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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Hassie
A pair of fast notes before volume to a description:

-I follows partorisca revise a 42mm version, which have had partorisca roughly 3 weeks now.
-Apple vs. Samsung The comparisons are overblown; both are good clocks , but calm obviously would owe that match your clock to the yours telephone
-I does not think has the best smartwatch inner available a moment, but so only are that it gives this clock 4 stars because it does not think smartwatch the technology fully has matured partorisca arrive to this point; it say he any 5 star smartwatches interior a moment

Inferior line: A Galaxy Looks does almost all has expected paralizaciones, and he quite a lot
-My settings: AoD on with the simple face, brightness 3, the location was, HR each one that 10 min, the limit of voice was; utilisation a sample while they are out of home – appx 11hrs/day
-With these settings and that normalised of use, volume by means of 2 days in the load with bit it to spare
-reading and answering to the notifications is smooth
-Global, would say an exercise that follows is quite well, does not add
-Gives a not counting attentive looks to walk in the reasonable step, but inaccurate partorisca slow walking or the mix to walk/when be (as when moving by means of the museum)
-I mainly use S Health for HR that follows, which well for state park cardio but less well for formation of weight. I am not sure yes it is launched has spent of long fast fluctuations in mine HR, moving around has bitten it on wrist during exercise, or as, but often loses clue of the mine HR, lags for behind spikes and divings, and does not look to achieve summits some
-For lifting of weights, S the health is not that useful; it can not count reps in these a lot of exercises and does not leave for fact to commission workout creation
-I use an application (gymrun) this leaves done to commission workout creation; it does not follow HR or account reps, but manually can enter reps and uses S Health (in ‘another workout') to follow HR
-I has expected a Sample of Galaxy would leave me to leave my telephone in mine locker in a gymnasium, and that that would be able to use a clock to (1) music of game, (2) follows my workout, and (3) connects the wifi so much can send/receive emails/of texts
-Some abonos informative is that a clock is able to do everything of that without lag – same when running music + wifi + S the continuous health HR control + gymrun
-A bad informative is that a sample can not connect to captive portal wifi (coverages that calm require you to visit the web of place and accept terms), and that some burns of clock by means of appx 30 battery in a yes calm hour all of this
-Some walk-the trace of counter is mixed; it is sometimes quite attentive but sometimes loses walk

Way, consolation, and build
-I follows the male from above half height, and a 42mm expensive of the clock is right measure for me; there it is measured of face of on-line clock the calculators have based on measured of wrist – would have to that have wrists quite big for the main clock to look ‘pertinent'
-Of course the fashion is subjective and some prefer the face the big plus, but for me, 42mm is like this big to the equal that was has had to that to go, and an availability of the 42mm the version was the enormous selling point
-Some looks of clock a lot in general; it is not a better world-wide looking clock but certainly something concealed is a lot the value that spends anywhere of a gymnasium to an office to the night out of
-A clock is fatter that has anticipated; for a part, looks quite chunky
- is very comfortable; it does not remark he during a day, included when writing; no among a way while hanged of lifting
-quality of looks to Build well like this far – any dent or scratches, but has not seen hard swipes

-Ossia where a Galaxy Looks really resplandores, in 2 zones especially: a SoC (chip that can a clock) and a rotating bezel
-I does not think never will use the clock without the rotating bezel; it is a better way to interact with the smartwatch for far – leave you cruise it without blocker/smudging a screen or maneuvering both delivery to turn the tiny wheel in the key lateralmente
-A SoC the swipes was all the world-wide but apple; the wear shows them to you is 2+ generations for behind
-As the result, the life of battery is excellent (for current smartwatch levels) and the applications ran smoothly

-Ossia more the main complaint of the people – no so much a YOU but an availability of application has limited
-Tizen is in fact quite intuitive, flowed, and customizable
-Lack of the applications does not annoy me – averts the chances of use have described on upper, enough would use my telephone for any one other applications in all the chance
-But google the integration is not to perfect and a lot of applications are not available; if ossia something calm worry you roughly, some investigation in that is/ is not available in a clock
4 / 5 Shanelle
has possessed previously a samsung s7 flange and with has had a samsung train s2 ready clock. I have been at the same time pleased with both a telephone and a clock, but any blown has gone by a clock. Then there is transmission to apple for the few years and has possessed one 7+ and an iPhone X together with a nike serious of Clock of the Apple 2. Have enjoyed a X but I celery that any for real bolt until a hype, has grown this in spite of extremely habituado to my Clock of Apple. I have decided to jump ship after reading the descriptions add in a S9+ and the man has been well. Absolutely adore a telephone, but has come then a question to require the new clock. I have decided to expect has been the few months that knows that Samsung was to be that it rid his first new clock of a s3. Decision I better there is never has done. While I can not speak for a S3, can say that a sample of galaxy me forget my Clock of Apple already. Amur Some characteristics, a quality of cries of the build and durability and his more masculine in my opinion then a Clock of Apple. I did not think it I was to like of the money but has has wanted a 46mm in place of a 42mm and am happy took it. His stunning in person, pictures a lot the justice has to see it the one of truth the appreciate. A black band was good but no my fashion, as I have purchased a true samsung s3 band in red/orange that easily hooked until my clock of galaxy. Im Very pleased with Samsung. I seat that never of an integer 'incident of battery' with a note the few years done, gave it really a very on and is resupplying the upper product the apple. Thank you samsung For a clock adds.
4 / 5 Wesley
Has been that loves the ready clock for the while now and finally decided to pull one causes. My criterion of mine the big plus was that it was necessary to be reasonably sized, reasonably priced, has GPS, and be able to have off-line maps. It liked Really one looks of of a Train S3 Flange and some clocks of Galaxy (sinister is to be real - a new 42mm clock of Galaxy in black is basically the little brother of a Flange), and LOVES a rotating bezel.

Has tried out of both a S3 Flange and a clock of Galaxy and wine to some following conclusions.
1) Look - A fashion of both clocks is very alike (that it can see it photo of product).
2) Measured - a 46mm the clock of Flange is obviously main that a 42mm Galaxy. A sale of the clock in a Flange is fatter and has the fashion slightly wider that has done main of look that in fact is. I have finalised to buy the smallest band resembled a fashion in a Galaxy to remedy this. For me, a 42mm to the galaxy wins in measures. A screen was so only slightly smaller, but a sample like the whole was much smaller (to the equal that can see pictures of comparison). A thickness of some two clocks is in some same.
3) Rotating Bezel - I found a bezel in a Flange was easier for me to use. It is slightly main that a one in a Galaxy, and some notch in a side is main. A Galaxy bezel access to a face of a clock bit it more smoothly, as I owe that rotate he of a cup of a clock, while in a Flange can rotate he for a part or upper.
4) Navigation of Navigation by means of a different widgets and the applications was very intuitive in both clocks. You can use a bezel or touchscreen to move by means of elements, and some two keys in a side to select and cruised.
5) Maps - finally this was an element that has touched some stairs in favour of a Flange for me. There is an application can download called HERE WeGo that it resupplies directions of your location to your fate. A lot resembled those Maps of law of the Google. This in spite of, also sustains an off-line functionality where can download you maps of a zone (state / province / etc.) As calm his the available without being connected to your telephone. A downside to ossia that does not have the satellite or topographic view, but has tried was locally and some trails have taken was all on there. So I go to hike to somewhere and take stray, has the general idea of where are - I that can see on a map. When I have tried HERE WeGo in a clock of the new galaxy no unless you are connected to a telephone, reason calms can not download off-line maps to a Galaxy. I have verified with his crew of the support and they have said will consider for a future (but concealed does not help me now).

Has finalised finally maintain a S3 the flange and that returns a Galaxy. A Galaxy has won on measured and waterproof indication, but so only could not justify spending almost curves in a Galaxy when it do not fulfil one of my criterion of mine big plus (the off-line maps). It is no Suunto or Garmin or Casio, but for a point of prize fulfils my needs like the clock of GPS.
5 / 5 Pearly
Has expected the few first weeks to write this description having wide time to write my thoughts in my experience with a Samsung Shows of Galaxy. I desglosa a description to points multiple keys and share my thoughts and of the experiences and shortcomings if any one.

1.)Battery - Probably one the majority of what of entity all the world wants to know roughly before doing his compraventa! Like this always your mileage will vary here based out of the to to multiple factors like: notifications the one who receipts and that often the updates are pressed, screen brightness, yes uses always in writing or no, GPS etc a really continuous cast in. Based out of my model of personal use and with some following settings: out of a box incumplimiento, 4-5 on screen brightness, the quantity sã of notification of Hangouts, WhatsApp, text, Gmail, To the etc, workouts with GPS/an exercise has selected. I found touching each days and I generally touch my clock once paste 15-20 life of battery like this possibly can express another half to the full day! It gives a life of battery the indication of 8/10.

2.) Durability - Like this far with exiting in a gymnasium, daily life and sleeping with a device does not see any semence or visible frames in an organism of a clock a clasp has the small scratch so only visible in direct light like any extracted big. Regarding an exposure while I am sure he is durable has opted for the glass revenido protective to the equal that are OCD roughly seeing scratches of any class in my exposures. But like this far it say that a Sample of Galaxy is extremely durable 10/10!

3.) Software - I personally am not too fond of Tizen YOU and are particularly and no fond of Bixby especially when compared to Assistant of Google. I have used to take Assistant of Google partorisca admitted but after using Bixby the few times find me with the new expósito appreciates for Assistant of mine of Google. A voice to text is noticeably slower, more the words are lost, everything asks of Bixby looks to be slower and Bixby tin a lot so much this time. Hopefully This will improve with time! Highly it doubts Bixby will not achieve never levels of Assistant of the Google, but hopefully Samsung improves a speed and functionality. A quantity of the pale applications in comparison to WearOS this time and does not have to that it weaves of some applications of Android of entities that one would love use. Samsung Adds to plot of unnecessary animations that slow things down sadly. The first east of offender when calm looks in the notification in a clock takes the few first moments of a notification is showed (so only nit choosing here a lot it breaker to treat). A fitness that follows is excellent and does the good work to follow your workouts of the burned calories to the distance has run/is trace etc. What Only that comment a software or possibly the limitation of hardware? It is when you is to continuation your heart rate during the big intensity that bus a sample sometimes has subject to maintain up and will take the few moments to show your current heart rate. But in general it say that a heart rate is attentive and comparable to the monitor of strap of the low @@@cofre use to regulate and no big intensity workouts. But in general a Clock of Galaxy offers the experience of software that likes 7/10.

4.) Aesthetic - I has a 46mm version and 'gorgeous' is a understatement here. Still with a incumplimiento sale of silicone a look of fantastic clock and exudes class. A factor to form main, some teeth in a rotating bezel, one that satisfies clicking a rotating bezel frames and a markings in some inner bezel further compliment a factor of elegance of a clock. Also like some contrast of money with some darker colours perfectly. Included a house and the rear key add to a global beauty of this clock! Samsung Looks to comprise if it is not broken any one the fixed when it comes the aesthetics. A way to summarize is 'beauty in simplicity' 10/10!

Is looking for The fantastic clock with the solid action and the solid software experience your investigation is on! To arrive to this point would owe that be add this clock your cart and compraventa of paste! If you are still in a wall and wants to give Spend you another casualidad with a recent global and a processor 'new' and hardware and can resupply to expect another month or he so that it say attended to see some descriptions. Personally I do not have hope in a Qualcomm 3100 and a coprocessor of one 3100 is an old CPU of 2015 w/ a Adreno 304 GPU (the same one in a Qualcomm 2100 that can one majority to Spend you devices). The mine looks 3100 + coprocessor has been done to appease some fashionable frames with some new and has improved always in writing of clock to do them the look are beautiful ore '. It is understandable of some fashionable frames are essentially state maintaining Fray I lives. They are always for competition like appearance Qualcomm no on his game and innovadas and build an integer SoC of an earth on vs using any rehashed archaic SoC ossia old years . It gives the graces to read and expect this calm help with your decision of compraventa!
4 / 5 Coretta
Absolutely love this Samsung Shows of Galaxy. He paired seamlessly with my Note of new Galaxy 9. Setup Also any time. I have turned you grieve a sample on, my telephone has on lit saying it has relieved the clock that need setup.

Has used a lot of ready clocks and trackers of fitness. At present I have the FitBit Extracted and Load HR, and a Series of Clock of the Apple 3 + Mobile. This Clock of Galaxy takes a cake. He all a rest , and then some. A model has is not cellular, this in spite of interior bluetooth the row can do calls and text by means of him. A life of DAYS of hard battery, which is the difference Of ENTITY among east and my Looks of Apple how was my preferred old . A Sample of hard Apple the day and the half in better, which results to nettle that it has to that touch like this frequently.

Something more this that a Sample of Apple and FitBit any, is the altimeter and barometer. This little touch is amused to touch with, and could be of particular use when in the hike.

A Samsung application of Health that look them with a Clock of Galaxy is one of a better fitness and the applications of health have used. It adds everything of an information to an easy to read location. Points your steps, your half heart rate, and your active minutes. If calm the doors to sleep it will follow your models of sleep and break it down to time of sleep and break it down to light sleep, deep sleep and time awake, which is extremely handy.

