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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Randal
I have bought this server to substitute another Hyper-V server where a MB is died, and can not take the substitution. This has renewed the server is significantly better that ones some substitutes, and hopefully will be around done a lot of years. Had (the emphasis on was) 2 groups of Strawberry Nerds has comprised, and the group of stack. There is not any instruction has comprised, but a Nerds was very tasty.

Think that a group of stack could be for a RAID (RAID-6 in my case), but need to imagine that out of still. Desprs Creating the UEFI bootable walk with Server of Windows 2016 in the, was able to install it on he UEFI partition. This to well sure will leave me to create multiple VMs, and Containers, while it use it. If any return and write the bad update, will know that I am very happy with this server. INCHES UP!
5 / 5 Lavonne
Entering 10 days now with this server and I are enamoured. I am using he for the laboratory to contain those runs esxi and has to say that it is a lot of values a money. Memory and abundant Storage to run multiple VM east (at present have 12 current softly). There is has not had the problem only like this far, and doubt that I . Highly recommended for house or use of small subject. A thing is quite heavy, but that it is to be has expected. My only complaint... I have not taken my free box of Nerds! (haha)
4 / 5 Tommie
RAM And solid CPU, but has had 2 hard walks that lack in 4 weeks....
5 / 5 Britni
Wow. This was the roads adds . In in to to the Careers likes them-him it to them is the new mark and so far very subject at all. In common Server of windows 2016.
5 / 5 Stacie
These races of server 7x24 without any subjects at all. An action and the quality was of sound of a vendor! It is coming very hurriedly. Although there some harm in shipped, this was able to revoke. It says beef in a container to ship bit it...
5 / 5 Alta
Running Proxmox and 6 VMs and quite a lot of 32 containers in the even so has room for more. Amur This thing.
5 / 5 Carry
Law without subject. Good machines for a money
5 / 5 Guadalupe
The server adds for the laboratory of house. A hardware of server is coming so described and is robust. A specs leave me to do enough could want to for the laboratory of house setup. So far everything is doing adds.
5 / 5 Eufemia
It IS the very Powerful server . A vendor was quite generous to attach material that the fastest cut and consume less can. Sper Partidrio Of this vendor. To well sure buy it again of him
5 / 5 Oma
Well For a prize.

Top Customer Reviews: Premium Dell ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Minh
I have purchased this to run servers of game on for the small community. I have done the little update as attaching a component of company for a Idrac 6 and change out of a controller of raid with a H700 to back SSD is. The packaging of a unit was frustratingly well together place. The May HAS SEEN the company takes so cure in shipping the piece of hardware has taken! It attaches everywhere, the components are 'used' except the new look. Has does not run the mem flavours or any electrical tests in some joints, probably only purchase new ram for this unit in all the case.

Thank you To do such the roads add available!
5 / 5 Alfonzo
It takes this in of the servers of host game or really anything more than comes up. My current server was only the shot gaming PC with the first gene i7 bloomfield. It IS less bad but had it trying marks too things. 1 Duquel was to receive 2 case of Atlas. Taken this cover in yesterday and setup was painless. Windows 10 Pro x64 installed without the external subjects of firmware of Dell that complains in a very-dell sata walk im using ( work only a lot - the only complaint in the causes of his failure any Dell...). At present running 4 grilles of Atlas and averging 25% Use of CPU and 20% ram. Amazing machine in the prize of subject! An only real downside is a measure and noise but sound a server of company (maintains in my basement. Tan Very time while you are the room was, his final)... Calm only know that it is buying :-)
4 / 5 Idalia
Utmost punch for a prize.

Pro: idrac Was Undertaken. The ram was 1333 (all excepts two look of clave to be ECC). The card of raid has comprised.

With: The system was Frankenstein obvious creation of parts other servers. Idrac, bios, And controller of lifecycle all has had to manually until date and reconfigured. The lifecycle In particular was the ache. There it is being update of ships .

The notes probably want to buy guides, perches of walk, and the second supply of power in addition to hdds (or ssds).
5 / 5 Celesta
It forms perfect, very well has maintained. Still it contains a idrac6 far login, which you it the organism usually finishes to buy like an accessory. Any interior of powder, and has attached 3 2.5 SAS walks in some bays to pose in the RAID5 in a BIOS of RAID. It treats 1Or of the plots of systems before so there has no very new, only has the poses in the room has separated to maintain a noise of follower in a minimum. I have purchased also 192gb RAM that it is a max for a r610, and is in a road now. I am happy purchased the.
3 / 5 Marlene
hello There. Ive Been tinkering around with a device bought it since, attaching 3 walks, downloading server of windows 2008 in him forms my main computer, in the disk, then manually kicking an operating system in a machine. A new plus (and odder) problem to burst above a subject of premier (concealed I fixed, was small, but found the workaround)
This new problem is that eye of flange to take this machine to connect in an internet, something in a ethernet adapter or some hardward very when being pas present in a device (although I left me use Idrac to record in the little the mark of month for some tinkering).
Opens That this new problem has burst up, is in the loss, while I of the that knows that the inner component is this ethernet adapter thingamabob and im any sure if the burn was or loose wine or something.
I'f have you a bit except time in your schedule, could contact me even so possible and say me that and necessity to do to take that and has so far doing? ( It classifies to expect and of the that has to spend too much too more cash that flavours to take this operational, already spent near of in 800+ just taking all some bits and baubles for the have propperly place up and wire fence)
His the connection wired that ive been using, ive has tried wireless, this failure to do also.

