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Top Customer Reviews: Mountain House Rice ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5 Alec
After maintaining the base of an island in Caribbean partorisca several years, giving endures long blackouts, and in resistant ours breathe each season of hurricane, has learnt a value of preparation partorisca emergencies. Have amassed enough the collection of elements for my house, but has had to evacuate suddenly is not in shape ideal. Canned I sakes are weighed too much for our go-stock exchanges, and MREs is heavy and expensive (and no like this long-durable in a lot of chance). This freezing-dried, packaged the lunches are awesome reasons are light and all you really the need is water (hot is better but is had to to expect a lot of temp finally ). Has several frames, but in both mine and the opinions of my husband, this mark is a better of an ice cream-has has dried options according to which the flavour goes. They are a lot until 2049, but calm to good sure could him take camping and eat them sooner reasons are light and try quite good. This one is laughed mainly, but those are good calories when you are expending the plot of energy. Have Roughly 500 calories and is quite filling. My husband and I have shared this one for lunch, so only adding some cottage cheese and fruit to ours flat, and has been to satisfy until dinner. It is quell'has bitten salty but no too bad (any as much as canned soup, IMO, and will love this salt in of the extreme situations or when exerting calm). Highly you recommend this for disaster prep as well as those walk or camping. They are not gourmet, but is tasty quite and maintain you full. It looks he likes does not have to that of import, but was without being able the paralizaciones almost 2 weeks abroad, and the alimentary elections do the enormous difference in attitude, as I try to maintain the variety of flavours so only reasons the moral can go down in these situations and is the small pleasure, as I recommend to take the variety of flavours and investing in the boat in drenching hot (or the to anything likes that it will last it he) so only partorisca of this type of situation (I rotate the mine every time buys the new one for a house); it is surprising to to that few things like that it can it to it help when there is of the bad situation and is stressed already and down.

Highly recommend this (and a Thai of Tampon, but ossia another description 🙂).
5 / 5 Maryam
Wow... This is going to last for enough some time! A container I receipt any expíra until November 2049 and included then is a better for date. He casualidad Is that it can be eaten included with which himself maintained in of the conditions of pertinent storage.

Like lunches of house of the mountain. They are very convenient when it comes the camping. They are also well for storage of long term. A quality is always a lot in comparison to other frames.

Has excited really that is to be give the gluten free version. My familiar and there is celiac the illness and we can not have any gluten. This the very hard fact to find the freezing has dried eats like this reason the majority of them contains gluten and is the grain has based.

Some ingredients in here is in fact quite cleaned for ice cream that eaten dried has taken. The majority of a time when you order the things like this are fill with stirs it of bad ingredients but this one east the little cleaner, in my opinion. Him him Like that has has comprised included tumeric to the seasoning is. This pouch contains 2 servings and to seat likes is measured of generous portion . So only be forwarned, this contains to plot of sodium!
5 / 5 Stefan
Partorisca East freezing to look for has dried lunch to camp or for survival prep, Lunch of the adventure of highland House creates utmost products.

And has had to that for roughly 30 years. In fact, a stock exchange has received expíra on November 2049!!!

Easy to use, so only add hot water to a pouch, attended 10 minutes and he is ready to eat! While one can use cold water, highly recommends to use hot water.

So that they are maintaining he to camp, ossia perfectly well. But so that they are maintaining he for survival prep, knows this highland House also releases them in of beat them. But shopping these stock exchanges, maintains in the container sealed to prevent rodents to take his.

Is mostly all the rice but each one which so do fault is 250 calories, 4grams of fat, 15mg cholesterol, 730mg of sodium, the sugars is 2g and the protein is 7g .

Personally adds the little canned vegetal to a mix. It likes- one contrives of any broth to use of chicken in place of water. I will require to try it concealed!

But in general, is very good and to good sure values he!
4 / 5 Iona
Been eating eaten of House of the Mountain for years in a rear country. They are always delicious!
A thing concealed there is always bugged me this in spite of is an enormous cast of ingredients, preservatives and 'flavour enhancers'
No like this with this line of products.
Simple, wholesome ingredients. Chicken, rice, vegetal, seasonings. Ossia.
A character of freezing-the lunch dried does not require the tonne of preservatives for the maintain frescos and tasty. It is for this that his ice cream-dried in a first place.
Anymore, I mark and dehydrate the majority of my own lunches. But, moving advance, if I do not have a time, or feel like something different, these will be my gone to.

Top Customer Reviews: Mountain House Beef ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 40 ratings
4 / 5 Natosha
This are to add so that it is. They are half up in supplies of survival and has wanted to open and try some send to buy to the for elder. Few things would owe that know so that the expectations do not cause of the disappointments.

If they are some directions exactly - 2 cups to boil water in a pouch and chair for 5 min- is edible, but soupy & the flesh was the very fully king-hydrated. It was kinda bland test.

Maintains rooms a pepper in your box of survival. Also I like him To them the powders & of onion of the garlic. I have done the second pouch in the pot - water boiled of cups, mix added and some of these seasonings simmered partorisca roughly 5 min covered and the little more min uncovered and was quite darn well.

A 1 cup that do fault the measure is small. If calm so only is surviving are sure will maintain you alive, but to adventure activity (hiking, Biking, etc...), I Need more than minimum calories, considers 2 servings for person for lunch.
5 / 5 Camilla
Has used to do like the backpacking drive. I have very eaten these - This was one of some options of better paper.

Pays next attention to some calories distributed - long distance backpacking can burn 5k calories for day, which can mean you will struggle to take quite a lot of calories.

Ossia 2.5 servings. Some are 2 servings (ProPacks), some are so only 1,etc, as I owe that attention to arrest to that is buying.
5 / 5 Norine
MH Beef Stroganoff is our favourite flavour, but the majority of some lunches of the house of the Mountain is awesome. I have bought it is one , some Espaguetis and a Chili Mac for our emergency distributes to feed for when we take snowed in during some winters in our location. These have the very long shelf the life but we usually eat interior 3 or 4 years because they are quite tasty and in fact take snowed in and require them. These lunches give something diffrent and tasty to look forward to ;)

to do a Beef Stroganoff; we boil a water and add it to the bowl with any quantity of a dried feed that master. In the Then cover a bowl with plastic on, wraps in the towel to help prpers maintains, and then has left the place the good 15 to 20 minutes to be sure all some pieces of beef there is reconstituted. Then I announce the tad more boiling hot water to spend it behind until temperature. Or, we animate it to us on more in our stove of forest in of the llamas. We Like him to of us do fault in the bowl of steaming cooked rice , brown fresco, so only like the lunch goes further and is more is. It is also a lot well in noodles of cooked egg or another paste also. To do it special, if we have it to us, the dollop of sour cream and the sprinkle of dill weed the fact awesome!
5 / 5 Coralie
Another emergency the alimentary providers sell produced that it is the sad imitation of products of House of the Mountain. While another active neither flesh resupplied 'flavours' in his products or the soya flavoured impersonations of flesh in his rations, the highland house has produced of real flesh! Which is reason, if calm the side for test of flavour of the side, his miserably loose! And that it is more than amazing is that some products of M.H. Last 30+ years down some right circumstances, some another so only can give 5-10 years at most!

My familiar and I side for comparisons lateralmente of the highland house vs. Produced of Wise Company and M.H. Won each test. There is produced that so only Wise sells that M.H. It does not offer but when it comes to his alimentary products, Wise does not match . His ( Wise has Sawed. ) It produce of soya of the use and flavorings. The no. of highland house has tried the box of 5 rations of day that had maintained in storage for 5 years because a box has taken wetted when our basement has flooded. A Sr.H. The products are in raincoats, recloseable stock exchanges that is adds to camp. The wise products purchase no, but is air and water tight also. We have had to that use the clip of metal to close a stock exchange to leave a hot water to empinado.

Marie highland has such the a lot of main variety of alimentary products to choose of also. Wise HAS the line limited of alimentary products in comparison. Freezing of the wise offers has dried vegetal & of fruits that has not found with M.H., But a quantity of product versus a cost so only is not to value he. And his is abundance of video of Youtube that compares these products also. It touches to lose to try and for knots at least, prefers highland House. But we would give Wise to 3.5 indication of star partorisca is lunch.

Agrees to use boiling water to rehydrate this produced and attack at least 10 minutes before it eat it, too punctual and calm active partially hydrated produced and the worst that eating also when giving you paste. It maintains it covered to take a moisture in. If has plants too boiling soup of look of the water, too much little and was to like paste. Some directions are good but sometimes variable in a climate is can cause this any to exit correct like this use your test. With which roughly 5 minutes, would have to be able to see if the precise water hotter.

Expect these helps.
5 / 5 Tiffanie
Has on grown with my Mamma that does a better Stroganoff in a his is still a better. But a lot far it was it is this highland House Stroganoff. I prefer beef on chicken (he always rehydrates better in my opinion and calm does not take very a lot of-hydrated crunchiness) and always prefers noodles on laughed. This lunch has fulfilled both of mine has has preferred criteria when selecting it backcountry eaten. Some noodles are a right measure to not hanging in your spoon and do the disorder.
A flavour is really well, seriously like this as well as I can find in the restaurant. A measure to do fault is súper the filling and calm included can find calm unable to finalise an integer pouch. An appearance was quite apetecible also (has eaten to plot of pouch eaten is that there is some quite iffy-looking eaten there.
Some of a MH the recipes ask too much water and you have the little soupiness, but this one is well in a money.
Calm the favour and give this recipe the shot in your travesía next. It has given the pocolos bites to mine fellow backpackers and has liked him mine to plot more than his (MRE Espaguetis and MH Laughed of Red & Grain).
A good value for a flavour adds, ingredients that accesses in the spoon and he plentiful do lacking measure.
Highly suggests this Recipe for your travesía next!
4 / 5 Wm
Pleasantly has surprised. It has not looked too apetecible but tried adds! It bakes on quickly with mine trangia stove of alcohol and stove of solos combo. To good sure cost again. They are the big doubt , and this fill up.
5 / 5 Jerrica
The shot adds and add for storage. 25 life of year! This in spite of, maintain it like this fresh as it beat calm to take 25 years out of him. It is packed with gas inner nitrogen. This also the test adds. In the first place try an only pouches to try out of a flavour. Then it buy these. You recommend to buy these when a time is colder. Reason? During summer that UPS the truck is boiling heat and these will cook inside a truck during vehicle shortens a life of these. When you Order during some very calm months the cold plus does not have to that worry in a heat that shortens a life has turned.

Costco At present is selling the chance of 6 has beaten partorisca $ with free delivery!
5 / 5 Malvina
Has bought these to substitute some ageing MRE is in ours pack of storage of supply of emergency. Man, these MRE is was bad - I bad, so only a basic flavour. It had not gone bad, was still edible - but 'edible' is really a next plus compliment can give.

Ossia savory, full of beef and sauce and noodles. And easily enough for two people, included considering some massive quantities of alimentary I usually eat. A longitude guaranteed lifetime is the enormous plus - rotating the stock out of emergency distributes each few years is the ache .

My only flu - still although some instructions are very simple, some entrees takes two cups of hot water, some take one and the half. It Half type, old that they are, has to gone back in the light and undermine was some glasses to verify what water is required.

