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Top Customer Reviews: TIFFEN 25mm UV ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
I have bought this lentil partorisca my Sony A6000 with the Sigma 30mm And-highland lentil. Always it uses the UV filter partorisca protect my lentil, like travesía at length with my camera. During a daytime, a UV do of good filter and resupplies no noticeable degradation of quality of image. This in spite of, for prejudices it these ghosts like CRAZY. It has thought had something wrong with my lentil initially, but then decided partorisca take a filter was while shooting. It has attached some photos.
4 / 5
After the week of tripod and hand-held testing under several conditions read external, has achieved a conclusion that this filter is causing the serious reduction in an acuteness and the quality of some images has registered with my camera of Cannon and lentil. When I have initiated action for the turn, Amazon so only refunded my money and has not required a real turn.
5 / 5
This has been mine has sent two times: Some first time have received an empty chance and a second an appearance to be the element is returned, like this surely any company would sell such the filthy element. Had so much particulate subject in both sides of a filter that was dumbfounded. I had it it has ordered it also a Basic Amazon UV filter for the main lentil so that it could compare him in action. A Basic Amazon has looked has come from/come from the 'clean room' - also has to that. I have been pleased in like this was flawless. I have opened a Tiffen moments later, and has been impacted and there is disappointed for real. It has taken partorisca do with my box of more cleaned and after several minutes was like this disgusted (he in fact looked as if a powder was embedded in a lentil), is simply is returned. Like this here it is my thoughts in these filters: A chance has not been sealed, likes to filter easily could fall was and result stray or dirty. @I give ossia the very economic element , but the companies depend on loyalties of client. Calm am likely to guess where my lie of loyalty.
4 / 5
Has seen the plot of mixed descriptions in this piece. This description is based in my use of a piece with my Canon70D and 28-135mm lentil:
has purchased a 72mm piece partorisca go in a lentil I use one the majority of, my wide corner 28-135mm THIS LENTIL of Cannon. Always I have of the discharges of lentil on when they are not that it uses my lentil and when they are by train partorisca use it, always have a petal on that. These rays partorisca filter perfectly in a lentil. I outrage a filter also can use my petal and of the discharges of the lentil yes has required!! Mayor!

There is not remarked any 'ghosting' to to the effects like to them a bit the users has informed. I have taken photo in an early morning, mid-day, and in dusk. Still a lot ghosting effects when using a filter.

A filter is solid and has some his weight. I seat as if his of big quality. A weight of a glass has any impact on shooting.

You can not beat a prize partorisca a quality takes!
4 / 5
An idea that these are used as 'UV filtered is outdated. This was a chance with film, adding are the clarity of filters has augmented partorisca filter some wavelengths found in haze and glare that has been enhanced for film, but ossia apparently any one a subject with digital. These are really protect for an element at the head of your lentil, but this goes in the cost. Each piece of glass one light raisin by means of degrades an image to some terracing.

Possesses the little of these, uses him on lenses attached to the mine digital SLRs when I am walking around doing tourist material and taking snapshots, a profit partorisca protect is gone in a world-wide outweighs any degradation of image partorisca me. Partorisca Use/ of studio of the interior, this is exited. Also I use him on my Mamiya RZ lenses partorisca shoot the external film partorisca a haze that filter the capacities have declared on. All of the mine Mamiya lenses have the 77mm edge in a front how is very convenient.
4 / 5
After the month partorisca use a filter, result partorisca disappoint me in the each moment. There is remarked rattling while taking it was mine 24-70mm lentil, and there is @@give then that a glass does not remain firmly and is resulted also lose inner of a frame... I have used a lot of different filters like B+W and Hoya and these times have decided to try Tiffen because of a small prize, which is -$ 18, and descriptions like this very roughly that! I thought it that it would have to be it the good shot. Besides it is difficult of the clean, still can not take touched of of some streaks around a glass, which affects my photos. If there are any suggestions regarding the turn really would appreciate it, reason have it the little more than the month can not return he by means of Amazon.

Update 2/23/218.
A toneless has contacted Tiffen Sustain of Client for email. We gave me to us the thanks to stops to be Tiffen client and sent an instruction regarding the fix:
'in a coverage of the retention of the filter is two opposite notch of the each one another, thinks 6 and 12 on the dot. If you insert/ you insert the two compass of point, or something resembled these coverages and transfer, can presionar a coverage of retention to close a glass down. His best to insert a two compass of point, then turn a whole filter to loosen more than rotating a two compass of point. See a diagram down: (look in a semi-detached picture)'
That? Really! ... I have explained that ossia too complecated for me and the request yes can return a filter. Today, it is one 8th day are while his response...
5 / 5
Does not use these for a UV filter but like the good quality, to costs of lentil down protective. This has said:

Mina 1st Tiffen was the 55mm UV Protective has taken for a lentil of boxes that is coming with the Sony a7ii; a FAITH 28-70. It was like this happy with a compraventa that has has purchased of then three additional Tiffen UV FILTERS of Amparo. One east in the Sony And 55-210 I has has bought used and one east in the Samyang 35mm has bought new. A an I am writing this description for me assumes is still in a Sony FAITH 50mm has bought new but returned and has forgotten to take a filter.

A point? Extracted my lenses, new or used, taste to him extracted the mobile phone. It concealed when being some stays of telephone in a box until has the protective chance for them and lenses stay in a box until has the protective filter to pair the with. And a one has forgotten to take of a lentil is returned? Ossia That sure in a Tiffen the filters are. It has dipped once one in the lentil, I any need never thinks roughly he again.

Has used several frames in several measures that diverse of a more economic Height and Polaroid to a mid row Hoya and B & W.

Where Fact Tiffen access? Well they are no Hoya or B & W but are do not photograph professional. They are an amateur the one who mostly enjoys photographer callejera when I travel and for my money Tiffen is a better. Yes, you can spend more and improve glass and yes calm really reason of the to concern roughly ghosting would have to that look for to lentil of main final. It concealed it is not me saying ghosting has been the question for me. Usually it uses the hood of the lentil and I think that the helps cut down in light reflection. There is remarked some smaller subjects with him on some shots have taken in the conditions read brilliant directed but a lot enough to justify a prize a big plus.

I any stack filters as I have not had the need to so it can not give an opinion in this subject. It would assume that a risk of ghosting would augment.

The version the scarce is this . A Tiffen UV the FILTER of Amparo is a lot of fact with glass of good quality and the coverage of metal with threading I no the worry will cross edge or band. His that needs to protect my lentil. If it has bought the ND or the polarisers could buy the mark more type but to protect daily, Tiffen is all I need and a better for my money.

Tiffen Dictate it more in his description of own product; A small prize to pay to protect your investment.
4 / 5
After learning more roughly photographs, am coming to a conclusion that UV the filters are unnecessary and potentially hurt your photos with casualidades added of clave of lentils, especially yes slowly in stacking the polariser or ND on him. Unless it expect vase or flight of sand in your lentil, calm does not require to dip the $ 10 piece of glass in front of the lentil that hundreds of costs or of the thousands of dollars, for a same reason averts to take photo by means of your windshield. If you want to protect to impact accidentel, take the hood of lentil.

This has said, can not complain in a quality. A build is expected like this, thin aluminium with good edges. A glass is flawless, and there is not remarked any added viñetas or aberrations. Tiffen Does the product of quality. I have bought his CPL and variable ND with which extracted adds of investigation, and could not be happier.

A first filter has received has had the smallest scratch approaches a flange and small flecks embedded in a glass. I have asked the turn and was has shipped quickly the substitution, and leave me to us so only launch another filter was.
5 / 5
Adds UV filter for a prize. EUA Has done of the company has trusted! Simple piece to import to protect your lentil of scratches or in some same of the drop. Any to mention a UV filtering profit.
Has used this one in mine Wifes (old but still awesome) EF of Cannon 70-210mm f/4 'Attractive of Lentil of Push.

Has had any of a glare or ghosting questions that other people have informed with this filter. Included when we try to take photos of lightbulbs likes some another a reviewers photo...

Has found anything useful in this description, would appreciate you taking a time to click like this down! Thank you!
5 / 5
Frequently use ours cameras alfresco and in rain and dusty conditions. Also we to plot of photograph of pet (always look to want to dip his wet nose in a lentil of camera). This will protect a front of your lentil of these situations as well as of scratches or cracks been due to clash a front of a lentil. What same with creatures or boys to touch a front of a lentil. It is to the easiest plot and surer to clean or substitute a filter to protect that a type of lentil. Typical excellent Tiffen quality.

