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Top Customer Reviews: Lightweight Medium ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Marilynn
I have taken this stock exchange with me in Parigi and he no disapoint. Very comfortable to spend and return my stock exchange of full measure, the small digital camera, my telephone, passport, tones And glasses of sun without loosing is form . It feels quality very big and will be my stock exchanges of organism of favourite crosses partorisca the long time.
5 / 5 Micki
Unbelievable Subject. I have looked everywhere partorisca a stock exchange of organism of the perfect cross and ossia. An interior liner is soft and my giant of iPhone 7 More access perfectly in a zip forward!!! They are for mandate he in another colour. Oh And a strap is more along that more which is as it has looked for.
5 / 5 Wallace
I love this stock exchange. Has questions of shoulder, as I have required something concealed has not gone too bulky or heavy. I have required still the decent sized purse, as I have found this stock exchange and has taken it casualidad on that. It is all I required and there is wanted. It take an ash of colour , and is the fabulous looking stock exchange that goes with everything. The wise measure, is perfect - controls all my necessities amiably. Highly you recommend.
5 / 5 Dorothy
This purse has surpassed my expectations. A material is very good and soft.
5 / 5 Lea
I love this purse. It is small but quite big so that I need stops. I maintain my stock exchange, telephone, tones and change it-the purse is and remains flat and easy to launch on before roll out of a door. A white colour, this in spite of, is resulting stained blue in a backside to rub against my tejanos. If I have had to choose again, it choose the darkest colour. Of a front, calm can not say, as it is not that big of the question.
5 / 5 Letisha
I have purchased this handbag like the present partorisca the fellow the one who is not even 5' big. I thought that it that it was lovely and like. Declared a measure was so only perfect and a lot well has done. Amazing stock exchange partorisca a price! Fast nave and a lot of packaged. Highly recommend.
5 / 5 Donovan
Absolutely adorable! I have ordered a red and a navy tope/blue partorisca my anniversary. I want him like this. They are returned my long stock exchange , tones, lipstick, my telephone and I same place 2 mini has come bounced in there lol. I love a streaky lining in an interior. It gives it the good sophisticated look. A purse looks big quality , but will be sure partorisca update if my transmissions of opinion.
5 / 5 Earle
Honradamente Love this stock exchange!! Mina takes in Reddening Rosa. A perfect measure partorisca me and has such pleasant details on that. It is light weight that it is add partorisca me! I have bought taken this adorable stock exchange partorisca match! Both were utmost. This stock exchange is perfect partorisca any any one maintains the few things with them but does not love the enormous purse the lug around. Highly it recommends! More for a price! It takes mine in 2 days with Amazon first and could not be more state excited! Going to order my mother some hips!
4 / 5 Cornelius
Half a lot sized stock exchange. Fact of the skin like material this looks skin , the strap is the good and adjustable period . An outside zippered the section returns my Motorcycle Z telephones by force. An interior has two pockets, one with the zip and one without. A no zippered the pocket returns my small GOES/CC chance perfectly. A zippered inner of the pocket accesses mine compact, lip balm, and tones. A main compartment returns my camera mod, sunglasses chance (big and hard sided) and eyeglass chance (hard sided). Turns the waters of boat. It have to that be the stock exchange adds partorisca calm days very precise to spend a tank of cookery.

My only complaint is that a zip does not run smoothly in an outside zippered section that has to that with some tassels. They are so only state using a stock exchange partorisca the few days and probably will try a soap in hack of teeth partorisca see if these helps. Otherwise Has to that it uses two hands and ensure some teeth are lined on exactly then pull a tassel. No the enormous shot, but annoyed the time of pair already.
5 / 5 Jong
I have bought this like the present partorisca my prime minister 30th bday... It is the good measure and looks partorisca be quality quite well, especially for such the reasonable price. It say that it is the bit in a small side to be labeled like the half sized stock exchange, but ossia that has loved. Quite big to return all a necessities without that has to that cram has concluded. My smaller complaints so only are that has the May of the smell of funky, and has bought Olive ',' but is not olive - is to good sure more than a green/of hunter of the emerald (like the photo with the accuracy described). To all the cost, know my prime minister will love it.

Top Customer Reviews: SG SUGU Lightweight ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Jeana
It has bought so only this stock exchange and has wanted to leave the description because I me nervous to buy the product without descriptions. Enormous spatial interior and a lot of small pockets. It likes like this of a pocket of interior any zip, ossia where maintenances chap clave and take annoyed when it is zipped (he because I zipped he for some reason). I have had the bad a lot resembled this but was so only slightly too small. This one east a lot of roomier!
5 / 5 Kristi
Love my new purse! I have bought multiple purses of SG Sugu and loves everything of them but I have required the black a. This purse is not big or bulky and his súper roomy and pleasant. It likes like this you can regulate of a strap for the do the crossbody purse or so only the leave normal in your shoulder. Some two zips in a plough advance and calm can use him to dip small things in there like this of the tones chapstick etc. A main compartment are add can return you enough the few things in him immediately there is a bit pocket of inner zip, any for the mention also has the pocket in a backside of a purse!! It arrives first way of a time expected and containers a lot well. A lot love this purse and for the prize adds!! I will be to buy more colours.
4 / 5 Willie
Looked on Amazon for the mid sized black, basic, purse of organism of the cross that has had handy zippered pockets. Neither I have wanted to spend the fortune. After reading other descriptions, has decided to purchase this SG Sugu purse. They are very happy has done. It is a perfect measure , any bulky, & has a lot of good measure, the interior of deep pockets & was. Easily I can situate my mobile phone in an alone for behind zippered pocket, & dipped the band of small cloth, & lipstick in another side. A compartment of interior is wide & deep & can resist my big stock exchange, the paintbrush, bounced & of medication of the tones. A strap is adjustable for pertinent period. Highly it recommends a stock exchange. I plan to buy the brown & the navy also.
4 / 5 Geneva
Good stock exchange for prize. The good looks and supervise alot because of an inferior form ( wider) has stock exchanges looked that it is flat - like this envelope way and an addition of a wide plus gusseted the fund done this stock exchange the standout ! Im Going to buy he in of the multiple colours like my “gone the” basic economic stock exchanges. I have added the decoration of metal keychain to one of some zips to dress it on the small but his really well in his own. The ones of the that thinks look economic - as other stock exchanges of this prize. I have bought in the colour of dark wine that help. Any sure if the lightest colours would look like this good.
4 / 5 Loriann
Exactly that has expected paralizaciones. I have ordered a green of the sage and a colour has been just right. It is quite light to not annoying my shoulder but a lot of room to resist all I need. So only it can it has to that buy he in the little more colours.
5 / 5 Latrisha
A stitching has the little small freys but his no terrible. The zips do not dip flat, is wavy. In general very terrible.
5 / 5 Randa
Are not the daughter of the big purse but I am wanted to so only something basic to spend around the mine telephone and other things when I do not owe that the pockets. That done this purse adds for me! It is the prize adds for the very good quality and simple purse.
4 / 5 Valencia
Perfect measure. No too big but can easily is returned my stock exchange of full measure, eyeglass chance and a lot extra few things in some pockets of zip. Also, the plot of the elections by heart is offered. I plan on ordering the little more in of the different colours, can has not beaten he in this prize.
4 / 5 Kristine
Love a measure that access my stock exchange, telephone and small objects without bulging was. Some 4 feet of the brass in some subordinated to leave me to situate it on any surface without him touching on. A strap is adjustable which is the must .
4 / 5 Lily
If you are after the small purse, this a good east. It is roomy quite inner and has abundance of compartments! It is quite rigid to one feels and use, but guess concealed is the one who “vegan” is likes.

