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Top Customer Reviews: BLACK+DECKER ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 57 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia Your level , run of a mill, I caffè partorisca mark each rain of morning or type of resplandor of car. There it has no the plot of bells and whistles and glitter and @@@sparkle. Has the function of program, maintains a caffè súper hot, he brews quickly and relatively quietly, has the 2 car of now shutoff function and the smallest impression in a counter of cookery that the majority of costruttrici of caffè. Partorisca This point of prize, really calm can any gone bad with this costruttore of caffè. I have not had any subjects with him still. They are the drinker of caffè daily like my cup of morning of joe is serious mine. Really it is a better part partorisca wake up. I did not give it all some stars because a programming could be the little easier that imagine was and an Hour and the keys of Minute are in that I consider partorisca be something odd. Otherwise, Solid coffeemaker.
4 / 5
Is the quite meso, economic drip manufacturer of caffè. A week there has been, work so that appearances. Like this at least an another reviewer has mentioned, a level of water is almost impossible to read of an outside in a black model, as I have read he of an interior. Probably his better characteristic is that when a cup is on and walk to a cookery, looks Darth Vader is there while yours. It sees photo.
First, has had apparently the redesign of mine compraventa original. I have found a lid is no longer like this Darth-and when I have had to buy the substitution after a costruttore of caffè original has died with which four years. More importantly, a timer in a substitution there is prendido to do after four month. I do not go to buy this costruttore of caffè the third time.
4 / 5
This thing still is that it goes strong! We dipped it to us EVERY NIGHT SO ONLY, 7 nights for week before we put to bed to brew 10 cups and is ready at the same time program. A better part are can odorare a caffè brewing each morning all a way upstairs which is a clock of better alarm never. The value adds!

Has had this for 3 month and there is consistently used it daily. I have not had a question with him. It has dipped a timer and he has my caffè ready to go when I touch to lose. It is easy to operate, simple to learn without instructions. Terrific value.
5 / 5
My last manufacturer of caffè was an economic one more has seen in a tent. Last almost 5 years and was substituted so only reason was caffè target and had stains that has done look dirty. Still it acts. I have substituted he with east. It takes To do in 2 month, the be so only has used the pair to time the week. I have it that has not had never the costruttore of caffè with such the short life, and to good sure will be to go with the different mark east times around.
4 / 5
Ossia The slightly updated version of a an I used to have. An old one is me lasted a lot on 10 years, and continued to do when I substituted it. If this a hard even the averages like this long will be happy in fact. A bit those that note on some transmissions:

1 - A pot is main likes any one the pots to spare can have are likely now worthless
2 - A spout has been redesigned and is now roughly like this drip free likes one could ask
3 - Any one changes to some controls, but still am taking used to a two fund by heart. They are sure some the graphic designer to somewhere has justified a transmission, but I like an old alone colour background better. It was easier that read.
4 - Is slightly main with the slightly more intrepid stance. For any reason, I like a better new look

a eminently acceptable pot of caffè. I find the heaping half-cup of caffè to be in perfect for the full pot that it is all I never frames. Still it uses my French presses for brewing reward it roasts, but for Folgers, House of Maxwell and another mainstream frames ossia all a calm car never need. It spends more desire , but really calm does not need to.

Update: On 2 years of daily use prĂłjimo later and still is going strong. All the work still doing and a resultant brew is each one has bitten as well as first a. Please maintain import that waters of use of tap and clean a internals to run to pot of water and vinegar by means of him roughly once the year.
5 / 5
Buys this costruttore of caffè in October 2016, and was broken avert 2017. We have done so only a pot the Monday of the day Friday, likes five pots the week. A day, with which five month, simply does not act . When we Press a key to be able to, a green light has turned on, but some diagrams has not done any noise and at all.
5 / 5
Does caffè, to the to the equal that likes. Also it likes that of one lights the exposure is not too brilliant. Alive in the paving of studio as it does not take any one a lot for the light to begin to annoy me. It is quite directly it advances to use and take place on, there is at all delicate roughly he really. Lame two, one for me and one for my brother. Taking fallido súper easily and did not break it still so that it says good things in this caffè whole brewing shabang. Some stays of dish of the heating on for at least an hour, as any annoyingly caffè cold, the maintain decently warm. It likes me the use this to heat on watering to expedite my Tea, hot chocolate, or Noodles of Ramen (sleep of university boys). A lid seals quite well, any uncomfortable drippage during brewing, in fact recommends to open a lid to leave an air of dry interior so that it does not take gross in there.

A basket is removable, another plus, so he volume also long to substitute a pot when topping of mid brew and the earths on flow everywhere inner of him a cleanup is easier. A pause of car is in fact really very ( call he something to volume likes esneak of the cup', are not sneaky when caffè precise) does quite well in any slime, was curious reason to plot of negative critiques in that but does not look to be a subject.

A pot is durable! I have fallen accidentally a pot directly out of a box and my heart sunk reason has thinks that was to have the be like 'oops pauses to ship...' And attended for another.

With: it maintains to ask Luke, something roughly is his father ...
4 / 5
Update. It is been 9 month and will be to the launcher is was. A basket of the filter does not leave water to flow out of quite fast. Causing a filter in any on flow or fold on and some earths go to a caffè. He he with only 3 cups to water this morning. It can any never fill past 6 cups anyways.
Looks any import that takes earths to a pot. A filter always overflows when doing full pots. Ossia An only complaint but is the subject big .
5 / 5
Has loved this pot of caffè grieves I unboxed the. It was simple, still elegant. Always it have wanted to use some characteristic programmable to be able to dip on the time of when my caffè could be brewed in a morning without me, but has taken always frustrated on all some keys have required to press to dip the simple time. It takes discouraged and in place of messing with him, so only would decide to turn my pot on has to that wake grieve up. When I have purchased this one has looked for 5 simple things.
1. It was a caffè quite hot when you are brewed.
2. When Poured, a loss of caffè during a place
3. There is the clock and has had the programmable characteristic
4. It has been of confidence and sturdy
5. It was a right prize
after reading almost 90 of some commentaries, has decided to take the casualidad is one. I will say you, a caffè in my AIM (I am not sure in a black) pot of starts of the caffè extremely hot and love my caffè to a point of in some llamas. I add the significant quantity of creamer and if my caffè is warm, my creamer wins he luke warm and for then, no longer loves the drunk . Have ABSOLUTELY any @subject with a temperature of a brewed caffè. As, A carafe in this pot of water of games of the caffè and caffè efficiently. Each one another pot of caffè has possessed, waters it would touch everywhere while I have fill a basin to water until beginning to pot, but this a fantastic east. I do not have spilt any caffè or water while it uses this pot of caffè. I have read multiple commentaries in this @@subject and am not sure reason would have this question unless they were in the haste and that tries to touch everything of a caffè out of a pot immediately. Three, A clock and the programmable function in this pot of caffè is wonderful! Fast, Easy, and of confidence. You press the key to program a time and press an hour and of the keys of minute to finalise it. A programmable function, where can dip you your pot of caffè on a night before and begins to brew the concrete time in a morning WITHOUT you requiring tocarprpers, is so only a BETTER characteristic never! His like this easy to program, like this easy to dip on, and there is still to fail me. It has dipped pot of mine of caffè for 4 are and for 4:20 I am walking my cookery, doing my caffè to go and out of my door for 4:30. Easy and effective. Four, of confidence and sturdy. As I have declared on this pot of caffè is VERY OF CONFIDENCE, had it the little on 2 month and is not never once any fact to the equal that has promised. It is not never overflowed, has not had never earths of caffè in mine caffè, has has not had never a stop and touch the free function Any caffè when I have had a caffè there is prendido mid game, and my caffè is always hot state. A sturdy the part is where are so only the little there is disappointed. When My pot is in the first place gone in an ONLY part felt could be be improve, was an economic to feel of a carafe. A creation are add, as I have declared before. A water never drips for me, but a boss looked feeble and a glass was thin. I have planned in those order the second carafe, in a future in chance that a boss has broken out of my current a, but unfortunately any I volume still the plenary three month before it breaks. And a pause of the way has not been that has thought the . This morning of the cold Sunday touched the cup of again brewed the caffè and I have dipped a carafe against my caffè ceramic cold mug. Usually it touches my caffè to the travesía of metal mug and for this does not touch never a metal to a glass, but this morning was different and am battling a flu and has not had a lot of energy to resist a carafe in my cup to the equal that have touched he with him against a mug and has listened immediately to break. I have thought at the beginning that it was mine mug, but to the inspection further there is remarked to break to the long of a lip of the mine caffè carafe. I have been impacted to say a less and there is disappointed of course. I can not think of any another reasons another it transmission of temperature when being a culprit . You do not press up against my mug, has not forced a lip to a cup, has not been forcibly that sustains a pot against a rim of a cup, was simply a lot that resists a carafe out of my mug. I have left it touches a cold cup and this create can be a crack of reason. It has dipped in the question for the substitution carafe and am expecting that they will be able to help me. Pot of mine of caffè is white and is particularly last to find pots of caffè white, like appearance that has the part of white substitution. When it listens behind surely they will update my description. Regarding a right prize, could not have asked the better prize for the pot of caffè functional. All other pots of caffè are $ 40 and further and have like this characteristic that the majority does not use . They are the simple person with simple needs. This pot gave all have required without a seal of outrageous prize.
Included Although mine carafe broken, still would recommend this pot of caffè, ossia the one who of confidence and effective the one of truth is. I will do sure in a future to the look was for transmissions of temperature when it comes to a glass of the mine carafe. If I wash it and it is cold , it do sure to animate a glass up with first warm water to situate he in a pot to receive caffè hot. If your mornings are cold, play a caffè in your cup and does not contact with cold ceramic. Also I have cups of contadora of the granite, as you recommend to dip the headline of pot in yours contadora first to situate your carafe down his if it do not plan on dipping it behind to a pot. So only the few suggestions that I I will be to do for now on. I expect that I have helped any one looking for some info and likes has said, will update you on my interactions regarding my part of substitution.

