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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Shiloh
Law a lot takes the week and then decree it fast that touches and has taken extremely hot and has fallen so only averts.
4 / 5 Monnie
Always I have hated that slow car chargers typically is. All have, one uploads of gas canal concealed hardly will maintain an alive telephone and so only if you are not by train partorisca the use. This fast car uploads is not partorisca like concealed. A car uploads like this quickly like the lightning uploads in a wall. Plugged He on 1 and any time was them in 30. We have used he with my Galaxy and iPhone. Still a same time.
5 / 5 Rosenda
When Have in the first place received an adapter, law a lot paralizaciones the week but he then takes partorisca do. A support of client has surprised, ship to us upload it shortly after speaking to them. A new one has been doing well, client I really adds service. 10/10 While this a hard.
5 / 5 Dawn
My telephone could not touch with a built-upload of my vehicle unless I have turned a telephone was. Of then it uses a telephone partorisca working nonstop during a plus of day partorisca GPS, this has meant has had to that spend the portable load in my car for long days was and roughly. Now with this little device, my cariche of telephone in some quickly same automobiles when I am using Waze and listening to an audible book. They are like this happy has done this compraventa!
5 / 5 Keith
In my opinion this product is announced to be the car telephone load fast. It is not much faster of mine 4 old year the beaten on the automobile uploads. Not To Take me bad. Work perfectly well, is not has broken but is at all closes to perceive fast.
Update: the service of Client contacted, has not helped at all. Hardly it can speak English and did not comprise him that it say. In an end said to us basically used it to them wrong and blamed it on me. Spend of the extra money and buy the product of better quality.
4 / 5 Gabriella
As I have had serious big hopes partorisca east. You takes in an hour in a van and the death are died now deadski. All the world knows when I need the upload, requires one load. I have had to that pull out of a unit that substituted it so only to use my telephone. It classifies to squander a purpose. Ossia A second an of these units that has purchased. In the first place a dead east that I although it was the fluke but a second very last while a first unit.
5 / 5 Flora
The box has suffered harm and is supped to come with bosses to touch and has had any one!
5 / 5 Karon
A lot handy - have it touching Samsung telephones and iPads. Used this for the month now, with the full automobile of boys, all that loves it touch his telephones, this has looked for to be invaluable.
5 / 5 Oretha
Like this the thing is supposed to be two fast chargers. This in spite of, my telephone will say quickly touching until it covers something more more. Has the device that in of the draws the means amp and when it covers he in with my telephone plugged in too much, goes to touch quickly to the mine telephone that touches dulcemente. It does not plan to never buy another.
4 / 5 Valene
The load is slow. A calm telephone has included said you. I will be to return an element . The descriptions were misleading.

