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1 DreamSky Alarm Clock Radio for Bedroom - FM Radio Clock with Battery Backup, USB Charing Port, 1.2 Inch Bold Digit 0%-100% Dimmer, Adjustable Alarm Volume, Temperature, Snooze, Sleep Timer, 12/24H DreamSky Alarm Clock Radio for Bedroom - FM Radio Clock with Battery Backup, USB Charing Port, 1.2 Inch Bold Digit 0%-100% Dimmer, Adjustable Alarm Volume, Temperature, Snooze, Sleep Timer, 12/24H DreamSky
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2 Emerson SmartSet Alarm Clock Radio with AM/FM Radio, Dimmer, Sleep Timer and .9' LED Display, CKS1900 (Black) Emerson SmartSet Alarm Clock Radio with AM/FM Radio, Dimmer, Sleep Timer and .9' LED Display, CKS1900 (Black) Emerson Radio
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3 Digital Alarm Clock Radios for Bedroom - 0-100% Dimmer, FM Radio with Sleep Timer, Dual Alarms, Weekday/Weekend, USB Charging Port, Battery Backup, Snooze, Easy to Read, for Teens Elderly Digital Alarm Clock Radios for Bedroom - 0-100% Dimmer, FM Radio with Sleep Timer, Dual Alarms, Weekday/Weekend, USB Charging Port, Battery Backup, Snooze, Easy to Read, for Teens Elderly ANJANK
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4 Buffbee Small Alarm Clock Radio for Bedrooms - High Fidelity Sound & Upward Speaker for Radio, 4 Wake Up Sounds, 7 Color Night Light, Full Range Display Dimmer for Bedside Buffbee Small Alarm Clock Radio for Bedrooms - High Fidelity Sound & Upward Speaker for Radio, 4 Wake Up Sounds, 7 Color Night Light, Full Range Display Dimmer for Bedside BUFFBEE
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5 Alarm Clock for Bedroom, 2 Alarms Loud LED Big Display Clock with USB Charging Port, Adjustable Volume, Dimmable, Snooze, Plug in Simple Basic Digital Clock for Deep Sleepers Kids Elderly Home Office Alarm Clock for Bedroom, 2 Alarms Loud LED Big Display Clock with USB Charging Port, Adjustable Volume, Dimmable, Snooze, Plug in Simple Basic Digital Clock for Deep Sleepers Kids Elderly Home Office PPLEE
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6 Radio Alarm Clock for Bedroom with Projection Function, Ultra-Clear and Stylish Curved LED Screen, USB Charger, Brightness Dimmer, Dual Alarms, 0-100% Radio Volume, 9 Mins Snooze, Sleep Timer Radio Alarm Clock for Bedroom with Projection Function, Ultra-Clear and Stylish Curved LED Screen, USB Charger, Brightness Dimmer, Dual Alarms, 0-100% Radio Volume, 9 Mins Snooze, Sleep Timer Uptimus
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7 Housbay Glow Small Alarm Clock Radio for Bedrooms with 7 Color Night Light, Dual Alarm, Dimmer, USB Charger, Battery Backup, Nap Timer, FM Radio with Auto-Off Timer for Bedside Housbay Glow Small Alarm Clock Radio for Bedrooms with 7 Color Night Light, Dual Alarm, Dimmer, USB Charger, Battery Backup, Nap Timer, FM Radio with Auto-Off Timer for Bedside HOUSBAY
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8 SICSMIAO Digital Alarm Clock Radio, Alarm Clocks for Bedrooms, 3 Color Display with Dimmer, 7 Color Night Light, Dual USB Chargers, Bedside Clock with Battery Backup, Easy to Set for Kids, Elderly SICSMIAO Digital Alarm Clock Radio, Alarm Clocks for Bedrooms, 3 Color Display with Dimmer, 7 Color Night Light, Dual USB Chargers, Bedside Clock with Battery Backup, Easy to Set for Kids, Elderly Sicsmiao
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9 Cabtick Sunrise Alarm Clock, Bluetooth Speaker White Noise Sound Machine, Sunrise and Sunset Simulation, Dual Alarms, Snooze, FM Radio & Reading Lamp, 11 Natural Music for Gentle Wake Up Cabtick Sunrise Alarm Clock, Bluetooth Speaker White Noise Sound Machine, Sunrise and Sunset Simulation, Dual Alarms, Snooze, FM Radio & Reading Lamp, 11 Natural Music for Gentle Wake Up Cabtick
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10 Magnasonic Digital AM/FM Clock Radio with Battery Backup, Dual Alarm, Sleep & Snooze Functions, Display Dimming Option,White (EAAC201) Magnasonic Digital AM/FM Clock Radio with Battery Backup, Dual Alarm, Sleep & Snooze Functions, Display Dimming Option,White (EAAC201) Magnasonic
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Top Customer Reviews: DreamSky Alarm ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 55 ratings
5 / 5
So far that is to say only that has wanted and has been very to please. The clock of the alarm of my woman has only he 5/8' exposure of number, but this clock' time readout is in an inch- quite 1 3/32'. Properly! Also a dimmer of some two parameters of brilliance (was-dim-that shines) is properly to time at night, and enough that shines during a day that does not have to change a brilliance two times the day. As I am very pleased with this unit. I expect that over time, it remains accurate. This would be my only disappointment . It opens For just the small bad informative. He no preoccupy me, so that has the stereo auricular in my bedside and has not required this FM radiate. The May HAS DEVELOPED a FM antenna to try for radio reception. Had any one with an antenna gone still up. I am in the 'fringe' zone of reception. If you are also, this could not adapt is counting in a radio.
5 / 5
That is to say the add little clock! I bought it recently to substitute the Sony radiates/of clock that has entered a fritz after ten years or so, and has looked for something the little more compact, this there has been the exposure of big time, this looked reasonably well, and that plugged in a plus outlet that it USB uploads. This looked very on-line for the plot of reasons, comprising the prize and some declares no preoccupy me quite too much but in fact appreciate. His instructions are quite easy to imagine was, also. That surprised me on the way well, that considers a measure of a unit, is that his beginning of his this very enough very--to good sure better what those substitutes! I will use a radio only for his function of alarm, but is well to learn that good sounds--and can connect the speaker in him wants to . It IS well to discover the new mark!
4 / 5
'For the that is to say' means these indications of the product rid like the part of this description is 'pro-estimated' in consideration of a prize and measure of this element.

For this I means a following:
=> A quality of his east only well, yes consider that this element is relatively economic and small -- but can not compete for fidelity (or grave) against big and more expensive competitive elements -- relatively tinny, and can listen a rattle of until the bit when a volume is turned-up.

=> Posing a time, canal, and the alarm is quite easy ( the majority of that without that has to read a manual); but a factor of small form for this clock of ways to alarm that a lettering is 'a bit too small' in a diverse (yep, small) buttons -- especially when considers that this alarm is a last thing probably will have to manipulate in front of bed -- tired and impacienta; and a first thing probably will have to manipulate when awake to arrive -- disoriented and 'dulls.'

=> Would hasten to attach that some instructions for this device are clearly scriptures and easy to comprise!

=> And at the end, so referenced earlier, a clear weight is also implicit in a (tiny, easily moved and packed) factor of form. Clever Of a manufacturer to weigh cut also and fall a probability of the fault to substitute (3) triplique-Some stacks for a classical backup of nine source of volts in so that other alarms. ( Calm have you has not remarked it never these connectors of the outdated stack ALWAYS LACK Or DESTROYS The TERMINAL of STACK? Has!)

