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Top Customer Reviews: Stackable Clear ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
These are utmost stackable has titled. Robust saving, spatial and in the prize adds. I have bought already a lot for my boys' audiobook CD and CD of musician. Amur, amour, want to it!
5 / 5
In my current arises in organisation (voice A Magic that Life of Changes to Order for Marie Kondo, available in Amazon) has ordered 15 of these creatures. Among my husband and me, active quite 600 CDs, a lot them in storage so that it has had nowhere to pose them (had our houses done 10 years). Active toyed With an idea to take the habit-fund done-in-tower of ceiling, but dawn on me he little of the days concealed has the deep, melt-in-ceiling bookcase has filled with a lot of reservation that will not be read never or reread and could be it given, moved in bookshelves in another room, or, in a case of a scarce ones, sold in eBay. A CD, even so, will be touched, hardly clear spatial for them. As I have verified Amazon for CD TITLED and, looked! These are perfect dimensions , apt two deep and three through in a bookcase shelves.

Wants to remark that you are measuring with an idea to plant them two or deeper in the shelf, a CD protrude an additional inch; I have seen this when it has seen a version augmented and gives has had clearance, but can not be immediately emparenta only is looking in some dimensions have printed.

Quan IS arrived was exactly so pictured and has described. There is two void in the each of them for one 2- and 3-conjoint CD.
5 / 5
That is to say such the add title . I have required he for hubby CD as my collection had taken on each plus in a house. It IS very fat and robust the material and the clear glass. A CD return very amiably in a case and there is the pair of rooms for a 'double album' CD.

Has been broken through in a cup in shipping (Amazon) but was able to the together back bond without problem (he Paste of Gorilla). Quan A vendor learnt of easterly, was quite discouraged and the repayment has wanted my money ( is very the terrific type!); I have asked even so any one in repayment, like the case was very and doing well. Amazon, Even so, repayment of mine when the money learnt of him. The May Turned in the recovery or anything, so that for me, a case was serviceable while it was. So kudos in so Amazon and Hugh (Acrylic of EUA, LLC) so that they preoccupy in his clients.
5 / 5
The vendor adds that it is for his products. There is the problem with a first sending and do well. These are some classes of the return of subjects up and on again. I produce it adds. Thank you!
5 / 5
Excellent quality. Very Strongly Plastic and durable fact.

Boss AGAINST at all., Even so the desire has had also moldeded highland tabs of Mur was the backside of him.

Can drill your own easily use the counter, sustains a zone that is to drill and using the small hammer in something some holes with accuracy, and then a measure of intermediary before using a final measure.
Then will take the clean and accurate hole without cracking, included although I do not see to like these could crack, is so robustly has done.

These will last you the lifetime, can be it configured in of the numerous roads, and any one "he excels" so that they are clear in colour..

WITH EXCITES would recommend this product in my friends.
4 / 5
The products are utmost, and the together stack amiably in the robust unit. The desire there was 4 void of double height (2 short + 2 inferior) in place of only 2 for unit, so that it has much older CD which are double - height plastic cases. People that is queixant- in a 'unnecessary' void of the double height does not look to give that it still can pose two only CDs case in the each of one 2 void of double height, that leaves a unit to line an announced 30 case of CD. An only real problem bundled . I have ordered 24 titulars. 16 titulars Arrived bundled perfectly in 2 boxes of 8 headlines each, 4 in some subordinated cloak + 4 in some upper cloak, snugly chair in a box without the rooms and any filling have required. A rest 8 titulars has remained in 2 boxes of 7 (in a box of same measure that could line it 8) + 1 each which only in the smallest box, each what so of these boxes that has no quite quite a lot of stock exchanges to air so deadening/filling. Of these 7 titulars, 3 has been broken and has to be returned for the repayment and reordered.
4 / 5
I think that that this element would have to has been $ 10, but is still very which decrees of paid. A full sized the cases of the apt jewel amiably with any wiggle room, is the bond was quite to take easily, a cup has an extra quantity of spatial for 2 CDs is in or, and has the clear good creation with 4 grips in the each corner in a fund for anti-slip. My main complaint only is that it is not truly stackable. Has thin piece-aways for some grips of rubber to be posed up but in any road is meant to be stable or firmly has trusted. Easily it can when being touched on for boys, pets, earthquakes, etc. highly suggests unless alive only or with mature adults in any stack the and purchase one another version instead. It has estimated 4 1/2 prende east but can not do so. It costs a compraventa even so since it does not have any one of some problems on.
3 / 5
A lot They that me these rack so that it is solid, well of look, and stores your cases of jewel without any problems. An only negative is concealed has 2 void of case of double jewel to rack, which bad you or has empty void or has to pose two case in the which fold the empty half touch each which so another and does not look well or. This could have has done decades to remark when double sized the cases of CD were common but has very in fact a lot of years now. The majority of CD with 2 disks entered cases that is a same measure like the standar case of jewel those controls 2 disks and so unless has the plot of pair very old sized case, will find this empty double to be the waste. An ideal solution would be to have two versions, or with and or without void of cases of double jewel, but yes only can do one, has to have has only does without a double sized void.
5 / 5
We touch the plot of CD. Often they clutter up in a stereo the storm of component. Often we are also lazy to of the archive his backside in his cupboard after the session to listen. Another annex of lazy session in a stack in an upper storm, and so on. Then avenge it a time when looks for the concrete CD. It is not in an alphabetically archived cupboard of CD, ergo has to when being in a storm. There is four stacks piled in those looks the big mile. The crosses of May concealed? Well, we use to until we buy two of these. They seat the side by side apropa a back end of a storm. Also they line the little of some fine cases bulkier of CD. That well! This law of CD titled very good. They weigh enough to remain in the place and is robust. They are not flimsy and fragile while it was fearful could be. We are very pleased with this product. For us, resulted to be a 'Cat' Meow'.
5 / 5
Surprising! It takes this for my aunt that amours cds and has dementia. Maintaining a right disk in his case to party has been always a subject for his road in front of his diagnostic. But that is to say perfect! It can take or cd was, he the tone, and return he in his something exact before taking another cd. Very better that he bookshelf type cd storage so that each cd has his something own. EVEN SO the MINE THERE HAS BEEN ONLY 14 void in the each side, as it can return 28 cds. A premier void is a measure for two but does not have the divider so perhaps that is where his 30 cds is coming from? But- that it is the smallest detail , that is to say the product adds . It would be necessary to buy it are ready to have mere, effective cd storage and when being the master organiser!

Top Customer Reviews: CD Storage Box with ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
3 / 5
Has data this product the description of five star afterwards buys in the dozen of them for my CD to develop collection. But now this has some serious heavy use out of them, has some strong critics.

I amour one issues this look, his modular creation, building and tez robust of real quality. They are sized rights to be adaptable for tight rooms. Quan Full, is quite a lot of still lights to be chosen up and has moved around.

But like some another the critiques have remarked, once you stack for his gone to have the time takes that CD of attractions out of some lower boxes. If some upper boxes in a stack is mostly empty. Then it has clearance quite vertical only to pose case of regular jewel in and has been. But once a box is full, a subordinated sags only quite those seats on some cases of CD in a low box and of the marks to take difficult cases to say a less. It ails works with cases of regular jewel, but has the diverse collection that comprises very-together of disk and curiously sized digipaks or this mini-elep coverages of responses that some of one focuses of the speciality is producing, then some cases of CD are only too big in hardly of accesses in these boxes and although they only accesses, once has the above full box of CD then a fund is going in sag and rests on some cases, he make to take CD. And I am not stacking these boxes in addition to storage that three big.

Other subjects to relate in curiously sized in in the cases of CD how the to them some designs of together of the box and a mini-spent of elep is is also too wide and so in front of the coverage will not remain closed and maintains to burst open.

How has tried some solutions to do this work of things, and is difficult state. To maintain some send the enclosed flaps have taken any Velcro adhesive and situate the in an interior of a flap and he aided, but one adhesive in any adhesives is not quite strong to line one leatherette material as they tend to take pulled has been. And for a subject of height, bonded in some adhesive bumpers clear plastics that bought in the tent of hardware together with one Velcro, and then once some cases of storage have taken filled, a weight of a CD squished down as it takes some the wine of plastic bumper unstuck if some cases of storage are moved slightly. I have tried then hammer black upholstery tacks in some inferior corners to elevate some tills up and a tacks was also slippery and like slip of boxes and slide in place of stacking neatly. The tan now has to imagine out of another trick, so that it already has inverted the few dollars of hundred in buying 17 of these, and is very done but any one has designed also. It does not have room for other pieces of furniture of cupboard of product of half comunicacionales big in my room so that these little of the boxes of storage are that need . If only they stacked with pension for room to pull a CD out of some boxes of the storage he down plus.

