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Top Customer Reviews: BLACK+DECKER ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 56 ratings
5 / 5
You maintain partorisca read histories of the horror roughly rids resisted vacuums. No quite suction, feeble construction, crappy battery. I took three weeks to choose something could live with. No material have done a wrong election. Sure, takings which pays stops. It does not have a power to suck of a Electrolux Silverado. But he exactly that has feigned partorisca. It sucks On flying bugs inside a house, which can release behind to some wild. Moths, Spiders... Web of spider... Dusting Shelves Of book... They are very happy with him. PS... Light glitch. It has left so only a telephone with Black & Decker service of parts. Filter of substitution HNVCF10 thus new model will not be available for at least the month, or included longer. Like & Reason B&D would begin to sell the new product without a a component that the frequent need changing ready to go is odd, but calm there the him. The supposition will be to wash this filters a lot attentively... PS2: Formal written response of B&D “Ossia corrected, ossia the new product and a filter is not available to purchase this time. We would suggest that it check behind with us the few weeks and you can situate an order in that then. We sincerely excusamos for any inconvenience.” Fascinating.
5 / 5
An on was/need of key to be resisted down thus model of dustbuster to remain on.

This response of Stanley is not true:

Question: he Black and Decker the to hand Dustbuster that will remain on without resisting a key on constantly?

Answered: Everything of a Dustbusters has an on / was transmission. A key does not have to that be resisted down.
For Stanley Black & Decker MANUFACTURER in Leaves 11, 2019

This has said, a unit sucks (in a good way).
4 / 5
This handbag done that is supposed to. It is quite he bit it big that has been expecting the to be. It have to that it has read it one writes on roughly that. In spite of, it is it adds it small vac and easy to use. When Precise emptying gave it to my husband. It takes it entirely it averts and it washed it thoroughly. It is surprised in a quantity to time it has taken to take averts. But that certainly would not maintain me for the buy. Good product.
5 / 5
It is hanged handy and light . It is a perfect tool to sweep on eaten of cat or discharge. The utilisation the pair to time the day. It is faster and more effective that it dustpan and broom; and it is like this handier that pulling out of the vacuum cleansing with a cord, etc.
5 / 5
Seriously a less powerful vacuum on earth. You would be better was that it runs the paper towel in a same zone master vacuum.
5 / 5
I have substituted my powder buster with east a. The prize is good and the law adds. Much easier to clean that a one has had before. I have been without one for roughly 6 years and there is finally @@give that has required another. Sometimes it calms it does not remember that the small thing is such to saver of time !
5 / 5
I produce it adds, we use it to cleansing knots newspapers after our girls. The Works likes them announced, without of the doubt considers is in a phase for the product has taken.
5 / 5
the prize Adds to be able to and characteristic.
Rids a lot slow with which shopping takes 10 days!
4 / 5
To Works well likes them of resists an on buttom some whole times are by train for the use. Works well but the ache to have that resists this key. It is it is returned!
5 / 5
An on/was need of key to be resisted down thus model of dustbuster to remain on.

This response of Stanley is not true:

Question: he Black and Decker the to hand Dustbuster that will remain on without resisting a key on constantly?

Answered: Everything of a Dustbusters has an on / was transmission. A key does not have to that be resisted down.
For Stanley Black & Decker MANUFACTURER in Leaves 11, 2019

This has said, a unit sucks (in a good way).

Top Customer Reviews: Eureka Blaze Stick ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
1 / 5
Literally so only prendido vacuuming so much could stick this- I could not have ANNOYED MORE!! A glass a big plus of the wine at present is when the be has touched. Has has not expected marvels of this thing- have walk of forests and bones during a whole house as I have bought this ONLY partorisca a purpose partorisca clean a 1 coverage of zone, and some three small coverages in our cookery and bath. More vacuuming some corners of a couch. One hand-held vacuum can do, but WOW I actuate has not fulfilled never the incompetent plus vacuum in my whole life. When A flat boss is on, the vacuum my coverages, literally has any suction. I suck Better in a regular. It has annoyed further.
5 / 5
I add little vacuum! Required the small little vacuum partorisca clean my paving of the studio and this have done a work! Calm once turn it calm on will be surprised in a suction this little type has! The cord was abundance long quite and some accessories have done perfectly. A quality of a vacuum the organism is better that some allege you, but for a price can has not beaten the!
5 / 5
I have moved in the new house that has the centrical vac, and manufactured hardwood walk. I have spent my trusty oreck my new house. The launch coverages dipped in my rooms. My old house was entirely carpeted. My oreck was too powerful in some coverages of zone, sucked these creatures very up. A centrical to use and so only the real ache in a butt. My dad has inherited my oreck, dry mopped a hardwoods and pulled out of a centrical vac taking tangled and kinked.
As I have thought, to the left is partorisca try the clave vacuum , has purchased this because of some descriptions and prices. I love this little vacuum. It IS a lot light, easy maneuvering and the powerful chooses up. I vacuum daily now. Has two few dogs, mine a dog is the bit messy with his kibble, falling in a paving. This vacuum sucked a kibble on some strikes. Mina another dog is the longitude haired mutt, the one who occasionally needs the trim. This morning I trimmed lucido the bit, while seating in my coverage of zone. My first thought was , owe attractive out of a centrical vac to choose this disorder up. I have had still mine eureka out of my morning vacuum, has the data comes from he in a hair of dog trimming, chose it up likes at all. They are now really impressed
4 / 5
It adds in hardwood walk. Some wheels are hule as not lining. Amur A swivel like this sper easy to manoeuvre. A lot light. It dips slowly partorisca take under the bed. It sucks On past of cat, comprising some pellets of a system of discharge of the Breeze. It sucks On golden retriever hair without question. Amur That has any paintbrush to choose said golden retriever hair out of constantly. The filter is washable.
An only with has on come with like this far is a location of a key to be able to. I comprise why it is where it is but maintain the paste the in mobiles and it turning was. THE smallest details.
3 / 5
I LOVE this clave vacuum. Utmost suction and choose on , has been unable to find an additional filter partorisca purchase. My original filter is dirty, cleaned it and are while his to dry, but this dips a vacuum out of uploading until it finds an additional filter Or this a dry, which looks goes partorisca take at least 24 hours. It has emailed Eureka partorisca try to solve this subject. Looking forward to when being able to use mine 3 in 1 again....
5 / 5
Powerful small vac, perfect partorisca the fast cleanup in of the hard pavings. Wheels of hule any scuff, and a boss has the bumper of hule as it does not mark a baseboard. Easily it chooses on cereal or dogfood , does not press it around. Surprising partorisca a price.

Update. It has Had this partorisca three weeks. The action is excellent.
4 / 5
A vacuum is very powerful and ossia almost the negative for my house. Almost.

Pros: A lot of abordable, no too short likes more economic vacuums, feels a lot of sturdy, a cord is really long I so that it can do a whole cookery, along hallway and part of some two chambers without that have to that unplug, chooses especially with trying very small.

Gilipollas: Has two big zone coverages (8x11) in some 2 chambers, 8 launch coverages small in other zones (likes bath, hallway, cookery, etc) and pavings of tile during a rest of a paving. A vacuum the works add in some big coverages and in some pavings of tile, but when the course on the small coverages so only sucks a coverage up does to use on him. I owe that be in some corners of a coverage and press a vacuum before, then try and impulse he on and go back and advances of press again. Behind and before he a coverage come well on a paving. If you will be to use this for pavings and of the big coverages then this vacuum will be PERFECT for your house.

In general am satisfied with a vacuum so that it has paid. I have fixed a subject of small coverage to save an annex of the mine last vacuum (a clave of Devil of the Muck vacuum) and so only that it use that in some smaller coverages.

