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Top Customer Reviews: Bose SoundTouch 10 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 28 ratings
4 / 5 Robbi
This was the refurbished the speaker and a music have maintained partorisca cut was. It has spoken with Amazon in a telephone to see yes could fix a question, but has not been achieved. The element is returned. We have purchased the new Bose speaker so only like this a before and a sound on was phenomenal. My edges took it to university this in spite of.
4 / 5 Dewitt
Has bought this speaker because I have had already one and has wanted to add another to touch a same time. I have downloaded an application to mine iphone and has followed some directions. At all. So only it could touch one or another. With which in an hour of following some directions in an application, which am not matched some directions expósitas on-line, he suddenly connected and now have his of both speakers.
A lot informative: A next day was able to connect both speakers without any subjects.
4 / 5 Todd
I like a quality of his, but has purchased TWO of some speakers. After a prime minister one there is prendido to do after SIX MONTH, has looked for to send he in still work of guarantee. It is the guaranteeed of year. I have received my mandate in October 2019, how was unexpired, still has said so it was OUT OF GUARANTEE!

Has decided to order another for the substitute liked of then of a quality, and has received hard week. I registered it, and I have decided today verify in his state of guarantee. It said it, also, it was out of guarantee after the WEEK!
4 / 5 Leonard
The mine is doing well. I have had already a loaded application in mine Droid for another speaker has. I have read some descriptions and I have followed some instructions of another description because any really see anything inside a box. It has taken the few tentativas to take it to do except has not gone too difficult. At the beginning I supposition was too much far of a modem for him to connect have dipped like this a speaker a next plus to a modem. It has taken it likes 15 of minutes.
A refurbished the speaker looks new. They are happy with him.
5 / 5 Nora
Can connect via blue tooth but when tentativa to ad the to an application to the equal that can touch fine the room fails has tried everything for the take on maintains to take message of same error
5 / 5 Pamula
his Well, of the compact bluetooth speaker. Now it possesses 2.
4 / 5 Lee
Like this ossia my second Bose the speaker has bought my prime minister in 2017 and so only another day could not take blue tooth to connect any import that has tried all and was clear ours no longer has been to do like this purchased the new a - another has not been the battery operated but this one looks to be so many will see that a lot concealed stands up of for life of battery but in the love this little speaker - dipped out of the utmost punch!
5 / 5 Lidia
They are by train of the give 1 star an application any work am returned a speaker partorisca another has tried in the chance perhaps connects the to an application partorisca 3 days and taking so only roughly facts and says cant connect try again later 3 days of that is ridiculous partorisca the mark like bose and a touch of prize partorisca his produced a remotes and presets is useless without an application is so only the bluetooth speaker and you cant use a speaker a way has been feigned has been him partorisca have during a house partorisca touch simultaneously but cant.
5 / 5 Devona
He regularly disconnects and has to that press to the partorisca the spend behind the bluetooth or to the-entrance.
Any sure reason can not agree a last selection of entrance.
Concludes was with which pocolos small of inactivity. Too stupid !!!
4 / 5 Maris
Perfect addition to all mine another SoundTouch unit!
Has decided to add a SoundTouch 10 to mine in existent SoundTouch system. Has the SoundTouch amp partorisca my external speakers and the SoundTouch the receiver has connected in mine main living room stereo and this little speaker has added some sound partorisca my basement and is perfect!!!
5 / 5 Cinthia
Buys 2 Soundtouches 6 months ago partorisca have 6. They are smaller, has add Bose his and go in aim or black. A capacity to PAIR these in of the rooms or by means of a house that marries of uses & of telephone wifi the coverage is utmost (any one an option with all another Bose systems)
4 / 5 Hank
bought it refurbished unit. A sound partorisca he is measured is excellent: balanced and strong. A Bluetooth the connectivity is ridiculously easy and has the far partorisca a lazy.
Life of battery - meh. The the course was has beaten of hands .
Everywhere - Very Good
5 / 5 Georgann
does not have strong to the equal that has thinks that era.. My room is 9x10 and is well.. They are one tight, like the strong sound.. I fill the room but I can sing on that.. In a big level is scratchy the box was jacked up..
4 / 5 Shea
Some speakers have difficulties connecting roughly 10 of a time to the equal that is frustrating.
5 / 5 Penelope
cant Takes partorisca connect. Driving me insane. Taken the to do for roughly 3 hrs and then boom, was by means of.
5 / 5 Andres
Bose Has blocked finally on he. Partorisca Use this device has to that use he by means of his application grieves functional. This application and Alexa do not touch to the long of well to all the cost of advertising. Take the no-soundtouch speaker instead.
4 / 5 Christiane
Enjoys some speakers the plot. A sound is good and this are adds. I am not Entirely happy with an application that control some speakers. Also, a support partorisca questions that arises of an application is hard to find.
4 / 5 Terese
Has several Bose units partorisca Touch of the Sound. They do very well partorisca we, amour that can you sync the all hover and have a same music during a house. Too bad Bose has interrupted a line partorisca Touch of the Sound, like compraventa ‘in now.
5 / 5 Alysha
Has expected more!!
Has appropriate grieves.
Where HAS a Bose the quality gone??
4 / 5 Carline
The speaker adds, fabulous sound... Easy to connect to Bluetooth!
5 / 5 Charlette
Did not have It long enough to know in a battery. But mark of looks of the new device amd in original packaging. Setup Was a lot of easy
there is Rid 2 days with which have ordered.
4 / 5 Bill
Dosnt There is rechargeable battery for any one far was his this in spite of..
5 / 5 Malinda
His very a lot that bad has been expecting more but his well, I supposition.
5 / 5 Jimmy
Dud advertising, says wireless, has to be plugged in partorisca use
5 / 5 Jacqui
there is enjoyed always Bose the products uses my Bose touch of the his to listen the music of jazz and also partorisca synchronise with my television produced partorisca add
4 / 5 Sherril
is the good product in general but a prize is big partorisca the alone speaker.
4 / 5 Zoila
If that looks for that full, rich, Bose sounds would owe that think in a product of big final
4 / 5 Jackie
Likes that it receives them according to which the Bose goes well like this far.

Top Customer Reviews: Bose SoundLink Mini ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 57 ratings
5 / 5 Sadye
The purchase has verified is the bit of the bluetooth audio junkie... audiophile? It tries a lot of dozens of bluetooth speakers (ultra-portable, portable, and tabletop), headsets, and more recently, earbuds. I have bought in the first place an original SoundLink Mini 4 or 5 years ago... And it has bought a lot, a lot of competitive offerings. In this ultraportable field, very very ones are of Bang and Olufsen (A1, A2 and P6). Surprisingly bad ones are of Bowers and Wilkins (T7) and KEF (Gravity A). Mediocrity resounds with Bose own successor in a Mini, a Revolve and Revolves+, as well as a bit brother of mine all-around, each-the favourite time bluetooth putting, a Klipsch KMC-3 - a Klipsch Surca.

For everything of these contenders, and wants to emphasise that a B&Or the speakers are Very good - you can not be unhappy with them - a Bose SoundLink Mini was, is, and apparently always will be, a speaker these big sounds in the small container. Literally they have mastered a fluent dynamics to build of of the one of the west on the way that apparently it can not be duplicated or beaten. And think me, has looked. Each cubic millimetre in this speaker generates his well. Some bass is phenomenal, that is to say a lot his trick of party - but when listens in this side-for-side with the cheap plus, but similar-west sized, note that midranges is present, vowel, warm. You listen an offer with accuracy sparkling, and if you squint the little, included some stereo selection.

Continues to look for any concealed takes an art to sound further, in the similar or more small container, but after years and dozens of options of test of the cheapest options and much more expensive - sometimes while one competes any one to be up , sometimes with optimism - at all, and bad at all, sounds also, to be so small, and this.

I like this so much this has bought a lot extra ones. I will maintain the in a shelf explodes of the case dies ( bought so much a Mini and a Mini II). I will give the so many presents. That is to say a lot, very well estimate my money, and yours.

Maintains in alcohol, neither is comparing semi-portable or tabletop speakers in of the this. Test a lot, and has maintained a lot, incredibly a lot ones there too many. Laptops: Klipsch KMC-3, Peachtree Audio Deepblue, Aiwa Exos-9. Tabletop: One tight, controlled, punchy and precise Klipsch A Three, and a unbelievable, thunderous, ridiculously very Polk Woodbourne. I am not that it alleges that a SoundLink Mini beats everything. I am alleging that the calm will not listen it never the speaker the big tiny plus in your life.

Besiege of unit of the purchase he in the corner - the few inches of a wall. Cookery or contadora of bath. It touches your favourite musician in moderate volume. It prepares for jaw to paste a fund. 'Nuff Has said. He again Bose. A Revolves no.
5 / 5 Edythe
The purchase has verified A quality to sound of the same Bose Bluetooth the speaker is belief further! For in $ 150, it rids his add, portability and a Bose reputation for quality. We have been blown has been for sounds that utmost interiors (where steps the room) and outside in our yard. A stack has the long life and a tampon to touch does very good. In the 1 in 10 stairs, would estimate a Soundlink Mini II like the solid 12. A terrific value and the wonderful product!
4 / 5 Ursula
The purchase has verified I amour this speaker, can take so strong and some bass is surprising!!! Idk If that is to say the problem with more Bose speakers but has the insect that marks a decree of of the one of the west these loads and has to reset he never so often. The only stopped mine to touch and has reset he a lot of time.... Very I do not want to has to purchase it another.
4 / 5 Estela
The purchase has verified So far so good. I have bought this for my wonderful woman. It was able to match he with my computer of desktop and his laptop without too much of problem. It sounds well in my old ears. I match with his telephone ails records of course. LOL!
5 / 5 Lorrie
The purchase has verified the powerful sound adds that it comes from/comes from the handsize west! Bose Has not disappointed!
4 / 5 Virginia
The purchase has verified YAY! At the end it founds this small gem! It wants the to me dance everything through a house. I have posed he in my canal of Pandora of the favourite and was to go. The musician fill a whole house and he only are that they surprise that it is exiting of this small box of the Bose. Amur Amur Of the amour
4 / 5 Alvera
The purchase has verified this speaker packs the punch when goes in a sound these beginnings of him! It IS mere to use also--no the plot to clutter and the options are not been mad about in. It can not take to touch the call of the same conference when pressed a button of the tlphonique but always can limit he in. I am happy owe option.
5 / 5 Tomika
The purchase has verified Bose always has a very better sound. I have bought this Bose box of his for my husband. It IS so very happy with him. His laptop, small but has the big sound.

Client very Happy, A Rollin
5 / 5 Son
The purchase has verified to use this to listen in SiriusXM radiate saw an application in my tlphonique and to listen in television. This Bose the speaker has xcellent fidelity of the sound and I easily can take he of location in location. I have purchased the small bluetooth transmissive that plugged in a television to enable a sound of television to touch through a Bose west. Has feeble listening so much can plant a Bose afterwards in me and can listen an audio of television clearly without turning a volume up in a television. And no longer volume of the complaints that a sound of television is too strong!
5 / 5 Johanna
The purchase has verified has the adherent of BOSE produced for years and this a has not disappointed! His full add in very compact and portable unit.
4 / 5 Tameika
They are the bit of the bluetooth audio junkie... audiophile? I have tried a lot of dozens of bluetooth speakers (ultra-portable the, portable the, and tabletop), headsets, and more recently, earbuds. Have in the first place bought an original SoundLink Mini 4 or 5 years ago... And it has very bought, a lot of competitive offerings. In this ultraportable row, very a lot some are partorisca Attack & Olufsen (A1, A2 and P6). Surprisingly bad some are of Bowers & Wilkins (T7) and KEF (Gravities A). Mediocrity resounds with Bose own successor to a Mini, a Revolver and Revolver+, as well as a bit brother of mine all-around, all-time preferred bluetooth speaker, a Klipsch KMC-3 - a Klipsch Surca.

Partorisca Everything of these contenders, and wants to underline that a B&Or the speakers are A lot GOOD - you can not be unhappy with them - a Bose SoundLink Mini was, is, and apparently always will be, a speaker that the big sounds in the little container. Have Literally mastered a fluent dynamics of engineering of speaker in the way that apparently can not be replicated or beaten. And believe me, has looked. Each millimetro cubic in this speaker generates his well. Some bass is phenomenal, ossia really his trick of party - but when you listen to this side-for-side with the economic plus, but looked-sized speaker, note that midranges is present, vowel, warm. You listen some treble with sparkling accuracy, and if you squint the little, included some stereo selection.

Continuous look for any the one who takes an art to touch further, in the container looked or smaller, but with which years and dozens of options of options of test more economic and much more writes - sometimes while a contend any to stand up , sometimes with optimism - at all, and mean at all, touches like this well, to be like this small, as this.

I like this so much that has bought diverse extra some. I will maintain him on a shelf in the mine of chance dies ( has bought so much a Mini and a Mini II). I will give him like this of the presents. Ossia A lot, a lot well value my money, and yours.

Maintains in alcohol, neither am comparing seeds-portable or tabletop the speakers is. I have very tried, and has very maintained, incredibly a lot some there too much. Laptops it: Klipsch KMC-3, Peachtree Audio Deepblue, Aiwa Exos-9. Tabletop: One tight, controlled, punchy and precise Klipsch A Three, and a unbelievable, thunderous, ridiculously a lot Polk Woodbourne. They are not that it alleges that a SoundLink Mini beat everything. I am alleging that you it will not listen never the main tiny speaker in your life.

Buy one. It has dipped in the corner - the few thumbs of a wall. Cookery or contadora of bath. It touches your favourite music in moderate volume. It prepares for jaw to paste a paving. 'Nuff Has said. He again Bose. A Mix no.
5 / 5 Junita
A quality of his of this Bose Bluetooth the speaker is faith further ! Partorisca In $ 150, rids his add, portability and a Bose reputation for quality. We have been blown has spent of long sounds that utmost inner (where will fill the room) and outside in our yard. A battery has the long life and a tampon to touch does a lot well. In the 1 to 10 stairs, would estimate a Soundlink Mini II like the solid 12. A terrific value and the wonderful product!
4 / 5 Adriane
Love this speaker, can take like this strong and some bass is surprising!!! Idk If ossia the question with more Bose speakers but has the bug that mark a stop of speaker that touches and has to that reset he never like this often. The mine has prisoner only touch and have reset he a lot of time.... Really I do not want to it has to that purchase another.
5 / 5 Jefferson
Looked to do well initially with his a lot of beautiful for such the tiny speaker. I have not used a lot (a lot few cycles of battery), has possessed for only the little month. There is suddenly there is prendido to do. It looks to be the subject of battery or bad connection.

See another has had alike subjects. Any one sure he would have to that return or try for the substitution. Bose Or Amazon, yes can achieve was for the repayment or substitution. So only I want to substitute Bose has directed some subjects with this product. Thank you.
4 / 5 Tuyet
Am writing to express my thoughts in a subject of battery has had with this speaker and a one has bought previously. The shame on take me falling for a question two times. A prime minister Bose mini has had a subject with a battery that fails the recharge after the short period of time. I marked it up like my reliance on in the now on touch all a time. So much, like an idiot has bought another and has done sure to no for the maintain touched for long periods of time. I studiously has taken was to touch grieve a light is green. Now, with which so only 6 month, ARE MONTH, are having one same damn question. It refuses to touch, so only it gives a light of amber for the little time and then, at all. I am done with Bose. Some works of speaker fabulously when it operates but is no good if it will not touch. They are in my final of talents.
4 / 5 Shoshana
Like this far like this good. I have bought this for my wonderful woman. It was able to pair he with my desktop computer and his laptop without too much of question. It touches good to my old ears. The pair he with his telephone grieves laws of course. LOL!
5 / 5 Talisha
The powerful sound adds that it comes from/comes from the handsize speaker! Bose There is not disappointed!
4 / 5 Sharonda
YAY! Finally found this little gem! Wants to dance me everything by means of a house. I dipped it/ I dipped It on my canal of Pandora of the favourite and was to go. The music fill a whole house and he so only is that it surprises that it is exiting of this small box of the Bose. Amur Of Amur of the amour
4 / 5 Allyson
After the few months a dead battery and can not take ahold of vendor or any in Bose for help or service.
When it covers in a unit a light of the load of red battery comes on and will not touch , or music of game. Has A lot another Bose speakers, and are suprised that are having like this question with east. I enjoy another Bose produced so many but with which this will not be purchasing another system of Bose. 90 days of light use, any response of this vendor and any response of Bose.
4 / 5 Arlen
This speaker packs the punch when it comes to a sound that exited of him! It is simple to use too--no the plot partorisca clutter and the options are not interested in. It could it does not take to touch the call of same conference when I have pressed a key of telephone but can always covers he in. They are happy owe option.
5 / 5 Ora

A sound are adds in the calm volume, under way. And it is fantastic turned all a way on when I want dive in and bathe in any music am listening to. Classical, pop, rock, oldies, everything touches adds! I want that it is portable or can use it seating in his base. The the maintenances there the majority of a time partorisca leave the rests have touched without that has to that think roughly that. But the hard alone load partorisca hours. Calm can any gone bad with east a. I fill my small cottage and my big airy studio with his wonderful. The podcasts are also his add. It enjoys!!
4 / 5 Miles
Bose Always has a very better sound. I have bought this Bose box of his for my husband. It is like this a lot happy with him. His laptop, small but has the big sound.

Client very Happy, A Rollins
5 / 5 Agustin
uses this partorisca listen to SiriusXM irradiates has seen an application in mine telephone and partorisca listen the TV. This Bose the speaker there is xcellent loyalty of his and easily can take he of location the location. I have purchased the small bluetooth transmissive that I plugged to a television to enable a sound of television to touch by means of a Bose speaker. Has feeble listening I so that it can situate a Bose next mine and can listen an audio of television clearly without turning a volume up in a TV. And no longer volume of the complaints that a sound of television is too strong!
4 / 5 Sharleen
Has surprised enough that a setting of the main volume in this device is DECIBLES go down that the pair of economic, $ 12 AOMAIS. Hardly I can listen this thing in a dipping a big plus when I am external. There is is the far upper devices and for way less money. Amazing, considering Bose is supposition to be the leader in of the devices of sound. Any to mention, when trying contact his support, is unavailable, both cat and call. Toneless.
5 / 5 Miki
Has taken a speaker today! As I have opened a box has connected a speaker to my telephone like this far like this very then dipped quell'on a base to touch and he strike there is prendido to touch 60 . I have tried reset of factory, has resisted a half key down for 10 seconds, tried to update a speaker and at all. As I go to do a last what and this is to run an entirely died speaker then reset of the factory and he touch if the concealed no then will have that changes my indication in this product.
5 / 5 Rey
Has the interrupted Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III. Based in some descriptions, has thought this one would be like this well like III. This in spite of, a row is a lot short and a volume would go in and era. I have finalised to return the. Perhaps a one has purchased was the defect; it was a lot of disappointed. The hate has not purchased 2 SoundLink IIIs when I have purchased another.
4 / 5 Wanita
So only wish it could take the tad stronger, but are adds for a measure is. Utilisation in a cookery in acting daily. And it can take strong in the cookery. But a music is always súper present. His of utmost bass on he also. Scarce for Bluetooth speakers. Build Really solid, lustrous creation. Amur He for a prize and mark. It would recommend.
5 / 5 Lamont
The sound adds given a measure and the one who this laptop. They are a lot happy with this compraventa.
Adds bluetooth connectivity - until 2 devices. And life of good battery, roughly 8-10 hours in relatively of strong volume.
Takes less thsn an hour to fully recharge.
5 / 5 Alene
Annoying that the new product assume all the world goes to use so only something in a newer way, in this chance to connect the speaker with the smartphone. Reason interrupt the leading option that a lot of people still will want to?
5 / 5 Ashleigh
Petit But powerful! The majority of some descriptions has read before the cost has mentioned some clear sounds and substantial base. I have not been disappointed to listen for a first time. Although sometimes it wishes a volume could go main, one bases more frames up for my desire for the main volume. Highly it recommends for any the one who enjoys his clear of the device of confidence and portable.
5 / 5 Nancy
Obviously expensive, but the sounds adds, the looks adds, and is of big quality. Five stars

Update: reducing to 4 stars. An annoyance adds is an incessant, newspaper beeping while any into use, apparently partorisca do with a boss or touching canal. If you look in Bose the forums of support will find this partorisca be the common complaint that would owe easy to fix, but is not .
5 / 5 Kandis
Uses this all a time, and one hard load the really long time. It touches it likes really impressive big speakers. Utilisation partorisca work and classical music, and is add partorisca something can move around and listen anywhere.
4 / 5 Pok
Has the defender of BOSE produced partorisca years and this a there is not disappointed! His plenary add in a lot of compact and portable unit.
5 / 5 Shizue
Ossia Ours second Bose Soundlink Mini, a prime minister was a Mini 1. A sound of these few speakers is incredible. I have listened to some new offerings of Bose and companies and a crisp sound and width the bass could very rival a Soundlink Mini.
4 / 5 Jodee
Bose He again!!! Sounds like an orchestra in my room!!! Yep Bose Touches more but always value each penny! If it love music so as I calm to a better!
4 / 5 Fredda
This thing is awesome. Quality of his add, especially partorisca be like this compact. Easily portable battery and adds life. Really happy with a functionality!
4 / 5 Shenna
Is small and compact and a quality of his east awesome , loves that and was very easy to link to the mine iPhone and are the dummy with to to the things likes them-concealed them. Highly it would call you to take one is looking for the radio, I game Pandora in the all some time and I love it.
5 / 5 Angel
Like this happy has bought this speaker. It is mark of small measure he súper easy to spend anywhere. But it does not leave a measure fool calm for sound. Bose Does not disappoint , has depth and good base at all levels of volume.
5 / 5 Trudy
Anything Bose is well!! Using this speaker with my ready telephone to listen the music. Easy to connect by means of blue ray.
4 / 5 Brooke
Is fantastic! Quality of his excellent east and can move it anywhere to listen my favourite music.
4 / 5 Brad
Sounds well on prójimos and far was, súper handy to move around. Be rechargeable is really good. It looks partorisca have bass in a rear speaker. Looks Well. Has for a laptop and move it around a house when listening the music. It can connect to two devices (the computer and my telephone). Quality of his astounding partorisca a measure.
4 / 5 Gail
Grave utmost, the sound is sometimes like this filling that you can not speak with any easily in a same room
5 / 5 Daysi
quality of Excellent audio. I am surprised likes there is a bit amazing bass. Any quite a defender of a model a new plus because of ugly creation. As I have purchased this one instead and could not be happier with my compraventa. Unbelievable Quality of audio. My indication: 9/10
4 / 5 Nellie
Torres was automatically, which sucks yes use your Echo like an alarm in some mornings
4 / 5 Marcell
Bose left down is one. At all that has expected of a quality of sound. It was it has had to that to pay the prize of prize but has expected the product of typical Bose creation of the his and has produced. This one has lost a boot
5 / 5 Tristan
can simply covers he in and utmost sounds. I add for travelling. Light and easy to spend, bandage etc.
4 / 5 Eldon
Awesome His , need to be bit it main but is the speaker adds 👌🏻😉😎
5 / 5 Kaila
loves this Bose bluetooth speaker,,the sound is in another level and very portable
4 / 5 Clorinda
was able of the place up without questions. The goodness adds in any house
5 / 5 Jacinta
We were able of the places up without questions. The goodness adds in any house
5 / 5 Veta
Ossia my second Bose Mini and so only wants to him. A sound has very deep and rich. A new Mini II has an easier interface partorisca Bluetooth and dipping up is the breeze.
4 / 5 Beth
If a Bose cost $ 30 that would be the good value but in anything on $ 30 is not to value he. The sound is so only this in spite of a volume is disappointing and a bluetooth skips and disconnects frequently. A Anker 2 is infinitely better and side in $ 35.
5 / 5 Delaine
Happy for the cost. Some incredibly intense basses for the small of the crew. Quality really Upper.
4 / 5 Rosana
Has ordered and is returned two of these in a past 2 month. A prime minister one has done the buzzing sound and there is prendido to touch after the few days. A second a there is prendido to touch after the pair of weeks. Bose Looks to have the subject of control of the quality with this product. I will not be ordering another of these speakers.
5 / 5 Janie
A precise product more to to the versatility likes to connect to the TV. A key sesitivity could be better.
5 / 5 Rosemary
A mine does not arrive me never this nose where can recover it the horn does not arrive me never nose that is has spent arrived me it protect peroro any one the horn a lot of
4 / 5 Emmy
has Given this to my edges for Natal, loves it ! I touch it they are it adds!

Top Customer Reviews: Bose Soundwear ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 37 ratings
4 / 5 Phillis
It was skeptical on doing this compraventa, this in spite of, emphatically can say this device has won really mine 5-stars partorisca estimate! Paring Was simple door , easy like the step while I have cut my herb, doing around a house and grieve partorisca look. With all this be said - a sound is fantastic! Has the reputation the upkeep when it comes partorisca touch the quality but I really have not thought the 'wearable' the speaker could produce such the rich sound to a wearer without him when being disturbs it to any prójimo! My woman saw with them on and hardly could listen that it has been it prendido a sound has situated a speaker around the his with the and when I game of paste in mine iPhone she almost jumped of one would have to that it has turned down a volume but I have looked for to try the point because it has thought, of then could no to listen them when it spent him, a quality of sound was poor :-) A life of battery is sum and his recharge quickly. In general it is been the a lot of that satisfies experience!
5 / 5 Alease
Has been struggling in a past 3-5 years to find comfortable headphones that last and well of sound. I have expected to see something like this for the few years now, and am spent to take an ad for the product of competitor that alert to a fact that these were the thing now!

Am coming the amazon to find more details and found these like the refurbished model. It could not be happier with a compraventa!

Are the big type , and have the with the big, and these return a lot well. They could be the tad longer, but is flexible and retain his form as they are still a lot comfortable to spend. A sound is incredible! Has experience doing engineering of audio (hobbyist level) and a sound of these blow me was. Spacial The audio are add, and the life of battery is longer that has announced!