Has contacted this vendor regarding my substitution and was such the wonderful transaction that has has had to that he sure to update you. I have it quell'has had now my NEW carafe for roughly 3 month after a prime minister one broken and to be sincere, is Wonderful! A prime minister carafe has taken feeble sense and has been concerned would give it was and in fact do. I have called a costruttore that looks for the substitution carafe (one would purchase me) and was fabulous. We inform me to us that there is not any substitution carafe for this particular car, as they would be to substitute a pot of caffè WHOLE for FREE. I have been taken aback for this response and has had to bend control to do sure has listened correctly. In fact I , all have had to has been cut one covers of a pot of caffè old and take the picture of a boss and discharges. Has has had to that do sure some numbers in one covers was visible in a picture. I fold Verified a photo and has sent then an evidence. I have not had to treat shipping cost or attended long or a lot of hassle. It was quickly, effective and absolutely stress free! A better part, has PAID TAKES AT ALL! I have received it marks it new substitution for my broken and broken carafe. This company was bondadosa, respectful, and in a ball. I expect that calm try them was, am impressed for real and recommends this pot of caffè to any one!
4 / 5
Has bought this in the whim. I have had Black & Decker in a past, and a reason has taken rid of the mine last an east that a yard of car-was to leave working, and take a lot of heat a day. I have been concerned that burns a house down. I also tired that it has to spent and unplug every time used it. Well, I have ordered it is one , received it, and in some instructions says to unplug when any into use. This calm mean will have to that reset a clock every time cover he in him wants to dip the timer. I ask Black reason & Decker will not fix a @@subject that looks to be common in his products. When I Finalise with this costruttore, or when I seat likes to spend more money, probably will go back to Caffè of Ladies for the bulk pot of caffè. Utilisation my Keurig 99 of a time in all the chance.

Was to give 4-stars, but really thinks of the discharges in @@subject could be the worry of entity for people.

Top Customer Reviews: Mueller Premium ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 56 ratings
4 / 5
I have purchased recently this Heater of Electrical Water because I have maintained that it has to that substitute my regular stove upper kettle (the half cost was $ ). That the difference this Electrical Kettle has done! It heats up it waters in record time, saves energy and afterwards was when some starts partorisca water to boil. A blue light when in the use is a plus added . Also it likes that I can see of a quantity partorisca water ossia in a kettle at all times and will know when it is now of the clean . They are very impressed with a quality and an action of this fact of good product. I add partorisca an office, dorm the rooms etc. to good sure will give some like this of the presents in the near future.
4 / 5
In fact it likes that all have to that do is of toe the transmission a lot that has to that treat all some extra settings partorisca imagine was. A cup is quite wide that it is easy to fill without doing the disorder and does not filter when poured. While heating up is the really quite blue once a water is in temp the light turns was. It remains warm partorisca in an hour (I usually leave for work in this point as I can not verify period after this). The ones of way that far has used it for tea and oatmeal likes like this resists temp.
4 / 5
This electrical kettle done the present adds for the university freshman moving to a dorm! It heats it waters a lot quickly, and eye adds to do he with a blue lighting. It was impressed really with as calm and quickly is!
5 / 5
Ossia The utmost kettle , uses it every day and hanged light and perfect work !
5 / 5
It liked really of this at the beginning but there is remarked unfortunately waters to filter by means of a lid when tilted and the week later begins the jam and take stuck is returned like this.
5 / 5
Our forward Mueller the kettle is lasted roughly 3-4 years. The desire is lasted longer. We like him, as it has tried a same on Amazon. Bought one this looks almost identical, but unfortunately is the different model; a new pot does not return in an old burner neither does an access of old pot in a new burner. As it has had to launch out of both parts of some old a. Looked squander it of has bitten.

Another question is that has had the paper in a box that says that it have to that go to a Mueller put web to register this and I would take my warrantee has bent. I have followed some Directions, but could not find the place to register in a web of place. I sent him an email in of the this, but has listened at all.
Another that an on mentioned disappointment, like a kettle of forward and like a new a Like this far. Like an idea of the kettle of glass.
5 / 5
This kettle is fantastic! I have fill he until a first line and turned it on and for a time has taken the bowl down of a cupboard, dipped some instant oatmeal in him and has walked for behind his, there is only clicked was and a water was in the rolling boils. Also, I think that that it is one the majority of beautiful appliance there is now.
5 / 5
A rusty something in a fund after a first use of time, a shiny metal of a fund is not done for stainless? It can not be used like the teapot.
4 / 5
Dud advertising--Buyer BEWARE! These produced is not done in Austria or Germania. Misleading The photo of product aims German flag, wording the states soyueller of Austria' ... 'American level'... But it is DONE in CINA!!!
Has bought this kettle that thinks it has been done in Austria or Germania. While the product of quality. So only when I have read a manual sees that these produced is not done in Europe--deceived by advertising. A stuffs of interior of the metal subordinated of something of shows of the kettle--only has used three times. Also condensation that builds on interiors after boiling stays for hours. I have possessed the little different electrical tea the kettles and that has not spent never.
Am sending for behind ASAP--I am concerned in a quality and very disturbed in a deceptive announcing.
4 / 5
I see it rusts so only with which 2 weeks of use , is crazy!!!

Top Customer Reviews: Keurig K-Elite ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 58 ratings
4 / 5
Purchased this partorisca substitute another Keurig that has taken to an office. I really like this a partorisca one the majority of part. A reason behind some 2 stars is why filters water of a zone of the dispenser to any one cut him down the or, if any cup is present, to a tray and to a counter. It is not the enormous quantity, perhaps an ounce or two to the equal that maximum and looks partorisca spend more-often when a reservoir is full.

Has contacted Keurig with ZERO SERVICE of feedback of client (very disappointing) and has been well the month of then I inquired. I have considered partorisca send this unit behind the Amazon and taking the new one has sent, he in chance that is simply my unit, honradamente, does not have an original box and I of any extracted a hassle partorisca the ship behind, explaining a reasoning, that spends for Square Trade (if required) and like this on.

Like this for now are so only 'treating it', hesitant continuous be the loyal Keurig the client that goes forward.

I the sincerely attack of the better regime with your compraventa. Again, in general, it is the ADD K-the Alone cup Servants appliances - another that an a lot annoying leak and a less-that-shotty support of Keurig, calm duty any precise never contact them.

Has update : has update this description and the star that estimativas today 2 stars to 4 stars.

After the tentativas mĂşltiplas and finally listening for behind Keurig the service of client has seen/reason-of my description of Amazon, has has had to that again contact Keurig has seen the call of telephone to explain a situation. They have recognised that this 'filtering' the subject was something experienced with many of some earlier units and therefore it would substitute mine. As of I have received today a chance of email that a new unit has shipped and will be here the days of pair. Also it include it was to him focus of the nave paid partorisca a Keurig I need partorisca send behind.

Partorisca me, ossia exactly that it had expected partorisca in a first place and I appreciate Keurig stepping until solving. A reason is still 4 stars and any 5 is because of a work and time in my final to take this recognised and a fact that I still of the that knows esure' that a new device will not experience some same subjects.

If a new one is still the leaker, will update my description once-again to leave the potential buyers know. Otherwise, Consider 'any informative is a lot informative'.
5 / 5

Are LIKE THIS on Keurig. Ossia My SIXTH Keurig car this has broken inside a period of guarantee or just outside of him. I have bought so only in the each model there and his ALL have turned to the still to bounce inner few months or during a prime minister or according to year. I am looking in two death some maintaining seating in my cookery and have the third died one in my cochera.

This little K the model of Elite has begun gushing water and earths of caffè with hardly are month in. After an hour in a telephone, Keurig is sending the substitution (and with which first be has said was out of guaranteeing so it has had to that contest, UGH), but guess that?!? Oh, they Are out of stock of a Brushed Slate colour... PERFECTO!!!! Another company and I would have abandoned him a lot the time does except any reason, so only maintain to buy more cars. Seriously I need to take my boss has examined. Clearly, I have been the a lot, student very slow.


And Keurig, you ought to be embarrassed of you for constantly producing inferior products. You would think that with which 15 years, could imagine out of some defects to draw and the stop that repeats some same deceptions in your new models. They are like this angry I has is spent of the thousands to thousands of the dollars that buys your cars and your caffè.

Is was. No more Keurig for me never again.

UPDATE 1: Keurig has sent his car in the different colour that had bought and guess that? A sucker done for A CUP of caffè before he one same freaking on and spewing earths of caffè and water throughout on .

Is on Day 12 now to spend for the life with caffè grinds in our teeth. A schemes of the substitution was a concealed had been preowned and refurbished” as it was not in the container that details and has had the suspect “WR” after a number of model. I knew it immediately. Also it is missing a filter of water. That the sad company, sad that the big substitutes-the cars of dollar have bought with hard-the defeated money with refurbished models that he one same stinking what. It is there is disgusted further. UPDATE This was untrue. They have sent the new car, any refurbished.

Now are that it buys another mark of coffeemaker and will not give the alone cent more the Keurig or Green Mountain. We are these people that spends for around 250 pods of caffè the month and the desire could have all of the money for behind that am spent on absolutely worthless cars. Now I owe that spend more the time that calls one the majority of unhelpful line of the service in a nation to contest substitutes a substitution.

Goodbye, Keurig. I am done. Have fooled me Long enough!

has called Keurig to take the substitution for a substitution and lucked to the very useful agent. It listens mine rant and rave, and ensured Keurig is listening to his clients. Keurig The management revises all some calls receive in his line of the support and they have read some descriptions here. Like this here it is my two cents : we require the suction-accesoria to write that I clean some needles properly, both upper and lower. (This was the lesson learnt in some leading models he so that it is further me reason has not thought advances with east a.) Also it can be the question with a boss a lot that remains down quite tight for a pressure. It was not anything is, is a lot last for me to believe Keurig has not been conscious of this subject during a phase to try of this model and ossia very disappointing.

Keurig Is sending another car of substitution, this time in a colour I originally orderly (Brushed Slate) and some caffè free for my question. Still it was absolutely incensed if an agent has not been like this sweet and polite to the equal that was. Like this kudos to my agent for his very good assistance. He he a lot quickly and easy to take another car.

In an end of a day, all all the world loves is caffè fresco , hot brewed on-continuous in a temperature and the force prefer and without annoyances. Keurig, Know love a same thing. Calm expect you can do this raisin consistently.

