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Top Customer Reviews: 3 Pack - Refillable ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Nola
I want to, amour, amour these bounced of spray. I have used only cheap, bounced of spray of tent of dollar in a past. I have not had any idea that has been missing. These very only have the same mist very well, look quite attractive to leave in my counter. I have filled with theives naural cleaner and now, wants to clean everything!
5 / 5 Maynard
The calm bounced them is coming firmly bundled to prevent breakage. A parameter of spray is surprising, has expected a type of the spray usually takes with cleaning products, etc, a lot of small drops fanned was, but no, that is to say the cloud of the fine mist and he are wonderful . Initially go it to use for homemade spray of insect, but with such the spray well will be to take calm more bounced for different fragrances of tissue fresheners, homemade scented starch of spray in dish, and anything more can think of.
5 / 5 Peggy
Very very bundled to prevents harm in traffic. Arrived hurriedly. You bounced robust of glass with lid and separate sprayer. I seat that some bounced will last for ever. I expect a sprayers also, but so far theyve has lasted longer that a last cheap plastoc boat of spray and has bought. I am excited to use this to do DIY solutions to debug, etc. Tries to mark a boat with the bookmark of plaster, but rub was easily. Afterwards timw will use the species sharpie, which can eemove with the alcohol when required.
5 / 5 Hilma
These bounced of the spray is utmost for homemade that debugs that has essential oils in and necessity to maintain sure for a clear in harm. A quality of some bounced and some beaks of spray are very utmost. Has two different sprays a misty plus or countertop the spray and the unit of long field has used this with peppermint oil and Aube in the external spray for prevention of ant and a spray of long field adds.
5 / 5 Marla
These bounced is perfect! At present I am using a to spray my succulent and one to fix the hair of my daughter (can not fix the dry hair...). A third is in my stock exchange of beach, in case that never require fresco down with some mist! This spray to bounce very easily and any slime, any one that besieges of subject' a beak is on. They are glass , so sure am by train to fall them would cause the to break, likes test to eschew a fumble. ;) And something in an amber-the colour listen me so paid $ 10 boat of arrest, and no the little bucks for three!! It recommends these!
5 / 5 Rosy
That is to say one 2 together of the pots of spray owe mandate. A together premier, another mark, has not had the compatible spray and sometimes directions more different vain that equally advances. This set, Nylea mark, sprays consistently and equally directly advance while it has to. Has a selection of usual transfer of out, mist, or current. When being the glass basically can use them for anything. And I alive Amber is a coating ! These a lot of is bounced of the spray adds for anything can want to them stopped of use. I am supremely satisfied with purchase of mine and will order again decide that I need more.
5 / 5 Andria
There is has not had The very very time. They are come very very packed, appreciates concealed. I am by train to use them For soap of oil of tree of tea so that a time (stl,me it,flooded) has created the tonne of insects. A boat upstairs, or boats down and, or bottles external. We are using only shot and sprays and entered some beaks without problems.
5 / 5 Angele
I am enjoying some bounced of Spray of the Amber. They are robust, functional and in fact enough. Desprs Using two of some bounced is giving a third in a set in the partner and will order another set of 3. Has thinks that that a pipette would be to launch he-was but law like the charm and is not never so handy! Buying some bounced in a colour of amber listens likes him has done something the special alone name every time uses them. A prize of these habladuras of product for him - incredible!
5 / 5 Shila
Val, As any initially give that these were glass . Kinda Surprised me when arrived, but wants to them. It IS the glass to have to weighed , they each which so it comes no only with covers he but a cup of spray, as if it only is planning on using any one has in the occasionally, easily can limit and tent some rests! Very better that any pot of the spray of cheap plastic can find you anywhere!
4 / 5 Efren
These bounced of the spray of reusable glass is solid. They are come embroiled and very protected. Like the nave has not been a subject. With you cover screwed on does not have any a lot of filter. Highly satisfied with a value/of compraventa.

Top Customer Reviews: Repel Windproof ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Thu
I have decided to buy this umbrella after my piece of anterior cheap umbrella my toe while ploughing it. I have wanted that this umbrella has the lifetime guaranteeed of substitution. This factored strongly in purchase of mine.
5 / 5 Allegra
We buy these for our trip of State in England/of Ireland, of both tend to have changes to time during a day. Only we use the for a day in Ireland. It was not to say time, but was the compatible heavy drizzle with occasional flavours. We have seen another in our excursion with the umbrella destroyed (although I have not thought a wind was THAT strong). A wind occasionally inverted an external portion of an awning, but never think that an umbrella would fail. A frame/of skeleton looked very strong. Directing a cup of an umbrella behind in a direction of a wind posed it behind to plant easily.

Had impressed really with a coating of Teflon, like the awning has not taken drenched through. Some droplets have remained pooled in a tissue and I was able in easily shake them was.

I also like a button of push opens/near. Easy to use and easy to pose a coverage behind in an enclosed umbrella. Highly it recommends.
5 / 5 Myrta
As some history of back... There is the pair cheap umbrellas lying around a house. Has one of in of the marks 10 years, has done well enough. Even so the little of the months do a wind was pause like strong an axial down the half among a cape and a cup. It was not happy, but has had another cheap umbrella bought in Amsterdam for 5 euros. A there broken wind some beams of support in a side, but has done enough to take around. On he the the week at the end gives was totally like I cual any person these days, lines to look for descriptions. After the small bit of investigation, this umbrella was a laureate . The people say it will survive heavy winds and is quite portable to spend around in my rucksack. Also a piece of alcohol of the lifetime the guarantee sold me in a product.

Has taken an umbrella the days of mark of pair and has taken the cosy message of a squad to sustain that the marks sure took a product as well as control to do sure is totally happy with a product. To well sure well to see the cure of company in his products.

Arouses this morning to rain external. You are not windy, but raining enough to give this umbrella the walk of test. I have walked external to hover he of 20 minutes this morning in a rain and here is which remarked:
Totally dry after walking around
With the light breeze, has not remarked any subjects
Quan in inner disposal I movement he quickly of an umbrella and some looks of the mostly dry awning except the small condensation of portion that is bent on, which surprised me what a material repels a water

In general so far is impressed. :-)
5 / 5 Jessika
I produce to add and same service of better client!
5 / 5 Selma
It has not had to use this still but is travelling in Florida and a time are asking rains all the week. I Like him his of a fact that opens when presses a button, but also the fence when press it. All owe the mark is to press a cape behind in!
5 / 5 Kristen
One produces fully corresponds in a description. The good Condition excellent quality. Very comfortable and pleasant to touch cape.
Recommends all the world-wide this vendor and his product - No. 1 In this category of Amazon (as of July 17, 2017)

in my photo can see a quality of a cape and a creation of a spokes in an umbrella
5 / 5 Temeka
The old umbrella has given in a phantom and decided to purchase this mark based in descriptions of Amazon.

Pros: Claro, opens softly, fold of automobile up button, smooth textured grip. The umbrella repels water admirably and looks to dry much faster these regular umbrellas. Good prize in Amazon.

Gilipollas: Any one concealed can inform in this time.

Inferior line: If you are in necessity of the small umbrella, clear for newspaper commuting in and of work, highly recommends this umbrella. It repels Water and drys hurriedly, which are the profit adds when walk in a dispatch in the soggy tomorrow.
5 / 5 Mammie
I have read in a Repels umbrella of Easy Touch in the web of place these products of consumer of the tests. Of some a lot of umbrellas have tried, this is exited up. Desprs Mandate and examining it, can say with confidence that it is sturdily built with materials of quality. It opens and fence with satisfying tin. A cape is dimpled and comfortable to line. A tissue is treated with teflon, as it spills rain. An awning provides quite a lot of coverage, as you will be very protected of some elements. Raisin twice so much in the German-the umbrella has designed, this was also very built, and this umbrella is is equal in almost each respect. Note: has the small weight in him, and a cradle to have that heavy could do it the challenge for an elderly to close. Further that, which more could amours in an umbrella?
5 / 5 Bryon
I very like this umbrella. It IS robust, can open be or closed with just the press and more importantly, almost the dry instant for just shake.

