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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 47 ratings
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. When it has grown on, Meade and Celestron was some costruttrici of big telescope, and still thinks partorisca do utmost products. But honradamente now has the fewer known bands that is killing he with optical resemblance to the point of the lowest prize.

Has possessed the dollar of three computer of thousands-has controlled Celestron done several years and-- while a quality of image was amazing-- was like this laws that in two or three years think that that I used it two times. It has taken like this time to haul external and setup. They are older now and much more to small telescopes , portable the.

Ossia One of two telescopes I recently chosen up. One for me (a white refractor for me), and another (this Maksutov-Cassegrain) for my edges.

My edges is young and a lot fully appreciates this telescope immediately, but think that it will grow his and an educational value is very big-- especially calms of then can take a coverage is one and see inner. Very fresh.

A box has come a lot amiably boxed with abundance to protect. Setup Was easy. A manual is in fact a lot of fresco with several pages of illustrations and photos. Excellent for the girl that learns roughly like telescopes of laws. Seriously, it is class of odd to be mad about in the manual, but this one is quite fresh.

Has Achilles Tallone to this box of telescope, thinks that is a basic tripod . It is stable and is work , but would recommend to dip this telescope in general tripod and more consecrated-- unless you go to use this more like the table-upper or bank-rest spotting spent with a comprised mini tripod.

A look and feel of a telescope is well. It feels solid, some adjustments of home is smooth, and in fact love the egg of Robin Blue colour. It can not be for all the world, but taste.

A quality of the image of a telescope is excellent. Certainly a lot enough for the judge of start has spent. I think that that this would do an excellent terrestrial discharge for sighting of birds and shooting of aim, and could also some the decent star that looked with him-- a moon would be particularly easy to see.

A box comes with an adapter that the frames that traces your mobile phone to an easy telescope. It is the cradle -loaded clamp and mount like this basic/dismounting of a the telephone is easy. I line everything on perfectly is honradamente delicate, but ossia any one the fault of a box-- is so only the subject of the precision and all has to that be just right. Frankly, a fact that comprises this mountain in any one the extra cost is in real prize.

For my test has shot here aimed in some images, has photographed the chimney of the neighbour the sunny day in 93 run or 85 metres were. This could give you a bit the idea of the as some looks of acuteness.

Ossia The add little telescope and I highly would recommend for any boys or of the adults those who only loves the portable discharge. They are very happy with him.
5 / 5
A day a lot still has taken a Mak60 are trace until a ceiling and has taken some pictures see in this description with my mobile phone. It maintains to import that the majority of some aims of earth is at least 3 miles was, and some are 10 to 20 miles was. I am blown has gone by an optical quality of this little gem. Has has has had refractors of then infancy, varying of 50 to 90mm, and is well, but an acuteness and lack of optical aberrations of a Maksutov the creation is surprising. It calms that can press to his limits this in spite of takes the decent image. I love a box is entrance . Very good packaged and has protected. A box aims real pictures that can see it you with him (any image of long exposure) and comes with the a lot of informative and the manual writes well. A construction is solid, and a calm fact can open it and see an interior of him is the big plus. I love a by heart turquoise tube. I have loved the small weight, the light telescope can spend anywhere for terrestrial and astronomical use and this returns a bill perfectly. A eyepiece is good and returns an adapter of mobile phone snugly. An image, when you look by means of him directly, is very better that some pictures. A human eye can perceive to plot more colour and detail. A Moon looks incredible, can see to plot of detail. The stars look good-looking, any dud colour or ghost halos. I can not expect look in Jupiter and Saturn. A tripod is sturdy and easy to use. Calm also can attach in any tripod that level of uses of photographic edge. In my opinion, this telescope can give any 70 or 80mm the state announces his money. Thank you Sarblue For an instrument of quality that has surprised. I want to all some pocolos details that is to go his. This one east the keeper!
5 / 5
This sees enough the distance. Any as much as would like me, but at least also can use of him during a daytime to see long distances here in cities. We have not had a lot a lot of clear nights lately, but has had finally the little, as it could use this and give you all a sincere opinion of him. It would say that ossia more geared to boys, but with a lenses and a costruttore, am bent more to say that it is for beginners of adult, taste. It is easy to dip on, and I really like a lightness (is not heavy) and the one who this small . Especially it likes that of calm so only can stick your telephone in the and see all in this way! It is much easier for me, more can take pictures and maintain them! They are súper treble, much more directed and clear that has thought any' pics would be. They are really that looks forward to to use this plus in a summer and fall when some temperatures are quell'has bitten warmer, and hopefully, has the clearest nights for pictures!
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I have been The beginner when it comes to telescopes, as I want that His just perfect for that. His small, light and love a colour! So only it would add that you would require to take the different tripod, it big plus a to really be able of the easiest use. For my picture of a moon, has used the ladder and the piece of plywood and or has situated a tripod on the truck of my husband. But it returns any tripod with the 1/4 in. Ray. I am taking a today. A telescope surprised really with quell'credit had aimed a moon! Very beautiful this in spite of like this breathe it that it takes. I love a moon and concealed is reason has taken this telescope as so only can enjoy a moon to the equal that would owe that be.
4 / 5
This telescope is the telescope of solid beginner more used to see a moon. I recommend to attach this propiciada the tripod of full measure, likes tabletop the tripod has distributed is not very balanced and topples on if the telescope is not angled correctly.
Liked that it could it to it open on a tube to aim to my boys like some works of telescope. I recommend to download an application of astronomy to help identify where the things are while stargazing. Some drive them triangular are to good useful insurances to take the objects there is lined up with a line of discharges of view. It attaches of telephone is good to take video or photo that is seeing. A quality, the telescope has built well in a point of economic prize. A good election for parents so only presenting his boys to stargazing without breaking a bank.

The image of a moon has been taken in the big light zone contaminated in California. It would imagine it it will be able to take the clearest images in general the altitude and less light have contaminated to see zone.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Nizza Little spent ! Utilisation with the tripod of the heaviest video I use with mine cámaras.un tripod that comes wiht is quell'has bitten flimsy but in a prize signals that ossia the data ! Work well with my iPhone to the equal that can see attached in of the photos and video. Some cars and the ducks are on 1,000 feet was and has been shot by means of the window of glass. It can not expect for a time to clear to try at night. If has the girls sure know any to dip anything inside a mirror gathers. You can love the tape has closed. A comprised 20mm eyepiece is well, will add the wide corner or zoom eyepiece later. I have had previously the Meade ETX70 (70mm refractor of short tube) and he Meade 1144m the Newtonian Short tube goto spend them and ossia to PLOT more amused to grab and use. I plan to add it DOB fashionable table upper mountain so only for fun. This discharge also could be amused to use with to converted webcam.
4 / 5
Have the view adds of the mine walks like this of the photos will testify. I have loved to see some of some people, birds, edifices, signs, trains, and everything there more after--no only this wide view with people of measure of tiny ant. A Sarblue was the perfect election.

I to plot to research on amazon and elsewhere looking for a legislation of small telescope. I have loved the Matsutov-Cassegrain to maintain a small impression for my cup of table and reason have seen that well these fashionable looks in of the meetings of dates of the star (with some big $ discharges).

Has received so only a SarBlue and is perfect for the cup of table. It comes with one, and any that the main tripod is required. They are by train to use it On the cups to subject to look out of the double-bread window of storm. Probably it would be a bit clearer/more acute outside because of this glass of fat window. There is the photo has attached to this description that looks in my table that looks out of a window.

In a width has shot of a city, look in a sinister hand-held side and you can see a bit dome on the edifice there with neon for '5 Phase.' That is one wide view that I can see so only looking out of a window.

A Sarblue comes with the little annex that calm leave you to use your telephone like an annex to take photo or video. So many after a width has shot, has used that attaches for my telephone and dip a Sarblue in a sign of neon there and has taken one has after semi-detached has shot. Amazing! Ossia Very clear, acute, and so only a right class of the house/of zoom has looked for to be able to see things around this city of this point of view!

Can not think of any one is a bit difficult to use some few triangles in a side at night to vary I so only use the small light to see to the long of a side and work well. Daytime Is any question (and deletes a need for the 'finder' the spent that hangs in a side). It is the little fiddly that presiona/loosening a casserole/tilt sleeve, but GOOD for something this measure. Calm does not need the boss of elegant tripod has flowed big likes with a big material. This in spite of calm of course could use one is spent to have one....

The Dress it to them of just roughly anything of your house or held, ossia an entrance to the experience adds. It is easy of the place down so only in anywhere inner or was (carhood, bank, etc.). Has mountains of tripod (3) would like of uses the main tripod.

Is quite small that calm think you that could take on walks of sighting of birds and take some good shots. Perhaps a lot like this acute like my camera of Cannon with the 400mm lentil in the, but is also roughly 1/25th of a cost! haha.

Is not so only for nebula/of planets/of the astronomy (although I did not have it was to try this closing), is to add the stops to anything could like him see more afterwards to your point of view! It has taken the short video of the 'rafter' of Wild Turkeys in a side of the street down there! Basically I can see that it is in a dish of folks dining alfresco in some restaurants down there. There is some construction the pocolos places and I sometimes take the good look in those some constructors is doing.

Resumid: For level of entrance, beginners, girls, moon and the basic planets that sees, and photograph, ossia the election of prime minister . Especially it perfects it wants to use the telescope for something more than astronomy. Highly recommended.
4 / 5
Was skeptical when I have seen this has announced. Resemblance too good to be true for a prize. It was bad. After looking a long description for Astronomy and TV of Character, has decided to take the casualidad. Has an old plus Celestron that does the good work, but is difficult to do with and impossible to travel with. A Sarblue access a bill perfectly. It is small, easy to setup and easier that use. Spotting Your aim for prejudices can be delicate, but has not to found it much more last of my older discharge. Daytime The viewing is awesome. Has has used binoculars to look nests of eagles in a past, and now will be able to see even more with east, how is like this easy to travel with. It would not doubt to buy again.
5 / 5
Of course when my telescope has arrived a time was 100 coverage of cloud and so only 1/8 one thousand visibility. So it has not had an occasion to verify out of astronomical views still. I setup a system in my yard during the pause in a rain. A setup was easy and in spite of poor seeing affected has been impressed by a capacity the drops of water of the image in some tips of needles of pasador roughly 300' far using an adapter of telephone and my iPhone. They are sure that with more practical for my part and better lighting, the exceptional results will be possible. It can not expect remark a moon.

A telescope is very easy to use, the house is a lot well with the a lot of turns of a @@@knob to direct has required to dial in the acute image. The beginners will find these sincere once a full row of the travesía of an adjustment of home is comprised. Dipping a discharge in the aim in daylight is easy with a system of sighting, closing in a place with a tripod requires the pocola practical and patience.

Does not comprise the one who “sheerness” average in context of this telescope- has produced the acute image likes illustrated in my accompanying photo of drops of water in some tips of needles of pasador.

The inferior line is recommends this telescope and would buy it again. I am looking forward to trying it was in of the astronomical aims.
5 / 5
Pro: It is it adds it small telescope. Light in the weight like the fact perfects for travesía. With: it comes with the small tripod. As you will owe that buy the big one more if it do not love chair in an earth.
The telescope takes some taking used to the cause does not have the spotter that has to that it manoeuvres the the bit before it find that loves look in but one do one. It is surprising.

Top Customer Reviews: Celestron - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Me excuso For a period of this description, but crude that some details could be useful for folks interested in this awesome little artilugio.
My Celestron StarSense is arrived last week, and has had the pair of casualidad to try it was. It uses a device exactly two times, but think that my experience can provide some useful information in another concealed is thinking to purchase this device.
My houses are in astrophotography and my squad is 100% laptop in the tripod, like the alignment is the frequent cry . Has streaky bought a device so that it have read his this has the severe subjects that integrates with Celestron process of native polar alignment, SAIL (All-Star Polar Alignment). Once these subjects have been corrected by Celestron and read the positive critic of a device in Sky and Telescope, was to advance and bought it. So far, I am very happy has done.
After unboxing, has update immediately a firmware in a StarSense camera and a hand-the controller has streaky comprised. Sure when being to do this so mentioned, Celestron fixed some problems of entity with a software of an emission of a device, and will want to sure when being to take these. The be sure has some pertinent capes and the loans of adapters for east.
Once a firmware has been updated, has attached a SS camera in my scope. Has the no-Celestron OTA, but the Celestron has Advanced VX mountain. This was or signals of nuisance with Celestron. They provide two in increasing methods the sper-solid or for Celestron OTAs, and the no-so solid or for much more world-wide. Mountain in the dovetail dish, and problems that the could not use a method a solid plus only so that Celestron had done some holes to locate too narrow. If they have finished to provide the pair of the holes in some level of highland measures could have data folks the options of plus of plot. Left with a secondary highland method, was happy has had a highland base of available extra, so that Celestron does not provide or with a unit ( supposes is substituting your finderscope with a SS camera). I have sacrificed my indicator of laser is trace in favour of a SS camera and has continued. If has the guide of only\finder and no another available highland base when a unit arrives, will be to expect for Amazon to rid before can use a unit.
After it poses in outside and doing the rough polar alignment with the polar scope, turned in a mountain with a new HC and SS the camera has attached. A first thing a HC the marks is to look for a SS camera, which the expsito without problem.
In startup, a HC taken the small bossy there does not look for when being the road to start with up without crossing a SSA (StarSense AutoAlign) process before doing anything more. I am used to to enter a Time\of Date and location, but that does not look for when being an option in startup. You can press a button of Card to attach these details, but has not known that at the same time.
Left a SSA marks his thing, and he slewed in four different sections of a heaven. It was in my side of yard by side, where a house and the trees block a lot a horizon, and the clear contamination is quite severe. Also it has it neglect his to turn the light of the brilliant flood attached in my ceiling was, only to maintain the things that interest. I have begun quite punctual, and only could see 5-10 stars visually. It has remarked that a HC informed that finds dozens of stars in of the zones of a heaven where still could not see any one.
After the pair of minutes, a SSA embroiled up and the success has informed. To arrive to this point, is 90% insurance that a device there did not go in done anything was only the small also hurriedly and easy. I have said a HC to find Albireo. There it was it was centrical, but inner a FOV of mine 20mm eyepiece. Any bad. It say it to find Antares in a south. There you are. Whoa.
To arrive to this point, Celestron has resolve an error among a SS camera and your telescope to do the procedure in centre. That is to say to do in a HC software and does not involve adjusting a camera physically, which was the relief thinks has had enough dance of a thumbscrews for a lifetime. A HC has the process therefore that involves to centre a star in your eyepiece and then that confirms that it is centred with a HC. This was quite mere, but a (form) manual of the instruction in fact has the deception in him quite some steps in a process. It IS the good idea in only download a (corrected) the on-line manual yes purchases this device.
After a procedure to centre, a HC say you that it will require it repeat a SSA process. To arrive to this point was the small unclear expected me in simply run a process again or in fact reset my mountain in some marks of alignment and beginning on. Felizmente, an anterior looked to do only well.
Ploughed, had done all of the same before entering a date, time or my current location. Cairo Bad to move on in polar alignment without entering that data, but then again marks a HC required to know a time or the location yes knows some posed of everything of some stars, especially if you are not aiming objects of solar system? A HC certainly has did not look preoccupied enough has had to to go card surfing in included find where to enter a location\of time\of the date has not been never aimed for an information. It was advance and has entered a info and a HC said me to do SSA again, which has done.
A process of polar alignment was mere. It cruise Usually it has two no a premier where the centres clashes it those uses some buttons of direction in a HC, then a second when is asked to centre a same star those uses a BIG mountain and AZ knob of alignment. With SSA, a premier is not automatically and some rests of user with a BIG and AZ adjustments.
After a calibration
5 / 5
BOTTOME LINE: it buys this thing now!