In general, would buy it again -- the good value, and looks to take a work has done well so far.
5 / 5
Taken the yesterday and find it easy and intuitive to use. Mere without extras. I have found a plus down exposure that pose also that shines to use at night. But there is the 'cure'! To the amazon sells the product nicknamed 'Dim The' clear dimming cloaks, $ 7.99. Simply trim his with the scissors and a cloak bond in an exposure without tape, etc. ( Had the manually has had of this problem with other appliances.) Sure when being to install one rear-in stacks (3 AAA) or a slightest 'burp' in a line to be able will cause a clock to fall all some parameters.
5 / 5
I have to admit, this was hesitant to order this so that the did not have listened never of Dreamsky and imagined it could be the bust. Even so, I give that a Sony radiates of clock of the alarm that has bought less than 2 years ago was even more of the bust. My Sony has maintained to attach and that remains an hour, and has had at all to do with time of savings of the daylight. I tired me the preoccupy go me to arouse a right time each morning. As I have taken the casualidad and has ordered a Dreamsky. I WANT TO L ! It IS easy to program, any same requires some instructions. An exposure has three parameters and I can dim or turn of a clear to sleep. Some shows of exposure exactly what an alarm is posed in and is on or has been. . A radio has quality of his excellent. Included better that my Sony of junk. (That it was it in some rubbishes, no more produced of Sony for me!' Also it have it only or alarm in the. Which are which looked for. It looks well on everything also. I mention I want to this Dreamsky radiates of clock of the alarm? Highly I recommend it. Still I am thinking to buy another just to maintain reservation for years of now when need another.
5 / 5
I radiate of the clock adds. The element arrived while it describe. I find a blue exposure is more than soothes that a red ones. A big exposure is easy to read. A sound of the alarm less is troubling that my old one excepts quite strong to arouse me up. I find a temperature aims very handy. You can run a cape out of a window to see what a temperature is external or left the interior to assist in determinant a room is in fact warm or yes is having the hot flashes. In general, it is the very good clock in the prize adds.
4 / 5
It Likes him that of some turns of exposure has been afterwards the bren of pair. Has had to my last radio of clock with the average like the could not see he through my eyelids at night. It shows a temperature in a room also, which are well. It IS quite small, as it takes on small room. Some directions are intuitive and writings by an English speaker. Amur Cela!

That is disappointed by east a FM the radio will not choose on canal that is not very near. Has an antenna of external cape, and no very at all. That is to say why I gave it 4 stars in place of 5.
5 / 5
Service of exceptional client. The clock is arrived punctually and all has done well except a backup of stack. I have contacted the amazon for the nave to seal to turn that road me quickly but has decided also to contact an email in a trace of card. In 12 hours took the response of a saying of manufacturer will be to ship out of the new clock immediately. A next day took the saying of confirmation that a new clock has been shipped. It IS the very good clock that experience by two reasons... 1 For a dimming qualified in some which records to show wonderfully and is easy to use a 2 reason was for a backup of stack that alas has not done but has been resolved immediately when notified a manufacturiner. Highly recommended and well to know still has service of good client there in a world.
1 / 5
It does not buy this clock! A set of the time no afterwards in the first place the program. I have bought included the second a this thinks that that it was the defective clock , but a second sample a same thing. And there is any road to contact a vendor to ask enough it. At the end a window of tower is way down below, so for some time gives this, is too late!
4 / 5
If you are looking for the compact and versatile radio alarm afterwards in your bed, this clock could conform in in your necessities likes him the to them for me. Has an option of any calm arouse you up with the FM emisora radius (of your election) or s buzzard. The volume for both can be diverse and some beginning of the alarm has been with the low volume and the increases in yours has wished parameters. Personally I like him that of characteristic since does not like me when being startled each morning. Another orderly addition is the port of USB in a backside of a unit to touch yours smartphone while it sleeps. Utmost idea! A time is aimed in of the big numbers and for those of us concealed spends the glasses are read easily without them. A brilliance the levels are big, means and era. That is to say my only critic . I have wished had the clear parameter down since prefers next darkness during a night. And oh, almost it has forgotten it to mention this has the exposure of temperature of the room. Amur That characteristic! The inferior line is that I am very happy this has purchased this clock!

Top Customer Reviews: Emerson SmartSet ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
I have had the self-dipping clock of a costruttore same partorisca the few years now. It is done perfectly and so only love any prpers that has to concern it roughly the when transmissions of savings of the daylight or some begins partorisca be able to. When I have seen this partorisca the sale could not resist. I wish an exposure could be done the little dimmer that one dipping a low plus, otherwise does not have any complaint. When I plugged he in, has put and there is has not had to the touch of then. I am looking forward to a lot of years of any that has to that never dipped my clock again!
5 / 5
Is súper economic! Sure it has 2 alarms and such, but has any control of volume. Ossia bobo, like this radio and the alarm so only has a volume and concealed is not well. Raisin in this clock and take another.
5 / 5
Can not think that east another reviewers is revising a radio of clock still that has bought - and has had to that return. For a prize has not expected anything but the economic and clock of functional radio alarm of a type found in of the rooms of motels, and while a clock is certainly economic in the each way, for a life of me could does not operate. When first plugged-in a clock automatically rule to local time, which is quite impressive, but with which could find any way to do to the such things likes them to them the tower in a radio or dip wake he-arrive time. There is stirs it of keys on but all are fines-functional, and any one has to that to focus of common notes him 'likes Radio volume,' 'ARE/FM,' or 'Tune.' And an operator' manual - can that so it has been written in Chinese in of the terms of understandability.
4 / 5
Has had to that look for the moment, so locally and on-line to find the radio of clock that the offers ARE radio. This one was economic and has had a 'Amazon recommended' note in a description to the equal that have used that like the factor to decide. A readout is is green; by means of experience, has learnt that the blue lights are some brilliant and red more a less annoying prefer the dark room. Green is to somewhere in a half. This one offers the dimming way for a readout - has four options of very brilliant the dim and was easy to find that it dips that works for me.

Some instructions say you to simply of discharges a unit to a socket and an automatically dipped time he to Oriental time. There are instructions to the reset yes bolt in the different time zone that is the good thing, of then when I plugged in, a sample has dipped - to exactly more two early minutes that a real time. There is an option to dip a date, but am not interested in that in a half of a night as I do not owe that . Any shows of dates in a readout and has not been that would look if a date has been dipped.

To turn in a radio has to that resist a 'on' key down until some numbers of look of canal, and then attended roughly 5 seconds for him to turn on. A radio sound is slightly tinny, but a lot annoyingly so much.

All the settings are done for small, keys of round in a cup of a clock. The majority of some keys has two different functions, which can be confuse. Some functions are etched to some keys and chances of clock without differentiation to paint so it is reading symbols and of the black words in the black chance, and in impression very small. Has esenior eyes' and find it difficult to see a function of the each key.

Because of that, and minimum instructions (also in a lot, impression very small) in a manual, my endeavours to find and
has dipped it emisora the radio has directed the accidentally dipping both wake on alarms. At the beginning, it could it does not imagine it it has gone by that a turning has maintained radio he in an hour to an hour and the half with which have turned was. When I have imagined out of the past and could not find any instructions on like the unset an alarm, has called a number of service of client of Emerson in a manual of instruction. This has directed to the classical, diagram-answered 'hasten one for service, press two radius of paralizaciones,' etc., which, when it had pressed a final selection, headed to a saying of register 'a lot of-goodbye' and hangs it on me. Three times.