Top Customer Reviews: Amazon Basics UV ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
He been the photographer for in 40 years, always using Nikon cameras and the variety of lenses. The quality of filter is supremely of entity. Buying crummy filters that visibly degrades an imagery is easy , especially go cheap , pricewise. As it was the small hesitant to try an Amazon Basics ' mark'. Even so always I look to require extra filters in through several stock exchanges of camera. As I have given these tries it.

Has been surprised. These are some of some better filters have used of any manufacturer, without respecting to price. It takes two basic filters ( Circular Polariser and the UV protective ) less prendi that a cost of the polariser of another manufacturer only. A polariser has absolutely zero dye by heart...Any yellow, blue green cape...Perfectly neutral. That is to say of entity!

Does not doubt. It buys some of these having to the amazon gives is by train to sell them massively goes down the point of prize.
3 / 5
"General use , daily" it is a key sentence here. The protect of some advances of element is in an only thing that is to say very prendido. In any lower light that only after decadence, products very big, perceivable claves. If you go to buy this, please knows that it does very only a better enmedio very ignited. If you do not want to a lot of the claves, any compraventa this. Taken that decrees of paid.

These photos are stills of the videos taken with a Rokinon F1.4 21mm MFT In a Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7K.
4 / 5
Honestly I See any difference in quality among these and my much more expensive filters.
I the similar filters possess that it was 20-0 each what so, as it was sceptical of an Amazon Basics mark in less than the neighbourhood his prize but I have imagined for the little bucks each which so it can not go injustice.

Some filters are arrived any only embroiled in bubbling embroil but also encased in the headline of plastic take with foaming inlay has cut around some filters to ensure any harm.

Uses these predominately to protect in my lenses, and recommends all the world-wide to do a same while it is much cheaper to substitute the filter that is the lentil.

In all the case, will upload side of photos for side with east and an expensive filter like calm all can see there is not any difference but the suffice to say that there is any one. Any clave, differential by heart, distortion of image of any class.

Constantly surprised for a quality of Amazon marked products.
4 / 5
Val. Very clear and has minimum impact in IQ in addition to situations. It has had bad flaring in these filters this cheap plus in brilliant light so that they are not very-coated like a B+W ones, which cost quite 8-10 so much time, as I will not attack this for any in that has it very-coating. It IS the data for the estimativa UV filter.

The modern cameras in fact do not require UV protect like cameras of film of olden days. A calm reason for is is simply to protect your element at the head of lentils of camera of scratches. It say of another way,, this UV the filters give you peace to import while the assistant augments a value of resale of your lenses.

Taking notes that these filters is not done of brass but aluminium, which are has expected totally given a low prize. The aluminium tends to JOIN in another filter of aluminium. Spent in me more concealed once with these filters this cheap plus and I are not very happy. But while you are conscious of the same downside and is well with him (or so that it does not have any one necessity to stack the filters or is sper careful of any one screwing the on too tight), that is to say the decent cloak to protect for your lentil.

Recommended yes is in in to him he estimativa tight likes him. For a rest of calm writes, takes the B+W to cry out of strong!!!
1 / 5
Uncoated = Bad lense clave. In a picture has comprised, dressed the orange that shines that is that green of the clear source that was out of a frame. This is caused by this filter, not presenting when a filter was to take.

Has known these were cheap filters without a very-coating, but has not expected he to be anywhere afterwards to this BAD.

The May HAS SEEN clave that bad with any another the filter has not possessed never. I am to take this filter and posing he in the drawer, any insurance that will do with him but so cheap while it was, is not even estimates my time these units in a dispatch of clave for the return.

A sad thing is that first a lot-filters coated that he eschews this problem is very generally counterfeited. Read some descriptions of filters of the premium sold in amazon for information on so to identify fakes Before purchase, so that they are sometimes very hard to detect if it does not have the real one in directly compare side by side with a fake A lot of unit the negative critics of the filters of premium have histories of buyers that has purchased more than or filters, and when is arrived was obvious that one was fake . At least with this one knows that it is taking, but after seeing that very first photo is not the filter still goes to waste time of experience with.
5 / 5
Some people do not see a value to use slow filters 'protective' while more glass of pose in front of the sensor of your camera. The May Sees a difference. And since it spends my camera around in the stock exchange of the camera with one covers of dulcemente was the majority of a time, thinks that is the value is significant. I the maintenances on always. It IS to maintain very stick of era also. This will not protect your lentil of the serious strike or fall/of the drop but he will protect against scratches and muck. One 67mm the semi-detached filter in my lentil of camera perfectly with his very done nut. A black and white arrival GOES the marks are excellent . I do not see any effect a 'UV' offers the cover with tests of a filter on and has been. Some looks of glass to be perfectly clear. His main utility is protects . If required, another coated the filters can be screwed in and adicins/additions in easterly unit In general, that is to say the element of big quality for the just prize.
4 / 5
A filter that need and for the fraction of a prize of some of some marks by name. My only complaint is that a thread in a point of the aluminium that is slightly rough, almost in a point where the be as the was not skipped in a process of manufacture. Nut On in a lentil without a lot of hassle, but no so softly while it have expected . For a prize, will live with that a smaller complaint.
1 / 5
As it Can see he in some low images (with and without this filter), these laws to filter like a surface of limits of reflection for a lentil of camera (voice a text in a heaven at night). Apparently, these looks to spend only in of the lentils of Cannon. Has the partner with me concealed has used a same filter but in the Nikon slow but has not seen any perceivable distortion/of reflection. I have tried also his lentil in my camera, in case that my piece was defective, but has taken still a distortion/of reflection.
4 / 5
It take this predominately to use with my Xume the the adapter has posed he so that it can have the fast road to pose in one covers of lentils, as I have not been preoccupied that a lot in a quality of image through this filter. As it Results, it is very quite sake of glass. There is the bit of degradation of a quality of image, but very a lot. If you are the pixel peeper, the will remark. If you are not sper picky in an acuteness, would recommend this filter. Also it believes it the light darken of an image, but fewer subjects that the third of the decree as it is quite insignificant.

Considering mould by heart, could not say any problems with that. Although there is, can be easily correct accuse of clave.

Would say to take this wants the low-side UV filter to protect your lentil...Unless has the slow very good and does not want to lose the small quality of image.
4 / 5
I have bought this to protect my Nikonkit slow. It is done the work adds in protecting, deflecting some light and powder or rain. I am usually the photographer of landscape but, is ardent in taking extraneous portraits. List of mine pro is and with this down.

- Maintains glass of clean lentil. ( It prevent the powder, some rain and another muck to touch a glass)
- Protects a glass of lentils
- Transfers in easily and fast

- Depend for a thread in your lenses, can take bonded
- Take to take sometimes but, only if the plan takes it the plot
- Some light reflects of him and calm take it when your takings has shot.

Summing Up:

In general, this UV filter to protect a work adds. He that during good of the that is to say in his description of an element. Be conscious only of a clear paste a filter, flavours to have the hood of Lentils on to block which does not ignite never is causing leaks of reflections or bad light in yours has shot.

Top Customer Reviews: K&F Concept ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
They are so only the photographer of novice, with the experience has limited that it filter of uses. This be has said, know my way around settings of exposure and quite taken with some technicians specs of my cameras.

Has loved to take some smooth pictures of waterfalls and has seen this variable ND filter with good descriptions. In a page of description of the element, has abundance to look to do compraventa takes a measure of edge of right filter for your camera, which looks quite obvious. This in spite of, do not mention that this ND the filter is bad adapted to wide corner lenses. For reference, has had paired this filter with the Zeiss Touit And 12mm f/2.8 trace in the Sony a6500.

After going back holidays, has @to @give that a lot of shots have taken with a filter is trace has had quite poor light uniformity. There is remarked while taking some photos that rotating has spent the sure point has produced noticeable unevenness, but an effect was less/a lot of noticeable when I have turned a ND down. This in spite of, to verify some images in the monitor of computer, was obvious that a brightness is not uniform.

Has asked a vendor in a @@subject and has copied/pasted his answered down:
'the darkness is the subject common with wide corner lenses and variable ND filters. The physical limit some capacities of variables ND filters in wide corner lenses. When you Enter a flange of a max row,the darkness can look in your image. Reason are by train to use it further his capacity according to some laws of optical physics,which inevitably will cause this phenomenon. It could you try to turn down a terracing until a black dispels ?'