Has not thought never would have such strong opinions in the vacuum, but here is.
5 / 5
This little vac is absolutely fantastic like this far. Im Like this happy has purchased this and can not believe used the Swiffer partorisca like this long in my pavings of forests in place of this little sweeper. I love it and it is like this easy to manoeuvre around. It chooses on hair of pet, debris, and powder a lot quickly and easily. Has three dogs, he so that there is ALOT! Some annexes are utmost to have. My only complaint would be that it is quell'has bitten difficult to take a container that collects all a muck and another vacuumed the material was and on. Has the filter inside these accesses bit it awkwardly, and then one packs snaps to a rest of a vacuum, but is the very precise access , and if any one calm has centred him to him exactly a lot then neither takes jammed and is wrestling partorisca the take behind was calm so much can try again or does not snap on at all and instead goes partorisca clash to a paving. Another that that, love this thing and the hope resists up. Has some chronic illness that he the difficult fact partorisca maintain up with cleaning but this all like this easier!
1 / 5
I have bought this vacuum like the small vac my boy could use to help with our cats ( has 2). It was meaning so only the vacuum on small quantities of kick of layers of his feet when that leaves a box of discharge. At all more. We had it to us now partorisca 3 month - his be emptied frequently, cleaned, and so only used partorisca choose on a discharge. As you can see of a video, there is absolutely ANY ONE CAN of suction - all was partorisca press a discharge around a paving. Have swept all a discharge the battery so only partorisca this video but normal would try to run he by means of these tiles 2-3 times for day, as they are not that asking partorisca choose on enormous quantities. Any way, felt people outta know that it is taking to. I have not wanted to spend to plot in the vacuum has meant thus ( has the Shark for a way that LOVES! - Literally that goes in 8 years, still awesome), but ossia ludacris! I am using the small hand-held paintbrush and casserole now to clean up AFTER a vacuum. Ossia Crazy! I have expected the little better of the known manufacturer. As there is disappointed!
2 / 5
I have bought this vacuum based in some big descriptions and four indication of star has. It has a lot of garbled state as it has taken such good descriptions never gathered it of then. Ossia An absolute worse vacuum has has not had never. It remains waiting for the light easy vacuum, which is. Light and quite easy to gather but ossia where a stop of good characteristics. I owe that take a lot of time when vacuuming to readjust a Swivel reason takes stuck and if it is not lined perfectly on will not suck anything up! It finalises to be much more that simply so only sweeping of my paving. It does not squander your money, goes to spend the little has bitten more for the better unit. Neither it has the sweeper but instead pierce it centrical small for suction. I can not it imagine was like this to take a hand-held portion of any one. Bummer

Top Customer Reviews: BISSELL AeroSlim ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 46 ratings
5 / 5
Flavour the one who small this vacuum east but the find difficult the grip. The grip he for a section of the thinnest row but has some questions. It is slippery and has balanced was. There is no anti-slip material and there is no official boss. The majority of some looks of weight partorisca be in a mesos-front.

The one who does very well is can of suction. It was very happy of the see when being the powerful vacuum in spite of his small measure. It comes with an extra filter. It does not resist the plot but this is to be do the pickup small zones and no the whole room.

Has been disappointed partorisca see an exhaust partorisca exit of a fund. Reason? Reason am vacuuming the dusty zone, an exhausts powder of swipes around before I can vacuum the. The desire is exited for behind a row

Ossia my prime minister vacuum that uploads via USB. This am partorisca add reason have chargers during a house. I will not be never unable to use this vacuum reason have lost my upload.

Finally, a stand sucks. An economic flimsy the stand easily falls on. It does not have any one his weight. An only thing a lot roughly is that it resists an extra annex like any easily takes lost.
5 / 5
Wants this vacuum so that it goes almost everywhere with me. We use in a RV and in a car. It is small, has excellent suction. Has the big more Black and Decker concealed do not actuate the averages a suction. Has the cat and this cleaned on a discharge in a RV and around his house of boxes.

Says that the only hard load 12 minutes, but any vacuums that long. 3-4 minutes is the good vacuum in a car. Some hoses in some gas canal are 5 minutes.
This can be touched invernadero USB and a stand is small also and resists two alleged-crevice tool and paintbrush.

Bissell Done of the fine products and this one east the winner !
4 / 5
Uses this in my studio of art and is perfect! It weaves it to them of half comunicacionales mixed and have accounts of glass, bit of papers, and few decorations everywhere and does not love tug out of a big vacuum for grandson especially to some time likes the disorder can take quite fat before I can any the be anymore and has to that clean on, ossia a perfect solution ! It is a lot slender and the cup taken on of small space, which is that it imports reason the space is in the prize, this in spite of like this is very powerful and chooses especially. It has had the handy onboard crevice annex. It is perfect for any messy zone that the needs assist cleanups!
5 / 5
Never of then has taken a Bissell whole pet vacuum (better vacuum never), has been sold in Bissell produced. Mina 14 year-old puppyperson is almost deaf and has been trying the vacuum him. I think that that it sees this mini vac like the massage and agrees to to take his skin sucked was with him. A suction is very better that the Devil of Muck. It liked that it could it to it take to of small spaces with him during this year is spilling period.

An only thing I really the hate is a bet of a key because it always is turning was and on when I do not want to .

A prize is $ 40 on Amazon. I wish it quell'has had the stock exchange for one uploads to join on to a vacuum when not using reason has all this mysterious chargers of when some boys have lived in home that I am fearful to the launch was
5 / 5
First of all ossia the small appliance . It stores in the stand and remains whole as it takes on upper of small room. There is the place for a crevice right of tool in a stand. I stored it down a tank of cookery for small, cleanups. It comes with the cord of USB to touch but any discharges of wall, also included is an extra filter. So only press the key and a dustbuster continuous in and sucks in your crumbs, a key does not require to be resisted down for all leave operation. Clearing a cube of powder is an easy transfer on some rubbishes to shake it was. I have used this for cupholders and other small spaces as well as choosing on crumbs under a table. Taking to some small spaces your plenaries sized the appliances often are too fat to achieve.
4 / 5
Petit But a lot this wireless hand vac are adds for small works and of the tight spaces. A battery is rechargeable. It comes with the boss, stand and crevice tool. A suction is strong. A filter is rewashable and reusable. One calm full load of the roughly twelve minutes of use. Well For the small works but I wish a time of use was more adds. A cube is small and easy to empty. The desire there was bit it more described. I am using this in that I call of mine aviary. Has birds of pet that delight in launching seeds and grit around. This little device is terrific when it comes tk that clean that up. It is quite noisy. I appreciate a portability. It is a lot handy.
4 / 5
I like a measure and a strong suction. It was disconcerted to find that a ventilation is in an inferior that tends to disturb an a lot of the powder are vacuuming. It is this in spite of adds partorisca to the really small works like is exited a crud of go in of some tones in my keyboard. A collector of powder could be bit it big partorisca consolation but then of course a whole thing would be main. The the maintenances upstairs where some offices and the chambers are and is really handy any to have the course down to take the hand-vac and very better that he duster. It is very small and lustrous and discreet when plugged in and touching in an office.
5 / 5
Is like this itty bitty! It was súper confused when I have seen a packaging but ossia Trudy the small wireless. Honradamente Could returned under a chair at the head of your automobile easily. It does not resist any a lot of but sucks súper well. Has three the ours ways. A big suction, a suction of something semi-detached and then a bristle slides on and down an annex. Doing it easy to use and any to plot of pieces.
Really helps when cleaning on van of mine with two littles. It can he pulls was and take some crumbs without that have to that attractive was giant tent vac.
Recommend for crumbs/of girls of the van
5 / 5
Like another reviewers, originally has chosen this small plus vacuum to use for my car. It is small with the basket of small filter, as it will not resist any a lot of. This in spite of, is very powerful and still can take enough the pocolas crumbs in a car. It touches quickly it has seen the cord of USB. Has the headline well that quell'also resists a crevice tool. Bissell Is the name of quality for vacuums and this does not disappoint . Recommended.
4 / 5
I like a way this feels in my hand. Very easy to use. The press and the key and goes. Also point when one load is going down, which is the utmost characteristic . My only complaint is that one uploads any last long. But work well to choose on small things, and is very easy to empty some contents to some rubbishes.

Top Customer Reviews: BLACK+DECKER ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 57 ratings
4 / 5
If we had not launched a box was; it returns it. Some alleges roughly the suction and the life of battery can be true, and is light -- a plastic is like this thin, can does not create will be durable. But my main complaint is a nozzle : it is roughly 1.5 thumbs for 1 thumb, as it chooses on very little, and calms that has to that signal so only like this to included take concealed. The Hate!
4 / 5
These produced are estimated like escommended' for Reports of Consumer. A prize is well, a do one a lot well with good suction. One hard load roughly 15-20 minutes in being able to regulate, operating in big power, no like this long. A nozzle can be pulled was partorisca extend an addition 9-10 thumbs, a lot handy to fall a refrigerator and another big objects which do not take moved. Partorisca Fast cleaned ups, partorisca crevices, partorisca hair of dog, partorisca disorders, this little vac is the gem.
5 / 5
Taking spent of cat out of carpet easily in faculty of half, also adds partorisca trunks and car mats. Extra power when I require it. Empty filter , easy easy cleaned. Light. A bit strong, but no more than the plugin model.
5 / 5
Suction Very strong, life of long battery, easy to empty - value of the money.
5 / 5
Utilisation this product to vacuum corners in of the small places and in my steps.
5 / 5
It is handy. An extension is useful. Some two speeds are well. One in the key is in the place slightly that annoying--I often touch a key partorisca be able to accidentally while it resists a vacuum.
5 / 5
Amur A new suction
the desires does the small paintbrush
5 / 5
perfects partorisca follow a cat and also choose on crumbs of cookery of a paving.
5 / 5
I love A way a boss extends like this calm does not have to that bend that far. It wins this so much that has bought 2. Power and choose up is extraordinary.
4 / 5
He a work. Effective cleanup, balanced and taking to crevices. It recommends to buy.

