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Top Customer Reviews: MagicFiber ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
That is to say a first time has not had never lenses of polycarbonate, and has not had very thought that hard would be to clean. Had constantly a greasy film in some lenses, and all has done to try and clean them has resulted only in smearing an oil around. I have tried several cloths to debug, the glass besides clean of spray of the eye, pre-moistened toallitas humid, and he magnasonic debugging. I have tried included a suggestion of Google ridiculous that all has required was the dab of dishwashing liquid, the rinse, and the clean towel. It was inches out of accidentally destroying my glasses he so has to take the new pair.

Has seen these cloths have mentioned in the web of place, and in spite of my doubts, decided to give them try it. They have cleaned a film of my lenses in some first flavours. The May will use anything more again. And with 6 in the group, can have or in my desktop, one in my chamber, one in my stock exchange, one in a cart ...
5 / 5
Quality very good. Here it is the image of microscope of a weaving. It can not ask the cloth of better quality even so. Work supremely well.
5 / 5
I am not one to write descriptions like hurriedly after taking things, but owe commentaries in these cloths! Usually discontent microfiber line - know is purportedly adds to clean your glasses and screens, but each solos microfiber the cloth has not used never has left unbearable streak marks in the each surface - use for his sake or with the product to debug. Quan Has opened these cloths, has used immediately or to clean my glasses that had not been able to clean properly all day, and has been lined like the result to clean in my tshirt.... I have used one of these cloths, and at all more, and my glasses are exited streak free and good! Amur These. It was hesitant to spend so much in the cloths was quite sure would not like me , but of this swipe has been! More to well sure buy it again. Lucky that a group comes with so - the half can maintain or in my person at all times. More to well sure recommends!
1 / 5
This product has lined my glasses of eye! Some scratches look similar very a lot of sandpaper. These products is terrible. Amazon only Repayment my quantity of compraventa. Any one more finds it odd that has in 10k informs on (of all the things) debugging of glass?
5 / 5
The May HAS FOUND the better product that this! It estimates each penny!
5 / 5
My threads of adult has bought an expensive DLSR the camera and I have asked need anything to go with him. Has each of entity but required some cloths of cleanup of the lentil. I have said to choose some was and would buy the for him (for any reason another concealed is his mamma ). It researches enough the moment and these are one ones chose. It Liked him especially his of an ash a so that the help with his photograph in taking a sake of white balance as well as his lenses net. A black ones are utmost also for anything these necessities the soft microfiber cloth. I gave me two black ones and I use the in my telephone, television, glasses, and many other things. They utmost. Any lint and any streaking. My threads said that some marks of ash of cloth only what the flight to do and is very happy with a black some also for the sound lenses as well as other things possess.

Has done to any to give had differences in these types of microfiber cloths but apparently has. These are very good and will leave behind at all except the clean surface. They are very priced for six individually encased line also. They enter few envelopes of plsticoes as it can spend or in your stock exchange, rucksack, case of camera, or same pocket.
5 / 5
Quality microfiber cloth for any optician, especially glasses. So that having to take my quite a lot of soiled glasses often, has to clean the for a long time the day, as I require the good product that will last. It finds MagicFiber to be one of a better microfiber cloth and the value for a prize in Amazon. I Like me taken of a big in some which they these so that I continue or two to clean my monitors and big screen TVs and will cut each what so of a rest in 4 pieces and use for my glasses. Because of oils in your rind and a clean material of some lenses, typically will rid to wash them afterwards in the uses of the twelfth means and line above a lot of (has not had to launch very was still and any voice that has to for the very long time, if never). So that has so of these, only has washed each month of pair. Highly it recommends.

FYI, HAS the cleaners have researched lentils and has found a better to be those of Zeiss. One ones for glasses and lenses of the camera is:
Boat: 4 Group Zeiss the Cleaner of Sprays of the lentil 8 Oz Bounced for Cambra Portable of the Mobile phones of Glasses (32oz) + 4 Microfiber Cloths of Debugging (4)
Individually bundled wipes: Zeiss Pre-Moistened the lentil that Toallitas humid Clean, 6 x 5-Inches (400-Account)
5 / 5
This cloth is surprising! We have tried all the classes of the cleaners and has done our so much worse television. Then, while looking for Amazon to find even so another "well" cleaner, is gone in these. Any one cleaner necessary says and was so right! It IS that the gratification of the instant takes when you buff a wax of your cart. I will be to give these so many presents of the sure Christmas!
4 / 5
Excellent product!! I have had the (the 6-group) for only 2 weeks, and so far the law adds. I use it every day. Apresamiento smudges, oil of rind, and all more with ease, without using any water or the lentil these clean solutions. Very happy with him. Highly it recommends one 6-the group since can maintain or in a car, or in your briefcase or stock exchange, one in a dispatch, etc. EVEN SO, and that is to say a reason for 4 stars in place of 5, to maintain them in of the different places, like your cart or stock exchange/of briefcase, need the container of small plastic, which think that that a product would have to coming with, although it attaches the pair of dollars in a prize. Otherwise, A cloth will be exposed in powder and grime, reducing his effectiveness. A coverage of thin plastic enters is VAL to ship, and he probably last the few weeks in your cart or the dispatch but I believe you a lot need the thin, plastic, has depended boxes to protect this terrific product. Washing them (with mere water) looks very easy but has not achieved that point still. Although each hard cloth only the year or two, having clean, smudge-the free lenses for that period cost a prize touched for one 6-group. The purchase; calm any one lament the. They utmost.

UPDATE: it has had them prende quite 2 month now. Like The test, has used mostly one of some cloths (had has purchased the 6-group). After the moment, the decree that law (any clean my lenses very). So much, that follows some instructions, hand-has washed he with warm water (any soap) and the air dried it. It does not act; it was only smearing my lenses only like other cloths. I have tried to wash the long result, still. As I have decided to take the risk and I have washed he with the soft soap, liquid. Result? .... Success! He maintaining in in to to the works like them to them the in has done a first time had used the. I think that that the oil accrues over time in a cloth and there is any road to take that unused soap of oil. In all the case, test in your own risk but I have found that using rinse and a lot of works of liquid soap; otherwise, he only smear your lenses.
1 / 5
The May HAS COMPRISED like this the product is very-took. It can use each cloth the time of dozen or so max. Afterwards, a surface is trying to clean resulted more soiled when a cloth is used. Every time I purchase this race of product in a same experience.

Top Customer Reviews: Xthel Microfiber ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 57 ratings
5 / 5
To well sure one of some cloths of better glasses that has used. It leaves all a soiled very hurriedly and easily, where other marks only smudge.
For a prize is to rob it considering taken 6. Look in last the good quantity to time mass.
3 / 5
Good product for a money. Some cloths are fat in that like him. It likes him-me a fine group, quite active for each pair of glasses. It buys these again
4 / 5
These cloths do a work for a prize but I to well sure would recommend a Magic Strand ones in the place of this that material is very better in those.
4 / 5
This looks very small - has admitted my failure any to measure. But also it look it a bit residue of cloths of oil and just movement around a surface and very in fact put a lot of debugging.
4 / 5
They have not gone exactly cual looked for for telephones/of glasses, but good of law. We maintain the in a car, stock exchange and drawer of junk for fast fixed. They are harder concealed has expected.
5 / 5
My glasses take smudged all a time; these sums of law of the cloths! Also it likes them his in of me to clean my screen of tlphonique.
5 / 5
The coast has used only this in my iPad 12.9in Pro and these LITERALLY are SURPRISING MY MAY of SCREEN has LOOKED SO OUT OF The BOX WITH Any ANOTHER MICROFIBER the MAY of cloth has has USED! One issues these listen is so different and just global incredible am not never taking very another microfiber cloth. You favour of entity and taken these are not even lying when says that these are something different!
5 / 5
These laws of product very good! By far a better microfiber the toallitas humid has used.
5 / 5
I maintain these during a house for my eyeglasses, tablet, telephones, and to dry a screen of television. Simply rinse with cold water, any detergent and air dry.
5 / 5
I hate Hate partorisca hate when my glasses are dirty. So only I can any the be. And I can any never look to find the wipe partorisca clean them with and know the shirt does not act. I have maintained partorisca go to a tent of glasses and buying more. You have quell'has tried a Costco frames? yuck.

