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4 / 5 Lexie
A quality of his impressive east. His of voice as you present real. The tomb has punch. A omnijewel the cubes are tiny small. But a far is quite terrible. So that it is RF only can not use another universal far like your receiver of satellite. Worse, a SoundTouch the covers of change of application in musician or Bluetooth, but when wants to change behind in the television has to dig in a Bose far and change in video. Included worse, has any button only to press in a far to change in television... You owe the card of Source of cross. It IS an incredible inconvenience . A creation of one Bose far is inconvenient with his concentric circles of buttons.
1 / 5 Brandy
Quan A system is arrived, three of some four speakers of the satellite has not done. A service of client takes maintained to insist that it was because of cape of bad west, and has wanted to me capes of road of substitution. At the end engredo those that, of One of some four speakers have done, this could any one when being no a case. After for hours with service of client, the contrariedad agreed to the road me substitutions for some speakers that has not done. Today it take four CANAL of CENTRICAL speakers. Opened has been it controls with Bose for far longer that the acceptable test rectifies this situation, and after the week to try to order this was still he does not have the system of theatre of house of operation. Bose The service of client is horrible and is not when being by behind this very expensive product -- is by train to give me a runaround and clearly his control of quality is terrible since person but THREE of some original speakers are not doing. On that, when it call them and at the end apresamiento through and selects esystem of theatre of house of Lifestyle' response and says is in a wrong department and situate you behind controls. You favour and skip this experience and purchase something of the company has organised the cure concealed better in his clients.
5 / 5 Martine
It has had the quite big amp/putting setup for years. Look to do some update and looked in Bose. You look done the the map for years (denon amp, kenwood speakers etc.) And wasnt sure he and'd be sacrificing anything goes in the set has boxed. Needless To say, a sound is so expected - incredible! I have not gone totally sure until it was in a bose tent and has listened in person, and has had to then buy. Setup Was easy - some walks of calm system through everything in a television. Taking in an hour has trace of a front and the back speakers is. Well it estimates a money. I have to cured of client of the call to take a system to oblige an update. Calling in, and has been prepared by a typical 'expects it for ever in the experience of the wineries . It was it has wanted to to take through inside minutes, and an agent routed me in the specialist concretely for this system. We record the few things, and has thank you then an update. A volume called me included behind 10 min later to do sure all crossed while it was supposed in - the service of client adds. Some far works perfectly with my television of apple and Xfinity box of cape. A iphone the application is fresh to control everything with also... And fact and mentions a quality of sound? Surprising. And some speakers are the metal brushed , and is TINY. All the world-wide and'go aimed he in thought and was nuts for concealed it and past, until and touches something for them!
4 / 5 Tran
This description is for 650. It has Had he for in meso the year now, and is very happy with him. Initially, after reading everything of some descriptions was few preoccupied in the compatibility of a system with our television, and finds the pair of subject in an a lot of principle. Samsung Television 9500, the cape there was before and recently changed in television of fire of the amazon. We have had to to call Bose three times to do functions with television. It has it that says the has not been the very pleasant experience, and the doubt there was yes never go to do ( saved a box has had to in case perhaps returns he). Quan Has been situate each which up, has had to Bose to take connect in a television. A week after an initial connection, a system is fallen was. In the Then nicknamed Bose again to take it reconnect. Some hours of pair after it conceal, the fall was again. In the Then has to call again. After some third flavours, has been stable never since. It has not had any subject when changes of cape in fire of television of amazon. A cape of strand comes with a system to good sure helps. We can any all does with or far, so now has 3 far for television of just clock. A quality of his of Bose 650 is the clear glass, thinks probably any a lot of question of people in that. In general I am happy with a compraventa.
3 / 5 Cuc
The quality of his fantastic east.

Setup Bundled Quite easy very done, even so there is subject with one of a omnijewel the speakers not doing . I have exchanged a speaker in the canal of different base to isolate a subject in a speaker against a base or something more and a subject remained with a speaker. I have called technical support for assistance and that the experience was horrible. It IS outsourced the coast was so that well. A first person does not have to train in a product and has to transfer me in the special squad. This person could not take a subject at all. I had me doing very-for-swimming the generic problem these steps of the shoots how unplug a system, verifying my HDMI connections, that verifies my box of satellite, etc. Maintain to say necessity to do the better work that count a subject or would not be able to help. A subject could not be any clearer: there is 4 omnijewel the speakers comprised, one of does not produce audio. As it IS it concealed it it has complicated it? Clearly the does not know anything in a product. At the end say that it can issues a whole system in for service of guarantee. I have informed amiably that it was not an option. If it go to cross a problem of bundling all back up was the permanent turn . We enter circles the bit in of the this and request to speak with the supervisor in a subject. He rebuffs initially and quite said 'this is how is'. I have to create my voice in the the end takes the supervisor in a line. A supervisor was more polite and has comprised a subject a first time counted it. Also it suggests a turn of a whole product, which again informed would be the permanent turn that was his solution to fix the only speaker. It does not benefit any organism to ship a backside of whole system. Why they pay all this nave at the end? After some discussion, has convinced to persecute an option to return an only speaker. While I had me on line to research, tried to move a speaker in question in the third base and miraculously each what 4 speakers have begun to do. I am the small tired of easterly when being the permanent fixed, since no in some premier two place (when being very sure some connections of base were solid in these tests), even so has has not had subjects since and has been the few weeks . In my opinion, this level of the service of client is pathetic for such the big end produced.

An experience of his quite east to surprise. Tan well, If any better that the trip in a cinema ( directed the circuit of small theatre during 10 years). I gave it the whirl with a film 'A Glorious 7' and has been blown has been. It was legitimately preoccupied that some neighbours preoccupy in a sound of a gunshots and a volume has not been more concealed half way up.

Some controls are quite sub pair for the this would expect for the system of premium. For applications of musician, that can say it so far has to control everything through an application in your tlphonique or tablet. I do not see any road for onscreen controls in a main receiver. I can skip in a next song in a far, but down of that does not see any road in of the applications of musician of launcher or anything in a system without an use of the tablet/of tlphonique.

Be well to be able to listen in musician while it uses the different source. For example, I touch the plot to Madden in a PS4 and as to the blockade has been in musician a same time. This is not possible. I can comprise more the people probably would not require such the characteristic, but in looks them to him the something concealed would have to be doable with today of technology. I have to listen in my musician in the different system when touching in a PS4. In this same note, was well to be able to launch musician of my PC in WiFi. This does not look possible unless in bluetooth, which have not tried of a PC is in the different room.

Any a lot of options in tweak a sound (offer/of base, individual speakers, etc). I fiddled with him once and was very disappointed with a flexibility there, even so it has considered not even prpers has that meddles with him further like the quality of sound has blown went me.

Very sure that it is up with some complaints that is not truly the wireless system since some back speakers and the subwoofer require to beat it external. An only alternative would be stack powered, luck also with substituting some stacks constantly yes truly require the wireless solution.

Take to decide in the indication by so that be been due to all some disappointments among service of client and usability. While those are very been missing of, he to good sure outperforms acoustically. Still with some disappointments, does not have any remorses with my inversion so far.

Service of client - 1 star
Usability - 2 stars
Functionality - 2 stars
Quality of Audio - 5 stars

In general thinks that 3 stars are only.
1 / 5 Melissia
Bose 650 ~ DONA: A unit is Defective and research to be has USED. Unable to take in the card Of entity in setup a unit the tongue is closed in Czech and can any one when being pas changed only can see pix to install.

~~ The screen of far control is Died and the majority of the buttons no . We direct 3+ hours roundtrip to go in an ONLY Bose the tent of the factory ploughed still n Southerly Florida to confirm done each which properly during setup IS!

Would expect the squad / has used fraction to be has sold/shipped by eSwamp' NO for Amazon. Supremely Disappoints!
5 / 5 Vincenza
That is to say an exceptional system . If you are looking for a better system to connect all your devices of video with your television together with an absolute more in his, a Lifestyle 650 is a lot of values a money. It comes with the video has aimed any one to any setup aimed in screen
5 / 5 Zack
It has had Bose systems for years. Headed has been with a Bose 321 which has moved in a when it isolates purchased a Bose V35 and then at the end updated in a Lifestyle 535. A reason has maintained to buy Bose was so that one 321 blew me was! But this Lifestyle 650 east in join he of his own!!! The while had improvements with some speakers with each update has purchased, has not had jump very main then a one in a new Omni speakers of Jewel of a Lifestyle 650! And there is amiably dialed in a receiver also. A clarity is impressive and has posed to paste with some bass in some new Acoustimass 300! This new 360 sound of title is very impressive. Sake Of the real work with everything levels of audio. My room is filled with sounding swirling everywhere me!

But one a thing that is disappointing with Bose is begun outsourcing his department of support in some the Philippines. A level of base has fallen enough so so some improvements with some new speakers! The while there is the little sake ones, many do not have the tone in his product. They have read only each step out of the book without learning that it is doing. To give an example, has update also mine 321 a nine SoundTouch 300. A Acoustimass 300 has not done the difference with sounds of low bass. In a signal said me in fact that a situation was normal. It says that I need in 'pause-in' a Acoustimass 300 like you the cart and he then touches better!

But is happy bonded with Bose. Quan Has Had the problem these nexuss all mine SoundTouches, routed me in the supervisor that was the technology in some states. And the calm said you, was impressive!!! I have taken advantage of this time and taken a lot of questions have answered! The support also is there is quite lucky to take in them.

Has not had some subjects some owners have had with posing in a system. All the speakers have synchronised easily and perfect. And my squad was very easily setup also. There is a subject with one SoundTouch system, but has had also problems with mine SOS-4 SoundTouch so that it can not blame this in Bose Lifestyle 650. But his experiences to sustain concealed reads is real. A lot some personnel of the support of the the Philippines is some of a worse has seen. If there is not enters to touch with a real Bose technology here in some states, could have changed in another system.

But surrounds, a sound that has done Bose famed is there with a Lifestyle 650! A jump in 4k technology and one HDMI ARC and BLIND is quite new in an industry. It listens of some quirks according to your television but a list is reducing so update an interface. It was lucky and has not had any problem with mine LG the television is. Perhaps so that they are new, any insurances.

Want his to add with the very stylish the then said look to go for him.. I am happy has done!!!
5 / 5 Leticia
Global happy with system except a Bose prize of $ 4000. Also while they (Bose) conforms his commitment to update for Airplay of Apple 2 as I can connect road wifi house. That of the time navideo 2017, a system only connects Bluetooth of the road wants to use my iPhone for musician. One the good thing is that a Bluetooth connects in of the long distances (at least 30 ft was and thru to wall of plaster in a next room) for my iphone. As it Has said a lot, a BLIND connectivity among the different marks no consistently. Has the LG SMELLS the television and some television very always ignite when uses a BOSE far to power a system,. Always the visit was. Usually I turn in a BOSE of a BOSE far then visits in a television those uses a LG far. A BOSE far neither controls a Comcast DVR. An Internet says each of the same is been due to the BLIND subjects of compatibility in the lack of level of INVIDENTE has used used by BOSE to ignite all some components. I have tried also the Logitech Harmopny far and included no consistently.

In general a sound is impressive. It surrounds the laws of his add and would buy again. It has battled to satisfy my worry in a big prize, but for Navidad!
4 / 5 Clifton
I took it it was some stars because of HDMI and setup subject. A system further is surprising. Folks This says that these bad sounds is haters and thinks subjects in a lot in his capacity to critique audio. Bose Has specialised highly in that mark. His aim is to take his big of the small impression. That is to say by far a better Bose the system has not listened never. One surrounds the experience is awesome and beaten a lot of systems of big final that cost 3 in 4 more time. Only to be clear, is not that it speaks quite volume or what strong can take it. That am speaking enough is an experience to listen. The people think that that something has to crank in 150db to be the experience adds has considered. If that is to say which want to, this system is not since you. Even so, He crank in strong volume and is clear but does not go to shatter windows. That bought this for these some experiences of entertainment any one the room where has 2 speakers and only listen in musician(Again, if you are the musician junky this system am to add but knows does better ones there for the most whole plot money). I have wanted the theatre of house adds and gaming experience and boy this delivery. There is some real innovation here with a Omni Jewels and some new sub. It adapts IQ is a better in my opinion for correction of room and matched with a Omni jewels, has at all more has listened there likes. Your games come alive and your films are more immersive and when being a fact has the threads that can not tolerate strong noise, is perfectly accurate in of the levels of low volume. Bose, My hat is has been in you but your together in necessities tweaking, especially in far party and HDMI subject of handshake. A far no the pair and I could not find very troubleshooting in this subject. It takes another critic that has crossed a process in Amazon to imagine was so to match he. Has had to my first unit so that a HDMI the ports would not spend through HDR and 10sees colour of bite. He glithced and a signal would fall in and was and a screen would turn ash. A unit of new receiver has been cost so far. Also, my far premier some directional buttons have not done properly. I have to give the BIG cry has been in Steve in Preoccupies of Client of the Amazon to take the utmost cure of me in a change has been. At the end, although it has to a bit to to the subjects like them to them the to them has had, that is to say by far a better Bose system of the lifestyle never fact and will not be disappointed.
5 / 5 Nakia
When A system has arrived, three of some four speakers of the satellite has not done. A service of client rep has maintained partorisca insist that you are due to boss of bad speaker, and has wanted to send me bosses of substitution. I convinced him finally that, of One of some four speakers has done, concealed could not be a chance. With which a lot of hours with service of client, they the regañadientes agreed to sends of the substitutions for some speakers that has not done. I have received today four CANAL of SPEAKERS of CENTRE. They are now be on control with Bose for far longer that acceptable that tries to rectify this situation, and after the week to try to order this was still does not have the system of theatre of house of operation. Bose The service of client is horrible and is not when being for behind this very expensive product -- is by train to give me a runaround and clearly his control of quality is terrible of any one some May THREE of some original speakers are not doing. On that, when calm calls him and finally take by means of and select esystem of theatre of house of Lifestyle' answered and say is in a wrong department and plant you behind on control. Calm the favour and skip this experience and buy something of the company has organised better that cure in his clients.
5 / 5 Ocie
Bose 650 - DONA: A unit is Defective & investigation be USED. Unable to take the Main Paper to setup a unit – the tongue is closed to the Czech & CAN not BE CHANGED – only can see pix to install.

-- The screen of far control has Died & the majority of the keys no . We have driven 3+ hours roundtrip to go to an ONLY Bose tent of the factory still opens n Florida Of the sud to confirm all correctly during setup – Is!

Would expect has used / the crew has broken to be has has sold/shipped for ‘eSwamp' – NO for Amazon. There is Disappointed Extremely!
4 / 5 Cindie
A quality of his east stunning. His of voice like some real people. The tomb has punch. A omnijewel the cubes are tiny small. But a far is quite terrible. Reason is RF so only can not use another universal remotes like your receiver of satellite. Worse, a SoundTouch the transmission of leaves of the application to music or Bluetooth, but when you want to change behind to the TV has to that undermine on a Bose far and transmission to video. Included worse, has no alone key to press in a far to change to the must spends for the “paper” of Source. It is an incredible inconvenience . A creation of a Bose far is inconvenient with his concentric circles of keys.
5 / 5 Ayesha
Quality of his fantastic east.

Setup Was packaging quite easy very done, has had this in spite of subject with one of a omnijewel speakers not doing . I swapped a speaker to the canal of different base to isolate a @@subject to a speaker vs a base or something more and one @subjects remained with a speaker. I have called technical support for assistance and that the experience was horrible. It was outsourced the cost was so that well. One first person has not had coaching in a product and has had to that move me to the special crew. This person could not take one @subjects at all. Has has had to that me he worthless the generic question that shoots to any one likes to unplug a system, verifying mine HDMI connections, that verifies my box of satellite, etc. Maintain to say has required to do the better work that explains a @@subject or has not been able to help. A subject could not be any clear plus: there is 4 omnijewel the speakers have comprised, one of them does not produce audio. How it is quell'concealed has complicated it? Clearly it does not know anything in a product. Finally it say that it can send a whole system in still service of guarantee. I have informed amiably concealed has not been an option. If it go to spend for a question of packaging all has retreated up is the permanent turn . We go in circles the bit is and has asked to speak to the supervisor in a subject. Waste initially and enough gave 'this is how is'. I have had to that create my voice to finally take the supervisor in a line. A supervisor was educated more and has comprised a @@subject some first time explained it. Also it suggests a turn of a whole product, which again have informed would be the permanent turn this was his solution to fix the alone speaker. It does not benefit any bear ship a backside of whole system. Because pagan all this nave after all? With which some discussion, has convinced to pursue an option to return an alone speaker. While had on resist to research, has tried movement a speaker in question to the third base and miraculously all 4 speakers have begun to do. They are the little tired of this when being the permanent fijamente, of then no in some first two place (when being very sure some connections of base were solid in these tests), this in spite of have not had issues of then and has been the few weeks . In my opinion, this level of the service of client is pathetic for such the big end has produced.

An experience of his this quite amazing. Like this well, if any better that the travesía to a cinema ( has directed the circuit of small theatre for 10 years). I gave it he whirl with a film 'A Glorious 7' and has been blown was. It was legitimately he has concerned that some neighbours would concern in a sound of a gunshots and a volume is not more be of half way up.

