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Top Customer Reviews: Canon Mount Adapter ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 35 ratings
5 / 5
When I have purchased my EOS R, has known has required an adapter of EF to fully use my Cannon partorisca exist lenses. Initially it take a regular adapter (the adapter of the coverage of the control was out of stock) and law perfectly. Autofocus And all the works of functionalities of the lentils in a EOS R like this very so much in mine DSLRs. In fact, autofocus is more attentive like this the adapter done my lenses extracted even better that in the DSLR. Any one slow down in speed or anything and of then ossia essentially the spacer with elecrical contacts, has any glass partorisca degrade quality of image.

Goes partorisca take an adapter, recommends to take a coverage partorisca control one in a basic a because utilisations RF lenses have a coverage partorisca control built in and calm in this way can have the compatible experience that uses EF has adapted lenses or RF lenses. An only difference is that RF lenses has a coverage partorisca control more afterwards to an advance of element and an adapter has a coverage partorisca control more afterwards to an organism. Reason a coverage of control is more afterwards to an organism in an adapter, can be easy to turn he without remarking so partorisca attention to yours place. Utilisation partorisca partorisca control inaugural and a first pair to time used has had it subjects with accidentally changing my setting of the inaugural but have regulated my behaviour and he is no longer a subject.
5 / 5
I have bought this adapter of lentil so that it can use lentil of EF like a 135mm f/2L with my EOS RRPP.

A quality of build is excellent and all the like this announced work, MAY...

(1) A coverage to control somehow esmiembros' the value was dipped to, like transmissions among east and the native RF lentil, can take jarring and unexpected transmissions in your settings of camera. You could think that that ossia the characteristic, but for me is the bug . I have used a coverage of control (in an adapter and in RF lenses) for control of MANUAL ISO and is was a lot of disorienting to change lenses and have a jump of camera to the entirely different ISO value (left on some leading project). BEWARE! I have expected a current value for a coverage to control that dips to 'belong' to a camera, but apparently belongs to a lentil (adapter).

(2) The cannon has done the big ergonomic blunder when they have drawn this adapter. Have in the first place created some new RF lenses and gave 'Hey, to the left is to add the coverage of new control! The supposition improve dipped in front of a zoom and coverages of home, as we do not confuse any one...' Then, some engineer of youngster has taken a task to create an adapter for an EF old lenses. Of course, an only place can dip a coverage of control was in an adapter he -- in an a lot of for behind a lentil. So much, here we have an absolutely lovely adapter with this whiz-coverage of control of the bang that is in an ENTIRELY OPPOSITE location of a new RF lenses. Sigh! In hindsight, would have to has dipped a coverage of control in a backside of a RF lenses more than in a front. Then he compatible. Any this has been well?
5 / 5
I have bought this EF-EOS R highland Coverage of the Control to be able ours my EF lenses in mine new EOS R organism. There it does not look to be any decrease in resolution, like the mountain does not have any glass in him. A Coverage of Control adds a characteristic added, of a more economic mountain, to be able to use it to change ISO, or another function that can use you often. Like a photographer has interested in fact a lot of years, probably would have been well with a more economic version. Although I am sure like me uses a Coverage to Control more, will take used for the use and the marvel to the equal that has done without him. It is always good to have to that characteristic extra.
4 / 5
Brilliant device... Still although it take a level (any coverage of control) EF/RF the free adapter with my EOS RRPP, after taking loaned a RF lentil and trying some functions of coverage of the control in the native lentil to like ten minutes, one $ 200 or anything partorisca east any one included retard me down for the buy. This will take calm to like your RRPP when wanting to.
During the inaugural priority maintains this has programmed to control risarcimento of exposure, which bracketing shots sooo like this good. In the manual way has this place to control that it opens, with a rotation revoked (in this way I turn he well and some movements/of histogram of the metre well, which feels mine more intuitive ). An arrival is really well, and matches an organism seamlessly. An access is good and solid. It feels he likes is the part of a camera, and until I buy RF glass, is.
4 / 5
Frankly, I have had all I need (for at least a prójimo five years) with completing he of EF L lenses. But I have required to upgrade my organism, and a EOS R is returned a bill.

This adapter of the coverage of the control resupplies the characteristic informative a lot very ( has used the to control risarcimento of exposure with exposure of car and ISO with manual exposure) this integrates excellently with EF of mine lenses. It likes-me a place closes to a far better camera that would like me a front-of-dipped of lentils of a coverage of control in a RF lenses.
4 / 5
I like this adapter and a coverage of control adds but the 'plain' the adapter without the coverage of control is the averages a prize like this unless calm neither think a coverage of control is essential or you really EF to use lenses to plot, would recommend to go with a simple adapter without coverage of control. For me, it uses a coverage of control partorisca ISO in mine R camera to the equal that seat that for a time I in fact uses a lentil of EF can live with dipping an ISO that use other controls. True, there is ISO has CONSECRATED any key in a R but is quite easy to dip in a LCD or a fn key.
4 / 5
The cannon is always proud state of there that I instrument it and I are not disturbed really with them of then each need of company to do the profit to remain in business. I think that that this adapter is fantastic but still bit it overpriced. It likes it has seen he for 100 in place of 200. It does not think a coverage of control costs an additional 100 bucks. In an end, still would buy it again.
Has not seen any image or degradation of action of this adapter and am shooting with fast glass.
4 / 5
Sound the product adds and he exactly the one who fiancées. This in spite of, if already have an EF-EOS the adapter then could think two times roughly purchasing is one. Not To Take me bad, love a coverage of new control and use it constantly, but have decide if an investment in this adapter is worth it for your habits to shoot. Like the manual shooter constantly am regulating my settings for a slightest lighting transmissions. This in spite of, if calm mainly stay in Car, Program, or AV/the television then is probably better was that it spends is.
5 / 5
Some could think that that ossia expensive partorisca adapter of lentils, but think that is worth it to be able to use all my old glass in mine new eos R, a coverage of functions is the profit added enormous also. I basically maintenances this adapter has attached to the mine more has used L lentil of serious, in this way while transmission of mine RF lentil to EF, he like this easy likes so only that changes a lentil. Good product, recommends has done one changes to mirrorless and has to that it weaves of Ef lenses dipping around.
4 / 5
I constantly clashed of a coverage when I had it. I have used a coverage partorisca ISO. Honradamente, recommend that it take a ND coverage of filter and so only that spends an extra hundred bucks. It is the very better value .

Top Customer Reviews: Lens Adapter EF-EOS ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 47 ratings
5 / 5
Like this far this Viltrox EF-M2ii has been adds partorisca do with my Panasonic GH5. Very acute and no chromatic aberrations. Utilisation Sigma 18-35 F1.8, Tamron 70-300mm And EF of Cannon 50mm STM partorisca try it. Everything of them there is the fantastic bokeh and work perfectly with this adapter in 90 percent of a time.
Has to that say that I have been blown has gone by a quality and build, and has wished so only had bought the first. Very solid and sturdy, does not feel economic that me happy has not paid of the extra cash partorisca the Metabones. I will update if anything goes wrong but like this far like this good.

@@Subject Small:
- Sometimes Home of Car no right after calm turn he on. You owe that restart a camera an or two times until a lentil is relieved like AF.
- House of car sometimes causes questions. A house of lentil in a zone that has to that or for behind an object and calm has to that press a shutter key halfway until finally it has an object.
4 / 5
Using the Panasonic GH5:


A lenses laws, but is the plot more endeavour to use them. No annoying with AF. The majority of mine sigma and cannon lenses has has frozen a camera while I have looked for to use AF after taking the few shots of dozen. Primary when zooming. Although I have known that to start with with, it would have to use MF mostly has loved the use.

I rests was unless you know that it is doing or is has had to that to dip in the plot of time and endeavour to take some results.

Will save up for a metabones to compare them later. I ask it have resulted better with that a.
5 / 5
This Viltrox speedbooster is surprising!
Leaves to develop an use of the mine EF of Cannon lenses paired with my M43 GH5 camera. Ossia The must has for all GH5 users.
A quality of him is surprising. Autofocus, opening Control and EXIF all does well. The quality of image is good and quite acute in f/2 and on, anything lower takes soft but is still reasonably exceptable. Reason any one the take this economic plus that the metabones speed booster, almost with one same am them very satisfactory with cost of mine.
4 / 5
This adaptadora the work adds and is was also the prize adds! It was a lot of disapointed when I have bought and was adapter of mark for my camera,that does a lenses easily fall off. For this reason am returned that adapter and has bought this one and am very happy with him. It closes in the to in order likes to have that.
5 / 5
Was really that looks forward to this adapter, this in spite of, so only like an expensive more Fringer EF-XF Pro all the Cannon lenses is everything exerts house of car. Hopefully A third version in the near future finally will improve this subject.
4 / 5
Has not used a product but, has been the mine recommended. This in spite of, a quality is excellent.
My prime has this product and he love it.
This in spite of is the product of Cannon like this knows them is well.
4 / 5
Thinks that has ordered one wrong a does not return my believe the aims of amazon some descriptions for the number of these elements looked of a same mark, which is reason I spent it,any prendiendo attention to a difference in 2 and II ... I have spent also it causes said $ 156,vs one $ 218 an I believes would be necessary have cannon M I believe need a one with II on he for a Panasonic GH5
4 / 5
This one is to good sure better that an old an I a prize is well.
4 / 5
Has done adds. Exactly to the equal that has described.
4 / 5
EXCELLENT for my original BMPCC camera. IF has question with regulating iris on camera, need to take and plant viltrox behind on And Of ENTITY to know is precise to use a sinister and right arrow keys in the BMPCC camera to regulate iris.

Top Customer Reviews: Fotasy C Mount to ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
A Fotasy the adapter is absolutely perfect to use my old Zeiss and Yashica lenses in mine a6000. Apt is to good sure snug but no too tight, both partorisca an organism as well as a connection of lentil. It remarks that ossia the adapter 'changed ; there is no electrical connections. Also agree that lenses of 35 mm the cameras resupply the different field partorisca see when it traces in the cropped camera of sensor. Multiply an old lentil for 1.5 partorisca take the good approximation of like this will do in a a6000. For example, my old 28 mm Zeiss the lentil gives in a same field partorisca see that he 42 mm the lentil would give in the camera of full frame, doing adds it 'walking around' lentil. A estandard' 50 mm lentil for this laws like him 75 mm lentil, he doing very partorisca shoot portraits or taking more afterwards to the faces of the people in a street.

Is easy to use: (a) In a Sony a6000, uses a paper partorisca find a second tab of settings, a one this looks the train . Toggle Lateralmente To 3, then down the esarrendamiento w/or Lentil.' Enable this, which leaves a shutter partorisca be liberto included although a camera can not relieve the lentil. (b) Has dipped yours ISO wished or leave this in transports. (c) Has dipped a dial of way like desires. The majority of the ways automatically will regulate a shutter the speed has based on likes to regulate an inaugural. In shutter the priority or the manual way will owe that regulate a shutter speed also. (D) directs manually. Ossia Where a house peaking imagines really life of the easiest frames. It is not on usually, like quell'enables that it uses that tab of wheel of same train of a paper. It goes to 2 and choose Peaking Level, and dip the to down, med or big to the equal that prefer. (And) it has Dipped yours opening wished manually. Ossia.

This little artilugio has quotes new life to lovely thousands of dollars of old glass a lot of the otherwise be relegated to increasing powder.
4 / 5
These works of adapter like the charm and saved the plot of money! Once it has taken my a6000, has touched around with a lentil of boxes and felt like this limited, especually s8bce I so only ahoot with primes in mine Nikon. I have begun partorisca buy new sony first lenses but has agreed that the technology of photo said once that I have not purchased never he mirrorless camera, would be able to use lenses has possessed already. Happy has agreed! As I have looked for an adapter in my tent of local camera. They were $ 75 and a reveiws was so only like these. To good sure any one the prize has been ready partorisca pay after so only pyrchasing a a6000 diverse leading days. I have been shooting eaten partorisca work and my blog and has not taken my adapter or nikon the lentil was still. A a6000 is of particular use to connect to the mine telephone to transfer some images take and immediately can take the social. An adapter has done my a6000 shabby more value he!
4 / 5
Perfect access. I have had the little Cannon lenses that has wanted to use with my Sony a6000 and these works of adapter perfectly with them. So only agree that you are using this for your Sony And-highland camera, sure mark and change an option that calm leave you to release a shutter without lentils
4 / 5
has bought this adapter to use with my Sony Nex-5T. Work wonderfully so that it wants stops. It likes quota another reviewers there is remarked, this adapter does not leave for any control of a lentil for a camera. You owe that use Manual house in a lentil and can not regulate an inaugural. Read some directions have comprised with an adapter in a box to attach and configure yours camera for use.

