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Top Customer Reviews: Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
AMUR This lentil. I am the photographer of beginner , using the Rabies of Cannon T6. I have wanted my game with depth of field. This lentil is surprising for portrait and envelope next pictures. It IS so abordable and a sum of results of the quality. To well sure recommend was looking for a abordable, easy to use lentil in your game of photo.
5 / 5
The tan here is a description that thinks the plot of people is looking for. That marks one 50mm f/1.8 A lot of laws in the parameter of low light.
My experience, this lentil is epic . I bought it concretely to shoot lives of cases and was the ache in a butt that looks for during an internet that looks for descriptions in this subject. As I am doing he for more there that it was in a boat included so me.
Has attached the photo has taken of Ashley Monroe when was in L. This venue was black of key , the only lighting shined down in phase. If you go to shoot the lives of cases with this lentil expsita for the sper local darkness that f/3.5 was perfect. Calm then can tweak some parameters of ISO and what any one that bren the light is treating.
This photo has taken while it listens, was in Manual shooting, my parameters were F3.5 - My ISO in 1600.
This lentil adds in very clear way down below. He the direct fantastic work and taking a clear while it is by train to aim you your crosshairs right in your aim and you are able to line your I enough breathes slow in the shoot was 2 or 3 photos before exhale.
He Has an accident down in f/2 or f/1.8 will require you tri pod. But still with him tri to the pod does not think you would take utmost results in low light.
Expects this helps very there!
5 / 5
QUALITY of TEZ: first habladura Left in a quality of tez of this new lentil. One 50 STM has had the massive updates in this zone, and when being absolutely fantastic. Of a moment it chooses in a lentil, has known that it was the complete redesign of an old model, and sure necessity the.
In a backside a lentil now has the metallic mountain, something is so happy to see. Moure In a plastic mountain has augmented is weight slightly, but also a lot augments a longevity of this lentil. In a front has took it now 49mm nut of filter, which are included smaller that an old 52mm fil.et same to to the some things like them a AF/MF of the change has taken some updates. It IS no longer the small button in the these looks them could break them easily. Which are only to attach to see.

MESH of HOUSE: One of an old nifty fifty the era of worse parts is clean of house. It was small, fiddly and in a wrong posititon in an end of a lentil.
And felizmente in a new 50 stm is each state has changed. A point of new house is fantastic. A point of new house is very similar in an ones used in 24mm STM and one 40mm STM, and is wider now doing it very easy to pull house with. Something concealed was almost impossible to do in an old version. It IS still the house systematically of cape, but enough enjoys that these days. Any only that, but is now also the full time directs that way any plus that pauses a dulcemente when forgets to take he of Autofocus.

MACRO: It opens That is to say to well sure any one the I dulcemente concrete macro, but a zone in that update this lentil is is distance of minimum house, which bad can take you the small more afterwards in your subject. Where So in an old nifty fifty one more afterwards could take was 45cm was, now a new model can take photos of around 35cm. And you match up with the organism of sensor of the harvest like a Cannon 70d, a lot can take some bonos afterwards in of the shots with lentils before inverting in the solution of macro has consecrated.

BOKEH: It opens Included although a nifty fifty was the changes of lentil, still produced some fantastic images with the very superficial depth of field. It IS bokeh was the small monkey even so so that it only has 5 cover of inaugural. In a new 50 stm this has been now updated in 7 ploughing rounded the cover and I have found these products some lovely bokeh. It IS very smooth and very creamy, and so that it is not the cute form, is also very so it distracts. It opens In me it is not the enormous roads so that I have not imported an old 50 bokeh form, but the supposition is the update of sake .

AUTOFOCUS: Of course one of some changes some the big new plus in this lentil is an inclusion of a STM or stepping engine. Opened has used it one 24 stm, 40 stm, 18-135 stm and has been impressed with them everything. And safely I can say one 50mm STM is also, is very fast and snappy and the massive updates of an old version.

QUALITY of IMAGE And SAMPLES: As it is each sake and well for tongue in a lentil, but always thinks is good to take the look in the few images of sample to see only that this good. Please taken the look in some semi-detached images in this description to see. Of my testing has to say has so been impressed with this lentil. Especially for $ 125.

A bokeh the fantastic looks, chromatic aberation has very been reduced compared in an old version, and vignetting he almost very existent.
Once attack it down in around f2.8 This lentil is quite so acute while you would take for any lentil around this field of prize.
The colours are handled very well also and very can burst taken the in some right conditions.

The tan in general has has wanted to one nine 50 STM, what the brilliant lentil.
5 / 5
This lentil blew me absolutely was. Has a Cannon f/1.2l and used to has a f/1.4 and has taken simply this to see if a STM the version was an improvement of an original nifty fifty. A lentil now has the mountain of metal, which give it an each better look and bit it more sturdiness in a hand. It IS still quite 'plasticky', but is paying $ 125 for him, which more amours? Power of wise action 100% guarantee will see little in any one when it differentiates compared in a f/1.4, to well sure any one the $ 200 difference! An only difference is that apresamientos not even the averages the decree more than light. If you are teetering on yes to take a f/1.4 or this lentil. It takes this lentil. It can not look so enough or aesthetically pleasing what f/1.4, but will take some same results, and is impressive. I will not go so far to say is better that 1.2l, but does not think will find to require any necessity to update, anything, unless has a occupancy concealed nicknamed in. It does not forget to do micro adjustments with your lenses, this behind directed so much has to adjust he in -5.

Update 6/26/18: it has had this lentil during 2 years now and the still support for each go says on! So that this lentil is so clear always has in my stock exchange and the plot of a time, in my camera. Versatile madman and still acute 2 years later.
5 / 5
The POINTS UNDERLINED: quality of excellent image, factor of compact form and abordable value, but with few concessions in building and AF action.

EDIFICE: Slightly smaller and heavier that an anterior model, EF 50 1.8 II, aka nifty-fifty, but with significantly of quality of tez better. The improvements comprise mountain of metal, barrel more robust and AF/MF change, point of the house the big plus, grippy calms arrived and stepping engine (STM). Alas, has a measure of odd filter, 49mm, more concealed 52 or 58mm common in lenses of small Cannon.

OPTIC QUALITY: it is a same optic formula like nifty-fifty, but with tweaks in coatings of dulcemente and qualified closely of the house has improved. Wide open it is tack frame of acute centre, more acute that my nifty-fifty. The corners in full frame, p. p.ej., 6D, is darker and softer that centres but equalise for F2.8. In APS-C cameras, p. p.ej., 70D and Rebel, there little is darkening of corner or sweetness since almost the averages a circle of image is cut was. Optimum To the acuteness is in F5.6. Chromatic aberration (CA) is soft and reduced in a nifty-fifty. Down, the quality of image is wide opened excellent, included better prendido down and a ups a nifty-fifty in both acuteness and control of CA.

BOKEH: I want a soft whirl of the defocused deep, and this diaphragm of seven covers do not disappoint , representing smooth bokeh and pleasantly around specular the points underlined. A smooth bokeh has remained with nailing the frames of acute centre really pop of subjects of the mark in the beginning the big plus. This to the lentil of portrait adds!

Speed of HOUSE of the CART and the reliability is notably better that a nifty-fifty. It IS accurate and seldom loses same house in low light. The houses are achieved by extension of element of the front (barrel nested. A STM the engine is calmer that an anterior model, albeit any one totally silent.

MARRIES of VIDEO in the 70D is not so hurriedly so STM zooms but buttery smooth and utmost for touchscreen the attractions and The Film Save. Noise of home, while low volume, has been recorded by mine 70D is built-in mic during clips of calm video. A workaround is to use an external mic or prefocus.

The MANUAL HOUSES are houses -for-cape: a simply active point an engine of house and is not mechanically coupled in a lentil. The manual houses are smooth, but the control is not also like the mechanical point. A MF the point is thin but wider that a nifty-fifty point and has planted better. That USM slowly, has Manual of exclusive Devotion (FTM), leaving AF override without flipping the change: simply visit a MF point. The difference of USM slow, FTM is only active when a shutter the button is half-has depressed.

HOOD: A groove in a barrel is for a Cannon THIS-68, closing hood of bayonet. It attaches in an external barrel, protecting a protruding inner barrel of clave and frontal impact. It IS pricy but the interesting inversion. Update (8/16/2015): A JJC LH-68, the clone of one EAST-68, is now available in less than half a cost of OEM.

FINAL BLURB: A natural perspective and the fast inaugural mark an EF 50 1.8 STM ideal for low light, trip and photograph callejera with the camera of full frame (6D). In the cropper, p. p.ej., it rebels or 70D, is the low telephoto and perfect for portraits, phase and inner sports. The cannon has taken well with this redesign: accurate and snappy AF, tez robust and, more significantly, vivid and acute images wide open.
5 / 5
That is to say the must has lentil for your stock exchange of camera. A dulcemente comes with protective coverages for both finals. State taking shots of excellent portrait with him and he are basically the mine goes-in of the lentils for photograph callejera. Have Almost be with a f/1.4 but personally could not find the big quite difference among a two for the that mark. This lentil is the slow plus bit to direct that a f/1.4 and an engine is stronger but with photograph of portrait that marks any difference in me. If you are doing video with this lentil an external mic would have to delete some sounds of an engine. One of some better things in a lentil are some amazing bokeh the effects concealed has been able to produce (this blurry backdrop/foreground) and that marks for some awesome shots. Again a STM is the strong bit and a house the slow bit but for a prize and a quality of this lentil, is totally justifiable. It uses this in some Rabies of Cannon T6i. If you are the Youtuber, that is to say the lentil adds while yours the camera is trace in the tripod, any so for walk around vlogging. Quan Video to shoot that uses autofocus in all the case. If you are the portrait shooter, will want this lentil and he surely will result one of your favourites! If you have found my useful description, please left to know me! Happy shooting!
5 / 5
I have ordered only this lentil and I have tried was immediately!! I am the photographer of portrait and there is has had always he 50mm 1.8 in my stock exchange! My old one more has been fallen and he so need the nine a! I am so pleased with a new STM version!! GORG Colored, Images of crisp!
5 / 5
I am the novice . You grieve it is so to do the camera, and recently learnt in some roads of different camera my dslr has to look the pair youtube videos. Also, I have bought my lentil renewed of a web of place of Cannon, was the small plus bit cheap, around $ 90, but taken the week to take in me. That is to say my first lentil that has not coming with an organism of camera, and my first lentil of premier.
Likes him said before, does not know very much more or fewer photographs, as it takes my thoughts with the grain of salt. In in Some people to any one likes him the to them a quality of tez in this lentil so that it is plastic with the mountain of metal, but these ways that is also clear. Quan Am in the trip in the some place, does not want to lug around the heavy camera and the lentil weighed on him, then , wants that that is to say plastic. It has not taking this lentil of my camera took it since, and has taken much more pictures then never have before.
So, has discovered that my camera 70D is the camera of sensor of the harvest, and these ways that this 50mm the lentil is more as 80mm in the camera of sensor of the harvest. If I want to it 50mm focal period, would have to buy the 35mm dulcemente. All these numbers material doesnt quantity in a lot of for me. In a still taken end adds to look pictures, and was the prize adds . I have taken this lentil in Yosemite with me, and think that takes photos of good landscape as well as photos of portrait. A a problem has with this lentil remained with my sensor of harvest is that I have to behind in the roads to return that it wants to I a picture. If I am in the small room has to take creative to do an interesting composition quite then having a luxury to take each in and perhaps that it cut later.
5 / 5
I go for earnest the be when has bought in the first place this was still the small to use to my another the lentil and bit it spoilt but after in fact take in a street with this creature... I am enamoured! This am adds for portraits and of the newspapers in general! Calm oblige you to move around the plus and bit to add for drops of clear situations!
5 / 5
Absolutely I HATE a fact that this lentil is also for a prize. It IS the lentil of door & now I am compraventa for more.

That is to say the fantastic everywhere dulcemente for the new so that photographers & old. I am the new mark in a pastime (headed in December 2017) & has the plot to learn to do. That is to say now my gone in of the lentils for Bokeh (blurry) shots, portraits, & landscapes.

A Cart-the houses are quite hurriedly. Of course it has faster there but any one to arrive to this point of prize. A quality of image is clear. A dulcemente is not so big that he problems any & a weight is properly in my opinion.

Has purchased only a ND the filters also so much can touch with shots of exposure.

In general.... I am enamoured!