IF The MANUFACTURER Of this PRODUCT ONLY COULD ATTACH 1/2' in the HEIGHT Of these BOXES, And 1/4' Or 1/2' in the DEPTH, THEN DO PERFECTLY. But while it is, it is spent so money and of the so many hours that likes him take this thing to exit well, does not know that to do afterwards...
5 / 5
These products is very very done and has designed. It looks very elegant in my room, where maintain my CD. It Liked him so much that, after of mandate and taking two floor, has purchased three more!! The delivery has been timely and not having never any problems with some sakes. An only possible downside is that, if you stack the, the access is not easy in individual CD, excepts of an upper tray. An importance of this problem depends in an individual and where some trays are localised, so that some trays are quite weighed in the impulse and the cape when is full.
5 / 5
I have purchased these trays for the collection of CD of my woman, which has occupied a cupboard of half comunicacionales old has been in decline to take drawee of. I have finished to take 8 to return his collection of totality, and a first thing has remarked is that each what 8 looked exactly a same; it measures included, form (any warping in any one of them), and colour. One fails the parties of rind our pieces of furniture of forests very amiably, and a stitching is tight and appeal.
A jewel of access of CD of typical plastic of case perfectly, but if you max out of a capacity of a tray, taking an out could take the small wiggling (the solution is movement a case in a next tray). Also they stack firmly, although we have varied the basses a bed (only stack).
Has found these trays to be very estimate a $ 23 focuses of prize.
4 / 5
Salvation, Take these hurriedly and like them the plot. The quality is well. If you look carefully he will see is available with to flap of low drop to do that it take it a CD was easily is stacked, and w/or a flap. I although it was ready to discover this BEFORE I have ordered (so that usually expect until after I order to read carefully). BUT, if I had it to do again would order w/or a flap. A road uses these are to spend the tray or two on in a cupboard with a player of CD in him when is planning the canal to listen. A problem, here, of course, is that I move also hurriedly some falls of the flap and all a CD entered a fund.

Would go for one moveable flap if the plan left these trays that chair in the shelf. It does not plan in stacking on, enough, 4 big or there has only quite SAG to maintain some flaps of inaugural.

Only will have to maintain my talents enough me or bond some enclosed flaps.

The arrival is So much better that any one of some plastic things there has been or has seen.
5 / 5
We travel and it is moving of a fifth older wheel in the fifth newer wheel.
Somehow the material maintains to take planted in any side of a television in a built in cupboard,
has ordered these cd diplomados and has planted one in the each side of a television.
Ploughs A material this expects to find the pertinent location is veiled of view.
These are also for a prize.
IS very pleased.
5 / 5
I have bought initially the to store CD of audio and bent a capacity of tray to pose a CD (and illustrations) in case of jewel of slender line. This has done also bought more than some cases of CD to store my blu-DVD of ray (also in slender-line blu-case of ray). Since I very stack these, any precise the preoccupy in a height that I tent in the. I use the so drawers on abandoning in my stereo cupboard and in some shelves of my HDTV support. So that a fund of a tray is cushioned, each slide of tray very easily without spending in a surface of a shelf. Some trays are easy in sleeve and look for when being very done -- has has not had the bad or still and has bought more than the dozen. Of some descriptions of a competition concealed has read in Amazon, would say that this costs an extra money.
5 / 5
These are utmost, the perfect access in some shelves in my centre of entertainment. Only pull them was, or use some capes in the, and easily finds a film is looking for.
5 / 5
This element is exactly that has looked for! My CD was totally unorganized, but now is easy to see and find that it wants to. An element in fact control 41 CDs, even so I need a spatial to take your toes in to take that I wish the tension was so has to behind or was so in only has 40. Has 3 stacked up in the each another, even so, looks a weight of a two above low presses in a fund a so that the calm can not close an inferior door easily so apparently has some 'give ' in a structure if he stacked too big. With a low drop the open door, a CD can be easy to take provided only have 40 in a unit. With a door up, can easily movement around a container of 40 CDs without them sliding was. I plan on ordering the little more so I very like this produced!
5 / 5
These are perfect for look and of the storage adds! In the principle ordered it 3, has taken then a plus to finish of a storage required after and has taken a premier 3.
The look adds in a room!
4 / 5
This the only flexible idea in storage of CD. The only desire was test of cat. If has any one of these puriffic partner around a house, probably prpers gives that his mountain lioness tendancies can adoptive the to jump in a program a big plus can find. Cradle In some heights of the stack of these boxes of CD can result in CD is in a fund in the a lot of unorganized way. Only the opinion! Nevertheless, I recommend these boxes in a wirery looking turns or more pricey the also available cupboards. More than stacking his, poses them in his side in the table and the low look in a CD is. These begins only well.

Top Customer Reviews: Atlantic Element ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
2 / 5
You know that is to say an economic the total-he-calm rack you. That is to say why calm is looking in him. Knowing that . . . Read on.

Here is a pros and the gilipollas expsito during assembly. I am by train of the give Four stars because of the part cracked and some details of assembly that could been better.

Recommends in the partner? If they fly the storm that will do it a same work although the does not look perfect, I .

&62; Everything of some parts was there.
&62; Some instructions of assembly were clear. (A bit of the instructions were illustrations of some separates concealed goes together.)
&62; Some parts were very tagged and easy to identify.
&62; it Goes together and will do.

&62; The crack in or parts. Any big. Any sample. A product will do.
&62; Some parts have not been together well. Concretely, Two shelves were tight in a hole. Some rays have pulled the to plant even so.
&62; there is the half and the upper inferior half. Some legs have not conformed well in some means.
&62; there is small adhesives on all some parts of forests to identify them. They are HARD to leave.

Update 17 Has to 2016
has attached only my DVD in a racks. It reduce an indication of my original four beginning in two stars.

Some sliding decrees poden slide in a side easily. Then DVD initiates it those falls on and by behind a storm. There was rheme the camera in the full average and has had all a DVD fallen and tip out of a backside of a storm.

My work around is that I have done sure all some rows are full as they can not begin falling on side by side. In of the rows that is not full, the set has boxed of DVD mark the sake 'bookend' to maintain them of falling on.

Better desires.
5 / 5
I have chosen this So that my fianc and I have the plot of films in 100. And has wanted to something concealed was small but quite big to line everything of them. Quan Has taken this product in a clave begins to pose the together and was very easy, has not had any problem that joints of poses and has taken all some pieces that was to suppose to come with him.. It IS very robust unless you press on then moves side to sustain the bit, and is a perfect measure . A DVD titled no as well as it has to. This dvd the cupboard of storage is the very good product and recommends in any one looking for the cupboard of storage of the half comunicacionales to line in 100 films. Has 150 DVDs and still room for more require the which are utmost. At all it was broken, fraction, or lose of this cupboard of storage. For this prize would buy another once this a full east, gives this product five stars so that I want the and is perfect, does not take the plot of room for him which are utmost. Thank you Atlantic inc. to give us the cupboard of storage of the half comunicacionales for the good prize and good quality.

UPDATE: His state months of ive has had this product and he are still adds...ive Has had the little of the people ask me questions enough the, as and decided to give much more world-wide a question and has been asked together with my response. I have been asked if line VHS tapes, felizmente and has 1 vhs and was able to use to the flavour has been to see if he infact mark it. My testing is returned that this product infact controls vhs tapes, Quite 77 vhs, of an upper shelf in an a lot of last unit If any one has very far more questions and would be happy to the help answers these questions. Any one of like us compraventa of the on-line product that is not when being able to see with our own eyes so he and pode helps and would be happy also.

