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1 Solar Charger 30000mAh, Solar Power Bank, PD 18W QC 3.0 Quick Charge with 4 Outputs Dual Inputs USB Type C, External… Solar Charger 30000mAh, Solar Power Bank, PD 18W QC 3.0 Quick Charge with 4 Outputs Dual Inputs USB Type C, External… Solar
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2 Solar Power Bank, Qi Portable Charger 10,000mAh External Battery Pack Type C Input Port Dual Flashlight, Compass, Solar… Solar Power Bank, Qi Portable Charger 10,000mAh External Battery Pack Type C Input Port Dual Flashlight, Compass, Solar… Solar
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3 Solar Charger 20000mAh YOESOID Portable Outdoor Waterproof Solar Power Bank Camping External Battery Packs with Dual USB… Solar Charger 20000mAh YOESOID Portable Outdoor Waterproof Solar Power Bank Camping External Battery Packs with Dual USB… Solar
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4 Solar Charger 35800mAh Solar Power Bank with Dual 3.1A Outputs Wireless Charger Waterproof Ultra Bright LED Panel Light… Solar Charger 35800mAh Solar Power Bank with Dual 3.1A Outputs Wireless Charger Waterproof Ultra Bright LED Panel Light… Solar
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5 Solar Charger - 30000mAh Solar Power Bank Wireless Portable Charger Quick Charge 3.0 Type C Input Port with 6 Outputs… Solar Charger - 30000mAh Solar Power Bank Wireless Portable Charger Quick Charge 3.0 Type C Input Port with 6 Outputs… Solar
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6 Solar Power Bank 32800mAh, Solar Charger, Qi Wireless Charger, Outputs 5V/3A High-Speed & 2 Inputs Huge Capacity Phone… Solar Power Bank 32800mAh, Solar Charger, Qi Wireless Charger, Outputs 5V/3A High-Speed & 2 Inputs Huge Capacity Phone… Solar
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7 BLAVOR Solar Charger Power Bank 18W, QC 3.0 Portable Wireless Charger 10W/7.5W/5W with 4 Outputs & Dual Inputs, 20000mAh… BLAVOR Solar Charger Power Bank 18W, QC 3.0 Portable Wireless Charger 10W/7.5W/5W with 4 Outputs & Dual Inputs, 20000mAh… BLAVOR
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8 [Upgraded]BigBlue 3 USB Ports 28W Solar Charger(5V/4.8A Max), Foldable Portable Solar Phone Charger with SunPower Solar… [Upgraded]BigBlue 3 USB Ports 28W Solar Charger(5V/4.8A Max), Foldable Portable Solar Phone Charger with SunPower Solar… [Upgraded]BigBlue
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9 IEsafy Solar Charger 26800mAh, Outdoor Solar Power Bank with 4 Foldable Solar Panels and 2 High-Speed Charging Ports for… IEsafy Solar Charger 26800mAh, Outdoor Solar Power Bank with 4 Foldable Solar Panels and 2 High-Speed Charging Ports for… IEsafy
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10 Solar Panel, Anker 21W 2-Port USB Portable Solar Charger with Foldable Panel, PowerPort Solar for iPhone 11/Xs/XS Max/XR… Solar Panel, Anker 21W 2-Port USB Portable Solar Charger with Foldable Panel, PowerPort Solar for iPhone 11/Xs/XS Max/XR… Solar
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Top Customer Reviews: Solar Charger ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5
A measure of this battery is also in a same like another 30000mAh some if it does not dip some solar poster up. I have been recommending this to mine fellow partorisca add this his box of survival of the earthquake. Esome Solar poster this in spite of sound a awesome characteristic. Admitted, is slow to touch. But, I have confirmed that reads. If you were paralización partorisca find you is gone in a wild without any access partorisca be able to, this poster would give you probably roughly 30 of the load of telephone partorisca the few hours of direct sun , intense
5 / 5
has been so only having he partorisca the pair of the days but am satisfied with cost of mine he a work and I take this my work without worries uploads against the good tax also! But it takes the moment partorisca a portable load he partorisca touch especially solar wise but the shoots upload also heads to withstand a heat I hope my helps of description!
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. The life of battery is surprising. We use partorisca the whole evening in a dipping a brilliant plus and has been still in 75-100. Also it touches quickly with solar (or so only leaving on my office with a light of office also touching he). Some the options read different is the really good thing . It has not been if I will not use never one . One, but a “less brilliant” way was already the good option partorisca walk some dogs at night without him mega light disturbing a neighbourhood.
5 / 5
Good strong battery partorisca backup on touching of smartphone and iPads. The unit is in a same measure like an IPHONE XR max and two fat times. It is weighed enough and is well to spend in the napsack but too big and weighed to spend in your pocket. I plan to use this in my car when travelling or hiking.

The instructions included are not that good. A key of the power for a torch is located in a corner and calm has to that resist he in still roughly 3 to 5 seconds for the tower in a torch FOCUSED. Has load he with my IPAD this uses the USB -c spent.

Touch your iPhone or IPAD multiple time before it has to that recharge a unit.

The solar load is in 1 side in a battery. I have not tried to touch in a sun. Solar touching spec is 5.5 volts in 280 mIlli Amps (mine).
4 / 5
Has bought this bank of solar energy for a upcoming travesía to camp and there is not disappointed! It was camping of mine of prime minister of time and has has wanted any prpers that has to that concern if my telephone was the touched. I fell it like this the times and he have maintained to go you strong! It is very portable and is returned rucksack of mine easily and was like this easy to touch! I thought it it would not be able of the imagine was! But I have done! It has touched also my telephone súper quickly! All the world is bank to be able to has finished to run out of the battery and has had to use mine! HIGHLY it would recommend this product by all the world!
4 / 5
💗 [THANKS TO a vendor to resupply this product for our description] 💗

Usually with the multifunction device, has to sacrifice on one or more characteristic. I have been surprised that credit there is rounded this device finalised with this generous number of ports of USB and a capacity to touch or be touched invernadero an USB still-C port. A prize looks more justified when considering a together of characteristic: solar touching, the light CONCENTRATED, USB-C support, ports of types and multiple USB. A built-in light CONCENTRATED with different lighting the characteristic/of levels is the touch given the reception to , especially of then will go for until 80 hours in the alone load in oft light way. An USB-Some ports are tight, but this could be because it is new. The time will say if these loosen up with the use has repeated.

😃 PROS 😃
ENORMOUS capacity, adds to camp or can him is unavailable
USB-C port can touch devices Or have the habit to touch a battery
Supports quickly touching on some devices
Can touch until four devices the time
port of constant of Multiple USB that writes to touch
Built-in light CONCENTRATED, can go for 80hrs in the full load
Solar touching if the power is unavailable
USB-Some ports are a lot of snug, could be the pro or the with like this preference

the light coverage FOCUSED is slightly free, gives a product the economic feel
USB-Some ports are a lot of snug, could be the pro or the with like this preference
key to be able to So only for has DIRECTED on/of/toggle the function is not my preference
Solar touching is VERY SLOW, included like all the solar-has based chargers
(Note: it would require the solar poster VERY BIG to touch Any device quickly)
5 / 5
has not been sure that the quality would be to take with this when I purchased it. I touched it at the beginning on (any fully) to see that it would be to do with. Halfway it has touched it it is lasted roughly 3 to 4 days of constant use. It took it external to try a solar touching. Any precise to be in direct sun to touch, another plus. It gave it finally it uploads it full and used like my primary touching source for my telephone and occasionally a pill of fire of the amazon and the week later is still 50%has touched. Tried a torch and that reads also but did not leave it on for long but is quite brilliant. Everywhere for real happy with this compraventa. To good sure values he!!!
5 / 5
 That liked me is a solar touching qualified of this upload and the really works. I have used this uploads while on camping and this was like this useful,This was the compraventa adds !
4 / 5
Has been using this upload for the few weeks, and is really be impressed. A power exits the tonne where alive, and always wants to be poised, as has the tonne of banks to be able to and the technology has related, but a solar bank has had has not been a lot very at all... It has taken you grieve or it has maintained the load. I me skeptical in other solar banks, but after trying is an I knows now that really they can be A +

Any so only @fare this load of what on easily -- I so only dipped the in the mine of the sud facing window sill in a morning -- but maintains is load , also, which is imperative! Has the handy metre, as I can say where is in in the terms of percentage have touched, and touches my telephone quite quickly, also. And finally, so only the really useful little addition: it has to that small white torch in a side (and the very easy to find with your key of power of the yolks) -- I does not know roughly you, but a reason has the things like this is reason am often in a darkness... And this very situated mini torch with brilliant light And the easy to feel the key has been already useful mine. ( It has been surprised on some years in like this annoying to find to to the simple things like that that that can be on some of these types of devices.)

In general, súper convenient, flexible, and a lot of user friendly device!
5 / 5
Has taken this so that my house could be indepent of a grille. With him we can always it uploads on telephones and pills. It is really well in that my woman can touch his telephone to the discharge, in place of in him outlet by means of a room ( the cords of extension are too much of the ache to treat).

On its own name, pill of mine of the use all day and part of a night like that can use to recharge among reading books.
There is there was so only inner and that for the few weeks so it can not speak to the durability or residence of water of him.

Thinking to buy the second a.

