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Top Customer Reviews: TIFFEN 25mm UV ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
I have bought this lentil partorisca my Sony A6000 with the Sigma 30mm And-highland lentil. Always it uses the UV filter partorisca protect my lentil, like travesía at length with my camera. During a daytime, a UV do of good filter and resupplies no noticeable degradation of quality of image. This in spite of, for prejudices it these ghosts like CRAZY. It has thought had something wrong with my lentil initially, but then decided partorisca take a filter was while shooting. It has attached some photos.
4 / 5
After the week of tripod and hand-held testing under several conditions read external, has achieved a conclusion that this filter is causing the serious reduction in an acuteness and the quality of some images has registered with my camera of Cannon and lentil. When I have initiated action for the turn, Amazon so only refunded my money and has not required a real turn.
5 / 5
This has been mine has sent two times: Some first time have received an empty chance and a second an appearance to be the element is returned, like this surely any company would sell such the filthy element. Had so much particulate subject in both sides of a filter that was dumbfounded. I had it it has ordered it also a Basic Amazon UV filter for the main lentil so that it could compare him in action. A Basic Amazon has looked has come from/come from the 'clean room' - also has to that. I have been pleased in like this was flawless. I have opened a Tiffen moments later, and has been impacted and there is disappointed for real. It has taken partorisca do with my box of more cleaned and after several minutes was like this disgusted (he in fact looked as if a powder was embedded in a lentil), is simply is returned. Like this here it is my thoughts in these filters: A chance has not been sealed, likes to filter easily could fall was and result stray or dirty. @I give ossia the very economic element , but the companies depend on loyalties of client. Calm am likely to guess where my lie of loyalty.
4 / 5
Has seen the plot of mixed descriptions in this piece. This description is based in my use of a piece with my Canon70D and 28-135mm lentil:
has purchased a 72mm piece partorisca go in a lentil I use one the majority of, my wide corner 28-135mm THIS LENTIL of Cannon. Always I have of the discharges of lentil on when they are not that it uses my lentil and when they are by train partorisca use it, always have a petal on that. These rays partorisca filter perfectly in a lentil. I outrage a filter also can use my petal and of the discharges of the lentil yes has required!! Mayor!

There is not remarked any 'ghosting' to to the effects like to them a bit the users has informed. I have taken photo in an early morning, mid-day, and in dusk. Still a lot ghosting effects when using a filter.

A filter is solid and has some his weight. I seat as if his of big quality. A weight of a glass has any impact on shooting.

You can not beat a prize partorisca a quality takes!
4 / 5
An idea that these are used as 'UV filtered is outdated. This was a chance with film, adding are the clarity of filters has augmented partorisca filter some wavelengths found in haze and glare that has been enhanced for film, but ossia apparently any one a subject with digital. These are really protect for an element at the head of your lentil, but this goes in the cost. Each piece of glass one light raisin by means of degrades an image to some terracing.

Possesses the little of these, uses him on lenses attached to the mine digital SLRs when I am walking around doing tourist material and taking snapshots, a profit partorisca protect is gone in a world-wide outweighs any degradation of image partorisca me. Partorisca Use/ of studio of the interior, this is exited. Also I use him on my Mamiya RZ lenses partorisca shoot the external film partorisca a haze that filter the capacities have declared on. All of the mine Mamiya lenses have the 77mm edge in a front how is very convenient.
4 / 5
After the month partorisca use a filter, result partorisca disappoint me in the each moment. There is remarked rattling while taking it was mine 24-70mm lentil, and there is @@give then that a glass does not remain firmly and is resulted also lose inner of a frame... I have used a lot of different filters like B+W and Hoya and these times have decided to try Tiffen because of a small prize, which is -$ 18, and descriptions like this very roughly that! I thought it that it would have to be it the good shot. Besides it is difficult of the clean, still can not take touched of of some streaks around a glass, which affects my photos. If there are any suggestions regarding the turn really would appreciate it, reason have it the little more than the month can not return he by means of Amazon.

Update 2/23/218.
A toneless has contacted Tiffen Sustain of Client for email. We gave me to us the thanks to stops to be Tiffen client and sent an instruction regarding the fix:
'in a coverage of the retention of the filter is two opposite notch of the each one another, thinks 6 and 12 on the dot. If you insert/ you insert the two compass of point, or something resembled these coverages and transfer, can presionar a coverage of retention to close a glass down. His best to insert a two compass of point, then turn a whole filter to loosen more than rotating a two compass of point. See a diagram down: (look in a semi-detached picture)'
That? Really! ... I have explained that ossia too complecated for me and the request yes can return a filter. Today, it is one 8th day are while his response...
5 / 5
Does not use these for a UV filter but like the good quality, to costs of lentil down protective. This has said:

Mina 1st Tiffen was the 55mm UV Protective has taken for a lentil of boxes that is coming with the Sony a7ii; a FAITH 28-70. It was like this happy with a compraventa that has has purchased of then three additional Tiffen UV FILTERS of Amparo. One east in the Sony And 55-210 I has has bought used and one east in the Samyang 35mm has bought new. A an I am writing this description for me assumes is still in a Sony FAITH 50mm has bought new but returned and has forgotten to take a filter.

A point? Extracted my lenses, new or used, taste to him extracted the mobile phone. It concealed when being some stays of telephone in a box until has the protective chance for them and lenses stay in a box until has the protective filter to pair the with. And a one has forgotten to take of a lentil is returned? Ossia That sure in a Tiffen the filters are. It has dipped once one in the lentil, I any need never thinks roughly he again.

Has used several frames in several measures that diverse of a more economic Height and Polaroid to a mid row Hoya and B & W.

Where Fact Tiffen access? Well they are no Hoya or B & W but are do not photograph professional. They are an amateur the one who mostly enjoys photographer callejera when I travel and for my money Tiffen is a better. Yes, you can spend more and improve glass and yes calm really reason of the to concern roughly ghosting would have to that look for to lentil of main final. It concealed it is not me saying ghosting has been the question for me. Usually it uses the hood of the lentil and I think that the helps cut down in light reflection. There is remarked some smaller subjects with him on some shots have taken in the conditions read brilliant directed but a lot enough to justify a prize a big plus.

I any stack filters as I have not had the need to so it can not give an opinion in this subject. It would assume that a risk of ghosting would augment.

The version the scarce is this . A Tiffen UV the FILTER of Amparo is a lot of fact with glass of good quality and the coverage of metal with threading I no the worry will cross edge or band. His that needs to protect my lentil. If it has bought the ND or the polarisers could buy the mark more type but to protect daily, Tiffen is all I need and a better for my money.

Tiffen Dictate it more in his description of own product; A small prize to pay to protect your investment.
4 / 5
After learning more roughly photographs, am coming to a conclusion that UV the filters are unnecessary and potentially hurt your photos with casualidades added of clave of lentils, especially yes slowly in stacking the polariser or ND on him. Unless it expect vase or flight of sand in your lentil, calm does not require to dip the $ 10 piece of glass in front of the lentil that hundreds of costs or of the thousands of dollars, for a same reason averts to take photo by means of your windshield. If you want to protect to impact accidentel, take the hood of lentil.

This has said, can not complain in a quality. A build is expected like this, thin aluminium with good edges. A glass is flawless, and there is not remarked any added viñetas or aberrations. Tiffen Does the product of quality. I have bought his CPL and variable ND with which extracted adds of investigation, and could not be happier.

A first filter has received has had the smallest scratch approaches a flange and small flecks embedded in a glass. I have asked the turn and was has shipped quickly the substitution, and leave me to us so only launch another filter was.
5 / 5
Adds UV filter for a prize. EUA Has done of the company has trusted! Simple piece to import to protect your lentil of scratches or in some same of the drop. Any to mention a UV filtering profit.
Has used this one in mine Wifes (old but still awesome) EF of Cannon 70-210mm f/4 'Attractive of Lentil of Push.

