera also does perfectly in of the temperatures far under ice creams that there is rendered my leading camera, an old DMC-FX30, entirely unusable. First of the winter is coming, also confidently has used a time of diverse camera in a rain, knowing a lot well that included a rain a harder would not break this camera.
4 / 5 By Davis
The underwater camera adds! I took it on my first travesía of scuba diving down 18.5 metres for 50 minutes and took a lot pics! Easy to use! I literally distinguished and has shot. Has-liked me a latitude of ISO the one who leaves light shots decent Basses. And the video has done well too much.
4 / 5 By Devora
Is the small confusing reason has not called this a Nikon AW140, how is really one 4th camera in some serious (that follows a AW100, AW110, AW120, and AW130).

On paper, any W300 is not significantly better that a AW130. Any measure of the sensor has improved, any that the zoom has improved, and while has 4k, any 4k 60P.

This in spite of has to that it weaves of has hid down-the-improvements of hood that marks this that the significantly better camera that a AW130/AW120 (which are almost identical).

An image and the stabilisation of video is significantly better. You hips fixed to plot of subject and white @balance of dynamic row. An old AW the series has used to take to plot of work with risarcimento of exposure and metering to take images that is not gone in or under a new W300 consistently does the very better work with east. Ossia Especially noticeable landscapes to shoot in overcast conditions. Nikon Has added D-lighting to this camera also which really helps also.

Another good plus was that his dialed down a noise that blurs a bit. A lot an old AW camera to fix noise, aggressively blur an image and then stress it, in that give it the 'colour of water' look. This was disastrous for some example shooting the trees are resulted in the majority of some leaves that is smudged hover giving you one 'produced abstract'. This is to improve a lot now.

A screen is has improved a lot that in some ways is smaller, but the help done really with risarcimento of exposure and seeing if your shot is resulted.

In a downside, is the a lot of heavier camera that a forward AW east and his axed some looks of map how has been disappointed really in.