Top Customer Reviews: 52MM 0.43x Altura ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Partorisca A prize around 30 bucks and comparing it to another in a prize still gives it 5 stars. Now yes calm compare it to the 300 dollar of the lentil of hundred would give it 2 stars. This is not a lentil partorisca a pair or professional photographer, means to come on is 30 bucks that thinks? It is partorisca to the people the like any photograph but is in the estimativa. If I have had of the money of course would buy expensive some but concealed is not an option. There is remarked blurry flanges around some photos of landscape that can be cropped was. All can say is that partorisca 1/10th a prize can take some shots of good wide corner. In general a lot happy with a lentil.
4 / 5
So that that takes partorisca 28 bucks?
Are the pro and has thought would give them this come from that before the gone and drop 5 big in the lentil of real wide corner.
A Good:

glass Quite well for a money, in a pic with a rim of boss of my readers a glass is quite clear, better that has expected them for a money for a macro only part. The data is dipping another discharge of glass among your @@@subject and a sensor could see them use this from time to time. He disorder with a AF the little have changed like this to MF and has moved simply a box of camera more next has taken them a point of home has loved.

Does not take the plot of light was.

Regarding a wide corner, well is well. If I zoom on the small to take touched of of a vignetting looks to have mostly the May of usable zone......

Now for a Bad:

Some drops of home was severely around some external flanges and has some aberrations to paint to contend with to the long of some flanges also. My pics has a-cropped/uncorrected, cropped/uncorrected, useable cropped/uncorrected, a-cropped/corrected in 18-55 and finally a-cropped/has corrected to use a cannon 8mm correction in season PS CS6. You can judge for calm. Like the pro I toss this in a stock exchange and I could see use he in a unrestrained situation of harvest but is the utility is limited in 16:9 harvest.

Likes it has said, for 28 bucks the one who a hell, a macro laws quite well, a glass are adds for a money and he could go in handy in some situations.
5 / 5
In the first place was, possesses the Cannon rebels T6 and a lentil has purchased was one 58 MM. One first lentil has received has had the defect and was a wrong measure. I have ordered the new lentil in a correct measure and there is not any defect. Highly it would recommend this lentil mainly for a macro portion of lentil of that was a reason for my compraventa. A lentil of wide corner is also well, but will be used less than a macro lentil he. Has has has attached photo of a lentil broken as well as a no broken lentil. I have it quell'has attached also the few photos of perspective of grain of caffè that use a macro lentil. Again, I have purchased this lentil with some intentions for macro photographers like the beginner, no because of a wide corner. An attaches of the lentil is the little has weighed that say that that is to do out of sturdy material. Other descriptions declare that this lentil is too much heavy, doing a zoom of car or house to not doing properly, weighing down a lentil of organism. I disagree! It has attached this mine of lentil regulates 55 mm lentil as well as mine 75-300 mm the lentil and he have not weighed down some properties maquinales of any lentil. I seat a macro the lentil for him creates the good-looking depth of field and aims true colours. A lentil of wide corner is to good sure any meaning partorisca on next photograph, of course. I have tried it uses the to take the different depth of field in the photo of some grain of caffè, but a wide lentil has blocked my flash in my Cannon rebels T6, doing for the shadow in a fund of a photo. In general, I suggest this lentil for any beginner that wants to develop his first file, if the be for the hobby, or to start with on his subject own. For a prize, this element is to fly it.
4 / 5
52MM Date the Professional photo HD the Wide corner is another sum of economic addition to your train. It is a lot resembled a Photo of Height 52MM Fisheye Lentil of Wide Corner with an obvious difference. Both lenses action basically some weaknesses and same forces. With a Macro and a Wide corner combo, can take a lot of width or a lot together. I remark less sprain in a wide corner that a fisheye, but ossia to be expected in my opinion. Both lenses suffers drop of home has gone around some flanges and there is the curve of light learning. As with a fisheye, a Wide corner comes with the detachable macro portion that can be used for separate of a wide corner. There is the something sweet for a Macro, calm so only has to that tinker with him bit it. It has attached the pair snapshots with an annex of wide corner in mine Nikon D3300 and a stock 18-55 lentils.

Agrees, is paying 20-30 bucks partorisca to this lentil likes opposed the hundreds or thousands was. In my opinion, takings much more that stops of has paid. In general, ossia attaches to add and do like this has to that. It is abordable, useful, well in that has it around when calm the precise and does not take on too spatial. The mine has come with discharges he for both ends and the "leatherish" spending stock exchange. It would recommend this product and I would buy it again.

-sturdy And well does
-works a lot (with the pocola practical)
-easily attaches to lentil
-adds the good effect to your photos
-macro the lentil can be used without a Wide corner
-comes with discharge and the chance

-drop of home is gone in of the flanges

Adds spent
the quality Adds for a prize
the election Adds for level/of half beginner
5 / 5
has Purchased this element that believes it would reduce effective focal period stops .43x, turning the 50mm to the lentil to something likes (the nominal focal period is often a lot precise and transmission with directs to breathe like this really there is not quite a lot of precision there to justify an use of decimals, but I digress)

for the use there is it remarked there is considerably less effect that that .42x fisheye the adapter has purchased some time in a prompt 2000 is, likes I the few tests. Comparing a field of view of the 50mm the lentil instrumented with this adapter to the 28mm lentil, has found a 28mm the lentil was in fact wider. Quell'Concealed would not owe that be so much! I have then compared 50mm + adapter setup to the 35mm lentil, and a field to see so only roughly there is matched perfectly. To convert 50mm to 35mm requires the .7x adaptadora, which is the one who these falsely has announced the products is.

Multiplying stops .7 Also it can be approximated to divide for , which is where thinks that can'goes screwed on and taken one of-- could have has embezzled accidentally 1 of in planting to divide 1 for to convert a divisor to the factor of multiplication. Or they could be lying frankly and guessing any one would take that big an error, but ossia a difference among being grieves wide corner in 35mm and ultrawide in around 22mm and has the enormous impact in an appearance of photo and video.

All this has said, a quality of this product looks quite decent. He edges in smoothly, is built of solid metal, and has a lot of little chromatic aberration. I have tried it has included on he telephoto lentil of zoom for fun, so only to see yes could relieve any significant chromatic questions that would be it hard to something in the lentil of normal period, but any one could be seen first of an image is result too soft to be usable-- and in spite of mark of people of the claims in products like this when being 'zoom by means of' still camcorder use, is not advisable to use anything like this for anything in any side of the 'normal' focal period. Too wide and will see some tug of flanges to a frame (roughly 35mm equivalent of of the east of the full frame where can see you something black in some corners, and worsens of there that) and any plus along that 50mm the equivalent begins to attack a purpose of the adapter of wide corner. (Like any of some descriptions that mentions the black corners already are using the corner the wide plus that that can be achieved to dip this in the lentil of normal focal period-- no his use has feigned, and no the defect with a product.)

This in spite of, in spite of being in fact quite usable, can not recommend purchasing any product that misrepresents he. Anything of this character that announces as 'HD,' 'digital,' or 'professional,' tries mimic an appearance of Cannon or Nikon optical to comprise the red or gold colored coverage, or mentions autofocus is launching arrive some ENORMOUS red flags that is deliberately deceptive. It had expected still it does for my purposes, but he to good sure no.
5 / 5
Inferior line: Ossia one adds-in of the lentils, the meaning attaches to a lentil to exist to augment is focal period . If you are in the estimativa, new to photograph, and does not import of the chromatic aberrations and vignetting, takes this. You can enjoy he with limitation. If there is $ 100+ to spend buy the true fisheye the lentil and you will take 45+ image more than east.

Adds some perspective of wide corner to your images but is not one alleges. If I comprise that correctly then it would owe that do mine 18mm lentil to the lense, this in spite of, has the lentil and he is not even near. My real fisheye takes 45 image more. It sees images for the comparison against the fisheye lentil of wide corner.
Macro Do except is limited.
For a prize are well with some limitations. I will use it.
Some reviewers has said a quality of build is bad, but have fallen mine almost 4 feet on tile flooring and has not had any harm. It looks solid mine .

-The wide corner is not like this so it alleges. If I comprise a correctly then would owe that do mine 18mm lentil to the lense, this in spite of, has the lentil and he is not even near. It sees images for the comparison against the fisheye lentil of wide corner.
The causes of lentil of the chromatic aberrations.
-Heavy vignetting in some corners. Calm literally can see some flanges of a lentil in an image anywhere down 24mm. You can it collects an image to take a vignetting but then finalise to lose the plot of an image.
-Chromatic aberration
5 / 5
Really having entertainment with this macro-fisheye lentil , im no the professional photographer the so only wants to take pictures n this lentil helps yours the camera takes pictures a lot well for a prize, a quality of some materials in a lentil are in qualities a lot well for my flavour and his metal with the heavy glass lense the frames feels likes the most expensive lentil. It has bought also other products of this vendor and im very satisfied with each element only has bought they im a lot Please. N Here r some pic has taken them with this lense.
5 / 5
So only the beginner, like this initially, liked a prize. Read some other descriptions and decided for the take. Taken the originally for a wide corner, but have fallen enamoured with a micro lentil! Amur That among the small pouch with the cloth of more cleaned. I use it on my cannon rebels t5. Doing the 365 challenge of photo, wanting to all some photo have taken with him like this far!
5 / 5
Like the Realtor often has to that take shots in of the small rooms like this of the baths. This leave to take one shot with quite wide to have sense to a spectator.
5 / 5
Result of the product does not match a description, there is not any difference in quality to draw/of the picture with a lentil vs to normal lentil.unvosotros The pictures am exited with the outline of round. I any recomend. I have contacted a company and a Cust. Srvc Was better that a product. Offered to substitute produced and give repayment. To the Another thing did not like was asked by a comp. To update my description and indication of star. It would not be so only to other clients I lied.

Top Customer Reviews: Canon EF-S 24mm ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
At present it shoots mostly with a cannon 50mm 1.4. Wait for something more compresses that it was adds to launch in the rucksack for the day hiked, or at least only something less bulky. I have imagined with the 80 lentils, if it was VAL only would not be also quite depressed the. He been impressed constantly with this thing, and foresee this be so vital the cog in my arsenal of photo while it has been mine 50 mm. Yes, it is compact, in fact access in the pouch of zip in my daypack that anteriorly has to separate a lentil of a camera to be able of the accommodate everything. It IS wide, and very can take a scenery while I have comprised in some beaks have taken, and has a same adds bokeh effect with the fast 2.8 that ploughed that mine 50mm has (well very So, but well nevertheless), which fly and need. One surprises done any one gives was concealed has such capacities of utmost macro, bad is likes him 2 inches of a subject and house well in in the, bam. I can not say so thrilled is to have such the multitasker for my adventures, can take the picture of the odd insect, enough flower, and take a good and wide decadence, or the portrait of the person. I crave, any NECESSITY multitaskers in my train, is not the professional, and I like my dollar to extend so far and wide while it can. I am very happy with him so far. A quality of image me assembla to be very good. A autofocus is hurriedly, work very good same in the clearest situations down. Yes, there is the few things defer in mine 50mm 1.4, but these two together me it photographer very happy.
5 / 5
These laws of him dulcemente adds in my harvest-sensor DLSR. I have purchased also he 50mm f/that 1.8 had expected uses for some portrays, but has done to any to give what next would pose me in him in my subject with the harvest-sensor. One 24mm f/the 2.8 go me well to pose dondequiera when being. It IS the walk very -around lentils, but sometimes loses a flexibility of the lentil of zoom - particularly when the picture subjects that movement around the plot as of the pets and of boys. Zooming With my feet are not hurriedly quite when it is kneeling down to take in a height of my subject. It IS much easier to use inner that one 50mm! Shots of lame crisp with the decent quantity of bokeh when has wanted. 2.8 Ploughing left me pause down to take utmost shots in low light, also. For a prize, is the fantastic lentil . And falling a weight and measure of my low camera in something does very the import this spends the whole day very the time is priceless!
5 / 5
It IS only the sum of small lentil likes another has said. Work well for astrophotography. A small quantity of comma wide open but has prendido down in f4 am adds.
5 / 5
That is to say quite simply a better lentil has not possessed never. It IS a perfect fov for 90% of any shot of portrait (the popular Cannon 50mm serves that purpose for me) and is very fast. Often I go 100 ISO and 1/2000 - 1/4000 in a shutter and find me prendiendo drops to water mid splash and wheels of unemployed cart in speed of road.

The Also has the wonderful profession listens enough it. Sper Robust listens with the fast house that few errors of mark in difference of one 50mm. Also he he yours the camera listens tiny state because of this pancake low profile. Cannon Of excellent work.
5 / 5
Lovers of pancake of the attention: while not doing so splashy to an entrance likes him EF of Cannon 40mm f/2.8 STM Slow, one 24mm EF-S is the terrific addition in your arsenal of lentils. In the nutshell, one 24mm STM the pancake provides excellent optician in the focal period highly usable, encased in the quality the compact frame that mark easterly an ideal walk-around abord for sensors of harvest. Here it is the pause -under the reasons why think you would have to possess this:

-FOCAL PERIOD: 24mm in sensor of harvest(Cannon t4i, t5i, t6i, t6s, 70D, 7D), an effective focal period is 38mm, which are a measure of excellent frame for general everywhere pushes. (Like this I think that this of dulcemente marks for sensors to harvest what a 40mm done for full frame.). One 40mm the pancake is only too narrow in a sensor of harvest like the lentil of general purpose that the difficult fact to take inner photos ( will back until walling was).

