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1 first CAT PHONES S60 Waterproof Smartphone Unlocked LATAM Variant GSM Dual SIM, 32 GB, Integrated FLIR Camera CAT PHONES S60 Waterproof Smartphone Unlocked LATAM Variant GSM Dual SIM, 32 GB, Integrated FLIR Camera By CAT PHONES
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2 CAT PHONES S41 Unlocked Rugged Waterproof Smartphone, Network Certified (GSM), U.S. Optimized (Single Sim) with 2-year Warranty Including 2 Year Screen Replacement CAT PHONES S41 Unlocked Rugged Waterproof Smartphone, Network Certified (GSM), U.S. Optimized (Single Sim) with 2-year Warranty Including 2 Year Screen Replacement By CAT PHONES
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3 best CAT PHONES S31 Unlocked Rugged Waterproof Smartphone, Network Certified (GSM), U.S. Optimized (Single Sim) with 2-year Warranty Including 2 Year Screen Replacement CAT PHONES S31 Unlocked Rugged Waterproof Smartphone, Network Certified (GSM), U.S. Optimized (Single Sim) with 2-year Warranty Including 2 Year Screen Replacement By CAT PHONES
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4 CAT Phone S61 FLIR Thermal Camera, Laser Distance Measure, Air Quality Monitor, IP69 Waterproof & Military MIL SPEC 810G Certified , 4+64GB Dual SIM Factory Unlocked 4G LTE CAT Phone S61 FLIR Thermal Camera, Laser Distance Measure, Air Quality Monitor, IP69 Waterproof & Military MIL SPEC 810G Certified , 4+64GB Dual SIM Factory Unlocked 4G LTE By Cat
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5 Caterpillar CAT S31 Dual-SIM 16GB Rugged IP68 Factory Unlocked 4G/LTE Smartphone (Black) - Latin American Version Caterpillar CAT S31 Dual-SIM 16GB Rugged IP68 Factory Unlocked 4G/LTE Smartphone (Black) - Latin American Version By Cat
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6 CAT S60 Single SIM Rugged Waterproof Unlocked Smartphone - North American Variant Bundle with 10000mAh Power Bank & Dual USB Car Charger CAT S60 Single SIM Rugged Waterproof Unlocked Smartphone - North American Variant Bundle with 10000mAh Power Bank & Dual USB Car Charger By CAT PHONES
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7 Rugged Cell Phone Unlocked, Ulefone Armor 6E IP68 Waterproof Outdoor Smartphone Android 9 Helio P70 Octa-Core 4GB+64GB 6.2 inch 5000mAh Dual Camera Global Dual 4G Fingerprint+Face Unlocked NFC (Black) Rugged Cell Phone Unlocked, Ulefone Armor 6E IP68 Waterproof Outdoor Smartphone Android 9 Helio P70 Octa-Core 4GB+64GB 6.2 inch 5000mAh Dual Camera Global Dual 4G Fingerprint+Face Unlocked NFC (Black) By Ulefone
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8 Ulefone Armor 3W(2019) Rugged Smartphone Unlocked, IP68 Waterproof Cell phone, Android 9.0 10300mAh Big Battery 6GB+64GB, Dual 4G Global Bands 5.7" FHD+, Compass, GPS+Glonass, NFC, Shockproof (Orange) Ulefone Armor 3W(2019) Rugged Smartphone Unlocked, IP68 Waterproof Cell phone, Android 9.0 10300mAh Big Battery 6GB+64GB, Dual 4G Global Bands 5.7" FHD+, Compass, GPS+Glonass, NFC, Shockproof (Orange) By Ulefone
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9 Cat B25, Dual Sim, Rugged phone, GSM Factory Unlocked Cat B25, Dual Sim, Rugged phone, GSM Factory Unlocked By Cat
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10 CAT Phones S41 Waterproof Smartphone Dual SIM IP68 32 GB 13MP Factory Unlocked - for GSM Carrier Only CAT Phones S41 Waterproof Smartphone Dual SIM IP68 32 GB 13MP Factory Unlocked - for GSM Carrier Only By CAT Phones
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Top Customer Reviews: CAT PHONES S60 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Trinh
Result glitchy, would begin partorisca touch video in his own after a screen was dark. Tried the upgrade of Android 6, but this thing is way too outdated partorisca that.
5 / 5 By Nelle
This product is supposition partorisca be the resistant water to 5 Metre but alone diving less than 1 Metre with place of transmission in 5 side of the metre and waters it has entered a telephone that takes all some functions.
4 / 5 By Genia
Has taken partorisca my uncle. It have to that be happy, did not annoy me again of last year Navidad
5 / 5 By Saturnina
4 stars been due to a dinner long of time taken to upload on when you reboot the another that that it is the telephone adds
4 / 5 By Julius
Like this far, like this good. No the alone complaint.
5 / 5 By Maryellen
A telephone is not unlocked
4 / 5 By Leta
A year and waters it has entered, a camera does not act, no spent never the caterpillar again
4 / 5 By Muriel
habit of Android config is not drawn properly
the battery that the touches is not convenient
usb and headphone jacks' cover them the raincoats are not the good creation and any substitution resupplied
Any service of pertinent international / support.
Has paid on USA$ 600 and could not use he for month of pair and now is in a juck drawer.
4 / 5 By Classie
A lot looking telephone, so only some economic part that has changed my alcohol together with him not doing with Verizon. Descriptions of video of the investigation and calm will take the better idea loves this telephone.
4 / 5 By Staci
The men of service have be impressed by some telephone that plans to buy 10 more like this some like this there the telephone to the law will substitute with CAT S60

Top Customer Reviews: CAT PHONES S41 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Victorina

Ingress protects: probably very all the coverages are sure
In general feel: solid grip , well, screen of protective factory
Physical UI: Well; the physical keys are the pocolos klunky
life of Battery: excellent like this far; load-estimates very pointed while in
audio of Call: well in both directions, strong speakerphone way
YOU bloat factor: minimum, can not disable one or two elements
security of Lock: problematic WRT some fast-settings
Downside elements: camera, messaging application, any one GOES BACK, WiFi behaviour
support of Costruttore: sketchy, but has hope

Full description:

am quite new to a field of smartphone that am not really sure where
any product would owe that fallen in the stairs, as I will remain indication-neutral and just
describe some experiences. Ossia To warn potential buyers roughly some
caveats, which can be quite tolerable the otherwise enjoys that it looks the
be the solid product. Some never users of paste any of these situations,
according to his preferences of own use.

No, did not take it swimming. A waterproofness is still totally
that it depends on closing a three little access hatches right -- touching
port, YES/SD space, and headphone jack. Reason take loaned question if we no
has to that? I am satisfied that knows that it was more resistant to conditions
could run to when those walk or doing rough physical work or anything.
Is the amiably solid unit , apparently well in his own without any one adds-in
marry around the, doing for the good compresses handful still although it is a
ruggedized type. Some flanges have hule inlays and an integer behind is a
alike rubbery-feeling material, giving the good solid grip. A screen
has the factory-installed protective glued on, which is a lot precisely apt
and after the month-the more has not aimed any one signs to peel up.

The life of battery is quite well, but a lot depends into use individual and the one who
a lot of the background activities have been disabled. In my configuration, the day
to seat go in a coverage of cell with swimming in current and any one call
falls one uploads perhaps 2-3 a whole day. Fast touching vs. Retard
touching can not be distinguished unless a telephone is powered was.

Audio of the call in my ear is amiably clear, and has been ensured that my tongue
sounds to better plot that do in my old toe-telephone. A microphone of telephone
is tucked down a row of keys of navigation. [And yes, they are
physical keys in this telephone. Ossia A variant to entertain but in the
typical flow of use, is in fact slower to press the physical key that
touch the region for a rear/house/recent functions.] A speakerphone exited
is almost annoyingly strong same in a setting of the possible volume softer.

An Android 7.0 Turrón comes with looks reasonably bloat-free; a a
súper-the calm annoying application can not disable is one 'Application Toolbox' that to
startup immediately tries to call house to '' and send all
classes of details of intimate device to the calm website never listened of. Mina
proxy the discharge now knows like the silently intercept and blockade that, to the long of
with an atrocity of Google usual. The majority of another junk can be disabled
easily enough.

When A telephone is CONCLUDED, is still possible to turn wi-fi, given of cell,
bluetooth, hotspot, and aerial on or out of a 'fast shadow'. Ossia
arguably The period of security, as such configurability would not owe that be randomly
changeable for any the one who spends to casually choose on a telephone. The
to the torch is similarly to the left there is enabled, but concealed in fact can be useful still
yes leaves any course your battery down faster. A workaround is the
take some elements in question of a configuration of shadow, and access the
pertinent settings once a telephone is unlocked. Oddly, An icon of location
requires unlocking to toggle, which is quite inconsistent.

A messaging the application has an annoying race-bug to condition where MMS is concerned.
Description the scarce and the 'Download' the links are presented for the new MMS, and
if a telephone has not connected to a coverage of data of the cell at the same time touches
the key changes state to 'downloading...' And it does not return NEVER to say
you that failed and leave retry later. Some inner service that probably
downloads a content sometimes tip the pop-on this download has failed, but he
application of the message does not take never this declares returned and rests to download '...'
Deep space until you REBOOT a whole telephone. Workaround: Has cell-date
has turned on and valid first to try. MMS fetch No in wi-fi.