A substitution for a substitution a lot included gives a cup of caffè neither. INCLUDED OLD, has INCLUDED OLD. Immediately begun spewing the first earths of a first cup was 1/3 plenaries. It was not that to do, I really no. Each cup done with this model is is surprised special own. It is so only the half cup and swirling with earths of caffè? Or it is to an absolutely brim and swirling with earths of caffè? Or I forget to have my fistful of paper towel ready in cue to take all a caffè that brotas was like the missile of projectile when I impulse on a boss and now have water and earths during my granite countertop, slime down to a drawer of tableware of money?

Oh That fun ossia. Ossia An experience of the absolute worse client has not had never with anything has possessed. THREE OF THESE CARS have FAILED. I have not had the decent cup of house of caffè for the month. Keurig.
5 / 5
Done well for some premiers 6 months. Now it has the question. Randomly so only I fill a cup of caffè roughly 2/3rds filler. Not to imagine it was reason still. I always maintenances a reservoir of full water, so that it is not a question. I will contact Keurig to see if one can fix or the substitute.
5 / 5
The works add. This model has a measure of the smallest cup available of all a Keurig manufacturers, and for this a strong plus, compresses more concentrated of caffè. Calm always can do the feeblest cup to do a main cup that = use more water. Amur Having The short perfectly fresco every time.
4 / 5
Our old Keurig has died so only first be 2 years , as we expect this one would last longer. Had this model so only the few days. Law a lot at the beginning. This in spite of, a past 2 morning, hardly presses a power on key, the starts of the water until a reservoir is empty. I have it that has not had never this question with my old Keurig 2.0. I am thinking to return this car. This is not well.

9/28/2018 Update... If it use water devoid of minerals, a car will leave a water in a reservoir to flow was until it is empty. To fix this, the water of law of use & has bottled well yesterday & today. A presence of the descaling the indicator has to that be responsible for a detection of minerals in a water. I am giving this model 4 stars, any 5, reasons this little fact in the minerals in a water have used would owe that be specified in some instructions. Happy with this Keurig for now & will update something to one contrary raisin.
5 / 5
No shabby! They are in mine third car in 2 month! The car the scarce games, and took 3 minutes to brew 1 cup! There are earths of caffè in mine caffè 2 out of 3 uses, and does not seal around a cup of a k-hoard like this of the water squirts out of a cup! A quickly fix for the service of client is the so only send the new car, but maintain having some same subjects without solution!
5 / 5
Experience 6-18-2018 and now is 8-22-2018...
Daily for some last two weeks clogged EACH MORNING!?....
Has CALLED worthless ervice of client'. It has been hanged on 'accidentally' after when be dipped on control for 5 minutes every time soyain that normal volume of calls'?... If it marvels reason.
You patronized like me was stupid roughly unclogging the needles of a car. Then asked in a water I use? Then it wants to me partorisca clean a schemes every day before the utilisation?....Also it can take dtessed and go to the tent of caffè!... A soymena the model advanced' is the piece to crap. All want to is something has paid takes to do LIKE THIS ANNOUNCED that... And the police of turn of the amazon in these is 30 days?...A lot it DOES not LOVE A CAR of GUARANTEES. I love the cup of caffè when I press one am going to rubbishes this $ 170 car and go back to the brewer that in fact works and these stupid pods that full on a landfills and how much cost now can go to the stock exchange in a University of Joins of the Ivy!....Well for Keurig (stupid name too btw)
5 / 5
Received undamaged, and first cup of test of caffè. Calmer That mine another Keurig 55 unit. Expected for the good sale before shabby. Very pleased with this new unit and will return here to follow it up has had once he for the month or so much. The good descriptions have listened of this like this hope for a long term.
4 / 5
Ossia A better Keurig brewer does like this far. I am coming from all a súper deluxe characteristic and touchscreen of a K575 and does not lose any of them! A flavour of a caffè brewed for these rivals of model of new Elite any tent of caffè! A comparison of flavour of a caffè same of one 575 vs. The elite tries some steps of Advance of Elite!

A creation is more streamlined. There is NO MORE: Touchscreen, qualified of the main pod, carafe, Fines-tank of water of the colour, or 2.0 Keurig lockout for any-Keurig branded pods, or long, time of noisy wait to heat.

Has a capacity for multiple brew measures, the brew in characteristic of geles, Hot water in a press of the key WITHOUT that has to that it stimulates a lid, A digital clock with Car-In characteristic, Transport-Was after several intervals of time, the very better mechanism of system of the pod, and the very quickly and much less fixes of noisy heating among brews! Calm also can regulate a temperature of water, has the setting for those in of the big elevations, and the a lot of improved drip walk that is much more line resistant. Calm also can take a drip walk and has the program to trip mugs.

A system extracted very better in general and a start of the flavour of the caffè is a better still same without choosing a STRONG BREW that dips how is has looked also! An only two things would change is to have a coverage of tank of the water hinged ( has to that take a whole cup is an although the taste to him a rectangular creation of a better Elite that an odd form of a K575 a) and was more convenient if a clock was in the lowest zone, how is hard to see when an Elite has gone behind down some cupboards

Retails for but tent around and can find some ascents and of the better discounts. Ossia At present, in my opinion, a Keurig to buy especially another!
4 / 5
My old Keurig begun to give me questions with one 2.0 DRM, not even recognising the pods have bought to having begun like this to look around for the new brewer concealed no this DRM atrocity anymore. I owe that admit, reading some descriptions have ordered this unit with adding trepidation, like the taste to him my caffè hot, and enough the pocolos comment have indicated that this model rid lukewarm caffè. Well, I can inform now that my worries were totally unwarranted. If anything, a caffè that exited of the mine new brewer is HOTTER that a a before. I have thought also it lose a poster to touch, but frankly, a poster of key to control based is like this easy to use like this possible like this a lot of riddance to a poster to touch old. This model does not have all some elegant characteristics my old one has had for different cup/mug measures, carafe etc. But no extracted big for me of then Keurig has interrupted inexplicably a mug sized pods (cursed you, Keurig!!!), And we have used a carafe perhaps two times on some years. A cradle-the loaded mechanism for some pods is easier that use that in my leading model and looks sturdier. My only complaint is a headline of filter of the looks to water to seat a lot of wobbly in his bases in a tank of water.

Top Customer Reviews: Hamilton Beach ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 30 ratings
4 / 5
It has Had he for the week, has used to each morning took it since. I am totally happy with him. It says that it is the calmest plot that other marks, would think that is. Obviously it is not silent but is probably 1/3 that strong like a half blender, as it is decent. It IS hurriedly and easy to use, pose your grain in, poses one covers on, presses a button the small time to grind me up, perhaps a longer explosion in a lot of take them earth.

The things would have to know /the complaints other people:

Any one has said that it is any sake , piece of covers of grain. This does not spend in me, but my supposition is that they are not grinding a grain quite or is somehow on filling it. The while it conceal to grind you can touch it the other way around among explosions of an engine to blend the around better.

Does the disorder, earths of coffee everywhere! One covers is the cup . Quan Your grain of coffee (or species) is fully walk, tip he the other way around and pull a machine out of one covers, and will not spill anything.

A burned engine was afterwards only the few uses so obvisouly has has not had this for more than the week as I can very still the says would have to last for ever. He probably any one, but for $ 15 has to buy the nine an every year or two, can live with that. Also it can have been only the defective unit... The material raisin. BUT basically very only it line it down a button like an engine and the covers turn constantly. In stead in in in to the the low explosions likes them-him it to them is revving to motorcycle... This will break some big pieces in the smallest pieces, and shoots the around and blend his arrive so some covers are not doing so hard. Then after the few explosions when is mostly steps up, can line it the long plus bit to do sure does not have the piece has left. I Like him his of my coffee the small coarse (his to well sure any one espresso earth... It sees photos).

A cord is too down... Yes A fund is also covers it those directly low attractions and then can unwrap a cape to be able in. Even so, included unspooled, a cord is quite down... It IS an only thing does not like me in of this device... Only it can when being in the feet of one outlet. I treat it, but it is or a thing would change enough it.

For the cheap, tabletop the grinder any voice and has beaten can be. It IS quite easy to clean (the upper washes only like the cup, and a course where a chair of grain in some attractions of covers was like the short also). The law adds and is satisfied totally for the that is to say.
2 / 5
Update. A fact that a cube is likes him take to pull to the era cost me a lot of frustration. I am updating in two stars, of four. Spill so coffee, this is thinking of trashing this thing.

Pros And gilipollas:


Easy to use.
Easy to clean (the cosy dishwasher)
Tope to the VERY GOOD point, almost powder. The flight.
Also can prender grind earlier want to he any one quite also.
Hides Of cord in a machine.

The cord is down.
A bit small. Necessity To upload and grind two times for the sufficient quantity of coffee, but like me the strong mine, so that it can be subjective.
An interior does not exit of a machine that easily; you owe tension in the. Attraction in the also take, and beginning, but your powder of coffee will go during your expensive. As it has to you he dulcemente, or has to has said a whole machine on and the give the tap of amour in a subordinated to take a coffee has been.

Recommends this machine? Heck He still. His cheap what heck, last for ever, and really, that wants to paid for the dang grinder of coffee?
5 / 5
I have bought this element the little the mark of weeks and has wanted to to give it at least the uses of the dozen before it revises. This be has said, can very still say that this element is a test of time. On that, it uses this any one to grind up grain of coffee, but for other things. I have bought this element to do powder, like the powder of the pepper has dried, powder of the arrow dried and one that.

PROS: Since I am using this for the any one has feigned purpose for a manufacturer, is doing the good work. It Likes him that well my product of final is.

IS cheap! Although law 75% also like him , would say that that is to say the clothes .

I amour that a compartment of grinder comes aside, and in spite of recommendations against, I hand-held lava still some detachable parts and the left wing to air dry for the good day. Still I hand to clean a main part with the dry or very clear humid paper, chair he the other way around and and the drought of left wing the good day. Any problem here, but again, a manufacturer (and quite all the world-wide more) advisor against easterly. I am only lazy, and a subsequent powder apresamiento everywhere, which to some gilipollas.

GILIPOLLAS: This thing the work adds that it grinds above material, but often resulted in the powdery smoked afterwards, which often evasions while it grinds. This smoke takes everywhere comprise in a mechanic of a grinder. I am expecting this does not cause of the subjects under a road. Besides, if you are I how me and using this for another that purpose of coffee, takes the mask of cheap face, especially when grinding chili peppers.

