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1 POWERLIX Sleeping Pad - Ultralight Inflatable Sleeping Mat, Ultimate for Camping, Backpacking, Hiking - Airpad… POWERLIX Sleeping Pad - Ultralight Inflatable Sleeping Mat, Ultimate for Camping, Backpacking, Hiking - Airpad… POWERLIX
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2 WELLAX UltraThick FlexFoam Sleeping Pad - Self-Inflating 3 Inches Camping Mat for Backpacking, Traveling and Hiking… WELLAX UltraThick FlexFoam Sleeping Pad - Self-Inflating 3 Inches Camping Mat for Backpacking, Traveling and Hiking… WELLAX
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3 FRETREE Camping Air Sleeping Pad Mat - Foot Press Inflatable Lightweight Backpacking Pad for Hiking Traveling, Durable… FRETREE Camping Air Sleeping Pad Mat - Foot Press Inflatable Lightweight Backpacking Pad for Hiking Traveling, Durable… FRETREE
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4 QOMOTOP Ultra Thick Self-Inflating Camping Mattress, Ultra Comfortable Side Sleep Friendly 4 Inches Thick Sleeping Pad… QOMOTOP Ultra Thick Self-Inflating Camping Mattress, Ultra Comfortable Side Sleep Friendly 4 Inches Thick Sleeping Pad… QOMOTOP
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5 REDCAMP XL Cot Pads for Camping, Soft Comfortable Cotton Thick Sleeping Cot Mattress Pad 75'x29', Grey and Navy Blue REDCAMP XL Cot Pads for Camping, Soft Comfortable Cotton Thick Sleeping Cot Mattress Pad 75'x29', Grey and Navy Blue REDCAMP
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6 Zermätte Roll Up Memory Foam Camping Mattress | Portable Folding Sleep Mat, Pad & Topper for Floor | Single, Twin, Kids… Zermätte Roll Up Memory Foam Camping Mattress | Portable Folding Sleep Mat, Pad & Topper for Floor | Single, Twin, Kids… Zermätte
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7 TETON Sports Adventurer Camp Pad; Sleeping Pad for Car Camping Brown, Adventurer/75' x 24' x 2' TETON Sports Adventurer Camp Pad; Sleeping Pad for Car Camping Brown, Adventurer/75' x 24' x 2' TETON
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8 AirExpect Inflatable Sleeping Pad for Camping - 3.9 Inch Thickness Self Inflating Sleeping Mat with Pillow, Better… AirExpect Inflatable Sleeping Pad for Camping - 3.9 Inch Thickness Self Inflating Sleeping Mat with Pillow, Better… AirExpect
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9 Foam Sleep Pad- Extra Thick Camping Mat for Cots, Tents, Sleeping Bags & Sleepovers Foam Sleep Pad- Extra Thick Camping Mat for Cots, Tents, Sleeping Bags & Sleepovers Foam
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10 Willpo CertiPUR-US Memory Foam Camping Mattress【Single:75'x30'x2.75' Twin 75'x38'x2.75'】 Portable Sleeping Pad Floor… Willpo CertiPUR-US Memory Foam Camping Mattress【Single:75'x30'x2.75' Twin 75'x38'x2.75'】 Portable Sleeping Pad Floor… Willpo
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Top Customer Reviews: POWERLIX Sleeping ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
This foreigner of sleep is gone in a nick of time. I consider the slightly on half experienced, 4 parks partorisca camp. I have been using the cheapy Coleman self inflating foreign with the foreigner of foam regulates down think it & that it is quite comfortable. For backpacking, this in spite of, has looked for the compact & light alternative. This there has been good descriptions, although it was the little sceptic of a swipe on stock exchange. For an ease & of prize to use announced, has taken the casualidad. I have been to camp with our little 4H group in the local park, so only in the campground, good-looking forecast, any extracted big. We have had the HEAVY surprise thunderstorm in a half of a night, where has not annoyed to dip in mine rainfly for the reasons ignored! Well, it has rained inside my tent for at least 4 hrs & my another matt to sleep drenched on some thumbs of waters to float around me (to be just, has not gone never toted like this waterproof). It was reasonably happy resting in the tiny island done for my new foreigner (while mentally I kicked me). I elevated so only on a line of water inside my tent! It was also very comfortable, especially to the equal that are the side sleeper & taking to be 'of the sure age'. The desire has had the picture of this awesome kills to float in my tent. Oh, And a stock exchange to blow it the way done on better that did not think it never could. It has taken roughly 8 full stock exchanges of air.
4 / 5
A better part in this tampon to sleep is that it calms does not have to that blow at all to inflate! It is the really innovative characteristic and think that if any one another tampon to the sleep does not have this characteristic then does not buy that reason will leave you out of breath sure although they say like this otherwise. I have taken pictures of him afterwards to the foreigner of exercise regulates to aim a measure of this foreigner. I have used he to camp and was really comfortable to sleep on that. Calm will not feel any swipes in an earth as it airs to the cushion is very good. It is also very easy the deflate and the take behind to one spending pouch. A stock exchange to inflate also can be used like an extra stock exchange to spend any of an extra material master and has a same creation like the dry stock exchange. How it is it likes to take an extra stock exchange for free!
4 / 5
Has been a miser to camp in a past; this in spite of, leave to the camp does age. But now my edges press me to take camping. It has found this easy to inflate sleeping tampon that gives support in 5 minutes, does not take any spatial and is literally weightless. The only desire has had these behind my days to camp!
4 / 5
Are very pleased with this compraventa. It was initially unsure would have to that try a ultralight sleeping tampon after the years to camp with tampon of mine of foam has trusted. This in spite of, of then has planned the longitude backpacking walked by means of a JMT has imagined will give to try it. I owe that say that I averted very impressed, was comfortable and like this easy to blow up and deflate. Really he so much of the difference a lot that has to that lug to the long of the 3 lbs. Sleeping tampon. To good sure will be to recommend this in a future.
4 / 5
Perfecto for the hiking getaway. I have bought two, one for me and another for my woman, loves to go once the month to yellowstone and marvel. We decide to begin to sleep in of the tents and required to find the matt to sleep. This looked it at the beginning wont be a better but, the boy was bad. It is like this easy to spend around and is like this comfy as it looks. Done ours first travesía to camp, in fact sleeping external, a more could of has expected stops.
5 / 5
At present possesses 2 Klymet tampons and 1 Agnes Big tampon, any duquel air of control by means of a whole night. Has thinks that would give this tries it of then has had so many descriptions add. It is very light and love an idea of an inflatable stock exchange. This in spite of, has been bit it difficult to maintain a stock exchange attached while be error of the user but he have maintained was it of only explosion. Also a tampon is done of different material that mine current tampons. This one is more like this plastic and very noisy! Honradamente Can not see is that it arrest hard a lot of seasons but data a prize, I quality of supposition is the committed. Has-liked me a has normalised bubbled but at all to add to a consolation. You will feel each swipe in an earth. Sadly, This was the 'any' for me.
5 / 5
Absolutely awesome. A no brained like the backup for some overburden guests or is camping and require the comfortable alternative to some beds of bulky air. Way more comfortable that thought it would be. Buying like this of the presents also.
4 / 5
Has received so only this element, and was curious in a quality of sleep.
Has to that say that I have been surprised.
A quality of product very big and is light also, a container of product is very small and practical for camp to trip etc.
has recommended this product.
4 / 5
More sleeping the mattress has tried. Easy to to sleep on. It will buy again if need another.
5 / 5
Has ordered two of these mats. They are happy inflated him home first of my travesía to camp. Neither of some mats am remained inflated during a same night without any weight on him.

Top Customer Reviews: WELLAX UltraThick ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
5 / 5
The cost has verified This product is comfortable the lie on and does self inflate like this announced that. Among spending it stock exchange that is easy of the take behind to. There are instructions that show as to add or take air manually. Some looks of coverage to be the resistant water. An only appearance has not been crazy roughly is that it is quell'has bitten heavier and bulkier that another in is class but is probably a lot like this comfortable. In general the good product unless spatial and the weight is a subject as in of the rucksacks to hike of rear country.
UPDATE: I have had to update my indication to 5 stars because my dog LOVES this kills like this. It have left the in a paving for the bit and he have extended was in the has to that the like this to the sinister there for him. It is an old plus , main fella and has the bed of dog in almost each room of or house. Well it shuns His elegant Sealy law of dog partorisca east kill so it gave it so only his. There it is very better sustains that any of his beds and easily dry clean.
5 / 5
The cost verified has bought this in preparation partorisca the travesa of four nights of car camping because my foreigner of old camping has jumped the leak. They are the big type (6' 5', 260 lbs) and taste dream in my side. Ossia An only sleeping tampon this has been comfortable the eside dreams' on. All is more be too thin, or dulcemente leaks by means of a night. I have been in of the hundreds partorisca camp travesas, both backpacking and car camping, and ossia legitimately one the majority of comfortable tampon has slept on.

Prefers sper soft mattresses that you tank to as the mattress of air of full measure, this could not be suitable partorisca you. While it is quite soft, is in firm compared to a mattress of air, but no like this in firm like a ultra-layer of basic foam that tampon of sleeps. Dipped that halfway among these two.

Backpackers: This does not be suitable for backpacking. Pill and has trace, is in a same measure and hanged as the bent on chair of camp. Has a ultralight tampon for that instead.

