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Top Customer Reviews: Hamilton Beach ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
I left me preface this description with an information that:
1) has been baking bread for quite a lot of 70 years. . Learnt of my grandfather that was professional baker , so much in a to Tsarist Russia of a pre-days of Second World War; and, in some the EUA after it emigrates in 1910. . .
2) Has has had also the machine of bread for in 30 years. . .

Has Had this machine of Beach of Hamilton during several weeks; and, it has done more than half the dozen loaves of bread. Each loaves has resulted likes him 'promised' for an advertising. . .Using recipes of a HB rids that has accompanied a machine. He so done 'express' cooked loaves (58 minutes); and, 'full -designate' loaves (3 hour that bakes time). I actuate Still 'experimented' bit it. . .As Using the milk Evaporated in the place of ones waters + dry milk like signified in a recipe of bread of the wheat(p. 19)

For the whoever the machine 'calm'. . .They will not be disappointed. For the the one who want to 'hurriedly; easy; and convenient' also will be happy. More than everything, your bread will be tasty and satisfy. And, for those concealed wants the product these lives until expectations and of the promises of a manufacturer, also will be satisfied!

PS. . . I have paid cash for my machine; and, it do not take any presents or espirits' to say good things in a product! [At the same time (Oct 2017), paid $ 37 for a machine]
5 / 5
That is to say an appliance has not known never necessity! I have seen he in some roads of warehouse of the amazon and has thought, what a heck spent to try the unit am blowing has been. State that bakes the majority of the bread of my husband during several years. It has celiacs illness and has to have the gluten free diet. This manufacturer of bread has the free gluten that that law to pose awesome. Do loaf after loaf and has all exit utmost! And it is so easy. Only I have to touch my ingredients in and the walk has been. The May IS to declare so easy. And Ive has discovered he other things have not had any idea the manufacturer of bread could do! He several batches of jam in him and they all salan utmost. This poor machine has be in days of poster directly now that do a thing after another so tried was. I have not been sure it has been it to it to him to maintain at the beginning so that has did not think required another appliance- has tried he in the whim. I am so happy I - have it very done my easier life a lot of!
5 / 5
The May HAS COOKED bread in my life, but always has wanted to to bake my own bread, and now with this machine beat. He he very mere to produce add loaves. It has Had he during the week so far and has baked 3 loaves already and although I am still in a test and phase of error, all my loaves was the flavour adds and was very pleased. I am comprising pictures of some 3 cooked breads - the bread of whole wheat with cumin (fragrant and wholesome, the small dense while I have used the rule of yeast in place of yeast of machine of the bread), the bread of aim of sour cream (soft and delicious, like French toast of a Cookbook of Machine of the Bread) and the Aim buttermilk bread (soft and delicious). I can not think that quota and sake some flavours of the bread and he are utmost to exit to purchase holidays and returned in a smell of the bread has baked recently.

This machine is quite compatible and has has did not have to do the thing after posing in all some ingredients.

Some things have learnt so far:
- any disorder with a machine, does not open a lid.
- Ingredients of the mix in of him contadoras in a casserole then pauses in a machine, otherwise can risk fall some ingredients in an element of the heating and he will burn.
- Measure precisely, does not guess . Short of use and measures of spoon.
- Any one poses also liquid, or packs a flour in a too much cup, or place in yeast of mass. A cookbook of the machine of the bread has suggested too much yeast for more than recipes and or 2 lb loaf only angered against a lid of the glass and a cup was underbaked. Fleishmann The web of place suggests only 1/2 tsp of yeast of machine of the bread for cup of the flour but a cookbook of the machine of the bread suggests the bit of plus and some increases of too much of bread! It IS more for copper the 1.5 lb loaf in this machine when in the first place is that the come from the recipe while luck with the better crust, and gives some margin in case that some too many increases too much!
- Once has one hangs of him, which you quite hurriedly, experience. I cumin has tried already in a loaf felizmente adds, and advances to look try all the classes of nuts, seeds, flavorings.
- Maintaining bread in the box of the plastic bread in a counter maintains it fresh, spent the box of transparent shoe in a Imposicin that is bending perfectly like the box of bread.

IS so pleased with this machine and looking advances to try more recipes and creating my own!
5 / 5
A past year and the half, has had two boys has diagnosed with Celiac Illness and the husband with the sensibility of strong gluten. This machine of bread has been the living SAVER !! A hubby has taken in a responsibility to do gluten free bread (so that the esgular loaf' of GF the bread is the averages a measure of regulates it loaf of bread and two expensive times!) I have bought this machine of bread jointly with A Cookbook of Gluten of Machine of Free Bread, and has done fantastically to do us bread abordable for my family! Has the GF posing, but in fact uses one expresses to pose 1 hours with some recipes in a book.

My only subject, and think me, is the small a, is can not find where to buy an extra basin! We could attack even more loaves was there is an extra basin to go with our extra paddle this comes with!

Chairs that the can not revise this machine in other parameters. I bought it concretely for a GF parameter, which use once and the law adds, but would imagine that other parameters would do sper also, for folks concealed does not have to turn his cookeries the other way around when the Celiac the diagnostic entered his lives!
1 / 5
I left me in the first place begin it has been it with so terrible this machine a lot is. If it wants this machine in just mix in your mass then is well. Even so you use a function of mass 8 and want the to blend yours concentrate and the trace of mark for the heat up bit it like this the functions is feigned to do then this is not since you. An element to the heat does not take quite hot to actuate a yeast. I am used to to use the T-Fal machine when when done the mass of marks of the mass!! Has my T-Fal during 8 years and a bowl the blend was bad and has bought this machine. I have to admit even so this was far cheaper that T-Fal. So much in an end and supposition and has taken that and paid by then? My next step is in pony in a cash to buy the T-Fal again like this is returning. State doing the bread marries done 'Dutch In of the Ways' in an oven and this machine are useless to do well too much for that......................USELESS. After a cycle has finished after 1 1/2 hours and 5 different test are and has had too much stroll every time. A must has in some parameters a lot to heat it up or something so that in my T-Fal and has done too many some subjects included a lid has exploded! Total waste of time and cash. Quan And said useless and badly very-for-swimming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5 / 5
I want to begin of my description to say concealed active has had only he that hangs two weeks, as it maintains that in of the imports, but so far WANTS this machine of bread. I like him to him dry am dramatic to say it has changed my life, but truly has. It does not buy of the bread anymore. Doing the bread is so ridiculously easy and economic concealed am not when being a necessity to purchase anything of a tent. Do five different types of bread so far, and outside of error of user, this machine has done perfectly. My mamma there has been the manufacturer of the bread more or he less done 15 years, and a main thing that has taking enough is that it was very strong. This machine of the bread is not strong while it is accruing a mass at all. It sounds the bit like the dishwasher or the washing machine when is two or three rooms was. It conceal to be said, fulfilling each a squawks the marks when changes to cycles of problem. It IS why he he, in case perhaps wants to take a loaf was and calm of forms, but the desire could turn was. (I perhaps can, but if that is to say some , has not imagined was so still.) As far I have done only of the bread in this machine, but has some ingredients to do some jam, and is excited. It was not if the machines of bread have changed the plot in fact 15 years, but know that my mamma has prendido to use his so that it says that it was also that consumes time. That is to say more certainly any case with this machine. At least any one with a bread this has like this does far: Vienna, Potato, Rosemary, Garlic, and Tomato. This machine of bread a present navideo better has the long time. A longitude and some bass of this that it has been you thinking quite that takes the machine of bread and does not want to spend the tonne of money, then that is to say one schemes since you. Oh, And also I have to recommend this book, the cookbook of Machine of the Bread of Lover of Bread: the 300 Favourite Recipes of A Master Baker for Perfecto-Each what so-Bread of Time-Of the each Class of Machine, which have still to have the less than perfect recipe in him.
1 / 5
I took here in two days - look well. Has any idea that a lot of laws so that it avenge it incomplete - without blending paddles. The tan now is only an expensive paperweight. And the amazon will not accept gone back of these elements. I blame Hamilton Platja for any routing the complete product, and Amazon for not backing his sales. No the satisfied client.
5 / 5
I want to this breadmaker! It IS the small hesitant quite listens it Hamilton Platja so that it was the Zoj or anything excepts less than half a prize of the Zoj has been that does a work! They use that it hangs 2 weeks now and want the (and he so done my familiar)! State doing bread almost every day for a past two weeks. This past weekend has done 2 loaves the day so that it was babysitting my sisters and the boys and has maintained to ask more bread. My premier loaf, I an option of the beginning retarded. I have posed in all some ingredients in 10:30pm (can not use an option of the beginning retarded if a recipe asks any dairy products. Still it was not if this comprises dry milk but to good sure for eggs or milk) and has been ready for 8is a next day. Here it is some touches that I have imagined was while using it:

1. Option to start with of the delay: I need to take to represent so much a time for copper and a time in front of some necessities of machine to start with that bakes. Example: I have posed in my ingredients in 10:30pm and has wanted the to be ready for 7:30 you are a next morning . A time for copper for this recipe was 3 hours so many of 4:30 you are-7:30 it is it would begin to bake and of 10:30pm - 4:30 it is it is 6 hours so afterwards selecting a cycle, crust and loaf the measure has posed a time to start with of the delay in 9 hours (6 hours that expects to time + 3 hours that bakes time).

2. Sure when being to follow some recipes exactly. A manual and the plot of some recipes found always say to pose some liquids and salt and first sugar, flour then a yeast in subjects that a yeast does not touch a salt. I am very particular in Quan measuring always packs a flour (dry products) and the soften was up. I have done a recipe 3 times and a third time the an upper sunk in and was the small more take that a premier 2 loaves. I think that spent was in planting to use the Active Dry yeast can have used Yeast of Instant. I am not very a lot the baker to learn a difference but I think taken a wrong one and does not locate totally. Has yeast of machine of the bread but I used it only when a Bread of recipe has said concretely Yeast of Machine.