A mechanism that twist some covers to grind very always apt snugly and when has used in the first place this, gives of the smell of plastic burn. It is gone was afterwards 6 uses or so, but initially worry.

That it is a big summation. In spite of a bit those that subject, these warrants of element to 5 star, if at all more, so that it does more than only expected and is side very effective. If this takes 6 month with my use (grinding all the classes of things have dried 2 times the week) then will have done has been.
4 / 5
I have wanted this grinder of coffee but this morning mysteriously leaves on me. The law adds for enough the month and the half and only left. It have not fallen or mishandled in any subjects. My husband has a metre of ohm that chess he with and without inaugural the up thinks the cape or an only burned engine was possibly. Too late the retreats of road so that it chooses another of the different mark and the hope felizmente better. I think that that I will take the manual grinds a next time. Less for gone bad with him. It was to add while hard even so.
5 / 5
I have bought this grinder predominately for species. It conceals work supremely well and a grandson up afterwards is well and hurriedly. If you are looking for the quaility produced that it does not break a bank, that is to say.
5 / 5
That is to say perfect to grind fines and like me that a whole cup apresamiento and can be it has washed has been. I do not have to it has read it a right of description, while have thinks that has the estractable' cord - when he in fact just winds around some subordinated - but attraction some bass subordinated in unwind the and rewind he, therefore the majority of a cord is concealed when any one into use. Tour flax Seed to powder in of the second (perfect to do Gundry cinnamon/flaxseed muffin in the mug)! A small grinder adds in the prize adds! Highly it recommends!
5 / 5
A lot, design very better this Coffee of Gentleman so that has the better balance (the Coffee of Gentleman or easily touched on). One covers is very easy to fill with grain, one instead very easy to use, the work adds to grind, and is very easy to brush one in those rests the coffee has been. That is to say also very easy to clean.

Thinks one of some reasons why this grinder is so easy in the use is so that some parts are so accessible, and easy to line in your hand. In comparison, a grinder of Coffee of the no apt Gentleman well in your hand, and some parts have not been spaced well.

Has been using this grinder for enough 10 month now without the problem. I want to it.
5 / 5
A period of cord is perfect and I amour that can when being bent up so easily. Desire all the appliances have had this function.

Some uses of road that is to say to pose the small quantity of grain in the time. Pulse of fast/explosions to blend the. It repeats.

Better mix with less than grain and with some explosions of low fast more than lining it down. I want to this of use. I remain to me to grind my coffee each morning only. The fresh tan! Very easy to clean and tent. He the power did not beat it, especially for a prize.
5 / 5
It IS state the year bought it since, and is done also like first time used it. It looks and when being the cheap bit, but his lined adds. An only downside is kinda cape to be able to down, but his at all this there has been very problems with.

Has been prepared to spend the money of plus of bit to take the better grinder once these some pauses, but is not that it looks that they go to spend anytime punctual.
2 / 5
Have wanted to very like this produce. In the first place it go like other descriptions involve his he sper mere push a grinder of button. Im Adds with that especially so that my flange of partner treats w elegant or has complicated. An enormous problem: some earths spilt everywhere so that a compartment isnt sure or enough quite big to line some earths. So that it calm to promote you on an upper to take a calm coffee only recently polite, goes everywhere.

Top Customer Reviews: Keurig K-Mini ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
4 / 5
Colour: Black was one of these a lot early buyers of one of a prime minister Keurig K-cars of Cup before they have taken partorisca be such the common cookery accesoria. It has stuck with them when his cars have been of very built to essentially the launch was junk, and when they have tried and failed partorisca close users in the only that use his own mark of the pods that use the dubious lockout diagram.

Over time partorisca take a quality wants to has moved of his plasticky house brewers to his commercial products and to arrive to this point possesses the K-150 which thinks is one of the his better never has produced. So much number to signal one, am not new to a Keurig ecosystem and number of point two follows really a lot absolutely require another brewer. At least I have you do not think I have done.


This in spite of, likes travesa I note that a lot of some hotels remain me have an original Keurig so only compact servants brewer like this I always travesa with the little caff, tea and sometimes pods of the hot chocolate so much can brew the fast cup in my room. This version of the chamber of the hotel is (was) well but bad drawn and no really suitable for use of house. When Have in the first place seen this new upgraded K-Mini the model has taken has interested really. I expected it it can be the feasible election to take with me when travelling because of his small measure, to use in our cabin or of the held vacacionales or included something even more special, something near and has loved my needs - as the hot alone cup has shot dispenser of hot water for use with stock exchanges of teas or another instant beverages.


see, a world is in desperate need of the a lot of so only do lacking dispenser a lot quickly of hot water, but any one knows concealed. There is a very economic model this is been around for ever concealed has more defects that benefit, and the pocolos give form form Giappone ossia overpriced and also a lot defective in creation. Then there it was a perfect model that has gone around for the pair of month that would have to has bought the dozen of to dread that prenderan to do the. Has prisoner and a one has bought still works but now is aiming signs of dulcemente spending was. I have expected this new Keurig could help me fill a void for something that could use to do the cup to boil of water for the at night late cup fast of tea or cocoa. And yes, ossia.


Like the caff of cup so only brewer a mini that would expect you and expect so that it do not live too much in that. It has dipped the alone pod to a familiar snaps down receptacle and touch the cup to water to a permanently semi-detached reservoir and press the alone key and the pair of the minutes later was games your caff. A good informative is that you do not dip his pod all more spends a same way except quell'exited is hot clean water that can use you for tea or anything more. And that it is well it is that you can choose anywhere among roughly 6 and 12 ounces to water as what play in. The majority another container of alike units out of the quantity measured of water, usually exactly 8 ounces. This of the games for behind the same as you have dipped in his calm so much can do your tea, soup or cocoa like strong to the equal that likes..


typically reserves 5 stars for superstar produced, some better of some better, and has to say you that this little gem have very excited. It feels a lot of fact and no plasticky and a global creation is the lesson in simplicity this in spite of perfection. One first what there is remarked is that there is the small cutout in a backside to store some or everything of a cord of power in and for a way has the 3-prong grounded spent of commercial note. If calm the the in your cookery counter can pull out of only so that cord to the equal that need to achieve a outlet and if the travesas with him can easily stow a whole cord without accidents was. Literally it calms it does not need any instructions, although I am very written, has the by heart big illustrations, and is sper easy to comprise. With which cover he in you stimulate the hinged spends in a cup of a unit and water of game in, and calm has not limited to the fixed quantity, can fill he with anywhere among 6 and 12 ounces to adapt your flavour by force of the caff or to fill the travesa mug, and yes fill the car of full measure mug with ease. With which has dipped a water in you stimulates a boss, which automatically turns a power on, and insert the K-hoard and press a boss has retreated down and then press a very big brew key up. When Calm that a light surrounding a key to flash, some heats to water on, and brews your caff. 40 second with which conceal, if calm any to to anything more likes them another cup, some turn to be able to era. I timed He of press of key to the cup fill and has taken so only down 1 small and 18 seconds. And a water is sper hot, short with which hoards, different the majority of alike brewers this takes increasingly fresher for each cup.

A thing that interested is that any water is squandered in a process, when I have dipped exactly a short his exactly some starts of cup of him. The majority of costruttrici of caff a lot that. And calm does not have to that the clean reason there is any tank to hold like costruttrici of caff of full measure, of the games of water to take pulled entirely, heated, and has dispensed. Any interior of chairs of the water to take moldy.


can say am impressed and excited in this thing. When I saw It I thought it that it was well to have but has had any one creates would not use never he home in place of my elegant commercial note big brewer. It was like this wrong. In fact I have a two that side of chairs for side now and use a mini every time need the cup of hot water for tea, soup, hot chocolate or anything more. But that has not anticipated is that it was to use a mini for this time when I want to do an only K-cup of caff during a day and I do not want to has to that attended for a whole tank of water in my full measure brewer to heat up or certainly does not want to do to pot of caff traditional. With a mini a whole process to do a cup takes roughly two minutes and there is zero cleanup or spare water that can develop the bad flavour. In spite of some reviewers the one who has not comprised the one who this thing is, in reality is a FASTER way to do the cup of caff of scratch in my cookery. This bad am using this thing two or three times every day now and is resulted something can not be without. You know the one who this half, I better a lot of purchase maintaining them in chance that do not take never has interrupted.

BUY Or A lot

nowhere is has alleged that ossia the plenary sized and look of caff full brewer. It mentions that because of the pair of has disappointed users that has not comprised that posted negative commentaries in a measure of a tank of the water or that is not meant to be used with these fussy adapters that has to be manually fill up with caff of earth. I have not seen never a value in spending the filling of now half and cleaning these artilugios to save two cents - attack a whole purpose of a speed, consolation and zero cleanup of K-cups. And no, this a lot included has the traditional fines-tank of water of the cup, those play to take heated and poured your cup. It is for this that calls the alone servants brewer.

Am baffled reason any one would think that that 2 minutes is too long to expect for the cup of caff. A last time was in Starbucks takes 10 minutes to take the cup of caff, my full measure Keurig apresamiento on 10 minutes to cover before I can do my first cup and mine Bunn costruttore of the caff also takes on 10 minutes. The majority of the costruttrici of electrical hot water take roughly 8 minutes to come when boiling and taken roughly 5 minutes in the pot in my stove. Exactly that is comparing it to this can boil the cup of water less than 2 minutes?


comparisons this brewer in any one another of a time touches his water until a time your cup of caff is ready, on 1 small and 18 like ossia one the fast plus has not seen never. It is the shame so many people are comparing the suns-do lacking car to costruttrici of caff of full measure that has taken already time to heat on a whole tank of the water and all an user is doing is by train of the dispense. Duh, Of course this goes to be the pocolos like this faster.

A time takes to boil the cup of water in level of sea and in the big altitudes is substantially different, that probably accounts for some people quoting different quantities of time for his brewer to heat up. Ossia Science , calm can do not changing.

All Keurig brewers require that a brew key be pressed immediately after going down a boss of compartment of the pod. With which a lot seconds some diagrams will go to standby and a boss will owe that be lifted and is gone down again. This probably explains these users those who has informed that his unit has not done or would not dispense of the water there is not reading some instructions.


