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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
They are so only the photographer of novice, with the experience has limited that it filter of uses. This be has said, know my way around settings of exposure and quite taken with some technicians specs of my cameras.

Has loved to take some smooth pictures of waterfalls and has seen this variable ND filter with good descriptions. In a page of description of the element, has abundance to look to do compraventa takes a measure of edge of right filter for your camera, which looks quite obvious. This in spite of, do not mention that this ND the filter is bad adapted to wide corner lenses. For reference, has had paired this filter with the Zeiss Touit And 12mm f/2.8 trace in the Sony a6500.

After going back holidays, has @to @give that a lot of shots have taken with a filter is trace has had quite poor light uniformity. There is remarked while taking some photos that rotating has spent the sure point has produced noticeable unevenness, but an effect was less/a lot of noticeable when I have turned a ND down. This in spite of, to verify some images in the monitor of computer, was obvious that a brightness is not uniform.

Has asked a vendor in a @@subject and has copied/pasted his answered down:
'the darkness is the subject common with wide corner lenses and variable ND filters. The physical limit some capacities of variables ND filters in wide corner lenses. When you Enter a flange of a max row,the darkness can look in your image. Reason are by train to use it further his capacity according to some laws of optical physics,which inevitably will cause this phenomenon. It could you try to turn down a terracing until a black dispels ?'

Like this chalk of supposition this until inexperience in my final. Still, they are docking 2 stars because it is not documented anywhere in a page of element that the focal period maintains , which can head to some mislead some buyers. Also, it is not really feasible to say has the light quantity of uneven brightness while taking one shot or previewing in camera. Like this, you can finalise with it stirs it of bad shots that you would not know roughly until turns to the monitor.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Very easy to use, looks material very good. I love a result. Touching with a white balance can take result very better. I have tried with ISO 100 f / 1.8 and 1/125 dry. When A sun does not leave to see anything in a camera, and this left for the dipped totally dark and also in the tone has wished.
5 / 5
Will admit that it was skeptical after reading roughly critical negations in vignetting and shadows and different colour hazing and odd tints, but has imagined for a prize is cost shot it. I really like a filter! Yes, some adjustments are the little delicate, but calm once take used to one feels of him and use he for the moment, is not hard to create good-looking images. I do not have remarked any difference by heart (any odd purple or blues) and there is not remarked the odd has maintained. Everything is exited rich and natural.

Has taken was 1 star because there is remarked that when it shoot to a sun or the light source (which as the photographer of character can be hard to avert), there is the light ghosting - almost the reflection of a filter - this looks in your images. In a first picture has uploaded, has had to modify a ghosting out of a flat water. Using some type of looks of shadow to help, but now ossia a sewing of plus has to that tote with me when I , minus 1 star.

Another that those some subjects, ossia my gone-to filter now to shoot crack them or any water have based scenery. I love it!
5 / 5
Long exposure. At the beginning I used it hardly, now they are the enormous defender . I shopped around and found a perfect tripod (edge of carbon Manfrotto, also adds). When This arrived, has mentioned to my fellow foreseen on taking broken with the slow shutter speed, and has said, 'You gotta ND filter, well?' I have known I have had the travesía until Letchworth come on this weekend. This afternoon I rushed the Amazon, shopped around, and found this product. Perfect measure for my Zeiss 50mm and 35mm!

A lot really take a casualidad the disorder with this ND filter until I have arrived in Letchworth and wow was soufflé was! A crisp coverage to go and a crisp shadow of black mark this such an incredible product. So much value a prize! I am blown has gone by that it does not degrade a quality of my captures my lenses can take.

I amour long exposure now. With my light tripod and my filter, so only can grow.

Has comprised the picture of the bridge covered in Cuyahoga Fences in the National park taken with this filter. It was the eight according to shutter speed.
4 / 5
Laws well until calm he darker. It began it it has launched too much of the shadow in one corners. Some the next time used it, two corners, now there there is almost a X form of darkness by means of a filter/of lentil. Entirely worthless.
Has to that it has tried more when I took it reason now one 30 turn of day the window is on and am stuck with the quite useless lentil.
No shabby!
4 / 5
Amur The law adds. This in spite of! If has the 58mm the edge will require to buy the 62mm lense to to the coverage likes them to them the edge forward is main that a rear edge and a 58mm any one is returned. So only the useful tip when looking to buy this product.
5 / 5
Has taken some photos of long exposure of the waterfalls in some means of an evening and the good-looking results took. They are no professional, but mine, has had any noticeable mussel by heart. I love it, and I go to order one this is to return mine another lentil , also.
5 / 5
He Photo of shoot (or specifically video) alfresco in a sun, NEED the variable ND filter.

For video, is shooting 30 FPS, need to maintain your shutter speed in 1/60 (because of a 180 principle) for natural blur and smoothness. If it love the good blurry deep in f/2.8, included in ISO 100, has the casualidad adds your image will be horribly exposed. Your only options are to augment a shutter speed (and has involved a natural look with distracting 'choppiness') or crank until f/16, which flatten your image and take touched of of this blurry the fund has loved!

Comes a variable ND filter. When Applied, like this variable sunglasses, leaves that spends light by means of, class of as an intimidating bouncer in the club at night. So only twist a coverage in a filter and calm can achieve your shot perfectly!

With this concrete filter, two small things bummed was:
1. A coverage does not have real stops, so only continuous rotation as I can very really maintain clue of a concrete quantity of light is leaving in.
2. When A filter is in mine Tamron 28-75 2.8 lentils, can not dip one covers of lentil in a same time. No the breaker to treat, but that annoying when it loves quickly take the picture or pushes some video.

But for a prize, is hard to contest this is not the compraventa adds.
5 / 5
A ND the filter has done well for a prime minister little time used it but then randomly has begun to move oddly when it turns it his darker. In a photo to the equal that can see is not doing properly and still leaves some brilliant corners. I am disturbed that this would spend left so only like this punctual.
5 / 5
Is looking To until 3 or 4 continuous fader the stops could exit. There are several subjects. One, a fader coverage of the adjustment does not correspond to min - max markings like this always is trying finds a max light place and then dialing down. This depends also that closely a lentil is screwed on. As, for big ND settings, will be highly a lot-linear (i.et. A lot tight and no repeatable) with severe vignetting. Any value excepts some fast work and has the spatial @@subject that spends multiple fixed filters. So only it would take a ND3, ND6 and ND10 and be fact with him.