In your earlier convienience, when being free to contact me here in amazon,
class of very expected and could have taken this thing this does for now
4 / 5 Antone
For a prize does not have to complain . I have ordered two immediately, has had already 2 of Technology Mike with some processors of the lowest speed. I have been surprised and what hurriedly some 3.33 processors have done some adherents go but that is not this subject of vendors. Even so, I will have to contact a vendor quite heat in an of a two. They are to rack trace in 75%F soiled and with inside seconds to launch the full load in the, one of some servers has begun thermal throttling an another is well, therefore mine 1 out of 2 commentaries. I have been also he surprised there have not been very coverages of bay of the walk. An attaches says no come with the walk takes so that pode any that fault of the there, but an appearance was bit of the accident. An anterior some I orderd of another vendor there has been some coverages. Active launched It only 24 java nut in the each of some servers and will leave to the left ran them at night and if anything changes, will update this clave. Desprs Contacting a vendor recommended that control to see if a tank of heat had come loose during shipping. Has, as I have closed a tank to heat behind in place and his purring like the kitten.
5 / 5 Shaunda
The server is coming so announced and is running in my laboratory to house right now. Loaded ESXI 6.5 in the walk of inch and place he in an internal void, works like the field.
5 / 5 Jeremy
I am the student to compute , has imagined having the battery of personal server to the pay has been to have the company sews hostess for me. It was the strongest plot that expected, but salvation, is not meant to be to store under your bed. The works perfect with Ubuntu, a far access (iDRAC) to control and the turn was/on without going in is the plus , and after taking the walk takes (with the caddy!!!), hooked He up, has comprised an external SSD, and was was. Any hick-ups, any failure (still when tin of mine exited of the storm of wind, had posed in a 'in case perhaps to ___ do ___' with another preventative measured).
TL;Dr. - The careers add, perfect for server/of half small receive and step necessities. Only it take to buy walk caddies for your walks!
5 / 5 Meghann
The subject has had with adherents, the vendor routed the together next day new,, the type adds , will buy again.
5 / 5 Joana
My first incursion in a homelab world, this server is the beast . Arrived very bundled and clean. The mine has comprised two supplies to be able in and iDRAC6 company. Loaded esxi 6.7 and Server of Windows 2019 any problem. It remarks that this server is quite strong, probably because of one 3.3ghz hex cores. Any queixant-, only be conscious.

Top Customer Reviews: DELL PowerEdge R610 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
5 / 5 Thomas
That is to say the quite good machine for a prize. It has installed Ubuntu 18.04 server and he like the charm without hassle. It produces the small noise, but at all perceivable of the room was.

The value these notes are a soiled spray -container to foam this shipped in. When being prepared by the bulky brittle disorder when you unbox this server.
3 / 5 Bertie
It excepts A lot of scratches in a coverage and little inner of powder, a quality of this server is acceptable. A foam those covers a product is the small bit to disgust. Quan unboxing Has taken impacted by static electro TWO TIMES (like the tiny, version of 4 inches of ray of lightning those touches my bare hand)!!! I have used then the cape to connect my educated racks in him and in the able end in impulse he. Please no a deception included so me. Still very disappointed tho, a server would have to has been embroiled in anti-static or something.
5 / 5 Roselle
Awesome Undertaken. Any subject and a product is a right product and works perfectly. Thank you!!!
4 / 5 Dimple
A unit has entered begun the verse above utmost records two smaller problems has been missing the supply to be able in and any software has been uploaded, has contacted some roads of vendor supply it to me to be able in mailed the same day took it 2 days the latest laws are, considering a software has been to upload the windows have changed my Linux to import loaded SUSE that utmost records so far an only is a curve to learn for Linux, would recommend a unit and probably take another.
5 / 5 Kena
My severs has entered today and was exactly while it describe! Has some questions quite taking 2 more hardrive frame so nicknamed in and spoken with any one of a squad of sales. They have taken the excellent cure of me!

Will be to purchase all my servers of them in a future!
5 / 5 Cecelia
Arrived on-the time and he utmost. awesome Value
2 / 5 Jacqualine
psu IS has not gone quite powerful for all a hardware. Also one of some walks has failed after 6 months, he guessing will not be very time before another mass done.
5 / 5 Dinah
Amazing product, supremely hurriedly, described in dual 4 core, was in fact dual 6 core! The prize adds also! Looking for reasons to buy more!

