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1 first BlueRigger 4K HDMI Cable (50 Feet, Black,4K 30Hz, High Speed, In-Wall CL3 Rated) BlueRigger 4K HDMI Cable (50 Feet, Black,4K 30Hz, High Speed, In-Wall CL3 Rated) By BlueRigger
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2 BlueRigger Micro HDMI to HDMI Cable (10 Feet, 4K 60Hz Ultra HD, Black) BlueRigger Micro HDMI to HDMI Cable (10 Feet, 4K 60Hz Ultra HD, Black) By BlueRigger
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3 best BlueRigger Mini HDMI to HDMI Cable (4K 60Hz Ultra HD, High Speed, 10 Feet) BlueRigger Mini HDMI to HDMI Cable (4K 60Hz Ultra HD, High Speed, 10 Feet) By BlueRigger
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4 Cable Matters High Speed HDMI to Micro HDMI Cable (Micro HDMI to HDMI) 4K Resolution Ready - 15 Feet Cable Matters High Speed HDMI to Micro HDMI Cable (Micro HDMI to HDMI) 4K Resolution Ready - 15 Feet By Cable Matters
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5 CableVantage Premium HDMI Cable 50FT 15M V1.4 for 1080P 3D TV DVD PS4 HDTV Monitor Blue Braided Nylon Cord, Gold Tip CableVantage Premium HDMI Cable 50FT 15M V1.4 for 1080P 3D TV DVD PS4 HDTV Monitor Blue Braided Nylon Cord, Gold Tip By CableVantage
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6 Rankie Micro HDMI to HDMI Cable, Supports Ethernet, 3D, 4K and Audio Return, 6 Feet Rankie Micro HDMI to HDMI Cable, Supports Ethernet, 3D, 4K and Audio Return, 6 Feet By Rankie
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7 Cable Matters 2-Pack High Speed HDMI to Mini HDMI Cable (Mini HDMI to HDMI) 4K Resolution Ready 6 Feet Cable Matters 2-Pack High Speed HDMI to Mini HDMI Cable (Mini HDMI to HDMI) 4K Resolution Ready 6 Feet By Cable Matters
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8 Mini HDMI to HDMI Cable, CableCreation 0.5ft 90 Degree Left Angle Mini-HDMI Male to HDMI Female Adapter,Support 1080P Full HD,3D,for Camera,Camcorder,Graphics Card,Laptop,Tablet,HDTV,Projector,Black Mini HDMI to HDMI Cable, CableCreation 0.5ft 90 Degree Left Angle Mini-HDMI Male to HDMI Female Adapter,Support 1080P Full HD,3D,for Camera,Camcorder,Graphics Card,Laptop,Tablet,HDTV,Projector,Black By CableCreation
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9 50ft (15.2M) High Speed HDMI Cable Male to Male with Ethernet Black (50 Feet/15.2 Meters) Supports 4K 30Hz, 3D, 1080p and Audio Return CNE61921 50ft (15.2M) High Speed HDMI Cable Male to Male with Ethernet Black (50 Feet/15.2 Meters) Supports 4K 30Hz, 3D, 1080p and Audio Return CNE61921 By C&E
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10 6 FT (1.8 M) High Speed HDMI Cable Male to Male with Ethernet Black (6 Feet/1.8 Meters) Supports 4K 30Hz, 3D, 1080p and Audio Return CNE219312 6 FT (1.8 M) High Speed HDMI Cable Male to Male with Ethernet Black (6 Feet/1.8 Meters) Supports 4K 30Hz, 3D, 1080p and Audio Return CNE219312 By C&E
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Top Customer Reviews: BlueRigger 4K HDMI ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Armand
In long distances, 15ft or main, these bosses do not sustain full 4K chroma 4:4:4. The randomly cut image was and exposure like static ash. With which 5 second or like this, your TV will show that it no longer is receiving the signal. Has the versions more the scarce and have any subject. BlueRigger Would owe that be more upfront in a quality of his bosses in the longest period. I will not purchase his product again.

Is looking for The 15ft boss or more along, buy a Monoprice Prevails HDMI bosses (also sold on Amazon). Any much more expensive and sometimes has included a same prize. I have tried these (after trying a lot of frames) and these were some so only of concealed them done with SUBJECTS of ZEROS.
4 / 5 By Mariana
The work adds so that I need stops. 50 feet of awesome. Like this which use he partorisca east to hook until my computer by means of a room to capture of video gameplay. Like this far I have not run to any questions. His like this economic in all the chance that I last the happy year. It feels very fat and strong and is done to go internally in walling to feed long distances. I have uploaded some calm pictures so many can take an idea. I have bought other elements of bluerigger and could not be happier. Now the useful tip is a weight of a boss can begin press down in yours hdmi port the TV so much can want to prop something down the to not breaking put you.(Thats The user issues no produced. Just stay mindful) spent again? Yes.
5 / 5 By Stephan
PRELIMINARY DESCRIPTION: I have required the 50' HDMI boss that sustains 4K exited of the mine OPPO UDP-205 to mine 4K LG the television and required it a same day... More on that later: sending the 4K signal down he 50' the boss is to good sure the bet this in spite of has bosses that can do he in the prize of prize. He maintaining has the difference among the boss that esupports 4K' and the boss that really works with 4K. To simplify: Any player has connected to the device of exposure, like the television or projector, will use EDID, that comes from/comes from a device of exposure, to determine the one who bondadoso to signal a player would owe that send. If a device of exposure sends a player info this identifies a device of exposure likes 4K then a player (usually) test and accommodate to send a correct signal and everything is well and good. This in spite of, is also possible that a signal can be compromised for a boss among a player and a device of exposure. Like this while a device of the exposure said ' are 4K' and a player sends a correct signal in a correct colour-has bitten depth, etc, a boss can cause the loss in that marry a player will fall-rear to the way of width of the lowest band, likes 1080p (HD) more than 2160p (4K HD). A better way to try ossia uses the boss the short plus that is certified for a speed and colour-has bitten depth and see if work.

This 50' boss to good sure do with levels HD (1080p) in 50' but does not look to do with 4K. When Touching 4K gladdens a TV informs the 1080p (rule HD) signals to go in more than the 4K (2160p) signal.
Can not complain considering a prize of this boss, but still does not look to sustain 4K.

Thanks to the prime of the amazon has ordered he in a morning and took it a same day in an evening... Remarkable. This in spite of, unless I hosed on settings, will have to try the different boss (or some another approximation) to take the 4K signal to a TV.

Will update this description after doing some additional tests to ensure I any hose anything up in some settings with a player and TV, etc. In a moment, need the 50' partorisca 1080p (HD) this boss to good sure laws and resupplies quality of excellent signal to a TV. A thing would owe that mention is this boss is quell'has bitten fatter that more HDMI bosses (but a lot almost like this fat or rigid as in-wall HDMI).
4 / 5 By Loreta
All have read on-line has said would require the booster, splitter, amplifier, or an active HDMI cord to take HDMI in 50 feet to do. I have taken a casualidades to try this cord was first, and work perfectly, less than half a prize of an active HDMI cord. I have tried like a lot of setups so much could and his all does! Everything of these setups laws:
- Computer to Monitor.
- Computer the TV.
- Computer, this 50 ft cord to the powered splitter, split to television and Monitor.

