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Top Customer Reviews: Alvantor Screen ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Very good and big, but sure frames calm bow he down well because the twenty big will block it, but is drawn partorisca block so that it does not take broken in a process. The UPDATE has had 50 more mph the twenty and I have found to add the umbrella of the yard to this product will stabilise even more.
5 / 5
Does not like Me the blue things and have prefered ossia the simply brown but was súper easy to dip near.
The truth is, does not have to that dip the neighbour. It unfolded And CAST! I have had the tent. As it can see for some pictures, my three seater the transmission there has been the subjects to finalise concealed is semi-detached and still have abundance of room! So only it turns my defenders on and now some mosquitos will owe that do to take me! I have thought also this is coming with the paving but he no. Cela would have been included better to maintain some bugs was. I weighted the down with some bricks and is utmost!!
4 / 5
Absolutely wants to this. It has burst well on legislation out of a stock exchange. Any I same uses some ropes to ensure some sides I so only joined down an inferior and used sand stock exchanges for the ensure. It was windy another day and he no same movement. I strung inner of solar lights and dip an external coverage down. It is my free external oasis of bugs. Easily it can be moved I any need never to. I have bought a small plus an and there is the tonne of interior of room for us and some dogs.
5 / 5
Has taken this 12 x12 marries of screen to use with ours trailer of travesía small while camping. It has looked for to be exceptionally easy to dip on, and surprisingly easy to go down once take a hangs of him. It does not think it quell'would have imagined was as to repack he of some instructions has comprised, but has abundance of video of Youtube that will aim you that. A 12x12 access well in our table of picnic of the camping with abundance of room to move around. They are happy has taken a measure an elder , thinks a 10x10 can have been the little tight with an interior of table. It is not really it tries water, but one the time liked and water pooled in a ceiling. One of a fiberglass poles of the tent bent in of a pressure that leaves the majority of a water partorisca drain of course, but is done to bend like any harm done. After a rain drained a remaining water to press a pole bent in some plus and he then burst well for behind punctual. It can be dipped up and the place has gone by a person, the BIG plus. In general, I am satisfied enough.
5 / 5
I like this the produced but has the few subjects. Some bet included is not to possess for wind and sand as they pull on easily of an earth. A short of a tent is not domed and collects water quickly. It would recommend to offer the fly for some upper and better bets.
4 / 5
In full disclosure, has received this product for free test.

When I have taken this out of a stock exchange to spend, would have to is more cautious state to the equal that have attacked almost down. The Bondadoso of just explosion out of a stock exchange. It was a way has been bent. It is just part of a creation how is the pop -arrive tent, to plot like a version of small girls. They are the small woman 5‘2“ big and weighing roughly 110 books. Has-liked me that is to return inside the stock exchange like this and light. Easily it could spend still when they are with my two few boys in our way to a beach. Next time I so only know to be more careful when I am taking he out of a stock exchange.

Took it external of the place up. I have not had any help. I have loved to see it it could that to him for my account. It was to good sure doable. I dipped it/ I dipped It up in of the seconds. It is much bigger and big that has expected. It is main that ours another pop-arrive tent with an open side. It likes that of some sides of of the this is to close.

Will owe that buy the coverage to walk still east but does not treat it big. I can not expect use he for a beach this summer!

In my photo, has comprised a precaution crosswalk figure for reference of measure.
4 / 5
Has required the screened in portable tent to dip in mine small seating zone. Some bugs have used to pursue was. Now I can burst this tent up and enjoy our drinks of summer and relax without ennoying bugs. It folds it on when I am done so that it does not have to that me worry roughly the when be blown was or dirtied of storms. They are the senior and is like this easy and light.
5 / 5
Ossia Like this pictured. Sincere description. It is it adds for the small family outing in a yard, or anywhere! It is like this easy to spend and spend anywhere! It is so that it adds, of any insect can go in and is to protect and feel comfortable and sure.
4 / 5
Please read pros And gilipollas

has purchased this to go in 8ft group of waves of the summer when it is into use, to protect of bugs, leaves, & a sun, while still leaving flow of air. I have had this tent of mid August, as it seats likes with the accuracy can value it now.

• In the first place, to the left initiate me was to say that a tent is not 10ft wide. In better, is 8 ft. After extending it on mine 8ft group, there was literally any room has left. And yes, my group is exactly 8ft chairs of cause in the 8 ft foams the wide program kills. Ossia An only reason has taken was 1 star.

• Would not recommend that it tries to bend a tent behind to an original small circle unless absolutely I need to. A pop-on the force of an original of small circle is A lot FORCEFUL and could wound if you are not careful, more, takes fat of elbow added for the take behind to this measure. Unemployment in a big circle (roughly 3' diameter, pictured) first of a small a. Fat of zero taken of elbow, and has any force when unfolding of this point. Felizmente, Alvantor includesa chance for a small circle,and the chance for a big circle.

• A room of the screen is not to rain test. I have known it is going in, but ossia for any the one who no. A ceiling of centre of a tent is not to form of dome, sinks for interior. So it rains , this describes more to good sure waters of control, and probably destroy your room of screen.

Averts of a sizing subject, this pop-on the tent is VERY A lot of FACT and extremely easy to dip up and go down. Literally I take 1 min to take it on, and 1 min to take it down! I dipped it/I dipped It on taken & the down at least 10+ times now, this in spite of any question!

Also appreciates a fact comes with stock exchanges & of ancore to dip sand in. Because of a discrepancy of measure, does not require them of then a tent hugs my group, he leaving to remain in place!

Inferior line:

He, would recommend this to any that looks for a 8 quality of FEET, any-hassle, room of screen! Honradamente Love this thing!
5 / 5
Has bought this house of screen for our backyard celebrates last weekend, is very easy to open, so only bursts on, then is there. And it is very easy to bend . I look a Video and surprised by some vendors innovative folding way, so only two times 8 form that curve to a small carrybag. So only I help it handy with my husband when it bends a second 8 form. This room of screen is spacious. It has dipped our finite resources, the table and 6 interior of chairs without any question. Mur Of the point is a lot of breezy and prevent bugs. To good sure will use it often in a coming summer.

Top Customer Reviews: MEKKAPRO Ultra ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 56 ratings
4 / 5
Partorisca Build the frame partorisca this coverage partorisca in $ 50-$ 60
-(11) sections of 10 feet of 1-thumb, Sch 40 PVC ($ +imposed of Lowes)
-(6) side of 1 thumbs outlet elbows, Sch 40 PVC ($ +imposed of Lowes)
-(2) elbows of 1 thumbs, Sch 40 PVC ($ +imposed of Lowes)

has Cut eight pipes to 70' long. Use four of these partorisca some vertical columns. Use two partorisca some upper horizontal segments. Use two partorisca some inferior horizontal segments.

Has cut a rest three pipes to 80' long. These 80' the pieces are used in a eside of door' of a coverage.
Uses two of these partorisca some upper horizontal segments. Utilisation a last a for an inferior horizontal segment.
4 / 5
We spend our summers in an earth of mosquitos and finally found a way to use a coverage. This mosquito netting was easy to dip up with some hooks and twist it has resupplied. We open on spatial and resist a netting in place in a fund with some rocks of good river. A space is quite big for two big yard chairs and two folding tables. And a dog.
4 / 5
We use him to us for somthing different. We live in some mountains and a fauna and the flora is hard in our shrubs of cranberry. They have taken more than we were. I have built simply some frames out of pvc. It has not lost a cranberry this year. The money is very displaced.
4 / 5
I have bought this to drape in mine van. Have take my chairs of van so that my husband and I could skip dipping on the tent for the two camping of travesía at night. This coverage was quite big to cover our windows so many could be gone down for ventilation. I love a stock exchange among reasons has does not have to that it bends it perfectly for the turn behind in a stock exchange.
4 / 5
After debating several different options for one at night trips to camp of the net, has decided to this element to the equal that has uses besides so only to camp of net.

This coverage is BIG and will take some practice to imagine was that plus for the dipped up for use with the net, but law fantastically.

There is rigged mine net and there is rigged then the ridgeline for a coverage. A comprised rigging was useless thus fulfilled, although it can be more useful by other purposes. There is rigged a grandson that uses some loops in some breakings of door. I have then gathered some of a netting and joined it around some straps of tree of the net. I have then gathered some of some surpluses netting and has joined joint near of an earth in the each side to close some breakings of door in a coverage. I have situated tarp under a net, has situated my band in a tarp under my net, and then bundled a coverage to hang under my band so that everything of my train has been closed. This left to access my band any time without that has to that leave a security of my coverage.

The law adds and has not had any question repacking a grandson a next morning.

Confidently Recommends this coverage to camp of net.
5 / 5
I have used this in a backside of the mine FJ Cruiser like this could them maintain my open rear door while it has slept at night in Knitting of the sud. Has has used magnets to resist situate while a rear door was opened. This has done adds.
5 / 5
Arrived punctually for our 2 camping at night has used he for the canopy in the table of picnic and has not had any fly that near in our lunch was quite enormous to cover the 8x8 that the canopy loves that and will use it again and again in the ours the annual camping thanks amazon for the coverage of mosquito adds
4 / 5
does not know the one who another reviewers taken, but the mine was a lot of sturdy and perfectly sized for the bed of measure of the king. It hangs so only to a paving of hooks that is resupplied in some loops of cloth that is attached.

