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1 Mini Projector, WEWATCH WiFi Native 1080P Portable Projector, Outdoor Video Projector Built-in 3W Dual Speaker with HDMI for TV Stick, iOS, Android Mini Projector, WEWATCH WiFi Native 1080P Portable Projector, Outdoor Video Projector Built-in 3W Dual Speaker with HDMI for TV Stick, iOS, Android WEWATCH
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2 TOPVISION Projector, 7500L Portable Mini Projector with 100” Projector Screen, 1080P Supported, Built-in HI-FI Speakers, Home Theater Movie Projector Compatible with, HDMI,Fire Stick,VGA,USB,TF,AV,P TOPVISION Projector, 7500L Portable Mini Projector with 100” Projector Screen, 1080P Supported, Built-in HI-FI Speakers, Home Theater Movie Projector Compatible with, HDMI,Fire Stick,VGA,USB,TF,AV,P TOPVISION
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3 Projector, with 5G WiFi and Bluetooth Native 1080P 9500L 4K Supported, FUDONI Portable Outdoor Projector with Screen, Video Home Theater Projector for HDMI, USB, VGA, PC, TV Box, iOS & Android Phone Projector, with 5G WiFi and Bluetooth Native 1080P 9500L 4K Supported, FUDONI Portable Outdoor Projector with Screen, Video Home Theater Projector for HDMI, USB, VGA, PC, TV Box, iOS & Android Phone FUDONI
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4 Mini Projector with WiFi, Portable Outdoor Projector 7500L HD with Carrying Bag, Home Theater Movie Projector Support 1080P, Compatible with HDMI, USB, AV, AUX, PS4, iOS, Android Mini Projector with WiFi, Portable Outdoor Projector 7500L HD with Carrying Bag, Home Theater Movie Projector Support 1080P, Compatible with HDMI, USB, AV, AUX, PS4, iOS, Android MOOKA FAMILY
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5 Mini WiFi Bluetooth Projector (with Tripod), Full HD 1080P Supported Outdoor Projector, Full HD True Movie Projector, Compatible with TV Stick, iOS, Android, PS5, HDMI, USB, Vecupou Mini WiFi Bluetooth Projector (with Tripod), Full HD 1080P Supported Outdoor Projector, Full HD True Movie Projector, Compatible with TV Stick, iOS, Android, PS5, HDMI, USB, Vecupou Vecupou
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6 5G WiFi Bluetooth Native 1080P Projector[Projector Screen Included], Roconia 9000LM Full HD Movie Projector, 300' Display Support 4k Home Theater,Compatible with iOS/Android/XBox/PS4/TV Stick/HDMI/USB 5G WiFi Bluetooth Native 1080P Projector[Projector Screen Included], Roconia 9000LM Full HD Movie Projector, 300' Display Support 4k Home Theater,Compatible with iOS/Android/XBox/PS4/TV Stick/HDMI/USB Roconia
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7 Native 1080P WiFi Bluetooth Projector, DBPOWER 8000L Full HD Outdoor Movie Projector Support iOS/Android Sync Screen&Zoom, Home Theater Video Projector Compatible w/PC/DVD/TV/Carrying Case Included Native 1080P WiFi Bluetooth Projector, DBPOWER 8000L Full HD Outdoor Movie Projector Support iOS/Android Sync Screen&Zoom, Home Theater Video Projector Compatible w/PC/DVD/TV/Carrying Case Included DBPOWER
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8 WEWATCH V70 Native 1080P Projector, 20,000LM 5G WiFi Projector for Indoor Office, Full HD Home Theater Movie Projector, Built-in HI-FI Speakers, Portable Video Projector Compatible with HDMI/VGA/USB WEWATCH V70 Native 1080P Projector, 20,000LM 5G WiFi Projector for Indoor Office, Full HD Home Theater Movie Projector, Built-in HI-FI Speakers, Portable Video Projector Compatible with HDMI/VGA/USB WEWATCH
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9 WEMAX Vogue Pro 1080p Projector 8K 4K Supported Movie Projectors,1600 ANSI Lumens HDR10, Smart Projector with WiFi Bluetooth, Home Theater Dolby Audio DTS-HD, Side Projection, Auto Object Avoidance WEMAX Vogue Pro 1080p Projector 8K 4K Supported Movie Projectors,1600 ANSI Lumens HDR10, Smart Projector with WiFi Bluetooth, Home Theater Dolby Audio DTS-HD, Side Projection, Auto Object Avoidance WEMAX
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10 Mini Projector, PVO Portable Projector for Cartoon, Kids Gift, Outdoor Movie Projector, LED Pico Video Projector for Home Theater Movie Projector with HDMI USB Interfaces and Remote Control Mini Projector, PVO Portable Projector for Cartoon, Kids Gift, Outdoor Movie Projector, LED Pico Video Projector for Home Theater Movie Projector with HDMI USB Interfaces and Remote Control PVO
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Top Customer Reviews: TOPVISION ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
We take this partorisca my anniversary of fiancés as we could look films in our yard and there is not disappointed. A sound is the pocola calm but there are cords already comprised partorisca connect the bar of his or speaker partorisca augment a start. It was surprised really the one who easy was partorisca the dipped up and has taken a perfect picture in mine in the first place try. Really it likes like this we could so only to cover ours Clave of Fire of the his Amazon and take that it goes. A screen was súper easy to dip up and down and the order has comprised included-like this launches partorisca a perfect picture. We are excited really partorisca continue using east!!
4 / 5
Is kidding me!!,
This thing is a BOMB !!!!
With a state of a world-wide these days (social distancing), this projector and the screen has been the godsend. It has done night familiarised like this more enjoyable. A screen that comes with a projector is big and any wrinkles when along properly. A projector is easy to direct in of the considerations when dipping up and showing. It is also quite light.
My edges those who is really 'techy' dipped the up for my glorious daugther to have his zoom school lesson. It was such the sucedido that 2 of our neighbours have joined in and has answered a class with us. It was much easier that trying mirarprpers in the small laptop. Some boys were excited much more and has involved. We also additions of external speakers for effects of his better. There is at all bad with an original sound, has loved to surround it so only the sound affects. A quality of picture was good and has been pleased with all has seen like this far. Ossia Projector of mine of the prime minister to the equal that has at all for the compare too like this he and when I take another projector , will have the big bar to compete against.
Loves that!!
4 / 5
My Husband does not love the television of then can distract our attention to study inclusa with which does. Like this the projector is the perfect present for us. We can so only dipped the up in of the weekends to look the together films. It saves to plot of spatial also. Besides, this projector is easy to do with. I never read any instructions and was game and discharges so only. A quality is besides my expectation. It is very easy to regulate a picture and a picture is acute and clear. I did not try it on screen of projector still. And a quality of a picture is súper. I am satisfied really with east. To good sure will recommend it to my friends.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. The desire orders a sooner, his amazing and perfect! It hangs well of a gazebo, the sound is decent also. Totally reccomend, easy setup also
5 / 5
has been looking for an external projector for years now--but has not loved to spend the fortune. I have required something easy to use the hook concealed until more than things--Roku, iphone, etc--and was generally decent. Ossia Further 'generally decent'!! A quality of picture is EXCELLENT, with extremely closely easy up. I have had this the week and we have been external every night looking films, etc and door another dimension to mine spatial external--which is an especially welcome relief when we are all cooped arrive and that marries of rests so that. A sound are not to add, but am giving 5 stars in all the chance of then all have required to do was hook until the speaker, and is perfect. Any question. I have recommended this product to the multiple friends and many have purchased! Like this good to see this like this abordable. Big Thanks to a company!
5 / 5
Up to date can 4 - use it on a weekend and he was utmost! Shining and clear, and for a prize, certainly the good value.

