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Top Customer Reviews: Rockland Melbourne ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
I have bought this because it has flown of Ohio the Peninsula of Alaska partorisca work, would be in Alaska partorisca 40-45 days, and has not wanted to verify any luggage. I have flown on Delta, and Airlines of Alaska.

This spends- on was quite big to resist: 13 pair of underwears, 13 pair of socks, 6 bras, 6 pair of blue tejanos, 4 tee shirts, 3 long sleeve shirts, the pair of sneakers, the hooded zip on fleece jacket of security, and odds and the finals of things could stuff in some cracks. It looks unbelivable, but like my sister there is remarked, are the packing ninja.

There is boarded once a plan was able to return he to a tall cube without question, perfectly. Like the opinion for those considering developing he for this extra room: NO! Unless you want to spend for and take the material was when he no returned. This spends record by means of a cube that opens without spare extra room.

Has had the layover to Chicago, and walked to the different terminal, which looked the million miles was. Some wheels have done perfectly, a boss was sturdy, and when have prendido to expect in my door was able to dip my rear band on the without any question.

An external shell is rugged, some zips have treated as it would expect the zip to treat. While I have not developed some sides for additional room, has touched with him to see yes has done well, and has done.

While they are not excessively rough with my belongings, expect the product to stand up for rasgar and daily wear, and I anything of creature. This spends-on there is not disappointed. During a travesía and after, has been attacked around, has fallen repeatedly while full and empty, slid in his in front of través of the plot of concrete parking, and yes tip some wear but a lot so much to the equal that would expect after heavy use.

Like the memory, any disorder with a lock comprised until you have read some directions on regarding the operate.

In general, this spends- has surpassed in my expectations.
4 / 5
Knows that this element has 600 more descriptions, he so that it can have little to know casualidad of me when be seen when the client comes to the decision to buy for this element.

But in a casualidad slender that an anxious client finds this description, please read some three points down:..

1. This luggage is priced like this down for the reason. (The mine has broken interior 5 uses, see images)

2. A 'GUARANTEEED' to the police is the complete joke (sees image down for everything of a hoops has to that it jump by means of to return the rubbishes so only to take another stock exchange of rubbish)

3. Department of the service of the client is hard to take the control of and then is the entirely earthy excuse for the department of Service of the Client. So only a FYI, is going to want to look for 'Luggage of Fox' on Google. They hide for behind a Rockland frames because it is terrible luggage .

Is not to like me, it wise penny and the pound boba. Calm deceived to you can avert.

Spends the little more money and go with the REAL company. Any the one who travesías regularly frequently rasgará by means of this luggage in the subject of the pocolos travel.

The period of the turn of the amazon will be on (30 days) and will remain with him trashed stock exchange, a asinine civilises of the turn has drawn to of-incentivize calm to return a luggage, he crappy department of service of the client, and out of $ bucks, wishing is spent the little has bitten more for something currency the damn.

Verifies these pieces of luggage was instead: So only write a ASIN to a bar of investigation on ... Or link of low click

Samsonite Luggage Winfield 2 Way 28-Thumb HS Spinner (28-Thumb, Charcoal)
VonHaus 3 Extra Piece Strong ABS the luggage Dips Black
Samsonite Luggage Winfield 2 Way HS 3 Asks has Dipped, Orange, A Measure

can be ask like this was these is better? Well, simply they are better reasons are not Rockland... That instantly the best that Rockland, the sad excuse for the costruttore of luggage.


A pissed of male 23 professional year youngster (probably some some groups are trying to achieve in your groups of house of the circus)
4 / 5
has been in a 8-month around a travesía world-wide with these two chances (perhaps 100 hotels, roughly 40 flights) and has on resisted very a lot of - averts wheels. There is some light scuffing and harm of pressure in a plastic but any pause. Some wheels this in spite of, well ossia another history . If it uploads these chances until his capacity estimated (which is easy reason are spacious inner) some wheels will give way inside the few weeks. A joint among a wheel and some pauses of the chances and a wheel then will be in a corner. Finally, a course of the hule of some wheels are exited also, although this has taken much more to spend.

This in spite of, for a prize, these can not be has beaten. A harm of wheel is easy to repair. I have bought some fast plastic glue and some Gaffa tape and has repaired the little of some wheels perhaps 2-3 times on 8 months. Some do any included when a wheel of starts of hule.

Inner is very functional. That I amour roughly is a clamshell creation, which mean you can open a paving of chance and there is essentially two value of chances of capacities. I have used a zip to develop characteristic long also and was the lifesaver.

Some sleeve are very durable and has not sustained any harm of entity.

Is extremely light. It is hard to describe the one who light is until calm his the in your hands.

In general, liked of these quite that substituted him when I have gone back of my travesía with an identical model. Value very good.

UPDATE: I have ordered the together of substitution (June 2017) and some wheels are entirely be redesigned of the mine last order (September 2016). In place of a wheel for corner, there is now two, which would have to help with the heaviest load; and a joint among a wheel and some looks of chance sturdier that before. Hopefully This will fix some subjects of wheel - the time will say!

UPDATE 2: it is now June 2019 and still are that it uses a conjoint second. With which very calm more travesías - of the airports, hotels, cars, appoint - some chances are still in excellent condition without harm. Some the new wheels have on resisted a lot well and still work as well as a day received him. Excellent.
4 / 5
Wow! This chance is surprising and has been cleared for all the flights are on state. In some last are weeks have flown deltas, joined, it blue jet, southwest, and American and has been able to use to to this likes to spend the on. Some controls of chance roughly 7-10 value of days of cloths, two pairs of shoes (sneakers and heels) and two comestic stock exchanges (a partorisca toiletries and one for trick)! Value a compraventa!!
5 / 5
Does not buy this together of luggage of the rubbishes. It is JUNK. All three of some pieces broken and has broken and has fallen averts after so only two travesías. Like this purportedly it has the guarantee and I followed it down although a web of place of Luggage of the Vixen (hard to find but is Fox that mark Rockland pieces) and a Service of the client of only way can be achieved is by means of email. With which five emails and any answered, has found a number of telephone and called him and has insist in that tongue to any one is Service of Client . They would not leave me but it promised it that it would take the response saws email that finally has not answered my cement to question how was has to that pay $ 40 for chance to manage? Cela Would cost me $ 120 paralización all three nave besides (another $ 40ish) and of then I so only paid $ 139 paralización all this is the BAD SHOT . It results that yes, you have to pay $ 40 for the chance has broken to explode a guarantee. It DOES not BUY THESE CHANCES or any do any for LUGGAGE of FOX Or ROCKLAND LUGGAGE. It learns of my deception. A bad description is my only option to arrive to this point. Esperanza helps any one.
5 / 5
In the first place was, would have to be mentioned that there is at least two different stock exchanges that is announced near in a same page. These stock exchanges are not interchangeable and have dimensions and different characteristics. I have discovered this reason have ordered a red stock exchange for my edges and a stock exchange of carbon for my husband. A red stock exchange is two deep thumbs and 1.5 wide thumbs, which is a @@subject is concerned in stringent spend-in of the pensions. A small plus, stock exchange of the carbon does not develop , in spite of a description and the title that declares otherwise (the red stock exchange is expandable). Please see some images have uploaded for more than details in some dimensions.

To the left initiate me with some interiors of stock exchange because these details are not aimed in a web of place ( has of posted pictures). An interior of a red stock exchange is bubble gums ascended with aiming polka-points. I do not have any idea the one who has thinks that was the good idea, but ask me that of some other stock exchanges share this election by heart of the interior. Mina any-the sister has a stock exchange lived and says is a same pink model . This pink cloth feels and looks economic. It is thin and feels like this rasgará easily. A stock exchange of carbon has the inner ash with the whimsical polka-normalised of point. It feels sturdier as it is not like this thin. Also it is more attractive that look in, but is still a bit feminine because of a character of a model. There are pockets of multiple storage in a stock exchange of carbon, while a red stock exchange there is so only one. Have posted The pictures that objective some interiors of stock exchange.

An outside of these two stock exchanges is noticeably different. A red stock exchange has he crazy arrived and is textured; while a stock exchange of carbon is smooth and lustrous. I prefer a textured crazy arrived in a red stock exchange reasons will not aim scuffs like this easily. A weight of a ABS is drastically different with a stock exchange of carbon having the a lot of fatter shell and little his flexibility. An outside of a red stock exchange, in another hand, is surprisingly thin which leaves it to flex. We have not used any stock exchange in the flight still, as I can not speak his durability, but a stock exchange of carbon feels sturdier (and is heavy more).

Some two stock exchanges have different wheels. A wheel of red stock exchange more easily and is fun more to manoeuvre like the result. Some wheels in a stock exchange of carbon has the empty among a wheel casing and a wheel he. This direct to think that these wheels can begin to wobble more quickly/easily. Has posted pictures of some wheels beside some wheels of mine main-finalise spend-on chance. The wheels of a red stock exchange are more resembled this mid-upper tier the wheels of the stock exchange, which perhaps explains an ease of motion of this stock exchange.