Some controls are quite sub the pair so that it would expect for the system of prize. For applications of music, that can say like this far all has to that be controlled by means of an application in yours telephone or pill. I do not see any way for onscreen controls in a main receiver. I can skip to a next song in a far, but short of this I does not see any way to applications of launch music or anything in a system without an use of the pill/of telephone.

Be well to be able to listen the music while it uses the different source. For example, I touch to plot to Madden in a PS4 and like to the jam was the music a same time. This is not possible. I can comprise more the people probably would not require such the characteristic, but to to looks likes them to them something concealed would have to that be doable with today of technology. I owe that listen my music in the different system when touching in a PS4. In this same note, was well to be able the launch music of my PC in WiFi. This does not look possible unless on bluetooth, which have not tried of a PC is in the different room.

Any a lot of options to tweak a sound (treble/of base, individual speakers, etc). I fiddled with him once and was a lot of disappointed with a flexibility there, I this in spite of there is not even has considered prpers that has that meddles with to to him further likes him the quality of the sound blew was.

Very sure that it is up with some complaints that is not for real the wireless system of some rear speakers and subwoofer require external power. An only alternative would be battery powered, regime like this well with substituting some batteries constantly yes for real precise the wireless solution.

Hard to decide in the indication thus because of all some disappointments among service of client and usability. While those am a lot lacking, he to good sure outperforms acoustically. Still with some disappointments, does not have any remorses with my investment like this far.

Service of client - 1 star
Usability - 2 stars
Functionalities - 2 stars
Qualities of Audio - 5 stars

In general thinks that 3 stars is so only.
4 / 5 Candelaria
The one who the battery maquinal to crap! Some connections of speaker are bad drawn, with the look to be 4/32 rays that easily sale, in groups he contraption has to that pay $ 50+ for that is basically Bose-done of commission and useless for any in-wall or otherwise halfway installation of professional speaker.

A rears require the wireless-to-the assembly of conversor wired that calm have plugging in 3 more outlets that it is necessary and fill on the stereo cupboard with useless boxes, and some instructions for the take all that goes the simple look but is functionally bad.

Am substituting a system of the oldest lifestyle, and at all is the compatible advance. Like the system 'compacted, is not . There have it more crap here that necessary, and mine stereo the cupboard is now fill of the forms and the wiring have squandered that servants no identifiable purposes another that to try to be wireless. Your idea of the connections of speaker is the solder-tinned boss in an end of the $ 50 molded boss?

PoS, Totally disappointed, and this is coming from it Bose 901 to the lifestyle converts. Fire your designer maquinal.

Too pssed was to know that to do afterwards. Behind to Heos, I supposition?
4 / 5 Florence
Has had the quite big amp/speaker setup for years. You look to do a bit upgrades and looked in Bose. Prpers Having done it it mapea for years (denon amp, kenwood speakers etc.) I wasnt sure the d be sacrificing anything that goes to the neighbour boxed. Needless To say, a sound is expected like this - amazing! I have not gone totally sure until I have been to a bose tent and has listened in person, and has has had to that the then buy. Setup Was easy - some walks of calm system by means of everything in a TV. There is taken on an hour are of then locates behind a front and of the rear speakers in stands. Well value of the money. Has has had to that cured of client of the call to take a system to force an update. Calling in, has been them prepared for a typical 'the wait for ever on resisted experience. Are wanted to to take by means of in of the minutes, and an agent routed me it the specialist specifically thus system. We register the few things, and has forced then an update. A rep called included behind 10 min later that do sure everything is spent for as it was supposed to - the service of client adds. Some far works perfectly with my TV of apple and Xfinity box of boss. A iphone the application is fresh to control everything with also... And it has done the mention a quality of sound? Amazing. And some speakers are the metal brushed , and is TINY. All the world-wide the'goes feigned thought it was them given so that the pasts, until it touches them something for them!
4 / 5 Gino
This description is for 650. We have had he partorisca for the half the year now, and is very happy with him. Initially, with which reading everything of some descriptions was pocolas concerned in the compatibility of a system with our TV, and find the pair of @@subject in an a lot of start. Television Samsung 9500, has had boss before and recently changed to TV of fire of the amazon. We have had to that call Bose three times to do do with television. It has it that says the has not been the very pleasant experience, and has had doubt if he not going never to do ( has saved a box has has had to that in chance perhaps returns he). When you Were frame all on, has had to that call Bose to take league to a TV. A week after an initial connection, a system has fallen was. In the Then calls Bose again to take it reconnect. Some hours of pair with which conceal, the falls was again. Has has had to that then calls again. After a third tries, has been stable never of then. It do not have a lot of @@subject when we change of boss to shoot of TV of amazon. A boss of edge comes with a system to good sure helps. We can any all does with a far, so that maintaining have 3 remotes still television of just clock. A quality of his of Bose 650 is the clear crystal, thinks probably any a lot of people would have questions in that. In general I am happy with a compraventa.
5 / 5 Gemma
Ossia An exceptional system . If you are looking for a better system to connect all your devices of video with your TV together with some absolute more in his, a Lifestyle 650 is a lot of value of the money. It comes with the video has aimed any to any setup showed on screen
5 / 5 Mozell
All the sound adds and mid volume of row... This in spite of some bass is so only a lot there. Subwoofer I funds was quite easily.
Any one knows can purchase the new subwoofer to use with a Bose 600 receiver? Or Bose not having compatibility with another woofers?
5 / 5 Hoa
The sound adds !!!!, I have bought this for my husband like the Anniversary and present navideño, master is to an investment especially likes of looks the films or listening the music, calm also can connect Alexa with Bose !!!
5 / 5 Sage
I have had Bose systems partorisca years. Begun was with a Bose 321 which have moved in a fourth when I have purchased a Bose V35 and then finally I upgraded to a Lifestyle 535. A reason has maintained partorisca buy Bose was reason one 321 blew was! But this Lifestyle 650 east in join he of the his own!!! While it has had improvements with some speakers with each upgrade has purchased, has had any I main jumps then a a to a new Omni speakers of Jewel of a Lifestyle 650! And there is amiably dialed in a receiver also. A clarity is impressive and has dipped partorisca attack with some bass in some new Acoustimass 300! This new 360 sound of terracing is very impressive. Real work well with all the levels of audio. My room is fill with touching swirling everywhere me!

But one a thing that is disappointing with Bose is has begun outsourcing his department partorisca sustain to some the Filippine. A level of base has fallen roughly so as some improvements with some new speakers! While there is the little a lot of some, many do not have the clue in his product. His so only read each step out of the book without knowing that it is doing. Partorisca Give an example, I also upgraded mine 321 a new SoundTouch 300. A Acoustimass 300 no the difference with sounds of low bass. In a signal said in fact that a situation was normal. It says that I need the 'pause-in' a Acoustimass 300 likes calm the automobile and then better swipe!

But am happy has stuck with Bose. When it Was having the question that link all mine SoundTouches, sent to the supervisor that was the technology in some states. And calm said, was impressive!!! I have exploded this time and taken a lot of questions have answered! Support like this well is there is quite lucky to take to them.

Has not had some subjects some owners have had with dipping on a system. All the speakers synced easily and perfect. And my crew was a lot easily setup also. I have had a subject with a SoundTouch system, but also has had questions with mine KNOWS-4 SoundTouch so it can not blame this in Bose Lifestyle 650. But his experiences to sustain that law is real. A lot some personnel of the support of them them Filippine is some of some worse has seen. If it was not gone in to touch with a real Bose technology here in some states, could have transmission to another system.

But @in rodeo, a sound that has done Bose famous is there with a Lifestyle 650! A jump to 4k technology and a HDMI ARC and CEC is quite new in an industry. I have listened of some quirks according to your television but a cast is by train to reduce they like this update an interface. It was lucky and has not had any question with mine LG the TV is. Perhaps reasons are new, any insurances.

Love his to add with the a lot of stylish the looks then say to go for him….. They are happy has done!!!
4 / 5 Miss
Global happy with the system excepts a Bose prize of $ 4000. Also while his (Bose) fulfils his commitment to update for Apple Airplay 2 to the equal that can connect street wifi house. As to time navideño 2017, a system so only connects street Bluetooth wants to use my iPhone for music. One the good thing is that a Bluetooth ties in of the long distances (at least 30 ft was and thru to wall to plaster to a next room) for mine iphone. It likes the quota has said, a CEC connectivity among the different frames no consistently. Has the LG SMELL the television and a TV a lot always turns on when I use a BOSE far to power a system,. Always it turns it was. I usually gone back in a BOSE of a BOSE far then gone back in a television that uses a LG far. A BOSE far neither controls a Comcast DVR. An Internet says everything of east has to that to the CEC subject of compatibility in the lack to regulate of CEC has has used used for BOSE to turn on all some components. I have tried also he Logitech Harmopny far and included no consistently.

In general a sound is impressive. It surrounds the laws to touch add and would buy again. I have struggled to satisfy my worry in a big prize, but for Navidad!
4 / 5 Jillian
Has possessed 4 cup of a line Bose Systems of Theatre of the House on some last 20 years. This a, a Lifestyle 600 east for far a worse. While a quality of Audio is still notch upper, and some wireless rear Speakers and Sub-Woofer is an excellent addition and a lot the time has expected, an experience of User there is limped to the long of and really degraded so much that it does not enjoy this System at all anymore. Bose Was concerned like this roughly pleasing all the world, that IMO, has pleased person with a System. Have has loved that the upper notch 4K UHD video, wireless Rear Speakers, a lot of entrance and options of start and has loved real options to tweak a sound and quality of picture of this experience. We have not loved the means-a$ $ and tentativa to spend in our mobile phones, wireless mini-speakers, touch of the his, bluetooth and that another B-crap that we do not require . A fundamental function and more than entity of the ours Bose the theatre of House is an absolute BETTER video and quality of his for Theatre of House. Any Bluetooth. Not Touching Touch, anything concealed east. Any Streaming Music. That with other Applications. YOU BOSE, need to rid a better video and options of his and calm no that here. Your Far is far sub-pair. It gives minimum options to regulate His and Video during television and of the experiences of Films. There have it roughly 2 real options in some Far that use NEVER, beside Volume... All some other 20 options. Could concern me less. When Have paste a key of PLUS give SAP, Widgets. Last, Behind, Register(?) And Options of Applications ANY DUQUEL has not USED NEVER>>>>>And this System is LIKE THIS SLOW. Startup And the transmission of Source has comprised. That roughly upgrading a ROM/of RAM? That roughly upgrading a Far to the Screen by heart and giving real options for management of Audio in a Far? In all the chance, such the disappointment for 3000 dollars. One 600 System is not even like this strong in a 535v2. Really? I am done with Bose after this calm no upgrade some the majority of options of Sound of entity = of types and management of Video. You have taken too full of you and already calm is not ridding anywhere near of a better. Buyers beware... The peaces was...
4 / 5 Shasta
Has taken was some stars been due to HDMI and setup subject. A system besides is astounding. Folks The one who says that this touches bad is haters and think way to a lot in his capacity to critique audio. Bose Has specialised highly in that do. His aim is to take his big of the small impression. Ossia For far a better Bose the system has has not listened never. One surrounds the experience is awesome and beaten a lot of systems of big final that cost 3 to 4 times more. So only to be clear, are not that it speaks roughly volume or the one who strong can take it. That am speaking roughly is an experience to listen. The people think that that something has to that crank in 150db to be the experience adds considered. If ossia that loves, this system is not for you. This in spite of, He crank in big volume and is clear but does not go to shatter windows. That has bought this partorisca east an entertainment experiences no the room where has 2 speakers and so only listen the music(Again, if you are the music junky this system are to add but knows does better some there partorisca to whole plot more money). I have loved the theatre to house add and gaming experience and boy this delivery. There is some real innovation here with a Omni Jewels and some new sub. Suitable IQ is a better in my opinion for correction of room and paired with a Omni jewels, there is at all more has listened there likes. Your games come alive and your films are more immersive and when being a fact has the edges those who can not tolerate strong noise, is perfectly attack in of the levels of low volume. Bose, My hat is was yours but your neighbour on need tweaking, especially in far pairing and HDMI subject of handshake. A far do not look it and I could not find a lot of troubleshooting in this subject. It takes another reviewer the one who is spent for a process on Amazon to imagine was as to pair he. I have had to return my first unit because a HDMI the ports would not go through half of HDR and 10bit colour. He glithced and a signal would fall in and was and a screen would turn ash. A unit of new receiver has been cost like this far. Also, mine far prime minister some directional keys have not done properly. I owe that give the BIG cry was to Steve in Priest of Client of the Amazon to take the priest adds of me on a transmission was. Finally, although it has to that a bit to to subjects like has had, of east is for far a better Bose system of Lifestyle never done and will not be disappointed.
5 / 5 Babara
Every night when I take house of work, a subwoofer is not doing. I owe that unplug a power and discharges he behind in still the take to do. I have tried both wireless and wire fence, and both have a subject same.

Has called support behind in December '16 and has said to be the known @@subject - and that an only known fijamente unplugged. They have said that the update of software has been expected for the fix and expected it would be fact inside the month. It is now Feb 1 and has BROKEN STILL.

Sadly, ruins my faith in Bose.
5 / 5 Phillis
Ossia An exceptional system for a prize. Really I love some sounds of way. Highly it recommends this system
5 / 5 Viki
Really fond this and has not had any subjects with him.
4 / 5 Sha
A sound of this system is so only well. For $ 3,000, it have to that be spectacular.

One the majority of what aggravating is a SoundTouch characteristic. It have to that be quite easy for him to touch music of my service of Amazon but is not . In the first place, a TV has to that be on for him to touch a music. Although you take a music begun and turn of a TV, a system will turn it behind on. Reason owe a TV has to that be on to listen the music all day?

After, after an update of recent software, he repeatedly disconnects SoundTouch of a service of music. You can take an hour of the music or calm can take five first minutes to be disconnected.

A SoundTouch has to that be connected using to your computer likes calm has to have you computer, TV, Bose fixes it and that the internet issues everything on to touch music. Still with all has turned on, a system frequently disconnects and ALL has to that be rebooted for the take to do again.

This system so only does not rid a quality and the efficiency would expect for the $ 3,000 system. You can buy the economic $ 300 system with slightly less quality of his May a lot a degradation.

September of UPDATE 2019: A software is updated repeatedly after difficult results to reconnect to SoundTouch. A last update rendered SoundTouch a lot of-functional. Absolute rubbishes that can not be used for one of his primary functions.
5 / 5 Augustus
I have received finally a Lifestyle 650 of Bose and has wanted to resupply my first impression.

A packaging:
A system arrives in the relatively big box which is full of interior of small boxes. Each box is supposed to be associated with the step of an installation. There is clearly the house in that looks for to be the friendly but the calm user effectively is better of unboxing all, was easier and much faster.

This has been the real ache . Calm usually has to that hook on a system to a power, connect your TV by means of HDMI ARC and then magically instructions on like this to finalise a neighbour-arrive to look in your screen. First it is not to press WELL in a far question is that I have pressed WELL and at all is spent. Tried an usual unplugging/plugging behind, tried to substitute some batteries but at all has done. It was clear that a RF far has not been paired with a receiver of Lifestyle. There is unfortunately any instruction on like this to do a pairing in of the manuals or on-line to the equal that take an hour in a telephone to take orderly.
In chance require it, a pairing is achieved to press a key of Power in a lifestyle for 20 dry and then simultaneously press a rear key of a far together with GOOD.
After this I could come from with a neighbour-up. Another hiccup was that a speaker of the basses connected but would not touch . With which three unplugging and plugging behind decides to finally connect....

am taking an installed system for the professional next week and a creation of a speaker are not adds right now. Still with a wrong navigation, the sound adds for such the small sized system. A mid-the row is the little feeble but a sound is really diffused during a room and is very pleasant. Still in the big room has quite can to fill a room with volume. It have to that be very better once some speakers are spaced properly and installed.
Has a lot of pocolos can do to regulate a sound, Bass, Treble, Centre, Tomb and Surround levels. Has not founding the way to in fact see the type of the his east touching (DTS...), there is also a lot DSP adjustment. Very basic.

A UI is quite basic. It is disappointing, you would expect that with such the far and the hid the screen show you could cruised by means of your soundtouch library. But no, calm only volume to see a song that touches and can do prev/partorisca/afterwards. You owe that use a terrible mobile application to control everything.

In general, aesthetically is pleasing, the little buggy, too simple considering a potential of a hardware. I want to be optimistic that software upgrades will do it better but at present Bose record of clue in the software does not touch in his favour.

Last what that frankly is unacceptable, one in of the bosses of installation of the wall so only will be available in covering them is proprietary to Bose so that it was not able of the installed properly until January in better. It say that it is horrifying for the $ 4000 system and can not think apresamiento that long to distribute bosses... I escalated the to a crew of support but there is hanged on me and did not call me never behind....

Bose, so much loves no of amour on your game! Ossia Yours the majority of the expensive system and a global experience would owe that feel prize.
4 / 5 Brett
The box has arrived a lot quickly, that the packaging was a lot. It is spent for setup of the console and the front/back speaker, everything well, then taken to some bass to console but any sound, then the light of indicator has begun to blink red. Called Bose and an inoperable unit. It has to it box behind on a ship he behind. They are sending the new unit. Apparently a QC was out of a day my system has been built:(
5 / 5 Nathaniel
Beware. Buggy Software. The utmost sounds with the simple setup with the device of alone entrance. When you Begin pairing other devices to some the fall of universal far things to avert when some far can not be paired and a system reboots.