But the smallest problem. After several uses, there is already the ray rusted and oxides of form in an interior, uncoated breakings of ribs, under a tissue. It was not that it water it taking there, probably because of a humidity. Volume that the the dish is barter , even so robust. But to good sure material very better for something that probably will enter contact with watering regularly or something concealed will be used during rainy time. It can very really it complains tho foreseen of a prize is reallty abordable.
Conclusion: Almost perfect umbrella, would have estimated 4 stars, but 5 stars instead because of a prize.
5 / 5 Particia
That is to say a need of only umbrella .
Has purchased this umbrella the small sceptic of some recoveries but they are come through with flying colours.
An umbrella opens easily and has has not had any subject at all.
A tissue is very good and semi-detached very well in some backwards.
HAS has not had any subject with blowing out of this same umbrella with some of some active heavy winds experimented in thunderstorms.
IS very compact and access in my small behind pack so that it has it where never go.
A coverage included is also well in case that the can not open for the dry was and has to expect take house so this leave me in just pop he in a coverage and has opened then the when it takes house for the dry need .
A better thing prjima is a prize ! The calm can any gone bad with this umbrella yes is looking for the compact measure as well as the action adds in a wind and rain.

Top Customer Reviews: Empty Amber Glass ...

Rating: 2 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Donetta
These bounced of spray of the glass of Sally Organics is only that has wanted! A sprayer works very well with 2 options of spray, current and mist, and 2 of place for ease of use. A straw is very time and slightly skew so he more than achieves a subordinated to take each last drop of my homemade debugging. Also I want a bit little cover for some that calm bounced them has offered the a lot tight access for any-transport of leak and storage!

A weight and when being of a boat, included when filled totally, is not also heavy! And a sprayer the stays have attached without the constant that tense, although thanks to anterior plastic sprayers, is in a habit for the verify before spraying!

To well sure will buy more than Sally is these Organics!
5 / 5 Pamella
Well fact and is ordering more. It listens in a taken 2 regular parts radio that rubs the alcohol and 1 course waters it will be a better OF-ICER calm never the use and he are TRUE. Early morning, the thickness cloak of coverages of gel yours car window- Generously sprays, but a time entered your car, is all was,
any wipers, any defroster.... Earnest! And with alcohol in a tent of dollar, is the sper has discovered!
Can in last, and is very has done.
1 / 5 Avelina
I am so unbalanced and thwarted with this product. Compraventa, has shipped behind bought again, and now will be to ship behind. Totally dud announcing. These any mist, they only spray with the spray of final jet, which are not useful. Still although concretely Declares it mist or poses of jet.. A beak of spray has the dial of the spray but he only jet of mark... I have thought a first an era the defective product , but now some second times around can see is announcing of only futility and dud representation. If you want to this the spray in the straight line, that is to say everything does. More does mist very good or spray.
2 / 5 Burma
The beak unscrews of a boat. This represents an essentially useless boot while it is always in danger to come eschew mid spray. You see my video to see that I bad. Both can concealed has entered a together this. Calm save you a headache and purchase something more.
1 / 5 Herbert
These are bounced of quality even so Jason of Sally Organics would not answer in my emails that considers to substitute a beak of spray.
1 / 5 Marcelle
I have been excited to find these bounced of glass. It take the evening of Saturday and has filled an immediately. In the principle has wanted to it. This morning, Tuesday, discovers is has broken already. It has not been fallen or misheld. It do not purchase again.
5 / 5 Glynda
I am Highly impressed with these bounced of spray! Quality very good! Arrived punctually! I will be to share with all my friends. Thank you!
5 / 5 Jarod
Perfecto for my DIY the fact of clean plus with vinegar, cinnamon, cloves and orange peels
has posed my firefly focus of plaster ( ) in the and is ready to use.
Please pardon me for a rubbed was focus, uses these pots the plot. It IS my favourite fragrance .
1 / 5 Latia
It have to the read the a bit descriptions. These any mist at all with EVOO. That is to say a characteristic has wanted. Also mine according to tentativa to find an oil mister without luck. No more tentativas.
1 / 5 Tammie
I have bought these to use for oil in casseroles of spray, etc. Has done the horrible work. It acts more to water only.

Top Customer Reviews: totes Clear Bubble ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Dean
My external pair there has been 90 casualidad of thunderstorms. We were unprepared and has had to that order 12 of these umbrellas a week of. They are gone in the times and we a lot his same arrival to require his reason a time has turned our perfectly well. With a help of the a lot of prayer does not rain until an a lot of well of a night. We take some pictures with some umbrellas because we had him to us. They have resisted on good and is a lot of sturdy. The umbrella of quality adds. To good sure recommend. They look utmost in of the pictures also.
5 / 5 Herma
Was adds for our dress of jellyfishes, and then disassembled to use for rainy time! This umbrella is surprising!
4 / 5 Cristopher
Rusted With which used it a first time. It can not use he for third time, as it was entirely rusted together. I do not know roughly you, but an umbrella that rusts looks entirely pointless! 😡
4 / 5 Lin
First of all volume like this compliments, am able to cover my face of a plus of rain and able to clearly see where am going, basically to 360 view of all
When it has fill describes is very convenient reason I doesnt take on like this spatial like the traditional umbrella but
is quite wide to cover me and my rucksack. Two people are able to return awkwardly the interior but am quite sure this type of the drawing of umbrella is meant for you partorisca gone so only.
5 / 5 Hermelinda
Perfecto and adorable!
4 / 5 Kurt
The happiness is: when being able to look a rain goes to the umbrella of failure of the mine of new bubble. Well he he. It looks sturdy. Also it looks to be some class to rain repellent, as I took it walking with me every day the rain was forecasted and has not had any rain. Then a day, I noisily announced to a heaven that there has been misplaced my umbrella and looked! A rain has come and was able to enjoy a sound of some drops in a clear vinyl and a view of a heaven to the equal that have walked. Lovely.
4 / 5 Trenton
Has purchased this umbrella I, and has not received instead for my description. It have been looking for an umbrella that is touched to lose in an organism the bit and was to clear like this tilting the to see was would not attack a whole purpose. In cue the hard rain a day with which received it. Has the young boy to spend when it was and roughly, these shields of umbrella so much of us adequately versus other umbrellas in the so much take the treat very wet. The legs are well to take wet, but when your boss and the shoulders finalise drenched while spending an umbrella, is annoying. This umbrella solves concealed. It has been it has used 10+ times like this far, any @subject with rasgar etc. Fold Quite easy. The pictures have comprised of a box of enormous nave for fun, broke up!
5 / 5 Loraine
Ossia To good sure any one a plastic umbrella (with creation coloreada of the yours to to that likes) of that has grown up with as the girl!
When being the Tote the umbrella has been surprised in a poor quality - a plastic is no where prĂłjimo durable. It rain during a chance has purchased he partorisca and has opted to answer without an umbrella. Also they could baptise this the disposable umbrella to the equal that am sure has the number finalised small that will be it he of any utilisations. Included a stitches has looked quickly rasgarĂ­a out of an umbrella. If calm only precise for one uses, then go advance and compraventa - of the distance looks quite pleasant.
4 / 5 Loma
Love this umbrella! I seat totally protected of a rain and wind with this umbrella. They are not the small person, and this I totally protect me amiably. It likes that it is to see by means of of me so it can look advance while when be protected totally of some elements racked. It feels he likes is quite sturdy, the majority of some 'part' is plastic, as he probably wont last more than the season or two, but was sĂșper abordable, and adorable, and probably will buy another when raisin was. Has has had so only he for the few months, and used it so only 3 or 4 times... Like this far, it is really good!
5 / 5 Sheila
This umbrella is lasted the total of 3 uses before it breaks. Reason there is so many his plastic parts, and some joints are pressed so only together, has terrible durability.

Top Customer Reviews: Repel Windproof ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Norris
Umbrella really good. Strong and durable. It takes small place. Better that any umbrella has tried. With heavy wind he filp but can so only toe he behind. I think it it can not expect an umbrella to no of the toe in a heavy wind loves it to him to us to be hanged flexible , light and access in handbag.
5 / 5 Clara
The element likes described, has shipped punctually.
Ploughed and closes automatically.
Has not tried he in of the twenty heavy, will add more when I do.
Has had a before a lot exactly one same but resist well when I have had he facing twenty strong
4 / 5 Sylvia
This umbrella is announced like this when being almost instantly dry because of his coating of teflon. It is announced also like this when being more rugged that his estimativa counterparts. An advertising is corrected. The sobresalto was and calm immediately can bends behind up. It is like this easy to open/prĂłjimo/to wrap-on liking any one another pops the open umbrella has used. It is weighed more than his estimativa counterparts, but ossia the function of having the majority of rugged construction. An only real downside is a prize, of then leaving east a backside of the costs roughly 3 times so many to substitute regarding the umbrella of travesĂ­a of the estimativa.
4 / 5 Mallie
Another reviewers has covered this umbrella in detail like any a lot of to add here another that the experiences of my daughter with has been positive... Although that have to that signal was that it is used the the total of two times like this far :P ... They are quite well roughly updating my descriptions and based in a positive critique this is to go in a wirecutter has purchased a blue colored version of this umbrella for my edges like this yes , said, three years of now has not changed mine 5 calm star reviews can assume that some umbrellas still are that they resist on well and is happy with them :) ...

