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Top Customer Reviews: Eureka WhirlWind ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
1 / 5
Utilisation partorisca LOVE this vacuum. Unfortunately THESE DESCRIPTIONS ARE NO LONGER PERTINENT. PLEASE negligence old descriptions. We have had this vacuum partorisca years and has LOVED THAT! It was sper strong, has done incredibly well and resisted until multiple of daily use for the years a lot that has to that never substitute anything. When We finally decided to purchase the new a (reason a piece of the paving so only required to be refreshed), a wine of new model and has been horrible!! We have had he for the few months and are of then has to that purchase the new vacuum! A hose is economic to crap and is broken already. Some places where some curves of hose of a natural law of vacuuming no longer unbend. Like this unless you resist it opens with your hands, some stays of hose have bent closed. A piece to walk is now smaller and does not choose up likes uses to been due to a form. Also, some three poles that connects a piece of the paving to a hose is like this economic his CONSTANTLY EXITED or take free while vacuuming and is like this aggravating. So only yesterday, a half part there is broken inner on the one hand a lower and is no longer able to use a piece to walk... So only a hose.

An on/was the key has been changed also and taken roughly 3 or 4 slams of my foot for him to finally remains on.

Please go back to an old model!!!! This vacuum is horrible!!!

If you are not going to, then list a vacuum low to the new listing like him some old descriptions that it is wonderful does not go with a new model.

is prefect! And it helps the tonne
1 / 5
In the first place it was, to the left say me that has Very possessed Mites partorisca on 15 years. It wins him. My prime minister a lasted partorisca 12 years and was the workhorse. Mina second period so only 3 years but this was why my boy has broken the wheel out of him (long history). Like this when I have had to that find the substitution, immediately has looked for so only another A lot of Mite. Any same tent around.

And has then discovered that they had changed some things of the mine last model and I have to that say are sorely disappointed it. [Modified to add - be sure to read by means of a subordinated - is so only 5 month later and has broken to a point that is exiting to some rubbishes)

A new creation of an annex of the paving so only does on perfectly paving of walk (hardwood, linoleum, any-nap coverages) and so only yes uses with a bristles retracted.

A reason has loved my spent A lot Mites was that one) could use he in all my rooms, comprising a one room with the low-nap carpeting and another room with the slightly shaggy coverage, and b) could extend a bristles in a fund of an annex of the paving and those would take all some long hairs my daughters there is spilt!

That has discovered is that it try use he with a bristles has extended on something with the low-nap, an annex of results to walk angled in such the way that pressing it forward results 3x like hard like first, And he looses almost all suction when it begin for the attractive behind. An attaches in fact bounces on an earth like attractive calm he behind! There is any way to have the smooth behind-and-rhythm of advances... It is HARD PUSH , and then pulls behind until ACK! I initiate you one something needs the vacuum like this do this part again.

Had not launched still was the mine Beats old Mite and have tried like this an annex of old paving hooked until this canister. All has done perfectly. As I can say that this canister has power of good suction...

Has called Eureka sustain of client to see finishing to take the defective model, and while it was very sympathetic to my questions, clears that this was so only like some annexes to walk am drawn now. Had try it on a carpeting without a bristles has extended, and solve a question of an annex that is hard to press... Reason now slightly go together with one feels of any suction in Both DIRECTIONS. :(

Says that they have done a lighter of the new annexes and this was probably reason was having these questions and that listened it this other clients also.


Will share the little of other transmissions to draw also:

in an old A lot of Mite, has comprised two plastic tubes hard long to create one 'wand' this left you partorisca be and vacuum. It liked that I have required the vacuum of something more after, could burst was a (or both) of some tubes to use he for things like stairs or cobwebs in a ceiling of basement, etc.

A new A lot Mite use the alone metal, telescoping wand. This has an advantage that can regulate you he besides small increments... So you are slightly main or shorter that a half person, calms that can do a right height for you to do some pavings. And it calms that can regulate down to half-to period likes (in essense) can do in some same works where would use so only some tubes of an old model. A down side, this in spite of, is that it is the heaviest plot . If you have used often an old wand for tall work, goes to find your arms that takes the most tired plot with this model.

Finally, has changed an on-was transmission. Use to be maquinal -- has had the tactile feeling and the 'click' that has been with the turn on. A new transmission LOOKS one same but no one same. Starts to press it and a car is suddenly on. But if any calm the the a lot of the time has pressed enough, then a car could turn was when taken your toe (or foot) was. Like this then it calms he again. It can be that we will take used his, but has asked each member of a familiar to try a new vacuum (without saying them my thoughts) and all the world displeased a new transmission.

This model still has good suction and is light/maneuverable. It likes quota of reviewers there is remarked, a hose is light and can kink easily but my second A lot of Mite was likes that as it has had the habit of concealed.

My plan is to use my annex of old paving with a new vacuum... And when this one dies someday, the supposition will be compraventa around and trying out of the pocolos give different form.

[Jan has added 27, 2016... wow, 5 month later and are of then has to that buy the new vacuum. An economic hose has begun to kink more and more frequently, until it was literally kinking well for a boss each alone time there is pulled behind on that. This resulted So that it worsens that I have pressed down last in a transmission to be able to (the same one person in mine familiarised legustado) and broke it apparently. BUYER BEWARE -- some descriptions of pasts of years where this was the GOOD product no longer apply of Eureka has changed like this of some parts to the most economic pieces of junk!]
1 / 5
Left me amour this produced and has had multiple on some years. It adds little horse of work.
Now am returning mine 2nd rear to Eureka. Out of a box a transmission has not done.
Second substitution vacuum has done 3-4 times and a transmission have been again. Called Eureka agent
has said has had of the has had subjects with a transmission that goes partorisca take these products have cleared!
1 / 5
Experience in October 2016 and he so only died on me yesterday. The volume has cured a lot well of vacuums and has done the plot partorisca research before purchasing is one. The disappointing.
3 / 5
So much, ossia the mixed stock exchange . A canister vacuum is awesome partorisca hair of pet on forest and pavings of tile. An attaches of the pet partorisca mobile are adds.
But a hose... OMG The one who the piece of junk. It is done of plastic and start of a box already kinked in 2 places. If you maintain a hose directly, is adds. But try and maintain the hose directly when calm in fact is using a vacuum. Some costs of substitution among 25 and 35 dollars. As to have the good vacuum, will finalise to pay in the dollars of hundred after substituting a hose.
5 / 5
I have had this vacuum partorisca on 5 years now and has has not had never one something of question with him. I have read some of some negative things another reviewers active posted and honradamente does not comprise his complaints. Ossia The canister vacuum cleaner, no the aeroplane of jet.

1. It is plastic hard , as the majority of canister vacuums is. An organism of a unit is done of a lot of sturdy, the fat plastic and some wheels are solid and work well.
2. Has the period of long cord. If it was any plus along , is unwieldy. It does not think has a lot vacuum this has the cord that is long quite a lot of discharges he so only in once and vacuum a whole house. A cord is long enough the vacuum two big rooms.
3. A hose is also plastic often and any kink.
4. Any all some annexes am returned to an organism of a vacuum but could any me worry less in that. I have bought some tools of the extra annex and I maintain all some annexes in the small rubbishes can spends concealed with me I so that it goes of room the room.
5. There is quite static as where alive. Alive in Tucson where is dry and there there is usually the plot of static in an air. It is not the dysfunction of a hose that has static and that the hair takes his so much you vacuum. So only it wets the cloth of more cleaned, swipe he down a hose and all a hair and other few bits exit easily. Then it attacks a hose with a anti-spent of static dryer.
6. This vacuum has the plot to suck can and has the sliding piece that that can be opened or closed according to what can require. Utilisation for all - dusting, pavings and carpeting. For carpeting, uses it to suck on all some hairs to surface then uses my Oreck whole for more cleaned of the deepest carpet. If I any this, the hair takes wrapped around some wheels of a Oreck and is the ache to choose them was.
7. A piece that a hose connects to this metal, any plastic, and can be extended to full period for pavings or shortcuts for dusting.
8. A HEPA the law of filter adds. No more the muck that evasions out of a backside of a vacuum.
9. Like A 'pet' the works of annex are self-evident and any instruction is required to comprise to like work.
10. Some stock exchanges that this vacuum the uses owe that flap that has spent a hole, as when a stock exchange is full and is taken was to dip in some rubbishes, at all fallen out of a stock exchange.

Any one!

Are very happy with this vacuum, which almost have used every day for on five years, and highly recommend it to any any one the good canister vacuum.
2 / 5
I have used he partorisca the little time, and has tried taste the and the maintain, but has decided them gone back the after all...
First of all, there is a bit [ros:
1. A vacuum is compact and light, and an upper boss are add, everything of this mark that sweeps in stairs so easier!
2. I have wanted to take the canister, as I can achieve mobile basses and other tight spaces more easily that my whole a. This some servants that purpose.
3. There is not a lot of subject on blowing out of powder. This was a subject with a leading bagless vacuum has had. It is for this that take this bagged a this time. Everything looks to be properly sealed with this vacuum, like this far.

1. There is the defect to draw of entity in a function of carpet of the paving does not slip in hides reason does not have the roller. It imagines it try to run some two pieces of the velcro against each another, ossia how is to like when using this vacuum on carpet or coverages.
2. REALLY they require to do a cord rewindable... It is the big ache in a butt every time has to that manually wind out of a cord to use it and wind he behind with which uses The VACUUM!
3. An attach of the paving does not tend to remain in a very fallen clave was easily while the the use. Raisin like this often that it is it to it resulted to him the subject real for me.
4. Some needs to tube to be fact with material of the main quality. It tends to bend easily and cut of a flow of air. Raisin like this often that it is it to it resulted to him the subject real for me.

I really tried to do this vacuum laws for me, but so only can no...
5 / 5
4 years ago has has registered descriptions on Amazon, looking for a champion of vacuums. All another has has tried fracasado, dying for estrangulacin. You see, has a lot of hair of time, anywhere of has spent my shoulders to spent my waist. My daughter also has long hair. Any partorisca mention that has the dog. There is the plot of the hair that goes in! And ossia apparently the treacherous terrain partorisca some suckers that is gone in my house one for one. Strong integer contenders with going the paintbrushes would be wrapped on, unable to move, with a trips by means of my house. Steps more time with the pair of the scissors that tries to release some paintbrushes of a snares of tresses partorisca more the time that take partorisca clean. And so only it back an unavoidable day when it no longer involves in battle. It dares the devils have come and has gone interior 1-6 month. But then, this vacuum arrived and Eureka! Last 4 years. Without paintbrushes partorisca turn, and perfectly walk clean, was very happy. But alas, this final warrior has lost finally his force. He still careers and perhaps are so only any quite a lot of connoisseur for the fix. It is a tired champion . I have gone back to buy another.
5 / 5
I have had this vacuum partorisca on 5 years now, and as it was hosing was again partorisca clean was/out of drywall powder, have fallen enamoured throughout again. I have abused this little car, has included to fall quell'was the ladder recently. I wiggled a innards the joints have retreated again, and work like the charm. But where the really the resplandores is partorisca clean on drywall powder! I have spent this to one remodels does (a bath) and used it partorisca clean on horrible consequences of an evening of sanding new drywall vase-- has fine dust everywhere. Mina A lot of Mite stood up to any Tent Vac, but there is taken on cup of the plot less room. A HEPA the filters are MONEY ! Some stock exchanges is the sleep and take the majority of a powder, but a HEPA filter in a backside of a vacuum has maintained really a fully contained work--any powder partorisca blow out of a backside to my fourth relatively cleaned. When A vacuum there is prendido partorisca suck, has changed disposable stock exchanges--which are abordables--and has been of tower in business. I am buying the pair more filter--also abordables--just to have manually.
A good vacuum is priceless, and this an excellent east.
1 / 5
We have had this vacuum partorisca 5 years and he have broken - some tabs that resists spent forward has broken was. The ones of the that sees that any in clear alcohol would buy it. Partorisca A calm price think can take the better PLOT vacuum these days. The main complaints are a noise - significantly stronger our forwards Kenmore Magic blue to a point where am using protects of noise. Also cord of long power without results of rewind partorisca be the question partorisca we like this noone wants to dip the backside.