Will verify behind in 6 month to inform yes hard .
4 / 5 Traci
Ossia The class of odd device. Quality of his decent... And the bass have augmented unexpectedly
has an old usb mini discharges, that ( annoying). The guess would be a lot of bed (the only sleep)
A significant question for this device is that there is zero isolation of sound. As all the calm world around will listen that it is listening to... And this annoying my woman is around. Like this calm could not use he in an office, or an aeroplane

OTOH, a sound has filtered is not almost like this strong like some speakers and like this probably this will not annoy any in another room
And also, easily can listen any that enters a room to speak your
4 / 5 Cherish
Has in the first place bought he refurbished unit. After him no for it likes it it would like me. I owe that create he until listening a plenary affects
of a music and he is not that has the with the long. Has thinks that that a sound would be much better. I will go back to the mine
wireless ear buds. I am returning this unit.
4 / 5 Monroe
Ossia Mine absolutely a lot first time to buy used or the refurbished electronic produced consumer on Amazon and has to that say, 'Wow'!
(The description retarded to see like him so only with daily use.)

A Box:
Usb boss
Skin (black colour) already in products
that begins Quickly quide, guarantee, etc.,.

Touched it Fully first to Use and Setting-up:
and-arrive', which together-up? It has connected to mine blutooth transmitter has turned grieves on, as 'notification of voice' say me mine uploads of current battery and the one who the devices are connected to.

Life of battery:
when being nocturnal and to maintain my happy neighbours of having my t.V. On all night, I will turn it on exactly in 8pm, to wake in Midday a day that follows a notification of voice inform that there it has it still 50 of the life of battery has left.
In occassion used it all day long when being that his 'Comfortable' and forget that his there resting in my shoulders, this action totally drains a battery and has been concerned that it could not touch-on again, this in spite of will touch on every time with absolutely any question.

I Reccomend:
Vendor proccessed and shipped promply and I To good sure reccommend!
4 / 5 Babara
Spends these when I go to walk. Really have any complaint. Easy to connect and operate. Quality of his excellent. Quality of excellent build.
5 / 5 Shona
Like this happy has bought this renewed for the a lot of lower prize. Wine with a coverage of black cloth and the boss of USB in the quite simple box. A quality of his excellent east. I telecommute for the work and use for calls of conference as well as listening the music. My coworkers said that a quality of microphone is a lot too much. It is it adds to not having the headset plastered to my boss for hours. Much more comfortable.
4 / 5 Jonna
Has bought these the few weeks does so that it could listen the music in work in the big warehouse where in headphones of the ear is not left for reasons of security. These are one of some better things have bought the long time. I can no to recommend them enough. If it likes-you the music, podcasts, or audiobooks these are the must has. A quality of his east surprisingly well. It uses mine for 9+ half hours/low volume and there is roughly 40-60 battery that remain in an end of a day. They are also excellent to speak in a telephone, a built in of the works of microphone extremely well, especially when using Siri or dictation. Yes it is quell'has bitten pricy, but after using them for the while it is clear mine that they are a lot of value he.
5 / 5 Allan
Know these have been suppositions to be ' esnewed', but is to come sealed in a box with all a documentation and I can not see any evidence that is not entirely the new mark. Of then receiving these, has taken basically so only went him my shoulders for his touch. A hard battery roughly 10 hours that thinks is sufficient and his recharge quickly. I think that that I have had a data of battery once after the use all day in full volume to do like the speaker regulates like this another could listen and no like this to to the personal speaker like him to him these are feigned to be. When Used to the equal that has feigned a sound is clear and some bass is present. While it can be listened the few feet was is not really strong enough to annoy any one. The utilisation late at night in bed and my woman the one who is sensitive to the sound there is not wake on him. I spend the whole day he in a half of the office and any one there is complained. It wants to locate the bicycle without concerning roughly a lot when being pas able to listen some cars around you? It wants to listen this video or podcast in yours telephone while more it is looking the TV without that has to that turn your way of telephone up? It wants to listen your music this in spite of being able to have the conversation with any one? It wants to fall slept with headphones on but you cant circle on without breaking to your boss? It has known no that has required these until I have begun to use them. Also they are no audiologist but a lot that has to that shove ear buds in your boss has to that be more is for your listened. Not going to the lie is expensive, but is fantastic and I slowly to take my money cost of use.
5 / 5 Lorraine
Excellent BOSE the sounds of levels does to listen to anything fun and can spend for heaps of documentation, the cupboard that organises, work of gram , cleansing anything bores it. With rear to back movements to house lately was so only a right artilugio. The life of battery adds. The only question was some time while on call it was some lack of clarity, which has improved as has transmission to handset.
4 / 5 Danette
Amur In, a sound is really well where operate (tools partorisca be able to everywhere) and directs a sound really well. There is basic so that rad. A life of battery is PHENOMENAL and last all the week of constant 8-10 hr use. In general, 10/10 it would recommend it to it.
4 / 5 Ahmed
My telephone of device of new favourite boss, perfect partorisca cycling/ stationary bicycle - ideal !! It feels you likes there is surround his and usable partorisca light jogging could jump around the little so only know that another can listen use like this better is with small to any around the calm person also loves for my PS4!
5 / 5 Iola
Loves a quality of his, and rids free speakers that stay with me but no among my ears or in my boss. Of course it can be listened for another same when down a lot down. Joy he for the free hands that speaks in a car.
5 / 5 Robyn
Bose He again!!...Easy setup,awesome his and styling. Well ; Steve
4 / 5 Reynaldo
Amur he more than has thought I ! The speaker of quality adds for a better, BOSE. It loves it on its own name.

Although another could listen it, an use is for a person. So that they spend it it will not be able to listen another around when a volume is in his big plus.
5 / 5 Delma
Has bought for 2-6 hours the day of work-of-called of house and 1-2 hours of music and audio of game. The quality of audio is surprising! Thickness forget are by train of the spend and like be able to maintain situational awareness.

Does not squander your time with economic models of speakers of with the, save your money for this extracted adds in the refurbished Bose. Well Like this new and 2/3 a prize.
5 / 5 Bertha
Devises Is awesome. Using to drive and music. The hands and the free ear. The sound is so only fantastic. Able to concentrate for the half. Pricy But value
5 / 5 Ngoc
want to this to look TV, can listen a dialogue,,,,,
4 / 5 Hunter
uses this law to listen to moulds of pod. The orders of sound of the music also.
5 / 5 Gerard
Utilisation this law partorisca listen to moulds of pod. The orders of sound of the music also.
4 / 5 Gwendolyn
Like this always, Bose that gives an excellent quality of sound. Very very shabby !!
4 / 5 Jeanett
Could be my telephone but when walking out of variable then behind the sometimes fails to reconnect the life of battery is really so only roughly 8-9 now any twelve thats in quickly tho. I do in the factory that does not leave the boss telephones these are the perfect alternative my music are and or can listen the majority of an external world
5 / 5 Alisia
Oh my God does not know like this the product has done in my life. Travesía With east a product I better there is never has had. When it ordered It mistakenly has ordered two but could not return another l maintained it
5 / 5 Margo
wishes a sound was bit it fuller, but utmost and is very convenient partorisca working and doing called in home, consumption of half comunicacionales random.
4 / 5 Lou
Walking Around with the quality stereo in place of discharge in your ear,the quality Adds
4 / 5 Benita
does not like me spending of receiver or earpieces when they are in my bicycle. This Bose Soundwear is surprising partorisca me on a bicycle.
Does not move around or go in a way and is easy to take if you wont partorisca speak. Absolutely it loves that.
5 / 5 Terry
Like some look and of mobility of him. It has taken this to comprise the one who the people are saying in of the films. They are the listened impaired. I connected it to a fixed fire, require the transmitter the attached to television to look some films of canal of normal TV?
5 / 5 Edmund
Can be very difficult to connect if this device has had the habit of league of more than a device. Example, connects to television and Mobile phone. Mostly used for a television but constantly is looking for a mobile phone.
5 / 5 Lavenia
Any very grave. It had expected that it could listen it level conversational around me of my family, but really was overpowered for some speakers that has not gone really is looked.
4 / 5 Jeanice
A quality of his east amazing. I have bought this partorisca my dad the one who was able of the come his TV with ease. I am thinking partorisca take one on its own name.
5 / 5 Emelda
A quality of his this descent , has expected the little more partorisca this mark/of prize. This in spite of, am returning my product because a life of the battery has not been a lot enough. So only lasted roughly 6.5 hours.
4 / 5 Leif
Perfecto for work. It loves it. The sounds that has surprised. Too pricey. But bit with him. Life of long durable battery.
4 / 5 Stefani
Has loved each thing in these except that they do not come with the chance to spend!
5 / 5 Kim
I do in the warehouse with the plot of the cars that does background noise. These Bose the speakers are perfect to use where can listen my own music this in spite of being conscious of my half. Some bass is very enough, but no attended to have the bass that the fly was why a sound is projecting to an air around your ears, any interiors of them. Still it is the only feeling , is to like as it would be in the room with listening the HiFi surrounds system. My battery is touched every night and last roughly 5 continuous hours in a max setting of volume.
4 / 5 Vella
LOVES these things. I do in the truck of fork and calm is not left to have earbuds and these things are the lifesaver to maintain you healthy and listen the music. Calls of telephone is quite a lot any one an utmost plus but to good sure very bad!
A quality of his good-looking east.
4 / 5 Denae
This ape desing has his very good and do a lot very still acitivties where love music of good quality this in spite of being able to listen traffic around you, much more sure that headset. Need the little graver but is COST his, a cheapo the copies are terrible.
4 / 5 Philomena
A question with this product has been he will not remain in yours with the. So only I lose mine last weekend.

Top Customer Reviews: Bose SoundTouch 10 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
4 / 5 Latina
Colour: WhiteStyle: SoundTouch 10 Quan this speaker is doing, is adds! Has 5 of these speakers have posed up with a SoundTouch 20 west. Even so, they lose connection here and there, which left me need in reconnect the moment yes is the new setup. Very thwart. With each use, has a subject with at least a speaker and he are not never a same speaker. Has very good wifi and included has the booster upstairs, but these speakers only no as well as it has to for a prize. Also, some stinks of application. If a main speaker loses connection, each a decree of of the one of the west these touches. You can it does not change very only of a speaker in another. You have to prender a musician, go in another speaker, then ploughs a library of back of musician up under this speaker to start with that musician of touches again. Big picture, any one this attaches for a prize. A good note, some speakers sound utmost when is doing.
4 / 5 Fermina
Colour: WhiteStyle: SoundTouch 10 Works add. I pre-mapped my favourite spotify canal in a button in a cup, and igniting some musician is so easy and paste a button.

Has connected the in my Iphone X, and while it presses a 'Bluetooth/To the' button in my soundtouch, investigation and automatically connects in my telephone. Easily I can turn in the podcast in this way.

Uses this cual the only unit, and does not want to when being pressured to fill my house with a same mark of of the one of the west for him to do properly (looking in you, Sleeps).

For the one of the east to do, has to downloads a Bose SoundTouch Application. I do not use it to control a speaker, but is required for the pose up.
5 / 5 Kimbery
Colour: BlackStyle: SoundTouch 10 any compraventa this POS. It IS one of one the majority of user ones-devices of the cosy technology has not possessed never. I have wanted bluetooth speakers in simply of musician of game of my devices. This speaker is run only through an application provides.
4 / 5 Carolyne
Colour: BlackStyle: SoundTouch 10 While a sound is of Bose quality, has problems of entity eith Alexa/bose interface. We purchase this to be able to use free delivery with Amazon Unlimited Musician.
After five hours of technicians assist of the amazon was to transfer in Bose. Taking it hour to advise us that we would be unable to say Alexa to touch the particular song of Amazon in a Bose. I want to Alexa but Bose had sound very better. A more could do would be to ignite musician of Amazon in a Bose and has posed the preset that only would take in a be of artist when a preset has been posed. If we have wanted the different song or the artist would require to write that in a Bose application. At all that expects with the product that is Alexa has enabled.
The amazon was much more or less returning an element, but his Yours was terrible. More than waste 5 hours that what hacerprpers work, has declares more useful one takes had known that Alexa/Bose the interface is insignificant in better.
4 / 5 Christina
Colour: BlackStyle: SoundTouch 10 has bought this with a Bose the name in of the imports, any one to have seen the first hand. Quan Has pulled in the first place he out of a box take preoccupied that a measure has been to be reflective of a sound. This worry was all prende at all likes Bose the incredible sounds! Full living and base. I posed it up in my fourth and now listens in the to to musician likes him to him the instrument for a day or low wind at night.

In general, is quite enamoured with him, and adapted me why has such faith in a Bose marks. It do not take Me bad, does not go to entertain the room of conference of people with this speaker, but for the personnel that listens for two Benjamins, these sounds very better concealed has expected.
4 / 5 Jefferey
Colour: BlackStyle: SoundTouch 10 Some speakers have the sound well when law. Even so, a Soundtouch the application is unable to control a road of internet of radio characteristic my point of house. The personal sound of technical support has looked at all the parameters saw my pc any 5 or 6 times. They have signalled in my modem, as I substituted it. They have signalled then in my subject, as I substituted it. They have signalled in my parameters of security, has changed the

His the majority of recent recommendation is now in 1. reinitialize My speakers to unplug and animal-plugging a cord to be able in. 2. If this failure reboot my subject and modem. 3. If this fails the technical support has nicknamed.

Also, unable to direct my two speakers of a base if a base is in the emisora the normal radio.

Has rebuffed my demand to return my two speakers. I am very disappointed
5 / 5 Elvie
Colour: BlackStyle: SoundTouch 10 wants frustration, buys this system. It touches when want to; it recognises a library of musician when want to; waste to find some speakers when want to. It opens HAS the new problem. It recognises a library of musician, then select an album, then selects a song and low and behold a screen goes spatial 02/9/2018. This has been the problem from the unit of day HAS in twenty calls in bose and continues to try to resolve some subjects. Any one has bought only three of these speakers have bought also a Soundtouch 30. I lament a day has done so much. This has been entering arrests in 2 years.
4 / 5 Mona
Colour: BlackStyle: SoundTouch 10 This speaker is crisp, clear and has down adds. I want that this system grows with me since can buy more speakers in a SoundTouch family to attach in the each room. Although this a speaker is his of abundance for all some rooms of a floor. It is built very well, supremely robust and research to be able to take the few drops! It IS weight and easy light to move room in room or place to plant yes chosen in. Also, has grips of rubber in a subordinated to ensure any sliding around! A quality of his east simply unbelievable for such the compact speaker, small. I want to it concealed it it take up practically very spatial at all, until some games of musician, then fill a spatial integer that surrounds it and then some. Setup Was very easy, especially with a downloadable application. Very easy to follow directions, can connect your cell in the wifi connection, can handle a setup of this device. A bit those that the buttons in a device are done also of the good rubber, soft in a touch, company and would have to last indefinitely. Bose Has obtained another loyal client in me thanks to this device!
5 / 5 Lenore
Colour: BlackStyle: SoundTouch 10 Bose describes a SoundTouch 10 like the esystem of wireless musician'. While that is to say the only quite description, any one considering this device would owe conscious when be that it require it a source of external control ( used so much a telephone of Android and PC of Windows [running so Windows 8.1 and Windows 10]) has the definite hierarchy of the sources wirelessly prefer.

First: a sound of this device is very well, and unless some rooms in your place of use is very big, this will provide his big in him more soiled of the inner measures. Some can find a midrange slightly also that shines, but through the field to program type (of classical in acoustic in mecer take), spent a clear global sound and please.

One on-interface of the device and the far control are mere: it can, source presets and buttons of volume (inches of Pandora of the up down more/ buttons in some far). A face of a SoundTouch also has four subtle LEDs to signify WiFi, Bluetooth, To the and global SoundTouch been.

For users, a complexity is of a device, and looks during place-arrive and configuration.

Cual A SoundTouch likes him for sources:
-radiates of the internet saw WiFi
-devices of Bluetooth
-To the in (wire fences).
-Some streaming services (Pandora, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Deezer the users are well to go. If you use Amazon, Slacker or anything more, a SoundTouch 10 very at present sustain these services).
-A supremely the selection limited of DLNA services. A Bose the place of support declares that it is not fully DLNA compliant; it recommends WD MyCloud or Synology produced of NOSES, and provides additional instructions for devices of NOSES of Iomega, Lacie, Netgear and Seagate (but any some Systems of Bfalo DLNA NOSE that routinely musician of current of road another DLNA compliant devices). FWIW, A SoundTouch10 has recognised my resident NOSE DLNA library of musician, and streamed one in the semi-exited of intelligible audio that has confirmed a Bose statement of 'any fully DLNA compatible'. Too bad...

That will require to take the touch contained wireless:
-For streaming services or radio of Internet: any one of a telephone/of Apple of the Android or the PC of Windows. A SoundTouch10 has any exposure to configure these sources. You have to download an application and the calm has to create an account. While a Bose to police of intimacy permissions 'pseudo-unnamed' (Bose' terminology, any mine) configuration, some collection of information in your system and the use will continue, but will lose the information in of the updates. If you choose full functionality, can imagine that some the potential uses are wide.

-Is configuring A SoundTouch saw a telephone of Android, will provide information in a WiFi the point wants to connect in and then run through options to attach type of content. Inexplicably, you are configuring via the PC of Windows, will owe in brief connect a SoundTouch saw a cape of USB has comprised to complete an initial configuration.
If you are streaming issues DLNA the content saw a device of NOSE, so much a NOSE and SoundTouch has to be connected in a same point. Bluetooth The connection was earnest and hurriedly (therefore a telephone of Android and an iPod of Apple Nano (7 generation).

A SoundTouch the application is satisfactory, but has some quirks. In place of an intuitive tabbed interface or icon of obvious card, a lot some advanced the functions reside under a 'explore' focus in a right side of an application that is not particularly intuitive. As you Use an application to store sources, can save until six preset common of content, which correspond in some buttons in a SoundTouch and his comprised far.

Curiously, an application has offered options for connectivity of the point of Ethernet wired; probably that is to say for SoundTouch models 20/30 this lives main in a Bose alimentary canal.

A device arrives with the fast guide; a full user of 30 pages the guide does not ship with a product, but available in a SoundTouch (.As) Place of support.
5 / 5 Marc
When This speaker is doing, is adds! Has 5 of these speakers dipped up with a SoundTouch 20 speaker. This in spite of, lose connection here and there, which leave me requiring the reconnect which is the new setup. A lot frustrating. With each use, has a subject with at least a speaker and is not never a same speaker. Has very good wifi and included have the booster upstairs, but these speakers so only no as well as they have to partorisca a prize. Also, some stinks of application. If a main speaker loses connection, all a stop of speaker that touches. You can transmission very just of a speaker to another. You owe that take a music, goes to another speaker, then open a library of music has retreated up under this speaker to start with that touches music again. Big picture, any that adds for a prize. A good note, some speakers touch utmost when they are doing.
5 / 5 Cathey
Does not buy this POS. It is one of one the majority of user some-the devices of friendly technology have has not possessed never. I have wanted bluetooth speakers to simply of music of game of my devices. This speaker is run so only by means of an application resupplies.
5 / 5 Terrilyn
The work adds. I pre-mapped my preferred spotify canal to a key in a cup, and turning on some music is like this easy and paste a key.

Connected that to the mine Iphone X, and while it presses a 'Bluetooth/To the' key in mine soundtouch, investigation and automatically connects to my telephone. I can easily gone back in the podcast in this way.

Utilisation this like the alone unit, and is not wanted to to be pressured to fill my house with a same mark of speaker for him to do properly (looking in you, Sleeps).

Partorisca East to do, has to download a Bose SoundTouch Application. No the utilisation to control a speaker, but is required for the dipped up.
4 / 5 Ed
Buys Sleeps. I have bought two of these speakers together with a SoundTouch 20 and is at all state but the disappointment. His application is distant a lot the friendly user while also that contains bugs that has not been fixed a year to possess these speakers. Something like this simple as controlling a level of volume of the speakers by means of an application of telephone has been relentlessly horrible. Connecting these speakers have tried also to be an impossible task in time. Enormous disappointment. I annoy these speakers every time use :\
4 / 5 Emil
While a sound is of Bose quality, has questions of first order eith Alexa/bose interface. We purchase this to be able to use free delivery with Amazon Unlimited Music.
With which five hours of technicians assist of the amazon has been to transfer the Bose. It took him an hour to advise us that we would be unable to say Alexa to touch the particular song of Amazon in a Bose. I want to Alexa but Bose has had sound very better. A more could do would be to turn on music of Amazon in a Bose and dip the preset that so only would take to an artist listens when a preset has been dipped. If we have loved the different song or the artist would require to write that in a Bose application. At all that expects with the product that is Alexa there is enabled.
The amazon was a lot roughly returning an element, but touch YOURS was terrible. More than waste 5 hours that tries hacerprpers work, would be more be useful if a reps had known that Alexa/Bose the interface is insignificant in better.
4 / 5 Rosamond
Some speakers have the good sound when they do. This in spite of, a Soundtouch the application is unable to control a street of radio characteristic internet my coverage of house. His personnel of technical support has looked at all the settings have seen my pc any 5 or 6 times. They have signalled to my modem, as I substituted it. His then signalled to my subject, as I substituted it. They have signalled to mine place of security, changed them

His the majority of recent recommendation is now to 1. reinitialize My speakers to unplug and animal-plugging a cord to be able to. 2. If this fails reboot my @subject and modem. 3. If this fails the technical support has called.

Also, unable to drive my two speakers of a base if a base is in the emisora radio normal.

Has refused my question to return my two speakers. They are a lot disappointed
5 / 5 Dorathy
Yes loves frustration, buy this system. It touches when I want to; it recognises a library of music when I want to; waste to find some speakers when I want to. Now I have the new question. It recognises a library of music, calm then selects an album, calm then selects a song and low and behold a screen goes spatial 02/9/2018. This has been the question of then day a. Have On twenty calls the bose and continue try solve some subjects. I have not bought so only three of these speakers have bought also a Soundtouch 30. I complain a day has done so much. This has been that goes in for on 2 years.
4 / 5 Regan
Has bought this with a Bose name in alcohol, no in that saw it the first hand. When Have pulled in the first place he out of a box has taken has concerned that a measure was to be reflective of a sound. This worry was all takes at all likes Bose the incredible sounds! Full of life and base. I dipped it/ I dipped It up in my fourth and now listen to to the music likes them the rig for a day or of wind down at night.

In general, am enamoured enough with him, and adapted reason have such faith in a Bose frames. It does not take Me bad, does not go to entertain the room of conference of people with this speaker, but for the personnel that listens for two Benjamins, this touches very better that has expected.
4 / 5 Conchita
I desire had taken my own joint. Wifi The connectivity there is taken on an hour and has required the google look for a undocumented way to access some speakers and manually enter hotspot name and signal. An application for android and download associated for the windows is spoilt to signal of unusable. They do not sustain streaming local content! I have bought these speakers to use in a street (shows of trade, if, classes, seminars. Once they leave some venues wifi coverage, no longer can connect to them using a bluetooth or To the CONNECTIONS (WTH Bose, reasons has to that imports??) The quality of sound was well in the 12x14 room but no like this as well as another Bose the products have possessed with a same physical measure. Lack of wifi the support for my local content has meant can not use two speakers in the sinister/right combination. I have had to that use a speaker or another which has meant the money has squandered that shabby two.

Adds he on, Bose has taken the product with a potential to be on half (but does not add ) and has destroyed he with poor creation and any consideration for an experience of user. I will think two times before I buy any future technology connected of Bose.
4 / 5 Alda
Does not squander your time with east a. This speaker is rubbishes . Virtually any tomb, quality of his this very poor. I can not think that BOSE would dip was something has taken! Have At all good to say in this speaker. It is certainly any value a $ 160. Seal of prize that comes with. It would not buy this thing for $ 10. It is going back. And, I am DONE WITH BOSE.
5 / 5 Vito
This speaker is crisp, clear and has utmost bass. I want that this system grows with me of then can buy more speakers in a SoundTouch family partorisca add in the each room. Although this a speaker is his of abundance partorisca all some rooms of a paving. It is built a lot well, extremely sturdy and looks partorisca be able to take the few drops! It is easy light & weight partorisca move room in room or place partorisca situate choose to. Also, has grips of the hule in some subordinated partorisca ensure any sliding around! A quality of his east simply unbelievable partorisca such the compact speaker, small. I want that it takes on practically very spatial at all, until some games of music, then fill a spatial integer that surrounds it and then some. Setup Was very easy, especially with a downloadable application. Very easy to follow directions, can connect your cell to the wifi connection, can manage a setup of this device. A bit those that the keys in a device are done also of the hule good, soft to a touch, company and would have to that last indefinitely. Bose Has obtained another loyal client in me thanks to this device!
5 / 5 Tam
Very difficult to dip on (has taken me three hours), does not come with his manual , average, any battery, randomly clashes so that there is reboot everything., so only it has 6 canals partorisca favourite touch, Expected partorisca the half hour partorisca “live cat” with Bose sustain before giving up. Has a lot of $ 30 speakers that his also and has taken 5 minutes partorisca dip up. Astonishingly Difficult to dip up with Bluetooth and of then has no manual, am not even sure ossia possible like this for now so only can use where there there is WiFi. A software is a lot of intruder and follows your activities and location - reason Bose need to look in your contacts and exploring history partorisca sake of heavens? No a quality have come partorisca expect of Bose. If you move to the different modem in the different location, will have to begin throughout in a setup same process although you are using an iPad still. It is hard partorisca me partorisca say anything well in this product. A lot disappointed.
4 / 5 Conrad
Bose The build adds sepakers but so only can not take he together with his SoundTouch software. If you are well with that has to that king-connect your speaker to a wi-fi coverage with a too complicated reset process two times the week then will be very happy with this product. Has 3 of one 10 east and a Soundbar and his all require constants that adds animals to a coverage. A quality of his is not a subject, but an annoyance of some subjects of software perpetuate me remorse not going with Sleeps.
4 / 5 Lorelei
Ossia The disaster of the product!!! Always achieved with BOSE produced in of the past to the equal that have bought two because of a simultaneous game announced and wifi capacity. There was partorisca on two years and weekly there is a subject. Using in a iMac (27 thumb late 2103) 3.4 Ghz intel core i5, 16 GB 1600 Mhz DDR3. Old car but does not have the question with anything more except Bose. Every time some updates of application some speakers go to the looks it to be an update; it has to that reconnect speakers, sometimes connect the WiFi, another time goes the Bluetooth way (With the blue tooth is gone in my iMac) and take stuck there. The hours are spent on support of client , rebooting, reconnecting, king-downloading. WASTE of money, and endeavour of stray & time. OF THE THAT SPENT THESE THINGS ARE Waiting COVERS N GAME
4 / 5 Dina
A sound is excellent. Pure and deep. An electrical cord is the drawback, but has loved the sounds of qualities so that it can take a speaker where loves it and listen to the his of quality. I have purchased this for my backyard relaxing - and the current Pandora. I need to take his software of windows with which concealed, is simple to join in. It chooses on my wireless advance and rear yards. Keys of push on sinister programs streaming canals and/or my playlist of the mine itunes account. It comes with the handy far this is to build for Pandora with thumbs on/down in far.
5 / 5 Dania
Has purchased this reason is listed like working by means of Alexa. After several hours that tries for my account to blue tooth a two (Alexa & Bose speaker), has called Alexa sustains. We have tried the backside-spend-by means of an internet to download and enable qualified of blue tooth. Without success, a rep has achieved was the Bose support. With him on the telephone of 3 ways has called, the blue tooth still has not done. A final verdict of a Bose rep - A speaker does not have a capacity to league of blue tooth was, so only can receive. Extremely misleading of Bose and/or Amazon to identify this so that be Alexa-friendly. While it appreciates a support of technology has tried, my time, money, and the endeavour has been squandered. It does not squander yours.
4 / 5 Daniele
My woman has taken this for me hard Christmas. I have tried hook he on that the day and he have not done. The this in spite of, well, will take some time later and chair and really try hook he on, are the Engineer of Software , surely can takes to do.... They are also quite busy, like this for some times have tried again, was too late for the turn. Apparently it has looked for to download updates that failed, as I connected it to my computer saws USB and took it to try to download some updates that way. Some updates have taken for ever, but looked to finalise, but a speaker still will not connect the wifi, bluetooth, and take this, a lot he operates same with auxilary port. I have tried the time of pair again, thinking perhaps his so only required to fix his software, but the a lot of avail. They are the little happy and the little sad that this was my prime minister Bose speaker. Happy I knows any to squander money on more than his speakers, sad that has not done reasons I mistakenly believed a hype and has thought has had good speakers...
4 / 5 Thalia
A Bose Soundtouch 10 automatically goes to sleep with which 20 minutes, and there is any way to disable this of this car-was characteristic.