Top Customer Reviews: High-End ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 18 ratings
5 / 5 Isa
State that careers this server through a wringer for quite a lot of 2 weeks now. I am the very happy camp . A server was immaculate, inside and out. All the work perfectly.

IS included happier as it has been treated like the client that one am a server . TechMikeNY Spends back Service of true client. Any only is a server immaculate and doing perfectly, has update a memory and of the hard walks in his own volition and simply like the 'thank you for a compraventa'. Besides, a server is coming with some free presents (present quite well) likes some additional thank you. Has has Followed up and has done sure that I am happy with a compraventa. That is to say that the value of the client is everything enough.

Will be to visit TechMikeNY for all my computer and the necessities of accessory to go forward. Aide to verify them was also.
5 / 5 Tisa
Totally happy. First server has not bought never and was the small sceptic because of a fact has been renewed and older. I have converted he in the Raid 10. A controller of raid was easy to pose up. Has installed Esxi in the. You pursue like the field. I opened it up and all was while it promise. Totally happy. They are in poster 10 days directly and any problem. There is the few scratches in a fund of a case, but another that these marks looked it in fact new. All the interior was clean. I am running vm servers in the and has not kicked some adherents in big. Quan Calms in the first place the boot in these partidrios vain full RPM and his class of strong. Normal operations for me so far is enough. And of course it poses it was some heat .
5 / 5 Anglea
Desprs Installing the card of map of good game this computer is the must has. Fast with the plot of storage. I use this computer to program c and c with Microsoft Studies Visual. Also it uses to try with virtual machines. Quan Am not that he that they that touch me the Maps of intensive games. So far this computer has not blinked. Setup 12 TB like only Walk, Wins 10 Pro and 2 gb nvidia card of map. The circle in of the averages 6 virtual machines with Hyper V constantly. The last just hope the few years.
3 / 5 Allen
I have purchased this under subjects 2018 to start with my laboratory of house setup. The nave was fast and has not had any problem with him. I took it setup with ESXI any problem and has been excited. A bit those that weeks in lost me the follower and has had to that, then an internal stack the few weeks after it conceal. Sadly Now quite 5 low months a bit subjects one of a CPU is the looks has failed. I give that is to say the server has renewed I so that it have to only buy another and substitutes a one concealed failed while it is no longer down guaranteeed. But I am the bit has disappointed.
5 / 5 Sharmaine
Place six 6TB hard walks in him. Law like the field.
5 / 5 Queen
Using this server for the house proxmox server, has done well out of a box, any subject, the few scratches and dings here and there but salvation, is renewed. Shipping very fast and a vendor a lot looks to know that it is doing.
2 / 5 Arlinda
Some servers are boxes add , has bought even so the for my laboratory of house and after they are arrived found that a H700 controller of storage that comes with them only will present a storage in a has posed to you in the raid. In this way that does not have any support for the rooms of direct storage, freenas, vsan or anything more than would leave you to him to use these boxes enmedio to group without the storage has shared.
5 / 5 Magen
We have been that run this server in the mission critical application during month. Any problem at all. We are so happy that ordered it another.
5 / 5 Sophie
This server exited of a box any problem.

The walks were has used units so expected, but each walk was fully functional, and has informed any subject after my testing of sector of the walk.
5 / 5 Lance
I have been that runs this server by means of a wringer partorisca roughly 2 weeks now. They are the very happy camp . A server was immaculate, for inside and for out. All the work perfectly.

Am included happier how has been treated like the client that an I are a server . TechMikeNY Ameno Behind service of true client. Any only is a server immaculate and doing perfectly, his upgraded a memory and hard walks in his own volition and simply like the 'thank you partorisca a compraventa'. Besides, a server is coming with some free presents (present quite good) likes some additional thank you. They have on followed and has done sure that I am happy with a compraventa. Ossia That the value of the client is everything roughly.