Top Customer Reviews: K&F Concept ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5
Although it is announced, there is remarked a X form in a dipping a dark plus, ND32. But on boxing ND16 a X form is not there and is perfectly usable. Still it would say that included in ND32 is usable partorisca some settings where a X would not affect an image a lot like this is not TOO bad. A photo has attached was in fact in ND32, but a X form is not really noticeable.
5 / 5
This description is partorisca 82mm measured. The the simple experience partorisca try this filter. In the brilliant of sunny day with clear blue heaven, lentil of mine focused to infinity and has maintained an exposure in inaugural priority in f2.8, it has taken shutter speed 1/@@@4000s without a filter. It has then attached a filter in minimum setting (ND2), a shutter the speed has reduced to 1/1250 vs has expected 1/2000, this in spite of in ND32, a shutter the speed was 1/250 vs has expected 1/125. Here it is a complete data .
1. Inaugural constant in f2.8, Infinity to house
-Without filter (ND0) ->shutter 1/4000
- Min ND2 ->shutter 1/1250
- ND4 ->shutter 1/1250 ( any transmission with ND2)
- ND8 ->shutter 1/800 ( expected 1/500)
-ND16 ->shutter 1/500( Expected 1/250)
-ND32 ->shutter 1/250 ( Expected 1/125)
has repeated my experience with inaugural in f22 and a result is compatible with f2.8. Also tried in shutter priority and the alike result taken. There is not any transmission among ND2 and ND4, while a max is ND16 vs has alleged ND32. I am not sure it has taken the bad copy but are by train for the send behind .
4 / 5
Heavy vignetting in an upper sinister corner that begins immediately after turning the notch. 2 stops Before MAX, heavy dark cross. Returning.
Has has attached images of Min to Max for 1 any increment.
Lentil: Sigma 16mm f/1.4. The same results partorisca Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 in 28mm.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Ossia The option adds for external shoot quell'be photo or video. You can easily so only twist a filter to change a quantity of light in disposal to a lentil and is much easier that that it has to maintain changing out of the by force different filters or using the 4x4' piece to filter like this he Cokin filter. Be any vignetting or 'X' normalised that pode in other models. Ossia Very easy to use, included for a beginner and is the thing adds to have when you want to travel lighter and slowly on shooting external.
4 / 5
I amour this filter adds for video & of Photo.
But in 10mm in mine 80D Collected the sensor launches the shadow on.
I zoom in the bit likes 14mm goes era.

ANY X, Any mould by heart. The filter adds... As it has Announced. And Utmost Build...
4 / 5
I shoot with a Fujifillm X-T3 the one who arguably is a camera of better video under $ 3000. It has been missing this in spite of of a variable ND filters that would find you to it built in the camera of video more professional. I have required some more the motion blurs and go down my exposure when shooting video and this he astonishingly without any noticeable loss of details and colours. For a prize ossia the very lovely tool in my arsenal. A quality of build is really well with an all the construction of metal. A coverage is smooth and leaves for the transmission of good variable exposure. Really it undermines this ND filter it and I think any one would have to that take the look is of some products of image is quite cleaned.
4 / 5
Saint smokes! This thing is the fraction of a prize and the better way that a SLR 82mm and Singh-Ray 82mm variable Nd the filter has purchased. Seriously the has not thought the $ 60 battery of filter out of the $ 400 Singh-Ray. I am using this in the Sony A7riii with the 24-70 2.8 Master G and has any sprain by heart. There is the very a lot very light viñeta in a prime minister 2-3 mm of each corner but ossia far less than Singh-Ray and SLR. The more there is any X.
5 / 5
Has been looking around for the variable ND filter it concealed there is not concealed 'X' the model sees mentioned in the plot of some descriptions. Like this far I have not seen he with this filter. It feels a lot of fact, some turns of coverage smoothly, and like this far one darkening uniform of looks and same. In general I am very happy with him and will continue to take more pictures with him to see like work.
5 / 5
Ossia Has to that has element in your stock exchange of cameras and for the fraction of a side other frames of Variables ND filters.

So many has tried far he with several lenses and 3 different cameras that use a lot down coverages in basses and light brilliants mid light of day of a decrease ND2 all a way until DN32 and like this far has not seen any X has normalised. A subject enormous with a lot of the variables ND filter, included with a really expensive some.

The mould by heart is insignificant also, but like ALL THE END ALL go down ND the filters there will be the mould by heart, same hell the $ 500 one will have some class of mussel by heart, again in the fraction of a cost to have the hardly noticeable mussel by heart, or at least a concealed can not be easily corrected in LR

A subject real only with east is is using a filter with a measure of same edge like your lentil a vignetting is the little bad in both extremes, unless you zoom in with your lentil. AS I have bought a 77mm one for my old Cannon 24-105 this has the 77mm the edge in the camera framed full, and in some extremes of a ND filter and when lentil of mine is is the focal period wider a viñeta is a bit a subject, again the viñeta is even more easy to do with those some dreads X has normalised.

Now adays am shooting with Sony mirrorless and each lentil I shoot with in my camera framed full is less than 77mm threading and a vignetting is no longer a subject in any row of a filter and in any focal period of a lentil and I have been shooting a dang what A lot with my Sony.

Camera of sensor of the harvest would not owe that have a vignetting subject with this filter.

On is some of some photos have taken with a filter that comprises my Cannon 5D serious and my Sony A7R serious. Some premiers 3 is of my Cannon and some seconds 3 is my Sony
5 / 5
the look well seats well. It loves it love to good sure feels likes him the quality. First of all his no quite dark for me (has not taken was or the resist against a filter) today was in a zone of forest shaded so only require the little nd filter. This would have been a lot has said some fresh shots with him , the house taken pulled them up in a book of note.... Entirely unusable the shots was near a dark setting in this filter creates yes calm the lightest maintenances yours well . But to arrive to this point so only buys the nonverible nd the filter probably takes 3 for a prize of east a. I also he gel economic nd the filter and the better square way took then this one.

Top Customer Reviews: Freewell Standard ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
4 / 5
I have bought so only these ND filters and couldnt be any happier! An access could be the tad the little tighter in a the DJI FPV Dron but a cinemactic the images take with these ND the filters are GLORIOUS! The service of client are partorisca add and responsive! In general I am very happy with cost of mine!
4 / 5
These utmost like this far doing all my look of video in signals
5 / 5
Very easy to use and resupplies such quality adds when looking partorisca add this motion blurs effect in yours FPV video!
5 / 5
I filters are exactly that has required. It helps paste a legislation shutter speed partorisca take video really cinematic.
5 / 5
Tries is partorisca adopt it! Calm his filters ND is necessary Games partorisca have give réglages homogènes and like this obtain a flou of movement. It is that it looks for in FPV, the diving and the feeling of speed. No longer investigations, no longer doubts ossia his filters of those who have needs! 👌🏾
5 / 5
Adapted perfectly to mine DJI FPV
has had fear that was Games too many weighed the nacelle or games too many glorious partorisca annoy the corner of the camera but of the reception has been able to do gives test and are the satisfied truth.
The commission arrived first of that planned

Top Customer Reviews: Tiffen 52VND 52mm ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
I have debated for the moment before I have purchased finally this Variable ND filter. I knew it it was of entity, but was always able to take for without using a for one the majority partorisca separate unless it has shot in full day without coverage of cloud. After doing this compraventa, has not been as I have gone like this long without east.

Has the few things partorisca know when purchasing a ND filter. In the first place, masters a Tiffen Variable ND. There is the little more economic (to the equal that in $ 15ish), but is extremely bad facts and will give the mould has lived dark on some images when a ND is looked. Also, Variable more economic ND is does not like zoom lenses, as it prepares partorisca bad colours when zooming in. I have experienced any of these subjects with a Tiffen.

