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1 SAMSUNG SM-R805UZSAXAR Galaxy Watch Smartwatch 46mm Stainless Steel LTE GSM (Unlocked), Silver (Renewed) SAMSUNG SM-R805UZSAXAR Galaxy Watch Smartwatch 46mm Stainless Steel LTE GSM (Unlocked), Silver (Renewed) SAMSUNG
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2 4G Smart Watch 2.86 Inch Screen Android 7.1 3GB+32GB 5MP Camera 2700mAh Battery Smartwatch for Men (Silver, 3GB+32GB) 4G Smart Watch 2.86 Inch Screen Android 7.1 3GB+32GB 5MP Camera 2700mAh Battery Smartwatch for Men (Silver, 3GB+32GB) Rainbuvvy
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3 KOSPET MAX GPS Android Smartwatch with 4G LTE and 2.86 inch Touchscreen with Stainless Steel Body and Face Unlock Feature, Black KOSPET MAX GPS Android Smartwatch with 4G LTE and 2.86 inch Touchscreen with Stainless Steel Body and Face Unlock Feature, Black KOSPET
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4 4G Smart Watch for Kids with SIM Card, Kids Phone Smartwatch GPS Tracker, Call, Voice & Video Chat, Alarm, Pedometer, Camera, SOS, Touch Screen WiFi Music Wrist Watch for 4-12 Boys Girls 4G Smart Watch for Kids with SIM Card, Kids Phone Smartwatch GPS Tracker, Call, Voice & Video Chat, Alarm, Pedometer, Camera, SOS, Touch Screen WiFi Music Wrist Watch for 4-12 Boys Girls PTHTECHUS
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5 Cosmo JrTrack 2 Kid’s Smartwatch | 4G Phone Calling & Text Messaging | GPS Tracker Watch for Kids | Pre-Installed SIM Card & Flexible Cosmo Data Plans | Children’s Phone Alternative (Blue) Cosmo JrTrack 2 Kid’s Smartwatch | 4G Phone Calling & Text Messaging | GPS Tracker Watch for Kids | Pre-Installed SIM Card & Flexible Cosmo Data Plans | Children’s Phone Alternative (Blue) JrTrack
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6 Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 40mm R865 Smartwatch GPS Bluetooth WiFi + LTE with ECG Monitor Tracker for Health Fitness Running Sleep Cycles GPS Fall Detection - (Renewed) Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 40mm R865 Smartwatch GPS Bluetooth WiFi + LTE with ECG Monitor Tracker for Health Fitness Running Sleep Cycles GPS Fall Detection - (Renewed) SAMSUNG
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7 4G Kids SmartWatch - SmartWatch for Kids with GPS Tracker and Calling Waterproof, Cell Phone Watch for Age 3-15 Years Old Girls Boys Smart Watch Smartphone Support SIM Card WiFi Games 4G Kids SmartWatch - SmartWatch for Kids with GPS Tracker and Calling Waterproof, Cell Phone Watch for Age 3-15 Years Old Girls Boys Smart Watch Smartphone Support SIM Card WiFi Games LiveGo
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8 Smart Watch for Android Phones Compatible with iPhone Samsung, Sazooy Fitness Tracker Smartwatch Touch Screen Bluetooth Watch with Sim SD Slot Camera Support Text and Call for Women Men Kids (White) Smart Watch for Android Phones Compatible with iPhone Samsung, Sazooy Fitness Tracker Smartwatch Touch Screen Bluetooth Watch with Sim SD Slot Camera Support Text and Call for Women Men Kids (White) Sazooy
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9 Smart Watch 2022(Call Receive/Dial), 1.70 in HD Full Touch Screen Smartwatch Fitness Tracker with Call/Text/Heart Rate (Black) Smart Watch 2022(Call Receive/Dial), 1.70 in HD Full Touch Screen Smartwatch Fitness Tracker with Call/Text/Heart Rate (Black) ANDFZ
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10 Smart Watch(Call Receive/Dial), Fitness Watch 28 Sport Modes, 1.7'' Smart Watches for Women Men with AI Voice Control Call/Text/Heart Rate/Sleep Monitor, Phone Smartwatch for Android iOS Phones Smart Watch(Call Receive/Dial), Fitness Watch 28 Sport Modes, 1.7'' Smart Watches for Women Men with AI Voice Control Call/Text/Heart Rate/Sleep Monitor, Phone Smartwatch for Android iOS Phones MVEFOIT
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Top Customer Reviews: SAMSUNG ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 40 ratings
5 / 5
A description of element declares that a box contains a clock, 2 different sized bands, 2 chargers, 2 cords, and the adapter of wall. Also it declares all the elements are cleaned and has inspected. I have received so only a clock, 1 band, 1 load and 1 cord. One load was dirty. Some looks of clock partorisca do properly ..Like this far. But no happy on some missing elements. It have paid partorisca the new mark a there is had I known this would come missing half of some things that would have to has been with him!
5 / 5
The element has been marked like refurbished new with scratches in a face and band. Enough it declares refurbished used in this chance.
A box didnt contain all touching elements to the equal that has declared. You do not buy never of this provider again.
4 / 5
I achieved it it was to a vendor that considers some missing pieces but does not have behind listened. A description has said that that comes with multiple straps, chargers, etc, but he the no. has listened one wireless touching in these is quell'has bitten delicate, this in spite of, has not been able to take the full load still. To good sure remorses to buy this in the new a, which at least would have come with instructions.
5 / 5
I have received a esnewed' the sample done 6 hours and is been touching for 5. He overheated once but mostly so only shows a point of exclamation in a ray of lightning with the message that head to 'the load of original use' as he trickles up. I have not finalised dipping arrive and need to buy uploads it to use. I see an option to leave feedback of vendor but no an option to contact for questions or of the parts of substitution.
In the positive note, one looks it lovely and a setup was smooth. I am connected street bluetooth but will resist connected to Verizon LTE until I am sure a subject is so only one load. Neither there is any instruction or 2nd band in a box.
Will update when it was more or listen of a vendor.
5 / 5
A product is coming like this described and the mark looked new. A rotating bezel, way and 50 water of metre the control was all of entity for me. The law adds in a gymnasium to control my music and follow my exercise. Has life of better battery that my Train S3.
4 / 5
Any sure the one who the people love in the ready clock, any I same have an expectation besides some typical useful things like the counter of any, counter of calorie, notification to control quickly without that has to that access my telephone and finally and a lot especially the a lot of looking clock.