A boss in a stock exchange of carbon wobbles less like glielo is supported by snug returned in a frame of stock exchange. A telescoping the boss in a red stock exchange wobbles because of the empty among some canes and the frame of a stock exchange. Some canes looks identical under construction, as some differences here can not affect a longevity or durability of a stock exchange.
4 / 5
Looks Of initial quality well, the time will say resists up. This in spite of, the guarantee is bad--basically, forget it. Calm in the first place need send a costruttore $ and then will say you where for the ship. It surpasses it it will be among $ 12 and 27 to take it there. Then they will decide yes it can be repaired or substituted under his 5 guarantee of year that excludes, for a way, wear and tear, abuse and in the each one another possible cause for failure. But a really bad informative is that you spent already More than to buy the new one in prime of Amazon. Suggestion yes pauses: (1) the fixed to you (duct the tape is the tool of universal reparation ), or (2) attentively tape a worthless warrantee seal to a luggage broken and situate both in some rubbishes. Message to Amazon: it can and it would have to that do better that this!!!!
4 / 5
When This is to arrive has been impacted to see a colour is very a lot of green of neon more brilliant that pictured. Ugly... But it has taken spent the reason was in the haste and has required the chance. I have used this chance two times and in a 3rd time was in an airport and I have seen has seated pleasant. It has taken the most next look and results a shell of a chance has been broken. This would not owe that be tear and normal wear with which 2 times that flies.
5 / 5
Left first beginning to says does not write descriptions, excepts in of the exceptional circumstances.
Are a lawyer the one who travel the bit for work. I have purchased this together reason have required the hard sided 29inch spinner.

A “spinner” ( for any the one who any already knows) means that some chances have four wheels those who turn independently in the plenaries 360 motion. These leaves for mobility more utmost and a chance that is more agile around corners.

Has purchased this chance dipped in October of 2018. With which two month a stock exchange has begun to aim signs of wear. Sadly, For a time a stock exchange is resulted fully defective, was the week out of a period of turn.

Inferior line: This stock exchange is cheaply fact and failed after three month. One is still in a zip is supposed to be “expandable”, this in spite of this rasgará and pause after the month or so much. Ossia Everything with regular use. If it estimate your money and the STAY of time WAS.
5 / 5
Has ordered this to use like this he weekender husband of travesía local. It is cheaply that have expected for a prize. I can very included express the one who bad smells for inside and for out. The hule in of the llamas is one the next plus can come to describe a smell. I have used baking soda and Febreeze to any avail. I never dipped my cloths in him! It would owe that it has trusted it some descriptions. I have been the client of loyal Amazon for years. WTH Spent to control of quality? The desire could not give any star.

Top Customer Reviews: Kenneth Cole ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
This chance is surprising. It looks tiny, but like a Tardis is main in an interior. It has looked for partorisca spend he-on chance partorisca take with me in Melbourne. I have directed partorisca return the month cost of clothes more extra. This chance done my soft big an useless. It is also more resistant that spend and the tear of then has the enclosure of hard chance.

A following is that it was in my chance. It prepares partorisca be surprised.

3 big impression books and 1 paperback
7 thumb Sewercide record
2 pairs of sandals
7 girlie shirts of yard
5 tights of band
3 cups of tank
3 pairs of trousers of yogas
5 pairs of shorts
1 dress
4 Victory Secret Bras- with cushioning
7 pairs of socks
Pullover Exhumed hoodie
Underbust Corset
2 sarongs
poster of cloth of the Death
stock exchange of Trick and 1 urban decays palette of eye shadow
5 / 5
Partorisca one the majority partorisca separate a luggage resisted on final. Our first flight that use a luggage was some the USA to Bleated. When we Arrive in I have bleated, commentary that one of a wheel is had explosion was and has been missing. We were partorisca occupy too much of the treat while in holidays like this expected til has taken home partorisca contact them reasons have agreed has had the guarantee that is coming with a product and thought it would not be to treat it big.

When we Take home, has contacted Kenneth School regarding a guarantee. A service of client rep has said they no longer service my type of luggage and said partorisca go to the tent of reparation of the shoe or seamstress partorisca substitute my wheel of own luggage. Technically luggage of Reaction of the pupil of Kenneth comes with the guarantee but when reading more closely in a guarantee, enough covers ABSOLUTELY AT ALL. They do not cover 'tear and normal wear' and does not cover 'harm for airline or common carrier'. But purportedly they cover 'defects ' in of the materials or workmanship'. Ossia The terrible deception that his company has said an audience. My mark the new luggage could not survive a flight of some the USA to Bleated without the wheel that the explosions was? And they can very included send me the wheel of substitution or fix my luggage? Like this apparently, Kenneth School is not behind is products and waste to to help his clients.

Like it has said before, his luggage has on resisted for one the majority to separate minus stain during an outside looking first use and a missing wheel. But it appreciates service of good client and the company that stands for behind his product. Kenneth School a lot that. A lot no spent never any stock exchanges of them never again. Buyer beware. You take like stops of pays. The next time am buying Samsonite.
5 / 5
Has bought this element for the travesía slow in Europe. A stock exchange has broken in mine first flight of Cleveland New York. One of some wheels (the ossia in a side where the boss is) entirely detached (sees images). An element no longer is going, and has to that literally spend this 45 lbs stock exchange. A worse thing roughly all these is that I can any one has included the turn, as they are in a half of my travesía. An only option has is to buy some new stock exchange and touch this one in my chamber of hotel. Enough frustrating start of my travesía.
5 / 5
A lot looking, and the prize looked well, but the cloth and the entirely disintegrated zip and has no easy fijamente. I have finalised basically paid in $ 20 for travesía round to use it. The guarantee is not probably to repair or substitute but to look you would have to that it is low lasted tear and normal wear, which comprises to upload and downloading in of the aeroplanes and of the taxis of then Is luggage .
5 / 5
Ossia The add carryon stock exchange. It is quite small to return a carryon thank you ( has flown with Southwest and American Airlines and has had any question) this in spite of like this quite big to return the costs of week of clothes, the pair of toe flops, the pair of sneakers/joggers, he microfiber towel and mine toiletries in him. I have packed myou Stock exchange like plenary as possibly it could and a zip has resisted strong. Some wheels were the sleep , so easy to press to the long of some narrow isles in a plan. A shell of a chance is like this strong and durable. It would recommend this stock exchange to any that looks for the good quality this in spite of like this stock exchange abordable.
4 / 5
Has used so only this chance in my travesía to Giamaica and was perfect partorisca to 5 excursion of day. Also, it is main that another raisin in of the chances to the equal that can see in my photo.
5 / 5
Received it punctually. I have gone back so only of Turchia with the grueling itinerary of travesía. This chance is hanged very light . It was happy was hanged like this light reason left to pack more elements. My worry was was quite durable for a travesía. It is spent a test . Except the small scuff frames in a side, has done a travesía of round. A colour has received is the dark rose or fuscha colour. It was it has bitten it iffy in a colour but has grown paralización to master that. I can easily something my luggage the mile was. It was also quite amused like the subject of conversation.
Like this here is a gilipollas: has the zippered compartment in a side. Unfortunately it has no other compartments to pack the smallest elements for separate.
Some do any well when 'quell'Attractive' a chance behind me. He no steer like this well when walking with him on a side. I found that it has to that dip alot to try steering the when walking with him for a part.
Averts these 2 subjects, is the keeper.
5 / 5
Ossia Add it spinner. I took it now on 7 different flights and he still looks the new mark. Besides, compared to one spends-in masses, looks conservative in measure and access in enough each tall cube. ( Flights in CRJ-@@@200s to plot, could not return there, but that ?)

An interior of some offers of stock exchange some flaps of excellent zip so that I can pack soiled material in a zone and clean in another. In mine last travesía, was able to return one that is still in without questions:
-20' pillow of compression
-7 pairs of trousers
-7 shirts
-7 pairs of boxers
-7 pairs of socks
-1 pair to swim trunks
-1 pair of sandals
-1 electrical toothbrush big
-1 tube of toothpaste
-2 mini-bounced of shampoo
-1 canister of hair styler
-1 200 page rids
-1 big glass boat of aftershave
-1 big electrical trimmer
-1 more than band of shaver of boss of the substitution
-4 mini-bounced of John Varavatos cologne
-1 boat of travesía of Armani Code
-a lot of those that another odds and finals.