Like this then I really tried to the pause has used the Port of Exposure to HDMI adapter, then this cord to everything of an on setups, and his all perfect!
Has attached is the picture of a Port of Exposure to HDMI adapter, which then cut one 50 ft HDMI boss to a splitter, split to television and Monitor. Crazier setup could come up with and the law adds. ( It is unplugged so much could take a picture, but when plugged in the works add)

TL;Dr.: This 50 Feet HDMI works of boss
5 / 5 By Tasha
Can confirm: In 35 feet long, this boss rids the 4K signal with HDR. State using an old plus HDMI boss of then 2014. Any that he a lot the time done, well? An old boss has done adds and still could spend the 4K signal of my PC of office the TV of living room, but a screen of television has been black when I have tried to turn on 'HDR and Paint Advanced' of a Windows 10 settings of exposure. Swapped Out of an old boss for east a, and suddenly that works of characteristic. Noticeable Differentiates included so only aiming my fund of windows. HDR Looks the little softer but truer the life and not trying invidente calm with brilliant white light. This boss could have the gimmicky touching title (Big Speed / Ultra / 4K / etc.), But can testify that he in fact behind on a claim.
5 / 5 By Kristyn
For the year has had the 1080p the receiver has connected to the 1080p TV with this boss and he have done utmost, last week I upgraded my television to the 4k model (LG OLED65C7P) and all was still a lot (1080p signal to the new 4k TV). This week I upgraded my receiver to the 4K auricular (Denon X4300H) and has sent 4k contained in a boss for a first time, a result constantly the cut was signal , snow in a screen and generally so only not doing . I have run the new boss (some giant WHISTLES by means of some wall) and all has done well again in 4k. It has had no kinks or anything wrong with a BluRigger boss, signal the only loss suffered and audio dropouts with 4k the contained that comprises to use ARC.

Buyer beware
5 / 5 By Marcie
no SHABBY! I have ignored everything of some low descriptions and has purchased these bosses to dip in our wall of living room. After the few weeks, a video has begun to cut out of the each one once in the moment. Then more often and same subjects of worse video (sees a picture). Now they are basically useless and has to that reopen my wall and take this junk was to dip something of real quality. But hey, send me substitutions (reason to good sure wants to spend for everything of this question again).
4 / 5 By Katheleen
This 15 ft HDMI the boss could not transmit the 4K/60hz the signal that uses a Optoma UHD50 UHD projector and the UHD Blue-ray or Xbox a X. This boss sustains another entrance in projector of mine that bosses 4K/30hz which is purportedly very a lot of UHD and this involves a boss so only is operating like this HDMI 1.4. I have tried to return a boss 7 days later and for some reason was ineligible partorisca turn. A lot of HDMI has certified the law of bosses in a together same-up. Any question, reason have finalised to use the to transmit video of mine 2017 MacBook while seating in a couch. Note: an USB-C multiport adapter for a MacBook Pro transmits 4K/30Hz so only although some settings say.
4 / 5 By Lora
Has taken this to do the long career of mine xbox upstairs my grotto of man down to projector of mine. Mina setup goes like such; xbox-soundbard-hdmi booster-projector. Entirely the have the minimum of 100 feet of hdmi to perhaps 125. I cant recal my images of soundbar to projector. I have been concerned a quality would be subpar with having like this the boss has run to go with the boss he economic plus but the has not loved to spend the fortune on one. As I have taken the casualidad and could not be happier. I ensure it first fact to take a travesía to install and has found this boss is not a direction. (Any pun feigned) has had mine xbox so on and down runing to a projector and a livingroom TV without subjects of a boss. Quality of the picture has not suffered a bit in Ben-Q projector. From time to time I will take it lag in audio that is solved to change entrance in soundbar and behind, but does not be missing a boss partorisca east. The failure of mine setup. Has has added pictures that any justice as I do not have one beats and greastes telephone. Gameplay In a xbox are adds with both picture and playability without lag. The films are amazing quality in both streamed and bluray. You recommend this boss for any the one who needs to do the long career and does not want to spend alot in the alone boss. I have bought the booster reason has been them concerned a same time but to be sincere, he really doesnt require it.
4 / 5 By Elma
This 50 feet HDMI the cord of means comunicacionales are adds. It was perfect for my needs for my system of camera. It is Long enough to take in any room that can require you to hook on an extra monitor to maintain an eye in your cameras of security of any room in a house that is required, or so only to hook on this TV of big screen to do a bit gaming. Anything needs to take hooked on, this cord is long enough to cure of the yours HDMI need of means comunicacionales. Thanks to a reasonable prize, is to fly it too much. You recommend any one requiring the plus along HDMI cord for the take here, reason finding the longitude quite the cord in some tents looked difficult to locate without paying an arm and to leg.

Top Customer Reviews: BlueRigger Micro ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Suzy
I have purchased this boss of Amazon in September 2015. As with forward Bluerigger the bosses have purchased in a past, was sure with his action and reliability. This in spite of on May 13th 2016 a boss fracasado with an intermittent connection. I have thought at the beginning that it was a laptop was connected to but with the little troubleshooting was partorisca clear a boss has developed the defect. It has been for partorisca purchase the substitution when have @to @give he lifetime the guarantee was available partorisca this boss, likes I emailed Bluerigger of his place and has answered after only the few hours and any some 24 hours a message has declared, asking chance that a boss was purchased in fact of Amazon. A bit those that more hours later some confirmed and has said the new boss will be shipped in any cost of mine. For evening of Sunday, yes Sunday, the container seated in mine doorstep. Now how it is that partorisca service of client?

Thank you Bluerigger.
4 / 5 By Brynn
When you Order this mark of element sure returns your partorisca devise. Has the Kindle HD8 and a info has indicated that ossia a connection of right boss and with this boss all have has had to that it was partorisca connect to look that it is already in mine tampon. I have been sent another together of bosses that does not return and is not very partorisca my tampon. Now it finds that the amazon has the any one civilises of turn in a product and on that is questioning my question partorisca the repayment. They are the first client . All have has wanted to was partorisca look some films etc in a television and in mine RV while travelling. Now I owe that look to any another fixes. It was a lot these companies would stick with one returning.!!!!!
5 / 5 By Dolores
Has bought this the while he (I am taking up in the a lot of descriptions are the real person :) )
has bought this to hook on my kindle fire HD 2nd generation my TV. Note: any all kindle the fires have the mini hd port like this sure mark any device has has a forward partorisca take east. In any case I cover so only this my kindle and other leaves to finalise plugged in the HDMI port in mine television and work perfectly. Calm so only has to that change a source/of entrance in your TV. My woman taken so only the firestick so it will not be using this like this, but he that is supposition partorisca do .
5 / 5 By Ethelyn
Will not give the bad description to a product because I am sure he that is supposition partorisca do , but wants to leave the people know that it does not return the Kindle Fire HD7 or Kindle Fire HD8. Ossia A second time has purchased the boss of this general type has based out of the links direct of a Kindle Forum here in Amazon. Ossia A second time a recommended boss does not return any of the mine Kindles.
5 / 5 By Helen
The mine is not beveled like a person has said. But he still any one covers all a way in partorisca do.
A rule hdmi with the micro access of adapter a lot of & works. Reason any this returns everything of a way in?
Very other clients have a subject same as it is not so only me!
Would owe that be refunded.
Say it would have to that return all basic micro hdmis. As there is disappointed. It is odd likes some cords so only no .
Are the money has spent on 4 different any like this far.
In an end, an only one these works is the regular hdmi has bought the few years does partorisca my big latop. It take the small adapter covers it to this one this has the micro hdmi in a othe fines. Work well but taken on too spatial to have a power usb plugged in a same time. A whole reason has bought this one was so that would have the room covers it a usb in a same time. Still out of regime.
Does a lot of sence...
Can see in a photo that does not return all a way in
4 / 5 By Marx
This product felt quite sturdy and looked a lot (aesthetically) when we purchase Run 2019. But like this of May 7, 2019, has any signal of the audio sent by means of a cord. We have had to take the Leaves of substitution for a prime minister a buy reason, right out of a stock exchange, an image was glitchy and would turn all yellow. A new one receives later in March was adds. So only 2 or 3 chances of audio glitches or image totally that short was up to now. But then an audio so only there is prendido totally law. Turned on/of a TV, Roku, bar of speaker, and unplugged/replugged a boss in both ends twice. At all. But a window of enclosed turn in April :/ And I of any one the substitution of a same cord.
Decent quality, but so only spend of the extra money for the boss the durable more a first time. This was money has lost :(
4 / 5 By Sheree
history The scarce? This BlueRigger Big Speed Micro HDMI boss (10 feet) precise the light modification to do in a Surface of Microsoft. A flange of a Surface is beveled and to the equal that have expected, a micro-HDMI grip/of boss of the toe of insulator attacks a flange to an exposure. For like this, the boss will not seat fully in a connector. Any question this in spite of, the fast & careful angled trim of a grip and looked' turn and works perfectly! I have saved in $ 30 in an in-boss of tent and has taken the big quality 10 footer!