If ossia the worthy competitor to a Olympus TG-5 is the good question. Suspect a TG-5 the better work to shoot the photos down read, doing underwater video and doing macro shots. While a W300 is likely the better camera for on-of video of water (mostly for his better stabilisation), quality of better half picture, and is more abordable.
5 / 5 By Vinita
Has bought this camera to take in Australia for a month of September. It is supposition to be waterproof until 100 feet (is therefore that has bought he). We travel in the reef of Barrier adds a second week was there. Some pictures had taken with a camera was to add until it has dipped he in a water. A screen fogged on with which 10 minutes in a water. I have not been able to take any one pictures with him with which. I opened it up for the days of pair to dry were tried then for the touch. Shots taken almost. I have had to use my camera of telephone a rest of a travesía. It was a lot unbalanced. I have tried gone back the to Amazon but reason have purchased he in May 2018 would not take it behind. I sent it to Nikon and is repairing harm of entity because it is guaranteeed down. We will see.
5 / 5 By Reuben
Some sakes and bads with east a. A rattling like another has mentioned can be annoying. The action is a lot calm once learn his limits. I have found a flash, and fact partorisca commission flashes controls, to be excellent and helps to compensate for his limits. I lose a @@@folding screen of the mine old TG 870 that was it perfect partorisca snorkeling and was shots of corner that spends with some regularity with this class of camera. Characteristic of surprise: Directed micro USB that touches! Any proprietary boss to lose or discharges partorisca wall thingy is, and can recharge in a gone using banks of battery of regular mobile phone. Bravo! You do not recommend a CP3 jacket of silicone - the fresh looks but adds too much measure without real function.
5 / 5 By Branden
Has used the Panasonic Lumix TS4 camera of then 2012 and some focuses have spent finally as I have decided substitute the and this Nikon looked to be a better access. Have has wanted a Panasonic TS4 but absolutely hate this Nikon. It is dulcemente, a creation of paper is terrible and a lot confusing, and a flashes goes was although calm the the disabled. A quality of image is good but a colour rendition is terrible with to plot of variac. Of him it has shot it to shot. Really it looks partorisca stress orange and red tones that on duty orange of skin of the villages. Really I have not seen the colour controls this bad of some early days of the cameras of economic water have sold in of the tents of the department and I would have expected certainly better of to the the company likes Nikon. I have tried also two different UHS 3 papers by heart and some video still have glitches in them in 4k in hablador ashes blocky first frames to clear up. It was also really surprised in as bad a chromatic aberration is in a little lentil. Almost all my shots in a sun have had horrid blueish purple fringing around flanges of lighter that objects. A backside LCD is really hard to see in direct sun so much so that you can ail mark out of that is stable. My old Panasonic was much better how is Fuji X camera of serious that use for work of landscape. I also found a function of panorama to be very limited for not leaving calm takes it dondequiera . Calm basically has to that casserole a camera until you say you partorisca take creating these really long panoramas. Mina Panasonic would leave you to press a shutter key the second time partorisca take it anywhere has loved calm so much could create short panorama or along shots. Another shortcoming is a strap has comprised. It is the strap of with the plenary like utilisation cameras of full measure. Some instructions also say you to take a first strap of the take wet which would be time eating and aggravating. A lot it prefers a strap of wrist that the majority another use of small cameras. I will say that a quality of build looks very good and taste one feels in a hand but ossia where a positive end for me. I will return this and attended for a new Panasonic TS7 going in July.
5 / 5 By Juana
Perhaps has been expecting too much but was has disappointed little. I have purchased this for the travesía that thinks it would be perfect because of a compact measure and a zoom. A zoom is a lot disappointing, does not take almost like this near up as it have expected. A wide corner was decent for the landscapes and has liked him I also a macro the shots have taken of of the this. This in spite of, Android of mine of 2 telephone of years (Nexus 6P) has taken often better shots in some situations. Some controls were easy to imagine was this in spite of like this bondadoso of clunky. It can any never take way of panorama to do, has had to trust Android of mine for these shots that the easily with almost any endeavour. A Snapbridge the application is not the good experience neither, perhaps expected it so only to do more. More, looks to be the battery of entity drainer also. I so only uninstalled the one of way that was not to value a frustration.
5 / 5 By Belen
Has had the Nikon the first waterproof camera of this fact adds, until him any (resulted any raincoat after the just quantity of use and 20 month). Nikon thumbed His noses in knots when I have expressed my unhappiness, as it have to that prpers have known any to buy another Nikon has produced. This in spite of, for the anniversary of my woman, has bought a W300. To to Appearance likes virtually of a camera still that has had, but with some upgrades. This in spite of, does not avenge with a UC-E21 the boss of USB has required to do it hardwire scrolling of pics of camera to computer. A box has looked has not been a first person for the open, but everything looked well except a missing boss. I have not concerned me that a boss has been missing, reason have feigned to wirelessly moves all of our photos. This in spite of, and ossia my big complaint and reason am returning a camera, can any pair a camera my iPhone 8. Has is spent of the hours and of the hours that looks for to imagine this was, has looked video of Youtube multiple and has broken finally down and called Nikon service of client. A rep done with me for an hour and although we repeat some the same steps had done on and on, any one the pairing was achieved. A rep has reasoned that has had too many wifi options muddling a pairing and has suggested I 'gone to the far zone where has no wifi and try again'. This was an official Nikon recommendation. Really? There is a lot of shockproof, waterproof cameras with wifi there partorisca to plot less than this camera, as it thinks that that I will try another costruttore.
5 / 5 By Sung
Has taken this to substitute an old plus Nikon point-n-camera to shoot that has loved but has had has died finally. I have used this for 6 month now and has to that say, HATE C CAMERA. Nikon Has taken the majority of a control of user in the picture that dips was and a camera all a thought for yours. Unfortunately, it is not a lot ready. It does not expose to plot of shots correctly, a colour is generally poor and is LIKE THIS SLOW. Some papers are dulcemente, is slow to direct, is slow to cause a shutter.

Some papers are terrible to cruised. I can not find a setting am looking for without spending the minutes that tries cruised some papers. It gives the different papers have based in the soyoda' a camera is in and is whistles it to try and change it are odes ' to take that yours looking for. Has any horribly system of stupid paper for part of him where you tilt a camera to move a cursor of selection. Well it does not act. Not to recognise you have it tilted a camera the majority of a time or is like this slow to change you tilt the to again and now moves spent that tried to select.

In a side besides a life of battery is excellent on that. I have not had any one subject with a wifi or Bluetooth but honradamente has used hardly neither.

Can not speak to a waterproofing. I never feigned for the take submarine in any case. I have wanted to love it so only to survive the rain but has there is has not had he in a rain neither. It is been such junk a lot annoying taking it was with me more.