Will be to visit TechMikeNY for all my computer and the precise accessory go forward. It advise his control was also.
4 / 5 Mirna
After installing the paper of map of good game this computer is the must has. Fast with the plot of storage. Utilisation this computer to program c and c with Microsoft Studies Visual. Also it uses to try with virtual cars. When they are not that he to that like him to them the touch the Maps of intense games. Like this far this computer there is not blinked. Setup 12 TB Like alone walk, Want to 10 Pro and 2 gb nvidia paper of map. It surrounds in averages 6 virtual cars with Hyper V constantly. Just hope last the few years.
4 / 5 Pierre
Has purchased this Leaves 2018 to start with my laboratory of house setup. The nave was fast and has not had any question with him. I took it setup with ESXI any question and has been excited. A bit those that the weeks in me have lost the defender and has had to substitute that, then an inner battery the few weeks with which conceal. Sadly Now roughly 5 months down one issues one of a CPU is the investigation having failed. @I give ossia the refurbished server as I will have to so only buy another and substitute a a concealed failed how is no longer down has guaranteeed. But they are the bit there is disappointed.
5 / 5 Lisette
Totally happy. First server has not bought never and was the little sceptic because of a fact was refurbished and older. I have converted he to the Raid 10. A controller of raid was easy to dip up. It has installed Esxi on that. You pursue like the field. I opened it up and all was promised like this that. Totally happy. I have run he for 10 days directly and any question. There is the pocolos scratches in a fund of a chance, but another that those mark look in fact new. Everything inside was cleaned. I am running vm servers in the and there is not kicked some partidários the big. When Calm in the first place that half on the defenders goes full RPM and his class of strong. Normal operations for me like this far is enough. And of course it dips it was some heat .
4 / 5 Arcelia
Some servers is boxes add, bought them this in spite of for my laboratory of house and with which have arrived has found that a H700 controller of storage that comes with them so only will present a storage to one has dipped to you on the raid. This means that it calms does not have any support for the storage direct space, freenas, vsan or anything more than would leave you to use these boxes in the middle of the group without storage has shared.
4 / 5 Delila
A description of a product has bought clearly say concealed is comes with 6x2TB walks. A one has received wine with 4x3TB walks. One would think that that this am extracted no big likes him so much add until 12TB of of storage, this in spite of, entirely destroys a RAID and partitioning the diagram had feigned thus server, rendering he essentially useless for a purpose so that it has bought partorisca. For a start of time and buy 6x2TB to to the walks like has loved, with a money are spent could have bought of the server with the newest hardware.

--Modify to correct a measure of some installed walks.

Also, improvement, this 'Any Operating system' in fact has Windows 2012 R2 in the, which does to try to install Linux on WHISTLES it to him because 'A disk contains a unclean system of file'
4 / 5 Shakita
A lot amiably packed with the stock exchange sealed and cushioning. A crew is very cleaned and has inspected. All the parts are in condition of good wiring. A server is exactly like this showed in photo of vendors.
4 / 5 Ghislaine
Using this server for the house proxmox server, has done well out of a box, any subject, the pocolos scratches and dings here and there but hey, is refurbished. Nave very fast and a vendor really looks to know that it is doing.
4 / 5 Shawnda
The server has arrived on 12/28/2019. A server that says, am hosting 4 VM servers in ESXi, and like this far has been good and running properly for 2.5 weeks. An only thing is that one drives has failed already with light of amber, the desire is not like this quickly. It is for this that has estimated 4, otherwise all was to add, will go back and the description to update has anything good or bad thing -1/13/2020

Top Customer Reviews: DELL PowerEdge R710 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Cristine
Exactly so described, any bezel advance (but that preoccupies !) And to arrive to this point of prize : That is to say a bomb !

Took me the moment to build the server of house. And when apresamientos to represent for motherboard, processor (amd 6300 fx), ram (32 Gb, any ECC) , hard walks (Desktop 2 TB, 1 TB, and a SSD), and case, my eserver' was basically the desktop turn the server for a same money. But then, mine necessities has changed, has required ECC to run freenas, has had some clave of bad RAM, etc etc ....

Was trolling around, and found this thing ! Basically it can sell my old server for this prize (so that all are new, and with the card of good video, it sake gaming machine)

material of note of professional Adds. Plot and plot of RAM, each ECC, and above that : 6TB of buisiness the walk of note takes !!!

Compraventa Vain, and will discover, that any retail processor, the the ram or the walk take can beat this thing.

He still : it is noisy.... To well sure something does not install under your television. But with one ethernet cape, can plant this unit anywhere a temperature is controlled. (In my case : My garage that is my dispatch also.) Except this prize, taking to the plot in process can (probably conspire more than the normal person never needs) and to plot of ECC RAM, which are awesome.

A server he what uncountable of the descriptions add, and is expandable.

Has bought the Lenovo SA120 (other roads adds in amazon) and developed in the total of 18 bays of walk. That is to say only insane for everything down 1000 USD.

Quan Voice a SA120, a Poweredge only when being very calm sudenly even so...

But is very satisfied with purchase of mine, and listen so has taken it the Big Bang for mine bucks !

5 / 5 Dulce
Wanting to this so far! I have substituted a Perc 6i with a h700. (If calm this and take the error of cape after the install, my solution was to change capes An and B)

At present and has four 4tb the walks in assault 10 for storage, and two 1tb the walks in assault 1 for one you.

(Perhaps any one can help me with east. It thinks quite taking two more 4tb walks, as and six 4tb the walks in assault 10, be better to run a Calm in a raid 10 with some 6 walks or in sd/ flash, or for the maintain on is own raid 1 how and at present has it? If and it run a CALM in a six raid of walk 10 impact read/to write the plot (Any just speed but life of some walks) ?
Running Nextcloud, Plex, the web of places of pair (for fun), and servers of random game on and has been. It is doing I add.