Like this chalk of supposition this until inexperience in my final. Still, they are docking 2 stars because it is not documented anywhere in a page of element that the focal period maintains , which can head to some mislead some buyers. Also, it is not really feasible to say has the light quantity of uneven brightness while taking one shot or previewing in camera. Like this, you can finalise with it stirs it of bad shots that you would not know roughly until turns to the monitor.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Very easy to use, looks material very good. I love a result. Touching with a white balance can take result very better. I have tried with ISO 100 f / 1.8 and 1/125 dry. When A sun does not leave to see anything in a camera, and this left for the dipped totally dark and also in the tone has wished.
5 / 5
Will admit that it was skeptical after reading roughly critical negations in vignetting and shadows and different colour hazing and odd tints, but has imagined for a prize is cost shot it. I really like a filter! Yes, some adjustments are the little delicate, but calm once take used to one feels of him and use he for the moment, is not hard to create good-looking images. I do not have remarked any difference by heart (any odd purple or blues) and there is not remarked the odd has maintained. Everything is exited rich and natural.

Has taken was 1 star because there is remarked that when it shoot to a sun or the light source (which as the photographer of character can be hard to avert), there is the light ghosting - almost the reflection of a filter - this looks in your images. In a first picture has uploaded, has had to modify a ghosting out of a flat water. Using some type of looks of shadow to help, but now ossia a sewing of plus has to that tote with me when I , minus 1 star.

Another that those some subjects, ossia my gone-to filter now to shoot crack them or any water have based scenery. I love it!
5 / 5
Long exposure. At the beginning I used it hardly, now they are the enormous defender . I shopped around and found a perfect tripod (edge of carbon Manfrotto, also adds). When This arrived, has mentioned to my fellow foreseen on taking broken with the slow shutter speed, and has said, 'You gotta ND filter, well?' I have known I have had the travesía until Letchworth come on this weekend. This afternoon I rushed the Amazon, shopped around, and found this product. Perfect measure for my Zeiss 50mm and 35mm!

A lot really take a casualidad the disorder with this ND filter until I have arrived in Letchworth and wow was soufflé was! A crisp coverage to go and a crisp shadow of black mark this such an incredible product. So much value a prize! I am blown has gone by that it does not degrade a quality of my captures my lenses can take.

I amour long exposure now. With my light tripod and my filter, so only can grow.

Has comprised the picture of the bridge covered in Cuyahoga Fences in the National park taken with this filter. It was the eight according to shutter speed.
4 / 5
Laws well until calm he darker. It began it it has launched too much of the shadow in one corners. Some the next time used it, two corners, now there there is almost a X form of darkness by means of a filter/of lentil. Entirely worthless.
Has to that it has tried more when I took it reason now one 30 turn of day the window is on and am stuck with the quite useless lentil.
No shabby!
4 / 5
Amur The law adds. This in spite of! If has the 58mm the edge will require to buy the 62mm lense to to the coverage likes them to them the edge forward is main that a rear edge and a 58mm any one is returned. So only the useful tip when looking to buy this product.
5 / 5
Has taken some photos of long exposure of the waterfalls in some means of an evening and the good-looking results took. They are no professional, but mine, has had any noticeable mussel by heart. I love it, and I go to order one this is to return mine another lentil , also.
5 / 5
He Photo of shoot (or specifically video) alfresco in a sun, NEED the variable ND filter.

For video, is shooting 30 FPS, need to maintain your shutter speed in 1/60 (because of a 180 principle) for natural blur and smoothness. If it love the good blurry deep in f/2.8, included in ISO 100, has the casualidad adds your image will be horribly exposed. Your only options are to augment a shutter speed (and has involved a natural look with distracting 'choppiness') or crank until f/16, which flatten your image and take touched of of this blurry the fund has loved!

Comes a variable ND filter. When Applied, like this variable sunglasses, leaves that spends light by means of, class of as an intimidating bouncer in the club at night. So only twist a coverage in a filter and calm can achieve your shot perfectly!

With this concrete filter, two small things bummed was:
1. A coverage does not have real stops, so only continuous rotation as I can very really maintain clue of a concrete quantity of light is leaving in.
2. When A filter is in mine Tamron 28-75 2.8 lentils, can not dip one covers of lentil in a same time. No the breaker to treat, but that annoying when it loves quickly take the picture or pushes some video.

But for a prize, is hard to contest this is not the compraventa adds.
5 / 5
A ND the filter has done well for a prime minister little time used it but then randomly has begun to move oddly when it turns it his darker. In a photo to the equal that can see is not doing properly and still leaves some brilliant corners. I am disturbed that this would spend left so only like this punctual.
5 / 5
Is looking To until 3 or 4 continuous fader the stops could exit. There are several subjects. One, a fader coverage of the adjustment does not correspond to min - max markings like this always is trying finds a max light place and then dialing down. This depends also that closely a lentil is screwed on. As, for big ND settings, will be highly a lot-linear (i.et. A lot tight and no repeatable) with severe vignetting. Any value excepts some fast work and has the spatial @@subject that spends multiple fixed filters. So only it would take a ND3, ND6 and ND10 and be fact with him.

Top Customer Reviews: Amazon Basics ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
This CPL is the better road that that a prize to ask. Usually I tried the eschew using filter so so it was possible because of the complexity and the time have attached. The polariser is an only filter that spends. I usually gravitate in of the better marks like B+W and Hoya has to buy. This AmazonBasics CPL is so cheap that I have to take or only for the try was. It IS very well it has built it to it to him. A coating is visually flawless. Rotating A polariser is smooth. So far so good.

Has tried he to take unwanted reflection and has compared he in the B+W multicoated and the Hoya uncoated. It can not say a difference among this AmazonBasics and a B+W. Visually, Any a lot of difference in a result of final when compared in a Hoya. Even so, shutter the speed was faster for a result of same end, meant a AmazonBasics transmitted clearer that it was a result of better coating. That is to say very good initial result for something those costs almost afterwards in at all for the very-coated CPL. Still it is trying and will update with more result.

Some pictures have attached is comparison of 1) any CPL filter, 2) AmazonBasics CPL filter, 3) name of upper mark CPL filter. It IS quite clear that a AmazonBasics CPL the filter has done equally as well as name to mark CPL filter.
4 / 5
I have bought so much a AmazonBasics and Height Circular Polariser. Both are effective. I seat like a version of Amazon threaded on in an easier lentil. Possibly so that a point is considerable wider. Had no vignetting in the 24-105mm in 24mm with any filter. The annex compares AmazonBasics, Height and Any Filter. It shot that Big Jpeg, not editing in clave. In my eye, a Date gives the tone of light green.

Liked me a packaging in of a version of Amazon - a case has points/of bloodlettings to maintain a filter of flopping around when in a stock exchange. Among an Amazon and Height, would select a version of Amazon.
5 / 5
It has wanted the CPL filter for my trip in Sedona AZ and decided to give this tries it. I am usually very satisfied with Amazon basics produced as it has thought costs a risk, especially with a low prize. I have not been prepared by how attaches this filter is. Sedona HAS some rocks of red add and blue heavens. With this filter on, was able to filter out of unwanted lights and take deep blues & red. I have not taken any vignetting or flaring with my Tamron 28-300 lentils. It does not have any Wide lentil, as I can not comment in that. It attaches a photo of Sedona taken with this filter on.
3 / 5
I have substituted my Sony A-mountain 70-300mm lentil of G with the Sony And-mountain 70-200mm. I have required the new 72mm polariser for one 70-200mm, and asked me if a AmazonBasics was very enough. Since I have had already the B+W 62mm Kaesemann the polariser Circulates with Final-Coating that Resists for one 70-300mm G and the Sigma EX DG 62mm Wide Very-Filter Coated of the polariser Circulates (OLD MODEL) for the Sony 10-18mm, decided to take the 62mm AmazonBasics to compare with an another two premier.

To compare some first filters customised a white balance of my Sony A6000 with the clear poster, and has planted then all three filters in a clear poster and has taken the picture. Desprs Has imported a semi-detached image to Season Lightroom, has taken three RGB has separated readings for each filter and a poster. An upper one in a picture is a AmazonBasics, an inferior left wing is a B+W, and an inferior right is a Sigma. Some values of the half for each zone is:
Poster: R 94.17 G 94.17 B 94.17
Amazon: R 78.33 G 78.87 B 77.37
B+W: R 68.87 G 69.60 B 71.73
Sigma: R 72.83 G 73.50 B 74.40
can say values that a B+W and a Sigma has bluer, and a AmazonBasics has the green dye. Also a AmazonBasics' the clear transmission is main that an another two.

