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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
I have expected to revise this sty until it use it in fact consistently. My small or has 3 month and has been posing him to sleep with a same song and of the stars nightly. Absolutely it wants the, usually use it only in bedtime but has had today the very hard time has turned he on and instantly relaxes. It IS my third and the desire had had he with my another two. I produce it adds!!
5 / 5
That taking:
A (1) soft plush sty with group of light of removable plastic/stack of fixture of musician.
3 stacks.
Screwdriver Petit.
Both Net and the grandma is enamoured with this product!
Pros -
Group of removable stack.
3 levels of control of volume.
Multiple soft songs and soothing sounds.
Very Rotating stars coloreadas.
Washable Sty when Joins of the stack is to take.
Deadened Velcro Correa to prevents boy to take lined by some sides of some rough Velcro band.
Gilipollas -
Some lights. Yes. Some lights are very brilliant. A first thing the boy wants to do when lining this is look in some holes to look in some brilliant lights. They are supremely that shines which are utmost for a wall or ceiling, but any few eyes.
Recommendation in a manufacturer. Possibly the accidents in the filter of removable freezing like the boy can line and game with him, without a fright of some brilliant lights directly in his eyes.
A Velcro strap -
Quan hangs of the medical bed of the grandma, some faces of low sty in his bed. It has to it line up for him to aim in a ceiling or wall. That kinda swipe a purpose to pose one to sleep.
With the cradle of a granddaughter (and does not have aa big elegant cradle) a strap is not very time quite and any one to the hovering of a guide of upper horizontal where some stars could at least exposure in a wall. A strap only accesses around some vertical guides but then he down slide in a fund of a cradle where some stars any exposure in a fund or in a mattress, while yes you posed you inner of sty or out of a cradle. Without that wants a creature to look directly in some lights, hang it external a cradle. This also attacks a purpose to pose one to sleep to look some stars.
Recommendation in Manufacturer: in place of a Velcro launches that attaches in him (like the wristband), recommends a strap that is longer and attaches in the piece to connect of Velcro down down in a sty, a zone of butt. This then would leave it to return the majority of leaves of cradle and horizontal guide to be the poses joined in a guide that affront a ceiling somstars can be aimed and has seen. As it IS done right now, an only road for him to be aimed in a ceiling is by train of the line, or posing he in his back bolstered on some road and out of a creature.
IS still one surprising the product but a require to do the take to do, that is supposition to do .
Which have to does not have to spend
5 / 5
This sty has saved our lives!! The May HAS LEFT the descriptions but I owe for this element. We were a lot of battling with sounds to coach our threads. Before we fulfil it to us, has 10 month even so not sleeping in his cradle. Almost it has left it until I have found a Bubzi! My amours of threads some lights and each a lullabies. Also I want a fact that some songs and last lights 30 minutes. Enough time for him to fall slept in his own!
5 / 5
My woman stumbled on in this product and has bought he for our creature. So that it avenges with the defect has not known, has believed only that yes that the use concentrates prende our creature that the drained a stack in the subject of days. Quan Contact Bubzi has Sawed, has answered immediately and routed in the another. If it only can film the reaction of my creature in a dark everytime voice some stars and the asleep hideout with a musician. It IS one of these happy moments for each father!
5 / 5
This sty is awesome!!! My daughter is almost two and has not been never the sake sleeper. Has always the battled to go to sleep and arouse a lot of times at night. Some helps of his music relax and WANTS TO a bit few lights! With this sty, goes to sleep easier and the rests have slept. I think that that a time to relax help his better sleep. Quan Awake at night only tower some back of sty on and resolve behind under hurriedly! That is to say the add to buy and the desire there has been he more harvest!
4 / 5
A bit material of the sty is adorable. And a musician of type of the box of music soothes a creature. But I can not give five stars so that has an enormous problem-the musician of only touches during 30 minutes. It was perfect has options that could be it has posed. My granddaughter is not totally slept in a half hour and a second to the touch begins to cry. It IS the very clear sleeper and a lack of his arouse so easily like any sudden noise. We have tried sneaking in his room in a 20 mark of minute and turning it was then behind in an others 30 minutes. This sometimes the work but she often take.