Top Customer Reviews: SG SUGU Lightweight ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Hannah
It looks and when being very good! It do not guess it it was down $ 20 for this stock exchange. Has tonnes of storage and pockets for the stock exchange of this measure
5 / 5 Cyrus
His Petit Except Cute
Be Awesome And To well sure would buy Another Colour
5 / 5 Hector
Val, So that paid for this stock exchange has blown went me! First lame greetings on he literally every day. Segundo, is avtually very very done and has lined until my weighed craps for on the way of better month that expected for a prize! At the end, access of saint cow the plot! It buys two better stock exchanges have taken of this (predominately so that in the principle did not expect it to line up so very) and every time the volume out of mine craps of easterly a (which are not crammed in at all, has spare room) has been disappointed in that has to cram everything in a walnut ones, so much duquel was main that this unit A reason? It is not a magic fraternity of a travelling stock exchange, is designed well and efficiently so done one the majority of out of the each inch. Premium! It IS in his own which are the change of game for this fashionable stock exchange in my opinion. Second premium! A quantity of the options by heart are without finals! The part of me wants to buy he in the each colour but one in the another part likes him a bit of the people of the surprise has when says the only paid $ 20 in amazon for him! The majority thinks that that it is Kate Shovel and not even in the distance, in prjimo! A quality is that well. I am really impressed with this small stock exchange and highly recommends it!!!
5 / 5 Jacquie
It take the fashionable stock exchange that was a right measure for my fiance with his colour of favourite ! A prize was so competitive and a quality was so very when seen and has listened the ! It IS very happy and has had to to buy other ways with a same mark again punctual
5 / 5 Winnifred
A perfect measure to spend all precise, to do, for the night was, for errands etc. Wants to all some pockets, amour that is in his fund of plan, amour an adjustable strap. It IS enough. It takes black as it can match it all and I are sper happy with him. More a form is cute. The flight! And it is not sper expensive or.
4 / 5 Twanna
It IS the measure of half to return your money of tlphonique etc very spacious and a colour is very also an only reason for 4 star is that a strap is issue too thin for this stock exchange while you can return the plot in him like this takes it heavy and a strap would have to has been fatter no so thin as now it has to do sure does not overburden a stock exchange!
5 / 5 Lakeshia
Cute, big this has thought..
5 / 5 Jame
I mean that personally. I think that 19 almost $ 20 for this stock exchange is the small empinado. Especially, a tissue of this stock exchange is to well sure something concealed will crease or tear. This stock exchange is to well sure something you any one in that has it for ever. So much, it maintains that those imports before calm buy it


is the stock exchange adds and sincerely enjoys a fact that can return it so. It IS to well sure the half sized stock exchange. It was able to return in everything of my material of my stock exchange of rucksack and bounce it whole of spray and of Works of Organism of Bath. So much , I am quite happy right now. Regarding a colour in this stock exchange is the plus Carmel satisfied yellow or to the mustard but he are not the colour of true mustard.

At the end, included although this stock exchange is something concealed will litter easily and very he in your cupboard for ever. It IS fact very robust. Also it can clean a muck of a stock exchange easily
5 / 5 Thersa
A crossbody the stock exchange has been announced as it listens to ignite and is only concealed. This has not gone also big and any too small with abundance of spatial in an interior of a stock exchange. In an interior, has the small open pocket in a side and he zippered pocket in another with the depth to spare enters. The more there is the longitude zippered pocket in a side in an outside and another deeper pocket in or another external zone. A colour has purchased has the clear colour in an interior of a stock exchange what the easiest fact to see when does not have any a lot of light. Very pleased with a compraventa and look for to be very has done. The prize was supremely reasonable also.
5 / 5 Cyril
I want this stock exchange! I have wanted the stock exchange the small plus to use in a newspaper but quite a lot of still big bases to line all the explosion in the stock exchange. It can return the factor (7.5''H x 3.75''W x .75''D) and the case of glass with room in an interior still for my telephone. Some zips in a control of inner things flatters what bandaids, file of key, womens' products, halftones. An another pocket of the interior without the zip lines the group to gum, chapstick, hand-the streaky lotion and the pen. I have bought in black and wants to buy besides colours. Also, I have used this stock exchange for in 2 weeks daily, and some straps are not rasgando and some zips are not broken. A strap adjusts quite long to spend in a shoulder of organism of cross, without a stock exchange that is too baggy and the bond has entered a side of my hip. It recommends in other people!