Will be to look for another punctual small camera to substitute is one. Shame I really like all mine another Nikon camera and lenses.
4 / 5 By Angela
Spent a Coolpix camera specifically to shoot video while in our travesías and when be one gives support, require the camera that is easy to operate and one this could manage have fallen… to an earth, to water and vase, etc.
This camera is waterproof to 100 feet (30 metres) and incidents-test of the height 8 feet. I tried it down it waters, taking pictures in of the groups of tide and filming in the river partorisca rush . I am impressed with a quality of video, in and out of a water. It shoots in 4k and some looks of video to surprise, but some photos look awesome also.
Ways of scene - Portrayed, beach, near-on, action, inner, decadence, the dusk/dawns, landscape at night and more. These ways automatically regulate some settings of cameras for you, which the easiest fact partorisca to to the novice like him. I have touched around with some different ways to see like this affect a picture. Calm really can see a difference when you are shooting the decadence or sunrise. Some the different ways will affect some colours of one has shot. It takes the little bit of extra time to choose a way loves use for one shot, which can be the precise challenge take the picture quickly.
Is the little too brilliant or too dark for my shot, has an easy way to regulate a brightness before it takes a photo. There is the key in a camera to click on or down for a picture brightness. Tip a transmission in a screen before you take one has shot. (This option is not available when shooting video.) There is also the key in a side of a camera to turn the light advance on while shooting. It is different of a flash and stays on until the management goes to repress a key. So only it helps with prójimo-on shots this in spite of. A light does not project a lot remote of a camera. (This option is available for video.) A Nikon Coolpix W300 has the resolution of maximum photo of 4608 x 3456; abundance quite big to be able to collect and modify photo, if it has required.
Has been using he for roughly four month now and has taken some utmost video and photos with this camera.
Both of some photos in this description has been taken with a Nikon Coolpix W300.

Top Customer Reviews: Sony DSCW830 20.1 ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By
Bought this partorisca the travesa to of the one of the sud america because I have broken a camera in my telephone of galaxy. They are not the professional photographer like rings something simple and good. Shopping this is looking for a same thing. Some photos are all do with this camera.
5 / 5 By
When in the first place it take this camera asked has done the deception. Yes rings an impossible, an economic digital camera with the quite a lot of zoom of descent and very characteristic. It can this camera takes pictures in fast succession? No. In the continuous way done 3 shots in 1 FPS. It can you zoom in in some pictures and see good detail? Yes and the no. dipped Even in 20.g Some images sometimes do not resist next scrutiny he taken under low light, likes indoors at night. But with enough of light in a subject takes excellent images. I experience he lag when taking pictures? Well yes and no. A camera takes the small taking used to. While a next plus that directs the distance in full width is 5 thumbs, calm once begins to use a zoom, this closes to direct the distance extends was to 5 feet. So that he that wants to take the picture of this interior 5 feet, so only maintain a camera in width and walk until taking a has shot. If you can not walk until taking a picture then uses a zoom. Until I have imagined this was was a lot of fallido that asks why a camera would not close house in a subject. Like this after all of these failures because have I data this camera 5 stars. Well taken like stops of pay. Has the Sony DSLR and the Sony all in a. Both cost in $ 1,000 at the same time of compraventa. Those take the fantastic but the calm pictures can do not to return them in the pocket of shirt. It is unfair to compare the camera that cost the little in $ 100 to those. But so that it has feigned, this little DSC-W830 is fantastic. Volume a lot of the shots of descent that see in mine 27' monitor. It returns opportunely in the pocket and (once comprise some controls and take used to the boss) takes pictures quickly and with accuracy enough for my needs. If I need better I starts my more expensive cameras. But still consolation and facilitated to use this little camera is the gem .
3 / 5 By
Partorisca A price has paid partorisca has used it slightly one, ossia partorisca the fly. Partorisca His full new price, can do better. Some keys are too many small, and Sony would have to that take the cue of Cannon with some controls of zoom. Quell'Having In a he for behind the mark partorisca do one there is rid easily. Some pictures are decent, but nothing special. Still with some video. An exposure needs the bit of work. It looks very washed was, but felizmente, some video of the real/images are not to like concealed. It does not think the people would be disturbed too much with the compraventa in full price, but will not be ecstatic any one. Tent around. If it goes on sale, choose it up. But if you can not take he partorisca low $ 125, would have to go to somewhere more.
5 / 5 By
My woman loves this camera! It is an only some uses. It can take pictures of professional quality like this well if any better that some professionals. More can take light rays with a way of continuous shooting.
2 / 5 By
It goes very Camera. They are really very happy with what time this camera takes to accuse the photo. It is incredibly slow. I took it on vacacional and more in a travesa there has been a same exact camera and has a same complaint. It takes the long time to accuse the photo before you can take another photo. I am using big capacity SD papers. You do not recommend this camera. I have read a description before I have bought this, and any one has mentioned this failure.
4 / 5 By
To the left initiate me was partorisca say that has cerebral palsy the done of the activities of skill of difficult fine engine. They are not a person that wants to call need the delicate touch for something reason are all ram and bam. Port this on reason this particular camera has keys smaller to treat the plot of some functions of cameras and with my quite a lot of ham fisted way to do the things am spent a prime minister long to use a camera that paste an on/was transmission more than a key to take the picture.