Has had any of a glare or ghosting questions that other people have informed with this filter. Included when we try to take photos of lightbulbs likes some another a reviewers photo...

Has found anything useful in this description, would appreciate you taking a time to click like this down! Thank you!
5 / 5
Frequently use ours cameras alfresco and in rain and dusty conditions. Also we to plot of photograph of pet (always look to want to dip his wet nose in a lentil of camera). This will protect a front of your lentil of these situations as well as of scratches or cracks been due to clash a front of a lentil. What same with creatures or boys to touch a front of a lentil. It is to the easiest plot and surer to clean or substitute a filter to protect that a type of lentil. Typical excellent Tiffen quality.

Top Customer Reviews: Amazon Basics UV ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
He been the photographer for in 40 years, always using Nikon cameras and the variety of lenses. The quality of filter is supremely of entity. Buying crummy filters that visibly degrades an imagery is easy , especially go cheap , pricewise. As it was the small hesitant to try an Amazon Basics ' mark'. Even so always I look to require extra filters in through several stock exchanges of camera. As I have given these tries it.

Has been surprised. These are some of some better filters have used of any manufacturer, without respecting to price. It takes two basic filters ( Circular Polariser and the UV protective ) less prendi that a cost of the polariser of another manufacturer only. A polariser has absolutely zero dye by heart...Any yellow, blue green cape...Perfectly neutral. That is to say of entity!

Does not doubt. It buys some of these having to the amazon gives is by train to sell them massively goes down the point of prize.
3 / 5
"General use , daily" it is a key sentence here. The protect of some advances of element is in an only thing that is to say very prendido. In any lower light that only after decadence, products very big, perceivable claves. If you go to buy this, please knows that it does very only a better enmedio very ignited. If you do not want to a lot of the claves, any compraventa this. Taken that decrees of paid.

These photos are stills of the videos taken with a Rokinon F1.4 21mm MFT In a Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7K.
4 / 5
Honestly I See any difference in quality among these and my much more expensive filters.
I the similar filters possess that it was 20-0 each what so, as it was sceptical of an Amazon Basics mark in less than the neighbourhood his prize but I have imagined for the little bucks each which so it can not go injustice.

Some filters are arrived any only embroiled in bubbling embroil but also encased in the headline of plastic take with foaming inlay has cut around some filters to ensure any harm.

Uses these predominately to protect in my lenses, and recommends all the world-wide to do a same while it is much cheaper to substitute the filter that is the lentil.

In all the case, will upload side of photos for side with east and an expensive filter like calm all can see there is not any difference but the suffice to say that there is any one. Any clave, differential by heart, distortion of image of any class.

Constantly surprised for a quality of Amazon marked products.
4 / 5
Val. Very clear and has minimum impact in IQ in addition to situations. It has had bad flaring in these filters this cheap plus in brilliant light so that they are not very-coated like a B+W ones, which cost quite 8-10 so much time, as I will not attack this for any in that has it very-coating. It IS the data for the estimativa UV filter.

The modern cameras in fact do not require UV protect like cameras of film of olden days. A calm reason for is is simply to protect your element at the head of lentils of camera of scratches. It say of another way,, this UV the filters give you peace to import while the assistant augments a value of resale of your lenses.

Taking notes that these filters is not done of brass but aluminium, which are has expected totally given a low prize. The aluminium tends to JOIN in another filter of aluminium. Spent in me more concealed once with these filters this cheap plus and I are not very happy. But while you are conscious of the same downside and is well with him (or so that it does not have any one necessity to stack the filters or is sper careful of any one screwing the on too tight), that is to say the decent cloak to protect for your lentil.

Recommended yes is in in to him he estimativa tight likes him. For a rest of calm writes, takes the B+W to cry out of strong!!!
1 / 5
Uncoated = Bad lense clave. In a picture has comprised, dressed the orange that shines that is that green of the clear source that was out of a frame. This is caused by this filter, not presenting when a filter was to take.

Has known these were cheap filters without a very-coating, but has not expected he to be anywhere afterwards to this BAD.

The May HAS SEEN clave that bad with any another the filter has not possessed never. I am to take this filter and posing he in the drawer, any insurance that will do with him but so cheap while it was, is not even estimates my time these units in a dispatch of clave for the return.

A sad thing is that first a lot-filters coated that he eschews this problem is very generally counterfeited. Read some descriptions of filters of the premium sold in amazon for information on so to identify fakes Before purchase, so that they are sometimes very hard to detect if it does not have the real one in directly compare side by side with a fake A lot of unit the negative critics of the filters of premium have histories of buyers that has purchased more than or filters, and when is arrived was obvious that one was fake . At least with this one knows that it is taking, but after seeing that very first photo is not the filter still goes to waste time of experience with.
5 / 5
Some people do not see a value to use slow filters 'protective' while more glass of pose in front of the sensor of your camera. The May Sees a difference. And since it spends my camera around in the stock exchange of the camera with one covers of dulcemente was the majority of a time, thinks that is the value is significant. I the maintenances on always. It IS to maintain very stick of era also. This will not protect your lentil of the serious strike or fall/of the drop but he will protect against scratches and muck. One 67mm the semi-detached filter in my lentil of camera perfectly with his very done nut. A black and white arrival GOES the marks are excellent . I do not see any effect a 'UV' offers the cover with tests of a filter on and has been. Some looks of glass to be perfectly clear. His main utility is protects . If required, another coated the filters can be screwed in and adicins/additions in easterly unit In general, that is to say the element of big quality for the just prize.
4 / 5
A filter that need and for the fraction of a prize of some of some marks by name. My only complaint is that a thread in a point of the aluminium that is slightly rough, almost in a point where the be as the was not skipped in a process of manufacture. Nut On in a lentil without a lot of hassle, but no so softly while it have expected . For a prize, will live with that a smaller complaint.
1 / 5
As it Can see he in some low images (with and without this filter), these laws to filter like a surface of limits of reflection for a lentil of camera (voice a text in a heaven at night). Apparently, these looks to spend only in of the lentils of Cannon. Has the partner with me concealed has used a same filter but in the Nikon slow but has not seen any perceivable distortion/of reflection. I have tried also his lentil in my camera, in case that my piece was defective, but has taken still a distortion/of reflection.
4 / 5
It take this predominately to use with my Xume the the adapter has posed he so that it can have the fast road to pose in one covers of lentils, as I have not been preoccupied that a lot in a quality of image through this filter. As it Results, it is very quite sake of glass. There is the bit of degradation of a quality of image, but very a lot. If you are the pixel peeper, the will remark. If you are not sper picky in an acuteness, would recommend this filter. Also it believes it the light darken of an image, but fewer subjects that the third of the decree as it is quite insignificant.

Considering mould by heart, could not say any problems with that. Although there is, can be easily correct accuse of clave.

Would say to take this wants the low-side UV filter to protect your lentil...Unless has the slow very good and does not want to lose the small quality of image.
4 / 5
I have bought this to protect my Nikonkit slow. It is done the work adds in protecting, deflecting some light and powder or rain. I am usually the photographer of landscape but, is ardent in taking extraneous portraits. List of mine pro is and with this down.

- Maintains glass of clean lentil. ( It prevent the powder, some rain and another muck to touch a glass)
- Protects a glass of lentils
- Transfers in easily and fast

- Depend for a thread in your lenses, can take bonded
- Take to take sometimes but, only if the plan takes it the plot
- Some light reflects of him and calm take it when your takings has shot.