The So only arrived today and was very simple to setup. It was able to connect my laptop in of the minutes and take the picture on quickly. Down waiting for to dip on top of prejudices of films for three punctual girls! It could be 5 stars but honradamente has did not use it really too much!
5 / 5
Amazing. Nights of outsides of multiple film in a cochera and he maintaining acequia chamber. The quality adds. It has Had he for the month now.

Running was television of Apple in ours MAC air with annex.

External use some extras little speaker. In a house, the sound is perfect.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I am impressed really in the big a screen of projector is. Ossia My first compraventa of projector and would buy this again. We want to the one who clear a picture is. It likes to like a Roku and of other devices can be hooked until east.
5 / 5
Seats to say but this was a worse projector has not purchased never :(

1- the full screen can any one has directed to direct a centre other starts of part of house
2 - if a tilt a projection on in the screen an upper par5 regime of house and directed upper a course some lower starts of house
3- a far control no of any corner has to that be signalled in a backside of a projector and has to that be a lot afterwards
4 - a the brightness is a lot the game has included by means of this 5500 L mine another projector 3500 pieces is better that it

to to An only part likes was of that has 2 HDMI port and 2 port of USB and a AVI connection another that that has been squanders of money
5 / 5
Pro: easy to take a video that goes of the mine iPhone. So only it has taken a HDMI to relieve adapter (Apple) and a projector is coming with a HDMI boss how were good to go.

With: Sound. Oh That the headache. With which a lot of researching here is the one who precise knows roughly sound.
- Contained of amazon the first application in your telephone will do well.
- Contained of your telephone (film of house) will do except marking sure to turn in a sound (when that touches the video yap a screen and press a key of the his in a fund of a screen).
- Contained of Netflix application of the telephone no any one @subjects the one who settings of his transmission. Calm can change to English AP but then also take odd narration.
- Contained of television of the apple or the films of Apple have downloaded no .

As To do?
- Use an Amazon firestick to take Netflix with his (these works)
- use external Bluetooth the speaker that uses iPhone yours. Ossia That . Relieving to HDMI for video and Bluetooth to speaker for sound.

Also, comes with the screen in 100” but is thinking to take the 120” to 150” for a rear yard. It thinks it that it will be it better to have something main has a space.

Brightness. Attentive for dusk. Better work. Then it is awesome. If you want to look external TV during a day, take the TV, the projectors are not partorisca east.

Top Customer Reviews: Projector, with 5G ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
4 / 5
I so only finalising unboxing and trying out of a Fudoni LCD Projector. I bought it partorisca use in my room and has expected that would be good to aim video and photo my students. I in the first place hooked on a HDMI connection with my laptop (the boss comprised) and has used a wheel of home partorisca take the acute picture, clear. There is the keystone control partorisca compensate for slanted screens or yes has to that create a projector in a front. A sound of a projector is a lot that considers his small measure - but was able to connect an external speaker by means of a headphone jack to the equal that has looked for to amplify a volume of his to the level that would be good partorisca my room. After, I have connected the clave of USB with multiple formats (photos, music, video, and text). There is one on-paper of screen that calm leave you partorisca choose the one who bondadoso of the half comunicacionales loves exposure. It was able to see jpeg and bmp files with eases. Has has touched video in the different formats and a projector was able to show them everything. Included quell'was true when I have connected my telephone of Android. A far was easy to use and intuitive. In general, for a prize has paid, ossia the add little projector.
In a photo: A projector is roughly 7 feet of the ash (any aim) wall. Some lights in a room are on to aim that a projector has a lot of brightness. One is an image of my computer desk and is clear and readable.
In general, am very happy with this projector. He all the ad.
5 / 5
Amazing quality for a prize, quality of his decent and easy to do with. So only agree to apply bit it more pressure for a first time on directs adjuster for a first time. Highly it would recommend and it would purchase again sure!
5 / 5
Unfortunately a picture that I posted no this justice of projector. It is surprising the one who light this pocola what postpones. I probably dipped he in a spectre around 2000 to 2,500 lumens. A quality of picture was better that expected for such the small little device. It has estimated some five stars because of a fast response of a tent has purchased he of. They are based in also that has expected versus that has received a lot necessarily versus a better there reason concealed is not where ossia supposition to be in. Ossia The projector of final lower with good quality that it pode easily laws in the backyard campout the camp is gone in a forest or inside your room that looks the film or the show. One walls that this is to be project against was in fact blue and some still looked paints really good and was a lot of and crisp. There is the keystone dial to the equal that can change that according to a corner that is projecting in.