Sper Fat
Self works of inflation well after the pocolos use
Two ventilations leaves deflation of the fastest/inflation
Long and quite wide for enough a lot
the External material feels a lot
Maintain animated thanks to a thickness

Big and relatively heavy, but ossia the necessary sacrifice for a consolation of this tampon
has Comprised the stock exchange is too small, very difficult to go this quite tight tampon to is not to return never behind in ( comes with the elastic bands knitted for the maintain gone, as this is not the enormous question)
any self-inflate a lot well SO ONLY some first time of calm pair develop it. I recommend to leave the inflated for the few calm days once take it to help with east. (Calm always can inflate he with your mouth in all the chance)

Better applications:
Car camping
mattress of guest of the House
4 / 5
The cost checked After my travesa of prime minister of big camping there is prendido partorisca take a mattress of air with me simply because it was not quite comfortable to warrant a hassle to spend to the long of. A mattress of air was noisy, cries it to pack and setup, and like the side sleeper still often felt an earth under my also likes I tossed and turned during a night. The ones of way that instead has been it that uses the foreigner of yoga of hule fat under my stock exchange to sleep and resigning I at least of the sleep of the ideal night.

That all has changed this year. With which 8 comfortable nights in some mountains with this tampon to sleep, camping of the tent will not be never one same! Have had included the nights of pair in of the hotels during this travesa and found I often slept better in a tent!

East sleeping the tampon is mostly foams with the chamber of small air goes in. He self-give support down the minute and taken perhaps 2-3 minutes to go in upper of a base. You can require blow the pocolos extra respites to a tampon for full inflation, but some instructions advise you to be careful any to on-inflate (2-5 respites). It is very comfortable, light, and quite compact. For comparison, my Manduka the foreigner of yoga is in a same height, no like this fat, but feels much heavier. This will pack well in a car, but is not the good option for backpackers because of his measure. It have to that be perfect for walk-in tent campers, or those looking for an extra bed for house or university dorm guests of room.

Like him 6'2, 195 lb. Type, appreciate an extra width and period this sleeping offered of tampon, and am happy chose it on a compact plus and less cushioned options.
4 / 5
The cost has checked Perfects partorisca sleep the tampon partorisca one camps the one who is looking to any entirely rough the.

This sleeping tampon/mini inflating the mattress is in a main measure but will be totally currency he so that they love start and camp and love the at night comfortable sleep. This self gives support and is very easy to use.

A thickness of this easily spent tampon in any rocks or uneven terrain that can be dream on. Calm will not remark never any of him down you. They are not the big defender partorisca camp but with this tampon partorisca sleep, has has it to good sure does easier partorisca me - especially sleeping!
4 / 5
The cost has verified This foreign is like this soft. An external cloth is wonderful, at all to plastic that squeak in a night or swish in your stock exchange partorisca sleep. A whole foreigner is fluffy and maintains my organism of an earth very enough that my also are not undermining to an earth when I sleep in my side. An only complaint has taken was when the guest has slept on he in a basement, taking quite cold of an earth.
Is also any one an easy plus to go behind up. I seat it likes it to me I am struggling a self inflation the plot. It say that ossia well for car camping, but not hiking, does not take very small when it traces. When Ido, is near of a measure of the chair to camp.
5 / 5
The update of Compraventa has checked 2: Wellax shipped quickly the new mattress partorisca substitute a a concealed stray air. They are happy to inform that a new mattress is doing perfectly! Has update a description to 5 stars. Sure, it is the little extra hassle, but a company was very committed and useful in doing me happy. Amiably fact! I will give an additional description after my travesa to a Glorious Canyon in an end of a month.

Update: Wellax has achieved was mine partorisca try to do me the 'happy camp.' Sad, could not resist. They are by train partorisca send me Another tampon. I will give another update with which receive that one. But, now it has included they are sper impressed with a service of client and communication has received of Wellax. I have clashed a description to 4 incident receives slope of a new tampon.

Has bought two of these. One are adds. He self give support. It remains inflated. I sustain on so much my backside and sides. I have slept by means of a night on that.

Another, this in spite of, is to uselessness. I can not listen any air that hastes out of him. But, instantly it begins to deflate hardly dipped on that. They are 6'3' and 185. It have to that be easy partorisca me. But, it goes slowly. With which have dipped on he partorisca the pocolos small (and feel me that they sink while they are on he), opens a valve and of the hastes of air for behind his.

A bad informative is that I have wanted to so only return a a tampon and buy another for the substitute, but to the amazon has said that they are unavailable and no sure he will be of tower in stock. Sigh...

So much, are optimistic that Wellax wins he well. But, for now, they are in a fence on recommending it. And, give it 2.5 stars.
5 / 5
The cost has checked is going was or have extra people in your house and no quite 't worry!!! These Wellax the mats of bed are of sound under the pilee of coverages or sleeping stock exchange. It can not look quite fat to be comfortable but is!! It has not thought Never we would take it to us behind to a stock exchange of convenient storage, but was the breeze . The instructions come with calm but is like this easy you a lot included require them. A self inflating is ordered as well as it calms does not require to concern roughly have a bomb of air or tram to have the comfy prejudices of sleep. These would be utmost for the boys that goes to slumber celebrates also!
5 / 5
The cost has verified This one east the half happy among more HE mats and 4 plush to to like him to them the camp dreamer or mega. I exert This in spite of supportive, silent and any slide around. Upper and inferior cloths are some same, which the easiest fact to pack, but no rough has been, uses the discharge of earth. The integrated pillow is the good idea . Self Gives support without any subjects. Need to be double gone to pack well, as any another foreign. The desire has had the softest version fatter with side voids in joining it to him to foam likes them the camp dreamer, would do the better option for side sleepers in a family.
4 / 5
The cost has verified Quickly neighbouring initial on partorisca first use and happy that this sleeping the tampon does not have to that the new plastic smell bad when opening. It is heavy, maintains that the import wants to go that it hikes with him. It is also quite big, elder that included my stock exchange of the main tent! It was perfect to camp in of the places can drive until. It is very a lot of comfy, almost tried to use he in my house for naps!
5 / 5
The cost has checked Looks good quality but any adapted partorisca heavyweight side sleepers. It is not 3' often to the equal that has announced. I will be partorisca return the.

Top Customer Reviews: FRETREE Camping Air ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
I possess 4 different classes partorisca sleep tampons partorisca camp and ossia of the best a like this far. It has inflated fully with the pedal of feet this is a full measure of your foot how is súper effective to press an air in. The timed in mine in the first place looks for to inflate the and was pumped fully on less than 1 minute! No another tampon possesses that.

Deflating Has taken also less than the minute because of a big valve that leaves an air out of a side of pillow. That is really fresh in this creation is that there are few keys for the curve on perfectly and then a pillow pumps which is the helps of calm of flexible plastic box goes it on again closely and deflate an air was easily. It has taken also less than 1 minute!

The one of fact slid behind his easily same stock exchange with which had inflated and deflated the. It concealed quite it does not spend never reason never calms fully take all an air was and the majority of some stock exchanges goes in is like this small.

I like a built in pillow for minimum packing ready.

The only things that is missing of this does not have any patch in chance jumps the leak. It is also any one the majority of comfortable to dip on with the hard surface because calm tank you down to a paving. It is a lot camping in the soft forest or walk of sand. Probably a lot well to dip in jagged washes tho.

Disclosure fill- this mattress has been mine sent for free instead for the description. Honradamente Give 5 stars although I have paid for him this in spite of. It is the a lot of one!
4 / 5
Has UPDATE INFO has taken the only fact that uses these again and has had to that reduce some stars have given originally. Already it mentions some discharge can burst opened in his hablador to lose air. I have used one of of the one of the east this weekend and he deflated. I have it behind pumped on varied first time there is @@give a sizing has not been to correct and of the discharges of embrague has resisted would not remain closed. This would be an excellent element again would modify a creation so that some rays of discharges in the percentage he of coming waste.

Has bought 4 of these for the bikepacking travesía with my family. We have taken so only do using them and will launch out of my thoughts in the second. Before it concealed this in spite of, will say you that they are roughly he has spent to 35 years likes him one alfresco the man that does the variety of the the free air the activities that comprises to hunt, peach, camping, bikepacking and backpacking. I have possessed light backpacking tents up by means of tents of wall with the forest that stoves of burns. Has is spent of the thousands of hours in an alfresco.
Now for a description of this element.....
Pros –
1. This thing is wider that other fashionable tampons of the hiking have used. Has a real integrated pillow. Another has pillows also but this an in fact feels like your boss is on a data endures.
2. It sustains hanged enough well. Next weight to 245 pounds and he am remained has inflated throughout.
3. Has an integrated bomb that was quite fast. It says 25 seconds to inflate. I think that that it was the little short so that this has taken. It has taken probably roughly 40-45 it depresses in an integrated bomb for him to fully inflate to the “firmness” in bylines.
4. You can inflate with normal breathes to air yes desire or a bomb to do for some reason.
Gilipollas –
1. Ossia The little weighed for backpacking
2. Ossia The little bulky for backpacking. Car camping etc this thing is quite small compared to the mattress of inflatable air would find in the tent of the big box but those are really any one a same thing.
3. There is the “value of has anchored” that need to be opened to inflate yes calm is that it uses a bomb of feet. This is coming open two times at night for me and once for my woman. As he deflated at night but was the quickly fix with the few bombs and doing sure to ensure one covers. I burst it it was with my foot while sleeping inadvertently.

