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Top Customer Reviews: Rechargeable ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Ossia Something has required for the moment and am happy has expected until now partorisca buy, thoroughly that hanged this mark against another. An integer until it is built wonderfully well, a lot stitched, all some intuitive elements partorisca find and use. It touches exceptionally fast, producing the together light/powerful of lights. This calm leave you or work in of the tight spaces where light is delicate to situate while also leaving maintains both of your free hands partorisca do.
4 / 5
My woman has bought this partorisca me () to the equal that has purchased many of a shelf headlamps and has been anywhere of satisfied (with exception of a substitution of endless battery) to extremely unhappy. Included a better of some models have purchased by means of some tents of doors of boxes in comparison to the east a.

Is returned: While ALMOST too snug for my measure 8 returns of boss securely and more importantly is comfortable. A sale of the battery in a backside is balanced amiably with an assembly of light and a mountain of cushion in a backside so much ensures a strap to your boss and is a lot comfortable. The mine has beaten of the woman has measured he down to return also of some straps are adjustable.

Brightness: Ossia A brilliant plus headlamp has seen, period. Calm will not be disappointed.

Source to be able to: using 18650 battery means a lot so only can use a device for more along but can maintain the stock of battery of cariche and so only seldom purchase new some. This will be significantly more economic that any one another headlight has possessed.

Has not tried a waterproof characteristic, neither circle with him on. Have Still to be pursued this in spite of a next time am pursued while spending a headlamp will return to update my description. If turn...

In general, can any gone bad with this headlamp.
5 / 5
Book with in 24 hours to order. Packaged Amiably, has opened once a headlamp was in the clear stock exchange sealed. Nizza Manacles of anxiety of hard shell with the hook for tape or loop of rear band. All has comprised that has been remarked when instructions. Once the batteries have been installed has not had to touch some batteries for the try was. This was a lot. Resupplied is two pictures for brightness and strobe. Alive in a country and this will be good to use when I feed some peach and external pets. It was bought also in alcohol for my holidays of state to some Rocky Mountains. The characteristic added is the light of rear security . It returns comfortable and can be regulated. I have had 6 another headlamps and ossia a better creation . The prize is page of vendors besides abordable is excellent with detail and of the diagrams.
4 / 5
This headlamp is brilliant. There are 2 keys has separated that control 8 working ways that comprises a SOS strobe, the red beam, and a SOS red strobe. There is the brightness level for the wide variety of need. A headlamp the component has the tilting function with 4 different settings. I have purchased this product to use mainly when we lose electricities, and I the few tests with results that impressed really. In the walk in cupboard at night in the tone the half black tried it to see could read the book comfortably has chosen that. Wow, Work perfectly for this use. Also I have tried all some light settings and again some results were a lot of impressive. Wanting to see like a unit would treat in the a lot of main zone in of the very dark conditions, has treated the test in an early morning in my cookery/the familiar open space and a whole zone was illuminated! Ossia An excellent piece of crew. An USB that touches the options were the characteristic a lot of entities that has required to do the headlamp compraventa. A very good chance of excellent quality is comprised also.

There is so only the pair of negatives. A booklet of the instruction of small User has comprised in a container leaves the plot to be wished. In fact in fact it contains wrong information; specifically, tip the picture of a backside of a chance of battery and declares that it is the Indicator to Touch . An illustration that is showed in a description in the amazon correctly declares that ossia in fact the Light of Rear Security, no the Indicator to Touch. I have copied and it has printed a description of Amazon and photo to save with a unit how is the very better option that a booklet. A tape is not one the majority of comfortable but is to good sure any one the breaker of extracted. I have bought one of these headlamps for my woman also and there is not founding a tape to be of any consequence at all.

Has has had so only this unit for the short period as it has not been like this will resist up over time. Judging for this excellent quality and the big level of action has any reason to think that will not spend a test of time. I stick future updates if something changes. An inferior line is that you are looking for the device of big quality in the really good prize point, strongly would suggest that of the this element the serious look that compares it to another concealed is in a phase.
4 / 5
Has ordered 2 unit. These are better way that has expected, and extremely brilliant in some settings of distance. The lights have the big/‘low' setting and the setting of combination. A big setting is more (I trust up this) that calm never need, and a distance is easily 100 feet at night. The more there is the strobe setting. Some ‘wide' lights (a separate group) is to walk and seeing your surrounding zone clearly like this opposed to some lights of distance. You, also, is quite that shines enough. Besides, there are red lights to read at night and, the use to the telescope likes , partorisca of vision at night without ruining your capacity to see faint objects (the red does not hurt your vision at night). Also it flashes red to require the light to look. For behind your boss is also the light to look red for biking, etc. The straps are adjustable, and while you will know is by train of the spend, is not weighed. Oh, Almost the light has the tilt adjustment. Each unit comes with 2 rechargeable battery (which has arrived to shrink wrapped and fully touched) more the USB that boss of touches. They can be ordered with the chance that has done. It is the a lot of seeds-hard chance that can see it a lot other uses. I am cost a bit those that extra dollars. In some first 24 hours to possess these lights, used them for working under a hood of truck, while roasting in a darkness, and like the light of vision of the night while using a telescope. It could not be pleased more. It would owe that it has ordered it these 5 years done! And, thanks to a vendor for one with the accuracy described and produced of quality.
4 / 5
Buy 2 frames in chances some more collected starts.

A Foxdott is more brilliant, but still $ 5 headlamp of Army/Navy is comparable. The lesson has learnt, if calm for real cured in lumens, take the torch/of torch or the searchlight. Side for side, they all look near. This so only wins bit it.

For 24' (61cm) or big headsize, Foxdott upper-of-the band of boss is too tight, like dulcemente attractive on (not ensuring).
So much a front and the rear piece are quite fleshy. It does not import a weight, but prefer a lightness of a Foxelli.

Foxdott Fails here: 2 pieces, the big plus headplate, 3 straps + the cord to be able to. To avert it when being mangled for another material, has dipped he in the hard chance. Still without a chance, still takes on way too spatial in my rucksack. My woman Foxelli has beaten is returned anywhere, comprising his pockets of trousers. Still estimate having 2 frames and I like this what. So only Like me his more.
5 / 5
When first Calm look in a headlamp, probably will be tried to regulate a band that access in your boss. Attentive until calm try it on to do east. I regulated it before I dipped it on and it has required in fact not regulating. It would be returned perfectly have had left it to him so only so only.
This headlamp is impressive. One lighting is cut at all of amazing for such the small unit and has the little different lighting ways that can read you roughly in a description. A unit of light can be regulated. It comes with the a lot of very hardshell husband that control a cord to touch and headlamp. Some instructions declare that it takes 5 hours to touch like being prepared to be patient and has left I the load. There is the small light in a unit the touch that will turn he of red the green when one touching is complete which is a lot useful. Some batteries are enormous! If these never run was, am not sure where addtional to to the batteries likes them to them to them these would be purchased. I owe it does not have to that concern roughly this for the very long time.
Love this headlamp and think it would do the present adds for just roughly any one. It is awesome! Literally one of these tools of handy dandy that you any @harm require until has one. :-)
4 / 5
Loves this headlamp! It was easy to touch on battery with a usb boss. It stores a boss in a protective chance when any one into use. A chance maintains it sure when travelling.
A headlamp was súper easy to use. An elastic tape felt comfortable and sure. I do not have it has concerned roughly the when being too tight or that the explosions was when I went down. Some keys in a headlamp is easy to attain require to change settings.
Has 10 light settings in a front. It is easy to brighten a light to see more after, or soften a light for the passerby. Path at night (When it is fresh) for the exercise and I have found a red light to be perfect to alert cars my presence but any to blind another walkers. Have has had to that done the little of a walkers ask where has taken this headlamp reason him him like this rids the better free option that his torches. Another woman said has had one but an elastic was wonky and would not remain in his boss. I have ensured that this one felt sure and has not had any question with him.
Can not expect take a headlamp in my travesía of next camping! It will be like this convenient to have my free hands this in spite of being able to see that I am doing. Also I know it it will go in handy to be able to us loose during the hurricane. No more dipping a shutters up in a dark with which he , looking for dice and rays to feel. Will have abundance of light to do stops. There is so only like this time this headlight will do my easier life and more enjoyable. They are like this happy treated!
5 / 5
Ossia The very good creation . Some lights can vary of a lot of brilliants to dim. I have thought at the beginning perhaps the level of half among a highs and down could be well to have, but to the equal that have thought roughly the most coming to a conclusion would be scarce that the level of half would be required and would add an extra step to go among some big levels and basses.