If any one is curious to the equal that to those some works of what of umbrella of substitution, here is the copy and the paste of an email has taken of a costruttore (any that has the question, heck an umbrella was has used so only two times like this far :P .. But it was curious as to like this to use a lifetime the offer guaranteeed) .. (I assumes to number to order bad number of order of the amazon... They are sure it calms so only it can him send the message here on amazon also explaining a question, quite easy to look on your history of mandate on amazon :) ) ...

' Thank you To achieve was!

In of the considerations to the our Lifetime Guaranteeed of Substitution, if anything spends to your product simply achieves was our thru this email that resupplies your Number of Mandate and declare a subject. Of there that, we will send you to knots the product of free substitution of load (without returning required).

Question him to him much further or of the worries, please achieve was mine directly and will cure of you.

Thank you,
Produced of the Upper echelon Sustains'
5 / 5 Fredric
is to the plot more than that I has expected. A colour is the good-looking yellow. It opens a lot easily and has the light drop down to leave a rain to fall correctly. It is an umbrella loves tent in your automobile or briefcase. I dip mine in purse of mine, and turn perfectly. It comes with the yellow sleeve to match calm so that it can store was (when any into use). It likes-me a boss - the almost feels likes is the cushion . I know I have purchased in some umbrellas of sleeve of forests displaced, and hurt aft the moment. I can not expect try mine. I will be to purchase more to give like the present for anniversary and Navidad. They are very pleased with an umbrella. Good work!
4 / 5 Ronnie
I initially returned reason an umbrella has received to have the hole in a canopy. A vendor instantly contacted roughly a @@subject and sent the substitution. The service of client adds! Considering an umbrella he. I love it. A colour is like this vibrant. Has not having an occasion for the use down the heavy rain but a frame feels sturdy. More is easy to use. ( A key fully will open an umbrella,and closure a canopy when pressed again. Fijamente A first canopy before it presses to the long of a period of an umbrella until he clique (resting place) ). Has has comprised pictures for reference , has wished them so only my camera is doing justice to a colour.

To good sure will recommend.
4 / 5 Charisse
Excellent umbrella the inspection.
Definite recommend and compraventa definite like the worthy present.
My desire is for more than colours and for the red of truck of the fire.
Designs very fresh, specifically a one concludes to touch.
Extremely sturdy, for far one more sturdy of all the umbrellas has has not used never.
Backed For the lifetime guaranteeed, wow !
So that to him was a test of the time and the real use is to be determinate and to the equal that to if a guarantee will be honored is to be determinate.
4 / 5 Edgar
Has purchased 3 of these umbrellas for my family. Mina hubby and has found that these umbrellas have done add. Easy to open and afterwards. Resisted up in rainy Vancouver. It has not had the occasion to try them is gone in the storm of wind still, as it can not say like this resist up.
Has loved to give the cry was to Rebecca in service of client. That The umbrella of my edges is coming house of colegiala and 2 of some ribs have been bent and can close anymore. I sent him an email (to ask roughly guaranteeed of time of the life).
Rebecca has trusted basically immediately and there is there is rid already the question for the substitution for me.
The product adds, the service adds. Yay For small subjects of support.
5 / 5 Nicol
Has used so only this umbrella the rainy day and am very happy with him. Aesthetically it is quite attractive - I amour an external black and interior of model of the heaven. Also it feels very durable and taste that of the his 'double lined'/more fat been due to a duet has printed.

My only complaint is that a velcro wrap bond for maintains it has closed need to be so only he tad longer. An umbrella is like this big I has question closing the and has to that struggle to do a velcro clave for a part to another. Otherwise - The umbrella adds!
4 / 5 Cesar
Ossia The fantastic umbrella . It is sturdy and very built and so only know it will last me for ever. Besides one looks of is awesome. I have researched for the moment before I have bought the new umbrella, has has wanted to one this was a car the open/ car prĂłjimo, would not turn to the rovescio on me and was quite light to spend to and of work and classes at night (oh and would maintain me dry!). I owe that say that I have found a perfect product.

A company is also the small house has operated subject. His emailed but thank you for my compraventa has bought grieves and then followed until doing sure has been satisfied when it has been rid. A first umbrella I receipt any one the next car, I emailed a company and explained and instantly send me the new umbrella that arrived in 2 days that reads perfectly. I recommend this company and this umbrella by all the world.

Top Customer Reviews: Nalgene Tritan Wide ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
I have bought roughly 7 different water bounced on some years of past pair: Rubbermaid, well, With you, living Solutions, so that! My preferred partorisca a time a long plus was this $ boat of Duane Reade has called some Living Solutions Tritan boat. It was the good-looking measure , has resisted around 26oz, and has loved a built-in loop. Well, there is prendido to sell them all of the sudden and any one is remained has been in clearance for half prize. At the same time, it was naive and has been so only with to the a colour liked more, not knowing would not have seen again never. But in some words of Dres. Seuss, would have to be happy raisin in a first place.

Like this when a loop in bounce it has broken in the freak the accident that involves to pray it if, has bought roughly three different classes of bounced of Amazon in a has turned of 2 month. A next plus I found to my leading amour was one With you Tranquil boat, but is like this puny for comparison and has had this odd half-inaugural, what of sleeve of the silicon that me so only sad.

Then, of the swimming, my dad has asked to use Prime of mine to order bounces water it can take to do. It is the doctor with long turns and the lack of sources of pertinent water in his work of devotion excluyente, so need something with the big capacity. We look for the minutes of pair and decided in the Nalgene. Well, have has loved a boat more than him has done and took it a lot casualidad has taken, particularly in some weekends when it go to a part-hospital of time with free water and has had any need to spend water of house. After the week or two of mine debauchery, has ordered my own, and LOVES THAT.

Sure, pee 2-3 times more than you usually the day. Sure, drinking two of of the this the day is an equivalent of the half-chevron of fluid. Sure, it is easy to spill some water in calm when it takes the little too excited. But it is taste and of amour to be hydrated during a day and usually waters of loss in calm daily in all the chance a lot @@subject that use of boats, HIGHLY recommends this mark.
5 / 5
Has taken is still to bounce when the planned to do it tentativa of summit to Trace Rainer. I have had already one which I sparingly used, but thus travesĂ­a has required 2 32oz some. As it take this additional a. For purpose of mountaineering I need that follows:-
- Big mouth so that although it freezes the little , calm still leaves you to drink of him. Also easier that clean.
- Use to maintain warm inside a stock exchange to sleep after fill with hot water.
- BPA Free for obvious.
- Any one filters of then I need to dip this rucksack of mine of the interior.

In general fulfil all some criteria is down. In summit, 50 of a water has been frozen but was still able to use he without any subjects. This boat is durable, has maintained included these in my control in rucksack while taking a flight. Any @@subject that like this never. One marking can be useful calms that wants to break down. We take 5 pauses to camp Muir to the summit and I was able to direct a intake considering 64 oz and tried to drink a pertinent quantity that uses a markings. Neither I have felt any difference in trying maintains a water for the longest period. I will inform behind I remark more characteristic or failures with east.

Find my useful description then pleases click one 'He' in gain. I maintain motivated to share more experiences with some community
4 / 5
will begin was to say that I have been that uses mine Nalgene boot daily for roughly 3 month. It has dipped the only waters is boot , and I so only handwash the. They are too of the defender of a oz/ml focus to launch he in a dishwasher. I imagine it rooms easily, and likes to see that in fact I am drinking during a day.

Have fallen this bad boy in concrete the little time, like this yeah take some easy stain-peasy. But any one breaks like this far, neither has been there many the leaks. Also, a wide mouth is very still when I want to hiela place in my water.

A thing of the entity in this boat is one covers apego. It likes like this of one covers plastic is attached the another piece of plastic that on around a 'with the' of a boot to maintain one covers to go was, but that that the loop is to good sure ANY ONE The place to resist he of. I have used to hang on to a loop while doing my daily activities, but there is remarked the free result. I have prendido of then, and all is remained in shape. I know other people have taken to a point of this breaking was.

Another that that, I really like this boat for a prize. It is quite big to where I any precise to be refilling the constantly, but also in a right measure to return in my stock exchange when they are in a gone. His marvels of works of simple presence to adapt me to drink waters he of a blue colour take somehow looks of water... Apetecible?