Originally has bought an EF of new Cannon 50mm f/1.8 STM Lentil to use with this adapter and my Sony Nex 5, but has not done reason a new STM the lentil does not have the for real manual house. It has beaten precise closing to direct and of this adapter is not powered the no . I am returned an EF of Cannon 50mm f/1.8 STM and has purchased a Cannon of EF of leading version 50mm f/1.8 II LENTILS. This adapter and an EF of Cannon 50mm f/1.8 II LENTIL the wonderfully together work. This lentil is able to manually home without being able to for this does with this basic adapter. I am excited like this to be able to use this lentil adds with my sony camera. So only maintain import that this adapter is meaning partorisca manual house and can not change opening. For a prize are to add and mainly feign shoot wide open and enjoy manual house. I have comprised some images for examples.
5 / 5
I shoot with a A7R and the width resupplied of One-Mountain Minoltas. A quality of build is better that a prize indicates. Has adapters other manufacturers for Leica M-mountain and Minolta MD/MC-trace. A difference among this adapter and those is an integrated inaugural coverage that work good. An adapter closely locates to an organism of camera and lentil when using normal weight lenses. Although any bad, there is a bit long, heavy lenses this in spite of that has experienced some light leak with. I have had to that shoot with covers of lentils on for 10-15 seconds with light brilliant outside for the see. Any exactly the typical situation. An interesting thing is, a light leak has not caused of any lentil or mountain of organism. Using black tape, putty and numerous exposures, has discovered a leak has catered/is come from an assembly of coverage of the inaugural and key of highland emission of pin/of adapter. During normal use, has has not affected never my exposures. The majority of a time, ossia an adapter I use and has felt any need to look for anything 'better'. Given a prize and build-quality in this prize, does not have any question that gives these 5 stars.
4 / 5
These are súper economic, but a lot really see an expensive a when being very better. Ossia To a large extent because of a fact that each one LTM the lentil is the little different, but felizmente, this adapter can be regulated to perfection. Been due to of the this, and consolation, has begun to order an adapter for lentils, which remains permanently semi-detached, together with the Sony the rear discharges, so that all my LTM lenses law like native lenses.

An adjustment is varying an upper/centre of a lentil to an upper/centre once is attached. Ossia Easy reason loosening some rays in a side leaves a centre leaves threaded rotate. A prójimo one this house of infinity , and much harder. Some same rays that loosen an interior of threaded course explosion left also has gone entirely. I have added tape to a rear/interior on the one hand threaded until the infinity in a lentil was second that would go. If material required to be take, supposes that it could have sanded down a rear side on the one hand threaded. Ossia The little difficult to explain, but basically has regulated a distance that some chairs of lentil of a sensor to add spatial to a part of threaded money to the equal that relates to a black mountain.
4 / 5
Has purchased the manual lentil for use with the Sony a6000 camera. This adapter is absolutely perfect. Semi-detached smoothly and easily to the Minolta MC Rokkor-x 50mm f1.7 lentils. An adapter is very solid, and construction of full metal. This looks well, and blends well with a lentil. There is the red point in an adapter where a white point usually is for Sony lenses to vary and mountain to a camera. There is the key of metal in a side of an adapter to take a lentil yes is necessary. I have used this in my lentil partorisca to the long of the month everything by means of a lot of zones and roughly 500 shots without the subject alone. Highly it would recommend that this adapter has the Minolta MC/MD traces lentil to be used in an and-mountain (NEX, a3000-a6000, a7, etc).

Personally, has found manual lenses very better that AF for a lot of reasons. Mostly reason manually can choose a house and inaugural control without dipping my camera to in this way. Finally, this leave manual way fill while my a6000 is in shutter priority or intelligent ways. These leaves for good-looking pictures if you are not in the haste, and can take a time to perfectly of house. It takes some practice to imagine out of quell'precise inaugural setting resupplies a pertinent depth while directing manually ( can go infinite or choose depths more superficial). In general, ossia the very reasonable way the upgrade to manual wife primary lentil in place of $ 300+ for one and-highland lentil ( has paid $ 20 for a lentil).

Remarce: It maintains to import go to use something like this in a APS-C camera (quite all and-mountains except a a7), 50mm does not compare to a 'human eye'. In of the basic terms, use 50mm with APS-C a view will look zoomed in has compared your only looking with an eye in of the skins (meaning you could owe behind until taking a picture). If you are looking for a 'human eye' the perspective would recommend the 28mm, 30mm, or 35mm. A 30mm is a next plus (I believes his roughly 29mm APS-C is equal to 50mm in full frame).

Pros: Economic, metal, looks well, work perfectly
Gilipollas: any one transports-house (if ossia your aim )
5 / 5
A quality of the build of this adapter is shockingly well thus down side. It returns and locks to mine Sony A7ii and all my FD lenses solidly. It is not the ready adapter how is everything manual, but concealed does not annoy me I so that it follows to use he with Cannon of 40 years lenses in all the chance. It is light weight in 78 grams, but adds the noticeable quantity of period to a camera, especially besides small lenses. In mine small 50mm adds 1/3 more period, but in mine macizo 70mm-200mm an extra period results insignificant.

The quality of photo is relatively without transmissions. An extra of spatial addition for this adapter has a lot of noticeable has changed a sprain of lentil, chromatic aberration, or acuteness. And leave to be sincere - is buying the option of the estimativa calms like this can resupply to have 1 more sprain of lentil in your photos.

In general are add, and while this last sentence does not change I highly the recommend.
5 / 5
Has bought this reason have had the little lenses of the mine Nikon FM 2 camera of film. To good sure need some amour and everything is to seat in some leaves of shelf in. Of the mine lenses does not have any electronic connectors of him, this adapter is perfect for me and I mainly manual home all a time. My Sony A7II adapted to a lentil adrede that is the lentil of sensor of the harvest , felt likes has used the half telephoto the lentil that the mine uses 24-70mm lentil.

I points have underlined:
- Adapted old lenses the new camera Sony A7II
- Works perfectly
- material of Strong Metal
4 / 5
When I have ordered this adapter to the equal that could use my old 35mm Nikon AF lenses, is not sure state would like . With which years of DSLRs and AF cameras, this has looked the very behind. An adapter is a lot of fact, and returns both cameras and lentil snugly. But, as you would expect, a lentil operates entirely manually. Any AF, sure. But, a AE fact, use an ISO of Car, or place he in P way (in mine a6500). A combination of car shutter speed and ISO of Car do an use of an opening in a lentil which would be necessary to be it, an artistic election. And, my old Nikon primes and included the zooms are súper treble lenses.

But, one a thing is not sure state of era a lack of AF. As it Can I take the picture without AF, has thought? Well, going back to mine Nikon FE2 days, or Pentax Spotmatic days, or even more behind my first instruction in the Graphic Crown 4x5, was all the manual houses . But, a Sony A6500 has two characteristic that lacking of mark of AF the no-brainer. A A6500 will mark flanges of house with peaking. This does an election to direct again, an artistic election, and no an algorithm of a camera. A second characteristic, house magnifier, leave me to zoom the small zones to verify house. If you are shooting action or fauna and sport of fleeting flora, this probably no for you. But, for all more, calm place you behind in the chair of an engine.

For a prize, if the the Sony or another mirrorless camera and old, but very acute, quickly lenses, gives this tries it. You can take hooked to the equal that have been.

Top Customer Reviews: Fotasy 16mm C Mount ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5
This has to that be a better assesory partorisca Fuji XT2! Now I can use all my Cannon lenses specialy a 100mm 2.8 macro.
With this adapter will lose house of car but partorisca macro law I no partorisca use it never.
Also, with Cannon lenses this adapter does not leave you partorisca change opening, a lentil will remain in a more inaugural width but here is the secret! Atatch A lentil to a camera of Cannon, gone back he on opening priority and select a wished F stop. ( I have selected one something sweet F 5.6 partorisca this lentil). Mark sure has a camera in the tripod or the place of studio and while you are pressing a DOF key, press a key of emission partorisca take a lentil. Now some rests of lentil have opened to a F to the stop has been selected. It attaches it to an adapter and Fuji camera and enjoy!!!
5 / 5
Has bought the Nikon F to Fujifilm X highland adapter. This adapter is a lot of abordable and the law adds.

An adapter is done totally of metal, and feels strong.
Twists to the mine Fujifilm X-T1 a lot closely, without wiggle.
Was able to connect the Nikon 50mm f1.8, And the Vivitar 28-90mm Lentil.

Partorisca Some people that struggle partorisca take this working, the few precise things know: lenses has to that have the inaugural coverage has consecrated partorisca dip an inaugural. Directing has to that be manual. A Fujifilm has to that be place partorisca “Shoot without the way” of Lentils has turned on.

Ossia The product adds and abordable . They are happy with this compraventa.
5 / 5
Of a three Fotasy the adapters have bought ossia of the only one with a subject. An adapter has built is so only well. It locates to a lentil and an organism a lot easily and is quite snug. An only defect is when I ray in mine M42 lenses. Some arrivals of lentil to be the half turn to far like some bookmarks/marcadors of the inaugural faces a fund of an organism in place of a cup where can the to you sees. Work but is to the rovescio. It has not been if ossia a subject with all of the his M42 the adapters or I so only have taken the bad a. Too bad reason a record and the arrival is like this very like this adapters more expensive.

Am going to returns he for the substitution. Hopefully A substitution would be to signal in a right direction.
4 / 5
This that says, ... Deja EF of use of Cannon and EFS lenses in Fujifilm X camera of series. As remarked, is taking an image in a lenses' of pair in dipping of inaugural pair and concentrated as well as I can manually home. The things are quite tight without light of evasions.
There is so only a quibble would owe that take some cure to plan on using this adapter. When you Attach an adapter to a camera, a camera will close it to an organism how was the lentil and has to that press a key of emission of the lentil for the take. This in spite of, an adapter does not close a lentil in situating to an adapter. You can a-twist a lentil a lot behind out of an adapter and your hand if you grab an organism of lentil in place of a coverage of house. A bit tab of money in a side is not the emission of lock, is more than drives to help stains a lentil until attaching it to an adapter. Ossia Probably any one an adapter to take the need leaves a camera and the semi-detached lentil bounce around has bitten it. But it wants to use your glass of good Cannon with your Fujifilm X organism, will do a work (the cure of exercise likes required).
5 / 5
Amazing, really... When I have purchased mine Fujifilm X-T1 in B&H in NYC, I also opted for one $ 100 Metabones adapter that would return mine Nikkor AE lenses. This was the enormous deception , but does not have @to @give until some time had spent. A Metabones returns LIKE THIS tight, that some first time have tried to dip to lentil in the, has thought that was a wrong adapter . I took it finally to return, but there is then @@give that every time I have taken of the lentil, and dip another on, undressed a metal out of an iron of lentil cursed! Literally it has had tiny metal shards landing inner of an adapter, which there was not careful state, wind up in a sensor!

Has think that this has had to has been the fluke, but that that spends another $ 100 for the substitution, has researched some alternatives, and found this one for Fotasy, as well as a one for Fotodiox. I have ordered both. This one is me cost roughly $ 13 or so much? While a Fotodiox was $ 25. Left me so only say that I have been surprised by one night and day differentiates! It believes it or no, this Fotasy the adapter is bosses and of the better shoulders that a Metabones, and like this as well as Fotodiox..

Would say that a Fotodiox and Fotasy the adapters are a same thing , but low listings different names, if I have not known better. I am returned a Metabones for good, and will be keepin another two, and perhaps purchase another Fotasy one of then is like this economic. Better to have each manual lentil I use returned with an adapter that no, I supposition.

Has anything negative that I can say roughly the, is that an access could be so only the micro-hair I too free. There is a slightest bit of game in an organism, but honradamente, any enough to do me disorder on shots or be annoyed by him, at all! Another thing that could considered the negative is that it does not come with discharges he of organism for the discharge on when that taking was an organism of camera. But that considers that it covers is in $ 7-$ 10 for his self, am not surprised, neither are I crazy roughly that. I will be the big boy and buy these also.

Of course, your mileage can vary with these adapters, as it type of lentils is using with him, supposes. They are a lot, very happy with mine.
5 / 5
Has purchased 2 of these for the very good pair of @@@1970s Rollei lenses has inherited.
Pros: A quality of the build in these adapters looks excellent is solid metal , goes in a lenses securely, and exited without difficulty. The images look acute and without any aberrations that has been able to find.
Gilipollas: I took the pair of weeks to find a setting in mine X-T20 concealed leave me to take images with my no-Fujifilm lenses using this adapter. (Paper: it DIPS that it DIPS UP/of DIAL of the KEY ->BROTÁIS WITHOUT LENTILS ->ON). I so only found the after seeing the (different) setting of paper in another Fujifilm camera. Basic instructions for him handful of the models of camera would be the big help .
4 / 5
Bucking An usual tendency of enthusiasts of photos that jump in a bandwagon besides megapixels, transports more elegant-home, recognition of type, 4k video, etc. Has the place was to find a modern day digital equivalent of an original Nikon F or Cannon A1 this was like this fully manual like possible. Of course neither of these companies does such the camera anymore, although the some terracing can force any DSLR or mirrorless camera to at least the almost manual way. When I have found a Fujifilm EX-1 I has been pleased with quell'credit his fully manual setting has emulated those of cameras of ancient film. It was pleased also to find that well an EX-1 (and slightly newer EX-2 and EX-2s) work with camera of film of the prime old legacy lenses, which have an abundance of.

