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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 35 ratings
4 / 5
As iphone 11 Pro, Macbook Pro, Airpad Pro; a 'Pro' denotes the product of main final.

Has compared to a Airpods (version 2) model of main final (with wireless touching chance); a Airpods Pro is $ 50 more MSRP.

Has compared to a no wireless chance the version is $ 90 more

Airpods Pro has wireless touching chance for incumplimiento. So only a version.

Has left is partorisca spend for some differences

1. Physical appearance:

Roots Shorter, but main bud or boss

has the big black airflow grill

A mic inner and out of a Airpods

the chance is same thickness , the widest plot, but shorter. Still it uses to light boss partorisca touch, but comes with the light the USB-C boss

2. In-ear, in place of on-of ear

If your ear has the small cavum and an original airpods returns perfectly, then a Airpads Pro can be the tight access/more uncomfortable, but seeing an in-creation of ear, a piece of ear will go to a canal of the ear and a rest will float in place.

Those with normal or main cavum gone back well.

To Some can not liking a piece of ear in disposal to his canal of ear

These telephones of ear are more partorisca the means shut that of the opened a

that Sees that it is one in-creation of ear, can feel this effect of empty air that goes in unless it turns on way of transparency (more in this late plus) or music of game with the active noise that annuls in

that Sees that it is in-ear, has the tightest grip, better partorisca joggers, that shakes his boss around the plot partorisca some reason, or you run on stairs often. If has an intense workout regimen and/or extreme sports and any mindful anchors it can fall out of

has the Tip of Ear Tries Apt on application. There are several tips of ear in of the boxes. When Management in this characteristic in application aforáis and suggest that tips of the ear more is listening experience partorisca you

loses some tips or take them dirty overtime, can go to a tent of Apple and take pair of substitution partorisca around $ 4 or take more economic 3rd celebrates a bit when they exit

3. Squeeze in place of tap

In planting to touch in a earbuds, is pinching or squeezing a root.

1x partorisca touch, pause, and calls of response

2x to skip the advances follow

3x the skip behind follows

Press and control partorisca change among the active noise annuls and way of transparency

Still able to say 'Hey Siri' to do the mandates of voices/regulate volume anytime

Any controls of physical volume in buds

4. Life of battery

the life of diverse Battery depends that far calm was is of a device and the volume have dipped. Depreciation of battery over time. These are so only estimativas rough

Pro in general has 4.5 listening time with the active noise that annuls or transparency on. Airpods Version 2 has 5 hours. Note Airpod version 2 does not have the active noise that annuls or way of transparency. You can take 5 hours with the noise that annuls and the transparency was, but more probably calm is not that it goes to the not being that you are exasperated really for battery

Pro has 3.5 times of habladuría. Airpods HAS 3 hours

Chances like this old 24 battery of life of hours

Pro: 5 mins in chance = 1 habladuría of now or listen time. Airpods 15min In chance = 3 hours listen, 2 habladuría of hours

5. Sweat/of resistant water

Now can go to a gymnasium and do cardio with them on.

To the equal that has mentioned first, the tightest grip that sees that it is in-ear

Can survive light rain. Any recommended that goes in a shower or dunk in a group with him this in spite of

6. Annulment of active noise, way of Transparency

Airpods pro has 3 ways: annulment of Active noise, was and way of Transparency

the annulment of Active nose tries to block out of external noise while listening the music. It say that it floods it was you can 70. If you head to external or is not the music headed to; calm still can be able to choose out of that is going in, but in general is work .

Was is so only like a level in-auricular of ear, but with a sound of empty air when any music is touching

way of Transparency. A black airflow the grills have left in his outsides like six able to listen both external sound and music same time. It thinks of him ear like this open headsets.

Different some in-ear headsets a black airflow the grills prevent calm of calm listened in your boss when tongues

7. Quality of his

Better that a leading version that sees an active noise that annuls and in-the ear with his plus focused direcly to your canal of ear. It is not $ 250 audiophile his of quality. His of better quality in lows and mids has compared to any-of pro version. If it calms it has not tried never some Beats to Be able to Pro, sound very resembled these

can listen visit them better enmedio noisy and less probably create your voice


Another that that, all another characteristic is some still. Meaning to be used in devices of Apple. Ease a lot well of use for users of Apple, and is in-way these days (tip estada social). Quality of his better east that a no-PRO VERSION, and take annulment of noise. There are other headphones that he his more in this row of prize, but can not be like this convenient with pairing to devices of Apple.
5 / 5
With a way of new transparency, can listen to the music that knows that I will not be never there is run over for the car in a street again. Another W partorisca Tim Cook and some products
4 / 5
of the boys of Apple of Amur but are tired games
With an iPhone 11 has presented some new touching final (any one a concealed goes to a telephone, a a that atasquemos to a cube then to a receptacle).
A AirPods pro comes with a same boss but any cube. This means if you do not have a product of calm of iPhone can not touch this period. And a boss the touch comes with this worthless unless it has bought him to him already an iPhone 11
touches of Apple to ridiculous prize for his products. They owe behind the with a pertinent hardware
5 / 5
These earphones is upper of a line.
Here is some have Underlined Characteristic
there is
IPX4 has estimated to resist sweat and water, doing them ideal for sports and exercise.

Internally tapered The tips conform your form of ear while it helps of the ventilations equalises pressure partorisca maximum consolation.

Annulment of the active noise constantly adapted to a geometry of your ear and an access of a eartips to maintain you isolated of a world-wide around you.

Presionó And resist a sensor by force in a root to change among Annulment of Way and Active Noise of Transparency, which leaves his outside in to maintain you conscious of your half.

Has developed microphone of clarity of point of call of port increases in of the windy locations.

H1 headphone The chip looks 10 cores of audio partorisca latency of has spent down and annulment of noise of real time.

Bluetooth 5.0 For of confidence, big-reception of quality.

Automatically on, has connected automatically.

The access of voice enabled the Siri.

The audio that the calm actions enable you and the friends to enjoy a same song or film for simply spending the second pair of AirPods next to your iPhone or iPad.