Top Customer Reviews: Car Charger, Jelly ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Chaya
I have purchased two of a Comb of Aspic 65W/13A 6-Automobile of Port Fast USB Chargers together with diverse of a ANSEIP Right Corner Micro Bosses of USB () partorisca install in mine refurbished 1998 Burley Of lite trailer of bicycle partorisca use with eight Crosstour CT9500 Cameras of Action (). This is to be do to significantly augment a time of register of the video of these cameras. The number and the measures compact of the ports in these adapters have left partorisca the very cleaned installation. One produces looks a lot of engineered, fulfilling my needs and expectation. This combination of adapters and bosses would owe that do my future register of visit of bicycle bit it less stressful without prpers that has to that concern on some batteries of camera that quotes. You can see the images have taken of a 2018 recognition partorisca look for on Youtube partorisca 'PNBR 2018 Daisy Cyclist'.
4 / 5 Gricelda
We use our telephones all a time, as it is not unusual to have that leaves and find one uploads of telephone is down. Like this handy that can both covers our telephones in and cariche while we travel. Generally they touch quite quickly, but it depends in that it is using your telephone and that power your applications take. WAZE Are adds for travesía but is the power hog, which these all a lovely plus. Considering quality, has not had any question still with normal use. A course of discharges is the bit snug taking he to a telephone, but once in, remains firmly versus flopping roughly and losing connection while touching. I had it raisin concealed and discover too late that my telephone has not touched . It take one for my husband for Navidad, and has ordered then one for my car also. To good sure recommend,
4 / 5 Winston
When I in the first place opened on this element, did not think it would do reason seats flimsy & light. I had it ten month now and the law adds. Has the van and covers this to a lighter socket, besieges he in a paving and all cover world-wide in. Has the big van and a boss hardly spends for to direct the chair of an engine. As all the world has his own 10 ft boss(s). In this way, any subject where is seating, can use a device and upload against a same time. I do not have remarked any interference with a radio same although ossia plugged in at all times. We have touched different devices, likes apple and of the telephones of android, iPod Nanos, trackers of fitness, hand-held video games, cameras, & an iPad. An only device concealed has not touched is an iPod older Classical. It was not if it is one load or a ipod with a question.
5 / 5 Tarra
My woman and I regularly travel to choose up and drop of our daughter in University. This leaves 3 of us in a car a same time for the pair of hours has required to touch our battery a same time. These produced fulfils a need and of the cariche quickly too inspite of there that when being the multiple devices have attached. You are a subject excellent for a prize. To good sure recommend that this load.
5 / 5 Katelyn
It was skeptical of some claims to touch and I have the full van of girls and electronic to the equal that has thinks that would give this come from he with diverse 5 now besides issues travesías to come up. I have not been disappointed in cost of mine. With 6 put you some boys can touch his pills while using them, my woman and I can touch our telephones, and there is still room for more could require touched. It is very built, durable and a period of cord leave covers it he in a front port lighter and the leave in a paving behind some seats forward.
Possesses the minivan to the equal that have chosen on the little 6ft usb bosses on here to go with him like this wherever is in a calm van can remain you plugged in. If you are looking for an of these. Shopping this one.
5 / 5 Jasper
Interest if his so only dipped the weight of advantage in him to feel solider but like six calm think you could have bought this in a tent of dollar. But I have not bought this for looks only functionality. 5 stars and surprised in the very laws. The 2000 street of one thousand travesía with girls and his artilugios which has looked of:
1X iPad 2
2X Galaxy Remarks 8
1X iPhone 6
1X iPhone 5

And this any skip beat it, was to warm to one touches but no hot. Still our 1 goto when the travesía of street is in a forecast.
4 / 5 Zella
Container Very good to manage these needs of multiple device in the car with has limited 12 connection of volt. An idea of the corded the connection done to plot to note to be able to do fault the engine is and second needs of passenger of the row of an adapter. It is a lot of fact and of the works perfectly to manage telephones and multiple pills.
5 / 5 Leonor
My car is the little older like this there is not of the places covers it so only in and load anywhere. Sooner this year it has rented it to van for the rpad travesía and has included there is not quite something for a kiddos the not struggling on some something available. This has done perfectly in a car to maintain them all happy and calm. My cariche of telephone quickly, included when I use a GPS on that. There is remarked in the 20 walk of minute with GPS on, was able to go of 88 life to 100. Please notes that yours has selected to touch the cord is the factor of entity in that quickly your telephone can touch. If volume he 2nd vehicle familiarised will be to buy this again.
4 / 5 Renate
Canal of Load of Compact USB
the SUM of looks of the quality
the value Adds for the general purpose 9AMP fine-port load

the devices have tried for my purposes of test:
-iPhone 7: No more than him it has achieved it. In the iPhone uploads, is possible. My tests suggest is common.
-Samsung Compressed of galaxy: No more than 1amp has achieved. Another chargers is common.
-Bose Bluetooth Speaker: Any mor that has achieved. Another chargers is common.

The look announces '' ( X 6 =. A device alleges 'Comb of Aspic 65W/13Some 6 Put you' and 13Amps MAX writes in chances. I thkn has meant to say ' X 6'. Still my experience was no more than requiring to do a work of numbers.....

Creates this load is able of X 6 = 9Amps Total. This in spite of 13(14.4?) It is possible, any of my devices all able of > able era to see that using this upload.

1 Port has not done at all. Found the pin has bent under a socket. The device is not easily serviceable. The inferior coverage is glued on. The components and he look of craftsmanship of quality. Control of quality of advertising and the construction of product is suspicious .
4 / 5 Emeline
A device is not UL has Listed!! In a start of a product declares that a device is UL has Certified that is bad. This device has has not had never the evaluation of the security treated for Underwriters Laboratories.

