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Top Customer Reviews: Dr.Meter 1330B-V ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
This metre is excellent! Work perfectly and is glorious. I have purchased in 2017. After reading the descriptions of 2012 a provider has the update based in feedback. Kudos!!!
(Coverage of sensor and case clasps is two examples of fixed.)

Has the plot of back and chatter of before revise and questions quite these acts by has DIRECTED. They are missing a misunderstanding presented by shorthand in an original question asked by some producer of random cupboard.

A response in that: No, this is not the good tool to compare the light is exited the available plant among the new red/blue FOCUSED and an old HPS or MH full spectre. In this task certainly fails. Like The and any one $ 5000 metre of this class has to. That is to say a wrong instrument .

There any nothing special has FOCUSED quite clear versus another type of light. It IS everything in a spectral response of a leader of sensor. A manual gives that response. I will try to attach like the photo later.

In general the sensor adds. Any only I help determine me beginning of approximate light if my lettuce of house grew (yes, lettuce, person another green) how one steps to mitigate burn endways, but also aided identify me some few problems of entity with igniting setups work.
5 / 5
I find this economic metre supremely useful to evaluate conditions to light in the local where are taking photographs and of the videos. This has said this is not the photographic exposure or metre to flash and alas yes is by train for the purchase like an economic substitute to use for this purpose will be disappointed.

This metre give you the mere to comprise Lux this reads that it corresponds in a brilliance in a room. Our eyes are surprising self adjusting optic miracles... They compensate for so many conditions that often have the difficult time those only which judges light or the dark conditions very is.

Video and modern cameras the cameras have sophisticated the metres of the reflective light built in them and yes used in some automobiles or semi-the road of cart will adjust some images take for global brilliance. Also they will predict if an exposure will be down or on-exposed in manual likes compared in the photo that is a same 18% ash. Very few metres of use of the people of traditional exposure these days. A problem for the majority is that they try to take the pictures or the video in dimly has ignited describes without the flash or another source of external light a camera (or calm) can try compensate with the shudder accelerates very slow, very big iso parameters, together with a wide plus that ploughed the the yours the lentil has available. He the decision is doing time while in this gone to take your better results. Because of technology of the sensor of camera has improved this less is that it imports these days that once was, but that is to say still the recipe for pictures and of the videos that has quality of poor image.

Use some readings that takes of this metre of light to the help decides so to pose in my squad and/or adjusts one lighting for one the majority of satisfactory video of the photo that takes half. One could conform a same thing to take pictures of sample and videos (that you more a time one has to do also), but fulfilling a metre to be the saver of time for the initial decision that marks. Has the much more sophisticated and much more metre of expensive photographic exposure. It is complicated more to pose up and is overkill for this purpose the majority of a time, but that is to say a type of clear metre that the majority of photographers is looking for.

These marks of metre only a thing... It measures a brilliance of visible light and gives by behind the number that represents any lux or sails of feet. There are calculators of free android and also maps that or hurriedly can convert these numbers in of the parameters of exposure, but this is not that this the metre has been designed to do. For the novelty has verified if some readings are useful for this purpose and has had blended resulted likes compared in our metre of real photographic exposure. Of this is not that a metre has been designed to owe adjustments of the mark in some results takes and a reflective metre built in a camera is more accurate. A metre of modern photographic exposure has much more options in a road that can measure the light and gives it much more flexibility. A one has has entrances and of the annexes for something metering and flash metering. Of course also automatically it compose he parameters of recommended exposure.

In my opinion that is to say the metre adds and for me has been the the saver of big time to evaluate and adjusting some conditions to ignite in a case where or has posed up video or photographic squad. Mays... This is not the metre of photographic exposure. While both are built in the similar sensors are not a same tool. This can not conform a lot of some tasks a compraventa a metre of exposure for how posed for on squad to flash. If you are trying to fine tune some results take of your camera this any one goes to help very he at all. I expect that that it is the useful explanation and also counts why the people have listened misled and another has said that any one is adapted for photograph.
5 / 5
I can say of self experience that those suppositions cual yours the heights grow the light is would have to when being pending of the phases of the vital development, or included to use some diagrams/of the maps given with growing the light is (FOCUSED is) still is guessing. The help of maps a bit, yes but by far would have to you invert the small money, the correct road, and using this element, will be impacted in a harvest of difference.

Michael L. It asks
'Can these measures very faint light in a dark - necessity to measure a bioluminescence of the arrow for the experience of science in a darkness.'

Has done only the small test competes the darkness with the only has DIRECTED the clear flashes, then only the mere light of half of canal of key is died, also has the light navidea uses only to some small currents in of the small projects, included to use the clear plus and only can say that YES this metre is supremely sensitive to ignite if any class. Of some sounds of places you doing, he very be perfect. It expects these helps.

Also wants to give the new update has had since abundance to time to use this. For any one using mylar grows the tents for interiors grow with DIRECTED grows the light is ( any insurance in HPS or T5 or or lights, only inform in FOCUSED grows the light is, Each SPENDS of the flap HAS TO BE CONCLUDED when measuring your clear because of a mylar this reflects a spectre FOCUSED in a centre. Very sensitive and a metre has used better so far.
5 / 5
I use this to measure clear level in several zones to grow several times. It IS the mere device and use lumens likes him unit of measure. It answers well and it gives reasonably levels of compatible light. I have not tried to determine precision since in general some levels of the light measure does not have to when being that accurate.

This the mere device is using the sensor of semiconductor to determine clear levels. Can be it posed in diverse scales according to some levels of light. Usually it uses X100 stairs for levels of only external direct and usually has measured of 700 in 1100 light of arrests of only direct. It falls in 20-50 in heavy shadow while it expect.

Be well to have which device could record constantly and perhaps has the wireless connection can record that. Even so it conceal significantly it augment a cost. For a prize that is to say exceptionally well.
5 / 5
Has this enormous fascination he on fire. Especially automotive lighting. I am not the pro like retrofitting headlights and material. But and it likes him buy headlight light bulbs, light bulbs in general. Memory behind when an only road can find light bulbs 'DIRECTED', and finds the ways and the only creations were in ebay. It have to it has had it this so and could compare a clear beginning in the each has DIRECTED /light bulbs VEILED and has purchased. A reason why and has bought he this times is so that and has mine of update headlights in mine 2012 toyota camry in HIDs, is heck alot more than shines that some light bulbs of halogen of the factory. I have DIRECTED at present lightbulbs in my big beam/DRL. But after reading this cause DIRECTED the glare and does not shine properly in of the accommodations of reflector. It decides return in of the light bulbs of halogens. I have bought 3 different types of light bulbs, 3 of philips, only different models, and and has wanted a clear beginning of a three.

Can not say a precision of this device, but while and can measure a difference among some 3 light bulbs, and think his quite well for me. :) Open And wait of has to until Tuesday to take a third light bulb to direct a test :)
5 / 5
It has been measuring DIRECTED, CFL and incandescent light bulbs to see that A lot it is 'entering' with the recoveries of light bulb and LUX can. You can convert LUX can in lumens, but forget it, only re-thinks your brain in LUX and calm will be much happier. The lumen IS a total quantity to be able in, but a light bulb expends that light in an arch, no the straight line, as although the lumens is a global power, LUX is a clear power in the concrete location. Only it instruments to think LUX for your spreadsheet, and be happy. As I have measured LUX of diverse has DIRECTED light bulbs and has discovered they all look to lose pot after the few minutes -- roughly, more than another. It interests to see a drop of metre after the few minutes, but your eye does not detect this loss. Some have DIRECTED stray 6 or likes LUX, some have lost 20! I attach small tool.
5 / 5
The metre was easy to order and is arrived exactly while it schedules. It was not sure cual to expect after reading roughly negative critics here in Amazon. The product arrived in perfect condition. Separated this era because of a fact that a metre is snugly packed in the good box, plastic for transport and storage. There is the 'bumper' substantial this surrounds a metre, further protecting it. Yes, a bumper has had to when being peeled has been to obtain access in a compartment of stack. Desprs unwrapping A stack and inserting it, a door of compartment has to when being screwed on with one of some two proportionate rays to do so. It has been occupied verifying so inner of clear and external levels, looking for the place to pose my glass crowned Sodynee box of storage of the clock with my solar clocks. These looks of metre to be substantially built, easy to use and to read. Like this far, some readings are very repeatable and look quite pertinent. My only worry is that a cape that connects a sensor in a metre looks the duty of small light and has any rubber grommets in any final to protect he of a wear and tear that would be likely of prolonged and/or the use has repeated. Even so it is not priced as to have to units heavier, or. It looks perfect for me and my applications have anticipated.
3 / 5
That is to say one of way down below-final the metres of available light in Amazon. It IS that it can expect for a prize. I tried it against a metre of light of the old equivalent has, and some readings are very similar. A photoreceptor chairs in a fund of the bowl-recess shaped, and of course the readings are strongly dependent in an angular relation among a receptor and a clear source. An offer of exposure four figures, with a left figure always 1. Like this, you have posed manually a field of 0-19.9 footcandles, or 0-199 footcandles, and so on. Quan Turning a unit on, an exposure defaults in lux. Manually elect fc.
One orange wrapper around a unit is in fact the removable case, very which or would use in an iPhone. A unit uses the stack of 9 volts, included. It comes with the black of plastic case very that is to say quite 7x10x2 inches.
Use this for architecture, measuring real footcandles in of the rooms, and for this purpose this unit is adapted. My big question, which will see, is how long a thing will last, and for how long was accurate.
5 / 5
Enough your typical generic metre, fixed to look the Fluke or Extech but in the tenth of a cost. It matches my VC99 multimeter!