More than battery of 24 life of hours with touching chance
4 / 5
To the equal that will say are not never spending my bose 700 is was in public (another it plan and another meso to transport ossia too strong for a small in noise of ear cancelation a Airpods pro have) there so only too bulky and, but this new airpods is so only like this lustrous and convenient, are an audio nerd he wants to comfort these are probably some better buds to buy right now. Obviously the sound could be better but so that takings would say well each penny.

Seif Afyouni.
4 / 5
Wow! They did not like him Never some pods of of original air. They have gone down always of point. They are Apple like this happy is exited with these and that has expected squander it in headphones. A sound is beautiful, an access is perfect. Literally so only it take these out of a box and I am enamoured! They are always be a lover of product of the Apple. Well value a wait!
5 / 5
Isolation of the his and the control of water is my preferred characteristic! It was súper soufflé has gone by to like silences the plot of a noise around me until the way of transparency is active!
4 / 5
Apple has paste the house run with these... I have loved an original AirPods but could no to take them to return in my ear. I have tried another true wireless earbuds and has not liked him never a look or access of them. With a AirPods Pro, Apple has answered my prayers, and is included better that could have imagined. An annulment of his east LEGIT. I possess a Bose 700 noise that annuls auricular and while they are not like this well in the annulment of noise likes those, am blown has gone by this that afterwards.

A quality of his hips touches mine very good. They are in no way a audiophile but are the little picky according to which this goes and are more than has pleased.

A capacity to change of the noise that annuls to the way of transparency is awesome also.
4 / 5
Modification after 1 month:

Ossia populate in north Amsterdam, and spending is resulted the fashion . I think that that it is a better electronic product with which iPhone and Echo in a past 10 years.
IPHONE 4 Steve Jobs 2010
Echo Jeff Bezos 2014
Airpods Pro Tim Cook 2019

1. It is suitable for enthusiasts of sports. Airpods Pro HAS the new anti-function of sweat, as I do not owe that concern he roughly known harm some headphones during exercise. Function of the reduction of the noise can isolate external sounds, as you can enjoy music a same time
2. Life of battery. I have tried a box of battery for roughly 16 hours, and a headset has 5 hours less. A function of the reduction of the noise can eat more can.
3. It is not adapted to sleep. When Awake on, can find headphones everywhere. Besides, when a power is was, a beep am a lot annoying. It is recommended that fellow that loves spent for the listened of sleep of use of sleep.
4, has found that a quality of his of the low frequency will be more impactful and fuller that Airpods 2, but a quality of his global is not a lot a lot of different of Airpods2

informs Old:

gives this product 4 stars. It take these first products of Black Friday and has been using he for 10 days. Here it is my experience that auricular of uses
Appearance: 3 stars
1.unla The surface feels is one same like forward two generations, and is easy to line. It is recommended to buy the third-celebrate protective house or the chance to touch with the protective chance.
Personally feels better that a forward two generations, reasons an appearance is flatter and a earstems is shorter
3. There are three measures of earbuds. A incumplimiento is measured of half. Some few ears are still bit it painful after spending for the long time. Changing a trumpet is very better. A sleeve of the silicone is not easy to take and substitute. Besides, a silicone of a earphones is quell'has bitten smelly.
4. The empty uneven is found in a chance to touch. Not to think it would have to that have any questions with a workmanship of a product in this prize, like an appearance is so only 3 stars.
Consuelo: 4 stars
1. In-ear AirPods Pro is not like this comfortable like any-in-ear AirPods.
2. At present, it is roughly be 40 hours with earphones. It is said that has stomas to regulate pressure of air, so will have any pressure in an ear for the long time. Balance of the pressure of the ear is better that Bose
3. AirPods Pro Will have tension of better air to some ears. Sony WH1000XM3 Have roughly evasions of air, but Sony WH1000XM3 is the headphone. It goes in in-ear the active noise that annuls auricular, AirPods Pro can be a small plus and integrated A terracing A big plus and one the majority of complete function
4, those careers without concerning in falling, squat without concerning roughly pressing a with the. His presence is much stronger that AirPods. You ca no t attended spend he for the long time like AirPods before. You will forget his existence. In fact, always it sustain your ears to adapt calm of his existence. An advantage is concealed has compared the AirPods, AirPods Pro is stronger and harder that fall. Partorisca Depose you-fond users, AirPods Pro will be more suitable for you.
5 stars
1. The reduction of active noise is a main difference go in Pro and AirPods 2. AirPods Pro HAS three reduction of ways of noise, specifically reduction of noise on, was, and transparent way. An official has said that the innovation of Apple in transparent way, but see other frames (Samsung, Sony) A headset also has the alike function.
2, AirPods Pro Reduction of the noise is not like this very like this Sony WH1000XM3 on-auricular of reduction of noise of ear, but is a better among real wireless headphones. Considering as to achieve such an obvious noise effect of reduction in such the small volume, does not comprise . An intuitive feeling is that an effect of the reduction of the noise is obvious.
3, Can feel quite calm in a street, how is recommended strongly to use the reduction of noise was or transparent way in a street.

Quality of his 4 stars
A AirPods Pro Quality of his has not been has improved significantly compared to a leading generation of AirPods

Resuman: Ossia an excellent headset. If it estimate a function of reduction of the noise more, is suitable for you. But you are concerned more in a quality of his and have any need for reduction of noise, suggests that shabby AirPods 2, reason AirPods 2 is more economic. Besides, a box to touch and the receiver does not have to that be stray, some officials touching box and accesorias of the headphones are expensive
5 / 5
With a way of new transparency, can listen to the music that knows that I will not be never there is run over for the car in a street again. Another W partorisca Tim Cook and some boys

Top Customer Reviews: Apple AirPods with ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 58 ratings
5 / 5
These are utmost but very very better then gen1. The only addition is Siri characteristic. Enough I will buy an anterior model in discount and saves some green.
5 / 5
These AirPods is surprising they automatically the the audio of game ails posed the in your ears and the pause when take them era. A mere double-touches during the musician that listens skip advance. To adjust a volume, changes a song, marks the call, or still takes directions, he only said alvation Siri' to actuate your favourite of personal assistant. More, when is in the call or tongue with Siri, some works of additional accelerometer with dual beamforming the microphones to filter was noise of backdrop and ensure that your voice is transmitted with clarity and consistency.
Besides, book five hours to listen time in the only load, and is done to maintain up with calm thanks to the case to touch this control uploads multiple additional for more concealed 24 hours to listen time. Only 15 minutes in a case give you to you three hours to listen to time or until two hours of time of habladura.
Highly would recommend in any look to buy
5 / 5
All the world is publishing that there is not the difference among these and one 1 Jan. This is deceiving and inaccurate. It IS a drastic improvement , no, but is still an improvement. An improvement is that the apple has update one on-piece of joint in a H1, which capes in matching faster and more stable. This is not anecdotal. It IS state tried and tried to be faster.

