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Top Customer Reviews: ANCEL AD310 Classic ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
This OBD II the reader is in difference of an economic some concealed to have to you use an application in your tlphonique to actuate (which I also own). That is to say the support only reader that it is very the cosy user, and calm aims in the each movement. Immediately identify it your car, and does not have to enter a year, mark, engine, etc. Of your cart. This unit is also economic compared in another in a piece, and highly the recommend.
5 / 5
After paste the little swipe in a road and remarking a eservice Punctual Engine' the light coming on in a half of my commutate, was fearful that it was necessary to take the day to do to take my cart inspected and fixed. Thinking at least could save some time and money to know that exactly it was bad with a car, has ordered a ANCEL AD310 Classical Enhanced Universal OBD II CODE to Scan of the fault of Car Engine the Tool of PODE of the reader to Scan of the Diagnostic - https Negre://www.amazon.com/dp/b01g5ea74i/ref=cm_cr_ryp_prd_ttl_alone_0.

My hope was to imagine was if a problem was quite of entity of the take fixed for the professional, or be something could fix on my own. I have used a Tool to Scanner ails to arrive, and immediately a bat a tool gave me a code of the fault of the engine and a description. Result, has had a 'Evaporative the emissions Filter', could cause which for covers he of loose gas. Sure enough, my covers of gas has been posed in wrong, and after the day the reset of computer of an engine and has cleared a code of failure!

Easily could have spent $ 200 only for the mechanic to say me my covers of gas was in wrong, so literally in an hour for the take, a Tool of the scanner paid for him a lot of time on!

To well sure recommend this product!
5 / 5
I have purchased recently the cart has used. Almost like a sample an Engine of the lights of Punctual Control have ignited. I do not know the plot in of the carts, as I do not want walk in the tent and take taken advantage of. I have purchased this reader so that it can take it some few codes I and research the in an internet and potentially wants a cost of some reparations. It was able to confirm that a tent was took some same codes have done.

A reader is very easy to use. Calm only precise to locate where one covers of reader in your cart. You can choose clear some codes after you have read what probably gone back of an Engine of light Punctual Control. It is not the bad ideal to run a control of code again if some light returns on to see taken some same codes .

Highly recommend any one to take this reader of code only to maintain in your box of tool. Can save you hundreds of dollars in of the unnecessary reparations of unscrupulous tents of car service.
5 / 5
An Only OBD2 reader never need. A light of control of the engine in my pinch is coming on, as I have prendido for a Deep dealership to see what a subject could have been. Of course, I have been said there would be the $ 95 load has wanted the to pull one that code 'nt of has coated any work or the yes precise parts. I have decided to leave and it has ordered a Ancel AD310 OBD2 Reader that arrived a next day.

Has read a manual, plugged he in and sure enough the code looked. Still it has the description of the cual a code meant and what has separated more probably has to when the be has substituted. I some the furthest investigation on-line and imagined out of the concealed has had to to substitute to take drawee of a light of engine of the control.

To well sure would recommend this product for any one requiring codes of attraction when this light of the engine of the control comes on.
Saves a bit money! It takes a calm separate you and perhaps still does a work on your own is able in!
5 / 5
Wow, This sucker the ROAD has done better concealed has expected. Plugged He in, said me to turn tone in in place. I flipped a tone, and inner quite 20 bren has had both of my codes in a screen, and was able to clear them ( has known in advance has required only be cleared). This was a first time used it, but has been in the cart described a lot of time for his have control some codes for me, these works of device two times so hurriedly likes him ones use..
3 / 5
Fast delivery. Easy to use and very basic. He no read all the codes. There is the light of code in my car but the reader of the code has said has did not have grinded codes. Has the 2008 BMW. There is the coil of bad ignition and covers it bad. Any sample any misfires.
5 / 5
That can say, saved me the bouquet to upload that would have has had to to pay in the dealership or tuneup tent. I have purchased a unit when had the light of engine of the control that comes up in my Ford Evasi. Hardly arrive I hooked he up that it was waste so mere to say you that! A code of problem was hurriedly pointed and is gone in an Internet and found an explanation of a code. Behind in Amazon to buy a sensor has required, the sensor rid and behind in an Internet to see regarding the install. After the installation has used a ANCEL unit to clear a code and light of engine of the control. The work has done, another happy client.
Almost advances of look in a prjimos 'Engine of Control' clear!
5 / 5
It goes to buy the most expensive unit but has thought would try easterly the unit has repaired 3 vehicles a day with a help of this unit. I have seen bad descriptions and has thought, does not listen the descriptions of films so many, and was very again! A mechanic has taking that the hates computerised carts!
1 / 5
It do not read code in the 2005 Toyota Prius. Of an information read it would have to have . Buyer beware.
1 / 5
Bought this to diagnose 'engine of punctual control' clear in 2004 BMW 325here. This ANCEL the reader has said that all was well, any codes of error. Tried the plus or three times less, same result every time.... It says that everything is VAL still although a 'engine of punctual control' the light is still on in a cart. It takes car in AutoZone, hooked he until his reader and taken P0171 and P0174 codes, running too lean, which are the common problem in this cart. Any insurance that is a problem , but is returning a unit.
Update: based in some codes have taken of some borrowed Autozone reader of code, has taken a cart in for service, has substituted a DISA valve that is one of some upper causes to run also behind in the E46 BMW. This was done 5 month and a cart is running well and a 'engine of punctual control' clear never returned on. This confirms a ANCEL the totally failed reader to read some codes or included detects the problem.

Top Customer Reviews: BlueDriver ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
In my opinion the majority of these devices the poor descriptions comes from/come from a time when has to paid for an application to actuate characteristics. Another character of descriptions comes from/comes from simply not comprising OBII or that basically functions.

This application imo is awesome 1 follows the need of car trafficker used the fast OBII that is to say accurate and this can do the basic scanner of the each vehicle to do sure a cart can spend of the emissions and to verify for codes of problem or pending codes when the engine of the control is not on. This the so more more.

Another appearance of import is to require something small to spend around auctions. Taken to tire included that spends the small OBDII this has the cord. That is to say it perfect it it can return in my forward of pocket and for the rainy days only launch in the raincoat wristlet.

Today scanned quite a lot of 50 carts nissan maximas/ altimas/research/ muranos/ toyota siennas and prius deep agreements, civics, odysseys, BMW 3 serious 335 and 325, Porsche Boxster, VW is Spent, Jetta, Audi/ of insects A4/ acura RSX and TL. Basically scan each cart has required he in. It opens in some carts some characteristic extras have not done but that is expected more scanners that the hand can very sure advanced characteristic unless has the scanner concretely for carts of Euros. And that is to say where voice alot of the complaints of this device have entered here.

This scanner can do alot of things, clear codes, reads preparation of emissions and is accurate goes against mine 400 scanner and all read this proprietary thing. It excepts Remarked in this bad boy can see when some last codes where erased in the vehicle as I can marijuana out of these carts of trafficker these clear codes in his carts of boy of the problem while they enter an auction.

Imo This device is the good value

5 Month later and these small devises is my better partner. They go in of the auctions 4 auction the week and probably scanners at least 50 carts for auction. His never been glitchy or injustice. His also surprising in the carlot scanning the vehicle in front of the door of potential client sells carts in the integer of new level can see some monitors of preparation of the vehicles. AS has the 2 a now only for an available plot. Absolutely I want this element and a quickness to scan the vehicle. I can scan vehicle almost in a bloc to auction yes required for these carts that only look that has not seen never estacionado in an available plot..

Also for kicks and has scanned the Maserati and law..Scanners Mercedes c classifies in. I am quite sure done the basic scanner in any cart with a OBDII port to arrive to this point
5 / 5
I have downloaded an Application of a Tent of iTunes (FREE) and installed the in my iPhone . A download and install was perfectly. A first test was in 2013 Chevy Silverado pickup this there has been a light of Engine of the Control on. It has scanned some codes and an error was in 34;System of Recovery of the Steam". It was already familiar with this error but a guide those shoots recommended the problem that control some covers of gas. We tense Some covers, reset a code and a light of the engine of the Control has been gone and is not returned during a month.
Leaves a module plugged in a OBD2 port in mine 2011 Mercedes GL350 (Diesel) constantly has purchased of a BlueDriver in June, 2017. I tow The trailer with a SUV as I left me controls an engine while we travel. I am the Mechanical Engineer that studied it Automotive engineering in Oregon of Characteristics Or. (1972) (Beavers) As I have not been daunted by some 70+ parameters that maintained in a logging road.
Wants a real-time logging characteristic as I can control Oil of Automotive Temp, Pressure of Impulse (absolute), Fuel Useage(GPH), Temperature of Air of the Impulse, and Atmospheric Pressure.
Is towing a trailer again this week with a real-time logging running, when yesterday, in hwy 93 in Idaho, a half of nowhere, an engine dies! Miraculously We Find the place in safely attraction of one 2-road (any shoulder) the road and my woman begin to call our byline that service of tows, look in a BlueDriver application now that it is for prender, and now can see the look that a pressure of fuel is down. I can smell diesel also so that it knows does the leak. I open a hood, takes a quite taken (as I can see that it is entering), and has my woman begins an engine. I can see fuel gushing was, I yell DECREE!! He thank you the advantage is diesel while it is hot today. I take an update of a towing the company and will be there in 10 hours. Beginning to look for the connector of the hose of/the fuel has broken. Fulfilling that a connector is good but a clip of cape is exited a female side. Eye around a compartment of the engine and locate the, recover it, re-install it, and posed some backwards of together connector. My woman re beginnings a car, any leak, as we pose in a quite taken, has cleaned up with mere green and the paper towel, and any bass a road. Everything thanks to a BlueDriver this was plugged in, logging, and said me where to look!
5 / 5
This produces paid for him a first time used it. I am not the mechanic, not even could qualify like the mechanic of tree of the shadow', and does not have any idea as to use the majority of these capacities of products. This has said, has used this device in the multiple carts felizmente utmost. This produces very only read some codes of computers of the carts, but scan the, provides alive data, ridicules controls of smog, and codes of resets (left you to see retest result). Also it read it yours CAME numbers and provides the volumes of the information related in your vehicle. This comprises any one takes /campaigns and of the Bulletins of Technical Service (TSB). I have learnt a TSBs is emitted to provide suggestions of reparation and info in of the professionals of reparation of the cart.

A device connects in your tlphonique or iPad saw Bluetooth and accesses an internet via Wi-Final or cell. In my opinion, that is to say that enables a more useful capacity in the rookie like me. Any calm only give you the 5 code of figure (ex P0106) and the description. In fact access it the database of 1.5 million certificates TAKES reparations, and calm give you one the majority of the municipality fixed for a code has associated. This characteristic paid for this device a first time used it.