This clock all concealed and more.

Is gone in the original box with all the original accessories eats: Sample, Wireless load, boss of USB, A/C adapter, long and short bands for big and small wrists and manual of users. SIGNS of ZEROS of wear, looks and the new same smells. Like this far they are that it goes in 3 days in one load and ossia with me touching and dipping on a clock on day a so it says that a life of battery is excellent for such the device.

Ossia Really the fresh clock, feels a lot well the quality done , big (except a band of hule) but concealed can be upgraded easily. I never this in spite of to spend the ready clock, are more to chronographs of the big end of then was very young and has decided now give this come from that so only reason seats has required the and well, looks damn well with all a customization available, the face of available clock partorisca download, bezel inserts/inserts, bands, the calm applications appoint it, calm really can it do your own.

In all the chance, am pleased really with my first ready clock. Like this far I am really happy with some things are able to do with him.

Music of games
Works like the far for the camera of the mine telephone
the looks that has surprised
A lot of customization available
Works with GPS of the mine telephone
Calories of Clue of the mine / of any and all this sht
Say me time info
can read emails and of the messages
can write for behind
the life of Battery is glorious
Is test to water
Comes with wireless upload and can touch he with mine S10+

Any one has thought that more he , spent one and the imagine was.
4 / 5
Amazing quality, the life of battery adds. A lot quite sample. It prefer gold to gold of ascended, but comprise are not a majority. Where Samsung the failure is for real a lack of applications, and while there is not application a lot a lot of, one some that would expect of the smartwatch laws perfectly. I have not had any questions after the week that comprises to follow excercise, dreams etc. Wish this clock is coming with Spending you? It depends. Tizen Is cleaned really, and while it bite it more the applications would be well, a clock is súper easy to use so that the majority to need his stops of clocks. The software does not blow a lot another out of a water, but a quality/to build fact.

Update: Expósitas applications more useful and yes is exited with him FB Application of Messenger to initiate messagges, for real would be enamoured reason the one who writes texts anymore? Also, after the week to use sees scratches in a rotating bezel. I have seen some protectors like this to good insurances compraventa but beware...
5 / 5
It was skeptical with some descriptions plus very late but all have come as it has announced! It avenges with both chargers and the bands and the mark looked new. On all súper happy with this buy
4 / 5
the wall uploads Disappeared, small strap, a seconds to upload stand.
5 / 5
It has been the diehard user of Pebble of a Pebble 1. With the transmission to the new telephone (ironically a S7 to a LG G8) and a death of an application of old Pebble of Game of Google, a time was right to look for an alternative.

In the first place, a life of battery. It is clearly impossible to take the life of battery of a Steel of Time of the Pebble in the typical smartwatch. It was able to take 7-10 days of this device. For as they are by train for the use, a Samsung is lasted 48 to 54 hours directly, which means can have two cycles to sleep before I touch. Touching is reasonably quickly, where have gone of 10 to 75 in a has turned of an hour. Ossia Sufficient for my needs. I run an Always In Writing in adaptive brightness and the fact to commission watchface to maximizas life of battery, and turn of a screen when sleeping at night.

A creation. It looks the real clock ! It does not run any class of protective coverage in my ready clocks or otherwise as it can not comment has in aggregated bulk. How it is with the realistic watchface, the very good work in imitating a real thing in the gaze. It go to add one adds-in bezel coverage to leave a whole clock to be money but has not been satisfied and has gone back to stock.

An interface. A simple action of rotating a bezel is marvelously intuitive action, a lot resembled an excellent push-creation of key of a Pebble. This in spite of, with an addition of a touchscreen there is so only like this more the actions can take. It averts of the little unexpected watchface transmissions, a touchscreen has tried extraordinarily difficult to accidentally of use, the big worry of the mine that leaves a Pebble.

Notification and calendar. Pebble Timeline The characteristic can not be surpassed, is that well. A Samsung he this in spite of fact an excellent work in him calm once configure a clock for fast access to calendar. I maintain the mine daily dates a swipe on, and monthly two swipes on. Work a lot well! Another enormous thing is interacting with notification, like this authenticator applications. No longer constantly I owe attractive out of my telephone only to sign in!

I steps and the sleep that follows. A Samsung is very better that a Pebble is, that follows a lot of different exercises and included generating reports to exercise when treating unexpected work. While spending stock exchanges of bed around a yard for the half hour, a Samsung informed for behind those that calories had burned, the real unexpected profit! Also, a tracker to sleep pinpoints a time in the each level to sleep as well as a whole, a lot of gain to find besiege it of optimum sleep.

Music and calling. I have not used this a lot of in a real world. Test, my headphones have informed that my voice was clear and understandable. My level of consolation with such fashionable Hike Clashes the technology is not big quite (also 'geeky'), but know some of you will love it! Music, has not had any experience with but imagines it will impact life of battery quite strongly.

Finally, while it bite it big in my wrist that expected, a Samsung is still the good measure. I have changed immediately a band to the Horween peel an and instantly saw it up. A 22 measure of band is shared with a Pebble, and with the strap of fast emission is very easy to exchange. A swipe a big plus has against had a Pebble is that any one imports that it has tried it dress the on, a Pebble has been squared always and 'techy. A Samsung can be dressed up and down much easier, although with both that can be defies it to spend with the properly returned shirt because of a thickness of clock. A more random key down is well.

Competition? I have considered strongly a Garmin Fenix 5 series, but finally felt was too expensive and too directed in of the activities of sports and any enough in notifications of business level to the equal that of the emails, texts, dates, Squads/Slack messages. It is gorgeous this in spite of. Sample of the apple is not never be in my radar because they are an user of Android .

- A life of the battery is not like this well, as finding occasions to touch he without interrupting the sleep or the work is the challenge , especially when on call.
- Watchface customization Has limited severely without third applications of party, and third party watchfaces inevitably eat more battery. It does not like the one who deceptively paywalled watchfaces and watchface of the applications are, and accesses to a Samsung applications of the clock sometimes requires additional costs (authorising costs?) Which have gone the compraventa.
- Always In Writing (AoD) way dims a screen (AoD is on in a picture of a two side of clocks for side) and can be difficult to read in brilliant sun according to a watchface colours, more can very manually regulate a brightness of AoD for separate of a normal exposure.