The hips sustains Samsung paid, as you can leave your stock exchange in a car or house and stop to somewhere to choose on the drink/to bite while it was and roughly. I find this gain when inside the jog, as I do not owe that take anything extra with me.

Highly recommend this clock. It is stylish, and offered far more characteristic that a competition!
5 / 5 Tova
Love a notification and calling characteristic in this clock. The ones of the one who owe attractive out of my telephone to answer the text or to do the call can see them and answered of my clock. I can also called of mark of a clock. I have it quell'has used so only a clock to run like this far and a metrics well of the look and I can control a music of my clock.

A 42mm the clock is big for mine very tiny but the comfortable still wrists. Really It likes Me a rotating bezel to find applications etc. Mina garmin 735xt was was to repair like this has ordered them this for some characteristic to call but my first impression is that garmin is still better to follow sport. Also I like him to him the sprint tris and a samsung galaxy wont follow the tri. Also it loves that mine 735xt the hard battery for 7 days or so many. To One like him of the looks of the galaxy will require to touch the every night. His the much more attractive clock that a 735xt and the like a barometer and altimeter.

Has considered a fenix 5s more reason has the maps and the music but is a lot of pricey. This clock has maps, but come uploaded with only the Koreans gps location and like this far I cant takes it to upload my location. Appearances use this characteristic while biking and that careers but Im a lot of ossia sure possible.

I swapped a sale already reason I really didnt like a one avenges with.

This clock among the 4g lte version. I have considered this he so that it can run without my telephone, but has against decided calm of paid needs another side to your cellular provider to use he without your telephone to do and receive calls. I havent has tried to upload music in a telephone still but has used a clock to before and of the clues to stop while it runs with the irradiate of heart.

Also has uploaded an application of navigation that goes with maps of Google. This does like this when you have dipped the use google maps in yours telephone your clock navigates yours street

Update:. 9/12/18

One of some main reasons the decided in this clock is reason can answer calls in the while doing without pulling out of my telephone. This has done adds until a last update, now my only clock buzzes and doesnt say me the one who is calling and gives any option to answer. I have tried also use one finds my car application and he doesnt look to do. A screen to touch is lagging sometimes. Also while exiting it doesnt look to read my listen imposed. I have tried also reset a clock and I cant included that. Seriously I am considering returning it included although has has wanted to he for some first 2 weeks.
5 / 5 Cordia
Love this clock. It is beautiful also. I have had everything of a train s the clocks and a clock of galaxy is in good sure value a upgrade yes is looking for the most feminine piece. Yes, I lose MST but have a note 8 and so only can use my telephone. It is not the big shot. Bixby, when it Operates, is also the good touch. Some tools of new exercise are also of sound.
4 / 5 Malik
For the type to the small plus like (5'9') finds a 42of mm the access adds. One despertador on the laws of gesture add and finds an activity that follows work a lot well. They are not to sleep expert, but some looks of clock to know exactly when I go to sleep and wake up. Any sure if I included cured some coming weeks. But inner quite ordered a moment.

This in spite of, has to to the few smaller subjects do not like and perhaps will win him like this of volume more familiarised with a clock.

Messages of text
have it Samsung Galaxy S8 and yes has read my messages of text in my clock, my telephone does not mark a message so much ready. I am using messages of Google, like this perhaps his no compatible. But in mine 2015 transport can read a message in a infotainment centre it and taking has recognised. His no too big of the shot, but in my opinion, he kinda to squander a purpose to use your clock.

there is disabled the majority of some notifications do not want to see . But I did not imagine it it was like this to disable some daily briefings, or when my telephone is out of row ( vibrate) or some varied other applications in a telephone.

Goodnight Way
master a goodnight characteristic of way. It looks to recognise when his taking near of bedtime, in that give you an option to enable or suspend. But a lot always recognise when I create. It finds the averages some time has to it the turn was.

Life of battery
was one 42 has a smaller battery, but are the little disappointed with a life like this far. I have taken near to two days to use first to require to recharge. My expectation was 3 full days . Of course meeting messing with him often. Hopefully, A life will improve to like I stairs has retreated my use.
4 / 5 Georgie
Has expected for month for this clock that expects something to in fact compete with iwatch on fitness and qualified of ready clock. Nope. A main reason would spend this in the analog clock a lot is for fitness. His control of heart rate is terrible. I dipped it/ I dipped It to control of constant car but he so only he when I am not moving, roughly once an hour in better. He no never when in fact I am moving or exerting. When Tentativa to do the measure by force when exiting gives an error every time in clean sensor. If I am sweating at all it does not act , kinda attack a purpose. My elderly fitbit HR 10x better on control of the heart and he have known when skirt included without logging the. This clock of galaxy a lot included knows when tentativa to register he. So only it uses my heart rate besides collects in day and thinks has done the pocolos no. have tried all the careers of shaving my hair to arm for the improve. I am launching in a towel. It is pointless like the clock of fitness, especially yes is doing any calorie that to the accounts like myfitnesspal.

Is the decent ready clock but fault of the way to write that it uses the hand-held characters have drawn like iwatch, as unless he canned works of the response or you can use voice, calm can not answer in shows.

A life of battery is no where near that is to announce. I owe mine to upload daily. An only thing astonishingly well is sleep of clue but yes calm the doors for prejudices the any one last but the day on can.

Maintain me was mine telephone slope and informed of the meetings and yard without drawing any attention, but is pointless without the fitness of confidence that follows. I am not sold still in one my health of application of fitness of Samsung neither.

UPDATE: After the few updates to program at all has changed. If anything is worse. Sometimes when eye in some readings of heart rate sees is in fact 2 days. I can not stress enough, it does not buy this for fitness, compraventa for characteristics of loans of clock so only. The desire could be returned this clock but for some times have imagined was that bad is like the fitness looks a window of the turn has closed. I love amour Samsung produced (telephones, TVs is, pills, etc) but hate to say it, ossia a big plus Samsung disappointment never (and has used to have a Note to explode 7). I can try Garmin or give up and take an iPhone so only for iWatch.
4 / 5 Xuan
Are the boy and I sometimes create me in 3 on the dot in a morning and my turn will finalise in 1:00 in an evening afterwards has the girl of four years and the boy of six years that am due to to keep well to choose on the pupil that comes home clean a dinner of the mark of the house takes them ready for bed and then take me ready after saying that they are only walking 6000 no. has had my clock for roughly 3 weeks I work 8 to 9 hours moves attended to sing in my clocks so only registering roughly 3000 can any any one explains mine like this ossia when my leading Samsung the sample of Galaxy has registered on 10000 I has purchased this clock because they have said to be new and upgraded like this far can any the be are to a point where am dipping in mine another clock.

Top Customer Reviews: Fossil Men's Gen 4 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Lorenza
Colour: the Blue battery is a worse part of a clock, the short long history .

- 100 load against 6 A.M for 10 A.M percentage of battery is 20 with out touching it .
4 / 5 Mariko
Colour: Smoke Grey has taken this on its own name partorisca substitute a leading Gene 3 I has sold. I always thought 'any PRECISE a HR sensor, NFC payments, or GPS of build' that a Gene 3 has has not had. Well, calm do not require it , but go in handy lol. Sometimes the sure luxuries are fresh to have.
When being the Fossil, is the good-looking clock of course. It is comfortable, a bit light, and no bulkier that the regular clock. A Fossil of faces resupplies is frescos also.

So that ask roughly life of battery, if the any experience with spending you (Android) the looks will know that it takes the few days to the week of for life of battery to stabilise. Any clock has bought, comprising is one, has taken roughly 3 days. Going of having ~50 in an end of a day to have ~70.
Quantity of subjects to use this in spite of.

A Good:
-the fossil knows like this to do the very drawn clock.
-With the accuracy follows activity, included in those ran in a treadmill.
-Having A HR sensor, NFC, and GPS BUILT-in of the frames for full use to Spend you. All the clocks would owe that actuate this hardware.
-I keys and the crown have more than the click feels compared to Gene 3
-the vibration for notification feels strong.
-Swim test. Gene 3 was so only water resistant.

A Bad:
-the fraies is that they improve the plot. It is the very good clock , but is any Clock of Apple (ossia Google lacking).
-Still uses of the old Qualcomm 2100 processor of Wear.
-Any speaker has compared to a last generation.
-Some people will not be satisfied never with life of battery.

Likes-join you silicone/of offer of skin of Fossil of hybrid band but does not want to pay a price for him, has bought is one. The alike looks and almost the averages a price.
4 / 5 Zana
Colour: Blue I at present now have 4 smartwatches (comprising is a-LG Wear, Zenwatch 2, HUAWEI 1st gene) and this clock is one of a big plus smartwatches sure. Has the bit of heft his also, lighter that a Zenwatch 2, heavier that a rest. Some bands are the level 22mm as easily I can him substitute with something like better (I am looking for the blue band that split a house). A screen is entirely flush with a side bezels - like this this to good sure can line easily yes brush the things. Also he he difficult, if any impossible to be able to use the protective screen. Some 3 keys lateralmente have thought initially was gimmicky and unnecessary, is resulted this in spite of quite useful. A key of centre can be pressed, long pressed and is also the wheel of roll. ( It goes of the roll has taken the bit ticky this in spite of) One 2 another can be pressed or a lot the time pressed and can be reprogrammed for different functions. Everything is responsive and some looks of way was necessary.
This upgraded to Spend you (2.0) right in initial startup/config. Had any subject that dips up. This does not have a bluetooth to subject likes the ees has experienced with of the mine other clocks, has connected once remains connected, not falling and giving me a cloud has connected no lovely. NFC For pay of Google is amused to use - the cashiers take like this thoroughly confused when it touches a clock to a terminal and 'boop-paid'. LOL Still require a telephone in my pocket, but at all precise start of my pockets to pay!
A sensor of monitor/of the heart rate in of the this gave initially to the worry likes protrudes out of a backside of of a clock like the little bubble, but after the spend, no the commentaries at all. It looks attentive to.
One touching 'cradle' is little and magnetised, and can have a clock dipped on he in direction like touch the contacts in a clock is in fact 2 circles in a fund. No more need the fiddle with the clock and upload to take some perfectly first varied contacts of tones.
Now a life of battery. A reviewer this says that it sucks and is lasted so only 2 hours (or has gone 4?) Need to learn the troubleshoot or transmission some settings or the stop that play of touches on he like this. If you are leaving a screen on without environmental way a battery will go faster. If has the hungry or very animate data watchface, a battery will go to have your monitor of heart rate that takes to read the each one that 30 seconds ..... I think that calm to take it.
Likes relatively expensive minimum with only the little die signals showed and have go the environmental way with hake to wake' disabled. With mine other clocks, take the good 14 to sometimes 20 hours out of his among cariche. No east a. Typically they are in 15 with which 12 hours. If it uses the face of time, or do apt, forgettabout the, 8 hours.
Recognition was 'always on screen', expensive minimum with points of minimum data and PERHAPS can squeak the to 14 hours.
For this clock of measure, could have has there was easily a room for the main battery.
Finds this like any one a daily clock, to good sure any one the workout clock, but more than perhaps a clock of office or night in a clock of city. Fix a subject of the battery and he can be one all day one, but still no the rough and tumble class.
5 / 5 Marco
Colour: Smoke Grey A clock is good-looking and some characteristic is of sound. I want that it is the clock of fitness and looks the regular clock, which is reason I bought it.

But, and is the a lot, May very big: a life of battery is absolutely abysmal! I have had to that touch a clock two times the day that is not practical for me. I spent it so only roughly 4 days. A final straw was that it die in a half of a day without warning.

Was that it animates in spite of some descriptions, but is simply any value he.
5 / 5 Clementina
Colour: Battery of the ash of the fully touched Smoke would last 3 to 4 hours. Any application that careers, at all installed, brightness place to 2, notification trimmed down the coffins necessities. The amazon called and was wonderful, sent the inner second of sample 24 hours. Had a same question with a second clock, the battery would last 3 to 4 hours. I have called fossil, and has said that the amazon has to that it has taken the bad batch. I am taking the repayment of Amazon. You do not recommend this clock.
4 / 5 Hyacinth
Colour: Black [INITIAL IMPRESSIONS; Shabby mid Dec 2018]
likes in of general. Happy with cost of mine.

All need the ready clock partorisca this notification of vibration of SMS, MMS and calls of voices. For this reason so only takes 5/5 stars . Transfer Of a following: NFC, GPS, wifi, tilt partorisca wake girscopo, the sleep that follows, always IN writing. I also dipped a brightness to car-dim. Awake in 6:30AM/6:30am/6:30am/6:30am/6:30am/6:30am/6:30am taking was one uploads in 100 and for 10:30 to prejudice it still have roughly 65 after receiving roughly 10~15 notification during a day. It can probably you grieve partorisca go 2 days among cariche but certainly more. It wishes a life of battery was better, but ~2 days looks to be roughly where a technology is maintaining same with WearOS. If it love action of better battery that that, calm then needs to go with another YOU. A three main battery hogs is always ON, GPS and tilt to wake gyro. (Besides a screen of course)

has paid for an application of the watchmaker and I am roughly 35~40 clock faces that I rotate in and era. Ossia Also the characteristic really well, that thinks maintains it fresh and new. Amur An exposed SMELL. His crisp, brilliant and awesome looking.

I like a pushers in a side. Has a programmed for messages of android and another for an account down timer. Utilisation that the plot in a cookery and a BBQ. A rotating goes of the roll of the crown is the good option in place of swipes of screen..