IN ALL THE CHANCE... Mina yours suggestion, potential buyer of this individual Nalgene boat, is to prepare you to transport this BPA free container for an organism and handwash the as well as your annoyance of germs goes. But a lot especially, stay hydrated.
5 / 5
Has used my width mouthed Nalgene for EIGHT YEARS, every day in the each work has had. We were inseparable. All some lunches have had neighbouring, some late nights, early morning, fears of bosses, laughing in some joys have had together. Any I same treats it that well, he falling in concrete, down stairs, launching he in my car, and no the alone leak. Some times have launched he in my car without a lid on all a way, and agreed softly with watering spilt that has required for presionar a lid. I left it behind almost everywhere, but the always found knots each one which so another. Until a work to fulfil, has left he in a room of conference. I am guessing any one has grown quite jealous of our condition, and attacked it! NOO! For real an end of one was. Really it have the connection here. Well 8 years of the daily use later is the very enough informs for me to go back and buy a boat waters same. :)
4 / 5
A 16oz the wide mouth looks small but in the capacity resists 17oz. It Likes him a handbag measured friendly. One covers pale rose and sparkly the organism is pleasant, likes Sanrio characters and fluffy animal stuffing. It loves that to me takes to go to drink of him. It likes so much of that has bought also a 16oz version of narrow mouth (in capacity 21oz) in a same colour Nalgene Tritan Boat of Bocca Stretta, Rosa of Fire.

To the amazon sells mini splash guard for 16oz the wide mouth but a prize is almost one still like this boat SPLASHGUARD MINI BLUE. An inaugural is quite small that danger of the waterfall can not be like this sure like 32oz Nalgene.

Last shows of photos (L to R) 32oz wide mouth, 16oz narrow mouth, 16oz wide mouth, and 12oz wide mouth (atasca to to a width still likes 32oz like this splashguard of compatible).

After taking these smaller versions, 16oz the wide mouth is probably my favourite reason is to title of compatible cup and grab friendly ( has lost to count how long mine 32oz the slip out of the mine take when full). My preferred prĂłjimo would be one 16 oz narrow mouth reason one covers is was and no inner liquid, a boot would not fall lateralmente (discharges he of wide mouth is weighed enough that often cause an empty boat to fall lateralmente).
5 / 5
Roughly Characteristic of Glow:
The one who does not love the glow in a dark boat and for those of you that asks if these glows of what in a darkness, leave me to offer an episode: it can no images was where there has been misplaced the mine bounces and has been disturbed. One prejudices my friends and I decide to go in 3am to take pictures of the each one another in the good part of campus because a party has died. As I have seated in a darkness of a backseat there is remarked the green glow out of a corner of my eye. They are boot is not in torch, but is a lot recognizable if you are disorganized and lose things easily (PRIZE: Easy to find when you are half asleep and that tries to find water in a dark reason are the disorder that any hydrate properly).

Roughly Measures:
A last what is that this boat (the 1000ml) are adds to measure water intake he sucks in maintaining you that drinks the quantity sĂŁ of water. One of these 1000ml bounced them is roughly 1/4th of the chevron (in the chance no longer feels like googling this). This boat is also very easy to spend around, although in the gaze can not look like this, especially because of a plastic linking a boat to one covers that it is like this easy and comfortable to hook your toes to.

Roughly Durability:
This mark in incredibly durable and are a heck of the person like this of course is the boot is really be tried for my lack of organisation and coordinamento. When I dipped it it was to find bounce it one the majority of what of the entity for me was durability reason constantly falls everything in my hands 100 times the day and almost has broken each boat has has not possessed never. This boat is hard and has deserved seriously 5 stars on durability.

In mine 5 Stars:
All-in-all are not the pretentious homie the one who sincerely thinks that ossia some waters of boat of my sleeps. 100 the can not live without and does not love . Also 100 not exaggerating . This line to water bounced in fantastic (he this informs to an any glow in ones bounced dark) and my absolute favourite for having easy access to copious quantity of fluids.
100 recommends. 100 calm amour bounced them of this mark.
5 / 5
This boat is some measures says that it is(14 oz)... BUT it is boat is small! Has no @to @give his not even like this big like him disposable waters of boot. Lame for my promise because one 32 oz was too big for his, but now is too small. His basically bounce he of the boy, perfect for the box of lunch or to spend in pupil. I have purchased my mamma he 20 oz Multidrink and ossia measures it much more usable for an adult. I have been deceived by a cup of wide mouth in a picture of this product. I thought that it that it was a cup of same wide mouth in mine 32 oz bounced them but is not . It is much smaller. AS it knows that has measured yours looking for before shabby. I want to Nalgene has produced. They are a lot of abordables and good quality. I recommend him by all the world.
4 / 5
Has used mason bounced to store dry sakes for years but to the equal that do the preparations to travesĂ­a has had to that find another way. Mason Bounced is heavy and pause. These bounced can be a response . It have been storing eaten of dog and granola waters bounced of wide mouth to camp and law well.
4 / 5
If you already have Nalgene, is that it is taking.

IF you do not possess the Nalgene, the boy is in still the treat. They are of it bounced them better . Calm once use it boot he of wide mouth, there is not going back. These are calm seriously bounced hard. For example, you can:
1. Walk in his (big Suburbial). You water it it resist still.
2. He his tomb out of 15 edifice of history. Shhh Probably very real legal.
3. Acid of tent in them. Eh. It does not ask . ANY pee. Also any one drug. Chemist, people.
4. They can resist pee also, does not ask .

Besides, Nalgene bounced them have the magic capacity to cause stickers to adhere as it bug in the windshield in 80 miles an hour the day of hot summer.

Goes to buy one.
5 / 5
Am resulted a bit of the rat of gymnasium, like this boot waters it has been really well mine.

PROS (For order of weight)
1. An inaugural is wide, which does to clean easy. Utilisation thickets that is drawn to help you bounced of creature of the wash, and law fantastically in mine new Nalgene. (My old a -- the big steel, stainless one with the tiny inaugural -- was impossible to wash, and has thinks that has seen something that grows in a subordinated but could not see clearly enough to be sure. You can bet that I tossed went it immediately)
2. It is ENORMOUS. I have been always really conscious roughly that it remain hydrated, as they are everything in his capacity (32 ounces). Also, I am resulted to rat of gymnasium, as I have required to bounce it that it could it resist it hefty quantity of liquid.
2A. It comes with an indicator that calms said that (both millilitres and the fluent ounces) inner of irons a boot any time given. It does not pay this particular attention reason so only full is still to bounce until his capacity and drink a water, but supposes it can be useful so that they are really careful in his portions or that that want to use to take his proportions for lemonade or stick of good energy.
3. It is LIKE THIS DURABLE. (I loves it, loves that, loves that.) They are really clumsy, and tend to fall things. But mine the new boat has been the field when it comes to rolling with some punches.
4. You can customise your for colour. It takes mine in Green of Trout, which want to (this in spite of calm reasons calls it such unappealing name?). It is not really green at all -- is more as the teal, perhaps? I am obsessed with him.
5. It is easy to open. Again, they are in rat of gymnasium now, and ossia of entity of mine.
6. You can take one 'Nalgene Easy Sipper' is the klutz taste. These helps to restrict what waters can spill in calm in a goes, haha.

1. Certainly, it is quell'has bitten bulky and will not return in the majority (if any) headlines of cup. I usually so only toss he to a chair of passenger. Also, you are better was holding this more than trying to stuff he in the stock exchange, especially of then can move around in yours tote stock exchange or rucksack and jut was against your organism. BUT it is taste, can also so only take some paracord and do of a strap of easy wrist for calm (that it can it then hook to the yours tote stock exchange with the carabineer).
2. There is disagreement on yes or no a plastic used to do the Nalgene can be harmful leave in a sun. But countermeasure of mine is the not leaving he in a sun, DUH. I mean, ossia class of common sense for everything of some things that drunk of people, well? (I bad, the one who is trying the drunk chunky, alone of sun or animate tins-cooked water? I will leave boat of low mine a shadow or coverage he with the jacket, thank you.)