Informs full:
Mina first tentativa that the this of uses was the disaster. It is ready to return a product. A manual is well out of date (lists a hand-the streaky controller with the jack of port telephone, his in fact the usb mini which are awesome, and a lot of other examples). I extreme this for astrophotography for my celestron AVX and CGEM mountains. Has a edgeHD 8 OTA, and he stellavue tercet apo. I have followed hte instructions so more could represent for him when being well out of date, has so had grinded undertaken ware updates since some instructions have write, and precise the massive update. One the majority of critical error is one first few lints of some instructions say in any annoying levelling a mountain. This will be to try to be my undo.

First night was exactly for some directions in a book, and this thing was so inaccurate was enraged. Remained until 3is in the night to do while it can any one the left access goes, cycling to be able in and re vary, attaching 10 ref points in some 4 points take automatically, and this thing was 100s of the minutes of arch has been. It was bad. My first worry was some gives a no listed in a manual very automatically arrives so ready. For case there option to pose a date and time, location, etc has not bursting up, felizmente has the experience with some trace already and has known that to jump through cards and does these adjustments, but Im in a easterly coast and he defaults California. But his estimate a problem to have one usb interface in a HC.

One the majority of main error was some instructions declares does not have to level a scope. Calm of who owe polar to vary a scope (that is to say some ). It prejudices 2 it decides to give it or more they go before routing this thing behind, and OHHH is I happy has done. I have decided to use my normal setup routine for when uses one 2+4 manual alignment procedure, as it level it a scope ( the use uses the 10' level of load of port) which only taken likes him 2 minutes of extra time adusting a period of leg of the tripod, I he cursory polar alignment with my scope of polar alignment, wasnt the darkness like this has not been very accurate, timed and to the sure date was correct and was, turn in a mountain, taking quite 20 dry for him to give me a message that a mountain has synchronised with a camera, says that the fields of press to start with an alignment, as I do. I seat behind and he quite 90-120 dry, he slews in his on in 4 zones of them heaven, prendiendo for 15-30 dry in the each so to take the beak, of course calm of the that sees this beak, but one HC the exposure has DIRECTED to maintain you constantly updated on what his mark, comprising a % complete % % % % while his composed some stars discover in his database, and what dressed of stars in the each frame. If some points of scope in something blocking a heaven, while my house, hurriedly identifies this and of the movements in the new zone. After an initial process automated, suggests for astrophotography purpose, but decided in slew to only Virgin to see what accurate this was, and BAM, damn upper stand-off near.

Or backyard to Use EOS and the cannon T5i, and in a frame and poster of house of BYEOS, this thing was only in the tiny bit was centrical, I of the that knows a dry arch or minutes of arch, but was quite 4 widths of a virgin spear in a screen. This was darn approximations like accurate like my manuals aligment processes. Slew In orion nebula. With my scope and a focal reducer, with teh T5i, orion takes up 1/2 a field of view in a photo, sweats the small was centrical, and has posed an engine to accelerate of 3, movement the bit, breaks the beak, now knows that directions to go, movement one another road the small time while breaking beaks, and boom his centre now fatality. I have taken 60 second exposures, oh returns theres drift, likes I polar fields, then left the manually re field, I slew in orion, has been litte was, movement out of orion and has attached it ref point, moved in an another side of orion, new ref pt, this 4 total times (has taken likes him 2 mins), and autoslew behind in Orion and BAM, was perfect. I have moved in fact a scope only to take was centrical for visual asthetics. 60 Dry exposures, any problem with an alignment, but and lives in Athens GA, and a clear contamination is so bad has to cut behind in 45 dry exposures.

To revise: Once a scope is levelled and balanced, and shoots this thing up, 20 dry wait for software to upload, click a button, seats behind and drink the beer until a scope to move (~ 2 mins), the movement in an object wants photograph, then attaches 3-4 extra ref points, slew behind in this object and then uses a star in of the polar fields. A polar alignment that takes only quite 2 mins for me to adjust a scope with manual of knob to take a star in some hairs of crosses. It opens I car fields again (2 mins), movement in the aim, attaches 4 ref pts (2 mins), and was freakin go. That only the little of the nights take me literally 1 hour, and these imports has been punctual spent posing has eh cold earth in the rear mine that begins of places, torquing my collar, crawling in my hands and of the knees in visually take this beginning in my finder of view in in an alignment manually... It opens A whole damn shabang takes 15 mins, and I he of a consolation of the chair w/or that it has to pose down my beer. It uses a scope nightly, while I of the that has to preoccupy in a 30 min scope setup time and a 1 early alignment, polar alignment, and realignment jsut to be killed by the clouds that takes of a heaven and negating my endeavours. A time this save me leave me to picture in of the nights to do and when being reads for 11pm, to create before it does and take the few shots of an element in some wrong parks, could not be thrilled more. If that is to say compatible with your mountain The PLOUGHS of COMPRAVENTAS.

Heres A beak:
5 / 5
It IS very thwarted to try in properly vary my AVX mountain and 8" Newtonian ('Celestron has Advanced VX 8" Newtonian' container). At the end learnt what Polaris looks up-next but could any never sure when the be was varied properly with other stars of alignment so that the zoomed in looks of quite seen a same like the zoomed has been seen: a lot, a lot of stars, some brilliant and some dim. I am spent the hours that return and attacker among a eyepiece and the atlas of star, flavour to verify had some stars of the correct alignment but I have taken only the decent and correct alignment ONCE in six month.

Enters a StarSense. This thing is magic. You substitute your hand-the streaky controller with a walnut one this comes with a StarSense and substitute your scope of finder with a StarSense camera. In field, only has to signal your scope enough in Polaris then begins an alignment. It takes the minute or two, slewing a telescope in of the different zones of a heaven to find his place and then is done! My location is very dark but also strongly obstructed for the trees and an alignment have not failed never to find quite a lot of stars for a change. Magic. Some the only time is not if a mountain is posed on injustice (harps sueltes or any balanced) or one for a long time left a StarSense carried of lentils on...

Quan Run the very first time, would have to do a calibration of some time; a a-the alignment has aforado would have to be quite sake that an object of aim would have to be in the some place in a eyepiece in 50x magician (p. ., 20mm eyepiece In the 1000mm obtain). For a a-the time is necessary., it Centres an object and of the swipes aforis and improves a precision even more. It have to remark that included an alignment has aforado is not to perfect - he any one has posed usually an object of the objective centre died in a eyepiece. But it is near, much more after I never taken with the eyeball alignment.

Without this artilugio, thinks that it would have left in stargazing and has sold my scope. A manual alignment is only difficult mass for the beginner of only, especially with the Newtonian where often has to contort calm only to see in a eyepiece, never imports then try to correlate a view with the map to star to see yes is in a right place.

Has not bought the telescope to learn some masters of some stars around Polaris, Mizar, or Betelgeuse, all while supposing some cramped posed and any ice cream or when being eaten by insects. I have wanted a good material, and with a StarSense can skip all concealed and go directly in a good material!

Some planets are quite easy to find once the result bit it familiarised with a heaven so that they are so hella brilliant, but with the good alignment for your EQ mountain, can maintain has centred them quite long to exchange for the big-can eyepiece and has the very good look. Or you can connect yours camera and break the picture. But for me, where a StarSense a lot of resplandores, and justifies is the prize labels quite big, is that it enable it a full potential of one goes-in EQ system to locate to find objects of deep heaven (DSO). It Likes him it has said it, some planets are so brilliant that can say it if they are not in of a view, but with DSOs likes him nebula and galaxies, hardly can see anything, often at all, in a eyepiece with your eyes. It IS only when connect yours camera and taking it 30-60s long photo that the visible results so that they are so faint. Without an automatic alignment of a StarSense, the MAY would have found anything excepts perhaps Orion Nebula.

A StarSense is the must has for to to the the beginner likes him. I took it since, it knows Much more in a heaven by prejudices he now and, ironically, would be likely to do the manual alignment without him. But it do not have it never there without him; I took me in a hump.

Has had to to change in a group a small plus that comes with a StarSense to match a group of finder in my C8-N. Also it can attach the second mountain in your scope (can involve hammer) to maintain your finder. Also it have to do sure, before you begin, that you the latitude is posed properly in a mountain. That is to say the -time mechanical adjustment for your location this has to only has to the change moves your more spent that 50 miles or so north or south. A mountain also would have to be on coast of level, unless you can come up with the road for the level you.

A Wi-Final dongle is the must-has accessory, for a road, and is integrated perfectly with a StarSense. You can do everything of your telephone, inducts alignment, external, etc. hate Some hand-the controllers have streaky, but that it is for the different description.
4 / 5
Varying a scope has been always a nuisance in me:
kneeling, angling, finding some you are using magnification very big a therefore narrow FOV with CCD camera, and does not want to maintain inserting and take eyepieces.
Has decided the invert in a Starsense to bypass everything of that.
In fact works! And very good! Very happy with a time and hassle saving.
I just setup tripod, mountain, scope, inducts a Starsense (in a ipad in wifi) in car-alignment... And then I can finish setup a rest (portable, chairs, etc). For a time is each fact , a scope is varied. Taking it 2-3 minutes, and can vary a scope when is not still fully that manually sing you.
A Starsense is quite intelligent that although has the partially obstructed view (edifice, some clouds) he casserole a heaven until it take it 3 a-the images obstructed that it can use it.
Has used he for enough 6 month w/or any problem, and always with an iPad in wifi
Quan has tried to use a Starsense hand-the streaky controller (which in fact substitutes a telescope HC to provide an additional starsense characteristic) gives a Starsense HC is defective
A cape that would connect a mountain in a HC looks to have the defective contact, as it can in a HC continues in/of fiddling with a cape, mark for the use; you can have a HC powered, moves a power in HC sees re-variable a scope.
Since did not use it never before, is the defect of manufacture
has Contacted Celestron and will return in them for the new some down guaranteeed
A shame that has such poor QC in the product, otherwise was the 5 stars

installing a Starsense was very easy
apresamiento the pair of rays in a OTA, typically the pair only afterwards in your scope of regular finder (or only can substitute a scope of finder)
installs a guide, and a camera on he
Connects a proportionate cape in a backside of a camera and in a scope To The
substitutes a scope HC with a Starsense proportionate it is fact
has wifi, can maintain an original scope it selects a Starsense option of alignment of an iPad (SkyPortal or SkySafari)
Once a camera is installed you he Starsense Alignment. Be an in the first place one the very when being any too precise, will require then to signal in the star and 'external' a Starsense camera... Basically a necessity of camera to comprise an offset among him and a OTA centre (according to a scope is installed and a Camera the different offset of a centre of a OTA)
Once a calibration is done, is except, and unless taken a Starsense and change his place, only mark a Starsense alignment. Like the calibration is the out (unless you change a Starsense place)
5 / 5
That the wonderfull device for astronomers of amateurs. Desprs Many have failed alignments so that had so many stars in a eyepiece and not being able to identify that it was that, a StarSense was with excites has expected.

At the beginning would have data this device the way down below estimating so that it fails to do his function of base, does not vary a telescope. (Celestron SCT AVX) Was very thwarting so that a 'Cart - Field' the function only would close up. Has a view obstructs, a lot of trees, and a scope only point in a sauce in a westerly and when being confounded in that to do. Included when trying marks the soyanual - Field' would take bonded in an endless loop. It IS sadly disappointed and has been ready to return it.

A manual of the instruction included is not that it runs or correct, that is to say the sad statement for Celestron, included an on-line manual is not to correct. A button of function of the Card in a hand-the controller has streaky would have to be explored.

The tan there has been now the scope computerised new, a device of Wi-Final of Portal of Sky and application and StarSense even so it can any one 'Go-In' anything so that the could not take an accurate alignment. Be one very easily won risked me in a Web and found a lot another concealed has been disappointed, but any one has had all some responses, the bits and the pieces are come together and at the end is coming up with ' needs the Update of Firmware' (Controls your necessities of cape) how was was in Celestrons website and after looking for around found some updates. Any videos of Youtube, any one of some Forums of Astronomy or instructions of Celestron is correct on that to do some updates, but is easy to do, only does sure to update Java in your computer in a newer update first. Some files to update coming with the photo of so cape some devices before beginning an update. It IS correct. Calm once have you JAVA until date and unzip a file all are quite directly advances. After three failures to update (My failure, has lost the cape) has succeeded.