I some work of architectural lighting to draw, and this was handier that it using finicky application of iPhone for fast and soiled measures, albeit less portable. Compared in my mate my old more Extech metre, his quite something-on. Fast readout and time of response, and a corded the sensor is more versatile that the similar economic units have attached in an organism of metre. Readout IS in Lux and FC, with peaking and controls. All can ask.

A downsides:
1. It smells it likes him to him the load of Port. If you have been there, it knows that I bad, but at all my smell of tools likes him that of these days.
2. An organism of metre is ENORMOUS so that marks. It Likes him it has said it, it looks the Fluke, and is in of a same measure. Dr. Metre (the name adds, for a road) has the model the small plus what another the mate possesses, and there is still to imagine out of a functional difference.
3. Any one concealed varies car or backlight. Any a lot of the big roads, but sweats the consolation the majority of multimeters has these days. There is the pair of models here in Amazon with painting backlit screens, but lose a far sensor. As it take it yours to choose.
3 / 5
At the end it finds the road to open it.. Any well for any in that has the instruction in inaugural the. Spent really some time to imagine was. The product is not bad tho.
Original description: ' I have expected it use the after I took it. Look can is was or can any one in that has the stack has comprised. Desprs clicked 'Pode' The button there is any reaction at all. I have tried then substitute or install stacks, and unscrewed all the rays but still CAN not find the road for the open and take in a place of stack! And there is not Any instruction on regarding the open and substitute the stacks excepts 'the unscrew'..... Desprs Unscrewed Everything, pulled very hard even so it can not ploughing... Probably it was necessary return it..'

Top Customer Reviews: Lightdow 12 x 12 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Enough he calms said then in the words that is this tool of White Balance is done the description of video those aims an element, if, and regarding the curve up. It IS awesome and done your photos and the so many better videos when doing in less than situations of optimum lighting. Please like a yes calm description the the expsito useful.
5 / 5
For less than $ 10, each photographer would have to have one of these. A verge be as the thin neoprene or lycra. Some looks of internal cradle very strong and durable. A surface has aforado research to be waterproof and is easily cleanable. A pouch of the storage is a perfect measure . It IS it took it include the loop in an end, so that it can hang it on something, so calm does not require to line it the front entered of a camera. Well it estimates.

Has taken the fast together of shots of the sample in the harm ignited (very cheap CFL lights), messy room, aiming Before and after balance of poses to aim fact of commission, using this product.
4 / 5
That is to say the handy little assistant that help you dial in a pertinent exposure in your monitor of wave. He the light is by train of the easy to record in the zone of aim or clip in the support, and is quite big that will be it easily discernible in field of half to close in of the shots. Has a control has glimpsed dread he way down below his expensive before you begin to go and can dial in your RABIES of exposure by so 18% and tones of rind.

CONSIDERING 18% GREY - has tried this in comparison in 18% ash of card I conditions of the known basses that light own in my monitor of wave, and my version is, in fact, 18% ash. Some descriptions have alleged that his is not 18% ash. While it can not see what the products took to know was the error of manufacture or error of operator, can confirm that the mine is 18% ash . Taken some same results that tea of one $ 300 ash of exposure cards? It was not so that it does not have $ 300 to spend in an of those. Even so, a reality is that you know your camera, knows so to read the monitor of wave, and knows so to expose properly based in that profile of picture is shooting (register or something more), then this will do since you and will do it easier in dial in of the shots that guessing or that uses the smallest solution. For a prize, can has done did not beat it.
5 / 5
In the first place, functionality. It IS the ash of card , as I expect it to give me 18% neutral ash in reflectance. And he never so easily. I have comprised the pair of pictures of test with Bambi. A first picture is inner, with light of the ceiling FOCUSED in a soft toy. A second picture is when a white balance of a picture is corrected with an ash of card. Any bad, is not the? Shot all my pictures in RAW format, and spend to use in the Mac likes him , only can upload of some photos in an application of Photos in Mac, vain to Edit, then Adjusts, and a card of White Balance. Mark Sure this selects Dye/of Temperature in a dropdown box, then clicks in a bit dropper-so well of icon beside a dropdown boxes, and then clicks in an ash of card. It corrects a white balance those uses an ash of card like the reference for neutral ash. Calm then can simply the copy and adjustments of paste and correct other pictures taken down some same lighting. Quite mere.

A Lightdow graycard arrived in the stock exchange of round of black polyester (plus or 4 inch less in diameter), with the small hoop in a cup of a stock exchange for easy annex in stock change of camera or rucksack for the clip or the caribena. Although a graycard material of the stock exchange does not transmit any one listens deluxe (any one that I preoccupy me in all the case), some laws of zip very softly without any glitch typically would expect of the bad stock exchange has built.

An ash of card in of the measures lucidas quite 12 inch for 12 inch when fully extended of his state blocked in a stock exchange. It IS essentially the very soft, in in to to the velvet likes him his of the tissue embroiled around some flexible quite plsticoes scaffold (to the long of some verges of an ash of card). Regarding the bloc behind in a stock exchange, only prpers winery some opposite verges of an ash of card, transfer in of the opposite directions. Quite easy, any surprise.

In general, his that is to say the better election that a card to regulate ashes of cards sized, simply so that I left me to take the picture of an ash of card without that owes bond my right of lentils in some cards ashes smaller.
5 / 5
It uses a 'Pro level' Lastolite the ash of card in that student is the product adds but finishing to purchase easterly the unit imagined for the neighbourhood of a prize of Lastolite produced, what a heck will buy or less beer next week yes was rubbishes . Well, it is not , it does not look so elegant likes Lastolite the ash of card but the looks of solids quite edifice and has compared also a colour of a two and expsito that is so much to good sure some same 18% ashes concealed is looking for to take that salda white honed in. It have to attach that a case to spend for a Lightdow is done of cheap thin nylon well that material and a Lastolite has the plus marries of sudden cloth.
...And since I am so happy with a Lightdow, is having this beer while I write this description.
5 / 5
Card of sum of white balance that it is easy to use once takes one hangs of him.

At the end has imagined was so afterwards he of the youtube video. Google 'As of the reflecting folds to circulate' and would have to be able to find the tonne of videos or a nexus in a one looked is down.
A lot of people have said that twist and then folds down the half but all this was angled an external point . That wants the mark is:
1 Control he for two opposite corners
2 Transfer each side in an opposite direction, now has to look the figure 8
3 Transfers again and has to bend up he and do the perfect small circle to return in his case.
5 / 5
This the loan little product that conforms my necessity perfectly. I have used to explode to do balancing to aim fact of commission in a field in my Nikon D600. Among the stock exchange of small zip and bursts opened when apresamiento was. I burst bad! It weighs like the plume and he are cloth under construction of the frame of the way of cape is very easy to pose up against the tree or anything in a field, place of white balance, then the band was. As it is so compact and down 4 oz., I Add for your stock exchange of train in a field. A frame of cape the fact less probably that the piece of the ash of card in swipe was. A way of cloth is possibly cleanable also. Only that has wanted for a field! Claro, cheap, reliable, practical. My D600 read an expensive ash but no a white face.