Also, opts for wireless load, buys a case with a gene 2 AirPods and will save the few dollars.

Already have one 1 gene, then is probably any value some updates. If you are looking to buy your first pair of AirPods, then go for these.

Some improvements with one 2
1 / 5
Microphone of poor quality. Any adapted for the far worker that takes calls. If your work requires dictation or the big quality mic, goes elsewhere
5 / 5
My threads has very wanted to airpods but his parents have think that that it was the waste of money as I have bought the for him behind his back and wants to it!! There is has wanted the for the while now and these are quality very good !! Real things!! It spends the all day very time!! Happy is appreciated!! The god Blesses, Margaret (the mother of Michael)
5 / 5
They are surprising. It IS so mere as it initiates only a case and calm is in. Quality of the sound is not a better for headphones in this same prize but a consolation are where will be you satisfied.
5 / 5
Excellent, quite useful... Easy to use and reliable. I have had at the beginning some doubt enough listens it reliable in my Mac and some Bluetooth the sometimes cut speaker was, but this law adds and is very comfortable in my ears. Aesthetically, they look utmost in me.

Estimates each penny.
4 / 5
It take for the anniversary of my woman. Of XS does not have an old headphone carried, AirPods records perfectly. More importantly want to it. The effect of his east quite well too much.
1 / 5
We buy the informative conjoint mark of AirPods for $ 159. Desprs Using during the week, listened in them and a pod of right air has been died. I have imagined, perhaps I just necessity for his touch. Bronzed When has taken house touch the, and a next day was to use them again and a right air bud was still fatality. It likes I some investigation, tried in reset the, and then could very reconnect the in my tlphonique at all.

Apple has contacted once, tried to give us a race around. Has wanted to us to leave them fully dies, which remark, as we conceal. Then, when still they no the law has wanted a defective pair for the new set (SO THAT we PAY 159 DOLLARS And has USED ONLY THE ONE OF A WEEK). It maintains in alcohol, has been cured of, any fallen, any harm of water, was expensive as they have been treated delicately. The apple has wanted the $ 180 imposicin to take the new together, which are MORE WHAT THAT has PAID AT THE BEGINNING PRENDI.

Has decided to contact Amazon, and suggested to contact Apple, but once count that it has been it, in the amazon has offered to do the right things and roads out of the substitution. The May There Went It a subject with the service of client of the amazon, but Apple supremely has disappointed. I will not purchase these again.
1 / 5
All the world is posting that does not have the difference among these and one 1st gene. Ossia misleading And inaccurate. It is a drastic improvement , no, but is still an improvement. An improvement is that Apple there is upgraded an on-chip to joint to a H1, which directs to the fastest pairing and more stable. This is not anecdotal. It is state tried and tried to be faster.

Also, yes opt for wireless touching, buy a chance with a gene 2 AirPods and will save the few dollars.

If already taken one 1st gene, then is probably any value a upgrade. If you are looking to buy your first pair of AirPods, then go for these.

Top Customer Reviews: Apple Lightning to ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Spent this of apple or more buy or something. So only it has taken this in an evening and he have broken inside an hour. It was really difficult to dip in some headphones and was when it was a bit in, the audio has come so only by means of an ear. Terrible.
5 / 5
Has ordered this of Amazon LLC. My iPhone 7+ says is not compatible and no with my telephone. Also, it is different that is pictured, easily can say like produced of official apple (like pictured on Amazon) has two cylinders with flat transitions of a hule to a plastic/metal 3.5 receiving final and has flat transitions in a side of lightning also. A product I rec'd there is it rounded transitions of a boss to some connectors. They are the little disappointed Amazon would sell this, which looks partorisca be the faulty the product based in my prime minister shipment, directly to consumers. Appearance this when purchasing of third vendors of party of Cina, but no of Amazon he. I am exchanging this in some wait that that has there is remedied of this I so that has there is has not had questions with his elements 'generic' before.

Update: it has received so only a product of transmission of amazon, looks partorisca look of the same like a product of works and original apple with an iPhone 7+. It will update if the product fails.
5 / 5
These are used Apple relieving the adapters that is sold like new partorisca to to an exact same prize likes him the tent of Apple. Calm suggest you so only go to take the new one of Apple.
4 / 5
'This Accessory has not Sustained of This iPhone'. Used he with my iPhone 7+ trying with both my Bose Calm of Consolation 2 & Bowers & Wilkins headphones & after the minute of the time of game there is prendido partorisca say that these devices have not been compatible. Tried again using an adapter of iPhone original that is coming with my telephone & has done perfectly. It DOES not BUY THESE.
4 / 5
Are usually well maintain the things that listens the music a telephone has fallen of literally like 3 feet and this flange that connects to a telephone was quite lucky to take a thing is gone in place to take stuck in my telephone....
Waste of money.
4 / 5
Almost has not bought this based in some descriptions. It had bought the pair like this-was mark and has had some of some same subjects have mentioned in some of some descriptions of 1 stars have attached to this element, but has then bought 2 orders of this element and they am in good sure frames of Apple. They go in packaging of work and Apple some so only like a one this is coming with my iPhone 7. Personally, I lose an Auxiliary jack and has had my access when Apple has taken was with an iPhone 7, but is that it is and now need these pocolos 'extra'. At least this some in fact works.