A week later was able to try out of some updates. It have purchased the 10' tablet to run the portal is an application of the Heaven on like my eyes are not so young while they have used when being and a smartphone was only in small to see in a darkness. I totalled a scope and left to acclimate, powered in a scope before dark to update a time and location, take a soyenu' yours of function in a StarSense hand-the controller has lined. Then I powered down a scope and expected until some heavens were quite darkness to start with calibration.

Powered In a scope with all the devices (StarSense Cambra, hand-the module and The streaky Controller of Wi-Final of Portal of Sky) firmly attached in a mountain. ( It take to arrive to this point to take one covers of lentils in a StarSense Cambra) has begun then a Tablet and in ettings' connected in a Scope via Wi-Final. Everything of a documentation of the portal of the Heaven has said that everything would recognise each which so another, was skepitcal. Then I chosen 'Connect and Vary' of an application in a tablet. Sure enough a scope swung in a speaker and a sauce. An application has said that this takes the picture but could not resolve a dish, imagines in my surprise that an only swung scope to the different point in a heaven and has continued an alignment. Desprs The few minutes and 4 olved the dishes has been asked to choose the star of calibration for a change a Starsense Cambra with a OTA. I have chosen Vega while it is a star more than shines of my location and there is no mistaking he for another in a eyepiece, only illuminates a eyepiece. It was instructed then to do the cart is another alignment and Bingo, was Magic. At the end the computerised Goes in scope that the mark only concealed. They go in everthing ask of him, quite a lot of Objects have centred in the 12 MM eyepiece. (195X in my scope.)

IS very satisfied with liking all at the end are doing and is integrated fully. An only additional cost incurred was a necessity to communicate via device of Serial in a scope, has purchased the 'TRENDnet Yours-S9 USB in Conversor of Serial' cape of Amazon this has facilitated that.
5 / 5
Has first use of light in easterly a first weekend there has been this in our party of star. So that I have not wanted to use my finder to exist mountains of scope (already into use) and has wanted an original Celestron group (designed by Celstron scopes, but has Orion Astrograph achieved) has finished for the trace a verge at the head of my dovetail mountain. This was the place very that has maintained he out of a road. This was a course a harder of an integer setup literally, and obviously has not been one of his designed setups. A rest was the piece of cake. Game and covers only in this thing. Has the Celestron CGEM DX mountain with a GPS addon, as have had to a Celestron To the PORT SPLITTER to use them both. It can be found in Amazon here: />
comes with a hand-the controller has streaky updated to do with a StarSense and attaches the pair of characteristic likes him 4 exposure to line that now it shows a RA/HAS TO of an object is signalled in. Very good. It Likes him it has said it, of cover and game. Also it uses the PoleMaster for polar alignment so that it was first fact , although manual for a StarSense says it only necessities the rough polar alignment. Since I Astrophotography, was to advance and has done an alignment of pole with a polemaster in all the case to maximiza my adherent.

Has shot in a mountain and the right road find everything, comprising a Celestron GPS has in the, and a StarSense, and the permission asked in field. I gave it a good and was to it it is. It begins to have real doubts quite he now, so that it begins included signal in an earth! The saint cow concealed is not well. Then the dawn on me, and am embarrassed to admit such the newbie deception, but had failed to take one covers of lentils in a camera! DOH! As taking concealed and began it again and after quite a lot of 5 minutes of slewing announces has been done. Tan Yes, yours control carried of lentils before you begin. LOL Routed In GoTo on to Vega these resplandores brilliant to try it, and was in a view of the 22mm eyepiece, but any one centred.

Opens Some the manual states have to do the procedure to centre to arrive to this point that would be necessary to be it familiar in you, and these only covers the tunes of sake that joined it seen of camera with that yours seen of scope in a centre. It IS essentially and electronic collimation among a scope and a camera, more than that has to line all that up manually. Very good and EASY! Desprs You That procedure very quickly, wants to do another procedure of alignment and in 5 minutes or as it has been done. If you do not move your scope to situate to situate, probably does not have to that it leaves of second very often, but is quite hurriedly in all the case, and recommends to do the every time if you astrophotography.

After this procedure I slewed to Vega again and was much more afterwards to centre he so run a procedure to centre again and was even more afterwards still, although any one totally exact, but would take only in any object in your eyepiece while it is not using the 3mm or something.

In general, minus a time a fiasco of not taking some covers of has taken dulcemente, has been ready to start with seeing in down 15 minutes with entrance very minimum of me and he have followed wonderfully all night.

Opens, a next night impressed me even more. After the long evening to rain our night has been besieged with big clouds. We could visually with the eye undressed only mark out of a moon, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn and Vega occasional, and included those would come and go. We decide to give a StarSense the career, only to see that it can do for a hell of him, any when expecting never to do. It takes it quite two times so long, but sure enough vary up! It can not think. GoTo Was very on. It was not of a night before forms that has moved his one achieves some because of a rain that day. Final to be treated with some impressive views of Jupiter and details of Courses with some big clouds that law like the good filter. Only it blows it was that the diverse thing with all these clouds!

Can not recommend this quite a lot of thing. Doing astrophotography, an only two things displease very is alignment of pole and regular alignment, and of course is absolutely critical so that marks. Among a PoleMaster (which also would have to take btw) and this StarSense, marks those in fact fun things! An accessory very lament spending money on! Be sure and read a low manual only as has all some details of these records in your leader.
5 / 5
Varying the Celestron GOTO the telescope soyanually' is what consumes tugs of time, and difficult to do in clear-the half contaminated likes joined some I lives in. A StarSense cart-varies turns that treats in 2-3 hands of minute-was-to experience that requires together minimum-up for an user.

HAS a big caveat. Quan Has tried my first alignment, fails miserably, and a software in StarSense had changed a latitude of my location (that anteriorly had written in so much of part of a together-arrive). To go in Celestron Support, has discovered that has required to update a firmware for a StarSense. Result that a firmware in a a bought of the amazon has been dated 2014, and had had six subsequent updates has published by Celestron. Felizmente, knows enough in of the computers so that a task to update a firmware has not gone too difficult. After a cart-the alignment has done very good. This Celestron has taken a problem to do six updates in four years are the tribute in his squad of support, but this looks the plot of updates.

Opens That a power of a GOTO the characteristic of my telescope has been enhanced by fast and accurate cart-alignment, the wait will be to use my telescope the plot more than went me to him.
5 / 5
The desire had bought done these months, when has taken in the first place my Celestron Evolution. While I am happy learnt to use the scope of finder and vary my scope in front of the night of observation, has taken often thwarted with how long took me to do so. With a StarSense attaches of alignment, only turn all on and leave the car-field. A first time has crossed a process, has had to some smaller adjustments to do sure a starsense has been varied with my scope, but that has taken only the little mintues (or second, very). It has attached also the little more stars so that it vary the outrage concealed three for better precision.

Opens, when posed up, a StarSense varies my scope in down five minutes and he then is ready for the night to see. Quan Says my scope in GoTo the particular object, goes there and is almost perfectly varied with perhaps only the few adjustments to centre an object. If you are I how me and only wants to exit there and see that it is there, would have to consider take this option. He he so easier, particularly is to the new observer likes him is. Freely I admit that I am not an expert and has funds very small in astronomy, so perhaps is enamoured with this option so much been due to while easier he the fact to see a wondrous has seen in some heavens. But anything concealed can do your life your easy plus is very so far as it is unbalanced, and this has has done to well sure my nights much more enjoyable, pose in my scope, left a StarSense his thing, and then can spend my time these gazes in star and more nebulae that flavour to take my diverse scope. It deserve it to well sure the pity for me.
4 / 5
I like this the device but I have attacked was 1 star for Celestron when being cheap and not comprising a cape to update his firmware. A initital the trace is complicated and has had to to be be done enough 10 times before he at the end goto an object of the chosen of heaven and very only when being afterwards or the time of majority not even near. This is not so easy to use while ad. It does not delete the zones are died so of the trees etc, maintains to go in some the same trees and the same zones are died on and on. Included when I posed it it issue it it enter it a half of my yard, still take another 3 in 4 times before at the end it has taken it to it to him gesture. It issues Celestron the fact the sound is bonds he in your scope and go. Any so much. You have to take a diverse camera in a scope but I have well the dark heavens and he still have not wanted to vary with a scope. I do not want to deter any one for the buy only beware this will require to purchase a cape to update a firmware, and takes the good quantity to time to take a camera and the scope varied in the each another. I have not tried again once in fact the return in a star has wanted, but is gone in any one and all messiers etc after it take it one 2 diverse. The meaning has moved my scope behind in a house after it was varied. Any idea I other fields was so easy and celestron said of here has been on. A camera has a bit firmware the installed updates when shipped and has not taken ahold of the cape to update the still, has not liked him a bit of the capes have had. To research these necessities of thing to be fully updated to take drawee of alot of the problems have. It IS possible that some problems have had certainly could be attributed in a less then the state has update fully. Quan Calm yours alignment of camera in mark of the scope sure one yours star that the signals is exactly in the middle of eyepiece, this will save the few alignments.
1 / 5
It takes two StarSense cameras of Amazon and or of could be the update that uses Celestron CFM. One of these devices has done for the day ( mixed results for a law in the daytime) and then I receiver a message of Application of error Init' with at all more never spend. Every time I have begun in a hand-control streaky, has taken a same 'application Init' message. It can not update a device or reboot the. I have called to OPT in San Diego and has said had not listened to spend east and has advised me to return he in Amazon.

In a second StarSense, after updating, has taken the messages have repeated of error (all codify of different error, bounces loader null container:0096 or 0008, or 'gg' displacement through a screne) I then nicknamed Celestron support of the client and a technology walked me through a CFM process of installation to determine yes something injustice. I have not been. I have tried a CFM that directs in so much the Mac and PC with some same results. A technology has advised me to return a Starsense.

Has asked a technology on some casualidad to take two bad StaeSense devices. It declares that this had not spent in his learning.

IS hesitant to try the third StarSense.

Top Customer Reviews: Celestron - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
3 / 5
I am using this device with my Celestron NexStar SLT. That is to say the difficult description to write . Has the significant number of complaints in this device. My iPad 2 loses contact with his WiFi signal from time to time and has to reconnect. That is to say the ache , since pot very this without first trail a Skyportal application. Also, some controllers of direction are the real ache to use . If you are centring an object to look through a eyepiece, has no haptic feedback to say you when or that the direction is pressing, and press out of some zones of arrow can select the new object, and can finish clue in that and undoing all your work, which are troubling so hell. Instead, strongly it recommends to use some buttons of arrow in a hand-the controller has lined to centre in a eyepiece and in any navigate using Skyportal, or at least only using it when is looking in a screen. More, when that uses an application in my iPad there is often considerable lag among my interaction with an application and a press of screen that takes effect. That is to say troubling when is trying excel an object, but when spend it basically done some unusable directional controls.

A functionality of telescope very when being bolted on in a side of Safari in addition to Heaven that like an integral part, and does a whole experience clunky in better. Further, there are a lot of appearances in an application that is bothersome. If I want to go in the cement RA and Has to, necessity to look under a card of Parameters. That is to say only creation of poor software. A does not have to never look under a card to Pose of an application during regular operation. This would have to be reserved by, well, parameters and setup. It can form the list of similar nuisances, but does not want to take a time to do so.

Why is not Henry Draper complete and SAO catalogues (among another) included in a device? Why it is not all a star of popular fold the catalogues included (like Burnham, Struve, Herschel, etc.)? Why it is not a Lynde and Barnard catalogues of the dark nebula included? Any star of carbon/of list of variable star? It can not be spatial, an application weighs in in him disgustingly has inflated 253 MBs in my iPad. I any one precise to write-ups on everything, only a RA and Owe for other catalogues.

That is to say only a tip of an iceberg in of the things that problems me quite this application. I have not gone the night with him where has not founding some good reason for the curse and his developers. Nevertheless, it does not plan for the return. In spite of my objections, is quite useful for me for the maintain around. But I can it does not help but listen disappointed that it is not better. Harm.
1 / 5
Very inconsistent. Calm say you can vary it your scope with this device of rubbish. He frequently the connection of tomb. The documentation is supremely lackluster. Perhaps I have the defective unit here, but damn. It IS well in wirelessly movements a scope, but looks to do any one wants to. A race of software in an iPad often fences in up. As using some directional arrows have it turning like the returns of upper box in reality. Considering consolation, sure will buy in him until it is posed to use. Clearly a technology is not there. This will be the turn , unless the allocution unscrews. A clock is ticking in this piece of....
3 / 5
In an end of a day a real question is ' IS value he, or has to continue use a handset?'. For me, I will continue to use a handset and has posed this in the drawer while maintenances an eye in of the updates of software to see if some of some nuisances are gone has been. If has read the besides punctual descriptions, is apparent this has been doing strides to improve things. Hopefully, will have some updates to do this more cual any one would want to.

Has used this with Celestron SkyPortal, view 1.4 in a telephone of Android with my NexStar 127SLT - mention this so that well it can when being that some of some subjects that has had it was in a software or mountain and no in a module of Wi-Final he. Of these is very an integrated container is has not been possible for me to separate and failure of attribute. Also I comprise that there is an available application in the

An adapter is small and cover in easily in a To the PORT in a mountain. An adapter wifi available investigation when being very hurriedly ( has not remarked never to expect for him), and connect in him looks to go of haste. I suspect that very some the brains are in an application those uses this device and no a device he self.
Some looks of device to have 2 roads:
Direct Connect - where a device announces a SSID and then connects in him without the signal.
Point of access - has not used this, but looks to leave join your point has established.
There does not look for when being the road to change a SSID these emissions while doing the direct to connect or the oblige to use the signal - in the these looks them could cause them chaos with multiple scopes. I actuate Never the used these approaches more device as I can not comment in that well the cape concealed.