Besides has discovered today that some of an air bypasses optional HEPA the filter has attached to a backside. If taken the calm wheel was will see 16 holes in the each side where evasions of air bypassing HEPA filter. Considering HEPA the street of filter is more restrictive are likely that the majority of one exhausts the air is not filtered at all. I am planning to substitute he with different one once last few stock exchanges are used up.

Has attached photo to filter bypass holes as well as the video that compares his among this vacuum and Kenmore. Kenmore Is 10 A vs this 12 A but difference of the level of the sound is much more there 20. The level of audio has been fixed in camera thus video.

A tube is done of horrible plastic and does not resist never forms.

Last 1/3 of what time Kenmore is lasted. But they are happy pauses , has been partorisca compraventas for something to better plot.

In general this am extracted bad , especially consider to pay on fifty bucks.

Top Customer Reviews: Bissell Zing ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
5 / 5
Colour: Green BaglessStyle: Zing Canister This could be the add vacuum, has a potential. Very powerful, and enough has done well. It excepts Has a creation a lot changes defect:

A telescoping hose extenders (this right plastic tubes this connects to a hose) and some tools of the paving does not close or click to the each one which another. His so only slide to the each one which another. This leaves him to pull avert All the time. Especially when calm is not in the paving of hard forest, likes carpet or any one another material surface. A suction is very strong, like this strong that when you pull was a telescoping extenders or a tool of the explosions to walk was. A lot frustrating, and could be be solve of the simple plastic interlocking click or creation of lock. It does not look for it likes it it is cost Bissell a lot of money to add one closing/clicking characteristic in some plastic parts, as his very odd and a lot ready because it has drawn he without him...

An only solution can think of this duct taping these extenders and a tool of the paving to one extends. This in spite of, this will be a lot annoy every time I need to take was and king-apply a duct tape after using a vacuum.

I suspect that Bissell has done in fact this deliberately bad product purposefully. If you look in a Bissell 4122 (basically a bagged version of this vacuum) does not have this question. A telescoping extenders and some tools of the paving so much has to that after mechanisms and a telescoping extenders is fact of the a lot of better stainless steel, in place of economic plastic. And ossia for a same price like bagless personal, and practically have some same specs. I am guessing Bissell done the majority of his money in the people that buys some stock exchanges, likes the subject of printer wins money for the people that ink of compraventa. They are not in winning money in a bagless personal, as they draw more economic and terribly, while a bagged the personnel is upper, still for a same price. Tactical soiled for Bissell.
5 / 5
Colour: Green BaglessStyle: Zing Canister Like our robot vacuum does not take to some corners (that?! A Round vacuum can not clean the corner??), also I can a lot exactly spend around the enormous weighed vacuum- for this a robot in a first place.

Enters a Bissell Zing.
In spite of some mixed descriptions, has decided to go for him of then is Like this economic, on Amazon, and the mark has trusted. Our house is Mainly Hardwood with carpet in some chambers and stairs. To the left say, this thing is Surprising.

IS Like this light, not even 10lbs; any quantity a lot in all the chance bc of some enormous wheels in a canister basic. So only I can pull he to the long of behind me, any question.

Then has a suction, uses with 1 pole on and a house/baseboard attaches on that. There is So much power of suction, in fact can clean your hairbrushes with this vacuum cleansing. (My hair is almost to my waist... As you can imagine)

And for some first time do not seat never sure cleaning a darn canister. That of course a hubs is in a moon roughly. I mean it is it likes to choose on the caff mug and pressing the key, then some the inferior falls were! Reason can a lot of they all be that easy.
Was fresh avenges with some plastic longitude tweezers the grab on inner around a filter... The calm supposition can there is not all this in spite of poden calm.

Like this yes is requiring the additional vacuum to take your corners, baseboards, wall, windows, defenders, etc. And/or there is Mainly walk hard and/or calm or any in a house has a quantity of excessive/period of hair...

Absolutely would recommend this produces yours.
5 / 5
Colour: Green BaglessStyle: Zing Canister Very like this when I have taken was the little concerned because of a measure of a box. It IS everything there. A lot easy to dip near. Still it comes with the pocolos accessories. This little canister has suction a lot good. Works astonishingly. It is done more for pavings and interior/ of external carpet. Work in the fattest carpet. This in spite of calm can not move boss behind and advances like the normal vacuum in the fattest carpet. If not to impose you that goes a way with a vacuum and then directions of transmission. To you it is the hair shedder likes is will collect it on a nozzle and calm can choose was without him taking all complicated inside a canister. Like this far I love this vacuum
4 / 5
Colour: Maroon BaggedStyle: Zing Canister Remarce: my house is very small with at all BUT of the tight spaces. Has no plush carpet, any boy and any pet.

I few years, am spent of one, then another of a Kenmore canister vacs. When A telescoping the wand has broken in a second one, has been partorisca look and found some personnel a new plus: the same complaints have had in a two I has possessed. I have HATED These vacuum cleansing. Enough. Reason not looking in something smaller and more economic? A Kenmore and one 'beater-fence' thingy was weighed too much and big for me and a house in all the chance.

My husband laughed when I have said has bought the $ 49 vacuum cleansing. When it Arrives, name some two annexes, 'to Build-Of the-alleged of Bears' has looked of then has been with the house of the Wrist. True, is useless. But hilarious. As I have bought paintbrush and crevace tools on (control of Amazon of the uses-was) after buying the pair here alleging to be 1 1/4 thumb when I have not been. Read some descriptions. I have not attached Never a headline comes with.

A vacuum is like this small and light I chooses it up for a boss and walk around without thinking. Pulling it behind am a lot also, at all detaches. A suction is like this although some first time turned it on I accidentally sucked on something has not meant to and has has had to that the extract. One attaches of the paving is quite small to return where the require to. With an old, big vacuum has has had to that do a half of some pavings, then go back again after taking an annex to walk was - I could a lot of some corners or around and low mobiles ect with him on!

Regarding a sound done, I always vacuum spending spent for the listened as it does not remark anything unusual there. A telescoping the wand is well for 5'6' me. My house is a paving , but this would be adds with stairs. A cord and the hose am quell'has bitten shorter that in a big vacuum cleansing, but no the question. One IN the key is located in a vacuum he more than in an end of a hose, to the to the equal that likes. If it breaks in the pair of years, has done like this an expensive plus some have possessed, and I in fact Like this one.
5 / 5
Colour: Maroon BaggedStyle: Zing Canister Likes quota another reviewers has declared, an annex of the paving does not remain attached to a wand partorisca more than as small when a vacuum is into use. A solution is partorisca buy the annex of universal paving which would have to that remain in a vacuum without any subject. THE emailed with Bissell cured of client of crew of half comunicacionales social and in spite of everything of some complaints, alleges is unusual and can not imagine reason attaches will not remain on (involving a lot already know that an annex is defective and has not imagined out of that all of an Amazon reviewers already have). We ask me to us partorisca box on a vacuum and the send to them in his cost. They would maintain partorisca 2-3 weeks and then say me that decides. I assume more folks do a same decision that has done and spend of the extra money partorisca buy the new annex.

IS an economic vacuum so that it has not had big expectations when I bought it. But in fact still it thinks a vacuum compraventa good while you know will require partorisca spend of the extra money in an annex.

- The price adds
- Strong suction
- Easy to gather
- Light

- the annex to Walk is defective/useless
- There there is still the 'hule in of the llamas' smell when I the course. It have expected that a smell would turn with use.
5 / 5
Colour: Maroon BaggedStyle: Zing Canister has had a Bissell Zing bagged cleansing partorisca the few months. My last canister vacuum was partorisca spend it the aspirador PortaPower this is lasted roughly 20 years. This was the add vacuum but some the plastic annexes have been breaking and a suction is declining has decided like this partorisca the substitute. Has fine it-house of the pet and I maintain the base of a cost with the just quantity of the sand that filter in a house in of the feet and in a wind. As with any appliance there is pros and gilipollas to a Bissell Zing.
1. Adjustable suction. Has thinks that that this would be the beast gimmick, but finds it gain. Some settings some lower leave me to vacuum spent of the cat of the mats of light weight situate while some settings some big plus chooses on spilt kibble easily.
2. In some settings some low plus, is not horribly strong. Still in some settings some big plus is quell'has bitten calmer that mine old Spends the aspirador.
3. It IS easy to use and tent. It likes-me a retractable cord.
4. A wand is metal a lot of and sturdy, and easily adjustable during use.
5. A vacuum the boss is easy to manoeuvre around hard pavings.
6. A stock exchange is the reasonable measure that looks to last the pair of month (fine-pet and sand).
7. Has the pair of filters that attended will extend a life of an engine. If the mine Spends the aspirador has had these, probably still be using that one.


1. A vacuum the boss is the little thickness to return under my stove, etc.
2. A headline of tool is useless likes to take on pieces of furniture and decrease of point.
3. A headline of the tool does not import in all the chance because a crevice tool/dusting the paintbrush is laughably stupid and less than useless. I can not imagine that any the one who there is has not used never the vacuum has drawn that what ridiculous. I have bought the universal apt paintbrush for less than $ 10 this does a trick. A tool of upholstery is quite small also.
4. A plastic hose that attaches to a wand of good metal is quell'has bitten economic. It looks mine that will last it several years this in spite of.
5. Some stock exchanges are expensive. Almost I have not taken this vacuum because of a price of stock exchange, but thinks that was the trade -was for an efficiency of more cleaned of a vacuum.

Like this in everything, a pros outnumber a gilipollas and a price is reasonable. Of course it was done in Cina how is more economic that need to be. My beef my big plus is with one stupid small bitty crevice/dusting tool. It IS too short and thickness to in fact take in any crevice and and owe toe a paintbrush around to use it. A paintbrush is not so only tiny and flimsy but in the 90 corner of terracing to a suction so that it was uncomfortable to use although it was the good paintbrush . The calm look will not find the picture of him anywhere. Like this here it is one has taken. I ask calm that it is supposition to do with this thing? In general, fully they are while east to be the good vacuum for a money is past.
5 / 5
Colour: Green BaglessStyle: Zing Canister has had this vacuum partorisca the pair of weeks and like this far am really happy with him. Has all the hard pavings in my house (mostly forest). Has two young boys and he looks likes does always crumbs and other disorders in a paving. I have had an integer vacuum and resembles so only press a muck and crumbs around a paving, like rings something concealed has been drawn partorisca hard pavings more than hides. This returns a bill.

A suction in a lot of powerful. I have had it take slightly jammed the little time when I vacuum on something too big, but has been easy partorisca fix and go back the vacuuming.

Ossia My third bagless vacuum and is an easy plus to empty. I also like a retractable cord. I want that a canister is like this light and easy to spend when necessary. It goes well by means of some pavings, although there is it pulled occasionally on while vacuuming, which is the little annoying. But he no happy too often.