5 / 5
My creature the flight. Very nursery rymes. An only downfall is concealed has to the click join you button to change a song. It IS what surfing a radio. Click, click, click, click, click, click theres a song and has wanted. The visit was afterwards 20 minutes to save stacks. Which are well and bad. It saves the stacks but to to the the creature does not like him when the fence was and shes very asleep. Some stars that the project is crisp and clears better that another and has for his room.
5 / 5
That is to say a better thing never! Any only is sper soft and easy to clean has been with the cloth of humid wash but a sound and the beginnings of clear piece for easy substitution of stacks and security (in case that my boy only wants to cuddle). Any only is some lights perfects for the cradle but they also paintings of change and form. Mina L.or. You are slept in 10 minutes to look some lights (bedtime usually takes quite 30mins). Totally purchase it again !
3 / 5
I attach small machine to sound these threads is my amours . An electronic component is easily take to leave parents to launch a sty in a wash when required. He so that it has lined it far the up well to spend and tear. An only hard noise 30 minutes, class to problem. Some lights were the distraction for our small a, issues it also brilliant and take to aim data a form rounded of a sty. Fund has posed any one in his backside in the cradle of my threads. Our main frustration is what hurriedly these crosses of device stacks. We substitute the each looks of week, has done even more problem for a necessity for the engine of tiny ray to take a tiny ray these wineries a compartment of the enclosed stack. It has to fail to substitute some stacks, a musician will retard down after the few minutes to touch and assembla a slow tone, deeper that frights lullaby in any cliche film of horror. Any one exactly that it wants to lulling your small one to sleep.
4 / 5
My threads ailed while in the holidays and left us his machine of house of sound. It wants to him he plush that the musician has touched, has had the sound of noise of decent aim, has had the show of clear exposure, and was washable. These accesses a bill! It IS the small expensive for the toy but I think his value a money. A musician is soft and pleasant. A white noise is also that likes him which are of entity since some machines of white noise are obnoxious and does not sound also what dohm machines of air. A clear show is very fun and shows a lot of paintings immediately, colours of changes, and some lights in fact rotate around. I want that it can take you a box of sound was and wash a whole unit of daughters is soiled and the scope of toys . A sty has the small velcro loop in a backside as it can hang it up in a cradle, game to join, or stroller. You can look a sound those uses some buttons in a front, turn in just a clear, only a sound or his touch so much immediately. A lot I like him his that it can touch you or or another so that sometimes when my awake threads up in some means of a night only wants to touch a musician without some lights. In general these looks of toy very done and is purchase very happy the. In the to to my a lot of threads like them and of helps to take him to sleep.

Top Customer Reviews: Bubzi Co Baby & ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Kera
Update in this product. I have to have the defective one and I has been contacted by Bubzi and has substituted one this produces very hurriedly so much wants to expect the small while before update. The flight and work wonderfully.

Thank you For a service of client adds

has Wanted the when in the first place arrive. Fact fantastically and then only maintain ignite for his sake at all hours. I have believed at the beginning that that requires the new stacks but has substituted the and he still continuous. Both musician and the lights enter all a time and arouses a creature as I have to take he of a room .. While it was only the defective one but no sure
5 / 5 Mana
We use white noise for both ours the daughters and I swear the helps dreams it to them longer. With the new creature that comes has known would require another machine of white noise, and that is to say perfect! Control of good volume, soft and cute look, and has Velcro in a retreated so that it is easy to attach! The premium is comes with stacks! Highly recommend it this for people with creatures or of the young boys.
5 / 5 Janina
My three old month is the add sleeper once in fact takes to sleep (sounds through a night and can sleep through anything) but taking him in the pot to sleep when being the marathon Herculean endeavour. We match this penguin with the routine of gesture around turnips and bedtime and our lives are so better. In place of 20 min - an hour of mecer, shushing, singing etc, turn in this small type after his bath and he are entered five-ten min! We do not use some stars as much as my looks of creature for the find sper impulse and maintains on top of longer, but that only could lucido when being. It uses a characteristic of projection during a day sometimes when required to pose him down during the minute and taken something does. Inferior line, that is to say the very cute, toy very functional and WELL estimates a money.