Has another, much more Variable type ND for Hoya, which in my opinion is not partorisca value of the money at all. Dave Dougdale The very comprehensible description to good sure would have to that verify compared multiple ND is, and has preferred a look of a Tiffen in a Hoya which is two expensive times .

Ossia So only personal preference, but when buying and ND, or any filter partorisca this subject, spent a 82mm edge unless absolutely I do not want to partorisca some odd reason. A reason partorisca east is that has the multiple step down rigs that leaves partorisca change an edge of filter. For example, I have purchased a 82mm edge, and has purchased the 82-77mm Spends Down, 82-67mm Spends Down, and 82-58mm Spends Down coverage. Now, in planting to buy the new ND filter partorisca all of the mine lenses and spending hundreds of extra dollars, can buy the three adapter of dollar. Yes, will have the a lot of main filter in an end of your camera and he will look uncomfortable, but calm also will have hundreds more in your pocket how is everything well.

In the term the technical plus, was able to maintain 1/50 shutter in 24fps and f/4.0 with my A7s in the remotely sunny day with a ND dips quite big. I have had to locate to the f/6.3 once, but without a NDI has had to shoot in a f/22 and was still +2 stops on exposure, so that so only goes to aim you what row this ND give you.

If it do not plan never on shooting out of doors and maintaining your shutter corner in 180 terracings without dipping you the absurdly big start, need this. There is no another way of the place.
4 / 5
Have the Nikon D7200, and am leaving for Islanda the few days, and after looking the a lot of video have think that the filter of neutral density could be the good thing to have that takes photo of waterfalls and ocean. It looked a filter of the variable density would be the good committed as they are not the professional, probably so only use it the little time the year, and has not loved to invest the plot of money in the system of filter. I have had big consideration for a Tiffen name, and after reading a lot of some descriptions, has think that would take it casualidad in a Tiffen 82mm VND filter.

Of then has not used never a before I have taken my camera and the tripod was to eat yesterday and has taken some pictures of the next lake to practise (any one the quite a lot of setting, but has loved so only take used to a filter). It has dipped a shutter speed to 5 seconds, and has taken a picture in the each one of some frames to dip. In a max well, has seen some questions that other descriptions had remarked, but has imagined so only does not use a max setting. I have gone back to my office and uploaded some pictures to my computer to look in them. Some first four photos are unusable because of dark zones in diverse something in some photos. Have @@give Then that has had frames in the each photo. ( You look to the long of a calm tree line you can see several frames, especially in a tree a far plus to a legislation.)

Has in the first place verified my lentil of the wide corner but this was a lot. I have then resisted a Tiffen until the light and there is @@give a scuff the frames were in a lentil and could not be cleaned was. He then dawned in m that is to be sell the lentil used like new. Of then I am leaving for my travesía in two days, does not have time to order another, and frankly does not trust that it would take the new lentil in all the chance. How it is he is returned. That the disappointment. Prenderé In the tent of local camera today in lunch and see the one who bondadoso of filters have in stocks.

(In packing a filter behind in a Tiffen box last night, there is remarked the piece of paper that has declared that Tiffen has had to filter it to me pouch and to go to his web of place, registers a lentil and they would send me the pouch. This has reinforced further my opinion that is to be sell the lentil used like new.
4 / 5
Versatile but has finalised to return to try was some filters squared instead.

Pros: You can direct with him place to the setting to stop lower, and then crank he up. If you have used the fixed stop filters can a lot of this, would have to take Of some filters because it is hard for a camera to direct with too much filtering on.

Gilipollas: Vignetting/X-ing in stopping levels too many big. Difficult to use in combination with the consecrated circulates to polarise (of these uses two has polarised lenses in opposition to create a variability).

Tips: the key of use retreated in leader! It dips a filter to minimum, then direct a scene ( can configure yours camera to use the separate key that a shutter to direct). Then dipped a filter to stop wished, now dipped an exposure. My camera looked to do so only well with automatic exposure metering with the plot to filter on (so only very automatic that directs). Now take yours has has shot! (Of the tripod with the far shutter emission, or with the delay of timer of course).
4 / 5

has taken this ND filter so that it could control a shutter speed when shooting video of music and another video but is not usable for any one. Sure it controls a shutter to to the speed likes to have that but read on if you do not want to do a deception still that has done.


Likes anything this filter is not all bad. It feels big quality , is very easy to the dial in an exposure requires for the data shutter corner, and he edges in a lenses perfectly. Have Tiffen Fixed ND the filters and is utmost.


Mould of 1 Colours: This filter dips the serious green/blueish the launches by heart on everything of some images. Ossia Easy to correct for photograph, but for the video is almost impossible. A mould by heart is very difficult to see which is reason I has shot a video of the whole music and any one there is @@give the to him until I have been to note to paint some images. I have applied you grieve my Rec709 READ some colours have been haywire. I have finalised skipping rec709 correction entirely and has had to create the note to paint fact to commission manually.

2-Viñeta: it has attached the picture that objective an uneven viñeta that these causes of filter. In an upper sinister corner begins to affect an image when it is dialed in less than 60. Ossia Way before some X starts of model to look and once again was too faint for me for the take on a monitor during a filming.

3-Hard Stops: I have clashed a filter the little time accidentally and was very easy to on or down expose if I have not been careful the dial he behind in first to film. The hard stops would fix this, especially has to that notarise of transmission or need to match ND force of filter among multiple cameras.


I remorse that takes this filter and are now in a phase for the best a. I can go to fijamente ND filters but dialing in an exposure is like this convenient, any to mention every second past fiddling with the train is time has lost to film on place. Perhaps so only it has taken one with the questions but I can not risk another shoot of video with the filter that has these a lot of questions. The active rathered so only use a shutter speed to control an exposure that to have the mould or viñeta in my images.
5 / 5
Ossia The marginally useful product . Calm can regulate the one who light left in. This in spite of, has the usable row very small, a width more a corner a worse. Very first to achieve a max the setting takes machineries quite significant . It would see the enormous X by means of an image, heavy vignetting, etc.. A semi-detached picture (just fast test) was 2/3 of a way among min and max. As you can see some machineries have presented is very heavy and was very apparent still mid-way among min and max. Shot in X-T30 (sensor of harvest) with the XC 15-45mm. I made a mistake to buy two of these and a an I follows to use in my full frame Nikon Z6 is not very better. These only looks the defective technology. So only take the besides economic pair rule fixed ND filters. To arrive to this point although it could so only so only have a ND the filters enough would do around that it had squandered of the money in the variable. Too bad I am spent a period of turn, is that I that takes for not trying sooner.
4 / 5
The photographs have interested hobbyist here. Ossia An only variable ND the filter has used, as it can not say is a better there. But I left to good sure to take shots a lot well of long exposure. It likes that it is of ray on and variable, which looks to the easiest plot to setup that some rectangular pieces of glass and mountain. I have been with a big plus 77mm leaving me to so only take adapters to return diameter of the smallest edge lenses.