Top Customer Reviews: Oursunshine Travel ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Latonya
These bounced of merit of trip 10 stars!! Quality very big, wants a colour of some bounced of silicone, very easily filled and functional. One focuses of adhesive comprised is orderly quite also. They the bond perfects in a part of white plastic in a lid (how pictured)
5 / 5 Darcel
It take these on quite five trips so far. Has has the data endures pressure of air and changes of altitude to fly and is the time spent of quality in the hot cart. Not even the tone of the leak so far - want to it. These are soft, durable, and focus well. They were easy to fill, like the mouths are relatively wide. They dispense well, although there is still to try them on something with a supremely thin consistency. So far, I have filled the with lotion, shampoo, conditioner, sunscreen, and gel of hair. Purchase again.
5 / 5 Yer
I travel the plot and has depended in ones any bounced of leak of a tent of container for years. Those are well but these are so better. I want that they are 3oz to spend in purposes. A hole to fill them with product is big and easy to fill. A very better course is that they are soft cual the easy to express and take a product has been. Has quite bad RA and my hands can do these bounced without ache. They have not filtered at all. Global excellent
5 / 5 Shameka
I add together of bounced of trip. A bit of the plastic stock exchange enters only entered some rubbishes even so. It takes something cute since you and any troubling with a cheap stock exchange. These bounced is worth it!! It IS the small preoccupied in a principle quite evasions so that.. Has each state there..Ploughing our stock exchange to see the averages the container everywhere! Like the to charge of flight that is to say my worse nightmare and is sper paranoid included to pose the plastic embroils down some lids with another bounced. Even so these bounced is incredible!!! Been using them for the while now like group of small flavour and not taking the calm bounced big and included to touch liquid toner in these, does not filter ! It buys 10x on and recommends these at all my coworkers and friends. Also it adores so it is silicone as it can express calm out of the each last ounce of product in difference of some bounced of hard plastic.
5 / 5 Natalia
I have bought this box for the trip and some bounced was quality very good. Opened will use it these bounced in the bases regulate in my stock exchange of gymnasium. A big mouth of some marks to bounce for easy filling. They are to ignite and does not weigh anything. And very squeezable to do sure takes each drop was. P.D. Well After I have purchased these, has seen a boat included in of the Whole Lunches, but was $ 12 only for one; no a complete together while it is sold here ;0)
5 / 5 Winifred
Awesome Containers Of trip. Test so containers of trip and before this, they all filtered during my material. These have not filtered at all, included when posed the in my backside checked in a plan. Some containers of covers he of small ray has filtered the small in an inner cup, but has not taken external of one covers of collar and has been contained. To well sure buy it again.
5 / 5 Catherin
I have taken this when it has travelled abroad in Europe during two weeks, and law perfectly for my necessities. It was able to return enough toner and washes of face in these bounced to last me a whole trip. They are to good insurances leakproof! Always I have problem with filtering bounced when the trip but these bounced has not filtered at all was pleasantly has surprised! To good alive insurance until a hype and saves a potential headache that comes with filtering bounced. Some bounced is so soft and easy to express the liquid was. Some bounced small tiny that used for the oil of hair was useful also. I have not known that required these bounced to trip until I have travelled with them and has seen that more convenient was that taking full sized bounced of the each product that has required. These save the plot of spatial for travelling, and resolves a subject of evasions.
5 / 5 Nguyet
I have required some bounced extra and containers to spend my a lot of essences and serums in the recent trip. This material is expensive and has not wanted to risk the only drop these filters was. These are awesome. Any leak and squeezing them does not crack them that it beat of plastic bounced. It estimates each penny.
1 / 5 Lois
Cheaply Fact, zero control of quality. 1 trip by air, of some two bounced taken of this company a filtered and an another covers it has broken totally of a container of just quite force to open a boot up. Trashed A together afterwards or trips. Control out of other options, or only saves a money and taken some regulate cheap some concealed calm to fulfil you can not trust for less.
5 / 5 Santiago
I travel at length, and on more than an occasion my bounced of the trip has filtered in my box of trip. I suspect that the part of a problem is a difference in of the pressures of the cabin in altitude can oblige a liquid was, but can not be sure of that. By everything means, to contain any evasion, has has owed to appeal to pack my bounced to trip in his stock exchange of own plastic. I am expecting that using these bounced can delete concealed. I have used the in two trips that maintains (8 flights, 26,000 miles) and has filtered at all. Return in the this has said earlier in a pressure of air of the cabin, these bounced is flexible, and calm leave you to exit almost all an air, so that it has little, if any pressure to air to oblige out of a liquid. Still I can maintain the the interior separates plastic stock exchanges for the while longer, but is expecting that these can delete a problem to escape totally.

Top Customer Reviews: Rockland Fashion ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Tona
I have purchased a model of sty partorisca mine 5 old year and a model of giraffe partorisca mine 11 old year partorisca the travesĂ­a the grandma is this coming summer . With which arrival, has inspected some pieces thoroughly and found the partorisca be a lot has done. An aim is partorisca take so only spend he-on and the personal stock exchange each one that like this so that it do not have to that it cost of paid of extra luggage. The the pre-packing run partorisca do sure what could return the interior and I was very happy.... Like this happy in fact, that has decided to order the together on its own name also. I pack partorisca dip out of my trousers and of the shirts on the each one another, bending them for the half, and going them near. It finds that I return far more in my stock exchange that way. Here it is that I access inside a main zone on its own name without developing a zip partorisca an extra 2 thumbs of room:
2 pairs of tejanos
3 pair of mid calf capri trousers
5 shirts
1 dress
3 bras
5 underwears
1 sandals of pair
1 dress of pavings of pairs
1 Nike of pair that the half careers
1 dress partorisca swim
1 cover-up of beach

in some small external pockets have packed:
5 socks of pair
3 camis
1 slip

in a personal stock exchange smaller, am returned mine 11 laptop of thumb in a leading big pocket.

In a main zone, am returned a following:
trick, curling iron, deodorant, toothpaste, electrical toothbrush with his upload, telephone and upload, measure partorisca trip toallitas humid wet and Kleenex containers, stock exchange, tones, bites and bounce it water.

Has the zippered long narrow pocket in another side of a personal stock exchange that is a perfect measure in it partorisca dip your raisin partorisca board. There is also the good wide strap the loop in a boss of one spends-on like both stock exchanges can be attractive transported by means of an airport.

Has gone some stock exchanges everywhere my house on carpet and hardwood partorisca try some wheels. They have done smoothly. Have estacionado a free stock exchange when being and fully has packed. It remains whole. Some reviewers has said his stock exchanges have touched on when packed. Perhaps it depends in that have inner and how is packed.

I Delta of fly and a cost for has verified the stock exchanges is $ 25 each way like the travesĂ­a of round would cost $ 50. You remain one spends-on and the personal element partorisca free. I have paid $ 29 partorisca a together of impression of the sty, $ 35 partorisca a together of impression of the giraffe, and $ 29 partorisca a solid inhabited has dipped has bought on its own name. I know these will last a lot of travesĂ­as partorisca my daughters and I to the equal that was definately value a poverty of the prize partorisca these insiemi of new luggage. I exit $ 1 more economic with which tax and with my first free nave that orders everything of these that would owe control 2 big stock exchanges. I have packed Quite dressed for each of us for the week. In fact it can return two value of weeks of cloths for mine 5 old year of his things is smaller. We are by train to remain 3 weeks in the house of the grandma like laundrythere. A lot enough I have a quite new luggage for a prize that arrest to pack cloths paid and extras for a cost of stock exchange. A way imagines it, although we buy extra material there that the will not return in a way behind, is more economic to topmast he behind in the topmast of priority a box to register that to pay costs of luggage. They are very happy with cost of mine and think you will be also.
4 / 5 Sixta
A lot has to that admit, partorisca $ east the SWIPE !! I have used this for the little day the travesĂ­a business and he are exited utmost. I have expected to write this description until I the test vacacional real with this little near. We have gone back so only of 9 travesĂ­a of day to CancĂșn and has to that say this little spends on has done a lot well, and saved $ each way for luggage has checked. My Family has thought that that it was the little crazy that so only has taken for the spend on and not packing the enormous chance. I will say that I have taken to rucksack of laptop in place of a second smaller stock exchange for my netbook, pill, chargers, travesĂ­a docs, etc... It was able to pack all required thus travesĂ­a and there was still the few things any I same door that has dressed. Always we take more than we require and this has tried that. It was included able to return the few elements have purchased in this spend on for a house of travesĂ­a. They are the type of motorcycle like this packing less is not a @@subject and obviously that goes to the warmest climate very a lot the heavy cloths are required.
Here is that it has taken:
7 shirts, 3 cups of tank, 2 swimming continuazioni, 7 pairs of underwears & of socks, 2 pairs of sandals, 1 pair to walk shoes, 3 pairs to upload shorts, 1 pair to relax shorts, 1 light weight trousers of sweat, 2 discharge of baseball, and my toiletry stock exchange.
Has spent tejanos, the shirt of short sleeve, and my shoes of tennis while travelling. You are it defies it selecting and packing that it think need, but really has not been that bad and am returned to plot in this Rockland luggage. I have flown Delta / Aeromexico and any question with my two pieces likes raisin in of the elements. I recommend this together and for $ this already paid partorisca with my savings of luggage have checked, and will have for travesĂ­as a lot of in some futures also. :-)
Dave J

Adds on commentary: I see to plot of the people that says that it touches, and yes when fully the packed will touch on taken your hands of a boss. But I have had other stock exchanges that do these hips, took so only a time to imagine out of this I need for the take to or sustain in mine another stock exchange and/or he stationary object to maintain he of falling on.
4 / 5 Simon
Has been disappointed that this luggage there has been it prop 65 legislation to look in a seal, this in spite of to the amazon does not loan any opinion. It has had I known, would not have purchased this. I create it to be misleading people. It have to that be listing for people to take the consideration. Possible reproductive harm and cancer? Wonderful. If it can give accident of zeros, I .

