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1 Dash Cam Front and Rear CHORTAU Dual Dash Cam 3 inch Dashboard Camera Full HD 170° Wide Angle Backup Camera with Night… Dash Cam Front and Rear CHORTAU Dual Dash Cam 3 inch Dashboard Camera Full HD 170° Wide Angle Backup Camera with Night… Dash
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2 APEMAN Dash Cam 1080P FHD DVR Car Driving Recorder 3 Inch LCD Screen 170° Wide Angle, G-Sensor, WDR, Parking Monitor… APEMAN Dash Cam 1080P FHD DVR Car Driving Recorder 3 Inch LCD Screen 170° Wide Angle, G-Sensor, WDR, Parking Monitor… APEMAN
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3 [2021 Upgraded] COMSOON Bluetooth 5.0 Receiver for Car, Noise Cancelling Bluetooth AUX Adapter, Bluetooth Music Receiver… [2021 Upgraded] COMSOON Bluetooth 5.0 Receiver for Car, Noise Cancelling Bluetooth AUX Adapter, Bluetooth Music Receiver… [2021
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4 BOSS Audio Systems 616UAB Multimedia Car Stereo - Single Din LCD Bluetooth Audio and Hands-Free Calling, Built-in… BOSS Audio Systems 616UAB Multimedia Car Stereo - Single Din LCD Bluetooth Audio and Hands-Free Calling, Built-in… BOSS
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5 Rove R2- 4K Dash Cam Built in WiFi GPS Car Dashboard Camera Recorder with UHD 2160P, 2.4' LCD, 150° Wide Angle, WDR… Rove R2- 4K Dash Cam Built in WiFi GPS Car Dashboard Camera Recorder with UHD 2160P, 2.4' LCD, 150° Wide Angle, WDR… Rove
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6 APEMAN Mini Dash Cam 1080P Car Camera Driving Recorder Night Vision, 170° Wide Angle, Motion Detection, Parking… APEMAN Mini Dash Cam 1080P Car Camera Driving Recorder Night Vision, 170° Wide Angle, Motion Detection, Parking… APEMAN
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7 Dual Dash cam | VAVA Dual 1920x1080P FHD | Front and Rear dash camera | 2560x1440P Single Front| for cars with Wi-Fi… Dual Dash cam | VAVA Dual 1920x1080P FHD | Front and Rear dash camera | 2560x1440P Single Front| for cars with Wi-Fi… Dual
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8 BOSS Audio Systems CH6530 Car Speakers - 300 Watts of Power Per Pair and 150 Watts Each, 6.5 Inch, Full Range, 3 Way… BOSS Audio Systems CH6530 Car Speakers - 300 Watts of Power Per Pair and 150 Watts Each, 6.5 Inch, Full Range, 3 Way… BOSS
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9 BOSS Audio Systems R1100M Monoblock Car Amplifier - 1100 Watt Amp, 2/4 Ohm Stable, Class A/B, Mosfet Power Supply… BOSS Audio Systems R1100M Monoblock Car Amplifier - 1100 Watt Amp, 2/4 Ohm Stable, Class A/B, Mosfet Power Supply… BOSS
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10 VanTop H610 10' 2.5K Mirror Dash Cam for Cars with Full Touch Screen, Waterproof Backup Camera Rear View Mirror Camera… VanTop H610 10' 2.5K Mirror Dash Cam for Cars with Full Touch Screen, Waterproof Backup Camera Rear View Mirror Camera… VanTop
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Top Customer Reviews: Dash Cam Front and ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 19 ratings
5 / 5
Has the pinch cam I and think the law adds but perhaps a screen could be bit it main. I thought that it that it can take my husband a too much of then is a a the one who has recommended. I have found this one with the main screen and also has to that sensor to park that is very useful. Good value partorisca a prize.
4 / 5
I add dashcam partorisca front and backside seen. It is very easy the setup and register partorisca begin. This are adds partorisca purpose of sure when calm the precise. Continuous to record and will save a video of any accident can have. That is extremely well is that a video of view of the front and some records of rear video in separate AVI files.
4 / 5
Better car cam never súper clear and easy video partorisca use! The must compraventa !
5 / 5
I am dipping the pinch cam in all our cars as well as my cars of boys. If there is not never an accident loves evidence of failure. This camera is easy to install with a cup of suction and discharges in partorisca a lighter of cigarette. A picture is clear, so much an advance of view and a rear view. I have not used a vision at night still, but is anything like a day sees it will be adds!
5 / 5
Ossia The pinch of big quality cam. I have had it goes rious pinch cam on some last few years, of costruttrici different. This one east for far a better still and highly would recommend it. Easy to return and use, has abundance of register of loop of the characteristic, Sensor of G, estacionando guard and gives an excellent pic ture quality in all lighting conditions. With like this idiot in a street these days would not be without the pinch of good quality cam. The quality of picture is something on, the vision at night is very good and clear. After installing it has done well and his, and havent has had any talent of @@subject took you far. It is in the register of loop, as any need to concern roughly erasing old records or no in that have quite a lot of memory. In general the product a lot the one who Im happy to recommend.
4 / 5
It is the cost . I used it almost 2 weeks , Easy to dip up. Easy to use. Torres was when l gone back of the mine car as not draining of car battery. Fijamente securely And firmly to a windshield without the vision that block. A video & of image is very clear still in a night . Little one but big help , recommends !
4 / 5
I am using this in mine 2007 Mercedes GL which there is behind on sensors but no the backside on camera. Have Much more confidence now backing on this big SUV. A camera was easy to install. It do not take the generic micro SD paper, as it marks sure take an official one of Saint Disk or Transcend ossia the class 6 or on. I also like the lustrous look of a camera. It was able to hide some bosses to the long of a trim of a SUV. In general, I am very pleased. The pinch Adds cam partorisca the prize adds.
4 / 5
They are the small to say that they are the “murderous “ “ “ of street ”. I have had three car accidents a past year. This in spite of, these accidents were all in my car when be obtained by another. I have bought this pinch cam so only likes sure very bought when it never was in an accident partorisca try are not in failure. When A first day I installed this artilugio in my car, has thought, “wow, wow.“ There is to good sure five stars. I have taken he out of a car to write this commentary. Sadly, I have taken so only some pictures and he has been taken when it shake reason there is not a lot a lot of to be able to. In spite of of the this, hopefully can see the one who clear and there is detailed is. A vision at night is also clear. A camera is súper easy to install. It is small and extraordinary. I felt it hardly when it drive. It is register of loop so that it do not have to that me the worry roughly spaces by heart. They are very happy with him like this far. It is the experience of the cost adds !!!
5 / 5
Received a camera of delivery of Amazon and took it on a gone he so that starts has taken mine 13 old year the school.
This camera was easy and quickly partorisca locate reason avenges with 2 highland types and 1 of them was cup of suction to a glass. It can have ensured he with a mountain of adhesive, but has said so only my edges partorisca install he partorisca me like this has driven them. Lame 5 minutes partorisca unpack and read that takes, but so only 2 minutes partorisca locate. Some bosses are long and abundance partorisca hide and snake around a @@@glove compartment. You grieve it is on, it is officially of car. A onboard the exposure is crisp and clear, has to be the native big resolution LCD partorisca do that. They are happy with this compraventa.
5 / 5
In North Carolina, is so only illegal to text while driving so that has the plot of the people that use there telephones while they drive which drive me crazy. Of then I the plot partorisca drive for my work, has loved the way to be able to try that they are not in the failure has been involved in an accident caused for another engine.

A day with which have installed this camera, avenges to my rescue when it was side -attacked for the lady that speaks in his telephone. When Some police has arrived , tries to say them that it was in failure. I have said an agent that has had to pinch cam which has taken a whole accident. He once the street, he ticketed the and asked partorisca the copy of a register (which I emailed his later that day).

A camera is súper easy to install and reason a cord partorisca be able to is really long, was easy to hide a cord also. I have not installed a rear camera, of then already have the backside-arrive camera, but am sure do well.

Top Customer Reviews: APEMAN Dash Cam ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
5 / 5
A quality of image is quite well at night. A camera does not have vision at night, but mark up with a WDR, HDR characteristic. (Note: mark sure an interior of your windshield is clean mine , different.)

A camera of pinch was very neatly bundled. A lot slink the creation with an arrival kills black. Any one on-lustrous the creation has complicated, that is to say what the the camera of pinch would have to look . Has the sake 3' in screen of exposure, is not the screen of the touch but he are well to have the big screen in navigate some cards.

Some instructions are quite mere, also in of the multiple tongues. Some capes included is quite very time to run around an automobile neatly. One has comprised to touch the cape has the built-in USB these port loads, which add yes only have a lighter of receptacle of the cigarette.

Has two different types of the mountains comprised (1) is the cup of suction an another is the sticky tampon . Mountain of the cup of the suction has two adjustments nobs which are very easy to use to take a correct angle. A mountain of suction has moves it to ensure in characteristic likes him when that closes a cup of suction in place.