Really was to add could consecrate the section of one rear the big instructions, likes the majority packaged the product there is today - 'ADD 1.5 CUPS that BOILS WATER, To the left SEATS EIGHT MINUTES, ENJOY'.
5 / 5 Alpha
Are very impressed. We have purchased the pocolos different marks to try, this a when being a prime minister one has tried. My woman and I have the edges of 10 years, the daughter of 15 years. Has the trailer of the travesía and our thought was really to so only buy the small to maintain in there partorisca consolation, if they were a lot of abonos. Enough each description has seen has highland House on and has to that say that a bar is big mass for some another has tried. My family is everything roughly cooks of house, is not 'foodies' but cook in this house. I have done this 'come from' pouch for everything of knots to try and see are worth it , and really is. My edges has taken he to dine, my woman and I each one which so it tried it the small and my daughter has flown a rest.

Is house of the quality cooked? Almost, in fact. A flesh has the texture that is a lot resembled the lunch of the microwave frozen. All more was in fact adds! A sodium has not been like this big to the equal that have been concerned that could be (800mg to do fault here, the little big but is the lunch like any one a worse). It tries the little saltier that precise, could dial that behind and a flavour still would be adds. Ossia Totally the winner to camp and emergencies. Iran To a RV sure.
5 / 5 Madeline
Has used to use freezing-has dried-produced when I canoe has has camped years (good, perhaps the pair of decades) done in a BWCAW. It was material quite well , but always camps eaten for me. Something to eat when a fresh material has run was.

Does a bit those that years, has decided to purchase some MRE is for emergency alimentary storage, and during this time some costruttrici have decided that life of the shelf has not been while they have thought that that it was. (A 10 can of the highland house will have 4 times a life of the shelf of one has tent properly MRE, a MH pouches so only the years of the longest pair.) Neither I have been very impressed with a MRE feed taste rotated went it. (If never somehow it takes the veggie burger in BBQ eaten in drenching, dare you for the try.)

Has looked for the best and freezing alternative-has dried wine to a cup of a cast again, as I have purchased the Band of highland House of 72 hours (of Amazon) like an experience to try few varieties. A prime minister a flavour-has tried was a Beef Stroganoff. There is the date of manufacture of 5 leading months to purchase.

Was astonishingly tasty. An only complaint has been he has been missing of any class of vegetable, and am thinking rehydrating some peas in a water to boil that king-constitutes a lunch could do a trick, and give an alimentary the little colour. It will be necessary to try it. I also found a plenary pint of the water has not gone entirely has absorbed. Material a bit less water (15oz) could do for the more cohesive flat.

Have one more stroganoff pouch, will try my ideas when the utilisation. But have other flavours to try first. :-)

In all the chance, a Beef Stroganoff spent with flying colours in of the terms of flavour and consistency. It do not doubt to purchase this for storage of emergency or like the lunch to camp.
5 / 5 Stephaine
I have used partorisca use freezing-has dried-produced when I canoe has has camped years (good, perhaps the pair of decades) done in a BWCAW. It was material quite well , but always camps eaten for me. Something to eat when a fresh material has run was.

Does a bit those that years, has decided to purchase some MRE is for emergency alimentary storage, and during this time some costruttrici have decided that life of the shelf has not been while they have thought that that it was. (A 10 can of the highland house will have 4 times a life of shelf of a properly stored MRE, a MH pouches so only the years of the longest pair.) Neither I have been very impressed with a MRE eaten taste rotated went it. (If never somehow it takes the veggie burger in BBQ eaten in drenching, dare you for the try.)

Has looked for the best and freezing alternative-has dried wine to a cup of a cast again, as I have purchased the Band of highland House of 72 hours (of Amazon) like an experience to try few varieties. A prime minister a flavour-has tried was a Beef Stroganoff. There is the date of manufacture of 5 leading months to purchase.

Was astonishingly tasty. An only complaint has been he has been missing of any class of vegetable, and am thinking rehydrating some peas in a water to boil that king-constitutes a lunch could do a trick, and give an alimentary the little colour. It will be necessary to try it. I also found a plenary pint of the water has not gone entirely has absorbed. Material a bit less water (15oz) could do for the more cohesive flat.

Has a plus stroganoff pouch, will try my ideas when the utilisation. But have other flavours to try first. :-)

In all the chance, a Beef Stroganoff is spent with flying colours in of the terms of flavour and consistency. It do not doubt to purchase this for storage of emergency or like the lunch to camp.
4 / 5 Maira
Easy to do, the test and the good portion adds! Heck Some ingredients arent was odd likes more the things of this type is quite dehydrated and thats the. Highly recommend it!
5 / 5 Jeffry
After hiking the long distance with only two lunch the day planned, has has wanted to something nutrient, fill and delicious. A beef stroganoff entirely paste one something! A lot another hikers in a mountain was envious that they had not spent a same same lunch although they had eaten the prime. I have left a lunch tew' in a pouch for several minutes more than recommended reasons likes-me all entirely king-hydrated, and try likes it has been prepared in the cookery of the mamma. Long this type of the the flavours of lunches likes him dehydrated to feed-- this absolutely the no. am happy has bought a 6 band of them on Amazon.
4 / 5 Oswaldo
Beef stroganoff is a tastiest of a backpacking eaten. It looks forward to to eat the every time go backpacking. Note. Any one imports the one who a lunch or the one who a lunch is, so only add 75 of a water say to you to. This principle is some without exception, trust. Idk Reason a hell recommends to add of the so much water but is some directions will take soup, every time. I think that that they say to add like this to cover his ass in chance any does not add enough and a lunch does not take cooked properly.

Begins look of mine and so only add 75 of recommended water, CUPS! Calm always can add more but calm can not fix soup!
5 / 5 Azzie
Any like this well like lasagna or a chili mac but still the quite-good option. A flavour has not been very strong (all of some lunches of the house of the Mountain is class of toneless on rooms and pepper in our view), a flesh has not gone enough like this tender to the equal that had expected and felizmente, has read some contents, looked in a container after the open and decided to enhance he to prepare any sauteed arrows, onions and garlic to mix he with. In general, any will add our emergency stash reason require these adicións/additions to measure until his other options.
5 / 5 Regena
Had bought to Beef of big highland House Stroganoff this feed likes 75 people, and am saving that for an emergency. But has has had to that the try. As it take this 2.5 that do lacking band, and cooked the on as instructions. It is date very inner , expiring in 2049, as I have imagined to be fresh. MMmmm. It was really good. A flesh was bit it different, probably because of a dehydration, but was still good and tasty. To the to All the world liked. This can do fault like the fast dinner, included if it does not have any emergency. If I any one need never open my big can of highland House, will be proud of the do fault to some survivors.
5 / 5 Hermelinda
Left preface this description to say I NEVER write the descriptions but I felt very ardent roughly writing this description because they are honradamente the little there is disappointed. I have taken garbled like the exactly that has bought, but low and behold was so only ONE! Has thinks that that to the amazon has been supposed to be all on one smoking hot deals, but ossia clearly any one a chance here. Marcos of house of the mountain for far a BETTER freezing lunch DRIED for backpacking but come is so only insane. Ossia More than him would spend on I when rooms to eat in the restaurant likes reason spends this a lot for something concealed to take waters to do? I comfort it it supposes, but think patient takes the upper raamen
4 / 5 Kurt
has purchased this for our 72 now prep box. One can is sturdy and would have to that maintain the rodents were. The highland house has said his products in can be of well for at least 15 years, which mean does not have to that rotate often! All have eaten test well. It can be reconstituted with cold water if necessary . I taped the mini-can opener to a cup of one can under a plastic lid has COMPRISED, as I will be able to open this anywhere. I want that a lid has been comprised. Also it likes that we can of the portion was this in spite of a lot of want to like this those that the people are with us and store a rest for a next lunch. One can is reusable also to spend water or product of waste or anything. All-in-all this looked the compraventa adds for preppers. Appearance do not owe it never use that way and that have arrived to eat the around the fire of camp. But, I seat sure that this will do a trick has required .
5 / 5 Trenton
The inferior line arrives front: This type to feed is the election adds for an emergency distributes to feed, especially to shelter in place or evacuating for vehicle. Some 10 beats has to that shelf of 25 life of years, as I can buy him and any to concern roughly rotating your stock for the pair of decades. A big plus downside is that once open, requires to be used on immediately.

Has SEEN of SHELF - Some 10 beat has to that shelf of 25 life of years (unopened). A big plus downside to 10 has beaten versus character pouches is that a shelf of 25 years gone back of life to the shelf of 1 life of weeks has been once open. Of each so it can has enough for 10 servings, will be to eat a same thing for several lunches unless you are cooking for the group.

LIKE - in my experience, lunch of the house of the Mountain is really tasty. Left me caveat this description to say that although I have eaten another freezing of House of the Mountain-eat dried, has not had occasion to open one some in some 10 beat (sees my description of a soyountain Marries Emergency of 72 Box of Lunchtimes'). Cela In that has been to say, a lunch of the house of the Mountain has tried has a lot of be, trying a lot very -- no only very compared to other lunches of survival, but good period. Has any reason to expect that these would be any different.

CONSUELO/of weight - SO MUCH has beaten of steel, is reasonably durable and reasonably light (any backpacking light, but does not have to it be weightlifter to move the big box of them). They take on upper of the bit of volume, but of an overwhelming majority of phases of the emergency of long term involves to shelter in place or evacuating for vehicle, would not leave concealed is the breaker to treat (personnally, has the stock of individual pouches in chance perhaps has to that leave on foot, but the majority of my lunch is in these beats).

CALORIES - A question with the majority of freezing-eaten of the emergency has dried is that the like this-has called erving' has too few calories to fulfil the requirements of energy of an adult (2500 the day for men; 2000 the day for women -- more with heavy exertion), as it finalises to eat more than you planned. These are no different. Like this still although the typical can apparently contains 10 1-cup servings, really precise eats two servings to eat to take quite a lot of calories to survive -- perhaps more. Slowly your compraventa consistently.
4 / 5 Loraine
In fact result really good. A lot salty but was to good sure beef stroganoff. Crying the little less than some 2 cups that is recommended and look to be so only in legislation. No too runny likes the quota has said raisin. Doing the double turn gave an occasion to try it was to dine. This in spite of, the highly recommend still to to the recreational activities likes them-the partorisca hike and backpacking dondequiera some pocolos nutritious and where a content of the salt will not be such the negative impact. If eating regularly for lunch, bites, etc. A lot so only is that expensive but to good insurance unhealthy levels of sodium. A salt will help to retain waters among a trail or in a forest that is the plus. I will be to try was more in a future.
4 / 5 Alphonse
The highland house is to good sure my preferred afterwards will be the pantry of the backpacker.. I love a beef stroganoff and has good flavour I usually adds the bit of rooms and some flakes partorisca pepper because it likes them-sew them to me the pocolos hot. Some portions so only like a rest of them is decent measure but honradamente himself has added in just the little more concealed would do me happy extra. Another that that will continue to buy the highland house is always treat adds partorisca freezing-eat dried in a gone.
5 / 5 Aundrea
Has purchased partorisca have a bit behind on feeding partorisca emergencies. Decided partorisca break open a beef stroganoff and try it on prejudices have not felt likes cook.

Now, yes has ordered this in the restaurant, would be the little there is disappointed. It is earth and beef of simple noodles with arrow of sour cream gravy. I can do the best stroganoff. This in spite of, partorisca eat dehydrated in can he, is quite good. So only open one can, add a recommended quantity to boil water, coverage, attended 10 minutes and the dinner is to do fault. Certainly you recommend for lunch of emergency. Slowly to take the substitution can for us.
5 / 5 Dian
Can says has 10 cups. They are sure ossia corrected. But they are the 5 '7' woman of the half measure and I have taken 4 alone lunches out of him, and a last lunch was the bit in a skimpy side.