Top Customer Reviews: Solar Power Bank, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
After reading all some descriptions have expected this to be the product adds. That founds is that it returns to bake included of the 2amp load. A device remained in a load very time quite this would have to have copper. Of course some lights have not done and a Qi also was defunct. It issue behind for change. Also a cute small compass that is coming with era 90 titles have been. :-( Disappointed since I really like a concept.

Of those returns a unit, a contacted and agreed to to try another. This one has done adds. Tried touching my tablet with the Qi unit that has taken a same time like my wall uploads. A stack has been then used to touch my mobile phone of 35% in full and Blavor the abundance of the unit there has been still of the capacity left to run my Raspberry Pi during 4 hours. In general my boss of unit later cual another has written on him. Works well and is the very compraventa. Included a bit compass that is coming with acting properly. My first unit was defective, but the vendor is coming thru with working unit. Good vendor also.
5 / 5
I have used he for the few days. TheI So that it adds is easy in load and also has the good torchand a solar energy are a better
5 / 5
State looking for the bank to be able the wireless for the long time has bought of the ready telephone with function of wireless load. With the recommendation of my partner has ordered this product. Gotta Said has to individual and awesome can touch your tlphonique to pose in the. To the left only it has the torch and solar poster in his surface. It can touch with clear very limited. This function save me of a problem to forget for the touch after using.
5 / 5
It take a forward of the 7 canoe of trip in the daytime in of the Waters of Verge the Minnesota. It was able in clip the in an outside of my group without being preoccupied of him taking place or has clashed around , he the abundance there has been always of energy and with a wireless load and has not required to take any additional capes. Having the torch to hang in my tent was an extra premium. These products is also useful in the daily base when needs the fast upload against a road that leaves you east in a sun in your picture of mandate.
5 / 5
It was amiable of sceptic at the beginning when a description has said there was Qi wireless capacities so that it has crossed 2 banks of power with a same recovery but has not done. Desprs Taking it has done sure was touched fully and begun to use to touch the multiple devices that comprises a Qi the wireless capacities and was flawless using an iPhone X and my Note 9. I want the also has the type c the port that voice as it uses that cape for my tlphonique and sometimes the laptop and a quality to be of tez like his indestructible. Neither I have thought a lot in a torch but suprisingly is very brilliant and could see it when being useful together with a solar poster but obviously like the backside up. Any doubt if yours requiring the bank to be able in and can be buy the 2 for my woman.
5 / 5
I have bought this cual the backup to have in a car but the thinks will take more use. I touched it up and has wanted to that it can handle it. I took it it was some totally the old telephones are died. It bakes in the LG v10, the htc a m9 and my LG of current g6. A LG g6 was in meso fatality. I fill the each which arrives and a stack was in desert for seeds.

The load has taken quite a lot of 4 hours and has uploaded against 5.25 volts and 1.9an in an USB declare

Some instructions say it would take in 50 hours to touch of a solar poster so perhaps 1/4 full in the daytime. You could take in the full load of a half ready telephone in the small more than 11 hours of direct light. Any optimum but is there.

Oh He, a light of torch is brilliant like heck. It does not look well in the.
5 / 5
A product has quality of tez adds - when being adds in a hand and has the sudden shell to protect he of falls. A sudden shell is done also of the no-material to slip these covers a product to remain in your pocket without prpers is the preoccupy quite the fall was. That is to say supremely useful for me when goes the highland horses of bicycle or walks have extended on while I any one has preoccupy enough slip out of my pocket.

This bank for the be able in the pot uploads against two roads:
1) through a solar poster in a cup of a product
2) through a comprised microusb upload.
A load is obviously much faster, even so it is supremely convenient to be able for the touch wherever is which are to good sure a point to sell of this bank to be able
5 / 5
That is to say the first description of impression .....
Only took a product and has tried all some characteristic.
Will return in this section of description the few months and estimate a durability used it to him once at length.....
The product is arrived two days in front of one dates promise.
Was very packed and has had any harm.
Was, in me, easy to operate all some functions.
Touches My Note of Galaxy of 70 percent in 100 percent wirelessly besides or 12 minutes less well out of a container.
A torch(s) has done well and is of sufficient brilliance to be useful.
Solar touching works and recouped a fence besides or 45 minutes less in direct solos.
The unit that is sudden, is very very-slip to line, is of the measure that easily access in the pocket, has indicators of intuitive change, and has returns to compose loose or rattles.
Lines up over time, which I any one reasons for the think a lot, would say that it is the hell to buy !
5 / 5
It Likes me to him his each plus or less the. As it Can be solar touched and as it can touch wirelessly.
5 / 5
So far, this has done and operated while ad. The friends are surprised that simply plant this sews atasca down in the table, and then plants my S7 Verge in a load to actuate a wireless to touch. A torch is quite brilliant , although I have not tried to see how long take. It see a load engages in any toneless quite light. And some indicators of light has tried accurate so far. I classify to wish it has had the digital exposure of level of load in a Qi coild side, since has to plant some low indicators to use a wireless to touch.

Still, is very the happy client. I only maintenances a A/C adapter with me for the touch in trips more widespread, and use this like my primary load.

Top Customer Reviews: Solar Charger ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
4 / 5
If alive anywhere where can outages raisin.. It takes some of these. 2 years ago the storm has attacked was can partorisca 3 days. This year all the world will be ready! I have bought solar chargers partorisca all the world in my family... And a better part.. You was will touch the bank partorisca be able of smaller!

Has bought several different frames (in chance that one is the lemon ) has another has bought several months but this one is lighter... Heavier that no the solar fashions but ossia partorisca be expected. Calm dulcemente can touch he with just environmental light in a house or for a sun.
4 / 5
Has bought this partorisca maintain my telephone and Bluetooth the speaker touched when my edges and I go partorisca camp, or is doing in a garden and I love it. I touched it on once first of any when using never and a solar touching maintained it going never of then. 20k amp The hours is more than abundance (concealed fully could touch a half telephone roughly 9 times) and a torch and the compass are also characteristic a lot useful.
4 / 5
Like this far like this good. I used it partorisca touch my telephone another day and he do. I am not sure was the fast load , was in my stock exchange, but an hour more has been late has touched. Also a light CONCENTRATED is brilliant.
5 / 5
The one who the bank of fantastic power! It is very built and has several purposeful functions. One fast load outlet, the slow load outlet(required partorisca the oldest legacy a lot of electronic devices), two a lot the brilliant has DIRECTED lights, discharges he in partidário mobile, the built in solar load, and the boss partorisca touch. I have touched this prime minister by means of a outlet to the full load like recommended. I then recharged my telephone to see like this would do. It has touched my telephone in just 15 minutes in one fast load. My telephone was in 50 when I plugged he in. One solar load recharges a bank that the old uses incandescent lights, has DIRECTED lights, and of course, natural sunlight. I maintain this in the window ledge this takes the plot of alone and he recharges a bank, dulcemente, but he recharge behind the full capacity. It DOES not DIP THIS in the WINDOW Of A CAR. A sun that comes by means of glass of car will take too hot and could break a bank partorisca be able to. In of the freshest temperatures, while this can not be the question and work so only well, would be careful to dip this under a windshield the hot sunny day. Partorisca Hike and camping this would be the worthy element partorisca spend to the long of. So that experience bad time like this of the hurricanes or tornadoes, this bank partorisca be able to results an essential element partorisca be able to recharge your telephone so that I can continue communicate until the power is restored or the help arrives. A bank partorisca be able to is resistant water but is not partorisca water test. In wet or humid locations, would recommend to maintain this in the waterproof stock exchange or at least in the stock exchange of lock of the zip partorisca maintain he of possibly shorting was. This solar bank is of quality a lot good and would recommend to buy this mark been due to a quality and the prize add.
5 / 5
Laws a lot good. It gave it to the fellow and loves it . Has the light built in these very good works . It dipped it on a table and he have begun to touch so only under a light .
5 / 5
Ossia Such adds load! Fast & easy to use you & that can take anywhere!
5 / 5
Has purchased this like the present of the anniversary for the partner has loved that it loves it spend the plot of the time out of the doors and the telephone of whims is also always died 🙄 and has loved that! It is exactly like this described and has described!

An only thing would say is to be sure to leave some time for him to fully touch reason this has taken quite some time when using a usb boss.
5 / 5
While ossia the good to upload. It is not 20,000mAh. 8000mAh In better. I hooked on the multimeter while it was touched fully, ( has created the connector of USB of then law of computer) and has read 7985mAh. So that it disappointed. Some works of solar part but, is a lot, a lot slow. Also, it does not trust a compass. It will take you it lost it. A one in the mine has one North signalling north-west but more than the one of the west that north.
Quality to build
part of Torch is good and brilliant
touch the fast things

This does not have 20,000mAh battery that really urks me.
The compass no properly
A lot, a lot slow solar touching.
4 / 5
Like this for solar touching. 45mins In a touched a water!
5 / 5
Very happy! Overcast Today has to that the way that has had to that touch on thru a outlet.
Has come roughly 75 has touched.
Has attached to my telephone [galaxy s8] and has taken 2hrs partorisca go of 50 to 100, without decrease in some lights of indicator of the capacity.
Signals his solar touching so only of a light in a cookery chandelier.
Has used in a light rain in brief, no really the test, but has continued to touch my telephone. Like this far, partorisca a his prize adds!
Oh, An in fact done compass also!
UPDATE..... It has Had he partorisca 3 weeks now. Still works well and volume 2.5 cariche complete out of him.
Extracted very global!