Top Customer Reviews: Spigen 30W Fast Car ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Keenan
Any one uploads in fact fast. I want to Spigen produced usually, and in presentation this a still look adds but when plugged in (using a port of USB corrected and the Galaxy S9+ with the variety of the bosses that comprises OEM bosses) he no fast load. It says fast touching in brief but then with which 3 seconds goes the normal touching. The device Uploads quickly well by means of walling outlets using same bosses and Samsung chargers.
4 / 5 Lanette
Any one fast load. Has a Galaxy S9 and use a boss that is coming with my telephone. It covers to a port green ossia supposition partorisca be 'fast load' and aims in mine S9 partorisca 30 seconds then goes the regular touching. It is not fooled with this upload! Highly it disappoints it
4 / 5 Daren
My car port original has given was and has required the new a. A one has had was able to touch my telephone and also laws like the port able upload (included the light) but pauses :/

has been surprised in as small and lustrous was. The Tiny, likes at least 3 or 4 thumbs but measures doesnt imports here any no. buy the Rampow to boss and use likes him the wombo combo with of the of of the east... Oh Chico...
Mine uploads old has maintained simply my telephone to die. C load and a Rampow the boss in fact touches my telephone to of 20 to plenary in the 45 min walk. Not even kidding, although has a screen has lit fully. What good and bad is his hard to dip in and hard to take was, at least calms does not have to that worry in snagging your boss and taking all with you when exited your car.

Nah bruh. To his ape like them pocolos produced here a there kinda change your life lol ossia one of them, and are not overselling.
5 / 5 Tracie
I have bought this Spigen the Fast car Load partorisca my S9+ telephone. It has chosen this unit in another chargers given a very good mark reputation of Spigen. Partorisca Use this partorisca touch my S9+, a telephone initially will aim 'Fast touching' this in spite of, the pocolos second or the minute later, a notification of telephone revert to 'touching So only'. Touching time of 90 to 100 is measured in 31 mins. Used an original USB C boss that is coming with a telephone and a an I taken partorisca Hold to Be able to, the same subject is remarked. The Amazon has informed of then will be partorisca return this element . It was not if ossia so only the defective unit or that.. Perhaps some of you the types can suggest the abonos the fast car load partorisca S9+. Thank you.
5 / 5 Troy
I have taken this like the economic substitution partorisca another car uploads, has bought bases on is reputation .

Now has died.

Are weeks after the cost and has died.

A Anker the car uploads that I have had in mine car and place in the car of my woman when it take this one continuous do, every day, like clockwork. And lame that an almost done the year. Still in strong disposal. Anker. It likes that of name. Produced of quality, as the one who am concerned. It have to that it has bought it another ANKER produced in place of this volume, economic unusable SPIEGEN produced.

Expected that that can return but am spent date of mine of turn.
5 / 5 Denita
This 12 adapter of law of volt well with my Motorola telephones. I have bought so only my woman the new Motorola MOTORCYCLE Z3 this requires the type c end of USB. My Motorola the telephone requires the type of USB b final. I have bought separate touching bosses that will complete my needs to touch still in some automobiles to be able disturb it touches my telephones. Like this far they do very together. I see other people write bad descriptions roughly that bad this adapter is but does not see that any of them has tried the better cord. Ossia A cord has found:
2 in 1 Micro Type of USB C touching Boss for Motorola Motorcycle G6 Z3 Z G5 G5 G5S G4 G3 G2 E5 E4 E3 X G More C of Game,Asus Zenfone 2 3 4 5 5Z 5Q AIR V MAX Life Zoom Deluxe Ultra Laser Pro,Quickly Upload Cord 3FT
5 / 5 Katheryn
is not never state disappointed when it comes to Spigen the products and ossia any exception! Has the crazy the arrival and the compact creation that want to already.
4 / 5 Eura
I have had this uploads of then May 2018. Law well when I required it, which has not gone often at all. Has the new telephone and a battery is sum. I have had this in chance of emergencies. It has used possibly he less than 25 times a last year and two month and the courts circuited when I have tried use the the few days does. The desire there was the decent guarantee in the reason a wear and the tear am not existed. Any sure that time this same work of a guarantee only pieces for his little month.
4 / 5 Natasha
It uploads my telephone a lot quickly. A bit snug returning, as I owe that be careful covers it he in all a way, but this means it will not fall was while into use with the little incidental contact.
4 / 5 Pearl
It has Had this for the month or two, and takes (Tried with the telephone different/cords to be sure is one load). It was to add while hard. Perhaps so only it take the uselessness. It is the shame because usually I am very happy with Spigen produced.
Has bought the different one of the different company this in spite of.