Like my headline indicates, a lot of tasty. Really like a flavour to plot. Ossia To good sure feeds will want to eat in an emergency, likes with which the hurricane, when it calms can not take to the tent. In fact, it likes to eat the only for the lunch regulates from time to time. But price wise, each looks to eat to be one same as eating was.
4 / 5 Jarod
Order two cubes of lunches of House of the Mountain for situations of emergency. Also we order a separate container of a beef stroganoff so only for the try was to do sure could eat a material without revulsion.

Well, The one who the surprise! A stroganoff has not gone so only well ... It was better that well. If a rest of some included approach eaten to a stroganoff in flavour, will be more than just appropriate for survival.

This in spite of, has a lot of gilipollas:

1) A content of rooms is in a big side, but no too so much... 820 milligrammes to do fault: but a lunch was like this a lot that has eaten one the whole 2.5 servings, ingesting on 2400 milligrammes of rooms... No the good thing... But in time of an emergency, can require that I exit extra. Also, it was unable to eat a lot anything more for a rest of a day

2) A dietary edge was way in a low side... 1 gram to do fault. This in spite of, this easily can be remedied to add to teaspoon of trand One' (or equivalent) to a pouch.

Goes to order more separate pouches to try them was; but if they have included approached to a beef stroganoff ... They will be the winner .
4 / 5 Latia
Has been motorcycle camping last weekend. I have had three highland House lunch with me and has thought would try one. It has not expected a lot of reason he the years have done like him YMCA camp counselor and drives of canoe. This class of the lunches have not been well, although you have had wins. I guess advances of technology because two cups to boil water and bang, eight minutes later some really tasty beef stroganoff. An only cleanup is your spoon, reason can easily, if a bit crudely, eats well of a packaging.
4 / 5 Tammie
This was besides excellent and has blown totally was my expectations. It has taken several camping with mine 8 old year and wants the so many. Perfecto to hike or camping travesías because hanged light and easy to pack and mark, but the better part is a 30 shelf of life of year like this perfect for emergencies. I have purchased more alive reason in of the sud FL and would be adds for when we lose trams of hurricanes. Highly recommend.
4 / 5 Alethea
Am spent the week in the sale @in tripping to hunt of the forward with three other types. We have eaten four highland House dine in this travesía. A beef stroganoff was a favourite with chick-a-the-king the second prójimo. While one 10 can is alleged to do ten servings, is in legislation to feed four in front of hungry hunters. As distinct in an of some visas of product, one 10 can label has instructions to prepare individual servings of one can. Also we enjoy some cookies and sausage gravy. We have tried a breakfast skillet and eggs with first bacon of a travesía. A flavour of the peppers sees in some eggs was too many strong, and has not been taken on a travesía.
5 / 5 Ward
Goes to hike so only I so that has an excuse to eat this material. To to Sound likes to hamburger helper on crack. It saves to plot in cleanup and give you he ziplock stock exchange to stuff rubbish of cookery to the paralizaciones the band was. Soldato Different MREs this does not turn mine poop the rocks and stop on digestive tract of mine. It says to use 16oz of the water but calm can escape with 12oz stir them more and to the left feels bit it longer. Also it say two portions, which could be true is small and spend the battery of sides, but he 180lb fellah the one who the batch to eat after so only having the caffè for desayunar can finalise of the stock exchange easily in a seating and feel satiated until some insiemi of sun of the summer.
4 / 5 Alfredo
After the day of paddling and portaging, then find the camping and beginning the fire, to to these flavours likes him to him a bit saint grail of freezing-has dried to camp lunch! Any travesía to camp of the rear country feels complete without the stock exchange of this advantage. It is uploaded with sodium? yep. It is a picture of lunch sã? No really. But when I am camping they are everything roughly temporarily giving on some of my daily habits, sãos for eases, consolation, and an anticipation to feed knows will want to when I am tired and hungry.
5 / 5 Mariam
Has purchased the little of these to try was before going in an along backpacking travesía. A flavour of a beef of house of the mountain stroganoff is in fact very bad at all. The wise portion is in legislation for a male of adult. An only reason gave it 4 star is reason a hamburger in mine a lot fully rehydrate. As in, each one other bites would have some hamburger that was still the tiny has bitten crunchy, included after expecting a recommended 8-9 mins to reconstitute and adding a recommended 2cups to boil water. In general although these are fantastic to take camping or for boxes of emergency been due to his light weight, life of long shelf and really that convenient is
4 / 5 Dewitt
Too creamy and to the to sodium the like all MH the products is really big. Any with acid reflux instantly goes partorisca have heartburn and yes is the little lactose of has bitten intolerant will not have the good night after the pocolas spoonfuls of of the this. I tossed the majority of him. Sad reason have wanted to find the MH has produced of power because of a light weight but this only no the short . I will take the ramen...
4 / 5 Mai
Oh Well, This a bonked, way too salty no quite flavour of beef, could any one has included the arrival. They are not never able state to imagine was reason the companies think so only that adds the plot of rooms will substitute to do something using some real flavours have involved, his same try it he, not using flavour testers but try his own product they? I do not have any question with rooms or sauce of soya but too he so only calms, the sad types but this precise work and I beef of amour stroganoff also.
5 / 5 Latashia
Has bought this the years of pair does in the whim but never taken around when eating. I finally taken patient to see a stock exchange in a cupboard, as it has thought finally would try it. Unbelievable: In fact it tries well! If I he again, use less boiling waters that request, reason is the bit soupy. But with some salt and pepper, enough darned well!
4 / 5 Matha
Again, was bondadoso of surprised in that a lot this has tried. I do not have to any idea likes the test after 20 years in the shelf of basement. You are it has bitten it bland but to good sure tried of sour cream, arrows, etc. has included one 'beef' tried well. I am guessing it is not a lot easoned' been due to some preferences to differ buyers, but the little black pepper was the addition adds . Fact like this sure fiancé. I have followed some directions and he have been well.
4 / 5 Savannah
Has eaten the majority of some lunches. I am sold.
Has not known that to expect when I tried him in the first place.
The boy was 'I' surprised.
Some lunches try of sound.
Good portions.
Are 6'2' and am full after eating the pouch.
Has tried other frames (the names will not mention ) that only no the short .
Marie highland is a real shot bro.
Are a type of type,
If not to mean it,
does not say it .
Go Or in a trail some day.
4 / 5 Luann
Has been in the travesía to hunt with my brother and this are to come to the long of as our lunch. Propiciado The long of the little stove of camp and is exited enough well in ours little invidente. A flavour has surprised. We have spent a MRE to share before and this has blown a MRE out of a water. A pouch with one 2.5 servings was the perfect measure to king fuel without a feeling of heavy stomach. A 30 shelf of year the life is surprising! I am planning to buy more I yield and probably it substitute bug of mine-was stock exchange MREs for these. Highly you recommend this flavour!
4 / 5 Tanesha
Has bought stirs it of highland house for the 4 day 3 travesía at night down a delaware empty to water
the skillet, beef stroganoff, cookies and gravy and chicken teriyaki

all of is delicious
havnt has had the bad lunch of highland house
his pricey, but his one more can buy
whose career
4 / 5 Iliana
is not bad, but bandage some salt and pepper like the meeting bondadosa of bland, but of course after the day to hike/camping anything utmost test to all the cost. After adding boiling water, the mark sure dissolves any clumps.

Eaten to the camp is coming the long way of then I last agree. And he of course done the survival adds alimentary source with to shelf life very long.

Like this with all marcación feed, a 'official' that servants the measure is quite small. I have eaten an integer pouch as I hate leftovers, but could see it resupplying two adult servings.
4 / 5 Georgiana
Has ordered these when hurricane Florence has been headed to NC. In fact it lose my house but my daughter found and has prepared one. They are the little pricey but was very simple and tried better that Hamburger Helper Stroganoff. It is not like this very like this homemade but would consider to take these on camping travesías. They are curious if they still will try these abonos in 5 years
4 / 5 Jaime
With which 8 miles of highland trails this dish estimates the 10, but after the seeds snowed in weeknight is in 3 & 1\2 compared to fact of scratch. I will buy more than then it is one of a better trail ready lunches and is well for days of snow.

Top Customer Reviews: Wise Company ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 36 ratings
5 / 5
They are incredibly disappointed for these rations. With which years partorisca be absolutely spoilt for highland House, has decided to give these try it why have been on sale . 104 servings, has thought, partorisca $ 88 - is more economic, looks well, and hey, among the box, and always can use that with which am done with him.
In the first place was, a packaging.
A packaging of these lunches is absolutely terrible. It is that it fails-material of foil of the aluminium that has used in EUA MRE is for years and of the years, and all the world has hated. I have it that there is had not included a mealpack for 20 minutes and, already, so only are that it shakes my boss. Compared to some rations of House of the Mountain that takes - where each one the individual lunch is packaged in the king-sealable container, has labelled clearly and colorfully, with information of nutrition in the each ration - these containers are just rubbishes . An only identification that takes is partorisca focus small, stamped for anything concealed is not the main lunch; and roughly 75 of a container Is not main lunches. These containers are so only terrible, especially after which have had in a past. It is no longer a 70s, Wise, any one is impressed for foil-has lined containers anymore.

Secondly, Some lunches.
Some lunches are terrible. Any only is roughly 75 of them so only lunch very main (Instead, the accessories have meant partorisca enhance the lunches have done in some wild, or a pre-packaged of the), some main dish so only terrible test. The mine was manufactured so only in 2017, and has tried stale and flavorless. I have had to bust to the mine own, homemade container of accessory of the ration so only the smother he in rooms and pepper, reason literally any of that is comprised with some lunches. Instead, you will remain partorisca enjoy to to the things like has dried of strawberries and esauce of butter,' that is looked more to liquefies the map then is to do with butter. Honradamente, was very better of just doing my own eats that have lying around 80s and 90 was MRE is and container of House of the Mountain. At least, then, would have something that resembles the coherent lunch.

Tercero, an ease of use.
Can not think that these containers are spent any class of QC. Christ, For half of them have to that touch boiling water in - some containers are not even quite fat to protect your delivery while it is cooking a lunch, and the majority of some portions of water is WILDLY was, creating some class of odd stew of any heck focused the salvage to try to take some the same stock exchanges have opened. It compares this highland house - which has the fast-rasgar upper, resealable packaging, and fat-bottomed containers - and honradamente is has left so only interest the one who these two produced are included remotely a same prize.