Has had the P0106, sensor of MAP, code in a Infiniti G37. Usually I final to take a car in my local mechanic when a light of the engine of the control is coming on, but has used now a BlueDriver. I said me the bulletin of service had been emitted for this problem, and or the majority of common reparation was related in fact in a ECM subject to program. It results a sensor of MAP was very and my cart has required in fact an update in a computer. Alas it lose it his one window to have this fact in a cost of trafficker, and has to broker to have then he in any cost.

In me a device is beneficial you:
- creates of amours to benefit before you take your cart in the mechanic;
- that it is to try and the fixed; and
- wants to verify the cart has used before purchase

With that now know, would not purchase the cart used without using this premier. While it can clear you codes, a lot of codes are Permanent. In this way although I fix a problem, the still show there went it the problem. Also, when any resets some codes, can take until the week to direct for a car to complete everything of some tests, and turn the light of engine of the backwards to control on. This device will aim you, at least in my cart, when some codes were reset , and if some tests are complete. This will delete to buy the cart and the week later discovering has problems of emissions. It IS also well to learn if your cart will spend smog before taking he in and having an information transmitted in DMV.

Can not say this OBDII the scanner is better that another, but can say was blown totally has been for some capacities. One another thing that is surprising is updates constantly. A warehouse to repair info only continues to grow, and takes updates of the free application in bases regulates of a Tent of Application of the Apple.

- A last thing: when I have turned he this week aims the message that informs was roughly in the test has Enhanced Codes' for Nissan/Infiniti, and ask helps the flavours of beta some updates. It is surprising, in fact aim me anti-system of brake of the lock (ABS) codes, the codes of culo of the air, and down in still when my sensors of the pressure of low wheel has detected the problem. It IS the small confused while I have researched and read descriptions, and my hope is this detail helps another. Esperanza Helps
2 / 5
Any one typically writes descriptions (that is to say my premier never) has wanted even so for this device while the thinks would be useful for both users and for some developers.

In the first place was, this device combines the plot of good technology in the small and cheap container. A depth to read of the code of Bluedriver and the data lives those controls a lot can any one when being matched to arrive to this point of prize. Sadly, Any one of this very done characteristic right and think that some developers have bitten has been more than the can chew.

Has used this device with an iPhone X in iOS 12.1 to diagnose the 2004 Chrysler Brought and he 2007 Dodge Glorious Caravan. Installing an application was easy, even so there are frequent subjects with Bluetooth loosing connection. Always it can it resolve this to unplug Bluedriver, that restarts an application or the combination of so much. Has update Bluedriver in a late plus firmware (2.44 at the same time) and has not seen an improvement.

A loss of the usually arrived connectivity when my screen of the telephone has turned was. Largo Bluedriver only would be able to read OBDII the data and the data have advanced a lot until has restart an application. This can be the real subject for the smog indicators of flavours of preparation, deceiving some less users have advanced of this product. Bluedriver Signified That my vehicle would spend when has failed clearly. Quan Bluedriver Has finished in this state, a lot of preparation the indicators will result unavailable in Bluedriver like a evap and systems of catalyst. Of Bluedriver, can does not see the and each which ones see is marked so ready, Bluedriver calls this spends it.

Used Bluedriver to diagnose a sensor of oxygen and a ABS sensor of wheel. Bluedriver Products some right codes for both of these conditions even so in a lot of cases Bluedriver also produced 10 or 20 additional failure codes that simply has not existed. In my first scanner, Bluedriver gave me some correct codes even so you also mean that my ABS and BCM the computers have had the internal failures have continued down other codes that very done any sense. Based in some codes, has been disturbed that would require to substitute these modules and begun to research these failures. Even so, later when have read codes again, has taken far less codes; codes that was sure has existed in fact. That is to say when I learnt that Bluedriver often informs data of rubbish. In general, some codes of upper error are correct and then some finals ones are rubbishes . I have learnt to identify some rubbishes ones for simply that scanner again and that sees cual ones have persisted.

Tried to diagnose a sensor of oxygen with alive data. Change of sensors of the oxygen in the each 100 ms in the good sensor. Sadly, Bluedriver only would update quite once the second, included with aiming only the only sensor. This does not do diagnosing a sensor of impossible oxygen, only ways that one since is seeing is only the rough approximation that in fact is spending.

This problem in fact is insignificant in comparison in that more discover it late. Bluedriver The data has injected in fact of rubbish in a current. A PCM in a vehicle has launched P0138, signifying that a sensor of oxygen was bonded big. Quan Seeing a current of data, a current would aim the quality to change on all 4 sensors of oxygen, signifying that all the sensors have done properly. Any one of a data has been duplicated neither, meant a PCM has not gone simply supplementing a data of sensor of the oxygen with good data of another sensor. It was really really confused for the this for the days of pair. In some point has tried to live see a sensor of speed of the vehicle, only to find that while it directs a vehicle, Bluedriver frequently would aim a speed of vehicle likes 0 while a vehicle was in motion in a road. A speedometer in a never fallen vehicle has been. I give that a quality in return saws it has not been of a sensor of oxygen but of data of rubbishes. To arrive to this point, has changed a sensor of the oxygen and a code were was. A graph looked a same before and after changing a sensor. Essentially, these marks to diagnose a lot of sensors and his impossible connections with Bluedriver. The sensors often intermittently fail and this tool in fact will do it more defiant to find a subject.

Is returning Bluedriver. Very it has wanted to to maintain. I Like me fixed of my own material and some alive data and a thorough the code these scanners remark very done in me to arrive to this point of prize. A reality is, this device is the tool of diagnostics and mark to diagnose my much more difficult problems that only the scanner of code regulates without the alive data . I can treat insects in of the applications, bad UI and things that has an accident on and on again even so it can not treat bad data. He a lot soured a whole thing for me.

Respect a vision of this company. These products has a capacity to take on in in to the others to big names likes them-pauses them him-On, even so, recommends that the stay of users out of this product until these subjects is fixed. Also it recommends in some house a lot of developers in integrity of data on anything more. That is to say the tool and needs of people to trust his tools.
3 / 5
I have chosen this product been due to so much an extraneous number concealed had purchased and some the descriptions adds has. Has the 2006 F350 and expected to do 2 things with this product:

1.) It expect that pode and would alert me in any codes that was at present active. He this with flying colours. He same commentaries he codes of pinch and tranny codes. I have not had any code another that the little misc codes of pinch. During the longitude 3 road of trip of week, has taken the plugged EGR cual has launched the code. The arrival that the marks Restores it flush in a road and he have fixed a problem.

2.) Also it expect it uses this product to control my engine with him is characteristic lives. This, for me, is where this fund of falls of the product.
He Possess the diesel, knows that measuring a delta in time among an oil of engine and refrigerating is very of entity as well as the control Exhausts Gas Temperatures. It expect that this product could and would do each of of the this. Any so much. An only useful info this unit will give me in my particular vehicle is temperature of refrigerant. There is the bouquet of PIDs that can he "voice" but it can any one read. I am not sure it is only the subject to program or more, but would not buy this product possesses the Ford Diesel.

If they are able to update his programming in a future, will update my description, but until then, possess the Ford Diesel, steer clears of this unit
1 / 5
These products is announced and presented very good but his rubbish. A data of device has read any life of diagnostic. It takes hours to purchase everything of some sensors of emissions/of mere engine. I have lost my another tool of Bluetooth of the scanner when moved so that it takes this device . Desprs Installed and has spear of update an application. I have wanted the fuel trims and O2 data in the 2004 Dodge Glorious Caravan but some the available only sensors was a throttle sensor of place and engine RPM. I have called a number of support and an agent of the service of the client inform me that it take it time (hours) for a device to discover all some sensors and mere emissions of engine. There are other devices in a piece for much cheaper these covers to read of instant of data in of the vehicles of diagnostics. Waste of money and time. Only it read it/his clears codes of a module of control of the engine. Please of the that waste your money.
2 / 5
I have required this to diagnose that it goes of my anti-system of the brake of the lock has required the substitution of hub. All said me is that has the stored anti-lack of brake of the lock, any one cual the wheel was. Has had to my tent of part of local cart and has his scanner say me is a sensor of left rear wheel .
Is not happy with a fact that the has not been able to isolate a problem when clearly a code of failure that was to store in a vehicle means that the sensor of wheel is defective.
A vehicle is the 2004 Pontiac Montana AWD.
1 / 5
Has each intention to write the description adds and giving this product 5 star then does to lack afterwards the month. One of some fresh things in a blue engine are his 'lives' characteristic leaving you to see whats enter with your vehicle in real time. This bad can the yours left plugged in your OBDI port all a time. But, a day and has directed usually and my truck has begun to run rough and falling cylinders. Has thinks that that it was the problem of fuel. I have found the sure place for estacionar and tried to read some codes and powers of lives of a blue engine and he no illuminate or connect for blue tooth in my Telephone.
I text for back and has taken an immediate response. Has wanted to me to try he in another vehicle, of course that it was not another option at the same time. So much, the unplugged and then a truck has run so normal, hmmm, still has not convinced the has not been to be able to plugged he behind in and my truck has run rough again. As it avenges and the support called. They have said that it has to have shorted was and offered for the substitute that was it the 1 in 100,000 occurrence. You are not to take another casualidad opted the road he behind for the repayment.
Takes your OBDI the port is the connection of computer in your vehicle, any only leaving you to read your codes but calm (with a right squad) can program your computer of vehicles. Having Something has ordered plugged can calm. Having the esure failure' this disconnected he in a case of the failure eschew this.
Has wanted to to box fail, the service of client adds, 1/100,000 casualidad can cause subjects in your computer of vehicles...hmmm
1 / 5
This reader of code is very inconsistent. A minute, does not have any codes, an afterwards will take codes, then take "any code".
1 / 5
It was disappointed enough by this tool to scan. A UI is very cluttered, and the alive data is very hard to use effectively.
IS the mechanic of professional cart that usually uses tools of diagnostic of big final, but has looked for the tool of lustrous pocket for my telephone.
Has not tried some versions some cheap plus, but very can not be any worse that this. But for 00, this blue engine is at all more concealed ready marketing and quite screenshots. Any value a money at all.