Top Customer Reviews: SG SUGU Lightweight ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Catrina
Colour: purse / of Tope White Adds! Soyedium Stock exchange' is the description adds partorisca he. I have added the photo partorisca aim a comparison of the measure partorisca he has compared my hand. Amur Some a lot of options by heart, and the one who thin and portable is, this in spite of roomy!
5 / 5 Angeles
Colour: the White / sand This purse is a awesome bang partorisca your buck! I have received mine today and is the perfect new stock exchange partorisca state/of cradle (the colour has taken was white/of sand).

A purse feels likes is material fact of looks and good quality sper pleasant! It is the little elder that expected, but dips very flat. It returns my stock exchange (rule hobo) perfectly. They are that it likes him a pocket of zip and pocket of telephone in an interior. Pleasant streaky lining!

Partorisca A price, this looks the no brainer! It can be tried partorisca take colours more punctual... I will update this description remarks any wear and tear after the pocolos use.
4 / 5 Juliane
Colour: Dark Perfect measure Grey / Black, colour as it has expected. A lot of stylish and well priced. Ossia The measures adds partorisca spend a essentials but a lot everything. I have required the purse could dip to to my rucksack like him wasnt spending the million stock exchanges partorisca do.
4 / 5 Yael
Colour: the tope / Black so only has taken this purse yesterday, but already like the one who roomy of of the east. There is an interior of open pocket partorisca your telephone, and the zippered an also (my accesses of telephone in both). There have it also a zippered pocket in an outside. I love a streaky interior. A purse has class of the type of soft feeling of skin, and is comfortable to spend. Usually I to lean of the rigid purses that retains his form, but this purse could finalise be my main stock exchange. A strap is adjustable.
4 / 5 Shaneka
Colour: Grey / Lived Really loves an ash /lived. Purse of measure of half perfect. This feels like the very good quality for a price. To good sure buy more!
4 / 5 Berna
Colour: Brown / Khaki I like this because it does further of some seasons. It is the big elder that the stock exchange of organism of small cross. Good selection of colours.
5 / 5 Yong
Colour: Grey Exactly that has looked for. Has the fat big stock exchange and roughly thumb. Long. I have wanted to be able to so only be able to transfer he to the purse the small plus of big day to the day tote for evenings or of the travesas fast. Also it has,enough space for my note 8, vuse vape pen (together with the stock exchange the small plus with an extra battery and extra tanks) and my tones. His gorgeous and can be dressed down and up. Also it spends my crossbody purse quite down and a strap is extremely versatile in that that can be spent in a quite big shoulder or sper down in crossbody fashion. A unzippered inner of pocket of the side the easy fact to store and quickly recover my telephone and an external pocket also will resist my telephone or vape pen- although it is less easy to access quickly maintain some two zips have closed in a centre like pointed in some pictures of product. A pocket of inner zip is,deep and add to store tampons etc. Or trick.
4 / 5 Everett
Colour: the tope / Black Absolutely Enamoured with this stock exchange. Sper Light and a right measure partorisca in a gone. Controls my stock exchange and telephone and more without taking bulky. Period of organism of perfect cross.
4 / 5 Nena
Colour: the Black / sand SG SUGU Half Light Crossbody Stock exchange with Tassel and Pocket of Zip - I has bought this in the believer that so only could be the cheapy. This in spite of, after reading some descriptions have decided to give that it come from it. Well, I love this purse. I can not spend big handbags anymore because of rear harm. This spends my Paperwhite Kindle (a lot of room on & sides), mobile phone with GOING & papers crediticios, monitor of pressure of the blood (small), some medications, small paperback book (when required to turn of Kindle), writing tampons, pens, stylus, comb of small & paintbrush, etc. This in fact done a purse looks the little bulky but would not spend everything of this newspaper. Without a b/p monitor and paperback, maintains his normal appearance (and is hanged quite light ). An external zip with some tassels has the reasonable pouch ( could dip my mobile phone of Android there yes wanted, with spare room). There is another zippered pouch approaches a cup of a purse (inner) this has the just sized pouch also. More the no-zippered pouch by means of of him on an opposite side that it is smaller ( has the device that help for the maintain concluded but a lot closely). Some looks of construction to be a lot of fact for inside and for out. I have purchased a black/of sand. In my opinion, is the classy look and not boring . A picture of a black/of sand, here, on Amazon, some looks of sand more than the beige/flat black. My purse to good sure looks more than the sand (to the equal that in a beach) and a black is not lustrous bur the good rich colour. In all the chance, highly recommends this purse. I love some pocolos dye available! They are of tower to purchase another colour! Compraventa Happy!
UPDATE: I have purchased also this purse in a 'olive' green colour. My computer aims this purse as looking to be blue-green to the equal that have doubted to take is one. Well, this purse is in good sure green! It calls it the green of the dark forest but I can see that some could call it olive. A construction in these some looks to be a lot well, also. In all the chance, loves this a, also.
5 / 5 Mazie
Colour: Amur has lived this purse. It resists an amazing quantity of material. It dips partorisca walk against an organism and some colours of two tones are especially chic. Partorisca A calm price can not lose!

