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Good quality

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5 / 5
This glass-not even the products are very interesting, but expensive. Has has wanted to something very small that it could wrap with boss partorisca hold that withstand times very big partorisca periods very long, and was electrically insulating. A product withstand temperatures that sintered normal glass. Be 1/16th of a thumb and a lot of glasslike, is quite fragile. Accidentally I snapped a cane two times while it has tried wind he with boss of control. A cane has gone perfectly, and very smooth. In an end, has had better regime with real not even discharges, and engineered not even covers that has cut to measure.
4 / 5
Has arrived quickly, the prize is a lot so only for a quality of a ceramic. I have been using this to do components that needs the withstand extremely big temperatures (in surpluses of 550°C), and these have on resisted perfectly.
4 / 5
Am using these in mine rda in 3/8' sections in the quads serious to coil parallel circuit. Work a lot well. I have used the cutter of fresh box to value a piece... So only go a tube under the leaf with light pressure until the shears in a point of yard.

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