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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 55 ratings
5 / 5
That is to say one the majority of convenient and more compact soft, the group of 3 filters has found that it can line until 82mm filters. It IS very done and robust, with smooth-constant cushions to maintain filters that sure so to beat grupal soft. I prefer in this way in a tri-way of fold, so that it is easier to see all the filters immediately and hurriedly taking the in and has been. There have it also less risk of any fall was, an access is better, and again, leaves a case to be the little more compact. The box broken more to fish or plastic filter around for some filters use more. A two-the group is the sum for when more necessity... I prefer that in the holding of case 6 filters, which take too bulky.

Remarce Concealed is not the totally sealed enclosure, while it aims in an of my photos here (exaggerated so that a case is opened in a photo), but is not a subject for me, especially since generally maintains in my stock exchange of camera.

While Distinguished in an of my photos, a robust loop of covers of tape for the max 2.25' tape (a bit less for the fat tape).

(In case that a product or changes of vendor, this description is for a 'Domeye 2PC 3-Pocket Bagged Case of Filter of the Lentil for Filters Circulates or Square until 82mm' sold by City of Rainbow and Conformed by Amazon.)
5 / 5
This fashionable case the easiest fact to find your filters, and 3 void is only in perfect. If has the little slow, and these lenses very all the taking a same diameter, these cases are the good solution . That with digital, there is no more required for filters coloreados - just the pair of NDs and the cPOL for each dulcemente - or 3 diameter of arrests. Much easier to take some filters that breaking some lenses is posing in your stock exchange.
These cases are amiably facts, has the decent quantity to cushion. I am not preoccupied quite breaking the filter yes falls the case.

Is doing on the way good to label some cases to do it easier to follow that it is inner . I am thinking perhaps different colored bonds in the each loop of tape, or perhaps the light colored pens of tissue.
Oh And why not giving a no above low/ points? Mark no low for vignetting. No- it stops above shadows of ways of lentils any access. If you are using to 10 pause ND filter, is probably in necessity and brilliant light that the filter shaded of oblique light.
5 / 5
So much better that a toe was, 3 filter of empty factor and used before. This active quite cushion and a void is quite big to accommodate until 82mm filters. They are also much thinner these comparable factors of 3 when enclosed void. More importantly, the difference of the toe was factor , can access these while in the pocket to extend and run any risk of the filter these falls was when open place atop yours stock exchange or simply open to access your filters.

Sometimes, is some solutions some mere more these laws of plus.
5 / 5
Only calm so that it is to go in him, this does not have to the hard sides, is woven while it expect. A void of the filter is well, mine of access 77mm filters without subject.

Has a Rucksack of Cannon 200.G Then these will return inner some side by side small pockets of a rucksack. It wanted to have 2 of these, plan on bond the microfiber cloth or two in there. Velcro Looks well, remains closed when concluded. Loop Of tape in a backside. Any subject with any one of a stitching or material. It updates later it has any subjects.
5 / 5
Nice marries basic. At all he in the pouch of tape, with stacks, these enclosed zips, likes lack of the fully closed/the upper verge has sealed is of any worry. Besides it has a filter in a camera while in the dusty the zone still will require your paintbrush of lentils. The mark to the long of the sure compact way to spend filters. In fact I think that that I will buy a 4 version of pocket. Not perfecting for some uses but he do for me and is economic.
2 / 5
My lenses was very spotless, but after the week in these cases has aimed a greasy residue in glass with the exact master of material used the incase it.
5 / 5
I have purchased to store three 77mm filters. It does not use of the filters often, but like me there is the manually in case perhaps. This case is quite slender but durable that the chair sure will maintain it some sure filters. More, is the two -group so absolutely can any gone bad with a prize. At the end, spear in the cloth to debug with some cases, which are the good touch , but is very too coarse for me to listen comfortable to use he for a lot.
5 / 5
I have not had sper big expectations in this product, in $ 7.99 for two imagined would be cheaply fact and obviously so much. Felizmente, is research to be very sewed, quite robust, and is well and compact. I feign to maintain in the stock exchange in addition to camera that in my tape, a pouch is not to try to powder and has open sections in some sides in a fund. Apt 67mm filters with spare room. The interior and the external cushions is thin but sufficient and the helps maintain a sake of pouches and compact. An upper inaugural approximation the fact far less probably for the filter the fall was.
5 / 5
These cases are in fact quite sake. Some robust material looks and has not seen any defects with a craftmanship. I am by train to use them For 77mm and the filters the small plus and everything return amiably. For a prize, taking two case looks the good roads .
4 / 5
I am using an of them for my three 82mm filters. Quan Some 3 filters have been inserted in a case, an access is snug or tight. A bit too tight for my flavour, like this a 1 reduction of star. ( You are planning Use the filters the small plus, then no this smaller subject.) Except Felizmente, still can close a case and a velcro looks to line his place (still after I have shaken a case violently the other way around and side of roads by side). The global quality is well and I like a fact that any one shows any creation or caseous logotype (in the now mere). Also it take toallitas humid he of free filter with some 2 cases so that it is the plus .

Top Customer Reviews: 6 Pocket Filter ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
1 / 5
It wants to me these. Reasonably priced and apparently protective.

Even so has 2 things that has semi-detached together stars he (would have to when being zero).
Remarce Concealed has used these for to 1 photo of safari of week in Yellowstone as it take filters
in and out of them multiple time the day for a whole trip.

Has lined the glorious valuable pair of B+W, Tiffen.....Polarisers and neutral density circulate.
Has had my plastic cases to the long of me would have abandoned the plus or less day 2.