-INAUGURAL: the inaugural is what f2.8 it IS the fullest decree big that a f-prendida in of the lentils of boxes 18-55mm in a amounting 24mm (takes a minimum of lentils of the box of f3.5 it IS only available on in 18mm and increases while you augment focal period). In this way one 24mm the pancake rids better bokeh thru the smallest depth of field to separate your subject of a fund. Also the left ignites more adds for better inner pictures without flashing. Importing, while a f2.8 it IS a same in so much a 24mm and 40mm pancakes, a DIFFERENCE to measure to plough it compared with a lentil of boxes is much more attaches in a 40mm (f5.0 In of the lentils of boxes in 40mm and f3.5 24mm). This does a more relative improvement sum in a 40mm that in a 24mm, but still the good improvement in of the lentils of boxes.

-MEASURE: PETIT! Yes, that is to say probably a number 1 reason this lentil is of interest. That well is the bulky DSLR that any raisin ? He trims A spatial in this incredible measure and you are more probably to spend he with you!

-CHARACTERISTIC OPTICIAN: optician of Quality, the cannon does not disappoint here: Excellent acuteness, chromatic minimum abberation, any significant vignetting. You are taking the a lot of very slow!

-MECHANISM of HOUSE: it uses a STM stepping automotive, while no so quickly or calm likes him a lot an another slow of a STM classifies, is still an improvement in any-STM slow. Also it has exclusive devotion manual house.

-DISTANCE of MINIMUM HOUSE: the distance of Minimum house is 6' how can be it used like the semi-slow of macro. (Voice my video for prjimo ups)

-QUALITY of TEZ: Excellent edifice. Has a same big quality exact frame, durable, the mountain of metal and be solid likes 40mm pancake. To well sure a lentil will last the long time.

-MEASURED of FILTER: diameter to filter Petit 52mm, left you to purchase better filters for less than money.

-COST: In $ 150, it is an incredible subject . (Note: there are several vendors touching far more utmost that a prize that details. If a prize of Amazon is big, expects the day or two to order like the typical vendors replenish his stocks.)

-STABILISATION of IMAGE: These lacks of him dulcemente EAST. Felizmente In focal period a low plus, can take for with the speed of shutter faster to achieve good hand-the results have lined.

-FACTOR of FORM: That is to say an EF -S slow (remarks a WHITE place) the way is only for Canons of sensor to harvest it (t5i, 70D, 7D and his predecessors) and no in Canons of sensors of full frame (1D, 5D, 6D). Therefore a lentil any one 'cross-on' decide update in a future. One 40mm pancake as it is a lentil of EF (remarks a RED point).

-MECHANISM of HOUSE: No the enormous roads but, so that it is 'the house wired', requires power to use a point of home

-MANUAL INDICATORS: Any indicators of house of distance. Frankly any one the big roads.

5 Stars. The calm will not be disappointed with this lentil!
5 / 5
An excellent addition in the arsenal of any photographer - If you are pro, only begin was, or advanced in a point where is ready to spill a lentil of boxes that is coming with your Rebel, this lentil is an excellent election . In 24mm (38mm in APS-C or Cameras 'Cut' of Sensor) this the fact an equivalent of the 35mm slow, which are some excellent 'workhorse' or everywhere dulcemente for general use - the versatility is a key here, so enough can use this lentil for more than situations. It do not scare it it go he for a fact that is not the slow portrait 'true' - This will take portraits only well, unless you are the photographer of the professional portrait any one goes to be postponed by some images that these cranks of dulcemente was. With tuning fine parameters of camera (beginnings of road of automobile) can enhance a capacity of this dulcemente even more.

IS small, compact and clear measure the one lentil of ideal trip, for when wants crank out of beaks but does not want to lug a lentil of weight of the advantage around. Discreet to photograph callejera frank, prefers to use this in mine 50mm for shots callejeros frank while has more headroom to do with as well as soiled extra for composition or that the courts later yes has required.

Landscapes, fence up, work of portrait, photograph/at night of the star, this dulcemente will not disappoint . Perfecto for does inner/tight rooms where taking all the world in a shot can be the challenge. For which do not know what the picture is and has bought a DSLR to shoot video, that is to say the good lentil to do to film also. Work very smooth with the film of the cannon Saves AF system - is not totally silent, maintains that in of the imports, but is using the shotgun or offboard mic the very when being no the problem at all - Onboard mic + manual house and does not have any very subject - Products acute images as well as the decent superficial depth of field - Def no the L the serious portrait consecrated, but for those of us that can not buy to lentil for each possible photo op, that is to say a next better thing . If has a level 18-55mm and the telephoto dulcemente of boxes, that is to say a next brother to take house.

24mm IS quite wide, but is not the true 'wide angle' dulcemente - The all depend in your necessities. If you were in a piece for the good lentil to take photos of the urban nails, while this would do I prob say you to save your cash up for the 10-18mm wide angle - would be to take pressed to go with one 40mm twins of of the this for the most next work when possesses the nifty fifty, but is everything in estimativas and personal flavours. For general of daily photograph, people and places, that is to say one of some upper elections - when being he for film or of the still images.
4 / 5
The lentil of estimativa adds.... I use in 7d marks ll.. For a prize his quite well in dim inner light low and alfresco recommends this len is. Quan Can update calm in better lenes like a pro line of red point up he. But until then this lentil can take calm stops. No in strait and no in width. Here it is the pair of apresamiento beaks that would look to plot dimmer with the slow watering of boxes
5 / 5
I am so happy bought this lentil.

Has begun to shoot only primes so that I hate a noise by heart of low light of my lentil of zoom. The happy tan I this! If it only have EF of the angle the cheap wide plus-S slow. I want to take my hands in the 17mm ~prime.

My Tamron 17-50mm f/the 2.8 is one of a better walk around zooms for EF-S, but in some same parameters, my primes are issue more acute and more brilliant. I think my zoom (or zooms in general?) Has the big more t decree (less light coming through in ISO and of the same parameters) has compared in my primes.

Before taking this 24mm, my another prepares is the Cannon 50mm f/1.8 and Sigma 30mm f/1.4. They are so acute and clears in the low light compared in my Tamron zoom. Shot in this theatre of the comedy often is lives of theatre , as it does not have any control on igniting, does not have any control in the movement of some actors , and does not know what a dramatise will be during a show. Precise fast lenses. Some basses of results of the light of my Tamron the zoom me so unhappy. They have not been so acute and clear how mine 50 and 30mm primes. I have to take the prime of wide angle.

This EF of Cannon S 24mm the lentil of pancake is BRONZED well! I am very happy with him. It leaves in the plot of light like my another dulcemente of Cannon. (My Sigma t-the decree is not so down so compared in 50 and 24mm slow but is still very good. Active there was also a Sigma 30mm for three times while my Cannon 50mm, so that I had me perhaps a Sigma the time of the probably done pair the difference :-or)

in all the case, yes want the cheap wide angle, takes this lentil. It IS wonderful!
5 / 5
Seriously I want this lentil! Has the little Sigma slow and wants to those, but is only so gosh darn heavy. Somehow always I find me return in this small lentil of pancake. One 38mm he equivalen of the focal period is pleasing in an eye and all the still looks have provided. With him being it tad wider that 50mm, can find you taking very creative with your composition and of the shots, he so versatile. That is to say in fact a wider lentil I own and fulfilling the laws add for same landscapes although his no thaaaat wide. In f/2.8 is acute, at all to complain- quite. In f/4 sound a volume of acute plus, and around f/16 is when begins to the fall was. One highland the picture is in f/4 and a beach is wide open in f/2.8. It does not forget to do micro adjustments with your lenses, this behind directed so much has to adjust he in -3.
5 / 5
I have chosen in this lentil how can film it my videos of gardening in mine 70D Cannon EOS 70D Digital SLR Cambra (the Only organism) without a strong autofocus the noise has taken of any-STM slow. Work very good and tones amiably. Although he the the small except his, is not chosen up in my shotgun MUNTADA mic is Trace VMPR VideoMic Pro R with Rycote will read Shockmountat all, in difference of an old more very-STM the lenses has inherited of the fellow old EOS Unruly. Curiously, also it takes enough very prjimo-in of the shots (voices the images are publishing with this description). It has attached also the Tiffen 52mm UV HTTP of filter://www.amazon.com/gp/producte/b00004zcjg/ref=how_him_ss_tl?it redirect=some&ref_=cm_cr_ryp_prd_ttl_only_1&linkcode=ll1&etiquette=florisurvigar-20&linkid=bd73a305a0dcc6e8b141347e4af2d312 to protect a lentil. Quite impressed everywhere - dulcemente small add with the very low profile. It buys this again in the heartbeat.

Top Customer Reviews: Fotodiox Pro ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
These shows of video that to use a Fotodiox Cannon EOS Tube of Macro of Extension for Next Say-up.
4 / 5
My partner has wanted in the photograph and she have wanted to to update of his older Rebels T1i in the newest camera and is gone with one Rebels T5 that was for sale. It IS ecstatic when voice what wonderful my pictures exited when shot in the Panasonic G7 and with the oldest cannon FD the lenses this uses the focal reducer.

Has taken this adapter to go with his Rebel T5 and has matched he with the Cannon of vintage FD 50mm dulcemente f1.8. We remark the plot of haziness and sweetness in f1.8. I thought it can be it a dulcemente he, perhaps fungus or rests. Thoroughly We Verify a dulcemente and was supremely clean, almost perfect. An adapter is clean also.

Also, one another thing has questioned was a factor of the harvest since there is the glass in an adapter. I have directed the fast test. A tripod has been posed up 4ft of my bank of test. I am trace my own rebels T5 on he with so much the Cannon of vintage FD 24mm dulcemente f2.8 Cela uses this adapter and the EF of Cannon S 24mm dulcemente f2.8. Of some results can see a factor of harvest in a lentil of the vintage compared in a level of EF-S dulcemente. Be in f2.8 it has caused also a haziness in an image.

In general an adapter is decent. For a prize he his does on when being able to use vintage FD the lenses in the camera of Rabies of the Cannon. Moving a f-pauses up at least or in your lower help clears in your images and prevents a haziness. I do not have data an adapter the perfect five stars because of this worry and a same time eschewed three stars so that a cost is the lowest plot that other adapters with elements of glass. It IS well to use lenses of vintage but only maintain that it imports his limitations.
5 / 5
These products is surprising and returns to surprise results of macro. Some pictures are test , and for a prize why does not want to buy this product?

Uses the Cannon 70D Ethan there has been a mountain of EF. Some locks of highland piece of lentils in place and a camera fram the also closed mountains to situate. I have achieved some low results with the 50mm the lentil and all the extensions have attached. A liquid in a cup is carbonated water.

Of these tubes of the extension does not have some electrical connections, will require to locate your lentil in your camera and has posed a apature in a parameter a big plus. Then, turn of your camera, mountain some tubes of extension in your lentil and then in your camera. It opens it Is ready! Apresamiento So that near as it beat you in your subject then behind was dulcemente and manually directs a lentil. A tripod is recommended to reduce shudder of camera for obvious reasons.

A quality of some tubes of extension are sum! Any defect in a metal.

Does not lose this occasion for photographs of macro without that has to invert in an expensive lentil!
5 / 5
In this prize, why not giving macro tries it? Faiths The first small investigation since is not exactly and covers and accessory of game for a camera, but very is not to take to use and can take exactly to the resulted still likes him the mark of tubes to appoint to cost 10 in 20 more time. A main thing to maintain in alcohol is concealed lose autofocus how and loses control of inaugural, otherwise only is attaching the rooms to air so there has does not differentiate very a lot of when up in side. If precise pose you ploughing, uses a DOF trick. Only it poses your inaugural and then presses a DOF button of preview. Then maintain it to line the bass while loose a dulcemente and gestures of rests. Tan Far that home, the manual is not so bad while you would think for subjects not moving .

Bronzed Far as it produces, is quite well for a prize. It does not have a finely machined be of an expensive lentil or filter, but is not junk changes or. Some nuts all the tower softly without control, and a lentil and mountains of the apt camera closely.

And like the final note, any included think quite trying use this without out of the camera these lights. Still in daylight, some beaks probably will result underexposed when focused in this closely unless has some extras ignite to line until a subject. One in the flash of the camera is useless when is directed on something the averages an inch out of your lentil also.
4 / 5
Anteriorly In that purchased the a Fotodiox Pro FD adapter of lentils, and when being interested to extend my field to shoot of long distance, has purchased this alternative of estimativa for a Cannon teleconverter. One of some characteristic that very taken my eye was a compatibility with EF and EF-S slow, and a pin posed for AF and READ. So far, some results have so be expected. An effective field is dramatically longer, and a quality of image suffers degradation of only minor in an eye of amateur. I will say that an organism of the camera does not recognise a widespread focal period, by so, your images will aim a focal period of a lentil as have any one extends attached. This is not the breaker of roads, especially in this prize, but was very an information was able to be translated with accuracy. A product exemplifies the very big level for quality of tez, like evidenced for a workmanship and material. One extends to be durable and solid, and a mountain is so smooth and tight access . A button of the emission does not depress directly down, enough, is pressed side by side to fall a lentil of one extends. This is not immediately intuitive, and can take some time to take used to, but any negative effect in functions or quality. If you want to extend your focal field, but can not provide lenses in some thousands of dollars, that is to say the very pertinent option .
4 / 5
This work while ad. They afterwards in of the real tight.