A big goes quite big, comparing it to the mine others lights indoors, has not taken around to do external testing still. One has maintained is well, any one bluish likes some the economic lights tend to be. The low levels are well to read or another neighbour for tasks, the big levels do well where there is the need to see further was. A red light so that they do not know is supposition to leave you to see without hurting your vision at night, and is quite brilliant for prójimo on laws or finding your way around a camp for example. A rear red light is the good extra concealed is not common in lights of boss up to now.

Take the big measure for the hats and the helmets and I would not import seeing the tape the plus along, of particular use for when that spends this light in discharges he of baseball or some another coverage of light boss, although I say this for other lights of boss also, as it is not the swipe for this light. In general in a prize has paid during treating he of Lightning, and a prize that feigns the time of this description, ossia the subject . Some places touch this a lot of so only for a chance to spend comes with, which for a way is a lot handy to have and has done amiably. The only time will say in his durability. And it likes that it resists of two battery for capacity but can use so only a battery in the pinch when required.

For a way some do any this opinion but he is not to clear, does not try to extend out of a time of career of this light. When you See some battery take feeble, recharge he in planting to try to take a last bit of light out of them. I read him the batteries of ion can suffer harm or has destroyed yes drained too much. It does not leave a light unattended while touching. And unplug one uploads after touching is fact, does not leave it plugged in.
4 / 5
Experience this light to have that takes my dog of mine the old plus was at night. Has the question that sees like this has to them that walk to the pen to dip in. When it has received them a light the dipped the neighbour and touched it. A lot simple to do dips in some batteries and discharges in usb. Light goes of red the green. Last night it was a first time has used them the and was a better thing in a world. A lot brilliant, the light regulates up and down, can dip them on like the quota lights like this required and control a light for him in brightness once is in a pen.. It is in the leash and the past to torch now free delivery except a leash soiled of leaves for the bat for another critters to protect so only yes is necessary, the give it 5 stars no only because of a brightness and the quality but also comes with the chance to maintain he in. AWESOME Value each penny and a lot of abordable. Thank you

Top Customer Reviews: Foxelli Headlamp ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
I have compared recently four has DIRECTED headlamps by means of the row of prize, all has estimated a lot highly on Amazon. I am using these partorisca acts around a house in of the dark places, like this red or green lights, flashing options, etc is not particularly of entity of mine. Mostly so only I am looking for the good light aim brilliant cleaned while in common bosses, or doing in a ceiling, or still plugging things in for behind the computer that does not love movement.

Headlamp 1, A eshining Buddy' CONCENTRATED Headlamp, was $ , and has had 4.8 stars of 2509 descriptions. The physical quality looked well, but of a moment turned it on, a eshining Buddy' had the relatively dim DIRECTED, included in some settings some big plus, and has had the very blue maintained (a colour FOCUSED very fresh). It was dim enough that I found it that it loves to take more the tasks and a colour he unpleasant to use. I have not used he for longitude.

Headlamp 2, A Foxelli Headlamp in a same prize ($ ) has had also good descriptions - 4.7 stars of 1082 descriptions. It contrasts, a Foxelli was the rockstar!. It has had the much more brilliant and has had the very cleaned, white light. It has compared favorably to a two other lights have revised that it was 2x and 3x a prize. Has dimmable lights, flashing lights, and red colour like this more do. An only nitpick is that an owe cycle by means of all the settings to turn was. A last setting, first of the turning was, is the VERY BRILLIANT flashing setting. Wow. Mezmerizing! But annoying to have the cycle by means of the every time. This would be my election for the gone-to do light in a future. The prize adds, clear white light, good quality.

Headlamp 3, One Something of Black Diamond Headlamp, was $ , and 4.6 stars of 352 descriptions. It is an excellent interpreter and looks to be quality very big. It is the bight more brilliant that a Foxelli, and has he somwhat light more uniform. Also it has the moderately brilliant but uniform very wide of light setting. Ossia The characteristic really a lot that has not had in a light of the old Black diamond and I like. Although mostly it uses a setting of something those shines, could see it when being useful in the prójimo on place, or to find things in some darkness like the really illuminates softly but everywhere. It looks to have the mechanism of closure a lot (a bit better that a Foxelli) which look durable. One Touches-For-Extra-the Brilliant option is really fresh also. There are more settings (red, flashing, etc) and a method to take to them is quell'has bitten complicated, but half that it can you (plus or less) taking tot a setting loves and the maintain there without to plot of cycling by means of unwanted settings. Luz adds, and to good sure better that a Foxelli, but to do a Foxelli is a lot quite and the averages a prize, like cost two this in spite of has a when it calms can not find another. If you are camping, or hiking, one Something of Black Diamond could be more on your alley and is still the subject good.

Headlamp 4 Was a Storm of Black Diamond Headlamp, in $ , with 4.5 stars of 186 descriptions. Ossia Really to prize headlamp. Apt and the arrival was resembled a BD Something, but with the much better cam closure of lock and upper gasket sealing for a compartment of battery. This light is even more brilliant that a brilliant BD Storm, which was even more brilliant that a Foxelli. And calm then could use Tap to Be able to and was really really brilliant. Also it has a wide corner, sweet light uniform that dips to which liked so much in of a BD Something. It adds green to a red and flashing options, and volume the very complicated control system (all of a key) but with drive good and paper of fast reference to succour you. Ossia Really a good plus headlamp of a four, but so only bit it better that a BD Something in the bit of the prize. These light uses 4 battery, which is a lot of reason the calm always do with this another of the yours upload in all the chance?

In general, three of these lights were awesome. All coming with battery, but I use Eneloop rechargables in mine headlamps reason spend for battery quite quickly when calm his in the brilliants all of a time. It would buy a Foxelli again in the heartbeat. For my purposes, a BD the something is also the light adds, with a main quality and value to dip of wide corner an extra. It results that any I really need some characteristic extras of a BD Storm. One camps or hiker could the find invaluable this in spite of!
4 / 5
Has had this light for more than the year now and would like me action my observations.

Pro Is: Accesses well, weights quite light, brilliant, and some controls are relatively easy to imagine was and operate.