1. An interior liner the coverage is point lived . Because of the east leaves few strands have lived everywhere.
A week after my trip and I still are trying apresamiento was my lenses and filters....hopefully Any
in mine 7d and 7dii organism.

2. Because of them the open road (flipping opened what bono the factor of fold) pot (and has) covers
slip of filters out of his pockets. Have Almost lost the 77mm B+W the polariser circulates in the geyser while trying
to take it was.

Can not recommend these in any subjects.
3 / 5
This pouch is typically something concealed has to when being spent in your stock exchange of trip or back the groups since do not have the loop of tape, which for this pouch of the measure is probably difficult to do in all the case. And this also has an occasion of the filters that fallen was when deploying a pouch while still in your tape ! Initially it looks to be the robust, well pouch in fact, but has my fears for him are longevity so that a stitching these careers through some means of him, to do a distribution among some 6 pockets are done only through a semence of thin blue ! In my opinion, this rasgar probably any time especially when slightly oversized the filters are being tried to return in. The time only will say like this will line up, and personally thinks that a centrical stitching would have to has been done all a road through an external material black which are the most robust plot that some material to line of thin blue ! Something to think enough for people that still wants to try to return in this filter that really would have to go in the main pocket.
5 / 5
It looks for the pouch of filter with flat creation to spend in my stock exchange of camera, especially to travel. This pouch concealed and is doing perfectly for me. Now it included it is lining three 77mm filters, later go to attach three 82mm filters. It maintains his form, any bulky. In a tissue is soft, something very of entity to maintain sure some expensive filters. It sees some revise to complain- of some filters that fallen of a pouch. I think some people do not comprise that this pouch is to pose on in the flat surface so that it go it when open the. If you are still worry in some filters that it falls, only attach some velcro, but does not think is is necessary.
5 / 5
I have bought this factor to filter to line 77mm the filters for three different lenses has used in my Cannon 7D dslr. It have achieved a point that is spent around five different 77mm filters in his protective cases plsticoes respective. This tended to use the plot of spatial and create the take, lumpy something in my stock exchange of the camera of the rucksack deadened. It looks that this factor will do very good to protect some filters, to delete some pieces, and to do a bit filters more easily accessible. I have used to to do the plot to look for travers of the pockets and of the compartments to find or verify that there are some filters concealed has wanted to--now this nuisance is has finished practically. Almost certainly some cases of plsticoes protectors would provide the level the big plus of powder and protect of scratch for individual filters, but think that this factor, spent in a stock exchange of camera, will provide to protect sufficient to do an interesting change. And, I date a modest prize of this factor of filter, does not seat concealed active very risk for the try.
4 / 5
As you Attach several types and measure of filters for some different lenses yours coach of mandate of camera and storing them can be the bit of the problem. This reasonably the case priced, in fashion of the factor, while not perfecting , can provide the solution for this problem of storage.
An only problem found so far is that some filters, and in particular some filters of the smallest measure, can slip, or slide out of his protective pockets, as it uses the small cure and the precaution when opened a factor to attach or filters of change.
Another that concealed, is the addition adds in any stock exchange of camera !
5 / 5
Wow, the sound adds! His in a measure of the backwards of reservations of paper, and deadened well and thickness, and gives a lot protect. If has expensive filters, then to good sure want to something to protect them. Active heliopan And B&W Filters concealed is 00 and more Each WHAT WHAT. That is to say one of a bit those that pose of chair of the comfortable things and sure 00 value of filters in. That is to say! I want to it.
5 / 5
It was in the principle preoccupied quite lining my filters to move of some hard cases in the pouch like this, but other descriptions has mentioned this problem, as I have decided to try he with the little of my filters my cheap plus. After the weeks of pair has been satisfied, now these wineries of pouch all my filters, included my expensive polariser. Has the durable external shell and the softly cushioned interior. I am really impressed with a quality.
5 / 5
I have purchased this so that I have required something to maintain my filters have protected, and is doing a work without problems! Constantly take my filters and only launching in my stock exchanges of camera without the protect and has done me to us unbalanced, so that they are expensive and does not want the Tan of the mar. at the end has data in and has purchased this case. It IS the small bulky, but has looked for something main to return mine 86mm tiffin filter, which he no. My filter of mine big plus in has the 77mm and cape with spatial change. Tan Far like the quality of tez go, am adds! A tissue is solid and protects some filters to be has lined. A stitching in a seams has still to fail like the case of factor is taking a work has done.

If you do not import one measures to well sure would recommend this case like the quality of tez is there!
5 / 5
These few cases of rind that the joint of the filter enters only does not line up over time.
Has required something to maintain everything of my filters in, in or plant. With 2 or 3 filters screwed together and places in a pocket, returned my whole collection in this factor, with room for more than abundance. A semence of the Magic strand is right there to clean some filters while I have posed the in my lenses. If has the case of small camera, or if the room is in the premium in the perhaps said case, this could not be a solution since you. It IS quite big and very well deadened. Pay heed in some dimensions in an advertising. It bends the dimensions are around 4.25' big X 10' wide, to hover he of 1' thick, as what the filters have posed in him.
5 / 5
My gradually accrued filter the collection had exited of control, among all a polariser and filters of neutral density for a lot of different sized lenses. This six filter of pocket the factor is only that has required. Each measures of pocket 3 3/4 inches in widths and quite a lot of 4 inches in height (with a point of pocket that extends up 2 3/4 inches in a filter. Some easily mine apt pockets 77mm filters. There is the thin cloak to cushion in a case these cual retreated provides the protect sufficient for some filters even so like this maintain a weight and volume very clear. Some filters are very protected of the each another and a velcro the closures firmly line an enclosed case when is bent up. I have bought also the case the small plus of three pockets has done by this company those uses identical edifice to use in a field when travelling light.