Click In an object and the saying escmo me this' is the natural action.
A device is powered by a port and does not require to beat it external.
Quan The things are doing well take the glimpse that had expected it you this would be.

Has time that I inexplicably the alloy of flange in a device - finish to change my WIFI the back and the advances and that restart an application and those looks for the fix.
Has time where some arrows of the movement does not look to answer (or response only after the significant lag)
- This especially is troubling when is trying takes the good alignment setup
- can You also accidentally paste something another those some arrows of the movement when is looking in a eyepiece (This can be very troubling).
Has had to to lose connection with my tlphonique mid-the commentary and the reset has then everything for the take to do again. Invariably This spends after I go to take some boys to look in something and they then has to seat although a process of alignment
A handset or your tlphonique - looks that has to chose you
- a telephone is much more natural for setup/objects to find that it wants to dressed
- a handset is more natural to signal a scope
the time had to looked to have that paste goto the second time to complete a goto process ( was for the like took me the majority of an immediately left road)

nuisances of application of the Android (mentioned here in case perhaps helps folks decide):
An application leaves your tlphonique to sleep - yours tlphonique then will aim you a brilliant unlock the process before it goes in a sake dim red light of an application that destroys your vision at night. I know he the permission/of parameter for an application to prevents a tlphonique to sleep.
Has to change in a wifi SSID of your adapter - would be it well conceal of calm - has seen google chromecast setup this.
2 / 5
The law adds is connecting in him with your tlphonique or tablet or connect your PC directly in him but I have had at all except the headaches that like cogerprpers to do in my house wifi point. It looks to connect in my house wifi the point and one issue aims it so connected but does not speak with Celestron software of PC when issues of point of the access. Contact Celestron many times and has tried his different suggestions to take it that law without luck. His responses of slow email what apresamiento the days are very thwarting mass. That is to say to suppose to do in my wifi point of house but so far only has the sore leader and to wall dented of some months to try to take this thing these laws. If you want to connect in this direction with the tlphonique or tablet then that is to say well and would have to go for him but is trying connects is saw your house wifi point so that it can connect calm in so much your telescope and an internet, any troubling with this junk.
3 / 5
He been experimenting with east for the few weeks. A primary use of of the this is to the help automates a process of alignment of the star, this need to do every time using your telescope (in my case nextstar.) The calm does not need this for aforar - the power in doing manually. But, this, with two other accessories, in the theory leaves it to spend quite automatically. Some three elements that tea he necessity is:

1) Skysense camera (to recognise teh stars)
2) Skysense GPS (to take lat/long positioning)
3) Skyportal Wifi (date and location.) A wifi also pulls it together as it can use you your smartphone or computer to control a telescope, which are the very better experiences that a hand-the controller has lined. The calm left You also to update a software, which are really, very difficult to do through the connection wired with the computer.

To to which likes him in a wifi:
1) an interface of the smartphone and the control are a lot of, very better that a hand-the controller has lined. Night and day differentiate it.
2) For cold nights, listens able to be inner, treats a field, and looks for a heaven, is awesome.
3) Listens able to update a software and the hardware saw wifi is critical. A lot it is difficult without one wifi.

Which and has not liked him:
1) A documentation is terrible. Some instructions, when rastreos, in fact does not do and will require to achieve has been in celstron support of client ( is quite useful). But these ways lose the night, the data is opened only during a day. It IS so bad and thwarting that I dinged both stars for east. It IS the constant fight to take it to connect. Easier of the do directly in your tlphonique - almost impossible to connect he in your wifi point of house.
5 / 5
I am using he with a CPC 1100
can generate his own wifi point for when is went in the far place and controls a scope saw the tablet or the smartphone that connects in such wifi
If you are home, can change to access point and basically a scope now a capacity to connect you your point of house. Then it can you control a scope of an iPad
can use a proportionate free application, even so it does with Skysafari... For 5 taken the very better application with a lot of more functioanlities and the much more complete visualisation of object of the heaven and the majority of complete list
that Controls a scope is quite easy, and in fact some responses of scope very good. I, has had the Celestron Evolution, and a native wifi of an evolution is very lazy often unresponsive with a same Skysafari. A Skyportal wifi the adapter looks any one to have such subject
can do a regular alignment saw a tablet, maintains at the end using a HC yes wants to
The also does yes has a Starsense installed, can induct a Starsense alignment with him, and refines the star to attach of additional alignment, as it do with a Starsense HC

Initially does at all with a CPC. It generates a wifi, could connect an iPad in him, but would not control a scope and the calm would take an error. It results that my CPC has had the defective MC together. You are fixed by Celestron and now does
found more intuitive to control a scope with an iPad this has the exposure of a planetary that only using a HC
Does an experience of the much more pleasant observation ...Once organism d, does not do to return in just HC
1 / 5
It tries to use this numerous time.

Tonight, connects well in a house so much through Direct WiFi that is to say that of Access. A scope has moved well and everything looked well with a world.

I movement an external scope in a cradle and the place arrive the connection is fallen in the some place in a 45 walk second in my back yard. It restarts afterwards it restarts and very he same shows a Celestron like the viable WiFi point.

After the hours of pair of frustration, left and spent it each inner backwards. Alloy and run like the field-again, inner. Cycling a telescope was and the small time has discovered that this is designed apparently like the machine of empty. Pay only often enough to maintain think at the end will see something well out of him. It is not fooled. It takes your factor and go in a buffet. He $ 100 extra dollars.

Follows up:

HAS FINISHED only another tentativa to use this element. The portal is an application of the at the end diverse Heaven, as it thinks. I have directed to take an alignment after quite a lot of 25 minutes to shoot some three more brilliant stars. It say it to find Capella. It goes it when the be has been for enough bit it. I have adjusted manually a view to take a star centred and tried to update an alignment to say he for a change in this star. I informed me that it was too it go it far he for a change in this star, included although and gazed in him, the centre died in my telescope. I have tried with March, Aldebaran, and Bellatrix. Taken a same response.

Disconnected A nexus and chooses in a handset. Something in the each only time.

Also, would try to move a scope for a change he with some three stars of aim and suddenly some rights/of left wing or above low/ the arrow would close on and runs a scope through a heaven. Clash he slightly two or three times and only enough has centres, then was to go of good-looking walnut.

An application is craps.
1 / 5
Any easy, any acting, any value he! It tries EVERYTHING of a tutorials. Quite 'instructions' downloaded to sink the ironclad. Still the no , alloy Wifi or otherwise. Support of Celetron is the joke. It tries to achieve HAS HAS! Spent that considers the considerable quantity of money for 'cover and game' device. It is not very such thing here. If it purchases this, almost the guarantee will be disappointed, thwarted and lighter in your book of pocket with at all except the piece to CRAP plastic to aim for him. Money of calm pass in the better lentil, BUT VERY THIS!
5 / 5
So much, I dabble in astrophotography. My scope is a Celestron NexStar 5. Very happy with scope, and with handset alignment quite good. For the routine that seen the bit of drifts a lot of difference. With imaging even so, need a scope closed on in your aim. And SkyPortal has done an exceptional work. Aforado Easy and then objects localised a lot, very good.
3 / 5
It does not connect in our Celestron Nexstar using CALM Android. Tried and tried and tried to establish the connection, but no until I have changed in my iPhone. Alas, an evening installed a module and trying it was was clouded and like this starless. One of our motivations to take a wifi the module is that we have been failed aforar our scope because of our big location in some the Austrian Alps, and has been said that a wifi the module would do the difference will owe wait for different time in a lot confirm that it does. While troubleshooting a module, founds information very contradictory quite that to connect a module in a scope (all tongue quite what fresh an application AFTERWARDS is connecting), and has had unit of problems) Seeing a 'direct connection' wifi clean in of the telephones of Android (tried two big different final ones with sake antennae), and b.) When being able to configure a point of access. After reading that the earliest models only done with devices of iOS (iPad, iPhone, iTouch), has uploaded an application in my iPhone old, RESET a module, has restart a scope (which can a module), and was in the successful end with the connection. It notes that the has not taken any descriptive or instructional material with my wifi the small box with an interior of module. I have found the on-line manual in a Celestron website, but has not been updated to reflect this number of product. It have to it was it easier, but arrivals to do he so want to in, any queixar!

Top Customer Reviews: Meade Instruments ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 36 ratings
4 / 5
Well, Meade he again! Another enormous GOOF! It is any although it has paid any attention in this company, as to that is doing? This discharge is announced like him 660mm F/6.5 discharge. It says it on his web of place, printed in a Box and printed in a Manual. But it is not 660mm, F/6.5! It is one same specs like Meade Infinity 102 which is 600mm, F/5.9! A lot he so only done a Focuses of Money in a OTA said '600mm, F/5.9' but situated it well afterwards to Infinity of mine 102 tube and a cell of lentil is exactly a same distance of a focuser likes 600mm, F/5.9 Infinity 102 east. Like this calm there the him! An enormous Meade GOOF!

To the equal that to a description, so only will say a OTA is the very good discharge. Enough the slightly king-drawn Meade Infinity 102 which is also the very good discharge, one same 600mm F/5.9. For beginners and has advanced users equally (some abonos Grab 'n Goes). The good glass but I am remarked a anti-the reflective coatings is not almost like this well like Infinity 102 coatings of glass. His skimped here but does not treat it enormous. A good metal focuser and 3 baffles inside a tube. A OTA produced many the good acute images for a money and CA is maintained like minimum as well as you contrast good for such an economic discharge. It likes- one creation of this Alt/Az the better mountain that a Meade Infinity 102 mountain. There is relatively smooth action. One does controls of slow motion decently and has Clutch @@@Knob for presionar that/ retards a movement or prendiendo a movement entirely, which is the very characteristic . Unfortunately, his goofed again to dip this good OTA and mountain in an old plus DS2000 (gene 2) legs of tripod that is totally weights of feather and too much flexy flimsy. This discharge and mountain in the sturdier tripod like a Celestron Omni AZ would have been the better light years. It have paid more for that. So only I can substitute some legs in this thing for him sturdier conjoint. In all the chance, for a money, calm will not find the very better 4' refractor that a OTA of this StarPro 102 (or Meade Infinity 102). FYI, A Celestron Omni XLT AZ 102 is like this well it refractor and Alt/Az mountain but with the much better and sturdier tripod.
5 / 5
Has three telescopes that comprises a Meade StarPro AZ 70. It is compatable in prize and measure to one of another manufacture I own. So much, I dipped him side for side to compare. Both were compatible in of the terms of eases of use. In of the terms of action, has found a Meade StarPro to have better stabilisation and smoothness of action. Ossia Of same entity for the discharge of level of the entrance. Some discharges of the level of the entrance can be jerky and jittery in stabilisation of image, the house and that follows action. A Meade StarPro the good work of nulling these subjects was. I also like a quality of a build and look compared to mine another compatible discharge. Some accessories are of good quality and further add to a versatility of a discharge also. Finally, and probably more than entity, has found an optics of a Meade StarPro to be slightly better in of the terms by heart and crispness of image. To An only thing would have liked him have view with a Meade is the slightly main stand. Another that that, would recommend a Meade StarPro AZ 70 in discharges looked in measure and prize.
5 / 5
A Meade Instruments StarPro AZ 70mm the telescope was incredibly easy to gather and setup. We were to arrive and that career in roughly 15 minutes of a moment open a box. All was packaged a lot of securely. Some instructions that was included was clear and easy to follow to the long of. A diagram of a telescope and everything of his partner separates to good sure helped in driving by means of a step-for-descriptions of any of an assembly setup.
Wants to gaze to a heaven and like this first-proprietary of the telescope of the time finds all some controls and of the instructions to be quite intuitive. Once we find our bearings by means of a viewfinder, begins with recognition of a park and his fauna and flora. We spotted he gaggle of the geese that strolls around and an image was very clear and brilliant.
Still require the bit of practice and more importantly studio of our solar system to really adventure to a nighttime heaven. We have seen some stars and a moon (that goes to look add during a full moon prójima!).
Any @@@knob of slow motion has used to move a discharge up and down, and accident and well was very smooth and attentive. These controls and a sturdy the tripod has helped quickly take feel he of like this to move a telescope without too much of question.
Is to good sure a lot it Meade comprise three pieces of eye to choose of and he 2x barlow. This resupplies to spare can and row to see to learn your way around a mechanics to use the telescope while taking the crispy clean image. Then like this to the prize wonderfully addition, the adapter of telephone was has comprised also!
A telescope can be quickly detached of a tripod for easy band-arrive and storage. Or to take it on the travesía! It is very light and does not take on too spatial.
The one who the piece adds cars and technology! Highly recommended!
5 / 5
Has has loved always the telescope of then was the adolescent but always thought of him like this intimidating. Mainly reason take the place and hard to use. Like this finally, ventured on to Amazon and has looked for a right telescope. Included this in spite of has not had to weaves of descriptions, has tried is a reason looks good and the adapter of smartphone of the prize. Living Prójimo to an inspired beach my whole family to look in of the different locations and some stars! My husband and I felt this was a right election to the equal that was easy to gather and light. My daughters were inspired by ours newfound amour for vivid pictures and a moon! He so only like this displaced was the full moon when we take our telescope that the facts enough an impact to see a moon on prójimo! A comprised 3 eyepieces and 2x barlow gave to plot to vary to be able to. We like him take the to a park how is light and very portable. We can not expect explore our solar system and a wilderness with this telescope!
The work adds Meade!
4 / 5
Ossia My first telescope and like him newbie the astronomy - I could not be happier!
A neighbour up was easy and quite fast. We had it to us setup and explored in of the minutes! One is comes with this sturdy and has @@@knob of slow motion. Also it avenges with the annex of smartphone to the equal that can snap awesome pictures of a moon and the red point viewfinder for the easy to line on a discharge. A clarity in this discharge is utmost.
Is really light as taking it was is easy and manageable! We take it to knots to a cup of the trail to hike and has had like this entertainment. During a day, was able to sightsee to 360 view of San Diego. Included spotted Some birds and coyotes. In the clear night, has been for house in in a moon that was fresh! I am looking forward to taking some pictures of a full moon that comes up with an adapter of telephone.