Top Customer Reviews: FOXWELL NT301 OBD2 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
5 / 5
Be it has warned this is not your reader of typical code. This a taken in a the technical material. Very it does not have any idea that looked in. I have learnt to use the little of some functions of uTube videos. I have learnt enough to discover had the plugged EGR the valve and I have to 02 sensors that is bad. Has some manuals of tent for my cart and a more studio these instruments to the More i likes him. A better characteristic thinks is a graphing. Looking an operation of some 02 sensors in a graph subjects enabled me to locate some bad sensors in the pair of minutes. If it is it has to take a time and learns so to use this scanner, will be happy bought the. I am very pleased with purchase of mine. Even so when you order this, orders the case and a bond of extention. You will want to protect this small jewel. A extention the calm of leaves of the bond in hook until your computer of automobile and be able to seat comfortably in the chair of an engine while it is by train to do you a test in planting to be hunched under a wheel. The scanner adds, the prize adds!
5 / 5
I actuate Never the possessed the reader the codify and has bought this Foxwell NT301 so that it take to ail and tired the launcher codifies and trusting the dealership or mechanic to say me that it was bad. I am quite handy and a mechanic of anterior aircraft, as I know my road around tools. This was a piece has required more. This unit that says and looks for the do quite well. That is to say a perfect unit for a mechanic of handy weekend that mark his own work how me. Me HISTORY:
possesses the 2013 Ford Fusi Titanium that has had some difficulties 2 YEARS ago with sputtering after it begins and then sometimes pause . A dealership and the supposition TAKES soyechanic' has given me he printout of some codes launched, (4 or as) and the hefty quote for throttle substitution of organism, FRP sensors and cover in a tune of $ 1300.00 !!
Well, When being the mechanic in of the aircraft and the Engineer of Quality for trade, did not have it. I berated a mechanic and cause the scene in a dealership and has taken a car house. On my own, I have substituted one the majority of first logical element and has been for some cover, for the totals or $ 45 bucks and 40 minutes of my time, SAVED me a full $ 1300... A HEAVEN was was and never illuminated again for almost 2 years (50,000 miles).
2 past of years, and begun to take the vacillation, loss or pot and poor action and logically supposed a cause of a HEAVEN has been now related in other elements I didnt substitutes 2 years ago, has substituted a FRP sensors and was sceptical of a Throttle organism. Desprs Taking nowhere even so having a HEAVEN on, decided to buy this FOXWELL NT301. I plugged he in and was has surprised immediately that any one of some anterior codes was present but a Cart has launched codes for the misfire.
This left wing of unit me to READ The CODE and has a reference of the manufacturers without that have to look above on-line.
Left me to clear some codes and then walks until a car HEAVEN illuminated again. I have used an option of record to record an interior of case a moment a code has been launched, shows an ALIVE DATA and then read all a present of codes.
Low and Behold, some carts have launched codes for the Misfire and Any throttle the organism etc. Has bought the new together of Cover and has substituted the premier and yes, a HEAVEN was was, and has has did not have problems since.
A dealership the bone has wanted in the principle me for $ 1300.00 and smelt my road around this subject, and this time was able to verify my problem with this reader the codify and ignore some erroneous data a dealership gave me in a past.
Whose Waste Another said me anywhere. It BUYS THIS, reads a manual, comprises his full potential and The USE.
SAVED ME A FORTUNE. Any negative critic here unfounded on me. THAT IS TO SAY A UNIT ADDS .
5 / 5
This analyser did totally in my expectations. Very mere and intuitive with minimum necessity the reference a book of instruction (which are quite thorough).
With the precision diagnoses a cause of my Light of Engine of the Control (code of error P0013). It was in Youtube to learn how one substitutes defective VVT exhausts solenoid, and after the trip in Autozone for a new part, was able to substitute he besides or 20 minutes less. Rechecked The system and was well to go. It wants that it was able to clear code of error of automobile ECM memory after a reparation. Opened Can spend it some the annual emissions try that it is required to renew my prjimo registration here in Knitting.
Chevy The trafficker has wanted to $ 125 just to connect in a OBD2... He then the laws of annex/of parts in that.
Has paid $ 65 for a tool to scan, $ 48 for a part and is exited advances of road, the more now has the scanner to use for any future HEAVEN.
4 / 5
That is to say a premier ODB the scanner has possessed. I bought it yesterday to verify the cart of my daughter. His light of the engine of the Control was on. And a cart is very of entity for his subsistence - but is also in the estimativa tight. More than the race was in the thought of the garage would be it well to know only that is spent. (Oh - And has has wanted to one of these for years. Any one that this there has been anything to do with him ;) )
Good descriptions. Delivery of same day. ( It check Some descriptions with my new friends reviewmeta! Thank you Podcast of money of the planet).
This unit was easy to use. Coverage he misfire in cylinder 3. We pull some covers. Tensed And has cleaned a desert to age (and cover them new has ordered!). Cleared a code. Verified again. And it is well to go until we can substitute these cover this weekend. In spite of the few reverses of our own mark was to do in in an hour.
And yes, if google is to be thought, if a misfire had taken bad, his behaviour with a light of engine of the control on CAN have marred his engine. Like this compraventa small can have saved his cart.
5 / 5
Why it takes your cart in the garage for them to say you that it is bad? Then he preoccupies is by train to say you the real problem, mark in the big plus a, or doing an up period only to gross money! It opens can say You yes really need to take he in. It uses the small another code of readers has been missing of in a past. And they have done, but this a law adds. It IS very easy in navigate around some cards, and read some codes. Especially for any one which he... That is to say more useful doing reparations to house this law in the cart.

Was able to discover that it was bad with my car, and yes required to take he in. But I have not been for the disturbs has been rasgado has been. As I say in you! If you are ailing to ask , while and begs does not take taken for the walk.... Calm take you the Foxwell reader of code of the failure and knows sure your automobile necessities the small TLC. Or! You are any concealed can do on your own car? Calm take you the Foxwell, and knows that necessity to take to fix your cart.
5 / 5
For a bit those that the past years used he innova 3030 reader of code that has been purchased in Walmart to hover he of a same prize like Foxwell NT301 even so it was not never the enormous adherent in fact very hated to use a Innova 3030 but law in the pinch. Desprs Taking a Foxwell NT301 and take to use he for awhile now can say I in fact a lot enjoys to use the. While both take in the minute to synchronise with a vehicle takes the screen to upload with a Foxwell that the marks does not look to take so long. But down in a nitty gritty mine the old scanner gave you only generic codes. Even so one Foxwell give you very only generic code but once synchronised with a vehicle also can give codes to manufacture also. A better part is that it gives some codes with the description of a code. That another wise would be necessary to write it down and looks for the on-line. This characteristic is very handy and it saver of time of entity. One Foxwell also has the add easy to use the by heart full and easy exposure to follow instructions. Characteristic additional of Foxwell that very as me is a capacity to read die of impression and real time of any codes that has been detected. It uses this unit in several vehicles. It possess it at the same time and every time it is done perfectly. I used it even so in the Cadillac recently done on and some the only codes has not been able to pull where a frame and codes of suspension even so the has not expected this he so that it is usually only detectable in a system of diagnostic of the vehicle he. In general really it likes me a Foxwell NT301 and and with the flavour has recommended a lot this reader in several people.
5 / 5
It IS sceptical like this was really cheap in prize. It has priced in the tent of the local cart and some units have sold averaged $ 100 and on. I have taken the shot with easterly one that had the light of engine of the control on and had researched has been more probably a sensor of oxygen because of a light of engine of the control as well as a VSC the light has remarked. Sure enough, I hooked this up and gave me the code that a sensor in stacks two sensor two was bad. I have taken he in the place of reparation for his have diagnostic also and was a same diagnostic . I have finished to do a reparation I after looking some videos of Youtube and saved me almost $ 400.
5 / 5
I have maintained bogging down in mine 1998 CR-V. I have verified and rechecked time, pressure of fuel, cover, revendedor, everything. Any light of engine of the control on, has directed madman me. At the end decided to peel out of a money for the 'pro' scanner, better that mine $ 20 walmart unit plugged this one in, has taken he for the walk of test with a record of characteristic data, and guesses that found- the bad O2 upstream sensor. It maintains to say my computer was rich (the voltage was .6 In 1.2 all through a walk), and a downstream the sensor put for apropar- 0 like the fuel of back of low computer. My fuel of term under trims is gone down in -30%. Everything of of the one of the east and the MAY has launched the darn code for me for the imagine was. I am spent of the hours in the hours that the flavour finds a mechanical subject, when this electronic tool has cured of him besides or 15 minutes less. A very brainer, your road of costs of the time of plus that these costs, the buy. And I am your mechanic of shadow of half tree that laws in his own carts, no the critic to feign while you can see in my history. These products was that well for me to leave the glowing descriptions
5 / 5
This thing is easy in hook up and provides the tonne of data, an only problem is that it was not that the majority of him half! A screen by heart is brilliant and easy to read, but is not the screen to touch, and since is each amiable of the use goes to screens to touch now that takes the small to take used to. The navigation is done by some buttons of arrow, with up and down planted afterwards in the each another in some upper and left buttons and the rights have planted on in some sides. Some arrows are printed clearly in some buttons, but so that they are not forms how maximum of regular cross like a D-the tampons have the habit of use in videogame controllers and such, using them in navigate has not been very intuitive for me. For some long time takes me that it tries to touch in a screen, and then when taking has had to to use some buttons have had to in fact take the second and thinks in that button has required to press. As I think that a creation of button could be it has improved to do a bit four directional buttons more so he D-tampon and then posing other buttons in a zone around a D-tampon.

Has also three lights only under a screen what bad all are well, there is the opinion, or there is the serious subject. Some two carts plugged he in both green aim, which are that it has been it expected. It has not had any code has listed, which was has expected also. I navigated through some cards and looked in the bouquet of data that has not comprised at all, and found a zone where can do test of diagnostic. There have it included an option to do tests of diagnostic in a device he, which has thought was fresh.

Physically, I how one when being of a device with a thing of grip of black rubber everywhere an external verge. He he durable chair. And a cord is abundance quite yearn both use in an engine and chair of passenger. Any external stack is required, uses a power of a cart. I asked me that plus or less a cart has not had any power, but then give if this is spent then although a reader of code has had can probably still would not be able in a surgery a cart for information because of a cart that has any power. I do not know any a lot of in of the carts, even so, so perhaps is bad. In all the case, I like this thing so far but can any one really do the fully accurate test until something goes bad with my car again. Desire I to go to have these years of mark of thing.
5 / 5
It takes this when it was for sale for $ 60. At the beginning, has thinks that that this tool was junk. But then I give, it was error of operator . It uses to plot of tools but never in the vehicle to start with of the push. That necessity to know is concealed has to press you a button to start with but not beginning a cart. Then it lines a button to start with for 3 - 5 bren without beginning a cart. Desprs, A car can in the road but any one when the be has not begun. Calm then pode hook in a tool to scan and has access in codifies and obtains a capacity to clear them. If you any one this, will not be able to clear them. I think that that that is to say probably a same like other devices to scan also.