Top Customer Reviews: Small Crossbody ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Harris
Colour: A-pinkI amour this stock exchange! It take this purse because I have required the way to spend my Samsung commentaries of Galaxy 9 telephone because it is the big telephone and does not return in my pocket. This purse is perfect to maintain my telephone has protected. It is waterproof and my telephone returns perfect. You look in the few different stock exchanges and am really happy that are to go with east a. It does not import spending this purse when they are in a car or was and roughly because it is comfortable to spend and can return all I need in him. Has abundance of empty partorisca everything of my papers and enough space by other small elements. It comes with the long adjustable strap to spend around your organism or the short strap to spend around your wrist, prefers concealed. I love a colour! It take a pink colour and is in fact the dusty is shadow of trace. It is like this enough. I have had like this compliments in the, included by strangers. The desire there is originally has ordered 2 in of the different colours reasons are in some the EUA and have taken the moment to take here because it tries/come from another country. It is worth it, in my opinion.
4 / 5 Lola
Colour: A-orangeI always doubt to buy anything on its own name of has had them my creatures. But I mostly doubted reason has an I telephone XR and was fearful the no returned . My surprised he apt and with his chance (basic silicone) on. And like the woman of measure of the falls of plus perfectly in hip of mine. I am excited like this to begin to use the and a colour is perfect for state. Highly it recommends.
4 / 5 Becki
Colour: One-redThis mine of turn LG G7 telephone perfectly. Rings the good skin hand-held stock exchange/of small mobile phone on its own name and my mother that has zips in place of snaps. The zips maintain material of falling was so much better! Abundance of room to GO, papers crediticios, cash, and small elements. It comes with the short strap to spend manually or strap along partorisca in a shoulder.
4 / 5 Olinda
Colour: One-burgundyLATEST UPDATE: I have received the stock exchange of substitution (same colour) and is a same thing , 2 of some zips are was clue. I am doing the turn in both stock exchanges. My daughter has ordered a Black one and is well. Some zips in a Burgundy some have to that be poor quality .

Update: good stock exchange, but one of some zips maintains to come of clue.

Adds little chance. Abundance of room for papers crediticios, telephone, tones etc. Well done and good quality.
4 / 5 Jacquelyn
Colour: One-blackThis is the alternative sum to lugging my big handbag the alimentary tents, restaurants, etc. Has quite soiled for papers, telephone, small med container, cash, etc. has included my husband has been surprised. Now I can leave my big tote has closed in the underlying trunk of outside of automobile but when I want to use it, this estock changed will return his amiably!
4 / 5 Fidela
Colour: One-blackThis small but a lot crossbody a lot each dollar.
4 / 5 Neville
Colour: A-light GreenI love a measure and comfort it and one “look” of the strong zip!
May!! A first picture aims a purse “Zipped UP” are fearful I goes to lose the licence of my Engine, Medical Papers, Papers crediticios, etc. has taken my car tones out of a compartment a small plus and hooked his to a side of a purse. This has done a lot well!!
A second picture aims a purse Unzipped. To the Another thing would have liked him is if it was of the little wider. And I am sure he has it a bit there.
Another Positive: has has wanted to all some colours and he was a lot of difficult to decide the colour to take! LOL
Seats this purse is not exited and does not love the substitution of this class!!! I love the repayment my Paper crediticia, this in spite of, does not have an original stock exchange goes in!!
Can still returns it???
5 / 5 Alysha
Colour: One-redLove this purse, is perfect for all raisin. I have ordered red, a colour is good-looking. A brilliant that.
5 / 5 Roselyn
Colour: One-blackI so only has taken this stock exchange, and did not use it still but am already like this happy with him! Recently it take the new telephone (samsung galaxy s10) and does not return in a purse has been spending for YEARS. Resembled this purse has space of paper of the credit and three pockets owe that way that has wanted to substitute he with to the to something so only likes to of him. It likes like this it is of small and compact but quite big to resist everything of my things. And my accesses of telephone in him adds even with the chunky chance of telephone! Also I have loved really take another purse with empty of paper because it does not like that it has to that of appeal out of the stock exchange and fiddle with this whole disorder how is súper convenient to so only unzip the pocket and grab your money! Still with everything of my interior of chair of to things likes me to them can resist so more and some zips are not hard to of zip. Also it feels hanged really light that it is súper awesome! Take this stock exchange!
5 / 5 Inger
Colour: One-grayPockets too small to take hands in to exit elements. Slits To GO and papers crediticios too many tightened -- difficult to insert and recover. The concept is a lot good: need of whole drawing to be wider with compartments of the widest zip. Discovered of the zips closes slowly, especially in of the turns. Utmost idea (work to draw of the needs). Disappointed -- will not be using.

Top Customer Reviews: Double Compartment ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Avery
Colour: BlackLove, amour, amour this purse!! It is perfect. Rings the practical daily cross-purse of organism. I have been tired of the mine old a so it was enormous and always slide of my shoulders. Like this happy has found is one! It is quite big to resist daily essentials. It is the half pocket smaller in concealed is perfect to dip your cellphone in. A quality is sum , also! It feels he taste cost more than that do. To good sure recommend this to any one!
4 / 5 Evie
Colour: BlackI loves this purse. It is quite big for the book together with mine another essentials, but is not enormous and bulky, which is which loves. It can resist enough the first bit to look full when calm the in bylines. Especially I love a half pocket for my stock exchange and of the tones, and a pocket of zip in an external back for my telephone! It looks sturdy enough, but will update fallen of description avert punctual. There is remarked also a smell another has written on, but raisin was inner few days.
5 / 5 Katie
Colour: BlackTo be sincere was excited really in this purse because of a half pocket! You cant say photo of product there still is the half pocket, but goes a full period of a purse and adds the good third divides to your things. Has the stock exchange of returns and decent measure inside this period of pocket-wise, this in spite of a purse any zip. I have taken the stock exchange the small plus thus purse also so only reason have loved more organisation without undermining all was to take my stock exchange. A stock exchange there is at present returns in this purse so only a lot of lateralmente in some regular pockets. A purse is in fact the little elder that had thought that would be which is perfect. The the side for side of the mine another organism of the cross and they are quite a same measure.
All this was in my access of leading purse to this purse so only well.
Still with all have had in mine old purse does not look bulky or that annoying at all.
A strap to a purse is softer then mine another which feels the most comfortable plot in some shoulders.
An only down the side has in this moment is some pockets look the little uncomfortable to take to, but looks an only reason that it is, is because of a purse that is new and the little rigid still.
5 / 5 Lavette
Colour: Dusty BeigeI am enamoured absolutely with this purse! Ossia My prime minister never organism of cross. An idea that has it less spatial have done almost behind was but are like this dang happy I no. was able to return everything of some things has loved and is a perfect measure . Any only is a fashion and colour gorgeous (Dusty Beige), but a functionally beats any stock exchange has not possessed never for far!!! Essentially it has 3 spaces in an interior. A half a smaller east but perfect for my Note 8 telephone. Some other two are perfect to help me the stay has organised. More another open pocket I use for lipstick, eyeliner, etc. A zip of interior pouch for tampons, bonds of hair. And finally an external zip pouch for headphones and my knife.