To good sure recommends this to any concealed is interested in an easy and fun telescope.
4 / 5
A StarPro AZ is refractor of mine of prime minister-fashionable telescope ( has has possessed previously two dobsonian reflecting). I have ordered this to go back to the astronomy interested and to touch with a astrophotography characteristic.

The assembly was quickly and easy. I have run to one @subjects that attaches a discharge of finder. Some rays to annex protruding of an organism of telescope was slightly wider that some holes in a finder (sees picture). Has has had to that the curve in the bit with pliers to record. A whole assembly has taken so only five minutes. Any tool has required; a discharge comes with the screwdriver but I have not required he for anything.

A discharge of the finder of red point acts a lot well. It comes with the battery installed needs , so only to be diverse has attached once.
Commentaries lateralmente: you do not recommend that it tries to vary a discharge of finder at night, more is to use the something in a horizon.

A telescope is very easy to use. Really I want a bit @@@knob of adjustment that help with some objects of clue of the discharge like some turns of earth. It is the a lot of characteristic gain that is not available in dobsonian-fashionable telescopes. A discharge is extremely sturdy which surprised reason is also very light.

A beginner eyepieces was at the beginning questionable but after using them, was quite appropriate thus level of telescope. It was able to see M31: Andromeda Galaxy with a can a plus under eyepiece.

A mountain of smartphone is ordered enough. Works more for a moon and of the planets. I used it to take M45: a Pleiades group of star with him last night (sees picture).

Are very impressed with this container of telescope. It is the shot adds for only $ 130. You recommend for any one looking to take the astronomy.
4 / 5
Ossia My first telescope - has verified another and felt ossia - no too expensive, no too complicated, correctly.

The inaugural my box there is remarked that it was neatly packed and each piece has protected well. A tripod was really fresh - some feet of hule gave it the solid feels & very stable. There is a headline of accessory for lenses built in - with the creation of star (memory of the propeller). After dipping it near has not been too big, was light the doing very portable to see adventures :).

Thinks that some instructions can be improved - add more photos of where a piece would owe that be attached to. I have taken it it has stuck on one steps before I have imagined was. A photo of the assembly of main parts can be big also.

Regarding a view - a Character & of Mother of the heavens can not be more appreciated that with the telescope. An adapter of telephone was the prize also! If you are thinking to take a - this one east abordable & gives more bang for your buck:)
5 / 5
has not possessed the telescope of my days escoles and has been surprised in a quality of a AZ 90. An optical is a lot clear looking in a moon or by means of the valley in daylight. A red point viewfinder is easy to vary and takes a main discharge easily to an aim ballpark. A two a lot of control the @@@knob is smooth and is easy to take and stay in aim. A telescope comprises the adapter of mobile phone that are adds for both photos and that share a view with another without that has to that movement or regulate some controls. I intent to adapt a telescope to one of my digital cameras to take same photos of better quality. Looking forward to travesías to a desert and of the mountains for stargazing.
5 / 5
Marked is adds little spent and has taken he until Kitt Summit to see like this extracted in real dark heavens. It is quite small to returned in a backside of a Subaru, and the place up was quickly and easy. It pursue it to dry knots while it was still light to find the something well, sure mark a finder has been varied, and take the picture. Literally it take two minutes of some times have taken he out of a car, to extend some legs in a tripod, dipped an optical tube in a dovetail, besiege a finder of handy red point in a receiver, and dip a eyepiece in. We a Night that Program of commentaries in a Summit, and knots snuck was and all this during the pause of bath. ( They crease to in front of of the this but has loved really see like a discharge would treat.) The discharge has been I joint easily in a dark and quickly looked in Saturn. I have been blown has gone by some visas. My daughter has said can not believe a clarity and has said looks the photograph. Swung On to Jupiter for the fast summit and has been treated in sight add with four visible moons. It has had so only quite time to take the fast summit in a Pleiades stunned it. Some controls of slow motion he he cinch to move around a group and some visas has been full stop. It can not expect try some photograph with one groups comprised, but my first impression was this was the heck of the extracted for the grab and go spent.
5 / 5
So that it take this telescope for my anniversary of edges. Already it has 2, comprising this telescope of level with the competitor of entity. My edges has has wanted to really this one and comes with 4 lenses and the adapter of ready telephone as I imagined it would be the good compraventa. It dips up it was incredibly easy and has taken small only to unbox and it beginning that it use a telescope. It has not had the together tedious or complex on process - wooo! Some materials of component are big quality , that the tripod is very stable, and the optical quality is to fly he in this point of prize. We look in a moon tonight and was taken really behind for a clarity and directed that have has aimed tonnes of detail. Doing a beginner of friendly whole experience is using a viewfinder. An adapter of smartphone was awesome to mesh an experience of telescope with the telephone to take pictures so many could stick his immediately. Highly it recommends for any beginner by means of another any one the big quality and portable telescope.

Top Customer Reviews: Celestron 94224 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 27 ratings
3 / 5
No really, it is the serious ache for a change a scope (borescope) in a highland axis. I took me the days before of the pair have imagined was regarding the do and my technician has not matched what another toe. Yes, as more another says that ones pose of manufacturer too much fat of road in a reticle that is in a tube and he will take bonded in a lentil how finish you to take the, dry of a big, the take behind in and attached in an accommodation and no a lentil, then directs a optician and at the end can begin a manoeuvre of hammer of view, whew! There are few on-line videos that calm give you an idea of regarding the do except in fact the mark is much more take. Tom: it takes the comfy chair and does not plan on doing anything more for a rest of a day. Once some drills the view is complete, thank you God, then can use to vary your mountain in Polaris, which are much more directly advances. It take to turn a scope of integer of polar alignment (sale in a mountain all one issues then behind was 2 whole turns) for a change a Big Tadpole in a scope with a real Big Tadpole in a heaven (the videos count this splits very better that I ), then adjusts a mountain and situates Polaris in a bit circle that is in a circle a big plus that is centred in a thinks in a half. Whew, will know what this half when looks through a scope. The good class. All the world in some parties to star say me to buy one of these cameras of the polar alignment but that is $ 300+ I no in that has it right now.
2 / 5
Well, it is that it is albeit problem. Access perfectly with a AVX mountain. There are better roads to design the polar scope. iOptron Has very for example. Earnest And functional. But this, with his idiot etched the masters of star are only very very convenient. It IS only very necessary. They will not vary . I am by train to guess you Has to rotate the he somehow. As I use in the rough the polar fields then changes on in Sharpcap. Calm save you one hassle. Calm save you a money.
1 / 5
Usually I do not take a time to write the descriptions but I listen like this the product pissed me was quite to do so. I am not the pro in of the this. To well sure the novice and something are trying to take one hangs of. I have posed in my mountain and installed a scope. Like the plot of people has mentions on here, apparently some rays for aforar was hard to adjust. There is no allen wrenches that comes with a scope as it was in my box of tool and has taken my set like the rays is hex shaped and very small. Allen the smallest tone was also small and a next measure up was also big. Desprs Read through an instruction and look for on-line during an hour or so, at the end nicknamed Celestron where says to take me the metric 1.5. Quan Asked why only would have posed the tool comprised with a scope, would not give me a response. Any sure what the people have metric tools lying around way that was to go in Lowe is tomorrow to find this particular wrench. This looks the quite big detail that can find Any one WHERE in some instructions. Anyways, Very thwart.
3 / 5
I am new in a EQ mountain and has the Celestron AVX that provides the pair of methods for the polar alignment those uses a goto described. A method expsito on-line that law very very does not require an use of the polar telescope at all.
So, in hindsight would not purchase one of these (any necessity).

A scope is not all this expensive, and a weight / of the materials and the apparent quality reflect concealed.
5 / 5
Desprs Reading a lot of descriptions in this product have purchased my own. A lesson to learn here is patience. It thinks to have the evening of lazy Saturday with the beer in your hand and the smile in your face. That is to say a day for aforar your new finderscope so that this process will take you the bit of time. Yes, it is thwarting and the time that consumes. But, that is to say a better part , when is perfect, can locates your telescope in a perfect gesture to be almost died-centrical in a NCP. HELLO 2 exposures + Of minute while imaging! This produces slope a money if you are has to pose at the same time.
2 / 5
Purchased this and finishing to undress some nuts in an organism to tube where one of some nuts of rays of the adjustment in. A metal of a optic the tube is soft. While it do not think it it tense all that a lot, some the frequent adjustments in the each three rays have taken is toll in a scope. The word advises yes takes this scope of finder ; you maintain a light of the tension when adjusts and when being prepared to turn all three rays with each change.
4 / 5
Very easy to vary with Polaris once take it aforado in yours that mountain is quite cry it, but that it is probably some with any scope of polar finder. The desire was illuminated but then again cost the plot more. Easy to direct and has the very clear view of Polaris.
5 / 5
The works add. Although you save you the plot of time with a QHYCCD camera of polar alignment.
5 / 5
Celestron Polar Axial finder for CG-4 and CG-5 Mountains. For Celestron: it does not have the CG-4, the mine is the CG-5... It thinks the majority of the complaint of villages has to marks with one 3-hex rays, a reason for east is to centre a reticle X while it visits a mountain. I take one 3 scews and taken main ones of House Imposiciones and centred so described in an enclosed scope literarure-Fig-2 page 1. Regarding polar field of a mountain esentially once adjusts your latitude, while polaris is place in a esticle circle' this sorrounds a X, a scope rotate at most of 180 titles in a X point in a rim. Thats Everything.. A scope is of fine quality and the good product, a necessity of instructions to be revised. I give a scope 4-Stars only so that a hex the rays were down.
4 / 5
The works add. Although you will save the plot of time with a QHYCCD camera of polar alignment.

Top Customer Reviews: Sky-Watcher Skymax ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 24 ratings
5 / 5
Seeing like the planets of entities would be in optimum navigation partorisca me partorisca an after several years, has bought this OTA (the 180mm/f15) like the murderous of planet partorisca complete my venerable Celestron C5/750 f/6. It has arrived just in time partorisca the opposition of Jupiter on April 7th—complete with the GRS traffic more the traffic of Me with shadow. A spent there is not disappointed—my family has looked all three (I, his shadow, and a GRS leaves by means of the face of Jupiter with delight adds). Although my specimen has the chromatic aberration a lot light (that causes the fringe of light/green magenta on Jupiter limb), the images are acute like the tack with amazing detail (especially when used with orthoscopic eyepieces).

A stock right-by means of the discharge of finder is the bit of the beast, but his mini-dovetail the base is partorisca regulate—like this have substituted he with Orion achieves light of finder of right corner . One 2' visual behind is also the bit of the waste (of weight added) is using this like this the murderous of planet—all of the mine big power eyepieces is '. Felizmente, a OTA is SCT threaded, as it uses my Blue Fireball ' coverage of compression Orion and visual back ' diagonal dielectric . Also it uses my Blue Fireball down-profile SCT-to-T2 adapter partorisca imaging annexes.

A OTA hanged and his Vixen-type V dovetail means it felizmente will locate atop any EQ5-equivalent, 20 lb the mountain estimated (Saxon EQ5, Celestron CG-4, Meade LX70, Orion SkyView Pro). In Orion SkyView Pro , a OTA requires two 7.5 lb counterweight (the stock 7.5 + 4.0 lbs was slightly underweight).

In 7', this OTA full the good niche (in both measure and prize) among a filled 6' and 8' phases (directed for SCTs with resolution to contrast poorer). In this measure, your only options are Orion 180 and SkyWatcher. SkyWatcher Decision to go with a SCT visual behind dipped the in a flange for me.
5 / 5
Ossia The a lot of good astrograph for a prize. A field is quite flat and free of sprains, for this field flatteners or corrector of the comma is not required. Also it calms it will not take spikes of diffraction in your images like secondary mirror is resisted for a corrector dish. A secondary mirror is quite big to easily of coverage APS-C sized sensors. A focuser is drawn like a discharge can be used partorisca imaging as well as visual without requiring extenders. This has the disadvantage that a focuser is so only a lot quite precise, likes near the rays affect a house and collimation. A lot of arrival of people to substitute a focuser with the touch of feather focuser.
5 / 5
Has ordered this discharge directs of Amazon, and has arrived in the bad tattered box, and has thought a collimation was was, and has had optical pinched possible. Without hesitation, has been sent the mark obtains new with a green dovetail drives. And after active has had an occasion to touch with both discharges, here is that I can say.

An optical 'pinched' was in fact common of air inside a tube. It has not left a discharge cools long enough to acclimate to an external air. So that it is one first what to know roughly using this telescope. It gives it Long to cool.

Possesses the 5' and he 6' cassegrain, and does not have to that think that the 7' would do like this the measures of difference likes them the fact! This tube is big, accustoms smaller grab-and-go spent. But sure extracted ! Jupiter has been the aim that like to of image to plot. EASILY I can see some bands of cloud and something red sum with this discharge. Some moons are easily visible also. The coverages of Saturn am a lot easily identifiable, although I sell one Cassini the distribution has tried difficult, probably reason a planet is like this down to a horizon in my hemisphere.

In general, this spent are adds for a prize. I will attach two photo of Jupiter, one is the alone exposure , and another it stacked image. I am using it DSLR the image, and Jupiter is quell'has bitten down, like this yes use to planetary webcam, and/or Jupiter is main in a heaven for you, your images will look a lot better.
4 / 5
First light for this discharge, has been resisted in of the unfair conditions - late of state to Knit warm with the full moon. Needless To say has not expected has been surprised! Jupiter has aimed excellent detail, one Something Red Orders easily view and some structure visible in some flanges of band of the cloud. Saturn, also was the delight to see, included although it has dipped to plot more afterwards to a moon. You contrast good, one Cassini the prominent distribution, bands of cloud in one view of planet-able. It has been it has impressed really.