In general, am very pleased with a clock and convert it to the amazon has Renewed. A product has arrived exactly like this expected, any third-adapters of the party and all the accessories have comprised, has had still some plastic wraps in some parts of metal of a clock! Absolutely it was to look in this way again when they improve a clock of Galaxy for net 2!

Top Customer Reviews: 4G Smart Watch 2.86 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
A Dm100 is the fact of interesting clock in Cina and a vendor had asked the description.
Therefore ossia my description . My description of a dm100 comprises the few things that comprises tests, resulted of test, the usually based indication in the max of 3; with 4 and 5 when be resisted partorisca extremely of utmost indications and does not take used hardly at all; with that has said to the left is begins.

Imei Control, has run two different Imei checks on-line one had declared that a imei was last used in the box kat you around the 4.1 device of android; a new imei so only verified on today 9/11/2020 has declared, 1. Oukitel C1 Device and, 2. A imei the number was cleaned. For like this if your device is downloading all the applications that leaves partorisca begin yours concealed can be run of a subject; like six that according to some revises there, there are users with this subject exact.

Frequent (heavy) touching, in this I that can give the 2.8 like a thing I opinion is a metal in an inferior side of some heats of clock on some.

Battery (Mah) verification = This one has required the application of download, has downloaded in fact two of them partorisca do absolute sure a Mah the numbers matched and a second zone looked is in if a mah there is matched in fact one 2700 or 2800 Mah was has announced a lot so only by other creators like unbox therapy, also for a lot of other vendors. A result of a finding is the 1.5. They Like him to him two applications there is matched a mah section that has confirmed the; this in spite of a downside, a mah measured so only tip 1,000 and any 2000 to 2800 mah.

Call them telephone= 3 this is to base on clarity of a call in both sides sender and auricular and a fact that is using the he paper.
SMS= 3 also, this is to base around any possible subjects or complained that receives on not receiving messages, messages more a lot of of error.
Monitor of heart rate= 3 has based punctually or has not registered near of a same likes application in the Samsung commentaries 8.
Stopwatch=3 has looked for roughly two minutes partorisca do sure has had a lot of skipping to the equal that could have gone down a bookmark.
Measured of clock 3= is usually difficult partorisca people with big wrists partorisca find the clock that access, this will do well.
Bluetooth 2= I would like me see these clocks be able to pair with Bluetooth in planting to trust on Wi-Fi and applications like hangouts (which so only does the averages of a time)
has Turned was partorisca long distance 3= I has spent he partorisca on 3 hours in the travesía of round of roughly 65.2 miles or , again a weight was well, not slipping around partorisca one the majority of part; in general alike quality quite big.

Sweat of wrist 2.5 I bet you would not have guessed never that would have comprised this. It is the true thing this in spite of; as I comprised it. Mostly once your heats of clock until some terracing your wrist in fact can sweat the little.
He Installation of paper initially 1.0; this in spite of afterwards a vendor posted a video that objective as to install 3.0.
Measured of ray, 1.0 To the left give a bit joints here, no under any tentativa of circumstances to install a he paper on at all another that the hard service, and a light more a colour a better. And there is the good reason for him, if calm any and an earth of rays in the surface of the dark colour or any carpet have gone for abonos; they are so only that tiny.

Tries light water 3 I has washed my hands several times, having it has turned on and was, at all looked to act bad electrically, or any negative subjects am arisen.

Bookmark of clock out of the possible 42 points have valued the glorious total of 33.8 or % which is very real in my book.

I vendors Mark
Eases of compraventa 3
service of Client 5
the question that solves 5
explanation or Answered Timely 5
Competitive Pricing 5
Out of the possible 23 I gives a vendor 23 or 100 percent.
Next buying of this vendor was the good election , and would recommend. So only agree a thing almost has forgotten to mention roughly when considering a DM100, while it will cost you almost $ usd (which has comprised an extra guarantee). Besides once a brake of band (any side), a clock is done; and precise buy another. A new challenge that would give a costruttore of clock among 2 parts;
one with a later android and a screen of same measure
2. It marks some bands replaceable.

In general is looking for the piece to time that is totally so only this could be the buy.
4 / 5
Is coming open box, ANY BROKEN, fat on sensor of any dipping it on wrist. Headed well, but without booklet or manual of any class, any sense. So only it opens the QR codes, which apparently are timed in place of pointed, then goes to screen of clock that so only can open the shots of basic screen. Pressing another key in any way( long press, short press, fines-press of any <3,5,7,9>literally at all. So only recieved the today. Any visible way the reset to start with on in a process.