Has been perhaps spoilt for EUA MRE is and supplements of House of the Mountain. I have come perhaps to expect the better product for my prize on some years, and so only directed to take bamboozled this time. And, you know, it has to rid the to them : these lunches are, TECHNICALLY, lunches. It has it that gives two stars for that, reasons some of these products, jointly with stuffs has bought already, is marginally useful. But never wasteful my cash in this neighbour again when the highland house offers the far upper product partorisca in a same prize. Anything hooligan dreamed on this esurvival box,' will not know never, but wishes all a better in life. The god blesses/, really, because test that calms does not have to that know anything roughly squat to do for Wise.
5 / 5
The packaging Adds. I owe that assume an alimentary interior will remain good. If it results that in 20 years some world-wide finals and to these flavours of materials likes them crap, can expect find the spicy description on here.
5 / 5
Ossia 24 lunch , unless you ration he. They augment an account to do fault with things likes 12 servings of auce of butter'. Mark sure ploughs a cube to see that it is in him, likes has been missing the pouch and has had to call a company to take one has sent. So only two stars been due to a missing content, meager do lacking measures, and inflating do lacking account (this in spite of have published at least he in a description).
5 / 5
The flavour was a lot. Do fault the measure was excellent. Included that can extend to take more than 4 servings the stock exchange, reasons 4 servings was big. We have done he in the discharge of pot. I have been to say for a Wise salesman to add the 1/2 short less water and he are exited perfect. We have tried a beef stroganoff. Highly you recommend this company for emergency and term along alimentary storage!
5 / 5
First what to know is 104 servings is not 104 lunch. Roughly 23 % of this box is tins of whey . They flavour to feed quite well, the era pleasantly has surprised. The majority of some lunches is roughly 4 servings to 1 containers and is easier that cook a whole container that to try to do 1 do fault (hard to distribute mixed ingredients equally). 1 Do fault will take calm for, but leave you hungry. Adult of full measure, 2 servings would be mejor.yo like this the better box all feed was in 1 or 2 do lacking container of measure, concealed to plot easier that prepare in any situation. For a money, any to plot to feed, but agree that yours buying more than feeding. You are paying it takes to feed that it last for the long time without refrigeration when the lunch will not be available anywhere more, then results priceless, eats or die.
5 / 5
Lousy Flavour and minuscle measures of portion. Better bought the grain and the rices have dried
4 / 5
the horrible flavours, for real so only in the situation of survival
4 / 5
Like this here is a thing. Some starts to eat well and good test but made a mistake of inaugural the container for the prepare and there is quickly @@give that once a container is opened is a bit of the challenge to ration he of this point. If I have loved so only one do fault of pudding, for example, would have an extremely dry pudding the mix opens to an air that I never again be able to reseal. It can be more he -intense packing wise but thinks it would be very better could buy 2 do lacking measure pouches. Then it can so only grab that it has been it was to eat and does not have to that think roughly that. One for my woman one for me a lot of repackaging, not restoring the, not breaking the down to the smallest portions. I have done a rookie deception to prepare the whole container of pudding and has had to launch some of out. Tried likes pudding this in spite of, and is very easy to mix up. I have bet a entrees would be quite good but will not dare to try them reason would have an effective method to reseal a rest partorisca longterm storage. Please reconsider as you pack some together portions, If I can not create the reusable container. Possibly consider my suggestion to dip the number it big plus of the smallest container in your boxes or at least give the character and the smallest families an occasion to select those that measured to do fault go in some containers. It gives the graces for a lunch of survival give something to fall behind on if the bad hurricane comes by means of West Florida Of the sud and I attacks roughly.
4 / 5
This does mine 4th. Spent of Wise Emergency alimentary supply. It has not opened one has sealed cubes. I stored him in mine 'in chance perhaps' shelves. My husband is a one this has suggested that that takes one 4th. One. It says that you know it there is an emergency and our familiar or the friends require alimentary would share with them. Also that knows that a life of shelf is 25 years means to plot. It is always better to be sure then sad. It is class of likes has done years when they have preserved alimentary to dry and canning, excepts this takes to plot less room and a life of shelf is longer.
5 / 5
Are quite savvy when it comes to camping and all some details of survival. The directions are very poor and the lunch would not cook (soften) thoroughly. Also, a lot of elements have not had ANY INSTRUCTION as to cook. Had also to plot of different proportions with each of some different elements, the consistency would be sum .
The lunch was edible, but the highland house is far upper....
5 / 5
A description has said 25 years. An only date I found in a cube was a date was packaged. I have begun to look around and has discovered some quite disturbing done in this product, his testing is questionable. I have not eaten any of a material still, reason am packaged for separate. It was advantage to think that would be individually container to do fault! Any so many! As they Are I that goes to eat 8 servings of anything in a dipping? I will not buy never this again. I can very included trust it to be there when I require it one more.
4 / 5
They are quite savvy when it comes the camping and all some details of survival. The directions are a lot poor and the lunch would not cook (soften) thoroughly. Also, a lot of elements have not had ANY INSTRUCTION as to cook. Had also the plot of different proportions with each of some different elements, the consistency would be sum .
The lunch was edible, but the highland house is far upper....
5 / 5
Has had this first, the product adds, tries good and better prize that marries highland. It takes him, calm will not complain it
5 / 5
This lunch is not individually packaged, HAS TO BE COOKED, and to to the flavours like to crap
4 / 5
there is not regulating in that eaten in a do fault would owe that be alleged. His decreased quantity to feed to do fault, and the quantity augmented of servings to 104. It sees some pictures down, the highland cube alleges 24 servings, while the wise company alleges 104. Please note, a clean quantity to feed in Weiss the company is 7 lbs. 8 oz., While in Mountainhouse is pounds . How it is possible that has double wait in the cube but 4 times more servings? Wise company decreased is to do lacking quantity for factor of 2 to 3, when compared the Mountainhouse. Deceptive!
4 / 5
Odd ingredients and a lot little real lunch , the box is 1/4 plenary ??
4 / 5
The product adds flawless containers. Clearly marked 2044 expiration. Rehydration Instructions and nutritious info clearly marked in a focuses.
4 / 5
A lot bad for rations of the emergency but I has had to dress on some of some lunches to do them decent. Basically I have added so only the yard on heart of chicken to a lunch, which is still a bit realistic to the equal that in the situation of the calm survival still can hunt flesh to supplement this ration.
5 / 5
Gave it 4 stars because I did not open it. They are by train of the leave Sealed until I experience the alimentary emergency. A packaging looks like this represented this in spite of. When Ordered jointly with one 60 that do lacking band of variety of the flesh, resupplies quite a lot of calories to sustain in my activities for 30 days, according to an information of nutrition. I probably king order in the near future to augment my emergency stockpile, as it looks one the majority of effective cost and spatial effective option there.
5 / 5
Any date of the expiration listed in a container, ignored if ossia the fresh product , the looks is mostly cereal and fruits
4 / 5
Arrived in shape well. I have bought this partorisca my edges familiarised that the lives am gone in a country. The wait does not have to that that never use, as I can not revise a flavour.
4 / 5
Purchases this cube of preparedness previously to Hurricane Dorian. It thanks the heavens do not require it so it can not comment on flavour but is gone in the container of good storage partorisca add to our supplies. Appreciated partorisca have appreciated any partorisca require it.
4 / 5
Has bought a product partorisca donation to some other elements that has given them partorisca some people of Bahamas. Hope That any one takes it. It likes. Really I can you estimate reason the did not try it.
4 / 5
Has boiled Water and dine had in three minutes. A lot of critic to have the plot of these in a chance of natural disaster.
5 / 5
Has not opened or has tried to a product like him to him the compraventa partorisca emergencies, but looks partorisca be that wait.
4 / 5
There is not using a 'Emergency' provisions still and expect any to. But I can say that I think that that I have received that is to be promise and peace partorisca import now included means to plot.
4 / 5
Likes to give the graces for all look well a product goes partorisca be in estore until the emergency spends
4 / 5
My Manager of Project has suggested a mark of Wise Company to replenish emergency our alimentary rations. A life of long shelf will leave to remain according to the portion our Emergency Preparedness Program and averts a hassle of expiration of date of individual alimentary element. Ossia The no brainer for work and house.
5 / 5
Good emergency alimentary storage. Long life long and a lot of elections.
4 / 5
I have ordered two of of the one of the east the pair of weeks averts, has not opened any of them still but are suprised for a difference in weight among one 2. A prime minister an I has ordered the punctual February hanged 7lbs 8oz, a second an I orderly end of the February hanged 7lbs 5 oz.
4 / 5
Ossia The printer adds easy setup And the prize adds !
4 / 5
The element is exactly as it describes. I tried it and to good sure sustain calm in a chance of emergency.
5 / 5
Easy to prepare adds for the national blackout,has taken them 25 tubs long alive tube
4 / 5
is Coming punctually how was a lot. I opened him like this more said in his description that has been missing containers. Mina was all there.
4 / 5
His well: his for emergencies so only like this he doesnt has to that be any better- I was the so only give 3 starts but 4 because of a life of long shelf.
Fast nave: and shopping again
4 / 5
A quantity to feed was significantly smaller that has expected them. I have tried an alimentary also, and tries one same like other companies that is more economic and offer more feed. Any real happy roughly that.

Top Customer Reviews: Mountain House ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5 Clement
Opening a container, there is remarked pale still satisfyingly big spear that was it once fluffy buttermilk cookies. Dried-on small balls of pig patty has accompanied for gravy the powder has hid down some cookies. All odorato like croutons.

Has touched mine boiling 1 and 3/4 cups partorisca water to a pouch and have it sealed up. A pouch has then begun the hunch on as there it is incidents of stomach. All has begun takes partorisca congeal.

After opening a pouch, could have sworn any one has touched the cookies of my mamma and gravy in place of one once crouton-looking mound. Absolutely delicious. Any one could do fault this mine and I would not know it never was the freezing has dried.

Does not doubt partorisca buy the pair pouches and store them in your console of centre likes are.
5 / 5 Brice
Has not gone exactly sure as 'cookies' was partorisca do, but the highland house there is not disappointed. After spending the devastatingly cold night up in a Kinsmen, NH, was on loan to kill my husband partorisca convince me that backpacking 'would be amused'. A cold, icy wind of morning and lack of the sun has not helped partorisca motivate me partorisca leave a meager shelter of a tent. A fantastically plumped the cookies have covered in rich, hearty gravy has restored my alcohol. A good, hot, fill the lunch is exactly that requires partorisca animate and fill our bellies partorisca motivate partorisca take that they go. My suggestion is that it is easy to add more water later, and after a first confusion will have the better idea if more it is required. Adding more and while the little longer is better that having the runny, flavorless mass, in my opinion. Some cookies were a last what to hydrate partorisca we, and has not imported that some of them have had the bit of the crunch still, agreed cookies out of an oven. A smell was awesome, a flavour was partorisca add, has think that a texture was well, and me oh as happy that was light and easy to spend. After the day with a longitude of backpacking, would say that a dehydrated pouch for any one would be the a lot of do lacking measure, but was in the haste and leaving a container was sufficient.

To good sure will buy this again, and can not expect try another lunch of highland House that order!
4 / 5 Tania
Partorisca Freezing that the lunch has dried that exited of the stock exchange, ossia the delicious breakfast . Honradamente, More restaurants those who do lacking desayunar a lot this sake. Calm maintain you full partorisca hours.
5 / 5 Nia
Ossia Really good. Included my woman to to which likes at all that has said to be well. It is at least like this as well as material in some restaurants. A cookie chunks likes to like croutons. Some frames of container enough for 2 people with normal winners. But yes alfresco in disposal of excursion etc, can a lot of last long. It was easy to prepare. With which rehydration, some of a cookie chunks was the little crunchy. I have been trying produced of different highland House to do on an emergency distributes to feed. Cookies and Gravy will be in a cast.
4 / 5 Leon
Like this to the left initiate me was with east.... Not To Like me eaten of desayunar. Each morning like the cookie of Chicken with cheese of Chick-edge-a. Ossia Like this near of desayunar so it eats.

That when be said, ossia in fact well. Some cookies and gravy of highland house, surprisingly taste. I have not had to add any seasoning or anything. I have expected until it was really hungry before I ate it, in this way would enjoy it more. In general, these last 30 years and they try utmost. Awesome!!!!!!

I also like a Chicken and Dumplings; and one espaguetis with meatballs.