Excuses for an odd picture, that renews a house and has had the interior of bat like this dipped this up for extra security.
4 / 5
I have taken this in the backpacking the travesía deep to the mosquitoes & tick the zone infested... One classifies to situate that when a low calm sun can listen a mosquitoes the swarms that come for you.

I prepped a coverage for my travesía to sew one of some enclosed doors and has treated he with permethrin. A coverage has 6 bond outs on that it had used it that to pair this with the 7x9' tarp. I have joined each one that like this of a clean bond outs with the piece of cord of incident and 1 ~type of line of feet to a tarp bond outs. I have used some polycro like the discharge of earth (any aimed in a photo) and piled rocks to maintain a base of a clean propagation was with a polycro on one loses point. I have used 3 clothes nails to maintain another door there is sealed.

The law adds to maintain a mosquitoes was and liked owing the big zone to extend out of my train, but a coverage is coarse works and really so only for mosquitoes. Any gnats was able to take by means of a grandson and has begun to bite in a half of a night and I has had to pull out of my bug bivy with more final no-see-a point to note that had spent it for backup. It has had I any treaty a point before the hand would have been more concerned in ticks.

Can not recommend this like the primary shelter of a point is too coarse. I think that that I law adds partorisca at random of concrete use likes him the build of the communal shelter to hang was with mates to camp when mosquitoes is a primary worry (i.et. In the BWCA travesía)
4 / 5
These products will not cover a whole zone under the 10'x 10' pop-arrive canopy. I have read other descriptions that said it , he any one has included approached. Ossia Reason has purchased this element, as he no for my use. It looks he is a lot of fact and has the good stock exchange that is not too small, but when along the full height, a espend' does not close all a way. So much, it can do for the smallest application, p. p.ej. Net, But you better has some handy clips to force some 'doors' closed.

Modification: I have added the pic that look when I tried it.

Top Customer Reviews: Coleman Instant ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5
We were partorisca please really with this tent of screen. So only we use it this weekend in the camping of 3 days travel it and he have done utmost to maintain some bugs and the bees was while cooking and hangs it era. Súper Easy to dip up and go down.

Assembly and disassembly - 5 stars:

has decided to dip the up in a backyard before camping and is trace in roughly 5 so only reason has thinks that that some poles have been in an interior. His no. Be sure partorisca have some poles in some EXTERNAL when you unfold he of a stock exchange and trace in roughly 2 minutes are doing he for calm. Some legs are easy to extend and calm so only pull them until a bit metal 'key' explosion' partorisca plant in some legs. Just push that same key when you are ready partorisca the take down, slide some together pieces, his folds up in a cup, and join them all near. Some folds of what whole on amiably and access to a stock exchange easily without that owes shoehorn he in. We have had previously the tent of screen that the roughly done cost 15 years this has had separate pieces partorisca some legs and constantly would fall off when we try to gather a tent. It would take the good half hour partorisca dip it up and was always the test of our pair. :) Ossia The phenomenal improvement on some old fashions of tents of screen.

Measured - 4 stars:

A thing partorisca remark and a reason partorisca 4 stars: of a cup is angled in, loses roughly 12' in the each side partorisca be or seating room. No the breaker partorisca treat, but is good to be conscious of. We return 2 camping chairs, he 3'x3' table, the stand of metal and @@@cofre of gel, he 3'x4' (approx) folding table, and he collapsable rubbish of 30 has beaten of the chevrons and the room there was still partorisca a two of us partorisca move around. My husband is 6' big and has been sobrado headroom when when being. Some pictures are not utmost reasons have had to that clash on an exposure, but will give you an idea of the like access.

Stability - 5 stars (low conditions of small to any wind):

does not experience any wind of entity as we have not had any one subjects with this thing that movements around. We use some bet for the join down. When We in the first place dipped the up in a rear yard, I any bet he down and has had the quite good breeze but he have not touched on (ours new tent, this in spite of, has touched on of then has not been staked down).

Action - 5 stars:

weaves to have of small bugs when we camp but does not have does by means of a point. I have finalised staking a flap of door in the each side to maintain some moths to walk down (one has directed to walk by means of before I staked some doors). There is zippered doors in the each side that was adds of a truck was in a side and a table of the picnic and negotiate it were in another. This has done he súper convenient calm of then could go in and is gone in any side. Some zips actuate few bonds of rope on the so many is easy to grab. Some zips move a lot of smoothly and has not taken never stuck (and has given these doors the workout). I recommend staking a side of the each door (each side of some flaps of door have few loops for bets) for the easiest that pull some zips up. The no this at the beginning and has had to that step in a material while have pulled up in a zip. This has taken old fast which is reason I has finalised staking him.

Bonds to light - 5 stars:

has the bond in an interior of a ceiling to the equal that can join the beat-powered torch or headlight to light. I also strung two insiemi of Recesco would beat-powered lights of ball around some external and has attached him with velcro bonds for some abonos the means that lights. RECESKY Would beat Seriáis of the ball has operated Lights 30 has DIRECTED Ball of Crystal of Waterproof Fairy Decor lighting for Yard of Christmas of Inner Garden Outside of House of Party of Decorations of Gram of Decoration (Warm Aims)

In general is really happy with this compraventa and I to good sure would recommend is looking for the tent of good screen. Always it spends the hours that remembers some descriptions of product on Amazon before purchasing things like this, as thanks to some other descriptions add to signal in a right direction!
4 / 5
Are very happy with this screened in canopy. This canopy extracted exactly how is feigned and how is described, which are adds! It maintains some bugs and the light rain was and resupplies some shadow. It goes of a stock exchange to spend to an enclosure in roughly 2 minutes and behind again in a stock exchange easily. I have used he without bets in the breezy day without any question and with bets and a bond downs the windy day without any questions. I have taken some measure so only before I have dipped was and will comprise him.
Roughly 7 ft in a point a big plus, a zone shaded (today) is 7 ft diverse the little with time of day.
The distance by means of a fund 12ft I also measured in 32 thumbs on an earth where the chair or the table of picnic could be and is 9.5 ft. All some measures are in some pavings of a hexagon any one some points.
Has tried also he with some poles has blocked to see like this would do like this shadow in a beach or for girls in a yard. With a bond downs thinks it would do well. I have measured that also. 3.5 ft the main point and 10 ft by means of a fund.
Is hanged material very light and very portable. To good sure recommends this product.
4 / 5
Master! It has arrived a lot quickly! This tent is LIKE THIS EASY to dip on - still for a person. Of a time that dipped quell'on an earth, had it probably on less than 5 minutes - with only a person. It is very big, easy to see a half by means of a screen of blackhead. Using it as an outside hang-was put for me and my cat. Has has wanted to he - is old, as it has not tried hard to find a method of evasion. It will be the summer adds to enjoy a backyard bug free, and leave a cat hangs is gone in one alfresco too much!
5 / 5
A box has said 60 according to setup. So only I have believed for the minute... It was bad. Appeal out of stock exchange, legs of fold outward, attractive each one which so to extend the box has closed. bam, Room of screen!! This in spite of honradamente concealed does not comprise any staking if this is to require. Taking bit it slower in stow reason need the bit of tuck and circle to take to a stock exchange, but very a lot. Any @subject with this at all really... It would be a lot if some flaps hooked opened to the each side when going in and out of stirs it or when some bugs are not roughly. We use it to us to farmyard our 2 Regulate Poodles to the equal that can be external without the leash in a campgrounds, and for us when the bugs are the question . I am stunned for a reviewers that has quotes bad description reason extracted sooo bad in a rain. A yeah. Those breakings to create soiled' of the frames think that that it is the suppositions resupplies shelter of rain? ...Any place tries said of rain or test of alone or resupplies shadow of any class. Screens... It maintains the bugs was, not raining or sun or wind.
5 / 5
Has looked a lot of video and read countless descriptions that tries to find the screenhouse to go in a table of picnic when camp in campgrounds. This locates a lot simply -- but calm the favour and look some time of diverse video. When you have extended out of a screenhouse, would have to be able to see an upper group and all some poles in a side that the calm faces -- calm no, then the the to the rovescio. Recognition a whole thing on and calm will not have any question.. Otherwise, will think that is to the rovescio and can break or poles of transfers to try cogerprpers well. Really so only it takes the minute or two for the dipped up and the take down. We take it to us once on, a two of the moved to us on a table of picnic in a campground a lot easily. Although it was the tight access . As another has mentioned, ossia quite well for shadow and a lot well maintain out of insects, but no like this well maintain was to rain reason a cup is like this smaller that an impression. Be sure to dip your table or anything calm does not love wetted in an a lot of centre. I wish the rainfly was available.
5 / 5
Has Had this for 4 years now, and in strong disposal. I use it frequently during a summer in a beach, and occasionally during a camping of year. A canopy has resisted until the winds that cup (probably) roughly 30-35 mph (when properly joined/weighted down), a sun on some last four years w/or fading, and like the almost pen of dog without any taras/tears/etc. (Although I am sure any dog could do a bit the serious harm has has wanted to).

