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1 Ninja CFP301 DualBrew Pro System 12-Cup Coffee Maker, Single-Serve for Grounds & K-Cup Pod Compatible, 4 Brew Styles, Frother, 60-oz. Water Reservoir with Separate Hot Water Dispenser & Carafe, Black Ninja CFP301 DualBrew Pro System 12-Cup Coffee Maker, Single-Serve for Grounds & K-Cup Pod Compatible, 4 Brew Styles, Frother, 60-oz. Water Reservoir with Separate Hot Water Dispenser & Carafe, Black Ninja
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2 Keurig K- Slim Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker, Multistream Technology, Black Keurig K- Slim Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker, Multistream Technology, Black Keurig
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3 Keurig K-Elite Coffee Maker, Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Brewer, With Iced Coffee Capability, Brushed Slate Keurig K-Elite Coffee Maker, Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Brewer, With Iced Coffee Capability, Brushed Slate Keurig
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4 Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker K-Cup Pod, Single Serve, Programmable, 6 to 10 oz. Brew Sizes, Black Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker K-Cup Pod, Single Serve, Programmable, 6 to 10 oz. Brew Sizes, Black Keurig
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5 Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine, Brushed Stainless Steel Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine, Brushed Stainless Steel Breville
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6 Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker, Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Brewer, 6 to 12 oz. Brew Sizes, Black Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker, Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Brewer, 6 to 12 oz. Brew Sizes, Black Keurig
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7 Cuisinart SS-15P1 Coffee Center 12-Cup Coffee Maker and Single-Serve Brewer, Single Serve Brewer Offers 3-Sizes–6-Ounces, 8-Ounces and 10-Ounces, Stainless Steel/Black Cuisinart SS-15P1 Coffee Center 12-Cup Coffee Maker and Single-Serve Brewer, Single Serve Brewer Offers 3-Sizes–6-Ounces, 8-Ounces and 10-Ounces, Stainless Steel/Black Cuisinart
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8 Keurig K-Duo Coffee Maker, Single Serve and 12-Cup Carafe Drip Coffee Brewer, Compatible with K-Cup Pods and Ground Coffee, Black Keurig K-Duo Coffee Maker, Single Serve and 12-Cup Carafe Drip Coffee Brewer, Compatible with K-Cup Pods and Ground Coffee, Black Keurig
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9 Instant Pot Dual Pod Plus 3-in-1, Espresso, K-Cup Pod and Ground Coffee Maker, Nespresso Capsules and K-Cup Pods with Reusable Coffee Pod for Ground Coffee, 2 to 12oz. Brew Sizes, 68oz Reservoir Instant Pot Dual Pod Plus 3-in-1, Espresso, K-Cup Pod and Ground Coffee Maker, Nespresso Capsules and K-Cup Pods with Reusable Coffee Pod for Ground Coffee, 2 to 12oz. Brew Sizes, 68oz Reservoir Instant Pot
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10 Gevi Espresso Machine 15 Bar, Expresso Coffee Machine With Milk Foaming Steam Wand, Espresso and Cappuccino Maker, 1.5L Water Tank, For Home Barista, 1100W, Black Gevi Espresso Machine 15 Bar, Expresso Coffee Machine With Milk Foaming Steam Wand, Espresso and Cappuccino Maker, 1.5L Water Tank, For Home Barista, 1100W, Black Gevi
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Top Customer Reviews: Ninja CFP301 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia EXACTLY WHICH has been looking for. I have it quell'has thought always would owe that have the combo pod/carafe manufacturer of caffè that brew both, and this a no only done an excellent work of both, but also has some very convenient and well-thought-out of characteristic.

1) partorisca regulate brew when that does the full pot of caffè, has an election of 'classical', 'rich', and especialty' a setting 'rich' that does the strongest version of brew partorisca do in the cup less than that go in way 'classical'. It likes-me my caffè REALLY strong, and surprisingly found a classical way to be just right. You can, of course, regulate a quantity of earths of use of caffè partorisca try, and there is the a lot of handy measuring map in one drives of user that the helps take a caffè perfect partorisca your flavour. Some steps partorisca do the caffè is like this easy to the equal that take, and can do to 1/4 pot to the full pot for following some drive in an exposure FOCUSED. They have resupplied the excluyente of caffè and attaches in the something recessed in a side of a unit how is always in yours yolks. A lot handy.

2) A water well resists enough of the water to do the full pot, or several pods for individual cup according to a measure of the cup chosen. A REALLY GOOD characteristic of a water well, is that you can choose the neither the have in a right side of a costruttore of caffè, or can situate he in a backside with the flick of the transmission, as that the ones of room in your counter. I maintain mine in a side, and a costruttore of caffè has behind pressed to a corner of a counter, and taken on less soiled that calms would think. A unit is quite ready to any to the left begin the brew session if there it has any quite a lot of waters in a sake.

3) A caffè carafe has to add it wide-the games of mouth spout. The glass of the mine costruttore of caffè leading carafe has had the small spout with the diving in him, and he the caffè has filtered always when touching. This a perfect east. (Yah, Are picky) Carafe is the sure dishwasher.

4) Also attached to a side of a unit is a frother. So only burst the open, froth yours milk, and is done. A whisk is easy to take of a frother, and so only can be rinsed was and place behind on, ready for your next use. Any need to have the separate frother. (Note, a frother does not heat a milk, so only that in a microwave in the first place).

5) Now, to some pods. Calm simply dipped in a unit of pod, ( goes inside a brew basket), pop in the pod, and choose a measure of cup is using and have caffè really quickly, and caffè to try adds. You can choose of the regulate brew to the variety of measures of cup, or choose especialty caffè' that give you the very strong 4 ounces to use when that does the drink of speciality. Calm also can choose a 'I in hiela' version that calm give you the caffè I strong adds when doing fraps or iced caffè. They have thought really of everything. This could not be any easy plus. It has not been as it could have it done a lot another way. Calm also can use the 'permanent point' the filter wants to use your caffè suitable for the alone cup in place of the pod, but this is to sell for separate. This so only apresamiento K-Cup-sized pods.

6) Has the 'hot water so only' option. To turn the @@@knob in a side of a unit, can choose dispense hot water that bypasses a street that does caffè, and give you clean instant hot water for soups, or cocoa, or included doing oatmeal to situate the bowl in a drop-down program of cup, and fill he with hot water. Has the election of quantity and temperature depends that you are doing. I have not seen never this in any one another manufacturer of caffè, and does to fix the fast cup of tea the a lot of extracted faster and easier that while to water to boil in a teapot.

7) HAS has left anything was?

A) Oh yah, can the dial a time loves your caffè the brew, as it is ready in to a morning would like .
b) A car beeps when a brew the cycle is finalising, he beep and to the left is if there it has any quite a lot of waters in a well to do that it has chosen it.

This car does not have a mechanism of automatic pause to take a flow of caffè loves to pull a carafe and touch you the first cup of a brew the cycle has finalised. There is the small crowbar that prints it concealed closes a street of flows of caffè calms so much can take your caffè without doing the disorder. Felizmente, forgets to open this door a next time does caffè, he beep and adapt you for the open, or will annul a brew instructions with which 30 seconds. So it leave it quell'has closed at night, and has planned caffè to do in a morning, calm does not have to that concern roughly he brewing caffè and doing the enormous disorder.

A dish of the caffè automatically will maintain your caffè hot for two hours for incumplimientos, but can extend concealed to four hours in some settings.

So many, ALL THIS has SAID, highly recommends a Ninja DualBrew is picky in yours caffè, and wants to have the tonne of options on like the brew that. Any of this would import if this car has not done the good cup of caffè, but like the really picky drinker of caffè, has to say that this does the short ADDS or pot of caffè.

The work adds, Ninja!
5 / 5
Have the report/of hate of the amour with Ninja produced - I really want to him. But strongly I disturbed a guarantee. And hate a lifespan. Once I am done - is done. I have had the pair of Ninja blenders that surpasses a crushing and blending can of hive of mine of 30 years Oster - but his interest of life is roughly five years.

This was the very strong consideration purchases the $ 200 costruttore of caffè. They are not the connoisseur of caffè - I typically drunk a short daily - a lot of strong with cream so only. But it has to that be the perfect cup . I want to enjoy each sip only.

Has found it Ninja system of caffè, the new mark, in the thrift tent locally for $ 15. A caffè has surprised. Perfecto each one alone time. When My edges has moved in his own place, I endowed his and has begun to research one for me. Of then they are a drinker of caffè only in a house that maintains (any, am not crying reason has gone, is not bobo) has considered the Keurig. But honradamente any like him to him a quality of a caffè of these cars - has tried a lot but is at all to mine in pleasant. This in spite of, a quantity of caffè has squandered treated really begun annoying me and has decided has required an option for a cup.

This car is really perfect. One an option of cup that has thinks that has solved paralización because it is the K the option of cup is resulted to produce an amazing cup of caffè. I think that that it is reason a Ninja marks three holes to a K hoards more than a level a hole another use of cars? Also it can be a temperature of the water takes súper hot. It has not been , but really it appreciates a depth of flavour of a K option of cup in this car.

Another good option that has not thought never would want to is a frother. It looks beast of mine , but some commentaries in a Ninja the manual has declared that the cold cup with cream flies a heat of a caffè and changes a flavour - like this I toyed around with a frother, that uses a microwave for 30 second and then blending a caffè and incinerate - his fantastic.

This week has had the fever and opted for tea on caffè - I has agreed an option of hot water in this car - gave two options - hot water and boil - I has selected to boil and my tea was steeping any time in a perfect temperature. Absolutely it appreciates that some careers of water by means of the separate dispenser like my tea has not had any residue of caffè or discoloration or flavour. It plans now to take posture of mine alone boiler.

A reservoir in a Ninja is appropriate for mine a hoards daily - is very easy to take and fill or included fill while in place - I prefers an option lateralmente, but like that it can be attached to a backside to save spatial. I do not think that it it would do a lot of difference reason this car is very big - does not return under my regular cupboards.

Has bought this like the present of anniversary on its own name and if these last edges had not left a same time, probably would not have spent that a lot of money on I - but was pitiful. They are extremely happy has done reason a cost is worth it. They are a lot that soul this car will last past mine 5 expectation of year.

Of then does not purchase caffè daily, can not declare that I have saved money - I bad, has reason am not doing half pots so only on its own name and squandering the majority of that - but yes was the client of tent of the caffè , absolutely would think would save money with a frother what and a quality of a caffè - is really the car adds and I a lot highly recommend calm purchases it. It has debated among a Keurig Duet Pro and this car and date a quality of a K caffè of cup of of the this, has not looked once behind - there is not any way in my alcohol a Keurig would produce a cup of same quality of a K cups.

4 / 5
…and am spent for enough the little of them. It is not easy to find the a lot of Keurig manufacturer of caffè of the pod, because temperature of water, pressure and subject of cycles of final extraction. Calm will not find these refined characteristic in of the economic versions. It is also I last to find the a lot of drip manufacturer of caffè for some same reasons. I do not have any a lot of space of counter and having two caffè has separated the costruttrici is not an option.

Has taken this Ninja hardly available result and has not been disappointed. AT ALL! He the caffè adds and a ‘adjustment” to FLAVOUR in fact extracts more flavour. Also it uses three injectors of water, in place of one, likes more cars. A screen and brilliant place and a lot very was. One lights the paper in fact changes based in available functions, is doing caffè of the pod or he drip option, or using he for heat/boiling water. I have tried to take the few photos of different screen for reference. Speaking water, a car is using the transmission maquinal that in fact employs the line of different water, like this calm does not take caffè runoff of the leading cycle. Character!

A capacity to do drip and the caffè of pod is a reason has taken this car and approached this question has bitten it differently and spatial saved a same time. Calm easily can take a costruttore of the pod and an open space results a place has dipped in the drip filter (the semi-detached photos). It is an elegant solution and do a lot well.

In general, am very impressed and pleased with this car. Usually I the pros and gilipollas ready, but does not have quite gilipollas to annoy. An only thing is that it takes the minute to imagine out of some characteristic, reason is not the simple appliance to use because of all some available characteristics. It gives this a the shot, calm will not feel !
4 / 5
My mamma and the dad are hard-core bunn users of costruttore of the caffè. They have used probably bunn manufacturers of caffè for on 30 years and grieve his is by train of gone bad buy the new mark a. Also we have the keurig and with that and a bunn so only is taking on cup of the plot to counter spatial. I have seen this and thought it would be perfect to help take touched of of both and has schemes it ossia all -in-a. It goes to take still some convincing to take my parents to leave take rid of a bunn but now included am impressed really with this car! It is the little overwhelming when calm in the first place the take was and see to the some different part and pieces that can regulate you, but has read once one drives of fast start is simple to take a hangs of.

I amour that does not take on upper of stirs it whole of spatial all is quite compact. Has likes 10 of options of different measure to do of the cup to the whole 12 cup carafe and can do goes in to to the measures like 1/2 of the cup or 3/4 of the carafe and all one in betweens.

HAS 3 different brewing options - Classical - rich - and in geles. We have used some classical and an I in hiela like this far. I do not comprise to like one in works of geles but is like this magic. I fill your cup with gel and when a caffè is done brewing on is cold. A gel do not found any a lot of and a caffè is cold of gel ! It is magic and is adds. I am giving an any on mine at stake of caffè of gel of house in one the majority of simple way.

Two fun things has is the something for a cup measured in a side like calm does not lose it , and the piece that bends under a brewer so it can dip the cup or tumbler on that.

Is really easy to change a car of earth to kcup with an adapter. A incumplimiento is to use kcups and calm so only stimulates up in an adapter. If it love earths of the calm use so only pulled an adapter and the take was and then has a piece for some earths down. You Slide a coverage of metal to go in some earths and you are all has dipped.