Is thinking to buy the second factor to store my cover of any and dulcemente extra-in of the points.

Top Customer Reviews: Tycka Field Filters ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 58 ratings
4 / 5
In general the pouch of good filter for a prize, but not perfecting .

A pouch is the measures adds for mine 77mm filters, while it is quite big for my toes to achieve in and take some filters for some points.
An upper fully layers a void, which are curiously the forget to draw in another pouches.
A line of interior is very soft, as it does not line my filters.

has Remarked that there is some black lint that collects in a glass. Probably I will require to attach some extras microfiber interior of cloths to line a void the eschew cleaning my filters every time in front of use.
5 / 5
I have purchased this to line my Photograph in advance and B+W ND and CPL filters for my lenses of camera. It expect that this would do a trick to line them firmly and protecting them of scratches and muck. Before this has used a tri-headline of fold of B+W but if the harm of the open, your filters would fall era. Less bad that never spent, but this stock exchange the very better laws. It marks 5(five) filters comfortably until 82mm and also has room in a pouch advance for my cloth of lentils. It IS quite easy to take them in and was and want to , can connect he in your tape. A vain cup to rack and sea in a stock exchange like any muck or the rain will enter when concluded. Highly it recommends this especially for a prize. If I take more filters, to good sure will purchase another.
5 / 5
That is to say the a lot of-built, still economic, if that has resolved my filter to grow dilemma. A Velcro the tab is quite strong to maintain an enclosed lid, still access in your easy filters. As Us all know, sometimes in a field, each few helps of bit. With the toe of mere inch, can take a filter or no-arrives clean that necessity hurriedly, and then, likes him hurriedly, fences in a case and maintain work.

A strap in a backside the easy fact to attach a case in your stock exchange of camera or rucksack. It spends mine in my tape of hip, and a double Velcro the latch assembla very sure.

Spend three 82mm filters (1 CP and 2 NDs) and two no in of the points without difficulty. I maintain the microfiber in a pouch leading.

Happy does this small inversion.
4 / 5
I have bought this for mine 77mm filters. It IS very built, with soft, cushioned dividers among some filters. One a thing that separates this one of the majority of an another is a coverage is covers it that after all one issues around and is not simply to flap these covers a bit that the exposures of sides prevents more powder and muck to take in some filters. A velcro takes snugly and a case is not so big that is weighed to store in the group of camera or to spend in your tape chooses . I recommend it and buy it again.
4 / 5
This Tycka pouch of dulcemente can line the plot while it remains quite compact. There is one inserts/inserts those controls 3 filters and is ensured with velcro in a fund. With one inserts/inserts installed, a pouch in fact control 5 filters. Some linings are very soft. There is also the pocket in a front that could line SD cards, the stack or two, or included the cape of low USB. A cup is the hood that has taken all the sides, that provides the protect against of the rains and of the powders. Of a cup opens in a backside, enters a road when a pouch is spent in the tape. It has been better to have it taking open. But a loop of tape is roomy, so that done some accessible filters in spite of a hood. A loop of tape uses the double-velcro annex for security. There is the plastic window in a pouch where can insert you one GOES for some contents, or for an owner. That is to say awkwardly situated and would have done better thing in a front of a hood. In spite of mine quibbles, thinks that that is to say the filter very very pouch. I am by train to use it to store my best ND filters.
5 / 5
I want this stock exchange!!!!! I have posed all my ND the in this case small filters. It IS perfect. It IS the must has wants to protect yours coaches. Loop Of records of tape very well also. Some loops of tape are always a premier in pause. Scratch to Be able to Up, but this stock exchange has the loan little creation. It likes him he does of my filter very on me... The change the plot to him through out of the shoots of photo as it take another for all my polarised and UV FILTER... Honestly For a prize can not go injustice. Experience an objective/ash camo colour.
Only beginning there and SHOOT-M-UP!!!!!
5 / 5
I possess two of these cases to filter while I use filters of around - felizmente, my lenses is any one 72mm or 77mm. Has Very ND filters like the long volume-landscapes of exposure. These are really well for the that mark! They are lined with the sake, the soft material concealed does not line or smudge some filters. Has five filters in the each - 4 ND and a CP and is although it is protected elements. An upper fully closes a beginning (which have seen in only or another manufacturer in my investigation) and that is to say the characteristic sum that fully protects some filters and maintains was muck, sand, crud... A cup has the small window that it is also useful while I have posed focuses in this something (in place of the small elements like pointed in a page of sales) so that I can see some measures of some filters in a case. Also they save the plot of spatial as now it does not have to spend 10 plastic filter cases - only these two ( takes an equivalent room besides or four less than some besiege plastic cases). To well sure it recommends these so cost each cent and gives them a full five stars.
4 / 5
I have bought this to substitute some the a lot of boxes concealed has to spend with me. This the convenient fact to spend all some filters immediately. Even so, it is still quite bulky. Almost so bulky has all some case of boxes with me. At least with some cases of boxes, can label the to do it easier to know that dulcemente go with. Besides, I can clean a filter and tent he in a case of boxes. With this case, can has to clean afterwards taken was of the powder can take in this case. But in general, a product is well and do so expected. Has very experimenting very frustrations still. It recommends it.
5 / 5
Well fact and cushioned, room for 5 filters more or empty of addition in an external front for the cloth of dulcemente and extra SD card. Some impulses of pouch of the interior was, but any a lot of voice the reason in never promote up is easy to see that filter is in the each void and take the filter without aixecant- he up. Suau Inner liner to protect filters. An access and shaped upper folds amiably in a case and ensures with velcro. There is the loop of the tape in back yes needs that, and a back loop also has velcro how can pose it on or take he of the tape without taking your tape was. Everything is closed amiably, and especially like me that this one can accommodate 5 filters, or also can use a void to give a very up or step the low points want to . To well sure buy it this again.