3. A Paddle is the small to take to take so remarked has the right verge these necessities to vary with a right verge in a clave in a fund of a casserole but I still have the hard time that takes. Only it have to maintain transfer and aixecar-, sometimes drenches in of the waters for the bit and he then tries to take the. That is to say sometimes the small easier but still has the small bit of the time takes. Also a hole in a fund of a bread of a paddle is not big at all. It listens some of my friends that has had an old breadmaker machines that a hole would cross a hole loaf. This is not a case. He probably only show in lasting yours piece of the bread and he are not really the hole, more than a bloodletting in a bread.

4. I classify of him it does not like him that there is not an OUT OF OF The button only the unplugs.

5. It IS the small big in my counter-upper but since is the black is not a eyesore. Only the does not like me in of that has it also material in my counter-hoard so still is trying finds in the some place for the tent.

6. A lot I like him his of east has the window that can see you a mass through without inaugural a lid but also like me to of you that CAN you to him opened a lid (when a window takes foggy of a temperature) without screwing in a process. My boys wants this option also while they are so fascinated with seeing that a bread is accrued and increases etc.

7. There is a bit of the vibration during a process to accrue but when quite read he in a manual think would be it to like while be in him bumpy the road and he possibly could fall out of my counter-upper but very is not that bad. I will update my clave with pictures and the video later.

In general, so far, absolutely wants my machine and he so done my family! I want to it concealed it to it does not have to buy more bread and some ingredients so far is that I last me quite 1-2 weeks (duquel the bread does at least once the day or each which as another day).
1 / 5
Take my machine for the Natal and has done 10 loaf of cinnamon to add and the bread go that I am adds ! BUT he any any one bread now, did not shout, and soymena that dress Bought of flour and of the new yeast has taken one for my daughters and is using my yeast and of flour, active has done only the pair of loafs that is to say well!! One loafs is exited 3 -4 inches and cheese of looks of brown cottage that is to say to cook !! We try it to nodes 6 different roads to try for the take to do !! So very sad !!
4 / 5
Quan One very first loaf of bread of your new breadmaker has resulted well, knows has the laureate in your hands.

This breadmaker of marks of Beach of Hamilton or he 1 and 1/2 or he 2 book loaf of regular bread. Also it can having the habit of marks another type of bread, comprising breads of desserts, as well as jam.

Explodes of use predominately for a small plus loaf of regular bread. There is at all like a heady aroma to bake the bread as I fill a house, or a flavour of this warm premier buttered piece.

Finds that a loaf is the small plus bit that with another breadmakers has used. This adapt me even so, so that usually it is only my husband and me that it is there for the eat.
A texture of a bread is perfect, equally shaped and textured, without holes.

Has the problem with a cover the blend that exited of an interior of casserole a loaf.
Can be take with a business end of the corkscrew, any harm has done.
He detract of some looks of some half inferior of a loaf, even so.

I like the dark crust. Some elections for your crust are clear, means and darkness. A dark parameter in this breadmaker can be too dark, but use it so that I like him his the crusty loaf.

Some instructions to use look wordy, but is in fact easy to follow.
Marks sure take some proportions for your exactly right ingredients--the bread that bakes is the scientific process.

Top Customer Reviews: KBS 17-in-1 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 57 ratings
5 / 5
I have bought a KBS bread of diagrams partorisca substitute my old one which has been used partorisca on 6 years. It is packed a lot well when it arrives, with all some accessories. Has-liked me he of a moment saw it of then a look is a lot of stylish. Has chance of upper metal, stay fresh bosses, and the lid with seeing window. It is a perfect measure partorisca remain in a counter. It returns my cookery amiably. 
KBS Schemes the bread there is a lot does that it can do the 3 loaf the measures and has some impressive 17 settings with three options of crust. The ones of way that far has tried it of the following options:
1. Soft bread. I have used 350g of flour of bread, of yeast, 55g of sugar, 3g of rooms, an egg, 150g of tins, 53g of heavy cream, 35g of butter, and dip everything in an order mentioned in a manual. It selects 1000g in Loaf and Luz in colour, then press a key partorisca Begin and some diagrams will begin and run by him. No more the action has required of there that. Taking roughly 3 hours partorisca begin to finalise. Once it is done and will listen an alert and is a time partorisca take a bread was. A bread is very soft and tasty. Awesome! For a way, a car was very calm when those careers.
2. Crude Dough. My boys love the in shape different bread and try I so that it uses this function partorisca amass a dough and to the left augments it. This car is quite powerful to amass a dough equally. When A dough increases and results two big times is now of the take was and form to the to way likes. It is ready to bake once folds his measure again.
3. Function of jam. There are so many varieties of the available fruit in the summer and is also the time adds to do organic jam and sã. I have tried jam of strawberry with him and a process was very simple. So only cleaning some strawberries in the first place and then adding quite sugar and then leaving feels there for the pair of first hours to dip to a car of bread. Adding more sugar then selecting function of jam. Taken roughly 65 minutes. It calms that can run again likes to be fatter, until a jam fulfils of your needs.
In general ossia a car that can do lacking desayunar for a whole family easily. I will try yoghourt function later and think that my girls would love it. Like this far I am very satisfied with him. Also it resupplies a guarantee of year that give peace of alcohol. They are happy with this compraventa.
5 / 5
Ideal breadmaker for 2 people. They are the personal trainer and use this breadmaker each one that 3 or 4 days to do the loaf of bread for me and my woman. I began it it was with the Norwegian recipe and modified it to do the súper is loaf of the loaded bread with seeds and goodies. That has used to take me the pair of hours to start with to finalise to use an oven now so only takes minutes. I typically beginning in a morning before it does and add my ingredients that takes 10 minutes less and a bread is ready when we take house . A car is calm, easy to clean, easy of more can say? And a prize was very reasonable. The value adds!
4 / 5
Has loved schemes it bread for the long time.. Years! But it was nervous roughly investing in an and then he no when being a lot of all this loved it to be... Well, this car is all that loved it to be. To say a truth, am crazy in me to take like this long to buy the car of bread because this car is SOOOO easy to use. I have had he for the month now and has been doing a to two 1-lb loaves the week. It follow some recipes to a T to add ingredients in the concrete order and then a night was in the haste to take a bread that goes so that it can go to be and has taken the joint of my fellow to do bread and has added so only everything in immediately and there is put to bed . When Have despertador up in a morning, a bread was perfect to the equal that said always is when it has launched everything in still run over night. I love this car even more now. You will read a lot of descriptions roughly taking a paddle was or any and can do neither. I leave a paddle in and a hole that the leaves is like this small - is not to treat it big at all. Last what has loved to share.. Easy to clean. At all really glielo stick to to him so it waters it soapy light and that the rinse cleans it every time. This car has changed my life and is a lot of value an investment.
4 / 5
This KBS the car of bread is fast and effortless for me to produce fresh bread for my family. In planting to do everything with my hand, this car he for me. So only I owe that add in some ingredients, press the few keys and this car will bake a bread! A bread exits very soft and apetecible. Also I leave to maintain some discharges of bread to an hour that are adds,in chance my family loves more bread, would have it fresh and animate in this car. Any only is advantageous when it comes to do my bread, also can do yoghourt, jams,of pig and other dishes. This car saved to plot of time and energy in a cookery.
5 / 5
Has purchased this car based in a has has announced claims.

Fail in a first mix, as I sent it behind.

But there is remarked a company is unlikely to be trusted. His advertising is downright fraudulent.

- 1500 Watt - No, does not have anything concealed is 1500 watts . I have measured a wattage. An engine uses 110 watts, any 1500. Some heaters consume 576 watts, any 1500. Besides far undermining in a backside of a manual resupplied for a provider, a unit is estimated in 710 watts, max., Less than 1/2 a claim, based in his own manual.

- 710W big Torsion Motora Copper - No, is the 110 engine of watt , less than 1/6th a claim.

Would remark that a tampon to touch is inconsistent, and some light starts in an exposure lit after several seconds. An exposure can not be read without a backlight.

Has any way to restart the program of particular mix. In my chance there was the strong clunk roughly a-third of a way by means of a second mix. Have prendido a car to inspect that a paddle was attached still, and is. Any explanation for a clunk. But I have to that it has touched it a key of pause for too much long, and annuls a program of mix. Discovered does not have any way to rewind a program behind to the particular segment. This would be the characteristic gain .

@In rodeo, has not been happy with his first action. Then on revising a listing of Amazon, has discovered these a lot of very extreme exaggerations, if any downright misleading claims.