Some keys are easy to use, clicar a brew type, gone back a dial to a measure and click a key and you am good to go. A water carafe in a side has measured calm so that it is that to add. They are so only really impressed with a simplicity and some light things that I not having this in spite of of as it asks to slide to close or open a drip hole.

Has loved always ninja but this pot of caffè is the house estada announce me. I am expecting with the little bit of alcohol will be able to take touched of of our pot of caffè simple and regulate the only using this
4 / 5
the product arrived in the box slightly goes. Any insurance but this unit could have been the previously returned element he like this had any manual or the filters have comprised.
5 / 5
Had done my investigation for a lot of weeks, has followed the write the one who revises this class of appliances like the seeds pro. It was really, really that goes to want to and possess this brewer, although it possesses two so only do fault coffeemakers and one 'in questions' brewer, but are class of crazy when it comes to coffeemakers, call the collector.
This future soyy preferred new coffeemaker' headed in a wrong foot with some class of the delivery retarded, and when I took it yesterday for the prejudices has been excited.
Attentively take all, has cleaned my counter of cookery, dipped a schemes down, has followed all some instructions, has fill a reservoir with watering to prepare, and then... I have had to turn a car lateralmente to do sure a reservoir, which had installed in a backside was sure, when have remarked something near of a stuffs to heat, and to the equal that looked more after there is remarked to break in a plastic.
While it loves this car so only to look in him, trying all some characteristics, that dipped a clock, he turning on and was, touching around with some keys, are not in the now.
Himself Breaks like mark-new car, originally packed and never open first, this means is sensitive to probably more cracks, and does not take this casualidad with the car that is in $ 200.
But so that they take a casualidad, thinks that this can be the very amazing brewer, an impression is astonishingly small, smaller that mine little SS 5 of Cuisinart.
4 / 5
This costruttore of caffè is perfect for me. I have required a capacity to brew multiple measures of pots, has a caffè ready when the crawl out of read and have the rests animate for the hours of pair, control. I have required to be able to do it kcup sometimes, control. I have loved to be able to hook on the line of farce and is returned the big sized with going mug also, control and control. A caffè is like this hot the cubes of first need of the sip, is strong and delicious. A capacity to move a reservoir of water is awesome and honradamente, the think a schemes is perfect.
5 / 5
After buying it Keurig Ready and that takes to “uselessness”, has decided to give this brewer try it, and needless to say, have fallen enamoured with Keurig again! This brewer is quite the sleep! It is a better of three worlds: Keurig, drip manufacturer of caffè and dispenser of electrical hot water. He kinda has a Keurig fine-common brewing system with three needles v a Keurig five, but there is virtually any difference in a final product. You can also brew caffè drip way and water of heat for tea, soups, cereal, etc., And also has a four brew ways more a speciality brew for you cappuccinos and slats, any to mention that has it frother also. That more could any one asks?! It is to good sure the good compraventa and one the be happy with. Highly it recommends this compraventa. To the good calm insurance does not complain the buying.
5 / 5
I typically like caffè black simple. Sometimes expressed. To to The My husband likes his a lot of cream and sugar, sometimes he cappuccino. When we Were first married buy it Hario the manual games-in dripper reasons was more economic and be able to us there was frequently outages house. Later we add it french press and Bialetti Moka-Pot to the ours together of appliance of the caffè, but one touches-on was a more used and the never thought knots is was anything special.

Now, with which 12 years of pair and 5 boys, my husband has been giving clue more and more which very that would be to have a costruttore of caffè automatic that we could dip at night and WAKE UNTIL CAFFÈ HOT and HAVE the HOT RESTS in a HOT DISH!

Has taken a message . So much, for his anniversary, has looked for travers Amazon --- stumbled to this tantalizing diagrams to the long of way --- and finally elected out of the caffè traditional, moderate manufacturer of Hamilton Spiaggia for $ 60 this there has been joins the majority of the characteristics of entities have loved: the programmable brew-time to start with and the durable hot dish long. I have thought, 'that it would be necessary to be it well: we like him the regulate ol' cup of Joe: black, in my chance, cream and sugar in sound. This would have to that be simple, well?'

Injustice! Oh, My God, this car was aweful! Yes, it has done caffè automatically in a schedule to time elected. But, a caffè was horrible! Like this unflavorful -- flat and hard -- with the bitter aftertaste any @@subject that the place has chosen or likes to regulate a quantity of earths.

After the week could not live with a heart-burn anymore and is returned. We have then had the cat along roughly if we really REQUIRED to spend $ 200 in the costruttore of caffè that would do ALL when all have has wanted to really was well, stong, the caffè smooth has done on plan each one which , has given in and has bought this. And like this far it is, enough simply, in amazing: well drawn, and solidly has built.

So much one drives of fast and full start instrustions is sincere and easy to follow, a poster of control is intuitive, a carafe touches well and has the good to feel in a hand, a milk frother is easy to access and froths any time, a tank of adjustable water and a excluyente of the caffè comprised with his drive of the fast measure for each setting is convenient, some settings and instructions for things like iced caffè and cappuccinos is foolproof, and a seperate the characteristic of hot water is faster that to microwave.

And a setting 'rich' done the regulate ol' cup of Joe flavours it each one has bitten also like the manual game-on --- on plan each morning, with the longitude-durable hot-material for the maintain that the hot pipes in sleep of chance in. (Ours, some flavours 'classical' thinner and has the little of this acidic aftertaste to any one like him .)

The outrage is, all these classes of caffè of specialitys, a lot, a lot well.

An only caveat will mention yes concealed likes of the directly shot of expressed, one especially' the setting will disappoint: has the flavour adds, but any rubust thickness (for lack of the better term) or frothy quality of expressed --- for an approximation of of the this, is better was with the Moka-Pot.

So much, inferior line, yes go to take the rich texture of a warm milk foamed in the cappuccino or slat in all the chance, then a especialty' will pull by means of just fine and give you the flavour adds. But, if you are the snob of caffè and master 'expressed' this'll be another $ 600 for the different you so only can do like the Italians do and take you the Moka-Pot.
4 / 5
In an end is caffè just in the cup, but this car is a lot has thought was and looks to be a lot has built. There it was it so only the week, but both caffè of earth and K the starts of cup awesome. UPDATE: it has done a lot of caffè to arrive to this point. Both carafe of fresh earth and K-fashion of cup. Really happy with this Ninja has produced. Something has not thought never would use, but have come really to like is a frother. Microwave the little heavy cream for 25dry then froth a lot of (the volume augments 3x when frothed) then touches on 3/4 hoards caffè black. Sipping Such a lot of brewed caffè thru a froth give you different small flavours a lot and nuance. So many ways to do caffè in a bit countertop system. And very easy to clean and maintain.

Top Customer Reviews: Keurig K- Slim ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 45 ratings
5 / 5
2nd day of the possess a brew the leaves of selection partorisca do and not even brew the plenary 8oz. It has wanted to change it but it was die so only an option for the repayment. Well it results jacked a prize until of a compraventa in. So much for my prime minister Keurig...
4 / 5
Has Had he for the few days now, all the work adds. Apresamiento Almost very spatial up in a counter, loves this 5 thumb has measured wide. Having a reservoir of water is very had has considered some of some other models where full on the each cup manually, but am happy has decided is one, can do several cups and does not have to that it change. The starts of caffè in the good temperature, any scalding, but a caffè of the temperature really would owe that be, so only quite hot. Using normal k-pods, any subject like this far. Having some 3 measures is also useful, has not thought would want to this, but the results is useful. It would recommend and it would purchase again.
4 / 5
There is prendido to do after 1 week of use! No shabby!!!
4 / 5
Ossia One the majority of worthless battery to crap has has not bought never. It has done well for roughly 4 sail has begun brewing so only roughly 6oz any @@subject a first selection of the prĂłjimo was. Any only that, would blow cups of mine 'authorised k cups' and do the enormous disorder. I call Keurig lean it and was quite good to send me the unit of substitution. Too bad that the unit has begun ALSO having some same subjects with which roughly 3 days of use. I have had several models of Keurigs in a subject has managed without. But this model is serious defective. I go to call support and take the repayment for this thing. It is not to value messing with. Save a time and hassle!
4 / 5
M Too much. I have ordered a Slender version has been grieves released to substitute the working 4 yr old keurig this has shot was less hot water. A prime minister the new Slender model is lasted four days until him so only spit out of the third 8 oz cup. It is spent for troubleshooting Keurig sent substitution. I have used substitution for three weeks today he wont included spit was waters it and turns era. Keurig Sent focus of ship of the turn and emailed me partorisca contact them for fed ex chooses up. I have seated on Please contact me Keurig has called and emailed alot. It Keurig Decides to touch for the substitution when has two dead Keurigs now.
4 / 5
Has loved this car for roughly 1 measure for the small cookery and exactly that there is wanted. Now he no brew the full cup of this a lot of fallido. We are trying to shoot of the question but I celery will be to return this and that buys the new car. A lot disappointed in 1st Keurig.
4 / 5
Was excited like this in this product but is totally disappointment. I have bought so only the hard week and the Sunday there is prendido to do properly. It is fill some half cup and it turning was directly. I all a troubleshooting the steps and at all has changed. It would like me the substitute the but now his so only repayment of offer and has augmented a prize for $ 20.
Would not expect that of the Keurig has produced.

Keurig The substitution and a second an era one same. It is returned and has ordered again and this has been doing properly for three weeks.
5 / 5
A lot typically write descriptions, especially for something like trivial like the costruttore of caffè, but this was a travesía interesting . I have had an elderly, for comparison, Keurig B55 that the majority resembles a model offers 'Classical' at present. Probably that goes in 11 years, has died finally. Up until this point, this portion of my counter was basically the canal of caffè, forcing me to do all my cookery prep to a legislation of a stove, maintaining a shrine to caffeine unadulterated.

Has been stunned at all some variants of a Keurig line. It is almost dizzying and the almost impossible fact to choose one. Some fast googling has aimed 60+ models, the majority of that is has sold still. The precise 5 measures of cup (5oz - 14oz)? That in the estrong' setting? He anything? A screen? Or it timer? Or the reservoir he big plus? That in any reservoir? Seriously, a paradox of the election here is maddening.

In that catered came from/it the escreened' manufacturer in my leading model, has finalised to opt for a K200 model. This one is roughly 3' less wide of the mine costruttore forward, so that it was a lot. Unfortunately, it has had the few subjects that simply could no around.
- A reservoir is Or-shaped and honradamente very uncomfortable to negotiate both of the refilling and take perspective. Especially it is under the cupboard, and love transmission of the dispenser of water of the refrigerator, eats to do.
- A caffè was simply a lot quite hot. Any sure he took it bum unit, or ossia how is, but was significantly less hot that that has had the habit of.
- Very enclosed car-was. Seriously. Has thinks that that this was the basic in of the costruttrici of caffè. This, probably a main shot-breaker of them all, this in spite of, a bit of the caffè hot was the second prójimo .

Enters a K-Slender. It was skeptical reason some descriptions were, pun has feigned, no like this hot. But a prize was well, and liked really of an idea of the sub wide of five costruttore of thumbs of caffè in mine countertop. This model so only has 3 measures of cup, but has one same 40oz reservoir like K200. Included better, is the creation of simple rectangle that I can manoeuvres easily to and fro my refrigerator. Having a space of extra counter has been such the good profit . But moreso, a caffè is hot and, like this far, a car of confidence.

To That likes:
- A caffè (Hunting Estela Cona Blend) is like this hot and flavours like good, possibly included stronger, that my old model
- the Enclosed car-Was! Torres of unit was after 5 minutes of last brew. This could look aggressive May...
- The water heats really fast-arrive time. It was surprised really. Of out to coff(ee) was so only the minute or two, obviating a need for the function/of timer of the clock.
- Easy/obvious to use, and I really like a 'levelled drop in hole for a k-cup. All my another was in a corner for some reason.
- Astonishingly diminutive Measured for a countertop reclaim.

To That that does not like :
- Perhaps a measure of the smallest cup? But ossia.

Really happy like this far with this unit. While hard while a hard one has done.
4 / 5
My use of husband to drink to pot of the caffè the first day has taken to ail. Now so only it drinks the cup occasionaly. A Kerrig is perfect for one a short and is fresh and very hot every time. It is very easy to use and master quell' is not brewing more than 4 oz and has blown on the pod
4 / 5
Any brew a measure of right cup out of a box. Cleaned thinking it perhaps there was roughly gunk partorisca manufacture. Cela Done but has exploded then he k cup. I have read that the air can take trapped and cause that like this the open and closed it before brewing partorisca do sure air escaped first of brewing again (and cleaned it again) looked partorisca do except then after the little brews would not give me a cup of right measure cleaned it again. Again done but a second brew (again ploughing and closing partorisca leave evasion of air) a k to the pod has exploded. Mina 30 dollar little k pod brewer law ten better times an only down the side are has to that add water every time. Waste of money.

Top Customer Reviews: Keurig K-Elite ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
4 / 5
Colour: Brushed Slate has Purchased this partorisca substitute another Keurig that has taken to an office. I really like this a partorisca one the majority of part. A reason behind some 2 stars is why filters water of a zone of the dispenser to any one cut him down the or, if any cup is present, to a tray and to a counter. It is not the enormous quantity, perhaps an ounce or two to the equal that maximum and looks partorisca spend more-often when a reservoir is full.

Has contacted Keurig with ZERO SERVICE of feedback of client (very disappointing) and has been well the month of then I inquired. I have considered partorisca send this unit behind the Amazon and taking the new one has sent, he in chance that is simply my unit, honradamente, does not have an original box and I of any extracted a hassle partorisca the ship behind, explaining a reasoning, that spends for Square Trade (if required) and like this on.

Like this for now are so only 'treating it', hesitant continuous be the loyal Keurig the client that goes forward.

I the sincerely attack of the better regime with your compraventa. Again, in general, it is the ADD K-the Alone cup Servants appliances - another that an a lot annoying leak and a less-that-shotty support of Keurig, calm duty any precise never contact them.