I difficulty has had that takes a battery and paper by heart to situate reason these actions require the a lot of precise touch which do not have . I have had to take help of my mamma to do sure all was in pertinent place. Like the people with inabilities have done with enough everything, has adapted to change planting of toe, so that they are not like this near of two keys. Any of of the this is one the fault of a camera of course, but thought it is cost for the mention.

Will say one a thing of camera that specifically annoy me is that has the really fast trigger with my movements of the slowest toe, am likely to finalise to take 3-4 pics in the subject of as and that the looks of key quite the sensitive pressure. I can you do not say those that pictures of interesting hockey ossia advantage to. It is the solid camera , so only the bit more than the challenge that has expected.
4 / 5 By
I have purchased several Sony Cyber-shots on some years. It likes that they take of photos of the warmest quality, and is abordable. To That that does not like me so much with of this model, is that an organism is now plastic, where in a past was metal . I dread to the fall is one , as with one all the plastic organism was prone partorisca break, etc.

Has an improvement in this model- with a fact that maintaining you can touch your battery in a camera. Calm so only your camera of propiciadas a outlet or computer partorisca touch. In of the past models have has had to that always take a battery and that would spend was a door latch finally the pause and you would owe the next tape. I am pleased really that now I can touch a battery in a camera to the equal that prevents wear and tear in a door of battery.

A quality of photo and macros, etc is still really good. It calms that can dip to automatic settings or of the facts of commission. Utilisation my camera the plot in a macro frame because they are the blogger of beauty and take photographs by heart of nail polish in my nails. It averts of a plastic to be of the organism in this model, all more am happy with.
1 / 5 By
Like this the camera could be lasted the longest November 2015 - of February 2018. We take pictures of census in our tent of motorcycle. A camera was very cured of and has used roughly once each little month. He a bit those that the weeks there is remarked while taking throw stop an image has been distorted with the lines that the raisin stops. I have dried a disk of clean storage and reformatted the and I also reformatted a camera to settings of factory. Any of this helped. A camera is able to take panoramic photos, and video but no still shots. It is very odd.

Was the decent little point and shoot partorisca a cost but has not resisted on closing with minimum use.
3 / 5 By
Really I want like this camera, love a measure, some characteristics and a simplicity of him. It takes pictures really well, but is stink 'n slow when it writes to a paper by heart. I usually pushes with the Cannon 50D, but has has wanted to something that could maintain in my pocket partorisca take spur of a moment thing. This camera he, but calm can not be in the haste partorisca take one follows has on shot. I have tried several different speeds of SD the papers that comprises a fast plus in a phase.
My woman has used he partorisca his travesa to Germania and Italy. Some pictures take static objects (castles, Alps, sources, etc) all is result very good. But you complain roughly a lot when being pas able to shoot quickly.
5 / 5 By
So only it take this camera today. I have been using the Cannon EOS 40D partorisca years, and loves that. This in spite of, long is so only too big to have with me when I see it casualidad for the shoot of photo. These looks of cameras to be a cost of excellent low model, with fast shots, acute photos, and the good row of zoom and wide corner for the little spend-to the long of. It take the moment to take used to use some settings and discovering some capacities of this camera, but some photos have taken today is quite good. They are that it animate it that was the wonderful addition my life that takes photo.

I updates to stick so it learns more roughly that a lot he his does.

Top Customer Reviews: Sony DSCHX80/B High ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Florrie
Ossia My fourth Sony produced with which spent of mine of Sony a7s, RX100, and RX100III (woman cam). At present also I have a Lumix GH4 as they like him take the video like this like this of the photos. I have bought a HX80 like the present partorisca my niece. You recommend this to any the one who any quite a lot of need a prosumer 1' point of the sensor and he shoot or the one who loves some few capacities of extra zoom that some sensors some big plus can not pack in such the small form. I will do behind and beginning with a gilipollas then a pros.