Top Customer Reviews: AINOPE USB 12V Car ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Romeo
I have bought this partorisca control to 99 Expedition that thinks has the intermittent alternator. In timing read 0.3 volts and another time 13.8 when the truck is running. I am not sure state of this reading and has tried he in the 2016 Ford Merge and he 2017 Ford F150 with some same results. In timing read 14.2 and 0.3 or 4 in both a new some vehicles. As of these times can not see for the give the good indication. I run the pinch cam of a port of USB and has had any Question with him. A reading on was one same with or with out an USB into use. Not to have it long enough to estimate a durability.

Update: after taking an Email to Transport it technology that says that a 0.3 reading was a Amp. Reading I rechecked with out anything plugged to some the ports of USB. A reading was then a voltage of battery at all times. My only complaint this time is a description of element any said is not reading is also a amp reading. I thought that it that it have verified the quell'has been he with out anything plugged to some ports of USB but I have to that have to no. likes a amp to read + of voltage of the reading. Updated too much to 5 indication of star. Thanks to Car Technology for an Email of fast update.
4 / 5 Piedad
These works of good product likes him upload the. Has two usb connections. As it costs a prize.

Now some extras: it covers he in and turn your tone. You will see your voltage of battery. Calm now the the voltmeter! In a past, has helped any whose transports do not begin and has had to try imagine was yes his battery had died (and if like this, likes died); in this chance had him turn in his automobile headlights and has then guessed a battery has done. Now, with this device, can cover he directly his 12V socket and turn his key and say me exactly the one who his battery is doing!!! Excellent. When I have dipped bosses of jumper among some two cars, some jumps of voltage until aiming that a second, the good vehicle is, in fact that touches his dead battery! You look!

And, when I am touching the device, an alternating exposure among volts and amps, like six the battery of my vehicle that/the touches states (volts), and a amps give me an idea of a quantity of the power that goes to my device while it is touching! Excellent.
4 / 5 Erinn
Looks Of quality of the build well, feels substantial and liked has liked a voltage. Unfortunately it takes to do 1 week after my period of turn. Disappointed to say a less so it has had big expectations partorisca east.

Update after seeing mine 1 description of star, the service of client has achieved was and has offered the substitution or repayment. I have accepted a substitution and he have arrived quickly. They have had timely and clear communication and in this chance has surpassed my expectations. Well fact. Im upping Some stars have based in a service. I will update again if this fails or he the fact at least the little month this time.
5 / 5 Aurea
I really like this Car Uploads the adapter like this in fact touches your telephone your fast plus that a car regulates chargers. I have used included my telephone for purpose of GPS and arrivals FERMI to take my telephone has touched to the full capacity of him. An only thing has comprised bad era that have bought in fact this in of the hopes to use this in mine Trailer to Trip when dry docking (only using 12v car battery to be able to camp). C load NOT being able to on when you have connected so only to a battery of automobile. These only works when calm in fact is that it runs your vehicle.