MODIFY: So much, my stubborn a$ $ decided to maintain it and has been able to modify one YOU so many is more functional. Nifty Little each one that $ ;D
5 / 5
the clear same careers Big KODI! I paired he with the bluetooth keyboard with the tampon to touch and are writing this in one WINS X Launcher of a tent of game of the Google, paid $ .99 More for a paided verson and the the small computer in your arm!!! They are.
4 / 5
No with verizon (although the have another unlocked devices that )
does not run all the applications of android.
4 / 5
When it has taken this clock was awed in the big was both of the telephone and a strap of wrist. A telephone is solid and a strap is done to last. Besides when being the telephone is also the clock of fitness. As any device there is the learning curb but is the no brainer to learn so that it is intuitive. Comprised in a box is the cradle to touch , mini engine of ray, two screen protectors and the simple instruction. A screen is quite brilliant with a awesome colours/of screen and responsive and has the camera. I have situated my telephone nano HE the paper and some settings have done automatically (TMobile) although it has taken awhile for a clock to answer to a coverage and a APN the settings were corrected. There are multiple coverages that is compatible with him. A look this in spite of, some rays that control a HE spent of the paper is miniscule and easily can be lost when you are not careful. I recommend to situate the white paper under a telephone in chance some low rays of point a coverage like this easily can sees. Of one is Android some applications of a tent of to the game does not like Netflix but work with FB Messenger and Music of Youtube. Of then RAM is limited calm has to that choose wisely that the applications can upload. When in the first place it has taken a sample a source was small but there are options of settings of low measure. Ossia A standalone the telephone and is not to like the Samsung shows in that that can look you with the Samsung telephones to do and receive calls of telephone. Still I am exploring is described and like this far is positive. It is the shrunken telephone of Android or pill.
4 / 5
Incredibly powerful! 3/32G rocks of version. Alexa, Youtube/of Youtube, wyez cam Access, uploads more.
4 / 5
To the as it likes me in of this product is that it softens and is of confidence.
To That that does not like is that of him any the few things has said that does. It is not compatible with my service of telephone or any one another provider of service has been to. A clock is big and the little heavy but a life of battery is surprising.
His summer six slowly of telephone is with metre pcs and a sample is not compatible with his system, so that there is concealed. I have not tried very other providers of services. Some looks of clock to run smooth and is compatible with the majority of some applications the use. A life of battery is ridiculous. Using it regularly the take 2 easy days. I have extended a life of battery was to the to the long of the week. Of course the there went it on saver of full battery and used it sparingly. It is easy to use, perhaps easier that more devices. It would recommend that this looks more reason runs has windows chrome, which the half has to that always update. I have had several ready clocks abonos has not been sustained anymore and there is prendido only law.
4 / 5
Loves these the big loan has taken the month to arrive included thow there are them prime of amazon that suposed to take the day or 2 but is cost an amour he
5 / 5
The would not take a qr the code but I changed it manually but unable to change a date and time. Amazon Of call and has sent the message.
5 / 5
Has ordered this product by means of my daughter.
Be almost returned reason some of some characteristic is not doing in English as highly it is in disappointing.

For my work I need the big screen like this, atleast to receive the notification has done perfect. Which is required for my work.

But reason this has announced more the characteristic has been excited partorisca, am a lot disappointed for that. Deceiving advertising.
The Very urgently require the product like this would be returned!

To good sure something to consider!
At all entirely happy, but do like this far in that I need! The desire could use he for more like announced.

Top Customer Reviews: KOSPET MAX GPS ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
It is an interesting telephone . It runs the full version of Android which is good and bad. It wants to Youtube of clock! Any question. It loves stay in fb? Any question. It wants to touch some games? Any question.

Wants to take the message of text? Uh oh. Houston has the question. Like the clock is essentially the cellphone [lite], he a lot of pair with the real cellphone like others do another to send and receive calls and of the texts. This in spite of, has his own he the paper yes is going to a park of the distraction or another place where could be you fearful to lose or break your telephone.

Is quell'has bitten bulky, but to the left is to be sincere, calm any one except him if it has not been (having a big screen and all some amenities having the mobile phone in your wrist).

Honradamente Would be the 5-stars to estimate except a text to/call @@subject. His personnel of support is slow to answer and tend to avert a direct question. And I took literally hours to imagine was that it was one in subject @of Android of Android that prevent to to subject likes him the normal ready clock...

Developer, yes has read this, thinks that read precise in the patch of software thus subject, thank you. It is really like to be able to look in my clock and see that my cellphone has taken the message of text.
4 / 5
This clock is in fact the telephone in your wrist.
Pros: 1. Tmobil He The paper has done well.
Was able to do and receive
called like this in the like this texting of the
2. It was able to explore the. .
Internet, See video in Youtube.
3. The response has had a lot well with.

Does not have all some bells and whistles of an iPhone or Samsung thus subject, but servants a purpose.
Gilipollas: For me there it was two things that discouraged me, perhaps three.
1. This clock is running in the android and has been concerned with a subject of security. As you could know it does a lot of updates of security for this version. This mine has concerned.
2. For some reason a bluetooth the connection has maintained disconnecting, and was annoying listening this thru some headphones. Perhaps it has had to fix he for that, but could does not imagine era.
3. When Looking video in Youtube/of Youtube I could not take touched of of a rew = ff aiming in a video.
Has tried a clock for the week and has then decided has not been for me. With my main worry when being a subject of security . I have decided to return a clock.
I for taken to mention an application for some leaves of clock a lot to wish.
Now with this said, if a costruttore of this clock decides to run this with the new plus would consider to buy a clock again.
4 / 5
Loves this clock,included this in spite of the have the small wrist still looks his big but thats a beauty of him,if yours that goes to to use likes your telephone that has to see you to everything likes calm to do in yours telephone and thats exactly that it is and so only gotta love a life of battery,can go them 2 days without cariche and thats using everything in the the plus that listens my music all day,the installed roughly hundred more songs in the and work well.
4 / 5
Has possessed a TicWris Max still to the long of the month before I sold it. I have bought then Max S. This description will cover some common characteristics to both models, as well as some differences.

So much the clocks are so only in those ran under an operating system of Android. I outrage a type of ready clock of the interface so much the models have, calm also can install the applications of a Game of the tent of Google concealed calm to leave you to change a look and feel. Personally, it uses launch of Square House.

Here is surround he of a pros and gilipollas of the each clock:


1. It feels comfortable in my wrist in spite of his measure. Able to spend the whole day . Max S, when being slightly smaller, is quell'has bitten more comfortable.
2. Able to run a lot of applications of a Tent of Game of the Google. A lot especially it is that it runs the launcher that entirely can change the interface of a device.
3. Life of good battery - roughly 2 days with normal use partorisca Max. Roughly 1 day partorisca Max S. Both load in roughly 2 hours.
4. Using it he paper (I follows to run drop T-Mobile) is able to do calls, texts and all other things the mobile phone can do.
5. Has WiFi, Bluetooth and connectivity of USB.
6. To spend in your wrist like the mobile phone, emissions on hands and deletes a need to spend the big mobile phone.


