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Top Customer Reviews: Kiwifotos RS-80N3 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
This thing is fantastic!! I have used he in mine pre-k pushes yesterday (appx 80 boys). I wished it it would have taken a the fact of long time. It was like this good to be able to interact with them without my camera stuck in my face. I have used my tripod & has centred he with the widest harvest & has opened my f stop to 8.0 has moved in chance perhaps. It has taken the little time partorisca take used to one feels of a clicker & as it has directed but has taken once go was wonderful!! Of that spent this new lentil my camera is weighed much more also like this this will help like this. It has attached the photo as you can see a neighbour up.
5 / 5
With five boys is really, really, really hard partorisca ours familiar to take pictures familiarised. Finally we have a tripod and a camera (in place of just using my telephone) and has ordered this far so that I do not owe that enlist help if in fact I want to be in the picture with a rest of a family. We use partorisca a first time in Easter morning (that it was it also my anniversary this year) and plugged he well to a side of my Cannon SL2 and has done perfectly, snapping 20 pictures quickly, any all duquel was horrible (and can not blame a horrible some in some far, ossia totally one that cooperates no toddler/preschoolers).
4 / 5
Does like this feigned, and quite a lot of discharges and touch which is awesome.
But yes really need that along shutter has shot, better have the solid of heavy tripod. Included that light twitch of a boss of the breeze still can ruin one shot with a lentil partorisca be able the big on tripod ( has had included the weight in my hook). As it knows your purpose. If you are using row accionaría and short Len is would not owe that effect like this.

Is doing These súper long shutters, goes with a bluetooth far! They are more than the ache with settings in a T7i, but way really so only partorisca go. I maintain this and mine bluetooth far in my primary stock exchange.
4 / 5
Has bought recently the new camera. My old camera (Nikon D50) has used the wireless far. A remotes partorisca my old camera has not done with a new a (Nikon D5600). I have seen east wired far here on Amazon, and has contacted a company partorisca do sure the really done with one 5600. A result of final, are partorisca like better that of an old wireless a. It is more attentive, and works every time. It comes with an extra boss partorisca lengthen a distance of a camera. To good sure would recommend it to another.
5 / 5
Has used mine three times. A first time was partorisca Available Light photograph without subjects. A second time was partorisca angled photographs partorisca maintain a camera out of view.; Sometimes a shutter would release, sometimes he no. A third time was partorisca some slow shutter shots of speeds. This time has not released a shutter the majority of a time. With which have disassembled and tried it have discovered a defect to draw. One covers, with a boss that hangs of him, dips to a lot of stress in an entrance jack of a far that causes some terminals partorisca contact to bend and like this prevents partorisca close a circuit partorisca a shutter emission.
Is an unusual creation reason leave partorisca use the short cord so only, or a cord of extension. But no in that has the relief of tension in a far is probably reason this creation is unusual.
5 / 5
This far shutter the emission returns my Cannon EOS T6 Rebels and works easily. There are 2 bosses, a partorisca camera, and a partorisca transmission, with connections in of the ends of the each one. There is also the paper of registration of the product, partorisca Cina, alive California. Any battery, everything for boss. Convenient hard sized title of transmission. Easy to order.
5 / 5
Like this simple and no too complicated this far shutter does a good work. Originally it has thought partorisca buy the 2.4 ghz far shutter with settings of timer, etc. But has not loved to think would not use never he partorisca much more that the far shutter while my camera was in a pointed tripod in the nest of an eagle. I have had previously a subject with mine 2.4 ghz the signal that interferes with another photographer is partorisca flash in the pair as they are quell'has bitten hesitant to buy again. Although I doubt I will not use never an extension of boss thinks that is awesome that one has been comprised. They are generally the foot out of my camera while in a tripod the majority of time. They are happy with him and a prize was a lot.
5 / 5
Partorisca Our pair, DIY Cabin of Photo and place on our camera in the tripod and has had our guests use these far to snap a picture. It has done perfectly and we save like this the money has compared partorisca rent one of these cabins of expensive photo that hundreds of touch of stops of dollars. We finalise with some fantastic and hilarious pictures!
4 / 5
Has been that uses this thing quite the bit and did not fail me once. We will see like this it resists on term along versus a Sony wireless. Until this point is the alternative sum to a much more expensive wireless remotes. Still although it is wire fence comprises an extension that has not used still. One concludes in a shutter works of key everytime partorisca the longest exposures in way of Bulb.

One to to a thing DOES not LIKE , but of east is my fashion partorisca shoot , is that when it press a shutter the key causes a camera partorisca direct every time, to plot like a half shutter characteristic of house in of the cameras. They are not the defender of this like this always uses house of rear key and usually have my house dipped before I take one a lot before photo and does not need to refocus unless I entirely compositions of transmission. Reason was, this characteristic can not be turned was, as if you are the rear key focuser square partorisca write taker this could be I quite annoying. The better bet is dipped your house then turn a house of cameras the manual.
4 / 5
Has possessed a far Cannon partorisca varied years. A version of Cannon is more slender but, are fearful , more fragile. It classifies of the mine of wine averts with use (At all could not fix).
This in spite of, I misplaced mine OEM Cannon the Far transmission and I have known has had the project that comes on where has required the absolutely.
So that I some investigation and found this alternative.
Has not expected very a lot, but was pleasantly has surprised.
Is quell'has bitten main that a version of Cannon, but concealed is not the bad thing. Taken more spatial in my stock exchange, but feels more comfortable in a hand.
Besides, comes with two bosses, the courts an and he long plus a. This was the good touch . A Cannon an only has the short boss (but of the discharges is L shaped, which is a lot) and is built to a far. As such, if a boss takes fraction, a far integer will be useless.

Finally, finds this far better that an original, is more economic, more comfortable that use and he so that it went it far doing really well. I have shot on 100 photo with him, comprising vário on Bulb, this in spite of is doing well. He looks close same and feels new.

Top Customer Reviews: JJC Wireless ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Well Some instructions of the piece of paper in five tongues is rubbishes. Here it is like this partorisca use a intervalometer function: in your camera Manual way, dipped a time, has left ossia he 5 second exposure. Then in a far, press (>) until a line is down 'INTVL'. Press a key of circle in a half of some arrows (the manual of instruction has called this a esET' key. Roll on to a legislation the majority of near of the z/of the zeros and ossia your seconds. Ossia A part where all the world-wide said would owe that be place of more than timing that yours exposure. So yours the exposure in a camera is dipped for 5s, a far would owe that be place to 6 or 7 seconds. Then roll in legislation a time of plus to take to a bar closely in a fund of a screen. It calms that can control to take so only the quantity of number of photo, or can click a down the arrow and a double pinch means infitinity, the meaning said it when to take taking photo. Now click is key again to go back to main screen. Click a esparón of @@@tart' the key and he will begin a intervalometer function. If you have dipped the sure quantity of photo, partorisca in his own. If it is on infinity, owe the stop of @@@tart of the click' again.

Or, another way is this : put a camera to the sure time (left ossia want to one 5 according to exposed again). Then in yours far dipped the the 'INTVL'. Calm does not have to that dip a number or a time, click and just click some far shutter to Resist. This will take the photo every second as yours the camera leaves it. So that he yours the camera is dipped for 5' and calm so only resist a far shutter, will take the 5 second photo, and in another second take the 5 second photo, etc...
4 / 5
Uses this for astrophotography that involves to take shots a lot a lot of of long exposure, sometimes small in period.

With this I can dip a time of exposure, interval, and number of shots. Once I begin it quell'has left a camera his thing and I a lot they was requires to think roughly that.

Takes multiple long exposures, ossia the add intervalometer.
5 / 5
Already possesses the Neewar shutter timer / of emission that has purchased fact 5 years, but was 1,200 miles was when I required it, as I have ordered this JJC T. Has 3 goodness that appreciates: 1) it is quell'has bitten smaller, 2) has an on/Was to change concealed would owe that save battery, although I do not have remarked never the question with a Neewer ossia always on, 3) has the backlight which is a lot well for use at night.