Top Customer Reviews: Bafx Products - For ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
In the principle has bought this adapter done 5 years and has done attaches up until recently when does not connect in the cart of my woman. Even so, alloy in my cart only well. I routed an email in bafx asking them if it have had grinded updates in an adapter of a an and in the principle has bought. In the Marks in the daytime later of bafx wrote me behind and has said has not had any update in a device. I had me some few tests and then offered to verify my adapter and routed he in them. I routed he in them and the little of the days issues later me the unit of the new mark has not expected this class of support of them for the device that was 4+ years out of guarantee. Sad for a long description, and only thought and would have to share my experience. Some laws of perfect new adapter.
5 / 5
It takes this to diagnose the P0420 code that my cart had been launching intermittently for enough 6 month. It has scanned in a tent of parts of the cart and has taken an initial code, but to take the definite diagnostic there would be has had to to take he in a tent for 5 an hour (takes the discount). I some looking around for the tool to scan, but I some YouTubing and found these things that all some same things for the fraction of a cost. I have researched for the few weeks to find the sake a, and this is coming up like one of some better bass-cost some and BAFX looked the good company how took it.

A tool has entered the box of mere aim with packing peanuts, the setup and troubleshooting guide, and the tiny compact disk that supposes enters the walk of ROM of CD (has not tried never he). Some instructions were quite well to take the basic idea of initial setup. Any subject with them at all. I need a smartphone of Android or compressed to run a tool, and any smartphone or the tablet will be a lot of (same older some). Calm basically limits in the DLC port of a car (under a pinch), expect it until a red light comes on, turn in your Bluetooth, and looks for a device. It has to come to like up some odd name or OBD scanner. To connect posed in a signal 1,2,3,4 and that is. Mere. I need an application (these only works in Android, any iOS!) For the one of the east to do. They have recommended Torsion Pro, so that it is which decrees taken .99 (Well it estimates, a lite the version is quite useless). There are other applications these works with, but the torsion is a better. Once an application is running, goes in of the parameters and configure an adapter. Alloy and it beginning that it transmits info of the computer of a vehicle.

This thing is surprising to cost down 0. It reads each what so only PID of a computer of vehicle, as each sensor that some monitors of computer will be read. It opens That is to say only a OBD II (for 1996 and the carts the new more only) reader, bed so generic and beat of vehicle and data of concrete emissions of train. He the frame read any one and SRS codes for ABS and of the airbags. I need the tool of the big arrival consecrated for that. For my Subaru, reads all some sensors of engine except pressure of oil and DC voltage. It reads codes also, and can clear the also. Some data of sensor refresh was quite hurriedly. I have not had any subjects of connection with east had it since.

The leader of my automobile gaskets is filtering, as I use it to maintain tabs a time to refrigerate. If has the P0420 code, can control a data of sensor of the oxygen to see if your conversores catalytic is bad. It uses it to diagnose the P0430 for the bad o2 heater of sensor. This of paid of tool for him 4 times in a first use to time the to do the calm reparation in those paid the tent or dealership. It IS invaluable in a DIY in the to to the mechanic likes him.

Fast sensor refresh
Big quality
1 guarantee of year
Read and clears codes
Lee dates alive
Reliable connections

Only reads OBD sensors and codes
Any support for SRS/ABS/or codes of frames
Any support for iOS

That is to say the tool adds to have in your toolbox or box of glove. Well For the DIY or the professional. I want to it. He all say for the fraction of a cost of the tool of the scanner has consecrated. Yes, you have to have the tablet or smartphone for the use, as if you very then has one argues to take the hand-the scanner has streaky, but for the the one who has the tablet or smartphone, that is to say the tool adds .
5 / 5
He been the professional in a automotive subject for almost 20 years and has TAKEN L1 the certification advanced of specialist of the diagnostic. I can say that that is to say a better bang for a buck OBDII the device has not seen never. Of course he no the plot of things that a squad an use of expensive plus (0k+) can do, but for fast controls and looking the lists have limited of the alive data is very useful. I use an application of Piston for Android, and this work supremely well with him - fast alive die refresh tax, and good access in of the codes and frame of chilled date. With other applications, uses it to control economy of fuel in real time in my own vehicle. Good work, BAFX. Desire all has done this well for a money.
5 / 5
Works while it announces. It gives mine 1999 F150 very gauges has wanted prende tug. Concretely, now have temperature of cape of the cylinder, temperature of refrigerant, temperature of transmission (in two different locations), and slip of torsion of conversor. These are some gauges of critics for tugs the load in firm in a manufacturer max limit to tow. So far, it can not take temperature of oil of the engine -- will maintain to try.

Does not run a low stack in any perceivable road when some rests of truck to seat during the week with a Tool of the installed scanner. A tool of looks to scan to go to sleep after the moment and only reawakens when a truck is begun.

Records well with a program of Android "Torsion"
5 / 5
Absolutely excellent device. It has saved me already on ,000. There is the tent of reparation that say me has required the new transmission. I have bought this tool to scan, has downloaded the free application ( there is a lot of), and has of a code of transmission of only significant was the defective sensor of speed of the turbine. I have substituted a sensor I for 5 and a transmission comports that informative.

Has had another bluetooth OBDII tools to scan, and that is to say an only a that in fact works. And some supports of company behind him totally. It IS it has impressed very only with a device, but also with a company, the owner duquel contacted me directly only to see has been satisfied. I am.
4 / 5
Well basic tool to use to codes of attraction, reading bluetooth in my telephone is well and do very well, was able to walk quite 20ft of cart in a garage to read a program in my telephone. I have purchased a Torsion Pro Program in my telephone for to read some subjects and the law adds, after you take some codes can click the and go to line- to see the most detailed description of a subject, also can issues the copy of some codes in email or text. I have purchased one 1ft cape of extension to connect he in of my OBD the connection is the small that annoying to take too much. Only the notes of pair after you have read some subjects do not clear some codes until vain fix a problem, or think has, also in any road is this cual the reader of code of professional mechanic, can look in of the things and levels this can any one, but that is to say the basic good reader to give you returned the up in whats entering, any surprise of a mechanic.
5 / 5
I know the car subjects had but no in this scope. It was able to follow down each subject (7) and the figure out of that go me to cost. I saved me literally 00 that a tent went me to touch to fix them. I marvel me it has tried to the tear went me
5 / 5
These works of device exactly while it has to and for the prize adds. I have downloaded an application suggested of Game of Google but final with another application that is free and has any Piston of advertising has nicknamed. The piston is digital more this locates which prefer and calm say you all precise knows. There is much more expensive devices there that it does not provide anymore information. This device any one the things of pair (ABS/SRS) that it would be necessary pay you several dollars of hundred to enter another device. For this scarce or unlikely necessity can have it fact for the pro, or perhaps Autozone has a capacity with his scanners and they he for free. A thing that is very the sake in this device is that it can be used in your own house or in a yes required road in the desglosa. And it can help it maintains a earnest mechanical. You can download a complete list that count some codes of error and saves in the file for off-line viewing in your ready device. Or you can take an application and OBD2 Guides the Codify and look for a code of error. Calm give you possible causes also. It was not that often a database is updated.
4 / 5
For 0 this thing is awesome. I all my own work in our vehicles but there is has not had never a capacity to read codes. Always only it directs a vehicle in a tent of parts of the cart and only use one of his readers of code. But having a capacity to read codes without behaviours to leave your house is quite fresh. I have installed a free version of Torsion in android of mine to try out of this tool to scan. Work with a free version, but is clunky and limited in that can it to it do. I have decided that it take a casualidad and is spent one in a tent of application for a full version of Torsion and raisin in of the codes a no. Of free version has compared some codes of this tool in a code of tent of parts of cart the reader and was something on. Any one skimp has entered a software or he will not import that reader has.
5 / 5
It takes this with a Torsion the application and you will be surprised at all a data and information that can calm in your vehicle. These helps to identify the problem before it result it the real problem under a road. They try in 2006 Toyota Tacoma, 2003 Jeep wrangler Tj, and he 2006 Ford F-250 diesel 6.0. Each what three has done adds. A ford has the turbo the leak and do an engine of light of the control ignites so used this and an application to clear a code that has launched he out of road that he no only constantly remain on. It was also able to look in that an impulse has used this and an application. That is to say by far one of some better elements have not bought never and would recommend in any one. 2 Of my friends already is buying. Still if any one want to this for the vehicle has now would take for a next time wants to buy the vehicle to see there is any problems that could run calm in.

Top Customer Reviews: Autel MS309 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 56 ratings
4 / 5
Colour: Red This reader of economic code saved thousands of $ $ $ , based in that time my light of engine comes on and like a reader of calm Code said, so only like a Automechanic exactly that it is bad with your car.
My woman has been ready to rubbishes our 2007 Ford Taurus reason read 2nd cylinder will not shoot .
I control on Youtube and expósito that a Taurus has some of some spent backside harder to the transmission was.
Has verified my discharge advance that is to be spend down all a way with the type the new plus of original with 170,000 miles & have substituted with upper tier spent. Looked a video of some tricks partorisca take and install the new discharge in some backsides of engine.
When I grieve achieved behind partorisca take out of one covers of bad centre, itunscrewed without control and was one covers original, spent to the nub. I have substituted a prójimo 2 that was it tight but past to the nub and my Edges my young plus now is driving a car in university with well on 200,000 miles on that.
Very currency having an in the each car.
5 / 5
Colour: the red has used this scanner partorisca take mine 07 Chrysler 300 loan partorisca spend inspection. I have failed mine 1st inspection done 2 weeks.
Has bought like this this partorisca know when the monitors of a car are ready. The ones of way that there is yesterday be partorisca do the cycle of walk, has driven 65 miles,street, then the stop & goes traffic. When I Have gone back house I kings-there is scanned some monitors, one all there has been the good prójimo to them. The ones of way that there is today be to my mechanic and past inspection. Each car owner would have to that possess one of these, partorisca see that it is going in with your car. I helped A lot!
5 / 5
Colour: Red Description - An editor of web the one who has announced takes Hondru Ford and the one who was the a lot of fellow with Benjamin Stidd has bought the 2011 BMW 328I Xdrive in April of 2018.
A BMW has been possessed by a fat Irish woman ignorant the one who has known absolutely at all in the car interview neither concerned in a security of a buyer.
A new owner has bought a car without remarking that a cast of Irish woman there is swapped all his new wheels that is spent a state inspection and has the place has used some while a buyer would not remark a difference.