Notes of the pair because it has given 4/5 stars:

1) When have in the first place received a filter, was very difficult for me to change/turn a ND setting. It looked like this the be be stick, has thought has had the bad filter. But with which has taken loosened on, turns smoothly now.
2) the desire has prevented to turn spent a ND min/max. I turned it sometimes it has spent a max and the fear could break it.
3) Any sure he is lentil of mine or a filter, but has begun so only use the in the Nikon 12-24mm f/4 DX lentils and am taking to plot to darken in a max ND setting. So much, it has to go a down. He perfectly in a box DX lentil 18-55mm and he DX 35mm f/1.8 (with adapter of edge) Then , perhaps is that you read in some new lenses am using (that has one same 77mm measured of to the edge likes him the filter).
5 / 5
Sony S-LOG3 The video can be shot in midday while using the width opening with this filter. S-LOG3 MINIMUM ISO is 800, as shooting during a day usually requires the fast shutter and tight opening. With this filter dialed down to the his dipping his dark plus, can maintain 1/50 according to shutter and around f2-2.8 opening. This all a difference in quality of video. And a prize is roughly like this down to the equal that will find for the filter of quality. Slightly warm colour rendition. Vignetting Can arrive according to your lentil, but has shot with the 17mm lentil (Super35 collects) and has found any subject. Fact in EUA!
5 / 5
This filter uses two polarisers circulate to achieve the variable ND effect, and in a 2 to 4 row of stop, is quite good. It calms that can leave on your lentil in a minimum setting to direct, then take it down for your real has shot. I have found that when I have been to any diverse some extreme plus (4-8 stops) for shots of long exposure, would take this odd X-shaped normalised of darkness by means of a frame, which there is ruined my exposures. This was really so only apparent during extremely of long exposures, although (15 second or more utmost), as he no this useless filter. This be has said, is the good election for any the one who does not have another class of ND filter and wants to begin that it learns like this to use them.
4 / 5
Has ordered and has received this filter and has been to shoot with mine Nikon D750. This variable filter is exceptional! Down, I posted some photos have shot with him of the waterfall. Has the a lot of sturdy to build and was able to create to 20 second exposures during a daytime in Hawaii with perfect clarity! Highly it recommends this filter and does not hear to some negative critiques, so only like a community of the wine there is the sure level of snobbery in the photograph Ignores an arrogance and enjoy this exceptional bang for your buck filter!!!
5 / 5
Are seeds-pro photographer and do fashion senior/familiarised photo. Have Always mine of prompt schedule external shoots in a morning or later in an evening, reason then can use mine 1 or 2 speedlights to take a light to love in some subjects. Has Has the situations where have has had to that do the session during the brilliant daylight and I have had subjects of light control.

Recently, has answered classifies it on mixing strobes with brilliant sun to use ND filters. A monitor there has been the $ 400 VARIED-ND filter. I have had it reputed mark ND2-ND400 Several ND filters that took it here. When I have attached that to mine 85/1.8, could not achieve acute house at all! This is to spend at all of the levels of stops. I have had to use it Hoya 58mm 3X filter, which has limited my creativity as it could not open on an inaugural likes width to the equal that have loved.

Has bought this Tiffen filter with any trepidation. It uses this in mine 50mm/1.4 & 85mm/1.8 jointly with the together of Fotodiox a lot down coverages. I have done 4 shoots with this filter, mine AB800 in the Fotodiox 18' BD and is has impressed further! A house is tack acute and have any subjects of mussel of the colour. Utilisation the digital aim and/or Expodisk 2.0 to dip fact to commission WB. Now I can take a creamy, dreamy Bokeh, and have a @subject @ has lit properly!

Says that in Several-ND filters, take which pays stops. It has not been that the $ 400 filter , but like this far, so that I , this filter returns a bill.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 39 ratings
4 / 5
I have had this VND partorisca the small to the long of the month now and can say that it is the very useful bit of boxes partorisca have in a stock exchange.

Natural light shooters will appreciate partorisca be able to cut down light to shoot in of the widest start, and strobists will like that more a capacity to take down environmental light partorisca match strobe lighting without that has to that go the HSS.

Has not tried he with video, like this mainly attack stills, but partorisca a film shooter in a gone, this would be very useful.

I looks of quality partorisca be there, sound the filter of metal, and some elements of look of the glass well has built. It was able to count hairs in of the bosses, like an effect in the cameras that solves the looks of power to be little to any, which is well. Autofocus In a a9 and one 70-200 GM looked partorisca be a lot of

comes with the little plastic case, which return amiably to a stock exchange without taking on too spatial.

An adjustment of a filter is obviously easier without a hood of lentil, included although one 70-200 GM has the built in accessing to regulate VND

I the fast backyard test with my edges partorisca illustrate a versatility of exposure of VND and in fact resupplies 9 stops of adjustment of exposure. Owing the flexibility is useful partorisca a lot of ways and of the different types of video and photograph. I have resupplied the composited the image that objective some 10 frames have shot.

Has comprised also an image where has used a filter partorisca leave me partorisca retard down a shutter, and turn a water circling around the boat to something with the dreamy plus, or painterly effect.

A last shot is using a reflective blue maintained in an element partorisca filter to reflect some clouds in an image of a boot partorisca create the look of double exposure, a VND left to so only cut some of some light this in spite of creates the reflection, opposed partorisca use the mobile phone, or the mirror that is totally opaque. Partorisca Do is, has taken them a VND of a lentil and angled the forward with my hand until it has taken a composition has wanted them.

Few tips partorisca the new people partorisca use filters or VND is, any on presionar a filter to a lentil. These things am done partorisca be lowprofile and has a lot of edges, as it goes easy. There is the tick frames in a no-rotating part of a VND. Mark sure rule a rotating frames in a filter of a place of a no-rotating tick mark. There is not any click, or hard stops, so only the fluent movement, as it maintains an eye in yours adjustments if yours moving around the plot. Lighting the conditions can change. Finally, calm would not owe that be using this indoors, unless you are trying the hss lights or purposefully the yard that lights. VND Is all the classes typically do not have the neutral setting, as they always are that they have cut down some quantity of light. Typically, indoors wants to be gathering to the so much light like them the one of yours can. Like this when you come indoors, pop a filter behind in a stock exchange.

In general, would recommend this VND filter. There is much bigger priced VNDs there, but yes is here, then yours probably not looking in 200+ VNDs in a phase. Ossia The good filter and will take you utmost results, more than the blue maintained in an element of glass looks really fresh.