Top Customer Reviews: Bissell Zing ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
5 / 5
Colour: Green BaglessStyle: Zing Canister This could be the add vacuum, has a potential. Very powerful, and enough has done well. It excepts Has a creation a lot changes defect:

A telescoping hose extenders (this right plastic tubes this connects to a hose) and some tools of the paving does not close or click to the each one which another. His so only slide to the each one which another. This leaves him to pull avert All the time. Especially when calm is not in the paving of hard forest, likes carpet or any one another material surface. A suction is very strong, like this strong that when you pull was a telescoping extenders or a tool of the explosions to walk was. A lot frustrating, and could be be solve of the simple plastic interlocking click or creation of lock. It does not look for it likes it it is cost Bissell a lot of money to add one closing/clicking characteristic in some plastic parts, as his very odd and a lot ready because it has drawn he without him...

An only solution can think of this duct taping these extenders and a tool of the paving to one extends. This in spite of, this will be a lot annoy every time I need to take was and king-apply a duct tape after using a vacuum.

I suspect that Bissell has done in fact this deliberately bad product purposefully. If you look in a Bissell 4122 (basically a bagged version of this vacuum) does not have this question. A telescoping extenders and some tools of the paving so much has to that after mechanisms and a telescoping extenders is fact of the a lot of better stainless steel, in place of economic plastic. And ossia for a same price like bagless personal, and practically have some same specs. I am guessing Bissell done the majority of his money in the people that buys some stock exchanges, likes the subject of printer wins money for the people that ink of compraventa. They are not in winning money in a bagless personal, as they draw more economic and terribly, while a bagged the personnel is upper, still for a same price. Tactical soiled for Bissell.
5 / 5
Colour: Green BaglessStyle: Zing Canister Like our robot vacuum does not take to some corners (that?! A Round vacuum can not clean the corner??), also I can a lot exactly spend around the enormous weighed vacuum- for this a robot in a first place.

Enters a Bissell Zing.
In spite of some mixed descriptions, has decided to go for him of then is Like this economic, on Amazon, and the mark has trusted. Our house is Mainly Hardwood with carpet in some chambers and stairs. To the left say, this thing is Surprising.

IS Like this light, not even 10lbs; any quantity a lot in all the chance bc of some enormous wheels in a canister basic. So only I can pull he to the long of behind me, any question.

Then has a suction, uses with 1 pole on and a house/baseboard attaches on that. There is So much power of suction, in fact can clean your hairbrushes with this vacuum cleansing. (My hair is almost to my waist... As you can imagine)

And for some first time do not seat never sure cleaning a darn canister. That of course a hubs is in a moon roughly. I mean it is it likes to choose on the caff mug and pressing the key, then some the inferior falls were! Reason can a lot of they all be that easy.
Was fresh avenges with some plastic longitude tweezers the grab on inner around a filter... The calm supposition can there is not all this in spite of poden calm.

Like this yes is requiring the additional vacuum to take your corners, baseboards, wall, windows, defenders, etc. And/or there is Mainly walk hard and/or calm or any in a house has a quantity of excessive/period of hair...

Absolutely would recommend this produces yours.
5 / 5
Colour: Green BaglessStyle: Zing Canister Very like this when I have taken was the little concerned because of a measure of a box. It IS everything there. A lot easy to dip near. Still it comes with the pocolos accessories. This little canister has suction a lot good. Works astonishingly. It is done more for pavings and interior/ of external carpet. Work in the fattest carpet. This in spite of calm can not move boss behind and advances like the normal vacuum in the fattest carpet. If not to impose you that goes a way with a vacuum and then directions of transmission. To you it is the hair shedder likes is will collect it on a nozzle and calm can choose was without him taking all complicated inside a canister. Like this far I love this vacuum
4 / 5
Colour: Maroon BaggedStyle: Zing Canister Remarce: my house is very small with at all BUT of the tight spaces. Has no plush carpet, any boy and any pet.

I few years, am spent of one, then another of a Kenmore canister vacs. When A telescoping the wand has broken in a second one, has been partorisca look and found some personnel a new plus: the same complaints have had in a two I has possessed. I have HATED These vacuum cleansing. Enough. Reason not looking in something smaller and more economic? A Kenmore and one 'beater-fence' thingy was weighed too much and big for me and a house in all the chance.

My husband laughed when I have said has bought the $ 49 vacuum cleansing. When it Arrives, name some two annexes, 'to Build-Of the-alleged of Bears' has looked of then has been with the house of the Wrist. True, is useless. But hilarious. As I have bought paintbrush and crevace tools on (control of Amazon of the uses-was) after buying the pair here alleging to be 1 1/4 thumb when I have not been. Read some descriptions. I have not attached Never a headline comes with.

A vacuum is like this small and light I chooses it up for a boss and walk around without thinking. Pulling it behind am a lot also, at all detaches. A suction is like this although some first time turned it on I accidentally sucked on something has not meant to and has has had to that the extract. One attaches of the paving is quite small to return where the require to. With an old, big vacuum has has had to that do a half of some pavings, then go back again after taking an annex to walk was - I could a lot of some corners or around and low mobiles ect with him on!

Regarding a sound done, I always vacuum spending spent for the listened as it does not remark anything unusual there. A telescoping the wand is well for 5'6' me. My house is a paving , but this would be adds with stairs. A cord and the hose am quell'has bitten shorter that in a big vacuum cleansing, but no the question. One IN the key is located in a vacuum he more than in an end of a hose, to the to the equal that likes. If it breaks in the pair of years, has done like this an expensive plus some have possessed, and I in fact Like this one.
5 / 5
Colour: Maroon BaggedStyle: Zing Canister Likes quota another reviewers has declared, an annex of the paving does not remain attached to a wand partorisca more than as small when a vacuum is into use. A solution is partorisca buy the annex of universal paving which would have to that remain in a vacuum without any subject. THE emailed with Bissell cured of client of crew of half comunicacionales social and in spite of everything of some complaints, alleges is unusual and can not imagine reason attaches will not remain on (involving a lot already know that an annex is defective and has not imagined out of that all of an Amazon reviewers already have). We ask me to us partorisca box on a vacuum and the send to them in his cost. They would maintain partorisca 2-3 weeks and then say me that decides. I assume more folks do a same decision that has done and spend of the extra money partorisca buy the new annex.

IS an economic vacuum so that it has not had big expectations when I bought it. But in fact still it thinks a vacuum compraventa good while you know will require partorisca spend of the extra money in an annex.

- The price adds
- Strong suction
- Easy to gather
- Light

- the annex to Walk is defective/useless
- There there is still the 'hule in of the llamas' smell when I the course. It have expected that a smell would turn with use.
5 / 5
Colour: Maroon BaggedStyle: Zing Canister has had a Bissell Zing bagged cleansing partorisca the few months. My last canister vacuum was partorisca spend it the aspirador PortaPower this is lasted roughly 20 years. This was the add vacuum but some the plastic annexes have been breaking and a suction is declining has decided like this partorisca the substitute. Has fine it-house of the pet and I maintain the base of a cost with the just quantity of the sand that filter in a house in of the feet and in a wind. As with any appliance there is pros and gilipollas to a Bissell Zing.
1. Adjustable suction. Has thinks that that this would be the beast gimmick, but finds it gain. Some settings some lower leave me to vacuum spent of the cat of the mats of light weight situate while some settings some big plus chooses on spilt kibble easily.
2. In some settings some low plus, is not horribly strong. Still in some settings some big plus is quell'has bitten calmer that mine old Spends the aspirador.
3. It IS easy to use and tent. It likes-me a retractable cord.
4. A wand is metal a lot of and sturdy, and easily adjustable during use.
5. A vacuum the boss is easy to manoeuvre around hard pavings.
6. A stock exchange is the reasonable measure that looks to last the pair of month (fine-pet and sand).
7. Has the pair of filters that attended will extend a life of an engine. If the mine Spends the aspirador has had these, probably still be using that one.


1. A vacuum the boss is the little thickness to return under my stove, etc.
2. A headline of tool is useless likes to take on pieces of furniture and decrease of point.
3. A headline of the tool does not import in all the chance because a crevice tool/dusting the paintbrush is laughably stupid and less than useless. I can not imagine that any the one who there is has not used never the vacuum has drawn that what ridiculous. I have bought the universal apt paintbrush for less than $ 10 this does a trick. A tool of upholstery is quite small also.
4. A plastic hose that attaches to a wand of good metal is quell'has bitten economic. It looks mine that will last it several years this in spite of.
5. Some stock exchanges are expensive. Almost I have not taken this vacuum because of a price of stock exchange, but thinks that was the trade -was for an efficiency of more cleaned of a vacuum.