UPDATE: like this it marries so much it has purchased it the second a, which are using like the case of storage for any diverse-arrive and points for any down my lenses. I especially like a compactness of this case.
5 / 5
Built out of looks and material bonos robust. The only complaint is that it gives of the plot of black lint at the beginning. To resolve this turned it the other way around and place in a washing machine in cold and has run enough 3-4 regular cycles in front of a lint at the end has prendido. A material that seperates some filters are very soft amd will not break your filters. I maintain 3, 6, and 10 pause ND filters in advance of the photograph as well as the polariser circulates in this case. Each apt add without subjects.

Top Customer Reviews: 8 Pockets Lens ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5

Top Customer Reviews: NOMATIC McKinnon ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 13 ratings
4 / 5
Ossia The chance of good measure partorisca protect until you are filters. It is the bit in a big/bulky side this in spite of. If you want to something slender and compact, would suggest partorisca choose another chance.

Partorisca Be sincere, was the little disappointed with a control of quality partorisca the chance that represents PM. As you can see in some photos, a Nomatic/PM the logo is not sewed in legislation.

I also wishes that some pockets of lentil have been lined with the softest material.

Would estimate this that he 3.5/5. It would have given it the 4 if a sewing was better.
5 / 5
Good creation, terrible qc.
Has ordered in-spite of a big prize because of thoughtful creation.
Has opened a container and was a lot of disappointed to see them bad scuffed in an outside. One of them there have been holes of puncture.
These have not gone previously is is returned elements, but has manufactured bad.
Sends an email that asks roughly substitution and return it, but has not listened they.
Now disgusted and initiating the turn.
Is looked forward to these elements, but now will go to import nests of filter of the turn. They are good-looking drawn and has has not had never anything to think tank less than perfect.
5 / 5
With this element some of some sleeves were the big like a lenses is not remained sure and has sent an email to a company for a transmission but are still with which 2 days that expects to listen they like this probably so only be returning this product.
5 / 5
The chance of filter adds. After the on-line cost has taken concerned reason the chances neither looked the little too economic for me to want to spend money on the or more expensive and big where would lose portability. Like the hobbyist, this chance feels and prize of looks, stores my filters (I so only have 3 at the same time but am expecting in the preorder for 2 plus), and some flaps of the interior also has the clean pocket for me to maintain the pair of bosses! If you are well with paying the little more for the chance of filter, ossia to good sure values he!
5 / 5
A lot of containers will store your filters, but has used 3 different frames and very satisfied with a quality of build and material is one. Now to save up for a rucksack!
4 / 5
Amparo adds for filters of any measure, durable chance.
5 / 5
Am doing in the documentary. These helps of the chances of the filter maintain me organised when in places and in an office. I love a quality and he is easy to see that it uses material of upper quality.

IG: pham_whatup
Linkedin: Pham | Joseph Manigo
5 / 5
The one who the chance of filter adds! Durable but soft to a touch with the lustrous creation. The accesses perfect in both mine stock exchanges without taking on cup of spatial
4 / 5
Help the tonne of filters with eases. The work of zip adds also.
5 / 5
Measure perfects partorisca resist everything of my filters. It loves it.

Top Customer Reviews: Tiffen 4BLTPCHLGK ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
4 / 5
That is to say the quite a lot of very small case of filter for a money. A four filter of interior the empty offer the plot to cushion among some filters as well as in some sides. Very well if he his tomb.

My an and the only flu in this product is that a velcro flap that ensures all your filters in a case very exactly focus them tight. A flap excel in a case, leaving powder and muck in your filters. BUT I have found the quite mere and cheap fixed in a problem! All precise to the mark is to buy one adhesive velcro band and applies it only below one since exists velcro band in a front of a pouch. Boom, now can close a flap that stagnate while it wants to! ( You comprise photos so visually can see that I bad for all this)

would recommend this product in enough any photographer, only necessity to mention my fix also.
4 / 5
Like Another signal of descriptions was, a pouch does not have any capacity to maintain muck and waters of your filters - when have said a coverage on and ensures a Velcro, has the decent sized empty (pinky-sized perhaps?) This exists on some filters. So you are looking for the pouch to store your filters can launch that in the puddle or tugged through vase, well this is not your pouch.

Even so, has looked for something more. I have been tired of fumbling with some plastic cases that my filters have entered. Has wanted to something concealed would leave a fast change of the filters and this pouch totally laws for me. I maintain a pouch in my stock exchange of the main camera or rucksack, and only take was when goes to require the filter, like an open desert in a cup any preoccupy me.

An interior of a pouch is the sake, smooth and solid tissue - different so that another titulars to filter that is to say very plastic or point. It does not have any fears that my filters will take roughed arrive when is in this pouch. And while I am not looking for protects complete of some elements for my filters, a point-has based the titulars really look in so does not provide any one protect that so never.
4 / 5
ORDERLY = 04/07/2016 || VENDOR = Amazon.com LLC || has PAID = $ 13.10
(Beware of changes of Vendor! That is to say as it can take burned!)