A discharge has arrived collimated out of a box, any need for any adjustment. A finder of laser the one who precise , but feels for likes it can require upgrading in a does not feel for likes it could take too much abuse. A comprised eyepieces is WELL, no a calm more can take, but certainly tip a potential of a discharge. Certainly look in upgrading a eyepieces in a future and comprising the barlow. A stock exchange that is has comprised has feigned to substitute immediately in all the chance. In my chance, one of some clips in some straps was has broken on arrival.

Like this in optical short , sum!. For a discharge so only his value of the money. For planetary and lunar viewing, sound a perfect grab and go spent. Some Objects of Deep Heaven, like the Globular groups and the Planetary nebulae are also well the sound of interior achieves.
Some accessories are the addition has estimated to a container, but yes is looking in of the serious observations, can consider upgrading some of them over time.

I cant frames down for some accessories this in spite of, reasons of the optical is the upper notch . You contrast acute , adds, any noticeable aberrations by heart. Thoroughly Recommended!!
4 / 5
Has received this of Deals of Warehouse of the Amazon. It had been repacked wrongly and taken the terrific pounding of UPS. Had the Schmidt-Cassegrain received that beating, one the corrector dish could have shattered. They are by train of the maintain. He no seen of wide field, but will go down to 48x (with the 56mm Plössl) or 68x (Pentax 40 XL). Ossia So only under a terracing, but is acute by means of a field, although suffering a bit vignetting.

In another side of a coin, 450x is the acute, useful magnification, and 386x is routine. I spend it on a EQ5 mountain of class (the old Celestron CG5). This to plot of resolution and opening for the reasonable prize, and any too many ask on how is trace . A Celestron AVX with 15 books of counter-the weights would do well.

A telescope comes with a 8x50 finder. Work. A fashion of Vixen dovetail the dish is screwed to a fund of a discharge. You will require to do, or purchase the shield of dew. Calm also will want to buy the chance. You take the three element , seeds-wide corner, 28mm eyepiece that reads well, although has did not use it really a lot. Of of the this is a f15 telescope, almost a lot of eyepiece with acting well. A distributed 2' the diagonal was out of collimation. I have substituted he with him GSO 2' diagonal. Also it uses the ' Takahashi diagonal of prism.

A house of discharge so only like him Schmidt-Cassegrain, with all a good and bad this involves. You take a row of excellent house , and can explode he with the whole host to regulate SCT accessories. In a downside, has the bit of tower of mirror. A consideration a far plus: This is not the discharge that can you grab and take external in a cold. It takes the moment to cool. Has not running to the respect, reason see tropics, but like any discharge of this measure, clave he out of the good hour before you go to see in a winter.

Maintain these things in alcohols, and will be satisfied with the very big action telescope.

Modify (Oct 2017): has has had now a discharge the full year. In that then, has looked the moons of Jupiter (any one so only his shadows) traffic a planet. I have looked Saturn in 386x, and a moon in 540x. I have looked in a Nebula of goes He in 48x with a OIII filter. When I received It in the first place, I imagined it it would send it behind, because of a decayed labour Amazon has done with packing a discharge, and UPS' treatment of him. I he daytime the control of him is collimation, and found the closing collimated. I took it it was for the test of fast star, and decided to try and hang in his. Synta Optical has done the good work that control for spherical aberration. Besides, an interior of the coverages and the outsides of the house was smooth. This explains the capacity to press of a discharge such big magnifications. There is always variability in optics of phase of the mass, but this discharge underlines.
5 / 5
Am surprised in as stand out this the spent compact is while when being in such the small / compact container in such the value adds. Acute and big-seen of contrast with a capacity to press some limits of magnification with this focal period along bent and big-optical of quality. In only 5 lbs, an excellent 'grab-and-go' spent for travesía or seen quickly in both terrestrial and astronomical viewing. Still it comes with two KE eyepieces (25 and 10 mm) that the products seen well in those looks to be roughly 45 or 50 terracing Apparent Field of Seen. Has the together of Naglers (with 82 terracing AFOV) that use in this discharge that is funny to admit that each eyepiece costs more than this discharge but his compliment each one which as another a lot amiably. They are very pleased with this 'pairing' and this compact MAK 102 mm ameno out of a better in action with perfectly around airy disks around stars well to a flange of field of view. Also it uses it Nagler 3-6 mm Zoom eyepiece (50 terracing AFOV) that pushes this spent further is maximum recommended magnification. This in spite of, is incredible that a lot some controls of the image on the GustanI zoom and these products of discharge surprisingly a lot terrestrial seen in 400+ magnification in this 'pocola' spent. Ossia The discharge adds with amazing value in the compact container. Highly recommended for both a beginner and the astronomer have interested advanced.
5 / 5
In general am pleased with an action of a discharge. It tries it to them partorisca star when I have received a unit and he looked perfectly collimated. A @@@knob of home is smooth without game. He the work adds to leave double stars. A Moon and Saturn were bit it more crisp and has defined compared to one view in mine Celestron Nexstar 6 SCT. One paints of the flake of the metal is good-looking. A 2 star of thumb the diagonal is the good touch but I deducted some stars because a diagonal is quality lower and does not look the coverage of compression to resist in a eyepieces that the helps prevent harm to a eyepiece when presionando down. A unit looks the fashion of Vixen dovetail locate which returns a Celestron Nextar 6' and 8' mountain. There is has touched also holes in a mountain for use with the tripod. Maks Is known for his durability and the light weight and this unit will be good to take on travesías where the main discharges would be prohibitive. It maintains to import an optics is not a lot quickly calms so much will be limited in what deep spatial object can see. Maks excel In of the most brilliant objects like this of the planets, a Moon, double stars, and terrestrial objects. It would recommend the 6' telescope of reflector for any the one who is buying his first discharge. One 6' dobsonian the reflector is more than one all the discharge of purpose for any one any looks in the row of the celestial objects and he will not break a bank. This discharge is the good mate to mine 6' SCT and 8' Dob.
5 / 5
Better that has expected. I have had Meade, Celestron, and Orion obtains of this measure and this discharge for far gathers lighter likes, because of this 2' eyepiece. It maintains to import that all 2' eyepieces and 2' the quite a lot of accessories of cost bit it more money, but value a prize for the field he wide plus of view. I have purchased an Astronomy 2' create prism to use a discharge like him spotting spent and am also happy with this compraventa.
4 / 5
Quality of good image. Good materials. A lot optical. Well collimated. Apparently, this has not been gathered under clean conditions. It is necessary look to be tiny money colored (powder of aluminium)? Particles in a surface of main mirror. These particles are easily visible with to strong torch. Appearance a filter of wear of workers of masks of assembly. A finder of red point would have to that be traces further out of a eyepiece well of a tube. It is too close up of a eyepiece and clashes a boss.
5 / 5
Quality of impressive lentil-! It has not expected to see a lot of details in Courses with the 4telescope of thumb, this in spite of him last night!
Light weight with reasonable prize, recommended-!

Top Customer Reviews: Sarblue ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
It has begun so only take the astronomy and wants this telecscope. Easy for his to use

Top Customer Reviews: Celestron NexStar ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 45 ratings
5 / 5
It would have given this to 5 indication of the star except a subject has had some second times have used a discharge. It has dipped a discharge up in a backyard as it could continue learn all some characteristics. The plugged in a control and turned it on and has had the error of load of the boot. I have jumped in a web and expósito that has required the update of software partorisca a controller. Partorisca Update a software has to that it covers a propiciada the PC and download an update of software. A Celestron the precise boss updates a software does not come with a discharge. You would think that after spending $ Celestron would comprise one $ 10 boss. No a chance! You owe that order a boss for separate. And, a boss has the 9 pin RS-232 final. PCs Does not come with 9 put you seriáis of pin anymore. All the world has gone to connectors of USB. So much, calm also has to that take the Rs-232 to boss of adapter of the USB. Gone in Celestron, is one of some providers of prime ministers of the crew of astronomy has interested. Spend an endeavour partorisca comprise this economic, but necessary boss with an original order. And, upgrade the to the boss of USB. All more in a telescope is before class .
5 / 5
Now that has had a discharge partorisca several months thinks that is now of partorisca write the description that gives a 'pros' and 'gilipollas'. This discharge is a upgrade of mine 90mm Orion table tops the REALLY BIG upgrade.

Partorisca His measure a discharge and the mountain are light and portable the. This is not partorisca say is lighter that anything more partorisca a same measure. A setup is really easy. So only dipped a discharge in a mountain and calm is done. Any weight of counter or anything elegant. A process of alignment is a lot easy also. This in spite of, would read some first instructions. I any and has done things more difficult (but like any instructions of needs!!). It uses this discharge in my advance of yard and have moderate light contamination but still take seen is and imaging (I use a ZWO ASI 120MC). One has attached the images are which has taken. It was windy a night has taken some images of moons so many is the little blurry but no bad.

From time to time a wireless connection among a discharge and my IPAD just stops. I owe entirely restart and spend for a process of alignment again. No the breaker to treat so it does not spend the plot but when I am not a lot happy. In an only negative for a discharge really.

A process of the alignment of the star are to add so it has mentioned. This in spite of, so that it buys a discharge would recommend that one changes. Some instructions recommend to dip the star in a half of your eyepiece for alignment for 3 different stars. I have found for the better alignment uses the wide lentil to take a star in seeing that change to the main magnitude for better alignment. This has done the enormous difference when slewing to hard to see aim like some galaxies and nebulae.

Can not expect take this was to a desert and really take some dark heavens. Of course, we have had cloudy the nights every night can exit. The character of mother hate!
5 / 5
Ossia The description for a "
Quite impressed with this telescope. The upgraded of the 8" and there is the significant difference.

A telescope arrives in several pieces (tripod, mountain, OTA), dipping it near is a lot easy and taken so only the pocolos small.
A tripod is a lot of sturdy and stable. Also it can be closed without taking a spreader. Has the strap in an of a leg that can maintain an enclosed tripod during transport. A spreader is metal, any plastic, like this solid and convenient to store eyepieces.
A mountain is solid and quite heavy and is ensured to a tripod with jumping @the @@knob uploads. An improvement versus one 8".

Once all is gathered, still can moves around in the alone piece, although so only for the few metres (ie of inside a house to a backyard has been an observation) w/or that it has to take all averts. If I drive to somewhere, I require to separate and block a tripod of a rest.

WiFi The connection to mobile device simplifies an alignment. A discharge takes place and time of a GPS of mobile device, as you remain with only signalling to three stars. Much faster vs my forward Nerxstar 8, where precise paste in location, city, huso times etc.
This in spite of a mobile application is not like this stable as it would have liked him. Sometimes incidents, sometime lose connection to a discharge... A lot often it is not responsive or so only do the tap in the movement a discharge maintains to move, reason an application is stuck and thinks calm still is pressing an emotional key. A response calms delayed often cause the overcorrect when well varying objects. Infact Now uses an application for alignment setup, partorisca GoTo, but all a movement of discharge, well dipping ready, the corrections are done invernadero a hand-held device... To avert a overcorrections, and an annoying unresponsiveness of an application. A need of application some definite improvement.

A finderscope is one same of one 8, and no until a telescope has improved. He a work, but a red light is quell'has bitten too big, a collimation of a finderscope is difficult and no very stable. In the word, a finderscope is for the lowest tiered spent. Celestron Would owe that be resupply something better.

Also Evo does not come with a RS232 boss partorisca firmware upgrade. Seriously? He 2K$ spent without the necessary $5 boss. Any one sure the one who misguided the decision of marketing is concealed . A boss has been comprised in mine leading 8 which cost the averages of the money. I have assumed initially it was reason podes upgrade firmware has seen a WiFi, but is not a chance.

Another thing there is remarked for this discharge vs one 8, is that I need to collimate a optic a lot thick, almost each use. It has arrived way of collimation, and perhaps because of a main optics, does not look to maintain collimation after active has moved.
The chromatic aberration is also more significant that one 8.

The engine is significant better that one 8, much more precise, attentive and effective, maintains alignment very better... It is also quite noisier

Another useful improvement, is a red light projected in a mountain was spatial for some eyepiece, which is a lot useful

NOTE: spent also some Tampons of Exclusion of the Vibration ASIN B0000665V7... You the VERY significant difference, for real reducing the vibration of wind has induced, or the vibration created for you directing on object A lot significantly. The vibrations prenden immediately grieve calm is not touching anything, vs w/or the tampons has been taken the pair of as more

A discharge has been bought via Adorama (ASIN B0172UR7QU) which is one same and comes bundled with a eyepieces box for free . Service of fantastic client, a lot happy with packaging, shipment and some interactions have had with his support of client.

Finally, has a quite big opening to do a little very decent observation and the same photograph in the city has contaminated light, this in spite of quite a lot of I compress that that can be easily transported and has moved around. Has characteristic and significant improvement vs a Nexstar 8: a lot sturdier tripod, better engine, wifi concealed partorisca enable you to use GPS of the mobile device, in general solider and professional.
In all the chance, sees one has attached the pictures taken with Evo and the Neximage 5, accused with PIPP and Registax 6
4 / 5
So that like the astronomer has interested quite experienced here is mine $ :

In the first place, ossia the reasonably portable discharge . This has said, a OTA (white tube) and the mountain hanged to something likes him 40 of pounds like this when calm dipped the in a chance and the pocolos accessories, is quell'has bitten uncomfortable to spend/impulse. A good informative with some wheels and extendable mango do not owe that it spends far- but because of a weight/to measure some people can have plant of difficulty he in the car. But taken on less then 1/2 a space in a backside has compared to mine Starmaster/Zambuto 12.5' dobsonian so that' well. Calm would not ship a telescope UPS/FedEx in a chance, but any worry that travel with him in my car/truck that assumes takes reasonable precautions.