An only possible gilipollas can think of this that for the darkest colours, wish a hardware would be money a lot now a lot (for when it buys the version of winter), and a model of the line of the interior could be quite looking (but honradamente does not annoy me ). Otherwise This purse is PERFECTO !!!

To good sure will be to buy more in of the different colours for all some seasons! :)
4 / 5 Meghan
Colour: RedVery good stock exchange. A strap is long and comfortable to spend for the long period of time and same when a stock exchange is full, does not pull my with the or shoulders. Some pockets or the sections are deceptive reasons although some looks of stock exchange to be very big, is sewed in the odd place that decreases a quantity of spatial in a half section. Still it was able to take my Kindle, stock exchange and telephone in a stock exchange this in spite of has spatial for mine compact, gloss of lip and tones. Colour and material abonos also. Shopping again.
4 / 5 Bradly
Colour: Light StoneExactly like the beautiful look to normal daily purse is enormous, hurts my shoulder, the slides was, and can do not taking when I go of expensas for a day or on day this a will not resist so as my normal, is perfect so that control looked a prime minister has thinks that that a strap was to be too short but after doing with him, is perfect period !
4 / 5 Luz
Colour: MustardFirst was, is beautiful out of a box. I have been using he for the few weeks. It is has structure of mouse, but does not plan on packing it full, there has no the plot to give. Another subject has had is that you can see where a snap in a flap is in an outside because of some spend that has begun inside a first pair of weeks. This be has said, does not import if my looks of stock exchange “have lived in”, as they are well. The interior of model is beautiful and the strap is regulated easily for crossbody wear.
5 / 5 Ivette
Colour: Dusty PinkI loves this stock exchange! I have bought it likes him the present of anniversary to me and seriously is my preferred never. It is really soft and love a colour, some pockets inside a stock exchange resist everything perfectly. I want a bit two pockets, and was although it looks small at the beginning are able to return everything of my material in there!!!
4 / 5 Salley
Colour: BlackPerfect has measured with right quantity of compartments/of pockets. Has quite soiled for my stock exchange, telephone, tampons, some trick, the small book in a centre, and everything of a random craps that somehow it returns his way my purse. Very pleasant and looks the decent quality that considers a prize. Very deep also like this small looking but resists the plot more than a do one thinks. A half has the zip pouch,, then a half pouch has dipped my book in, then a second half has the little pocket/pouch that my iPhone 6+ access absolutely perfects in, can included zip he on still with my telephone in a pocket. Then in an outside behind has another zip. Also it has the pocola conch around some straps so that it is not all crazy and flopping around. Extremely happy with east and am happy has expected for black to be restocked in place of just that goes for the different product.

Modification: 5 month later and a piece to attach of a flap of a purse is rasgando averts 😔 has been 5 stars to 3 stars because not even the averages the year and he is aiming signs to break down. But for an economic prize has paid for him, does not have too much room to complain.
4 / 5 Angle
Colour: Charcoal GreyI really like this purse! It is not too big but no too small neither. It looks he likes quality quite as well as it say that it is the good purse for the prize adds!

Top Customer Reviews: Functional Multi ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
The flight..
5 / 5
It can not say quite a lot of things of sound in this stock exchange! It IS each expected would be it. Amur That included although it is relatively small has the tonne of zipped pockets to maintain everything of your orderly things. A prize was perfect, the colour am to add and am considering to take he in other colours also!
5 / 5
This small stock exchange has done the enormous difference for me. Opened Can spend it these things absolutely have to continue my person, without being weighed down with the bulky or heavy handbag. There is only quite a lot of pockets and compartments for everything of my necessary elements, and accesses amiably through an organism that maintains each insurance of of which would try to snatch has been can .
5 / 5
This was PERFECTO for my trip in Colombia and perfect in general. Very convenient but also a lot fashionable. Probably I will spend it all a time now.
5 / 5
That is to say my first organism of stock exchange of cross. Im The daughter of measure of the plus and Ive always the supposition was also big to spend the stock exchange this measure. There is an adjustable strap and this crossbody fallen pefectly in my hip! At all it is in adjacent shoulder through my cofre. Im 5'7 And 320 Im the double D cup! Abundance had of room to move around and this stock exchange wants tight or incomfortable, inface calms almost to take his there! The delivery was punctual has the smell of the new stock exchange and I only posed some cloak of dryer in him and leave the cook in a sun for the lil. To sure order well he again! I of who when being deceived and go with the plot of my cloths!
4 / 5
That is to say my daily stock exchange , and can return enough the plot! It lines my telephone, chunky factor, spray of pepper, lanyard, tones, the gums bows, chapstick, cloth of glasses, and receipts, even so it can return the plus bit. It falls among a shoulder, as it has to be spent through an organism. It is beginning in slightly coming averts in an end of a zip, but does not affect a durability/of action.
4 / 5
It IS the small smaller then anticipated but does very good. I am disappointed I can not return my telephone in any one of some side of pockets by side. Note of galaxy 5. I have to pose he in a main zone. A lot inconvenient. Otherwise Good stock exchange. It Likes me to him his a lining and of zips of tones of the gold.
5 / 5
That is to say the cute little stock exchange. It controls my factor, smartphone and tones. I accompany in the local theatre and he the fine stock exchange and falls my hands to do my work.