Has update : has update this description and the star that estimativas today 2 stars to 4 stars.

After the tentativas mltiplas and finally listening for behind Keurig the service of client has seen/reason-of my description of Amazon, has has had to that again contact Keurig has seen the call of telephone to explain a situation. They have recognised that this 'filtering' the subject was something experienced with many of some earlier units and therefore it would substitute mine. As of I have received today a chance of email that a new unit has shipped and will be here the days of pair. Also it include it was to him focus of the nave paid partorisca a Keurig I need partorisca send behind.

Partorisca me, ossia exactly that it had expected partorisca in a first place and I appreciate Keurig stepping until solving. A reason is still 4 stars and any 5 is because of a work and time in my final to take this recognised and a fact that I still of the that knows esure' that a new device will not experience some same subjects.

If a new one is still the leaker, will update my description once-again to leave the potential buyers know. Otherwise, Consider 'any informative is a lot informative'.
5 / 5

Are LIKE THIS in Keurig. Ossia My SIXTH Keurig car this has broken inside a period of guarantee or just outside of him. I have bought so only in the each model there and his ALL have turned to the still partorisca bounce inner few months or during a prime minister or according to year. I am looking in two death some maintaining seating in my cookery and have the third died one in my cochera.

This little K the model of Elite has begun gushing water and earths of caff with hardly are month in. After an hour in a telephone, Keurig is sending the substitution (and with which first be has said was out of guaranteeing so it has had to that contest, UGH), but guess that?!? Oh, they Are out of stock of a Brushed Slate colour... PERFECTO!!!! Another company and I would have abandoned him a lot the time does except any reason, so only maintain to buy more cars. Seriously I need to take my boss has examined. Clearly, I have been the a lot, student very slow.


And Keurig, you ought to be embarrassed of you for constantly producing inferior products. You would think that with which 15 years, could imagine out of some defects to draw and the stop that repeats some same deceptions in your new models. They are like this angry I has is spent of the thousands to thousands of the dollars that buys your cars and your caff.

Is was. No more Keurig for me never again.

UPDATE 1: Keurig has sent his car in the different colour that had bought and guess that? A sucker done for A CUP of caff before he one same freaking on and spewing earths of caff and water throughout on .

Is on Day 12 now to spend for the life with caff grinds in our teeth. A schemes of the substitution was a concealed there was state preowned and refurbished as it was not in the container that details and has had the suspect WR after a number of model. I knew it immediately. Also it is missing a filter of water. That the sad company, sad that the big substitutes-the cars of dollar have bought with hard-the defeated money with refurbished models that he one same stinking what. It is there is disgusted further. UPDATE This was untrue. They have sent the new car, any refurbished.

Now are that it buys another mark of coffeemaker and will not give the alone cent more the Keurig or Green Mountain. We are these people that spends for around 250 pods of caff the month and the desire could have all of the money for behind that am spent on absolutely worthless cars. Now I owe that spend more the time that calls one the majority of unhelpful line of the service in a nation to contest substitutes a substitution.

Goodbye, Keurig. I am done. Have fooled me Long enough!

has called Keurig to take the substitution for a substitution and lucked to the very useful agent. It listens mine rant and rave, and ensured Keurig is listening to his clients. Keurig The management revises all some calls receive in his line of the support and they have read some descriptions here. Like this here it is my two cents : we require the suction-accesoria to write that I clean some needles properly, both upper and lower. (This was the lesson learnt in some leading models he so that it is further me reason has not thought advances with east a.) Also it can be the question with a boss a lot that remains down quite tight for a pressure. It was not anything is, is a lot last for me to believe Keurig has not been conscious of this subject during a phase to try of this model and ossia very disappointing.

Keurig Is sending another car of substitution, this time in a colour I originally orderly (Brushed Slate) and some caff free for my question. Still it was absolutely incensed if an agent has not been like this sweet and polite to the equal that was. Like this kudos to my agent for his very good assistance. He he a lot quickly and easy to take another car.

In an end of a day, all all the world loves is caff fresco , hot brewed on-continuous in a temperature and the force prefer and without annoyances. Keurig, Know love a same thing. Calm expect you can do this raisin consistently.

A substitution for a substitution a lot included gives a cup of caff neither. INCLUDED OLD, has INCLUDED OLD. Immediately begun spewing the first earths of a first cup was 1/3 plenaries. It was not that to do, I really no. Each cup done with this model is is surprised special own. It is so only the half cup and swirling with earths of caff? Or it is to an absolutely brim and swirling with earths of caff? Or I forget to have my fistful of paper towel ready in cue to take all a caff that brotas was like the missile of projectile when I impulse on a boss and now have water and earths during my granite countertop, slime down to a drawer of tableware of money?

Oh That fun ossia. Ossia An experience of the absolute worse client has not had never with anything has possessed. THREE OF THESE CARS have FAILED. I have not had the decent cup of house of caff for the month. Keurig.
5 / 5
Colour: Brushed Slate has Done well partorisca some premiers 6 months. Now it has the question. Randomly so only I fill a cup of caff roughly 2/3rds full. Not to imagine it was why still. I always maintenances a reservoir of full water, so that it is not a question. I will contact Keurig partorisca see if one can fix or the substitute.
4 / 5
Colour: Brushed Slate the law adds. This model has a measure of the smallest cup available of all a Keurig manufacturers, and for this a strong plus, compresses more concentrated of caff. Calm always can do the feeblest cup partorisca do a main cup that = use more water. Amur Having The short perfectly fresco every time.
5 / 5
Colour: Brushed Slate Our old Keurig has died so only before be 2 years , as we expect this one would last longer. Had this model so only the few days. Law a lot at the beginning. This in spite of, a past 2 morning, hardly presses a power on key, the starts of the water until a reservoir is empty. I have it that has not had never this question with my old Keurig 2.0. I am thinking to return this car. This is not well.

9/28/2018 Update... If you use water devoid of minerals, a car will leave a water in a reservoir to flow was until it is empty. To fix this, the water of law of use & has bottled well yesterday & today. A presence of the descaling the indicator has to that be responsible for a detection of minerals in a water. I am giving this model 4 stars, any 5, reasons this little fact in the minerals in a water have used would owe that be specified in some instructions. Happy with this Keurig for now & will update something to one contrary raisin.
5 / 5
Colour: Brushed Slate
has Purchased 6-18-2018 and now is 8-22-2018...
Daily partorisca some last two weeks clogged EACH MORNING!?....
Has CALLED worthless ervice of client'. It has been hanged on 'accidentally' after when be dipped on control partorisca 5 minutes every time soyain that normal volume of calls'?... If it marvels reason.
You patronized like me was stupid in unclogging the needles of a car. Then asked in a water I use? Then it wants to me partorisca clean a schemes every day before the utilisation?....Also it can take dtessed and go to the tent of caff!... A soymena the model advanced' is the piece to crap. All want to is something has paid takes to do LIKE THIS ANNOUNCED that... And the police of turn of the amazon in these is 30 days?...A lot it DOES not LOVE A CAR of GUARANTEES. I love the cup of caff when I press one am going to rubbishes this $ 170 car and go back to the brewer that in fact works and these stupid pods that full on a landfills and how much cost now can go to the stock exchange in a University of Joins of the Ivy!....Well for Keurig (stupid name too btw)
4 / 5
Colour: Brushed Slate no shabby! They are in mine third car in 2 month! The car the scarce games, and took 3 minutes to brew 1 cup! There are earths of caff in mine caff 2 out of 3 uses, and does not seal around a cup of a k-hoard like this of the water squirts out of a cup! A quickly fix for the service of client is the so only send the new car, but maintain having some same subjects without solution!
5 / 5
Colour: Brushed Slate has Received undamaged, and before cup of test of caff. Calmer That mine another Keurig 55 unit. Expected partorisca the good sale before shabby. Very pleased with this new unit and will return here partorisca follow it up has had once he partorisca the month or so much. The good descriptions have listened of this like this hope for a long term.
4 / 5
Colour: Brushed Slate Ossia a better Keurig brewer has done like this far. I am coming from all a sper deluxe characteristic and touchscreen of a K575 and does not lose any of them! A flavour of a caff brewed for these rivals of model of new Elite any tent of caff! A comparison of flavour of a caff same of one 575 vs. The elite tries some steps of Advance of Elite!

A creation is more streamlined. There is NO MORE: Touchscreen, qualified of the main pod, carafe, Fines-tank of water of the colour, or 2.0 Keurig lockout partorisca any one-Keurig branded pods, or long, time of noisy wait partorisca heat.

Has a capacity partorisca multiple brew measures, the brew in characteristic of geles, Hot water in a press of the key WITHOUT that has to that it stimulates a lid, A digital clock with Car-In characteristic, Transport-Was after several intervals of time, the very better mechanism of system of the pod, and the a lot of quickly and much less fixes of noisy heating among brews! Calm also can regulate a temperature of water, has the setting for those in of the big elevations, and the a lot of improved drip walk that is much more line resistant. Calm also can take a drip walk and has the program partorisca trip mugs.

A system extracted much better in general and a start of the flavour of the caff is a better still same without choosing a STRONG BREW that dips how is has looked also! An only two things would change is to have a coverage of tank of the water hinged ( has to that take a whole cup is an although the taste to him a rectangular creation of a better Elite that an odd form of a K575 a) and was more convenient if a clock was in the lowest zone, how is hard to see when an Elite has gone behind down some cupboards

Retails for but tent around and can find some ascents and of the better discounts. Ossia At present, in my opinion, a Keurig to buy especially another!
5 / 5
Colour: Brushed Slate My old Keurig has begun partorisca give me questions with one 2.0 DRM, not even recognising the pods have bought partorisca have begun like this partorisca look around partorisca the new brewer concealed no this DRM atrocity anymore. I owe that admit, reading some descriptions have ordered this unit with adding trepidation, like the taste to him my caff hot, and enough the pocolos comment have indicated that this model rid lukewarm caff. Well, I can inform now that my worries were totally unwarranted. If anything, a caff that exited of the mine new brewer is HOTTER that a a before. I have thought also it lose a poster to touch, but frankly, a poster of key to control based is like this easy to use like this possible like this good riddance to a poster to touch old. This model does not have all some elegant characteristics my old one has had for different cup/mug measures, carafe etc. But no extracted big for me of then Keurig has interrupted inexplicably a mug sized pods (cursed you, Keurig!!!), And we have used a carafe perhaps two times on some years. A cradle-the loaded mechanism for some pods is easier that use that in my leading model and looks sturdier. My only complaint is a headline of filter of the looks to water to seat a lot of wobbly in his bases in a tank of water.

Top Customer Reviews: Keurig K-Classic ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Read some of some clave on here where a brewer unwittingly to do. An in the first place one has purchased to leave after 2 days. A substitution has prendido to do afterwards 2.5 weeks and has done a same road--just wold not doing coffee. If this spends in you, a problem could be ( discovered this for accident and I failure Keurig any one to pose some note or instructions in a documentation) one penetrating the needle is plugged with rests or of the earths of coffee. A unit detects pressure of decrees and excessive backwards. Each which precise to the mark is to take the clip of paper and has opened up for a piece in cape to insert in any side of a needle to take and rests. Desprs Doing that, a unit has done well. If llamas Keurig, issue you the device to clean that port also. If your unit tries to do the cup then to court to fill a cup, tries this first.
2 / 5
It has had three Keurigs some years. This one is better that an another two (both were some originals , does not know a number of model), in that is calmer. Perceivable Calmer. It distills it IS in a same (in that like him).

EXCEPTS, Quite 20% of a time, this no at all. A bomb (I supposition) noise and any a lot of anything or distills the few drops only. A problem has not begun until after the few months, but the desire has had still my old unit

The truth is, had seen other critics that says a same thing, but expected by a better - the desires had listened. Any happy.
1 / 5
Experience this appliance in August 2017. It has cleaned descaled a unit two times during this time. It marks 1 cup of coffee and 1 cup of tea with k cut every day. He early lamb now January and is not doing. A problem is that some looks of unit to be clogged and 1/2 cup of drink is dispensed. Following the plethora of the possible remedies on Tube and the plot of vinegar, still does not act. Habladura With familiar/of friends, finds that a reliability of a Keurig the manufacturers of coffee are terrible. A partner has purchased at least four in a pair spent of years. Another has not had more his decrees that 6 months. These units are not cheap, and a Keurig the company would have to take heed.
1 / 5
This was to purchase in an end of October and he officially 'fatality' in Jan 13. So that it is concealed ? 2 1/2 month...In spite of using filtered, any-water to touch and using some filters have distributed these Keurig the units are notoriously unreliable. Of course, esupport of product' finished in 12/28 as we are to bond.

Can not recommend buying these anymore. Useless for the this enters turn (a cup for pod and some rubbishes that this generates) and a low, down lifespan, DECREASE of a machine. This is not a first time that one of these units has crapped has entered less than a year.