To good sure would buy another of these reasons he so that he he far really amiably. I can say that a Wi-Fi can be troublesome yes is using he in him congested the zone where has the plot of signals of Wi-Fi to compete. It has been it is gone in a half of a forest and this have done wonderfully but in home a video that tried to the clock was a lot of jumpy. It is not the fault of a Wi-Fi is so only one the fault of zones that alive in.
5 / 5
I unboxed and has tried a projector well with which have received. A screen that is coming with a projector is big taste temporarily installed the using the cane of curtain. The projector is easy to dip up and produces the picture adds. I have used the clave by heart of the USB as my first source of the video and the projector have touched a video perfectly. I have after used a HDMI gone in and has connected a projector to the Box of television of the Android. Now a projector is so only like the calm giant TV so only uses a far of a Box of television of the Android to choose that loves clock. You can access your half comunicacionales social and to to the applications like in of your telephone. With this combination can do so only roughly anything can with the mobile phone excepts door he in your pocket.
4 / 5
Has purchased this HD 1080P projector for my familiar to enjoy both interior and external (with next summer). It is good and compact, with clear functions to use. It likes-me his white colour that compliments a big quality of a projector. It was relatively easy to connect, both street Bluetooth and wired. Although a Bluetooth the connection has has resupplied images of good quality, but a HDMI connection really show of a crystal imagine clear.
Is good to be able to look film down some stars with some familiar - the only experience! A prize was very competitive to other projectors that the value adds resupplied.
5 / 5
Has not possessed Never the first projector, but this one is very easy to use. I any precise to spend for a manual, some are not very simple, turn on, rule home, and ready to touch. There are some additional settings under the paper for pictures likes your by heart, adjustments by heart, etc. Can touch with them to take some settings of better picture, for me a incumplimiento one this a lot enough. A built-in the speakers are a lot enough for his basic, but can wants to use external speakers for qualities of his better. You can connect a speaker has seen Bluetooth.

Top Customer Reviews: Mini WiFi Bluetooth ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
Have been partorisca excite the upgrade our mini projector to a new up to date model with BLUETOOTH! A characteristic the enormous difference partorisca we so many could pair our bluetooth speaker and the have more after the ours. Always we struggle partorisca listen a film in a past and this new characteristic the like this easy fact partorisca use and connect.

Another addition adds is a new tripod adjustable leg to the equal that can regulate a height and access of a picture to a screen. Characteristic is, value and prize! Strongly I recommend this up to date model.
4 / 5
Loves a upgraded technology that comes with this projector! When being able to connect any type of his device is very useful. Little main in measuring that an older version but still very effective for use of office and as well as theatre to house also. The picture is perfect and measures it can be regulated to return in any screen. A better thing in this projector is that it calms does not need the screen at all, the project has extended my wall and is my daily TV.
5 / 5
This projector is the a lot of one for a low prize offered. Easy to use. It has wifi and bluetooth qualified. Colour and brightness could be better but for the low projector $ 100 this would be to expect. The sound is also that would expect for the projector without using external speakers. But it can be used how is there is wanted .
4 / 5
Has purchased recently he QKK Mini Projector of Wi-Fi for use of house. This new projector is the substitution for the Dr..J Model: CIAO-04. We are very pleased with his action! His measure compresses the easy fact to move and near-up in of the locations and of the numerous rooms. A mini the stand of tripod is perfect to vary he with seeing screens without a need to “prop-he-up” with books or of the alike elements.

Where The Really count … an image of map is has improved noticeably. Also, a connectivity of Wi-Fi does to see possible multiple sources. Strongly it recommends this projector for users has interested in his compact measure, clarity of image, and portability.
4 / 5
Ossia The fantastic projector . Compact, brilliant, and wifi. I have used a model an old plus (the DrJ Professional), which was a lot. But I have lost a far for him, as I have ordered this one instead.
Has tried he with the Chromecast, and do really good. It has tried also a port of USB to aim slide-shows of the walk of thumb, and that reads a lot also.
Highly recommended projected, and A lot Highly Recommended Vendor.
5 Stars!
5 / 5
Has been expecting the mediocre projector thus prize, but surprised the one who decent a quality of picture is. It is not quite brilliant to be looked when a room is very lit for alone (probably more the projectors are not ) but in of the dark conditions do a lot well. Some speakers are not upper tier but has all a necessary audio the calm starts so much can connect your own speakers. It has not tried a iOS Mould / Miracast work still but to connect the PC by means of HDMI, work well. It would buy again.
5 / 5
The image of good projector is a lot well for a very good prize point
5 / 5
does A bit those that weeks, has ordered a Vecupou Wifi Projector 8500. It had looked in a lot of some available projectors on Amazon in the row of alike prize, and had solved is one, so it has had the majority of some characteristics in the modestly priced projector that has looked for: wifi capacity, proportion of contrast big (6000:1), big lumens (8500 Lux), 1080p support, keystone adjustment, it tripod and usb connectivity for iphone/ipad (any need for the special connector).
Has arrived quickly, but has been surprised and concerned when I have opened a box to find that the has not been it Vecupou frames, but he QKK frames, QK-03. I have contacted immediately a vendor, and asked reason had has received that unit in place of a one has ordered. I have received an immediate response of them that says that a QKK the model was a upgraded version of a one has ordered. Unconvinced For that, has asked information further in a QKK unit and has been pleased to receive for behind a vendor, in the series of emails, documentation that a unit had received was an equivalent of, and the version has improved apparently of, a a had ordered.
A terracing of service of client that a vendor resupplied, by means of his representative, Pleasant, was more impressive. It has answered all my questions and of the worries in the timely, courteous and professional way, comprising offering an immediate repayment was still any one has persuaded that it had received the projector each one has bitten like this very so much, or included better that, a one has ordered. To good sure highly would recommend him to any one looking to purchase they.
Has has used of a projector in the few occasions and do like this announced. Like this far, I am very pleased with him, that considers that I have known of one beginning that there it would be it all some capacity of the far unit more expensive. So much, finally, the shabby that has begun looked to be the question, is resulted to be the surprisingly good experience.
5 / 5
The picture is quite hard to direct in my opinion but I also want that I can listen well of a projector another that a sound is terrible!!
4 / 5
Has bought this to substitute an old plus QKK projector. A projector that has arrived treaty in a same likes one has substituted. The service of client has corrected a question to send me a projector that to good sure is a
Upgrade of the mine original QKK. It could not be happier, to good sure will use him again!