BE SURE to ESTIMATE THIS VIDEO IF you AIDED YOU! So that it can help the another also...Thank you!
5 / 5
I have bought he these months and forgot it and has not posed never the joint. The today decided tan to pose it joint. It has Had 3 arms, has state easier, but very has not been horribly difficult! Quan Avenges time to insert some canes of metal, has wished that some holes that accesses in had been the tad bit deeper so that it take his in and beginning screwing a ray in and has not gone quite tight in a far end and that or would fall was, and when posed that or behind in, an another 2 would fall era... It classifies of as the routine of comedy excepts was the tad bit the thwart for me!!! :)
Abundance of robust looks, and has spent in fact he of a cookery in a room, where will live it, with 2 dvd is and the blue ray in him and those have not fallen was.
A lot likes him in me, so much so that I have ordered 2 more. Hopefully Does not have to cuss so much with these since think that has one hangs to pose them together!! :)
has posed only a two nine roughly together. It is taking easier and does not need some directions anymore!! In a two this has posed the today left joint of a forest of piece that is the esliding divider' so that these two mostly will be to line DVD is that it does not look terribly often.
HAS has not had any problem with any one of my cases of DVD that access. And any one is fallen out of a backside. Yes, a DVD is is snug, but that it is VAL, want to them to be snug. I am posing all my blu-rays in some upper shelves, more records for me.
But is very happy with these, look adds also.
While my prjimo two will be here a principle of next week, is anxious to take mine DVDs is up in these and out of my road in my studio to sew. Heck, included could break down and take or or two of these for my CD also. :)
5 / 5
Based on everything of some negative critics for this DVD rack expected the to be very cheap, but when has taken everything of some parts out of a box was pleasantly surprised in a quality of them: pieces of real forests - laminated together boss of particle - and some have to weighed quite a lot of canes of metal. Perhaps it is so that my expectations were down, has, but think that that is to say the very well little DVD of storm of quality. It was quite easy the total, also. And some directions are very mere and directly-advances. Honestly, I Actuate never the totalled anything for me before, as I thought it would be the bit of the challenge for me. But it was any problem and only take in an hour. It has battled the bit to attach an upper and inferior half of a storm, but predominately so that I have required to find the smallest screwdriver. I have found once the the small screwdriver was able to do he with ease. As you Can see in some photos have mine DVDs storm in carpeting. It IS quite robust but try be careful around the so much thinks it probably would fall on has an accident in him too enough. One racks comes with the mountain of wall, although I have not used mine. A need of only thing to do now is to buy more films to fill on some shelves with. haha
1 / 5
First thing takes is the whiff of chemicals. You go to require to leave this was-gas in the very aired zone before doors he in your house. I am guessing a dark arrival is to blame, and perhaps a natural arrival would be less offensive . Segundo, yes has a same experience how me, probably will require the hammer. The majority of some holes of ray are well, but at least a (before I have decided to come inner and write this description) will require to be developed with the hammer (any one very even so). Has another half comunicacionales cheap racks that similarly angles some half comunicacionales backward like this or marks; I bought it around 5-10 years ago of Aim, and is state adds, very mere, but very solid, was the similar or more cheap prize...Too bad does not spend the anymore.

At least is cheap, but with the flavour a lot would pay two times so much for something better, or in a much less not requiring the voc-specced respirator to complete an assembly, or not requiring was-gassing to dare the inner door. I guess it it was to direct in me Imposicin to House to buy some forest so that I can pose together some shelves of means comunicacionales, so there does not look for when being any alternative in a piece.

2 / 5
It was excited really to find this product. State looking for some turns/of DVD of the CD, one ones have used to be able to find in any Aim or Walmart quite a lot of marks ten years, but up until I have seen this, has had the times take findiing the. The tan has ordered felizmente one has seen the hardly. Here it is a pros and gilipollas for this product

PROS: mark very CD and Blu Rays, and More DVD. If there is quite those to fill some shelves totally up, faiths the work adds since you.

GILIPOLLAS: In the first place, there is spatial very small among some shelves. If has the DVD in a shelf, has only in the neighbourhood of an inch of a cup of a DVD in a underside of a next shelf. If has any oversized case of DVD, or VHS tapes, does not have any road those will return anywhere in this product except a very upper shelf. I know that there are some questions answered for this product that says VHS the tapes will return, but take properly, VHS the tapes were main that cases of DVD, and if that is to say some , will not return anywhere except in a very upper shelf. I know sure that Disney the old film breaks the cases would not return in these shelves, except a cup. Also, each shelf has the one of forest divider that can be it attached a back guide. Alas, a back guide is bare metal, and a divider is forest, which ways that a slightest pressure of the DVD or the Blu the ray issues a divider sliding to the long of, and your films or CD of accident in an earth. If some shelves are full, is any big roads, but has the way of shelf filled, necessity to cure to line a divider every time take or substitute the film.

Inferior line, this manufacturer was cheap in this product. They he down and done some guides of back out of the aluminium creates, in place of forest. Again, if calm fulfil you will fill it this up, and perhaps only is using he for CD, can be the product adds , but is using this to line films, taking that only can line DVD regulate and Blu case of Ray, and that a dividers slide on you and spill your films during a fund if it does not have the full shelf. Cela, and a fact that a manufacturer has not had the full together of measures for a product (thinks wide and the date had, but no a height of some shelves, which would have been very useful) is why has given the two stars. If you are looking for something like this, maintains to look, can do better.
5 / 5
That is to say the very good support . And it can line the little a more 150 DVDs is has left of some titulars cual in me is the waste so that they any one anything except dangle, full envelope some jungles will not require the at all. One is trace has taken enough 25-30mins once take to go, an instruction is not complicated to follow, is very robust and look well, comes with some need of things to anchor he in yours wall, does not anchor he in our wall so that we could change and the movement around, and because of an angle of a DVD is in a cual the jungles back the small does not think has in a lot of the preoccupy quite the fall of indicadora, the tense mark taking all some rays while you have posed a together unit. In general it is the very robust Storm and the good road to organise your collection of DVD, goes to order or more as has the very big collection and this was the sake a Storage of Storm of ECONOMIC DVD
1 / 5
Ridiculously Difficult the total. Quite a lot of hour in this monstrosity, was for a change 5 pieces all he once, in pre-the holes have drilled that goes assemblar has been misaligned. Perhaps some holes were has drilled properly. Alas, it has been missing 4 arms and tame. (The left wing is to do some mathematics, 5 pieces have separated that movement around, requires five more than reserving a hand to line a screwdriver = 6 hands. The god gave me only two! Darn Him (Or his). I am in fact pose quite handy the together things. Even so, I have not had any patience with easterly. Behind in a box and behind in a UPS tent!
3 / 5
If you are looking for the support of looks of CHEAP DVD any far plus. These appeals in me so that it was forest and any plastic but a forest is very cheap and very easy to undress was. Quan Posing together undressed was one of some feet without same torquing some rays that takes.

A first time posed it together is the small bit of the handful but is still possible all require is the screwdriver and I glue of recommended forest also. Desprs Installing it chair in firm but after posing all my DVD in the mecer side by side to sustain the small. As I have taken it averts of beautiful new and coated all some holes and separates that touch with glue of forests. It helps the small but still has the small gives in him.

Some weapon that control your cases of film can be useful, but has the plot of the films would not recommend posing some arms in, or has said the backside he so that it is out of a road. If the calm left them the bent takes it up enough a measure of two case.

A predrilled the holes are not varied perfectly he so has to of the laws with some rays and some pieces of forests the small bit. A forest is not strong or durable for any half and would not trust some glue of rays of forests of only use.

In general for a prize has not been disappointed, but my hopes have not been big any one for only $ 20
5 / 5
It has Had a support/of CD of the DVD during the month and change so now and can say that I want to it.

Mamma in posing the together material but 2 glasses of the wine in the night of Friday convinced me otherwise. I have posed all some pieces was and smelt very bad as I have washed the all is gone in assembly to begin of the front , a smell has been gone after it conceal. I took me perhaps an hour to pose it each what together. A worse part was all a screwing in; it is the bit of an arm workout. You have to do sure it is screwed in sake or was wobbly when when being up. I have read some of some descriptions in a headline of blocs to situate to take on spatial as I have to the left was when building to give me maximum dvd/cd room. Has thinks that that there is the plot of DVD is but while it results my collection has not gone included the challenge therefore it racks! In general I think that that this was the sake to rack for a prize and the endeavour have had to to pose in him.

