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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
1 / 5
June 10, 2018 I took a Victorinox Fibrox Pro Cutter of Boss, Boss of 8 Inches FFP. It IS so excited when arrives. Like The adherent of the cookery of American Test has listened at all except praise for this cutter. In a past 3 month of use, a cutter has been the enormous disappointment . It is cutting the capacity is less than the mine dulls the cutters have house. A final straw is come yesterday when a cutter could not cut an eggplant in of the pieces. Only the can not cut a rind. I have chosen for on one of mine 'dull' knifes and court an eggplant.
Does not know that past in Victorinox Fibrox cutter of boss of some descriptions of radish in ATK and place of Amazon, but my cutter is not a quality of all the world is indications.
Does not recommend this cutter.
5 / 5
Low things...And low things well. That more required to know? It buys the already! Seriously even so, we have wanted a bit it grows in cutters so that it likes him to him his cook and has been tried of of some low quality sets. I my investigation and these are literally some the better cutters can buy for a money (for a road, that is to say a same company that has invented a Cutter of Swiss Army). You are the professional boss ? If no, probably the calm does not need that $ 300 cutter of boss and although it was, honestly doubt you would be able to say that a lot the difference. A cover is come acute, maintain it acute with the honing the cane and I have bought the wet bone but has did not have to the stress still because of a honing the cane that what has to. A cape is very comfortable and a weight and the balance he easy to use. I enjoy to use my Victorinox cutters and has been impressed with everything of them so far (has has not had the occasion to use a cutter of the still bread). I fulfil very probably it is thinking, 'except these are that quite', want cutters to cook with or art of wall? More money to pay to fly bus if this meaning has posed Monet laminated poster by behind the each headrest? Still if you are not sure, buys these and calm always can update one ones require besides late and or has the backup or give this in more thankful (just kidding, sound your money as it purchase it that it wants to :) you are reading this and very already knows, does not pose your cutters in a dishwasher. If you do not plan to rid wash your cutters, is not ready to invert a money in cutters bonos still since he ding in a cover this turns your good cutters in...Well, cutters of acute butter.
5 / 5
That is to say in fact the ACUTE cutter. It wants to it was it I took it hardly he so that it was prewashing he in a tank and sliced my toe amiably - so conscious when being that that is to say estressed-a lot of' in arrival. If a cape has not been so cheap and caseous, would give these 5 stars. As it IS, a quality of a cape is not a big quality included so to that piece of cutter all how was butter . A prize of a cutter is not that big or so perhaps a sense of the company could cut corners in a cape and has posed a money of production in a cutter instead. Sense of marks in me and I can live with that. It Likes me to him his a cutter and highly recommend it.
My subject of the amour with this continuous cutter. Last night, I have thought at the beginning there it was something wrong with my potatoes so that a cutter sliced through them how were butter but with very clean verges. Oh Mina- simply impressive. My amour only clues to grow. Even so, I am still disappointed with a company. It take in a fact that a quality of a cape does not return a quality of a cutter. Even so everytime has posed this good cutter in a cheap bendable plastic sheath that a company calls the ' guard of cutter', I cringe. It is not washable in an interior and is more packaging what provisional.
Ploughed, if a manufacturer reads these descriptions, that is to say my council in you: My another the favourite cutter is the gorgeous green plastic paring cutter of Kuhn Rikon. It IS acute and designed like the total container. It comes with the heavy-owe the guard adapted of plastic cutter that it is the joy in behold. Has the very defined guard in a sheath. A sheath has 3 holes in him in faciltate debugging. Included a plastic cape is well. I WANT TO AMUR WANT TO all in this cutter. If Kuhn Rikon can pose together this class of cutter and shealth container for $ 7.00 retail esteem, suspicious can do bit it better with a cape and sheath guard for your more cutter of expensive boss.

For me, has decided to look for AMAZON to see yes can purchase the sheath for this cutter separately.

12/4 Evening.
Well, has the full circle gone in this cutter. I am exited to look for the cutter sheath and at the end my queixant- on finds that Victorinox sells sheaths especially done for this cutter. While it was there, also read more descriptions ( has thousands of positive critics) and a lot of experimented the bosses signify that a cape of the cutter is well and does not slip so to beat of the smoothest cape when takes objective. Well, a lightbulb was in. I think that that they are well. Also they are to look for his paring cutter and again found an incredible number of glowing descriptions. Also it founds the cutter of the smallest boss. I am hooked. As I have bought one of the each of them and another sheath to go with each as well as the glove to protect my toes now that each of these good and triple cutters!!

I the supposition could say that I am gone ga ga in these cutters and so there is not any election but to create this cutter 5 stars. I am simply enamoured. LOL

Thank you Vitorinox!
1 / 5
After years to do with cheap cutters, has been excited in the the end takes the cutter of pertinent boss. Alas a cutter took literally any piece through anything. I have tried to cut a plastic shrinks embroils in the shoulder of the pig and he have extended only a plastic has been. I have tried trimming a fat before smoking a flesh and was so that the dull finishing to change behind in the 20 old year Ginsu cutter so that it was has scared sincerely has been to slip and ask my open hand so that any piece at all and has had to to to a cutter likes him take while piece. Only it break it tomatoes when flavour in piece.
Even so, does not think a cutter was a problem , honestly thinks a cutter took has been used. Quan Has take a cutter of a packaging, immediately could see hundreds of small and half nicks in a cover and a the cutter has had very big tarnish something.
Other experiences have had with so Amazon and Victorinox, a lot thinks the amazon sold me only the cutter/has used returned
3 / 5
The acute stays and hones with the very good steel. It IS now my primary go-in cutter in a cookery until it finds the better substitution. A bad thing enough is that some angles of sleeve until ones that mark of arrival some chairs of tip of cover-up in your hand. For me, at least, this is not the comfortable or normal place for any use. It takes the bit to take used to and now can use safely, but that is to say a cutter of premier has used that when in the first place using it, has stabbed accidentally my hand, requiring points. If you take one , please be cautious.
5 / 5
First of all, it has had all the classes of cutters some years, but has not possessed never the quite a lot of cutter like this or. Since I have been always achieved in 'eschewing' a cookery that hangs decades (yes, can BURN water when trying hervirprpers!); It opens the only flavour assist '' a Cook of Cape and boat Washer with alimentary prep and clean-up.

In the So much look the just quantity to cook the shows and I are surprised always in that well and what hurriedly some of these bosses can ask and data something. I give that any one never achieves a speed these people , estimates my toes, everything of them, but sure well is having the cutter that a lot the low pieces through any one are cutting with supremely little endeavour.

This cutter is very balanced, and he only 'when being right' when it is in your hand. If using some technicians a pros suggests when cutting things, this Victorinox Boss the cutter falls done of any cutting or that cut the work can have.

Knows that I cure of this cutter, does not have to never purchase another...That is to say why buying big quality in some first marks to situate so felt. Raisins the small further up front, sure; but it is worth it in a payback of the a lot, much more lifespan.

That is to say my premier , MAY, Victorinox cutter for a cookery ( has the cutters of Army of small Swiss), but certainly has not been my last cutter of the cookery done by them!

And yes, strongly would recommend this cutter in any one looking for something upper in almost anything available there, especially in this prize!

Acclaims in everything!