Also, a sub goes off-line randomly. Checkout A BOSE place of the support and you will see multiple complaints without resolution. Any firmware updates in sight for questions that has been in a row of then 2016.

Saves to plot of headaches for remaining out of this system. I have had attended very big thus system but was a lot of disappointed.
4 / 5 Georgianne
Has taken the consecrated demo of this product and has touched several clues of audio in this system. This system touches really wierd and highly colored. Some personnel in Bose showroom has had the hard time that does the responses of system to bluetooth connectivity. Calm also would remark, a global system excepts a subwoofer is really flimsy. Some speakers have hardly any weight that involves some engine there is really of the poor magnets. One the good speaker always would have some considerable weight. An image of his tiny east and middish. There is absolutely any depth in his production of sound. The explosions of films would touch “wow” in any half system as it does not take the past has gone by so only those. I have researched and it has tried plot to justify a $ 4k pricepoint but there is at all that this system resupplies of this value. This system is not so only the feeble product but has subject of software/of numerous hardware also. Any Atmos/DTS-X support neither. It have to that be interrupted in a sooner.
4 / 5 Josie
In the first place has taken a black unit but the bad regime are corrupted firmware, gave hours to dip up and help it lean has asked. Returned and transmission for White unit. Lucky now. I think that that they are one of some first clients have taken white colour. Any closing in phase, very beautiful for decoration
A sound is impressed like this, work powerfully for closing to to the big room likes 1000 sqf. Clear treble. Warm And Strong down.
Has on dipped was easy attentively go any to First no. the calm power up will require to the click in a Dips on in front to take view in television. After, precise goes to Direct speakers. Then connect the coverage, wifi.
Of here, can do another setup
A last Soundtouch is frustration for my Mac book. A name for music would owe that be cleaned and simple, no in to the any symbol likes '.', ,\...Etc. Otherwise, Soudtouch will not see or touch a library of music.
This time for privous is returned uinit, learnt it. Any support of need .
The sound is imagine, can any complained.
Wants to do DIY then require the connection of audio of the basic knowledge then will be well. Not touching around his a lot can take errors
5 / 5 Harland
purchase this system to pair with the new Sony XBR 75' Z9D which is a new 4K model. We were very happy for some premiers three months. When we Turn in some TV a Bose the system has said has had an update that was need, like knots complied. After completing an update a unit would turn each 7 minutes together with turning of a television and all more. After spending 2 hours in a Bose the line of help has said that has had any idea that to do and have sent the new unit. Supposition that, a new unit has done exactly a same thing. It has been to a venue Bose tent to try and take help, to any avail. They could not have been better but could offer any technical help. That finds to frustrate is that they have done a claim was an only person to never experience this. A fast look in a Bose forum and nope, this has been a current question the one who Bose there is still to direct with an update for the corrected. It likes-me a concept and measure but for $ 4, ossia spends it enormous . Not to know it but Sony and Harmon Kardon offers a same thing for less.
5 / 5 Lacresha
FANTASTIC! Amazing quantity of his out of such tiny speakers. Helped clears my room of film and mark seats main without some speakers of tower have used.
4 / 5 Kari
Bose Lifestyle 600 is the beautiful crew, a sound is awesome ... Well ossia a good part .
Now a bad part.... Becuase Is like this new Bose is still traying to fix questions in a software. Has my system for more than two month this in spite of taking updates that does not see is changing something. A setting on has not been very easy and have the very a lot comprising in electronic. But a question a big plus is a wireless connection the basic, maintains disconnecting every time be able to you of a system, calm then has to that disconnect an electrical cord of a outlet expects for 30 second and reconnect, then a system will see one bases again. After speaking to Bose technical for many times said that a system was program to disconnect one wireless to save can but love a system any to disconnect a base, will require to connect the 3.5 male to of a system to a accusticmas or box of the base and a question will be to solve. In the same send me a free boss of load. Ossia The $ BOSE boss fixes wireless that I expectef to do perfect out of a box. I expect that they can fix this question with one of th updates.
Are very sad that can not give a 5 star and I really like a quality of his May my economic Polk bar of his with the wireless base was always ready to touch although it leaves to go for the month
4 / 5 Yolande
has taken this of another website partorisca in $ 3500 new mark.

I really enjoy this system. But one of some speakers as well as a base has broken of the only 3 drop of feet. Felizmente Takes it has substituted free of load. It have to that no of him it has broken it of the tiny drop. Especially in $ 4000 imposed besides detailing. Some stands of speaker (Where some bosses of speaker connect) is súper flimsy in my opinion. Bose Need of the do so that it can connect some speakers without this part.

Quality of sound: Very solid. A Omni exited of speakers of the Jewel of multiple sides. They are súper small. It has been surprised when I unboxed him. Some bass compliments a system. Very strong.

I also have a Soundtouch 520 and one 300 soundbar. A Lifestyle 650 rich sounds and clearer. Rightfully Like this with a lifestyle 650 that cost to plot more.

Interface and connectivity.

There is encounted glithes switing income. Perhaps it is mine 2016 LG TV of SMELL. But I me so only run my devices directly to a TV. Utilisation spotify the tonne via spotify league. This does quite well.

Likes that some the rear speakers are wireless. But a dongles is the tad has bitten bulky.


Better that mine soundtouch 520 far. But still at all crazy. Has the screen on that. It likes that it can regulate it you of some levels of the each speaker and such.

Maintaining this short description but sweet.

A verdict: Solid system that use daily. A system that enjoys the tonne.

Is value $ 4000 MSRP? I am spent in $ 3500 without the tax and I seat likes concealed is quell'has bitten a lot. I seat like this Omni system of the his of the Jewel would owe that be $ 2500-$ 3000 at most. Enough a prize of a lifestyle 600 right now.

Does not complain buying east. But perhaps I am spent in $ 4000 with registered would feel bit it diffent to be sincere.

Modifies April 2019: mine the rear speaker there has been the very short fall, an interior of dish a speaker is exited. All was ensured with adhesive era. There is disappointed further. Economic,economic,cheaply has done. Beginning to complain this compraventa. Docked The mine that estimates the good quantity.

Does not expect these speakers to survive anything to be sincere. Just rubbishes.
4 / 5 Lesli
Has bought Bose produced and he literally failed after just occasional use. “@@Subject Of Joint” of the mother. A telephone rep has said that my guarantee there was caducado for the few months, ossia true. But the company that sells in the quality would owe that be embarrassed and fix to to speakers of mine Likes them to them R&D. Nope. Has has wanted the touch 80 of a total prize.

Something needs a long guarantee- does not buy it
5 / 5 Nanci
Possesses a Lifestyle 600 and is not partorisca value of the money. I have had to that have Bose the systems have substituted twice and now having questions with a third. A prime minister was a V35 concealed failed and has sent paralización espar'. The short times have has had questions again. A next time I upgraded to a 600, and has has had questions with him and has had to that send he in still reparation. Now they are having questions with him. Admitted, has had some time among questions but for a money is cost is a lot unreliable systems. It likes him another has said, if you owe that Sustain of the client of the call packs the lunch because you go to be in a telephone the long time.
4 / 5 Linette
Was a proud owner of the Bose Lifestyle V35 (that serious of use of cube of the jewel I speakers) first to change to a Bose Lifestyle 600 (that serious of use of cube of the jewel II SPEAKERS). I have thought in me the one who better can a sound takes? No appearances any a lot of difference. Well Bose directed to create an already spectacular sound quality of a V35 another notch with a Bose Lifestyle 600.

A series of cube of the jewel II SPEAKERS have better triple details that serious I. Like the result is the bit more than shines that touch that of the serious of cube of the jewel I. The series is still the phenomenal speaker and perhaps some would prefer a slightly his 'warm plus' with a toned down trebble. In general, it say some Serious II is a upgrade with a light improvement in triple clarity and slightly crisper his by means of a joint. The the sweep of his on that uses the video of Youtube and a series of cube of the Jewel II START that fell it in in around 190 HZ and touch very flat all a way until like this big the frequency to the equal that can listen.

A Acoustimass 300 form of basses that comes with a Lifestyle 600 is very impressive. A V35 Acoustimass form (PS48III) impressed also but one 300 has shouted a fence here. There is even more oomph behind some tomb as well as it bite it more cleaned touching tomb. Has faith a max exited of the basses is the main just quantity in a 300 vs a PS48III same although I have not pressed one 300 that last closing. A PS48III was already enough a form of impressive bass like this this would be necessary to give you an idea that a lot one 300 really is! The the sweep of frequency with an application of Youtube/of Youtube and one 300 has begun rumbling in 25 HZ. Ossia Roughly 5 HZ lower that a V35 Acoustimass the form could produce in 30 HZ. One 300 tapered was around 190 HZ perfectly like series of cube of the Jewel ii kicked in. Swipe a lot equally during another that a never like this slightly feebler comprises of 43-50 HZ. This would be likely to have more to do with my acoustic of room that anything. Inferior line a 300 is the very smooth and attentive sub.

Setup Was the breeze with this system. A prime minister is not to connect a console to be able to and the connect to the yours television that use a hdmi connection of ARCH. Then some walks of the calm system by means of a rest has seen an on exposed of screen. One 2nd is not pairing a far of then is not paired of a factory. A oncreen the exposure has said the paste a key 'very' in a far but at all until a far is paired. Like another reviewer mentioned, a manual or in directions of the screen does not look to say you exactly like this to do east. A call of calm fast telephone developed pair a far for simultaneously pressing and holding 3 keys for roughly 10 seconds: 1) a key of power in a console, 2) a key 'very' in a far and 3) a 'key of glow' that is in a rear side of a far.

A system then walks calm by means of connecting all some speakers, connecting all the devices as well as programming some far to control these devices choose to. Bose Has done an excellent work on doing this a lot of the friendly user! An interesting difference of one 600 to a V35 is in 600 a front 3 speakers are connected with a fat boss directly to a backside of a console that breakings to 3 separate bosses for each speaker. One surrounds is 'wireless'. I say 'wireless' reason technically are not wireless reasons his still each one which so it requires to be plugged to a outlet that can the brick to be able to that is then wired directly to a speaker. This can help with deleting careers of slow boss in a backside of a room but he also could complicate things if you have not spent peels each one surrounds location. Felizmente Bose Thought of of the this and has added the good 10 feet of extra boss to run so that it do not have to that spent in a brick to be able to Too close up of one surrounds location of speaker. I also listened Bose will have an option for directly installed one surrounds in the date the late plus. For me and my setup some wireless works in my favour and has done our setup the process the easy plus. In another hand, a V35 has had all some directly have connected speakers to a Acoustimass form and a proprietary boss (that door all the signals of 5 canal) has connected of a Acoustimass form to a console that has created the nest of rats for behind a Acoustimass form. One 600 Acoustimass modulate it opportunely so only needs a boss of power the connection and ossia! A signal is received wirelessly.

SoundTouch Enabled mean can connect a Bose consolations to the your wifi and common music of big quality and included update a system wirelessly using a SoundTouch Application (which have listened to the some people any likes them to them an Application). I used it the little bit and he have done well but of then have Chromecast I just use that the music of common first street of Spotify. In this way it can cruised Spotify directly of an Application of Spotify. This system also will leave you the music of common street Bluetooth which is another option adds .

In the note lateralmente, in fact in the first place buy a SoundTouch 300 soundbar with a Acoustimass 300 form of basses and virtually invisible 300 wireless surrounds. Has no @to @give until later that a SoundTouch 300 only supports Dolby Digital and DTS which are formed of the his old plus . The Bose is the defence could not find another soundbar system that decoded some formats of the his late plus likes him Dolby TrueHD or DTS Master-HD or PCM multichannel which are today main quality lossless formed. As this can be the limitation of soundbars no in that has to that the console has consecrated likes a bit the systems of Lifestyle has. I have lost also having a RF far of a SoundTouch 300 so only comes with an infrared remote to the equal that owe that signal directly in a soundbar. Also it have any volume to the equal that was always the mystery that volume your system was in that I expósito to be I a lot annoying. A SoundTouch 300 also so only comes with 1 hdmi arch, 1 level hdmi and 1 optical. An idea was that you cover all to the yours television and run a boss (hdmi ARC or optical) of your start of television to a Bose gone in. Calm essentially use to your TV likes them the head office hub in this system. Unfortunately, the majority of only TV has 3 or 4 hdmi gone in to be able to do for simpler setups but unfortunately no for us. You can add the switcher to take more hdmi income but this setup is not ideal in my opinion. Highly it recommends to go with a lifestyle 600 in a SoundTouch 300 setup. I know it is almost two expensive times but some the extra characteristics are like this value he!

Inferior line, ossia my system of sleep and would not buy anything different! I want a bit tiny speakers in combination with a unbelievable quality of his that Bose is famous stops. I will recommend this system to all my friends and family. If are interested but sceptic or in a fence, dare you to try one 30 risk of day tries free is gone in your own house before it judge this system!
5 / 5 Hannah
Ossia One 5.1 system to buy unless I owe that have Dolby Atmos or the earth that shatters loudness to walk of full measure that it is speakers . A sound is enough to fill the living room, the clarity of some speakers is surprising. There it is complained of people in a sub no in that has quite a lot of bass, but those are probably some people has taken used to beaten headphone is in emphasised tomb. An out of a sound of boxes are balanced enough and possess for almost all that comprises the majority of gender of music.
4 / 5 Steffanie
Ossia An update . I am leaving my original description.
Has lived now with this system for the pair of years and while I can not rent his measure quite can not say one same on some updates. I have had some questions of compatibilities that was fixed finally has seen updates. When Airplay 2 has been announced Bose is exited on support of him and has announced that would sustain Airplay 2. I am still in the moment to an update.
Something more to maintain in the alcohol is that you can do to the better plot has one spatial and build your system suitable for buying different components and be better is gone in of the terms of qualities of his and the characteristic has one spatial to sustain the main components.
ORIGINAL description down

after having he for the month I still the like. We pay the prize for a compactness of a system. It can you improve his for this money or less still money? I do not know . It is possible but doubt that would take it you in such the small impression. An interface of user could be better. A far is good but of then has paid $ 4000 for the plus of system that traces it groups that has not been has comprised.. Well.. It can be better.. A system comes with a transmitter GONE the help directs other devices. Be any Airplay sustain. In this point of prize, would expect this Bose would pay anything a cost to authorise can be for him or has left paid for him. A sound in of the films and the music is solid. Also it wishes that all could be wireless more than just some rear speakers but I will take it. Then again.. Desire that also could have the wireless power but they have to that have something to sell me in 20 years.
5 / 5 Herman
Has possessed a lot Bose systems and a Sound of this one is a better, but a video passthrough is a lot of glitchy. I do not know in 650 but mine 600 has questions when changing gone in with moments of snow or so only will not change . Turning a unit was fixed usually this. A worse question is that while using a bluray players the looks of green line in a sinister side or sometimes well of a screen. Neither it go it it was until it turn it it was and then behind on, but points returns. It is a lot annoying. Have disconnected A BR and connected it to a television directly to solve this and has has had to that he with mine another BR player also. This in spite of my television any passthrough 5.1 so that it squanders a Bose system. I posted this question in a Bose the community and another has this exact same question. A system is updated. It is his add but glitchy video PT.
5 / 5 Orlando
His fantastic.
Súper Easy to dip on, any boss to buy, trim/hide/to draw/cut, easy to experience with planting of speaker in the whim.

A Acoustimass 300 basses subwwofer is scary awesome strong, but very controlled and no boomy or uncomfortable.
Was in fact simply awesome with window of organism and emotional force that the sobresalto forces all duquel would be intolerable excepts touches wonderful and pertinent where need to.

Clear dialogue and very vibrant midtones clean highs without shrillness, beautiful spatiality, with the enjoyable imaging and the width soundstage.

The pairing was immediate/transparent and then a thing of whole connectivity was the no-@@subject, he behaved perfectly.

His hard to believe ossia the wireless system , touches the better way that the typical house surrounds system.

A lot musical and theatrical a same time.

Touches like this well in home like face in a tent and an acoustic calibration was quickly and no unpleasant.

Does not have to that be an engineer of acoustics to setup and love this system.

Supports of EXCELLENT client, his process was quite smooth and pertinent, has taken pertinent actions and was pleasant to treat.

Styling And the appearance was to add, familiar friendly, any powder that takes grilles of cloth or big space floorspace eating boxes of speaker.

A omnicube speakers (any jewelcube) is faith further, bad calm of the that listens them, his so only radiate his to a room and create the region of spatially responsive audio.
The fact adds with PS3, XBox1, Amazon FireTV, roku, wireless streaming to bose mini touch of the his and the cheapo the speaker of house, and our telephones of android.

A packaging was the model to echo sensability, waste very small, or foam and that it was there has not left the disorder. It is a lot of sized for a content and quite durable to king-uses to pack and moving.

Really disturbed a fashion of harmony unifies far and some keys of double click, and a lack of the keys of source have consecrated.
The majority of a functionality of control has required to drill down of any esource' or a soymena' key of far control.

His did not conceal the has not liked him a far. In fact I displeased a far. It was uncomfortable, heavy, incongrous, convoluted to use, the double fact presses frequently, and really has not been friindly although has the good LCD sample that has meant a onscreen the exposure has not gone always has required.