Like this in everything, a pros outnumber a gilipollas and a price is reasonable. Of course it was done in Cina how is more economic that need to be. My beef my big plus is with one stupid small bitty crevice/dusting tool. It IS too short and thickness to in fact take in any crevice and and owe toe a paintbrush around to use it. A paintbrush is not so only tiny and flimsy but in the 90 corner of terracing to a suction so that it was uncomfortable to use although it was the good paintbrush . The calm look will not find the picture of him anywhere. Like this here it is one has taken. I ask calm that it is supposition to do with this thing? In general, fully they are while east to be the good vacuum for a money is past.
5 / 5
Colour: Green BaglessStyle: Zing Canister has had this vacuum partorisca the pair of weeks and like this far am really happy with him. Has all the hard pavings in my house (mostly forest). Has two young boys and he looks likes does always crumbs and other disorders in a paving. I have had an integer vacuum and resembles so only press a muck and crumbs around a paving, like rings something concealed has been drawn partorisca hard pavings more than hides. This returns a bill.

A suction in a lot of powerful. I have had it take slightly jammed the little time when I vacuum on something too big, but has been easy partorisca fix and go back the vacuuming.

Ossia My third bagless vacuum and is an easy plus to empty. I also like a retractable cord. I want that a canister is like this light and easy to spend when necessary. It goes well by means of some pavings, although there is it pulled occasionally on while vacuuming, which is the little annoying. But he no happy too often.

Has the few coverages of zone in my house. This very on the but does not add . Partorisca me Conceal is not the breaker of extracted.
4 / 5
Colour: Maroon BaggedStyle: Zing Canister has read some descriptions, which has been mixed, some costs of people with him, and some have said that the falls averts. But I have loved the small vacuum and does not have carpet or pets, as think it is cost taking the risk. But like a lot of people have said, the falls averts. After using it roughly 3 times, some group that controls a piece of the extension in place is fallen off and then other parts that begins that they fall off also. It was also uncomfortable to use, a boss a lot of rotate and turn a lot easily so it is trying manoeuvre around things, is not like this smooth. A canister is hanged very light that it is well for lifting he, but is like this light that finds to plot. Quell'Conceals has not been the subject big for me, but could be for some people. In a positive side a suction is very strong. But you grieve a wand of extension has broken, has launched he in some rubbishes and has bought the new more expensive vacuum, which love.
4 / 5
Colour: Maroon BaggedStyle: Zing Canister adds Vaccum, the very good Work. I vacuumed now all the classes partorisca walk with him: forest, Laminate, tile, diffrent types of carpets
sucction is awesome, taking is a muck goes.
Boss retracts quickly, a sucction the law of control adds.
HAS the total of 3 wheels in some subordinated - 2 in some behind and 1 swirl arround wheel in a zone forward, how is a lot easy to manoeuvre
has to that exchange some stock exchanges, but is a lot easy to do.
Are a lot happy with my new stylish has lived vaccum partorisca this price of subject.
5 / 5
Colour: Maroon BaggedStyle: Zing Canister has bought two of this useless vacuum cleansing.. I have thought a fact that a prime minister one has broken quickly was the simple fluke, but a second a has broken immediately with which receive it to us. It is disturbing that the cars are built these bad and only arrivals partorisca create dumps of the main rubbishes and squandering an earth is (and an unsuspecting buyer is) resorted.

Top Customer Reviews: MOOSOO Cordless ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 58 ratings
5 / 5
For your necessities of the fast reviewing will give you my Pros upper and Gilipollas then yes want the bit of plan of back history to share.
Weight 1.ligenero
2. Calm
3. System to look of the advance (paintbrush of decrees and flashes yes take a paintbrush up in something in planting to spend out of a tape., The visit was yes in full loss or prolonged by suction of the clog in of the tubes)
4. The leaders to be able to clear in easily of view blockages.
5. Easy to clear any blockage that can arrive.

Gilipollas How that look in to him likes him any element is perfect for all the world.
1. The smallest capacity then in right or another heavy voids. ( Any one the with for me so it maintains ignites, I of who empty alcohol often yes required)
2. 45 min Life of stack. (Again very really the problem for me but maintain in of the imports)
3. The big net in the projects can take longer
4. OF WHO that TAKES PLACE. (Considering look in etiquette is not to put test)
5. The period does not extend , at the beginning the looks have thought can be it too down for me to use was bad, but sper the big people can find it down and tension.

Has used all the classes of Voids, Rainbow, kerby, Dyson, bissell, shark, and very was empty to mark also. I actuate you do not want Never in a vacuum likes him I this unit Desprs only 24 hours of uses will recommend this Vaccum in any another. Baring In importing some things have mentioned already. Has 5 dogs, 10 cats, 2 chinchillas, goats, boys, and life for estacionar this crosses our 3000 sq ft. New in us house. This there has been the group of animals and busy people before organism. It take in front of the pictures but would be to embarrass in a less. In just some advances of room is spent 2hour . And 15 mins. Or three touching sessions no because of lack of a capacity of Voids besides clean any one state because of how much required vacuumed. It fill to 13 stock exchange of the rubbishes of chevron with powder, muck, hair, and so much more concealed I of the that included wants to consider. Have there was vacuumed with the borrowed kerby fact 3 weeks and begin to burn up because of a quantity of hair, rind and powder. Also I have the chronic illness that to cry of mark likes him vacuuming the painful task the majority of a time, but found a clear characteristic, and be only 'left' 45 mins the time in void active aided hurt me of free stay. I am looking it advances in only required to do interview vacuuming after this deep clean. It was also so impressed with a filter and what more maintained the already to return in an air. Swipe cleanup in the each session to touch and is so happy is washable how me that after I have been finished. Otherwise Was in necessity of the new filter already. Also that is to say so the estimativa cosy how me very didnt has a estimativa to buy one 00 bissell has been eyeing durable months now, and is so happy I no.
5 / 5
I will begin to say any fostered me to leave the description - am - in pause of summer and literally has at all better to do, as and has thought, why any one? I have bought this void so that I have decided that need to be the grown up and buy the void of big daughter. Also, my current void has done more like the cover blower. My sister and brother-in-the law is expert of void and possess the $ 350 Shark and has impressed in me that to take the sake a, has to spend some money. Of my fianc and I are planning the pair, the praise has had to to find something in our estimativa tight that has taken a work has done. It likes I some investigation, reads the bouquet of descriptions, and here is. A reasonably priced void with the descriptions add these comparable looks in these $ 350 ones.

Ships a next day (first thank you!) And once open, has taken enough 15 bren to pose joint. Directly out of some boxes have can (bookmark!). Excitedly Has cleaned up some random crap of a fund and then plugged he in to use later. I used it daily since, and it has had he for the week. Here it is my thoughts like this far:

-The a lot of is clear. I can empty a ceiling any problem (so that apparently, that is to say the thing ). It IS so the light could empty a wall with an advance has wanted to (the pointed beak for funsies - no recommended)
-A swivel the leader the easy fact to go around some legs of my table of cookery, as well as it scares a bejeesus out of my dog
- has the light in a cape as it can see you all a muck is enough to clean up. I like this so that when it returns in the power in saying has taken in fact chosen up!
-The power In maintaining be up while it touches it. Any sure why me how concealed. A cord is also enough with a longitude of the hang yes and amours.
- IS WIRELESS. That is to say my characteristic favourite by far. I can go of my cookery in a room isolates externamente want to . And the work in carpet, fund of forest, And tiles. (It does not have tile, but and , was clean)
- is quite mere to clean. It comes with the tool of cutter of the hair for a spinner the paintbrush yes is how me and spilt more than your dog. A headline of the powder bursts open and can take a filter and the shake are. There have it also this quota velcro embroil that goes around an outside of a filter to maintain he to take clogged. A sake smack against a wall and all a powder are come immediately. Reassembly Has taken enough 10 bren. It wants to if any one could invent something concealed could clean in of the disorders that you does not have to then the net, but is only 2019 as I am lining was hope.
-A stack in fact explosions of a void so he require the touch and for some reason a cord does not achieve , only can touch separately and then pose the backside on.
- HAS two speeds: sucky and suckier. In this case, mamma the power is the good thing . I am not totally sure when to use each speed, but concealed can be chalked until error of user.