Top Customer Reviews: Atlantic Nestable ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5
Measure: 52 A prime minister one of these that has behind orderly in 2015 was very good. It is sturdy and resists my PS3 games well without falling on. As well as it has changed? Well, this element now among three separate pieces that dipped you together in place of my prime minister a ossia a piece . So only I can assume that they have done this transmission to save money, but a product is useless mine now. While I have dipped more than 10 PS3 games to some new one falls on and spills my games to a paving. He no the difference is in the hard surface or carpet, tried it. Has calm has comprised the pictures so much can compare an old version to a new a. They are a lot disappointed and will be to return east.
5 / 5
Measure: 52 AWESOME. A last compartment in a fund is the enormous a, as it can dip the dvd if that is main (I dip 'the another' film, bc this chance has 2 dvd and is the lil has bitten big that the normal dvd if, but returns perfect!). If you come from to impulse he on the one hand upper and calm movement he quickly, everything of some chances will fall, but just impulse he of there that slow or so only of some 2 tiny balls, is not to treat it big that.
5 / 5
Measure: 52 it take nervous for some leading descriptions. A racks is gone in main of box that has expected. Once inboxed and place in livingroom I really taken nervous. In a paving of the forest has not looked too sturdy. The any panic. I have uploaded DVD and Blurays of a subordinated up. Roughly 15 Dvd in, a weight of a racked Dvd and Blurays was weighed enough to do a stable storm. Unless I press him down, no longer I have worry that will fall in his own agreement. Amur That this character racks manages any Dvd or Blurays. You recommend to another. I have bought another racks of Bestbuy this was plastic and has had to be gathered. He wasby a same company. Once it look in some pieces have come to my senses and order these. Happy has done!
4 / 5
Measure: 52 I so only am giving these 3 stars because I purchased it specifically partorisca resist Blurays-he no. This stand is fact partorisca resist the DVD. When You slide a bluray to a space has to that attentively balance otherwise the slips am gone in an end. Included when balancing a bluray chair very free in a space. A moment it try to take the bluray cause a bit another partorisca slip. It is not partorisca value a hassle and will return .
4 / 5
Measure: 52 I has purchased in fact one of these the few years behind and like the plot, agrees to go in of a piece and still does utmost to this day. I have required another racks so that there is quickly has bought the second a. Unfortunately a product has changed, calm now has to that gather, which has not been easy. Finally after taking it near has tried was and has been disappointed partorisca find that it is not sturdy, is more directly on now in place of in a corner and he will not resist my blue rays in place, maintains sliding was and falling to a paving. You could be able to situate them in correctly and his has control partorisca awhile, but the other has ensured is not partorisca ensure and will fall was again and again. One produces no properly anymore and am a lot disappointed partorisca see this. This has used partorisca do add but any anymore, my only hope is that they change a quality behind to use it partorisca be because with how is at present, is useless and the waste of money.
4 / 5
Measure: 52 My edges is another tower of game (another mark and measure) has been fill on way that was that it has to that it would beat his games his new plus in a paving against a wall. I finally decided partorisca take another tower but has not wanted to spend the plot of money to the equal that have found this an on here. First of all, a 'assembly' calm so only require you to situate an upper half to a subordinated half then install some 'legs' small (in fact the or-shaped what) to one very inferior. It has taken everything of 30 second or less.

A subject only is that it is not like this sturdy to the equal that are to use to with another has but do. We were able to return everything of his extra games in the this in spite of has room for a lot of more (in the so only fill on half a tower).

Perfect estimate-friendly element for boys, university-students, or parents that does not love paid for some cupboard of half comunicacionales expensive.
5 / 5
Measure: 52 Like calm would be likely to imagine these are not all this sturdy especially any in the hides yes buy one would say the solid base like the peice of the forest is the must another while these are awesome. I will be partorisca buy the second an I access 52 dvd and in the fat box dipped in a big inferior space. Partorisca The mine dipped it on the place of fat forest has found that the works perfect.
5 / 5
Measure: 52 I has had another plastic product screwed to a wall. My DVD is and all has maintained to the fall was. A slits partorisca a DVD was in a corner. As it was in an end and has begun partorisca look for the headline of DVD, if, turn. I have been concerned the little alive reason in a paving has been in still eleven years and I know a carpet has been installed at least five years before I took me a cushioning is lumpy in of the zones. I have not been sure like stabilising it. It arrives today. You are the sinch to dip joint. So only two part, well three altogether. Has a main part and then the run the lowest that his slides and an inferior mainstay that slides to an inferior part. One is is a lot of sturdy and stable. As I suspected it it was the little wobbly because of a cushioning under my carpet. But it has dipped the brick in an inferior mainstay reason faces a wall like this any one can see a brick in all the chance. This stand for such the price adds is a lot of value he and I highly would recommend it and a vendor.
4 / 5
Measure: 32 I I has been sent 2 different products that a bit look one same. As it has attached show of photo, one of them is all a piece , another is in 3 separate pieces. A recent more one has has ordered concealed is in 3 pieces has uneven spaces that in some chances hamper the DVD partorisca be able to be place in an empty and also partorisca be slapped near bad, one of some feet in front is slightly longer that another doing a look of crooked unit and also unbalanced and wobbly.
5 / 5
Measure: 32 In 2017 I has purchased two of an Atlantic same model PN63712046 32 DVD storm. They were all the solids a piece racks with heavier gauge metal. I used him partorisca my XBOX an and PS4 the games and law perfectly, is utmost little racks.

Has taken once fill on, my games so only begun piling up in a paving. As have has wanted to buys it another of a same storm. The ones of way that there is recently has used a 'BUY AGAIN' key of a leading order and to the arrival of this new order there is remarked that it was not partorisca like a forward racks included with a number of same model. A box that is gone in said that is not a same storm, likes the box was like this mediates some measures then of the forwards some have purchased!

This new one is done with to the metal of low quality thinner does not like a prime minister two. But that it is worse part A lot of all a piece like a forward some ( And is a number of SAME exact model PN63712046 ).. They have had to that be gathered with some upper means to take the four small holes in a cup of an inferior half. A course of curve in a subordinated to prevent them of falling behind was also the separate part this has had to that be pressed to two small holes of an inferior half. A question is that some connections of all some parts do not remain joints that well and has to that be bent the little just to take he to some holes, ANY SAKE!! And then they do not remain together! It is class of ironic, is a description of the website of the elements declares 'Any assembly required'?!?!

Has not been if a company that has changed him a quality of his products, especially this particular model PN63712046?? Although a price of this new a wasactually MORE while I have paid for a leading quality is not !!

Top Customer Reviews: Prepac Double Media ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
5 / 5
The cost has verified Ossia that am looking for in the shelf. Economic, sturdy considering is material , and decent looking. Ossia One of this economic leaves lateralmente this is to do that it looks the map /of forest composite. Gathered, the look adds, and is not flimsy

The look adds.
A lot of shelves.
Perfecto partorisca games, films, CDs, and similarly sized objects.
Sturdy When it has gathered.

Some shelves are grooved and chair in a pegs in the way that his easy fact the strike was.
Has the empty in a backside of some shelves where the thin elements like pens can go to the failure.
Slightly difficult to gather.

Like other descriptions have declared, has had the little sawdust in a box (any big shot).
Has not used a 4 hule tacks ossia supposition partorisca go in a fund.
The mine has come with the thin map-like band, which have situated under a front of a base to give a shelf the lean backside.
5 / 5
The cost checked Partorisca judges partorisca begin this element was the breeze partorisca build . I have bought so many mobiles in a course of the mine lifetime that has to build you for your account and this thing has taken likes 20-30! I have maintained partorisca take distracted for video of Youtube. The instructions were the piece of cake. At all in a box has been bent, broken or missing. In fact it was packed in there insanely closely. If has the gigantic collection of dvd/blue-rays this does not go partorisca be quite big for you. But a lot informative, these frames of company more than a measure! They are insanely happy with this element. So better that a cheaply bookshelf had been using.
4 / 5
The cost has verified Seriously, could do not actuating vacuumed a first thing of the send was? It IS it likes packaged the on partorisca already as they do not owe that clean up.

In all the chance, quite easy to dip joint. I have not used a nail comprised in of the feet and bought some different adhesive feet of another tent. Much smaller that has expected.

Some shelves are not very deep. My DVD marries and in slope out of his when being whole. I posted the picture to the equal that can take the sense of stairs.

Will see like these starts.

