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Top Customer Reviews: Celicious Matte ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5 Elsie
Work, my laptop is now much easier to use in daylight. Easy installation with a lot of tools; adhesives, cleaning lines etc.. Some the only problems are that a screen resulted slightly blurry and has to augment a brilliance slightly. Also, the sensibility the touch is has affected slightly. But, any one sounds very that a screen resulted unusable. Also, the screen is now the very less magnet of fingerprint. In general, and it recommends this product.
4 / 5 Brittni
Work, my laptop is now much easier to use in daylight. Easy installation with a lot of tools; stickers, cleaning lines etc.. An only drawbacks is that a screen is resulted slightly blurry and has to that augment a brightness slightly. Also, the sensibility the touch is has affected slightly. But, any sound a lot that a screen is result unusable. Also, the screen is now the much less fingerprint magnet. In general, it would recommend them this product.
4 / 5 Enriqueta
Easy to dip in a screen. Good looks and does not affect an action partorisca touch in any way.

Top Customer Reviews: Celicious Matte ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5 Devorah
Ossia The add anti-screen of protective glare partorisca a Asus T100TA. As declared, ossia the crazy-screen of the protective type arrived and like this will reduce glare and scratches. I have had this on partorisca the month and I have had any complaint. Highly recommend this is looking for the durable anti-screen of protective glare partorisca your Asus Transformative.
5 / 5 Leesa
Has finalised to the launch went it after 10 minutes. A screen was like this dark that has had to that maintain a brightness on all a way and included has has had to that then pull my eyes. Also it can be my pill brightness has not been like this good. Also a filter is not that well. Included in 80 corner of a screen still could see a screen enough to do out of forms and of the photos. Also, it has had to that cut roughly 1/2' of a subordinated or more he a lot of cradle a pill to a good keyboard. But once I that, the work adds. Too bad was too dark.
4 / 5 Jaime
Junk! No the screen to daunt.. It is tinted and the difficult fact for an user of computer to read that it is in a screen. The screens of daunts would have to that shoulder of blockade surfing etc, but leave an user to see a screen. Ossia Likes to take some film for tinting yours car window and it dipping in a screen of computer. The vendor required to pay the turn that ships in United Kingdom.. Which would be side more then a product has done. How it is gone in some rubbishes .

Top Customer Reviews: Celicious Matte ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
5 / 5 Long
I am experienced partorisca dip on screen protectors. I have done at least 20 partorisca telephones and 10 partorisca pills/of laptops. This one was the bit of the ache.

I always beginning partorisca look on instructions in the place of a costruttore. A place was down partorisca improvements.

So many, was it so only! I have cleaned a screen, has used a stir to powder to pull of any visible specs, has situated a protective and stuck in some stickers of alignment in a big plus of some sides. All was a lot of until I have had to that pull of a backing to an adhesive side.

To the equal that has pulled of an adhesive protective discharge, a half of a protective kinked and has done the line in a half. I have tried to do work, but he no.

According to test, same process, excepts situated some stickers of alignment in a short side. This has yielded results very better! So only two tiny bubbles in a cup for a notch of camera.

A quality of a protective is surprising! They are sure when some instructions are published or additions to a packaging, will improve your experience!

Does not have any @@subject recommending or that buys again!
5 / 5 Tamika
The product adds to protect your chromebook. Also, it has left not feigning these is some things some easy plus to locate without taking the speck of powder sandwiched in. If it blame a product for the calm then need to so only direct your expectations.
4 / 5 Charmain
This protective short a glare. My Asus Toe Chromebook the screen is very defiant to see in chance like the brilliant day and are in a train. I have not gone too much well in the apply but touch the one who want.
5 / 5 Millicent
WOW! A better of a better! Good-looking and effective unit. He everything. The service adds, the value and the punctual delivery add. A lot it thanks!
5 / 5 Thomasina
No of first time also thier small bubbles...... But his shot a lot in general

Top Customer Reviews: Celicious Matte ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 13 ratings
5 / 5 Catheryn
Look one that-in video in a web of place 3 times before beginning an installation of protective screen. I have expected in unbox a laptop until an arrival of protective screen of England.

Number of photo 1 is an adhesive left wing by behind a tape of scrolling of the powder. A screen of glass in a lenovo yoga 730 is supremely sensitive in adhesives. I recommend first washing your hands then do a tape of scrolling at least sticky powder to press it against a palm of your anterior hand-held use he in your screen.

Some directions declare that a protective screen has two sides, a duquel the necessities peeled was and discarded anterior in installation. That is to say the lie . There is adhesive TWO tagged numbers 1 and BOTH necessity take during this particular phase of a process.