Can consider reseating some processors with some quota of the thermal paste he is comfortable with doing so. That is to say the very easy thing to do and included easier or these servers. Cairo In the fast guide in Youtube if need in. It was able to take the time goes down afterwards reseating the. (Still before and arrival to substitute them)

(Some updates down was only so that and has had some elements that chair around, any one so that had the necessity for him)
- the change has finished a E5540 is with X5570 is, only so that and has had the, there was at all bad with a E5540 is.
- Also exchanged some supplies of power with some 850w is concealed and has had.

Expects this aided to do the decision.
5 / 5 Mercedez
The server is arrived bundled quite well. The interior of hardware was clean and research to be forms well. Powered Up without problems. Wine with a copy evaluadora of Server of Windows 2012 installed in the full 6-the unit beaten has lined. I have changed a raid in 10 and installed Hyper-V. You pursue very very good.

A date of ship in some shows of focus of the service mid 2011 as only the small in 5 years. I expect in probably require substitute some walks in the near future but that is not a subject.

Could any one when being more pleased with a compraventa. I have ordered in fact the second a bit afterwards.
5 / 5 Markus
I have bought this server has to 2017 and in general, is happy with him. Has the few smaller subjects but the majority of is not the critical mission. Quan A server is arrived, was bundled very well, almost that new only without any documentation. An interior was clean, and all some walks were sure.
A subject of only entity has is that one of some DIMM void in a motherboard the bad DIMM A3 and since wants to run a memory config on the way balanced has to take B3 and now when some boots of the server up complains enough that a memory is running in the no optimised configuration. In some point will look to buy the motherboard of substitution but for now records.
Is looking In the sake and the economic server highly would recommend easterly unit For the who is by train to ask you can run Minecraft and other servers of game as well as Plex without any subjects. If you are looking for a YOU, Windows 10 Pro will do only sake. A server also can handle ESXI, Server of Windows 2016 or Hyper-V, UnRAID, and FreeNAS.
5 / 5 Nicolas
My first server....A R710........... VAL... THATS outta A road !
IS arrived punctually and a box there has been 1 swipe in a corner, but a cornerfoam his work.. Arrived clean and pristine.
Has taken a council of some type in this description and rechecked connections and clave of RAM that chair.
Too bad he didnt comes with a idrac card... The days of plus of pair later, and is in and know,
the calm rests humming all day, and my first laboratory VM is cookin the day later! Luv L !
Thx Type... And'll be taking at least the pair more when Im ready.... That is to say the good server for a prize.
( Still think you would have to comprise a iDRACard and price it consistently )
5 / 5 Tracy
Compared in a HP Proliant DL360 G5 that I at present own, this thing is quite calm . One 6 1TB HDDs + 72GB of the bad ram quite can do that it wants in this Server without subjects.

Has had a direct cual has failed. After some testing has pulled a walk in question and exchanged with another 1TB the walk has to save. Notified a Vendor and has taken the walk of interior of substitution the few days. Reconstructed A Raid with a new walk and everything like the charm.

Am looking to develop my laboratory of house, to well sure will buy of this vendor (ServerPlus 365) again.
5 / 5 Moses
Quickly arrived and forms well. The system powered on without any subjects. The looks of system to be clean and has maintained.
5 / 5 Lydia
Experience to run ESXi like the VMWare VSphere host in the parameter of laboratory of the house. Work wonderfully, any subject that poses in ESX and that configures a machine, although have had to tweak the few parameters of BIOS (the virtualization was deactivated). The value adds to run the bouquet of low utilisation VMs, abundance of storage, RAM, and pot of process for my necessities
1 / 5 Kiesha
'Certified re-furbished' - has Bought this re-furbished unit behind in May. Have Since does to build, only tried then packed was until in of the marks the month. Fact very at the beginning although it looks supremely slow to kick up. Desprs Only quite 3 weeks of use, did not fall in anymore and took a message of error 'PFault failure....' After the pair of emails with a sender, has been determined a motherboard has failed. Alas, you are spent a date of tower.
5 / 5 Bettina
It see it adds. Have had to reseat a memory for the take to kick. Any unusual when has been shipped. Doing like the field for a month is spent. I add for VMWare laboratory.

Top Customer Reviews: DELL PowerEdge R610 ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 Ewa
Has two r610s. Both have L-series Xeon piece that is some processors of low energy. This machine is fantastic.

So use of systems VMware ESXi for multiple VMs. These systems have not connected in my point of house. I use the to learn SIEMs, security and contact.

Has been fantastic, running everything of a time and using hardly very wattage of electricity. Here in Cover, very can not see the difference in my bill to be able in.

All precise is the walks and calm is posed. (Perhaps the cord to be able in if any inclusively, but uses the cord of the power of computer regulates).