If you are not concerned in this opinion, then looks a good product. To good sure take which pays stops. It looks well in an outside but smells and lines economic to the equal that resumes chemical in an interior. Probably quell'air among the few days. I am sending this backside.
5 / 5 Shanna
Ossia My second set of this luggage. Lame reason two insiemi think that that it is one-star? Reason one the prime minister near was adds. Fulfil his purpose and has resisted my material when I have travelled (so only roughly once the month). This in spite of, looks in 2015 owe that it has done it the redesign. One the majority of near recent has ordered is terrible. Some feet in a fund has been done to be narrower and smaller, as to any subject likes the band a rollaboard, fallen-on when left when being in his own. It is a lot tedious to always has to that do sure is sustained against something while in an airport. In a second stock exchange, a decal has gone down also of point during a first use of a stock exchange. One 'Rockland' decal is not astonishingly be enough or anything, but is so only more evidence that his redesigned this luggage to be a lot of lower quality. Buyer beware!

Has comprised the picture where can see you that some feet of a two rollaboards is different.
4 / 5 Jona
Has purchased this chance because of the travesĂ­a of slow week in travers a country with timing VERY DIFFERENT that mine, as I have had to pack more than tights and shorts. This chance is deceiving - look smaller the one who that in fact is and has had spare room. I have used packing cubes because it is useful mine , but has directed to take the costs of week of clothes (any access to washing machine) that has comprised 3 tights, 2 leggings, 3 blouses, 3 camisoles, light sweater, tejanos, 2 pairs of shoes (1 was heels, another was walk ), and undergarments. My dresses is not exited all wrinkled or incredibly creased - no more than you would take of folding your dresses and dipping them in the drawer. An empty spatial ossia has contained there the stock exchange of trick and a TSA has agreed baggie of toiletries.

A small spends on was the bit more than disappointing - to the plot could be stuck in there, but to all the cost of measure or weight of some elements, look to pull in a seams in the pocolos something different. It is entirely functional, this in spite of. A zip has taken has stuck the pair of time, but can not blame one doing of a stock exchange thus only.

Regarding sizing and durability, a chance he comply and returned to one of these 14" x 22" sizing things in an airport. Some accesses of the smallest stock exchange perfectly down some chairs. This chance has been in 7 flights, comprising 2 concealed has had to be the valet verified because of a measure of an aircraft and he same wounds up in a wing of the Cessna in some signals. Has the pair of muck scuffs, but is in otherwise perfect form!

A thing to remark - has dipped something (like sandals) in a front pouch of a big plus a, he topple on. I wish some bases was sturdier, but can not complain too much with a pricing of him. I have read the descriptions of the pair where says that odora. Yes, it is quell'has bitten smelly out of a box, but is a smell to the equal that feels in the box in the warehouse. If you have left it air it was, a smell goes era.

To good sure the good combo and value a prize!
5 / 5 Johnna
Has possessed the Rockland wheeled duffle for the number of years and LOVES That. The quality adds, easy to pack and wheel around, took it on at least the travesĂ­as of dozen in of the plans as well as Amtrak travesĂ­a of cross of countries. Still it looks almost like new.

Like this when I have been to look for the small-ish wheeled spend-on stock exchange w/ tote, has come immediately to Rockland. For a point of prize, has not expected sĂșper the quality adds. This neighbour is not horrible, but would not love it never verify, this in spite of -- I does not think it never would stand up to still moderately rough treatment.

A question a big plus is a wheeled spend-on stock exchange. It does not stand up for him when you pack. It looks he is supposed to, but one is' the neighbour separate a front is not sturdy or quite big to balance a stock exchange. Like this prendes anywhere, has to do sure calm the supports against your leg or something. I REALLY annoying. Also, it does not balance well in some wheels, as you are pulling he by means of an airport, he flops on side.

Thinks that will be more probably to use this for short 2- the street of 4 travesĂ­a of days, where play only to a car and does not have to that concern roughly wheeling the in long distances in an airport.

A stock exchange of shoulder is WELL, but a strap is not really long enough for an adult, included has extended fully. Again, this is likely something will use for travesĂ­as of the shortest street.

While, will maintain to look for the decent to spend-on dipped of stock exchange, and augment my estimativa. Ossia ... Justo WELL.
4 / 5 Mikki
I record that is in my pictures to a main stock exchange, actuate mostly books in a stock exchange a small plus - are not does to pack that one, still abundance of room. It can probably returned more in a main stock exchange also, and have things smaller to add.

3 dresses, 1 skirt, the tonne of knickers, 3 pairs of socks, 3 normal bras, 2 bras of sports, the jacket of light rain, 11 shirts, 1 pair of sneakers, 1 trick/etc stock exchange, 1 stock exchange of liquids.

Any questions of qualities like this far, both sums of look of the stock exchanges... Although mine sneakers and a black stock exchange in a netting the section can cause the tension and tear there but would expect that of as I shoved the in there.

Has been concerned in a measure at the beginning but like the chair am returned to plot in there really easily. Ossia A awesome stock exchange for the prize really adds.

Also, comes with two tones to close the main zip of a main stock exchange.
4 / 5 Annis
Has bought 4 of these altogether. They look abonos new, and a way develops does them very practical. His of to which likes to be whole when full - tend to topple before. And you can pinch your toe when you block a boss if you are not careful. The main complaint is that his arent durable.

One has broken in traffic in only his 2nd or 3rd flight - material rasgĂł around some zips, the whole thing has opened disorder on big in a carousel of luggage. It has been overstuffed? Yeah, But no crazy.

In another, a boss has broken with which 2 years - the probably was on be 10-15 flights.

In the third, a grip of zip has broken, which is to disturb it , but at least a stock exchange is still useable.

One 4th is rough form, but his closing into use.

For $ 30, can do worse, but am dissatisfied with his fragility. When I Buy the substitution, goes to try something different.
4 / 5 Floy
Buy this luggage dipped like our spend-on for my two old year during an international flight. So only it loves attractive in around an airport for his. Some the vibrant colours are good-looking, Some zips were strong and resisted on utmost. It looks a global sturdy conjoint of wonderful luggage. A small stock exchange easily slips in a boss with a longitude of a stock exchange a big plus, doing it easy to pull both of his neighbours. There is several zippered zones to store the smallest elements, comprising plans it one for books. We were very pleased with this product.
5 / 5 Josefa
UPDATE: a lot disappointed that like another reviewers declared, is not balanced properly and in an airport of Atlanta has had to maintain prendiendo and fixing a little stock exchange and a neighbour has maintained to touch on!!! Then after all that, he dang the zip has broken in a little stock exchange!! Argh!!!!! TravesĂ­a Frequently and ossia a first time has had issues with unbalanced spends on touching on!