5 / 5
Using this cutter in the professional parameter daily, is gone well that short hundreds of onions, fish, potatoes, arrows, pieces of chicken, etc. Lines the decent verge for the few low days constant use, work very when being stressed by the honer as well as he whetstone. It has not tried to stress he in the 'V' sharpener. Well balanced with the clear cape. I prefer a fibrox cape in my smoother ebony expensive-the cutters have handled, while be reassuringly snug same when that short walleye and calamari, which can result quite slippery. The wide face is well to transfer that has cut it in a prep bowl or another container- the have cutco small cutter of boss that is to say only simply too narrow for effective cutting and scrolling.

Update, 10-08-18:

Still my cutter of daily engine! I use this cutter at least 50 hours the week, weekly. I maintain clean and acute and is not never state through a dishwasher. I am for my inversion proudly.
5 / 5
Absolutely a better cutter for a prize there. Has Wüsthof Glorious Prize II cutters, which are quite damn very -- especially yes is doing the plot of work with them (good balance and has rounded capes that wont wear in your toe of indication). This Victorinox the cutter is absolutely the same in a Wüsthof in the each measure of usability excepts balance -- and is quite near on that in any really do the difference.

IS past 4 early turns in the cookery of volunteer, paid in the desktop to touch after boxing of diverse flesh and veg with a Victorinox. It IS it adds. Paste He with the steel to stress before you go in the city and he line is verge admirably. Also it take it the esal' stress with the good bone.
5 / 5
It has used this cutter for in 5 years have to say that it is the surprisingly durable, acute and cutter of quality. Has the cutters have forged that costs very time a prize of easterly a, is the patterned cover in the ploy cape. His capacity to take and maintain the knife the acute verge is impressive. To do of is a steel is very hard and I diamond of bone to use to stress and hone in the strap of rind with diamond honing compound. I armour to stuff he in me having to the use and he down like the hot cutter through butter!
Like The professional boss takes my recommendation that that is to say the good inversion .
Note, has taken this in 2013 and this knows has changed some materials or processes since.
5 / 5
If the cookeries at all know that using comfortable and acute cutter each which differentiates in a world.

Finds very that has to stress this cutter so often while it stresses my further cutters expensive. Also a cape duquel winery he of the perfect access in my hand that the most comfortable fact when that short that pieces to cut or anything. Hurriedly IS resulted mine the majority of favourite cutter to use inspite of my expensive plus knive this possesses.

Cairo Before in a much more the lunches will be to use this cutter to assist !

Top Customer Reviews: Chefā€™s Knife - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 57 ratings
5 / 5
The left wing is to be very clear, paid for this cutter. Any freebie here to ask the good description. He
state using this cutter several weeks now and VERY WHICH hethe lustrous look of a cape, a global look of a cover, a balance when handling, and is acuteness . Yes, it expects the cutter to be acute but has been using the cutter very wanted to pose that I require me to stress them oftenhe so that it enjoys very that has to he with easterly unit mere Pleasures. Any complaint here, although the desire avenges with the protective sheath. This has said, faiths not treating to the imports likes them to them a bit saint grail to do sure at all touches a cover and dulls his acuteness. I am pleased with my election and think more other buyers would be too many.
5 / 5
I have bought this cutter in the whim. Taken my eye and a prize looked only. It publishes the beak of this cutter to the long sideways my anterior goes in Henckel cutter this has been using the arrest more concealed 15 years. Carrots of cut, cucumbers and tomatoes everything with the ease and this has been done after my woman used it to cut the deer the next flesh frozen My woman has used a cutter this morning to cut flesh of deer for jerky. Quan Has cut a flesh of deer has to cut the partially was so that it can take the thin piece. It wants a cutter for this task. Very have it at all bad to say in this cutter. It researches to be built supremely well. A form will take the small to take used to so much can see is quite different that a cutter I usually the use but I are sure continuous to want to it. I am sure this cutter will be in our family for a lot of a lot of years.
1 / 5
Laser etched to look steel of Damascus, but is not very very steel of Damascus . It says esteel of big carbon', anything in this way. Routed The backside, has bought the real unit

Pro Tip - If a cutter is the averages a prize of another the steel of leaves of Damascus, there is the reason for him...
5 / 5
Thr The cover is acute, measured a beef and potato, is very easy to cut. The cape is comfortable to line and the slide and the chop.it came with the container boxes very well, good presentation. I like this cutter of cape.
5 / 5
Taken this cutter for my husband while it is a cook in our house. It opens the and has wanted immediately looks it. The cutting lunch begun and has been blown has been with an out of an acuteness of boxes. It wants this cutter. It publishes in facebook in brag in his present new and the partner of boss of his go says that there is this same cutter and has used he in his cookery in of the works. The cutter Of quality and prize adds.
5 / 5
A cutter is coming really acute. It take this cutter for $ 25 of the amazon and I have not known never what the cutter could change a cook of road. It IS so surprised that bono this piece of cutter through things. A cape is comfortable access my hand, a cape of the forest is not easy to slip a hand, work very good. We cut lemons, ginger, and garlic, some laws of cutter really although mine other cutters. It recommends for any cooks, 5 stars!
5 / 5
This cutter am adds! Acute and lustrous. Easy to handle, comfortable and clear access. Down with accuracy and easily through all the classes of lunches. Yard up, flesh, vegetal, fruits, and cheese. It likes him-me a cape of forest and cover of book esterlina of money. Lava up easily, only careful when being so that it is very acute. It Likes me to him his a packaging, enters of his own robust box with magnetic closure, which are easy to open and still covers for security and protect of a cover. Also it avenges with the cloth to polish in that personally like him, so that to of to any one likes him to mark them to of them or the something in my wear of show. It buys this mark of cutter again.
5 / 5
Excellent creation with good balance in sleeve. Good treatment & very acute to cover that piece in in to to the soft fruits easily like them to them the to them the tomato .
Good cookery to buy !
5 / 5
We are very impressed with this cutter. We have crossed of course the number of cutters some years and finish unable in still stresses them behind into use. I actuate Never the experience marks it his new cutter that it was THIS ACUTE before! The time will say if some controls of verge but so far is supremely has pleased. It IS very classy look and wants to take me extra of priest of him in special storage likes some boys very the attack up. We cut some onions today instrumenting for vacacionales of thanksgiving and has been surprised in so can shave thin pieces of an onion :0
1 / 5
It was well during the week and now a cover is chipping was. I am returned an element for the repayment

Top Customer Reviews: Mercer Culinary ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
UPDATE Jan 6, 2019: it is been almost the year there is stressed of these manually in mine whetstone. I have expected to him there is that he that again way sooner, and still in my pause vacacional (I probably has loved so only, there is something therapeutic in a rhythm of the whetstone). With which 9 month of almost of daily use, as I enjoy to cook and he often, these are acute still knife . All I strikes he gingerly in mine honing steel the little time each few days and is been all have required. That the product of quality. Ps. One of my knives is the 6 ā€ Wustof knife of boss (more like the insignificant knife) which also uses often. A Mercer and a Wusthof is comparable in quality in the each way.

While these does not come from/come from a factory with the fantastic flange (trust, is acute abundance of a line this in spite of), these are some knives of big quality. Still although they are not the boss has coached, would say that they are in a main end of an amateur of culinary enthusiast and can chiffonade and brunoise with a lot.

Has purchased one 8' short bolstered knife of boss, 7' santoku (the woman is preferred way ), 6' rigid boning knife, and 3.5' paring knives. I have taken once these to a whetstone and has taken the to shave-acute flange in the, is estada music of then. It is been roughly 9 month has done of then that, and some flanges are still ridiculously acute. Utilisation the Mercer origin honing steel among the uses and is done a work fantastically.

