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Top Customer Reviews: Medela Breast Milk ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
I have purchased several breastmilk stock exchanges of storage of Medela the Avent to Lansinoh the NUK. I have found that I really like Medela stock exchanges some better follows for Lansinoh.

Agrees when it was initially was compraventa breastmilk stock exchanges of storage, has wanted to see pictures of like this some stock exchanges look when they have resisted unfrozen tins and like the look when frozen, as I have resupplied the picture to compare several frames. I have found that Medela the stock exchanges are upper to a rest, a quality of a stock exchange is big quality and any of some other frames (lansinoh, NUK, or Avent) can compare. As you can see in my picture, is a better although it does not dip a plus slowly for storage. Initially storing a milk in the freezer was mine enormous worry in the plan a stock exchange taken but this the very too much of the worry anymore to the equal that have had to that purchase the deep freezing so only to store tins of heart (thanks to a help of the tea of tins of the mother, Blessed Thristle and Fenugreek supplements when my distributed is down be on pocolos occassions reasons mine decree of bomb acted bad and working). It finds that Medela the stock exchanges are an easy plus to the game was, (I initially would pump in work and touch the stock exchanges and then when I am home state would touch stock exchanges the bounced to store in a refrigerator for some prĆ³jimo-future diets) because of a sturdiness of a stock exchange, has had more the control and he has not been flimsy or bent when and where has not loved the to. It was able to form a cup of a stock exchange to do that it touches a milk out of easier.

Does not recommend pumping directly to some stock exchanges. I have tried to do this in several occasions and was a lot of fallido with a process, I so only decided to use bounced instead. I have tried this method because it felt was tedious to pump in a boot and then touches he in a stock exchange to go the house and the game was to another boat for future diets. This in spite of, a process was weighed too much for me and now I just bomb simple in the bottle which refrigerate until it leaves work and then touches he the bounced the ones of diet of my creature (to the equal that can see has bounced uses so only to pump different of his bounced of diet although it could use these bounced to feed also, are so only has limited the slender elder or bounced more courts like a Medela 8oz or Gerber bounced big use Medela atasquemos on and has not wanted to buy more).

In general, these are my absolute favourites breastmilk stock exchanges of storage although it wishes has dipped flatter but then again tend to store 6-8 oz in the stock exchange (yes, knows would not owe that go in 6oz but I ). Highly I recommend him on some another with a lansinoh like my second election. As you can see in some images that is all that resists 6 oz of unfrozen tins, so much a Medela and lansinoh whole of chairs a lot while a lansinoh dips flatter that a Medela stock exchanges.
5 / 5
Am bellowing. Has hundreds of ounces of frozen breastmilk in these stock exchanges and to the equal that am beginning to use them, roughly 50 of some stock exchanges have holes in them. When I take Him out of a freezer the defrost, loss he of tins was to a counter or the the refrigerator and I have squandered like this tins. I try to leave a milk to melt dulcemente, but filtering the stock exchanges mean often has to that quickly melt an additional stock exchange to do sure that have enough. Them me sad and like this angry. Has a unopened box of 100 that probably will launch in some rubbishes. A lot I quite a lot of launches was the defective product and lose money that waste another ounce of lovely milk. C soyen Medela, is better that this!
5 / 5
Another reviewers there is complained roughly the difficulty that bombs directly to these stock exchanges. They are not drawn for that. A Medela 'bomb and save' the stock exchanges are a some have feigned to pump directly to a stock exchange. There is also the description that complains on that it has to that cut open an upper but the tear has opened easily. I have used both types of stock exchange but changed to these instead reasons are more economic, sturdier, and store the little more (6oz compared to 5oz). To use them, would have to pump when bouncing and then touches he to a stock exchange with which. Reason does not pump directly to these stock exchanges, am able combines tins of sessions of consecutive bomb to fill the stock exchange until 6oz first of ice cream (like that read so only would owe that combine tins that is a same temperature and has pumped a same day). It is also easier that measure a quantity that goes to a stock exchange while you bounce he diplomado vs. Some stairs impresa in a stock exchange he (to measure using a calm stock exchange has to resist it opened to the form of cylinder). When Freezing these stock exchanges, stores him slowly initially his like this walk of freezing partorisca maximizas space of freezer.

Modification: has downgraded my indication of 5 stars to 4 after changing to a Lansinoh stock exchanges of storage of the mark. I think that that those are easier that seal while trying r take like this air that these Medela stock exchanges.
4 / 5
These stock exchanges are very simple to use. To open a stock exchange a cup of him the tears have opened easily. I have found that very other frames have resisted so only 5 ounces and Medela controls 6. Mina a complaint is that one measuring is the bit was. Will have two ounces in one bounce and will read 3 in a stock exchange, included although has a fund has developed fully, but the mine concealed is not that big of the shot. For any the one who needs to precisely of measure, this can not be a stock exchange for you.
Has to that have any subject with filtering except when it is my own failure . You owe that be careful any to take tins to a zip when touching, as when it freezes it can open a focus, but it doesnt really spend unless you are messy when it touch.
I of the that produced that a lot of milk, and the milk would owe that be touched the stock exchanges in a same temperature or more the warm milk can heat was some of some nutrients in a cold milk, likes bomb to bounced small, refrigerate them, and in an end of a day touches him everything in the together stock exchange. Also it would owe that be the milk pumped inside one same 24 period of now. These stock exchanges do well with my routine, and once poured, to a freezer goes.
A bit those that reviewers has said is difficult to pump to. Well, they are not drawn for that, so that it is reason. You touch your milk has expressed to these of ones bounced, that also the helps take the better idea that it is storing, of some lines are slightly was. These have to that target of focus has printed on the partorisca mark quantities/of dates, etc.
Compraventa Excellent, are roughly to order for a second time. Really it wishes this has has had to that the subscribe and save option
5 / 5
My preferred! It focuses strong and strong plastic. I add when melting the milk has stored was reason a plastic is not like this economic and flimsy like another.
4 / 5
Find these stock exchanges sĆŗper easy to use (and focus). I have not had Any subjects with sealing these for a freezer. They have not filtered never of me sealing them - A lot NEVER. This in spite of, my parents (those who are my edges primary babysitters) any always reseal his correctly. One a time like this far that my husband chosen on our edges in his house of way, my mamma dipped the stock exchange of tins of heart of the leftover to a stock exchange of diaper for him to take house, but has not closed a focuses properly. When it has taken home, it has dipped a stock exchange of diaper down in our CLOTH couch and seated with our edges. When Our edges has begun fussing, has decided to do the bounce it, and looked on in a stock exchange of diaper and found the big puddle of tins in a couch. This was to amuse for me to come house to. It was able to clean our couch and was able to wash a stock exchange of diaper (felizmente Ju-Ju-Be the stock exchanges of diaper are car washable!!!). Now always we owe that be extra careful when taking unused tins for behind my house of parents.

According to which an accuracy of some marked measures in some stock exchanges, can very really give the plot of the entrance of then does not spend him of longitude. Eye in some measures in some bounced of bomb or a Haakaa (although it does not think a Haakaa is like this attentive as you bounced) before game to some stock exchanges, and then marks that the stock exchange. When Preparing bounced, informs to some measures in a side of a boot and use a measure that has marked in a stock exchange like approximate. I have read that has some stock exchanges of the entirely open storage and a fund is flared all a way was and there is abundance of air in a stock exchange, some measures would owe that be attentive. But calm can not spend of longitude some measures of the yes calm stock exchange the the a bit has closed. Again, it does not pay any attention to some measures in a side of these stock exchanges (and probably any in other frames of stock exchanges of storage).

Also, of my experience, would recommend so only fill each stock exchange 2 - 3.5 oz. They freeze flatter that dips more in, and his so that it is easier that store. It is calm less probably will finalise with unused tins with which have found the stock exchange. A photo has shared in these shows of the description as it stores them in chevron sized ziplock stock exchanges.
5 / 5
These stock exchanges are better that a bomb and save stock exchange. Some stock exchanges are better builds and is stronger. Some stock exchanges are wider and more courts that a avent stock exchanges that I usually use. It likes-me a fact that some holes to direct the bombs is no longer there, this in spite of there is not he spout to touch a milk. A material is very strong and no flexible that does to touch a milk to a boot the little difficult. Calm so only has to that touch attentively. A stock exchange has done well in a freezer and defrosting. In general, it would recommend a stock exchange.
4 / 5
Are the big defender of these stock exchanges and I summarize reason:
1) any rasgando! I have used another popular mark of stock exchanges of storage for several months until I have begun to take stock exchanges that there was rasgado while in a freezer. I do not beat on my stock exchanges or anything, but so only by means of normal shuffling of things in a freezer some stock exchanges had left in a subordinated and has had filters in my refrigerator when melting was tins. This was tragic how is resulted in me that loses several ounces of hard-the milk has won!! A Medela the stock exchanges are drawn of the different way and some questions was having with some old stock exchanges is impossible with a Medela stock exchanges been due to a creation (the fund of a stock exchange). As I am happy. Any tear or leaving stock exchanges here still.

2) Thinks that a plastic is more durable. It is class of the hard or more dense plus plastic to feel concealed is not prone to gouging or that takes tears in to like them some the softest stock exchanges had been using. A stock exchange is still quite flexible to leave to fill and easy storage.

3) zip Very sure. Any that has has had questions with some other stock exchanges, his just that a Medela the stock exchanges owe that a lot of leak tight zip also.

4) Easy to do with- in spite of some descriptions, these are no more difficult that do with those other frames of stock exchanges have used. A plastic is the little different, looks denser, and feels different in yours had compared to some of some other frames but I think this the most durable and less susceptible of rasgar or taking holes in them while in the freezer. It has it french the refrigerator of the door likes freezer of mine is the big drawer in a subordinated and the things take piled on the each one another. I do not love the corner of boxes of the pizza that undermines my stock exchange of tins but if a plastic is quite durable, concealed is not the question.
4 / 5
Love these stock exchanges! Has no @to @give had changed a product, but WANTS TO HIM! They are enormous, a focus of zip is a lot of sturdier that some old stock exchanges, which is a lot of reason less stress roughly in losing lovely milk! My only complaint is for some reason has to that rasgar an upper was before touching a milk in, and no longer have some the calm space so much can pump directly to a stock exchange. 10/10 still it would recommend this in spite of!
5 / 5
2nd time that order, one 1st batch was excellent but this 2nd goes round, Many some stock exchanges have the white residue on him. It was fearful to use them so only clean each stock exchange with sweet soap. And two of them he so that far it has filtered it on me. Material so only will take some other stock exchanges.