Has not loved silky cloths - I has loved a good, súper awesome, the clean yours-glasses-each one-cloths of time.

Has bought this has thought, 'Well, if they suck, is so only $ 13 ...'

Join him to him same question I , so only take that it is doing and buy these cloths. They are one some are looking for. 30 you Look excessive but not having never of the soiled glasses, there there is always an around to somewhere! And when free the all (and know goes to spend), will be to purchase another together of these cloths esatti!

Top Customer Reviews: Koala Kloth Glasses ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
3 / 5
I have been blown has been Koala of arrests Kloth never has bought of his blue microfiber. When being the thought of follower that it was necessary to order some more has taken since down, if for misplacing the or having familiar members 'borrowing' the...In all the case, decides to verify them that it was and has learnt that they only begun to produce them in the porcelain this was anteriorly produced (USA). Frankly I any preoccupy me where some products are of, as it was to think the advances would take a same quality so before...But it was bad.

Before it counts a bad will signal out of a sake;

-His container has improved that before, each what so micro the cloth of strand is individually embroiled in his own envelope concealed the easiest fact to choose or more than so was before, where each a micro the cloths of strand were all together and bent the half.

A bad

-in fact still have two intact blue micro cloths of strand in an original container and of one touches only can say that some cloths of new aim are rougher that some blue ones. I have believed at the beginning that that went only have me so done my another the familiar members do the test of the touch and they all is gone in to to a same conclusion like him. Perhaps I can it has to pose some aim micro cloths in a washer the pair to time to do them softer.

-Another thing has remarked was that an aim ones are much thinner that some blue ones, in fact can see a difference among a two. It looks or blue micro can comprise the cloth of two white cloth. It does not know why decided to do this, has had to perhaps roads to cut sides?


in all the case, this new Micro cloths of the strand in no way will line your screen, but is certainly the low step of an anterior ones have done. It was not that and'll mark with a rest, probably gives the in my others familiar members. Sad to say but this probably a last time will order micro cloths of strand of Koala Kloth.
5 / 5
For earnest be, that attracted me in the first place in these cleansing cloths was some little koala , lol. Even so, after reading some descriptions, decided to give them try it. I am happy TAN has done! This better work that one ones take in a dispatch of optometrist (and has think that those were utmost!) I have had always the pair of something, likes him locate dishes, with some cloths of optometrists. I imagined it it was only my lenses. A first time has used a Koala Kloth has disappeared! I have been impacted. To well sure it will recommend this product in any one concealed has glasses. I use mine in my tlphonique also.
5 / 5
Better product for glasses of recipe. My glasses of recipe have multiple coatings. I do in the very soiled atmosphere and has to clean my lenses often. My Dr. Soap of water and stuff recommended with the micro lines that gave me, but is not convenient and he no the very good work, but these marks of product! Also it uses a Cleaner of spray of the Koala. He no streak and my lenses is the clear glass! Amur That is to say sure to use also. That is to say the true laureate !
5 / 5
It edits: 9/24/2018, it avenges to buy more and at present aims black cloths now, and has bought a blue colored ones and that it is one ones my description is quite any one is black ones concealed can or can not be also.

Been trying finds a same type of eyeglass the besides clean lines and taken with my first pair of glasses 6yrs marks, all the cloths took with the annual new glasses have not compared never or has very another supposes microfiber cloths and has bought while trying finds a same type as and left.. And it buys a bifocal clave-in slow recently that it comprise one of these, hated a cheap lentil but, sure has wanted a koala kloth! I dry the clean streaky glasses exactly so first awesome cloth, included is a same colour! They any one smear smudges/oil of hair/dirtiness around like other cloths so cleaning the glasses are hurriedly that and a lot likes him give and has the houseful of the animals and the arrival that the clean need my glasses numerous time the day! And it buys one 6x7 measured, goes to buy a main measure also for recipe sunglasses that is quite big.
5 / 5
I have bought a Koala Kloths in the whim, is prone to lose some cloths of lentils that my optometrist provides. Of a first use has remarked the improvement of entity and absolutely zero streaks left behind. It IS elated to discover no longer required to spend one of those bounced tiny besides clean of glasses with me anymore! I will be to buy this again, lost it once each what 6, and probably will give was some which present so that they are very handy!

Update: (December 6, 2018)
is in my second group of these, is sper handy to maintain during my rooms. At present I own 12 of these and maintain them everything during my house and cart. Still I am buying the group for my mamma for Navidad! Anterior in these, usually has had only a cloth of lentils that at the end would take lost among my dirty clothes or while I am was and enough. I am happy found these so that it has grinded aided maintain me my clean glasses and line free. That is truly he attaches in these is that a lot of law, but a fact that can wash he without breaking his capacity to debug. In the sidenote, use the regularly (ie three in eight times daily) please mark sure to wash them weekly the eschew powder and particles of muck to build up.
5 / 5
It purchase several cloths to debug and any one when never being fully satisfied. I have used the individually and with the lense solution to debug. I have seen a Koala these clean cloths and has liked him a colour and a bit Koala. I fulfil it is quite superficial, but to attach the small more depth, was intrigued by a description of a micro edifice of strand as I have decided to try them.
Has not been disappointed! Any only is the favourite colour of my woman, but clean my better glasses that anything has tried - included with the besides clean solution! They also marvels of the work on protects of mobile phone. Very I can not say quite enough the. There is simply some calm things but concealed to take you joy in using them!
Need the lense debugging, can any gone bad!
1 / 5
It was not that some the big roads is with these clothes. They are no different that other clothes in a piece.
Certainly very magic while ad. I can take these for free of my venues optic tent.
Any one impressed.
Saves your money, swimming of individual here.
5 / 5
Dry of better optic glass for this prize or any one another prize.

HAS is spent of the glasses during 50 years. In his now clean has been the lifelong task.

What the marvel is these cloths ! They fantastically with some minima to rub. Honestly, My glasses have not been this clears since chosen the in Costco optic.

Does fantastically in my electonic devices, also.

Will be to order more to give so present.
5 / 5
Better that your cloth of half debugging. It finds these are able to dry was very smudging in your lenses easily without a lot extend of a smudge. A coverage of paper is also useful to store and transporting your besides clean cloth while in the now sake and orderly, as well as protecting he of the scope, a fun creation in a help of cloth me to maintain your of him so that it is difficult to forget something only. A quality is there and is a lot of values a prize! A measure is also very versatile for glasses or of the screens of tlphonique. My only problem is that only orderly or situate, finished to share these clothes with my familiar and usually like me there is more than necessity as it can have the around everywhere for when need the, but that is not the problem that can not be fixed with just another order.
5 / 5
Semence of favourite lentil to date!

Has been the glasses wearer for the majority of my life. It tries toallitas humid of uncountable portable lentil of a disposable variety all leaving something to be has wished. Streaks, greasy feeing, smudges, Etc.

So decided to give these come from the so that they allege sure for each slow vain cover and I like a reusable idea to reduce waste.

IS happy has done. It opens it Maintains or in my cart, one in of the works, one in a room, takes an idea . There is has not had the very time quite still to comment on wash and reusing but thinks that will be well.

The van cost in still when being better quality that a special optic the cloth has taken with my glasses.

Would buy these again, sure.

Top Customer Reviews: Altura Photo ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
I fulfil it does not look the big thing but in now that the expensive glass has bought to take these tack acute pictures with east of entity. I have found my box of the besides clean height to be only a need of thing. In the first place a bellows is is so of entity to take a heavy material conceals always is blowing around and in this way can take drawee of that and not lining your lenses with some paintbrushes have continued down a solution to debug and seeds a micro lines of strand. I have bought two a for me or for my fellow better but can see will require to buy more than forming that when am not never in the shoot each an another necessity of photographers to clean his lenses Also. It IS crazy but a box of pertinent debugging is so of entity like pertinent glass.
1 / 5
It does not use this product to clean sensors of camera. A paintbrush in this container is bad fact and has lost one of his bristles down in my sensor. This bristle is now apparently bonded in place, and can not take. A spray in a container also smeared bad in my sensor, leaving the something 'put' big that waste to clear up.