I reset my A6000 in balance of car aim and has taken some pictures with one 10-18mm and each what three filters. I have posed one ploughing in f/8.0 and focal period in 18mm, and rotated some filters until an exposure of long plus has been achieved, meaning a heaven was a dark plus and an effect to polarise was maximised. For a same scene a speed of shutter for a AmazonBasics was 1/60', and other two filters have used 1/50'. Quan Viewing Some pictures in the monitor have aforado, a B+W and a Sigma the images are almost identical and some the blue heavens look better. As it Expect a heaven in a AmazonBasics the image is not also, and is not easy to adjust he in Lightroom to match an another two, but if you do not compare the side by the side probably would not know a difference. In of the terms of the acuteness can not see any difference.

A AmazonBasics has a same thickness like B+W, like both cause vignetting in a 10mm final. Considering a B+W has cost two times so much of a Sigma, thinks a Sigma EX DG is a better value for me. If you are the casual shooter that slow of boxes of shoots and only uses JPEGs, a AmazonBasics is to well sure the good value. If you are the photographer the demanding plus , probably wants the better filter to match yours expensive train.
5 / 5
He been the photographer for in 40 years, always using Nikon cameras and the variety of lenses. The quality of filter is supremely of entity. Buying crummy filters that visibly degrades an imagery is easy , especially go cheap , pricewise. As it was the small hesitant to try an Amazon Basics ' mark'. Even so always I look to require extra filters in through several stock exchanges of camera. As I have given these tries it.

Has been surprised. These are some of some better filters have used of any manufacturer, without respecting to price. It takes two basic filters ( Circular Polariser and the UV protective ) less prendi that a cost of the polariser of another manufacturer only. A polariser has absolutely zero dye by heart...Any yellow, blue green cape...Perfectly neutral. That is to say of entity!

Does not doubt. It buys some of these having to the amazon gives is by train to sell them massively goes down the point of prize.
1 / 5
I have bought three polarisers circulate: AmazonBasics ($ 13.99), Tiffen ($ 28.17), and Photograph in advance X2 ($ 89).

An in the first place the games of test of a AmazonBasics because of problems by heart ( gone back each brown). A weekend of sea goes the pictures with this filter have confirmed this.

A Tiffen the better looks that a X2. A polarisation is stronger, and a X2 looks for to be slightly brownish.

A weekend those uses a Tiffen is returned slightly brownish pictures. Advanced The tests of shows of the website of the photograph of a Tiffen and his X4 ($ 129). A Tiffen the worse looks in long (red) wavelengths and a X4 the worse looks down (blue) wavelengths.

Usually left my camera in AWB; this weekend will try other parameters of white balance. Also I will pay more attention in the gesture of an only and leaves a polariser was when he is not doing anything. I suspect that the art of a photographer is more than imports that some differences among filters!
3 / 5
It uses this filter in my Cannon 70-200 L 2.8 II the small time now and listen comfortable of the revise. In general, active gotta says that I am not also has impressed. I suppose that it was necessary expected it so much given what cheap a filter is, especially compared besides respectable (and cost big) marks. In an integer, one that filter necessities in reasonably of well. In time, even so, has has had subjects with very PRONOUNCED vignetting in my photos - in a point where simply has to harvests my images to take rid of a vignetting. I can very enough it takes some vietas totally take in that accuses it clave. This obviously takes substantially worse when using a 70-200 in some longer ends. A vignetting looks to worsen like the lighter is filtered has been. For this reason only - and a fact that some otherwise the good photos were some few marred for a vignetting - the give 3 stars.

HAS no other complaints in a filter. When being robust with the point of metal and solid glass. Has the sake heft in him which give it the be of premium. And in the levels the low plus in filter and/or the majority of focal period down, a vignetting is minimum and no problematic. It is not the complete bust, but attaches the limitation in my capacity to shoot: concretely, has to be mindful to shoot in the most focal period very time and/or when trying taken particularly pronounces to filter. It averts cases of use, is the filter adds .
1 / 5
Very I need to begin descriptions to order to date before I purchase. It was not if the amazon has changed providers or cual, but a CP took is at all like a CP has spoken of in the descriptions the old plus -- is the most next plot in a 1- and polariser of 2 stars of recent descriptions. You grieve low reflections, almost at all to enhance a heaven, and generally at all more concealed that darkens my photo. It have to it knew it to it better that to buy $ 12 glass, but was enticed for all some good descriptions that any same the note was old years .

Any one BUYS THIS FILTER. It IS the waste of glass and the waste of money..
2 / 5
I have purchased an Amazon Basics 72mm the polariser Circulates for use with the Sony Rx10 III in August 2018.

An inferior line in this CP is that it does and is done of glass, but a quality of a glass is down and will take the swipe in Quality of Image with Loss to Detail compared to Appoint the most expensive mark / CP is of folks like BW, Hoya etc.
So yes is thinking to purchase this just to touch around with the CP, and is doing only a lot of minima of hack of your images this filter could be Well, but if the detail of image is of entity and you it significant that measured this filter is not since you.

An attached the images are 1:1 harvests of my RX10, which are the 20.1 Megapixel camera with the 1' sensor and resolution of 5472x3648. I have taken this photo is in CRUDE and fact default process in the with Taking A without any adjustments another this hack in 1024x682 for use in this description. Each comparison has been shot with a same ISO and f-Prendida with a shutter to be of only variable speed to compensate for a reduction in fire with an installed Polariser, and used f 4.0 of a Rx10 produced some more acute images among f4.0 And f5.6. An only exception is is a windshield shots, which has not been cut in 1:1 since they are only to aim an effectiveness of a filter, any one to represent detail.

One another note- have one 72mm version of this filter, as if this mark is using a note of same / quality of glass in his filters his small more a loss of the detail probably will be pronounced more is using the measure of the filter the small plus.
5 / 5
Excellent product for this prize! Work very good. It attaches the video those aims a polarisation in the screen of laptop and two pictures with and without a cpl filter.
Cambra : Cannon SX30is

Top Customer Reviews: Frizzlife FZ-2 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 39 ratings
5 / 5
It INSTALLS: Easy install (hammer of must 1/2” hole partorisca tap). All more, comprising valve of 2 ways and the tape of @fontanero is has comprised. Required the wrench and the hammer and all has been done downwards 1 Now.

QUALITY of WATER: drinking waters is fantastic, tries clear and cleaned, highly noticeable improvement of water of tap And of the water of refrigerator has filtered.

SPACE: Still although a filter is significantly main that fix of refrigerator, is considerably smaller that some of one there is anticipated more systems of this type in a phase. I have not lost any usable space in mine down-cupboard of tank.

WATERS of CITIES: Note, are on waters of city, any a lot of-water. I hate a flavour of a water and like a protect extra to filter a water further in my house.

BOMBS of FILTER of the water of REFRIGERATOR has BROKEN: Bought this when my bomb of filter of the water of refrigerator has broken, and will not go back the refrigerator-has filtered-systems. A filter in this system is considerably main that some filters of refrigerator of short life/do, and the substantially better works (at least for flavour). Also it has the tax partorisca flow faster that a system of filter of the refrigerator. Easier That fill big containers like the pot of caffè because of tax of flow and spatial.

Needs more time to really value a durability of system and action of term along , but 1-week in, is the addition adds to a cookery.
4 / 5
Has liked him a prize of some filters of substitution and an ease of installation. We use him to us to substitute some filters on water coolers, so only required to add one 90 deg. pvc fittings To use one 1/4' the lines have had. Some the original filters were almost like this for some cartridges of substitution. These produced is done well and priced well.
5 / 5
I like a filter inserts/inserts concept. Less cost and waste for substitution of filter.
Marks sure wrap some edges fine-layer with the tape or some filters to return where he fulminas to a house. A tape has distributed is thinner that the tape of tent has bought, as it uses one tends the tape has bought instead.
4 / 5
Any Aversion! The flow to filter impressed me. Often, the filters of qualities have the very slow flow imposed. This one has a width the estimativas of flow like the 'does not take the week' to take the glass of water. I have bought this filter like the transmission for a new Frizzlife system of filter I so only purchased and installed. I recommend any that loves the simple to install and maintain under a quality of the sure tank that fixes of drinks of water, to take is one. It goes to Amazon and look a Video.
5 / 5
This has substituted RO the unit has had previously. A quality of water is a lot well, probably a lot quite like this as well as RO but a water retains the leak and the good minerals squanders any water like opposed RO unit that do.
5 / 5
Was skeptical when some instructions have said has had any needs to turn a water was when changing a filter. Sure enough, calm does not require to turn a water was when take a filter. Low and easy cost to change.
5 / 5
Unfortunately are in 3rd filter in 3 month likes cloggs on and the take water of pressure very small.
His not costing effective for me and the probably will owe that plunder .
4 / 5
Highly recommended. Easy to change. It beats my system of old filter.
5 / 5
Loves this filter setup. It has Had he for roughly 1 year and so only has substituted finally a filter.
5 / 5
An old filter has been using has been well, but when I have substituted , a water has not tried that well,

Top Customer Reviews: 40.5MM Altura Photo ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
4 / 5
Material one 1-star reviewers here would owe that ask the substitution.