Personally, maintenances at least 10 handy lunches 'in chance perhaps'.
4 / 5 Jenae
Cookies and gravy is hands down my favourite lunch NEVER! As it was súper excited to see this like an option for lunch of emergency/ prepping. A lot easy to do. Some cookies are the mix of soft and slightly crunchy (which am not sure state would like me but really of joy) pieces, to the sausage is súper flavorful, and gravy is peppery and perfect thickness. I have done it is that it uses a 1 cup of mix and 1 cup that boils water. I have eaten around all a sausage and each one which as 1 cup of looks to mix to have roughly 1/4 cup of pieces of sausage. Highly you recommend this. I will be to enjoy he for prepping reasons and occasional in home that good!
5 / 5 Venetta
Seriously. It was the sceptic of has bitten at the beginning, but has tried of then these for a first time, has been the staple in the each travesía has taken. Some ingredients rehydrate well and to a flavour of cookies likes some crusty of the cookies would find in your venue diner. A gravy is really tasty ( any piece) and a sausage is yummy. Will have the full and calm belly will be ready to face some challenges of a day with any tasty laws of calories in your system.
5 / 5 Aracelis
I like a mark of House of the Mountain. I have found that in all a different dehydrated or the freezing has dried eats there, looks of highland House to be bit it big in quality that some another. While it explore some available elements and exploding some sales of January, has seen Cookies and Gravy. WTF? As it Can that?? I have read some descriptions. The thought 'NAaaaaah' And has gone back then, intrigued. Well, they are to sucker . I have bought I can he and he tried it. Ohmygoodness... This material are ADDS! It is a plenary in of the cookies and gravy in your flavour of the face with one peppers and a sausage and a creamy gravy and some cookies are not all soggy, is COOKIES !!! So many, has ordered so only more two has beaten......
5 / 5 Ji
Amazing!! This was like this well has been surprised.. My daughter the one who is 7 has eaten almost a whole thing was like this good! Still it asks this sometimes when we are house and says is crazy.. Lol But was impacted for real in a flavour and he try so only like normal gravy and cookies
4 / 5 Dominque
So only beginning in a world of (classifies of) prepping. Like this at present I am ordering different bands to freeze dried to feed to try. They are not the big defender of cookies and gravey, but has imagined to the left is for the give shot that. Of course, so only I do not want to store a material was without trying, as I have tried was some bands shortly after arrival.

Down to a nitty gritty, rasgó to open a band that use a bit notch and was simple to open. I have boiled A quantity of water according to some instructions and has touched he to a pouch, then stirred some contents. To the left it feels for it bite it more along then some instructions have suggested, roughly roughly ten minute.

The inaugural a container has been surprised he no only look mush, easily could distinguish a gravy of some cookies and a sausage @@@crumble. Some cookies were roughly 1 thumb cubed. A flavour was something on, pipe hot cookies and gravy. A texture was, those interest (perhaps a reason for 4 stars of me), a gravy was smooth, a sausage was well, but some cookies were moist, still to some means the bit crunchy. It was not bad, so only in interesting.

But in general; totally you recommend for prepping, backpacking, camping, or so only in another wins of the time would come to game. It is facilitated of storage, light, facilitated of preparation, and the decent flavour is a lot of value he.
4 / 5 Lenna
Highland house he again.. Attacked he out of a park of ball...........
Looked partorisca add some filling .Quell'Soul that satisfies eaten my box of Hurricane.......
......... I have been buying container of House of the Mountain partorisca add the little the time but WOW .. When we Take this Cookie and Gravy... I am SOLD&62;&62;&62;&62;&62;&62;&62;&62;.. They are LIKE THIS GOOD.. Has a bite of the sm pieces of cookie, a lot creamy gravy and a sausage added nuggets is soft and tend and full of flavour.
................ So only add a HOT WATER and then submerge to the a lot of that satisfies and tasty lunch.. This can be used any as the element of desayunar or and Element of good lunch. W The pair of has fried eggs.
Has based in a flavour of this element, so only order situated partorisca his Stew of Beef of highland house......
........ A thing I expósita w some of another long term have preserved the lunches have been he was very shy on protein. This is not a chance w highland house.
Now wants to explore more elections... As has the box of good storage to feed for 4 for at least 7 days............... And highland House W be a lunch in this box.

HE&62;&62;&62;&62;&62; now my box of Hurricane will have some yummy eaten in that then stressful
4 / 5 Carlo
If you are not familiarised, freezing-the lunch dried among 10 beat (like this a) or sealed envelopes. Out of a container, is powder or dry chunks of freezing-eat dried, which simply means that everything of a water has been take by means of the special cold process. Freezing-has dried the lunches are poised partorisca mealtime for an addition of water (usually boiling), and taken roughly 15 minutes to prepare the batch only. In of the general terms, freezing the alimentary careers have dried a spectre of same quality like canned or dry there is boxed lunch: Some are quite delicious, while another is so only like this-so many.

Remarks several factors of entities: 1. Freezing-the lunch has dried is very light, as it was easy to transport, which can import in an emergency like the hurricane. 2. Freezing-the lunch has dried to require sure drinking water (boiling hot, further of chance) the reconstitute. 3. Freezing-the lunch has dried would owe that be used a lot shortly after a packaging is opened. This the difficult fact to leave the container only to use now and later. 4. Unopened, Freezing-has dried the lunches are well in a shelf for the time measured in of the years (often more utmost that 10 years).

This particular product resupplies 11 servings of the chunks of the cookie mixed with gravy. All the world-wide here the one who enjoys cookies and gravy loves this product. For variety, consider other lunches of desayunar of this costruttore, especially his Mixes of Breakfast.
5 / 5 Johnny
Is freezing eaten dried, like this calm has -you that approximation a testing of flavour of this perspective (i.et. So only it can be like this a lot).
That when be said, MH tends to take good things. This resists some in this chance. Calm no BIG volume chunks of cookie in him, but has cookie chunks in him. Test very good. It wins it is a better seasoning .
4 / 5 Luna
Perhaps is so only be to this while also based in some descriptions. Has the travesía to camp that it comes to have to that arrive way that has wanted to try this prime of a travesía. I have prepared he with 1 1/2 hoards water - for the fat plus gravy for some directions. I mixed it up in a stock exchange and to the left feels to like 10 minutes. I have touched he to the bowl. I have been disappointed like this punctual like this the small bowl has been considered 2 servings. Still there is some crunchy 'pieces of cookie like this perhaps has not been the good idea to go with a smaller water prep. A rest was so only the soft disorder, hard to say where the cookie finalised and gravy has begun. It was also like this bland! I have had to add rooms and pepper (and I seldom pepper of use) reason do not have any flavour. I guess for the lunch/of the emergency of the camping is well. But, any value a prize for one tiny do lacking measure IMO. Happy has not bought multiple bands.
4 / 5 Laurel
Ossia One of one the majority of delicious highland lunch of the house has not eaten never. I took it on he backpacking travesía with any oatmeal like the backup and was has IMPRESSED EXTREMELY. A consistency is that it expect cookies and gravy house of grandmas. A flavour (to freeze dried to feed) was besides my expectations. It is seasoned well and has used a less quantity to water suggested and have the perfect fat consistency. It take the little impacientáis and has eaten before a allotted the time that does the pair of some cookies the little crunchy, but with that, still would choose this in oatmeal any day now. If you are in a fence, compraventa!

According to that has measured of portion, to take a plenary 620 calories are eating 2 servings. It was the quite decent quantity to feed. If you are supplementing this with other lunches, was abundance for 2 people to be full.
5 / 5 Phebe
Has not had never the freezing has dried to eat before it excepts perhaps an ice cream has has dried apples and of the bananas from time to time.
Has believed to be a lot of tastey, thinks that is included better then the cups of Desayunar of Jimmy Dean new that has liquid egg and of the cheeses and fresh flesh (any sure he esal' or protein of soya etc but some ingredients are packaged frescos or look to be of then has to him leave in a refrigerator) but these Cookies and Gravy are really has tried well the little different entrees and like this far ALL are upper in my cast. A flavour has done really well with, (oh perhaps he tad fewer rooms would be well, has left dipped our own salt in our people of the lunches in the salt has restricted the diets will love calm for him lol) These are easy to prepare also so only add attended of water 10 minutes or so many and enjoy. The note can require regulate a water slightly to the yours own to to that likes him a thickness wished or to the creaminess will vary to do .
The desire was the little more economic and has offered the better selection of variety packs another then which have seen, would like me more than the copy packs I supposition. But any way there is still plots to try.
Has purchased today some cookies gravy again, Beef of Simple Feelings and Spicy Southwest Stroganoff With Noodles. I have known already some Cookies and Gravy was yummy, some Eggs and Bacon and Desayunar Skillet loves also. A measure of the portion is awesome more then enough for 2 normal lunches like the action or for 1 person with wins it big is still abundance .
Can not it eat heck of the plot like I the averages a container and a water also and has not had any questions with him still.
Like this to good sure recommends these to all those eaten of amour, is not fearful of the try so only can be pleasantly has surprised.
5 / 5 Gwyn
Mina hubbs, the edges and I have been the week a lot of travesía of camping of the time and has spent the row of products of house of the mountain with us. Some cookies and gravy was for far ours preferred!
A pouch is very durable and has to that lock of zip in an upper leaving he to be sealed for 'cookery.' It is whole without subjects at all.
Some contents were in fact apetecibles to look in before it was rehydrated; run over buttermilk cookies, chunks of sausage of desayunar of the pig, and powdered gravy mix.
Some directions ask 1 3/4 cups of hot water, or 1 1/2 cups of hot water for fatter gravy. I have added a smaller quantity like that could enjoy homestyle appear in ours camping in the morning of the lake of Crater fries; thickness gravy is always a better!
After touching a water in, stir thoroughly, doing sure everything of some contents have been mixed well, then knots zipped closure. Four minutes later stir it again, THEN knots zipped the enclosed and has expected other 5 minutes. The perfect start!
A gravy was fat, a sausage was hot and did not resemble rehydrated eaten at all. A better part for me found a chunks of cookie that was still crunchy in a half!
Included when mine hubbs and under this, both have has felt satiated all tomorrow long, although to good sure can eat the integer one for me because it SURPRISES.

So much, recommends a highland House Biscuots and Gravy?
Yes, I absolutely !
4 / 5 Krissy
A lot that has been expecting.... Ossia The good thing ! It has finalised so only having an of these partorisca desayunar the sample his forward to commit to the big bulk order.

Has been expecting a MRE eaten fashionable. Bland, Basic, grit your teeth and take by means of eating he for type of nourishment of lunch. It was in fact quite surprised in a consistency and flavour. In the camping or bug-was situation, easily could live out of (and a lot enjoy) these like this of the daily lunches.

Ossia One first mark has tried like this to have at all for the compare to another that the normal cookies & gravy the lunch marries done. Obviously it is not to house of cooked quality but is not bad at all. A life of shelf of 30 years and this quality of flavour is utmost!

My only negative commentary in of the this is a content of sodium. 900mg to do fault. 2 servings For band. Ossia The sodium of whole day intake in the only pouch. This in spite of, in a situation of emergency, can very really complain in the yes calm ingredients maintain you alive.

Absolutely he 5-stars to estimate. If you are looking to stock up for a situation of emergency.... You recommend this product.
4 / 5 Tiara
I preface of must my commentary to say in mine daily routine so only would eat Cookies & Gravy roughly two or three times the year.
Has seen the video of Youtube of any one trying these Mt. Cookies to house & Gravy and is pleased like this with a flavour has decided that that has had to try them on its own name.
Are not the big consumer of this fashion to feed and has has had to that fact so only has tried two another Mt. Produced of house ( Lasagna & of eggs & of the ham) and had enjoyed both of them.
Has some of his products stocked up for use of emergency 'possible'.
There is enjoyed these Cookies & Gravy has ordered so much a stock rest available integer in on-line KING. One has has had to that behind ordering a rest of my ask after this produced.
An only reason has given this produced four in the place of five star is been due to a prize. If they could go down a total prize (comprising nave) for roughly 20 I would estimate him five stars and never to sing his praises.