Update: at present I am using stock exchanges of mark of the Aim but I have opened another band of these medela the stock exchanges and is still white residue on everything of them and the horrible chemical smell. I will send him behind reason am not squandering $ 15 in of the stock exchanges that the can not use.

Top Customer Reviews: Lansinoh Stay Dry ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 20 ratings
5 / 5
It purchase this element before in a ultra soft these ones are a dry stay with lining of honeycomb! These marks of product exactly that says, leaks of decrees and stays in place in your bra quite well! Alas have it sper sensitive nipples and give that a texture of a honeycomb the patterned semence has nettled my rind and nipple! Once it give it it has had a wrong ones, has been to return and has taken the full repayment any problem! I am very impressed and I very cual his products, note only in self, yes has sensitive rind, takes these nursing tampons in some ultra soft!!
1 / 5
I have purchased these for my woman so that they were apparently more hygienic and convenient for breastfeeding. Ones in the first place few days were awesome. Some tampons drench in breastmilk without resultant too wet and is easy to adjust and take for nursing bras and cups of tank. With this be said, after the days to match my itching of woman has begun his cofre before and after each diet. In the principle thinks that it can have developed thrush, but the results concealed has had an allergic reaction in a nursing tampons. We have tried this has been to exchange them for some tampons of reusable cloth for the day to see if a rash/itchiness has prendido. It disappears totally with a reusable cloth nursing tampons. We have read other descriptions in interior of tiny small balloons of these tampons and decided to cut or open- sure enough several quantities of tiny balloons are come to spill out of a tampon. I am not sure what the chemicals are being used in these, but has caused a itchy and in of the llamas rash around the hearts of my woman that the difficult fact for his to power our creature. In general, it does not recommend these Lansinoh nursing tampons. Too bad is to bond with almost 200 of them!
1 / 5
The fall of small particles during my bed, my heart, my face of boy (listen likes him salt/of sand). Lucky not entering his eyes. I have thought my daughter of 5 years has touched with salt but when transfers in fire and voice the a lot of small particles aim everywhere in my heart and my mouth of boy. I seat freak-was. Be conscious and pay the next attention when uses: it looks for date of expiration. These tampons have interior of particles for the absorption and some particles take filtered was easily tampons. Any insurance for a creature at all !
1 / 5
Horrible ,does not buy! Only like other 1 descriptions of star have declared filters to salt grained likes him the substance during my bed, nursing bra and for the face of my creature. Worse when has slept awake until crumble of granules for my creature and throughout where sleep. The tip of voice out of L. Nursing Tampon.... You are the fresh tampon also! This has been spending very the time taken in the fed up end with him in a half of a night. My awake creature in cmscreaming in the nurse but I owe control of nursing to clean has been at all a salt grained likes him the powder of my bed. ANY INSURANCE . Used to want his tampons, been using them arrests in 7 years! That is entering?!?!
1 / 5
Be conscious!! These tampons have interior of particles for the absorption and some particles take filtered was easily tampons. Some particles are very small, listen likes him sand. I have taken that it hang them my heart and abdomen. Quan Some particles take put, resulted like gel. They are so small, fall in a heart and easily can take in the mouth of a creature! Any insurance for a creature!
1 / 5
It was not that it is in these concretely but my woman is allergic in them. It breaks you enter hives and the rash begin in a heart this does his low road in his belly. Changed in a some concealed is coming with our medela bomb and any subject.
5 / 5
Amur These disposable tampons! They come bundled individually and is so convenient for in a vain. I suggest to maintain the set in your stock exchange, in a stock exchange of diaper, and in yours bombs behind has Stay of unit sure in an interior of your cup of bra as it remains in the place and is sper absorbent. A better thing is that included when knows has absorbed liquid, never listen humid against my rind! I try to use the house of reusable tampons has cut down in of the waste of the only use but these are still the must has to maintain around when is was and enough or behind to do. Also it uses to house them when am filtering more concealed normal so that, again, this traps a very good humidity and very better that my disposable ones do... Once those are place , is put. I am three month in nursing even so it has not crossed a full box still since or uses a reusable house. They are also well so that they are to good sure more discreet that a reusable ones sometimes can be so when yours was and more probably dressed you to him since, will not remark these at all. To well sure it recommends to maintain the box manually!
5 / 5
I saved me that it has to spend my integer breastfeeding the life that dirty clothes of marks. I have not expected to filter so much, but I , and a nursing the tampon prevent me to go to expect in plastic cloaks and drench through all my bras. It IS like the diaper and resumido the amazing quantity of milk. Taking HEAVY, the bet can take it the pair of ounces.
5 / 5
These are surprising! I am the first-mamma to time and has been given some of these of the partner. At the beginning I did not think it it use the. Chico, has been bad! Of my milk entered has to spend the constantly. I spend the DDD, so still with big hearts this coverage the plot of zone, which are especially very when sleeping that movement of things around the bit - same with the bra! (Hurriedly I has learnt that included required to sleep in the bra with these, which are easier to maintain in place). That I the amour is that they remain dry still, while you can see pictures, still absorb the plot of liquid! I have not tried other marks, but is very happy does not require in tent around!!
5 / 5
I have tried the number of different nursing tampons and in an end has maintained to go in these. I have wanted sure when being that my zone was always clean and protect it has wanted also has filtered in case perhaps. I have found that these were utmost with taking any filter and has not had any accidents. I will say that I have not produced the tonne to milk compared in other people but I found it more useful at night when remarked that is when he would filter a plus. I also like a nursing the tampons since have not created the plot of lint. Some tampons to wash that I have purchased left lint behind especially yes there are any evasions. I finish me dry down before it included nursing my threads since do not want to drinking him decrease of lint. I Liked him also his that a lanisoh there was strategically adhesive plant, of that ensures that during nursing or at night, a tampon has not moved of has been there supposed to be. Maintaining a clean zone and the free lint ensures that when has been time to can, any one has preoccupy quite leaving the threads is my latch when needs in.

Top Customer Reviews: Lansinoh TheraPearl ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
has used this so cold (frozen) and hot (miscrowaved) for different reasons with different results. FRED: this frost up and take quite cold hurriedly, would use the each hours of pair among diets to reduce engorgement. Listen how has taken colds hurriedly but defrost very shortly after insert in my bra. Has not founding these that the cold adds. HOT: I have wanted these hot, would burst the in a microwave for 20-25 bren and then spends the the few minutes before bomb and during pumping. They have remained animated my session of whole bomb, and has required sometimes the quota was period before using.

That it is in a box:
Two gel inserts/inserts shaped like a 'East and two coverages of tissue have entered a plastic box.

Has taken of tissue:
This coming with two lived washable has taken of tissue. You fold And it inserts/ it inserts a container of gel in a coverage and clasp a button in prjimo. These coverages are well for (1) cold for engorgment and (2) pre-powering or bomb - VERY VERY while pumping since they often taken sticky of milk of heart. A tissue is soft-ish and wash well.

HOT to Pump:
has wanted to these to use before and during pumping so aided to augment my flow of milk. Microwaves (20-25 bren), pop in my bra for the few minutes, apresamiento and embroils around a flange of bomb and then begins to pump. This plant remained while bomb without has remained the in place.

I rinsed these in a tank after each use and the hand dried to use frozen or the air dried to use hot.

In general:
Any one so soft like other products/of heart of hot but cold easy to clean, the warm rests, easy to use while pumping. It does not remain cold for longitude after inserting in bra.

Please left to know me has found this useful description to click a low useful button. Thank you!
5 / 5
It buys these before has your creature, situate them in your freezer, (before fast in sometime after birth) when being an atrocious fire that is your milk that enters, takes these of your freezer (graces your past self to be so in of the things), plants the in there lived soft pouch (comprised), and stuff the in yours bra to cool a fire where your boobs once is.
5 / 5
A advisor of the lactation has suggested that the warm use compress before bomb to help a milk is begin more easily and relieve engorgement. These tampons to heat is utmost.

Has posed both tampons to heat in a microwave during 19 bren, then massage the with my hands to distribute very something hot. I have posed the in my bra for the few minutes before pumping, and is very comfortable to spend. To well sure think that that it helps to relieve engorgement and the mark these bombs this effective plus.

A bit those that other tips to pump: massage your hearts while bomb to help his fully empty. It lubricates An interior of a flange with lanolin to do pumping more comfortable for your nipples.

Sure has a flange of right measure for yours nipple, any automatically uses a measure that is coming with a bomb. A advisor of the lactation can help them finds a right measure or can try you different measures on your own. A whole nipple would have to returned in a flange, but any a lot of a areola.

The good class with your breastfeeding trip!
1 / 5
Arrived with stains of milk of more! And the wierd black smudge. Any cual expected.
5 / 5
Sper Useful for sore hearts in a principle of breastfeeding. I took me also through the rough extreme of mastitis. I am sure he can use things around a house that already have for a same purpose, but like me that these are come with the soft, washable covers and is returned in a heart. The dry likes him clave partum is already so that it defies that using something concretely done for breastfeeding life of marks the small easier. Any have me to Him legustado the use these for hot, has posed only the in a freezer but was good relief.
5 / 5
These are utmost to use during pumping. Help with bloc ducts and the helps take more the milk was. So far have only the used he for warm compresses and finds it sper useful. It likes him-me the use he before bedtime pumping so much can empty was so so it was possible so much can sleep longer. For these women that takes production of heavy milk , half of a pumping at night because of the ache of heart can be problem and tiring but after using is, can sleep much more without ache of heart.