Am using these filters in the Sony Alpha A5000 and man - is fantastic. My original intention was partorisca take some economic filters partorisca dip in the decent camera and perhaps take my fiancé interested in photograph. I have imagined a UV the filter would maintain powder of a lentil and does not have very expected a polariser.

The majority of a time has been using so only a UV or a UV + A Polariser.

I stack his, a UV does not exit never a lentil.

So much the filters can be take freely when I want to, and zero of my photos so many has aimed far clave of lentil. A bit those that has aimed the double images but I will explain that in the moment.

A thing has to that comprise is that the polariser struggles your camera autofocus. It darkens an image, and looks that a law partorisca polarise some light frames a camera thinks that that the things are partorisca direct when they are not . I have seen this on a lot quite good Nikon and Sony cameras (has not used never the Cannon, assumes is one same there).

When Your camera autofocuses bad, take the double image . Ossia All there is his.

Has regulate your viewfinder the dioptre yes is seeing the clear image but he is blurred when the snap. Calm also would owe that be prendiendo attention to your indicator of home reason usually yours the camera knows when something is bad with a house.

Has attached two pictures - both with UV filter and polariser stacked. One to seed it salsify and one of text. Both have shot in F/9

A Salsify is shot in ISO 200 out of

A text is shot in ISO 1600 inside

Both clear and crisp reasons have not signalled and push - I has taken a time to take the well has shot. The optical bad is bad - but is an authorship of a photographer to take good results - be that exchanging the defective filter or that spends some time to imagine has gone by that yours the camera is struggling to take the acute image.

Less than fifteen bucks took the together of filters that the laws likes them described - and do of the good addition to any camera - mirrorless or DSLR.
5 / 5
Using in the Nikon D5500 for my lentil of zoom 70-300mm AF

has used this mainly the photoshoot during a time of day to have this UV the paintbrush of rays out of my corners and of the shoots. One contrasts has been only solid for my pics and some colours are saturated more when you use a Polariser. I have used hardly a ND4 of then I very a lot for long exposure and has used the, has thought them probably is a Polariser . I have used a rule UV filter mainly like the protective lentil and all has done he for me was to collect powder or creating light ghosting.

- I colours are contrast
- Reflects the light was the majority of a time
- Protects your lenses glass
- Less laws on you when regulating your exposure and other settings when that requires to take the shot during wide daylight.

- Threading On can be sometimes a subject, so only he dulcemente.
- At night, sometimes sweats a lot well to use a UV Filter, reflects light to the your pics and would have the ghosting effect.
- Sometimes last to result of an edge of your lentil.

In general ossia the good and first interpreter added that has come he with the ND4 filter in slowly of chance to do the long exposure. My images result correctly colored and would not owe that maintain regulating my F his main stop 22+ and having my ISO to 100 has not gone enough to cut light to a shot like this, think that a Polariser helped the plot more during wide day light shoots.
4 / 5
Professional photographer. You do not recommend it plan on shooting in of the situations where your subject will be backlit. A filter refracts the light and is visible in an image; it looks you is shooting with the window in front of you.
If so only need something to protect a lentil, or calm is not concerned in perfect images, then go for him.
Digital Goja has service of AMAZING client this in spite of. I sent him the image of sample where a filter killed my photo and send me to us the Tiffen filter to try was instead.
5 / 5
Are the seeds-pro shooting the Nikon D4S with the collection enough fill besides new Nikkor pro lenses. It can not find my usual filters and I have had these of the few years behind like this I tossed his on 70-200 f/2.8. That bad tin? I have found a UV filter it and the polariser will cause some quite terrible ghosting, robbing your pictures of acuteness. I have not annoyed verifying a ND filter with which damage another two has treated. Of course these economic filters would not owe that be used in pro instruments. Some the negative effects are less noticeable in the D3400 with the lentil of boxes but is present still. Honradamente, is not the value that spends of the money in this since bad has treated. Quality to build gaze well but in general has been disappointed with them.
5 / 5
Gives a together 4 stars in mesos:
- UV FILTER: the Good build but he tends to generate clave and ghosting with sources read in a frame. Useful to protect of harm, but in of the defiant situations take.
- CLS Polariser: Awesome Filter, the work really adds. A lot of gain in of the sunny days.
- ND4: Also it has a tendency to generate clave, but is a lot of gain for portraits with mine 30mm f1.4 With a lot of light.
- Spend pouch: the addition Adds. I love it.
4 / 5
These are filters of qualities . I have loved especially a UV filter for external photograph in brilliant sun where a heaven is wash was and the reflections are the question . A UV filter it ameno out of a blue heaven and a CP filter the very good work for reflection of water. Digital Goja produced of offers for Height and is really be pleased with a quality and prize. Digital Goja also there is astonishingly fast delivery. To good sure verify them was.
5 / 5
A first picture is with a ND4 filter, a Second Picture is without has purchased these expect that it take to treat it a lot of ( has given obviously these to 1 description of Estrella and here is reason )
would have to that it has read one 1 and 2 descriptions to star before paste that buys it now key, I need of supposition to just lentil covers these will do for you!... These are not of the Filters of big quality, and a lot does not think never will be, these are plastic any Filter of Glass, some Circulars polarising the filter was the little sticky of a fat among a frame of aluminium and a frame that control a filter, does not treat it enormous mine, but annoying... I have had these for the days before of pair that returns him, taking multiple photos so only to remark a quality of my decrease of image, while it does not possess the big end DSLR my Cannon Powershot SX530 HS takes good quality 16MP photo directly out of a lentil he, adding a CPL or a ND4 the filters have done so only my pictures dull and be missing of an acuteness my camera takes pictures usually.
5 / 5
UV And Rotating Polaroid the filter is the MUST for each photographer. UV Reason touches an economic way to protect your type of lentil. A Rotating Polaroid reason leaves has chosen among a refection and a subordinated under a water. Also, Rotating Polaroid can yield the dramatic improvement in for example Colours of Fall without overusing a crowbar of Saturation of the Colour. A filter of Neutral Density can help reduce exposed the brilliant day and leave you more along shutter speed to estreak' running water.
Otherwise, For Filters of Neutral Densities, recommends an use of an adapter and square GRADUATE ND the calm filter so much can change exposed on or under the horizon of landscape. Also, the places can be situated main and lower (and was tilted) like the needs can be.
5 / 5
Has taken this in the holidays to some Glorious Canyon and other parts of Arizona, and was a lot of disappointed with a circular polariser.

A lot @@subject that turned it, could not relieve any difference at all in glare or a saturation of a heaven. First of a travesía, has looked video of Youtube on like this to use the polarisers circulate, and during an attention of travesía has loaned to maintain a sun like prójimo to the corner of 90 terracings of the mine @@@subject and eat me was practical. In spite of brilliant sun and highly nieva reflective, is as has there was simply the filter of neutral density in a lentil.

Felizmente, swipe everything in RAW format, and was able to save my heavens in Lightoom. But a polariser is resulted to be the inability more than the useful tool... I forced to open mine opening more than me has loved and to use slower shutter speed without appreciable profit.
4 / 5
A quality of a product was in main plot that has been expecting! A chance is really well, and some filters are utmost. I have used a ND4 the filter in the video shoots this week, and some looks of images of SOUND! A UV the filter is always in my Cannon 50mm 1.8 - and some images are likes is not even there.

Has ordered multiple time of Digital Goja, and every time has been the experience adds. Spent with confidence!

Top Customer Reviews: Tiffen 28CP 28mm ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
I have bought three polarisers circulate: AmazonBasics ($ ), Tiffen ($ ), and Breakthrough Photograph X2 ($ 89).

Some first launches of test out of a AmazonBasics because of questions by heart ( turn all brown). A weekend of there is ruined the pictures with this filter have confirmed this.

A Tiffen the better looks that a X2. A polarisation is stronger, and a X2 looks to be slightly brownish.