I like WearOS also. The better WAY that Fray of Android (his predecessor)... That was complete rubbishes . He NEVER DONE consistently with my moto360. Felizmente WearOS In this Fossil has been I ADDS for me. It take an update of entity in late January, and all the work so only well.

[Run 10, 2019 UPDATE]
Minus 2 stars for Google WearOS experience on of then December 2018:

1st WearOS update, Mid January 2019
has taken a clock of an on-load at night, does not turn on. It was simply the screen of spatial. A WearOS the application in my telephone has said tries to connect in bluetooth. Long it presses a key to be able to while kick-cycle. After the pair tries king-boot, where has been hailed with the 30 ~download of minute. During an update was chugging by means of battery in the tax of 10 each one that ~7-8 minutes. Has has had to that the leave in one uploads throughout. In any point was dies an option partorisca take or take an installation and resume later the time of my election. I besides the suspect has required to maintain a wifi connection. Felizmente Is monday morning, and my schedule was wide open have time so it has had to squander. It was not that it have spent I have had to leave a house wifi half way by means of a procedure of update. He still be functional with half download? He revert behind to a last known YOU version? Brick a clock?

2nd WearOS update, Mid Ferbruary 2019:
spent a sample like this usually do during a week of the work and I am remarked there is prendido to take bluetooth notification for messages of text. The notifications have done well for all more. WearOS In my telephone has said to be bluetooth connected well. I have cleared it hides in a telephone, king the clock and the telephone kicked... At all you change it, as I left it so only. The house taken in an evening has touched around with him and there is give has had another WearOS update in mine telephone that expects to download/install. So only it take 10 minutes to download and install this time among a telephone and clock. As first of a clock has required to be plugged to one load. That is disturbing this time is like him WearOS the update that expects in standby to install directed to kill my notifications of message of the text of messages of android.

3rd WearOS update, Run Prompt 2019:
has taken was one uploads a morning and a bluetooth the radio has not connected. Still although a sample bluetooth the screen of connectivity says connected to my telephone. WearOS Application in mine telephone so only says 'Connected'... Any 'Connected via bluetooth' like it he usually fact. Tentativa And use an application of Watchmaker to change faces of clock in bluetooth and the results in the clock warn the no. has connected

has received in the moment the gmail message... And volume any one notifies for that in a clock.

Has verified a Google playstore application and sure enough, has had another while update of mine to download. It was the fast update , the pocolos small and once I that all was a lot.

4th WearOS update: March 8, 2019:
This one has been a lot and without the hitch. At all disconnected in a clock and the notifications were uninterrupted. The smallest update, has taken so only the pocolos small to download and install.

5th WearOS update: May 24, 2019
This one was the doozie. It take the good ~10 minutes to download and another 7-8 paralizaciones to install it. Then it take another ~1 now the esettle down'. During this seat testa period my telephone has run heat to a touch and WearOS was guzzling a battery, roughly bend a tax of my screen or a consumer a big plus prjimo. Quell'Conceals has not been a worse part. A worse part has been he could not maintain connection to my clock until later that taken. I do not have any idea the one who WearOS has excepted clearly fights, choking and gagging on he. Once it establish connectivity and there is retarded down a battery my temperatures of telephone has fallen behind down the normal in an evening. BUT in a process terminates settings of permission with Messages of Android. Still although fully it leaves ALL the SETTINGS of permission in a clock and application of telephone. Felizmente Another YT-er instructed to toggle some settings of permission WAS then ON with a clock... And this fixed the. Everything is a lot now.

For any reason, WearOS the updates that expects to install, remotely interrupts operation of a clock. There is not any opinion, any boss-on, and a lot of time any option to decline an update or retard to the time last of my election. Out of a blue at random have the clock of not doing. This have seeing flashbacks of to which did not like him in of a Wear of old Android.

For comparison-the sakes have possessed a Amazfit stratos literally in parallel with a Fossil, both have purchased mid Dec 2018. It receives some updates east times that is to go entirely without accident. Amazfit The application has update automatically and has pressed on to a clock has seen bluetooth. In any point a clock loses functionality, or was like this seamless and quickly quite that I any same look.

So much with all honesty can A lot openly recommend any WearOS clock to so only any one. My opinion is his the technology -savy produced that thinks requires that it classifies of mentality to maintain. His no an ideal product for a general consumer. For a technology of competent Android-alcohol, be forewarned to the his to to PLOT like them to them some earlier days of Android... buggy, laggy, crashy, unreliable, And need to be quite technology-savvy to maintain an ecosystem that careers. WearOS The bug fijamente will not find you ... Calm Has to that the to you finds. The difference of your telephone of android this in spite of, updates to expect in standby will terminate basic functions of a clock. Ossia My main complaint .

[5/26/2019] - UPDATES to ESTIMATE to 2/5 stars.

[7/13/2019] - UPDATES to ESTIMATE to 1/5 stars... My questions and the complaints on remain valid. His now July 2019. I have possessed this clock for 7 month. They are when taking was a star because this clock is now like this slow and laggy, his a-usable further really functions really basic or applications. Also mine Amazfit Stratos there is ENTIRELY OBLITERATED this clock in reliability and global action. A Amazfit has been my gone-to clock of daily wear of then roughly April, and honradamente have any complaint roughly that. Like this while Google WearOS and his 'lagdragon' the microprocessors continue to struggle... A continuous competition leave he in a powder. So only trying be sincere, like the consumer to purchase. If you are in a phase for the ready clock, look elsewhere.
4 / 5 Lanelle
Colour: Smoke Grey I is spent the plot to time partorisca try to research the smartphone would owe that invest in partorisca substitute mine 4 old year LG Clock of G R. I have read the plot of good descriptions in Reddit in this clock but my opinion is that this clock has the HORRIBLE battery, grieves hard the full day. Sluggish And is occasionally state unresponsive when that tries to configure the settings done of commission and there is included randomly has to that restart the time of pair also. Usually gone back this but I think that is so only my ignorance and with ready devices like this excessively overpriced ossia probably one for the estimativa conservative to the equal that take that I have paid stops. Again, so only my opinion.
4 / 5 Ebony
Colour: Black is state so only a day. I have left gene of fossil 4 touching last night and created in a morning partorisca dip my gene of fossil 4 that was it like this exit partorisca spends it there is taken on he of of one uploads ossia which has taken.Highly it recommends any partorisca buy east sucks.
5 / 5 Lynelle
Colour: the money has had the train S3 flange, and there is now the Clock of Galaxy and a clock of Apple. A Gene of Fossil 4 is perhaps one the majority of appeal out of his everything. It is the very a lot looking clock. Still I am regulating partorisca spend you. It is not like this smooth like Tizen and iOS. A Fossil is not like this responive like Samsung and Apple.

With everything east says, still is enjoying. I any one has used my ready clocks partorisca much more there of time, notifications and email. Like this the clock is very partorisca me. I can go the full work day of 7 to 7 with roughly 20 life of battery has left. Calm to good sure is that it goes partorisca have that touches this nightly.

Like this if you are not demanding in yours smartwatch then this can do. If you are the heavy user ... Probably it wants to go with something with life of better battery and the smooth plus YOU.
4 / 5 Shani
Colour: the FALLS of Money AVERTS. We order two of these in a same transaction. One there is prendido partorisca do afterwards taking wet, then one has behind gone down point. We send partorisca reparation of guarantee and with which $ 15 nave, has taken the clock has repaired behind. A second a one has behind gone down point. Once 15 $ nave more and has been repaired down has guaranteeed. We imagine we take the bad plot of orders so much a same time. Then a second a this is to be repair a backside of a clock is fallen off again, with which so only two weeks. As we will owe that pay another $ 15 shipping partorisca the take fixed, $ 45 total of ship, if a second reparation act still. We will not buy never the product of Fossil again. Not watering test, can not manage when the be spent. We are not that they attack to anything or when being rough with them.

Top Customer Reviews: Fossil Men's Sport ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Gilbert
Colour: Smoke/BlueThey points all these amazing things a sample can do to try for the sell your, but does not say you that you can not use Any of them loves a clock to last more than 10 hours. Have to that turn all was! If it store your clock in one load, take it was the workout and dip the backside in one uploads afterwards can do all alleges. If it plan to wake on, walk to do, control a time the time of pair and has received the pocolos teste and of the emails, your clock will be down to 48 for 10:30AM/10:30am/10:30am/10:30am/10:30am/10:30am/10:30am. I have not expected Never 2 days of battery, but is the worthless device if he cant mark of 6FOLLOWS to 9PM in a wrist of an accountant the one who seats in the office all day. It is $ 30 for one additional load himself wants to maintain one in acting because it can do no this in spite of a day. My old LG the clock could do it this in spite of the work day without question. Ossia The enormous step behind.
4 / 5 Cassondra
Colour: Smoke/BlackThis is mine 5th android smartwatch. It has had previously a TicWatch Pro and LG sport among another. Here it is my thoughts :

1. Action. It is to good sure more responsive because of a new 3100 processor, but is not the massive improvement. The applications are snappier and pay of Google comes on instantly, the difference of leading clocks. It looks the lag for behind another no-Spend you loan of samples in of the terms of speeds, but is the step in a right direction.

2. Life of battery. The life of initial battery looked to be sub-pair with an end of half day in 15 or lower. This in spite of, have take some of a pre-installed bloatware (application of career of the Nike, some emergency dialer application, Spotify) and also does sure a monitor of heart rate of the Fossil has not been the widget in my face of clock. Among these actions, my life of the battery after a half day was so only down 50 - very better. This number comprises always-in writing and controls of Google of Apt background heart.

3. Consuelo and way. Easily my favourite part in a clock. It is a lot lustrous looking while also when being extremely light weight. It is it grieves noticeable during a day and a band of silicone is one the majority of comfortable has had still. Some faces of clock of the stock fossil is not one has seen more but some offer some good functionality. Unfortunately there is not any speaker, so that called or Assistant of Google the responses are not managed well in this clock.

4. Durability. It can not speak to this point also has had of then he less than the week. I have read some reports of subjects with a plastic house, one touching hookup in a backside, or a rotating crooked. With this said, will be to take extra of priest in chance perhaps. To good sure spend $ 8 to take a screen of glass protectors.

5. The fitness that follows. Works as well as any one another data of shows of the Google endures Record. A weight the most ideal fact that other clocks. So only be conscious that drain an a lot of faster battery while actively you are that it follows your exercise.

TLDR - Among a faster Wear YOU smartwatch and exceptionally comfortable. Cleaned on junk applications for the a lot of life of battery has improved. Take a screen of glass protectors. Any built-arrive-parleur. The faces of stock Fossil are decent.
5 / 5 Albertine
Colour: Smoke/BlueBeautiful and featureful Spend you sample.
Has had subjects with a battery and found a solution
Tower of Tilt to wake screen
Turns on Always-on screen (he he not eating battery like Tilt to wake option)
And neither the turns marks the rhythm cardiac Fund in Access of Google ( downloads a battery in 10 hours)
With this configuration, am using this clock for more than 30 hours.

And is the little has bitten slower of my fellow Ticwatch And.
5 / 5 Dion
Colour: Smoke/BlueThis the looks entirely fails to treat a one extracted simple that the clock has to that do, SAYS TIME! This clock is like this extremely laggy/slow/unresponsive without any installed same applications in those results unusable, unless it weave it to them of the patience that touches around with your clock and looking the goofball trying cogerprpers partorisca show a time. When tilting A clock until verifying a time, has to attended for an exposure to turn on. An assistance of voice is absolutely horrible. You owe that expect several seconds for him partorisca initialise before you can speak and unless you are in the recording studio, does not go you to comprise. I do not have any idea because there it is a esportuario' in a name of this clock because it is distant a lot of to be the clock of sport. I can very included it counts what time this recovery of clock because of the press of random key while hanged of lifting or touching golf. A strap was also very big. Usually it was very roughly in a centre of all some holes resupplied, but with east one has had to that use a prime minister a. I mention the one who horrible a life of battery is? If ossia purportedly a Wear he the better looks at present available, then Google is in the plot of question with this ecosystem. It is absolute rubbishes . Purchasing this clock was a lot of insightful. Have @@give His so only the gimmick. Any I in fact needs my SMS or emails to be showed in my wrist. I any precise to speak to my assistant of clock, any I same uses that in my telephone. I any precise to have my wrist vibrates every time my telephone takes the notification . This life of the clock done more difficult. Behind to spend my Breitling the clocks is. I do not owe that me worry roughly touching, dipping in of the codes of PIN, clearing stacked on notifications, updates of system, or taking outdated the year of now.
5 / 5 Ethyl
Colour: Smoke/BlackSaw very other descriptions for a clock say that a battery has died enough quickly. Agreement up and dip a clock on around 6:30am, and use it until put to bed me around half night. I have not had lower that 25 in an end of a day when I dipped it on one load.

Has come from/come from the Motorcycle 360 sport, which would die on me on 8pm. This clock is better load that concealed. The notifications go in quickly, the look of clock adds aesthetically, and having a clock last all day is all have loved in the ready clock.

A thing that has had the little bit of a subject with east a GPS in a clock, of then has loved the use in careers. Have mapped Out of a normal career does in of the miles, and a sample usually thinks is anywhere of .6 miles to .9 miles. No the enormous shot, but would have been a lot the dial he besides with accuracy.