Gilipollas: A light quantity of loss (ossia an external flange of a light) paste your eyes that so only effects far vision. Easily fixed to spend the hat.
A big device has he phantom the current drains the one who bad leave battery in a device, will finalise died.
Has tried Duracell, Energizer, Rayovac, Radio shack mark, and Tenergy Rechargeable battery. A prime minister three last roughly 30-35 days without using another that to turn in a headlamp for roughly 5 seconds to try some batteries once the week. A radio shack mark and a rechargeable battery last roughly 15-20 days down some same conditions.

Has two of these headlamps and his both exhibit some same phantom phenomenon of current drain. I have purchased these headlamps specifically for use of the emergency in a chance loses electricity been due to the severe storm.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 Headlamp - Loves that!
4 / 5
This product has looked for to be lovelier that has had has not imagined never. I have purchased a Foxelli headlamp for my edges like the presents navideño. It is planning an extreme adventure in 2018, and has think that this would be the present adds. Little I know that it would be such an essential lifesaver. We live in California Of the sud. The Thursday late, receive a call of compulsory evacuation of San Diego Sherriff Department. Our house was in a street of one of a wildfires. We mix to pack on essentials when it has lost all poden. Of then it was already he prejudices, has lit goes him to them of pair (any really which feels bent to do during the wildfire) and tried to continue to pack. I have agreed then the container of my edges under a tree. Using to torch, has found a bit container and rid that his. It was a perfect present (albeit bit it punctual). (If any one is is by train to ask --'has has had torches, reasons some goes him?' Try packing while it resists to torch...) This headlamp tried to be one the majority of lovely tool has had as we prepare to leave our house. Felizmente, this history has the very happy end. Sunday, an order of compulsory evacuation was lifted for our zone. To our turn, find our house entirely untouched for a fire (Thanks to all some firemen those who has done tirelessly to save like this structures!). This headlamp has done for real the difference for knots the time of crisis!
4 / 5
Loves this headlamp. One of mine buys better in 2017.

Initially was skeptical concealed given a prize under these products would last or work as it has announced. Like this far it is state to add and leave me to continue running in the conditions read decline that averts pavement cracks and other obstacles. I prefer to run in daylight but during some months of winter is so only very possible.

Returns snug in a boss without being too tight or constricting. Having three different corners to choose frames he flexible in of the terms that he far the advance wants to direct a centre a light. Of course, this varies in your terrain and speed.

Two small critiques. A plastic portion of a light that remain against a boss is not cushioned and bit it uncomfortable in a front. A second smaller complaint is a lack of an additional strap or it clip that maintains an adjustment of current width. This means that every time you take of your boss loses a setting. First of calm dipped that behind in your need of boss to fumble with some straps and regulate it again. Perhaps in the prize he the expensive plus signals these small subjects do not exist .
4 / 5
Really liked me a big lumen and apt but has 2 plastic tabs small that light to control to start with the band that creates the swivel point that has broken way too punctual. Plastic is brittle and no durable. Has another old more cheapy light for on 10 years have paid approx 10. 00 For him.
Never to break or dysfunction. Only no like this brilliant.
4 / 5
Was in need of the brilliant plus, lighter headlamp to spend running like one has had was on 10 years. I have chosen a Foxelli been due to like those shines was and other positive critiques.
Spent it on to 6 evening of one thousand career and has loved that. I have begun in dusk as I have not required a more brilliant option but to the equal that has taken later, changed it to a more brilliant option and he have lit on a dark footpath perfectly. A capacity of the signal down in the different corners is really well also.
There is not bounced or movement around any one. Also I have it does not have to that the spend súper tight.
Very pleased with this product!
4 / 5
The access adds! Can spend it or my edges can also. Flavour the one who this adjustable . Lights a way really well!
4 / 5
A lot informative first: A headlamp has tried is gone in the walk of dog of the time at night has treated a lot well. Then a rest: container of the amazon rid for UPS to house near of me so only occupied occasionally in a summer. I have taken lucky when another neighbour spotted a truck of delivery and called. Then, tried to register a guarantee to the equal that for some instructions that is coming with a headlamp, but a Foxelli the web page would not leave me to do like this. So much, I clicked in a 'contact' tab, but, again, any way to come from. Wished had gone for lights of service and Black Diamond of client of the quality.
4 / 5
Has to that say that it is the must -active artilugio for the night that careers. I have used to run with which decadence in the dark street without too much illumination. Until a day has run to the fence, has broken my nose and the blood taken during my face, has decided to look for the headlamp. They are quite lucky to find this awesome headlamp. First of all, it is very light weighted, and a lot well chair in yours front without any rotation and too much vibration while it runs. Literally it calms it does not seat his existence. As, it is very brilliant, included in a low setting, is still able to see that it is advances . Mina, has solved so only my question, and for this am very happy in a compraventa.

Top Customer Reviews: Nitecore NU25 360 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5
Yes, it is able of 360 lumens, but so only partorisca 30 seconds! It concealed it is not the 360 Lumen headlamp - is the 190 Lumen light with capacity of short explosion to 360 in 'Disturb Way' that way down below in 30 seconds partorisca avert overheating. And yes, a light hanged in in 1 oz. And yes it calms that wants to join to your boss with the calm light series will not add any a lot of to this. But it is likely that you want to use a tape that adds another .9 oz. 53 total of grams or 1.9 oz. It concealed really it would owe that be clear fact to a consumer that wants to know that it is taking.
This says - I does not think could have chosen the best headlamp for light backpacking. I have found a model of a beam to be just right to hike after dark. His 190 lumens is quite brilliant to have any question in a trail. In camp, a light auxiliary aim launches the widest beam that resupplies light of useful periphery. It is the low plus brightness, but pertinent to cook & cry of camp. I use red light to plot to preserve vision at night and a two bightness the levels are very useful. Lockout Capacity, flashing red light, and indication by force of the battery all add to a functionality.
While I really like this headlamp for light backpacking can any me excusar misleading marketing. An information resupplied is truthful, but the one who calm is not said that says misleading. They would owe that specify that 360 lumens is so only for 30 drought the explosions and some folds of weight with a tape. Has the product adds, would have to be clear in a specs.
4 / 5
has added an additional star. I am not sure the one who a subject was before but with which enough the few cycles of cariche, there is prendido downloading he. Appearance this does not spend again, but has expected almost the year there is prendido of then download to update this description with confidence. And for a past year is been the light adds and of confidence . Always it spends the spare light that need removable battery like the backup when I can, but like this far is not never state has required.
Original description: Aug 2018
This light is more than quite brilliant, incredibly intuitive is operation that the majority and has all I need.... Except the decent battery.
A headlamp often almost download it has left so only for the period of time. The inferior line is that you have to that touch this light immediately before you feign the use to have the full or calm load can be out of regime. It is easy to touch, absolutely with just the simple USB micro connection of any type, but my light has to that spend everything of his time on or the approximation uploads it. You can very so only launch this thing in the band and the have be ready to go - requires can babysitting. It is not the light would recommend stashing in the z/in the rucksack or vehicle ready to use ometime'.

I amour this light, is for real light and brilliant, but the power is the bit of a subject.
5 / 5
Has used Petzl headlamps for the decade and wants to him. I have bought recently so much he Petzl Actik Core ($ 70 model E99abb) and this Nitecore NU25 for half so much. I can not believe what better a Nitecore is! Petzl Need to give a no on his game.