Some comments all over the world that it has said it to it to him this there has been the problem that takes the ones of his once breaks camera in -

looks in a place will see you an end this attaches in your camera has of the small ray this clave was. You have to press this attacker (out of a camera in of the lines with your lentil) to take a grandson to fall of your camera. It is designed to to do likes them to him the marks.

There is the suggestion for a manufacturer was that a small thing of ray-a-mine-dono-works of costs of dad (once give concealed for the take to fall) - that uses the way of the crowbar or something concealed is angled so that it is easier to take also - and / or - simply that poses an arrow with a push of words -&62; to fall . . . . So much he more perceivable aiding some people that buys a product . . . And aiding calm for any one in his have return something what defective after the compraventa has tried to not destroying his camera that takes is - so that the calm does not have data one the majority of mere description to like the take to fall.)

The law and quite a lot of law softly once give that it has to do for the take to fall but an another subject with likes him having this built is there has no the plot of spatial among an organism of camera and your little cape of ray.

Any one considering buying these - any look to concern to do only well but is quite importing to know like take a thing to fall - and that little gizmo is very an only thing in these this is not that it call to manufacture quite decent. The work is just class of the crude compared in a rest of a product.
5 / 5
Has the 75 - 300mm lentil of the cannon and this leave me to simulate the 600mm slow. A partner with the Tamron 150 - 600mm the lentil and I have shot a same subject a same time (same balance of aim, igniting, ISO and speed of shutter) with extraordinarily similar results. I said me later wish it his has not spent one $ ~900 in a lentil and had taken this device instead.
5 / 5
I left me preface this to say that thoroughly enjoy photograph like the pastime. They go without saying that it can it the the his result an expensive pastime. But I am a type of person that thinks that is more in an art that an elegant squad. It imagines yes somehow it can me teach to take decent pictures with so few sides what possible, then perhaps truly can comprise and appreciate an art of photograph. It enters photograph of macro. I have seen pictures of snowflakes that went absolutely mesmerizing and the only PRAISE has wanted my hand in photograph of macro. Desprs Seeing that some careers of macro of the Cannon of lentils around $ 1,000 and many have failed tentativas in taking the cheap $ 30 annex of lentils to produce pertinent results, decided to give that these tubes of extension shot it. For a time I stumbled through these and has purchased the, a last snowy had has spent already. His cradle to Wisconsin, as I have been practising in the each a sprout buds in mine backyard. I am surprised by some results. It takes practical? Of course. Any same prpers give so to maintain a depth of the field selected in the lentil while it takes before I have tried these tubes. But calm think you absolutely he pode no gone bad here, especially considering a cost. I am to good sure satisfied with this product and will recommend in any one concealed a lot wants to dig in and comprises a world of photograph of macro. For reference, shoot in the rabies of Cannon t3i and has used my Cannon 55-250 lense for these shots.
1 / 5
These looks of adapter of the lentil very machined and when being robust in my hand, but each breech-lentils of the mountain of the lock has posed on no properly, more precisely, an inaugural is not left to operate his full field only can look for the take to go to enter wide open besides or 50% enclosed less, around f/8 or so that it depends of course in that dulcemente is using.

HAS three breech-mountain of lenses of lock, two fact for Sears, and an another fact for Estrella-D (probably each fact for Samyang) and they all does a same road. In inspection further, looks that a breech-ray to close this is supposed the rotate around a mountain in a camera only turns the small bit before it is synched low and no rotating more. If I very grip he, and the oblige the rotate only the small more, then can take the small more field out of an inaugural, but only the decree or two, not taking never any one where afterwards f/22. These three breech-mountain of lenses to close all utmost in my AE-1 and a collar rotates the plot more when connected in this camera.

HAS a marked Cannon dulcemente that is the mountain of the bayonet and he well with this adapter, leaving full field of one ploughing without problems. A difference is that it is does not have a rotating ray in synch-next a lentil in the mountain of organism of a camera.

My supposition is that there is some machining tolerance that has not been to pose very when an adapter was fashioned, probably only the pair thousandths of an inch, but enough even so.

IS unhappy that these only looks to do properly with mountain of lenses of bayonet when a state of instructions that will do with that and breech-slow of lock.

Has not seen more anywhere mentions this type of problem, perhaps has taken only the bad adapter?
4 / 5
I think that that it is to add I need for still images likes moon and astrophotography. I have used he with my cannon T6s and a new 55-250 mm slow and has taken the result adds with Lluna photos. An image was still was acute while you can see here. An image has been cut but never enhanced in lightroom, as it enhance it to him can look more acute that concealed.
IS the purchase adds wants good quality astrophotography and is in estimativa down. I have paid $ 100 for him, probably the prize of $ 65 - 0 would be more reasonable.

Has given he 4 stars so that a autofocus does not do so announced (maintained to return and advances and never directed) and a mountain is not very smooth. Otherwise IS the add teleconverter.

Parameters of capture of the image: 250 mm (x2 -&62; 500 mm), f/8, 1/80s. ISO 100

Top Customer Reviews: Sigma 210101 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Light lentil utmost drop. The photo has been taken with the Nikon D7100
5 / 5
Ossia my new all lentil. Has the 70D that has been using in an out of partorisca the year. Recently I have lost so only my work and has begun partorisca choose on autonomous the work and I have required the a lot of faster lentil partorisca a new work has done. I have bought this creature and I love it. They are able to take very good light shots inner basses this in spite of maintains the substantial quantity of bokeh. Has the quality of utmost and wonderful build feels. Still I have not taken used to a zoom of lentil that is opposite of Cannon lenses but touch the small question am sure I early will regulate to.

There is calm sure can find the million descriptions in this there better lentil and more in-depth then the mine but I have thought would give my two cents. I have not broken never out of buying Cannon before and and has a lot there like my old self. If you are one of these calm people can not ignore this beauty. It is the lentil ADDS and calm will not complain choosing an up.


Like the few weeks after writing this estaca has shot the pair of the friends and I have found that when taking pictures in around 20 feet or he so that it was has there was home very soft. I have learnt that the day there was the pocolos something sweet with this lentil but a further has taken of the mine @@@subject a soft more a house has taken. I have thought initially it was mine 70D camera was in failure after reeding that has had one inherits defect when shooting in of the start on 2.8. I have learnt later that this is resulted partorisca be a subject with my camera (any all 70D is this for a way but he well verify was if you are in a phase partorisca the fast lentil). I have decided to maintain mine opening like minimum of F2.8 But my images were still soft.
Has thought always would have subject and has contemplated that sells a lentil has then discovered that the cannon is exited recently with 80D and asked if this could fix my subjects... He sadly any (but does not take me bad, a 80D has fixed a inconsistent autofocus in the most utmost shots then F2.8). I have behind undermined partorisca research and found the docking device that Sigma sells concealed calm leave you partorisca update a firmware of a lentil of your computer. I have undermined the little deeper and found the calm also leave you partorisca do micro adjustments the house of car.
Now first of soiled and choose in these on ($ 60 for a way) left to say you the few things. Taken PARTORISCA ALWAYS to micro-regulate your lentil. There is the little video tutorials concealed says you regarding the do except to the left say now, the place averts roughly 4 hours or more and he well. You will require partorisca buy the ruler of alignment of calibration of lentil ( has the paper one has sold on Amazon partorisca $ 6 that does a lot of) and take place up in the tripod with the together computer stops. There are 16 adjustments that need to be done in this lentil and each adjustment takes multiple time of undocking and redocking a lentil of a computer. Also partorisca some shots of infinity, finds something very a lot far was like this of the mountains or the tower of water can direct on with contrast good. This one will be quell'has bitten more test for error but do your best and calm would be necessary to take it quite near of acute.
After multiple time of aforar. Taking the day to shoot, and recalibrating this lentil now shoots to SURPRISE!!! It is taste has to that the new lentil and he is finally of confidence. It is acute knife especially in a 2-10 row of feet and some images that is exiting of this lentil is very down stunning .
Has moved my indication of the 5 at the beginning (until I really taken to know a lentil) down to the 3 like the result of a year of uncertainty dipped by means of and the images of pair have found to be sub-pair (happy mine buddy did not pay me and was well with a quality otherwise I of raging summer). If it buy this lentil buys a cradle of USB and the ruler of calibration of the first what of lentil and take it right place and will love this thing until a data of day. I will add the photo of my dog that has shot so only yesterday. Ossia That am taking in F1.8 Of roughly 3 feet were.
5 / 5
A Pros:

Ossia an excellent lentil with really good picutre and quality of video. I have taken the few pictures and has asked the little of my friends to guess a camera setup and the person imagined it to be the sensor of harvest. A width f1.8 inaugural is awesome for bokeh and decrease of light action. Also a focal period basically covers 3 prime minister lenses! A zoom and coverages of home is lustrous with a quality of global build of the boss. Ossia One the next plus will take to full frame in the organism of sensor of the harvest. It is crazy acute!

Now for a drawbacks.

This lentil is very heavy considering. Has a Cannon 200d and 77d, and a lentil almost feels more weighed that both some together cameras. Mark sure has a tripod corrected or Gorillapod he plans trace. The time are included fearful the not ridding cradle a lentil as so only does not feel legislation with my hands in an organism of camera so only.

The second is an engine of home , is not a calm plus and he tad slower of a cannon stm lenses. In fact, his like this strong that can listen it included with the mine in the camera is Locate mic house of car. So only something to consider shooting you an interview or the video where require house of car. It presses manual of house instead.

Thirdly, Lack of OF The EAST. Yep, Any EAST. Finally it is wide-ish the focal period the acceptable fact.

Finally, this lentil so only does on the cameras of sensor of the harvest. So much for a prize, a lot believe it to be the bit to limit. As hanged your options and decides has had to that you stick to organism of sensor of the harvest.


has had to treat a drawbacks likes was, then is an excellent lentil . It is fast opening with the frames of versatile focal period is almost impossible to spend up has the camera of sensor of the harvest.
4 / 5
Love this lentil. It loves it, it loves it, it loves it.
Possesses the Cannon 24-105, 70-200, he Zeiss 50mm Makro, Sigma 30mm, has possessed previously the Cannon 24-70, Tamron 24-70, and Tokina 11-17.
This lentil is surprising, the solid of rock has built. Acute to the equal that prepares, and quite wide that does not look súper distorted likes mine Tokina has done when filming indoors.
A zoom and coverage of home is buttery smooth, so only like this mine Zeiss prime.
Fantastic work in mine 550D also.
He Video of shoot - this lentil is honradamente he have to that has. It Likes him the mine Zeiss more, how is a lentil of amazing , but use east a 10x so much because of a focal period.
I desire there has been Is - but hey, can not have everything.
5 / 5
Has bought this lentil mostly for my photograph of landscape is trace to my Cannon 70D. Very impressed with this lentil, weighed and loves that.
4 / 5
A very acute lentil, with the very fast and usable big start, f 1.8. It is acute in f1.8 And so only it takes more acute until f8 when to the diffraction begins to dip in. It is still a lot usable in f16 for depth more orders of field. It is acute by means of a field of view, centre to corner. Has an equivalent of focal period in the camera of full frame of 27mm to 52mm. No the enormous row, but the gain a. It is informed to be more acute in 18mm but is acute at all focal period. It is to the a bit heavy lentil , but a lot well has built. It does not have reduction of vibration. But it is a lot of hand holdable in a 1/25 of the second to 1/100th of the second according to focal period. Mayor shutter the speeds are of course better. Highly recommended for Nikon and cameras of sensor of harvest of Cannon.
5 / 5
In the first place was to know that it is calm he , will not be disappointed. Ossia For far a more acute lentil has shot with. I plan on shooting with this far more at length but has loved to say am impressed. This is not the soyacro' to the lentil but I used it to shoot small objects and has taken far more the detail that had expected.

Am posting the picture blown until double to the equal that can see some of a detail rendered. In the moth could see each one which creases and wave in his wing.

Have known this lentil would be well, but has not had any one the idea would be this good.

Beware And this is not a lenses lack but is too close up of an object this lentil will direct in a something beats more afterwards. It looked to like it initially was misfocusing but was human error . The majority of lenses will continue to hunt.