A documentation was sufficient for only one the majority of basic use, any specification, any one drives to use or configuring a far, any real explanation of a technology at all.

A lot of atmos or speakers of height

the number Limited of codecs.

The wireless connectivity failed has not meant any update, and apparently a programmable far for the television and another control of device has required intenet still setup, a unit would not relieve /exposed SSID of the ours wireless hotspot.

Without the wireless connection could not dip up or use a soundtouch application that requires coverage and does not connect street bluetooth

sound fabulous and that grave...
4 / 5 Justine
Has experienced also significant 'buggy' subject with this system and is inability to change among entrances and of the sources! Has Sattelite TV, blue ray DVD, and the TV of Apple has connected. I am spent of the hours that try the source that does of transmissions and much more hours in a telephone with Bose. Bose Is very polite and spend for rudimentary troubleshooting only to delete devices and then add them behind. It looks to do for awhile and then he all craps was and can very included go back to a satteite signal. At present, in the night of Saturday has no working system. I have wanted always he Bose System and are now ready for the launch was and go to Sleeps or another tried and some the system of Theatre of the House. They are extremely fallido and disappointed in Bose. I so only a lot he in me to spend much more hours with support of client so only to have to that he again the few days. Very unhappy!
4 / 5 Teodora
Love my Lifestyle 650. I took roughly 4 month of the think was before I am finally be for him. This system has substituted my Bose 525 system (which is ready to exit to basement of mine finalised). It was easy to dip on, although some the rear speakers can be configured wirelessly but has chosen to dip arrive hardwired (of then has had already the bosses have run). Mina reluctancy to buy is was that the people have given some bad descriptions in those hard could be it to dip up and as it has not thought would touch it better that mine 525. Felizmente Was EASY.... I owe that laugh in the lack of the people of basic skills to dip thing on (or called a 800 number for service of client) Any way, loves it, well value of the money. (Although I admit that it was the little in a pricey side)
5 / 5 Jettie
has been sent the Bose 650 system of Lifestyle to revise.

Unboxing Was the pleasure, a rig arrives in the fabulously a lot of bandage besiege jointed, the little smaller that the dishwasher, a lot well there is boxed.

Setup Was easy, some instructions are clear, and a onscreen setup is a lot well has drawn.

Some speakers are small, approx. 20Big cm, and roughly 5 wide cm in the each type.

Some the wireless rear speakers require the hands can, like this precise the socket to somewhere approaches (inside the metres of pair).

So much, once a setup is calm complete really can try these beauties was.
Like the films? You will love this 650 then. A projection of his sublime east. It surrounds his that really are surrounding. It is hard in timing to say where a sound is coming from, as it resembles envelope your ears of all the directions. Have enjoyed rewatching film of diverse Salvation of Loyalty in a winter, with total satisfaction. Mina old plus Sony the PUNCTUAL system is remained that loves, massively. A clarity by means of some frequencies is fabulous, a pure low noise has very deep and powerful, with crisp and the clear main frequencies, with the projection balanced around a room.

So much, connectivity..... Wow. This unit will leave you to connect each piece of technology has, with 5 HDMI gone in, and a lot another to choose of (RCA, Optical etc). Some controls are easy to fathom, with a fantastic hand has resisted far (really is fab) can also dipped the to control your TV. In the adjustment of screen is easy, to do your easy experience.

Is an intelligent system , with total flexibility, the delivery concealed awesome quality of his and enhances your Cinema/of television/Gaming/experience of Music.

A subject only I expósita is that a Form of Brain is drawn to be seated so only, can a lot of stack on the, like this spatial is required. Felizmente Feels on other units this in spite of.

A system was enjoyable still unpack, a setup was easy, and he very there is quickly there was ultra his salvation of quality reverberating around our house.
Some capacities of volume are big, you wont blow any windows was, but will have each one has bitten of the start of volume could require. It has suspended walk of forests, and a part of results of whole house of an experience of audio.

Updates of car is established as and when I have required, with the data of clear instructions onscreen.

Marcos full BOSE, has built the system of murderous.
4 / 5 Kemberly
Has several Bose systems and could not expect dipped on a new Lifestyle 650 and after the hours of frustration have called Bose so only to having connected to the country another that some the EUA and a lot so only could do does not help me has had any ideal that have spoken roughly, has tried to speak to any in some the EUA only to be dipped on control and with which 45 minutes have given up. I have called the Bose has authorised Tec. And with which $ a fixed fact partorisca the day. After the pair of the frustration of weeks has launched in a towel and has taken a system behind the Bose. A system is the piece of junk and no a Bose has treated in a past.
4 / 5 Shena
The product adds, has had a @@subject that connects to the mine Samsung TV. It do not take any sound of my ARCH HDMI, with which hours partorisca research by means of blogs, has discovered that has required partorisca unplug a TV, then covers he behind in the done. Appearance this help with any one experiencing a subject same. You could you want to but the mountain or stands for this cause of the system does not come with him. His add this in spite of. Still exploring some options of his different and configurations.
4 / 5 Fleta
The one who an incredible piece of artilugio! Totally value of the money. A clarity of a sound is insanely amazing.

I a wiring inside a wall. One has distributed the bosses have not been compatible to go behind some wall to the equal that has had to that buy a rule 16 gauge the bosses of amazon and results have surprised. Like this far I have hooked on television of Boss, Apple TV, TV of Fire of the Amazon, PS4 and the karaoke system.

Very satisfied with an action like this far. That the addition adds my grotto of man. Control out of a video I posted
5 / 5 Shelly
is the big hassle! Some backsides of wireless speakers require supply to be able to separate big up in a wall (the one who has him there?!). I took roughly 2 hours and 3 technical support specialists in Filippine those who has not known anything in a product to explain this without a lot of help. I have been said that Bose does not resupply assistance with this anymore and has been the number given for the company out of Colorado has appointed Noerbern. The precise help in Carolina of Of the sud! Very surprised and disappointed in Bose.
5 / 5 Emilee
To be sincere I am not sure am qualified to write the description; I have not listened never to my system. Although I am spent $ 3k+ in a product and 3 hours that installs, still does not act. So many, has not experienced my expensive system. A reason: short sighted development of product or lack of knowledge of product ( has been said yes has been to take the 4K TV finally, other systems are not compatible). Any way, has to has to that be impacted. A Lifestyle 600 has a capacity for gone wireless for some rear speakers. A question is wants to use he enmedio wired or your house is pre-wire fence, likes mine, does not act. Wireless is an only option. The one who has sources of power in his ceiling? After spending in $ 3k, 3 hrs installing and another hour that bus a CSR in my subjects, has been said does not have the resolution for the wire fence setup. Apparently, you have to take the "dongle" it conceal a lot at present it exists (after the call to his supervisor). At least ossia that I am said. I have then driven to a Bose tent, where has purchased a product, and the supposition is not wireless in a demo setup. It is setup exactly that it wants to dip the up. They have had also any one creates a "dongle" it has been required. I explain my situation and his can not believe he in a tent; they have not had any idea. As they call service of client and a CSR pre-ordered/his a "dongle" ...Cela Has to paralizaciones of paid(?) This is predicted to be shipped the weeks of pair; of then he no " there is". But, once again, it is wired in a Bose reason is selling a product that does not act in a calm same way has it setup in a tent? Also, a software does not leave me spent of movement a "looking for wireless speaker" punctual, as I can not use my system without some rear speakers. So many, now have wall very expensive is the defect of serious drawing . The stay was unless you enjoy to wall priced on art.
4 / 5 Oralee
Quality of his east amazing and setup is easy. This in spite of some the rear speakers were way too calm (hardly could him listen) first to regulate them in a Bose the application and I wish a far has had the characteristic of voice. Another that that his perfect
4 / 5 Theola
has Purchased in October 2017. Quality of his utmost east; this in spite of, Bose has to that it weaves to do to do on facilitated of use. An application to Touch of the Sound a lot usually laws. A far control is an absolute nightmare , constantly loses connection with a system and is very difficult to reset. Bluetooth The signal is feeble and does not come from and no taken your telephone out of a same room.

This was my second system of lifestyle and island Bose has produced. A combination of service of the poor client and the difficult operation probably will do east my last Bose produced.
5 / 5 Jovan
Has bought a Bose Lifestyle 650 in last white week. So only installed the today. It dips up it was quite he directly the advance and a sound absolutely is in amazing. Value each penny has paid.

Is classifies averts besides another surrounds systems. The sleeps is not in one joins same like this.

Of the that Listens to a haters , a system is very easy to dip up and also would recommend hard boss some rear speakers. A quality is surprising so only do an investigation in of the terms of places on before . I have ensured it has had them quite bose boss for rear speakers , also ensured has had them a legislation legnth of hdmi still all my entrances , if the toneless wifi connect with ethernet !

Soundtouch The glorious application !! Listening his so much the write this description
4 / 5 Carolin
- A receiver the fact a centre of an integer setup. You can change anything in quality of his to the yours in pleasant.
- The words can not explain one 360 sound of quality of terracings, like this not even go it to explain.
- A new Omni the speakers of Jewel are in fact was it new of Bose technology like his submerged during your integer that surrounds more than coming right in you advance (thanks to his Omni speakers of Jewel).
- If you are not well in a centre of a “perfect” focal point does not import reason under a system flowed of 360 terracings almost anyplace the chairs will be the focal point .
- I will say this clarity of his east something that has not listened never in of the speakers before. It seats in this system and close your eyes. If calm so only is touching waves in a beach a system tricks your alcohol to think that is in fact in a beach (a bit scary at the beginning).
- An of some fresher things, with the prize like this, a system was like this when calm install them to you (concealed ) there is quickly and creation of simple calibration that can do you like this calm will not require to assume the specialist when installing (wants to save some extras bucks).
- Can connect your computer, has 6 HDMI connectors (this comprises compatible with 4k and 4k HDR quality) and in general any entrance loves of 4k TV to your basic smartphone.
- Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology like only need to connect your telephone a time and for ever Bose will connect (also move any device has connected calm so only will listen one 650 system)
- Supports almost any application of music or programs likes Spotify, Pandora, iHeart Irradiates, Music of Amazon, and frankly any system of music in a phase this will do.
- Characteristic of application in yours telephone leave you to do almost all yours far can do.
- Private listening, yes desire, as to the console has he headphone exited (Calm better take some quite badass headphones like otherwise, will be to squander an experience ).
- Master, has an option to connect more the speakers want to develop (I am not sure reason will do this).
- Good-looking creation, Bose spends any one spends on quality of an interior to an outside.
- Wireless rear speakers; it covers so only the in and is good to go.

Gilipollas And Oks:
- Still with automatic calibration, for a quality, is more to assume an expert to install it. A way to calibration is easy to do excepts enough would have the professional know where some the better places in a room are for fully the experience.
- Still wireless row Bluetooth is around 10 feet (has not tried has been but has been informed to a row).
- Has been said by some testers that one 600 is afterwards in quality, (has not tried one 600 to the equal that can do not giving my view in this) but one 650 resupplies to 360 terracing surrounds experience of his that has listened one 600 no. is a @subject @ wants to pay the little more for him.
- A Prize, has to weaves of speakers add there. If it love any type of Bose will owe that pay up as they are an Apple of computer in prizes.

In general:
A Omni speaker of the cube of the Jewel is a main reason reason goes to be that it pays an extra 1000 for one 650 in place of one 600. I want to be clear that has not bought this together but tried it two times. A time in a half open and one in the together next (meaning like the room of theatre). Bose Is considered one of a better around and this system justifies in the each way. One 360 surrounds the sound is like this new that your ears will require to regulate his. In a poster of open paving, one 650 the brilliant work in doing you immersed result in a sound while not losing a quality of him. It was the little overwhelmed when it was in the “room of theatre” as his mixes 360 calm terracings without not feeling never that a sound is coming from so only a direction. Mina, to the chairs like is in of a centre of the fact where all mix around you but is not never facing it advance ( takes use to but has fallen ass).

When I Take this will have this system for the long time likes 650 is built for a present and a future of quality of sound. One 650, mine, a point of main house is for a half open (Thanks to his speakers that creates the 360-the terracing surrounds to feel of his). This leaves big parties to feel likes is in the concert and in general add it built has an open living room. It maintains to import that an experience of the theatre with your family is, of course, that blows alcohol (Sample to “A Avenger” with this system and you will feel to like is in New York. Mark so only sure does not piss of your neighbours).

In general this system is a future of sound. One 650 is an ideal system has a poster of open paving to the equal that creates an atmosphere that will do it a point underlined of any social gathering. This was my experience to try and yes discover something concealed precise to be in a pros, gilipollas, a oks, or something has could have resupplied an inaccurate description in any of a cast, achieves was mine. But for a verdict: the ladies and the gentleman give the reception to the future to surround his and a start of your weekly parties.

I hope was useful yours all
Sincere Reviewer.

Top Customer Reviews: Bose Lifestyle ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5 Taylor
I need the very well issue to send a signal during a house has taken a asap touching in my fourth and 2 more in other rooms this is a better Bose speaker all precise is the airport of apple expresses connected to a speaker partorisca signal calm now can used AirPlay wirelessly of any device of apple partorisca touch in this speaker can touch multiple speakers of iTunes or of the Dextop use Airfoil leaves you partorisca multiple touch of virtual dj any one require any upgrade 3000 ossia the a lot of Apple of money the airport expresses does a trick. With Bose .
4 / 5 Alfredia
Has spent perhaps one 1st or 2nd generation of these speakers in 2008. This in spite of, with all some recent wireless modem and signal extenders inside a house, these speakers are virtually worthless and useless. Some interruptions of constants of the wireless frequency is a lot frustrating. One in-tend salesperson has said a technology has changed and there is no alternative to improve a sound unless I upgrade my complete system partorisca in $ 3000. Like this now I have two black door spent. This would not be the good investment.

Top Customer Reviews: Bose(R) 321 GS ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 46 ratings
4 / 5 Maye
I choose a likes them qualification because when they say partorisca have all some bosses, so only was a crew the speakers any one are and fm antennas, does not comprise a disk of configuration, an use of him was intense and a front the stand to the left is curve and affect a paving of acustimass, souds likes a lot another, but some details and the use was more than a description, now the require one are and fm antenna, if any one sells it, the the buy,
thank you
4 / 5 Sari
has expected something well. It had listened the showed in Bose tent. In home, hooked to my system of theatre of new house, blew was!!!! I can not take enough of him. Has the 1400feet manacles squared, slowly of open paving and he more than plenary a space. ( It takes some postures to walk of the dandy)
5 / 5 Alicia
He, am satisfied with a Bose GS Serious II DVD. A same crew although a lot of old years, was in good working condition.
5 / 5 Pennie
Has had to return unit how has been broken . Any one follows up has been of then returned
4 / 5 Dawne
This system is no where near of one adds Bose Surround his that or would expect of Bose . If you are looking for the decent surrounds the system spends this an up. You will be happier that pays of the extra money for the best Bose system.
5 / 5 Catina
The pictures aim all but a lie in a description so only included an element, waste to accept a turn
5 / 5 Joel
I have been using this system partorisca on 10 years and I am very pleased with him. It was simple to dip up and connect my television and crew of audio to and the sounds adds. The orchestral music is especially well. Although I used it it has used it a distributed far a lot little of then was able to use my AT&T uverse far partorisca control more the functions have changed recently to another service and now use a Bose far. Has a capacity to change to other sources of his that he the fact fine it-system of the his of the use. Some the small speakers can neither mountain in a wall or the shelf and a woofer to the equal that distributes one can can go almost anywhere. One has distributed the cords are long that easy placing. This unit is very of confidence.
4 / 5 Lacy
A sound in this system is excellent. Crisp And acute especially when looking an action film or listening to a radio. This in spite of, loves to touch the DVD/CD and more if any everything of a time any subject like old or new a DVD or CD are will take one dreads 'formed unsupported' message. Service of the client called and of then was out of a eservice term of time of the guarantee' is quite poop out of regime. But we could topmast a system to them and be touched in $ 100 for them to take the graces. Last month has called again and an agent sent the update of engine in of the hopes that would solve a question. It has helped a bit of then PERHAPS once the week can take the DVD to touch for mine toddler daughter. After looking for Google looks that they are not an only one with this subject, tonnes of estacas in a same situation. For a quantity of money my husband spent in this system had expected for him to do 100. Sadly, they Are in a point now that we will have to that buy the player of ECONOMIC DVD so that my daughter can look his video without freaking was when it will not touch . Bose Appearances can take your law together with this system!
4 / 5 Andria
There has been it Bose System of Lifestyle and was very happy with a quality and depth of a sound. I have touched Cd is, DVD is, and my TV by means of him and was impressive especially with DVD is and a fact has not been to surround sound. Bought a Bose 321 system and has been disappointed.... A sound is thin and frail, any depth. This system so only does not have an impact and touch listened of my System of Lifestyle. It is not to value of the money because you can buy other systems in of means it a prize that has the better global sound... Has any subjects of reliabilities with a unit, so only disappointed in a sound. If you are listening to less than expensive units that has the boomy record muddy then this will be the very on but yes is looking for depth of his and selection of his add of music of acoustic type this is not a system loves... The sound of a strong and clear DVD , difference very small that touching by means of a system of Lifestyle and does not have this wow the impact has expected paralizaciones.... A unit of the basses is not impressive... There is DISAPPOINTED SO ONLY!!!
5 / 5 Trevor
Has bought this system in the Bose Outlet tent after listening his in City of Circuit. When in the first place I have listened his, some the small speakers blow me to the knots was. I have been interested in him in a first place because it has expected for the solution of two speakers that would simulate to surround sound. I any (this in spite of any) wants to run bosses everywhere a ceiling of our room of television to achieve the speakers am hanged in a rear wall. I have bought to a Bose hype roughly bouncing his of some wall to achieve the virtual surrounds effect. Perhaps it does in the smallish soiled concealed is all the hard surfaces , but no in our room of television, which is 16' for 22' and has walk he-windows of ceiling with soft invidente in an end and some open stairs in another. This has stipulated, am still quite satisfied with this system after fooling around with him for the pair of weeks.