Maintains in Amazon of alcohol will accept returns in of the defective elements. I am returned a swipe -was frames some concealed has not done well for the full repayment. Any hassle,
5 / 5
has not done on iPhone. With which has purchased them this said to us was for an earlier version. It would not accept some new updates. Also, they would not take it behind reasons was further some 30days. I have purchased this for the travesía but reason the has not tried a production has arrived grieve has lost them a date of turn. A lot of disappointment. Achieved was to them the multiple time but was any help.
5 / 5
Has arrived in the boxes sealed, looks so only like a OEM one this is coming with my telephone, but does not act.
4 / 5
Reason to the amazon has the bad habit to group the together different things as if it is one same, has several people that says that this element is not a real thing. But that I recieved was train of official Apple, in apple branded packaging and material. It is a real shot . As it thought it that it would write this one to help any the one who has been concerned for a grouped (?) Descriptions.
5 / 5
Still bummed The apple is tossing traditional headphone jacks. Causes such subject with backside of compatibility. But happy to have this to try to help with that.

Top Customer Reviews: Apple EarPods with ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 30 ratings
4 / 5
Desprs Losing my iPhone7 EarPods, has bought these substitutions---crossing my toes that these would be legit produced of Apple (my mandate was "Sold by Amazon" new like the Exclusive Premier). Miraculously I Have found my original EarPods as when these are arrived compared the directly to see yes has matched up. A roughly Amazon routed am only like one ones have taken with my telephone, and a packaging is only as all my another material classical Apple: each sealed, meticulously lined in place, documentation, etc.

The low photos aim all some details of boxes and a bundled EarPods. An only thing that looked slightly different was a thickness of a main cord---these are the tiny plus bit to be thin as (excepts goes to take my IPhone7 mark some time so these could be a "running" version). Considering his, can not say any difference among my original EarPods and these substitutions. My one was accidents is so that a form of a real earpiece is not my favourite. That is to say just preference ---or measure of ear, perhaps?

UPDATE: it looks the amazon is not always offering these so First-Exclusive, or at all. The May would go for this listing by another, new or has used. The Tent of Apple otherwise!
1 / 5
I use my earbuds to sing and has remarked immediately the change in a mic quality. Included a texture is different. But I have thought salvation, still the good roads! Before fast two month. These just things crackled and few envoys mini accident of tram in my ears while it listens in the voicenotes in iMessage! Like A class of fast spark apresamiento when calm rub you your feet in the carpet and touch any one. But continual. I yanked has been the and has launched the in some rubbishes. I will go to buy of web of place of Apple now. Taken that decrees of paid.
1 / 5
Only it take it a bit auricular has taken ! Open and empty box
1 / 5
I have bought 3 pairs of these headphones for presents navideos for my daughters and have all left to do. I have bought the early months in front of the Christmas but has been only able to use them since 12/25 and has broken already.
1 / 5
It wants to it begin it it go it to say hardly ever write descriptions, unless I think that that a product is simply so that the surprise has to leave another learning or was like the wait of terrible god in steer another out of him. That is to say the case of a last. Desprs Taking them, has done well for a day and then prendido to do. A bit you found: ONLY use this does receiver IN my desktop, so that it does not have very casualidad is fallen in watering or has been given a very on or anything. Here it is all some subjects have found:

only Could limit a cord of lightning in a road, if you flipped the and inserted it would not recognise some headphones and would touch through the speakers of my iPhone
A earbud has prendido to do totally
A microphone has prendido to do totally
A volume would augment and reduce on is pertinent
1 / 5
Bought less than does the month and is already in a fritz. They maintain to actuate control of voice, hack of any at present are using arrest (listens in audio, that speaks tame-hand). It IS by train to direct me Crazy and is the disappointment of entity.
1 / 5
(Please the work of whole description before basing opinion)

Quan I recieved this produces immediately begun to use the since after my last pair broken has not had any substitution as have had to to use my iPhone without earphones during 2 weeks. At the beginning look my product has done very very he so that it begins binge looking videos of Youtube to take-up at most of some videos I stray (predominately asmr videos) even so after the few hours have had to my earphones to limit in my cape to touch and touch my telephone. A next day, arouses unplugged my iPhone of a load plugged in my earphones and in my road in pupil remarked that a right earphone has not done anymore..
Tried me take yes by the deception can have pulled a jack to light the small in taking and marred a product but I are usually very soft in this so that it does not think was my failure even so, any one when being any 100% insurance, can not accuse this product to be defective. He so the arrests clear when being this product has done well like him has been supposed in the the principle but then no.
5 / 5
I have left accidentally my IPHONE 7 headphones in the plan when trip with familiar. This work as well as an original ones. Purchase to again.
4 / 5
Well, and it gives these earphones he 5 indication of star. But an only problem or one subject and the voice was a packaging arrives in.
A earphones laws very well in of the terms of quality of sounds and me assembla Apple very true earphones.
Assembla Has spoken one subjects quite container in a vendor, inform me that one earphones enter this container of and-trade and apparently alleging he for well when being fide produced of Apple.
While a product is doing well, is well.
4 stars only because of a packaging but and cross thats a reason for a be of the product down side.
1 / 5
These are more to good dud insurance. I have bought these to have the backside until one ones concealed is coming with my iPhone and is not a same in comparison so far like his or quality of tez. I have used only never ear of apple buds of an iPod of premier has had to way that remains in my ears, and so that a quality of his decent east. I know apple earbuds. You grieve plugged these in and has shot up Spotify could say has not been a same. Tinny, echoey, Any resonance of base, and line when touches some controls. It spends a small extra bucks and compraventa directly of Apple. Look Through more concealed some descriptions are now apparent the majority is fake .

Top Customer Reviews: UNEN iphone ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
They are extremely happy with mine 10 cord of feet are at present in a hospital has known will be partorisca require something long in the chance there is any discharges partorisca be able to prójimo stops. Has one in mine car and little more home. Ossia Validates a lot very partorisca your money! Ossia Reason am doing the description of my bed of hospital :)
4 / 5
These have been rid really fast. They have not been planned untill Oct 9, but wine in Seven 29. So many thumbs up there.