For real to phenomenal lentil!
5 / 5
This lentil is astoundingly acute! I am using this with the Cannon T6i and a quality of resultant picture is cut at all of amazing. This has said, calm more probably finds to direct subject when shooting wide open. Then, reason to 5 description of star? Like another reviewers has mentioned, does not buy this lentil unless calm also take a corresponding SIGMA cradle of USB for your mountain of camera.

Has to that say, at the beginning, was unhappy with a perspective to spend another $ 60 for a cradle after falling $ 900 for this lentil. This in spite of, a truth is that any one the fast lentil goes to require some level of microadjustment. And, to the left it is to be sincere, which the cannon done in this situation? Send your lentil & of organism was for espar' to Cannon, while weeks for them to return, with him casualidad to suffer stray/harm in traffic, and for the cup was, any guarantee that a question in fact will be solved your satisfaction? I do not know roughly you but some savings in time and the stray occasion cost more than frames on a cost of a cradle, and besides, can ensure that a house fulfils MY SPECIFICATIONS. In my opinion, Each COSTRUTTORE of lentil would owe that resupply the way to microadjust his lenses in this way (at least until to the costruttrici of stupid organism likes him the cannon does not resupply the mechanism to do he in camera, shame on you!)

Short response, is looking for adds it wide to lentil of row of normal zoom for your organism of sensor of the harvest, with quality of image that surpasses included a mark of first name lenses in this row of zoom, has to do an investment. Calm will not complain it .

Swingset The photo taken in f/2 18mm, turn-one-the photo of paper was the test of home has taken wide open in f/1.8 28mm.
5 / 5
Like begin with declaring that they are not the professional, there is so much that I still owe that learn roughly photographs. This in spite of, have decided to take the jump and do this compraventa. In the first place, I have received an element three days sooner that expected and concealed me súper happy. I have been impressed with a fast arrival of a product. As, the inaugural on a container and pulling out of a lentil has been impressed for a weight of him and one feel of him. Again it would like to declare that they are not the professional, this in spite of an element does not have economic sense for any half. Has the very solid feels. It is to give it complete support but I amour, amour, an effect that this concrete lentil gives. I have received so only a lentil and touched with him partorisca in an hour but still are súper excited to see the one who this thing can do, OH! yeah A thing that is noticeable is a AF characteristic, can listen a lentil that tries to direct but a lentil is quite awesome can live with him. In all the chance, will be to update my estaca after the months of pair of use. In all the chance expects that helps of a perspective of followers.
5 / 5
All have read in this lentil is true. The majority would call a result of final 'dreamy'. It would call it sensuous. Calm almost can feel a scene taken. This lentil for real is that it surprises, even more so that it is reasonably priced.
Has found this in spite of that there is 3 subjects with this lentil so only loves video of mark.
1. Has some heavy respite when in AF way. I want to use AF of then mainly am filming 3 small boys that career around. There is not any way could maintain anything directs to use MF. This subject would not affect photograph.
2. A AF also done the quite foul noise that it is audible inside your video. This subject would not affect photograph.
3. This is not one the fault of a lentil, but calm can not locate this lentil in a Weebill Laboratory gimbal. It is so only too dang big. You could use the big plus gimbal but has loved really build the small box so that they are not some crazy dad pursuing his kids everywhere with any stabilizer contraption like this characterises pictured down.

Am returned this lentil and has taken one 12-35 2.8 II. This lentil has native AF, stabilisation of image of the power and time proofing. A quality of image is glorious. It is not 'delicious', 'dreamy' or esensuous' but is still probably a better lentil for my needs.

Beats a lot well purchase this lentil again later in life, but concealed simply would be for photograph or video where some scenes are has controlled entirely.

Top Customer Reviews: Sigma 16mm f/1.4 DC ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 55 ratings
4 / 5
.. The lentil of quality in this category. It is very well build, feels solid grip , adds with the rubberized coverage. It is big, but feels well in my hand with the Sony that 6300. The majority of of entity partorisca me: it is extremely acute, partorisca centre to corners. My copy no tip of the chromatic aberrations in some pictures have taken like this far, still has to that it tries in contrast the dark/brilliant motives big. The colours and contrast is a lot well, no too pale and no too intense. Resembled a neutral Rokinon colours/of contrast of 12mm f2.0. A Sigma there is autofocus and is quickly. The some throw at night in some streets and included in f1.4 it Is ridiculously acute. After my frustrations with a Sony 10-18mm f4 that it was very soft, a Rokinon 21mm f1.4 With a coverage of imprecise house (mark of infinity) am satisfied really with this lentil. Imo Sigma Has fill this empty with the big quality, acute, autofocus, lentil of fast wide corner. Still I owe that try he partorisca video, that can see and read in youtube extracted a lot very this in spite of. Some pictures have taken with this Sigma 16mm f1.4 it Is very satisfactory, comparable to some shots I mark with my preferred Sony 28 mm f2.
tried it on a weekend and I am impressed. Some the small photos here could not say, but a real measure pics show that the lentil is very acute in same low light when wide open, and there is near of any chromatic aberration in contrast big. A wonderful lentil highly can recommend!
5 / 5
This lentil is surprising. Without the doubt a better lentil partorisca a Sony A6500.

Is done partorisca APSC cameras (Sony a6000, a6300 and a65000)
4 / 5
Ossia a perfect lentil want to everything. It clashes The photograph with this lentil is sum. The video is acute with just a right quantity of Bokeh wide open. The basses of the pictures read and the video are the snap now in mine Sony A6300. A thing to agree is that it is not a lentil of Art like your Jpegs will be well but your RAW files will require to have a profile of fixed lentil has applied to them in estaca.
5 / 5
A lentil is fantastic. AF Is quickly, no like this quickly like this native Sony lenses partorisca and-mountain, but quite comparable. Bought 2 Sigma lenses (this one and 30mm) because of descriptions of Youtube. Those revises on Youtube/of Youtube was something on. A Sigma lenses is glorious. If has a Sony a6500 with IBIS, then take a Sigma 16mm 1.4 and 30mm 1.4 - both produce such acute images. They are it has had to that to give on Sony lentil OSS so only to have this any lentil stabilised been due to his quality of picture with minimum fringing.
4 / 5
Loves this lentil. It is incredibly acute and produced gorgeous images. Rings the alone lentil to use with my new A6500, and really can any gone bad with east a. It is fantastic for landscape and photograph callejera, and calm forces to be creative with portraits. It can be the little smaller, but fast lenses need a lot of glass to take that light. My only real complaint is that I have ordered of Amazon directly, and has shipped he in the cushion of big nave envelope (!!!!!). Has has had to that do the plot to verify to do sure a lentil was has affected no for that, but lenses would have to that be shipped in riged boxes with a lot of cushioning. As I suggest that it order of the third-celebrates on Amazon; perhaps take one of these deals of container where his toss in the plot of extra material. At least they pack he properly.
5 / 5
Have the Sigma 30/50/16.. One 16 east for far a better of one stirs for anything am shooting. Stunning acute house. If I have had to choose so only a lense to attach to the mine a6500, is this 16 mm f/1.4
4 / 5
Sigma lenses rock. Has a Sigma 30mm F1.4 And a Sigma 16mm f/1.4 and use them interchangeably in mine Sony a5100 (a surprisingly little container of powerful camera).

A heft and quality of build of Sigma lenses is impressive, but his optical is even more impressive. A bit slower to direct with car house that Sony OEM lenses, still direct fast-enough for use of continuous video.

Podes Any gone bad with this lentil is looking for an around-lentil of city of wide corner that also can be used for drop-conditions read. Personally, utilisation this lentil to pursue around my edges (those who is the toddler). An inaugural elder maximum leave to use the fast plus shutter speed because it is the fast little one and I do not want to blur . Also, a wide corner leave to take adds it has shot although it moves to some finals of a frame before I can take one has shot. It is quickly. Hahaha!
5 / 5
Has required the wide lentil for my Sony a6500 to do down light 4k the video that the records am gone in a field. This lentil has surpassed my expectations. On that, it used it to them on a lot of occassions to take some photos of the photograph of landscape adds. But mostly the required to be able to register good quality 4k images when backpacking and hammocking in wilderness. A f/1.4 an amazing work in low light and he really ameno out of a glow of fire of the camp
5 / 5
Ossia for far a lentil has better used, on duty mine a6000 to the camera of full frame, a picture is acute and wide lentil leaves to create some composition adds, really recommend this lentil.
4 / 5
Very impressed with a lentil. I have it on mine a6500 and thinks that remain there 95 of a time.

Top Customer Reviews: PANASONIC LUMIX G ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
If you are new to the photograph and the filming and you are ready partorisca move spent your lentil of boxes, then ossia a first what would have to that buy. With an equivalent of sensor of full frame of the 50mm, this lentil rid partorisca stun portraits as well as doing vlogging professional of look; in fact it looks the plot likes Peter Mckinnon video. Has posted pictures of my prime minister outing with this lentil and he there is not disappointed. There is the reason because called these types of lenses 'Nifty 50 this'; they can fulfil like this. If calm really want to on your game of photograph and it beginning that it takes more professional looking shots while they grow your together of skill, then purchase this lentil. Calm will not complain it .
5 / 5
1. Background: I have possessed the number of micro 4/3 camera and lentil; at present use a Olympus EMII and EM10 with a Olympus 12-40mm 2.8 and 40-150mm 2.8. Also I have a Panasonic 14mm and 35-100mm 2.8 so much excellent lentil. Besides, I have possessed & /or it has rented a súper zooms (Olympus and Panasonic and Tamron) 14-150mm and more recently (perhaps more appropriate to this current lentil) has had an occasion to rent / test a Panasonic 12-60mm pro lentil as well as a Olympus 12-100mm f4.0 pro lentil.
With an on info, here is my brief nonscientific observations king: this lentil.
2. Hanged / of measure: it is light and relatively compact; excellent election for the travesía / everything in some lentils.
3. Quality of image: ossia a crazy thing , but of my observations (again entirely a lot-scientific), think that this lentil is... More acute (in some corners) has compared to a new 'pro' Panasonic 12-60mm . (Shooting BELIEVED, tripod, subject same, has included apeture etc...) As well as a Olympus 12-100mm. Now I have received perhaps the 'bad copy' of a pro lentil, but to good sure can say this a lot of more economic lentil is of equal or... The start has better compared to an expensive plus counterparts. Now to confirm that they are not entirely insane; a 'pro' lentil that is better that this one east a Olympus 12-40mm 2.8 and an old plus Olympus 12-60mm (four third).
4. @In rodeo so that love the relatively economic, light / compact lentil with the row of decent zoom (pleases does not go for a súper zooms reason a quality is really subpar), ossia to good sure the winner.
5. For a way, ossia one of these chances where could be worth it it to do your own tests reasons many of some on-line descriptions have been quite negative in animals: this lentil; I do not take it .
5 / 5
With which has paste 60 years of ages, has touched my crew of heavy Cannon and changed to micro four third. I have bought this lentil because it was small, light, economic, and an equivalent of the 90-300mm zoom in the full frame 35mm camera.

So much, ossia a lentil I use for portrait and telephoto need. With coverages of extension, he also done the decent work like the macro lentil.

Has revised this lentil and has given among 3 and 3.5 stars for optical quality, and 4 stars for action/of prize. Like this optically, is WELL, any stellar.

This in spite of shots of boss in f5.6, (Horizontal, any one tight-in verticals), clearly aim individual eyelashes, well facial hair, and some tiny arteries in a sclera of some eyes. I have been pleasantly surprised in a quantity to detail that this lentil rid.

Date the one who economic this lentil is, and that well is, is a subject incredible .
5 / 5
Julio of UPDATE 2018

has has substituted of this lentil with one 14-140 f3.5 II mostly to avert that it has to that it change out of one 45-150 for something wider.

For those considering a movement to a 14-140:
- A 14 lentil is noticeably main that one 45 and while still comfortable in a GX85/GX9, embroiders on when being the tad too big for an organism.
- A stabilizer of power in a lentil does not look to impact a life of battery
- the looks to house to be much more of confidence with one 14 vs. One 45 - so it is a decrease of light action . Neither the lentil is very good indoors but 14 looks to be bit it faster like the specs also would indicate
- a hood in a 14 is much bigger that one 45 to the equal that will require to consider that when dipping he in your stock exchange of camera

then , if you like them to him a row of zoom and hanged/of measure of one 45-150 - the the perhaps taken like the lentil of boxes - but is frustrated in that has to that change lenses for the widest shots, then looks on in a 14-140. Coast more, is quell'has bitten main but will want to no prpers that it has to that concern roughly having a right lentil in a camera - at least while external in good light.

-------------- Update of final -

has taken this in the container with a GX85 for our travesía abroad. Happy has had he for a travesía to compliment a box 12-32 lentils. Looking behind in a 5000+ pics take for far the majority of them was street this lentil and was a lot of entertainment using it. They are not the photographer and no of the sports or fauna and flora, has loved so only something to take our little an and my woman during our travesía.