Has compared to a Petzl, a NUDE 25:
- is the averages a prize
- is 1/3 a weight and more compact (those imports for use along)
- is more the resistant water
- is able to light while plugged in stops to be able to. (I raisin the bank to be able to when those walk, like this ossia the way of good backup .)
- The load without that has to that open a chance
- has lighter of ways (I likes in that has it down and red big, a big-SHOUT the light is pleasant to read with, and astonishingly a Petzl does not have the aim that flashes light). For some this could be the negative or double-edged appearance, of the half to access all these functions takes more fiddling and reading a manual.
- HAS the indicator of level of the battery
- has the key lockout

the Career of time is complicated and subjective to compare reason some 2 lights use different lumen starts for low/med/big. My main activity is hiking, which feels comfortable with roughly 100-200 lumens at night. So that it would be average in a Petzel (100 lm 7 hours), and big in a NU25 (190 lm 5 hours). Calm quite the the lighter of has bitten but the little less runtime? Hard to say, but both work for my task.

Have fallen On a Petzl to volume of big way he measly 2 hours, but a light is insanely brilliant in 350 lumens. Too brilliant to so only have on constantly unless you are mountain biking. Some the only times want to that the level of illumination is looking for has lost the tones or that look for to imagine out of the critter has done the noise in a forest. Thus fast synchronises a NU25 still take a work done with 'disturb way' in 360 lumens, although it is limited to 30 seconds to prevent overheating (and would chew by means of some fast batteries).

Dipped: Petzl Actik Core PETZL ACTIK CORE Headlamp Red-E99abb A Measure
4 / 5
Like another has declared already, this headlamp was to treat mine Petzl Actik Core in the each category.

Also, I swapped out of a Nitecore strap of boss for some 1/16' the cord of accident has bought on Amazon for $ 8. Now a headlamp is included lighter and more compact reason a cord to impact on around a light house for storage! If you choose to do one same will require 6' of 1/16' cord and the 'discharges of lock of the cord'.

Something to remark...
1.) A petzl the battery of core is 1250mah
2.) A Nitecore NU25 the battery is 610mah.
3.) With any Petzl headlamps an available light levels all beginning in 5 lumens, then jumps directly to 100lm which is too dang brilliant for tasks of general camp. 100lm Calms my vision at night of the eyes and requires more with a longitude to regulate among brilliant and darkness when that turns a light was. This 100lm the setting last 8hrs.
4.) A Nitecore has the 40lm do that it is WAAAAY better for tasks of camp and easier in some eyes. These hard settings 8hrs.

RESUMID: A way or another will touch a Petzl in 8hrs or less. Similarly you will owe that recharge a Nitecore in 8hrs or less. But a Nitecore uses the averages a battery (610mah) and therefore it touches faster and is lighter of weight.

Nitecore Is lighter, more comfortable, more economic, more customizable, there is more lighting options, the red light function better, the times of same use like Petzl, uses less has beaten to recharge, touches faster because of a smaller battery, more waterproof that Petzl, has key lockout characteristic.

Nitecore Is a clear WINNER!

Im Roughly to sell mine Petzl lights in Ebay reasons already know never will use them again.
4 / 5
Ossia The fantastic USB -rechargeable headlamp; ultralight with the powerful beam. According to my stairs hanged 31 grams with mine DIY cord to impact/grosgrain tape. A tape has distributed is well, but hanged roughly so as a light he. A headlamp looks the key consecrated for white beam and also one for red beam.

I boss read some revises to complain in a headlamp a lot that resists the load. Has not founding this to be a chance at all. I topped it it was done 3 weeks with which one for prejudices travel it to it and still is that it resists the load.
And wow, has a red a plus that the shines light FOCUSED has has not possessed never. A characteristic of lock (press and resist both keys) is especially handy to maintain a headlamp of accidently the be has changed on while stowed was. This rechargeable headlamp also functions during touching.

Mina the only remorse is that I have not ordered a more collected. A Nitecore NUDE-25 has has substituted now mine (still working) BD headlamp like my preferred.
4 / 5
So only has taken this and am very impressed. Very light and comfortable. A key is intuitive and easy to use. I want that it is rechargeable.

That they are less than thrilled with:

One 360 Lumen is quite misleading, of then has it max of 30 first second to give a way down below to go down lumens. Probably it would owe that be announced likes 190 lumens with 360 way of explosion or something.

A tape does not return in a light a lot well. He stir a sale on that it is likely to deform a band over time. No the big shot, but the bit to annoy. A question is the averages of some band attaches a sale has to the solid sides likes him the band can very fully slips on that.

These quibbles averts, the attended am going the really want this headlamp.

UPDATE, Jan 2018:
Downgraded to 3 stars.
Has discovered does not resist his uploads very long. I touched it fully he 2 weeks ago, there is hanged he in my cupboard, and has been for the use today. It was totally he drained. Also, my woman grabbed the the weeks of pair does so that it could see while painting our pantry. It has died with which roughly 30 minutes. I think that there it went it on big, but has been disappointed enough.
4 / 5
Has done adds for hike of mine of section in an IN (Mountain of Springer to the empty of Brook of Dick). I have used this around one camping and during a hike of first early morning of a rose of alone and was súper foggy. Setting of half was sufficient and to the left see me where quotes a step and to look for this aim blazes! In only the 1/3 of a weight of my Black Diamond headlamp his súper light weight, loves to go included that lighter can substitute you a strap of boss with some cord of incident and he clasp. I prefer free delivery headlamp versus to small torch that require to spend the hat to clip a light on.
4 / 5
Was the big believer in the AAA headlamp to hike to obtain a capacity the batteries of transmission in a field yes has required. As it results, I have used seldom one whole load in an evening, and already door the portable battery to recharge my telephone, like this AAA the batteries were so only has squandered.

A light has ways very wise, of the red one the brilliant plus are adds for time at night around a camp, an aim of half is so only well to hike of trail, and a big is quite can to find the flag or the frame am gone in a distance. Luz adds, certainly would buy another lost it to him. I have substituted a tape with some 1/8' cord of incident, is much lighter now.
4 / 5
Has not been the defender of headlamps in a past, although an idea there is appealed always mine. Knowing that useful is when camping, and to that liked him to me the tiny USB rechargeable NiteCore the light of tube has, my husband has suggested that that comes from this headlamp when it is exited. It is very comfortable to spend, different some another has tried, so that it is the point a lot in his favour. It is also very easy to recharge, and dips out of the very decent quantity of light. In general, I am extremely happy spoke to order it. It takes extra frames for any when being pas ugly.
5 / 5
A headlamp is very brilliant for his small measure that comprises a red light. These light substitutes a lot 2 EA battery headlamps ossia more weighed & a lot of rechargeable. It is quite small to spend everywhere. Some transmissions are quite rigid any to turn on accidentally and there is the transmission lockout characteristic has required.