Smaller 1/2.3 sensor like opposed to 1' sensor (then again the prize is reflective of the smallest sensor and one 1/2.3 sensor in a HX80 is on duty illuminated which the very better done that other comparable sensors)
Any 4k video
No manual zoom
Any touchscreen

Pop on viewfinder
Flash ossia seeds-tiltable
Fast paper with 12 customizable does
Filler PASM ways for manuals and seeds-control manual more ways of full car if ossia a preference
Monitor that tilts 180 terracings for selfies
30X fantastic zoom for travellers
Big quality XAVC S Formed of video until 50mbps in 24p, 30p, and 60p (requires SDXC papers by heart)
PASM ways all available for video
Video the manual way has car-iso option (any all the cameras leave car of video-iso in manual; i.et. A much more expensive RX100 does not have this option)
5-the stabilizer of the work of AXIAL image adds
WIFI/NFC has has comprised applications more downloadable

there is much more characteristic that it could go in he in this ordered little point and shoot, just control out of a spec has spent. In this level of prize, especially partorisca to the to which like him to him the shoot so much photo and of the video, a Sony HX80 in my opinion is one of a better 1/2.3 sensor camera of pocket. I expect that it find this revises gain!
5 / 5 By Pablo
Loves this little camera. Has DSLR camera - and has has wanted the tiny camera to complete such - i.et. When you disappear character with the DSLR and long lentil - I also would like me has to that little camera of pocket to take a next scene and scenery. This HX80 access in a pocket of your trousers with the 30x zoom and the seen-finder - and can take amazing shots. With a tiny small sensor in a HX80 - photo of him be like this clear like the DSLR with the $ 2000 lentils? No. Of course no. But this camera so that it is - is character. An electronic viewfinder is critical for some images that will attach here.

Was was sighting of birds with mine SWAROVSKI binos - and spotted this iguana (St. Maarten) sunning He in the dead snag far in a distance. Decided to try out of my new HX80 to see that a zoom could do. That The zoom is really a lot of - but was worthless in this chance without the finder of view. It sees the hand-held images have attached for wide corner - and a 30x zoom in a iguana. A red arrow in some shows of wide corner where a iguana is sunning he.

Highly recommend like the point of shoot and good pocket.
5 / 5 By Toya
Has been using this camera for the pair of weeks and here is the cast of the as it has shot like this far:
Herb sprouts
Other people
Material in a daytime
Material at night
A video of me doing caffè

taking pictures:
is quite easy and first of legislation. Has two ways where a do one quite everything for you. The upper car shoots the explosion of photo and create it composite of some images have taken. It is quite add is had to to resist a camera still for roughly two whole seconds for him to take a scene. And I am said is more to use in this way in of the darkest places to reduce noise, but has not tried that still. Personally it prefers another way, Intelligent Car. In this way rule some settings according to some conditions to shoot. It is faster that take the picture in this way while still that automates to plot of a process in taking a picture.

Other ways of photos comprise:
Selection of Scene: it leaves I choose one of one a lot preset sure conditions so that the things can be more predictable when it shoot. Calm give you the little more controls that of the forwards two ways.
The memory Takes: it leaves it creates some presets that can take.
Manual exposure: rule open and shutter speed manually. I think that in this way it is meant to be used for photo of long exposure.
Shutter Priority: rule so only a shutter speed manually.
Inaugural priority: rule so only an opening manually.
Car of program: Insiemi so many inaugural and shutter speeds automatically, while some other settings can be place manually.
iSweep Panorama: it Presses the picture of panorama. You can dip a direction loves sweep, as you can shoot horizontally or vertically.

Taking video:
the video are the integers another history with this camera. One first what to speak roughly is a quality of video when filming. It can take in 1080p and 60 frames by second in three formats. A first format is MP4, which is a favourite format for Youtube. If you feign to shoot the video that will be uploaded directly until Youtube/of Youtube, ossia a format of video to use. I have shot the little video of Youtube/of Youtube that uses one 'AVCHD 60p 28M(PS)', which was a maximum setting thus formed of video. It looks well, but when I have been for the modify, so only can export to MP4 or some others formed, time like this after I only use MP4. It can not say a difference in all the chance when I have compared two video in both formats. There have it also one 'XAVC S HD' formed of video, which is said to be adapted to shoot film, but apparently mine SD the paper is not a lot enough for him, as I have to attended for my new SDXC paper to arrive. Probably I will not require it .
Another thing to maintain import when filming with this camera is one 5 -characteristic of axial stabilisation. Basically, it is the characteristic where a sensor in a camera is by train to be mechanically stabilised, giving you a lot of dependent in quality when shooting the video has stabilised. The majority of camera manages this digitally for cropping a real video and outputting a upscaled version of a cropped video. As that shaken, can remark the enormous drop in quality of use of video digital stabilisation. This camera does not have this subject. An interesting this to maintain in the alcohol is that when a characteristic is on, can remark a camera that regulates a sensor when you have dipped a camera down, which creates to this feeling likes calm is to bounce it or something still although it is seating in a counter or s sturdy surface.
When it Comes to audio, a stereo the speakers are located on a camera. They are located in the way that he the quite impossible fact to stick fluff to, which is something sees to the plot of people does to mitigate noises of wind when shooting video. Has the characteristic 'There there is also any way, that knows of, to connect an external microphone, so that the inner microphone is everything has. Like this far, I do not have any questions with him, but neither shoots of the video where speak and has not been to any concerts have bought of of the east.