The estaca Modifies: I have learnt so only that an organism of this car uploads is not long enough to be insert in mine Trailer of Travesía 12v connection. For like this, these produced does not have any contact to a positive terminal when inserted reason an organism of this product is too short.
5 / 5 Yevette
This unit takes on upper of small room, has the capacity of load of big capacity and the metre of volt in of the blue figures. Often it uses my Note 8 for navigation (An installed Deep/Acura system of the navigation is not updated never although calm updates it. The maps of Google are undoubtedly better in every respect) but was with the unit to touch of Plantronics a battery of telephone load lost dulcemente in the 4 walk of now. A Ainope the unit maintains my telephone in 100 while using Maps of Google. Besides it has the voltmeter.
A Voltmeter is the necessity. They are the car type ; my odd car: on-line for behind the cars my lights looked the dim and then brighten, in timing an acceleration looked lethargic, as I have dipped the voltmeter consecrated in a lighter of receptacle of the cigarette. MI voltage of the cars varied of 12.6 volts to 15.1 ABONOS. A Unit of the control of the Engine has to that have the source in firm of electrical power. I have verified my manual of reparation of the factory; Idling has to that be in firm among 13.7 and 14.2. You cruise it it have to that be . I have driven to a Acura trafficante and has had an Alternator has substituted. A voltage is now to the equal that have to that be and in firm and no more car acting odd. The POINT is: having this unit in your car has the indication in bylines as yours the alternator is doing And have two USB outlets this will touch your iPad, Samsung Remarks 8, S9+ etc and that of the your passenger.
4 / 5 Charise
This looks very a lot of-built and solid. One does to put you of the USB to the equal that has announced. A voltage looked the little big in a readout, but line up with that my car voltmeter indicates. The service of client is very fast and friendly. We ship me to us another to try less than the week. This also will do well in ours RV.
5 / 5 Angele
Very satisfied with this upload. It is very solid, split to paint perfect with my emphases inner ashes.
4 / 5 Shila
I have tried and retried to order this uploads of Amazon and a costruttore reason have loved a RED . Exposed of voltage of the battery, among some two propiciado by USB, which have valued like the good characteristic! Two times have received the box with a product has ordered aimed in a focus, but when I have OPENED The BOX has found to upload he without the EXPOSURE FOCUSED has incorporated on that!! The WRONG PRODUCT!! In reorder has experienced a same thing has repeated!! IF ORDERS THIS PRODUCT will TAKE A WRONG ELEMENT!! This can not be an accident, judge! I have INFORMED THIS To AMAZON and a costruttore. Still I do not have a correct to upload!!
4 / 5 Efren
It likes-me all in this upload except an exposure. It is impossible to see during the daylight and I a lot usually drives at night.
Update: This company gave the full repayment! No appearances that..
So only so that it is, no in fast load in mine S8.
5 / 5 Garrett
Any one fast load..... And yes I am using a pertinent boss of one load to the mine telephone and when it covers he in only says to touch any fast touching..... It is unfortunate reason is the quota that looks to upload

Top Customer Reviews: 39W 12V Fast Dual ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Joni
I have done with the grueling tries in this product. Used the port of typical car load in 14.1 volts in the bank PS. Hooked On both ports in an upload to my devices of cariche, begun in .5 amps Resisted partorisca the minute, augmented in .5 amp increments In some intervals of small, the box has taken to 3 amps, 6 total. I resisted it there in full power partorisca 10 minutes.

One load is spent a test without overburdening the travesía was or thermal cutout.

An external chance was warm, my infrared gun has measured 105 F/40.5 C has estimated. Unplugged And has touched some contacts, there was on some same temp.

Volport Is one excellent car load!

I also have a capacity to cause a QC algorithm, a QC 2 and 3, the excellent work, is also well that one load has a circuitry partorisca bosses of cariche of the Apple, as they can upload against a maximum current some devices leave.
5 / 5 Myriam
My leading experience with another like this called load 'fast' the device disappointed. Some another hardly will maintain your alive telephone when that runs google maps. No like this with east a. When plugged Directly to the mine Samsung Galaxy S9 is recognised like the fast upload and telephone to touch while using applications of big drain. Perfecto.
5 / 5 Otelia
I have purchased a Volport Dual Fast touching Load of Car USB partorisca touch my new Samsung Galaxy S9 while in a car. Like this far I law adds! To the good fast insurance that touches and returns all my Samsung S9 touching bosses. There is not any difference among some ports. There is two to the equal that can touch two devices if needs be. It is hanged very light , a lot of lighter that all my car past chargers, kinda of as the titanium feels. It returns a lot of snug to a port of cigarette of any car. You can require give the the hard push to take he in but this loosen over time. This in spite of, a snug the access ensures that you do not move or the pop was although tugged in the bit so that it prefer rests that way. I can not comment on life of battery of then I so only recieved he but I have feel the this load will last years to come. Among him sturdy small protective box to ensure any harm when shipping with the tiny paper that has directions if needs be. It produces very good and he like the duty. Prize a lot well for the good car load.
5 / 5 Sean
I have taken my note of galaxy 8 and portable that was out of being able to so when I hooked the until this travesía car fast quickly uploads, in 10 minutes my mobile phone was touched fully, 12 minutes my laptop was has touched fully. State touching daily of the mine car and ossia a better in a phase. I have tried very fast and fast chargers. Ossia A so only a ossia that alleges. I highly recommen this. I am giving more for the Christmas causes all the precise world-wide this.
4 / 5 Danyell
Has no @to @give that a car uploads I previously had (that it was it $ 4 of Walmart) has touched my telephone eats... averagely. I plugged in this upload, has driven to a behind gas & canal (which is in the thousand 1/2 of my house) & my telephone was in 25 of 4. Any lie. This will save my life someday.