For the whoever goes an extra mile: it buys the pair sends the bezels and the cupboard of storm of low height (6or or 12or).... Or they go insane and builds a Ikea the lack Racks to use two Ikea tables of coffee of the Lack. It looks for it. FYI Will want posed some class of weight in a 'base' and the counter goes to use guides. For the the one who thinks this is not quite insane, has also one 'bequeaths server' where has taken averts some integers r610 and reconstructed a frame, the base and the storm created included to locate using Legos... And probably the plot of 'Kra Gl and' ;-)

So, yes has read this far... Calm give something. I very friggin amour this 1or server sized!

Top Customer Reviews: Dell PowerEdge 2950 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5 Burl
Fine system. The only problem is is quite noisy. If you do not import then it is the compraventa adds.
5 / 5 Theressa
Sper Can Instrument it, is very enbalado and so new. I recommend it.
5 / 5 Retha
I have bought 3 of these servers for my client and his state doing very good. They are arrived in the good condition and the installation are very easy. It recommends this for any one any one wishing deploy any windows or Linux

Top Customer Reviews: Dell PowerEdge 1950 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5 Hang
For something concealed was to the use has been in good condition any parts of fraction and was very clean and the free powder actuly very suprised. I have asked a vendor the little of the questions and they are returned with me the day and there the response has useful and very discriptive. An only thing any preoccupy me prendo is has come only with two floor of walk has had there hdd is but has to buy a two other trays of bay separately another that concealed costs a prize

Top Customer Reviews: HP ProLiant DL360 ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
This Server has entered the a lot of of the container packed well. I opened it and in my surprise was very clean and look very included used included some partidrios the mark looked new. It has installed vmware hypervisor (free version of ESXi) in him with 4 hdd in raid 1+0 road. I am running 3 virtual computer and he look to run very good and some processors are not battling at all. The noise is not that big any one and runs quite fresh. I want to install some SSD in him and update this clave.

Update: plugged in 4 ssd replasing a SAS driven that it avenges it he with him. The works add in assault 1+0 any subject of firmware or anything.

In general very happy will buy or more hardly has some effective plus.
5 / 5
Required the new server to substitute my age ESXi host. Active Quite 6 VM is running at all times and this any same pauses the sweat. Power consummates is surprisingly down for the that is to say.
Has ordered of Stallion Teck and has had a subject with a 1 unit routed and the fact with me has change with the different system in 3 days. Kudos In them. QC Beat it slightly when being that lacking of, but these are several old generations now like the does not expect 'as new'.

Top Customer Reviews: HP ProLiant DL380 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Windy
This bad boy is arrived an earlier day that expected, bundled well and sure (the awesome the spray of uses to foam the things of ship). The clave done and kicked in Server of Windows 2012 R2 without subjects! Each hardware is working sum of condition. Each what 8 law of walks perfectly, and a server was sper clean and in damn perfect condition prjima! You have bet your ass goes to be ordering of this place again, so at present am building my laboratory of house for student and can not provide to spend thousands of dollars in the piece of squad. When being sure when elements of order of this vendor!
5 / 5 Simonne
Fact in backoffice HE for enough some time, is very familiar with this model and an integer DL380 series. I have wanted the server to house this would do several functions. Server of file, the clean tone has distributed cracker, server of web, and VM host for my laboratory of house of virtual computer. I have known that if this server done while it has to then easily was able to handle some works.

Arrives hurriedly, has shipped quickly the level boxes that this type of system is shipped generally in. This was a first time had seen this type of spray-in grouping to foam used for the server. Desprs Takes of a box, has had to to laugh in me to require to take the moment to determine so to fall a server of him is to foam encasement. Mere force, only your toes in a narrow desert and of the tensions some two halves eschew HARD. That is to say the method adds to protect some contents during sending. Very effective.

A server is exactly that it was pictured and has described. ( Has since more has not taken a walk of DVD. The mine has it.) It IS spotless inside and out, and in perfect physical condition. It spends MATE, and has crossed a diags I DL'd of HP with flying colours. To arrive to this point, has my server up, running, configured by RAID5, installed, that runs a premier of a lot of VMs that will be it to him receiving. This would have to do very well for my necessities. Has update already RAM in 64GB down preparation for a VMs.
4 / 5 Dawna
A title of description says it everything.

Has purchased mine of ServerPlus 365 and avenges perfectly packed and exactly while ad. My only complaint is that while certainly the has not expected the full manual or anything so, the mere instruction of some cloaks this alarms an user in of the pertinent facts would have been supremely useful. There is the number of different setup cards that can be it accessed of several places (F6/8/9/10/11/12), and some of east beats only that is accessed once jump in the card, which flash in a screen like hurriedly beat very still read the before it tries to kick.

Took me the moment to imagine was concealed and where to take in a card to configure some walks of RAID, which has been required before more it can do anything.

For any give support, a card of video max the resolution is 1024 x 768. Which are well, the majority is buying this to to use likes him to him the server. Only it is mentioning since is not in a specs. I have tried also attach the card of video for the main resolution, but alas those causes a server to turn some adherents above sounds like big like the train of load and of an investigation I another has run in that, and there is any road for prender concealed to spend. The tan at the end has to take a card of extra video was and lives with one 1024 x 768 unit since is the server and I only access he for the configuration has not been the big roads, but 1024 x 768 still mamma :-).
4 / 5 Rosalva
It IS the very good server and is sure that is to say only my experience with him.