Like this far like this good. It is been the a lot of sturdy the shelf and I have not had any subjects that uploads some shelves with chances of game. Honradamente Forgot him entirely being not very deep. It IS the very small shelf for looks and small things well prjimo my bed. I will maintain it the moment but to good sure think roughly looking to take the main shelf for books. But for chances of game, is quite decent.
4 / 5
The cost verified When the unpacked and the joint of place was the pocola skeptical at the beginning, but after the little rearranging of some of my favourite elements have found that really it likes. A shelf me decide that I want to something big sometime in a future but for now servants a purpose that is to be feign and this was to of-clutter some space. It IS quite big without being too overbearing, is slender to the equal that was able to return he to a wall with a lot of space in any side and his dimensions any he jut outward.

A reason so only 4 stars is reason like six by train of the together volume dipped the plot of this powder of forest that flies around, like sure mark your vacuum the cleaner is on stand stops! Another reason is reason as you are fixing some shelves, a pegs is quell'has bitten hard to press in and the appeal was. It has had to take them it was with the pair of small pliers. They are sure over time they will take easier that move around.

Thinks that will take another only for Dvd.
5 / 5
The cost verified has finalised partorisca return east. Has no to give the one who small is, and could not justify that it pays in $ still he. They are conscious that a dimension is given in a Q&A section, but a picture is the bit misleading. Some shelves in a primary picture am situated partorisca resist 8 rows of CD is; any DVD is. If they have resupplied the picture with means comunicacionales in fact in a shelf, then this would not be the question.
4 / 5
The cost has checked is construction of basic pressed forest but is easy to gather and is sturdy and and does not touch still although I fill on,.
A base of him is wider that a stack as it adds to a stability. It likes of a lot of and probably buy another I so it needs more
space of storage.
5 / 5
The cost has verified loves it. I have not seated there and account or bluray but the doubt in fact resists 250 taste taken to agree, of some go in the main chances that another especially takings like the collector is has many are also given of films and have the plot. I plan to order the second a punctual. It IS the perfect measure for a husband has used to have some films in the giant of ash of metal racks concealed was a plague of eye in mine living like this shelf much better!!!
5 / 5
The cost verified has loved the option of storage for the room/of game of the theatre of my daughter and could not find that really I have loved that quell'was the solid forest smallish unit to resist the collection of DVD of the boys is and Blue-the disks of ray have chosen like this this tower. Now, you know when paid such the low price that a quality and/or the construction goes to be compromised but really this is not too bad has gathered once. Yes, it is done of some unknown material and some shelves are really thin but once put together, in roughly 30 minutes, looks sturdy and does not look too bad. All some parts have varied correctly and a worse bit nailed a backside on. A behind is the roughly type of material of the map bent but is not too flimsy and one joins in a half is hid for a half whole.

My tower has been rid with two half uprights and a sinister hand in place of the accident, average and right. As have contacts services of client for help - More 'has telephoned them of emailed to the equal that have wanted to speak to the person and take a date of nave has expected. It can have been possible to take this for email but has taken it casualidad with the call of telephone and was pleasantly surprised to take by means of almost immediately. rep Has said the substitution would ship in to the week likes 9 or 10 days more have received late a missing part. It nettles that a tower had spent the control of quality and state has shipped wrongly but has been impressed by an useful and fast response to my question.

Has found one has has distributed gliders really hard to nail in some subordinated - of the bent and has broken when I have looked for to straighten the but I so only left of a back two gliders and, in all the chance, a unit is more stable with the light backward sustain with the young hands that films of attractive of some shelves! There is abundance of the holes there is drilled for some leaves lateralmente so many is easy to find a right height for DVD is and BD is. Shopping this again
4 / 5
The cost has checked are very happy with a Prepac BMA-0320. It was easy to gather and has solved my question of storage of the CD. It IS sturdy, looks well, and goes well with mine other black pieces of furniture.

Taking my time, was able to easily gather a racks in 45 minutes, except a backside. I have taken my time that rows of the backsides and pre-drilling pierce, which has taken another half hour.

When Dipping in some pins, skip an upper hole and use each fifth hole. You will finalise with 8 CD compartments in the each side. Each shelf will resist 20 measure regulates CDs, partorisca the total of 320. Considering depth, the claves of the chances of CD REGULATE in a shelf roughly 3/8 of a thumb, and is recessed roughly of a flange at the head of a racks.

Has had sawdust very small in a box, so only the little powdery forest in a surface in the pocolos put. A final wipe down with the microfiber the towel was that it suffices partorisca leave a rack partorisca look clean. I think that that it is reasonable to expect some sawdust in RTA mobile, especially after turning in some rays.

The smallest complaints: A rear piece and some rear flanges of a frame is not pre-there is drilled. I am not sure state in my capacity to drive nails directly while a racks was whole to the equal that have varied a backside with a frame and has taken the 1/16 hammer and holes partorisca nail drilled in some upper corners. It has dipped in two nails have then varied a backside in some subordinated and there is drilled two holes and there is nailed a backside, as it was directly. Then I attentively pre-the holes pilot drilled partorisca a rest of some nails. I have measured and marked a first centre to drill some holes in some means.

An inferior side of an upper piece is not finalised. It is not very visible, especially with CDs in a racks. If the shelf is not full a unused the holes partorisca some pins are visible, like the holes are not painted.

No sure reason recommend the screwdriver of flat leaf. A Phillips works of engine of the good boss. Calm also will require the hammer, and recommends the hammer with 1/16 has bitten the pre-drill pierce pilot in a backside.
5 / 5
The cost has verified This was sper easy to dip near and the looks add but does not resist almost like this so it pensa in us . I seat like a description is misleading and was drawn really for CDs and no for DVD/BD/games. There is not any way could use all some shelves because Dvdes will not return to a space. Of then we can a lot of stack two of these on the each one another, will have that imagines was something more for a rest of our disks and games.

Top Customer Reviews: Case Logic CDS-120 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5
I am spent the plot to time partorisca look at all some options and decided in these. Ready election. They are archiving all my CDs after rasgarles all to the mine harddrive. But, it has wanted to maintain a liner notes and a @back cover in a jewel (where some songs are listing and such.)
1. A lot well it build it. You any one breaking averts.
2. Any plastic material to pull of and raise. Some sleeves are ready to go
3. Announced to return 120 disks. Ossia True, loves only disks of tent (two for sleeve). But dip a liner notes in a side, and a disk in another, with a coverage of rear jewel in with a disk. You will require to pull this @@@back cover and trim the to 4 3/4 thumb. Or it calms that can bend and place he in lateralmente.
4. Then this gone back perfectly in this snap box.

There is on 500 disks to of the archive, as I am beginning was with 9 bands of these. A sleeve for disk.
5 / 5
I have bought these to reduce one spatial taken up for my music CD COLLECTION. I have had among 650 - 700 CDs in chance of jewel. I have bought these and has deleted some chances of jewel. A ProSleeves is two-sided and will resist 2 disks each, but has used a side for a CD and another side for a jacket/inserts/inserts. This left to consolidate of 5 big banker boxes and several diverse boxes smaller that CDs to just 4 a lot of boxes of the smallest storage Snap-N-Storage of Tent of Boxes of DOUBLE WIDE CD, Black (SNS01658), with abundance of room to spare no spent never additional CDs.

Commentaries that a ProSleeves will resist more normal-sized the JACKETS of CD/insert/to insert, but will not accommodate a main booklet-the type inserts/inserts concealed coming with some special edition or commemorative CDs. This in spite of, look quite sturdy and was able to take some quite thick inserts/inserts to some bosses without rasgarles. A ProSleeves also come with cardstock inserts/inserts that you can write on and slide to the 'pocket' tightened in a cup of the each boss yes wants to add to focus or annotation.
5 / 5
I have been using these bosses literally for decades. Once my collection of music has achieved the sure measure that the tents result a subject. With an arrival of digital music my collection of CD does not have very grown in a past few years, but has been that finds that buying a disk is often more economic that so only buying some download. (And to the amazon has an option of tears of the instant, which means a lot included has to that attended for a disk.)
Like this, has run out of sleeve and required to buy more. I prefer an older fashion the little. As some another there is remarked, these are the pocolos snug. Well for an usual 2-4 page inserts/inserts, but no with big inserts/inserts. Although has paste this question with an old fashion occasionally too much. When it Spends I simply slide in any backside few pages of a booklet and this has done always well for me.
Assuming a quality of the production has not changed, then can expect these to last for years. Highly it recommends these like the way adds to store the big collection in the does not space like this big.
5 / 5
Like the photojournalist has has used probably the pair of thousands of this Logic of Chance (and Fellowes) bosses on some years. With which shoot a task, burns some photos to the DVD or Blue-disk of ray, staple one of these sleeves to the file of file, then file he with a documentation in regulating in pending cupboards of file. Occasionally it uses these bosses to rid/topmast optical disks to client.