The UPDATE Has to 15 2018. Still after this description, any one of Keurig has achieved has been to ask could help. I guess no preoccupy . But at least this description has aided the little of you so that well. BTW Has purchased another k-mark of cup (Cuisinart) in Bath of Bed and Beyonce, and a descale' the light is come on after 4 month. It likes I descaled, and 9 tankfuls of water of aim and vinegar later, a light is still on. Plugged He in, plugged has been, has rubbed mine tummy and patted my cape and has changed at all. Tan After of the east or bites a powder, his drips it fashioning for me, or included an old-student percolator. Those have not crapped never has been!
1 / 5
A coffee has tried well a first use in the daytime a machine. A second day begins to try substances that chemical very which write of subject of coffee. Our daughter has done hot chocolate (Starbucks) And spit has been. Has thinks that that it was dramatic...nope To to The Flavours likes them-them the burned metal. I have maintained to try, thinking it will improve with use? It opens I am seating here with one the majority of horrible burned/flavour sour/chemist in my mouth, of a sip of coffee. I am routing he behind. The marks besides some smaller cups of coffee and need to be refilled constantly. It treats that, if a coffee was at least tolerable...Perhaps. I do not comprise a hype. It was not if my machine is defective or if that is to say a norm , but is horrible. I am so disappointed.
2 / 5
I have purchased first keurig with guaranteeing extended in November 2016. I use it water it it has distilled it only and descaled and has changed a filter regularly. In the first place one has prendido to do the full cup early June 2017. In June 7 amazon shipped me the substitution. Today, a day - after his on duty police - this 'new' a has begun doing coffee of cup of only half. Cleaner of test three times, any luck. It leaves to see yes amazon or keurig honours an original guarantee.
1 / 5
I have purchased this less element that the year before pause to do. I cleaned it so recommended, changed some filters of charcoal regularly and has used the pods have purchased of Keurig 99.9% of a time. I have tried a fillable units, but never tried well. I have called Keurig and his limited warrantee is not to estimate the crap. A bomb was in mine. Some costs of substitution were almost so it likes unit he. So now have only in 200 pods in my cupboard in the cost of in $ 100 concealed can not use, so that I sure like the hell is not peeling out of another $ 100 to buy the machine with the s$ t warrantee that any last for a whole year. It saves your money and purchases the machine of quality of the manufacturer with the modicum of integrity.
1 / 5
This product has done well for the moment, but now, afterwards about6 month, is not doing right. Any one that besieges of subject has it on distills less than the full 6 oz cup. It tries to clean he in any utility. Has thinks that that that has bought an extensive guarantee but apparently the no. Has looked in a description of product and in the the appliances to the small plus likes him the come with the guarantee of 1 years, but does not look these marks. It IS it has entered a cold. The dry likes him has taken burned. The May will buy another Keurig brewer of Amazon again. If I have bought this in the tent, could return it.
1 / 5
I have bought this unit to substitute the 3 old year Kuerig brewer this has begun to have the subjects with him are qualified to dispense the full cup as well as a coffee no longer when being pas hot. In unboxing was evident that this unit was almost identical in my old one excepts where there used the stops to be metal, does not have very plastic. It looks Kuerig some savings of sides of the manufacture of my last compraventa. This manufacturer has lasted 8 month before it begins to aim some same symptoms before totally prender to do. I have tried it achieve to it has been in Kuerig in this subject to see yes could fix a unit or substitute it, but did not take never any response another that an email of confirmation that declares has my surgery. Since it can not take any response regarding a guarantee of such the failure, chooses to move on of a Keurig marks and has taken my subject in the company that marries in quality and service of client.
1 / 5
The prey of law after the week. Noises of only marks and at all distills. It take the substitution and a substitution any same records. It distills very slow and only in an inch in a cup. I have bought he for sale for black Friday. I can very included take the full repayment. Only they are offering a credit of account of the Amazon.

Top Customer Reviews: Breville BES870XL ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
In spite of some of a negative critic sprinkled during this description, maintains that it imports that (1) is giving this machine 5 stars, and now that it has spent it to it to him the few weeks that takes for the fulfil (intimately), want to - so much, that if the burglar has broken in my house and has robbed it, would order another same day - is not returned in Starbucks since. All this be has said, NECESSITY to read this description so that your machine any thwart you and so that it takes one the majority of out of him. Read in my coffee-fellow fond:

1. I am the type , this has known at all in espresso machines before this. I am very mechanically angled and any instruction read usually. This was different - this machine is not self-explanatory and REQUIRE read some instructions (which are very written, and still comprises the troubleshooting section). It does not take thwarted with this machine until/unless you read you (all) some instructions.

2. This is not the support-only' purchase ... These costs of machine around $ 500 (gives or take), necessity the invert another $ 100 right of a beginning (preferably a same time) to take one the majority of out of him, enjoys in a full plus, and not taking unreasonably thwarted to do your own slats and mochas.

3. Other things REALLY would have to order a same time (and all are available in Amazon) is:
unit ($ 29) 100-the disposable group 20oz. Cups with lids and of the coverages (sold for his sake still!Fresco). I trust me, it wants to take these. It IS only $ 0.29 for cup and is far more convenient that trying net out of the million of cups of soiled coffee of your car/dispatch weekly. This two times that the cost cost in a long career. And when your friends are on, has required any 'loan' the hoards to him of good coffee to go (which can any never see again) - just gives them the cup of paper to take with them.
b. ($ 5-15 For 25 oz. / $ 20-30 For 64 oz.) Torani Syrups And sauces, And some cups to bomb this goes with them (always sold separately). IF you drink a same thing in the regular base (likes him I ) like the white chocolate peppermint mocha, buys one 64 oz. Sauce of person and the white chocolate smaller 25 oz. Boot.
c. ($ 14) Amazon Basics Cotton Washcloth - 24 group - ash (the ashes of parties a espresso diagrams, but a colour does not import ). Again, I trust me, it wants the amiably bent stack of this chair afterwards in a machine - will use you 1 every time does espresso, and then was soiled and necessities to be has washed. In my house (3 people that use a machine) buys two 24-groups so that it marks so coffee - two 24-the groups are not also for our house (am thinking quite buying the third group).
D. ($ 10 For pair of measure of only shot, $ 15 for pair of measure of the pair shot) has Posed of double-wall of espresso has shot glasses. Any compraventa one has rounded some (ie: Cutehom espresso cups of coffee) so that they will not touch very good and drip during a place (down a side) every time - a lot of thwart. It buys a JoyJolt Javaah the double Walled of Espresso Glasses instead - will be happy fact in a long career. And, you are planning do mostly double-has shot slats/mochas, buys the set of Glassware of Dragon 6 oz Espresso Cups (also duplicated-to the wall was) so that it does not have to maintain fidgeting with some cups of only shot to maintain them in a something way down below a dispenser of coffee. It IS of entity to buy duplicate him them the walled glasses went by two reasons. In the first place, it maintains a espresso hot while it is steaming you yours milk, second, maintains calm of in of the llamas your toes when that touches a espresso in your cup of coffee.
And. ($ 15) Breville BCB100 Barista-Boxes the Paste of fashionable Coffee. Again, I TRUST ME, I want to this very afterwards in your machine - some earths of coffee will begin piling above hurriedly and does not want your portafilter anywhere apropa to beat of rubbish. This thing is the must .

4. Spatial requisites: This machine (and all this wants to go calm with him) will take some spatial counter - leaves AT LEAST 34-inches of width to counter to accommodate - slightly more is included better. Calm of my picture, that is to say he 34 -inch setup, and does not have any room of change.

5. Doing espresso. Desprs Read some instructions, here is some pour that does not comprise to help eschew frustration:
unit Quan joins to the grain is grinding, slightly swipes in a cup of a lid of hopper (only likes him attack in the door) so that a grain maintains to be able to down in a grinder (sometimes takes hanged - the light swipes every time maintains this to spend). ANY overfill a portafilter (after tamping) or he earths of coffee of the jam in a outlet of water and possibly could break a portafilter or closing guide. After some earths are tamped down in a cup of filter, a course of money of a tamper would have to be only veiled under a rim of a portafilter (the machine comprises the tool can use yes calms accidentally overfill a cup of filter, but after the bass while, will imagine out of which to grind every time and a tool will not be necessary).
b. ALWAYS it wants to you look a gauge of pressure when doing espresso. I NEED to be in a zone of dark ash of a gauge of pressure (and ideally in/prjimo a half of an ash of zone) during one distills cycle, otherwise is not doing very espresso - enough, is doing or watered under espresso (any quite a lot of pressure) or no quite espresso which are too rich (also pressure). There are two key things that affects pressure: a fineness in that a coffee is earth (which are adjustable) and a volume of earths in a portafilter (also adjustable). Although there is the or two has shot poses of measure, has found the plus to do two, 1-the tope shot, tamping down some earths among- each solos-has shot prende to grind. Has a tope (volume) posing in 4 poses of click, and has a tope (fineness) posing in 2 or 3 (game around and see what calm give you some better results). IF a pressure is too down, then any one your coffee is earth too coarsely, or yours has no tamped the quite tight bass, or a filter is not filled with quite a lot of earths of coffee, or the combination of any one/everything of these things. IF a pressure is too big, then any one your coffee is earth too finely, or has tamped down some too many hard earths (closely), or the combination of a two.
c. IF using two, has shot only espresso glasses to collect the double-has shot to distill, maintain an eye in the earring one distills the cycle and the mark sure is centred under a espresso the be dispensed (beats eschew this to use the double-cup of collection of the measure shot).
D. IF doing the mocha or another drink/in drenching of the syrup, pre-mixes a espresso and syrup in a glass and bustles thoroughly before attaching a milk cooked.
And. Steaming The milk is 1/2-art, and 1/2-science (seriously), and does not come of course. If he no you never in the tent of coffee and state coached to milk of steam, you favour and looks the small a lot of (low) videos of Youtube in a pertinent road in milk of steam. Calm Thank you to take 5-10 minutes in the tube and that learns a pertinent road in milk of steam (and things to eschew). Sympathetic A steaming the process will leave you to control a quantity to foam up and not doing big disorder.
F. Before you steam your milk, VENTILATION a cane of steam to take a sewage of a line of cauldron ( does not want the few teaspoons of water in your milk). Ventilation a line, then turns a steam has been ... I attack 5 full bren ... Then it insert/ it inserts a cane of steam in a milk, then turns some backwards of steam on. It controls a cape with your left hand, and plant your right hand under a milk of the stainless steel that hoards steams, when a cup is too hot for your right hand to touch (I bad a lot in hot to line), maintain a cane of steam in and the initiate these accounts together with a bomb (those sounds like the metronome in a fund ... Toe ... Toe ... Toe ... Toe ...). For the semi-hot slat/mocha maintains a cane of steam in a milk for 30 double-toes (does not begin counting until after calm can not touch longer a fund with your right hand ... 'And-a, and two, and three' and so on until takings in 30 (he equivalen of 60 only said). For hot (but still potable) account in 40 pair-said, and for a lot of-hot, 50 double-has said. Anything in 60 and risk to burn a milk (that sea a flavour and the calm will require to the launch has been he and of the beginnings on). Quan Final, visits a steam was, and takes a cane of steam of a milk quite 3-5 bren before it finish it to blow steam (the eschew having the milk sucked behind until a line of steam).
G. Desprs Steam your milk, VENTILATION a cane of steam again to take any milk that unwittingly has taken sucked until a line of cane of the steam and prevent any one to do his road in a cauldron. IF the milk done his road behind in a unit of cauldron (so that you failed you to download a line after it uses) will DESTROY a cauldron (permanently), in that, can not clean a milk was, will burn during a next use, and each cup to milk you the steam in a future the flavour to smell to milk/burned - yuck! You favour and downloads a line of steam religiously after each use - and mark sure another concealed uses your machine knows that it can sea the if they do not do so also! (There they go it $ 500!)
H. An inferior tray is easy to take, desert and clean (comes averts in 3 pieces). You owe empty this each which how 2-4 days to use so that I fill up in spite of you not touching liquid in him - the reason is, every time finish to use a cane of steam or dispenser of hot water, a cart of ventilations of machine out of a line of a cauldron in an inferior tray (sneaky small devil) ... Tan still although any calm give the, is filling in the small with each use. ( It amuse - a dispenser of hot water can be used for waters of hot instant to do tea!).

6. Cleaning up.
The unit Deploys the grandson washcloth every time marks espresso. Quan tamp Down some earths, help to eschew the harm that/lines your counter, and will take some earths of spill ( always have roughly spill-on).
b. Quan Final, uses hot water (of your tank of cookery) in rinse a espresso hoards(s), the milk that hoards steams, portafilter and the filter inserts/to insert (takes a cup of filter of a portafilter every time clean the), then uses another clean washcloth to pose them has been to dry in.
c. A washcloth used to to do espresso: it bends he down the half, two times (in the place), and uses a dispenser of hot water (in a machine) to take or corners of a place put with hot (boiling hot) water, then folds one situates in the triangle so that a water to boil the corner is exposed, then folds that triangle in another triangle around a cane of steam and thoroughly clean a cane of steam. It takes the small time and pressure in firm - the marks take a cane is clean so that it does not take tez of residue of bad milk up in your cane of steam.

7. Maintaining things stocked:
Milk of unit. If your milk of familiar uses for other things (cereal, baking, etc.) And went you up to now he '1-chevron the time' house, is time to trace in the 2-chevron in the house of time. I trust me - once calm (and another in your house) discovers some delicious slats/mochas which are hurriedly manually, a milk will begin to disappear hurriedly (my house is now to 3-chevron in the house of time with 3 people regularly that use a machine).
b. You maintain the spare box to go- lids/of cups manually, when open the, orders another - is not to cost prohibitive and does not want never when being out of going- cups in a morning.
c. You maintain the spare stock exchange of grain of coffee manually - neither costing prohibitive and if course out of grain, sake, does not have any reason in never run out of grain.
D. You maintain the spare boat of your sauces of favourite/syrups. If the race was, each an entertainment is on.