This adapter is at all more than the mechanic coupling with him Nikon mountain of bayonet in an end of lentil and Fuji X mountain in an end of organism of the camera. There is not any physicist neither electronic connections of any bondadosos and for this some works of adapter more with older lenses concealed active fully start maquinal, house and (if applicable) coverage of zoom like opposed to a fly for connection of common boss in modern lenses. When Used with to lentil of legated join you the photographer will have full creative control of all of the the these works so only likes him behind some early days of of photograph. Some EX-serious of Fujifilm the cameras are especially very adapted to be quickly changed to use automated to turn all the settings on to an user.


If you have not shot never with an old film rangefinder or film any one has automated SLR will love a feeling to use this adapter with the first legated lentil like him 50mm f/1.4 Nikkor lentil, when being in the full control ameno for behind the sure joy to photograph that today it transports-all the digital cameras have all but has erased. Considering a prize a construction and arrival in this adapter and apt my camera is impressive when being all the metal and weighing almost 96g, but agree that as extracted goes to depend to plot in an use of concrete lentil with and has found work more with fully of first manual lenses. First to base your decision on if another says that it is too free or two tight considers that an adapter can be well, is all has done identically, but his camera or to the lentil can be slightly out of adjustment.


has not expected any documentation and has been surprised to take the small but clearly written and useful instruction spent that among other things advised like this to regulate some controls of cameras and that a lentil does not have the manual inaugural coverage prenderá down to the his small more f/stop for incumplimiento.


Has dipped this in a category of an interesting artilugio to experience with, no the accessory of serious photograph. Giving new life to old legacy lenses ossia in some better chances that calms can any never expect buy new these days is the interesting cause to the equal that is going back to a basics to shoot without a help of automation. I recommend it.
5 / 5
Using in Fuji X-T3 in the telescope of reflector with adapter as well as T-Locate Vivitar lentil.

The link of products am using in this setup:

Fotasy Adjustable T2/ T highland Lentil to Fuji X Adapter
Big-Can 500mm/1000mm f/8 Manuel Telephoto Lentil:
Astromania ' Extendable Adapter of Camera:
AmazonBasics 60-Thumb Light Tripod with Stock exchange:
5 / 5
has been doing photograph for on 50 years and have dozens of lenses seating unused of then I transitioned to film the digital, comprising lovely thousands of dollars of Leica M glass.

With my acquisition of Fujifilm X camera, can adapt a lot of mark lenses street these adapters, but did not give it never a lot has thought. This in spite of, dawned on me that a 90mm Fujifilm lentil while optically adds, was too expensive for the focal period little used (135mm equivalent of full frame). Have takes then mine 90mm Leica M lentils have seated in a cupboard unused for the decade.

Has bought this adapter for down 20 buck, has attached a lentil in Fuji and after the pocolos adjustments in a paper (adding focal period, turning alive peaking with red outlining, and enabling a camera to shoot without lentils), suddenly has had the big quality telephoto lentil for mine Fujis.

I desire I this more collected.
4 / 5
Turn snug and good in Fuji X-T1 and mine M42 lenses right of ray to situate so only well. It leaves home appropriately with more lenses. I have had the little lenses that could not achieve house of infinity, but think sweats that lentil because mine another lenses successful infinity well.

My only complaint, and reason is 4 stars , is that any @subject to the equal that orients things, your lenses will have his 'cups' in a side. An only way to correct ossia to turn an interior of slowly threaded to unscrew he with a bit tool resupplies and rotating the.

Top Customer Reviews: Fotodiox Lens Mount ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 57 ratings
5 / 5
Here it is my observations partorisca these adapters:

1) All of the mine Zuiko lenses is seating too far of a sensor - the house of Infinity spends when his scales of distance is on 7 metres. This is not really a subject when manual in leader, but can not trust the stop of Infinity of the barrel of lentil. It is the good thing a Sony a6000 has House Peaking and Ficus Magnification - is absolutely necessary partorisca manual in leader in the infinity that use these adapters.

2) All of the mine Zuiko lenses can be directed more closely that in a OM organism. This a bit compensates an Infinity-question of house. :-)

3) All of mine zoom of vintage lenses be missing of a resolution that can be taken for a Sony a6000 24MP sensor. They are so only soft, included in a centre in f/8, included although they were looks that accepted with films.

4) So only five of the mine Zuiko the primes am until a task: 50mm f/1.8, 50mm f/3.5 Macro, 55mm f/1.2, 200mm f/4 and 300mm f/4.5. A rest is too soft, wide open, but ridiculously better in f8. A 50mm f/3.5 Macro and a 200mm f/4 is spectacular with a Sony a6000 (in 77mm and 308mm equivalent).

5) A OM to And-exact highland adapter in the 1/loss of 2 stops of speed of a vintage lenses, a lot like any tube of extension. It is not the question, thanks to action of GOOD BIG ISO.

6) A lot lenses the fact for the digital sensors are drawn to rid to to a light likes perpendicularly like this of possible - to avert a CA (chromatic aberration) 'inhabited fringing' seen with lenses this is to be draw for film. I am taking the plot of CA in some corners of a frame, but is fixed easily in Photoshop. Note: there is no CA to shoot in f/8 in place of wide open.

Has bought this Fotodiox Pro adapter with which in the first place buying and trying a K&F adaptadora of Concepts and a Fotodiox (any Pro) adapter - for comparison and find them to be essentially identical in quality and function, like this far, excepts some leaves that involves an adapter to an organism of camera is roughly two fat times with a K&F adaptadora of Concepts and this Fotodiox Pro adapter, where some leaves for a Fotodiox (any Pro) the adapter is quite thin - which direct me to believe a K&F adaptadora of Concepts (or this Fotodiox Pro adapter) would be a better election when that locates the heavy lentil (or perhaps any lentil). Otherwise, One the majority of significant difference is his weights . An aluminium and brass K&F adaptadora of the concepts hanged 3.5 oz. An aluminium Fotodiox the adapter hanged 3.2 oz. And this Fotodiox Pro hanged 3.1 oz. It sees photo...

All three adapters have the period of 33mm, of a mountain of organism to a mountain of lentil, and again, his all direct very short of Infinity.

Again, some leaves that involves an adapter to a Sony the organism of camera is a same thickness thus Fotodiox Pro and a K&F Concepts, but is much thinner (for some reason) with a Fotodiox (any Pro) adapter. Oddly, You all feels one same when attaching lenses or when attaching to an organism of camera.

Has has had to that he throughout again and the money was any object , would take this Fotodiox Pro, because of the his when being a light plus of a three in 3.1 oz. Vs. 3.2 And 3.5 oz and having fat leaves, more than brotas lean. But a K&F the concepts exits up for a conscious prize, with the fat leaves resembled this Fotodiox Pro, but weighing 3.5 oz. In place of 3.1 oz. You avert a Fotodiox (any Pro) adapter because of his thin leaves, where attached to an organism of camera - does not inspire confidence. Again, some leaves are fatter with this Fotodiox Pro and a K&F adaptadora of Concepts.
4 / 5
With new Sony lenses when being very expensive, felt to use my old Minolta lenses. Some laws of adapter perfectly. It attaches a Minolta lentil to the your Sony And-highland camera. A rest depend, a photographer. A a7iii has a manual way has assisted, with home peaking, and house magnification. I took roughly the day (and the little web of places and youtube video) to take really comfortable. Now, I seat very comfortable, and has taken some good pictures.

Now can maintain use my old Minolta glass, add the pair of 'vintage' additional lenses, and take the really big quality emount master. One has shot to accompany this description is with mine a7iii, a fotodiox adapter and he 21 old year Minolta AF 35-70 lentil of boxes.
5 / 5
After reading roughly other descriptions, was bit it reluctant to order this, but am happy has done. They are a lot fussy on quality of product, and this adapter has surpassed my expectations. It is very a lot of-fact, of brass and stainless steel. It returns in mine NEX-6 with the good, the solid feels - just likes to attach the Sony lentil. Still with attaching it Nikkor lentil to a front. I have not had any subject with lenses or an adapter that is too tight and sticking or with him when being I too free. A blue inaugural coverage has been updated, and now has 6 stops of click. He rotates with the smooth, precise feels. The mine does not pull -averts like another reviewer the the adapter has done.

Has purchased this adapter so that it can use mine Nikkor HAVE-S first lenses of an old Nikon camera of film. Like this far, it is doing I add, and the photos taken with a Nikkor lenses the fantastic look.

Comes without instructions, like this here is regarding the use, after attaching your Nikkor lentil:

1) has Dipped your NEX camera to 'An or inaugural priority.

2) If your Nikkor to the lentil has an inaugural coverage (manual house older Nikkors), rotate the blue coverage of an adapter to an inaugural / setting far right smaller. Now rotate a Nikkor opening coverage of the lentil to a wished f-stop. A NEX will select a shutter the speed has required to take a correct exposure.

3) is using the new plus autofocus Nikkor 'Lentil of G of the current Nikon DX digital camera, so only rotate a blue coverage to a wished f-stop - wide-opened to an accident, decree-down to a legislation. A NEX will choose a shutter speed.

4) prefers , can also dipped your NEX to follow' or Manual exposure, where chooses both a shutter speed and f-stop.

5) Agrees, your autofocus lentil any autofocus with this adapter, as it moves a key in a side of the yours Nikkor lentil of 'One (autofocus) to follow' (manual) and direct an antiquated way for manually turning a coverage of house in a front of your lentil. If management on 'Peaking House' in yours NEX setup paper, say you when an object is home to form the colored 'halo' around an object. You can choose the yellow, red or white halo of a NEX paper.

Any of these adapters of lentil has any glass or optical. There are other frames that sells for hundreds of dollars, but can not think that possibly can treat any better that this economic adapter.
5 / 5
Phenomenal, yes comprise that it is stops . I see to plot of descriptions with complaints that you can not use autofocus or regulate opening with this adapter. Really? As it Can calm thought would do it east? It is true it lenses the use with this will cause significant vignetting. All have to that do is thinks roughly he - is using it M43 lentil in the sensor he big plus. Of course he viñeta. Utilisation this with mine Rokinon lentil partorisca virtual visits. It means so only I owe that take 4 photos in place of 6 in the M43 camera. It solves all the classes of questions for me. Some adaptadoras just stays in a lentil, as any complaint. It looks sturdy, also. Highly recommended.
5 / 5
WELL, everything to buy ossia so that we can esave' money to be able to use old, economic lenses. Well, for me in all the chance, is not to value a hassle. A fatal defect with this adapter 'changed, besides when being like this transmission, is a key of emission (or a nails of tiny ray that to the laws likes them to them one). It is hastle to release an adapter of a lentil. That the economic creation, poor - an I am quite sure thast will head to the fault of next term or, worse, inability to release of a lentil. I have tried an old Minolta 50mm AF lentil with him - he, forget any capacity of house of the car, which was very conscious of and good with home like this manual that use Sony A6000 is quite easy with this lentil. It forgets to open to priority likes any info on dipping of the inaugural is available, besides a lentil that is fixed to f1.7, Like this there is not any way to say a camera to dip an opening to 1.7. Use shutter priority and regulate a shutter speed until a brightness in a viewfinder left more after it is in real time (or he little darker). Without any real feedback, is more to dip a speed like fast like possible while taking decent light feedback, or crank an ISO the little elder. It was able to take decent shots with which error and initial test but a hassle one has to that gone thru so only is not to value he. They are not the complete novice but certainly any one the pro (but, of course, the pro would not annoy with such the trinket). Yeah, Touches well on paper and looks the economic investment BUT, thinks two times before you take a jump.
4 / 5
Simply a less expensive way to use MF lenses in the SONY mirror less camera and use one In Stabilisation of Organism where a lentil has ANY ONE!.
A lentil returns like this correctly like this on is own organism , All the manual operations were available for use, and the house of infinity was a lot. I have used it Hasselblad 350 mm lentil in the Sony A7RII and was soyagic' Obtained at least 2 perhaps still 3 stops of control of vibration with a SONY IBS sensor and. I have wanted to you love/ it That.