Top Customer Reviews: PETZL, TIKKINA ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Well, so only inside partorisca walk a dog this darkens. Ossia My primary use of a headlamp. More I often maintenances a setting in a half power. It is abundance quite strong to light my way by means of a darkness and see further at the head of me in a forest and field I walk at night. As required, movement he until a power a big plus and clearly can see 100 run was or more. @I give that this uses the plot of battery, likes I no the maintenances in east dipping long. This has said, has used a headlamp partorisca to the long of the month this in spite of did not change him still. So many, highly recommends this light. In my opinion, has paid already for him.
4 / 5
This headlamp is one of a better that has tried and enough arguably a subject better for $ 20. I have tried a lot comprising something of Black Diamond, cosmo 225 and countless another of energizer and Petzl looks to have a better quality and also looks to be one the majority of mark of confidence in headlamps. In front of all a quality of beam is sum. With something of the Black diamond there was one something yellow annoying in a half in a 2700k row, and a rest of a light was the freshest colour, in a 5000k row. With east a there is the something that tapers uniformly to some sides with the by heart compatible temperature, probably in a 5000k row. These looks to be calm more useful of then is taking more loss and looks to be better to hike and to use around camping. If you want to more the distance of beam will owe that consider a Petzl Actik, but will cost two times as much as a Tikkina. A fact that is hardly ever spoken roughly is a quality of band. Petzl Has done really the work adds with a quality of band. Any only is moisture wicking but is softer and of very better of quality that Black Diamond headlamps that has tried. In general this headlamp resupplies abundance of light to hike and other external activities, has the life of battery adds and highly would recommend it.
5 / 5
This has substituted Tikka that has bought five years ago and still was in perfect working mandate. So only it felt that it has been now of it upgrade of 40 lumen to the equal that has looked adapted in 2015, but is like this dim for current levels. Petzl HAS some the majority of comfortable tapes and this one is any exception . Rule well, no too tight, any I too free, soft and comfortable. A light is brilliant, and a quality of the build does not look to worsen in five years - solid and good to touch. My only complaint is that it does not agree a last setting was on first to turn calm was - has to that cycle by means of three brightness settings every time to take to a wished one. Spent a - a lot of each penny.
4 / 5
Has had the Petzl headlamp this is lasted 14 years! I have maintained mostly he for when of the starts to be able to as it spends the plot in the winter where are. It could not find an exact same headlamp. Has has wanted to something simple with the strong light. It is much easier to use that the torch when it needs to be hands free. Although ossia the different model gives of the good strong light and has 2 light settings. Without all a flashing gizmos.
4 / 5
This headlight is awesome, has three light settings different and weaves it to him the most comfortable has then expected, forgets are by train of the spend the plot. My only remorse is taking he in blue.
4 / 5
Has bought this to camp but find the use the plot in of the daily tasks where light is down. Changing the car battery? Luz adds. Down he -of tank? Luz adds. Work of electrical box? Well, takings an idea . I use it constantly. Active has ORDERED NOW an USB rechargeable battery for him. It will see like these works. It has been using Panasonic rechargeable AAAs and law progressively dims when the battery begin to beat to be expected.
4 / 5
Has used this during my past week in an interior of Alaska, typically in -40°F/-40°C or time colder. It did not give it it is gone in a cold and was the brilliant abundance for my purposes, but would not trust on he for illuminating far distances.

In general, looks to have the utility adds for his prize and a colour is the plus: it has not had never the question duquel headlamp was mine. Also it was surprisingly effective with life of battery.
5 / 5
Any happy with this Petzl. A key is hard to press. I spend gloves of work and need to take them was to turn a light on or era. A decrease of the light function not doing fault any purpose, is like this dim the use is pointless. A big setting in 250 lumens is brilliant and a row of light quite decent but for a money, the economic $ 10 headlamp will do a same thing. To good sure any value of the money.
4 / 5
This is to be buy to substitute the headlamp that already had tried and has used. A Petzl Tikkina is light, easy to use and is able to use the rechargeable battery (sold for separate). The train Expresses spent both elements in of the reasonable prizes (a lot go down that is to be pay for a headlamp that has lost.) The train Expresses ships his own merchandise and has received a headlamp and battery a lot quickly in a container. Certainly the train of control Expresses for another train.
5 / 5
Has had the leading model that died after the few hours of use. This one has a lot of fact well. Has three levels of light and a brilliant plus to good sure resupplies wide lighting paralización more uses. Still it could it uses in my bicycle has required . An adjustment is very convenient and easy to use. Summarily, The lovely plot for a money.

Top Customer Reviews: Black Diamond Spot ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
Amur This product! Comfortable, the brilliant has all look for in the headlamp.

Top Customer Reviews: LIGHTBAR | LED ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 40 ratings
4 / 5
It declares in a description that is rechargeable. Received a lightbar and is not rechargeable.
4 / 5
Has taken this partorisca use for working external as mine another headlamps has maintained partorisca break in a part one leaves him movement on and down. This one done not having to that how is the riada the effects of light zone how is as well as you can see the plot more than a zone of work and when takings approaches to that is doing in the bondadoso of home the most brilliant zone partorisca see. This is not the something light focal point! An only class partorisca draw behind afterwards is spending partorisca the while a light band that takes really hot but a band maintains a heat partorisca hurt your boss. BUT yes calm touches it sting for now. Any sure if ossia GOOD or any one except some works read as I have spent he partorisca 3 hours with him on one dipping a brilliant plus and he perfectly . It likes 5 out of 5 like the heat did not hurt me. If he then 4 out of 5... Well I guess so only it depends in the bad hurts but a strap of boss maintains partorisca hurt.
5 / 5
Quell'Will shrink quite small to mine returned 8 yr old and my extra of big boss with spare room for my hat of cowboy or beanie hat. It is a lot that shines in to the the short row likes them the reparation of vehicle and feeding animal at night. My only complaint are wishes it has had long row in place of low beam.
4 / 5
Very comfortable, no like this brilliant as it would have liked him. This in spite of still very brilliant. This will do adds it headlamp for working in my cars and another fix projects.
4 / 5
Be a model of battery without red light. This in spite of era this description for unusually down price like this has thought them has taken them to treat it. Any way would recommend. It could look in another love the most economic option and any the import any when being rechargeable and no characteristic light red. I can take this so that the the state bugs are not attracted to a red light.
5 / 5
Ossia Better then the boss of regular round dips light throughout one doing you down something like the car,counter of truck or crawl space. You will be able to also does to the walk adds in a darkness...
5 / 5
Has taken this to substitute my light of hat this has seen better days.

- Light weight
- 500 Lumens
- 210 Row of Terracing
- 3 Light Levels Aim
- 3 Light Levels Red
- 5.5 Hours of Life in Full Load
- Comfortable and adjustable boss strap

- Takes Warm
- Location of Band of the Battery
- Price

That goes in a container:
- 1 LIGHTBAR 500 Lumen Headlamp with Band of Battery
- 1 USB that Boss of Touches

A light weight headlamp has the band of soft adjustable boss. A Sale of returns of Battery snuggly interiors of a pocket of sleeve in a backside of a band of boss. A headlamp is done on 16 SMD 5050 LEDs. A light is Oz.

First what has tried was a comfortability of a strap of band/of the boss. A sale of boss is adjustable to record. It is comfortable and feels a lot likes is spending spent he of baseball. An only downside the this configuration is that a sale of battery is situated directly for behind a boss. So you are doing in your backside for chance under the vehicle. It can be uncomfortable and there is no real way for the movement unless takings out of his sleeve. But then it hangs freely.