In general has to that think that this was the quite good value and for bikepacking was the LITTLE bulky but no the breaking of extracted. It is easy to inflate/deflate.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. It was impressed really with this product. A bit those that the things loves roughly is that easy is to inflate, like this compact is to store, and that has the slightly domestic flange to maintain calm to the slip was. There is the bomb of feet in a subordinated ossia like this quickly and easy to use, has has wanted to that! The majority of mattress of the air or the tampons require the bomb, but this one has a built in. He also deflates and folds on súper easy, and returns perfectly to of the this spending chance. I have had it issues with things not returning correctly behind to a box or the stock exchange come with, but with this air cushions concealed has not been a chance at all! I plan to use this for my toddler to camp, and to have for guests/sleepovers. We are not very comfortable having our toddler sleep with us on a mattress of air, especially of then is the look any to- that having this where is down to an earth, and a created the flanges will help to maintain to slip this work perfectly. If you are in a phase for a tampon of air- ossia!

To dip on invernadero bomb of feet: sure mark of the discharges is opened in a bomb of feet while pumping, but of the propiciado by pillow (located under a pillow is closed).
4 / 5
The season to camp is so only around a curve and the one who better way the social island? As they are gearing until camp. My old sleeping the tampon is foam of simple trace . Has thinks that that this tampon looked more comfortable. My initial impression is quite positive. A tampon is VERY LIGHT in the weight but some durable material looks. Also it surrounds on besides small that my tampon of foam. This Fretree the tampon is also more comfortable-very been due to a built in pillow and the built in the pillow means I of the that needs to pack the pillow or stirs on my cloths under the mine directs the frames a. This Fretree the tampon inflates in the simple moments that use a bomb of feet so only like this unless you cant use both of your legs, I of those who sees the need by other methods of the inflation but a tampon resupplies by other methods in all the chance(the street can of lung or electrical bomb). This tampon is very long(sees my video). Surely it is returned the 6'4' person a lot easily. A tampon is of width meso this in spite of so much of the one who be the really 'wide' 6'4' person. In another hand, a tampon has snaps in any side to enable you to connect it to another connects 10 together tampons. Or 50. Anything thinks is careful. A tampon deflates and king circles until his measure of original small nave a lot easily also. Attention of the paralización only to a calm way develops it. Also, I have found that it fold each side to a centre and snap a side snaps near to resist some sides in place, some circles of tampon on top of even easier. Finally, a tampon comes with the box of reparation that contains diverse to patch which is the must with any inflatable sleeping tampon. Oh yeah! And it is more comfortable that mine tampon of foam. He doesnt feel more comfortable when you kneel on he of your knees goes legislation to the in earth likes them the interior of the air moves but when you have dipped on yours hanged the integer is moved by means of a surface of a tampon and he calm to resist you was an earth amiably. So that it is. See my unboxing to video likes .
4 / 5
Has had the big hopes thus mattress have based to a description and some indications but finalises quite disappointed. In a side besides, a bomb of feet is the utmost characteristic and act a lot of ( although it takes more along that announces him to me any the question) . They announce that it is folds and of the light weights until a measure of the boat. It is easy the deflate and folds on amiably but is more like measure of the light net. (15' X 5') but is hanged very light (1.1 lbs comprising a stock exchange). A main question is that it does not maintain you was an earth- that enough renders the useless. They are 5'7' 160 lbs and when I lie in my side my hip is touching an earth ( he a mattress is inflated fully-much more there and would risk to burst he). So only he the SIDE had mentido in yours rear and your weight is then equally has distributed. If it seats in a mattress in any of the plants likes a bit photo, yours but will be in an earth.
Typically does not write descriptions but after doing the plot of investigation, has trusted on this to go in the backpacking travesía in that I now does not have quite time to order something more.
Finds hard to believe reason this is to estimate like this well.
5 / 5
Has taken these for some boys to camp, my husband and I have had the traditional queen-sized mattress for us, usually so only one of us goes to camp with some boys for scouting. But because of COVID, decides to do the travesía of familiar camping. A first prejudice has learnt enough quickly that 2 adults grows in the traditional queen-sized the mattress done for the bad combo. So much, it has dipped one of some boys in a mattress of air with me and mine hubby has taken one of these. My daughter and the husband there is complained some first prejudices cause his butts have touched an earth in some point in a night and they have thought has filtered.

A third finally imagined prejudice out of a question... My battery-bomb to air operated did not blow him on enough. We use a bomb of manual foot has built to a mattress and they were comfortable. One pumps of the feet was easy to use and could be used with the hand yes has required. With which use a manual bomb there is not had to that add air a next night neither. You grieve we were home it has launched it to him an old queen-sized the mattress was and goes to order two more than these creatures for some next times go to camp.

No only was a bomb of easy foot to use, but was also easy to deflate and the circle has retreated up. Too much often camping the material does not return never behind to some stock exchanges that is coming with them with which calms uses them but these have done. They go until in a measure of the stock exchange of pole of the tent. Any easily would be able to attach a stock exchange to the z/to the rucksack to hike or tuck he inside some hips.

To the left is not to forget a built-in pillow neither. It has inflated to in a measure of the pillow rule any one the additional pillow has been required, that saves the tonne of spatial. Also, some things were like this long that the would be likely to use you to the pillow rule in a subordinated half to leave 2 small boys to sleep on that. My boy of 6 years has taken so only on half of a mattress.

A better thing is next time goes to the camp does not have to that me worry roughly some batteries in a bomb of air is good or no, in fact are that it launches that it sews era.

A picture has attached is inside a 8 tent of person, 3 of them returned in a side of a tent, As we could return three more there is wanted . You can see my husband and the edges that use some pillows have attached to a mattress also.
5 / 5
Very easy to inflate, travesías compact and good. Disappointed reason he deflated after an hour of use. No very comfortable when using during camping of tent in hard earth. Inflated again (the next morning) - deflated inside an hour without a lying on that. Fact for an uncomfortable sleepless night. Any impressed - !
4 / 5
Comfy And Compact and Versatile!

Had impressed really with this matt to sleep. It has arrived in the a lot of compact duffel, any big plus that it loaf of bread, and almost like this light. It is súper easy to inflate; my boy of 6 years was able of the inflate fully without any help in of the minutes!

Although it is slender, is like this more comfortable that looks. Easily dry down cleaned, also. We purchase it to knots to use like him backyard sleepover foreign—my boys could be A lot of sleeping in an earth, but backside of mine is not like this forgiving—but is resulted the frequent fixture in ours living room.

To good sure would recommend this foreigner; it is the value adds for a cost. And sure it can take it has beaten the. Camping—night to film—the paving is wash — stands up his everything!
4 / 5
Complete waste of money. I have bought two of these and has thought initially a creation was creative and handy. This in spite of, inside the few hours of a night, my sister is was flat and refused to inflate. The mine was deflating also, but has not gone entirely flat and useless until day 2. Like this now neither of our work, and has taken two days. It would not recommend .
5 / 5
MODIFICATION: wont the stay has inflated

In general touch the system adds goes was, bombs with your foot, and fact. It compresses quite measured also and well quite quality.

Only thing am them concerned roughly is that well it will last and his in disposal to start with deflating during a night.

Top Customer Reviews: QOMOTOP Ultra Thick ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
In the first place they are the Take BSA Scout Master and a miser in my age I consolation partorisca demand when overlanding and car camping. I have purchased a World king XL kills and then committed to for the second partorisca my same woman although a thermarest 2018 model is still $ 140. I have seen this Qomotop on Amazon and has taken an I partorisca $ 75 I 'll give shot it .If it does not fulfil a quality of thermarest or Exped will go with another World Rey self the inflation was easy has used a stock exchange partorisca the cup was partorisca leave a foam of calm interior develops before seasoning.
Has after called my daughter the one who is the nursing it studying has asked partorisca dip down in both mats and give me has declared a Thermarest was harder and a Qomotop was softer and felt more as the bed Qomotop has done his to like a model a new plus of thermarest and Exped but in the third of a prize!Campers Has not believed any of some descriptions!!But listen to one those who know if are not concerned with which manufactured it ossia a better consolation self inflating calm to all the cost likewise gives to 3 guarantee of year!!!Save of the money and buy this while a prize is down he will be partorisca locate!!
A lot of Fact to a costruttore!
4 / 5
Had been comparing big-final self-inflating mattress partorisca camp that looks for sleep of travesía of comfortable camping on its own name and edges/of big big adolescent. It has been ready partorisca buy a highly estimated () but pricey REY Dreamer XL when I have seen this. It goes advance and verify you- is a lot looked. It is long quite that yours the pillow will not fall off and can extend your legs and of the feet. Supports he 240 6'4' person the one who movements and sleeps lateralmente effectively.