A card is easy in navigate, the tonnes of the characteristics are built-in in in the to to this camera likes him his of the detection of motion, seamless register of loop and estacionando monitor.

Took me quite 15 minutes to install and run a cabling through a cart.

Attach small camera of pinch!!

Remarce: The video of the amazon uploads the quality is terrible. The samples of beat of video that is on found YT.
A video does not reflect a quality that some records of camera of the pinch, his very big and smooth animal.
5 / 5
It has Had this camera for in 3 weeks now. It was hesitant to purchase it thinking an old sake ' takes that paid for'. Result, was bad. I have read some descriptions, albeit few, compared in my anterior Rexing V1 cam of pinch. I have decided to give that it come from it. Well, I want to it. I want a clarity of a video, a creation, an ease to pose it up, a global quality for a prize has paid. An only with era a fact that a camera arrives in default screensaver ON when the connect; meaning, is the still register but a screen are spatial the eschew distraction while driven. It was unable to find a turn of screensaver WAS characteristic in some parameters. I have contacted a vendor and said me to us that a turn of screensaver was the characteristic was down Brilliance of LCD, which was odd. But I found it and it has turned he on. So far, I want the, work very good. Very responsive and service of fast client; open communication, the available help when required the. Update my description if any changes under a road.
5 / 5
Well, in the first place, this prize is abordable and cheap for the cam of pinch, as I can very simply compare this product with another sper Segundo of expensive unit, and is not using this to record any v-blog or as they go it pro. It IS that it is, the cam of pinch, to record a record to direct in the case there is something spent in a condition of terrible traffic in a zone of bay. Last, work. He the work well. The sound is clear, a quite a lot of wide angle takes everything in the cape of my cart. A necessity of thing to mention is can require buy the sake sd card for better storage. A problem and can think of now included is during a nighttime, included although he still works, but the time in the daytime is better and clearer in general.
5 / 5
It IS the cam of good quality with the quality of video adds. It was easy to install with mere instructions. It IS the cam of the quality adds, a clear manual regarding the operate, the quality of video adds, some turns of camera automatically when some car beginning, a screen is clear and a clarity of register is surprising. Highly it recommends!
5 / 5
It was hesitant to buy the 'the lowest quality' cam of pinch. My partner, these looks to know everything in of the cameras, said me if I am not spending at least $ 250 in the cam of pinch, is not taking something well. It goes it when being likes him...Anything can not provide concealed. I have to say that I am very happy was with easterly unit A picture is well, was easy to install, and records when a cart is estacionado so that it is that it is entering. I am taking the star was so that a card/of buttons is class of has complicated. It is not totally intuitive that the button is supposition to press to select and material, as you finish behind in a screen to contain the plot while it is trying imagine went it. Mays...No this big of the roads, really. I am happy with this compraventa

Edita: 6 month later and is still very happy with this camera!
5 / 5
Very happy with this compraventa, has used he for some days, a work of cam of the pinch well, the register and the clear picture adds for 1080p. I am confused with a road for estacionar of this camera, but after control with Squad of Service of the Client, knows that it does not control all a time, but a camera will ignite automatically and record when his to shake. It tries this, very amazing! In fact, I bought he Apeman up to date version C450 before, which are more cheaper, some products of Apeman is well with a competitive prize , has the experience of a lot of years in camera. Quan See a Apeman C450 Serious A description. I very wants to try this. Perfectly, law very well, compared with a cheap plus a, C450 Serious One is more excellent, is that need . Still although both are appointed C450, but some models of these two is quite different, an effect is also different, will pay so that necessity. Also, the client very well maintains, has some questions of this model and the subject time them of diverse email, will answer me the times and the help resolve me a subject. They will spend to time the calm help patiently. Very good.
5 / 5
State using this camera to pinch any decree for any last few weeks or so many and work unbelievable! The quality of video is muchh better concealed and has expected also. Has a lot of works and good characteristics while it has to. A metre by force of the g in very sensitive also. I have clashed my truck and a cam the record headed to. I add so far!!
5 / 5
Very surprised in so easy this camera was to pose up and use. Any one to mention a video and the quality of picture is phenomenal.
5 / 5
I wasnt ready to spend hundred of dollars in the dashcam and imagined and'd tries this one was and if he wasnt well and only would return it. It has Had this for the plus or 2 less-3 weeks and can say well each penny. It uploads the video to aim a nighttime quality and although the amazon has compresses he and has worsened a real quality still can say that well it is at night. It IS very clear at night and better this has expected. Also it have it almost all some characteristic of expensive cams. If you hardwire in is likes him and fact with a hardwire box, can leave it on all night and when a g-the sensor detects the movement begins register. Also it closes it files to be on writes that it is crucial during an accident.

Highly recommend this product for any one concealed wants the cam of the descent for the prize adds.
5 / 5
A later emission of a C450 very easy to use and comprises all could ask to arrive to this point of prize. Has the pinch of states takes more expensive has and to think is less than $ 45. Apeman Has answered also daily in my questions and I could not ask better service. It included I issue me extra tips in playback, still picture, etc.

Has tried a YI for $ 50 and his manual of user was difficult for me and I could not take WiFi acting still with his help? Owe the backside and is gone with Apeman and happy fact with everything of his characteristic.

Top Customer Reviews: [2021 Upgraded] ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 44 ratings
5 / 5
Like this far it calms like this good can does not have it plugged in and the turn in the mine will not turn on when it is plugged in another that that has the battery adds so it does not import the law adds
4 / 5
This product is surprising. A quality of his this very well surprisingly and a life of hard battery the longest way has expected then. It is easy to dip up and easy to use. To good sure would recommend to buy.
4 / 5
Life of battery, connectivity, and quality of audio all has fulfilled my expectations. USB C is the very characteristic. Roughly 30 ft diverse any subject. I give it full 5 stars.
4 / 5
Had surprised really of a measure and quality of sound. I have finalised partorisca buy more partorisca present.
5 / 5
The use said partorisca a first time today, the row is way longer that 33ft. It was at least 100' in the edifice of steel with several pieces of crew among my telephone and a reciever, subjects of zeros of connection. The sound was so only like if my telephone was plugged to a to the port in my radio.

Planned in those substitutes a radio (old plus milwaukee m18) with the bluetooth speaker but now I of the that actuates also. A reciever is lasted more along that my telephone has done.
4 / 5
Has required the mine substituted for my car and this a there is had informs of sound. Like this far it is doing perfectly!!! It is like this lustrous and stylish in mine car also. Easy to pair. I produce it adds!
5 / 5
A bluetooth act a lot well and connects to my telephone a lot quickly. A sound is perfect and the life of battery looks a lot well. It likes- one small compact measure of him also and touch the well/of simple easy device. To good sure recommends!! The telephone recognises and league wonderfully! The prize adds also!
5 / 5
This device paired easily and a quality of his excellent east.
5 / 5
Any bad for a prize. But it breaks on when path to a backside of van of mine of work. Perhaps 15ft was like this not even close to a 33ft says. ( It is it uploads it front of van like this open partorisca back, swimming in his street). Also it closes it was with which some time like this he walks in the the client and taking more than 15mins. Or he lame and use my telephone for the call when to somewhere I am listening the music, when I leave a telephone is disconnected. As that is that supposition to help with hands free for the people are listening to some radio or not listening to anything? Each one that 15 mins or anything has to turn it behind on? So much In place of the hands free is answered a call, oh craps mine Bluetooth is not on, the find, key to control down, oh yeah will not turn on when touching, unplugs, control to turn on then habladuría? Kinda Craps.
5 / 5
Touches well. Ossia Mine 2nd a, one for a truck and one for my telephone. Both work and the sound add.

Top Customer Reviews: BOSS Audio Systems ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 20 ratings
1 / 5
This Stereo/the radio sounded and looked awesome when in the first place installed the. It was also to have the clock in mine 1999 Deep CR-V afterwards in the decade without unit Even so, this was lived-down glee, so that, after two weeks, an exposure of LCD was nuts, and has resulted essentially unusable ( researches to be that flavour to communicate with me in a tongue of foreigner). According to a guide that problem of shoots, if a radio does not act, first turn in a cart. They also helpfully suggests to turn a tone in a ignition if your cart is not on. There is the button of reset, and has taken around to try that also, and very only very fixed my problem, but erases all my painstakingly-programmed FM canals, also.

Since, in the Deep CR-V, practically has to take some advances of wheels and transmission to take in a picture of order, does not go to substitute this radio simply so that a LCD has prendido to do. I used it enough that I can take that all some parameters are and as to use them.