These knives resist his a lot good flanges that assumes calm is not abusing some knives or in his now that strikes around in the drawer.

I amour a weight of these vs the transitional full bolstered Wusthof. You take EXACTLY a steel of same quality like Germans of big final, with a slightly lighter (and better in my opinion) balance of Japanese leaves. A prize added is a boss the knife comes with the plug rounded, which is sĆŗper comfy uses the grip of pinch (to the equal that has to that).

One covers additional for a boning knife also. It is the sheer joy to use and I have broken down discover ribeyes, briskets, and a lot the bird with him.

Again, AMUR THESE KNIVES. Upper quality for the fraction of a prize.
5 / 5
In October 2017 I has ordered two of these knives.
Initially was impressed extremely with his acuteness of knife.

Unfortunately, an acuteness of these knives any one last a lot long, this in spite of am remained still quite acute for almost 6 months and some headed to to dull. Also I have Wusthof 3.5' paring knife that cost $ 40. A Wusthof has the fattest leaf and he is the acuteness of knife is lasted almost the full year. It is fact of the steel the hard plus that the controls is acuteness longer. Ossia One of some differences that creates the prize the big plus for a Wusthof.

Still a Mercer paring knives that originally has bought was a lot of acute when new and is remained that way for the good and for a prize was the good shot . I say ' it was' reason one of some in fact twisted confine of knives roughly 7 months. A leaf has twisted literally bent/ while seating in a drawer. I do not have any idea reason. Admitted these Mercer the leaves are thinner that a mark of name of sides of main knives, but has to that have some defect in some of a Mercer knives to cause the leaf to twist for any reason.

So much, roughly done 2 month, Dec. 2018, has ordered a plus Mercer 3.5' paring knife. Ossia A an I am estimating here. They are extremely disappointed with this knife 'new'. A day is coming has been expecting and that looks forward to that the acuteness of knife has has had to that a prime minister two Mercer paring the knives have purchased in October 2017. This new knife was in fact almost dull, any knife neither a lot acute at all. I have had he for roughly 2 month and he is dulls. When it Was new in the hands was no more acute that some same Mercer knife that had been using of then Oct. 2017, and uses my paring knives the PLOT, daily.

Still, can not give anymore that to 1 indication of star thus new Mercer 3.5' paring the knife been due to as it dulls is well out of a plastic container sealed. A prize for these knives is down for a quality can be. But, has has had now 2 of 3 knives that is quite worthless. One is twisted extremely and is useless, and this new one is to dull and no same value $ 5. For these 3 knives have paid $ 18 x 3 = $ 54. It could have purchased another new mark and the acute knife Wusthof for $ 50 on Amazon, and a Wusthof the knives are always acute knife when the new mark.

A question has experienced with these Mercer the knives is his lack of consistency in quality and in acuteness. 1 Of 3 new knives is so only 33 successful tax, and concealed is not well. Mercer Need to correct this asap. Until I can see the progress will not be purchasing another Mercer knife.
5 / 5
A knife arrived in perfect condition two days at the head of schedule. Factory packaged in blister sell - expect require scissors to open. Construction of the knife and the materials are upper drawer - fantastically fact and well has balanced. Thickness Of leaf in delrin the boss is equal to 2 dimes, thinning to signal to a thickness of the so only say me. I expect it lifetime of use with this compraventa. It will update if the expectations are not fulfilled. As remarked in pic, the knife is built in Taiwan of big carbon stainless steel sourced of Germania. Quite acute to easily shave right of hair out of a container.

Has added 8/3/15:

I queried Mercerabout stressing specs in this knife and has taken this response:

'For our knives of use of Boss stainless steel; 15 terracing in the each side, likes 30 terracing for a flange.'

Of the majority of knife of cookery of the house sharpeners is drawn for knives with a stressed flange in 40 terracings, or 20 terracings for side, does not be suitable partorisca east or, apparently, any one another Mercer knife of boss.
5 / 5
Has had this knife (together with another of a same series) for the little on now and am still a lot happy with them. A plenary tang and the excellent bosses do the good knife has balanced, has no tactile seams in a boss, and a cup of a leaf is rounded. It takes an excellent flange and has decent retention. It stresses easily too much. I have bought so only he 2nd identical boss knife partorisca to 2nd house and one one looks an included save for some frames to clean. A boss has on resisted perfectly, any turn or dry white look.

For a prize this knife is a lot very built and stood up to the few years if the daily house uses a lot well.
5 / 5
Has purchased so only this together with one 8 boss of knife of thumb and has the substantial difference in a quality in a flange among a two. A boss the knife has the same flange in both sides with zero transmission is a corner. A flange that would last years. This in spite of, this paring the knife has not been done with a same level of priest and a corner of a diverse flange like this amply. A knife is not even quite acute to cut paper out of a box while one 8 boss of thumb the knife can shave hair. It has to it I return or simply buy it whetstone to fix me the?
4 / 5
Am thrilled with this knife. They are in no way the expert of knife, but are a cookery of avid house and had been exploring my options after suffering for years with the economic boss, low quality knife. I have read the tonne of descriptions and has tried was a lot of $ 100+ knives in of the tents of first elegant cookery to find this gem.

Well out of a box a knife was acute, and are month later are so only so only on loan of the has there is stressed. A chair of boss adds in my hand, has the good weight, and a curve of a leaf is perfect for the fast mecer motion. To good sure compares to the knives have tried out of that was two times a prize or more. A definite test has been slicing the bacon has believed, the painful cry with my old knife. These some pieces by means of him likes to butter, is almost the treat for the use!

Likes another has mentioned, although it is listed as 'the sure dishwasher' calm would be necessary to avert it. Has not dipping never mine in a dishwasher, takes everything of 10 seconds to rid wash and the dry after using, like reason the risk that spoils with big time and abrasive detergents?
4 / 5
Mercer The knife does not have on resisted.
With which less than 8 month a flange of a leaf chipped/distorted during use (cutting pig).
(This has been peel done 110 lb woman in the cookery of house.)

A Costruttore (MERCER) any honour a guarantee. Mercer rep Has has said knots on-stressed a knife.