A lot appreciate some police of turn. We use some new Kohls method of turn, which was very convenient and fast. It thanks for so much!!
5 / 5
Has looked for the substitution for my old Sunbeam this is touching likes is in his last leg. After reading descriptions a lot a lot of, comprising some descriptions of Amazon (appreciates to all), has decided in a KBS and am like this happy has done. Prime minister of mine loaf is exited perfect ( has used mine old stand for recipe for whole grain, which is a lot resembled a one in a bit KBS book of instruction) A ceramic semence in a casserole of the bread done to wonderful crispy crust! I owe that have the taken the book of revised instruction reason has no the found to be at all difficult to comprise. Had the pocolos put where some English was the little odd, but does not treat it big. Another that when being digital, some controls are resembled mine old Sunbeam and simple to comprise. As another has signalled was, a light in some starts of exposure afterwards after the pocolos small and calm can not see an exposure, but yes calm only touch a minus lights to sign behind on and does not interfere with an operation of a car. It likes- one exposure! Calm said where is in a process and that remain of the time until a bread is ready. One looks is lustrous and modern! There is 2 small negatives (1) an element to heat is exposed and could suffer harm if you are not careful that dips a casserole of bread in place. Prpers Having said that, can be that an exposure of element gives heats more same. (2) One mixing paddle is opened in a cup, which leaves some ingredients to take inner and then when a bread is fact , a paddle any liberta and takes the bit to touch to release a loaf of a paddle. A bit oil of interior of Olive a paddle could help. Shopping a KBS again!
4 / 5
Is mine a first car of bread. It has been doing well. I have tried to do French bread with small transfer: I have used tins and heavy cream in place of water and powder of tins - is test like this good.
4 / 5
Has done it loaf of french bread my first time that use this car. This in spite of, have not used a recipe of a manual has resupplied. One has suggested that the recipes are a lot imprecise and any to informative for the new user. A car is very simple to use and easy to clean. A bread is exited enough well for my first time that use the car of bread. An interior was very soft and tried adds, this in spite of, a crust was really hard. I have used a setting of half. The next time will try a light and see if this fixed a subject. In general I like a car and would recommend it to another.
5 / 5
So only has taken this car of bread the few days done, has gone to a tent to buy some supplies to do our prime minister loaf of bread, this evening has done our familiar the honey whole grain 2 book loaf. It is a first time not using never the car of the bread and our first boys times that eats fresh of cooked bread. It was delicious! We said me to knots I more to good sure has to that do more morning. I go to try bread of yeast afterwards. Hopefully Will take the photo the first next time of a bread has gone.
4 / 5
Has bought this model because mostly it uses a dough dipping to do pizza dough or wands and has not loved to invest in the car of big final. After using a car of the bread for several months can say that he the good work. If I decide to use that one bakes the function takes a dough was, takes a paddle and after the amass the few times have dipped a dough the backside and the arrival that bakes. This solves a question with the hole in a cooked loaf (that spends with any car of bread) and will do this with any car of bread buys in a future. It Likes him a yoghourt of the characteristic and work well. I have contacted a vendor two times and received answers a lot quickly. I have been sent the a lot of improved and reworded manual. This company is very concerned with service of client and satisfaction and quickly answers to emails. Ossia The big plus in my opinion.

Top Customer Reviews: Pohl Schmitt ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5
It had read some descriptions of the leading model of Breadmaker of this company and was well, as I have given this one tries it.
Has done the little loaves and has resulted utmost same when 1 times 1 of a loaves the room has used temp water, same disorder of bakers of long time , but a Bread has trace still to 90 of his volume, think an use to program to partorisca run this car is forgiving.
Has had 6 Breadmachines in mine 30 year besides history and am impressed by a quality and some results with this car like this far.
Are one writes the one who will update this description if anything changes, like the stay has dipped ready.
11-21-20 update, has been on 11 month, Breadmaker still is going strong with which 40 to 50 loaves of bread, still want it :)
5 / 5
To the left begin me to say is was my first time that bakes bread - NEVER, and also a first time that use the car of bread.
Will say that it was the little has bitten to daunt, a lot of keys, number of programs, but like the some overachiever has read spent of directions to cover. I all the things have asked before first use. Yes, has odorato pleasant the little bit, but has warned in that. I have done 2 different breads before has the place was to write this description. I have chosen of course 2 recipes that has had typos in them. So that they are exasperated to try out of bread of French Field - precise 4 cups of flour of bread, and for those of you the one who wants to try bread of Walnut of the Apple - is 1/4 cup of brown sugar, any 4 cups of brown sugar.
Has has followed directions, was súper easy in hindsight, but was double verifying all so much was like this nervous to both ruin a car and fail in mine first bread that does. ( Note lateralmente to it partorisca blind use a cup has comprised. 1 cup is his line , any to an upper like the majority of a 1 cup(s) in any cookery. I have read the number of descriptions with the people that complains in his dud breads and I think is the error of user and/or any temperature or fresh yeast of wrong water more than question of car.)
That when be said, I AMOUR of AMUR LOVES this car. It is all some things that another mentions in his descriptions: good creation, easy to clean, súper calm, averts paralización when the inferior drops of compartment of dice, convenient exposure for everything east is spending, the little window to satisfy your curiosity to the equal that to that is spending inner. Yes, I found looking his, looking amassing process, looking increase of bread, looking turns lovely colour when baking.
Our smells of the house of bread bakes recently delicious and bad - both Apple and breads of the French field of Walnuts is absolutely delicious!

Additional notes so many of August 2020. We have not purchased bread in the tent of expensas this car. It would say that I can do the bread with my eyes has closed any time, without worries, so only add all some ingredients, beginning of press and leave a cookery. It does not concern , it schemes beep once is done:) we fresh bread once/two times the week. The sum of laws of the car. Our toddler amours a little window to see that it is spending inner.

5 / 5
Use the resurrected 25 diagrams of bread of year of West Curve here recently concealed has done all the classes of noise but has produced well loaves of bread. We this in spite of well, perhaps in the improve take the new a, seeing like the old beast was like this noisy. And like this, we have solved in this like this-'quality' called of what Swiss. Unboxing, Looked adds, but appearance 'will read. I have verified a documentation with him to see yes has been done in Switzerland, but could not find anything. Be that as you can, gave it to us the whirl. Now, my woman is certified in sure sourdough baking and has a lot of years baking experience in general, abundance further of experiences to use the car of bread. And like this, with that in alcohol, tentativa 1 with the bread tried and some recipe of the car resulted in the blocked loaf. Tentativa 2, has regulated a content of water for this eswiss' sew' instructions... And, boom, another has blocked loaf. Tentativa 3, has tried one of the his (probably a lot of Swiss) recipes, this time that resulted in the empty loaf! Well, 3 strikes and yer was. How it was repackaging he for this eswiss' bread of diagrams' travesías behind to wherever has catered /is come from, has thought surely a fund of a car would develop where has been manufactured. And that know... It says soyade in PRC', with PRC Republic meant 'Present' of Cina'. Now admitted, is my bad for not looking more closely to be sure this thing was eswiss' besides his claims that was. But, more he so that it is his bad for not developing this in a description here is listed of Amazon , much less to allege it to have eswiss Quality'!!! It is this a lot of misleading or included fails to announce? Oh Well, it is going back his is eswiss' origins... In a 'PRC' and will go back to our clunky old 25 year West Curve for the REAL loaf of bread.
5 / 5
Has bought this to substitute mine wornout car. This will be a third car of the bread has possessed, ossia a prime minister one this has the compartment of die. You can dip dice in a compartment and will be added a right time. Now I will require to find to to the recipe likes with perhaps of steps included calm. Marcos he 2lb loaf.
5 / 5
Has not had the experience adds with my last bread maker like this when I have begun to use this to do bread of rye for personal use, has not gone too optimistic. It felt that would have some same questions - fast a bread too dulcemente or inconsistently or burn an outside and leave an interior underbaked. My surprised, is resulted that this breadmaker does not have any of these subjects. It cooks a bread equally, does not burn a crust and is easy to use!
4 / 5
My experience with the cars of bread is of roughly 20 years.  An experience that my friends also enjoy, and for this reason ossia an eighth or ninth compraventa of diagram.
This time I bet in a good name of some Swiss manufacturers for big quality.
And does not think was bad. 
Colour and good creation that access to an interior of cookery;
has Prepared program for some main types of bread;
Qualified to execute the program done for an owner;
Something has found so only in of the cars of bread of big final.
Level of acceptable noise in work;
service of Excellent client.
 Like this always, to the AMAZON was flawless in delivery.
4 / 5
Am frustrated with this car!! Of all the cars of bread have had ossia of the worst! When I he dough to bake in an oven there is any 'Dough' function but 'Amass' only and literally amasses SO ONLY. Different some other cars there, when you press 'Dough' he all, Mix, Rest, Amasses, Increase, this no. Now has a DIY dipping that it can dip you a way loves it BUT has to that be when being there and expect each setting to be calm fact so much can dip a next function. I love the car that when wrist Dough cycle that will do it his work and not expecting for each cycle. The desire could return this but he is been seating in my cupboard bought it of then and didnt know as frustrating is until I have used he for a first time another day, the one who the waste of money and time! It DOES not SQUANDER YOUR MONEY in this CAR!!
4 / 5
Has decided that in 2020 I has wanted to reduce takeaway feed and eat more homemade lunch with low carbs. I have listened in this bread maker, that can do and liked a concept. I ordered it and the bad had arrived, has begun to do French bread with has crapped the seeds and I absolutely love it! Ossia A flavour could any never take of retailer. It is unreplaceable. There are individual compartments for some ingredients he so that it is quite easy to use. It is also easy to clean. A measure is orders also, perfectly returns my small cookery. Also I want a bit characteristic, a memory for ingredients, and a quality of a material. It looks very durable.
4 / 5
After using this bread maker once, has begun the cough uncontrollably partorisca quite the few days. I have bought a monitor of quality of the air and has expected the weeks of pair to do sure has done properly. I have begun then on a bread maker again. My monitor of air has been dice. A schemes the bread has released harmful particles to an air, comprising formaldehyde that is the likely carcinogen.

Strongly promote people to not buying this product.
5 / 5
Two members of our house, comprising I, is allergic to gluten. Of then finding the this has been roughly do ten years, has tried to do a lot, a lot of gluten breads release. The majority was failures of épico , as I have been purchasing tends the bread bought in around $ 7 the loaf. I have seen this bread maker and thought it is cost to try it, with everything is critical positive . We take it to knots yesterday and has baked a prime minister loaf the few hours later. Honradamente There has been given on all the hope of the soft gluten free bread that has not required to be toasted to be acceptable, but this car tried bad. In fact, all ate it like this quickly that a picture so only feigns half a loaf! I have used a DIY dipping to take a perfect time for some cycles. A car is easy to clean, calm, does not heat on a whole house, and is quite easy to program. Inferior line: one of some compraventa better has not done never, would recommend and would buy again.