Top Customer Reviews: Etekcity Digital ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Clarice
These scales of luggage is really convenient and useful. We use our leading stairs at length, and this one is well, but any 5 stars. It comes with the neighbourhood of small circle-sized battery (a lot), and is small and relatively easy to use. Some instructions do not mention has can was timer , but has verified to be able to was after the pocolos small of any-of use. It says it that it can show it temperature, but did not see it on an initial exposure and no really cured to click another key partorisca see that (perhaps will use that later). I have tried 50lbs of the weights and he have come on around 49lbs, as it looks relatively attentive (those imports partorisca airline 50lb limit of weight). A strap has looked solid and stable. A strap has the clip of hinge that you fĂ­o by means of a boss of luggage and hook a clip in a base of some stairs. Works well, but liked our forward a concealed has had the strong plastic clip that explosion in place (sense more intuitive and the friendly user). A underside of a boss is flat and plastic that starts partorisca remark with heavy impulses. Our forward a there is had curves partorisca your toes partorisca rest in and the material of hule partorisca the do more comfortable. This one is well and well value a cost, but is not one has used more.
5 / 5 Youlanda
The stairs aims 0 kgs when it has weighed them hand-held luggage of 7 kgs hanged . I have HAD TO THAT PAY PITY ONCE FOR EXTRA LUGGAGE (WEIGED WITH THESE STAIRS). Please go advance and buy or has to that be embarassed in airport for paid and penalties of extra luggage. So only he two times. Please find some video and of the pictures
5 / 5 Zachary
These stairs does sum!! I bought it to weigh my luggage for some airlines. When The packed in disposal, weighed it, and objective 40 pounds. When it Take to an airport, I the curbside control in, and a loaded elected on a luggage, and has said is down. I have asked it you can that to him hanged, to verify the one who some stairs read, but there are not the stairs.

Likes the first day returned, has launched material in him, weighed it, and weigh 46.9 pounds. We drove it To us then to an airport, and asked him for the congoja. Hanged 47 pounds!! So only 1/10 of the pound more than that some stairs has weighed. As it was sure that would not be overweight.

Like this first uploading a luggage up in a van, has verified, and was in 49.6 pounds. I then added in this element of strap with multiple colours like this easily can see my luggage. And planned to take it was the cause to be overweight, has has not wanted to it weigh again. It is holding quite weighed on almost fifty pounds to weigh it. When it Take to an airport, has weighed my luggage, and was exactly fifty pounds!!! Highly it recommends these stairs!!
4 / 5 Tequila
Well to see the stairs of the luggage ossia smaller that usual. They are sometimes big and unwieldy and the bugger to pack.

Here is that I aversion (roughly ALL THE SCALES of luggage!):
Balancing the heavy chance to take some the attentive readings is hard on one is behind and musculature and something guaranteed to give labour security to Masseuses, Osteopaths and his ilk!

A lot is some times have seen so only the one who next to 50 lbs. I can go without incurring Costs of Excess Luggage and a subsequent
pitiless attitude of personnel of airline, some that it pode nickel-and-say me you if you are still 2 Ounces in a limit. It spends mine...

Is LIKE THIS USEFUL, my brother took it loaned and was quite small that forgets for the take and remains semi-detached and travelled in his merry way with his stock exchange! Like this now it is sound .
Will be to buy another .

Gives the graces to take time to read this description. Calm hope the the expĂłsito useful.
4 / 5 Fatima
Thinks that takes to uselessness. A lot of look of people to like his, but the mine does not take never a same reading two times. When I Weighed with and without my chance to count a difference (the mostly infallible old-school way) has taken a same number every time, versus when I have used this device three times in the row, has taken the different number every time - and has tried this trick with several different objects (chances, duffle stock exchanges, hand-held weights, purse, shoes, etc...). This thing so only sucks.
5 / 5 Valarie
The paralizaciones have done afterwards weighing so only 4 pieces of luggage down 30lbs. This thing is the piece of rubbish.
In a packaging, would find the note of a costruttore that offered you freebies he leave the positive critique on Amazon and for like this, would take the majority of some descriptions 'good' in this product with the grain of rooms.
5 / 5 Zoe
Has done adds and was well in a nose has compared to some scales of airline

Update Jan 2018 has has wanted to this produces at the beginning but with which so only the pair of uses takes powering on. Has has changed battery and still at all. A lot disappointed that this produces any last more along

Update 05/2018 Was very pleased with a response of service of the client, has substituted an original unit quickly and work well. It has purchased in fact another.
5 / 5 Alise
Good simple stairs. Perfecto to spend with you when you travel. The Works likes them announced and enough of attentive for luggage. Has has measured elements until 38lbs and looks quite attentive (the inner accuracy specified). It likes-me a fact that resists a reading

can measure It environmental temperature. I do not comprise reason. Of the point of view of usability, now has to that press a key of Unit multiple Time to spend for main C and of F Unit to go of kg to lb unit. Also it interferes with conversion of unit and a function of control. If you are in lbs and wants to see in kgs, volume to see a temperature in the first place which clears a measure of weight. Basically, anytime you see a temperature, a measure of weight is to go. This would have to that remain until it is cleared manually using a Z/T Tecla.

Another subject ergonomic. This unit is well for the luggage can easily the impulse with a delivery. For more weighed some, can require both hands (palmeras on) to maintain to impulse a luggage and maintain he out of your bod. But a boss is beats small has twisted digs it to a palmera of my hands. Material to maintain the flat outline in a fund could have been the better creation. Trying palmeras of impulse down with the toes is easier but hard to maintain a luggage out of your organism and I so only can take 3 toes in each hand down.

Use of desires to regulate it EA or AAA battery. Also, I see of another reviewers that a battery any last long. If ossia a chance , then a description goes to a star.
5 / 5 Jonathon
Has bought this for the travesĂ­a to do sure would not pay a cost of extra weight of a company of air. It was in international flight, as I have had two chances, with the limit of weight of 70lbs each one that that. It results that this device is extremely inaccurate, and gave extremely wrong readings. I am not kidding. One of my chances was weighted 80lbs in a counter, when this device gave 69lbs. So much, this stupid device is resulted to cost me the total cost of $ . $ 100 For each chance. It averts this podes.

Modification: A vendor has issued the repayment on April 29th 2019.
5 / 5 Dotty
Uses this in each travesĂ­a to avert that it pays for extra weight to the equal that have travelled internationally quite often. I have tried in several ways and also always remark one hanged number in an airport. Afer Diverse travesĂ­as, can say that an accuracy of him is very inner 2 lbs. Has for almost two years this in spite of using some same batteries.

Top Customer Reviews: EEZ-Y Windproof ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Margurite
Ossia A second an I experience a last year (the prime minister is still in service also) and really like a compactness of him partorisca travelling. It ensures easily my stock exchange of laptop with the carabiner, and is small and compact, still quite sturdy. It was not to call it to him 'the test of wind', but is quite a lot of - is windy in a city I still need to be careful he no invert on me.

A characteristic I amour the majority is one a -the open and next key. While a lot ploughed of umbrella with a press of the key, this one in firm also - a lot entirely, but some agreements of hood of the cloth easily. Calm only need to animal-compress a once done clave. But it does to go in and out of the car with an umbrella that opens and that closes the breeze.

A prime minister one has been the year into use this in spite of the work adds. Ossia That the umbrella adds !
4 / 5 Marissa
Ossia The umbrella of travesĂ­a compact very solid to protect of daily sun. I do not think you it can build the umbrella of better sun inside these parameters.

Sunscreen Is well, but taking near of an annex SPF the indications requires to apply sunscreen very fat and in the each hour. Included then, American sunscreens, has included those alleging to be 'wide-spectre' resupply so only the fraction of a GRAPE protects like SPF the indication in one focuses, which corresponds to UVB protect. Reducing your exposure of the total sun by means of the physical barrier is one first better line of defence again harm of alone and melanoma.

This umbrella a lot well build and sturdy. Has the very good cradle the mechanism concealed is not never has failed. Pressing a key when the collapses have opened an umbrella, which you then require press down to click to a base. It requires significant force to press an umbrella down, which could be a subject for the geriatric. A creation the just work in a wind, although you are struggling physical that tries to spend tame he-object by means of an air and can find significant air-hold down moderately windy conditions.

Some looks of cloth to block all light and am engreĂ­do blockade all UV the light has based in claims of company. A decision of odd drawing is a fact that a underside is the a bit reflective money- surely was meant to go another way around? I suppose that it is possible the little that yerra the rays can bounce out of a pavement, boot of a reflective and your money, but does not think this will result in any writing of significant sun.

A main reason any to buy a 'travesĂ­a compacted the umbrella is a measure . It is the umbrella of travesĂ­a compact . It returns opportunely in the stock exchange. It is also a lot too big to walk with in of the streets of busy city. But that the silhouette can be the little hard to do with. They are the width shouldered, big male and find I need to regulate a hand I use has based a time of day to maintain a shadow that has spent my arms. Also I need to maintain an umbrella tilted to a sun or more a side of me will take baked. It is not impossible to use, but requires the extra of has bitten of an endeavour. This has said, quotes a tension of busy footpaths, really would not want to treat anything main.