Has the bed of Number of the house of Sleep. Finding that this mattress was the company of has bitten for my flavour (without inflating more)- I has turned simply he to an adjustable bed- That? Opened the small portion of a valve of inflation of intake way and leave the little room in a side of a valve as it is not entirely in intake. In this way a mattress intake or expel small portions to air like this turned . I will be to store this bloated likes quota other costruttrici of alike mattresses recommend.
4 / 5
I alive with the scoutmaster and 2 scouts... They are not a type to camp, but will go to sustain my boys. Also I have for behind subject - can not sleep comfortably in the cot or mattress of air (mine tailbone slips out of place easily, and causes rear ache). Anyhoo, has looked for on-line for the solution to the equal that plan the tent of 3 travesía of nights to camp, and has seen is to kill and ordered it. Note: this foreigner would not be convenient for backpacking how is a measure of the stock exchange to sleep when it traces, but was conscious of this when I have ordered and has not been a @@subject as it have not been backpacking. I took the bit regarding the take bloated, but my edges have imagined was easily. It is good and comfortable - just a right quantity of firmness. I have used he on the cot 2 nights, and in a walk a night, and has treated well any way (I probably has not required a cot, but was available to the equal that have used he). It is the little bit of the bugger to locate, but was able of the take behind in a stock exchange in mine in the first place try. Now mine the old plus and his dad is contesting the one who takes for the use in a prójimo scout campout.
4 / 5
Has on blown a lot easily, amour a characteristic to use a stock exchange to blow it on reasons now do not have to that lug an electrical bomb around and worry roughly electricity. It has taken it nap in the and slept like the creature. Has the plush upper mattress for our bed and this feels a lot of resemblances, basically in bylines (of an earth) but soft arrive (of a mattress he). It looks he taste would be of impossible of the like this small trace as when it is coming, but with some endeavour was able of the take smooshed down enough to go back in a stock exchange. Like this far Much more comfortable that our mattress of air of the queen, which always deflated partially and has moved around also when your circles of partners on or creates in a night. Very pleased like this far. Value an investment.
4 / 5
Has taken this for our travesía of cabin familiarised like “read” inflatable. A law has not been to use to camp, but have inside a house like the bed of travesía and work perfectly!
A packaging has been interested but josh like any one another foam by heart element- loves that to him material behind to a stock exchange- was the workout!
Comes with the stock exchange to spend with the strap that really presionar a bed- do well when we require for the band behind to a car.

Any smell to foam by heart am missing at all and was fatter that has expected! We sleep on he for 3 nights and was happy with a compraventa
5 / 5
has Bought two of a small plus some for mine smittybuilt the ceiling tends upper ( rtt) wow that the difference!!!! It gives support to the plenary 4' remained with my original mattress knows to have the 6' mattress and when deflated can leave he in a tent. It is easily a better upgrade. The creation of valve is character . Súper Abordable Has compared to a competition. It returns like the glove. It gives the graces to do the product abordable. It can not comment on durability to the equal that have slept so only on he two nights but the looks well has done.
5 / 5
Are like this happy has believed everything of some positive critiques. Ossia Exactly that has required for my girls and his significant another. Sleeping in a paving of basement when have paste the sure age is not amused like this “” any one more along lol. This mattress is so much better that a mattress of air. It was the little sceptic when I developed it and has seen an enormous wrinkle down a half. With which have opened some valves to inflate and has then used a stock exchange to spend to pump some his air, has @to @give reason is such the swipe . My edges has the mattress of foam of the memory in colegiala and has said this one is like this comfortable. They are sure that could take it the sleep of the good night in the and have for behind subject. Now when my boys have stay of friends with us, can have his daunt in mine familiar soiled basement, and can feel better knowing is comfortable. Totally value an investment there is at night guests in the bases a bit rule.
5 / 5
Easy to dip up and the place was. Had the hard time that finds the comfortable firmness. They are the side sleeper so much has had neither the hard time that the asleep falls bc a mattress was like this in firm or yes has left the little air was would wake up with my bone of hip against an earth. Ossia Prime minister of mine self inflating mattress as it can not compare to another. Sales easily behind to a stock exchange comes with.
4 / 5
A lot has bought this for the travesía to camp and has had a good sense for the try is gone in real world-wide conditions first to trust on that. Here it is that it has learnt.

1) Not giving support for him.

Not giving support sufficiently to be used as it cushions for him. There is no magic here which causes it to have inner of pressure to air More adds them that a pressure of surrounding air. That is going is does foam of open cell inside this mattress that is deflated when in the first place I take it. A self-that inflates the part spends when you plough a valve (more in this late plus). A question is, an interior of the foam of cell has opened not giving lean all this a lot in his own. It stabilises His pressure to a surrounding atmosphere and stops, which means is perhaps half way to be the mattress of full air. This is not enough to really call any class of cushion.

Because of an on, is required to use a stock exchange comes with to inflate it, to attach a stock exchange to a valve likes another has described. . A question here is a stock exchange is not like this easy to attach to a valve or to maintain attached the valve. In a dark or down the camping has DIRECTED light in an end of the long hike could see it when being that incubo come from for the find, mate some two pieces then have to maintain separating.

Takes enough the little stock exchange to inflate a mattress and each one which like risk a two that the results has separated. Besides, to to a whole stock exchange likes him the device of the inflation is quite ready in once of sense but a reality of him is is a effortful and uncomfortable class to accuse like this has to that separate some sides of an empty stock exchange of the each one another manually and then go an end of a stock exchange to try to take any little air can be among some calm sides so many can express, circle, crunch, or otherwise coax an air to a mattress.

Until you have tried in fact do this on and in calm does not have to that suppose some few special skills to the equal that will do this easy.

Then there there is deflating this thing. It listens to some people that says is hard. It is hard. A foam resists to be expressed, likes foam , and a plus of him wheels, a plus of him there is to resist like this in the aim really takes all your force to maintain rolling. Worse, an air is free to go any only advance of where has gone, which is that love an air to do, but to a side of a hand-the pressure is exerting on that. As you owe class to maintain that it moves your hand lateralmente near, pursuing an air until a valve. Under a never increasing pressure a foam to accrue is exerting behind in your hands and a circle a big and main plus to be of the foam has manipulated to seat likes to look for to amass the gigantic circle of dough, except this dough pushes behind. Finally calm' is lying on that. Kneeling On he etc. Etc. So only trying cogerprpers quite small to go back to a stock exchange.

Take at least three such full circles to take it quite small to dip behind to a stock exchange.

Has bought this because of some good descriptions and am taking a time to write and estimate this reason does not love any to exit in a forest with east and not knowing that to expect.

Strongly recommend that calm the full walk by means of of this- and any train to camp compraventa- in your rear yard or first walk to dip was to a rear country with him so that it is exactly that involves. It is of entity to maintain in alcohol- if not simulating- some conditions down that required to operate down in your dry career.

For me, I quickly @@give there was so only any way this was to do, included if it has not filtered, deflate etc. Etc. As it drew it would be so only state too troublesome and exhausting to operate day with which day.

Expects these helps.
4 / 5
Has used this during the formation excercise concealed required me partorisca sleep in the alone tent for two weeks. A tampon for perfect and was quite comfortable. This in spite of, deflating the after a first use was hard. Trying cogerprpers behind to return in a stock exchange to spend has looked for to be quite difficult in spite of trying deflate the 3 times.

Top Customer Reviews: REDCAMP XL Cot Pads ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
5 / 5
It would have given 5 stars but any instructions of priest has been comprised any in a description or in an element. I have not used these tampons of thin mattresses still, the does not have him has wanted to use first to discover like this partorisca wash them.

I emailed redcamp and has received a following response:
A cot the mattress can be car washable and dryable.

I car washed in warm and dried in normal cycle, hot of half. Fantastic result!
4 / 5
A product is not announced like this. Extremely thin and a lot almost like this plush as it looks in of the photos. It is like an empty pillowcase with the tiny bit of wadded on poly-edge in him. It is better that sleeping in some coffins stroll... I think that that I go to cut the hole in the each section, shove in of the pillows, and then the sew behind up. Has straps to ensure it to a cot and to good sure will bend until apt behind to a eensy little stock exchange are gone in . It looks he is car washable. But it has not been value of the money and has not been like this announced.
4 / 5
Has taken a campcot and has loved to have extra cushion to this.
1. East cushioning is quite thin and simple to spend.
2. Fact of smooth and comfortable material. Has an arrival of velvet in an upper discharge.
3. Has strong elastica in a corner which are helping taking to a cot flanges and frames sure a boy doesnt whole of movement lights long.
4. A lenght and the width is so only perfect for a campcot.
Now has included my edges is by train for the use daily in his Fulton read. It is happy with him like this more has used punctual to come on complaining of discomfort.
4 / 5
Very soft and comfortable. I have expected the tampon slightly more rigid, but loves one feels and some straps and elastics to resist in place. It feels and the thickness is looked to the thickness comforter bent in half. It is 75 thumbs long, any 77. It comes with this stock exchange of series of own draw and easily circles until apt interior
4 / 5
Comfy, but the desire was so only he tad fatter. It has wished also it is gone in main measure, included although it says XL. Bought this for a XL cot without looking in of the dimensions and was still bit it small. Laws in fact this in spite of. And it will maintain it . It is the good tampon for a prize and was more than comfy enough with my stock exchange to sleep up. To good sure would recommend.
5 / 5
I like a consolation, a texture, some sure bands that wraps around mine cot, a light east product. The desire there has been the election of colours but regarding a prize and quality ossia has to that compraventa!
5 / 5
Has purchased two to use like this tampons of mattresses in ours RV law of sofa--and inside an hour packed them behind on, when we are to go back of our street trips a window of tight turn had spent like this now am them stuck with them. They describe some tampons that when being fat but that the frames think that that it is dense—is not , calm also could be dipped directly in any one is under this REDCAMP XL Cot Tampon.
5 / 5
The one who is is basically so only the averages the stock exchange to sleep. They are immediately he is returned. I am not sure that would be it useful partorisca but any I still thinks would do the difference with the very small boy.
4 / 5
A main photo this looks fatter and solider that in fact is. It is more than the thin, wrinkled coverage that it solid cushion. A photo this looks it would be fat as it tilbury living room tampon. Nope. Very disappointing has trusted to join it to him to main photo likes has done. Going back and looking in an ad, a photo “in a paving” also looks good and thickness and plenary, and is that it has expected, but that has received looks more like this one “in a photo” of herb afterwards to itnwhere is walk as it pancake and wrinkled.