Has there is enjoyed really shoot with a VND, to the hope likes-you yours
5 / 5
has wanted to take clouds during a day and has required the dark ND filter. I have imagined this would be mine an and the option done in planting to pack in stirs it whole of filters. The first image, is exited terribly like this seen in an image has comprised. It would not purchase . And it will be returned promptly.
5 / 5
Well, A ND the simply done filter his work. I give the plot more control in a 16mm f/1.4 lentils of Sigma, which is an excellent piece of glass. Of then it is the fast corner , wide lentil, can have defy which are has treated easily use a ND filter. I have read a commentary of the reviewer this has mentioned one dark 'x mark ' by means of his image. I have had to that see it could retorted he with east. I cranked a past of way of the filter that has dipped usually he partorisca, and was able to see a x also. Orderly. It is fixed easily this in spite of. So only any 'crank' a ND filters further that it is necessary. I owe that it feels that more all of them will exhibit a same characteristic, how is so only the subject of procedure of operator to see that it does not spend . Honradamente, had it that there is not it remarked never, simply reason was that it dips that the has not been never request, quotes any of some conditions to light shot in. I can go to manual settings in my camera, and take the blacked was image, presses some settings to 'deep space', but reason I? Otherwise, An acuteness of aims of the filter of good flange, and any detectable sprain, but are not terribly picky. Taking rid of the like the questions could have had with the big speed, lentil of wide corner, which is that it has bought partorisca. Nizza ND Filter, and would buy it again.
4 / 5
Is the useful filter , extracted well.
I posted the leading description on two other measures. To good sure would recommend this.
Commentaries that in a description and in a lot of of some negative critiques there is the reference to sprain/'x' form' in some photos when these filters is dialed until maxima. Now that knows, calm easily can avert this. Any dial he until maximum, where this machinery is visible.
Am using this for the variety of landscape of photo, portraits, etc. Active has used also this same mark for video in another lentil and of the utmost results took.
5 / 5
The images taken with this filter was extremely soft and blurry. An image of screen has been taken on the tripod with an appropriately big shutter (1/800) to delete movement and vibration. A lizard was handeld with the 1/400 shutter using the 5DM4 & Sigma 70-200 f2.8 lentil of sport with you on. Some colours of image were a lot. I assume it has taken the defective filter . I have had another K&F variable ND and ND1000 filters without a blue discharge and has offered normal has expected results.
5 / 5
Can not give the positive critique there is wanted and there is wanted really.
A quality of build is sum. A coverage operates smoothly and a glass is fat. This in spite of, like a ND filter, this element is no good. Horrible viñetas by means of all my lenses of 17-28 Tamron to Sony 85mm. I have bought a main measure (82mm) to struggle a viñeta subject, but alas is not exited. Also, a ND the filter has left the blue mould in a sinister side of my images (sees pictures). Anything past 1 stop of the light reduction spent in this blue maintained and viñetas. Sad returning it.
5 / 5
Ossia A prime minister K&F produced has purchased that I have not gone perfectly happy with. Has a lot of UV, CPL, and normal ND filters of K&F in the variety of measures. Ossia A prime minister ND filter it variable has bought they, and so only does not like me . A construction is solid, and in general sound until a K&F the quality of build have come to love. But there are some concrete things in this filter I so only can not accept.

Has the a lot of pronounced X in a maximum and (oddly) some minimum stops. IMO, So only a half 5 stops do well enough, although they are not exactly perfect. Subject meeting of action of odd camera in of the situations of video, as with AF, ISO of car, etc., With sure ND stops (the interiors 3 of one 5 is generally like this-as). I do not see this class of subjects without-variable ND filters. There is basically at all to bite in a front of this filter, and can not attach to discharges he of lentil like can with each so only another filter has has not possessed never.

K&F, loves all have purchased more than calm in a past. Dozens and dozens of elements now. But they are fearful this one east the fail, and will be to go back. It has limited also the row for stills and especially video. You are better of just taking a ND64 or ND128 (or whichever is your value to stop favourite) and not annoying with east.
4 / 5
Had researched some qualities and qualified of a ND filter. To That that did not like me was that each one which as 'of level' of ND the effect was to separate lentil and to buy the row of them would cost money and add bulk yours stock exchange of camera. When I have found this variable ND filter, in the reasonable prize, ordered it. It likes that, with some lentils, can change of a density quickly for the simple rotation of a lentil. Where Like this, if I have had the together of ND filters, would have to guess quell'effect there is wanted, selects to lentil of a together, scrapes he on and hopefully not losing the mine has shot. True, for the tripod dips up and all a time in a world, could try different lenses and compose your shot but the majority of my work is fauna and flora and in-the-the moment has shot. An addition adds my stock exchange of camera.
5 / 5
Has taken this filter this morning and is immediately state impressed with a quality of build. I took it external to try the few shots with strobes and he fantastic! They are very happy with this compraventa - and with quality ND the filters that the double career, offered, or sometimes WAY more than of the this, for $ 39 is for the fly.
There is not remarked any moulds of the colour or some have dreaded X-model that hears economic filters, so that wonderful!
Very done, abordable, and photo of quality - which more could any one asks of the filter? Recommended for beginners or pros.
TIP: Buy a measure for a big plus sized to the lentil possesses, and buy the together of any-down calm coverages so that it can use it on ALL Yours another lenses, more than requiring to buy the different filter for each lentil.
4 / 5
He Spends for to direct a markings can take you a dreaded X, but yes calm rests you in some limits this work to filter perfectly.
Using two has polarised filters to take a ND while any one some same likes some ND filtering is quite near for my purposes. If you look closely in light reflection will remark that it changes with a rotation of a filter where the true ND filters no east.
Still buys this again how is easier that spend a filter that an a lot of has required to for real have control in your light with ND Filters.
I prizes adds also, was a lot of abordable.

Top Customer Reviews: Urth x Gobe 37mm ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 41 ratings
4 / 5
A quality of this filter is glorious! Has the build of quality and feel in your hand. An element of glass looks big note and has the hard stop in the each final of a variable ND concealed does not leave a lentil maintains rotating the past is limit of ND. I go partorisca buy more!
4 / 5
Has purchased two of these Urth ND filters, one in a 52mm edge and another in the 58mm edge. Utilisation both in mine Sony ZV-1 with a regular lentil and a big plus of a two when using a Ulanzi WL-1 lentil of wide corner. Well marking in a filter partorisca aim where is in in a ND row, hard stops and both ends, and minimum (if any) mould by heart. I have seen any of a dreaded 'X' models of polarisation of cross anywhere during a ND row. Ossia The escabaña on and take my money' produced. Spent with confidence.
5 / 5
Ossia My third order of Gobe and will continue to use his for filters. Ossia My second Var ND filter a prime minister was partorisca my DSLR and this a partorisca my GoPro setup. Both have come container well with cleaning the cloths owe that way that has treated announced, any colour launched in my pictures or video.
5 / 5
Ossia The fine product that reads fantastically. Unfortunately, it does not like the drop-in filter partorisca my Nikkor 300mm 2.8 lentils, but is superbly engineered and a coating is perfect.
5 / 5
Any bad! Gotta Said am impressed. To good sure maintain those in shots of control of low exposure. Especially when you want to brotáis in the drop F stop.
Has attached is some shots have taken during the hike in a Mohave empty and yes a sun was brilliant real ! These are estaca modifies but no of possible summer without these filters. Fujifilm X-S10
5 / 5
produces Very amazing,Ossia the fine product that reads fantastically. Unfortunately, it does not like the drop-in filter partorisca my Nikkor 300mm 2.8 lentils, but is superbly engineered and a coating is perfect.
4 / 5
Has taken one 58 mm partorisca my Cannon 6D. It returns snug and the look adds. Ossia My first filter and wants to me more. I love an ease to change a quantity to filter so only for the fast turn of a filter he. There is remarked immediately to the equal that has helped to minimise intense light glares and spent out of deep shadows. A chance the tent is simple and protective. Produced in general adds- the More has helped plant 5 trees to the long of a way so that it is awesome.
5 / 5
Does well. Very comparable to mine freewell and polar pro VND filters. I use it on my Nikon cameras to film so that it does not have to that take down my inaugural. It maintains to import when using this with a SLR or DSLR, to good sure will do a viewfinder darker so that open on a filter while directing then the take down before you take your photo. I have not experienced any polarisation of the cross but I so only he prenden down 2-4 stops in a plus.
5 / 5
This returns a Bill perfectly, the looks to build to be big quality. Has has had so only this of Navidad. It would buy again.
4 / 5
Returns my m50 49mm lentil of perfect camera and perfect work. Any X and quality very big.