:: PROS ::
1.) Good quality - Velcro control to Join strongly.
2.) It isolates some filters well, 4 interior dividers.
3.) To him the focus of identity inserts/inserts up for marcacin easy.
4.) It buys this to line mine 52mm filters WITH his OEM Case. (I he fulfils is for 62mm in 82mm :)

1.) It does not like him a Velcro to tie as much as some can. ( It IS the thing preferably even so.)
2.) It IS the for sale good roads, but a prize fluctuates the plot for vendor?

:: IN GENERAL :: He a work and I like a fact these small filters in fact apt interior with his OEM case.... You see my beaks.
5 / 5
It likes List of neutral density and polarise filters and no above basses/ the points grow, find me requiring more spatial for these. That is to say an excellent to attach-on in any stock exchange of camera or rucksack, personally the maintain attached in an of my straps of shoulder for the fast access without that has to take a rucksack. Has four compartments, each which how desquels can line or filters and or no above clean. Each compartment is very very cushioned, providing protect sufficient for your filters.

A measure is sufficient in also scratch or microfiber cloth, which come handy sin to clean some filters before locate them. A Velcro to the closure provides fast access, still sure closure in not leaving the fall of filters was when angling on. Solution very good.

The desire had used bit it less cushion and has attached a compartment of plus... :)
3 / 5
Some Characteristic of Product says that it lines 5 filters. A Description of Product said that lines 4 filters. A correct response is that it lines 4 filters. It would like them to him he echoes them of some comments on some desert in an upper and sustains these covers some filters have opened in contamination. A Velcro the loop of tape is sloppy and no snug tight. In a positive, a void for some filters are cushioned.

The desire was the small main so that it can calm simply slide a OEM case of plastic filter in a void. It IS quite wide, but insert /insert some plastic cases, can not close a cup.
2 / 5
I have bought this case to line my collection to grow the filters and the coordinates could travel easily with everything of my filters. My filter my big plus (77mm) accesses well. Even so, any tale for a fact this has to take some filters of his protective cases to store in this case. A problem with that is that a deadened the sides can contact a glass of filter, and that this case has any protect of powder. I will be to look for the case that leave me to store some filters in his cases of jewel or at least has some level to protect of powder.
3 / 5
It IS the pouch of filter. It does not think a field of the measure of some filters accepted is listed properly.

At the same time of compraventa, has purchased also one 82mm variable ND also of a Tiffen marks. One 82mm ND is the a lot tight access. A filter will not return at all with the no above the point has attached. Quan stowing The filters the big plus in this pouch, a holding of internal structure has tent the result of filters malformed. I usually only stow a variable ND and no in of the points, as I have not been also turbulent for east. He preoccupy has to me other filters have feigned to store with my variable ND.
5 / 5
It produces very well, it has bought 4 of these. As Another has suggested here has attached additional velcro in some some uses in my tape so that the tightest fence, like this pouch usually contains mine the majority of expensive 77mm circular polariser and diplomado ND filters. An another three pouches to filter these leaves in my stock exchange does not require an additional velcro cuz some filters are lined in cosy cushion and does not slip was still with to closure that is not supremely tight. Easily the cape four 77mm filters.
5 / 5
Taking to the point, where had several filters of lentils to float around in my stock exchange of camera. I have decided that it was the time in him takes rid of everything of some plastic cases, this has taken up so room in my stock exchange, and at the end for the lentil marries concrete.

This case is perfect for the this will be to use he for, and that it is like the carrier for everything of my filters of extra lentil in my stock exchange of camera. I am not sure which well does external of a stock exchange, even so for a prize is a lot of values a money and the cure of the the look likes him will last of the long time.

Very only have extra room in my stock exchange of camera has each of my filters of lentils in or the place cemented and will remain sure and line free.
5 / 5
I have not posed he through any use take only still so that the has not taken anything critiques to say enough it. It researches to be built well, even so. Only thing that the clave has been in me one the majority is that it is a lot tight. I am nervous quite bond my filters in here and take lined on some tight neighbourhoods. Or perhaps it is supposed to be tight so that some filters do not jump around. I am by train of the begins Has been with my no-so-expensive filters in him to see what go.
Will update to to the this description likes him to him the progress through my backpacking trip.

Top Customer Reviews: TYCKA 8- Pocket ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
4 / 5
It likes that of an interior of a chance is quite soft to the equal that can take your filters of his original chance, plants him to the east an and any to concern roughly lining your filters.
4 / 5
A quality is excellent and perfect for my filters, protects wide and good interior of room, with double zip in the, protect my filters prevent to the fall was, am very pleased with him.
5 / 5
The access and the quality add well with Law Seven5 filters
4 / 5
For me, an access is the little too tight with all 8 filters in. It is it adds with 6 filters..
4 / 5
When Fill entirely an access of an external shell is quell'has bitten tight around a pocket of filter.

Top Customer Reviews: Rangers 8pcs ND ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 56 ratings
4 / 5
Some filters are the abonos, the estimativa of then really do his work. Some subjects some the big plus has is with a the headline and some coverages.

In the first place a headline is drawn relatively well, with the defect that is that his really easy to accidentally situate a filter to a wrong space in a side, took the bit to practise to imagine was regarding the do correctly.

Some coverages are very manufactured but for any those who has different multiple lenses with a diameter of same end, changing some coverages is very difficult
in a fly, and his thickness of the that movement in the additional polarising or UV FILTERS.