Has asked the slip of turn of Amazon and has been offered the call of them to speak a question. I have accepted an offer and has received the call inside minutes. A person the one who has called has taken the pocolos small to investigation that has explained it, and gave finally directions attack to turn of an unwanted alarm and correct a setting of time. With this resolution, has maintained a radio of clock.

Has given four stars because it is the radio of decent clock , a star for the accuracy like some instructions is incomplete (any info in those turns an alarm), three for quality of the his been due to a tinniness of the his, and four to estimate reason in spite of some subjects, he that says it will do.

Update: I have had this radio of clock of then 9/19, so only on are month. Last night, after put to bed with which 1 are, has wake hours later and looked at the same time - a sample has read 12:54 I are. I have verified my telephone, and a real time was 5:57 I are. (For a way, a clock loses the minute each month or so much.) This morning I unplugged and king-plugged the so much is supposition to dip it when calm this. It has not done. Besides, a January has read 1, 2017 - probably before it has been manufactured. He emisora The radio has saved was has lost also. I am gone down my indication of four stars to a reason the radio of clock that dysfunctions with which are month is not the value that possesses.
4 / 5
. . . So much, I will not say his a better sample or one the majority of attentive or to the to anything likes concealed. It has been purchased to substitute an old a concealed no the car dipped a time. We are in the rural zone and frequently has can cut outages or can arise, how was tiresome to reset an old a. One lighting is well; we have chosen a green exposure because blue is also that shines - I desire there was an option for the red exposure, of red would be less than distracts in a darkness, but some green works well. Easy to dip alarm.
4 / 5
This clock is so only that has looked for to substitute my alarm of 30 shows of years that failed it recently. While the desire there has been transmissions more than keys and was bit it more user-friendly in some locations all sweat a work, he all love it to and looks better that the majority of his competition.
4 / 5
Has bought this to dip in mine barn to maintain some busy animals. A cow loves the when it is on. But it has to them that turn a radio in daily
4 / 5
Ossia a clock of better alarm never! It was impressed like this when I plugged he in. I have not had any one creates self place to a correct time, date, month and same year! The alcohol blown! Some numbers have begun so only move really quickly til has been dipped. There is! The one who has known? I have not had any idea when I bought it. I mean llama martset' but did not give it a lot has thought. In all the chance a sound could be bit it better. The desire was bit it stronger also. Originally it has taken this causes my daughter of adolescent maintains to take to pupil late. His alarm of the mobile phone is not enough. Appearance these helps of alarm. The only time will say.
4 / 5
After the years to struggle with any @@@knob of the fashionable tower older in my clock of alarm has decided that has required the digital tuner. This one looked enough adds, and like this far is. Once plugged in, was already a correct time (Oriental time zone). I have bought 2, one for me and one for my edges. It falls slept to a radio at night, and awake until the in a morning. Have Still to dip an alarm (procrastination) but while it is not that difficult and that read well. A sound is not for the surround quality of system of the sound obviously, but does not have any question like this far.
4 / 5
This clock is in fact very able to dip he of a source of external time, like a WWVB irradiate of atomic clock to Collins Strong, Colorado, or RDS given in FM canal of emission. It is still another example of the marketing gone wild in a tentativa to trick consumers to think are taking something special. EsmartSet' Means at all more than a time is pre-dipped in a factory, and the small coin-the battery of cell maintains clue of a time when it is unplugged. If a battery dies or is to take for more than pocolos small, a clock loses his time and any king-dip the.

Mina, ossia deceptive announcing in better. Pre-Dipping a time in a factory and trusting the backside-arrive battery to maintain to time likes a bit class of 'impressive' or esmart' self-that dips the technology is neither impressive neither innovative, enough is borderline deceptive announcing. There he being nothing special in this clock. It is so only the normal clock with the battery of installed backup in a factory.

Will be to return this estaca of haste of element. Mina, he self-that dips the clock is one this takes his time of an external source. Ossia So only the clock that was pre-dipped in a factory. Súper Volume.

Top Customer Reviews: Digital Alarm Clock ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
I love a part of clock of this radio of clock. A radio this in spite of leaves the bit partorisca be wished. Felizmente So only need an alarm roughly once the month because a lot I quite wake until the radio that the buzzer but I can any one for a life of me takes the canal that like without of him when being full of static. If this was better, would give this to 5 star. A better part is that I can dim the down like this down where is not the distraction for my husband but I still can goes when I wake up.
5 / 5
Is the smallest clock in measure but offered a lot of some characteristic that my old clock has had. Some numbers are good and big like this easy to read at night and a light setting can go of súper brilliant to at all. The characteristic likes is that I can dip of my alarm to go was every day, M-F without that has to that turn if entirely it was and then on again before I put to bed me every night. A radio chooses especially some local canal that joy, my old clock has taken to be where the would not choose on any canal anymore.
5 / 5
Ossia The good clock . It is simple to operate. I any precise to look for a manual owner wants to regulate a time or alarm. Some keys are fixed so that I can identify an alarm- was key to feel in a darkness. A dimmer is the rheostat ossia variable of very brilliant to a lot of dim. I can dim an exposure to time to such level it low that I can turn a face of clock to me when I sleep.
4 / 5
Has taken. I have bought a last year for half a prize and he am not lasted. I think that that I will do better with east a. Some numbers are big and easy to read. Has a together easy up. It is dark brown. I think that that a @@@knob is the little bit of a cause of ugly drawing is like this big. But this good.
4 / 5
I white numbers are easy to read. Good prize. Nizza Modern look. The keys are very marked. Dipping ready to the canal is the breeze (especially compared to some other clocks that owe click the key to progress by means of canal - this so only takes movement he in a dial that is Like this faster). FM stereo Takes good clarity. Like this happy with him has bought the little more for some other chambers.
4 / 5
Like this far so that it adds! Almost all could require in the radio of clock. It would give it the five stars, if so only some batteries in fact powered on a radio/of clock, then so only be used like him esar arrive' characteristic. And it has aimed the reading of temperature. Otherwise Is mainly so only that looked for in the radio of small clock. Like this near to perfect!
4 / 5
Honradamente Can say a quality of his this 10x better that that has been expecting. An only thing am not crazy roughly is a be of wheel of the volume in a backside, but otherwise fantastic quality for a money!!!
5 / 5
Has had the number of 'irradiate of clock' on some years. This one east that satisfies and refreshing improvement in the majority of some another. Some numbers are big, clear, and easy to read by means of a room at night, which was of ours entity. A help of white colour that does. Quality of his is not to perfect but is so better that the majority or everything of some products has tried in a past. This quality is of the ours the entity so much listens the classical music the majority of a time when that goes to sleep or wake up. Dipping alarms or using to to the controls likes him-him the sleep that times is a bit a lot-intuitive, but he all does perfectly. Ossia The a lot of-engineered produced.
4 / 5
This clock of alarm is súper easy to dip. Has the dial that you in fact can turn that calm leave you to dip a clock and alarm really easily. A very good characteristic is having 2 separate alarms and I likes him that each one which as it can be dipped for My-Alone, M-F, or Seated-Alone. Some radio sounds quite well, at all adds, but my last a could not dip ready in the any canal and so only touched static when an alarm has been he was. As my levels are not very big. They are very happy with this radio of clock of the alarm.
4 / 5
Has substituted my radio of clock with east a reason have required stronger FM signal to wake until when the alarm goes era. He a work. Easy to dip/transmission 2 alarms. Big, easy to read exposed of digital clock. Petit - So it takes on upper of small room in mine nightstand.