Of a Bmw is the european frames, a car has required the reader of special code.
In February of 2019, A new owner of a BMW has had the legislation of the wheel blown in I81N bookmark of one thousand 316, Winchester, GOES. When A car has been towed behind to a tent of car of Boys of Pet, a mechanic there is remarked a light of engine was on and four shabby wheels that indicates that the mechanic of fellow that read in Faulkner BMW dipped a sticker on like car can spend an inspection partorisca save a proprietary prime minister some money in of the costs of wheels and two lights of engine.

A year is spent and was time partorisca the inspection of sticker. A second owner has taken a car back in Hondru Ford partorisca be inspected and results that the system of computer of a tent could not read a BMW codes. That the lie! An editor of web has bought the Maxiscan obdII/oeod reader that is side so only $ 25 on to Amazon likes reason can Hondru Ford resupplies partorisca buy one? If Hondru Ford does not specialise in of the European cars, would not owe that sell any in a first place because a security of a next buyer could be risk dipped if one transports has not been diagnosed properly.

Ours researches has directed partorisca think that a Prime minister BMW owner fooled a BMW dealership partorisca delete some codes like his car could spend an inspection because his comprehensible coverage has run was and no active more money partorisca purchase new wheels or partorisca concern for a code 7.ºb And 7.ºc. 7.ºb Means that an efficiency of System of the Catalyst down sole. Some readings of the sensor of the oxygen is unstable. He perhaps filtering fuel of the
injector or has the pressure of big fuel in a cylinder that misfire a contamination of oil.
A conversor catalytic would require partorisca be substituted and a the sensor of oxygen (HO2S).

If a public Asian web knows this a lot of that reason Hondru Ford Tecnico has not been able to imagine out of some codes?
5 / 5
Colour: the red has bought this partorisca mine 2017 Mercedes GLE350. At the beginning it fail partorisca link. A lot he so only done a ignition has to that be on but an engine has to that be run! Some instructions were ambiguous in this point. Read a code so only well but could not erase. Ossia Until I have turned an engine was. Then it can erase a code. When I have restarted a light was was.
This all result of discharges he gas free. After ensuring of the discharges of the light any reset. Obviously it have not treated quite 'cycles of walk' to reset a light on is adapted. Another note: some reviewers there is complained in a streaky on screen. There is the protective plastic coating that it would be necessary to be it has peeled was.
5 / 5
Colour: Red Excellent little tool. Ossia Mine 2nd a to the equal that have lost my prime minister a. Very portable, easy to use, and everything is supposed to (reads codes, his reset, monitor to control readiness) in the user friendly interface. I prefer the physicist OBDII reader in the bluetooth a reason has any variable to affect is functionality . Bluetooth I readers require you to have internets in yours telephone and require an application to be on %100 of a time. This device takes was an extra hassle and always works. I also remarked some people on here think that his recieved the element has used, is not used, has the coverage of protective screen in a screen that takes lined on really easily. I need the very thin leaf to begin to peel he of a corner and starts to leave calm with the good shiny screen.
4 / 5
Colour: Red For a prize, ossia the add little toy to spend around in a glovebox. Taking used mostly to diagnose has sawed-the cars of the worker! Codes of reports, clear $ 18, is adds. And given all the world has the smartphone, can easily look on a DTC and take some necessary measures. I have bought also one 319 for the little bucks more, but this a fact a work, and is economic, and is to take broken, flown, squashed, etc. Is $ $ 800.
5 / 5
Colour: Red Used for mine 2005 Scion tc. A battery there was state takes to do a bit repairs so only before it take my smog control it and he have failed reason a OBDII the catalyst has not been ready. After reading on-line roughly that difficult could be it to reset a computer, has decided to buy this he so that it can the to me verifies. As it results, a computer is not resulted ready until it drives almost 300mine. This is to go in a lot handy and save me to squander time and money on more retests. Very easy to use and does exactly that it is supposition to do . The exposure is easy to read and cruised.
4 / 5
Colour: the red was having the heck of the time resetting the light for the 2007 BMW X3 with the reader of leading code. The on-line forums have said to disconnect a battery and the cross connect some terminal bosses for 3 minutes and concealed has not done... THIS unit has done, has taken a casualidad, and was the little freaked was had like this any place to dip battery in, but was punctual to learn a the power for this unit comes from/comes from a car once cover he in!!!

Like this potential and new owners, to be clear, this unit uses a power has seen a ODB boss to power on a unit!!! It was aable the reset BMW codes with this unit!!!
4 / 5
Tried in my husbands 2013 Toyota FJ Cruiser. There is not the light of engine of the control still, so only trying it was. Bought this partorisca a future when a subject arises. But a screen was brilliant and clear, easy to read. All this has had to that be the fact was plugging he in, very simple to use. There we are options to read a code, and to delete a code. Extremely the friendly user for which can have has not used never one of these readers before. Ossia An Extremely good product .
4 / 5
Ossia sooo damn Simple to use and like this useful also. As the take automotive manager of 20 years (Aamco), would think I woulda has had one of east to plot more collected. I have substituted an integer sub frame in mine Acura last week and has caused the code of hard transmission ( has finished to break a connector in an of a trans solenoids while going back in). Because of one 2nd train failsafe that is to be stick in, has known any to drive a car a lot. As it go to have the type exited for 60 bux partorisca scan a subject for me so that it can determine the solenoid to hunt down. My woman says 'go to take your scanner typical of Amazon'. Hah! It has done so only it conceal.

This unit is like this incredibly easy to use and with him can scan and codes of reset for Any car suddenly 1990 is-up. Priceless tool to have in a glovebox.

Top Customer Reviews: OBDLink MX+ OBD2 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
5 / 5
Look in a lot of different OBD2 units. Like The mechanic has taking, was quite clear that has wanted.
These laws of unit exactly while I have expected.
Has numerous addons available also.
Records perfectly in mine 2009 Maximum of Nissan, 2011 Nissan Xterra and mine 2016 Ford And-450 Motorhome.
IS has wanted mostly this for my Motorhome, but is thrilled to see work in everything of my vehicles!
5 / 5
I have paid a same for this tool that paid by the BlueDriver tool, only to find that or has to pay $ for each vehicle to take each which 'extra' that is comprised for free with a BlueDriver tool. Very disappointed.
2 / 5
If has any vehicle that is in his in advance vain list the diagnostics buy east maintaining. Of the that Thinks enough calms of promises in him will be more concealed happy with him. Has one 07 Yukon Denali with the message of error of suspension of service in a group to pinch to start with up. To buy the tool to scan that concretely said would read these codes in a computer of suspension was any one less than $ EUA. THIS ANY ONLY ATTRACTION The CODE IN QUESTION BUT The DEFINE. It says in a literature that the any one this for all the vehicles but any one concealed has had the problem with the cart that was more than the SA the light will comprise. He everything of of the this with an application comprised (comes when buy this). A word of precaution in my partner shadetree mechanic there an application in question runs slower that would expect. ( Apresamiento In the minute in 1 and the half to pull some codes in question and has to update a firmware. But it communicates with everything and mean each (included a computer that control some chairs have heated.) Of some modules in a cart. Has bidirectional controls for my vehicle. I use some for on and matco tools to scan. I actuate Included the used one GM Techtool2 (the factory scantool that has taken mine SUV) this an is not better or worse that he a lot the works. You will have to have some patience with him runs fast but is not response of the instant but this will take you dondequiera go. It controls the web of place to see of a company if your vehicle is coated by a characteristic advanced yes is then a heaven is a limit . If any one that is the tool adds to have in a toolbag. Calm give you tonnes of diag data in an engine and control of real time (better that any one another scantool in two times a prize.) In some people in OBDLink thank you for a capacity to do in my vehicle again. Truly it is that it surprises that in $ USA can see everything of one info and use some bidirectional controls like the $ 10, USA scantool. Coast each penny.
5 / 5
That is to say exactly cual required for my Gene 5 Camaro. Some roads to scan the multitude of information in my IPHONE and or IPAD saw Bluetooth, comprising that it CALLS MPG that GM wished to ignore of 2014, 660 whp hot cane. This scanner has taken three minutes to install and tucks up and under a pinch, out of view and alcohol. To well sure recommend it this tool.
5 / 5
My fuse of cigarette has been blown, as have had to the first substitute to give a MX+ a juice required. Desprs plugging He in, a tool informed me immediately quite new firmware. Has update he without the problem. Some work to scan perfectly and yes is incredibly hurriedly transmit data in bluetooth, the information of real time is TIME so far that REAL REMARKED. Tried the pair of time in the Chevrolet Suburban 2500 of 2000 so far and can any one complain quite anything. With a MX+ am able to read all a data of sensor of mine 4l80e the transmission and this are exactly what concretely has looked for.
5 / 5
Has very OBD-II adapters. Has the generic ELM 327, a OBD nexus MX, leans a lot of-tools of only scanner, and now this unit Am happy to inform that the things have progressed. This adapter is very fast and with virtually any communication glitches. The only stranger for me is likes door in the vehicles with doors have protected. I will inform behind join me the time discovers.
5 / 5
I left me he only said has bought scantool the devices since are in the first place around with USB and capes of serial behind a day. Has tonne of different ones comprising a MX bluetooth and a MX Wifi. Taking to say even so this MX+ is to pronounce rubbish. Whats Worse is scantool the support is now 'community forum' that is well has the entertainment that flavours to take the recovery of the guarantee or anything does when it can very in fact contact them. As some problems have was 1 this device any pair properly with your telephone like an another MX is. He only laws with his tool and connection of just drops otherwise. One 2 device, has taken said me to update a firmware immediately. It fails in 35% and then a unit was the brick . I have tried to follow a MX procedure of recovery (has did not try 10 times and has tried included a pixel bluetooth the clear hide). Of coarse does not have any help in a MX+ recovery, as I am guessing a MX would owe the mark excepts needless to say a support of core of the lack and I do not mean anything elegant and ways literally his device with his application is troubling. I have expected this for better when being that my MX but clearly is not .
1 / 5
The laws to scan add with a FORScanLite Application. Note: it has to close A low Application and restarted to scan in reconnect in iPhone if the vehicle is closed down.
5 / 5
UPDATE 4/24/19: A company has offered the road me the free unit gives him another casualidad, in that adapted. I have suffered another the fault of firmware to update while I have done in my original unit, and has learnt that my subject is not an isolated unit felizmente was able to take a device to update felizmente in some second flavours. The service of client has been fantastic and very responsive in my thoughts, suggestions and questions, more so then another company has not treated never. While it has been only using a device to control sure functions in my cart and has not tried to do anything advanced with him still, can inform that so much the and an application has done perfectly of my problem of initial firmware. I will update my description further tries any functions have advanced.