Here is regarding the curve behind up backwards so apt in a pouch: Note that is quite rectangular with 4 corners. With both pinch of tame two catty corners or opposite corners in a diagonal, does not import that two while they are catty corner. It spends Some 2 together corners so that it is pinched together in a half. It opens HAS 2 together corners and looks the class of form of butterfly. Lining a pinched the corners with or book, visit that hand inward in you so a backside of this hand-the faces have lined was and some 2 'wings of butterfly' expensive in you. Using yours another hand takes an inferior wing up and in ones the averages so now can pinch that lobule also with a hand that has some ways pinched. It opens lining all concealed with a delivery, spends an another lobule on and down up and, in the now pinched for the take each joint in a smaller measure and the slip behind in a pouch whilst in the now all pinched together. A lot to write down since you, but do this once and is the cinch for ever!
4 / 5
He that supposes to do cheaply. I can pose my interior of White Balance Rawtherapee or Nikon editor of raw image in the sure title of precision, achieving better in the each painting during a default image. (Albeit Using some anteriorly has mentioned tools, is a bit uncomfortable to emigrate parameters of white balance to and fro images. Rawtherapee Adheres in pp3 files, while Nikon the editor of raw image uses the separate preset card.)

Even so yes I can provide one $ 80 X-Rite ColorChecker Photo of Passport (MSCCPP), then purchases a Passport of to X Rites instead likes them the passport of X Rites the tool there is probably far patches by heart accurate better, multiple toned white patches, and 24+ patches by heart for calibration by heart. A tool of X the rites also can create the DCP profile since you camera, and creating DCP (eg. ICC) The profiles are very required using third editors of party of raw image. If you are satisfied with the editor of raw image of your manufacturer of camera, then ignores some tools some expensive plus of X Rites and only use this patches ash cheaper to pose at least your white balance, doing the surprisingly significant 60-80% difference adapts by heart of global image.

If it only is touching around with TIFF/images of JPEG or is in a supremely estimativa tight, then this tool this cheap plus will suffice.

As far as am concerned, has purchased besides a Passport of X Rites so typically use Linux third editors of party of raw image (eg. Rawtherapee) And recently advised has no default profile of the colour rid by a Nikon D5600 camera that of still. Also I am seeing the by heart significant incongruences among Rawtherapee and Nikon editors of raw image (eg. ViewNX-And, Capture NX-D, ...), Although this ash of patch has done result of significant synchronisation among some editors of raw image, still is seeing some anomalies to paint and while a Passport of X the rites resolve these anomalies to remain.

1) Very abordable.
2) Grey side does significantly the advisor that pose the white balance of the interior of raw image Rawtherapee or other editors of raw image.
3) Pertinent uses and is satisfied with the raw editor of your manufacturer of camera.

1) Any sure that time this Lightdow will last, in comparison in a Passport of X Rites.
2) HAS LIMITED application, aim and only ash colored patches.
3) A white side has the significant that texture of threads, in difference of a colour of X patch of Rites.
5 / 5
This was one of a compraventa has better that a photographer of amateur. If any calm still comprise white balance, please do your investigation. Reduce my time to edit so and in fact remarks a difference in a correction by heart of my photos now.

Bronzed Far cual in the product goes, transfers until the small 6x6 circle and comes with the stock exchange of zip to store he in this measure. Twisting it up like this in the wrinkles of cause of regular base in a card, even so, I these wrinkles does not look to affect his capacity in white balance. One 12x12 the measure is sum for the shoots to trip that requires the plot of movement.

Please notes that 12x12 is not very big, as I find me that it has to take very near in a card when using the first lentil to fill an integer viewfinder. Probably I will buy the main card for more professional (still) shoots.
5 / 5
Has wanted to something concealed could bend and situate in my stock exchange of camera easily. This card a work. At all elegant and some the white marks in a centre are painted any stitched as it can take with the card priced main. A side is ash with some marks of the aim and another are objective mere. It IS compact and economic. Only or look a 'frame' is the thickness of bit to stiffen a card to use so much can be the uncomfortable bit to bend. Has fellow the one who for some reason only has the problem these folds this type of things. Only it take it the bit of practice but is a desquels can any one in the to the east likes him to me the llama a figure 8 curves then could be better has been with something cual the Colour of Passport Checker this has the zone of ash of card and only fence until the plastic case. While it is more expensive as has very painting checker zones and comes with the colour that corrects the software could be better has been with him if you are not able to bend this type of cards.

Top Customer Reviews: White Balance Cards ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 56 ratings
3 / 5
It was very while it uses these cards in of the pairs and of the shoots of portrait in place of my more reflective/folding big colour or objective ash of X card of rites. Alas, while it looks the perfect WB solution, listens small, plastic, and comprising the lanyard, 18% ash of card has the tone of light blue. I have compared he in my another the ashes of references and he are only the too many bit far in a fresh side. I am speaking for 550 titles have been. For example, I have posed my Cannon 5D Mark II in 5600K. Shot an aim, ashes of cards and black in a Lightdow 12 x 12 objective/ash reflecting (which have been using for years) in my dispatch. A WB dropper in AdobeRAW recorded a Fstopa ash of card in 4650 +2 Dye, but a Lightdow records 4100 -2 Dye. WB Correcting a Fstopa images of causes of ash of card to be too warm.
5 / 5
So much easier to edit shots of the multiple that light.

Issues which in with these that is to say very useful... But here it is a fast and soiled.

Chooses the place... It takes the picture with your holding attaches some cards... Place on some cards unless it changes to ignite, and taken all your pictures. It opens When tension the in lightroom, uses a dropper in a card. Your white balance automatically adjusts with an ash. And then.... Then... You can select a rest of some photos with some same lighting and synchronises!!!

BRONZED FRESC! It opens Except hours during editing and my colours are issue more accurate! It does not know so it do not survive without these.
1 / 5
The product arrived without any packaging at all, only three by heart vain pieces the plastic was in the plastic stock exchange - 'first lanyard' posed in a box among others elements. Quality 'does manually' classical - the impressions of palm and hairs have lost in of the cards. The cards are tiny - there is not the picture only in the description those aims these cards in any common object to see a measure. At all 'in the first place' in the comprised lanyard - the cloth is misaligned, the pins of metal have moved one in a left wing and one in a right and an upper loop is wry. Everything except the cards was directly in one beats of rubbish. You do not want any hassle for the return, has wanted only a next client, any one to expect a lot.
5 / 5
He this poses of card in my stock exchange at all times now a lot of help to take a right of balance, the points of good reference use some blacks an aim or an ash.
These cards are quite a measure of cards to regulate and can having the habit to create the camera white balance (the same beat that it is done easily) or in production of clave if you photograph some cards in some clear use shot a eyedropper the tool can try each three to see that more records.

Some cards and the strap are very done, some cards are the mate the arrival and the plastic can be cleaned easily, and in comparison near in my monitor aforado and afterwards also 18% in Photoshop these are in fact 18%.

Has the plot of info in a grandson quite 18% and is importance in digital photograph (the cameras clear sensor), only takes can use any shadow of ash as well as black or aim to pose temperature by heart, often is the subject preferably at the end and often has posed only the where think that looks well.

One a photo has published is only the shot of fast wide angle down florescent light (dim clear in this) has cut down in an ash of card. I have tried then a card with a eyedropper (the camera believed) and a colour is instantly posed properly and while I can see mark the big difference.
If it have used a black or white card there would be subtle difference but more than the mould with an aim, an ash even so the always will be so near to correct he so that taking.

Could have zoomed in camera in a card and has used that to pose the fact of white balance, in my camera all precise is a portion of the centre of the frame to be has filled.

Can use these in eset exposure' also but the aim the plus the big ash would be more convenient, a fold in the objective ash also has the white side that can be it used like the reflecting

was emailed the book in composition as well as or on that to use some cards, the good touch thinks.
5 / 5
The May HAS has used cards of white balance before but is not to take or difficult to learn so to use. Read some descriptions where the clients have queixat in his small measure. Personally, the calm does not need the big card! I actuate Often the used the piece of any one is clothes or afterwards 18% ash in the picture in automatically adjust white balance. I seat that one measures of this card is only perfect. An inclusion of the strap does very good. Subject Only? The May Took an email with a ebook has mentioned in a description.