The one who this half:
Asks Alexa something (ie: music of game)...Result: Any music (the speaker is esleeping'). You owe manually it walks on, gone back a speaker on (any in a speaker, in a far control or in a Bose application) and THEN can use your speaker.

Planning to have Alexa touches an alarm in a morning? Nope! Your speaker is slept also!
5 / 5 Sharleen
Does not go to list some good things in these speakers because they are irrelevant because of his questions.

Is marketed like this Bluetooth speakers, this in spite of his wireless capacities are at all but problematic. To all the cost of the like the source of music am using (PC, telephone) I still experiences some following subjects...

For judges of start, has a roughly 3 according to lag among a source and when a sound emits of some speakers. Ossia Tolerable with music while any precise or cure in immediate results with transmissions of volume or muting a sound. It results the substancially the @subject more add is to coach to use them for audio while looking video. If you possess a content of the calm digital video then can adust a clue of audio sychronization in your player of video. This in spite of, using them wirelessly is simply any one an option while gaming, streaming video, or for multiple another video and options of audio. To avert an intrinsic lag with any of these options some speakers owe that be physically wired to a source.

My main question is that these speakers fall a wireless signal constantly in spite of a distance of a source. There it has any one a lot concealed is more than frustrating that having the repeatedly cut music was, requests, and lens down. It is worse that some old days of skipping cd is.

I own $ 30 bluetooth speakers that has any of these subjects. Bose, One of some players some big plus in city, as it looks can any place out of the product that fulfils some to same levels likes him the phase of of low end. I seat betrayed for of the this and a fact that has lost his integrity and look to be that it locates a wave of his past success. All the waves come the clash down finally.
5 / 5 Antonina
A sound of SoundTouch 10 is perfect. Any complainant. This in spite of, a software sucks.

Dread 1: transport A lot annoying was characteristic.
Description: A SoundTouch 10 will turn was automatically any entrance of audio for 20 mins. This means is connected to the PC, has to turn yes on every time calms that wants to use. If any entrance of audio for 20 mins, the turns was. Calm has to it turn on everything for calm.
Fixed: Half year with which have bought this type, Bose the crew finally gives ossia the creation a lot of transmissions . They have released the software upgrade how is alleged to fix this subject for Bluetooth connection SO ONLY. This in spite of, this no for me.

Dread 2: A lot of unfriendly Bluetooth experience of pair with Windows 10
Description: Previously, simply it can no any pair with the Windows 10. Simply it can no.
Fixed: Half year later, Bose has released the software upgrade as fixed this subject.

Wants to love this product. In fact, they are the big defender of Bose. This in spite of, this experience is really disappointing. If Bose feels is No.1 In hardware, agreement. If they do not wake up and @give is left behind in an industry that change quickly, is dipped this company adds in danger.

To Bose'defenders, please join me. It says Bose your real experience. It does not feign there is not a lot of @@subject. It does not feign there is not any competitor that offered experience very better of software.
5 / 5 Rea
[September of update 2019]

With an evening more TuneIn update, the radio shows are interrupted now with TuneIn ads. A worse part is that TuneIn run of informative emissions partorisca insert his own ads.

Are now so only using this like this the very expensive Bluetooth speaker.

So much, has reduced some stars of 3 to 1 (and would go to 0 if this option was available).
I has bought one of of the one of the east look it in fact years when Bose has resupplied an Internet emisora radius. Bose Then decided partorisca go with TuneIn partorisca his canal of Internet with a last software of update of entity in 2018.

Of a transmission on, has been treating TuneIn solution that is not like this as well as old Bose canal.

In the first place, TuneIn inserts/inserts ads enough in front of all the emisora irradiate of entity all a time. So it change canals, goes to be listening to the plot of ads.

As, TuneIn censors the on-line canal and so only resupplies the access to that pense in you would have to that listen to. So much, no attended to have access to ALL THE on-line CANAL unless running you has seen another device.

A sound of this little Bose is quite amazing but reason paid like this to listen to ads all a time? So only take the Bluetooth speaker and save money, and be free of some additional ads of TuneIn.
5 / 5 Gema
Has bought the pair of these and is some the worse speakers have has not possessed never. They will not remain connected to a WiFi. Also I have the pair of Sleeps alfresco and is had much more and has has has had no a question. They were of the same and his prize 10 better times. No spent never Bose never again. I have sent a lot of emails and his never they was annoying to call or answered some emails.
5 / 5 Alison
Bose HAS his add. The connectivity was useless. Every time it has it has wanted the use has had to call Bose sustain the reconnect. It would owe that there is it prendido attention to some 1 descriptions of star. I am spent on 6 hours that speaks to sustain the reconnect. His add, but a lot frustrating. Please read some descriptions, can not comprise reason these are still in a phase.....
5 / 5 Shanelle
Wants to control a SoundTouch of a alexa the device can do that reason there is a alexa skill. As you can change volume etc.
Yes wants to use a SoundTouch like the speaker for your alexa device (aim it), can do that to. Has covers the boss to the the among some devices.
Wants to use a SoundTouch like the speaker And retain a functionality of a SoundTouch. You CAN A lot of this. If has the keys have programmed to the particular services then calms can do not to use them. Like this calm then could think? Well so only I will install a SoundTouch skill and The SAY to 'game preset 1'. Recently calm that goes to 'wifi' the setting and you lose interaction of 2 ways with a point. So has alarms, timers, or loves it ask any question anything, is out of regime.

Besides believe a signal to a Bose accounts by means of an application without access by means of a browser at all. Some of manager of signal of the use or need to do a management of account by means of a browser. But although I CAN any ANY RESET The SIGNAL By means of the APPLICATION without entirely logging out of a whole application! I swear this company is career for stirs it of muppets.

I bad I knows would not owe that expect a lot of capacity of technology of a company of audio but go in Bose assume A F$ ing talented expert solutions to direct like these things am done right way . You are running the company of audio of the prime minister any one the place of lemonade.

Like this loves 1) audio of whole house and 2) 2-way alexa in the each speaker (and each speaker like quell'decent speaker) that it is your options ?

Points of echo in the each one SoundTouch -- doesnt does unless I want to hop behind and the advance goes in To the and audio manually Or is a lot that loses some keys
Points with any one another type of the decent speaker connected for BLUETOOTH - with bluetooth this wont laws. To the amazon disables bluetooth with fines-audio of point, has to use to the bosses in the each point
Points with any one another type of the decent speaker peel connected the using fine-audio of room- this has to that
devices of Full Echo in the each point that Amazons to use fine-audio of room - this would have to that do

INFERIOR LINE: you can use these speakers with fines-audio of room and alexa but in almost any solution will lose functionality/of characteristics of some class.
4 / 5 Ernestine
Bose The speakers have the good sound to the equal that has the pair of them. While ossia awesome, finds that his bluetooth/the connectivity is way sub-regulate. This speaker leave to listen to the radio canal for simply turning it on, and ossia convenient, but often no reason need some class of update or some class of question of connection. Constantly I have subject of connectivities with east. Another bluetooth speakers have simply laws. They connect automatically and I do not owe that think roughly that. This a precise to plot of attention. Bose Seriously needs that IMPORTS he makeover for his bluetooth and software of connectivity.
5 / 5 Shenita
Has received it SoundTouch like the present. A speaker has struggled to fill my room and a lack of stereo the selection maintained of really enjoying it. It uses Music of Apple and read several estacas of Bose promising AirPlay2 support, as I have jumped for the second speaker... Here they are almost the year later this in spite of any AirPlay2. I can touch both speakers imitates by means of Bluetooth, but he glitch in some cranks of software a volume every time the starts of new song. Has two speakers, but can really so only use one the time. If utilisations Spotify these can do for you, but strongly would recommend Sleeps in Bose. Probably I will be to sell these and will not buy never another Bose has produced.
4 / 5 Hassie
Bose Describes a SoundTouch 10 like him esystem of wireless music'. While ossia the so only quite description, any one considering this device would owe that be conscious that will require a source of external control ( has used so much a telephone of Android and Windows PCs [that runs both Windows 8.1 and Windows 10]) has the definite hierarchy of wireless sources prefers.

First: a sound of this device is a lot well, and unless some rooms in your place of use is really big, this will resupply his big in the room has measured more inner. Some can find a midrange slightly too brilliant, but by means of the row to program types (of classical to acoustics to hard rock), has found a clear global sound and pleasing.

One on-interface of the device and the far control am simple: it can, source presets and keys of volume (thumbs of Pandora of the plus on/down keys in some far). A face of a SoundTouch also has four thin LEDs to indicate WiFi, Bluetooth, To the and global SoundTouch been.

For users, a complexity is of a device, and looks during place-arrive and configuration.

That a SoundTouch likes for sources:
-irradiate of the internet has seen WiFi
-Bluetooth devices
-To the in (wire fences).
-A lot of streaming services (Pandora, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Deezer the users are good to go. If utilisations Amazon, Slacker or anything more, a SoundTouch 10 a lot at present sustain these services).
-An extremely limited selection of DLNA services. A Bose the place of support declares that it is not fully DLNA compliant; it recommends WD MyCloud or Synology IN THE PRODUCTS, and resupplies additional instructions partorisca IN THE DEVICES of Iomega, Lacie, Netgear and Seagate (but any one some Systems of Búfalo DLNA IN That routinely music of current of street another DLNA compliant devices). FWIW, A SoundTouch10 has recognised mine IN THE RESIDENT DLNA library of music, and streamed one in the seeds-exited of intelligible audio that has confirmed a Bose statement of 'any fully DLNA compatible'. Too bad...

That will require to take the touching wireless content:
-For streaming services or radios of Internets: any of a telephone/of Apple of the Android or the PC of Windows. A SoundTouch10 has any exposure to configure these sources. You owe that download an application and calm has to that create an account. While a Bose the privacy policy leaves 'pseudo-anonymous' (Bose' terminology, any mine) configuration, some collection of information in your system and use it will continue, but will lose information in of the updates. If you choose full functionality, can imagine that some the potential uses are wide.

-Is configuring A SoundTouch has seen a telephone of Android, will resupply information in a WiFi the coverage wants to connect to and then run by means of options to add types of content. Inexplicably, you are configuring via the PC of Windows, will owe in brief connect a SoundTouch has seen a boss of USB has comprised to complete an initial configuration.
Is streaming street DLNA the contained has seen one IN THE DEVICE, so much one IN The and SoundTouch has to that be connected to a same coverage. Bluetooth The connection was sincere and quickly (for both a telephone of Android and an iPod of Apple Nano (7th generation).

A SoundTouch the application is satisfactory, but has some quirks. In place of one intuitive tabbed interface or icon of obvious paper, a lot one there is anticipated the functions reside under a 'explore' focus in a right side of an application that is not particularly intuitive. Like utilisations an application to store sources, can save until you are preset common of content, which correspond to some keys on a SoundTouch and his comprised far.

Curiously, an application has has offered options for connectivities of the coverage of Ethernet wired; probably ossia for SoundTouch models 20/30 that alive main on a Bose alimentary canal.

A device arrives with drive fast; a full user of 30 pages drives does not ship with a product, but available in a SoundTouch (.With) Put of support.
5 / 5 Georgiann
A lot disappointed but would have to that it has read some descriptions.
Has bought this to ADD to my devices of Echo of Alexa, 4 in of the different rooms. An intention was to touch a same music on everything of my devices... This is not possible with this speaker.
Looks like calm so only can control this by means of a Bose application or to add like Alexa skill. No thanks to any one. It would owe that be able to easily add this like the device of ready house and then add to the group and game. NOPE.
This is not some first time have been disappointed with the Bose has produced. Of proprietary connectivity to applications, Bose does not touch good in a sandbox. I guess I go to verify out of a Sonus now.
So that well, has touched the pair of songs by means of a Bose the application and he have touched well, the little light in a department of base but good for $ 100 Black Fridays extracted, this in spite of has it JBL Bluetooth speaker for $ 80 this does this sound of what likes speaker of small laptop.

After the hours to try diverse things dipped it behind in a box and there is rid my turn.
5 / 5 Franklin
Has bought six (6) Bose Touch His 10 speakers for my house to fill my house with his synchronised and Bose is - hands down - some better touching speaker out of any of some wireless speakers there. I have tried it Sleeps speaker before for quality of his, volume, tenor and grave and has the enormous quantity of difference among others produced and Bose. There is the reason that Bose has been a leader of industry in science of his and is reason have it down to the science.

No, are not the writer paid of descriptions but the true consumer and tried and his afficionado. In fact, they are the manager of the healthcare operation so that alive for practice, but also appreciates his to add.

To come house to the his synchronised like this - out of such the small speaker pair - is for real remarkable.

He, sure to create it stereo pair in the each room, to combine two speakers to the stereo pair (easily) street Bose is personalised application, but doing so it creates to to the the calm sound likes would not believe - often exiting of the speakers that of cost (literally) thousands more.

To say are happy is a undertatement. Bose HAS his down to the science.

My only complaint is that an initial setup and update of some speakers - to connect to the each speaker has seen an application and then your local coverage - is complicated enough and is certainly any for one any-technology-savvy. Knowing Bose and his commitment to Exc in science of his and technology, am sure this will be to solve punctual.

To estimate to this compraventa likes anything less than 5 stars would do it disservice to touch followers around a world, likes I no...

Bose, The his beautiful , beautiful. If yours application fixed, will dominate this in spite of another space of the his in a world of technology (but are by train to the supposition has known that already).

Inferior line, are the defender . An enormous a. Bose Is my crew and always will be. As my father taught always, ' tin a lot never gone bad to buy a better.' I , Dad. It calms you proud.

-Brian Bequette
5 / 5 Wesley
This little speaker dips out of the tonne of the sound and am surprised always because variety and the tones are packed in such the small space. Also I have a Soundtouch 300 soundbar and he 20. Could have it it has saved it easily of the money and has bought the 10 vs a 20, has has had to that do would have taken on 2 more 10 is for a same prize and spaced them was.

An application has not been thought by means of and has to that it weaves of glitches, decides a fabulous the costs to touch some aches of an application. Has update many times of then November 2016, this in spite of does not see any a lot of the difference.

Can use this with Alexa but Bose there is still to add direct support thus still. As you owe that ask to touch the song, then pair a speaker. It is glitchy and a sound comes and goes enough bit it. Call to the bluetooth connection how is so only easier. No my original intent when buying.
5 / 5 Vito
Updating of original description down (changing 1 star to 3 star). In Jan 2019 Bose has listened to some complaints and has added a capacity of an user partorisca add in fact partorisca commission URL link to canal of current. This solves my question and I am happy partorisca a moment. Although I seat like a scrolling vtuner was the enormous step backward partorisca Bose. It comes from with precaution.
Loves a quality of his May Bose has done so only the transmission to take vtuner of his device. This effectively takes access to all Entercom emisora irradiate and more which is which has bought he partorisca in a first place. If you are buying this to listen to the emisora radio beware of sneaky Bose and his disposal partorisca pull support. This time there is any capacity to manually enter the streaming url that would leave for one to listen in any streaming canal, my sympathetic is that the devices of competitor can do elsewhere!
4 / 5 Mitch
This speaker is a main disappointment in of the cost has done all the year. It is sold like calm can turn it on and connect but does not touch like that at all. It will connect and estay connected' except the game on is own terms . It is not the distance or thing of interference. So only it falls it was and a sound takes is that of the CD leaves a floorboard of your car. Skips And skips. It does not discriminate in of the devices neither, his hate everything. An only way will touch constantly is is connected street to the cord. My telephone does not have the out of, any one sure if yours , so that it sinks that contrives to go in and connecting my music to wind down with which does. I have thought at the beginning that is but no state imports , so only does not like to touch of street Bluetooth. It touches together with my computer for film has seen one to the the cord and ossia an only reason maintained it. They are happy did not buy it when I discovered it in the first place because it was twice more than has finalised to pay for him. The guess would have to that it has taken it that like the sign to remain was. Perhaps any law this will learn of my deception. It is the brutal disappointment that comes from/comes from the mark has trusted.
5 / 5 Lyndia
One first what that would like me to of the action is an application . It is the little clunky at the beginning but thinks that is feigned a technology savvy. This has said, a deep plus takings to an application a more rewarding results. As, LOVE THESE SPEAKERS! It has dipped three up during my house and a quality of his fantastic east. You owe that it changes of WIFI the Bluetooth to listen yours the own but ossia the easy music once dipped that up. Setup Takes some time and the patience and calm has to that add your wifi the signal for Each SPEAKER has on dipped. But once setup, really sounds well.
4 / 5 Eloy
Ossia The very good addition mine Soundtouch system. It is small and reasonably portable--so much in room in the portable room. A quality of his fantastic east for the small device and this speaker leave me the music of current in an additional room. To appreciate a quality of his in is optimum setting, the press needs a volume up.

Setup Is not like this directly advances, ossia a zone Bose could and would have to that do the much better laws with but once is setup is well. A Soundtouch the application has seen refinements by means of some years and hopefully continuous do like this so that it is to say another describes that improves need but is not bad. In spite of a pair of negative appearances has outlined is still the compraventa solid and would recommend it wants to add his the another room and calm possess one that exists Soundtouch devise. It would sustain in 20 or 30 he the only calm a devise unless you are looking for the small impression, one 10 would be a a to take.
4 / 5 Boris
Has looked for speakers for my laptop (music, video, etc.), And a consolation to use Spotify Connects the music of current (like this support of speakers).

Has in the first place bought a speaker but a sound so only has not gone quite rich and a lot really fill the room (also a dimensional). It has taken the second an and place he in stereo way (as doing like this dipped), which has improved quality of sound.

This in spite of, results then calms can not use these speakers with computers to touch video/etc., he so that has the delay of an use of bluetooth (used to communicate both among speakers and to a computer) that video of causes/of audio to any sync. The support of technology has confirmed ossia a chance because of technical limitations. Extracted-breaker for me if I can not use these speakers to look video in my computer.

Also, a lot a time is a lot finicky take a Spotify Streaming to do (note: transfer of speakers of mine at night; otherwise, perhaps would not be a subject himself calm never has turned was, does not know ). Orange light for wireless signal (error of signage) often shows, while other laws of time; no really clear reason.

Also, does not like that it calms can not regulate triple bass , so only (which is still a bit noticeable still in a dipping a low plus). Returning, and the supposition so only will owe that buy speakers of laptops of normal wire fences :-(
4 / 5 Arthur
has had five of these for roughly two years. Two pairs are used like stereo partorisci, one is used so only . My primary use for these is streaming radius of internet and - of entity for this description - streaming of the library of music of iTunes big.

In general, has been pleased with his action and sound. While I have had to reset a WiFi to king-establish-connections to some speakers from time to time, really has has does not have to that this in the interval ossia result distracts it or discouraging. So much, in general the good cost.

Now a downside - I is less be of impressed with Bose committed to maintain, has left so only, upgrading a software in those these confidences of speakers. One of some annoying subjects of entities for me with these speakers is that you music of current of iTunes you will not be able the current constantly -, gapless Among songs. There is always he 2 empty according to inserted among songs. This are really annoying when listening the things like this of the alive disks, and when your version of Beethoven 9th has a final movement spit the four separate segments. This subject has been very documented and known to Bose for several years, but is not never state has solved. Besides, some diverse past months, Bose software upgrades has failed in MacIntosh computers - an only way there is felizmente upgraded the software has been to uninstall an old version and install the new version of scratch. While I have assumed this was so only me, after revising a Bose forums, this also looks to be the subject has documented.

A straw this is likely to break the behind a camel for me considering continuing use these products has been precipitated for a MacOS macintosh upgrade to Catalina. With this upgrade will lose you all the capacity the current of Mac Music (iTunes goes was with this upgrade). If ossia of yours entity, stop now, and purchase something more. Ossia Reason with an elimination of iTunes, the apple sustains deleted for a file of XML in it Bose the confidences of software. While this Macintosh upgrade is a lot recent (10/1), Bose has has had to that clearly know this was was ( has elsewhere of the apple has left developer any that was deprecating some XML files does several years) this in spite of like this his software has broken still when a new MacOS is exited. This has been the element of discussion in a Bose forums, but has has crickets of a Bose instruments of support. No, the formal statements in the advances of streets has been released. Heck, to arrive to this point would appreciate the simple acknowledgement of a question and it saying of the statement is choosing a lot to fix his software to direct. Given this silence, and based in my experience with gapless game, are not optimistic that this will be to solve in the timely fashion, if it is not solved never.

So much, my recommendation is that you are planning on using these speakers the current of iTunes or Mac Music, look in the different option. If this does not apply your, still would take the bit of pause in considering a compraventa simply based in that I has seen regarding those looks to be the lack of commitment of Bose to maintain and upgrade his software like some transmissions of landscape.
4 / 5 Madaline
Like some deep/rich bass this small unit has to that offered. Certainly it would recommend this product to any the one who is looking for the wireless/bluetooth speaker that gives better that touch that laptop bluetooth speakers there but has had to that sacrifice portability like the tradeoff (precise AC beats).
5 / 5 Tami
Amur He - Bose has some absolute better speakers there. Now at all it compares to them, unfortunately! Amur This, easy to connect, a lot of options. Game of computer, telephone, ipod - anything. It adds more and connect them want to . Ossia Quite speaker for me in the cookery that/dines zone where read - and so only turn it around are in living room. The desire there has been the battery - but can live without commercial was for a quality of sound. In this chance, takings like stops of pay. It solves for less, or pay more for a sound adds. It depends in your needs. I do in home, as I can listen the music all day, while on to Alexa also.
5 / 5 Pura
This speaker has the 1-2 according to his lag that done this speaker unusable when looking video of the computer. Unfortunately I owe that return this 🙁
4 / 5 Tam
Ossia probably a better element only that has has not purchased never! They are past time comparing this to some Sleeps System and has gone with Bose reason:. 1) Bluetooth Described (outrage a Coverage). 2) Wireless far has comprised. 3) it has touched it likes a Bose the speaker would do with my wireless coverage extends (and does!) Where Some Sleeps the system looked to require a compraventa additional. (Although the can not confirm/deny if ossia the question for Sleeps)

Now for a sound was, simply is in amazing. Low bass and his plenaries. Ossia A main reason for a speaker, well? Mark of control. This little speaker can kick.

With which one wireless.. A lot simple setup. I have connected to my Earls of Amazon of First Music, which took the minute to imagine was. Now I have the hot key has connected to my Canal of Amazon of Classical Rock. Priceless!!

Control of a device:. I have tried 3 ways (telephone, far, and in a speaker), and calm think you can use your desk also. Have prendido a music in a far, and began it again in a telephone. Now Ossia fresh! I love some few hot keys. They are attributed in an application.

Has not been that more to say another it Bose Rocks! Perfect indication.