Has the 55-thumb Sony LCD backside-big projection-def TV with a lot of, a lot of entrances and starts. All some careers of his by means of a TV, and an optical boss that takes of a television to a Bose soyedia centred, which accuses all a digital audio whatnot and sends it on to a two few speakers. It does not use a Bose DVD, which looks class of caseous, in fact. Has the Sony 'upscale' the player of DVD has connected to a TV with a HDMI boss.

To cut to a persecution, now finds that I take a better action of this system to dip some speakers (in stands to walk) in any side of a television and toeing his in (angling his to each one another) so only slightly -- perhaps 15 or 20 terracings. These looks to give the real sense of selection among accident and right without messing on a 'centred of a sound. I think that that the solutions will vary with different rooms, but ossia that is doing for me.

Think my expectations thus system were unreasonably big going in reasons when I have listened his a first time in City of Circuit, was a lot look for his, which was an only way to listen his there. It was almost he likes to listen by means of earphones, like this of course all some effects have been augmented in the way would not be never in my room of own TV.

Inferior line: This system rid the extraordinarily good sound according to which my ears can say (but are any audiophile). I have listened his side for side with him KEH BOX 100 (another solution of two speakers), and a Bose has touched very better. I have saved $ 100 to take the 'factory-system of renewal directly of a Bose outlet tent, and has not had any question with him.

A Bose 3-2-1 Serious II is pricey, sure, compared to systems of five speakers, but yes are taste and of calm does not love to hang or bury bosses everywhere, could be answered yours .
5 / 5 Charlene
Has seen these products in television and has has thought wow, this will give me 5.1 sound with just 2 speakers! I have been and it purchased it and it has discovered a hard way as disappointing ossia. Calm will not take anything approaches the 5.1 system with these. Admitted some speakers are good quality for the 2.1 joint on, but sucks like the total '5.1 theatre of system of house.

A woofer is horrible, a universal far no well, and a neighbour arrives paper if no the friendly user. There is no HDMI ports, so only of the optical. A rest is component . For a prize, this is not to value he.

Has finalised to return this junk and taking the Sony HT-SS2000 and am blown totally went by. It is the hundred times better and for the half a cost of this Bose.

Does not squander your time with this product, but instead do your investigation and take something like this very partorisca to plot less.
4 / 5 Lacie
Like this, this BOSE the system was bit it quirky when it took it to them in the first place. A system of DVD has broken, BOSE has repaired he for free (out of guarantee), of a reparation, has had this system for 8 years and his utmost. 2 speakers and subwoofer, like this cleaned and simple.

Does not use a DVD anymore to the equal that has the bluray player, but the occasionally dipped knots the CD in him to touch music.

Him him Of the questions with some speakers, BOSE recommends to unplug all and covers everything behind in the sure order. Has has does not have to that this in 5 when have has had to that, was the ache .

The mine does not have a HDMI but at the same time, HDTV is was like the million dollars so that it has not gone is not in fact.
4 / 5 Lai
After reading all these descriptions, thinks that has one of a working old plus Bose systems here. Ours has been purchased an end of December of 2002 in Compraventa Better, how is so only on 10 years.

A quality of sound has been always orders, as any complaint in that. A player of DVD this in spite of, is another history. Although has does not have to that never send he in still reparations, has had always a @subject or another with him touching DVD is. A question a big plus took it to begin to touch. The time would not touch marks it NEW DVD, but would touch an old plus a. Another time would not take spent a main paper. It has taken to plot of coaxing so only of the take to go. Like the unit has taken older, would have the noise to grind listened when it has looked for to go to take to a main paper or a start of a film. A player of DVD has given finally on tonight. It has dipped in frames he new film and after the commercial preview, leaves. We could not take a DVD/CD TECLA to do and any of some keys of CORRESPONDING DVD would do anything, comprising an ejects key to exit a DVD. All another function of keys and in the still take his for a TV, but a DVD is done. Considering all some things have read here, would say that we can have taken more use out of our that more people. I gave it 3 Stars been due to a longevity (although it thinks it would have to that it is lasted more along) and a sound are still adds.

A name 'Bose' suggests the product of upper quality. Unfortunately, in this way unexpectedly of the system under a mark for a lot of people. Start of next time to purchase house DVD SOUND of system of player, doubt that Bose will be considered. Perhaps Bose would be necessary sticks to strictly the one who is known more paralizaciones: quality of sound.
4 / 5 Vesta
PROS: His astounding of such the small unit. The good-looking looks. Easy to use in papers of screen and setup DVD. Quality of his east acode upper . Taking LIKE THIS NEAR to touch like the true 5.1 fixes!

GILIPOLLAS: A bit pricey. It is not the TRUE surrounds system. Typical of Bose, a highs is very big.

DESCRIPTION: it is surprising, so that it is. It has scared of an idea to run bosses by means of some wall especially in the house that is moving out of the few months, like this has looked for them one all-in-a system of small impression to resist me on until a new house is built [that will have the theatre consecrated]. OSSIA A system . Forget a prize for the second, takings an ELEGANT looking system, this takes virtually VERY SPATIAL. In my book ossia validate a bit those that hundred extra dollars. And sound 'll admit it has touched alot better in a demo room in a Bose tent, BUT is still worlds on and further the majority (all any-bose) out of some systems of boxes. Some complain roughly Bose having action of poor big row and his quality of his global, but has been always the defender of his speakers and has listened more expensive setups and has gone back still to Bose. To the each one so it is suitable, when it comes to the yours aural preference, and prefers Bose like this this was the no brainer. It is true surrounds, but is darn near!
5 / 5 Alexia
Has purchased it Bose 321 for the mine gives a lot of years. Has-liked me an idea of only having two speakers and the form of basses in the quite small space. A Bose has done well touching Dvd and TV, a last when being it Directv auricular street some links of optical digital audio. Has there is has not had subjects with same overheating although a unit is in the enclosed cupboard with small ventilation.

Have the number of THX Dvd and when it runs a program of test a 321 will produce audio well but when trying rear speakers a sound so only goes back according to which a side. This is not like this as well as he 5 system of canal but for real the use is WELL. I think that that it is that it impresses two speakers treat well enough to mimic the speaker of centre and speakers lateralmente.

Has bought recently a Clave of Fire of the Amazon and the audio touched by means of Emerson 39 TV of speakers of thumb in surrounding way. Emerson has the headphone jack and has decided to try outputting his by means of a 321 street he headphone to RCA boss of adapter. Some results were excellent. One 321 has the much bigger soundstage and better bass that a TV.

In general thinks this the fine system for the small room. Bose No longer sells one 321 but still have three systems of speaker that thinks very the try.
4 / 5 Kevin
Go to maintain this relatively simple and so only cut to some facts of my own personal experience with this system.

A sound is surprising in my paving. Still although it is not 'true' surround his, clearly can listen the things that come from a sinister space and rear right in mine living room. Control out of a intro has bitten to 'Tenacious D east One Chooses of Destiny' for the example adds of the like this system can do in of the considerations for the surround effect.

Has has not had never any questions that touch any disks in this sytem with his considerations that read some disks they. Dvd, DVD-Rs, DVD-AUDIO, and CDs has all touched without the hitch. IPOD of mine he also the sound adds to touch by means of this system.

Has had the time of pair where a tray of the disk would not open reason my edges there has been gunked on a playable side of the DVD with sticky fingerprints, but the SOLUTION Is GIVEN in the MANUAL of PRODUCT HE to rectify such the situation. It takes everything of two seconds to 'fix,' and this has not been Bose' fault at all.

A quality of picture is like this groovy so that it has very seen in the model of big final. Personally, it does not possess a HD TV, as it does not concern me on a hookups regarding that. It looks stellar in the regulate def near. Ossia All requires it to do in of the considerations to this.

Does not concern Me that it does not have the headphone jack. I have bought this thing to fully listen and the experience roughly sweats to add. It has taken that have paid stops. When I have had the house, has had the plenary 5.1 system with some speakers wired behind me and everywhere more. Supposition that? Still it prefers this sytem.

Have my television place in the console of entertainment regulates that it has taken in IKEA. Some two main speakers have chair in front of the speakers of a TV (I has some speakers of enclosed TV was). It is perfect selection to my ears and resupplies all some effects perfectly, without requiring finds it esweet something' in mine living room to seat in or any of this hoo-has. I have been surprised in the sound of this same player while when being in an adjoining cookery and in the perpendicular corner.

Ossia The compraventa of the scarce big end where has has not felt never bad roughly doing the monthly payment. It is all expected it would be and then some. Hardcore audiophiles Is going the flu in technicalities the box is blue in a face. This system is obviously any for them. And for a reviewers saying you can take the 39 dollar DVD PLAYER ossia like this well, says that you are full of him. I have had it numnber of those, and yeah, touch Dvd so only well, but does not offer an experience of exceptional audio like this system.

To finalise, would like me say that a setup was the snap, and was able to easily integrate mine Tivo and console of video game without questions a lot. Bose Has done the product adds here, period.
4 / 5 Anderson
I have read some descriptions but has bought one of these in all the chance after a type in a tent ensured a lot the subjects with a player of DVD had been fixed. WRONG. Dvd Takes stuck all a time. Probably we give on on looking an out of the each one three film been due to a sheer frustration. Basically it goes it it has taken: everything is a lot until in some random (usually crucial) part of a film a picture prenderá . Any of some keys in some far will do. Has 3 elections:

(the) Attended. Sometimes it will begin again for him, but usually so only for the pocolos like this first for again;
(ii) Remarks a chapter was until, eject a disk, turn of a power, gone back he on again, reinstall a disk, find a chapter and first of fast to a scene was in. It does not seat behind down this in spite of reason 95 of a time will spend again inner 5 minutes; or
(iii) Remarks a chapter was until, eject a disk, turn of a power, dipped a disk in the laptop and the look that uses auricular (nb. He no there is more than a spectator).

Has read some descriptions and is not fooled: when it comes to touch Dvd this element is inferior in any $ 30 player can buy in the canal of service. If calm worry you roughly Dvd will have to that buy the player of SEPARATE DVD as well as this element.

Another that Dvd uses this to touch music by means of a Ipod or portable. A sound is quite good. This in spite of, the partner has bought so only the blue-player of ray with a ipod the cradle built in (that that can be controlled invernadero some far and playlists has seen on screen) and 5 wireless speakers for $ 500. It touches in the million times better.

This element would be perfect alive in the small paving, does not look Dvd and listen to a radio the plot or still game CDs. Otherwise Can take something two good times arrests the averages of the money.
5 / 5 Arvilla
Has possessed this system partorisca to the long of the year and extracted like this expected. Reason all some negative critics? I have possessed full-soufflé 5.1 Systems that has not treated as well as one 321. There are few sounds of some behind but mine 5.1 systems have not had the sound that comes from/comes from a backside neither. I do not see a big shot that considers 5.1; I think that that it is all the marketing hype. With pertinent adjustment 321 dips was abundance of solid bass and exceptionally clear dialogue; the utmost sounds with music. Extremely wide soundstage. An excellent product - any remorse.

Update 2011 - the sounds Fermi utmost with which five years!

Update 2013 - Still that goes strong. It has not had Never the question with a built-in DVD.
4 / 5 Shon
Has read some other descriptions here and has thought would add my experience to a mix.
Has not purchased my BOSE 321 GS Serious II SYSTEM by means of Amazon, but has purchased he for $ 999 by means of a BOSE television Informercial.

Has chosen that subject because they have divided my payments to 12months. I also the free nave that takes, has taken a 30day tries free, and has taken the free turn that the ships have paid partorisca for Bose. As I have thought, reason any to give tries it?

Does not have boss, TIVO, or any one signs/of TV of boss, as my neighbour on has not been complex, another that mine in existent VCR and DVD PLAYER. This in spite of has the new mark Samsung 42' Plasma. Has thinks that has deserved some quality of his very - no that never has bought anytype of crew of theatre of the house.

My BOSE has arrived inside the few days well to the mine doorstep. I unpacked All and has followed some easy directions and expósitas that one of my ports of the audio in my TV was taken already up for other discharges. I have called BOSE and a cusomer the type of service was súper useful. I said to puchase the boss of half comunicacionales of the component, which would do better that a boss BOSE has distributed. I said a lot to spend more than $ 15 cuz would not buy any one better of the experience of sound. As I have found one in Aim for $ 7.

Although they are the engineer of the his for alive music, does not spend any one money in instruments of house. I think that that this system is quite well, but does not have the plot to compare he with. It is for this that gave it the 4 out of 5.

Is pricey, and am not sure the one who bondadoso of the quality of sound could purchase for $ 999. I have bought also a guarantee.

I use my system all a time.
I house of use has done CD is in him, Netflix CD is, a radio. I remark that a the-grave of final decibles is excellent. In fact, I am taken often was the guard that listens to the ads for me listen all some bass rumblings. In fact, mine tries DVD CAREER was SpiderMan III. While it looked, it has dipped the spoonful of cereal in my mouth when one special FX kicked in, has jumped, spills it cereal and tins throughout I. It was quite pleasant.

Has not had any one questions with a tray of CD or with overheating, as some of another report of descriptions. To a contrary, if I have had, BOSE would have substituted it immediately. Some discharge is this in spite of any one drawn with a snuggest access, as informed by another reviewer. The mine is not exited never or fallen free, this in spite of.

Seriously, I really like my system, but the marvel yes could take something comparable for the better prize.

Seats a lot of consulate for a BOSE has guaranteeed, and so that it thinks that will be to maintain my system ( has has had he for 3 weeks now).
5 / 5 Clarence
BOSE Is so only the name more. They are trace in the reputation has has built decades. It was compraventa hard for compact it 2.1 system and with which side-for-comparisons lateralmente, has finalised to buy the Klipsch CS-700. A Klipsch CS-700 swipes BOSE was in every aspect . This system is in one joins totally different for a same prize like BOSE. Bose Touches like this tinny and normal in comparison. A Klipsch CS-700 far is fully compatible with Logitech the far harmony also. Has headphone connections also (BOSE 3-2-1 no!).

In of the terms of setup, both are quite sincere. This in spite of, CS-700 with his wireless subwoofer connection, gives the flexibility adds to situate a subwoofer in a 'ideal' location in a room.

Like this first soplos your money in BOSE, control out of a CS-700. You would be happy has done. An only surprise for me was that Klipsch is announced hardly or has spoken roughly when compared the BOSE.
5 / 5 Kristeen
Down is my experience with this product after possessing he for 2 weeks.



1. His amazing especially when looking DVD FILM

2. A lot good progessive scanner DVD quality of picture

3. Simple, compact and all-in-a creation

4. The far control can do with the diverse TV is, boxes of Boss and VCR

5. It can touch both NTSC and DVD of MATE



1. Cher

2. Any HDMI start

3. No-intuative far control

4. Any headphone jack

In general, I amour and has chosen a Bose 321 because of a quality of his and compact creation. It has taken this system because I have wanted to compact it all-in-a centre of the half comunicacionales and has not been interested to take the HTIB with 5 speakers. It looked in Denon (2 produced), Sony and Samsung.

I use this in mine 23' Samsung LCD television that bosses of uses of video of component of Monster and while it would have preferred to take advatange of the his HDMI capabilties, a reality is that I am a lot happy with this quality of image. To to Film likes him to him the gentleman of some Coverages, A Matrix and look of Hero and touch fantastic. Previously to this looked in a Sony DAV-X1 which is much more economic and more characteristic-rich. This in spite of some inner confusions among his electronic of the consumer and the half comunicacionales divides to convince me this no for me. For example, my MATE Dvd can not be touched in a Sony while in a Bose was any question . They are of an opinion that Sony is the directionless the company and this is to reflect in his products.

To be just to require to have a right class of room to explode his TrueSpace 2.1 surrounds characteristic of sound. My couch is up against a wall with a centre of means comunicacionales has located 12 ft in front of me. According to Bose some speakers ideally would owe that be 3 feet out of a TV. Sometimes TrueSpace works and sometimes can does not listen. I think that that ossia true among all some other competitors in this line of phase and that neither one underlines at the head of another. If it surrounds the sound is really that of yours entity, calm then would owe that take the 5.1 system. These produced is perfect for the small room to the equal that explodes some echos of a room where can feign it the 3D sound and probably not being ideal for the measure familiarised rec-room.