This am adds to use with the bra of hands of free bomb.
5 / 5
I have bought these twice for my woman, on heated (30 bren in a microwave) a first pair and a plastic have melted, some lived pearls is exited. A lot it likes him His of these particular products because of a form. It uses the mostly when that uses a bomb of heart and for ache of engorging.
4 / 5
I Liked him a lot To the of these. A quality was utmost and was sper easy to use. I have used the for a hot factor and he have taken time very small to heat them up and use them. They have not gone also hot and aided so when it was engorged and my ducts the looks plugged. A sense of relief when using these was the instant and aided tremendously. An only down the side is that only or in each no left side for them to achieve all a road in a back and sides of my heart where has required really the he so that it has to plant and move them around with my hands in planting to be able to to use like him to him some aims of box cual the the small problem while trying marks other things or bomb/breastfeed a same time. It recommends to pose two together for each side if you are that it wants to use what some shows of boxes. Another that this has wanted to this and is to good sure happy purchased this.
4 / 5
These are well to have when breastfeeding, especially when treating achy Corsican or the test augments your supply pre-bomb. Quan Has begun in the first place pumps found that heat in my boobs pre-the bomb was one of some the majority of useful things to augment my beginning for session. An only negative is that they do not remain to animate very very time and take the moment to heat up ( has to heat the up in of the low intervals or more can explode). They remain fresh for the clave of while it is frozen. They are small and compact, and easy in slide in in the shirt/of bra.
5 / 5
These were fabulous when my milk has entered initially. I have maintained the in a freezer and they aided TREMENDOUSLY with a discomfort of engorgement. They have not remained cold for sper very time, but to good sure provided a relief has required. I have tried also the warm when has had the clogged duct. These are wonderful and reusable.

Top Customer Reviews: Haakaa Manual ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
5 / 5
They are the first mamma of time . Required partorisca pump to build on the supply partorisca my turn partorisca do. Time and again pumping has fallen to a fund of mine all the loans because of all a prep and clean on doing partner with an electrical bomb. Invernadero rave Descriptions in a Haakaa in a Instagram page LegendairyMilk (highly recommend a page for breastfeeding support) and decided to try it was. I have been using he for roughly 3 month now. I will not GO BACK NEVER!

Sper Easy to use. Some first time have used, has followed another reviewers suggestions and has burst a flange behind first to apply suction. I have had three ounces less than 10 minutes! For the manual bomb is impressive. Over time it seats more comfortable with a suction and was able to wash plans, vacuum and soiled dresses to bend all while it pump, the only looks were for the too hard attack or when it listen/to feel an emission of initial air. His really well that it is the class of as the place the and the forget device and does not require or to use your hands.

Perfects for busy mamma. His quite convenient to where can spend it the grandmas and pump the little bit of fresh milk before it begins was my work. It is also good to explode a letdown and take tins of another heart while breastfeeding creature. Every time I pump my supply grows and looks that filler on besides quickly. I seat it likes me already I need the upgrade to a main measure.

Has found some things by means of test and error that would like me action:

- first of Lean while it applies a suction of initial flange.

- The suction is more effective when a bulb is has developed fully. When The rear flow, so only express the little bit until some evasions of air and dulcemente release a pressure until it is has developed fully. A draw of these attractive the plot more tins of the heart then when has the dent in a bulb.

- If possible, apply the warm compresses to some first hearts to pump. It augments a start.

- A lot ALWAYS the confidences COVERS it! It is not one the majority of sure. To do it surer, dipped one covers ash on and the attractive has retreated a pink tab that develops a hole. Squeeze out of the little air and while still that applies the pressure substitutes a pink tab. This uses a same suction and will resupply the better control. But again, it is not one the majority of sure. Any tolerance on himself has fallen.

WARNS: This bomb is life changing and will augment your supply.
5 / 5
WOW I desire would have known in this more collected! Ossia Like this easy to use.

Things I desire would have been comprised in some instructions:
- has the curve partorisca learn! Calm probably will require partorisca try the the little time before you take a hangs of him.
- Toe down a cup when you are by train of the place on. You can look video of Youtube on like this partorisca do east.
- Squeeze in a half (around a bookmark) the suction. Yes you express lower, a suction will be stonger and could hurt. Yes you express main, a suction can not be quite strong to remain on.
- Try nurses in control of football or directly on and down (calm likes you in the carrier) to avert the creature that strikes of a Haakka
- is not concerned if any taken a lot a first time! It take the few days to use it each morning before it take more than the .

Now that has a hangs of him, LOVES It! Volume 2.5 - 5oz during our morning feeds. It is like this easier that washing all these parts of the bomb and I am building the enormous freezer stash.

Has been giving Haakkas like this of the presents to pregnant friends those who have all has behind informed that they love it too much!
4 / 5
It has GIVEN SO ONLY THESE 4 STARS because the mine has come with some odd small discharges of flower in the place of a lid likes has ordered.

Has bought this partorisca use with my second kiddo because the nurse in a hospital there is rid in recommended the. It has been the transmission of game . If you are planning in nursing, spent this. He suctions to a heart that is not nursing out of and taking all a letdown. Better that that this in spite of, a suction is a lot quite that the one of the attractive done out of the plot. So many some days when you are sper engorged and ready to explode, this thing will seat right in your heart and leave a pressure was. I can fill this thing up in the regular nursing session. Has both this measure and a big plus a ( 10 oz believes) and this one has better suction, in my opinion. It is like this useful that does not have to that pump almost like this like this I usually . Total breastfeeding transmission of game. This little artilugio is the saver of tins, has saved literally so more tins this times that has done with my prime minister because it is like this easy.
5 / 5
Arrived in the green stock exchange with a lid and the bombs there is boxed for separate. I am not sure I have been supposed the sterilise in a microwave, but I in all the chance. Left the in my bedside table with a lid a night before and has used he partorisca one first tomorrow feeds and has saved 60ml partorisca milk that otherwise would have been squandered in the nursing tampon.

He Wheels for behind a flange and then attach it suctions in really well although you are lying down. I love sure works partorisca me (40H)
but law perfectly and some some times lose suction bc the creature the kicked hard, has listened a pop of him releasing and was able to grab the before it spills the drop. To good sure recommended!
5 / 5
(My name is Kelly and am using the account of my grandfather.)
Are the mamma of 2 down 2. As when being hooked until the bomb is the little difficult to come ny sometimes. Absolutely I love my haakaa. I have used to have some milk catchers that could spend for overflow, but after the year has begun filtering and does not resist more than few drops of my liquid gold. I have bought the haakaa for mine 2nd kiddo and goes with me everywhere! One 1st month of my younger life, this was attatched to a no-nursing side, collecting until 18 oz the day. A material is very fat, easy to clean, and easy the steralize. It is also very comfortable to spend. An only thing is a power of suction wesrs down when it takes spent a line. It fall it it was diverse time , but with him when being full and the when be weighed with tins I totally comprise! Still entirely it recommends this to the each breastfeeding mamma!
5 / 5
If you are by train partorisca ask you would have to that take this, especially reason are having the difficulty that maintains on, thought of stop, and the buy already. I have expected and request partorisca 6 month, and now are P'and was reason can have saved so much milk all this time. Volume at least 2 oz. Every time I breastfeed. So only the unbalanced the one who my creature has wanted to grab the. Haha! Seriously, take it, is like this convenient.
5 / 5
This element are adds. I exclusively the heart feeds and does not have to that use the car partorisca pump to obtain the rear supply of tins. I began it it was with a 3 ounce HaaKaa - I desire there is a base and upper but concealed has not been an option at the same time. My left down according to some times of day can be the plot like so only upgraded to a 5 ounce HaaKaa with base and lid! Take a lid and base - totally value of the money partorisca avert that it spills especially in a haze of any sleep. I have had to that look the video of Youtube to imagine was regarding the use. Basically express a glass and dip a cup of suction in your heart with nipple in a centre of a hole and leave a suction and the gravity is work . Be careful like the full glass reason he unsuck of the heart and the falls yes are prendiendo attention. Ladies of good regime!
5 / 5
This thing saved! It is it grieves the just-enougher, meaning daycare has given more the milk that pumped partorisca a day. With a haakaa, am able to save an extra 2-3oz the day partorisca top of my paralizacin bounced daycare. They are able to maintain up with that need partorisca his bounced! Calm the favour and look the youtube video on like the CORRECTLY DIPPED this on. It do not fall off. A Haakaa easily will fall on, as it likes that a cup is resupplied with of him. Very easy to use and easy to clean. To good sure value a compraventa!
5 / 5
It has been it pumps of heart and then could a lot of anymore like the first mamma of time has been concerned I any enough for the freezer dipped or has included enough the stops bounced occasional. With east, some starts to milk never like this easy in some means of a night is a better and volume one the majority of tins . If or have a time, he! And it is like this easier that hooking on and seating there while and feeling a pulling in ur nips of the bomb of heart. It is also easy to spend with or and to the left say me or ossia also the lifesaver when ur boobies hurt and or require the fast emission. It suggest to spend the band of gel and some baggies or does not want to use immediately to dip the bounced for ur little a. An only question is I desire could the easiest suction but thinks that is so only culos are new when dipping in that require for the give the pair more test. But I want to this! A lid ( especially partorisca to to the clumsy person the taste) is surprising, literally can fall on and in of absolute will filter or loss (of course yes on correctly) so much time are fallen to bounce it well of tins of heart that spends of a bomb to a cookery but no more! Also, Idk on some versions plus very economic but for a price of 0 and that takes a real thing is better that that pays 00 for the bomb of heart. I say to go for him!
5 / 5
Has the Spectra S2 bomb that are add partorisca into use of house, this in spite of rings something the little more portable that easily could be past enmedio the big purse when they are neither out of my edges or that they want to take the little extra milk when they are nursing in another side. I have looked the pair of video of Youtube before I received it partorisca learn that more partorisca use a Haakaa. I have tried he in home a first time and was able to take roughly 3 oz. A following day was to the bridal gown returning with my sister-in-law and because of a distance as well as the potential traffic issues my edges am remained with his dad that day. I do not love battles clogged ducts to the equal that have taken my Haakaa together with some stock exchanges of storage of the milk, bookmark, and the small freezable stock exchange of lunch. He all easily returned in the big purse and fact like the sleep! I have found the something has deprived to pump first of hopping in a car to begin house. A mockery that the youtuber recommended is to the toe has retreated a flange in a bomb, depresses some sides of a bomb while maintaining a flange there is pulled behind, dipped in yours nipple, then toe a flange behind in your heart and leave go of an organism of a bomb. Flipping Some helps of flange create to focus better in your heart. Mark sure that your nipple is centred, if it touch some sides was very uncomfortable. They are like this happy with this little bomb and my capacity to spend he with me on a gone!