A Light of Boss is 500 lumens which is quite brilliant for more than need. A LEDs can be all white or all red and has 3 light levels for each. I have found to try, a light to be sufficient. While has 210 row of terracing of light .. Sometimes it calms so only it wants to light directed directly in front of you. But you are requiring peripheral light as well as .. Ossia A product for you. I have tried this is gone in an assembly of the Stove of Forest In of the llamas and a headlamp he so easier that install elements in an interior .. Where calm previously owe torch of control or dip the interior and try signal to a location of work. I have tried also this in the cochera dark to reset that the breaker of circuit tripped. It has done like this drawn and a light gives the good wide light. It is not an intense but pertinent light for more than need.

A league of battery to the boss of USB does to commission to touch. So that it calms to lose it .. You are out of regime or has to that see can purchase the new a. A product is coming fully touched and ready to go that it was a lot. An also said description that it can use you 3 AAA battery to power this product. But I have not been able to imagine was like these works. Possibly something has to that purchase besides. A light of boss is in good sure light and hanged useful. With which utilisation continued further of 5 minutes or like this, will remark a start of band to animate. It is not uncomfortably warm but the hot day .. It could be nettle . Some heats of band have DIRECTED up and transfers some of this heat behind to a band of boss.

A costruttore alleges ossia test of the water has estimated. This in spite of, can not find a IP65, IP66 or IP67 estimating anywhere which is water has considered typically tries. So only it could be a forget. This in spite of, would be a lot if a costruttore backed on a claim. This be has said, a light of boss is solidly fact and looks to be in a much less water resistant.

Was unable to locate any information of guarantee.

In general, ossia the light of fantastic boss . It can be spent in a boss or in the hat or helmet. A product stood up to all testing of mine and I found it to be the useful tool. A light is sufficient for more than the needs and some delivery calms of free light solution leave to use both hands for a work manually. These produced is not economic but is not the novelty neither. It is solidly fact and well value the few extra dollars for him rechargeable delivery fixes light free.

This product is done in Cina
4 / 5
Any value he, would have to use the light of boss regulates instead.
4 / 5
Hanged very light and no hot taking when spending like one some have used in a past.
I really like one wide view resupply when that spending.
4 / 5
Has bought this reason have loved to be able to use AAA battery when another battery has been died. Has @@give would have to that take a spirt the edition and I have done excepts there is not coming with any I need to do 3 battery. Ossia A reason has bought he

Top Customer Reviews: Black Diamond Storm ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 43 ratings
5 / 5
In 1 word Awesome ! If you are looking on-line and verifying out of descriptions in Utube. Calm so only can take now and buy this Storm 400. It is not rechargeable but I didnt wants to concealed. I want to be ready for anything. Be able to go while precise so that this was my choose. Characteristic and the quality adds ! Always you can plant rechargeable the batteries yes want to go this street. I so only didnt wants to be limited in time of career. Like this enough I have an option the batteries of just transmission.
4 / 5
Are a miser caver, hiker and urban browser. Everything of these hobbies means need the headlamp and my prime minister was the disgusts of Black Diamond . It has died on done the month has substituted like this he with this particular model of Black Diamond headlamps. This be has said both of them are spent for A lot of hard amour and continue ticking. They have been fallen to walk concrete, attacked to wall of grotto, submerged in icy waters of Minnesota, left in both ice cream and boiling hot cars and filled with sand. By means of everything of that and then some these headlamps has maintained working while looking adds. I will not buy never another mark of headlamp, the this of the Black diamond where is in.
5 / 5
I use headlamps when doing reparations of house, any external active investigation. For my needs, a sum of laws of the Storm.

Has bought one 400 to substitute the 5-year old Storm. (I thinks was an original version with 250 lumen exited and white and red lights--no green or blue. This headlamp done perfectly until it has died of corrosion to filter Amazon-branded battery that was nowhere near of his date of expiration.)

My older version there has been an incessant big-pitched coil-whine when a light was on. This a silent east. It is much more that the shines is max setting, as it has expected. Has has had to that always use my older Storm in a dipping a big plus while I no with a new a.

A main improvement is a second physical key the toggle among some colours of light. It is much more intuitive that using multiple taps of a key still the toggle colour, brightness, and flashing. I any one need never anything another quell'objective solid, but I sometimes inadvertently toggle a red or begin a flashing and have the hard time that takes it behind to aim with my older version. This experience of user is much better.

One a thing that is the no for behind a leading version is does no longer the tampon in an interior of a tape where contact a front. It is slightly more uncomfortable that spend for the long time and leaves a bloodletting in a skin of a plastic.

In general, am pleased. A quality of the build of my original Storm was utmost and would have gone for ever some batteries did not kill it. Hopefully This new version will try like this very over time.
4 / 5
Has purchased this mainly to hunt whitetail in a AZ empty, and this headlamp has looked for to be very durable and of confidence. An option of different light colours is utmost to have. A main and light light smaller so much resupply abundance of light to hike in a darkness. I have bought some Panasonic rechargeable AAA (eneloop Pro, highly would recommend) to go with this compraventa and has been by means of two hunting this in spite of operand in one initial load. In general ossia the light adds , absolutely would recommend in any hunter, backpacker, or for general nighttime use. There is to good sure more expensive some there, but this resupplies waterproof and light functionality, does not know reason would require anything more rugged unless you were crawling by means of grottos or of the minors.
5 / 5
Has used this headlamp for a past year before I have chosen on another pleasure the backup. I have fallen this in vase, water, out of trees and he still to the control on like him so only took it yesterday. The life of battery is quite good and has not had any one subject with flickering. An only drawback is that a touch dimmer is quell'has bitten sensitive as usually it closes a light when caving.
4 / 5
Liked this produces at the beginning May:
liked an initial light start big.
Liked his quite light weight.

is difficult to take a 4th battery without using the tool or the longitude fingernail.
The big light start is lasted so only 30-60 minutes, to any one 5 hours likes them alleged (Of hate these classes of dud claims in products).
Inside the few weeks of use, is exited of his hinges and I has not been able the reattach, rendering the useless.

Am returning this element to a vendor
4 / 5
has been using Petzl and Black Diamond headlamps of then Iraq in 2003. They did not leave me never down. This one takes life of fantastic battery and seats a lot comfortable in yours front. It can cycle by means of blue, green, and red by means of the separate key, which is a lot convenient. A lumens is súper brilliant with just the tap lateralmente to go to regulate the súper brilliant.
5 / 5
A bit more weighed of this version of a Storm uses 4 AAA battery. A riada is awesome, almost 180 deg. Some controls are simple and quickly to learn. It likes a max can quickly toggle of characteristic to touch the small sensor in a right side of a light. A latch to close a poster of looks of battery sure, any one sure himself is better that an old Storm that has used the hand-held ray presionada for the ensure down. A subject only has is that when I shake a light does the light rattle. I have taken all some batteries was and he still rattles. My OCD the side is annoyed for that but when in fact using it calm does not listen anything. In general one of a better headlamps for a prize.
5 / 5
Has had some lights of the old boss concealed has had some his harm so much my husband ordered one of these. Work quite good. I add to exit to verify in some animals at night. (More my husband has been using mine to walk a dog.)
Like this now will take his Christmas that comes tomorrow all of its own.
The mine is red like this now will be able to leave using mine.
Also adds the need verifies under a hood of your car.
5 / 5
Has expected the moment to do this description. I snowmaking in a winter and this light only tin a lot he. It can not resist the load, can not resist brightness, a function to touch of the side can not manage water and gel without spazzing. This light so only can has not cut the period and is too bad reason have had an older version that has done adds. Really it has left down for east a. Work of better May in a half an easy plus.