Clearly use a Mercer past of the knife is limits , but also have 2; 8' CUTCO knives of cookery and neither there is never has had the question that included remotely has looked this. FYI: We have had a CUTCO knives for more than 10 years to use regulate without issuing another that light stressing.
4 / 5
That adds it little paring knife! It is exactly that has loved.... Well fact, the chair adds, looks Dupont acute , durable Delrin bosses, abonos german steel, the reputation adds, and less than $ 20. It would have paid more, but it does not say Amazon -- lol! Also I have a Mercer $ add-in paring knife that is quite decent, but this the give form forged is a real shot . I dipped him both cutting thin newspaper and an economic plus Mercer has done a task, but this one spent it for a lot of smoothly for comparison and with roughly 1/2 an endeavour and this a shaves hairs of my wrist, any question, also. So much, please respect a cutting flange and want to that it embroiders to last, never dipped he in a dishwasher! And a last what is that a profile of leaf is in his point to peel apples and cutting veggies granny-fashion. With more than the things say that takings like stops of pay. Right. But ossia all love in the paring knife..... I am content and recommend it to any, pro or no.
4 / 5
Are not the professional boss so as a cookery of avid house. This has said, cook almost daily. It had been of tower and advances among this knife, Wustohf or Henckle. Living Abroad in Giappone could not find the place that has spent this knife for in fact dipped he in my hand, but a massive quantity of amazing descriptions sold on that. I have used both of another two I mentioned and is utmost, but so only could not justify some seal of prizes when some descriptions were like this well for east a. It feels he adds in my hand and is a lot has balanced. I have been using it a lot of thickness for roughly three month now and with using rule of the steel is remained sĆŗper acute. HIGHLY IT WOULD RECOMMEND this knife for any one!!
5 / 5
Are the culinary student and opted to dip joint my box of own knife in planting to buy a one my school sells. Not knowing to whole plot in knives other that that feels legislation and careers well, has bought the pair of Mercer knives together with the little another on-line. I love mine Mercer knives. Originally I have had it Victorinox knife of boss, but required to take loaned one of has sawed he-hard-working a day. I left his Mercer and loved it absolutely. When The boss the partner said has favoured Mercer also, has been sold. It has dipped mine Victorinox was and has purchased this knife immediately. Has a lot of be happy with him. It feels he adds in my hands and he cut a lot well.

Top Customer Reviews: Utopia Kitchen Chef ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 58 ratings
1 / 5
It IS very happy with this cutter very up until a time that broke it. It is not the full tang (the cape formed with the solid piece of metal) while it looks. It IS an illusion created by two thin band of metal. My cutter has not been never abused, always reserve to wash and stored in the bloc. Please see a semi-detached photo so that at the end it expects any buyer of this cutter.
2 / 5
For me, has the few main criteria for the cutter to be effective.
A cutter would have to have these qualities, and a Cookery of Boss of Utopia the cutter has each except the pair:

HAS these qualities:
- beat it that is stressed / honed
- Maintains a verge the decent time (plus or 2 weeks less to cut daily in the joint of forest)
- Strong, does not give you any tone in curve, breaking or falling eschew.
- Ergonomic sleeve for different hand-the streaky measures (My woman has tiny hands, and has quite wide tame grain, and work for us so much very)

does not have these qualities:
- come chipped, and some piece has worsened; it is especially bad so that one of some piece in some cutting-verge also.
- Oxides Easily: I have not exposed this to water for hardly any time; always I hand-dry my cutters after it uses also, but this has had still the little something where was chipped and rusted. East is stainless steel , has to no this at all, but in some mark of piece.
5 / 5
I have required the cutter of full measure as I have resolved in easterly a, here is my description ....

1) Tang Ple: This cutter has the full tang and therefore it is of a main force in a cape.
2) Cover: A cover is stainless and is very balanced
3) Behind: A behind is fat and strong, perfect for a period of this cutter.
4) Bolsters: A bolsters protects a toe of the indication of a lunch is cutting.

The desires had more the cutters of a way included could attach to do a complete together.
5 / 5
Fantastic cutter for a prize! I can not think that law also and am very happy this has bought 2! It looks for daily cutters to substitute my old to dull and chipped peril-cutters without falling the bouquet of cash. These are well and hefty, solidly built and very acute! I am supremely pleased it!
5 / 5
Wow!! That can say in this cutter, is sper acute, giving the precision adds, his fact of excellent material and has the weight adds in him. An only problem has found at all to do with a quality of a product, but only concealed does not have the sheath or casing. Another that that it is a compraventa excellent .
5 / 5
That is to say the plot of cutter for a money...A lot it likes him his in of me! Full tang, good weight and bolsters. Very amiably shaped sleeve and sper comfortable in winery and works hurriedly in a joint. Very acute out of a box... We will see that it spends so dull and it has posed he in a bone to restore a verge. It looks very well for a money while I have not expected to listen '' this class of quality in this prize as I have ordered another!... We will see! Fast delivery and while it announces... But I underestimated thinks it! Thank you Vendor!
Class of premium 8-the Stainless inch-Cutter of Boss of dish of Armour - Professional Quality, Bolsters, Multipurpose Use for Cookery of House or Restaurant, for Cookery of Utopia
5 / 5
That is to say the good cutter that also has an easy in sleeve of grip and course through anything with small or any endeavour. In fact, it is a better cutter in my collection! Well it estimates a money that paid for this cutter.
5 / 5
Has the informative conjoint mark of expensive good cutters in the magnetic joint these chairs in my good granite countertop.... Even so they are so the sake does not want to use so ordered this cutter so that it cut each prize adds and what really liked me enough is concealed has a sheath that can store you he in and only can pose he in my drawer where maintains all my others utensils of cookery. For 1 be to him happy. I think that that I go to buy the second unit
5 / 5
It IS very surprised when this cutter is arrived. I have thought for $ 10.00 that could be it but a cutter is very attractive, if they what calm in to the the cutters like them him. Has the good weight and when being very robust in my arthritic hand. My first test was in tomato and does very good. They Like him to of them the very acute cutters as it have to this or only little bit. Afterwards it was heart of raw chicken and again he he sper work. He been very impressed. To the Tan far likes him the oxide of the only time will say, but always hand-streaky wash and dry my cutters.
5 / 5
The cutters Of cookery adds ( bought two)! It Likes him to us his one quality of them! A cutter is ACUTE! No the complaint so that why wants to order the dull cutter?The mine would owe The be acute! As they Say that it is more dangerous to have dull it cutter.

Would have to be stressed or honed likes all require of cutters to be to maintain a quality! It has had mine since November and in the little the mark of month (perhaps Covers) necessity to be honed.

Top Customer Reviews: Victorinox Fibrox ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia A perfect measure partorisca more than works in a cookery. Has A lot another Victorinox knives. It likes me everything of them. I in the first place listened in this line of knives in the cookery of Test of Amsterdam. In fact, initially it was a lot of sceptic that this line of knife has won his best.
On some years have purchased a lot of knives of different quality. I possess it Shuns, Henkel, Global and New West Knives. Has has loved the majority of them. Eye partorisca have the preferred in the each line. We maintain him to us acute. My husband is like this fussy like this me roughly well, acute knives.
In December, partorisca my anniversary, the promise gave one 4' serrated and one 3' paring. They were like this acute and was effortless partorisca cut almost anything. It is only limit was a measure of a lunch.
Well, has loved some knives so many that has purchased the 6' & 8' boss' knife. I want each one which regarding different reasons. A notice: your toes go to have a lot of ran small throughout. Any @subject like careful was, still has taken run. I included cut my wrist once when I have fallen a knife while it dried it. This was a worse a. For a first month, has spent to plot of helps of band.
My sister has alleged was reason have not been the skilled boss! Well, I have bought his three knives for Christmass. Still it has taken several courses a first month.
Like this recently has bought the most conjoint pair like some presents of anniversaries for familiar and friends. Ossia When it has seen one 5' knife of boss of Victorinox. No never it has seen this measure in all mine that looks for. So much, when I saw it, it has it quell'has wanted to try. At present, my husband and I are struggling on he every night. We decide that we require the second a to finalise a dilemma. Still it uses mine another mark of knives. This in spite of, any where near like this often.
5 / 5
Was attacked like this with this big Victorinox brother and his paring the knives have known would be to take the knife adds . I have assumed correctly. It is perfect for when it calms does not love the giant leaf to do smaller or more detailed that it cut especially in hard to take to places in general chicken. I have had this for on two years now and has does not have to that included the stress still. While it does not see like this time of cutting joint like my big Victorinox is more than has tried well. Calm can any gone bad with any Victorinox knives of cookery.