Top Customer Reviews: K&F Concept ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 45 ratings
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I have been experimenting with filters recently partorisca try to improve my control of some qualities of my video and images. A question I frequently finds partorisca shoot alfresco is that I choose a speed of ISO partorisca the situation partorisca light, and are that it has to that readjust this ISO partorisca change that it lights. This filter cleverly layers two polarising filters in an another in the alone mountain, and leaves a front one the rotate. Of then polarising the filters so only leave light of a direction partorisca go through half of, turning an external filter has an effect partorisca darken an image, of a two that polarises the filters are taking further and further out of alignment, to a point that is 90 terracings was, and calm no light raisin at all. As it can be seen in a inset scene of a video, an image can be regulated of quite light the absolute darkness with the turn of a filter. His the very effective and simple way to control lighting levels out of doors without futzing with an electronics or settings, and his gains for both closings and photograph of video.
4 / 5
Used it once and I paired he with to 10 stop ND filter with east and was able to dip my camera dipped in 30 seconds, f11 and ISO 50 in a half of a day but with a 10 stop so only could takes to 10 seconds, f11, ISO 50. I have been surprised to see that when it has taken home to modify some photos there was no noticeable loss in acuteness with both ND filters on and this when being the variable ND the filter is known notoriously to be less acute of the constant ND filter. I can not expect try this is gone in the waterfall but when being that it is been in San Diego now included will have to that expect for the try was but to the long of a cost prefers a 10 stop ND filter and when being able to tug that shutter longer. A front of this variable ND the filter is quite big like your hood of lentil any one is returned on there which can be a subject with claves of unwanted lentil but a K&F 10 stop ND the filter has used with east is able to locate a hood of lentil still. I have received this free filter to touch to try it was as you take my description with the grain of rooms but choose take this I highly recommends to take to 10 stop also reason will be limited to 2-3 according to shutter the speeds with these suns is dipping darker in some means of a day where a sun is brilliant likes is here in California Of the sud. I have forgotten to mention that there is notch in a side and say you one minimum - maximum darkness and each stop among so that it does not have any work of the supposition involved but taste a fact that was able to dip my settings have loved and so only rotated an advance of element until my camera read that was to expose properly.
4 / 5
A K&F the filter of Variable of Neutral Density is the a lot handy addition for your stock exchange of camera. It is a lot of packaged in the plastic chance that has to that flap that snaps closed. There is little casualidad of this chance that opens accidentally. Inside a chance a lentil is resisted down in the dense foam inlay. A 62mm ND the lentil goes of ND8 the ND2000. There is 16 markings in a lentil of minimum to maximum. These am not aforados to cements ND settings, instead calms simply rotate a lentil until you achieve an exposure has wished. Work a lot like the circulate polarising filter. Some serious pictures on shows a picture of reference without filter and then each one another setting in a ND filter of Min Max. A lentil is solid and feels well has done. If it love experience with using ND filters without spending a lot of hundreds of dollars in the together of ND filters a K&F the filter is the point of good start . Value of the money.
4 / 5
Has taken a variable filter to the equal that could 1. It takes pictures alfresco in brilliant light without messing with my f-stop. 2. It does not have to that have several filters with me.

Is variable to the equal that can adapt for any one external spear in me.
Is economic compared to another
take the plot of stops to choose of
Could be able to use a max setting for portraits of solar eclipse.

Does not have any hard stops or clicks when yours changing of one dipping to another.
The stops are denoted for Min, then boxes, then Max in an end but you can maintain go Max further or before Min to basically do to 360 rotation
Some vignetting in max (sees picture of alone).
Joined several stops are remarked so only for boxes more than numbers.
HAS the chance to spend, but enough would have the pouch or something more.

Basically all a gilipollas is ways this thing could be improved In the first place would like me see some the hard stops masses in in min and max, and then noticeable feedbacks when you go to take to take. I take a smooth in slippery COULD be used during filming or continual shots, but the doubt concealed.

Finally, this filter do fault until I can resupply the main end a.
4 / 5
Felt brave and has gone of a street beaten the little with a K&F mark of Concept. They are the big defender to save money in of the zones to photograph a lot necessarily need pro instruments of level (as compared my crew of portrait that is the main quality). I assume and hope for a company that has received the bad copy of this ND filter. Like this calm probably know, calm can not turn variable ND filters too many far reasons can create a subject where the lived/black x looks in an image. A question with this product is the extreme x looks in light reduction 9 stops or on. Included when I have tried he in 8 reduction of the stops there was the severe horizontal line where a colour changed in a half of a picture.