Another Characteristic:
A flashes is hid was inner of a camera until has paste the transmission for the explosion up. This half wants to use a flash, has to burst the on every time and also agree for the press behind down when you are done with him. It touches like this it cry it, but it can be the good thing . When it calms I do not require it , has a guarantee that the will not go was when it shoot, reason is tucked was. A flashes is located directly on a sensor, as one lighting resupplies is centred enough in a subject.
That directs the transports was bondadosos of the ache to treat. An only explanation has in expósito like the work is that it transports he-house in a @@subject a next plus in a centre of view. I can see it is quite quickly in that directs car, but can not look to imagine was regarding the do the houses in that I loves it to direct on. I guess I just need to do to plot more the investigations is.
Transferring the photos and the video of this camera is SÚPER easy! I have connected my telephone (Sony Xperia XZ) street NFC and a QR the code resupplies and both of his súper quickly and some starts of scrolling immediately. Usually it takes roughly 3 seconds for a 18mp photo, which is roughly 4 MB. I need to download a PlayMemories application in your telephone.
Has a SMELL viewfinder this bursts up and down. For incumplimiento, turned in a camera when it bursts up and the turns was when it prints calm he behind down. You can turn that among a setting. Has the proximity sensor that automatically gone back in a screen in a viewfinder when amena closure to your eye. Personally it does not use this characteristic, reason owe that take really near his to dip a sensor was and my arrivals of nose to touch a screen down, which is gross in a Summer when they are sweaty and a sweat locates a screen.
A toe on the screen is surprising! He automatically toe an image and a HUD. For incumplimiento, when you toe on a screen and press a shutter key, has the 3 according to first timer to take a picture. You can turn that among some settings. Also a camera has Smiled-Shutter where relieves the smiles would take the picture automatically.
Another characteristic meeting to be extremely useful, but has not taken around to use, is a facial registration. You can program a camera to recognise until 8 types and uses these faces to prioritise autofocusing and a smile shutter.
A characteristic uses one the majority of, this in spite of, is a built-in level. This will help to maintain your level of camera in both landscape and way of portrait. It is a lot of gain for pictures of panorama and taking video.
Finally, has the key in a right corner subordinated of a camera with the question mark on that. This key gives clue and of the explanations on quite each one that characteristic in a camera. So only go to any option or setting and press a key for help. It is to declare quite useful for me in troubleshooting and that learns like this to better use some a lot of characteristic.

To That that does not like me :
For record the video, has to press a key of video has consecrated, which is a key circulates in an upper right corner with a FILM to seal on that. Although you are in way of Film, has to press this key. Ossia A subject when you disappear the video of calm, of then has to that feel around and find this key to start with and take a video and he is A lot annoying.
Also can use a PlayMemories application to remotely control yours camera, but does not like me . He kinda lags and there there is almost any point in the use. You are better bought the far camera of Sony.

Final thoughts:
Still although I have had subjects with some of some things in a camera, the majority of these subjects enough can be solved with the pocola researches and experimentation further. They are not the professional photographer or he vlogger and mine Xperia XZ can take video and of the better pictures that this can, but is the camera of confidence with capacity of the zoom more add (30x) and to plot of characteristics to explore. He no excel in any field, but is also far of a worse in the each field, as you finalise with that so only can be described like decent. I plan to continue using this camera to plot more. It say if you are not the professional photographer or the vlogger, ossia one the better camera can take still around $ 300. Ossia A camera would buy wants raisin on your Instagram pictures and video or just need to use something concealed is more natural that resist and use that your telephone. I have done so only that with to plot of mine recent Instagram the estacas and I would say this camera is doing the phenomenal work in that. Still it go like this far to say that ossia a perfect small camera in a phase in this row of prize.
5 / 5 By Gidget
Inferior line:

This camera looked adds on paper, the clear standout in that presupposed-category of friendly prize. Excellent specs for a prize and measure. It has wanted a tilt screen (adds for the thin photo that takes when travelling). I have adored a massive and fast zoom. A measure has had to character, quotes a zoom. And it is the speedy camera, especially in a context of a zoom. Some photos are a lot well, and the big upgrade of my leading point-and-cameras of shoot.