A weekend that use a Tiffen is returned slightly brownish pictures. Breakthrough The tests of shows of the website of the photograph of a Tiffen and his X4 ($ 129). A Tiffen the worse looks in long (red) wavelengths and a X4 the worse looks in courts (blue) wavelengths.

I usually leave my camera in AWB; this weekend will try other settings of white balance. Also I will pay more attention to the place of a sun and leave a polariser was when he is not doing anything. It suspects that the skill of a photographer is more than entity that some differences among filters!
5 / 5
I use he with the cannon rebels SL1 and the work adds. It adds the little saturation to your pictures and help take or adding reflected of the sun on waters which is really fresh. I stick to modify all my pictures so that it is to say the little add on while taking photograph but I really like this the produced and is a lot easy to use.

To good sure would recommend likes , likes shoot of the landscapes and the decadences.

Has found this gain, please click yes :)
4 / 5
am spent of the weeks that looks for the polariser to take with me on travel it until some sequoias. I knew it it would be mostly dark in a forest with some claves of sun. Has has wanted to something but I have not wanted to break a bank so that it is to say a filter has been with. They are really happy with him.

Is not too dark, is not too obvious, so only take the majority of a glare and colours of the frames burst the little more.

There was still some glare yes has shot directly in of waters he or by means of the car window or something but for one the majority of part has been thrilled with this polariser.

The To good sure helped and will be to take the wherever my lentil of wide corner goes.
5 / 5
Has bought this for my Nikon 10-20 f3.5 DX originally Reason was more economic that a Hoya low pro version of a same measure. Touched around with him for the week, has bought a Hoya, has compared a two side for side, and is returned finally is one.

Vignetting: Any one filter viñeta like crazy in the lentil of wide corner, this one will do like this more than a hoya (hoya is is low profile, while this an is not ). I can it does not be missing a product for that, ossia my failure for not comprising that when have in the first place purchased this.

System of exposure: This filter has done my nikons the system of exposure does more erratically that a Hoya is has done, which was a main reason am returned a tiffen and has maintained a hoya. It has moved my risarcimento of exposure of roughly -3 to +1 according to a situation to light (yes, has used them centre weighted metering) to take the exposure has balanced. I can reliably leave a hoya anywhere of the -1 to -2 and take the exposure the result of compatible/plus. Once again, the bit of the curve to learn on its own name of of the east is my first wide corner the lentil has has not used never.

Hanged: This filter will weigh more than a hoya low profile. DSLR Is is already quite heavy, expect this factor does not swing you ;-)

In general: it does not use this in the lentil of wide corner!!!!!! I think that calm are likely sure for anything more! The buddy uses this in his cannon mid-row (I thinks is the 16 -80mm cropped sensor) and loves it.
5 / 5
Are a half photographer in university taking classes of photograph, as I do not have the tonne of money on me. It has taken these Tiffen polarisers, and am very impressed with a quality of some filters. These were two images has taken before and after a filter. I have used some settings was in the each photo: f/10, 1/80, ISO 400 taken on my Cannon EOS rebels T3i
5 / 5
has used this with mine 35mm f/1.4 And-Mountain . For far, this polariser has is not exited my lentil when it has taken them was partorisca travelling the Hawaii. It has given my shots more contrast, darkens some signals underlined to a point where can use an image and of course, sees by means of reflections. Like the polariser, he the one who the majority of polarisers , to good sure would recommend this filter!

I points have underlined:
- Tiffen helps with maintaining an acuteness
- reflected of Blockades
- Ups some contrast in your shots and reduced of the points have underlined
4 / 5
has has had so only this 46mm filter for a day, but my first impression is that it is has bitten he underwhelming. For some odd reason, comes packaged in an on-sized, square plastic box as at all to ensure a product in place. I have been disappointed to find that has had greasy smudges in a glass and scattered bit of powder, he giving an appearance of the product has used. Easily remedied with the microfiber cloth; this in spite of, a lack of control of the quality there finds like this unprofessional. For the product ossia soyade in EUA' is also a bit that lacking of in quality of build. A coverage of adjustment feels rough when calm turns it, as if you are by train of the twist in the discharge of the sand and calm in fact can listens crackling in of the points. I have expected that based in other descriptions, would have the difficult time that takes it on or of a front of a lentil, but concealed has not been the question at all. But perhaps ossia reason have long slender toes with good grip in some tips. Regarding his the majority of characteristic of entity, find a just polarisation a lot of - is the little feeble with far less 'pop' and the saturation that has expected. I guess volume that has paid arrests, which do not have any question with. They are the photographer of novice like me any one need anything too crazy right now. So much to be just, I experience with him for the little goes considers to return the. In a much less, could use it to protect my element forward.
4 / 5
Mina TIffen the polariser was the filter adds , maintaining out of one the bad glare and that protects lentil of mine. And then a boy has fallen a camera out of one , the legislation in one covers of lentil. As have pulled a spent was, could see a filter has been broken, but protects a lentil?? YES. Client very happy here. A filter his work like this while filming, and to protect a lentil of a camera during the fall. A lot happy, and has has ordered already the substitution.
4 / 5
Has taken this filter because it was to Italy and has known would run to subjects of glare with products behind glass. This filter was basically useless. It could not take touched of of glare at all a lot @@subject that the times have taken for the manipulate and things of dial in. I have seen some revise concealed has said that it was useless and has taken my casualidad. Pay of the money for the filter of good quality. This is not the. Unfortunately, calm does not know never him him them descriptions are planted for competitors. Ossia MI OPINION , unsolicited and uncompensated.
4 / 5
This filter is quality adds ! Once screwed on, a filter rotates freely on he partorisca adjustment of polarisation. It is quite durable, also, of then there is already fell it the little time and he have survived. Some pictures initiate resupplied with a filter in a setting 'a low plus', then around a half, and then a maximum polarisation. He the work adds with glass and of the reflections!

Top Customer Reviews: K&F Concept ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5
Although it is announced, there is remarked a X form in a dipping a dark plus, ND32. But on boxing ND16 a X form is not there and is perfectly usable. Still it would say that included in ND32 is usable partorisca some settings where a X would not affect an image a lot like this is not TOO bad. A photo has attached was in fact in ND32, but a X form is not really noticeable.
5 / 5
This description is partorisca 82mm measured. The the simple experience partorisca try this filter. In the brilliant of sunny day with clear blue heaven, lentil of mine focused to infinity and has maintained an exposure in inaugural priority in f2.8, it has taken shutter speed 1/@@@4000s without a filter. It has then attached a filter in minimum setting (ND2), a shutter the speed has reduced to 1/1250 vs has expected 1/2000, this in spite of in ND32, a shutter the speed was 1/250 vs has expected 1/125. Here it is a complete data .
1. Inaugural constant in f2.8, Infinity to house
-Without filter (ND0) ->shutter 1/4000
- Min ND2 ->shutter 1/1250
- ND4 ->shutter 1/1250 ( any transmission with ND2)
- ND8 ->shutter 1/800 ( expected 1/500)
-ND16 ->shutter 1/500( Expected 1/250)
-ND32 ->shutter 1/250 ( Expected 1/125)
has repeated my experience with inaugural in f22 and a result is compatible with f2.8. Also tried in shutter priority and the alike result taken. There is not any transmission among ND2 and ND4, while a max is ND16 vs has alleged ND32. I am not sure it has taken the bad copy but are by train for the send behind .
4 / 5
Heavy vignetting in an upper sinister corner that begins immediately after turning the notch. 2 stops Before MAX, heavy dark cross. Returning.
Has has attached images of Min to Max for 1 any increment.
Lentil: Sigma 16mm f/1.4. The same results partorisca Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 in 28mm.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Ossia The option adds for external shoot quell'be photo or video. You can easily so only twist a filter to change a quantity of light in disposal to a lentil and is much easier that that it has to maintain changing out of the by force different filters or using the 4x4' piece to filter like this he Cokin filter. Be any vignetting or 'X' normalised that pode in other models. Ossia Very easy to use, included for a beginner and is the thing adds to have when you want to travel lighter and slowly on shooting external.
4 / 5
I amour this filter adds for video & of Photo.
But in 10mm in mine 80D Collected the sensor launches the shadow on.
I zoom in the bit likes 14mm goes era.