Update:. A week later this in spite of awesome. Path in, press 1, and boom, music of full Classical Rock a zone. Lovin Life!
4 / 5 Hertha
The descriptions have read of 2017 still confirmation that included in 2020 Bose does has good quantity of his and bass, this in spite of poor connection to another Bose devices while synced and poor mobile application and Bluetooth the still connections faulty and that the cut was and there is retarded. Any partorisca mention while in Bluetooth or directly connected to the television there is still does not match a noise. Such delay it partorisca the $ 200 speaker. So only reason has taken these partorisca $ 99 in Xmas 2019, does not concern me if they are $ 50, was is returned still. Also hype with Bose. Waste of rejections $ 200 on two Bose soundtouch 10s this only work with an another $ 500 Bose speaker tethered to the TV. My purpose was partorisca have surround his for television without being tethered with any others the cords besides can and have any delay but also quite easy with the voice are well. It goes advance and take it on with and buy them calm so much can write your own description. You will be to pay $ 200 for the constant headache. It does not think that paid for a headache is worth it. Calm will thank me.
4 / 5 Myesha
This system of his fantastic east. It resupplies a sound of same quality that Bose is known stops. My husband has connected our hard walk of thousands and thousands of songs to this system, and now all have to that do has gone back this on and listen our music in any format chooses. Before, accessing our music has been complicated and so only orchestrated for my friki the husband has seen his computer, but now can touch that I want to when I want to, and a sound are adds. It is a lot of value a prize.
4 / 5 Lien
Has possessed so much a Bose SoundTouch 10 and 20 for several years. They are generally state pleased with a quality of his of both speakers, with a SoundTouch 20 having the full plus and quality of his global better. This in spite of, an application and connection of speaker to a wifi could be bit it iffy in time, although a bluetooth always done perfectly. Lately this in spite of, some looks of action to be a lot of improved, with less than updates and of action more compatible. They are always be the big defender of a 'game everywhere' characteristic, which leave me to touch a same thing simultaneously in of the different rooms, as I can walk during a house and enjoy my music (and each volume of speakers can be dipped for separate). You can connect your library of own music (for having the device consecrated or leaving the computer on), music of Amazon of the use, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, or Pandora.
4 / 5 Andy
Ossia My third SoundTouch 10 speaker. Amur That is portable and resupply his terrific. Good bass, clear midrange and triple that directed to the good sound has balanced that leaves the enjoyable listening. It connects easily the iPhone as my boys can listen his music - when my woman and I are not listening to the ours. The software is quell'has bitten clunky but purchase Bose for quality of his (with the continuous wait improve a software).
5 / 5 Otis
Has had this speaker for roughly 6 month now. A speaker is very second the one who the quality of his this has concerned. To sure better speakers good in a phase this measure and row of prize. An application is HORRIBLE. Without an application a speaker is useless! For this I bad that if the multiple devices have an application in your house can control more effectively. In place of a device that connects bluetooth, the multiple can see a device and music of control and volume, etc.
An application will connect so only after the tentativas múltiplas and then when a telephone or iPad tries the reconnect after changing out of an application or that goes to sleep, behind to square one. Ossia Such the PIA that will sell this thing in Craigslist, takes to beat the and find another option for fine-room bluetooth devices for music. Bose Failed is one.
5 / 5 Ardelia
These speakers do well independently. When it Creates the stereo the pair is terrible. They will do initially when calm dipped arrives him but a next day has to that begin on again. I am ready to launch these in some rubbishes. Bose Constantly is updating some speakers and worsen every time update a firmware. You save the plot of frustration.
4 / 5 Tyler
Has received this system of music of my husband for Navidad. Absolutely I love it. It was like this easy to dip up and it beginning that it use. Now it listens the radio of internet (like WNYC and BBC) house in some mornings and Pandora resupplies lovely music while I seat likes to listen to some tunes. Work perfectly with my iPhone - that careers in Bluetooth and WiFi. And to it likes him to it the butter. And quite strong to fill our house (roughly 1800 square feet). Highly recommend!
5 / 5 Fallon
Has bought this reason am always be the Bose defender. A sound, as expected, has surprised. A subject of entity (very known in a community of user to the equal that results) is that it will not remain connected rendering this an expensive piece of junk. It is not a wifi connection, but connects street bluetooth Alexa. Literally it could not take by means of more than the song and he disconnect. Bluetooth Is around state, is not science of rocket. Gone in Bose, enciphers this was!! I have substituted this with some Sleeps One which am very happy with! If you are using a Bose Soundtouch 10 with Alexa, save your money and avert frustration!
5 / 5 Cierra
Has bought this speaker for my chamber. I have written the leading description but I would like to develop. With which have listened his for the while it could not take on a fact that an application of Wi-Fi does not have a bow. It leaves the user reduces grave. Ossia. Without the bow the width more a speaker has too mids. Felizmente Still has it Bluetooth 4.0. With a Bluetooth can use the bow of my telephone. A difference is night and day. A speaker touches wonderful when you can tweak some settings. But without a bow has the speaker of Wi-Fi I use as it Bluetooth speaker. Still it loves having a speaker in my fourth and still think a speaker is wonderful after the little tweaks. So only it is that it disappoints that an application of support is so only mediocre. A connectivity of Wi-Fi is really so only the automobile on three wheels without a bow for an application.
Update: I can not take on that terrible these touches of speaker when using wi-fi. This the really expensive fact mediocre bluetooth speaker.
4 / 5 Lester
January of update 5: I am happy, his very well am to wait low prizes again to purchase another device. Setup Has complicated still.

Is the beautiful iece of hardware, elegant, very drawn, elegant, strong but no his well in big volume, a setup is the nightmare, is not complicated, but take to long and for me at least 20 minutes and two hundred strong and big bad words.

The integration with Alexa was an easy part, a functionality, adds, any question, a moment bad, a first software setup contac, Bose has to that improve concealed.

A sound requires the little of brittle, some sound of Twitter, some crispy sound.

After all am happy.

Top Customer Reviews: Bose SoundLink ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5 Annett
Any sure that am missing here. I am not trying partorisca touch like the snob or the rebel when it has said this, but does not buy this speaker!..To the left explain me.
Has bought this speaker he roughly done six month and when I took it, has thinks that has touched decent. Basically, the mine has touched like the cookery of big final
radio. The GustanI . Then in an after several days, has begun partorisca interest that it is like this expensive. I call cynical, but an only logic
the conclusion could come up with this the calm basically is that it pays an extra 300 bucks partorisca this dish in a front that says 'BOSE'.
The short long history, is returned, looked some video of comparison of the speaker, and has been partorisca a Aiwa Exos 9. Ossia The $ 300 speaker, and trust me.
To good sure quality of his better. Ossia An interesting part ; it liked a Aiwa of so much, has bought another and 'linked' takes him left and right
canals. A sound that exited of two Aiwas is in a totally different class that a Bose. And if you have not done a mathematics, ossia
$ 600 total partorisca a Aiwas. So only roughly 50 bucks more than this overpriced irradiate of cookery. For a way, are not a Aiwa any the one who does not want to you of the types to squander your money.
5 / 5 Lesley
Has purchased in 2014 and still adds. It has a lot of state pleased with a gorgeous the sound produced for the speaker if this 't believes your ears,...But then It Is the Bose, as it guesses no surprised real in a quality. We buy a coverage has sold for separate and would recommend looks and mark of new sounds in spite of travesías a lot of to a beach and to poolside and the time of hundred around a house. A battery still touches well and games for hours and of the same hours now in a Summer of 2017. I remark a prize is now $ 50 less than those pays, but is cost each penny.
Still going strong in 2018, included with which ACCIDENTALLY FALLING HE IN HOT CUBA on fully submerged for roughly 10 seconds. It was sure he the ruined , but dried it is gone in some external and sinister chairs at night. Turned the in a next morning and mine utter surprised, work as if at all it had spent his and continuous do and load so only a lot here the month later. Amazing product. Addition: it is now He Leaves 2019 and this continuous speaker operate worse for a hot tub dunk. We could not be happier with him still touches terrific.
4 / 5 Iliana
Typical Bose has produced: the sound is quite well, but underwhelming considering a big prize, neither is particularly powerful, any to mention that you have to that paste a volume 10 times for there to be any significant difference.

Coffins The bones looks also: Any way of the control remotely AFAIK, any external start or EQ of any class. For almost $ 300, it would have to have far more to this unit.

Revisted With which 1.5 years: No longer using this unit - is stashed is gone in the drawer. No the good investment.
4 / 5 Wilson
The mine is lasted 6 month before it has broken down, which is not of the that them it paralización expected when it bought it to them. It has taken to the point where it wouldnt load or turn on. I sent it behind to bose, which was the whole shot trying cogerprpers to sendme a focus of nave and such. Has has wanted to this while it has done, but for a money, im class of crazy has broken like this fast. hopefully bose Fix, then would say them 5 stars
4 / 5 Savannah
has purchased two of these and some batteries had died inside the month. It results to take a battery has substituted is the enormous hassle this requires walk the varied hours and pay almost the one who some speakers am cost . Such the ripoff. Also, BOSE the guarantee does not cover the elements have purchased by means of Amazon. A lot he! Buy your speakers in tent.
5 / 5 Shaunta
Excellent bluetooth speaker, but any quite one 'bang for your buck' that a Mini is. Has a mini in my office in work, has taken this full measure for a house. I can very really say a lot the difference in quality of his or sound. In fact, a mini has the function of metre of the battery in mine telephone that this a no . For a measure added and money, a Soundlink is not quite a value that a mini is. Yes, they are both excellent speakers . If it bought him again, the probably would take a mini.
4 / 5 Carin
His good & life of Long battery-- music of games for 8+ hours. At present, has 2 of these speakers have connected to Avantree Oasis bluetooth transmitter for our iTunes playlist on PC for audio of touch in treatment of massage & of zone of soiled reception. Ossia Some links of product for transmitter (the work adds btw): Avantree the oasis A lot the DIVERSE TIME Bluetooth Transmissive for Audio of television, Auricular and Wireless Transmitter, Certificates aptX Low Latency, the Optical Digital support, RCA To the, for Any Devices of Audio [Guarantee of 2 Years ]
5 / 5 Shani
think Bosé more the products have qualities of his add. This particularly is not a better a, but calm consider you would have to that know that when it compare a prize among the majority of them.

In that said the one who, ballast habladuría in good and bad things:

- His portability: of then it has the built-in rechargeable battery that last roughly 12 hours, easily can spend he with you. So only be careful of then is not waterproof,
- Light: it is not a lighest portable speaker (roughly 3 books or 1350gr), but considers lights enough for the spend easily in you rucksack or still in the purse of women (not complaining on some measures of purses of women LOL),
- Easy of use: I took roughly 4 minutes with which opens a box for the take that touches the music of mine iPhone. It is really user friendly device. Mina 5 daughter of the years also manipulates without questions at all,
- His creation are add, in spite of his totally vertical form, which in some chances could be the with been due to a easiness to leave yes fallen,
- Bluetooth connects automatically, I any bed in which you negotiate of devices, but in our daily base, he partorisci automatically with my iPhone and / or my woman is one like the charm,
- I considers it the volume is quite strong to listen the music in home, and included in exteriors, but he any be quite strong for the party or the place have fill.
- Comes with a cord to be able to required in the chance perhaps neither needs to recharge a battery or so only prefer the use has attached can it outlet.
- Quality: Bose is synonym of the quality adds, as I go to avert calm resisted on this point.

- His totally the vertical creation does not resupply quite support and yes travesía calm he on, probably would fall.
- As the majority Bosé, the people would say that it is stronger because of the his tune of basses. No it fulfilling the with, but some relative say like this and calm consider you would appreciate this feedback also.
- A prize: Yes, it is Bose, but considers ossia the little has bitten overpriced. Like this revise consider one same.

In all the chance, would recommend it if really it likes you enjoys the house of music or in exteriors, with a flexibility to spend your speaker and to the period of battery adds.
4 / 5 Nick
Are the classical musician professional like this while it would not consider me a audiophile, my need for his of the big quality is very big. This device is such the like to listen to anything on, of the tomorrow radio show to the classical register. Connecting bluetooth the devices is very easy. Have So only some small observations. It directs the orchestra of youth. It likes-me it fly it metronome in a 60 group of piece to the equal that are learning the new piece to the equal that can internalise one has beaten. My last speaker, the Sony, could easily project in an orchestra but this an east bit it softer. I know some people have said that this speaker is ridiculously strong. Has not founding concealed to be a chance. Also practical my rapes together with registers when learning new pieces. Again, has some time when I can not listen a music (in full volume) for my account notarise so only like practical. It depends in a register, but does not find a volume to be like this strong likes another has alleged. This has said, is one the majority of the his beautiful has not listened never of the speaker and I would take that on volume any day now.
4 / 5 Marilyn
Take which pays stops. Any thrilled with one the new look and the desire there was some have added characteristic - far or the fastest/car pickup of MINE bluetooth device - but are not quite of the techie to know or a lot ossia included possible. Inferior line, has bought the pocolos other speakers (of the economic bluetooth, which have a lot of be happy with and a no-bluetooth four or so that the old years) and would buy this again. Proudly I the ameno at random to aim was and improve a party, and all the world is always happy to do. Bose Is not so only selling of his reputation his just, and loves some few keys. A sleeker measures it the much more mobile fact. River in my friends those who have speakers with life of the longest battery or stronger would not trade mine Bose for any of those in the heartbeat. Of the tightwad those who splurged to treat he - you will not be disappointed is. If calm included is when considering, ossia the one who precise.
4 / 5 Cassi
Ossia The speaker adds . Some bass is supremely resonant in some volumes some low plus, but distorts maximum volume prójimo. Ossia The speaker adds for easy listening and to spend the half sized party. Bought a Ue Megaboom and is returned a Bose, this in spite of. A Megaboom packs the enormous punch and the glass of stays clears even in maximum volume. It is also much more durable that a Bose. If you are looking for the main row would go with the different speaker (particularly a Megaboom).
5 / 5 Dominic
Enamoured!! I have been that resists on has bought this speaker for years now. It had been using the jawbone jambox for roughly 3 years and so only last week has fallen to a group! I have known exactly it was speaker to purchase after like this the speaker has been in my cast to wish for ever! They are like this happy I splurged and has bought is one. A sound is surprising, and that has used a jambox for the years am remarked the difference a second I has turned a soundlink on. Everything roughly is fantastic. A sound, a look, a measure and hanged. I have not tried out of a life of battery so only still this in spite of. If yours has thought to take this speaker so only he. It does not solve for to the wireless speaker more economic likes has done years.
5 / 5 Zoe
A quality of his east orders, but in fact syncing the device is the ache . Calm so only has to that take lucky pressing ync' in both a speaker and another device to be paired. With which roughly 20 minutes, will take lucky and a pair of device. It likes-me a sound the plot, but will be wary buying the Bose in a future because taking to the working state with this quite calm thing a way.

Has description of update: quality of his is not that I add even. Bose Has gone downhill looks. Yes, has bass, but some treble is not very clear. Sometimes when this speaker any pair (another subject there is remarked on), he defaults to the mine macbook, and a lot prefers a built-in of the speakers of laptop. Ossia Causes too bad am spent the plot of money is.
4 / 5 Michelina
Are by train to ask me like this the speaker rid such grave deep. Perhaps too much. To to I Sounds like to of him dipped well in a verge of clipping. Nizza crisp Big commentaries also. I have bought he for work but he easily outclasses my JBL On Phase III plugged to my computer. I will use for home while it is touching then take it to do. Connected immediately to the mine iPad but has taken the moment to connect to the mine Dell desk. It is quell'has bitten weighed to the equal that consider when taking to somewhere.
5 / 5 Pam
This speaker the beautiful product does not know everything of some technical terms but I have been listening the music the long time and ossia a speaker has used better. There is the full and wonderful row of tones if a volume is down or big. I have had at the beginning the question with a bluetooth connection when changing of a device to another ( the Mac). This situation is solved for disconnecting a speaker and reconnecting to a device has wished. It is really easy to do. It founds help with east in a Bose put web. I have bought also one covers as among the variety of colours; probably it protects a speaker in some measure but honradamente, so only looks well. :-)
5 / 5 Anastasia
In the first place, kudos and thank you, Amazon. It has not expected this container until Monday, had it of then sent to my office for 48 now free nave yesterday. But it has taken here in 24 hrs!

This one substitutes a Bose SoundDock that has used with two iPods for more than ten years like my box of music of the office. Unfortunately, the strike the light has cured of him. Along alive SoundDock.

A SoundLink was very easy to exit of a box and place up. Bluetooth The pairing was quite easy and fast, and a sound is really fantastic. I am impressed especially for some bass. They are able to situate he in that a manual described like an ideal location, on the 24-the big thumb bookcase and roughly are to ten thumbs of the wall. I can listen my music like this clearly without blowing was a hallway near ( is an office after all and have mates in neighboring offices, like the volume has to that be maintained in the reasonable level). This has said, is clear that has Loved to blow was a place a little unit certainly could does.

Quotes his compactness and a power of battery, can see this one travelling to some interesting locations during some university some coming weeks.

Thank you Bose And Amazon, has done my Friday! (Now behind to these memos!).
5 / 5 Calvin
Ossia That the speaker adds ! I have bought this for my husband like the present and loves it! In fact we order the first speaker of Sleeps, but has not been happy with him because it has had to be plugged in and has to that use the application of Sleeps to touch your music. This speaker is súper easy to pair with your telephone or ipad and can touch anything loves on he (spotify, itunes, youtube, etc) and has quality of his add! Has has wanted to something that could easily movement around a house and use external and this does a trick. We use for long periods of the time and he has not lost can of battery still. It is quite strong to use the party or external. Ossia Also quite discreet, included when plugged in a cord is a lot slender and can be situated almost anywhere that a cord will achieve. To good sure would recommend this speaker!
4 / 5 Jerrod
Are not an expert technophile, but I like my music! To take the portable things, I stared with some Pills of Colds. Pleasant, ready, tiny . . .But no a lot of loyalty. Has come after the Monster Mini HD. Maintaining has listened things . . . But still a lot enough.
Finally has taken my new Bose SoundLink III SPEAKER, and Hoo-Wah! They are the happy auditor ! IMPORTING happy! This speaker is all I never need. It is reasonable small and light, but spends his BIG! I fill the a lot of-sized living room with abundance of low, abonos mid-row and main, and has simple, easy to use controls.
All really can say is that I think that that this speaker is a lot of value of the money and am very happy that bought it.
5 / 5 Rupert
Like this by means of my life, the ees has possessed a lot of systems of the his, the few bars of his, and he handful of bluetooth speakers.
This speaker has to that be one of a plus cleaned that it touch the speakers have has not had never.
A prize is the little empinado, but well validates he.
Some bass is not that they shake earth, but is to be expected with the portable speaker.
Use every day and so only the touch each one-another day. (I last roughly 12 hours touch continuous for the half volume (which is quite strong))
5 stars. Awesome Has produced.
5 / 5 Noelia
This speaker is surprising for his measure. It will fill a full half room of his add. It will not substitute the speakers of wall fill jointly. Some bass is surprising this in spite of no too punchy that riadas out of a highs. I have purchased this like the present for my woman and thinks are a person more orders never! I have purchased also a separate base and the dark red coverage that access in a unit. All the elements are wonderful. One bases is not absolutely necessary, but when we take an external speaker, is like this simple to grab a unit and go. Any boss to disconnect and any harm to some connections ( has broken numerous mobile phones for plugging/unplugging). A chance is good and among several colours. I connect to use two Samsung telephone of Galaxy and bluetooth has been flawless. I have read each description in several units and this one is exited up. A Soundlink mini was my second election and he probably the sound adds also. There is a lot revises on here of experts of audio and have some inform of sound, but the little too info in time. A sound of this unit me smiled. Amazing. I am streaming my First music to the equal that write this!!! ;)
5 / 5 Chantay
This speaker is surprising!! A quality of his and the life of battery is of sound!! BUT one the majority of what AMAZING is a fact that my husband has used he A YEAR and has forgotten where has left the. We so only found he in a box of his pickup and work perfectly! A WHOLE YEAR in some elements!! Rain, nieva 100° days in the blacks pickup the bed and work like new!! I cant believe it!! (It is not never in those use he again. I love this little speaker.)
4 / 5 Russel
Quality of his this quite subjective, and will not feign to have some clue of interior in the good sound. This has said, consider a sake of the his, without any clear colouring, certainly very enough to listen a dowloaded music and streaming music. If you are interested in an exhaustive description of laptop bluetooth speakers, follows is link: A reviewer has not gone especially thrilled with this product is concealed is so only a reviewer opinion. Further of considerations, these produced has value of good drawing: good volume, life of good battery, sold feels, a lot understated lights on front, has drawn amiably controls in a rubberized short, and good row for a bluetooth connection. The appearance is of the entity for something concealed is going to to seat in your counter of cookery or to somewhere where will be to see to to plot. Some some paint the utmost look in the ash of granite countertop, and would have to that go well with the variety of colours. This in spite of, no likes him to him a overstated of logo corporate, which is much more conspicuous in real life that in some photos of product, because of this arrived of lustrous money . With this big product-finalise $ 300 seal of prize, has to does not have to that dipped up with this class of advertising. But that the question is has solved easily. Of the money Bose the papers are glued on with the quite feeble glue. So only stick the leaf of knife under a flange of some papers and pull a logo was. This , am able to give these five stars.
4 / 5 Providencia
Has received only mine SLIII done an hour and am very impressed. A sound is estrong and clear'. Very impressive for the small container.
And a row is each one has bitten of 30 USB of level of feet. Connectivity very better that mine Plantronics M165 earbud. I have moved by means of a house, has been included external, and has maintained the legislation of good connection until one 30 limit of feet, while my organism there is not coming among an iPhone and speaker. To the wall was any question .
Has in the first place possessed a Bose 901s, bought in 1974 before it never has had the Serious II, III, etc. The ones of way that is Bose reputation to take to plot of his out of the small space. Right now, I am flying out of ZZ the cup is 'The Grange' in max volume and, while I can listen some echo/of boom in some bass, can not complain... It is quite tolerable and the reasonable trade-was-for a measure and portability of this speaker.
Had considered a Big Jawbone Jambox also. You take a speakerphone option and save $ 50. But listening to a Bose... I think that that I have done a better election.
Bose, Can do this better with the USB rule uploads boss... Like an iPad for example, with this own DC conversor to take a volt/amp precise. And add a mic for him speakerphone option. Compatible with Siri while you are in him. Oh, And PLEASE give me some bondadosos of indication of volume, although it is so only he beep when max is achieved.
4 / 5 Esmeralda
Has bought this like the present for my woman the one who has used the economic little speaker of cube. A sound of this thing is far upper to a lot of that has tried locally and is also able to match another unit in volume without a lot of sprain. A life of battery is impressive and is not never be a subject. It is quite durable and has not had the subject alone with which almost 2 years of use.
4 / 5 Shondra
This Bose the link of the his III has his very good
and an only reason partorisca to 4 star is reason in a volume a big plus has to that it weaves of base. This in spite of, in volume of half is very good. Life of battery and connective is excellent.
I like a fashion and is easy to spend. Unfortunately, Bose has interrupted this model. I expect that they spend it behind.
Some looks of prize bit it main but is paying for a Bose quality.
4 / 5 Zetta
Bose Rid with some links of the his 3 bluetooth speaker here. A quality of his, in the first place, is awesome. Deep crisp answered of basses that is hallmark Bose. Locating an interior of speaker 2 ft. Of the bass of frames of vertical surface the better same response. I have tried a declared 14 battery of life of now the number of the time and I always take time of the longest game among recharges. The unit has downloaded fully takes roughly 3 hr the fully the unit will agree pairing with until 6 devices for easy use with multiple in habladores devices. It has taken all of the minute to pair the device. Travesía With mine to plot and there is not founding still the need for the protective chance, but have the stock exchange of returns of travesía small in. Once again, you know Bose quality, this unit will not disappoint !
5 / 5 Celina
Absolutely love this Bose SoundLink Speaker. I use it all a time now by means of out my house. When it took it in the first place it took it to them to the festival and a battery am lasted a whole time. It is lasted well on 10 hours. A sound is very clear. Some bass in of the songs touches very good. Some treble could be the few improvements. This speaker takes a lot of load for his measure. It was the little nervous taking the elder of portable speaker but honradamente this speaker is not that big and is quite easy to travel with. I cant say enough in a life of battery in this speaker. I have read the number of descriptions and has gone to buy of more to verify out of the number of different speakers in person. Really it could me worry less in some telephone looks to be able to answer the call by means of him and to be sincere again calms really wants to answer your telephone on that the speaker when has the group around. It has looked for the speaker that has had an action of his better. It has been with this new Bose SoundLink III and could not be any happier!
5 / 5 Shenika
I never taken around to do the description... But verify this was...
Have fallen this creature, sprayed waters grupal in the, has left he in a sun after spending out of drinking and partying in my group, left it touching for the days on finalise everything in 2 years of use... Ossia Without the doubt one of a better Bluetooth the speakers have has not bought NEVER! But a number a thing in this Bose that the speaker is that a battery still resists to uploads it to to him likes has done of a first day!
Regarding a sound... C soyencima Man! Sound he Bose!
Recommends this speaker or any one follow on model, the sure taken mark the coverage done to commission to protect addition.
5 Thumbs On Bose!
5 / 5 Nona
Sounds well, but for a prize, would like me to touch of better. They are no audiophile. So only it would like to be able to regulate some diverse down, midrange and triple reasons listens to a lot of different types of music. Abundance of volume! Nizza That looks. Weighed - I will not be travelling with him. Still, it touches to BETTER PLOT that a much less expensive Bluetooth speakers I own. They are happy bought it.
5 / 5 Josephina
Ossia The add touching speaker for a measure. It is in a pricey side, but is material of big quality. A speaker has the look of prize and a lot pleasing sound. Test to be slightly more brilliant in of the terms of triple compared to some forwards, but is not too brilliant. Music, the films and the games are very clear, the dialogues are utmost and some effects of the finals down is not bad in action scenes. A response of the basses for music is exceptional for his relatively small measure. It is in fact smaller and more portable that has expected, as this will do the addition adds the travesías of street. Behind to a quality of his, is a lot pleasing and resupplies the good balance among clarity and well down. A highs is crisp, perhaps a lot like this brilliant to the equal that to to the some people would like to be, a mids is of quite warm and is an excellent addition. Some bass is punchy and exceptional for the small measure of a speaker. It would say that these resplandores of speaker in a low midrange. In general an excellent product, are the university student and use it every day for multiple purposes. It uses with my telephone, TV and portable. The life of battery is also impressive on 13-14 hours in the mean that listens level.
4 / 5 Warner
This little type touches quite darn well, almost really good. My main flu is that a Soundlink can pump was too much bass. This can do tongue (like NPR or podcasts) and sometimes the musical clues touch quite boomy. But it is not always the question, and can compliment a lot of musical clues.