Of then a moment has opened a box this artilugio gave more satisfaction that anything has seen like this far this year. Everything roughly is exactly to the equal that have to that be. If it love a consolation of K-cups, likes the fast cup of caff, tea, cocoa or soup with zero prep time and zero cleanup, does not have to that it weaves to counter spatial or require the personnel brewer for him dorm soiled or cubicle of office, or is looking for a costruttore of the cup so only perfects of hot water, ossia that is looking for. I recommend it.
4 / 5
Colour: Black would owe that it has listened to some negative critiques. The work adds initially. Partorisca Roughly 3 weeks. Now so only it take in 2 ozs of water with each push of key... So much partorisca one 8 oz cuppa java, in fact has to that create a boss on & down & presses a key 4-5 times. It is the workout. And partorisca some reason, a caff exits feebler & no very hot. Have has not wanted the order Keurig mark, but my husband has thinks that has had the good reputation... No longer it feels that way. And apparently we have lost so only our window of turn of occasion... It is not the glorious?
4 / 5
Colour: the oasis has ordered this car partorisca substitute a giant one has had before finally died after the years of use. I like this one the better plot because a colour is more beautiful and does not take on like this spatial of counter. It likes that the only resists of a cup to water the time. My edges there has been the bad habit partorisca leave a water in a big, black Keurig chair around partorisca the pair of days and then using it. Gross. Now it knows you can a lot of that with this car. He brews the cup adds of caff and looks calmer of my old car. Have At all bad to say in east a. Highly I recommend it.
4 / 5
Colour: the Already launched oasis was. You can so only it marks until 12oz. Calm CAN not use a reusable Keurig filter in this (yes, has included a filter of Keurig does not return ). In fact it take stuck and was unable of the take was again, rendering a rntire car unusable. No, travesa mugs does not return , included when have take a fund takes slowly. A cord is perhaps two feet long like this looking for of the open spatial discharges he ossia the ache . It does not squander of the money.
4 / 5
Colour: Black Compared to a Bunn MyCafe that substitutes, this car takes partorisca always partorisca do the cup of caff. With a Bunn, has dipped a Kcup in, adds water and press a key. Interior 30 seconds, has the cup of caff. With east, adds water and attended (the look interminably) partorisca the brew light, then press a brew key. With which more while, draws a water in and ( has guessed he) attended partorisca 2 smaller partorisca he the brew. Abundance partorisca time partorisca touch water your kettle and boil he partorisca your tea. This car is going back, and will take the new MyCafe.
5 / 5
Colour: Black This car is a lot temperamental- some laws of days, another he the no. am trying to return and take another model.
4 / 5
Colour: the oasis Broken! This was the present partorisca my father the one who now is living only Widow. A car has done well partorisca 2 month and now less than three month of operation and his broken.
When on compresses of caff a car done of the very strong noises and water and leak of caff somehow internally down and during a counter a caff any among a cup. We follow an operation and of the procedures of interview are to frustrate and there is disappointed
4 / 5
Colour: the oasis does not act. It does not heat of the water before it dispenses. It does not buy this.
5 / 5
Colour: Oasis Like this extremely sad and there is disappointed. Received this Keurig today and is gross! It is state used and is the disorder . I not having of then buy used or refurbished when I purchased it.
4 / 5
Colour: Black Loved the small access for less than spatial of counter. A big K is the counter hog. This in spite of, a smaller impression is the very one, taken more with a longitude to take that it goes that a big K hog. Disappointed

Top Customer Reviews: Keurig K-Classic ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Read some of some clave on here where a brewer unwittingly to do. An in the first place one has purchased to leave after 2 days. A substitution has prendido to do afterwards 2.5 weeks and has done a same road--just wold not doing coffee. If this spends in you, a problem could be ( discovered this for accident and I failure Keurig any one to pose some note or instructions in a documentation) one penetrating the needle is plugged with rests or of the earths of coffee. A unit detects pressure of decrees and excessive backwards. Each which precise to the mark is to take the clip of paper and has opened up for a piece in cape to insert in any side of a needle to take and rests. Desprs Doing that, a unit has done well. If llamas Keurig, issue you the device to clean that port also. If your unit tries to do the cup then to court to fill a cup, tries this first.
2 / 5
It has had three Keurigs some years. This one is better that an another two (both were some originals , does not know a number of model), in that is calmer. Perceivable Calmer. It distills it IS in a same (in that like him).

EXCEPTS, Quite 20% of a time, this no at all. A bomb (I supposition) noise and any a lot of anything or distills the few drops only. A problem has not begun until after the few months, but the desire has had still my old unit

The truth is, had seen other critics that says a same thing, but expected by a better - the desires had listened. Any happy.
1 / 5
Experience this appliance in August 2017. It has cleaned descaled a unit two times during this time. It marks 1 cup of coffee and 1 cup of tea with k cut every day. He early lamb now January and is not doing. A problem is that some looks of unit to be clogged and 1/2 cup of drink is dispensed. Following the plethora of the possible remedies on Tube and the plot of vinegar, still does not act. Habladura With familiar/of friends, finds that a reliability of a Keurig the manufacturers of coffee are terrible. A partner has purchased at least four in a pair spent of years. Another has not had more his decrees that 6 months. These units are not cheap, and a Keurig the company would have to take heed.
1 / 5
This was to purchase in an end of October and he officially 'fatality' in Jan 13. So that it is concealed ? 2 1/2 month...In spite of using filtered, any-water to touch and using some filters have distributed these Keurig the units are notoriously unreliable. Of course, esupport of product' finished in 12/28 as we are to bond.

Can not recommend buying these anymore. Useless for the this enters turn (a cup for pod and some rubbishes that this generates) and a low, down lifespan, DECREASE of a machine. This is not a first time that one of these units has crapped has entered less than a year.

The UPDATE Has to 15 2018. Still after this description, any one of Keurig has achieved has been to ask could help. I guess no preoccupy . But at least this description has aided the little of you so that well. BTW Has purchased another k-mark of cup (Cuisinart) in Bath of Bed and Beyonce, and a descale' the light is come on after 4 month. It likes I descaled, and 9 tankfuls of water of aim and vinegar later, a light is still on. Plugged He in, plugged has been, has rubbed mine tummy and patted my cape and has changed at all. Tan After of the east or bites a powder, his drips it fashioning for me, or included an old-student percolator. Those have not crapped never has been!
1 / 5
A coffee has tried well a first use in the daytime a machine. A second day begins to try substances that chemical very which write of subject of coffee. Our daughter has done hot chocolate (Starbucks) And spit has been. Has thinks that that it was dramatic...nope To to The Flavours likes them-them the burned metal. I have maintained to try, thinking it will improve with use? It opens I am seating here with one the majority of horrible burned/flavour sour/chemist in my mouth, of a sip of coffee. I am routing he behind. The marks besides some smaller cups of coffee and need to be refilled constantly. It treats that, if a coffee was at least tolerable...Perhaps. I do not comprise a hype. It was not if my machine is defective or if that is to say a norm , but is horrible. I am so disappointed.
2 / 5
I have purchased first keurig with guaranteeing extended in November 2016. I use it water it it has distilled it only and descaled and has changed a filter regularly. In the first place one has prendido to do the full cup early June 2017. In June 7 amazon shipped me the substitution. Today, a day - after his on duty police - this 'new' a has begun doing coffee of cup of only half. Cleaner of test three times, any luck. It leaves to see yes amazon or keurig honours an original guarantee.
1 / 5
I have purchased this less element that the year before pause to do. I cleaned it so recommended, changed some filters of charcoal regularly and has used the pods have purchased of Keurig 99.9% of a time. I have tried a fillable units, but never tried well. I have called Keurig and his limited warrantee is not to estimate the crap. A bomb was in mine. Some costs of substitution were almost so it likes unit he. So now have only in 200 pods in my cupboard in the cost of in $ 100 concealed can not use, so that I sure like the hell is not peeling out of another $ 100 to buy the machine with the s$ t warrantee that any last for a whole year. It saves your money and purchases the machine of quality of the manufacturer with the modicum of integrity.
1 / 5
This product has done well for the moment, but now, afterwards about6 month, is not doing right. Any one that besieges of subject has it on distills less than the full 6 oz cup. It tries to clean he in any utility. Has thinks that that that has bought an extensive guarantee but apparently the no. Has looked in a description of product and in the the appliances to the small plus likes him the come with the guarantee of 1 years, but does not look these marks. It IS it has entered a cold. The dry likes him has taken burned. The May will buy another Keurig brewer of Amazon again. If I have bought this in the tent, could return it.
1 / 5
I have bought this unit to substitute the 3 old year Kuerig brewer this has begun to have the subjects with him are qualified to dispense the full cup as well as a coffee no longer when being pas hot. In unboxing was evident that this unit was almost identical in my old one excepts where there used the stops to be metal, does not have very plastic. It looks Kuerig some savings of sides of the manufacture of my last compraventa. This manufacturer has lasted 8 month before it begins to aim some same symptoms before totally prender to do. I have tried it achieve to it has been in Kuerig in this subject to see yes could fix a unit or substitute it, but did not take never any response another that an email of confirmation that declares has my surgery. Since it can not take any response regarding a guarantee of such the failure, chooses to move on of a Keurig marks and has taken my subject in the company that marries in quality and service of client.
1 / 5
The prey of law after the week. Noises of only marks and at all distills. It take the substitution and a substitution any same records. It distills very slow and only in an inch in a cup. I have bought he for sale for black Friday. I can very included take the full repayment. Only they are offering a credit of account of the Amazon.

Top Customer Reviews: Mueller French ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
5 / 5
The tan in the principle took the defective plunger of French Press. But without aiming, an owner messaged promising me the new substitution and repayment. These only merits 5 stars.

A work of French Press adds excepts one defective plunger. It has maintained my coffee/of warm tea and has taken to plot of greetings in work. I will update this description when takes a substitution . I am sure a walnut a no any problem.