Animal-that Read a description after doing roughly more research, view that this very explicitly looks that a fluid/of paintbrush is sure for use in of the sensors. Even so, a product is announced clearly in those is to clean his camera and sensor of camera, and provides zero documentation or note that this product is unsure to use to clean the sensor.

Has planted an order for the product of the competitor and desperately the one of the east expecting will do the better work to clean in a disorder this product done of my very expensive camera.
5 / 5
This set to debug has all precise for the photographer of beginner. All some products are good quality for a prize. Person of some pieces when being cheap. There are other sets there, which can be it has had for the small less cash, but the height is the respectable marks . A together comes with the guarantee for his product. If has any worries on any one of some elements in a set, can contact the.

I very cual an inclusion of three different measure Magicfiber cleaning cloths, which are big quality microfiber cleaning cloths.

A together comprises:
-2oz Bounces of Spray with Cleaning Solution
-3 MagicFiber Cloths of Cleaners
- 1 16X16', 2 6x7'
-the lentil that clean pen
-50 Cambra of the cloaks Woven to Debug
-Air Blower Debugging
-cleaning Paintbrush

Comes with each instruments of the debugging required for your stock exchange of camera.

Could come with the clear stock exchange to spend a box, but the height offers the set with the good stock exchange. (But that the looks of the also bulky stock exchange to access in my stock exchange of camera. It can do has the stock exchange of big camera.)
4 / 5
Some products are utmost. A box has each could any never require, minus a solution to debug. They are big-products of quality, and takes abundance of good options for all your lentil this grandson necessities in a prize abordable.

What any preoccupy me prendo was that a day a container is arrived taken an email of a company that ask me to write to 5 description of star (liked to the of some produced, of course, but a demand was still the small presumptuous). Any longitude after this took another , and another! I am sad, but my lenses is not in necessity of immediate debugging in an arrival of this box. It likes him he does of the occasion in fully inspect and use some compraventa of elements before writing the description

So much, so that has insist in badgering stop me to 5 description of star, give them the 4. The mamma up.

In general, still the product adds.
5 / 5
I have had recently he casualidad adds to try some components of this box, when was in the hike and tripped and is fallen in a vase a no in. In my defence, has very been put here in a northeast this year. Even so, this box aided take me my shiny and new camera again.

IS new in DSLRs, taking a like the present this summer. A box like this is fantastic for beginners. I want a paper of tissue, which spend in my stock exchange for wipes of fast lentil downs. I find a microfiber the cloths besiege better, and uses those with a solution. A light bulb of air is probably my favourite piece in a box. If it does not have the camera with the self-cleaning sensor, and I no, that is to say that necessity to use when the powder takes in your camera. It IS also I attaches to blow powder of a lentil. Mina less favourite piece is a pen endways of the carbon ; I scare me to use concealed.

In general, is very happy bought this. In a future, will be to look to buy only a paper of tissue, of other pieces would have to last for years.
5 / 5
I have required the box to debug for my Nikon D3300 camera and this until a work perfectly!! It was able to clean some lenses, camera, finder to see and left the spotless. Although a no come box with concrete instructions (he no for me), please now that there is the boatload of videos on Youtube has done for professional photographers these products to cover that easterly one (comprising is a concretely), and this counts that more to provide cure for a camera (debugging of dulcemente, etc.). I have followed some instructions of one of some videos and I was able to take a work has done perfectly! Supremely Satisfied with purchase of mine.

Also, has able state for the use to clean my glasses, a monitor in my iMac, and television and work perfectly!

Note - am in any subjects affiliated with a company. I am the consumer regulates to give my feedback in a product. The works add!
5 / 5
It avenges hurriedly in first of amazon. At the beginning only it take it this besides the same clean box although I have not been sure cual to take. It avenges with more than that required to comprise a paintbrush and the boat of the debugging of small laptop adds. I have to change lenses the plot since I video and often like the wide angle so recently my shots have taken messed up. I imagined it it was it was in a sensor of my camera. Desprs The cleansing subjects has did not use a cleaner of red swipes for the do so directed in the youtube video. Really pleased with some results!! Any one of my class recommended I very he I cual the sensor could take messed up and go in the tent that could touch or he for free. It opens I Am happy has tried he and has all precise and knows regarding the fix. Highly it recommends this in any one concealed is doing the film does not know never when require it espicially he changes lenses the plot!!
5 / 5
I have bought this box in (surprised) clean my lenses and concealed well enough. I have found a quality for the be very and a prize was very good. This has said, a piece, a basic paintbrush, has not been attached in his cape. I have imagined bond he on or only any one the preoccupy quite the one of way that takes abundance other pieces and cleaned in of the good things. But then take it an email of D-Goja in that ask me like my mandate was. I have mentioned a subject (that says them that it was any big roads ) and that a box has cleaned well. They have answered the road me two additional paintbrushes to substitute a defective a (which had said could bond the take it pistol of hot glue ). Some paintbrushes are come and has tight capes. They are notch very upper quite doing sure is happy, as I am. Also now I have clean lenses.
5 / 5
A must has for Any dlsr camera and squad! It uses mine for my familiar photos and outings, at all professional. Only for my pastime. That is to say the subjects adds to maintain your squad that operates properly while protecting your inversion (camera). In any subjects substitutes the service of reparation of professional camera if your necessities of camera internal debugging, but for each plus, am adds. There is instructional youtube the there concealed the videos aim you so to do cure and basic debugging. This box has all and then a bit that this use of videos. I am very pleased. It quotes The photo did not fail me still! Thank you Type!
1 / 5
As this was to suppose to clean a screen but instead little of the black pieces of muck or strand are falls has been in my keyboard. Figures perhaps a one has opened has not been very done and has tried an another two this was to comprise and a same thing is spent. Dissapointed, has to return It.

Top Customer Reviews: Nikon 7072 Lens Pen ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
I am relatively new to picture--has taken my premier DSLR in July 2017 for my anniversary.
Until it take it this pen , had been using a microfiber cloths (this has taken with my glasses) to dry smudges of my lenses.
Later, reads that a microfiber the method of cloth can do bad things in my lenses--could tug the small particle of grit or powder in a lentil and scratch he--so prendido to use some cloths, and has taken this pen.
In the first place, the beginning with a paintbrush to clear was to powder particles much bigger.
Afterwards, I uncap a bit tampon to debug. A tampon below some covers is coated in the 'charcoal' material of carbon--as the does not touch it , or will have to wash your hands.
Cleansing smudges of my lenses is So faster and easier now. This tampon very small done a trick-- do very better (and much faster) that my microfiber the cloths have done.
Quan IS fact, bursts a pen in my stock exchange of camera-- is small, and does not take above a lot of room.
Recommends this pen of lentils-- is the no brainer.

Nikon 7072 Pen Of System of Lentils to Debug
4 / 5
I like this produced, and work well and has been the workhorse for me, but a vendor has changed recently a creation of a product and I have listened required to comment in the.

A crowbar of inch is now black cape , yellow, is much more difficult to operate, and a pen is quite 1' lower in period and slightly thinner in diameter.

Can see a new version here:

LensPen NLP-1

A Nikon the packaging now says SO MUCH 'NLP-1' and '7072' - a product an old plus has said simply '7072' - and a UPC is EXACTLY THE SAME among some old and new models, so there has absolutely any one the amazon of road would know a product had changed or could look around in his warehouse for the supply of an old, IMHO better version.

Down, is looking for an older version, main, can not take, at least any one of Amazon and probably only finds for the a lot of main price of the B&M tent of camera with old stock still in some shelves.

If you are well with version a lower can, thinner has well purchases a version on without a Nikon logotype and saves one $ 1 or so much.

To reassert, this is not fault of the amazon; a vendor has changed a product in or that it is cheaper the fashion.
4 / 5
It measures-wise, is quite small, measure of my wrist in a tip of my pinky toe. A pen is sper clear also, and these together things he easy to travel with. It slips well in an of some compartments in my stock exchange of camera!

Has tried he in or Nikon slow, two lenses of Cannon, and a Quantaray slow. I want a retractable paintbrush and as it takes any small particles (stick, etc.) Out of a road before using a tip of real debugging to clean a lentil. I have required to repeat a process the pair to time before I have been satisfied with my lentil, but no the enormous roads. The dry likes him need to press down and apply some pressure for cleanup a lentil, but that it is also any one the enormous roads. For a prize, can very whine in that.