A container contains 60 double-sided bosses. Seldom it uses both sides of the sleeve, but these are like this economic I a lot begrudge using a side. Slide Of disks in smoothly without danger to line or falling was.

A container also contains seal of focus of slender map and the plásticoes 'pusher' tool to poke he to an upper flange of a sleeve. It does not use 'in, but some folks could appreciate him.

Ossia The good, any frills solution of storage.
4 / 5
It uses these in the quite regular base and does not dip any semence in my disks. Of then they are the free manic scratch , ossia a lot of entity of mine. At all it is more than annoying that those explosions in the CD and in that there is skip because of scratches. I any same like final scratches.

Are the big defender of one 'the pause was' creation and facilitated of use for these bosses.

A note, included although there is not lined any of my disks in the quite frequent use, ( has looked in some funds) will dip hairline final scratches in a surface of the CD if repeatedly spinned in and has gone with some plots of pressure and long. So only go quite slow and be easy and would not owe that have any question. I have found this was when he has used the space, CLEAN CD on and on to break some bosses in still my permanent disks

Also, personally does not use both sides. It uses so only a side to store the disk. Using both sides dips more pressure in some surfaces to touch and augments a risk for scratches of fine line been due to a tight pressure.

Also, these sleeves look for to be facts well, which is the big plus . Thank you Logical of chances.
4 / 5
I have bought it stirs it whole of these on done the decade, and now are king-organising has bought like this any plus (I also there is not reading a bit 'technical details' to discover ossia the Quantity -60 box, but ossia my failure ).

In all the chance, has had the pocola leftover of a last endeavour and I am remarked some differences. A logo is quell'has bitten different, but the one who cure, really. A material of sleeve is quell'has bitten thinner and less flexible, but an only way that the subjects is that there it have it less give to a plastic when sliding in a flange of chance (focus of name). A liner is quell'has bitten smoother and ossia an improvement - the a lot of times am not had to that use a black of plastic feeder in some new sleeves.

A difference that annoyed really was with a paper of spatial seal this comes with them maintaining (for when calm is not storing the jewel-cased CD and require the hand-writing of seal). An old some have not been anything special, but has taken a work done. Reasonably rigid paper with micro perforaciones. When I have changed on to a new box, has found any focus of paper to be flimsy, wrinkle prone, and some perforaciones was like this big that has taken in a sleeve when sliding a focuses besides often that no. And reason a paper is economic, grieves to take taken, tears and quite ruined (marks another focus...). I do not know sure that ossia inferior-rung Chinese paper, but has seen such paper that has the qualities resembled this material.

Has to that admit that these sleeves are much more economic that has used to be, and taste that enough bite it. I can treat a slightly low quality plastic for some savings of sides. But, please, Logical of Chance, touch 25 cents more and transmission behind partorisca seal that is much more of prójimo-the-useless and frustrating. These things take long enough to upload on (and well a time!) But to the left it is not to do this hard plus that need to be.
5 / 5
I prefer glass in plastic. In Indian, the people would be shockedfor prizes of hing. But it is more. Like this pleasant, the people look for gluten free, when that the gluten is simply in grain! A sticky course, taken was, eats the plant has based whole lunches, hing are adds for stomach/divestion. These flavours like real indian spice. The ones of those who onions of use or garlic. I know alternatives to his profits, and prefer hing. Another QVeda, has not been the averages like this very like this the know hing to be.
4 / 5
These are the compraventa utmost . A quality in these sleeves is upper notch, and will be able to repeatedly of place and take cd /dvd is in these without prpers that has to that concern roughly breaking them. There are two sides for leeve' doing it easy to organise any one applications or disks that has to leave to them. There is slit down a half that the frames that takes some easy disks and I to the equal that of the soft that lines that prevents any lining to situate and take some disks on and on again. For storage, could want look to some bosses of the most economic paper for maxwell (any for Americopy, where a quality will change according to the batch take). I recommend a paper some simply reasons his economic plus and a cd is is not exposed during storage; although have at all to concern roughly, resupplied all the world-wide the one who mangos your disks he his plant in a side at the head of the bosses was. Have take the star because, like another reviewer mentioned, some needs of description to be changed. Any the one who has not treated this class of sleeves before it was bent to think that has 120 separate bosses. There at all it is declaring 'bend-sided' and concealed me he little uncomfortable. It is not the lie in the part of Logic of the chance of a description declares a product as '120-capacity', but would have to that be changed.
Is this going in, calm will not be disappointed for a quality and prize in these.
5 / 5
I buy CDs of familiar and new-to-me music and hope to continue until a week in that I taken my final leaves. I am doing to 3,000.

These times are preparing to downsize of the big ol' house to the condo. The space will be limited.

Has learnt roughly Logical of Chance Pro Bosses when the vendor of CD USED has sent the CD in the sleeve and close the chance of new jewel with has to that it prefers that storage. It was intriged and verified out of descriptions on Amazon, whick was mostly positive. They have looked to resupply the good solution to my question of coming storage. I have bought 5 bands of 60 bosses and has begun moving CDs, info booklets and rear poster to boss. You utmost with one the majority to time that eats the part that separates a plug info of a behind pannels and inserting in a space resupplied in a cup of a Pro Sleeve. A plastic clave has comprised with some helps of sleeves.
3 / 5
I have had all my CDs in the Sony 300-disk jukebox. The majority of them is now rasgado to Mp3, and need to be dipped is gone in storage. I have taken rid of all some chances of the jewel done of the years, but has maintained a liners, etc.

This sleeve are so only, grieves, quite wide to dip some booklets in a pocket with a CD in another. And some booklets owe that go in a direction; it turns him 90° and they no returned. Included in that, having some booklets in a pocket done a soft paper in a centre wrinkle or scrunch on just bit it. Any one enough to bend and bow against a CD, but enough partorisca remark.

Has to that it weaves of booklets of mine in Targus CDproject double plastic sleeve that has taken the decade, but look for having prendido doing them. Too bad. They are returned some booklets amiably.

Now will try to find something quite wide for some booklets, and, when I , will give these were.

Top Customer Reviews: Atlantic Onyx 28 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
These do a work partorisca organise film wonderfully; I love a flexibility partorisca plant that these units leave when that draws the creation of presentation(sees picture in of the pictures of client).
5 / 5
As well as these really is 26 dvd the headlines have 26 levels dvdes spaces and then 1 double space that neither can resist the season of TV or the film with extra disks, can use he partorisca 2 separate dvd but class of turn of free in him. Utilisation partorisca 2 separate dvd because I do not have anything more than will return and does not want to squander a space of storage. I have had already one of these and has been advance and has ordered two more he so that it can hang all three in a wall for my edges dvdes. They are very easy to hang but would advise to exit for advanced and that buys the band of molly rays to use with him. These so only come with two molly rays but has four holes in a metal partorisca hang them. I have been he advances and use a two this is coming with still an upper to holes and has then used one some had bought for a fund. As it has required the total of six extra to hang mine 3. An electrical hammer and level it are things very good to have but also will require the hand-held screwdriver and the hammer like an electrical hammer will not return in him to ray some rays in. I used it so only the pre holes of hammer for a prime minister any of a molly rays. They are súper easy to dip on although so only take roughly 30 minutes to dip especially three. Really they like him but the desire is coming with 4 of rays in place of one 2.
5 / 5
I use 'thin-pack' clear dual-dvd husband (7mm if fat) and use them for my Blue-film of ray. It was curious if this 28-dvd the tower would do with 2 dvd husband for empty and yes sustain an extra weight of some additional chances (controls 56 dvdes chances now). My pleasant surprise, work a lot well for this setup! A slide of chance of thin band in and was easily and does not join at all. Has mine when being in the flat surface and laws well with all these chances have inserted. This in spite of, is quell'has bitten “tipsy” when fully loaded. If you are not fully that uploads a tower, would suggest to upload of a subordinated-arrive (like another reviewers has mentioned) how is quell'has bitten more stable that way in a paving. A probably would want to improvise and way the plus supportive bases in a subordinated if that goes to be a tower in the flat surface or carpet. All-in-all, these on duty works well for my purpose. They are very pleased with this product.
4 / 5
This element has 4 in Increasing holes (two on, two in inferior), but comes with only two rays and two ancore plastic. I have had another hardware manually, but another can no.