A trace of canopy easily for me less than 45 seconds, and went down of me less still time. On some last 4 years, some the only subjects have had was human error - I has bent one of some hinges a wrong direction the LITTLE too far and his explosion out of place and has lost a ray that resists it near. Still he well, so only owe that be conscious of this joint (ailing fix it one of these days, so only precise the simple ray and die). And mine another deception has joined down a half upper of a canopy to the table the windy day. Usually this was well with light gusts of wind. But this particular day, a canopy has required to have a capacity to flex with a wind, and to join it down, some bonds rasgados so only out of a cloth. Neither of an on mentioned inhibits entertainment of mine/of use of a tent.

Probably the few years, the'll just grotto and buy the new a. His to good sure values he you picnic/of camp/of the beach in a park/etc.
5 / 5
check some of some 1 indications can see that I am saying. The mine arrived with a cloth has gathered to the rovescio. When have @to @give that after trying to dip on invernadero sad instructions and has had the disaster of the time have @@give finally an error. We try to turn to the rovescio but some funds are down to some feet with the straps and some feet are riveted in. Any way to change that unless you have cut some straps and resew. No. The one who is inspecting this junk before it is packed up? Apparently person. To the amazon there has been no the substitution to the equal that would owe that order again or take repayment. After an experience and time fooling with this thing has been with the 10x10 screened popup for $ 9 has has had to that more look for diligently partorisca on place of Amazon. Fact to hate Some products of east pressing in another concealed looks to be of better qaulity. My woman has said something another reviewer asks--that is to spend to Coleman has used to be good? Yeah. Profit in qaulity ossia that. Rigid an American consumer causes the majority of his a lot of anything roughly that. Any me the corporate Amsterdam.
4 / 5
Easy to dip up and the work adds. When we Go to camp the use to us likes him a aviary partorisca of ours three birds of pet. They love it.
5 / 5
Use this partorisca to 5 music of day the festival and was absolutely perfect. With two of the knots had it to knots up in of the minutes; could have it taken up with just a person. We were able of the places well in an entrance our tent, and has resupplied the shadow adds - has not finalised raining on , but think it would have done like the little extra coverage to exit a tent. Absolutely compraventa excellent, and a prize has not beaten can be.
5 / 5
These rocks of tent! It was like this easy to dip up after my daughter of 13 years aimed that it has had unpacked the to the rovescio. A two of the literally dipped knots the up in roughly 5 minutes. It is enormous in an interior with abundance of room for chairs of beach and floaties etc. Is quite big to stand up with abundance of room of boss. I will not go to a beach without him. UV Protect is the prize adds !

Top Customer Reviews: Wise Owl Outfitters ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Well it built it. I have bought the net of the fact of Wise sty two years partorisca camp. It has been with Wise Sty reason a quality looked good and some products were the most economic plot that some popular some. I have imagined yes camping of the net was so only the fad my edges would grow out of punctual would not be out of this a lot of money partorisca some nets. Two years later has not grown out of him time like this resulted the upgrade. It has been spent again looked at all some popular and expensive frames. I have visited local outfitters and REY partorisca examine his wares. Looked in of the dozens of boxes of net on Amazon. My investigation directed behind to the Wise sty and I has not been disappointed. I purchase coverages of mosquito and flies.

Some flies are extremely has built well. All the flanges are double sewed with points of estréses. Any so only join a line to a corner. Adjustable cord tensioners adjustment Of easy mark. A tarp is long and quite wide to resupply good shelter of a sun and rain. It can be used with or without poles. Hiking the claves can have the habit of the help configures it to fulfil some needs of your location. My only complaint is a period of some bets. An earth where spends the majority of my time is sand and so only is not long enough. Felizmente Maintains the supply of the longest bets.

A SnugNet is the product of quality. It can be packed his stock exchange attached in the way can be installed in a net without fully take. I add to maintain he to tug in an earth and possible snagging. Some zips are to read to pull and any snag in a cloth. It is quite bad when a zip of tent snags in a half of a night when it has taken to go. It can be dangerous in the net. Felizmente Any one the worry with this coverage of bug. In mine normal net hangs it date a net has touched so only an earth. The next time will hang a net the few main thumbs and would have to that solve a question. The so that only would like to see the addition to this coverage is the loop of cloth in a cup of interior to clip the small torch.
5 / 5
Update of my estaca down...

After my estaca original Good-looking (Manager of Service of the Client of Wise Sty Outfitters) contacted roughly a tear in a coverage. We resupply me to us an excuse... ' Has has loved that achieve it was yours and excusarse for a coverage of bug that you received of us. I see that you were having question with rasgar of a coverage. This to good sure does not have to that it has spent.' Then they have offered also the repayment and the substitution of a coverage.

The mine is business like this ossia able to turn the situation around and the frames seat well in his products again. The service of client adds.

I to plot to research to find a right coverage for my Net of Double Wise Sty. I have decided to go with Wise Sty for a grandson as well as I really like a net. With which purchased it tried it and work like the sleep exactly that has looked for. This weekend has been for mine 1st camp-was and gave an occasion to try out of a coverage. With which have ensured a net has dipped a coverage in place. There is remarked to 2 tear of thumb in a coverage, am not sure has taken hooked for something in an earth as I installed it but a tear has not gone there when originally it received it. I have decided to use some tape of duck to take a tear to worsen. Before it could go back my net to dip a tape of the duck in a coverage has been rasgado all a way lengthwise. It was a weight of a little stock exchange that is attached to a net in slope in a subordinated concealed caused he for rasgar further. As my @@subject here is that has a slightest the tear in a coverage can not taking he for rasgar final to finalise. Ossia The poor clean creation and is súper fragile.
4 / 5
The net camped for a first time in the swampy forest of cypress with alllll some bugs and spiders and has not had any one subjects. This coverage of bug returns a Double Sty perfectly and left to rest easy at night without fear of creepy crawlies. My partner has not had one, and is covered in bites. It dips up it is quite easy, but to good sure practices to join your knots for a ridgeline first of the start is gone in your travesía. Amparo adds for the prize adds and bands on small. Also, a point is a lot quite that you still can see some stars and heaven at night while you are sleeping. Wonderful!
5 / 5
Ossia My first coverage of net and has chosen Wise Sty because of the quality informed in other descriptions. A double zip feels likes quality very good and a seam looks a lot of sturdy. It likes that it could it he takes of the colour of these frames that finds an easier zip. Dipping a grandson up during the net hangs it is incredibly easy, how is drop. Some annexes of the line of the type is work of low profile amiably. A last detail of quality is a stock exchange of semi-detached compression that is done of the very good quality and has the strap of buckle and alone compression. There are alternatives more economic to this product, but a lot revises consistently feeble zips mentioned or cockroaches. A product of Wise Sty is to feel and the operation inspires the confidence will last for years.
4 / 5
My boys have been begging me to sleep in nets. I have been sleeping in them each weekend for a past month. We begin with just some nets and has had some experiences concealed has done to add straps, tarps and now coverages of bug. Has Bear of butt and glorious trunk of double nets Tarps. And has has tried coverages of bug of Wise Sty. They are very impressed with some coverages of bug, spent three of them. Because of a quality am looking to purchase more produced of this company. We find that inside a coverage of bug has loop that is handy to attached the small carabiner to resist the light. They are easy to dip up and return our nets are. Has the travesía to Wyoming this week and will be to sleep in some nets and using some coverages of bug. Looking forward to this travesía with which ours first night that sleeps with an addition of some coverages of bug.

Update: the travesía of Wyoming was the success . It is the little crazy to have to that a lot mesquitos buzzing that near of your boss while it sleeps. Calm once @give you that it can not take yours have slept to better plot. It takes some taking used to. I have been of then in another camp was and has used so only our coverages of bug to look in some stars, until have despertador up and there is @@give could not see some star anymore and was warmer that when I put to bed me. I have decided to dip on a tarps in a half of a night. It liked in of the hour later. Snug Like the bug in the coverage. Still the has not invested in a down quilt. We use it fleece coverage among our stock exchange to sleep and nets in 30 nights of terracing but has had his on and our stock exchanges to sleep am estimated for -30. Our butts have taken the little cold but no too bad.
4 / 5
Has spent on 30 More the years that camp, backpacking, has begun until a Adirondacks for the week-travesías of long canoe. Changed on to the net tarp setup. Seeing so that the September up there can be very cold at night but warm and biting flies during day, has required the coverage of bug that would not break a bank but maintain my free bug and leave for room for a down quilt and possibly the extra storage for external elements likes cloths of sleep, lite jackets, hat, gloves, fulfils all some requirements and then some. It liked especially of that has had black and orange…. It has helped to distinguish me and my setup is gone in a trail.
5 / 5
Having The coverage of bug for hammocking is the saver of life. I have thought so only it would use this to camp of net, but having the coverage of bug still to time when it is so only has been for the few hours is a lot of value he. I have not had this for longitude, but has used other products of the wise sty and they last, as I am optimistic that this will have a same longevity.
Can be bit it delicate to take to a net with a vertical zip, but so only like with hammocking generates, after the few times can take it has imagined was.
4 / 5
Has taken this for mine 16 old year to go with his net of fly and Wise Sty of rain and loves it. We live in an of the sud where can you any one the external lie in your net without the mosquitos that alive coma and yes, this really law to maintain some bugs was. Now I love some hips!
4 / 5
Can agree all some time spends to try to imagine out of the way to seal of our nets with our coverages of mosquito of @@subject of Army. This calm creation totally seals you out of these bugs. It is easy to dip up and a zippered the zone the one ease to go in and era. I am pleased really with all a Wise Sty the products have used to build my system of sleep. Well value of the money!!!!!
5 / 5
This coverage of bug is announced like this. The law adds. An only thing to be conscious of of the this doing sure your net any sag too down creating tension in some coverage of May. Be sure to try and see if need of adjustments to be facts after initials setup. I found it very easy to open some arrivals and slide a coverage by means of as to curtain to use a net with out a coverage during a day and easily revoke when it is required. I like this solution in the net with a coverage of bug has attached. I have had the subject small with a grandson and a vendor has cured of him. I will be happy to purchase they again in a future.