Also, a prize is very competitive compared in another French Press of a same pricing. Highly it recommends only so that some owners cured in fact in his clients. We require more regarding subjects like this or, as I say that the left wing is retreated the!!
5 / 5
I am the drinker of enormous coffee !!! BUT there is at all worse that the cup of Joe that it is bitter and acidic. It IS always the challenge to take your coffee to try properly, but once tries this French press will be hooked. Not even I am that it goes in lie, has has wanted to to try the French press for the long time but he looked for the likes would take also time in a morning. It look it costs each minute, and no so defiant while I thought it would be. Opened has Posed it my alarm an extra 15 mins early only could seat and enjoy my cup in my cookery in place of in a career. It is surprising in a last sip.
5 / 5
These products is an example of so to sell something common and doing prepares. I am using a Mueller walled of double of press of the French to serve coffee for at least 3 people in a morning. A big 1 L mark to measure at least 300ml for all the world-wide to take to go.

My method takes at least 4 in 8 min usually. Some premiers 4 is time empinado minimum and another 4 to have some earths resolve.

In my version of anterior glass, 8 min would cool a coffee far also hurriedly. With a double wall, a coffee still is channelling hot after one 8 min. Like The backup, some screens of steel of filter of double point out of more final grit to take in my glass in drink.

A coffee is not only hot but full bodied and flavorful.

Since is the 1 L French press, the debugging is easy. I have posed only my hands in and dig out of a coffee has composed. It does not use anything abrasive in an interior obviously like the paintbrush of the bounce also laws.

A worry there has been was the steel can give some was the flavour but has not remarked this; although I use reverse osmosis water and recently the earth has roasted , just coffee to do sure is not too acidic.

IS happy does a compraventa. It IS something will use for the long time.
4 / 5
This press of coffee is done with solid of stainless steel, and comprise bounce it well for measures. There is no inner of fluent measures of a press or external. I have not been sure that coffee that required until I have measured what the hot waters that a press would line. A press has 2 screens of metal that has the very fine point. Because of a fine point of some screens, marks to press a screen although some grain of coffee the laborious bit. A force has attached required to press a screen could have been been due to a tope of coffee more final that has used. One pursues grinds the coffee can have less control when that uses this press.

A pros of this press:
1) some helps of the steel the thickness of stainless plus maintains a coffee animates for the time the long plus, when compared in glass ones.
2) A screen of the finest point very done a flavour of better coffee without any grain that usually would do is spent a screen .
3) A hastens is not done of glass, so that it does not have any risk of him shatters.
Some gilipollas of this press:
1) a screen of the finest point requires more forces to press through a coffee
2) has not measured of the cape flowed anywhere that could find it he in a press. I have determined that 32oz was that it suffices to do the pot of coffee.
5 / 5
It looks for the sake, coffee of pot of sudden stainless steel that could take it camping. All other products looked has had the window of glass in a cup, and was fearful would take it has broken. Also, some descriptions for these other products have declared a percolators has not done properly or an arrival (if ceramic) ask and oxide. Quan Has remarked this product, liked me that it was of the solid , each creation of stainless clothes, and that does not use of the filters. Alas, of a pitcher is double-to the wall was, is not to be used in the cup of stove. Even so, this creation maintains your coffee animates longer and there is little risk of in of the llamas you. You have to heat a water before attaching he in a pitcher and blend in some earths of coffee. I use Folger earths of coffee of Black Silk, and has not had a subject those presses some earths or when being of the hot water has thank you was. These products is mere to disassemble/reassemble, so clean is easy. In this time, does not have the use for a container of earths. In general, I give this product 5 stars and highly recommends in another. Like the view this company designs the similar product that is adapted more in an alfresco (can be used in the campfire). Until then, that is to say a one will take to the long of.
5 / 5
State that uses this French press to do coffee each morning took it since. It is doing very well, without tope in my coffee mug. Has the burr grinder as I have been tryiny different levels of coarseness and so far, also.
4 / 5
Active HAS USED only this new press the pair of time but already wants to it. It uses the press of glass for in the decade. It looks any one that careful was of subject my glass ones would take cracked or fractions. Also, always it was unhappy with that hurriedly my coffee has taken cold my press of glass excepts only lived with him. Quan My press of the glass later cracked decided to try this version of the stainless steel and I will not possess never the press of glass again. Prpers Having said that, a quality of this press of stainless steel think me will not require never another press! I want a look and listens of him, wants that an isolation of double wall maintains a coffee animates longer that my glass ones and I fly that easily a net of stainless steel up. For earnest be, does not think never will use a grain of coffee has comprised pomegranate but is sure can find some another use for him. The amazon will not leave me give it the 4.5 that the only esteem clicked in 4 except an only reason does not give it 5 star is so that the desire has marks of measure in the. Prpers Having said that, my press of the expensive glass has not had measuring marks or. It does not take very time to learn how many waters to use to do the coffee in a road likes him(without measuring). I am sure some people queixaran that is more take that more in in fact press down a screen but personally does not import so that he only ways that is doing the work adds to prevents the coffee grinds to take through. I can not think this anything sideways more. Highly recommend it. It expects these helps of description.
4 / 5
It avenges with several scratches and dings. It does not look quality like big while it expect so that it is not sper has pleased.

Update: it was routed the substitution and is in good condition.
5 / 5
This press is not only aesthetically pleasing, is probably to last for a rest of my life. Particularly it appreciates some extra instructions in a booklet, likes him ensure a better distills temperature. This will be the appliance regulates in my cookery!
5 / 5
That the totally awesome experience: it is around 11 I am Sunday and a USPS, yes a factor, meshes a doorbell that rids my informative French press like my partner and I are roughly to seat for his anniversary brunch. I am considered the nuts of coffee so that all the import of a grain of whole coffee, a quantity and temperature of a water and equally so of the entity is a device to distill A Mueller French the press done one of one the majority of glorious coffee, significantly better that my anterior press, maintains a distill to the hot steam and with EARTHS of ZEROS in an of some better cup of the coffee of house has has not had never. It IS mere to clean and for those so clumsy as me, does not break or included dents in his advance the fall that paste a fund. Highly it recommends this very abordable French press.

Top Customer Reviews: Mr. Coffee ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
5 / 5
The cost has verified This fund of a kettle of tea chipped and there is no to give had been drinking metal that had been chipping of a fund.
5 / 5
The cost has verified This kettle has all some characteristics have looked for, and so only want it. In the first place, work perfectly in my stove of induction. As, whistles. Tercero, a mechanism to open a spout is well out of a steam and a lot of ergonomically has drawn. Island, has to fill opening another that a spout. Fifth, is of wide measure to fill my ceramic to regulate teapot. Still top it all was, a kettle feels very balanced and ' correctly' in my hand. For me, has no negatives at all. This in spite of, are looking for the very pleasant tea the kettle will find this a bondadoso of simple, supposes. If you are looking for the a lot big kettle, this a meso east - small.
4 / 5
The cost has verified A part of the organism of this element was as well as he describer, but a lid and the upper zone attach the lid was poor qualities . A Lid takes stain and brown oxidant around a coverage of lid the month of pair has used. The contact undertaken partorisca substitute the new lid some seconds a take some same questions the month later. It disappoints with this bad quality, does not want to contact again been due to does not satisfy at all with services of client. Any way produced of economic price and any value to spend time to call, has taken time like this long to call the round to go in-touch, while like this long with each number has spent around to a right place that answered.
4 / 5
The cost checked Partorisca a price, this kettle was way more sturdy that has been expecting. I bought it partorisca use with my prime minister french prints it and work so that the kettle has to that. As to price, looks a lot stylish seating in my stove so only goes partorisca remain there!
5 / 5
The cost verified has bought this kettle in prompt October and for the punctual December could see something partorisca rust forming in a subordinated and the tiny leak had developed. It is only fair partorisca say that I maintain water in a kettle all a time and that chairs in the gas light pilot this maintains partorisca animate all a time. Seldom, this in spite of, I the ameno to the full rolling boils. A styling is beautiful. Really I love some looks of way and of the games of way without drip. Unfortunately a metal is very thin and hardly qualifies partorisca a focus ' estainless'. I give it is quite economic and perhaps would not owe that expect too much, but has had I known would jump it the leak in 60 days has purchased certainly something more.
4 / 5
Smells partorisca Purchase checked of echinacea and chamomile wisp has spent my nostrils as it writes this description. Partorisca A quantity of the money spent in this product, would say that ossia the golden nugget has found by means of some vast virtual plains of Amazon. If you enjoy to drink tea or caff, highly recommend purchase this product.
5 / 5
The cost has checked Cheaply has done. Servant is purpose partorisca roughly 2 month, until a cradle of sleeve has burst was. It was unable to take a cradle behind in, but could still open and close a spout. Then while washing it today, a piece of economic plastic sleeve there is broken, now is entirely useless. The next time will purchase the kettle of iron of the mould. This is to do in Cina the plastic mechanism craps.
4 / 5
The cost has checked is of the years of the summer of then has possessed in fact the kettle of tea, as I have decided to buy is one. It looks well enough to leave in a backside of my stove when they are not quell'using. Hot Of water and boils quickly and gives a strong audible whistle typical. A lid in some focus of good organism and does not have any steam that evasions of that. A mechanism of the crowbar in one touches spout, seals well and the stays plough when you press an inferior key. Ossia Really the good look that calm leave you to slide your hand more behind in a boss to avert any burns of steam while touching. A key up is pressed with which touch and this securely in bylines one touches spent. Ossia The kettle of the tea adds , especially for a money and I highly recommend it. Hope This was useful!
4 / 5
The cost has verified EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. A spout splashes boiling hot water during a place that comprises in a hand-held holding he) as it touch of a kettle, and a kettle boils on before whistling (damage it has caused so only to the mine new stovetop :( :( :( ). I really like a creation but a function is poor and any one goes him partorisca hurt that it looks for to use this. Any insurance of an origin of the manufacture but I highly would recommend that they go with the different a partorisca prevent harm or harm. As there is disappointed!
5 / 5
You could be verify out of this now same kettle thought - wow, is like this economic! The one who need an expensive kettle in all the chance? It is so only the kettle, well? The different really could be? If like this, I trust, calm is not so only. But they are here partorisca say you: it is not partorisca value he. This kettle feels likes was pieced near of a metal of has beaten of old soup. That is that you say? A patient returning lid that only explosions partorisca situate has dipped your weight of his organism? A spout controller that so only can be opened partorisca situate your toes approach one in of the hot llamas spout? This kettle done my life decidedly worse. It is downgrade of mine 'kettle' old that it was so only to casserole in drenching without the lid and feel likes the caffè of Ladies owe money partorisca a space of storage takes up in my cookery. And you have to never coming my house: NO, there it has no the launches of NASA partorisca spend in my cookery -- ossia just ol' beats of soup that roared the life in my stove.