Summing Up:

In general, this UV filter to protect a work adds. He that during good of the that is to say in his description of an element. Be conscious only of a clear paste a filter, flavours to have the hood of Lentils on to block which does not ignite never is causing leaks of reflections or bad light in yours has shot.

Top Customer Reviews: waka 49mm MC UV ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 55 ratings
4 / 5
A fact that this thing is multicoated the fact the million times better that very a lot of-multicoated variant. I have bought the different mark 77mm UV FILTER (not mentioning any names, but begins with a an and finals with 'ltura') before, any-MC, and he ghosts extremely terribly with any specular the points have underlined, especially in of the decreases of conditions read. Always, always take multicoated.

Has attached is the photo that has taken with the Cannon 24mm f/2.8 with this filter on, and work perfectly. Take the look. I have not had any subjects with him, work, can not say that it is there, which more can ask?
4 / 5
Surprisingly, quality very big slender filters. They are not the big defender partorisca use filters in general, but necessity partorisca protect your advance of expensive glass, although so only partorisca purpose of resale, said that use this 'UV' filters in mine expensive plus lenses. Obviously, be any 'Ultra-Violet' protect or 'Anti Haze' the protect or any costruttrici of filter call these filters. So many partorisca me a bit the factors of entities are fines-coating (partorisca struggle clave), slender creation (partorisca avert vignetting) and a level a big plus of transparency (partorisca avert light loss). Waka Was able to rid on all three fronts. I have shot few pictures in an extremely defying conditions partorisca relieve clave, but fines the coating has done and no additional clave, compared to the lentil in of the skins has been relieved. Filters is a lot slender and the glass is transparent (your eyes are by train partorisca say you that is resisting a coverage of empty metal when you are looking by means of filter in blue heaven). I also liked very tightened dulls coverage of gold in an outside - is not tacky at all and in fact ameno the small terracing of sophistication your lentil.
Finally, has not had any difficulty that dips a filter in of the lentils, any cross threading likes with typical economic filters. Some stays of discharges of the lentil confidently in a filter also.

Partorisca A prize to good sure can recommend this filter, but so only like the protective glass. It does not think partorisca the second that this $ 10 do 10 the pictures have shot with $ 500 magically better lentils. He the no.
5 / 5
has bought this partorisca my SonyA7II paired up with a 50mm f/1.8 with a threading of 49mm. It returns perfectly and good works for especially during a time of day. You block it it was some lights that there is not wanted and the bondadoso of works like the hood of lentil of blocker out of light. I also remarked during a time at night but, has not been if any really uses the UV filter at night for photograph at night, is a fact that reflects light in a filter as it look it mirror trails read or surrounding lights. This feels likes is ghosting my images or would think am shaking a camera but, is a filter .

- Reflect some light
- contrast Better in your shots!
- That is described to do
- reward signals Very good

- Shooting at night with him on, please the take to prevent ghosting or reflected in your shots of result of the end.
- A threading could be delicate and take a UV the filter can be hard to take like this, sometimes can take stuck.
4 / 5
Ossia The filter adds, abordable . Buying the filter would owe that be the no-brainer: any one risks to line your expensive lentil, or spend the few dollars in an easily replaceable filter. This filter is clear, some edges return perfectly, and a sizing was exactly to the equal that has specified. I can very really see the difference among the images taken without a filter in a lentil, and the images taken with a filter, but concealed can be so only reason do not have an eye thus level of detail in some photographs. If some blacks really are darker and a haze is cut in fact down, looks to be in the level that is almost unrecognizable. This has said, to protect of lentils, ossia perfect.
4 / 5
I have used this for my vintage 58mm lenses in mine BMPCC. An optics is not bad for a prize. For a prize highly abordable of this UV filters, well buy to maintain your lenses cleaned. I recommend these for any with the collection of massive lentil, and looking to maintain his lenses to purchase powder and scratches.

UPDATE: Experience he 77mm version of of the this, and was TERRIBLE. A glass easily rotated around inner of a house of metal, as it can very effectively clean a very odd white-ish smears this was in a lentil when I received it. A glass so only maintained rotating during a place when I have tried clean the! To do the worse subjects, some edges a lot -- a lot of @@subject that attentively and hard I tried -- ray to mine 77mm Samyang 35mm f1.5 Lentil of Cinema. I have finalised to try the different mark UV filter of one of the mine another 77mm lenses, and that a screwed a lot on without any questions to the mine Samyang Lentil of Cinema. I included tried this in spite of another low profile UV mark, and that also easily screwed to the mine Samyang. I eat... Reason is these Waka like this inconsistent in his process of manufacture? I have sent this 77mm Waka behind, has received the repayment, and no longer will purchase this mark. I am giving two stars for at least one of two of this UV filters in fact doing.
4 / 5
They are the leading seeds-pro photographer of some days of films (35mm and 120/220). Has a 67mm version of this filter.

Some coatings in this is not enough until my old Nikons and B+Ws. With this UV filters, a glass disappears entirely when you look in him; he so only the look is resisting an empty coverage. This a, there has to that well sure the transparent something fill a coverage.

This has said, there is not remarked any degradation of quality of image in digital. Also it suspects that the digital sensors are much less susceptible the UV that the film was, like main reason I use filter it like this a now is protects. The majority of uncoated filters and included a lot of fines-coated filters in this row of prize - and included a lot on is @@@subject the clave and ghosting and general badness; this a has not aimed any like this far.

A coverage of filter is metal , with the dressy gold pinstripe and edges fore and aft. Some edges in the mine feels the tiny bit was. When screwing he to the mine Nikon 16-85 I paste the something slightly way of breakings stagnate in that, maintains to turn a filter, relieves up like the filter seats all a way down. It is the much smaller thing , but he never spent with some coverages of brass have used for Nikon and B+W.

A filter has the thin mountain with edges in both sides. No tip in 16-85 (DX formed). Besides, has - for speed - has turned the polariser rule on the and included concealed no tip in 16mm (DX, 24mm full-frame), in spite of not seating all a way down in some edges forward. Cela Release me to concentrate in that composes to hide any uneven polarisation by means of a field. When stacked, This filter tends to join more to another filter that to some edges of lentil, something to be conscious of. (Yes, I have tried that the soft trace a pol on the with just the 1/2 turn or like this, but then aims in some corners.)

CONCLUSION: A slightly imperfect object, but because material of him more like the bumper that like a real photographic tool, a point of prize of Hamilton near the perfect fact.
4 / 5
Expensive accident he, taking UV FILTERS to break in place of an expensive optics. Anything further of this is to delicious prize.
This is not in my Cannon but my Nikon P900, and has taken he for the session of test for this darken decadence. It arrives more I yield this afternoon. The difference of forward UV the filters have had and broken, this WAKA (waka-waka) the filter has been in with a lot of few rotations. Quickly! Nizza. As you go in, a band of the gold flashed in me. I am habituado to black-on-black lenses and filters so that it takes my eye - no in the bad way.

Any aberration has underlined during a session of photo. Do fault his primary function in the no-way of fuss. Once on, it was able to forget it and so only do photograph.