Number of photo 2 is that it spends when does to any to give that had 2 number of adhesive 1 and literally has to do behind. Poor directions. My woman has said that it have to estimate it 1 star.

Number of photo 3 is a final result and was supremely stressful but does not have it when being.

Celicious Please correct these two obvious problems:
1. Some necessities of tape of scrolling to powder to be less sticky or developed in not leaving by behind adhesive residue.
2. A necessity of directions to count that has 2 adhesives tagged numbers 1 and only or which are tagged number 2.

Around-up: In general, a quality of a Celicious Mat Anti-the screen of Protective Glare is surprising and in spite of all a tension, adhesive residue and poor directions, finished in the success and he are very done likes him more the products buy of England.
5 / 5 Taisha
It produces very poor. Thwarting Experience to say a less. It installs several protectors of screen felizmente in a past in of the telephones, tablets, ipads. But only I can not take this or right!...Although had two protectors in a group, has used only or and does not plan to use another unit that Asks the turn immediately!!
Alas my investigation the anti-the continuous protective glare....

A vendor was very responsive. A substitution has been shipped quickly and one 'version' of a product is very good. One adhesive is strong and was able to take 99.99% perfection with an application..
4 / 5 Sunday
- Very Precise
- very designed
- application Quite easy this takes some patience

- Represents touchscreen next useless for displacement

A protective screen is very bundled and has designed. A measure is very precise and as when applying you has to be very careful of having a protective perfectly in a screen. Even so, this loses or stars so that it represents a touchscreen useless for displacement. A touchscreen still works, even so only to press buttons. Been due to of the this, is unsure maintain this protective.

Remarce: I actuate still to try yes absorbs harm of the impact and I very never test does .

Tips of application:
is suggested highly to verify all the dimensions before beginning so that you take you the good idea of so precisely apply a protective. I have directed to apply a protective without any bubbles, but take the while. You will have to peel two protectors of a protective screen: one on the one hand sticky and one to protect a protective to line in an another side. This creation is very effective and useful.
4 / 5 Charmain
It was not it was only my cement Stylus (Wacom Ink of Bamboo) or no, but could only not using this protective screen.

In the first place was, an application was INCREDIBLY EASY, and has taken in fact to vary perfectly. Any bubble under a protective screen, sper easy to apply, box of fantastic nave while the does not take bundling bent , professional, very all quite was the upper notch . Then take it to use it. An integration of touch was well, has not remarked anything out of a normal excepts goes to take the touch of phantom only in or signals, but this could have been random and is not blaming this at all.

Then begun to use my stylus, and very far too very time after I have launched this has been. A protective screen has listened very sticky same after it like him dry the down, like the writing has been on conformed with the plot of control and any card with the circle finished to be straight lines and jumpy. Some stylus also included squeaked!

All this be has said, if I have not been the enormous note taker/writer in my Yoga, would have maintained this thing in the heartbeat.
3 / 5 Mabel
A dimension of a film is cut precisely to return a screen of my Yoga 710 - 14 inch. It IS quite 1/16' - 1/32' smaller cual the easiest installation. I have bought this product to attach anti-cloak of glare in the a lot of shinny Lenovo screen. A Celicious produced any enough in soyatte' a screen, IMHO.
1 / 5 Vincenzo
Didnt Spent to touch capabaility cual a company has announced. Successful has been in a company and offered to substitute with the proto type removable screen. As I have taken of a one this was done at least and has taken the proto type that they apparently didnt give a computer has any place to locate and retain a protective screen. Tan Apparently the magic is supposes to line it on. It likes two protects protectors later still at all in the first place some marred according to one has any road to attach.
3 / 5 Isabell
A material and the global look of protective screen is good but was very difficult to apply without creating bubbles of air. Also it is the very precise piece cual he difficult to pose in withouth a bit hang was.
4 / 5 Amada
I have bought in fact this screen of 4 protective roads for the Macbook Air 11.6'. I fulfilled it it was to cut the bass to measure, so that it is not why take the star. It IS the particularly effective '2-road' protective, (side-in-axial side by side) but less so vertically. If it was the small more effective in a vertical plan thinks that it there would be it his data 5 stars. Otherwise, HAS BEEN the enormous help . It enters softly, down a clear flow without too much cutting clarity, and can see left the portable east until I plant of him.
3 / 5 Tamika
Apt sake in my Lenovo Yoga. It was difficult posing it on without bubbles, included with some small cloak provides. It IS the very exact access that does not leave he very soiled for error that is the difficult bit. It IS very easy for him up-of covers some corners, which spent of room to powder to enter.
5 / 5 Long
A must has for screens of shiny laptop. Has the lenovo yoga with the pen, and is calm the screen gives a pen one be right. I do not know why lenovo chooses to pose such crummy the screens on there train, but that it is the different description .
5 / 5 Margene
These produced is of United Kingdom and taking returned is expensive and the hassle. An adhesive force is poor. Some instructions is utmost and very clear, any bubbles of air but does not stick to some flanges a lot well.
5 / 5 Kendal
Some works of good product partorisca daunt dims the screen bit it. It is not anti glare this in spite of.