P.D. If you are the snob foods wont enjoy this produced, mostly because of an appearance when cooked.
5 / 5 Sheldon
Very sincere to do, so only boil 3/4 cup of water, adds 1 cup to feed, coverage of confusion and then attended. Partorisca East one specifically when preparing be sure to any skimp in a water, more a half of a cookie chunks can be crunchy. Still if no appearances the longitude quite time.

Flavour, in general would give it roughly 7 out of 10. Calm certainly can try an aim gravy to the equal that can see in some pictures that covers everything. A buttermilk the cookies are not bad. A pig patty @@@crumble have the little pepper in them for the give some additional flavour. A consistency agreed the little bit of oatmeal. Certainly it is not slimy neither have the bad texture.

Be camped and master a bit eats manually, this returns a bill quite amiably. One can last for desayunar for the few days so that has 11 servings. Partorisca desayunar, chairs like a pertinent quantity to feed to start with a day. The preparation could not be easier as simply you boil some water.

For those looking to store some lunch with the life of the longest shelf, this I certainly have manually together with the variety another lunch.

Recommends this produces like this in general is quite good. If there are any questions be sure to ask!
5 / 5 Angeles
I have bought this partorisca the try was. Never freezing really had has dried lunch. It has been more than the MRE eater. I have taken in fact this with me on travel it like this obviously packs well and light. I have used a pot of caffè of the hotels to so only ran a water without a caffè, which has done perfectly. They are the Cookies and Gravy defender, as this was a perfect a partorisca try. You could included for real see a sausage in there, with more than has expected included. As the one who a quantity partorisca feed, would say it was equivalent to two cookies with abundance of gravy. They are not really the disaster Prepper for , but I response of disaster, so to good sure will take abundance of these partorisca resist me on, like this there is not I really eats MRE available ours. My next experience is, adding cold water and using a MRE bands partorisca heat to heat it on, probably any one same, but hey, is better that at all.
5 / 5 Juliane
My woman and I likes him go backpacking partorisca escape of him everything. One of some elections some harder do so it is doing the paper of good lunches to maintain you sustained while in a trail, especially partorisca desayunar when it calms can not pack in of the eggs or fresh bacon. I have found all a highland House has produced to be utmost, but with all the justice, when you are in a wilderness the yours the expectations fall enough bit it!

Some cookies and gravy the stock exchange are to add and is so only in the perfect measure for desayunar of morning. My suggestion is to leave a 'cook' feed in a stock exchange for an extra 30 second or the minute further some directions so that they are soft all a way by means of. Some cookies and gravy the test adds, especially after the day with a longitude to hike. It is very easy to prepare, does not take on a lot of space in your stock exchange, and has the very long shelf life. All this has said, highly recommends produced of House of the Mountain.
5 / 5 Yael
Tries very good and a texture of some cookies is quite impressive. It suggest to dip the pocolas fewer waters that say reasons does not like quite like this runny. A content of rooms is quell'has bitten big... So you are trying look your salt would not recommend this. Also, so only it can eat average of of the this for the breakfast. It is very heavy. I have finalised to share a container with my father to the one who has liked him also and has been impressed with a flavour and texture. Of course, a measure to do fault said 2 for container. But I can eat some of one '2 do lacking containers' of another lunch of highland house.
4 / 5 Shaneka
In preparation for prime minister of mine backcountry travesía/to camp of the hiking in roughly 6 month, has decided to try several lunches to do sure have packed things that in fact would eat. This has surprised. I have done sure a water was in the rolling boils and then dipped he in a stock exchange. I have used so only 1.5 cups of water in place of cups. Also I have left the place for 12 minutes in place of just 9 mins. I did not stir in 4 mark of minute. A result was perfect. A good thickness savory sauce with pieces of fully rehydrated sausage and pieces of cookie that still was the dry bit in an interior - exactly like you would take in the diner. These to good sure will be in a paper. I am thinking to buy a canister of of the east together with some stock exchanges of lock of metallic zip and doing my own pouches for a travesía. Any only is that the effective option more cost, but I wont waste so many. This 2 do lacking pouch for enough for at least 3 servings for me. I love a consolation to be able to 'cook in pouch' - the only requires to boil water to the equal that means so only the needs of spoon to be washed. I plan to buy a canisters of diverse of my favourite lunches and doing my own smaller pouches.
5 / 5 Berna
Well, this material is too good to maintain. Every time I have bought the little pouches has finalised to eat his reason are like this darn well. I any same like some cookies and gravy but ossia so only sooo well. Usually it buys the pouch and try it and then likes , spent more stops of storage. I can not maintain this in a pantry or my band or my box of catastrophe. An only good thing is that when an apocalypse of zombie comes, his skip eating your brains and go directly for this material. It is that well. Light, easy to hydrate, and adds with eggs.
4 / 5 Yong
Ossia Exactly that has expected paralizaciones, lunch of emergency that well of flavour. I have bought a cube of House of the Mountain of these for emergency alimentary storage, but has loved to try that it has bought it has ordered like this the alone cookies and gravy.

An inferior line is this dehydrated to feed that it can last 12 first years to spoil does not go to try never like fresh lunch. This has said that this surprised on that a lot it was. If you are car camping and doing eggs, pancakes and bacon - then this will be the flavour downgrade. If you are quickly that follows and eating bars of only energy in a career, then this will be the flavour upgrade. It is the filling , flavorful, hot lunch.

Tear to Open a pouch - tears easily and cleanly quite manually any one the scissors or the knife have required. You add 1.5 short - hoard waters boil. So I need the way to boil water and measure (roughly). You touch a water in a pouch, confusion he on and then seal it up with built in focus of zip. As you will be appreciated to have to that 8.5 spoon of thumb to camp of spoon or long titanium of ice cream to stir and eat this with out a pouch.

Has left these chairs for 15 minutes and is ready to eat.

Is few bits of cookie chunks and sausage gravy. A cookie chunks there is retained some crunchiness of a dehydration but on all a flavour is impressive. Any compared to homemade cookies and gravy, but compared to another lunch of survival.

Is 2 servings - 600 total of calories. I have eaten 3/4 and it was full and are the big type . If I am perfectly sincere, dipped the little weighed in a gut and I have not felt likes to exert immediately with which. This in spite of, are been cold and hungry this would be a better thing never!

Took excited to try some another aim of flavours!
5 / 5 Everett
I really like a mark of House of the Mountain of lunch of survival. I have tried the little of some lunches and they try quite good. I have been building on the supply for some time to comprise like this splits of my plan of disaster of the emergency. I add one to my mandates of Amazon from time to time and has begun to accrue the decent supply.

I like a life of shelf and together with a flavour is in a survival has tried better and a frame am sticking with first to move. Ossia My first time that spent to the for elder and probably will continue to purchase his in this way now that knows ossia a mark for me.

To good sure recommend these for storage of term along or to camp to hike also.
5 / 5 Nena
To be freezing-has dried-cookies and gravy has prepared in the pouch, is really quite good. In the good restaurant would take the dish with pig and of the sausage of whole cookies patties with gravy touched in upper and rooms and pepper. When be freezing-dried and prepared in the pouch has, unavoidably, some logistical subjects. But, there is big chunks of cookies, chunks of sausage of pig, and gravy in a pouch. When reconstituted Some cookies and to the sausage is resulted a right consistency. Included a gravy is a right consistency. Now, a flavour is quite something-on with quality of restaurant.

A measure to do lacking looks the tad has bitten small, this in spite of still quite decent. It was too much for a person. For two calm adults leave you that they love the little more. It looks for an adult and a boy was perfect portioning. This in spite of, calm is not that it goes hungry with this same after the action 50-50 with another adult.
4 / 5 Mazie
When Have in the first place seen this, mine very first has thought was 'yuck.' This in spite of, the popular Tube thru hiker has listed this like this one of the his favourite backpacking the lunches have it like this date the try. One bites and was hooked. If calm left them fully animal-hydrate, a consistency is almost identical to chopped on the pieces of cookies have covered in gravy marries done. They Like him like this well of that has thought roughly taking extra to continue hand when they are house and master B & G but am too lazy (or out of supplies) to do the fresh batch. These always will be in mine backpacking feed stash. In of the terms to do lacking measure, I pre-mine of proportion in vacuum stock exchanges of focus likes any one the delicious bite goes to squander.
4 / 5 Reagan
In the first place was are the enormous cookies and gravy defender. This very does not substitute never the real cookie and gravy but the say or this in the situation of emergency or the the hate that camps to the terracing but has them wake until east in a morning with which dream at night horrible probably this would do my morning. Do to some specifications in a stock exchange and he have resulted utmost. A gravy was the good thickness (obviously milk be ideal). Some peaces of sausage were the better good touch that a tent has little bought material of sausage in there seasoning stock exchanges. It goes to Give it the 4.5 stars could them. It goes to Jump so only the one of half point beacuse some of some main pieces of cookies the the supposition has not cooked or something all a way. Some the smallest pieces were the pocolos soft in an out of side and has had good texture in an interior but a big plus some again have had external softer but has had more than the soft salad crouton texture of type in an interior. That a stock exchange has said to leave the stand sealed for 8-9 min the the stand has left for roughly 10 like this perhaps 12.ºh The things and the next time would have to that be good the agree the does not have to that never use this forward 2027!!! His 2015 at the same time of this description another reason to take these can him to them launch in my car with my take stock exchange of house and forget them.
5 / 5 Michaela
One of a better some there. It can use this partorisca can of desayunar-on, or consolation of evening-down. Ossia Very rich in flavour, spiced correctly, and has one of some main calories partorisca do fault (2 servings suggested for pouch), so that paralización backpacking is less partorisca spend but with more 'to feed'. As like this, have once he this with the side of sinister-in firepit-cooked potato, and is the memorable camping experience of gourmet. You can regulate a esoupiness' of a dish partorisca use less water (backpacking consideration, again). Experience more, after trying, and considering the big container - partorisca house!
5 / 5 Leigh
Has spent this in the hike of day partorisca try was like the lunch. I have followed some instructions, adding boiling water of stove of camp, and stirring with which 5 minutes. I have left it feels partorisca roughly 8-9 mins, but probably would leave partorisca the little more next time. Had the little bit of crunch with some of some cookies but I very exactly have the cup partorisca measure for a water, as I can have slighted the. I have added the little salt and pepper of my rucksack, which highly recommends to do, and the test adds, included partorisca camp chow. A sum of warm lunch that it is near of a real thing. Material any critical negation does not take the account that this is to eat of camp . In the stock exchange. So that it is really, really good.
4 / 5 Luvenia
Am planning the travesía partorisca camp of country of cross, as it was thought this could be so only that precise partorisca fast breakfast in a street. So much, I have heated on a quantity designated of water in mine Jetboil, added it to some Cookies and Gravy and has expected a quantity designated of time. A result was the totally passable desayunar, easily enough for two no-gluttons. This in spite of, a lunch was quite salty and of then have pressure of big blood that is the worry of entity for me.

Has decided that this would do for an occasional breakfast where some factors of speeds and eases would win my worries of health.
4 / 5 Sol
Does not write alot of descriptions, but has has had to that in this chance. Has the NUMBER of offerings of House of the Mountain, in individual containers, number 10 has beaten, and cubes. The highland house has try really well, lunch sã, with ingredients of qualities and sufficient spice that is not taking adicións/additions when it is ready to eat. This in spite of one the majority of complete and fill the things have had is a the Italian peppersteak and some cookies and gravy. Honradamente, Some cookies and gravy to the flavour likes eaten of restaurant of mine. Well to go.
5 / 5 Georgina
First time that takes dehydrated eaten in the long hike and I always highland house of the band in a future. We use these for our scouts three hike of day in our local mountains and all the world have wanted to him. Some Cookies and Gravy is resulted to be one of a favourite breakfast reason the test adds. I have added the pocolas fewer waters that some instructions have said so would have any excess liquid and was perfect.