So many, while this could not be the big more spinner stock exchange, can resist the tonne, and certainly takes to beat the and continuous trucking. Calmer will not take an eye of harm of some agents of door for toting he around, especially when they see the one who looks smaller that some other stock exchanges that is taken likes raisin on. Highly it would recommend this to any one.
4 / 5
Am giving a product 2 stars for some following reasons:
A construction of some worlds of chance looks durable, there is well has done bosses, and hard-working zips.
This in spite of, a downfall is that some wheels are quite flimsy. I have had the bust of wheel was during a first walk of the plan and I is is remained hauling an uncomfortable chance around an airport likes wheel dangled of a fund. Read some descriptions in this product. There are several reports of some wheels that falls off, and to good sure look the reoccurring subject.
4 / 5
Has had this chance for roughly 2 years now and is adds! I take it on travesías business, perhaps 15 interior some two years. He always access in some alto and reason is hard and will not break easily, are not never fearful of the turn on to planeside control. They are the no known woman to pack light and has been able to use this for until 5 travesías of day. For some trips some the plus along so only has to that be careful in those shoes I band. I want to see some writes I travesía with spending these enormous stock exchanges and that ask taste he. A thing in this chance is that it calms that can express has closed. And a zip does not resist any @@subject that pressure! If this does not give never was, to good sure will buy another!

Modification: it is lasted 4 years and finally this time when I jammed the really full and verified it then (!) Reason has spent the heavy laptop in the stock exchange of roller. A zip finally busted. Interest this in spite of, for $ 50 and 4 years of heavy use, this thing cost each penny!

Top Customer Reviews: American Tourister ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
It has seen this chance and of then is American Tourister, felt it would be the piece of quality of luggage. Yes, it resists the big quantity of elements and some wheels, bosses, zips, etc. Is adds. To good sure in that.
My lies of the disappointment in one has flown recently in the airline of entity and has verified this piece. As this was a first time has used this luggage, was in mint condition when checked. You can imagine my disappointment when I have recovered he in my fate and has been covered in scratches, the black scrapes and nicks and dents. While have @to @give that the airlines are not very careful with like this luggage of boss, was sad to see that this piece has not resisted on better and now looks rubbishes.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I have purchased this spends on in an end of December. It has looked for the gold of ascended or covers it raisin on. This a there is had the excellent descriptions and have liked me an on all the appearance. You can say that ossia the product of big quality so only partorisca look in him. Some wheels go easily in walking of forest. Some wheels have the time slightly harder in my coverage but still has an easy time in my opinion. It will be partorisca travel in an end of January to the equal that sticks another description after his first travesía! This description has not been sponsored or to the to anything likes concealed... So only the client that looks partorisca give other consumers the good idea of the like some looks of products. They are happy with my new spends on like this far!
4 / 5
Loves a creation and a colour. It resists the amazing quantity and was easy to manoeuvre by means of airports and in a aisle of a plan. It is quite light likes lifting he to a tall cube was easy. It was able to dip he in a tall cube for american airlines and joins without the question. It has resisted three value of days of cloths, a lot toiletries, the pair of the shoes and I have had still the plot of room. A boss (concealed twists he with) look flimsy, but has on resisted surprisingly well.

An only reason reason is four stars , is reason a side with a boss is more superficial that an opposite side because of some bars for a boss of appeal. Of a strap of the security of the dresses is in this side, can very really dipped your toiletries in this side (or other loose elements). An opposite side with a zip is deeper and would be better for clothes. If a zip and strap of the security of the cloths have been changed, would be perfect.

Update: My first time that uses this so that the stock exchange checked and has had TONNES of scratches of opinions and scruffs concealed does not exit . Previously it has thought to take one 28” a to match, but is quite bad that no longer is considering
4 / 5
Well, as some 360 wheels are everything , has has had to that fun fact to take the everywhere. The creation is good-looking for inside and for out, has done to pack like this easier with that feels likes pair a room of a half chance. To A lot any like him to him a model of the interior but the mine is practically invisible reason all my material has covered all so that any a lot of attention there.

An only with this that takes lined because of
like launch/slide he around, (this in spite of, I also slid he around when ploughing and it closing while it was so that they are also to blame) but is at all too much of entity IMO, has taken a creation of marble for this reason, also is more beautiful, has read in another description that has done too much so that it does not look like this bad, much less noticeable agreement.

Remarce: Ossia My first time it using, has been was paralizaciones to the long of the week.
5 / 5
Loves this spends on. It is light and returns the plot! It was able to pack 5 value of days of cloths, 3 pairs of shoes, more my elements of travesía daily, the coverage of travesía, and the box of granola same bars! Very easy to manage also.
5 / 5
Although this luggage is beautiful and highly functional, has to return he because of a chemical smell. I have not remarked it when have in the first place opened a luggage but a semence liner has had the on concealed zip leave to take to an interior of a luggage out of hard chance. When I unzipped that cloth, instantly odorato to to the the chemical likes them the essence or of some class of smell of oil. I have then verified a 'new product' the seal has attached to a boss and a lot my worry, has declared: ' I WARN - This produces can expose you to the chemicals that comprises has Given phthalate which is known to a State of California to cause cancer....' Etc. I Live in Pennsylvania but that sure does not mean MI CHANCE a lot also comprises this hazard (like the hats were California to be like this responsible, applauded!) Needless To say, this luggage is taking is returned!!
4 / 5
Amur This is trace the gold spends on! Controls the plot and a compartment of the zip in a half forward is really handy. With the z/the rucksack to resist my laptop/of purse, was easily able to pack for 7 days was (and has had still some spare room). Circles a lot quietly/smoothly in an airport. I have travelled four times with this so that it spends it on with Southwest and has not had any subjects that return in some altos.
4 / 5
Amur This chance! It was among colours but decided in a black/aim reason was fearful another colour can litter . They are like this happy has done reason after travelling for 2 weeks, a chance there has been minor of black frames of some airlines but his blend in with a model. I seat like this there it is even more spatial in this chance that my another 24 thumb. A side of the easiest point for organisation during my travesías also.
5 / 5
I really loved this chance when he in the first place arrived, but look of him quickly tried to be an only positive. Have in the first place used this luggage in the travesía in Minnesota and already has aimed signs of extreme wear after this 5 travesía of day. An external rose has been lined severely on a plan that uploads and a painting the flake resembled was a lot easily. I have not imported this also reason know that the airlines can be hard on luggage, but took it then in his second and last travesía. While going to an airport there is @@give that a wheel looked to be peeling. A hule around has fallen off and that causes a wheel to take stuck. With which so only the travesía and the half, was a lot of disappointed to see that bad resisted up. For an end of a short walk to a control of stock exchange, one of some wheels were destroyed entirely and no longer turn. After a flight, has chosen he on a control of stock exchange and there is remarked that one of some wheels had been entirely pressed for interior. It was almost flush with a rest of a stock exchange. They are a lot disappointed with as toneless this stock exchange is and is now entirely useless after so only TWO USES. To good sure would remain out of this luggage and purchase something of the reputable mark.
5 / 5
Has used this on a lot trips already and is perfect. It likes- one shell of him for when it is raining, he obviously wont absorbs moisture like this of the chances of cloth/of typical cloth. Some wheels are sturdy, zips sturdy, the boss is sturdy and same when I have had to verify he in a door been due to full flights is always exits well.
But listen people. It does not take the white chance that expects it wont takes scuffed at all. Utilisation your brains. The sound that frustrates to see the people leave the bad description reason has taken mark on that. It is common sense . The ones of the one who alcohols a scuffs, the mine is just test I travesía.
I always take compliments on that. Two thumbs on me. I will be to order a big a, also.

Top Customer Reviews: Wrangler Smart ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 58 ratings
5 / 5
This spends- on are add, love a colour, wheel very amiably, but has bought this spends on-partorisca a port of USB to use likes to upload the, but that I stray is that you have to that buy the band of separate battery.
4 / 5
Has used this partorisca some costs of week of travesía. It has taken easily
1 pair of tejanos
1 pair of leggings
6 socks
6 underwears
3 turtlenecks
2 light sweaters
1 cardigan of sweater
A pair of stock exchanges of trick
Curling iron
has produced of Hair- measured of travesía
could have unzipped an expand to add more but will expect to see spent some dresses while in my fate.
Also done the stool of feet adds
4 / 5
has had question going a stock exchange when it was weighed. Also, a band of battery has to be take when my carryon has had to that be change to verify-in when overcrowding in a plan. A headline of cup and title of telephone was convenient, and the subject of conversation. Have enjoyed also a capacity the zip on some compartments. A tsa characteristic to conclude and qualified of the better rolling would have given it five stars. I love an army green colour.
5 / 5
Does not come with the band of the battery for one load. Like this calm think you can use one load, but really takes another $ 25 after finding the band of battery. And no, Wrangler does not sell him . You owe that look for the band of on-line compatible battery. More a lining of interior is súper thin and economic looking. I did not use it still but they are by train of the supposition will have holes in him punctual.
4 / 5
The main piece of rubbish. A wheel has broken so only of mine second time that uses this in travesía. I am returned of my travesía too late to return. It gives the graces for at all Amazon and Wrangler.
5 / 5
Honradamente, am not pleased with this chance. I have been in some travesías for some times have recovered my luggage so that a headline of the cup and the upper boss was broken entirely the done the difficult to travel with.
4 / 5
Very happy with cost of mine, and take compliments in an airport all a time.
Quite strong can seat on he in the long line, AMOUR my headline of cup. Expand Is well has executed.
4 / 5
Ossia The chance of good measure that well of law for travesías short. I am not sure in a headline of cup, really does not see I not using never that and would be perfectly happy state without him. It likes a usb of port, this in spite of does not like that you have to that open of a headline of cup to access a port. It concealed he no any sense of mine, would have to has been separated or to the equal that have said a headline of telephone/to title of cup simply a lot there. This has said I like this chance and am happy bought it
5 / 5
has Used this chance for a first time and is broken in diverse something. While I know some airlines are not always gentile with luggage, would expect the chance to be able the withstand more than a flight, is not concealed that is to do partorisca!?
5 / 5
Has purchased two of these chances for my edges, a blue and a green. Have weathered Very like this far after the travesías of pair and a walk of slowly. My only complaint to arrive to this point is a place of where want to you to you to dip a bank to be able to. A costruttore has situated a low connection a lining in a chance. This calm require you to entirely open up and empty that side of a chance so only to take a bank of power in him TSA exploitation. Alternatively, if calm leave it was until takings by means of security, calm then has to that open on a chance, take all a material of this side so only to connect a bank to be able to and use a nifty external connector-headline/of cup of the telephone. So only it is not practical. We leave it to us it was altogether, which was well, but a inboard option of adapter of the can was one of some things thinks was ordered in a stock exchange. Apresamiento That was and his the chance with the headline of cup. Still kinda Orderly, but so only less so much.