Regarding other worries in my original description, advanced attach ons is now free and comprised in a compraventa of this device. Further, a prize is fallen and is far more reasonable now then was the little the mark of month. In light of that, has bent my indication of this product in four stars, the scratch was in five stars because of an initial frustration experimented and because of a problem of firmware of update.

Original description

generally does not write descriptions for products unless they are supremely above my expectations or, so in this case, far under my expectations. This product has done well out of a box, but to try to do the firmware the when pointed update for an application and while it follows everything of some instructions, took the fatal error and now can not take a OBDLink in reply. An application instructed me to do the 'cycle to be able in' when a problem has spent initially that supposes only is pulling he of a OBD port so that it does not have any instruction on so to do the 'cycle to be able in,' and this was ineffective. Without another documentation in troubleshooting, tried to look in the number for the technical support but he look all this is available is the community forum. In this way of costs of the too produced to be that fault of the squad of technical support has consecrated, especially considering it failed so easily and is apparently bricked afterwards only using he for the day. I have tried also it looks on troubleshooting the on-line tips for this concrete product and could not find very concealed has described my subject.

Could have ordered the substitution while I can finishes to take the defective unit, but with a lack of any the real technical support on-line or available for the telephones prpers believes would be has taken better my subject elsewhere. There is far better tools there for a exorbitante quantity of money these costs of thing.

EDITA: it has attached the star because of a company these responses in my description with technical assistance. Still I do not create these costs of product $ 100, or is satisfied particularly with a troubleshooting options and behind or taking for this prize, but is well to see a company actively tries to improve relations of client. I actuate Since it returns my element, and like this am unable to try a fixed has suggested.
4 / 5
I have paid one same partorisca this tool that has paid partorisca the BlueDriver tool, so only partorisca find that one has to that pay $ for each vehicle partorisca take all a 'extra' that is comprised partorisca free with a BlueDriver tool. A lot disappointed.

Informs partorisca update: I want to take the moment and say to the consumers likes him impressed are with this company, and now, his product. After a negative critique has left previously, has been contacted by his department of service of the client and has said that they had read my description and update had his application partorisca comprise all the extras partorisca free to buyers of products. We ask me to us partorisca the give another test, and sent included mark it new unit, and asked partorisca revise a MX+ Professional again. I have been the technology of professional car partorisca the minute (37 years), and service of the client like this is the scarce gem. Kudos Yours, types! Ossia The solid product . It is easy to use, easy to read, and a graphic representation of the monitors of emissions is handy when driving the vehicle partorisca the take ready partorisca the emissions that tries. If some supports of vehicle am anticipated partorisca scan, so only download a container to a tool, and can scan all some forms in a car partorisca dtcs. A MX+ Professional will compete with any one is partorisca scan of pocket and win.

Top Customer Reviews: FIXD OBD2 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
3 / 5
If you are considering purchasing this in Amazon now still so that it only look the announcing of Youtube where Marky-the premier lost very the time of the mark feigned that it is the mechanic while you convince you that all the tents of reparation are crooked and this gimmick will save you thousands in of the car reparations - could wants to consider a real exclusive premier.

Pros: I can it do not say he no at all, so that when at the end it has taken it to it to him to do, an information of diagnostic is excellent and comprehensible (while it can be it seen of my screenshots low)
is small and nexuss road bluetooth as it does not have to line the connection wired in your OBD-II the port and he in fact law with a vehicle these races and behaviour.

Gilipollas: An application is TERRIBLE and inconsistent. Marky Mark glossed in this part in an advertising, and has said he 'already had posed up' as any taken to see this part. It IS only like any another paste$ of application of the bull where amours all your information, register, email, login, signal, key code in a device, your carts CAME. And you try link up again and an error there is, taken to do it all AGAIN! (Sometimes) Before fallen this $ 60, the calm asks has time for all this And then repairs my car? This thing is not the magic cane, still will have to do your own DIY reparations. This device is accurate when can take to do, but some commercial draws parallels to sell oil of snake - and is fallen for him.
5 / 5
PROS: A sensor and the work of the application likes announced and resolve the longstanding and problem of nettle for me. My cart is 13 years old and for a last two or three years a light of the engine of the control comes on so that a conversor catalytic is not doing well enough to conform exhaust levels. Since I do not go to substitute a conversor catalytic, has has had to one light of engine of the control cleared by the tent of reparation at least four times now, and the pair of the months later return on again. It opens, with FIXD, can verify that a light to the look is for a conversor catalytic and no for something more serious, and can clear a clear I without that has to go in the tent of reparation.
GILIPOLLAS: A setup the instructions could be clearer and an application the little more user-cosy. Some instructions basically say you to download an application, installs a sensor, and has opened an application with bluetooth enabled and an engine these races. Well, before you install a sensor, necessity to write down some numbers of device that is to print on there, since will require to enter he in an application. If you have not written down a number, will have to crawl behind under your pinch to recover a sensor and reinstall the. Also, you have to record an application and takes your car WINE before it can connect calm in your sensor. Then, you have to enter the bluetooth code to match (huh?) To match your telephone with a sensor (guessed '1234' and law). Some necessities of application some 'annul' buttons or of the back arrows for when has taken the wrong road and wants return. For case, if you have renamed a sensor and then touches in a name of sensor by deception, takes the election to rename a device again or deleting it, but any election to annul. These are a-time setup subject that expects a company will do clearer punctual and does not affect an operation of a sensor, as I am not taking any points have been.
5 / 5
As my light of engine was on for the few days, and has done a date with my mechanic. I have decided to take this to see if he the power in me fixed. I took it a night in front of date of mine and he take me to us each of 5 minutes to download an application and limits in. Very easy, has the Jeep and a port was way down below a pinch. As it avenge it up like the thermostat that has been bad. I have maintained date of mine with my mechanic so that I have known could not fix that I, but has not said the word quite that can grieve to be. They have diagnosed a same thing so that he maintaining fulfils it a lot of works!
1 / 5
Following some instructions in some small FIXD leaflet, installed a FIXD application in my smartphone, has begun the engine of my car, has opened a FIXD application, has recorded my name and allocution of email and has entered then a code of registration of the product. Afterwards, I have inserted a FIXD device in a void of connector under the picture of order of my cart. I have been then with a FIXD instructions to select a FIXD name of device of a list of results. An insect arrived it to this point where a software am then returned to record a product and codifies of device again. I , and a software has maintained to enter the loop.

Has contacted FIXD Support and although they were cosy, has not had the solution in a problem and has excusado. By so, I am in a process the road a FIXD back in Amazon and will look for the different mark.
3 / 5
I possess the 2012 Chevy malibu.
Has very taken. It IS awesome and easy to use, was able reset my light of engine of the control without problem. He the full diagnostic.
Has given he 3 stars so that he deactivates my chair of passenger airbag left it to him connected while behaviour and that it is the subject of security for me
1 / 5
It does not recognise all some codes... But of course it can pay to ask more information. It Likes him to him he does not speak with of an internet through your tlphonique and could not recover in in to to the this information likes him his say it when the buy. An elegant screen aimed in a page of description at all. It do not clear a light of engine while ad. Why your cart does not say you some few codes these days are to racket in him, this thing could be the decent idea does so announced but he simply any one and is mostly useful for calm minor for more effective. How many people have been paid to write descriptions in this thing that knows.
1 / 5
I can not take to say me that it is bad with my cart. My cart maintains to stutter when try begin of the light of the decree but this thing maintain to say me that everything is VAL with my car! As it IS all COAST with my car if mine be as his plus or less to die in a half of a road??!?!?!?! That the total and complete waste of money!
5 / 5
Very easy to pose up, has not required to match or anything an only connected application in him. First scanner found the bad O2 sensor that fixed for $ 30. I saved me probably hundreds.

LEADERS UP: This has not done in 1 of my vehicles, the support contacted and returned in me hurriedly. It results had the fuse blown in my second vehicle. There is the blue light these flashes in a sensor when limits in. If it DOES not FLASH these ways your OBD-II the port does not have pot. For my vehicle a lighter of cigarette and OBD-II PORT ACTION the circuit, and since never use my lighter of the never turbulent cigarette of the fix. I exchange a fuse fixed my vehicle and a sensor have done usually after it conceal.

Has been also surprised to see that a wear of wheel of the tones of application/can aim you health of tread of the wheel. I have to when being mark too burned outs ;) very they have not announced this characteristic, the supposition is new.

Would say 10/10, nifty little tool and I are looking advances to see that it attaches in him. Plan on choosing the little up for presents vacacionales.
3 / 5
Downloaded a software and has run a diagnostic. Coming to discover that this product only products the report IF a light of the engine of the control is on. Can leave it on and it produces the result only a light of the engine of the control comes on during your trip. In difference of another OBD the products do not provide an active report that is entering in an engine. Works well and easy to use software as I give it 3 stars.
1 / 5
NO, I repeat it does not buy this product. Of a moment open his Application is bombed with attaching-in characteristic, products, updates that it clutters to protect and he almost impossible to use this application. Communication among an application and a device are also problematic--has had to and limit a device multiple time to take an application to read a device. Although it was in the able end to obtain the code of diagnostic of mine 2011 Jeep Wrangler; I can not say with any certainty that a code has obtained is in fact the valid code. With has fail communications, cluttered/impossible to interpret protects this product/of application is the complete failure . It have given it his stars to line yes that it was an option . Caveat Emptor. You have been warned. Like The side of note by side: a welcome email taken of a vendor was full of grammatical errors--clearly an indication that small this priest of vendor in his product or his clients.

Top Customer Reviews: Veepeak OBDCheck ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Update: it is state the year and the half and two Jeeps (at present 2018 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Recon) and very iOS updates later and all still are that it likes them a first day. Any I only buys it again, I , for the partner of mine.

That is to say which necessity is running a device of iOS. My another OBDII dongle would not communicate with my iPhone how has tried this. It can not find any descriptions that concretely has mentioned this device these laws with iOS, probably so that a section of the description also comprises descriptions of an Android-only device.