Is also more than fill that it would expect you for a container. We were all has concerned would have wins like scouts was all 14-18 years and each container more than has fed the alone person. Abundance of calories to give you a force required after the long hike. I am hanged also light to the equal that have done add for our long hike.

A lot especially, test really good. They are the alimentary lover , as it was the bit has concerned roughly eaten of ice cream dried, but was pleasantly surprised and found me excited for a next lunch.

Highly recommend some lunches of House of the Mountain for both yours external adventures and also alimentary storage.
4 / 5 Abbey
Orders the pair of pouches of this plus a 10 has beaten measured, the sample in the period. After the careers of multiple test a lot the month averts, can vouch for a promise of freshness. This does cookies and gravy these dipped the plot of like this-of speciality of restaurant of desayunar called stuffs the shame. Admitted, looks dry and kinda unpromising when you plough it on, but when you add a water and the stand have left, wow. The alchemy spends inside this pouch: the flavour adds, texture in utmost bylines. Highly recommend.
5 / 5 Vonda
Marie highland done a plus dehydrated the lunch rids down. Have Almost has tried each mark with the alike recipes and any one am near be to be like this a lot so much highland House. Some cookies and gravy the lunch is a better of some breakfasts of House of the Mountain, loves to eat this material house in mine living room. Be sure to use the pocola less water that instructs and to the left feels an extra five minutes the one who that says. After touching in a water to boil be sure to mix it on well with the spoon to the equal that are is not very dry chunks hiding in a fund. During a time to cook be sure to smoosh some contents in a stock exchange around to mix it up. It likes-me the chair the mine in his side in place of integer while his cookery, the chair like this cooks it more equally. Hanged roughly 140lbs and one of these will fill up for desayunar while they are is gone in a backcountry.
4 / 5 Lorenza
Ossia An amazing lunch for backpacking! They are extremely picky in my cookies and gravy. Strongly discontent to go to the diner and that taken gravy out of can it. This lunch dehydrated, this in spite of, is packed surprisingly with flavour and and an amazing way to begin your day! To good sure recommend the a lot of the time has managed spork or spoon (titanium if you are backpacking and has concerned roughly hanged) to maintain your knuckles clean reasons sees to love excluyente each last bite out of this stock exchange!
5 / 5 Mariko
First time that tries these dehydrated eat. It take him on backcountry week in an IN. The flavour was really good; only reason for 4 stars in place of 5 was a salt contains was big that would have preferred. It is not fearful to add the little more water that request and leave chair for the minutes of the longest pair.
4 / 5 Zana
First time that tries this new one of MH. It was pleasantly he surprised it that they were in fact able to take Cookies and Gravy to in fact be and flavour like this of the cookies and gravy. It is not like this very like this home-bake-give me-roughly-more-please that have has had to that home, but for backcountry eaten, ossia quite darn near!

Reason for only 4 stars. Although MH impressed me that in fact could fulfil this, a flavour has not been one of, 'Wow, has taken to take me a bit plus of these!' The Like this again? Probably. Do my cup 5 cast? No.

A thing mentions. I am not never be the big eater in a backcountry. They are 6 ft, 220lb and usually so only take a Pro-paks with me. I have tried this lunch in the first house of the start was and am happy has done. I have found that he so only seated 'weighed' in mine gut. It have been too much for the breakfast for me is gone in a very first trail to begin a 8+ day of one thousand.
4 / 5 Larry
With which Hurricane Irma, any can partorisca eight days, and taking absolutely tired of 'eaten of hurricane' (ravioli, beefaroni, tuna, oatmeal wry, etc), has decided to look for better options. They are LIKE THIS HAPPY to have highland House expósita! All have our ideas of perfect cookies and gravy, and has to that say that this comes quite darned prójimo. Súper Simple to prepare (although, left it 'cook' the little more along some directions asked), a lot that satisfies, and a lot especially, flavour surprisingly well. It have not believed it to be the freezing products has dried at all. Ossia A prime minister has produced that has tried of highland House, but to good sure any one a last. The integer heartedly recommend it, and look forward to adding to mine provisions of hurricane.
4 / 5 Georgeanna
Down here in an of the sud is serious in our cookies and gravy like this the wont there was mentido the has not expected any a lot of east.
The boy was the bad ossia the wonderful addition to our supplies to camp.
Very so only my familiar but another the one who camped with have been has impressed.
All is to take a o2 the band adds confusion of hot water and the give the pocolos small before you can add help the to your dish with that do not like him never cooks up in of a fire to camp some bacon some eggs a heaven is a limit
for us leave feels the little has bitten more along while it asks perhaps 5 minutes for the take correctly. But that everything depends in of the flavours the think.
Enjoy so much that every time we run was restock hardly go back the city.
5 / 5 Perry
Tried it so only and is not bad, bit it too spicy hot perhaps. To to The Some people likes them-the concealed but prefer sweet. To good sure is counting in a spice to do it tastier. Probably it tries better plot in the chilly tomorrow so only after wake up in the tent. A pouch has said two servings but is more like one and the half. Eating a whole thing was a lot of filling. Enough I take the majority does not want to eat each morning while camping, as you could wants to buy the variety of lunch of desayunar.

Play in a hot water, confusion, neighbour and attentive 8-9 minutes, open, confusion again, and eat. In planting to stir, so only shook it attentively on, doing sure a focuses has resisted. All mixed so only well of the sobresalto. Some hot alimentary stays in a pouch and is very convenient to use a pouch to start with to finalise and not having flat extras to clean while camping (or in a situation of emergency).
5 / 5 Karry
Has to that say some cookies of house of the mountain and gravy is probably for far a better hearty the breakfast can go in the good light container. Be sure to remark some measure to do fault of then this among 1 do fault or 2.5 servings, leaves to be the realistic person is eating 1 measuring value of cup of anything these days. One 2.5 that servants is more in alignment with that any one would consider the hearty breakfast to FILL for a person.
4 / 5 Ronna
Very easy to follow instructions partorisca east, Cookies and Gravy lunches, for highland House. Any need the disorder on any pots or casseroles, reasons all is done well in a stock exchange (sees picture). If really it does not seat it likes him to him the cook tonight, this chair is the better way to go . Any only for desayunar, but dine also. A fluffy buttermilk the cookies try of sound. It likes- one sausage of pig, and that has his light spice. A gravy can be fat or thin, as the one who the waters have dipped in a stock exchange. It say one 2 servings the measure is in legislation. But I can be a lot hungry, and am able to finalise this was, any question.
Has had other flavours of highland House, but some Cookies and Gravy & some Noodles and Chicken I like a better. It likes to please, it enjoys.
4 / 5 Jamila
Are the B&connoisseur of G
These were better that almost a lot taking in the restaurant of California. Really good. They were easy to do , so only add hot water. Abundance to feed for 1 big type.
Likes Of B&G. Taking in.
5 / 5 Anita
Am planning on that does to plot of the motorcycle that camps this summer of cradle and fall, and has had has loved some investigation to freezing-the light lunch has dried, and had listened good things in this mark in this particular flavour. I really like this of the cookies and gravy generally, as I have been excited for the try. Really it do not disappoint ! I found it more enjoyable that some last cookies and gravy that had taken in the venue Diner, still. Really an only reason has reduced clashes was because of a prize . While any outrageous, is the cost of has bitten -prohibitive for me to have regularly. To good sure buy it again this in spite of.
5 / 5 Sarai
This has surprised! I concur with some other descriptions that says ossia better then to plot of cookies of restaurant and gravy. It is hard to think that the freezing container dried of mixed on the material could be, but is. You recommend that I remain with one '' the cup suggested and the half of water, no a cup and three neighbourhood in some initial directions. A cup and the half was perfect. My only negatives is that I need more to the sausage and he was in my limit for spiciness, probably to use to spicy sausage, but neither was quite for me to degrade my indication.

Reason some cookies are freezing dried and a container takes attacked around, some pieces of the cookie varied in measuring to powder to chunks. When you Take the big plus chunk, an incredible flavour and the texture of a cookie comes by means of, and that treat he for a pallet. Ossia Also abundance for two people, he really swells with a water and a person would owe that be really hungry and the big eater for the eat everything.
5 / 5 Maribeth
Has taken 3 of these Cookies of House of the Mountain and Gravy the freezing has dried eats in the backpacking travesía in a BWCA Sioux Hustler trail. To cover a water has used it vargo stove of triad, with him haullite pot of tea of the aluminium, some conditions in a trail were roughly 20 terracings in a low plus, and 40 terracings in an evening.

These things are: Spookily well!

You rehydrate interior 5-10 minutes with boiling water to the consistency of recently of cooked Cookies and Gravy. In timing a lot cold thinks that to use the DIY pouch has done out of Reflectex the material would maintain it warm while rehydrating.

My only complaint is that one spends the things for calorie is quite big, but ossia offset for as light is and the one who easy a cleanup is (eats well out of a stock exchange).
4 / 5 Jacquiline
Had surprised really in that a lot this was to freeze produced has dried. It have bought the to continue the hand been due to his long shelf has has had to that the so only try! I have dipped to boil water to a pouch & has left feels for one 9 or to the equal that has has suggested minutes. As another has mentioned some cookies were pocolos crunchy. I have taken the pair of bites and has decided need the little something has added like this some black and grated pepper parmesan (spare container of deliveries of pizza). Had few pieces of sausage throughout and a gravy was fat and creamy ( has added less water). Certainly you are tasty and filling. It do not say that this contains the plenary two servings like declared in a container unless the another feeds that is eating together with him. Another idea adds would be to add the red pepper run over or spending an of these pocolos bounced of Tabasco sauce with calm partorisca east.

Top Customer Reviews: Mountain House ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 Lissette
I have been that eats desayunar skillet partorisca few years (sees my leading description 5 star). I go partorisca order more and the commentary beat him that the familiar and new look different looking has beaten. Reading some details, so much beat him have usual 30 shelf of life of year, but beat him familiar has dates of emission (this means partorisca date manufactured) is 2012, has 24 oz inner, and to the listing likes 10 servings.
Some beat new has to that it quotes of emission of 2020, so only 15 oz, and 8 servings, and cost main. A new recipe gives the 1 and 1\4 cup that do fault but so only 260 calories have compared to the 1 cup that do fault and 400 calories in Some beat old.
Some do any the Enormous difference when spent partorisca hike or uses of survival.
Are a lot disappointed home highland.

Top Customer Reviews: Mountain House ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 21 ratings
5 / 5 Jolynn
Having has not tried never freezing it eaten dried has not been sure like partorisca expect. After giving is partorisca try it was a lot of happy with quell'credit test. Even more I have thought like this my woman would not take near of a material but after taking the whiff said partorisca give his half of a container. Both have loved that and will be partorisca buy more partorisca continue hand partorisca when we require the fast lunch.
4 / 5 Reginald
Marie highland agree me of backpacking with my dad when it was 10 by means of institute (I follows 28 maintaining). So much, when I have convinced my promise partorisca come backpacking with me, has said his ice cream-the lunch has dried was part of an experience and elected on the variety of these. While there is the few frames partorisca choose of, the highland house has been always a level partorisca me reason:

1. In fact they try fantastic
2. They are a lot easy to do
3. They are surprisingly abordables

When his rain partorisca touch and walked only calm in boulders with the 30-40lb band partorisca a whole day, lunch of the house of the Mountain is easy to prepare and try better that has to that. It does not change the thing, can not expect share these same lunches with my girls when they are quite old to camp.