Top Customer Reviews: CROWNFUL 12-in-1 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
5 / 5
This car has come with the few different recipes in the handy booklet. I have done a recipe of a book and another have found on-line. It is like this easy to use and both come from resulted like this good!
Cleanup Was also súper easy as at all it has it stuck to a casserole as it has washed well up.

has done look it more the things and I still love it. It thought it so only the value that mentions that a nonstick the coating is quite thin. Has the pair of scratches in him after running he in a dishwasher, as it could be better to rid wash.
4 / 5
Growing up has loved always a smell of bread does recently in a morning. Had always any one doing he for me. They are the newbie in the bread that excepts can follow some simple recipes, and this bread maker is easy to use and does a work. He'one wins he for me. To the to woman likes them a fact that has not done the disorder, and he no-casserole of the bread of the clave is like this easy to clean. A point of prize is also well. I plan to mix other ingredients (p. p.ej., Has has dried cranberries, walnut) to add mine of variety repetoire, pizza of mark dough or buns next time, and see like this goes. A thought of the thickness french to the toast is yummy too much. A gluten-characteristic of the free setting is also something to explore. Like this far, a bread maker is quite easy to operate and a time of preparation is reasonable. I am motivated and excited to try new things with my costruttore of pause.
5 / 5
Has possessed several cars and ossia some better a. Calm and very strong amassing. The bread was wonderful.
5 / 5
Ossia The good, small breadmaker in the prize adds. It is quickly and easy to use, easy to clean, and adds it loaf of bread . A loaves is smaller that mine leading breadmaker has done, but appreciate that of then are now to 2 house of person and taken more with a longitude to finalise the loaf of bread. Mina a complaint is that some recipes that is coming with a unit is in metric, as I have had to convert some measure to some measures of EUA.
5 / 5
This car is good-looking and a lot well has done. It comes with the book of recipe and with the few simple ingredients can do your own breads, pizza dough, and wry same. The desire has had this when a grocery the tents have had it penuria on bread. A bit some eat alot of sandwiches and without bread that is not possible.

There is also alot of several recipes for some adults also. I can not expect until a prójimo gathering in my house so that I can have a lot of house has done breads and of the divings the sample. Perhaps included roughly melted of cheese to go with him! Bowls Of bread of diving of spinach, etc. Are very excited on some possibilities.

Are very impressed with this company and would convert all mu appliances to crownful. They have resupplied fast nave, client and service comunicacional excellent.

Would recommend Crownful, any only for his breadmaker, but any of the yours other needs also. Thank you!
5 / 5
Recently so only has taken this bread maker of then can any bread for a life of me in an oven. A process is súper fast and easy. This bread maker also comes with some recipients. I defiantly recommend a recipe of sweet bread! Have Also of then there are options for yoghourts and twisted also! I can not expect try this characteristic. Defiantly Would purchase more these for friends and of the presents familiarised. It would do I add it bridal present of shower! [This description has been collected like this splits of the ascent.]
5 / 5
CROWNFUL 12-In-1 Automatic Bread Car, 2 LB Programmable Bread maker with Nonstick Casserole

When covid in the first place begun and all the world-wide has done bread, has resisted an impulse. But, as we go around to an anniversary is when covid-19, found me craving different types of bread. And of course, it tends it the bread has bought is so only any one same like the loaf ossia steaming hot with to fresh crust so only that explosions out of an oven. Has has had so only this car for the small to the long of the week, but has done two loaves of bread with him already, the loaf of bread of raisin and the loaf of bread of whole grain.
Ploughing a box, all looks quite simple and sincere. Calm once plough a transmission upper lid of a car, inner will find the square loaf casserole that is coated with the no-layer of clave for easy emission and the one who the heavy looks composite plastic mixer toe in a fund. A like this punctual thing as there is remarked and legustado in a toe the mix is that it returns quite securely in a fund of a casserole. Also, a focus and one that resists is built to a fund of a casserole and is not the multiple pieces like my car of old bread was. A book of instruction could use the little help has thought-- reason are not an expert in any way in using the car of bread. Of the the listed of some uses of all some keys and some different ways of the bread that , but does not say you that the time does for things. A book of simple instruction has comprised is so only that, is very simple and basic – but, has an internet how is quite easy to look on recipes.
Another thing I remarked when doing prime minister of mine loaf of bread, is that when you slide a loaf was to cool in yours rack, a toe to mix stays in a fund of a casserole. Calm does not have to that undermine he out of a fund of the yours loaf, which have thought was a lot of handy.
Of this car of bread is reasonably priced and is easy to use, and does the work adds to do bread, would not doubt to recommend this to my friends.
5 / 5
A car of bread is very practical and entirely solves a question of desayunar. A bread has done is very delicious. I use it almost every day when I receive a car of bread. It can also lint of flesh of the mark. Simple to use! All of its own for familiar of four.
4 / 5
One first what will direct is a booklet of recipe with metric measures. Question but certainly any one the breaker of extracted. There are a lot of on-line recipes. A car is much calmer that those have possessed previously and does the YUMMY loaf. Have Today he pepperoni bread of pizza. 💟

My worry is a short ray that it is in a hinge of lid. It has fallen it was when I unpacked to a unit the taste screwed the backside in. BUT, continuous the law was.
5 / 5
The help was the mathematician to use it . It is in Metric European. Precise soyanuncio' skills of Google to do a conversion. LIKE THIS far, I am failing miserably. I have launched each one loaf was and there is stunk on a house. I have bought he for ease of use, and my husband promoted for the give was and buy to better Bread maker.
REVISED: I imagined it it was! It has taken the little time, but took it down. There is not any instruction and a Cookbook of Car of the Bread I bought ( of the ingredients but any instruction), how was the swipe and lose.

Top Customer Reviews: KBS 17-in-1 Bread ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
5 / 5
I have had the Toastmaster bread of diagrams partorisca probably close to 20 years. It had not used he in a past few years, but with being inner stuck, has begun partorisca use the again. And calm does not know , after the week, is trace and has died! So much, I have begun partorisca research cars, as my name has said. 😂 It looked in the external places of Amazon, where give a rundown of some better 5 or 10 cars. I have read all some descriptions, and obsess in a negative some. I drive and my crazy spouse, lol!
Anyways, A KBS the mark has come on more than a swipe. As it looked further like this to reason there are different models, this look equally. This model, MBF-011 was available in a phase the full year with which some another, and has some double tubes partorisca more included baking. It is exited 10/29/2019
A MBF-010 (Money) and a MBF-020 is exited in June 2018, interior 5 days of the each one another. A MBF-020 is the little less expensive in $ , has any dispenser of fruit.
Has another model, MBF-016 this sells partorisca $ , that also has any dispenser of fruit. The no really look to this an a lot, take which pays stops. It is exited also in 2019, 10 days previously to this model.
When I emailed a company, had said always looked partorisca do his better products, is for this that have dipped out of different models.
A bread has done of him is exited fantastic every time. I use recipes of different sources, an Internet, a book resupplies, more look it more than has bought. Some of some recipes are some has done in my old car before it has died. Any comparison, delivery down the car adds. I love a horizontal cube also.

