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Top Customer Reviews: Old Lady Costume ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Deloris
Colour: Way-1Perfect partorisca show of talent skit! The wig is the little itchy and the little has bitten big. But a fact that has gone the little bit that the little less itchy like this in general was fantastic! Very thin- arrive to close you can see a clean wig sew under a hair. But of the distance was adds! No attended to fool any with this wig but for the dress bobo is for the win! And especially for a prize- 5 stars sure!
4 / 5 Britta
Colour: Way-8 is quell'has bitten tight, like this yes have the big boss would not recommend it . But all the world has loved my dress!
5 / 5 Caron
Colour: Way-1has Bought this for my daughters 100 days of the school dress and she the mecer! I have been concerned a wig could be too big for his boss of 4 years, but was perfect. And turn , also!
4 / 5 Palma
Colour: Way-7has Done to surprise for my roller of @@subject of the Golden daughter skates night. I have been impacted to find to wig to cover my fat boss of hair amd comfortable in that. The shot adds for all takings and like operates it.
4 / 5 Adalberto
Colour: Way-9A wig is flexible to return a lot of measures of different boss--my daughter of 8 years--those who is tiny has spent has mamma like this done :)
4 / 5 Dung
Colour: Way-7Wig was for the dress for Halloween, but a quality is horrendous. You can see some clues and a tip of one covers by means of a hair. You recommend to take another. It has given two stars for a Colour
5 / 5 Veda
of extra: Way-8I active soooo a lot of hair and wigs a lot typically laws for me. This in spite of one covers of the wig has resisted my tight hair and has mark for me to be able to spend this wig. It is I entertainment of sound on. To good sure look it classy grandma. I can not expect spend he for one of our dress of camp on days.
4 / 5 Magda
Colour: Way-6All in a container is really good and good quality.
4 / 5 Luis
Colour: Way-1I was surprised quite which well this wig was for a prize. I included taken compliments of people that the has not looked all chincy like me some do. It was thoroughly satisfied.
5 / 5 Jeana
Colour: Way-5quality Adds wig that access an adult begins quite well! It was perfect for Sophia has spent this Halloween!

Top Customer Reviews: Old Lady Cosplay ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Hershel
Colour: Way-2 I has purchased this partorisca the 100th day of my elementary school of school celebration. It was perfect!
5 / 5 Isaura
Colour: Way-1 I has purchased this partorisca spend for the shoot of short film. Some curls are scarce as you can see some black clues down. One bases of the wig was has built bad. It do not extend the accomodate forms of different boss a way the normal wig . A colour are add, but has had to that use to hat to cover a fact that one covers a lot entirely covers some flanges of my hair. You do not recommend to the partner.

Some glasses and more than chair pearls was the touch adds to add. It has appreciated also that avenges with discharge of wig.
4 / 5 Johnie
Colour: Way-1 My little 6 old year, bad old lady, was the swipe in class of Nursery.
5 / 5 Mackenzie
Colour: Way-2 A wig and the glasses have been used like props in our Cookie of Fortune of Lady of game, Tiled TX in August (a hot month in TX). A product has been rid punctually. With all some extra that comprises the series of Pearl is. A wig was perfect partorisca a part. And it looks he adds on phase. A heat has not affected a quality of wig or a fashion or form. I produce it adds. To good sure would order more and commanded of this vendor again
5 / 5 Timmy
Colour: Way-1 Perfecto partorisca my husbands Halloween to to dress likes him the wolf Granny of Hood of Red Horse riding Petit!
Some elements have come with discharges he of the wig but he have forgotten partorisca spend a day of use but a still remained wig in place during a night/of day. This box of dress has comprised all or can require of a little old lady glasses with beading serious to a pearl paste. Lol Any bad partorisca all some accessories of elements a box has comprised partorisca the good price. To good sure buy again and highly recommend.
4 / 5 Mitzie
Colour: Way-3 A wig spills plastic hair like the plastic sheepdog, and is a lot of itchy, but was better quality that has expected partorisca a price, and returned. In of the photos, the look am spending the white helmet. (This in spite of, my nightclub the law was very received and has had the explosion!) To good sure recommend take a curly the wig yes goes partorisca be on phase. Some glasses and a fake pearls was the better plot that expected them partorisca be. This was the subject very good partorisca a price, but a wig has been to some rubbishes with which have been done with him.
4 / 5 Darcie
Colour: Way-1 Like the little another has bought this partorisca my daughter and his 100th day of pupil. They have had the subject to dress up like old presents... This really could not be more perfect state. It is 6 and a wig was big but still is returned his boss and some accessories were something on (glasses,pearl paste,etc). If ossia a calm reason here is looking in this element.. It buys it!
4 / 5 Cornell
Colour: Way-1 I has bought in fact this partorisca mine 9 old year partorisca be 'Granny Smith' in the school program... But it liked so much of that has decided to spend the to do for Halloween. My patients that want to! A type the request inclusa has changed my hair and has said looks well... He legit has thought was my real hair hahaha. You love it! It is the little thin in something but you it the fluff out of some curls is so only well!
5 / 5 Stefany
Colour: Way-3 near adds! I have required this partorisca one 100th day of to pupil partorisca dress like them 100 years. Apt perfectly and avenges with two discharge of wig! (Will Remarks that my boss is smaller and thinner that half.)
5 / 5 Zenaida
Colour: Way-1 Some individual curls are not that bad... There just needs partorisca be the plot more than them! A weft (the edges of hair that marks on a wig) is too far averts, as you can see a netting down, and is almost impossible to conceal. Simply I need more edges of hair.