Top Customer Reviews: Solar Charger ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
4 / 5
The so that only did not like has been has not coming with AC the one of the adapter but ossia quite simple reason your mobile phones all have one.
Has been the ham radio operator for on 30 more the years and I find a quality that is the place to the east has been like this big like this name of mark of Patriot to notch upper! I have opened some solar poster and has looked each one which to the equal that has opened like this each one which as one of them augments a power to a Bank of battery. Then the bent for behind enclosed I plugged a cord of USB in 2 games of mine of cord of new power the investigation protects and left it there for probably roughly 3hours. And this was with my setting of mobile phone on him touching wirelessly for a first time that was quite fresh. A measure and a quality is Extremely well. And a weight of him is mostly a battery and is not that weighed to the equal that am disabled also and could spend he in my rear pocket has has had to that. I recommend to look to of the one of the east a so it is the quality has built! It says emergency of solar load mostly so only so only under the emergency and I have imagined concealed is probably reason will owe that the chair is gone in a hot sun or close for and generate the excessive heat is gone in a calm forest does not have any shrub covers it a cord to ossia an use of the emergency has been funny! I have found some torches of emergency to be quite interesting and is quite brilliant and yes hard while they allege very calm does not go to run in day and night and used under the extreme emergencies probably would last you near of the week that suppositions that would be it to use the 10 hours the night. My final commentary is has had an use of two of them would be good then can have one in a house and one in a vehicle.
Sincerely your amateur radio operator N 7 EHT.....
4 / 5
Originally Buy this battery uploads for disaster/of emergency preparedness and camping because of a solar touching capacity (if one can was was). This in spite of, this are adds the only launch in a car and the use one of our careers of mobile phones out of battery.

A battery is to have to that quite weighed like calm does not have to that worry in recharging the after each use. Has an option to touch for the power outlet and a lot so only a solar. In fact it would recommend to use a outlet how is much faster that touching with solar. Some the solar poster is not glass as it is not fragile.
5 / 5
Know can use this while inner? You can, they are by train to use it right now and to the equal that have begun to write is the already touched mine telephone on 2 more percent. Oh Has trace so only a plus. So that when being load quickly. Has another something like this one, different mark, hardly touches my telephone and will have in direct sun. Like this thos one east blowing my another out of a water. Now when my telephones that quotes and precise for work, as I seat in mine couch, no longer has to that dip all on resists to touch my telephone. So only it covers this I to this solar band and he touches while I seat in a couch and continuous touch. The desire has thought of this longitude done. To cool. Oh And the few days has had the bad storm, electrical is exited and of course has had them the low battery, but no for longitude. Plugged To this band of battery and any a lot of the time was in 100 battery has touched.
5 / 5
To the equal that have bought this for the travesía big, has known would be in a movement the plot and a lot that connects in my telephone for navigation ect that having the death of the mobile phone has not been the election. Ossia One of three diff types and measures of the bands of battery have spent.
Reason I like this a
An external clip like that can hang on an outside of the frames of band he súper easy to always of access and when being “ruggedized” is not concerned roughly that. It is a band of the main battery has found with whooping 35800mAh. With 4 solar poster additional, maintain me going all day. It likes-it is me test of water, is rubberized and is the ports is sealed when any into use. I clipped he the outside of my band for a travesía whole and has taken has beaten on attacked around drained and recharged, dusty, wet ect. I want to this and for a money has not beaten can be
5 / 5
there was so only a bar in an exposure to be able to when it has arrived, like the unfolded and place he in my window (late evening) and in the hours of pair was 100. Some instructions say that some solar so only would owe that be used in an emergency to touch, this in spite of. But it was happy tried it.

Would suggest that a key lateralmente he be king-drawn in some way. It is hard to press and one feels is uncomfortable. It is so only for a light this in spite of.

When Some lights next time exited, will give this exits it.
5 / 5
Buy this to take glamping this month where has has had no outlet. Everything of our devices have been touched the arrival in a place. We use this device to touch at night and has done well. I say well reason is not one same likes a outlet in the house but was very better to have this that no for the have . It would compare a measure and thickness to the stock exchange of the full women. It is not the heavy and easily sales in your stock exchange. Calm touch he roughly anywhere has the sun also is roughing the! Also it uploads with a outlet. The wireless mine touching the telephone was able to touch easily so only to dip on that. We touch three devices with this one first night. It is the plan adds to camp or daily!
5 / 5
Are very happy with this bank to be able to. It touches my telephone in good time and servants is good purpose for me. It is very portable, this in spite of resists the bit of his weight - no the tonne; it is still quite portable and easy to spend around to the equal that has required. A velcro strap that control to the neighbour when bent up is quite useful.

Has bought several banks to be able to measured and different types, and in comparison, find the key of power of this device in a half according to which ease and comfortability. A bank to be able to have has purchased had the key of flat power that it is a lot well, comfortable, and has an effective push of some touches that really I like him. In a fillip side, another device there has been the key to be able to the bulged more, was harder that press and and am not always sure pressed it to him well. This 35,800mAh bank to be able to has the key to be able to that has the small bulge, although any a lot. This a differs of a device lateralmente of toe last on, in this when it presses a key to be able to look quite quickly and effective. It does not take any a lot of the push to turn on; I do not owe that really feel he in my toe or thumb for the take to turn on. Although he the enemies do not feel like this good to a touch like another I has bought, still looks good and is effective, any that causes any a lot of an endeavour for the turn on.

In general am satisfied with this 35,800mAH bank to be able to.
4 / 5
Has used in a weekend when I am exited with my friends in the hike. During our 3 hours hikes one of a telephone of types has run out of battery to take video and pictures, As I have left to take loaned my battery of banks of new solar energy. Some banks of battery uploads sum a fast of telephone and has quite juicy for 3-4 chargers first of short out of battery. One of the some things likes them on some banks of battery is concealed is solar chargeable, so only dips is gone in a backside of my rear bands to the equal that hike and a bank of battery will begin dulcemente touching he. A downside is one uploads of solar energy is quell'has bitten slow but in general is the good element to have camp and hike.
5 / 5
Has taken this was the backcountry while backpacking for 19 days and am generally quite happy with him. It has been of excursion northbound in October in Amsterdam, as in the now in rucksack of mine has meant that some poster was facing a sun to the equal that have been of excursion.

Recharging This in city was a real tone. A battery resists the tonne to be able to, and is touched that fully will be able to recharge your devices for the few days without inaugural some solar poster. Some the solar poster so only will be able of the give that I stimulate extra each day, but would not trust on he 100 so as trying cogerprpers fully touched for plugging he in, in city.

Depends in your use in a backcountry and the one who the devices are using and those that. It could be too weighed for these UltraLight Backpackers, and neither could be well is going to somewhere with the tonne of shadow.

In general am very happy has not been in my travesía without this solar load. I order of plant he by means of a ringer that continuous rucksack of mine with all a bushwhacking, but still by means of everything concealed, work a lot still.

Finally, a Velcro the piece is class of useless. Maintain the band of hule around yes calms that wants to maintain has bent up.
4 / 5
For any one requiring the solar to upload which is gone in quite solar to touch the device although a storage of battery is drained that ossia. Beware This in spite of, this is not your ultra slender band. It is big, negrito and beautiful. You can require recognition a chiropractor after lugging this behemoth by means of a barron wasteland which is your life , this in spite of, takes heart because calm at least have the occasion of logging to facebook and posting the selfie.
For me one fines outlet and wireless touching enough seal a shot as they like him has to that join few options has required .

Mina of looks quite solid but the only time will say like this to a durability of some solar poster and connections but with a point of prize costs a risk.

I recomend to any the one who is requiring the option of power of confidence without a outlet spent he in. I construction that is often out of electrical services to the equal that has a totally wireless box. I have installed this my work toolbox trailer so that it always remains fully touched and can be easily take out of requiring to take he with me.