A service of client has a lot be accommodating also. When I have contacted partorisca extend a guarantee to the equal that have said that would do, has taken well behind mine. Also there was request has had the digital copy of a manual, resembled a a posted in a MBF-010 place, of then like to maintain the digital copy in chance loses a hard copy. I sent part of him, where some recipes were, that in fact has not had, and links it to a cookbook of Bread for
Beth Hensperger. Still although has other cookbooks, and some of his methods are unusual, find me using his recipes more than some another.
Knows some people have said that they were unable to go in touch with service of client, this in spite of every time have achieved was to them, has received an interior of response 24 hours.
Expects that this long description help any the one who is in a fence in this car. They are a lot happy with cost of mine.
5 / 5
Loves a KBS bread maker. Like this far, a lot of confidence and easy to comprise a programming. Each house, the free gluten or no, deserves the bread maker, and this one are adds! At all better that the house overflowing with some smells of fresco of cooked bread. Like this easy my boys can do the bread—so only takes roughly 5-10 minutes to dip some ingredients in and warm bread for a whole family.
5 / 5
According to a formula of bread, a prime minister is not to use a function of bread exerts to do bread. After a dough is stirred, I turn of a car of bread and ferment a dough in a car of bread in the natural way. Taken roughly 90 minutes for a dough to be ready. Tour in a function to bake and dip the manually for 35 minutes. A bread is soft and a colour of bread is same. It is a lot good. This toaster is a lot well is better that these expensive toasters.😊👍
4 / 5
Each bread has done in this car is resulted wonderful. My thing preferred absolute is to have in a morning is toasted fact with quota, homemade bread, is heaven on earth. Another preferred is to do a sweet bread adds some cinnamon and steps of the bread of raisin of delicious cinnamon. It is like this simple and easy to use, so only take 10 minutes and add some ingredients like pointed in a booklet, three calm hours the evening takes of the fresh bread. One of some characteristic that sold on this unit is a ceramic baking casserole, ANY POISONOUS TEFLON!
Has had the question with a first unit send to us, the error of manufacture, a paddle there is prendido to turn. I emailed Byran and has explained a his question, has asked the video of a unit, has sent the video, has answered a next day that inform that the car of new bread was in his way of mine. I have received he inside the week. Now I am doing bread again. It is astonishingly he calms also, my neighbour has the car of bread and is to the noisiest plot and tries to jump out of his counter. It tries it, it will like.
5 / 5
Ossia A Model MBF-011 costruttore stainless black. A car was very packaged and arrived without harm. Has the 45' the cord of power to have that has weighed. I have chosen this one because of some descriptions (of course), and some characteristics of ceramic tub, dispenser of fruit and heater of dual coil. Included It Has been it drives of fast start, manual of user, paper of guarantee with instructions to take the guarantee of 365 days, and (surprised) an oven mitt to take a tub out of a car when hot. While a manual of user has has comprised recipes (which all have powder of tins - no for lactose intolerant), has used the preferred for French bread of an old classical 'A Cookbook of Car of the Bread' stops has given German (I highly recommend his books). An a lot of first loaf (measures 1 books like the test) is exited adds with good crust and the perfect interior that use the cooked light and crust of half. I have not used any special technicians, so only loaded ingredients in order according to one drives of fast beginning that flour of Arthur of King of the uses does not regulate any flower of bread and yeast of fast increase sprinkled up. A loaf fallen out of a ceramic casserole easily. Noise during amassing was typical in my opinion (a bit calmer that mine old Panasonic) and a subject integer has been he was without any questions. Note that in my experience, any car could walk around the bit during amassing, especially when doing the 2 book loaf. This a no, but recommend dipped the square piece of perforated shelf of hule liner foreign (or has included his prime minister a tampon of defender of thin coverage) goes down the car and he will not move never calms so much can sleep well when it is run at night. A lot happy with this car like this far. A much smaller commentary: a short to the measure has three insiemi of numbers, ml, cups and fluent ounces, but like the majority of a plastic some, his hard to read unless calm resist it well until a light.
5 / 5
So only am beginning to do homemade bread. I have taken loaned the old car of to my sister to see likes . It was a lot in the so many decide on purchasing is one, the besides expensive look some, but as we will not use it every day, could not justify a cost.
This one has surpassed our expectations. A lot easy to use. The vendor was a lot of punctual in our registration, we recieved 3 different pdf downloadable files, one was drives of fast start for a car, one with measuring conversion of a manual of owners. And the copy of a car of bread of the lovers of bread rid. (1024 pages).
Has extended also a guarantee for an extra year.
My prime minister loaf is exited really well, agrees are the novice right now. It would owe that improve like this the mark more. A loaf the measure was 1.5 lbs and the bowl has had abundance of spatial left to has been 2 lbs. To the crust and the colour was perfect. The flavour was the real light sweet . Better that any tent has bought. It liked Also of a fact that a stirrer the arm remained in a bowl after the bread has been takes. I clean up it was a lot of easy. Some heaters of double tube thinks the mark has helped a crust a lot equally has baked.
His amused to use, good to eat, that can be better concealed it.
4 / 5
Has had one another car of bread, which was recommended highly and fact for the very respected company. This in spite of, with which a lot of test in baking the loaf of bread, is not never state impressed with some results or a flavour of a bread and I have given was. Although I have had a KBS-mbf-011 roughly a week, has done 3 loaves of bread, 2 aim (1.5 lbs.) And 1 whole grain (2 lbs). Following some recipes in a manual, each one which as one is exited perfect and a familiar raved in a look and flavour. To be sincere, has been expecting some results to be so only like this like this, but could not be more state pleased with some results, and was like this easy to do. I have weighed mine 2 lb whole grain loaf and a real weight was 1 lb 14.5 oz. So only 1.5 oz. Shy of 2 Lbs. I am not sure reason a reviewer is returned his car because it has thought a casserole has not gone quite big for the 2 lb loaf. Any sure reason is comparing measured of casserole to weight of bread. They are sure he had added the little more ingredients to my whole grain loaf, would have been 2 lbs exactly. So only today, I have done the sourdough loaf using the judge of start has done. Mixed a sourdough judge of start, flour, the salt and waters it that I use a leaven dough setting. I have left a dough increase in a car for 5 hours and then using a bakes to dip, baked for 1 now and 5 minutes. The bread was delicious and has devoured entirely a day.

A long guarantee and the bread that does And-reserve a vendor sent was has added prime. Looking forward to doing other breads and based in my results, like this far, highly recommend this car.
5 / 5
Amur Has done the loaf of bread of banana imediately clue for the loaf of white bread.
4 / 5
Has researched my butt has valued cars of bread. So much so that it has begun to be the productive counter. The narrowed down to KBS and Breadman has based the descriptions. I finally so only flipped the coin and has gone with KBS. It has taken delivery 3 days ago and has done 3 loafs ( white, raisin of cinnamon and grain). You are ready partorisca east. A damn the thing is announced like this. Each profile of particular bread was something on. An only negative to the equal that with other descriptions are some instructions . In the stairs of 1-10 I would attribute the solid 2 to some instructions. Has has used recipes of Betty Crocker vs. In a manual. The inferior line is has surpassed my expectations.
Update: 16 loafs later and all was near was impressed like this that has purchased some hips.
5 / 5
With which a lot of investigation, has decided to substitute my old, Williams old , old-Sonoma car of bread (the original) with this KBS model. They are not disappointed. The ones of way that far has done it pizza dough (with a 'leavened dough' cycle) and the loaf of bread of Irish & Oat of Whole Grain (with a 'whole grain' cycle). Both are exited perfectly. Although a manual could be more complete and better writing, has found an intuitive and easy car to operate, as it has not used a manual a lot. It is the joy to use and adds dough and bread!!! A lot happy!

Top Customer Reviews: Oster Expressbake ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
In this description will compare Oster CKSTBRW20 and Zojirushi BB-PAC20.
For some last six months have been doing several types of the breads that use my Oster fashioning of bread.
Of that taken the machine of bread has prendido buying bread.
Uses one schemes each which how 2-3 days to do 1.5 loaf in my family. It bakes what bagels) recipe and has prepared a side of same recipe for side in both units.
For both recipes have used cups and of the same ingredients of same measure, in general beside a machine all other parameters are identical.
This test would leave me to try and the view yes there is attached value for a big premium of a Zoj ($ 200 more a Oster) and view if a money and the room of contadora is very spent here.
Place of voice for difference among Zoj and Oster during blending and baking, also for the products of product
This test is for the BASIC functionality and the basic cycle used with parameters of crust of the half.

Has resulted:
Both the units of Crust have been posed in of the means. Zoj Produces the darkest crust fatter. Zoj The crust is more compatible where Oster has the clearest cup then his sides.
Forms So expected Zoj the products the long and more low plus loaf which are easier to cut. Zoj loaf Has Had two swipes because of his creation of two blending spent.
Texture Zoj has the most compatible texture where the bubbles of air are extended more equally. The covers left the hole the small plus in of the bread because of the profile the low plus .
Likes him better crunch in Zoj , beside of is flavour so still in me.

Mina $ 0.02 :
calm in in to to the boys like them to them his the bread without crust Oster could be better, where calm like his the fattest crust with more crunch Zoj would be better.
He Feigns to maintain a machine of bread in your counter Zoj will be more appealing because of creation and colour. If the plan maintains in cupboard Oster is the better election because of measure and weight.
Zoj Produces the better product but for the very small margin, is to estimate one extra $ 200 is all depend in a value of $ 200 in you.
Yes will maintain Zoj only was been due to a loaf measured and form, each another in me is the same relative.
5 / 5
I use this in of the averages once the week. It substitutes an old Oster cual has had in 10 years, which has taken like the recommendation for a mark. It IS clearly more cheaply it has done that an old a - global clear plus and with the a lot of thinner casserole, and an engine to accrue really in in to to the sounds like them to them the to them is pulling (but he a bit COAST of work). I bake the pair of different but basic loaves - a with the raisins have attached during a cycle of increase. I am very pleased with some results.

Remarce: For a bread with passes, attach them gradually immediately a second mix/accrues to start with, and does not expect other 5+ minutes for a beeps; I have found that they no blend in a too very a lot of when expected for a beeps, and does not take mashed up because of me attaching them more harvest.

Even so, after only the little month a paddle has lost his no-quality of clave. In the only slipped principle out of a loaf when takes a loaf of a casserole or exited very easily if stay in a loaf. It opens (6 month) only looks to have almost any one a lot-quality of clave at all - pictures of view. It do not look it it has lost it his cover of surface. The May HAS BEEN recorded or mistreated - only wash with the sponge, as recommended. A same problem also applies in a studs in a fund of a casserole, although this is not very a lot any problem of the scrolling of bread or point of view of usability.

UPDATE: the service of Client is first class ; all has substituted to good sure. Has arrive-estimated it a product in 5 stars in a supposition that has had the 1-was subject, and will revise again in the future if a resource of problem.
5 / 5
Has two breadmachines this was expensive mark for serveral years. Has data one of a breadmachine in my mamma that only learnt what carried of the arrests and another has maintained, but pause after few years of good use. As I am gone in amazon looks for another 'very-expensive-big final' mark breadmachine. The researches produced of client very good to revise and found this. East is one of a cheap plus breadmachine, was VERY sceptical, but descriptions of confidence of good client of amazon. As I have thought if he any bread as well as another breadmachines this has used before, only would use to do masses and blockades.

So many, I recieved this machine today and has done my premier loaf only now. Want the to try, asap. And my thoughts??

WOW, WOW, WOW! I am dumbfounded! That marks this plasticy, clear weight, these cheap looks (with each respect to plan go) breadmachine does the road~of road better bread that my anterior expensive, big-final breadmachine????? THAT?? ONLY THAT?? A too blended well, is trace well, and after baking, a crust was only perfect ( bakes in colour of half), and some cradles... ooooohhhh Some cradles... It IS moist, soft, bouncy, chewy, nutty, mentions soft? Yummmmy!!
Well, Forgets each an on-$ 100 or $ 200-expensive breadmachines. Only apresamiento EASTERLY Unit
5 / 5
I have bought this for my daughter and she have wanted the, AS I have bought an alone name.