Top Customer Reviews: Native 1080P WiFi ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
It has put on the projector and screen in our coverage partorisca nights of the external film done a lot of years. I have substituted so only a projector of 5 years with east an and I can not believe the one who this utmost ! Two of some pictures have comprised is alfresco in daylight - although a screen is shaded, was still very brilliant outside and a picture was very clear and totally watchable. Once the dusk has gone around this in spite of, WOW was this something! Upgrading To full 1080p does the enormous difference, and a balance by heart is s the better WAY that my old projector. Such the shot adds also, hard to believe you can take this a lot of the projector adds partorisca like this economic!
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Among the really a lot spending chance and is decently compact, any heavy partorisca travelling. There is abundance of ports for you to use (tried HDMI, MicroSD, and USB) and all has done well. The quality of picture is quite clear although it will vary according to distance and can be regulated with some settings for colour. Has found settings by heart frescos to be more ideal but can vary of person the person. The majority of video has touched relatively well by means of MicroSD. The speakers are also a lot enough for a measure, swimming concealed will light the room but feasible if you do not have an external audio. It has not tried connection of telephone of the Wi-Fi, as it can not comment in that.

Has the little quirks with east, although there is never possess the projector previously to of the one of the east a so it can be subjective. One 1st subject smaller I opinion is that it is relatively strong while it is running, more probably because of a ventilation/of partidário that read and tends to take relatively warm, although at all serious. One 2nd subject is that there is some smaller entrance lag with HDMI for games, although it is quite minimum and does not affect action all that a lot. One 3rd subject involves video; the majority of MP4 the formats touch perfectly but there is the little in that an audio no (particularly works). Also it would owe that be remarked that a far control is not a better quality, quite light and all plastic. They are so only deducting .5 star in this reason am not totally sure yes is entirely normal.

In general, am very happy with a compraventa, especially of then is my projector of prime minister . Mostly I use it on an interior of ceiling a moment but will take the screen of projector in some point for this. To good sure can me see spend this around to camp and backyard activity! To good sure give it the shot if you are in a fence to purchase.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I have decided to try this projector to look film with. My space is not adapted really to the big TV to the equal that have begun to look in projectors. This little unit is order because it is brilliant. I posted my description of video of him with both some lights on and was and can say that it is brilliant. My wall is aim slowly and included still was like this almost like this brilliant like a TV FOCUSED. They are sure it has used you the screen of projector would be more brilliant that the TV.

A WiFi is a lot of reason are able to launch video of your telephone. I have used he with my Roku and has done well. It likes that there is the 5Of V port of USB that it was able to power my Roku with.

Has loved a chance to spend - is a lot cushioned and has retain straps to maintain he in. Also it comes with all some accessories would require - far, HDMI boss, boss to be able to and the composite adapter of boss (to connect camcorders, VCRs, DVD PLAYER, etc). The mine there is not coming with 2 AAA battery partorisca to some far likes him the mark sure have the pair around to use a far. It liked also of that has physical controls in a unit so it loses your far or does not have to that the batteries, calm still can control a projector.

In general the value adds and will be hosting nights of films with this little projector that sells the plot of light.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I am surprised in a quality and brightness of this projector! We take partorisca homeschool to look use and applications of sure video of astronomy but is choosing to look TV and film with this instead! A sound goes the strongest plot that had expected and a picture is clear. It is like this easy to applications of mirror of an iPhone. It is included easier that burst in a clave of fire and clock Disney+, Netflix, and Prevail video! (These no for simply mirroring precise a clave or another device to do this). Some boys are by train of the master and night of the films will not be never of the same.

Can see photo that a picture is very BRILLIANT and ossia during a daytime with one was light tall. When A light is on he is a quality of same picture. I am surprised. The one who would not require never buy dipped the TV of screen when I can project it on a wall (and a projection in a pic and the video is roughly 6 wide foot!!!).

Setup Has taken small simple - has taken literally more with a longitude to find a cord of extension as it could project of a mantle. They are like this happy with this product and like this happy have another toy for class and leisure!!!

Is doubting This compraventa or that tries to decide among the products would suggest is one all a way! It is SURPRISING!!!
5 / 5
[Up to date: July 2021]

has been contacted for DBPower with which have read my description. They have spoken roughly each one that like this of my points of down. Originally it would have given this projector the 3.5 stars (round down), but now moving my indication to 4 reason his service of client has achieved was to answer mine directly !

Are happy that was able to dip 4 stars because I want to reassert, this projector is really a lot considering his point of the prize and a fact is native 1080p ! For comparison, my projector of prime minister was 800x600 and $ 900, my second is 1280x800 and $ 700. This one to good sure the frames for the projector of prime minister adds for any curious in a technology.