I hope that he a day suffers an indignant end of his predecessor, also absorbs an impact and protects the expensive optics of a camera with his sacrifice.
4 / 5
Taken a filter today and could not imagine has gone by that a 67mm UV the filter would return in mine UWA lentil. It was way too big. I have verified a side of a box, which there has been to focus in that has indicated it certainly 67mm. The thought has ordered a wrong measure, has verified my lentil, which has indicated also 67mm. I have taken the next look in a side of an a lot slender lentil and there is of then was marked 72mm! Like the provider is launching a wrong measure filters marked the boxes with different measure lenses. Appearance my product does not go back in a shelf partorisca more to spend for a same experience. It suggests to choose another product and spend on this mark.
4 / 5
The prize adds for the multicoated, quality UV protective lentil! Very thin, mountain of low profile, any question with installing it. Any calm included remark it on your lentil but a coverage of gold gives era. When Shooting at night to the light source, a clave of causes of the filter, as you decide shoot at night, is probably better to take a filter (sees photo). I have purchased mainly a WAKA filter to protect a glass in mine EF of Cannon 50mm f/, better to line a filter that a glass!
4 / 5
Works well in a daytime. It tends to launch the claves but is controllable in direct light. For me light and the photos at night gives the green claves at random signals to all the cost duquel the calm way turns it. I go it to substitute the better mark. Meeting modifying out of light claves that it is more annoying that shooting without him.
In a photo has attached will see a clave in a glass that is coming from a estaca light.

Top Customer Reviews: K&F Concept ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
5 / 5
One first photo is with a filter and a second is without. Terrible lived fringe with an installed filter and the images are unusable. I have taken some images an after another. Has this in the Cannon EOS M50. The filter is new mark . You can decide for calm if ossia acceptable. The video is included worse.
4 / 5
Has an optometrist in a family. This means that we are all a lot conscientious in our health of eye. Has two boys and his both have had sunglasses like this of the creatures. She this reason UV the rays can be give and in fact can finalise in habladores questions like this of the falls and macular degeneration down a street. One to our same reason the member familiarised has the vocal worry in our health of eye is a same reason that the photographers would owe that use the UV filter. A UV the filter is the filter of glass that the ultraviolet blockade (UV) rays and protects camera lenses of powder and scratches. With that in alcohol, has been excited to add a MC UV FILTER of Amparo of K&F Concept my collection of filter.

Some first time have taken this filter was, was was to dine with my family. We decide to try out of the new restaurant in city that has the rooftop dining room. We arrive and it has taken it it has seated around 6:00 p.m. And a paste of sun a rooftop full force. Have pulled my camera was and screwed a filter to plant. It has not been difficult to ensure in a lentil, which was refreshing of then to to him some filters do not like to line on properly sometimes. But this filters twisted in smoothly and without any one taking.

In fact go to back on the moment to say that before I have taken was to a blinding sun, I the house of fast test. I have resisted simply a filter with a delivery in my cabin of photo. It looked in mine another hand in a light and has then moved a filter in upper of an exposed hand to see the one who a difference was. It has interested to see that of the difference a filter -- same under a light FOCUSED. One bluish maintained has been deleted and my hand looked warm and likes has seen in HD.

Now, first of fast to the ours rooftop dinner and as there is remarked a clarity of some images was very improved thus filter very simple. I have walked around a ceiling and grabbed the pocolos throw that usually it looks to dull in this type of direct sun. With a UV filter, is looked vibrant and clear more than misty. Also really it likes the one who slender of a filter is reason does not add to plot of weight to a lentil to exist when they are by train for the use.

A K&F Concept UV the filter was an unexpected surprise for me. It is really a lot of fact and does the work adds with filtering sun. I want to that has a discharge added to protect in lentil of mine when I am exited and roughly and that my external images look better that never.
5 / 5
1) Economic!
2) utmost apt/Arrival
3) the reflected 'fresh' has lived
4) both of some filters have ordered has arrived 100 nets (sometimes already have powder on him...)
5) A bit grippy ridges do in fact helps

1) has the light greens have maintained.
2) An external diameter of a filter is slightly main... Doing a camp of impossible original lentil to install.
3) Any in fact this eslim'

imagine these filters ideally would owe that be totally clear. The mine has the light green has launched to them. Perhaps it has taken the bad batch ? (The mine is ) also question his legit-ness when they say 'HMC' in a side. Hoya I filters say a same thing... And it is for 'Hoya Fines-Coating'. I ask that one 'HMC' stand partorisca in these? Felizmente Could have my scepticism has tried invalid here.

Will try and take some shots of comparison... Both for colour and lentil added-clave. The one who knows... Perhaps that I print it green is a-noticible to a untrained eye?

TL/Dr.: If you are not too critical in your filters... These in fact can be the election adds, economic. If it think some marketing of funky and possibly descriptions to feign bad is too good to be true, calm also can be corrected.
4 / 5
- Protects a lovely lentil of error of operator and boys(!)
- Blockades UV.
- Súper Economic.
- Knurling Is easy to grip.

- Blue claves with any light source (sees images of sample with and without filter). I have it remarked in the first place taking the interior has shot with the window in a far fund. A clave is looked the big rectangular blue splotch concealed moved with a framing. I have tried this in the pair of lenses and cameras, and his all has exhibited a flaring.
- Character of flaring is soyeh'. It can take better flaring with to vintage or to the lentil has drawn especially if this is to wish.
- UV Does not effect to to the digital sensors like with of films, as it is not necessary. This in spite of, UV the filters tend to be more economic that 'protect filters.
- Súper 'Economic'.
- Knurling I claves was too many far for discharge of lentils that apt an external diameter. These no with mine Pentax Súper-Takumar or SMC Takumar spent of lentil. His so only well with modern fashionable cradle-spent of loaded lentil.

Has bought four of these for different lenses and am returning everything of them. I do not love worry in lights in my composition, particularly for travesía and photograph of girls. The girls are difficult quite a lot of subjects without a complexity added. If K&F can fix a flaring with some better coatings would be the very good value .
5 / 5
I recently game of again film. The modern digital cameras do not require UV FILTERS Been due to coatings of lentil of modern day. This in spite of, have enough the pocola vintage lenses this there is enough the bit of haze because of coatings of lentil older or absentee. He really helped with Jupiter 8 and Súper Takumar lenses. One fines-coating really the helps reduce haze and contrast of increase.
4 / 5
Has bought this to protect of mine Nikon DX lenses. The filter has built well with the coverage of thin metal that it is still quite big for one covers of lentil to grab in his. The reflection has lived the fresh looks but a filter adds the light yellow maintained the images. It does not look bad, so only slightly 'warmer'. So only I remark it when taking the picture of the brilliant of white object with and without a filter and doing the quickly A B comparison.
5 / 5
Are sure this law of element adds like UV protective, but has announced likes the slender frame with the depth of 0.1' without threading in an end viril. This in spite of, the one of the fact that dips it side together with him Tiffen UV FILTER of a same measure (and these types are a fat plus in a business), is still to grieve much thinner. If you are looking for the thin filter for the viñeta sensitive lentil, not annoying with east a (or he Tiffen one thus @@subject). This thing is probably more afterwards to ' often (the only frame). If calm so only require the UV filter for general purposes, then sure, this and any of one 100 other options in the amazon will do so only well.
5 / 5
Recently has taken the new camera and I always take something to protect lentil of mine and has found with this mark. This lentil is gone in the good box with the protective chance and I can say ossia the filter to protect of returns and good quality perfectly with my Cannon M50 lentil accionaría. I have not had any subjects with a quality of image of my pictures and video. I remark that my images are very better with some filters on. Like this far like this good and am happy with cost of mine.
4 / 5
Are the professional photographer and has ordered one 58 mm UV FILTER to protect to lentil of new big dollar. Thefilter Laws a lot I to arrive to this point has found any image IQ questions.
A question has with a lentil is my coverage of lentil a lot not returning with a filter screwed on. Always it tries to maintain coverages on all mine lenses together with another filter to protect extra. A lentil has bought a filter partorisca east GIVES it 1.4 55 mm, Pentax. Now I will order the B + W or anTiffen filter and try this with another lentil.
4 / 5
Ossia The good filter and has drawn he with the fact of good flange, meaning for the slender filter, feels very good and ensure in your toes. Some holes have a lot of funds enough for your toes to twist a filter on to a lentil. Calm really can feel it. Unfortunately I owe that it returns two of them so that he no well with a Panasonic HC-V770 camcorder and a Panasonic hood of lentil. It is like this thin that there has no quite thickness for a hood to remain on.