A retractable paintbrush is good to dry powder out of an interior of cover of lentils.

In the side of note by side, has tried besides this in some screens of two of my devices of Muslims. The fingerprints has Been gone! ( I can spend this pen around newspaper only for this reason!)

This was a first object has not purchased never to clean my lenses of camera, and in general, is happy with him. So much better that that spends the tiny cloth and some class of spray/of lentils of the screen around. The prize adds, a work, and convenient to travel with. More, there is use of premiums with screens of mobile phone!
5 / 5
I have purchased recently this LensPen to use in my Nikon camera, but has used also he in my Cannon 70D and the work adds for both. It IS sper easy to use - just clear of any powder or particles of muck with a retractable paintbrush and then uses a besides clean tip to take smudges. Much easier that the dry trying a lentil with the cloth or taking fingerprints throughout it.

Does not leave any residue in a lentil and I very preoccupy quite that lines a lentil while cleaning it. It IS the convenient measure , slips perfectly in my stock exchange of camera, and is not also big or also small for my variety of lenses.

Absolutely would recommend this in other photographers for some easy little cleaner of lentils that can take you anywhere.
My only objection would be that you press a paintbrush against a too much hard lentil, little bristles exits a paintbrush and they are difficult to take of a lentil. But otherwise the flight and use it all a time!
1 / 5
A Debugging of Pen of the Lentil supremely is disappointing. He thank you the god has tried he in my toe before I used it to clean mine 2.5k Nikkor slow.
Leaves the cloak of fat black of sticky residue!!!!!!!!! It takes the plot to time to take toes with soap and of the hot water. I do not want to it think that would spend it has applied my lenses. It can lose thousands of dollars.
4 / 5
In general, I am quite happy with this product. Some work to brush well, as well as a cleaner of lentils. In the principle has purchased this attentive product that was it able to take the toe smudge in an of my lenses. I am happy to inform it has done well enough; a fingerprint was to take. A reason is giving this the four star in the place of the five star is based in some instructions. Some instructions declare that after each use of a cleaner of tampon of the lentil to turn one covers the half turn the replenish the, has failed to imagine this has been. Has some transfers of covers on, and once is sure, can not twist much more there. Another that this has has not had any subject with this pen of lentils.
5 / 5
It IS absolutely awesome and the must-has for the stock exchange of the each photographer. Yes, I fulfil I am paying the extra of bit for a Nikon names when a Pen of normal Lentil an exact same thing. And no, I any preoccupy me. It declares inverted in a Nikon system for years now and is had to to pay the extra of bite goes here and there to help to maintain them aroundsomething concealed is looking increasingly uncertain data a current climate of companies of camera.
4 / 5
A retractable paintbrush is orderly, but was well to have covers he in this end so that lint, hair, sand, etc. does not take in a paintbrush during storage. We use a first paintbrush in the lentil, and the dry lentil to kick, as in now that the clean paintbrush is essential. A retraction only, with open end, is not enough, particularly in dry dusty or half sandy.

A escrubber' to the final is limited, and good works.

Taking, any esee' the soiled lentil, as one issues an easier to shorten a life of your optician is to clean them too frequently and too strenuously. Soft debugging, once in adds it while (goes while it can when being he ), is more.
5 / 5
I the lentil used in the principle writes for my camera but I have discovered that I also the law adds to take glasses sper clean without that has to treat liquids and cleaning clothes that adds to spend around with you. In an only thing very really like him in a Pen of the newest lentil is concealed does not have carried he in a retractable paintbrush like a Pen of the oldest lentil has marks, but is not the breaker of roads for me especially has discovered since that it can take it of a beak of a newer pen and he will return only sake in an older pen.
5 / 5
It have not used this version of pen of lentils before, but imagined would give tries it. Law in the shoot of video in cold/snowy conditions, and has been surprised what bono a pen has done. I have maintained he in my forward of pocket during every day of shoot, and has had very subject every time has taken goes to brush of my lentil. Totally substitute my necessity for air canned. Opposite an end of the paintbrush is the cushioned, microfiber-write nub that to beat that has the habit of the wipe was smudges or something of water. In the One to him to only thing does not like him is that a tampon/nub is not protected. Still with one covers on, an end of a nub is exposed at all the elements come to contact with. Why? Your supposition is as well as mine. Outrage conceal, that is to say the product adds , and highly recommend by so pro and camera and photographers of has interested operators.

Top Customer Reviews: 10 Pack Assorted ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 36 ratings
4 / 5
Cleaned adds and any a lot of lint. Used in lentil of expensive camera and add without streaks. It maintains in a plastic stock exchange and would have to that be well for while.
5 / 5
is very easy to clean my laptop and boys ipads with these cloths. They are so only a right measure. Good quality to the equal that thank will be to use he for the moment.
4 / 5
My layer of glasses , as I have required the cloth of glasses. A material was a lot of-done and dry my glasses cleanly. Thank you!
4 / 5
Use these cloths to clean my iPhone, Macbook Pro, IPAD, and glasses. They are thin, this in spite of clean some good screens.
Like like going in different colours so that it can differentiate easily which is so that car. For chance, a yellow for my iPhone, and a blue for my glasses. It recommends this to any the one who needs to clean his digital devices or of the glasses.
4 / 5
Very useful,, has dipped them each one that like this in the different room afterwards to where the usually chair,, as while the needs to clean my telephone or glasses,, is always available,, good quantity,, good quality,, the measures is a lot
4 / 5
These are good little clothed things. They do not choose on the oil like my oil has fill eyeglass line like any just that absorbs and smearing oil around. They wash well also.
5 / 5
Still is using so only some premiers two but have them stashed in some vehicles and in of the different rooms in chance perhaps.

The law adds in eyeglasses.
4 / 5
Selection by heart well. Enough the line like each member familiarised can have one for his telephones and one can be been supported by portable. Durable material. Perfect measure for use in electronic.
4 / 5
My eyeglasses fog quite frequently and is always cry it to try and find my cloth of more cleaned. Now I have one in the each room of a house.
5 / 5
Excellent dresses. You the work adds. It can any never find a when I have required one. Nizza To have extra. It has given some was same.

Top Customer Reviews: Professional Camera ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
I have used to be the disposable present of camera, even so one hard an arrival used in the some place in a side of a Glorious Canyon the few years behind. As I am exited and has bought the Cannon digital camera (like a a prime of mine had). It was merrily through the life these signals and photograph of click and while a bit the has not aimed a tip of my toe in him. It OPENS, has 4 grandson.... With age, finds that the things cure better they. AS I decided me teach some NEW tricks, which as in fact use and to continuation well of my camera, so much my mobile phone an and my Cannon. Buying this box to debug is a principle . As One gives support, is VERY HAPPY with this box. It was reasonably priced and has had all has wanted, access besides in the plastic stock exchange that it can pose he in my stock exchange of camera. My next trip is taking this box to debug, my mobile phone and camera (instructions besides) in a tent of the local camera and he have teach me to them a basics. It opens it IS 101 times !
4 / 5
In general, the sake and box abordable. A boat of the small spray is excellent to use my solution of the debugging preferred in of the far locations. Well microfiber Cloths. The only negative consideration is that a paintbrush is a bit cheap and a bristles dislodge very easily only apply this in an external camera and lentil after it uses in dusty conditions and never in glass or in an organism of camera.
5 / 5
I think that that that is to say the box of adds judge of start for any one, used it to take powder of my sensor with a duster to air comprised and law perfectly.
Some toallita humid is soft and cleanup some lenses perfectly and quite taken the little of them. A paintbrush has done well and taken in the rooms could any one another wise takes powder of in my lenses. Everything and everything do not have any complaint that is to say a box of excellent judge of start for any one. A pouch is resealable and access in my stock exchange of camera as it can take it everywhere!
1 / 5
Read some revises concealed has said could have glue in a pen. Quan Took it the mine has tried clean was and has thought had but the bonds taken still during my lentil. You are not your money in of the this. My also ordered fianc of this company and his glue have had on he also.