This BlueRigger the boss is has done amiably. Thickness, but flexible with solid end-the grips and both connectors return amiably in my Surface of LADY, Samsung TV and Acer monitor HDMI ports. Sound the boss adds in the good prize.
5 / 5 By Odilia
Originally has purchased this boss in Sea 2018 to connect Lenovo portable of Yoga to a HP Monitor. Done add until July 2019. The boss comes with him lifetime guaranteeed, as I emailed service of client the one who has answered inside the day and has confirmed that a boss really has the lifetime has guaranteeed. I had it it has purchased it already the boss of substitution, like this BlueRigger refunded my money for a substitution. The repayment looked with the day. Finally the company that really goes on down half of in his guarantee!
4 / 5 By Elmer
The TV of apple has been a primary source of television viewing in my house for years (AT&T annulled Or-to fact 5 years & looked behind)
Of then joining last first January, there is enjoyed a nave perks, a awesomeness ossia PrimeNow, and the First music is streaming mine playlist every time takes for behind a wheel.
One a thing that has LIKE THIS STATE frustrated with this that does not have any available application in the first place Video in television of Apple---any way for me to first common Video another that airplay of the mine iPhone--which is interrupted always with the call or notification--or to purchase the device has separated strictly for Prime minister. With everything of our cost of video to be content on iTunes, chair quite stuck with this little box & is foolishly drawn tiny far.
This has solved my question. FINALLY I can take full advantage of mine First affiliation and connect of a micro hdmi port in mine portable to our TV. They are a further thing to be technology savvy, and ossia the game to cover & simple kinda solution - this has done my decision to renew Prime minister of next month the no-brainer. 😊👍🏼
4 / 5 By Valda
When I have purchased my computer, have of then so only there is the micro hdmi port. With a need to present, has imagined would owe shell out of big bucks for the new cord. I have run by means of this cord and decided to give comes from he in planting to go for an expensive alternative in the venue rigger impressed with both prizes and qualities. Here it is my experience :
A do one like this announced and has continued to do in a course of some 6 months that possessed it. It connects my computer to the mine television every time without any hesitation. A durability has been fantastic like the cord has experienced some quite interesting forms for the do spent in the way has not gone necessarily feigned to. Some connectors resist firmly in a computer and a television and some finals of a boss not even has approached to fray. In general, a cord has and is continuing to do a lot well and has been to add it compraventa. I will be to look the blue rigger in a future for my needs of cord. Calm does not know never the one who bondadoso of the cords will require in a future, maintains to do all smaller and changing them! They are happy with a product and I believe is the economic solution in any micro hdmi need!

Top Customer Reviews: BlueRigger Mini ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Lena
I have done bosses my whole professional career. Anything of One thousand-Spec, Injection Molded, the Hermetically Sealed is the for real Solid boss partorisca a prize and of the good works. I bought it so that my edges could connect his Nvidia Shield K1 Pill his TV in his room. Detection of car of a device and the boss have done perfectly. Video of currents and gameplay by means of these fast and smooth. I have purchased this he roughly done 6 month and sees daily use and still is in resistant strong. A boss is fact of the lowest cost A durometer (55-60 [...]) Hule That the very flexible fact. This in spite of, this does not mean economic. My edges is 9 like his idea to take the boss of anything is yanking in a cord. Some finals of connector of the grip of cord is stout soft closing to a touch and a lot durable ( Coast A durometer 70-75). Shopping this boss again and would recommend to any one. Chico the father tried has agreed!
5 / 5 By Zachery
Has bought these have based on all some positive revise concealed has been posted on Amazon.

My initial impressions to take them was that they have looked to be sturdily built with those looked to be connectors to have to that heavy boss , fat, and fat insulation.

This in spite of, both dips that I have ordered fracasado inside the pair of month because of a mini HDMI connector no longer when being pas able to do the sure connection with my mobile phone and pill.

Has not been to take the 'lemon' or no, but will not be buying these again.
4 / 5 By Azucena
My prime minister never BlueRiigger the boss was for the fail. (A HDMI the mini has used to connect my Kindle HD to the TV. The suspect is the turn of client & mistakenly has behind shipped has gone by Amazon (First nave). This in spite of, month later an email to a company resulted with them offering for the free substitute of load. They have required apparently my consent to in fact ship it.

Has occupied that concerns for my mamma after the surgery of heart has lost his email that offered a substitution. I found it the few months more have answered late.
He! You felizmente shipped out of another boss. WOW.

In a moment, has decided to the transmission was all ours another HDMI to HDMI bosses and has purchased 3 HDMI to HDMI mini (league Kindle Fire HD/HDX) bosses together with some of the his other versions & all have done as it has expected.
Quality very big in the fantastic prize. If available always will choose this mark in another although I owe that it pays bit it more (that to the date has not been a chance). The service of client has said the plot in the company and his products!
4 / 5 By Concetta
Is bosses and law, which more can say. Some apt ends snugly and the hoods am sure.

Some bosses look the little thin, but law well and does not dip stress in a HDMI socket like an old some do.

There was engreído previously to read 'expert' pieces that heavy, rigid HDMI the bosses are better but has found these heavy bosses plants estréses in a HDMI sockets in my receiver, and in fact one of some entrances are broken now and unusable. If I had it it has used it to to the bosses likes him to him-the these probably has not spent.
5 / 5 By Jarrett
Has purchased this boss specifically for use with our Cannon DSLR camera to feed directly to a HDMI transmissive far. A boss has done absolutely perfectly without any @subject anything. Very pleased.

I film videocasts and video for Youtube and elsewhere. This leave to use the DSLR to register while having the 32' TV four feet was that I can control while registering. A camera has the mini-HDMI OUT OF port, and a Far Transmitter has the plenary sized HDMI IN port. Works like the field!

FIVE STARS and the main recommendation for quality and value/of consideration of prize. Absolutely you buy again. Glorious!
4 / 5 By Laila
Had ordered a version of Amazon, but was out of stock. Invernadero These and the descriptions looked a lot have ordered like this these. When I Have been to use them, a boss any one spend easily to a laptop, class of jamming way of installed only part. When it Can take he in all a way, a semi-detached monitor has seen a boss has done only intermittently. I am not sure state if a subject was a boss , or a socket of laptop, as I have ordered another HDMI boss, now was asked slope.

When An alternating (any one-Blue Rigger) the boss has arrived, I plugged he in and law perfectly, as it was a boss , no a socket of laptop. So only appearance I any hurt to a laptop with a blue rigger boss. I have been to ask to focus of turn, but a guarantee is so only 30 days, I supposition. A relatively modest cost has squandered will not kill me , but is an annoyance and would have expected more than a provider of Amazon.
4 / 5 By Shalon
When I have possessed previously an old plus nVidia GeForce GTX 500 video of paper of serious, has had so only one of two options: Any one connects street DVI-D or mini HDMI. Seeing so that it has wanted to achieve a better possible resolution showed in mine monitor, has decided to purchase this product and could not be happier!