Very sure if some pictures aim it, but is the good fat braid in some bosses and looks partorisca be that it resists on well to an use of boys. I kinda like a band of variety likes some outlets is so only further out of some pieces of furniture. They are the good shot partorisca a prize and I is likely to order them again if some girls direct partorisca lose or break these.

Meh, The one who are fooling. The boys so only find the way to break anything. Be any 'he' roughly that.
4 / 5
Was nervous buying was frames partorisca upload for my iPhone to the equal that has in a past & almost everything of them prendiendo weeks of acting interior. I have been using these for the months of the pair now & is utmost. They are good quality & I really likes having some different period. The a shortest flavour one for my car like an end any paste a paving & takes wet & ruined (this past with my original of iPhone uploads.. Almost cried). They are durable, very done & has been doing me well. If you are looking for the substitution uploads these are one some. Good prize for multiple cords. It Likes him he has one in mine bedside, in of my car, my stock exchange to do & the extra of pair in chance perhaps. I mean to to which likes him the dead telephone or upload concealed does not operate. Lol A lot me. I have not been disappointed still so it does not think you would be neither.
5 / 5
100 value he. At all for the plot of load in my house to the equal that have loved to try the different class and the boy am surprised. These are surprising! Like this strong, and thickness, more a period of some cords is the enormous plus. I have been using an of then has taken without questions at all. To good sure would take these love value to upload your money!
5 / 5
While looking for a to the cord and an adapter that would sustain both touching and one to the boss for my truck, has @to @give has required one extra load for a truck. So much, I have decided that looks for one. $ For the five band of bosses with the variety of measures, more is braided and in fact MFi compatible? Touched the little too good to be true, but has verified some descriptions and he was quite has revised positively. They like him some few bosses, but will be sure to update my description if any of some bosses suffers the harm and that time am lasted.
5 / 5
Are almost always rough with my bosses to touch and his no last while appearance this in spite of with which buys this place to touch bosses. I have not had a @@subject that like this never!!!! I have substituted all mine other bosses of iPhone and is utmost. Especially a 6FT the boss achieves literally anywhere in my bed. No longer or it has to that think roughly can turns on in a fresh side of a bed. READING of STOP And ADD Your CART YOU WONT The REMORSE!!!!
4 / 5
Go in the plastic container that separates some measures. The class of like this calms of then can grab that need without inaugural each section. It likes that there is of the variety of measures to choose of, as I can use where required.

Has had some subjects with touching devices of then some bosses do not recognise of the like this genuine bosses, but these bosses that reads as it has promised. I have been of then using them like this far like this well, but has been using them take so only the week to the equal that can a lot really say in his durability but will update a description there is any worry or subject in a future.

Appreciate some diverse measures. Some connectors of USB are the snug access, as I found it more to leave them plugged in where I required him.
4 / 5
Awesome Boss of quality, and 5 of them in different period for a awesome prize!! Abordable And do like this well!
4 / 5
1/17/21 update 1 load now works. Still we have not received our “present “ “ of prize” that a vendor had spend for a process to choose but has not sent never.
1/5/21 Update: as of today 3 of a chargers no anymore. They do not say they are not compatible so only does not touch .
Was has said also has taken to the prize dipped of chargers and has been asked to choose to prize. I have not received Never a prize and I have 2 working chargers. I guess I will not be buying these again.

Original description
That likes me your product will depend in those hard times and which time my telephone waste likes any compatible. Quell'Concealed that has not spent still but will see.
Likes that there is diverse period to choose of so it has had to will buy him again.
4 / 5
Any of them entirely after the few months of use. Two broken entirely. Three only load when inserted a lot with energy and so only when oriented in a direction. I have cleaned to touch the ports and the bosses and his still do not do or so only partially laws. Tried with multiple devices and chargers. These can be some worse touching the bosses have has not purchased never.

Top Customer Reviews: iPhone Charger, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
4 / 5
In the first place it was, I pause or lose my chargers to the each device of Apple in my house like any morning, as they are no-partorisca buy new chargers. Seriously, at least once the month. I have tried out of hundreds of chargers partorisca arrive to this point, as I have imagined would begin partorisca leave my opinion in of the elements that want that I have taken. Ossia One of them. Value? It would say that it has taken a better bang for my buck. Multiple measures, multiple in the band, low prize? Really it can any gone bad there. It likes me quell'has said, I any pause or lose in my house constantly, as if one is able to resist until an anger is just passing by, then ossia the súper durable and strong load. So only a look and feel of these chargers is awesome. I have not had the alone question or the pause took of then, and 9 out of 10 times, ALWAYS breaks one a first day or two. It does not fail never. No this time this in spite of, as I am impressed. This mark chargers my telephone extremely quickly, there is not broken, did not give me a lot the subjects, and the majority of everything, chargers my iPad of edges without me that owes disorder with him for an hour. His port to the touch is class of broken. It touches, but I have to that situate one uploads in a something corrected, which usually means to wrap the around the his iPad and it moving around partorisca sooooo long. This time, I literally plugged he in, and like me an usual and has been to go for the wrap around, has @to @give that the already me anything. Cela In will save me hours of my life. I am impacted, in awe, but like this dang happy. I have not thought Never it was possible.
One uploads that uploads quickly, does not break , is adds extracted the multiple in the multiple / band has measured, looks lustrous, and chargers my iPad of edges without me lifting the toe? Sold. 100 it recommends this mark in any another has tried. Seriously, it leaves to think roughly the and buy it.
5 / 5
These cariche of iPhone so only is in amazing. His utmost in mine iPhone an iPad. A braided nylon goes to resist to good sure on a lot especially in some finals. They have come packaged a lot amiably with some measures have listed . Respecto That chargers wont access with chance of telephone but these are PERFECT! The stop that looks and take these!
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. These are utmost chargers. They are súper durable I finds that more chargers has purchased before arrivals partorisca fray in an end because of bending to use a telephone while it is touched but there is not had to that question with these some. They are really happy with a sturdiness and quaintly. I have done absolutely recommend these chargers!
5 / 5
Has ordered so only this Friday and he has been due to arrives Monday but has come surprisingly today and could not be more happy state. I am gone in fact six in the band but I have had has takes already some six-the feet upload reasons my telephone was on 20. It looks to be touching my telephone a lot quickly which is the plus . These chargers Looks to be a lot of doable with A Braiding external that has considered when I have ordered these when being that has the cat of pet. This was a shot that surprised when being that it has taken six chargers in such the economic prize and I have received a lot of measure that is also adds. They are like this happy has ordered these
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. These produced matches a description! It was in need of multiple touching cords for my house. This neighbour is durable and sturdy. A container comes with 2 - 3ft cords, 3 - 6ft, and 1 10ft cord. Perfecto for a different touching something by means of any house. I have tried all some cords to do sure have done. Calm can not beat a prize for this together and his of course celery likes is well has done. Calm will not be disappointed with this compraventa.
5 / 5
Has received my mandate of a telephone chargers today! On first impression: 10/10. They appear a lot of sturdy and durable. Also very hurt is stylishly appeals :)