Top Customer Reviews: Solar Charger - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
I have bought this partorisca when I go partorisca camp, those walked or anything alfresco and would require partorisca touch my telephone or very other devices that could with me that would require . That I amour in this solar powerbank is no only will touch while in a sun but calm can cover he in in any discharge and he will touch it too much. Some torches in an end are really brilliant. When Management in a powerbank, yes press a key partorisca be able to once, will turn a device on partorisca touch. If you resist down a key partorisca be able to, a torch will come on but will be solid. If it press a key again, will flash dulcemente but press the again, will flash fast. Push a key again and is was. A consolation of this powerbank no partorisca there. This also touches devices wirelessly. I have tried this with my smartwatch and telephone that uploads wirelessly and the work adds. This in spite of, a prevails an elder of this bank partorisca be able to is a fact that some cords are attached already to this powerbank. Any need to pack extra cords reasons this has 3 different cords have attached his. A coverage that has spent some discharge has an elastic cord like this when you plough it and leave go, will snap behind to almost closing it but all have has had to that it was push he on and has been closed and has protected again. This powerbank really done of the devices to upload quickly, use some cords or some cariche wireless. This powerbank is one everything in a device to touch that has all has required to touch these devices. Really convenient and handy to have.
5 / 5
Loves having banks to be able the paralizaciones in some gone. It likes-me a fact that the plot of them are resulted the solar chargers also now. This solar load has been adds is the little has bitten heavy although it can be expected with everything of some characteristic has. It is really a lot that has three bosses have comprised to touch lightning quell'USB goes and quell'USB rule. Has the torch looks which can be handy is in a daughter a comprised carabiner has the compass in that that would be good for out and roughly yes is in a trail. As it had said that that is to weigh slightly to be spending around with are going in the long hike or something to ossia the add and fine functional device.
5 / 5
A container has been sealed very first of inaugural. A first touch of a product felt was done well and the quality of a material was solid. Has the decent/quota that looks. A measure and the weight of a product was balanced properly, the data resists the decent quantity to be able to. A flashes the light was brilliant, easy to turn on/was. A wireless touching works like the charm. Also it comes with the compass canal key and usb touching boss. Mainly it would use for travesías travelling and of the outsides that would be necessary he really well. In general it is produced well and would recommend it .
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I have bought this bank of power for my edges. It uses it on his rucksack to maintain his telephone, earbuds and iPad has touched. He also works like the torch as it always has an available. A battery can be touched using the boss of USB or with a built-in solar poster.
5 / 5
I never comprised the one who useful the portable load is until it has taken a free likes part of the container. It wants to listen to the podcast or current where does not have access to the wall outlet and not draining your battery of telephones? That roughly are visiting in-of the laws for a day and does not want to have ask it an open outlet? It is reasons like this reasons I that maintains mine to use all a time. I have bought in fact more two for members familiarised. An only downside to them is when his precise be touched reason takes hours. Usually I will do this earring a timely time like this at night. This solar load is a definite solution to the equal that can replenish he with daylight. Also it has 3 start that touches the bosses have attached like this calm is not fumbling or looking for a right boss. Laptop chargers is the must has in today of world-wide. Take the solar to upload and maintain he in your car. These will be súper useful with boys of adolescents those who are heavy users of his devices.
5 / 5
I desire has known for this solar load more collected.
This thing is load of fast sum , adds behind on battery, has all a hook ups USB, Wireless touching and the torch for the agree. Has a light of indicator for when you are wireless that touches that leaves knows is touching.
Is perfect partorisca in a gone, for daily use or is travelling present ossia the one who precise.
Want a durability, amour a hule that surrounds a casing, and also the good thing is no hot taking.
The only thing would say it could require an improvement that is the little little heavy but that considers that there is the electronic plot in him, is understandable.
To good sure am buying another for my brother, would be the perfect present that considers a fact that loves of excursion and his telephone always is that it runs out of battery, will be thrilled...
Honradamente Thinks that this would be the perfect present for all the world-wide and has to that have for calm.
5 / 5
This will not be the technical description reason are not technology savvy, but has to that say that ossia one impressive little bank to be able to and exactly that has looked for: something to touch our telephones and compressed during the power outage. This would be like this handy was an external adventurer , but my idea of “roughing ” is Motel 6 as I will not know never as extracted in a wilderness. My favourite characteristic is some 3 different measures of cords to touch built that has spent some needs of all our type C paralizaciones our pills, one any measure for my IPHONE, and a micro measured for the telephone of the spouse. It likes-me a fact can be touched by means of the wall uploads or solar poster, compact measure, powerful torch, and global value for a prize. I can buy the little more to give like this present.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Easy setup. Súper Easy to use. Touching is quickly. It uploads durable long. I used it when my cell has been died while it was in ours bounce and darkening. A compass has comprised was the helps adds while I lost in a boat. Arrived a lot of packaged. My husband and I can touch our cellphones, portable, and I-Cushion all immediately!! No too bulky. Pricing Thus Solar Upload - 30000mAh Bank of the Wireless Solar energy Portable Upload the Fast load was a lot.
4 / 5
The touch adds with one covers to touch. It likes taking of both c and micros. One both work. Touching he with a solar is slow. But there if your poden starts.

When This is to touch fully, has on touched two pills and my telephone and an ear bud. It has had still the little juice has left.

Is hefty and sturdy. My cat attacked it on a paving. It concealed no the hurt everything.
4 / 5
Are the bicyclist the one who uses his telephone for music and of the maps while I locate, but also uses it Strava for cadence and other characteristics. Both take sucked dry in the fines stroll of now and having uploads it as it maintains them so much touched and which is recharging he in a sun is perfect for my needs. Wireless touching, dual lights and has attached to touch the cords are extra utmost .

Top Customer Reviews: Solar Power Bank ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 52 ratings
4 / 5
I have used a lot of banks of power in some pasts but very also like this one. Some 2 main reasons have bought this bank partorisca be able to era partorisca a solar touching (I likes camp) and a wireless that touches as it had not seen in a bank partorisca be able to still. A solar touching workes well has the light green this lights partorisca leave know is using a sun to recharge a bank partorisca be able to. In general I am a lot happy with the mine buys
4 / 5
was deliberately used partorisca the few days partorisca value. It is really easy to use. It can be used partorisca the long time when it has touched fully. Several people take turns partorisca upload against a party, which is a lot populate.
4 / 5
This power has two ways partorisca touch, a general a pleasure mine another bank partorisca be able to and wireless load, are add technic partorisca dip in the bank partorisca be able to, am using iPhone pro max, and is by train of perfect touch. And one solar load can do sure will not be run out of a battery. Ossia A an I will maintain with me all a time.
5 / 5
The inaugural, was packaged well and has presented well immediately a bat. I have bought this bank of battery partorisca a solar touching capacity and because it looks rugged. It is seriously massive with a capacity of battery. These produced is sturdy but light partorisca use of travesía. Sound the gone! Some works of torch. It is brilliant and a lot well partorisca the torch in the pinch. In general the really good battery bank.
5 / 5
Has been fearful to run out of battery of then last time. There have it also solar touching and wireless touching… work well. It is so only the little heavy. But it is in a stock exchange. Any
4 / 5
had taken the little water in the and the filters to one has has DIRECTED holes... This is not waters it/resistant raincoat. It takes Partorisca do 10 minutes later.
5 / 5
Have known has has had to that long the external excursion planned in a upcoming refinadas of week but has known also would have an occasion partorisca be in mine telephone and has has wanted to do sure has had the load of good battery with me partorisca the maintain alive. Has no @to @give has done solar powered some which would be work and friendly echo alfresco. I have seen this there have been a lot of positive critics and decided partorisca the give shot that. This thing really works! It is supposition partorisca be the resistant water also but has not tried that still. To good sure recommend this to any one considering, especially go to go camping or be alfresco partorisca a period along partorisca time
5 / 5
This product is like this fresh. He a basic thing would expect the bank of power to do. It touches quickly and calm leave you partorisca have can to spare where does not go never. Touched my telephone to 100 quickly another day when I have required partorisca the use. It is like this more than the bank partorisca be able to this in spite of. When I touched It, I have not used the boss. It was able to touch my telephone wirelessly with this bad boy. If it also has solar poster like this when I am external I dips was and is touching a bank partorisca be able to so only seating there. Also it has the flash light. Ossia Like a perfect electronic to have while camping or having in a car in pauses of chance down. You recommend this by all the world comprising my dog of friends. All the precise world-wide this!
4 / 5
First of all, can be touched for boss and solar energy. Usually charge for boss, but is also the good idea to explode solar energy during travesía. It calms that can leave on your stock exchange and he will be touched automatically. As you see in a picture, has a lot of light of the signal in one uploads so that fully I can know in a state of the yours upload with a help of a book of instruction. With him it has DIRECTED it it lights in a front, one load is to good sure the good device partorisca travelling.
4 / 5
I to plot of external activities that involves has has extended periods partorisca time out of house. They are an avaricious OCR junkie so that the majority of a time are is gone in some trails. I have thought an idea of the battery that king-the touch saws solar was adds. Of course, a main source of king-the load is of plugging he in and recharging he of the can outlet and like the secondary characteristic he king upload via a solar poster. Recharging A look of band resembled other bands of battery. Typically it covers he in and the forget. Has-liked me a look and feel of him. Some looks of battery partorisca be rugged and fact of materials of sound. It have enjoyed one look only clip the to rucksack of mine and to the left hang. They are happy with this compraventa. It is resulted the element of staple when I begin in some trails. It is good to have in a chance that requires to recharge my telephone or use like this to torch or light of emergency.

Top Customer Reviews: BLAVOR Solar ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
4 / 5
It has taken this partorisca the 3-day, has been-grille kayaking travel it and I could not be happier with him. I touched it fully before I have left and it has touched my GoPro gimbal and battery, my Samsung Compressed, my Samsung S9+ each day partorisca a travesía whole and he grieve used the averages one original load. I have left he in a sun partorisca the pair of hours a second day so only partorisca see that a lot he recharged solar street. Solar touching would be painfully retard has had to that trust in the, but in the soyust has' situation, will do a work. They are very impressed with him in general.
Is built very solid, hanged so only on 1lb (a bit heavy) but yes loves that it classifies of juice, the sacrifice bit it. A Qi (wireless) touching the works add. So only press a key and dip your device on and touches; no like this quickly it is plugged in, but ossia to be expected. A compass looks the decent idea , but falls short. While it could go in handy occasionally, am lost in a forest and require the compass, would not trust this with my life; I compared it to mine Garmin ABC the clock and was has gone by roughly 45 terracings.
There was touching 3 different things immediately and has done perfectly. I used it on the pair of travesías business of then also and, while it is quell'has bitten weighed to spend in the stock exchange of laptop, but is certainly value in that has it around is in the plan or in an airport and there is not a lot of outlets.
An only thing would change is to take a compass and substitute some lights of state directed with a LCD screen for more the information on uploads and state. I am looking forward to my travesía next to the equal that can break this was and stay 'plugged in'. I create it it will resist up over time, but I will inform behind my transmissions of opinion.
5 / 5
Pair Of things to know in this band the touch is that it is a lot, a lot handy. 20k mAh Was quite to maintain my fully touched device in the weekend to camp with leftover of abundance (I use to Galaxy S8+).