-TBH HAS very unit found really Some people have said that a life of stack is only 45 minutes, but the left wing for real is by train to be, if I am vacuuming during 45 minutes, then a void is by train to do me the favour to oblige me for prender.
-Opens does not have any apology in not cleaning a fund. Sigh

In general, is happy. It was Very to estimate one $ 93 is spent. The May HAS POSSESSED or has used the Shark or Dyson as very can not say so compares. But now probably it does not buy never it Shark or Dyson!
5 / 5
That is to say the void those sustains two roads (grave and big). Very mere and directly advance to use. An on/was the button apropa a cape, that is to say. Any one poses to confuse or options. It hastens once for basses, press twice for big. Press the third time for out.

Can pull one that normal void, or changed in the hand has shortened void. It looks lights in a front while the fire he so that it can see that yours enough to choose up or run in. A factor of form is way down below in an earth in a front of a void. It IS very easy to slip under sofas or tight zones.

Has used a void to rid to clean my cart.
Has used a void has pulled normal to clean my house and basement. The very low time, has had so powder and the muck this turns around in a camera of containment.
5 / 5
I want to this schemes small. The prize adds and clean also. Quan Sweeps my funds of forests are so easy to choose in some rests accrued with this hand-has lined. The better works that has expected. Easy filter to clean. Easy to use. The flight.
5 / 5
It IS the little machine of sake . I used he alot. Amur Some lights in a front, and that a moter the cape is not on age to return under dressers and other pieces of furniture. Also I like him his that some annexes are full sized, and do of the good work. Only it wishes a stack those runs the time was longer. I guess it it require to buy another stack. That is to say a good thing can change in the quota stack when needs in. They recommend in another concealed does not want to spend the plot in the dyson. I have been only using he that hangs two weeks, and expects it will line on sake, so that I very like this empty!
5 / 5
- Compact and clear
- any cord to treat
- 2 levels of suction: strong and stronger
- paintbrush illuminated deep
- paintbrush of small convenient powder
- life of decent stack
- level of acceptable noise
- described like small rests

5 / 5
This void of the weight of the light can use for cart, sofa, corner, carpet, fund, etc., Easy the total or disassemble. Has two level of void can (shows a video). I have used it melts of empty forest of the lemonade and chooses up all the rubbishes, powder, and hairs. Since it is light heavy, my boy aided me in any of void a lot of entertainment ^_^ of time and of work. Also, it uses in powder of void in sofa and table without extension. A button to touch some rubbishes, especially remarked, has the screen of powder of black cylinder of rubbish of easy/decree in a container of rubbish.
5 / 5
That is to say my third void in eight years. I actuate there it do not go it never the debugging of void that tugged me in fact directing. And this one chooses in a class to powder very very those looks to collect in my fund to tile. Also I flavour he in my cart and work also. The prize besides beats a majority, is further happy with this void.
5 / 5
For such the clear wireless void this small thing is quite powerful! A suction is very enough to do general very daily debugging in the house. A last stack the quite good time, different some of a hand-voids has lined. It IS so more convenient that any one of my corded empty. Only take he in anywhere and has the clean fast. It IS by train to motivate me to do more cleanup and more timely.
Has thought at the beginning the can not be flatten down quite far to clean under a tilbury the sofa without a void aixeca of cape out of a fund. It IS the small has disappointed. Then, I have discovered twist a container of powder in a side, can pose it down a long way (almost totally plans with a fund) He very happy!!! A light FOCUSED in front of a void the cape is the very good and useful characteristic ! And has two levels of parameters to be able in. A prize is very adorable. I am so happy with this compraventa! It recommends and buy again!
5 / 5
I have used only he for day of pair, is chosen work so happy it.it I so that it adds!Still it can suck the small powder in. Largo durable stack. The light heavy,my hands will not be hurted after clean all of a room ligera.un in front of a void the cleaner is very beat too.it illuminate some places can not see. It have to give it come from it.

Top Customer Reviews: Tineco iFLOOR3 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
5 / 5
An idea of him is wonderful May.... If you want to go prójimo to a wall to vacuum some muck, powder, water or anything or can think of, a vacuum wont choose it up. It can so only vacuum and wash 1-1 1/2 thumb out of a wall/baseboards ( or name he). Or it has to that take the broom or the regulate vacuum partorisca clean a lot near of a wall because this vacuum wont he. Another thing that the ones of legustado partorisca be different: when you press a vacuum send you will have some frames of wheels in your pavings. Another: calm can not go under couch or tables with him, if you tilt the too a paintbrush will come on too big and wont touch some pavings. For a paid of money for him attack at least to clean all a way to a wall and any to be forced to redo a work with a broom. A tank of soiled water could be main, he edges on too much quickly.
4 / 5
Was hesitant. Each artilugio resists a big promise to be a better thing never. They are happy has bought a unit. I have had fractured vertebrae and rear surgery of entity. This car is like this light and easy to use that still with the very bad behind, can use this! I clean my textured walk of spotless tile. A suction is unbelievable. It is an amazing device . It is effective. It is calm. Amur A self characteristic of more cleaned! The money are better spent the long time. It looks durable- I hope is. Any remorse
5 / 5
So only the buy. It is like this value he. Has the big room that is hardwood. As sweeping and mopping apresamiento for ever this artilugio saves like this time. And there is little to clean up after liking this is surprising. Easily we can clean up after each lunch. It is amused to use also. My husband is more than happy to clean a paving for me maintaining.
4 / 5
Appreciates that there is absolutely any powder. Has allergies and usually have the reaction when I clean house - Mostly of Vacuuming. This are adds for all my hard pavings. Cleaner of any only. I do not owe that sweep or vacuum first. A unit is self cleansing - which is fantastic. They are very happy with a car and some results.
5 / 5
Has 2 young creature (3 mths). They are the container of fun, but clues in a lot of muck and law in my pavings of vinyl. I am spent the plot to time to sweep and mopping, changing water frequently. No more!!! The maintaining broom a big plus chunks, then take a vac was. ENORMOUS timesaver, and done the work adds!!! A self the cleaner is in prize , also. He streak a first time to walk, as so only uses warm water now. Very better!
5 / 5
Ossia An amazing vacuum, concealed taken the averages a time to wash pavings!!!
4 / 5
Well, wants to write the ad partorisca Tineco! I am enamoured with this product! I can not it believe has lived without one. All the world feigned it, has bought one. I am obsessed. It can have the few defects that the mine is smaller, and does not change my indication.
4 / 5
Loves a net was without powder in mine expensive like my Dyson
4 / 5
Piece of junk directly out of a box. An application aims a battery 100 has touched. There is also a message of error that objective that one 'battery in any properly installed'. A battery is installed for a costruttore. It is inner. I have called Tineco service of client for his instruction. I have achieved the register that declares was having questions with his system of telephone and recommended cat. I have been to his web of place. The cat was unavailable. An only option has offered was to leave the message. One is the message has comprised with a unit that can have some residual moisture to try? Any sure like this could done he by means of. The service of the client of the amazon was stellar as always. A vacuum is in a way behind for the repayment. I have ordered the Bissell Crosswave Max instead.
5 / 5
Was a lot of critic to spend the money is, but a reason I splurged in a model a new plus has been due to one 35-40 battery of life of minute. A schemes also is very small. It does not leave it it concealed calm to betray you when you are choosing among that and a Bissell. The wise quality thinks that that this element is quell'has bitten big in of the terms of part, this in spite of, seeing so that it has had so only the Bissell vacuum that has broken down, would not say I really can compares to a Crosswave Max. With this be has said he a work and I have had to that change a tank of clean water among 2-3x before I have been done- but concealed is so only like work. Solid, flowed, and easy to direct, I also found he decent in some coverages of zone there is after roughly 2 steps. If has the big house, would go with the Bissell or another mop vacuum, but am happy with this compraventa, reason takes 1/3 of a time the vacuum and the mop and ossia reason has been done.

Top Customer Reviews: APOSEN Cordless ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5
Amur This little vacuum perfect partorisca hard pavings and carpeted zones,this substitutes my Dyson concealed no still last 2 years in 1/3 a cost! It is hanged very light sucks on like this well likes Dyson, chooses on hair of dog astonishingly. Used the little time to vacuum my car and some results are surprising. A vacuum is very light like the very easy fact partorisca move around with. Already recommended to my friends. Amur Of amour of the amour
5 / 5
in our new house, has combination of hardwood the paving and the carpet and has looked for the vacuum ossia quite powerful for carpet but hanged light that my boys can use it too much. Aposen Wireless vacuum is the perfect access for our need. It is not so only light and powerful weight but also wireless that does to clean a lot easy and clutter free. I can clean under a couch a lot easily because of the his innovative 270 paintbrush of boss of terracing. It is operation is a lot enough. I think that that we take the solution of perfect cleaner for our new house.
5 / 5
Has received this product last week. I have been using corded vacuum cleaner for the moment. I have moved home new, and have walk of forest+ ceramic tiles in levelling lower, and carpet in a second walk.