Any look included a same tampon! Bait and transmission?

A tampon comes squished to the vacuum the stock exchange packed and have sinister airs for 48 hours, as declared in a description, he shaking, etc, he expecting fluff on, plump on, or anything is supposition to do to look a main and pictures to walk. Nope! Any one has forgotten to fully stuff this coverage of velvet exerts very ossia stitched to match it plastic deep with something more than lint of key of the belly.

Identifies with a “Princess and a history” of Pea, does not buy this tampon. You will feel each little wrinkle is dipping on... And a wrinkles is of a tampon he! Too tightened to be useful to the equal that calms that wants to give to your dog, or perhaps the launch in your horse. It could be he FENCES IN like this to the noisy pillow when bent his stock exchange. Waste of money.
4 / 5
Has been using this tampon with Coleman camping cot, and has to that say that it is to good sure a lot like this fat or while a description of product and the looks of pictures. They are roughly 5'10' (70 thumbs) big, and my feet hang in an end of one kills although my boss is in a cup of him. A description of product declares that a XL tampon is 75 thumbs long, but looks to fall several short thumbs of this mark. A cushioning is also very thin for like this bulky like calm is like this material of control enough the bit to air when it goes for the go behind up.

At least has expected a foreigner would help to resupply the bit to protect thermal of a cot the material resembles wick was hot of organism without some class of coverage, but a Redcamp the matt looks to fail here also. It is better that no in that has anything in a cot at all, but no for a lot. I have it quell'has begun so only use the pleasure the way to small foreigner , inflatable the cup of a cot of some elastic corners on at least maintain to slip around also like twist in my sleep.

In general, would not recommend this product.

Top Customer Reviews: Zermätte Roll Up ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 47 ratings
5 / 5
It has given on on mattress partorisca air partorisca camp and has bought the cot but required more cushioning. It was hesitant to spend in $ 100 in the mattress partorisca camp but, oh man, am LIKE THIS HAPPY has done. Honradamente Sleep better in that do in my house of mattress. I usually toss and turn at night but with east, awake up in a place still have fallen slept after the sleep of the full night.

Touches absolute to change. If they have done the mattress of king, would buy it and place he in my house. It can not say quite well roughly that comfortable ossia. It has used for several travesías without any subjects of durability but can not speak to like this will last in a future. It looks to be the product of quality of the which have seen and has experienced.

Could buy another in chance that this is not available in a future when I need the substitute.
4 / 5
Are absolutely 100 happy this compraventa! I have used a mattress this weekend spent to remove it Spiritual where sleep in the cement barn walk. A last time I this retreat and has not had this mattress, felt a cold , stroll hard cement under my two mats of yogas, the enormous fat coverage and sleeping stock exchange. This time with my Zermatte mattess felt hot and consolation !!! Thank you! Oh And a gel the mask of eye was LIKE THIS soothing.

Finally, have has not had never the stock exchange to sleep that extremely it is defying to locate and apt back in a stock exchange to spend??? Has, this in spite of like this a Zermatte circles of mattresses on easily and a stock exchange of storage is ENORMOUS and returns a mattress perfecly and easily. I am pleased like this with this compraventa
4 / 5
Perfect measure and perfect quantity of cushion for the camping cot! A cot for was way too hard and other cushions have had was too wide for a cot. It has tried also a self-inflating backpacking tampons of the type and those also were no good. They are the side sleeper and need some good cushion for my hips. This was perfect - the quality adds and a stock exchange is enormous. A mask and cover them of the ear is prevails to add and also the quality adds!
4 / 5
This thing was utmost! I have purchased this to use likes foreigner of sleep in mine crappy the army has issued litefighter tent. We have had the prognosis of time in a twenties for a second week of the ours Warfighter exercise. I have bought this with expecting that it would resupply it wide cushion of an a lot rough earth where has had to dip on tents and resupply the thermal barrier among an earth and my stock exchange to sleep. It has fulfilled to good sure both and I am very pleased has done a compraventa. If you are any concealed is spent the averages the lifetime it going that stock exchanges of sleeps and sleeping the mats will be surprised in just the one who smaller can take you this thing then as it arrives or a measure of a stock exchange that is feigned to spend in. It was able to go is to kill quite small to return inside the shuffle stock exchange together with diverse other elements. It was very comfortable and has slept adds. They are 44 with 25 years in an Army. It was one the majority of comfortable is not never be in a field.
4 / 5
Very happy with a compraventa. Ossia A foreigner of better camping for a prize! The narrowed down to the east an and an another concealed was ” fatter but am them Really happy has been with east a. Easy to take coverage to wash. Traction in a subordinated to prevent in slippery. Súper comfy And quite fat for the majority of terrain! And the prize that comes with discharge for the listened and cooling gel mask of eye. The cup taken on of the decent quantity of spatial reason is foam by heart as it does not expect it to pack really small but is very light. Highly recommend!
5 / 5
Has bought this for car that camps tent & he well. I add, noiseless, tampon to foam by heart covered with moisture-funds of test. It loses a star because it remains quite bulky when it traces. It is to add so that it camps car but would not pack he for the hike unless a rucksack duffle is all this is to spend. But a duffle is the way adds to store, protect & spend it. Another thing concealed'd be well is if a waterproofing has wrapped more on a side of a tampon & a lot so only covering a fund. Still it was the election adds in a mattress of inflatable air and guaranteed to last much more.
5 / 5
Has used this in mine Outback with some behind seats down. While it was tightened, is returned my needs. So only it grieves returned! A coverage is very soft. The global construction is very good. Continuous in upper of fast and the bands was well in a stock exchange resupplied. So only I have two small subjects with this product, in the first place a zip in an end of a coverage, does not like to remain zipped. Always he his way down the few thumbs. As, sleep mostly in my side. I will not go according to which to say can feel whats under a mattress, but yes was so only he 1/4 fat thumb, would be like this more comfortable. I have slept a lot very on that.
5 / 5
Highly recommends this mattress! I am using he for my outside swinging read of day and his comfortable and durable. The circles was amiably and take on upper of minimum space.
4 / 5
Well, here is my second description of prime minister of mine one has been deleted. These produced is not to value that it is touching. These produced is not comfortable unless has another tampon down you. I have bought this for the last travesía of small and has required a 2 nave of day. I am returning this product, and looking in REY instead.
4 / 5
Seat like a prize does not match a quality. It would have paid any one . I have had big hopes partorisca east. While he a work to maintain you was an earth , is so only comfortable for an hour or two. Going it up is difficult without the second person to help, and taking he to a stock exchange is the workout / magic trick. I took 30 minutes to take he To this stock exchange. Finally some atenga that resists it the joint has broken some first time used them to ensure a circle as you can see photo.

Top Customer Reviews: TETON Sports ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5
Bought two of these XXL is exactly some same time. A XXL was smaller that another XXL.

A Foam inserts/inserts of a XXL was less than 2' often and to good sure 2-3' shorter in period that another XXL. A material of external shell has looked partorisca be smaller also but any focus in both of some the boxes and the seal were XXL. It has dipped on the both and there was clearly the difference among a two. It would have given 4 stars but some poor QA/QC of a a XXL dried out of a positive of another.

A photo aims a two stacked on the each one another so that it can see a difference in thickness. Another photo aims them in a box with a much smaller when it has packed. A box indicates has been Done in Cina.