Has done three loaves (Basic Aim, the raisin of Canela, and Cranberry of Cranberry) and all have been awesome. This machine has all some characteristic could want to ... Seeing window, four types of bread, parameters/of half/light of dark crust, and much more. Beeps Quan IS the time attaches fruit, timers of delay, etc. For low $ 60 is the clothes.

Only finished to do one 2lb bread of Cranberry of the Cranberry (in that has attached it to it some pecans for fun) ... You see some pictures have attached ... Enough say it.

HAS a precaution: If has the eslame' counter upper mainstay a machine with your blender or some another heavy object. During some cycles to accrue a torsion can direct in a unit 'walking' through a counter. The mine is almost fall went in a fund. Easy fixed ... Only careful be. The flight!!!

BTW, A pointed book in a picture is Betty Crocker 'Cookbook of Machine of Better Bread' that has bought used in Amazon for low $ 1 (plus $ 3.99 shipping). Utmost pictures and a source of a recipe of bread of Cranberry of Cranberry.
1 / 5
That is to say basically the very machine very small; BUT, if raisins to take the defective machine that takes spent a date of tower of the Amazon (30 days) and has the Garden of problem, the father is a company basically AT ALL since you. I have bought SEGUNDO, fashioning of identical bread to substitute an older unit that had served well for the pair of years but at the end had failed , in June 11, 2017. A new unit has failed yesterday, November 9. Quite a lot of 10 minutes in a cycle to blend, a machine has prisoner, beeped constantly and the code of Error has aimed EEE, the temperature that fails notes of circuit.

Has nicknamed Jardine in his 800 number and after some troubleshooting, has been said that a problem was that a temperature of room was also big and that this has caused an error. Animal nodes-has posed a code of error to line down an on/was button; something that already had tried unsuccessfully when a unit has failed initially. So that it listens it a problem was intermittent failure and any temperature of room (at the same time 70 titles in sunny fall, day of California), has asked the to substitute a machine so that a problem was obviously intermittent and a machine there has been only five month. It IS the no. Has said politely
1 / 5
Of that purchase this machine has done around 10 loaves of bread with him, 2 jams and a filling of the cake of bay.

The results when that follows some recipes are of sound with an exception of one orange marmalade, thinks that requires pectin of road too small, marmalade was runny. Attached another pair of tablespoons and has run he through a cycle of jam again, very better. A recipe is order even so, the house there was done marmalade the house of offer has done this morning. Sublime!

After the small machine to start with of uses to fail. That is to say now in unit of our second. Very unbalanced.

The description is gone of 5 in 1. It opens No longer recommend this product
5 / 5
It take this in some amazing roads of Warehouse of Amazon for the box broke, which are that signalled me to buy a manufacturer of bread in a first place. I, embarrassingly, admits that the has not possessed never the manufacturer of anterior bread in of the this. I the old fashioned road, sweat in a cookery with a mass and then posing he in the casserole in an oven. Wow, HAS my eyes be opened. Today, while three loaves of the bread would have left me exhausted before it take it this machine , has done two loaves of bread of herb of the squash and the bread of banana without breaking the sweat. I am also embarrassed to admit that a bread has tried better that when have done it the hand without this machine.

Regarding a machine he, had the bit of the curve of the learning but concealed is not fault of a machine of bread. It IS only he listen me the total newbie. For example, until it have read different instructions quite 3 times has not fulfilled has had to some wet ingredients in first and THEN attach some dry ingredients and that the MAY of yeast can touch wet ingredients (is not to like taking while it sounds but, yes, is daunting at the beginning). Felizmente, imagines out of some parameters was the breeze so that a manual of instruction was very easy to comprise (the left wing is listens for writers that obviously speaks English).

With six boys in a house, a homemade the minutes of hard bread unless do multiple loaves. It opens, with this machine of bread, will not dread the bread that day of marks of a machine 90 percent of a work for me. Like the first-user of machine of bread of time, to well sure recommends to give in in a new technology and invert in the machine of bread. This a tried to be very easy to use and the bread has done very delicious for my family.
5 / 5
I so that far it has done it 2 basic loaves and has been delishus. I have changed a direction that is in a manual. During a last increase, has taken a paddle was, place Crisco fat in a clave, reshaped a mass and has posed the backside in to finish. The result adds. Calm only know that a form of a loaf therefore breadmaker, is not to like the normal loaf. It IS big and down. Some pictures aim what some looks of clave after taking a loaf has been afterwards use Crisco and a fund of a loaf.

Edita: it has had the occasion to do more the bread and I have read calm to inform them the mine purchased since. It thinks some of some people of problems are having is so that a manual said any one to open a lid while it is doing. It neglect This. It have to attach the bit to water so that it has remarked a mass was also dry. I actuate Also reshaped a mass only before a bakes cycle. I think while it calms very that has arrests to plough very time, is well. Also, 2 thing is that it is of entity, measures of some ingredients and doing the furrow in a flour to maintain a yeast to take cradle. You can use recipes that is not in a manual. Oh, when I Have pulled in the first place a casserole was, has think that something was bad so that I have pulled enough take and does not avenge loose. But all this owes the mark is wiggle and attraction a same time and he will exit. After that you very very problems. I expect these helps, so that that is to say the machine of the bread adds .
1 / 5
It takes this to substitute the Sunbeam bread of diagrams, this has done perfectly for years. Has data to go the partner and has bought this Oster.

The has not been Never able to produce the loaf of bread. Mass of mix, apresamiento warm, failure to leave an increase of mass, failure to bake it totally. It is not quite weighed for the anchor to bounce and also big for the desktop upper paperweight; as I can not think that it is very prendido.

Purchases another mark. Perhaps the sake Sunbeam.
5 / 5
This was my first tentativa with eye balling teaspoons and tablespoons with spoons of cookery. I have chosen in him and the tried 'as' bread. More has found late a teaspoon and tablespoon exclusive this comes with him (am not also specialised in an art for copper). As I know one one this is cooking this a lot of min will be that very better. Has data 4stars cuz he that has paid prendi. I will update this and give to five star takes two loaves the month during 1 year without a machine these low pauses.
Would have to remark that one 1 down stars the indication that is to read, has beaks and a be of complaint a bread was also in a 'raw doughy' been (with in an early left wing for copper).
Very He decide buy this and bakes your own bread,.....ESQUERRA COLLAR Before you begin to touch with to him likes him an illiterate todler. A manule say you what some marks of machine for everything of him is phases and in that time. It does not begin to bake until a last 60min for everything of some recipes has so seen far.

Top Customer Reviews: Cuisinart CBK-200 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
I can not imagine that roughly of these critics are doing in these poor machines. I concretely expected to write this description because of some a lot of complaints esespectadoras' has left.

Has had my CBK-200 during several months now and mark at least a loaf of bread the week. Work perfectly. Some uses of recipe is the recipe of bread of basic aim ... It tries a yeast in 1 cup of 110 water of title and 2 tablespoons of sugar during 10 minutes. Once it is well and 'foamy', attaches 4 tablespoons (1/2 clave) of butter, attaches 3 cups of the flour of white bread crowned has been with 1 teaspoon of salt. Then it poses a casserole for copper in a machine and Beginning of push. An hour and the half or so later, he beeps 6 times and I Pause of push, takes a blending paddle was, poses a casserole to bake behind in a machine and Beginning to press to continue a process for copper. Besides or 3 hours less on everything, fresh bread , hot.

Another esespectadores' has queixat in a 'noise'. Ummm... That noise? It is not so noisy like my washing machine in my cookery, and hardly can listen this race. A CBK-200 marks the bit of the noise when is accruing, but only bit it. At all like a 'Volkswagen' comlained enough for a critic, and knows . . . It possesses very VWs. This machine of the bread is not noisy.

Solidly Recommend this machine in any one . . . If they can read some instructions. I actuate Already the suggested a CBK-200 at all my friends.
5 / 5
I want my cusinart fashioning of bread. A first bread has done was bread of mere aim. A premier loaf was put also and my cup has blocked. I have reduced a quantity of water for 1/4 cup and he have done good bread. I have done afterwards banana wanut bread (as far my favourite). I have done mozzarella bread of sun of dead tomato and oatmeal bread and bread of beer.

A machine is stainless steel and uses it so much that chairs in a counter. He matchess my ss appliances. It comes with the receipe book for the width vaiety of breads and masses. This has comprised receipe the book is all precise.

Concentrates done of pizza and using an attach-ins the function has Italian attached the season and the garlic and the calm could see a cooked season in a crust of pizza. There is at all likes him enjoy the fresh cooked pizza that it is the habit has done exactly a road wants that it comprises a crust. It Likes me to him his the crust of thin to rid launched and will have to go a mass for the take so thin like possible. A preset too much the button prevents yours concentrates to go to bake road.

You once the the yours 1 loaf can imagine calm out of some parameters very easily. He beeps to say you when to pose attach-ins and when to take a mass paddle. It finds that takings carefully, there is impacts very small in a loaf. By everything means of taken a paddle or very there still go to be the small hole in a fund of a loaf because of a mountain of whole pin a paddle in.

Likes his of the bread and is trying the eschew the preservatives then that is to say calm since (the bread is not supposed in last during the month) and is consuming any one is doing last so long.

Expects that you find so many uses as has. Later I plan to do jam when the strawberries come to season here in Knitting of of the one of the south.
1 / 5
We are quite experimented with bread of manufacturers of house: we have been baking bread in the almost daily house for quite a lot of 3 years -- that it is a lot of hundreds of loaves. The majority of a time has been using Cuisinart CB-100, which was quite sake . Quan Was the time in him substitutes it ( begins to filter oil of machine in a casserole of bread!), we think it to Us they would be it the ready movement to update in Cuisinart CB-200.