1. A small screen (compared to the mobile phone) the difficult fact to see a lot of applications. Also it requires applications to run in way of landscape. It takes the just quantity to time to find applications on Tent of Game that pursues in landscape and that also leave a measure of a source to be expanded. It would owe that be remarked that a measure of the smallest screen of Max S the very difficult fact to read some applications.
2. Functions of the fitness of punctual clock is limited to any and heart rate. A device can not read pressure of blood, level of oxygen and temperature.
3. A regular interface that comes with a device is that of the loans of clock - a question is that the installed applications in a clock looks the plot of the any one has ordered icons in any particular order. Ossia Reason taking the launcher of the tent of Game is of entity.
4. A very big number of the faces of free clock is available when running under an interface of ready clock.
5. Screen brightness could be better. No the question indoors, but alfresco is another subject.
6. While pode pair with your mobile phone that use bluetooth, calm can does not call or texts. You owe that have the he paper to do that.

These devices are not for all the world. His no well for the user of heavy mobile phone. For me, this in spite of, is perfect. An occasional text, the email and call them telephone I mark and receives to do this practise with a goodness that my telephone is always with me.

Some photos the semi-detached show seen different of Max. Some premiers 3 is of a regular interface. Some seconds 3 is using a launcher of Square House. Note as you can show calendar and time widgets.

To the equal that has mentioned in a start, has had Max, sold it then to take Max S. After the few days to use Max S, are by train of the turn and buying Max. A screen in Max S is so only too small for my eyes. Also I lose a life of the longest battery of Max. Max S comes with an additional camera that Max lacking, and there is some the faces of additional clock to be missing of in Max.

In general, both models are good elections master the ready clock that offered more customization options that anything more in a phase.
4 / 5
Has bought this punctual clock three weeks ago to do with my GoPro and drones and am very satisfied with him.

1. Some works of good product like the ready telephone. All the applications of half comunicacionales social do a lot on that.
2. It is possessing 3GB RAM and 32G of ROM, and these applications have installed so only using roughly RAM and of ROM now.
3. A battery is 2880mAh, absolutely a big plus among all ready watchs in a phase. I recharge the roughly each one that 5-6 days.
4. It perfects with the cameras of action likes them GoPro. Imagine when you are driving or emotional telephone , ready is obviously very convenient thus purpose.
5. A recharging the socket has interior of magnet and looks very of confidence.

1. For some applications a screen can a lot of rotates.
2. In another hand of a big battery, is the bit has weighed. Enough it would modify a ruber strap with something like elastic band.

Wants to something to control your GoPro in real time, ossia the product adds . In fact, any calm really have another election. Hopefully A manufacture can upgrade a firmware and leave a screen rotate automatically then would be the perfect assistant for me.
5 / 5
I really really has loved really love this thing. I mean to come on... It is like a telephone of Android in your wrist!!! A look of is like this ridiculous and cartoonish. It looks something out of @1990s show of television that tries to predict some the stupid things would have in a future. But hey, ossia my fashion !!!

But a breaker of extracted for me is that this thing is slooooooooooooow. The mine has thought in fact can be been defective at the beginning because there is no reading anything in a clock that is like this sluggish of all a YT the descriptions have looked. A better way can describe is has bought one of these $ 30-50 telephones of Android MVOs sell... It is in a same ballpark.

Has to that do download it of authorship this in spite of... They are the techie. Always mecer a telephone a new plus every year (at present have a Note 20 Ultra like my main)... Like this extremely slow mine... It could be perfectly well and tolerable for other people.

My main use partorisca east was to to use likes him the controller for my Llama 360 A R while it was in my bicycle. Unfortunately, a specs for a clock is too slow. A llama 360 A R relieves this and calm so much can very included find an application in a Tent of Game likes google automatically filters out of incompatible applications for your device. Trying downloads a APK manually is not he workaround like the installer relieves an incompatibility and will not come from with one installs.

See that ossia the question that is asked to plot also... Those providers of service is this compatible element with? I can inform this Sprint will do with this perfectly without @@subject. I also have T-Cellular and that also done perfectly with a unit. AT&T is the GSM carrier to the equal that assumes that it will do with him well. Verizon Does not have any one follows roughly.

In all the chance, expects that this helps any one looking to purchase this spiffy small artilugio. Material yes calms so only love a clock of Android with the giant screen... It goes for him! This in spite of, think that that you go to have the fully working telephone of Android in your wrist... This is not the... You will be to look in of the tonnes of incidents, the calm applications can not download, and constantly while the things to just load up.
4 / 5
Has had a clock the week.
Pros: 1. Calls of clear telephone
2. The law of email adds
3. Quality of good music
4. Decent video playback
5. Easy bluetooth connection

Gilipollas: 1. It shows a lot of rotate for easy
use of application.
2. Not clearing visibiliy alfresco
3. Any compatiable with google
spend you application.
4 / 5
The element was so only that has expected. An only worry is a mobile HE paper disconnects and need to be reinstalled to operate cellular service. More compatible partorisca android that iOS.
5 / 5

will find that a lot of applications are not sustained excepts past way that it is unusable when a clock is spent. The examples are RadarNow which is the very useful application partorisca show the map of time. Very other applications will look to do except then after setup incumplimientos the past way (in fact lateralmente in a clock). This is not one the fault of an application but the function of an exposure not regulating resolution that can not be changed invernadero the setting in a formware.

Some of some builds applications swimming, for example a calendar. So only the concealed but does not leave you to plan chance of bondadoso, his so only the calendar. The to the equal that wishes a costruttore would finalise some applications have comprised reasons otherwise so only take on upper of spatial and resupply any functionality.

Then take to some that would have to that be what very simple likes transmission a volume. That is simple in the another device is tedious in a clock. If you are listening the music or looking any clip of video or streaming irradiate it can very easily change a volume. You owe that take to dip for the transmission, any way to do like this of the pulldown.

Are to take the star because a More uses them this looks a more are finding this that would have to be it things very simple to do is a lot tedious and almost impossible to do without taking a clock was.

Is that it is, the small cellphone in the width watchband. LOOK: A lot of applications and included some of a setting no in way of landscape like calm neither has to that take a clock out of the like this seen turn in way of portrait or twist your to direct when using. Cela Some of some settings no in the landscape means a subject for one YOU overlay neither has not been finalised or any one has forgotten something. Have tired to change some settings but touch the question with one EAT actuated in a clock. This can be unnerving when it uploads on an application and simply can does not take the way of landscape this in spite of an application still will do in landscape in the telephone or pill. I am bet this has to that do with a resolution of an exposure, some applications and some setting will not recognise a place of landscape of an exposure and for this are stuck.