Top Customer Reviews: Buffbee Small Alarm ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5
A brightness is easy to regulate & an exposure of the time of the clock is quite big to easily read. All have required in the small measure.
4 / 5
Unfortunately a radio does not operate. Otherwise Really likes to of me. Petit Measures, but really good. Disappointed has to it return.
5 / 5
This clock of alarm is the little complicated, but is quite handy once take a hangs of him
5 / 5
has taken this to substitute my clock of alarm of the main sun reason sleep with the mask to sleep on I so that there is really has required something that could see in a dark and concealed would wake me up. I want to which compact ossia but also that easy to read a time is, and it dipping on could not be easier. Also it is comforting to know that there is the backup of the battery in chance loses can. A bit nightlight down are to add and flavour be able to choose of the little different alarm options, as well as it appears a volume like six will wake me up. I think that that this are adds for any with the small nightstand or in the university dorm reason returns anywhere and to good sure book in those precise stops.

Top Customer Reviews: Alarm Clock for ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
I am pleased extremely with this clock! I have purchased this clock partorisca use in my cookery and is the perfect addition. Some big numbers, brilliant (easily dimmed) is exactly that has looked for. Prpers Having situated the on big, can see he of almost anywhere, comprising an adjacent living room! A same time, use him space very small.

I use an alarm like the backside-on, REGIME Of alarm of BED, ossia easily adjustable to listen during my paving or so only in a cookery. A tone of alarm is acute, doing exactly that it is supposition to do .

A backup of battery is easy to use - the just pop opens a coverage and slide a battery in. I tried it the little time for cutting a can until 30 mins, and has maintained time perfectly! Ossia The profit adds for where alive in the so many has can he outage at least once the month. This will be the saver of life .

Ossia The add little clock packing the plot of brightness and the powerful alarm in the prize adds.

Top Customer Reviews: Radio Alarm Clock ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
Perfecto partorisca me. Big easy to read numbers in a clock and in a ceiling. I have had to that use a brilliant setting meso in a projection, has begun is gone in brilliant when I dipped it up but fell it down to the averages when I am resulted some lights in bedtime. A projection can be rotated 180 terracings, but would have liked me be able the rotate he in 90-terracing increments. How it is, I so only rotated a sample the small to take the view is him better liked at night. A sample dimmer is infinitely variable, likes volume exactly a brightness loves at night. A backup of the battery is not doing. After initial setup, the relocated and the reset has a time. I thought it it has required it perhaps it touches on, but a next morning, unplugged he for ten second and he there is not retained a time.
4 / 5
My daughter there has been the radio clock resemblance to the east a, and has loved that really when I saw it after remaining at night in his house. I can not see my clock to wall at night in a darkness, and up to now when have despertador up in a half of a night (like some nights I frequently ), has had to that ask my device of Echo Alexa that the time was. Now no longer I owe that that. This little radio of clock that the enormous projects the brilliants of blue numbers in my ceiling the fact so easier that see a time when awake in a half of a night. Totally I love it. Easy peasy to dip up and is simplified the mundane task for me. Highly I recommend it!
4 / 5
Ossia The present for the partner. Some instructions was like this confusing. I took literally an hour to finally dipped a time and once I that was able to do an alarm. A light of projection could be more brilliant and he up in a maximum setting. A course a harder dipped a clock to alarm when it goes of a radio comes on. It has not had any instruction writes anywhere on like this to take the radio settings have seen an alarm. This part taken 90 minutes to do. This has not been the simple clock to dip up. My partner is 80 years old and knows will require help with a clock. Felizmente Alive next door.
5 / 5
A nightstand the exposure is big, brilliant and easy to read. This in spite of, if a projection of ceiling is small and blurry. That was reason I purchased it, Additonally, found that the bit to confuse to dip a time. Shipping the time and the condition was utmost.
5 / 5
Has had my clock of radio/alarm forward for 10+ years, as finding the pertinent substitution was the challenge . Has-liked me a slender creation of this clock, a measure of some numbers, and an option of projection. I spend glasses/of contacts, as it has thought that that a projection would be useful. It is quite easy to dip and use, although I have had some challenge to comprise a radio tuning.

Three things I desire was different.
1) A snooze the key is way too small to easily distinguish to touch so only in the sleepy been. My old clock a key was the averages a measure of a clock. Has paste frequently accidentally another key and has turned was while it tries to locate snooze.
2) When A radio alarm goes was, a emisora the radio is showed, no a time. As it has not been that the time is and would have to that paste snooze or era.
3) A blue light exposure is brilliant, but hard for my vision to easily read - I desire there was the green light option.
4 / 5
Good clock that it is easy to see in the gaze at night. I am not using an exposure of ceiling how is too brilliant in his dipping his low plus. I need to have the constantly adjustable type of rheostat transmission for both brightness controls in place of the pair-click detents.
5 / 5
Loves this clock and all some characteristics has, especially a a to dim a light. I love a port of propiciado by USB he in my telephone for the touch at night.
5 / 5
Has bought this one of then has the dimmer on that. It is the dial can regulate in any brightness. Easy to use. Numbers quite big to see by means of a room
4 / 5
need the disorder with east bit it more... The cause for some reasons a time that comes from/comes from some resplandores of projection on ceiling but a time to the rovescio
4 / 5
A projector is awesome and clearly shows for enough the distance. A sample is the little light , but any complaint like this far.

Top Customer Reviews: Housbay Glow Small ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
4 / 5
If you are looking for a clock of light of economic compact alarm at night radio partorisca travel with, or so only partorisca save spatial in some pieces of furniture, this clock is partorisca you. I love mine.

Some characteristics have found impressive, beside measure, was:
1) NORMAL AAA to the batteries likes them to them the backup! An exposed and radio sample included and prejudice works read. I have not tried partorisca discover what do what in this way, but still impressive, a power is was!
2) True FULLY adjustable brightness, any only brilliant, or dim, or the 'low' then was.
Is like this sensitive can the to you dim enough to hardly see he in complete darkness.
3) Big snooze key on to; easy the paste.
The majority of keys is up for easy alarm and control radio.
Two setting of alarm is always the more also.
4) One alarms 'TECLA of PAUSE. Ossia A characteristic really so only. You can turn to the alarm was like the majority of clocks of alarm and has to that turn behind on when you put to bed you, but PASTE to STOP so only and turns the current alarm was still leaves it ready to go is gone in time closely same without that has to that turn behind besides late. It prevents to forget to turn alarm on and sleeping late.
5) The radio takes the reception adds and has the big speaker that can take strong and touches very good.
6) the light at night has 7 quite colours to choose of and multiple brightness levels.
7) The alarm has 3 options: rule beep yours, radio, and birds chirping this ramp until volume closely full (max adjustable of half to full). You can choose the emisora irradiate to dip to alarm so only, and then use radio to listen another and not effecting one wake on canal.
Snooze Is dipped to 9 minutes - in the option prefers is to be able to regulate a snooze time, but if ossia an only thing in loser, is everything well.
8) A Nap alarms? The woman always is taking naps, and this characteristic is wonderful. Only paste a key to regulate a characteristic of timer for nap period, and nap was. Fires of alarm in final to dip minutes. Fast and easy.
9) And a gain 'cherry on' is the port of load of the USB in backside that pursues wide current to quickly touch my telephone of Motorcycle (USB has estimated down the ports so only upload against the slowest tax).