No only was a video immaculate, but, he also exited of the audio sustains given to some speakers to control that it is the plus for me. After using this product for several first months of upgrading, has had absolutely a lot of @@subject. A coating had not spent never was, a connection is not never be in the failure, and, a period was appropriate, included although has a monitor and PC have SITUATED A lot afterwards to the each one like this another.

If your paper of video (or other electronic devices) so only contains the mini HDMI connection, then ossia an absolute must . It was not the one who has come exactly up with a concept to do a HDMI the smallest connection, but, this was the perfect solution to my question.
4 / 5 By Huey
Economic and takes the signal adds. I have bought 3 or 4 of these without questions. Good fat bosses that feels durable. They do not bend esy in a with which thinks improvement his life. Like this far his summer the year and these bosses are resisting strong for my PC and my TV. They have had the plot of uses to be pulled was and plugged behind in alot and a connection is remained strong. Highly recommend these.
5 / 5 By Valeria
Installed the new (mine) paper of map (GeForce GTX 550 You), and the question has had to connects it to the mine new Samsung monitor (HDMI or Displayport).

DVI The HDMI, and DVI to DisplayPort the adapters have not done. I have finalised to take this boss (Mini HDMI the HDMI), and the law adds to go of Mini HDMI in a paper the HDMI in a monitor. Some looks of boss to be good quality, but will not be the emotional around at all so it can not comment on durability.
4 / 5 By Emma
Do exactly to the equal that have to that, this in spite of afterwards the weeks of pair a mini HDMI covers it has begun takes to bend and no longer seats directly. This boss is having the habit of goes of mine television to the computer, a mini HDMI discharges goes my paper of video. It looks of the discharges is not a lot very connected to a rest of a boss, of then is taking bent to the equal that east.

Probably would go with the different mark has to that order another.

Top Customer Reviews: Cable Matters High ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Luba
My deception! Has no @to @give has had two different measures of mini HDMI bosses, and has taken a 'Type Of ... Read so only far enough in some descriptions to know that it connects the pill to the TV.... Any apt mine. I go to maintain a boss this in spite of.. Could require it another time and is cost a lesson... The not being rushed too much buy. A boss looks really sturdy, and is coming very packed and punctually, as I have given I the five, included although it is useless mine right now.

Hopefully, Another will see this and be sure first to buy.
5 / 5 By Monet
Previously has used the micro hdmi to hdmi adapter and HDMI boss, which uses to take video of the mine Lumix G7 to the mine elgato cam link for my weekly alive current in mine couch setup. A HDMI the boss has not gone long enough to do very bondadoso of pertinent routing on, as it finalise so only that spends for a paving to my computer. Finishing with using two of this adapter, both duquel has broken over time. Decided to instead invest in the boss of pertinent period to the equal that can issue to the long of some wall. In 25 feet, these works of boss perfectly for my needs, with the extra period well to use he in the secondary place for when I gameplay common of a couch more than just covering informative subjects (needs to move a camera futher to not blocking view of a television).
Has not used a boss for too much long, but to good sure will try to go back and update like this progress to time to see like this resists on
4 / 5 By Ruth
Good bosses so many of the looks of mine to have the good connections and is more to good sure fully functional. They are still quite flexable and is well has built the bosses have no real complaints esp the cause was one of a plus reaosnably priced the insiemi have found on amazon at the same time to write. An only thing can not speak to of the one of the east one the strong some connectors are vs other alike bosses would require the measure of the main sample. Honradamente Although any way micro hdmi is not the particularly sturdy connector. Really I do not have any complaints. The prizes and the good bosses was decent... Any complaint I just reservation 5 descriptions of star for something concealed has attacked my socks was or has had characteristic of amazing / polish ect. And they are bosses quite basic ... As they have not attacked my socks was while a same time did not displease me so that it thinks that to 4 star is so only. The desire to amazon has based of the 10 stairs or 5 stars of the fractional stairs. If they would give the 4.5/5 or he 8/10 to the to something likes concealed.
4 / 5 By Caren
Has read a description of product attentively. Although it says UHD in a description, later has said Micro HDMI supports HD. This boss no with 4K/UHD resolutions. In 4K a picture has had numerous sparklies (pixel that was in erroneously - in this chance a lot of red pixels during a picture). It have loved the longitude HDMI boss with micro-HDMI on one finalises to do fishing by means of the easiest pipe. This a no for my application.
5 / 5 By Irina
So only has taken my micro hdmi boss for my kindle fire !! Taking roughly 20 seconds, 20 seconds to hook he on and now can look my Amazon and Netflix the films and anything concealed looks in a kindle screen in my TV!!!! I am thought this would be wonderful for any with the vision issues the one who loves read and is struggling, could read the book in the 32inch ( or included main!!) Screen. Has not dipping the book in mine kindle to read in a still TV, but that am writing now is aiming in mine !! I have touched some of my songs and a sound comes from/comes from a TV. The show of coverages of an album in a TV and has looked Youtube!
. Everything needs to do is covers a micro hdmi part of a boss to the yours kindle fire hd and covers another end to your TV(4 seconds!!)... It goes to a place of TV( I he manually reason my TV is hooked until boss as I do not have the clue where a TV this far and the far control of a company of particular boss could no to take me to change some settings automatically) and go the hdmi 2 ( was in hdmi 1since was hooked until boss hdmi mine of number to be the 3, according to a mark)...bamm!!...Well, in fact it take 5 seconds! So many less than 20 seconds have 'Kindle TV'.
When it Wants to change behind to boss, I just transmission behind the hdmi 1! Also I am touching my kindle so I am writing this description!
Is $ 10 with the 15ft cord, (to the equal that know am relaxing so that it writes this). I have been in Youtube/of Youtube to see had any tutorials and has had the young man the one who has done sound like this really is!! The desire could agree a place, but can no.
Know very little in the computers but ossia the shot adds. You ARE THIS! I have ordered he thru Kindle the prime and turn in my mailbox and has arrived exactly when they said it . Esperanza goes sample' A @@Subject to Agree' in mine 'Kindle TV' ;0)!!
4 / 5 By Eugenio
A lot well boss to owe heavy fact. Has has wanted to this to connect my Windows10 compressed to the mine HDMI TV for shows of television of the clock and he a work perfectly. Some connections are good and tight and stay in place, especially in a pill while it is moved around time in time. To good sure buy another of this required that to him.

PLEASE to be sure to verify that calm boss in fact need!! There is the soyicro' and the soyini' HDMI.. Like this precise verifies attentively to see which yours the pill or the telephone requires!!! It does not assume that so only reason your telephone is quell'has bitten small that requires a soyicro' HDMI. Has a telephone an old plus around that looked in still the comparison and he would require the soyini' boss.
5 / 5 By Jen
In the first place was, yes has seen the micro hdmi to hdmi boss (probably 6ft) in of the tents to like 60 dollars, does not buy it . This boss is one same, and less than half a prize. Personally, I bought it to mirror my Droid Razr Maxx (yes, behind when they have used to dip micro in of the telephones, does not know reason has prendido) to mine 50' flat screen. And I have to that say, touching Band of Jet Joyride, Súper Hexagon, and Career of Temple 2 in these stairs is awesome. Also the utilisation to look youtube easily in my TV (that sadly, is not wifi skill). A bit those that time I texted, emailed, and has taken included called of telephone in my TV. Also it adds for giant Skype calls with a whole family. At all to complain roughly here.