Top Customer Reviews: Foxelli USB ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Used the in a Pacific Estela of Crest until I lost it. I am spent partorisca find the USB of Black Diamond rechargeable headlamp afterwards.

This has done the solid work like the estimativa headlamp. It has learnt the deficits have found of the best (and substantially more expensive) headlamp after partorisca comparison.

He the model of something tight and is a lot brilliant. It liked having to that an USB that the touches qualified like this meaning less battery and I have spent the battery of lithium partorisca recharging devices of USB anyways partorisca my telephone.

A product of the main quality will take figure like riada better, lighter of options, and the mechanism partorisca close to prevent turn accidentel on/drain of battery.

This would be mine a complains on has gone back no accidentel on prevention. I found it the little time in my stock exchange that objective a way in the pocket of rucksack with which something has had paste a key and turned it on.

Has had felizmente any of the critical questions with tower accidentel on but has had to that well sure a risk of him.
4 / 5
This headlamp is a better and PERFECTO partorisca walk our dogs at night!! It is rechargeable so that it does not have to that worry in battery and there are so many light settings comprising red, aim, blinking and variable terracings of brightness. A strap is adjustable to the equal that returns both my husband and I. I love this headlamp!
5 / 5
Loves this light! It is light, very brilliant, comfortable and waterproof . All has wanted and more. Calm can not beat a prize neither. Absolutely I will be to buy more than this light.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I have ordered this headlamp to spend while it runs at night reason some days are taking more the courts and my neighbourhood is very dark with just the few lights callejeras. I have spent he for a first time last night and was terrific. There are 3 ways read aim: very brilliant, the half brilliant and flashing 2 ways read more red. After the pocolos simple adjustments was able to maintain he in place in mine front without him when being too tight or I too free. I have been concerned that it would be uncomfortable but still with heavy sweating ( is still in 80 is here) was a lot of and my front any chafe or take nettled. A light is very brilliant and of a headlamp is adjustable could signal it well in an earth in front of my feet so many could see uneven pavement or any dangers that could in a street. Has transmission to a solid of red light way when spending transport so that it would not blind engine. It is quickly and easy to change among ways. They are very happy with this compraventa and will be to order the little more for presents navideños!
5 / 5
Loves a Foxelli MX10. I use it daily in pre-dawn walks of careers/of the morning with a dog. A capacity to use the red light to prevent the loss of the vision at night is critical for me, as I go to describe as it is not clearly marked and unlit. When Required, is the simple click , and was goes a red, and on comes a brilliant white light, which illuminates 100 feet in front of me on a big setting. A light is easily angled to aim where loves it to go, and a strap resists it right where need to be. I spend it on the hat of wool, or the hat of baseball. A Foxelli MX10 is easy to touch. It resists the for now a lot of load long walks and in fact, there is did not fail me never on some months that used it. Until today. A red light key any cycle by means of some settings properly. But, here it is a better part in a Foxelli MX10 - some stands of company for behind his product 100. I have contacted Foxelli and is sending the new mark a mine - any one load. Ossia awesome Service of client, was educated, punctual, and responsive. Uncommon Service, and adds it headlamp! I do not write any a lot of descriptions, but was excited like this to take this response, has had to say people roughly that.

Update 8/1/17 I active has used now a new Foxelli headlamp for several months and is treating utmost. This weekend spent has taken to use he in an observatory in Union Grove Wisconsin where the only red lights remain to preserve a vision at night of some guests and scientists in a chance. I used it also he the month in the travesía of kayak, and has taken the little wet, and continued to do usually. One uploads in these few hours read hard and hours.
4 / 5
Would not doubt to recommend this headlamp, but feigns that it wants to use he for, and prefer the beam focused more more tightened, or it wide plus more comprising beam. To hike, walking, biking, would prefer a MX200. This in spite of, to read and the inner use prefers this MX10. It sees down for my comparison of full / description.

Has had two Foxelli MX-@@@200s for enough the moment (one for 15 month, and another for 8 month). They were both utmost, but an old plus one is fallen off of a counter of the earliest cookery this month, and a main has DIRECTED prendió do of a fall. So much, I have decided to order this Foxelli MX10 east times around to see a difference in some models.

A bit those that differentiate tones.

In the first place, this MX10 launches the a lot of beam focused more more tightened that a MX200.

As, a brightness levels of this MX10 is noticeably different that a MX200; that can be the profit or the curse: a MX10 is dimmer that a MX200 in a big setting, and is very a lot of dimmer in a low setting.

Is using This headlamp to read, a MX10 dimmer the light is a winner , so that it is master stroll of your chamber to a cookery at night without disturbing your spouse or sleeping dogs. This in spite of, walking in the trail or the street, prefer a more brilliant light and wider that a MX200 . For the comparison of some beams and brightness, sees some 4 photos have taken in my rear yard -- in order, is: MX10 dim, MX10 brilliant, MX200 dim, MX200 that shines (I labeled the in a subordinated left of the each photo).

Finally, finds a transmission of a MX200 to be ergonomically upper to this of a MX10. Thge MX200 HAS the intelligent transmission only: it hastens once partorisca low, two times for big, three times partorisca strobe, or four times to turn it was again. An intelligent transmission comes to touch when a MX200 is in the way dates for 10 second or more (p. p.ej. It has dipped he in big and the leave there 2 hours while you are walking some dogs); once in the way for 10+ seconds, the alone press of a transmission turns a headlamp was ... Any need to cycle by means of a strobe setting; he surmises that with which hours in a same setting when you go to paste a transmission another calm time simply loves the the turn was. Instead, a MX10 is not an intelligent transmission; if utilisations a MX10 for a long period of time, still need to cycle by means of a blinding strobe for the turn was.

In a MX200, to change of white light the red light, precise resists down an intelligent transmission constantly for the pocolos second. In a MX10 has two transmissions; one of them controls a white light, while some others control a red light.
4 / 5
Has purchased this headlamp almost done the year to use to camp as well as wrenching in my car in a cochera and in a clue. His quite light and comfortable to spend in your boss or around the yours with the for long periods of the time and a life of battery is surprising. I can not say exactly that the times locate the load but his lasted an integer 3 camping of travesía at night and also the multiple diverse hour hard wrenching sessions. A rechargeable the battery has seen micro usb is really convenient and resembles so only take 1-2 hours to fully of cariche.

Has taken clashes was reason while I have taken abundance to use his start to fail like this light in a dipping a brilliant plus will begin to flicker after being on for 10-15 minutes. Still it remains solid in a dim that dips as it produces the decent quantity of light.

Has loved so only update my description to say that Foxelli the service of client is awesome. When I contacted Him roughly my subject has had the response a same day and has had the substitution in my door 2 days with which concealed. Still although I have had a subject , his well to know some stands of company for behind his product and done the good work to cure clients. To good sure will continue to buy his products
5 / 5
This version of 2 keys is character . Really it appreciates having separate keys for white and red light.

Use a red light to take mine treestand without spooking animal. Also it uses a red light while backpacking with fellow - any need to disturb a whole camp with the travesía to some shrubs at night!

Is for this that appreciate having separate transmissions - when I am using a red light, am looking for to be sneaky. I do not want accidentally shine brilliant light , aim everywhere.

Also loves that it is rechargeable. My telephone is GPS of mine , camera, and years to read material in a backcountry; already it spends the bank of the battery for a telephone & are adds to be able to touch this Foxelli headlamp in a same way.