Top Customer Reviews: 1920s Accessories ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Hortensia
It IS very happy with this compraventa. It likes them to them some another has commented, a headline of the cigarette was flimsy but for the pair of pictures was a lot. A necklace is very very time and gives quite slack to join he in the knot for more than the 1920s look. You are the unsure bit in some slopes and yes would turn my green of ears of cheap material but they any one and was the addition adds in 1920s look. A tape was very comfortable and so cute! Some gloves were comfortable and accesses well, chooses an ones did not conceal any cover some toes what arrivals very happy with so that it was still able to use my tlphonique while in his transente, a loop around a toe looked cheaply fact but last through a night without the problem.
Very happy with purchase of mine
5 / 5 Cecil
I have bought this for the 1920s-themed party vacacional and looked each daughter has bought there one of these groups of accessory, but I like this or a better. Some gloves left you to you still uses your telephone (while all the world more constantly is taking his era and on) and liked me especially a headpiece. Some gloves have slipped sometimes down my arms the small, but is quite small. Some slopes are the small heavy but still found the comfortable.
5 / 5 Verline
Perfecto! I agonized in that measured to take. It was bonded among a small and meso since is of the more small and small height in toop. I have touched through some descriptions and has taken the jump of faith and has ordered the half. I am 4'11, curvy, the little more these days that my frame was has meaning prendido. Even so, he slid in my organism and was in a happy moon.