A product is gone in packaging of good quality. All the plastic parts have been packed in of the individual stock exchanges. A unboxing was much simpler.

Manuel of the product and the information of guarantee has been found inner. A manual among English and Italian.

An assembly of a vacuum was súper easy and has not required to look in a manual. A battery was touched fully when the product has been received.

Used it in the first place in some coffins stroll and expósito ut hanged very light and súper easy to use. An use in a carpet was included also. It has resupplied good suction during an use of approx. 30 minutes.

Some highland groups is coming with an adhesive tape as well as fasters to ray on to some wall. I seat the adhesive tape was quite to resist it whole against a wall.

Maintained it plugged for some hours and the battery was has touched entirely.
Can say that I am happy with the global action for a prize has paid.
4 / 5
Has Bought this he roughly done ten days and right now would like me to them write the description thus

with which few days using feels them ossia adds comes with two strong speed and low but both of them does a lot of

special the love a light in a front when or clean your down bed you can see a soiled part easily and the clean movement of calm good boss of the that feels any part accionaría

his wireless you of the one who owe worry in any boss and a work of strong battery has them load still with which in the first place the touch has been use for the week already

would recommend to my partner with this product
5 / 5
is surprising light vacuum cleansing,the majority of which taste,of the boss of paintbrush can be bent in 180° and 90°, a schemes also can be the steps have situated under a bed and sofa to clean, had DIRECTED lights to maintain each clean dark corner, leaving to see and clean all mobile of low powder and under clearances.
A battery has excellent a lot in common time, until 30 minutes,and could touch it 3 easy ways ,boss of main unit, the band of alone battery, and an integer a wall-the trace of type can be converted to the compact measure when it has to that business in the cupboard.
Easy emptying rubbish,and cleaner of system of the filter for water.
A vendor resupplies 24 worry of month free guarantee and 724 hours on-line service, as you can buy with confidence.
4 / 5
Looked to maintain something portable to clean my minivan and. Behind up for my dyson , As my dyson is not wireless .This vacuum is very light like this easy to manage. It would say that a power of suction is also good considering a prize of a vacuum .State the easy to clean like this far . It would say to look for economic wireless vacuum this a could not be the bad shot.
4 / 5
Ossia The really a lot of vacuum cleansing like his work as it has announced. It is light weight as compared to another heavy weight of the that has. What better in this vacuum the cleaner is that it is wireless :-) . A prize is really really competitive as compared to another expensive some. It is very easy to operated with bondadoso of swivel operation. A power of the suction are not to add but in this prize is well. The works add in hardwood walk, especially in a zone of cookery.
5 / 5
To the equal that have been using this for the while now, has thought at the beginning there was a @@subject to the equal that would turn was with which so only the short use. Coming to discover a trigger does not require to be resisted. Sound the on was trigger, as any need to resist a key down while using, this are adds for any the one who cant maintains pressure in a key.

A suction in a unit is well, but does not add for hair of pet anyways. Has 3 huskys and taking hair out of our coverages and needs of carpet better suction, but otherwise the sound adds he vacuum. Amours of daughter he
5 / 5
So that has the cat in my house, but am unfortunately allergic to them. This force his basically rests out of zones where our cat is. I have been that takes the plot of allergies recently again and is more probably of my cat that loss. I have decided to see that the cleansing has been would help. Like this vacuum comes with several annexes. One is like this brush this attaches easily and enough firmly to a vacuum. He easily excluyente on the majority of a hair of skin/ that blurred couch material. The works add in some pavings also. A main thing in this vacuum for me is cleaning a filter. REMONTA ALL The MUCK To An ORDERLY BALL!!!! Ossia A fresher thing has not seen never. A muck, powder, etc is packed neatly and has takes easily. Any clouds to powder that leaves sniffling all day. It is quite awesome to be able to cold in mine living room without sneezing like crazy inside a prójimo 5 minutes.
4 / 5
Some first time have taken this was to clean on crumbs of my girls that eats lunches, has finalised vacuuming a first integer of walk of my house and some steps the upstairs. They are like this habituado to take out of a broom, sweeping everything to the battery and then that takes my powder buster to a battery, concealed when being able to quickly and easily do a work with this vacuum looked to treat the! His light, can be regulated to a height loves, (my husband is main that are so that it can do it more along when it uses) and can not believe are saying this in the vacuum, but a manoeuvrability is like this smooth that felt almost like the toy and dare say, was amused?

The favourite characteristic of my boy is one has directed lights in a front and follow me to us around a turning of the house of some lights so many could vacuum in a darkness. I have thought at the beginning that some lights were bobas because present generally a lot of vacuum in a darkness, but some lights are in fact incredible to underline some crumbs and small pieces of powder that you would not see without a light added. His I also adds to be able to see under pieces of furniture.

This vacuum will not substitute my canister Honey, but will be tossing broom of mine and powder buster and will not owe that tug a Honey was to do some stairs or any of some small works. It has included I can be able to take some boys to vacuum in his own results some lights ;)

Top Customer Reviews: Oreck Commercial ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
As I have bought this debugging of void like the substitution for the Shark Promotes the professional was pomegranate vaccum. A shark there has been some subjects, concretely:

1. Has a tube of annex through that all a power of the suction in some point was. This tube has been done of the material this has maintained prende to crack and has had to duct tape he. In an end was more tape that the tube and this directed in the loss of suction.
2. It was absolutely PATIENT of emptying a pomegranate and dig was hair of pet and inhaling a powder and cleaning a filter etc. Was bad.

My woman and I have done the roads for a housework. It marks a low and I a upstairs. Of a upstairs is 100% frize carpet, a void hurriedly resulted the point of contention for me.

I my investigation (Very HE) and wine in Oreck. I have not listened it likes him to him the peel was 500+ dollars for one of a sper cup of some versions of house of the line that aesthetically is pleasing and instead opted in pocket a cash and purchase this workhorse for 150 bucks. And I am IMPRESSED.

HAS 3 dogs and the cat. Some dogs are the Siberian Husky, the Germans Shepard, and the St. Bernard. Needless To say have it the PLOT of hair of pet. Some critiques have mentioned that they have not thought a oreck was effective for east. These people are lying in you. Our carpets are now surprisingly clean. This thing sucks in rests and in the hair of pet likes him at all has not seen never. His the BEAST. And his light. Some stock exchanges line the PLOT and when his time to change them was only attraction me, launch me and substitute me.

IS cheap. He been through 2 the month and has taken the 25 group in how 15 bucks. It takes some tabs of fragrance. Calm very can smell the at the beginning, after a first pair of days sings it to you smells anything, which hopefully is a point.

Some people have mentioned the smell of the ardent rubber when begun to use a vaccuum. It has remarked this also, but think that is only the burn in phenomenon like hurriedly goes era.

A substitution and parts of interview (roller/of tape) is so in amazon down 10 bucks. I expect to change some tapes and rollers from time to time and has this void during the decade.

Does not have any annexes. Only clean some carpets and fund superbly well. We use it to us down in forest and of the coverages and tile without the subjects and he have pulled on hair of scope and loose pet of cat without problems.

Gives the gone. Emptier has not possessed never. It sees pictures for effectiveness of hair of the pet.
5 / 5
I have bought this void done 13 month now and imagined is time for the low description.

Will begin with a pros:
1) this thing is clear, enough so as the chevron of milk. My anterior void was the cheapo (for cheap I bad in a prize still like this) devil of the muck and he have weighed easily 20 pounds.

2) A void is easy to do on yes does not have to never. Can have it it averts in 10 or 15 minutes with at all more than the 2 phillips, change an engine would not have to be more than the 20 work of minute but judge for a measure of a thing has to last the moment, some paintbrushes of carbon are also enormous as I do not expect to have that peel out of 75 to substitute those any time this decade.

3) IS powerful, an aforesaid beefy the automotive mamma above the each only sake, of stale cereal of mine 1 old year veiled by behind a sofa for later in my woman is forgotten fold of hair in the each cord only forgets to exit of a road before beginning vacuuming. I expect a tape would give is gone in front of an engine yes never blockades up.
Voices folks that breaks quite any one when being pas able to choose above material against a wall but yes enter advances of roads in planting sideways by side the mamma up well.

4) Exchanges some stock exchanges are easy winery, only each side of a hole in a part of push and goleada rigid directly in a port.

5) IS cheap! Any taken the plot of the characteristics but he are the void to cry out of strong! Taken the plot to suck for a dollar.

1) Any annex but would be necessary to know you that already. It IS the void and that is.

2) strong Likes Him hell, but is not in that has to listen in him all day every day (unless you , then takes some cover for the listened)

3) these tapes are the ache to exchange but calm only gotta he once or two times the year, has exchanged only my premier a today after 13 month of use. When being prepared in manhandle your void to take a paintbrush reseated once a tape is in the.