A disastrous deception!

A CB-200 consistently burns a bread in a subordinated and some sides. An only parameter in that a bread is not marred totally is 'clear crust' -- but then a cup is baked-down, and an integer loaf is spongy. An amazing the thing is that there are descriptions in Amazon this has informed this so punctual likes him 2007 (11 years ago!) -- But apparently Cuisinart has not directed a problem.

Even so the different subject is that a casserole of bread maintains to the pop was while it is accruing and one has to prender a machine in re-his one casserole -- until it burst was again. I have tried to angle some clips in of the different roads -- in any utility.
5 / 5
It see In a 3000' level in the mountain in Carolina of South and baking the bread in this present elevation in plot of problems in a baker of bread. It have been having the relation/of hate of the amour with the bread that bakes since moved in this location, as I have wanted if a machine of bread could bake the best loaf. That is to say a first machine of the bread has not possessed never, so there is at all to fall behind on. I have used some hundreds of the descriptions the help a decision in a Cusinart CBK-200 and has not been disappointed. It bakes very loaves since taking a CBK-200 the marks of small day and has wanted to to leave another knows in my experience.
Some instructions in a manual are very clear and easy to follow. For a premier loaf, followed some directions in a card for one 2lb, crust of half, Aim Oatmeal Bread in page 2 of a Manual of Instruction. I have wanted a paddle before copper, then , after I have pressed Beginning, poses a timer of oven for 1:25 (he elapsed time in front of one 3 increase). After 15 minutes in a first increase, the pause pressed, has opened a lid and has used the spatula of rubber to scrape down some sides of a casserole, the beginning has pressed then. Quan A timer of oven was was, an audible tone (counted in page 9) was was (any one quite strong) and Stop pressed (the manual instructed to use oven mitts to take a casserole, but expsito that was not necessary, also, has 15 minutes to take a paddle in front of a continuous machine), takes a casserole, takes a balloon of mass and takes a paddle, is gone a backside of mass in the balloon and inserted in a casserole then reinserted a casserole behind in a machine and the beginning have pressed. NOTE: A mass to arrive to this point equally also dry and too much take in me and I have done the mental note to attach more liquid in a prjimo loaf. One schemes continued through one 3 increase and bakes cycles and emitted a Cycle to Bake Complete beeps. I have pressed for Prender (press and lines a Pause/of Decree during 3 bren) otherwise a machine will go in the cycle to Animate.
Has opened a lid, and with the towel of cookery, takes a casserole for a cape and planted in a counter (the casserole will be very hot) to cool. A short of a loaf was clear brown. After 15 minutes, has turned a casserole the other way around and has shaken out of a loaf in the sides of racks.Some of the cooling and melts of a loaf was dark brown and very crusty. After cooling. I sliced a loaf (voice the photo is), and a cradle was the small to take, but acceptable.
A flavour of a bread was the small floury and no quite sweet for me.
After doing the little tweaks in a recipe, has tried another stab in a Oatmeal Bread, and this time some results were almost perfect. Increase had More i adds that a premier loaf, a crust was a same and first loaf and a cradle was soft. A flavour has not been floury and enough well.
My tweaks was to attach an extra tablespoon of Buttermilk, and an extra tablespoon of the syrup of Arce.
Has has done of another loaf of a same bread with an additional tablespoon of the sugar and he have tried absolutely wonderful.
Afterwards, included with my brief experience, highly recommends this machine of bread. With the small experience, firmly thinks that any one can produce the loaf of bread that will satisfy any palate.
4 / 5
It has had very Breadman units through some years, better and a no. Has required the nine an and wished to purchase another unit like a a had but overdraft had substituted he with the new model. Well in a new model has not had circulation of air or convection that had has liked him really. Checked Cuisinart and has had he in this model as I have purchased.

IS virtually identical in a Breadman with an exception of a software is the small different. A casserole of bread is a same while it is a zone for copper with absolutely any difference. Tan Far while I can see a software is an only difference . An only difference and fall the side is a bakes time. In some parameters have used a bakes cycle he also long and on bakes only take a bread was five in ten minutes in front of an end. The thing I really likes him is a calm notification give you when is time for a paddle to be taken was to want to . This am to adds wants to prevent having the big hole in a bread of a paddle stay in.
5 / 5
Fashioning Of excellent bread - has had the Zo... In a past and was to add but very pricey. A Cuisinart comes with the enormous book of recipes and instructions. Work fantastically. It IS it impressed it highly. I Like him his of a fact that comes with capes in some sides they in case that choose to store he in your pantry. A prize of this machine is very, very only for concealed it taken. I want a fact that is air of convection also. My premier loaf of gluten free bread (the mix of bread of the products of Pamela) has resulted fantastically and tried delicious. I want a fact that can recover a bit gizmo was before in fact the bake a bread. This road does not have to dig was afterwards bake a bread. Has strong beeps for several reasons, so he baked during a mark of the yours spends of sure night of fourth is closed if a cookery is afterwards stops. I Like him his of a fact that a beeps is quite strong to listen. I want to all some work that these offers of machine, and highly recommends it if you do not want to spend in $ 200 for the manufacturer of bread. My Zo died afterwards three years and I are spent much more for him that this machine.
1 / 5
I Like him his of a basic functionality but has had two of these machines, or the experiences and another was the substitution of guarantee. Both have done a same thing, burned a subordinated and leave a totally cooked interior. A book of recipe is one of a more has not seen never with with a ABM and a listing of time and bells to attach is very useful but otherwise totally does not recommend this product. The desire there has been my old Westbend two paddle ABM, was the wonderful machine that at the end is the past was. It does not spend your money has won hard in this product.
1 / 5
This manufacturer of bread is the nightmare ! There is the manufacturer of bread of Hamilton Platja during 35 years until it leaves. It have to there is bonded with a mark. I have bought this one it thinking would be better that a one has had...That the deception! A machine is strong and obnoxious, and so far, each what so loaf fallen in a half. It IS that to use the machine of bread...My old only failed when my yeast was old...And this is spent only two times in some 35 years had it. It tries three different classes of yeast, has the thermometer of yeast and only some ingredients some fresh plus...Still it takes loaves that is sunken in a half.

And, some colours of crust...Any subject that posing posed the on (clear, average or dark), always the dark results!

Saves your money and takes the model the cheap plus that it is more dependable.

An only thing will use this manufacturer of bread for east preparing too much and baking he in my oven. Some results of bread very when I this.
5 / 5
We buy this manufacturer of bread in of the marks the month. It has baked at the beginning many different loaves and was very pleased with some results - the breads have had flavour and excellent texture. We have tried then the ingredients/of reason of the cinnamon of the semi-detached bread where in after a cycle to blend has completed. Again we were very pleasantly surprised for some resultant loaf. Listening surer come from some wands of French bread and some crusts of pizza. Each bread has different textures that is of quality of bakery!

Has read other descriptions in this model of concrete/mark and has seen complaints that a manufacturer of bread is noisy, can not listen a timer to attach ingredients, some explosions of casserole out of a lock, any mix all a too and has had to manually blend some ingredients that clave in some sides, etc, etc, etc. there is no experimented any one of these subjects and could not be happier with our manufacturer of bread. I expect it it was to do all some different recipes in a book!

Mentions what wonderful some smells of the cookery like the bread bakes...?!!
1 / 5
Supremely Has disappointed in an action that I 'thought' was the very good machine. With 20 years to bake bread, using two Breadman diagram simultaneously, is returning in Breadman. Side by side a loaf of a Breadman has been a laureate for some last 60 days. Usually I mark 4-6 loaves for months (minimum). The complaints of machine comprise: a Cuisinart takes 40 long minutes in the fast aim; still if I do not press any mix-ins when first programming has to press again in front of beginning; and an exposure is hard to read, has to be in the chair to look in an exposure when programming. Quality of loaf complaints: it has had a 'very' loaf in 60 days when each loaf has baked simultaneously with a Breadman has been achieved; in parameter of crust 'clear', a loaf the sides are darker this attentive and take while a cup is very clear; a quality of a bread is denser and company (in the to which does not like him ); and each loaf but one has caved in 15 minutes before the be has done.

Top Customer Reviews: Hamilton Beach ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 55 ratings
5 / 5
Experience partorisca my woman, has the sensibility of gluten.

Is has bought frozen Udi gluten-free in Costco but when they have changed loaf sized has begun partorisca look elsewhere. I have finalised partorisca order Hamilton Spiaggia 29885 bread maker, and like this far is very happy.

Has both have done the free gluten loaf, any only is main the resulted in of the main pieces partorisca the toast or the sandwiches but is very happy with a flavour has improved. I took partorisca try the piece and I have to that say has been impressed also.

Is like pleasing with a car am planning on buying the second walk as I can do the bread regulates on its own name, partorisca do sure does not cross contaminated.
4 / 5
In the first place, on alert audible. It prefers the car of bread that beeps three times: In the first place, when partorisca add mix-ins; as, when amassing is done (and a paddle can be take); and finally when a bread is ready.

According to a manual, this car is supposed partorisca do a prime minister and a third beeps so only. But they are not never able state to listen a prime minister, so only an end beep.

In mine dress, a second beep is a lot of entity. If you prefer hard-crust loaves, takes a paddle after baking is done is after the impossible without rasgar a loaf bad. If you are alerted a right time , takes a paddle taking 10 seconds, and your ends loaf there is so only the tiny hole. Like an alternative, has imagined was when he an end that amasses, and has dipped an external alarm consistently so only after pressing START.