Top Customer Reviews: Medela Contact ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
In general, these are awesome. They have saved my breastfeeding report when it has been ready partorisca give up. My edges there has been latching the subjects of a day is been born. We do with two specialists of @lactation that was the waste complete partorisca time ā€” my nipples were bloody and rasgados averts and was in complete agony, but has insisted that has required partorisca take on theā€ and would improve. Well, he no, as has transmission to bomb excluyente partorisca to the long of the month.

Has maintained partorisca try nurses, but my edges would have any of him. It has taken exhausted with pumping, and finally a pumping has affected my already low supply (I active Hashimoto east and has been diagnosed with the supply the lowest because of him), as I have had to that supplement with formula for two diets the day. My husband is gone in for a date with our doctor familiarised and he has said if my subjects during friendly conversation. It has said to say me to try these shields of nipple ā€” that has saved breastfeeding for sound. As I have asked my consultor of @the lactation at the same time would be necessary that to him test and has said, ā€œ can also a lot breastfeed he uses one of those.ā€ Quell'Concealed that has not seated well with me, as I have decided to go against his joint.

Like my doctor, now can say they some same for me. My supply is of tower until normal ā€” I produced enough for my edges to exclusively breastfeed without needs for supplementation of formula. While these are difficult to clean and have the tendency to fall yes easily, are has had to that to do with them have saved of the mine breastfeeding report. A silicon is soft and thin ā€” nursing no longer hurts. It finds that long that hangs diets, can take a shield and my nurse of edges well with the good latch.

These are for real the lifesaver for me. Highly I recommend him if you are that it has it latching subjects. My lacatation the consultor never has included recommended these in spite of weeks of discomfort and frustration and me when being in a flange of PPD reason was like this disappointed in me to fail in breastfeeding. If you are struggling with breastfeeding, could not recommend trying this plus. Calm does not need any one is permission to try them ā€” had expected for that, would have given on breastfeeding all near. If yours not taking a precise support, take subjects to your own hands and that it is more for you and creature, and if this means to go with the shield, he. It is better to have the creature in a heart with the shield that at all.
5 / 5
Here is an overview:
- Less ache
- Easier the latch
- Marcos breastfeeding more enjoyable
- Can help with the powerful letdown
- Require maintain clean
- Can fall off your boob, can be fruustrating with creature like this hungry
- A plus sews always require to do sure have in your stock exchange of diaper

after struggling to take the latch concealed did not leave me bruise & @of bleeding, my consultor of the @lactation of the hospital gave one of this first when be downloaded of a hospital. Instantly I Have been to dread that it feeds my creature & wincing in ache (& feeling culprit), to enjoy nursing!

With which 6 weeks with shields of nipple, my dog has taken ahold of them have tried like this to the nurse without them & is simply too painful still. I gave it the shot for the few days, but is still painful & there is enjoyed nursing much more with a shield of nipple. Of then trying nurses without a shield of nipple, my creature chokes while eating. I create my letdown is too much in time. This has not been never a @@subject before, as I think that some shields of nipple a letdown more manageable for creature.
Like this, has gladly so only reordered.

Sometimes a shield is frustrating when my strikes of creature was or that it has to washed, looks so only a plus sews to do. But, for me in general enjoying a time with my creature far outweighs a downsides. Also, he taking the wet helps sticks better & the wont take attacked was like this easily.

Can not express the one who thankful I are thus produced! I think that it that it would be exclusively pumping if it has not been thus & I thinks that would be really hard.
4 / 5
Such the hassle! I have tried so only use these once but my creature is like this grabby while it eats that it maintained it to pull the and ruining a focus. I have finalised to pump for awhile to leave me cure first to try breastfeeding again. I in fact pumped exclusively for any first few weeks and bottlefed my creature until it felt comfortable trying breastfeed which in fact was to add reason my husband has taken to feed and master that have taken to bond. Now it has two month and is doing utmost exclusively breastfeeding! Any ā€œconfusion of nippleā€ or a lot others dread the new mammas are warned roughly when bottlefeeding. Taking consults he with the consultor of @the lactation yes beats calm to take your latch the mandate dipped and did not beat up! It agrees: fed is more! Although I need to supplement with formula or transmission to formula altogether yours the creature will be well! He no The known mamma! Calm once there is muddled by means of a first month takes to the easiest plot!
4 / 5
Has in the first place purchased two other shields of nipple of Aim of a same mark, a prime minister measures 24mm, and a second 20mm. I have been frustrated that looks for to imagine out of that measured has required that would return, but neither of this resemblance well, and my creature of creature any nurse when I spent him. I have found this a measure 16 mm and has thought would give it the shot in chance that another two was too big... I recieved in the other day, has been concerned to try he in the chance has not done, but has been advances today after being in sever ache to see if work. It was excited like this to see my edges latch with these on! I think that my flow of rear tins down when it is nursing with these, (any concealed or is spending for the impulse of big growth and feeding groups today, which notes), but still is taking abundance to milk so that it listens to do big gulps, and costs it can be able to feed my edges without crying of a tenderness and ache to be the new breastfeeding mamma. A shield is comfortable mine , the turn adds, the help massively reduces ache and discomfort, but taking snug and the little sensitive to take was after nursing although it returns perfectly. It would not recommend using cream of nipple with him, recommends to clean of the your boob first of the each use. It would recommend this to any, and promote people to try different measures to the equal that has taken one 3rd a for him to do properly for my edges and I.

( Has had the consultores a lot of of @lactation say me my edges latches perfectly, am so only sensitive in this zone how is, like this of course goes to hurt like hell after breastfeeding constantly with an almost 3 week old creature.)
5 / 5
So that it follows three weeks in in breastfeeding and has begun to take extremely sore. Every time it fed it it could not take the good latch and was painful and frustrating for both of knots. I have ordered these and they were a transmission of absolute game. Any I so only gives the good latch but also give me the barrier as I can cure me and feed his without being reduced the tears. Honradamente, have not thought never the thin piece of silicone could do an integer breastfeeding experience in fact enjoyable! Now it can eat all day long and it does not import at all. More think that this will help the sound regulates to bottle that it feeds that we will be to start with punctual. Thank you!
5 / 5
My three old month there is never felizmente latched without a shield of nipple and does like this well with him on, there is prendido trying wean was. Nipples of mine are the little walk and so only has not taken never a hangs of him in a hospital. A nurse gave the shield of the nipple and he have taken his immediately. Three month and the creature is still exclusively breastfeeding, has has not had never the subject of supply, my NEVER hurt nipples, and suggests them to all my pregnant friends.

Pros: I think that that a creature has better taken to milk of the heart expressed in bouncing it of then is not attached to mine uncovered nipple. The mine never hurts nipples. I have not had the subject of supply (this was one of my initial worries reasons some women think to use that a shield caused him to dry on). Any frustration with the bad latch while we learn to breastfeed

Gilipollas: it is really hard to nurses in your side while spending a. So like this we do not annoy trying. If you are breastfeeding in audience is really hard to take a shield in discretely and then take a creature on. Calm occasionally could require use your toes to maintain a shield in situating while maneuving a creature on, is delicate.
5 / 5
Are the first mamma to time that is exclusively breastfeeding. I have been given this in a hospital to help my daughter latch and has done!! It is 8 old weeks now and eating wonderfully but precise to use this st each diet. I can not have been able to breastfeed at all if it has not been thus produced. A plastic is durable and has washed well with soap and of the water. I also sterilize he in a microwave. A chance to spend is as well as I always can maintain one in my stock exchange of diaper (g d forbidden leave a house without a). Nipples of mine are in the condition adds also!! They are the little sad could a lot of breastfeed coffins but am trying ween the out of the this. In a moment this product has saved my life and she is eating efficiently and obtaining weight sĆŗper is.
5 / 5
Some produced is very built and latches well to a skin, but our creature so only does not look to like a feeling to suck nipples of silicone. He of then takings bounced without the question, thinks a problm is a pocket to air this shield tnds to maintain among a nipple and a silicone. A creature inevitably takes air together with milking so that it suckles, and does not resemble apeal his.
4 / 5
Are sure ossia the product adds but when I have opened a container, there was fingerprints and rests of tins in an of some shields. Ossia Unacceptable!! Has the medically fragile creature and this means the potentials to any one is flowed of organism . I have expected control of the better quality of the mark likes Medela.
5 / 5
My creature has the bond of the tongue and I spend to also have nipples quite plans- like this immediately a bat a consultor of @lactation in a hospital recommended the shield of nipple. It has taken one of these of the his and has bought this band when it has taken home so that would have more than one. It is to good sure the ache to have that has more than the burp lines ready to feed my little daughter as well as washing these among diets, but am like this happy that this tool exists to do breastfeeding easier/possible for knots. Really it struggles to take latched in nipple of just mine- has tried and continue try, but to arrive to this point does like this well with a shield that does not import anymore. And the prize adds is that nipples of mine have not been broken or sore still a whole month has been diet of heart . I have included taken some sweet thrush/infection of yeast in mine @@@cofre in a start and she not having never does reason a shield has maintained his mouth of in fact touching it. I think that that ossia the tool adds for the people with nipples flatter those who are struggling to latch and also would be the tool adds for ladies with sore nipples. A chance comes with this good partorisca in a gone also =)

Top Customer Reviews: Kiinde Twist Pouch ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 56 ratings
5 / 5
I have been using these Kiinde transfer pouches partorisca the month. Has the Spectra 9, has bought some adapters and bombs directly to some stock exchanges.
- I amour that this system leave to not requiring bomb when bouncing and then scrolling the stock exchanges. This short down on cleaning bottle which is AWESOME.
- I also can maintain the box of some stock exchanges in work and will not require the commute with the pair of bounced them daily. All have to that spend is some flanges and bomb.