But, no longer has the sample again. It IS the curse .
1 / 5
Bought this for my truck to do while I have not wanted to spend alot of money in the vehicle of company but has wanted to to have radio with bluetooth for the free hands that call. A wiring was directly advance like each so another has installed. Begun a truck and he have done utmost...For the week. It opens An exposure seldom no never he so has to. Sometimes the any one shows anything just room but other lights in some still lefts illuminate. Those ways his impossible to learn what emisora the radio is on, or that the function is using/at present on (is, fm, bt). The majority of some pieces of show of the time of some words/of the image but they are totally scattered and impossible to the mark was. That again means is impossible to learn that it has selected it... Perhaps or out of 20 times begins a truck and an exposure is correct and in fact can see that I am doing quite then only guessing that the canal is listening in. I asked me yes hot taking but concealed is not a case like his quota in a touch and if the twist is and on quite a lot of records to time properly or was to do properly til unemployment in the place of work/of canal of gas and the begin behind in only to find is screwed again.
1 / 5
So it has had this console for the little more than the month, so alas is not in a window of tower. I am also he spent the bouquet of money to take this installed. I precaution Any one to buy east. I give it is cheap, but take that decrees of paid. Left beginning to list some problems.

1. A bluetooth sometimes directly up not doing . Sometimes I will have to restart a cart or restart my telephone, in spite of having any problem with wireless earbuds or another cart. This spends with other telephones also.
2. An exposure does not aim a time while matched with the bluetooth device. All apresamiento is A2DP in a screen.
3. A player glitch when limits the telephone in a port of USB. You will require in reset a console for the take to do at all. Literally it freezes up and any one to leave you to do anything.
4. Prendiendo Problems of playback of causes with playback visits of some automobiles while prndalo then returned and turn it on again. (That is to say this the problem???)
5. A lot still it has the button of the pause/of the game has consecrated. Instead it has it number buttons that is supposed to only memorise his functions of alternative.

In general a quality of tez is well and an a lot of clear colour matches a rest of my pinch in mine 2003 Civic, but some gilipollas only A lot outweigh a pros.
Is not quite cheap to want this product, and think that that you are, only expect until there is included 20 more dollars to take something concealed will not trip on he every day only.
5 / 5
A very amazing piece of squad for the very low prize. A blue-the tooth only the fact he so estimativas a money. It have to mention that a microphone is not to perfect but exceptional to do or taking calls. It attaches one covers to help in and connection of USB. I bad, that already wants for eye of cry. I AM FM with the slew of presets. Needless To say, is very happy with this compraventa. The installation is that it is, any one which import compraventa, but that is to say the laureate . I solder All my connections and then runs the cape of earth besides sure when being to delete any one those explosions or static.
CD And the cassettes are the class of thing of a past , so that he no this election the big question.
2 / 5
While this has all some characteristic looked for (radio, CD, bluetooth, To the), a unit of exposure me absolutely nuts. Quan Look In your stereo, that expects to see? A time, perhaps? Of course, this has the clock. But you have to press a button of clock to aim a time. And after 5 it seconds changes behind to say you that enters is selected. Thank you BOSS, really required to know that I am, in fact, still listen in a radio. Esurely Has the road to change this behaviour,' could say in me. A very reasonable supposition! Sadly, If has is known only in god and a person that has been supposition to pose he in a manual, but no.

This gem of page 5 of a manual would have to say that you all require to know in a quality of electronics is looking in here:
'Durable road of Bluetooth, can not adjust a clock.'

To attach insult to hurt, an exposure has the audio to feign visualizer in a subordinated that constantly it is flashing. It flashes In timing in your musician? Nope. Only the constant blinks-blink-blink-blink-blink any import that is listening in, when being radiate of habladura, sports, or musician. Esurely Has the w-' nope. Sad to cut you was, but no, likes him take for the thinks so can be in this quality of stereo, a fake visualizer is mentioned not even in a manual, very less the road to turn one accursed the thing was.

At the end, would complain that a player of CD does not act, but concealed to give me a perfect apology for the return and spends the little more bucks in the stereo that does not give me one aneurysm.
5 / 5
There is an old JVC unit in my truck that begun for gone bad, as and decided to explore amazon for the good substitution. A harness to wire that it comes with this in fact has focus in the each individual cape like calm of the that has to maintain inform in in a booklet of instruction likes him more radios. I took it installed besides or 20 minutes less. A difference of his has blown was, for a prize these laws of thing as to 150+ unit.
5 / 5
I think that that that is to say a better radio can buy for low $ 30.00, a quality of his better east these radios have paid in $ 100.00 arrests, some pairs of blue tooth with my telephone of android instantly for book-free while behaviour and in fact the laws add! I have posed my collection of WHOLE CD in the walk of small inch together with everything of my songs downloaded and not even filled in the fraction of him, a quality of the sound through this radio is phenomenal. The May will return in CD is or using my telephone for playlist. This radio is only quite 2-3 deep inches how can take you he in of the places that another any radios of accesses. A first radio has taken had an intermittent problem but has contacted a vendor and they quickly routed me the substitution(any one asks question) would recommend this radio; also it recommend it a box of installation is the $ 7.00 easy button) Up quotes; from time to time a digital screen will direct crazy ; only attraction a radio fuse and leave the reset, a screen would have to when being very again for the while. State that uses a radio for the while now and another that that has to pull it a fuse the pair of time I still amour he for a cost.
4 / 5
I am going of the old Pioneer without the free hands in this Cape only for some tame free option. A radio has the bidding of big whistle in my elder of age IS canal, a no. Of old Radio An USB skips a first second or two of the each song. A depth of lacks of the sound, is tinny and attaching fallen any a lot of help. It was incredibly economic as I guess if any one already has the radio and is in the a lot of exacting estimativa (how me), then this would be an update . A pleasant surprise is some Tame Free Option. Active to Do only a call, but law quite sake. It can listen the and could listen me. Still it have it streamed blue tooth. I update once it marks.

UPDATE: Some costs of Book of Blue Tooth of Free works in a driveway, but in of the speeds of motorway, does not take quite strong to listen your visit. Return here in Amazon so that have wanted to to return it, but the looks are the pair of pasts of days a 30 turn of window in the daytime. Oh A lot of and in $ 30 I can any one complain me mass. Oh, And while the musician of backs of the touch of the USB thumbstick does well but once in awhile loses a connection in a walk of USB and sample 'Linked' then after the little according to reconnects and begins to do again.
1 / 5
It RETURNS these supports for Better Saved (for) Something. A lesson has learnt this year is that all the compraventa cheap has lamented is to take for my people to listen me on a Bluetooth when is linked in my telephone in a taxi of my truck also after having this hooked until my truck during 3 month has seen the little sake whisp of pop of smoke out of a back and now all some connections in my speakers are fritas an only thing has is a beginning in my amplifier and subwoofer. There is even so a upside in this if your product of any one comes with this adhesive this says the audio of the poses of Cape go that in a window of back ventilation of your cart and any one will rob your stereo. It IS the heck of the cheapest plot that these systems of expensive security. I am so embarrassed of all an Audio of the squad of Cape goes compraventa this year that listens bad quite giving he in the poor person.
5 / 5
I have required the radio for my old truck and this was perfect! There is Bluetooth for the pound nicknamed of free telephone or streaming musician of your telephone. It touches cds,the radio chooses up well, has the port of USB and an auxiliary in scrolling, and will read small sd cards!
Even HAS the far control! It was easy to install.
Has done my old 1978 be in truck thirty young years!

Top Customer Reviews: Rove R2- 4K Dash ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
5 / 5
Cambra Very add, and easy to use it the hand entered a lot!! A type turned in front of me when had a green light and I they he paste. It says an agent that is gone my failure little knows had it everything in Rove Cam of Pinch. Aimed the in an agent in the scene and an agent was able to direct an investigation of traffic of my video there included on phase, and gave me then the thanks to for a video of cam of the pinch and the thought was the tool adds to have for this reason. Thank you Rove Cam Of Pinch!!
5 / 5
That is to say mine 3 camera of Amazon. And an ONLY or this am adds! In my opinion and basing it on one ones have. My premier an era well, but low quality video, 2 was 1020P video but crud vision at night. While a vision at night in this one is well, is grainy but still can see details, could say if any calm paste you, or presences an accident.
Place in the few photos that show a clarity of some pictures. That is to say to take to move pictures (shots of screen) but still very clear.
Some things want to quite the;
1. GPS SAID what hurriedly is going, which direction and your coordinates at all times. If the unexpectedly calm attractions on and says is doing 65 in the 55 zone, if you were, oops, if no, has test of video of exactly what hurriedly has been.
2. Any calm only have the video but can take you snapshots any time, to included uses likes him to them the camera to take pictures of places and things. It can it has to spend the group of stack for the power but he are the add cam also.
3. I can connect in him with my telephone of Android (works with ready telephones also) and voice that voice. Of course a field does not go to be sper long but say is on out of the restaurant and calm is quite near, can connect and look that is entering.
4. A short of suction to locate in a windshield is one has seen more. Also it has other options of the mountain but I have chosen this and he are utmost.
5. I can do 1, 3, 5 and 10 measure of video of minute. You can also 4gb for video but in a parameter a big plus, does not go to take a lot, and that the parameter is an only to pose that once a micro sd the card is full, he no overwrite old files. Other parameters .
6. You can look a video in a cam, your telephone, your television and a computer.
7. With a Rove the application very only see your videos, but calm show in a map where is during a video.
What... If the calm has an accident, or the eyewitness in a likes him I the pair of month behind with my old camera, the quality is why I has ordered easterly unit But in all the case, is coated. Has 150 dress of angle of title (could be the plus bit for mine in pleasant) but can see of calm in some pictures have published.
In Joining it to him to ONLY thing does not like him is of a measure of a screen but I have known a measure before I ordered it he so that it is published in a description as I can any one ding he for that. A screen a big plus would be well but a camera am still adds.
5 / 5
This camera is clear and is easy to use once take to know what each the marks of button. I have seated and read a book that is coming with him subjects before the use so that it can take it the sake comprises of everything. A proportionate video is in default parameters, as I have did not pose included the in 4K still and is this clears. I recommend one 128 Samsung 10 class u3 SD card for him so records without ice cream. There is has not had any problems, but I , bond an update. So far also even so.
Can not comment in an application still so that I did not use it, but when update. Also, I have not used a player still neither, but has downloaded he for Mac, as it is Mac and COMPATIBLE PC. Once it uses this characteristic, will update again.