Like this remarked in other descriptions, a main camera could be to better plot -- no
necessarily because of a hardware, but because of a lousy step
fact in an application of camera. Typical soft flanges and also 'oversharpening'
main to detail looks it unnatural. If I need photograph, taking
a real camera and does not trust the tiny fixed optics of any telephone. They are not
included that goes to speak in a selfie-cam, as lame taped in interior ten
small of unboxing.

A telephone DOES not GO BACK or wi-fi calling, at least in a variant that
T-mobile and other carriers expect with a IPSEC encapsulation. There
research to be qualified partorisca simple old SIP, but ossia the different beast
of the like the people expect as having service of cell in his house wi-fi
hookups. Workaround, In T-Me it: commanded the 'LTE cellspot' unit, free excepts
for the-time $ 25 imposición. Other carriers can have equivalent units
to create the strong micro-cell inside your house and pipe to a carrier
on yours the internet regulates hookup.

Looks to be impossible to prevent of the telephone to jump the
anything has SAVED wi-fi the coverages sees in row, and sometimes he hops
randomly among different some so many please which can really ray on
any one idea of the esession' the by means of the particular coverage. For
different APs inside the alone infrastructure ossia well, as you leave
roaming to a strong plus a, but for different coverages?? Wrong. Samsung
In fact has taken this legislation, that presents the cast of visible has has saved coverages but
not joining a lot of them until it say so many. Klunky workaround: Temporarily
signals of wrong place for the coverages deprived does not want to join right
now, and expect that does not have a 'xfinitywifi' the diverse interior reason this
will try grab was yours connectivity has expected also.

Some people behind '' could use to be the little more
responsive when sent of concrete complaints. In another hand, alleges
[to the equal that of Sep-2018] is that will have an Android 8 available update
relatively punctual. Perhaps that will fix some of some smaller and present bugs
appropriate wi-fi calling, leaving some users to then convince his carriers to
enables for his has no-branded telephones. Also now they know
of diverse things that needs to be fixed and/or addition to in an on-line
manual of user of the PDF.

Inferior line: quite happy with him in general, still mastering workarounds
for the smallest annoyances.
4 / 5 By Kiana
Has been tired to break screens of telephone has bought like this one of these and has to that admit that I like him. It is not a lot thin and ossia WELL with me, feels well in my hand. When I shot It initially on a telephone would not connect to Date of wireless AT&T, but an AT&T rep has known that to do and is good to go. I external every day spending gloves, some keys are main and the law adds. I have seen one revises concealed has said has not printed of the toe GOES unlock, this in spite of that the option is useless ours the one who spends gloves. An exposure also works with gloves on. I owe that admit like this far this telephone is surpassing my expectations. Ossia An only telephone has not possessed never where a screen is lasted longer that the month without crack or scratch

is not súper thin, mine the little elder is easier that resist.
Prize, is not economic, but when compared to a side other telephones that is $ 1K...
He all I need, Email, text, wireless data, all a material regulates I need
is quite quickly, any lag
improves row that my last telephone
the picture of Exposure is really a lot
works of Exposure when I am spending them gloves, the real more
the hard battery for 2 days

there is remarked hot taking when using called of video. Still works, but to good hot insurances taking
touching is old school and slooooow, some descriptions said it there quickly is touching capacity, but did not see it
A lot wireless touching, thats the bummer

4 stars, wireless touching would give it 5
5 / 5 By Loren
has Purchased this telephone to substitute my patient S40 and am satisfied entirely. Battery last 3 - 4 days before that requires the load. The telephone is easy to use. The some people those who complain that these telephone 'freezings when using the together multiple applications,' has purchased the rugged telephone, no the computer of pill or big speed. These telephones have been drawn more for sheer durability that to seat around and that tries to see those that applications can run immediately. I have run 3/4 applications a same time and has had any @subject anything. Luz of the screen and the clarity is fantastic and the quality of photo is excellent - quite bit he better that a camera in mine S40 in fact. Another the prize added is that it comes with the pre-screen of glass revenido installed coverage - something that the majority other telephones are not distributed with. You will owe that upload your own tones of call and tones of alert of the message, but again, is the rugged telephone , as it does not expect the host of ultra characteristic elegant. To good sure will recommend this telephone for any the one who is looking for good quality, the long durable battery and the telephone that is easy to use.
4 / 5 By Donnetta
Are not the person to write the negative critiques but these telephones is any defective or does not compete against other telephones. I have not done never for a product of Amazon this cat s41 no extracted in any way that the ad will not resist the load for more than the day when it is supposition to be able to go the multiple days without look of horrible camera and has to any stabilisation the like all some start of pictures to like craps has had to begin to spend around the different telephone only to take pictures that would be house. A quality of signal is a lot poor I am not able to use my telephone in of the places that usually would be able to use itI expect any law illness and can achieve was mine to try to solve a situation because ossia a lot disappointed
4 / 5 By Maryalice
He durability, life of battery, and waterproofnesss was the upper notch but WOW was this device done with pathetic hardware. Sooooo Slow. Then freezing of applications or leave have more than diverse open.

This company has released in the mobile phones of dozen but still can not take one has done correctly. Embarrassing!

Has called his support and they have not annoyed troubleshooting with me (AMZN shipped CAN model. The telephones are the only or International USA -- can not mix a two for some stupud reason). Support of Telephone of the cat has said to return it.

Horrible telephone, support of costruttore worse, and such the waste. They are trying to take to a phase of smartphone and is embarrassing. An experience of user is that of a LG telephone of burner of Leon.
4 / 5 By Jo
Some so only plants that takes the swipe of indication is on processor, giróscopo, and camera. It tends To lag the little, but no bad, and so only when enough the few applications are opened. A decrease of the light action extremely is that lacking of, but he well in daylight fill. As to improve action of camera: Season to use Lightroom camera or camera fv-5, and shoot in raw way, perhaps disorder with manual controls. Honradamente Has paid it 20-40 more for the giróscopo and so only the little swipe in any cause a lag, the be cpu, gpu, or ram - based in the oneplus is doing thinks that is the realistic tweak to love. A giróscopo is a @@subject so only reason have had to have the VR headset for presentations escoles.

A good:
A life of battery is absolutely exceptional. Regularly The Paste 10-16 hours of screen punctually without the load, as the one who applications I use and screen brightness.
The reception is better that the telephone has spent.
Gps Is a lot enough to take a work - used it to cruised backcountry streets to hike with off-line maps.
Waterproofing Is point and averts. Mark sure to have some flaps have closed.
Drop resiliency is honradamente a main reason has chosen this telephone, and there is not disappointed. It is it has survived the drops inside a row have specified to be able to have obliterated the past telephone' of the screens (any out of a height specified). A headphone jack is the little wobbly these days and I can a lot of pinpoint that would be necessary to be it, but still works well.
Android 8. GOOD LABOUR CAT. In fact he any of a lag the better subjects somehow. They are happy there there is almost a lot bloatware - applications of Google basic, he fm radio, and the toolbox where can download you the concrete applications the industries.
The expandable storage is really good.
Way of glove really works - the gloves of fat skin are the no-@@subject.

Has comprised is the photos take that uses an application of stock camera (field, wheel, dog), Lightroom camera (pasador snowy, both explosions issues 66 bounced of rainbow), and camera fv-5 (plot of estacionar of the decadence). Also included it is two photo of him during unboxing, the available chance for a telephone (is not comprised with him. It is third party ), and another photo that use an application of stock camera in low light.
4 / 5 By Ula
Ossia The good telephone so that they exit the doors or those who can not take to anything. Diverse durable. I am using this telephone in Habladuría Directly, takes a ATT compatible HE paper of Habladuría Directly. I do not have any question at all with this telephone
5 / 5 By Janene
I really like this telephone. It is quite rugged, and looks to be decently updated according to which goes.

A telephone has fallen out of my pocket of heart in a cochera and the screen have landed down in the ray in a paving. He chipped and has broken a screen. A screen. After contacting a costruttore has repaired a down guaranteeed telephone ( is avertised like this tries of drop) any question asked and in any side, comprising nave to and of an ease of reparation.

Now uses the screen of glass revenido protective in the to prevent future down time.

A telephone comes with the tray for the only he. I purchesed the dual he walks for the cat s30/s40 of of ebay. A tray returns this telephone and law and work with two he papers. At present I am using ATT and GCI

has used this telephone in some the EUA, Panama, and Messico. I well have everywhere tests.
5 / 5 By Arianna
Right of one beginning my new CAT S41 would turn was randomly. He same reset he three times now of then April to settings of factory! Literally it seats physically ailing when have @to @give my contacts, the photos have been etc gone I a lot behind until a cloud (quell'hate to do). Felizmente, simply turning it was and on again has restored everything. The service of client has said that they would send me the FEDEX focus of nave for the send to them for reparation and gave included the number of chance 8 days ago. Five days ago basically it says 'That up?' And two days ago it has been on-line and tried to contact them that way. In 8 days have not listened the thing of them. Has has has fulfilled people those who there has been the telephone of CAT and has has loved his. So only beg calm does not take the lemon or calm is .
5 / 5 By Demetrice
The operating system of this telephone will freeze on a lot of thickness. Like another reviewers has said, a camera is the joke . In a pertinent light takes decent pictures, but is entirely useless indoors and is useless alfresco is too sunny. I have thought another reviewers exaggerated with his descriptions of as bad a camera was, but is absolutely useless. As the one who ruggedness is well in a money. A telephone is beefy and has taken some fall like any me worry at all. A bluetooth the connection is also a lot scaly. Sometimes I owe that restart a telephone of the take to pair to some devices. Incoming The calls also will fall a bluetooth connection. The reception is not all this a lot of neither. A telephone is also plagued with bugs that will change the call of earpiece to the speaker without any look and will close a screen that he the most difficult fact to go back to a dialpad and enable and disable a function of speaker to transfer a call behind to a earpiece. In the chance requires the sturdy telephone that will take the drop or two and some water these works of telephone, this in spite of, no attended for him to do much more another that takes and calls of mark. Also some stinks of file of need and managing system to be purchased for separate.