- I used partorisca use Lansinoh stock exchanges of storage and a Kiinde pouches take on much more spatial because of one covers of transfer. It is also harder that organise in mine freezer reason can not freeze walk like a Lansinoh stock exchanges.
- His hard to really gauge that the milk is in a pouch and that yours the creature is drinking. You owe that do sure a stock exchange is has developed fully. If it is not developed totally, could mean a difference of mistaking he for the ounce fill more than that in fact the.
- In spite of a fact that a pouches takes on much more spatial in mine freezer and a difficulty to measure tins with accuracy, am attacking was 2 stars because I have remarked debris inside the little new unused pouches. Out of the box of 40, has launched was roughly 5 pouches been due to of the this. A first time, there is remarked the pair of small pieces of the like neighbours of alike paper. They were roughly 2mm wide and an only reason has them remarked was reasons were brown and underlined in the stock exchange of white milk. It was annoyed like this that has had to that launch out of the stock exchange discovers of tins. Of then on, it would inspect some first stock exchanges to use. They look clean for one the majority of the part and I will launch out of any concealed active specks of material in them, anything can be. I have seen white specks that am guessing could be tiny plastic pieces that it is a material still likes stock exchange. I have seen dark brown specks which can not imagine out of that is. So only to I question likes sanitized these stock exchanges really are. I have it that has not had never this subject with a Lansinoh stock exchanges of storage.

Update: I am adding two pictures of two different pouches with some class of debris inner. In a first photo, calm obviously can see the brownish substance. In a second photo, has the small aim speck that has signalled to with a tip of the pen. While it is still small, does not love my creature that drinks this in with tins of heart.

UPDATE (8/1/16): Kiinde the service of client left the commentary to contact them. I have done and they have offered to send me the free box of transfer pouches and there is remarked that a box has received was the result of the scarce chance of control of poor quality of a batch an old plus and ensured that his pouches is sure and sanitary. Has thinks that that this was the good gesture and of then really wants to do this work because it is the much more convenient concept for this working mamma, has decided to maintain using a pouches. Has a oversupply and has been building on my milk frozen stash so that it is still in need of the plot of transfer pouches. I have ordered 5 boxes of 80 of mine last description. I check Each one which so and each pouch before it uses him and unfortunately, has had to that launch was roughly 10 pouches for boxes because I have found brown specks inner. It could not annoy some people but of then has not been that it is, enough would launch it was that has my creature ingest the.

A new pouches can resist 6oz and some stock exchanges are wider. A material also feels fatter and sturdier. This in spite of, some measures in some stock exchanges are was. I have tried this was to measure 4oz of water in bouncing it and then touching he to a stock exchange. With a fully widespread stock exchange was, measure 3oz. I have taken another step and has verified this to weigh a stock exchange in the alimentary stairs and is in fact was. That I now is to weigh all my pouches before it freezes him and write down a correct quantity in a stock exchange afterwards to a date.

Besides, a pouches is taking on cup of spatial A lot in mine freezer. I can any stack the like this compactly like Lansinoh stock exchanges of tins. They are in a point where neither need to buy the @@@cofre of freezer, uses again a Lansinoh stock exchanges of tins or take touched of of some of my supply frozen. They are not it has had to that launch out of any milk in chance I never take patient and lose my supply but I seriously am considering he using again a Lansinoh stock exchanges of storage. They are so only much easier to store.
5 / 5
There is DISGUSTED!! I have contacted Kiinde by means of email reason a lot of my stock exchanges frozen to milk filtered of a cup where has not gone properly glued together. We send me to us 2 boxes of substitution and has declared was better now reason have changed the sanitizing the process has had. Wrong!!!! It has pumped directly to these after sanitizing my bomb separates like this all was to sure cleaned good, and this floated in my creatures of boat with which means of the era has drunk already. A bug died of some class. Has ZERO bugs here in Michigan now still because of a freezing time. Especially some with WINGS!!! They are like this disgusted. Really appearance my creature does not take ailing of of the this. I emailed a company the picture and the description but last time there is taken on the week before I included listened of them. As we will see if his same response to this.
4 / 5
Has been using these stock exchanges for roughly 2 months now and there is reccomended the to all the world knows. A capacity to pump directly to some stock exchanges can look minor, but these pocolos small saves is worth it. Also it uses a system to bounce (which is awesome so only that it has to that wash the nipple), but I ossia the separate description . You can purchase some the calm adapters so much can use these with vertually any bomb. They are the little pricey, but is understandable of then is not to like a more economic zip-system of lock.
An only reason has given these 4 in the place of 5 star is reason can be difficult to determine those that ounces are in fact in some stock exchanges. For example, it could pump 4 ounces your stock exchange and when a stock exchange is later covered, then looks 3 ounces in a stock exchange. How it is there 3 or 4 ounces?? Every time I have heated the stock exchange, a quantity would spend for 1 ounce (as of 6 to 5, of 5 to 4, etc). I have measured out of some ounces for separate and has touched he to one of some stock exchanges to see the one who next some stock exchanges were to some ounces corrected. If a stock exchange is open all a way , some aims of ounces Previously to be covered is in fact quite attentive. I have taken pictures to aim of the attackers and with which for some stock exchanges that is covered to aim a difference ( has used colored water, has not wanted to touch around with tins of heart and the risk that goes paralizaciones to squander!). So much so that it is by train to ask , anything pumps to a stock exchange is a correct quantity and after a stock exchange are spent , will look to be in an ounce less than in fact has.

Sure-never filter
Easy to use
Saver to Time
Any milk has squandered

A bit expensive
the storage takes on more spatial that other stock exchanges

is questioning taking these, so only he. Calm will not complain it ! This was mine 5th creature and the desire would have used him of a start. The diet of heart and bomb is time eating and hard quite like this east . These stock exchanges (and a system) he the fact so only that much easier.
4 / 5
Update 8/27/16:
am very disturbed to say that the little of a pouches has received has had black floating specks has stuck an interior and in a flange of an inaugural. I have touched the milk expressed in a pictured first container to remark a specks and has has had to that play it down a drain. That in a world has taken to these? They are suppositions to be the barren has produced!!

Want to these. Sanitary, easy, and convenient. My creature loves a kiinde the nipples and I love an ease to use a product give. I will be sincere a measure is kinda hard to take used to but always pumps to my plastic medela bounced first and use that measures.
5 / 5
Update 4/27/19:
Still consistently finding debris or smudges inner or in a pouches. Each one THAT. SO ONLY. BOX. It comprises diverse (sometimes same half of a box) dirty 'presterilized' pouches. So much partorisca presterilized and convenient.

This later box is a worse and fouler disappoints it shipment. It sees photo of one of some soiled stock exchanges in a later delivery, with a subject dark in a lip.

Control of quality and resupplying clean, sterilized pouches is to good sure ANY ONE the priority in spite of a prize of prize has touched.

Finds that there is to plot of positive to a Kiinde system of Transfer. Previously, it has washed like this you bounced and parts of bomb, but a Kiinde direct bomb and feeding run of the system down has spent in that wash to time bounced at least, and Kiinde has said that one Transfers pouches is recyclable, which really appreciates.

In mine the majority of recent mandate (situated Oct 17, 2018) of this Transfer pouches, has ordered 4 boxes. Of some 1.as the boxes have opened, has taken out of the pouch to pump and expĆ³sito debris in some edges of a plastic lip where some rays of discharges on, and then found debris inner one a lot afterwards two pouches there is pulled out of a box. Certainly, tiny bits inside a pouches and small brownish smudges/smears in some outsides. Some the earliest descriptions had mentioned small, darknesses debris inner some stock exchanges, but based in subsequent descriptions, is looked that Kiinde directed and has solved a subject. I am expecting ossia an isolated accident and limited to a 4 pouches (out of one 40 in this particular box) has to that to the launch was, reason otherwise is the system adds when have the creature and any all a time in a world. A lot enough it spends the time that resists a creature or sleeping more than washing bounced several times for day.

Update 10/26/18: I have opened box 2 (of 4) and there there is so only 1 stock exchange with debris in him. Grayish fuzz. In this box, is so only a a pouch with something inside him.

Update 10/28/18: Open box 3. A pouch has something internal aim that smudges further when pressed, another pouch has something (tiny) inner of him.

In my experience, looks Kiinde has has not solved entirely a debris question of the majority of some boxes has opened there is at least one or more pouches with something in the or in him.

Update 11/9/18: in a last box, 6 out of 40 stock exchanges have something in or on him. They are suppositions to be 'pre-sterilized' as the consumer does not have to that the first wash to pump directly to these pouches. I think a half these pouches is fact or packaged could benefit inspect control more thorough & that quality.
5 / 5
Was the sound excited when the found this system! There is more pros that gilipollas, but a one with me expĆ³sito is SERIOUS! We are to suppose to feed our creatures of these pouches, directly of boob to bottle. But one 'bounced' is unsanitary in his own! I have ordered the band of 80, and so only 1/4th down he in the use has found a tone with INTERIOR of BUGS REALI! ( It sees photo)

A pouch was has been sealed closely when I have discovered some bugs. Honradamente, It kiinde manufacture these pouches that continues to see specks and flakes?! It was lucky that has seen some bugs before I have touched my milk of his heart. It could not have imagined that would do has discovered had fed my creature that uses it!

Does not want to squander any of another pouches, but now has to that take the next look in the each one a before it touches any of my milk of heart. Now I owe that consider using another type of the stock exchange of storage likes Lanisoh. Like this sad.