Has attached is one of some first long exposures has taken with a filter. His taken with a dark plus .12 filter, 30 seconds of exposure on 400 ISO.
5 / 5
Box very good. I do not have use these every day, and neither calm . I have tried these filters in the way that adapted, and here is my oppinion: I have used a ND 16 for a test. Some filters have done like a ND is supposition to do. A colour has launched that some speak of this very very light and at all intrusive. I have shot the test shot and looked closely in an image to find this 'the colour Launches' these another has mentioned. There is to a lot of fusion of minute. Then using some settings was esatti to the equal that have used for a test has shot has duplicated one shot again, that uses the ash of paper to do the Fact of commission WB with a filter in situating like this in a test has shot. A second shot (duplicated of a prime minister) after a CWB illimanated a very light colour mussel. If shots in CRUDE then any fusion easily can be regulated in LR or PS as well as in any RAW step. Conclusion: it complains It in this economic ND FIXES, more probably does not know like this to use NDF in a first place! Personally, I have ordered a box of GND is in a same mark again. They are the Pro. Shooter With on 40yrs exp. And for the mine is the shot adds. After the FILTERS ARE GLASSES of ONLY SUN FOR YOUR CAMERA! LOOK IN THE COMRECIALS IN television FOR GLASSES of ALONE, that has used to cost $ 100 bucks is guessed the...$ !😥😥😥
5 / 5
In the first place will say that you take that paid by second that filter of quality, but still do quite well in my opinion.
- Strikes to Surprise for your buck!
- Some coverages of adapter are solid and ray to the yours lenses smoothly
- A headline of filter maintains a tight filter as it does not move around, and calm leave you stack multiple filters (has not tried that unemployment)
- the filters have individual protective bosses

- quality of Picture under the bit, but ossia a bit has expected. There is remarked that my shots result the little misty but ossia something concealed is quite easily fixed in estaca. You do not call this the dealbreaker unless really I need the filter of big quality - which certainly will be much more expensive that this product.
5 / 5
Has bought another material of the camera and these have come on, has seen a prize and has decided was has cost a bet. The economic filters are so only that, economic. These desaturate your native colours and give the bluish purplish mould by heart and sometimes reduce contrast. It can look 'olde timey' and some filters to stop main or more stacks will do more reduction of contrast and mould by heart. This in spite of can be used artistically to add that the old time feels and can be amused. Be warned is trying use his so many substitutions for real nd the filters then improve you there is ninja skills of white balance and has included then. Amused to touch around with and learn but a lot much more in my book
5 / 5
was like the boy in the tent of candy that buys these. A wide variety of the filters with the highland creation modulates has touched likes heaven of mine, especially in this incredibly low prize. This in spite of, a way each mangroves to filter some colours and softens an image, your final product will look at all like that see in real life.

These filters will leave you to take shots during a day that you can not pull was without them but he will look amateur in comparison in any neighbours of the main quality. Also, a ND the filters any prenden down images almost like this effectively to the equal that announce like this has to that be the quite cloudy day to see any results of remarkable long exposure.

Some images have on dipped has been modified to look dramatic and moody reason is an only way can think to use these filters with his colour that movements and total loss of out contrast of camera.

A plastic headline for some filters could be worse and is good to have the full row of measures to use with different lenses but a Cokin the headlines am not too expensive then , if calm so only is taking to the long exposures and your heart is dipped in this modular creation, highly recommends the better headline and some second filters of the glass of the hand has the tent of calm local camera approach you this'll there is concealed.
4 / 5
Types of good work. These frames of boxes so that it seats... An idea of pair that spends the money that buys some same filters for each lentil of the measure is not thrilling mine.

Could a glass is the main quality , Probably... It can among the really trendy and expensive feeling pouch? Yes... But, an appreciable difference in a quality of your shots that use these filters on some frames of expensive name is insignificant in better.
4 / 5
A together of filter has been doing a lot well for me and I feel you to you would be hard pressed to find anything more approximations these good for a prize. They are facts very good and the really love a chance to store and spend everything in. To good sure recommend it.
5 / 5
Has bought this filter dipped to give to my edges those who only is taking serious roughly photographs. This Rangers ND near of the filter has all precise to begin to use ND filters.
Has comprised in a box is:
Big spending chance with the pocket for some filters and another for some coverages to filter
Mountain that control a filter and an adapter of lentil that has the habit to attach a box your lentil
to lentil that coverages of trace for lentils of measure 49, 52, 55, 58, 62, 67, 72, 77, and 82mm
ND 2, 4. 8. And 16 filters
Graduates ND 2, 4, 8, and 16 filters
Protective bosses for each plus of filter 4 extra bosses

A better thing in this neighbour is a low prize. ND I filters are very expensive and ossia the big to dip which can help learn like this to use them properly first to graduate when planting it expensive plus. A filter could easily cost more than this together integer. A resupplied of the coverages of adapter is main that a lot a more expensive lentil conjoint and would have to that cover any lentil in your stock exchange of camera. Some coverages are done of metal. It remarks that some filters and some coverages are some pocolos smaller the one who that find on more expensive ND together of filter.

A headline of plastic filter has 3 calm space so much can stack ND the filter yes has wished. A returned for some filters is quite tight, but this looks better that the free contingent. Some coverages of adapter are also the tight access, but start easily. A chance is a lot of roomy and has the clip of tape. A chance is the little big for my flavour as I doubt any one would require to spend all 9 coverages of adapter with them on shots. One he the filter is plastic and have a ND level it stamped in the each filter. Ossia Handy, so that when they are in some bosses can say that I filter it is which in the gaze. Ossia To coach to assume you has dipped went him with a writing in a something pertinent.