My thing preferred roughly is a wireless Qi touching. I can dip my device in the and while it is soyostly centred' in a half coverage will begin to touch my device. For the test, has dipped my telephone in 25 battery and was able to take he until 100 in around 3 hours. Besides, a wireless Qi touching will remain active same with which take your device was for the short period. This means can choose on my telephone for the little has bitten to verify messages and dip the backside down without that has to that touch a key in a side to reactivate a Qi Uploads. An only downside is that of a Qi the canal is in a backside of a unit like calm can not collect solar energy while it is touching your device, but to accommodate to the to something likes that it would require it of the redesign of a product.

Wired to the touch is also possible. It has taken less than an hour to touch of 50 to plenary when using my Type of USB-C load. Still a lot it prefers a wireless touching to the capacities likes them to them the fact the much simpler things, especially without prpers that has to that worry in misplaced bosses.

A Torch is súper brilliant and easy to turn on. It controls so only down an Orange Key and he flicks on with strong intensity. To change a model to blink, simply touch an Orange Key once to cycle by means of some ways.

A compass is handy, and really like like this is built to of a device more than the the carabiner clip. Any exactly tip that the way is north the plot of a time, but takes a general direction. Included then, a compass is not a main purpose of this device, is the small handy characteristic .

A carabiner the clip is more probably my second favourite characteristic. I want like a clip is centred in a HALF UPPER of a device in place of the corner like other banks of power of solar collecting. This the very better fact and easier that remain clipped to my rucksack and ANY TOE around, which would interrupt a process of solar collection.

Has had to that choose anything to complain roughly, would be a time takes to touch. But quell'concealed can not be helped. 20,000 mAh Is in PLOT to be able to. When in the first place it has taken a device was around 25 and has taken at night to touch entirely. But with a solar poster that maintains a device there is topped was and daily use, lasted easily by means of the weekend to camp.
4 / 5
Ossia Really powerful and the useful battery packs which can touch mobile device and my laptop a same time.
Relieves power of start/of entrance of device automatically and select pertinent touching can, which is very effective.
( Can verify it thru the light CONCENTRATED, blue 5W, green 7.5/10W)

Wireless touching capacity whch sustains 10W exited, was very satisfactory, and could touch mine GS8 35 in a hr.

So only one the smallest thing is wireless touching is so only the little place of sensitive bit,
like this need to locate device in a centre.

External mateirals also look add and quite sure to protect upload.

Has looked for a lot of solar energy chargers but ossia a better one this has all some functions am wanted,
20000mha, solar pannel, quickly touching, cariche wireless, usb-c port.

Is experience very pleasant to use such the good product!
4 / 5
Ossia The battery of massive capacity that to the left upload me on all some boys' telephones with spare room in a whole weekend. A torch and a compass are adicións/the additions add that it gives it chance of additional use . A torch has different to flash models that has found of accident. Wireless changing are adds for fast upper ups. Solar touching would not owe that be used like primary recharging method, but is the good characteristic to have for the pocola extra load.

Is hard rubberized mark it give piece of alcohol that will take falls accidentelles multiple out of a van. I do not have any PS able device to try. It was able to touch a battery with both a usbc and micro usb port.

Loves the big capacity durable battery with tonnes of characteristics, would recommend this.
4 / 5
Loves this load. It is a prime minister uploads that it could find concealed has had wireless that quickly of touch, solar touching capacity, and the capacity on 10,000mAh.
Some looks to upload to last for ever, possibly of him consistently topping was. It begins to touch (dulcemente) so only seating in environmental light in my cookery. A torch is descent and usefull. A compass looks quite attentive. One uploads looks and feels rugged and fresco, this in spite of could be described like heavy and clunky for daily use. I LOVE a consolation of wireless touching. It will touch wirelessly while plugged in, essentially operating and the load of wireless level. It is my new gone-to still travesía, foreigner and domestic ( has taken flagged in mine spend-on but was has considered well with which inspection. In a future I so only will take of a stock exchange when dipping he by means of) absolutely would recommend this to any one looking for the robust, portable, solution of power of the backup.
4 / 5
The accident is to start with to say that I have had already some 5 solar poster band of battery, but still although it was really well does not touch of the things like fast like this does. Has 2 put you of USB that both there quickly is touching for your devices and he usb-c that reads like this gone in and begin that they are to add reasons some 5 solar poster does not have a characteristic of start. It owes torch but he maintaining has it on an upper no in the backside likes 5 of solar poster.

Ossia The battery adds that it can use you for daily use, included this in spite of is the little heavy or bulky you still can use he for daily use. It is perfect to camp, for the day of beach, and included the travesía of street. Has a the solar poster only which does not touch that quickly reason is not his main characteristic but he take load of a sun. Included it can touch your iPad or your pill without question. The majority of a bank to be able to there can touch but can take for ever to touch and can very included the use while touching, this one solves this question with 18W to the touch has touched my iPad without question, with to to a time still likes them the wall outlet this in spite of can use it while touching without question. Have has had to that use it included while gaming this in spite of touching well. And one the majority of the fresh characteristic for me is a wireless touching, is awesome that I can travel with this band of the battery and that knows that I any one need the boss is add, but this wireless touching only works for telephones that has to Qi wireless touching characteristic, which if your telephone is the new of the possibilities that is Qi compatible.

Like this yes is looking for the bank to be able to that it can it to it touch your telephone long and included your iPad or compressed without question ossia a perfect option for you.
5 / 5
Ossia The product adds . Now I have two products of Blavor and both are utmost to camp, hiking, anything alfresco or so only seating house and touching your telephone without that has to that have bosses of telephone in the each room.

One wireless touching the works add with my telephone and of the cariche quickly.

Slightly bulky but no too bad and easy to pack up and the boss was.

Felizmente My partner turned to Blavor or still would be that it uses the bands of inferior battery that the can not manage the value of weeks to camp and activities.

If you are outdoorsy in in all the chance ossia for you.

Highly recommend in any soldato of infantry, scout leader or so only extremely outdoorsy person that spends tonnes of time in a field and does not have to access the electricity.
4 / 5
Any one is coming up with a creation or idea for this artilugio would owe that win some class of prize. Bands of battery like this one is quite common and to plot of his hips have some class of the torch has built to a chance, and some of his hips spend to have a solar poster, as it has left ossia ossia all regulate. But this an also has two or three figure first concealed is not so rule still. For one, comes with the type of USB-C PS port that can he both touch a band of battery in the big load-imposed, or devices of cariche of a band. A specs has said that a port is able of until 2 amps, but has touched he with the no Fast Load load, and has seen the tax to touch of amps in 5 volts; ossia in fact better that has announced. Secondly, it HAS it QC 3.0 load-port. This means that it can quickly-touch my telephone if need be, and thirdly a characteristic meeting to be a better of all… A Qi wireless touching tampon. Ossia A better reason do not owe that spend the boss with me to give my telephone the impulse. I so only gone back in a Qi upload, dipped my telephone in the, and the load of look. All more is gravy, a compass, a second port of USB, a ruggedized external, and a coverage of powder in some ports.

A capacity of battery is enormous and finds that I can does not use on top of a day although I touch my telephone multiple time. I then recharge he at night although it also could use a solar poster for the cup was during a day, So only no attended to be able to fully touches that uses a solar poster a lot quickly… That would take days, which is so only a way this work of tiny poster. Ossia So only the fantastic piece of technology.
4 / 5
Has received produced in the Wed.. Open and could not believe a smell that comes from/comes from a box and foam this has catered/is come from a product. It has taken one load out of the sealed plastic and one first what that there is remarked was a toxic smell that has catered /is come from. It dipped it it was at night to see yes perhaps a packaging was responsible but was one uploads he. It does not know that one load has been manufactured was but odorato for likes it has been done in the chemical plant or something. If you were to dip he in the room or your car for the short period to time a smell would be unbearable. Envoy behind in Fri. This is not a prime minister has produced that has had the alike experience with in a past but does not go to except to the to anything likes in of a future.
4 / 5
Has done well for the month, then decrees fully touching . Until So only a blue point . As anything I discharges in- does not touch .
The solar load done has maintained the in full sun for whole day ( I alive to Vega) there is prendido then touches also. At all it spends when it covers in anything. So only until a blue point.
Does not squander your money. It will do for the month but with which 30 calm days can does not return....

Top Customer Reviews: [Upgraded]BigBlue 3 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
This has done better concealed has expected. My telephone has the crappy the stack and recently was in hike in Zion National Park. We spend a whole day without being able in and in an end of him there has been the very touched telephone.

Records more in well igniting of course. Overcast And the ruin of shadows is beginning to be able in . He no of lights of just house, tried haha =)

My loads of tlphonique surprisingly hurriedly. Included when the second telephone is attached. It was able to take all some photos have wanted without subjects!

Mina joined personally in my camelback and used some mini bungees to do concealed. There are loops in some sides that the easy fact to join he in the rucksack.