Kiinde Need to fix this! And also a inaccuracy of some measures, but ossia a less than my worries now.
4 / 5
My woman has been using these Kiinde transfer pouches partorisca roughly 2 month now and is finds to pump directly to some very easy stock exchanges buy a box in the first place and the wine with some adapters has required to attach them.
I amour that this system leave to cut down bounced and what calms the lava, so only clean some nipples and toallita humid down a headline of external boat and your fact. Some people list a gilipollas like this when being hard to gauge how much milk is in a pouch and that yours the creature is drinking, well find that taken the stairs of small cookery can hanged these stock exchanges and your milk and with the accuracy follows that yours the creature is eating. Have Also read where some people there is remarked debris inside the little new unused pouches, can say has not seen any of that in any of them like this far. My woman finds it very easy to write down a weight of the each stock exchange and also to write a date in some stock exchanges. This the very easy fact for me to do our bounced of the daughter and help it feed his with trying very small for my part. We find they are easy to store in our refrigerator and would recommend him to any one. The majority of people aims them to the knots also is surprised in like this easy is to use and a lack of dishes has that has washed. Now an only complaint there would be would be out of all a pouches find the very little concealed has had the small leak, commentary the small yard in one a box like this perhaps this has caused some of them to filter. My bombs of woman directly to these stock exchanges and he has not spent to plot but says does the disorder when one begins to filter, would guess concealed would be a chance any one @subjects the one who the frames of stock exchanges would be to use.
4 / 5
Amur These! Amur A whole system! They are the bit has confused this in spite of on reason all these mammas have left the descriptions have concerned roughly accuracy to measure your milk in these stock exchanges. 1) The majority of stock exchanges is was compared to plƔsticoes hard bounced 2) yours he breastfeeding never truely know those that yours the creature is eating lol.

These stock exchanges have not filtered never on me and never rasgĆ³. They take on upper of the little more room in a freezer but I so only dipped the to chevron ziplock baggies and battery the in. Has has not had never anything odd in my stock exchanges like another reviewer has said. But some discharge is free when I take them like this east of the possible crumbs or something of in your stock exchange of bomb could take the then if it do not reward some first lids to launch stirs it in your stock exchange.

oh And the gel has used some stock exchanges for the storage feed more also also. The works so only are. It has dipped included hot purƩe to some first stock exchanges to leave to cool and a stock exchange was a lot.
5 / 5
These are ideal for storage of diet and short term. I use him to milk this will be refrigerated and eaten inside the few days. They do not like him partorisca of storage of freezer reason can not be flattened. You can purchase some adapters to attach them to any bomb of heart. Some measures are not attentive, as so only pumps to Medela bounced and game to a Kiinde pouches. His really only control roughly 5oz, which goes to a 6oz marking in a stock exchange. Some shows of picture roughly 4oz, which looks 5oz. Utilisation these with a Kiinde bounced of Transfer, which are very convenient. There have it always the small quantity to milk this takes trapped in a stock exchange to the equal that blocks in an end of a diet, and is hard of the do down to a nipple. It does not like to squander of any milk!

first to purchase, has read some descriptions and has of the numerous people were unhappy with a new creation. I have decided to try a 20 sale in the first place, that assumes that so only a new creation is sold now. They Liked him of then, I have decided to order a 80 of band next time. The inaugural a box, there is remarked immediately a difference. Some stock exchanges in a 80 band are wider, longer and facts of the plƔsticoes/the rigid more fatter. Still his well, is so only the little harder that take some stock exchanges/some rigid more main uploaded to a boat. Yes, they are the little main that a boat, but does not touch on if you take a subordinated gusset is has developed fully. You owe that it extended it it went it manually, as hanged of a liquid is not enough for the open force. Calm also take measures more attentive in both stock exchanges with a gusset fully open. An old stock exchange will extend was partially when filled, but the still precise use calms yours hand for the open all a way.

You included the green band that wraps around a fund of a boot to extend a period. Any sure reason his so only included one, of ones bounced is sold in 2 bands. It is really very necessary, more equal fact harder to take a pouches in and was, unless you take every time. Has has added pictures to aim some new stock exchanges (filled with juice for fast demonstration). A clip of paper is so only to aim that a boot does not touch a table; there is in 3mm empty. With a band, walk of chairs in a table.
4 / 5
The game that change .
With a kiinde nipples - I has not washed to bounce it of then beginning to use this system. I repeat - I has not washed to bounce it of then beginning to use this system. Has has has used hundreds. Any breaking. So only one of some a lot of containers has taken was there the light @@subject- some funds were hard to widen with a delivery while pumping but finally took it to them. But this was so only a box of has not been how much. Yes, it is more expensive that some other stock exchanges but calm does not lose the milk that transfers.
Is a same prize to the equal that feed pouches, as it finds whichever one is more economic. The on-line aim also sells these and with crazy Amazon always changing pricing sometimes is more economic there (red paper -5, free nave). If it calms that can resupply, so only he. (& Compraventa To the for elder when it is more economic). Calm will not complain it .
Pro: It pumps the stock exchange, pops on nipple, feeds boy, situates. Nipple Of just wash
Gilipollas: the bulkiest storage that other stock exchanges
purchase a judge of boxes is exited comprises a shelf that is a lot of the maintain organised in a refrigerator

Included wants to bounced of use, has stirs it has left on the boy of prime minister can have!

Top Customer Reviews: Organic Bamboo ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5
Highly it would recommend partorisca breastfeeding mothers. I have tried a Lasinoh clave-in nursing tampons as well as a Bamb00bies frames. While a last was more preferable that a two, neither compare to these reuasable bamboos nursing tampons! I want that I so only invested in a start and can use this day in & day was. Much more economic in a long run like this compared partorisca buy disposable. Celery like this plush & soft, which was the transmission of the game when experienced those first few weeks of chafing and tenderness. They absorb the good quantity of tins, also! I have tried saturating his under a tap, and has been surprised!! There is drenched on the WAY more than me has anticipated & so only filtered by means of a front when I ringed out of a water. Closing SĆŗper soft & absorbent with which 6 month of heavy use. (Aimed in pic.)

A better part? Calm can buy him and if they do not like him, the returns are free. Like reason any one?! So only he, is utmost!!
4 / 5
These nursing the tampons of heart are surprising! Such material of big quality, and quite big to resupply full coverage for the main hearts! The tampons the small plus is like this uncomfortable, but these are perfect!
4 / 5
Gives this heart cushions the 5 out of 5 but would estimate him big could! Has a oversupply of the heart milks that goodness the constant leaks, dresses and wet bras, and wake on frequently to change tampons during some abonos. At all for insiemi multiple of disposable tampons the day, included when using a big plus absorbency some. These tampons of heart last me all day of then am feeding and pumping during a day. It has dipped in the new pair at night and his generally last roughly 6 first hours of precise changes him again. I will warn another the one who has a oversupply that this still filter I his door for too much long, but is far upper in any one another reusable heart the tampon has used. These are the few thicknesses , but is sĆŗper soft, resupplies cushion and also helps with desensitization that thinks also the helps prevent excessive left down. Another thing adds in this product is a stock exchange to signal that comes with them to wash and drying! Absolutely it recommends this product.
5 / 5
Has bought these reasons has had state that spends for disposable nursing tampons that crazy, and has begun to take annoying if a sticky course would take grasped to the mine boob while I have had my bra/of shirt has opened to nurses. They are really happy with these washable some! There is no run sticky (the felt done reason do not think that would resist up in a wash) as calm so only stick them in your bra. Mina 8-week-the old creature has begun recently sleep by means of a night like this after wake up in the puddle to milk once, has been using these every night and law perfectly! My subject only is that there is not coming with recommended washing/drying instructions another that a stock exchange of cloths litter, as I launched him in a dryer in low heat but yes calm leave them inner a stock exchange of cloths litter takes FOR EVER to dry of then is all bundled near, but took him out of a stock exchange of cloths litter to dry faster and one of some tampons rasgaron the little in an absorbent side. It is still usable and is my failure at any rate but something the value that mentions.
4 / 5
Has received this orders the few days , and although I have not had the occasion to use them still (the creature is not here still), there are them has appreciated already a group of orderly support that keababies has has created mammas and mammas to be. A quality of one cushions them the look adds and a side of bamboo is very soft. Also, the prize has not been bad at all!
5 / 5
The quality and the fantastic value adds! These are soft, absorbent and organic for the way less than has paid for one some have had before. They are main that another, but is the access the better natural plus and form. A lovely packaging and the addition of a stock exchange to wash the fact the good present for the new mamma. (I am horrible with wrapping things I so that it appreciates thoughtful packaging.)
4 / 5
Master. Thickness and soft. But still it can no to see them by means of a bra. Some tampons that is coming with a bra scrunched and has taken rasgado. How they were uncomfortable and could see him by means of my shirt. These in another hand are well has done!
5 / 5
Loves these nursing tampons! They are like this absorptive, soft, and any one can say that you are by train to spend them! Has has wanted to that is coming with the stock exchange to wash also! Awesome Produced especially for the economic prize .. I recommended him to mine breastfeeding partner of mamma already
5 / 5
has Received mine nursing tampons. I want to these! They are like this soft and comfortable and some colours are good-looking! I want that they are reusable, will save me like this money in of the tampons! SĆŗper Has Excited in this product!
5 / 5
Has received recently my mandate and here is my feedback; I have loved to use all 7 first still so that I can judge all some same:

- like this described in of the terms of looks and packaging
- it token to give the graces to sustain

- NO LIKE THIS DESCRIBED in of the terms of the like facts. It does not absorb , it does not protect against leak and is not really soft when it begins to take wet. Really happy tried him while it was home reason would have been embarrassed in audience.

- A protects of the leak is horrible was wetted inside the minutes is likes is entirely be a minute I beginning that it filter so that the drought is while I am not filtering.

- the mammas take a disposable tampons of heart because this really is not the, felizmente the partner of mine bought some like the presents because it would have been been stuck with these to go to do in until my order arrived with them.

- Feigns to try them , has it stack of a disposable manually in chance perhaps.