Marco 1- a knife so only with available sheath
Picture 2- my Victorinox knives of cookery
Upper- big boss
According to- small boss (this knife)
Tercero- serrated paring
Inferior- paring
5 / 5
I mainly prepare so only do fault eaten for just I in the small 6x10 near cutting. Has some 8' knife of bosses and love the but is the little too big to the pause was for small tasks. Has has wanted to something smaller to the equal that has taken a Victorinox 4' and ' near of knife of the utility but a lot really like them. Way too small and light. I have then tried he 6' Mercer knife of the utility but a boss is the little in a big measure when compared to a leaf has. I have seen this 5' knife of bosses and is not sure state would like me so that it is a lot of leg of of prison that looks. But I gave it the shot and low and behold, loves that. I have maintained all some knives to the equal that has his uses but this will be my new goes the knife. Has the good weight and a boss is perfectly sized for my hand and a leaf.
5 / 5
Have diverse Victoronix knives of cookery (among A lot other knives another more expensive). These are knives very good --has used at length in of the restaurants and of the commercial cookeries--is can not be be beaten for value. This particular knife is small--I prefers the knife he big plus for serious work--but can be ideal for the person to to which likes them the knife he small plus. My daughter, for example--chooses to do a lot his chopping and dicing with the paring knife (for some odd reason :). This knife is considerably main that he paring knife and is much abler while retaining a nimbleness of the knife he small plus. My daughter loves it. It is EXTREMELY ACUTE (will take the flange like acute likes any of my knives) and, likes all Victoronix knives of cookery, is a lot easy to be supported by the pocolos throw occasional in the sĆŗper-hard ceramic blacks honing cane. A very good addition to any one is collection of knife.
4 / 5
In general I like a knife, good ergonomic creation. BUT, any one cut the fresh tomato easily! You owe that dip a tip in first then cut, expected for the good slicing knife for tomatoes. Utilisation by all this in spite of and do quite well on almost all more, but the commentary is beginning to dull already so only after the months of pair of use. But to the equal that have said that it is an only knife I use in an interior of cookery a moment, reason love the acute knife! It will look for to stress the when a time comes and laws to expect so that it does not have to that buy another knife.
4 / 5
Amur, amour this knife! It is been in my cast to wish FOR EVER. It likes of the cooks have in the first place Illustrated of revised bosses knifes. I have inherited then Mamma Henkel knifes. It could a lot really it justifies to buy more knifes. A lot of years and sharpenings more has required late substitute it paring knife, (was a lot of spent when I took him) like mine hubby gave a classical 3-piece paring near. They are some better never!
Are like this happy a time has arrived finally for me to substitute my knife of small boss. I want to all roughly that. If it resists it is to embroider as well as a paring knifes will be to spend this knife down also, hopefully a lot of years of now.
If yours looking for the sĆŗper cooks workhorse ossia! It is not stupid and expecting likes has done! This knife is better that one $ $ $ some and downwards twenty dollars will be one of some compraventa better calm never frames!
5 / 5
A lot of ā€“ I knives of amour more than me ought to, and although it prefers some frames of prize, has varied small Zyliss and Victorinox knives that use for work of general cookery. It has looked for the small-ish serrated knife to owe of general cookery, the piece and cut veggies and an occasional flesh. I have had question imagining out of THAT of one has described the knives were smaller, based in pictures, descriptions, or titles, as I have ordered all three:

Victorinox Mini Knife of Bosses Serrated
Victorinox Fibrox Pro the Black boss is - Serrated 5' Mini-Brota 1Ā¼' wide in boss, 5 thumb, Fines
Victorinox Fibrox Pro the Black boss is - Serrated 5' Mini-Brota 1Ā¼' wide in boss, 5 thumb, Fines

To the equal that results, is exactly a same knife (Victorinox Model ); I have had wait that a ā€œminiā€ was in fact smaller that some another, but is a same knife . Perhaps it is so only a fact that this fashion is small-ish for the knife of boss, that a a vendor has called was like him MINI Knife of Boss; it has not been remarked like this ā€œminiā€ for Victorinox, in a packaging, and was exactly like some other 2 ways have ordered.

Regarding dimensional data, some of some Vendors have listed a measure of packaging, and No a measure of real knife, as has thinks that would fill calm to arrive some details that looked for it; note that ALL THREE OF THE DIFFERENT WAY has DESCRIBED the KNIVES in fact have some same dimensions ā€“ and is exact knife still:

10ā€global (9 7/8, in fact), tip to butt.
5ā€ serrated Embroider (to the long of the his flange).
1-3/16ā€ Wide Leaf where fulfils a boss.
The boss is 1-1/8ā€ in his wide plus, and fat ā€ of measures (likes lies in a table).

Some pieces of knife a lot well, with the a lot of effective serrated flange; he sliced better that some of my favourite knives. For me, his downfall is that his leaf is too wide in a base for me to do writes a lot additional of cutting (likes cut a cup of the strawberry or that take a cup of the tomato); it is it adds for slicing, but for another incidental work - which typically Owe that do while they are slicing - try unwieldy. A leaf, where fulfils a boss, is too wide for me to feel sure it using (and have big hands); for a lot of women whose hands are more normal-sized, thinks that this would feel a lot of unsafe and uncontrolled. A boss is well, but a leaf is too wide. There is the lack to control that material is due to a width of a leaf. Still although ossia labeled and sold like the ā€œKnife of Bossā€, would not want to use this when cutting flesh or prepping chicken ā€“ a control and confidence I need in the knife when I am cutting around bone and such is so only ā€œa lot thereā€.

A boss is resin and has to that weighed -like, but has the texture in a surface that the looks will not be slippery when wet, and sure looks in this consideration. It is fat And width, and shaped partorisca consolation, how was easy to use for general slicing manoeuvres. A way some accesses of the leaf To a boss looks it can break after a lot of years of use, but ossia just conjecture and are the little biased verse of the models of main finals. I lose a plenary tang feels, appearance, and hanged in my hand, included in this small-ish knife. It looks a class of the knife meant for a dishwasher, but I never dipped my knives in a DW; this one looks it that could manage, this in spite of.

A knife is a lot light. A form of a boss with there is rounded the flanges offers the grip relatively sure, but has not been happy with as the boss has fulfilled a leaf of metal: a flange of a next leaf an end of sleeve Is present if your toe would owe that slip spent a contoured forms (in a underside like this you cut), like these bosses does not offer a protect still like other models that fully protect your grip. This end of a leaf is not stressed to the point, of of the this is where some starts of cutting ā€œflangeā€, but is still thin enough to hurt you if your toe has slipped that way; if it has slipped included further, your toe would be right in a slicing zone, against an acute serrated flange.

Ossia The patterned knife , in place of forged, and is not full tang; I can feel a difference in my hand and looks that has tried you ask the sturdier object (says the very raw potato) ā€“ a leaf could twist the bit to a side. This so only could me be so only me when being uppity, of then LOVE good knives, but felt that although patterned and down $ 25, there are some better knives there in this point of same prize.

Global - a serrated the flange is effective, but so only be calm sure does not prefer it brota the most tightened, likes podes also die or tips of yard, and be sure a width of a leaf is not the security or managing subject for you or your hands.