A quality of audio of CD of the music is is a lot good and while I wish this there has been an iPod port as found in a Denon, am a lot of the contained that it use a To the port.
4 / 5 Bert
After jumping on and then of the wagon of band of this system roughly 40 times a last month, my woman and I finally decided to take this system. When I have decided that that was to break finally down and take some speakers, causes one some in my TV am exited, originally has seen this system in the infomercial and has fallen enamoured with him, so only because of this simplicity . After reading some on-line descriptions, has to admit that it was leery roughly the, of then he no really resplandor to some people. But after visiting the factory stores this last weekend in Vega and taking to listen this system, has @to @give so that it is, is exceptional.

First of all, is loving full 5.1 or 7.1 system, does not buy this. If you want to run some bosses to take of the true surround his, this system is not that it is looking for. It knows that it is buying people.

But yes is looking for a pertinent solution to better touching TV, the games and The DVD is, then ossia a system for you. These few speakers and subwoofer is able to bounce his out of walling to do to the chair likes is surrounded in of sound. Has the big living room was this is to dip on, and the law adds. In the 15 X 25 room with vaulted ceilings, the still sound adds. We look the Impossible mission II like our first period fill the film and he there is rid likes was was in the theatre. In the Then dipped in a glorious dad of tests for me. Jurassic Parco. A T-Rex the scene was clear and strong and scary like this never.

Has on dipped was really easy also. I took roughly 2 hours, but this was reason was really careful to maintain my cords organised and also when being really lazy for not pulling a TV out of a wall. A DVD until careers well with my Direct TV and Xbox. I can not expect upload on the game and see like a sound is in that. As the one who seeing of regular TV, look a Grammy is last night, and could listen to a noise of crowd likes was around you, any one only going in you.

In general, this unit is point and averts. So that it is, it is it adds. True, is not one same like the true surrounds system of the his, but does not think alleges to be. We buy this system like the judge of start, cause when we build the new house goes to run a boss of speaker to do the true system and his movement this one to the ours fourth master for future use.

Uses this with the TV of 10 years also, and is like a TV is new mark . We plan on adding to 46 flat screen in the near future, as so only can imagine an experience will improve.

My recommendation, take these descriptions (same mine) with the grain of rooms. It tries to find the tent of the factory where can go you and listen them in person, then come here to buy want to . Also they have utmost deals in refurbished systems, which spend a same guarantee that some the new systems do. You can save 300 bucks just to buy one that any one returned reason did not like and take of a same guarantee.
4 / 5 Christin
Ossia One of some the majority of faces of compraventa electronic has not done never but has be worth it!!! I do not know reasons so many people are having questions. I have received the update of software last state that has repaired the odd glitch with a far controlling mine TIVO/DIRECTV auricular, but ossia. Bose Is a lot of gain in a telephone. This system beats any 5-6 system of the speaker has not possessed never but does not recommend he for the big room reason owe that depend in some speakers that bounces of some wall of then there is no rears. I do not know reasons so many people say it will not touch his disks. Games of mine everyting of Dvd to CDRs and still bootleg Dvd!!! Perhaps they would owe that called Bose and take a free software upgrade. Here it is the consultor of has bitten first to purchase anything this expensive: it goes to the Bose Outlet Tent, More Buy or Sears and listen his before calm buy it! I have bought mine in November of 2004 for roughly of Better Buy when it was still new, and now has fallen almost the averages in prizes in almost 2 years. Shame on you Bose.
4 / 5 Selma
Has had the 3-2-1 system for several years and yes, is not the 5.1 system (to the equal that could be he - the physics no like this). It is the simple 2 system of speaker that does ready synchronising paralizaciones to trick calm to think is something more. Spent this reason: 1. It is simple; 2. It touches quite good; 3. It looks well; 4. Your house is not cluttered with bosses and of the speakers; 5. Calm is not 21 and is obsessed with quality of his on each one another consideration; 6. Bose Will look calm in some advances of years goes bad. Example: I have bought my system he probably done 5 years. 2 years more have had late the strike of lightning and still with an expensive (= Monster) can arises adapter a poor system would turn on but any one is exited any sound. I send a sub-woofer backside and for $ 48 (I think) reparation and send it behind. But a system still does not operate. I forget it and leave he in the box.

This week (3 years later), has another reason to call Bose (headphone reparation) and mention this. They say, it sends everything behind and will repair / to substitute he - and attended - free of load.

Like this moral of a history is, could pay more paralización Bose, but will treat you much better that Sony / Yamaha / etc / Tent of Big Box.

That says - have the experience of client adds and calm say all your friends....

Bose Does not have a quality of his better (his well, but no a better), but like the client are a lot happy. I so only desire Apple would learn they (but thats another history).
5 / 5 Lyda
Has wanted to surround it system of the his for mine 1 paving of chamber, but, has not wanted to have bosses cluttering on a paving. Has allways has liked him a sound of Bose the speakers in that has used his of then behind in a 70 east.

I orriginally was to go with one 3-2-1 system of the base but I have listened to his side for side and has gone with a GS II.

After the together simple has inserted on a demo DVD CD this is coming with a system. It was blown totally was. Good bass, and although at all really can substitute 5.1 for his placing, has had sounds that could say was definetally in advance of pertinent centre, and for behind right and has left.

A system is not economic, but I feal take which pays stops.
4 / 5 Giuseppe
Has think that the mine was the lemon of a start but of another reveiws sees are not so only. I sent it behind for reparations a first year. (A piece of inards is exited with the dvd when I ejected he) has questions of first order that reads disks of any class. At present it will not touch DVD is at all. Now I have the $ 30 player for that. He a bit those that months a volume is start. Now it touches everything in 60 or 70 volume where 30 used to be strong. No like this bad excepts that each one once in the while @it gives where would be necessary to be it and explosions for the second or two. Frights of the calm-know-that out of all the world-wide especially a dog! The question he late the plus is one of some speakers (or wiring) is in a fritz. Constantly you go in and era. I mention that some rays that control some bosses to a backside of a amp has lost his interior of ray of the edge of a amp inner the year. Paper of dollar of weight of good thousand...
4 / 5 Jerrica
I am writing this description with an intention partorisca save any one the disappointment and the money have squandered potentially spent in this system of horrible entertainment. I have bought this system has based on two criteria: Bose reputation (HYPED) and a compactness of a measure of speakers. I owe that admit that a system looked near good and has ordered on, but this was roughly that. They are not Never able state to use a player of DVD partorisca look any film entirely at all and the majority of a time has refused to even reading a DVD, originally registered or no. When it Operates, a sound would take all messed on with which roughly twenty or like this small partorisca touch (music or film); then it would owe that go down a volume to the really low level so that one static would be tolerable. I have bought the $ 25 DVD player that has had any question that touches all a Dvd that a Bose the system has refused. Still I can not think that a BOSE the company would dip out of the system that would treat like this bad consistently and any to issue the take or still to direct some questions for his clients. Personally, this was a hard Anything will purchase of BOSE. For any the one who is debating on purchasing this system, your self the favour, bed and more law some descriptions for him ... Calm will save you the substantial quantity of money and disappointment.
5 / 5 Sheron
Has possessed several BOSE speakers and headphones has bought like this this one in Sam is and complained it never of then. Now I am trying finds the together of small speakers to substitute my buzzing some but I have not been never satisfied with anything in this system, does not deserve to have a BOSE the name has fixed his. Hard to find anything concealed will adapt to a acoustimass, probably wind on that has to that hardwire speakers to some discharges-in. It can not take answered of BOSE with which two days, can not find any speakers of on-line substitution
5 / 5 Natosha
Bose is like the restaurant of gourmet - small tasty portions but hefty seal of prize. If it wants to have your stomach has fill, has to pay the plot!

Some speakers have had selection of his and was clear, but this was roughly that. Had almost very characteristic with which concealed. To take more characteristic, have to pays fold a prize for one of some systems of Lifestyle of level of entrance!

Has not been to surround his like this alleged that. My sense of the woman has touched thin; although has thinks that that a sound was clear.

Gone back to a tent and has bought the Sony Bravia HDX 501 instead (for half a prize of this Bose), which are very happy with.
4 / 5 Myrta
12/28/2006: Experience on 12/26/2006, has used a system with four DVD is without questions. A clarity of his east amazing. I can listen some voices in the each DVD now, clearly in mine 16'Hx20'Wx30'L living room. I have had the Sony surrounds system of the his this has had to be 'cranked arrive' the max only to listen some of a background dialogue in of the films, because of the mine big living room. One the majority of amazing characteristic is a system low profile. A 'cashier of grave' controls an amplifier and is situated out of view. Like the result, one 'unit of control' is smaller and taken on less space in your cupboard of audio.

Remarce: Ossia A current description , as I find the questions will be
has informed of chronological order.
5 / 5 Melonie
Has bought this system to finalise of the master chamber estratar of adult' and has looked for to be an excellent election.

Of ours adolescent and his friends there is taken on a room familiarised, instrumented with 5-the speaker surrounds, my husband and I have loved the calm place to enjoy theatre to house so only. Our chamber has taken to redo it that comprises the TV of flat screen and a Bose 321 GS Serious II SYSTEM of sound. A sound has been I adds and extracted in home a way has done in a tent -- although we regulate some bases on the small to adapt our preference.

A measure and styling of a Bose 321 GS Serious II has not beaten can be when looking for the system to return in with the fourth decor -- an idea of some big black boxes of the system of 5 speakers that hangs around a room was less than appealing. To to The My husband particularly likes him one ARE/FM OF auricular/DVD CD player combo. Fewer bosses to run and the profile the compact plus.

These looks of system and extracted like this announced and has fulfilled our needs wonderfully. It recommends.
5 / 5 Maryjo
Has taken this unit he roughly done 3 month. I paired he with to 42inch LG Scarlet LCD and Asus Or!Game HD2. I dipped it/ I dipped It up in the room ossia 11feet for 16feet.

A result is awesome.

Utilisation a BOSE for a sound and one Or!Game HD2 for a visuals.

A combination so only does perfectly.

Does not use likes the player of DVD of then has some limitations of region.

Prefers to use it to pipe out of an audio that the fact like this well.

A sound is rich and clear.

I dialogues are crisp was in low volume.

Some bass is perfectly toned in big and low volume.

I the plot to research before shabby.

Has researched this product and looked some on 3 first weeks to decide in favour of a bose 321.

Has to that any to leave me down.

Has had initially some question with a sound that disappears.

Has taken a unit the Bose, fixed that and rid that behind mine in 3 paving of days.

I results have not used a source to be able to corrected.

Has selected of a source to be able to corrected and has not had any subjects at all.
5 / 5 Cherry
Has bought this system for a factor of compact form and his well. In home, a sound is pertinent but does not add . A measure is well. And for some premiers 5 months, an action was a lot. I have read a lot of descriptions in questions with this system that clash and counted lucky that has not taken one of these 'lemons.'

Well, Thinks again. In some last 4 weeks, a system has begun to clash repeatedly. Long, I can not take eject my DVD without restarting >10 times. Long, listen a DVD that turns included when a system is supposition to be was. Some people say can not touch 1/5 Dvdes. Well, it is more like 80 of my Dvd! I dipped him in mine another system and touch perfectly. This system there is ruined my perception of Bose - poor quality with horrible support ( waste to fix this fatal question). I will not buy never of them again - and it would not recommend never this system to any one. It believes some bad descriptions - does not squander your money.
4 / 5 Adelaida
Has bought this system in a Bose tend partorisca $ . More than the year later, a system has begun to have the @@subject that law a CD and DVD. Very thick, does not recognise mp3 cd. When This raisin, has to unlug a cord of power the reset he, otherwise a dvd the player no with any CD/DVD. I have tried to do something roughly the, but Bose only guarantee he for a year. A sound is well, but a unit is really any one value a prize. They are really disappointed in Bose. I have read other descriptions, but no really cured until I possess one. It was the bad deception buying this Bose system.
4 / 5 Camilla
Looks all some the negative critiques was exagerated until it has bought them one... Now it has them @to @give an importance of these descriptions coz im one of a victim that is spent the dollar of thousand that there is not ridding that im while paralizaciones. In a half to look film (BOSE) he so only prendido and has finalised to use my APEX dvd player ($ 30) that do a conclusion of my satisfaction. A sound is a lot when it is necessary clash and some the violent action that spends another that that everything is so only well. I have compared this to the theatre of house of my partner (Energy rc-micro 5.1) has taken for $ 399 and is far better. They are no longer the BOSE his fanatics. There is the plot of his economic and better plus today. Buying these products so only is buying the name. Hope This will help in yours compraventa.
5 / 5 Gus
After spending 4 weeks that fixes of investigation of theatre of wireless house. Have @@give That they are not really wireless. The ones of way that finally has found it this Bose 321 GS II SYSTEM. I have been my local electronic tent to listen to a sound and I has been blown was. A prize is not economic but calm really volume that stops of has paid. A quality of his excellent east. I can not believe ossia so only two speakers and the subwoofer. Now I am included able to listen to my program of regular TV surrounds sound. A setup the process is easy to take you has begun. All precise is comprised in a box. A universal far control are adds. Now so only I am using a for my TV, VCR, and box of Boss. If you want to take full goodness of this BOSE the system then could wants to think roughly buying extra bosses that is everything describes in a setup CD.
4 / 5 Edda
I have bought this system partorisca my fourth partorisca improve his that is to be produce for some few speakers have built to a TV. It has looked for the system that has offered quality of his well, the player of DVD and would resupply partorisca the surround the experience that use the minimum quantity of spatial. Has has not loved speakers in backsides of then was quite hard to take my woman to agree to dipped any speakers at all in a chamber. Ossia The system a lot compact that offered his add so that it sees. Also I have the theatre to house soufflé full together-up in my room familiarised that cost a lot of thousands of dollars and resupplies included his best that the theatre of film. A Bose is not that class of system and does not feign to be. It is an excellent system with two small speakers and the sub-woofer that so only has the dvd/cd player to be able to him. It would buy it again.
5 / 5 Ben
This bose 321GSii are adds for his simplicity and beauty. A player of means comunicacionales is well. I have tried alot of dvd types. While your computer (real player in PC or portable) can read a dvd, this bose can will read it so only well.

In a true surround his, sounds of projects of the chair around my small room a lot well. It is not fool with a commercial demo disk of bestbuy or city of circuit. You will be dissapointed for some premiers few days because a sound takes the regular films will not be that good.

He an excellent work on music and good work in of the films. I connect Sony HD auricular to this bose, has taken the sound of television a lot that fill a room and of any one listens to a speaker of the mine television anymore :)

thinks some bases is not quite strong, but after augmenting a base until 5 to 8 points. I seat it is well.

If the the small room, and of the one who love boss everywhere. This system is perfect. I owe that admit that this system does not produce to effect of his well likes having the good 5 system of speaker. And this small bose the speakers can not beat speakers to turn obviously. But when that pause in a sound in term of measure of speaker and beauty, so only is in amazing.
5 / 5 Aurelia
Easy Dips On, Crisp his clear works, Attractive , Far with all mine other components that do operation of the mine together integer on very easy to control, speakers of the really extracted gemstone! Like this far no in that has any question that DVD of touch is or CD is in spite of some descriptions other clients. A subject only is not true surrounds his so it can experience with some 5 systems of speakers but still A lot considering this is so only 2 speakers and a form of basses. I have read also it revises that some lacks of his midrange but according to which my ear can say a spectre of his sufficient east. Has this hooked until reflects it in the quite tightened living room and a system rids the experience of the his rich!
4 / 5 Shad
I in the first place beginning to look to a Bose 321 system done 3 years; this in spite of, have read once some was it of far descriptions. I have bought instead a Onkyo system of theatre of the house and was quite happy with him.

First of fast 3 years and mine Onkyo no longer done properly. So much, I have begun to look around and there is of then Bose has done the second generation 321 system. Still although it is in plot more than comparable 2:1 systems, has read the better descriptions for him have like this decided for the take.

Has to that say that has a lot of be happy with some Serious II 321 system. A sound is incredible and is in better plot that my leading Onkyo. I have had this for the month and am a lot, very satisfied with him. Quite honradamente, am not sure reason has any negative critiques with this product.