This is running version 7 of Android. That The android is at present in version 10. With 3 actions of Ram would owe that be able to run version 10. An only reason can think the sweat that runs an old version is reason ossia basically he repurposed older small cellphone model that used to be sold and repurposed to a the clock of wrist fashionable device.

There is remarked that when that runs some applications that a Ticwris takes warm, a lot warm. The day of the freshest winter could not be the big shot but I can say you that warms to the calm hot time will not want to spend this that your wirst will do the slow cook.

Am not sure if the constant heat of a telephone will have any effects in your health, a heat that comes from/comes from a telephone is quite the warm day to really of heat on your wrist.

After spending the east arrests one more the few hours could not expect take has been. A skin under a sample is really warm and moist, this is not to like that it spends the regular clock, big clocks was. Often it spends a mark of Android 50mm self winding the clock and is both heavy and thickness but neither generates his own heat.

All that averts, one an improvement of entity would be the key of physical house .

Ticwris Really would owe that offer one YOU upgrade to any the one who has bought one of these. It would go the long way to knows does not buy an orphan product that the year will be quite worthless. It likes the android maintains to take developers of the numbers of new version are less and less has had to that sustain the devices that Version of career 7.
4 / 5
Súper Clock the good loan has given 4 stars for the pocolas reason. One has been the verizon client for 10 years and I cant uses the he paper of verizon. Verizon Has said reason a no active sample HD service of voice. As I owe that use some other companies yes paper and paid for both a paper and service that really sucks. I have ordered a he to the amazon recommends when that buys a clock. I have been said you of the that needs the paper crediticia for a service this is not true. You go thru a together integer on then in an end force to dip your paper on file. Saying they so that it can touch calm partorisca overage in to date it etc yes calm of the that gives your cc ready yup guessed it to you you cant use a he. As I am returned a he and to arrive to this point so only can enjoy average that some offers of clock. Also dosent looks calm like will take of a lot of support of some developers. I emailed his on june 3rd his now one 15th still any june 27th and undertaken still hasnt has answered my email.

Top Customer Reviews: 4G Kids SmartWatch ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
Absolutely horrible to try and take connected. If or buy this clock, does not try partorisca connect he in another coverage, so only take a “SpeedTalk” pre-has paid YES paper. I have seen in of the questions that could connect it the AT&T as we have tried (because ossia our normal carrier ) and is spent of the hours in some telephone and of visit them multiple to a tent of AT&T. Have in the first place said a clock IMEI has been registered like the telephone, no the clock, so that it was a question . As they have applied partorisca change concealed. Then they said it finally it could no in his coverage. A worse thing is is such “out of-mark” that there any info or support. Once we take a habladuría to accelerate YES has done finally. No an amazing clock, a life of battery dies quite quickly, but another that that it is well for the first “telephone of boys” where does not require to do a lot besides text/of call. To to I My edges like in of generals. The only desire has had the better option for an entrance/acequia lists of clock in a category of same prize.
5 / 5
Are very satisfied with a fast nave. A smartwatch has arrived 2days before the party of anniversary of my edges. A plan has not been interrupted at all! To to I My edges like of the presents a lot. A classmates the one who has taken to pupil a next day has rented his clock. And a function is also very powerful, the majority of some functions of a mobile phone have this clock, but a prize is more economic that a mobile phone, reason any for the choose ??! I bought it YES paper of Amazon, and a monthly hire only costs $ 5. Paper a lot of cost and effective clocks, will not concern in the boys that loses, is very convenient for me and Other members familiarised to communicate with my edges.
4 / 5
Like this aggravating and doesnt always laws. I have tried three different company he papers. A clock is unreliable
4 / 5
feels like this clunky and weighed to use. A service of location of the GPS and counter of is not mostly inaccurate. A telephone and application of the clock is not well has drawn. I have tried it finds positive in this compraventa but there is little. The to turn sure good.
5 / 5
Any all some applications in a work of clock. I have added service to a clock and does not relieve location with a SOS alarms, the can not call a clock or call by means of a clock. An only thing can do with this Videocall but sometimes does not operate. Look Elsewhere. I have added the plan and I have not taken an economic a reason have has wanted to do sure could be in contact with my boys but no, this was the waste of money.
5 / 5
Has tried all the morning to imagine this looks the present navideño for my edges my young plus and I am not happy!!! As it Could this has been included boxed!!! Visibly see bosses by means of a clock!!!! Reason!!!! That is to spend to priest of quality anymore
5 / 5
One a lot to to that likes to buy the experience! In the first place, a logistical is faster that has expected, and when has questions, a vendor is especially patient to teach me regarding the use. Besides, this video of operation helped also the plot. A smartwatch 4call of law of G a lot of and has powerful functions, coverage the majority of some functions in of the mobile phones. And a sample can be expensive unlocked. To to The My boy likes-the this also can control this clock remotely, which is the perfect clock for me and my boys.
5 / 5
Can not take the HE paper without the account of telephone. Has the Sprint YES paper but T-Mobile so only will give me the T-Mobile HE paper which no with this clock because both have to that have a bit was HE the paper am said.
Like this literally is seating in a box in mine dresser and was the total waste of my money! Ugh!
5 / 5
Very sure where to start with. A camera does not operate. A life of battery has the very short life has turned, 24 hrs is by train to press it. They are lucky rests has touched the half day. No the enormous defender of a mobile application neither. Some of a work of the settings and another have the alcohol of him is adapted. In general I am a lot disappointed and would not recommend the buying. I have lost unfortunately my window of turn and am stuck with him.
4 / 5
Some measures is not of the same likes signalled in a pics, his too big and has not liked him some characteristic alot, His looks the toy. It will return it.

Top Customer Reviews: Smart Watch ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 41 ratings
4 / 5
Ossia My prime minister smartwatch, how had been the using Fitbit fashionable band. Has-liked me an idea of the screen the big plus that was full colour and having some characteristic of additional health – like pressure of blood and level of oxygen that my band has has not had. It liked also that I can choose of a face of clock to one that reads partorisca me. I have had any pairing of subjects with my iPhone 13, or downloading and installing a compatible IOS Application. An Application is far upper to an Application associated with my band of fitness and also integrates to the application of Health of an iPhone.