Has ordered also a no-serrated way (Victorinox Fibrox Pro Knife of Boss, the boss of 5 Thumbs is) which is identical to these measures and form, excepts that has the right flange. Measure included, same width, etc.

has finalised to maintain a an I open ā€“has not loved to return something had used - and probably will use it when they are SO ONLY slicing some easy veggies or fruits, but otherwise will use my tools of mine fine plus.
4 / 5
Has possessed one 8 boss of knife of thumb for some last 11 years and has required something smaller for other needs like this of the pieces of precise cucumber. While a 8 thumb is suitable for everything, a small plus 5' has been perfect for the cutting joints smaller and the smallest elements. He included done well to take skin of money in a backside of the rack ribs! It is the knife of the quality in the prize adds and would not doubt to purchase another Victorinox Forshner knife another time. I anticipate to purchase other knives like the times spends of longitude.
4 / 5
There is taken on cup of juicing and has required the knife to cut the fruits etc. have ordered the knife of boss of big plus that was the disappointment. This knife this in spite of was side lower and much more useful. It is not the small paring knife - is so only a right measure. I have been it cut it on pineapples and all the classes of fruits and veggies. It is my favourite tool . The acute stays but has taken the knife sharpener with another main knife to the equal that am sure this knife will maintain his flange.
5 / 5
This thing is the odd has to that it is almost the boss of full measure (as in an in a 8' knife). Ossia Probably what good so that your hands continue a memory of knife the knife has a lot these utmost Victorinox knives with a Fibrox bosses.

Did not use It a lot like this far, but is adds for tasks another that slicing/chopping, likes clean on big vegetables (cutting/slicing something badly/etc.), Taking fat and skin of money out of raw flesh and scraping/trimming big roasts of the excess fat when cooked.

This also would do adds it trim knife for trimming flesh of yard, fruits/of vegetables, especially when creating garnishes. In general, the just value.


after using this sweet little knife for 4 BBQ Competitions, the enormous pair caters and treat adds around a house, Is my gone-the knife for 90 of flesh trimming, fulfilled of small vegetable and more anything. It is always in my hand.

Master trim butts of pig, ribs (St Louis way) and well-trimming of brisket for BBQ competitions. It is easy to maintain the knife-embroider acute and is an absolute pleasure to use when trimming butts of pig. Precision trimming is almost too easy with this thing. Calm easily can attack was some too many-fat part of some ribs, clean on any of a leftover brisket flesh in a side of bone of some ribs and take like this attack like master in brisket trimming after attacking an enormous chunks of fat was.

Does not take Me bad, still loves one 8' boss' knife for work of general vegetable. But this knife is a lot good. Any in Victorinox paste a hammer in a boss with this creation.

He, I and go to buy again.

Top Customer Reviews: Home Hero Chef ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
5 / 5
That is to say a set of good-looking cutter, and some cutters do very good. A thin creation of a headline does not take on the plot of spatial, still maintains your very handy cutters. If you are down in the spatial counter, but does not want to rummage through the drawer to find the cutter, this together is perfect. It looks he adds in our predominantly black granite counters against a bone of tan backsplash. To well sure buy it this produces again!
5 / 5
Val, That is to say the $ 20 together like the does not expect quality of Japanese cutter. For this said, these poses to good sure will last for some time. The pair of years cooks from time to time. If it was the mamma or the dad and has had the boys probably invert in something real but a concept am adds. A support am add, although plastic.
5 / 5
It can have only the bought a sharpener, so that now, all my old cutters are triple also! Good cutters, the partner of boss of the house looked in the and could not think was only 19.95.
gotta Takes the set!
5 / 5
That is to say the very good together of cutter. Acute covers, very robust and looks very lustrous and contemporary! My favourite part in a set of the cutter is a guard of toe. Yard of the bit of toe or the nail of toe my day, as having this is very good. Also I like a cutter sharpener. In a past, when my cutters have taken to dull, has substituted only the, but now expects the bit of the longest life out of these. Nice and the present also!
5 / 5
Amur These cutters! So far they are acute and the law adds. A lot it wants a bloc of cutter, a form the small fact like the does not take on the plot of spatial in a counter and he look very well also. I have not required to try a sharpener still, but once I Iw ailing update my description for this part of him. So far I want these cutters, has taken drawee of my others blocs of big cutter that was in my counter so that these are all precise cook and take up so less room.
5 / 5
My husband and I want to this together of cutters. Any only is some acute covers still easy to clean but a support is only and any him chair of import in a counter in sight although some cutters are not into use. A support is fact of the clear acrylic that control each cutter in the class of follower-master shaped. His very different of a bloc of traditional forest ( has not remarked that a picture is likes them looks in of a support; it has thought at the beginning looked, only was to like them was pictured). A cover sharpener and the guard of knuckle was icing in a cake!
5 / 5
Attracted in an aesthetic and utility, recommending for a quality. A lot of things do not look enough that his pictures, but that is to say to die on. It IS 100% exactly so fresh likes picture, a same look and listen against. When it being blackest plot or the shiniest plot. I look for apologies to use them. Exactly that has looked for. Has thinks that that it was glass , and that when being the plastic problem me, but he the no. IS well. You feel better concealed is not that it goes in accidently the pause yes falls on, and is surprised what robust is. The May HAS TAKEN a feeling could touch it on, included when bending the to take the unit HAS the very solid stance. Amur An addition on call of the toe, is the good touch .
2 / 5
It was not quite the durability still as I explode me taking only today, but omg is these poses of cutter well... It looks so classy and delicate, would think that am spent at least $ 50. I have used one of some smaller cutters to cut through some tape to have that weighed this has sealed the boxes, and any only piece a tape, but also finished to cut totally a box very easily, so careful be so that they are very acute. Absolutely enamoured so far

has had this for the small less than the month and some cutters are lined already for the stress. A cover is no longer black, and the looks broke. They are still acute, and a sharpener helps the plot but I only wish a cover didnt beginning pealing while it stress it.
5 / 5
That is to say the set of fantastic cutter . Some 5 cutters come very acute with the title of plsticoes, the sharpener, and the guard of toe. Some mark of ergonomic sleeves to line them comfortable and slips through everything. A headline is the small flimsy. I have posed only some cutters in my bloc of forest.
5 / 5
My Dad had asked the cutter posed for Navidad last minute as I have found this set. It IS priced well and has wanted a black arrival. Quan Arrives, was all in some boxes to aim concealed has had each interior of contents. Some semence to base some cutters well and any visas to touch. It has not used a guard of cutter still but is although it is there and part of a set. The value adds for a money. The cutters are each pertinent measure and the law adds.

Top Customer Reviews: J.A Henckels ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 42 ratings
4 / 5
I have possessed previously a Henckels 'Professional , his flagship short knives partorisca line that it cost well to some hundreds of dollars but lost him unfortunately in a divorce. While they are any boss , certainly know my way around a cookery and find that stressing my knives is cathartic partorisca me, and necessary him him any desire to effectively of rib an onion or ask the tomato without chopping of the toe. The acute knives are less dangerous to do one extracted want to and no those slips . These knives have come the ACUTE KNIFE . It seats it is the fantastic value , having abundance of metal partorisca stress in a future. A balance is exactly where is supposition to be. While they do not have a heft of his Professional S siblings, is forged fully full tang knives with pins partorisca durability added. They are very happy with a value and quality.
4 / 5
I have bought this together reason have loved another paring knife, and other 8' knives of boss, and these individual pieces sides so as this 3 near of piece.