Top Customer Reviews: Coleman Screened ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
April, 2017. UPDATE And LOOK!!!!! There is bad informative now. When I Have been partorisca the dipped on again this year, two small tears have looked in a cup of canopy. Tried sewing them on, in the first place manually, then in our car partorisca sew. Total failure. An apparently degraded cloth seriously because of some 3 months of exposure to a sun. Now so only it wants to shred and tear. Coleman has contacted. They have said that a screenhouse is feigned so only for occasional use, as with the pocolas fine of week to camp for year. Although it has not been declared anywhere in a description of product, results that in a seal of interior of a chance to spend, an a lot of-the impression in a fund indicates that a cloth is nylon taffeta and is not feigned for use of long term. Coleman rep has confirmed that it can not manage continuous exposure to UV ALONE. When being add folks, will be to send hoards it to me of substitution, down has guaranteeed.

Coverage: it is the product adds to camp, but calm can does not use has feigned like this, like the permanent summer fixture in our coverage. USE of OCCASIONAL SHORT TERM SO ONLY!!!

August, 2016
has BOUGHT 3 month ago. Totally awesome. My woman is the magnet for mosquitos, as it could any never seat external in some evenings with which does. So much, it has dipped this up in our rear coverage. And it has been there darn approach each evening of then!

Quality a lot well, quite easy for a two of us to dip up. Bolt until each claim done in a description.

Some details and additional notes of our installation:

has taken roughly 3 has beaten of a ScotchGuard to really cover a whole cup. Clue: apply a spray while a thing is dipped the half height , before you shouted it all a way up.

More than using some ropes have comprised to join it down, has dipped the threaded brass inserts/inserts to some joints of coverage and bolted some 6 legs down with rays of eye. Some feet of some legs are drawn with the hole of ray in them, how was quickly and easy. And any rope to trip on.

Has used also the pair of hooked toggle rays to ensure two of some corners to a side of a house. Together with bolting some legs down, a thing a lot, very stable and sure. It has been a lot and it has survived several thunderstorms with 50-60 mph wind gusts. In a chance, when the really severe storm has come, was A fast 5 work of minute to disconnect a toggle rays and then go down a canopy to meso-height ( likes is pending dipped up.). Gone down down like concealed and bolted to a coverage.... Solid. So only the true fact ( or hurricane) the wind would be threat .

Finally, a screen of point is total wonderful and effective. We weighted the inferior flaps have joined down with bones of economic garden (35 cents each, could can he to paint of still spray match them up with some ashes of flaps). And, no, some mosquitos and other bugs are not quite ready to sneak among some neighbours of coverage of down. It has not been never it has bitten in his sanctuary. Calm import, you gotta maintain some doors zipped up at all times... And a view of interior is so only slightly dimmed for a point.

In general, ossia the really excellent and side down alternative to build the big old screened room in a coverage. At least yes only calm 2-4 people) still accommodate. Also the thing adds for some few girls (or any) to have some protect against Zika / West Nile in the house of game sized half. Totally he quite soiled for the kiddie group and the 'Guard of Chair of Life in there!
5 / 5
Has three different measures of this tent. We buy a 12x10. Unfortunately some descriptions for all three measures are grouped to joints likes him the attention of paralización precise to a measure when reading a description. Like an example, one revises said the 5'4' the woman has gathered a tent for his. It results it was a smaller tent and say, well for you crown!

Ours experience with some neighbours on this tent was A lot of frustrating. A box has arrived is labeled 25 books but a tent is more like 45 pounds. My husband and I have struggled to pull a frame averts and the take place up. Some directions am not a lot well, so only some photos aiming hands in of the parts of a frame and any verbiage. They allege it is the 60 according to setup but this was more as an hour and average of frustration. We would be exhausted that tries to take this heavy monster dips up in camp. Finally we decide to return it and it has bought an easy to gather Gazelle screened room. This has burst in fact up in and near in 2 minutes without fuss or marital disharmony !
4 / 5
Luvin The ' Turned he to mine tiki hutt in backyard ' totally sweet'
4 / 5
has had this screenhouse for the month now, and is on state for this whole time. It uses this for the provisional screened-in porch; a description and the descriptions clearly declare concealed is not a purpose has feigned. This in spite of, have purchased a tent with this sympathetic and expect that he no last more than 1-2 years. Hire the house in a HOA-the neighbourhood has controlled; as that builds the permanent structure is not an option, and there are rigid principles in gazebos. This was my role like this still could enjoy one alfresco while when being bug-free.

With all this be has declared, here is my description in a product he. This is to announce as easy setup. Perhaps ossia a truth for two people, but I really struggled to dip this up for me with my short height. They are quite handy and some instructions are some pocolos easy to follow, but took still roughly two hours to take this up. A question has taken a frame of tent to extend and then pitching a cup. If you are short and so only, goes to be extremely difficult to create an upper And try take some mechanisms of leg to click. Ossia Reason your arm comprises does not go to cover a distance has required. I have finalised to use to broom to impulse a cup, my foot to resist down a leg of tent, and then still directed to pull the muscle in my shoulder to force a tent up. The lesson has learnt: invite the fellow on before it scare all some neighbours with yours cursing.

Once on, a quality of tent is wonderful. I waterproofed a cup with 303 (30606) Guard of Cloth, Protective Upholstery, Water and Stain Repellent, 32 fl. oz. (A boat of spray was spare) some first prejudices of the assembly has known of then would use this more than is feigned. Has a tent in the concrete yard butted up against my rear door; I have weighed down some legs with cinder blockades to maintain he to blow on. He roughly done two weeks, the very intense wind and the storm of rain has come by means of; a wind gusts was roughly 40mph and was quite to send my cubes of rubbishes that fly. I have been convinced this tent was the goner. Shockingly, This thing a lot budge neither leak!

In of the terms of measure, ossia perfect for 2-3 people. To good sure would not want to try to return anymore concealed it. Has two chairs of yard and the interior to subject lateralmente small, and concealed to leave me the bit of room to walk around closing. A frame of interior is exposed, which is perfect to hang curtains and external lights for a perfect external oasis. And some zips in a two work of doors is smooth without any one taking.

@In rodeo, am pleased extremely with this provisional screenhouse. I will be sure to update how long last with this intense use (I slowly to go down in winter). I have taken of the star because I have been directed to believe of a description that this would be incredibly easy to go down and place up. It has expected for something bit it easier that quickly could go down first of the storm and pop behind on a next day, but to good sure does not see that spending.
5 / 5
….With the little more tweaks, thinks that there will be paste a nail of tent of the screen in a boss.

On front, that thinks would have to that be improved.
1: This point is an ONLY reason has given this produced 4 stars. A chance is the chance adds for transport, minus a defect that has identified like this far. An outside pouch where a grandson and a canopy is to store hook of uses and tape of loop (aka Velcro) to ensure a flap has closed. Every time I packed it it was, any @subject like careful I search to be, a Velcro snags a screen. A question can be fixed if Coleman simply changes him on, situating a tape of hook where a tape of loop is, and a tape of loop where a tape of hook is, of a tape of hook is that it is causing a question and likes to grab material. A side of loop is soft, and is feigned to be grabbed, so will have any threat of him grabbing a screen. If they were to do a transmission, all would have to that do to maintain a side of hook out of a way, is bends a flap in a red strap to ensure he out of a way and prevent he of grabbing a screen. If there is a thing would say need to be directed for Coleman, is this . This in spite of come contingent to direct it, while it maintains a tape of hook of constantly grabbing a screen and that causes snags.
2: This with which one could go both ways on. A screen is separate, which really is not that bad, would have preferred it simply be attached to a canopy, and have an option for the trace or sure flaps to some poles. This in spite of, calm no really need to concern bugs that goes in, of then really is not that they go to actively look for a small space among a screen and a canopy, which has the significant overhang to help maintain some bugs was. There is remarked the majority of the bugs that try fly directly in a table, and , and finally so only landing in a screen. The people am complained in of the this, but a thing there is remarked with each tent of screen is will have more bugs in there reason the people leave a flap unzipped, leaving some bugs in, and then blame a costruttore to do the product that no when so only do not know like this to close the door.
3: Width. Any that a width is is bad, but if Coleman was to offer the 15' or the main version of this exact a, gladly would pay of the money, but one some concealed is main has sloped sides, the like this spatial in a fund, but lose it a lot quickly, and arrival with less canopy in a cup. In my opinion, some creations of straight wall are far upper when it comes the spatial and upper coverage. As he 15' or the main version would have adapted me better. But these returns around the each table in the each camping goes to.
4: Waterproofing A canopy. Yes, I comprise this is not the tent, and will have a level of waterproofing that he rainfly in the tent will have. This in spite of, some first time take was and have it up in a rain, would not owe that be filtering water with which 10 minutes of rain. Ossia An easy fijamente this in spite of, if not to impose you spraying the down calm with your favourite water repellent. It was easy to do, and now does not have to that me worry roughly that.