Top Customer Reviews: Hamilton Beach ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
4 / 5
Fashionable name: so only Servants substitute probably which has been a costruttore of the caff better has not possessed never, has had the 12-cup Braun costruttore of caff partorisca 20 years and finally a carafe has been broken. Hamilton Spiaggia So only Servants is the substitution adds, has taken used to some filters of paper partorisca a Braun and still although has is adapted reusable, prefers my caff any partorisca have this oil, film by means of an upper and in a fund of a cup, some filters of paper take rid of that entirely. A way takes around a residue with this costruttore of caff is the trim down some filters of caff of big round, which are an economic plus has found. I besiege a trimmed filters inside a bowl of inferior money, any interior or under a reusable filter, a caff brews a more a way, at least for me he , see a pics.

A bay can accommodate the 7-1/4' big mug when a groups is is the lowest place , he 4-1/4' mug when it is in a main place.

A caff brews was the hot abundance and enough quickly, has seen some pieces that says a HB does not take a caff quite hot, for me. Help of May if you preheat a cup with some first hot water to dispense a caff, always do. I have received a Kurig K55 manufacturer of caff for Navidad and adds also but does not plan on dipping all this money to K-caff of Cup. I have used a reusable K-Short also, the majority does not do like this good. If it likes him to you he grinds your own grain, a course grinds or the French press grinds is more thus costruttore. I have used some Peet French Raises caff of earth with him, has pressed a 'Negrito' the key and he add, this caff is the very well grind.

An ease to clean is the big plus ! Simple to use and simple to clean, can any gone bad with that!
4 / 5
Fashionable name: Carafe and So only Servants has had this pot of caff partorisca less than the year. It is the add that it looks the car and any the import when being in my counter. In theory, are also adds partorisca this time when I need the alone cup vs. The pot. We find like this punctual like a side of the cup has not been partorisca we. Perhaps it is an use of caff (Costco mark) or a fact that is the filter of point , our caff there has been the very dark later in a fund of our cup and he have tried really dirty. Perhaps it has filters of paper partorisca alone cup, but paralizacin partorisca use the altogether.

A portion of pot was so only well, also, this in spite of, has had to that clean this with vinegar more frequently that any one the pot has has not had never simply for the take to do the interior of pot fill some two hours that of the warmest remained on. In fact, at present, we program it to us to start with brewing in 4:30am so that when I create in 5:30 I are, can have the cup of caff. ( It is among 4-6 cups in this point.) ANY ONE has time for that. Also it is leaving two cups in a tank to hold which will not exit .

Is terrible and our new Bunn is coming tomorrow. Pot of Beach of Hamilton of goodbye, will not lose you .
4 / 5
Fashionable name: so only Servants was hesitant before ordering this costruttore of caff reason some descriptions are like this mixed, but used it daily partorisca the month and am a lot happy with him. Before brewing a 1.os the times have fill he with white vinegar and has run he by means of the cycle, then 2 cycles of simple water partorisca take any residual plastic flavour. Also I will do this once the month partorisca clean.
Has the fraction adrenal system as it can not have caffeine like any caff partorisca me, but can drink Teeccino Teeccino Band of Variety (Hazelnut, Mocha, and Java) Chicory Herbal Caff, Caffeine Free, Acid Free, 11 Ounce (Sale of 3). I call it my Caff Dud and you brew the so only like caff. I have required also the costruttore of caff partorisca the company and I have has wanted to one this individual servings without these K cups. Ossia The simple car that it is easy to use & quickly partorisca clean.
HAS 2 water levels 8oz and 14 oz clearly marked for 2 plastic parts that looks no molded to a rear wall inside a tank. A more under a law 8 oz and a big more a bed MAX as so only full until those with water-any cup to measure has required. There are 2 filters likes 2nd filter of point takes any tiny granules that it can take he by means of a filter of metal. After brewing press on some 3 parts-both filters and a drip short, dump a grind (I use some earths of caff in my shrubs of ascended, love an acid) and rinse some 3 part and any one dip averts to dry or do another cup. It likes to leave a lid opens to dry was inner. It looks a focus of the silicone would burst was to clean but has not littered so that it has not tried to do that still. He the work adds in an Intrepid that dips the one who drips the little slower of a Regular setting ( I in fact did not use it on Regulate still). When Using the mug can he splatter the pair of drops in some sides or that they have to but any disorder of entity.
Uses the Takeya Iced the costruttore of Tea has Dipped 24 oz pitcher the brew in that is 6 1/2' big and he no splatter. This resists 14 oz with quite soiled to add the milk of Goat of the collagen & powdered and use my milk frother for the mix all up. Envy of grain Electrical Milk Frother Hand-held, Perfecto for a Better Slat, Whip Foamer, Comprises Stand of Stainless Steel that Use 14 oz volume of waters quite caff for two 8oz mugs.
Likes that it is the simple car with basic parts like this there has no the plot to go bad. A stainless is easy to dry clean and looks very better that the majority of costruttrici of caff. It likes- one quality of a stainless filter with the good sturdy the metal manages like this there is not a lot of casualidad of the fall and doing the disorder with some earths.
Takes on spaces very small in a counter, is so only 6 3/4'wide x 7 1/2'deep x 12 1/2' big ( 17 1/4' with some open lids). In my photos aim it down my oven microwave that is dipped in the height of cupboard of regular wall. Turn until the 7 1/4' big mug or he 4 1/4' big mug with a shelf of metal in place.
My only complaint is that a wine of leading model with a filter of excluyente/extra but now so only comprise one. It would like to have an extra a.

TIP: here it is the little secret my Grandpa has taught the pinch of Rooms of Sea (or Himalayan Rooms) to a caff first of brewing. It touches gross but trust me, so only the pinch & enhances a flavour of a caff, & any one the will not try salty! Also it adds the pinch of cinnamon has powdered my mug ( any place he in a car of caff!). It adds the yummy flavour.

This a lot of pertain to a function of a car but I have thought would comprise in chance any one is loved the appeal was shelf but disturb this plastic some have done like this an out of one 8 x 10 tile and the semi-detached thickness felt tampons to a fund. Now my slides of the costruttore of the caff was for the fill up and then slides behind against a wall. The law adds while has the smooth surface.
5 / 5
Fashionable name: So only the Servant has had this unit partorisca just the year ( is now opportunely out of ). When I took It in the first place, I used it constantly and has has WANTED TO he - a lot the filters of paper have required, like this easy to use, perfect in the house where so only a person (me) drink caff, like this abordable - the life was a lot. Unless your mug is very big, he splatter caff to your counter the little, but could treat concealed. This in spite of, with which roughly 7-8 month of use, the odd things have begun partorisca spend. A caff has begun partorisca try watery and gross; with which brewing, would open on a zone of basket of the caff and see residual water pooled in some earths, threatening to the loss was, which never spent before. A brew time partorisca 'bold' has been pocolos small to roughly 30 as - and included worse, a watery caff that has begun partorisca try like this plastic-and chemicals. Bears in alcohols, maintain my unit absolutely pristine; I use water of the only cradle and I run the vinegar descaling solution by means of from time to time too much. It does not import - this produces is junk. I have maintained (foolishly) expecting it would improve, as I have not invoked my guarantee, but has tried today use the again and has had to that touch a caff down a tank; a plastic flavour was like this bad it respecto that anything is filtering to this carcinogenic. If you are fresh with spending of the money and taking 6 month-ish of use out of the this, could like you in all the chance; if no, to spare calm an eventual disappointment and buy something more.
4 / 5
Fashionable name: Carafe and So only Do fault A glass carafe has broken near of some bosses in a prime minister brew without any earths of caff have used. According to using some sides of a glass where at all is touching has begun partorisca break.
4 / 5
Fashionable name: Carafe and So only Do lacking Ossia for far a costruttore of caff worse has has not purchased never. After the month, a caff still has the plastic flavour. A costruttore has recommendations in those ran by means of vinegar partorisca take a flavour, how is obviously a current question. It does not act . Because not solving a first question of a consumer takes a product in place of them that has to that treat. Also, he brews so only do lacking cups painfully dulcemente. We buy the Keurig and has gone back to this. Never the ape with which the taste, has included well out of a box.
4 / 5
Fashionable name: So only Do fault Ossia the alternative sum to these expensive pods. An only thing that would do it better would be filters of paper. I have begun using Melitta the ape do lacking filters of measure among a basket and a micro screen, this deletes the plot of a sediment. I have added the photo of where has dipped a filter. I am saving a lot of $ $ $ using this costruttore of caff!
4 / 5
Fashionable name: so only Servants Finally the hot cup of caff! It had been using a Cuisinart SS-700 k-hoard brewer partorisca just on 3 years now and really enjoyed a consolation of an alone cup brew. It begins partorisca result erratic in all some ways a k-cars of cup , but a last straw was when he so only caff of temperature of room of mark and any amout partorisca clean and fiddling would fix it. It had been using our caff own with the reusable filter in all the chance, as I have begun one looks for the alone cup of confidence brewer this would use my own earths and produce the hot cup of caff. They are like this happy has found this little car!

1. Water in, waters it era. Any tank of big storage means a water has filtered fresh that the games is a same water that mark my caff. Any tank of big storage partorisca clean, and some diagrams is not heating water on and on in an inner tank partorisca the keep hot. Also, any special charcoal filters partorisca buy and agree to change.

2. Marcos the decent cup, hot of caff! Piping Hot. Still after adding the cream to a caff was partorisca burn your hot tongue. It take the little search to imagine out of a right quantity of caff partorisca water proportion, but once has taken that well a caff was like this as well as any drip manufacturer of the caff has not used never, and better that a toneless brew would take partorisca use the reusable k-cup with a caff same in mine Cuisinart.

3. Printed smaller and date shorter. Access under my cupboards of the lowest cookery and taken on less space in a counter. While it is the a lot of built and the relatively rugged little manufacturer of caff, is small and without a tank of big water is light and easy to impulse on a rid and clean down while drying down a countertop.