In general is the device adds .
Clear instructions , easy, easy to dip time and alarms, 12/24 now exposed, and simple informative, and the exposure 'cleaned' done this little device the contend for versions more expensive without some of some characteristic so only these some champions.
Need to add it small clock? It BUYS IT!
5 / 5
A lot of - The descriptions are not usually my thing, but this little clock is awesome. We live down in Caribbean and can outages is so only the fact of life for us. Ossia One of a bit those that the clocks of alarm have has had to that in fact a lot so only maintains to do during a outage, can in fact still see a time, turn in a light at night and listen to a radio. We have had so only Huuricane Isiasis ploughed thru and sure enough, any juice. This little clock was awesome and has maintained to do.

Was the enormous help to the equal that could listen to an informative this in spite of could find my way around a chamber until a power has gone back reason a nightlight still works with some batteries of backup.

Characteristic-wise. It is impressive. Some the radio sounds surprisingly good considering is measure . A speaker still has the pocola his punch - a lot of something has expected. A screen is the very pleasant blue and can be dimmed. There it is included the headphe jack like I any bug my woman also listening to a radio. A very small characteristic is an USB in a backside I so that it can touch my telephone! I especially like a light at night. There are multiple colours to choose of - my preferred is a blue, but my woman prefers a purple.

Ossia Our second Housbay clock of alarm. My woman has flown a prime minister a, now have the feeling will have that 'trade'. If it could give this 6 accident . Really it can not attack this in any fronts. In fact I am considering choosing an up for my Mamma also. Good work Housbay!
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Ossia The compact clock well with the pleasant interface. It has to that it weaves of orderly characteristics, likes headphone jack to listen the radio without disturbing another in a room; a snooze the lights really add “pops” and some options of birds chirping (or these jarring “beeps”) is the good characteristic. I have had some subjects to dip a time. Note: just click some “key of Time” dipped -once- and the emission until the hour begins to flash, then arrows of use. When Conjoint of now, the time “of click has Dipped” once and minutes of neighbours. Finally, the time “of click has Dipped” once when complete. It has pressed a key closely of the time repeatedly and at all is spent. It has then tried to resist a key- still not flashing! So much, it learns of my deceptions. Lol. Otherwise, good Value!
4 / 5
The one who the radio of clock adds no calm included has to that read some directions is one all some keys are there ! It covers he in and all the work has included a telephone uploads jack , light at night good and also there is snooze key and the nap characteristic , very satisfied with this compraventa. Also it has military time and regular time ,characteristic very added , highly recommend this clock
5 / 5
This clock takes on upper of small space in an already has fill nightstand. Some Numbers/of type are big and easy to read and has an incredible quantity of characteristics. So only roughly everything is customizable: volume on 3 different alarm sounds (beep, birds, or radio) and brightness of exposure of screen and nightlight (election of 7 different colours or was) and calm included have an option of plugging he in the to wall outlet or the port of USB!

I amour that has the USB port build in to touch the telephone or other devices and together with the snooze the key there is the 'Nap' that dips that it leave dipped an alarm for the nap anywhere of 10 to 120 minutes. Ossia Convenient like podes only paste a 'Nap' key and choose a quantity of desire to time to sleep without a hassle of resetting an alarm.

A manual of instruction comprises the QR the code can scan to look an easy to follow video on like this to dip especially of some characteristic.

Can not imagine the one who calm more could love in a clock of alarm?
4 / 5
A grandson loves some pocolos dye different of a nightlight. A capacity to create/drop some levels of the exposure and one prejudices the light levels does well. Some keys are backlit on and easy to see at night. Volume of radio and the alarm is well.

A BAD (or at least very good)...Control of sleep - the majority of clock dream of calm radios of only press and some radio towers on for a quantity specified of time, but in the to these some looks likes him to him the work to turn in a radio first and then plessing a time of sleep - just bit it odd mine. The majority of some keys is in an upper and backlit, but has the control of volume in a backside, and the control of exposure of the clock in a backside. These do not have a backlit exposure, more a volume is 2 separate keys (stronger/calmer) while a level of the exposure of the clock is the rotary wheel (like usually would see in of the control of volume). The class to take that an exposure of clock would be in a behind - mine ossia more than the together and forget element, but mine a control of volume would owe that be more than the easy to take to in a side or upper.

A FM the radio has reception quite poor - very static where in ours other 3 radii, does not take static for a same canal. That really is disturbing in a radio reception is that it does quite well is using some batteries to be able to a radio up. But hardly you cover a cord of power in, interference of causes and often creates static. Has the antennae cables ossia 2-3 feet long, and yes touches with a placing of him long enough soothes , but really would owe that something in that. A worse of everything in a radio is that it has it preset canal that the AUTOMATICALLY configures. Yeah To the equal that press and resist a radio key for 2 second and he a scanner of car and registers all your canal - bondadoso of as your television - except now calms does not go to 100.1 FM, goes to P25 or P35 or that never based in that finds during one transports-scanner. You can go left or right with some arrows, but the bondadosos of sucks yes calms usually canal of transmission - especially yes is in of the opposite sides of a radio band.
Maintain - probably, but will not buy again when it breaks.
4 / 5
Very impressed with this clock of alarm! It likes- one creation of him, looks modern and is not too bulky and big. It likes a light concentrated in an upper- is good and soothing and 7 different colours! My husbands the favourite part is a dimmer- like be able to control a brightness entirely and can do that with this clock. A clock has the radio characteristic and surprisingly touches well for the little clock! An alarm separates is a lot of- and has the only characteristic for “nap”. You can press Nap and choose until 120 minutes to “nap” in place of resetting your clock to alarm every time. Also, A characteristic of pause is order like calm does not have to that turn on and of an alarm. Pause of the just push and he will remain places and ready for a next alarm without that has to that agree for the turn behind on when you put to bed you. Really like-me that has the battery has retreated on- loses can frequently and always concern me roughly not wake until doing punctually. Ossia Class of odd, but like me a bit keys of silicone in place of some plastic keys that you usually find in of the clocks or of the radios. It would recommend this clock. I think that that it is the quality adds and the prize adds!
5 / 5
Ossia The very small clock with a lot of characteristic is. Some instructions detail lacking writings, this in spite of. There is at all in some directions written roughly that takes a emisora the radio loves use. I have used finally my telephone to scan a QR code in some directions and has looked a instructional video (on Youtube). It was very useful. For example, when you press a radio key, a system automatically scans all the available canal and stores him like this presets ( has on 30). Calm then roll by means of a presets until it find a canal loves. There is at all in some directions in that. A speaker is, of course small quality and no big, but pertinent of the wake on call. Some of an alarm that dips the icons are really tiny and could be difficult for some to see clearly. Again, a instructional the video was very useful.
5 / 5
Am spent to plot to time to look for so only a right substitution for my twenty year besides OLD CD, clock of alarm. They are really be small and has been disappointed that it could not find some responses esatte of mine old could resupply with the player of CD. But a radio Housebay with a FM the radio in fact touches enough really goo, a work of the alarms and some numbers turn quite that can in fact sleep. A transmission of colours is fresh and when I am ready to the sleep can turn some the fresh colours was entirely he so that it is totally dark. As I am very happy with this radio of small clock that easily can move around. A really simple, right of access of clear instructions in a nightstand so you can refresh my memory any time I need to. It was quite priced and has thought roughly buying the seconds of the paralizaciones upstairs. Those who has known the classical music could exit of such the small and his box that well!! Some marvels of the modern science does not cease never to surprise and please me!! Well he Housebay!!
4 / 5
Honradamente, has not thought never a lot roughly samples to alarm until I have required the new one and has substituted he with the economic Acute (). Some descriptions add apresamientos Acute, but 1. An enclosed alarm was after snoozing for 1 now, which has not been announced, and 2. Calm so only could go forwards with a time when that dips a clock/of alarm, any hips go behind. As I have moved that the room of guest and is gone in a hunting for another. After revising dozens (perhaps hundreds?) Of clocks to alarm on Amazon, has solved is one, and after using he for the few weeks, am happy of the recommend!