Top Customer Reviews: Hoya NXT Plus 37mm ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 35 ratings
5 / 5
This description is partorisca a Hoya 67mm NXT More UV HMC Fines-Coated Filter of Glass of Slender Frame, which has has purchased recently.

Has a lot of more economic filters there, and there is filters more expensive. If has the low quality lentil, then calms can does not want to spend this a lot in the UV filter, but to the good calm insurance does not want to dip the economic filter in the good piece of glass.

Does not think has possessed the best UV filter, as it does not import that it spends the little more on that. It was impressed like this after using this new NXT model further for the moment that has bought immediately another for another lentil. I have not seen any sprain or colorization with this filter, and there is virtually a lot of ghosting, because of one adds fine-use of coating. And having a raincoat of upper discharge the easy fact to maintain clean.

Highly would recommend this UV filters.
4 / 5
Take like this tired to try to order by means of clashing descriptions in of the things and that try to choose out of the polariser circulates new for my new Sony rx10 Marcos 4 has taken to frustrate. I have chosen finally this unit, especially for his construction of edges and low profile in both sides. He in fact returned to a Sony lentil and this in spite of like this leave you to install a hood of lentil of the factory and discharges of lentil. And yes, if you are careful with your toe, can achieve in around a Hood of lentil and press in a grippy ridges of a flange at the head of this polariser to rotate he without dipping the fingerprint in a filter. Calm has to that be careful but work amiably.

Has been the photographer for the long time, of a prompt 80s, and has used a lot of camera with different polarisers. I have decided against the 'heating' polariser reason now with digital photograph, the adjustments by heart can all be fact in software after a fact. An effect of polarisation is beautiful and quite noticeable and does not remark lentil added a lot of machineries of clave. A multicoating looks to be that they his work. There is no vignetting with a Sony rx10 Mark 4 in his wider lentil magnification setting. And finally, there are quite a lot of edges in a front of this filter for a lentil of grip of pinch of discharges of factory to return securely.

Does not use this with the UV filter. I think that that it is unnecessary. Utilisation a polariser directly in a front of a lentil to the equal that has required.

Left action the pair of secrets to do this more useful polariser:

1) Absolutely ANY RAY this on closely your lentil, which will cause it the jam. You will see it is that it spends the people on and on with ray-in of the filters. It is very simple: only ray he on slightly until only to turn. No It presiona ! With which concealed, any worry. Always it exits easily, thanks to an a lot of grooving in an external diameter.

2) With a filter out of a camera, find a mark of indication of white triangle in an external diameter. Utilisation the small file to grind of the tiny portion of a black arrival in a front that breakings of faces of a rotating polariser, adjacent to a mark of indication (sees photo). Tip: a mark of indication is one something those leaves is that way an effect of polariser is oriented. Signals this generally to a place of sun to darken a heaven when looking 90° of a sun. Or it has dipped a point of indication to upper centre to block the reflections of horizontal objects likes him water. Or calm so only can turns around and look by means of your viewfinder until it has achieved a desire of effect for foliage, clouds or other compositions. A trick is to be able to see a mark of indication of a front while still using a hood of lentil, which prevents calm of grabbing an outside of a rotating portion of a filter usually. A serrations in a front of this filter, visible in a photo, to the left has turned he to touch he with your toe of a front, and with your mark of the new shiny indication visible of a front, is all the place and will not owe that take your hood of lentil to do adjustments. Súper Convenient!
4 / 5
Like the serious photographer, the filters are a tool of entity in your stock exchange of camera. Of more, UV filter ' is so only the thing to cover your element of lentil of the front'...Well, they are more than that. They owe that be of one the majority of big quality like possible, like this calm frequently polarisers of place and filters of neutral densities in front of him. Utilisation so only Hoya NXT More filters in my Cannon L lenses. A quality is glorious and a prize is well.
5 / 5
So only recently discovers my economic (low $ 10) UV the filters could take the light in the sure corner that would cause clave in my images. Still I sustain an idea of having the lens of protective crystal like this more than leaving my lentil in of the skins have decided to try the best, recommended by users, filter.

This Hoya was the improvement adds but still could find situations where still would have clave in my images. Take a UV the filter could not see any clave as it has not been a lentil.

Two of mine lenses is 67mm measured of filter. In a 85mm lentil a Hoya has given some results have mentioned on. In a 16mm the lentil could not see any clave with or without a filter.

Ossia The subject controversial . My place is the UV the filter can help prevent powder and moisture the finding is way to a lentil. Also it protects a lentil of scratches. I will continue to use UV FILTERS. So only under the conditions read sure do my lenses clave of show. If I see clave in an of these chances can simply corners of tower to delete a clave, or in the critical situations simply take a filter. The majority of mine lenses cost among $ 500 and $ 1000 to the equal that am very concerned roughly in his now pristine.
4 / 5
Clearly the product of big quality. I use it on he Fujifilm lentil of format of the half and a GFX 100 camera (100 MP) and any defect would be immediately noticeable. But, I do not see any defect, and a depth of colours and has reduced “to burst” of the something heat of alone that shine is immediately noticeable in a form of much more pleasing external photos. Also I have water (mostly rivers) in the a lot of pictures have taken with this filter and a glare have reduced is also it big plus. Aquilato Down so only reason these are not economic.
4 / 5
Has purchased the little of this UV filters to protect an end of the little of mine lenses. Typically it installs UV FILTERS permanently on all mine lenses to protect an end of a lentil to take streaky or has broken. These were substitutions for a Gobe UV the FILTERS have purchased the while behind, as I have not gone too impressed one the clarity of a Gobe UV FILTERS, has any complains in his ND or CPL filters, so only his UV filters. This look to be very better that a Gobe is and hopefully will last the moment.
5 / 5
Has ordered this Hoyer 72mm that the polariser Circulates to substitute another less expensive Polariser experience of another company that has caused unwanted vignetting. This beautiful Polariser has solved my question. Usually paid to purchase the most produced of quality that to try to save the few dollars in the element of the smallest quality.
4 / 5
Legit HOYA Filter with frame of metal and glass very clear.. Once yours lentil installed you wont be able to say yes theres the UV filter.. A glass is totally invisible and does not degrade a quality of image..
Be warned this in spite of, this is to do in some philippine 🇵🇭 no japan. It is HOYA/Tokina have the factory in some philippine so that ossia legit.
Has compared also this to mine 13yr old 72mm hoya UV FILTER that is done in japan the think a glass of this new filter is more invisible that mine 13 yr old hoya filter..
4 / 5
While an optics of this filter is likely well, has been attracted to a slender apt attribute for mine Olympus TG-5. Different that some slender creations for a Hoya the filters have purchased for mine Nikon SLR, this filter among two inseparable pieces to enable rotation like the filter to polarise so only UV does not require rotation. This is not aimed in a photo and does a filter like this fatter and difficult to edge. Returned and has gone with the Hoya HMC UV Marco Slender Digital Fines-Coated the Filters of glass how was in the alone frame, also multicoated and much more economic.
4 / 5
This the filter has polarised is the tool adds for photograph of landscape. This will delete reflected, glare and will do your pop of the picture in colour bit it. Also it adds to take pictures of cars. With east will delete you all these unwanted reflections. To good sure try it is gone in your game of photograph!

Top Customer Reviews: X1 UV Filter for ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
I am still in a fence roughly using UV FILTERS in general and will be partorisca direct some testing with and without UV FILTERS in general.