In general highly recommends this clock.
4 / 5 Phyliss
Colour: Smoke/BlueWatch is sportive and feels comfortable in an arm. It can change among applications quite fast but the life of battery is terrible. Hardly I can take the day out of him with minimum use. No the breaker to treat but has expected something better.
4 / 5 Zona
Colour: Smoke/BlueI bought and is returned a Sport of Fossil Ready Clock, mainly reason is too much work . A life of battery is terrible, yes could do he by means of the day, but a lot much more. I have touched a battery to 100 before it takes for bed. When Have despertador up was in 84. Besides, I had it three days, and each day something has been bad:

Day 1 - On 6PM, a Fossil would not control a music in mine iPhone. I touch/pause multiple time until it does.

Day 2 - has Been to a theatre and dip a clock in Way of Saver of the Faculty with 43 power. After a show, a sample any 'wake on' until I gave it more can, in the point still has 43 power. At least a power has been saved!

Day 3 - A Bluetooth the connection has been lost. I have maintained to take 'Connection Unsuccessful', when trying reconnect my iPhone. I toggled on/of a bluetooth in both a telephone and clock. I clicked in a name of low clock Bluetooth in a telephone. Has restart a clock. At all.

Finally, I manuals of amour. All can do with you the new product in a place. I any one need the printout, but love the PDF, the web of place something... Unfortunately, there is at all for a clock of Fossil. There are six icons in a cup of a screen... And nowhere it can discover that his all bad. Any value an endeavour.
4 / 5 Britney
Colour: Smoke/BlackNice looking clock. It likes that it runs Of Wear of Google YOU. Marcos of battery he by means of a day easily and then I recharge every night. This is not to treat it big reason I recharge my telephone every night like this now my telephone and the clock is a lot afterwards to the each one like this another. Utilisation to follow my walks, careers, workouts. It likes-me a concept of points of heart and minutes of movement with the one of-emphisis in no. have paid of use of Google in mine looks which is convenient. Utilisation Pandora like the remote when that runs panor of my telephone. This law adds reason can listen my music like this always with my telephone and Bluetooth auricular while I workout has bitten can so only look in my clock to see that song is touching and does not have to that pull my telephone out of my pocket and unlock.
4 / 5 Truman
Colour: Smoke/BlueI esees there is wanted always the smartwatch. It was intrigued for some a lot of different models that has been produced recently like a Motorola and the looks of Apple concealed enjoys the reputation adds in spite of his prizes empinados..
This clock is marked occasionally down ( has seen he for the special available price of $ 199 new) and is to good sure abordable so that it is. I have not spent never more than $ 200 in the smartphone to the equal that was bit it hesitant to spend an equal quantity in the device that supplements and confidences to the telephone that the majority of a work...
Are like this happy that has taken a risk and is so only be for him. A Gene of Fossil 4 Sport is the fantastic device - is the waterproof computer spent in a wrist, after all.
Sure, has not called of telephone and he I any 'game ' music for so it is being missing of any class of start of his outside (simply calms can not have the sample be drawn to swim laps And touching music of the water-resistant speaker; there is no such thing with current technology) but does not seat to like concealed is the enormous inconvenience .
Personally, is very unlikely for me to be touching in my wrist, opening the call (which is spam, of nine of each ten times, these days) and that speaks in my wrist while it resists my ear to the tiny speakerphone while it asks that ridiculous I looks the strangers listens my conversation. Ossia Also like chair in people those who constantly has his Apple earbuds stuck in his boss. You are listening to the now same music? You are in the call of telephone?
These accessories are built to help movement and function without our telephones in our hands constantly, without our expensive glued to screens.
Has walked to a local 7-Eleven for some second time have moved of then to a neighbourhood and I am not had to that pull my telephone out of my pocket once during my walk: I have looked in the mine looks which has vibrated every time was to do the turn. It can not ask anything more.
Am looking forward to that it uses a function of Maps while they locate my bicycle - any need to attach your telephone to the equal that can look in yours unfamiliar street: just gaze in you Fossil smartwatch!
(Notes lateralmente: it does not use a 'always-on screen' neither a control of constant heart rate work which is reason I estimativas a battery five plot of folks complain in a battery that dies but the mine tends to last the majority of a day!!)
5 / 5 Ivy
Colour: Smoke/Bluelet is taking directly to a definite fails, reason with east fails does a lot of need to speak on some pluses for this clock. FAILURE: unreliable time keeper. Of here, you can this still be considered the 'clock'? nope.

Of day1 this clock (fully up to date, any installed additional application excepts enable google pay then discovers that it is not sustained in my country in spite of google the paid maintains in my country IN TELEPHONE. Shining google) will freeze randomly daily, as has an intrinsic code in there for the freezing at random time. A watchface will aim the time frozen perpetually (at the same time choose freezing) and at all can salvage a situation excepts to HARD REBOOT the.

With him failing included one THE MAJORITY OF basic function of the clock, wins my star of zero (to 1 star is an on-compliment, unable reason to rid indication of 0 stars). Of those who scrape-up? Fossil quite sure will signal toe in google wear and google will signal toe in fossil. It says signal your middle fingers in both of them. The clear stay.

Top Customer Reviews: Fossil Gen 5 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Jenee
Colour: Black A Good:
-Easy to dip up and pair and sync with my iPhone 8 More
-Big exposure partorisca easy readability
-Fast processor and good quantity of RAM
-no of Clues and heart rate
-Tonnes of customizations by means of Wear of Google iOS application
-life of Long battery, easily takes the whole day
-the speaker is quite strong
-has Been to swim he with him and any subject
-Good value

A Bad:
-A lot of

An Inferior Line:
has a Clock of Apple also but this Gene of Fossil 5 Carlyle the clock that Fray of the careers of Google is taking very together. I have been that spends this clock for some last 2 weeks and is fantastic. It is stylish and all my Apple Looks does. I have not had any subjects that use my iPhone 8 More and that uses this clock. He syncs well and can customise a clock that master (faces of clock, keys, etc.) A clock is to good sure swimproof to the equal that have gone to swim he with him and any subject. An exposure is big and a lot readable. A speaker is quite strong in this clock and surprised some first time have listened an assistant of Google. A subject main has had with other clocks of Google are is sometimes extremely slow. This Fossill Gene 5 clock has solved that question, has no lag more probably reasons are bent a quantity of RAM . In general, you recommend this Gene of Fossil 5 Carlyle the clock for him is action and way.

Has found my useful description, please the amazon to the left knows for clicking an useful key down!

Disclosure: I have received the product of sample of a program of Vine of the Amazon for a sincere and unbiased description.
5 / 5 Elnora
Colour: I surround it Fast Black: 4.7 stars, partorisca operation and of the characteristic is, in a cost of life of battery (fixable)
has been moment to years to upgrade my LG Urban. I have known that samples with a late plus Qualcomm the processor has come, and patiently has resisted was partorisca they. Finally, they are here!

This clock is almost perfect. Has all some characteristic had been moment for - smooth operation, the screen adds with car brightness, impressive waterproofing, and NFC payments. I have not tried a waterproofing, but a rest of these elements rid to the equal that has promised. Especially I am enjoying a NFC payments! One transports-brightness works well, with a sun booster the doing easy to use in brilliant sun , directed.

HAS the speaker, but usually disable his in a clock because ossia part of a reason because it spends - discreet notifications. But it is there yes and when calm the want. Calm included can take audio of call of the telephone in a clock, although I have not tried that still. I am not sure if some works of microphone of the clock with calls of telephone, but if a clock and telephone mic is both on then the things could take the little odd for another person.

HAS a Google usual characteristic Apt, and has a capacity to control your heartbeat all day in a fund. I thought that it that it was the orderly characteristic, until I have discovered that my life of battery. It does not think a sample could survive for 12 hours with these skills. Felizmente, is not the must-have characteristic for me, like the disabled and so only take my heart rate specifically when I love it.

Cela Me ameno To a so only downside of this clock. A battery has the hard time that maintains up with all a fresh material a clock can do. Felizmente, can do something in that. If it is taste, can spend for of all some settings and disable things very precise or cure roughly, likes control of background heart, tilt-to-wake and 'A lot of Google' listening. These things have extended a life of battery to the point where can do it he by means of the full day with roughly 1/4 life left when I put to bed me.

If I do not want to gone back of characteristics individually, there is the little saver of ways of battery that would owe for you. I seat it likes him to him he disables the little too much for daily use, but would be utmost for travesas short without the upload.

A sample also there is quickly touching, as you are running down and have your to upload handy the will not take long for takes it has on touched. I have listened it takes an hour to go of zero to full, but has not tried this.

Physically, a clock is noticeably lighter that Urban mine, he doing more comfortable that spend. I have found a version of black silicone to be one the majority of comfortable, but has purchased a version of stainless steel for some looks. The bands are 22mm and easily changeable, especially remain you with mark of Fossil.

Like some three keys lateralmente to plot! A half one extracted a Wear regulates calm works, but has it rotating cups that rolls a screen on and down. I have not known this, and was has surprised felizmente when I have imagined was! Some other two keys are assignable to whichever the applications want to, another utmost characteristic. I have attributed pay of Google to an upper and Settings to a fund.

In general, ossia a clock was while to, and has bought one the few days with which was liberto. Highly I recommend it if you are in a phase, so that there is at all better there in a space of Wear of the Android.
5 / 5 Hubert
Colour: Smoked This smartwatch is awesome. Has has had so only he partorisca 2 days now and has for far surpassed my expectations. It is really fast. The life of battery is perfect partorisca my lifestyle. I can not find the failure in this clock. It is perfect in my opinion. If you are debating in this clock and a ticwatch pro, to good sure go with east a. A ticwatch is dulcemente, buggy and laggy. I have had he partorisca the week and was miserable. A gene of fossil 5 clock could be extra money but is more then validates he. A sample of Apple finally has the worthy competitor. A lot the fossil does well! Calm the fantastic work with this clock. It maintains on an amazing work!!
4 / 5 Yuko
Colour: Smoked Well, partorisca begin I so only moved of a iOS ecosystem in world-wide of Android, and love my new, shiny Samsung Commentaries of Galaxy 10. So much, this Gene of Fossil 5 date of emission was Godsend partorisca coincide with my decision partorisca change to Android and Note 10 emission like my Clock of the old apple no with my telephone of new Android.

Absolutely floored for a slender creation of Clock of Fossil, that easily connects with my Note 10. To the wise aesthetics the taste more than of my Clock of Apple; still it take praises in the very looks.

And a fascination only prey there. I wish a screen could be more more brilliant. It has dipped a brightness in 5 (maximum) this in spite of thinks is not quite brilliant. And a life of battery. Inside just 6 hours of use, my clock is touched to lose of 100 to 24! Well, a clock boasts of 'Along' and 'Time So only' ways further of a way 'Daily' (with all some the ready characteristics enabled). You look in a way 'Long' that dips to discover that all some characteristics are dipped is gone in a clock except can paste a crown to wake on your clock, the notifications and the vibrations are On, and a Bluetooth is available of 6 ARE - 10 PM so only. All some fresh options, likes Speaker, WiFi, Touch-to-wake, Tilt-to-Wake, NFC, WELL Google relieves the options are disabled.

Comes on; I have bought the ready clock for the reason. Otherwise, $ 295 active fetched me it a lot of stunning and effective sample a lot ready.

Has left is not even imagine the one who a third, 'Time So only', the option would turn my clock to. Perhaps, every time I have required to see time in my clock, has had to call cure of client of the Fossil and then they active there is enabled neither an exposure for 10 second or have me so only says in a telephone that has loved to know of my clock!

Perhaps, are by train to be hard but can do not helping when I am coming from the perfectly a lot smartwatch (Sample of Apple) that no with telephones of Android, and rests so only to this.

Fossil, llamas to do in a drainage of battery and brightness things like things of upper priority to fix in this clock. Otherwise, so only will finalise with to to the clients likes him of the one who is not everything happy with this compraventa. I will not recommend this clock, at least any until the fossil fixed a subject of battery in a minimum!
4 / 5 Gillian
Colour: Black I so only am giving 1 star partorisca a worse creation . Everytime Bends Your wrist , key partorisca be able the taking pressed and transmissions of telephone was... I can it does not create the types have not tried never a creation of clock properly. I will not buy never fossil again if it do not change.
4 / 5 Kym
Colour: Black has bought this clock partorisca a main purpose partorisca use an assistant of Google. Unfortunately my experience has not been sum. 1st question an assistant has actuated my telephone in my assistant of pockets that be in my pocket does not help me a lot a lot of. As any real 'a lot of google' the support has seen a clock. After yes it calms simply click an assistant of Google in a clock was a lot of dulcemente compared to a same thing in mine telephone and he didnt look to comprise me also that does this characteristic even more pocola practical, a speaker is like this calm same in the full volume can ail here a feedback of assistants although you comprised, as if the assistant of Google is that it is buying paralizaciones east ...Calm can not be happy with some results.
In general has been disappointed really with it buggy a wearos the software in a clock was, would be ashamed was Google . I seat bad partorisca Fossil because they have done the really good sample full of Google buggyness. A battery is a lot almost the joke, has known yes that first to buy but believed it could not be like this bad like all some descriptions have said. Well it take the averages the use of days and no half all the characteristics on, but has had more. You can turn of it stirs it of settings to take long life but then some results of clock so only the clock and any a lot of the ready clock. And has the dim the same screen when dipped to maximum brightness.
Calm fossil the good work with that has has had to that do with in of the considerations to processor of technology of the battery and operating system. If these 3 things have not been a subject would give Fossil he 4.5 out of 5 stars.
5 / 5 Luanne
Colour: Terrible Black. A life of battery is still bad. I have finalised partorisca return the reason there would be stop and dip the on one uploads two times the day. Ossia One 5th show of Wear has purchased. Always it finalises like such the disappointing experience. It fray still need partorisca fix a question of life of the battery.
4 / 5 Demetrius
Colour: Black Experience this new clock of Amazon. First clock dies inner few hours of property. You DO not TOUCH . The amazon sends ours the unit of substitution. I take a full day of use out of him. Again you DO not TOUCH . These things are defective. The stay was until they recognise and fix a subject. This is not my first Wear of looks of Android in that possessed the so much a Motorola clock and Ticwatch And. Both of these units have done utmost. I have lost confidence in of the products of Fossil and will not be that it returns a unit of transmission partorisca the repayment.
5 / 5 Adelina
Colour: Smoked has had a telephone partorisca roughly 3 weeks now and loves that!