Wants to something compact and easy to use and mostly importantly, cheap, that is to say a product to take .
4 / 5
Until it informs of date (original description in the a lot of inferior):
in my original description, has declared that took only a lanyard without some cards. I am updating my original description here to say that a company has answered very hurriedly in my email quite has not answered some cards. They were very professional in a problem, and has said that immediately routed some cards in me.

Some cards are arrived in the pair of days likes him fianc, and is in perfect condition. As Some critics have declared, is the small small, but is very useful. A by heart resultant balance is slightly warm, but at all that it can it the the very when being pas fact with.

Original description:
took the lanyard. That is to say. At all more. I ask me I can the objective balances my camera with him?
5 / 5
A card of white balance is one of these things fulfil you the necessity but never taken around to buy. At the end decided to buy or and this one was an in the first place one has seen. A prize was a lot of he so that it takes one submerges. Quan Arrive was pleasantly surprised for a quality of some cards. They have not been laminated paper (which expected) but more than the plastic-material writing these very durable looks. Also opportunely they comprise the necklace for them so it can maintain the manually.

Very happy with purchase of mine and yes know what the white card is and his likes him necessity one, that is to say the good together . If you do not know that it is, your investigation, then returned and take this together.
5 / 5
Battle to pose a white balance when shooting inner (volleyball or games of basketball). Desprs Very flavour in upposition' in a class of light and uses one of some predefined parameters of white balance, bit a balloon and has bought these handy cards. They are the small small, but some pictures now are taking is so better. They are very portable and a fast emission lanyard annex in his ease of use. I want a fact is arrived calm (any glare of lights or flash) plastic.
1 / 5
Handy, The card to regulate sized place with black, aim and ash. A side of the each card is the surface 'lustrous' smooth, and another the side is the textured surface 'diffuse', probably to simulate the surface kills. Alas, an ash and the aim is too fresh for neutral adjustments. This based in the comparison with the accurate more x colour of rite checker. So much, you want your pictures at all look warm, for everything means to use this. But for accurate work, is useless.
5 / 5
Works perfectly. I use this to pose the fact of the white balance when shot (hobbyist). It substitutes a card of the colour of the goleada old start of a backside of the book. 3 plastic colour the cards decouple of a lanyard with ease. Quan Am shooting in the more photograph of half of product in my house, tends to spend a lanyard. Quan IS was and enough shooting, these cards returned in a side of pocket by side of my Amazon Basics stock exchange of camera perfectly. They are constantly with me has my camera manually.

Top Customer Reviews: Light Meter Digital ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 56 ratings
4 / 5
This device was eye -inaugural for me. I have not had any idea that under my fluorescent lights were when compared in my FOCUSED clear setup. This help me immensely while it renews mine in increasing spatial and creates the pertinent winter these lights for my orchids. An only complaint has is that it is difficult to read a screen when a sensor am directly under the light... It was easier if a sensor could turn or when being decoupled with the cord or something. I see to plot other devices has this characteristic, but they all cost the small more. For the producer of small time as me this device is ideal and looks to read true.

Some users have said a temperature has not been aforada properly. In my experience so far takes quite 30 minutes for a sensor of temperature to adjust in a room temp. You can very only take he in outside and expects it to read an interior temp properly while a whole unit is tibia and vice versa.
5 / 5
I have bought this for the photograph and he are very easy to use and units of change. But because of one onboarding temperature readout as well as the fire can see the useful easterly be for the people that grows 'vegetal' in his own little grow ops.
Knows more modern the digital cameras have clear and same sensors that begins that it adjusts in some ignite conditions for ideal photos, but wants to know a quantity of light in your subject for your own mental reference and the calm of whoever breaks a bank would suggest this.
5 / 5
I have bought this to evaluate a clear beginning of lights of therapy TRISTA and also describe to measure this intensity of lights in my house. Work perfectly for both applications. A metre is very designed, easy to use, and the accurate looks, at least enough for my use. Very pleased...
5 / 5
The desire has known to buy this before I have ordered several lights of therapy that later tried to be unsatifactory. Quan At the end took it this metre, with the precision could measure a lux in front of my expensive (measured in a bridge of my nose), and found the majority of the lights of therapy has declared in his production of light. I wound up that creates my light of own therapy to total the products have purchased of Amazon, and now has a better light imaginable, and far upper in those some offers of piece. I want this metre to provide an information I required and highly recommends a metre.
5 / 5
It uses this metre in my studio of macro of photograph. It IS reliable and fast and very easy to use. The value adds for a money and solid creation. I Like him his of some subjects tether one covers that has taken a clear sensor. It does not be missing that anytime punctual.
5 / 5
That is to say a metre of excellent light . It measures Lux, which are lumens/sq cm. Some coverages of field of only external full down and levels of half interior. Although has any level for the compare against, research to be reliable and repeatable. It IS well it has done it to it to him.
4 / 5
This object has taken my photographic experience in a next level. It likes him very modern hipsters, recently promote-photograph headed of film with an elderly SLR concealed has not had any stack. Without stack, is the brick that exposes film to ignite for purely of mechanic meso. Desprs Using this device during photograph, the chair like the person has changed. The May HAS USED to to think so very enough like some movements of light through spatial. It IS the tool that calm leave you to explore an intensity of light in 3 dimensions. An only reason does not give this to 5 indication of star is that I me mathematical to composed an exposure - and waste to print out of a map of exposure so that I am the masochist when goes in mental arithmetician. Typically it begins my calculation that knows that sunny-sixteen (SS) the intensity of incident is quite 90kLux - for what apropia ISO100 the exposure is F/16, 1/125s. It likes 45kLux is the SS -1 decree, he 22.5klux be SS -2 decrees, he 11.25klux be SS -3 decrees and so on (and knowing a number of decrees out of SS SPENT one to adjust exposure consistently). To the sure point has prendido to use this device so that a calm response give you (the clear intensity averaged in the hemisphere) is predictable. The clouds are usually -1 decree. The shadow is usually another -1 in -2 decrees. In all the case, want the number of the exposure has printed in a screen, this will not give you concealed - will require to do a bit mathematical - or printed out of a map of exposure.
5 / 5
I can compare clear beginning of fluorescent light in the light directed in lux or lumens or included can of sail in min or max road. He also the measure lumens and powers of sail of incandescent light bulbs or another source of light. Thank you For this product of final.
5 / 5
I use it multiple time by the day those controls my FOCUSED grows lit on room. This device is almost the second extension of my own hand now.

Does not have any tone there is better, but this one perfects for my necessities.
5 / 5
I can compare light start of fluorescent light partorisca light focused in lux or lumens or same power of goes he in min or max way. Also you measure lumens and can of the goes of incandescent bulbs or any one another light source. Thank you Partorisca This fine product.

Top Customer Reviews: Anwenk Grey Card ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 47 ratings
4 / 5
White balance -- a lot of entity wants to have your colours have reproduced properly when takes digital photographs. Truly it is that it surprises how long a digital camera apresamiento the white balance totally wrong and your colours look odd when revises some pictures in the date the late plus. My example is snow in the clouded day -- the digital cameras see blue, any aim.

I photos of shoot in RAW format and all my step of final JPEG (process of clave) in the computer. A very first thing is posed white balance . A second thing is correction of exposure . Here it is where these cards come at stake.

White card -- to pose the white balance for a scene is shooting.
Plants a white card in a scene and takes the picture, this takes a card was and reshoot a keeper picture
Accuse of clave, uses a eyedropper tool to click in a white card and voice a difference
commentaries of Mark of a temperature of pint and uses that ready for the subsequent photos apresamientos in a same light

Grey card -- that is known like a 18% ash of card -- half road among black and aim
This colour is what a camera strives to pose of exposure -- doing each apt 18% ash
use this card in the scene to pose your exposure properly -- converting your metre of camera in a metre of light of the incident
Very necessity in photo an ash of card, but has to pose your exposure those uses this anterior card takes a picture - characteristic of lock of the exposure

has not used never a black card.

A precision of the colour of these cards is well. They are quite small to maintain in your pocket of shirt and use in a field. They are done of plsticoes and clean easy.