ossia my second time that order the band of braided? chargers. Last order was to the along in fact the year. I have been life changing compared to an usual normal apple or hule fashionable of the cord. Especially with bad cats that likes to chew in of the things owe no. A braided cord looked the deterrent enough, but yes in an odd occasion has tried the little nibbles - a lot of @@subject.

Now found me finally in needing besides chargers. Last week has ordered the 2-1 computer and telephones to upload, was a hule -like cords this in spite of. A lot a forget. With which so only the week and that turns my behind for the pocolos small - the bad cat has taken ahold of a cord. A harm was quickly and easy.

And directed now to this compraventa. These cords celery even more durable that my braided cords forwards. 6 braided cords In variable period for only $ 9? With a supposition of any @@subject to touch - amazing value!

These material needs to be level for all touching cords. Down waiting for to try it went him :)
4 / 5
has Required some relieving the bosses for our iPhone manacles weighed. My girls regularly misplace there iPad that touches cords/chargers and will go in our room and fly ours. Taking something another that a white cord that comes with an iPhone in a box was the necessity.

To That likes:
has joined the diverse period is useful. It has dipped some two shorter cords (3ft.) In our vehicles and has given some boys two of a 6ft. Cords.
Is so only state using 4 of some cords like this far, and for only 3 weeks now, but look like this far a lot has built. A plastic surrounding a cord is resisting on well and some cords are touching iPhone ours/of iPad to the equal that has expected. A braiding also is that it resists on well, but again, is so only be 3 weeks of the ours compraventa.
I use AirPlay still all my scrollings of data among my iPhone, iPad, and MacBook, as I have tried so only a cord like this far for capacity of scrolling of the data and he so only well. A speed of data was resembled that I that takes of the cord of Apple.

To That that does not like :
Like this far does not have any subject. I have had cords looked in some pasts that has prendido only law after the plot of use, but with which 3 weeks to use these are doing so only well.
4 / 5
A container has arrived quickly. A packaging is so only (sees picture). It comes with the zip-the closure and each boss has his own compartment. Some bosses look sturdier that other bosses have purchased. Some finals are different - is reinforced by a black, hard plastic (hule?) This protects a zone where a boss connects with a piece of final. Ossia Where some bosses usually pause! That extracted adds!

Kudos To a costruttore.
5 / 5
That can say. It is done in Cina and is 50 well and 50 rubbish. Some 10' bosses, does not return correctly fallen- out of a port to upload a lot easily. Both active also there is prendido entirely touch my telephone. Now it uses one 6' an and estacas in a port of good load. To the left it is to go times it this a hard. Like this Pode the boss of load “goes bad”?? My OEM boss of Apple (which, knows is done also in Cina) still does well. It has taken these reasons have required the 10' boss. It goes figure.
4 / 5
One of some bosses is resulted already has deserted.

These are 6 USB of iPhone -B to Light Boss.

Any sure if some pictures aim it, but is the good fat braid in some bosses and the looks likes goes to resist on well with a way I bosses of use. I kinda like a band of variety likes some outlets is so only further out of some pieces of furniture. They are the good shot for a prize.

Top Customer Reviews: iPhone Charger,5 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
4 / 5
I have recently opened a container has been impressed. There is FIVE of these upload the cords and is sturdy and a have the WONDERFUL period!! A period is of entity of mine because I can cover him in and does not have to that try and find the place where can have a cord plugged in and touching while I am able to easily achieve a telephone of wherever am seating. I have maintained two partorisca me and has given two my daughter and has maintained a pleasure the backup yes has required. Like this far, absolutely it recommends this product and a value SO ONLY partorisca FIVE CORDS, is probably a go to find more!
5 / 5
Am surprised! A quality of a chargers is the way on that I thought it would be. Has a same thickness and feel of one uploads of original apple. More a prize partorisca the band of five chargers is so only too a lot any partorisca the explode. It is partorisca fly it (I thinks that is a pertinent term partorisca this)!
4 / 5
Has received all 5. Paid $ 2 more partorisca these that another mark looked in just reason these are offered with the guarantee and supposition be to the service of client adds. We will see. I have tried all when they have arrived and all have done but there has been him so only partorisca 10 minutes lol will update later so that the continuous time in! Happy likes camp the now has included ☺️
5 / 5
Like this far like this good. It has Had these partorisca roughly 2 months and his still that resists on abonos. Has three boys and they am quite rough with some cords to touch. They pull a cord out of an iPad for a boss. Also they rest an iPad in an end of cord while touching. Some cords are good period . No like this flexible likes factory some. For a prize costs it.
5 / 5
For the years have found has required to upload he in an office, in a car, in mine stand at night, in an island of cookery when I am using the digital recipe at night. I have broken finally down, it is spent the little bucks and now have the 6ft touching cord in the each place I need to touch my iphone. A period is utmost , reward it are add, has expected the few months to see if some bosses would fail around some connectors; perfect! Durable product that extracted exactly like this announced and has simplified so only my life.
5 / 5
Has has had often cords that the stop that read after the time. I am pleased to inform that these continue to do and does not take any errors of compatibilities with my devices. Touching the time looks normal and some cords are durable. I have purchased the longest period and am happy has done so much. It would purchase these again in a future.
5 / 5
These arent Apple your more expensive cords of the quality but I found very practical for a prize. These are long cords that leave to use them the recharge your products of USB still with the trace of wall uploads some distance was. I have tried to buy the small plus 3 product of band but that the order is resulted undeliverable so much has finalised felizmente buy this instead and am very happy has done. Of then it was endowed the 5 port USB load, these are gone in handy to centralise the canal to touch. These would be good for travelling likes hotel and of the tables to cover electrical, the airport that chairs arent always close enough for a regular and much more cut 3 ft bosses. It would recommend these to any the one who needs the boss the long plus for the easiest that touch your mobile devices. (Works with everything excep a new plus iPhones etc)
4 / 5
am like this happy I finally caved has purchased this 5 band! Has some worlds worse regime when it comes to telephone chargers, literally has to that take the new an each one another month. These are amazing quality , the better law that some of one $ 20 some have purchased. I want to what durable time & these chargers is. It is sure to says does not have to that me worry roughly purchasing another telephone to upload for the while now thanks to these :)
4 / 5
Good prize. Nizza That looks. It took it so only as it can not comment on durability this in spite of