Has the few coverages of zone in my house. This very on the but does not add . Partorisca me Conceal is not the breaker of extracted.
4 / 5
Colour: Maroon BaggedStyle: Zing Canister has read some descriptions, which has been mixed, some costs of people with him, and some have said that the falls averts. But I have loved the small vacuum and does not have carpet or pets, as think it is cost taking the risk. But like a lot of people have said, the falls averts. After using it roughly 3 times, some group that controls a piece of the extension in place is fallen off and then other parts that begins that they fall off also. It was also uncomfortable to use, a boss a lot of rotate and turn a lot easily so it is trying manoeuvre around things, is not like this smooth. A canister is hanged very light that it is well for lifting he, but is like this light that finds to plot. Quell'Conceals has not been the subject big for me, but could be for some people. In a positive side a suction is very strong. But you grieve a wand of extension has broken, has launched he in some rubbishes and has bought the new more expensive vacuum, which love.
4 / 5
Colour: Maroon BaggedStyle: Zing Canister adds Vaccum, the very good Work. I vacuumed now all the classes partorisca walk with him: forest, Laminate, tile, diffrent types of carpets
sucction is awesome, taking is a muck goes.
Boss retracts quickly, a sucction the law of control adds.
HAS the total of 3 wheels in some subordinated - 2 in some behind and 1 swirl arround wheel in a zone forward, how is a lot easy to manoeuvre
has to that exchange some stock exchanges, but is a lot easy to do.
Are a lot happy with my new stylish has lived vaccum partorisca this price of subject.
5 / 5
Colour: Maroon BaggedStyle: Zing Canister has bought two of this useless vacuum cleansing.. I have thought a fact that a prime minister one has broken quickly was the simple fluke, but a second a has broken immediately with which receive it to us. It is disturbing that the cars are built these bad and only arrivals partorisca create dumps of the main rubbishes and squandering an earth is (and an unsuspecting buyer is) resorted.

Top Customer Reviews: EyeVac PRO ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
It can not decide I have wanted a house or professional version of easterly, but arrival to go with a professional model since has two longitude-haired dogs, the cat, and my fianc and I so much have long hair. This void FAR surpasses my expectations. My Husky is blowing his cloak right now, bad is sweeping a house two times the day. Like The test, brushed his interior and has collected a rind of half of his organism in a stack. It shows a video to see some marks of empty low work of him.

To good sure purchase this has hardwood/melts to tile. It is surprising and 1000000% value he. And I have bought a more extended guarantee time very possible so that I want to this in last for ever - recommend take this product also.
3 / 5
It uses the dozen or so of these in need of hair in deserting a cube and cleanup of a filter. Once it smells like the hair in of the llamas is done. A hair will take spent some filters and clog in an engine and he are almost impossible of the usable again. They utmost at the beginning, but necessity to do sure is emptied and cures of. There is at all more cual these in this prize and portable, as we continue to purchase them. Justo necessity to do sure is verified on. They could do utmost to use to house to owe clear, but use them in him in some half heavy, the be has prepared. It do not think it it has had a work of indicator of full cube in any one of them, can not trust concealed.
5 / 5
Amur This vac! Fang All my whole fund and push he until a front of a machine and I are done. No more in the left in sand/of powder/grit in mop on, a broom and that is.
Stars of big premium for a company
has purchased my EyeVac in June, the powers of stray December very light any suction. I am trace a EyeVac website and filled out of the report. In 3 hours have taken the response to verify my filter. I have done even so at all... I have answered in an email and again in 3 hours have answered. A next day there has been the number to follow for my new EyeVac in a road. It was here in 3 business days.
Comprises products the company that the supports by behind his product is priceless in me!! I can not give quite a lot of stars for that. Happy happy happy!!
5 / 5
This is surprising! I hate to sweep a fund of cookery. Val, is not one sweeping, but a sprain on to sweep a muck in the casserole of powder and whenever it leaves the line of muck very import what marks. You declare seen taking our debugging of void in a cookery only the eschew this. ( It please to say me is not an only unit)

This machine sucks in the each cradle, each needle of pasador, each hair. I want to it! There is the model that is $ 20 cheaper, but is only 1000 watts. This one this 1400 watts , and I like a better look. 40% more it schemes for $ 20? They go for him. It spends an extra. You will want to it!
3 / 5
It uses the dozen or so of these in need of hair in deserting a cube and cleanup of a filter; Once it smells like the hair in of the llamas is done. A hair will take spent some filters and clog in an engine and he are almost impossible of the usable again. They utmost at the beginning, but necessity to do sure is emptied and cures of. There is at all more cual these in this prize and portable, as we continue to purchase them. Justo necessity to do sure is verified on. They could do utmost to use to house to owe clear, but use them in him in some half heavy, the be has prepared.
4 / 5
So that there is mostly melt to take, has purchased two of these for my house. So far they are that they live until his recoveries. Has any cat or of the small boys, as I have left the mine posed in automatic road, which the even more convenient to use. An engine is very powerful and leaves any rests to be chosen up. In the One to him to only thing does not like him is that of a hair of dog and muck all the bond in a filter in place of falling in a fund of a reservoir of muck. Very take it bonded among one goes of a filter, as I can no any dump very only out of a muck. I have to take a filter, the controls in a poden of rubbish, and brush each a junk was the more beat. That is to say objectionable for the pair of reasons. In the first place, it is the ache in a collar. More than entity, so that these HEPA the filters do not take substituted, is the real problem that takes so soiled and clogged like fast. To relieve this problem embroiled the cloak of the dryer used around a filter and has ensured he with groups of rubber. It opens When it take it coated with material, can peel was and substitute he without that has to clean and wash a filter every time.

Update: I have turned of an automatic characteristic in an of these so that my husband has said that this listens gone in two times during a night! The only explanation can think of this that the spider has posed was. :)
No. Of update 2: A thing of cloak of the dryer is not all this easy or, as I have purchased two spare filters. It opens it Brushes some launches of a filter and wash it when is time . I have averted he in dry and has posed one of some changes in a EyeVac. It researches to be working VAL.
5 / 5
Surprising! Has 3 huskies. 2 it IS woolly cloak and each what three east spilling a same time. The mine behind is freaking kill me angling on constantly and rind of good luck that the marks in a poden of rubbish without flying was and any preoccupy me what this careful. I WANT TO THIS. It whitewashes The debugging of void in a butt! He empties without the disorder. Any necessity in deserting the external or. I can not think a quantity of rind and muck this thing can handle and he a lot of covers. 3 side huskies in a country. All the world would have to have unit All the world would have to buy or for an elderly familiar member to do his easier life with some aches of aches and old lady. This thing is taking posed in a test with my huskies. Anything concealed done the coast of the EASIEST LIFE a cost! If these pauses ... I am buying to nine unit
5 / 5
That is to say a thing more orders never! To well sure a compraventa of appliance of the house the more loans this has done the long time.
HAS the Flight-Vac and work well, has done well, until my dog peed in the. A robotic vacs is expensive and then has an attach-ons. It do not take Me begun, only that suggests that you look very time and take before doing that the compraventa.
An Eye-Vac is awesome. My cat and the dog maintain my hardwoods so furred-above that thinks still has hid sometimes. A acuesta never presents the clouds demand the constant that broom, he pulling was a broom and scooping he up and that pulls a rind of a broom again. Arghhh! It opens, just sweep he until an Eye-Vac and poof, is gone, the broom cleaned and is done. A huuuge the advantage is that my husband is old and pode any angle to direct a subject of casserole of the powder. With an Eye-Vac easily can sweep until a vac and poof, gone and fact. It opens, it do not have to he all a time.
HAS several different levels in my house eat . . . Yes, it is necessary problem . An Eye-Vac is quite clear in impulse easily to give in cookery and that law for me so that I do not have to unplug and limits in another outlet.
Even so, is taking the second Eye-Vac for a cookery so that the merit the pity and in $ 102, no the problem. I see that is returned the up in prize, as I will expect or perhaps take the less expensive version. Before I have purchased in Amazon, prize shopped at length and a prize is a same everywhere, but when a prize is gone down, was only in Amazon (and only in black, an aim one was still full prize). Bath of bed and offer Further 20% coupons for materials of tent but in TN with 10% () is imposed sales, a coupon is nonsensical after you go taken he through city, etc. The prime of Amazon is free shipping , hurriedly and does not have to do my hair to leave a house. I will expect for Amazon to fall a prize again or view in another version.
Can not think that expected so he very time the such the appliance adds! My daughter has considered a compraventa also. I have spoken with my son-in-law after using the mine and he ordered it while we were in a telephone. Yes, you have to take this and I would call it the appliance of person of obligatory senior. Of the day of the mother is almost here, to the left cry me that any mother wants the danged appliance for the day of the mother/his Christmas/of the anniversary or any one give day. So much, it takes this for a house, but to well sure any one which the in the daytime present special. Perhaps it gives his flowers and he then gives an Eye-Vac.
4 / 5
Oh That I want to this! It sees this in my living room and at the end asked where has taken the. Has the void of whole house but very he undercounter the sweep that opens. With 4 dogs and melts of dark forest, dress Very hair of dog the day. I want that it can use a broom or mop to powder and the take everything in front of an Eye-Vac and fire and the broom all up! I have not been sure he chosen in a stock exchange of Goldfish nave in a fund yesterday, but mark. A downside? An only reason this is not to 5 description to start with is so that an Eye-Vac is strong like the debugging of void. My void of the whole house is quite calm like these frights of strong noise some dogs and interrupts a sound of a television. If you use the typical void, a noise can not be any different. Some stays of suction on during 7 bren every time continue in. That is to say so easier that tug out of my hoses.
3 / 5
He that says that it does; push your sweepings apropa a sensor, and apresamiento sucked in a unit when in Road of Cart. It IS the noisy bit , but no noisier that any one another void, thinks. An only thing that is not I so that it adds enough is a filter of interior in a cup of muck; it sucks each which in him and you have to clean a filter to brush of a muck and rests, yuck! I have read another description where embroiled a filter in the cloak of dryer with the group of rubber. I am using that method now, but is still yucky. I have bought a unit to sweep to help on some tiny plumes and while some parakeets and canaries sale everywhere, and the help since mamma in some plumes before they float out of a broom. But 95% of these rests take sucked in a filter (to clean was), and 5% of the this has been swept in fact go in a tank, while it aims in some photos.

Top Customer Reviews: EyeVac Home: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 56 ratings
4 / 5
I love it! The desire was the little calmer, but the law adds. It avenges with the look that the no well in low light with the dark broom. Fact partorisca me, my broom has dark bristles and has had he in the dim corner. Excited partorisca see like this help maintain my pavings there is swept. Also, my boys have said that looks the penguin to the equal that have added google eyes and the beak... It sees pic.
5 / 5
Housework HAS the plot partorisca teach in physics, mathematicians, and philosophy. There it is not agreeing More adds them of a Sisyphean struggles against entropy that marries cry, and Zeno the paradox is exemplified for a little line of the left behind muck for a dustpan, reducing in magnitude for half every time try the sweep on, this in spite of like this calms can any never goes era. An existential crisis there is every time clean my house has been relieved for an Eye-Vac. Only sweep some undesirable atoms (hair of cat and spent) to a zone of sensor of a vacuum, and like a horizon of chance, a muck disappears, sucked to a black hole of an Eye-Vac. Highly recommended.
5 / 5
Originally has taken this partorisca my cookery. Work so that appearances. It can startle the people yes walk too close up.

Maintaining I use he in the totally different way...

Was having the question with one of my cats. Ella paw and paste in my door of chamber in a half of a night. Remain awake and it ruins a carpet. I can not leave his in a chamber because of allergies. After seeing the video of the sprays of aerosol have used to correct behaviour of cat, has thinks that would look for to use Eye-Vac.

Sucedido! Eye-vac startles a kitties and volume to sleep by means of a night. Some cats sleep peacefully out of a door of fourth now and all the world is much happier.

Taking the sleep at night of the sakes @fare the big difference in our lives!!
4 / 5
Loves this thing!!!! Has 3 longitude haired the dogs and he so only sucks especially this hair. Almost I have not taken he because of the saying of description that took it clogged on fast. It conceal it is not a chance. I compress a hair and I any free a suction. The empty the once the week and I sweep almost daily!
5 / 5
Is the tool adds . You will require to have the broom with light colour bristles. An eye does not see the black broom or ash. The costruttore is conscious of this @@subject and doing in the solution, for my call.
4 / 5
Amur Of the amour Loves this thing. Has hardwood walk and two dogs that nave. It is like this convenient to sweep a skin to a vacuum and have the suck well up without me that has to that bend on with the dustpan.
4 / 5
The better cost there is never has done! It sucks On hair of cat and sand, any question :) it was necessary has has bought done some years!
5 / 5
Bars his and touch a front and he the sucks up. A lot, a lot it uses before it is full. Has three dogs, 2 with long hair. Considering the second a for backside of a house but is light and easy weight to move
5 / 5
Love this little vacuum! The desire could give it 5 stars this in spite of when it arrives a sensor of car has not done. After reading descriptions of people having the hard time that returns this product has decided to open the on and see if anything concrete has been broken. It finalises a sensor has not been hooked until an electrical joint. Any question, hooked retreats up and do a lot now. The desire has had one in the each corner!