2014 Glorious Jeep Cherokee
iPhone 7+ running iOS 10.3.3
iPad Pro 12.9 (2017) running iOS 11.0
iPad 9.7 (2017) also running iOS 11.0
iPad 3 race of Gene iOS 9.3.5
Using OBD Fusion of a Tent of Application

Carried in a Veepeak in your OBDII socket
Begins a vehicle
Shoots on yours yours application of election, likes Torsion, or OBD Fusion.
Follows some instructions that says in not trying the alloy saw an option of Bluetooth of card in setup. Only go directly your application (OBD Fusion in my case), selects Bluetooth HIM (Low Energy) for a protocol of communications, then the Alloy of tap.
At the end, go in your picture of mandate and enjoys a be of the information of the vehicle has aimed.
5 / 5
I use BimmerCode the codify my BMW is and has purchased recently a OBDCheck to substitute the wifi tool that is to say a lot of result unreliable and has been always the bit of the ache to use. BimmerCode In my iPad has connected immediately and operates much faster that a wifi tool. I codified the number of modules in my BMW is and so far, work perfectly. Highly it recommends this tool and coupled with a BimmerCode discount (voice his web of place for discount), very cost effective. Highly It Recommends!
4 / 5
The update has Changed to estimate 2 stars in 4 stars. It results you are the parameter in an application that has caused a loss comunicacional. If using OBD Fusion, does not select the cart connects. Only downgrade is to maintain of client. They have offered to exchange, answered to accept an offer, but has not listened they again.

Using this device with OBD Fusion. Consistently It Loses it contacts with my iPhone 6 and 7. Only it remain it connected by 2-3 min the time. Unplugging An adapter is required in re-establishes connection.
5 / 5
The interface adds to leave see that a seen of cart for data. Quan Work. I am having the problem that takes it to be in the longest poster that 10 minutes. I use an iPhone and when unplugs and replay he in of the laws him utmost during 10 minutes. I use with dashcommand. Any sure yes has the bad one or is overheating for some reason.

has been contacted by Veepeak support in of the considerations in my subject. There is the resolution very writing for a subject has had to to connect in my Iphone. Alas it requires a device of android for an update but has had felizmente a manually. You are an easy to fix and the work attaches now. I am able to maintain the stable connection indefinitely. Thank you Veepeak To rid a Iphone bluetooth connection for OBD2. I am able in musician of current, monitor my car, and wifi hotspot all a same time. It IS so easy to use that a Wifi version.

Thank you!
2 / 5
Work, but can update the fastest information in an application of Torsion. OBD 'PIDs' The taxes of update are anywhere of 0 in 4 second of arrests that mark these gauges to use like RPM and the speed less appeal.

Different External looks, but the interior thinks that that that is to say a same like any another economic 'ELM327' adapter of Bluetooth in a piece.

Can any one complain too much, he his , reads and erases the sake of only codes, has has not had the problem that connects in him with bluetooth or using he in 4 different carts. I think that it that it has been it happier that spends the plus bit in the better adapter even so.
5 / 5
That is to say the scanner of Bluetooth add. It covers in and synchronise easily. I use with an application of iPhone OBD Fusion and DashCmd without the hitch. A fire FOCUSED blue the signify that was plugged he in then begins a vehicle to start with synching with an application. I left it plugged in my daily engine at night and during a day without the problem with draining a stack (800 CCA stack). A Bluetooth also leaves both synchronise with a scanner and accessing a WiFi of my iPhone for downloads of data and scrollings of file; something any possible mark with the WiFi OBD scanner. This scanner, coupled with some applications on, is also attaches to control and logging some parameters of vehicle while driven. Highly it recommends this Bluetooth OBD scanner.
3 / 5
At the beginning law for quite a lot of two minutes and then he loose a connection. I have contacted a vendor and I took the new substitution. I have used three different I-telephones with providers of different service, same results. I have used different applications, same results. I have used four different carts, same results. Desprs Has published my initial description, a vendor informed me that there is was the update of Blue Tooth for a device. I have provided my tlphonique UDID in a vendor and was abled to assist with an application 'EEprom Tools . Desprs Installed the, a device has done perfect.
Goes it to give three stars. A device would have to has been updated in front of shipping. A client would have to enjoy covers it and device of game, If any one then an application would have to has been course of some initial instructions in a box. Service of client, with all the justice, was a lot. After an initial hickup, honestly can say that I like him his of a device.
Ploughed, maintains that it imports that need to link a device with applications of telephones like OBD Fusion or Doctor of Cart or other similar applications.
Expects these helps.
5 / 5
These works of adapter with IOS 11.2.2 And OBD fusion. I have not tried with other applications backed but and tried with Tower-OBD2 without luck. I will update my description if these changes. My device has the 25ms the min.Response/to retard time which are considered well in FORscan (9ms is excellent). Streaming The speed varies for vehicle, for example was smooth in the 2015 CRV but sensibly more dulcemente in the 2014 sport of Explorer. It follows some instructions of user with OBD Fusion and IOS. It does not try to match. In OBD the vain fusion in of the parameters>pref>Common>the types select Bluetooth HE" then he cliques "Card" in upper right to update backed BT devices. It has to now it does with your device of IOS. If raisins to match for accident then unpair the and reboot your device, then some gives a very on.
2 / 5
He basic functions, that is to say. I use Obd application of the fusion for iOS connects well in generic OBD the functions but this are only a ELM327 v1.5. Mina 2003, yes 2003, 4necessitats of v2.0 of the corridor or I more adds.

Has think that the newest purchase VEEPEAK unit because of BLE 4.0 but that it is, alloy with Bluetooth and iOS. It have to the one of way that am spent one 9.99 $ additional for Toyota has enhanced he so that it can do a tone of click fob unlocking etc....
3 / 5
Mate of update 4/18/2018: I have wanted bond an update to leave the people know that it was achieved to match my iPhone X in a Veepeak and has not been easy. It IS a problem was the instructions has not been to clear and was bad. I can not take that it provide a council to ignore that it matches a device saw a iOS. Some the correct steps would have been to match a device saw an application and place he for connection of Bluetooth. Desprs Doing that a device has begun to connect on he on in my Application of tlphonique. An application has used was OBD fusion cual has been estimated main for iOS of iPhone.
Bond some screenshots in a iOS has taken recently my last walk some works of picture of order in real time. I have preferred in connection of Bluetooth since does not want to when being tethered in the Wi-Fino of house. It looks well the plot of information the majority of that does not comprise but has to do my duties.

Bronzed Down some laws of device with iPhone X and would have data this device of all five stars but with an aggravation has had in a principle to situate up and the cape answered of real fast in a loan, is taking in three only because of an aggravation. I expect that they give that the majority of clients no of data up after trying for quite a lot of two hours without real feedback and while for a response of email, that is to say objectionable.

How include some works of device.

Original to mate
has posed a question already if any one there has been any party of subjects a device with a iPhoneX. Has announce any luck of parties my OBD device of BLUETOOTH with my telephone. The people have answered to say IPHONE X is not a problem.

So far failed in device to match. According to a compatibility schedules my vehicles would have to has done.

Any responses in why these are not matching?

Top Customer Reviews: Autel MS300 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 57 ratings
4 / 5
It likes me quell'has said in a title, this does on never car I own 2007 and up.
A prize is like this economic and perfect work. It covers he in, attractive some codes, google some codes and find some subjects.
Can also reset with east.
5 / 5
Our hates of vehicle fine-travesías of state street with different gas octanes to the long of a way. You know that it controls of the cruise no when a light of the engine of the control comes on? This was the LIFESAVER in the travesía long. In our way there, has has had to that take three times partorisca has read it and/or cleared - first, an initial panic after a light is coming on ~30 minutes after taking gases in the new state (and would not clear he). As, a dealership has diagnosed a soyinor inconvenience but sure partorisca drive' question, in that warn that a light would go back on if an engine has been turned was. Tercero, reason owe that eat sometime.

Trying strolls long pieces of street without control of cruise in the 30+ travesía of now is FUN No. has had these rid to our fate and he have paid partorisca he in a house of way. We are learning partorisca concern & maintain our vehicles and this has been the useful tool . Diagnostic And clears codes easily. We have possessed he partorisca ~8 month.
4 / 5
This little handy device will save you Like this the question and the money has to that the car slightly older likes the mine that has the controls enough regulate lights of engine.

I use this (and leave everything of my friends uses this) ALL A TIME. Some propiciado by device well to yours automobiles and has simple instructions to diagnose any questions your car is experiencing or the lights of dashboard concealed comes on. Once some diagnostics have completed, calms points of the few codes of error your car has produced, and use his handy booklet to decode and identify some questions are experiencing.

Once the code, calm probably has to that any investigation on exactly that it could be it go bad, as some of some descriptions are brief or besides my knowledge with cars, but there is abundance of on-line resources that can help with east.

Has saved money and time to use this to diagnose my car and fix he without that has to that take to the mechanic, the one who often touches the cost so only to run this test of diagnostic ESATTA! This calm device also of the one option to reset the lights to see of the yours car if a question is persistent.

In general, ossia the súper handy piece of crew for an incredibly reasonable prize. Be careful this in spite of, can find that all of your friends want to take loaned this of you all a time! No the bad question to have.

Left to know if this description was useful, or has any questions, and will try to answer to any that could have you!
5 / 5
Obviously it calms it does not go to take the plot of in-of the indications of depths and deep down specs with such the simple unit but operates wonderfully for a prize. Has the conversor catalytic that knows need to be substituted first of prójimos smog control. It is wonderful to have this so that periodically I can verify some codes that is shooting to do sure does not have the new discharge that requires to concern me roughly. I used it on my Saint Faith Hyundai and in mine Dodge Neon; the piece Adds to import to have some class of idea of reason my light of the engine of the control is on!!
5 / 5
Partorisca $ With free shipping this tool has paid already for him. Iv'And has has diagnosed codes on 3 different vehicles. A prime minister was the 98 Mazda B2500 as there is pulled 3 codes all concrete to co2 sensor lean fuel, which was a result of the filter intake manifold gasket.. In a Mazda there is remarked that a reader so only grieves plugged to a obd2 connector but has not been a subject in some other vehicles ...

A 2nd vehicle was to 02 Lexus LS430 to the equal that has developed has had the bad o2 the sensor and the code have cleared, the week later a lot recurring light of engine of the control.. The fixed question

A 3rd vehicle was the 02 Chevy 2500HD... As it can be seen in pics goes down a reader will aim 2 separate figures under a dtc, in my chance has had 5 codes... A first number identifies a code of number in ordering the place and one 2nd number identifies those that codes have been dipped....

To the equal that can be seen in pic goes down a reader has identified dtc P1683 which is the code of manufacture for - PCM need to be code P0327 - faulty bank of sensor like this 1 of faulty connector or harness...