Top Customer Reviews: CAT PHONES S31 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Lenita
The upgraded of an iPhone old 4 and has been drawn by a ruggedized the characteristic of then am quite active. The month in to possess a telephone fell it roughly 3' on to the paving of vinyl and a LCD screen of eloped darkness splotches this would go to derives by means of a screen... It does not add considering is marketed to survive the 3m drop... The CAT substituted in warrant, has taken his sweet time, but has been using a telephone successfuly for 6 or 7 month now. It likes, but of a life of battery is realistically 1-3 days according to those that mesos comunicacionales is using. The storage takes filled a lot quickly use any applications, like the good quality SD the paper is the must . In general I am happy to having moved out of Apple, but this system certainly is quirkier and buggier.
5 / 5 By Yvonne
The ONLY WORRY Is VERIZON DOES not OFFER SERVICE THUS TELEPHONE. So much with east says this telephone is surprising a lot there upper model but comparing to mine other ready telephones like sony Ericson or Motorola droid disturb is a screen a brilliant plus , life of long battery, hard like some nails , smooth operations, dual yes ,micros 128 gb empty by heart absolutely loves this telephone !!!
4 / 5 By Roosevelt
(LOOK- Ossia a thorough to revise drawn to help any interested the sincere buying decision. If you prefer I surround it short, sees the section marked The INFERIOR LINE approaches an end of a description.)

When it Comes to telephones, well, electronic devices in general, goes to break or dysfunction, my husband will spend out of them. It is the contractor and runs his subject own, as having the telephone that reads and is hard without the interruption of dysfunction or frustration is the MUST. I have expected an extra of long time after taking this telephone to have use so only to see as it stands up . To the left it is to see like this telephone exited for him.

A telephone that use him previously was the Motorola Motorcycle G3 with the android has update to one the majority of current level indistinto to this telephone at the same time that begins to use this telephone instead.

First what has had the hard time that convinces of era that can not take the chance thus telephone. It is built so that any need the chance, a telephone is sealed and place at random strong with strong screen. I go to break down some characteristics the different sections labeled so many can discover that it wants to know more easily:

plants A lot very was, this book of the instruction done a very easy telephone to learn even for any the one who does not have any experience with mobile phones before. Also it has the good creation so that any the one who is familiarised with the mobile phones can find that requires to know quickly and easily.

Ossia the strong rear chance in this telephone. It is meant to use to have that heavy and claims to be waters it resistant/test. I do not say never anything is for real water resistant, but ossia that is in a literature.

GLASS forward
At all fragile looking, this does well and is very sensitive- has to that turn down a sensibility bit it.

A right side of a telephone as you look has a volume on key on and the SEPARATE KEY for volume down. This the easy fact in a respect because it calms is not mistakenly in that press it a wrong way. In another hand, has two keys in the each side the one who the hastes is easy to deception that the side is supposition to use and results in turning a telephone when sleeping/soft was dipped.

Some two keys in some opposite (sinister) side as you look in a front of a telephone is an on and was key and a programmable key.

Ossia the really fresh characteristic . You can dip a programmable key to direct incoming calls, the investigation of Google, or use a torch. Calm also can use a PTT (push to speak) service with this key you like this election.

there is qualified for two he papers- the regular and nano he. His so much operates, but so only one will sustain 3g/4service of g. Another will sustain 3G so only. There is the 'spent' waterproof that presses to plant in this zone to protect he to hurt to water yes is in properly.

This paper goes to the empty and of the locks in with the waterproof door that spent was sure he is in closely. You can use until 128.ºure Of MB Micro SD paper.

Ossia one of the his characteristic preferred- is REAL KEYS . No more pressing a screen for his functions. They are solids a lot has has built keys that is easy to press and use.

This was such one easy task is almost unbelievable. The information has transferred quickly and perfectly. I have been to impress in credit it a neighbour on a telephone has been.

call them are easy to do. A quality of call is excellent and an action is like this good (or better) to the time likes them the motorcycle G3 that was the solid treating telephone that has given a better action of any telephone has not used never, that comprises a 'big final' telephones.

A volume of a telephone is well. Telephone of the speaker is not always like this strong in another end of visits, but in an end of an user, is well. It is still possible to listen in the quite noisy van, but defiant. Telephone of the ear or the wireless speaker would be the plan of better election uses this regularly in the truck or van.

My husband uses his telephone the plot for music- any of a Micro SD paper or of FM irradiates. The reception is sum and is very surprised in credit it this music of games of the telephone of any radio or Micro SD. I owe that say that that has thinks that uses the speaker another day. When I saw it it was so only his telephone, is really be impressed!

This bit it better that his leading telephone when it comes to use of internet. When that Has to that the GPS of use, investigation of internet, or find another information, this telephone extracted a lot well.

This screen is surprising. Crystal clear Colour , beautiful, and the excellent definition this telephones the pleasure to use. I take his telephone from time to time to do the called reason is such the like to use and see a screen.

Ossia the solid telephone . Honradamente, Is one of some the majority of rugged telephones has used, comprising a Rugby that was one the majority of rugged has used leading to this. An action is sum , a visual is wonderful, and some measures are not weighed or too much dainty neither. It say that fallen in of waters he, or has to that the left is gone in a rain (which is spent to this telephone) will not break a telephone while it is not the severe abusive situation. (It likes him to him the shoot he of the missle launch to an ocean, perhaps? HAHA)

This telephone has the way of glove. This means that it calms that can dip to be more sensitive these days owe that it does with gloves on. This characteristic work adds although in time, dipped the and forgets it and tends to transmission all the world is speaking to until it dip it behind again (for just dipping a telephone until his expensive- mutate it people)

With constant daily use, my husband so only has to that recharge this like each five or are days depend that strongly it is using he for music and other tasks. It touches quite quickly too much.

My husband has the tendency to do and undo things and have to any idea likes them he. It is everything roughly doing some works and taking them facts, but when it comes to telephones and of the computers, well, is the bit of the Magoo in time. Another time is the real pro. I guess it depends on if his alcohol is in the work is doing or can dip more power of brain to think to his telephone. Yes, it has erased his fish pond wallpaper, muted the people is speaking to, and the dial headed to any for deception multiple time, but another that that, this telephone has a better record of ANY to leave to do the deceptions of any I have seen like this far.

Thinks that has had this roughly five or are month now, how has been dipping he by means of the plot in this quantity of time. It is still in wonderful form and treating fantastically at the same time of this description.

Waterproof ( there is sealed properly) with extra characteristics for contractors, this telephone is a hard telephone . It has on resisted fantastically for five or are month now, has excellent visual clarity and solid action and is PERFECT for my husband of contractor the one who is A lot ROUGH in of the telephones.

FIVE STARS for east a. They are very impressed in credit it resisted it on, but also that fool the test has been for my husband the one who is notoriously rough in of the telephones.
4 / 5 By Eloise
This CAT S31 RUGGED WATERPROOF SMARTPHONE (Unlocked) is my prime minister unlocked telephone, and really has not known that to expect. That have discovered is that there are two types of telephones: (1) it telephones feigned for GSM coverages (AT&T, T-Mobile, Cricket, and other carriers), and (2) telephones feigned for CDMA coverages (mainly Verizon and Sprint).

Tries to sign this GSM telephones up for the cellular plan in Verizon or the sprint that—uses a “Door Your option of Own” Telephone— is asked to verify the compatibility of a telephone to enter one 15-imagine IMEI number (opportunely printed in an outside of a CAT S31 box). Both coverages return “incompatible”, as you will require the Google GSM to find compatible coverages. (Calm can not add this incompatible telephone to a Sprint to exist or Verizon paving, neither.)

The cricket has answered “compatible” and offered to sell me the HE paper and plan; ATT has said “compatible, but can not locate the pertinent HE paper”, as I have prendido there and has gone with Cricket. There look to be quite the little GSM coverages around, this in spite of.

For law, one wins telephone called of emergency without the HE connection of paper to the cellular coverage.

While while to the HE paper and cellular connection, can use this telephone to connect to an Internet by means of my coverage of house (powered for Comcast Xfinity). Once connected to a coverage, my telephone syncs automatically with my account of Google. A telephone is generally quite easy to dip on—especially is already familiarised with an interface of Android and navigation.

Ossia An extremely rugged telephone , as it has announced. Has the hule fat that retreated, sloped corners, and bumper of hule fat in some flanges. There is hule-stoppered start in some bumpers for the USB that boss of touches, HE insertion of paper, and Micro SD insertion of paper. With some discharge there is shut, a telephone is highly resistant to powder, humid, and short divings in of waters he. Choosing on a telephone, feels like this sturdy, chair any need to purchase any additional chance or protective screen. A telephone is comfortable to resist.