This in spite of, when I opened it up was to clear this little vacuum is not the new mark. Had inner of gross hairs and bad build up.

1 star was for me that has to that fix.
2 stars were for clearly sending the product has used. Gross.
4 / 5
This thing is awesome! Has the little dog that naves 24/7/365, masses of hair! All have to that do is objective a hair to a front and he the sucks well up. It prevails it it had not thought of too much, it takes all a residual hair of a broom and mop of powder. To good sure recommend this to everything in amazing owners of pet.

Top Customer Reviews: Hoover Commercial ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
4 / 5
Measure: the bands have Bought in Nov 2016 paralizaciones our houses of business cleaners. Utilisation in home too much. It weaves it to THEM of investigation compares rucksack vacuums for advanced. I have used one $ 400-$ 500 Proteam rucksack vacuums when I have done partorisca another type, and while those were utmost, hated like an always swung hose around where any one has wanted to him to him goes (in a Proteams). One Spends the aspirador is the quality is one same, if any better. It likes that incredibly easy is partorisca clean; so only touch a filter to the rubbishes can in your cochera partorisca avert the disorder. It begins partorisca take heat in my backside with which in an hour that is a lot of--I are seldom vacuuming that long in all the chance. It IS light, and really comfortable! I think a small more canister creation (vs. One 10 qt.) Probably it helps cut down on hanged, and could any never fill on any measure canister the day of vacuuming neither. Amur This thing!!
UPDATE: 9 month later--still loves it. Dependable & There is not had to that buy the new filter still!
5 / 5
Measure: Bands (plea of authorship: I really like vacuums. Any really is reason, and a lot does not have the odd or inappropriate obsession, so only finds vacuums entertainment). Santo guacamole! This vacuum is AWESOME. I have bought this vacuum partorisca use like this splits of the operation of small cleaner has goes in some weekends. It has satisfied my expectations and then some.

-This vacuum is powerful. I am spent the good quantity to time partorisca speak with one of a custodians in work in a pros and gilipollas of different rucksack vacuums. I have landed in this a partorisca his price/of action. This is not one of a big-the z/the commercial rucksack priced vacuums but sure chair that am taking one same (if any better, in some chances) can and efficiency out of this vacuum partorisca ~60 of a price.
-A vacuum is versatile. Some alleged a lot of, a period of some extensions, a way a boss swivels, all combine partorisca resupply an incredibly easy and thorough vacuuming experience. It IS like this easy to vacuum ceilings and ventilations how is the vacuum the hard walk. One of my favourite applications is like the duster. This vacuum marks dusting the sure zones incredibly easy (and hate dusting). Obviously he no very partorisca dusting the full shelves of objects, but some the following zones are utmost examples : blind and a course that control a invidente (does not know that it calls haha), molding, ventilations, sure read fixtures, down and on cupboards, on and around washer/secadors, etc.
-This vacuum has changed my opinion in vacuuming stairs. Vacuuming The stairs has used partorisca be the tedious, difficult, and frankly does partorisca annoy. This vacuum has taken that used partorisca be the 10-20 work of small (according to some stairs) and has turned he to the 2 work of minute.
-A vacuum the creation is in fact the quite simple a, and like such cleaning it and in the now cleaned is very easy. There is no difficult nooks or crannies to do with, and more the parts have looked drawn to last the long time.
-When Spent properly, this vacuum is comfortable.

-A vacuum takes some taking used to. Trying takes a vacuum on and comfortable takes time. I imagine it is the subject of test and error. For any no familiar with using rucksack vacuums, to good sure can take some time to learn cruise it describes smaller that different way. After the pocolos small, especially is spending a vacuum correctly, can forget that there is the relatively big object has attached to your backside. I have clashed to the few things in this way (no extracted he of entity, so only something to think extreme).
-This vacuum is not drawn to clean carpet, and ossia obvious. It IS awesome clean sper-carpet of low battery (likes those in of the schools and of the offices), but anything on that is out of a question. Carpeted The applications really require the beater paintbrush and something with wheels, which this vacuum obviously does not have .
-This vacuum is not the wet vacuum. It is drawn at all to choose on liquid and to good sure would have to that be averted. (Like the tip: a custodian there is become friends with has mentioned that that touches baking soda in of the liquids and then vacuuming on some works of baking soda extremely well and help cruise it around this subject).

In general, a vacuum is surprising to do that it is feigned to do! If you are looking for something to do vacuuming the hard pavings included easier (if it is the commercial application or included the application of house) then ossia a vacuum for you. A fact that is drawn for the calm commercial use mean can feel comfortable the using 'external' in of the porches, coverages, cocheras, etc.
5 / 5
Measure: Seeing extracted the tonne of powder of constructors. The common of the people will not comprise never some hardships of finding anything concealed partorisca the take was walk very hard.
Start with a gilipollas:
Comes with the crappy S Wand that has to be you the giant to resist and use properly. Easy fix order the 32mm straight wand or an adjustable a. When Doing is has to that take a hose adjuster out of an end of one the and material he in a black hose. Partorisca Do it contingent.
Has no easy way partorisca clean stock exchange with out taking powder during your self. Do this outside.
Does not resist so as announced without losing suction.
Easy to use
Once dipped up with the straight wand in fact does better
Done some work some hard more easier!
Does not take on upper of the plot of spatial!
The slowest cord in any vacuum has not possessed never more another canister vacuums has to that buy a cord of extension.
4 / 5
Measure: Seeing has been concerned at the beginning of one Spends the aspirador has 8.5 amps, as I have been the using partorisca clean small edifices. Has an old Proteam Vac concealed has big raw power, but see that the raw power is useless. One Spends to aspirador vac has suction very good and one of a better vacuum the paintbrushes/of wands has has not used never. A wand is a better partorisca commercial carpet. I have found a paintbrush easily takes muck in of the heavy coverages. I vacuum roughly 4-6 hours the day and there has been always backaches with a Proteam vacs, also a Proteam vacs has hurt my low plus abs after the long period of time. One Spends the aspirador vac with which 4-6 hours to use has left only mine behind slightly tired which is natural for a period of time I vacuum.
4 / 5
Measure: the bands had it any be partorisca Spend the aspirador is experience of service of abysmal client, would not have imagined out of that has to that done two versions of wand partorisca this vacuum: a plus conducive the operations of commercial cleaners (C-2401), another plus partorisca residential cleaner (C-2401-010). Originally I have purchased a leading version, which has arrived so only the few hours later with Amazon of 2 First days nave (kudos, Amazon). This in spite of, a box has come with a wrong connector partorisca some alleged, in his hablador partorisca be 'unattachable.' Spend the aspirador is line of telephone of service of client in punctual bylines in an evening, forcing me partorisca expect until a next day partorisca order this was. After expecting on control partorisca the small eternity, a representative of service of the client fixed partorisca a correct (the toes crossed) connector partorisca be shipped. This in spite of - Spend the aspirador has an audacity partorisca take another small eternity partorisca take this connector of mine in an economic: 7-10 business days! Unacceptable! Of the mine Dyson dilapidated junk vacuum has broken, a long wait would force me to any hire the service of more cleaned or suffer a powder.

Felizmente, has discovered in a C2401-010 version vacuum, which comes with the straight wand shorter and is more own partorisca short people. Of here, I have ordered a Wand of Diablesa of Real Muck, Ry4000 C2401-010 1 1/4' 2Pc Chrome Directly, which cost $ extra (partorisca the total of $ ). A wand has arrived a next day . After applying the piece of the strong adhesive tape around some arrivals of wand ties concealed to a flexible hose, has been ready partorisca dip this contraption to a test. To the left say, dips a power of suction of the mine Dyson directly was the shames! Some annexes were easy to the transmission was. I have finalised literally look for more powder partorisca suck up! They are 5 ft 3 in big and deep to spend a unit in mine rear easy. It can take weighed after an hour, but with this a lot can of suction, will not require the vacuum partorisca this longitude. Walking To the small bath, has taken so only a unit of mine rear and left it seating in an earth in a hallway or hand-spent it. A cord is 48 ft along and is really so only a cord of extension, which can be used partorisca other operations. For one same token, can be substituted for the cord of the shortest extension if ossia more convenient in the setting partorisca give.

In rodeo, HIGHLY RECOMMENDS this vacuum with a straight wand. Hopefully, will not owe that treat a service of poor client. In of the terms other improvements, neither a manual, a management of boss neither access of the tool of the annex is optimum. Probably I will sew on the little apron that can resist some tools of annex in place. It spends the aspirador, the hope is listening!
5 / 5
Measure: you Sell This vacuum is so only an entrance there is neither dogs or the big house and take the plot of skin/of powder. You can vacuum much faster that tugging around the car. A cord is long and calm leave you partorisca move quickly of room the room. There is the annex partorisca walk with the paintbrush that can you also use in big flat surfaces partorisca powder, and a ossia plan slip on carpet. Another reviewers has mentioned a lot when being able to take some annexes partorisca connect, while some directions are of small help, in the pair partorisca try you that can imagine was. I need to it stops and use some stock exchanges partorisca powder to maintain a clean car but pode his reuse for just in his slope in some rubbishes (external). This is not that it goes to deep clean carpets like your Dyson, concealed is not that his meaning partorisca do, but his really that goes partorisca cut down your time of more cleaned.
5 / 5
Measure: Seeing am renewing the big house (rasgando down wall, in cutting forest, etc) and this little vac is the workhorse!
Has compared to a price of another shoulder vacuums, this one this flies it! And, in my opinion, is one of a better! (I also possess the ProTeam rucksack vacuum, which are also adds, but costs twice so much)
4 / 5
Measure: the sale has power of utmost suction, but like the trade was, a weight is quell'has bitten more weighed that has expected. A period of a pole has the curve partorisca learn required also. If it was 2-3' elder a pole could not be like this of a subject. A pole is 2 pieces and the shortest option would have been well, especially of a pole is bent two times , where attaches to a flexible hose and in an end. All the parts look quite sturdy and expect a unit to last for the moment. THE straps of shoulder are quite wide to distribute a weight a lot on some shoulders and a velcro the tape is a lot also. I have touched with him once. A noise is not too bad considering is near of some ears. It has hardwood walk and some easy swivel the annexes do well, but would have preferred the election of the shortest width. A wide piece would be sum for the big empty room, but more to to the people likes them to them-him them pieces of furniture and maneuvering around is quell'has bitten uncomfortable. A cord of long extension is good and master that is not attached to a unit, but an easy plus attaches/the emission would be good. Like the option of annex and the short pole to walk would have won this to 5th star. I am ordering the right pole of Amazon. It is offered in a Raisin the aspirador web page, done by Diablesa of Muck and $ 10 more. Part and numbers to break of personnel.
4 / 5
Measure: Bands after reading the plot of descriptions in this place, and that sees that it was a selection of Amazon , has purchased them this element. Rings something concealed would do well with my forest and of the pavings of linoleum while be still erviceable' in my carpet of short battery. In a unboxing, the the aims have taken a vibe that had done them the deception. While it is easy to dip near, a connection among tool and wand is clunky and leaves one with one that feels that the has not connected properly. The other has ensured, there is so only 1 way to hook these on, and after doing that, has to them that give a way is engineered is so that one 'tool' has the swivel action of his type. I used it, and while any dissatisfaction, the did not feel it so only could be fact with more suction and better wands, an inferior line is the not liking. So much it has mentioned them, a wand does not have any still adjustment height and with a way a tool feels has to that take used to like this of more maintain a paving of tool the flooring surface. I offer this product 2 stars, reasons 'I' not liking . Also the did not like me a fact that has had to them pay 21 dollars for the turn, but ossia on me. Basically I chair as it has paid them 21 dollars to rent a vacuum and there is give that in a term along, is not a vacuum still soye'. It is received, used and is returned interior 3 hours, with 1 now displaced in Panera.
5 / 5
Measure: the sale had been researching rucksack vacuums partorisca the long time, has taken note of some different fashions (C2401 and C2401-010) and some good and bad descriptions and decided in C2401 (financially this was a an I could resupply). It arrives quickly and it has not had a lot to do for the dipped up. I have seen descriptions on some tools to walk that it falls off and has begun to have this question but there is give there is the circular piece to wire quell'access to an end of a second wand and that the boss is necessary to maintain some tools have attached. I have not had any questions with some tools that falls off neither any questions with some wands a lot that remains near. An electrical cord is very long like vacuuming easier. A vacuum is not weighed in my backside; it is of entity to have a properly attached harness near like calm will not feel uncomfortable. The mine behind takes the little warm of a vacuum. It does not think a vacuum is that strong, no more than any another has used. A vacuum comes with an adapter that has used to attach the different mark (Dyson) tool to walk and while I have been frustrated with this tool of particular paving, a power of one Spends the aspirador fact that read of tool of the better paving.
Like to suggest concealed Spends the aspirador considers to do the different version of this rucksack vacuum with some wands of metal the little more courts and some tools to walk any like this wide. It can be the bit to defy to manoeuvre around and under our pieces of furniture (yes, has too material). Also, it wins to have the tool to walk that pode lateralmente so can be used in of the narrow zones. In general, I am very happy with this vacuum and in fact rest waiting for using this vacuum every time (3 times the week). If has the small house or the paving can be too but highly recommends this hoovers vacuum.