- Can snooze more than 1 now (has not tried the indefinitely to see if there it has to that done the limit, but an alarm maintains to go was still with which snoozing he for more than 1 now)
- Easy to read numbers: any tiny but any giant, and does not look the points of the distance likes them some do
- Sturdy: it is not a thin plus there, but concealed means it will not fall on when you fumble to paste the key. This thing is súper in bylines.
- No-skid: has the soft tampons in some subordinated likes 1. There is less still casualidad of emotional around and 2. It will not line that it is in
- Always shows a format & of time of an alarm: it was the sceptic of has bitten of this characteristic, as have thinks that has loved the very cleaned sample do and has been postponed for some clocks to alarm that pointed time, settings of alarm, time, and generally the variety of things that has done a quite busy screen. But in fact really it likes that it can see it you in the gaze of the as it times an alarm is dipped partorisca.
- Variety of options of alarm: it calms that can dip to be the buzzer, a radio, or birds chirping. Has thinks that would use a radio but has finalised to love some few birds, which is not the common option.
- Easy to change a time: you can dip an hour and minute for separate, and can go forwards and behind for each, how is much faster to take some time loves that samples to alarm that any does not have to that the options of minute & of now separate or where so only can go forwards in a minute & of now.
- Nap Timer: Ossia the characteristic good extra as I do not owe that reset your alarms so only to have an alarm for the short nap.
- Pause of alarm: Another good characteristic that turn of leaves of an alarm while in the now dipped for a next day.
- Upper keys: there is to plot of the thinnest clocks there concealed has some keys in a backside. I guess these frames for him sleeker aesthetic, but is much handier to have some keys more easily accessible on a clock, more than that has to that fumble around for behind a clock or turn a clock around every time wants to change something.
- Continuous dimmer option for an exposure forward: it goes of quite dark to the brilliant abundance with a turn of the dial
- Colored nightlight
- Quite big snooze key
- USB that spend of touches (in some backsides)

- A nap the timer is limited - you so only can use a preset options of 10, 30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes. It would want to it could dip some minutes to anything manually.
- A nightlight does not remain in a hard colour has selected, like masters the latest colour (like green, blue, or lived), has to press by means of a whole row of colours (start of red and that spends for a rainbow) every time turn in a nightlight to take there.
- Has a lot by heart white option in a nightlight.
- A snooze the key could be more prominent or before further. It is big, which is well, but is the to same soft texture likes them the other of a cup of clock, so that it does not have the difference in feeling, and there is the space of in a same width like snooze key among a front of a clock and a real snooze key, which often finds me pressing to any avail. If a key has been domestic, the different texture, and/or before further, would be easier that find & press.

Top Customer Reviews: Magnasonic Digital ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
3 / 5
A radio of clock had been using partorisca on two dead decades (of the drunk has been spilt on the). I have required partorisca find the fast of substitution, preferably without spending an arm and the leg. Ossia A model has selected; and although material there is the plot of room partorisca improvement, am happy with him in general.

To That likes:
is electrical. It covers he in and does not concern roughly not changing never battery.

HAS the backup of battery (2 EA battery req'd, any one comprised). In a power of chance is stray, some battery leave a unit partorisca retain all his settings and continue operation.

HAS two separate alarms, leaving me partorisca maintain my 'primary' always dipped a same time while using the esecondary' to the equal that has required. Each alarm can be has enabled independently disabled/, and a type of the his of alarm (beeper or radio) can be individually dipped in the each one. [ It remarks a description of product says 'buzzer', but is really the beeper.]

An exposure is easily readable, included with my less-that-youthful eyes.

The impression of a unit is roughly 1/3 that of my radio of old clock. A lot compact. Of course, this means a speaker is smaller also (quality of his worse), but extracted big. It is a clock of alarm , no the system of entertainment of the house.

HAS a capacity to regulate an exposure brightness (although limited in his options).

Digital Radio tuner.

To THAT that DOES not LIKE ME :
ANY MANUAL of INSTRUCTION!!!!! That goes in a box is the radio of clock and the 'Quickly-Drive to start with', which does not cover all precise to know in a unit. For example, one Drives of calm Fast Start say like this partorisca dip your alarm when in the first place taken he out of a box, but _does not say you_ regarding taking an alarm once goes was, or regarding the disable with which is put . One Drives of calm Fast Start inform to the manual in a web of place of company ('partorisca more information of product, goes the <put web> and inform to a manual of user'). So that it go to a web of place goes; but a joke is on me... A soyanual' in a web of place is one same stupid Fast-Drive them to begin concealed is gone in a box! Very a lot that does.

Any option partorisca time of 24 exposed hours.

When Dipping a time, can so only cycle by means of some minutes/of hours in a direction. So much, for example, in an end of savings of time of daylight when it wants to dip a time for behind an hour, has to go forward 23 hours more than just going back a.

Like this, when dipping a time, yes resist the key down, a tax in that a transmission of the numbers does not augment . You owe that seat there that resists a dang key for roughly 1 as for transmission of number.

Once have your time of alarm(s) conjoint, enabling/disabling an alarm is not the sincere neither intuitive process.

All some keys are some same; i.et. There is any way to distinguish tactilely that key to press to turn of an alarm with which touches is gone in a darkness when you are half groggy.

Snooze The time is NEW MINUTES ! Five is ideal, seven is by train to press it, but nine???

This unit is too much digital. There is two characteristic that would be it better do fault with an analog control (or the a lot of Much more final granularity in his digital intervals): a control of volume and an exposure brightness.

Marcos of volume '1' (out of 10) is still too strong for my purposes.

Any characteristic atomic clock of automatic update.

To a better of my knowledge ( could be deceived), has any 'low battery' indication for a backup of battery. If ossia true, calm then will require to constantly control a level of battery has seen some class of manual method; and yes it calms no, while renders a backup looks quite useless (i.et. A can that the starts with the dead batteries is some same like the power that exited without system of backup at all).

Has 20 emisora irradiate presets that can be programmed; but they are not 'universal'. Ossia, there is 10 FM presets and 10 FOLLOWS presets, any 20 mix-and-party. Any way, ossia probably to spare for 99.9 of people.

An alarm is constant volume , no to grow alarm.

Has the esleep' timer that calm leave you to listen to a radio until 90 minutes (in 10-min increments) before automatically closing was.

has said like this, there is not any instruction has distributed with this unit. Here it is which has been able to imagine was for my account, if of one Drives of Fast Start or by means of test-and-error. It was not if this covers all some characteristics of a unit or no, of then obviously has any way to know that all some characteristics are w/or the manuals to explain them! :-)

For purposes of terminology... There is the row of six keys in a cup of a unit. Of accident to me well will call those: 'H' (hours), touched (small), esET', 'IRRADIATE', ALM1 (Alarm 1), and ALM2 (alarm 2). Also, there is an additional (much bigger) key in front of a row of six, which will inform to like this leep/Snooze' key ( is the right/accident rocker key of type).