Marks so only sure is patient and follow some directions - undermine to his too calm quickly will burn your mouth and a lunch still will be crunchy.
4 / 5 Xavier
Ossia The popular lunch in this company and in my house. It is delicious and among different measures. So only the try and will be pleasantly has surprised. Stock reason this? If an electrical grille is descent because of the solar clave or attack our tents would be out of alimentary several days and yes calm of those who spends the touch would be impossible to purchase things with the paper crediticia. In short, thinks that this could be the lifesaver BUT a better thing is that a lunch is delicious! ( You think that that they are it bit it to it paranoid please dressed some documentaries on Amazon). Ossia Also well to camp, storms of snow, flooding and another time when it calms can not exit of a house--the smell when it is preparing memory of an Italian restaurant!
5 / 5 Tressa
Really a lot that considers that it is. It has been it adds to have an option of easy warm lunch while camping/backpacking. And it was quite tasty!
5 / 5 Leanne
Ossia Probably a better flavour, together with Beef Stroganoff, but at the same time of this writing, this one is more economic. It is it adds. Better backpacking the lunch there is. One can is also the way adds to save money and weight. Has the GSI bowl of folding silicone with the boss and lid, which is perfect reason so only pack a lunch dried in ziploc stock exchanges of sandwich and then some lunches in bowl of mine, and does not have to that use the separate pouch every time. It maintains in alcohol, when backpacking, 10 servings is really so only enough for 5 lunch. They are the 92 -lb, 5'0” woman, and I need 2 servings of this material for a lunch. How it is the 10 can, is equivalent to 5 of a pouches, and can take 5 lunch out of him, but does not expect 10 lunch or calm will have wins, unless you are the boy or the senior or the bird or something.

Has to that also notes, has tried several flavours and several brandsor freezing-eat dried, and ossia really a better a book down. A better company and a better flavour. And it is not so only me this thinks that.
4 / 5 Franklyn
Has bought one can of Lasagna of House of the Mountain with Sauce of Flesh for one on travesía of coming hiking. I have finalised any when taking reason have had did not have it never leading and does not love that has to that eat 3 days directly if it did not like. I have it finally he around to open one can, was very surprised. The test adds! To good sure buy this again, probably in pouches and any one can, so only because of a restriction of measure in a rucksack. If it hike in the group, would recommend this product in a can. Very pleased with products of House of the mountain.
4 / 5 Tamala
To good sure the winner for me but the mark sure have some class of rooms, has not had any salt but has used a Chili of Sauce of what better next of Garlic of HUY FONG LUNCH that can find you on Amazon. I have used so only this to eat in home to see yes do for lunch of good or just emergency easy fast to do lunch, has added some garlic granulated first to dip water in and has added a Sauce of Garlic of the Chili with which. It is the sauce really adds that the mixes/goes well with to plot of different eats no only for Asians and of any precise calm refrigeration could take to camp, was so only a right quantity of sodium more a same bit of chili that some use of Italians in his sauces, adds in increments to your flavour, he blend in perfectly will not feel to like calm that an Asian lunch. Now regarding this lasagna thinks that that they would have to has added more paste, look to be more flesh that paste, perhaps was so only a pouch I taken or perhaps the people there is complained there is not quite a lot of flesh but in general the really tasty the good lunch and I was happy has has had to that the sauce and a powder of garlic to the equal that has balanced all was, is really so only enough for a person but I have not had the salad or bread of garlic to go with him like this perhaps has had those can be extended to feed two people but is to coach to hike you more probably would have this extra. Has the cheese but he is not too caseous and has quite a lot of sauce, has left feels for ten minutes and has chosen any for the stir after 4 minutes that some instructions say is optional, so only the stirred once after adding a water and sealing a pouch likes a bit the instructions say to do, anything uses to eat he with will be coated with the cheese but is like this well that it is the small prize to pay . To good sure recommends this lunch!
4 / 5 Karl
I prime minister of mine backpacking hike the few weeks done, and the highland house has come highly recommended. It take a Lasagna with sauce of flesh, Chili Mac with Beef, and a Breakfast Skillet. I have been concerned in a flavour of them, but has been surprised with as fill and tasty these were! Perhaps they are reasons were starving of all one hiking , but any way, these have done a trick. Neither I am sure state roughly do lacking measure. Some stock exchanges have had was 2.5 servings, some were 1. I suppose that it depends in the hungry is for One 2.5 was usually good to share with another person, but one 1 that servants left me that loves the little more. Some other flavours have has had to that it was really well was the stew of beef, it cranberry granola with tins, eggs mixed with bacon, and to the raspberry @@@crumble. It can not say that I have been disappointed with any of them. Also sure it take long utensils . They are perfect to eat out of a stock exchange to achieve of the background corners as it means less clean on that has to that touch to the bowl.
5 / 5 Vasiliki
Ossia Ours preferred of some lunches of house of the mountain. Generally it averts the freezing has dried flesh, and in general flesh that does not know a source or treatment. This in spite of, mine bf has spent this in the thru walked, has tried was DELICIOUS. It is always in our cast to pack now. If we can, we add cheese and cayenne for extra tastiness but is a lot on is adapted.
4 / 5 Akiko
Partorisca $ For person, with the touch of rooms and pepper ossia really good; with him sprinkle of Parmigiano Reggiano up is exceptional. If you are really hungry and that burns a lot of calories, adds in any sauted arrows after heating, takes some olive-oil/buttered bread of garlic and do fault the salad with him.

A flavour is like this as well as the majority of a marinara the sauces of boat can take in a grocery the tent but the suspect to the knots there is fewer rooms and sugar - and needless to say a life of shelf is to the longest plot.
5 / 5 Adele
I add partorisca have the hot lunch while boondocking. Usually spend supplies of the sandwich but the hot lunch was the good transmission. This was easy to do. The water boiled in lidded pot in the stove of camp and cement the quantity added dried partorisca two campers. We leave you drench partorisca roughly 8 minutes and the do fault up in metal mugs. It was simply delicious. Orders again. The better prizes are on Amazon. Overpriced In of to the places likes him REY, which now so only sells pouches that control 1.5 servings partorisca $ 12.
4 / 5 Lowell
Partorisca $ For person, with the touch of rooms and pepper ossia really good; with the sprinkle of Parmigiano Reggiano up is exceptional. If you are really hungry and that burns a lot of calories, adds in some sauted arrows after heating, takes some olive-oil/buttered bread of garlic and do fault the salad with him.

A flavour is like this as well as the majority of a marinara the sauces of boat can take in a grocery the tent but the suspect to us there is fewer rooms and sugar - and needless partorisca say a life of shelf is to the longest plot.
4 / 5 Latrice
With which 30 years of pair and cooking eaten partorisca my family without washing machine, are in a point dondequiera things of mark like easy like possible in a cookery. It was a lot pleasantly surprised for as delicious a highland House 10 Can of the lasagna with the sauce of flesh has tried,and the one who easy to prepare. All have to that do is partorisca take a bit put of inner container partorisca freshness, boils water, the confusion to one can, coverage and leave the pocolos small. You look. Easy and a lot of tasty, caseous lasagna , fleshy.

Has been expecting lunch of half test, but this was really very good. They are very happy with a compraventa, and more to good sure buy again. Calm give you extra time partorisca do other things. If you are very busy or no, ossia the tasty eaten that mine a lot picky the included enjoyed husband,
4 / 5 Eulah
My woman and I likes him go backpacking partorisca escape of him everything. One of some elections some harder do so it is doing the paper of good lunches to maintain you sustained while in a trail. I have found all a highland House has produced to be utmost, but with all the justice, was like this hungry in a trail that probably would have eaten to pineapple!

A lasagna is sum . My suggestion is to leave some noodles 'cook' in a stock exchange for an extra 30 second further some directions so that they are soft all a way by means of. A lasagna tries sum, especially after the day with a longitude to hike. It is very easy to prepare, does not take on a lot of space in your stock exchange, and has to that shelf life very long. All this has said, highly recommends produced of House of the Mountain.
5 / 5 Magaret
Yum! They are really enjoying that it tries one freezing of the house of the Mountain has dried to feed. This lasagna is something on. Rasgas To Open a stock exchange, adds 2 cups to boil water, confusion, to the left seats 4 min, confusion, to the left seats 8 min and ready! Really very simple. They look to last for ever which are adds for emergencies. In an end a flavour of this product is so only likes to the lasagna would take anywhere. It is in fact quite good. It does not mean good to freeze dried - I very simple just bad.

A consistency s likes lasagna this has been cubed the pieces. It is noodle , red marinara sauce and earth burger flesh. Enough eat this that a lot a fandango the lasagnas have had in the houses of the partner with squash and another no-elements of the lasagna launched in some have failed experience of Stewart of Martha (sad friends).

Am looking forward to trying other lunches of House of the Mountain!
5 / 5 Gayle
This was the pleasant surprise . An only freezing has dried feeds has had before it freeze the fruit has dried. Like the option of lunch has had low expectations, but ossia sincerely well! We have tried he for a first time while camping and found the to be the fast, easy and delicious hot lunch. Still it say it is better that a material frozen in a red box! It was to buy more to camp and emergency prep.
4 / 5 Sunni
My preferred of a highland House entrees like this far. The prize adds on Amazon. Satisfaction of instant. Unfortunately I have not gone camping a lot often lately but the desire has had these in mine last backpacking travesía when I like this unwisely decided to try to do my 'instant' own that the alimentary camps - yuck! This in fact flavours like real lunch, and is like this light to spend. Easy to do - just adds to boil water to a stock exchange and attentive 10 minutes. It uses this for my emergency distributes to feed. It is gone in handy when I have had the riada smaller in my place and has been tired too occupied / to cook.
4 / 5 Kary
Come from well and any need to hot sauce has added to do it bearable. Very better that Augauson Lasagna of the emergency of supply feeds that I almost vomitted because I fail tried. Tried 5 small MRE and there is not any flavour and has had to add hot sauce to spend he until to 1star. Calm still will have supplement with mix of trail, the fruit or anything like to bite in of calm of then will owe that boil some water & then expect additional 10 minutes for a Lasagna to be fully done & ready to eat.
4 / 5 Jaleesa
Eat the when yours a lot of backpacking costs it. At all it adds, at all bad. If your hungry of backpacking, search to astound. For an ease and endeavour to cook for an alimentary level, are adds. If you want to eat these regularly, so only buy canned lunches. They have had to that long and is also adds for emergencies.
4 / 5 Antoine
Has been trying was eaten of storage for the box of hurricane and at all has to that way that be a lot like this. They are the quite picky person and has been disappointed in a flavour and consistency of quite all have tried but in fact would look forward to to eat east. He rehydrated entirely, odorato adds, has had an appearance apetecible and the abundance has had to that flavour.
Highly recommended.
5 / 5 Kathlene
Like The is not to subject of government MRE is, has has had to that the try and has not been 'bad', am not giving the rave informs neither is freezing to the lasagna has dried to cry out of strong, has been impressed to be like this as well as it was and camp or behind packing and has looked for the hot lunch a lot yeah this paste one something, does not see me ordering the chance of his reason can not live with out his this in spite of. In general quite good. Mark sure yours water is in the rolling boils and is not shy roughly giving says another 3-5 mins to king-hydrate.

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