Security T leaves locate with to big lentil without the 'lentil sitter'
Loss of 1st star. A quantity of zone of surface in an adapter that was allotted to a mountain of tripod is too small. Any one will lose to lentil with this creation. A redesign for a mountain that augment a zone of surface, would have to be has considered seriously.
The loss of 2nd highland edge is 1/4 x 20 and no a level of industry for the tripod of 3/8' That also will contribute to the lentil has lost sometime
In that said that a note of security on and really will enjoy the one who this adapter can have the SONY and another any one has stabilised lenses.
That factor so only, could be the NIKON buster for me sometime down a line. In a volume of bad time to use to plot of any-has stabilised lenses. In the very good organism.
5 / 5
Sometimes can go home again. With this adapter am using mine breech highland Cannon FD lenses, experience in a @@@1970s, with my Sony A7, experience in 2014. This adapter is a lot of fact and a Cannon lenses work well with him on a A7. Mark so only sure to rotate a with the in an adapter of 'Opened' to 'Lock' to manually regulate some inaugural leaves. It dips the paper of a camera to esarrendamiento without lentils', and dip a camera' dial of upper control to 'A (inaugural), and is good to go.
Is in fact quite easy to manually directs to use house peaking. Besides, as you will be to see out of a sensor, an image in a viewfinder a lot dim like the lentils is prey down, some additional has taken the manual in leader. Calm also can see an effect that an inaugural has in a depth of field, and a histogram in a viewfinder will leave you to ensure that an exposure is corrected.
An adapter is has done well. There is not any game in a mountain, and some returns of adapter perfectly to a lentil and the camera. A 'question' so only is that a camera' the logo says esony', and of the discharges of lentil says 'Cannon'. These leaves of adapter have bequeathed to add lenses to be used in modern digital cameras. Highly recommended.
5 / 5
Has chosen so only this up for a Sony A7RII so that it can use mine Nikon lenses.

Is thinking to do one same. Here it is that it have to that consider.

1. This obviously does not leave autofocus. A shot adds the characteristic of cameras is disabled when in way of manual house.

2. Do your lenses has coverages of control of the opening in some outsides? If yes, calm then is well. If no... Then it consider this. Mina Tokina 11-16 mm to the lentil has not had a coverage of control of the inaugural. When it Is taken of an organism of camera, an opening in bylines down to anything a minimum is (f22) or something. To use this lentil with this adapter... I owe jam the piece of rubbish in a crowbar to maintain he to close down. Retrospectively, probably it have to that it has taken it an adapter with a coverage of control of the inaugural, some desquels is so only like 20 dollars more.

To the build is solid. I do not seat a lot of loosening. A mechanism of emission is quell'has bitten uncomfortable, but do. I like this far there is not remarked any subjects with some images or house.

For a prize, the east that takes is 5 stars because he simply works.
5 / 5
Has loved to be able to try was some different lenses in mine NEX-5n but could not resupply some of one some was now. I have read that the cannon has the good selection of FD lenses that that that can be used with this adapter. The ones of way that there is far has purchased the Cannon FD 50mm f/1.8 for $ 25, 50mm f/1.4 for $ 45 and he 135mm f/2.5 for $ 75 and there is enjoyed shooting with them. Shooting manual in a NEX is the breeze, so only dipped the up as follows (in a NEX-5n, can be different in other models):

PAPER >SETUP>PEAKING LEVEL >MID (works more for me)
...PEAKING The YELLOW>COLOUR (tries other colours also)

An inferior soft tone a lot leave you to zoom in to help house of tune end. Swipe in inaugural priority and to the equal that regulate a F-stop in a lentil, a camera will calculate a speed has required. Two things to remark: calm will not have an opening registered in a file of the picture and calm will not have stabilisation of image of the his built to a lentil. I do not treat it big mine. I usually manually tweak a house in lentil of mine of house of the car also, like this in fact enjoy use a lentil of manual house. His likes walk the turn of clave: has more control in a camera.

When you have read in possible degradation for Cannon FD lenses using an adapter, ossia when you use calm an adapter to connect them the cameras of the newest cannon. For some reason, requires another piece of glass that adds another discharge of possible light loss and sprain. Ossia So only the coverage of empty adapter like any loss of light here! To develop an usability, take a tube of extension for macros and duplicate it to augment a focal period (Tokina done the a lot of one).

In general, this has very developed an usability of mine NEX and uses it frequently!
5 / 5
1) All of mine Zuiko lenses is seating too far of a sensor - the house of Infinity spends when his scales of distance is on 7 metres. This is not really a subject when manual in leader, but can not trust the stop of Infinity of the barrel of lentil. It is the good thing a Sony a6000 there is Home Peaking and Ficus Magnification - is absolutely necessary for manuals in leader in the infinity that use these adapters.

2) All of mine Zuiko lenses can be directed more closely that in a OM organism. This a bit compensates an Infinity-question of house. :-)

3) All of zoom of mine of vintage lenses be missing of a resolution that can be taken for a Sony a6000 24MP sensor. They are so only soft, included in a centre in f/8, included although they were looks that accepted with films.

4) So only five of mine Zuiko the primes are until a task: 50mm f/1.8, 50mm f/3.5 Macro, 55mm f/1.2, 200mm f/4 and 300mm f/4.5. A rest is too soft, wide open, but rudiculously better in f8. A 50mm f/3.5 Macro and a 200mm f/4 is spectacular with a Sony a6000 (in 77mm and 308mm equivalent).

5) A OM to And-exact highland adapter in the 1/loss of 2 stops of speed of a vintage lenses, a lot like any tube of extension. It is not the question, thanks to action of GOOD BIG ISO.

6) A lot lenses the fact for the digital sensors are drawn to rid to to a light likes perpendicularly like this of possible - to avert a CA (chromatic aberration) "lived fringing" seen with lenses this is to be draw for film. I am taking to plot of CA in some corners of a frame, but is fixed easily in Photoshop. Note: there is no CA to shoot in f/8 in place of wide open.

Finally: I have bought a K&F Conceprs adapter for comparison and find it to be essentially identical in quality and function, like this far. One the majority of significant difference is his weights . An aluminium and brass K&F adaptadora of the concepts hanged 3.5 oz. An aluminium Fotodiox the adapter hanged 3.2 oz. It sees photo...

Top Customer Reviews: Fotasy Manual Canon ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5
I have been pleased when it has taken this out of a packaging. It looked quite decent. I have attached it to the mine Sony that the camera and he have been in smoothly. I have then added a lentil of Cannon, which has been anyway. All was well, UNTIL I have been to take my lentil. It could any taken WAS. PANIC! A unit is exited an organism of the camera fences in - took it to separate of a lentil. I have tried all - and has had any number of support for a costruttore (marvel because). . .( That could be because of where has been done. . .?)
Two hours later, with which a lot of fretting roughly and the sickness too much to describe, has directed for the take has gone by to do he of an interior of a coverage.
Loves casualidad he for some savings. . .Well, sound the risk. I took it it has gone by to do he of an interior. Considering me, am taking an expensive model. Ossia The piece of this - - -!'
5 / 5
A Fotasy Exakta the Sony and estimate of highland adapter 3 stars. A good thing is that a Sony and-the highland sides of some adapters return well. A no-like this-the good things are two questions with a Exakta side. In the first place, on two of some adapters, final of a cradle protruded by means of a hole in a crowbar to take and has contacted a backside of of a lentil or Exakta tube of extension of the bayonet. Like this, he no returned. As, on all five of some adapters have tried, some flanges in some backsides of a bayonet of lentil collided with some flanges of a Fotasy adapter. For like this, I have used the economic 'aftermarket' exakta tube of extension of the bayonet and torsion to force it opened. Roughly 15 to 20 turns have been required to fix it ( any one this procedure with the good lentil!!!), More have take any bit of metal have released. Once this is to be do, some adapters have done. Finally, in a good side, Fotasy has substituted two adapters that has not done. My recommendation is that Fotasy refine his production machining so that this additional endeavour is not required to do them work. I suggest that some new batches be tried and labeled to the equal that has improved.
4 / 5
Are the a lot of-known pro and specialise in technology and imaging descriptions. If you are reading this calm description already knows older Nikon lenses are adds. It is these feasible adapters ? It is Gobe the value that pays 80 has compared more to a prójimos identical Fotasy? Has the look in my photo and read on:

In the first place, to the left says will lose any optical quality with any one. If you are it has had to that to go with manual house so only, these are utmost. I have bought a conversor for Nikon adds macros and is more to direct this type of lentils manually in all the chance. For exposure, a Sony AV Way of inaugural Laws! Or just use manual exposure, also. With these, is strictly manual house. Now, the look has left in the each one conversor with more than detail:


Of some two adapters, one nods goes the Gobe. It is $ 13 more so no the big shot in a long career. The quality of build is equal . . . Except a tab of press of money down to release a lentil of adapter. A Fotasy laws but has to that muscle he. A Gobe is smooth and easy. With any, simply press down to release a lentil. Both a Fotasy and Gobe and good and tight when semi-detached to a Sony organism of camera. Neither wiggles or wobbles likes a bit the adapters do.

Of a two, am maintaining a Gobe but am disturbed by some subjects with his packaging and “marketing too ready” . We for real cured in some means, hips, but ossia an adapter that connects to lenses lovely hundreds to thousands of dollars. Any instruction, anything, Gobe?!! An only documentation has comprised is an offer to save five trees. Really! Gobe The web of place is no better. Taking an adapter in a lentil is intuitive. Without instructions, taking it was can confuse some otherwise people quite ready. Calm once find of the money latch in an accident, so only depress it and attentively slide an adapter of the yours lenses. Simple, calm once knows that.

After, comes with the stock exchange of cloth of the hip to store an adapter in. But like this unwise!!! This adapter goes well up against your sensor of exposed camera. This type of stock exchange can spill particles to yours expensive Sony! So many, please does not store never he in a stock exchange without protecting additional! It has taken around this to situate a Gobe in the small plastic stock exchange inside a stock exchange of cloth. Then, a now protected adapter can store in a stock exchange of series of the attractive, desire . STRONGLY it suggests Gobe rethink this poor decision.


Bite a ball and spend an extra $ 13 in a Gobe. Any of these adapters is 100 raisin-by means of devices with zero effect in quality of lentils. If your estimativa is tight, will find a Fotasy so only well, also.

Gobe Vs. Fotasy Nikon The Sony Adapter: Which is more?

Are the a lot of-known pro and specialise in technology and imaging descriptions. If you are reading this calm description already knows older Nikon lenses are adds. It is these feasible adapters ? It is Gobe the value that pays 80 has compared more to a prójimos identical Fotasy? Has the look in my photo and read on:

In the first place, to the left says will lose any optical quality with any one. If you are it has had to that to go with manual house so only, these are utmost. I have bought a conversor for Nikon adds macros and is more to direct this type of lentils manually in all the chance. For exposure, a Sony AV Way of inaugural Laws! Or just use manual exposure, also. With these, is strictly manual house. Now, the look has left in the each one conversor with more than detail:


Of some two adapters, one nods goes to Gobe. It is $ 13 more so no the big shot in a long career. The quality of build is equal . . . Except a tab of press of money down to release a lentil of adapter. A Fotasy laws but has to that muscle he. A Gobe is smooth and easy. With any, simply press down to release a lentil. Both a Fotasy and Gobe and good and tight when semi-detached to a Sony organism of camera. Neither wiggles or wobbles likes a bit the adapters do.

Of a two, am maintaining a Gobe but am disturbed by some subjects with his packaging and “marketing too ready” . We for real cured in some means, hips, but ossia an adapter that connects to lenses lovely hundreds to thousands of dollars. Any instruction, anything, Gobe?!! An only documentation has comprised is an offer to save five trees. Really! Gobe The web of place is no better. Taking an adapter in a lentil is intuitive. Without instructions, taking it was can confuse some otherwise people quite ready. Calm once find of the money latch in an accident, so only depress it and attentively slide an adapter of the yours lenses. Simple, calm once knows that.

After, comes with the stock exchange of cloth of the hip to store an adapter in. But like this unwise!!! This adapter goes well up against your sensor of exposed camera. This type of stock exchange can spill particles to yours expensive Sony! So many, please does not store never he in a stock exchange without protecting additional! It has taken around this to take the plastic of round 72mm title of filter and situating a Gobe inner he first. Then, a now protected adapter can store in a stock exchange of series of the attractive, desire . STRONGLY it suggests Gobe rethink this poor decision.


Bite a ball and spend an extra $ 13 in a Gobe. Any of these adapters is 100 raisin-by means of devices with zero effect in quality of lentils. If your estimativa is tight, will find a Fotasy so only well, also.
5 / 5
Tin a lot really scrape on a M42 adapter, and ossia any exception . Enough a lot of fact, any obvious question. Like an adapter, is excellent and would have any subject with the buy again. There is does not escape light that has been able to determine. I have not remarked any reflected or other subjects, although it would have been a lot if an interior has been covered in the sense-likes to to the discharge likes has seen on some another (any-M42) adapters.

A subject only has is with as the metal inserts/inserts to contain a lentil threading is resisted in place. There are three rays of small fixation, which has to the to the left regulate in chance your lenses is the bit was (in this way, your DoF map in your lentil, for chance, is centred always in an upper). They have come it bit it free in spite of minimum use (I possibly free of a factory), and he really screwed with my boss for the pocolos small when lentil of mine has turned around like something out of a Exorcist. When finally it has taken a lentil was, has paste me reason. I also remarked some shavings of small metal that look to having shaken neither free of low a M42 the insert or has been created when I have had to struggle the bit with a lentil.

I strongly suggest loosening some rays of fixation and using it blower to take touched of of any debris under a coverage in chance perhaps first of presionarles behind up. And periodically verifying some rays of fixation to do sure that at all it is coming free with time.