Top Customer Reviews: Hoover CH30000 ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 20 ratings
1 / 5
Any COMPRAVENTA THIS PRODUCT !!!!!!!!! I have purchased this void quite done 5 years and likes has ordered so much of another recently. It spends the aspirador has it that has has changed a creation in a crowbar that control a hose of main void in a unit and a same crowbar are supposed to maintain a door of stock exchange of inaugural. A new void that only taken has the crowbar that no some two functions. Or maintain it a hose in the place or he maintain a door of the enclosed stock exchange. One the fault of this crowbar to do both bad necessity to maintain the third available hand (yes has the third hand) to maintain a together void while you are vacuuming. The creation changes very bad. The May There Went It this problem with a same void has purchased 5 years ago. Thought this was an anomaly , has contacted the amazon and they graciously issue me he void of substitution. I took it today and has a same problem. A subject is not an anomaly. The assembla has been the very bad creation change to Spend the aspirador. I have contacted to spend the aspirador service of client and there is still to listen they on that the plan directs this subject, or require to purchase another void of provider. I will update this description once when being hoovers. In a while, stays out of this debugging of void.

UPDATE - Hoovers has not answered in my email, as I have called the and spoken with any one that gave me simply the contact for the venue Hoovers location of reparation of recoveries of Guarantee. Before lugging a void of new mark in a centre of reparation, has called the to describe my problem (with two new mark debugging of void). I am happy has nicknamed. A centre of reparation has declared that have taken a new portapower empty in them, has AT ALL COULD DO to FIX The PROBLEM if that is to say one issues a product is fashioned now to Spend the aspirador. Wow, Cela would have expected Pass the aspirador to suppose his clients would tolerate such an inferior product.
3 / 5
Have wanted to very this void. It IS fantastically designed, at least likes of the sudden, commercial aesthetic. Click of pieces in together on the way to satisfy, and a chrome gleams against an ash and the by heart orange diagram. I have enjoyed very pose the together. I have enjoyed a fact that is not so strong like my anterior Spends the aspirador, and some boys and the cats have not escaped a room in the terror when turned he on.

Even so, when avenges for the use in our hardwood melts, does not act. They listen it likes him persecuted a muck around, more than sucking it up. Has had to my hand in a beak to do sure that the really done, and yes, plants your hand-has lined well in a tube, can listen suction. A moderate quantity of suction. I have found that have swept very very ahead of time, can choose up some of a muck of stray change. But forget anything bonded in some cracks among a floorboards. If I have not swept very well, it was in my knees, chosen in of the bits of tissue and stray nuts that one void had failed to suck up. With some experimentation, resulted to clear that a suction has not gone quite strong to elaborate in a fund these clean tools with any effectiveness, and a result has been better achieved with one crevice tool or a bare beak. Sweeping the 1 tube of inch behind and advances in a zone of the whole surface of our small house would do vacuuming the longitude and dull task.

Only as it knows, is purchasing stock exchanges to use with this machine, also the purchase needs an adapter, another $ 10 or so much. An adapter is only it funnel with the small group of rubber sews to write this calm race in a collar of a stock exchange. Quan Substitutes a stock exchange, is affronted with a gaping maw of funnel how you fumble with a group of rubber thingy. This would not be the dealbreaker if one schemes in fact fact, but was class of unhappy that was affronted with gazing breathes/ a material I just vacuumed of a fund.

A void this is substituting is at all elegant, only he 10 old year the whole spends to aspiradora, a unglamorous plasticky and clunky machine to suction duquel has seen better days. This new Spends the aspirador has to the feeblest suction that one 10 old year Spends the aspirador. It is returning where coming from/come from. Any one very comprise like this the product has such good descriptions-- does not look for the likes would be very to help yes has any one real muck to clean. Any dry in how has especially big expectations for the void, but if that is to say a history with voids in this field of prize, could has to bend my estimativa and splurge in a level of entrance Miele. In fact, I have done only.
1 / 5
Desperately Fall enamoured with a consolation and compact creation of this void. And there it is necessities of real advertising and while the suction of commercial note will be hurriedly has disappointed. I am the cleaner of professional dispatch in New England. I have been thrilled with so was easy to move this void around but he any one void any one of a salt of rock, any hair, loses the majority of muck. It IS the duster glorified in better. Lost cob the webs in walling was also even so. A clip of cord has maintained to the fall was too many. ( I have used only a machine of New mark for or day of cleaner: 8hores). Any sure why is an amazon chooses.
4 / 5
While that is to say the recent quite compraventa , the chair has used the enough to share my opinion. I am very happy with this void, here is why:

A cord is very time quite that when plugged in the centrally localised outlet can empty my integer condo (1,200 sq. ft) With out of that has to unplug/replug in.

A edger the far better works that any integer has not used never and a cape swivels easily enough to take down beat of pieces of furniture void totally under my sofa without that has to movement, that scares my cat out of his place in hide.

MAMMA! Work wonderfully well in so that a carpet and the fund of tiles of ceramics. And, he voids up without scope of the problem scattered in the plush coverage of bath without sucking in a coverage, different uprights has had to then blockaded, sometimes breaking a tape as well as only scattering a scope.

A cloth, enough big reusable stock exchange to do diverse complete voids without that owes empty the. Quan Deserts the, I void has been with my tent vac and is as well as new.

His small measure- in the condo where the room of cupboard is in the prevail his small impression is appreciated.

Bronzed Why only four stars? Defects to design that thinks deserves at least the star demerit:

A cape only is not ergonomically designed to cause hand-the tiredness has lined. My fiance alleges my hands are excessively big (although my urologist probably respectfully disagrees), as if my wheel of hands , imagines Donald poor J., Although I suspect it is not never it touch it the void in his life.

Embroiling A cord around a cape is iffy if stay in place. Extending a cup of a cape would resolve this.

Any tampon in a strap of shoulder.

Inferior line, for a prize, these laws of void exceptionally well.
1 / 5
It possesses the service of cleaner cual uses these voids. We have used prndales in 25 years and I have purchased diverse hundred of them. He given these which present at all my familiar members. One Spends the aspirador spends-use of power to be one of some better small voids in a piece. Then a company has decided he better to do them abroad with parts and of the inferior engines. Cheap, cheap, and more cheapness. It opens This void has a lot of problems of quality with the only the fraction of the life has turned compared in a same void has done the same the little the mark of years. If it spends the aspirador would produce it the void of quality with the engine of quality in him, would be happy to pay an additional $ 100 arrests void. His also bad a company has chosen a road to say mediocrity. The agreement up Hoovers and it beginning that products of marks these laws again. Signed the client has disgusted. March 2013. PS. If there are any competitors out of his this adds voids, a piece requires the small and mere void like this models that in fact works. Please, any one gives a very up and builds the void of quality for the the one who the need uses them for the alive. He thank you.
1 / 5
It uses these voids for in 10 years. A new ash ones concealed is shipping is USELESS........ Some hoses will not remain in the, is lasting the month and I are that they have to take in for reparations. A new CH30000 the voids is TERRIBLE!!
5 / 5
A Model 1049 Raisin the aspirador distinguished in some photos at the end have the data was afterwards 30+ years of service. Some the USA have remarked of pomegranate of consumer of an early '80s is now the 'commercial note' done in China. ~Sigh~. Judging totally for a weight thinks that has a same proportion of plastic in interior of parts of the metal and has each what so suction of bit. So in general I am very pleased to find this substitution.

All separates change among a two. Some the new extensions are steel in place of of which plastic the light plus. A cord is longer and heavier and no longer embroils neatly around a cape as they provide the loop with accidents for the direct. A hose of suction extends in a same period like old one but retracts besides or 2 less ft. - Very handy for the hand is past vac, although he no last 30 years like an old unit

would not consider this vac for carpet. I actuate Always the used a totality with the paintbrush powered by that. But that is to say the perfect small spends-around for corners and of the ceilings and windows as well as small clean ups. And an only or has found with him cleanable / stock exchange of reusable filter.

A vendor - Next Day MRO: very punctual.
5 / 5
Has has had or during 30 years. Because of his weight of light, is convenient for my arthritic 90 lb woman. Although it has had another sweepers this little sweeper is our favourite while it is also to use. We particularly like a reusable stock exchange of soyystery woven' the stock exchange only shudders a muck was and has posed the backside in place. If a stock exchange develops the tear, can repair he with any one paste of forest like the glue of Elmer or Tite bond.

Has purchased the second some two weeks marks to compare a two,:
-the new some looks to suck stronger
-the canes of new metal are the improvement of entity
- a new hose is better for uses with his strap of shoulder
-the old a the cord is better likes him winds around a cape and stays there with the clip in one covers.
Both sets of the canes connect in or for 14 frames of feet of big window etc. Without necessity of the stairs.
2 / 5
This produces particular, of this company, at least, has to when being an imitation. That is to say a second in this way that it has possessed it to it to him, a premier one this is robbed. I at present clean houses professionally for the alive and has had my premier one of these that hangs two years before it was taken. Has WANTED TO it!! Has a professional suction that required to do work to add that it details, with the long cord, industrial that left wing me to do debugging of distance of a outlet, and some annexes were the accident to exchange . The May There Went It the problem with any one of il.et was to take on the!! Desprs Has been robbed, only have me take another. You are thrilled to be able to take he for such the prize add here in Amazon. Three days in a work (amounting in vacuuming one east to contain for three days), even so, and a cord in a base of a void has resulted already exposed. Besides, although a cord is well and very time like my another, is shows of inferiority through prender likes complicated taken, and stays. A real hassle. Another thing that maintain me of falling enamoured with this void like my in the first place one east that there is the small hinge that maintains a flap in an enclosed stock exchange (and where a hose attaches) that is to say incredibly cheap, in that cause me to have to constantly fences in during each work. In timing a flap included has opened at length, doing in to the the look likes him go to the accident was when trying afterwards. My another was much solider. A last disappointing characteristic in this void has compared in my original a, is with considerations in some annexes. In the first place you are, a two long metal extensions of the hose does not come aside easily. If I require to shorten a hose to do sure detailing, only has to use a part of accordion of hose he. And, besides, two of some pieces of the end of the annex is very lose when attach them, marking only what inferior of the quality this void a lot is in an original. Tan Far like an engine goes, still looks to have the strong suction and has has not had any subjects with the overheating or the suction that decreases. So much, if calm only is that it wants to this for use of clear house, can do a work since you. But you are requiring he to do more professional, spends an extra and takes an original. Wherever That can be it?!
4 / 5
I will begin it it go it to say, alone law for the company to debug that it use it these voids in the each house. We would clean 5 it contains the day, some with animals and some without. I have wanted absolutely this void then. It marks my life of the so much daily work easier and faster. It is been the few years since and decided to buy this void for my house (the course has purchased 28, 2019). With everything concealed to be said, will write my description.