Update (2/15/2019): at the end it use it an application and he looked to do well for me. It IS very easy to connect in and was able to see my videos. I can not it imagine was so to use a player even so. I have thought that insert / inserts a sd card in my computer, bed of a player of video and aim me a data, but that is not a case. If any one imagines was so to do this, please left to know me. Also, I have integrated a camera in my video, that means that I have bought the box so that it can limit it he in a box of fuse for the source to be able to direct. I Like him his of a fact that has been easy to do and he maintaining visit of a minute that a vehicle is turned has been. A turn of only time retreated on is has road for estacionar on, but the fence was quite 3 minutes after it has recorded an impact while estacionado ( and has tried he to shake my vehicle, has not taken paste). Quan Has turned my backwards of vehicle on, habladuras with me and said, 'the road to park has been actuated,' as I have known immediately that need to verify that past (of course, this was only the test even so). In all the case, so far so good and a video is fantastic. Quan Learns to do a player, will update again. :)
5 / 5
That is to say the the camera adds for your cart. Petit And easy to install and the quality of video is fantastic. One Transports DV the player is good but the quality of picture is better when touched with a VLC player. There is the subject of codec with a VLC player and subject smaller with glare of only (any one The fault of cameras) and both subjects were answered quickly for a vendor. Another good characteristic with a VLC the player is a capacity in zoom in to read to focus and the better things. Also it uses a characteristic of detection of the motion to record when there is motion around a car when is estacionado. It has been using the Patriot 128 micro sd card and taken in the value of month of video in the gesture in a HD road. The voice has attached photos. Highly recommend it cam of the car pinch and a vendor provide the support adds for any subjects..
5 / 5
Quality of picture, easy to install, easy in the use is each excellent like other critical states. That wants the houses are his connector duquel the right angle marks that he the almost invisible capes. Attraction a cape down one will aim. And then it tugs he in a seam among a door of the front left and an organism. It crosses a course a lower of a joint to pinch to limit of cigarette.
1 / 5
I Like him his of a camera... As He 2K it camera of vain pinch. This is not the real 4K, is using the 4MP CMOS that artificially is attaching pixels to give you the 2K the picture blown until a measure of the 4K. It IS any quality of better picture that it 2K camera of pinch (which already possessed). The calm would not have to run a camera in 4K24FPS so that you are only fooling you. Run he in 2K60FPS or pay a money to take the real 4K. You can compare a video and the calm will see so concealed there is any difference of quality (capacity to read dishes to authorise at night) among 2880x2160 24FPS, 2560x1440 30FPS, and 1920x1080 60FPS (the pictures look exactly some same so that they are a lot of all a same resolution of lentils, but one 1920x1080 60FPS is the better and calm video can read dishes of better licence but very easily at night). If this company was only earnest any one any problem with a camera... But dud advertising and robbing the ignorant clients are INJUSTICE of WRONG INJUSTICE . Any star since you!
5 / 5
It IS sceptical at the beginning buying this cam to pinch given some mixed descriptions, but was happy purchased this Cam of Pinch. I the plot of investigations to try to imagine out of that cam of the pinch has wanted. Have wanted to very or with WiFi so easily could see a video is in my telephone. Pose up was quite easy, mark sure to read some directions have provided.

Andy with support of client for Rove is surprising, and has your back and will go in and further to do sure is satisfied. I seat the learning sure has the support of client adds to back me up with any subjects.

Expects this Cam of last Pinch me the long time, but has been add so far.
5 / 5
Produced of quality!

Has purchased also an optional 12V/5V conversor and the cape of tap of the fuse the road a cape of camera in a box of fusible road headliner and A-pillar. A global installation has taken enough 30 min. Even so, comprised in a container is a cigarette the the clearest adapter these spent fast connection in a lighter of cigarette.

WheelWitness - Cam To pinch Hardwire Box of Installation - the cape Takes 12V in 5V Mini USB - for HD PRO and All Mini Can of Cambra of Picture of Order of Cart of USB of Supply Uploads DVR Box of Power for Installation of Stealth - 12 Feet

SpyTec Hardwire Mini Fusible of the cover Attaches-A-Headline of Fuse of the Circuit for A119 | A119S | Mobius | A118C | GIT2 | Cambra to Pinch Hardwire Boxes

An organism of camera has the solid listens, and some looks of cup of the robust suction also.

A quality of video is point and averts, the more can configure GPS, speed, and time of a day to be embedded in your files of video. This could take handy once yours find in a dispute of accident.

In general, is the product of quality that would recommend in any w/or any vacillation.

The Dotted pair:

1. There is any SD the card comprised, mark sure to purchase or before complain-begins .

2. It suggests in a manufacturer to comprise pair of 3M the cape that subject adhesives in neatly ensure the cape up saws routing thru a headliner. I suppose that the majority of users will choose to the goes a cape for a cleaner/to look surer, and such adhesive help the plot.
5 / 5
The service of client has asked the description on regarding the use. The boy called me behind later in an evening. You are occupied have me so called behind the time has asked in. Sure enough it marks. There is enough the little characteristic that is that it imports on as it posed he until that take a better action of him.

Goes any one to no with each characteristic. Very useful and has known all has asked questions enough. Past atleast 45 mins in a telephone.

Has done injustice of material. I aimed me that to do so I a lot of disorder in a video or lose video.

The camera has characteristic is and very clear.
5 / 5
The laws of camera very good. Mountain of the cup of the suction is low profile and very sure for the mountain of cup. The The camera is compact and access among my rearview mirror and windscreen amiably. That is to say mine third camera to pinch some years and is easily a better picture. The quality of audio is acceptable.

An opinion in a manual in not using with the big amp the looks of connection to be legit. The The camera has done curiously (the turn was/on, the register has prendido at random) when plugged in mine (aftermarket distributes 2.3a to be able in of the USB) load. Changed in 1.5 amp load, has done the reset in the and has done exceptionally a lot since without subjects.

Only negative is included like each so another the the camera has had: a mountain. It looks feeble and has the tendency to roam bit it. It tense A ray so so it was possible, but necessity to adjust it from time to time for some reason. I will be to act the GoPro en bloc of the conversion of the mountain likes him done for some cameras of Loads. This camera has the mere vblock in an organism of camera that some highland slide in and will be easy to cut out of the piece of plastic to return amiably. This would have to when being an easy solution for a mountain. It would like him if of a mountain was more as the GoPro or similar of a taken to go.

Would prefer of more clave in fixed mountain. Once it takes in place, is not never that goes in disorder with him.

Top Customer Reviews: APEMAN Mini Dash ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
5 / 5
A APEMAN C420 dashcam is an excellent value. It supposes I do not require very big-to the final has advanced characteristic, this small camera to well sure would have to suffice . In fact, he taken to justify buying anything better.

- The small measure compared in another, cams of bulky pinch.
- Accepts 128 GB MicroSDXC card. ( I have crossed a problem to format in FAT32, but when posed he in a camera, feigned me format he. A camera formatted the in exFAT... Tan Yes, any troubling with FAT32.)
- JUST WORKS. You limit in, and he only works. Some covers of upper button begin and registers of pause, mere as it concealed.
- Comes with so much the low cape and the sper long cape to do the easiest installation.
- Mountain of cup of the laws of suction really well.