8. Quirks And tips.
The unit Maintains the next eye (and change often - as each morning) a tank of water in a back ( necessity in any one for the attraction was every time, only take the 4-the cup that hoards measures and changes he when it take it 1/2-low road). Be of reason, some diagrams is not to list like the Keurig - does not have any saying of sensor the when a water is was and career (in his peril) dry when some careers of water was - this is not particularly well for a machine or some bombs.
b. It uses grain of upper quality - recommend buy 1 lb. Stock exchanges of Starbucks Espresso grain to Roast - whole, MAY pre-earth. WHY you spend $ 600 in the bar of coffee setup and then uses to crap grain or pre-earth (aka: any quota) coffee? Quan Use upper quality Starbucks grain (does not have any financial interest in Starbucks for one for - so he prefers to something more so Pete is or Bros Dutch., Very - but the mark sure is buying the stock exchanges of grain learns of his Espresso Roasted). 2-4 the Double-has shot slats/mochas by the day will cross the 1 lb. Stock exchange to grain each which how 1-2 weeks.
c. Turn decaf grain...? Nope, Any easy, or was ones pose of machine up for an easy transition. To convert to regulate espresso grain in decaf the grain has to unlock a hopper to grain and take he - then touches a grain regulates in the ziplock stock exchange, then takes your debugging of void (am not joking) and void out of a grain regulates rest of a train to grind mechanism, then substitutes a (empty) hopper - prjimo he in place, then fill with decaf grain. Us This once in my house ... And never he again.

Expect enjoyed my description and the helps marks awesome slats and mochas!
5 / 5
June of update 2 2019: Still use the newspaper, and is doing well! It has been now almost 4 years! (Flies to time when is drinking good coffee :)

August of Update-6-17: Still going strong after almost two years!

Tips and original Description:

I amour this thing. Been using it multiple time the day for almost the year thinks. Every day he the to surprise espresso, and while clean maintenances he preforms fantastically. This thing is also easier to maintain and requires less cleansing that another cheaper espresso the machines have tried.

A tip for any look to do real espresso house, recommends to look for the venue roastery in your zone. The groove buys the volume in the on-line grain likes him a lot of people, but once tries grain of venue totality and found in the to to the mix liked him, of a difference has surprised. The election of grain is very of entity if in fact it want to enjoy your espresso!

A bit those that the tips have chosen until that use this machine:
1. A bit those that the people go to complain in a grinds knob of quantity very that goes down enough. In counteract this, has changed a measure of cup in esingle' and has augmented a grinds quantity to turn a knob in a right. This give me a perfect quantity of coffee of earth every time.
2. If a machine maintains to continue or down in a gauge of pressure, tries to clean a grinder. And take to clean a grouphead with these desolvable compressed when one clean me ignite comes on!
3. You can take the substitution changes these clean tablets here in amazon. I have chosen Urnex Cafiza Espresso schemes it these Clean Tablets here in amazon, and the law adds!
4. The calm does not require to order the separate tamper, a an included is perfect.
5. An included frothing the cup is small but works for me. Some could require the main unit
6. Any underestimate a necessity for the burr grinder. Test does very espresso without one is likes him try hammer the nail with an inflatable hammer!

Some of some characteristic I amour (Pros)
1) A grinder. I know very enough they would use the separate burr grinder, but these works of thing very well, and is easy to clean. A lot it goes to complain in a heating of machine of the coffee in a grain also yes has left the interior a hopper, but in fact stores my grain in the outside of special container of a hopper, and uses an included a scoop to touch in a grain when grinds the.
2) A frother is surprising. Very better these machines this cheap plus.
3) Clean ignite me is awesome. Always I remember me to maintain up in this interview of things, and the helps prolong a life.
4) A Stainless steel is well. (It is not 100% stainless in an outside even so, the small bit of plastic, sees gilipollas.)
5) A gauge of pressure. Absolutely invaluable good flavour espresso. It does not recommend that it buys any machine without unit The A lot of help with learning and it taking well!
6) An included tamper is perfect.
7) Creates perfect pucks of coffee to touch entered some rubbishes.
8) A dispenser of hot water is a awesome addition!
9) IS one all-in-a, bad does not require to buy the separate grinder!
10) only does good coffee.
11) The manual Adds included for a lot of useful information.
12) HAS a cycle of the debugging has automated to clean some interiors of a grouphead. Awesome!
14) Comprise covers it very dosing tool.
15) Comprises tools to clean out of some filters.

Some things that problems me (Gilipollas)
1)A cup of a machine is plastic.
2) Some inferior sides of a machine are plastic
3) Some necessities of tank of the water to be refilled often, and he also plastic thickness.
4) A thing of receptor of inferior water (sad) necessities to be emptied often, but sound very also bad.
5) A coffee grinds separator any one very look to help a lot, but helps to maintain he out of a big tide and little bit, which maintain to smell!
6) Expensive, but in me, was the very interesting inversion for how much coffee bought of a tent.
7) Can not look to find economic filters for a tank of water, even so, water to use filtered in place of tap.
8) A tope Goes down the quantity is too much in a parameter 'double'. QC Would have to has taken this! But any the breaker of roads. Voices on for workaround.

Could attach more later while I think they!

This thing is also adds to do sweet frappicinos and iced drunk.
For candy the use flavoured drunk Hershey Syrup of Candy (Edits: now I syrup of mine of own candy! It IS sper easy!)
Stops to vanilla the use flavoured drunk Torani Syrup of Vanilla that takes cheaply of the volume tends wholesale in my city.

For my sweet drink of election blend a two, attaches the double shot of espresso, 2% milk, and cup with whipped cream and syrup of candy.

At all the beaten add it espresso in a morning!

Has attached tonnes of pictures.

Edit: it looks enough the little of the people have had problems with a machine that dies in the, If your dead machine in your please commentaries in this description with any information thinks can help, like a level to interview you preformed while your machine has done, a mark of filters of water and cleaning the tablets have used, etc.

perhaps can find the common cause of this defect!
1 / 5
It wants to Breville - buys this machine under subjects of this year. They which us some drinks concealed produced the even so, a burr the grinder has prendido to do. It sounds as if a train is in of the skins. I actuate Repeatedly the nicknamed a number of tlphonique of service of client and leave the number of tlphonique of the turn so that chair in control for in meso an hour without response is ridiculous. Quan This machine has done, would have it his data the 4.5 but now that it is in necessity of reparation and Breville looks to ignore affirm of the service of the client will give it 1 star out of generosity.
2 / 5
HAS OPENED a box. I have wanted this espresso machine. For almost the month has had well espresso drunk in a consolation of my house.

A grinder of grain of the coffee suddenly prendido to grind. A grinder is doing the screeching noise. I have closed some diagrams was and the unplugged. Followed a guide in page 26 to clean a grinder. Any luck. It has broken still.

Followed a guide to disassemble a grinder. (After buying the 10mm wrench of socket). Cleaned and reassembled a grinder that clue a guide in page 26. Still any luck.

IS very disappointed that this espresso the machine has broken so hurriedly after the open. I go to contact Breville support to see yes will fix a machine for me. It IS unfortunate so that it has spent already the time and the money that likes him fix something concealed would have to has has lasted years without subjects.

Will update this with Breville response.

Nicknamed Breville and was controls for quite a lot of 40 minutes in front of the member of the helps of service was. It IS very good and after the little of the questions ask me in troubleshoot in a telephone. Hardly when being a noise my machine has done dictate would do me the change of product. There is an election to the road retreated my first machine ( would provide to ship) or has the roads a new and then next machine to an old machine (with him imposicin of security in my cc). Since I have had still an original box opted for unit of option

is Fallen a machine of in Fedex

A container has achieved Breville

has taken the notification will take a new machine in a 21.

A machine is punctual arrival .

At the end posed it up. These sounds of the so much better diagram that my first machine has done. A thought of the only thing was bad with a first machine was a grinder of coffee . Even so I am beginning to suspect a whole unit was defective.

These marks of less than new machine screeching and grinding the noises that a first machine has done. I actuate Only the pulled the few shots of espresso but everything of these has been significantly better shots that an anterior machine.

Is leaving description in 1 star so that I am still very sceptical of a longevity of a machine. If these marks of machine he more than the month augment my indication but for now will leave in 1 Accident like the people can see some negative sides in this machine
1 / 5
The slats of delicious marks and is very easy to use.

has found this machine to be supremely inconsistent. I actuate Always the used a same grain, but a quantity that a grinder dispenses is not a same. It go it lately to on pressure although small tamp. Today cross it the pound of coffee and has not taken never the sake has shot. Tamped Apresamiento, tamped almost at all and was still ail slime espresso was. Of 5 in 1 star. An incongruence is too many orders .
1 / 5
The November has purchased 2013.

ORIGINAL DESCRIPTION (September 2015): This machine has only quite functionality for me in consistently shots of God of the attraction while my grain is fresh and chooses a tope right. It has Had this machine for almost two years that attraction 1-2 shots the day, and has been that suffices reliable until now. I maintain and clean the regularly. Even so, it begin it recently the to vibrate vociferously when is pulling shots, and think that one beats to bomb that is failed. A lot other people in of the active on-line forums queixat to buzz noises only in front of his unit has failed. I am contacting Breville to see yes can help identify me and fixed a problem. I have paid in meso the glorious for this machine, as I am expecting that poden helps! If raisins in $ 500 in a espresso diagrams, imagines to want to he in last at least 5 years if any one 10.

UPDATE 1 (November 2015): Breville has substituted my machine with the machine renewed (Certificate Remanufactured).

UPDATE 2 (December 2015): it schemes of Substitution 1 begun to share some same problems like originals. In a bit those that the past days have begun also to do rattling noises and sometimes can not generate sufficient pressure. Tan Before, has been decalcifying monthly and using some filters of water, included pre-that filters a water before I have posed he in. I have been also that clean a unit with some tablets while a M clean ignites ignites.

UPDATE 3: (January 2016): the machine of substitution Took 2 (certificate remanufactured) of Breville. The strong machine rattling noises but COSTS of works.

UPDATE 4 (Course 2016): has two machines of the low substitution guaranteeed after an original machine and a first substitution has prendido to do because of the manufacture or defect to draw. A third machine (diagrams of substitution 2) has prendido now also to do. He a backflush debugging with some tablets every time a M clean ignites comes on. It has decalcified (with vinegar) in the monthly base without failure. Active pre-has Filtered a water with the Phase of big final 4 filter before posing he in a tank, and has used included a filter of carbon in a tank also. I am fearful now has to update my description in 1 star. Breville HAS the service of client adds, but this creation of the particular machine is not or would recommend plan on doing espressos more prendido that the few months. You can find videos of my machines to fail and a rattling noises in Youtube.
Description of some symptoms:
- Wao-wao wao-wao whining sounds, especially durable pre-infusion, and usually arriving an instant touches a button
- Unusual rattling, sometimes very when it presses a button, and also sometimes during a phase of extraction
has Seen:
- Any one waters these beginnings in cup, by everything means of there are earths or no in a portafilter, and by everything means of how long press a button
- the pressure has aimed so zero or way down below in gauge of pressure
- Small quantities of steam squirting out of a cane of the steam when is doing coffee
- plan of collection of the full water with watering although any water exits a portafilter, signifying that perhaps that one beats to water when being filter in a fund of a machine.

UPDATE 5 (April 2016): again I have contacted Breville, and agreed to to take a machine in for reparation. It has agreed to to pay some slope to ship. Once again, bravo for a service of good client!

UPDATE 6 (May 2016): it take some diagrams has repaired, but found immediately that a reparation had been failed! The calm marks ask you yes in fact tried to fix it, or yes only interviews routine fact and routed he well behind. Again I have contacted Breville, and agreed to to examine one schemes the second time.

UPDATE 7 (June 2016): A machine has been returned again, but a grinder has been fraction returned (or any reassembled properly). No longer I can change a grinds measured to turn a knob. Any one which import to grind the measure selects, always volume of tope coarse. I am spent out of the thorough debugging of a sure grinder when being, vainly. I have contacted Breville, this rebuffed to maintain or substitute a unit because of an out of state of guarantee, but offered me instead 35% discount of a compraventa of the new machine under $ 1000. I have insisted and it has published several videos of a problem in Youtube. I have tried included take averts a grinder I to fix it, but Breville would not give me the list of parts or diagram of assembly, as it can very really the imagine was on my own.

UPDATE 8 (July 2016): I have maintained to insist, and at the end (miraculously), Breville has agreed to the road me the substitution (certificate remanufactured) machine. Thank you, Breville, to accept responsibility for a quality and workmanship of your products! It opens I am using Dezcal in place of vinegar for decalcifying. Otherwise, Maintain this a lot of machine (as before) and voice as they go. I wish me luck!
4 / 5
State using a level of entrance Breville espresso fashioning (Rome of Caf) for the pair of years and the flight. So much so, decided to graduate in something the small more 'pro' and has wanted a grinder of grain of a cup of contadora. A Barista was more concealed has wanted, as it take the reconditioned model and of general appearance, is 'how new.' Any one - is not the $ 3,500 Italian machine - but the utmost looks and has the relatively small impression. I am reading the plot of the descriptions these failures of worry of machine, as I am maintaining my toes have crossed that I eschew that arrests awhile. But a fact of a subject is, could not find any one espresso the machine in this prize varies that it takes 5 stars through a joint and does not have any reports of subjects of reliability.
I very which grinder of integrated grain. It falls above spatial counters and is to design covers for easily changing selection of grain. One Barista is to good sure more complicated that Rome of Caf produces the perfect has shot every time. I am finding that each different grain has the only characteristic so far likes that easily flow of water through him, that necessity to upload in a portafilter, concealed taken to tamp the low, etc. Has crossed to PLOT to grain of experience with a filter and of dual wall only baskets. I am not the purist, as I have resolved in a dual wall for idiot-distill-tests. It has it did not think included in fiddling with grinding measure to match grain sure still.
Very folks has said that some shots have not gone quite hot, and distill well afterwards turn a unit on, some shots are in fact among warm and hot. Even so - a machine is on for quite a lot of 15 minutes, some looks to water to cover the outrage concealed the level 'hot'. I have read also that some Italians espresso the shots are not supposed to be 'hot,' but is well to have an option.
A pair other things: I wish a unit there has been the light of indicator of the big tide in a front and some class of 'calm change' to turn of one distills cycle. If run out of water or overfill one portafilter, a machine continues to try to complete a cycle. In a last case, does not want a machine to be bonded with one gauge of pressure in a red without road for the prender. If such the function exists and does not know enough the, is all the ears .
Inferior line - produces a 'perfect shot' or no, one Barista the terrific marks espresso and is enjoying a ritual this comes with the most sophisticated machine - although I have to do to plot of test and error in reliably imagines is. The toes have crossed hard at least while a Blunt Caf.
3 / 5
It has Had this machine during several years (june 2013) and am adds...A problem is a washer (54MM the clean steam) which seals a basket in some wears of machine have been after the few years. A company said me several times in some last two months that some points would be in in 2 weeks. It is resulted to clear concealed does not have any idea if it do not take never a part of substitution. Service of the client now is offering to touch me the road a machine and have maintain...Any cooling. That is to say the separate that takes 5min to substitute, as and has to does not have to when being without my machine. I go the to ask the road me it new/different model for the this has parts of substitution... Update that spends.
At the end routed join me part.
2 / 5
I have purchased this machine for Christmas of 2016. It Likes him to us his a coffee of subjects distilled/espresso. Because of a side has cured very well of him. Also because of a side has bought one extends guarantee. Good thing, so that afterwards 16 pause of month to build pressure of correct infusion. We have to ship he of California to New York has the control/repaired. The parts are in mandate. It has been in 2 weeks now. You would think you it has paid ~ $ 500 for a law of appliance without subject for of more plot that 16 month. It goes to try another Breville products, but now is having according to thoughts
My machine has been in an ease of reparation for in 30 days now. One extends the contractor of guarantee is (Asurion) the place of web is always buggy. This the fact quite take to take updates of state. I will update this description after I take my machine behind.
1 / 5
It has Had 2 versions of this Machine on some last six years. My premier a, a grinder has broken only after a year. My second a has been going strong since Excepts is now fatality. This third a taken of the already broken amazon. It was not if that is to say the negative critic of Brevell or of Amazon but has posed the one of in this way. Seriously I am questioning will substitute this machine with an identical version or another Breville products at all and is consecrated fully in never never again ordering big or sensitive elements of Amazon. This element was at least $ 100 cheaper that a cheap plus saw it and has the feeling is so that it was renewed and renewed bad.