Am substituting the Big Jambox, which has been the good interpreter for the number of battery. The A/B has tried a Soundlink and a Big Jambox and was very pleased with an action of a Soundlink. It has had clearer highs, and bases more expansionary deeper. I have been surprised, as I have thought always a Big Jambox has touched well. But it has had a lot everything.

To the equal that would say looked for the a lot of touching portable speaker, and the cost is not really yours main worry, this could be a speaker for you. His a lot of paired without-atrocity Bose creation. It has it that gives 4½ stars (rounds until 5).
5 / 5 Marcelene
Has purchased this product in June 2016. A sound looks the little muffled in a mine the big side has compared the usual Bose quality that has had in a past. A battery is has it that leaves plugged in 24/7 reason drains too much had it included the cut was while touching music and still plugged am not sure if one uploads wont maintain up or the light of battery will be green and can begin listen to the music and he will go to yellow after the moment and closed would not recommend buying is like this other speakers that has life of quality and better battery of the his could be I so that I am disappointed in Bose with this product...
4 / 5 Lorette
Are really giving these 4.5 stars. A negative average the star is reason a bluetooth can be the little spotty, the desire would issue the firmware upgrade or something. Still it connects street bluetooth when I do not have the good mini to mini the handy boss, but like a better sound with the direct connection. It has taken a big plus Bose because of an augmented oundstage' and a sound is is fantastic for a measure. Also I want a portability and, included although it is main that some of some other portable speakers, can slip this in mine spend-on for music in of the hotels, in a beach etc, my uses of edges he for background music when practising football. The life of battery adds, has used he for the pair of hours the time, has not had never goes died.
5 / 5 Nathalie
Maintain simple. While I have seen it revises to compare Bose the Boom of EU, really is not still in a same class reason A Bose SoundLink is far far upper to another bluetooth speakers in a row of alike prize, comprising a Boom of EU. Have in the first place ordered a BOOM of Wireless Definite Ears Bluetooth Speaker. Amur A creation and 360 sound of terracing, but clearly does not have some deep bass, rich tones. It has ordered then a Bose. Ossia He Pros vs. Competition of Followers, and there is not any opposition with Bose a clear winner for the width of wide margin.
4 / 5 Coy
A year, the dead battery and the unit no when plugged in the ac
4 / 5 Kesha
Only to declare has used them alot of blutooth speakers and bose for far is always be a better election when it comes to speakers, but in my opinion has lost a mark with east a. A bose the speaker was jist a lot quite strong for me and would require them the súper quite soiled to enjoy a sound. I have found an infinity a blutooth speaker to be stronger and that there is so only on some bass was some only downfall in both was in 100 volume distorted but an infinity so only he with súper the heavy tomb like sure rap.
5 / 5 Demarcus
Unbelievable His and ease of the connect to the yours iPhone or anything a source of your music will be. It uses technology of Blue Tooth so that it does not have any boss in fact! A unit hanged roughly 3 pounds so that it is no light piece of crapola. Simply taken this unit of speaker with calm - beach, your coverage, highland cabin, chalet in some the French Alps - together with yours iPhone, gone back he on, press a Bluetooth key, goes your collection of music in yours iPhone, selects that it wants to listen, and chair behind and be surprised in as the far technology has come. Ossia The flawless unit , both in a quality of a piece he, and a sound he emits. This model was a upgrade of a Bose Speaker II which had listened the neighbour that use in his coverage. I have been blown was, which aimed to buy an on Amazon, where has seen a Speaker III VERSION.
4 / 5 Trisha
Will remark immediately a bat a record and the arrival feels prize . A SoundLink feels weighted while still when being portable. Both some upper and the fund is covered with hule (comprising some keys) giving the grip a lot both in a hand and in the flat surface, while a grill of point is metal . I did not give it 5 stars of then do not see the reason because Bose does not add it backlight to some controls for help in of the decreases of conditions read, reasons 2 Soundlink is can not be linked near, and reason there is no far. Bluetooth The connectivity is the breeze 100 of a time and a room of offers of the sound that full deep base.
While it is resistant tip , has bought still a cradle to touch that it considers adds more stability and global ease to touch.
5 / 5 Clora
Like another reviewers, there is enjoyed really some bass this speaker replicates. A unit looks clean and acute, certainly rids volume, and a lot especially, glass of sounds of the clear music.

Mine a misgiving is that apparently I can not connect Soundlink 3 street Bluetooth my Windows 7 camp of boot in iMac. I have had an abysmal experience that tries to connect. I have been to converse rooms galore, support of Microsoft, Bose support, etc. And has taken nowhere.

A unit has connected now my iPhone that servants my purposes entirely.

A lot sure he is so only to give 4 stars for this description because in general, ossia the add touching speaker. Only hate when the things no directly out of a box and require 2 hours+ of atrocities. Downloading engine, etc.

If any one knows of the way to connect a Soundlink 3 has seen Windows 7, would appreciate the bosses up. It could very included download some engine directs of Broadcom.
4 / 5 Bianca
Excellent unit, highly recommends.
His fantastic, portability and versatility. Outrage Bluetooth, can connect the sources of the oldest music by means of an Auxiliary Entrance. (I adds for those of the knots concealed has an iPod original Classical that still works!) He, I still use .
5 / 5 Kelvin
They are very happy with my Bose SoundLink III after having has used now he partorisca three weeks. A quality of his east much more that pertinent partorisca my needs. It uses this with my laptop partorisca resupply music partorisca the class of dance. Our room is not ballroom measures it but is main that a room of half conference for enough the bit and this speaker has abundance of volume to fill a room. This was my main worry when looking for the new speaker. A setup with this speaker is quickly and simple, the difference of the mine last near of clunky has has complicated speakers. Also this small alone speaker is much lighter the cart around. A lot 'Pros' for a SoundLinkIII and an only 'With' can see is a lack of the far control for a volume that have taken very used to have with my last setup. I will learn to live with that with stops to have all a pros.
4 / 5 Tamra
Has been the Bose the defender of then has in the first place listened one 901 is while abroad behind in a mid 1970 east, has purchased his products on some years for my stereo & system of theatre of the house. I finally decided to take the Bluetooth speaker to pair with my telephone of of the east is where maintenances the majority of my music as well as books of audio, but was bit it leery in a thought to fall almost $ 300 on that. Finally I have imagined so only they owe that any to leave me down with some leading products, as I have ordered an up in the amazon Prepares to use a deferred paving of interest.
1) Was here in the two days likes him announced and was extremely a lot of packaged.
2) after unpacking and after touching for the pair of hours has dipped he by means of any with to the music likes (of a mid 1950 of of the east by means of 2016) as well as the little different audio books.
All has touched adds! Highs By means of a mid rows and down is was crisp and clear, better has agreed then. In a booklet that comes with him say to you there is any impulse of basses in this unit because they are trying to give you a sound has reproduced real. I create, calm do not require it . Each one Bose the products have not purchased never of one 901 east in a 70 east by means of the east SoundLink Speaker III has everything there has been a same thing impresa in a box, and has lived until him; 'Bose, His Best By means of Investigation'.
4 / 5 Lasonya
Loves this speaker! A quality of his east amazeballs, and can take he with you easily of room in room, or still alfresco.

Has been looking for the system of the his of some class for my house, now that has an empty nest and I do not owe that listen the Beyonce in the big volume by means of my daughter is soufflés speakers. (Any one offends the Beyonce or any of his defenders, is so only any one my cup of tea, and the decade or more than his work is really enough for me.) I have thought roughly surround his, but I any need the experience of theatre in a newspaper. I have touched around with a Bose Mini, but finally decided in one the main speaker, like the sound is so only better, and is still quite darn small.

A speaker takes everything of an on- and down- tones of acoustic instruments, like banjos and fiddles ( begins to see a familiar musical breaking right here) still in the quite calm volume--said of another way,, calm does not have to that flies to take a full row of his of a music is listening to. In another end, taking quite strong that while listening to black metal, calm almost can odorare a blood of pig and sweat.

And yes, included without the macizo sub-woofer, a tongue does justice of Carter of the Lady.
4 / 5 Dorthey
His well for smallish box. Any economic but then Bose is not never. Bluetooth The work adds. I fell it two times of the height of 4 feet and no the mark in the like this the construction is imposed before . Value a prize vs. A lot-frames-of name.
4 / 5 Jeanna
Ossia The very small speaker with the sound adds so only any quite a lot of volume. Way of side too money so that takings. They are by train of the turn And will use this money for the main end Bose.
4 / 5 Alleen
His sweet, but little too basey for my flavour. Any one bases/triple control. It goes to sleep with which 15 or 20 minutes, and any wake on when it relieves incoming sound. This can do look quite bobo in a half of the presentation.
4 / 5 Alphonso
Quality of his really is not well for the wide row of music, especially in of the main volumes. Transmission AC upload, as it can not touch he in your vehicle without a inverter or at least the different boss. In this prize would owe that be the better whole plot . I did not expect it to touch like the system of house, but jeez. At least a quality of build is well, and looks well. Seriously I hate to return things, but this an is likely to go back.
4 / 5 Normand
I work in the factory that careers Desma units of injection of molding of hule everywhere me and am still able to listen this when it walks on to one afterwards presses of mine. To be able to listen any type of small bluetooth speaker in a sound of the noises of factory is incredible mine, but this speaker somehow he. A fact that a volume a lot down the bit when it is running on battery, or that returns in my stock exchange of the tool and I can spend he with me of press to press when I am giving pauses to all the world in a crew, or when being able of the use to have his of big quality when I am looking shows in mine portable, is all the just prizes on some 5 incident am giving this just for a level of the his that has thought would be impossible in the bluetooth speaker. Well he Bose.
4 / 5 Nam
Like this to the left initiate me was to say that I have had these speakers for roughly 2 years and the sum of still law. A Bluetooth connects easily with my telephone and has a port help also. Delivery that good-looking Bose the quality of sound can expect. They are also wireless like calm can take him wherever but is not some speakers some light plus so that it can be a subject . A life of battery is quite good but seldom take them out of my house like this touching is not never a subject. They are pricey but is some better Bluetooth the speakers have not used never and has convinced included the little of my friends to buy them too much. These creatures are STRONG also so it can take on a hefty the seal of prize would say to buy them!!!
5 / 5 Donte
There are both a 3 and a mini 2. Both add! In fact it thinks some bass in a mini 2 is better but a clarity and the volume is much more adds in 3. As it would owe that be he takes is the a lot of main unit but has expected the little more bases of him.
Bose Link of the his III, pros... Well loudness, the clarity adds, still roughly that compact battery, good life, any 14 hours but a lot still, easy to use.
Gilipollas... The tomb is the little week , any telephone of speaker, any far for when hard wire fence, bluetooth distance any one a better, not watering resistant, prize.

Top Customer Reviews: Bose soundlink Mini ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 18 ratings
4 / 5 Jamika
Amur This speaker! I marvel it to me because it has tried all some another in planting to buy a better. A vendor shipped it quickly, and this unit (fully refurbished) is gone in the packaging sealed with some still have wrapped accessories in of the plásticoes. It has been it likes to receive it marks it new speaker.
4 / 5 Luanna
Has facilitated of Operation, strong
weigh it this in spite of no those imports gives adds feels, knows is there.
Probably in someway helps with a sound, need to wall or surface behind partorisca bounce a base was.
Is so only an excellent product.
5 / 5 Delena
Update Feb 9, 2020

does not want to turn on sometimes. When it Seats for the few weeks, touching a key to be able to does not turn he in. It has to it I change in brief, the battery is in 80, and then turns on. As it goes to deep sleep. 🤔

Easy to use, the quality leaves inner. Mina has bought refurbished and could not distinguish a difference. The life of battery could be better, but so only my opinion. I run a battery down to a point when a system says 'Please Load' to the equal that have listened of overcharging subject, which plagues any battery has has operated systems.
4 / 5 Sharla
For the speaker the small plus has quality of the his amazing! Also I have two Sony the speakers have purchased before a Bose soundlink Mini II. Has thinks that has had the sound adds and excepts a small Bose is a better! I will purchase more Bose speakers in a future. You owe that listen a difference in Bose to believe is a better.
4 / 5 Floyd
His amazing!!! Those so many sounds comes from/come from such the little box???
5 / 5 Dann
Does perfectly, connects easily. In spite of the application of mate, Bose has thought advances, having a volume operates of a volume of ringer. This can be common but is been the while I have had of the Bluetooth speaker. The quality of build is sum, fantastic styling if ossia something concern roughly. The compact creation that takes on cup of same minimum impression in a third chance of part.

A subject only has is a volume. Another type in mine barracks has a new more Bose Revolver and he absolutely downs all the world-wide more speaker out of a hallway. He my of beaten same was inside my room.
4 / 5 Rebeca
Bad stereo in mine Porsche lol. It launches this for behind a question of chairs has solved.
4 / 5 Yuri
It has SiriusXM radio and listen the mostly the Informative vixen, the Informative Business vixen, and Evasion (good-looking music) on that. And a sound is terrific! Also, because have SiriusXM in our telephones, can have he with us when we are travelling and driving cars for hire. Highly we recommend it!
4 / 5 Quincy
Better Bose produced never. The desire there is still these.
4 / 5 Kaitlin
No a light plus, more rugged, or raincoat bluetooth speaker, but vastly outperforms other speakers in of the terms of qualities of sound. Highly recommended!
4 / 5 Nadine
Am rigging partorisca ship it behind been due to the questions covers it he in a outlet. It would not owe that be as that. It is there the way that to solve this subject?
5 / 5 Merlin
The sound adds for my small room. Surprising that exited of this small speaker. My films that look and the sports that the look is AWESOME.
5 / 5 Max
Is does not touch to like the product has said is the reep of does not recommend to buy this
4 / 5 Roni
The present has better data each one one has given one loves it! Compact, his laptop , add hands down!👊🏽
4 / 5 Shira
Is like this easy to use and wants to the one who this laptop. As you would expect BOSE really book in a quality of sound.
5 / 5 Charlyn
A battery last so only the few hours!!! A lot disappointed 😳
4 / 5 William
has given this so that the present but a box was all covers in greasy fingerprints. Looked terrible.
5 / 5 Lorene
Has spent this speaker for my daughter done two years. It will not touch or turn on, Called Bose and has been said that a battery was bad. It would cost me $ 80 nave besides for them to install the new battery. I have been said that I have to that have overcharged a battery. When I have asked that you overcharge a battery, has said anytime calm touch he on 6 hrs! Really! I have been touching battery for some last ten years and never new that you can overcharge the battery with which 6 hrs.. needless To say are done with Bose produced!

Top Customer Reviews: Bose S1 Pro ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
5 / 5 Wendi
This gone back perfectly and is partorisca add why calm so only leave them on everything of a time. So only enough I protect against minor nicks and scrapes.
4 / 5 Jonathan
Mina A Better of a Better Bose Speaker never, are Really love the, a Quality is sum , touch it seat in some clouds, am really Happy with My bought
5 / 5 Betsey
Taste that proteje of of the powder and ensures the useful life of my crew.
Likes that it mediates a lot good L the forms of my crew.
To to Any one likes that atasca of the original of logo bose or perhaps to any one likes a lot the colour of the logo that has the cloth, suddenly better remained aim.
5 / 5 Bibi
A Bose S1 Pro there is surprisingly his clear, taking quite strong, and has the life of battery adds. My only complaint is that it does not have to that control/triple records for a bluetooth/to the entrance. The desire could add so only the little graver to the round was/full out of a sound bit it better, especially with rock. Also the desire has had the battery powered sub form for a S1 Pro. There is the line was, and calm technically can connect any one filtered sub to this, but would be that it surprises has had the battery powered option for that.
5 / 5 Ranae
Awesome! Good and tight access. Much better then one classifies to sell in bose
4 / 5 Art
Quite easy to install, any question with a product.
4 / 5 Rose
The quality of excellent product and arrives ahead of time, recommends to the comprardor and the Amazon
4 / 5 Kiara
has said 13
Is that 13 ' wide10 ' big
and 0.5 east to the to this likes 1/2 of thumb ?
That doesnt felt to mark that sees that it has to that be more than the fat half thumb ?

Top Customer Reviews: Bose SoundLink Mini ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
I have had the small to the long of the year of fun with this speaker, until there is prendido partorisca do properly. It does not take Me bad - when it has done, surprised and loved it REALLY. Then, suddenly he prendió partorisca connect to my telephone (of course, when a guarantee finalised), and has thought at the beginning that it was my telephone , but more there is remarked late was a speaker .
But, that really taken under my skin was when I there is @@give was lied to. With which to the amazon was unable to help me fix a product (reason was out of guarantee), advise me to knots partorisca contact Bose directly. I have walked to the Bose the tent approaches my house and has explained my subjects of mine soundlink failing partorisca remain connected to the mine telephone to members of multiple personnel. They have had behaved like it was a prime minister has not listened never of him.
Because speaker of mine was out of the guarantee and I have bought he by means of amazon, Bose has required the cost in that a prize of a cost was almost a cost still likes speaker he, and could not promise fix or the substitute. So many, the basic mathematics and the calm common sense say you to buy the new one instead.
Before I have loved to invest in another Bose speaker (reason to the I mine liked really when it was working), of me in the first place looked in the on-line descriptions in a an I has. They are now sure that Bose has had adrede the subject defective with this product, this in spite of fracasado to do well for his client for the fix. Based in the principle so only no longer will be to purchase of Bose, unless they decide to neither fix speaker of mine or the free substitute of load. Reason we me to the knots run around cities to see that it was bad with him, now can run around and try maintain me like the client.
5 / 5
Has purchased this unit Oct 2014 and perhaps has taken 2 years of use of free question. A question is, mid-game, a speaker so only enclosed was. Lucky taken 5 songs in. If you google: Soundlink Mini subject, will find that ossia the subject very common and Bose offers any solution after a guarantee is up. They are very conscious of a guarantee, and that are posting the description 3.5 years later, but A fact that this Bluetooth the speaker was $ 200 and was so only able to have satisfactory entertainment for less than 3 years is a lot of bothersome. I have purchased a Soundlink mini 2 and a lot included take 1 year. It has contacted Bose for guarantee and is not never state contacted behind. Fool Join me time - shame on you; fool me two times - shame on me. Save your money and stay out of Bose. Only mine .02. I will not purchase never another piece to crap of Bose for a rest of my life. $ 400 it has squandered.
5 / 5
In almost ten years to write descriptions for Amazon, ossia so only a third time that has attributed five stars to the Bose has produced. Yes, a SoundLink Mini is so only that well. I love mine, and think well each penny (and then some) of the his $ 199 prize. But with so many elections there--many in the fraction of a prize--is this a mini Bluetooth speaker for you? Here it is five things to help decide:

1) concern enough in good-looking creation, materials of big quality and glorious craftsmanship to pay the prize for them? He 'the pride of property enciphers to your decisions to buy? If yes, ossia a speaker for you. To resist he in your hands--any to mention listen his--is to comprise because costs the one who does. In of the terms to draw, material and construction, there has no another mini bluetooth speaker there that it can it that to him touch. But if these things are not of the priorities for you, has a lot of more economic speakers whose sound compares favorably with a Bose.

2) is looking for 'the best' quality of sound? If yes, this could be a speaker for you. In fact not to create it has to that to such the thing likes them to them the quality of his better, reason the personal preferences vary. A person is 'grave added is another person is 'boomy inferior final,' etc. And drawing A lot mini the speaker is everything in committed. It Bose The engineers have produced is his that full room that it is wonderfully musical and natural, to all the cost of a type of music, and quality of audio that has a lot of forces and no obvious weaknesses. There have it to good sure that it is among a better in this class of speakers. My first experience that listens a Soundlink Mini was almost magic, and has had to ask, 'How is that included possible?' This in spite of... If element 1 on is not of yours entity, has the number of much less of expensive speakers, like a down $ 60 Sharkk, with touching the east has been compared a lot of favorably to a Bose... Any 'better,' but in one joins same, and calm would be necessary to verify them was.

3) Judges the product because 'characteristic' the addition has? If yes, a Soundlink Mini will disappoint you. You take To the In capabillity and ossia roughly that. Bose Has drawn this to be a better mini bluetooth the speaker could build, and he that does superbly. Any glitches in pairing or playback--the just works. His terrific, among a better in class. A brilliant touching the load/of portable cradle combo. Terrific battery of 7 life of hours. Oh, And in of the this To the In port: the partner a lot plugged his his electrical guitar and a quality of his like this touched he by means of a Soundlink Mini blew so only was. Personally, it finds that I seldom the use has added characteristic in the characteristic-laden produced, and prefers creation to be directed on the one who the product is supposition to do .

4) Concern on the service of client adds and has produced that last? To the respect, does not think has another company of audio that compares to Bose. In a telephone or in his tents, really do strive for satisfaction of client, and is one of some only companies that will give you 30 days to try out of the product with the no-questions-the repayment has asked guaranteed if you are not happy with him. Considering longevity, a Soundlink Mini is the good example of his quality of construction antibala-- has has had also the system of Wave music for ten years that still works like new. Once, he roughly done five years, a transport of CD there is prendido to do, and Bose has substituted he for $ 50.

5) Plans on buying accessories? Well, I have saved a worse finally, reason Bose accessory of seen that prices like an occasion to gouge his own clients. Mini Stock exchange of travesía? $ 45. Car upload or the extra load laptop? $ 30 Each one that that. Coverage of soft silicone? $ 25. Yes, they are all good and amiably drawn, but at all extraordinary, and of the obvious overpricing so only leave you feeling taken for Bose. That main Joke among accessories: Bose sells the Soundlink Mini Stock exchange + of Travesía of the Speaker 'container,' that suggests some class to treat, but is a same prize like calm bought him for separate. Felizmente, there are a lot of third solutions of the most economic party available.

Thank you To take a time to read my description, and expect that calm find it gain to do the decision to buy! Tentativa To answer questions posted in a section of commentaries.
4 / 5
Has taken one this has a subject along apparent of not touching . Google 'bose soundlink Mini does not touch '.

Looks to be the firmware subject, no the dead battery. Apparently a soft thing-bricks he when resting too long.

Bose Sustains also has a bad habit to answer to help questions (for people another that me) to ask them to contact them privately, he like this take a lot of leading iterations of a question have written the tips but calm can no to see them. Ossia Precisely a behaviour that excludes vendors of my future considerations.
4 / 5
Which less attended of frames that to to him likes Bose partorisca of a prize like this, is partorisca to stop of speaker that read with which two years in the moderate use. A unit there is prendido to touch. After the investigation has found is the known question that has any fixed. After connecting a speaker directly to one uploads without a cradle to touch, a unit has done once, and no anymore. Turned on, league to the wifi, but grieve the sound supposes to transfer, a light of red battery begins to blink and any sound. Not doing anymore. I have had economic $ 30 speakers that the longest law until I gave them in depth of trade :(
5 / 5
Well, of this speaker already there is roughly 3000 descriptions of 5 stars, does not think can add a lot. As so only I will explain like this I use mine. Almost it has uploaded it all my music (7000+ songs) to a cloud has seen iTunes, and the touch behind in iPod of mine by means of my house wi-fi street the little artilugio has called a AppleTV. It does not ask on some details of technology; they are technologically he defied it. But here it is a material of entity...

Have the monster stereo system (comprising 2 Bose speakers a measure of small refrigerators) in mine living room, which have inherited of my dad when it has died the few years does. Some products of sound is for real glorious. In fact, it is almost like this as well as that I that takes wirelessly of mine iCloud >wifi >iPod >Bluetooth >Bose Soundlink Mini system.

That they are saying (quite clumsily, are fearful) is that, for the $ 700 total investment, has the súper-system of the his wireless laptop that outperforms of 10 years behemoth component stereo system, and returned to a corner of the chance. It is LIKE THIS WELL that our friends simply can not believe his ears. He a bit those that weeks, stuffed he to one at night stock exchange and took it to the highland cabin (wifi instrumented) and has blown literally our mates of travesía were with a quality of sound. Well, it concealed, and my flawless flavour in music, of course. :)

Inferior line: Ossia a more grown-on boytoy that has not possessed never or expect possess. It is simply breathtaking.

MODIFY LIKE THIS OF MONDAY 10-6-14: LOOK! Yesterday, any marked my description as 'useful.' Then late last night, a tentativa has been done to cut my account has seen a Service of Client of the Amazon chatline. A recognition has alleged take partorisca be me, but had received an empty box in place of a speaker. I have received a speaker in May of 2014. It alleged it it was evening in calling reason was to have that active in an army. It has done the small deception in reciting my personal data, like the cat has been terminated, and he transcript was in my inbox this morning. I do not have any idea as it has taken like this far to a cat to the equal that has done. Not complaining , so only sayin'. HEY! To the left it is to BE CAREFUL THERE!
5 / 5
Has used this speaker for the year in a lot of different settings and under several conditions, as they are now ready for the verdict. Originally I have bought this to use in the warehouse where another engine flies his speakers too many noisily for me to listen my own.

(+) QUALITY OF SOUND: While this would not take quite like this strong like his (dressed all other products of competitor in this prize, was an only one with a Bose), a quality to touch surprised for a measure of a unit. Included some other types have had to admit that this beats his in this sand, for far. It has to that it weaves of low, and funds was when equally all a way. This in spite of, using this for the room or two concealed will not be the question. It is still very strong. If it love quality of his on sheer volume, ossia yours sure better bet . Calm also really need to maintain the little spatial opened for behind a speaker for an acoustics of basses to do, as it does not press it on again a wall. A manual says to do so it could cause harm, which felt reason this acoustic force has to that go to somewhere. THIS BE has has SAID, sometimes when a volume is in a big-finalise this little type tends to vibrate enough to move around the has bitten. Be mindful of as and/or where the places. Read further for the example to shine of that...