Modification: a boss there is prendido to touch already with which so only the few days. Returning
5 / 5
inserting a cord to touch to telephone is behind has taken was the pliers. The cords do well in mine iPad in mine telephone AT ALL.

Top Customer Reviews: SanDisk 128GB Ultra ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
5 / 5
The works add and is less than a Nintendo Branded a.
5 / 5
This is not the fraud has used is not partorisca feign has bought 1tb
4 / 5
no in some pills of new fire. Any insurance to the equal that have been supposition partorisca know this. Still it has it not founding where warns that you have to that take an expensive plus 'Amazon' SD paper. It thanks God is remained partorisca return it
5 / 5
Partorisca all some descriptions that says some measures is not a lot of (and that thinks that means some papers are fake ) calms is not that it reads a description and calm does not comprise of the walks the one who hard, SSDs, flash walks, or the papers by heart are sold. Ossia A level of industry . Your computer reads things in of the multiple of 1,024... It likes 1,024 bytes is the KB, 1,024 KB is the MB... 1,204 MB Is the GB, etc... But all the walks are sold in of the multiple of 1,000. So it buy the 512GB paper, and do a mathematics... The costruttrici of device are saying that the paper is 512,000,000,000 bytes. But divide that for 1,024 and your operating system will see it like this . Further that, calm also loses the small percentage partorisca a esystem of indication of file in a walk. As you can see the little GB less same. In my chance, has the 256GB paper, which looks likes 238GB, which is exactly to the equal that has expected. A description in this listing explains this with a text:
1MB=1,000,000 bytes. 1GB=1,000,000,000 bytes. 1TB=1,000,000,000,000 bytes. Storage of real user less.

This has explained, has tried the speed partorisca see of my paper yes paste a 120MB/s ideal... No really. But marketing hype when being that it is, am sure a espeed until 120/MB/is in perfectly of ideal conditions with file and of the readers concretise measured and to the likes... As my test of 93MB/s in the USB of 10 years 3 reader of paper with a SD the the adapter is acceptable mine . I think that that this would have to that do well in the punctual to arrive Transmission of Nintendo partorisca some boys. I will update this description if any surprised come on that it would be it necessary be it remarked.
4 / 5
Fast nave has bought them he partorisca the rear view cam and is doing adds. It had bought the first different mark of this I has not been happy with the cause has not treated a way has to that. They are happy bought andisk ' for real recommends it to any the one who is looking for good quality and true storage.
5 / 5
The value adds partorisca spatial of storage. When Purchasing a unlocked telephone I always move for down partorisca see offered the space partorisca the micro sd, no the defender of cloud, prefers physical memory. If I have had the money would have taken the terabyte but according to that 200 gb ossia he snag. The wine with all has listed, new. Highly recommend.
4 / 5
Really Likes Me a Sandisk papers by heart of the mark. Always he well out of a box, quickly, and of confidence (still have the working Sandisk paper by heart of 12 years behind!). This one comprises the SD adapter and comes pre-formatted. I have used this a partorisca the camera of security has bought on amazon.
5 / 5
Quality very good. The works add in cameras of surveillance. May last 4 weeks in HD!
4 / 5
I prizes adds, fast nave. Sandisk Like this ofcourse his a lot of
5 / 5
That “ossia that has has said” jokes. The speed of scrolling is at all partorisca write house in any one.

The only has 366GB like opposed to a 400GB has announced. Happy took it on sale partorisca $ 40 reason seat the little has deceived. The speed is not anywhere approximation a 120MBps has announced neither. More like 25MBps.
Has tried included dipped he in way of action down manager of device. At all.

Takes 20-24MBps using a SD adapter, and 15-18 when it is in mine telephone and a telephone is connected to a pc saws USB 3.0.

Has thought perhaps has taken the fake , but is not . I am beginning to the desire had taken Samsung instead. Perhaps it would not feel so it has deceived called that to him the 380GB paper. Appearance some tolerances in manufacturing, but almost 10 is the big chunk imo. Perhaps appearance too much. Idk. Not liking a lot of competition in this sand.

My telephone sees 394GB max. Any one creates reason the windows can not see another 28GB, but am likely to fill one spatial that remain internally (photo, download in wifi) in planting to copy of a PC. Some rests of question, perhaps composed, these Windows sees 28GB less space, like this yes have the full paper that I want to download to my PC, r magically see another 28GB, or this lacking die, visible only to the mine telephone or camera?

Finds the workaround or something, will update this description with this info.

Top Customer Reviews: MFi Certified ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
4 / 5
That can say concealed very already looks for partorisca be said of all some other descriptions. If I have not known any one better would think that these were some original bosses that is coming with my iPhone. Amur A fact that has different and calm measures can not beat a prize . I will say I have not been sceptic at the beginning but man after trying each a no an error where says the no sustained accessory. To good sure recommend and wins but again .
4 / 5
The packaging was well, the nave was quickly, and a variety in the period of cord is utmost! A quality of a material is utmost, a lot durable. All 5 cords in prize a lot abordable the better same fact!
4 / 5
Has received a 5pk of iPhone chargers and is has pleased extremely! Everything of a chargers has been verified has gone by and several members familiarised also. I am touching my iPhone right now to the equal that write this description and he is súper fast! A band comprises (3) 6' chargers and (2) 10' chargers. I have chosen a by heart white original, but there is the pocolos other colours partorisca choose of. 5 iPhone Working add chargers partorisca less than $ 2/each one which so it is the shot adds ! The to tent sure good of this vendor again.
5 / 5
Bosses of good quality. A longitude some are a lot useful especially in a car. I used him with both iPhones and iPads.