To the as it likes me in of this tent.
1: Facilitated of setup. I know ideally it would owe that I use two or more people to dip this on, but can dip this up for me. I will say that this comes with your individual level of experience. It has to that it weaves of experience with tents of all the types, as any question for me.
2: An option to use it so only the shadow of sun. Ossia Reason can take or leave a subject with a screen that is separate, reason really does not have an impact in those that bugs among, and gives an option to use so it is shadow of alone sun. But, he Coleman he like this a screen has been attached, with an option to go some sides on, included better. But still, to to the characteristic likes for these days when of a sun is really beating on, but be any bug to concern roughly.
3: Upper Coverage. When being the creation of right wall, a canopy resupplies full coverage. This gives abundance of shadow, and protect fast of some elements (barring a lot he calm leaks any spray some additional water repellant).
4: Structural Integrity. This thing will resist on, unless you are by train of the place up in the severe storm, which do not know reasons any one . There is abundance of lines of type and bet everywhere to ensure these stays in place.
5: That I me ameno to my full stop, some bets. There is the spike and the bet for each leg, and some doors. Please, before you spike down some legs and bet down has joined flaps, walk around and give each leg the fast pop up in a joint. Doing so it stimulates a leg slightly of an earth and leave it to solve in his natural place. This to the each leg and calm would owe that be in a pertinent place, with a pertinent tension in a zip as I do not owe that struggle a zip for the take open or has closed. The majority of subjects has seen of the zips in these things is reason to to the people likes them-take them a bit the legs there is pulled was too far, dipping too stress in some zips, which heads to any one closing unexpectedly a costruttore to do the bad product that his simply so only does not know like the properly of use. Cela, and any to clean them never. To do it easier, I staked down a side of the each entrance.

In general, highly recommends this tent of screen. It is easy to dip on, durable, resupplies a protect expect elements, and will last while calm dipped that on and rasgarlo down correctly together with cleaning it.

Will look for to stick some pics later, perhaps the video of setup and tear down.
5 / 5

According to timing that dips this house of screen up. It was like this easier and I he everything for me, any help of hubby. Here it is tricks /of tips:

Follow instructions and open 3/4 of a way, then pull an upper coverage on. Quell'Beginning that it bends all a Velcro to a estaca. Any need to Velcro an upper still.
Once a cup is seeds ensured, crawl down to a centre of a tent and press some first neighbours of a centre up. This action will move an upper leg of the each one grasps situate like this magic. You will listen some second has located joint so only on a click of key of Red Push in place. A first time us this, tried to press some second neighbours to the place and he was very hard especially a last leg. FYI: You press esd Tecla to Press when it wants to release some joints. As you press a ceiling in place, can also this time joins a centre and a rest of a Velcro the data is under a tent and easily can him access.
Once a ceiling is snapped in place, if you are short can begin you to hang a screen to a frame that pay attention to a start and view. It is easier entirely unzipping one of some doors so that I took a continuous screen along vs. The circle.
Finally, can extend an inferior half of a leg ( has 3 clicking options to help level some legs in uneven earth). When Knots in the first place setup a screenhouse, has extended to to an inferior leg likes them the prime minister a lot that requires to achieve and of push and extend. Some first inferior legs and will be like this easy like those explosions ploughs an umbrella. Once a screenhouse is on, can ensure with bets and he like this paralizaciones.

Has taken this reason seating for a lake is one of my favourite things to do. I have thought to the forest gazebo but lake ordinance has. 75 ft Rovescio of zone of riada. Also it has time in a season when some bugs are not like this bad and when being in the open character is heaven .

Am 5ft and planned on dipping this up for me with the stool of any and toe flops. Well, Included with the better shoes have required still hubby is help. It was easy until snapping some corners to plant. Hubby Is very strong and struggled to snap a last corner to plant and has has had to that the give one of these estripulación he' endeavour of pauses. Well Perhaps it would owe that it has chosen it of more earth of level but has has wanted to he in a fund of a hill that spends for big a lake dondequiera chair. A good informative is that some legs have three different clicking levels and so many was a bit level with some legs in general earth in two click and some legs in earth go down in three clicks. It is possible that a difficulty to snap some corners in place have had something to do with some poles that is a bit unlevel and a leg that is slightly angled ( has tried to say hubby a leg was was but would not listen ). Also, some bonds that bond some wall lateralmente to some poles have been sewed bad with a series in an interior afterwards to a pole, felt of frames, but another in slope in a wind in an outside. Now how it is it supposes to join the bond? Attacked of the star partorisca east.

For a way has seen several video with a screen dipped on wrongly, one brown continuous in an outside, any tacky objective shiny, but perhaps folks has taken garbled reason his series was in a wrong side.

Has liked him last this morning. To the condensation developed and has had some waters it paste to fall my boss while down he for almost an hour.

Was in him monkeying around and in several occasions have used my binoculars to see of fauna and flora. A view was surprisingly clear by means of a point.

In general feels really sturdy and like to of me to plot! I plan to leave it up for a summer and will update this posting final of season in the well resists up.
4 / 5
The work adds and is really easy to dip up with there is detailed the instructions have sewed to an interior of a chance and fast illustrations in some outsides of a chance. It alleges 3 minutes to dip on, but that the only WITH WHICH have learnt as to dip arrive--the first time always takes longer. It would recommend this to my friends--probably will want to take the mine has loaned!

For a way, any really need a Box of Tent of Coleman. Everything that you the need is has comprised in Coleman 12 x 10 Instant Screened Canopy. So only buy a Box of the tent of Coleman needs a mallet and hand-held/broom of the dustpan. A mallet really helps for a way.

Has comprised some photos. Still although it can look small in an outside, was able to dip three tables of alimentary and drunk and have abundance of room for people to take alimentary.
4 / 5
Has bought this popup the few years done, with an idea of the have as it bug-free zone in of the festivals. Surprised for me, is like this more. Like this far, it has been used like the caffè that do lacking tent, the shelter of rain, the shelter of ALONE, the coverage of tent, the coverage of portable shower, and the almost-one-tip-structure in able. With 6 legs in place of 4, this canopy there is outperformed each only 10x10 popup has bought of then. Coleman has survived 5' of water in 2 days, 50 mph the winds that Gulf exited, and has sustained 100 temperatures of terracing for days in finals. With an addition of two 7x20' tarps and the series of knotty bungee cords, also results 99 resistant rain and quite closed to heat with the heater of tent. A screen is invaluable for the insect that repel.

Thing Coleman does not say you :
1) taken more than 3 minutes to dip up. More like 7-8 has two people, more like 20 if you are by train of the do so only. ANY place on a canopy with a screen has attached. Your odds still rasgar by means of one locates of screen considerably.
2) A canopy is the barrier of ALONE , no the barrier of RAIN. Constante rainfall will drench an upper and calm finally will take the rain that counts by means of a lot of dulcemente. It has taken two days of constant rain thus question to look.
3) A guyline adjusters would have to that be substituted, right out of a box. Coleman trusts the plastic adjuster that will fail in relatively of short order. I have bought these ( ) and there is not had to that substitute them still.
4) Is the little heavy. The sleeves build to a stock exchange, but has two people to swing this around, will be better era.

In general, this really is a more popup has not seen never. My verbal recommendation, a lot of my friends and partners campers has bought this canopy and declare very pleased and has received a lot of positive commentaries of spectators.
4 / 5
A frame of metal is good and sturdy and relatively easy to dip up; any to 60 work of second, calm import, but would say 10 minutes with two people, quickly enough. A sidewall the point is also easy to gather and offered two zippered gone in. There is abundance of options to join a tent down has required also.

So much, reason one two-stars to estimate? A canopy! A cloth is not UV test, reason I bad anything plasticizer has been used in a cloth, evaporates quickly in of the sunny conditions. After a first season of use, the commentary describes that begun for rasgar which have reinforced with tape of clear reparation of both sides (Tenacious Tape, any economic). Had more than these tears after a second season. Today, it has loved the to the knots dipped up for a third time, and to a cloth so only rasgado likes was of paper of rice .

For a paid of prize thus canopy of a purportedly reputable company, would have expected takes at least five years of use out of the this, possibly more. Calm import, ossia so only a third time gathers this canopy, that means that a cloth has not been @@subject to the plot of wear and tear; some lives of canopy a year of cochera-round.