- For any reason emparenta at all, a camera has the Mini port of USB to connect in the computer, and the Micro port of USB in load. Be conscious, a distributed the capes are MICRO USB, and does not return in a Mini port of USB.
- This page of product said soyhacha 32GB Micro SD card', which are deceiving. ( I have bought 32GB cards, thinking mine 128 no . The money wasted...)
- Measured of the file is big, because of one 1080p quality. Mina 33-the minute commutates created 11 files, totalling 4.05 GB. So you use the 32 GB card, is limited besides or 4.5 hours less to record time. (A 128 GB the card would have to augment this capacity in almost 18 hours in front of a loop overwriting kicks in. In my case, that is to say almost 16 days to direct history, so opposite in only 4 days with the 32 GB card).

- This video of records of the camera in piece of 3 minutes. I am sure he has some technical reason for the this, but the odd looks in me.
- A (longitude) has distributed the cape uses the 90-title right angle in a Micro connector of USB, which can not look particularly enough, according to your setup.
- Out of a box, a Time and of the date was subject was. Mark sure posed it before taking your first walk or will be you to line your leader when a timestamp in your mid-the November commutates said 04-17-2018 3:14:08 I AM.

Conclusion: These marks of small camera exactly that is supposed in. Has the little quirks and can be confuse if you are not patient and prendiendo attention, but thanks to one 128 GB Micro SDXC, and the $ 10-was-roads of lightning, was able to take a perfect dashcam for my necessities for low $ 40. This has said, although you find in $ 50, is the clothes.

Update: Desprs messing around in some parameters, founds options to record in 5-minute and piece of 10 minutes also. Again, I am not sure in some practical implications of these options, but at least has not limited to fragment of 3 minutes.

Update 2: careful Be with your parameters! Each register reserves a same room in a micro SD card. So that it calm posed the the record piece of 10 minutes, and recorded 11 minutes, concealed 1 minute results the new file and take up 100% of a spatial the register of 10 minutes would take. That is to say a lot of inefficient so changed behind in of the pieces of 3 minutes. This less room of road is wasted in these esmainder' files. It is not the enormous roads, but careful when being so that it does not deceive calm out of room of disk!
5 / 5
I am the owner of new cart and has taken recently a C420 Cambra of Pinch. To use he for the days of the pair has wanted only absolutely found a camera to be that surprised. Any only for his TFT-LCD protects these careers in 1080p HD but is qualified of automatically recording when any object is in motion. Be a The student and the photographer and has know in these types of devices have to mention the capacity to balance of one both camera his images and the image that capacity of capture. In a past has seen other cameras of pinch in potentially use before it included begun to direct and is only always been missing of majorly in a motion those taken the department these favours in or in another. A field of the width of a camera is also mention values because of his big wide field. It can take one before integer of dress in planting to take the something small and cement. The sensor of G of a camera can remark any sudden movement while also when being able to freeze a frame of image without emotion of motion. Honestly it can not recommend enough in that phenomenal a C420 the the camera of Pinch is and is other very convenient functions have comprised together with him.
5 / 5
Desprs Ploughing a container, has been surprised by how small a unit was. It was clear and very easy to install and use in a cart. A short of suction gripped a very good glass, and a unit has taken only the few minutes to install. A quality of video was very detailed and the big quality where can see face of villages and numbers of dish. That is to say quite useful for the incidents where need to see everything. The quality of audio is sum and has an option to turn it was. In general I am quite happy with a product.
5 / 5
This was my premier never pinch cam, and was very impacted to see that very was.
Works while ad. A camera of pinch was very neatly bundled. Some instructions are quite mere, also in of the multiple tongues. Some capes included is quite very time to run around an automobile neatly. One has comprised to touch the cape has the built-in USB those touches scrolling

One 1080p the quality is quite sake and saves in your microSD card. A screen is clear and a clarity of register is surprising. Highly it recommends!
5 / 5
Quan Enters a road of the format there Looks for to be 4 options. Format, Deletes all the Data, annuls, and confirms. It can it do not imagine it was why it can the any excel 'Formed,' or 'Delete All the Data' in any format a card, or deletes all the data.' I think that that a problem was concealed 'the format Deletes All the Data' is not an option, but the description. Then when you excel, and click 'confirm' a format spends so hurriedly, like the flashes of screen 'FORMATTING' that almost go careless leaving you to ask if anything is spent. I expect that these helps any one concealed can have run in a same conundrum.
5 / 5
A cam to the pinch enters the container of sake with instructions. Quite easy to use, has posed only the micro SD card in a cam of the pinch and a thing will ignite and register of the beginning when begins your cart. Works 64GB micro SD card in FAT32 has formed. It orders of small measure not blocking a view. It attaches 1080P quality.
3 / 5
Snagged This up during the roads of lightning dkr the prize adds so it has known that has taken in before hand. That is to say the pinch of cam of low final like my expectations have not been big. Some things quite was all will require but want to a bit bells and the whistles like the front and the back camera will require something better. Apeman Done of a lot of models of big final.

Suprisingly Some looks of video adds in his main resolution.
Very clear and small.
The cup of the strong suction that takes ahold of a window.
Adjustable How take you an angle will require, included the turn around to see rear problem.
The long cape will achieve included in backseat outlets clearer.
Fat cape.
Saver Of screen so screen of the video does not distract at night.
The power ignites so that it knows is on.
Quite the few options of card for just quite all would require.
Entered of USB in a backside of one covers a clear plus.

Horrible instructions. Included a APEMAN the place the on-line web is incomplete and well-for-swimming.
Quality of tez poor. When being cheap.
Take in the playback is finicky.
ource To be able to internal' take for seconds.

In general is looking for a cam of economic pinch that is to say the good election . Each a setup before the pose in your windshield. Be ailing.
5 / 5
I am really pleased with this cam of pinch and after the plot to research that is to say a one this is adapted more in my cart, directing conditions, and facilitated of installation/of use.

A vendor/of manufacturer has been punctual and very useful with additional instructions, solutions, and suggestions.

While a manual is useful, control out of a semi-detached beak duquel each symbol/of ways of icon in a Apeman C420 screen. This was very useful of a vendor.

Has used also a - REARMASTER Universal OBD Cape of Power for Cambra of Pinch,24 Surveillance of Hours/Acc Road with Button of Change - (researches Amz to list) in hurriedly/easily connect this cam of pinch in my OBDII connector so that I can have pot in a wine 24/7 or only with a ACC road.
5 / 5
Has the video adds and is very mere to install. A prize is the good value for the this is taking
5 / 5
Cambra Of the quality adds for the prize has paid! I am surprisingly happy with this small thing! These days can any never be in insurances as it have been his looking to take one of these for my vehicle. This a small east and can be it installed under a mirror of back view as it is quite discreet and no in a road while driven. It maintains in importing will be necessary purchase you the separate micro SD card for storage for east. That is to say a desire of thing give me when ordered this so that it can have ordered one of those some same times but the cape treat big! A quality of looks of picture to be quite well in this device. Global happy with a product and hopefully last me of the a lot of years to come!

Top Customer Reviews: Dual Dash cam | ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
A quality of image is very good and clear ,the the camera of pinch was very good bundled ,I very cual a packaging and quality of this product ,perfect creation of a camera .
A pinch sends the cam was flexible vanamente movement a camera for 360 title ,and easy to change to direct and behind ,also a snapshot the button was very consolation .
An instruction is quite mere and a card is easy in navigate ,then some capes are quite longer for your cart ,after you have posed in a cam of pinch and downloads an APPLICATION in your device then can stair for the use .
Took me 15 minu to install and run a cabling through a cart .
For earnest the be is produced very well , he the merit .
5 / 5
That is to say one of a better Pinch-the cam has seen and a packaging the fact the product of premium. It IS very protected in a box like the does not break although he the tomb. It IS very setup and posing it up in your vehicle takes no longer that 10 minutes except to find a perfect angle for your view. So much a set-arrive and an application is very instructed and very easy to use and in navigate around. A quality of a video has recorded to fulfil in an application is quality very big . You can see dish of licence of the vehicles while you are directing around. You can rotate a mountain to achieve a right angle to record although it moves for accident. Has the quality adds when the inner voice a VAVA application or inserting SD card in your computer and seeing he from here that. In general, I say this VAVA Cam of the pinch is the necessity for the purchase and I recommend this product in another is looking for the cam of pinch.
5 / 5
I direct for the alive and that is to say the product adds especially when is constantly in a road. A VAVA the the camera of Pinch is very very bundled. A VAVA Cam to the pinch has come also with the card of the guarantee and what the manual user has done a together-in mere and easy. A VAVA Dashcam has quality of his clear and amiably taken visual of so day and night. In general very satisfied with a product, to well sure add it inversion!
5 / 5
Quan Has ordered in the first place this cam of the pinch thought it would be too difficult for me to install. I have been surprised to discover that it was quite easy. It IS also sper easy to control all some videos and snapshots in an application.
After 7 days to behaviour has used the majority of a room in the 32 gb card. A camera for default records in the loop, when is full will begin to write in some older files.
The quality adds and easy is trace, is happy with this compraventa.
5 / 5
This VAVA the product is very bundled and fashioned with excellent quality. Applications that use Wifi is easy to pose up. Quan Has connected in my telephone, the pictures and the videos are easier to share that my picture of old mandate, and a quality of image is well. It can convert he in the 360 video of title or image. There are cameras before and after, like me
5 / 5
I am SO IMPRESSED with a quality of some cameras. In fact it looks better that my iphone. A delivery is sper easy for front and behind. It IS that they want to run some cords down some chairs and background mats but resulted some visual instructions in a manual was an easier road to go lol only bonded the in some parts of door of the rubber that for art of enchantment. An application is so easy! Also it wants to so it can I change some sounds have wanted .
An ONLY defect is can not revise your registers Out of a pinch wifi unless takings to download them before room of a car (or take a he card with calm).
That is to say my premier cam of pinch and only is that it wants to it. One 360 swivel is surprising.
Would upload some beaks but look so awesome like the rests of some revises haha
to good sure will be to inform this in of the friends!!
5 / 5
That is to say exactly that has wanted. I wired The in my box of fuse with a harness that is to sell separately and is very happy with an installation has finished.