A thing even so, like the smartphones and that grows, could suggest that a manufacturer attaches an inch to do the small more room for the telephone. Mina only ails access.
3 / 5
Has big hopes for this small stock exchange. I purchased it concretely so that the description has said that it can return my passport. I am planning the punctual trip and has wanted to something small to travel. It IS small and return the factor of passport, but can AIL returned a factor and a telephone....Bad could very also returned my car tones in this stock exchange, or the small comb, or the tube of chap clave. Has each of these pockets of utmost zip and inner pockets, but without quite wide in a stock exchange is useless. A width of a stock exchange is quite 1/2 inch, as it maintains this in of the imports. So many, if has the only tone (any one the phob), the few cards crediticias, a VAIN and the telephone, will be well with this stock exchange, but has the phob yours of type for your cart and the factor that can return the passport does not go to be able of the spend everything. Another that concealed, enough good edifice. A bit those that loose nuts where a main zip is places , but that it is probably so that I have tried to stuff my tones in there.
5 / 5
Amur This stock exchange!! It IS my stock exchange for everywhere everything. Anything precise has in there! At all my telephone, the juicer of laptop tlphonique load, the mirror, chap-clave, lipstick, regulates auricular and bluetooth auricular tones, car, cards of bank, GOES, cards of punch, notes, help grupal, scrunchy, gradients, even so has spatial. I want to all some compartments. I can maintain the things organise. It opens it does not lose my tones or telephone, so that has a place ascribed for him in there. I do to go of a appt in another and can have he with me while when being and work and does not weigh any a lot of. Quan Spends the stock exchange the big plus, only clave this stock exchange this small plus with each mentioned in there, as I do not have to be changing all a material of a stock exchange in another and know has all a content of material of entity in there. It IS very very done, an interior is shiny and good. It IS strong, uses it so and the still looks took it recently. I will take it again when a time comes. If it takes it, it was not disappointed, that is to say sure!

Top Customer Reviews: SiMYEER Small ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Akiko
Ossia The beautiful purse when it calms does not want to spend too material or is the mamma that room still need for his personal belongings and any stashing sew yours to a stock exchange of diaper.
A little stock exchange feels really soft and looks enough but classy, a colour has chosen his pleasure the granate and vanilla a awesome combo.
HAS abundance of spatial in a main compartment and some other 2 are well to maintain your hand-held cream, lip balm, sunscreen, glasses, headline of papers etc.
Are really happy with this compraventa is for this that have decided to has taken photo like this a lot of like possible to aim my people of Amazon that happy I follows with this little stock exchange.
All can say is will not complain buying is one.
5 / 5 Josef
An old plus I taking, a more have strayed of enormous shoulderbags and totes. Ossia A perfect tiny stock exchange ! I need in the each colour! If a long strap was so only the thumbs of the longest pair, would be in heaven! Also he zippered the pocket of interior would be lovely. The picture has comprised for comparison of measure.
4 / 5 Natalya
Like this pleasant. Smaller that expected but am not complaining loves it like this and calm would be necessary to take it and loves the too much.
4 / 5 Keven
Has loved this legislation of stock exchange out of a box! One feels and the look of is fantastic, is the measures adds , and is like this stinking pleasant! I love a three zippered sections. Mina 6.5'x3.5' Pixel XL Telephone among a section (with spare room!). My stock exchange and transmission pouch and eyeglass the chance is returned easily to a half section, and a third section returns my tones, lotion, chap clave, and the variety other few elements of accessory (again, with spare room!). An only reason gives it the 4 in the place of the 5 is that I am big (5' 10') and would like me a strap to be so only bit it longer, but go to imagine out of the way to extend he with the pair of short period of canal or something. Also, as some another has mentioned, sure was a lot there is the pair of small zip pouches inner for farmyard these few things like chap clave, tones, etc. And finally, am not real sure love a beetle/of bee, but can grow on me. This has said, am planning on ordering another in the different colour! Perhaps I same order two!!! I add little stock exchange that control the plot!!
5 / 5 Milford
Exactly that has looked for! It is small, but a lot of spacious. And, a strap is adjustable like six able to customise to your period has wished.
4 / 5 Silvia
Has been announced as it has expected. That can be bit it small for some people those who usually has the plot of things in his purse, but for me resists my necessities and he all is returned perfectly. So only the desire has had something in a fund of a purse to maintain a fund to touch a paving and inner pockets.
5 / 5 Davida
This purse is so only the little smaller that has expected, but concealed is not the bad thing! It is like this pleasant! Some three full pockets are returned all I needs with me during a day.
5 / 5 Renay
Has been done well and add for a daily stock exchange, or the special occasion. I have used he for my travesía by means of country. I have been surprised so only that returned in this little stock exchange!! Calm will not be disappointed!!
4 / 5 Jacqulyn
A stock exchange is well, but was sent mine without a strap for the dipped in my shoulder. A whole reason has bought this stock exchange was for him to be crossbody. Also my telephone is a same height like a iphone 6 (likes aimed in some photos) and while it returns in a stock exchange in 6 big thumbs, is calm so only ail. Like this if your telephone is significantly main that 6 big thumbs, this wont the resist.
5 / 5 Margrett
I like a purse, although too small for me. One a thing that turned was was some combinations to paint elected for a purse. A purse was cream colored but some straps were dark reddish! It was combination by heart terrible and has been disappointed when it has seen some colours. Some look of photo to be has bitten to deceive reason has thinks that that some straps were brown/dark brown colored and no dark reddish colour. No very attractive at all....

Top Customer Reviews: Crossbody Bag for ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Alejandra
Measure: LargeColor: Lived has taken a big in has lived. Partorisca The reference in some pictures are 5'4'.

I really love this stock exchange. A colour has lived is the good-looking rich plum . I have taken it likes him the purse of secondary to spend in the travesas car courts partorisca spend several toiletries, lotion, or anything could require. Substitute my old purse, and the one who a upgrade!