Top Customer Reviews: Keurig K-Mini ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
4 / 5
Colour: Black was one of these a lot early buyers of one of a prime minister Keurig K-cars of Cup before they have taken partorisca be such the common cookery accesoria. It has stuck with them when his cars have been of very built to essentially the launch was junk, and when they have tried and failed partorisca close users in the only that use his own mark of the pods that use the dubious lockout diagram.

Over time partorisca take a quality wants to has moved of his plasticky house brewers to his commercial products and to arrive to this point possesses the K-150 which thinks is one of the his better never has produced. So much number to signal one, am not new to a Keurig ecosystem and number of point two follows really a lot absolutely require another brewer. At least I have you do not think I have done.


This in spite of, likes travesa I note that a lot of some hotels remain me have an original Keurig so only compact servants brewer like this I always travesa with the little caff, tea and sometimes pods of the hot chocolate so much can brew the fast cup in my room. This version of the chamber of the hotel is (was) well but bad drawn and no really suitable for use of house. When Have in the first place seen this new upgraded K-Mini the model has taken has interested really. I expected it it can be the feasible election to take with me when travelling because of his small measure, to use in our cabin or of the held vacacionales or included something even more special, something near and has loved my needs - as the hot alone cup has shot dispenser of hot water for use with stock exchanges of teas or another instant beverages.


see, a world is in desperate need of the a lot of so only do lacking dispenser a lot quickly of hot water, but any one knows concealed. There is a very economic model this is been around for ever concealed has more defects that benefit, and the pocolos give form form Giappone ossia overpriced and also a lot defective in creation. Then there it was a perfect model that has gone around for the pair of month that would have to has bought the dozen of to dread that prenderan to do the. Has prisoner and a one has bought still works but now is aiming signs of dulcemente spending was. I have expected this new Keurig could help me fill a void for something that could use to do the cup to boil of water for the at night late cup fast of tea or cocoa. And yes, ossia.


Like the caff of cup so only brewer a mini that would expect you and expect so that it do not live too much in that. It has dipped the alone pod to a familiar snaps down receptacle and touch the cup to water to a permanently semi-detached reservoir and press the alone key and the pair of the minutes later was games your caff. A good informative is that you do not dip his pod all more spends a same way except quell'exited is hot clean water that can use you for tea or anything more. And that it is well it is that you can choose anywhere among roughly 6 and 12 ounces to water as what play in. The majority another container of alike units out of the quantity measured of water, usually exactly 8 ounces. This of the games for behind the same as you have dipped in his calm so much can do your tea, soup or cocoa like strong to the equal that likes..


typically reserves 5 stars for superstar produced, some better of some better, and has to say you that this little gem have very excited. It feels a lot of fact and no plasticky and a global creation is the lesson in simplicity this in spite of perfection. One first what there is remarked is that there is the small cutout in a backside to store some or everything of a cord of power in and for a way has the 3-prong grounded spent of commercial note. If calm the the in your cookery counter can pull out of only so that cord to the equal that need to achieve a outlet and if the travesas with him can easily stow a whole cord without accidents was. Literally it calms it does not need any instructions, although I am very written, has the by heart big illustrations, and is sper easy to comprise. With which cover he in you stimulate the hinged spends in a cup of a unit and water of game in, and calm has not limited to the fixed quantity, can fill he with anywhere among 6 and 12 ounces to adapt your flavour by force of the caff or to fill the travesa mug, and yes fill the car of full measure mug with ease. With which has dipped a water in you stimulates a boss, which automatically turns a power on, and insert the K-hoard and press a boss has retreated down and then press a very big brew key up. When Calm that a light surrounding a key to flash, some heats to water on, and brews your caff. 40 second with which conceal, if calm any to to anything more likes them another cup, some turn to be able to era. I timed He of press of key to the cup fill and has taken so only down 1 small and 18 seconds. And a water is sper hot, short with which hoards, different the majority of alike brewers this takes increasingly fresher for each cup.

A thing that interested is that any water is squandered in a process, when I have dipped exactly a short his exactly some starts of cup of him. The majority of costruttrici of caff a lot that. And calm does not have to that the clean reason there is any tank to hold like costruttrici of caff of full measure, of the games of water to take pulled entirely, heated, and has dispensed. Any interior of chairs of the water to take moldy.


can say am impressed and excited in this thing. When I saw It I thought it that it was well to have but has had any one creates would not use never he home in place of my elegant commercial note big brewer. It was like this wrong. In fact I have a two that side of chairs for side now and use a mini every time need the cup of hot water for tea, soup, hot chocolate or anything more. But that has not anticipated is that it was to use a mini for this time when I want to do an only K-cup of caff during a day and I do not want to has to that attended for a whole tank of water in my full measure brewer to heat up or certainly does not want to do to pot of caff traditional. With a mini a whole process to do a cup takes roughly two minutes and there is zero cleanup or spare water that can develop the bad flavour. In spite of some reviewers the one who has not comprised the one who this thing is, in reality is a FASTER way to do the cup of caff of scratch in my cookery. This bad am using this thing two or three times every day now and is resulted something can not be without. You know the one who this half, I better a lot of purchase maintaining them in chance that do not take never has interrupted.

BUY Or A lot

nowhere is has alleged that ossia the plenary sized and look of caff full brewer. It mentions that because of the pair of has disappointed users that has not comprised that posted negative commentaries in a measure of a tank of the water or that is not meant to be used with these fussy adapters that has to be manually fill up with caff of earth. I have not seen never a value in spending the filling of now half and cleaning these artilugios to save two cents - attack a whole purpose of a speed, consolation and zero cleanup of K-cups. And no, this a lot included has the traditional fines-tank of water of the cup, those play to take heated and poured your cup. It is for this that calls the alone servants brewer.

Am baffled reason any one would think that that 2 minutes is too long to expect for the cup of caff. A last time was in Starbucks takes 10 minutes to take the cup of caff, my full measure Keurig apresamiento on 10 minutes to cover before I can do my first cup and mine Bunn costruttore of the caff also takes on 10 minutes. The majority of the costruttrici of electrical hot water take roughly 8 minutes to come when boiling and taken roughly 5 minutes in the pot in my stove. Exactly that is comparing it to this can boil the cup of water less than 2 minutes?


comparisons this brewer in any one another of a time touches his water until a time your cup of caff is ready, on 1 small and 18 like ossia one the fast plus has not seen never. It is the shame so many people are comparing the suns-do lacking car to costruttrici of caff of full measure that has taken already time to heat on a whole tank of the water and all an user is doing is by train of the dispense. Duh, Of course this goes to be the pocolos like this faster.

A time takes to boil the cup of water in level of sea and in the big altitudes is substantially different, that probably accounts for some people quoting different quantities of time for his brewer to heat up. Ossia Science , calm can do not changing.

All Keurig brewers require that a brew key be pressed immediately after going down a boss of compartment of the pod. With which a lot seconds some diagrams will go to standby and a boss will owe that be lifted and is gone down again. This probably explains these users those who has informed that his unit has not done or would not dispense of the water there is not reading some instructions.


Of then a moment has opened a box this artilugio gave more satisfaction that anything has seen like this far this year. Everything roughly is exactly to the equal that have to that be. If it love a consolation of K-cups, likes the fast cup of caff, tea, cocoa or soup with zero prep time and zero cleanup, does not have to that it weaves to counter spatial or require the personnel brewer for him dorm soiled or cubicle of office, or is looking for a costruttore of the cup so only perfects of hot water, ossia that is looking for. I recommend it.
4 / 5
Colour: Black would owe that it has listened to some negative critiques. The work adds initially. Partorisca Roughly 3 weeks. Now so only it take in 2 ozs of water with each push of key... So much partorisca one 8 oz cuppa java, in fact has to that create a boss on & down & presses a key 4-5 times. It is the workout. And partorisca some reason, a caff exits feebler & no very hot. Have has not wanted the order Keurig mark, but my husband has thinks that has had the good reputation... No longer it feels that way. And apparently we have lost so only our window of turn of occasion... It is not the glorious?
4 / 5
Colour: the oasis has ordered this car partorisca substitute a giant one has had before finally died after the years of use. I like this one the better plot because a colour is more beautiful and does not take on like this spatial of counter. It likes that the only resists of a cup to water the time. My edges there has been the bad habit partorisca leave a water in a big, black Keurig chair around partorisca the pair of days and then using it. Gross. Now it knows you can a lot of that with this car. He brews the cup adds of caff and looks calmer of my old car. Have At all bad to say in east a. Highly I recommend it.
4 / 5
Colour: the Already launched oasis was. You can so only it marks until 12oz. Calm CAN not use a reusable Keurig filter in this (yes, has included a filter of Keurig does not return ). In fact it take stuck and was unable of the take was again, rendering a rntire car unusable. No, travesa mugs does not return , included when have take a fund takes slowly. A cord is perhaps two feet long like this looking for of the open spatial discharges he ossia the ache . It does not squander of the money.
4 / 5
Colour: Black Compared to a Bunn MyCafe that substitutes, this car takes partorisca always partorisca do the cup of caff. With a Bunn, has dipped a Kcup in, adds water and press a key. Interior 30 seconds, has the cup of caff. With east, adds water and attended (the look interminably) partorisca the brew light, then press a brew key. With which more while, draws a water in and ( has guessed he) attended partorisca 2 smaller partorisca he the brew. Abundance partorisca time partorisca touch water your kettle and boil he partorisca your tea. This car is going back, and will take the new MyCafe.
5 / 5
Colour: Black This car is a lot temperamental- some laws of days, another he the no. am trying to return and take another model.
4 / 5
Colour: the oasis Broken! This was the present partorisca my father the one who now is living only Widow. A car has done well partorisca 2 month and now less than three month of operation and his broken.
When on compresses of caff a car done of the very strong noises and water and leak of caff somehow internally down and during a counter a caff any among a cup. We follow an operation and of the procedures of interview are to frustrate and there is disappointed
4 / 5
Colour: the oasis does not act. It does not heat of the water before it dispenses. It does not buy this.
5 / 5
Colour: Oasis Like this extremely sad and there is disappointed. Received this Keurig today and is gross! It is state used and is the disorder . I not having of then buy used or refurbished when I purchased it.
4 / 5
Colour: Black Loved the small access for less than spatial of counter. A big K is the counter hog. This in spite of, a smaller impression is the very one, taken more with a longitude to take that it goes that a big K hog. Disappointed