IF you do not require something to spend with you on busy footpaths, strongly would promote to take something golf-sized or main.
5 / 5 Leora
In Knits has had the warm wave w/persisting been past time 9/23. Although I have not had an occasion to try mine new umbrella in rain, can say that extracted admirably in a sun. It is purpose of the boss is to prevent the rays of a sun to achieve my skin, and especially my upper of boss, expensive. Shoulders-- know a hammer. Like this far, that relieves and feel, is doing his work ascribed. I have been blown was with his appearancen and quality directly out of a container. It is a lot of fact, a lot sturdy, and has the quality feels his---the looks are not everything in mine wants to feel & know that any element I investigation, studio, and decide to the compraventa will last the reasonable quantity of time. I cure elements in mine stead, as I am elated that this umbrella feels, any only look last. When in the first place I open crisply has opened asap. His underside is the metallic money, which was the good surprise , his had not expected visual test of a UV the ray has assumed was simply somehow innate to a material duquel is done. Although I have been blown has gone by one knows an umbrella will not be , because of some ventilations of air have incorporated his creation. I can very included maintain up with a number of umbrella has possessed, has on used, broken, has lost over time-----this one east the keeper. I order doubted initially, thinking aah, so only another umbrella--but is fool that does not change never his happy to be his proud owner, and like hope of rainy time to go back to this description and update consistently king his durable-ness and utility.
4 / 5 Kaitlyn
Quite all the world in some point or another goes to buy an umbrella. But reason solve for the economic umbrella that use once, complains roughly and absolutely hate, so only for the launch was and buy the new some rains of next time? This umbrella is a calm only umbrella never need. It is like this simple to open, just click the key and a whole thing comes ready to use. It is sturdy to help struggle a wind of the open swipe. A boss is also good and company. When you Are fact , just click a key again to close a canopy and slide he behind to plant. My thing preferred in this umbrella is that you clique a real key in a boss to open and near. Another has these terrible crowbars to resist down so that an umbrella can slide on and down. I have taken my toes pinched in his far too time to count. I turned entirely out of the umbrellas and I have prisoner to use them all hover- up to now.
4 / 5 Yolande
I like an umbrella in general, in that purchased that three. This in spite of, an umbrella there has been a cloth detach of one of some arms/of frame during a second use of an umbrella. Any big wind has been involved---came it so only free. I have tried to discover like this to go roughly taking answered of guarantee, but has been unable to take the response. Ossia The definite negative. I will update this if I do not take never the response.
UPDATE: I have been contacted shortly after that I posted this. I am shipped the umbrella of substitution. A lot of responsive. So only the like this easy desire to take by means of and take the response directly. Quell'Conceals has not been like this directly advances. But this fact and am feeling well has treated.

Of then is using some other two umbrellas, can continue give his 5 stars like his well, better that Eddie Baur a bit that these have come to substitute. These umbrellas are the good value .
5 / 5 Lesli
Has purchased 5 of these umbrellas for presents navideños. After reading some descriptions have decided to be a better product for a money. This umbrella is very very built, smooth easy inaugural and closes, a protect of rain of perfect measure, and looks big final . I have used this time of diverse umbrella in of the twenty and of the hard rains and he there is preformed to the equal that has declared. A measure of the storage is perfect and quite small to maintain in the purse or rucksack. Highly it recommends this umbrella and calm can any gone bad with this compraventa. I have finalised contacting a vendor the few days done, as one of a five was difficult to close. A vendor has answered my surgery of email a following day and interior 3-4 days have had he the mark of the umbrellas of new substitution. These volumes of pause when it comes to the vendor that behind his product. I appreciate a fast and professional response and to good sure will order again when some time likes them come.
4 / 5 Jasmine
My description is based so only an amazing experience with support of client. I had it it has bought it previously two EEZ-And umbrella of Double Canopy The test of wind and would have to that be in accordance with to plot of some positive critiques. This is to produce of data and upper qualities my personal experience of working around the central Angels that takes really windy and has dipped this creature to a test. While some of my mates and another using another sub-produced of pairs that tends to break during some winds of Ana of the umbrella of Saint mine there is withstand a gusts of twenty without breaking. It is a lot of sturdy and easy to launch when pressing an Open and next key. Now here it is a reason because chair that would be necessary to buy you or give this product he casualidad. Unfortunately one of mine EEZ-And the umbrellas acted bad and has not gone fully conscious of a reason until I have contacted EEZ-And crew of support of the client. It have registered umbrella of mine and contacted them has seen email by means of his web of place for assistance with guarantee. A fact/of Open Next key and still is, but that '' did bad was that we do not press a Next/key has opened to close an umbrella how is recommended for EEZ-And. You will remark in my pictures that for not doing like this instructed the pressed out of the white edge that help with a mechanism that closes an umbrella. Well the year had gone by and has thought there is not any way that goes to take this neither substituted or has repaired. Inside the little the pair of support of client of the hours rep Olivia informed that the does not have to that me worry roughly that. The offer marks it NEW umbrella in any cost to use his product. Simply you surprise and it is that he maintaining will maintain me like the loyal client of EEZ-And umbrella. I have recommended this wonderful company the family, and friends. I have maintained another umbrella and will try to repair the, but has been said to the only launch was, reason a mechanism is broken. Side to try it. Here it is exactly that Olivia in EEZ-And informed: 'Quell'I can see, a Car Opens/ the Next mechanism is broken. Some the white edges are was and can not be retracted manually. This question usually arrives when you close an umbrella manually and any to press a key in a boss. To press an Open key in a boss, an umbrella will burst opened. Pressing a key again, so only closes a canopy but any retract an iron. The correctly close an umbrella, take a palmera of your hand and situate it on a cup of an umbrella, in one covers plastic circulates small in a cup. Push like this well to a centre until it listen the sound of click. Please does not close an umbrella for grabbing some ribs.' Very simple, but am sure are not an only one this can or will experience when any properly using a product. They are happy has contacted EEZ-And and now will do sure to cure of mine new umbrella.
5 / 5 Venus
When I have received mine EEZ-And umbrella of travesĂ­a compact, there is it remarked 'professional' felt. Some components were of the good quality and he have looked to be a lot has done. After the year in mine backseat, there is remarked that one of some plugs in an umbrella no longer curves, and prevents an umbrella of entirely blocking so that it can be fastened has closed. It have registered an interior of umbrella some premiers 30 days after purchasing it, as I emailed EEZ-And service of client. They have answered inside small, included although it was in an evening. I have explained a situation and has sent the pair of photo to show. Less than the week, has received he the mark-new substitution! Yea EEZ-And!!
5 / 5 Tambra
Has bought this on done the year and used it roughly 6 times. I really like a measure and colour and especially a double canopy that help to plot in a wind. THIS In spite of, have it there is finally @@give that there is a defect with this umbrella that me finally decide to toss the and buy another. It is almost impossible to CLOSE. Today hardly it can take to my car in the downpour, struggling to close an umbrella to the equal that can go in out of a rain. I have had to exit, manually the curve has concluded, taking drenched in a process, and has included then was unable to take a boss to telescope. Ossia The past multiple time - reason take me so anxiety the give up?!

Ossia An addendum . With which have written this description, a company, EEZ-And Umbrella, has seen obviously a description and, entirely unsolicited, sent the umbrella of substitution. It is the different version , the lovely 58" golf umbrella and when receiving, does not find any difficulty in inaugural or it closing. That the company! I can not estimate a main old umbrella but give add kudos the company any one my new substitution. SERVICE of EXCELLENT CLIENT!
5 / 5 Deane
The compact umbrella adds for one the majority of part. I have loved to expect the little has bitten to revise it like this here go.

Quality of build:
An umbrella is very built and quite sturdy. Some people say an operation maquinal to press an umbrella down is hard, but finds that laughable, as his no the same question for my granddaughters of mine young plus and of the nephews. It is a lot of sturdy, and has to that well sure that last the moment. A boss is the little small in a fund of a telescoping pole but his no bad. A material of umbrella is well, and a mechanic taken and extend the capacities are very dipped together. No respecto this mechanically fail unless down extreme abuse.

Like this ossia purportedly the test of wind, but concealed is not totally some AT ALL. I do in Manhattan and has purchased this has required like this the compact umbrella that also could be a wind that sweeps by means of some streets and some edifices often in of the storms. While this umbrella has not broken, calm still has to that be careful of as the wind takes it, reason had it toe to the rovescio varied time. The test of wind is the piece, but his quite good.

This thing is a lot of sized for the woman , but quite small for the male it big plus. They are roughly 6ft 250 to give you an example and has grieves enough to cover me. Often down the wet volume is, but maintains a main part of my boss and the dry organism.

Folds Down to the well of small compact measure, and easily access in my stock exchange of messenger or briefcase.

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