This thing spends the plot. Has three compartments of zip in a front, 1 compartment of zip in a backside, two stretchy pockets in some sides, two compartments of zip in an interior, and two pockets lateralmente in an interior that can you material of slide in as the lotions and stand up. Some chairs of purse on easily without falling in calm so much could dip something in there that loves stay in a whole place.

A quality is sum . I want that it is nylon. This means that I last the moment and will be easy to clean. It can not find still seal that says the one who a material is, but feels like the soft luxurious nylon in an outside. An interior is ash . There is a his smell with which in the first place that opens that smells like expensive glue. Memory of a smell still goes in the new car. Some people hate that the smell but I find it pleasant. A strap is quite and shiny. I can see a strap that takes twisted because of a way a thing of metal is quell'has bitten width, but does not think is really the treat big.

Could not be happier with this compraventa. I will see like this it resists it was over time and we will update it there are any subjects.
5 / 5 Alonzo
Measure: LargeColor: Lived Soooo. The purse adds, has ordered a big plus a, the colour is perfect a lot of pockets . It excepts The mine has come moldy. Black mould, white mould, smelly mould, appeals of the zip corroded in an interior, so only gross. Partorisca $ 20 I decided to so only the dry all was with water of vinegar, dipped he in the garment stock exchange and has launched he in a washer with Oxy Cleaned and a strong plus that smells the soap has had. Start a lot like this new odorando better closing.
4 / 5 Lakia
Measure: LargeColor: Navy Blue Ossia the beautiful purse , practical . A cloth has the sheen alike to the satin and a hardware is lovely also. Has the really long crossbody strap that the frames that dips on and taking of easy partorisca my arthritic near. I have ordered a big measure and am happy has done. Easily it resists that it had been stuffing to mine purse of old skin. And, it is like this light that, included with all my loaded material in, hanged less than an old skin an empty!

HAS more pouches and the pockets that knows that partorisca do with. Also it is quite big to spend my pill of Fire and a bluetooth keyboard for him when I require to take the computer can with me. They are overjoyed and pleased like this punch.
4 / 5 Dalia
Measure: SmallColor: Black has bought this initially like the substitution partorisca the beloved Sherpani purse that has lost recently. I have not been sper crazy in a look of this new one but has not wanted to spend of the cash in the plus a lot one. It take this and there is give was better way that had anticipated! There are SO MANY POCKETS. For any the one who loves to organise like me, is the sleep that comes true.
4 / 5 Maye
Measure: SmallColor: Lived This stock exchange is the little lighter that has expected. It say that it is more magenta that has lived. I have ordered a small the downsize and a measure is exactly to the equal that have expected but still can not return everything of my interior of material. Ossia On me this in spite of. My main complaint in a purse this in spite of is a strap of shoulder. It does not remain regulated to the to period likes, of him the slides every time choose it up. Also, a buckle in a strap of shoulder is very acute. Could see it scraping or in that cut me finally.
4 / 5 Yen
Measure: LargeColor: Lived was recently in holidays, and had ordered this stock exchange specifically partorisca my travesa. Has the tonne of pockets and compartments so many for inside and for out. I have had good pockets , deep in some outsides partorisca my GO and documents of travesa, and spare room in an interior partorisca the big stock exchange, my glasses in the chance, sunglasses in the chance, the stock exchange of bite of chips, and another sundry to to elements likes him to him the lip balm, of drops of eye etc. More, as to price, a crossbody rule partorisca be really long, to the to the equal that liked.
4 / 5 Francoise
Measure: LargeColor: Black has ordered a big stock exchange. It is not quite like this big as it have expected but are the mamma . It is the stock exchange REALLY never quite big? There are so many pockets and is rwally versatile. Some attractive of zip am fallen off of the little of some zips but yes calm only grab some pliers and pinch them entirely concluded, can be averted. Any big shot. My only real complaint is that a hardware of strap takes the little twisted sometimes and causes a stock exchange to hang the little wonky. Again, no the breaker to treat, are so only the little ocd roughly to to the material likes concealed.
5 / 5 Hilton
Measure: LargeColor: Black A description is attentive. I have required the purse that was quite big for my telephone, glasses, stock exchange, chargers, and resupplied junk. And, I have wanted to you love/ it to it to be light. They are very satisfied with him. The zip has loved also pockets. I have read a description and he have touched as if it acts for me and has.
4 / 5 Dolly
Measure: SmallColor: Black has ordered a black in the small measure. Perfect measure partorisca Any the one who only spends a basics but also quite big to spend to the long of the to some the extra thing likes him to him to them a bit hands sanitizer or the small band of cloths, etc. His to good sure a lot of roomy and has a lot of compartments. I think that that a small measure would be a better measure for any one looking for the stock exchange of half measure without him when being too big and bulky. But the mine has come with the odd fishy smell. In place of the turn... I turned it so only to the rovescio and has launched he in a wash for two complete cycles. You take rid of a smell. But I'm sorry it would not owe that have wine with such the smell where has had to spend for a process to wash before included it can use. As I took it it was a love a stock exchange. His perfect. I have loved the new stock exchange with the not slipping strap of adjustable shoulder for when inside mine upcoming holidays of beach. And this certainly returns a bill.
5 / 5 Maritza
Measure: LargeColor: Navy Blue has bought this partorisca use like the purse of stock exchange of/the smallest diaper partorisca travesas more courts. Has the stock exchange of diaper of giant rucksack that loves, but can be weighed when they are for me or so only doing the travesa short to a tent. A variac. Elder of these works of stock exchange perfectly. All some pockets and zippered the zones leave for abundance of storage. I can return the boots or 2 as well as some dispensers of formula, 4 diapers and the band of wipes, the laptops that change tampon, several toys and pacifiers, the transmission of clothes and hats, he burp cloth, hand sanitizer, and my stock exchange, telephone, and tones. It have to that mention, any of some pockets is insulated, which is not to treat it big like my edges is well with water of temperature of the room to mix formula with. To That I the gustanuno the majority is that my stock exchange and telephone it are easy to access one there is rid. As some have mentioned, a navy the colour is quite dark, almost black. Some have mentioned also difficulties with a sliding strap of a place loves in, but has not experienced is spending still with a quite uploaded stock exchange down. Perhaps it likes to take older this will be a subject , but so only will maintain in place with the pin of security likes another has recommended. They are extremely happy with cost of mine.