A telephone has front- and behind-facing cameras. Some cameras do not match a quality of mine Samsung Galaxy S7 telephone of Flange, but is appropriate perfectly for the weighed-the external duty-workplace-telephone of use. A navigation is not like this slick like telephone more elegant, neither, like the telephone has physical keys to press for “home”, “behind”, and “recent applications” (in place of icons in a touchscreen).
5 / 5 By Lisbeth
Laws of boxes in the beach every day I so it needs the this can survive exposed the salt water, sand and taking fallen often. As it always buys rugged telephones now. This was my first CAT a but will not be my last. Extracted well for a prize, my only complaint is that a camera sucks but for some reason always does in these rugged telephones.
4 / 5 By Elouise
Fell it exiting of the mine car and a corner has burst open was able of the prójimo but does not think is waterproof anymore... Still incredibly harder that any one another telephone has had. Calm to good sure will require the micro SD paper to do up for this lack of storage. A camera leaves something to be wished.
4 / 5 By Marry
Esperanza that this telephone would be good for a class to do the do has been excepts disappointed. Has the Work where the take called in each 10 to 15 minutes to move seeds trailers in the industry of entity more every time would answer it to them, dipped another party instead when it has dipped them he until my cause of ear of a sensibility of screen , as they could no to listen me the habladuría neither has liked him like attractive on other contacts and was always redialing his for deception this telephones so only has not been technology very friendly to say a lease..
4 / 5 By Caridad
While I am very happy with my telephone, my carrier is crappy. I love a way can turn of a screen. Much easier that my old droid. Having to that fall my telephone and a durability was a reason my husband of contractor has taken his s41 and this one for me. I am loving my telephone of CAT!
4 / 5 By Rudolf
Has bought this like the present for my brother, the one who is also under construction. That this telephone was built purportedly stops. My brother and I near like six the one who a telephone goes thru. This in spite of has the notade 2 years 8 thats less bad and that telephone of CAT didnt last 6months
5 / 5 By Cornelia
Good product. A lot rugged

Top Customer Reviews: CAT Phone S61 FLIR ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Paola
Coming from a Galaxy S 7 Embroiders this telephone is exceptional. A Cpu is much faster that my s7 was and time very stable to go with him. Heavy use while gaming the only cup was around 41 max; where my s7 paste an upper 60 east to 70 is. To good sure feels like the tool and the smartphone combined and both do both perfectly. At present it uses t-mobile prepaid; but maintain imports a lot all the band is coverage . Some zones are full LTE while another suffers; this does not limit a function of a telephone or some tools. FLIR cam Is surprising partorisca be like this compact and efficiency of the energy is not the question. The normal use of habladuría and the text will give you DAYS of battery; 4-5 hours gaming like (Name 2) or (EOC) has taken roughly 25-30 according to brightness. This telephone will turn bosses; some will say reasons is like this fat and calm quickly can answer with his no flimsy economic glass.
Quality of build 10/10
Screen 8/10
would beat 10/10
Keys 15/10
Gaming 8/10
FLIR 10/10
5 / 5 By Alida
really want to this telephones like this far. I will update transmission my alcohol. I have expected the long time to take the telephone of cat. I have listened of a FLIR telephone the few years excepts looked really clunky. This telephone is enormous but in the better way. It likes like this it feels to resist. I have ordered the chance but I probably will not require it . A backside of a telephone is really good grippy material this dry quickly with which takes wetted.

Are not a person of iPhone as I can not compare to this but my last two telephones were Samsung alpha of Galaxy 850a this (yes, has taken another with which accidentally have flooded a prime minister when my waters of boat there is broken opened in the waterproof stock exchange). My use of telephone for context:
1) material of telephone rule
2) Pinterest and read informative
3) camera
4) GPS while backpacking was trail in Pacific Noreste tropical Forest revenido and while hunting

This telephones all require it of more really entertaining FLIR material. More has the laser and I have bet the law adds in of the cats :p (to the equal that has touched far with a laser but has not taken calibration quite a lot still).
More is in fact waterproof. I so only dipped he in a tank for the try, planning a turn of Amazon if any type. But I am writing my description on he maintaining!

Remarce: Had some odd descriptions saying you can not change sounds of notifications and that FLIR does not locate like this big to the equal that say. Calm in fact can change some sounds, this telephone has all a material of normal Android so only with extra for all some sensors. A FLIR has the special big temp the way but calm has to it turn on manually.

My only Negs:
Headphone jack to the coverage likes to remain broken open (does not look to impact waterproofing, could be the out of @@subject but no the value that returns for imo)
has Had to look for on the the on-line clock/manual likes him 10 of video to imagine was like this to use all some characteristics because any one manual or links it the manual among a box with a telephone
4 / 5 By Ammie
works of Telephone and all like this announced but wish you could customise some tones of message
5 / 5 By Delmer
has loved a telephone. Fallen the in saltwater and looks that the water entered by means of a he port of paper.
4 / 5 By Spencer
Functional and useful. Telephone better there is never has had.
5 / 5 By Jutta
Is the telephone adds loves it battery last all day question very same when or takes works of the bad service perfectly highly would recommend are by train of the course on directly speak any subject master would buy it again
5 / 5 By Lawerence
tl;dr has not been where to start with with him so only buys it.

A hd thermal cam is awesome, a sensor of air is awesome, has the laser, a speaker is strong, is rugged and feels like the tank, and has dual he so much can have the business and personal line. It is so only well. oh And it is encrypted out of a box like this afterwards has dipped a calm telephone arrives need the signal to even the turn on.
Be of the inferior line has not been that this device is not more populate.
4 / 5 By Deanne
Tin a lot peronalize tones of message
4 / 5 By Osvaldo
A thermal camera does not go like this big to the equal that allege. The claims go to 400 I has not seen a lot on 131 Celsius.
5 / 5 By Rocio
Has purchased this product and after the few months begin to have a subject with this telephone until today....
Works of speaker while master, any exposure, closes down connections with which 2 min (once the week),
any signal ...A lot!
Has tried to contact an available tent but of course any response... Any one happy at all.
Iphones Or samsungs is the better way!

Top Customer Reviews: Caterpillar CAT S31 ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 By Rob
I will continue to give poor descriptions in telephones of CAT! They are not for behind his product, my "Raincoat" it telephones the water taken in him and has had zero assistance in trying for the do well. If it has paid of a lot bear the telephone I personally think it would have to that last longer that 13 month but no in the opinion of the CAT. They have lost the life client along and I hope partorisca save another partorisca do a deception included has done! Any concrete questions please partorisca feel free to contact me, will be sincere and hopefully prevents calm to squander I big quantity of money.

Top Customer Reviews: CAT S60 Single SIM ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Cesar
So much, partorisca begin with, ossia to good sure any one the description has paid neither is partorisca any but calm people there.
Leaves his taking:
am coming from the Samsung Galaxy S5, and my woman (ossia a husband ) has an iPhone 7.
Has changed of Verizon the AT&T partorisca this telephone (that for a way, this version of some works of telephone very on AT&T), and partorisca a better coverage in AK.
Has had a telephone almost the week, and will revise again in around 6 month.

A fast note: I have bed a lot has had it a subject with a fact that a no telephone bed to regulate SD papers, only micros. This person was the retard, so that has do not telephone ready that knows of of the east has has not used never the measure regulate SD paper.

Processor: With a lack of bloatware, would say that this telephone is faster that both a S5 and iPhone 7. It is smooth, quickly, and has answered of good touch. It runs all 3 actions of applications (comprising navigation, time, games (likes Clash of Castle or Strike of Sniper or Histories or Park Of the sud of a Borderlands, applications of @@@modeling etc) so only well. No the glitch to be had. The applications accionarías does not love is has takes easily.

Screen: it has not tried a durability, but a clarity and brightness is better that a S5 and in pair with one 7.

Camera: To the left it is to be sincere, calm does not need the Nikon camera in your telephone. I do not have remarked any difference among my S5 and this, and to be truthful is easier that use the application of camera of this telephone that some another.

Hanged/of measure: For those of you the one who has the habit of prim-prissy new fangled telephones, this can look the fat of has bitten. Personally it does not remark any a lot of difference in my big hands of a S5, and a bit the thickness has added the frames looks surer-rid for me.

Physical keys: Any comparison, some another does not have him . These keys have the press to satisfy and look quite robust.

FLIR: Again, any comparison. I will remark, like another look to complain a time of boot for a FLIR application - do the bit of investigation. An application has to that aforar a camera every time is open, which requires some time. It is not that a lot the attended, and has the question with a wait, has the question with first world-wide things. Otherwise, The quite bad one$ $ application to have and use, for fun or work.

Life of battery: Exceptional. The better way that a S5 or iPhone. I can run GPS and of the applications of GPS, Music of Game of the Google, several games, average of brilliant screen, and conversations of multiple text for at least 16 hours before I gotta covers he in. Any question at all. The longest way durable that some others telephone.

In general: shopping this telephone again and again before another. It is rugged, is quickly of abundance , and is aesthetic abundance - physical or digital.

Special capacities: the work adds, will leave you read on on/game with his calm.

Will be to dip the to a test in of the most intense situations, like this military or HIM. Has like this far treated fantastically in -16 deg F Time.
4 / 5 By Claire
A quality of build, hardware, and the durability of these telephone sure looks notches upper. A thermal imager is orderly and a bit impressive for this compact measure . This in spite of so only resembles overlay the map of hot rough in the photoshoped image of a camera. Reason owe that regulate a house manually the account for a parallax distance of image among a camera and thermal lentil, is clumsy and the quite apparent that a majority that sees in a screen is so only the filter of camera. It combines this with the gun of infrared heat of fright of port and ossia the one who this telephone rid. A lot of sneaky and ready. I am impressed as well as they are bummed. But still, all the complaints averts, any bad for ever when being able to see in some darkness withough to torch. A Flir swipe in some upper just looks malignant and the work adds like the 'that is concealed' judge of conversation of start.