Quan Has taken a server was bundled incredibly well, an only thing that is to say bad gone with east a HDD has failed, but can take a hdds this enters this server for $ 30 so that you are not the problem at all, avenges with the few smaller scratches (6-7 in a plus) which are very well for the $ 300 server that has 16gb of ram 8 total cores and any GPU (which are very of the entity is of train for the use how represents it server) and has posed the GPU in there some partidrios has run constantly in %40 accelerate which are not the problem for me but he could be since you, has the total besides or 1.2 menostb of storage in hdds normal when the take.
5 / 5 Isidra
It buys two of these of Parts of Server and of the PC. Shipping the container is excessive, but well has protected. All has looked, pressed F8 inner a moment right to take to ASSAULT config, to see all was already setup so RAID 50. Both are come with ROM of CD (could be DVD, but CD has used only). Linux Has uploaded hurriedly, and has servers of instant. $ 179 it IS a insanely good roads for the server of house. I use guides of generic black with wings in the, of Amazon. Guide of sliding hate, while I am always tinkering, and is the ache to use only. I wish a server there is usb 3 or esata, but for this prize the will suck up and use iscsi for storage of disk.
5 / 5 Sheri
A packaging was awesome, some looks of his server Mark New! Kicked Well until the server of windows 2012 copy of test. I have changed a configuration of raid, re installed the fresh copy of server 2012 R2 Level without hiccups! I am thrilled with this product, a service and a form of a product! These types are utmost! I will be to buy all my necessities of server of these types from now on!

There is anything to complain- quite was has not had the Blunt CD to the walk likes him in of a photo, has had to to run take an external walk to install a new YOU even so, a description did not say it has had one, was only my supposition that is done of a photo. Probably it was necessary remarks that in the future listed for dummies as me :)
5 / 5 Lyn
The server was better concealed has expected... Substitution of guarantee, perhaps very so much.

A server has been taken hurriedly and boxed above supremely a lot of (big praise in his department to ship). A DL380 was form very well without more scratches that would be expected of the server of this age this has been posed in and shot of the storm the small time. Any gouge, dents or the pieces broken. It was also a lot I clean inside and out.

Opens An any I so that it adds. Of one 8 10k SAS direct 7 very good look. One 8 one has the amber to flash clear, which are an indication of the possible failure in some signals so that has has owed to leave he out of my installation setup.

Is trying to take the substitution but a walk was routed in the different state and I can not take a response of a vendor enough the. The amazon will not leave me give a full explanation while any one what the to them the clients that gives true negative commentaries.

Was that it wants to buy another server like this or, but is not if I can not take a substitution of the guarantee cured of. It IS too bad also like another wise this would have been 5 stars and the new order.

Has edited 10/11/17 - A vendor contacted me and was very apologetic for a mix up. They have admitted and possessed until a fact that is fallen a balloon in a substitution and has taken an era at night in me. They have comprised also he 2 walk for the one of the leftovers fell. Some works of substitution usually and has each what 8 with the change humming was. I seat it was earnest in his apology in me and has adjusted some stars in 5.

Has posed this server until it listens the server of Linux/of client of thin fat for our department of formation those uses the number of the computers the old plus has to way that the only seated in the cupboard that total dusty and take for on room. While it can use this server for the number of things, with some 16 actions of ram, 8 146g the walks and dual CPU is, is very adapted for this task without posing the plot of money in him. If these beginnings of project, will be to buy another for a next project has in alcohol.
5 / 5 Brande
HP ProLiant DL380 G6 2Or Server of 64 bits with 2xQuad-Core E5540 Xeon 2.53ghz + 16GB RAM + 8x146GB 10K SAS HDD, RAID, Any one YOU

Took this punctually and in pristine condition, a work the band was such the sake one this there has been the small problem that takes a server of a EPS the foam these groups; that was fantastic as had the dent in an of some long verges that the does not have it never does anywhere apropa a frame of servers...

In inaugural a frame to inspect a system has remarked the complete lack of any powder bunnies or whales that has seen in a lot the case of server, everything of some capes and the interns baffle was equally spotless and routed properly.

This arrived with 8 x 146GB 10K SAS direct each in perfect condition, is the mix of several descriptions of hardware in a last decade or so much; everything of them the law without any errors has detected for point or other tools of diagnostic. It substitutes a lot them with some units of laptop that goes to use so part of the NOSE of house, I any a lot of tolerance of the fault of the necessity in the so so need a spatial to touch with and crowds with the no critical data. Anything the critic will enter my variety of RAID has done only for this purpose, plan besides to do regular backups of critical data in of the external walks that it is to take line after some arrivals of backup.

