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The place declares 96 qty, I presumed 24 pkgs with 4 circles each thought extracted adds. All has taken was 1 pkg. Turn the sender. Asked the repayment. I can pay one same and take 18 mega circles in Walmart.
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This element has arrived today. It is measured of miniature like this shopper beware these are tiny tiny circles . It have to that it has looked it further. I have not had any idea that has spent $ 4 partorisca 4 tiny circles that would not buy still in a tent of dollar. Very expensive TP.
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THE smallest circles that expected but was the price adds
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It does not take rasgado of these is of the mini circles, something has not listened never of. I can not believe the amazon leaves this. I have thought perhaps they are the joke and has looked for another container, but swimming. Ossia Criminal. If it can do stars of zero I
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I have fallen partorisca he too much. It IS 4 mini circles. Calm really has to that verify some details of product partorisca the see. No the shot a lot at all, but has been adds partorisca camp.
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It was it of total tears! THE circles are the averages a normal measure
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Wow I very included any one such small circles am existed! Any value my money...
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Terrible. The failure that announces. It looks 4 circles but His hardly 1. Some circles are 1/3 a measure of the normal circle. Im surpised A didnt hand of triumphs of the use partorisca do them the normal look sized.
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