Are very pleased with this compraventa, This JJC the unit probably will result my gone-to device partorisca intervalometer or so only shutter emission.

A lot revises commented in a small impression in a manual of user. A much more readable, English so only, the version can be downloaded of the place of web of a costruttore. It goes to and click on Support&of Service in an upper line. In a field for 'Type your number of type of model T-C and then 'Aller'. Calm so only will be offered an election, a Manual of English Instruction. Click in an icon and calm will have a file of PDF of the much better manual that a one this is to go in a box . (Run of a page of this manual is attached to this description.)
4 / 5
Has purchased 2 of these, (always likes to have the backside-arrive) for my Sony a7rIII this in spite of am using a an I originally begun with- so that a lot informative. The emissions do so only well, easy to use. So only a note: Use to have the Cannon 5DV and has used a Fluff of expensive plus Intervalometer, (raisin on when I have had mine 5D III). With a model of the fluff there is not had to that have any installed battery for an emission to do like the simply shutter trigger, press an emission and a camera would shoot. Calm so only required to install the batteries that use some functions to time or has loved a backlite. A JJC laws the little differently, (at least in the Sony camera) is using this emission like the simply shutter key and does not have the calm installed batteries once press a trigger a Sony automatically incumplimiento to the 2 behind like this first taking a picture. Still he is so only a lot instantaneous. It installs the battery turn a unit on and your emission with a trigger now will be instantaneous without retarding inserted by a camera. Like this calm quite has to that have battery with this unit for a camera to treat like this one would expect it to. It can not say ossia lacking of a JJC unit or more with that Sony the electronic is drawn. It thought it so only it is it cost mentioning.
4 / 5
Possesses several systems of different camera, as I have bought 2 of these paralizaciones the different frames of camera. It likes that this unit is a lot compact and easily access to of the chance of camera. Some instructions am not a lot well, but calm essentially is dipping 1) a delay BEFORE some shots begins to spend, a delay AMONG some shots, and a NUMBER of shots. Mainly it uses these so that I can be in my own photos; I dipped it/ I dipped it to take 10 photo with the pocolos second of delay among, and then have the 'professional selfie' with my DSLR. Calm also can use this for 'bulb' shots of exposures of scene of the night that takes for example - without clashing yours camera to cause a shutter. Everywhere a lot useful artilugio for your stock exchange of camera. And it has to that to to multiple systems like , takes one for each - so that of calm so only has to that learn a setup once.
[JJC Intervalometer Timer Far Control Shutter Emission]
has bought this in prize of normal Amazon without discount of costruttore or side of approval for this description.
4 / 5
Has pleased extremely with this Intervalometer. I purchased it to use with my Nikon D7000 still Astrophotography. First of that tried to use a built in Intervalometer function in a camera.
Has found that a lot frustrating.

A first time was with this unit I felizmente programmed and used it to photograph Orion Nebula. Calm once imagine it was a programming is quite easy. There is the light option. Different some other units there is the transmission to be able to.

So much has used far he for 3-4 outings and roughly 2-3 hours to time. Still without turning it calm on can uses like the far emission in Nikon camera.

Has followed a suggestion of another buyer and has used so only some the Chinese batteries have distributed to try a unit. I launched him then it was and dipped some quality his Alcaline cells.

When Using he for the exposures the plus along that 30 seconds agree to dip yours camera to Bulb. I made a mistake to program for 1 exposures of small and forgetting to dip my camera to bulb. As I have had the long session with only 30 according to subs.

Highly recommend this unit, class of the regañadientes. In the current situation of electronics of product of Amsterdam a lot small and confidence on China for economic products. Ossia One of those. He a work of a Nikon unit for roughly 1/6 or less a cost. I can not say how long it will last, but like this far it looks enough it has built it well. It is for this that gave it 5 stars.
4 / 5
Has taken really. An only complaint has is has to that use the glass to augment to read some instructions. I took the few hours to wade by means of him because a press was like this small. I am guessing at least 6 press of point. He woldn't his hurt to print in in lease 10 points. Work like this said and the joy has the!.
4 / 5
Writing this description to leave knows has to that find a right place covers it he in the XT-3. It is not a headphone or mic jack in a sinister side (looking of a backside), is one covers this is to hide for behind the legislation of flap on a sd spent of empty in a right side (of a backside).
4 / 5
In the first place was, spear was a junk Chinese battery that come with this thing. I have read some descriptions roughly 'the backlight dies after an hour,' and so only prpers the to blame. This does perfectly well with some decent batteries.

These far works perfectly in mine a6000. He all require it to do. It is quite easy to dip up and program. Calm probably will spend more the time that imagines out of besiege it to apply to your camera that calm on like this to program a device.
5 / 5
Has taken this for my Nikon D750. Tiny little booklet with tiny little impression without useful instructions at all like this to like this to use. For any the one who is not used to do with these devices this is to good sure Any one to start with. After speaking with technology of Amazon for 20 minutes and neither that learns as to the uses inclusos likes him the simple far shutter, is returned and will opt for a quite simple Nikon, the far alone key shutter.

Top Customer Reviews: Soft Release Button ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 42 ratings
4 / 5
That is the esoft key of emission? If has has not used never a forward, could be ready partorisca an eye-opener. You see, a lot of cameras employ the shutter key of emission that reads so only well, but is relatively small. This has to that push in the a bit concrete way partorisca involve a shutter and take one has shot. That the soft emission to key likes is ray to a shutter key of emission (control your camera, and could be surprised to sees does the hole of ray in there calms never remarked first, typically used partorisca the boss-mechanism of emission) and like this resupply calm with the much bigger, and rounded, shutter emission.

These servers two functions. In the first place, he a shutter much more comfortable to press because of a weight of your toe is extended now in the zone to surface main. Instantly It Changes an experience to shoot further of cameras. In fact, so much so that you line your boss and marvel because these are not so only the normal accessories have distributed with each camera! It does to press a key like this easier and more comfortable that calm once begin to use one, probably calms does not love never go without one again! Sound that surprised like such the small addition to the camera can do such the difference in a 'feel' of an experience to shoot.

But a second reason is that a key of the soft emission in fact can help take photos more acute. As, you Could ask? Well, calm usually presses down in the shutter key, and it quell'hastens slightly shakes a camera. A key of soft emission, this in spite of, reason is main and rounder, calm leave to involve a shutter with more than the way to GO, where go your toe in a key more than just push directly down. It takes the little bit of the practice and calm has to that learn the new habit to shoot, but once calm , really can have the habit of good goodness.

This particular model is of look and good quality well, also. Besides, they resupply two hule small grommets so that I can dip it down a ray (so only one of them) so that it helps to maintain a key in place and no the unscrew of use and fall off. (A fact that resupplies two is really adds.) And a prize is really reasonable so that takings. Highly I can it recommends.
4 / 5
Has liked him really a key to touch soft has possessed in the Leica M2. This a fact a same thing but he will not remain in a camera. I have purchased 4 of these in the three period of month. One east in mine Sony RX10 (without a hule washer) and is lasted. In mine fuji X-E3, this is not a chance. A transmission of the power for a camera is concentric around a shutter emission. As they are probably loosening every time turns a camera on and era. And a bit hule Or the coverages have distributed for Fuji no a work. It has lost 3 soft emission keys. Ossia Enough..
5 / 5
Very thin soft threats that fails. A threading is slightly too tightened and some edges are too many thin. This leaves almost any metal to edge to a key of emission he. I have presionado grieve a key on and to to free wine the like all some edges rasgaron was. Read some leading descriptions have thought perhaps some people did not have presionado the on properly. No, no his failure. This element is has done bad. No shabby. Has 3 other keys on 3 other cameras and has liked him one looks of this one for my X-Pro1. Oh Well, it will find something more.
4 / 5
Has ordered this key for Fuji Film X-T3. A key of the factory is not all this comfortable with as this small and a threaded hole in a half. I have taken my camera in the travesía to Europe and has shot on 2000 photo without @@subject. A key was really comfortable (does out of hard plastic with metal stud) that edges on with the small washer among a fund of a key and cup of some cameras shutter key of emission. You take the small plastic stock exchange with a key and 2 washers (an extra).
4 / 5
Works like the charm. The creation is good and no economic looking a Chinese some experiences in eBay. It feels solid in a camera and a shutter key of emission easier to take short toes. A gilipollas to this product is that it maintains unscrews over time and if it do not agree for it presionar every time take a camera was before shooting, is likely to go to result unscrewed in a process and decrease to signal so much is in a movement. I have lost mine and am debating on in that buys it again.
4 / 5
I really enjoyed like a key of emission has added to an experience to shoot with Fuji. A shutter the key improved in a feeling to actuate one causes.