ANY X, Any mould by heart. The filter adds... As it has Announced. And Utmost Build...
4 / 5
I shoot with a Fujifillm X-T3 the one who arguably is a camera of better video under $ 3000. It has been missing this in spite of of a variable ND filters that would find you to it built in the camera of video more professional. I have required some more the motion blurs and go down my exposure when shooting video and this he astonishingly without any noticeable loss of details and colours. For a prize ossia the very lovely tool in my arsenal. A quality of build is really well with an all the construction of metal. A coverage is smooth and leaves for the transmission of good variable exposure. Really it undermines this ND filter it and I think any one would have to that take the look is of some products of image is quite cleaned.
4 / 5
Saint smokes! This thing is the fraction of a prize and the better way that a SLR 82mm and Singh-Ray 82mm variable Nd the filter has purchased. Seriously the has not thought the $ 60 battery of filter out of the $ 400 Singh-Ray. I am using this in the Sony A7riii with the 24-70 2.8 Master G and has any sprain by heart. There is the very a lot very light viñeta in a prime minister 2-3 mm of each corner but ossia far less than Singh-Ray and SLR. The more there is any X.
5 / 5
Has been looking around for the variable ND filter it concealed there is not concealed 'X' the model sees mentioned in the plot of some descriptions. Like this far I have not seen he with this filter. It feels a lot of fact, some turns of coverage smoothly, and like this far one darkening uniform of looks and same. In general I am very happy with him and will continue to take more pictures with him to see like work.
5 / 5
Ossia Has to that has element in your stock exchange of cameras and for the fraction of a side other frames of Variables ND filters.

So many has tried far he with several lenses and 3 different cameras that use a lot down coverages in basses and light brilliants mid light of day of a decrease ND2 all a way until DN32 and like this far has not seen any X has normalised. A subject enormous with a lot of the variables ND filter, included with a really expensive some.

The mould by heart is insignificant also, but like ALL THE END ALL go down ND the filters there will be the mould by heart, same hell the $ 500 one will have some class of mussel by heart, again in the fraction of a cost to have the hardly noticeable mussel by heart, or at least a concealed can not be easily corrected in LR

A subject real only with east is is using a filter with a measure of same edge like your lentil a vignetting is the little bad in both extremes, unless you zoom in with your lentil. AS I have bought a 77mm one for my old Cannon 24-105 this has the 77mm the edge in the camera framed full, and in some extremes of a ND filter and when lentil of mine is is the focal period wider a viñeta is a bit a subject, again the viñeta is even more easy to do with those some dreads X has normalised.

Now adays am shooting with Sony mirrorless and each lentil I shoot with in my camera framed full is less than 77mm threading and a vignetting is no longer a subject in any row of a filter and in any focal period of a lentil and I have been shooting a dang what A lot with my Sony.

Camera of sensor of the harvest would not owe that have a vignetting subject with this filter.

On is some of some photos have taken with a filter that comprises my Cannon 5D serious and my Sony A7R serious. Some premiers 3 is of my Cannon and some seconds 3 is my Sony
5 / 5
the look well seats well. It loves it love to good sure feels likes him the quality. First of all his no quite dark for me (has not taken was or the resist against a filter) today was in a zone of forest shaded so only require the little nd filter. This would have been a lot has said some fresh shots with him , the house taken pulled them up in a book of note.... Entirely unusable the shots was near a dark setting in this filter creates yes calm the lightest maintenances yours well . But to arrive to this point so only buys the nonverible nd the filter probably takes 3 for a prize of east a. I also he gel economic nd the filter and the better square way took then this one.

Top Customer Reviews: Tiffen 37BPM14 37mm ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 40 ratings
4 / 5
Works exactly how is supposed to. Good-looking diffusion , sweet around sources read. Pleasing halation in some signals underlined and light warm turn to an image in a cost (or profit) partorisca contrast lower. Distribution of effect of Even by means of an image, also.
These images have been taken with Fuji XT3 / Mitakon Speedmaster v2 35mm
(took loaned my daughter bunny while a familiar asleep) First image does not have any filter. Second image has a Tiffen BMP 1/4.
5 / 5
This thing is awesome! We use it to us on the project where we mostly backlit a @@@subject and there is rid this 'bloomy' the goodness in some points has underlined. It would not recommend the force the big that 1/4 unless it is specifically for an effect. Tiffen Also book in a quality of build. It feels solid!
4 / 5
These filters are very popular because of several youtube video. I take it, it softens a picture. But, they are not magic - do to the plot of images looks to soap opera of one 80. Calm basically is that it degrades an image - which is useful in some phases - but calm does not want to use this, especially in this force, all a time. You will complain in some chances, where has the scene of caseous sleep seat his. There is also very other filters, some facts for tiffen, that also soften an image with less than the soap opera feels to them.
5 / 5
The filter adds to maintain a poctures to look more likes “the low” film a contrast and softens the points have underlined, decided among one 1/8, 1/4, and 1/2 ... And with which to the plot of investigation has found 1/4 was perfect for portraits and of the photos callejeras. It would recommend
4 / 5
has ordered them this product and has been using he for a past little month. I Recently remarked this in spite of that has been so only simple UV filter, no a black pro fog. He like this the calm mark sure inspects it.
4 / 5
Tiffen HAS some better filters. I complain to buy one 1/4 reasons calms grieves can remark a difference. The joint takes 1/2 or elder
4 / 5
A level of industry Barbara Walters filter.
One has to that it has to that shoot glimpsed with women on 45. For his happiness.
5 / 5
I of the that knows that it is with Tiffen filters but has thought them was the decent mark . Some filters seam cheaply build you can say so only for a way he fulminas lentil your hips has had to them that order two times to take an effect has required them. Then the @@give if a lentil is closed down an effect of a pro to looks of fog to the equal that to soiled lentil. The ones of the that Knows if ossia a chance with all the black pro filters of fog. But of the mine that orders and king ordering a conclusion is coming them to this that Tiffen is not that look and also that you are probably he better was that it goes with an expensive plus 4x4 filters intead of a ray ons or taking something of B+W like the also take the filter of them and a quality of build is incomparable.
5 / 5
Like this, sadly has not received my filter. It has taken lost in a topmast or flown. I am not sure. But to the amazon assisted with credit. I have finalised to buy this filter in person in the local tent. It is the filter adds . It does not change a colour a lot at all. If anything is one the tiny plus has bitten warmer. He the fantastic work that softens an image and really doing a halation (light flower) underlines. I want to one looks gives the skin. The filter adds everywhere.
5 / 5
Has not had any respect for a legendary Pro line of Fog of filters. I have tried 'Jimmy rig' movement with everything of Vaseline in a lentil to hairspray! AT ALL it has approached the combination of acuteness and soft has underlined the signals have flowered! At all at all!!!! Any DIY the... It is so only any one same. The filters of software are not even some same!!!!

Top Customer Reviews: B + W Circular ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
4 / 5
It remarks - I has ordered this element on Amazon in a managed without the subjects and a filter is terrific. The amazon prevented initially of posting this revises even although he fully complies with his terms... I am trying again.
A filter that has received, of the like results partorisca be the third-vendor of party (praise for Amazon), was the counterfeit. Utilisation this filter in multiple lenses and was able to compare - a fake one has text/of white money and in the different source that a yellow/gold in an original, is significantly lighter, and turns much less smoothly that an original. If on-line investigations, there are pieces partorisca feign B+W the products that is sold, and looks some in fact is looking when ordering Amazon of street.
4 / 5
Previously partorisca buy this filter, has seen the few descriptions on here saying has received the knockoff filter with poor action. 'Any question,' has thought, and decided partorisca buy used of the reputable vendor on here, while it averts a question. But alas, I no. The ones of some way finalised still with the fake B+W Filter.

Has taken around partorisca do some tests (sees a semi-detached image) and can see that I bad. Mina Tiffen polarising the filter extracted adds, blocking out of some screens of computers to the equal that has expected. But when I have dipped in a knockoff B+W Filter, see the ENORMOUS drop on exhibition. I have not calculated exactly, but it looks he likes darkens an image for 4-5 stops. And when shouted an exposure partorisca match mine Tiffen filter, has seen the a lot of noticeable the by heart lived/turn blue, which is more evident in a sinister corner subordinated of a frame (where the daylight has balanced FOCUSED is shining by means of a table of glass).

-A filter significantly under your exposure and/or adds a by heart ugly turn yours image (ossia one the majority of surefire way to determine yes has the fake)
-A filter is light (the real one this supposition to be brass, which is weighed more than the typical economic filter)
-A filter has white press in an advance of coverage (the B&H listing of the product aims this filter with text of gold, as I think that that a real filter has text of gold in place of aim)

Investigation 'B+W Filter to feign' on-line and will find a piece in The-Digital-Picture that has more info is. It says 'In general, photographs of boxes and a text in a filter will not confirm legitimate it B+W produced' as one the majority of surefire way to determine him the filter of fake is for the try on to the yours to camera likes has done.