(+) DURABILITY: If it was reluctant to buy this speaker for one reasons was that another reviewers has maintained to comment in the this fragile (or like this now was, like this fragile has assumed is). Like the result has ordered he with him rubberized displaced ]. It is returned closely, which is well, and would recommend to take an only for common sense. The work used it on the piece of cars, as it has taken jostled around A lot. Never any questions at all. It has taken he with me during warm, hot, humid, and in-the freezing temperature that travel of camps. While obviously I do not love this speaker to take wet, has treated perfectly in the each half. That really has sold was when I has taken he in the house of friends to drink some beer and hang was. It has dipped a speaker in a lip of one chooses on truck afterwards to a taxi. I gave it soiled width behind partorisca some bass to do his thing, and turned it up in a big end of then was external in his go. In roughly ten minutes was able the bass-vibrate he of a lip of a bed of truck and drop directly down his face, right to a go of has registered. There is prendido to touch, my heart skipped beat it, and I thought 'Oh God, I finally killed the'. This in spite of, have turned simply a speaker was, then on again, king-has established my links of blue tooth, and that the BOOM was likes at all is spent!!! 5 month after this drastic accident and I still have not had the question with only that a unit.

(-) TOUCHING: Ossia where this speaker has lost the star for me (and another reviewers also). I did not attack it down for his other failures, reasons has on fact for them in other zones, but honradamente can not comprise reason has to that use the cradle to touch for this speaker. Anything and all these days can be touched invernadero USB, and does not know reason Bose could any one one same . Perhaps it has the reason are unaware of, but is the serious ache to have that uses a cradle.

In general, ossia that the speaker adds . It is súper compact and rids the sound of big quality adds that Bose is known stops. It does not complain this cost for the second. It does not leave another has to that the to the left think this little type can not take some abuse with pertinent and precautions of common sense. It would recommend to take some class of hard-chance for travesía, but I probably that with any one the speaker are spent this quantity of money on.
5 / 5
These produced has an amazing sound for a MINI Compact character of a device. It is intuitive to use and has done immediately after that has used my iPhone to connect his. ANY SUBJECT. Sound he weighty little monster that when you look in his continuous measure be surprised in his compact measure, a quantity of volume has with a quality to touch concealed really can do a work.

Instantly has used a cradle to touch that I come together with a container and touched it. 4 hours later the green of light indicator was on and has touched for HOURS today without a hiccup. Highly it recommends this product for uses eats: Golf Carts, Courses, Cookeries, Chambers.. His portability and the life of battery is reason has bought these elements after the Golf Outing in the centre. I have finalised in the continuazione kitchenette and my room finalised like soiled of party. This thing has been in still 10 more than hours without him hitch after the buddy has spent he in and I instantly blue toothed his. Touching the papers all the prejudices dipped a unit to do and he surprise me to knots that of 15 feet was a sound that comes from/comes from has been concealed 'Big'. A versatility of him having any series has while semi-detached when being like this compact - just cant beat it.

Gave it to 5 star because one produces is terrific and Bose so only continuous do produced excellent. It went it to give to 4 Crash been due to a fact offers the snap on returned soft gel warp for some corners and of the flanges that goes in the variety of colours. But I cant attack a product he - his 5 star. So only IT WISHES these effing the companies prenderían to try nickel and say me consumers of knots for elements like simple like the plásticoes or hule molded trim piece to protect them. One first company to in fact TAKE IT will win some hearts and of the stock exchanges of peeps me - likes the CONSUMER REGULATES
4 / 5
has bought a SoundLink Mini first to study abroad in Europe for the semester, knowing would require something portable and with good quality while it loses my system of the his of the house.

A SoundLink Mini preformed outstandingly of a beach in Barcellona to entertain in my paving in Londra. A speaker can take stronger that would anticipate, and true to a Bose model, with the quality adds and almost any sprain. It uploads last roughly while it is said in a manual (3-4 hours), and linking on street bluetooth is easy and intuitive. After the averages the year of use touches like this very like this day a.

Has not dipped he by means of too much of abuse beside travelling quite often, but has on resisted well. I have purchased also a rubberized plastic case for an outside which am likely to attribute some of of the this to, although finding other options of chances for a SoundLink can be the good idea like some options by heart is quell'has bitten elementary (green of file, orange, light blue)

In general a SoundLink Mini is cost each penny. I still uses for picnics or days in a park and around walk of mine when I do not want to wake some neighbours. If you are looking for the small speaker, portable that touch like the much bigger, speaker any laptop, a SoundLink is that it is looking for.
5 / 5
Has had mine SoundLink Mini for the small to the long of the year now this in spite of love it!

Be originally purchased reason was country of emotional cross . I have loved digital music/audiobooks, but does not have loved to sink any money to mine 15 old year minivan in of the terms to update a system of audio to accommodate Bluetooth. Taking the new stereo unit - still the reasonably priced a - installed in my car would be expensive, particularly has paid for his have hook a new unit until some controls in my steering wheel. And reason want that the functionality takes during a upgrade? I have thought then - which seeing this car punctual? Or it is old... That dies ? I imagined it it could spent the hundred of pair bucks in the good Bose portable unit and take something could use after my travesía, if or is not gone in a car, and was a lot.

A SoundLink Mini is the little base-heavy, but still has the decent row. It is the alone speaker , which do not create can be linked to another unit to create stereo his, so that there is also that loss of quality of the sound. There is not any way are anything but the sound layman, but more the people probably will be me in accordance with and find that these sounds of units to surprise so that it is. Where SoundLink Mini really the resplandores is in the clear and strong audibility!

Has used this unit, seating in dashboard of mine or nestled in a console among some chairs of passengers/of engine partorisca to 2000+ cross of one thousand strolls of country. We listen the music - electronica material to write to maintain mine in disposal while my partner of asleep behaviour - but mostly listen to audiobooks. And still in a sound of a street, which is HORRIBLE in a Mid West where some streets are in terrible condition and/or under construction, all was strong and clear as it bell.

Sometimes still take a SoundLink Mini with me in an old van - the law of cause adds - but mostly takes to seat for a bed to touch music of meditation, or the cookery to touch 'while he ' music. And it touches it adds in a car, touches fantastic when calm dipped that up in your house with still wall, a lot of cubby or something for behind the, like the sound exits a backside as well as a front of a unit. With a right acoustics this thing will blow you era.

Bluetooth Do quite well. A SoundLink partorisci/syncs easily to both of mine Kindles and to mine iPhone. During playback, occasionally has hiccups to a connection (which usually his like this the little pop together with the a lot brief attack to a sound), but this diverse according to planting of unit and that is going in in a half. Have Wi-fi-- Multiple iPads, iPhones and Kindles, computer in the big fines-half of history... One 'toobs' probably take the bit 'jambalaya' sometimes.

A unit resists the load quite well. Still in the quite big volume (as required to drive in a street/of motorway, for example) a SoundLink Mini well can give the good 6-7+ hours of playback. The mine has done. I have required you grieve a same car adapter when pulling 8-10 days of now. While there is still to use he for this class of period of a compraventa initial and use, a unit grieves does not need never touch, and touches quite darn quickly. Also it can playback while touching in his little tampon. Has the zeros complain in a battery-department of life.

In of the terms of durability - still although I tote this around a house and in a car - I am a lot sweet with him. Tentativa To never has left anything brushes up against a meshy front of metal or for behind a unit. I also bought, and there is not taking never once, an original Bose spent (in the little ugly orange which can someday substitute with to good Mint!). A chance really resupplies to protect for a part of the metal brushed of one that excludes if a point where some starts of sound - so that it would suggest that one has any worries, but otherwise with careful managing a SoundLink Mini would have to that last the long time and a chance so only would be extra sure against normals swipes. A SoundLink feels like the brick, in of the terms of weights as well as sturdiness. An only thing which can be considered a bit flimsy is a tampon to touch/spent, which are plastic thin and does not have a quality feels of a rest of a unit, but has not had neither give was on me still, neither.

Added it pic of mine SoundLink Mini, with the coverage and that tip a base to touch and boss. (Note: it can see the bit of the mine old JBL Speakers of Creature still Amour these types and has not been able to consider in his substitute because for his age touches quite utmost and love his Pac-Man ghostie look! :D )

Expects all this info helps!
4 / 5
There are so many descriptions in this product that posting another glowing the description looks the little bit of the waste, but here is the little of some impressions and some reasons reason has purchased is one.

+ Has listened to a Mini and a SLIII when it was in Aim. It was easily able to link my telephone via bluetooth and are was gone in my testing. A quality of his in both is the upper notch. A SLIII has answered more than basses, but concealed is reason is main and has more air partorisca do with. This is not partorisca say that a mini does not have the substantial quantity partorisca his measure. Of course neither one of them goes to paste some really low notes, but concealed is not because of quality his just because of a measure.
+ When it has taken a box of amazon and has opened a Bose the box there is remarked the one who credit his packaging is. You are this looks the odd thing to be excited roughly, but they the good work that dips everything in the small attractive container more than just launching all in the box likes the like this undertaken . This of a bat aims what pride has in his products.
+ A unit was already partially touched, as I have taken a time to hook on my telephone and was has been. It has fill a like this good room for such the small unit. It touches it likes to him it would be the main plot that in fact is. Of then it has cleaned a paving was easily able of the movement roughly without that has to that unplug any upload or anything. Has the habit the street my bosses behind something and when unplug a fall of unit behind and his the ache to take them. A docking the canal solves this question!
+ While some people could think his heavy I really has not concerned. It is heavy reason is solid construction . I seat it was to fall it that dipped the dent in a paving more than taking dented his self. This in spite of does not plan in tries it this theory.
+ One of a big positive for me was that stable a unit is when calm dipped quell'on any surface. Has the young girl and I celery likes a SLIII easily would fall on subjects has been clashed/has shaken or if he so only pressed in a unit. A mini can not fall on because of his form. Also of a fund is a bit rubberized done estick' the surfaces easily.
+ Easily would buy this again. While it liked a SLIII and would not import having am a lot of happy with my election in taking is one. In my opinion a SLIII is not to value an extra $ 100. If has the big room this could be different.
- An only negative that the meeting is that no really chairs in your shoulder as well as he @@@1980s boombox has done.

In general Bose has done another sum of big quality that the sounds have produced!
5 / 5
Has purchased a Bose Soundlink Mini like the presents of the this year spent Christmas (2014). I have bought also the pair of Edifier e25 Eclipse of Moon Bluetooth speakers like other presents navideño (for my daughter).

Quality of his - a Bose Soundlink Mini is cost quality of sound. It is far, far, far surpassed for a Edifier speakers. It has to that ossia the surprise ? No in my opinion. A Bose is the tiny little device, with being able to limited, the speaker has measured very limited/ of engine, zero selection of canals. In the 1-10 stairs, and basing a number so only against Bluetooth speakers (vs. Speakers of real full measure) would estimate a quality of his of a Bose Soundlink Mini like him 6-7. It would estimate a Edifier e25 the moon is that one 8-9. The majority to everything bluetooth the speakers have listened to ( has listened to roughly 10 different frames and of models) would estimate in 3-6 row in the 1-10 stairs. As Bose is better that the external plot, has included better that the majority. But in general, a quality of his this so only WELL, at all more.

Connectivity: easy, quite compatible, some drop-outs but usually so only for the second or two.

Life of battery: acceptable to hang for a group, beach, cook-was, backyard celebrates (while it does not go too much along). In some volumes plus very big has required for the outsides that listens, a battery is consistently well for roughly 4-5 hours. So only once it has this state the question - as your needs can impact some appearances of life of the battery.

Portability: Excellent, small, light, easy to stick in the stock exchange.

Remarce: Quality of his so only compared east to another bluetooth speakers and I supposition boomboxes. If that compares a quality of his of this to the system of real audio in the house, does not have any comparison. If you want to compare a Bose Soundlink Mini to the mid-system of audio of house of level in the stairs of 1-10 a Bose would go in in 1-2 out of 10. If calm so only loves a bit the background music that touches and wants to move he of room the room and not feeling the need to take emotionally involved with a music, a Bose is well.
4 / 5
Some bass is really well, very better that speakers more external has tried. It is weighed more than the majority of speaker, but if his quality is looking for, this speaker are adds.
Uses this around my house, typically does not take this anywhere, like this in the room of small/house this law of speaker adds (IDK in the big and open zone). Some sounds are clear and there is not breaking when turned a volume until a max. Utilisation this to listen the music as well as to take the quality of better audio when I am looking the film in mine iPad.


also utilisation this to listen to my conferences that records during class. If has some elegant recorder, then calms no really need to consider a speaker, but yes so only register your professors in an application, this amplifies his voices a lot, and calm enough can listen all have to that say. For chances, my professor is a woman spoken extremely soft , before I have bought these speakers, has had my studio of beaten on MAX, and would touch well until any one enters a room and closes a door noisily and scares a bejeebus out of me. With a speaker, any included has to that dip my telephone in max and can listen well and any one another strong background noise does not give me the fright of a sound is not like this near my ear.
5 / 5
My woman has bought this speaker for me also although mine 2014 present navideño and this continuous speaker do like the charm! My career require to travel to plot and sometimes so only wants to spend the night in my chamber of hotel to listen the classical musics to stress of relief of the mine and this speaker the wonderful work thus purpose. This speaker among a small elegant box with only the small adapter and he are to touch. I turned it on and paired with mine iphone immediately. It has taken so only 10 seconds to paired my telephone.(FYI: I have read to somewhere that this Soundlink Bluetooth the speaker can be member ' until 6 different Bluetooth devices) has agreed a 1st song has tried in this device was 'Jingle Bell' and was brilliant. Ossia A portable speaker that the better sounds have not listened never in my life. It could not believe the one who his deep and rich regime of such the small object. It will take you around 3-4 hours for his fully the load and calm can use until 7 hours ( has tried the! I have used to fall asleep while it has touched music. Has awake on 7 hours later and he still touched with his esd light' on) . In my conclusion, this Bose is the little has bitten heavy, the little has bitten expensive, and has do not control far :( but his quality is brilliant. Calm will not go never bad with Bose quality of sound!
4 / 5
My unit has prisoner connecting mine Bluetooth transmitter. I have followed a Bose instructions to reset a device, but any regime. I have bought he in 2014, but does not use it that a lot, and did not abuse it never. The rain taken never in the, or tossed he around. In general, I guess I have used a device roughly 100 times, 25 times for year for music in my coverage in of the good weekends. I have read other negative commentaries that it is alike. Too bad, has had Bose produced for years and of the old some still work! So much, no more Bose compraventa for me.
4 / 5
Left beginning of my description to say that I have been using this speaker for 7 month and I feel that finally I can stick a sincere description after the use daily (4-5hours). I am spent of the ages that looks for some perfect Bluetooth speaker and I finally found the. I have been each tent of technology in a zone and has tried was all of some portable speakers has offered. More sense and touched like junk. I have imagined that with which having some bad experiences forwards with the speakers so only would bite a ball and spend of the money in this speaker of the mark trusted - Bose.

Has dipped grieves on and touched some music has been blown has gone by a quality of sound. It could not think that this little device was outputting like this sound. Dipping it up in a half of the mine living room fill a whole room with touching when a volume is for the half way. One bases in this thing is sum for such the small device. A whole organism looks really very done and to good sure value a big prize-seal. Some keys are also really easy to press. They are all done of hule and to press softly actuate instantly. Some keys in a cup are: it can, transmission, volume on and down, bluetooth, and to the. Unfortunately it has any keys/of pause of the game. Will have that uses your device to take pause playback.

One of some characteristics has looked for was the device that has had it sturdy touching mechanism because I go to be that it uses this thing every day. Some other models looked to have the simple flimsy boss that the looks would break the few months down a street with daily use. A cradle to touch in this device is really handy but takes some taking used to still the take to touch. A device has to that be lined on perfectly until it listen the beep, otherwise so only will not touch . Calm alternatively can use one covers rounded big that is a lot of sturdy and would have to that resist until frequent use. I think a chance the good work to help you line on a device easily when trying for the touch. In fact it prefers having the chance in mine SoundLink Mini. He the easy fact to transport and ossia a primary reason reason has decided to buy the laptop bluetooth speaker. Also it maintains to take lined easily.

My only real complaint comes from/comes from a bluetooth paring experience. It was easy to dip on my iPhone to connect and music of game, but has wanted to add another device has to that press a bluetooth key and go to a bluetooth the frame of a device loves use and select a SoundLink Mini. There is no easy way (at least that knows of) to change of device to device. They are at present state using this speaker with just a device like any really have a need to change devices constantly, but this can be the treat enormous -breaker for some.

A subject smaller is that a bluetooth the row is not very big. They are able to touch my telephone in my fourth and situate a speaker in a cookery, but there is the direct line of view of a speaker to a telephone. If still wall or the people go in a way some courses of signal was. This probably has to that do with some limitations of bluetooth but other speakers could have the capacities of better row require that in the speaker. It maintains to import that a phase of portable speaker is changing. Audio of Mussel of the Google and Airplay the able speakers are beginning to popup more and more. These speakers leave you to control audio playback of your device and does not require it bluetooth connection. Everything of a streaming is done in a speaker he, which means calm does not have to that maintain your telephone approximations a speaker for him to do. Personally the row is not to treat it big for me because I always maintenances my telephone approximations a speaker when quell'using.

In general is an amazing bluetooth speaker that has been using daily. Still although has the big prize-east of seal is a better speaker , for east measures , in a phase.
4 / 5
My woman taken an original Bose link of the his mini Bluetooth the speaker done several years when they have been still in the production and I use it constantly to this day. It does not cease never to impress me with this incredibly width stereo field, punchy grave and big row detailed. My parents were on for Christmass this year and my mamma has been blown has gone by a bit speaker, as I have said would order one for sound. They are on-line only state to discover that they know longer he the product. Have Of then have some the new models but I have not wanted to take the casualidad. Sometimes it is more to stick with the classical, as I have found it refurbished one and has ordered that. It received it so only and it touches to add and works perfectly. It will be the mate adds to an iPod I has taken his last year. There is the calm reason will not find any a lot of these for the sale has used. The people hang to them
4 / 5
has bought this product for my husband last year for Navidad. It has done I add for roughly three weeks, there is prendido then accept the load. After failing to troubleshoot a question, take it behind to a Bose tent in our shopping centre. Still although I bought it on Amazon, record a product, and a Bose the tent has given the entirely new product. Cela A fact for roughly are weeks then, again, a speaker there is prendido to accept the load. Like this behind to a Bose the tent has been and gave another new a. Also they have said had the 'bad batch' the be sold in December 2013, which was probably that takes. A third one has done perfectly he of then Leaves, so that it is an end of this description! For a way, a speaker dips out of his add.
5 / 5
I really do like this Bose produced but this one east the lose. A sound is quite well, as it would be expected of Bose but a functionality clearly is that lacking of. A voice of offers of objective model more economic that say an user that the device is connected etc... This device so only does not look never to pair via Bluetooth correctly. Literally I have subjects every time the use it included using a same device (telephone). It does not agree NEVER a device and has to them that take a Bose unit and king-add so only to sync and music of game.

Also, a life of battery is sub-pair. It declares 7 hours but the grieve to take 3-4 hours out of him. If I have not been out of city during a window to return has them is returned to good sure. There is abundance other options.

Finally, an adapter to be able to nto returns a model 'portable'. Some other offers of USB of device that the majority of portable battery can connect with. This adapter requires covers it that the mine is not portable. It likes quell'has said the still could return this device the .
5 / 5
Buy this Bose SoundLink Speaker to use when travelling. It is quite compact to dip spend-in of the stock exchanges, and when protected by a sleeve of chance and hule optional of travesía of Bose, travesía a lot well. We like him listen to streaming music (Hard FM, Spotify), radio and look streaming shows (Netflix and HBOGO). This unit is perfect for knots for these purposes.

Has tried so much a Bluetooth and also attaching telephone/of iPad/of computer with the boss. A boss is preferable for the pair of reasons. In the first place, a sound is subjectively slightly better with the connection wired, secondly, the battery look last longer both in a Speaker and in a device to transmit Bluetooth is not used. Quality of his excellent east, and well-has balanced a Speaker is situated up against or a lot near of the wall or vertical surface. If it can not be situated near of the wall, one bases slightly is that lacking of, but this really is not surprising when it consider a compact character of a device.

One of some convenient uses has found is to touch when streaming film to the TV of hotel. My husband has the MacBook and usually connect to a TV with a HDMI boss. In his sensatez, the apple has decided to create the serious a bit complex of any to take an audio to spend for HDMI boss, and then is stuck with quality of his of mediocre TV. Maintaining spent so only a SoundLink to a Headphone socket in a computer and take his I really adds with our films and of the shows. Bliss!

Are also adds for outside entertaining house. An iPad etc more this speaker easily can resupply the whole evening of wireless (or mostly wireless use the mini-jack boss) music.

The life of battery is quite good - hours of music among load. This in spite of, leave a Speaker uncharged for the pair of weeks, be conscious that can no in your dinner of the next/party etc. Looks to run down quite quickly when any into use. Mark sure calm touch he on first prejudices of this picnic!

@In rodeo, is expensive, but has propiciado plot to like of quality to our time of leisure.
5 / 5
Him him Like all Bose produced of a quality of his this really well partorisca such the small device. My woman has loved that really until less than 2 years after the take, has begun partorisca cut was or disconnecting. We have maintained partorisca blame his pill, or perhaps interference of of the device that one of his dancers has had. This in spite of, has spent today when all was partorisca press a key in a Bose partorisca augment a volume. The investigations of internets say that everything lists the owners has this exact question and after sending them behind Bose says does at all bad. A lot of some people with a question theorize could be related to a battery, which would explain reason has taken almost 2 years for a question to develop. UNACCEPTABLE for the product that costs this a lot.
4 / 5
Know that I will be never injustice having the Bose blue speaker. A question of mine - Which is a Legislation one for me among Bose SoundLink Mini ,Bose SoundLink Colour , and Bose SoundLink III ?

I some investigation has based in descriptions of Amazon and has listened several clips of test of the audio of Youtube. The short long history - SoundLink Mini is not a better one in of the terms of prizes and qualities but offers a BETTER COMBINATION of measure, quality and prize.

Before tip more details, requires to clear two points. In the first place, Bose is famous of quality of sound. A difference among a listing three is really thin. Everything Bose the speakers offer his upper - the better way that other speakers of low low end $ 80. As, a right speaker also depends in that I need.

Bose SoundLink Mini - BETTER COMBINATION of measure, quality and prize
1. Quality of his almost I so that it adds like SoundLink MORE iII bases of good low frequency. Volume of his east the little lower that SoundLink III but any question for inner use. An external action is still adds but can be no like this very like this SoundLink III . Quality of his in his volume his light big plus down SoundLink III .
2. I compress measured Well - be able to you easily to dip he in your stock exchange.
3. Moderate cost of $ 199 among a three
4. 1.5 lbs The little heavier that SoundLink Colour
5. Grey has painted colour so only - no other elections

Bose SoundLink III - Utmost for outsides, parties.
1. A quality of his more more a volume of his big plus - any loss of loyalty of the sound in a volume a big plus (adds to touch rock-n-circle). It bases of utmost low frequency
2. Mayor and heavier (3 lbs) among a three - can lose you a little mobility
3. The main prize - $ 299
4. Grey has painted colour so only - no other elections

Bose SoundLink Colour Better Mobility with more than elections by heart, device Quite personal
1. Quality of his very but any I so that it adds like other two speakers
2. Measure smaller and lighter of weight (1.2 lbs) among a three.
3. I reward it lower - $ 129
3. Action of the big volume slightly worse that another two.
4 / 5
The speaker adds. Travesía With him and work fantastically with cord and bluetooth. If you go to travel w/ taken an extra cord as I do not owe that take a one of a canal of base (3rd celebrates some act a lot of). It looked at all a current big quality portable speakers and am happy with a Bose - I has another Bose speakers and like a sound of Bose speakers; some no. Yes is expensive, as if ossia a look of @@subject elsewhere. Yes it has a characteristic haped' sound of Bose, as if I do not want to Bose his, look in other options. The negative elder for me is that it does not like the telephone of speaker. This was almost the breaker to treat but has decided that it could live without him. I wish it quell'has had a capacity this in spite of and does not see the reason Bose has left that it was. Other small complaints are some keys does not have any icons in a front of a speaker (I maintains it on the shelf in my office to the equal that has has had to that do frames in a front that indicates on/was volume, etc) of then can not see an upper easily. Another subject small is that it is was, has to can paste and then a key of selection (wire fence vs bluetooth); any sure reason does not have it calm so only can press a bluetooth selector and there is concealed 'wake arrive' more than requiring the operation of two keys .
4 / 5
Has tried a Jawbone Jambox Mini and was has impressed in fact a music has listened relative his tiny measure. He wasnt the loyalty adds but sense for a measure of era quite very same how has been resembled a max. Absolutely it would have maintained it there it went it any be for the fellow that takes a Bose SoundLink Mini. I have been BLOWN Is gone in a quality of sound. A sound is like this rich same when they are in home, tends not turning in mine powerful 7.1 system of the his in mine living room but instead so only turning in mine SoundLink Mini and streaming the apple irradiates. It is easy and a sound for real is in amazing. It has not been that they can do the just rich sound exited of something that small like the blockade of the cheese but they do. Calm really glielo is due to to him calm to listen to this blockade of cheese for calm! :)
4 / 5
Adds little speaker. His well. When Our edges is here he always is in the steering wheel to listen the music of his I-pod. We use for some speakers of computers. My husband has the stereo down stairs with full speakers and sometimes will take this a down and hook he until a kindle and listen the music of him in place of a stereo. Controls the good load or can be plugged to a base. Included when a volume is on a sound is less bad.
Looks a lot of sturdy. We have had he for paralizaciones the year and taking used the plot and the still sounds like a day took it. We have had so only the small glitch, a day there is prendido to do. It looked the software glitch has to that the way that has maintained unplugged until a totally died battery so that he basically reboot he. It does not look to have the key of reset of the factory. It has done well with which concealed.
Has had the small speaker more economic before this, the sound has not been to approach like this good and has died after the year.
4 / 5
A partner has had the Sleeps 5 in his party of test of pair of to edges the like all some 'boys' could fly his favourite music in wins. This thing kicked one$ $ and has has wanted to one. Still I like him the @@subject in fact. But when it is coming time to buy esomething' and has begun to research this type of technology has found this Bose Soundlink Mini. It is like this strong and fill of to the room likes Sonos5? Nope. It touches like this good? No really. Like reason buy a mini? As I have mentioned still it loves the Sleeps 5 but my immediate and more frequent uses for such the device are better filled with this battery powered BT speaker. A Bose the sound is quite good but take the outside a volume quickly to turns likes him be sure is buying this with realistic expectations. A big plus that sells the point of mine was his portability . We leave it to knots in one load and grab the when going down to do in a basement, or soiled dresses, or in a cookery, or seating out of rear. All the situations dondequiera listen the sound of full row but not trying mecer a room. I took it included camping so many could look games of Cup of Stanley in an iPad and listen in this speaker. It has done I add! It does not take Me bad... Interior, especially on against to wall, this thing can be strong abundance . Some day will buy the pair Sleeps the units but I still will use a Bose Mini. It uses a right tool for a work.
4 / 5
Like my title of description has said, is not never be the big defender of Bose produced. This in spite of, I really like this SoundLink Mini. He paired easily with my telephone (GS3), mine Chromebook, and my computer of work (street he Kinivo Bluetooth adapter) and has not failed never to connect in subsequent pairings. A battery is excellent also, when being announces hours and hours. I also like a comprised touching cradle; so only dipped the down and begins to touch. I see this unit so only like this quell'personal speaker, has meant any one would have to that buy this has thought goes to light the party in his house. But seating in the office that resupplies background music while I do or surf a web, or in the table in a living room that music of touches navideña in a background the really resplandores. It has taken my edges he Mini Jambox for Christamas, and although it touches clearly he no active anywhere near of a full sound of this Bose. A Jambox the definition of low is to the plot of the vibrations felt in a unit he that really does not translate the reproduction of his real. A Bose, in another hand, has a response of the excellent frequency and a sound is not so only felt, is listened. Put a Bose more afterwards to the wall and a low end will surface bit it stronger, dipped he in the corner and he for real will impress. I have used this speaker with everything of classical to Metallica, and has been the interpreter adds . People those who listen is surprised always for a sound, and several friends/the members familiarised have purchased one of the his own after listening mine. I have purchased also a Bose chance of travesía,Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Stock exchange of Travesía of the Speaker - Ash and while it is pricey is a lot of fact and resists everything of some accessories. I will not say this SoundLink Mini me he Bose convert, but is the compraventa am happy has done.
5 / 5
More bluetooth the speaker would say, although I have tried so only this and His Creative Blaster Roar. I have left the description of comparison among Mini and Roar like this is curious roughly the, controls my cast of description.