Top Customer Reviews: Cuisinart SS-15P1 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Colour: SilverStyle Name: 12 Glass/of Cup Carafe after using the $ 20 coffeemaker partorisca some last 20 years, decides the upgrade ours house coffeemaker. This particular model with some two methods of brewing has looked the election adds. When we receive it to Us, complete all a setup instructions and registrations, as suggested in a literature of product. A side of 12 cups has done well, but some alone servants the side was entirely dysfunctional. Immediately, first of an only-do fault the side was used officially, commentary the water filtered of a reservoir to our counter. Then, when we use partorisca a first time, taking so only an usable cup of caff. A next cup brewed has finalised throughout to ours contadora, complete with some earths of caff. Cuisinart Has offered support of zero, when request.
He Goes partorisca spend this quantity of money on anything, has to do perfectly, as announced, immediately. We are returning this partorisca it repayment and will go back to our faithful $ 20 coffeemaker. I doubt it it will consider another Cuisinart has produced.
5 / 5
Colour: SilverStyle Name: 12 Glass/of Cup Carafe My woman and I have been using paralizaciones east the month now. Usually I a 10oz hoards thru a k-characteristic of cup every day and my woman done the short each one another day thru a mini basket. For this I bad also uses a k-characteristic of cup this in spite of dip his earths of caff own in a removable mini basket. I have done the pot of caff once and there is not any complaint. There is so only a hiccup. Partorisca Insert a mini the calm basket in the first place needs to take a k-the cup inserts/inserts was, any question. Calm then insert/insert a mini basket with your caff and begin a brewing cycle, any question. Usually you think more than people no in the haste would take a mini basket and clean out of some earths, any question. My woman, bless his heart, then substitutes a k-the cup inserts/to insert so that it is ready partorisca me. Here it is where there is the question. There are two white arrows inside a k-side of cup of a car. One east in a k-the cup inserts/partorisca insert and another east in a car he self. This two NEED of arrows partorisca be lined up. A costruttore has decided to situate these two white arrows to a backside of a costruttore of caff, for this doing it the little difficult to see. If any semence on these two white arrows, some diagrams will leave you partorisca dip he in behind, closing a lid and the shoot up. A result is your k-lid of the foil of the cup there is nailed wrongly and has earths of caff or teas or hot chocolate during an interior of a car. It is not something can ignore and the use again immediately, has to clean on a first disorder. This is to spend two times now. It is frustrating exiting a Q-tips partorisca clean out of some pockets of the caff stuck in a car. So much, unless you enjoy to say any one has done the deception again, look two times in some 'White Arrows' first spending sees. P.D. Ossia My first description never, in general to good sure would recommend this product. :-)Cuisinart SS-15 Caff of 12 Hoard Manufacturer and So only-Do lacking Brewer, Stainless Steel
4 / 5
Colour: SilverStyle Name: 12 Glass/of Cup Carafe has a lot of bed revises on here and am disagreeing with a haters!
A k the order of laws of the earths of use of the cup in place of pods or have to it that cleaned. Partorisca Prevent clogging.
Has read a manual declares partorisca clean a POD piercer with the clip of small paper partorisca prevent he of clogging
require to have the big plus mug partorisca avert a splashing but agree is a water of open cup in his slope splash his miniscual drops.
Has used the mine daily is the quality adds ive has had A lot of SUBJECT and he def has has not broken!!
A caff is hot and a capacity to dip a carafe temp is awesome!!!
A K the side of cup has the cup of money is in fact s impulses of the emission softly promotes on on. It is the wee rigid at the beginning so the newest things is. As be sweet your premiers pocolos use.
I frames sure use a pod of the earths that use your caff own any DIPPED of the EARTHS To K HOARDS PIERCER HE CLOG
WANT It!!!!!!
Cuisinart Has done well east times
has compared to other frames that diverse in the price of the majority is flimsy and cheaply fact
But this one east a BETTER
am not sure like some of these descriptions match this pot wants to say they posted wrongly
But ossia the product adds
4 / 5
Colour: SilverStyle Name: 12 Glass/of Cup Carafe has read like this everything of some descriptions before I have bought this, and the number of them have not been well... I have wanted really a coffeemaker and has been happy with cuisinarts before, as I have been for him... I owe that say that after reading and that follows some instructions and trying each option for brewing offered, ossia a better and more versatile coffeemaker has not possessed never in my life... He he all,... He perfectly,... And it does works and caff utmost perfectly... Definitively value a price.
5 / 5
Colour: SilverStyle Name: 12 Glass/of Cup Carafe has bought this costruttore of the caff roughly done 3 month and look a perfect solution so that there is k-caff of cup or the plenary carafe without having two costruttrici of caff that takes on upper of spatial in a counter of cookery. At the beginning, it has been it adds... Exactly that has looked for! Then, after the month or like this, has begun partorisca remark the small group of water under a car when he the first cup in a morning. I thought that it it have not situated properly a reservoir to water with which refilling the, any question. This in spite of, continuous filter, perhaps 1 - 2 tablespoons of water, daily and is worsening. A leak is coming from to somewhere inside a car, as it is not an easy fijamente. I am disappointed and can not recommend this costruttore of caff.
4 / 5
Colour: SilverStyle Name: 12 Glass/of Cup Carafe has Purchased this Cuisinart SS-15 costruttore of caff on , 2017 how is the bit more than 3 month. Generally it likes and confidence Cuisinart of products BUT, ossia one 1st time that one of his products left down. I for real like a global creation and general execution of this costruttore of caff, this in spite of of day 1 filtered it. Now ossia the $ 200 costruttore of caff. It can expect he of the $ any costruttore of caff of the name. But ossia he Cuisinart..!! Now when I say that it filters it was not so only the few drops, was the LEAK . A lot still you need to be doing caff. So only seating in a counter with water in a K-side of cup. A carafe the side has done properly. I have analysed a question but has found ANY OBVIOUS REASON partorisca he excepts the question to draw and probably any quite a lot of testing. Now they are not the big complainer but has given up in this thing. Please enjoy the caff does not spend $ 200 in this product.
5 / 5
Colour: SilverStyle Name: 12 Glass/of Cup Carafe Likes another has said, has bought this partorisca a consolation of having an appliance he everything. Mostly we drink the full pot of decaf in a morning, but an occasional cup partorisca regular is well. Sometimes, I require so only a shorter after a decaf the pot is empty. And have fellow the one who drunk only partorisca regular. So much, ossia perfect. Have postponed writing the description (in fact, has not written never a) reason have been moment to this unit partorisca break or otherwise the unsatisfactory result. Any closing.

Here is some things have learnt. In my experience, a disorder in an only-do fault the side is one the fault of a commercial k-pod. I have had the pod of the tent of the Doughnut explodes throughout recently, and is the disorder , any partorisca mention hard to clean ( touched that finally in his side and has used my spray partorisca touch to take all some earths was). A coverage in a pod has not gone properly sealed, and earths spewed throughout. Another complaint that is hard to fill is valid. If Cuisinart is in a way to king-fabricate, moving a reservoir to another side would be the good movement. Simply I have fill a carafe with an extra cup partorisca water so that it does not have to that touch a pot in an uncomfortable corner, and does not dip a caff in until a reservoir is fill. If any precise water has filtered, using a pullout hose in your works of tap like the charm, and a level of water gauge is a lot easy to read. There is remarked also that an only-do fault the basket has required partorisca be firmly snapped in place and there is lined up with a white arrow partorisca do properly. So much, yes, there are some subjects of consolation, but is not difficult to regulate to. I have tried all some characteristics, and all have done well. And, he the caff adds!! Wonderfully Hot, included in meso. Esperanza does not break on me after writing this description. I will be to the touch does .
4 / 5
Colour: SilverStyle Name: 12 Glass/of Cup Carafe there have been a lot of manufacturers of caff on some years and ossia for far some better. The majority of some costruttrici has had was Cuisinart frames, but 2 was Keurig (one was a model a new plus ) loves this car and there is not founding any subjects in a bit those that the weeks had it. Generally I the pot of caff in a morning and use an alone to do fault in an evening or evening. I have used several types of caff and each one to which likes the test adds. It is easy to use and cleaned. Very happy with this compraventa.
5 / 5
Colour: SilverStyle Name: 12 Glass/of Cup Carafe purchase this element because it offers the carafe and only Kcup options. Initially it acts like this announced that; this in spite of, this morning (12/21/17) begin partorisca experience the question with a side of alone cup. Any sure likes to describe that it is going in but looks KCups is overflowing and the earths of caff are doing the complete disorder. Take the next look in a picture. You will see like a water and the earths of caff are touching was around a rim/seam of a KCup. We have tried descaling, included although a light of more cleaned there is not coming never on. We also tried unclogging orients partorisca penetrate upper with the clip of paper. Finally, as it has suggested that that has tried to seat a KCup first to close a brew boss. At all do. We buy this in the so many is having our edges and daughter-in-law (the one who are USAF Airmen) after doing fault the 6 spiegamento of month in SW Asia and our daughter the one who read in NYC visiting partorisca Navidad. The good thing saves or Kreurig. That the waste of money. Judging other clients, Cuisinart needs to imagine out of some a lot of questions with this product like any always treat like this announced that. They owe that also laws in a Service of the client based in commentaries of a majority of clients those who have resupplied revises.
4 / 5
Colour: SilverStyle Name: 12 Glass/of Cup Carafe after looking for for ever partorisca find the costruttore of caff that sustains like this K-Cups and regular earths I finally stumbled to this amazing new emission of Cuisinart. Partorisca A quantity of engineering has required partorisca do this costruttore of caff of big quality, a price is paying is more than justifiable. It is very easy to comprise like this partorisca use and to continuation well of and gladly would recommend this to any of my friends and familiar that amour like this K-Cups and a capacity to use his own earths while it likes. If you are looking partorisca save spatial and have fewer appliances/of cars around a house, does not take any better that this!

Top Customer Reviews: Keurig K-Duo Coffee ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 57 ratings
5 / 5
Partorisca Years all the world has been saying me partorisca take the Keurig reason is a better. It has given up in drip manufacturers of caff reasons caff of product that flavours too many feeble and has watered down partorisca my flavour. It likes-me my caff like this strong could be you the spoon in him. So much, usually it buys expensive Slats with extra shots of expressed. Cela Will give you a little idea of just like strong I like my caff. I have tried recently the French Press to the equal that can have more control in a force. Work well, but is the ache partorisca clean . Like this Kuerig with his convenient K-the cups is a first costruttore of the caff has possessed in the decade or so much.

Has has had to that do room partorisca he of then one something of costruttore of the caff in my counter has been a lot the time of then occupied for other things. This model Kuerig is not the car of caff small, and probably more than would require of then are a drinker of caff only in my house. This in spite of, is good to know can brew the big 12 pot of the cup yes needs to. Mostly I will be partorisca use a way of alone cup , which can brew several measures of different cup until 16oz (my measure), and included has the estrong' setting. Yay!

This neighbour comprises two 16oz stock exchanges of caff of earth in light and to meso raises with to 12 band of K-cups. Yep, This is exiting a lot very in fact. They are well! It is a costruttore of caff BETTER ! I love it and highly recommend it.
Has found this description partorisca be useful at all, please take the moment and click a key down partorisca leave the amazon knows. Thank you So many
5 / 5
Finally the car that will do the pot or so only with the programmable characteristic. Ossia That has been while on. I have had the cuisinart ss-15 this has done a same thing, excepts two partorisca leave working with which 3 months. So many, has substituted he with this Keurig K-Duet. Like this far ossia the a lot of one, but the time will say how long last. We roughly 10 pots and 50 cups the week. You look in a more economic version sold in Wal-Mart, but really wanted a programmable characteristic to the equal that can exit a door quickly in some mornings. But, if it conceal it does not import your, take a more economic version and save some money. In general I do not have any complaint still. Good work Keurig!!
3 / 5
I want to Keurig the caff and some alone servants is like this very like this never. A carafe extremely is in disappointing. It is virtually impossible to touch of a pot without the caff that careers during a counter. It looks that ossia one of a more basic creation the subjects and is inexcusable. Besides, it looks hard to maintain the compatible quality of caff of pot the pot. One $ 80 pot that has substituted the very better work!
4 / 5
It is the good concept . This in spite of him drips the caff every time games. Marcos the puddle.
5 / 5
The inaugural a box, has taken the pleasant surprise -- taped to a cup of my car of test was two boxes of pods and the stock exchange of caff of earth. Has no to give that avenges with caff partorisca begin me was.
Looking inside a box, ossia the well of tight compact car , the looks returns to a space has in a counter- a lot a same height like my old Keurig K-40 only-the diagrams have shot, so only the little wider. Dipping a car jointed and washing some pieces, was the little there is disappointed that the car of the big end like this has not comprised the basket of reusable filter. I will owe that buy some filters of paper in a grocery tent before I can brew the pot that earths of uses. Following some instructions in a booklet have comprised, has dipped a clock, rinsed out of a reservoir of water and a pot and has begun a procedure partorisca do the cleansing rinse of a pot. A book of instruction mentions that it can take 4 minutes partorisca heat on a first time partorisca run a pot of hot water, as I dipped it up and has walked out of him partorisca do other things. I have behind verified in an hour later and a white light still blinked but has not had any water has had brewed. I unplugged A car and reset a clock and began it again partorisca try and brew the pot of just water. It is brewing water this time, but there looked partorisca be some class of the odd delay. Perhaps it have a bubble of air in the line partorisca water to somewhere? A volume of water in this first tries that it use a setting of eight cups and brewed almost 9 cups of water? It is that reason have have to that the restart? I go to run another test brew by means of him and see that it spends. A test brew number 4 in a side of pod looked to do so only well. A second pot of test has run still almost 9 cups. Perhaps they are accountings for a quantity to water some earths of caff will absorb?
Having All dips on, is the cinch to press an on key and the have heat on a water to do the fast pod for the cup of caff in of the just moments.
After my travesa next to a grocery tent to buy filters of paper, has dipped on the pot of caff the brew. It has taken roughly 7 minutes to brew a batch of 8 cups of caff, and some levels of water in a look of pot to be corrected, as it looks was accounting for a water that stays in some earths of caff.
When Using an only-do lacking side of pod of a costruttore of caff, taste that there is of the multiple setting for those that ounces loves in your cup, more the strong ' key if you are in the way for an extra-strong cup. When that Does the cup with some pods, when be able to you in some heats of car on quickly, and is brewing yours hot cup of caff less than the minute.
After using this for the pair of weeks, has to say that in fact it likes and the recommend to of any need concealed the car to have that curve for pods or the full pot.
5 / 5
Ossia Our 3rd Keurig! It is like this better!!!! We love an election of the full pot of caff or the cup, or both!!!!!
Is easy to operate and enjoy this Keurig better that some another!!!
Good work
5 / 5
A better characteristic partorisca was a capacity to have the tank of water of good measure that that can be has situated afterwards to a unit. This 2 things: (1) he he unnecessary to have that fill a costruttore of caff with watering every time is used and (2) a tank can be installed where is more convenient partorisca refilling. I have been partorisca disappoint that there is not any option partorisca do 4 cups that use a carafe characteristic. This means that a minimum with this characteristic is 6 cups. A K-characteristic of the cup enables brewing 4, 8 or 12 ounces. Some directions could be improved reasons when in the first place we purchase it, the think that was defective, when, in fact, is ours very when the be any conscious of some things that pode a brewer of operative.
4 / 5
This Keurig K-the duet is like a better of both worlds in a car compresses - the so only do fault brewer east accommodates our travesa our big plus mugs and the big glass carafe drip manufacturer of caff. I have been using a Keurig 2.0 in fact a lot of years, and this was well in weekdays when my husband and I our caff in different time. I have been partorisca interest in the carafe-based drip system partorisca a weekend or partorisca parties, when have has wanted to do the big pot that could be shared. I have tried the different mark of carafe more so only servants brewers previously and has not been pleased. I have been concerned this Keurig K-the duet would be too big partorisca my counter of some on-line pictures, but my surprised this car has not gone much wider and a Duet was in fact shorter in height for around 1.5'. I have been using some new brewer partorisca the month now and gradually is taking used to a new brewer. Down it is my evaluations like this far:

-Only servants brewer accomodates ours travesa our big plus mugs, comprising some that never returned in a Keurig 2.0, and our caff ceramic main mugs.
-A glass carafe is big and upper inaugural width ossia easy to clean.
-The discharges of system quickly when turned on (although it is stronger that a Keurig 2.0 was)
-Only servants the portion has the estrong' key partorisca do the caff stronger flavoured.
-Drip Portion of caff accomodates 12 cups of caff.
-The reservoir of water is wide and easy to clean was.
-Access of compact measure easily under the cupboard.