These knives join my together to exist Professional S together, and am sure are not an only one that asks the one who a difference go in this place of Professionsl versus Professional S reason a cost last roughly two times so much.

First to buy is, has researched in the forum that is in knives and cutlery, and quickly found a difference is so only a measure of a bolster. Same steel, some cementation, same carbon, etc.

So that it is the bolster? It is a zone with which some finals of sleeve until some starts of leaf of the knife. A professional S the line has the big plus, slightly heavier bolster, which is supposition to be stronger and balance a better weight.

To the equal that has compared a new 8.Āŗn To my Professional S 8.Āŗn, and yes has the small plus bolster. For my hand, a Professional S does not feel any different. Of course, some the new knives are perfectly acute, like the comparison favours a new some.

Was the boss knifing hours each day, could find the difference in the consolation or the precision that boss. But for an enthusiastic wife of culinary arts where the estimativa is the priority , one any-S is utmost knives.
4 / 5
THESE KNIVES ARE ACUTE! Like this acute that I nicked I using them a first time. A weighted the boss feels substantial and good in your hand. And you can say immediately that these are not your career-of-the-mill, done in of the knives of Cina. I used him to onions of piece, potatoes, flesh. I have used included a big knife to cut it loaf of bread and he better that my knife of the most economic bread real. The time will say like this resists on, and will update my description spends to fall avert (doubts it).
5 / 5
Near to add for the prize adds. These 3 knives are of the most used in a cookery. Fact in Spagna, which is hard to find the NO done knives in Cina.
4 / 5
I have been coveting the together good of knives for years. These are gone on sale in first Day as I ordered him.

Can do not saying the disappointed are. These knives were acute but some sleeves are extremely uncomfortable in my hand to a point where seats was unsafe. Also, a flange in a half sized the knife has not been earth properly to a tip.

Are by train to send them Behind and will stick with my extremely comfortable and equally acute Victorinox.
4 / 5
I have bought mine Henckles fact of the years, one the time as it can resupply him. This neighbour is not of a level of same quality as 'behind a day', but is still substantial knives, well value a prize. I purchased him for our guest cottage the cookery and is enough to do a work well, but no like this pricey will be of aster he disappears. Good product and so only that there is wanted!
5 / 5
We buy these like the presents that was a lot well has received. These have utmost to feel and balance, and come from a factory with the good flange, as you would expect of Henckels. These are the addition adds or foundation for any cutlery of cookery.
4 / 5
Knives quite good. Have @@give Recently that that so only does not use never the knife of boss and he paring knife, like this ossia the quite very sized together. It stresses well and remain acute for the moment.
4 / 5
I have bought these takes second ours house as I have not required the together full. They are exited perfect to the equal that are any 3 measure uses more often. Acute and well has balanced.
5 / 5
Bought these like the present for a boss in my life and likes them alot of the light weight perfects for the judge of start in a cookery in the reasonable prize

Top Customer Reviews: Boning Knife ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5
I have bought 3 different bad knifes a time of frame of 12 month, there is disappointed totally.
Until finally it has taken this good-looking and upper quality knife: boss in firm weight , well, right metal, very acute and for real recommend it. So only I do descriptions partorisca exceptional elements or partorisca complain.
5 / 5
Wants this cleaver! I have been the professional boss for on 20 years now and has bought this to quarter the pig of phase. He the slides by means of flesh likes them butter, has the chance of good holding for him and is a lot well has balanced. To good sure value a prize!

Would recommend this to any one. He also the slides by means of the vegetables of root likes them ginger and garlic very easy with forcing very small, so only agree to leave a slide of leaf the bit and any rib and any tension in my hand or elbow like other leaves.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Another addition my collection of knife!!!!. This knife is right acute out of a box, calm does not require to use a knife sharpener at all!!! The knife is very balanced, easy to resist, and has the a lot of his weight. I have had this knife for the few weeks and I be chopping chicken, Tables of court of the Vega with him. It resists his flange a lot well the difference of other expansionary knives there. A prize for him are adds also, would not import buying an or two to the equal that offer. In fact I take this knife each one which where goes when I know goes to cook. There have it to good sure quality in this knife a way is drawn of a boss to a leaf and an arch of a leaf.
4 / 5
Shabby this to cut on lettuce and onions and rib on knife if like this a lot the very very balanced a lot the access of sleeve perfects for males or can dip your hand in a boss and a leaf and rib anything loves with ease.. He same tomatoes of piece to the perfect piece because of a measure of some mark the present adds for the fellow or family..
5 / 5
Has bought 2 for each of my brothers. I have known they would want to unwrapping the giant flesh cleaver. It was a lot. You a lot of excuse to use east the be that it extends aspic in pbj or that cut an olive for the half. An arrival in these is excellent and a leaf resists the dang acute flange out of a box.
5 / 5
I the plot to cook, always slicing flesh and veggies. I have used a lot of knives but after unpacking this Santoku of House of Aroma and dipping it to do, knows will not find another knife like good. I have impressed with as acute a leaf is and that add looks, the creation is perfect. Ossia The must has knife in your cookery!
4 / 5
An amazing product. I have been the cleavers lately and this product is to good sure one of a better some have found. The leaf has the legislation of good acute flange out of a box. Has the weight has balanced to add in that the really good fact to resist to.
A pocola what I desire was better is right where a boss of forest fulfils a base of steel of a leaf. Has the little flange that feels the little rough. It is not enough to cut or hurt you, but the desire was more flush with a boss.
The outrage concealed, is the fantastic cleaver!!
4 / 5
Like this far like this good. It is coming to ship quickly. Pointed 2 friends and warned of acuteness. His didnt believe and cut there the toes that says damn ossia acute! Ive sliced Tomato and sausage to be like this far . Taking to take used to brota reflecting. With which slicing the uneven tomato but 1 easy swipe, I sliced paper of sausage of the thin summer. The leaf adds like this far.
5 / 5
A woman bought one for Navidad. I have broken down chickens, the pig roasts, wings, and chopped some veggies with him.
Ours of a box is has done amiably. The boss is returned well and an arrival of metal is same and a lot shiny.
A part of entity: Saint smokes this thing is acute. A cutting bevel is earth in the superficial corner that gives it an extremely acute flange. Has some level of stainless knives Japanese facts gone in as well as the mid commentaries Henckels. An only thing has this approaches is the Delay done Swedish.
The ergonomics is a lot although it would prefer the less boss rounded with some texture to give the little surer grip when my hands takes all greasy and bloody. I have found the 'pinch' better grip to give more control when I cut it the smallest material likes the wings of chicken.
Maintains yours was hand-held toes clear when doing big courses. Ossia He 1 lb straight knife. It will take of your toe like this easily like the drumstick.
4 / 5
Has taken this for my husband for Christmas this year. I surprised when I said that that has loved the flesh cleaver for Navidad, but likes to BBQ the plot and use his smoker of flesh. I have found this cleaver said shortly after that has has wanted to one. It has wanted as it looked and that looked like this well has done. When it opened It, it was very happy with him. It has done to roast he in a smoker this last weekend and has has had to that the cut all up for the recipe has done. It has said that a flesh cleaver was like this good and acute that the cut by means of this roast like butter. They are extremely happy with this compraventa!