The paintbrush is coming angled up in container also. Crappy The winery of plastic stock exchange all some elements when take it but probably will break it taking opens. It IS only cheap.
1 / 5
Only it take this and I lament to waste my time and money. A pen besides clean in particular was bad--the arrivals of rubber that is to suppose to clean a left wing of lentils rubbery residue during my Nikon slow of wide angle that was it quite difficult to leave. Has has had pens like this before and has has not had never this subject. A rest of a material in easily could purchase a box in a tent of dollar. It does not recommend .
5 / 5
This box has all precise in the prize adds. For years, has thought quite buying an of these every time take boxes of the micro-the cloth of strand to dry was powder and smudges. At the end, it is fallen a shutter in easterly unit

At the same time, any same prpers gives that a bit, sews ash in a cup, the right side was the stock exchange . Almost I have not bought this box so that the does not avenge with the stock exchange of storage, but then thought "Well, still I have these stock exchanges of lentils that the cannon give you, has posed only a box in there." As it was extra happy to see that it avenges with the waterproof stock exchange that has zip-near fashionable closure.

Found to bounce it besides clean of lentils for $ 5 here in the amazon and this would have to quite a lot of debugging to be lentils for my utmost, utmost grandkids to inherit.
5 / 5
A box of camera was the present very taken for the new hutter Insect' that enjoys to take pictures with his Cambra of new Cannon. That with anything new, to the help maintains the product to do quality well, the box to debug how yours is the must for any photographer. It looks complete with everything to maintain constant and clear pictures. I think that that my nephew will enjoy his Cannon in fact a lot of years to come, with a help of accesorias as yours in the reasonable prize.

Thank you
3 / 5
Cairo, has not expected a same quality like the box to debug of the final of big plus as it compares in such would be apples in of the oranges. It IS the cheap box with some necessities that necessity, has expected even so a boat of spray for the lentil that clean solution in in fact contain some solution. It was empty. Perhaps I misread a description, or has posed my too many big expectations, but has expected the to be full. All more is so announced. It IS as well as the box in general, but now has to go in a tent of camera and buys some solution to debug of the lentil when can have taken everything in a tent in or trips.
5 / 5
A box adds done. There is the speck in my scensor for a past two years. We were only enough to take the nine a when quite read that for the clean. Read all some instructions and looked the pair of videos. Among an air blaster and a paintbrush in a box my camera has been fixed up besides or five minutes less. A box has had all has required. I produce it adds!
5 / 5
The boxes add for a prize. An air-blower is rubber to have that has weighed that it do not crack. A sprayer is the good mist. Full with 70% rubbing alcohol. Some cloths are always well to have and is sealed individually in plastic. Some paintbrushes and the thing of carbon is also like any one, but any a lot of uses them. If you go to complain- in this box, aims the better unit They all look some same in me. It IS useful for more concealed just cameras.

Top Customer Reviews: Giottos AA1900 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Perhaps I am expecting too much out of these. I have bought this in 2012, and has used really a lot this a lot. I so only appeal out of a drawer when the precise swipe was powder in the lentil or the sensor. Otherwise, has not been exposed to alone, and has not been abused. On done the year has begun partorisca remark the crack in a hule where connects to a nozzle. Now it is breaking during that zone, and filters the plot of air, as it does not blow also. If it has used a heck out of this I would expect it partorisca spend was and the fall averts. It did not expect it partorisca begin to disintegrate in the drawer. Ossia Reason has attacked the few stars of an indication. It appears that calm so only can expect these things partorisca last around 5 or 6 years.
4 / 5
In a world of mirrorless cameras, the powder in a sensor can cost you the hundred bucks when something and machineries partorisca powder look in your pictures. If prendes your lentil down his smaller start, look in a expanse of heaven, and see little ash of UFO is, ossia that am speaking roughly.

Some cameras can ultrasonically shake his sensors partorisca take material out of his--use this characteristic. Using the paintbrush of lentil partorisca clean powder of your mountain of the lentil first takes the lentil can help maintain powder partorisca take to a pending sensor of the transmissions, as it can holding a camera to the rovescio (maintaining gravity partorisca deposit material in a sensor) when an exposed sensor. But he squirt partorisca air never hurts.

This door to an old habit partorisca blow in of the things partorisca clear powder. This can dip few points of spit in your sensor. This gizmo no spit. It dips it was air more focused can that has included the lesson partorisca whistle of Lauren Bacall can resupply. (Look He on, youngsters) has found this gizmo partorisca be handy, dependable, and occasionally an object (or @@@subject) of out-of humour by heart.
4 / 5
Like this, partorisca begin, has had my just action of blowers on some years and was all such rubbishes that has there was altogether given up using them partorisca years.

Has @to @give that it would be it add partorisca have something like this partorisca more cleaned of sensor, cleaner of lentil, calm appoints it.

A minute has takes he of a box and I could say that it was of the quality adds. A hule is súper big quality and a red nozzle (?) It is the hard plastic .

Now, a lot especially, one the majority of the subject common with all my experiences displaced has been that a blower does not blow was quite air. These bands of what to attack. Calm in fact see so only that very cleaned was particles.

No spent a lot another junk, save you a question and cradle for a Giottos.
4 / 5
This Air of Rocket blaster the work adds for my needs. Has has wanted to do sure has had enough the air that the swipes was, as I have decided to go with a big version, and was surprised enough in like this big the one of fact was! ( I have attached the photo to aim is measured in report to the 16oz , has not had the handy banana!) They are by train to use it to blow powder out of the sensor of interior of my camera of Cannon, and the work adds for that.

A creation is quite inventive, in fact. There is the valve of anchored of small air in a fund of a bomb of hule, and ossia where an air is sucked behind to a blower after using. This the fact to where a powder has blown so only was does not take sucked behind to a nozzle and redistribute during a next bomb. Ossia To good sure something wants to take the consideration when using it blower to clean sensors of camera. It is extremely of entity!

Would recommend an Air of Rocket Blaster to any the one who asks. In my opinion, that goes with a big plus blaster is better, reason has more the air to swipe was. But, you are using he in the stock exchange to trip smaller, could recommend go with some smaller measures. It controls a photo for reference of measure.
4 / 5
Well, as so only has taken my Air of Big Rocket Blaster (descriptions of filter for your measure yes needs to), and has thinks that would come here and drop some science. Immediately a bat, is big, enough so that it has it cramped stock exchange of cameras or any to plot of spatial, can wants to consider another measure or another duster. Has some utmost pocolos 'advances' as some holes to hang he of the yours lanyard/the with the himself is assisting on place, or is doing to plot of transmissions of lentils in the shoot and loves it have handy -- well! Ossia Also one of these things I misplace often ( has had one same blaster -- albeit another mark -- for some last 3 years before it has taken stray) how is good to be able of the hang to somewhere in a studio, well afterwards to a scanner.

A thing that the mine has underlined, well, two things -- first a hule on is the little more 'brittle' or hard feeling that other frames. Coming here and the reading revises concealed to mention his has fallen averts or has begun to break so only seating around in the drawer (out of a sun) no to feel me too positive in mine buys new. After, there is the clave of number of the serial in a root of this thing (any aimed in pics). I am guessing this is there reason quite a lot of dishonest/gross people have run a ol' switcharoo in these -- perhaps buying the new a, then situating his old one in a container and it returning, alleging is has arrived broken. If I am bad, I'm sorry, but has not seen never an air blaster with the number of serial on that... Perhaps it is for the guarantee or something, the one who knows?

A last what that kinda irked me, read that a prize was $ 7 in 2013 (sees description of 2 stars for LuvLeaf in June of '13).... I have paid $ 17 for mine (Big) in 2020... Like this perhaps ossia just inflation ? In general, I dunno himself will be to maintain this or it sending behind. It has fined with a Height 'Box' Blower for lenses and powder of screen on some last few years and that pursue $ 12-13 + taking stirs it of extra material in a box...

For those of you saying does not move to plot of air, any is not still to air compressed. This in spite of moves to plot of air for the hand-blower because of this big bulb . It gives it solid and fast squeezes and he will blow harder and with more by force. So that they love air unexpectedly of your mouth to the yours lenses (dunno reason, but still), has the RIGHT way of the , so that it calms does not take spittle everywhere. In the first place, I besiege a lentil in level of chin, way UNDER your mouth. After situating your hand-held paving by means of a front of your mouth -- next yours mouth but any when touching ... And be sure to situate your lentil (or anything is cleaning so that it is down & FOR BEHIND your hand)...