A garment is arrived well punctually; a day before was been due to fly in Cali for adds it Gatsby themed party vacacional. All the world is dress was gorgeous, even so it take an enormous quantity of greetings. Folks Me prendi In my tones.
2 / 5 Berry
Taken that decrees of paid. The desire would have spent more money in the fat plus headpiece and gone without some extra accessories. But it was amused to have a headline of cigarette likes bolsters the. I have finished not spending some black gloves bc has not been with mine garment ( was the clearest colour ) or a dud necklace of pearl. My partner is spending a necklace that comes with and has joined he in the knot. I have thought a necklace and the the bracelet looked really cheap (but is economic so that it is why). A tape also can fall if it does not have in a correct angle bc is too heavy. Have had to my hair in an opposite side also in order for a piece of hair to do what odd felt. Perhaps it takes the piece of cape those curves so that it does not have to spend under your hair to the goes an elastic black. But in general do a trick and I have taken one 1920s look has been prendido.
5 / 5 Tamie
I have purchased this set for the themed roared 20 party of company. Some gloves return well and was good quality. I have used a necklace like the bracelet has had of the real pearls is spent. Some any one hurts slopes my same ears after the full evening. I have been surprised a cane to smoke in fact done has taken once my cigarette in him. You are the good touch . A tape was well except the small small. He slide in my leader as I am not to spend.
5 / 5 Kermit
Utmost purchase for prize. Headpiece Accesses my sake of big leader and the better plumes that has expected. The earrings are come with the behind was, has been to pose behind on like any loose and broken before it can pose behind on. Little it paste better quality that expected, enough long to join in knotting. Gloves good Access in of the small hands, there is down arms so has to cut the down, any necessary has arms of normal period. The headline of the cigarette has entered original container, mine 120cigarret slender the access and was able to smoke cigarette. The desire was little go down cuz my cigarettes are looked very time and few monkeys. If I am looking for another flapper conjoint of the accessory to well sure would buy this product
5 / 5 Becky
Incredibly happy with east. Earings IS solid and in fact amiable of heavy. The pearls Listens well very light and cheap at all. The gloves are that it expect and the tape is perfect. The headline of the cigarette is longer concealed expected but filly functional and looks well. On all a perfect together of accessories to go with the garment that sadly was the smallest road that has expected...
5 / 5 Ruthann
Used this for the flapper proceedings. Some pearls is the quality adds and is quite heavy. Some gloves are returned...Like The glove. It takes it, like the glove....
5 / 5 Ophelia
The amour of amour wants to this together!!!!!! I have purchased this for the gatsby themed party. A group of any one east absolutely gorgeous and photos very the justice. It was comfortable and has not moved at all during a night. Some pearls looked utmost, has not looked costumey. Some gloves were the touch adds but has run the small small bit still for me (has small hands). It can not expect have another occasion to spend this again.
5 / 5 Corine
Has wanted to this together. The quality was quite sake and very done for accessories of proceedings. The tape has matched my gold and black dress perfectly, the place remained, the plume was good and streaky quality until dancing. The pearls Even looked better concealed expected (has not looked sper cheap or plasticky). Included some gloves were decent; it does not spend the in an opera but, the election adds to complete my proceedings Gatsby clothes. I any problem with a headline of cigarette. But some slopes in some places have selected was a better part, was glasses and of metal (any plastic and enamel) and looked adds with mine garment. Purchase again.

Top Customer Reviews: 1920s Great Gatsby ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Ulysses
I have been surprised that this was also while it was. Honestly I Have expected a tape of plume to run over or only when being no of good quality. But it is well. One pearl the sake of looks of the necklace and has some weight in him, pearls like real - cheap plastic leader. Some slopes in fact look good for jewels of proceedings, and I like a tissue some gloves are done of. A headline of the cigarette is perhaps the small cheaply fact, but very quite concealed would not buy it again.
4 / 5 Ronald
Him him Like all this has entered my set, but in joining it to him to only thing did not like him was of a tape and some accounts that is supposed in dangle directly down. Well they are the little of the ravens because of them when being plastic and so many is expecting that recording them down helps to straighten them was or only can the cut has been the. Otherwise, The gloves return perfectly (has small hands), one fails the pearls listens real so that they are cold in a touch and is the same heavy plus knotted among some pearls in case that a series would have to clash (that is to say something sees with the real series of pearls!), Some pending dangle amiably, an access of tape only well and title of the cigarette in fact does yes there is the cigarette. For a prize, can has done did not beat it!
2 / 5 Merissa
Yikes. He thank you favour yours the daughter is extra and has had already some jewels to do up for east. I the stillest livestock garment! It IS soooo disappointed in of the this.

Gloves: the wine rasgado and is also tight. Raisin.
Pending: ugly. Smaller that photo. Cheap (which expected) Raisin.
Title of cigarette: for ants. Mega Tiny. Raisin.
Paste: fab, in fact. Better thing in a whole box. Calm livestock yours star.
Tape: it was not terrible, but has not matched some slopes (money when the earrings were now very ). Also kinda smaller this has expected.