Probably would have maintained he for some extra pixels, this in spite of has not beaten my current projector in anything more. A noise of defender was a @@subject a big plus for me – is not horrible for any half, but is not like this calm likes Casio (in both tone and decibel). All DBPower need to do is use the different defender with 1. Your low plus (the majority of entity) and 2. The decibels go down. As the one who other comparisons – the lumens looked on some same. A lack of controls of the image has not been the dealbreaker but would be good to have. I am spent apparently for big a functionality of zoom, as it has not been if it is OPTICAL or DIGITAL.

Finally, DBPower has mentioned would owe that be release the different model in some prójimos few months with more lumens, upgraded far, and the strongest volume. Down waiting for to see the on Amazon.

[Original-ish: June 2021]

am looking them to substitute my current Casio XJ-A240 (1280x800, 2500 ANSI Lumens), but this DBPower is not a a.

In general, this the amazing quantity of projector partorisca low $200 ! A chance to spend was really good and well has done. This in spite of in general, has not beaten out of Casio of 9 old years like the substitution of house. I think it that it would spend for outside, but precise more real lumens and the defender the calm plus.

Some short notes on some differences of entities:

BRIGHTNESS: Casio has 2500 lumens, this a 8000, but a DBPower is partorisca grieve more brilliant. And it could have been that is to be dip to the freshest tones that my setting of your warm current. I Also read the description that has said perhaps these new projectors are using the different method to calculate lumens (ie, informing the number the big plus). It would believe it

KEYSTONE/MARRIES: a keystone the correction is interesting – no digital at all (which is probably well!). It is it likes you are changing a tilt of a real LCD poster inside a car. So that that raisin is when it is rotated too much, an upper/fund of an image will begin to exit of house (compared to a horizontal centre).
Like this the d suggest the 'house' with a keystone first so that a whole image has equal acuteness, then do a final house with an adjustment of house. (keystone And the houses are afterwards to the each one like this another in a car)

IMAGE/of PAPER: a paper has a lot pocolos adjustments and lack that that would consider them some basic some, eg acuteness, contrast, etc. Has adjustment in Red, Green and Blue. An image is quite well, but looked to be missing of a depth/gamut of Casio. A resolution was main, but a quality has looked that takings when an image is oversharpened in Photoshop.

NOISE of PARTIDÁRIO: a noise of defender was stronger that Casio. Casio defender has the very your low plus, where a DBPower has had the tone the big more than him the hardest fact partorisca mask. This was probably a main shot-breaker for me.

Has comprised some images with a DBPower and Casio
5 / 5
has to that it initiates to say this projector has the picture adds. One of some pictures I posted has taken with the flash on and can see is projected in the by heart dark wall. I this to see the one who brilliant and clear a picture can be and has to that say this there is not disappointed.

A rest of some pictures has been taken on a same wall without the flash and can see a very clear picture. It is quite brilliant to use a lot of backdrop like the screen.

Has looked the film and has touched some NES and has done fantastic. After I go it to dip up with the screen of clear projector very like this background and look some films of plus on that. So only they are while in a screen has ordered to arrive and will be another night/of game of the film .

The projector Adds in the prize adds. One spends the chance and the accessories are a lot also. It comes with a hdmi and composite boss of entrance as well as the far control. A sound in this projector is quite strong also. I have not had any subject with listening some films or games as we touch.
4 / 5
A DBPOWER Q6 mini LCD projector of the video in my experience was easy to dip up and treaty so that it has announced. Right out of a box, was convenient to connect a device by means of the simple HDMI boss with my PC. You can then neither duplicate your screen of PC or use a projector like the second screen. Anything sees in a PC can be projected by means of a device. The multiple alternative entrances are available, comprising USB or Control of Screen.
Has has tried photo, youtube video, and PPT presentations. All was very visible in an announced 1920x1080 resolution, included during daylight, and projected in the wall structured beige. It would expect that using the white screen, or included the white wall like the fund certainly would resupply the pertinent fund to look, for example, the film for a long period without any tension of eye. A device has the small inner speaker that reads well in of the small spaces, but the external speakers can be connected by means of Bluetooth. A device is very calm, in fact there is hardly a lot noticeable noise at all.
Some settings in a device can be changed by means of keys of hardware or using some comprised far. Both works to the equal that has announced. Some far needs the clear line-of-dress this in spite of the elicit a function wished in a device.
4 / 5
There is take this description in context with a prize of this projector. Ossia The cost of low projector that it can you to him spends around or go in of the travesías with, use in a RV, etc. And not being too heartbroken when the tombs or leave he in a rain accidentally. Prpers Having said that, here is my thoughts .

The quality of picture is so only well. Wifi Screen mirroring in mine android was the little has bitten juddery in full film playback, but the powerpoint would be a lot of (static exposure), but with the boss of USB was so only well. It was still watchable this in spite of. Some instructions could use the retooling, but translations more Chinese is not that well to be just. Built-in the speaker is not meant partorisca to the theatre of house likes the sound but do a lot also. They have packed The plot of entrances to this so much could hook on just roughly anything!

The packaging was well, give the graces for an additional spending chance. In general it feels like the $ 100 projector, the little plasticky and creaky, but has to that suffice heft that are not also has concerned . Register when yours arrives calm so much can take a 12 guarantee of month. If something breaks, probably would be in a prime minister that you probably has taken your cost of money.

The cat has loved some video of bird in a wall!
5 / 5
Love this projector, or would have to that say that some boys love this projector and I want to him when being happy

My projector of amour of the boys-dances-time/ and this a, does not have that worry on some girls that strike of a table anymore and breaking a bulb. A bulb CONCENTRATED (yes, is a bulb FOCUSED !!!) It is the boy tried - unbreakable. Pair that with a built-in loudspeaker and some boys love for song and dances. An optical keystone slider is not a digital type, maintains a clear image and the free sprain in some flanges. Has 2 hdmi ports and a RGB. A built-in WiFi is a prize added, but prefer a hdmi connection as I do not owe that change wifi coverages when going in marries it to him of friends. Oh, yeah, Is portable also. In this point of prize and a game of boys, is to win he-win.
5 / 5
First of all to the left initiate me was to say that a DBPower the support is phenomenal.
Received it faulty first unit. It has had white flange around a whole image And could them does not take to direct perfectly in the way where could see clearly upper and half and fund. We send me to us the unit of the substitution without any one subjects.
A unit of substitution is perfect, any defect or any one subjects.