4. Net easier up among cups that reutilizabais k-cups. Any the one who uses Ekobrew or Solofill reusable k-the filters of cup knows the one who the ache is to clean some earths of caff wet were among cups. His so only any one the rinse cleaned easily. I have maintained in fact the toothbrush in my tank the thicket out of some nooks and crannies in some interiors like the rinse has not taken never all was. It was pleasantly surprised by a filter of caff of the excluyente. Some the wet earths have touched well was the almost cleaned and anything left behind rinsed was easily. A secondary filter was quickly and easy the rinse also. Also it likes that of some parts are sure dishwasher to the equal that can be run by means of with some dishes of evening for the deep cleaner.

5. It is old school . Any brilliant glowing has directed the screens/have programmed extra/of material selections. There is really any curve to learn with this car. Calm does not have to that agree to select a correct brew measure and there is at all to king programs with which can he outage. Calm any overflow your cup uses the to measure of the games of water in. And there is no fine annoying of cycle beeping or the big tide that flashes lights. It closes it go after a brew cycle and has any dish to heat to the burn was or scorch some toes of curious pocolos some exploring where would not owe that be.

6. Speed. Of enclosed of/cold to a first cup was around 2 minutes. A second cup was faster. A Cuisinart k-the car of cup was the little faster both of enclosed/colds was and in standby, but also a lot like this same heats when works properly. And to the left it is to be realistic here. The one who can not expect two minutes for the cup of caff?

7. Interview. An interview of Excluyente once the month is to run 1/2 cup of simple white vinegar and 1/2 cup of water by means of a brew the cycle followed for two or three cycles of the simple water and you are of tower in business, taken perhaps 5 or 6 total of minutes. A Cuisinart has required 50 oz of the white vinegar run by means of a car to an inner tank, then to the left feels for the minimum of 4 hours. Then a rinsing. Taking roughly 8 to 10 tanks to water to rinse a smell of vinegar and flavour was. This was one all day project, taking a costruttore of caff out of commission during this time, and if we no east each one that are weeks in of the minima, sometimes more often when one 'of stairs' the sensor demanded it, some no right diagrams. It was not all the k-the cars of cup require this or be it Cuisinart what, but this so only was quite of the reason to steer me out of this type of car like the substitution when the mine has broken down.

Gilipollas: So only I have one. A splashing! No really one the fault of costruttrici of the caff, more my election in cup of caff. My cup is too much big for a drip walk in place of cup the scarce, and too short in a place of big cup he like this had enough the bit of splattering in a costruttore of caff and a counter. A quickly fix was to leave a drip walk in a place for big cup, then take the mini rubbermaid take to the long of container (to three measure of ounce) with a lid snapped on and seat it lid down in a drip walk. When My mug has been situated on that, leaves so only in the neighbourhood of a thumb of spatial among a cup of a mug and a fund of a brewer. Leaving a lid in a bit the container does quite strong to sustain a caff mug without same accidents when full. This has deleted virtually a lot of splashing.

Like this far am very happy with an action of this costruttore of caff and recommend it to any one looking for an alternative to the k-hoard brewer.
5 / 5
Fashionable name: So only Servant partorisca love a creation and the one who easy is partorisca use but something odd is spending. Everytime The cup of caff has the clue of smell and flavour of plsticoes. I have used it waters partorisca regulate roughly twenty times the flush out of a flavour, waters it filters filtered , new, and frames of the caff changed but is still there. I have called a company and send me to us the new one and I cleaned it the little time and a flavour was still there. I go partorisca try running hot water the little more time partorisca see if this does the different. I do not want to take touched of of him of then loves that but love the caff rule no plastic.
Uodate;: We send me to us the new one and utmost but sending for behind an old one and that the paid for the box was the bit of the hassle. So only they would leave UPS and any to the local amazon affiliates for the take behind.
5 / 5
Fashionable name: Carafe and So only Do fault love this thing. I have bought this a partorisca substitute my little manufacturer of caff has bought partorisca use for guests in his room. Mina another caff big the costruttore has broken he so that it have been using my little manufacturer of caff and trying hard to take my game on strainer partorisca do. It is terrible. It has given up and some investigation in costruttrici of caff and found is one.
To That likes is of some two options the brew until 12 cups of caff And brew so only servants. I have had an option partorisca buy the costruttore ossia almost a copy esatta like this one but uses K cups without option to use caff free and has decided enough would take this an I so that it can use my caff of price like an option. It has to that it loves it K cups, will cut to open a cup and touch a caff to a strainer of caff reusable. This costruttore calm also of the one option to use the tumbler Or cup of caff. Simply fill your cup with water and touch his. Simple. Still for a carafe. It likes that there is of a light CONCENTRATED for a clock but does not remain on. Tour was when a caff is done. A caff brews FAST. I accustom the costruttrici that takes some time the brew, included with costruttrici new. This a brews like this quickly that I time there was hardly to tend to some boys before it was fact . A pot remains hot also. Calm sometimes love the fast cup before it is done. Too bad this in spite of. You have to attended. I am not sure a lot that rushes to the work would import this in spite of have planned his alone cup to be done very first to leave.
Some colours are well in this car also. Of black of the stainless + steel is still populate, has to match well. Ossia Also any one the enormous car. It is in fact smaller that my car of Caff of alone Gentleman and more careers also. It looks the mini expressed car. That I desire could do this in spite of is not has to that pull a car out of low the cupboard to touch in a water. If it has had the drawer instead, he easy thus a lot of. Ossia So only the personal desire this in spite of.
Pros: Luz FOCUSED, so only and carafe caff brewing, strainer of caff reusable for an alone cup, quickly brewing, heating tampon for carafe, black of stainless + steel, no too big, pocket to hide inner of extra boss he, programmable brewing for car brew, qualified to use tumbler or cup of caff with stand, the instructions given on regarding the clean and suggests vinegar once the week for hard water (Resplandor of Lemon of the Use instead if your car to do to do the solution of water and some crystals and brew)

Gilipollas: Any option to maintain light of the clock FOCUSED on, has to expect until all a caff has been brewed to a carafe first to touch, My keys were the pocolos lopsided (probably of packaging),

Top Customer Reviews: Mueller Austria ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 30 ratings
5 / 5
Only it take it this grinder of new coffee to substitute a one has had for years. It was preoccupied when open the to form that the does not look for when being the deep still although I announce the 'big capacity'. Even so, it is very happy when grinding coffee for a first time. It handles a grain learns only well, the same faster earth that our anterior model, and was quite the calm plus bit. I am happy that is to say a chosen of grinder !
5 / 5
The marks Does to say fast of grain of coffee. Have had to my last grinder was when give what bad has used afterwards a Mueller. If you want the coarse grain only takes the little bren, but does not take very much more for the sake grinds. The level of noise is down and clean up is easy. It does not have a selection of cart for a tope at least any one in this model, but so hurriedly like him any really unit of needs
5 / 5
I have ordered this product the while he he, but begun for the use recently. An amazing the thing is that this small grinder is doing perfectly like the grinder of versatile herb for my cookery. I have used he in the grinder dry red pepper, black pepper, ginger, chili pepper, crispy shrimp or included the peanuts when required some delicious powder. I have used the new toothbrush in place of a bit paintbrush to debug with a grinder even so. A prize is quite well also.
5 / 5
I use this grinder to do coffee every day and is sper impressed by a beginning of this small machine. It IS the tiny workhorse and takes a grain of coffee in a right consistency for uses in the French press. I use this to do the powder of the sugar the raw plus very and has done also a work. It IS the hard tiny bit to clean, but without that has too detachable separates an only piece that can be it totally washed in a dishwasher is a lid . So far dry out of an interior among uses is doing well.
5 / 5
Noise- is the grinder so marks some noise. It does not trust the grinder that any noise.
Easy to clean-easy as in there has only two parts to clean, but owe careful when being. No a subject even so.
In general-cheap and takes a work has done. Debated purchasing the product the expensive plus bc listened it could be more reliable, even so this element priced cheaper has aimed to be reliable. It does not overburden a grinder, takes my time in grinding a grain of the coffee and I take a time to cure of my product. So far very subject to inform, so in general the good inversion.
5 / 5
I actuate Only he not having never pre-coffee of earth, and OH MAN! The fresh earth is the revelation! It IS GOOD TAN ! In all the case, this product has been the field through every day uses. I am absolutely INTOXICATED in coffee of fresh earth, now, as it is sure to say, has taken beat it these last 2 months, and still is kicking like the field! It looks the cheap plastic hunk of future junk, but is so effective in grinding coffee equally and well. The active did not have it never such the fine earth coffee, and is state adds. Esperanza continues to do. Return to update and when low pauses.
5 / 5
lemme Says TOPE. To the Tan well likes him has not seen never. My 'grain of coffee' is practically stick and that it is so like him you. Highly it recommends for all these drinkers of coffee there. Enough a lil machine
5 / 5
There is at all did not like him on of this small powerhouse of the grinder of coffee. It IS calm&compact&small when grinding coffee!
More: I am able to grind grain of coffee to accommodate stronger Or feebler pallets!
IS roughly to purchase this little powerhousefor presents! Thank you Muller Has Sawed. For this coffee of final-grinder that also can use to grind nuts!!
Sincerely ~ JSSmith
5 / 5
We have used the Krups grinder for years and decided to give a Mueller try it and very happy we dd. I think a less powerful engine in a Mueller together with a creation of cover and form of a stainless container (bowl) all contributes a the Mueller described so product the tope very compatible without in fine powder very that result in very less than bitterness. It IS very easy to learn when a tope is complete for just listen in a sound that comes from/comes from a Mueller.

Mark 12 cups of coffee each morning in the Cuisinart drips fashioning of coffee that requires 5/8 cup of earths for our flavour. A Mueller the easy fact to grind this quantity of grain. Quan A tope is complete simply visit a Mueller the other way around and softly tap in an inferior side the time of pair then, while inverted, takes a lid of clear plastic and touches a coffee of earth in a filter.

Could any one when being more pleased with the grinder of grain of the coffee and highly recommends a Mueller.
5 / 5
It IS while it describe. It IS very easy to use. I actuate Only the used the today but avenges it highly recommended. Calm declare you can measure it a coffee of earth of an interior but I touch it the other way around in a clear and exclusive cup he of a cup. There it is measured for whole grain and what grinds down too many for an idea of a quantity to use which he easy for quantities of coffee.

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