Finally, takes that paid for, Oreck admits in characteristic to give you the bonos void for a prize.
5 / 5
Behind in a basics..

Does not leave an ergonomics has been dated and ways of the same Oreck fool you.

Has possessed the shark, the dyson, Spends the aspirador, kennmore, Electrolux, included the variety of wet-dry voids. This Oreck was laws the all, in both carpets and to tile.

A+ Oreck
4 / 5
I want to this debugging of void! Here it is some things thinks to mark this clean plus void adds:
is very clear and by so easy to spend around a house. It IS powerful and has utmost suction. Has the very long cape that leave me to cure of a whole fund for only plugging he once. The calm left you to go of carpet in bare melt without that has to prender to do adjustments. Has the stock exchange these cover me in easily and cleanly plant of a muck.
A reason why has not given this product 5 star is that still although a void the cleaner is the horse of the work that mark the fantastic work, has some useful characteristics that is missing that main wheels to go a void in his place of totality ( has to promote the for the movement around when not using in carpet), any hose in easily to continuation well of stairs and the noise of plus of bit that another voids has possessed before.
In general is very happy with this debugging of void and to well sure would recommend it.
3 / 5
Has the multiple has purchased of this model in a last pair of years (probably 6 or 7) for our subject. There is very positive (when is working): Good Suction, Cord Claro , Long. Even so, with almost everything, if any one everything of these, a void suddenly to do each joint. A problem is that a connector to wire inner a cape casing disconnects of a change. It IS quite easy to fix, has posed only the backside on, but in another pair of weeks, the work is road was again. This is spent with multiple voids this was has bought month and of the years averts, as it is not only the batch of manufacture of the batch, but the defect to draw. One this would be easy to fix, does not know why has no.
1 / 5
I have bought my premier Oreck XL in 2006. I lasted me 11 years with problem very small. In fact, probably still be by train for the use if it was not for a fact that I shorted out of an engine when erroneously installed the cord to be able again.
This the in way the new model can say Oreck, but is no Oreck. Admitted, a prize is gone to rack and sea considerably since one reorganises with a company the little the mark of years, and likes to say goes, taken that decrees of paid.
A (small) positive:
- very clear and easy to take around a house
- cord to be able to Very time, as I can empty the whole level of a house without requiring to change outlets
- engine of strong void

Some refusals:
- a cape of the metal is attached in a plastic vac tube with or lousy ray. Constantly it is flexing and angling like me void, and fulfils it will not be very time before some accidents of sleeve
5 / 5
My husband and I possess the tent of the small retail but crossed us the cleanest void each years of pair. Some wheels or would fall was or these pasts begun in fact for the powders of swipe when turned he on! It classifies to attack a purpose of vacuuming. As we decide to go with a Oreck this time, likes him that it is done still in some the EUA, is not heavy, any extra annex to treat and has the sake of long cord that it can limit he in and he voids a whole tent! It IS strong, but I the void hardly entered or after us after way that is not the problem. Mamma up all a muck and powder and leaves that the people take in a street and also likes me the bite goes the verge brushes those looks to take a muck of a fund in firm in some cupboards of exposure.
IS to well sure a better void has used in a tent! Highly I recommend it.
1 / 5
I have read several descriptions before purchasing this void. I do not recommend it at all. It does not choose up spent of cat or sand in regular fund. He the good in carpet. I have decided to return this and purchase an integer Electrolux and when among a clave has used this void and a walnut one a same day. A new Electrolux sucked up all and this oreck sucked up crap. Has 3 pets and he does not recommend this void
1 / 5
My mother has possessed a Oreck and last his years as it has thought also would purchase or since I the newspaper void and so that this particular model alleged to be announcing. I have had big expects it the would line until a newspaper vacuuming only to be has disappointed highly. An only thing that the fact the advertising is a cord . Another that concealed, does not line until daily vacuuming so that it is cheaply done with small rays that is not quite strong to back a together long collar without that has to constantly tense them, and like the result is now undressed. Besides, I owe constantly refasten a collar (connection of tube of the base), so that he at the end loosens and decouples he of a cape (main engine), of a void only to blow powder everywhere. Part of a collar of the aluminium angled (afterwards a cape) and now has duct tape in two parts of a collar for the maintain together only he so that it can empty. Nevertheless, I have left in of the this and will not be purchasing another Oreck again.
5 / 5
No more bagless for us. Emptying That powder,hair,to the flea has filled cups in some rubbishes and in that have he poof behind in my face disgusted and was bad for my allergies. Has data so much bagless vacs thorough to trade and has bought two bagged empty, 1 was this Oreck, And wants to it! In 57 I preoccupy enough me and my woman those presses around the vac that is too heavy and hurting ours backwards.. A Oreck is clear and easy to move and does not pull our backwards. Attraction a stock exchange was and situates in some rubbishes, installs the new stock exchange and list to go.

Top Customer Reviews: Dyson V11 Animal ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 51 ratings
5 / 5
UPDATE 4/13/19: I have had to that go back to this description and add the half star. Some brains Dyson have added to this vaccuum, together with a capacity of the main battery, active immensley added to a vacuum the times locate the load. They are by train of the leave Place in Transports, and is darn approximations two times some square feet am taking vacuumed in the alone load. I so only leaves until a vaccuum to dip a tin so it goes of carpet to hard forest to lap. Dyson Does well.

Has been using, for a past year or like this, the V8 Animal that has bought takes in $ 325 on sale in my tent of warehouse of local affiliation. And absolutely I love it. It is far and it was a better wireless vacuum has has not used never. But so only I can take 1/2 my clean house before it goes died. As have has wanted the take another wireless to have a upstairs and a down. It enters a V11 Animal. And a V11 is another exceptional wireless vacuum.

Has compared to a V8, a V11 is more powerful and quite hard bit it longer in the load. And honradamente, this would be my expectation for the be of the new model has presented. Where a V11 really underline compared to a V8? A better improvement is one 'Car' frame. A V11 regulate his suction for a paving is used on. On carpet, looks a suction for the deep plus cleaned. And when it goes it go to a hardwood the dials behind. It was not that he he but he he well. I have found clean each one surfaces easily and well. With a V8, owe toe a transmission to down when volume to a gel mats in a cookery or He will suck a boss of paintbrush down like this last some paintbrushes prenderían turning. And with a V8, I always used big in a hardwood reason choose on so better that down - but drained a battery a lot quickly.

An extra power of a V11 adds measure and weight to a vacuum, but very too much. A battery is quell'has bitten main, an engine is quell'has bitten main and a filter is main. Both a V8 and a V11 can take the bit to tire still big vacuuming. Like a V8, a V11 the filter is easily accessible to clean.

I hats were to Dyson to maintain some annexes with some same fittings. A V8 and V11 the annexes are interchangeable. But a lack of two annexes with a V11 has added to mine 4 indication of star. A V8 the animal is coming with the soft dusting paintbrush and, a lot especially, one 90 tube of terracing of adjustable elbow. This tube is the big shot reason is really an only way to avert that it exit it ladder to vacuum a cup of the valance or another big object with the flat cup. A thing I absolutely the amour in a wireless concept is a capacity to be flat footed in a paving and vacuum a cup of mine drapery, and has to that have the 90 elbow of terracing to do that. In this prize, Dyson would owe that be launch these two annexes in. It thanks advantage, some annexes are interchangeable.

In an end, a V11 wins in ease of use, can and life of battery. In $ 200 more than a V8, these improvements go in the hefty prize. So that it maintains a V11 of 5 stars is some missing annexes and a prize.
5 / 5
Has been now of substitute ours Dyson old cord vacuum. I think that that it was 17 years . Of then it treat it like this very on some years, I immediately looked to Dyson again. I admit that it has been it bit it skeptical that the clave he small plus vacuum could do a work in an almost 2000 sq ft wife. We are citizen senior the one who have an active lifestyle, alive in some mountains out of dusty streets, has cats of house and 2 Aussie dogs. Of then also we have horses and acreage, is busy and one more cleaned sometimes takes the lowest priority. Has has wanted to something concealed was easy to use, quickly, and a lot that has to that tug the around touched cord really good! Hubby Has thought the big deception. But, after gathering it and using it today, has changed his alcohol, and I really, really like this handy and powerful vacuum. Some of some characteristic take the bit to take used to, likes to take a tube with a boss to be able to era to touch a cube. In fact, I have been concerned in a small measure of a cube, and that often could require touch the. But after using it to vacuum the majority of a house, are no longer has concerned. I am used his now, and taken so only the moment. It has done the work adds, our coverages of look of zone of sound, and moves like this easily to the ours hardwood walk. A more really big partorisca is that it runs was load of battery. We live of a grille and generate our own electricity with solar and wind. In cloudy, windless days, was forbidden basically to vacuum, unless I have begun the generator. But now, I can have the load ready and the take fact! It can not be happier. If, having using this for the time finds something to change our opinion, will modify my description for the reflect. To good sure can recommend this product!
5 / 5
Has UPDATE: the service of the client of Dyson is exceptional! It has to that be more there is has not experienced never. They are by train to send me The unit of substitution as they do not want to it take casualidades of a be of engineering out of whack uses mine V11 without a disk/of spacer. They are informing this @@subject to his engineers to take to a fund of him. In a moment it has been it vacuuming that crazy after days of beach and take a sand like this effectively in a house is the walking to like in a hard forest. I love this vacuum, is like this entertainment to run , has has discovered also that a short of a unit can rest in of him contadoras among touching ups quite stable as if I do not have a hanger of base of the house around there is that option although probably no risks that he that when his is dogs/of boys in a house.