These questions were painfully obvious in my cameras LCD screen, not even something picky or there is detailed that has seen in Photoshop later on. So much, perhaps using this in 7 stops of light reduction or less would be well, but alleges to locate to 11. Ossia He 128 ND the factor likes compared to an announced 2000. I am returning this and planning on taking fixed filters of light reduction.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. His quality adds dynamic row all in a ND filter, perfects returned in Nikon D750. It adds the value adds in Natural Photograph to add dramatic effects by means of controlling light intensity of low the main or main the low row with just a filter be installed in a lentil.
5 / 5
Has bought this and a Kodak 52mm ND filter for my Moondog Laboratories Anamorphic Lentil and shot in mine iPhone 12 Pro Max. I thought that it that it could save $ 14 to solve for an economic more Kodak ND the filter but a quality of the image could not compete with a K&F a. Compared to a K&F Filter, a Kodak has the mould the green plus, washed out of colours, is not uniform, and X-the earliest models A lot of that a K&F Concept like a Kodak is not some ND2000. I am exited the brilliant day and with a Kodak the filter could very included to take some signals underlined to be salvos first of severe X-the model has begun to look. There is shut shutter to 1/48 and ISO to like this down like this possible. A K&F filters also X-models the better plot also. When A K&F the starts that objective a X-normalised, in fact looks the good vignetting reason is like this smooth. A Kodak the filter looks too hard like the hard X. Any flange feathering (has not been if this note). It has not been that for the explain but can buy both and see for calm. A X is really wide and soften in a K&F and is included last to say is X-patterning when you begin to achieve is limit . Another thing there is remarked is that a Kodak the filter does not darken a whole frame. Some legislations and the sinister flanges are more brilliant that a centre while a K&F is uniform. I loved really like a Kodak to the equal that among better packaging, but a filter so only no extracted well. I LOVE an aluminium that bands Kodak used for his filter, but a K&F Concept ND the filter is a WINNING CLARO .
4 / 5
Ossia Perfects takes photo during sun of summit. Basically it gives your camera sunglasses. A quality of filter is utmost and does not degrade a quality of your photo. If there is not taking never the external photo and everything looked dark calm then precise a ND filter. I have used this in a RF35mm f1.8 And there is remarked the little vignetting but this can be corrected in estaca. Of then it is variable can regulate you a filter in a fly according to that light has. An adjustment goes entirely around like this calms turns it all a way a way will take calm of light to dark of then has no hard stop. Also it comes with his own hard chance like calm can store it is gone in your stock exchange of cameras without worry.
5 / 5
Researched for the moment to find the good ND filter and in mine estimativa. I can say that a filter is quality really good and I didnt have any subjects of edge in my Cannon 58mm lentil. A filter really the help done my pop of photo and adds the touch well my landscape and of the photos of waterfall.
4 / 5
Some looks of glass to be quality very big and a frame is equally well. A lentil among the very good container that protects it

Top Customer Reviews: K&F Concept ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 43 ratings
4 / 5
I have ordered and it has received this filter and has been partorisca shoot with my Nikon D750. Has the a lot of sturdy the build and I was able to create to 20 second exposures during a daytime in Hawaii with perfect clarity! Highly it recommends this filter and does not hear to some negative critiques, so only like a community of the wine there is the sure level of snobbery in the photograph Ignores an arrogance and enjoy this exceptional bang partorisca your buck filter!!!
4 / 5
Has not taken his really tries out of this filter still but like this far really likes to of me. So only it likes him he says does not see of any X shadows when management the ND32. Having a polariser has built is adds. I wish it it has regulated a ND the filter was easier. When Turned a coverage also will turn a polariser to the equal that owe that it uses two hands partorisca maintains it has regulated. This mark down some stars partorisca me. A quality of build looks fantastic mine. Has the good weight and feel his. Mina so only another desire would be could go down the ND64 or 100.
5 / 5
Has ordered two of these beauties, a 77mm and 82mm versions. A 77mm is coming with the hard plastic chance a lot while a 82mm the no. was this on purpose or has gone a forget? I will owe that do a surgery and update this description afterwards. Regarding a quality of filter - excellent. Any X-on, any vignetting and wants to a bit few bosses to regulate a setting of neutral density with ease. A circular polariser is convenient easy to regulate.
5 / 5
Has wanted to HiShop, would like me thank you for your follow on message in my satisfaction in my mandate. Calm to good sure worry you roughly cured of client and really appreciate concealed... A ND 67mm is surprising and am very happy with. I know that ossia to revise a product but am so only like this appreciated this is to go in and further in your client and ossia priceless. I recommend this product and an experience of compraventa. Thank you To do it well.
5 / 5
Has begun of then do long exposures , my variables ND the filter of election was Vivitar. It is fact adds on some years but I was in need of the new filter.

Of then also possesses the K&F tripod of Concept, and treated well, has decided to give that these filters for the try. That could be fresher of a ND filter it and the polariser circulate in a?! And I am happy that has done!

This work to filter incredibly well. With my old ND filter, has has had to that stack the polariser circulates separated on which would direct the vignetting in my shots my wide plus. With a K&F Concept 2-in-1 filter, that no longer looks to be the worry in 18mm. In 10mm, there is remarked the very light vignetting which is almost unnoticeable. But, it is to good sure the enormous improvement on filters stacking.

While it can require 2 hands, this filter is very easy to regulate. Also it feels very built and sturdy.

In general, this filter was a lot of value of the money has invested.
5 / 5
Has decided to try this was before falling a big bucks in a Polar Pro line of quartz. I can very exactly compare of the hands-on perspective but of the which have seen of the Polar Pro is the upper notch. Ossia The alternative sum less than half a prize. He that is supposition to do and has not run to any negatives. This be has said, has bought this for the videography to the equal that has has not tried really he for stills.
4 / 5
One first what that is spent was a casserole of edge has taken separated of a house of filter. Quite easy to dip for behind near. I have been concerned that would fall averts again but does not have does like this still.

In 5 stops of light does not go to be doing a lot of long exposure. But, it is well the quality and the helps attack down a light during shooting of time of brilliant day.
Has built in polarising is good and there is not remarked any question of image.
5 / 5
Is orderly, to good sure in that. A combination of the CPL and variable ND the filter was too convenient to spend up.

A CPL the works add. A ND the filter is variable and very easy to regulate. You owe that be careful no for the attack around and accidentally the regular.

A subject big has is that I do not see any way any as it concealed this for down to 32. Still in an evening after a sun has put, with an ISO in 100 and my start has closed all a way, so only can direct an exposure of the pocolos second. Ossia The far cry of one 20 second exposure besides another reviewer has said is gone in a half of a day.

His orderly, sure. I do not go it to send behind. Perhaps it has taken the bad a? I do not know . But I am disappointed in that I has for a money are spent.
5 / 5
Ossia A serious filter . The majority of filters has used looks a lot cheaply the fact but this thing looks the serious piece of hardware.

Has been blown has gone by likes to soften a @@@knob is and the one who calm in fact can regulate a filter of light the darkness. This will go in a lot handy for long exposures, especially during a day. Calm can not have the long exposure with too much light, but this solves that question.

A filter does not change an image at all or cause any class of the effects lateralmente odd. It is clear crystal and like this acute as if it is has not gone there.

Also loves that you take the cushioned spending chance to maintain your sure new filter and a cloth of more cleaned comprised is the good touch .
5 / 5
Yep, Is the polariser and the variable ND filter... With hard stops! I add! In initial inspection any X. But a question is that regulating a ND rotates a polariser and does not have any one closes for that or adjustment for tension. Among other things, this calm mean never now have paste min/max ND stops reason a whole thing so only maintains rotating!

As, can not use hoods of lentil or coverages of lentil with this filter! I do not think you it could stack additional filters neither, but has not tried immediately.

Top Customer Reviews: K&F Concept ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
I have wanted always take to photograph of long and new exposure has had to that take a ND filter for the do properly. This lentil there has been hundreds of the descriptions already have imagined it like this has the cost shot it.

BUILD- A quality of this lentil is sum. It is metal , and is much more has weighed that I thought it would be. It has not been all ND the filters are weighed like this like this.