NOW BLOW the little time, quickly and with some good pressure. Regulate your corner/of distances to redirect an explosion of air of your mouth by means of your lentil/anything is cleaning to protect he of unwanted spit particles. It agrees to dry your lips and presionarles like me is touching the horn. Swipe in your own risk of course, use a method when I do not have the blower handy and work like the charm.

In general, probably will maintain this... It MOVES A lot of AIR... This has said, are not 100 insurance roughly reading it some few descriptions and feeling some hard(er) hule on its own name... The supposition will see how long last only seating in the shelf of dry climate has controlled. GIOTTOS Is listening , would be awesome has run the control to see had other options of hule abordable available. I take that these have to that be hard to stand up , but yes is breaking in of the people those who are not him abusing, can be now to reconsider one special brew.

Averts of that, 4 out of 5, will go back and update this description if the mine disintegrates.... Finally, in the note lateralmente, sees that a folks the one who have had this thing begins to break, has it breaking where a red tip fulfils a bulb (in a lip of hule there)... I ask cement of hule or some type of hule sealant likes E6000 would fix this... hopefully Does not have to that never discover.
4 / 5
Stinky, But reasonably effective, considering; some work to measure main WAYYYYYyyy better that a small plus some (impressive! More volume = is better result!); The mine is gone in good condition ; one rear-works of valve of the flow perfectly and any so only vacuum on and reapply a same powder. It is any substitute for a compressor of air with big pressure and continuous volume, but is also portable and economic. Thefins Is a lot of the be whole or the prevent going of your surface of work. A BIG VERSION the pertinent labour plus on 2004, 2008 and 2017 Mac keyboards (which are already quite well resist powder and crumbs, but still), and has done well enough in the a lot of Logitech near, and saved two flights of stairs and while to mine big 220V compressor to touch. I used it also to blow out of the considerable quantity of powder of the supply to be able to downloaded small (has not been to perfect, but has taken way more than has expected); it has done also the work refinada on two CD/DVD PLAYER compartments/of plans; and I used it finally in mine Denon amp and mine Xfinity X1 box, without taking some coverages in the first place, and he to good sure moved some powder out of some defenders. It is ENTIRELY EFFECTIVE on camera lenses, eyeglasses, and another optical crew. The addition adds my stock exchange of tool. The only worry is that ossia hule genuine , and does not go to last for ever first of resultant rigid and breaking here in dry Colorado.
5 / 5
1) Powerful! I have bought he for slides and negatives for the scanner has bought. I have had to return a scanner and take the new a, but am not returning east. Taking more all, and for anything stubborn, use he microfiber cloth. I strike still he in my dog and the pleasant faces been due to with 1 down.
2) Looks very built of materials of big quality
3) If it has not been to clear anywhere more, this device sucks in of the-valve of way in a backside that mediates is not sucking any material in of a front.
4) So only a right quantity of speed. It is not too like this it will not blow of the tones was keyboard or send my photos familiarised in a next room like compressor of mine of air .
5) The difference of canned air, does not have any danger of the puff of the propellant that begin. It is also free to use, vs. A canned air that maintains that it has to that substitute. My works of compressor of the air well, but can take humidity and chunks to rust or powder that is exited. It does not love that in mine negatives or in scanner of mine.

1) does not know reason to these smells of what likes them the perfume, for inside and for out, but like the chair are in the nightclub that uses it. I have been that tries to cover on the rubbery smell or has been trying cogerprpers in question with a woman? Every time utilisation this, looks in me pleasant. Reason to smell likes him the perfume of funky?
2) He topples in easy. It has dipped the legs in a backside to do looks the rocket, but is upper weighed and falls in easy then bounces was the the earth to result chews it toy. Active there have been quite a lot of legs in a side or something to maintain he to go.
3) Uses this A WHOLE PLOT in negatives for my second scanner (has had to send the first place a backside) there is roughly 5,000 negatives to scan in and each one which so one takes the pocolas puffs in a front and behind and then a scanner takes several bombs . My hands are sore every day. Still, better that some alternatives.
4 / 5
Has expected this would be the little better for $ 17. @I give I am paying nave, but still, this is not that it has expected. An air so only exits like this with energy to the equal that can express. If you have carpal tunnel or arthritis, forget it. It is roughly like this effective as blowing calm in any one needs a powder out of, minus a spit. As the one who a valve is concerned, is has bitten he pointless, as you are sucking in an environmental air and anything is floating in him, in all the chance.
4 / 5
Ossia Wonderfully versatile tool. And I am like this appreciated is in my life. I purchased it to maintain a SONY lenses in mine new SONY a7r free of debris. Work fantastically. I helped immensely and long when a breeze in sunny San Diego has spent a unwelcome particle to powder lentil of mine or filter of lentil. It blows the more tiny and main particles immediately. It is a mate of travesía indispensable in rucksack of mine of photo and taking almost daily use. I trust it the the swipe was powder and debris and leave a lentil or filter of clean and clear lentil. A valve has built to an Air of Rocket blaster prevents any soiled air to be expels behind to a surface is cleaning. That the concept adds and extremely useful. It is quite small to record to rucksack of mine or stock exchange of the smallest photo, and included can be squished and bent to take on less space. Also the utilisation to blow powder of mine eyeglasses, crew of computer and like this advance. A tool adds to have and to good sure indispensable. Totally it recommends for hobby and professional photographers equally.

Pros: It is economic; it is in first delivery; has the built-in valve to maintain a soiled air out of your surfaced to be cleaned; it is small; it is foldable; it can be and be stable in the flat surface; a tip of operation rid , red to find it easily in your stock exchange of tricks
Gilipollas: it is black as sometimes it takes 'lost' in the black stock exchange with black crew around the, felizmente some helps of red tip maintain it visible :)
5 / 5
has loved to take it blower to take any powder out of a zone of sensor in my camera. Work as you would expect an air blower to do, squeeze a part of hule and he gust of the starts of air of a tip. It is shaped like the rocket and some 'fins' the maintain whole when it is in the flat surface. An air intake is in a backside and the helps prevent suction of a tip as well as I fill on a ballast a fast plus. A tip is shaped like the triangle that follows to assume is for the more airflow. At all really a lot to say, he that is supposition to do and he he a lot well.

Top Customer Reviews: Altura Photo ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
There is the subject of entity with powder and of the rests in a sensor of my Cannon 5D Mark II. Ordered this box (that comprises a besides clean solution), and now can shoot in any f pause without some photos that is unusable (Yes, was that bad that included that use my very known Season the programs would have taken issues also long to clean in a disorder, especially in f/22). I have tried already clean a time of diverse sensor, but has not had any flowed besides clean, and honestly, was amiable of fearful to use anything clears. Do my investigation, and decided to give try it, and is so happy has done.

Only the word of precaution. Some swabs comprised in this box is concretely for cameras of factor of the harvest, as I will save these for mine 7D II. I have had already a bit swabs of full frame that has used instead. Habladura Of swabs, law of better coverage you angle some roots before it likes him in swab of a sensor. Very less casualidad to line or breaking a sensor that applying pressure on he to try to angle a swab while in a sensor.

The amour a bit houses also. Very handy to maintain the together things and in or plant. I am notorious to lose train of small camera, which are why I is so happy this is coming together with a paintbrush of type of pen of lentils. There is the big plus or for years, but of course, does not have any tone where is veiling, now that the precise.

Interesting note..... The photos look very better (used the blue heaven like the mine declares), but when looks in a finder of view, each a estuff' seen still is aiming (that comprises cual research to be the ant is died...... Any question.. Has no the tone.. LOL), But if that is to say where all this material is, any worry, while it does not look in some photos. Only problem to see in a finder of view.

Looks This easterly French of the coast goes to have that takes used to the each a powder here in a desert and as it seeps in everything. Seriously considering maintaining the waterproof mine (version of camera) in a camera at all times.