This has said. If you decide in favour of having the UV filter in any of yours is a a! Breakthrough Certainly has some big plus-finalise UV FILTERS and based in that has read it, is excellent and probably value of the money. In my opinion, this in spite of, a X1 the looks of serious partorisca be a balance of action/of better prize.

A quality of build is excellent. It is real glass and real metal! I found it the little defiant to ray a filter to my lentil at the beginning. Cela, this in spite of, is the result of as very thin and discreet a filter is, no because of a threading.

I roughly a lot quickly, low quality, jpg shots to give me the sense of any subjects by heart. I have used the setting of simple daylight of white balance in my camera and has taken the pair of images so much with and without a filter. It could not relieve and the by heart obvious mould, neither any degradation of obvious image.

Will direct some long testing with big quality 24Mpix the RAW images have controlled under light with facts to commission properly put of white balance and will update this description with this data when complete.
4 / 5
In that purchased that the pair of Utmost Aim of the cannon (an EF 100-400mm f THIS II and an EF 70-210 f/ THIS II), this lentil is according to enormous look 77mm the elements advance looked to ask a protect of available better quality. Breakthrough The assertion of the photograph that sweats 77mm UV MRC4 'Ultra-slender' the filters are 'Time-sealed,' remained with his disposal to undertake the 25 commitment of year to sustain of this serial registered-has numbered the filters there is sealed a shot, like this-to-speak. Some filters resemble is precisely state manufactured and aim any apparent defect. The use and the only time will try some claims. Has each hope that the use of these filters will validate Breakthrough demand it unambiguous of the photograph of quality.
5 / 5
Has ordered recently three different Breakthrough Photographer UV FILTERS. A prime minister two has arrived to shrink wrapped, and an external box and chance of filter of the interior so there has been focus. A third filter has ordered of him has not been still to shrink wrapped, there is not had to that focuses in an external box, and a chance of the interior there has been still to focus but has been burst open. Clearly the amazon sent the element is returned. I have contacted Breakthrough the photograph and they immediately send me the filter of substitution with still focus like this can returned a filter has used.

A fact of looks of the very good filter and is considerably less expensive of the UV filter of B+W, like this needless to say are the client has pleased . Five stars for service of exceptional client for Breakthrough Photograph.
4 / 5
Had excited really in this product when I ordered it. Soyade In EUA' with the guarantee of 25 years. It has arrived in the good box looked the iPhone of Apple. Unfortunately an action is disappointing. While it buys this type of filter I the simple test, shooting against the strong light source and looking for reflected/of claves. I have finalised that it has to that buy another filter of the mark was already familiarised with (B+W XS-Pro). A B+W XS-Pro Costs 2x so much but extracted 10x better. It has attached 3 photo to this description... To the left: taken with this product (X1), Well: taken with B+W XS-Pro, Average: Taken without filter.
5 / 5
Has had the plot of different classes of filters (UV, Polarisers, ND) in several measures for several lenses. When I have found it is one , has decided that, although the bit pricey, has wanted to give this company of EUA tries it. They are happy has done. These looks of filter a lot the frame done very wise, a filter is the clear crystal and clean easily and an access perfects (and a packaging is a good plus has seen in the filter). Alive in a zone of big desert again Messico and, although I do not think you always require the filter on to protect, I he here. When Shooting external, without looking, calm can find you that it hikes by means of some quite good wind with sand and powder. As I he to protect mainly but, with this filter, really does not think has any negative effect on quality of image.

Will use this one with confidence and, when precise anymore for future lenses or applications, I look in the Breakthrough there is first.
4 / 5
Has required the new UV filter for my new Cannon 16-35 f/4 lentils. It had listened good things in a FB page of Photograph of the urban Nails in Breakthrough Photograph, San Francisco has based undertaken specialising in of the filters, and have situated like this my mandate with them. A filter arrived in the plastic chance inside the amiably crafted the boxes of map as it has contained also the cloth of black lentil, the paper that explains like this to actuate a 25 guarantee of year (!) And the separate paper with an email address and number téléphonique of the founder of a company, Graham Clark. A whole container has given an impression of pride and big quality in a product that in the turn gave, a client, the sense of confidence. A filter is very thin which is of entity in the lentil of wide corner to avert vignetting. They are very pleased in fact with a compraventa and unhesitatingly recommend this company to another.
5 / 5
In my opinion, has a lot of frames there which ensure impacts a lot of minimum your image. Mina, this mark extracted each one has bitten also like any of a level a big plus some, but where really underlines is in like this easy is is to clean. In my experiences, has a lot seldom have anything glielo sticks to to him which can a lot quickly take with the paintbrush. So only a minimisation of time is spent to clean the, he really done this mark underlines mine. It could it does not recommend main!
5 / 5
Has ordered this filter after reading descriptions and looking in a web of place of company. His web of place (at the same time) has declared that they were an acute plus UV the CALM filter could buy. Any where in a web of place said has not applied to the respect UV filter.
Has had a filter in my lentil of the cannon and a reparation of lentil has required. I have sent he in the Cannon and had him reparation he. In a Cannon of the documentation of the turn has written, 'For your information, a filter of the at present attached lentil to a lentil, significantly reduces acuteness of an image. We recommend any to use this filter or use different filter for quality of better image.'
I active there is prendido of then use a filter in my lentil like recommended for Cannon. I achieved it it was the Breakthrough the photograph and this was his response:

can require You the highly polished filter glass (also sometimes known like HD glass), which is where a filter is polished more than gives a surface of glass the main optical clarity.

Our X2 and X4 both active HD glass, while a X1 no.

Our X4 the filters of series are our cup of a line and more acute.
Has recommended always to dip a better glass in the lentil of camera of big final (that has the glass adds).

Differences among UV FILTERS:

X1-UV FILTER- a lot of
the glass done in Giappone Ultra-slender ()
Marco: Slowly of black aluminium

X2-UV- Filter-better
AGC Glass (Giappone)
nanotec® Nano Coatings
Ultra-Mark of slender Traction®
Marco: CNC machined Aluminium

SCHOTT B270 (Germania)
nanotec® Nano Coatings
Ultra-Afamada of Traction of slender Brass®
Marco: CNC machined Brass

is for behind the each one like this of our filters to be free of defects in of the materials and workmanship for 25 years of an original date to purchase when used low conditions of normal shooting and for a purpose has feigned.

Ours guarantee does not apply to hurt accidentel, unreasonable use or negligence.

When I Purchase directly of our website, has the 300 turn of day civilises without restocking costs, free nave and 0 tax. Like this calm can buy it and yes for any reason to any one likes to you calm easily can take the repayment saws method of original payment.

One 300 turn of the day to police is still compraventa of our place, and does not extend to the retailers… owe that atener the police of turn of the retailers.

Feels free to achieve was with any questions!

Utmost on, will not be purchasing of them again and will use again B+W Filters exclusively.
5 / 5
This UV the filter is coming amiably has packed. It is a lot slender and easy to ray in mine lenses. Compared to mine another UV FILTERS, is very easy to clean. It alleges to be the time there is sealed, although it has not been that that means of then does not see to focus of hule in a filter like the time there is sealed lenses usually do. Like another reviewers, there is remarked a reflection of the light source in this filter is almost white, with has maintained he of light blue/purple, different the majority of fines-coated filters, which have the greens have maintained. With a filter on, there is not remarked affects an acuteness and a colour of an image.