FILTER- is estimated likes 10 stops. It has not been that to confirm if his exactly 10, but short out of the tonne of light. He he effectively. I have not experienced any vignetting, but would not consider any of a lenses has used as 'ultra wide corner' neither.

PHOTO- the colour are add, a photo has shared tongue for him. They are roughly to go the Utah and will take additional samples.
5 / 5
When The photograph resulted more than the hobby for me, has begun to collect several accessories to do my container of camera more complete. One of some elements has found to be essential was the together good of filters for my camera. I have begun to collect UV FILTERS of several frames, but when it is coming to a ND filter, was the little pickier. First of all, have has wanted to one this was presupposed -friendly as well as well-has done. I finally found that have looked for in a 77mm ND1000 Filter of K&F Concept.

This filter is available in the variety of measures of 58mm-82mm. A ND1000 is done with glass of Optical of Giappone of prize and a frame of league of the aluminium. It is slender, the light and an extra of hard frame ensures long-durability of term and prevents jamming. A filter looks the upper level of transmittance and does not have mould by heart. One 18-layer fine-the resistant coating reduces clave of lentil and ghosting while also doing a scratch of resistant filter, water repellant, and the oil and the resistant powder. Some fines-process of coating also the mark for users to achieve súper lens shutter speeds in daylight to surrender the invisible moving objects. Reason is a ND1000 filter, has an option to reduce a quantity of light in the photo for 10 and effectively reduce light reflections while they improve a quality of global image.

A filter arrived in the very sure, hard plastic case. It was easy to open, but maintains a sure filter of environmental factors when it is not into use. It stores easily I joint my camera in my rucksack of camera. A general purpose of this type of filter is to resupply users with the strong neutral density (ND) filter which reduces a quantity of light paste the sensor of a camera for roughly 1000 times. A ND1000 is an extreme version of a filter of neutral density like a lot of to touch typically so only 3-stops in force.

Has loved this filter specifically for outside, long-photographer of exposure. Has thinks that that this filter would help me to have the widest variety of shots when using a crew of same photograph that usually do. My preferred all-the lentil of purpose is an EF of Cannon 24-105mm. Ossia He 77 mm lentil and have selected like this a 77mm filter of measure of K&F Concept. Some accesses to filter perfectly in a 24-105mm to the lentil has mentioned before. I have not had any subjects with him returning or screwing to plant. This has been a subject for me in a past with some other filters.

Has tried a filter in the few different ways. In the first place, I have resisted a filter until a lentil without screwing he to a lentil. This has aimed a difference among an image with a filter and an image with a filter. With this type of test, calm clearly can see the correctly exposed image and one this is to darken enough the bit with aiming so only a ‘hot ‘ ‘ ‘' something of light in a photo. After taking the few shots with an installed filter in my camera, there is remarked that it has not had any flange vignetting subject at all. Some looks of glass to be of the big quality of then there is not remarked any ghosting subject neither.

A ND1000 Filter of K&F the concept is the very good option for the estimativa-friendly, big-piece of quality of glass. It is to declare a lot of gain for me and the addition adds my box of camera. If you are looking for a ND1000 filter, can recommend this one of K&F Concept like opposed to one of another costruttore that could cost an arm and the leg.
5 / 5
Has bought a 58mm NDHD1000 has thought was the variable filter like a incumplimiento resulted of investigation ND2-ND400 but results to be fixed in 10 stop. I tried it on an on launched day among 1 to 15 exposure of as and among f/8-f/10 inaugural and a result was perfect. An image was tack acute and like this coloreado and a tone is lifelike so much am happy made a mistake. If I can take the 1 second photo of exposure in f/10, then broken, waves of ocean, and another movement loves the photograph is perfect to the equal that will maintain my filter.
5 / 5
Well: Any launches by heart
Bad: Very strong viñeta. To the left it is shot like this (24-70 mk II F/2.8 + BW UV PROTECT + this filter), well is with correction of profile and viñeta scrolling maxed is gone in Lightroom. It would not buy again, save of the money and take the together decent of square filters.
5 / 5
Been that takes the plot of material of long exposure recently but has wanted to try some exposures some long plus during daytime. Like the result, has decided that to 10 Stop ND the filter would owe that be quite and like this far am very impressed! I have used he with my Sigma 35mm 1.4 lentil of the ART and the pictures am resulted exactly likes that it has thought. I have been to the next river, and has used the 1 second exposure to leave a water to be smoother.

In general, is looking to do a bit few long exposures during a day, highly would recommend to try out of the ND filter. I have not had any question that uses this and probably will be experimenting with him more a lot prompt!
5 / 5
Update - 02/09/2020
has purchased a 67mm for advanced of my project that thinks was to be add like mine 72mm a. IDK Because sounds any to leave me write a description for a 67mm like this has to it write on this description. It likes to please of the one who take garbled. A 72mm I def gives it 5 Stars. A 67mm 1 star. Horrible horrible vignetting. So it has disturbed that has trusted a company and has bought this prime of time and now my window of turn is closed. A vignetting is just way also and on quell'had the speck inside a glass of filter. I have tried all and the a lot of avail. As there is disappointed. It DOES not RECOMMEND THIS The PERSON!!!!!!

Calms in the estimativa ossia the add ND filter. It takes a work done and doesnt gives was too vignetting or a X that another look to take with another ND filters. I love a packaging among and also a protective chance that it is has comprised. For a prize honradamente I didnt expect just amazing quality. I recommend this in any photographer the one who is not on the dot still to spend big bucks in ND filters.
4 / 5
Has had this filter for roughly 5 month and of the master that. I prefer a ray in the filters to a filter inserts/inserts, personally. Mainly the utilisation to create motion that hangs photo of time of the day. Any clouds or water of an ocean. I seat that for a prize is this the option adds and the competitor adds to some of some others mark that 4 times a prize.
4 / 5
Guesses this ND filter a work. A filter is light of paper of weight, the external difference, filters of heavy glass of frames more expensive. A headline of filter is done of aluminium, any to brass likes mark more expensive, and is not almost like this smooth when you dipped it on a camera like other frames. But die one a lot down side, ossia the good alternative . If calm so only do long exposures seldom, the recommend. If I need such filter it more frequently, pay more and take the main quality.
4 / 5
Has been recommended by the fellow to purchase this filter. I have loved some images, and one felt of the element has done well. This in spite of, could not comprise like any one can see that it is shooting while this filter is on. I imagined it the be be mean for stills or shots of tripod.... How it is it is returned. It has looked for something concealed could shoot lifestyle in hard lighting conditions.
5 / 5
I shopped around for the new ND filter before finally solving is one. It was the election adds ! I leave to take shots of water of long exposure in of the brilliant days , sunny. It is not the variable and is too dark thus dark dreary, overcast days. You will love the different filter for that. A filter is a lot of fact and easy to edge to mine lenses. Also it comes with the round marries plastic to store and spend. Some images exit clear and acute without vignetting, like could take with of some filters. The value adds, to good sure value of the money. I have looked for to add more than a photo for examples, but could the no. will try to modify and add more later.

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