Very pleased with this small together, and happy ordered the. And very happy to inform that I am no longer fearful in disorder around with one the majority of part of entity of my expensive cameras.
5 / 5
I have purchased the Cannon has used 5D Mark II and after taking the few shots of landscapes, decadences, or anything with the clear fund has remarked something severe. It was ravaged that has purchased it to him the camera with that thought was the bad censorship. Desprs I some investigations in my situation are gone in 2 conclusions, subject a camera in to clean, or reparation, or tries the censor clean box. WOW It IS all can say it worker the better plot that has thought.

While it can see calm in a before and after shots, the laws add! Probably it have to it has used it to it to him more cleaner in my first round to clean, but each situation will differ. First photo was after my first tentativa, then a prjimo one could the drink thinks a difference, at the end roughly last two swabs has been used. Cairo In Youtube for directions, account perfectly. It orders more swabs in case perhaps.

A box comes with all precise clean slow also, with the case that maintains the sure and clean things. Everything of my cases of camera line more supplies of cleanup, but any one those tugs the bouquet of the lenses and the cameras know that all apresamiento jumbled up. With this case, pose in my stock exchange of the camera and everything are in 1 place.
The box adds!
3 / 5
Has not leaving the description of product for awhile, but my experience with this box aimed me to want actions with another. The tan here is the fast list of pros and gilipollas regarding this ray.

Proportionate very complete to clean tools for your camera
records very reasonable

only (6) swabs of sensor
cleaning fluent covers streaks in lenses/of filters and in of the sensors

shoots the Cannon 5D classical. That signalled me to buy this particular box was that it has remarked it to it the number of powder specs in some recent photos have taken and has determined my sensor was dusty. It looks the few videos of Youtube quite that for the clean and then found this box in the amazon and he have had excellent descriptions. In fact it looks Youtube of own Height instructional video on regarding the use and was was.

Using a boot of the spray comprised, has given the squirt in an of some swabs of full frame. With my mirror closed up and the lentil takes, has swept to the left in right and then behind again. Then using the dry swab, has repeated a process. Look in him so more can in environmental light and has determined was clean, as I reinstalled a dulcemente and has posed the backside in my stock exchange of camera. Some days of the pair more has taken late some shots while walk to the long of the next beach. Quan Has opened the in lightroom, the clearly aimed number big lines , horizontal and something through a whole image!

Immediately lamented like tried in 'clean' a camera' sensor and has taken my camera and has taken the look in a sensor those uses the torch this time. Although the could not see very something, was able to see the pair of lines or streaks in a sensor he. I have repeated a process with some swabs and the problem has had to done that takes some stain that have me initially does preoccupies that had lined the the, but at the end was able of the take although it takes the scrubbing action. 2 More swabs has used.

This take me in today. It was external and has taken some shots of test of a heaven of clear blue and has opened the in lightroom. Still I have the pair of something! To arrive to this point very I lament not using never a solution to debug in a sensor and I are almost out of swabs although an original problem that aimed me to buy a box has not been never resolved. I actuate Also the used a besides clean solution in some lenses and filters of the lentils together with some comprised microfiber cloths and found the also layers to problem streaks in the also.

Surrounds, has not wanted to leave the delighted 1 description to star so that they that me some gladdens of a box and still thinks is the good value for a money, my critic is of a solution to debug and a fact that the only comprises the handful of swabs of sensor ( I very does not comprise why is not sold in of the groups of 50 or 100 like q-tips). Knowing that it knows now, has to have only swabbed a sensor of DRY camera and called it the day. Also it recommend it this in another the only trying apresamiento stick so that has any reason to present the wet agent, chemist that causes more the problems that resolves only to take some powder of surface.
5 / 5
I have bought this so that it have found his my sensor there has been 3 something in the, this could see and more...
In inspection further, and when being said in photoshop a picture to aim more contrast and signals underlined and falling aims, founds has had hundreds of something. Mostly in a hand-corner the upper left wing streaky.
Took this yesterday, took me less than 2 minutes. I have used very little in any liquid while it looks youtube the recommended video and although I have counted enough 11 apresamiento to see something, is VERY HAPPY with some results. This was to use in him Nikon D90 this has bought enough 2012 and has not been never cleaned until yesterday.
Surprising it the product and I have wanted a case enters. Imagined probably would store a material avenges with elsewhere and case to use to adapters of raisin/of cards/of the stacks/etcetera... The small elements do not want to lose.
5 / 5
In the first place, for any one goes preoccupy quite cleaning your own sensor, is not . It IS extraordinarily mere and this box has the quite good instruction inner of cloak and does not have any penuria of videos in Youtube quite the. Considering me, a Box of Photo of the Height of Professional Debugging is exactly that has required. Shot with the Sony alpha77ii with a APS-C the sensor and I had remarked the quality of the photo has declined. A self-that clean the function aided the small but very enough. It IS to take it cleaned in the local tent and they have wanted almost $ 100 to clean a sensor, as I have laughed and has ordered this box. Has all poden a lot of need, that comprises the rocket of filter. A main draw for me even so you are some swabs of sensor, look very very done, and a solution. I took me the glorious total of down 5 minutes to clean a sensor and some return of photos in his quality of original.

My council those uses some boxes, is not in jealous with a spray ( does not want to streaks) and when being prepared to use 2 swabs, or immersions or dry, yes uses also sprays. The desire Quotes the photo has offered some swabs separately of a solution will last me until I die but there is only 6 swabs. A reason was with this box in place of swabs only of the different manufacturer is that I have required the new blower and a pen of extra lentil is always well.
5 / 5
I have bought this predominately to clean a sensor in my Cannon T7i. After two years of use, one of this be in the middle of desert, was more soiled that gives. Taken four swabs to take it behind in the pristine state, but a process is quite painless, and Digital Goja has instructions of video in Youtube to guide calm through him. When being able to clean a sensor I, by so eschewing routing my camera has been to has does and that pays four or five times a prize of a box would have been the roads adds everything for his sake, but an addition the elements comprised, a soft paintbrush, a tissue of lentils, cleaning fluent, micro-line-of strand and blower, fingerprint of rubber eraser, has attached the integer of new level of confidence in maintaining my clean squad. It have to it purchased it to it this a day still has bought my camera. Some pictures would have you that gives the good idea while in the that effective a debugging of sensor was. If I need the box to debug for your camera does not require to look any afterlife that these offered by this company.
4 / 5
No, my headline is not the joke. A case to spend absolutely reeks of rubber in of the llamas at the beginning and same although it has had he that hangs two month, a smell is still there. It is not ALMOST SO STRONG while it was, where could smell he of five feet was, but to well sure can smell yes has posed your nose until him.

On with a description.

Simply place, has everything will require to clean your lenses and sensor. A case would be likely to survive be it launched down the flight of stairs. A microfiber the cloths are some excellent MagicFiber ones. A tissue of dulcemente is effective, if the thin bit. A solution does not have any smell anything, some in one focuses in a boat. A knockoff Rocket Blaster that is supposed in, although you can wants to express the small time before signalling he in your sensor. There is at all to maintain a back valve to seat directly on something concealed could be line his own powder .

Some only problems have is that a solution hurriedly drenches through some tissues of lentils, has said the tissues very always the tear was equally, and a boot tends the spray of more solution that in fact need. ( Dry hurriedly even so, so that it is the plus .)

In general, is the useful box . Justo beware of a smell when has opened in the first place a container.
4 / 5
Has some very bad powder in my D800 and required to clean my very bad sensor. I have read all some descriptions in this product and what expsito is that it has posed you in a lot of spray in a cleaner swab leaves streaks and will not be effective. If you have posed a leader of spray in firm in a swab, volume in a lot of humidity in a swab.

Has used a first light bulb and the the camera has turned the other way around and pressed some air in a camera, I the control after it conceal and enough 50% of a powder has been gone. Then I sprayed a swab with or bomb. It was quite 6 inches out of a beak. I a raisin with a cleaner swab and has tried again. It says quite 70% of a powder has been gone, has used then a light bulb and has thought could blow a rest has been. It was bad, has taken another piece of powder in a sensor. I have done then the dry swab and has taken each thing excepts or the something small approximations the corner. It was well with that. (95% of a powder has been gone and has not wanted to use another swab.