A finder of row is the gimmick, better of just that use the measure of tape or the finder of the purpose of row has built. A finder to vary probably would be more useful that entertain the cats yes are one of these people of crazy cat. It is class of annoying that owe that aforar a finder of row. Has does not have to that Never that for the purpose has built to shoot finder of row.

A sensor of the quality of the air is the joke . I suppose it that among handy thus silent but deadly moments after the grain bender in cornamusa the Tuesday yes does not take never captured in an elevator. Seriously this in spite of, if calm included precise begins that it concerns roughly quality of air, and the health is of entity, take the detector of the purpose built and certificate.

Life of looks of battery to be decent although he automatically closed down a temperature takes to cold. The This sews they to any one like him to him the winters of Hindú north. Current temp samples in in around 8 degress F, cold of wind a lot of withstanding. Perhaps I need the heater of the blockade or something likes him all of the mine another crew of Cat.

A backside of the hule is very practical and the welcome transmission of telephones that looks to be coated in teflon these days. The works add in of the wet conditions. It would like to try some characteristic submarines, but a lot sure wants to risk chancing the, now that has had time to see that this thing there has been the estimativa it big plus for the marketing that has done takes practicality testing. A side and the inferior keys are decent, with debatable placing in of the terms of ergonomics. Sensor of the impression of optional toe would have been well.

Unfortunately, as it results, ossia he google telephone with emblazoned the logo of Caterpillar is. The averages a prize of this telephone is so only to pay for a logo of big Cat in a rear side of a telephone. Prpers Having exposed to treat authorising things for Cat in a past, is more economic state the spent this thing in gold.

Where This telephones really the paving of falls is a software . It is google version of the-the tunes have compacted to the telephone sized ad. Everything in this telephone is google and a lot of an application is can not be take. Also, a google fences in of investigation in a screen of house is there for good, as it takes used his. It is always there, always listening, silently judging, does not look well, no well, and so only one everywhere whistles. It is google version of the mother-in-law that is glued to your screen of house with accessing your history of browser. And it is it is not impressed.

Sure, can try disable some applications, but then a telephone is basically the brick. I decree it had to disables a google applications with which prevents a keyboard of working. A google overlords has infected each appearance of this telephone and master coddle an user more than the economic date in the stop of truck. Everything will be backed on, downloaded, loaded, sync'd and calm paste with a message with which another for google descriptions and chances. I am spent roughly 3 hours that spends for all some settings and turning of 1984 themed characteristic this in spite of has there has not been sucedidos in turning this monitor of creature to the telephone. Ossia Apple the-tunes in steroids. Reason these costs of what so as it screwdriver of snapon, has factory king-dip this telephone of the dry, and that goes for the give another has shot. If has any regime will be more than happy to go back and update my thoughts.

The support thus telephone is far and little among, investigation like this on-line was likes look to the 12 program of any and when being an only one in a room with an occasional wtf look by means of a door of passerby is. That adapt, would have to do more caffè. And also, there is probably so only 12 other people in some world-wide concealed has bought this thing. These telephone looks to be more than some expensive gimmick tool like this far. Something that Billy but would be to sell in the evening of Sunday infomercial right after his tone for accident rid, metric, ball peen hammers. Out of morbid curiosity, I marvel if some trucks of support of the service of Cat this thing. Face for the call of orderly office.

I really really loves like this telephone. Partially reason was extremely expensive, but also reason there is alot of potential. If they would take a sensor of quality of the air, laser, and use a room afterwards to a flir swipe of tumor in an upper to add ports for probes of multimeter, then these things would be one gives an any low a tricorders of startrek.

Had moved out of apple for some the same things that google has done to this telephone. A lot of dissapointed and will try to sell this to any concealed will buy it. Although it was not it was ethical to expose more to this google moonlighting of telephone of the surveillance like that programming dumpster fire.

A last random has thought. If it says Caterpillar on that; the for odorare his best like the diesel and to muck.

5 15/32 honourable Mentions stars for the telephone built like the tank and the step in a right direction to draw the telephone like the tool more than the fashionable accessory. Also, a star aventajada extra for this thing any when being pas overburdened with rubbishes of half comunicacionales social.

In reality:
1 star for a google fischer prize-esque 'control your hand' software. If it was possible to go negative stars, I . In $ 850 value of dollars of negative stars.

Ossia Prime minister of mine and only description that has not done never; and doing so much in some wait that will save any one a frustration that this telephone caused. Hopefully Does not see calm in a Caterpillar S61 meetings grupal of the support.
5 / 5 By Cassie
This telephone is all has announced, of course did not have it long enough to testify to the durability of him. As the one who this goes, are basically a telephone terminator - usually so only the the few months with me. I will update this and when have the question with him is durability. If you do not see an update down, still is that it goes strong.

Regarding characteristic and compatibility of coverage, this thing is sum :

Coverage - I is still in train to use it on AT&T, any subject. Tip the strongest signal that my Delay is and Samsung is has not done never in some same places, as I am promoted in a power of a radio in him.

Operating system - Android very easy to cruised, and rows well with a number and planting of keys in this telephone. This telephone was like this easy to learn, almost seat to like fault something to somewhere. All the note and no hoops to jump by means of to use characteristic.

Applications - This telephone has no extra junk, and any built in of the ads. I want to this. If I love an application, is Android to the equal that can can add it, but like it lean and bad. Less it is better. If it calms it has not had never he Samsung and all his extra junk and ads, really will appreciate this telephone. He no, this in spite of, coming with the visual voicemail application, an only disappointment like this far, but has solved that to download Calm-Topmast.

Thermal imaging - can see it something heat or cold in detail glorious around my house, although some readings of the real temperature is not necessarily something on (has not verified this) illustrates differences of temperature a lot well. I have found already 2 you repair it the bad holes in my ceiling have known no roughly. Also it can see hot water or fry a lot well, although it takes the little more endeavour for wall of interior of the lines. To be just, can do better that thinks on that, am still new to use all some characteristics.

Touchscreen - I really fights with touchscreens reasons are the contractor and my hands are always very wet or súper dry and has broken. Ossia A better touchscreen has had has not used never. It is sensitive and attentive, but no too so much. The law adds with wet hands.

Quality of his east súper, the voices are clear and the music is cleaned, which have been concerned roughly because of some extras waterproofing. A tone of call can be dipped to a obnoxious level it yes are taste and never listen of your coverage of telephone.

Extra storage - wins it read that and use to 256 action micro SD

life of Battery - I follows it minimalist on use of characteristic of the telephone but looks quite solid, using so only roughly 20 percent for day - better that my Delay is and Samsung

A Bank to Be able to - has not had to use he to be able to, but has the built in torch that has thought is the good touch.
5 / 5 By Mike
I pulverize my poor telephones! This a, like this far, has taken some abuse without like this like this line. A screen accionaría protective is awesome, any bloat-ware the half careers 10X better/faster that any Droid or Samsung has has not used never. It has had previously a S5 which certainly resisted on better that any telephone before it conceal but was always slow or has not accused that quickly.

Has transmission to AT&T of T-Mobile and does not think never will go back. I take reception in of the same plants a Verizon writes no, and are in a half of nowhere! The desire could try a sensibility of a receiver but I would not doubt is probably in a -130dB row (more than has tried is so only -115dB if you are lucky).

An only application that has not done like this far is a tool of measure of the distance. Any sure reason, but is not my main worry. I have bought he for a thermal camera and is a bomb! Has the $ 6K unit in the work and an only real difference sees is these cups am gone in around 724°F. For engine and of the diagnostics of electronic this thing is sum . You can use a half or has concentrated the points and he is quite darn attentive of 1-30' was. It takes the moment to learn regarding the use but can be really gain taken a time to tinker. A tone is to have so much of the contrast in of the temperatures like possible (so only like with regular cameras, hot of what only). You can see studs and bosses in a wall if some temperatures are in his point. If a screen takes saturated so only dipped your hand or the toe in a spectator and he will level it era.

Like the note lateralmente odd, my favourite characteristic of this telephone this is to mention not even in some descriptions is an access to a torch. You can take his with a still enclosed screen and then does not take closed has gone by accidentally touching a screen again. Like the person of type of the mechanic ossia one the majority of insanely awesome characteristic to have in a whole telephone! Transmissions of oil, changing headlights/light bulbs, doing in of the brakes, reconstructing carbs, everything requires the light source. I do not owe that go to undermine out of a light of tent because this thing he everything. For the act it the serious plus could wants to exit some reinforcements, but are overwhelmingly happy with this characteristic. Pair that with a durability of a telephone and control to liquids while although they remain functional is paramount in my book. Any need to tug a laptop was the one cochera for manuals of tent.

A metre of the quality of the air is in fact quite well also. Really calm does not think roughly the one who a lot of but goes is gone in some places and I can not help but think 'hey dummy, does not seat here and breathe this material, opens the window!'. Calm does not use it all a time but is so only the characteristic sum to have.

The life of battery is phenomenal! Santo craps, kills some batteries and these telephones is so only a Energizer Bunny. It touches ridiculously fast in a stock upload the brick and a bank of battery is in fact a lot usable. I imagined it it was the bit of the gimmick but is legit. A torch on is the light of riada extra good in the pinch. You can touch a telephone almost two cariche full first of precise be recharged, like this probably 3 full days to use regulate first of calm absolutely has to that spent in.

Has not tried some headphones that is coming with him, but is probably so only, .

The operation of wet screen is any question and using he with gloves is no different. Have to say it there are any disappointments is a screen brightness is the bit during a place. The desire has the fastest access to some controls, but is livable (but annoying in time).