In the note lateralmente, is looking the such the thing and is new the nomenclature of boss, be ware has the difference among micro hdmi and mini hdmi, included although they both bad small in of the daily things. So only dipping it there.
4 / 5 By Junko
Does several months have bought the 6 boss of feet that has been using to connect my Kindle Fire HD 8.9 to the mine television so that I can look film, etc. Has to that think that was a better thing of sliced the bread gave of then another reason to love my Kindle, until there is @@give that would require to create me to take anything am looking of a boss has not gone long enough to achieve of a television to the mine couch like this has to that leave a kindle approximations a television and create to take, replay, etc. has purchased recently this 15 boss of feet and am very happy that has done. It is long enough to achieve of mine television to a couch so that has my kindle approximation-me to me when I am looking something by means of him on a TV. A quality of starts of picture well by means of this boss and a material of looks of boss to be of perfectly of good quality also. They are quite happy with this boss that has ordered the second a to attach to a TV in my fourth so that I can look material by means of my kindle in this room also and does not have to that move a boss of a television to another. One 6' the boss will result a boss takes with me when I go put. I recommend these products - so that it is the good product for the very reasonable prize - a lot of dollars less than that would pay you in a lot of retail tents.
4 / 5 By Aleen
Was the bit has concerned of then like this of these bosses resemble not being compatible with Kindle or with sure models of Kindle. Thanks to another reviewers, has bought this one and utmost with my Kindle Fire HD. Very happy with a product!

Update: I have ordered so only my second a, east times one 15 foot a. When I have attached an original boss to the mine Kindle then my television law adds but a TV of big screen has loved the the use on is upstairs of to my subject likes the signal of WI-FI has not been like this well so when I used it on my television down more afterwards to my subject. I have considered at the beginning take the row of WI-FI extends. With which hours to read descriptions, included one the majority of expensive some do not look to do many. They extend the one who far yours signal among your house but does not improve a speed so much for streaming the TV has not been a response. I have then agreed to see the longest version of this boss and he paste me it we that for much less cost that one extends, could take this boss this long plus. Drilled the small hole of upstairs to basement of mine and now mine upstairs the perfect TV that takes streaming TV without drops of signal!
4 / 5 By Isidro
Ossia A boss has bought to film of current of a Kindle Fire HD to the 58 plasma of screen of thumb. A picture is clear without sprain or the delay in streaming. Construction of a boss and the delivery for a vendor is excellent.

Top Customer Reviews: CableVantage ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Denver
At the beginning, an image has looked sum. Utilisation this boss partorisca attach to the television ossia roughly 28 ft was and felt well in cost of mine. Ossia Until a flickering, jittery images, temporarily loss of his, and flickering with noticeable effect of snow. I have thought immediately something was bad with my device but then after the connect to another 'cheapo' HDMI the boss there is @@give a boss 'a plus along' was in failure. So much, in short, is not the boss that will resist to common levels. It can be braided and the a bit legitimate look. But really it does not resist up.
5 / 5 By Chantal
Has another expensive plus 50 feet HDMI that careers of my receiver to mine 4k projector, but my system of new security has required to be relocated to where could any one covers easily so only he to one of the entrances of a TV. Like this the boss gave so only that has required.

Acts well for me, like this ossia so only 1080 content of the video of recorder coverage for the 6 system of camera. The prize was very economic so that I have taken. It can not be happier with cost of mine or a cost.
4 / 5 By Jeanetta
As I have purchased HDMI of this company before... And in 50ft is where a value vs the matrix of quality is fallen off a side of the reef.

Like the boss has the enormous lag time to finalise to finalise. Besides some leaves of qualities of the picture a lot to be wished. I have wanted to use this boss to connect a two entertainment of entity hubs in my house
A basement and a room familiarised.
Has purchased the signal splitter and taken to do.
When it Was finally setup there is remarked flickering in a picture for film and of the games. I have known you grieve I begun to start with one súper the rapes and the economic boss there are. Substituted a boss and the things were much better. I have maintained a boss for odds and final in chance perhaps. Well With which finally finding the purpose with which roughly 6 weeks of the discharges snapped was... And he no at all.

Like this unfortunately would say to spend the little bucks in the cord of quality... Side quell' This work adds for the longitude HDMI boss. I have run he of my computer by means of my living room, to my receiver, and can use mine 75' 4k TV like my monitor of computer. Fun material! Prpers Having said that, a boss odora terrible. He so only to to the smells like... Patient. I do not have any idea like this ossia included possible.
4 / 5 By Laverne
My edges rearranged his room and dip his electronic by means of a room of where has required to be to connect. This HDMI the cord is good and along and fact of the material this maintains to take bent. Product a lot all a way around.
4 / 5 By Arielle
Am running the 2.os cooks of TV roughly 40 ft was & the quality of picture is a lot well, wud buys again thanks!. 🇵🇷
5 / 5 By Carita
Considering a prize ossia quite good. Although it was two times so much, this would be quite good. This was to connect my computer of by means of a room. Some pictures looks utmost. A quality of a boss is quite solid. It seats like the product of big quality. Shopping this again has required another boss.
5 / 5 By Libbie
In my house I need he 50 ft boss. I have tried several different options -- comprising repeaters, so only to take qualities of poor picture. With this boss on two separate TV is a quality of the picture and the sound is excellent. Any subject with granularity. I take the clear 1080p picture without subjects that like this never. More an excellent prize. Highly recommended.
5 / 5 By Dottie
Has a lot of bed revises to say HDMI was spotty in 50' and further but decided to take it casualidad for a prize. Like this ECONOMIC! And so only it means a prize. This thing is quality adds and the extremely durable looks. Has the habit of course of a stuffs of wall in a living room by means of a wall, to a coverage, and down to another dish of wall in the chamber for camera of security. The perfect works, any subjects of image at all.
5 / 5 By Myrtis
A HDMI the cord has done adds. A photo has aimed a quality of a product, but t the justice. Ossia One of a better one has used. A quality of picture is better now that has changed a cord was.