In spite of that, am satisfied enough with both Fotasy M42 adapter. Also it possesses the Nikon adapter of G of them and has had subjects of zeros with him. It will buy again of Fotasy in a future.
5 / 5
Has purchased this adapter to use my old Minolta film lenses in mine sony a7ii. The works perfect. Nizza Tight apt, any wobbles anywhere same with the heavy 135 prime. Works of house of the good infinity. When being able to use home peaking the frames that use these lenses quite easy.

TIP: When that takes to lentil of an adapter, a point of emission is slightly first of a full counter in a clockwise direction tower. Has thinks that that lentil of mine has been stuck a first time but has imagined was.

Attached is an image has taken with Minolta 135 2.8 in sony a7ii organism
5 / 5
am going to preface this to say was to return this element. I am using the Sony A7M2 with to vintage Zeiss 135mm f3.5 lentils. There is remarked when I screwed a lentil to a mountain that his was the empty small (under the mm). I have left that the slide but found that there has been Blurry pictures. Yes, I know it is MF Lentil, but in the preview looked adds. The images were still blurry. With which some investigation and that takes my boss out of the mine A$ $ , has @to @give used the 1/30 or 1/60 shutter speed. With stabalized lenses, ossia well. But with this lentil has required 1/100 or main. After a transmission some Pictures were tack treble. As this does exactly that has required. I am using to lentil of 50 years in the camera of 3 month. FYI: In my investigation has imagined out of a focal plan for lentil of mine and this Adapter is inner .5 mm Of a M42 recommendations of slowly focal. How it is the adapter adds in the prize adds. As I spend one of these and it beginning that it buys some utmost old vintage lenses!!
4 / 5
Has used this adapter in mine Sony A7ii purchasing 2 of them. A quality of build is surprising, there is not very empty and some accesses of adapter perfectly to a A7 And-mountain. One of some 2 elements is coming perfect, while a second has is a lot stagnate for an adapter has built to have the emission of key and change a lentil in a gone. Another adapter was simply perfect and can not complain at all. Of then it buys an adapter for each lentil I use: much more comfortable with an idea that has it lenses ready to go, a key of the fast emission is not to treat it big and like an element 'stagnated that is coming is not the at all question of mine.
Has tried a lot of elements in a Phase for Nikon Manuel Lenses Pre AY (I has stirs it of Nikon-Q Lenses) and this adapter is an only one without subjects at all. In of the long exposures filter a lot read by means of a plastic mountain and a camera and one same is for a metal Nikon Trace woman.
The has not been available in Italy of the amazon and I have ordered he in Or.S, reason?
- Global a prize is so only, no really economic but is a better value for a money: the most economic adapters have subject. This a perfect east and will do a work with manual Nikon Lenses
- A quality has built is not exceptional: a male And-the mountain is done out of plastic, if in a book this touches bad, is a lot of reason does not go to do harms to your camera like other more economic adapters that is done out of economic metals and will line a native Woman And-Mountain, although it is out of the plastic light does not filter in and ossia another good reason for the buy . The long exposures am guaranteed. A Nikon the mountain is perfect and fact out of metal of good quality, although it has had to differentiates to annoy that it marks a perfect adapter and an another a lot tight (but still usable), as it would be the painful process using a key of metal of the emission to change a lentil. I have decided that takes the.
- The most economic adapters active sometimes subjects of entities, while this model is simple but works well, cost for any in that has any electrical parts but is the just prize to pay yes uses old manual lenses.
- I use a strategy An adapter - Some Lentils: if it is taste, of east is a product done for you. In the chance has a key of emission that comes handy yes loves lentil of transmission.
- Any loss of light: I have tried mine Nikon Lenses in my laboratory with the Nikon D750 and an Adapter paired with the Sony A7ii: I have had equivalent result in of the terms to light while shooting so much with a Nikon and a Sony. Same inaugural/iso/shutter speed: the included histogram in Lightroom.
- A same mark and the model there is almost each highland class (Cannon/Minolta....).
Am enjoining this product a lot.
5 / 5
This adapter has arrived so only and has had an occasion for the try on mine FD lenses of both Cannon and aftermarket manufacturers. An adapter can be the little finicky, but no more than taking FD lenses out of the organism of native cannon. To use:
1) sure a coverage of adapter is in a place has opened.
2) If your FD to the lentil has the coverage to close, the mark sure is in a place has opened
3) Is returned an adapter on to a lentil, lining on some red points. When Calm this, a bit pin in an interior of an adapter will be so only besides a long end of a tab of metal in an interior of your lentil. If it is not and these two is colliding, then does not have both coverages to close in a fully open place.
4) Closes your lentil to an adapter that use a coverage to close in a lentil.
5) Rotate A coverage to close in an adapter to a place has closed. This will cause an inner pin in an adapter to slide a tab in your way of part of the lentil on, he actuating a lot that that spends when a lentil is natively closed on to the organism of camera.
Of here, can attach a lentil to the yours sony organism so only like any native sony lentil. I have tried this was with mine 135mm, 100-200mm, he teleconverter mountain, and my cannon 50mm. It has done well for everything of these, and a quality of image is exactly that would expect for a lenses am using.

Expect these helps!
4 / 5
Has has purchased now three adapters of Fotasy to adapt legated lenses to the mine Sony a7ii. A Minolta, Cannon FD, and M42. His all look solid, and attach to mine a7 without subjects. A Minolta is my preferred mainly reason a lenses is abordable and tend to adapt more those. Also they look good and professionals that is the plus . The people do not look never to @give am using 35 year lenses in my camera. A M42 one are adds also, and how is a Cannon FD, although a mechanism to close and open an inaugural is rigid. It concealed it is not the subject real attaches everything properly and can use is opening coverage in a lentil. In general I want that this element is not so only a lot of fact, but also opens a abordable (for now) world of glass of legacy in the modern digital camera.
4 / 5
Has bought this to locate the Cannon nFD lentil in the Sony a7s. An initial mountain was the little odd and now comprise because cannon ditched this mountain. But calm once take it to locate seat very solid. Any game anything. For the $ 15 mountain ossia awesome. Has the metabones adapter for Nikon lenses and has some game. This cost of what $ 100. Could take it fotasy one for the try was and the substitute.

Top Customer Reviews: Kiwifotos 43mm-52mm ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5
It is not science of rocket , is the no on the coverage and work as it sweats partorisca suppose to, could not look like this quite like 30 and 40 dollar some but is the no-on the coverage and he all precise .
5 / 5
Been using in camcorder for external football this fall and a uv+PL the look of frames adds.

Top Customer Reviews: Fotasy 16mm Cine ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
FINALLY --- the Cannon FD to M43 adapter that reads with zoom lenses!

Has four Panasonic M43 cameras and eleven Cannon of vintage FD lenses I use with them. Row of focal period of 50mm to 300m, comprising three zooms: he 28-85mm f/4 FD, he 35-105mm f/3.5 FD, and he 70-210mm f/3.5 Vivitar Serious A. A Fotodiox and Metabones the adapters have done well with some cousins lenses, but has not done with a zoom lenses because of the depth of flange/has retreated subjects of house. A question is the majority of some adapters done have slightly less global period that a depth of the flange drawn why some third party lenses no quite home the infinity when using an adapter that is on-spec, as they a bit adapters the fraction of the millimetro the short plus that they would have to be to ensure compatibility. When Using first lenses, ossia generally any one a subject, but he wreaks havoc when zoom of trace lenses reason are VERY SENSITIVE the depth of flange and if a depth is included SLIGHTLY was, will lose home when you zoom in and era. I have called Metabones in of the this and has confirmed that it had suspected considering deliberately was-spec adapters. I have decided to see if a Fotasy the adapters are any different and is. These adapters have a depth of the flange specified and my zoom lenses now marries of stay during his row of zoom. I have verified all three lenses with a Fotasy adapters and Fuji map to star that it is drawn to relieve subjects of the rear house and they am died on. I am changing all of the mine FD lenses to these Fotasy adapters to the equal that am WANTED with them. If you are finding subject looked with your zoom of legated lenses in any mirrorless camera, give these adapters come from it. HIGHLY recommended.
5 / 5
While this thing is built like the tank and a lot totally unattractive like these things go, no for me. This in spite of, are not on the dot to give on like this, ossia downloads he for help. I have been operating camera for roughly 65 years! It has dipped in an EF of EF/of Cannon-S to M4/3 Fotasy adapter to a Lumix GX85 to the equal that has instructed. It has dipped then the EF of Cannon 50mm, f1.8, STM Lentil in an adapter. I have followed some instructions and of the places on a camera to the equal that for the instructions written in a semi-detached slip that is coming with an adapter. Turning In a Lumix, take an extremely out of image of home, to the like a camera will expose properly but can not turn a coverage to direct quite (on 100x in the each direction, &, yes, a lentil is dipped in way of manual house) to spend a camera the house. It is my camera that will not touch amiably or my lentil of cannon. An adapter is too simple to have anything wrong with him, unless it is not a correct a (i.et., thickness) For my camera still although it locates in a camera properly. I will revise my indications and remark a solution to a question if one is found. Thanks to the each one and everything.

Has researched and has imagined was. Any one the fault of an adapter.
Like an Airbus A320, EF of EF/of Cannon-s lenses with a STM tepping engine' the technology will not fly (house) without electrical power. Felizmente Does not clash , so only no in a first place. This adapter is very still EF of EF of Cannon/older-s lenses without a STM designation.
4 / 5
I leaves use my old more M42 threaded lenses with my Panasonic GX85 camera.

Commentaries that sure M42-mountain lenses (any drawn for specifically for Pentax camera) can have an extra pin (to close to a highland flange of the camera) or a overhanging inaugural coverage that presses against a flange of this adapter and to the equal that prevents to open adjustment! Like Examples: I Yield Ricoh lenses has an extra pin and Mamiya-Sekor SX lenses has both a pin and a coverage overhang. If all have is one -extra pin (any one a pin that after an opening like this is required), concealed usually can be extracted for the appeal was with aims he-grip. (It does not take an inaugural pin!!) Has the Mamiya-Sekor SX lentil that also has an inaugural coverage overhang, could be tried to grind of a overhang but has the simplest solution: spent this directing helicoid instead how is a same depth like this adapter but is slightly more tightened in to width likes the coverage overhang clears a surface of flange:
/>This element do dual fault-purpose like the regular adapter and, as that directing helicoid, adds macro qualified your lentil (prize!). Also I am using he with a M42 lentil that has the frozen directing helicoid like this the adapter restores normal directing function.
4 / 5
Has been using this to connect EF of Cannon lenses to the mine Blackmagic camera of pocket. Things to know:

1) league and disconnects without questions or harm.
2) An adapter is extremely strong and well-has built. It feels sturdy.
3) This will not leave you to change opening in EF electronic lenses. It dipped it to wide-opened in the DSLR and then ISO of use and shutter corner to expose properly.
4) joins him to Him highland lentil of the EF with the manual of inaugural coverage, will do adds with this adapter in the Blackmagic camera of pocket.
5) A factor of harvest is roughly 3x, as my Tokina 11-16 looks he 33-48mm (and the look adds!).
6) Him him the lentil that home electronically (any autofocus, so only an electronic control), your coverage of the house no . Has a lot of Cannon of L serious lenses and his all direct well. An only lentil that will not direct is my little 40mm 2.8 lentil of pancake.
5 / 5
For real the tool adds is experimenting with 'free-lensing'. Ossia The technician for which you detach your lentil of the your DSLR or mirroless camera and literally tries to direct was camera with your sinister hand. While a technician can be easily tried and perhaps mastered in time for any, some modifications have required to your camera can be downright that frights and possibly breaking and so only very interesting.

One of some recommended modifications was partorisca drill the hole in a centre of the order of discharge of the organism of your camera to attach a accordian or to bellow likes him the tube that will connect it your lentil to your organism of camera. Of then I am not gone in the favour to hammer was perfectly useable propiciado by organism to experience with, has looked for the better solution. An use of the T2 mountain (telescope) has been suggested like the most economic alternative and surer.

My setup uses of the old Mamya 645 80mm the lentil is stuck in F2.8 Which is jointed to the Olympus EPL2 which is the MFT camera. One 2.5' wide piece of 1/8' spent of the fat black foam wrapped in two discharges around a lentil and T2 connector with two 11' bonds of black boss around an adapter and the complete lentil a setup. Because of a flexibility of a material of foam, a lentil is easily able to move horizontally and vertically and emulate this expensive tilt lentil of tower of Cannon and Nikon. If you can not resupply these that ossia the economic way to take to a half. Some discharges of foam are 8'x11' 25 cents in Walmart or other tents. Buy several discharges and give them try it. A T the the adapter is roughly 2' big, to spare period to manage the regular lentil.
4 / 5
The work adds. Slapped the very On to the mine Minolta lentil of wide corner, has stuck it on my omd camera, has taken some pictures, has taken was...