Quality of the picture with these filters looks a lot of mine. I have not seen any odd colouring or vignetting. A sequence of pictures on shows roughly some same sunlit the scene that use f5.6 And ISI 100 without filter (1/3200), then ND 2 (1/2000), 4 (1/2500), 8 (1/640), 16 (1/20), graduated 2 (1/4000), 4 (1/2000), 8 (1/4000), 16 (1/1250) respectively. Resupplied unbeatable of the filters in the estimativa friendly estimate.
5 / 5
Has not had an occasion to use this closing I so that it give first impressions.

A quality of looks to filter to be really well, these filters go me to leave the really regulate some filters to a situation.

A mountain for them looks to be quite stable, the zeros complain.

Once uses them the bit will update more here. I do not owe that the professional expectations, but realistically thinks that will rid glorious images when a camera is setup correctly
5 / 5
so only am taking to do with filters and am very pleased with this together. For 20 bucks take adapters and of more than frame of the title 8 different filters to experience with. Active used It so only the short time and am pleased enough with some results. That can be better? Sure, but like the judge of boxes is exited for 20 bucks ossia perfect. You could take 5 of these so many presents for the friends so that A GLASS of filter would cost of one of some costruttrici of upper line. Thank you Order..

Top Customer Reviews: Camera Filters Case ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 30 ratings
5 / 5
It looks for the minimalist case to spend two in three filters for my camera, something quite small to slip in my yes precise pocket. This filter of Power of Lightning Petit the case is almost perfect for my necessities. The maximum external dimensions are 4 x 4 inches with an empty thickness besides or 1 less 1/8 inch. It weighs 1.3 ounces and is launched of the sake textured material of neoprene that provides the soft quantity to cushion protects for your filters. Some works of nylon of zip relatively softly. An interior of this case is very well has thought was. There is the relatively rigid centre divider this separates a case in two halves. Each half contains spatial for two filters with the point netting safely separating a two. It can return until the 77mm filter in these compartments, although he 67mm slide of filter in and was more freely. It says has each what 77mm filters or main, would have to take a case to measure Big more than my unit of Small measure If it only has or 77mm filter with some another smaller, then this case would have to do well.

Of the each half can line until two filters, this case has the maximum, qualified of 4 filters. In fact, there is also the pocket of small point in a side of a head office divider that can line it until he 52mm filter, but yes already have 4 other filters have inserted, a case is not quite fat to return the 5 and would be likely any next zip. I found it the snug but -the able access that afterwards a case with four 67mm inner of filters. Through a fund of one of some compartments of filter are two sewed-in of the pockets, or 1 3/4 wide inch and another plus or 1 wide inch less and so much 1 1/2 deep inches. These are perfect to store extra SD cards. Still it can return the one of leftover stack in a main pocket (how aimed in my photos). Of course you use these pockets for storage, will not be able to pose the filter in this compartment. It finds this calm to give you the versatility more orders in so uses a case for storage. I plan to spend the one of leftover stack and SD card together with 2 or three 52mm filters for my Panasonic DMC-ZS100 with LensMate adapter of filter.

An only negative has in this case is a dotted lack of annex. A loop of the tape in a side would be the addition adds , like this the case is the perfect measure to spend in the tape. There is the loop of red tiny apropa a far end of a zip, through the this can plant the small carabiner. Probably I will use this in clip he in my group in the daytime when is not spending he in my pocket. It has not had any description in this when I marry ordered the. It results to be almost perfect for my necessities and better this has expected. I recommend it.
5 / 5
It looks for something compresses to spend around three or four 62mm the filters and I have had any necessity to join a case of filter in my tape or stock exchange. These beginnings of cases perfectly. It researches to be done well, opens up so to yearn, is the external case deadened soft with signalling to foam dividers inner and has the good zip in fully concluded and protect some filters. Because of a prize has not expected very but, was very pleasantly has surprised. I think that that that is to say the clothes ! I will be to buy another ! Highly recommend it this case.
5 / 5
I like this stock exchange to store mine 72mm filters. It IS exactly that has wanted. Has a lot of filters that has been sold in plastic titulars. I can apt 2 plastic titulars with filters in this stock exchange more another filters no in the headline. An external material of some roads of the stock exchange and the zips closed around some plastic titulars without problem. A stock exchange a bit has built in material dividers to separate and protect some filters. It Likes him to of me concealed has a protect attached of some plastic titulars around my filters. I can not comment on it is waterproof or the no. Has posed the point through a red loop. Opened Can attach it a stock exchange in my case of camera with the carabiner. I am very happy with this compraventa.
5 / 5
Better and more compact pouch has found to spend 3 in 4 58mm filters. I trusted it enough with 4 big dollar 58mm filters in the recent holidays, done without the problem. I recommend this case for his compactness and is the sake that marries of looks that is very has built.
5 / 5
I like this the case but he are the small plus bit that it think it. It listens it likes him 4 of the filters would be to stuff and admit is protectiveness. Also a point in an interior listens likes him is done of some polyester takes of some class, no my favourite material to pose against the filter. Also it expect it his plants the stack in some means of this case but he are the quite tight access and would pose my filters in risk. In general the little case of sake to maintain the spare filter or two (and the by heart spare card) in your pocket while the era is taking pictures.
5 / 5
It can any one when being any happier with this element. It IS exactly a measure I required and is adds to store my filters. Also perfectly it spend it my no above/the way down below meshes use to to locate some filters. Although I any one precise in for my stock exchange of camera, was the add pouch to spend other small elements that spends around with calm in your stock exchange.

Some materials have used in this product that is very soft and sure. Some movements of zip very softly and think that that a product will last the long time. I did not try it it was still but apparently, it is also he waters he-that resists, which are the enormous plus .