These are in any particular order. Hope These helps!

1) The exposure is beautiful
2) the speed is a lot responsive
3) A sample bezel leave you to cruised a paper quickly
4) life of Battery. To take the day or 2 out of this need of clock of sure characteristics to be verified and turned of. A sensor of heart rate there is pulsing green lights. When Calm 1st taking this these constantly are that they take the reading also that kills a battery.
A) has to that turn a Heart-sensor to register Always-on dipping Is gone in Access of Google. This has not been inuitive
B) The majority of a time my GPS is Was unless I am using an Application of Map
C) has Dipped your settings of battery to facts partorisca commission so it can control whats using your battery
D) When calm 1st taking this a life of a battery sucks. With which 4 or 5 balance of load was to 1 to 2 days to use first to touch.
And) Has my brightness together with a big plus in 5 and does not see the significant drain in a battery. I a lot really like one transports brightness characteristic.

5) Want to having Maps of Google in my wrist!
6) that has taken of Google can answer questions and cruised a clock(sometimes).
7) easily connects to a telephone. Personally I am using a Mate 10 Pro.
8) A Metal clasp a law like the stand and you can have one touching puck tucked in a half.


1) Has the curve to learn and his mostly a software
2) has to that Fray of Android of the update and a tent of game out of a box.
3) that has taken of Google any cruised all characteristic of clock and papers but the majority.
4) the tent of Game is limited but there is the mini application of Youtube, compass, maps and applications of available fitness
5) quality of Speaker. Well for music. Static-And for calls of telephone. ( I still need the disorder with these to see yes am doing something wrong) but a bit those that call them have done was horrendous still has said so it has touched well in his final.
6) Attended an ecosystem of the wear of the Android improves.
4 / 5 Xiomara
Colour: Black has been that spends a Clock of Apple nonstop partorisca the years of pair now but always partorisca note like there is had to that sacrifice the one of fashion has bitten to do like this. It have listened of this beautiful new Fossil and has taken a jump to give tries it.

Has Had he for the few days now and certainly still learning all some work - but loves it! A lot lustrous & fashionable look, near simple on, easy-to-comprise functions that more than matching my Clock of Apple, clear exposure, the faces of clock adds. I have read other descriptions but there is not founding a life of battery to be any different that Apple neither could retorted any subjects with the keys that is pressed by my wrist.

In short - is the add upgrade of Apple. They are really happy with him!

Top Customer Reviews: Samsung Gear S3 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Frances
I have been that loves the ready clock for the while now and finally decided partorisca pull a trigger. My criterion my big plus was that it was necessary to be reasonably sized, reasonably priced, has GPS, and be able to have off-line maps. It liked Really a look of of a Train S3 Flange and some clocks of Galaxy (sinister is to be real - a new 42mm clock of Galaxy in black is basically the little brother of a Flange), and LOVE a rotating bezel.

Has tried out of both a S3 Flange and a clock of Galaxy and wine to some following conclusions.
1) Look - A fashion of both clocks is very alike (that it can see it photo of product).
2) Measured - a 46mm the clock of Flange is obviously main that a 42mm Galaxy. A sale of the clock in a Flange is fatter and has the fashion slightly wider that has done main of look that in fact is. I have finalised to buy the smallest band resembled a fashion in a Galaxy partorisca remedy this. For me, a 42mm to the galaxy wins in measures. A screen was so only slightly smaller, but a sample like the whole was much smaller (to the equal that can see pictures of comparison). A thickness of some two clocks is in some same.
3) Rotating Bezel - I found a bezel in a Flange was easier for me to use. It is slightly main that a one in a Galaxy, and some notch in a side is main. A Galaxy bezel access to a face of a clock bit it more smoothly, as I owe that rotate he of a cup of a clock, while in a Flange can rotate he for a part or upper.
4) Navigation of Navigation by means of a different widgets and the applications was very intuitive in both clocks. You can use a bezel or touchscreen to move by means of elements, and some two keys in a side to select and cruised.
5) Maps - finally this was an element that has touched some stairs in favour of a Flange for me. There is an application can download called HERE WeGo that it resupplies directions of your location to your fate. A lot resembled those Maps of law of the Google. This in spite of, also sustains an off-line functionality where can download you maps of a zone (state / province / etc.) As calm his the available without being connected to your telephone. A downside to ossia that does not have the satellite or topographic view, but has tried was locally and some trails have taken was all on there. So I go partorisca hike to somewhere and take stray, has the general idea of where are - I that can see on a map. When I have tried HERE WeGo in a clock of the new galaxy no unless you are connected to a telephone, reason calms can not download off-line maps to a Galaxy. I have verified with his crew of the support and they have said will consider partorisca a future (but concealed does not help me now).

Has finalised finally maintain a S3 the flange and that returns a Galaxy. A Galaxy has won on measured and waterproof indication, but so only could not justify spending almost curves in a Galaxy when it do not fulfil one of my criterion my big plus (the off-line maps). It is no Suunto or Garmin or Casio, but partorisca a point of prize fulfils my needs like the clock of GPS.
4 / 5 Kizzie
This has begun was as to 5 description of star. A Train S3 paired with my Galaxy S6 perfectly and has done well. You call them they were clear, notifications of texts, Google Hangouts, etc done add until November 2017 when an update has taken out of the notifications that look in a screen of clock. Incoming Call and notification of calendar any text. $ 300+ Partorisca the wearable that reads in the course is not lovely. And it has not had any endeavour of the Samsung partorisca solve a subject. Very disappointing.
4 / 5 Deadra
Well My new? The clock is gone in today. I have opened a box has taken a sample was and has been partorisca take a rest of a material out of a box and ossia like finding one uploads boss. ( It sees picture) Obviously this is to use!!! That! Really? Raisin that a lot money and take the element has used. I have bought this first go in vacacional and now take the clock has used . Wow!!!
4 / 5 Tawanna
Are the Big Defender of Samsung, but like this disappointed with this clock. It was partorisca add some premiers two months, now a real time is always was and his constantly flipping in any screen. His I so that annoying. Has the GPS of Garmin and like this appreciated partorisca an insurance to the equal that have learnt of the mine first compraventa that these elements am not repairable like this almost every year, am taking the new a. Appearance this is not a chance with this clock, is less than 4 month and no longer is doing properly! It can any one shares any help?
4 / 5 Elvina
This clock is absolutely incredible. It is seriously he almost likes having the second telephone. Typically when I see something announced like soyilitary quality' think his in disposal partorisca be the POS that pauses in 3 months, as the majority of crew in a soldato done. But I am military and has had this partorisca almost 4 or 5 month now and resists on adds partorisca an use and abuse (the data has glass revenido partorisca he).

Was also quite skeptical of a control of water. This in spite of, a day, when being in the massive haste, rain with him on. Not even the only glitch. A subject only was water would go in some speakers and discharges on a noise ( has had music touching), inevitably giving me the attack of heart, but then bursts clear and was perfectly well. ( You blow in some speakers, a water will come well was).

Exposed of pictures GORGEOUSLY, although it was hard partorisca my telephone to direct in his screen. Partorisca Transfer photo (and music) the use requires an application of clock in your telephone. Real fast process, but be mindful does not have to that it weaves of storage.

Still absolutely flawless. Ossia My first ready clock to the equal that am blown enough was. It take the really dapper Pipboy (Fallout) expensive of clock. There are TONNES of faces of clock partorisca choose of apart from a basic some.
5 / 5 Henry
Has been using my Train S3 Embroiders mine 'Dick Tracy' sample partorisca a past 2 week and I have to that say is the pleasure . I have done and it has received llama via a clock so only partorisca have an experience of the do; it is not an idea because partorisca do the things but utmost in the pinch. I run some following applications in my clock: Telephone, Contacts, Samsung Health, Time, Samsung has paid, Player of Music, Memories, Tall-Barometer, Scheduler, Alarm, World-wide clock, Gallery and of course find my telephone. Have Also setup two different Calendars partorisca send the notification to a clock also.
A telephone law adds but does not want to converse my wrist all a time, and can move a call has answered in your clock to your telephone, which is that I a time, was easy. Contact, does not have any a lot of to say in that. Samsung The health is well, calm said when you are trace the together of stairs, while some stairs is 10 feet more. It counts your steps, are in 4200 today and my aim is 6500, and an aim is easy to change. Monitor of heart rate is very calm so only require spend a sample the little tighter that calm be likely use to. I have found a heart rate partorisca be attentive to my metre\of oxygen of the wrist. A time is like this attentive likes accuweather is. Samsung The Works partorisca pay so only likes them paid of of apple, easy to use and any question partorisca inform. The player of music is more when your clock is paired with the Bluetooth headset. I have not lost the meeting of a Scheduler has moved my wrist. An Alarm, well is an alarm and wake you up. A World-wide clock is useful of then I time zones partorisca change when I travel, now I any one wake a woman partorisca call when it is slept. A Gallery is a so only a think is class of beast, a face of clock is small partorisca really seeing the picture.
My main worry was a life of battery ; with all these applications that do there what and an always in expensive of the clock has turned was am taking 4 days of use out of a battery of clock. It was not that it is if a face of clock was always on but will be partorisca try the punctual.
Does not like Me the face of cluttered clock, my current one has a time, date and state of battery porcentual. Has 9 another looks the faces has tent in my clock to the equal that am ready . There is clock very free faces available.
Are happy has selected a Samsung Train S3 clock.
For a way my first called of clock was to my edges of mine young plus, that has a same clock, has known no that until I said answered my call via his S3 clock.
Believe you will be happy with this clock.
4 / 5 Jeromy
This clock is almost perfect. I will outline a Pros and Gilipollas down, but could very easily do of the transmissions of application as, in my alcohol, would do east the five product of star. I am not sure it was the Google or Samsung transmission, but dip this clock averts.

- Some looks. They are 6', to half build and think the look adds. As with the a lot of modern clocks is big, but no too big in my opinion.
- Tactile Feels. It Likes him a rotating bezel. Partorisca me Is intuitive to use and click in amiably. A touchscreen is responsive and attentive. Partorisca me Wish a rear key was an inferior key , but coached once is the no-@@subject.
- Exposure. Really well it is looking. When Used in an always on the way has had the multiple people say me has not had any idea was the digital clock .
- Function. It averts of a a that imports with down, a sample all require it to seamlessly. Calm the alert am timely and there is almost zero lag in functions. Everything flows amiably and some shortcuts are utmost.
- Samsung Has paid! I have been using SP in mine S7 Flange partorisca quite the moment and is like this more effective in a clock. It is faster (any fingerprint) and looks of mine partorisca do of distance more orders that a telephone. It is class of ape some of any looks tellers give you when paid with your clock. (The long will say that to something likes, oh does not have to that here. -BEEP- Wow, like this Calm that.)
- Life of battery. In the first place to the left say me I typically run a clock with Always On has turned was. Occasionally I turn it on, but partorisca me typically leaves was. My normal daily procedure is partorisca spend a sample all day and then at night partorisca follow my sleep. When Awake to rain and eat desayunar will take a sample was ( is usually of the 70-80 has touched still) and the situate in one load. For a time I boss out of a door partorisca work is of tower in 100.

- A one Question of first order has with this clock is a lack of integration with Google. I can not wrap my boss around reason this is to dip on this way, but is a lot frustrating. I consider the user of Google has weighed. Unfortunately I have it has had to that take using a Google GMail and applications of Messenger. A reason there is prendido using them is can receive and answered the messages of these applications, but calm can not initiate the message. It is really too bad reason partorisca me is far better that a S7 the messenger and program of email of the flange. Also I NEED to see the programs like this of the Maps ran natively in a clock. Yes it has the alternative mapping programs can install in a clock, but fall far courts of the own applications of Google. This clock would be the hands down 5 device partorisca star if the applications of Google have run natively on that.
- Another subject has had occasionally is a clock that recognises am looking in him and turning a screen on (ossia with Always On has turned was). It was not to a way I control my arm, wrist, or something more am doing wrong; but from time to time I owe that paste the key or turn a bezel partorisca turn in a screen.