Are really beginning to ask all these descriptions adds is due to a free present reason the hard meeting to think that operates. Ossia Reason has tried all 7 first pairs to revise to sees does except only has taken the bad pair.


Top Customer Reviews: Medela Safe & ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
You characterise. It does not take these. I have received the sample of tampons with my Medela bombs, and has thought these were a same thing . They are not . These are very thin, and SMALL in diameter. They are not even the perfect circle- is more careers in a side. They locate in my bra all a time, and a glue takes stuck in mine nipples. Lol. I will not be that it orders again.
5 / 5
This work perfectly, with a sticker in a backside and a absorbency. A main reason has taken some stars was is reason has expected has not been bent on in a packaging because it looked likes that in a picture but alas - was. A lot I disturbed this reason some shoes of fold by means of my bra and me boobs look misshapen. The one who a heck spends the bra cushioned real while nursing?! Any thank you partorisca some extra discharges (perhaps especially hate this alive reason in a AZ hot). Where Can finds disposable the heart cushions that it controls the good form to the equal that can spend any shirt wants to and feel sure while in such the vulnerable time in my life? Any one invents these please!
5 / 5
Thinks if it had not begun with Lasinoh nursing tampons, then these would have done quite good. They are not terrible, but is not that I add neither. Has transmission to these reasons have shipped faster in the amazon and the boy have my remorses!
Each one nursing the tampon is in his only individual band, and an attractive easy averts draws to open each tampon is probably a better thing in this product. A sticker is not that easy to peel was and a tampon looks very thin and no like this comfortable to spend. It thinks seal of shirt and that roughly of them bug like this reasons are not facts of the soft material ( is exactly like concealed but in yours boob zone!)

So much has had far this movement around in my bra - folds it on and so only not sticking around like a Lasinoh some do. I have been spoilt with a plushness and on consolation of Lasinoh - and unfortunately these no a yard. These are class of like this some rooms of tampons if some stops of the bath when it calms does not have they a lot - is to regulate, they a work but calm would not want to maintain using he for your solution of long term.
5 / 5
Has had some a unopened box of medela the heart cushions gifted mine this was older. The desire could find this fashion more than this

These are not big and round, but small and oval. They look well at the beginning because they look elegant. For some reason has built in the gusset in some sides for him to maintain his 3D form and be concave for a heart. I think that that it is unnecessary and could cut costs for cutting that was. More think that is itchy reason his plasticky in an interior of the softest cotton.

A measure the fact so that when being can situate some tampons in the something normal drop in my bra, but when I lie down to sleep and a heart flattens (doing a more centred nipple more than lower) my nipple is in an upper not even in a tampon, but against a scratchy plastic of external flange.

Has done my nipples and boobs hurt and itch like the result. Sadly it can not use these. Idk Can return have used like this probably 10 to arrive to this point that tries hacerprpers work.
5 / 5
Has had my bf commanded these reasons have forgotten to take a bit when I have been grocery compraventa. They say that they are hypoallergenic but dipped the grieve in, are incredibly itchy. Also they look to be scented? Which have thought was odd. I have directed to find some walmart some hid in the drawer ( is much more exert & any itching!) As I am not suffering. These are terrible, no shabby. All a nursing the tampons have tried any estacas well to my bras & these is like this well like any in this appearance. They absorb good milk but because they are much smaller that other frames, has to expect your boobs stay in a something otherwise is the opposition of person of wet mesh (mostly so only a @@subject at night).
5 / 5
These are seriously some worse. They are not itchy or anything. But they do not cover quite a lot of zone to be effective a way that another medela frames (or any full measure nursing tampon) . This extra thumb or two in an upper really done the difference. I do not owe that the big hearts, usually spends mine nursing tampon in the cup of tank and go to the to whole day likes concealed. For it prejudices it these do not resupply coverage thus side boob droop, is that I bad. It concealed it does not spend never the same mine with other frames. Not repurchasing .
5 / 5
Has been it breastfeeding mamma for more than the decade, as I am spent for more than my just action of nursing tampons. In the first place, these are not very soft. They are much rougher that other frames have tried. His hips 'ruffle' around some flanges and this class to nettle a skin. As, a form is odd. They are eye shaped. Like this odd. I do not know reason calms would do them that it forms. It liked Avent tampons before they have taken has bought was, as it is not that any like me to them the tampons it plus of small. These are more courts, but like this widths like other frames, which think attributes to a ruffling. Tercero, reason is a different mark? A mark of boxes and a mark in some individual tampons is different. Name of same mark. Different sources. Different colours. Different look. Reason the mark that? It is so only like this odd.
In general, these are quite absorbent for me. But they are not one the majority of form and comfortable material and I any rebuy this mark.
5 / 5
In a picture, has left one is this Medela ultra thin nursing tampon, well one this normal tampon but different mark.
Usually uses washable tampons, this disposal some are for backsides up. Medela Some are soft, but absorbency is not a lot enough, any reason are ultra thin, so only absorb dulcemente, and do your sticky skin. And he a time, has found soft clear grain in my skin after using these, this material would owe that be inner a tampon I supposition.
One the majority of what disappointing is that some tampons have left glues in bras, has included so only 3 hours that spends. It agrees to pat his in your cloths several times before it sticks them on to your bra.
4 / 5
Has think that these would be good because of a name but is not . These are very light and does not absorb well. Evenflo Better work. These are seriously like paper towels. It absorbs the small and then begins to filter. Im Happy has tried this house previously to go external otherwise probably would be to walk around with to wet blouse in a zone of heartšŸ¤¦šŸæā€ā™€ļø. I will not purchase these again.
5 / 5
SOUND A lot PLASTIC! Each tampon is wrapped and has the plastic backing... SĆŗper Wasteful :( one cushions them are measured he of the piece of Canadian bacon and a ā€œsticky ā€œ ā€œā€ in a backside is on say me sized sooo does not stick . And some stir ā€œof cotton onā€ when you fall your nursing bra to nurses to the equal that have had to change them (or choose them on an earth) before they were used really ā€”- I will dip some in a stock exchange of diaper and purse of mine for use of emergency, but his hate and again is soooo sĆŗper wasteful!

Top Customer Reviews: Medela Quick Clean ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
I am the FOLLOWER BIG of this wipe! Often I bomb in a vain or work with a Freemie cups of collection. It IS the small to take to find the tank, tap, soap, and dry racks in my car, like this the wipe is the Godsend. I can pump in a car or in my desktop (or anywhere more), drought down my cups, and stores a bomb and some wipe in my fresher bomb and is ready to go for my session of next bomb, usually in a house of road. Often I will dry down my desktop, also, afterwards dry my bomb, to clean in any drip or just muck. This wipe to save clean up time, so that I do not have to go looking for the place to clean a bomb and I do not have to expect for ever for all some separates to air dry. My creature has has not had never very tummy problems of some agents to debug that it enters contact with a bomb, and has not seen never any indication that my bomb is not to clean, as I am supposing that this wipe is doing the work adds to do his work, which are maintaining each clean!

Has only two 'downsides' can see:
1. Some toallita humid is ENORMOUS. It Likes him, it does not comprise that splits the typical bomb owe the warrants dry that big. SOLUTION: I have cut mine in third to maximiza prize and minimise useless waste. Law like the charm!
2. A resealable the container that opens loses stickiness after the while. A bit those that of some toallita humid in my band of premier has dried was. SOLUTION: I have posed a whole container in the big plus Ziploc baggie. The problem has resolved!
2 / 5
These are not necessary. I have bought these before return to do, thinks would require the to dry down my parts of bomb among sessions during a day. Work of return during 4 month now, and has used only perhaps 5 of these (all a first week behind). Hurriedly Has discovered that the mere paper towel a work only well, and can bond your parts of bomb in a fridge among sessions to save time. This wipe left the soapy residue behind, so always to to the note likes him necessity in at least rinse the afterwards using them, as very does not save you of any time.
5 / 5
I can not stress quite what that surprises these are. Like The mamma that exclusively pumps these are freaking where is in! It was not quite you but I do not want to me race in 3is and has to no only power my creature but he then washes the parts of bomb of the million and bounced-that is to say a perfect solution ! Odviously Can wash and sanitize the yours bomb separates that it is ideal but sometimes there is not time or included the place to do concealed. I use these on trip of road in sanitize parts of bomb and in a half of a night also. This wipe is well and moist and can take in a taken to take in of the places of my bomb. It does not have the smell and does not leave the flavour behind. A packaging am to add and has the very very resealable sticky course as they remain moist.

Like The side remarks these laws add for sanitizing other things like tethers and pacifiers so that they are notes to feed the difference of the plot of sanitizing dry which would not have to have contact with the mouth of your boy. My daughter is in a phase where bonds each in his mouth so these are the staple in my stock exchange of diaper and in my canal to pump.
5 / 5
I have bought this wipe to clean in my manual bomb that uses to to pump only at night for consolation. I have used to to wash my manual bomb after it uses (bombs two times at night) and finishing loosing debugging of time and drying all so that it was ready for a next use. Literally only I dry a manual bomb and and is able to put to bed . Taking quite 1 minute to clean and 1 minute in totally dry and is ready for when use he afterwards. I am so happy found these. I am able to take 10 minutes to sleep at night. Which when is the mamma , know what lovely these 10 minutes are.
3 / 5
I guess my description is more the reflection of a real Medela bombs more than this wipe, but this wipe is impossible to take in the each a knooks and crannies of a Medela parts of bomb. Has thinks that that they would be adds for the toallitas humid fast down of a bomb in acting like any precise to use a tank of cookery (concealed I action with all my coworkers) to wash my bomb very time the day. Even so, very calm can not take in the plot of some pieces of the bomb with a dry and some crests he hard to clean also.

EVEN SO using these with my Spectra S2 was much easier and add. Some bombs has fewer small rooms and can be easily cleaned with these.