Recently buys the house with all the funds of forests. Early after, it has taken two dogs . One is low haired, and another east a supremely floofy 80 dog of book. With next winter in an end and an installation of the doggy door... Our funds have been coated with clouds of nave of dog and muck. I absolutely haaate a feeling of muck in my feet, is one of my main pet peeves. Has had to every day only and although, the muck and the hair would build to take until achieving zones. When being there, debating in shaving my bald dog, has take this void that uses the stops to want! As I ordered it.

A container is arrived punctually while it was in the work and I was so excited for the opened up that I go me afanyar house in my pause of lunch. I am not sure yes it is written in the some place, and for earnest the be has not looked.. But fully it expect it take the black void with black annexes(that is cual thought was pictured). This void is ash with white annexes. One attaches background is much smaller this has taking, as he any one cover so much melts while only and one bristles uses to the cover an integer verge so that your fund would not be streaky and to the suction would remain strong during an annex ( changed the up for some reason). One attaches an elder (which suppose is for carpets) is useless yes has animal of spill. One attaches a smaller (which suppose is for stairs) has rubber bristles(can do well with hair of the dog but I do not have stairs like idk). One attaches of the corner is has cut much more that an anterior version and an annex of pieces of furniture is that it expect. A cord is very very the time compared in the mine regulates voids. And everything is arrived forms perfect.

Has bought this void for mine hardwood melts so that it was that it imports in me that this work of concrete annex. I have expected two days before vacuuming so that to the muck and the hair would build up quite he so that it can see how this void a lot of works. Having the annex the lowest does a work takes the small plus bit very time but while your vacuuming properly, this void works really well! A suction is sum ! Any one lines so far and can take down, behind, enters and more with this void!! Mamma up hair very good and after vacuuming my integer 3 house of chamber, my feet listen clean walking around barefoot!!

Has used this void with a stock exchange of cloth avenges with so that an adapter of the stock exchange of the paper is taking more with a longitude to take here, but suggest taking some stock exchanges of paper(the stock exchanges and the adapter have sold separately). One lines ones collect each sake but the hair and to the muck takes bonded in him and of the flies of muck everywhere when in the slope. Spending a void can be the uncomfortable small bit. Walking around with is not so bad, but angling on is where takes one the majority of uncomfortable. I have done a strap while it can take it and is much more comfortable that subjects. They sell the stock exchange that goest with this void and the much more comfortable fact wants to spend a money. On everything, I very like this empty and thinks that the law adds! I wouldve data he 5 has that expected and if some annexes were that use to use . I am not very sure why any one of some descriptions was so bad. It can be that this void the works add at the beginning and dulcemente decreases. But for 100 dollars.. That is to say the roads adds . If has any subjects will update my description. Otherwise.. It enjoys your clean fund!! :D

Top Customer Reviews: Atrix HEPA Backpack ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
5 / 5
I no the plot of the descriptions but I listened has to or for a Atrix Rucksack Vac. Look in other descriptions and, for a prize, thought that it would take the shot in of the this. It possesses Very voids and while some are very well only has not adapted my necessity. Has the big house with calm mostly melt to take and the few coverages of zone. Emptier is for more than carpet, less melt.

This void is PERFECT to fund take with the small carpet. It IS tame loose as it can move pieces of furniture around easily. A strap of tape has little void for some tools of accessory that is fantastic, and some annexes are VERY EASY to change. I have bought the 50 ft cord to attach in him so that it can do the big zone without changing outlets.

A suction is so strong in fact need 2 hands in impulse if of a fund and a hose of metal extends to achieve until a cup of my drapes perfectly. I very WANT TO this void and for a prize is impacted in those a lot of laws. It IS by far a better void never possessed and has had all spends the aspirador, electrolux and dyson. That is to say to well sure the keeper.
1 / 5
I have purchased this void 12/26/17 and has used he that hangs 5 month now. If it can return it, I ! Even so, some police of tower is 30 days (!!!!) - This 30 period in the daytime is also a max quantity since tea to take the substitution of any element that the defective results. Alas, if you are I how me, taking longer that 30 days in a lot use the product and has failure. This company knows this.
Here is a subject:
An annex to fund that only exited of empty VERY easily - in a point that is troubling to use a void. We decide another characteristic of a void has done up for this defect and continued to use it. The desire would have returned immediately. It opens it IS to bond with the void concealed does not act. A solution is to purchase the new background leader for $ 24 in amazon (1 descriptions of star) or through Atrix ($ 30). Only this will not resolve an original problem of a thing those begins so that it is vacuuming. I beaks of bond of my telephone in the few minutes he so that it can see that and is speaking enough.

Can take some annexes in easily come on/was and any be done of cheap plastic, this would be the solid void!

Does not waste your time and the endeavour that flavours this void.
4 / 5
Only it take this void today and has used the the glorious total of 10 minutes. Like this it do not think it it can write an accurate description. I can, even so it marks this has limited easy observation.it arrests to unpack and instrument for use. When being very solid, and access comfortably. A 'turbo' background annex with a rotating beater works surprisingly well, and when the adjustment of suction is in full he any one the low marsh significantly still in fat carpet. An only downside in this whole transaction so far is a fact that a info in some states of description that the come with 2 HEPA stock exchanges.( Copied, the paste looks this : relief of tension of the cord, 2 HEPA stock exchanges, shakeout stock exchange, pre-automotive and exhausts together of filter, and place of hose and cover of filter.) That is to say bad. There is only a HEPA the stock exchange and he are installed already in a machine. These stock exchanges are not sper cheap unless you use another vendor that sells substitutions of paper. So that the erroneous information would have to be considered when considering your compraventa.
1 / 5
I have used only this void quite 10 -12 times, while I have bought this predominately for some sofa/of stairs and take to achieve places, before pause to do. Has the utmost suction and was easy to manoeuvre, but take that decrees of paid. A day while it was vacuuming, only closes has been for any reason. I have changed outlets, has verified my box of breaker, has tried the cord of new extension ( will require to purchase this for a road likes him the cord is 2 ft.) And still it tries it covers it a unit he directly in a outlet and bypassing a cord of extension. His totally fatality. It is not to waste your money.
4 / 5
Bought the in him void above projects to paint of the window. It is not HEPA powder to paint of the advantage estada in consonance for a work but he are kinda HEPA and better that at all. A project is quite small is not very preoccupied quite exposure of advantage but quite big does not want sea my dry place vac or my regulate vac. Like the prize was right and in entredicho of a HEPA recovery of leak. Well I am not seeing any flight of powder out of joining it to him rear likes him the voice with my another two vacs anteriorly has mentioned. And I farted in a beak and could very still to smell it so has to quite sake to be to trap at least some toxic substances. In fact you are a bit surprised could the no. Am any flower . Has some same flus like other descriptions. It does not like him that an on was of the change is not in a beak, remains rid and is quite a law of contortionist for the turn on or has been that the change is localised in a side of units. Besides a vac is posed up for the right villages have rid, perhaps can said an upper and batten he down but has not tried. Only the deal. Some annexes are not so robust like my pomegranate vac, but perhaps each new vac the annexes listen flimsy and cheap. It was not he so that it is only the comparison in my beast duquel law of ancient pomegranate less bad. And a cord is down. I the supposition that has the retractable coed would attach side and serious weight in a unit. But have a lot of cords of extension so much in an end very biggie. Good mamma and uses it enough the bit to sweep my fund of forest so that has very better ergonomic profit in this unit that compared in my old pomegranate vac. I do not have to attraction around an old clunker so that it is in the rear mine. But I have to when being mindful in of the tight rooms. Clashing in a cupboard of China is not recommended.
2 / 5
This any last void the long pause in a cape has tried to take repayment with one 2 plan of year of extensive but unsuccessful cure. And it is not happy w/ this product.
4 / 5
I have used to to have the housecleaner and always use this, which remembered me of the cover blower. Well, now I have the new place and the flange provides the cleaner of house, as I have opted to buy this thing in place of lugging around the void to fund up and down an a lot of stairs in my house. A selection of annex is well, and a void is mostly ensures use some straps of rucksack and tape of means. It finds a side of some straps of rucksack always falling was, but otherwise his insurances. It IS quite big in your backside, as you have to attention of arrest in not attacking the arrests to wall was or other things another lovelier when gone back around. Only it imagines Yoda the horse that mountains around in your back and would have to be well. I have not cleaned a stock exchange of filter, as any commentaries still. The level of noise is tolerable, and need a cord of extension to use it, while the very doesnt has very the cord. Has the 20' the cord of the feet has joined in the knot in a cord has distributed to maintain he to unplug for accident. Work well, and only left the each together all a time. In general I am happy with a compraventa and to well sure would buy it again.
5 / 5
This rucksack is very amazing. It IS very clear, and comfortable to spend. Work to debug of the edifice where usually uses a ProTeam rucksack. Desprs Has left a subject has looked for to rucksack the cheap plus that still could do a work, and that is to say. This rucksack has so suction, and the very good filter system! Any only use he in our net of residential personnel, but we recently returned in the clean edifice and is doing only sake! It suggests that if the uses of plan for clean edifice, to limit his pickup to powder (in of the cupboards and such) and stays out of rests (tones, and the powder of excess saws) only to ensure a lifetime of a rucksack. I 100% recommends this product for any one residential use, and to good sure to use to build while you are ready enough it!
There is a bad thing to say in this product, was that a piece of the fund does not have quite bristle for the maintain was an earth. It IS careful if the uses of plan melts of forest. Work but only requires extra precaution so that a suction is so strong, potentially can scrape.
5 / 5
I need the void that law like the charm And can bend up like him Ghostbusters piece of proceedings? That is to say since you! Joking Evita, this product has done well besides my expectations. My only complaints in this product are a low cape and concealed can listen you a heat after the moment of vacuuming in your backside that leave you the bit sweaty. To well sure require it the quite long extension cape to use it. It comes with the good quantity of annexes and the long extendable the arm for these far places can any one quite pressed in. Very happy with this product!
5 / 5
Waaaaay Behind my university years I moonlighted like a cleaner of dispatch and has used the $ 1000 void of rucksack to clean the fund takes and down-stack commercial carpet. You can layer more the earth the fast plus and your arms do not take so tired so that a cane is so clear. This is not the $ 1000 void as it is heavier and some tools are not so robust, but is not cleaning 35000 sf dispatches. I have bought this for mine 2500 sf marries with almost exclusively the hard funds and he are exactly that need. They no skimp beat - a suction is terrific. Justo beware- as any void of commercial rucksack this only has the cord of stub- necessity to use a cord of extension to provide one achieves need. If you use the cheap 100-feet 18 AWG the cord goes to give in the plot to be able in and could shorten a life of a vac. I have used the 25' 14 AWG the cord and he sucked hard. Read some indications of cord- that is to say one 11 amp appliance: the at all more the small use that 16 AWG for until 25 feet or 14 AWG until 50 feet.
My only critic would be that the pair of some plastic tools (crevice tool, paintbrush of net) has been broken to ship. They are done of economic injection-plastic adapted, and would be likely has been done stronger but would have augmented a cost. A bit those that cents for bubble-embroils could have been enough to protect them of harm. It IS the trade -was. The amazon sells quite a lot of substitutions cheaply.