The look has not spent the bouquet, but still for the proceedings this has did not conform expectations.
5 / 5 Apolonia
All was well, excepts in a tape. One beading had come loose but does not think was because of bundling, more probably any one joined was totally. The photo has comprised, only fixed he with the point of pegamento.no has to preoccupy in an apt, joins on. A headline of the cigarette is very well, any plastic and in fact works! Some gloves returned and when being very good. Included a necklace was well, is two has joined together! I am ready for mine 'Roaring 20 is' themed finds of class! I gave it still to 5 star, so that for a prize, is very good!
5 / 5 Clemmie
Some slopes were to fall fatality gorgeous but heavy and so much better this has expected! I have expected only until a last hour to pose them on. This set of the accessory was perfect for my flapper has taken! A headpiece was very enough. Has wanted to that it steps a plume was! Very pleased with this set and would not doubt to recommend he in another.
4 / 5 Antwan
Really it attaches in my elegant 20 flapper has taken. Some Gloves were better then one ones of a tent of Halloween, but some toes were the small tight. Has big hands. A Group of Any one was very comfortable and appeal in my cape, a decoration is accounts of plastic money but looks well, one of some plumes came loose but only bonded he behind in. Some Slopes were the small also big and weighed for me so spent some another. A necklace was very enough but some movements of low knot as it maintain it an eye in the, was individual where was localised so look well in some pictures.
Has not used a headline of cigarette so that it spend it the good of the big plume and was also to hang on in so much.
Will be able to use them again for other cases so in general I very like this posed for proceedings.
4 / 5 Rochelle
Some gloves were soft and good access . A bit very time in some toes, but there is down toes and spend the measure 6/7 in of the gloves. Desprs In his transente has washed the and exited utmost! A headline of the cigarette has been twisted slightly, but while it is plastic has been prepared by that. I angled the backside the bit and was a lot of. A headpiece was perfect, absolutely good and will spend it again. A necklace has two silverish accounts in a front. One of some accounts was angled and everything of a rhinestones had exited in a stock exchange. Raisin of is a next day as I have not gone also preoccupied enough it. I am remained the star for this problem even so. Some elements were all in the separate stock exchanges together places in the stock exchange the big plus and mailed in the stock exchange of bubble. Any a lot of deadening which are probably why a headline of the cigarette has been twisted and an account has taken fraction. Prende Of this vendor again. Some accessories have posed of and robs to perfection!
5 / 5 Jannet
I have required some accessories have posed by a roar prjimo 20s celebrates of anniversary. Look around in city of party for these accessories and each together all almost gradient of tender a quantity. I have decided to order out of the amazon and I are happy has done. The prize adds for all these elements and return so expected. Some slopes are quite heavy but has taken used his that the night was in.
5 / 5 Kiersten
Has the plot of hair very curling and turn that takes to return in of the hats or of the groups of the cape and I honestly have not expected a group of cape to return; in the principle has bought only this container for some gloves and a headline of cigarette but when arrive tried a tape in the 'why any one?' Idea and was pleasantly surprised to find that it returns perfectly. No his cual a tape slipped or squeezing my leader. Admitted, there was only on for quite a lot of 5 minutes but in these chairs of time add.

Some gloves return perfectly, also. A room of small extra in some tips of my toes but that is not something these problems me, has the smallest hands. Some gloves were has spent only my elbows and a material has not been itchy or unnerving. A sense of tissue adds and fresco in a touch.

Top Customer Reviews: Magicfour Mouth ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Tyra
Well, as I have bought these partorisca cosplay the uses then suddenly ailed and has used these to no partorisca the extend . Partorisca Arrive one of some straps in some masks have been broken and was the little big and had like the smell of glue to them. But, in spite of my complaints am enjoyed in fact use these! A material was soft, at all stuffy, and really very partorisca a prize. You recommend the hand that has washed these a lot of very first to spend them. UwU
4 / 5 Ela
There is enjoyed to good sure a creation in the each one one and has done like this my friends. Although it seats it likes it was to oversized partorisca women of discharges almost down eye to besides his chin. Also a series that resists looks of joint to have an extra piece, which there would be to be the be has had any snipped bit it to him.
5 / 5 Rosalba
These am very soft and comfortable. They have survived to Wash he without subjects. Not dipping in a dryer this in spite of to avert that it ruins a creation
5 / 5 Regena
I like those pleasant options have, a fine the band is more
4 / 5 Ofelia
absolutely love these masks! They are astonishingly comfortable and a lot breathable. They are also súper deceive pleasant!!
4 / 5 Charley
Súper Pleasant and comfortable and returns perfectly! His well for my works and for mine streaming! My boys loved too much and has thought was really fresh!
5 / 5 Geri
Has bought these for future use and when trying them today instantly have fallen enamoured with them! Some the pleasant faces are to die for but my only complaint would be that they are the small the big for my face, another that that, is utmost!
4 / 5 Manuel
These am oversized, any shaped stitching, and is really has bad form. It was centre and raven and not even inked entirely on one. And they are all linty, included although they are sealed. Fast nave, although
4 / 5 Janett
Súper soft and pleasant, to good sure use in often especially when im work like the nurse! All the world loves quell' the masks have come the little has bitten odd. A model does not match on well with your face in the little of them. A main of the that bought probably a product thus sake. A face to kiss one east out of place and looks odd, and a grin and drooling the face has models that is quell'has bitten small and is neither too big on or too much down. Another some look well this in spite of, and is quite economic that so only could take touched of of a some concealed does not look good.