Top Customer Reviews: Rankie Micro HDMI ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Lenora
Bought this partorisca my Lenovo portable of Yoga; required partorisca be able of the connect to the TV. All was 'game & of cover'. It was better that has expected. The video & of audio has come by means of just well. It likes-I one 10 period of feet also. 6 sounds of feet long, but in my experience this so only is not quite sometimes. It can depend in your device, but has been expecting to have that rule some settings to take a picture and audio to look (which is not looked forward to ). Very pleased!
4 / 5 By Janell
Before things in the first place - he, work with an old Kindle Fire HD this has the micro-HDMI port. (A picture in a description that objective look for-ups of a port will help to verify if your model is compatible). The films have downloaded on qualities 'better' and on looks absolutely adds when showed in the TV. (This are adds to have when in the holidays and that go to a zone without boss or wifi.) A a caveat is that it take the odd DRM error when that tries to connect to the mine Samsung television house. Work perfectly well in a two LG the TV is tried quell'on, and that included Samsung the TV has had subjects to link to the Sony Blue player of Ray, like this the think is to good sure a lacking TV, no a boss is. In general, you are looking for the way to connect your Kindle Fire to the TV, this takes a work done.
4 / 5 By Loree
Has purchased this product for a first roughly done time six month with leading experience with another HDMI bosses. In recent past, has purchased some the majority of expensive bosses has offered in of the hopes that a prize has meant a quality would be better and last me the time of life. This was the deception , reason these bosses am lasted so only the few months in better. I have purchased this boss like the last resource without of a lot of hope for a quality. This in spite of, have done the dud test, like the quality is flawless and better that some other unnecessarily expensive bosses had bought. It does not squander your time with any one another boss that thinks that that a prize means it will last; with this boss takes excellent quality for the low half prize.
A container has arrived exactly in a date of arrival has expected. I have purchased he with a intent of streaming film my TV of mine Lenovo portable of the and/of the yoga of then does not have the TV of loan. When being able to run anything of my computer to my TV annuls out of a need to have the TV of loan for just roughly any one. One $ 12 investment to the boss is better that the $ 700 ready TV. I have purchased a boss of 15 feet like this time. His on bend a period, for only the dollars of pair more so much is more bang for your buck. A long period leave to walk around with my laptop, any to concern roughly tripping in the boss along, and can seat far out of a TV with my laptop in my lap. An only complaint has is that a boss tends to fall out of my laptop occasionally yes moves around too much. This this in spite of simply can be my own failure , and at all of one the fault of costruttrici.
Has been concerned that reason a prize of a product is a lot down, a streaming the quality would be poor. I have decided to take a casualidad and buy he in all the chance, and was thoroughly surprised and has impressed. A quality of an image is crisp and clear. A physical quality of a boss is strong and the looks have built to last for years. I have had to repurchase this HDMI boss recently a lot of reason a prime minister one failed, but so only reason have left he in the house of the fellow and somehow takes lost. It was distraught, as I have agreed that the times taken to find the boss of quality a first time. This in spite of, was able to look by means of my amazon past mandates and found an exact same boss and there is repurchased he with only a click. A second an I has bought am satisfied with also. It arrives punctually, a quality was like this well, and is like this sturdy like last a. I have purchased this element two times and both times has had experiences a lot well with a vendor and a product. I am satisfied extremely with this service of client and produced and would recommend it to any one looking to purchase the micro HDMI to HDMI boss.
Can pay anywhere of $ 5 to $ 30 for the micro HDMI to HDMI boss, but calm reason? This boss is sturdy, of confidence, and is excellent quality. A vendor has resupplied the service of client adds that it has been relieved roughly reason have had terrible experiences with compraventas of amazon in a past. A company shipped it also quickly, grieve my paper has been accused, has taken an email that says it has been shipped. A phase for HDMI the bosses is very wide and a lot of competition and the election are available, has ignored some prizes that his together of competition and went down it enough the bit to win on some clients and my subject. It does not squander your time that the looks have spent this HDMI boss, does not leave you down.
4 / 5 By Paulina
This boss was has used so only the little time to do presentations. It fails during use without being has moved.
Clearly, is announced with the LIFETIME GUARANTEEED and has not mentioned any special requirements for the take.
A boss has failed entirely with which roughly 5 uses.
Some waste of vendor to honour a LIFETIME has GUARANTEEED that is to aim in a page of product of the Amazon.
Look Elsewhere, has bosses very better in this row of prize.
5 / 5 By Anton
Quite disappointed. My application is in the office where I attentively plugged this thing to mine portable to start with to the monitor the big plus in my office. It can say to look in concealed is was delicate to the equal that was VERY CAREFUL plugging he in and doing sure has not had any stress on that. You are the waste of time. With which I plugged he in roughly 12 times the pair of some nails internally bunched up. Totally useless now. Any one annoying .
5 / 5 By Felisha
Has bought initially 3 micro hdmi the hdmi for some alive-streaming. Some bosses look sturdy and rigid. Some connections were tight look and sure . I have tried one of some bosses and he have done perfectly with the image adds. I have thought really it has done it the cost adds, this in spite of thinks so . This in spite of, am coming to discover that 1 of some bosses was defective and would not produce an image of any device. Any sweat, the service of client has offered to send the substitution immediately -- unfortunately, was the time crunch and has bought so only the new a w/ nave of 2 days. Any big shot, his refunded my boss broken and has received a substitution the days of pair. Everything is exited adds.

Are very happy with these bosses, a service has received, and would be more than happy to recommend these bosses and a vendor to another.
4 / 5 By Maxie
The element possessed and has used six weeks for dates of this description:
at present am using this Micro HDMI Boss to connect the 32-thumb LG TV and the new Asus portable. Unfortunately, it is not treating in 100 satisfaction. A culprit that is that a prong of a boss does not look to return securely to a port of laptop, those results in the 'blinking', screen to paint to effect of black screen in a screen of television, as if a boss is disconnected and connected in fast succession. Needless To say, this am a lot annoying while I am assuming work and or looking streaming half comunicacionales. It finds that I owe a laptop entirely still in order for one 'blinking' any to arrive. I consider this to an enormous inconvenience times like this a lot of, precise movement a laptop for several reasons while into use. Before purchasing, has ensured that a boss is compatible to both electronic, like the compatibility is not a subject. Some lies of failure in that a prongs does not return closely quite and is dislodged same in a slightest movement while it has connected.

To be just, an image projected of a laptop to a TV is crisp and clear: any fuzzing and felizmente, any proportion of appearance has modified.
Will continue the wath like this extracted some weeks of next pair to see if empire. If he , I downgrade my description and the like this defective turn. I am not happy with this product at present and can not say that it recommend this time. Has another HDMI boss for another mark that connects to this same TV but street another laptop and I do not have any subjects with him--and that the boss is five years more.
5 / 5 By Rosario
Update: now it die. He no more and any reason that can! Rubbish.

The law adds! I have been using this boss to connect my laptop to mine 32' TV by heart and loves that! I have been using it daily for on 30 days now. A sound and the quality of picture has been perfect. The unplug when I am moving a digital or portable TV, any subject with bending like another reviewer has said... But the are not rough with my crew and unplug he of him is basic, any to pull in a boss.

Is rough when some elements go down And big indications... But some low indications for a Galaxy S8 users - require a 'official Samsung USB-C to HDMI adapter', like this ossia a wrong element to purchase ... No a subject with this element at all. Hope These helps!!
Would recommend this to the partner.
4 / 5 By Towanda
This boss has been purchased for use with Raspberry Pi 4 systems that is connected to both 4K and no-4K exposures. A period of boss is utmost for a prize, models of the name of the mark is more expensive and there does not look to be any difference in a quality of start. Pictures, the video are showed clear and crisp. Recommended!
5 / 5 By Gregorio
This cord has broken extremely easily. I have had the monitor of field has attached to a cup of my camera and has been connected with this cord. A monitor is coming the little release in some point and twisted it. Certainly it is not the good thing to have raisin, but has not been a lot a lot of movement he neither. I have been surprised that pauses. A cord is so only flimsy. I upgraded to the slightly cord more expensive and feels much more sure. My recommendation is to pay an extra pair of bucks and take the most durable cord.

Top Customer Reviews: Cable Matters ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Lucina
Calm usually use an adapter partorisca a Pi Nano concealed partorisca leave you partorisca use the regulate HDMI boss partorisca connect to the monitor. With this boss I any need an adapter and he atascamos directly of Nano to the mine monitor. Very convenient and simpler.
4 / 5 By Camille
Has been using paralizaciones east the week now and work perfectly partorisca my needs.

I work in the studio of photo to the equal that uses this partorisca connect my Nikon D7200 and other cameras to the monitor. This leave partorisca revise photo to the equal that are taken.

I use a 25 cord of feet and of then has several photographers in my studio can be in in the separate corner of a room revieweing photo to the equal that are taken. Utilisation this jointly with Flowing WiFi the light bulb FOCUSED Ready - the smartphone has Controlled Multicolored Lights. This leave partorisca select the colour partorisca give feedback to the equal that sees some photos live.

Maintains partorisca import that this cord would owe that be connected directly to an entrance (TV/of monitor) and start (portable of camera) eats partorisca use any type of adapter wont work or at least he no partorisca me.

Has tried to connect a HDMI to the VGA adapter partorisca connect to the monitor that use only vga and dvi but maintain to say any one has sustained.
5 / 5 By Jerrell
Has required the longitude quite boss to dip the laptop in the table that was hooked until the Sony 65 thumb. The works add
4 / 5 By Flossie
4 / 5 By Kimiko
has Received like this expected and a quality was utmost. The connections stagnate and ensure for the perfect access
4 / 5 By Phyllis
has bought this boss of economic adapter for photo of view of mine Nikon CoolPix S6300 camera in my big screen HDTV. An extra period leave to seat in my sofa and use a camera to control a viewing of photo in the a lot of main format. I add to touch rear photos of special chances to the group (in a risk of boring yours audience the death). The photos do not fill a viewing of screen of television learns zone, but certainly looks Very better that a tiny lcd screen of the camera or another device. The video have registered in 1080 formed will fill a whole screen of the mine Samsung 55' HDTV. Any noticeable degradation of photo or video with this boss.