A tripod is pertinent, but swimming to write home roughly. There are three rays of thumb taken that controls a mountain firmly in place and a @@@knob of tension for a spreader is taken also like this calm does not have to that worry in loosing those in some dark which is the good touch . I do with some legs have been taken ( can fall was) and with which so only the pocolos use some tips of hule to dampen is beginning to aim some wear and same tear although I am quite sweet to my train. I can finalise that it has to that substitute to plot more collected then I of has in the first place expected.

A comprised ' diagonal and pieces of eye (EP) is quite basic and pair for a course. Honradamente, Are for far a course a feebler of a box. Really the desire has comprised the reticule EP reason frankly am impressed at all with a StarSense car camera of alignment thingy. To good sure would not recommend gustanuno 'upgrade' has bought the different box for your Evolution. Take the $ 30 reticule and the the Much more attentive alignment in only roughly one or two long minutes max. This has said, if calm so only is beginning and have any idea as to find Jupiter or that the constellation is Orion and calm have the $ 300 hole that burns in your pocket, still would say you to avert a StarSense and take the good 2' diagonal instead. :)

Speaking of that, something to maintain in the alcohol is that ossia a F/10 telescope optic and so that has the field relatively presiona of view. A EdgeHD the optical is orders no only for star-photographer, but the law adds for visual use also. This has said, master it wide plus FOV a EdgeHD reducer is roughly 3x a cost of a no-EdgeHD to the equal that maintains that in alcohol.

And yes, this has a hand-held computer has resisted thingy with the database of something likes 40,000 objects and WiFi. If you are doing the critical viewing where is really dark, then a hand-held controller is probably more. But if you are not a bit where your eyes will result adapted to some darkness to the equal that can see better by means of a discharge, then honradamente your experience of better/bet is to grab an iPad or device of Android and install SkySafari (Plus or Pro) on that. Then connect to a WiFi of a telescope and you have the a lot of rich solution characteristic/easier. It does not take Me bad, a hand-held law of controller has resisted... But a system of paper is complicated and if you do not know a difference among M41 and M52 can the to you finds to confuse.

Can have listened in the leading generation of a mountain of the evolution there has been questions with WiFi connectivities, but am happy to inform has not had any one subject.

My discharge is coming collimated a lot well so only out of a box. I have used he for the few months and took the to Lagos of Mammoth (+5hr walk) and there is not requiring worry in that. That gathers ossia quite common with these discharges.

Like this finally, optically... It is it adds. I mean, it does not have a light increasing capacity of mine 12', but ossia the smallest container . A FOV is well, crisp and walk. It agrees that big magnification requires better to sell conditions like this wind, moisture, smoke and yes the clouds will effect that it can see and that credit calm that can see. I am using it Baader 2' diagonal & 2' SCT adapter, both with Baader is 'Clicklock' coverage of compression and is the combination adds. Mostly using Explores Scientific 2' EP is of 100 or 82 FOV the variety the help compensates for one tightened FOV intrinsic with this discharge.

Have Also in brief has used this discharge with the $ 100 Revolution Imager R2 camera. The initial results were really promising, but I needs to try it again under better conditions and also hopefully figure out of the way to darken a screen (probably will try some red film that I also use for my iPad with SkySafari).
5 / 5
Has possessed roughly 20 to 30 telescopes in a past 40 years, comprising 4 forwards Celestron 8 discharges. I have possessed big Dobs (Teleports and Starmasters), Refractors (Television Dress and Stellarvue) and included he Meade or two. It was intrigued for a Celestron Evolution EdgeHD with Sense of Estrella. I have not been disappointed. A GoTo the characteristic is fantastic.

A Star Remarks really works. Hunting around a heaven, takes pictures, recognises star patters and then say is varied. Some first calm time uses it, manual of precise use to vary so that a camera of Sense of the rows to Star to a telescope. Ossia The thing of time and touches more complicated that is. An alignment has done well.

Once varied with sense of star (that uses the car Rows), has selected M57 a nebula of Coverage and a propiciado by Evolution dipped it well in a centre of one . I have chosen a celestial object after another (Saturn, Andromeda Galaxy, Nebula of Dumbbell, Double Double group, Epsilon Lyra, etc.) And every time a propiciado by Evolution has landed an element in a centre of a eyepiece. It has not lost Never. This is to spend has repeated in nights. When it transports it to you diverse calm to ask you to first put an optical tube in a horizontal place. Calm does not have to that be esatta is. Some looks of next approximation to be all this is to require. Nizza!

Am satisfied like this with an Evolution HD spent that probably it will sell mine 102mm Stellarvue. One 8 diameter of the thumb to good sure of the the more than satisfies view of objects of deep heaven that one 4 diameter of thumb of a refactor (at least for me).

Has update a firmware in a mindful that updates a software of engine, a sense of Estrella and a hand-held controller firmware. Some documents that coming with a mark of discharge thinks that needs the boss of serial with the serial to boss of conversor of the USB. Calm no. Some engineers have update some ports of boss like this the one who precise is the USB to mini boss of USB. That could not imagine was is need a boss or two bosses to fulfil all a firmware updates. I have read mixed messages in an Internet. I have used so only a a boss.

The a lot of things have been a lot has thought is gone in an Evolution captive rays in a tripod, centring help to situate a telescope in a mountain, a built in battery of lithium (any battery of plus partorisca trip on in some darkness), bosses in a base and afterwards to a battery the help spends a telescope, the bubble to level in a base. The properly balance a note of optical tube of a picture that the majority of him the chairs advances calm so much can read a logo of whole Evolution.

A HD the looks of optical tube to be of quality very big. An optical is utmost. Still although my discharge has been shipped of NY to Hawaii, a discharge arrived in perfect collimation.

Commentaries that decides to attach it reducer to a EvolutionHD to take the field he the wide plus can not use an old Celestron reducer. You will require to take a new plus .7 celestron reducer Which is more expensive. It is also difficult for trafficante to take. Any sure reason Celestron is not ridding more to some trafficante.

In general this discharge is RECOMMENDED HIGHLY.
5 / 5
Like of search the stars, does not buy this discharge. If it likes him to you he looks in of the stars, buy this discharge. Prpers Having purchased the $ 2k the discharge has been and has purchased one $ 40 application of telephone (SkySafari Pro) that would leave me take one the majority of out he. A Celestron the application has the a lot of (a lot) the smallest database but comprises roughly contained of audio, if you are to that.

Points of pair.

1. If it download SkySafari sure mark to delete a free Celestron application. I have run to questions with these applications that clash. You save a bit headache and commit to an or another.

2. Alignment. I have had question that rows a spent until I have committed to three stars that has formed the triangle and was easy to identify. They are in a North hemisphere like these stars was Sirius, Regulus, and Betelgeuse. I have been using these stars and works of alignment every time.

3. A finder of red point. I have used a moon to vary it. Loosen Some harps and manually centre a discharge in a Moon. Utilisation some wheels in a RDF to vary to a Moon. The no diverse mine to a centre of a Moon. It is the little big and to a legislation. This in fact exits quite well. When Diverse to the star I so only vary a star a correct distance of a red point. In this way a star is not never eclipsed for a red point. The main thing is to be conscious that your RDF tin a lot perfectly row with a star but concealed will not import . It is still usable and perhaps preferable in this way.

4. A light increasing capacity of this discharge is surprising. A Moon is blinding in a comprised 40mm eyepiece. It is acute with 3d detail of shadow. Jupiter is the brilliant for pictures of simple telephone by means of a eyepiece.

5. I have purchased a 18mm Celestron X-Cel eyepiece and 2x barlow to take the sense of like this could press this discharge. It has dipped a barlow in a comprised 13mm eyepiece converting it to the 7.5 and some details in a moon have surprised. I did not think it it would be able to use eyepieces in a 7mm row but for a Moon dipped at least well to some craters.

6. A tripod is material solid . An alone arm and alt-the azimuth is certainly the limitation. But a discharge can be trace in an equatorial mountain does not love never do photographs of serious star.

Celestron Really thought by means of that is required for the night adds of stars to see. Justo fantastic. Totally satisfied.
5 / 5
Well. I'ts been roughly three month now and am quite comfortable to write the just description. In the first place, a creation is gorgeous and a lot portable. I have purchased the a lot of big Pelican chance to transport he in and the take around often to different places. It has said-Assembly and reassembly is the breeze and I am not never fearful that goes partorisca snap the ray or pause to leg. You can for tampons of exclusion of the vibration but I like this far has not had a reason to do like this. I can remark planets and nebula without rodeo, an image is not shaky. Also I take images with this discharge and I like this far has not had any blurry images. A software of alignment has done a first time and every time. I it Celestron instructed, chooses three brilliant objects near of three cardinal directions different and this has been. A manual control of a law of Application adds also, can use him without looking in pill of mine and take exactly where precise goes. An Application is wonderful for a way, but will revise that another day. My telescope arrived in perfect condition, any smudges, any one engaged of a focus, any one mark no parts disappeared. Any complaint. A finderscope is not a better but does every time for me, so only line it on well. Can situate it on the star perfectly and there is, centred in a eyepiece.
Some images are good-looking. Any one much more to say. I have seen nebula and planets and stars in mine others the telescopes but this discharge is something more.
Has not treated Celestron service of client, can not testify to this. Like this far any question, as I can not speak in a guarantee. It will update if anything changes.
4 / 5
The telescope was a lot of easy to setup need very real for instructions. It has required to know period partorisca time to touch battery the one who Celestron failed to mention in of the instructions (the initial is 4 to 8 hours until the stops read that it blinks has has had to that google the.) The element was double there is boxed. I have been impressed in an ease of alignment( while taken each star of alignment in the middle of eyepiece yours well to go), and then that easy was and that has varied quickly to that has loved to look in with a iphone application, was the joy to use. Looked in Orion nebula that use an optics distributed and was beautiful like the quality is there. It has taken roughly 8 to 10 minutes to dip on then vary a discharge that is quite darn quickly. My first discharge was the goto meade DS-114 was the disaster. A quality was so only horrible. Goto Some rubbishes was to like it more lol. I will suggest any that buys this discharge buys one these are the neighbours to add of eyepieces in the prize adds and calm give you the good selection with colored the filters add in 2 celestron pieces of eye that coming with this discharge and ossia 6 eyepieces a more 2 x barlow. Any of them will be a same mm measured neither. I tried him everything last night the quality adds plossl. Calm will not be disappointed, in this prize has not been. I have loved the good telescope to aim mine grandkids and my woman and boys some stars and I believe with this telescope finally can do so only concealed.
4 / 5
Has purchased this discharge this past month and I love it now that I ditched a discharge of finder of wine of red point with. For real, it was the experience to frustrate . I have bought the Telrad and is like this easy! I am spent 45 minutes is gone in some colds that tries to vary my star-obtain of finder (red point) without regime. Honradamente After this experience has been ready to send a whole thing behind after spending that a lot of money. I have decided felizmente estaca with him and I have taken a Telrad. Any comparison. Telrad Was quickly and easy. It looks it bullseye with several concentric coverages, and calm simply look by means of him and situate an element loves dressed in a centre of a bullseye, no more messing with the blurry point and pulling my with which tries to take a right corner and having any idea I still am looking in a correct corner. Calm the enormous favour and pay the little extra bucks and order the Telrad. Seriously Celestron, your finder of red point is the terrible tool ! Otherwise Love a technology and quality of my Evolution 6. Especially that sees a moon! It detail it!
4 / 5
The discharge adds. The enjoys a lot. A starsence acts quite a lot using a hand-held controller. I have had sucedido very small that use wifi and mine iphone to control a telescope. A wifi is unreliable and difficult to control a unit. He disconnects constantly and sometimes sends a telescope out of control. Using WiFi, in a signal, a telescope has moved vertically until it was to the rovescio and one 40 mm eyepiece has attacked a base and has burst was before it could take to a key to be able to of the turn was. No such question that use a hand-held controller. Also, it has had to purchase a unit of GPS because using so only a hand-held controller has to that gone in a time, date, and location manually. Adding a unit of GPS leaves that to spend automatically doing it much easier. This be has said, is the discharge adds and used it the long of my woman has bought he for my anniversary. Finally, a battery is sum . I have run a unit for the hours and a battery has has not died never. Calm think you could go all night with him.

Top Customer Reviews: Meade Instruments ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
5 / 5
Update 2: Dead
With which two weeks of erratic behaviour a mountain no longer remains powered on.

Update: A buggy goto has sent a propiciada 90 terracing in spite of a max tilt place to 80 terracings, the resulted in a 2' diagonal that attack a mountain and he would not answer partorisca take commanded as it also pinched my hand. There is remarked also today that a highland dish is bent.
A to the the port polarity is revoked like this indicated for a lack of white point inside a compartment of battery.

A optic is incredibly crisp and uniform especially in a moon!!

A @@@knob of home tends partorisca the unscrew but at least does not move an image like the celestron 925.