Top Customer Reviews: Disney Princess ...

Rating: 2 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5 Shay
This trunk has been bought by the 4 anniversaries of my daughter. 4-6x.no Of the measures have any tone that in fact would be able to spend any one of some cups and apt costs the. All some cups are supremely basses and a lot of widths.Some elastic scopes on some of some shirts ail mine returned 2 old year arms (and is only in 60% percentile) would say that some skirts are an only thing a mine 4 old year could touch in comfortably. And mine 4 old year is in a small plus percentiles for a measure. This trunk was the enormous disappointment and would not recommend this for any unless it wants to change the down for the boy the small plus.
5 / 5 Brian
It take this element yesterday for the present navideo for the 6 old year. I have seen the plot of the bad descriptions that says that this trunk has been broken in delivery. My trunk has not been broken, but was in the big box with diverse other things so perhaps that is to say why. I have seen some other bad descriptions that says that some garments was has bad fact. I have thought everything of some garments looked well and well together place. Any one of some proceedings of the garment of Disney finds in Aim or of the Toys R the organism is not quality of premium, is proceedings for young boys to touch with. One has seen of the princess of Disney is $ 30 in of the Toys R Organism, as it liked him that of this trunk for some returns of same prize left only his to be 4 different princesses, but leave his mix and party and be creative. I am sure this will be Natal is his favourite presents this year.
3 / 5 Mina
In the to the east likes me:
-variety of jewels
-upper for four princesses with cape of pertinent/crowns-pieces
-stretchy skirts
-decent variety of elements for a prize

That could be it has improved:
-no a better quality of material.
-Only one of some cups (Good-looking is) has some roads in him, each an another has any one gives.
-The cups look quite small
-only 3 skirts, if four boys, Nieve Blanca or Good-looking take a yellow skirt.

In general:
-boys and the good variety of all the measures could spend of the parts (likes some pieces of cape) which are amused. It costs Quality, any thrilled with easterly but probably will use it from time to time.
2 / 5 Lupita
This sake of looks in the pictures but a quality are down. The pieces easily tear without a lot of endeavour and a lifespan of some proceedings the ends approach immediately what bren cure the boy will give it. I am in fact surprised in quality that poor a tissue is. Literally, Barbies the clothes is 10x durable. I am giving these two stars only so that has a phase where needs to dress in the animal stuffing and leaves in the shelf and never any one the touch never, these clothes could do. Otherwise IS rubbishes and will not last .
4 / 5 Fred
I have bought he for the 2 old year, was the small loose but does not flood in him and has some room to grow. It IS some a tissue is not one the majority of durable or fantastic but for a prize and the purpose think that is utmost. It was happy and is happy with a compraventa.
1 / 5 Horace
I have been supposed that these were pieces of just proceedings , any real proceedings. It separates it was cheaply fact, the nuts were to lose, is falling the eschew when the hand has washed. My granddaughter finds the sper itchy.
4 / 5 Lavina
It was happy with a quantity of elements and accessories for a prize. 4 cups and 3 skirts, only 3 boys the complete clothes immediately. Some cups look way down below in me, included in my small 2 year. It was able to dress she, with some help in a Velcro in back. It Likes him that it comprises of accessories, but a 'account' white the necklace is not quite very time to continue his cape, and is also take for sound in open and close by him. I am guessing it is down in any when being no the choking peril - but then why comprises some 3 points and some slopes??