Only downside can think of this that a plastic cover that takes the small lined of rocks or plants, but is cosmetic only . Still it looks he adds and works like the field. I will be to use this thing each summer, if anything changes will update. I consider this the compraventa adds!
5 / 5
Compressed of load and ready telephones hurriedly in direct solos, much faster that the aim is my anterior Zero . It does not have the group of stack to store energy even so, as I have bought the separate to upload/group of external stack to use with him. Usually it leave he in my car pinch and touches a group of stack (RAVPower 22000mAh is Exited 3-Port) how when and the return in a cart has expect powers for me although it is already dark. I attach purchase.
5 / 5
Immediately a bat, goes to start with has been to say that this is not the perfect product. If you are looking for the solution of source of renewable energy for any class of practice or NBC prepping, and thinks that goes to find he for low $ 80, would suggest perhaps adjusting your expectations in something more reasonable and realistic.

In spite of everything concealed, even so, for a prize, measure and weight of this element, is an incredible camping and tool of survival. In planting to spend those extra pounds in stacks, only can spend 4-8 18650s or AAs, and rotate his recharge cycles during your trip. If never taken odder or trapped because of some environmental condition, at least knows any one was frame on having you a capacity to have the source of electricity. So much, your radio, beacon, gps, the light FOCUSED, etc. Has the a lot of main probability to be useful in you days besides your trip planned.

In 28W with three (3) USB these ports of loads, is probably a better value for a prize (in this category of product). Coast to remark that these products is not 100% raincoat. A weatherproof the coverage in some solar cells is that it maintains some components of operation to do contact with water. An USB those touches the zone is protected only for waters he deep resistant. My recommendation is to use your paracord to line poster 2&3 totally horizontally, poster 1 in the 45 title that slope of trace, poster 4 in the 45 title during down, and a coverage that protects an USB totally vertically (affronting low). In this way, you can optimise an efficiency of any sun is available, and protects some connections of USB (and a whole unit) of harm of water. Then it can you try layer your devices or chargers where a part viril of a cape of USB connects with the plastic stock exchange.
5 / 5
I have purchased recently a BigBlue 5V 28W folding solar poster for recharging telephones, tablets, and other elements of USB. Purposefully Has run my LG5 smartphone, Samsung 12.2 tablet of inch, and my bank to be able to laptop down for apropar- 0 and hooked each what three of them up the sunny day, clear. I have posed the in a table of picnic that the poses melts in full only and is returned each few hours to see cual his levels to be able in era. For 7.5 hours each three devices were can of full capacity and could any one when being any happier. My tablet is the dulcemente upload and a bank to be able in scratches an enormous quantity to be able in and can jump the stack of the cart is died. I am positive that my fast that uploads the telephone would be so fast or near in a speed in the load with the electricity has had plugged he in in a poster only. I maintain this in my insect was stock exchange for any type of situation of emergency that comprises our power of frequent local outages. While it is the small bit weighed by backpacking levels in 1.3 books, a workmanship and function far outweigh the few extra ounces for the 28 poster of watt. Supremely Very done, the fast load, and the reasonable prize.
5 / 5
It maintains that it imports that that is to say to suppose to be in direct solo, cape in a house or cart. It IS more to leave it to touch the laptop stack and then uses a stack to touch your devices. Bake my stack and telephone a same time. But it takes the while. Still the compraventa adds
5 / 5
It tries he 15w and 21w uploads of solar USB. Seattle is clouded all a time, likes premier two was unusable. But this one can rid quite 4-5 watts in a omnipresent clouded northwest gloom.
This uploads also has the orderly characteristic where if it does not detect any current draw, to the fence was and restarts each little bren. These covers the grandson to restart if the cloud or something block an alone momentarily. Older solar chargers has been missing of this function.
This unit is big, but work well.
1 / 5
A cloak has printed specifications that was bundled with this '28 Watt' upload (in my case sold by BIGBLUE-EE.UU. Through First Amazon) has declared that a maximum of possible beginning is 5 Volt with the total of 3.4 Ampere.

In the first place that the information seriously differs of an information has listed a version of PDF of a soyanual of User' that is downloadable through this page of product, where a maximum beginning is data likes 5 Volt and 4.4 Ampere.

Segundo, the volt multiplied by the ampere would give the watts is a maximum quantity that this can provide, and go for an information in a cloak has printed the specifications takes 5 (Volts) time 3.4 (Ampere) that total 17 (Watts). Enough out of an announced 28 Watts.

Thirdly, After it take this element the pair of days of marks, has wanted of course for the try so the voice that a lot of laws. When being here Florida and was around 1pm, has think that this load would have to be able to take quite only direct out of a house. As I have extended this solar to upload has opened in a trunk of my car, has verified a level of stack of my mobile device ( was in 80%) and plugged he in an of some ports of USB. A device has been turned was while it was 'touching'. After 10 minutes have connected in this upload disconnected the and has verified a stack: it was now in 78%. Tan After 10 minutes have connected in this device in direct solo, a stack has less can concealed in a beginning. Quite ridiculous.
5 / 5
BigBlue 5V 28W Foldable the Solar out of Powered Upload With SunPower Solar Poster 3 Ports of USB

often am out of backpacking and that hikes during some months of state. At all rechargeable stacks, but find me in that use them arrive in front of tower. I have found this solar poster and has wanted to he for recharging my devices while it was in a trail.

4 poster
3 Ports of USB
Loops for Caribiners
4 Caribiners has comprised
Down Micro the cape of USB has comprised
the load included in low solos
does not drain stack when out of only

Gilipollas: Any
This solar load is very well has done. Each a stitching is tight. A velcro clave very good. A poster is line and resistant resistant water. It folds Up very compact. A global weight is not very compared in the big stack. Some ports of USB are easily accessible. There is three of them. A pouch is very convenient to store the tlphonique or stack likes him load. It can touch three devices a time. Quan Using the solar poster, often will touch my stacks, then touches my telephone. A beginning of the power the partially sunny day was very impressive. Almost 5 volts. Like the only exited more, he pegged one 5v mark. Amps Augmented also. A metre has used the Voltage of measure and amps has not been very readable in a sun. But it measures voltage very good and amps. In general, I am very pleased with this solar poster.
5 / 5
I go to camp the plot with the bouquet of the boys and calm knows can not live without his tablets/of smartphones. I use the small laptop lipo group of stack but that it is very only for the small tlphonique recharges and only a load of tablet. As I have decided to try solar poster, the small investigation and decided to go with a 4 creation of poster for max can (28 watts). I tried it on my IPHONE of Apple 6 more and was of the half has uploaded against almost full load against 30 mins. It can touch three devices have separated in or time, but take only start 28 watts so some more devices a less can each device will take which extend a time in load. Some works of poster more in the direct sun only takes any one to leave your device in a direct sun while it can overheat and suffering harm. Usually it plants a poster in a bank of park, hangs some capes to touch down a table and plants some devices that necessity to be touched under a table out of a direct sun.
5 / 5
I have used this while backpacking for 12 days and I never run out of juice for my telephone. This thing touches the 5000 mAh stack very hurriedly - curiously, look for the fastest touch that 120v AC. I used it also to touch the big plus 26800 mAh the stack and touches it up hurriedly also. It does not have time while it has not running the clock of decree. But my threads drained one 5000 mAh stack and he recharged he in the few hours and mine 26800 never descended 2 dotted value to touch so that it connect it his in this when one has shined only. It recommends sure and give this thing 5 stars!

Top Customer Reviews: IEsafy Solar ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
It was pleasantly surprised in a quality of this element. It is solid and well-fact, and the good container of characteristic everywhere. Straddles A half earth among the plenary-canal to be able the soufflé with solar poster - and the band of small battery. You can slip he in your band and would have to that be able to run your electronic small indefinitely, which was my aim .

6W is the respectable quantity of solar to touch on a battery. I mean - it is not in active his fully touches of 0 - 100 a day obviously (probably would take roughly 2 days to touch on empty I am guessing). But yes it calms it was it is camping, touching your devices on and then topping of a battery is correctly I thinks. It is the little elder that could expect, but can say this by means of some pictures and of course some dimensions. A skin (I am assuming is not real skin lol) the enclosures in some poster have the estock changed well seat, and some joints among them are sturdy, which was pleasantly surprised in.

Likes it has said, thinks that is the fact of good product . But in an interest of the thorough description and suggestions of improvement, will do a bit pocolos aim insignificant. In a calm picture sees he in slope of the band – which in fact the laws been due to like a product is balanced – hangs in just the light corner. But there is so only a point of annex. It would owe that have two – and then could be hanged more securely and vertically directly. And there is the Velcro tab that ensures some solar poster. This tab is the little in a small side and is offset of a centre. It would be better centred and a bit wider so that a Velcro and the strap will not spend was like this quickly.

Ossia A unpaid/uncompensated description of the product I experience - I follows so only writing this the help was another .
5 / 5
Initially cover this in the walls to take the full load then can do to the solar load after a battery has been drained. I have found that will touch my telephone of death 3 times in a full battery. You can touch two usb devices simultaneously. One uploads of initial battery takes the few hours and one solar load have taken roughly two hours to take the complete load the a lot sunny day. I can also dipped the in mine nightstand for a window and taking to solar load by means of a window and recharged amiably. It is the add to upload and works exactly to the equal that has described. It closes on compactly, around a same measure like the mobile phone, and is light to launch in the z/in the rucksack to hike or camping. A torch focused is also the very good characteristic to be able to see to move around.
5 / 5
Solar touching is still delay even with some extra poster. It has to that try again in what load resists reason have thinks that has had touched that fully so only first of the storm has attacked was can. It has touched only mine S10 roughly 60 a S8 85 and the samsung compressed roughly 50 first to complete dying.