Am returning both like this I cant assume that a substitution will be corrected.
5 / 5
My cot is 6' 10 ' to the equal that has looked for the tampon a same measure. I have found this one which says that it is 82' x 38'. Included a picture in a box aims a tampon with some measures and so only tip a section of tampon in 6' 10' does not comprise a overhanging leaves with the small pocket that hangs in a front. A real tampon is so only 78' long. They require to fix a product or change a description to indicate a real period. When Buying on-line confidence some descriptions to be attentive. I will ask that we send me to us another concealed is a pertinent measure .
4 / 5
Of a tampon is done of soyemory' foam, is advisable of the tent has developed. With which had arrived, has taken a tampon the pair of days to take the normal flat form. A tampon is relatively big and heavy, as it is not feigned to be used partorisca backpacking. It is quite partorisca stationary automobile that conditions of camps, or like the bed of guest in your house (more has used with the laptop cot). I have used to possess the tampon like this one, but a day has been flown (!) Of a camping that it has occupied. A fact that any one has crossed a line to commit the criminal legislation to obtain this thing (which, repeats, is a lot of problem to grab and spend), IMHO, tongue to plot in a value of a product.
5 / 5
Yes, is big. Yes, it is bulky. No, it is not partorisca hikers. As I and my call of woman pitching the tent in the spatial this has water and electricity, also wants to wake up after the other quite good and any backache. This foreign is a next plus to the mattress topper-to-go. We dipped him to us on our foldable cots this has a material bed strung on everywhere a frame in those looks to be Bungee Cord and is cushioned, also.
5 / 5
This thing is awesome! I have doubted it is quality and consolation before purchasing but after receiving it has been tried bad. I will be sincere is not a small or more light plus but is enough to 2 thumb thinks tampon of foam. It is like this soft likes any pillow of foam of the memory topper. A stitching and the quality is awesome and I reccomend this for any concealed is camping of tent . My hates of woman to sleep in the tent owed to the consolation and she have loved mine the universal foreigner has bought so much an and now is enjoying camping much more.
4 / 5
With which 22 years to sleep in an earth with a Body Marino, my new idea to camp is driving my truck to the far location and dipping on the camp of comfortable base - comfort to be a word key. I have substituted my armed of hard foam that foreign of sleeps with the self-inflating a, and while this was the enormous step in a right direction has begun to think has loved the a lot of cot and tampon of mattress in planting to dip in an earth. They are 6'3' and tired of my feet that hangs of an end of my beds, as TETON XXL cot and this accompanying tampon was that it has decided on, and when this tampon is gone on sale partorisca low $ 100 I has ordered the pair. I do not have a cot he still, but this tampon can do like this to foreigner of earth without a cot.

In the first place, a total period is 84 thumbs , but a usuable the period is so only 79. Some other 5 thumbs is in a boss of a tampon and is drawn partorisca hang in an end of a cot with the small zippered pouch, purportedly partorisca valuables or perhaps a player of mp3, and the slat of flat forest to assist go a tampon has retreated up. Dipping in my stomach my toes still hang in an end, but ossia very better that my ankles, and in mine behind are entirely in a tampon. It is quite wide for both me and mine 45lb Farmer to dip on and a material feels sturdy enough to stand up to years of use. It is almost like this comfortable like the real bed, and much more comfortable that any another matt to the sleep has used.

Does not come with the stock exchange to transport like this while I can look for something in a future has maintained for now some boxes to store them in. A cinch the straps are to have to that it has weighed nylon with snapping-buckles of lock, sewed to a tampon he. It concealed more a slat in another end he really easy to go them up tight, or wants to goes him on I really free like the tampon is not compressed among camping travesías. There have it also he zippered pocket in a boss that could dip you to pillow to, but of then taste flipping pillow of mine on while sleeping Of I doubt will not be never using it.

Like another reviewers has declared, this is not the still tampon backpacking. And it is wide to the equal that will take on more spatial in a car that the majority of tampons to camp. But if I comfort it it is that it is looking for, calm can any gone bad with this tampon.

Update Seven '13: reason this tampon there is not coming with the storage that/spends the stock exchange had been storing in some original boxes until it could find the stock exchange a right measure. It could not find anything this measure that opened in an end, no because of a diameter of a tampon gone but because of a period. Have in the first place tried he 16' x 40' duffle stock exchange that was 2' elder in both diameter and period that one has has measured gone pag, and while once inside a stock exchange a tampon is returned has taken perfectly too tucking and forcing to take he in. I have finalised with a Northstar 1050 HD Tuff Lines Diamond Ripstop Train of Serious/Duffle Stock exchange (18-Thumb x 42-Thumb) . A tampon gone among and out of a stock exchange smoothly and has the little extra room as I do not owe that go a tampon closely.
4 / 5
Very unhappy. Basically $ 60 for economic foam. There is not any way this thing hanged 6lbs. The FOAM Is SO ONLY 1” THICKNESS. ANY 2”. Perhaps they have done things in the better quality before and tried for gone economic. Piece of junk. I will be to return. Please update some specifications of product to do clears a foam is so only 1 thumb and low quality. Disappointing.
4 / 5
A bit as attended of a XXL camp of has measured subjects.
Liked, has slept on him for two weeks :). It is soft and does not look to produce 'overheating' feel.
A lot well for the travesías when poden haul your material for the car.
5 / 5
Has received perhaps a model an old plus, but is certainly a lot that is to aim here.

Bond Downs:
Likes illustrated in the each picture, comprising during a box is entrance , these cot the tampons would owe that have are elastic bond downs. Two in the each corner and two in some external approximations some half. A XXL Tampon has received has had any of these. I have comprised the picture that there went it instead, which was so only in some four corners and of absolutely any use of mine.

there is at least three different measures, located in a listing of amazon, in of the considerations to a thickness of a tampon of foam. A global 2.5', 3' and 4' respectively. In his video of Youtube own, specific that ossia to 3 foam of tampon of thumb. In any case, any of these measures is correct. In my pictures, has illustrated this difference that use the level 3' tampon of pieces of furniture of the foam and the clave of yard.

A foam that is there does not have the density adds in any case.

Another subject is a lack of zips, which translates to the lack of access of interior. As distinct in his images and of the video, each tampon would owe that have the zip in an end to access to a foam. This zip is located in the finalises still likes the pocket of storage, which is aimed also to have the zip, but no in tampon of mine.

While ossia another misrepresentation, is probably does well. In place of Forest, as his states of video, tampon of mine has to that it is clearly PVC Pipe of the one who-know-where.

Tin a lot included estimate a true consolation of a tampon reason anything has received here is not that I orderly and is not that it is listed in this page.

Certainly will be to return the, but am not sure will try to substitute the.
4 / 5
Has taken both a cot and that the tampon and this was a better decision never. I have slept enough comfortably.

Top Customer Reviews: AirExpect ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
My personal cast of the requirements partorisca the tampon of travesía/kills:
Fold PETIT as it can return in the z/in the rucksack w/ soiled spare
Hanged less than 3 lbs the total when bent
Easy to inflate (something built in as any need to lug anything more, or the swipe on top of calm)
A POSSIBLE FAT plus once bloated
A capacity of the main weight (any because I am weighed of course cough, but in chance several people love chair with me on my foreigner without breaking he)

after looking in the each only inflatable that sleeps the calm amazon has had, perhaps can save some time, this was a fatter inflation (4') and one load of the main weight (700+ lbs), WITH the built in bomb of feet. This are partorisca add and in a listing. A minute took it, dipped that to a test, because inflatables often a lot deflate a same measure, and again, require it PETIT when deflated.

Opened it on, has one inventive built in inflator 'box' that can press you or a lot on partorisca pump air. As it has taken his. 5 minutes of raging foot stomping later... It has not taken more in bylines. That? It likes I toe he around, and find spent he in another side (there there is also covers he in a bomb of inflation partorisca draw in the air) this has been to open. You can it wants to look for this in the first place, heh. These discharges is the double. With some first discharges there is shut, can use the ball inflater bombs also. With one 2.as discharges has closed, a foreigner is sealed. I have closed once some 2 spent securely, has inflated REALLY quickly with a bomb of feet.

This tampon THIS 4' bloated thickness, and like this comfy like him 2 ft fat mattress. It is quite astonishingly comfortable! A pillow is down, and in fact a perfect height for me, as I find that the inflatable beds often come with a too big pillow or company.

Is down enough to use like an extra tampon in the potentially unsanitary read. It packs Quite small to return your rucksack or carryon, with a lot of room for a outfit or 2. Easily it accesses to the mine big plus that cube of bands. It is light weight . It is of a same thickness like a lot of mattress to air main, and reason is slick plastic, dry cleaned. Tho If you are by train of the place directly in an earth, would dip the towel or coverage down he (or use in the tent) to protect of punctures. There is no downside his can see.

Has not bought this to camp, bought it to use like the personal portable bed when visiting fellow and relative that beats or can not have the spare bed. A mattress of usual air is so only too big the lug around, and ossia like this comfortable, side less, but Much easier to store or transport. Like this although calm so only love the spare bed for your house, this would do, reason takes on 1/4 of a space of storage of the normal inflatable mattress.

A packaging was to add, comes with this stock exchange of own storage with the drawstring short, which the closing easily returns again after deflating (good, thinks that ossia the BIG shot )! It is shipped with another plastic stock exchange in an outside, how is also ready for gifting (or surrounds in giftwrap like the candy, joined in both ends).

Are still patting I in a backside to choose a better tampon out of all some elections on Amazon (I a lot always). I love this thing, and can not expect use the when I go recognition my edges in his teeny walk:)! Hope These helps!
4 / 5
Ossia My second tampon to sleep of this vendor. Produced of big quality that is rid punctually and packaged with care. I have bought a first tampon to sleep for the travesía to camp of the kayak in a summer. I used it the second time for three nights in Shenandoah. A person was with has used the float to group to sleep on. Crazy, knows. So to good sure require the second tampon to sleep after there is of then adds has slept on mine. This one is probably two times a thickness of a prime minister an I has bought. It takes the little has bitten more with a longitude to pump up but still give support quickly and efficiently. I think that that I have counted roughly 180 bombs partorisca east a versus around 80 for a first tampon that has bought. So only it takes the minute or two to inflate. Material this one is slightly more comfortable that mine thin plus a. It is done of durable, material of quality. To good sure an essential element for any camp or hiker. Probably honradamente uses this in Navidad when it visits house for some holidays, he so that has any room of guest. Ossia The perfect quickly at night sleeping the tampon adds for any occasion. And raisin to be perfect for my height. They are 5'6. Any on 6 ft probably would have his feet that hangs of a flange. It gives the graces for another excellent product!
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. A worse part roughly camping, is an earth, a hard, bumpy, cold earth. I have gone this was before what and has taken the nap on that. They are the big fat type and I any inferior was, sag, arrivals in the v-form. It is the good period , a built in the pillow is well, can dip in my side. I am not never be this happy with a mattress of air, usually sleep and fed up volume in a paving or earth. An inner bomb is the good characteristic , and is not really bulky same with a bomb. It will fall to mine saddlebag very real. It comes with several patches, so that well. I recommend that you dipped down the cloth of earth or tarp, is the mattress of air of the vinyl , no the waistcoat antibala, like this with negligence, could see where any paste the hole in him.