The quality of video is well and has the good field of view. The functions and the cards are basic and easy to use.

I amour a small impression in my windshield, is not the distraction at all. Easy to install and was able to run a cord to be able to to the long of a moulding of inner as has any dangling cord. The instructions have said to apply one bases in a windshield a temp would have to when being among 70 and 100 titles Fahrenheit. The quality of video is well and has the good field of view. The functions and the cards are basic and easy to use.

Very happy with him so far and is not to take to transfer a video in telephone of mine.This is exactly that has wanted. I wired The in my box of fuse with a harness that is to sell separately and is very happy with an installation has finished.

The quality of video is well and has the good field of view. The functions and the cards are basic and easy to use.

I amour a small impression in my windshield, is not the distraction at all. Easy to install and was able to run a cord to be able to to the long of a moulding of inner as has any dangling cord. The instructions have said to apply one bases in a windshield a temp would have to when being among 70 and 100 titles Fahrenheit. The quality of video is well and has the good field of view. The functions and the cards are basic and easy to use.

Very happy with him so far and is not to take to transfer a video in my telephone.
5 / 5
Honestly, That is to say a compraventa has done better in my cart. Having this in my car only give me peace of alcohol.

So far also, is esteem very well for a type of clarity of the image and the work of video that provides it, setup was relatively easy and uses a manual to the help finds all some characteristic different. I very cual a characteristic where can pose you an audio those records on and has been. The start of videos of the clear in both day and nighttime behaviour of time, can see dishes of licence and signs callejeros.

In general, although it has produced perfect scarce in a piece, is or has tried quite be darn well, the fantastic webcam for a prize. It opens I am looking it advances in my trip of next road~
5 / 5
Sure it is front of good camera and behind with the register of video adds. Also an Application is in fact very convenient to take videos and photograph. Installed easy for my self with out of helps.
Imagines in case that after has car accident(I the yours expect never or in the future), so easy can aim you a video in police in your telephone. Exactly they can know that spent.
Thinks that that is to say good inversion for my self.

So far be when using 1 week already. I will update in the future for more than details.
5 / 5
The packaging and a quality built of this product when being very prime . A front dashcam is magnetically trace in a cup of suction, which give you the 360 turn of field of title. Snapshot The button attaches the orderly functionality to give you one casualidad to shoot these spontaneous pictures and videos in a road for concealed it has not had a time to take of your telephone. It comes with him 3A 2 port USB transports to upload and capes that is quite yearn him to be routed in a side of a shield of wind and in a headboard as it can look calm some few capes. All precise is micro SD the card and you are well to go.

A quality of video was very clear and has not had any subject in reading details, likes him numbers of dish of the licence or other texts, with clarity. A vision at night was impressive and the details out of some advances of window was very clear same at night. The videos are stored likes him 1 min files. If you use a snapshot button, then the videos are 20 bren (both front and by behind dashcams) and stored in the separate dossier consecrated for snapshot photos and videos. A device automatically saves some videos of emergency in the separate dossier to prevents a data to take overwritten. The lentil of wide angle is also well with a minimum fishbowl distortion, can see a pedestrian walk through in a left corner of a loaded video (in an end).

Snapshot The button was very innovative, and has done perfectly. A click only breaks the photo and the long press shoot the 20 dry video, so much desquels is to store automatically in the separate dossier in a SD card for easy access. This any device come with the module of GPS, although you could buy Vava module of GPS and alloy in a dashcam.

Some covers of look of Application in some real videos-time when your telephone is connected in Dashcam Wi-Final. I have used the Pixel 3 to connect in an application, although a connectivity of application was very the majority of a time, improvement of still necessities while I required me in reconnect in a dashcam the pair of time. One has required the tools for installation have been provided in a container, like an installation was the breeze . Taken enough 30-40 mins the road and clocks some capes.

In general, would recommend this device for his quality of video, creation and versatility to arrive to this point of prize.

Top Customer Reviews: BOSS Audio Systems ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
1 / 5
The speakers sound very well, especially for a money. Even so one has blown in 2 month -Amazon external 30 guarantee in the daytime. The company will take behind but no that nave of paid. Coast so much to ship behind like gradient to buy to nine unit
5 / 5
Used these to substitute some speakers of factory in mine 2008 Chevrolet Silverado. They utmost the looks in the daytime to be good quality. A ole the truck of work is now the laboratory of beaten and a desire of a neighbourhood ruffians this flies his Gel of Vanilla and MC Martell all day.
5 / 5
Installed in 2008 Loan ForTwo.

Tore An old ones out of some doors with the small hammer, has used the cutter of the utility to record was some tabs of of the one of the west of the factory and screwed these to situate in less than 20 total minutes. It do not expect audiophile quality, but for $ 12; this sound fckn AWESOME.
5 / 5
The prize was the averages that could buy some speakers locally. They are arrived hurriedly and installed easily in my HHR. They sound well and it has been he prende almost the month. Some speakers take the small blurred in of the levels of his strong, but much bigger that half concealed listens levels. Each what four speakers of the door in a cart is died. Has thinks that that it was a radio , but NO - Chevy the speakers suck. I am buying 2 more to substitute a backside the factory is died ones .
5 / 5
These speakers do very well for his measure. They locate easily, it is packed firmly, and has a look to appeal in my opinion. In the direct substitution of my speakers of factory, was an easy change as me it the connector has purchased also adapters for my GM transports. Taken more with a longitude to open poster of door and takes access in some speakers blown that it do to do a change. Once installed and connected, these speakers have the a lot of good described and sound very good. In fact, it can not think that under a prize was; it was able to substitute all four speakers for a prize of two other speakers. It does not have an opinion of durability while has has had only these speakers the few weeks.
4 / 5
The good speakers for a prize EXCEPT IS NOT EVEN AFTERWARDS in a DIRECT ACCESS for some advances of speakers in the 2001 Deep Civic as it attaches suggests. Has had to a bit soyesh of adapter' of another vendor and locations of still hammer of new ray. It WHISTLES That felizmente has paid extra the eschew has known ahead of time. Sounded very better these speakers of factory once all has been said and fact.
3 / 5
There is little in any base and I are not one in crank in a volume, but some base is well in offset an offer. They install well, but in some cases have cut in an era. I have to fix some connectors, which was easy, and is his clear . I am happy with them mostly while I have known was in a cheap side. They do not sound also like my originals of Deep speakers that is not a better quality, as it expect for the small step up. I recommend this even so for people that wants the clear sound without requiring base.
4 / 5
The just mark sure takes a harness by installed right and install boxes for your cart and this will go has been without the hitch. A reason for a deduction of star, in fact would give it 3 1/2 can , was more for an operation of a radio.
A sake:
A radio has shot sake up without subjects a sound was very and all some aims have done. Once take it a right to wire , any one the fault of radii, a camera of the backup has done adds.
One any one adds:
A response of a touchscreen was the small slow, also a player/of DVD of the CD will not expel a disk without prying a slit opens the small. It looks to take bonded in a cup. Some hands-the hand is not really, so that there any voice is not that it calls that it can find it. You can speak through a radio, but sounds the small distant, but no in bad.
In general that is to say perfect for a truck an old plus has posed he in. A main reason was for a security of a camera of backup and a capacity of tongue in some hands of tlphonique-free. This law of options like the complete aim. The calm desire could express it call.
5 / 5
Val, Bought to substitute some speakers of door in the Deep Agreement 1998 - these are not the direct access while they are the small wider that a plastic accommodation in some doors. I have to improvise to drill some speakers to match some holes of ray, then attaches 3/16' washers to do them the pop was slightly to accommodate them inner a plastic accommodation.
Also takes some connectors of some old speakers and soldered the directly in some terminals of these, utmost facts.
A quality of his east much better that attentive. There is the plot of low and extra mid-big field thanks to a secondary engine.
Coming with the plastic grille that has not been to require for my cart; it comes with 8 tabs of metal, also any one required; 8 long rays (plus or 1 inch-less each which how); and two pieces of cape 'polarised' concealed has not used or.
Has pleased enough with them in spite of an extra work to install - in fact, was a lot to estimate an extra work. Recommended !
5 / 5
I do not take any roads once so that it is not never the normal to pay client as it wins at all the descriptions and I are always brutally earnest...