In all the chance, if has any concealed is in a fence with taking is, the take and calm will not be disappointed. It acclaims.
4 / 5 Tashina
A sound is really good. It is definately BOSE quality in this department. An only question is, if it will not touch your DVD is or the music then there is at all to listen anyways. We have had all some same questions with a player of DVD not reading disks, turning of partway by means of and last night look the film and this morning a system a lot included turns on. We have had this one has repaired once and now is broken again. To good sure too big of the prize for something concealed does not go to do. If you are dipped on taking the BOSE system, would take an only for some speakers and then take it seperate player of DVD and CD PLAYER to in fact yours course mean comunicacionales was. We will be to substitute our system with something more and would take to plot to convince to buy it BOSE again.
5 / 5 Elsie
Has possessed one 3-2-1 system for 1 yr, 1 month and 1 week. A player of DVD has had to be substituted with which 6 month of occasional use. Last week has failed to operate again, 6 weeks out of guarantee. Also, any one the audio of a boss/has seated to dip ! An audio of speakers of mine of television of the plasma is equally like this impressive in mine BIG living room. One ARE/FM gives the reception of poor quality has compared to the simple cookery are/fm under a cupboard! PLAYER of DVD is not expensive. I have been impressed by a demo in a tent, with the Bose DVD- in home left cold. Like this PT Barnum has said, ' there is one been born each minute' Be ready and avert this product and tent for the decent dvd/fixes of sound.
4 / 5 Amada
Have two of these systems. One in livingroom and one in basement. Both of this have a same dvd is the nightmare. His so much freezing. I have had one has repaired, but am not squandering more money with BOSE. They touch really well when they do. A company is not that it holds for these units and the mine says is done in Messico. Another company that does tonnes of the money and that have paid at all for economic $ 30 Colby of Walmart is way more than confidence.
4 / 5 Long
This in spite of doing,the so only a lot will buy them bose again?One $ 1000 24 years still touching...
5 / 5 Eladia
Buys this with an intention to the look does not buy it . A portion of DVD is horrible quality . It closes on CONSTANTLY! Our 10+ years-old Toshiba the player of DVD is more dependable that this. If it thinks that that you are taking quality with a Bose name, the forget! BTW, Buy your stands of speaker in Walmart for $ 40. Bose Would owe that give all the world-wide his money behind and to STOP that sells this element. It closes up and overheats, and suspect a heat is destroying our Dvd. It has dipped in the disk in a morning to start with my day out of legislation with Yoga, and arrivals to bellow and fallido reasons want to launch a player out of a window. So much for my moment of Zen! Rubbishes of knots-has chosen the Samsung and is add, so better that a Bose. You will be disappointed with this element!
4 / 5 Marge
Has purchased Bose 123 GS speakers partly been due to a hype in Bose produced. Some speakers do not do and a company is not for behind his product. Page 55 of some be manual if some court of speakers was to unplug a acoustimas form for a minute and discharges behind in. This spends constantly and is looking the TV will owe that do this long. I have called a company two times and has been said this was one the fault of companies of the boss . I have had a company of same boss for twenty years and of the numerous classes of speakers and has not had never this question before. Bose Knows in this question because has in his manual of instruction. They are out of $ 1000 and I will not buy never another Bose has produced.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5 Portia
Arrived punctual. Looks partorisca be in better condition that my speakers partorisca exist. (I has had to that substitute a reason some boys have fallen one of a loft.) Plugged He in and the work adds. Only quibble is that a coverage on some ports of boss of the lack of speaker, but now that look in these on-line pictures, is feigned already be missing, as I can not complain that I have not known.
4 / 5 Venita
Has required the speaker of substitution. So that it has described. It has thought in fact it was in better condition that has described. It would buy again it has to that another regime of speaker.
4 / 5 Violette
Was happy to have these to add to the mine old more Sony fixes. His and exited abonos
4 / 5 Rina
Excellent condition, work well and punctual delivery
Thank you

Top Customer Reviews: Bose AV 28 Media ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 6 ratings
1 / 5 Jefferey
The wine with the DVD bonded inside unable to expel
5 / 5 Elvie
Infact This product is glorious and l does very the remorse that the compraventa.
1 / 5 Mona
He no come with the cape to be able in. He no with my system
5 / 5 Lenore
It produces received in the timely manor. Unboxed A unit and dip the up. The system of his work adds. This in spite of all DVD video are red. No another colour another the red. Vendor of the message sent has not answered never. Paper that is coming with the product has declared would pay partorisca ship and the restocking cost until 50. I guess ossia another lesson of life !!!
1 / 5 Marc
Infact This product is glorious and l does not complain the buying.
5 / 5 Evangeline
There is not coming with the boss partorisca be able to. It has not done with my system

Top Customer Reviews: Bose LifeStyle 650 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5 Florance
Only bose lifestyle 650, where my Bose Soundtouch 10 wifi system of music (pair) ?

Top Customer Reviews: Bose(R) 321 GS ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 53 ratings
4 / 5
The nave has taken the while. Vendor emailed to inform it was because of situation of recent time in his zone...But this was afterwards I routed a surgery quite the. Has the few reverses with posing this up but the partner with the similar system there has been parts and was able to the help was. This no in perfect condition but to well sure attach for prize.
My main complaint is that a whole system reeks of the cigarette and I are not the smoker. Has had to he with the special solution and the left air have been for the while.
Has contacted vendor in my worries and was very hurriedly to rectify a situation.

Opens is enjoying nights to film very better so that a base is just awesome!
4 / 5
I have purchased a GS 3-2-1 for my fourth and has enjoyed the thoroughly. It was very better avenges like the blu-player of the ray but a sound are incredible and the hook up is very easy. There is the problem with a cd/dvd player and contacted Bose corp. And hurriedly issue me another player in just the subject of 4 days. One instruments of service of the client in Bose is also very cosy and useful.
5 / 5
I have wanted especially this system so that has all that has required. Alas Bose no these anymore.
A vendor has mentioned used but in the good condition and this was. All perfect and all the elements were safely ensured and packed.
1 / 5
The May thought It that his would take or! These systems are utmost. Bose Has required to take them behind.
5 / 5
Recieved With some part to lose. Taken any missing Parthian next day, this was excellent service . A far has not done or take the picture. They have substituted some far and centre of the half comunicacionales but have not done. Routed The back and while for the repayment.
Has bought one in BestBuy and work well.
5 / 5
I have bought a system for my husband and he look for to be pleased with him.
4 / 5
The good sounds but does not have a manual with him.
1 / 5
The nave has taken the moment. Vendor emailed partorisca inform it has been due to situation of recent time in his this was with which have sent a surgery roughly that. I have had the pocolos reverses with dipping this on but the partner with the system looked there has been parts and was able to help me was. This no in the perfect condition but I to good sure adds for prize.
My main complaint is that a whole system reeks of the cigarette and are not the smoker. I have had to that clean he with the special solution and sinister air out of moment.
Has contacted vendor in my worries and was a lot quickly to rectify a situation.

Now am enjoying nights to film very better reasons a base is just awesome!
4 / 5
There is wanted especially this system because has all that has required. Unfortunately Bose no these anymore.
A vendor has mentioned used but in good been and that it was. All perfect and all the elements were without accidents ensured and has packed.
4 / 5
Has purchased a GS 3-2-1 for my fourth and enjoyed it thoroughly. It was very better avenges like the blue-player of the ray but a sound is incredible and the hook up is very easy. I have had the question with a cd/dvd player and contacted Bose corp. And quickly we send me another player in just the subject of 4 days. One instruments of service of the client in Bose is also very friendly and useful.
4 / 5
Has not thought Never would take one! These systems are utmost. Bose Need to spend them behind.
5 / 5
Recieved With some separates to lose. Taken some parts disappeared next day, this was excellent service . A far has not done or take the picture. They have substituted some far and centre of the half comunicacionales but have not done. Sent the backside and while to the repayment.
Has bought one in BestBuy and work well.
5 / 5
Has bought a system for my husband and look for be pleased with him.
4 / 5
Orderly unit, so only the averages has been rid, has had to that send behind and solve for less than the unit, but am satisfied with him
5 / 5
has bought also this system mainly for a Bose name and quality, sound very better and deeper in a tent, was easy to hook on and has been at the beginning impressed for an ease of use and his, but has begun then questions of experience with a unit that slope of freezings of the films. An only way of the take to touch again is to unplug a unit of a wall and esbota' and then spend 10 minutes that tries to go back to a place has to that the left was. After reading other descriptions in a 321 system, sees that ossia the common question . Freezing on some films and at all in another, no any sense anything. I also own films in my collection of DVD that waste to touch at all, but will touch well in my Pioneer of 8 DVD of SYSTEM of years. I am not satisfied with this system at all and the consider the on priced way for action and craftsmanship. I will substitute this unit next year, but is not the Bose. Clave with some speakers of Bose, no an electronics. The lesson has learnt!
4 / 5
I mine taken so only yesterday and touched with him all day. A quality of his east there as I thought it would be! It likes him-me any looks and creation of a system, a far is easy to use and has programmed once all mine other components for a first time I in fact can dip was another remotes of of the east an in fact all some functions in mine television and the box has SEATED that I regularly use.

Will say that I am substituting the Yamaha 5.1 with Bose/JBL speakers everywhere and of course does not take that for behind a movement of the his of the boss but man this thing is very impressive when you look in two few speakers producing a sound.

Has the down the side was any HDMI exited (to the equal that has taken was the star) but volume around that to leave my box has seated plugged in the television with a HDMI boss while it runs a sound by means of a Bose unit. If you are using a book and does not have the plot of experiance in hooking on lack of systems of in clear explanation all the hook on options. I have not looked a DVD has distributed still and this weekend.

Sees some strong complaints in any headphone jack, well so that it has not bought the system as it can listen his in auricular so that it is not a subject @of mine.

Will continue to touch with him and pertinent feedback like the things developed but am very pleased with him like this far.
5 / 5
Am not writing on one touches how is a lot well a question is a player in time he A lot of PLAYER a lot cd do or another cd is and Dvd is included a cleaner of lentil has bought . You think with with his very well can do the player that touches everything, the one who the waste of money
5 / 5
arrival to dip on our new 321 GS Serious II DVD. I concur, a boss jacks loves the fall was - but has bought so only the together better of Radio Shack and has cured that question. Some manual garbled hips - and clearly gives bad the information that considers dipped up for results of better possible video (main to the whacked was video with green heavens, etc. Until I have imagined out of a question). Two of flus of entities - a esystem' key in a far is recessed deep to a face of a far doing it difficult to access (perhaps his this on purpose?). And some Dvdes, which so only well in other players, prenderá in some point during a program and calm take this bogus 'can not read message of disk of error. A portion to shoot of the question of a manual (which is a bit skimpy) suggests a disk is dirty (any, is new mark) or defective (again, no, of some games to film so only well in other players). It does not squander the time that goes to his support of on-line client and sending them an email -

When all is doing correctly, is a awesome system.
5 / 5
My woman has taken this product for me in 2005 with which have gone back of the spiegamento. I owe that say that I love it, the only question has had was with grounding but with the pocola researches was able of the imagine was. Utilisation likes him the system of the his for my half comunicacionales hub this in spite of pound his strong after all this time. A low volume are adds like calm still can listen a crisp his to break glass or explosions in of the films. In general it is the system of the his add for the room of measure of the half.
5 / 5
Has bought this element look it in fact years and like this punctual like the guarantee was on, begins to do up. Freezing on on we constantly, which was a lot of irratating during the film! It can not find the place that would fix it locally, and was reluctant of the ship to Bose for reparations... They are happy has done! His service of client was to add, easy to ship, and took it behind in the week!

So much, a unit gives 3 stars but a service of client gives 5 stars.
4 / 5
My DVD is (old olds and new some) prendería alittle besides half way to a film. Called Bose. His

sent the disk of DVD to upgrade some systems firmware. Upgrading A firmware was easy. But with which a upgrade, ALL CDs and DVD is was flagged for a system like unsupported formed. AS I have dipped a DVD firmware upgrade his mailed me it a system AGAIN. East times a CD is touched and a DVD has touched. I have gone back to touch the CD later and ...Sigh, once again has taken one 'unsupported formed' the opinion and he would not touch . As I have stuck a firmware DVD in AGAIN, ...But this time does not act . As I have opened a tray, and has tried again to start with a music CD, this time that presses

the key of GAME of time of diverse far control in the row, and work. That he finicky piece of crew.

Considering players of the muck of ECONOMIC DVD touches everything, this prójimo 1000 system of dollar is really enough the disappointment. Bose Need to offer it STURDIER substitution for a box that play a Dvd, ....But considering some speakers and a subwoofer, is well. They are in accordance with all the world in a quality of his, his well.
4 / 5
So the desire would have seen these first descriptions to spend so much in this POS. Once one a guarantee of year was on, a far control there is prendido to do. Afterwards it researches further, a far was a lot; you are a sensor GONE inside a system. Spent $ 175 to ship it behind to Bose for them for the fix and in the resupply another guaranteeed of year in a unit. I touch it they are add, but so that pay, a car would owe that it has had a lot of question years release. My Sony has after bought university fact a lot of years still is kicking and was the fraction of a cost. The guess have to that the be be concern when I have seen a Fact in sticker of Messico.
5 / 5
Sad I are not here to the rubbishes speaks this product. I have possessed he for 6 years and has been it workhorse for me. I tired me of all a theatre to House hype and has gone with this simple system and I love it. Qwirks Yes, but I tweeked a sound to return my half and never looked behind. Some say does not touch one same to the equal that in a tent, as it sees to some settings and look some bass and triple easy fixed. I have bought recently he blue-player of ray and connected it and wow once again am impressed with this little system. In the now simple, thank you BOSE. For a way a pictured the system is not a GS (gemstone),GS the speakers are smaller.
5 / 5
While it look for the system of the his decent partorisca our theatre of house. We begin partorisca @give our limitations. 1st, has no clear rear wall partorisca we partorisca locate backside partorisca surround speakers. 2nd, has no crawl space or coverage partorisca run cabling neither has hid partorisca hide unsightly bosses.

These revokes directed if a Bose 321 centre of means comunicacionales. I have found this produces basically for incident and was impressed really with a quality of sound. We choose an on and dip the on immediately.

A system has been quite flawless, the only thing would change physically is a boss that connects a Sub the unit to a centre of means comunicacionales could have been bit it slower in better dress some directions. It requires a unit to be 3 feet of a TV, but has not taken never the consideration that any one could love it on an opposite side of a TV of a centre of means comunicacionales. If this was the level of optical boss or some another form of boss, has been any question . This this in spite of is the propriatary boss that has not seen never first that :shrugs:

has been also having the question that programs my Tivo far to do with this unit. It looks that BOSE there is stuck to a GONE same schematics throughout is history in doing crew of audio. A lot little of his use of headphones ALLER, as they have opted for a plus versitile RF models. This in spite of, his level of far code no with this unit. I have been unable to follow down the working code for my Tivo like this far.

In general I definately reccomend this to any with spatial limitations as well as constructual questions that could join few possibilities for your system of theatre of the house.
5 / 5
Has bought my Bose 321 GS Serious II used of an internet the little on four years. With which almost the year has had to have a CD that uploads reparation of tray, another that that has not had any one other questions with a quality of a system. It touches all a Dvd that has dipped in him, has included some low quality pre-has registered DVD. A sorround the sound is crisp and very realistic, an only small complains that has is that a zone where has an installed system is the big open zone , for this have to that dip a volume in upper row 75-80 to fill a room and experiencew a plenary sorround sound. Included when looking regular TV, prefers to have a system on to enjoy a sound of better quality that that of mine JVC television sorround sound. In general, I enjoy a system, and am very happy with him.
4 / 5
In general has been happy with a sound of this unit in mine living room relatively small.

This in spite of, has very experienced a software quirks has mentioned of other readers. When Touching Dvd, a unit periodically will close on, that requires to hard reset to do again. A system also occasionally takes to the state where a sound has the decayed 'tinny' quality -- this also goes was with the cycle of power of a unit. The defects like this are the bit to disappoint of the relatively mature (edition of as) has produced of to the the name likes Bose.

A tip is that while some ships of system with relatively the cords done of courts to commission to connect a unit to subwoofer and a subwoofer to some speakers, the longest versions of both bosses can be ordered directly of Bose for relatively of nominal cost (one was free and one was less than $ 50 take ).
4 / 5
For some reason, folks speak in 321 with the disdain adds. A fact is that this system are add, only no for all the world.

A consultor of better piece can give first to buy this system is going to your venue Bose tent and taking some joint in planting. I in fact spoken to a to touch install the technologies and he said me to us that one 321 is really so only drawn to resupply well surround action for the small room, as the one of the or office. Our setup is exactly this (-11x13), and I amour like laws there. True, does not take 'true' surround, but in of the small rooms, calm does not have room for much more and 5 speakers goes to be overkill anyways. I recently hooked on my Blue-ray (Sony BDP-S350) to a system and a sound is phenomenal.

With considerations to a 'formed unsupported' commentaries, has found so only that this spends when a DVD is or CD is is sources 'questionable' ( is the one who these is). In my experience has found that a system does not have any question with 95 of CD marries burned is and DVD is.

@In rodeo, ignores some descriptions and some investigation for your account. If I need to surround it system for the small room, calm can any gone bad. If precise perfect surround his, goes elsewhere. Personally, you recommend to speak to
5 / 5
Like this all know, Bose the products are expensive. I will pay an extra quantity reason loves a better possible sound inside the diverse prize as it is not exorbitante.

Bose Has produced that has purchased is a following: the wave radio with a characteristic of CD. Two insiemi of headphones. And surround it system of sound. Besides, a Bose the system in a car has purchased was very instrumental in this compraventa. It say of another way,, has been the loyal and satisfies Bose client.

When I have moved to the condo, has loved to surround it system of the his that it was compact still resupplied one in-his of theatre. Without hesitation, has visited a Bose put web and bed in 321 GS Serious. Fulfil my needs perfectly, and is Bose has produced. Has thinks that has been dipped. Wrong!!

Has possessed this system for the little the year now, and has been relegated to the sound sytem for my another CD and DVD PLAYER. Almost all a CD is and DVD is that I try to touch in the, will not touch . If it buy one taking used to see 'the No Sustained format' by means of a screen. (I hope this does not result Bose new mote) Also, a system of sound will go bad from time to time, and has to that be disconnected and reconnected for the take to treat properly.

This is not the Bose has produced that would recommend. It is terrible. If have have to that he on again to good sure would go in the different direction.