This clock has a lot of functions, comprising Tracker of Fitness, Time, Sleep Monitor, Messages, Telephone, Pressure of Blood Monitor, Alarm, Pedometer, Heart rate Monitor – and all look partorisca do really well. I have had the Dr. Appt Last week, and a pressure of blood likes taking for my physician the assistant was a lot on with a pressure of blood that reads taken by a clock. I also really like a function of control of the sleep and a number of details a clock resupplies.

Highly would recommend this smartwatch, especially partorisca this interested follow his health and fitness.
4 / 5
Has bought really two another smartwatches and there is then expósito is one, is a lot well priced. Works a lot well and interior a moment are them in the hospital and is in row of his measures, amour a clock and priced.
4 / 5
Was pleasantly surprised in the well this clock is, any partorisca mention a prize a low plus that compares to another mark. It is to fly it really.

A clock is very thin and light (comparing to mine another clock, Huawei Clock of Sport 2), and a build feels prize . It likes like this of a screen feels, very smooth and good curvature. It feels like the jewels. A strap is soft and comfortable and very easy to be cleaned. It comes with double loops to resist a strap in place.

A clock can do a lot, sleep, heart rate, pressure of blood, and control of oxygen of the blood. I have compared a functionality of pressure of the blood, is near of some numbers have taken of Omron Bronze standalone device. A sensor of the oxygen of the blood is in pair with my Wellue Wrist Oximeter. Works of heart rate as well as it has expected.

A speaker in a clock is quite strong. I do not have any @@subject listening calls or directions of navigation when I am driving. You can change to faces of different clock this in spite of more than uses an application. Some faces are amused enough.

In general am very satisfied with this clock.
5 / 5
Love this clock! It was given always the behind ready clocks reasons are too expensive and he any one anything new that my telephone already excepts is has looked has changed my alcohol! First of all, ossia so only $ 60 (and see on sale for $ 40) how is to fly he for a prize so that fact. Any so only has said a time, say you the notifications of your telephone, and to the left regulate the music but he there is much more the quality of looks of life concealed is mindblowing that can take it you partorisca like this little. You take control of pressure of the blood , the sensor of heart rate, sensor of activity, and more! It can you think that that it concealed?! Highly it recommends this!!
4 / 5
Update: While it takes a clock ready to the turn has decided tries to touch that. It results that a reason has not done was a battery has required to touch. Never I have thought on that has had of only touched it a day before. It has resisted previously the load for 5 or 6 days. I have had this in spite of reset the to continously control my heart and that quickly drains a battery. Maintaining is fellow again and will not return it .
Does not try this but while in Hawaii has been snorkeling and has forgotten to rake a clock was. 20 minutes more am it remarked late and sure enough has had working prisoner. Once I have it more it writes it was but then decided to see yes would touch. Unbelievebably A battery has been drained and after the touch has done adds. Included a monitor of sleep is doing adds. I love this clock!
Original description: it has not registered never my sleep correctly. For the chance would aim me that acuesta in 10 pm when in fact I have not taken to bed until 1130. APDO Was a lot on. Another that esleep' has loved this clock but with which roughly 10 days has been dark. It has said of another way, there is prendido to do.
5 / 5
Has not tried a characteristic of monitor of the sleep still, but a rest of a characteristic like a way of the exercise and the monitor of heart rate is doing utmost.
To the equal that can see in my pictures, has substituted an original band. It was a lot of looking but has purchased one of a 3rd party. Now it looks included better!
A HD IPS the screen looks good-looking. In general, it is a lot of value of the money. It recommends it if it does not want to pay extra $ 300 for clock of Apple!!
5 / 5
Have the big collection of ready clocks to the equal that have been that tries to find a perfect one for me. Reading a description of this clock and some inform the decided to give tries it. Here it is the one who the expósita likes them and aversion.

PROS... Easy to read type, faces of decent clock, interface of easy navigation, the ways of sports are usable, his light weight, and some bands are able to be swapped was.

The upper key is so only the key although it looks the dial . The desire has has done so only an upper buttion one same like inferior. A hydrid sale(skin and hule) is rigid. An inferior key is not programmable to that loves like the shortcut.
In general one is the good clock for $ 65 but with the pocolos change would be perfect.
5 / 5
Has required the sample like this to follow my heartrate weekly and while exerting. This clock the good work with that. I compared it to the clock of Garmin I own and some numbers have not been some same, but close enough that I am able to the wheel the season and follow my heartrate overtime.

Are not the defender of a face of analog clock, but looks good and can see my heartrate in a face of a clock without pressing any keys that is not something my clock of Garmin can do.

The hips takes pictures with your telephone like the far and receives notification that is useful is in a field or in a gymnasium that deport of touches and needs to verify your messages.
5 / 5
Like clockwork, so only tip some of my notifications... This one in picture opens on any time has opened one of mine dossiers in my telephone.

When I have bought this clock has assumed that of then could do calls of telephone and call them of response that would be it able to speak to text and response to some some the messages but any one have his option, as I am guessing no. ...Which is a main reason has loved to purchase clock in a first place. Neither it will leave me add any contacts to a cast that can have in a same only 1 person. I have tried unpairing and repairing and restarting both telephone and clock.
4 / 5
So only has taken a sample this day and is my prime minister smartwatch, as they are any expect in of the similar products. It has not taken the real long time to imagine was regarding the use. I tried it it was the majority of some main characteristics. A monitor of heart rate and saturation of looks of the reasonably attentive oxygen when compared to the mine monitor of yolk. It would say that that it is less attentive is a pressure of controls of blood as it did not surprise me. It would not depend in this clock if control of the pressure of the blood is really of entity. In better, a reading of pressure of the blood in this calm clock of the the 'ballpark' figure--the at least will say you if you are need of pressure of the blood to be verified some another way or for the professional! It has said of another way,, if a sample has said that your pressure of blood is 55/32 or 210/110, would verify with monitor of pressure of real blood or perhaps go to a room of emergency! I have used a clock to do the call of telephone my woman and she have had any question that receives a call and listening me. I have used also a characteristic of far photo to do the selfie of my woman and I. It was able to select of enough the few faces of the clock and I assume can be changed while the person loves. Pairing A clock to my telephone was easy. It has dipped in the piece of protective digital screen in a face of the clock of then has the bad habit of accidentally lining expensive of clock! Finally, you remark on abundance of the ones of the Amazon of ready clocks to choose of and abundance of survival (or tactical) clocks to choose of. So that it spends to look for the clock of ready survival? I tried it and it has seen still he mostly the looks concealed was any loan or survival, but a lot both. WELL, I have not looked in the each available alone clock on Amazon, but has not seen one that has thought could call the clock of ready survival. Any question, has taken so only a band out of the clock of survival has bought on Amazon and installed the in this ready clock. Has has had to that I game with a band of clock the bit for the take to return properly of sales of clock in the samples of survival tend to be oversized. It has attached the photo that I finishing with. It is not real quite but until some costruttore decides to produce such the clock, will do for now. Any usually write descriptions in of the products a first day takes him, like this ossia unusual for me. This means that it has not been that durable this clock will be. If it falls aside anytime punctual, then will owe that go back and modify this description! In a moment, it has ordered another clock for my woman, excepts it will be a rose and version of the gold and I do not feign to substitute his band of clock with the camouflage a!