In all the chance, good prize, comfortable for even a big and overweight, any heavy, quite compact.
4 / 5
Has been rasgado among purchasing an of a self-tampons of inflatable foam, or an inflatable air that tampon of sleeps. A AirExpect was such treat it well, could does not spend up. It was skeptical reason usually the tampons of inflatable air am usually a lot like this comfortable, but was pleasantly has surprised. It was extremely easy to inflate. So only it takes the pair of minutes. Also, I have had bad experience with chambers to air that the vertical career to a tampon reason can very never look to take balanced and comfortable, but with some chambers that perpendicular of career, or horizontal, was extremely comfortable to sleep. And, it is quite wide like my shoulders and the arms a lot constantly feel to like is falling off some sides! A built in the pillow is also very drawn and comfortable, and is not too big so that the bondadoso of cradles your boss. Also, they are the backside and side sleeper, and this tampon was able to accommodate both place with consolation adds. Finally, it does not lose air during a day or night. Ossia The big drawback with a lot of inflatable sleeping tampons, but a AirExpect is remained full during each use.

An only suggestion has is perhaps has had the textured surface for aggregated insulation. In general, it has been the fantastic experience .
5 / 5
Has received this mattress to air a lot quickly but has been disappointed there is not coming with the bomb. I have then taken a time to read some DIRECTIONS and there is @@give some bombs were built in fact in! Calm so only in bylines a valve for a pillow and it beginning that pass in another end! It has inflated less than 5 minutes. It looks very comfortable and was quite wide for my husband the one who is main that me. He deflates quickly and circles on a lot of compactly. I have appreciated a convenient spending the stock exchange have come with and a box of patch was the thoughtful additional. We will maintain this handy for fast naps in a paving in any soiled and look forward to taking it camping and hiking.
4 / 5
Has taken this camping cushions look it in fact weeks and has expected to do description until I have tried was. I have wanted to it loved/ It To it mainly to use in a bed of the mine pickup truck. This tampon is a perfect period for my stock exchange to sleep to dip on. When My stock exchange to sleep is on a tampon, takes the frames for the plot besiege warmer to sleep. It is the better plot that my stock exchange to sleep directly in a bed of my truck. A tampon also does to sleep the most comfortable plot when sleeping the stock exchange is on a tampon. A material of tampon is good and thickness. Always it uses the tampon of carpet so that a tampon a lot accidentally takes the hole like this could arrive yes dipped in the thorn in an earth. One comprises the box of reparation if the hole would owe that arrive. Will have any hole of normal use. A pillow built in the the tampon is the good touch . A tampon is easy to inflate and also deflate to return behind to a good spends stock exchange that is to be comprise.

Seats ossia the perfect tampon to use to camp. I will be to buy another shortly like my grandson has seen this one and has taken he with him. Down waiting for to take another. They are always happy to spend my money in the product adds. Highly it would recommend this tampon to use while camping he so that it will last the very long time if any abused or used in the way so that it is not feigned. If you are to camp it, ossia the product adds that precise. All campers need these. It does not launch your money is gone in these mattresses of air of economic boys. Those are the solid waste of money. Calm see you on a travesía of next camping is in Knitting.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. It has not expected any a lot of this foreigner of portable air. Really it loved it so only he for the emergency in chance has taken stranded while it hikes. But I have to that say that I am impressed with as comfortable was once is inflated. Has for behind the subjects and I am a lot of picky in that I dips on. This foreigner there is surprisingly good lumbar supports!
Be incredibly easy to unpack and inflate for my account. You can see in a video that took it so only 30 seconds of me stepping in a built-pump the fully inflate. ( Excuse a filthy mudroom walk lol)
This tampon is also generous in measure. Mina inclusa 230 lb. 6'1 husband could dip on that.
5 / 5
I loveee this tampon of mattress. It is súper compact and light. Taken roughly two minutes to blow up and roughly a minute to leave all an air was, and when I say all an air, means it. It dips dish and folds on perfectly to store again. The discharges of twin am returned a height but a width is baggy. My favourite part is that I neither the organism of my husband touches an earth while turning on or dipping walk like other mattresses. We will not go back never to them.
4 / 5
My sister has the foldable cot that dream on when I remain in his house. And any one @subjects the one who the coverages have dipped in the, was very uncomfortable to sleep on. It could feel some cradles and a bar in a half.

Well has looked for an air matress that can it returned on that.

A bit those that the products have had good descriptions but often time, has said that an air would filter era.

This a tho, has had positive critic all a way around.

Have decided like this to go with east an and happy has done.

Easy to inflate with a built in pedal of feet.

And very comfortable to dip on.

Are 5'10 and 150 pounds. MORE my dog, 75+ lbs insisted on when being up there-- and is remained in bylines. Of course, when being has maintained like this to think was ours to bed of measure of the Queen in home, extending was, has has had to that finally go down he so that it could straighten legs of mine. Lol

And when it leaves, is easy to deflate and place behind in a stock exchange of raisin. Quite small that leaves in a cupboard until my next recognition.

Any to mention, can be used alfresco also. Well to camp.

In general, very happy with a compraventa.

He, would recommend this mattress of air.
5 / 5
Felizmente, is soft and squishy reason, like this usual, an Amazon that ships the apes his so only launchers in the box together with bands of free air.
When 1st pumping on, looks like one pumps is not doing.
Any desesperanza and continue pumping he so that it will take form in the very short period of time.
Is 3' often, any 3.9' often.
To be expected of a chinese the one who have feet and of the small hands..!! LOL!
Is so only long enough to comfortably sustain mine 6'-3', 225 lb. Marco.
NOTE: Thus big dummies the one who dream in his behind liking a outstretched cadavere and complain of a zone of hard bomb that it is uncomfortable in his feet, TRIES to TURN The ON..!!!
Ossia Well, has TWO, YES TWO SIDES to this tampon..!! LOL!!!
For those of you dummies the one who are unable of the imagine was, to the amazon will send one of his apes of packaging to teach you like this to turn this on.....!
Has not been will resist air term along, the only time will say..

Top Customer Reviews: Foam Sleep Pad- ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 31 ratings
5 / 5
I have not slept still in the, but is comfortable when dipping down on that. I gave it so only three stars partorisca misrepresenting this the tampon/kills on-line. An on-line thickness is listing like this of the thumbs (1 and 1/4 thumbs). A description of a product that is coming with said 'on 1 thumb' in thickness. A truth is that a foreign is quite 1 fat thumb. In of the places measures 1 and 1/8 thumbs, but ossia generous.
5 / 5
Takes this!!! Very very comfortable has developed grieves he like this dipped on he 3 hours more is late has left. It has fallen asleep. It is that comfortable!

Has used he to exert and while dipping in my hip was comfortable. Any pressure or ache in my hips, elbows or knees. I have situated the coverage in a material which is quell'has bitten sticky when it has been developed.

Taking, try it and has bet calms that will want to. If it calms a lot always it can returns.
5 / 5
Has in the first place bought the economic blue one and was too small and thin. Ossia A yours better cushion that goes to take without taking too big to spend. It is quite big but value he especially in my age, sleeping in an earth can hurt.
5 / 5
Ossia Which sleep on every night, sound that fixed my backside and subjects of place.
5 / 5
Takes the nap every day in an office in lunch. I have bought this like the topper for my esDCAMP the folding Has to that Heavy, 28' - 33' the Extra of Portable width that sleeps Cot'. It has used the 1/2' foreign of yoga like the topper, but has taken pins and needles when it has slept. Now that has transmission to a 1&1/4' topper some pins and the needles have gone.

Is RETURNED: Some accesses of tampon of sleep of foam in a cot perfectly both width and the wise period (which is measured 75'x28'x15' when open, 1 wide thumb that usual). In 5'10' 260 a period and the width are well, and probably laws for any slightly main.

THICKNESS/Of FOAM: it is the very a lot springy foam, without being soyushy' . It is very comfortable to sleep on. It would recommend the cot yes is possible partorisca consolation. If you are roughing could the to him sees to do in a paving or earth.

BULK: Ossia Much bulkier and heavy that a lot in disposal of mattress of excursion. I can see this for sleepovers, or glamping. For a serious hiker is too bulky and heavy and would recommend an alternative.