First description: I have wanted really expect first of posting this revises so that that can use more, but after reading other descriptions for clues @give ossia a subject current and has wanted to warn another!

Before unboxing has read some directions that comprises these:
Uploads for 4.5 hours or until 100
in a cleaner boss, has the red toggle transmission in a front. I besiege a transmission in a half setting. This setting is ideal for clean newspaper to choose on besides big debris and fine dust.

Was excited like this to start with this creature up after the touch at night, have so only the experience with Dyson has seen dryer of mine of hair that I amour, amour, amour, as it was really anticipating using this vacuum. I began it up and it was wanted with like this some different ways self regulate like this required, a way of impulse is surprising and really sucks on a fine sand that takes followed our house of beach. With which vacuuming a room, there is remarked some bosses of the paintbrush has not turned . I am not sure if his never turned at all, as I have taken averts a boss of the paintbrush like pointed in a manual, like another reviewer has commented has had difficulty that dips a boss of paintbrush sheath has retreated on --I did not force it but has maintained to try for the take to go back and have a piece of final be flush so much could scrape a part of the ray of the coin has retreated on. I took it finally but still any joy in taking a paintbrush heads to transfer. With which look in a Dyson put web partorisca troubleshooting tips and has not had any option thus question, has called Dyson, a service of client has given an option to call me behind and his inside a minute. A woman has begun to walk me by means of any to troubleshoot and suddenly have of then in a base of an axial the one who a boss of torsion of the cleanest boss sheath slides to has the little dark ash flimsy looking coverage of plastic/disk and has been broken. One classifies of service of the client of offended to try to suggest that it was necessary has used the screwdriver (I had mentioned has required to grab one but was the flat boss has used so only to toe of the discharges of ray of the coin softly!). Immediately it offers to send a boss of cleaner of new integer. It was bummed that the could not touch with my new artilugio as it still have done enough darn well without a paintbrush begins to turn! I have decided to vacuum with a boss of small/car upholstery and expósito work really well in stairs and of the small spaces.

In a moment, looked to see the one who another reviewers had said reason I class of felt bad that perhaps had done something to break this piece of fine technology! It was vindicated when I have seen another active has experienced already a subject same. Any one had mentioned has taken out of some pieces broken of a coverage/of disk and of a service of the client has not mentioned that returns a boss of more cleaned has decided to try the and sure enough after taking with pliers a vac is running smoothly. NOTE: it was not if that this void a guarantee, recommends to call Dyson and saying them ossia the subject known and this little coverage/of disk is a culprit . It was not if ossia the clue but a spacer/of coverage/of the disk? thingy Has has had to that the recycle symbol on that. Perhaps ossia the clue that this piece is supposed to be taken was and situated to recycle first to be nave to consumers?

Like this now have two thoughts: Like another reviewer mentioned, is this disk/of coverage of entity for function, this hurts an engine run without? A second thought is COULD ossia the part that is meant to ship and and is meant to be to take? It does not touch right but I marvel because a vac is running súper smooth without.

Like this on to a description, this could be four description to star one in the subject there was not bursting up. I want a suction in this vacuum is AMAZING--beachhouse sand, Aussie skin of dog, all sucked on on way of impulse perfectly. A hardwood the pavings are squeaky cleaned right now! I love a LCD screen that say that way and that life of battery. I love an ease of the use and the weight is not also has weighed even for the small person. That there is not wanted so much is that there is no self when being the option but calm can there is not all--I would hate thus vac to fall when it has to that stop for the minute. Also the desire has had an option for the cradle to touch in a base to the equal that can move where has dipped one bases to upload. My house does not have electricity in a space of the small cupboard and I do not want to dip a mountain to touch is gone in an open. This can not be a subject for another but so only maintain import that need the space with a tram outlet afterwards. For now so only I am taking an engine of a boss and vacuum clave when touching so much knows any tomb anywhere or travesías on any lying in a paving.
5 / 5
A motorhead any turned, has taken 14 days (and 10+ hours to time to expect to speak to Dyson) to take the substitution . A substitution has one same @@subject - like this while again on control. WORSE PRODUCT NEVER!
4 / 5
Experience this like the substitution for a burned up in the fire of forest. Pricey But is for a woman. No, I am not going complains. Happy woman, happy life.
5 / 5
I desire could say that we have loved this vacuum. Unfortunately it didnt work. It has not turned on, neither load. Dyson has contacted.... They have said that they could do at all reasons this has not been a trafficante authorised and could be the fake. Because of everything of some positive critiques wants to give this vendor an occasion to rectify a situation and substitute a vacuum with another and will revise this substitution enough. I wish regime.
4 / 5
Out of a box a paintbrush of a “big “ Torsion' cleansing of carpet any rotate. Taking out of a paintbrush (difficult, reason was jammed in) has identified the plastic coverage broken like likely culprit. Have complained to the amazon and has sent immediately the complete substitution vacuum cleansing. THIS SECOND UNIT WAS ALSO QUESTION BROKEN , STILL!!
Has called like this the office of help of Dyson like the promises have coached highly specialists' to help you. Well a type has spoken to had clearly any slightest follows as it has spoken roughly. It was interested to fill more some fields in his screen of computer with my personal data that in a question manually. The suspect there is has not resisted never that boss of more cleaned of the carpet in his hand. With which roughly 20 minutes have given on that tries to explain and the turn promised the boss of more cleaned of the substitution in 7-10 business days!
Has frustrated I ventured to take a thing averts (any easy feat), has taken out of a coverage broken (the results is not necessary for a unit to do) and dip a together unit has retreated again ( an even more intimidating task). Have Here: he maintaining works! So many thanks to skills of mine of engineering and an entrance of roughly three hours of my lovely time I finally directed to take the $ 600 unit to do. Without this I would be at least three weeks of weeks without the cleaners of working carpet.
Message to Dyson: it does not suffice to be ridiculously expensive, help if your product and your service after available where anywhere after the rule! Clearly this chance was waaayyy down pair!!!
Message to potential buyers: when you plough a box, quickly look a cleaner of paintbrush of the carpet rotates easily. If he no, dipped the backside, gone back a unit and consider buying the product of the costruttore that in fact tries his wares first to send them was.
5 / 5
Absolutely love this vacuum. This pocola what is like the tent vac to wise suction. If has pets this is perfect. It creates hair of the pet and the cat litter a lot well and some paintbrushes am exited of a very easy boss to clens was. Yeah Is expensive, but value each penny
5 / 5
want a dyson clave vacuums. I have been life changing for me with two big dogs. I began it it was with a V6 pet and loved it absolutely but beat it up using it 3-5 times the week. We finalise to move that one to the our upstairs and has purchased a v11. Amazing suction... I want that it changes ways he I so that it goes of carpet to walk of forests. I think that that it is weighed more than mine V6 to pet but is still easy to operate. It resists significantly more debris which are adds. For far my favourite part is that I said that those times have left until a battery dies. My only negative commentary would be that you have to that take some annexes for empty a cube but with all some other advantages this is very minimum.
5 / 5
A lot A Dyson V11 is expensive and no for all the world, will admit you concealed. With which a lot researches finally dawned on join me way I traditionally approach vacuuming transmission of must. In planting to direct my whole house with the corded Honey canister, a Dyson is meant for cleansing cut here and there. For example, on day one will clean one isolates master, cookery and room familiarised. Day two is upstairs gone on down a room of means comunicacionales and zone of dirty clothes on day three. I love a lack of cord and a lot that has to that wrestle around the heavy canister. The things do not concern me partorisca east a prize, the fixed battery that can not be swapped was or a lack of the powerful light in a boss of torsion. Those could be enders for some people but a V11 law astoundingly well for these explosions of short cleaners has described. The time will say if some controls of units on or is like this delicate like the Ferrari that interview precise constants. For me, like this far like this good.

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