Bose HAS utmost products, but this 'is not ' an of them.
4 / 5
For 4 months, has think that this system was 'well.' The sound is mediocre when calm take it home - not liking in a tent. Be any Ejects key in a far control. I have lived with these smaller questions was although it was necessary has taken more for mine $ 900. Then, I have begun to take Formed Unsupported Errors in the each one DVD I place to a unit. Long, you can no to take them was for 1-2 days. I have it that there is prendido entirely looks Dvd of of the this is now hardwired to my system of theatre of the house. It would like Bose to substitute it, but after reading of some on-line dominant questions, thinks that is better so only any to buy this system at all. It does not take fooled. This system will ruin Bose is already poor reputation for hardware of video - and will squander your money.
4 / 5
When My fiancée and I have moved to the ours new condo, buy a HDTV and HD Boss. We contemplate to take a Bose 321, Sony DAV-X1 and some other options but finally solved in a LG player of DVD. BAD DECEPTION. A thing was terrible and there is prendido finally press his by means of a HDMI boss. Also you love the radio with a cradle of iPod and has asked a wave radio. So only it can not justify spending almost $ 700 for the radio of clock with the basic ipod cradle. As my anniversary is coming to look until substituting a lackluster player of DVD with the system of some type. Of then I can very really run some bosses and a couch is against an opposite wall, 5.1 was out of a question. A battle has finalised to be a Sony DAV-X1 or a Bose 321. I have chosen a Bose for some following reasons...

1. A Bose is much more visually that it appeals that a Sony.

2. A Bose stands of the speaker of the paving was $ 99 like opposed to $ 299 for a Sony

3. Bose Has produced support very good

4. This system could be linked in the future Bose the products that bad can remain he with us for the very long time.

Setup Was the breeze. They are the quite technical person like this this was any @subject for me at all but certainly can appreciate an endeavour taken to do the simple installation for any the one who does not love , cure or comprise in these subjects. Bose Knows his phase of aim loves something pode spent in and he so only works.

Some 321 accesses in mine living room a lot well. Taken on a lot little spatial and compliments entertainment of mine setup. As the one who his, has read all some complaints in Bose, as no free his specs and that it is all the marketing . Mine another half would not have been happy with 3' the paving is speakers of trace , speakerwire that career by means of a paving and big booming tomb. Coming to think of him, to to him some neighbours would not have liked him a bit grave neither.

Are not a audiophile but to some sounds of system likes him owe the very good row to touch this plenary our livingroom and cookery. A DVD/CD PLAYER extracted a lot (very better that my forward). It is not true surrounds the sound but I really did not expect it to be. Ideally This system is the holdover until we move to the place the big plus when I can take the system of Lifestyle and move this one to a chamber or office.

Spent of mine prójima to integrate with a system is a TV of Apple and Logitech to the Harmony Far likes Bose far has not been of able to control my Olevia TV.

My only desire is that one 321 would touch AAC CDs in place of just Mp3. Needless To say, gives it 5 stars. His add without work of some Misses.
4 / 5
Has used a Bose 3-2-1 GS Serious II DVD fixes for on are month now. A unit of DVD is exceptional and has possessed all some starts/of entrances have required to integrate with digital boss HD service and another DVD/VCR (comprising optical in). One surrounds the effect is excellent, although you would owe that be prepared to fiddle with direction of the speaker that the plants yes wish to maximice one surrounds effect of sound. Has the five-the speaker surrounds system in another room, and one 3-2-1 unit comes a lot, a lot of neighbour to approximate his sound (but has not had to locate in a coverage and of the bosses of the series for everything leaves earth to receive an effect with a Bose). It is expensive, but Bose quality, facilitated of the use and the ease of installation justifies a cost in my alcohol.
5 / 5
Near adds on, easy to use and the sounds adds. I bought it used and his closing in shape add are very satisfied with him
5 / 5
has not listened never even of anything this bad. A prime minister one takes has frozen with which 15 minutes of DVD playtime. We spend it to us behind and a tent substituted it immediately, to good sure (perhaps has not been a prime minister). A prójimo a take gone back was spontaneously from time to time, which could live with. Also we could live with a sound of bad TV, a sound of BAD CD, and a bad To the SOUND by means of our computer. After all, it is optimised for DVD, and when we touch modern, tecleados Dvdes, a sound is almost like this well likes demo in a tent. If we can find the way to bypass a system for each another class of entrance of the his, will be in business. (But in the then will require speakers). Perhaps any one can help: lately when we touch ours that touches utmost Dvd, a picture goes to the grainy blue-ish black and white image. Now it is useless for everything, and love our dollars of thousand behind. I expect that we take it to knots, but have the feeling goes to take it esdisco of pair' in a topmast instead. If it calms respects, does not buy this system.
4 / 5
The sound is well and is good to have one all-in-a system. I had it the week now and has discovered two options disappeared: an audio was connection of a centre of means comunicacionales (which is useful partorisca headphone users) and zooming capacities partorisca Dvdes. A BOSE the technical person has said of the 'the engineers were the different street ' when leaving out of the headphone jack. It does not know that street that a a that favour behind to a tent. A puzzling the one who spends is that a SONY and Samsung all-in-some also are missing of an audio was. It has to that have a reason that traces on, but has not been that it is.

BOSE Is the company that is partorisca know partorisca headphone technology, as one could think that that they would begin with the headphone jack and build on here that.
5 / 5
The woman has spent this partorisca me some 10 years does in Sears and there is never last a question with him until recently . Well I looking partorisca buy another class of system , but decided partorisca call a Bose people and never a less Bose has cured of a question with the normal reset . To the left say me all that unless you have listened and has possessed one of these Bose sytems - you so only a lot really believe a flawless sound adds . We have had a Bose in a model sooner Nissan the maxima and this was that it was to join . Like this in 2012 we have spent also the new Nissan Mazima with the new Bose fixes it and we so only love it too much . As you can say that they are the Bose man . M.B.
4 / 5
Am giving this product 3 stars because I use it mainly like the system of the his, has audio channeling to a auxillary ports partorisca boss and PS3. If you are planning to use this like the player of DVD he BE WARNED SUCKS it. It is virtually useless like the player of DVD because he constantly freezing during playback and give you of the messages of error that the can not read some disks. It has been that that has bought of a thing, but felizmente so only uses a Blue Ray in mine PS3 and run a sound by means of a Bose system, and partorisca these laws of purpose fantastically. Mark so only sure has the player of SEPARATE DVD partorisca run by means of one To the PORT in this system of the his, and will be good.
5 / 5
Has bought the mine partorisca mine has to that to all a question still likes him everything of calm does and the majority of all a sound is not well .And they do not give you your money behind the cost has launched Bose ,the witch concealed is alot of money down a drain .They do not concern .All has taken was gone back he partorisca the reparation and I have to that paid partorisca that also .
5 / 5
Has imagined is a better one of then there is BOSE. Well now you do not touch Any DVD is reason says that a FORMAT Is UNSUPPORTED. Had any idea because it says such the thing. Looked on-line, and has of the million other people have had a same question.

Maintaining I clock Dvd by means of my <$ 100 DVD player that does not fail never.

Something wrong with this picture?
4 / 5
The one who junk!!! The mine so only can be used like the radio. Even CD is will not touch on he - freezing and volume the message 'unsupported formed.' I bought it partorisca substitute an excellent Bose system that has lost (together with my house) in Hurricane Katrina and because of all some other questions have had to that contend with leaving this slide. Now I see that more all the world has a same bad experience with this piece of junk.
4 / 5
Expensive and really any value he! When I bought It, sometimes it take a message 'unsupported formed'. We said me to us it was my deception , that I any place in a CDs or Dvd correctly. Now, a message is one same, and does not touch any CD or DVD at all and now say that I have to that pay a reparation! Really it adds ):
4 / 5
This system has developed the question where he suddenly 'Can not Read Disk' in a half of film. An only way to clear a question is to restart a system. Raisin with any new multiple mark any momment during DVD CHEEK. It is ssociated with the sudden increase in walk of disk because it is 'hunting'. Based in commentaries looked for another in a Bose 321 system in this place of web, these looks to be the significant and relatively frequent included the defect to draw.

The quality of audio disappointed too much.

To good sure would not recommend this maintains to look!!!!!
4 / 5
With some of the mine old plus Dvd some freezings of units. In some chances can press first of fast and finally spend this part; this in spite of, in a lot of chance any swipe after this point. There is to good sure other products that his like this well in the fraction of a cost. Any to mention this is not able to touch HD or Blueray Dvd. It thinks two times before shabby. Although I am not deceived, ossia so only able of 480p/480i.
4 / 5
A Bose 321GS fixes it are adds. I have taken he out of a box and setup was a lot of simple. You listen to his add of the mine television any time. A sound are adds of a front. It does really his as if some speakers are behind me. A vendor has shipped a system immediately.
5 / 5
History resembled another, the only mine at least touched Dvd partorisca 18 month b4 some dreads of Format Unsupported begins partorisca look. Now all have is an expensive 3 system of speaker that touch well in the times but another calm time can not listen voice. It is overpriced partorisca begin but has bought to a Bose the name that thinks it would be quality. That the joke. It DOES not BUY THIS PRODUCT, anything more would be any economic plus or more than confidence or both!
4 / 5
Bose Which more have to that say ' has had mine partorisca more then 10 years still perfects ......
4 / 5
I desire there was something less than a stars reason one is too partorisca this battery partorisca crap! Locks up during game, has had dvd has stuck in a car partorisca days and he now done of the such strong noises that is hard to listen a film (when you can find one that the one of the games done). Congratulations Bose partorisca convince me NEVER partorisca buy any of your product partorisca a rest of my life!
5 / 5
Partorisca Some people those who are ready partorisca buy this product; Bose has the big name is world-wide renound, but mine a base of a System is a lot poor. You could to hardly listen a base of music. We have had a onkyo system that cost we roughly $ 200 and a base of that is more satisfiying. A system in the Deep the car is more satisfiying that this like this called ystem Adds.' Like next time when you are thinking in for Bose, Think before wasteful your money in this product.
5 / 5
Has looked 1 DVD in this forward of an on-exposed of leaves of units partorisca do. Now so only it aims random pixels that blinks in of the odd models. Neither it turns of anymore neither. (At least any for a closing randomly closes was on is adapted when it is done blinking pixel)
4 / 5
has bought the year and was a lot then has begun partorisca close up during storing bought Dvd. A tray of OPEN DVD and close for 10 min so only of the take to do again. Been a miser bose follower box this now so only for speakers of them. In $ 900 pensa in you would last. It saves money and for SONY...
5 / 5
Has had our 3-2-1 paralizaciones almost the year and I desire had researched more first of the ours compraventa. A sound in a 3-2-1 are to add but yes calms that wants to look. 'Formed unsupported' or 'can not read disk' will be that it is looking in in place of your film. A system will not touch some Dvdes at all and will touch some a day and no a prójimo. The desire has had has not bought never this system!
5 / 5
Centres Half comunicacionales utmost! A sound is excellent. So that they have had software quirks, control out of this forum and download an ISO to update a firmware in yours 321-I,I-GS,II,II-GS fixes! [...]
5 / 5
A Bose 321 system are adds for the 3 fixes of speaker! A fast delivery for rocks of Amazon!!
5 / 5
Pay $ 1, reason imagine because of a Bose nomination has to that be the product of quality. BIG deception. Today we try to look the film in a dvd player and has taken a 'formed unsupported' message of error. More says that it is opening when it is not . A system is everything of three month. Save your money.

Top Customer Reviews: Bose Solo 10 Series ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
5 / 5 Gretchen
Bought this for my take-of-listening parents. His terrific , full, a lot, very better that a tinny speakers in his Sanyo television. Easy tan to pose up, only some capes that connects of a Bose west in a televisionthat is to say! I have posed in Pandora and can not think that attach some sounds of musician, included has the bass to kick for reggae and funk. NOTE OF ENTITY; So much the month to use it, a Bose west any one when being pas able up. It was it issues of panic. That? $ 300 And it is not doing. Place in the new stack, still not doing . Argh. As I have read a Bose troubleshooting guide and sure enough, says if there is not any sound or can has to reset a system. It unplugs A cord to be able of prender less a minute. It limits a power in beautiful new and listen for a system to emit two tones that confirms has pot. It look. He again. It have to this two times now in some premiers two months, any sure why, but is to disturb it smaller for some phenomenal sounds provides.
5 / 5 Natividad
The flight! Easy to install and the sound is clear!
5 / 5 Ashlyn
A quality to sound his well in that had it very problems with iy
5 / 5 Dawne
If you are looking for a Very better Sound Fence...Bose Only 10 Serious II the system of His east a BETTER!!
This was a more has not bought never! It buys this wants a sound More i Adds
4 / 5 Miyoko
Any instruction the mark comes on when ignite or of a television.
1 / 5 Bobbie
A sound is fantastic. Any subject where the be in a room can enjoy listen in some sounds can produce.
4 / 5 Bella
Bought this partorisca my hard-of-listening parents. His terrific , full, a lot, very better that a tinny speakers in his Sanyo TV. Like this easy to dip on, so only a boss this connects of a Bose speaker to a television–ossia! It has dipped on Pandora and can not think that add some sounds of music, included has the grave to kick partorisca reggae and funk. NOTE Of ENTITY; So much the month partorisca use it, a Bose speaker not being able to on. It has been the way of panic. That? $ 300 And it is not doing. Place in the new battery, still not doing . Argh. As I have read a Bose troubleshooting drives and sure enough, says if there is not any sound or can has to that “reset a system. Unplug A cord partorisca be able to take less a minute. It covers a power in again and listen for a system to emit two tones that confirms has can.” You look. He again. Has has has had to that do this two times now in some premiers two months, any sure reason, but is the smallest annoyance partorisca some phenomenal sounds resupplies.
5 / 5 Catina
A quality of his good sound havent has had a lot of questions with iy
4 / 5 Vesta
is looking for a Very Better Sound So only 10 Serious II FIXES of the his east a BETTER!!
This was one we more have never has bought! Spent this loves a sound More Adds them
5 / 5 Pennie
Any instruction to do comes on when management on or of a TV.
4 / 5 Dione
A sound is fantastic. Any one dreads where feels in a room can enjoy listen to some sounds can produce.
5 / 5 Wes
Any prime minister Bose the product has bought that it does not like
5 / 5 Ashton
has Had to that return of a product. It was a lot disappointed that a sound was no better that a Consent fence of the his at present have.
4 / 5 Roxie
I looks of element was has opened previously. A stock exchange a manual is gone in that was to suppose to be sealed has been opened. One of some stock exchanges of boss was opened also and retaped quite sloppy. Other bosses were loose and that loses a stock exchange has to that have is gone in. In all the very sure chance if this element has been used but has opened to good sure. A description of element has said new but no sure yes was used or no like the accessories and the manual have been found has opened. Possibly the turn
4 / 5 Kaitlin
still are that it learns regarding the use a better sound is very better.
5 / 5 Charlyn
His well. Very better that some speakers in a monitor.
5 / 5 Sonia
A sound is a lot when in fact it turns on.

Has bought the bose reason has Thinks that that they were a lot.

Are in my second 15 only ii, reason a prime minister one has maintained to refuse to turn on until the unplug and discharges he behind in. Now a new one has done so only a same thing!

Has sent a prime minister one has retreated to take repaired and take 4 weeks for them for the fix and the send behind. They have said of at all be bad with him. A question reuccured almost immediately. I called him and it convince him finally to send me the new a.

A new one was a lot of paralizaciones the week and guess that? So only it require unplugged and plugged behind in to turn on. They are on that! I will call him a time of plus and if his of the that gives me the repayment the probably dips has been in my tent and take something BETTER and more ECONOMIC for a house.

So only reason is Bose does not mean is well.
4 / 5 Lizabeth
An included RCA jacks is of low quality. An optical boss is comprised but a lot all TVs the optical support, quite Coax audio.

An audio is ridiculously tinny. There is do not control manuals in a box and calm have any idea the one who your settings of audio are in. A key of basses is the joke of then has any one. The instructions have bed any to have your TV the base hangs in a bar.

Thinks that ossia a worse product Bose has not done never. They are known for innovation and packing has beaten the tiny boxes. It is returned and likes to take has been, never buy the soundbar without the subwoofer and control manual. If your far or calm dysfunctions the pardon, your bar is useless. Besides, you want manual controls as well as controls in some far.
5 / 5 Taunya
My mother in law has purchased an Only 10 For $ 340 of Sams Club in Oct 1st 2016 and installed that. I plugged in his player of DVD to a Bose Alone 10 analog entrance but an Only 10 does not leave user to select/entrances of source of the transmission. I have called Bose the technology and has said an ADDITIONAL far has to that be purchased to change source of entrance. Personally I have the $ 130 Consent stand of the his and can transmission very only some bass of entrances and acute volume the visual scale of basses of volume and settings of triple level on front of Consent- at all on front of Bose. A lot disappointed in a legendary Bose company. DONE the CHINESE also. In this point of the prize would not think it would be done in Cina.
5 / 5 Sherley
Has bought this system because of a Bose name. Amado the until so only die a day. Reason one a star? The last two years less.

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5 / 5 Maisha
Ossia A worse product the never seen in my life. I have asked the repayment and I have taken not even a response. They are like this disappointed
5 / 5 Chasity
You the failure announced in this system that has has said like this:
ystem comprises the controller advanced with built-in LCD screen leave control and see one state'
When it has taken them deliverd has had NO FAR in a box, when it has contacted them they partorisca discover why the has not taken one, has said:
' has taken all that was suposed the'
But his 'does not concern me ' ameno a worse in me and the hate that!