Partorisca $ East the recommended upgrade. This in spite of, has one warning for likely buyers: it controls frequently to do sure remains tight. The apparently done mine free in my stock exchange and a day so only lost of my camera. Adding some class of threadlock could have been an option, but did not think it simply would come unthreaded like , as I can does not give the full description of five stars.
4 / 5
Screwed The On quite closely. Verified the once the day to do sure was in snugly. A third day of use, is disappeared of a camera. You will require to verify this thing each pair of hours to do sure is on closely
5 / 5
am disappointed like my copy any ray to a shutter emission a lot well in Fuji X-T3. Some edges do not look to match. Can take it the hardly the clave but exits a lot easily. Like the result did not use it. It likes- it contrives it to me but no an implementation.
4 / 5
Has used a lot of mark a year, and this one is quite wide, and quite big that read well with mine Fujifilm XPro-3. I think it particularly it will be useful once Lensmate Grip of Regime of Thumb. A date the extra has added to a shutter the key will do it easier that locate and actuate.
4 / 5
Does not operate. It can no any ray he in Fuji X100. It is returned already.

Top Customer Reviews: Foto&Tech IR ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
3 / 5
Bought this to do work of exposure of longitude with my Sony A7ii. While he the work well and that says. If you do not pull some stacks out of him when not using .... It drains A stack. It was sper bummed to find that when and is hiked 2 hours in a forest and has taken gesture in only to find that mine far was fatality like the nail of door. Sper bummed Since and had has used only the another times the anterior weekend! It opens, and just toe a stack around when and is not the using. This road when and is ready for the use and just toe a stack again.
5 / 5
It Likes him to him he presses he of the landscape, scenes at night and HDR. A tripod and the far shutter the emission these much easier.
Has bought a FotoTech VAIN Emission of Wireless Shutter for my Sony new A6000, and is perfect for a camera.
Has taken a camera to use in an extensive backpacking trip, when the weight and the volume will be critical.
A FotoTech the wireless controller is small weight , clear , easily packed, and more than all the works add with a Sony.
Has pulled he well of a box, takes a protective stack, poses my camera far option on, and the shooting has begun. I actuate Already the used the interior and was, of distances of 12 in 15 feet without subjects.
Can not find anything injustice or problematic in a FotoTech wireless controller. Work so that it announce.
To well sure would recommend this product in any one looking for the emission of wireless far shutter for a A6000, or another camera of Sony.
5 / 5
I have purchased my Sony A6300 to start with the alimentary blog with my woman. Quan A camera is in the tripod and I are doing the shoot, sometimes a camera is in an uncomfortable gesture and take to press a button in a camera. After reading all some descriptions, has taken it casualidad in a FotoTech wireless far. I have been surprised in how small and the light was. I have begun to use it after a setup and has very been pleased with some results. In a Christmas and pause of New Years, used it to take familiar pictures. It IS supremely happy again. A far fact adds for a familiar picture. Also it has the button in a far for the 2 second of timer. Wow, My family has been impressed. It recommends this wireless far in any one with the camera of Sony.

Setup: I have thought a setup would be complicated, but was was very mere. All owe the mark is to go in a card of your Sony A6300 and go in a last icon and decrease and visit a far up. I have thought would have more, but all have to do now is to press a far button.

Around-up: it recommends this far.

1. Easy setup.
2. Petit And clear.
3. 2 button second of timer.

1. Some far only laws of a front of a camera. He no in a side or behind.
5 / 5
I have required only the far to use in the Sony new A6000 to line opened a shutter in road of light bulb for the exposures of long plus and decided to try this small far, predominately because of prize and a number of good commentaries quite the. It arrives very hurriedly and work, for my purposes, like the small charm. For a prize has paid, is the happy to camp.
5 / 5
The works add with my Sony a7R III. It is used in place of the wire fence of the far trigger and the field is effective for my use. The only defect is that I have required he to be handy to take more than bond he in my pocket among each shot setup. The fixed mine was to drill the small 2mm hole in a corner (when being very careful in not drilling through an interior of joint of the circuit). It has attached then the emission of small fast lanyard found here: hand-Join streaky [5-Group] Lanyard with Fast-Emission for Mobile phone and of Cambra - Straps Around your Wrist - For Nordic of Mark of the accessories of Flashes of trade&of Premium; - (Negre) - 1 Guarantee of Year . This leave me to maintain he in my wrist or attached in my cape of tripod for fast and easy use.
5 / 5
Bought this so that has the Sony a6300 and has required something to use like the button of shutter for shots of the long exposure and this am adds. His very small and comes with the a lot of small pouch, and a premium has attached is that it has posed you a shutter in the road of light bulb can press a button of shutter in a far and remains the open boxes press a button again and pause, so calm does not require to connect the far with the cape or anything. A timer is also one prevails has attached. It has Had the time where presses a button and at all spends but that is not a far lacking, a sensor in a front right side of a camera so that the far has to when being signalled there, but is in front of a camera and uses some far laws are and can take quite far. Absolutely it estimates!
4 / 5
I have bought this far to take shots of meetings with me comprised (selfies) with my A7riii. You are tired that they have to match my telephone to be able in the camera saw bluetooth, then alloy, then changes some parameters in a camera to do with a tlphonique etc... This far connected instantly, without hassle only to turn some far parameters up, in camera.
A far is only cheap plastic. It does not look for the like would take it a lot of abuse, or also be the resistant time.
HAS a house of instant and button of shoot (main button) and has the 2 according to timer. I 5 according to the timer probably would be the small more versatile.
An only reason gives this 2 tents for versatility, is so that it is not versatile in a road can use it. These ONLY shots of trigger through a info-red, which the ways have to be click of 'in-front of' of a camera, no in a side or behind. That is to say only a character whence a infa-the red sensor is localised, but can be problem. It does not think it is done to be very versatile in all the case.
5 / 5
I use this small type with my Sony A6000 and works while ad. It visits an option of far control on in card of Sony and a far automatically synchronises in a camera.

-An extra 2s shutter of the delay is very when it is in a picture and wants to look a far out of a road. It IS the handy characteristic b/c sometimes a lot has to SIGNAL a far in a camera to choose in a signal.
-Although a far is done of plastic and any one when being any substantial, is very robust. It has Had he in a fund of my backpacking the group that is to break for all the classes to coach and has had very subject. I actuate Still it submerge it accidentally he in the hot cradle in Idaho! Desprs Drying it has been for the few days, has been recovered and has had pardoned me for a potentially watery fatality.
5 / 5
At present this far is being used with a Sony A6000. There is a camera since 2014 even so any remorse til this day for my first camera!