Uses this boss to connect the MINI HDMI connection of start (of any device that has a) when regulating HDMI gone in in yours television or monitor. Everything needs to do afterwards connecting and powering on your device is use your far TV to change a source to see of television to a HDMI gone in you plugged a boss to.
4 / 5 By Teisha
Operates excellent for my pill
5 / 5 By Margie
the value Adds for a awesome has produced!!
4 / 5 By Blaine
The work Adds!!
5 / 5 By Sima
Verry A lot of

Top Customer Reviews: Mini HDMI to HDMI ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Amparo
My situation has looked for to live common a chance with my Cannon (consumer) camera of the trace of video in the tripod that use the quite heavy HDMI boss to spend a signal to my PC. Of course, a camera of video mini-HDMI jack was way down below where some toes of the screen of the view was, as this has created two big questions: 1) any rule mini to full-measure HDMI the adapter stuck out of legislation in the line of a screen of view of view, and 2) unanchored pertinent, could see a weight of a big HDMI boss finally breaking a mini connector in my camera, which certainly have not loved.

The mine looks for a finishing of perfect adapter when I have found is one. A mini-HDMI final plugged to a jack in a sinister side of my camera of video with a part of boss that faces up. I then draped he in a cup of a camera to a right side. Add the thumbs of pair of gaffer tape to a cup of a camera to resist he in place and a setup now could manage a full weight of a HDMI boss, more some, with zero tension in a camera jack. MORE, has had at all in a way of a screen of view.

This can or can no also in your situation, but sure solve my question.
4 / 5 By Jerilyn
Prime pair was able to connect the TV of laptop with good quality, unfortunately with which pair hdmi the port has begun loosening on, which has caused constantly disconnection. To connect behind again required to unplug and spent he again. And any has not been caused because of engine of paper of the video or measure of a TV where the resolution could be different that screen of laptop
5 / 5 By Chieko
love this short HDMI to Mini HDMI has sinister adapters of corner. I buy him four the time when my season of busy dance is mine. I prefer to have the good quality HDMI ossia long and run the to my Nikon D750 with this adapter. No quell'pull was but have dipped the tether strap on he for security added. Has extra so only incase something raisin and when in the shoot can stop very just and say the group of mammas that can not see little Susie photo.
4 / 5 By Kristan
Am not sure that can say it more in this boss besides a fact that the law adds.
I use he for the Lenovo portable to connect the tall projectors that does not have a mini HDMI boss.
A bit those that time I also connected in a HDMI fines a HDMI to VGA adapter for these chances where a projector was very old.
Each alone time have connected and facts without any subjects.
4 / 5 By Alonso
Which in a hell was Dell has thought of computer when they have dipped the mini HDMI in him me Amazon of investigation as it can connect my TV FOCUSED to a quell'has been too much to ask the so only dipped the regulate HDMI connector in a computer Michael?..... It was this just to economic to spend on liking some the stock headlines could do more profit?
4 / 5 By Lilly
Ossia Exactly that the hook looked for on the monitor to my PC of pill. I leave a pill in his stand, like an adapter to the left is a boss to behind that. Appearance very orderly. It have purchased you fine it apt adapter of Aim, but entirely the falls averts. Ossia To good sure a way to go.
4 / 5 By Raina
Uses this to go of the mini HDMI port in my paper of video of the computer when regulating HDMI boss to my computer. An adapter is hanging in a backside of my computer and some stays of boss in.
4 / 5 By Gerda
Finds hard to revise bosses. Work, which is that we are has loved really know. Further that, but the quality of build was well, and some connections were solid. Any @@subject that like this never
4 / 5 By Milton
He that says that it does. Fact. Apt well. Any súper flexible, but quite flexible. It takes it.
4 / 5 By Bridgette
A boss so only will not remain plugged in well. I am using this for the camera to roam and a boss is too loose when I have seated - so that it loses connection constantly. Any recommended at all

Top Customer Reviews: 50ft (15.2M) High ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Cedrick
Originally I have had some apprehension roughly that a lot some 50 feet HDMI the boss would do. As with any boss a long plus is, a big plus attenuation and for this a big more a loss of signal. This be has said that I connected it to my computer and my TV of big screen and was pleased enough to see that my photos and streaming the video are exited the clear crystal . Some looks of the boss slightly fatter that your regular boss (probably because of the big more gauge wiring and shielding) like the fact also look sturdier. One covers of gold-in the connectors are covered in molded hule that marks plugging and unplugging a boss the snap. I have not had any question that connects of disconnecting and always to to sense likes has taken of the good solid access. I am pleased enough with this boss and that very extracted . If has the need for the boss this long calm can any gone bad with this boss in this prize of @@subject. To good sure recommend this by all the world!
5 / 5 By Nicky
For a prize, ossia absolutely 25 more' HDMI boss. I am using he in my room of means comunicacionales with 1080p Projector for some last are months. Work like the charm like this far. The quality of picture is surprising and loves look 1080p film in mine projector with a help of an economic hdmi boss.

Of the that Spends the fortune in buying the expensive HDMI the boss yes is looking for the films of good quality. This economic hdmi the law of boss adds.
5 / 5 By Lona
Prize in the retailers and of the tents of big boxes are crazy big for the boss of this period! Ossia The boss of the quality ADDS in the prize of @@subject. The utilisation to hook on my laptop to my wall-television of the trace of cochera for internet streaming and film, acts each one has bitten also (or better) that any another big-the boss priced has possessed. Has any fear, ossia the boss of quality for the enormous lovely prize!
5 / 5 By Stormy
This produces done exactly that it says it will do! Any glitches, any tangle, prize very reasonable. I seat in mine Couch, and with my be of Flat Screen 20 ft was, can see my cup of lap in television without question! I go to purchase another for the partner.
5 / 5 By Angelic
The product adds. Returned with out using has finalised like this not requiring this for an application has purchased partorisca.
5 / 5 By Mose
Build And quality of looks of transmission perfectly well.
4 / 5 By Marya
The work adds, exactly that has required...
4 / 5 By Fernando
The work Adds are happy with this buy.
5 / 5 By Erlene
Good material
4 / 5 By Farrah
boss of quality, so only the one who a TV focused has required

Top Customer Reviews: 6 FT (1.8 M) High ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By
I see the plot of some negative critiques are related to this boss not transmitting the signal. I have had initially a same experience. I have not thought partorisca try a boss before installing in my wall and I was livid when it take any signal by means of a boss with which installation. I have begun immediately a process of turn and has written a product was like this of the rubbishes. This in spite of, as it was compraventa partorisca the new HDMI boss, has read some descriptions where the people have bought active or joined-directional HDMI bosses and has not taken the signal, but when there is revoked a law of boss well. I took thinking and has verified my boss and sure enough I unknowingly has purchased the directional boss. Unfortunately, it have spent for big a part of a description regarding his directional character. It was easy to do. It is sotterrato in a cast of characteristic with sentences he or two poured in him. The bosses the short plus does not require partorisca be active or directional but the longest careers tend partorisca have this characteristic. In all the chance, has taken a boss out of some wall and tried with an end of the source of a boss has connected to a box of boss and an end of screen has connected my TV. Have Here take the picture adds in my new TV. I have run some bosses behind by means of a wall with a pertinent installation and all the work perfectly. My joint is partorisca take attention your installation and try any first boss to install in the wall. These produced is probably the 5, but are docking launch reasons do not have any opinion or the instructions ready have underlined that the so only could be connected a way neither has been prominent in a description.
4 / 5 By
Has purchased this HDMI the cord covers it my laptop to the TV of flat screen. When Using this exact cord has purchased, a video and signals of audio constantly flicker on and was, likes the TV gone back to the black in the dozen times the minute, included when a TV, cord, and the laptop is entirely still.
Knows is this cord ossia faulty reason have used another HDMI boss, plugged to some same spaces esatti in a TV and portable, and that the cord has done perfectly. A signal of the video is not never state has lost. I have behind changed to this cord a time of more only that do sure, and again maintain flickering, saying me a cord was faulty.
5 / 5 By
Did not expect It partorisca come with an extra section in a cord like the PS3 usb cord. I have seen once a boss has been concerned if it include returned for behind my TV. To the rovescio HDMI the ports are hard quite so many is to insert regulate it HDMI the cord has not required some extra section on concealed is not bendable for the hardest or do an useless cord in my TV. It is the headache that takes this cord was 2 bucks like me cant complain too much.