Finalised to return the,

- An on-interface of the user of the camera is the user -unfriendly nightmare. A lot tedious to cruised. Cryptic. Fines-Page. Petit. Súper Annoying.

- I could any never take his wi-fi/NFC to do at all (that it was it the reason key to take the new camera for me). They are any novice the technology, and has given on on trying, after touching way too much time to try to imagine it was.

- A breaker of extracted clear was that it take errors intermittently in my memory that is defective, and requiring borrarprpers and reformat the constantly. Dipping in new memory, to good sure some correct classes - and new frames by heart - has not helped.

Has not been if ossia the common question in this camera, or take the lemon . Perhaps you are the lemon . This in spite of, my irritations with an interface of user was quite to take me to try another model. Especially once remained with a fact that some the wireless functions have not looked to do with mine another (also new and up to date) the crew of technology means that I sent it behind to Amazon yesterday, with which a lot of test loves it .

Has bought so only a Cannon PowerShot sx270 like his substitution (which is a year for behind a sx280, but $ 150 less, and strangely does better that a new plus 280 in of the descriptions of qualities of photos). A sx270 has the 40x zoom, also compact, and has wireless, with the reputation of the cannon for interface of user of places and friendly camera up. Any tilt screen this in spite of (...That was the bummer, one 280 has a tilt, but does not love his prize or quality of the lowest photo...). My toes are crossed that this will be he will lose a tilt screen.

If any one knows of another compact zoom, big cameras with tilt screens in a $ 350 or down row, please commentary down - I will have the month to decide - I.et. Until it leaves 2018 - thank you!
5 / 5 By Mallory
I mostly Cannon of Digital use SLR camera, but has required the small camera for the travesía abroad. I particularly like an active viewfinder. The law adds in alone very brilliant. Like this far a camera has fulfilled my expectations.
5 / 5 By Barney
With the new creature in a way decides that camera of the mobile phone did not go it to cut. After doing some investigation has solved in a Sony DSCHX80.

This camera is awesome! Calm neither can maintain really simple or dive to has anticipated more settings (a lot of video of Youtube/of Youtube).

A WiFi the characteristic is not originally be the point to sell but after using loves it. If your telephone there is NFC does to transfer pictures súper easy. Calm also can use your telephone like the far with the alive preview.

Liked this camera has convinced so much my boss to buy one and his now use for pictures of product. Highly it recommends for personnel or small business use.
5 / 5 By Colby
Amur Of the amour loves this camera! Has the big plus SONY (A6000) but enjoy a point and shoot of east a. Albeit The point a lot well & shoots this camera is UPLOADED with capacity and characteristic. I love a pop on spectator, especially when a glare is big in a screen. UTMOST cost!
4 / 5 By Cathey
A camera of travesía excellent that returned in your shirt or pocket of trousers and taking to surprise pics. I have bought this camera for our travesía out of the west and was very pleased with some images. Down it is mine pics of a Valley to Shoot & Joshua Albero Parco National, will not be disappointed with this compraventa.
5 / 5 By Antonina
Love this camera used it so only in our cruise and has taken good-looking pictures and everything in a battery has had the one of leftover but rests in our once dipped room you the calm loves the transports to use then shoot that's that just a zoom are to add but takes the hand in firm when maxed was but for normal pics the sound adds..
5 / 5 By Tula
Wow! This camera will not disappoint . I have purchased this like the present to substitute the clunky DSLR. A camera is incredible. One the optical zoom is surprising and calm still take a digital zoom estupefaciente besides. It is so only slightly main that an iPhone still has all some characteristics of the a lot of main camera. A flashes is tiny measures still extremely able. A pop on top of the piece of eye takes the small taking habituado to but is very functional and active when you look by means of as magic. If it thinks that that your telephone is a lot enough for your pictures, try this camera, transmission your alcohol.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Dennise
Have has wanted the camera with the flash, this was rechargeable and has taken decent pictures in the reasonable prize. This camera returns a bill. My only question was some instructions . You look it it could have been the little more useful and a formatting done in a factory. They are 69 so that it can have something partorisca do with these hips. If no partorisca this worry would have given a camera to 5 star.
4 / 5 By Kami
Has used this moment in SALVATION partorisca eight days. Lame adds pics of the whales that pause, the fin that slaps and some good-looking blue waters in Maui. You recommend reason is small, light, easy to use and a pics was of the quality adds. It has dipped my arm on, pointed camera and snapped in succession this in spite of taken adds pics. Value of the money!
4 / 5 By Vivan
The camera adds partorisca the preteen the start was classify partorisca photograph
5 / 5 By Daniell
This VMotal the digital camera has been announced like this it camera of the girl. Always I am looking for camera the presents the boy of the partner. The edges of my partner has taken the good photos & have purchased my own. It is quite very built but light. Halfway decent flashes, controls very intuitive. It transports of stabilisation & of the car that directs lags so only the touch. Some colours can wash is gone in alone brilliant: corrected for dulcemente moving to a sunlit zone to leave image of car that directs to regulate. Limited preprogrammed the installed scenes. I am using the Sandisk 64Gb microSD paper, Classifies 10, without subjects. Slightly noisy.
RECOMMENDS: Buy the little.
5 / 5 By Pearline
Any sure reason this product has such the good avg indication. His class of junky. The keys are hard to press. The exposure is grainey and he not having a lot at all for options. Also, his really economic build. Spend the little more and take something better.
5 / 5 By Jammie
Need of better direction in it sd need of paper to be used
5 / 5 By Jodie
Can not expect try has been.
4 / 5 By Idella
Very pleased with cost of mine
4 / 5 By Siu
has bought this camera for my edges.. It tries it and want to it.. It maintains to take it has bought always Kodak camera in a past. But it has decided now buy this camera again when I need the new ...
5 / 5 By Velma
The camera adds for prize