This individual one is coming with redundant 460w supplies to be able in, so much in perfect working mandate. I ordered me the pair again 750w the substitutions as they can not substitute these using blended wattages, although the solos 460w distributes to be able would have to be sufficient to run a server reliably; only no any tolerance of failure in of the supplies to be able to bad.

This system is coming with 4 x 4GB DDR3 1066/1333MHz ECC installed RAM, has ordered one extra 32GB of a same type of RAM that installs for some configurators of subject by heart to take me until 48GB installed RAM; a system has recognised this without any subjects and has run also he in some main speeds (1333MHz against 1066MHz) available in genuine HP RAM.

Has attached the pair of ports of serial and the parallel port so that it can use this cual the server of impression in my old sake HP LaserJet 4 and Citizen GSX-140 More 24 point to nail matrix printer, still is those are kinda old fashioned but can maintain the I far easier these newer printers; the more there is something supremely nostalgic in this zinnnngggggggg zinnnnggggg zinnnggggggggggg of a point the matrix printer these shoots was! Doing an installation of some joints was so easy so that it is the totally less endeavour of tool, a hard part will be to take my engine to compile properly using only a CLI while it is been the decade or two has since anything cual the circle/of the point of the server has been...

The mine has come also with the DVD-RW the already installed walk, therefore saving me to install an I as it still has some things in CD and DVD. I plan rasgar of a server yes can find a right CLI tools for him, more rasgar the in my workstation then issue the in a walk of pertinent point.

This is coming with the 256.mria Hideout of MB the installed card in the place of one 512MB has announced, to contact a service of the client saws the email has said that subjects out of the substitution 512.mria Fallen of card of MB as well as the backup 512card of MB and a stack of extra backup also; more than generous and very appreciated so probably will be to take another HP server or two when the estimativas left and the extra parts are has required always. Habladura Of the stacks has taken this all buttoned behind up and taken all some parameters of BIOS only tweaked in my perfection, has moved then my system that the needs that attraction a power for an extensive time. Quan plugged Behind in a reset of system he in defaults and the rubbishes has had in a zone of number of the serial, checked and sure enough a stack was the goner in the reading of 1.2v in the 3v lithium, no the problem likes had the blister card of 10; now only have 9 more stacks need to substitute in a prjimo 5 years. Any one to mention that a BIOS was an August 2015 update!

This has the beastly 6 big speed fans that in the initial power above to sounds likes him to them 747 this takes entered yours to give of election! A once external noise is much more tolerable in a db levels, although it is not something concealed would want to seat you afterwards in the decrees have extended periods to time neither. This or would have to be in the room of cupboard/of the server in a better, otherwise the sounds that dampens cases with flows of good air to cool is the must.

HAS the copy of ESXi and Ubuntu server 17.10 this feigns to install and the view can bash my brains to take work, is a technology of ex the hardware of one 90 is so that it can be the small rough in my keyboard until I take one hangs for the all in a CLI again.

In general is impressed enough with a quality of a system, is cleanliness and pristine condition with only a small bit of residue to seal to take; the more is service of reward of winning client!!
5 / 5 Markita
This thing is the good bang for your buck diagrams of Virtualization, is running ESXi Bare Metal Hypervisor on can do the a lot of things with the machine have taken.
5 / 5 Aurora
I have purchased 2 of these. I fulfil it is renewed but a two taken is in mint condition! Clean, any scratch or the dent and everything do.
Has had also this envoy in me abroad so much has taken basically shipped two times and is arrived forms perfect.

VERY happy with a compraventa and a quality of a merchandise. I have begun PC priced of the big end is and found these servers in Amazon. It takes two of this less cost arrests that 1 PCs besides under specs that these servers! Also it considers this active ILO for far management, is the hardware of entity of Centre of Data, supplies to be able the dual (I only plan to use or each which how), 4 integrated NICs. It takes these to use to house to build the laboratory, is not probably will be to require ervers' again marries but If this time comes will verify with this first vendor!

If any one is asking of a 'use of house' perspective,
- he still these are bit weigh
- does not have to rack, law very well in the vertical orientation these chairs in an earth
- 2 of the same the side by side is narrower that my case of PC, 4 low inches and only 3 long inches
- some adherents are not so noisy (while it is running), certainly be able the initial on and MATE all the look of adherents in max and is STRONG; even so, after the calm of complete clave down; so much so both of the same when being on is calmer that my PC of desktop! Coast My PCs has the quad extreme of CPU of core, video of macizo Dual cards big finals and SSD is so that it is moving some air around.
- Only plugged in 1 of 2 supplies to be able in, no the need can resiliency house

also recommend this server of model is adapted for your necessities, only maintain that it imports that HP is in Generation 9 how these are 3 old generations already and probably apropant- 4. I think a set of characteristic, the processors and the piece are quite common still, appropriate even so it have to behind everything is in a piece; even so, it is more to verify a compatibility of hardware so that flat to install in these.

Any complaint.. Client very happy, the vendor recommended!

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