Top Customer Reviews: Triple Zip Pocket ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Celeste
ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY Loveeeeeee this stock exchange! This is not the description sponsored or anything, bought and paid with my change of own pocket lol. Im Entering holidays next week and has wanted to something in only launch in my shoulder and this stock exchange have surpassed my expectations big time. I am the big daughter and crossbody the stock exchanges are not always the friends well, but this stock exchange has so much gives is crazy. Quite cute has it so inner spatial to line all mine that junk or will be the +/- for me cuz spends my life in my stock exchange likes him more women. One when being of a material for any when being no the real rind is sum , a colour is good and is thoroughly and sincerely happy with my compraventa. The beaks have Attached to see that has in there at present.
5 / 5 Kaleigh
Amur This stock exchange! Be of law of the zips. Nice deep Pockets. An inaugural is quite big to return the long factor. Amur An ash of colour. Purchase again!!
5 / 5 Drusilla
This stock exchange is absolutely fabulous. Only it possesses another crossbody stock exchange to coach and had been in the transente lately to see maintained ordered me. And he , as I have decided that it was arrests to time to develop my collection of Crossbody the stock exchanges and I have begun with easterly a, in Tope. Generally it spends Everything.. BIG Everything to return EVERYTHING of my junk in. But this crossbody, with his compact measure, left me to remain 100% has organised, only that spends a bare required (Tones, factor of new floor, a lipstick in place of 4, sanitizer, glasses, pen, biz cards, mints and the small hand-to streaky lotion). I have transferred easily everything of some elements of my bus in this stock exchange ails to arrive and was in my road.

I amour some 3 compartments of zip in front, one 4 an in back and one 2 in of the pockets in a compartment of the main zip.

This stock exchange is the minimalist must-has...In all the colours! It can not expect for my another to arrive!
5 / 5 Vinnie
The flight! The looks of robust quite the strap and a tissue is soft. There is abundance of room in everything of some sections of the zip for everything needs on me, still has spatial for my Kindle! Perfect measure for a daily stock exchange.
5 / 5 Delinda
Amur This stock exchange! Each what 3 pockets have the plot of storage for slender things. It was it adds to travel to slip a kindle/iPad mini in and go. A 'Grey darkness' is not so dark while it looks in a screen. It IS very nervous quite buying it so the look basically black in me. It is not . It IS the shadow adds of ash of charcoal. Very liner and well robust structure. Some looks of stock exchange more expensive that is to say. The add work of researches and game.
5 / 5 Rocky
It costs the left wing induct went me to say is the bit of the fanatic of stock exchange, purse of AMUR! He been that wants the crossbody stock exchange for some time and has had the pair but has not been very big as now only chair in my cupboard together with my others 75 stock exchanges! I prefer some more more the big stock exchanges as it was the small hesitant to buy this or but has taken it casualidad in some when said revises this one was big that more crossbody stock exchanges. I recieved the and to the left say I absolutely AMOUR of AMOUR the FLIGHT! Any only is quite big is has done also. Any sure exactly that type of this material but looks to be rind and any supposition of second that the has not been! Has so zips amd pockets also and an interior is so enough! 5 sure stars and and the facts considers to order the again in a brown!
5 / 5 Christia
Amur My new stock exchange! Has so much he more soiled that my old one more which have only a big pocket a measure of a big plus one of easterly an and two small pockets in some outsides. In my stock exchange my old plus, would pose my mini iPad with the case, my tones, factor, and sunglasses in a pocket and was the hassle to pose things in and has been. Opened has Posed it my factor and sunglasses in a compartment a big plus, my mini iPad in a half a, and coupons and another miscellaneous things in a compartment a small plus. I have posed my tones and telephone in a back pocket. Some tones are so easy to take was now in planting to try to dig he out of a fund of my old stock exchange.
5 / 5 Levi
Amur This stock exchange! It IS only perfect! I am 5'9 and you extend a strap all some rests of road perfectly in my hip. That is to say it likes him take to find for the big woman. It IS very spacious and everywhere well together place.
5 / 5 Vada
That is to say the stock exchange I very add , here is why:

-A stock exchange and the strap are build very robust, this stock exchange has taken the highland daughter these beaten and there has not even the scratch in the.
-The zips are the tad rigid but quite easy for me to open with a delivery (and arthritis) as never preoccupy me quite any one ploughing my stock exchange when is not looking.
-A three third is perfect in compartmentalize my belongings so all are not mashed together in a big pocket.
-Some interiors/of external creations are quite cute to use for work without being too elegant.
5 / 5 Sherita
I am so happy with this compraventa. You are the hesitant bit because of some revises more or has used less the line/of stock exchanges rasgadas, but a stock exchange took is the new mark and in perfect condition. I am in accordance with other 5 critics of star; the be material and the quality is excellent, soft and flexible, any odd smells, the lines is cute and fully intact, the strap is comfortable and very time, has not measured but is 5' 6 and is tight likes some upper rests only under my hip, even so it can be lengthened the little more inches. It uses the stock exchange of the enormous shoulder and I was able in easily returns each of this stock exchange in easterly unit A stock exchange is full in some beaks; factor and telephone in main compartment, tones in pouch of interiors, balsam of lip and sanitizer in pocket of inner zip, and or 4x6 inch zippered the full pouch of products of beauty in the each of a front zippered pockets. It does not look also full or misshapen at all. The stock exchange adds! It buys it again in other colours.

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