To That it liked him to it roughly that:

- returns a GX85 quite amiably and give you an additional place to resist a camera while shooting of a grip in this particular organism is not very big.
- With a zoom is able to take people besides natural and frank expressions vs has had to create you near and stick the camera his face. It was able to snap pics of the ours little a touching and spending on that the would not be never able to do saw trying.
- Take the good quantity of background blurs. Any calm really take any bokeh where some background turns to the soft circles but you am able to do your pictures of portrait burst enough the bit to hide roughly of a fund.
- Do reasonably well in a darkness.
- Some helps of hood have comprised to protect a lentil when you are walking roughly with a camera that hangs around the yours with the.

Some things to consider:

- so that it begins in 45mm, can very really take the photo grupal with any width of background or big class unless of the a no the way has retreated
- like this you zoom your picture will take darker as no attended to be able the zoom to the your @@@subject and blur a fund when it begins to darken external.
- Can find that you go to lose some occasions of photos if you are not ready or able to change lenses for the wide plus has shot. We finalise to use our telephones for some shots to group wider.

Has had to them buy my first lentil for a camera the d probably choose on one 14-140mm vs. This one of then with that no calm really has to that treat changing lenses or lose any photo. But I have had already to lentil of boxes - like this our GX85 - then can not imagine no in that has this lentil like an option that hangs occasions of photo familiarised.
4 / 5
Easily to 5 description of star. A hood of the turn of lentil adds and is reversible. If you are having the question that imagines it calm was has to that in the first place take a small coverage with a line in the and expose some edges, then attach a hood. He so only rays on. They are by train to use it On a Panasonic G85 and with a lentil of boxes has found that my images have not been very acute indoors. With this thing can go down an inaugural to the equal that does for pictures more acute a lot in low light. One the majority of obvious drawback is that it calms does not have the zoom, so need to physically move a forward of camera and behind to take material to frame. It was the little hesitant reason this lentil has not had stabilisation, but has found that my video are still roughly like this smooth. My only complaint with this lentil is that a autofocus does not look to react like this quickly when registering video in a Lumix G85.
4 / 5
Has purchased this lentil shortly after his emission and is extremely state pleased with him. I use it on mine Panasonic Lumix GX7 and there was 'glued' to a camera has arrived of then in mailbox of mine the few weeks done. I have loved lentil of zoom that has covered the width to mid-television row that could it external in of the hours of daylight and this a ticks all some boxes. Previously to an emission of a lentil there was an on-line to revise which has indicated that a lentil was soft, but does not see any sweetness, in fact some images have been taking with this all quite acute. To the left I remark me, this in spite of, that does not go to be that it uses this lentil in of the dark conditions (I has a PL 25 1.4 for that), neither are I the using to take photo of wall of brick or maps by heart, but while I maintain an opening around 4-5.6 I can not see a lot of difference among this lentil and an expensive plus, faster Lumix and Leica lenses have. Also, several friends there is remarked as 'good' some images have taken using a look of lentil to them. Quickly it is resulting my preferred, '-he-all' to the lentil and I really can not say anything bad roughly that. If has the m43 the camera would owe that verify this one was.
5 / 5
Hands down, Mine the majority of corduroy of lentil first favourite alone in a phase. Any only is a lot of abordable is for far a more acute lentil and faster could take for a money. This thing is the Bokeh monster and no hanged the tonne. It maintains an organism balanced and no too disproportioned. A low light and qualified of the hour has gilded the the preferred pure. They are the career and gun videographer and have this lentil always in the separate organism and there is has not had never the need of the take was or the transmission was. A video and images these products of the in fact rival lentil my cannon of full frame dips up and has the fraction of a measure and weight. To use a hood of lentil, need to take a protective coverage of an end of a lentil. That can be bit it difficult as it does not have any a lot of room for compraventa in the good grip. There is not any stabilisation in this lentil how is used more quickly, gimbaled or in the tripod of then is like this light. I have bought in fact the second an of these lenses for when I am doing fine it-cam glimpsed of a difference in another lenses is like this. For far mine goto more fav lentil of Panasonic.

Update, liked has bought so much of another (third) so only to match all mine Multicam glimpsed. Be conscious, is shooting Multicam with this lentil and does not have another for another calm organism will remark it big time in estaca.
4 / 5
Value each penny so that it is. So only I am beginning in photograph and videography. They are to good sure any one an expert and I a lot comprehensively revise everything in this lentil. For example, I have not used his autofocus at all reason frankly does not concern me roughly that. I have bought this lentil for video - I has had an idea that would be it well for half to close throw, especially when a subject is to be isolated of a rest of his half. Now that I have it on my camera and I am taking some shots stop, are to add so that it has loved, or at least for some shots of means. It looks to have the quite time very minimum that directs distance like calm can not take súper near. Also they are that it remarks that there is not any way go to escape with using this for video if it is not in the tripod. Without any stabilisation at all in the Lumix G7 organism, practically require it on it tripod so only to take still photos. Any I same thinks it will be usable with external stabilisation , maquinal like the steadicam.

When it Is wide open in f1.7, it Is like this, like this easy to close down home in yours @@@subject and blur was ALL more. It is really perfect to direct in a thing in the scene, which will leave well to some creative shots. Of course, to take external, shots of daylight in f1.7, you will require a ND filter. Further of big f stops, can take pictures very acute by means of a whole frame, while it calms is not too close up of anything.

In general, this lentil is unbeatable to the equal that prepares of normal focal period in his prize. He outperforms his quantity of dollar easily. They are not it adds for each situation and I a lot they was thinks goes to be the add, take all comers lentil that can each one operates. But for his prize and use feigned is the no brainer.
5 / 5
In that has it A lot the time promised of then would take the fast prime (with autofocus) after the few years to use the converted Cannon FD lentil, has been rasgado among a 25mm f1.7 And a Leica f1.4. I have decided that to the discretion is a better part of my stock exchange and has gone with a f1.7 And have it that says was the election adds. While there is has not substituted fully mine 50mm 1.8 like mine favourite lentil, find me with a Lumix 25mm f1.7 In my thicker camera. After the few months to use can say definitively that has take a lot of shots that the suspect would have lost with a lentil of manual house.

Wants to know is in good lentil or no, all has to that do is to see the one who calm often can finds used and so that prize. When I Have been he buys the majority of the tents have not had of the used or, if his , for the little bucks less than new. Cela Would be necessary to say you something. When The people buy it, resist his.
4 / 5
Has taken this lentil with me to a Pyeongchang 2018 Paralympic Games of Winter. It was there to look my brother Andy competes; some pictures are of him and his teammate Give slope and after a final of the sprint of some Men of Countries de la Cruz Classical (seating). Yes, thanks to this lentil and a way of explosion in mine Panasonic G7, have a bit ( would say) pictures quite spectacular of my brother that wins the medal of gold in a paralympics.

Material technician: Some shots of action has been shot in 150mm and f5.6 (Wide open), it was hand of perhaps 15-20 feet am gone in good light, with FEELS fully on and the economic CPL returned to resupply protect extra to an advance of element and the help extracted glare of a snow. Some images speak for them, but would say a combination of fast shutter speed and SEATS mine treated like this-so that the camera that technical of boss admirably. While it is not the time there is sealed, has not had any questions with to the condensation or another water ingress during our travesía whole, in spite of rain, snow, and temperatures down 20F. There is probably better lenses there thus type of work, but this one was appropriate perfectly for my needs, and in only $ 150, was a lot the estimativa friendly for one gives support.

Top Customer Reviews: Canon EF-S 10-18mm ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
I am the photographer of the urban nails , has had this lentil during 2 years and his paid for him on and on again. I use in My Cannon 70D. I am very happy with him. That is to say a lentil has been recommended when headed in the urban nails and am paying to advance. His add for a money. A less expensive ultra wide for your sensor of harvest. His light, house of the calm cart taken and stabilisation of image. His does not attach for low light and there is some distortion of lentils, building of complete plastic, and can take claves of lights, but with experimenting will take around that. For a prize sounds the 5 slow accidents. I will continue to use the and has any intention in prender. Sound of mine goes in of the lentils.
5 / 5
Compraventa Special so that it was headlined behind in Curve of Horseshoe drop of only Arizona of Page. Fantastic results...
4 / 5
It shoots the plot of the urban nails, and had been using a Cannon 10-22mm like my main lentil. After reading Ken Rockwell glowing descriptions in a 10-18mm, thought that it would try it era. My first day with a new lentil, has remarked the problem of entity, which are that he claves very easily when picturing clear sources. 'Ghosting' Beats it when being a term a pertinent plus - will see green blobs looks low sources of direct light, especially chandeliers or any class of bare clear source. ( He the square of road of semi-detached chamber.)

Took me the small more long to remark a next problem, but revising my photos after it shoots, has of a lentil has distortion of considerable barrel in of the sure shots, probably mostly in a more focal period width. Some photos have the light fisheye bulge in them where the look of right lines to twist. A semi-detached picture of a chamber has been taken in 11mm - can see you a distortion in a door in a right verge.

One one favours very well has in 10-22mm is that it is more consistently acute of verge in verge through all the focal period. Always it take it the few shots with mine 10-22 that very dispelled in dullness in a side, but this does not spend never with one 10-18mm.
5 / 5
This lentil is SURPRISING. It was easily a better decision for an economic wide angle. I am the photographer that is enough to take in my squad. It does not leave a plastic fool you. It IS durable, robust and could any one when being any happier with him. Surprising.
4 / 5
A lot it enjoys this lentil... Some have commented in a plastic mountain. Yes, it does not have any opinion that considers plastic versus metal. It looks to do perfectly and in any subjects impacts a value of this lentil... Even so, if metal versus the plastic is very of entity in you, this could any one when being no a lentil since you.

If paper against the metal is not critically of entity, only could WANTS this lentil. I fulfil to do! Sper Fasts of house. Sper Calms of house. Usually it uses the manual that the house but this lentil directs so with accuracy and hurriedly, does not have the necessity marries of cart.

A measure with a Cannon EW-73C Dulcemente the hood projects the a lot of diminutive the profile that the fact the very hurriedly to deploy lentil any one which write of subject of the camera spends use of system. I use a BlackRapid System of Double Strap, the system of Fast Emission to draw of Summit, and a Creation of Summit Correa Wide. A lentil does not pose a lentil was balances at all, any subject as it spend it.

While in some images, so that certainly that it is more than entity in me; I have used dulcemente VERY EXPENSIVE of this period of house and an EF of Cannon S 10-18 STM is VERY COMPARABLE in the prize the lowest far.... I have mentioned an ease of house of cart and that my preference is manual usually, but if one uses some the manual houses are sper fast and easy so that a point of the house of the cart is awesome!

The desires found this Dulcemente more harvest! I mostly fauna and flora of shoot and the landscapes and I are for the give total support, but a lot enjoys photograph, and this lentil A lot creates an incredibly superficial bokeh. This can be the utmost characteristic when shooting portraits. You have to take quite near in your subject even so, but yes that the any problem your subject, shoot has been!

Enjoys this dulcemente, knows to do!
5 / 5
An EF-S 10-18 THIS STM is a less expensive and smaller ultra wide zoom among the small field of contenders. An EF-S highland Access APS-C ( harvest) cameras only, p. p.ej., it Angers Series or 70D. He the models return no of to full frame likes him one 5D or 6D. Here it is my takes on this able little lentil after the months of pair to shoot in the SL1.

TEZ: As One 18-55 STM, is done of plastic, saves for optician and electronic. Even so, when being solid manually: the plsticoes is good quality , any game in a mountain or the barrel and he are finished amiably in semi-calm black. It IS featherlight 240g and easy to slip in the pocket of cloak or stock exchange.

The HOUSES are internal--any extension of element of the front or turnand peppy enough, but more dulcemente that an EF-s 10-22 USM. Even so, the houses are silent in onboard mics. A STM the walk has represented the attractions and The Film save silky smooth in my SL1.

A 'wire fence,' i.et., He powered the manual houses are smooth but be missing of a control of the mechanical point. FTM (Manuel of full time) spent manual house without flipping the change. FTM Only works when a camera is changed on with a button of half shutter-has pressed.

ZOOM: A ribbed point of towers of the smooth silky zoom. A nested the barrel extends of a main barrel slightly in 10mm and 18mm, but is fully retracted in 14mm. A field of zoom is only , but the low proportions are a norm for wide zooms.

STABILIZER Of IMAGE (EST) harvests two additional decrees to rid holdable field in 10mm and three-decrees in 18mm, but no a four-the decrees have alleged by Cannon. A hand more in firm could express was four-decrees. It IS it is to calm and is not audible in video when using built-in mics.

The OPTIC the ACTION wide open is frame of acute centre with the light sweetness in of the corners. Low decree in F8 and the corners stress up. To the acuteness is compatible through the majority of a field of zoom, with the smallest degradation in a final longitude. There is distortion of barrel in a final width but turn in 18mm. Chromatic aberration (CA) is very controlled with the fringe of only light magenta to the long of verges of big contrast. P. p.ej., Bouquets of tree against the brilliant heaven. CA IS nominal in 10mm but more pronounced in 22mm.