In general am very impressed with a clock. It feels free to ask any questions or leave any commentaries.
5 / 5 Corrinne
After thinking in of the this and having this clock partorisca almost the REALLY HATE THIS CLOCK! I have had a Train 2 and a backside of a clock has broken so that it do not touch I so that it has thought I upgrade to this model. Deception. This model does not have camera like leading model. It does not return well in one uploads included although it thinks that that it does. It finds that it does not touch the averages a time. Calm can not change several settings of security! There is any way to take around entering the pin enabled you once this looks like this every time dipped quell'on has to that enter a nails. Then I do not dip it on a lot I stagnate in my wrist comes partorisca lose and arrival that has to enter it a nails NUMEROUS time each day. An only way around the this is partorisca the dipped in leaves like this tight the mark in an end of a day. I have had to buy the band of different clock to included be able to do east. In general I desire has had my old a backside.
5 / 5 Han
Updating this description: with which an Android newer UPDATE this clock is unusable. Samsung Has failed partorisca take his application that read partorisca of the new YOU version during a period of beta. If you plough an application in yours telephone after updating some results of clock disconnected and unable to be repaired likes the application has an accident so only. While troubleshooting a subject I reset a sample behind the factory like this now is totally unusable same like the basic clock of then owes pair he first. An only thing can do is partorisca flash my telephone to take it behind to a forward YOU which risk bricking my telephone. Ossia The good @@subject known partorisca month that is failing partorisca fix. $ 350 sample now worthless.
4 / 5 Herb
In the first place - I amour a clock and use he partorisca alert of text, partorisca see the one who is calling without pulling my telephone out of my pocket, music of audio/of the control to my wireless headphones (paired thru Galaxy of mine S7 Flange), counter of any, etc. Exactly that has loved in the ready clock. I have wanted to you love/ it That.

There is enjoyed that it use my clock daily partorisca -14 month with life of good battery during a day and would touch it on a OEM upload in mine nightstand every night... Then a day my life of battery would drain almost 50 interior so only the hours of pair without transmission in of the models of use or software or anything.

Has contacted Samsung Service of Client partorisca try troubleshoot a question - there was ship to his centre of service. We said me to knots that precise the update of software, one is behind state broken and the reparation has required, and that has required partorisca substitute a battery. Then we notify me that my guarantee there is expired so only on done the month and side me -$ 75 partorisca some reparations.

After doing some investigation has found that it is quite common partorisca a battery to swell during touching and break a rear glass and cause a battery partorisca drain quickly.

Samsung Would have recognised a defect of manufacture and fixed a question in his cost - would have been it an inconvenience but I would have forgiven everything. Has this in spite of stick to a guarantee and said partorisca pay up or would return my clock a-has repaired. Very disappointing.

Top Customer Reviews: Garmin Venu, GPS ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Verline
I have been using trackers of fitness partorisca several years now, beginning with a Fitbit Flex, then a Band of Microsoft, Band of Microsoft 2, Fitbit Ionic, and now a Garmin Comes. I always gravitate more the fitness-has directed-devices like opposed to application-directed martwatches' like clockwork of Apple or Samsung Sample of Galaxy, reason there is never really seen an appeal partorisca read informative or navigating the mapea that use the tiny screen in my wrist. While it likes- one option partorisca install applications and add-ons, is more than entity of mine that a device follows my sleep, heart rate, any one and workouts, and that he everything of these good things. With that in alcohol, am quite happy with my Come after the weeks of pair of the possess, but has the little caveats.

- A life of battery is at least like this as well as it has announced. With an always on way of wrist and disabled exposure ox that follows enabled so only while sleeping, am taking 5+ days in the load. A race-to-wake the functionality is responsive enough to not being bothersome, but also can have an exposure always in slope of the activities so only, which resupplies the good engaged among life of maximum battery and maximum ease of use.

- The accuracy of GPS is generally orders. It looks to be the noticeable the improvement has compared to a Fitbit Ionic, which was quite good but has had the tendency to cut corners.

- A workout the exposure aims 4 different data fields in the each screen, and can customise a creation, mandate and number of screens. I do not have he too many transmissions still, but taste having to that an option, and to good sure taste having to that screens of multiple with several fields for screen have compared to an Ionic is selection quite limited.

- Accuracy of sum of looks of the heart rate. I have not done any real comparison against other devices, but DC Rainmaker the tests have aimed good results and intuitively feels attentive mine.

- I amour a fitness-has oriented to the characteristic likes them objective of of the car (which rule an aim based in your leading action) and Bus of Garmin (although has has not used still a last at length).

- Is one of a bit those that devices of Garmin that has the screen to touch, which still prefers of the perspective of usability. Touchscreens In the devices of fitness can be finnicky and questions to cause hangs it activities, especially when it is raining or is swimming, but a Come the software looks very drawn to avert these questions. Especially, there is any way to take or take an activity that use a screen to touch, which is the seeds-common question in Fitbit and Apple Spettacoli.

- A clock has built in support for a lot of different activities, all duquel actuate first-support of the class in a website of League of the Garmin and also sync properly with Strava. Ossia The big one for me, reason two of my main annoyances with a Fitbit Ionic was that lacking of support for skiing and snowboarding, and that a Fitbit the web of place will not export activity without data of GPS (i.et. Heart rate-only activities), meaning such activities could not be synced the Strava.

- Notifications of telephone and the data has connected, p. p.ej. A time widget, looks to do reliably. I owe that a lot included it has to that mention this, excepts that in mine Fitbit Ionic an application to time never fact, how is good to have the time widget that in fact does now.

- Third applications of party, widgets and fields of the data in a Connect IQ the tent can add additional functionality. I especially like an idea to be able to add fields of the data done to commission the activities of builds, although I did not use it still.

- A prize! $ 400 it Is quite empinado, especially when it can take a series of Clock of the Apple 3 paralizaciones less than $ 200. A Fitbit Ionic is also down to $ 230 now, and although it has to that it weaves of flus roughly the, is still the quite good sample if not to impose you some of an activity-concrete shortcomings has mentioned on. [ Modification: it excepts now that Google has purchased Fitbit, would not buy to his ecosystem.]

- No eBike activity, as it can not distinguish among walks of normal bicycle and eBike walks in Connecting. You can very included dipped this late plus in a website of League, included although it sustains a lot of different types of cycling.

- Any support to swim of open water, included although Garmin sustains this in other devices with a same GPS chipset, accelerometer, etc. has said of another way,, does not think has any reason this clock could not sustain swimming of open water, but Garmin is withholding a characteristic like the prize differentiator. It is annoying this Garmin this, and feels anachronistic of the always free apple new WatchOS updates to the oldest devices.

- Similarly, other devices of Garmin have to that it weaves of the characteristics of good software likes effect of coach, altitude and heat acclimation, etc. That it could be it be comprise in this device but has not been. I will cut Garmin the little more slack for east of then is authorising this characteristic of FirstBeat, like this probably pay more for characteristic, but at least in that give an option to pay for this extra functionality without falling another $ 200+ in the Fenix the device would have been well.

- Also a lot widget the gaze sees as it maintains in a Fenix 6 series. Scrolling (those attack) by means of several widgets can be tedious when you are looking for the cement a.

- Sleeps to follow the accuracy is quite poor. Determining the quality of sleep is probably more than an art that the science in all the chance, but Fitbit looks to be noticeably better in him. Like this, Wrist Ox does not match some readings take of the toe-device of clip, and 'Battery of Organism' the quite useless looks.

- Has any way to filter notification to only sure applications. Fitbit Is ready roughly this in this he defaults to texts and of the only calls and perhaps the handful external, and has to that manually enable other applications, which prevents calm to take dozens of notifications in your wrist. With Garmin, is neither everything on or all was. Also, notification for more the applications so only aim the generic icon based in the category of an application, more than an icon of real application, which Fitbit shows.

- A 'Glass of Gorilla' the screen does not look a lot of resilient. The mine already has the small scratch on he still although I have been taking the extra worries a lot to break my new toy. ☹ Buy the protective screen.

- A Connect IQ the application of Tent has been broken for me never of then has taken a clock . A main Connects works of application, but no a Tent. Calm felizmente can do around this to install the applications of one Connect IQ put web. Also, notwithstanding that has said roughly a lot really that worries in smartwatch applications, one Connects IQ the ecosystem of application is at all to write home roughly, and to the plot of some applications has very poor UI creation.

That it could it to it look enough the small 'gilipollas' for the description of 4 stars, but is mostly nitpicks. In general one Coming feels like a upgrade of the mine Fitbit Ionic, and would recommend it to any that looks for the fitness-has directed smartwatch to the point of reasonable prize. This has said, esasonable' is relative, and while a Come is abordable compared to a Fenix or MARQ serious, $ 400 is still enough the bit of money for the ready clock.

Is looking for The most detailed analysis of the athlete the serious plus, the control was DC Rainmaker impressions (will not link his ballast takes taken in a spam filter, but yes looks for 'Garmin Comes with AMOLED Exposure: All calm has not Loved Never Knows', will find) or attended for his full description.
5 / 5 Berry
Has bought this reason have thinks that has required a upgrade of the mine garmin forerunner 230. This version is fashionable and looks smaller in my wrist, which is a thing has expected paralizaciones. Another thing was VERY INTERESTED in era a characteristic of music. I have used a characteristic of music for the races and he have done perfectly. I have not had my telephone with me on these careers and a music downloaded in my clock was perfect! A life of battery like this far are add, with the first full load of the 5k - using GPS and a characteristic of music - my clock is gone down to 90 life of battery. They are very satisfied with that! I love this clock and I am like this happy bought it. It is a perfect combination of GPS and shows ready that clock of career!
5 / 5 Liana
Ossia My prime minister garmin.
Has has possessed previously fitbits and the samsung train fit2.

I of the that usually descriptions of the estaca but I have researched alot to decide in that spent this clock to the equal that has imagined has to that read descriptions so much and helped like reason any one the to help a lot they possibly.
Has has had so only a sample on for some last few days but like this far are in that want to it!
Has used he multiple slope workouts comprising running external with a GPS and was attentive!
I amour like returns, is mine very light. It feels well in my wrist.
The hips looks beautiful!!
That was the big thing for me shabby my clock of fitness prójima.
My last a (the fitnit ionic) was to good sure very a lot enough, as have has wanted to one would feel well roughly spending 24/7.
The hips has a garmin characteristic of bus.
Which Are to add reasons go to be doing my prime minister 1/2 marathon and I know goes to be add in helping me the conquer!
A life of battery has been sum! This was another big deciding factor for me.
Has looked for the clock that has known that could dip on gps and go in common/hiking/to walk for the day and any to concern in a battery that drains too quickly to do to an end of mine workout.
I wont has to that concern roughly that with east.
(But neither has listened the music, like this perhaps with gps and music a battery would drain much faster, has not tried that unemployment)
is still in train for the expect still rests to 5 star for me.
Will go back other weeks of pair and update my description.
4 / 5 Benito
Good-looking clock; this in spite of a heart rate of wrist is way that a lot of another irrelevant statistics. Ossia A lot disappointing for the very expensive clock.
4 / 5 Shirley
Had been using the Fitbit Arises for several years. When An integrated sale has failed resupplied it refurbished unit of substitution. I have found a Sleep and the movement that follows a lot of motivator, but a proprietary band and process of unstable synchrony that frustrates. When A second band has begun to fall, has considered a Fitbit Uploads 3, but then an acquisition of Google has been announced.

Looked in several pure trackers but decided to give this ready clock tries it. My initial impression is in plot more but has the bit of the curve to learn. But my main complaints in mine leading arises is not a subject, of uses regular bands and syncs automatically without being has asked. Like a miser walker, has been thrilled to see the much more extended cast of trackable activity.

A unit looks very cleaned and stylish, and is the low profile in my wrist to the equal that interfere less with my bosses. A sleep that follows is detailed more and time of shows in each level of sleep has perceived: deep, REM, and light. Also tip your taxes of respite and movement. Adding more the monitors reduces life of battery of excellent to something less, but doing uploads it rule while the rain maintains there is topped up.

Come from walk the 10K in of the days are not in a gymnasium, and Come has a lot of activity to continue comprising walking. You can use a web of place of Garmin to join the random group of alike interest, follows your activity and stick your results. A leaderboard can be the motivator for a lot.

Are very pleased with this Come and will take some time to learn regarding the use and will update to to the subjects like to them the life of battery, Bluetooth and Spotify playlists.
5 / 5 Terese
Is returned this clock to Amazon reason was defective (sees down). For some reason can a lot of fathom to the amazon gave the paper of present more than returning of the money my paper crediticia. His this still although his page of mandate specifically be (still now) that of the money would be returned to a paper crediticia touched (Amazon First paper). I have called in of the this and has been said that there it remark could do 'the computer he any one will leave to repayment your money.' Now it is said to dip ing one load. It has taken the scrren shot of a receipt. That has spent to Amazon?


Returning it. Perhaps it take to uselessness , but this an is not announced like this. The life of battery is the averages a quantity announced and concealed is with each characteristic has turned was and down. 4 To 5 days was the big factor in cost of mine, if I have loved 1 or 2 days would have gone with a Galaxy. The music is terrible headed to earbuds. Twists in and was every second. I have walked 15000 no, 7.2 MINE, and has taken the burn of 2200 calories. Hanged 240 pounds and have the BMR of 2300 calories so only seating in mine butt. Perhaps ossia reason has like this the material has turned was. Also, it looks to require the pairing every time loses to touch with my telephone.