STORAGE: This there is not coming with the storage pouch. I have bought the main Capacity with INFERIOR NET –MEASURE: Diameter x 29 H in stock transmission of dirty clothes for storage that thinks will exit well.
4 / 5
First impressions
This thing is awesome! If yours looking for the thickness that sleeps the tampon and calm does not want to pay the plot, then go to buy one of these. One the light thing is that a strap of looks of sleeve bit it too stretchy and is quell'has bitten bulky, but otherwise has attacked a ball out of a park. The only time will say the one who this durable .
4 / 5
Is such good quality . Bought one to try it was and has ordered so only another.
5 / 5
Luz, adds so only a legislation cushioning to a cup of the ours folding cots
4 / 5
has estimated previously to to this likes 5/5. It has been used like a foreigner of exercise. It has developed now some tears. No like this durable to the equal that had expected. A thickness the most comfortable fact to exit on, but this also augments a potential of rasgar unfortunately! Because of a rasgando, there is downgraded my indication to 4 stars. If you are by train to to use likes the matt to sleep, would have to do a lot well.
4 / 5
Adds for exercise, camping, included to fall slept in the hard paving.

Top Customer Reviews: Willpo CertiPUR-US ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
These are solid partorisca of the money, in of the terms of weights, as they are almost 10 lbs to foam to sleep on. Other tampons of camp, in comparison, (as Teton tampons) is so only around 6-8 lbs, and although some cost less, does not resupply a cushioning to sleep in an earth. I trust, an extra little has bitten of the money will pay for a Willpo the tampons is worth it. There are other tampons there that cost two times as much as this tampon but is so only 24' wide. I do not know roughly you, but I like him to him the sleep in the decently wide tampon (30' -- these extras 6' all a difference) as I do not seat to like are crammed.

So much, for density of maximum foam, when being water-repellent (is not to water-test, for ), grippy nubs in a underside, and width, gives east cushions maximum points.

Has some zones for improvement. One is that some tampons are not 'joinable.' If you are camping with familiar or has loved quell'one, has any way to join some tampons, and a grip in a underside of a tampon is not that grippy, so that has some slippage. Secondly, This thing is IMPOSSIBLE to locate and take to some straps have resupplied. They are the quite strong person And am using my weight of organism in going this tampon. They would owe that it has resupplied it more period in some straps; it has taken two humans of adult to go this thing up!!! Tercero, ossia the basic tampon , that lacking of characteristic. Island, is quell'has bitten expensive to be like this basic.

UPDATE 08/11/2018:

For some reasons on, originally has taken was two stars, but has imagined of then out of an art to go some tampons ( has to that dip your knee in the whole way on, for the maintain closely bundled, and the go a lot of dulcemente and patiently to maximice tension. It would suggest that a company adds inclusa so only 1-2 more thumbs to some straps. It comprises it wants to maintain some tight containers, but some the material sacks resupplied has abundance of room for tampons that has not been like this closely wound. It has dipped five stars been due to the immediate response of a company my description, and reason the amazon mediated in mine behalf (because of some complaints have had) and gave the bit of the credit. It would advise this company - the good and conscientious a - to look in a Teton tampons of camp, which has some characteristic frescos as it surrounds it on dowel to help take the a lot tight circle, pockets in a side in chance has dipped a tampon in the cot, and bonds around a tampon for the join to the cot. This would do a Willpo the exceptional tampon. In fact, it would be a better one in a phase partorisca consolation, measure, water-repellent, and one has added again characteristic.
5 / 5
After measuring, has ordered this for mine 19' Chevy Blazer. It is exited perfectly! With or without a door of impulse has opened. I have had the stock exchange to sleep on, but I also sleep with '10' house of pillows. As you can see abundance of room for my bed of dogs with and without sleeping stock exchange. When My mattress is has arrived opened that and dipped went in it a paving so that it could thicken on home. It arrives the air there is sealed. Could go it on easily, to return in the stock exchange has resupplied. It has not been if this was on purpose but a stock exchange was slightly main that a mattress went it once on but could return your coverage in there or has included your discharge and the pillow, like this perhaps is for this that is like this big.
4 / 5
These accesses of mattresses perfectly in a backside of mine 2017 Toyota RAV4. I have been in the 10 street of travesía of day and is spent every night in my car. In 58 and arthritic also this was awesome. It is hard to go behind on descriptions like this leading active eluded to.
5 / 5
A matt to the camp is very comfortable like the mattress of foam. I used it two times like this far and has slept well on that. A foreign is quell'has bitten rigid and weighed to go behind on well for repacking. Well for the camp of base or the sleep in only. A protective coverage has come with this flimsy. An economic plastic zip has broken a first day to use like this now has to that store a foreigner in the Hefty stock exchange. I am disappointed and very annoyed in a lack of quality in a coverage. It does not suppose a costruttore would substitute so only a coverage. A star less for a poor coverage. 11/5/19 UPDATE: I so only returned of the cross-travesías-of country. I have used a foam by heart 27 times while camping of tent and was very comfortable as on. It is result easier that locate with each use and I will discover that a lot some washes of coverage once volume to some cloths litter. They are still disappointed in a stock exchange of coverage of economic storage that is resulted useless interior two days of use. An appeal of zip has broken, a seams in a coverage rasgó opened in a strap that was to have the habit to spend one matt gone. NOT COOLING. Of then it has been it was and it has had virtually any way to contact a vendor my solution was a stock exchange of the big plastic rubbishes . My indication remains one same. My husband has ordered the small plus an and is coming without the stock exchange of coverage. The amazon clearly does not concern so that it has not received the response and there is any eseller' to contact. Better business agency 01/25/20 My husband has ordered the matt east a measure down. It is easier that locate but even more appropriate for the camp of base. While a stock exchange of the storage in our main foreigner was basically useless, this second a wine without the stock exchange. Again, these mats are not economic. They would owe that come with coverages of stock exchange of decent storage. Update: 2/25/20 When I am returned house , a vendor Willpo Certipur contacted that considers my satisfaction of product. When I have described an on, his promptly substituted a coverage for my mattress and has sent my husband one for sound. I have been to contact for Pearl, the service rep the one who follow same up with us to do sure had received some coverages. It will buy of this company again. I have revised my indication to reflect an on.
4 / 5
Has bought this mattress to the equal that could sleep in my truck with which Hurricane Michael has dipped the tree by means of my ceiling. It was compact, easy to manoeuvre (for the mattress), and has given so only quite cushion my bed of truck to sleep comfortably. I have slept in this thing exclusively for roughly 3 weeks, and has not had never a subject. Has has managed intrusions to water well, and never took on any stains, to all the cost of which the drops of water am remained on that. Very happy with east, and recommended to all my friends of hurricane.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I have bought this mattress for my project of Hybrid Camp to the equal that have required something compresses still comfortable to the equal that go to be sleeping on he for long periods of time. After opening on a box, and developing an amiably wrapped mattress, has known was a a . With a foam by heart of material big quality he no inferior was all a way that creates the comfortable, plush sleeping tampon among you and an earth. I have slept in this mattress the dozen or like this time now and there is not wake never on feeling plague. The global fantastic product and a quality have surpassed my expectations.
5 / 5
Has purchased two of a Twin sized tampons for my partner and I to go camping with (or launch in a paving of an Air Bnb, chamber of hotel, etc. For resupplied other travesías). I have slept on he for two nights now and has to that say I really want this foreigner. I can sleep in my side or my backside without feeling too sore in a morning, goes in upper of good and tight thanks to some semi-detached bows concealed gone in a washable displaced, and included have his own spending chances. They are by train to recommend them To everything of my friends those who love the cushy option for glamping. Already I have very other travesías planned where goes to be very happy has spent my own sleeping arrangements.

Is quite big when it traces, but can be bent instead if any one the spatial for the tampon gone (although a chance to spend will not return fold he). It is the cushy law after all. It can not be too small and be able to achieve any class of true cushioning/consolation to sleep in an earth.
4 / 5
Each summer we to plot of car camping, festivals, in scorching man, etc. could not manage another summer of hell of mattress of the air, has done like this stirs it of investigation in other options. I have been pleasantly surprised for like this adds these are, and recommended the to friends.

• Obviously foams no biodegrade easily, as these will be to kick around a planet for the loooong time. I do not seat it adds in that.
• $ $ . It was súper hesitant to spend of the money in these, but mine a pros outweigh a gilipollas.
• Volume/ bulkiness. To good sure does not pack down like this small like a mattress of air; they take on upper of the no trivial quantity of car space.

• Warmness! Ossia An amazing better part , IMO. Always I am freezing on mattress to air while camping, but these are súper cosy.
• No more refilling the leaky read to air every day. No more spending around the car battery to operate my janky bomb of mattress. Sold.
• Weirdly Very thought-was details to draw: bosses to spend, straps to cinch down, grippy backing, and velcro tabs in an upper + fund to the equal that can velcro 2 of this neighbour.
• Relatedly, These any slide around or the slide averts at night, which have thought could be a subject.
• Given a 'any biodegrading' question, hopefully any precise never buy another [automobile] read to camp again.
• 2 Of these is exactly like this width like the queen-sized mattress of air (60'), which returns our tent that / situation of beds well.

Wishing you a lot of sleep of quality in man in of the llamas! There is.
5 / 5
To the equal that have been using this circle of bed for enough some time now, and absolutely loves it! Inside some travesías of street by means of some the USA all a time and live out of my car when I do like this. This circle of bed is like this comfortable, thinks that taste more than of my own couch and read. It is easy to locate and the place was and also returns opportunely perfect like the car bed. Has so it has slept nights a lot a lot of in of the so many states in this thing. So only the take!
4 / 5
Would not go in to hike with this so that it takes the place and heavy, but for 'glamping' his perfect. I am heavy quite this in spite of found he well.

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