Has decided to try my telephoto. It has been to take of an adapter of my lentil and has been stuck. A mechanism to nail that controls a lentil on to an adapter has taken. I took it that movements again with some fanagling, but was after pulling a latch on an adapter any rotate. Mina $ 200 lentil is now unable to be used in mine $ 1000 camera. I am not pleased.
4 / 5
Uses this like the backup my Metabones speed boosters in gh4-gh5. If they are shooting something in the estimativa and does not want to rent /buy the Metabones, this adapter does almost a same thing for money very small. Calm does not take inaugural adjustments on EF lenses, but more newer lenses is acute anyways in f2.8 As it is not the breaker of extracted. One does around partorisca east has seen is has the organism of Cannon can dip an opening in a lentil and then as it press a depth of key of preview of the field, dismount a lentil and an opening will remain dipped calm the the in any place on. It is the slow workaround but good works. Nikon lenses With the adapters also do utmost. In general the very small adapter of backup!
4 / 5
Am using an adapter with my Panasonic Lumix G10 and Cannon FD 50mm f/1.8. HIGHLY it suggests this combo he possess the micro 4/3 camera! It returns snug, feels sturdy, and looks well. A prize is a lot & now loves run to the each thrift tent in a zone to see the one who another FD lenses can find!

At the beginning, has had a @@subject that imagines was like this to control an opening in a lentil, as I have copied some instructions that has used (originally a description of Amazon, copied to mu-43 forum). Hope These helps! If calm this, a lock-the open coverage in an ADAPTER will control to open, so only leave a lentil he so only. If it leave a lentil in f/22 permanently, can regulate to anything loves with a lock-next (on adapter).
1. It installs coverage of adapter the camera: row a red point in an adapter that's that red in a camera, transfer to close.
2. It installs lentil on adapter:
2a. Stop A lentil down his smaller opening.
2b. In an adapter, has the coverage that control a place of the pin that leaves for inaugural control. Facing a front of a camera, gone back a coverage his the majority of counterclockwise dipped.
2c. It seats a lentil in an adapter (rows some red points). Now turn a coverage of adapter to his plus in a clockwise direction place. This varies a pin with a pin of lentil.
2nd. It turns a lentil in a clockwise direction until he the clicks have closed. Calm now would owe that be able to rotate an inaugural coverage and see an inaugural rule. (A coverage in an adapter also can be manually rotated, which will regulate an inaugural, but felizmente he clicas to the enclosed place like calm a lot he accidentally while shooting).
3. It dips some settings of camera the eshoot without lentils.' Otherwise, will take a message of error in a lentil when you press a shutter key.
3A. Tour in a GF1, and press a PAPER/DIPS key.
3b. It moves for down in some icons of sinister paper to the card DONE OF COMMISSION. In a PAPER DONE OF COMMISSION, roll to a last element, and select SHOOT WITHOUT LENTILS ->ON.
3c. It dips a GF1 dial to M-manual or A-inaugural priority.
5 / 5
Possesses enough the little Minolta film AF lenses ossia A mountain that use in mine Sony SLT a-55 DSLR, now with a Fotasy the adapter extends an use to the mine Olympus OM-D micro 4/3 camera with a fast plus 1.4, 1.8 f-stop lenses in manual way. A lenses mountain to a solid of the adapter and an adapter has the coverage that leaves some control of a f-depth of stop of field in manual way. Included thou a Minolta/Sony the lentil has transport-home, with this adapter a lentil is manual only to direct which can be used with Olympus manacles Peeking to help in of the acute photos. Taking the photos add with your vintage lenses is resulted the prize of whole plot more reasonable, compared to an expensive more Pro Lentil minus a capacity the autofocus. Long live a life of mine adds SLR Film lenses.
5 / 5
Was skeptical roughly which well this type of adapter would do, especially considering is so only $ 13, but decided to take a casualidad. I have been touching around with my old Olympus OM lenses, and could not be happier. It has dipped my Olympus 300 mm f/4.5, which is equivalent to the 600 mm in a M43 organism, and has taken stirs it of photo of a full moon. As you can see, it is really resulted a lot (stacked the photo that use Registax). I am seeing good results with mine 50mm F/3.5 macro, 85mm F/2, and the little another also. I have not used these lenses in well on 10 years, and now is part of my box again. Has some old film lenses, spent this maintaining!

Top Customer Reviews: Sigma USB Dock for ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Down the description is all partorisca aforar yours lentil. It SHOWS VIDEO of FULL RESOLUTION IN CALM-PAGE of TUBE.

So much, has taken your sigma the lentil but your pictures are exiting of house. Well, you can aforar your house of car that use the Sigma cradle of USB. Although you can do the light correction that use your inner camera AF adjustment, sigma give you flexibility to micro-regulate some of his series of lentil.

Has taken mine 18 -35 f1.8 series of art the lentil and I have known that there is a bit in subject @of leader, as I have bought sigma cradle of USB and here is as it has regulated my house of car. Partorisca aforar Yours lentil, will require the sigma cradle of USB, tool of calibration of house of lentil, can take this of amazon partorisca roughly 4-$5 , the spirit level of tripod in bylines, tape of measure and patience.

In the first place decide your working zone, tool of calibration of the lentil dipped in a surface in bylines and level it. Now camera your place in the tripod in bylines and the level that uses your tripod leveler and regulate a height so that it directs exactly in a surface of tool of the calibration where will be you directed.

Sigma The software has 4 different house distances where has to that regulate your house, each distance can be regulated of values among 1 to 20. And it has to that the lentil of zoom likes, will have to regulate a same thing 4 times in different focal period…yeah, patience. First to begin any process, downloads a software, connect your lentil that Cradle of uses of USB and update your late plus firmware.

Now, tape of measure of the use and dipped first your focal distance like attentive as I can of slowly of film, also use like this light like podes. Camera your place to AF way, uses your finder of Optical View and the centre of use so only to direct point, choose ISO lower and list lower or the widest opening of a first lentil to take the picture. Now, we are ready to take our first picture. If have DSLR with the good LCD, can zoom on ruling and see if your lentil is front in leader or behind that directs. Here in my picture to the equal that can see, would have to direct exactly on zero but is of the turn directs the little. Disconnect Yours lentil of a camera, attach it to jump of USB and regulate a value to in some positive values.

Suggests to start with more or minus five intervals every time and when the next volume that directs value, he beginning that looks your pictures in your computer and regulate some values. If you can not take your value among 20 points, could require substitute your lentil but if you can not find an exact number, so only the give a plus tries and will have the number the next plus for each focal distance.

Chooses the pertinent place, loves to do this like this comfortable like podes of then is boring and long. Also it would suggest to do a focal distance in different focal period and once complete a focal distance, takes some shots to try that it is familiarised with in row of this focal distance.

Uses self timer or far shutter for shots in bylines.
Once begin to shoot distance of home longer in the focal period wider, takes little confusing of your baseline, in my chance “0” will be to direct in all the chance. To arrive to this point, beginning bracketing yours adjacent lines and work with them. If you the upper next line is more in focused and but after down an is not , then your lentil is to turn direct.

Also, yes wants to take the picture of reference in focal period along, camera your place in manual way, and regulate your house that use digital zoom and take picture. This will give you the good idea, like this acute your picture would owe that be.

The infinity is where the things take little difficult of then tool of the calibration will not be useful a lot, has tried to direct houses of distance but has then used a longer distance around the mine that does with the mark of big cross has done manually. It agrees, always use like this light like podes and ISO of use beats lower.

Tries yes after each focal distance and you will take your lentil of tunes ready to use. Here it is some of my picture around took using AF after dipping ready a lentil.
5 / 5
Ossia The very useful tool partorisca Sigma lentil of zoom, or for any Sigma lentil if your DLSR not having AF microadjustment. I will answer several questions that you probably is asking:

1. As To take? Esigma Cradle Of USB for Cannon' means the cradle of USB partorisca Sigma lenses with mountain of Cannon, i.et, lenses has drawn to do with camera of Cannon. If you possess the camera of Cannon, buy the Sigma cradle of USB for Cannon. If you possess the Nikon camera, buy the cradle of USB partorisca Nikon. It does not forget that this law of cradle so only with Sigma lenses, and so only with selected Sigma lenses.

2. Work with all the Sigma lenses? NO! He so only so only with more Contemporary, Sport and series of Art lenses. Sigma The place of web has current cast of compatible lenses. It researches partorisca igma Cradle of USB' in Sigma put of web, or go the Sigmaphoto put of web and cruised of Home to Accessories ->Accessories of Category of Lentils: Miscellaneous ->Sigma Cradle of USB. There, you will find a cast of roughly 26 lenses sustained by a cradle, links it to download a free software, and links the tutorials. Roll all a way down to a fund of this page, under a table with compatible lenses, to find one links to a manual.

3. He no with Nikon or mark of Cannon lenses? ANY WAY! A cradle is so only a half for a Sigma software to speak to an electronics in a Sigma lenses. He so only works with Sigma frames lenses, and so only with has selected some, which have this capacity.

4. That is lentil autofocus (AF) adjustment? The majority of DSLRs, with an exception of mirrorless some, has the separate sensor partorisca autofocus. It is possible and raisin quite often that because of tolerances in manufacturing of organism of camera (and lenses), one directs like looks to be perfect to a autofocus the results of system to be slightly out of house in a sensor of image. There is two way to regulate for him. Big final DLSRs have the like this called 'AF micro adjustment' (the exact term for him depends in a DSLR frames). This adjustment in a camera still can be lentil-concrete, i.et., you Can program your organism of camera of big final with individual AF the adjustments for each lentil possess. Sigma Has been one gives a no further, has comprised AF adjustment to software/firmware of the his lenses and resupplied an option to use different adjustments for different focal period. This law adds with zoom of long row lenses, which poden house forward in all chance down of a row of zoom and rear house in a big end, or another way around. You take points of multiple adjustment in place of the alone one in the organism of camera.

5. That this cradle of USB done? Calm enable you to update lentil firmware and to program autofocus factors of correction to a lentil. It is so only an interface among your lentil and your computer. Basically, it is the dummy discharges that split the mountain of your mark of camera with contacts to connect to contacts of a lentil and with the interface of USB.

6. It is the calibration done automatically? That time takes? Unfortunately, it is the tedious manual work . A cradle is so only an interface among your computer and lentil firmware. Calm all a work and then use a cradle to upload has has updated parameters to a lentil. One jumps does not measure anything and no external anything in his own. Spent the aim to direct, install a free Sigma software (free download of Sigma put of web), connect your lentil, writes down some distances and focal period of a table resupplied in a software, then grab yours camera, dipped the on tripod, dipped the to centre point AF, has shot so only AF, point to centre metering, dipped on a camera in an of some four distances has listed in a Sigma software (can not change those, is given to calm), and take picture of an aim to direct for each of some zooms have listed in a table (if applicable yours lentil) and each one that like this of some distances. If it is the zoom of focal period so only , so only will take 4 images of different distances. If it is the lentil of zoom , can has to that take like this a lot likes 16 images, the matrix of four focal period and four distances of an aim. Then, download images of a camera and examine them closely in a screen of computer. A AF the aim has the tilted stairs (looks the ruler) which calm to enable you to do the test where a better house is - is well in a centre, where a dish to direct is, or is for behind a zone that directed on, or in front of him, and reason a centre of a zone that is in the good house is moved relatively to 'zero'. It is quite easy to see. Calm the the once done, a next step is to enter some numbers to a table in Sigma software. Some numbers are in of the units of home, no in cm or thumbs. Probably they are just steps of an engine to step in a lentil. You a lot directly correlate with distances and Sigma does not resupply any guidance to the equal that to as the correlate that sees in some pictures with has required changes to direct parameters. Everything knows that you would have to that augment a parameter to direct in the positive direction, p. p.ej., Of 0 to 5 (the total row of adjustment is of -20 to +20) if your front of camera-the houses and calm wants to move a focal plan further out of a camera, and reduce it (p. p.ej., Of 0 to -5) if your camera behind-the houses and calm requires to spend a focal point more afterwards to a camera. Basically, you finalise to do bracketing by means of several iterations, in first do first any big and then any smaller to dial a house in. With my lentil (Sigma 18-300), the step of home roughly matched 1/2 of the centimetre in a ruler bent of an aim to direct with the shortest distances among a lentil and an aim, but ossia the a lot rough manager . If you see that the house is was centre, changes a parameter for 5 unit in a pertinent direction and control in a next round of measures if this was quite. If no, transmission again and take more pictures. If calm has spent of the shot, take the step the backside of small plus. Repeat until you are satisfied. In my chance, with Sigma 18-30, has taken roughly 5 hours for 6 iterations for my edges and I to complete a task to the reasonable level of satisfaction.

7. How it is that I require aforar my Sigma lentil? Some indications are: soft house by means of a whole row, or in a big end or down of a row of zoom. The images come with triple describes no quite where has directed on, i.et., On something the little more after your or the little further that you that a focal point. Also, if yours the camera there is eseen alive' (which is directing using sensor of image in place of autofocus sensor), can compare the images taken in alive view and in regular way. If the images of alive view are noticeably more acute, your AF requires to dip ready.