Last word of Precaution has ordered bad to measure a first time and partorisca the turn has had to that pay to ship so it is EUA has based to the ship can surpass a cost of an element.
4 / 5 Graig
A bit last to install without bubbles in some flanges. Has installed dozens of screen protectors on all the class of the devices and these tend to want to peel take them too close up of a flange, which is difficult to avert reasons are cut like this precisely. This precision is the good thing , does not take me bad, but an adhesive discharge could be so only bit it fatter.

This has said, if has the place advances an endeavour to take this thing installed correctly, a texture is sum and any grab your toe like attacks by means of him, and does a look of exposure absolutely stunning.

Top Customer Reviews: Celicious Matte ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5 Velda
Sale of 2 screen protectors. Wine with a box of installation with tabs of alignment and powder removers. Powder removers is absolutely atrocious! They are extremely sticky (usually the good thing) to a point that residue of leaves during your screen or protective! I am spent 30 minutes that scrapes and peeling was residue that was been left behind for some tabs. Regarding a protective, is well. It is lined already of installation, but resupplies good coverage without blocker anything. Next time I compraventa protectors, will be partorisca do investigation the such things.
5 / 5 Luther
After adhering to my screen, looks partorisca do well. Of course the time and the use will be a true test , neither duquel have experienced like this of closing. Suspicion that protects, as it has announced.

Top Customer Reviews: Celicious Impact ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5 Lucretia
I remotely and my undertaken resupplied the work mac book with the (different) screen of security of the (different) vendor that has done well enough, but has looked so only the 'one view/of shadow of way to daunt'. Of then it uses my personnel chrome book for far work also (for the different work), has decided to for this daunt of 4 screen of ways ( has imagined that would be 4x is like this effective likes a mine another gifted me w/ my mac book).

Chico, has been bad: This was the compraventa poor for my part. Immediately a bat: The one who pays $ 100 basically for shaded-plastic wrap for his screen of laptop? >>>Transmission of mine A, ossia that. It has taken like this wrapped-up in that wants to protect my monitor to be seen by another that has done a wrong election purchases a a-revised product.

While a screen resupplies some protect (any totals) of spectators in any side and on you, also blocks your personal view in timing reason a screen has this iridescent sheen/glaze his (the screen has received for my work-mac the book there has not been this characteristic, and of then there is never has possessed the screen to daunt before I have begun to do remotely has not thought-to-think roughly something like this).

A sheen darkens a global monitor, any only ensuring he to be viewable in of the sure corners, which is a @@subject if yours have the 'portable the of estimate' (like my chrome book) where a screen is not exceptionally backlit to start with with; any one some screens' lacking but the annoying once turns smaller to a frustration that continuous in.

For separate, in a light of direct sun or enmedio shine it, is after impossible to see your screen of any corner likes glare of an iridescence sheen no only prevents another to see an information in your screen, but calm also.

Would owe that have has taken more time to research a mark of screen that my work resupplied with my mac book, but already had launched was a packaging (and could not agree a name of mark), and having has not purchased never something like this before I have imagined so only would find something almost like this very on Amazon.

My deception; it does not blame Amazon I fault I.
5 / 5 Britt
Has received this today, and is spent almost the averages an hour that tries cogerprpers on without something of powder. I have known this would be the challenge because of a measure of a discharge, and he in fact worse to try to the impulse has retreated was to take tiny particles that snuck in, which has directed the even more that goes in a way. This of course is any one the fault of a product, but a dusty the air of Arizona extracted in the daily base. I recommend to use sticky tape to blot a screen with before application, and be sure to do in so that the free powder of a zone like possible! Fortuantely Has two in a container, as I can try harder that take a prójimo one in better.
Regarding a product he, was the tiny has bitten too big (wide) for my Acer R11 C738T screen. Has has had to that trim perhaps the averages the millimetro was for the take to dip flush in a screen, which left with bubbles of extra air in this flange of a screen. Otherwise Looks to reduce a lustrous glare of an original screen amiably and does not look to effect a response to touch at all.

Top Customer Reviews: Celicious Impact ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
Powder/of muck among anti glar and backing, has come also with small crinkles that could not be spent. Also a line of applicator some discharges
5 / 5
the product arrived with curve of corner and wrinkled. It can not apply perfectly.

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