When Using in Deep and Toyota transport, look as if a scanner does not communicate , be patient and expect to to the pocolos small likes him to him the scanner will read of these vehicles..
Easy to use....
1_ discharges the obd2 connector
2_ then gone back ignition on ( works so only some same begins vehicle )
3_ roll of key of press and (1) - dtc will look, the press has entered to read codes
4_ to clear. The press entered and your of roll of the use until 'erase' look, will be asked yes or no... The press enters ket for him

Once the codes are cleared, vehicle to start with to verify CEL is no longer illuminated... If it check for codes again on scanner , some codes still will aim like this pending, calm once takes to scan of discharge (beat) and discharges behind in, a then read scanner any code

More than everything, has left a reader at night in the bank alfresco and rain, has dried a reader was and dried with airing compressed and stored in the ziplock baggie with rice for several days. Plugged Reader in obd2 the port and the work likes done when I received it in the first place.... Pics Can be blurry as I took him on the iPhone at night with the camera flashes...
Can any gone bad with east buys
5 / 5
Handy tool to maintain around particularly in of the oldest cars. It saves the travesía to a trafficante or tent of the parts of local car are had included to verify codes for you maintaining the days (the majority Autozones, Transports for advanced is, and Or esilly is any). Game and covers easy. If you do not know the one who some bad codes, easy the google and narrow down that it could be it wrong. Particularly useful to identify yes is something that simple like the evap code to filter aka covers gas free!
5 / 5
The works add! I used it multiple time on its own name and for friends. His no the cure-all and for this I bad that calm sometimes will take a code of error that does not say you that in fact bad. My GMC gave a code of error that has suggested a transmission and I has had to take he to a trafficante. As any always give you that it wants to know but thats no a subject with a product, thats a automotive the industry that force to go to them. I love this product and his súper easy to use.
5 / 5
Bought this unit to read codes in the 2000 Ford Ordine, the fact adds taken some codes in the first place try, has cleared some codes was also. It has used in the 1996 Chevy Berretta, and 1998 and 1996 Dodge the neon is, 2003 Ford Rilascio read all some codes and has cleared also. So only follow some simple directions, saving of the time adds that it maintains fleet of cars of boys. The codes were easy to find in an internet so much a description of code and a possible fixed. It has had also all some codes in some manuals of reparation have for some cars.
5 / 5
That the add small tool to scan! It is very portable, easy to read, and works wonderfully! I have been that tries to take my car to spend smog (dipped the new battery in so that any everything of some sensors was esady').

More than that has to that go back and advances to my mechanic, has decided to purchase this device so that it can see or no my sensors have been ready. Some instructions were clear and concise, and law perfectly! It was happy to discover that one of my sensors is finally be the esady' to the equal that can go and take my automobile smogged.

Could not think that Or esileys or Autozone has loved almost $ 100 or more for the device that reads readiness monitors when this little tool does like this well! If I do not take never the light of engine of the control (hopefully a lot anytime punctual), was well to know a code so that I can discover that it is going in me!
5 / 5
The light of engine of the control of my truck is coming to have on like this called my edges of mechanic. I sent one links to purchase a tool to scan so it knows the one who a question was before I am gone in for has fixed it. A tool has arrived quickly. Some directions were clear and easy to follow. It was able to hook he until a truck and take a code for a question. One drives of instruction has the cast in a saying of backside where a question is but of then are not the mechanic has not been mine really clear that was bad. My edges has known immediately and said is not the question and where to look for an easy fijamente. It results it is it covers it gas is disappeared . They are in Oregon and we do not pump our own gas here so have never has looked for the question there without a tool. Saved travels it to me to a trafficante!

Top Customer Reviews: OBDLink EX FORScan ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia The product adds . Highly it recommends a OBDLink EX FORScan OBD Adapter. I seat surer with USB because has less than the casualidad partorisca have fault comunicacional when you are plugged directly in. You will require partorisca be a bit technical savvy or at least be comfortable with him because has calm A lot can do with this thing and beats calm really things of disorder on if you are not careful. There is the plot of resources there. Especially partorisca Ford F150 is. An only downside is has to that use Forsan software and calm need more probably partorisca purchase the licence partorisca a software. It is so only $ 10 partorisca 1 year, $ 20 partorisca 3 years, $ 30 partorisca 5 years and $ 50 paralizaciones lifetime. I have used the 2 mth version partorisca try for now partorisca change my blinker settings and my DRL - Daytime running lights. Finally I will try another Mods and need more probably partorisca purchase the licence, especially yes plans in messing with east with which a 2mth test. If you are looking the disorder around with your settings of vehicle, highly recommends this adapter.

OBDLink EX FORScan OBD Adapter -
the access there is anticipated work no available with a tacky manual toggle adapters partorisca change
Simultaneously read parameters of Ecus in different CAN coverages
Transmission seamlessly go in HS-CAN, LADY-CAN, and J1850 Ford coverages
“Any transmission” does not mean any worry roughly accidentally transmitting in a wrong coverage

FORScan is the scanner of software for Ford, Mazda, Lincoln and vehicles of Mercurio, drawn to do in ELM327 and J2534 Raisin-Thru compatible adapters. Characteristic main:
Relieves vehicle on-configuration of coverage of the joint
Read and Codes of Question of Diagnostic of reset of all the forms (sees cast of lean given forms)
reading of sensors of forms' date
procedures of diagnostics to try Run
procedures of the service Run
configuration of Form and that program
5 / 5
has had the little difficulty that takes a correct engine uploaded in a computer, but once this is to be correct, a red light has turned yellow likes declared in some instructions. I have downloaded previously a program partorisca scan for my car, I then hooked this boss until my laptop, then plugged he to a OBD2 port in a car, a light has turned green signifying all was corrected and ready to go. I notified to turn a ignition yours to on or plant run. Inside the little like this has read it some forms of installed computer during a car, gave the cast of information like this built and a wine more all one of then had been installed to a computer of factory and forms. It was able to reprogram several appearances of the mine car using some codes had obtained. These works of boss like this better that one some with a transmission, that you constantly has to that change behind and advances. This boss a changing automatically internally which is the help adds , less casualidad to take something wrong in habladores the main questions down a line. On all touch the boss adds and that it is has been feigned to do.
4 / 5
Has turned my black of screen! The instructions says the diwnload forescsn to the your laptop, covers a usb to the your laptop, will upload an engine, when light goes covers it green he to a obd2 no he never that far! I plugged this to the mine dell 7000 inspirion the laptop that windows of careers 10, some concentrated in a device has been of yellow to has remained so only a screen is totally black state!!....My touchscreen has fried, and when be substituted in a tent of computer. Im Like this pissed the cant the product is NO GOOD.
5 / 5
Has taken this to use w\ my laptop to be able to run FORScan software of diagnostic in mine 09 Mustang GT & 09 Lincoln MKS (recommended by some authors of FORScan). This thing is spent t need to do anything so it wins 10 Pro dipped the all arrive when I plugged this dongle in the space of USB in mine portable then FORScan the automatically read software the & place the on also. Plugged He to OBDII port in car, has turned a tone in & FORScan has on connected, read the forms of a car & have COME automatically is then been ready to be game & to cover like this can take of any device. Value of material & well each penny!
4 / 5
In Lincoln so only roughly everything is enabled, and has loved to change an inaugural screen, main screen and closing screen. Thus it would use Forscan(software that calm enable you to change bytes and also to to the simple statements like to ENABLE CONFIGURABLE SCREEN of LINCOLN). A boss connects to a obd port of your automobile that is located in a sinister side under a steering wheel. Another part of a boss connects to a usb in yours portable. A Forscan the software has to that leave one changing of a configuration and this is to do to purchase the licence to leave to change and write configurations. In my car has identified a car and is then be to a APIM(Form) and Screen of transmission of Lincoln Screen the Configurable Screen and transmission Lincoln Timeless.
When One among a car one sees @@@sparkle and in of the papers of CONTINENTAL gold and then comes from to a main Screen where the white fund with the faint the model is seen and at night results the very dark blue and when an engine is closed down one sees a Blue Oval Ford. Ossia That has used some stops of boss. There is another characteristic that disabled, , when a car is running and a regime of a car , one listens 2 honks and neither can be side/of passenger of the engine. Now when I exit of a car, is silent.
5 / 5
Originally has purchased the less expensive 327 device to do with Forscan. Cela A there is had errors connecting is returned like this to amazon and has purchased this one for roughly 15 dollars have based on when be recommended in a Forscan. Fantastic fact; the engine has uploaded on computer automatically and was able to access each form has required quickly. Well value an extra pair bucks in my opinion.
4 / 5
A OBDLink EX FORScan OBD Adapter hooked on perfectly. I have configured FORScan Settings to 'car' stops with port and imposed of Baud. I dip ' transport-connect' & 'and car-augment' also, and has restart a software.

A thing adds is no precise manual HS (BEATS of Big speed Buss) or LADY (BEATS of speed of the Half Buss) changing like this he he electronically. I have bought previously another mark with the transmission (contested down). It has required manual constant HS/the LADY that change. A FORScan the forum of software recommends this unit and says is drawn to do with his software.

Has bought a 'OHP ELMconfig FORScan OBD2 Adapter of USB for Windows'. You look in his indication of user and is quite well in general. But I have not been conscious of FORScan support for a 'OBDLink EX FORScan OBD Adapter'. A big thing has been he is not never be sure a OHP ELMconfig the unit 100. Has 4 CONCENTRATED is east flashes in 1st but then after all would take is the red has DIRECTED. They are sure any one has instructions for a thing, but there is not coming with the instructions and I looked throughout without successes. It could not find instructions for him to know that it is colored CONCENTRATED is indicated. More, the plot of habladuría of forums in ELM327 Chinese fakes.
5 / 5
The majority of some lights partorisca time a lot included come on. Sometimes they come on and his flicker and die. Directing of aims of device unrecognized same device after installing FTDI engine. Tried on 3 different computers. The product is RUBBISHES .
5 / 5
A product has done like this feigned and was the alternative sum in a janky models with the salvation and low transmission. This has downloaded his own engine immediately. For mine 2017 F150, have gone to a forscan forums to download a software, take the licence and that uses his tutorials and spreadsheets, was able to program fact to commission DRLs with a aftermarket headlights and taillights so that it does not have to that manually change a dial every time. One has to that included love your lights to come on in some darkness but master mecer a consecrated has has DIRECTED bars in some lights. The next project will be to turn of a autostart/function of engine of the stop with a ecoboost--which is the must yes install the powered subwoofer for your system of sound. To be clear, has bought this to change settings, not reading codes, although I think that can go in handy does not love never explore lights/of first errors of the take to the tent
4 / 5
This, remained with a free software Forscan enable you to change settings like this was in Ford older. It has to that 2011 Expedition and I have has wanted to DRLs there is enabled. I have not loved to squander the day that the falls am gone in a trafficante and that the paid folds this adapter. I also touched with some other settings and turned of seatbelt chime to agree and has changed a autolock/unlock. I took it so only doing; it has been expected for my long licence, but am sure will imagine was more. There is the tonne of data in some forums have not submerged to.

Ossia The product of QUALITY and volume that stops of has paid.

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