A zone of looks of exposure of a plus of usual figures five has DIRECTED lights; three of some lights are varied vertically in a sinister flange of an exposure and two is in a legislation. One some in some lefts is (of upper to subordinated): PM (to differentiate among 4:00am & 4:00pm), 'alarms 1 beeper', and 'alarms 1 radii'. A two in a right side is 'alarms 2 beeper' and 'alarms 2 radii'. Well...

When first it calms of discharge in a unit, an exposure begins to flash and can dip a time immediately. If your unit is not flashing, need to enter a way to dip of the first time. To do like this, press and control (for roughly two second) a esET' the key until an exposure begins to flash. While your exposure is flashing, uses a 'H' key to regulate some hours and one touched key to regulate some minutes. Sad, some minutes/of the hours so only regulate in a direction. When A correct time is showed, swipe Is again. LOOK: sure mark apresamientos a 'PM' CONCENTRATED the consideration when dipping a time. A 'PM' DIRECTED _is not _ illuminated for time in a row 12:00 half night to 11:59am; a FOCUSED _is_ illuminated for 12:00 midday by means of 11:59pm.

SELECTING The SOUND of ALARM (beeper/irradiates/was):
These two concrete functions are in fact leaves of the most general alarm the works to dip concealed comprises both. To change neither, need to first put a unit to a way to dip of the alarm. To dip alarm 1, press a 'ALM1' key once, then immediately press it again and resist it (roughly 2 second) until an exposure begins to flash. You are now he alarms to dip way.

Note: If it alarms 1 it has been disabled before you have entered way to dip of the alarm (neither of the 'alarms 1 beeper' or 'alarms 1 radii' DIRECTED was illuminated), then entering way to dip of the alarm automatically enables an alarm in beeper way, as indicated by some 'alarms 1 beeper' CONCENTRATED illuminating; but if it alarms 1 it was enabled already first to enter a way to dip of the alarm, the rests in any way was already in.

Once alarms to dip way (flashing exposure), some yours the available keys is 'H', touched, and 'ALM1'. Utilisation a 'H' and are ' keys to dip a time of alarm. Again, mark of the insurances apresamientos a 'PM' CONCENTRATED the consideration when dipping a time of alarm. Utilisation a 'ALM1' key to cycle by means of some options of his beeper/irradiates/was (hastens once for each transmission)... But see a note further down in a quirky behaviour when cycling by means of some options. An alarm 1 LEDs will indicate the sound of alarm is active (an or another FOCUSED will be illuminated, or neither if an alarm is disabled).

When A sound of time of & correct alarm the type is entered, swimming. A unit will exit way to dip of the alarm and revert the normal timekeeping exposed after the pocolos second.

Alarms to dip 2 is identical to a procedure has described on, except will use one 'ALM2' key in place of 'ALM1'.

Note: When selecting a sound of alarm (beeper/irradiates/was), that goes of 'irradiate' to 'was' IMMEDIATELY exits a way to dip of the alarm and reverts behind the normal timekeeping exposed. Ossia Uncomfortable and no-intuitive (IMO); ossia, changing of 'beeper' to 'irradiate' maintains calm alarms to dip way, but changing of 'irradiate' to 'was' the calm kicks out of alarming way have dipped. Ossia Bite it quirky. So you have loved to change of ' irradiate' to 'beeper' would require to enter a way to dip of the alarm two times: (1) it enters way to dip of the alarm. (2) Press 'ALM1' to change of 'irradiate' to 'was'. A unit reverts the normal timekeeping exposed. (3) it Enters way to dip of the alarm again. Reason an alarm has been disabled before you have entered way to dip of the alarm a second time, beeper the way is selected automatically for you. (4) At all; way to dip of the alarm will exit after the pocolos second. It was much more simple state to have has maintained so only a beeper/irradiates/was selection cyclic without kicking calm out of alarming way has dipped.

wants to verify a time of alarm without in fact changing it (or a type of the his), simply paste ALM1 or ALM2 once. An at present dipped alarm the time is showed. An exposure reverts behind to timekeeping way after the pocolos second.

When An alarm goes was, a beeper or radio (as pertinent) begins to touch and a corresponding CONCENTRATED begins to flash. Paste a Sleep/Snooze key to snooze. Reason was, no any difference yes mecer a key to an accident or right; any way for an alarm. An alarm is CONTINUOUS REBELLION flashes to indicate an alarm is still active. Snooze The time is new minutes , after which beeper/the radio sounds was again. It repeats like this necessary. It was not that the times can continue do east; but a polite supposition would be six times (as that any to surpass a total of now).

With which some sounds of alarm, gone back goes to press one 'IRRADIATE' key. Note: These only towers of a sound of alarm, does not disable an alarm; to the equal that go was again a time still a next day. It sees esteligiendo a Sound of Alarm' on yes in fact loves to disable.

Press-and-resist a Sleep/Snooze key until an exposure brightness transmissions. It repeats again it has wished it . There is three different brightness the available settings (the description of product has said two, but there is three). It does not import that way mecer a Sleep/Snooze key, an advance is always in the downward circle (i.et. Ciao->Med, Med->Low, Down->Salvation).

Paste one 'IRRADIATE' key. A frequency is showed and a radio begins to touch. Be any one AM/FM indicator; a frequency showed is your indicator . To turn of a radio, press-and-resist one 'IRRADIATE' the key until a radio in bylines was.

While a radio is touching, use one 'ALM1' and 'ALM2' keys to regulate a volume. 'ALM1' Decreases he, 'ALM2' augments it. NOTE: A setting of the volume still is used for a radio, alarms 1, and alarm 2; as anything estimativa calm dipped here is also a value has attributed to some volumes of alarm.

While a radio is touching, press one 'IRRADIATE' key to change of FOLLOWS to FM or vice versa. A pertinent frequency is showed as you do like this.

Turn a radio on. Utilisation a 'H' key the decrease a frequency. Utilisation one touched key to augment a frequency. That Pressing and that resists the key extracted the scanner in a pertinent direction.

With a radio has turned on (and a pertinent AM/FM band of the frequency selected), press a esET' key. 'Pxx' Is showed (where 'xx' is one 2-imagine preset number, of 01 to 10) and a preset the canal begins to touch. If ossia a canal loves, at all; otherwise swipe Is again and a number a big more prjimo is showed and begins to touch (10 recycles behind to 01). When One has wished preset the canal is found, swimming. An exposure reverts behind to a frequency after the pocolos second.

Visits in a radio, select a pertinent band (AM/FM), and tune to the frequency of a canal has wished. Press-and-resist a esET' key until 'Pxx' is showed and begins to flash (where 'xx' is one 2-imagine preset number, of 01 to 10). Utilisation a 'H' and are ' keys to select some have wished preset number ('H Decreases he and touched increases he). Press a esET' key to attribute a frequency to this preset and lock he in.

With a unit in his normal timekeeping way, press a Sleep/Snooze key once. '90' it Is showed and a radio begins to touch. Press a Sleep/Snooze key again and '80' is showed. Press again, '70' is showed. Etc. Ossia what time (in of the minutes) a radio will touch before automatically closing was. Note: Once again, it does not import yes mecer a Sleep/Snooze key to an accident or right; a period to time so only can be update in a direction, of 90 down to 'was' (in 10-small increments).


Expect one on the instructions is useful. You are welcome, Electrohome. I have done so only your work for you.