Was happy with a product and calm only necessity to be ailing and any one in saturates a swab.
5 / 5
Wonderful product. Cheap and has taken a work has done. I have bought the Sony A7ii recently of Craigslist with the 50mm. The May HAS REMARKED some something in my sensor until I have bought some tubes of extension to touch around with photos of macro. That is to say when seen a horrid something. As I have ordered this box to try to clean my sensor. It achieves today and it dive well in. All was there so expected more to the small note enough likes them to him strive for full satisfaction. I will comprise pictures of a process. On-line, the instructions have said to use the different swab all do not exit a first time, but only reused a premier an and was supremely pleased with some results in all the case.
5 / 5
Honestly, The desire had bought done these years but has been also scared to clean my sensor of own camera. This company comprises the nexus in the video of Youtube these accounts regarding the that takes the majority of one concerns out of him. Some tills also comprise varied another product of big quality that attaches until easterly when being an absolute subject. I have used this box in the Cannon EOS 5D Mk. II and he an absolutely fantastic work, has pleased really.

A box is jam -packed with everything will require to maintain your organism and the in shape upper glass
A box entered the case to peel that is to say ideal to travel, only launch he in your stock exchange of camera and goes
Some manufacturers have taken a time to produce the video of Youtube this counts so to use a product.

Thing very only was the small disappointed with era a number of swabs of sensor, comes with just 6 which are quite enough to do 2 or 3 clean sensor. Even so to be fair, the calm does not have to the clean need a sensor so often like rest of a camera. A lack to abound swabs isnt that enormous the roads even so any one when a rest of a product is such big quality.

Top Customer Reviews: GreatShield ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
5 / 5
This box comes with a spray of solution of boat of regular debugging and microfiber lines that each which as other looks of boxes to comprise. But while this only takes a majority of fingerprints, muck, and rests of your screens, does not take each only smudge or streak. EVEN SO, a 2 constant tool that comprises some MARKS of electronic wipes! It IS so magic. I have rubbed and rubbed in a screen with one microfiber lines, but could not take perfect in his own. But the light of swipes of pair of a tool in teh surface after I a majority of a debugging with a cloth has taken a screen that the looks avenges well out of a box in a tent of Apple.
5 / 5
Honestly I have not expected this to do also. But now I am quite sure I am going in normal up in these - the good products usually have the bad habit to exit of production.
A container is mere - the box of goleada with the micro-line-of strand, it spray and quotes it of dual paintbrush.
1. Semence - Justo a right texture, any also rough, any also soft. It leaves any bookmark in a screen or any protectors of screen. It does not leave any one smear and/or static load, chooses up all the powder and grime when used with a spray.
2. Spray - Perfect consistency, clean without any residue or smear. I need to spray a cloth and no a screen and is some instructions (which I ), some results are impressive.
3. Dual constant paintbrush - has toallitas humid he in a side and he bristly paintbrush in another, covers by so comprised. It looks and when being amiably designed and do very enough to clean keyboards or rub out of muck of persistent/stains. Honestly, I have not required for the use so much - a cloth and the the spray was very enough.

Use - has used these at length of a moment has taken the in mine porttilde 1 year (ASUS N75S 17.3'), Amazon of mine Kindle Fire HDX, my two cameras and IPAD of my woman. I plan on using this in my strongly begrimed Sony Vaio (cual the piece of junk!). My laptop was quite soiled and has used a spray sparingly - two fast explosions are all apresamiento to do mine ASUS the new look.
A product literally leaves any one smear or the static load and think has an active ingredient that discourages collection of powder ( can be wrong).
Has wanted to this - a lot, very better that a terrible Zeiss LCD he Toallitas humid of the Clean screen has bought also.
5 / 5
That is to say one of some the majority of boxes abordables has found, quotes the expectation of big quality. A cloth is very soft, and quite big to do cleaning a 15.4' screen of Macbook easy (has big hands, also, which can do a bit the smallest cloths more take to use without leaving fingerprints behind). A solution entered to bounce it small, but sprays only the small quantity the time - which are all precise - so has to last the while. An only part is not totally quite convinced is a cleaner of keyboard. It IS the long paintbrush , thins designed to sweep among some tones, but there is still to find the method the effective plus with him that only swipe through a joint. I will update a description imagines this part was. In general, it is the box of adds that it debugs that it takes 3 years of grime of my screen besides or 2 minutes less.

Update - 8/22/14:
has unlocked a secret of a paintbrush of trip (cual a cleaner of keyboard is nicknamed in fact, according to a web of place)! This can have been obvious in everything except me, but will share that it has learnt it anyways. A paintbrush is in fact bend sustained (!) With a side that contains a paintbrush to clean powder and particulates out of your keyboard, and the second cloth in an another end to dry low screens in some vain. It was unconscious of this last function, like the blue coverage for him was bonded on quite tight. You can imagine my surprise when has burst accidentally was and thought had broken the. It opens, while in a better road to use a paintbrush. You find it concealed - since is the good idea to turn of a computer when the grandson anyways - that runs a paintbrush in of the general terms in the left-rights or vice versa while applying quite a lot of pressure to press some the low tones are a road to go . Before, tests in slide a paintbrush among some rows, but that only has no the cut. In this way, the calm really can clean out of a powder, and, since some tones are depressed, will not press muck under the. Accident in my description in 5 stars now.
5 / 5
A cloth is soft but hard, and a solution is one of if no a better in dissolving all this screen gunk this accrues over time. Quan Has purchased a box has not anticipated included using a bit constant of two paintbrushes, but in fact is resulted a handy quite be. A side of paintbrush is well take powder and all this among tones of keyboard, and another the side is well for amiable of the fast and soiled screen dusting. I use it to take a powder of a screen when the full spray and toallitas humid is not still necessary. A sake finds, and the good value for a money. To well sure recommend it, and was to buy more solution when my careers of boat have been.
5 / 5
I am not easily impressed, but this product has surpassed my expectations. My computer is hijacked by my boy very time the day, and of course, his impressions do during a screen. Also it uses my laptop to aim recipes while I am cooking/to bake. Over time, my screen resulted caked with grime this was almost impossible to leave. Even so, after 10 Solid min. to clean with this material, restores my screen in the arrival of factory. My only remorse is that I have not purchased this more harvest.
5 / 5
That is to say a perfect together to clean your screens, keyboards, and these small rooms can not achieve concealed. A tampon in firm apresamiento lint and included the sticky stains was softly so as to not breaking same soft screens and sensitive keyboards. More than everything, he all returns in the stock exchange of sandwich and is all calm does not mark never of the need regulates to clean convenient and mere, For the who is has occupied also use his computers to look for only a right product, that is to say a perfect present in a right prize. It die two was so of the presents and now will order or for me. I hoe any career was. This box has it EVERYTHING!

5 / 5
This the cleaner of computer is very good. Any smudges, smear or drips. I have cleaned my screen of computer and my television of LCD and was spotless! A cleaner has been using smear of covers and streaks during a screen any one for the mention dripped down a screen while it comes from to clean the. It is not one!! And, I very cual a paintbrush of keyboard also. It IS soft and takes a powder and cradles out of some tones very effectively.
3 / 5
The cloth is very low quality (pieces of him falling eschew) and leaves streaks in my screen (MACBOOK PRO 15' 2017 RETINA). It does not use for screens of retina. Cleaning tool that comes with looking well very valuable? Injustice. Some capes of the money of one finishes beginnings while cleanup and another the side of cloth is useless. It goes to buy another product. Well of the only thing in a product is a liquid and a prize. Better roads there.
5 / 5
Research only the spray to clean my laptop of screen of the touch and this are come with a spray, cloth, and double-brush constant and very done that has been feigned in. A paintbrush was the characteristic very so that it can be it difficult to take among some nooks and crannies of my keyboard, and another the side of a paintbrush of paintbrush aided was some of a powder in a screen that readied he for a spray and cloth. Had no streaks in a screen at all and my screen is clearer that never memory. It recommends!
5 / 5
I have had smudges in our 86' and 70' that was visible in all this has seen, afterwards and faraway. Once cleaned, any smudges, any streaks and very something unwanted.
Does Sum with this box! He only the annex that there is the pouch that could be it attached in a backside saw Velcro, then was the box for screen!

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