If you are having problems with reproducing accurate colours of your digital camera, these cards helps tremendously once takes one hangs of his use. He correction by heart and the values of the exposure like prjima in something on while I can take.
5 / 5
Very good. 3 cards enter the lanyard. Aim, 18% ash and black. Each card is plastic to take like the card crediticia and exactly that it measure still. Has the 'dull' side and the eshiny' side. The value adds.
5 / 5
An easy small sake to spend solution for exposure and subjects of white balance in of the situations of difficult lighting.

This place of the cards easily accesses in the shirt or pocket of coverage.

My cement of digital camera has the rough time with balance of automatic aim if a scene that is to the shoot does not comprise expensive or green herb. Using this set of the card has done the easy for me to pose the fact of white balance for the variety in of the clear conditions.

Thought that it would be to use this in predominately compensate for the interior that ignites subjects when taking pictures of sculptures and plants. It go it also it adds for evening and of the snowy scenes and early morning that light when some turns of balance of the colour often.

Each necessities for hire of photographer or situate these.
5 / 5
These are exactly so declared, and adicins/wonderful additions. It leaves the level 18% card, so at least has the together like this to match another 'ashes of cards' against yes at all more.

The subjects of the white balance disappear to take one of these cards in a zone the photo will be taken, for use in camera or later in software. No more the colour these headaches of suppositions!
5 / 5
This set of the cards is very built and very convenient. I have used only the in the shoot of photo of the creature and they were perfect to combine natural and light of tungsten. Highly recommend it this vendor and this product.
5 / 5
At all these in everything of my stock exchanges he so that has the ready in the opinion of moments. It remarks that these will take smudges of plsticoes has left rubs them against the laptop or lentil of camera in the stock exchange. Another that this small subject has been I adds.
5 / 5
These will do quite well for the majority of measures of photograph but always have only the small bit of glare. A semence 18% ash of card would be the better election for totally glare of the emission measured but more the users very a subject.

No for scientific use!
4 / 5
The calm will not think that photos very yours and the videos result when pose the fact of white balance! This small together of the card is perfect and very easy to transport. That more amours? Very handy and reasonably priced. At all more to say, but go for raisin and vain accident 8 bucks - you very lament the.
5 / 5
It can not beat a value in these. Another, cards of ashes more expensive has used is done besides thin or laminated the material concealed is not up a lot into use heavy. And based in my experience, can not say this 'calibration of laboratory' is anything the value that pays extra prendi. An ash of card is the ash of card . This one looks to do as well as a pricier ones. It IS more durable. And less coast.
5 / 5
First impressions were a lot good... Sturdy The plastic papers with arrival kill, but with which some testing, Grey paper has produced the turn has weighed the green maintained when compared to a Xrite colour checker passport. It is also on 500 points am gone in some stairs by heart of Kelvin, as where I sample.

Some Black papers and Targets are more afterwards. It maintain it Is +5 to +10 to a green side and interior 200 points in Kelvin stairs.

Has taken pics with manual and transports the place of white balance in mine a99ii, which is attentive to within 50 points or less in Kelvin stairs when compared to a Xrite colour checker neutral aims.

Finally, am maintaining some black and white papers and tossing Grey paper. It is unusable like the reference of white balance.

Top Customer Reviews: X-Rite ColorChecker ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 52 ratings
3 / 5
Received today. The packaging was quite pathetic: the thin bubble embroils on not even quite big to close in a final (packing the tape has been used in an end with part of a box this clave was). On of the storage was angled the bit but the aim looked VAL inner.

A reason for the less than optimum the indication was that, for a prize, would think that each aim (or at least batch) would come with the CD or some means comunicacionales with the file of pertaining data in this concrete aim or batch. Taken at all anything so far like the colorimetric data and you have to download that on-line and hope that a generic file is quite accurate for any aim could take. A lot they same tries to give you the data in the calm paper like you used to to take with of an original ColorChecker.

Afterlife, Has not even the number of load or number of batch anywhere to be found in an aim or the box enter. Only 'January 2014 edition' in a backside. Seriously, for almost $ 300 it ships it, it thinks that that they could at least batch to distribute the colorimetric data has related.
4 / 5
The element is much bigger that a ColorChecker passport (which I also own), which advantageous meeting when needs to use the map to paint besides far was. I am an architectural photographer , as it is often of entity to use the map in a backside of my frame, where a measure of passport is only too small. This resolves concealed. A card is done of plastic (very) with the paper kills (less durable, but also less reflective and less durable, which are which subjects more) inserts/inserts for each of some colours. I wish a whole thing was plastic how can be it rougher with him and only launches in my stock exchange, but is sure that jeopardize a precision of a product, and that is or the majority of thing of entity with a card, so felizmente will live with him.

IS toying with an idea of glueing this in a backside of my ipad pro house (is only the touch the small plus that a ipad pro), likes I tether wirelessly in a ipad pro issues my eye-fine card, and this would mean would not be never without him or has an apology any one to pull he out of my stock exchange, while it already was out of my stock exchange.
5 / 5
Very it have to it has bought it to it to him this the mark of long time. If any one already has or and is reading this -just buy it. After going to want to something smaller as you purchase you a X-Rite MSCCPP ColorChecker in in to to the Passport him him like his has to done. Calm very precise so that. An aim a big plus is inner to add and some the external shoots but you very can not beat a passport for portability. A Colour Checker does a work and he have cost that gradient. It IS very he costs less except a fact to commission Lightroom profiles by heart for each of my organism of camera is a lot of to estimate a inversion. I have posed also this compraventa was also long: Datacolor Spyder4Elite S4EL100 Colorimeter for Calibration of the exposure very has any point those concerns quite a lot of management to paint if you not having aforado yours exposure. Desprs Reading a lot of descriptions have decided to purchase a Datacolor Spyder4Elite in place of a X-Rite ColorMunki or i1 Exposure Pro rays. I am very pleased with a colour of X Rites checkers + Spyder4Elite combination.
3 / 5
This has been doing very well, my main flu is transports and apresamiento and uses of tear. I have used to him it has a X-Rite that has had the case of plastic toe to protect a material and wish this or has done a same. Only no very convenient when is in the shoot to have that finds and plant this in the plastic stock exchange when any one into use. Such the better creation to be able in the just toe closed to offer protect. It has seen other critics that has treated some paintings of card to be lined to ship and the create. For such an expensive product coupled with a fact has used the protective case in a past, would think that would do that it conceal with easterly Shame of unit.
4 / 5
This element, traditionally used like the aim of the reference in photograph for reproduction and more, has the long and distinguished history. X-the rite has bought this card of industry of Macbeth objective level, or more precisely, Gretag-Macbeth Inc. like leaves of a buyout. Some could recognise he in the a lot of smaller stairs how or parts of some three aims that the helps comprise each three card and the combinations of the software announced likes X-Rite ColorChecker rays of Passport. If the cranes have any hope to begin to direct your colour has to aforar your exposure and all the devices have connected in him comprising devices to start with so of the printers and each type of paper. This requires an industry has accepted the aim regulates, the device in measure and pertinent external software. If you are the photographer or the designer involved in a by heart photographic reproduction that will be it each old hat. If you shoot RAW files, particularly will appreciate a difference can do. If controlling colour in your work in general is which want to-- all require--adoptive you to learn as much as can so that this card of aim is only a principle. It IS a mere part of the system that is so basic while taking. If you are serious quite colour for publication or printed of exposure, has to trust the one who the views conditions controlled down, according to agreements of graphic arts to do hurriedly, precise tests. We require an education to result sufficiently wise in the colour corrects our photographs according to levels of industry. For this I bad has standardised agreements that is independent of any the preferences of the user or personal opinions. It IS in a sharing he of such agreements these covers the significant communication quite pint with other professionals that also adopts national levels. Otherwise That mark in our own is arbitrary. Certainly, the million of people prefers to do only that the road that comprises some professionals. Even so, of the practical perspective, law without the management by heart tends to waste the plot of time, material and money. The majority obliges of everything, so that produced unpredictable and disappointing colour results.