So only have the teeny tiny complaint, but has not been if ossia a lacking adapter - my boss to touch slides out of him a lot easily, has any 'grab'.

Also LOVE an aluminium. I have taken you grieve he out of a box, fallen my hardwood walk. I have thought - I adds, his of then goes to be dented, chipped, internally has broken... Nope! It can very included say where paste a paving in. If anything - break my paving (any really, but taking ).

Go to buy another type-c boss to see the slips included was, if he no, will buy another for my husband and my mamma.

Inferior line: If your device is not that it touches quickly with your current car adapter, SPENT THIS.

4 / 5 Katrice
This touches more quickly that my old adapter. Has the Pixel of Google XL 2 and these cariche of adapter with the alike speeds in a house upload that it is coming with a telephone. Has the his durable chair and looks to be a lot has built. They are happy with him
5 / 5 Paulita
there is the 2014 Prius V. We use of the old URB touched with 1 port and perhaps 10 years. He always done well in our old cars that the touch was Iphone 6 east. This new our Prius has been draining our telephones. Waze So only will draw more the power that can touch with ours uploads old. I have found some descriptions in this upload and decided to try it. Night and day! We have tried this is gone in a walk of now that usually it would have killed our battery of telephone. Our delight finds both of our telephones have touched fully that have NEVER BE a base with ours uploads old. I have been taken behind for a prize at the beginning but now are bummed has not bought this month. Another more is this lights the little at night calms so much can find where covers it your material in when it is darkness in a cabin. Petit, simple and works. On levels!
5 / 5 Carl
To good sure some dollars of better pair am spent in the hot minute. It is probably one of some the majority of lovely things in my old career down Jeep now. It likes like this you can choose go in of fast (the blue 2.0 a) and really fast (the orange 3.0 a) in the calm chance loves it mix up among slow(er but still súper quickly compared to another) touching and quickly touching to your battery likes says is more take of yours battery. You can you ail included remark a light gives at night to the left knows is touching which is as well as it do not distract you while driving. It is really durable and packs the little bit of weight so only reason is material fact of quality. It has fallen on a shell to walk/of the metal of my Jeep the time of pair and not having included the scratch or dent on that. An only real downside, if included call it that, is that I have to that press in an of some discharge of metal of the side because they are the little too rigid to accesses to a 12V port all for them, which really so only means is darn near impossible this'll does not fall never was although calm accidentally tug in your cord to touch or if hypothetically crazy volume in a gps partorisca randomly changing streets mid-start and launch your telephone down. Entirely value one $ 10 and would buy it throughout again is for the lose or more was for “” the take loaned.
5 / 5 Lucien
Ossia The load of decent value. It is light resembled simple chargers, the difference of a metal has weighed a has them which is able to break the car window in an emergency (any this a). It touches my iPad in the good tax (rule not retarding). If calm ask you roughly all some 5 launches the descriptions is reason offer $ 5 credit to do leaving a sincere description and I guess that people of frames very happy.
4 / 5 Minta
I have inserted some pictures of these cariche wonderful. I have not been conscious of a capacity to light that it is in good prize . In spite of, I suggest that it purchase this car to upload, is compatible with all fast touching devices. And calm can not beat a prize, down 10 bucks and is coming a next day.