As, roughly similarities of car. Hamilton Spiaggia 29885, a Cusinart CBK-100 and a Oster CKSTBRTW20 (and perhaps another) is more probably done for a costruttore same. They use identical and interchangeable baking casserole and paddle, and some controls are essentially some same: PAPER to cycle this in spite of in the dozen that bakes programs, MEASURE to cycle by means of three loaf measured, CRUST to cycle by means of three levels of darknesses, and TIMER partorisca begin retarded.

Finally, my experience partorisca bake. I have used he partorisca the time of dozen, and was mostly WELL. Still, it recommends Cusinart CBK-100 in the, reason one baking with this car was sometimes uneven, and has lost a prime minister two beeps (the Cusineart all three).

For a way, has used a Cusinart CBK-100 partorisca 2 years (probably 6-7 times the week), and a reason there is prendido was that a car has begun partorisca filter oil to a casserole (yes, a bread takes soiled with oil of black car). I have not had this a quite long partorisca determine yes develops a same question.
4 / 5
Fantastic car! Ossia My third car of bread and prime minister of mine Hamilton-Beach. Upper results on some leading cars. A very first loaf was perfect still although has has had to that do the substitution in a recipe, and has done gluten free bread, which can be a lot of temperamental. Much easier to use that leading cars, comprising a this was substantially more expensive. Very happy with this product and highly recommend it.

UPDATE: According to loaf of the bread was included better that a prime minister because I have followed some directions more closely.
5 / 5
After doing my researched, has solved in this car because of some characteristics. I have been excited partorisca receive it but disappointed when have pulled a car out of a box and has suffered harm (the whole of advance of the poster caved in but the box was in touch, that indicates that it was packaged in this way. I am returned a car broken and decided to reorder he - in the believer that was the fluke and a second car would be well. Any so much. Roughly 3/4 of a way by means of a first use, some diagrams has begun to billow smoke. To examination, discovers that the piece of dough was in an element partorisca heat and that some sides of a car were scorched. It thanks the advantage was home! I am returning a defective car and will not be ordering produced of Beach of the Ham again. If it launch them of ZERO was an option , chose it.
4 / 5
A paddle regime in the each one loaf, winding on inside a finishing loaf! A last loaf has done was the total disaster reason a paddle is exited apparently in a start, which there is no @to @give like this to the bread maker is spent peels each cycle . This has has cooled to good sure mine excite.
4 / 5
So only uses this bread maker partorisca do bread and pizza dough. I love it. A pizza dough the recipe associated with this car is also simpler and more is that pizza of mine of leading bread maker dough recipe.

This car is much calmer that a lot of cars of bread have had. That More the amour roughly ossia that it is very stable. He any 'walk' or 'jumped around in a table. My car of leading bread is fallen off an island of cookery (and gouged the hole in my paving of forest) reason the had 'walked' of a table during one mixing & amassing same cycle although it have situated he in a half of an island -- the foot and average of a flange.

Does not use this car partorisca bake, as I can not give the description in this characteristic, sad.
4 / 5
On 10/03/18 when I selected 'dough' function, has found a dough was a lot of heat during amassing and is extremely sticky (I always flour of mix with cold water), which means a dough was in state amassed on. A reason is a casserole is abnormal hot when amassing, like this dough is already rinsing for advanced during amassing, and like this dough tears easily and not having extensibility which is necessary partorisca bread of toast, and this is not reversible. When I have received this car, can do a lot of dough. This question begun so only when window of the turn of the Amazon has closed (10/04/18) and the looks is worsening and worse. Now my car of bread could any dough after using several times, not mentioning bread.

Update 11/11/18: I have not contacted service of client and has imagined steps of long. Now I am doing bread weekly and work well. It gives it 4.5 star but basing in a value of price 5 while he no broken. A pair of the smallest subjects: 1. A car is moving the little bit when amassing if the flour is 300g >, 2. The lid is exited once and I reinstall the.
5 / 5
Has bought this partorisca my main father partorisca touch with, is having the ball. Bread of frames two or three times the week.
4 / 5
Hamilton Spiaggia 29885 has done beautiful bread, all three loaves bakes light to all the cost duquel the setting of crust has been chosen. A lid was warped and the steam is exited in a poster of control and sides. When Have pulled a casserole of bread has gone by a boss, a lid is fallen off my hand . With which cool, have directed partorisca the take behind on but never closure fully. A paddle there is stuck to an iron in a casserole three times. A paddle was sure and like this far to an axial to the equal that can go. With which cool down and there is drenched he in of waters he soapy, could take manually with him modicum of endeavour. I have contacted Hamilton Spiaggia in this concrete question and each one that like this the response has said partorisca leave a bread cools then take a paddle of a bread with to spatula. He never stuck in a bread; you are stuck in a casserole. Any @subject to the equal that has declared the, the service of client could a lot of comprehend this question. Have has wanted the buy another paddle but Hamilton Spiaggia is was and could not find the substitution that access this car. This paddle has the short D side of hole and the axial compared with a paddles and the axes have used partorisca one 29882. It has given up. This car was defective. I appreciate Amazon accepting a turn. I have bought the 29882 partorisca my grandson but he do not love that; so much, I maintained it. It is good and a paddle estacas in a bread and no a casserole. I guess it conceal it is the up?
4 / 5
Has had a Beach of Hamilton of bread maker of model earlier, these leaves with which roughly three years partorisca use very light. The so that main liked on one of of the east of old model when calm has pressed a tone to stop takes a cycle, and when you have pressed beginning again, chooses on this point. This model, when you press a tone of stop partorisca, but then he reverts behind to a start of a cycle. Of an only thing I use a breadmaker partorisca east to mix and amass a dough. And I need partorisca take a car partorisca verify a consistency of a dough. Too much evening partorisca send a car behind, like the lesson has learnt.

Top Customer Reviews: Cuisinart Bread ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
My woman wants this machine! There is at all compress enough it. These marks to do bread the breeze, only attach some ingredients, presses the button and looked will be to enjoy bread in 4 hours, only the bad thing is smelling the bread bakes all day and doing you hungry
5 / 5
I am doing mine 4 loaf maintaining (whole wheat) and expect beginning so it adds like my anterior 3 has bought since it. No that very bread but when prefer the breads of grain learns so it is cheaper (and more fun) for me the and a Cuisinart the machine of bread is excellent, likes him all mine another Cuisinart cooks artilugios.

My favourite loaves is a rustic the Spanish and the Italian plus enjoys to use a characteristic of mass of the pizza for homemade Romesco or the garlic Roasted-Red Pepper pesto pizzas...

A prize has been point and averts also, compared in of the years of marks when the machines of bread were the 'fad' and some tax for gone was outrageous and exorbitante.
5 / 5
An initial attraction of this machine was aesthetic - appliance and small impression that party. It was preoccupied that a vertical loaf would not bake equally, but decided to give tries it and is happy this has done. Loaves IS thoroughly and equally bakes included in a parameter of clear crust. I appreciate a fact that a blender paddle the creation is such that quite 95% of a time a paddle rests in a casserole when the loaf is to take, as no more digging in the hot loaf to take a paddle. Desprs Trying so normal and fast yeast, has resolved in a fast parameter for these recipes these covers he. One schemes the bread has had better in 25 years to use machines of bread.
5 / 5
I took it yesterday and it use it immediately. It was mine 1 times and 1 times that possesses the manufacturer of account. He manually before. I have done white recipe and has substituted a butter for an oil of olive (3tbsp) and dry milk for a milk of liquid almond. Work only well. At present while I write this description, a machine is doing a French bread.
Wants this machine. It IS compact, perfect for my tiny counter in a cookery. It IS clear and easy to wash.
1 / 5
I am surprised by all some positive commentaries here. I consider me to be the very enough marries the cook but this manufacturer of bread have me stumped! Each sun loaf is exited the disaster! Mostly they sink in some means and is so surprised so that I am using some recipes a machine is come with. A a concealed has not been so aired is not can not use a half for bread of sandwich. Do 10 elements and all have been failure. I have done the recipe of a booklet for circles of the cinnamon and a mass was soup! It can very still it comprises so that it was possible! I retraced my steps and each which so one was correct. It was not that I am doing wrong but this could be a return of element
5 / 5
I want this machine. Small impression, weighs a lot ignite but perfect 2 lb loaf. I have done also he 1 lb loaf of pumpernickel and the dozen bagels, so much perfect.
5 / 5
I think that that this would be the good machine to learn to use machines of bread with. I bought it so that has an impression of the foot the small plus. I maintain mine in a counter so that I bread the plot, as I have required one this has taken up so little spatial like possible. I use it the plot for a cycle of too much and cinnamon to mark the circles and the dinner go very often and this machine is sum for that. I am very happy with him.
5 / 5
Only he challah in this machine of the bread and was delicious!
1 / 5
Have wanted to very time the term saves money since like the free gluten and has taken this machine. Wait that follows the recipe has posed he in a machine and with a hand of pose of the gluten taken the good bread . NO . NO The CASE. It opens to Read some descriptions some people that radish quite he all have has done adjustments in of the recipes, has attached things, and 'touched' around with some mixes. THAT IS TO SAY OBJECTIONABLE. It has to when being as the bread regulates that manufacturer of marks. You have posed in the exact ingredients and he exit. I am not the baker and I do not have time to touch and ingredients of waste and lunches. This is returning. Waste of time and money unless there is a lot concealed
3 / 5
There is has wanted to something like this where a casserole is smaller one issues this one east, so that and has some recipes that is very small like the six vain dinner small but does not look the blend that well for me.. It looks to take longer also. It want to I want the to form that his sper cute, but a stainless is also an amiable that smudges easily. In general I routed he behind as not doing for the this has wanted.

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