Opens, has bought this far 3 times now because of me in his loser every time. And every time, they have done perfectly. Lost my premier one in a beach in Okinawa lol

usually use this for familiar photos or when trying something frank with my dogs and woman. Highly it recommends this product for a prize and usability. I am sure a Sony of far official more characteristic and be better Excepts 11 bucks and to be able to substitute them, can not go injustice.
3 / 5
Fact very when take it in the first place. Packed went It but when was in in fact the use the month later, a stack had died , marks a thing of useless totality ( travelled rurally/internationally and stacks of the substitution has not gone easily available).

Has learnt my lesson and will take to spare stacks for a device with me on all the future trips. But, in general, you disappoint that it purchase he for this concrete case in this particular trip and then has not been able to use he for my camera that planned.

Top Customer Reviews: Nikon 25395 MC-DC2 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Bought this to use with my D90. There are few options to take the shot without pressing a button of shutter of your camera: -

and.) It uses it a timer in your camera
ii.) It uses the wireless far device
iii.) It uses the far device wired

A main reason to eschew press a shutter the button of your camera is to reduce/prevents vibration of shudder/of the camera.

Of some three options on, left me for him down in why this wired far is a better of them everything: -

1.) It IS much more reliable that the wireless remoted. Has the wireless one but if an angle is not well, can very also takes a trigger. A wireless requires stack in work and sometime, a stack is drained when required yours a plus. A source of the power of this device is of your camera.
2.) It IS compact and clear. Return amiably in the pocket of your stock exchange of camera or your clothes.
3.) It IS very easy to use. A connector goes in the empty cement in a D90. Basically, 'cover and game'.
4.) It IS very versatile. If you press a button once, has taken shot it only; if calm line he down, can take the explosion.
5.) Has the 'lock' the characteristic concealed calm to leave you to use a parameter of light bulb in your camera for the exposure of long plus that 30 bren. Otherwise, equally can use a timer in your camera to reduce shudder of camera.
6.) It IS reasonably priced and does not cause you an arm and the leg.
5 / 5
These far works with the D3100!!! It controls your manual of user for compatible accessories! Has the D3100 and has had the finding of difficult time anywhere that declared it this far was for use with a D3100 explicitly. A MC-DC2 any only work with a D3100 but also provides the integer of new field to shoot options therefore a experimented and beginning photographer. A MC-DC2 far is easy to use and, so far, gave me any problem-- the looks to build to be solid and a shutter the lock has satisfy it when being in him.
5 / 5
Has the Nikon 5600 which are not compatible with a far way sold in containers. This sake of records and has a capacity to line a button of low shutter with the lock of sliding button. I use for macro and of the beaks of night
5 / 5
Used this two mark of days to take shots of basses of clear lightning. The fact adds ! So much, no really the ding in this product, but can does not help but listens has to have the better road to cause your shutter. The fashionable tan of button. A way of pistol of the grip would be handy, and yes, any bad, the $ 300 cape of pistol of balloon of tripod of grip . . . Although those are very too many. But that is to say something has thought enough while shooting strikes of lightning ; )

Also attaches to close down one shutter, for the exposure has shot , long continual / videos of lapse of the time. Which are a reason why bought this to start with with. In general I am very pleased with this accessory. The works add in the Nikon D5300.
5 / 5
This bought so that it was to go the Arctic and required to have the far so that it can take it awesome pictures of North Lights. The perfectly same work in a -15C night, with several cloaks of gloves on. A better part, was a characteristic to close so that it can press it, the lock and the seeds leaves that they hang 20 minutes, after easily it whitewash it. Again everything of of the this with several cloaks of gloves, in a night of cold Arctic.
5 / 5
Also it possesses a wireless far, but prefers a wire fence or for two reasons. 1: you Can fall of him and he still hang for your camera and 2: you can press a button down half road and he re-direct again and again every time slightly depress only cual in a camera he. A wireless far a lot this and when is done taking a necessity of has shot to bond a far in your pocket or posed it down in the some place. It can not look significant, but expsito that to be the ache in a collar and decided to return in corded far. Any remorse and this one perfects in my Nikon D7100.
5 / 5
Better that one $ 8 swipe offs. My crappy the marks have had before broken for this own weight . It have fallen the and an electrical wiring only pulled well out of an accommodation of metal.

This Nikon the variant is very better in so is done.
4 / 5
On he the the year has purchased a Opteka emission of far shutter for my Nikon D3100. Quan Took it a first thing has remarked was some covers in an emission has not wanted to go in a socket of GPS in a camera without considerable endeavour. This would have to has been my first tone . I took it installed and an emission looked to do well. It can he open closing for stellar photograph or only use the usually. Desprs Some third time takes some covers of an organism of camera a collar of metal that has surrounded one covers of the cape remained in an organism of camera. It was able to take he with the small pair of nose of needle pliars. Desprs awhile The wing left only a damn thing in there. An emission done but has not been very tight and periodically exited of a camera until I have begun to record the in a tripod. That the ache in a butt. Very Cual apresamiento for $ 4.95? Some the thing of the cheap Chinese fact in the camp of the work has thank you. At the end some covers has data only in a phantom and all some capes in an end of him been up likes him had seen the phantom. It likes I deep sixed this piece of rubbish.

Has decided to spend more money in a next emission and has bought a Nikon unit, for six times so the money but he cost he well? Well it is in me in all the case. Quan Took it a unit has been surprised that it was smaller in all the dimensions that a Opteka the unit there has been before. A cord was smaller in diameter. One covers also access in a very better camera that a Opteka the unit has done. Work well. I am looking forward to picture more Stellar with him this year. It IS this value of unit $ 24.95? Sure it is if in it act it to to him it likes him it is supposed in and does not give me to the of constant headaches likes them a Opteka of the unit has done. It IS the accessory of camera for the digital big end SLR so was the expensive small bit but is inner my meager presupposed. It recommends this in the partner? Yes I have done already.

Dave Proffitt
5 / 5
Works awesomely!!! I can pose my D7500 in 'balb' road and lines an open shutter. He the tripod uses the breeze, without any shudder. More reliable and accurate then the GONE far. A must has use the tripod. When being sper big quality for the plastic object. A sake of paste of the connector and tight. It IS very they has done a cord of extension for him even so, as it can use it 15 or like the feet was, this would take rid of a necessity for the unit GONE.
5 / 5
That the very small unit of far control. Why I have not bought never this before does not have any idea. Work with each shutter the parameters that comprises Mirror-Up. With a set shutter to reproduce-up has to press a button two times, once to create a mirror and the time 2 to trip a shutter. Also it does in a Mirror-Arrives to pose and with a set shutter in light bulb. These covers to shake emission of free shutter for shots of long star. Highly it recommends.

Top Customer Reviews: Camera Shutter ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 28 ratings
4 / 5
He so only done a shutter the look bit it soft. I have tried so only convex forms, but a container comprises the concave option. Some swipes were utmost, any insurances included would try another. It likes-me a red tone gives a camera. A big quality of some frames of the arrival of the metal perfects partorisca my Fujifilm X100F. Ossia That wants. A quality is good and feels like the still own measure Fuji Cameras. Good prize, good quality, can be situated in a x100f with one Or-coverage, which is entirely different that has read it on-line without any practical questions.
4 / 5
A quality and the arrival of a product is also very big. It can look expensive, but a more economic version is unmatched. A lot reviewers said has lost his way, and his place is main that an emission of camera. It does not use the hule grommet, seats lower and locate more firmly in Nikon. The box adds global!
5 / 5
This 2 Band of Shutter the keys was a compraventa excellent for my cameras! Yellow is my favourite colour that having the key of gold was such treat it to find! A product is solid and access perfectly in Fuji Xt-3 and X-pro3. To good sure recommend this product to any one.
5 / 5
A perfect complete to the mine x100f. He so only done a shutter the soft look. I have tried so only convex forms, but a container comprises the concave option. Some swipes are utmost, any insurances included would try another. And I like a red pop that spends to a camera. Although he any he Leica:-)
4 / 5
the quality is good and the product looks really well in mine X-T20. Installing this element is literally like this simple likes screwing complain. For such the small cost, this compraventa was a lot of value he. Felizmente, takings the transmission .
4 / 5
To the equal that take these for my Minolta srt-202. They return perfectly and it is doing it likes him he has to that. The desire has had different colours tho any money and just gold
5 / 5
Of course, these are not required, but look good-looking in a camera, and give a shutter the very positive feel and feel well to a touch. Very useful and can be used or used in both organism of camera. To be sincere, some the majority of unnecessary elements can buy for the FujiFilm that the camera is amused. It feels really good to press. Flirty And indulgent, but looks well.
5 / 5
the edges are not of the súper tight and unfortunately has taken them the rasgado oring. They have said his repayment the averages of the expensas like looked so only. Bosses on that a key can come free is turning can on and was frequently.
5 / 5
Has think that a gold would be tacky but thinks it really the utmost looks in mine Fujifilm X-T30. I can think that that it improves a shutter function of key.
5 / 5
The edges are not of the súper tight and unfortunately has taken them the rasgado oring. They have said his repayment the averages of the expensas to the equal that looked so only. Bosses on that a key can come free is turning can on and was frequently.