Any signal. The fact once a day was received (Box of Boss) and moved it then to the device would not use any a lot of (PS3). I go to power in a PS3 today and am not taking any signal in this cord. I am come from to try a cord by means of all some ports and of the different devices (box of Boss, PS3, Recorder DVD) this in spite of any signal. I have tried mine another hdmi bosses by means of some ports and those are well. This boss is craps.

Goes has Twisted Vetoes for 10 bucks. You take three 3ft braided hdmi bosses, a 10ft braided hdmi boss, the right corner hdmi adapter, the cloth of more cleaned and keylight all for 10 bucks. The desire would have before.
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Would recommend these bosses because they are extremely abordables and to the work exactly likes them a bit options types more available in this website. I have had these bosses and use them daily and there is has not had never the question with them. A HDMI the bosses produce an image that is the clear crystal. A quality of his east to the so much sum likes them to them the image. Some bosses are facts out of the material of hule strong that will not deteriorate over time. They are sure that will last the very long time and has surpassed up to now my expectations.

My only complaint is that some bosses have described in the amazon is not one same likes of the that has received. A some I receipts does not have a same creation or is included shaped like one some in a picture. It has attached the picture to the equal that can see a difference. Personally, ossia the subject smaller for me. I any cure a lot for an aesthetics of some bosses. My only worry is that these bosses treat well and like this far is treating superbly.

Is interested to save money and taking two bosses for a prize of one, then highly would recommend this product. If you are looking for some bosses that to the looks exactly like l one some when be announced, then suggests that you look elsewhere thus produced.
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Has chosen is a reason was recommended of any the one who has alleged to having used the to extend his oculus rift headset.

No in his own. It connects enough that a oculus the software sees does the headset there, but a video feeds does not take never by means of. I have chosen on a inline repeater, and that, with another compraventa for the male to connector viril for the all the hook on, and NOW a Oculus works of rift again.
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Are not an expert but these looks of boss to do so only that has loved. I have required the second HDMI boss to manage 2 that converts on DVD PLAYER to a same TV (abundance of HDMI ports in a television). It have flown a one of then also there is a RCA bosses and connected to a player of NEW DVD. When This is has arrived connected that to a prime minister and has moved a port another used (used the HDMI1 for a a device).

Laws well. I can not see any difference of resolution among a two HDMI ports - both using PLAYER of DVD.

Has seen descriptions that the look of initial tests to be a lot but the questions have been informed when it has been moved to the different device and then moved behind. This involves some weakness in some bosses they. Of then it does not plan in emotional some bosses around for the LONG time, concealed is not any one a lot a subject for me.

All can say are now can use both player of DVD in upconverting way without difficulty (another that a fact that they both accept some far signals was -- ossia the bit of the ache).
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A boss that access our needs. I have bought this boss to run of the cabin of his to the projector in the fines-soiled of purpose roughly 40 metres were. This boss of 50 metres was long quite and the look well has done. The, felizmente, has known in a boss that is directional and tried it before I installed it. A boss is labeled so that the side goes to a source and that goes to a monitor. It is doing well like this far.
My only flu is that there are some things of logo plastic that it is sliding was. When I Choose on a boss could see one of them beginning to the slide was with a light touch of my toe. Ossia The subject smaller as it does not impact an operation of a boss he. Like this in general I am happy.
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Has had the boss purchased in 2012 running roughly 75 ft. This boss has done well until the year or he like this done when a TV has begun to say 'unsupported formed of video' occasionally. Then a television the just plain has refused to turn on recently with this message that objective. I hooked on this boss this long plus to take some slack to plant easier. With which hooking a boss up with ource' and another finalises hooked on like this indicated, a TV has turned well on without questions. I expect that hard for 6 years like a leading boss. Obviously it costs some money, but guess concealed is the one who bosses this long cost.
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Has no frills with a compraventa of this boss, but the other has ensured work so that appearances. This is not the SÚPER boss of big quality (the meaning has not been built to last for ever) but do like this a lot so many more expensive bosses under basic conditions. It does not buy this needs the boss that will be connected, then disconnected, and has connected again in the routine base. These works of boss more in connecting once and leave it phase. The boss looks a lot hot tolerant without loss of significant signal under extreme conditions. It does not forget so only some arrivals of a boss can be used for entrance and another for start. The direction of signal is indicated in a sleeve of connector.
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WELL. First first things. This description is for a 6 alimentary Category 2 HDMI boss that sells for $ (at present)

After, has possessed this boss for a day. He so only arrived in a topmast this afternoon. For like this, this description is based to my initial impressions. And a fact that the perfectly functional looks and does not have any subject with him like this far.

That. I have ordered this boss to be used with the Philips HD player of means comunicacionales reasons a HDMI boss that has used was just way too much short. Memory to pay the plot thus boss and a lot really that it wants to pay the plot for him but no really knowing has had an alternative.

In all the chance, has required to move a player of means comunicacionales further out of a television and obviously, the short boss that impossible. I have loved the boss the plus along but I have not loved to pay the plot because frankly, is so only painful to pay the plot for the boss. Although I class of can see where a HDMI the boss is enough bit it more complicated that, said, the composite boss. It seats mine that could be it more expensive to manufacture the perfect HDMI boss. So much in the way, can comprise a HDMI the boss that cost at least $ 10. But have has not loved that pay it conceal.

Has not had any idea that to expect really. Reason $ with the free nave is less than a prize of the lunch in the fast alimentary joint. But for such the small sum was to have take the casualidad. When A boss has arrived, an only thing I really remarked to the inspection was that it is the little has bitten thinner that bosses more expensive. But it is not like this thin likes has been expecting after reading roughly descriptions here. It looks and it feels quite fat to manage a work is done partorisca. If you cover he in and the forget, has to be well.

Obviously, is at all elegant . There is no elegant bling in some discharge or a sheathing. Any look of connectors to be gold plated but am far of an expert in gold plating and would not know gold to feign saw it to him. In spite of, it have to that no really @@subject. I have been using economic RCA bosses without gold plating all my life and an only thing that never killed was if an interior of boss has broken or something. The class to doubt HDMI more is demanding in this appearance of things.

At any rate, honradamente has not been like this can do the profit that sells these in this prize. I mean, you can say to look in him that is at all elegant but money of still costs to manufacture and ship them in some the EUA of Cina.

Finally, an application has bought this for is not that demanding. A player of means comunicacionales is technically a HD the player but I do not touch never anything more demanding that 720P (My TV will not go in 720P, in fact) and a sound and the looks of video so only well with this boss. I can not see or listen the bit of difference and now have the boss ossia long enough to dip a player dondequiera .

Remain to be seen if this boss will last the moment (hard the pair of years is a lot of value a pair of dollars). But to the equal that see interior a moment, ossia probably one of some better deals there is not locating never Amazon. 5 stars on estimate so only.