Claro falloff (darkens of corner) is pronounced: heavy vignetting in 10mm of F4.5 Until F11. It lessens So you zoom in 18mm and/or pause down, but is always there. If you shoot JPEGs, Correction of the Peripheral illumination automatically can reduce clear falloff. BELIEVED shooters can correct with the few clicks in Lightroom or DPP.

Photos of decadences, spotlights and other sources of brilliant light test little clave wide open. Curiously, the looks of clave with the sources of the brilliant light when prey down in F11 or 16. I use the hood the help protects of stray light, doggie nose and raindrops. A Hood of Lentils of the Cannon EW-73C is an accessory and coast he cringe worthy $ 28. A knockoff hood, a JJC LH-73C Shadow of Lentils of Hood For EF of Cannon S 10-18mm f/ IS STM to Substitutes of lentil EW-73C is available for 1/3 a cost of OEM.

A dilemma is choosing among this lentil and an EF-S 10-22mm f/ USM. The quality of image is tossup like another characteristic will be a factor to decide . A USM to the lentil has 4mm to achieve, ploughing of 1 fast decrees in 10mm, tez better, stairs of distance, robust mountain of metal and faster AF. In one another hand, a STM to the lentil is $ 300 less, smaller and clearer, comprises IS and a STM the walk is silent and soften when using the film Saves in him 70D, 7D MKII, SL1, T5i or T6i.

LAST BLURB: the piece of cannon the few corners to swing this prize but does so with small admit in functions or optic quality. A result is the zoom of wonderful light for landscapes, tight neighbourhoods or any situation the view to sweep is wished. An EF-S 10-18mm f/ IS STM is the wonderful interpreter and value.
5 / 5
By far my favourite lentil. It IS hesitant quite that buys this lentil, but crusader with him and I are happy has done. It rids the Very acute image with minimum distortion and chromatic aberration. Dulcemente Excellent for a prize.
3 / 5
These looks the utmost little vlogging slow for cameras of sensor of the half likes one 80D. In theory. So that 10-18mm is 16-29mm amounting, which are quite wide. And it is clear weight , has stabilisation and the engine of any silent, all characteristic desirable for any work of video.

But in the practices found this lentil only also slow (in of the terms of inaugural) for generals vlogging purposes. Unless you want your very deformed face, final to use he in a 14mm and in field, where some drops of inaugural in f/5.6. Meaning each results of inner images or supremely grainy or down exposed. Included in 10mm and f/4.5 is still quite darkness. So unless it is planning calm in vlog in full daylight only, can not recommend this lentil.

For the photograph is not even estimates to consider, is not to the particularly acute lentil and an engine of does not offer any profit in photograph. In an included calm prize vary you can take a lentil of the model he old plus, with USM automotive (or no motorised AF at all), but the majority of acute glass and/or more inaugural instead.

For the a lot of cheap vlogging solution in Cannon APS-C cameras, takes a Cannon 24mm f/2.8 dulcemente of pancake and sell the $ 15 wide angle slow of conversor in the. You will take the width quite angle (only quite), with blurry verges but well quite home of centre. Enough to maintain you going until it can provide you a saint grail of APS-C vlogging, a time has sealed Rokinon 14mm f/2.8 AF.
4 / 5
... So that another is not better in this field of zoom and field of prize.
Has bought this lentil only for some concrete beaks have required, and was in fact pleasantly has surprised.
TAKES to turn the correction of peripheral light of a camera ON ( is the parameter in a card).
The tests for professionals have it frequently what better in his prize/of category. IF I need the very wide lentil, one of some better elections.
Four stars for vain disappear the house of better manual to photograph at night. But it directs perfectly with clear very small, while has quite contrast.
5 / 5
Like the commentaries of extraneous majority on here saying quite doubting buys this lentil, has thought also two times before purchase and in fact thought to buy the pricier unit But to the left say, absolutely wants this lentil! I have not tried out of another the big more final ones, but this a so far takes a work has done! Any one remorse!

In my pictures, the majority of them is low quality so that I am writing this of my another computer and I of the that has some beaks of the main resolution here, but only he so that it can take an idea that can it to it do.

Top Customer Reviews: Sony 16-50mm ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 55 ratings
5 / 5
I possess the Sony A7III organism and the Sony 24-105mm lentil that use partorisca work and amour a lot, but lugging a whole thing around when travelling is weighed enough and inconvenient, likes I wind on those leaves my camera in home whenver start. This me feel quite blamed 'cause beside shooting for work, has begun recently the blog of travesía and wants to have my camera with me everywhere to take all some good moments. First of the start was for the street of 3 travesía of weeks of SF the Seattle, has decided to take this lentil. It can not be more happy state with this decision! My camera and I am now inseparable. The quality of photo is to good sure any one I so that it adds like my lentil of work, but for a blog of travesía, is perfectly good and crisp and a lot fast. Sometimes any one I same I seat dangling of my side been due to like this of light weight. Swipe out of the window of a car in a street the plot and a house of car is súper of confidence. They are 100 happy with him all and everything!
4 / 5
The camera has used A6300

For Photograph- is like this soft to the equal that say around some flanges, but the centre is a lot acute. It does not add for landscapes, any flange the acuteness of same flange in f5.6 Or f8.

For video this is Surprising with incredible acuteness especially for 4k. A house of Car is fast and any one touch at all! Extremely calm any sound of annoying engine or clicking! A OSS help so much for hand-held shots in bylines, and helps an algorithm of noise like this more blur and a lot acute in big iso for hand-held shots.

Bulk The container means no elegant box, so only bubble wrapped in the simple box. New to the equal that has described.
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A lentil is fast to direct and exposed of together with accuracy. And a lentil is the good measure and is acute corner to corner. Has the next house well when wide. But I can be he buys another reason he buzzes when looking for house. This lentil has been bought to substitute another that fraction and this a does not have on resisted for the full year still. It likes- one measured, speed, and action, but this prompt sign of the weakness is not pleasing. The failure in far places is the worry.
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Daily very little zoom in the fraction of a besides big side more expensive lenses. I add to walk around. It has shot recently the little pics in a Blue Ridge Parkway with this lentil. It has attached a down.
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All some pictures that has taken is slightly to direct even in a centre. They are not Crisp like a Sony lentil that is coming with mine 6400 (18mm - 135mm ). They are not picky but his class of bad. A comparison of picture is of a centre of an original photograph which where concentrated in the chair that was there and in approx a same distance . They are by train of the turn.
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12/17: Petit and a lot acute. Perfecto spends around lentils. It loves an extra f:stop, but measures it then would be a subject. These works.

5/18: With which 6 use of month, has determined that while compact, a lentil is not almost like this acute like my together of Sigma And highland prime lenses. While has thinks that that this would be a chance , does not have to that think that a sony the zoom would be like this bad how is. It likes-I one managing and a weight of a zoom, but some images are so only a lot until pair. Tried dipping a camera to CRUDE + JPEG with the histogram there is showed. Manuel has tried, the start has Preferred, any significant difference in some results. Going to dip on backside to JPEG only and use this when hanged and spatial is prize.

Has the CANNON S100, which is the quite good Point & Shoot. It runs circles around this lentil for quality of image, and my Sony that the camera is a APS-C model of sensor (the main sensor). As it have to that be a lentil . Usable but oh as soft...
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Like a row and especially a 16mm wide corner for landscapes, but is not in lentil really well, to the sprain of barrel is quite bad, and extremely sensitive to moisture. Another that that takes good pictures. This in spite of, have bought already my second substitution, will see how long hard . It does not exit with east in the foggy day! And treat it like this was paper - is a lot of breakable! Sony Would owe that offer the most robust box zoom that this, that consider those that people use it, was the good way to do a lot of happy clients.
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When I receivesd a lentil there is remarked that it was dented in an of some sides, has classifies it free of the plastic coverage around a lentil and when I have tried in my error of camera said of lentil, tried in the different camera and he have had a same error, has tried the fellow same mm to the lentil and he have done, like this basically the mine is too much goes apparently.

Has had to travel like this now are in a country where can not return a lentil because it was too expensive and will be necessary to buy it again because I can no without him.
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Was excited like this to try this new lentil of a lot of people has said to be well for pictures and when I zoomed take stuck and is not conning behind the normal, and then in a screen of my camera says “ can not recognise to the lentil attaches properly” is properly has attached! I have required this for my travesía of field tomorrow. First time have has not had never a subject with a product of amazon…
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Good value partorisca to lentil - my subject only is that a lentil has received looks to have the something the white interior has stuck. No too big of the shot, but probably will purchase a lentil of the main quality with which time around.

Top Customer Reviews: Sigma 30mm F1.4 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 56 ratings
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I have bought 2 month ago , according to DxOMark is a more acute lentil that there is partorisca And mountain . My personal opinion, directs quickly enough , is excellent for the decreases of conditions read have had not even the question that directs in low light in mine sony a6000 , has the bit of sprain that is corrected easily in Lightroom 6.6 , a quality of build is excellent , give it 5 stars because it is the product adds in the a lot of down side, especially because it is a more acute lentil that there is for And mountain , so only not recommending he for video because it does not have any stabilizer.
5 / 5
Ossia Mine the majority of recent lentil the compraventa and there is quickly result my gone-the lentil. It is the small, compresses autofocus lentil that use for both portraits and photograph of landscape. Some drop of inaugural frames for the abonos blurry fund and the crisp, subject clean in a foreground. It is perfect still is shooting the person or group of people with the abonos blurry fund behind him. It is also súper landscape of effective shoot. Big pound-quality, crisp images and a autofocus is FANTASTIC. More, cost much less (-$ 100) that another resemblance lenses. I can not recommend this lentil enough.
5 / 5
It likes the quota has said, this so only could be one first better lentil for Sony And-Mountain / APS-C cameras. I use it on my Sony A6000, and is surprising. Fast pros and gilipollas:


More-in-inaugural of class. f1.4 it Is at present a better available in a phase, more has opened lentil in this row.

Economic. Compared to a competition, this lentil is some absolute flies . More economic That a next plus Sony and Zeiss equivalent.

Amazing quality. I have not known Never to lentil this economic, and promising f1.4, it can any never look this good. Unless you are the serious photo pro the one who there is crawling on some pixels in Photoshop, this lentil is after perfecting in any setting. Those small defects has, is almost all easily fixed (p. p.ej. Much smaller, more-classify-, sprain of barrel). Any one using this for point-and-the shoot or the basic portraits will not require to do the thing, the looks adds out of a box.


Any stabilisation of image. Ossia Really both the pro and the with. Calm no precise stabilisation of image in all the shoot of chance with the tripod, as any sense that paid for him. If you know anything roughly dipping on your camera, probably calms already know like this to setup the fast shutter the speed that use a 1.4 to avert almost all the worries in shaky hands. This in spite of, that lacking of the stabilisation of image means the hand-held shots are the slowest fraction and less stable that would be with a Sony-equivalent lentil that has stabilisation of image. Really, it was not concerned knows like this to setup to lentil, but a Sony is an easy plus 'point and lentil of click in a row. If you are the photographer of studio with to plot to light the one who depends in the each character has shot to be perfect this in spite of calm does not use the tripod, then perhaps would require to concern you. I so only pushes in fines-the way has shot to do sure take the a lot of one.

Chromatic aberration. Also called 'lived fringing', lenses with low quite f-the esteems of stop are prone to leave a light in some flanges of the subject, that directs to the effect of bleeding where acute differences in light cause an object to have the outline has lived. It remarks that this outline is usually quite hard to see unless you are really blowing on an image (8x10?) Or looking for it on the monitor. Ossia Normal, and for this class of lense, this lense are still adds for his class. If ossia the worry of entity for you, any tent around, or learn to shoot around he (increase f-take when shooting acute of light contrast, for chances).

Zoom For boss. More and-mountain lenses any zoom in the 1:1 clue with as turned a coverage, his relay that information to a camera that looks for to guess the value is taking. Ossia Totally normal by means of a row, but some people look for to be annoyed by him, as it takes note. These dials of lentil in like this well like any of his fly-for-competitors of boss, and the meeting can take exactly some results want to use of the simple escómo the pending zoom direct' option in my camera.

In general:

This lentil has all some normal defects of the 1.4 in this row of prize, but cost less, and has a low more f-you the piece can take. Absolutely, fence-any one one first better lentil for more than users. It requires only beginner-knowledge to level to do one the majority of out he. It spends a day that looks on tips on shooting with lenses with falling f-stops, and will be ready partorisca east.
4 / 5
(NOTE: If calm informs written like this, the look for “Loloho Photo” to find my description of complete video! Also, this description written will be to update with more than information to the equal that obtain experience with a lentil.)