Top Customer Reviews: Fotasy 70cm ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5
Colour: BlackSize: 40cm There looks partorisca be the plot of people those who think this boss does not do and the little another the one who any really knows like this partorisca explode his versatility.
Has done in the tent of camera behind in a '70 east, (when such the thing existed in almost each city and of city), and am familiarised with this element like rest without transmissions all these decades later.

Is everything in a knurled coverage under a plunger. When you Press a knurled coverage down and turn in a clockwise direction for the neighbour down, an emission of boss is free to cause an exposure and a plunger will return in his original place and the pressure will exit a key of inner exposure in your camera. When A knurled the coverage is in his upper place, or calm on duty counter-in a clockwise direction the unlock so that it is in his upper place, an emission of the boss then results the boss to CLOSE emission. When you Press a plunger down, closure in this place until it press down in a knurled coverage to release he of his enclosed place.
Ossia The mystery to owners of digital camera.
In of the cameras of films, which have adjustable shutter speeds, there is sometimes the marked speed B for Exposure of Bulb, With this setting, a shutter simply remains opened while a shutter the rests of key there is depressed. It is preferable to use the emission of boss to prevent vibration of camera during an exposure a long plus. This calm leave you to take pictures like a one has attached, which aim me looking of the sud on I-95 and the jet is crossing in a street of legislation to accident. An exposure was 15 seconds , like headlights and taillights is ribbons of light and some lights to blink of a jet in earth is the short beams that cross in front of me.

In short, ossia the emission of the boss adds and the laws perfect when you know regarding the use. Happy shooting!
5 / 5
Colour: BlackSize: 70cm orders this shutter boss of emission to use with our new Intrepid 4x5 Camera of Field, and is state adds!

A thing has not known in this little emission of boss is that it can (a lot easily, and sometimes for deception) be enclosed 'opened'... Which is excellent for settings of Bulb in the camera, but has a lot the effect timed in shutter emissions. It was so only startling, has thought of then that it had broken it that the interior the day of the take.

A boss a long more the easiest fact to snap the shot, without a worry of accidentally that crash to a camera.

In general, this little type was abordable, and is doing adds! To good sure recommend this if you are that it wants to do the longest exposures in the small camera, or any exposures in the camera of big format.
5 / 5
Colour: BlackSize: 40cm has required the substitution shutter boss of emission to substitute one broken one in the 1929 No1A Pocket Kodak folding camera. You look on-line that tries to find the genuine Kodak substitution, but has had any one. As I have taken the casualidad and has ordered a possible economic more modern one could find with a logic that if work, then spend some money of plus in general quality a.

Has known this was the vinyl encased boss and not liking some lines has wrapped one this is coming with my camera, but looks COST quality. I can see like some complaints of people on here roughly to the equal that can take estuck' in a down place. Felizmente This isnt a subject for a Kodak to the folding camera likes him the limit of a shutter is momentary and maintaining he in a 'pressed down' the place does not ruin one shot for the maintain open.

In all the chance, this has done a trick. He screwed to a threaded hole where an original shutter the boss of emission was and actuate a shutter when I required it to. Sound the little too long to maintain tent with a camera, as I will have it unscrews it and rescrew he behind in when the precise, but thats the WELL of this ancient camera is so only the project has interior a moment. The ones of the that sees me using this camera very often.

But still the economic, probably Chinese fact, that the vinyl has wrapped shutter the boss of emission has done well in a 85 year he the old elderly camera is quite fresh!
4 / 5
Colour: BlackSize: 70cm If you are quite old to agree film and tripods, and in fact some night-photographer of time, to calm liked them also to have Ansel Adams in of you. Well, these days are inner still achieves, and this 'old-pupil' the boss is perfect for all your train to film that has a ray-in helical for the boss-emission. I still film of shoot, and so only feels good to press a plunger down, take your long-exposure and release a boss, not knowing precisely the one who an image will look, but relatively ensure that he you your duties and will produce excellent results. A must-have in your box...
5 / 5
Colour: BlackSize: 70cm has has wanted to really like this emission of boss but the the no. has purchased and did not use it immediately. A past two weekends have loved finally use this emission of boss with mine fuji x100s and does not act. It is like him it is shutter the tip of key is screwed on too tight. I have had to unscrew both finalises several times because it maintain to stick. I am not happy with this element maintains fiddling with him expecting it can do some day but can them has to that cut my losses and the launch was.
5 / 5
Colour: BlackSize: 70cm Opened on a container of amazon and inside a plastic wrap before I have included opened on an emission of boss maquinal, have of then was bent out of place. Piece of metal to be used like the shutter has been bent and could not be used at all, no in my mechanic lenses. Any sure if this has spent so only to so only me, but am quite dissatisfied with this compraventa.
5 / 5
Colour: BlackSize: 70cm Two serious subjects with this emission of boss:
1. An edge of ray of this boss releae does not return properly in mine FujiX100s. I owe that tight with the real big force for the turn.
2. A boss is too rigid, movement an emission of boss tiny bit, he rotates my camera is on/was key. Turn of a lot of time of my camera.

And finally, with which cpuple of use, die. A portion in bylines to a hand has taken stuck and has not gone back never.

I any remomend this product.
4 / 5
Colour: BlackSize: 40cm I generally of the one who feel a need to write the description but I felt that another would have to that be warned.

His no a boss of plus has built well emission. I have had to presionar sewings multiple time during the 2 travesía of week. And in a last leg of a travesía, the things have begun to come to avert and has lost one covers upper where print precise to release. It is to remain with just a tip of the ray and that takes the photo every time so only would stab my toe. Also any one some edges of ray are messed on or one inserts or the tongue is not long enough, but the averages a time, would not be able to take a photo.

Uses in home has to that be well, but perhaps any in a field.....
4 / 5
Colour: BlackSize: 40emission of cm Very small for a money. Yeah, An old cloth has covered some have had the good plus feels, but some works of sleeve of the vinyl so only well.

Was the little concerned on some leading descriptions that complained on some characteristic to conclude automatic.

To clear: these laws of emission so as closing it and emission of not closing: with a wheel of thumb unscrewed, some locks of emission and is disengaged for simply depressing (not turning ) a wheel. This in spite of, if you depress a wheel of thumb and and ray he in in a clockwise direction remain in a place released and some works of emission of the boss like the emission of not closing level.

Regular edges, smooth actuation. Too punctual to speak roughly longevity.
4 / 5
Colour: BlackSize: 40laws of cm to close way (need to press in a knurled disk to release). Ossia To the equal that am planning to use this emission of boss, for long exposures in bulb with the camera to film where does not want to resist an emission. I have tried to unscrew the to release immediately, but he wobbly. It looks well for occasional use, but would not depend in the, to the falls likes them to them the cost $ 8.