In general very happy, that is to say the I adds together for a prize abordable.
4 / 5 Casey
I have bought this for my daughter for xmas. It IS October like the does not take he during the months of the pair but I looked in the and a box was in the perfect form and some proceedings the look adds also. You can say that it is done of material of the cheap proceedings but look utmost and could always parts of pistol of the back together glue. It IS to feign game at the end. My daughter will be two in December as they look will be the small big which are well with me, grows in them also. The marks estimate a money even more cuz will have the long plus.
3 / 5 Marva
The box is goleada . Still IT IS that is to say only the toy of boys, but considering more the people buy it to use while in the cofre of the storage has designated likes him , was of enough was more durable. Everything is the small cheap consider a prize but he are dressed up. Mark Sure to remark this has to share a yellow skirt among Cinderella and aim of snow (has not known this) and has 4 daughters immediately touching then or does not have any skirt. Jewels in some cups that has some faces of princesses are goleada only plastic coated and Good-looking is wrinkled. The whole thing is decent to consider that paid in of the tents for some only clothes, but will be to order more accessories and things for utt since does not avenge with all some things imagine in
1 / 5 Homer
I am more it conceal disturbed in of the this! A box entered unrepairable shambles! It IS crooked and and a latch is the averages rasg was and a fund looks any one has taken the cutter in him!!! And some clothes is barter ! That is to say horrible for a prize! I am really turbulent in of the this!

Top Customer Reviews: Safety Works ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
5 / 5
The cost has checked Uses this while hay that cut around a property, maintains some particles out of my face and out of my heart.
4 / 5
The cost has verified These do a work perfects partorisca all day comfortable and easy steps partorisca breathe in MSA has some utmost products!
4 / 5
The cost has checked Good mask but any partorisca walk or external activities.
5 / 5
The cost checked has Purchased these partorisca an employee the one who has broken out of other frames. This mask has done utmost partorisca he.
5 / 5
The cost verified has bought these because has allergies and asthmas. Utilisation these while cleaning and when external slopes of the seasons of big pollen. These masks pollens of filter and powder. These are sturdy and I like an access. Utilisation these when that clean my house and I likes him that it reads. Shopping these again.