Does not take Me bad this clock has some characteristic is. A lot motivational workouts all the classes of bells and whistles. Only no quite that am looking for.

In the first place was, has tried to write this description in the clock come but different fashion. To the amazon closed down reasons have not been listed likes that has purchased the. A lot ready of Amazon reason have been remarks it that some descriptions some new plus that is going in in the plot of some ready clocks is a lot negative likes opposed to a majority of Past revises which am very positive which think that me more than competing enough in some companies of phase are competing by means of estimating systems to close unexpectedly his competitors.
First what, take your time goes to take enough the curve to learn to take used to this legislation of clock out of a box. It does not judge until he you imagining it was. Youtube Is the very good resource for sympathetic a Come and a Vivoactive 4 is a same system with the different exposure as to plot of good information there. First of calm included take this clock dipped halfway calms up will owe that give roughly to 50 permissions likes them be the patient. When it operates . Also, there is the good quantity of time during setup when a sample does not look to be answering. That in fact is spending is to the clock is updating in a background and is for this that all are doing is taking for ever. Again be patient.

Now to a clock. I love this thing already well out of a box. I have done days of investigation in this clock and has chosen he for my own reasons (O2 seated, apnoea of sleep, cardiac, respites, estréses, alert of emergency to GEL, paid of stand and alone music.)

Can not give the good indication reason have bought so only he of out a box are in the pleasant like this far and so only am trying blaze the little emotion for you characterises.
5 / 5 Vina
A Come is the good-looking clock but he has been the headache for a week had it. I have called Support of Product of the Amazon two times: once for the fault of gestures to look at the same time and a second time for a dreaded “IQ!” Icon in a screen. To the amazon was friendly but no really expert in this clock. We had me to reset of knots a clock, gone back was/in a clock, and reinstall a Garmin IQ application. These gives some very temporarily fixed some questions. With continuing “IQ!” Errors, has called Garmin Technical Sustain the one who has said that a question has used the 3rd clock of application of party of expensive I installed of Garmin IQ— say Garmin has not been to the manager for the subjects has caused for 3.as applications of party in his web of place—a bit can comprise a reasoning but Garmin have situated an application of type of the clock in his web of place for me to install. As I have gone back to Garmin IQ to install to write of clock of the Garmin but found the descriptions that says could not take several faces of Garmin to do in his Come or also has taken “IQ!” Icons of error. The majority of some faces of clock of the Garmin does not show marks the rhythm cardiac—THAT!!! Reason buy the clock of fitness and not showing heart rate and calories? That is to think of Garmin? They are a lot disappointed and will return one looks to possess 7 days.
4 / 5 Nelda
Original description of 1 stars:
has Bought this to substitute my Garmin Vivoactive HR this there is roughly 1.5 years, reasons a Vivoactive has begun having the subjects that takes notifications of mine telephone and one vibrates the function on looks for having working prisoner. It has spent a Come for roughly 4 first hours of the decide was rubbishes and changing behind to mine broken Vivoactive. A Come does not follow heart rate with accuracy, is routinely 10-20 bpm big in his reading. A touchscreen is worthless, dipping it on initially extremely frustrated of then read on/down attacks like this of the right/swipes accidents he so that it takes for ever to take place on a way has loved. And a screen is not always on, as you owe that snap your wrist for the take to turn on for 2 second so only to verify that time is. It likes that of a screen of house can be customised like this objective your current heart rate, without that has to that attack to the different screen to see this, but this characteristic is useless if a screen is turned always was. That the waste of $ 300.

Update to 3 stars:
have gone back to a Come after trying out of the similarly priced to compete produced for the week or so much and when be frustrated by the bug of entity with this product firmware as well as a relatively short battery life. As I have decided to give a Come another casualidad and while it still has some subjects with him finds is appropriate usually so that I want to out of the ready clock, and there is far life of better battery that a product to compete has tried. Taking a screen to turn on without touching a clock takes some taking used to, but really laws calms very good once results habituada his. An exposure takes the moment to update when awake on, particularly to update account of any one has concealed showed in a screen of house. It is usually so only the breaking according to refresh, but in the occasions of pair take perhaps 2 seconds. An accuracy of heart rate looks for having improved, one of a firmware the updates of then in the first place have taken a sample can be to appreciate for east. My main complaint like this far is that there it does not look to be the way to take all a info loves exposed in a screen of house with to write of digital clock, has to use a face of analog clock to take heart rate, no, date, and battery % all in a screen of house. Perhaps it has the way to do this with to the digital type and I so only owe that no for the found still reason a customization the process is still very weighed in that a sample does not remark swipes in any direction a lot well during this process (in commentaries of strikes of normal operation so only well, but for some reason a customization the papers are buggy).
5 / 5 Tamie
Has been using clocks of Garmin for the decade and trust me when calm say you to save your money with east a. I have had an original Vivoactive (the place a) and has loved that. I have had a Vivoactive 3 and for some premiers 6 months was súper glitchy, but improvement... Until the update of software has caused a life of battery to fall for less-that-half his leading life. As I have imagined I have had upgrade to the east a.

This stupid clock is CONSTANTLY unpairing of my telephone, and so only king-pair when I each one troubleshooting spends multiple time. (Picture that deletes a clock of a telephone and a telephone of a clock, and then that turns a clock and the telephones am gone in a same time, turning them on a same time, on and on, until him finally partorisci. Every day.)

A screen is súper vibrant... But then so only it comes with the pair of types of beautiful clock, and a beautiful plus a (the one of some main pictures) is not customizable. That the waste!

Also so only an annoyance added is one 'dark ash' the clock is blue. To good sure any ash.

Are incredibly unimpressed with this clock. It was to go back and the supposition so only will use one that dies constantly GOES 3 until I find something better.
5 / 5 Kermit
Ossia A more complicated user interface for the clock that has has not used never. I have had he for the week now this in spite of not to use it to exert reason is like this freaking has complicated. With a Fitbit a lot included has to that look in manual of the user and I could do all that requires to do.

A lot disappointed in this clock.

Top Customer Reviews: Savior Survival ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Sid
A product a lot of value he
5 / 5 Beverlee
Well, my first impression after receiving an element was that it takes a capacity to learn the new type of dexterity and finesse partorisca scrape a threaded pin to a clock for your account wrist. Originally I have thought, 'if it has to them that do is each time only wants them dipped in this clock, does not have any way.' Over time, I have learnt as to ray a pin in in a clock while it resists a band in front of a correct start ( has three). It is still I quite annoying to do, but can learn for the do. With which quite some time, am learning that one the majority of delicate and annoying part of this product is maintaining clue of a threaded pin. It is not attached to a band of clock in any way, like this nails essentially results one the majority of part of entity of your day the routine of day, reason you misplace the, the tomb, the lose, calm can not spend your clock of apple. Everything is that it depends on maintaining you clue of this stupid little pin. For chance, if calm any ray he on properly before situating a clock in yours nighstand, and chooses on your clock a next day, and a pin goes to the fly was the oblivion, will spend a better part of your evening that tries to locate a pin so that I can spend your clock. My first airport run by means of security, has lost a pin in the random pocket of the random stock exchange. To good sure adds a 'what extra to think roughly' yours daily life that potentially can be a lot annoying. BUT it is one the fresh plus that looks band of clock of the apple that there is, to good sure. I WANT TO some looks of way. A material extends (the headed in a wide plus of 3 holes and has extended of then so that now I am using a small plus a). It is it adds it looking band of clock. But it is interview very big . Maintaining clue of a stupid pin.

4 / 5 Ryann
A good bit of a habladuría of descriptions in a breaking “of band” been due to the small rays that comes free. It looks like this tho a vendor there is upgraded to a hardware likes the course that connects a clock to a band is all a piece now. I have had mine for 2 days and like this far, is excellent.
A thing to remark: my wrist is roughly 7.5 thumbs and a band is so only shy of snug in an a lot of last clasp hole. You recommend a big extra yours the wrist is any big plus .
5 / 5 Wilhelmina
An only reason has dipped to 4 star for a comfortably is reason like them all the new products is the little rigid at the beginning and no very flexible. They are sure after spending it enough a band loosen on and be more comfortable. Highly it recommends to buy this band of wrist, any leading army would love for the have.
4 / 5 Lana
Ossia The good, so only & durable band. Originally Aliamos purchase a band of Sport of the Nike, but found this when looking for alternative to the $ 50 band. Amur A colour and I also want like looks well in the man with big hands, like the band is fat. As , highly it recommends to measure first wrist to purchase to ensure order a correct measure. The wrist of my husband was 7 3/4 and order the big. It returns correctly; when in the first place it come from it on, you think in sizing on but has decided enough have one the tad has bitten smaller that loves versus too big. There is more than an adjustment ( has three holes), like the sale can be done smaller has required. It has given 3/4 stars because it is difficult to dip on a-there is rid. The value adds for a prize!
4 / 5 Christal
A good: it looks well, it extends over time it calms so much it can use some three holes to regulate over time, durable (wear he in a gymnasium every day), and does not feel or look economic material. Also, very sure as it do not have to that worry in a band suddenly coming waste.

A bad: suspicion that over time a material of course will begin to break down or take more and more spent so much has to that be substituted finally. No the big shot of of the this is to expect for this class of band and use.

An opinion: some reviewers complain on that they have to that maintain the clue of one nails that maintains a together sale but while you are an adult roughly the and can take an extra second to do sure the the correctly has ensured this would not owe that be the subject real. Like this basically any fact for boys.

In general love this band tho.
4 / 5 Hildred
Adds to look band. Very rigid at the beginning but loosens up after the day or two. I have begun with him on a first hole, and for a third day was in a third hole because of extending. Hopefully No continuous to extend was or a band will be too much big. Bought the chance of rhinoceros for a clock he to go with a band. This probably will be my daily band because it looks like this good. So only with this that is hard to dip on and does not lose a ray!!
4 / 5 Nakesha
Like this bondadoso of the mixed stock exchange. Quality very good and loves one looks. Taking it on and of your wrist this in spite of is the big ache in a know that! You owe that take a ray in the ray entirely has been to take a strap on and era. I a lot annoying. They could have found the better way!
4 / 5 Shanta
Was súper exited to take this band of clock as it looks really fresh, but was too small for my wrist and I see no real way for the dipped on for me in all the chance. He no just clip in. There is the pin that has to that you dipped in and would require another together of hands for places in a pin. Still it looks really fresh so has small wrists and any to help you can be worth it, but another that that would have to that the to you spends up.
4 / 5 Janessa
Band of shows a lot well, turn in a dipping a small plus, has the small wrist has compared to the majority of men. A latch is the very built ray (hand-held transfer) very good and would be likely to be used for other things in an emergency. A way a paracord is joined and the burned looks can come loose overtime (the only time will say). A sale is not soft, comes very rigid, has been spending he for almost the day and is taking softer but he still not being one the majority of comfortable band but is not uncomfortable to spend.

Top Customer Reviews: Fitbit Blaze Smart ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
I have been using my Fitbit Blaze partorisca the month now. They are at present in mine as a. I have had the subjects of varieties with a blaze. So that far it is incredibly there is it disappointed. I have received my Pebble of substitution the Friday. Blaze was inaccurate to count Account of no. so only roughly 60 out of the each one 100 no in meso. ( I have done dozens of 100 tests of any) Cela adds until the plot of any one losing in an end of the very busy day. I have found also that when I am doing to the simple tasks likes him to him the walk around our cookery or that goes of a room to a prójimo, does not count the alone step. I owe that have my arm that like the transmissions are in way of full exercise in order for any steps to count. Still then still I am losing the no. has been last night for our five walk of one thousand. A map of GPS has aimed so only the straight line; it do not follow all a way by means of a street and he have counted only miles! (Yes, I have tried everything of a troubleshooting the technicians recommended for Fitbit) will give this street another comes from today. I have been the Fitbit client for the years of pair now. I have had one uploads leading to this and upgraded Blaze. I have found one uploads has not had never any question with accuracy. Unfortunately for me, when I have bought Blaze, made a mistake to buy alternating bands, many of them, as it can spend this tracker all a time. After reading like this positive critic on is the accuracy felt comfortable and confidence with my compraventa. I have assumed these products would be better that mine uploads. It was bad. Really I want to this to do, I like a look of Blaze and I enjoy all some extra. I really like a consolation to take teste and notifications in my clock. It likes-me a control of the music and another has has added profits. This in spite of, if some steps and a GPS that follows is not attentive this was the waste of $ 200. Really I expect that I have finalised with just the pair of the lemons and third time will fulfil everything of some things is announced to do. I will give this an another day and I then am planning on calling Fitbit service of client once again and to the left know them a second pebble is doing like this bad likes first pebble. Perhaps the third time will be the charm , perhaps no. This has been the situation to frustrate this is directed me partorisca research other products, by other frames, while it find something to fulfil my needs with my lifestyle have occupied.
4 / 5
This indication was 4 stars until on done the month. Until then it has liked him really Blaze. I wiper the newspaper in work and house. It have bought some different bands for different occasions. My only complaints were the lack further of elections in options of exposure of the screen or configurations and colours. Also, taking to annoy doing a toe of wrist repeatedly to take a thing to aim you a time. My Timex has had has not failed me never there, included with which 5 years.
Anyways, Was still the loyal Fitbit Blazer and bragged he up in work and smack has spoken all a clock of present of Apple roughly that Blaze utmost was in an Apple. I have sold more than the pair again has sawed-hard-working in a Fitbit that way.
But, now Blaze so only twitches all day and night. Turned on for moments then reboots and vibrates like this stuck in some paralysis of Russian hack has induced. The service of client has said too bad, like this sad. I have bought of then he in Feb 2016 will give me the coupon to discount to buy the new one but a warrant only discharges the year. You are kidding me??? But another??? Ossia Like light $ 200 on fire but taking when looking burn for 14 month! Any way! Perhaps Timex will do the new clock will enjoy for $ 40 and at least 5 years...
4 / 5
Has used a Jawbone ON 4 (that it was it horrible, see my description in that a) and when one 2nd one there is broken (in a something exact same) the decided to upgrade to Blaze. Have has loved the tracker of fitness that was also the clock And has has received teste and of the emails while I am exiting or in of the long meetings. Blaze has been adds in all the zones like this far. An only reason I docked the launch of pair is a measure of text for emails, notifications and txt is is like this TINY and there is any way to augment a measure of source. To read the, has to dipped in the pair of readers - as it is not optimum to exit. Usually it does not spend reading the glasses everywhere go. If fitbit press it firmware update that leave to augment a measure of source, then is perfect for me.