See some people mention that they could not take an image focused while directly, has owed in a defective unit also.
A new unit has received has directed to dip in a same location, take an image directly and he all home (sees my picture)

the colours are utmost, brightness is surprising and the quality is sum .
My leading projector was 720p, has had subjects to read text in the while on sofa. In this 1 no such subjects, after taking he in home, can read them so only well and really loves some pocolos dye and quality.
Are very surprised with this little projector, the work adds and better that has expected.

Now loves to remark that I have bought he with the $30 coupon out of an original prize and I would say concealed is the prize adds to pay for him.
Attended for him to have the first coupon of the buy and will not complain , if has subject, so only take the unit of substitution neither by means of the turn of substitutes & of amazon or DBPower RMA.

M Personally, am them very happy with this projector.

p.S. It is also calmer that mine old projector, any to plot, is still audible, but is to good sure calmer. And it remains good and cool too much! Has the dual heatsink (that I fresh need that brilliant CONCENTRATED (unsure is in fact 8000L but is certainly more brilliant that mine old 4000L projector))

Top Customer Reviews: WEWATCH V70 Native ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
5 / 5
Update: in some settings, that changes a proportion of appearance to 'point partorisca signal' disables reduction of noise, acuteness, and colours. It finalises partorisca do an image the most natural plot (but the bit has washed was). It is the a lot, image very better and highly recommends to do like this, but very entirely fixed my subjects with some colours.
Would owe that void a guarantee and change a COB inner FOCUSED.

Partorisca Reference, a cut FOCUSED on 31V with (34 x 34mm) in increasing holes. It looks white a lot of fresco to the equal that substitutes with the 6500k has DIRECTED estimated partorisca 150W. Running a common plus 100W DIRECTED in 31V would burn is gone in these currents. Desolder Bosses and apply thermal paste. It is hard to find parts, but am happy with some results of then can launch in my telephone. Again, this in your own risk.


Is 3.5 stars want launched, 4 has the laptop or have the way to do around some paints that usually it can not be solved in some settings.

One of a brilliant plus has DIRECTED LCD projectors have seen. Draws 140 watts. An only some have seen inside east joins of consumption partorisca be able to take LCDs is a Nexigo pj20/Byintek k25.

The image is clear but keystoning has the row has limited. So only it has 15 terracings of tilt. This does an a lot of clearer image in some corners that some usual some but partorisca me a backlight bled in some sides.

Is some 1080p 60fps with framing skipping the test that verifies it.

I colours are terrible in some red tones. He all the world has the bad sunburn. Unfortunately in some settings, maintained is greyed was. Any @subject to the equal that changes some currency by heart in some settings, is terrible. It would owe that use the chrome extension or the desk to transmission some red that improves tones of skin. I have not used the screen as I can not comment in a contrast, but looks decent in the white wall.

A projector is in a loudish, side of the yours low, as it does not annoy me . They look to use the (100x33mm) 12v blower defender for intake and the quite big (92x25mm) 12v axial defender as it exhausts of then is in a main measure. And this thing is enormous, but no too heavy. There is not any mountain for tripods (but the mountain of ceiling down some tampons of hule) and has the toneless plastic pogo stick to prop a thing. It would prefer one 1/4-20 rays.

Does not have any android YOU which is well and fusion of screen in mobile is well. It depends in wifi to the equal that would owe that be well to speak video of bosses and at all too serious, but found that personally stuttering while they are fiddling with my telephone.

Notes lateralmente: this has in a description the lcd (of then is like this big) which is quite big for the DIY 2k lcd poster to return, generally used for 3d printers of resin and telephones. It is not too farfetched to collect some parts for the DIY version how is brilliant and relatively calm with the lack of ready characteristics.

In general, is in a sale perpetuates for 135-155 USD to the equal that gives the plot of projector and a lot much more.
5 / 5
Ossia The mid-sized projector of video for home, office, or school use. A projector measured 12”x9”x5”. In a cup there is home and keystoning dials. Also it has keys to touch for selection of paper, volume, and controls of clue. In a behind is to put you for 3.5 mm audio, 3.5 mm AV, 2 USB Some ports, 2 HDMI ports, the VGA port, and power in. Also comprised in a box is the cord to be able to , a HDMI cord, a AV cord, the far, the together to locate rays, the cloth to polish, and the manual of paper. A projector has built-in screen mirroring in Wifi capacity and house Wifi connection. It can be trace very-side up in the table or shelf or to the rovescio of a ceiling. Also it has an enclosed car-was option.

I like a brilliant image of this projector. It is clear and easy to see, included in screens very big. A keystoning the controls are intuitive and work well. While a built-in of the works of the speaker COST for some video or of the presentations, for the theatre to house setup probably will want to connect the main speakers, perhaps with surrounding sound. Connecting this projector to my computer and DVD PLAYER was quite simple, for real discharges and game. In general, this projector would be the good election for the room of theatre of the house or the room.
5 / 5
Ossia The very good option for the projector of house. Some subjects of connectivities, but in general the very good addition to the experience of theatre of the house.

Partidário Calm. This projector is very calm. I want that calm almost can forget that it is running but does not take overheated.

Very light but sturdy. A house and everything is very light the doing easy to move around and take on a gone.

I colours are crisp and game of video without jumps or lags. I have used this projector in big and the decreases of the situations read and both have a lot crisp clear colours. I have regulated also a measure of a screen and could still the text read easily on screen in both phases. The video touch well without taking blurred earring of the bits of action.