Top Customer Reviews: Samsung OEM 2.0A ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
These have to that be refurbished or second of Samsung. I have bought 2 reasons have thought that spend one was or lose one would have the transmission of backup. One one has in the first place opened no tone partorisca in the minute then partorisca touch and resumes touching in roughly 3 minutes, literally go in and was all night (8 hours) after sticking the pillow in mine telephone to muffle a sound of him leaving me the knowledge touched or not touching , I finally taken some sleep, when have despertador has found on my telephone so only had touched to 39. I have not used another I experience like the backup still but although it still was pissed so that it has to that buy 2 and a when being faulty.
5 / 5
The mine has broken in the subject of the months and his will not substitute anything after 30 days. If it was the genuine Samsung has produced would owe that be able of the turn. They are quite sure that this has not been the genuine Samsung has produced. No spent of this vendor as they are not useful.
4 / 5
Received this element inside a timeframe dates of Amazon and manufacture. I have received an element in packaging of pertinent nave without subjects to give alerts of the question with an element. It has opened once a packaging was quite amiably fact. Has the Note 3 for description and love the, finally can protect. Has pertinent information with his manual and of the details on regarding the use. For real it likes-it is me qualified of friendly user for any client. It recommends this product to any interested in the cost.
Has received this with discount it and has written this up with honesty to this element. To good sure will inform this to all my friends and family.
4 / 5
I have received one load and adapter a lot punctually, this in spite of, has not been able to touch my Samsung Tab Pro 12.2. With which experimenting has discovered that uploads works of adapter perfectly, but a boss neither no at all or is not able to touch the pill like big likes mine. When I plugged he in, has taken AT ALL , any indication to upload at all. When I have used an adapter with a 5ft uploads the boss has had already, touch a pill a lot up. I do not have any one another device can use to determine if a boss is defective or if it does not touch my pill to the equal that has announced. This time, would not recommend this product for a Samsung Tab Pro 12.2.
4 / 5
I recieved the but no at all the the connect and league and doaconnects. Reason or sell the defective to uploads I want to take my money for behind asap!
4 / 5
I have ordered 2 of these chargers; one for my Note3 and one for my Tab of Galaxy Pro 12.2'. Two chargers for two different pieces of crew and neither any does not register that they are plugged to the source to be able to or my device say covers it the to a source of acceptable power. If I cover him to a port of USB of my computer and try his touch that way, a Note3 will not register , and a Tab Pro indicates a escargo esd'bajoX' in a battery to touch icon. I have tried plugging his to cords of extension, games to be able to, sockets of wall, and two separate computer put you of USB. At all it acts. An only thing that does the work is my cord to be able to of the mine Motorolla telephone. A Tab will not take it this in spite of. I am taking quite orderly two more reason go to be travelling. It was not that it goes to do takes here today and does not act.
5 / 5
Same elements esatti that is coming with my telephone when I purchased it new (Samsung Commentaries of Galaxy 3). Load quickly, so only like an original. I have required another for travesía. It likes-me a fact that a cord for work in mine USB outlet of mine another car uploads, which has a space for plugging in the according to device, and has one covers-in already has attached his for my Bluetooth to touch. As I have not required to buy the special car load for a Note 3.
5 / 5
With my old more Samung Tab of Galaxy Pro 12.2
4 / 5
This has broken so only immediately! A tip of metal is result wiggly with which so only the pair of uses! Have There has not been it has included the first week of this past! I have not seen never to the to anything likes! My tent of dollar chargers is has done very better! I do not have time to ape with following down receipt of mine and that contacts a company and it shipping behind. Such the waste of money.
4 / 5
A stars reason orders works. It looks an included upload this is coming with my samsung galaxy 5. Has some logos same, sticker, piece of connector, etc., But he no fast load. When I connect It to my telephone, the explosions of message on that it would be it necessary quell'original of the use uploads, reason a current uploads is not touching quickly. It is doing the slow, and I really do bad slow, load. It have to that it has listened it to other descriptions, but was has had to that to take a risk for $ 10.