[UPDATE] - 5/31/18 after the year and 5 me them partorisca possess this tracker, lose a capacity to resist the load more than few hours. It has Looked for some forums and he looks a lot of people have had a subject same. It has Tried all some suggestions have offered the on-line & client has contacted then support. We had me to knots some test to confirm a clock was faulty. His solution - 25 was coupon to buy another tracker in his place. His prizes are msrp, likes 25 was is quite that would buy for on amazon or elsewhere. It is 5 month out of guarantee, like this now a tracker is rubbishes .

His definite response? - 'Fitbit I trackers are done to last. This in spite of, because of some factors that is besides human control, material that these trackers are done of him also achieves his limitation.' - Well, the esees has achieved my limit with fitbit.

PS: A estaca of the roughly measured forum of the source was enormous before they have closed he with 'will not be that they direct this @@subject'

4 / 5
Has had this clock for 11 month and with an update of the software later give all could love in the clock of fitness. Some of a negatives that another has signalled was like a lack of GPS a lot of really affect me personally reason the always have my telephone with me and I use it when it wants to follow them my walks. I find some other characteristic useful likes a bit notifications. No longer I lose of the texts or calls of entities because my clock buzzes and alert me while often the very here or feel a buzzing of my telephone. A memory to walk are adds the work create and take some exert each hour that maintain limber and the think help me was mentally because it forces the pause. I also like a fact that pode the plenary 3-5 days without that have to that touch a clock - how is of entity of mine of the spend it to follow sleep and also use an alarm to wake me for work. Typically so only I touch it the little time the week when the volume goes partorisca to rain or when seating in my office in work. There are quite a lot of different elections according to which look background to maintain me satisfied. I expect that Fitbit continuous sustain this clock that goes forward - has the few things I desire would improve - would be adds to be able to dip the fast alarm that use a sample more than an application of smartphone, for example. One imagines that finds to be very useful is that when it creates them at night in a dark can use them a light of my clock to light my way. A lot handy when that tries to find one touches to sink when trying washed my hands in a darkness! So only this week has had to order the new band reason an original this is coming with east start for rasgar out of a clip. But it take almost the year out of him and am rough in wearables as I am not complaining.
4 / 5
Was mostly adds while work. Has has wanted to having a characteristic of clock and characteristic of heart rate. It has ignored enough a rest except a characteristic of any level.

Like the period of turn has finalised 2 weeks ago. And today a thing has DIED SO ONLY.

Touched it last night, this morning.


Will not take the load, will not show . AT ALL.

Totally unacceptable for the product in this point of prize.

Oh And btw a band comes with this HORRIBLE to the equal that owe that upgrade to the band that is not .

And love the touch while it is in any sale, has to upgrade one uploads also.

In general the very expensive flop.

Fitbit Arrived to agree to send me the substitution. If has another subject of reliability of the product, this in spite of, no longer will have me like the client.
5 / 5
Has purchased this for my woman and complained it never of then. Constantly to communicate with his telephone (Galaxy S7) and every time has to that delete Fitbat application and spend for a setup again. Included when it is it has connected notification of a telephone no consistently.
5 / 5
Like this far I really like this mine Fitbit Blaze. Has small wrists and has been concerned a clock was to look awkwardly big. It is comfortable and does not feel heavy or big. After comparing he with my sister in sport of Clock of the apple of laws looks main because of a metal bezel but a real screen is in the to same measure likes them to them the version of Clock of Apple smaller.
So only loved for a fitness that follows purpose so that I so only gone back in notification when I am exiting or was that it hikes. A clock is easy to use and servants his purpose of the tracker of fitness. If it love the sample one does more than the just fitness that follows then does not take this clock as not to notify you himself third applications of the party and calm can not answer the messages of text or calls of telephone of the response. In this chance takes a Clock of Apple (has an iPhone). Has any need to answer texts or verify mine IG profile in my clock so much for me one this law of sample adds! It likes having to that a screen to verify the statistics more than that has to that go to an application in my telephone.
4 / 5
(Modified and has update an original description the 6 August 2018) He, This clock is the piece of junk. Ossia My second Fitbit Blaze this there is prendido to do first achieving a year of service. I have purchased a prime minister one in February 2016 which has begun buzzing and that vibrates until a battery would drain, and has gone then entirely died on me. A second sample - again he Fitbit Blaze, reason have purchased like this accessories for him - and fitbit reason have been in garacon fellow (those who there have been some versions plus very economic that has maintained also given in my friends) street my application. As I have decided to stick with a model although it thinks that that a first clock has to that be that an exception. Like this according to clock that has purchased in July 2017 neither does now. Right after a guarantee of some years (I am assuming these have a) would have expired. At the beginning a battery has begun to drain on me in some minutes with which begins to drive mad with notifications - as, had them has turned was. Then it go entirely it die. So that it is in $ 450 or so that FitBit has taken of me while giving me economic chinese has done junk concealed any last more than the year. Two times.
Like this, where is some users of term with a longitude of this look the one who have had his FitBit Blazes last of then has been launched. To the left it is to listen they and his histories of like this utmost this clock has been for them.
For a way, has not spent included up is accuracy that is another describes that is murky like this vase. You can google all this so that no wasteful your time. Speaking waste, does not squander your money in this product. The Americans will buy anything concealed is trending especially yes offers some type of experience of half comunicacionales social. A fitbit the community is global and has resupplied the half for people to exchange his statistics and stick his activities. They are sure the portion of entity of this community any one any uses inclusos some trackers anymore and is there so only for some means comunicacionales social, or is spent for many of these they.
5 / 5
Has the subject known with a software of this clock and Fitbit is not that fixing. They have interrupted so only this line and is out of guarantee, for even an hour, sad like this sad, here is 25 of the new Fitbit. And supposition that, has known on some subjects of software for well the year now! Mostly it impacts a capacity for your Fitbit to control your heart-tax and cycle of sleep. Calm then will remark that calm is not taking like this a lot gives a has not used like this to, until finally prpers give that a Fitbit is not that it follows all your steps anymore. Oh, And has receive it to aim that purchased your Fitbit inside a last year, the mark sure has a number of serial of the units in the or will not accept it . So much, any one the receipts of Amazon am indorsements. Good regime!
5 / 5
Love mine Fitbits. It has it Fitbit for probably 10 years. It takes Blaze recently reason want to see my heart rate during exerting to do sure was in a legislation cardio zone. It take the rose watchband for him to fem the up. The mine complains is is big and bulky. The desire was quite! But he that loves it to do. And it is improved a detection of sleep , and am enjoying that. I spend it every day and wash my hands many times every day. It has it that takes goes to dry a band sometimes, but is resisting on final.

Top Customer Reviews: Skagen Connected ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Matilda
I knew it it was not real skin, but has not expected skin of imitation thinly has applied in silicon (photo 2 &3).
A promotional photo was quite deceptive to not aiming a underside. It is the digital to surrender why yes resist a telephone up in this corner, could see a backside of black silicon in real life.
Are disappointed with a deception.
Also my product is coming with the streaky band (photo 1).
4 / 5 Nana
A clock has his good fashion. I thought it that it look big in my wrist, but feels well and does not look bulky. A sale of the clock of the skin is GOOD but looks the little economic like these stock exchanges of skin would take in the Turkish bazaar. But calm always can buy a resupplied of bands to go with your personal fashion.

According to that the clock can do with WearOS, is a lot of responsive. Has create the faces done of commission, has touched around with adding different applications to some keys, etc. Everything does really well. This in spite of, if you have looked in any one is looks of Apple there is the big difference in an experience. The needs of Google to take is together law to create the usable plus wearable.

A subject big that has read it is life of battery. The fossil has added an option to extend life of battery. I used it concealed and a shows to take me by means of a day without questions. As I write this, in 7:30 it FOLLOWS a sample was in 100 and in 4:45 it is in 75. When I Use a clock for more than activity, there is remarked then that it was around 50 a same time.

Mina a big winner for WearOS is that you have taken of Google. Work well for one the majority of part. I have had some subjects to send the messages have seen order of voice. Sometimes it sends, sometimes so only it seats there. It has it it redoes it. But some other works of materials well. Also like some Maps of Google and Google Maintain. Has Maintains put like the legislation of fast icon in a face of clock.

In general, I really like clockwork. No too fond of a band. And I am alentadora that Google something with WearOS.
4 / 5 Roscoe
Likes. His stylish, especially a band. Work well. Compared to the leading model is his taken all some right corrections. It likes like this of work with my pixel 4 to perfection. It is compatible to the apple of my woman 11 and clock of new apple combo..
Likes that you read with all mine google ready devices. It likes him a width the information expósita in the gaze. A heart and monitor of does not look attentive. Global goes finally recommends to jump in in a smartwatch life.. Calm you readier, faster and better looking 😎
4 / 5 Romaine
a lot usually write descriptions, but am like this happy with my new clock that has has had to that.

Has has possessed so only a Gene of Fossil 3 smartwatch, and now with a Falster 3 I has life of better battery the tonne of new characteristics and a quality of Skagen clocks.

1. Way
2. Heart rate
3. Raincoat. With dreaded has tried he in a shower and any question; have still to try and swim with my clock.
4. Keys of the hardware is not like this big and calm does not press them when you bend your wrist.
5. Has a strap of metal and looks to surprise.
6. A light of the heart rate is not on 24/7 but in of the intervals of time around a day.
7. A life of battery can take you further your day that usual.
8. It is quickly, has no lag when the a lot of actions.

1. Like this usual with all the wear of Android you smartwatches a battery still needs to improve life. Appearances partorisca in a future at least 72 hours of battery.

Will update like the days spend of longitude.

HAS the day adds all the world-wide and the helps of hope
5 / 5 Vicente
see the pair of bad descriptions here regarding a band of skin. It take a clock with a band of skin and is like this comfy likes has been expecting to be. After spending he for the day, I of the that sees any difference among this band of skin the one who believes them is silicone (or hule) of an interior and other clocks of full skin have.

Has ordered also the pair other bands and was quickly and easy to exchange (aimed in a photo).

The wise hardware, to the work so only likes like this of some descriptions of Youtube say. Fast and easy to cruised dipped you once he until your flavour :-)
4 / 5 Hanna
has had this for the months of pair now and there is loved quell'absolutely. It is my first ready clock as I guess do not actuate a lot for the compare to but is done all have expected out of the ready clock while also looking absolutely fantastic.

Has taken a gunmetal with a band of metal and looks really good. I changed it it go for the green cloth one for newspaper of random wear and place in a metal one wants to try and the dress on bit it.
5 / 5 Kasandra
Shows very good. I owe that take use to Spend you but like this far like this good. The desire there was more expensive that clock.
4 / 5 Qiana
Has not liked Him anything in this clock some very better apples this thing is not attentive at all could not expect take touched of of him
4 / 5 Nicolette
compraventa directly of Skagen. The product has arrived he perhaps done an hour and after taking of a packaging could say that something was bad. A strap has not been connected and some connectors have not looked same. After opening a box could see one of some connectors was longer/has bent. When fiddling With a strap and a connector he entirely the explosion was. It do not snap behind in, as it was more than the slide. I do not have any faith this will manage any class of activity.

After doing a bit looking for has @to @give quickly this was the question in a Falster 2. The not changing to these looks likes him has produced on view. It was very excited for this clock but is already packaged behind on and ready to go back.
4 / 5 Rebecka
Has bought mine directly of Skagen. I immediately changed out of my band to the silicone an I found on Amazon. They are not any one a lot of the type of band of the skin of person. I want a minimalistic look of a clock. It runs it adds like this far. Works of Assistant of the Google well. It has to that it weaves of settings of the battery but I leave mine in the way done of commission and leave always in shows on but tilt to wake was of that is the murderous of main battery in spending you. Hopefully A quality to build last the few years but I listen Skagen and the group of fossil has the quite good guarantee if the subjects arise.

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