5 / 5 Jacob
This element was perfect for my almost daughter of 2 years that has some problem that the falls have slept. The more is sper cute. I can not expect use he for my creature that will be here this month. To well sure it recommends for any one in a fence. Also it enter it sper product and the easy band of quality adds.
5 / 5 Bruce
It takes this cual the present of shower of the creature for the partner and he are so darn cute. A quality is excellent and is a perfect measure to be able to take anywhere the vain creature to help with sleeping and soothing. Highly it recommends this cute little soother!
5 / 5 Cherryl
Mina 2 old year has listened always in something like this while falling asleep, a current one had begun in any acting also after 2 years. Look in many of these in the amazon and decided in a penguin so that any only touch a musician, also aims some stars, and the mine can of small type snuggle he without subjects! The desire would have found this more harvest! A sound am add, some stars resplandor surprisingly, the control of volume is perfect, and a penguin is so soft! It gives these ten tin of stars !
5 / 5 Jennine
Absolutely adorable! A machine of the sound has been always the necessity for my boys, as having a to travel with these folds like the animals stuffed has been the living saver ! The threads is my amours to look some the lights coloreadas and have the good variety of lullabies and options of white noise!
5 / 5 Nohemi
My twins want this penguin! Some projections of star are a better part for them. They were so excited this has seen in the first place to time the. Also it have it well lullabies this can choose touch or any
the towers was afterwards quite 30 minutes.
5 / 5 Annemarie
This was the present for the partner. Only I said me recently that is or the majority of the useful thing that takes of his shower of creature. It IS able to use this for his daughter while it take it the shower, and there any failure is by train to pose him down so that his creature is happy and relaxed. It IS also able of the use like the light at night for nighttime changes.
5 / 5 Milda
It goes to give this but the daughter is the mine has seen the and has wanted the the flavour was! A penguin is soft and a musician is perfect for my small unit would buy again.

Top Customer Reviews: Bubzi Co Baby ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Charlsie
I have ordered this for the present of shower of the creature because of course, has not had these when my boys was creatures :( I did not open it before go in a shower of creature today but when a mommy-in-when being opens the, has been thrilled! It opens a box except an only picture has taken with a coverage has his in him so that it does not want clave that the picture but a coverage are well! The quality adds and that vibrates so resulted in of the incredible beaks to come. It is not foreseen until early October as has the moment to expect but can not expect dressed some advances of pictures.
5 / 5 Brandi
This coverage is so cute! Has data he cual the present and some parents are so excited to have sound the first year of small a documented in this way.
5 / 5 Jayna
This coverage of the creature of the frame is come bundled amiably in the box. It marks the present that gives the easy. A new mamma to be has wanted the and all the majority of spoken world-wide quite cual ordered of the present era. The desire there has been something like this when my boys was creatures - think is such the fresh idea ! Highly it recommends for the present.
5 / 5 Francine
Bought this for our small boy and is pleased with a quality. Memory when coverages like these required to be done orderly and fact of special commission so that it only has not been available anywhere still. I am so happy to see this in the amazon and the advance of look takes monthly photos with this coverage!
5 / 5 Katherine
Bought this for the shower of creature of the partner and absolutely wants to it. It opens a coverage and his sake and soft. A picture is vibrant and will look adds in some beaks while we take beaks of shows with the babydoll. It can not expect dressed some pictures like his creature grows each month.
5 / 5 Yvette
Amur This!!! I have bought this for the present of shower of the creature and a mamma to be has wanted to it!! It IS so soft and looks to surprise for pictures!
5 / 5 Lorilee
I want these coverages to take some frames to grow and this one was a perfect present with a creation of neutral genus. Nice and big measure and 100% cotton - and think so that it is fantastically rid painted - will be it the lovely keepsake also!
5 / 5 Clair
Bought this for my premier that has had only the creature. Only mark some first pictures of months and has wanted to it.
5 / 5 Sigrid
This coverage is so soft, adorable, and the laws add for us! Highly recommended!!
5 / 5 Margarito
That is to say the present of perfect shower ! I have done the cake of diaper for my shower of friends and has comprised this in a cake together with some other presents and diapers. My partner has WANTED the and goes perfectly with his subject of nursery!