Sad for a long read, but expect that it was useful and will be happy with this telephone taken one ! I want it like this far!
4 / 5 By Janean
Like this far, well. This would have to that be that it attended , thinks.
According to descriptions, any look of people to have questions to access internets.
Like this, to the left leave me some pours.
My carrier is H2O. And the automatic configuration has not been done.
To the equal that have dipped APN manually. With which conceal, confirmed it can access internet.
This can fulfil your chance, or can no.
In all the chance, has left google he with some words 'Your carrier name(H2O in my chance)' and 'wireless APN setting', before it asks for the repayment.
4 / 5 By Whitley
In that possessed that this telephone for the week now, am coming to a conclusion that is to good sure any for all the world. If you are looking for a indestructible Samsung Galaxy S10, goes to be disappointed. This in spite of, if it likes him-you your telephones with basic and uncluttered builds of Android, indestructible packaging, some smaller integration quirks, and he smattering of inconvenience, will be so only well. In general, memory of an original Nexus telephones; different, fundamentally well, but with some rough flanges.

After touching with a FLIR sensor and waterproof character of a telephone for the bit (sees photo), has begun to in fact use it. A bit those that thoughts: This thing is BIG, and he so only just accesses in a pocket of leg of some trousers. A speaker is quite strong and surprisingly well. A battery last the days of pair (but I so only run two applications of messenger, like your results can vary). A reception is decent, but struggle it tad more further of telephones (has not left me never without the signal, but consistently has had worse reception that other telephones in a same carrier).

Has joined the majority of things annoy there is remarked like this far is:
1. You owe that open to tiny waterproof flap in a fund of a telephone to touch a thing every night. I guess it is a paid of prize for waterproofing, but yes not having never an advantage for wireless touching this that would be.

2. A proximity the sensor does not look to do, as some stays of screen have while lit resist until your ear for calls. It has dipped a telephone to time out of a screen after the minute, like this so only last the brief time, but a bit is annoying and expect that they fix it in the future patch.

3. An environmental light sensor diligently will maintain a screen in the comfortable level for a whole day, then suddenly decide that I need to be like this brilliant likes sun. Once it decides this, at all cut of the looks of hard reset for the convince otherwise.

In general, am happy with a compraventa reason bought it while roughly involved with mine unmatched described like this hardware. I am expecting that the updates fix some of some subjects of the integration before an Android has promised upgrade inevitably breaks them all again.

Update: A proximity and screen brightness the sensors do now! Hurray! Upgraded The five stars, as this now does like this announced. Highly it recommends to take the chance, if so only to maintain of accidentally pressing some keys lateralmente (which are proud of a quite telephone the bit).
5 / 5 By Dusty
Are the genral constructor of contractor of the cupboard done of fines/to commission woodworking, the mobiles done of commission, pieces of furniture and constructor of historical and professional house of recovery. A laser mesureing the system is awesome and súper attentive, a thermal literally can see studs in the sheetrock wall but no lath and plaster, can see lines of hot and alive water 220v electrical by means of some wall is surprising! Durability I so only fallen measure on to the paving of uneven bone any to dent ding or scratch on that. I have been of the galaxy S7 active and will not look never behind! It looks like this powerful like the note of my boss 9 and master that there is no junk the applications will not use never concealed can not be uninstalled! In general a awesome the telephones especially yes are in some trades!
5 / 5 By Timothy
Has purchased in January, at present writing this in July. Like the truck driver the one who read in of the half diverse means, looks for durable telephones , raincoats with an ease of use. I have been by means of the number of telephones like this far, many not surviving the year before they have fulfilled his deaths, are constantly investigations of the ready telephone that can manage it my work and lifestyle. Of then, has says, am disappointed with a Cat S60.

This telephone has seen so only the drops of half dozen less than four feet and any diving to water before some keys of function in a fund of a screen there is prendido to do. While an outside is near pristine, in spite of being be fall, a final impact jarred a system enough to disconnect some keys of function. The durability is questionable considering there is clumsily telephones more economic fallen of the heights more am more often and that causes more external, aesthetic harm before finally they leave. They are fearful can not recommend this telephone for a prize of then quickly and easily this telephone has ceased to do.

A FLIR the camera was the useful tool for one has limited extremely the uses have dipped his, while a resolution was middling in general for him and a function of camera regulates. The sensibility of screen was utmost, doing well with more than gloves and variances of temperature, and a screen was hard and dependable. The keys were in bylines but easy to use without a lot of pressure and a lot accidentally press when stuffed in the pocket. The life of battery was better that expected but still any last by means of complete it twelve turn of now with bluetooth headset streaming podcasts or music. Another that a subject of durability, this in spite of, this was the useful tool and would be recommended, excepts that it die like this easily when it was announced like hard and durable.
4 / 5 By Shante

Ossia A badger of honey of cellphones - The So only does not concern . He the tomb. To him you register / concrete / slushy salty vase with point / of steel of the sand carrier baskets / the mudroom tank / to a hottub with fresh chlorine and some jets on. Still he perfectly. Any visible harm anything. I no longer fear for my telephone when they are 'doin' material'. Although I did not try it, there is the video of some type breaking the ploughed of walnuts in of the blockades concretise with an exposure of Cat S61. WHAM. Then it eats a walnut. Then he he again. S61 Is unfazed.

And yes, an exposure is quite brilliant that can read you he in direct sun.

A FLIR thermal infrared is freakin' useful. I legit use it probably once or two times the week, and 'for fun' perhaps two times concealed. I saved probably the thousands of pair already and my undertaken two times concealed. Also to the entertainment adds in of the bars.

A sensor of steam is ... Useful. The majority of distraction - goes was when I am seating in a potty... yeah, whaddya Attended? At least it knows it is doing. And perhaps that More the edge of need in diet of mine. But a sensor of steam was also handy when you use to rub alcohol to clean some material - not having @@give that damage a smoke has built on until a telephone warned; ventilation on, the smoke goes era. It can not ask more.

Some works of tool of the measure. It is not that I add. Perhaps WELL for the estimativas but precise rework. I listen, CAT / Bullitt? REY-DOES. The data also has the 3-axial magnetometer and he 6-DOF accellerometer, has to be more like this he surveying canal of groin' with az/the/distance, and forshortening has compensated linear and measures of zone, any one some simple parallax the unit of distance has built (also, a point-the finder is way too slow. Contact for the help of technology loves ).

Any, is not fashionable. Has the bezel and a bezel is hule hard. Has the rim and a rim is launched aluminium. Has the backside, and a behind is urethane the copolymer and he will not break if the granite of paste. Has a anti-notch, to house a FLIR thermal infrared camera.

Is all an iPhone is not . Comprising fragile.

Is heavy, but good balances. And S.ou. LeGustado The quite has taken one for his hips (trade-up for an original Nexus 6) and master that can use it ALL DAY (for work, is literally screen-on + camera-in + use of heavy mobile data) for 3-5 hours the day on place) this in spite of has abundance of battery for facebook in bedtime. Personally seldom under 75 unless I have been FLIRing to plot; a FLIR to the uses of cameras likes him 1 amp like this included he 4000mah of the battery can not run a FLIR all day. Then again, one genuine FLIR thermal cameras in the work does not take more than an hour or two out of his battery neither, as it is not the concrete question with a S61 camera.

Something some offers of telephone but has not tried - reverse touching- with this 4500 maH battery this telephone alleges it can do like the bank of power to touch other devices. Heh, Frescos... Perhaps try it someday in bluetooth earbuds? But I will require the special boss - a S61 is USB-C , any microUSB (any 'toe of wrong way he on' confusion, which are to add).

A bluetooth connection to my works of good truck. Also it telephones-like this-WiFi-hotspot works a lot (I follows the happy T-mobile user, and sometimes use a hotspot in a telephone to take the material done). He quickly-load in the pair of hours like this calm the tones when you are driving among labour places or in yours commute, ossia all precise .

Is also quell'Android almost pure experience, almost without spying / nagware applications. There is so only A PIECE of software in a telephone that is 'cramware' - ossia Commander of Lima . It tries to do anything useful with him and loves money. In the $ 1000 flagship the telephone concealed is so only any sake. Taking rid of him; there is better (free open source , still) alternative calms really loves it comprise filemanager program. Or prepay FC and take a unlocked version out of a box.
5 / 5 By Lucilla
Maintaining the imports are the highly technology savvy person.... Out of a box - this telephone is SLOW. He constantly incidents. The same it clashes on restart (usually 2-3 times before finally it restarts). The person can comprise me when they are in speakerphone. Hardly I can comprise any when they are in speakerphone. 90 of a time is in my pocket, like these telephones does not see hard conditions. A retailer on to the amazon has bought he of touted 2 guarantee of years in a headline. I contacted him inner the few weeks to substitute, say me to us have to that spend for CAT. The CAT say has to that spend for retailer. Simply they are that it goes to toss he in some rubbishes and buy another telephone. Spend your money elsewhere. This. Telephone. It is. Junk.