Has 24 alone/character EMPTY DVD up has followed 2 double DVD space in inferior. It is quite sturdy and the work adds like the trace of storm of the DVD. It do not have a lot of @@subject with him when being misshapen like this among the box of the costruttore walled very fat. The amazon has decided to ship this in a same box like the chance of carbonated the drinks and he have on resisted without subjects.

5 element of star, minus some stars for missing hardware.
4 / 5
Was concerned initially roughly ordering this headline of disk of the game for my collection of the disk based in reviewer complained in uneven spacing among some spaces of boss. The mine was perfect. Each PS4 Blue box of disk of the Ray slid to plant for the perfect access. Each one which so and each box of turn of disk exactly well. One produces also has arrived the day has promised before. Included better. Thumbs on and the main indications. No more toppling battery of boxes of disk. Now they are trace to my wall in the orderly black boss racks.
5 / 5
This will not remain integer on carpet. It comes with hardware to locate to a wall or dip the in the hard surface, walk. It resists Dvd and blue-rays well, but I quickly found does not have like this spatial as I thought it . As they are by train for the use to resist video games, and has taken the big plus racks of a thrift tent to resist Dvd and blue rays.

Wants to build your collection of Dvd, take the storm of big plus. If you are using this to resist the small collection of games and such, work.
5 / 5
Has the total of 10 of these units and they resist almost 300 Dvdes has combined. I locate in some sides of my centre of entertainment. His well. An only question is with an installation. Taken 4 rays and so only resupply 2. But a big question is necessary the screwdriver very along or an extension to ray the in. Calm can not take the hammer has bitten in there because of a rack dividers (the few things of boss that in fact resist a dvd.) That quell'was to use cutters of mine of boss to cut was one offending dividers so much could take my hammer in there. It has then filed any acute flanges that it is to remain with him dremel tool or file. In these particular spaces, a Dvd only chair on an another. Work well and grieve noticeable.
4 / 5
Had purchased a 28 DVD storm and loved it absolutely! Utilisation likes him the mountain of the wall and I have has not had never any questions a lot. Of the mine first compraventa has purchased another to store my big collection of games, DVD is, and Blue-Rays. Has 4 of a 28 DVD storm and one of a CD racks listed in the different page. Blue-I rays wobble in a rack reason some chances are slightly smaller that the chance of DVD. Also, a racks has two big start for things like games of computers that sometimes go in a double measure DVD BOX. Has mixed feelings in a start a big plus reason this could be well for video games, but DVD is a lot usually go in the box of double measure. Some start is too small to return to something likes him to him the majority of insiemi of boxes of the DVD, but I so only dipped two DVD is in a something and they return well with the little spare space. I also found a subject with DVD is and games that come with coverages of slip of the map in a chance. The majority of DVD is will not return to some start if a coverage of the slip of thin map is in a chance. Like these units do more with the chance of DVD regulates without promo coverage. An end downside is that usually it uses my own highland rays reason a unit has four in increasing holes but so only comes with two in rays of quantities. I suppose that an intention is to locate a unit of some two upper holes, but personally seat surer knowing all four holes are anchored reason has these in slope in mine television and my screen of computer.

When These units are trace is a lot of sturdy, and maintain all a lot of and has organised. In general I am very pleased with this product. I plan to purchase the More than way that has the need for more than spatial of storage. The wait does not interrupt never this product. In spite of a fact that has mentioned some negative appearances of a unit I highly recommends him. I love him and they are perfect for my needs.
4 / 5
Has comprised the video really cut clip that shows a location of one racks, together with some contents to aim a creation of global build and qualified of storage of a storm of DVD. Excuso For a quality of video and lack of his, has used my Delay to resupply the clip of fast video of a product to resupply support further my description fully writes found down.

Requiring space of extra storage for video games of mine and that look for to avert clutter and situating elements in a paving, has decided to try out of this nifty little storm of DVD. A racks is sturdy, fact of the frame of solid metal that can sustain it one 28 Dvd with small to any question. Painted in solid black, is the perfect colour the emphasis any location to the as that can be tent.

A box comes with a DVD racks already together place and ready to locate. The inaugural a box, a client will remark the small plastic stock exchange with two rays and two wall that group of trace to resist some rays to a wall. A DVD racks contains the together of pre-there is drilled the holes have meant to leave an owner to easily locate a rack to the wall.

Has decided that because of an already cluttered space of my wall (too many posters), that an ideal location partorisca east racks in fact would be beside the mine ENCLOSED DVD bookshelf. A bookshelf is full to burst with my collection of BIG DVD, and a point of a racks was paralización to leave me extra storage for video games of mine. Simply situating a racks beside a DVD bookshelf and marking a location wished and creating the small hole with the hammer and the nail leave me to easily insert some rays have comprised to one has has wished locations that has had has created so only.

A racks to take a lot strongly to a side of a shelf, and has included to pull in a racks to take out of the games does not move a racks in a less bit. A quality of solid build that a lot emphasis of mine bookshelf. I am looking to purchase a more racks of a same measure to situate under a an I recently purchased to store more games to the long of a side of mine bookshelf.

A shelf can be too weighed to have when being so only in a paving, but when situated in any to wall or to shelf of some class, strong rest and supportive to all the cost of a quantity of disks that is resisting up. A compraventa global and easy way excellent to add spatial of storage to any room.
4 / 5
Mur Very mountable Rack. There is a lot the few options for small wall mountable storm. My only complaint is an only avenges with 2 rays to locate, still has 4 holes of ray (2 arrives and 2 in inferior) as it is not 100 insurance. It does not go to fall, but a fund is not presionado. I can solve this to buy the rays but is hard to match an arrival.

Top Customer Reviews: Record-Happy Vinyl ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 37 ratings
5 / 5
These produced is the 50 fashionable headline for any one loves dipped in him. It is a backside of old look for the people 'older' and is the quota looks for to decorate for a younger generation. Adapted my require which is to resist vinyl the albums records where can take to them easily and see his titles/of the coverages without that have to that do the plot of emotional around. They are happy has found this on Amazon.
5 / 5
Has purchased 2 of these of then I a lot of @@give that has had so many records of vinyl. Controls the plot and was able to take the majority of them to return in a storm of storage. Good exposures and am pleased with having my records in a storm.
5 / 5
These works for my albums records but I think it would be the better product if a width was at least the thumb the wide plus at the bottom of shelf. When you have dipped a record on there is so only the small impression of record resting partly inferior to rack
4 / 5
loves that. I have taken one to try. It Finalising that it takes more record. Taken took it to me one.
5 / 5
Good and fat metal fences that read perfectly with record. You can stuff a far sinister compartment so only and does not fall on, as you could dip almost anything in here. It would be he adds for magazines and of the records. It is gone in exactly so much packaging how has been required, as any waste.
5 / 5
Does well, overpriced so that it is, 50 is tight wants to brouze your collection easily 40 a lot of
4 / 5
Is the headline is perfect where am showing my records. It likes that of him camouflages to some records. It has looked for the headline that there is not been bulky. This a slender east, almost invisible.
4 / 5
This law of record stand adds. I have required the stand of small record storage for my shelf of the living room and this does a trick. The planning orders another down a line. (Update) - has has ordered now two this in spite of that loves it record of east title. It would recommend!
5 / 5
Been looking for the title record that good looks and can return where need - this is not bulky and has the utmost vintage vibe his and the work adds!
4 / 5
Gave it so only 4 stars because it is quell'has bitten expensive so that the , is perfect for my spatial and would buy it again.

Top Customer Reviews: Atlantic Onyx 1209 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 55 ratings
1 / 5
Supposition I gotta gives it the star to write the description... Any one included deserves concealed... That is to say a big plus pos has not left never Amazon... (And and of the that usually written of the descriptions)

In the first place was, a box is gorilla bonded, then recorded up likes him is the bubble embroils...

Segundo, at the end takes a box opens to see a srews is stapled in a half of a support

Third, posing some two together halves was a main ache .. You know why? The cause is not to level.... Taken 3 pegs in a 4 does not match up...