Top Customer Reviews: VKO Black Soft ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
These keys of emission--has listed on Amazon as '(2 Band) the Red Soft metal Dark Shutter Brass of Key of the Emission partorisca Fujifilm Fuji ... Camera 11mm Concave 10mm Convex Surface' and sold for VKO Photographs--is one the majority of the keys of sure emission has found still. If it use a concave or convex key, he much easier to find a shutter emission partorisca feeling (without that has to that take your eye of a viewfinder or fumble around so much partorisca touch to locate a key).

Of then come instrumented with hule small Or-of the coverages, these keys also stay in situating far better that any of some another frame has tried on some years (Neewer, etc.). Ossia That imports because the majority of this ray-in way shutter the keys of emission are notorious partorisca gradually that does his free way and taking has lost. Ossia Reason also recommend that calm does not spend any one a lot in any one such key. Felizmente, in $ 8, this two-the sale is also one of some the majority of options abordables on Amazon ($ 4 for key), and give you an occasion partorisca decide if a convex or concave key feels or looks better in your particular camera.

While really it can not say sure is in fact the brass likes announced, look the durable abundance partorisca his purpose and a surface have painted lustrous looks for having on resisted well without signing to turn or chipping after the thousands of shots. A coating is not like this perfectly soften like this some of a slightly more expensive and slightly more amiably machined emissions, but look well and house of legislations on Fuji X-T2 camera. (A concave key looks better with a global aesthetic of a camera that a convex key , partorisca some reason. So that it is a an I at present use.) Of other frames of the keys have gone down finally partorisca signal my camera, has developed the habit of routinely verifying a key partorisca tension. Like this far, there is not founding never a key partorisca have loosened at all. It looks partorisca remain place amiably, which attribute to an efficiency of one Or-the coverage that resupplies 'embrague' additional to resist a key securely and prevent he of gradually turning and loosening. Based in this experience, to good sure would buy these again have had need besides. They are more abordables, equally functional, and surer that the alike products have tried that cost two times so much.

[UPDATE 6-29-2017: After use along, this shutter the key of emission there is never once loosened in Fuji X-T2 camera. I am impressed sincerely in credit it an Or-coverage and/or the creation of some edges has directed partorisca maintain he in place, as I have very used other frames and never be able to go these long without him resultant free and, usually, taking lost totally. I have it that there is prendido included verify a tension obsessively, as afterwards the hundreds of controls and the PLOT of use, he so only stays in situating snugly likes has to that, any blue locktite or another 'hack' required. Hooray! To good sure recommends these like any so only an economic plus, but now, one the majority of insurances shutter the keys of emission has has not tried never!]
5 / 5
Like this in the first place, love a look/of measure/feels/these. It was the amazing improvement my experience of user with a X-T20, and easier partorisca another partorisca use a camera when the rid to them partorisca try. A negative? These things fall off LIKE THIS EASILY. It presioné So to the equal that can and seats comfortable doing, and falls of 2 or 3 times in mine the majority of travesía recent. Every time I have turned my camera was, is partorisca like loosen of the little bit and I would not remark . Finally, after going back of the hike and pulling out of a camera again, has @to @give a key was no longer there. Previously it has been it able of the find and dip the backside on, but considering is fallen off during the hike had gone partorisca good. These were very partorisca a week or so that it was able to use them, but that considers that it is it exited easily and has been lost, am not sure would buy him again.
4 / 5
Uses these in Fuji cameras, of then have the hole of emission of regular boss.
The product adds of calm could not know prefer concave vs. convex, And any cost is good and economic like this one.

To the equal that results, prefer a concave key and looks sum. If I lose it, I will buy another.
4 / 5
Files this down: 'I have known no never they have done these before'. Studios some technicians of on-line photograph when have remarked that a monitor there has been the only shutter key of emission in his model. 'Hey!' I have thought. 'I do not owe that on mine. That is concealed?'

A travesía fast to Amazon spent to this product-line - the metal shutter key of emission with the concave (or convex, prefer ) surfaces that easily it attaches my camera is existing shutter key of emission. Obviously, it wants to use the shutter boss of emission in your camera for long exposures (or to avert shake of camera) can not have these products has attached to your camera. But for the regular use are add, giving me the most substantial emission key to paste with my toe.

Likes another there is remarked, comes with to silicone washer in a subordinated that the helps reduce a possibility of a key that unscrews in his own and falling of your camera. Like this far I have not experienced any question with him loosening or falls off it. The time will say. But for now, I am satisfied perfectly and has liked him to good sure a price of compraventa has compared to other products that purport to do a same thing.
5 / 5
Is economic, as they are grading in the curve the little, but yes is looking for the no-atrocity soft emission that you will not import that it loses when inevitably decrease of yours signal camera, these are not the bad option at all. A good colour, a packaging is a lot of (the good small box can stuff in your stock exchange of cameras likes of you), is comfortable, and some two same emissions come individually bagged with extras or-coverages!

Now, in that ' is economic' what... Tip the little. Person more never look, but an arrival is not quite same, a underside is to good sure a afterthought, and some edges are the pocolos wonky of an enamel results really spotty in some edges.

A worse of the mine two was a convex key , which have lost to the long A lot of Phase in Hanoi, as I can no any picture of estaca (or try exchanging some emissions), but dip your expectations consistently and the doubts will be disappointed. They are a lot quite that prime minister of mine has thought to lose the mine was eshoot, the supposition will owe that order another together when I take house .' If at all more, I applaud VKO for his wide variety, width of colours; all the world-wide more is doing red and black and ridiculous bird inlays, while VKO is apresamientos colours of fun enamel like some oranges and yellow and gold and green, and the whole row of stained forest.
5 / 5
Has been 5 stars been due to one (2) hule washers concealed to Come with each key. (Clearly seen down 2 w/ 2nd key and 1 of 1st I no quite need.).
There has any a lot of to the shutter key, but really has. I am using a concave one in a X-10, and for me is essential. I have lost 3 forward manuf is , any of horribly feeble threading or idk that. I have discovered finally use the TINY TINY bit of 'edge locker', ( that uses on more the parts feign to maintain where attach them ), but please..... Utilisation the toothpick really , ..... Ossia On for the LONGLONGtime.
Included he 20 yr the veteran has his madnesses. Now for an use of this key for function, any just look. In fact usually it shoots the D4, D4s or Hassie, how is hard for me to judge, to 1/2 depression in a shutter, as has the habit of BBFocus. This that process 1000x easy, but also in fact for me, 'feelable'. Admitted thinks 90 is bought for looks together with the pocolos other elements, but a lot he looks was very falls off !
These are RED, LEICA RED, RED of TRUCK of FIRE RICO, any red species, but RED. Simple, a lot machined, certainly the enormous measure upGrade of a OEM,( that pause duquel, FujiFilm S1,2,3,4 on {A nikon mountain DSLR for Fuji}, in fact have the alike key, jsyk). Any SLR Or rangefinder camera of film , included he Hasselblad 500. As it enjoys just point he with edge locker, does not use pliers for 100 reasons, but was with the cloth, will line a coating. Good regime!
5 / 5
Has purchased these keys for mine Fujifilm X-T3 and are to good sure happy with them. I do not have remarked when purchasing, but takings 1 concave and 1 convex. I am using a convex version now, and is well. I will give another my woman for his X-T30.

Some keys good celery and is big quality. They looked he bit it small when seeing in a container, but once in a camera is perfectly sized.

Travesía To plot and often ask another to take photo for knots. Having this wins of red key he much easier to explain where a shutter the key is. A level Fujifilm shutter the key is quell'has bitten hard to say that it is if you are not familiarised.