Top Customer Reviews: Travelers Club 20' ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 54 ratings
4 / 5
This my hard prime minister sided spends on stock exchange, and have a lot of state pleased with this stock exchange. Here it is some observations ...
- Quality of build: Some looks of stock exchange partorisca be very built with an exception of a boss. It is very free and has the plot partorisca touch when long. I have not had any questions with a functionality of a boss like this far, but I time of supposition will say resists up. Otherwise, Some looks of stock exchange partorisca be quite sturdy.
- Measure: it was the little has concerned that one spends-on would be too big to take on to to the plan likes to spend the on, but of then taking a stock exchange has flown in several international flights with Deltas and American Air, and has not had any questions at all, in fact in fact looks to be smaller that a lot one spends in of the stock exchanges that other people spend.
- Capacity: When it joints bent and gone closely am able to return roughly 6 pairs of tejanos and 10-12 shirts in one spend on. A side of one spends on has an elastic escomer-tape' the east snaps near to resist some cloths in situating while another side has the poster that the zips have closed totally to prevent dresses of falling during a place when one spends on is opened.
There is a lot of state pleased with all the appearances of this stock exchange with an exception of a boss. To good sure recommend for compraventa.

Update 02/2017

Like this on roughly my fourth travesía international after a compraventa of this stock exchange my fears regarding a durability of a boss has been confirmed. A boss is coming averts on during normal use in an of my travesías and one of some inner parts that has left a boss to develop and the collapse has been lost. It was able to jurry-rig something near so that some functions of sleeve again, but will be to look a boss a lot closely to do sure concealed does not spend again.

Have fallen my indication to three spear s of mine original four like the stock exchange there is otherwise resisted on well and still looks well. If you decide that this stock exchange is a right value to do sure that control a thick boss so that it does not take stuck in an airport with the boss that does not act.
5 / 5
Third UPDATE And CAN that to Him GIVES NEGATIVE - I ! 4/5/17
Decided to risk it and use he for the travesía last week behind the canada. Stupid stupid stupid. In an airport in a house of way, a zip has BROKEN. Felizmente Another passenger was able the jerryrig the to take it has closed. Airport 2 .... Looked down, and there is remarked the ENORMOUS crack in a side, in a corner. It does by means of another airport and took it home, and promptly has ordered the new (totally different mark) spends on. This chance is not never state fallen or is on state, never be in the luggage has checked, never state abused or overstuffed in any way (the majority of my things that the the uses of need is maintained in my house of fiancé, like this the whose travesías with a lot at all!). Absolutely ANY REASON partorisca east to spend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE And DOWNGRADE IN CLASSIFIES: with which 2 travesías of weekend the canada of january (likes raisin on luggage) a zip is beginning paralizaciones to fray and clave. im Any one sure can them take the third travesía (coming on next week) out of him, to dread that a zip finally bust and separate too bad to close- quite bad raisin in home, but go to be really ticked raisin while it was them out of casa.un the stock exchange is not when being overpacked (a lot my bulky/ heavy material is already up there (bathrobe, toiletries, discharges and bulky sweaters/etc), like this the ones of the that included requires door he with me) and theres the to spare spatial abundance, included without unzipping one expandable part.

I travesía to and of canada of some the EUA to visit my fiancé ( movements here later this summer yay!) And ossia the decent measure for me to take the value of weekends of clothes and estuff'. The interior of accesses spends in the controls and a hard coverage prevent me of on stuffing to do it external to spend in of the dimensions ;)
4 / 5
This chance is ECONOMIC. We take it to us on the travesía of street (any airline, any one has has verified stock exchanges, any shoving he in the cube) so only has situated he in a trunk and has gone then he in a hotel. Once inside a hotel, when that tries to press a boss behind in the chance, a boss is exited and has not been able to reconnect the to form that you read again. A side would locate or down, but a side that is resulted detached has not done after this moment. This would have been a lot inconvenient has spent during travesía of airline. We return this for the substitution, but am wishing had selected the repayment after looking in some negative critiques more closely. I will update if a substitution is more durable that this one.
4 / 5
Has been thrilled when it has arrived and is gone in the travesía and was mine to spend on-this in spite of, has had to verify a stock exchange in my house of travesía of the turn. A boss was entirely rasgado was in a side. Has the photo that has attached. The luggage would owe that be better done that this.
4 / 5
Had excited really when this is to go in punctually and has required the new spends on luggage to go of the measure. A year later some bosses have begun to give was. I extend some bosses to start with that the vain and when precise to retract the, will be stuck, sees the video has attached. He no retract quickly enough without that has to that take awhile to dip a boss has retreated down like this yes is spending for TSA can take awhile so only to dip a boss has retreated down. It is too late to return an element to the equal that is been the year purchased it of then. Also to remark: a colour can begin turn over time, beware of a extendable boss!
5 / 5
Has been to this compraventa that knows of another reviewers that this was the stock exchange of economic feeling . Chico has not kidded . It feels like his fact out of packaging of economic plastic toy that grotto in with a slightest pressure. A telescoping the boss if it wobbles and are fearful to use it when a chance is uploaded for the dread will snap like this career. Some canes of sleeve owe that be aluminium really thin , or the plásticoes painted to look metal because it feels a lot of insubstantial. Some wheels are plastic and the cockroaches that look. I expect that they resist up. If this has not been an only luggage could find inside such short look that will be it the indorsement for the airline spends- on would return. You would be better that spends the little extra thinks calmer probably will be that it substitutes is one after any too long.
4 / 5
Well. Hard chance, adds. Expandable, adds. It has taken the moment to receive treats it big. We receive it to us, the one travesía and then a boss has broken was. Yes, a boss that use for the choose up and the upload, etc. A stock exchange were used for mine 9yr old. You are not overpacked or weighed by any half. It was in 3hr flight and seated in a hotel the majority of a time. I have it that has not had never the boss that comes entirely is gone in any pcs of the luggage has has not possessed never. No really pleased with east.
4 / 5
Has purchased a hard shell to help withstand travesía beatings. Unfortunately, his no an external shell would owe them that it has been concerned on touch a real manufacture of a product. My Edges has used a chance once of then receiving so that the Christmas gives and a zip is a-threading of a chance. The poor quality and I do not recommend like the guarantee is the joke - the club of Travellers would owe that be for behind a quality of his product.
5 / 5
Are rasgado when it comes to this stock exchange. Has in orange, teal, money, and has bought now a rose for the present (the members familiarised there is remarked the mine spends-ons). A chance has arrived a lot quickly and like another three, was fact very (for a low prize). Problematically, This in spite of, a chance has odorato extremely strongly of chemicals, and has included to treat he with charcoal and another deodorizers for the month has not solved a subject. The service of the client of the amazon was a lot of gain to rectify a situation and I give five stars. This has said, another look of clients to have exactly a same question with a gold of rose (rose) version of this stock exchange, as you are thinking roughly buying a, suggests to take another colour: it was not if a question is with a dye he (of some look of questions to exist so only for people those who has bought a gold of pink version has ascended), or with storage of warehouse, but has has had QUESTIONS of ZEROS with an orange, teal, and versions of money of this chance. For as economic is, ossia the really well spend-in these controls to plot. Not to verify it , this in spite of: a construction is not sturdy enough to sustain a weight of hundreds of books other chances that is launched on him. So you are looking for the combined spend-in/the luggage has verified occasionally, this stock exchange can not be for calm - but is looking for a abordable spend in these controls to plot of cloths and is easy to move, goes for him. So only choose one of some other elections by heart!
5 / 5
One 20' is all the needs for the week of clothes. I do not check my luggage the the spend in that it maintains it almost new. I have flown of CA to TX and to the diverse time and is utmost.