Would look for the canopy of better quality that goes forward, more probably a lot something does for Coleman.
5 / 5
This has done well for a prize. I have loved the good place to go when camping he in chance that has had mosquitos, a lot of bees etc. For a prize do fault well. Could be it better fact ? Sure, also it could be side $ .......
Dipped on easy, is touched to lose easy has been to satisfy.

Top Customer Reviews: Universal ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Buy this coverage!
Originally has purchased this grandson the months of pair before vacacional long. A grandson looked with some assembly has required. Some directions of assembly has been comprised. This in spite of, when I have tried to comprise some enclosed directions, found the hard to comprise and no useful. I have been forced partorisca return a product partorisca the repayment. With which have completed a description of a product, an owner of a company contacted personally considering my experience with his product. His intent was sincere and there is wanted sincerely correct any misfortunes have had with his product. It has offered to send me another free grandson of load and links it showed it like this to dip a together grandson more clearly.
Punctual taste @@give, a coverage was dipped easily together and a do one very good

has changed my description of this product because he a lot, a lot well. This in spite of want to develop in my description mainly been due to one a lot purposeful, and cure personal that an owner has taken regarding my experience with this coverage of mosquito and frame all corrected. I contacted a lot it times to ensure all is exited well and has required anything more. I questioned on my difficulties with some directions and has asked my opinion on like this to improve to them. I ensured that estimate my entrance and enact transmissions to his product.

A coverage of sum of laws of the mosquito, a service of client is exceptional.
Buys this coverage, if no for a net he, but to aim all the subjects that the service of client is estimated still and although imports today.
Thank you
5 / 5
Thanks to separate my coverage of mosquito, has not taken the bite of alone mosquito in my travesía recent to Ghana, Africa West. It felt sure and his in mine netting each evening, in spite of a lack of screens or big cracks around a doorways. A A/C was still able to blow by means of a netting so that it has not been stuffy inner. Had any place to hang a loop in a cup of a coverage; I have improvised with blue tape (does not spoil produced) and taped the to a wall in a headboard each rests of place. A netting better accesses around the bed of twin or double; if a bed is main you so only has to that tuck fall some coverages more than a mattress he. A member of our group has developed unfortunately malaria and is in the course of meds for him; it has been bitten in a chamber of hotel at night without any netting.
5 / 5
Has bought this to go in the 5 yoga of week takes in Guatemala. I have known a place is remained was bit it.. Primitivo.. Like this although it has been it has said the mosquitos have not been a subject has spent there this in all the chance. LIKE THIS happy has done!

Has not been sure like quell'has been still to hang but my ceiling has finalised to be the beams done of the big bamboo has joined it like this to one on my bed. Once in my bed, I tucked a netting under a mattress “to foam” all a way around. Has the place reads with my reading of torch.. And it could listen and see all the classes of moths and other bugs of the flight have drawn to some light but could not take mine. There is!

Maintained it also a local cat to go in my bed to the equal that liked liked with another (a time has spent the present in my bed of neighbours.. The alive rat!). Although it has had the a lot of bugs that fly around, the cat, spiders in a wall and same scorpions (one was crawling in an outside of a coverage a night).. It felt to relieve to be inside my cocoon!

Left it there to the equal that presents he in a next person that would be it to sleep in my room. To good sure will buy another!
5 / 5

Likes sleep with my open window and unfortunately this has used to mean wake on been due to bites of mosquito, but no anymore (finally the other of the good night). Honradamente Has been bit it skeptical when I have bought this grandson because it is not really that expensive, but the man has been bad. I have been using this product for the month and I could not be any happier with him.

The nave was quickly, has arrived in only two days, any hiccup - always the good signal. A coverage was neatly bent and packed in the small zip pouch that has contained also some instructions and a box to hang.

Some instructions are short, simple and like this easy to follow, mainly reasons I no really needs to do a lot of. I have not required to gather anything, all have has had to that it was to scrape a hook in my ceiling, untangle a grandson and the hang. Ossia, is in fact that simple and easy, took five minutes less.

My bed is so only the measure of queen so that has abundance of clean and an elastic in a fund maintains it good and snug all a way down to a paving. It is done out of quality, the material resistant tear -I has the cat and a bugger always is touching with a coverage, he pulling and swatting the, and has not broken at all.

Has used also a coverage when I have been to camp, was easy of the band behind is little pouch, and still although I have directed for the take taken in some stir varied time when I dipped it on, any rasgó in any place. After a travesía, before the situate behind on my bed has washed a coverage without any questions of a coverage of metal was easy to take was and places behind in.

Also wants to mention a company has the service of client adds, has received the good email of them thanking me to buy and in that leave me know that they are any subjects or has a lot so only to the left questions his know. Even more a coverage has come with the little coupon with discounting it which have used to buy the creature stroller coverage of mosquito for the partner, the quality adds same.
4 / 5
Has purchased this coverage for the use entirely any one has joined. Has one on earth hot tub and in spite of having the coverage in the, the bees found his way to some cracks and flooding for some dozens daily. Totally they would launch of a chemistry and clog on a filter and stinky, cloudy water. It had tried everything of discharges of secadors the mothballs to repel them but has done still his way in, more having the dozen or like this bees well out of a backdoor has done the person wants to go external! This was the perfect solution . Because of an elastic gathering in a fund of a coverage, returns my tub heat perfectly all a way down to an earth in a coverage. Some bees have continued to come for the pair of days that tries to find the way in, but is disappeared of then entirely. Now my water is cleaned and could not be happier! Thank you!
5 / 5
This work adds like this far so that I need stops!

For a first time am living in the house that sometimes has the cockroaches and I the HATE. Never I have seen of a prime minister one in my bed there was not able state to sleep reason would dip thought awake in cockroaches crawling on me or dreaming in cockroaches crawling on me.... ugh!! Now that there is hanged this up am able to sleep without bug-anxiety.

This coverage is sum like this far. There is not any zip or another start. It says that it is for the bed of measure of the king, but am using he with the measure of twin. I have been concerned that would be too big to really operates it but is utmost, I just need to stir he on the little more and have beaten tuck the down my mattress and control that does not have any empty the cockroach could take by means of. Of then there is not any start I a-tuck the prójimo a foot of my bed for crawl in and era. There is some elastic around some subordinated but my bed is quite small that an elastic is not really useful, but he still to the focus adds if you tuck he in attentively

for the hang, has the hook can use in a ceiling but calm require the hammer. This in spite of, there is also hooks that can adhere to a wall (looked to command hooks) and comes with the plot in still consonance hang he with also! I have used some hooks of the sticky wall of then does not have the hammer and suspended it on my bed. I have gathered he in just the pair of minutes— was really easy!

Is gone in s little zip-on pouch that would be convenient has required to travel with him... A pouch is almost the wide foot and the pair of the fat thumbs, but hanged light. If I really required to travel with him probably would compare another and look around for one this was for real need more compact to camp or packing a raisin he-on luggage.

Gave it 4 stars because really the desire has done one specifically for measure of beds to twin so that it does not have to that tuck drop a mattress like this meticulously. Also reason could be more compact there is wanted really use he for travesía. For real although the work adds and are has appreciated bought that!!
5 / 5
Has no AC and having some plough of windows is the must during some of some months of state- roughly to touch older and not having properly returning screens- unfortunately ossia season of first mosquito and for the years have has treated so only some bites. My boys would take some worse of him, especially my daughter- would take covered with them at night. An idea for one of this wine of the mine and I have not done on he immediately. I finally ordered with which having the terrible sleep that is divebombed for multiple of the mosquitos times the night.

Reason expect like this long?? :(

This thing is surprising. It bursts open rectum out of a container, and comes with all a hardware for the hang. I took everything of 3 minutes for the take place up. It has taken one for my bed of queen and one for the bed of twin of my daughter. It returns both add.

I questions of mosquito have SOLVED. We have not been annoyed by mosquitos once at night in our beds. It is awesome going in and feeling like this sure, knowing his dastardly the plans will be foiled. I will see him for some windows in a morning, as it knows was there, but so only can not go in. It goes him to us to use box a time cools and some mosquitos leave and then so only dips was box next season.

My husband and I also said would be character the travesía of to next time to somewhere likes him Cost Rico where some bugs are plentiful.

A subject small. For some reason, a one in the chamber of my daughter would not remain stuck to a ceiling- I thinks has to that do with a product and a sticky place of a hook has comprised dulcemente falls off. A one in my bed is remained on perfectly very dipped that of then he on fact the month. So only we finalise screwing the hook of cup to his ceiling and has not had any one subjects of then.

Has taken a version without overlaps reason have not loved any casualidad of a ploughing for these plagues. Going in and out of the bed is the little uncomfortable, or that takes the drink of water- but so only sticks my hand down and spend a cup in and then has left a screen has retreated down. There is also some empty small tiny around some legs of a headboard but that have read roughly like the mosquitos fly it would be very random for the mosquito to in fact find concealed and like this far have no.

has bought the different mark of one for the chamber of my edges because there is bunkbeds. It is in a form of the rectangular cube and we so only dipped the in a bunkbeds like the lid of giant box. Also in amazing.