This in spite of, am disappointed with his control of claves, and in concrete an image of ghost when signalling a filter/of lentil directly to the light source. Of course, a better way to manage the claves is without any filter. But some filters the better work that another in this zone. I have compared this filter with Hoya Pro1 Digital MC UV(0), which sells in a row of the prize still like this filters on Amazon and ranked like 1 for in his UV test of filter ( [... ]). Please see the mine has has attached photo of the simple (any like this scientific) comparison of these two filters. He so that has better options in a row of same prize when you really cured in an action of UV FILTERS.
4 / 5
At the beginning was less than pleased with this filter and was in a verge to send it behind. With which takes he of a box, there is remarked was a bit dirty and required to be cleaned. It does not think it it has been used, but instead can have seated around in some less conditions favorecedoras before it has been sealed up in a plastic chance. It has been done worse for a fact that has ordered the B+W polariser some same times and he am exited of his chance in pristine condition without cleaning has required.

While cleaning for a better part of 15 minutes has thinks that has had some aberrations in a glass that has not been to surface contaminants. Probably it would not be enough to aim in the images have based in his measure, but surely would be a nail in a coffin to purchase another element of this company again. Like the regime there would be it, that has thought was the subjects with a glass have begun to exit in that was to be mine last tentativa in taking them. Everything looked well after all a time has not expected to dip to the filter of new mark.

The shooting with this filter has been of then add. I clean easily, rays in smoothly and does not create any noticeable sprain in of the pictures. The swipes of powder was quickly and water spotting starts with minimum endeavour. In my Cannon 17-55mm lentil, some photos do not have any noticeable chromatic aberrations or has lived fringing when shooting wide of focal period further the one who some products of lentil in his own. In all mine with/without tests, there is not founding a lot of where is evident there there is included the present filter which is not something can say for another has had in a past.

One trying of the field speaks for him this in spite of and is done well several months of use. Included in 17mm how is a wide end of a lentil mainly am using this on, a colour fringing in some flanges is no worse that a standalone lentil without the filter. In an end of a day would purchase this filter again and recommend it to another, but one first impression could use the bit of work. Ossia Prime minister of mine produced of Breakthrough Photograph and I certainly look in his lineup for compraventa future.

- Easy to clean
- No noticeable to the sprain has compared to the standalone lentil without filters
- the prize Adds has compared to competitor more expensive
- Works with pinch of discharge of centre of lentil of the type

- edges of the aluminium can not be like this robust likes the brass yes plans the take on and was frequently. Ossia More for awareness that anything this in spite of and is the trade was for a point of prize.
- Has arrived dirty

Top Customer Reviews: 39mm X2 UV Filter ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Compared to the frames sweat better/main: pricing is much lower, attention to detail (service of client, packaging, etc) is much bigger, and do/the apt/arrival of real product is at least in leaves with cameras OEM (I thinks better). After the few shots of hundred in defiant lighting (inner clue) can see any negative effect of this filter in the 70-200 f2.8. It can any gone bad with filters of APDO!

Update 10/2016
By means of the few seasons to shoot countries of crosses of the institute and field/of interior of external & clue, this filter has seen all can imagine in of the terms the conditions read, time, and managing. Absolutely satisfied in every aspect of action, on until last week. In the hasty moment has seated my stock exchange (comprising lentil pre-is trace on organism, neither protected for his chances) & has listened the nauseating crunch. The filter had done a definite sacrifice, but a lentil was undamaged. $ 49 For the new filter is the better whole plot that $ 1800 for the new lentil! A lot still annoying to spend for a process to look in other filters, so only found my old order & clicked on 'the buy Again'.
5 / 5
A container has arrived punctually but a filter was dirty and obviously had been opened and cleaned with a red rag - has had small pieces of these red rag in some grooves of a ray in piece together with pieces in a filter he. I have tried to clean my new 70-200 2.8 lentils with some red rag and then has had red bits in this lentil.... I have launched out of one craps rag and cleaned it up with the pertinent microfiber cleansing of lentil. A filter resembles record a lot but has not appreciated a fact that arrived it dirty and accompanied by the disintegrating what red.
4 / 5
Some box, so only does not think roughly until it neither fails or have the occasion to see something concealed is better way or the worse way. When it Comes the UV the FILTERS always had gone with models to estimate reasons that difference could have? Besides, a $ $ $ required to go for another train. But, when I recently chosen on the new lentil (and ossia my new workhorse) has given a no on my game of filter. Seriously, it is hard to describe how much better is on some other filters have used. And, it concealed it is not saying was junk. So only I am saying ossia better way . Right out of a box feels very done and sturdy, is gone in easy and is remained there, a glass is the clear crystal and ossia a big shot for any one has shot apresamientos. It has attached the photo of my daily clock to aim you that I bad. This is to be do was tripod, hard florescent the tall lights but was to dip corners and heavy naturalidades light going in of the window immediately behind me. And, a photo is crisp and clear am happy has done a movement.
5 / 5
Excellent construction, flawless glass, thins enough to prevent any vignetting 24mm (FX lentil with organism of harvest=36mm), still has desire of additional external edges to ray on more filters. Unnoticeable Chromatic aberrations, and some colours are remained neutral without quell'accuse estaca of white-balance, or adjustment in a field.

Can be difficult to take if your use asks a scrolling of a UV filter like the tread in an external coverage is has located so only each one that 120 terracings and is not the deep tread.

In general:
would recommend for users that is not to take his UV thick filter, is to take a filter for other applications, would recommend to purchase a X4 version, as it moves of a filter in a X2 can be difficult with a superficial tread in an outside of a lentil. Global good filter.
4 / 5
Has bought this reason my need was urgent and was 5 star estimated with 295 descriptions. When I recieved thought it in him has to that be any that joke or it hoax. It is in fact the tear was. It is an extremely thin the threaded coverage that am expecting is aluminium but feels like plastic with an extremely thin piece that expect is glass but again feels like plastic. This for $ 49? A cost of build has to that down $ 1. I seat bobo to buy it and am a lot disappointed that has done.
5 / 5
Ossia The classical chance to take that stops of has paid. In this chance have paid the prize of the prize and I have received the product of prize.

Has bought recently the Sigma 50mm f/1.4 DG HSM lentil of the art and I have loved the filter that any one so only protect lentil of mine, but could maintain a lentil' natural acuteness; it listen other filters that sprain of cause or when being fingerprint the magnets and am happy to inform this is not one of them.

There is remarked also any glare that the shoots have included directly to the light source.