My recommendation is to buy this filter of the reputable to source likes B&H until to the amazon that can take joint and take some vendors of listings/of the fake of this page of product. Or it calms that can take here and the risk that has to that return. So only be cautious!
4 / 5
Has taken fake a. It was lucky to discover. If I didnt read descriptions before purchase could be fooled. Be conscious. Also a box looks very economic and feign fact in Cina. Any authentication that focus, no in an external box or inner chance. They are a lot disappointed. They are by train of the turn Behind and reorder one more the time while we send me genuine B+W this time.
5 / 5
Possessing a lot BW filters, taken everything of 3 seconds of inaugural a box to see this was the counterfeit filter. I informed it to the amazon but all the world would owe that be warned of an extreme of big risk to buy BW filter here now. It is such the bad swipe was, a lot they was annoying to feign a character of low profile of him. Honradamente, Ossia roughly lazy counterfeit laws here. Aim lettering, no very situated. They are sure in a Local 211 Countefeiters Guild, this class of sloppy the work would take them kicked was. TLDR: EXERCISE EXTREME PRECAUTION WHEN that BUYS Any BW FILTER HERE.
5 / 5
Has been having the subjects find the usable cpl for mine sony16-35 faith f4 in mine sony a7rII
be by means of tiffen first, súper dulls colour and odd yellowish boos. Hoya hrt, combo cpl/uv This has data súper heavy vignetting and dull colours, finally found a B+W 72mm XS-Pro HTC Kaesemann this is surprising!! Fantastic clarity, the by heart good-looking representation, the yard of glare adds and any vignetting that like this never!!! Any economic but when have the camera adds and to fantastic and calm lentil has dipped it crappy filters in the one thing discovers the crappy combo. Your images are not never better that an use of glass!
5 / 5
B+W F-Pro HTC Kaesemann The polariser Circulates MRC is the ray-available highland filter in 20 different measures to return mountains of 37-120 mm. A coverage of filter is brass . Has a 77mm measured; his external dimension is 8 cm in diameter. The polarisers are used in photographing to delete reflected on glass or water and to saturated colours, particularly blue heavens, also to delete reflected. The polarisers block sure orientations of light has polarised. I need to rotate his to block an orientation that will delete glare. It circulates, as opposed the linear, the polarisers are necessary in modern SLRs and DSLRs this has inner metres and partially reflecting mirrors, to avert metering errors. The polarisers circulate to have two elements: in a front is the linear polariser ; behind it is the wave flat neighbourhood that circularly polarises a light that goes through half of him, so that a correct quantity of light achieves the metre of your camera.

Perhaps would owe that define B+W seriáis of acronyms. Ossia A F-Pro HTC KSM CPOL MRC filter. F Pro Informs to a highland type. This mountain is of regular thickness. B+W Has said that it can be used in the 35mm lentil (63º corner of view) and the majority of 28mm lenses (75º corner of view) with 35mm film or the plenary-frame digital sensor without vignetting. If your lentil is corner very wide , can want a XS-Pro trace, which is thinner, or an Extra-Wide mountain, which extends a polariser besides a measure of a mountain. B+W Alleges that a XS-Pro any viñeta with the majority of 17 mm lenses.

HTC The stands Partorisca the Big transmission Circulate, which means lighter taking by means of that no-HTC filters. KSM Stands Partorisca Kaesemann (or Käsemann). Kaesemann Was an independent company that patented process it partorisca seal some flanges of two discharges of glass so that moisture could not take inner. Schneider, which possesses B+W, experience Kaesemann in 1989. They use that the processes in his polarisers circulate. When The filter is informed to like this “Kaesemann”, also means that his glass has “neutrality by heart maximum” and exceptional acuteness. How it is glass of big quality .

CPOL Means Circular Polariser. MRC Means Fine-Coating that Resists. It filters it concealed active MRC reflect less light of incident (roughly 0.5) that so only-coated filters (roughly 2), and repel muck and water more efficiently, doing them easier that maintain clean. So only coated the filters have a discharge of coating in the each side of a filter. MRC I filters have 8 discharges of coating in the each side of a filter, an outside duquel repels powder and water. A MRC NANO coating on some of B+W Filters (any this a) repels powder and water even more efficiently. I think that that it covers some acronyms.

Was curious to compare this polariser to mine Nikon the polariser circulates (now interrupted), reason B+W alleges that his HTC the causes filters 1-1.5 stops of light loss like opposed to “until 3 stops with regular polarisers.” B+W Level F Pro the highland polarisers am described like those stops of causes of light loss. Ossia To plot ! Try this F-Pro HTC KSM CPOL MRC filter against mine Nikon polariser, there is not founding any difference in light loss. I have tried it takes reflected of glass and deepen fall and foliage of blue heavens. With ISO DIPPED to 400, a difference among maximum blockade and minimum was 1 EV. A polariser that is attached to a lentil causes the little more than 0.5 EV light loss. Like this total the light loss is roughly 1.5 EV with a filter has used to maximum effect. A B+W work a lot well, and the prefer mine Nikon stops more than applications, reasons a Nikon is extra-wide to the equal that tends partorisca attack the things.

Has has attached images: (1) it lights reflected by car windows in of the different corners. Rotating A polariser in different order deletes reflected of a front or windows lateralmente. (2) foliage Of Fall and blue heaven. An upper photo uses a polariser to maximum effect. An inferior photo is without any filter partorisca polarise.
4 / 5
Has had doubt has bought them a right filter and of the sound optician and know that lenses is coated and the tried that my own professional way A lentil was very done and well coated can say them his flawless and has done them also the test partorisca polarise in my optical tent and some results have surprised. I can say this filer is a lot of fact and the tried quell'on lentil of mine some results have surprised. Here pair of picture has them has taken ... It enjoys and buy this filter
5 / 5
Ossia FEIGN B+W Filter. Some photos of the product of my description says everything. A filter feels much lighter of some one. A container looks economic. A registration is printed slightly in a filter. Any looks lateralmente unevenly shaped. In general it is partorisca crap it! The STAY WAS! They are like this angry. When being fooled for a vendor.
5 / 5
First to give my impressions of this filter, in the first place would like me decode of a description of product. In the first place, “XS-Pro” means ossia the a lot slender filter , although it still has calm edges so many can scrape another his filter. “Kaesemann” Is the filter manufactured for a Kaesemann undertaken, now possessed for B+W. They are drawn partorisca be more resistant to break of humidity. “ It circulates” it is the special type of polariser, distinguished of “linear”; it circulates it is an use of precise type in DSLRs. “Fines-Resisting Nano the coating” resupplies the discharge partorisca protect against powder and of the water.

Installed this filter in mine Nikon 50mm lentil and headed external. It remarks some accesses of the discharges of lentil regulate in a filter so only well. Partorisca Photographs of landscape, is easy to use – the clear day, sunny frame , so only on your shot, then turn an external coverage until a blue of a heaven darkens. Tour another 90 terracings, and an effect disappears. This does not mean you so only would owe that it leaves on all a time, reason filter it partorisca polarise side you 1-2 stops. A filter is also useful to take light reflections, any by means of windows or of the water. So only agree the always turn an external coverage how were screwing a filter your lentil, otherwise accidentally can unscrew a filter and the fall.

In general, this has done exactly as it would expect. In my shots of landscape, a blue heaven has darkened appreciably, and colours of the foliage of the fall is result more diverse. Has has comprised photo of sample partorisca aim a difference. Reason was so that the shines was, has not lost a stop of light at all. Ossia The very big quality optic, and would recommend it to any any one the filter partorisca polarise.
4 / 5
Arrived punctually, in good condition and appropriately packaged.

Immediately attacked for a quality of a construction. It felt a lot fact and sturdy. The glass was pristine.

So much with the forward reviewer has experienced the yellow colouration when that uses another mark of circular polariser, Hoya Súper HMC, so much so that I date had on on using the polarisers circulate. Having has had good experience with another B+W the filters have decided to give this one tries it. Tried a filter the sunny day partorisca enhance heavens/of clouds and also partorisca take reflected in of waters he. A filter rotated smoothly with the pertinent quantity of control. I am pleased with some resultant images. Any question with unusual colours or too many dramatic and a filter has take felizmente reflected in of waters he.

B+W I filters are expensive, particularly in Canada, but date a quality of a construction and the action thinks that is worth it.

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