5/5 would buy again :)
5 / 5
Exactly that has required! My husband and I amour to seat outside at night in our garden but a mosquitoes is like this relentless that is impossible result. I have tried all and he at all have done. I have purchased this coverage of mosquito, has attached it to the our awning and draped the in our zone to seat. I have protected perfectly of anything and everything! Any some bites! Maintaining can enjoy our evening the near free bite! My husband has said that it is like our own little hide was!
5 / 5
A Vendor contacted with which was returned a product and has left my description.
Was a lot of apologetic and informing to his 'better that the money for behind guarantees' offered to do things well to send me another coverage of mosquito.
Arrived it interior 3 days and maintains in of the perfect conditions. I owe that say that his service of client is fantastic and highly would recommend him. Changed my description to 5 Stars!

Was so that it looks forward to to dip this up in my bed like some mosquitos has been terrible this year. This in spite of am happy examined it closely before spending for all a question to the equal that have found two holes in a cloth. I have finalised to ask the repayment. It wishes the control of the quality of a company was more until sado. So only it can give the 1-star.
4 / 5
After the travesía recent in Thailandia where sleep in of the cabins with coverages of mosquito, my husband and I am @@to give the one who better sleep when it is hot! Purchased this for the travesía to Hawaii with the group, and an interior that sleeps the spaces have been limited. Easy to install in a yard, and has covered the mattress of full measure amiably. Apt stock exchange in a stock exchange easily, and was able of the situate inner my spend-on chance with spare room for 5 value of days of cloths. Any sure would resist on longitude-designates to camp or walked, but for a work of travesía occasional adds!

Top Customer Reviews: Wenzel Smartshade ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
4 / 5
As another has declared, this will return a Ozark Instant of Trails 10' x 10' Canopy of Straight Leg. Some hooks and a velcro in a corner all line up with some holes and a velcro in some corners of a Ozark. An only thing that any one enough the line up is a velcro all some sides in a cup, but some wall is a lot tight around some legs of a canopy, as they do not look necessary. If with which more use a velcro looks of entity, was quite easy to add some velcro loops to a frame of a canopy. Quality a lot good.
4 / 5
Returns a Walmart 10 x 10 canopy PERFECTLY!!! It BUYS IT! It is also much more durable that a Walmart the mark has bought first. I have bought this one to substitute an original Walmart produces that rasgado in diverse after so only plants the pair of minths of use.
5 / 5
So only that has required. A screen and the zip had spent is gone in our original swiss house of screen. Although this product was hard to locate, need to add new description to help investigations. It can be used like the substitution and a lot so only the screen for a canopy to exist.
4 / 5
Has done a lot well with coloman 10x10 canopy of straight leg. It maintains some bugs out of
4 / 5
the works add with my Abccanopy 10x10. Has semi-detached clave in velcro my canopy to maintain a focuses the little tighter. Abccanopy And a velcro in a netting was a same side of a velcro. Easy fijamente. It has taken 2 minutes. Well value a prize!
4 / 5
Has used this to create the estimativa screened porch. Has the 10x25' the rear porch has covered that has some wall to house on 2 sides, but some other two sides are opened to a time, with only the knee of 2 feet-wall. A mosquitoes was really bad this year, mark to seat there without being eaten alive, but does not have to that the hundreds of dollars to build and install esal' the screens done to commission right now. As I have decided to try that this esmartshade' instead, and the work adds! It is the screen of good quality , done of two sections of 20 feet that together zip, and is roughly 7' quote - ossia a perfect measure to cover one opening among my ceiling of porch and some wall of knee. I have used bulldog clips to hang a screen so that it can be take easily to clean, storage, etc., And has ensured also an inferior flange with weight to maintain he of flapping in strong wind. It is lovely to seat there now - the free bug! (I alive in sub-Knit Of the sud tropical so much season of the mosquito is not quite on still down here.)
4 / 5
Used with our EZ on canopy! He no drawn to apt exactly with him but work well. Quality and utmost prize. Really it likes that there is of zips on two sides to go in and era.
4 / 5
To to The This work likes to have that. I have had to buy some velcro for some upper but a prize and a quality is a lot of value he.
5 / 5
These attach easily using velcro to a Wenzel canopy and is an effective deterrent of flies. We use him to us the little time now.
5 / 5
Loves this wall! We use him to us all still state cookouts and meetings, giving the bug besieges free to eat. They attach easily and it is a lot of sturdy. A zippered stock exchange that is gone in is perfect to store them was season.

Top Customer Reviews: Tailgaterz Magnetic ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
The wonderful works! To well sure the two assembly of person but was up in 15m. It maintains all some insects was and controls up against a wind. Has abundance of spatial and some doors of the next magnet every time for us.
4 / 5
Bought this based in other descriptions of user. It IS very nervous quite buying it, but a specs and the look said me that be to him adds. Only it was to camp in Yosemite for 2 days and expsitos that law adds. It was solid and easily returns around some tables of picnic with 2 spare feet in included some longer ends. It sees the pictures have comprised. It was easy to pose together and joins up. It IS awesome to be able to seat there with thousands of the around me external insects of a tent even so has insects very small in my face. I have wanted hardly some few limits of a tent. For awhile, a paste of sun a tent directly and has not had any wind. It has baked in there and it was miserable. A point has lined a heat until the clear breeze is coming through. Like the does not look in a whole thing how 100% protects of sun or. My another the negative points are as follows: Of an upper in a fond premier, had the 1 desert of inch that left wing the insects in bases the one little rule. The desire there was the road to fix concealed. Tierra of insects in a screen and begins crawling and then achieves a crack and comes well in. Desprs Leaving for the day, there was probably 50-6- insects of the small flight that buzzes around under an awning. As my first tip when that takes this thing is to have the spray of insect with you. You Spray during a down awning to kill all some insects, is fallen the and enjoy an insect free room again. An another the problem there has been was with an uneven fund these empty covers under a wall of tent for insects to enter. You are mentioned all this negative, would buy this tent again without hesitation. It IS strong, has lined was 98% of some insects and was so easy to enter and out of with some enclosures of magnet.

Update 8/11
returned and read some recent descriptions. I want to comment on some dotted his
1) could do a setup with 1 person, but is risked. Some poles of tent are strong, but would not say was so strong as to sustain heavy pressure while while since tea to run around and adjusts a test and powder while it is coming up. I suspect that some people try to do that to 1 work of person. I am sure that this would be a cause of 70% of a harm in posing this thing up. I am the big strong type and admits that this tent demands the minimum of 2 people in setup as it likes him to him any one to apply excessive pressure in some poles cuz crooked when other 3 sides are waiting for his poles. Although you insert/ you insert all some poles while a tent is on he is the side and the seeds bends the up, can see that a odds to break the pole or permanently angling one is moderated enough.. You see some pictures of my original clave and calm summer that 1 -2 of them have the light curve. But that it is so that a tent was in the slanted bedrock as a whole the tent was prpers that it wants to bend behind. A still any plus or less is breaking down a tent. Apresamiento Distracted and your joined to break something. A stock exchange of boxes/of the tent among era already quite big. I think that that it is crazy to demand solid poles or a weight of a whole box would be unmanageable. I think that that a whole box is the same balance of sake of function and weight.

2) Stability - has very series of time that one is supposition to use the stability a tent in the each corner in wind. I have not posed the on cuz has not had very alcohol. But I can see that it was change any one to use them. Again, of some pictures and extraneous commentaries in his descriptions, in looks them to him the has not done an endeavour to use some lines of the support included.

3) Insects - has been certainly surprised to see some insects enter cuz has wanted the free half insect. But, I think that that some people can also angled out of form for included seeing the little has spent of a money to buy this thing. I think 100% insect the half free is unrealistic. I need to take can he of Raid or spray of insect in esfresco' /cleanup a number of the insects that fly around time in when. One issues the voice, has so of the few insects in a tent that when still of the little enter, is supremely perceivable. If you want the free half insect, stay in a car or your house. That is to say the solution adds for one alfresco in a lot reduce the insects that earth on you. This is not the tent of miracle for 'insect -pound' does not think any tent can be concealed .

4) Thinks a cup of a closure of magnet is the real problem for me. A short 6-8 inches very sake very afterwards and does not have any solution. Some people suggest not posing a so tight tent so as to cause an attraction that opens this empty. Contest against this solution so that I any one anything in 'on-tense' a tent and he have had still a desert. It IS so tight in this zone that any same know if the help of additional agents. A more thinks enough the, thinks that an only solution is to take pins of security to close this part and treats the lowest entrance or to sew that enclosed section. Some magnets would have been better was 25-35% main. They are quite grain to do and once after a cup a, a fall of rest in the place like an imaginary zip is closing. So that fresh. But almost every time you left you a tent, owe pause and near that upper magnet to take he in self focus. I seat that if some magnets were main and heaver, a tend car-focus without requiring initial help in prjimo. Perhaps yes it conceal in the first place it can the magnets were 40% main could resolve a whole problem. Hmm, Thinks mcgyver me the solution and tries this I.