This aim is not self-sufficient. It IS of entity and necessary but is only a component. For example, I have bought this outrage already possessing the ColorChecker ray of Passport so that so convenient like the small case of this aim (this access in the pocket of trousers) can take the most accurate readings of the aim the big plus. That is to say some so that my cameras can be further out of an aim with the variety of lenses. For the mere example, to come too close up in an aim can distort a colour recorded by the colour has launched that bounces out of my cloak or shirt. Quan Spends behind to do your photographs are highly unlikely is still quite afterwards to bounce this colour launched in your subject. A whole point here is to do the aim that takes a same colour that achieves your subject for any one situates of the profile of the clear condition with the concrete camera and dulcemente. Yes, you possess lenses of different manufactures, a colour sufficiently will vary that it was perceivable in a untrained eye. Your applications and the clients can require levels and of the different latitudes. Big very always has to be better. Some combinations of circumstances this a lot of the aim the necessary big plus for me. Your necessities and igniting the conditions can be different. By everything means of his measure, a ColorChecker required of map for enough pictured the be big to be read using the software of Passport of X Rites in your (hopefully) the exposure aforada recently. Different creating yours calibration of exposure or profiles of the paper will not require the peripheral device, the spectrometer by heart, to read a colour. To create the profile for your concrete camera will take upper results, more the colour of consistency adds and predictable under any number in of the clear conditions. If your conditions in light vary and they out of a studio, or wants to aforar a camera with the filter to polarise in the, will require to do individual profiles. And obviously it has multiple cameras, each necessities to be has done.

Has reduced an indication for or stars for a quality of poor manufacture, an excessive flexibility of a card this backwards. It IS unsuitable. These precisely controlled, silkscreened the patches are trace in the joint in back, concealed in Macbeth day, was far less susceptible to angle. A solution is not difficult or expensive. X-the rite is simply counterproductively frugal.

That is not the superficial complaint. You want to be able to picture all the patches on exactly a same plan, that means the flat surface to eschew differences in of the densities, boos, saturation and eschews differences in some proportions and direction of so original of clear sources and has bounced. Consistently, I Have done my own, more substantial behind to remedy this. Quan A paid $ 60 in $ 70 for a page sized card without any software, the problem fix me X-the unnecessary problem of the rite that could resolve pence of arrests. Macbeth Has done. There is not any apology, X-Rite. I complain But I am appreciated still to have such aim. The majority of folks will be satisfied perfectly with a basic X-Rite MSCCPP ColorChecker Passport, which comprise the pocket sized ColorChecker, two other aims as well as software. That is to say clearly the better roads. In any case, anything uses, takes your colour under control for less than stressful and better work, repeatable has resulted.
5 / 5
Petit, still quite big and easy to use , slips in side of pocket by side of stock exchange of camera...Sper Easy to do calibrations of the camera done of commission for use in lightromCC as well as in dial in a light in the session of photo
5 / 5
This was the product adds . I am returned mine even so to take a Passport (the smallest version). This was the bit in big for me. Has wanted to something could line in my hand in front of a camera and the pause shot it. This, although the law adds to correct colours, was in big. His so big like a piece of paper 8.5x11. So that it calm of who priest in a measure, that is to say cheaper and to work also likes him the passport.

Has been surprised in a correction to paint this gave me. Im No the pro but like me to have accurate colours.
5 / 5
Why I expect so long to buy this? Wow The Correction of the so more the easy colour. No more guessing games and some colours in my pictures are fuller and vibrant. To good sure recommended.
5 / 5
There are 3 good uses for the this, which are why I would recommend another YouTubers the buy. In the first place, the aim these balances in an of some plants ashes with my NEX-5T will do this colour checker looks exactly in in in joining it to him to video likes him his of him in reality, and any work of clave is neccessary. Before it use it object very next to aim or piece of paper, and these marks clear that bad these works. Segundo, if I have done any one the balance that uses this but has aimed he in a camera in all the case, DaVinci Resolves automatically can fix some colours...Sometimes. Thirds, so that it resolves very always fix the scene magically with east, to be the good together of colours in some shot and in front of me while grading can manually the white balance and he then knows each in a scene is a colour has to when being. The desire could have provide years of marks.
5 / 5
At all a lot to say... Colour of industry regulates checker... It has Had one of these since begun in picturing done 37 years. My old one had taken too soiled, has substituted he with the clean brilliant unit informative
is the pro, already has unit
If no, takes unit

Top Customer Reviews: Dr.meter ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 22 ratings
5 / 5
A metre of works and good basic light for me. Very easy and mere to operate. Only it say it Lux and sails of Feet. You can google to do a Value of Exposure (EV)/Lux conversion. Only wish the be able to read a temperature by heart.
4 / 5
It IS the metre of mere light . An exposure is big and easy to read I still under lights of brilliant light. Bending the helps of sensor reduce glare on exhibition. The only worry would be a coverage for a sensor hangs down under a sensor. When being well clashes to plant so that it is not in a so much road. Well it estimates a money any road.
4 / 5
It looks kinda odd to use the lux metre for the full spectre that DIRECTED of lights, but is relatively accurate in a visible spectre. Very better these applications of mobile phone. And I am sure calm has remarked a pertinent PAIR the metres for the readings of full spectre are $ 250 in $ 500. That is to say the cheapest alternative if yours in the estimativa! I have bought this so that I can use the ballpark estimativa of lux readings to determine location of my light FOCUSED in the grow room.
5 / 5
This metre of light is enough to surprise. Work in of the so many different levels. To well sure listen it accurate. It compares lux beginning of some specifications of the lights and he look to be fatality on. It can measure Lux in 20,000 Lux thinks. A clear metre also has the sensor this turns everywhere measures different angles.
5 / 5
This metre is doing exactly that has bought he for,and still although it is mostly plastic the still research to be a device of accurate measuring.
5 / 5
Works while it has to use he in my houses of bird to take one lighting properly
4 / 5
We use for photos and my threads, and uses for experiences with clear. Good product.
5 / 5
This metre of light has had a better prize could find with some characteristic has wanted. I am satisfied with his action and facilitated of use. It looks quite durable through several sessions of use. Comparing he in another metre of light has given compatible results. In general, I am happy with this compraventa
5 / 5
This light metre there has been a better prize could find with some characteristic there is wanted. I am satisfied with his action and facilitated of use. It looks quite durable by means of several sessions of use. Comparing to another light metre has given compatible results. In general, I am happy with this compraventa
4 / 5
This hand-held light metre is easy to use and the battery is has comprised. I especially like a rotatable boss and the socket of ray for the tripod.

Top Customer Reviews: Sekonic L-308X-U ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 44 ratings
4 / 5
Yep, Has think that this metre would be compact and the metre of good backup. After using he partorisca the week and taking all the classes of odd readings have @@give a slider in a cup was free and flopping. It feels works & like the $ 25. Metre.
4 / 5
A Sekonic L-308X-Or Flashmate the treated of Light metre to the equal that has announced. Taking the readings is easy, and the exposures were well in a mark. I have used the Mamiya RB67, totally manual camera, and was able to take perfect exposures in the variety of shutter speed and inaugural readings. Highly it would recommend this metre partorisca photograph that requires precise readings.
4 / 5
While some have declared that a unit feels economic, and can comprise that it is saying, is very light. I see that like the profit and partorisca a work I that the characteristic is has very appreciated. It is attentive, easy to program and regulate like this required that. A subject only has is that a Lumidisc is not comprised with a light metre, is the compraventa separate partorisca around $ .
5 / 5
Has been concerned in a prize at the beginning, but after using this light metre one very first time felt very better. That are says is any plus 5 or 6 shots that tries partorisca a right exposure or beginning to the photo that modifies partorisca the fix. They are able to properly expose immediately and minimise a process partorisca retouch. To good sure a tool abordable partorisca yours box.
4 / 5
Global good metre. It has not been able to try an environmental exposure was still. Light and easy to use, like this far my flash the exposures are after state but look partorisca be on for roughly 1/2 stop. This so only could be the mine that takes used to a metre and learning a pertinent placing.

This metre that need minus some of an elegant material other metres that cost substantially more. The exposure is quite easy to read for my old eyes and is light weight like this easily goes to a stock exchange of camera.