Has debated long and hard in which you clash to estimate this product. Calm once know like this to operate this thing, is really any one the bad unit, as I am tried for the give four stars; but in an end gave it so only three stars instead. The products that is missing of the very written instruction decent the manual is in pet peave of mine, the more there is to plot of improvements that can be done to this product for the do more user-friendly and intuitive, more the little soyissing' characteristic that would like me see. For the $ 15 clock-radio, this in spite of, really calm can any gone bad with this product.
4 / 5
Ossia To well little radio. Has all the radio of precise clock comprises adjustable brilliant-the-dim lighting of a digital clock. A price is well, and some radio works well partorisca such the small clock radius. Has the battery has retreated up. If there is the downside is that some keys of control are small. If you have read some operative instructions, this in spite of, is quite easy to imagine was the one who each key done.
4 / 5
I have bought this because I have required one ARE radio. I have had the sony shows of alarm partorisca some last 12+ years that reads well but have any with me that maintains the one who there is commandeered the. And have another clock partorisca alarm that it does not use .
Ossia My first time that buys this mark and has verified them out of descriptions other products have here first to do a decision has informed partorisca purchase.

First of all a price are adds. This radio is small. I am not sure reason has assumed the to be main but a measure is perfect.
The exposure has 3 rows where can regulate you a brightness. My regular clocks have 2.
Is also extremely light, hanged less than my alarm only clock.
HAS battery behind on that partorisca look looks partorisca take 2 EA battery. This perfects partorisca me partorisca camp and a worse occassion when some starts of power because of a time.
The reception is very good. It chooses on both ARE and FM good receptions. Has the digital tuner that are adds. My regular radio is blurred with a FM canal I usually listen to so that it tends to listen when I am driving them instead but this does perfectly well. Still it chooses on a spanish are canal the one who my car finds hard to take the good reception to.
Some keys look a lot of mine . They are usually a bondadoso the one who has to read a manual to operate sure things. I have taken this legislation out of a box and has imagined the majority of a material was. A time is place , the ees has imagined was like this to do a presets for a canal. Really I have not dipping an alarm still reason have taken the time was work .
Taking spaces very small in my book-busy nightstand.

An only reason reason has taken of the star is a volume . A volume is digital also and one 1 setting is big for one dipping a low plus in my opinion. They like him have music or soft radio in a fund when I sleep and one dipping a low plus was stronger that could tolerate. Ossia Where the desire was the key of the dial where could dip it the dondequiera. A next setting under one 01 setting is one 00 that dips how is basically transmission. Of course you are looking for the radio that can touch it you during a house, a volume these bands of what tiny you do fault well.

Is looking for A clock of alarm with still good reception ARE/FM, especially ARE, ossia perfect in the terrific little price.
3 / 5
Rings a digital clock DIRECTED and has decided finally that my better elections were with radii of clock. Has has wanted to something small, and a concealed has not used any 9V or battery of coin of type partorisca backup: this one uses two EA cells. ( I have loved backup of battery, as I do not owe that the reset every time there is the momentary power glitch.) It is easy to operate. I have had he for just a week. It is maintaining good time (as expected). A backup of battery has done well when the unplugged to spend he of a room to another.

Am updating this description like the result of a clock 'dying' (any exposure, any radio) roughly two month with which have begun to use the. A cost to ship it, ensured, the Bfalo, NY, was so only slightly less than a cost of a clock (less S H). I have received my substitution yesterday. He no perfectly (the any dip minutes his so that it is supposed to).

Like the result of this description, was contacted finally for a provider of Amazon. A provider was a lot well manage my complaints and remedy it a situation my satisfaction. Now I have the working model of this radio in my house, and in an acceptable out of-cost of pocket. It appreciates his worry for satisfaction of client. Obviously my experience with this product is not to like that external the one who purchased it. Down waiting for the use with a longitude of this radio of clock.
5 / 5
I add little clock and does not light a room with the esar-will read! I have bought one with the backside-light and could not sleep well. The blue light affects an organism! The antenna is the little odd as have has used radio of the clock in some pasts concealed has not had an antenna and the radio has done well. I do not love any wi-Fi electronic like an iPhone like the clock at night as they interrupt and interfere with the energy of an organism that way of sleeps. Yes, it is Physical and is partorisca do on the energy and an organism is affected for bad energy. Bad EMF! Wifi Is bad, the clocks escoles old like this solve a question.
1 / 5
After my trusty the sample of alarm has died, has loved the new clock number green (really, anything another the red) and loved it to have the radio. A Electrohome Irradiate of the clock looked to be exactly that has looked for. Chico, has been bad. Although a colour was the soft glow , green , some keys were like this hard to imagine was, took almost half and now so only to correct a time, and dip an alarm. I have looked for to stick with him, but after a day to wake until a volume of radio alarm that it is too strong and any when being pas able of the turn down because of a complexity of some keys, has been done. The life is quite hard. Your clock of the alarm would not owe that be.
1 / 5
My products of the prime minister returned with Amazon. I have had question taking canal, programming some extremely confused canal, dipping a time and two alarms was any piece of cake neither, but has directed partorisca imagine it was after an hour. A main reason am returned was a lack of reception, has has wanted to really be wake up in a morning with him emisora radius, and does not act .
2 / 5
I have possessed this partorisca 2 weeks and has struggled every night partorisca take an alarm dips correctly. Unfortunately each key there is roughly 6 functions. Included when it was able to dip an alarm, has had question that dips a second alarm and never determined regarding the turn is gone in some weekends. They are by train of the turn. I have been in fact to the thrift tent and found the clock of better dual alarm the radio fact for Panasonic partorisca $ Sometimes THIS BETTER older. Older is certainly easier that use!
1 / 5
That a compraventa terrible! At present I am looking for the substitution. Partorisca Look in a description and of the pictures this clock of alarm would owe that it has fulfilled all my needs... Small alarm , dual, green backlight, aim.
Has read some descriptions and has known that that dips this little sample can be defies it . But I found it it take it so only the minutes of pair and I a lot they was require some instructions.

Some questions have begun any a lot of time after plugging in. Calm can not dip a volume partorisca alarm so it begins was really calm and then firmly takes stronger. The keys are small and enough level with a rest of a clock like this turning of an alarm in the dark room after so only awake up is harder that thought it could any never be. Usually it finalises only paste a snooze key to turn of an alarm and then fumble to take a real alarm has turned was once a beeping has been prendido.
A question a big plus is like this clock maintains time. Has reset a sample the total of three times a last week. A sample progressively law faster and faster. Last night a clock was fast 7 minutes. Like this once they are more be to reset the to a correct time. This morning I have compared a clock to the mine telephone and another clock in our house and was already 3 minutes quickly. Of of the this is a clock of alarm, is especially of entity that a time is corrected.
Supposition I need to comprise maintains good time in mine after looking for a clock of alarm, has thinks that was an obvious necessity, this in spite of.
2 / 5
I irradiate among well little container, work as well as the clock, but a FM the reception is craps. Every time the twist was, then turn it on again, has lost a dipped ready FM canal. I owe that fiddle with an antenna to take a pertinent canal behind, but drifts. A digital tuner has to that no east. It is it looks to resist quite well. But this radio has the real question with rejection of interference. As, it sees photo. This is not a uncommon question. Keys of mark of the costruttrici that has different functions but is all a same colour, without contrast. In low light or with a bit poor eyesight (any more but me with this question?) It is almost impossible to say an external key. And with this radio, the majority of them there are multiple functions. I have used it Sharpie to add one contrasts sees in a photo. A dimming the good exposure and is not too brilliant at night. In general they are WELL with a clock but disappointed in a radio.

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