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Magali
A camera is not easy to learn. One has printed the instructions were minimum and has to that inform to a 100+ manual of on-line page. A reader of paper that is coming with a camera has not done and has required partorisca buy the cord partorisca attach my camera to a computer. It is uncomfortable, with several steps, partorisca be able to delete individual pictures of a camera. There is the 2 process of partorisca take the picture because of a characteristic of the house and I find that annoying. Some real photos apresamientos is very good but am disappointed with a camera.
4 / 5 By Shirly
Is always state impressed with products of Cannon. This one has fulfilled each expectation. They are just learning some of some signals some plus end to use this camera, but was able to do test really well, crisp the shots well is quite small to return in mine purse. I know a lot of people use his cameras of telephone, but has found my camera of telephone to be no like this for shots of zoom. This Powershot Elph 180 has the capacities of zoom adds. Oh, And a container of accessory has each thing I need , also. In short, loves that!
5 / 5 By Amalia
Love this camera, has so many options on that. Download needs a manual to see all some different settings. It takes good-looking pictures. They are very happy with this compraventa, and the vendor was very good. It has been rid punctual
4 / 5 By Amberly
Excellent prize, has done several comparisons, Walmart, More Buy, Brandsmart, and does not surpass your prize, a place this combines a camera, is for this that calms are distant five stars, likes to of weaves it to me and of course is the present for me, give the graces for your work, recommends that it thanks.
5 / 5 By Jere
Has bought this camera because my telephone of android doesnt take some better photos. I havent used it at all until daughters 8th anniversary. I have been to revise them with which a party and 99 of some pictures are w any QUALITIES of SIMPLE HORRIBLE PICTURE!! It was 2 feet less reason because some pictures would owe that be are like this disappointed to having displaced $ 100 on crap!! A company of camera would owe that be embarrassed of this knowledge the sound.
4 / 5 By Kisha
Quite small to return in the pocket, but takes utmost pictures.
4 / 5 By Alejandrina
Does not come with the cord to download to computer.
5 / 5 By Laurette
For a prize is well. They are old and sometimes have the pocola shaken or movement when I take the picture and some pictures really BLUR bad. I lose my Kodak that has bought another Kodak point and shoot but this one looked smaller and will return to the mine little purse.
5 / 5 By Cordie
This camera is a subject !! I have it that has not had never the small a like this access perfectly in a palmera of my hand. You are rid day still has ordered to be February 14, 2019 and has begun to use the next day. Please say me reason a battery to the equal that of today, Leaves 12, 2019, is still in 100... Still after using it to take the TONNE of photo and video. Ossia A perfect present for the tween and the adolescent that looks to take to photograph.
5 / 5 By Keesha
To change a date and time said to press an on or down keys. There is a lot on or down keys and a toggle a lot he neither. Also, when I have tried the zoom in to take the picture, is a lot of blurry. I know to press a key the half way and ossia supposes for the do coming the house but he the no. knows there is the video of Youtube on like this to operate this camera? We are leaving still vacacional morning and has wanted to take this camera as I do not owe that use my telephone. If we can fix these questions today, can give you to 5 description of star.