In the first place, my frame of reference: I possess a Sony Zeiss FAITH 35, Sigma 30mm f/2.8, Sony FE28 f2, and Sony/Zeiss 24 f/1.8. Yes, it suffers the severe chance of Syndrome of Acquisition of the Train (GAS). An only treatment is a compraventa constant of train of new camera. If no for a supervision in firm resupplied by mine vigilant woman, has declared already breaks for now. Felizmente, was able to secretly sell some plasma of blood to take my hands in the copy of this lentil.

Sigma Has sent acted of accident by means of a world of camera when I announce this 30mm f/1.4 lentils for Sony And and Micros 4/3. Included this in spite of APS-C sensor cam like a a6300, a6000, and a5100 sells faster that Spock ears in the agreement of Hike of the Star, in of the recent years Sony there is rid at all but glass of full frame - mostly of a “type of variety and” heavy. Like this Sigma ad of this native APS-C lentils has been fulfilled with the enthusiasts acclaims. (Any pom poms, this in spite of.)

Alas, unboxing a lentil has developed an immediate disappointment – any chance of lentil! All of the mine another Sigma lenses (that comprises a “series” of Art) has comprised a lot cushioned and zippered chance, like an exclusion of the chance was the letdown. Tsk, tsk, Sigma... My lentil 'Contemporary' poor feels in of the skins without the chance to match.

Felizmente, imports improved to examine a lentil he. With a Contemporary series, Sigma is returned to the traditional plus styling. Ido is a barrel of smooth metal of a “series” of Art. In his place is the traditional more ridged appearance of polycarbonate with still pinch of metal to kick. Sigma Called some material Thermally Stable Composite (TSC) and is supposition to manage transmissions in good temperature. In all the chance, am happy to see grippy hule ridges in a barrel of lentil; now I can eat greasy Chip>s without fear of a lentil that slips by means of my toes in the crucial moment.

A lentil is done in Giappone - no Thailandia, Cina, or Bangladesh. The quality of build is entirely decent. It is not that it feigns to be to vintage Leica or Nikkor, but adapted the modern Sony organism quite amiably.

In fact, a lentil feels semi-detached sum to the Sony a6000 or a6300. Goldilocks Would agree of one managing: it is correctly. A weight is manageable in ounces. There is some substance here, but at all concealed would prevent calm of toting this rock has balanced well all day long.

A thing is so only down 3 thumbs long (ossia which says!) As it is not terribly bulky.

An edge of the filter of the front is 52mm, unusual for Sony And-Mountain lenses. This will do amiably for those of you the one who have Nikon glass and filters lying around. If you have invested in 49mm filters for yours another Sony lenses, then can wants to buy the no-arrive (or is no-down?) Coverage.

And that coverages of pause, a coverage of manual house is YUUUUGE. Personally I like a coverage of massive manual house and his hule to reassure grip. Although the house is for boss, a coverage resembles has been dampened. Turned with the smooth buttery feels. When manually that directs this lentil wide open, will want to all of a control can muster.

Reason, questions? Well, has a compraventa of main reason this lentil, and is not an elegant plastic: f/1.4, creature!

The accident is to say it again, everything near: f/1.4.



Ahhhhh, This felt well, a lot that?

In fact, this lentil is faster that the Ferrari Enzo that careers on 110 octane with the gas pedal has stuck. It is faster that Usain Ray after drinking three big pints of Tauro Red. It is faster that... Well, takings an idea .

A lentil has the maximum opening of f/1.4. This means load of light, and the knife thins slowly focal.

Loves bokeh? Calm took it!

A bokeh, or out of zones of home, that these products of lentil are smooth and good-looking. A lentil has the rounded 9-bladed opening. Bokeh Is creamier that the Brief slat . If you want to see your subject @to swim in the veritable sea of blurry funds bliss, ossia yours lentil .

That it is arguably more than entity that the deep blurs? Acuity, which is the elegant word that photo nerds say in place of “acuteness.” Felizmente, this lentil rids optical acuity. Yes, it is acute.

The one who acute? More acute That the Hattori Hanzo sword. It is reasonably acute wide open, thank advantage, and the subjects improve so that it is prendido down bit it. For f/5.6, risk slicing your eyeballs. Ossia Reason buy first lenses, folks.

Which in a focal period? Well, in a APS-C camera 30mm translated to the 45mm field of view. Personally I am fond of a focal period, as it rids the normal “perspective” end. Again, Goldilocks would agree: it is not too wide, and no too tightened. You see something looked to the that a human eye sees.

A lentil is like this an ideal walkabout type of lentils. A calm fast start mean can take he to so only in any situation to light. It is useful indoors and external.

Are adds for shots of people and contextual portraiture. It is well to photograph callejera and landscape. It is excellent for shots of museum of stuffed wombats, also. (So only the suggestion.)

A distance of minimum house is the decent thumbs . While no like this I cut like wonderful Sony/Zeiss 24mm f/1.8, is not half bad. No, it does not substitute your macro lentil. But it wants to take the dreamy shot of the yours fettucine alfredo before scarfing the down your gullet, this lentil will take a work done.

Downsides? SANTO has LIVED FRINGING, BATMAN! When Shooting wide open, sometimes the zones of contrast big can exhibit signs of lateral chromatic aberration in a form of has lived fringing. Yes, A Previously Known Artist Like this Prince (can rests in peace) would have loved this lentil.

Ahhh, lived fringing – A unsightly dandruff of photograph. Unfortunately, a lived fringing here is quite extreme. Take the shot wide open and examine some zones of contrast big. You will listen a song 'the rain Remains' touching in your boss, again and again.

Felizmente Lived fringing is solved easily in step of estaca with the simple a treatment of click. If has a software (Season Lightroom is that I use) and your right toe is able of clicking the key of mouse, need any failure too much in has lived fringing. Or you can take down yours opening the bit to maintain control of low things.

There there is also some sprain. If shots JPGs you will not require to concern roughly the, of then was fixed automatically in camera. If it likes him to you he develops the RAW files, well, will want to correct a sprain. If you have tried a FE28, then know a hammer. Again, it is not really the big shot these digital days.

So that it is an inferior line , A lot he so only done this action of offer of the comparable or better lentil that a lenses has mentioned on, a prize are enough adds. Sure, cost more than a Sigma 30mm f/2.8 series of Art, but instead for the little extra cash volume the fast fast fast f/1.4 opening. To my knowledge, ossia an only native APS-C f/1.4 autofocusing lentil for Sony And-Mountain. (Sure, has a macizo SEL35F14Z 35mm f/1.4 full frame lentil, but concealed will cost you an extra $ 1200 or like this, and need the forklift to spend it.)

A Sigma 30mm is to the most economic plot that a sublime Sony Zeiss 24mm f/1.8. If you want pony on a cash for a Zeiss, will take the focal period slightly wider, the distance of the minimum house shorter, and these mythological Zeiss colours (that comprises the blue dish very). I love mine 24mm, and never would discourage any to buy one. But you can choose on this Sigma and maintain around $ 700 in your pocket. Your election. With a Sigma will owe that the fastest lentil, but calm also will have lived fringing.

Has been tried to jump Sigma the star for a stingy exclusion of the pertinent chance. But for now, I will be bondadoso and simply wag my toe in his direction. After all, Sigma there is rid where accounts more. It has given And-it Locates shooters the acute fast normal APS-C prime in the reasonable prize. The sinister hope sells to plot of these things and is motivated to maintain doing more. Next time, perhaps will do the better work with a material has lived.

Goes advances. If it calms master that, buy it. Calm think likes you.

(As mentioned in a principle, informs written like this, the look for “Loloho Photo Sigma 30 Contemporary” to find my description of complete video! Also, this description will be updated as I obtain more experience with a lentil. Thank you And happy shooting.)
4 / 5
It like a lot another, has bought this lentil for my Sony a6000 reason is an available acute plus and a 30mm (45mm equivalent of full frame) is afterwards to the”nifty fifty_” focal period like this amour. A quality of build looks excellent and a weight is reasonable. It is not in small lentil, but does not feel too disturbed in my hand or in the tripod. A coverage of manual house is enormous, which are to add reasons can see me the requiring often. A autofocus can be slow with my camera has shot so only autofocus way, and a lentil “hunts” for the second or two before it closes house. In continuous autofocus way a lentil constantly hunts and does not close never home, likes volume fallido and manual of house of the transmission. No the breaker of extracted for me, reason this is not in lentil I usually use for fast moving subjects. And it does not import not having Sony OSS reason probably will not shoot video with this lentil, neither. For my purposes, that requires to fast acute lentil for interior or cityscape shooing, this lentil is almost ideal. I gave it four stars in place of five so only because of a lousy autofocus capacity, but am still happy has bought this lentil in a native Sony 35mm.
4 / 5
They would like him give these 4.5 stars. Quality of wise image, is more like 4, the value and the usability is more like 5.
In the first place, is A lot of PETIT And LIGHT. They are by train to use it On a Sony a6000, and these two combined is like this small and to light seat likes to deceive.

As, any all lenses can maintain up with a crazy-shoot and action of fast house of a a6000, but this little Sigma DONE.

Is the acute is not , is the crazy-acute lentil. I am spoilt for lenses like a Zeiss 55mm f1.8, And comparatively, this lentil is well, so only does not add . Still, frames of usability up for some smaller failings in quality of image. Very brilliant, a lot quickly, very easy to use.
5 / 5
Sigma lenses Rock. Has a Sigma 30mm F1.4 And a Sigma 16mm f/1.4 and use them interchangeably in mine Sony a5100 (a surprisingly little container of powerful camera).

A heft and quality of build of Sigma lenses is impressive, but his optical is even more impressive. A bit slower to direct with car house that Sony OEM lenses, still direct fast-enough for use of continuous video.

Can you any gone bad with this lentil is looking for an around-lentil of portrait of the city that also can be used for drop-conditions read. It uses this lentil for professional boss-shots and portraits, and also for work of tight video with the creamy bokeh and cinematic look.
4 / 5
I have bought this to pair with the Sony A6300 after being unsatisfied with an acuteness of a FE28/2 and a SEL35mm/1.8. A Sigma was recommended highly and in of the terms of acuteness is the almost impossible to beat APS-C lentils for a Sony APS-C system. A caveat is that a Sigma 30/1.4 does not direct like this quickly like FE28 or SEL35, and has found that has subject of accuracy down-light more than a FE28 and SEL35. It outrage a be of house less than optimum down-light I desire a lentil was 35mm to the equal that am a lot of result habituado to this focal row and 30mm is slightly wider that would like me.

With east says possesses a Rokinon 12/2, Sony SEIA 50/1.8 and has possessed an aforesaid lenses. A Sigma 30/1.4 has has left seldom my A6300 of then buying it, considers it the must possesses for acuteness in Sony APS-C lineup. I lose a colour rendering, and a quality to direct of a FE28, and a stabilisation of image of a SEL35/1.8.

Is a APS-C shooter in Sony then here is my recommendation goes with a 28mm/2 loves speed and direct accuracy and does not import the focal period slightly wider that 35mm. It goes with a SALT 35 loves stabilisation of image. It goes with a Sigma he loves absolute acuteness.
5 / 5
Incredibly to the lentil adds. Utilisation with the humble A6000 camera, and some results are many , very better that any one would have the legislation to expect, quotes a prize of a camera and lentil. It likes the quota there is remarked, is extremely acute, but he also produced of the good-looking colours and dynamic row. Has the little another lenses for a A6000 and almost any to use them never, except an occasional macro (so that it uses an elderly Nikon AY 55 mm macro lentil and Fotasy adapter -- the works add!) And long telephoto (Nikon 80-200 f/4 AY -- the works add) shots. (I has a Sigma 60mm f/2.8, which is for the fly also, for portraits but does not take to plot of those.) To the equal that to as this lentil compares with a Sigma 30 mm f/2.8, does not know . This lentil is more economic and probably would do well, reason I seldom start to use wider that f/2.8 in all the chance. They are sure a Sony 35 mm is well. But you will have to that pry this beauty of my cold, dead hands. I feign to be sotterrato with him.
4 / 5
I have purchased the Sony a6500 container that is coming with an excellent Sony 18-135 zoom and a 50mm 1.8 lenses. Both are utmost lenses but my setup has been missing the prime in a versatile 50mm equivalent row (the Sony 50mm laws like him 75mm lentil in a a6500 because of the factor of harvest of this sensor of camera). This Sigma 30mm extracted like this he 45mm lentil that is quite prójimo to a 50mm row. And with this gaping f1.4 inaugural rids some good-looking bokeh when wished.

Has been using he for automotive photograph and also closeup photo of still life. A Sigma 30mm 1.4 now complete the trio of lenses that me do fault for 99 of some situations of photos will find. If I add another lentil, he more probably be a Sigma 16mm 1.4. For low $ 300 ossia to the lentil will be proud to have in your stock exchange of cameras, although probably it spends the majority of his time has attached to your camera grabbing the photos add.

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