For the right advances to flash/calm environmental metre any fo bad with east a.
4 / 5
The tool adds! They are not in a level where requires the metre with whistles and bells of entities, like this ossia perfect. This measured his work with simplistic managing, quickly and adds for place on multiple lights. If questions a light and calm takes photo this is the tool adds. Any I really uses it external but in studio, wow! Nizza...
4 / 5
A lot of gain and perfect exposure every time. They are very happy with a product and has pleased has not had to spend the fortune to take the metre of confidence.
5 / 5
Has big hands, like this ossia the device a lot compact that easily I can fall if I am not careful. The good thing comes with the strap along that I can hang around the mine with the. I maintain with me while they are with camera. It is indispensable for uses to take a right quantity of light with my strobes without the plot to guess and shots of test.
5 / 5
Would owe that it has bought done these years. They are now able to dial my settings of the besides fast camera and not taking multiple shots that tries to find a right setting.
5 / 5
So that has a phase cornered and respect that is selling the units that a prize is dipped well. But the unit feels súper light weight, the chance creaks so that it resists it. I marvel me in his durability of long term.

Like this probably is doing the murder of these things he been the good gesture to comprise the battery and a Lumi-disk in planting to to offer likes them the thirty option of dollar, some control of water would have been well in a point of prize. Unless there is something am not comprising on some complexities of a device... It feels he taste would owe that side of the neighbourhood to half that is touching.

The precise phase more competition, Otherwise looks to do his work.

Top Customer Reviews: Datacolor SCK200 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
The cost checked Partorisca those of you concealed is exploring here and is in a fence (how was) has based on some of some negative critiques, would like me offered an additional point of view.

1.) This device is not done of economic map. While it is not the hard solid plastic, is not "map" fragile, and looks partorisca be coated with some discharge of plastic or that does vinyl the "durable quite" partorisca a task. It comes with the plastic sleeve partorisca travesa and storage. There is the small risk that this could take bent yes mishandled, but yes cure to store and transport it properly, will be well.

2.) $ 50 Partorisca the piece of colored the plastic can look in a cup, I precaution of must concealed is paying partorisca a science by heart, as well as a material this resupplies attentive colour in spite of glare and reflected. There are fewer expensive versions in EBAY and Amazon that looks partorisca fulfil a same thing, but will find that they are fewer attentive basses insurances lighting, and DaVinci does not recognise this generic colour checkers. Instead, a SpyderCHECKR is a less expensive option that looks partorisca be software-has recognised.

3.) Another mark has the good chance, but does not think that well an extra $ $ $ partorisca my needs. A SpyderCHECKR also has objective the palette of white balance in another side.

I use a SpyerCheckR partorisca match disparate branded cameras. In mine first tries today, has taken my Cannon t6s and my Lumix G7 and has filmed the short scene. It was very impressed with a workflow partorisca use a SpyderCheckR with Davinci Solve generate 3D LUTS partorisca each camera. I have used LAW is in Premiere/lumetri partorisca create matching scenes. A process was also quite easy.

A result was the images matches concealed is "near quite" partorisca me, and am quite sure that my clients would not be able to relieve a difference. Coming from my past unsuccessful tentativas partorisca match cameras manually, chair like this small piece of plastic there is upped my quality of production as well as it has asked my workflow. It has attached my graded/ungraded tests partorisca folks partorisca revise.

Finally, if mixes of the ones of frames of cameras, ossia a less expensive, Davinci-the tool has recognised partorisca ensure that some colours of your party of shots by means of frames of camera. Highly it recommends this device.

(FYI, has not been paid partorisca this description, neither given the free product - I has purchased this tool because it fail partorisca take some colours by means of my cameras partorisca match)
4 / 5
Easy checked cost partorisca use in a Season Lightroom-Photoshop workflow, and profiles of correction by heart of builds that can be batch-has applied. A backside has a paper excellent ash partorisca calibration of digital camera. It comes with the plastic sleeve a lot of gain to protect of light and muck. Shot produced of beauty partorisca one of my clients, and this dramatically has improved accuracy by heart partorisca on-line use. It has it that admits was the bit partorisca confuse an a lot of before time, but calm once comprise a process, is not difficult at all.
4 / 5
The cost has checked Gives Vinci Risolve users: has full support in software partorisca the fast colour that salde that it use this map.

Does not need another.

Uses this one.

Saves Money, and take equally good results.

Is welcome.
5 / 5
The cost has verified Some colours look attentive but is more cheaply done that I thought it would be partorisca of the money. It is basically map/of paper. Calm does not take any one a lot partorisca a price. It maintains in your studio because yes calm take it was to a field, taking wrecked.
5 / 5
The cost verified has had the time adds that it uses a SpyderCHECKR 24. I have been eyeing one of these partorisca the while now and decided, after another recommendation of the consulting has trusted, now would be the good time. I have tried he in of the multiple venues (p. p.ej. Sportive chances, portraits, actions of theatre, beach, etc.) And is not never state disappointed. Has thinks that that this could be too the time that eats partorisca the no professional, but does not find that a chance at all. I do not owe that maintain everything of mine place of camera exactly some same to take some same has customised result (although it thinks partorisca one the majority of the possible optimum results, can). For example, in a beach has been of Manual Way, to AV Way the way of television and touched with a risarcimento of exposure, faced to a sun, for behind the, etc.). It has not had the need to abandon a profile by heart/preset creates partorisca you. It shoots to plot of musical theatre and a constant lighting transmissions (colours, quantities of light, spotlight colour(s), etc.) surrenders Some of a preset is resulted no-useful; this in spite of, ossia an exception , and no a principle. Constantly I take asked reason my pictures are like this coloreados and different. This sticks that indictment the relative breeze.
5 / 5
The cost has checked Ive has used a x passport of rite partorisca subject upper small material, but partorisca inner, his too small. I have bought this reason a X rite is 2x so much, as I have imagined would try this first. The ones of the that use the paper partorisca paint a lot of partorisca inner of then all I shoot is usually modern, aim and clean interior. This in spite of lame roughly heavy mixed lighting material occasionally with wierd colours of wall, east need some help besides my eyes and memory.

Seats like a workflow with this one is slightly easier that a X rite, BUT his trivial. If youre has used to xrite, or has not used never the paper by heart, this one will do equally like this good.
4 / 5
Spent the map checked of paint Abordable that it is attentive and easy to use. DaVinci Solves has this map partorisca paint built in the colour done that breaking two camera of video very easy. There is matched BlackMagicPCC 4k ProRes 422 to Sony FS5 fact partorisca commission Cine4 instantly. My exposure was slightly was and there is not remarked until after a party by heart. Now I know to slightly underexpose Cine4 in a Sony when shooting with a BMPCC 4k.
If you are photograph it or cinematographer and wants to quickly match different cameras, ossia a better way to go goes to spend less than $ 120. It does not buy any maps to paint more economic that this one. They are significantly worse quality and any value your time.
5 / 5
Spent the option checked of Excellent price. It can not to force me partorisca pay in $ 100 partorisca another so only he so that it can close a chance. Be sure to in fact dipped he in a shot - the mine always finalises partorisca remain in a stock exchange of camera.
4 / 5
The cost has verified Ossia quite sizeable and sper easy to use. Leaves of software a lot to be wished. No really the Lightroom just launches an application. I am buying to a complete system this in spite of. It is that effective.
5 / 5
Capture partorisca Purchase verified A Pro Users beware. All tutorials is partorisca Lightroom so only. All download the software is partorisca LR so only. CP1 And colour of the data is not user-friendly. I have been to any small question that tries to try this otherwise in expecting save some money. I will be partorisca turn the to purchase X Rite.