Good value partorisca money, would buy again:
5 / 5
the products A lot add and happy that bought it! A much better alternative that that raisin stirs it of money in bosses of mark of the name that has a same durability.
4 / 5
Quite well upload especially of then we usually ran by means of them quickly. It likes that they are of long so I do not owe that be for a real outlet he. I took him so only the few days does so it can not say how long will last but look to be a lot like this far.
4 / 5
Never can have quite touching bosses. Some of the mine old plus upload the bosses have prendido to do because of tear and normal wear or when be stray, how was down to a boss. I have had to agree for the spend to do with me or take he of my fourth has loved to touch my telephone in a that lives the hassle. This band is a lot of calm reason give you 5 bosses with 2 different period. I do not have anything negative to say of these cords are long quite and touch my good telephone. One 10 ft the bosses are useful calm not having easily accessible wall outlets.

In general, this look of bosses to touch well and is not súper thins like this hopefully will last awhile.
5 / 5
Do my telephone drives mad . It is SO ONLY these cords. You mine freezing of telephone, randomly the turns was, and lens. No shabby.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. These touching the cords are simply fantastic. Strong celery and controls up in some joints. With girls home all a time... We are to spend more than our just action of bosses. This look to bend well and load well. I have been quite impressed. It is the shot adds for everything of some cords and I likes him that there are different measures of of each.
4 / 5
Has been to take one uploads out of my iPad and one the separate tip and is stuck in mine iPad! They are like this unbalanced. I have it quell'has had so only my iPad the month. My edges have used my Apple uploads, as I have used this. I can not believe this is to spend. They are unable of the take was. Has thinks that the money has saved to purchase this product but my iPad of new mark is worthless mine now. No shabby! This has not spent never with an Apple uploads!

Top Customer Reviews: TOZO T6 True ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Apresamientos Which pays for although these are quite a lot of solids for a prize. That is to say my second TOZO product and has been in fact that the happy suffices.
The quality adds, easy party, and law independently and together quite well.
5 / 5
This headset is quite priced when compared in another Bluetooth expensive and similar headsets in a piece. A quality of the sound of musician is well and clear. Some bass is very enough for the bluetooth headset. An annulment of noise is also well and help to soften that / it takes each one quality of noise externo.un of the call is also well and does not have any one concerns that considers some same. Any matching or subjects of connection during a course of use. The party was very hurriedly and the alloy automatically when takes of a box. It does not have any one subjects the disconnect and reconnecting.
5 / 5
These earbuds is SURPRISING. His clear, well for tongue in a telephone, well to listen in podcasts (that it was it one of my primary uses), appoints it. Earbuds Accesses in my ear quite well, better that a lot another has tried. To good sure estimates a price.These earbuds is surprising! A life of hard stack like long and comes with the portable case those touches the in some vain. I want a sensibility to touch in a earbuds so that simply it can touch my earbuds two times to change in a next song, touch once for prender and musician of game, and has very another characteristic with a sensor to touch of calidad.un of the sound is surprising arrest earbuds! Also, they apt very well in my ears and I do not listen to like go to the fall was while I walk around. In general very impressed with this product and highly recommends.
5 / 5
Thoroughly It Enjoys these headphones! It IS hesitant initially so that earpods (earphones in generally) never returned me. Because of this low prize was the small sceptic in the premier them.so I my investigation and at the end expsito that these were some better among another. A quality of his East very very good. A period of a load is also a lot since can listen in musician and apresamiento and the telephones of the mark asks until 4 hours without the problem. If you are looking for quality, that is to say, gives TOZO tries it. Calm any one lament the.
5 / 5
For small wireless earbud speakers, a sound these beginnings of them are very amazing. It IS sceptical when beginningeven so they are impressive. They have connected easily, easily and immediately in my IPHONE. An access is very comfortable . This is surprising in him! The bass is quite sake but would have been more the sake yes was the small plus bit deep. By everything means, is acceptable even so and has to dare in alcohol, these are earbuds any one auricular.For a measure, a prize and a quality of his, these earbuds absolutely is surprising!
5 / 5
'The Magnetic 1.un cradle in a canal in load is sper fresco, a lot the confidence that inspires.
2.Touch-The controls are very techy and frescos, the coverage has done well for my personal preferences.
Quality 3.un of the sound is to well sure well, Besides, a prize will not be very expensive
In general, these are the together solids of earphones in the good prize. I want a quality and arrival of them as well as a load/docking canal.'
5 / 5
Feedback to use after two weeks
Very comfortable - and remain comfortable during extensive use;
Easy party with my tlphonique - very earnest
Well, the sound has balanced real and real sake net, especially for a prize
to Tan far likes him the control, has been using them some last few days, as we will see how long last. I will try to do an interior to update a prjimo little month.
5 / 5
For the years have been a Airpods lover and more has been recently having subject with my earbuds. But that is to say a lot some better bass -side headset has not founding never.
- With a pair abordable of earbuds this compares with our brother Airpods.
- Some suffices by force of the connection and delivery for all the activities.
- The life of stack is powerful and that it is very of entity.
5 / 5
I am very excited to take it. Very fresh and comfortable to spendA technology in these is after technology of level of future type! I have bought the to form that looks it the film based in a future and there is earbuds in his ear that marks an exact same thing that this mark with a technology of sensor of the touch! Freakin Surprised. It does not question these do not ask enough buys the to them maintaining!
5 / 5
I have used the biking in a rain and has done well! That Enjoys the majority is an ease of the use in of the nicknames of the touch only to answer the call or prender the song. At the end, some also come headphones with service of client of the quality! Has other products of this company and have very been responsive!! Sidenote: A case in load is fresh!

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