Top Customer Reviews: Rugged Cell Phone ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Belen
Ossia A better telephone in a phase in my opinion. I have used iPhones, galaxies, and Xperias and his all fall the courts when compared to a Ulefone Armour 6S.
A ruggedness of this telephone is my thing preferred roughly the, can feel he of a moment takings out of a box, is sturdy and rest in your hand comfortably , a texture averts any possible slips.
A wireless touching the option is ideal to any involved a waterproof characteristic for inaugural and conclude one touching port to often to the equal that maintains that import when it purchase partorisca take the wireless to upload.
A double camera resupplies calm with the depth adds in your pictures and of the good-looking portraits, at night time a double flashes will take details that no another telephone .
Is fast and responsive, and will leave you partorisca leave a screen while it looks the video , reading the book, or answering the message without question.
Comes with the 'cashier of application of tool that has applications quite ordered to use some other sensors, when being a UV the indication measures one the majority of remarkable, this comes a lot handy likes loves trace of your bicycle and wants to be protected of a sun so only yes has required.
Some speakers in this telephone are unbelievable, everytime tip the video or the song to the partner is stupified for a quality and volume of a device, is like this strong that any do not owe that it never touches he in full volume, included in of the half noisy means.
Neither will lose never the notification or call with a loudness of him!
The camera advances the work adds slope of the calls of video with poor lighting and also have the beautify option of better selfies. It has attached some pictures taken of a double camera backside and the video taken of the mine old Ulefone Armour 6.
A signal in this telephone is always a better, always receive calls and die in of the places where the majority of telephones grieves can take the bar, ossia is really be useful and saved the pair of time.
A convienence of a NFC technology for cashless the payments is the utmost characteristic and this telephones also act further of places without question.
Can not think of the better telephone to take and Ulefone has won in mine an avid client, of a shower in a morning to bed time with a way at night this telephone is a unexpandable tool for daily life.
4 / 5 By Sung
First what in the first place, love a fact avenges with an adapter for USB. Coming from the telephone that has a unsteady camera to this, are by train of the master. Some pictures are cleaned and some bosses of good telephone. They are súper clumsy and fell it two times already.

Has think that a telephone would be súper clunky when being that it is the resistant accident and test of water but weighs it and utmost measure for hand and pocket.

Finally, like a miser gamer this has been telephone adds for some games have downloaded. Any @@subject at all. Absolutely I love this telephone. Totally value a a third prize other telephones.

A lot Like this update. I have had a telephone for several weeks now. Still a lot of @@subject. I have had to some work of ceiling while it rain and has used my telephone to youtube the solution for a question while up there. I have fallen my telephone and he slid of a ceiling (any gutters) this in spite of any @@subject at all. Thoroughly It Enjoys to use the honradamente. It has not had a lot retarding of some accelerates of pasts and a camera is surprising. They are the big gamer and a quality of screen and any lagging in some games have been in amazing. In fact I am thinking roughly taking this telephone for the members familiarised that looks for the new telephone. Ossia Less than 1/3 of prize of half telephone with everything of a perks and then some. Have T-Mobile and have any subject with him. An only test does not have does is to exit of a country with him still lol. They are when thinking that would have to that take the travesía by means of a pond tip this will give me the reason to do like this. I really stand thus telephone and like any concealed loves the technology can def the recommend

So that it does not have the group but I have taken the cube of water and has used an underwater way. A video was glass clears both in a water and looking out of him. A telephone is also dribble wet so that it writes this
4 / 5 By Angela
telephone look Bed quite add like this far! Also, they are honored to officially say that because of my endeavours with Verizon, a ulefone armour 6.ºt Now is when be listing officially with Verizon like the recognised handset. This would have to that sew to help to mark the little has bitten easier in forward of disposal with any subjects of compatibilities in a phase of EUA. This would have to that take place interior 3 to 5 business days so many of 7_16_19. Modification - 8-9-19: the question has had to maintains the stable connection in Verizon. My signal quickly jump of 4g HD signal to 3g R when that travels the short distance, without connection of data. I do not know I this telephone is optimised for everything Verizon the frequencies but looks that it is not . When Has the connection, says in WiFi or the solid 4g hd , law SÚPER quickly. Otherwise, Any connection of data AT ALL.
Can not risk using work, as my work extracted dead and potential life situations. It have to that send this behind.
Súper Depressing reason have has wanted really this telephone. It is incredibly rugged, has the screen adds and speaker, and has characteristic is. Like this bummed was.
5 / 5 By Maryland
I recently changed to this telephone after falling my Pixel 3, and am surprised honradamente in the to that likes me.
Has had always questions with Car of Android in my leading telephone, but in an Armour 6.ºt Laws really well! I am not sure if this is to be due to a P70 CPU ossia in there, or because of a RAM has augmented, but any way, this telephone is lightning quickly same when connected to Car of Android. Also it has the 'Action Gaming way' to augment a speed when touching games, but has has not felt likes still has required to enable this reason has has not had never any subjects of action. A notch is also much smaller that my Pixel 3.

HAS a SD space of paper, as I have added 128 GB his paper and really likes having this option, to good sure one of some things has looked for to take the substitution for my telephone broken.

Life of battery - is quite well, 5000 mAh battery easily last all day with heavy use. A fast wireless touching is the very upgrade.

Tries/of underwater Drop - I tried it underwater, and has fallen he of roughly 6-7 feet until thin carpet. I have not had any subjects with him at all! It is quell'has bitten heavier that your half telephone, but ossia obviously because of the main battery and a built in protecting.

Camera - is quite impressive. Has a camera of duel that in fact stabilises underwater. I have not used this characteristic still, but will update my description later when I do. Also it has 20 MP pictures. A video is 1080P Full HD. I wish this was bit it big considering some pictures are a lot of main resolution , but is not to treat it big, so only the personal preference. Some video look well.
4 / 5 By Debbi
Like this to the left initiate me to say that I am ailing to pay for smartphone that cost perhaps $300 to do and that pays $700 to $1000 +. His not watering test and yes is pause or the screen estrago when they take the general fall, ridiculous. These telephones have it everything, looks , durability, big space, adds pics. Called record while yours in a telephone, options of screen of the breaking, awesome life of battery, gaming options, several options to customise. Big screen, resident of scratch and gorilla glass5. It comes with yours accessories that they have to pay paralizaciones extra in other frames of smartphones. These telephones is not so only well for a prize is good period . Hardware And current software that will last while it takes awhile. Like this first run the apple or Samsung weigh out of a pros and gilipollas. You will see ossia the ready election ..
4 / 5 By Magaly
A telephone was so only that has required. They are extremely I last in of the telephones. Screens of crack, the cameras broken, water logged etc. has looked for the rugged telephone that would do with my plan of telephone and found that. Hardly it take a telephone I plugged in mine he the paper and a telephone have begun immediately law. I took it to a Glorious Canyon (any, has not fallen he to a canyon) and take some incredible pictures. This in spite of there is not a panoramic characteristic that was use to. I took it to the Park of Water and to the left take like this wetted like possible (takes the Submarines of utmost pictures). Some needs of his to 'dry' out of way that is not muffled. I have read roughly that in the description. Really I can not complain in a telephone. Any need to buy the chance of telephone... Already there. Glass of gorilla, strong frame, recognition of face, fingerprint record-on, 64 GB, like this characteristic.
4 / 5 By Delores
To the equal that will begin was to say I never write descriptions. Has thinks that would take a time in this telephone to the equal that am spent of the hours that researches the before I have purchased a telephone. Also they are the lifelong user of iPhone the one who has transmission to Samsung the year or he like this fact. Some the same times have bought this telephones my woman has bought the new iPhoneXR. As has the quite good idea on comparison of action. I have it quell'has had so only a telephone the week like this far. In general I m very pleased with a device. I have added the protective screen. It has Had several big falls in cements without subjects. I have taken he in a group that is like my Samsung S7 has lost his life, any subject. The action of battery is order any subject with listening calls or seeing screen in sun. Although it can be the tick more brilliant in full sun with sunglasses in
the action is very better that my Samsung S7 like this has to that be. It say that it is in pair with the new telephone of a woman. A bit those that the complaints are that expensive unlock and reader of impression of the toe is not like this of confidence likes s
iPhone. Wireless touching is quell'has bitten iffy. Work but has to that be just right. I have had a subject with the wireless load that access in titling of cup in car. Law a lot on iPhone of the woman. Attribute conceal to a chance perhaps when being elder in this telephone. Also it has the 10mm upload the one who bad has to that upgrade alot of those. Measure of the screen is the tick main that an iPhone xr
is quite thin to return in your pocket that faces to weigh that it is measured of the main screen is by train for the press So the sum he all up. Purchase again. Absolutely! I seat to treat as well as my Samsung or the new telephone of a woman besides a bit those that @@subject has listed that it is not the breaker of extracted for me. I have bought this telephone for durability. I think it it has taken another iPhone or Samsung already would be that it substitutes a screen or worse. More was 1/3 a prize of an iPhone and does not need the chance that was a real appeal.
5 / 5 By Jennefer
Like this far this telephone has been well, has had the few smaller subjects but is the android or the application have related. Has life of good battery like any @@subject there. From time to time according to that am resisting them a telephone there is accidentally rebooted the. I have not had long the disorder with a camera but has taken the little pics and has seen them at all bad with them . A telephone is quell'has bitten heavy but for the rugged telephone would have to that expect concealed. I fell it the little time already and his survived without any subjects. All the world-wide east remarks my telephone compliments me on the and wants to know that it is, a name UleFone when being unusual thinks them launches him was so has has wanted to really one or has loved to know roughly the then can not agree a name later when they take it casualidades to seat and google him. UleFone The support has been fabulous also the really cant say anything is bad gone with this compraventa. Now go to buy you one! :P
4 / 5 By Norbert
The salvation has BOUGHT a telephone on June 29 took it quite fast. I can not say anything bad roughly the, up to now all the work well. The question has had with an application of compass has thought was any a lot of of then have another application for the compass and has not been syncing. And after trying he for one 10th time he synced, a question has not been an application has been, no quite patient to give time to do his thing. There it is not watering tries it still. A two sims the characteristic loves it. The works perfect in Puerto Rico. Travesía The plot out of PR so that it looks forward to my travesía next in Oct. An only to to two things do not like is with of a there is not any characteristic for subject dark and some applications in 8.1 has had the screen for him on 9.0 or at least in this telephone has 5 pages of applications in a screen of houses any to like me concealed!!! In all the chance expects that will have updates to one YOU this fixed my aversion. Or perhaps it is so only me a lot of dexterous enough with one YOU LOL!!! Value a plus of money has taken the $ discount of the on shabby dollar, he so only cost $ which is perfect. This telephones that I cost $ 1, or near of is not like this kool. The be that search prays telephones for the moment. Verifying specs, video, a whole nine yard and now the have, and more than satisfied. Blessings to everything!!!
5 / 5 By Audria
A fast update in this new telephone: I add, I recommend that this telephone is considering among east and an Armour 6. This one looks exactly like an Armour 6 but has Android 9 and the prize the plus abordable!
Takes utmost pictures: I have added the photo taken for a telephone.
Laws well with GSM carriers (I am not sure in CDMA). Any question with Bluetooth connection and wireless touching.
Am satisfied with this telephone right now but will update later there be a lot of gilipollas after the time the plus along that it use.