8. Where to find more information on regarding the do? Sigma HAS the manual for a software (quite lousy, has to say) and the tutorial video. Has found video posted for Digital Goja very useful. Those can be found for Googling partorisca 'Dijital Goja Sigma video of cradle of the USB'. Finally, a piece which can be found by his title, 'Calibration of the lentil Explained' (copies so only this the Google) was mine very useful to comprise that it has been it supposition to do and reason. This piece does not explain a Sigma cradle of USB (instead, adjustments of tongue of AF in an organism of camera), but is a lot of gain to comprise a rest of a process and the tools have required.

9. I require anything more, besides a Cradle? I need the DSLRKIT or another tool of calibration of house of lentil. You can take he of Amazon for $ 6 - $ 9, or same drawings of download of an Internet and do the aim of map in zero cost. I need the tripod to locate yours camera. I need the source of brilliant light to lit your aim calms he indoors ( that can do external and sun of use). I need the measure of tape to measure distance of an aim to a camera. Finally, for measures with 'Infinity' distance, need to find something relatively small by means of a street, like the number of house or something. With 'Infinity', has the ruler has bent no in an aim to direct to access where a focal point is, steps of long sequential test of several settings and comparison of images.

10. Like the shot measured in 'Infinity'? I have taken only pictures in several values of parameters have entered to Sigma sofware (likes 0 , 5, and 10) and has compared some pictures, to find an acute plus. Calm can not use an aim in Infinity ( is too small - calm of course can do your own giant a!), And it could struggle in 20 feet, also. So only take pictures of something with contrast acute and small the characteristic of half in several values of parameter of correction of home, compare them, and identify a setting of better acuteness.

11. It is a lovely process of calibration he? If you suspect that your lentil is not the acute to the equal that would owe that be, this cradle of USB will take your lentil to a next level. A difference is among you when be frustrated in your compraventa and when being happy. At least, ossia like me felt before and with which calibration. I have changed of ' I can it has to that return this lentil, shoots of mine of the pictures of a lot of mobile phone more acute' the ' work very a lot of' inner 5 hours. Some vendors sell Cradle of USB in container with Sigma lenses.

12. That is in a box? Cradle Of USB, the boss of USB, paper of guarantee, and some class of manual like I not even open.

13. As to dip a camera to shoot images of test? A lot of entity! Alone point (centre) AF. Point to centre metering. It has shot so only AF. ISO DIPPED to the low value, p. p.ej., 100 Or 200 to reduce noise in some images (helps to see a level of better acuteness). It presses in way of priority of the Opening with F-put to arrest to a drop of possible value has left of a lentil for the data of focal period.

14. It Sigma lenses Profits the majority of of AF tuning? Zoom Of long row lenses (that it can it behind-directed in some arrivals of a row of zoom and front-focuse in another end) and very brilliant lenses with values a lot down of F stop, likes 1.2 or 1.5, which have the very superficial depth of house.

15. Do so only Sigma lenses requires to dip ready of autofocus? Apparently, no. Apparently, all lenses of all the frames can benefit of him. Everything pro the cameras of level have the only-parameter AF the tuning has built to a DSLR organism. Sigma Is different in that has taken a does not advance extra and has created the solution to dip ready by means of a whole row of zoom. This augments a precision to dip ready. No another cradle of USB of offers of costruttore partorisca lenses. Sigma The cradle no with other frames of lenses. Not even with older Sigma lenses. It is the very new technology .

16. I require to have to that Pro Camera to level to feel a difference, or need to use the Cradle of USB? As I learnt it hard way, is so only another way around: if has an entrance or mid camera of level ( has bought the cannon rebels T7i) which does not have the micro adjustment of autofocus, dipping ready of a lentil with the cradle of USB is an only option, short to substitute a lentil on and on again until it find a better party to your organism. It is the combination of organism and a lentil that determines acuteness. A same lentil can be perfectly acute in DSLR organism An and no acute in DLSR organism B. It goes figure.

17. It is so only a lentil that determines if need of home be dipped ready? No, it is the combination of a lentil and an organism. A thing is, more DSLR (with an exception of mirrorless DSLRs, which never dipping ready of house of the need) has the separate sensor partorisca autofocusing, with an additional mirror that redirects a light of a lentil to a autofocus sensor in place of a sensor of image. If a distance that the light has to that travel to a autofocus the sensor is different that a distance to a sensor of image, so only for the tiny quantity, a AF the sensor will decide that an image is directed perfectly, but a sensor of image will see the blurry image. To the lentil also could have tolerances of manufacture to the equal that could contribute the operation of autofocus. A result of final depends on combination of individual parameters of lentils and organism. Lentil One can be súper acute on organism X but a lot on organism And.

18. If has the micro-AF adjustment in mine DSLR, precise use a Sigma Cradle with my Sigma lentil further of adjustment in an organism? PERHAPS. A better way to discover is to try. If you can achieve good result with adjustment in an organism, any need to annoy with cradle of USB. With to lentil of zoom, will find that has more flexibility with dipping ready a house for different focal period and for different distances to an aim that use the Sigma Cradle.

18. Final commentaries. Some vendors comprise cradle of USB in the container with Sigma lentil. In this way, one can take he in any or addition cost little. It is advantageous to take the together cradle with your compatible Sigma lentil, then to discover that I require it like an after-done. Dipping ready a house with Sigma Cradle any void a guarantee and is fully reversible. There is the key in a software to go back the factory defaults (the coincidentally is all the zeros). Sigma The cradle is also useful like calm enable you to update lentil firmware while the new version of firmware the available results. I need so only a cradle for everything of your cradle-compatible Sigma lenses.
4 / 5
Has taken one 30 mm f/1.4 Art and while a house looked well at the beginning, was clear after the pair of outings my keeper the tax was quite down. When it Was for the directed was acute, so only was usually bit it blurry.

With which some investigation, my options were neither to send a lentil in the Sigma (some folks say require yours camera hips) or take this thing. Still although some subjects of home is covered by guarantee, calm still has to paralizaciones of paid has ensured to ship each way. With that in alcohol, a cradle looked the little less unreasonable in prize. Besides, it likes tinkering with of things.

Took roughly an hour and the half to do to dial in some right values, although an hour of that was quite ineffective. A thing is, so only give you a cradle and you download a software, and there is no official of recommended way to come up with some values of adjustment. I recommend to explore around for calibration of home tutorials. That finishing that does a better for me was to be in the brilliant room in relatively big (but no too grainy) iso, and have the measure of tape that sustains against partorisca wall in a corner. Then I focused in in a 1ft bookmark in several distances. After several iterations of test and error was happy with a house at all some adjustable distances, has finalised with +1, +10, +8, +9 besides afterwards to further. There is has has specialised devices, which have the ruler in a corner and something to aim in, and included can be trace to tripods, but is quite expensive so that do.

That would spend this cradle until to 5 star, has to have is if Sigma has launched in the device of calibration of the house for the accompany and drives on to the equal that recommend calm he, the video in a web of place at least!

Has other commentaries on some elections of adjustable distances (in this chance .3m, .4m, .6m, and infinity), but ossia that act of house of the lentil, look in a finder of row, these distances are spaced equally averts. It looks odd, but calm give you a better coverage for a row of whole lentil.
5 / 5
Ossia Equivalent to revise the film. Some details of some means comunicacionales of delivery (says the DVD) much less is that it interests that a film he. A hardware, in this chance a Cradle of USB is considering purchasing, just works to the equal that has expected. Calm attach it your discharges of lentil and sustain die he in yours computer. The settings do in a software is transferred yours lentil . Final of history.
This house of description in a whole solution, particularly a software - his creation and that well directs a question manually.

Organism of upper camera of Nikon and Cannon (and possibly another) house of lentil of the support a lot-tunning. Look that, because of tolerances of manufacture, is admitting is necessary to match to particular lentil to the organism of particular camera. Have tunned All my lenses and can testify that he noticeable difference in quality of image.
A question is: you can so only dipped an estimate for lentils.
Say your combination/of lentil of the organism backfocuses. It has dipped the negative value, essentially saying a camera the front directs the bit to compensate. This does well for the first lentil, but no partorisca zooms. That if a zoom marries retreated in all a short chance of a row but leading of house in a long end?

Sigma Has Had the brilliant idea: I move a process to dip ready out of some constraints of a camera and to the computer where can be he properly. Any only leaves to admit a house, also leaves one to customise the (the support given) lentil for different behaviours. In a chance of the mine Sigma 120-300mm f/2.8 has 2 variables, specifically
Autofocus={priorities of speeds (fast, bit it jumpy), priority of accuracy (smooth but slower), incumplimiento (to somewhere go in)}
Optical Stabilisation (YOU)={heavy, light},
for the total of 6 possible combinations. You will require this cradle and an accompanying software to dip your behaviour has preferred to a lentil.

Has the third function: one can update a firmware in a lentil that use this cradle. Firmware In the lentil... Ossia The prime minister for me. A fact that has had to dip microprocessors in the lentil to actuate this in-of the lentils customization (and like this requiring firmware updates) would have to that be transparent to an user. As I will not count this firmware the update does like this neither the pro neither the with.

That has to that be remarked that Sigma the solution surpasses a current state of an art (of Nikon/Cannon/etc), in that can you to it dip a lot so only one but at least 4, and until 16 values, as if a lentil is the first or the zoom. A prize for this a lot of flexibility and the control is a escalating quantity of test and no of error (places in computers, test on camera, repeats...). Almost it is that it overwhelms and adictiva. And it likes.

A software (any distributed with a cradle, but is free download ) is very executed, with the simple and intuitive presentation.
Has some deserts here and there, mostly text that takes truncated reason his no returned in the poster of window that can not be resized. Felizmente, one can spend on a help and read a message in his entirety there. It would say that a software is like this intuitive that there there is really any need to help at all. The majority of a text in a help is the copy of a text sees in a software anyways. It would have been well they has elaborated /reworded that sees in some poster of software. For example, when dipping a YOU customization, can choose of Way of Dynamic View ('In this way offers the recognizable effect to an image in a viewfinder. These helps to ensure a composition of images quickly.') Or Way of Moderate View ('In this way offers a risarcimento excellent of sobresalto of camera, and achieves transition very smooth of an image in a viewfinder. A composition of an image remains natural same when a corner of view maintains to change.'). An explanation in a help is exactly one same as in a software. It can I say that that way has more YOU and which there is less? I have used some designate 'weighed' and 'light' on, which are more descriptive that 'Dynamic' and soyoderate'. If you want to know... Dynamic view=heavy View and Moderate=light.

A one with quell'I can think of this this: while a software automatically recognises the one who Sigma lentil you docked, does not have any knowledge duquel the camera feigns to use a lentil on. Some tents of software so only one dipping for each lentil. It would be a lot if Sigma was to add a capacity to memorise several settings partorisca to particular lentil (each corresponding the different cameras) so that they can be easily and quickly take was and uploaded to a lentil.

In a whole, would say that this Cradle of USB are likely the must has the element wants to take one the majority of out your Sigma lentil, especially to lentil of zoom (like one 120-300mm f/2.8).

Ossia A better tutorial on like this to use a Sigma Optimisation Pro software that knows of.

Update 4/01/2014: Sigma has has presented of then 7 new lenses (comprising a 3 partorisca mirrorless camera) and any of them the support/uses this cradle. I do not know reason has chosen that subject, but a result of final is that, east times a lovely proposition of this cradle is not that Sigma suggested it would be.
Am changing my description of 5 to 4 stars until I see more lenses compatible with this device.

Update 9/14/2014: For Sigma put web[...] All 8 (A, C, S) lenses sustain this cradle. So only a mirrorless serious of lenses does not sustain this cradle (does not know reason this has to that be a chance ; it looks he taste would be of the good idea for all lenses to be the houses fine tune-able, mirrorless or any).
Has that has forgotten to update this place last time have verified, which has directed my conclusion in a leading update. His place has been corrected now.
Am changing my indication behind to 5 stars.
4 / 5
Has done the election to purchase the used Sigma 24-105mm f/4 lentils of eBay. Shortly after that obtains a lentil @gives reason a prize was like this down and a lentil grieves used - the house was was and inconsistently like this in different focal period. I beat up in this deception for the pair of weeks.

Trying the update that camera of uses AF adjustment (D7200 and D750) has not been useful like the time found in a maximum adjustment this in spite of any happy and also that the adjustment has included not doing take all the focal period and distances.

Researching this cradle is not sure state would fix it everything, but has decided to give test he of a cost was less than buying to the new lentil and that tries to sell to the poor lentil known of more (ethics!).

To do the short long history the fact and for this lentil I so only have the +1 adjustment of house in camera, a rest is everything does by means of some adjustments of cradle. Now I can use this lentil with confidence that knows that at all the distances and the focal period will direct with accuracy.

A long history is what endeavour is required to regulate a lentil. A lentil of the row of big zoom likes one 24-105mm will take the pair of hours, but a process is much simpler that you could have read roughly and have the tips of pair on like this to do this fast plus.

A subject real is has a focal period or focal distance that requires the adjustment of camera of home has based. So much in my chance are spent for the majority of some period and distances so only to find an adjustment of cradle was in a max this in spite of out marries. Has has had to that do the adjustment of the camera then goes back and redo all some adjustments I hade done already. It has taken easier and faster a second time this in spite of.