Has bought this to use he in my room, but external. Still although he his quite strong, he probably not being a better election for external use - Bose Soundlink III would be better. When I have compared this with my dad Soundlink III, which is obviously much bigger that Mini, Soundlink III has done his stronger still in a quality of the his same. It depends in that song and quality I game, III has done a bit noticeably crisp his of the yours big (like his acute salvation of hat of drum) has compared to Mini. But a difference is very tightened and is noticeable has concentrated highly listen. (Perhaps any for audiophile ears this in spite of)

in all the chance, love this speaker and I would give 5 stops of stars...

Harmony of different tones (like this his global)
Creation (in fact looks the better way without the coverage)
life of Battery

Another thing I really wants to mention is a power of car was characteristic. Mini Automatically will turn was after 30 minutes without touching music. Súper Handy in bedtime where music key of mine iPhone with the timer 'When Final of paralización of Timer to Touch' and 30 minutes with which some stops of music, some turns of speaker were. The creative roar does not have this characteristic as it drains a power at night. Another big reason reason am returned Roar, besides a quality of sound.
4 / 5
That is going in? Reason Bose listens like this well and the product is like this pleasant to use? This is not of Earth of planet, all the world would owe that manufacture to to the his products like to of them.

+ the sound Adds for something that heavy and sized like the 16ee.uu. oz (500ml) has beaten of soda.
+ I bass is strong and deep, so only dipped he in a right surface and put.
+ Easy to move around because of a measure.
+ Beautiful to see, adds to touch, the keys are perfect, effects of the his, the materials and the textures are perfect.
+ A perfect experience to pair, use, dipped a volume on or down, listens, load, so only everything is in his right place and perfect work, something concealed calm you amenas peaces of alcohols of such the good product fact.
+ Uses bluetooth to pair, as I can pair the to almost any mobile phone, pill, device.

- Expensive to be so only the speaker, but a thing is, is not so only the speaker.
- Comes without the chance, as you will require to buy a chance if you are by train of the movement to plot, reason is weighed for a measure. My suggestion is does not fall it , my supposition is will not survive the drop, in the aesthetics of lease will suffer.

needs the portable speaker with bluetooth connectivity, so only buy is one. If you move or travesía to plot, or does not have the music stereo in home, or a lot ows present it to you, chooses is one. The Value a prize!
5 / 5
A construction is METAL in place of economic plastic Chinese - I has known no the things were still could be fact with that is the metal bit it sarcastic but loves a hefty and sturdy construction. A sound is far upper that any bluetooth the speaker has has not listened never. A prevails for me is that a speaker has the cradle that you spent of just walk a speaker in a cradle, grab the and go! Even more wonderful is that an interior rechargeable the hard battery all take first of an indicator of battery under red lights.

But so that it adds like this that the speaker is, so only connects to mine iPhone5s roughly 30 of a time tries to connect his. My iPhone maintains to say I need to be near of a speaker in spite of a telephone and a speaker when being so only the few thumbs was. It looked on-line and expósito that the TONNE of people has a same question to the equal that have been to a Bose page of support. In the first place, some links of email in a Bose the page no - in fact when I click in the does not open on my program of Topmast in mine MBP. This annoyed but help found saws pages of support of the Apple that says that has has had to that do to hard reset in a speaker. I took it to connect with my iPhone for a prójimo 10 or so the time has refused then connect again. Going back to sustain of Apple has been and expósito that an edge has said that the support of technology said that a software that comes with a speaker is out of date - among a box with software that need to be update? Disappointed in Bose decision to ship outdated the software with a speaker has followed some instructions on like this to update a software I found in a Bose put.

Ossia Where is bad taking. I have installed once a software are supposition to resist one 'To the' TECLA down for 10 seconds to start with a process of update. I have tried this for 10 minutes and a speaker would not update . Behind to forums of support of the Apple. I have found another edge that says a speaker has to that be plugged directly AC has beaten WHILE you resist down one To the KEY and While it is connected to the yours Mac. Sure enough (after unplugging a light for my propiciado by office he in a speaker) has resisted one To the KEY down and one To the and a bluetooth the white lights have begun takes to flash. A Bose the instructions have said that the lights will begin to flash have like this raw that ossia normal. An hour later any update has begun included although some states of program, 'attended the few moments to leave this program to relieve your device'. It has been an hour . A bit those that the moments was an hour . When being unsure of the like a subject is AGAIN, have gone to a Bose place and expósito that some people of support of the technology is not doing now included I so that it will owe that take time out of acting morning to call during a day.

Experiencing like this @@subject with such an expensive product wins it the 2-star. I will update consistently tomorrow but this will not be never he 4 or 5 device to star reason:
(1) Some instructions to update never gave AC can it has had to be applied to initiate an update - I has had to go to a forum of Apple to find this was,
(2) has any support of email for Bose technical services,
(3) A speaker does not come with a cord of USB has required to update a speaker - I has had to drive 10 miles in the house to take loaned of the fellow the cord then walks for behind only to treat an update. Now I owe that do another 20 round of one thousand travesía for the turn. Ossia 40 miles of $ 4 to the essence of chevron has squandered to update the prójimo $ 200 speaker.
(4) Arrives to require an update so only for the use,
(5) And after all am spent for a speaker still so only blinks his 2 white lights in me without never be een' for a Bose proprietary software.
5 / 5
[Up to date 3/16/2015] After a drop in signal and lack of connectivity. I have spent he in the my venue Bose negotiate it and was quite gentile to the transmission was for the new one WITHOUT HASSLE and fuss!! (The new mark unopened box). I guess paid so that takings. A new one can see is adds. I guess some of a reviewers was very on quotes of sure manufacture of these is not like this good. Any drop in BT connection and a yard of anymore! +1 Star for the service of client adds

sound and Good quality but lack of row in a BT department. A bit the yard has been still in next row. This can use the little work in a the BT connectivity. I have been using this for 2-3 month and I to good sure can know reason has cost like this little the speaker packs the punch.

Suggests dipped a backside of this speaker to the wall or something to canal an acoustic sound! Besides a speratic drop in connectivity and BT row. Like this it could go the Bose and ask them can fix this subject.

In general, am happy with cost of mine!
5 / 5
I usually so only listened to the music that use the speakers of an iPad, or using a earbuds this is coming with an iPhone. It had taken used to them and has had has not thought never his quality of sound was poor. It was bondadoso of sceptic when I have received this like the present, but after the dipped on, has been blown has gone by a difference! In the first place, setup is easy. Turned in a speaker and click a Bluetooth key. A device was recognised immediately for my iPad. I clicked connect, and this has been. Any included has to that enter the code for a pairing to take place. In all the chance, a music was like this richer. I have listened for the pocolos small, and then changed behind to some speakers of iPad, and could not believe a difference. It has Had any one asked if the speakers of an iPad were well, would have said yes. After listening the music comes from/come from a Bose, has been impacted in the bad had been. A Bose music of frames of the speaker like this richer and fuller. A triple and the base is dipped ready amiably, and calm really take a feeling is listening to the 'full' sized system of audio. Has no @to @give as 'tinny' some speakers in an iPad are. Obviously, they have not been meant for audio of big quality, but a difference really is impacting. With a Bose can listen mid-frequencies to vary that any still was has been missing when using some speakers of iPad. I have thought really a difference simply would be in volume or a quantity of base. It was bad! A device is quite small to spend around with you ( is in a measure of the box of butter, one some concealed come with four claves inside a box). Of then they are not a audiophile, would not have purchased this on its own name. This in spite of, has been mine given of then like the present, thought it is cost trying was, and am really happy has done. Has no @to @give the one who those imports the speaker of quality was. And a Bose mini is to good sure the speaker of quality. If you are looking for the portable speaker that the offered that qualities of surprise of his, looks no further. I am impressed extremely with him!
5 / 5
Wow, can not take on that I amour this speaker. I have had initially some reservations roughly buying east. Agree my process has thought perfectly... 'Bose? Good products, but is not they overpriced? Probably I will be that it pays for a mark of the name and ossia. To good sure can find something comparable for $ 50 or $ 100 more economic.'

After the few days to debate and compraventas around, finally has bitten a ball and has ordered one. One first what a lot the look of people is his extremely excellent build . A whole unit is wrapped in anodized aluminium - the current parties MacBooks perfectly - and has the a lot of heft his. No too heavy, no too light, but so only a right quantity of weight to give of the prize vibe. A speaker has the base of hule big to sustain it, which think is the touch adds. Also comprised in a box is the simple touching cradle (another touch adds, but has been always the sucker for cradles, each one of then behind when an old mid-@@@2000s iPods and the original of iPhone comprised him still), cord, and some instruction. Setup Was the snap (my telephone found that and paired less than 30 second), and was finally ready to discover if this $ 200 speaker is cost a seal of prize.

The short long history... Ossia A better bluetooth the speaker has has not had never a pleasure to listen to. It was taken literally behind when I have listened he for a first time. When I aimed It it was to my friends and the family have shared alike feelings; so only we could not believe such the small device was outputting such his big. Some bass so only is unreal and sounds to surprise, and for one the majority to separate a device touches his well , has balanced that 95 of mine utmost of sounds of the music by means of (has found occasionally the song or also where some bass was the little too overwhelming, but the fast adjustment in of the settings of the fixed bow concealed).

This in spite of, has two gilipollas has:

- No-USB that touches. No the big of the shot, but also means another boss the lug around while travelling. Also, these cries of what to be mobile; it is so only the subject of the first time of this cord takes left behind in the house or the hotel of the partner. In a side besides this in spite of, one uploads of wall has the ordered little his folding mechanic, adding the teensy the extra has bitten of portability.
- No bluetooth mic. Also a lot that big treat it, but has have the handful of the moments already where am cleaning or working, listening the music, and the call goes in. It would have been well to take he by means of a SoundLink, but like it has said that it is really the no-@@subject. Neither it helps that a device looks a microphone used in the angels of Charlie, the class of the stray occasion ask .

In general, ossia the wonderful speaker . A gilipollas is hardly the dealbreaker and has like this to love in a SoundLink. I am not saying this is a better speaker never, but is for far one the majority of excellent a has not listened never, and in an end was a lot of value a $ 200. If you can save of the money, highly would recommend this.
4 / 5
The life of Battery adds
Adds Bluetooth Row
His Amazing
To the Entrance
the multiple that options of touches: Micro-USB, AC, and touching cradle

Prize (entirely validates he, this in spite of)
Perhaps the pocolos too much bass/any EQ options
A bit directional
Bluetooth controls of volume a bit unresponsive; precise use some physical keys, usually.
Update: Bluetooth controls of looks of volume to vary for device.

Has seen this in an airport initially and has been blown has gone by a sound this little speaker could dip was. As I have bought a when it has taken home, and has not complained my compraventa. Every time I take it it was, the people are like this floored to the equal that are in a sound this can dip was. A sound is so only rich. There is the jack partorisca to the entrance (any boss is resupplied, so that byoc) to the equal that can use this same speaker with devices that not having bluetooth

Some only subjects have with a speaker, another that a prize, is that his almost the pocolos too much bass, and a sound is a bit directional; this can be the bit of the question wants to use this in the party according to a neighbour up. Calm also take a better sound there is to wall for behind a speaker to reflect some bass, which has caused the few subjects when that tries to dip up.

An only thing that approximations the subject with a speaker has had is that regulating a sound in my telephone does not cause any a lot of the transmission in a device, and the adjustment of sound requires to press some physical keys in a device. This so only could be my telephone, but his slightly inconvenient.
Update: it looks he depends on device. With my telephone of android, has to manually dipped a volume in a speaker. Has the WindowsPhone device that the setting of the volume of a device will reflect in a Soundlink.

Still the solid 5/5.
4 / 5
The to the left initiate me to say that the are not a Audiophile or an expert in his or audio in way, like this the cant commentary a lot in a specs and specifics of this speaker. It was in a phase for the new wireless speaker to substitute my Logitech mini boombox. There was do fault me a lot of but felt for likes it was time for a upgrade. I have decided you squander it in an of some upper products and I the narrowed down to be the election among Bose Soundlink Mini and Logitech Boom of EU. I have on read in the plot of descriptions in both and has chosen Bose of informs them very received everywhere and liked his creation more Bose has the reputation to do has produced to notch upper that is in fact value a seal of the main prize.

A first commentary of what when receiving is that it is weighed! You can feel that the plot of metal is used in a creation and that this is not your to regulate flimsy the speaker done of almost plastic so only. Comprised in a container is a speaker , touching cradle with boss and manual. As first what calm always would owe that do when you take electronic new I plugged he in and to the left touches the full box. A cradle the touch is the good characteristic although you could has to that regulate and wiggle to the box of has bitten chairs like this feigned and is touching.

In a the ones of cup a key to be able to, transmission of key, volume + and - keys, the Bluetooth key and one To the KEY. There is the indicator of battery that show when a battery is touching, full or level of battery. Also it has transmission, Bluetooth and To the INDICATORS to aim when those are actuated / deactivated. In a side is one To COVERS It and covers it to connect upload he in calm chance whose wants to use a boss. A cradle the touch has the mini-usb spent but to the equal that has mentioned the external plot situates ossia SO ONLY to till ware updates and no for anything more.

Pairing A speaker with my Ipod the touch was very smooth, has connected easily and fast and touches the sound of thin notification has connected once. A sound that begin him of this tiny speaker can describe in only a word that = has surprised. Comparing to mine Logitech mini boombox had entered and joins new whole of sound. Where A Logitech the grave speaker been missing of and classifies touched of empty a Bose has an impressive quantity of low and the rich sound that considers a measure of him. To dip he by means of these a lot of I cranked the almost on a full volume and I can confirm this speaker can touch A lot STRONG with small to any sprain. A speaker is drawn so that the sound comes the front and a backside that gives an occasion of wide sound to fill the big room. I have left it touches no-take to see how long a battery would last and the taken the good 8 hours out of him. The recharge the fully takes around 2-3 hours.

The summarize am very impressed for this speaker and so only can give my main recommendation. There is the pocola characteristic and adicións/additions that would have been useful like the far and mini-usb touching but you cant the have all and the one who these offers of speaker in quality of his so only would owe that be enough to satisfy one the majority of stringent critical.

- Creation of quality and build
- touching cradle
- quality of the his Glorious
- the audio of 2 ways is exited, front and for behind
- the strong games

-No far
-No mini-usb touching capacity
5 / 5
has purchased this for my woman, the one who has an old plus Bose SoundDock without wifi. It has loved an old SoundDock but found his lack of portability and wireless support too limiting. Frankly, it has collected the plot of powder and has been spoken roughly more than has been used.

First to purchase this SoundLink Mini, has ordered the Ue Mini Boom. While this speaker there is surprisingly big start for his measure, is simply any in a same class like this one. (I believes some descriptions for this speaker oversell the small) to be entirely sincere, are not that he the just comparison; it is it likes contrast the Deep Civic with Lexus. While a Ue Mini the boom was 'well,' this SoundLink Mini is 'incredible' - his words, any mine. A SoundLink is so only on two times a prize of a MiniBoom, but is at least three times a speaker. Easily I fill a room, and in our house of small row can be listened clearly down when touched upstairs. Like another reviewers there is remarked, tends to be the little boomy on some music (personally, there is remarked has had some question with some notes of grave decreases in a start of Miles Davis' As That, of Bondadoso of Blue. Included then, it has blown a Mini the boom was). A quality of build is in the first place-imposed - and hefty: this speaker will not dance by means of a table any @@subject the one who calm far prints it or that thumpy your election of music.

That does not have the plenary-soufflés stereo in his house could find that this speaker can do fault more or included everything of his needs to listen. Well I can purchase one for an office in my office to house to substitute a place an old plus of speakers in my office. But wherever arrival to use the, am sure to buy another. My only real complaint is a no-replaceable battery, for the suspect will be to use this in fact a lot of years to come.

UPDATE: One comments has mentioned that a battery is, in fact, replaceable. Like this there it goes an only quibble has had.
4 / 5
In the first place to the left say me that has has not purchased never he Bose produced before. I have it quell'has thought always were overrated and overpriced. I have been looking for the system of small speaker for my office. It has purchased and it has tried it JBL Toe, Audioengine A2 is, Yamaha compress stereo system. It has not been 100 happy with any of them. JBL The toe has had almost very grave but the travesía and the measures compact the stock exchange is adds for travesías. Audioengine The speakers have touched EXCEPTIONAL when I am looked a volume but are usually streaming music of Pandora or Sirius XM in low volume. Active Audioengine P4 Is house in room familiarised. Both P4 is and A2 is has quality of the his wonderful. Still with a Yamaha, need to look a volume to do touches well, and my business partners and I have different flavours when it comes to the music likes me the only crank he on when in a prompt office or the Saturdays. And a Yamaha taking on too much nails urban in my office.

Decided to try a Soundlink Mini. It has arrived today. It has taken 5 minutes to unpack and dip the up. WOW, they Are VERY IMPRESSED! Excellent bass, included in low volume, and taken on spaces very small in my office. Probably it will be to order another for use in my fly of office/of the house that grotto of bows/of man of the room. It has had I any one has listened this little type with my own ears would not have believed some people of descriptions are writing partorisca east.

JANUARY 30, 2015 UPDATE - SIDE, has had this speaker for roughly 10 days. Continuous be surprised in a sound that exited of this speaker. Decent bass, crisp and clear treble. Mostly it listens to soften jazz and music of acoustics of electrical guitar here and house. Another here in our small company also is ordering this speaker for his houses and of the offices. I am ordering another today for house of use. A+

May 9, 2015 Update - Both active business partners has purchased now this speaker for his offices and of the houses. Now I have one in my office of house. Very pleased with a speaker and his action. It TAKES ONE!
4 / 5
More bluetooth the speaker has has not had never a pleasure to listen to, does not import never possess. Utilisation this thing Daily. I use work during a week, and then take it home in some weekends and use he to clean or so only hangs it around in a living room. The hook he until mine Macbook Pro and leave me to listen the big-music of loyalty in this creature in place of a laptop tinny speakers. I he ameno to a lake, pop he in rucksack of mine and listen his while walking around... Some possibilities are without finals.

The sound is excellent. The volume comments all a time in as it has impressed the people are that this pocola what can that the paste was like this grave. And he no dissapoint. It looked to the plot of descriptions for speakers in this point of prize, and a Bose Soundlink Mini has beaten everything of them with flying colours. If you are a audiophile and LOVE music of good quality (and will not solve for less than 320kbps Mp3 is or FLAC :) ) then take this speaker. RIGHT NOW.
4 / 5
Will save a technical description for a true audiophiles. Can say you, I am quite old and the music has been the passion in my life long enough, to know when music (by means of a lot of genders) touches well and when he the no. Also will say, are not typically the big Bose defender. My house surrounds the system is Definite Technology , & use Bowers and Wilkins in receiver of ear for everything of my travesía. This be has said, in my opinion, ossia simply a better Bluetooth speaker in a phase for a plenary the room with his and he also the sound adds external seating in the table of yard. The ease of use and connection is sum, taking spent around among me and two adolescent daughters easily, by means of sources of multiple audio. Also I have bought so only one for my father of 66 years for his anniversary, and was able of the place up and use it easily. For $ 200, absolutely at all it beats it. If has the little more bucks to spend ($ 399), Marshall Stanmore speaker, is an absolute next level. Of the on a portability of Bose, but a sound that exited of Marshall, for the Bluetooth speaker, the decent rivals surround dipped-ups...
5 / 5
Possess so much a Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker as well as a Bose SoundDock for an iPod and I honradamente can say that they are both utmost in his own ways. It Likes him a SoundLink partorisca of a portability of him (that it was it a compraventa of main reason ). It is súper light and add to spend around a house, to tailgates, and a beach. A docking canal for him (that servants likes canal of touch) is quite thin and small and chairs perfectly in my counter of cookery. The wise sound, can not say a difference among a two. True to Bose produced, a SoundLink has to that way that adds the sound like his exist of big/brother' a SoundDock. I want that I can control a music directly of the mine telephone also. It was the little has surprised a SoundLink there is not coming with the far but of the calm volume usually is spending an iPod or iPhone around, can see reason one has not been. An only downside the SoundLink is that it can not touch your iPod or iPhone while it touches which want in mine SoundDock. Any way, am very happy with my compraventa and highly doubt does the best, more abordable, player of portable music there. If you are in a phase for portability and sound adds in the quite good prize, strongly promote you to purchase a SoundLink!
5 / 5
Updated Again

Ossia bobo. It is so only the speaker. But I seat they like him the a lot of descriptions obsess and concurrido on sound. It touches well... Really good. That is ADDS is a fact can grab the, taken was the other breakings of a house, and listen the music.

Has neglected my collection of music partorisca years because they are during a place and crappy the speakers take to plot of joy out of music partorisca me. The headphones so only are not my thing.

Now volume partorisca re-discover my collection. You think that that it will be contained with any very revised battery-powered bluetooth the speaker yes is a portability and estimativa of accessibility.

Ossia Probably mine buys favourite of mine MacBook Pro done 5 years. Then again, has 2 boys so that any I exactly spent a lot on its own name these days. But continuous surpass expectations.

- - - -

Update Feb 2014

Well... Living with this thing - I thinks could result the Bose fanboy. A delicacy of him is unreal. At all more the time that touches acoustic instruments that listening the music, as I am a bit sensitive to the that esal' to to the sounds like.

So only can not take on that well and has balanced these sounds. Now included I have it seating in my office and is buzzing a whole table with some bass... kinda' Crazy partorisca a measure. And no, a Bluetooth the compression does not cause any loss of sleep partorisca me.

A question - my level partorisca speakers have been elevated significantly. Now I am listening the thought and of the old speakers, 'Ugh... Muddy. Any clarity. These no .'

Again, thinks a type of music is an essential piece. Like this alt-folk or the alternative register is registered on purpose partorisca touch like crap. It guesses it thinks that that it leaves something to a music while partorisca me is the enormous detractor. But included this tune of old haste am listening his now is reproduced well.

Like this yeah... So only grab this. There is not way very calm can complain it. They are not the 5 type of star. It excepts partorisca something concealed is next perfection and, partorisca the small portable speaker, this thing is the joy .

- - - -

Like this little partorisca add concealed has not been said, as I will maintain it quickly.

This pocola mania of music of speaker 'delicate' incredibly. When I am listening to Brothers of Paste, big band, classical, acoustic, surprised of vowel. Has thinks that has been satisfied with Logitec-speakers to note until it has taken this .

Is prime minister of mine bluetooth portable speaker and, inside small, so that it felt calm to ask you that it is a point of the static system, fixed. I grab he for the time of bath of a boy after being plugged to a television all day. Then I grab the one of way that goes in our jammies. Then it is in a cookery for a party of informal dance.

Results apparent that 1 portable speaker servants like this multiple fijamente, speakers any laptops it. In fact, you could contest that a besides expensive cost the portable speakers there is the offset for a no precise fact dips like this a lot of of speakers.

Launches dance or register it the music has weighed a trick is to stick he in a corner of the room. If podes tuck he in a corner of a cookery down some cupboards will be surprised in some bass. If calm expected it to fill the fight of wide narrow room - is the a bit directional speaker .