Top Customer Reviews: SwissGear Sion ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 47 ratings
5 / 5
I have bought the resemblance of the 10 years done and has travelled a world with him. It has begun partorisca break down have purchased like this this bc is a same mark and measure. I have it there was so only the few months and took two travesías and he is looking bad. They are the little there is disappointed.
Modification: I have taken 5 travesías with this stock exchange now. A boss is broken and can does not use. A guarantee is so only valid with receiving he of an official website. It does not squander your money!
5 / 5
In general this chance looks a lot of fact Except a boss. I have used so only he partorisca a first time and a boss is not so only really wobbly but does not close when calm so only the extend the half way and is difficult the retract of full height. Besides, taking stuck to goes in and was if your chance is packed tight or tight seeds. It could think that that this was the fluke but @@give after purchasing that ossia a chance although my husband has had to that substitute a boss two times on and finally tossed he recently with which so only the year or two of light use. Unfortunately this one could be go a same way of then are already out of a window to return to first use and a boss already fails to do properly.
4 / 5
Has purchased this in March and has seen so only light use. Probably 3 RT Flights and the handful of travesías car. Total, down 10. This in spite of, one of some wheels of laminated of a spindle (sees picture) in the hablador to now tug and take one turns when a course of the hule softer of a wheel any transfers of a spindle or the attractive was and takes a wheel totally. It sees picture. I have contracted Turn of the guarantee and I have to that ship this for my account say for has it has valued/fijamente or has substituted. A cost of nave is prohibitive and create these police and the lack of the centres of reparation have authorised is drawn to be the deterrent still substitution of guarantee or reparation. Especially for the model in this point of prize. For like this, all the things have considered, this is not the interesting product neither workmanship and unless it is an expensive piece . If a piece fails, as it has done with me, a cost of reparation of guarantee or nave of the substitution probably does not justify an endeavour.
4 / 5
A title of a chance has said that is 21' big. In fact measured 23'. And it is wider that some dimensions given. The airlines of majority of EUA have to the maximum dimensions like 22x14x9. This chance is too big to return in one spends in of the controls of boxes in.
4 / 5
Has purchased this stock exchange a year. As any no new but expect my luggage to survive more than the year. It travels roughly 10 times the year for work and perhaps another 3-4 for vacacional. His not liking travesía weekly. Last year in the September travelled and one of some wheels has maintained to take has stuck. It would do and then he no . I have not travelled again until some holidays and has had a same question with a stock exchange. It could no longer it goes he that stands up that it was reason I has purchased he in a first place. I have tried to take he in Florida but a stock exchange is entirely useless. It likes him to him the tug the dead organism. My stock exchange of the doctor of the accident lasted on 4 years. An only reason has purchased this stock exchange was has wanted to be able the broken he whole which less demanded in my backside.
5 / 5
Does not buy these products. One says to have to that 5 guarantee of year. I have bought luggage of them concealed is lasted so only 8 months (3 travesías) before breaking. Finalised cost me on $ 100 in of the costs of luggage have checked. His guarantee is bogus, will cost you almost the one who some products am cost. OF THE THAT SPENT THIS PRODUCT, the GUARANTEE Is A LIE .
5 / 5
I bed by means of leading descriptions before ordering this to substitute my old SwissGear carryon, and has tried out of a telescoping boss when I received it in the first place. It is trace , has gone back down. I add! Before fast two weeks to some first time used it in fact: a boss is trace when it has walked by means of my airport of start, down when I have been to dip a chance in a tall - but is REMAINED then down, that waste to go back on again. Like this there it has walked by means of my airport of arrival alternately that spends my chance, he kicking, or has bent on awkwardly trying the steer to like this goes. (And that tries to move quickly in spite of all this reason have had the train to take.) After the bit of investigation, looks a cane of metal inside a telescoping the section does not remain where the duty, likes to take any reliably emission when a key is pressed to leave a boss to move on/down. I think that can fix it, but it is worsening to have that repairs the mark marries new. Any complaint in a rest - twists, sides, and fixed boss all that resists on well like this far - but a telescoping boss that reads so only when it feels likes is the quite big drawback. At all a quality expects of SwissGear.

Modification to add: I can fix he - can find the substitution for a busted plastic lovely piece probably less than the dollar ossia a question . In a photo, in a legislation is the one who a cane inside a telescoping the boss would owe that look. In an accident is a reason a boss no - meso a piece of plastic is broken was, as it does not remain in a cane, and once is was, a key in a boss is useless.
4 / 5
Has loved that when I took it in the first place, but after the year of travelling with him, while it was my spend-on for everything but two flights when it has been luggage has verified , does not have on resisted at all.
Initially some wheels have begun to take stuck and was the fight to maintain it that goes directly. This is to arrive for 4 month now and several liberal applications of wd40 helped for the short period of time, but a continuous question worsen.
In December a key that calm leave you to telescope a boss has taken stuck and a boss no longer collapse or extend. With the plot of fiddling, is usually possible of the take that he again, but is not guaranteed, and a key is firmly has stuck.
I supposition will owe that try out of a guarantee, which involves to pay to ship.
4 / 5
Has used this to substitute my old luggage that I endearingly informed to that 'Old Faithful'. It was the big brown heavy behemoth without any wheels. I have required something concealed would spend a same quantity of the material but concealed would weigh less and have wheels for easy transport when I travel so only and does not have the fellow the one who can help me haul Old Faithful when my wheel of arms . This has done a work perfectly. Some the inner compartments are useful: you can join things down with two straps in an interior, there is the pouch for liquids, and has the slit in some outsides for identification. It is very light. A product was a lot the quality priced and very big. To good sure would do this compraventa again.

Modification: This chance has broken on done the year. A weakness is in some wheels. But after debating yes to take an expensive and perhaps if more durable, has decided to the only repurchase is one . Really it is the chance adds and has included an expensive plus some will break. Luggage handlers is rough on luggage.
4 / 5
Modification 1/15/18
With which roughly 6 uses a boss are like this free and wobbly that does a clue of chance horribly. Because of this lack of control, is essentially rubbishes now. Any look of wheels to be well. But a boss there is roughly 2' of game. If it has not been for a toneless boss, still would be happy. A chance is adds. But that well is spinner if that you can not control? Undo a purpose to buy it spinner husband. Going down to a star. Any that it is supposition to do .

Modification 11/10/17
used that like this spends-on with American Airlines. Any question at all. Access in a luggage sizer and tall cubes.

Looks Well. Well it built it. But I am concerned slightly on some dimensions to use like this spends-on. 22x14x9 Is max measure for some airlines. These measures to comprise wheels. They are sure I could return he to a luggage of airport sizer, and some the leading descriptions have mentioned to use the like this spends-on. But the truth is, is technically oversize to spend-on. We will see that among the weeks of pair when I try era.

Top Customer Reviews: Travelpro Maxlite ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
4 / 5
TL;Dr. Version -- TravelPro the stock exchanges of frames have meant partorisca do and live was. Ossia Any different and fijamente three complaints have had in mine old Maxlite (2 or 3?):

- A front now has the slant as it does not result upper-heavy and falls on when fully packed or with your personal stock exchange
- A side spends the boss is surprising and 10x comfortable to create and down an aeroplane
- A soft, rubbery monde of sleeve in an old model and is now state substituted with hard simple plastic old

NOTE! There are 2 versions of this stock exchange 21' (international) and 22'. They are noticeably different in capacities. If has the 22' and fill to a brim, will not love this version.

In general, fantastic stock exchange with an incredible guarantee. You will tire of him before calm spend it was.

More Context --

Like the consultor, alive out of spending-ons (so like gift partorisca write this). When I have begun partorisca travel strongly roughly 5-6 years ago, has begun partorisca take attention to some frequent travellers and of the members of instrumented frames of election. It was any opposition - TravelPro has dominated. I have chosen on a MaxLite 2 or 3 which has taken each one has bitten of the insult could launch in him on some years with a lot of few complaints further of this have listed on.

In the first place, has has wanted to really signal out of a difference of measure. Has come from/come from one 1' the main version and among that and this new stock exchange lant', lose the day cost of clothes. I can find ways to recover that spatial reasons -- for me -- some measures a smaller that these accesses of chance to some regional / commuter the jets often owe that take to go back house the Cleveland. This in spite of, if you are a type to pack spend-ons full and never take regional jets, could consider a slightly main version.

That light like the old stock exchange is, this one is lighter even . Impossibly Light, in fact, and was one first what there is remarked roughly that. Among that and one 'packing diet' has has had to that me dipped on, was in fact quite pleasant and easy the hoist to a tall. Further that, I can not speak highly enough of a perpendicular boss. Ossia One of these things bobas that calm have immediately that asks 'reason has the person has thought of this forward' reason your wrist thank you every time trace and of the plan.