For $ 11, does not have any reason any one to buy this element for your filters. I can not recommend enough! It can not expect buy other products of TXesign!
5 / 5
Very like this or. His the very big quality material and has lined up for the year now. He the work adds to protect my filters! I travel with him the plot!
5 / 5
This pouch is only that has looked for. Petit But quite big to line 3-4 filter which are all precise in the regular shoot. Perfectly his in stock change of camera without extras of spatial requisites.
5 / 5
Perfecto! Has the Cannon RRPP CAMERA with the variable drop in ND adapter of filter. Calm also have the clear drop in him filters for an adapter. This pouch is the perfect access to line the drop in filtering when any one into use. Something the stray cannon.
4 / 5
Good case. The desire inserts/inserts was the small main. Law for the that is to say necessity .

Top Customer Reviews: Tiffen 4BLTPCHSMK ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 45 ratings
4 / 5
I add pouch partorisca 58mm filters. I have required the pouch partorisca 4 filters and I have not loved the longitude of folding type pouch and this was a prime minister one this looked to return my needs for a prize. It is the tad has bitten bulky but resists all 4 filters without any subjects. An interior is nylon so that it protects of the scratch can be paste or lose, but am not spending any one big-the end filters like this I', not having also has concerned.

For the filters of big final would stick with separate hard chances or perhaps the main end pouch with lines he soft or to something likes concealed.

A stitching has the little messy with free edges here and there, but for a prize is to be expected. I wish a loop of tape Velcro the strap was removable, but when closed a strap covers all Velcro so that it does not have to that be a @@subject snagging in other elements.

In general, looks this will do quell'I require it to do; spend my newspapers of basic filters and leave storage and of the easy accesses. Although it is the tad has bitten bulky, a form of a pouch adapted my needs to return in a stock exchange am using better that a folding fashion of pouches. I add for 58mm but thinks any small plus could have of the better options.
4 / 5
Ossia Well. I have bought so only another.

A thing that can be to interest to some, this pouch the sleeves filters much bigger that 58 is. Has the 67mm in the mine and I would be likely to express the 72mm in also. Any one creates reason Tiffen objective 'until 58mm'. I am looking in a correct model. There have it also sufficient room to bend on filters. Has 3 58mm filters in an advance of pocket and 2 67mm filters in some backsides-the majority of pocket. A pouch pieces and flexes to do room.
5 / 5
This pouch is so only TOO BULKY. If it likes him- it upload him to you of the protect then buys it. It is a lot of fact, but is usefullness finals there! Mina 49mm the filters take lost in this pouch. It recommends it wants to protect a lot of (these bad steps the plot of $ $ $ in your filters and is 58mm measured this pouch would be wonderful. But for mine prodomiently 49mm filters some filters take lost in some selections and he takes the minute to fund that it loves. I will maintain it like this returning it further denied a quantity of money has squandered aquí.un esales description: it have to that be soymena still 58mm filtered.............
4 / 5
So only which need to maintain mine uploads of compact train. Has the chance to filter main and scrolling so only which need to this a partorisca outings. Well fact, stay of filters snug. It does not close as well as it can when full--to the flap is fact so only he tad too short and grieve grabs a velcro--but snug quite that does not import any a lot of. I can comfortably gone back the 77mm polariser, 77mm ND, exchanges 77mm discharges of lentil, and two no-down coverages to return a 77s of smaller lenses. Loop Of looks of tape well, but can not imagine that it spends the band of filter in mine ossia so only me.
5 / 5
Has had a loaded chance with four filters and a Velcro the strap has attached my stock exchange of camera of the sling. A whole rear portion of a chance is separate result of an organism when a slightest the quantity of attractive has been done to a chance. A lenses is remained intact but a chance no longer can be attached to the tape or anything more. Now some filters are taking he on soiled in my stock exchange in planting to hang of an outside of him. Partially it attacks down a purpose of a chance. You title decent but force wise bad fact.
4 / 5
Easily resists four 52mm filters. In fact, if some filters are not terribly thick and scrape you two of his neighbours, can take at least five his.

Desires that a velcro the loop of tape was removable, or better still, drawn with an option to expose the surface of hook in a backside so that that can attach to a surface of loop of my stock exchange of camera. Cela Would do it the product of five stars. How it is, if that can give 4.5 stars, I .
5 / 5
Tiffen Offered well, filters of economic lentil. I have been to please to find Filter to offer Pouches, also. A pouches is a lot of fact and is cushioned to protect an interior of filters. Has the number of big pouches and will be reordering a small pouch shortly. They are that good!
4 / 5
Any one issues which can have has has caused buyers to complain in a construction of this element resembles has been solved. When I have received mine, one first what was to verify a loop of tape to tug on he strongly. I found it to be fact a lot well, like appearances of the Tiffen has produced. It resists mine 58mm soyacro' filter perfectly, included although a big plus powered some are quite fat.
5 / 5
This Tiffen lentil to filter pouch is done good materials with excellent cushioning protects for your filter lenses while in your camera or go-stock exchange, or prefer semi-detached yours hip. Tiffen Filter lenses is quite expensive and when being able to store then when no in the use is of entity. This pouch will take to plot of a worry out of storing some filters. I recommend it. It remarks this pouch is limited to filters until 58mm Tiffen has big pouches, and found bear be a lot also.
4 / 5
One the majority of convenient piece and abordable of the train of photo has has not bought never! 3 space for filters, one for my discharges of lentil and no more the tones vs. Filters vs. Telephone in my pocket. Well done with abundance to cushion and everything inside easy achieve in my tape. A Velcro clasp is strong and also leave me to attach it my stock exchange joins so it does not forget it when I exit to shoot.

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