Top Customer Reviews: Meat Cleaver Knife ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 35 ratings
4 / 5
Partorisca The few months, has been looking for the cleaver partorisca add my collection of knife partorisca a cookery. There are few elements like this brutally effective in a cookery like the cleaver, my way to think. Because of this faith, has has wanted to one the majority of rugged and aggressive cleaver could find. This was a contend this was slickly drawn while leaving some rough bit partorisca fun. It is big and has the heavy leaf that it is quite hard to resist the acute flange by means of some quite excessive chopping. I want that it takes a classical cleaver form, the rectangle of metal with the boss this has been honed to a flange in a side while I subtract the thickness slab of metal in another side and the hole in a tip, and said, 'looks of Sinister mark quickly, lean and angry.'. It looks has wins for each piece of flesh sees (like that has done them there?). It is coming quickly and there has been grieve he out of a box, me happy. He so only felt like the tool of cookery. Has the tonne of cookery artilugios, but ossia the TOOL is built to do work. If raisin was the one cochera does not feel out of place, but the looks would choose to struggle with a lawnmower. I love a heft and a solid plenary tang. It moves without flex or wobble. A weight fallen and swooping the creation the fact a lot quickly for the cleaver or deboner. I can have used he for ALL a first week, as I can say that it extends May surprisingly well. Calm boy you any, am grinning so only thought in this bad boy. If has the type in your life that likes a cookery or a grill and has the bit of the wild streak, ossia the perfect knife to buy for him. I am looking to buy another of this vendor so only to have one for each hand.

Writes descriptions like the hobby and try resupply an evaluation I better can of any element buys of Amazon. If it likes-you it my description, found the gain, or so only wants to offer some alcohol feels free to like my write-arrive and follow my profile. Thank you. Be well.
4 / 5
Has purchased to to the alike knife likes him the course of the present navideƱo for my fiancƩ and decided to take this one to add to a together. Ossia The quite heavy knife ossia a lot has balanced. I have comprised the picture of a knife afterwards to the knife of butter to the equal that can take an idea in a measure of him.
Among the black box that the well researches gifting. Interior, a knife is protected for the dud skin sheath. There is the plastic stock exchange protecting so much a sheath and a knife he, as well as it aims it plastic rigid in an end of a knife so that it does not take dulled during shipping. I think a packaging partorisca east is really good.
A real knife is better for the rough rib reason while it is acute a leaf is quite fat, like this the knife would not be good for finely dicing or mincing ( has tried the in the lemons and he have really done a lot). A hole in some helps of knife to maintain your grip. Ossia More for use of novelty or external use more than a daily knife to add your cookery in my opinion. I think that that it does for the present really very this in spite of.
5 / 5
This knife is perfect for cutting entirely thighs of chicken. It feels very balanced and a hole of calm added toe of the control and better consolation while using a knife. A leaf is very acute of a factory. A skin sheath is of the big quality and I highly would recommend this knife to my friends.
4 / 5
My husband LOVES his presents navideƱos prompt!!! Very acute,returns his hands for eases-of-the use Done feeds prep fast and easy,and well looking paralizaciones to kick!!
5 / 5
For the boning brota a knife has good weight and is amiably balance for both the big hand and the small hand. The eye appeals a lot well with a boss that is very smooth. It would recommend to treat a boss with the beeswax to prevent he partorisca drench in watering when into use.
AVERSION: a sheath in any one a lot professionally fact and a snap down is in the place where if you are not paying the next attention could take cut, the memory has said that it was very acute.
4 / 5
Adds everywhere knife. Utilisation in a cookery for everything. Acute Good and looks to be that they retain an acute flange. To good sure would buy it again.
4 / 5
This is resulted my gone the knife sĆŗper the acute hole the flange and a lot well has balanced. I add to hunt fishing
And in a cookery.
5 / 5
Has taken to a knife likes one everywhere for step of deer. It has surpassed far my expectations.
4 / 5
Ossia The addition adds for any that looks for the flesh trimmer and dicer. Mainly the utilisation to trim a fat out of the beef or the pig roasts and chicken. Works very reason is sĆŗper acute and a heavy leaf he the easy fact the piece by means of hard flesh. I have questioned a hole of toe but help with control. All-in-all is the knife adds for a prize.
5 / 5
This knife is very balanced and a lot also come with the chance of skin to have to that heavy, any one some skin of imitation or nylon a

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 32 ratings
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I have been surprised with this piece of works.. A knife has an extremely comfortable grip... Easy to resist & any pressure on arm or wrist while chopping.. Very acute and is thin like the leaf of knife ( sees video).. Gone in the hard cased box with the security maintained in alcohol.
Flesh of ribs or watermelon with easy.. To good sure the happy client :)
5 / 5
has bought this knife after another knife has bought of Walmart has broken or say after a leaf is result detached of a boss. This knife is the leaf of piece. Meaning a cutting leaf is the part of a boss. It could not think that a lot some courses of knife. A prize was also the plus as it has not broken a bank. Hopefully Can purchase other knives of this line.
4 / 5
This thing is like this light, done like this quickly that it cut/chopping the breeze. A boss is like this comfortable, in spite of being all the metal (which want to, of a boss wont the pauses was!) And it has grooves partorisca your thumb.. Seriously an amazing creation. The lustrous looks also. I need to stress from time to time partorisca the maintain like this acute how is exited of a box, but is prize , is in good sure values partorisca choose on needing the good and calm knife is tired of the yours old dull some the wont looks partorisca stress anymore!
4 / 5
Has ordered this knife based in looks and prize but was pleasantly surprised when receiving he in the box of the good presentation closely inserted in foam liner. It is quite acute that spends a test of paper a lot outta a box. Has the good coverage when touching in to a leaf likes the metal is hard which is well for retention of flange but also more prone the chipping in of the hard elements like bones. They are by train to use it On vegetal and boneless flesh and he the work adds.
5 / 5
An initial acuteness of is quite good. It would be necessary hard the bit with daily use.
Is the good knife to use to all the cost of experience. It is the a lot of all-rounder.

Will comprise the small booklet with info in his products and some basic instructions roughly that worry for him.
Looks the solid company w emphasis in good builds, as I more probably be buying they in a future. Seriously, it is the solid knife for $ 10.
5 / 5
I like this reason is light, very acute and will be perfect for my needs. It is coming a lot amiably it has packed. I any one need the expensive crew and this was the good prize with good descriptions. They have resupplied the little booklet with use, cure and cleaning instructions. Perfecto for my needs and good value. Really it likes that it is of a continuous piece . Any boss to result free or fall off.
4 / 5
Has arrived next day! It has not used the closing. They are Very pleased like this far, as has the acute knives smaller, but at all that it can manage it quell'roast, and OSSIA Exactly that precise! It can not expect use the.
4 / 5
OH MY GOD I AMOUR THIS KNIFE. I will not use never another knife šŸ”Ŗ (at least until I buy another) has been tired of one dulls Walmart knifes and has thought takes to buy me the knife of Amazon. Santo wow this knife is beautiful, work like this beautiful and pleasant like intricately. I want to has stressed knives, loves smooth cutting and this knife absolutely is in amazing. It does not complain the buying!
5 / 5
A lot well, comfortable to resist. Very acute. Has use this knife partorisca to the long of the month and he still like this acute likes the day took it.
4 / 5
Good quality. Acute yard. Easy to resist. It has been boxed perfectly. Utilisation a box partorisca store a knife. I am ordering a for my daughrer becauae she always cooks partorisca his family. It will love it!

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