Adds stereo give the in has been there to look qualified of the camera so much has ordered also one of these after it avenge it. If you know so to install stereos in your cart your self then can say that it is easy instal with some level of preexisting together of arts. It orders of visual exposure dimmable lights, the blue tooth the utmost work and the visit of yours durable calls can listen you perfectly any distortion. Sure to say recommend this device.

Top Customer Reviews: BOSS Audio Systems ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Quan And was in highschool and was really in of the solutions of jury and expensive audio and would not buy never the 'Leader amp'. Seven later mine years $ 600 premium amp at the end died and the guarantee has finished four years ago. I am not crazed quite audio as and used to be but and does not think and could live without him at least uses his 15' by behind my chair. I have required the new Amp, entered a Cheap Leader amp. Esquerra induct M to say and has lined always the big bias in any produced of Leader, he calling the cheap walmart mark. The boy was and never bad, now and is not cranking this thing has been in 2ohm in 2000rms but still can mine 15' comp sub fantastically. For a prize and easily would buy another dies .
$ 50 During 6 month to use it totally estimativas, the only thing is that his state IN six month and to to the still laws like them in of the unit of day IS class of monkey so that and the rubbishes has spoken always in this mark.

UPDATE: 6/20/18
This thing still is doing work, and did not expect it to last more concealed 6 month and he still are pressing likes him day 1
thinks and is officially the fanboy to arrive to this point, yes dies the morning goes to have another orderly in an hour
1 / 5
Hooked This until the alpine woofer this is estimated by 600 watts rms. There is the buddy with a amp dyno so we hooked he until that, down 2 ohms. It was advance and has tried a amp, and pose them only was 110 watts RMS with distortions of entity! Which are road out of some announced 825 rms in 2 ohms. I recommend Not buying these rubbishes. You favour and spends a compraventa extra to buy the quality amp that in fact poses out of the this says in a box.
5 / 5
I have bought this amplifier to match with my CAPE 12' Subwoofer. I have bought a 'cashier' version while I have imagined to have everything of a wiring would be handy, even so in my case has opted to go bit it the big plus with a gauge of cape while I am by train for the use to direct the load of 2 ohms. In a second the picture will see used 4-gauge for an earth, 6-gauge for a power, and 8-gauge for a cape of of the one of the west.

A amp is trace amiably under a backside-the engine is-side of chair by side, where easily can access a profit and other adjustments with small endeavour (voice a 3 picture). Sure when being to provide abundant room to cool around an amplifier, and will be sure to take years of use out of this 2-ohm stable amplifier!

One 'box' the version is much more probably is directing the 4- or load of 8 ohms, chosen only to clash a gauge of cape up because of a load of 2 ohms, and so that has access in a cape a heavy plus...

For reference, is installed in the 2008 Chrysler Aspen with a 'first' Alpine system of sound. Some sounds of the normal system add necessity, only the small bit of 'fell' extra, and this system of CAPE a trick amiably. Highly recommended is going for extra bass. He any one rattle the windows of some neighbours , but give the new depth in your yes matched musician with a right subwoofer and has adjusted properly.
4 / 5
Another this vehicle quirks, the installation was the breeze . Mark Only sure that of the good earth, or a amp will remain to protect road. Some looks of logotype of the a lot of ignited slick, but a logotype is blue and can not look well with each subjects have DIRECTED inner. Other users go to complain enough overheating, as have known this could be the problem . Some ventilations of primary frescos is in a fund of a amp, and some locate only left enough 1/8 inch sustains-was among a amp and surface of trace, so himself trace in the surface of carpet coated, a heat can not escape. It has remedied this to do spacers out of 3/4' PVC has cut 1' in period. To paint them black, your installation will look professional. The cape would have to consider download of a cup, or comprising optional spacers. An offset of resultant surface is returns big roads so far so spatial, and left me to run a wiring by behind a amp to lessen some casualidad of snagging. I have posed properly a profit and is happy with some results. My only complaint is a far does not look to have any effect, and some instructions for installation, especially of a far could the be has cleared.
5 / 5
Doubt. You are impressed well out of a box. It IS very sceptical because of a point of the prize and I have not purchased never a amp down $ 250.00 This has the arrival of glorious brushed metal and a logotype of any illuminates that the fresh looks plans on in the expositor. Always I have bonded with a plus as it can of precision and JL the audio but this was for the project of estimativa serious. Im Very happy. Only it require it 200 watts rms for a sub and this amp is providing to spare in 1/3 power. Hopefully Apresamiento.
5 / 5
Surprising amp!! It avenges with more then supplies quite required and avenges with wiring very extra in.. I have finished to pose this in the hatchback and a lot amplifies a musician in any ins. It has Had the plot of the people says me that to any one was the bad mark but my personal opinion totally is surprising my whole cart has at all but the cape and I highly highly recommend this. And I recommend that you locate a amp anywhere visible concealed has it where can layer he but the still left wing breathes so he no overheat so that this blue light with a lettering is very that shines it illuminates a whole cart at night. A lot of people would recommend to pose a amp down one seat me personally so that has the plot of traffic in and out of a cart has been joined to only take surrounded to stuff so finished to locate the on in my subwoofer the box and I take any subject anything... It avenges bundled a lot adds not breaking or anything handles surprised and this was one of some a lot of faster sendings have entered and arrival to order in 40 something elements for Christmass.
1 / 5
Any one His road 1100 Watts. There is this hooked until the pioneer 10' superficial mountain and has bought then an alpine 500w rms and was easily 3 strong times. This thing is junk.
5 / 5
I have purchased this amp with some hopes to press 2 JBL GT5-10 east, and installing in 2008 Acura TL with a factory stereo. A GT5 is is estimated in 275 rms and 1100 summit with 4 ohm with the SVC. The wire fence in parallel fully creates is taking the majority of this 825 rms and 1100 max this amp affirms 2 ohms. Some entrances of big level leave me to us to take a signal of a factory sub capes of the west even so we can control a subs of a unit of cape. A woman TL is sounding quite sake! I add amp!
1 / 5
That is to say simply the lie with a power to begin. I seat idiot any one to verify that bought more thorough, but here is my feeling with this Amp.

A big downfall is announces 1800 watts RMS in 1 ohm. Has 2 DDX-10s this takes 2000 RMS. Quan Has taken a amp out of a box has remarked some fuses. 2, 35 amp fusible. It does not listen right mine. Few mathematicians later and found has posed only was quite 1000 watts (Voltage X Amp (fusible) = Watts). As I am returning this thing for a Skar the rp-2000.1d for real can. Cairo He up in youtube, the type the dyno in this amp.

In all the case in joining it to him sews likes him in a amp in addition to a lack to be able in. Some controls are easy to take in of the bond was. A logotype illuminates, which are kinda orderly but where uses it very necessary. Any one much more to say here...

So much for me has wanted to beat has announced some, which do not think this will provide so that some fuses are also small. They would owe swipe during game of musician. But for the person that has the estimativa this will do only well.
5 / 5
Has two 500 watt dual type subs in this amp and can paste. But plants in a trunk that aired will not be your partner a amp has the big temp road to close of the car when apresamiento hot.... I trust me closing down continues to touch my musician then waalaa my bass comes to the paste behind wants that characteristic. My cart is come with anterior factory amp this has conformed his death this amp is class of big to pose under a chair of passenger the cause will take given a very on like the trunk is.

Top Customer Reviews: VanTop H610 10' ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5
It has chosen this camera partorisca pinch of then is an only one with the main resolution that 1080p and are súper happy with my election! My needs are quite simple, so only love the pinch cam to record video so that no lame scammed for sure engine in of the collisions. This one to good sure surpasses my expectation!

- Wide exposure , clear. Any lag in a function of screen of the touch.
- Is not declared so that it has not thought this function but when seeing an exposure in full day with the glare of heavy sun can see a very good screen, which is the enormous plus of the each engine knows to drive during a day a glare is quite unbearable. Sometimes I have the question that sees my backside- arrive camera in mine car hangs it days a lot sunny and this resupply with the very clear exposure.
- hard to take with my telephone but the resolution of a camera does not fail . When I tried It indoors with a plastic still on, chooses on a piece of clave of hair of the cat in my curtain. Details to capture extremely well.
- an installation forward is súper simple hook , simple he in a mirror of the rear viewing and ossia. This in spite of, a mountain of rear mirror takes some work. In fact looked in another description of users and does not look like this difficult taste originally thought but probably will owe that any one installs for us. Have Behind up camera in ours automobile but concealed does not register so it does not help in of the situations are rear- has finalised. As I think that that ossia necessary same with the backside- arrive camera.