Easy to connect the Wi-Fi and external devices. This projector comes with several cords to do that they connect to external devices the breeze. Dipping arrive Wi-Fi is also very easy and will leave you to screencast anything could require to in the mobile setting also.

His well. A sound is good and clear. It does not take tinny and included the notes subtiles is has relieved easily. A comprised far rule a volume a lot easily without the need the fiddle with adjustment of volume in yours portable or another device.

The fusion Of screen is spotty. An exposure of telephone will look so only well during fusion of the screen but the video usually do not transfer . This question can be solved to purchase a AV cord to directly link your telephone to a projector by means of one of a HDMI ports.

Corner peg is was centre. A push out of peg to augment a corner of a projector is dipped to a side in planting to be has centred. It causes a view of screen to be tilted never like this slightly. This is not the dealbreaker. So only the point to remark.

On all this projector is the value adds for some characteristic and facilitated of use. It is responsive to far mandates, brilliant picture, his of quality, a lot of ways to connect half comunicacionales to see. Highly it recommends to give it he casualidad the wow you.

( Would want to see yes come with the chance to spend someday)
4 / 5
A WEWATCH the projector is the projector to measure main but no too heavy or bulky and a sound and the quality of picture is very good. Of the instructions for both android and iOS the screen that launches well in a screen. Offered HDMI, AV, VGA, and hook of USB ups. It is compatible with computer, smartphone, and pills. You can speakers of his hook but they have to that be a wire fence some and cover them to a headphone port. It is also a lot that comes with the far to use with a projector.

Prejudices to film so only have taken the better whole plot!

A thing will remark, as with other projectors - if takings Netflix, Disney+, or another streaming services, a fusion of the screen will not do to touch streaming services. You will require to use the clave of fire, Chromecast, or to the to something likes that to of current by means of a projector.

Still although I have received this product by means of a program of Vine I always elements of description to the equal that have paid for them. If you look in mine other descriptions, will see that it does not estimate all big. My primary aim is to resupply my true thoughts on some produced and as it uses him so that another can do the most informed decision in his compraventa.

Has found this useful description, please click a key 'Useful'.
4 / 5
Is the projector is absolutely incredible. A quality of picture blew absolutely was, and has not gone included projecting he to the screen, so only my ash of wall! It was súper easy to direct, and has weighed the plot less than me has expected. Sleeve-up was the breeze. It was like this calm when it has turned in that has thought had not done the correctly! Mina another projector is like this calm strong ail you can listen anything the regime concealed of him.
The inner sound is BETTER WAY that could them any never has imagined. Any I still thinks will finalise to require an external speaker. Connecting it to the mine telephone and the computer was súper easy. I can not expect have Nights to Film this summer!!
4 / 5
Has selected this projector because of his capacity to connect in wifi and our need for a projector of office that could use for calls of conference of the crew. An idea is to have some the far participants have projected to a wall while in of the participants of office look a projection of the table of conference. A connection the wifi is quite easy but no simple and took some time to imagine was. Some instructions are a lot of sparce. Once connected, is easy to use. A brightness is a @@subject and has to that gone back of some his lights really frames out of a video (notes that has the windows of pair in our office but is still any one the brilliant room). So only I can direct roughly 80 of a screen with some external flanges (especially some subordinated) when being quite blurred. A speaker is also feeble and has to that connect to an external speaker for any quality. A projector is also bit it bulky for modern projectors. In general this projector is so only well. It can be filler HD but can very really say that it is of then he is not that brilliant and does not direct that well.
4 / 5
Is the mine surprises that the technology has improved in of the recent years in projectors. An old projector has bought 3 years ago so only has 3500 lumens and this one has alleged to have 20000 lumens brightness. Any precise to entirely dark a whole room to look, just need to dim a light. When Projecting to a same 120' screen, can say the significantly improved with the clearest details. Also it comes with characteristic of wireless connection with both Direct Wifi and house wifi subject of house of the street, no more messy bosses neither to to additional device likes chromecast streamer has required. A level of noise is also better that an old one with bit it more dissipation of heat with a slightly main temperature in a outlet of a defender, no too bad this in spite of. A measure is also main that an old a, but no for a lot. With all an improvement, has there is comfortably take my old projector.
4 / 5
I upgraded of the alike projector (resolution that's that of prize). This there has been the better picture (better brightness and contrast). Like the test recommends an inaugural paper of any of entity streaming service. Has the good mix of pictures and text. The units the economic plus will have the good house in a centre or of the flanges. The better units take it has very directed everywhere. Ossia One of these better units. A built in of the speakers have really his well.

Like more projectors in this space of product (level of resolution) does not use a lastest HDCP so much can any film of current and the iTunes of television purchased street and touched of the yours iPhone or iPad (this in spite of there is workarounds will not take to.

My nails and failure
The one who nails
1. Excellent picture
2. Uses the cord of power with an inner transformer. Calm does not need the brick of adapter of the power for this creature.
3. Speakers really good. I have not required to use my theatre of house or included the bluetooth speaker. It is good to exit of a box, which compares to: I can take this in some houses of friends that no active awesome theatre to house stereos, and he still his plus of quite good.
4. Good measure thus prize and space of product.

Where Failed

1. The majority of unit in this point of the prize come with the decent spending stock exchange. This unit there is at all in this consideration.
5 / 5
A good: it is calmer that has expected, is brilliant, is very economic. Ossia An extremely basic projector with the optical adjustment limited and options of entrance. With respecting to an optics, a keystone the adjustment so only does vertically and still then does not have any a lot of row. As such, these needs of projector have situated attentively. With respecting to some entrances, has the HDMI the entrance and he can launch of the telephone. Ossia Roughly that. I do not have any idea the one who bad for '5G'. An audio is kinda sad, but has the headphone jack.

Still with east has limited extremely capacity, are by train of the give four stars. I can it does not give five reasons this involves that it is like this as well as the projectors that is really well with a lot of capacity for aforar out of keystoning, can common without mirroring telephone it, etc.