Further that, has has had always the spinner stock exchange and would not go back never. It is good to press a stock exchange by means of terminals and take a tension out of your arms that hangs walks longer among terminals. These wheels looks easier that take the hips for him/when they take the bit gummed on and need to be cleaned and oiled.

In everything, is the no-frills, professional, ready-for-anything spends-calm on will be happy to possess. Really it appreciates a new model in an interior of a stock exchange also. In the world of boring greys and blacks, is good to see the splash to paint when the plough :-)

Finally, TravelPro knows that it is doing when it comes the luggage. Ossia The rugged, a lot-built, thoughtfully-has executed to spend-calm on will be happy to have and own. They are 100 insurance is ready to do for years to come and, directed to break it, Travelpro retreated with the lifetime has guaranteeed. There is not any point in buying roughly of a some this cost 2-3x more than these, literally can not think of anything could do better. I have been, and it will continue to be , the TravelPro defender of for life.

Has uploaded two pictures of him afterwards to a stock exchange touches that substitutes to take feel he for like this compares. It is also he values partorisca remark that well to form an old one east in with which roughly 5 years of use and the ridiculous quantity of travesía (easily the hundred of pair). In an enclosed picture, this stock exchange has a perpendicular boss and colored 'TRAVELPRO'. In an open picture, this stock exchange has a good colored inner and an old one this ash.

Has received this by means of a program of Vine of the Amazon. If calm the the expósito useful, please left to know me!
5 / 5
Has bought a 'TravelPro Maxlite 5' luggage: 19-the International thumb carryon roller and 18' down-the-stock exchange of shoulder of the chair carryon. It loves it. If the band well, can in fact sale for until the travesía of 3 weeks among a two.

Commentaries that have studied as to pack previously my travesía. I will share that it was able to pack in the moment. I have used this together light (5.3 pounds- for real read!) With other very functional elements to optimise packing:

1. The compression that Cubes of Bands (two half, a small + one packing 'tube' for socks and undergarments) has done of light parachute, water-resistant material (Brook of System of Eagle of 2 zips- no precise to use the vacuum)

2. A travesía garment stock exchange for my business cloths (a Brook of Eagle - big. He likewise ligjtweight material of parachute with tool of light folding joint + velcro joins partorisca compress dresses and maintain them quite wrinkle-free)

3. Two stock exchanges of shoe of alone pair (Brook of Aigle - is aerated the plastic covered to the small point black netting)

4. Cofreya Travesía-sized, silicon gel the boats concealed does not burst down pressure in of the big altitudes- and is the airline estada in consonance for measure).

To go dresses (excepts those in a garment stock exchange), was ankle to pack :

one. 3 dresses
b. 2 skirts
c. 1 pair of trousers
d. 2 yogas weats' outfits that Comprises both cups and trousers
and. 2 pullover Sweaters (has spent one in slowly)
f. Pyjamas
g. 2 Additional leggings + 2 camisoles
h. 1 skin of pairs bombs
I. On-the-boots of dress of skin of ankle
j. 1 pair Uggs boots (has spent these in plans)
k. Accessories- 2 plenaries-sized scarves, packable purses to use during a travesía, mittens, ear muff etc.
I. 3 turtleneck Cups
m. 3 camisole Cups
or. Petit - Light business briefcase 'envelope'
p. Electronic: small pill, telephone, etc.

...All concealed And the stock exchange of chips and small bites! (And no, I have not finalised using an expandable zippered zone of a luggage).

Remarce: Partorisca Prolong a parade of clean cloths, I also packed Travelon & detergent of dirty clothes of travesía of Tide + Travelon travesías bathtub clothesline of dirty clothes (any dresses nails required) and quickly tank-has washed-elements every night).

In all the chance, so only sharing some details to aim a capacity - (and packability) of these 2 stock exchanges when using some right tools.

Some stock exchanges is big quality and have the guarantee. An enough, dusty is trace the colour has bought is wonderful And is easy to the something has to that a lot another that decides your luggage.

Really appreciate some 360 rollers of the terracing of then has an option to press a luggage at the side me in place of whenever it has to that attractive. Three telescopic boss has given several options p. p.ej. When Dipping a stock exchange of shoulder on a chance - or no. A creation maximized space.

There is included the photos that objective that some accesses of the stock exchange of the shoulder below plans smaller like a UAL the paving of Airbus there is boarded. You owe that insert a stock exchange in his backside more than standing up - and is returned easily.

Value and buys utmost creation , functional , light, big quality.
4 / 5
Has required to spend it on for Europe. Our family of 6 shipped in three week, 6 adventure of city. A lot of trains and plans, stairs and cobbled streets in a rain. This stock exchange has resisted on adds. I have bought this stock exchange because I do not love worry in any subjects of measure and arrival that has to verify it my stock exchange. I have loved also the light stock exchange and this paste of stock exchange a mark in both of these elements. It is verblight the weight and a measure is perfect! It was able of the develop while I have been in a travesía and has added keepsakes to the equal that travel. I love a colour also! Some rollers and the zips are the quality and a boss have done perfectly also. I have not taken it it has stuck once. It has on resisted amiably, but this thing has touched on ALL-THE-TIME!! I included bought some bones in the phase for presents(fourth, glasses and another), has weighed roughly 5 lbs and I strategically situated then in an inferior back of a stock exchange with another heaver elements like my boots in of the hopes would help and still would touch! It was less time , but has touched still!! We have had the joke to run in my stock exchange like the familiar because it was an only a concealed this and was during a travesía. Has has had to that do sure always sustained against something when it was in a restroom, restoring or verifying my telephone for information of entrance. I have finalised straddling he partorisca stops for now when I have had to take my hand of a boss to grab the caffè or water or anything. So to the equal that want to all has joined other qualities of a stock exchange, a @@subject to the game there is clouded some positive qualities. I will be compraventa for another stock exchange, included although this one is still in good condition. It was inconvenient for everything of knots.
5 / 5
Has had already a Travelpro 20” carryon, which had bought for travesía international, but was too small for the travesías have created longer. Enter a Maxlite 5 21” carryon. If it think a difference in measure is so only roughly 1”, read on:

When that decides to purchase the carryon, is of entity to distinguish a difference among chance and measure of global measure, like this the stock exchange is in fact 2” big that an international model - is also 1” deeper. Quell'Concealed can not resemble plot but this stock exchange carrries 46 litres in volume, on the plenary 5 litres of a stock exchange a small plus. It is also lighter: my little international carryon hanged in 6.7 pounds ( is the maxlite 4,) and this puppy hanged in in the simple 5.4 pounds.

This stock exchange has the big external pocket as well as the compartment the small plus. An interior has the plenary-measure zippable pocket to signal as well as the pocket lateralmente partorisca odds and finals. A boss is comfortable and extends to 4 place, (so only some two main place closes fully in place, ie both lock “on” as well as “down”,) and for easy managing has two cushioned bosses, one in an upper and one in a side. Besides, a stock exchange is expandable - well, reason always look to come house with more than beginning with.

Still although this stock exchange is ridiculously light, looks sturdy enough, and my experience with TravelPro is his stock exchanges last. For a way, TravelPro have it down with his wheels, which are small and unbelievebly maneuverable. I have been tried to take one 25” rollaboard for an extra space, but in a finalises no, reason this model so only has two wheels. I am done with two wheelers - just no like this easy to manage. These 4 wheelers spoilt me.

Create Travesía Pro some better stock exchanges for a money. They are of the build of quality and is well has drawn. I have used to buy Victorinox exclusively. No longer: These come a lot near of this level of quality for the fraction of a prize.
4 / 5
• The compact measure fulfils international to spend-in requirements of airline of the luggage (Asiana Airlines for me has not annoyed verifying)
• the Compact measure leaves it a capacity to be business down the aeroplane chairs more main or in a tall compartment
• Light-hanged and easy to spend
• 4-the wheels contains some profits of the luggage of 2 wheels, but also leaves it to be easily pressed, pulled, or rotated around to to the zones like by means of of airport or aisle of a plan while boarding
• 4-the wheels turns 360 terracings, leaving effortless movement and steering without sticking
• the boss is adjustable the different heights
• the boss is rubberized and has the creation of outline partorisca consolation and grip
• Abundance of pockets of storage that comprises one in a front and the pouch in an interior to comprise essentials
• the zips are to have that heavy and contains the mechanism to close to be easily used jointly with TSA locks
• Upper and the side spends the bosses leaves a luggage to easily be lifted and spent in any situation
• compartment of the storage of the Interior contains 2 straps to maintain dresses or another essentials in situating
• the Expandable compartment on main storage leaves maximum packing capacity partorisca developing an upper portion