In general, the piece adds and felizmente would buy more for any future lenses decides to purchase.
4 / 5
Everything in this filter looks a lot well has thought was and quality of cries. I do not see any negative effects to use this filter has compared to go in of the skins in mine Sony 24-70GM lentil. A packaging is well has thought was and still has a no the residue that class of leaves of stickers in a chance that adapted to actuate his 25 guarantee of year. Yes, 25 years! I have not broken never the filter, and does not plan on beginning now, but is good to know this owes calm the things go lateralmente, Graham and his company are for his product. I want a bit ribs to the long of some outsides, he the easy incredible fact to loosen or presionar without concerning in the wrench. I go to jump to the filters squared shortly and Breakthrough will be in a cup of my cast. The prize adds and better action. Thank you Breakthrough!
5 / 5
Has purchased 95mm UV X2 for Nikon 200-500. Ossia Prime minister of mine Breakthrough compraventa of filter of the Photograph, all my others filters has been B+W. It has a lot of bed revises in APDO and decided to give come from that. The prize was also the factor in decision to buy. Here it is my commentaries - are gone in the shrink the box has wrapped, the interior was the plastic container to filter resembled that volume with B+W. A shrinks to wrap ensured that person, another that a factory has touched your filter and also, no the turn of any one. A filter was cleaned without the defects there is remarked. Wine with the red micro-line-of lentil of the filter and register-in information to register your filter for a 25 guarantee of interior of year 30 days of compraventas. A frame of a filter is done of aluminium and feels light-hanged, difference of a brass of the B+W, but also a lot like this expensive. My purpose is to protect a lentil of some elements, ossia muck and avert that they line a surface of real lentil when cleaning, like the protective filter was that I have looked for. It assumes, you fall a lentil, this filters probably does not take impact well, also has the thin profile. Because of a material of frame of filter of aluminium, need to be careful when screwing on to lentil, to avert cross-threading. One has created bars in a help of filter with grip when screwing in of the lentils. A glass/of lentil of a filter does not look to affect quality of image. It has shot the pictures with him was & on and could not see the difference, which is that I have looked for. In general, happy with cost of mine, estimating it 4 stars been due to a frame of aluminium. Some looks to filter to be the good value and quality. It has not shot any one pictures to a sun to verify glare, but all any direct sun the shots look well. It would consider to buy of APDO again.
5 / 5
Ossia My third compraventa of the Breakthrough filter. A quality and the action are unmatched. I have used to buy so only B&W, but no more. I have had to substitute the cpl which there was on taken and after the treat well of investigation, has selected a Breakthrough produced. They are like this happy has done. A filter is effective but thin in his effects. A resultant image is much more afterwards to the reality that has taken before. A nd the filter is like this excellent. I am sold in this company. Incidentally, when initially it has researched a company, has sent the question and has taken the punctual response of an owner. Impressing.
4 / 5
Has several filters of Breakthrough Photograph and has had a lot of @@subject until I have purchased 2x UV. This filter has caused all the classes of blue ghosting in some images. I am not sure state in era a filter or a new lentil. I have shot several pictures with and without a filter of a same image. Any subject without a filter. Sending it behind looking in a B+W Filters.

Top Customer Reviews: Hoya 49mm HD3 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 40 ratings
4 / 5
A sooner HD serious of Hoya has had to that character. A HD3 more so much. I did not try it control of impact (any unless any one loves me buy the sample to try😜) but have active quite experience with the pair of othe HD filters to confirm resist scratches, fingerprints and powder to the terracing more adds that another has used. If it was optical just Nikon or B+W is like this good. A fingerprint and the control of powder is hard to accept until you have used one of these for the moment - stuff so only does not stick !

I digital cameras modern do not require UV FILTERS like this entirely clears would do like this well. Utilisation these in lenses this goes to be spent roughly all day without discharges he of lentil. An aim is to prevent contamination of an element of lentil of the front. They are quite careful to the equal that protect of the impact is the subject of low risk -- powder and grime is the main worry for me.

These filters are not economic to the equal that want to do the mental evaluation that tractive in a cost of a lentil that is protected against a cost of a protective filter and a risk of harm.
4 / 5
Has taken a lot 'laboratory' photo with my Nikon D850 and zoomed on photographed microtext with and without a Hoya HD3 filter. I cant say the difference. Any optical degradation that it could relieve zoomed 800 in the 45Mpixel image. Exactly that loves to protect of lentils! For a dunno. Has several fewer expensive filters and does not look never to be to to the static magnet like him to him these is. Like this while they can harden a glass and resupply excellent optical results, tends to attract the powder more than any one another filter has tried. It is that the breaker of extracted? No - I active there is of then experiences much more of them. Highly recommended!
5 / 5
I digital cameras DO not REQUIRE UV FILTERS for photographic purposes. But a pro-quality lenses I use is often risks- of harm. Finally we have the solution that does not present Any optical committed. This filter is like a coating of the armour and you can forget takings spent of lentil on and was (or maintaining clue of where is).
Produced excellent!
5 / 5
In the first place, this the very well circulate polarised is supposition to do. But there is for additional profits---
the majority of CPL block 2 to 2-1/2 stops to light but this one spends 2/3 stop more according to Hoya (perhaps has included the point and averts for a metering in my camera. This is not trivial.
The HD3 the coating is advertized to be very hard and to resist fingerprints and powder. My surprised has found this claim to be true. In fact it takes some endeavour to leave the fingerprint and the powder tends to simply fall off.
5 / 5
Now possesses 10 of these for mine 77 mm and 72 mm lenses, could not be happier. As another has mentioned, these tend to attract particles to powder that it is not easy to fully take. This in spite of, are with a lot likes me he has had to do this sacrifice for any that has to that propiciado by use of lentil or worry roughly lining or breaking my expensive lenses. I smack one with the hammer (while any attached to the lentil lol) and has not broken or scratch, and ossia a lot enough for me.
4 / 5
These Hoya HD3 UV the filters are some the better filters have on used 4 decades of photograph. Usually it buys some accessories of same mark likes him camera and lentil that am using but no anymore. These filters look to repel contaminants and seldom require cleaned. A light whisk with the paintbrush of lentil or the cloth of more cleaned of the lentil is all apresamiento to restore perfect optical action. Now I am converting all of the mine UV and CP filters to Hoya HD3 filters.
5 / 5
Has received the element has used, included although I have bought the new product. It has been lined on and a focus had been opened.
5 / 5
This filter is a lot last to clean. Has A lot another Hoya the filters and is well. But a HD3 has been impossible to clean: something odd that will not exit . A filter has not been exposed to anything unusual. A damn the costs of what roughly eighty bucks, and would not buy one again.
5 / 5
Am not sure in a force of a filter of then has any lentil of paste of the mine anywhere still and am not interested for the try. But, it looks he absorbs a powder like this easily. I have taught has the coating to prevent or at least do an absorbent powder more difficult but no for me at all. A coating is so only the magnet of powder.
4 / 5
Ossia A more final polariser has not used never, an only defect is a big prize oh, but is for real currency he. A light loss has reduced so only well a prize of entrance but oil and water the resistant coating seals a shot.

Top Customer Reviews: JJC Multi-Coated ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 11 ratings
5 / 5
I like this seldom write descriptions, but this was such the mine big disappointment that could do not help. CRAZY ghosting, rendering 50 or more than the photos taken with him unusable. Used shooting it the pair and he have caused really subject, solves to have he and go without the protective filter partorisca a rest of a day there is @@give once that --which is to good sure any ideal in the setting of pair where the train can take has beaten the. It can not recommend. But it looks another master in a prize goes advance and the give shot that. For me I will be to go back to mine trusty Tiffens.
4 / 5
Requiring the UV filter for mine Nikon S (rangefinder) lenses, has chosen this JJC filter. It is the element of quality , mechanically and optically. It had tried another filter of mark (a pair of dollars less), but these (all has been sealed, new-in-the-filters of boxes) all there has been the thin film of haze in both sides of a glass to filter that has defied any one his attentively cleaned endeavour of a surface.
4 / 5
This does well to protect lentil of mine. It has to that have a bit good coatings in the, reason any one has included the commentaries is there - has any one affects on action of camera in all lighting. It looks a lot of fact of materials of qualities. Coverage of metal with edges of smooth working ray, and looks to be like this thin as physically possible. I will be to go back to this product any time take to new lentil .
5 / 5
Fines-coated, Thin, the quality has done, and 'Light transmission until roughly 99.5' -- I does not think you can beat this quality in this prize. It does not doubt.
5 / 5
A filter is quite thin but yes will maintain lentil of mine to take messed up is the add compraventa!
4 / 5
A filter adds foir zooms and wide corner of wide corner. Reason pays more? Utilisation these filters on all mine lenses.
5 / 5
One of two I bought like the present partorisca my sister with his new camera. It likes.
5 / 5
Easy to install, has done amiably in a lentil like the protective, mark some good photos slightly more vivid I supposition, like the plot.
4 / 5
Has required the Filter of Polariser for the external work, And,all this one has done ADDS!
4 / 5
Access with my lumix gx85 and good quality 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

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