No for this company, but thinks does plot of clients also that demand that is expecting too much of this thing and more than winery for his abuse of product, is trying in poo poo the product that does not deserve one ridicules is been taking.
5 / 5
That is to say the addition adds in our house. We pose it to us up in our 12x12 coated and screwed he down. It IS a perfect road to enjoy our coverage without a pesky the insects that problems us. A better part is some to the magnetic doors likes them the dog can leave in and was and can walk through with the full hands. It has Had some strong winds and he flex some but the supports until all time so far. I produce it adds for a prize.
5 / 5
I have to have the new model. Some magnets are woven in a very good tissue. One is trace is different of a video even so; why I think that that they have changed a model up. Easy setup, very easy, less than 5 minutes. Abundance when titling spatial and he very soiled for a table of picnic chooses era. Outsunny 4' Table of Folding Laptop of External Picnic w/ 4 Chairs - Money
5 / 5
That is to say a tent of better screen never. I want that it is portable to choose the laptop. It was easy for my husband and I to pose up in our coverage. Desert in a subordinated and go to take an aide of an another critical in cut of some poles 3 inches. Also go to take an aide of another critic to attach more velcro. I am so pleased with this tent of screen. We plan in tweak ours tend of new screen the bit to do he in ours likes him and to maintain was likes him plot of insects what possible.

A prize has paid therefore sreen the tent has surpassed my expectation. Anything better that this tent would cost more and possibly the professional installation has required. That is to say a better solution for me and my familiar to maintain out of unwanted insects. Thank you Tailgaterz!!! It continues to do the good product. It buys this again and again.
2 / 5
Until it informs of date
Posed it up and then one of a fiberglass the ribs shattered (photo of views). A a there has been before the years lasted and at the end a tissue has the data was. It have to it saved it to it some old poles and of the ribs. That is to say very disappointing and the looks can very included take the part of substitution. A quality is gone low road .

Original 5 description of star.
Wants ours and that is to say ours second unit posed it up and leave arrive each summer. An in the first place one had lasted 4 or 5 seasons that is used in this way. I am sure he calms used the and situates has been he every time he still last more long. Some doors are awesome. You can walk up with the cocktail in the each hand and right of any in. Has open and after only it likes him in the hike of Of Estrella! Some screens are very transparent and can enjoy a view as we were there with all some insects. It IS a lot of values a prize.
3 / 5
I have not used a shelter in the trip to camp still, but posed it up in a yard to take listen he for east to measure and facilitated of setup. In general, investigation to be the quite good unit. Some magnets are idea adds resulted to be practical. A problem there has been is that some clips have maintained to come loose leaving some magnets the fall was. At the end it is exited a kragle and bonded all some together clips. Hopefully This will resolve a problem with an exception of a a clip and magnet that has been missing altogether. I have found an email for a manufacturer and has asked the substitution. Hopefully The the department of service of decent client.

- Good measure
- Abundance of room of the cape of a wall is directly more this has twisted
- quite easy setup

- the clips for magnets suck. Big FAILURE Here. A lot that disappoints when being that some magnets are a big plus selling point of this element.
- No able to be in his own without each leg that is staked under

Update: and takings 2 new sets of magnets in a clave the weeks of pair after contacting service of client. Used travels it to him of the camping and he have done well. It does not attach for short trips because of setup time but good works for the trips the long plus.
5 / 5
Sper Room of good screen but will require at least two if any three people to pose up. Nice and roomy and some the Magnetic doors are a bomb
1 / 5
Some magnets do not close when enter/exited a tent and yes physically calm after the, included the light wind will separate the! Espend' No while it announces!!! Tried to do with a manufacturer, Exxel Alfresco, to come up with the solution, but does not go to be owe law with us. It expects moments for them to come up with the feasible solution, one of some finals of the pole broken as well as one of a bond of cloth-downs. It does not recommend this tent, although an IDEA is sum , and especially very Exxel Alfresco undertaken and line of products!
1 / 5
One creates magnetic doors that can spend it calm through without a hassle of the zips are of sound, but with this unit a slightest breaks it the swipe behind opens to leave all some insects in and attack a purpose. He the could not maintain closed by anything, although it was in an endeavour in reattach each magnet on my own the swipe has opened behind. Then it takes taken in the brief but the strong pop above attacks ( vain to spend) cual rasg he in of the pieces (literally) how is returned. Perhaps yes the calm went it to pose in the coverage or yard that has been protected of a wind was well , but no for a lot of anything more.

Top Customer Reviews: EVER ADVANCED ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 11 ratings
4 / 5
Wonderful product partorisca cover table of picnic in planting to camp
4 / 5
Once was on having remarked had few holes in a cup.
4 / 5
This photo could any one this justice of tent!!!! The measure is enormous! In general, perfect 'big ceiling' tend partorisca summer, a lot a creation also. I wish a manual could be simpler, but was quite directly advances to dip up.
4 / 5
Was very easy to dip on this tent. Has two stands of net with interior of net. His so only returned, but is been our favourite place to relax this summer. Also we move it, it gathers, the mow. Ossia Easy with two people.
5 / 5
The screen does well tent with the a lot meshed exploitation that maintains the bugs were. Easy to gather. The zips do well. Good measure.
Easy to add waterproofing .
5 / 5
Will do until I can take another bit it easier that dip up.
5 / 5
Easy product to gather and disassemble.
A measure was perfect for our take social chance. It would recommend, it was a compraventa exceptional .
4 / 5
Ossia Perfect for our camping, maintains an alimentary sure of all the bugs! He also main that looks.
5 / 5
Container of beautiful wrapping of good boss. Thaks For the fact of good work.
5 / 5
I have bought this on June 8th 2020 his now August. We have gone down during the heavy storm. Then dipped the backside up. A limb has fallen and he easily poked the whole. But a worse part was some looks of screen partorisca be dry rotted. A screen is feeling very dry. And we take well of priest of our material. I seat this has not been value of the money. Sad. A measure was utmost. Some 2 raisin was awesome. A screen netting is dry and knots the drink there went it the month

Top Customer Reviews: King Size Bed ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 37 ratings
5 / 5
Some last times have been in Taiwan, some mosquitos there attack me! They are not that it speaks in regular bites, his swole until a measure of baseballs. Joking Around, has said that was to buy the coverage of the mosquito and I then ️ see this on Amazon. Amur How is black bc the mosquitos are attracted the light colours , he so that there is there the addition protects right there. It has been concerned of not being quite big but this thing is enormous! A quality of a cloth is also quite durable and often (sees photo down). It can not expect dipped this to use well the Taipei!
4 / 5
Soyy The blood of small creature is type 'Or', a hateful mosquitoes bite every night and she always cries in a midle at night like this both of us ccould not sleeping well for the long time until I have found the coverage of mosquito of amazone supply for Of the sud to the east. Good coverage, good vendor. A coverage has saved my littile creature.'
5 / 5
I has taken this for the zone of nook of the reading. It is good quality and good measure for a prize. Attended was more than the alone discharge but I so only draped more cloth on that. The only complaint would be a ribbon the loop in a cup could fail overtime. It is also cat has agreed. 👍
5 / 5
Loves this coverage of mosquito a better. Has another some, but does not have dual start like this one, so that I can exit of bed in any side. I love a way a grandson overlaps in some start so that his easy to open and close perfectly. They are like this happy has discovered is one.
5 / 5
has taken a good form of a grandson hangging in my double bed. The quality adds, a coverage has been done of 100 polyester with holes really small so that a mosquitoes could not fly to a coverage.
5 / 5
Master! Has the bed of full measure, and returns perfectly. Hoop Is plastic, but is hid under a netting.
4 / 5
The one who the Delight ! After ordering a 1st a, is like this beautiful has ordered another and have them draped elegantly in my bed of measure of the king
4 / 5
Perfecto. It maintains some mosquitos and other insects were. Apt amiably in a bed. You recommend highly.
5 / 5
WELL - Like this I have not used this canopy partorisca maintain mosquitoes out of the boy partorisca sleep. I have used this wonderful invention partorisca protect the potted shrub of cranberry of some birds. Partorisca A past four years some birds have taken everything of my cranberries. Perhaps it has taken two. This year I have been determined partorisca take them all partorisca me. I have required partorisca rig on the clean coverage partorisca a shrub. The bird regulates netting the holes are too many big - some birds easily have taken some bays in pasts of years. Like this this year I have been determined the outsmart him. Have hanged a canopy of a light outside fixture and shoved a pot of cranberry (which is enormous) goes down a netting and has ensured a netting in a fund of a pot with the rope. A netting is a lot enough to maintain out of some birds still leaves a sun and rain to take to a plant. Reason has the 'drape' inaugural, easily can access a shrub to choose some mature bays. And this netting is hard. I quite hard that the bear could does not destroy. I maintain the base of a flange of the forest of the thicket and one prejudices the creature the wine of black bear to the mine porch and has decided has loved some cranberries. It has attacked a whole pot on and has scared was. A plant of bay And a surviving canopy without harm.
4 / 5
Has has wanted to one of these for soooo long. It was excited like this when it is gone in. It is easy to gather. A thing of simple hook that scrape you to a ceiling and bam yours strong adult. I me feel like the princess in my chamber. It felt he likes was in mine own little world. It is the little darker when it seats under the and has has wanted to that. It would close it all a way on and feign the person could see me. Lol. An adult hideaway is that it felt was. A bit put for me to escape of him everything. I have to taken done some years.

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