Top Customer Reviews: X-Rite i1Display ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 13 ratings
5 / 5
These produced is not generically easy to use like the beginner. It comes with the user of manual of the tiny fast start concealed calm leaves you in slope and he then swimming. Any aims in an installation and use, any decent video, the manual of any downloadable user.
If you are the very anticipated photographer and know that all this material is on there, ossia well, but is advertising this like the product of beginner. UPDATED the week later....... Taken by means of partorisca sustain of the technology and they look very learnt and useful. We said me to us there it was the canal of Youtube there is poured in tutorials in Xrite. This would have to that it has been clear fact to a-boxing. Also call this number partorisca support of technology 800-809-4991
5 / 5
Honradamente, is not never state surprised for Datacolor Spyder to I decided partorisca give X-the rite tries it. All can say are am not impressed of X-Rite neither. Has two monitors partorisca my video modify system. Seating next right to the each one like this another. Both were on state partorisca quite some time when I have tried aforarles. A process has been a key and to the left go to do. Aforado The Both (a legislation after another) less than 10 minutes. I thought that it that it was awesome. Until there is @@give that some monitors have not looked some same. It is a point of aforar, well? Compatible colour , attentive. Some monitors have had boos by heart different as well as white/levels different blacks. One of them could be I does not know as it could be. It likes turn. The photo has attached. More pronounced in person.
4 / 5
Now I have the PLUS, but i1Display the studio was my tool of aforar partorisca roughly 2 years. I have wanted to you love/ it That. Now my assistant uses it. It is like this critic to have a monitor with accuracy aforada. If you are I photograph it and it does not have your monitor there is aforado, calm does not have any idea that is aiming a world. And xrite fact awesome tools of calibration. It uses his material partorisca impression and calibration of camera also. But you have to that at least beginning with your monitor! Ossia That a i1 Studio of the exposure done. And he he perfectly. And easily too much. There is the professional way and an easy way. Like this still if you do not know like this partorisca do anything, some walks of calm software by means of him. It is it adds it calibrator.
5 / 5
These works of device. It dips a software partorisca D65, 120 brightness and has left he his thing. It does not concern if your monitor looks darker of before. Your monitor will match a level of industry partorisca print and seeing images. Modify your photos his like this the utmost watch your aforar and profile so that the impressions will look of sound. It agrees - if your impressions are too dark, your monitor is too brilliant. I this once the month to the equal that are the mine modifies is attentive.
5 / 5
When I am modifying my photos want to do sure have the good colour and I am not squandering my time that takes them partorisca look 'correctly' when it is not attentive. Neither I want to take the impressions behind partorisca look totally different that saw him on my screen. As I have used a i1Display studio partorisca aforar my monitor, and was the easiest way that thought (Im used partorisca have my husband stuffs like this so much was unsure of as the softens would go). It was surprised also partorisca discover has not gone too much far was, but could say some the vibrant colours looked better and more brilliant in a midtones. Also lame has been warmish maintained and bite it fresher and more neutral. This was exactly that precise. [To Ape likes to recognise when his fijamente but can not identify exactly that need to BE FIXED!] It is for this that use these devices!
In all the chance, a Start Here the paper was the friendly way to begin to download a software partorisca calm paving by means of before lame sucked to an abyss of tiny type in a manual of instruction! And a place aims a manual in linking it handy also and his easier way to read on screen (big plus). Still in 8 tongues but oh well! haha.
Like first what, has looked the 4 min video that has described an aim and that fact and felt well in that... No too difficult and ensured that a software would drive me by means of. That !
Has downloaded a software and has had to that restart an I begun on an application and one first what was to do me update a software (has been really updated in some last 30 seconds?) kinda Worsening to do it AGAIN and then restart a computer again. But I am remained calm ..... LOL
In all the chance, was easy navigation with which conceal and has been driven each step. The majority of screens have been dipped for me already (the software KNOWS the one who bondadoso of the crew is plugged in!) PRIME! And when I have had the election, wave out of some 2-4 elections and when or reasons would choose that one. I have been said to go for D55, any D65 for my white point, as I have had to that choose Manuel to do this same May then, was easy to feel sure in the each election. And each calm screen gave the BLUE key to choose afterwards. A lot Claro and hard to do the deception! Never it seats it likes me that has not known that to do afterwards!
One 'Puck' (or Artilugio or Don-Dad) was very easy to use and has taken so only the pocolos small to go thru all his colours and do his thing.... It was wanted with as simple a whole process was! In an end said precise course the 'paving'... (The one who knows the one who that is ) But spend on the series of images to see a transmission. It was well to see a comparison of before/after so much could see that well dip ready some colours and tones. Then it saves a profile automatically where is supposition to be and said it will adapt me the few months when precise he again! Now ossia service of client ! LOL. Im Justo has wanted is the painless process and now have confidence that my colour is attentive and my impressions would owe that match that it sees on screen. To good sure the good experience and his he easy for the no technical person to install and use the product of technical software without overwhelming or frustration. BTW, This was in the Mac.
5 / 5
He Looks in any image by means of rose (or another colour ) colored glasses, does not know the one who the colours are seeing! If your monitor is right old , new out of a box or past, any subject. Each monitor will be slightly or a lot was second the one who the attentive colour is concerned. This little device can dip the profile for your monitor that spends an exposure to the level by heart. Calm then can go advance and modify or change your photos with eases. And has two monitors, likes a house and one in work, the plant both to the level with a studio of Exposure - yeas can the to you to use on like him controls of quota calms like this loves! Ossia The simple but essential tool all the world would owe that use in the REGULAR base, any subject like old or that the device of type is looking in your images with.
You can not judge the book for his coverage and calm can not judge an image without the monitor aforado!
And this little calibrator the tools is so only some better and simple to use!
5 / 5
Honradamente, is not never state surprised for Datacolor Spyder to I decided to give X-the rite tries it. All can say are am not impressed of X-Rite neither. Has two monitors for my video modify system. Seating next right to the each one like this another. Both were on be for enough some time when I have tried aforarles. A process has been a key and to the left go to do. Aforado The Both (a legislation after another) less than 10 minutes. I thought that it that it was awesome. Until there is @@give that some monitors have not looked some same. It is a point of aforar, well? Compatible colour , attentive. Some monitors have had boos by heart different as well as white/levels different blacks. One of them could be I does not know as it could be. It likes turn. The photo has attached. More pronounced in person.
4 / 5
Running this system - paint calibrator one more i1Studio software - has given mine iMac monitor the very odd slate-print green. I am spent of the hours for my account troubleshooting and looking on the on-line solutions and of the website of a costruttore to any avail. I then spent for the half an hour with the support of technology of a costruttore, the one who drove by means of entirely uninstalling an application -- comprising going deep to the a lot of dossiers have hid usually to manually take elements -- and then reinstalling he of scratch. Some results were some same.
Mina eyeballs do the better work -- I bad, knows that the fresh snow is not supposed to look grayish-green.
5 / 5
Has purchased recently he MacBook Pro with exposure of Retina. They are also the photographer and would like me be able to modify images in Lightroom or Photoshop in some gone. A screen in a Mac looked adds the mine but I have known for the maximum accuracy has required to profile a screen to match some levels that would be it one same like the laboratories have used. A X-Rite i1 the studio of Exposure was an option abordable and X-the rite has been a leader of industry in accuracy by heart for decades.

A neighbour up was easy and a profiling was the snap. Less than 30 minutes have had profiled mine MacBook. Highly it suggests to look some video in a page to land if you are not familiarised with a process of profiling the monitor.

When I have compared an attacker and after the images there is remarked immediately the thin reduction in contrast. I have thought in me I will lose a “snaps” taste see in my images. After looking by means of my images in Lightroom that is to be surprise to see is all some tones subtiles has been missing before profiling. Included some images of saver of the look of screen very better now. I can modify with confidence and a lot on or down correct based in an inaccurate exposure.

X-the rite has created the friendly user, abordable profiling system that is the tool adds for pros and serious hobbyists also. They are very happy.
4 / 5
A x-Rite i1 the studio of Exposure substitutes an a lot of to populate Colormunki Exposure and now uses a later version of a i1 the outline ossia resembled a software used with an expensive more i1 Exposure Pro. An outline of new software is easy to use and has been a lot has simplified compared to the his predecessor.

A quality of build is some to x-produced of Rite - very built with the a lot of-counterweighted boss. I used it to felizmente aforar all my exposures that comprises a MacBook Pro and a iMac 5K exposure of retina. I have found a ADC function to do really well with a MacBook so that has any controls to contrast so only it brightness control.
Once again a quality of a product is hard to beat. It uses the lens of crystal, and the filters concealed ensures longevity.

Has used a colorimeter partorisca aforar my Cannon SX80 Mk II projector and found one 1/4 20 mount edge to be perfect leaving pertinent navigation for calibration of a projector.

Is of entity to download and use a later version of a software. You can aforar the multiple monitors have connected to a same computer and to the calibration is simplified for a selection of yours objective - photograph or video. You can also you customise a calibration and you can decide master or not actuating Correction of Clave.

Besides, can dip memories for calibration. One produces is not anticipated as well as his big brother but will resupply an excellent screen and calibration of projector partorisca more any device.

After using he for two weeks can say that it is one of a better value for devices of money that is not so only simple to use but like this attack like pro versions.

I highly recommend this device and yes calm to plot of travesía - spend this with you everywhere.

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