Have one of these Foxelli headlamps in my strap of rucksack, one in mine pickup, and one in my band to hunt. My dad has two, my mamma has one, and has bought so only the box of them to give to friends this Christmas. I can not lumber with these things quite - better headlamp never.
5 / 5
Has been using headlamp to the torch for several weeks ordered it mainly to read law like my light is not to approach a bed. Now volume to read in of the lights of book of the bed does not give quite a lot of light and a lot always stay in a book. With a headlamp does not have this question and reason I any precise to buy the batteries was the point of the entity in mine compraventa has looked in a lot of different headlamps but there was always something concealed has fallen runs no like this with the
Foxelli light of boss and touching with ubs are adds are always in a computer or access to ubs outlets. I am pleased really with cost of mine recommends that this produces
5 / 5
A headlamp is awesome!
Was fearful of the like lurks in a darkness, uses this light, and your fears will be dipped to rest!

This headlamp is extremely brilliant, goes a distance at the head of you, and a battery is quite pertinent so that utilisation he partorisca hang a night.
Is nightshift worker, this has to that it weaves of requirements of external work, and this hard light for at least 4 to 6 hours in full brilliants, and included longer when I do not require an environmental glow offered by means of some capacities of this headlamp.

Would have given this to 5 indication of star, but a strap of connector has broken the month for the use. I have not thought roughly contacting an user until this question of description has on burst in mine email. I think that will have the gone in contacting them to see would be has had to that rectify a faulty strap. Oh, And a coverage of protective time for a port of USB also spent to exit in some signal that does not take inside this first month also.

But regarding a light do well of a start, and continuous offer one same blinding brightness that has done when I purchased it in the first place. Touching this headlamp is easy, and the full load of the entirely exhausted battery will take roughly 2 to 3 hours. Perhaps it is the short plus comprises of time, but could be of the has bitten of then there is not timed he in some the moment. But I always gone back to the fully touched light the pair of hours with which plugging he in.

While your careful with a harness, does not think calm will have any questions with him. It was but perhaps it had it so only he faulty plastic clip I supposition, but are not never rough in my crew of security, like this sure verify it before calm uses it. Now go comfortably to a night without the fear for calm has the Foxelli!!!

Top Customer Reviews: PETZL, Tikka ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 44 ratings
4 / 5
I have bought this and an equivalent of Black Diamond Cosmo and Princeton Remezcla headlamps. Tikka Is a clear winner partorisca the trail that careers in a darkness. A BEAM is has DISTRIBUTED PERFECTLY. So only slightly more brilliant in a centre, very still lighting with ideal width. It is wider that a Cosmo spotlight way and more tightened of is wide beam . A red light is also better as it is directed more than competitors'; it is appropriate in fact lighting partorisca run streets of has registered yes only need to holes of something or spiderwebs. A low plus of 3 beams is appropriate usually and a half is abundance although running fast down the rutty/rooty/rocky slope. Some coverages of distance more brilliant.
Any still know roughly reliability or control of water. Princeton HAS the hinge more than confidence, his Fuel of old Technology is also the a lot of running light tho a 70 lumen the start is down for some people. Diamante black Cosmo has a more elegant light but he is not very adapted for the trail that cut and some pauses of hinge easily.
Inferior line: the beam that the helps judge a travesía hazards and footing is characteristic more than entity in the headlamp has used for the trail that cut and a Tikka is a better.
5 / 5
The husband is obsessed with having the light adds on is his gone always on his would put to bed with this on would leave .
5 / 5
Has been of excursion for the few months,and my headlamp was brilliant and lasted longer that any more the quite hiked the few nights that walked a lot afterwards dark for hours. I have seen very a lot another headlamps in a one has on resisted day with which day and prejudices with which night. I produce it adds.
4 / 5
I really like this light like this far. Has a red way that last to find. A key toggles among red and white light and brilliant and more brilliant quite easy. It likes-me that has some glow in a dark material around a focused. I thought that it that it was another light and tried to turn it was but he the easy fact to find in a darkness calms to leave it facing you.
I also like a casing and facilitated to take to some batteries. A bit have it has concerned that pode. It resists on but it would not owe that be the accessing very thick.
4 / 5
My woman has ordered this for me, in my question to require the new headlamp. They are one that he the plot of investigation and in a past, has paid long this quantity for my light headlamps - which want to and thick use for a lot of tasks.

Was hesitant to suggest the headlamp my woman for the present of Anniversary. Initially, in that has listened that to him has found the shot adds for only $ 30, was highly suspect so the action and quality.

Is so only be the month and used it perhaps 4-5 times to court cry (likes dipped some coverages to bounce on in a darkness, at night), cooking in a grille, installing the device in the small dark zone, etc. .

A light is brilliant, quite brilliant in a big setting. This has said, does not spend too far and does not launch too wide of the zone, doing he suitable for need of the most next vision - put of camp, dark work, etc. . . It has not been if it would be comfortable mountain biking in of the darkest conditions with him, like the result of a lack to spend ad broadness of a beam.

Like this far, with which probably an equivalent of 2 hours of use, some battery still look to be in full force and full light emittance.

Can not say how long will last or the one who this durable . My current another headlamps row of 5 to 10 years and both are beginning to fail - bulbs and transmissions, for this a desire for the new a. But if this hard light 3-5 years would consider treats it very good. It likes enough that in fact it has considered to order of another, because of this very low prize and usable quality.

In this prize, highly would recommend it based to my initial use.
4 / 5
Luz brilliant, multiple settings for brightness. Ossia Ours second Tikka. Amur This light. Durable, light. The brilliant abundance. These lights go with us on fine-travesías of river of the day, to a backyard campfire, and strolling down a street to camp to a sis-in-the place of the law.
4 / 5
Petzl Has done some of a more/more useful headlamps for years! There is another a lot of some there, but taking all the consideration has chosen Petzl more time that no! This Petzl has the useful beam that is quite wide for you to see the majority of that precise sees, but also has quite launch to achieve was and see that it is in front of you.
4 / 5
Ossia My second Petzl Tikka and can not believe while more in this firm and more brilliant . I have bought a core rechargeable band to go in it now. Utilisation for careers of trail of the night and he easily illuminates a forest to a point where some sties owe that think that the truck of monster is coming. If you are concerned in the shadows could love the light of waist also but ossia quite awesome for a money.
4 / 5
Petzl Is a gone to mark for headlamps. I have begun to use one to Iraq in 09 and still is going strong.
4 / 5
At all for headlamps likes toilet paper. Considering this is one of one the majority of elements of indispensable survival in a field, this class of turnover is no good. A final straw that goes me partorisca Petzl (that it would have to it has done ages does) was 2 (two!!!) Black diamond headlamps that both fracasado in field because of bad keys or corroded battery with which grieve any use.
This Petzl, while no like this brilliant or characteristic-packed, is functional and of confidence. To good sure bit it expensive for a scant together of characteristic ( is literally the regulate headlamp, and moderate brightness), bit it more weighed also--but is solid and of confidence. And a fresh glow in a dark coverage the fact the breeze to find while fumbling in your stock exchange to sleep or tent at night.
Will not buy never Black Diamond again, is total junk, and a guarantee is absolutely without sense (his never honored he). Included a generic headlamps available here in the amazon was upper to those. But this Petzl give me a peace of alcohol I need when it was in fines-day backpacking travesías.

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