Update: the company contacted of my description and tried troubleshoot @subject with a battery. After several messages send me to knots the substitution. Service of excellent client!
4 / 5
Has used this in a flange waters this past summer. These produced is very durable and has left my telephone to remain touched a whole week was there he so that it could take pictures and of the video. I have touched my telephone the time of pair as well as another. He never taken down uploads average. I have been you grieves done touching the telephone would dip in a sun to touch behind up. I never really exhausted one whole load as I am not sure that the time takes to fully of solar load. It would take this product anywhere to have the load wherever goes.
4 / 5
The battery adds, used it up in some mountains look it partorisca time already. A band will touch my iPhone 8 More at least 5 times. A solar part is the good characteristic to have , but no attended to touch a battery quickly, will take weeks or perhaps months to fully touches. A good thing is that in chance of an emergency, a calm solar there will be you given enough juice to at least Send messages of text or perhaps the call of short telephone. A battery is weighed enough but totally currency he if you are is gone in a wilderness. I use mine when we go to hunt. Utilisation my iPhone with the application of GPS (Gaia) as it GPS.
4 / 5
The delivery Takes 3-4 days but he costs it! Work well.
4 / 5
Works to the equal that has announced. It has touched my device and he have included touch you when to the left it is gone in a sun!
Please notes that some instructions says to power by means of first time of boss that use.
4 / 5
HAS a very big capacity, ossia true, with that calms the loaded doors (with a source electrica) gives you for diverse recargas.
Arrival devolviendolo, of then if download , any way of hay of the upload with the sun. Despues Of a whole of day of alone low beach intense, any one has been able of neither to upload one telephone movil.

Dipped 5 stars for his big service to the client. Quickly I Contacted and I offered his help
4 / 5
Awesome Produced, highly recommends for external use. Able to touch mine portable speaker and 2 More than iPhone all day with a solar poster open show and the full still power in an end of a day. Amiably creation and a lot compact to consider a fact a quantity of energy resists. One of a better solar chargers I never spent and bad has propiciado the plot of the Solar rubbishes load there. Finally it has taken one that am very happy with.
4 / 5
A battery has retreated to arrive well of the money -
has received the unit broken and a company has substituted tip.
A solar is touched when a green light comes on. It is one 4th circle in a manual.

Top Customer Reviews: Solar Panel, Anker ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
I have me-me interested what my Anker PowerCore 20100 bank to be able in does not touch never of the same solar load, but would touch of the wall uploads. As I have done some tests and expsitos that yes calm the raisins of cloud then one 20100 will fall in the trickle uploads for a rest of a day. One 20100 dynamically reduces his load current draw, but does not augment it .

For example, if an only is out of one 20100 will upload against 2.0 Amps of the same solar load. If calm the raisins of the cloud and a solar load can only produced 0.25 Amps then one 20100 will reduce is current draw in 0.25 Amps (while it has to). Even so when some alone returns out of one 20100 only draw still 0.25 Amps, included even so more it conceal 2 Amps is available. This was to verify using so much a YZX Studio ZY1266 monitor to be able in of the USB and a Drok Pocket Digital Multimeter.

Anker The support has said that one 20100 bank to be able in defective era. I have substituted he with the second a this has comported a same. I have tried my old plus out of production Anker stacks: a Star 3I neither augments his tax of load, but a Gene 1 Star E5 marks. A E5 immediately answered when ones the alone returns was and designs each available current of a solar load. Again I have contacted Anker behind and has asked the list of stacks this has been tried with and load properly of a Anker solar load. Anker Could not produce anything he so that it was on my own.

Has purchased a lot another stacks to see that it do.

A EasyAcc Monster 26000mAh Bank to Be able has done properly. More this the stack has two touching ports he so that it can connect in both ports of the load and the solar beginning besides adds that 2.0 Amps when enough the alone is available.

A Anker Launches E7 26800mah works of Bank of the Can perfectly with a Anker solar load.

A RavPower 26800mah works of Bank of the Can properly in almost all the conditions with a Anker solar load. Even so some falls of only also down and one uploads the next products in 0 mine, but then some beginnings of sun before a solar upload the powers was, a RavPower would not touch anymore. Any one of another stacks has had this particular problem. Also have a ChoeTech 19W SunPower Solar Upload so tried a RavPower with him and expsito that a ChoeTech reset a connection of interior of USB the little bren to spend east. Like ChoeTech/RavPower works of good combination. But you use one RavPower with one Anker the solar load could return in your stack in an end of a day to find any one covers.
4 / 5
recommend that you revise a first accompanying video. I have purchased a Anker PowerPort 21 watt and Aukey 20 solar watt laptop chargers a last week. Or it was provided in consideration for this description.

A test has been conformed in the sunny almost the late free cloud in 1:30 p.m. So much three fold of poster outs has been fixed in almost of identical gesture in the small table in my back yard. An economic Drok USB has DIRECTED declares has been employed to measure beginning of both products.

So much the products use SunPower solar poster, reputed to back efficiency of conversion until 23.5%. So much also it comprises controllers to leave for a fast load demands more possible in 2.4 amps in the each of two ports of USB. Both employ woven of the cloth and the polymer of Pet affronted poster with the creation of resistant water; control of the water has not been tried in any unit.

A 1 amp the port of USB has been used in both products. Changing a metre in another the port has not produced to beat it additional. An USB those touches the proportionate cape with a Anker the product has been used in so much; the cape has not been provided with a Aukey unit.

So aimed in a video, a Aukey 20 product of watt has produced 5.15 volts in 0.51 amps for the total of 2.6265 watts. It can, measured in of the watts, is equal in the voltage multiplied by amperage. While a beginning of a port of USB would have to be substantially less than concealed of both combined, a substantially down initiates give is instructive. Both units consistently the sufficient power has produced to cause mine 5 Android of tlphonique of inch to reflect that it touches.

A Anker 21 product of watt has produced 5.11 volts in 0.52 amps for the total of 2.6572 watts. In spite of being estimated in 21 versus 20 watts, so much chargers distributed in a same power in a Ready telephone. Strongly I suspect that so much a Anker and Aukey solar chargers would have uploaded against the a lot of main tax has had something more than the 5' the state tlphonique the loan has used. To the respect, a Ready telephone still has uploaded only against 4.93 volts in 0.47 amps using some same Drok metre with the supply to be able vanamente regulate these races in 13.8 volts in the USB of vehicle that port of load. This so that a solar chargers has touched a Ready telephone at most the tax adds that a supply to be able in regulated would tend to validate a recovery of both manufacturers that his solar chargers would upload against a tax a fast plus safely possible for the device given.

Both products comprise clips of metal and or loops of tissue to leave easy annex in of the rucksacks or other objects. A Anker uses four eye of holes of metal while a Aukey has four loops of tissue and the hole of eye of only metal. Both comparably has sized compartments of storage and use Velcro to ensure a foldout poster. Anker Comprises the red FOCUSED among some ports of USB to signify load. A Aukey besides comprises a rigid poster attached sized together to plant of a poster.

A beginning to be able is sufficiently after in nullify that like the serious consideration. The edifice and the components are also essentially a same. Both look for to be of manufacture and Chinese creation.

Thinks that both more side that that paid for them, although a Aukey cost me $ 5 less. I the just quantity of the anterior investigation buys these products and think both are deserving excellent indications. My descriptions of the technical video routinely requires at least the pair of hours to produce and I would appreciate the useful indication calm the the expsito so much.

Since some of you could be interested sees like a Anker the Solar load has done under the load more add, has planted a poster in a same table quite 1:15 p.m., Again with the almost calm heaven; a temperature was again quite 50 titles. This time, attach the 20 amp NewNow S25 device of storage of the USB in a 5' telephone of Android. A unit of storage is estimated in 5 volts in 1.5 Amps has entered.

With a poster that melts posed in a table, a Drok the metre has recorded 4.64 volts in 1.28 amps (5.9392 watts). For aixecar- join poster more in a sun, a trace of voltage in 4.98 volts and 2.19 amps (10.9062 watts). Only one of some ports of USB in a load has been used. A Aukey uploads has not been tried, but since employs a same mark, quantity and poster of measure, has any reason to think some results under the majority of the load adds would have been substantially different.


While it does not have very answered mere in the efficiency of solar poster gives, suffices to say that you are much more probably to achieve good results in Arizona that in New England. That is to say, the poster localised more afterwards in an equator the sunny day has potential further adds to produce solar electricity that a still more afterwards in some poles. That is to say the function of radiance, a sun the majority of determinant of entity in efficiency of poster. Obviously, the radiance is very better in the cloud free day that a overcast Bronzed of obvious unit, the poster is also much more effective distinguish in an only,

For the much better comprise of solar poster, suggests that you consult Ugov.net, Disaster of Preparation of American House. Understandably, is not paid to do this and a place is clearly the work in progress.
5 / 5
This thing is a lot of that saves my row here in Puerto Rico after hurricane Maria. Bought the after Irma only to have arrive a pot of day recovered. Little I know big sister Maria was lurking.