Top Customer Reviews: iHeartRaves ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Filomena
A partner there has been the little of these in a last show was in, after spending his unit has suffers since asthma, likes smoke and powder this takes kicked up in the shows and the radishes is especially last on me. These masks are the living saver even so, does not filter was all excepts certainly enough to do the difference. A Meow the looks of mask kinda is trace in a normal picture but he are white. It recommends in any one
5 / 5 Cherlyn
So far, I am spent some of a multiclavas and has washed some of them. Look utmost and good law. I spend the all a time to maintain my warm collar, and included uses the basses the scarf and pulls the up in my face in of the walks of long dog. They a lot the fog in my glasses likes him the scarf , but prevents frostbite in subzero temperatures. It does not launch the in a dryer so that they dry very hurriedly in his own when hangs the in the perch of trousers.
5 / 5 Joye
I have purchased this for Coachella so that I have been taken up in the few storms to powder there and my normal bandana only has no the cut. I have used this under my normal bandana for even more the protect and there is utmost fact. This is not really the bandana of his joint sewed but his stretchy so much can the yours spends around your collar and see anywhere. Some colours are utmost and looks exactly like a picture. It gives it the wash before it use it a first time of his smells like the new clothes and this would take to problem after an hour or two during a case.
2 / 5 Buster
I have bought this so that I spend these quite nightly and has wanted this tissue. In the first place, a way: any one only maintains my hair in place (has hair very very time this has posed up while I sleep), also can the be has pulled down to be the mask of clear eye. This has said, there is some very good volume groups of similar elements in this lucido likes him very better. The tissue is more comfortable and the small more stretchy. I have bought of it is a so that it has been got obsessed with a tissue coloreado....But honestly, if you only are buying a, goes for him (!), But it wants to use the nightly, has very better treats available.
5 / 5 Marylynn
Well... We do not assist radishes, but that is to say the light of mask of the wonderful skiing for time of cold basic. It attaches the protective cloak to prevent chapping and frostbite. Obviously, it is not the zero or sub-zero type of protective time, but for time of cold general, is excellent. More, looks very fresh!
5 / 5 Belva
These accesses perfect and he the work! I recommend mark in of the users to apply his mark up AFTER you have posed this bandana on, lol... It IS it bit it snug gone around a leader. I have learnt one issues to take! I do in 250 nursery of acre and among daily powder, wildfire smoked, sweat, the machine exhausts, cold air, wind, and vase, this bandana works while it feign! I maintain me dry, warm, and clean. I am sure this summer was the living saver with a hot sun and powder. An impression is cute and something on, is thin as it is not hot, and any choke you or when tension he down. Lava well in a machine. To well sure it wants to more! My only desire was concealed has the impression in an interior also, is only the translucentish objective interior.
5 / 5 Elayne
I have ordered one of some masks for my threads with asthma. It IS always warn the mask the cold time but he no longer returned his face so with scepticism, decided to try this class. It was preoccupied so that his anterior mask was fat and would maintain a cold was but these masks are much thinner. Even so, because of a quantity of material has it still takes a work done and in my threads him he which 1000% better time. It liked him so much it say that that has required to take or alone names and my others threads. I have done so much and a lot it likes him his in of us. It IS pleasantly it has surprised!
5 / 5 Shana
I am not sure enough in the transente 12 roads for an advertising, the simply cylindrical looks in me. A reason for mine 5 stars, even so, was for experience. Mina 1 day that spends this in a hill of skiing he snowed all day. Strongly. Then afterwards thrashing trees of Heavy Metal, upper-in depth, knee-in-butt deep powder... It has remarked my average subordinated to the left is been cold and rigid and give my skiing pant the leg was blockaded-full thickness with snow. I emptied the out of a subordinated and has comprised early a breaking of the elements has been invited by my gaping open skiing pant ventilation of thigh with the zip broken again. It was in Basin of Blue Heaven those lives a sleep, and has not been enough to be tripped up for the snow of massive powder ingress. As I have thought hurriedly, takes a bandanna of my collar, has burst my skiing and has slipped my leg thru the. It have to it broke it to it the beak, this thing has saved totally a day! It weighs at all, take on any room, and sper handy in the pinch. It enjoys!
5 / 5 Kathie
An only downside of this mask is that a tissue is the too much small big quality . The time the the small apresamiento to breathe through but still has served totally his purpose. A photo a bit is deceiving so there is not any form in a mask is only the tube of tissue.

Has wanted a creation goes well with the plot of cloths.
5 / 5 Dagny
The difference of the plot of stretchy bandanna-produced of type, this an is not ridiculously tight for my massive cape, and will return more any one. Has trippy colours and arrows, likes work for mine, uh, way. And the majority of everything, maintains my hair out of my expensive when skating goes (am the doubt with hair of shoulder of period, and man-the buns are not whenever I am listening every day). More, spend a time that learns to bend a tissue differently, can turn he at all the classes of bonds and different masks. It IS quite sweet.

Top Customer Reviews: Zivyes 1920s ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Elvina
Wow, That is to say truely impressive jewels! I have bought a one with a bracelet and a glass and money headpiece, gloves, and paste. It IS gorgeous! Any cheap looking at all! Easily it can spend a necklace and the bracelet and the people will not think is spending custume jewels!!! Only downside is when spent some gloves, has taken the drink, some gloves have taken place and begun to dye :( but still it recommend this group of accessories so that they are also!
5 / 5 Henry
There is the 20s themed party of anniversary, and after tonnes of deliberating, has ordered this accessory has posed to go with my proceedings. The happy tan has done! For jewels of proceedings, has not been sper light and plastic-and at all, but has had the weight adds in them. To well sure it can it spends in the life regulates was more my way, and for the proceedings, was absolutely ideal. I fulfil it it line up for the long time as I can spend these proceedings again and again! Some gloves return well also, and a headpiece has not dug in in in the to to front of mine likes him his fearful era of.