In general, excellent. Shopping again.
5 / 5
Has bought this for my X-E3 and has gone back so only of the 10 travesía of day in France. A an I orderly is in black and of the wine with a concave and some convex soft emissions in a box. I have used a concave a. It comes with the washer and access perfectly. It do not fall off once (I frequently take my camera in an out of a stock exchange and no with the priest adds (a pair to time dials of mine have taken changed when my camera is entrance and out of my stock exchange cushioned). I have agreed to verify for tension roughly 2 times during my travesía, but am not sure he anything so that it do not go never free. It survive Without noticeable maculas, breaks etc. has not tried other soft emissions but am believing is looking here, is looking for something concealed is simple, works, looks well, remains on, and does not begin to break or pealing with which first use. For these purposes this is excellent.
5 / 5
Is hard to believe but he in fact done the difference that uses one of these. For the start is quickly to take your toe in a shutter emission with one of these situate which are adds. One @subjects one the big plus is that I have had the question that the hand-held shoots in a lot of lens shutter speeds with Fuji x100F in low light but now am shooting in 1/15 and are not that it takes the motion blurs.
4 / 5
Happy with this compraventa and vendor. These two pocola spent of the key does not look any a lot of but for some can do the big difference in shutter operation him him of the toes and of the big hands and the organism of small camera. There is the million of these for on-line sale like this taken yours casualidad when ordering for a first time. As it results it was a lot pleasantly it surprise it that these have not gone too big around or too small, looked very done and of the wine with small Or-coverages to hopefully maintain them in place. I prefer a dome in a dish but use like this on two alike cameras and am pleased with an improvement in shutter control it give for any one the enormous investment. It can not see spending four times so much for one that can he you easiiy that probably I will lose more collected more than later. Highly it recommends this element and vendor. An element has been shipped promptly and arrived in just several days. If they are careless takes lost would order again of this vendor without the doubt.

Top Customer Reviews: VILTROX JY-120-C1 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
I have read through the plot of the descriptions before decide in this far system. Plugged He up and has had the law in any one melts of time. This am ADDS! For the who some photo of the long distance that takes (and has any one to control a camera) that is to say perfect! It was able to take the shot grupal of ALL SOME BACKWARDS of road here and no the only subject at all! To good sure pleased with easterly!
5 / 5
I WANT at the end having the wireless far shutter that is to say compatible with my Cannon T5!
IS the blogger and and does not have a 'impulse-husband' to bond by behind a camera in constantly of photos of accident of me, so that any to find me never in any one of my photos of pastime. Until it OPENS!

Has burst this creature opens a moment has been rid (that it was it very hurriedly, for a road!) And the place arrives with my tripod), attached some stacks and WA-L! It was it churns! You can line a clicker down halfway to direct, a same like calm for a shutter in a real camera, and then the full click to break a photo. This am also adds so that has such low lighting in our house, this be able of the pose up in a tripod and very in fact lines a camera leave me to go down a speed of shutter and does not have to preoccupy in some photos that is shaky or blurry. Here it is some two photos have broken immediately after unboxing.

Can not expect take some familiar photos in planting to be trapped by behind a camera, never to be has seen.

Has attached note: mark sure in tower of SO MUCH a shutter And a far when is done using this, otherwise will return later to take the better photos only to find OOPS.... No more juice in some stacks. I am very pleased with this product. Happy picture!
5 / 5
I am the photographer of the urban nails . It uses the Satechi WR-100 before this Data of unit after the year to use very heavy. It has been interrupted and has to look for another for the substitute. Desprs Very looking for found this Viltorx JY-120-C1.

IS very pleased so far and used it 20 shoots.

Has put the characteristic is is pleased with:

can use he in my Cannon 70D and my backside in T6i without problem.

Does not have to when being near of a camera and attached in the cape. For which want to when being in a photo during these familiar portraits. The calm does not have to pose the timer of a camera. It enters a group and of the smiles with a rest of them.

So much a far button and an use of receiver AAA stacks. To save some stacks, both units have an out and instead with the lights of indicator to leave know is was or on. My another the unit has not owed characteristic. Without light of the indicator and I have forgotten constantly for the turn was. A receiver there has been the re-chargeable stack. If I have forgotten to close it was was out of luck. Owe a cape fashioned old.

Does not have to use a hot shoe. It is occupied already with my trigger to flash. I use Velcro embroiled around a cape and leg of tripod to prevent free dangling of a receiver.

A unit of button is small and has the place to attach the cord so one can attach it your wrist. The meeting can not line a unit of button very useful. If it is not semi-detached promise , the calm will fall it or has posed the low and loose when takes occupied to do something more.

Can use he with other marks of camera to purchase the different cape. If it changes the marks of camera will obtain the different cape for this camera.

Last, a prize. Under $ 20.00 EUA for the useful addition like this far.

So far, has any reason to give he less than five stars.
5 / 5
Emission to add Shutter. It uses this in my Rabies of Cannon EOS T3, and the laws add. A field is perfect, and good works. I used it recently doing some shots of moon. It sees Semi-detached photo. I can order the second a for my another camera.
5 / 5
The a lot of easier work that has expected. An only thing that would have been well with a creation would be if a receiver there has been a light of indicator to leave know when one can was on/was (the far has several parameters with lights of indicator). But, once taken used to a squad, is not the big roads.
A together integer takes the total of 3 AAA stacks. There is the picture in an interior of a receiver these those aims issues one necessity of stacks to be posed in so much is not that difficult to imagine was. In some instructions, say you also can purchase capes of additional connector need this product for another type of squad. A manual is the small difficult to comprise so that it is in slightly of English broken but has the small common sense and just disorder around with a transmitter and controller, is very easy to imagine was. A thing still has very messed with east a code. You can adjust a code of some components if another technology is interfering with your far and a receiver. I do not foresee never requiring concealed but I , will cross that when the bridge takes in him.
That is to say only my first time it using so that it is not sure quite longevity of a product but was easy to take of his packaging and I are happy with that very he like this far.
5 / 5
I use this product to take self portrayed that another wise would be impossible to take. A field of the same far and the receiver is so described, if no more. Work everytime press a shutter.

An only bad thing that it can describe is that, when taking several pictures of dozen in fast succession in the distance, a receiver sometimes results bonded and continues to take pictures after you prendi. The turning was and on is all this is required in reset he even so. Another that concealed, the fantastic laws! 4.5/5

I able to take a semi-detached picture without the help uses this devises (the far is veiled in my hand) can see of my reflection in a mirror has broken shard that is the considerable distance of a camera. ( I use the 50mm dulcemente in the camera cut of sensor)
1 / 5
I thought that it that it has found it the gem. It can be be almost anywhere and presses a far button and takes the picture.
A function of Light bulb has done he so do a timer.
Then all of the sudden the only no . I have changed some stacks in both ask, has done sure my stacks of the camera was touched fully also. It opens Some far clicks but a receiver at all. Sometimes some lights will flash and then pause, but still any action of shutter. A button of shutter of emission in some works of receiver, but those attack a purpose to buy east. Any sure is defective or the cheap piece of junk. It does not recommend this same in a cheap prize.
5 / 5
Has the Cannon T6i and I dog of photos of dog.
Honestly highly recommends this the calm help give you an extra hand or yes require the help that takes any one to direct in the different direction or wants to when being in some photos.

-Does not require to buy the additional capes has the t6i
-Easy in conect
-aaa stack for unit
-mere to use for only or shot and the shot of timer
-the fast connect
-can turn calm of only a far
-accidents the time of photo is immediate any lag

-sings the flashes to use if an annex is with a camera where is supposition to go.
-If the turn was one any visit of another (that honestly is well for me bc need to reaffirm something turned of a far and fall in my pocket)
-the flange uses an application of cannon with a clicker which are thwarting when poses in of the shots.