A mountain is easy the setup and spend reason is light. Also it wobbles the plot on touch. I think that that it is in capacity with this 8' OTA and he 2' eyepiece

the alignment is extremely buggy, sometimes forgets Sirius like a star of alignment or slews his down a horizon!
Has had he partorisca the week and already some train is squeaking. I rebalanced a OTA and this sound has been gone partorisca the day then behind.
Am not sure this mechanism is durable, or could have the lemon.
4 / 5
First what there is remarked was a piece of eye or view of finder of the red point is not gone in his own Meade box, another unboxing the video are gone in his own box and when being Meade the elements go in the Meade box with numbers of part?! There are frames of obvious water during a LX65 the trace likes seen in of the pictures I posted and in a video of Youtube found him on some groups of stabilizer of the tripod aswel. A hook that is supposition partorisca maintain a hand-held controller ensures in a LX65 the mountain is bent brutally out of form, where these mountains of hook to a LX65 the mountain is broken with tonnes of scratches where a controller would rest in a LX65 mountain(easily seen in of the pictures), and the pocolos scratches in a controller he. There is the big white scuff in a highland right side. There is 2 control down side of rays for the side where is supposition partorisca locate a discharge and a an I am signalling in in a picture is taken like the discharge can mountain very same to a LX65 mountain. There is included scuffs and the scratches in a discharge sew has been the mine has sold like this new but is to good sure 100 has used!
Has done the unboxing Amazon of the cause of the video has sent some bogus emails of mine in a past in the returns that is in any one the new condition but I take used and ossia test . A video is on Youtube/of Youtube and a title is ' Meade LX65 5' maksutov cassegrain of Amazon unboxing '. Has 70 minutes have left partorisca upload but will be there shortly. Today it is 7/21/2020 in 7:32pm Centrical Time.
4 / 5
Prefers Celestron partorisca any reasons when it comes to this type of telescopes, if it is easier that vary, slightly seen better. It had possessed so much so that it is my preference , to the each one which as his own. An appearance of a Meade liked was of a presentation of audio of a heaven.
4 / 5
Has sold my house and observatory, and has looked for the telescope partorisca visual remarking. I have purchased a LX65, and has a lot of state impressed and pleased with an instrument.

Has bought a LX65 mainly reason have loved the telescope that has not gone too heavy. A lot of telescopes are heavy reason a OTA is attached permanently to a mountain. But a LX65 the mountain hanged so only 18 lbs, and one 11 lb OTA easily attaches to a regular Fox dovetail bar. A mountain is also easy to spend reason has the built-in sleeve.

A LX65 the mine appealed also reason a second Vixen dovetail the saddle can manage the second telescope. A second mountain is estimated partorisca 7 lbs, as it will manage the majority of 80 mm refractors.

In mine first night was with my grandson that one, trace a 8-thumb ACF Meade OTA with one 80 mm Refractor. I have used the Televue Panoptic 24mm eyepiece in a discharge of 8 thumbs, resupplying the field of view of 0.8 terracings. I paired one 80 mm Refractor with the Televue Nagler 13 mm eyepiece, those results in a FOV of almost 3 terracings.

A second telescope bent-has to it that that read like him finderscope partorisca facilitate alignment and like the discharge of rich field partorisca see the widest objects like this of the groups of star. A second OTA is very easy to regulate to signal in a same field like primary OTA. (A bit the mountains are always closely varied, and there are rays of convenient adjustment to closely vary a FOV is in just the minute or two.) My grandson and I were able to look by means of both instruments a same time, and compare notes in the each one objects that has seen. We are both quite big types , but abundance had of room partorisca simultaneous remarking.

Found that very easy to vary a LX65 in just the pocolos small. I have entered a time, date and code of zip; dipped a telescope in a Level-dipped of North house (using a compass of handy spirit level that comes with a LX65) and has done the two alignment of star, everything in roughly 3 minutes. After, a telescope is remained diverse partorisca an integer 4 now that session of commentaries with roughly 50 celestial objects.

A Meade AudioStar (comprised) has the very well “Tonight Better” recognition, with a program of audio in the each element. With which complete a recognition, has used a Meade CRASHES device partorisca resupply a RS232 to WIFI link, and has connected a LX65 to SkySafari wirelessly in mine iPhone. We continue to remark with a SkySafari visits.

A LX65 acts seamlessly with SkySafari, like this in mine prójimo remarking session I probably just casserole around in SkySafari to GOTO objects of interest.

A LX65 does not have some bells and whistles that some people could require for alignment (GPS, Level North Sensors, CCD camera). But these characteristics add complexities, weight and side to a telescope, sometimes in a cost of reliability. If you can enter a time, date, dipped a telescope in a place of house, and centre two stars in a field of view, can vary this telescope less than 5 minutes without these accessories.

So many, in the nutshell, here is some things that really like on a LX65:

-Light (OTA separates highland). The mountain has the sleeve of convenient door.
-According to saddle partorisca the second OTA. Finderscope And instrument of rich field.
-Now excellent-with which-the hour that follows
-Excellent ACF optical
-Simple alignment

Very easy to give this product he 5-stars partorisca estimate!
5 / 5
This listing 228001 east partorisca mountain and tripod so only, no a telescope. I have ordered two of these. An original and the substitution was both one same same after asking three separate times partorisca be ensured was the complete box.
4 / 5
This discharge is sturdier that thought it can be. At least with the 5' Maksutov and he 80mm that the refractor has attached a same time.

A setup is easy and keeps well . I possess several Meade and Celestron GOTO spend them and ossia really to entertainment setup.

To to The Some girls like that they can take of the sum of wide view in an end of refractor, and some very acute visas that use the MAK or SCT in another side. In fact, these accesses so much mine Celestron C6 and 5' Mak tubes in a main side without endeavour.

Loves that included I can use refractor of a short tube partorisca the finder. And it is very easy to vary both tubes. It is lighter entirely that he Celestron Evolution setup, but has no inner battery or WIFI.

I hooked he bluetooth form up and the work adds. Also it uses the small plus 3000my laptop sup[spent that pursues fíe without @@subject. I have it quell'has attached also the camera to both tubes and has used he partorisca take some shots. A Meade ACF Maksutov has optical excellent, a ACF the coating is equal to Celestron produced of Flange.

Has run he with mine 8' tube and a 80mm short tube immediately, but dipped roughly 2 lbs. Under a limit of total weight but induces the small that shaken when slewing or that directs. But mine Celestrons do also with a big OTA, as some tampons of vibration take it chunk of that was.

Has found that one To the I PORTS can be wired backward in these. As be careful and the sure mark is not partorisca revoke first wire fence of plugging anything in and frying a device or inner joint.

But honradamente, as better that of any of mine ETX the models and of the optical is better that mine UHTC coated ETX125.

In comparison to a Celestron line, sound the bit of an ugly duckling. But a dual saddle setup and the ease of use is the trade a lot was. The one who really cured on some looks? I love good function. And delivery.

MODIFY: Meade has drawn this mountain ( as well as the pair another ) with To the PORTS that is to the reverse polarity wired! And a response of the crew of the Support are ' no specific never that they can be used in all the chance as it does not use him !' It excepts plugging the powered has beaten of device and has begun shoots, and the together interiors blown that they will not substitute down has guaranteeed.

Google the In a web, although it is the fun mountain , and easy to dip up and use, but this deception of alone engineering leaves no external To the DEVICES without a possibility partorisca ruin a discharge and a device. As any autoguiders, GPS, etc...... That the shame because it could have been the real 5 winner of star.
5 / 5
Has bought this LX65 5' Mak partorisca substitute the a lot of aged Meade DS70 refractor. Partorisca Say is a upgrade would be a understatement. Here it is my fast description (also posted on in ):

Arrived and Unpacking
Two boxes have arrived has seen UPS - both with gashes in them. Felizmente, as I have discovered, has not had any harm. Like an aside, am surprised that often this arrives with optical! A smaller box contains one 5' OTA, and visual parts and was amiably has packed. You can maintain a foam and use it partorisca build your container of own storage you so it chooses, which could do later. A main box has contained a tripod and a LX65, mountain, AudioStar, and some other elements. Again, amiably packaged.

A lot directly advances. I have not had any subjects with finding a star detent like this another has had go in a tripod and a mountain. It was very careful screwing the together things how is new after all! But it has been I joint fantastically. AudioStar Has Had an evening more firmware and a box of the battery there has been a white sticker on that.

A OTA slips on easily like this done a finder of red point. All has been I near in roughly 5 to 10 minutes. A thing will say is uploading the batteries is the bit of the ache but no unworkable. So only I need to take the system has imagined was. Has two insiemi of NIMH C cells so that it would owe that be very partorisca go for the moment. Another thing there is remarked is has the calm loaded batteries look you can not use an outside 12V power distributes a same time. Any sure are supposition partorisca be able to use both but he also could be my external supply that use to launch mine composite rockets of model of the engine is not a correct type partorisca use, included although it comes with the lighter of cigarette. But I digress. Has an old battery booster can try.

Returned and Arrival
Ossia the telescope of quality and mountain. A lot of sturdy and a mountain has some heft. Another there is complained in a tripod - I in fact the like. Meade Has dipped near the beginner of system or good quality of the telescope of beginner advanced.

Out of
I zeroed in a view of red point and then has left a tube acclimates while we have eaten partorisca dine. Near of dusk, took it down to mine backyard and has levelled he with my level of torpedo. A level of compass/has comprised is rubbishes partorisca dip it bluntly. It orders works but is meh. As it has taken the next dusk has used my application of heaven in an iPhone partorisca find Polaris and has levelled a discharge in Any North like that could vary. I can try tonight with Magnetic North so only partorisca shizzles and gits; it is the one who the people have on says here roughly that, but loves it try. Before it concealed this in spite of, looked in a sliver of a moon before it is disappeared in twilight. Wow! A view adds by means of a Mak and mine Celestron Omni 32mm eyepiece.

A piece of cake. I have it that has not used never he GOTO never has to that way that has had to that touch around with taking some stars of alignment in a eyepiece but directed it. Following this first time was a lot. They are sure I will coach some punctual walks (suppositions partorisca rain morning) and like the utilisation more will take more used his.

After the alignment has achieved I slewed first to Jupiter. A good view by means of a Omni. It can change to a 26mm and then he 15mm and was very very good. Any a lot of colour but has not gone fully dark still neither. Still the big step on mine DS70! Directing in a Mak was smooth, the difference of mine DS70. Any a lot of jumping around even in 9mm, although this FOV is tightened like this is difficult finding an aim yes is out of view - but concealed can be mine so only that need to learn an use of a AudioStar.

After on to Saturn - using mine 9mm could do out of one Cassini distribution slightly; never seen the prime! The better views were with a 32mm and a 15mm. My woman and the youngest daughter have loved to see the and has thought that was fresh likes Disney that it touch AudioStar facts (has listened you never his? It touches it likes you to you he is in a Mission partorisca walk of Mars lol).

The majority of some places of Recognition has been hid of the house (mine) and the oak tree very big (also mine). This in spite of, could see a faint wisp of a Nebula of Dumbbell that I any seen first - fam could does not see but really has known no the one who hey looked for in his defence. Finally seen some groups of star, again, any seen also by means of a DS70 so much was awestruck for a view. The data was the night of work, has called leaves in 9:45.... But it was the first good session . I will exit again tonight.

Very very new in this description knows, but the estaca has loved my thoughts is. A LX65 takes some swipes in a To the subject, which thinks has caused some to shy out of this mountain. It notes this in spite of that at present sourced LX65s more probably will have one To the @subject to wire solved - simply look for a white point in a headline of battery.
If it does not have to that, there is work-arounds or can send it behind and take the new a. The utmost optics and the mountain add. In general, ossia the very good system and am pleased with cost of mine.
5 / 5
Optical excellent and in general the telescope adds. Mainly I am using a LX65 8' paralización astrophotography and very happy with some results. A AudioStar is the characteristic sum partorisca find planetary object. The quality of build is solid and in general feels like the telescope of prize. It could not imagine that precise anymore of the telescope that this.
5 / 5
Easy to arm and disarm. Simple in his utilisation. Characteristic very optical (inexperienced Soya) and leaves partorisca see with good definition a variety of stars, a pair of nebulae (any one has a lot of lentils still) and of drawer, the moon. I recommend to improve the lentils that spends, of then with the step of the observations, discovers that edges of average of qualities. In definite, a compraventa excellent, will give you a lot of hours of entertainment!!!

Top Customer Reviews: Celestron C6-A-XLT ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 14 ratings
5 / 5
Produced excellent! I have used celestron telescopes in fact a lot of years. It has taken photo of Halley comet behind in 1987 using the Celestron súper C 8. So that it is why I has bought this CA 6 OTA...
5 / 5
This thing is enormous. Be sure partorisca love a F/10 spent this in spite of, while they are add partorisca the planetary viewing there is the discharge writes better adapted partorisca see DSOs (nebulae etc).. A fact of big profit of the brilliant objects like a VERY brilliant moon. A better house that has expected without slop and the good greasy feel without grit or stiction. A finder is an usual entirely crap concealed requires the limbo artist partorisca use when distinguished anywhere but your window of neighbours. I have it there is not remarked never any mirror flop when panning around wither, requiring a lot of little refocusing very caused for human variable eyeballs.
4 / 5
Quality of build Very good. I on graded a finder, diagonal and visual behind. Now it is it adds it small discharge in 1/2 a cost of the 8' same model with upgrades has added on.
5 / 5
A quality of image is glorious, with the accuracy adds. Partorisca Regulate a house, simply turn a @@@knob for behind a telescope and an image will be an impressive acuteness. A strong mountain is recommended partorisca resist.
The box of a telescope is the little big, but returns perfectly inside my chance and I have spent he without questions for aeroplane.
An only question is a coverage of lentil , because it is done of hard plastic and has to that be take a lot attentively any partorisca clash a lentil and line it. One bases of one covers of the lentil would owe that be rubberized.
4 / 5
The discharge adds in the factor of small form. He the years have had one 8' but I like one 6' much more.
4 / 5
Produced of the quality and ossia work really well partorisca me
5 / 5
is ideal and the measures compact partorisca planetary observation. The edifice is also sufficient and the looks try better that has imagined. An easy-to-measured of the calm use leave partorisca avert disturbing partorisca spend. It is also own partorisca enjoy with familiar, but has quite a lot of same action when seriously using it. One the disappointing thing is that one bases of the finder is not the dovetail surca. When Trying one drives of car with one drives small, is the little hard to install.
4 / 5
Good telescope, quite compact, are any expert of telescope but he a trick for me for both celestial and terrestrial viewing.
4 / 5
Has read all a description before I have done my compraventa a celestron 91010XLTC6. An image is telescope adds .
5 / 5
The scrolling of dovetail to change to the different class; there is remarked the harm there is drilled 3rd hole afterwards to some 2 holes for a side of a dovetail,is not noticeable otherwise.
Does not treat It big mine, has thought so only would mention it.

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