Top Customer Reviews: ProTeam Commercial ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 58 ratings
5 / 5
I possess three of these and would be surprised if it does not find never another product that surpasses a ProTeam mark. My woman and I offer residential and commercial cleansing services and is not never state disappointed for an action of our vacuums. With these rucksacks your arms and the wrists do not suffer same after several hours of vacuuming. Achieving under the chairs and the tables and the sofas is the breeze, achieving corners of ceiling--of where a odious amour of spiders to defy--is not the question at all. Changing a stock exchange and washing some filters is also quickly and swift. Has has tried cords of extension other sources but an of the resupplied for ProTeam looks to do of the best (does not know reason... But it is less prone to tangling and to result kinked). We purchase an additional rucksack to dip it to service excluyente in the residence where a homeowner had had the cell of root transplants--rendering an immune system inactive--and was sure that this vacuum effectively would maintain a sanitized half that is to be require. He any one the lacking knots and he would like to think that the contributed to our client speedy recovery in the powder-free average.
In rodeo, love a quality of this product. I can it does not think so to the service of client of a company: we have not had never reason to call them!
3 / 5
A vacuum the work adds, this in spite of, there is the defect in an end of a telescoping wand that control some tools on in this he any 'grab' a tool and leave you to ray he on closely, which means the tools fall off the plot. THE kinda has imagined was like this partorisca use suction partorisca maintain them on and has then orderly more two wands partorisca maintain in of the different locations as they are the ache partorisca move around when any vacuuming, and there is here one of a two extra telescoping the wands have purchased work like this has to that (world of difference) and another no.

Like 2 out of 3 telescoping the wands do not resist some tools on.
1 / 5
We require the vacuum partorisca all the types partorisca walk and one this could face hair of pet. This could not choose on hair of pet. This vacuum has not been easy to use and has not been comfortable to dip on. A harness was cheaply fact and could not manage a weight of a vacuum. It seats like this it was choked. Although, has suction, some annexes have maintained partorisca fall off of a wand. We return it to us. It does not squander your time that buys it.
3 / 5
I have been that uses this mark of rucksack vaccum partorisca 3 years,5 days the week, 2 hours is a more would use it each day. A vaccum is well,but a hose that is connected to a vaccum maintains to the pause was, and is like this anotying that I have to maintain snapping it behind on and is really time consumming. In a past 3 years have used 5 of this vaccum with a same question ( same mark but different personnel). It looks as if a company has ignored a costumers the descriptions and I have decided to go with the different mark.(I has pictures partorisca try) am disappointed reason have loved a mark.
5 / 5
If you are the professional the plus cleaned ossia your car partorisca walk . Outside of carpet of big battery this he everything. It recommends an annex of paintbrush of the paving to the equal that take and farmyard more debris in of the hard pavings while edges of stimulating carpet partorisca take more muck in of the coverages. Also a x in the tools partorisca walk semence a hell out of walking like this takes a paintbrush
2 / 5
A vacuum is not terrible. They are an electrician and we to plot of whole house king-wiring in of the oldest houses with wall of plaster. I have bought this specifically partorisca a small debris and powder of plaster. A main level vacuum the boss is done of economic crappy plastic and taking clogged WAY too easily prendindonos each one that 2 minutes partorisca the clean was. Partorisca Do like this, has to take averts a whole boss of a vacuum requiring the philips engine of ray of the boss. And it has included after all yes it conceal, taking clogged easily with which conceal.

Has done the deception that buys this vacuum. To good sure was necessary has bought a Milwaukee the band of battery has retreated vacuum which is one same, if any less, money that this produces done cheaply.
5 / 5
I add vacuum him him the hardwood walk in your house., He the fact the easiest plot and faster that clean.
Has been using them paralizacin last 10 years commercially partorisca clean the offices have spent so only for two of those, although utilisation a second a, while it change stock exchanges punctually and filters, but he maintaining has taken a partorisca clean our house, there went it roughly partorisca some works of months to the equal that has announced!!!!
But so that it is doing investigations on him;
1) Vacuum class of in a heavy side,
2) Afterwhile your rear starts that sweat because vacuum swipes out of warm air in a fund of him,
5 / 5
Really I love this vacuum. They are the big daughter , like this more vacuums require me partorisca go down to use them and kills my behind. This thing leave the whole stand. I bought it partorisca clean my house and am really happy with him.

An only question has is that he atascamos in in the point of connection that requires partorisca take he of your backside to reconnect the when it slips out of connecting. Still I am trying start to the equal that can wrap a cord of power around a vacuum likes any disconnect takes too far of a outlet. They are not having the plot of regime. It IS the ache in a butt. For real. BUT a power of suction and a vacuum in general are enough adds.
1 / 5
Spent one 4 month ago.
And my experience has not been well with this vacuum cleansing.

Needs more force of suction. Disappointed with a product. I find it expensive partorisca a toneless and no feasible, has no where to wind a rope in a backside of a vacuum cleansing, can not be separated to 2 parts a tube of aluminium, is fastened with pressure and the ray. A course that has the habit of some pavings of forests leaves streaks in some pavings. Really I do not recommend it . It IS uncomfortable and very soft in suction.
5 / 5
Amur This vacuum. I under construction, like this wheeling around the tent vac is An ACHE. These cures of what of powder, drywall, and powder of saws. It IS a compraventa has better does like this far. Everything of my clients appreciates the net of labour place after the longitude, messy day. It IS hepa the filter is any joke . I can be busting on tile and have collect powder. Filters and parts abordables. That more can ask.

Top Customer Reviews: ProTeam ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 53 ratings
5 / 5
It can not be happier with a force of a vacuum. When I used It in the first place I have had to that struggle reason love to suck a paving of an earth, will choose on a plus end of particles of powder (a lot is!) I have tried in the 1x1 ft. The zone and you would be surprised for what powder was in a stock exchange already. He same things of attractive in of the thumbs of pair out of a nozzle. Very light and some swipes of heat was and out of your organism that are adds. You will owe that take used to like this to resist a hose like the not attacking things on behind you, but calm once take used his can still laws in of the zones stagnate ( is difficult this in spite of.) A period of a cord is fantastic, can vacuum a whole paving of the 3-5 house of chamber without reconnecting to another outlet. A period of some wands is sum, can in stand of time in a half of the room and vacuum a whole room.

Here is my question and is the big a. For each box to annex the separate wand has to that use . . . For each wand there is the different hose. It is the tactic of terrible sales that will prevent me to purchase more than proteam. With a technology in 2018 is inexcusable that some frames of company spend of the hundreds of extra dollars reasons refuse to do annexes that is universal to some wands and of the hoses. For works that asks the different annexes is is also the worry adds reason some time saves vacuuming with adds it vacuum is almost lost totally when you owe that take that it is doing and transmission some wands and of the hoses and alleged (some of some annexes of those who included properly is returned a wand belongs to) where still the $ 100 control to house vacuum is like this simple likes clicking the key to change alleged.

In general, if any marries it to them varied or possess the company of more cleaned and does not have the variety of the different fashionable edifices and the creations then for real is in amazing. Regarding that require the wide variety of the alleged is not to value of the money or time.
5 / 5
Are a lot annoy to use, especially when you are looking for to imagine was like this to take some pieces to remain places in a hose. It is to good sure any one a simpler thing to use and if so only is used when being houses to stop to clean that can be like this big in your backside that arrived to attack things in a wall and a hose will leave the blacks marks calm to rub it against a wall. This be has said a estaca of aluminium that all the hooks to these very light and the easiest plot the vacuum big zones

Some falls of hose of the metal out of a plastic hose all a time to the equal that are constantly that it has to that the grip the joint while I do. My hand and ache of forearm constantly to use these I always am wishing had bought the different vacuum.

Some filters in rear fall was 1 or 2 times while vacuuming so much has to that stop and take all was to dip them behind in. Then I owe that dip the backside on and ensure some tapes again. For the heavy thing to maintain lugging around incredibly is annoying
4 / 5
Very powerful! Easy to do and forget that it is in your backside. Some works of tool of the paving well, and an air-powered tool of carpet, which have assumed would be the poor interpreter, is a lot quite that this vacuum can substitute my Dyson discover bulkier. A so only drawback to this unit is a wand . There is room of entity for improvement here. A telescoping wand of aluminium among two sections and a plastic neighbour among them is absolute junk. I can look for the-ask a pleasure the substitution. It is no be for that, this would be the description of five stars .
5 / 5
Follows the lady of more cleaned for 20 years and the work with this vacunn for 16 years the hated this model of new metal, this piece is enormous with the enormous curve in a start of a piece and in an end that the hard fact to clean some corners of houses and offices, a piece of a paving is big and not cleaning down some pieces of furniture, a black part that access a vacuum the cleaner with a part of metal is horrible that the part is loosening of a metal separates all a time, the one who draws this model has to that it has hated some women of cleaners of 0 to 10 I gives 0 I am experiencing ache of organism in my arms and of the hands.
5 / 5
A ProVac CN Canister is excellent! They are the longtime janitor and has used this and another Proteam vacs for years. I do not hate some rucksacks, but taste not spending a, and especially when of that tries to clean mobile basses or crew or has included goes down it to choose on the big object. A uprights is good but at all for vacuuming small rocks. Once some rocks are pulled finally up in some signal some integer vac will finalise to touch all some rocks was immediately. When I Can use the canister vac want to this one. Rueda súper easy, and is light. I consider like this another vacs to be little old lady vacs, this has to that be managed with priest or some part of him will break, or has managed dulcemente reason a suction is not sufficient. A Proteam section of transmission to be able to discover the plastic will break in a 2 zone of ray and fall averts fallen a vac to this boss behind... This Proteam canister is perfect for the male is on caffeine and in the haste. Calm does not have to that be too careful with him. I can hot cane he around in of the slippery surfaces and he slides and slips. If the paste the something sticky and the circles on is the side still can be pulled easily without worry, although doing like this take 10 more like this taking to be the bit bobo. There is any harm has drawn Anything in this vac this goes to break and annoy you. On/ It Was transmission in an upper and last everywhere. Just loop a cord of extension around a boss as I do not extend and break a cord that exited of a car and calm would owe that be ready to go! I can not believe a súper prize 'used' down here for a 10chamber with a box of restaurant. The mine was so only like new with this extracted. I am tried to buy another in this prize. As of today it is $ imposed and shipping included, total out of a door by means of Deals of Warehouse of the Amazon.
5 / 5
Has had to that buy 2 vacuums already. A prime minister a, some hosts and a tube which go to an engine of carpet has broken on me. The and that tries to take a substitution but I can not find a same model. So only it take a second a, is very better, a tube is done of metal, but a rear band is doing the odd noises when we dipped it to us on. A power of a vacuum is excellent but these details? More an engine for a vacuum does not have different elder for some different classes of carpets..
5 / 5

A rucksack vacuum with the sound has attached record, and filter of installed dome with means comunicacionales of foam, two more HEPA filters, cord of 50 feet
Flexible black hose
aluminium of Two wand of leaves
alleged of Hard paving with nylon bristles
Carpeted attaches to walk with plastic scallops
tool of Upholstery
paintbrush to Powder
crevice tool
Micro (line) stock exchange of installed filter and an extra
Intercept Micro (paper) stock exchange of installed filter, 11 extra more (10 in the stock exchange, a separate)
booklet of Instruction
drives of Fast start


has simple and clear instructions on like this to gather a unit. First calm pop of a cup of a rucksack to ensure that a filter of dome, stock exchange of filter of the cloth and stock exchanges of the filter of the paper is in pertinent place. After, you toe down two external doors small in a unit to be sure a HEPA the filters are in place.