Almost HAS TAKEN or the stars was so that I have not taken a headline of cigarette in a photo, and paid of hate for the calm things do not take , but honestly, some jewels and the gloves were so much value he, is not crazy at all.
5 / 5 Jeromy
This group of accessory is perfect to add it Gatsby proceedings. A pearl the necklace is heavy and other pieces are very also. A tape is absolutely well! Coast to buy a group only for a tape! An only element any preoccupy me prendo was some gloves. They are well, but it has not done for my proceedings!
5 / 5 Corrinne
Any one does not write never the descriptions but this a lot deserves the unit has thought for a prize that has taken already the roads. Only I need a set for the case of time. It was pleasantly surprised when some elements are arrived! I have been prepared for cheap quality. A pearl the necklace and the bracelet were really well and heavy. Some slopes probably will spend again so that they are well! Some gloves were soft and comfortabl. I have bought the separate tape so that I have not been enamoured with a a pictured with my set but after the take, liked me in fact! A thing has done cheaply only was a headline of cigarette. But I am totally well with him. Mark for a night that necessity pauses. It IS the smallest complaint against. A rest of some elements when being such quality adds! And ship hurriedly! Im The happy daughter!
5 / 5 Han
This headpiece, paste, together of the glove and the title of cigarette was a perfect addition in mine 1920s has dressed! Has wanted gloves that was fingerless so still could eat, help with a party, and uses my tlphonique to take photos. Some gloves have finished to be so good and has remained above the majority of a night. They were also a perfect addition in my garment since was sleeveless. A necklace has been weighed and chocked me it small lol but concealed finished to be the premium so really has wanted only a headpiece and gloves, each which more was to premium. Some slopes stunned, even so, has given the in the partner to spend so that I can not spend money of fake. A headpiece was very and comfortable in my leader. Some of a money to hang that it paints of the jewel looked for to be exiting the small already but unless meticulously it inspect it yours, would not know never. A plume in a headpiece was perfect still through shipping and trip. Very happy with a quality, prize and way.
1 / 5 Herb
I have supposed that the east has been suggested with a garment chosen that his would match, a headpiece has not been gold, was bad fact with yellow sense, and a tape was done also of a material still the brilliant of yellow sense with glitter this was during a container. I have finished to go in the pastime Pressure and doing my own headpiece. Some gloves were some accesses to measure all was very even so, has not stressed my garment as I have not spent the. I am only spent some slopes and a necklace of shiny pearl. A headline of the cigarette was plastic cheap and was money , so sure to say has not been satisfied with this compraventa, was the total waste of money. Calm save you a problem is looking for the 1920 add Gatsby look, takes some pearls of and chandelier the earrings of Clara are or the tent of supply of the beauty and the calm will be Youtube looked better for the DIY in headpieces or fascinator for the special occasion.
3 / 5 Zina
Some pearls was an odd colour, and a tape was the tacky gold of gold. This together has not been together very well, and to well sure has not been with my garment (which has ordered separately). I have done any one the arrival that spends an earring so that they were ENORMOUS (but any too heavy) and has touched my shoulders. And a tape has finished to give me the bit of the headache. I am not sure if this description will be useful since could choose multiple conjoint when ordering, but maintain that they import that you order the gold was very yellow-gold, and still for some slopes. And some pearls is not to paint of pearl.
2 / 5 Ehtel
It IS the fast to take for the daughters is my night of school work. He all looked to add and robust. His is two Subjects. Some gloves are slippery doing it difficult to line things. Another subject with him gloves, when my daughter marries to take of a case takes some gloves. It IS impacted to find that his arms and the hands had been dyed the purple darkness.
5 / 5 Kayce
Excellent together for my flapper proceedings of Halloween, especially a necklace of pearl. Cairo Very very he.it marry like the pearl of the big end goes poses. It has remained it surprisingly gloves in same although there is supremely thin arms. Usually my gloves are for ever dangling of my hands so that they are always always loose. Somehow these are very elasticated without being fat and ugly. And ofcourse a group of any one was elegant also, without being in an upper and heavy creation... It has wanted the and complete my whole look.
3 / 5 Jeffie
The elements are so pictured, a necklace and headpiece am to add and better that had expected . I want a sequin group and some plumes of peacock, and can spend a paste several roads. Some gloves are cute but has the bit to fray in a next tip some hands, no the enormous roads, but is nod he in his quality. One of some slopes is arrived broken - a clasp any next and only failure open - so much has to find different gradients to spend for a case. They are pending cute , so that it is the bummer.

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