Top Customer Reviews: Smart Watch(Call ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
The installation has finalised so only and already am very impressed. This clock of fitness has the characteristics would expect to find in the much more expensive clock. It is neighbouring place for people those who look seriously professional in the place of the basement loves-to-bes launching the together things. An application is also well. For virtually each function, there is tucked besides the characteristic that had expected. Especially it likes having to that an easy way to spend 8 similar numbers around with me. All some the normal functions are easy to find and use -- temperature, heart, oxygen of blood, etc , no, translating on foot and pounds, tonnes of faces of clock. Also the qualified to send and receive messages and telephone, music. And this clock looks for to be built to last, with the strap of comfortable wrist, an extra watchface coverage, a lot sturdy construction and the good measure for women. And they invite messages for help with just the click and calm is not never far of a capacity the questions of text with fast response, read a manual. It is a lot there. The looks of battery to last far on half. It does not know roughly all some the medical records but some looks of strike of heart rate on. And in any, has explained something mine. Measure no for a swinging of an arm, which is reason some can not be registered and another no. There is the plot of references the MAC and I marvel if this company wants to result a leader for both program for such the empinados down in pricing that they take a lot of a lot of people converting to them. Ossia The serious smartphone has built to be simple likes twisted. I like this shows.
5 / 5
So only love this clock. Ossia A prime minister Smartwatch has has not had never. There is roughly 30 different types for a clock can choose of or can upload any of your pictures.
A clock is coming and has taken so only in the half hour to fully the touch. It has touched once it was easily able to download an application in mine telephone and then sync my clock and telephone near.
Was able to dip contacts in my clock without the question. I have done several calls of telephone of my clock and was able to listen a person has called a lot clearly and has not had the question that listen. It has been it adds!
Has used a heart rate and wrist. I give so only on some same results like the clock of my husband. It could not expect use a function of sleep. It is quite something on. I have been surprised. A clock stores everything of your information for everything of his calm applications so many can compare some days. While I am rigging in a morning I load my clock and has the full load. A pedometer does a lot very too much. Amur To look my steps.
A clock has the plot of characteristics.
To wake on your clock simply presses a key in a side of a face of clock, or can dip he until coming on when you shake your arm.
Can see your messages of your telephone.
Level of activity of the control
has on Dipped drinking memories to water
Sedentary memory
Take pictures
the Controls of sleep
Heart rate
Spo2 measurer
Breathes to Coach
Account for behind
Settings for your clock based in your flavours
is the sample adds . They are happy bought it. It is a lot of responsive to a touch and like this far a lot of @@subject.
Expects these helps.
4 / 5
Would expect are technology savvy but concealed is not something are well in but has taken a help that has required to take this clock on and running now am totally happy with this clock. A face of clock is so only beautiful and will take me some time to take used the to learn all on that it can it to it do. A prize are to add and really think that in fact love this clock and his possibilities. Spend of the money - you will not complain it .
4 / 5
The majority of some characteristic looks to do quite well, has taken ossia the present for my woman to substitute his Fitbit this has been funky and there is prendido to do correctly with which 11 month. It likes more than some characteristic but says an application of the sleep is not particularly well. A time does not look to aim an external time, am not sure yes is aiming an interior of time or aiming a time in some another location. Unfortunately it says sunrise is in 6 ARE and the decadence is in 6 PM how was is not to correct for our location. Any sure as to correct this. Tried to contact a company for email for an allocution dates in an application but he no . If I can it does not take concealed has solved it probably will finalise to send the behind included this in spite of in other respects is the good clock . Calling of some looks of clock to do well has not been hard to pair with iPhone XR. The life of battery is well.
5 / 5
Ossia Mine 2nd ready clock . With which 3days to look for exactly that has has wanted to/required has found this smartwatch. They are 70 young years and has to that say a neighbour-up was like this súper easy…has been once touched on which has not taken long neither. I am pleased like this with a colour that is pink… also a screen is quite big to read too
4 / 5
has been that loves the ready clock for the while now and am spent the week that looks in different ready clocks, this one has had all have required. A life of battery is terrific, a speaker on is a lot clear and can take quite strong. They are 100 pleased with this compraventa, for a prize and that quickly has taken in my house, fully recommend you to take this clock!
5 / 5
Are like this happy with this compraventa. They are near sighted as it can not read messages in mine old watvh. I any one need my readers cruise it and read anything in this clock. A sale of wrist is also very comfortable. Calm will not be disappointed.
5 / 5
This clock was súper easy to dip on, has the functionality adds and MASTER that can customise a face! I have possessed it treats it 2 FitBit before and has considered a Clock of Apple, but this was much more economic & works add with my iPhone 13!
4 / 5
Was difficult to dip up. The battery resembles any last long. But it is the good clock so that it has paid
4 / 5
has LOVED SO ONLY recommends to buy this product. It has been rid in the timely way. I love it. A life of battery is awesome. When I calla of him, calm can not beat a clarity. A description of a clock is 100 attentive. Some accessories that come with these attentive. Sometimes when you order on-line calm does not take exactly that is to announce. With this product, takings