Top Customer Reviews: Ulefone Armor ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Geri
Absolutely the FANTASTIC telephone! I have been in need of the new rugged telephone and has explored my options when I have run by means of east a. Ossia The telephone of MAN , no partorisca wimps! Read some descriptions and look some on-line video of him when be tortured and judge partorisca calm!
Into use world-wide real, is awesome. I have been concerned listening roughly some issues that some people were having with these telephone and Verizon. I can say calm in my personal experience, any @@subject at all. Verizon Is notorious partorisca whitelisting a lot of pocolos telephone, usually so only those have extracted partorisca sell for the profit they. While these telephones is not listing like this agreed “”, work so only well in my account partorisca exist {ANY pre-paid). Look In some pictures and see for calm.
There is redacted any info of a pics partorisca develop personal info but clearly can see some pictures are of an Armour 3W in Verizon the coverage that careers 4G HD given/of voice. I tried it on both bands 4 and 13, any subject. Work perfectly with my Verizon the coverage extends in my house also (extends so only acts on bandage 13 for creation).
Android 9 (Wry) acts like this drawn without crazy carrier bloatware pre-installed. A hard battery the LOOOONG time- I has received a telephone 96 legislation of load out of a box. I dipped it/ I dipped It up and it run it then under normal use for 3 days before that dipped the on one uploads still with 63 load! An annulment of noise is phenomenal- I was in the sand of basketball with thousands to shout the university students that answered the hip-hop concurrido of dance. It is like this strong me and one after the person of mine has has had to that yell to listen each one which so another. I have received the call and decided to see that it spends. My client in another end there has been a lot @@subject that listen clearly!
Are very impressed with this telephone and highly recommend it to any one. Quite calm can any matt and a prize is unbeatable!
5 / 5 By Manuel
Has bought to substitute a telephone is for far better.
Better signal, answered, clarity of call, crisp execution of interface.
This operates jumps and bounds at the head of one $800 telephone concealed is sold by big frames....
Oh Is also extremely the durable raincoat and a battery is on 10k miliamps.

I highly recommend if your patient to take mediocre action of frames of upper dollar. FYI Is all manufactured in Cina lol. Ulefone Is doing of course.
5 / 5 By Janett
Has ordered two days ago and has selected a nave of day. Received yesterday and propiciado metre pcs to actuate. Everything is doing he like this has to that and am really happy. I will be to give this the monthly review to see like this goes. You update next month with more than details. Right now, I am undermining a screen and his looong life of battery. They are on 92 after the day of normal use. My only bug like this far is a scanner of toe. It is the bit in a slow side but this is to expect of the telephone of beast like this a so that it is not really the complaint. Like this far, the things are running smoothly. Inaugural applications, games, and maps. Has has comprised Maps also reasons in of the normal telephones, This application specifically lag in of the devices with GPS 'NORMAL' JUST signals. Now ossia where this telephones really surprised me with these findings of GPS . It was able to locate I inside seconds of inaugural an application. While mine another telephone, A coolpad of metre, still recovered is signal of location . Conceal so only it is enough it tries for me to know that this me do fault well in an alfresco where other receptions of telephone can suffer. I have not done any testing to hurt so it goes to be using this telephone like the newspaper to substitute my coolpad. I have tried raining with him and still laws well. If you are reading this, maintains to verify behind, As I will revise this with time and update. Update pics when they are them house of work
4 / 5 By Maile
has been the longitude-time HTC enthusiastic/of user/of the owner, and my last HTC is lasted 5 years. This in spite of, because of a torsion of recent death of this company, and a significantly degraded battery in mine last HTC, has looked for the new telephone. I have discovered a Ulefone Armour 3W. You are not overpriced, and based in other indications, has decided to invest. They are very happy that has done. This telephone is anchored in Android 9.0 and extracted well. It is highly configurable, and a life of extraordinary battery have very done satisfied. I will continue to update this description like steps of time, but like this of almost 4 weeks in, am totally happy with this compraventa.
5 / 5 By Candida
Like this far like this good. Works with my T-Mobile account. Taking a lot of pics and video. It is solid device . Any insurance but the looks can buy a 3wt antenna in ebay for $ 10, and down upload a walkie talki application. repost If work. Another that that does not have any complaint in this telephone. A battery is astonishingly well. Touched the all a way done 3 days, and is still in 61 all the telephones would owe that have the batteries have taken. A prize is a better part . There the telephones easily could be sold for twice so many.
5 / 5 By Evon
Tries any to anticipate a lot anything so that I am not disappointed, but am like this more Thrilled with mine 3WT that has not expected never. It is an amazing telephone . Of course, slowly in the when the be weighed. Anything the VERY expensive name the telephone of mark can do... This can do better!! If you are one of these people those who require focus, calm will not be reading this in all the chance.
Has has used so only he for two days and like this far here is a soyuck' so only has found. It is the little has bitten big that has thought because of stereo speakers, but a quality of costs to touch perhaps a 1/4 thumb (has not gone metric :) Yesterday morning I have had 100 load in a battery. This afternoon it is in 79. I have been using it was and in both days, but has expected the little more - perhaps ossia normal? I guess my only real complaint would be to access a SD and YES EMPTY in a backside. It comes with the tool and is easy to do, but lose quell'tool and access required, was quite inconvenient to order the tool of substitution and attended for him to arrive.
Inferior line... Of all some telephones have had, ossia of the best - any to mention a fun and he one the majority of
5 / 5 By Zora
Excellent device! It comes with each goodie could require you. Attachable antenna for walkie talkie wants to communicate with And. MASSIVELY 10,000 mAh battery. Yes fellas the imports of measure. It go 3 days with using rule first need the load. It comes with two screwdrivers so much can attach the clip in a backside and to take the coverage to dip in the HE paper or sd memory. You can included drop, spear and submerge (all has tried involuntary LOL) thinks an only thing that it can break is called my mother. (No tip this) ( is the lovely lady )
4 / 5 By Dayna
Of the full load in a morning, I usually have at least 70 left by time of bed. Everything is turned on. Bluetooth, wifi, Location, etc.. Using navigation of Maps of the Google all day and listening the music a same time.
4 / 5 By Elease
Was having questions with my iPhone in general ( a beat drained very fast and in an a lot of very my iPhone has not recognised my cellular coverage ) . A senior Apple advisor there was so only repeat that I already question shorted I , any response has like this tired state to take no where . Rings the telephone rigged and of confidence, has found that in a Ulfone 3w . A battery is excellent - 3 days on 1 load and the percentage of battery is still in 53 .
5 / 5 By Gerri
Telephone Resisting for works in of the fields

Top Customer Reviews: Cat B25, Dual Sim, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
5 / 5 By
My amours of stepfather he
5 / 5 By
4 / 5 By
Coverage and easy to use. Looking advances partorisca another software of support of tongue of contadora upgrade.
4 / 5 By
Very well partorisca his period but c maintains partorisca his function
4 / 5 By
Container wasnt in of the boxes. Empty box.
5 / 5 By
Good product
4 / 5 By
has been the ATT partorisca dip it up and said it no in his system. ( It is the 2013 telephone like work in GSM2, any one some current coverages,)

Top Customer Reviews: CAT Phones S41 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
5 / 5 By Clifton
Rugged telephone well, this in spite of has them has had to that the turn because a headphone jack was to good sure any soldato on to a joint properly and has broken so only 25 days of mine that possesses it
4 / 5 By Mei
4 / 5 By Cedric
This has begun was when being the decent telephone, but there is prendido early law entirely. A screen remains black with which so only the pair of weeks of property.
4 / 5 By Hanh
Creation a lot well, irrompible , a lot versatil, that hard battery muchisimo!One Total tarpaulin, active bought this model
4 / 5 By Jenine
One the 15 days partorisca use leaves partorisca do the speaker and the speaker and very there is had any swipe neither at all! Any one exited at all well!
4 / 5 By Werner
Any sure on all more, but a force of signal is Súper poor.
5 / 5 By Lavinia
This telephone is built partorisca do in a construction or manufacturing half. It is lasted 30 days like this far and does not have any scratches, or the cracks and has been used hard and fallen hard. We change of an iPhone to this telephone and was relatively easy. Taken partorisca maintain all our contacts, pictures, video, download etc just Walk of Google in yours iPhone and behind arrives- when turned this telephone on, his all there ( comprises instructions in a box). Highly it recommends this telephone partorisca any that constantly breaks screens, falls his telephones, is external, or is so only simple abusive to his telephones been due to his means/of work.