- In brief touched around some settings and really think is a lot of thoughtfully has drawn. Highly suggest people to turn a G- sensors the big so that in firm a video registered when a collision of car meetings so that the video can not be overwritten.
- A record on vibration when out of the function of way is also súper fresh. To good sure try was once mine SD the paper arrives. Has the fellow that bolt in the bad neighbourhood and his car familiarised has been flown 3 times already. Ossia The most economic alternative to have anti installer of devices of the flight.
- wishes does a support of application partorisca east, would do maneuvering around some video and functions much easier.
- Storage of the cloud of Hope results available for people that loves to store more video.
- Wish more settings of result of available tongue, although some icons are a lot of self explanatory, thinks would be more useful to my members familiarised is in his native tongue.
- Wish a rear camera can have some class of wireless connection.

nit-Choosing here. Thus prize, some functions, the quality and the utility of this device is unbeatable!
5 / 5
My daily engine is the 2011 Chevy Cross which there is not coming with the built in camera of backup. Mina another car has the camera as it always seats a necessity of the camera of backup in Intersection of mine. I have looked for different options and everything to touch very expensive. I have found this VanTop camera in the amazon and has to that pinch cam also and a prize is reasonable.

The installation of this camera requires some knowledge in of the cars. I have not installed never the camera of the backup before I have taken like this around 2 hours to install a whole thing. That The camera forward is in a backside of a mirror that is very easy to install. Running a boss for a rear camera requires skills. Both of some cameras have sensors of qualities very big. The exposure is quite brilliant to see same video during brilliants of sunny day. To the What good likes on an exposure is that I can see both front and of the images of rear camera in the way of view of the breaking. A thing I desire has comprised in a container is some options of control of the gesture . This offer of exposure some control of gesture learnt him to use it. In general ossia the good value for my money.
4 / 5
I have chosen this camera to pinch reason registers both front and behind.
Also am excited to try an idea of “streaming half comunicacionales”.
After comparing this with another pinch of mirror cam, has found this one has one the majority of reasonable prize while registering video of 1440p.
Of a camera forward is attached to mirror of original rear view, a look is stealth and does not hide to to a view like them to them some big daft some do.
A screen to touch is really fresh and responsive, can choose among seeing front, behind, front and behind. A start of camera to register once a tone is turned to a ACC point like any need to begin a cam register manually. A reverse camera is helps adds , automatically going in full screen when you change to revoke. A quality of image of both front and rear cam is surprising, really clear still at night time.
Is the fantastic product for the prize adds to good sure would recommend this pinch cam likes all precise and is well priced.
4 / 5
These produced is awesome. Ossia The light , easy to use dashcam this rids resulted sum. The quality of build is impressive. Has all I need. Installation very easy and place up. It comes with all precise . You recommend   to any one. Near simple on, easy to use! The , a quality of a video and a clarity of his sound unsurpassed! . Highly  you recommend  this pinch cam for any that looks for the quality setup When distinguished to a cabin, an image and the colours look fantastic. Feigned the free air, the look adds. At night, it looks really a lot of - no grainy in very surprised in nighttime.
5 / 5
Outstandingly It Clear touchscreen pinch cam with vision at night excellent!

Has bought this Dashcam reason my forward a video playback has not been to clear enough. It was very surprised (in the good way) of this product. It registers rear and view forward simultaneously. A visual is the clear crystal and both agree of cameras in HD. It was hesitant at the beginning to buy this reason has the habit of mine OEM rearview mirror, but with which installed it and has tried use the at night, does not think has any point in using a car is built in mirror. One the rear camera is quite wide to see vehicles behind and included in blindspots. Also, a vendor is quite generous to comprise wiring tools and long bosses for an adapter to be able to and rear camera. It was able to hide some wirings in a ceiling that use a tool to wire.
4 / 5
This was the add upgrade for mine 2013 Ford Browser. I have had it dashcam in him before but there are not some same capacities and qualities of east a. Failure ... Which is reason I has begun compraventa for the new a last month. As I purchased it the few weeks does and am happy to say this dashcam of VanTop is perfect, and am very happy with him.

A HD the quality of video is quite impressive, included in a brilliant daytime. And a vision at night is surprising, as all is still acute and there is detailed. One of some other reasons have bought this one was reason has the fresco of rear camera, which was very easy to install on my dish of rear licence. Still it has an assistant of estacionar with the lines of the grille like that it sees marks new cars. Installing so much a rearview the mirror and his rear camera was surprisingly simple ... Much faster that thought it would be.

This is more be useful that has expected. A register of video is record so much an advance of view and one rear view a same time. And lame paste for any, a G-the sensor automatically will close this video to the equal that can be envoy to some police or a company of sure.
Of then have a SUV, a row of the view of an original of rear mirror was kinda has limited. But with which have installed is an I there is remarked immediately a field of view with this rearview the mirror with a camera was two better times. It likes to know that I and mine SUV is protected in chance of an accident Or flight and vandalism. It is the good peace of the alcohol and the investment adds.
5 / 5
This camera of pinch is for far a better one has seen still. It is quality is out of this world-wide amazing. Fully HD, during day and night. Of course have it at all to add during a day. This in spite of, by night, is clear crystal. I have thought at the beginning that reason has been prejudices the time would do it so only the little harder that see. But you result to be an opposite where all is clear and visible crystal . A thing that totally has not expected was the backside arrives camera. This was such to the enormous prize has added to this camera of pinch. A screen of this pinch cam is long (12'); and that really underline the mine is how is in fact the screen to touch. All have to that do is slide a screen to regulate a corner of camera. This was like this amazing when it was has shaken so only. Considering installation, was súper easy; I took literally less than 5-10 minutes, and all has been dipped up and ready to go! In general, More the to good sure recommend any to buy this product. It is like this well value a prize, and honradamente, not having much more can add his. It is as it smartphone but meaning for the car! It is so only súper in amazing!
4 / 5
First of all, I have to say, has everything. I so only the trace of rear mirror with some hules and easy the installation of backside of rear camera. The installation of rear camera is simple to wire with boss of camera of rear train, then according to the black boss goes to insert to pinch cam. That The camera forward has answered really quickly the acceleration with Sensor of G. Sony The quality of camera is more for 2K 1080 p register of video of big resolution. It spends justice to scammers in collision.
Has zero lag in video streaming. Has adjustments and paper and clear screen of simple settings. Highly it recommends concealed the one who is looking for produced with quality and creation.
5 / 5
In general, this pinch cam is the add to buy for a prize and neighbour of characteristic. A setup was easy, a quality of video adds and a smooth and intuitive interface. A pair of things that can be well to know before shopping.
1. A mirror is so only roughly 10 thumbs. A mirror in mine 2014 evasion is 10 thumbs . So many, with a capacity to extend some helps of cameras to be able to situate a centre of together mirror but, any on centre. If a camera has extended the little further then would be able to centre a mirror on in existent mirror. How it is, I can the no. Like this can be something to consider. A 12 pinch of thumb cam mirrors for sale in the amazon does not have the slide was camera , as it does not think would be able to be centred neither, without blockers a lentil of camera.
2. It maintains to import that if the transport to you there is has advanced sensors down/for behind your mirror of rear view that probably will be in a field of view of this camera, and see pinch more rear that mirror cam. It can have not taking around the this. Perhaps verify a FOV with your cellphone camera before shabby.
3. Some vehicles have the power signals that ossia always on. Has two ossia always on, for so it connects to them one the camera is always on. My put you of USB (hot with transmission of accessory on) does not have quite can to maintain a pinch cam in way of walk, as they no . You can owe the circuit touches your box of fuse of the cabin for power of accesoria likes camera in bylines was and the turns in a way was drawn. As you can require purchase the tap of circuit and the woman 12 VDC port to wire of your blockade of fuse of the cabin. Really easy to do. Fuse 87 (To spare 7.5 amp) for owners of Evasion of the Ford.

In general, am pleased with this pinch cam, only desire a camera slid was more for aesthetic reasons.
5 / 5
Pinch of mine cam arrival well the quality has packed , orders to finalise, an exposure is covered with protecting of sticker of scratch and when turned the on, a screen to touch has come up with image of the exposure of quality adds. Included pic For a quality of image and video to aim a sensor of fast touch).
Have it Attached to my mirror and an image have come on like this good and calm still can turn of an exposure to having converted to the mirror.
My only worry is that a mirror is slightly tinted like any sure like this will be reflected while driving at night.
Still has not imagined was where for the take to help me attach it but sure will imagine that it was.
For a moment recommends and has has attached photo and video.

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