In general a awesome produced and has done my easier life and wants my more camera. And some pictures aided take me has been point and averts! Attached is the photo of my dogs that use a far as I can take a perfect house
2 / 5
It IS so excited when bought this. The law adds for enough 10-15 minutes. Then after it conceal, every time tried to press a shutter to take a photo he very click. It tries to direct and then very when it takes the clear image and would have to has broken an image only piece. I have had to to time of multiple only to take or has shot. A photo has tried to take was in perfect composition also so to well sure has not been concealed. Disappointed for a prize has paid.
4 / 5
This unit has prendido to do a second time used it. I have tried at least 40 iterations of some instructions have contained in some manuals in recode the unit of not doing without any success. I have contacted a support of client saw the cat and a technology had me to us there presses a button of shutter of emission in a transmitter And a receiver a same time and Looked! It is doing again. It have given this less element that or stars and is returned, but with this fixed, while it continues to do, give me a unit 4 stars. Four stars so that the manual of an owner is complete gibberish. Had at all that it could it comprise he of a manual conceal sounded in in to the to anything likes him what of a technology had me . Hooray For support of Technology of the Amazon!

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5
I have purchased recently the Rokinon 12mm lentil partorisca the widest shots, when taking photos of the urban nails and has wanted to clean on my photo that takes process the little. Further of a new lentil, use the tripod and also AEB (exposure of Car bracketing), taking 3 shots in +/-2 Values of Exposure. It is advised to use the far trigger to do like this, as this'll ensures a camera does not move among one 3 hots, those causes blurs.

Has seen this pop to cause on when I have bought my lentil and has thought immediately would be perfect. How it is work , this in spite of, for my purposes, does not do like this CONSISTENTLY to the equal that would like. I will explain:

When you disappear AEB (Continuous Group) resists down a shutter key, while some 3 shots are taken, and calm then the leaves goes. Well, when I use this trigger, sometimes laws, sometimes he the no. is not like this bad like him 50/50 has shot, but perhaps more like 30 tax of failure. When he no correctly, have to go in camera, delete any images has directed to take (1 or 2 shots, any 3) and pushes again. Ossia Productive counter to the mine workflow and taken more along and more endeavour that so only manually pressing and that resists a shutter key in a camera and verifying to see if a pics is acute or the no. has had he for the few days and will continue to try the, perhaps will do era??? I highly the doubt, but any harm in trying.

Averts of a subject on mentioned, in fact do like a trigger. It is a perfect period and is SÚPER LUZ, almost to a point to feel uber economic. BUT, ossia in fact well, reason calms does not love the heavy boss that appeals in your micro port of USB, like this over time will take broken. Also, a partial press to direct the works likes them announced, although I am using to lentil of of manual house and do not require it . It is good to see that it operates, this in spite of, when I have shot with mine another lentil.

Now, has a rarity with this trigger. Has the characteristic of CONTROL, where trigger of press and slide he on and resists a shutter open. This are in fact adds for these photographers that use this fashion to shoot, THIS In spite of, is easy to cause a control all the easy. You can see of mine pics where this mechanism is and so only that easy the , in theory, be to take the accidentally. My work around? I resist one causes to the rovescio and he never slides the way of CONTROL.

In general, for a prize has paid, one causes does quite well. Hopefully Will do to a fuller discharge requires it to shoots of mine of the stops of the urban nails, moving advances.
5 / 5
Ossia marketed Like this returning Fuji X-T2. He the no. Has the regulate micro cord of USB, which almost but no quite access some facts to commission Fuji socket. If it love the third cord of party takes one with the small telephone jack. A camera will take any or , or so only look for the cannon Rebels compatible remotes. They use of the telephone jacks
5 / 5
In my Cannon EOS R, a far would shoot a shutter in full press, but would not direct in of the half-press. Have take some two rays that resists a together unit, found three contacts of metal. Some premiers two is for a house to meso-press, and a third is to shoot a shutter. It was able to connect 1 and 2 with the screwdriver and a camera have directed. I have not seen anything among some contacts that would block it the connection. The saturated the paper towel with painting thinner and dried among all three contacts. With which concealed, a far has tried well home of half press and full press shutter, as I reassembled a unit that now does well.

Would have given 5 stars if the reparation has not been required, but finally does perfectly now, and there is not costing to plot.
4 / 5
Am using he with him Panasonic DMC-FZ1000 when have a trace of camera in the tripod of light weight. The works add, leaving me to shoot in slow shutter speeds without sobresalto of camera. It is quite light that can hang it he in a camera without emotional the. It was very difficult to do these types of the shots that prints a shutter emission with the toe. Had always he 50-50 casualidad of emotional a camera.
4 / 5
Has bought this Far Pixel for the project and has looked for an economic far wire fence for the Nikon. This was main quality that has expected. It uses the very thin gauge boss, which has not been the surprised like had law roughly that in other descriptions. Work perfectly. I can no to see me not buying never a Nikon equivalent when the elements like this is available.
5 / 5
Ossia Trigger of mine of prime minister wired . Work so that it has expected. Fujifilm HAS his application that calm also leave you to shoot remotely, but like the majority of the applications of cameras have used, can take time to dip up and sometimes can be buggy. Ossia Really covers and game. Any setup has required. A camera automatically and instantly relieves it. When plugging he in does not have any sound, any word in a screen or anything, so only begins to do immediately. I have required to good sure this for macro does and photograph of product. Ossia The compraventa very good and abordable . If I have had a critical would be that it feels economic, class of as the creeky plasticy feel when you express it. For this has not been that a longevity of this element will be. If I take the year out of him then considering the prize and the use will be worth it. I possess Fuji the cameras and are sure some entrances are identical. I can not expect touch with this plus. For a prize is a lot of value he.
4 / 5
Possesses it Panasonic DMC-G5. While it was finally able to take a far to do (like this some 3 stars, any 2) has taken to plot to try to take a camera for the recognise. Still although one covers has looked was fully in, has has had to that really jam he in still a connection to be done. Like the result, pulling out of one covers to take bit it more the endeavour that has to that.

I fully accept that this so only could it be quirk of this model of particular camera and any to fail he of a far as, once connected, done like this announced but hopefully any with the alike configuration will find this info useful.
5 / 5
Am using this with the Nikon D610. Theoretically, in any way to shoot, can dip a way of emission to far, the half-hasten a key a far Pixel to direct, and press it all a way down to take one has shot.

But does not like that. A far Pixel really so only has binary functionality, the meaning is depressed neither, or no. So much with a way of emission in a camera dipped to far, can use a far Pixel to direct, but a lot in fact takes a photo. I have tried this with immediate emission and 2 second emission. So only it does not operate.

BUT, the work adds in Mup, or Mirror On way. I have bought this for star-photographer, and in fact will use it more in Mup way. As anything. It is not ideal, but is also abordable.
4 / 5
Is the far. It is basic. It takes a work done. An only thing I hate is like this feels in my toe when I press one causes. In place of him when be undertaken has to that press so only down on that. It is hard to explain. But, you know the one who easy is to press a shutter emission in your camera? Well Imagine this key was kinda wobbling feeling and free and has had to that press down harder that release a shutter. Ossia Like this the trigger feels. But, calm can not beat a prize so that the respecto? A semence of more cleaned was utmost to clean my screen of camera. The good things go in the small containers suppose.
5 / 5
Some first time have used this far was while photographer a milky way with my Sony a7rii. With which roughly 10 click of a shutter, leaves to do entirely. Any reason, at all has changed. There is prendido so only. It had bought the the few weeks done and is probably too he a lot the time done for the turn, but will try. I will not be buying another of these. Too unreliable. Ossia unfortunate Like this need the far concealed the one who this one would have to that it has done.
UPDATE: the company contacted and request to substitute an element. I have adapted to think perhaps a prime minister one was defective only. I have changed my indication based in his service of excellent client. This in spite of, have not had an occasion to use an element still I so that it will owe that expect on that first to give to 5 indication of star.

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