I STRONGLY advise use these technicians to do this easy and more fast plus:

1) Uses house of continuous car (AF-C)
2) Uses house of use that's that only so only a point to centre
3) ANY PRECISE to take pictures to do adjustments. The crazy sounds but is true. You owe that have the flat aim a lot of ( has printed the aim of test of an Internet) and beginning with house of alive view (detection of contrast). If alive view says that an aim is to direct then means a house is corrected in a sensor. Ossia Your baseline. Mark takes a box of contrast in alive view and a phase relieve the line of sensor has selected on on exactly a same part of your aim. Now gone back of alive view and press a key to direct, but not shooting, while staring in a window of house in a lentil. It shows that the way goes and the one who far goes before is the stops and the stays have prisoner. Of then have it AF-C near, if any prenderá calms of half does not have quite a lot of light or enough contrast in your aim. Repeat a house of alive view then the phase relieves at least 5 times in the row like images was that far calm was is, sometimes will not move a same quantity. This for all the focal period in your distance of current house, and take notes! Place in a cradle and regulate + or - like this the one who calm far think. It remounts and the test was.
4) does not have any science to some adjustments, will take to feel he for him. It forgets that it has read it roughly 2:1 Nikon the report of cradle. I tried it concealed and has squandered an additional hour that tries to do this work before I have discovered has not been applicable.
5) The adjustments in some directed the distance can affect other distances of house. You completed once all the adjustments go back and controls again. I have done and the adjustments done smaller one final raisin.
6) does not stress in distances esatte. One jumps any included has the distances esatte marked and that it is marked is in of the fractions of thumbs. So only take afterwards and your adjustments will do.
7) does not take pictures to try during adjustment. They are by train of the say Two times because I am serious. If your phase relieves the house matches your house of calm alive view then is esatta!
8) Calms a lot always be exactly on home. @It gives that when being the little was will have any effect reason: depth of field. 105mm In f/4 in 20 feet there is ON SOME FEET of depths of field, as if you are has gone by the few thumbs he never @@subject.
9) If you have not comprised any of this calm is not on the dot to use this cradle, upskill calm and read your manual of camera like calm really can take this legislation.

Is the process along and stressful and expect that my help of the tips done this easy and more fast plus for you. Desire Sigma lenses there was home more than confidence out of a factory. I am relieved that it was able to turn the lousy lentil to the useable lentil.
4 / 5
Have a Sigma 35mm Art and a Sigma 50mm Art that initially was acute and something on according to which home. After the year or like this of use, there is remarked that has been missing my focal point, included although a red box in my camera has aimed that it would have to that it has been something on. Both lenses has been front in leader. Like the photographer of creature, this caused to have it cull the a lot of shots like my subjects are leaves small and I shoot with the very superficial depth of field. Prpers Having listened this was the question but could be solved easily with a Sigma Cradle of USB, has purchased finally one. So only partorisca remark, calm also will require the map of calibration of lentil of map. Calm technically could use a map and some adjustments in your camera but ossia much easier. The control was Youtube for video in a process. With which calibration, my lenses is like this new.
4 / 5
This thing is the must has with a series of Art lenses. All three of a some I own has had TERRIBLE house out of a box. His all any front or behind directed like this bad was was the one who my Cannon 5D IV could aforar stops. After updating a firmware with east and some much smaller adjustments (+/- 3), all three lenses is astonishingly acute and my preferred lenses. Skip A Cannon L glass, take a lentil of series of the Art, update a firmware, and take amazing photos.

An only reason gave it so only four stars for easy to the use is been due to like controls for updates each alone time have dipped a lentil on that. When you are going back and it advances to do micro adjustments this are really annoying. No the enormous shot, this in spite of.
4 / 5
This element was required absolutely to correct a front/has retreated to direct @@subject with my Sigma 18-35 f1/8 lentils. I have known always a house 'looked' was, but has not been able to correct a @@subject down purchasing a cradle of USB. It classifies of pricey considering an investment of a lentil he, and a fact that so only possesses 1 compatible Sigma lentil, but 18-35 is my gone-to lentil to the equal that need to be like this acute like possible.

A process of calibration can be quite tedious he aforas all the direct rows of period with variable distances to direct aim, but is a lot of-value an endeavour. It would say that one the majority of tedious part is that it has to that take the photo, image of control, external, then take another repeats process 3-15 times more as what choose aforar.

In general, am happy but wish it done with ALL the Sigma glass.

P.D. This is to require also to update a lentil firmware.
5 / 5
Works of product well, but has spent he of proprietary USB in an end of device. It is not micro-USB, or any of another minor-used mini- and alt-micro-connectors of USB. As you can very so only take micro-USB-to-anything little adapter, has to maintain this concrete boss around to use a cradle. I know, it is an incredibly nitpicky what, but for modern computing, has a lot of devices of USB in our offices. Help to minimise some the different types of bosses and connectors maintain around to maximizas a reuse of our bosses to exist.
4 / 5
A cradle of USB is at all careers of estupefaciente. I have been able to fine dip ready my new Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 lentils to resupply compatible photos and incredibly triple in any inaugural and any distance. A cost of this element, included for just 1 lentils, is a lot of value he.

Do to a quality of a new lentil and some adjustments have been able to do with a cradle of USB, plans on purchasing more Sigma lenses in a future that will do with a cradle. There are rumours of the 24mm f/1.4 Art--I slowly on taking an if him some rumours are true. It has to that well sure it will be it adds.

NOTE: there is remarked the light quirk with my lentil that does not look to apply the others experiences of user... Any adjustment, more or minus, done to a value of the adjustment further can affect has regulated previously values in of the most next rows. Been due to of the this, an adjustment to a value PRIME MINISTER LEFT further, then regulate of there that doing sure another stay of values (which they ). I ask if it is the software quirk, or that a max the value of distance affects what adjustment another need of distances?

Top Customer Reviews: Commlite cm-EF-EOS ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Only I have purchased recently a Cannon M50, and has the plot of EF-s slow of my older cannon 70d, as I have decided to take an adapter. I am very pleased with an action of Commlite for the few reasons:

1) Each edifice of quality of metal of tez utmost!
2) My parameters to plough he of my camera is very responsive
3) AF works perfectly!
4) Some beginnings of tripod without tools.
5) My works of stabilisation of the image with my lenses without subjects.
6) House of records of utmost Continuous Cart when shooting video.
7) Low Prize!
Here is to that the does not like me ....At all. I can not say anything bad quite the! Highly it recommends.
5 / 5
Lenses And apt camera, but something wrong with some electrical components, simply only direct my lentil in and not having prendido a second power in my camera, included if I am not composing the shot/to line a down shutter.

Has UPDATE: A problem is with a M series 'Continual autofocus' can turn which has been. Quan Using a Sr slow, they AF so down/softly returns note until you try to use a lentil of EF. It can turn this parameter has entered a card. ( Also it saves stack) These works of good product after it marks that.
5 / 5
It likes him a lot of of you, spends the considerable time these investigations before I buy an element. I have been rasgado among this adapter and a Cannon or for my new Cannon M6 camera, which has been purchased for the trip of the lifetime. Some descriptions swing me, and has posed he through the bit to try today.

In the first place, a lock-up among an adapter and the the camera is solid, and has no to wobble like the buyers other marks have informed. Solid and barn. Connecting varied of my EF slow, both Cannon and Tamron, everything yields cart of adds fast-house and stable prison. I have taken several pictures of dozen of variable distances, and everything yields results very acceptable.

Some lenses research the most connected bit in an adapter when using automatic to direct and a parameter of automatic camera that in mine 5D Mark II, or using the EF native-Sr the trace of lentil in this camera, but seldom uses automatic in all the case. Further, included although they have looked for, it was the fast house when maintained a camera and barn of lentils. More than acceptable to take the fast picture that simply can not be duplicated.

Can not speak with a durability of long term, but has the tez solid, and was very bundled different very was the compraventa of the mark has done in a past. Has confidence in of the this. Enough that is flying meso-road around a world-wide and taking pictures in the place probably never returns inside my lifetime.

Very done in a manufacturer, and solidly can recommend this for your use. I have paid full prize, and again.
3 / 5
Some functions of adapter appropriately with my M50 and everything of my lentil so far... It excepts Unit His robust and is well has built. It looks to maintain house of cart and stabilisation of enough of good image. A a subject is having is with my Tamron 18-400mm. Because of a field of wide zoom of this lentil, requires the big title to twist of a point of zoom to take thru join several distances of zoom. As such, when twisting and adjusting zoom, some movements of lentils very slightly in some points of contact with an adapter. Quan This raisin, a camera in brief loses his connection with a lentil. Like The result, in brief lose the view and a camera are unable house properly. Also the can not read and adjust other parameters when presses in of the roads of priority.

This particular subject has not spent with my Cannon 60D. This has said, a perhaps more problem that a subject with using this particular type of lentils with mirror-less cameras perhaps???...As I can not say with 100% certainty that an adapter is only in failure?? Even so, his thwarting so that mine 18-400mm is mine the majority of versatile lentil and usually his in a camera a more often.
5 / 5
Taken the today, the unpacked, and has attached he in my new M50 Mirrorless. An access is snug, but any too tight, and an arrival is very well, and goes more weighed this has expected. I tried it it was 5 different lenses, 3 Cannon 10-18mm, 24mm, 18-135mm and my Tamron 16-300mm. They all does well, and also turned of a continual AF, so that it does not interfere with his AF.
I like an adapter, left me to use everything of my lenses and does not attach the plot of weight in a camera. Value int inversion, and the cheapest plot that a version of Cannon, without loss of usability.
5 / 5
For less than half a prize of an adapter of Cannon, this adapter the work adds to adapt my EF-S 55-250mm telephoto slow in my Cannon M50. Autofocus And Stabilisation of Image of the laws of Lentils as it has expected.

A foot of tripod that connects in an adapter is not very sure or barn. I have used he in my tripod so that, left expensive he, a lentil is more weighed that a camera. A foot of tripod wobbles bad, included when ensured so closely so possible. A clearance and the tolerance for a foot of tripod is quite key yes goes to be as this adapter like the only thing that maintains your camera to fall out of yours tripod. This likely small piece necessities for the be better designed for the smallest tolerances and snugger accesses. So that each which looks more flawless, is in a fence as if to take the star because of a foot of poor tripod snugness.

October of update 16, 2018: I have planted the tiny piece of tissue like the wedge in a zone of a foot of tripod in this lentil for cinch a wobblies. These looks has done a trick for now.

Commlite -- Where On is doing the product like this in an adapter with impulse of speed?
5 / 5
Hardly arrive attached he in my M6 and has tried goes with my EF 40mm f 2.8 and EF 70-200 f slow 2.8l. Any problem at all with a autofocus in any one of them. Created the low video with one 40mm and a autofocus has done enough amiably when movement among two subjects near and far. Or the lentil has IS so that it can not comment in this appearance. All the photos and a video have looked for to be acute. I think that that I have seen the description that has said that some images were soft around some verges, but that does not go my experience. Some looks to draw for robust quite be and of good quality. A mountain of the tripod in an adapter is removable (has not been sure was at the same time of compraventa)
would recommend this adapter very highly, especially given a side of difference by side among this adapter and an adapter of Cannon.
3 / 5
I am disappointed in a control/of quality of the creation of this adapter to use lentil of EF in RF Cannon of full highland mark mirrorless.

- Looked advances to use a dish of the tripod but was sensibly was centrical. It sees picture.
- Mountain and take this adapter is not to soften that with version of Cannon. Very wriggling to take it varied and the small more enough the rotate.

Other differences to design:
- Commlite Any time those seals
- the adapter of Cannon has ripples in a wall of inner (minimises reflection?). Commlite Has matted wall of interior.

That is to say the less than ideal alternative. AF/MF/IS all the works well, but eclipsed by some problems.
4 / 5
This adapter is built like the tank and works perfectly in my Cannon M50 with EF slow. I actuate Also the tried he with an EF-S slow, and while the work VAL, a house of cart assembla constantly be looking for a right of focal point. I have tried he in several parameters and turned of a continual autofocus in a M50 organism, but a lentil still constantly tries to adjust house. If manual change of house, some do perfectly. Ironically, An action there has been better is with my older lentil -- a 75-300 mm dulcemente of EF concealed I in the principle purchased by a EOS Rabies SLR (camera of film) quite done 25 years. I used it to shoot the game of football of my daughter, and law like the field. So has the Cannon mirrorless camera, here is my council in around out of your collection of dulcemente -- purchase this adapter and he then buys the bouquet of EF lenses older. You will be able to build enough the collection of train for less than a prize of an EF-M dulcemente. EVEN SO, you are planning do video, an EF-M slow with a STM the engine is very good. They are very clear, softens so butter and almost silent. An only problem is that they are the small 'plasticy' and any one when being any so solidly builds like this adapter of lentils.
5 / 5
Work perfectly, happy does not buy a model by name of the mark for our M3 that cost almost 200. This was the roads adds for us.

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