Used it every day to touch my Anker stack (the big one forgets that measure) and the mofie case for my iPhone 7 red 120GB.

The sunny day can touch my tlphonique two times or more fully. The rainy day, perhaps once or less. It does not recommend leaving he in a rain. It has taken humid from time to time or drenched in storm of tropical rain momentarily. Works well although some immediately rusted kerbs. I also amour 10 feet of an ocean in northernmost Santo Joan. Tan salted To be fair.

Crane a pocket that control a be of the devices has touched was the small more hefty and durable. And this would close totally with saying the zip to have to WEIGHED (military note).

Otherwise This has been one of a compraventa better has never has done. I left me there are communications through almost all of the same (or once google float the project has begun loon). I maintained me connected in information, family, informative. I am so happy developed this technology. That one that surprises the lives of age in 2017, to all the coast!
5 / 5
I take this thing everywhere. Usually it remains in a counter as I do not forget it . Has solar stacks, they VAL, but that is to say some real roads . It was in the trip to camp of the weekend in a forest with 15 other people. No in the state park, has entered a forest. This was a source to be able to only there and was a habladura of a trip. Constantly touching same telephones in overcast and 2 the time did not retard it down a lot. Can be it hanged of the group as it can touch you while I stroll also. In the One to him to only thing does not like him is when tried to touch an iPhone 6 in the Lifeproof of case with a built in extra stack.

Wants to take the stack to cover big any solar group and voice like these marks of thing to touch the...That is to say a awesome the a lot of duet ( will leave knows with an update once my woman leave me compraventa unit) The solar stacks am to add can find the decent a so that it can yours use any time but each which so one has bought is craps. That is to say the add to buy can take to limit like an only is was but although you forget and go fatality at night, in only direct these loads of thing HURRIEDLY. It attaches to buy for a money, will not be disappointed.

10/10/16 update:

How has bought the 26,800mAh Anker group of stack without external solar poster. I plugged he in this solar poster the sunny good day and has touched he in 75% in an evening. I have decided then try limit this poster in my groups of solar stack to see how this has done. Mina 10,000 mAh the group of solar stack has uploaded against 100% in less than the day. Cela Has taken 3-5 days in his own in constant direct solos. Agreement that sometimes overcast will affect a beginning of this poster that is that spent when says no also with my LifeProof case. Work very when a sun is brilliant. My initial evaluation also pardoned to the respect. Besides my statement that some solar stacks has bought to the era craps has not gone only or. I have expected that a small solar poster built in in some groups of stack would have touched the much more hurriedly that it do. Those are last roads of resource to touch some stacks, and in the laws of good time. I am only impacienta. Critics of this necessity of poster to take is the SOLAR POSTER so that he obviously the work more in direct solo. It takes some groups of stack and touch the with this thing, saves an energy of only for when the precise. Bad ass solar poster, is has impressed totally.

10/22/18 UPDATE

has bought this solar poster for in $ 65 the years of mark of pair. THAT IN The HELL IS TWO TIMES The PRIZE? I will not buy Anker again until they take real. I can buy the 100W the poster in of the Debits of Port for in a same prize with a pertinent coupon.
5 / 5
I have used my galaxy s7 verge to try this load. At the beginning it was nervous so that it uses it a usb the cape avenges with and bake only 2% in 20 minutes. As I have changed my own usb cape and has seen a difference instantly. It was in my porch and he have taken clouded and touching the time has wanted to was 3+hours . Quan A heaven has cleared touched the time changed in 2+hours. I have moved then a load in my window of fourth and apparently a paste of better Sun there becuase touching the time changed in 1+hours. The telephone has been touched 100% inner time wanted to . I want this thing! I am routing he in my parents in Puerto Rico. After paste of Maria of the hurricane still has any one can and this will be supremely useful in them.
1 / 5
I have purchased one 21W Anker Solar Poster of Amazon the small in of the marks 2 years during those times has used only a poster 12-15 times because of some subjects experimented with him.


- A Solar Poster will exhaust a device of the stack/has attached what opposite of the touch quite 50% of a time
- the Direct sun has Required
- Same when in only direct a solar poster to upload against random and will not begin that it touches again until you unplug a device of the stack/has attached of a port of USB and covers he behind in.


- Relatively clear
- the resistant water
- 2 Ports of USB
- HAS well signals to join down in the group, window, cart, etc.
- A case is decently fact and would have to line up well through using extended in a field

also would recommend the eschew RAVPower solar poster as well as has identical complaints with his poster also in so much ones revise in Amazon as well as elsewhere in a web.
5 / 5
Work. I have tried a Anker 21W Uploads of Solar USB with a Anker 20100 PowerCore, and with Air of iPad of the Apple 2. All the tests have been run with the only device (i.et. Only a beginning of USB was into use.) For purpose of comparison, also tried with one 12 W Apple 110V AC -&62; to wall of USB uploads. Current and the measures of voltage have been done with a DROK USB 2.0 metre, in-line among a source to be able in and a device to be has touched. The flavour of the solar poster has been done in mid-day, down clear heavens, with a poster oriented for solar maximum exposure (in a sun and in 40 angle of title of horizontal)..

A solar load has rid 2.12 An in 5.02 V (10.6 watts) in a PowerCore, and 2.31 An in 4.96 V (11.4 watts) in an iPad. A wall of Apple uploads has rid 1.98 A 5.05 V (10 watts) in a PowerCore, and 2.12 An in 5.06 V (10.7 watts) in an iPad.

Also tried PowerCore in iPad, which has rid 2.35 An in 5.06 V (11.9 watts).

Remarks that this Solar Load is specified to rid until 2.4 An in 5V with a port of USB, until the total of 3 An in 5V with so into use. Read elsewhere that this 15 W maximum deliverable the beginning is the limitation of a piece of USB. The calm will not take 21 W to beats has rid. This PowerCore is specified to accept pot of entrance of until 2An in 5V, i.et. 10 W. I have not been able to find a specification of power of the entrance for an Air of iPad 2. For reference, a capacity of stack in a PowerCore is 20,000 mAh (72 watt-hours), and an Air of iPad 2 has 7340 mAH (26 watt-hours).

Has tried also a Ikea USB has DIRECTED clear. These small light harvests 10 lumens (any one the plot), but only draws 0.26 W, as it runs over 200 hours in a PowerCore.


A solar poster satisfied his designed 12 W exited of a port of USB. A PowerCore will accept, and in fact surpasses, his designed 10 W has entered. A PowerCore will rid his designed 12 beginning of watts (at least in the IPAD).

A rule of the inch for solar poster is that in the daytime takes quite 5 x max can, as it can expect this poster the harvests 40-50 watt-day / of hours, if it was run all day with some cure. That is to say enough to provide 55-70% of the PowerCore load.

The use of a solar poster is quite the sensitive technician with respecting for apropiar- alignment in a sun. Something cual a DROK common and the metre of voltage is almost required to ensure a poster is operating in maximum power. The power also the falls was very hurriedly out of only direct, and significantly if any angled for exposure of only maximum (i.et. Plan in an earth). Probably it runs a poster in a PowerCore, and uses that to touch telephones or tablets, simply so that a PowerCore is less sensitive in breakage to take fallen in a poster is moved around, but a PowerCore is not required to use a solar poster.

My primary interest in a solar poster is like a source of power of backup of emergency. This conforms my requisite for the small, clear solar poster that would provide quite a lot of pot to maintain the telephones and the tablets that goes. He and a Ikea USB has DIRECTED is going in a Box of Hurricane. His cheap insurance.

P.D. Some commentaries in a 21 W vs.15 of poster W beat it has rid. I think that that that is to say the election of reasonable drawing, quotes a sensibility to start with of poster in operational technician, but took me the bit gives that in in fact expect. That really is taking here is quite some 10-12 watts would take of one covers of wall of USB of Apple, which are quite well, but sound any one 21 usable watts. I think Anker could have done that the clear plus bit.
1 / 5
Any satisfied my expectations. Used in durable Puerto Rico when being able in outage and does not touch anything has tried to connect in him, the import was in direct solo.
1 / 5
These products is the total failure . An only subject is that Anker is an excellent company and I are sure that will substitute it or repayment my money. A problem is that it only wants use and does not have to cross each a hassle to take the substitution or taking the repayment.

Here is a subject. If some rests of poster was and darkens a poster does not take quite clear to touch anything. That is to say to expect behaviour and he no a problem. Quan One was alone returns is expected that a poster will begin to touch again. Well This a no. does not begin that it touches again until I fold in a poster and then the reopen. For this reason I have not been able to touch anything unless it is in alone looking for hours without interruption.
5 / 5
These laws add!!
Has tried to enter a window in a overcast day and the poor results taken. Some elements would try in the load would aim load during 10 bren or so, then the shows to loads have been he prende in some same and repeat on and on. This result in disappeared in general can like the screen has had to to ignite.

Posed it external in the table in a overcast day, and has had closes to upload against my Samsung commentaries 3, quite 10% an hour.
Quan An only shined brilliantly, was able to touch 2 Samsung telephones to import a same time in 15% an hour.
In my opinion, that is to say the good value for a money.

(An element is revising is one 21W 2-Port PowerPort. Dress as in to the the Amazon likes him in generify of some descriptions the spent multiple similar products. Not cooling , Amazon.)

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