• boss lateralmente so only in a side of a luggage
• compartment of the storage of the Front there is so only a zip, doing use of the TSA to impossible lock
5 / 5
has has used always Hartman, and Tumi luggage. For the travesía recent in Africa requires luggage of lighter that weight. After long investigation, has decided to try this luggage. We order 2 pieces, one for each of knots. We are satisfied fully with this luggage. It is roomy, very light, sturdy and well looking. A spinner the wheels are the must . Has has ordered of then many other Pieces and was dissatisfied with only a piece, one going duffle stock exchange.
5 / 5
Are like this tired of wheels of luggage that begin and the attractive of zip to break! I have used to spend money on luggage (Tumi) but has given up! So only I imagine I will have to that buy the new stock exchange never pair of years. BTW Has tried some hard chances but his hated! Calm neither has to him fill up or everything flies around in a stock exchange. I prefer soft stock exchanges with an expandable option like this stock exchange. It is the good measure for me a lot like this big taking on weight. Has one spends to match on-for heavy material. Fight of mine like the woman of 60+ east to remain quite returned to toss one spends-on to a tall when hanged 60+ lbs!
4 / 5
Ossia The quality , sturdy stock exchange good zips, wheels, and boss. A zip lateralmente pouch is quite big to stuff to to the jacket likes wheeling in of airport. It is expandable (but then surpasses new limits).
This in spite of, the note is announced likes 21” but ossia so only a period of a stock exchange. If you add a period of some wheels, goes in in 23 thumbs like this he personal of the fuss of door has wanted, could. Comparing with LOS ANGELES carryon model I also taken, which is for real 21 thumbs, is 1.8 lb heavier and main, but will last longer. I will maintain both.
4 / 5
Can not speak to an use of term with a longitude of a half chance has checked, but for our travesía recent of Detroit to Florida so much the chances have on resisted without any subjects or harm. We order two of some means has has verified chances, one for me and a woman. A chance is very balanced and sturdy same although we pack both chances to on 45 books and expósitos has gone a lot amiably with a spinner wheels. A boss extends to multiple period that is well. They are 6'01 and a woman is 5'02 and in the so much period found of extension of comfortable sleeve to use. I have been for the five travesía of day and abundance room have in some chances to pack all require. There is abundance of the pockets and some zips are the good quality. Both cost of chances was in a blue colour, which he easy to find our stock exchanges in an airport. A blue colour was exactly one same likes picture. All-in-all these are excellent and highly would recommend these TravelPros.

Update: it has used a luggage 5 different times of then January of 2019 and continue be impressed. The durability is excellent and have a lot of state pleased.
4 / 5
Is the stock exchange adds . I have travelled two weeks throughout Inghilterra and Scozia. It was easy to take was and in of the trains and of the plans.

Top Customer Reviews: Kenneth Cole ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
I have bought this luggage after doing a lot of investigation and reading a lot of descriptions. I have wanted to it loved/ it That! This in spite of in a first use an upper corner has been dented! It has been disappointed extremely like this has had such descriptions add like this when being sturdy luggage. I have taken the casualidad and has contacted a Company of Scolare of to Kevin likes him the cast in a seal that was in a luggage. It said it there was to ten guarantee of year. I have followed some any request and my surprised has been sent the new chance exactly like a a dented in ANY ONE LOAD! A company was absolutely wonderful to treat and has asked only pictures and an explanation that has spent. My luggage of the substitution arrived in the week! I will be the client of Pupil of Kevin loyal from now on. A luggage is perfect! Light and to spare the room and I pack the plot! I can not recommend this luggage enough! Pay to maintain some seal with an information!
5 / 5
Loves this Luggage! I have used the travesía just with the z/the big rucksack. This, this in spite of, has changed my life. Some the organisational pockets in this stock exchange are surprising. I can return business cloths for at least 4 days that comprises two dresses, and two pairs of shoes. I have verified a stock exchange once, and all has on resisted (does not recommend verifying the stock exchange). I used it on probably 20 travesías like this far using it like this spends he-on, and the returns in each aircraft have been on. Of small regional flights to international flights.
4 / 5
Like this far, is loving some airports (By means of a pond to israe), has tugged around in bus for 15 days, and then behind more than aeroplanes. No the scratch... No the dent.

Resists so much that glielo band fully, will be overweight.
The wheels are of sound... Circles very was when overstuffed.
The prize is perfect.
4 / 5
Measures (comprising wheels to manage) is 18' big, 9' deep and 13' wide. It is expandable to the equal that would add in another thumb and the half to a depth. You can return the plot of material in here. I have had four tights, the pair of shoes of tennis (filled with four pair of socks), five pair of underwears, he hawaiian shirt, two linen with shirts of long bosses, the pair of tejanos, a pair of bermuda shorts, a pajama lounging trousers and the small toiletry stock exchange. Ossia With a chance in minimum width. If calm develop it can return the few softer elements in there. A quality is for the half. Any one some better but calm wheels a lot really be leaving he out of yours looks well enough. And a boss can be bit it ticky' in time. In general, I think that that it is to good sure value of the money.
4 / 5
Wow! This stock exchange is beautiful. It has looks and multiple pockets roomy enough for one 25 or like this outfits, average more different for each, that usually take on the travesía of five days. It appears to be quite hard to withstand some better endeavours of luggage handlers to destroy it. It did not use it on an airline still, but the estaca has retreated here the few weeks to leave is that well it stood up. Luggage handlers has done short work of the mine last soft-sided stock exchange and included directed to break the mug that attentively had wrapped in of the discharges of cloths in a half of a stock exchange, as it knows is until a challenge. It is on! UPDATE: Like this sad, has meant to stick more collected. I have taken this stock exchange in my recent holidays. It stood up quite well to a sweet ministrations of a luggage handlers. And there is accommodated amiably each bit and piece that packed with spare room. Of then it has left St. Louis the day that was 28 terracings and that head to much warmer climes, has had to pack my propiciado by winter in a stock exchange once has taken to an airport. Any question! They are still the happy camp.
5 / 5
Has purchased 3 measures of this chance. It has opened one 24” and an external zip has in the first place broken to try. I have travelled once with one 28” and has the corner of enormous dent already. In the description declares “durable ABS external with molded reinforcement of corner for control of maximum impact”, does not think so if it can not manage some travesías! Any one the happy with these chances. To the What only likes is of a sure garment obliged in both sides.
5 / 5
In meso I fly among 120k and 150k miles for year. I have had 2 of these stock exchanges in a past 5-6 years and has wanted to him. Each one that like this of these premiers 2 stock exchanges is lasted roughly 2.5 years that with my quantity of travesía is quite darn well for the chance in a $ 60-70 row.

Does a bit those that the months was roughly time to substitute again and has been advance and has ordered another identical model. This first stock exchange is lasted 1 travesía and a cloth around a zip rasgada of where connects to a hard chance. I have imagined I have had perhaps the one of bad one and has been advance and has taken the 2nd. Cela One is lasted 3 travesías before some have spent still, but a lining already has fallen is gone in one 2nd also.

These were 2 mark of the new stock exchanges that it could he a lot included do the total combined of 4 travesías in a course of roughly 6 weeks. I am not sure that is to change, but a quality clearly is not that it has used it to be and has been forced to find the different chance. My joint to that has had these in some pasts and is looking to substitute he with another identical a -- remain was, will be a lot disappointed.
4 / 5
Has received so only this chance today and looks very good and sturdy. I also like a red colour is not too brilliant. I can not expect use the in my travesía next.
4 / 5
This piece of luggage was absolutely perfect. I have taken it it has called it was to Europe in business in looking short and all have had for a week the travesía long was neither too big or too small and has required something extremely portable but sturdy how was to be taking multiple flights, trains, and doing to to the things like to them the walk among canal of train in Parigi.

To the equal that has found this! And it was, as I have said, perfect. It is súper sturdy, and small but spacious. There is the big basic compartment for your regular cloths that will return several transmissions of cloths, the something for shoes, and the class of spatial hid in a lid where can store you other bits of cloths, the cloths confine or anything more would like you. Some wheels are hule and go a lot, a lot easily, especially in a whole 'full' situates like this piece of the luggage adds for wheeling on all four wheels. Calm so only extend a boss all a way on and push he to the long of, any need of the tug behind you if you do not want to, which calm to save you the tonne of spatial has fill on program, streets, etc.

also returns perfectly in airline tall cubes, there is not squeezing, squishing or struggling for spatial.
4 / 5
Ossia Kenneth School Renegade compraventa of luggage of the series.
Also have tbe 20' roller. This chance is the sturdy/stable roller. Some wheels are solid and a construction lateralmente hard is durable and line resistant. And his stylish to kick!
Ossia An up to date description btw... With which so only two uses, one of a molded the feet lateralmente were fallen off. An inspection of some kerbs that remained in a side of a chance (where a foot lateralmente is fallen off), develops had snapped in a flange of a chance. This was that the import bummer to a otherwise very very built, piece quite priced of luggage. A date of compraventa was window of Amazon further to return so it has contacted a costruttore directly considering coverage of guarantee.
This series of luggage has to that 10 guarantee of year. I have not expected some feet to be covered, but has had at all to free for inquiring. Has has sent photo of a harm, timeline, rodeo of history of use, and details of cost of mine of Amazon. I have received the response of service of interior of client 48 hours. I have been asked my mailing allocution. Less than 24 hours more have been late advised the chance of substitution was shipped and would arrive interior two weeks. I can not say enough in my experience of interaction of service/of client with Kenneth
School. Fast, thorough, any hassles, complete satisfaction. Kenneth School has the loyal client of for life!