4 after taking my husband that laws in of the carts all day to take a damn thing to vary.... He maintaining any same is directly....

5 Test poses a DVD of case only in a void.... The VOID IS TOO PRIM....

6, A void in a fund is quite wide for vhs...

Favour you, takes the support of cheap book of Walmart and has posed yours DVD in the.... Less outta pocket, less bs to treat and oh he.... You can pose a DVD in a shelf a road wants to

Thank you Amazon for a worse pos never!
4 / 5
It takes mine 2 CDs Torres yesterday, was so excited to pull them out of some boxes and trace in his supports only give concealed has not been identical at all, although purposefully has bought 2 of some very same products..One is coming with rooms a real measure of a CD is all a low road while another wine with the main rooms enters to accommodate compilations or perhaps multiple CDs is similar artists I supposition..I dunno, my point is 'buys 2 of a product still would expect the to be only that The STILL' marks any sense to return them he so costs the small fortune to take them in me in a first bloody place!
5 / 5
If you are handy with the level and the studfinder, that is to say an unbeatable road to aim your CD. I have bought 12 of these to aim my collection of 400 CDs for $ 132. I screwed 2 games of 1x2' the oak in a 2 studs in my wall, and has painted the to match a wall. Then it was only the subject to mark, hammer and screwing each turn in place - the small tedious, but that project of the weekend is not ? I have finished of an inferior row with the shelf done of an oak plank had left on of another project.

A mate the looks of black metal adds, and wants to that it can it to it read some titles without turning my side of cape by side. Of course a metal is the enormous updates of units of particle to joint this fallen averts after the few years. In 30 years, any one will buy our house and question that is was all prende :-)

If you are of the sure age, using CALM CD give you the sure satisfaction and nostalgia. I touch to explode through a Onkyo C-7030 Compact disc player (Negre). Tear All my CD in Apple Lossless and use my iPod when is out of house, but still prefers a player of CD for serious listens. And some CD very has very liner notes.
5 / 5
These do a work to organise films wonderfully; I want a flexibility of location that these units left when that designs the creation of presentation(voice the picture in photograph of client).
4 / 5
Val Like these a lot of is 26 dvd the titulars has 26 levels dvd void and then 1 empty fold that or can line the season of television or the film with extra disks, can use he for 2 separate dvds but apt class of loose in him. I use for 2 it separate it dvds so that it does not have anything more than will return it and does not want to waste a room of storage. I have had already one of these and was to advance and has ordered two more he so that it can hang each three in a wall for my boys dvds. They are very easy to hang but would advise to exit in advance and buying the group of molly rays to use with him. These only come with two molly rays but has four holes in a metal to hang them. It IS to advance and use a two this is coming with for an upper in of the holes and has used then one ones had bought for a fund. As it require it the total of six extra to hang mine 3. An electrical hammer and the level are things very good to have but also will require the hand-the streaky screwdriver and the hammer like an electrical hammer will not return in him for collar some rays in. I have used only he in pre holes of hammer for a premier any one of a molly rays. They are sper easy to pose up although the only take quite 30 minutes to pose above the each three. A lot they that me but the desire is coming with 4 rays in place of one 2.
4 / 5
It IS the small sketchy likes him all the world says. But I am a OCD Virgin and yes can live with him, can also. Only it attaches the weight in a backside. It uses my case of the electrical guitar and he well. Only the has not posed he in the zone of big traffic. I have bought the used or and was slightly ticked was one of one void was slightly angled probably because of a last idiot that has taken turbulent with him and repackaged the. Still very enough to lose sleeps on. It says it it was worth it the the. Compraventa New even so you go to problem. Sometimes this necessity of vendors to give more than the pause in tax for used thinks, but that it is another history .
5 / 5
That is to say the wonderful product . I plan to take more for my collection. So much better to have near that to clutter in your coffee-table or cupboard (my bookshelf was FULL of books). HIGHLY it recommends. I have planted the half-brick in a backside based in another is recommendations but somehow has did not listen required that extra precaution. It IS up quite well think for his sake and he are not flimsy at all-for a money is the compraventa very good . FAST wine and well has boxed. Cd IS is visible and the handy still look ordered and apresamiento spatial very small. I WANT TO it.
5 / 5
I use 'thin-group' clear dual-dvd case (7mm if fat) and use the for my Blu-films of ray. It was curious if this 28-dvd the tower would do with 2 dvd case for void and yes sustain an extra weight of some additional cases (controls 56 dvd cases now). In my pleasant surprise, work very well therefore setup! A slide of case grupal thins in and was easily and any one joins at all. Has be of mine in the flat surface and he the good with all these cases has inserted. Even so, it is it bit it tipsy when has uploaded fully. If you are not fully that uploads a tower, would suggest to upload of a subordinated-arrive (like other critics have mentioned) while it is the stable plus bit that it issues yes in a fund. A probably would want to improvise and way the plus supportive basic in a subordinated yes goes to be a tower in the flat surface or carpet. All-in-all, these on duty works well for my purpose. I am very pleased with this product.
5 / 5
Different some this has bought this element and estimated it down so that
of failure to live until his expectations, had bought this cd title
fact of the years in the Walmart walks-in tent. I have known that this produces
perfectly serves a purpose for the this has feigned. It IS very well it has built it to it to him.
But use he in some poses down (horizontal) which plant is very stable, easy
to stack multiple units, and more than entity in me -> Portable <-. Has eight
5 / 5
A number of the critics here have has had problems with assembly. A vain thing joint quite easily and intuitively but is quite exacting: each what four columns of cape have to when being in precise alignment before one [upper] the clave viril will go down properly in a low plus [female] receptacles.

Is not particularly mechanically the expert and took it together places in the subject of minutes. To use he with CD is, is satisfied totally: it returns precisely in a zone has had in alcohol; it lines a CD is neatly; it does not take up too spatial; it can be firmed up easily to plant the brick in a back protrusion of a 'foot' of a support; it can be wall has the trace was.

Quite the bit in how and any a lot of to disturb!

Top Customer Reviews: MyGift Set of 3 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 44 ratings
5 / 5
Partorisca A prize this element is sold a vendor would owe that dip more endeavour partorisca ensure a product arrives in good condition. A material is light and curves of zone of the basket easily. I am returned my product has broken to a vendor after several tentativas unsatisfactory to rectify my subject. Any recommended.
4 / 5
In fact uses these partorisca general storage in my cookery. His so only returned in the shelf of the cupboard with some doors has closed. They resist to to the loose elements likes him to him-him them filters of caffè and container of good drink. I do not have room partorisca situate the spice racks so that it can maintain everything in a chance so that at all it take attacked on or shoved to a backside. More is point as I can see that it is inner .

Are sure is very partorisca half comunicacionales optical.
4 / 5
These look good but no very partorisca store CDs, which is reason I bought him. A reason is that while you can store CDs inner, an interior of some curves of basket bit it so much taking them was again is the ache... Enough so that it is it is returned.
5 / 5
I alive 24 feet RV devotion excluyente like this spatial is critical. Literally I have hundreds of CDs and Dvd in the a lot compact space. Pair These units of boss with the bosses of paper and calm can store the plot. Resisting on well. Absolutely it wants to him. Bought six of them like this far. The investment adds
4 / 5
These are perfect for our CD is to be business under our system of sound. They are stackable and sturdy. Has 24 .
4 / 5
A lot well, are by train to use them in mine car to maintain a CD is organised. I have required something to avert flying shrapnel! Tried a lot of type keepers/organisers and like these some better!
4 / 5
Very done of band of the storage , well for CDs. It have been a lot they were the little main, so that some containers could be stacked with dividers installed.
4 / 5
Uses these boxes of storage of the point in my cupboards of narrow deep cookery so that it does not have to that take all was one for one to take to an element loves. Convenient hand-held start to pull he out of a cupboard.
4 / 5
This aim CD BOXES of law of organiser perfectly afterwards to my player of CD. They are of the rigid construction, some dimensions are tailored to return my CDs in of the bosses of individual paper, and would have to that last a lot with which are in a muck. Oh, And the nave was quickly, also. In general, the cost adds.
5 / 5
Perfecto to resist all my CDs . This is not ugly and looks to be sturdy. I can it has to that purchase more!! Has has wanted to something concealed could be place in mine living room and a lot something plastic. These containers of storage were perfect!

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