After, in that burst that a cup of a rucksack has retreated on, insert/insert some arrivals of a flexible black hose. It has then dipped to joint an aluminium of 2 wand of pieces, which has to lock of simple key. Slide An end indicated of an aluminium to another end of a flexible black hose. Alleged to in another end of a wand of aluminium for your loosening the plastic coverage, sliding in an annex and presionando a coverage.

Was unsure can have the question when I have dipped in mine first annex. Although I have had a coverage has presionado all a way, an annex could rotate. Have @@give Quickly ossia intentional. If taken the look in a picture, will see that some curves of wand of the aluminium. A rotational capacity in an annex leave to rotate a wand and go down it, so that you can take low way things like this of the chairs, rinds and beds and have an annex to walk still in full contact with a paving.


is easy to slide to some straps of rucksack and regulate a sternum and tapes of waist. There is point-has has covered tampons in your shoulders and behind, which a contact a comfortable plus. His, together with some suspenders of metal, maintain a canister of coming to contact with your organism, which ensures that it calms does not seat any heat of a unit against your organism.

A unit has to that be plugged to discharges he of 3 points. A cord of 50 feet is abundance and has to that weighed long. It was able to vacuum all but the tiny bit of the mine big, house of two histories without changing where has there was plugged he in.

Have the mix of tile, hardwood, carpet and coverage; the real test of a versatility of this unit. I have begun for vacuuming some hard surfaces with an annex of hard paving with nylon bristles. A suction was strong and all has on elected amiably. I have appreciated also to be able to take all a low way my chairs, rinds and beds. A rotational capacity of an annex and a wand have meant could take legislation to corners easily.

After, has transmission to a carpeted attaches to walk. Ossia He 14 ' wide of plastic annex with scallops that rubs against battery to help amena embedded muck to a surface. Here it is where the things have taken to interest. This is not the powered boss and has no beater bar. This means that you are resupplying this in spite of a lot of pressure loves a carpeted surface.

That I expósito is that on hid of cut of battery, could not press a wand; I have had to that pull he to me. Although my yard-the carpet of battery is decrease of battery , would say a work this has done on has gone so only WELL. When I Have been done, still could see the few hairs of dog when you look on prójimo.

When I have moved on to looped-carpet of battery and waterhog carpet, this in spite of, was able to both push and pull a wand (reason these carpets resupply less control) and pickup was very good.


For a residential user, has definite pros and gilipollas with this election. Here it is where begin:


Strong suction
low pieces of furniture Taken down
the Long cord leave to do the very big zone without that has to that unplug and move a cord
creation of Rucksack the easy fact to do stairs


Lack of the powered boss and beater the bar means no the work adds on hid of the battery cut
filters of paper of the Uses, which can take to be expensive, especially for owners of pet

has cut carpet of battery and/or the ones of the pets, but wants to be able to take mobile basses, some compraventa of comparison among east and the canister vacuum with the powered beater alleged of bar.
5 / 5
In spite of descriptions, some annexes are utmost, so only has to that turn a connector an opposite way the turn, the little intuitive counter, but once the take, is súper easy! A placing of a transmission is like this convenient, my only complaint are has paste he with my elbow on more than an occasion and closes inconvenience. I have ordered also a hose with one 90 annex of terracing to a car because a legislation some attractive era. I want this vacuum!!!!
5 / 5
Well of law. One first delivery has been missing stirs it of the parts but a second delivery was complete. It is better way that discover vacuums. A bit heavier that anticipated but to better plot that has expected. I have bought so only an annex of more cleaned of the carpet to the equal that see like this extracted . At present I am satisfied with a product. BTW Has added a guarantee in chance that🥴
4 / 5
am changing my description after the service of Client helped the fix. They were a lot of responsive and patient. For any with this help @@subject same to touch a die in an end against something, concealed left me the finally the take unscrewed. Really it can take stuck quickly and can be confuse in the moment that precise way be turned has drawn like this an arrow on a die so that way to loosen the.

Has then had subjects with taking some tools plus very small to attach to one master and help me to us shoot of question that also. A indent the coverage the next plus to a part of paintbrush (for chance) is a a ossia supposition to take a coverage of die of the metal in an interior of an end of a wand. We find that once a die was entirely tight has required to impulse a tool of paintbrush a lot slightly for the take to line on legislation for a coverage of metal to fall his and then can presionar so only the bit more than forming that it remain in place.

Easy once was imagined was.

Would recommend that Proteam adds the video that aims this and for troubleshooting this reason, while his capacity of presionar during use is utmost!, it Can be the real source of frustration and time squandered when one loves tools of transmission:)

Old Description:
A Vacuum has the excellent suction and I love a capacity to spend he in place of the tug behind me. This in spite of! An end of a wand that is supposed to returned a paving and parts of carpets A lot loosen so it is supposed to so that pode does not use or some separates to walk. I can it has used so only a hand has has resisted alleged that attaches to a flexible hose directly. A die in an end of a wand literally does not move at all, is closed entirely to plant. A lot disappointing.

Top Customer Reviews: PowerSmith PAVC101 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
It was hesitant after reading roughly descriptions, but gave it the casualidad and after the few months partorisca use it the weekly law adds. So much it can. Some people have declared that an engine there is prendido partorisca do for them but ossia the characteristic to protect thermal to prevent an engine of on heating. Once an engine cools down is ready partorisca use again. This has spent so only once had it of then and raisin so only when using vacuum alleged that restricts a flow partorisca air to an engine partorisca long periods of time or also would owe that be expected partorisca spend after vacuuming warm Ash reason an engine takes airs of a vacuum hose like this obviously a plus an air is restricted or a warm more an air is taken in a fast more an engine goes partorisca take hot and cause a protect thermal. Ossia Entirely normal and will be happy has this characteristic as it will prolong a life of a vacuum.
5 / 5
The quality is sum ! He an excellent work in a chimney inserts/partorisca insert and grill of Big Green Egg.
Update: possessing this partorisca the years of pair an engine is exited with less than uses of dozen. Contacted a company and send me to us that has called was the refurbished a. That has received was the grossly house of the engine used with a full engine of powder of rock of the discharge. Has has sent photo to a representative company that has been of this this was the refurbished engine. The service of client is horrible and would not recommend buying anything of Powersmith.
5 / 5
Has used this perhaps 10 times. Alive in County of San Diego, and has failed inside the pair of month.

When it has DONE, has done adds. A filter the good work partorisca maintain an ash in a tank, and the ash has prevented partorisca shoot out of an exhausts. Ossia Basically negotiate it vac with the really good filter and arrival of product.

Today, with the clean filter and an empty tank, has begun to vacuum a chimney. Interior 10 seconds, to the suction has begun to really fall off. I unplugged A unit, has confirmed a tank was empty, has taken was and has cleaned a filter, and dip the boss of broom thru a hose partorisca clear any debris could not see. I king-gathered, and has restarts. Again, to the suction was feeble, and suddenly a unit has turned was. It would not restart .

Has called Amazon partorisca the repayment, was awesome, repayment without subjects. (Thank you Amazon!)

After receiving chance, has decided to take a unit averts partorisca see that has spent. A mechanism of defender is cheaply gathered, with thin wiring without protecting to heat that connects a partidário to a cord. It appears a unit overheated and has melted a wiring, that causes the short. Both some plásticoes under a defender and some bosses that connects on has been melted. In spite of an obvious cure has dipped in the arrival and one filtering, an electronic is really crappy. I think that that an exhausts filter, which is so only accessible taken a thing fully averts, taken clogged, that causes a unit to overheat. Poor creation.
5 / 5
Has purchased in 2014, has used the times and an engine leave. I have not been able of the taken has begun again. This past in prompt December, 2016. I have contacted Smith of Power in mid -the December that explains my question and that looks for the solution. I am still in the moment to the response of a company with which roughly 2 weeks. They have declared they would go back mine, but there is no still. An engine looked for odorare like it burned the number to time has used it like this, taken hot as I closed it down for the moment. The past same thing until finally it could not take an engine has begun again. Good car, lousy engine.
5 / 5
Has done A TIME. Literally once. Called his service of client THREE TIMES, has gone directly to voicemail, has left THREE MESSAGES, still any response.

Has bought an element behind Leaves for a upcoming winter. As it has seated in my cochera, unopened til the few weeks done. Opened a box, plugged he on, has done a time. It likes me quell'has said before, the costruttore has been unresponsive, and to the amazon there is well helps of Zero. We offer me To us in the first place 10 it was to maintain a vaccum. Reason love the broken vacuum? I have then asked the supervisor the one who basically said 'oh a lot of', precise contact a costruttore, WITH WHICH have explained to a rep and to them that has has had to that no avail. So many, our family will be to annul First ours affiliations of then does not cure of his clients.
4 / 5

Has purchased so only my SECOND an of these reasons after the few years to use my prime minister suddenly there is prendido to do. I have read other descriptions that has said his unit there is prendido to do suddenly, so only like mine. I have debated an expensive plus is model of EUA but on 3x a cost and reading alike soyy the dead unit' description in these I decided to so only take another PowerSmith.

Well, first to launch an old an out of, has imagined, will open an upper and see something simple had gone bad. Well It Guesses that, some the connectors voters in an engine are simple lide in clips' and wiggling the they both felt loose. As I have taken out of pliers, his expressed in an annex prong, plugged he in and WORK. I ask that of one ' has died suddenly revises' experienced so only the free connection!!!! So only four rays and any question that takes the things have verified was.

Probably will maintain a substitution like the backup.

Hope This helps more.
5 / 5
I so only unpacked and has gathered this today for the take ready for some holidays. Spent a time to attentively read a manual and turned it then on to try it was to do sure is doing. Inside the minute to use it and turning it was, finds the piece of next plastic to a vac. I have been alarmed. To inspect a vac, has @to @give a plastic fund there is broken with the after his piece also roughly to break. THAT?? Unbelievable! I have read to somewhere any one saying ossia the piece of plastic junk? I am discovering, after spending to plot to time to research, then reading and dipping all near, that ossia true! Attached is pic of the plastic piece wheel with a part has come from/come from well down that. If you look to a legislation of that, can be able to see that another piece of plastic is for start! Ossia The disappointment of entity . Has thinks that was all the place to clean my stove of pellet to use he for Navidad. The no. Now has to that begin throughout and not being able to use a stove for Navidad.
5 / 5
Junk!!!!! We expect until a time has covered the shortly before that use this vac to clean on some ashes and other things around a house. It has been he announces the whole 10 minutes before it has closed was and never begun again. Needless To say a window of turn has closed. It would not recommend this Element. Has marks it new piece of junk.
4 / 5
Has bought on December 14th 2014 and has done to add for roughly two month. I used it perhaps five times last winter cleaned it then and the place has been for a rest of a year. During a time was awesome. It has had utmost suction and was quite calm.

The unpacked Today to use, and an engine has touched raspy and has had the smell of strong engine in of the llamas. They are fearful to use it, to the sounds and the smells likes him is to to signal unexpectedly-up! An engine is launching out of sparks!

Is still inside a guarantee of two period of tears to the equal that have contacted a costruttore to see will fix or the substitute. Today it is Day before navideña like the company is has closed probably.

Will update with some punctual results.

UPDATE: March 2016.
After speaking with his department of the service of the client said to take an engine of a unit and send he in still evaluation. It has had to take an engine of a cup of a unit and has sent so only an engine behind in stops to be repaired as it has asked. It has been expecting it has retreated the engine repaired or new. They are happy to inform has received marks it new complete substitution vacuum, canister and everything.

Has to that say a service of client has received during this process has been first tax . I can say that they have taken cure a lot well of me with his support of client. Thank you.
5 / 5
Has has wanted to all in this vacuum until there is taken on FIRE!!!!!. I have purchased 2 extra stock exchange filters so as to always begin the task with the clean filter. A unit there is roughly be 30 uses when a fire of the discharges taken, the llamas have jumped on a wall. A lot of SCARY. I have paid an electrician to come and verify my wiring, and substitute a tram outlet. Ossia The dangerous appliance .