Did not kill Me with the investigation is. Every time I listen the Bose has produced I pause and marvel in a sound (still before it knows is the Bose). If any takings is one, so only take it Bluetooth to speaker to see likes the use in your life. You will be pleased.
5 / 5
Possesses a lot Bose the products that diverse of 601 turn of speakers of serious down to this little mini SoundLink, and so only can any gone bad with Bose. His of big quality with this deep grave mark , rich. And this SoundLink is true to form. A quality of his, the volume and the bass is extremely impressive for his measure. Easily it links up with any Bluetooth device like the iPhone/of smartphone, iPad, iPod etc.. And calm leave you music of common his. Has my whole house dips up with devices of the airport of multiple Apple has connected to amps/speakers and pode music of current to anywhere/everywhere in a house immediately. But sometimes it calms so only it loves music of game in a room, external, while doing in a cochera, or when having friends on and so only loves a bit the background music and ossia a perfect device. You can leave your friends sync his telephone and touch his mixes in of the seconds. Awesome To travel too much. Well value a prize.

Update with which 5 years of use! While a quality of his incredible east for a measure of this speaker, has begun unfortunately to intermittently has closed was while touching same music with the full load, plugged in or docked with being able to. Any subject, now done this consistently to a point where can very included trusts on using this speaker any long plus. I have visited a BOSE put of support and the dozens of people there is complained in of the this and look for be taken in the loop where BOSE does not admit it never and maintains to ask clients to reset to a speaker and try diverse question that the shoots approached in spite of a fact that a lot of users have commented has tried all this in spite of has a question. Some have commented included that this subject has begun day 1. I guess it was lucky to take 3-4 years to use before this has begun, but probably does not buy BOSE when it substitutes this speaker.
4 / 5
A Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth the speaker is the system of the small speaker adds for your house or office. A quality of his east orders for inner use. A subject regarding external use is that some tomb is transmitted. A SoundLink wall of uses or other surfaces to transmit bass out of a backside of a unit. For example, one the next plus situates a unit to the paving, the solid surfaces some better bass can produce.

Pair with him bluetooth the device enabled is before simple and right . Put a bluetooth the key and one look for bluetooth devices in telephone, portable, etc.

to touch a SoundLink the unit so only sticks to a canal to touch that it comes with him or discharges in AC the adapter to a unit has seen the port.

Him him the Any-bluetooth device that will not connect you can covers a device to a To the PORT has seen the boss of audio and use a SoundLink System that way.

A build in a SoundLink is sturdy and exceptionally attractive. If any like him to him one looks of the metal brushed Bose sells colored accessories that reads like the type of chance to prevent the harms use it to him external or the movement around to plot.

Some works of life of the battery to the equal that has announced. It has taken roughly 7 hours out of the full load with use has continued.

A boss to touch has the good creation that leaves it to bend walk for transport of easy/storage.

The current devices have used with a SoundLink system:
-Air of iPad
-iPhone 5S
-MacBook Pro Retina

-the quality of sound Adds.
-Life of exceptional battery.
-Convenient touching

-changing among the devices requires an user to physically press a bluetooth key.

In general is the system of the his add for a money with a peace to import this comes with a Bose frames.
4 / 5
Has compared a Bose SoundLink Mini, Sony SRSBTX300, and Sony SRSX5 side for side. Like another reviewers, had liked me and minuses to the each one like this but has chosen finally a Bose. If the sound was an only consideration , would have maintained a SRSX5. It was slightly better that Bose. This in spite of, a Bose was like this small has been surprised that it could compete with a speaker a big plus. It was like this near my woman could not say a difference among some two devices. While a Bose does not have a speakerphone characteristic, when my coverages of telephone, some pauses of music, does not broadcast my voice in a speaker, and resumes a game of music once a call is finalised. Him me like this - a speakerphone was unnecessary for me. A SRSBTX300 has had his very decent but was quite big (compared to another two). A Bose the sound was significantly better that a SRSBTX300. But if the prize was a primary factory , a SRSBTX300 is certainly add compraventa and has had his to add. I have not compared life of battery in any but can comment that a sound of a Bose is exactly an although or is not plugged in - another positive factor for me.
4 / 5
All can say is WOW. Quality of his astounding of such the small speaker. The bass is a lot well, has the mine situated in a corner of my down familiar room and some bass fill a quite big room quite well.

Construction of a soundlink mini is also very a lot of fact. It is very solid with good weight to a lot has very built. A life of battery is also very good I half was in 6 hours in the alone load, which is not bad for such the add touching speaker.

A pair negatives is that it does not manage heavy bass to well, which is not too big of the question for me like this mainly listens to the easy soft/rock that listens. It is so only when they are having people on by night/of game of the dinner and music of the touch with heavy bass touches just plain so only a music he but a speaker is so only too small to reproduce low bass. Another negative which have added in a soundlink mini II is a lack of telephone of speaker, any the breaker of extracted for me so only the negative minor.

In general am very happy with cost of mine, is to good sure value a prize. Highly it recommends.
5 / 5
I posted the quite thorough description of a Harman Studio of Onyx and that produced, in my opinion, touches a better considering prize, measure, utility, etc., Of any one another Bluetooth low speaker $ 300.

But has has had to that so only have the Soundlink Mini! Reason? This thing is so only like this a lot of engineered and touches very good. Bose A lot of skimp on quality the bit and I has been impressed with a cupboard of the solid aluminium a moment saw it. I have listened to a Mini and an III to first plot to decide in a Mini. I have chosen a Mini has based on already having a Harman Onyx; this in spite of, would have chosen an III otherwise. An III is like having two Minis in a cupboard. Double a time of battery, curve some engine, and bend a volume but so only $ 100 bucks more. If calm so only loves a Bose Bluetooth speaker, some III stronger games and is for like this more versatile.

Speaking of volume, ossia where a Mini the falls bit it short. In the chamber or neighbouring calm situated in the reasonable volume, some Mini resplandores and touches wonderful. The place in general and the calm room will be necessary turn he on and a sound begins to suffer just short of sprain. Bose Has done really he heck of the work in his DSP like this squeezed each ounce of action of a Mini. But I need the volume of his/big plus, goes with an III or choose a Harman Onyx for closing of the his better ;)

I REALLY desire Bose would have comprised the mic. I have used a Line-In entrance ( has nailed that characteristic!) The more listen it facetime the cat but he am not as well as state could have, thinks. Had the bit of the delay in using an iPad mic and using a Bose Mini the speakers have connected to an iPad has seen the cord. When being like this portable, pleasant, etc., would think Bose would have anticipated business travellers, and another, toting this pocola what around. My forecast, he mic will be in a next iteration of a Mini ;)

Tiny with the big sound
User replaceable battery! Bose Is saying will be around partorisca awhile to the equal that takes the mine has used :)
Drawn in some the EUA
cupboard of Solid aluminium
Prize. $ 200 it Is so only and I quite paid for quality that engaged in record and arrival.

Relatively low volume before it begins partorisca distort
Any fact in a less a country of manufacture is the DIESEL partner.
Bose Uses one coffins bone Bluetooth specs, likes unit any sync volume with your device. Bose Suggests to maintain a Mini or III has turned all a way on then uses your device to turn a volume down. Ossia The feasible solution but boba when almost all another Bluetooth speakers (Harman Studio of Onyx, for example) uses a pertinent Bluetooth software that easily enables volume sync.
Any mic
5 / 5
Bose is in a decrease of products with qualities. It has bought mainly this partorisca bluetooth, and of course the little month after a guarantee was on a start of questions to spend. Randomly It Closes it was and I a lot annoying, tried with a lot of different types of products(telephones and compressed so much Android and iOS). Something is to blow in a joint of circuit, closes is gone in his own, can very included listen to the whole album. A bit embarrassing while it has undertaken on for the different chances but help me clear with other people that Bose is in the downward slope and resulting an economic.

Does not squander your money, has very better bluetooth speakers there now!
5 / 5
My edges has come recently home for recognition and he have spent his Bose SoundLink Mini. It travels all a time and he does not spend anything unless it is small, light and very useful. I have seen immediately it is appeal and have fallen quickly enamoured with this speaker and has had to have one on its own name. There is less expensive mini Bluetooth speakers there but this a has not beaten can be the paralizaciones is glass his clear. We are to come to know Bose for qualities of his and this little speaker does not disappoint . It has touched less than an hour and last on seven hours of time of game. A neighbour up was like this easy and had linked that to the mine portable and telephone less than 5 minutes and are any 'techie'. It likes-it looks me the films in mine portable and this has has improved really an experience with touching the east is far better that has with my big screen and fixes of sound. Bose Is known for his quality workmanship. Mina Bose the radio there is almost is lasted 20 years and a quality of his still brilliant east. It has to that well sure my little Bose Mini will be with me the long time. HIGHLY I recommend it.
5 / 5
I amour like these sounds of speaker. I have bought he for my computer, reason like the musician, has required enough sound exiting of the speaker to be able to touch my electrical guitar with and record to mine iphone partorisca demo purpose and a mini the speakers so only did not cut it . A Bose Mini give me a lot of warm sounds, and while my producer has said that it does not use Bose reason done the things touch better that in fact is, are the defender to use soyakeup' in my songs while it takes a casualidad .

That also wants to use this speaker for, is to look TV in mine iPad while it cooks to dine that it can be the subject noisy . A Bose give me his that I can listen on everything of some other noises(the defenders and the alarms to smoke to go was) that it could be goes a pending preparation to dine. I can listen everything of a wonderful flange in Nashville, and one 'the fast of pause' of Scandal without question.

Considering this speaker is blue-tooth, my husband has said that he no well, and has had at the beginning some question with him. Felizmente, an Apple-Friki the partner said to go the preferences and paste a key of external speaker, and now my computer ask every time wants to use some external headphones. It is mine Bose Mini is not the headphone, but apparently my computer has confused, as I go with him.

Love my wonderful touching Bose Mini for like this adds sounds, and reasons seats in touching load but have beaten left quell'was and use it anywhere. They are always be he Bose the defender and I same has a small prime minister Bose Wave radio. I produce it adds everywhere.
5 / 5
Has lost the star been due to poor test regarding priority in packaging and material.

I utmost sounds for his measure, and partorisci relatively easily, if dulcemente, BUT occasionally has to that fund “crackles” this looks to follow with part of a music. Clearing memory of leading connections and reconnecting looks to delete the majority of them. I add in 22 ft RV, could pose questions for the longest zone; often it has question remaining prpers connected less than 20 ft of my computer.

I looks bit it overpriced, but will maintain it a crackles can be controlled and the connection has maintained.

Some instructions are in 24x18 spent of thumb with three columns of 6 pt type, English, Spanish, French, for north Amsterdam boasts, and each column is 3.5 x 22 thumbs. Each section of the tongue easily is returned a piece of paper of thumb, as I have cut out of the section, the currencies, and has copied he in two columns in paper of regular copy. Bose Could have scrimped the bit in an elaborates packaging, which has been to some rubbishes, and does more user friendly instructions. A two-sided page for each tongue, using main form, would have been very better that a “poster.”

Based in the presumed mm for point in a current office upper publishing level, also known likes “point of Postscript,” for piece on “Point (typography)” in Wikipedia.

Top Customer Reviews: Bose SoundTouch 10 ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 19 ratings
3 / 5 Tu
It was disappointed really with a fidelity of a pair has bought. I match prndales stereo but in my opinion a sound is not to estimate a cost.
1 / 5 Gia

Bose has to has pressed the update of firmware so that now it can not connect in them at all. Do resets of multiple factory, unistalled an application multiple time. At all. Even bluetooth Ails works.... It maintains to cut it was.

Looks in a web in these, has subjects of massive connectivity and Bose is doing absolutely AT ALL enough the. All apresamiento of them are that it has to be something with your point. Those RUBBISHES. They have done well for the moment, it has entered a day, and has prendido. He eschews what is a plague .

Original description:

Sounds well any one adds. Of course he no very subject because of his subjects of connectivity.
Periodically requires to do resets of complete factory and reconnect/clean a whole system. And now this morning, after doing an on, only can touch some speakers of Bluetooth. A wifi the looks of functionality in has evaporated.
Down, eschews these.
5 / 5 Mira
I add for the small chamber. I took one 30 for room. My wif the amours that clean day with a same song these touches in a whole house. I use with an iPod like the call of the telephone not having prendido a musician. An application is well . Easy to pose up. State 4 month and flight he. I took 2 of one 10s and he 30 for whole house. His clear add for the 12 for 15 room. One 13 for 17 gives and one 30 in a 23 for 16 room
5 / 5 Adelia
I very cual a connectivity. Has wifi and option of Bluetooth. His very well, and buttons of useful fast launch. Very satisfied!
5 / 5 Ronda
We buy these in current our musician has recorded personal of the tablet. These no that very good.

To pose in these speakers download an application. I have to say that an initial setup confused - all take for the instructions are the few pictures . An application comes with the player of musician that has access in the emisora the radio and can attach more. Using an application these speakers have done well. We have wanted even so our musician has recorded own. This application only will touch your musician is uploaded in the Player of Means comunicacionales of Windows of computer or iTunes. We want to use a tablet of android. We have tried several applications of player of the musician. So - a bumper of musician for the little bren and then begins to touch - and is skips and then compresses 3 or four bren in unit.. My supposition is some speakers is having takes it to time which are some rights and left stereo putting. I have spoken with Bose. We said me to us that wants musician of the game of the tablet has to limit he in some speakers with the headphone cape.... So - that it is a point to buy the system of wireless west you can not use wirelessly. I am returned the.
5 / 5 Kyoko
That is to say an absolute worse Bose the product has not possessed never. An application of the touch of the sound is to take to use and is not easy to link some two speakers. Once link it a pair will do for the moment but at random will begin to cut out of the each 30 bren or so much. Calm then require in unlink a reparation of of the one of the west and re-link the. This does not sound like the big roads but he take quite 20 minutes. A sound is WELL is listening in a chamber but very well for the party Or alfresco. It does not recommend this product. It tries a Bose touch of his 30 for the much better produced.
3 / 5 Everette
An application is not able to connect both speakers a same time. One will do except any another. It does not buy this!
1 / 5 Johna
We buy these the current ours the music has registered personal of the pill. These no the a lot well.

Partorisca Dip on the speakers download an application. I owe that say that an initial setup confused - all takings partorisca the instructions is the few pictures . An application comes with the player of music that has access to the emisora irradiate and calm can add more. Using an application these speakers have done well. We have wanted to this in spite of touch ours music has registered own. This application so only will touch your music is uploaded in the Player of Means comunicacionales of Windows of computers or iTunes. We want to use a pill of android. We have tried several applications of player of the music. Like this - a music buffers for the pocolos second and then begins to touch - and is skips and then compresses 3 or four seconds to a... My supposition is some speakers is having the hard to time which is a legislation and accident stereo speaker. I have spoken the Bose. We said me to us that loves music of the game of the pill has to that cover he to some speakers with the headphone boss.... Like this - that it is a point to buy the system of wireless speaker if any one calm can use him wirelessly. It is it is returned.
1 / 5 Matilde
Of all some bad things in a world, ossia one of a worse. Seriously. It does not buy this. Has the horrible lag of several long seconds - you can not use this to look TVs or film - and some court of speakers was constantly. Also it comes with a a-user friendly application that tries peddle announce you and precise constant updating. I do not have any idea like this the partorisca stage. Ossia A worse thing has has not possessed never. Literally. An only reason I still use them (sometimes) is reasons are expensive and has not bought new speakers still. You save, it does not buy this. Any so only trust me - look in a Bose the forums where is just hundreds of the people annoyed and has frustrated! Bose, sucks!
4 / 5 Nathaniel
A quality of his of the speaker is very good. But a SW is atrocious, rendering the the disaster of product.

I use he mostly to wifi common sirius my cochera. I do not move him never, there is adds wifi in a cochera (I use he wifi system of point, there is docsis 3.1 to the equal that has 500Mb+ bandwidth).

In the each one two month, one craps the stops that reads, reason have released new SW has not asked... You owe that update of download firmware, reintroduce some speakers your coverage, reload yours preferred. Sound the good 30 minutes of BS the just tower in a radio this has done well one prejudices before.

Same when a firmware any precise updating, the action is espotty' in better. A system does not look to treat well with any jitter in a coverage, and will fall was, or has included behind on the pocolos second in the song, reason is not properly buffering a current of content.

A bit those that days the month some row of stars, a quality of his utmost east. Another plus-that-half of a month, need one The crew to help takings your radio has turned on.
4 / 5 Hugo
Ossia An absolute worse Bose the product has has not possessed never. An application to touch of the sound is hard to use and is not easy to link some two speakers. It has linked once a do one for the moment but randomly will begin that short out of the each one 30 second or so many. Calm then need to unlink a reparation of speaker and king-link them. This does not touch so the big shot but taking roughly 20 minutes. A sound is WELL is listening in a chamber but a lot well for the party Or out of doors. It does not recommend this product. It tries a Bose touch of the his 30 for the much better has produced.
4 / 5 Elenora
One the majority of baffling speakers, miserable could buy. In some scarce occasions can take him to connect is purely random. Sometimes they decide to do except the majority of the chairs to time there likes the paperweight a lot of expensive. One of some compraventa worse has has not done never. Bose Swimming to resupply user friendly technology. Impossible to take them to do in Bluetooth or by means of Wifi. I can not say quite a lot of bad thing in this product.
4 / 5 Lezlie
Suspect a software was writen for hacks of institute of Indian. The hardware is well, as expected of Bose. But Bose can not rid considering software. Average, reboot, software upgrades, blah, blah. It is not to value he.

Takes to do. Gone back a next day. Any swipe. Behind partorisca kick, redone, reconnect Bluetooth, etc. Too BS

And his on-line and support of telephone sucks. Just saying.
4 / 5 King
It was disappointed really with a loyalty of a pair has bought. The pair takes him stereo but in my opinion a sound is not partorisca value a cost.
5 / 5 Julieann
Update of November:

Hey could you piece 'updating' these, concealed would be adds. A connectivity sucks like this east , and every time 'update' calm your software, take me 3 hours the reconnect him.

Has to add it roughly one of yours 'updates' these do not blow anymore?

Update of October:

These are still utter crap.


Bose has that pressed it firmware update because now it can not connect to them at all. I have done resets of multiple factory, unistalled an application multiple time. At all. Even bluetooth grieves maintains partorisca cut was.

Looks in a web in these, has subject of massive connectivity and Bose is doing absolutely AT ALL roughly that. All takings is that it has to that be something with your coverage. Those RUBBISHES. They have done well for the moment, I am gone in a day , and there is prendido. It averts him like is a plague .

Original description:

Touches well does not add . Of course he any a lot of @@subject because of his subjects of connectivities.
Periodically I need to do resets of complete factory and reconnect/coverage a whole system. And now this morning, after doing an on, so only can touch some speakers of Bluetooth. A wifi the looks of functionalities to having evaporated.
In short, averts these.
4 / 5 Jim
Adds for the small chamber. I have taken one 30 for living room. My wif the amours that clean day with a same song that touches in a whole house. Utilisation with an iPod like the call of telephone not having prendido a music. An application is well. Easy to dip up. State 4 month and loves that. I have taken 2 of a 10s and he 30 for whole house. His clear add for the 12 for 15 room. One 13 for 17 gives and one 30 in a 23 for 16 living room
4 / 5 Anitra
Can not connect!!! Has 2 mix soundwears and 2 mix this has done without difficulty... Each one that like this of mine 2 compraventa of a touch of sound has failed to connect!!! It does not purchase until they imagine out of a defect with this model!!!
4 / 5 Brenda
Loves a quality of sound. Another adds Bose has produced!
4 / 5 Hulda
I really like a connectivity. Has wifi and Bluetooth option. His a lot well, and the fast launch keys useful. Very satisfied!

Top Customer Reviews: Bose L1 Compact w/ ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 23 ratings
5 / 5 Kenda
Amur This fixes, Bose really done of the excellent products, a sound is perfect!!!
4 / 5 Minna
Has possessed Bose personal amps before, and ossia so only he streamlined version that use in my room of music of the house partorisca take the sound adds. Has the small Behringer mixer concealed cover all my mics and train to, and then so only run 1 cord to a Bose.
5 / 5 Bethann
Do in commitments of speakers. And has has wanted to something a lot good and professional, still a lot easy to transport. This he. I so only traded in mine Mackie 450 is that has has wanted to - partorisca this Bose L1 Compact. Still I will say good things in a Mackies, but a perfomance, portability and hanged in a L1 Compresses one east awesome ! - An addition of a Bluetooth was the decision adds. I leave to delete mixers & bosses. Utmost cost. Utmost systems.
5 / 5 Yun
Loves a Bose. Easy the setup and use. The utmost sounds.
A Logitech Bluetooth is drawn to return to an entrance for your computer/of Telephone/of Tampon/of iPod which can be facts directly with the 1/8 male to 1/8 boss viril. So utilisations a main entrance for your laptop (touching Karafun still Karaoke) and love a bluetooth for pending touch of the pauses by means of one to the entrances... You owe that buy additional bosses for the connect to a Bose.
5 / 5 Leisha
ohhhhh The hell maintains to improve n better.... They are the pair DJ and this thing is a BOMB for my ceremonies have treated. A together fast arrives and tear down and behind in a room of reception goes for a main chance. lol lol.....
5 / 5 Rhiannon
Projection of his excellent and very easy to dip up. Bluetooth syncs Quickly. Also very easy to operate. Perfecto for our venue of pair and venue of reception!
4 / 5 Bree
Ossia The add, professional and system very portable the. We substitute our Fender portable system that was more than two heavy times and has taken more with a longitude to dip up. His add for a prize. Good system for the half the room to measure main.
5 / 5 Olin
The only reason has given to 4 star is could use bit it graver
4 / 5 Mayola
has arrived punctually and a quality of his excellent east. It is easy to install too much.
5 / 5 Sharee
It likes-me all roughly that. This in spite of kinda the desire has taken one with built in Bluetooth capapability. It saves in outlets. Also kinda the desire has taken one with the battery partorisca external use. And perhaps a L1 with a B2 tomb. Tee hee! Any to exited. Right?
4 / 5 Rebecka
Simple to use, his compact , adds partorisca the room until 150 people and the reasonable prize. And Bose quality.
4 / 5 Joaquina
The sound adds. Easy to spend and place on quickly. And love a Bluetooth! It connects to my telephone, iPad or computer. He same laws my mixer.
5 / 5 Gaylene
Really satisfied with a product, functionality and his excellent partorisca fixes it compact.
5 / 5 Nicolette
The excellent sound & want a portability. It uses this for the system of the his of retail tent and touches awesome coverage 1500SF with big ceiling
4 / 5 Qiana
touch Excellent, listens until very remote ...Sinned lose his quality
5 / 5 Corinne
It loves it!! Probably it will be to take the second system.
5 / 5 Corrina
Amur Of the amour loves it! Amazing quality and his perfect. The works add for church!
4 / 5 Karisa
Bose Is always expensive, is paying the plot for a name. Unfortunately this container a lot he for me and expected in my repayment with which 14 days!!
4 / 5 Clarissa
His a lot well, can well, easy to spend., it Is the Bose...!
5 / 5 Lucinda
Seat partorisca a prize, the am not satisfied in has anything that beats partorisca take the better sound.
5 / 5 Jenette
Adds partorisca a pertinent application! Partorisca Small karaoke parties, background music and presentations, a L1 compact is hard to beat. This in spite of, a karaoke so only touched well with a mate mixer with vocal effects. Of course, any with the better voice could be well with the directed mic entrance. :)

While it does not think resupplies sufficient low end for him for dj use, adding the subwoofer to a connection of the remedies of start concealed. I have added the Behringer B1200D and has done really the enormous difference. This resupplies abundance of coverage for the small party. I create two configurations that would cover it the majority of half sized parties until several people of hundred, especially a primary house is coverage for a dance floor. They are not that it says that it would fill the 2,500 sq ft room, but probably would cover a lot of situations. BTW, has had already a B1200D. It could not have purchased a L1C there has been known that could use some inferior final extra. If any calm already the the sub and wants to use he for music of dance, would not recommend buying a L1C.

That I amour the majority is a balance among his and portability. Have DXR10s And will be to take a DXS15MKII to cover the main chance. A L1C will be that I use for receptions and of the small parties. It could have opted to use the only DXR for small chances, but a L1C is like this more convenient. It is light and does not require the heavy, spatial eating stand of speaker. Although port my B1200D to the long of, can still setup in the small space and so only situate a L1C on a B1200D.

Has bought my L1C before Bose is exited with a S-1 Pro. Although a S-1 Pro there was available state some same times have done spent of mine, probably has opted still for a L1C. Material $ 599 for a S-1 Pro, more another $ 99 for a battery is too much. And for my primary applications, still would require to spend the stand of speaker for a S-1 Pro. While you owe that spend extensions for a L1C, is light and does not add to an impression of your setup.

@In rodeo, if having the good system, light for small chances that easily can be dipped up in the tight spaces is not the need for you, would recommend to spend in a L1C. If calm mostly is doing karaoke and the the mixer or unit of effects like an interface for your microphone, would be the good investment in a $ 849 point of prize. Also it would be the good investment in a $ 849 point of prize wants to use he for parties of small dance. But ossia so only yes calms already the he subwoofer to use with him. I do not see any good reason to pay a current $ 999 for him. I have paid $ 849 and I am happy with him.
5 / 5 Felton
Bose L1 Informs compact
has purchased this system the small to the along in fact the month. Of this time, has had occasion to use a system in the number of different settings. In church, has used a system for support of electrical guitar, touching Taylor GS with the K&K system the day when I have not had any piano or drummer. It has done fantastically! A sound is extremely clear, with treating adds of headroom; any feedback, any hum, and no white noise. A week later, has used a system in the party familiarised, touching alfresco for the group of roughly 60 or 70 people. Reason has had other singers and of the players, has used the Yamaha MG06X mixer. It was flawless, the full a party equally and fully. In home, I have used a system partorisca playlists and the sound adds. A note of entity: these works of system with two extensions, an extension, or any extension. There it looks to be confusion in that. All three sound of configurations of sound. Full disclosure: they are the long time Bose defender, using speakers of computers and he Cinemate system in my house. Both insiemi of speakers have on 15 years and function fantastically. A Bose L1 Compact is the wonderful system with far more volume and the depth that calms would expect of 25 system of book. I have been touching paralizaciones a lot on four decades and am impressed for real with a quality of this system. Calm the favour and try this was.
4 / 5 Camila
A container has been supposition to comprise it Bluetooth connection; it has not been comprised. A real system has to that individual – a quality expects of Bose.

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