Top Customer Reviews: Samsonite Aspire ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Purchased this chance done the month of Luggage Pros by means of Amazon. I used it like this it spends on luggage once and a extendable the boss has broken was. I have tried to return the like this defective, but of then was 32 days bought it of then, my turn has been refused. I can not recommend buying such the bad product fact.
4 / 5
Has the alike description for John And. Horne On April 21, 2016 outlining this subject same. Control out of his description and some responses to this partorisca some information of plus.

Having has RECEIVED SO ONLY this element in a topmast today can confirm that some measures are not attentive. I have found a stock exchange has the light the paste, as if measure of a point a volume of plus along 23' exactly - partorisca signal a shorter, volume '. To good sure misleading like the period is listing likes 20'. A thing is, 20' likes to list is not even attack partorisca a stock exchange that excludes some wheels! A stock exchange that excludes some wheels measures ' long, so that the excuse goes well out of a window.

Has joined the airlines has one of some policemen of stock exchange more rigid:
soyaximum dimensions partorisca spend he-in the stock exchange is 9 thumbs x 14 thumbs x 22 thumbs (22 cm x 35 cm x 56 cm), comprising bosses and wheels'
And this to good sure does not fulfil this requirement of period.

So that well a width is also bad. I measure a width partorisca be exactly ', any 13.5'.

To all the cost, will maintain and use this stock exchange, like this the product contains a lot of a lot of descriptions of buyers those who have tried this first-hand for travelling with him and having any subject. Still although a width is the full thumb in maximum left, these buyers declare that they dipped in a measure of luggage declares and turn perfectly. This first-the hand-held chance is an only reason will maintain this stock exchange.

Anchors it does not feel good to be entirely lied to this in spite of.
4 / 5
That... I have written the quite detailed description and he have not saved.... Drunk
Substitution for the carryon has used for 6-7 years that has loved. It was returned one this has touched on when used. This one sustains behind slightly, as when using, does not touch on. Easy to manoeuvre. Has does not love one 4 wheeled some reasons of the spatial to the band is smaller. It is main that my old a. A lot of space. So only know is 'fatter' that the majority and I has had to order of work he to a tall. It would not return yes developed or if bulky things in of the external pockets. Now that I know it, so only I will do sure of that before trace a plan. Wished went in it the colour another the black, but no the breaker of extracted. Happy to have the stock exchange will use for the long long time!

Abril 4, 2017 update- used it on 2 travesía of round flights of then receiving it the weeks of the pair done. It returns in SW and in has joined overheads. It looks big that the one who mine another stock exchange that this one has substituted. I measured it, and it was 15 thumbs , any 14. Also it looked he bit it fatter that 9 thumbs, but if any packed full, looked to break down to 9 thumbs. In the airport has found an empty door, and tried to dip he in a metal spends on luggage checker this has Joined there be concealed to determine if your luggage fulfils some requirements of carryon 22x14x9. He no returned. It was too wide to return in 9 width of thumb. I really like a stock exchange, but is not to spend in of the criteria sized. It was nervous in a door until they are trace a plan . If they had required me partorisca measure my stock exchange, would not have fulfilled some requirements. It is the piece adds of luggage, but a measure is the breaker of extracted for me. While it is past thru and is trace a plan like the carryon for 4 flights, always will be uncomfortable the using would maintain it to him. I think that that I will return it.
4 / 5
Has received recently these and has done diverse fines-travesías of cities with them. Has the few smaller complaints:

1) A frame that sustains a retractable boss is in an interior of some chances, as it thinks that the uncomfortable zone where can you anything inner slowly dipped so only; you finalise to try to stuff socks and other easily malleable elements around some first drive. Personally it prefers a frame of the external sleeve like my belongings can steps of lie, and that also takes some of a luggage that the bosses impact versus a cloth.

2) A semi-detached plastic and papers of paper alacenas for the exposure that the details are connected with to to these plastic bosses likes them to them calm would see the seal of prizes has attached with the cloths. This really annoyed me reason have had to paste by means of a material of cloth of the chance in several places to attach them, and one of some holes there has been some minor fraying around he still although I have cut some seal was more than yank have been to like a lot of people probably will do. Volume that is economic and quickly, but these were of Amazon and not even meant for the exposure of tent, and now have an obvious small hole marks new luggage.

Another that these two complaints, looks sturdy produced, and has to that ten guarantee of year, but requires registration and test of compraventa so that the cure of sure mark of that. There is grab bosses on three of some four sides, doing it easy to impulse the to cars. Some wheels go surprisingly well; very better that my expensive Briggs & Reilly luggage. Has the hule-like this material in some surfaces of rolling (the other is plastic typical ) which so only looks to spend for the things the easy plus, and turn easier; they the very better rolling work on the same line directly when it launches the second stock exchange up. A zip of wet elements pouch in a side of the interior of an inaugural poster is the good touch.
4 / 5
The look of product adds but some dimensions have listed is misleading. Comprising some wheels, a stock exchange is ' and surpasses a side permitted likes to spend he-on stock exchange for a lot of airlines. One 20' measured that is listing pertains to a stock exchange MINUS some wheels to turn.
5 / 5
Has bought this chance for my edges to take on the two travesía of week the Chinese with his colegiala reason was hanged like this light . Has the result adds! Some wheels have done well, has resisted until travesía international with the adolescent and of the house of wine forms really good. I owe that admit when originally I ordered it did not expect it to be of a lot of use after this travesía like this often the travesía international am really hard in the luggage and I have not loved to send one of our more expensive pieces. It was very surprised that am coming manacles form very good and ready for more than adventures. Now they are asking reason am spent so much in mine another luggage when it could have taken this a partorisca much less and of the quality adds
4 / 5
These are good chances . I have required to substitute my chance has checked main and has ordered is a reason already have the 19 likes to spend he-on and continuous do fault well after the pair of years. I am returned one Aspires Xllite Expandable Spinner 29 reasons is in fact in a 62 linear thumb (total L+W+H) restriction (without paying in sized costs) a lot of airlines have. Some measures in a description of product is the little inaccurate. They declare a chance comes well in in 62 linear thumbs. It is in fact 63+ when I measured it. Recently on, but on any less. If utilisations a characteristic of the expansion at all absolutely will be in 62 linear thumb limit. Another there is remarked alike measures in his descriptions. No master of the hundreds of risk of dollars in potentials in sized costs of luggage if a overzealous the agent of airline wants to do a subject of an extra thumb or so much. It knows it is directed generally on hanged but reason adrede rape some principles and penalties of risk? I am returned one 29 and has ordered one 25 instead to do fault like my stock exchange of primary airline has checked. One 25 are comfortably down some 62 linear thumbs but taking near without going in use a characteristic of expansion.
4 / 5
Alrwady Tore. My produced Monday arrived and today is Thursday and a point in my stock exchange already there is rasgado with just a undergarment in him.
4 / 5
Has purchased this for the travesía business recent when I have found mine another stock exchange of the roller there has been the wheel broken. In the first place some good points. Has abundance of room for the pair of shoes, toiletry/shaving stock exchange of boxes, jacket, the pair of pairs of trousers and blouses/of shirts. Some zips are very done and give to focus good sure. An external cloth has on resisted well in mine first travesía without scratches or harm. Yes, I have verified this stock exchange in in my flight. Some wheels go very smooth doing this stock exchange the breeze by means of pavings of airport. While I have not used to to this stock exchange likes to spend the on, a form and measures it would have to that be any question in of the tallest cubes. Now a negative. This stock exchange is not expandable. I am not sure reason is listed that way in a description of Amazon but when I received it, included a seal in a stock exchange has had to description. A boss feels unsteady when it has extended fully. Any question when moving in of the smooth pavings but to good sure flexes the plot when spending for the plot of estacionar or bumpy surface. Usually it likes to hang the stock exchange of shoulder in a boss but this have not looked to be like this sturdy as mine another attractive of boss of stock exchanges. In general, no too bad for travesías of 3-4 days but I no the would overburden .
4 / 5
One Aspires Xlite expandable spinner is not durable. I have bought he in September, and with which 2 flights in October, has been ailed strongly and has broken. And of course, a guarantee of the factory does not cover this harm to transport caused by airlines.
An old plus Samsonite spinner the luggage has for on 10 years aims so only signs smaller of wear. It does not know , if ossia the creation fluke or questions of contractor of manufacture of low quality, but does not recommend that it goes for one Aspires Xlite line of products.

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