-The reservoir of water is in a backside and unless has in a flange of a counter, could has to that turn a car around to take a reservoir on and era.
-A reservoir of water looks smaller that leading models.
-Some controls require the model of the key that presses, in place of the paper of preset options to the equal that have had in ours Keurig 2.0. It is easy to imagine was, but when that tries to take the caff does so it is by train to rush you out of a house, can be frustrate have any paste a estart' the key and a car are fall has slept on you and has not done your caff. (Ossia The nitpicky subject of mine, but so only the opinion to be sure has paste a estart' key and the listen beginning the brew.)
-I keys and the controls are on a scheme - consider this when selecting placing of a device. These controls could be hard to see has low cupboards or something in a device - I prefers a screen forward behind has lit exposed of a Keurig 2.0 in this appearance.

A bit those that other things of note are that this device does not come with any filters of caff fashionable of basket for a drip caff/carafe side. You will require one 12-15 cup max fashionable filters of basket of measure. Also it have to that mention roughly using the filter of water in a reservoir but has not had any filter and any headline of filter has comprised with this device. I create had the headline of filter and the filter of sample has comprised in ours leading Keurig 2.0 cars, but any elements of filter am comprised with a Keurig Duet.

In general I like this new Keurig-Device of Duet like this far. So only it takes some taking used to with which have been using some old suns servants Keurig scheme like this years. Like this far it is doing with all of the mine k-cups and with our reusable k-the cups have dipped caff free in, comprising the together of reusable k-cups that has had pieces sticking is gone in some sides that any returned in a Keurig 2.0 car.
5 / 5
The inaugural a box, has taken the pleasant surprise -- taped to a cup of my car of test was two boxes of pods and the stock exchange of caffè of earth. Has no @to @give that would come with caffè partorisca begin me was.
Looking inside a box, ossia the well of tight compact car , the looks will return to a space has in a counter- a lot a same height like my old Keurig K-40 only-the diagrams have shot, so only the little wider. Dipping a car jointed and washing some pieces, was the little there is disappointed that the car of the big end like this has not comprised the basket of reusable filter. I will owe that buy some filters of paper in a grocery tent before I can brew the pot that earths of uses. Following some instructions in a booklet have comprised, has dipped a clock, rinsed out of a reservoir of water and a pot and has begun a procedure partorisca do the cleansing rinse of a pot. A book of instruction mentions that it can take 4 minutes partorisca heat on a first time partorisca run a pot of hot water, as I dipped it up and has walked out of him partorisca do other things. I have behind verified in an hour later and a white light still blinked but has not had any water has had brewed. I unplugged A car and reset a clock and began it again partorisca try and brew the pot of just water. It is brewing water this time, but there looked partorisca be some class of the odd delay. Perhaps it has had a bubble of air in the line partorisca water to somewhere? A volume of water in this first tries that it use a setting of eight cups and brewed almost 9 cups of water? It is that reason have has had to that the restart? I go to run another test brew by means of him and see that it spends. A test brew number 4 in a side of pod looked to do so only well. A second pot of test has run still almost 9 cups. Perhaps they are accountings for a quantity to water some earths of caffè will absorb?
Having All dips on, is the cinch to press an on key and the have heat on a water to do the fast pod for the cup of caffè in of the just moments.
After my travesía next to a grocery tent to buy filters of paper, has dipped on the pot of caffè the brew. It has taken roughly 7 minutes to brew a batch of 8 cups of caffè, and some levels of water in a look of pot to be corrected, as it looks was accounting for a water that stays in some earths of caffè.
When Using an only-do lacking side of pod of a costruttore of caffè, taste that there is of the multiple setting for those that ounces loves in your cup, more the ‘strong ‘ ‘ ‘' key if you are in the way for an extra-strong cup. When that Does the cup with some pods, when be able to you in some heats of car on quickly, and is brewing yours hot cup of caffè less than the minute.
After using this for the pair of weeks, has to say that in fact it likes and the recommend to of any need concealed the car to have that curve for pods or the full pot.
5 / 5
Loves Keurig the caffè and some alone servants is like this very like this never. A carafe extremely is in disappointing. It is virtually impossible to touch of a pot without the caffè that careers during a counter. It looks that ossia one of a more basic creation the subjects and is inexcusable. Besides, it looks hard to maintain the compatible quality of caffè of pot the pot. One $ 80 pot that has substituted the very better work!

Top Customer Reviews: Instant Pot Dual ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5
It has Used partorisca be the snob of caffè like the ees has used the plot of crew partorisca house on some years. And the ees mellowed these years as it has accepted them that a cup 'perfect' is like a saint grail--a lot of elusive and expensive to pursue. Still, the search to use my experience partorisca take a better cup can them of comparatively manufacturers of caffè economic.

Partorisca Years the cars of the capsule averted until the no. He roughly done 15 years has taken them the nespresso car of slat and when it concealed one is exited with which roughly 7 years, has taken them the nespresso lattissima touch and the, together with the caffè org has certified drip car (and aeropress and french press and game on for variety), has been my workhorse. He in fact done the slat with a key and to use the reusable capsule could upload them my own expressed earths. But a water here is terrible and kills all and for diverse reason can them does not filter and has alleged finally mine nespresso still this in spite of has looked for them revive he to buy several parts. And mine drip the costruttore has died a same time like this the the cost begun for substitutions.

Like has had eschewed cars of capsule in a past, has had to them that negligence very big for a keurig diagram--not surprising yes has read any descriptions at all. A better of them say that a caffè is like this tepid soiled water. But it was them intrigued to learn this pot of instant has done the car that has used both nespresso capsules and k-cups and has researched them further. It was obvious that v1 of a car has not been the value that shabby, but when it has seen them any youtube revises to aim that a new /intrepid/ setting has augmented a temperature, has begun them to take the seriously--especially of has had them the capsules of the hundred of the pair has left. Like this when it is gone on sale recently for $ 60 of retailer bought it to them and a pot of instant frother to substitute a the'd estada using in fact a lot of years.

And yeah, the very really pot of instant of the confidence to take the legislation of car of the caffè, but the esees has used his steamers of a model of prime minister and trusts him to them implicitly to know like this to build heating elements. His 2-in-1 car has announced 19 bars of pressure for one expressed side and although any brew boss temp has been given, one in a temperature of cup indicated it could be quite big. And the can not tolerate caffè that is not able of scalding my tongue.

Well, the'go digressed long enough, like this the go to list simply pros and gilipollas after using he for roughly 3 weeks now:

cut- temp is around 180Âş (using /the intrepid/ frame) which is enough to satisfy me and are them quite demanding.

Reservoir of lights and enormous water for big tide and for descaling.

Using peets that imports dickensen k-the cups will do caffè like good or a lot almost like the certificate drip frames although no like this as well as he french press or aeropress or game-on, is faster, easier and less cleaned on that these methods.

Expressed HAS good cream and, using a nespresso capsules, like this well like nespresso diagram the ees possessed (but see gilipollas).

The biggie. Literally it will destroy plastic nespresso capsules 3-5 times out of 10! It has asked in fact the question on here and pot of the at least feigned instant to not comprising a question and has not answered when it has asked them roughly that. A fact Am giving them these 4 stars in spite of these shows the one who versatile and useful is otherwise. Although to the pot of instant says any for the , the plan to try my capsules of reusable steel later on and, although they are much more expensive, tries to buy capsules of aluminium of some uses.

The crowbar to impulse an upper up feels fragile and looks to take too much force to open and near. And more especially when it is eaten the plastic capsule and jammed he up in there.

Would like me be able to dip /intrepid/ permanently and does not have to that press the key every time. Drunk-hoo, Well? :)

The container of capsule has used is well, but a drip the paving is the true ache in a butt. It is hard to take and to install and has the a lot of flimsy coverage and is quite hard to clean.

5 / 5
love an intrepid Characteristic, the products to 10 terracing hoards hotter that expressed and caffè. There is beeps now but can turn him was. It likes- one light of big tide. It looks very new and modern. Marcos the utmost K caffè of the cup and I likes him be able to do one expressed of the Nespresso Pod.
5 / 5
Love our caffeine in this house, but taste the caffè in a morning, expressed in an evening. We have had the commercial note Kuerig and has thought roughly taking it nespresso car. But, we have not wanted to take on too spatial of counter in our bar of caffè/butler pantry.

This car is a perfect balance . He the caffè adds, expressed. It is everything in a so that it saves spatial. Also it is ready to brew in of the second vs a Kuerig. They are very pleased with this compraventa and the recommend.
4 / 5
Uses a reusable filter has comprised to do so only servings of the mine caffè own, more than some waste of disposable k-cups. Work a lot well. It likes-me that has the intrepid setting and the low profile. A tank is easy to fill and some easy keys to operate. It is a lot quickly. I have not tried a Nespresso pods in him still. A thing to be conscious of this that the only takes an original Nespresso pods and any new plus some. On sale is to good sure the good value, compared with an equivalent Keurig. It is big reservoir means calm is not having a no added to file it every day. Also, reason is of Instant, calm is not restricto to Keurig proprietary/has authorised kcups and filters.

is also state using a Nespresso works of characteristic… of the pod extremely well! Very happy!
4 / 5
Ossia The a lot of underwhelming looking costruttore of caffè! No quite but like this far it is doing well. He the very strong, clunky his when you have closed an upper to do caffè. Has the very short cord. A tank of water in a backside is not my first preference (has to pull it was to the transmission and calm can not see a level). Has the “intrepid” setting but I can not say any difference among the regulate brew or when I press it Intrepid— takes a same quantity to time to do a cup of caffè as I am not sure that really works. So only it has some pricks in a pod so that it waters goes entirely the difference of a new plus Keurigs this has three punctures to give the flavour it plus fill (purportedly). Probably I expect It More the ANNOYING is that continuous to DRIP with which is fact brewing so that it will require to empty a drip walk often.
Likes that it is much faster that a Keurig—his timed that careers a same time, IP is much faster! It heats on fast but no like this quickly likes Keurig. A fact that the brews expressed using a Nespresso the pods is an ONLY reason am considering maintaining this costruttore of caffè. It was honradamente disappointed in a measure and look and the one who strong, clunky is.
5 / 5
Used it Nespresso diagrams of original line before this and this was the terrible experience. A Instapot the costruttore of caffè is súper easy to use, has decent storage that does not build on liquid interior he. A build on the paving is separated of a tray of pod like this entirely take any potential to spill when touching has has used pods. An indicator of the level of the water is well, included although calm clearly can see a level of water. It adds to this a capacity to also do K-the cups and this car is the solid 5 stars. Having a capacity to both Nespresso pods of original line and K-the cups opens the significantly wide election of options for yours palate of caffè.
5 / 5
Has bought this, likes more, as it could have both the Nesspresso and he Kcup car. Work so that it has expected. So only had for the pair of days but loves the like this far. I hate that he no returned the 20oz Yeti hoards properly like this is my gone the cup of caffè. So only require the pair of cm of extra height to do this work. I can take a subordinated was and operates it to it but these looks of car to have to that it weaves of drips with which has completed a brew. It has to that have a subordinated to prevent he to go in a counter or expect small extras for him to take slime entirely. They are too impacienta to expect for him partorisca take. Like this far those are my only complaints . It is the little hard to close like another has said but does not feel fragile like any subject for me there. It would buy again. Looks Well in a counter. Simple and elegant. Good unit everywhere like this far…
4 / 5
want to all the caffè of things. It was excited like this to take my hands in this car. When it Has arrived there is remarked waters was in a car already. This in spite of new era “ mark” no the car has used. On the one of the this odorato likes bleach in a car. Once I the pair of the water of test dispenses (only water any pod) has inserted then to pod. When A pod was brewing anchors it odorato likes bleach. A caffè in a same cup has odorato likes bleach. I have taken the small sip and ANY WAY! Something was to good sure was. Needless To say it has been returned to Amazon. Save your money and time and go for the Keurig or to pot of caffè basic.
4 / 5
Ossia An option abordable that is easy to use and does not take on too spatial of counter! It is the compact version of two cars in an and each one operates lateralmente to the equal that would expect. My caffè is like this good and my husband loves his expressed! A caffè brews quickly and is not scalding hot, but the good temperature. My husband was wary to take the dual car after his expressed the costruttore has died. Everything of his worries of the dual car have been dipped to rest after his prime minister expressed and a lot of cup later is for his amour for this car. Instapot Do again!