A the dry is very big and does not take any a lot of bang for your buck so he the prize is the worry recommends to cut them, but is only or more thing the preoccupy enough. Felizmente, these are in a FSA the on-line tent as I will be to use some FSA melt to buy in a future.
5 / 5
I have not been sure I have wanted so that money in that looked the toallitas humid for only regular creatures. But reading some ingredients and confirming it was in fact very same and ailed that it has to rinse my material of bomb in a tank of the bath in of the works was for him. Happy has done. I use these around midday and then washed when takes house, the laws add. But will want to give it some time to dry before use.
5 / 5
It was not that it do in a half of a night after bomb without these. During a day I handwash all my parts of bomb among the sessions but I estimate my sleep and enough not exiting the embed to clean my parts at night. These are perfect for the sessions of pair. Also I plan to have these when return to do and bomb so that it does not have to wash my parts in a cookery shared or bath (blechh).
5 / 5
I use these to clean my parts of the bomb in of the works. Any one always has access in the tank and these have been the lifesaver! I use these immediately after my sessions of bomb. They do not smell very well, but once dry does not leave any residual smell in some parts. These are perfect for on-the-debugging gone. I want a versatility of these so it can use the to dry low surfaces also.
4 / 5
This work adds, is quite fat and durable. They are the small soapy for lack of the better word. It does not think it is the problem but only use the earring a day while in of the works, and then gives my bomb separates the full washing once is house . They are main that required as it prefers to cut them down the half. If you want to something cheaper a Munchkin the toallitas humid of the pacifier is the small thinner and uses the different ingredients but they are smaller and much cheaper. Only it has thought it to it to him.
5 / 5
My cart is my dispatch some days he so that it was initially preoccupied as it has been to pump and maintain each net when has not had access in the tank to maintain some separates clean. I have found these and maintain the group with my bomb and the group with my fresh plus. It opens Only it can dry some parts of low bomb and launch them in a fresh plus until a need of next time to pump. That is to say 1) a saver of incredible time and 2) perfects for any these starts of his cart or trips frequently. Some the toallitas the humid character is amiably sized so that you feel you adequately can take all the parts of your bomb.

Top Customer Reviews: Motherlove Nipple ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
This has been the living saver . My daughter is born and was tagged an aggressive eater and has had problems of latch because of him. It destroys my nipples in the 24 early period and my advisor of the lactation gave me a Medela material.. Only the any help very and my nipples were scabbed and hemorrhage. As I have taken in an internet to look for some magic of priest and stumbled through this material. A lot of descriptions add of bloggers and some descriptions in the amazon looked to promise. As I ordered it and expected in anticipation. I took it once immediately it apply it and the relief of the instant has listened! I have been surprised and said me the husband could listen relief!! Fast advance the week later and is cured up! Still I use it so that a nips takes dry but is the godsend.
5 / 5
These products is surprising. It have been using Lansinoh religiously of my creature is born (he now done 3 weeks) and has been nursing and bomb (to maintain for on supply) and my discomfort of the ache/of the nipple turned in extreme. It begins to ask has pressed /infection of yeast in my nipples and debated if or any one to call a doctor but decided to expect until this product arrived and the give the day... Wanting to eschew an antibiotic or anything concealed could interrupt a breastfeeding. Desprs An application 2 or 3 of this cream of mine has listened already the better nipples. A rawness and the sense of the ache is non-existent now.

That the be has said that knows this cream is not the cure or treatment for thrush; that, clearly has do not have. Also it was familiar with some symptoms and the experience have had with thrush after mine 1 boy is been born. Look up and verify my boy and I to see if any one other symptoms were present before decide postpone a call in a Dr. If has symptoms of thrush, or your boy, and/or has any problem with nursing recommends that called your doctor and advisor of lactation immediately.

Thinks all the mothers that is nursing would have to maintain this cream manually. It has to when being the staple and any same waste your time or money in lansinoh/lanolin cream. A Motherlove the cream of Nipple is the small greasy and has remarked some discoloration in my nursing tampons (but was there after a lanolin oil also) but that it is to be has expected. Even so, once I seat your toe has been afterwards applying your rind is no longer greasy which are very afterwards he 3sn nursing session and does not have to stumble in a bath to wash your hands.
2 / 5
It want to I want to this like bad, like the specialist of priest of the rind typically prefers products of organic rind when laws, but is disappointed to say that this very very anything, at least compared in lanolin cream. The more was really greasy and leave the face of my greasy creature, the latest pause has entered small pimples which can or can not be in thanks to him?. And no the think he well with my bomb. Sure it has some moisturizing properties, and applies Much smoother that lanolin creams... But alas based in the effectiveness thinks that that it is just overrated, and in fact am asking if the majority of some people that the the radish left the descriptions have tried included anything more (how lanolin).. So that I only do not see like the coast one hype, thinks does creams of road more effective for sore nipples during diet of heart in a piece. Although this can be a better organic/herbal one? So has yours pose of heart in organic, for everything means perhaps that is to say since you. But for me, only I want a better and more fast relief for mine poor nipples, while it is sure for creature.
5 / 5
I wish this has entered the main measures. That is to say an only negative thing has to say in this ointment. Any one only the use so cream of nipple in our house. If the lips or the cheeks of a creature take chapped use it and is better in of the hours. Diaper rash Or inferior irritation, uses this ointment and he are spent of longitude a change of next diaper in addition to case and sure next day. There is the case of terrible rash of the diarrhoea of antibitica has induced... It IS creams of the normal diaper has not done and cry when has been applied. This ointment has slipped on with ease, easy cleanup, not running to leave and has a monsterous rash has cured the day and the half. Tan Far like my nipples... I have used this of a beginning thanks to the recommendation and shower of creature of the fellow gift. It soothes instantly, I left me to take through some first 3 weeks of transition of rind that spends with diet of heart and seeds like the touch up here and there for irritation to pump in of the works. The May THERE HAS BEEN the case of thrush, never cracked, and has not listened never left my creature to ingest something harmful. This material is the staple in our house now. It does not doubt, the take! Calm any one lament the.
4 / 5
I add organic moisturizer... I am the new mamma and was all quite each organic for my creature; had each odds againts breastfeeding, flat nipples, the tongue has joined, washed he the teeth have joined, natal.... Desprs Pause to use a shield of nipple my creature has done my nipples bleed... Desprs Quite two months have decided to try some comercials lanolin and records of boy!!! So that it calm only necessity moisturizer and your nipples are only slightly sore then this product is surprising EXCEPTS yes is in my situation and necessity some cure of serious nipple, my council is to go for a commercial lanolin perhaps for the few days and then returned is.... It have to the he that more yield but while I mentioned it has wanted it each organic. Sad for a long clave but I have wanted mamma very new there battling.
5 / 5
It likes them to him the very new mammas, experimented the plot of soreness after my premier little breastfeeding sessions. My advisor of oil of lactation of the mere olive recommended, which use at night and when pumping. But among diets in the daytime bond in Motherlove. It IS the 'jelly' fatter -like consistency and when being also in dry nipples , plague! He sortof rubs was like the anterior critic has mentioned, but a lot anything rubs was has posed nursing tampons or clothes up against your cofre? It IS sore for quite a lot of two days after beginning breastfeeding and has been of the add. I attribute this success in my maintain nipples of mine lubricated and moist at all times. My council: you maintain boat he of Motherlove - which are small and perfect for stock exchange or stock exchange of diaper - house and one in your on-the-goes stock exchange. And one in a dispatch if works! Very provide it relief for the new mammas and am happy trusted some descriptions of Amazon.

UPDATE: 9-24-13
has to brag any plus now that I am nursing the second creature! It tries the pair other products (Lansinoh and Tierra Sucks butter of nipple of the creature of ngel), and Motherlove still takes a cake. A consistency is so perfect and something that other companies can not look to match. I WANT a jelly-like consistency of him; any one also scaly likes him Tierra Sucks the creature of ngel, and any too rigid like Lansinoh. Also, I fulfil it looks expensive - in $ 10 for an ounce, BUT is SO value he! This the material taking only quite for ever. I breastfed premier of mine during 8 month and now, in my second creature, is only now the race out of premier of mine bounces and returned to order another and update my description. I am the loyal Motherlove client!
1 / 5
It gives this the negative 100! Desprs Revises and researching this product. I purchased it. The main deception has not done never. My poor Lil the grandson of the creature there has been an allergic reaction in him. It develops the very red bumpy eash around his mouth
was very unbalanced. I will be to return this and any one to purchase anything more than this company. Unless it wants to you take it casualidad in the few first days of mark of the new creature of the life and this possibly spend..No the COMPRAVENTA!!!!
1 / 5
Fact by the small bit like an hour or so much but the the wing left still my dry nipples and itchy. Used this material for the period of 8 month together with Vaseline but my nipples oozed and these materials stained the plot of my clothes. I have used cortizone max ointment by force in the amazon also in of the marks the week and is surprising. In two days my nipples have not been itchy and begin to rejuvenate behind in how used to be. Any one only he that does of better product that this but he have maintained each one humidity in, was test of water , and among the main boat that a small $ 10 you bounced has been buying of the same materials of nipple. To the mine was to bounce likes him 9 or $ 10 of a cortizone.
5 / 5
Sooooo Very better that one craps gives calm in a hospital (lanolin). It does not waste you time to try each an another. Only tea't has saved weeks of soreness. Only it takes this an already! The desire there has been he of a principle. Sadly, I no. Apresamiento blisters for me to break down and try this based in a recommendation other mammas. Why it was it likes him stubborn? Ugh! I am happy has this maintaining. I have used included he in the face of my creature for his acne of creature takes around week 3/4. In 2 days, has been gone. It takes this!
5 / 5
I want to this material! It IS sooooo very better that lanolin, and has tonnes of uses! I hate to use greasy thickness lanolin when this quite material only melts and drenches in to do a awesome laws of moisturizing and soften. It IS lanolin is sure for my creature the ingest, but the so better chair knows is not taking the side of oil with his milk.
Has used also this in rashy the zones on explode and my daughter sper sensitive rind, and also does marvels in chapped rind. Mina 18 old month has allergies and apresamiento sper the red dry rind around his nose to blow it so. This clears it up very hurriedly and softly, without bad or that burns in this sper sensitive painful rind.

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