These projects of what. Ossia All does. Very limited. Sometimes, ossia enough. I have ordered this projector to use for parties of external film. For that, is perfect reason takes a work done without work, does not feed me announcing, and does not concern me if any spill cervecero on that. In this prize, is easy to substitute. Given his prize, would not doubt to haul the anywhere the projector is required.

Top Customer Reviews: Mini Projector, PVO ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. As I have been that loves the small projector for the moment and after all some video on Facebook of the people that uses them and then looking the partner of mine uses the projector to touch systems of old game in the screen the big plus (i.et. A wall) has been sold. A projector is quell'has bitten main that my samsung telephone and is relatively calm. The ramped on a volume all a way and would have to that have any listened of the question that seats near stops. This in spite of himself calm require it stronger has the port of speaker. It comes with a av convertor the boss but does not come with a hdmi convertor boss. Also any discharges of lentil, begins up! They are totally happy with which some struggling and Youtube that looks that he exactly to the equal that have expected takes. I am pleased like this!
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. This was a product that am entirely happy to having invested in! One measures of a projector is wonderful! The plugged in mine Roku Ultra which is also HD and a quality of picture was utmost! Considering does not have any a lot of space of wall for projection, at present there is on 50” or so much and a picture is like this clear like the TV! For a prize, this was a awesome! Having USB and HDMI left to turn the small projector to the complete TV and fixes of sound! To good sure will recommend this product and continue use this mark for another electronics!
5 / 5
Absolutely want this projector! Really it is the good value for a prize. A picture is very clear, and is small and portable. It likes that I can move of him of room the room. This was the compraventa better that buying the TV. Especially reason I running everything in mine portable. Highly it recommends this by all the world.
4 / 5
An appearance is extraordinary, a hand feels a lot well, and looks well. It is a lot clear during a day when projecting. A following picture tip a real effect of any curtain that is drawn during a day. At night, an effect is comparable to this of the theatre. It is very clear. A wall learns of a picture is enough to match a regular theatre. An effect is glorious. , A sound is impacting. A real operation is simple and easy to comprise, easy to use,
5 / 5
has required the mini projector to dip on the web page of mine portable or iPad this interacts with the laser and the telephone of camera, but has not loved to spend the plot. I have found this projector, and looking spent one 'for boys' the marketing has found the PLOT to estimate packed to this little type. Now that has a projector, here is that it has found:

1. It can of the mine Ravpower powerbank perfectly. Any subject, so only plugged he in. That quota is concealed? Time for some video with a fam is gone in a forest.
1. It is small and light! Easily spent in the z/in the rucksack for this hike-in overnighters.
2. A brightness is to good sure much more that shines when powered of the wall outlet. Perhaps still 50 brilliant more. An a lot of noticeable difference, as it would recommend to use a wall outlet like this so it was possible. A next plus to the surface has dipped a projector, a plus that shines a picture will be, but also smaller. A next plus could take this to the wall this in spite of takes the picture has directed was roughly 2 feet, which has produced 1.5 picture of feet. But a brightness surprised to good sure!
3. A projector has the little speaker in a backside that can take really strong, in the good way. Obviously a lot he Bose stereo system, but done a work well without requiring an external speaker (although has the headphone jack for just such use it-wife, but any bluetooth connection). Utilisation a far control has comprised to regulate a volume.
4. A far control is a lot of responsive (and required for a lot of some options of the paper in some settings likes projector he not having up and down signal, so only left and rights). You will require 2 AAA battery for some far which are not comprised in this product.
5. There is the little mountain of ray (measured regulate) in a fund of a projector for the tripod. I recommend to choose on the small tripod, economic like a corner of projection can be has regulated easily. It maintains to import tho, has any keystone adjustment.
5. It has taken mine Roku Clave, Chromecast, and TV of Apple all to do by means of a HDMI port without @@subject. Again, so only plugged the in and has changed a source to HDMI. Looks And touches fantastic. And of any Chromecast or a TV of Apple was able to wirelessly has launched my iPhone and screens of iPad to a projector. Súper Convenient!
6. A quality of picture and brightness will not match the most expensive projector. Some flanges of a screen have projected was noticeably darker and mistier that a half, but swimming concealed among a way of a immersive experience once means it comunicacionales is touched. I have it that there is enjoyed really use this little type!

In general, can not beat a value and characteristic in this little projector. I mean, I adds, but if some boys fall it or hypothetically after the years of pair to do, is so only out of the fraction of a cost of typical projectors. Highly it recommends!
5 / 5
Was initially hesitant reason was like this economic, but was the big swipe and exited to add for the familiar 'walk-in' night during a pandemic.

Some boys am enjoyed really be able to look shows in a 'big screen'.

A sound was well for his entertainment and he have integrated seamlessly with a Roku.
5 / 5
Has bought this like the surprise for my husband for our chamber that is not very big but resists the bed of measure of the king and big side for dresser lateralmente. It has dipped a projector on on shelf on a backside of a bed to project in the wall of spatial in front of a bed and his perfect. It has given so only a picture of right measure for our room and no in pixelated. I have been able to hook on our boss and our clave to Shoot then look anything master, when I want to. They are happy has bought he instead of the flat screen regulates TV.
4 / 5
Am surprised for as add these products is for a prize! At the beginning, it was iffy roughly he because of a prize for the mini projector. But I gave it the shot, have absolutely any remorse and value each penny! The quality adds, built-in of the speakers, the product Adds in general! A++ Highly recommend
5 / 5
Like this easy to dip up. I think that that my net could have it done he. It has seated still to look his favourite show.
Is delivery the picture he big plus also, but I the small one to take this picture for the fast description
5 / 5
Like my works of brother for the company of enormous technology. I have sent an image of a projector in my wall and has had supposition a prize. It has guessed $ 250 or main. A quality is THAT well! If it could go back, I prob find one with bluetooth but really calm can not beat this prize! More to look at night time!